Flynn Asks for Immunity in Exchange for Testimony on Russia


Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is seeking immunity from the Justice Department and Congress in exchange for his testimony on links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Flynn, who was fired by President Trump for lying to Mike Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., is reportedly looking for a deal that will protect him from “unfair prosecution.”

Flynn’s attorney, Robert Keiner, said Thursday that his client “certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit,” but that he could not freely do so in such a “highly politicized, witch hunt environment.”

Apparently without any concerns about what Flynn might say, President Trump tweeted Friday that he fully supported his former adviser’s decision. “Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!”

No doubt, but the fact remains – and this is a fact that both Trump and Flynn happened to mention last year – that people do not typically seek immunity unless they are guilty of a crime. Which inevitably leads us to a few questions.

Question One: What is Flynn seeking immunity for?

Well, there are a few possibilities. The likeliest being that he is being threatened with some form of Logan Act prosecution stemming from his conversations with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Also possible: That he was caught trying to work out some kind of deal with the Turkish government to extradite an Islamic cleric living in the U.S. whom the Erdogan regime sees as the root of the country’s unrest. This, of course, while he was being paid to lobby for Turkish interests. Neither of these possibilities, of course, mean that Flynn has any “dirt” on Trump or his associates.

Question Two: Does Flynn have the “dirt” investigators are looking for?

Obviously, if the intelligence community is offering immunity – and we don’t necessarily know that they are – they believe that he does. But it’s possible that Flynn is simply taking advantage of their zeal to bring Trump down. They are ready to charge him with something far-fetched so he’ll flip on Trump, so he’s like, “Sure, give me immunity and I’ll tell you what you want.” And then, much like Oliver North so many years ago, he’ll send them into an apoplectic rage when he gets his immunity and then says, “Yeah, sorry. What you think happened didn’t really happen. Thanks, though!”

Question Three: Are we deluding ourselves?

That is, unfortunately, the other possibility. Flynn DOES have the dirt. He knows where the bodies are buried. He’s about to spill his guts, and we are only days away from the most astounding social/political/legal shock of our collective lives.

Things have gotten so muddied in Washington that it’s literally impossible to know what to think anymore. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that all of this will soon be over. You can feel it. There’s a conclusion coming. The truth is going to come out.

All we can do is wait…and try not to jump to conclusions in the meantime.

  1. itsfun says

    If Flynn has done something that requires immunity, they maybe he belongs in prison.

    1. jon says

      if wishes where horses then we would not be able to feed the herd . the standard’s only apply for one side of the isle and not the other !

      1. itsfun says

        sad but true

  2. jon says

    well there goes 99% of the democrats in office with a statement like that .

  3. hecktor rogriges says

    Flynn did not ask for ammunity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fake nes report here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. gotabgood says

      You got your head buried so deep in someones rear end they have to pipe sunshine to you.
      Well after reading your post again.. you’re right he didn’t ask for “ammunity”…. But he did ask for immunity..

        1. Abby701 says

          This is who you should be worried about. He destroyed or tried to destroy other nations and now he is working on destroying the USA. With Obama and the Liberals help!!!!

      1. JMICHAEL270 says

        Speaking of yourself again punk.

        1. gotabgood says

          Are you a Client Eastwood wannabe?
          You have called me boy and now punk.. I think you are living out HIS life behind your monitor… where you will stay…. punk!

  4. 1pepperman says

    LIttle bits of information and filling in the blanks.with personal injection creates dangerous results and widens division. This focus keeps allowing us and the government to continue trying to prove fabricated fairy tales exist instead of doing real jobs. Damn Enquirer for starting it all.

  5. Justin Seine says

    Let’s play “Let’s Make a Deal”: – Force Michael Flynn to testify without immunity as soon as Bryan Pagliano is forced to testify without immunity. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Better yet lets do both with immunity…

      Pagliano gets probation…not much there.

      Flynn a life sentence…

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        Better yet lets do both with immunity…

        Pagliano gets deported with you and all your ignorance…

          1. Mathew Molk says

            OK, You win.

            The adults are trying to talk here. Go back to your safe space and play with your crayons. You are blocked.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Have no fear, Trump will be gone in 2024 and then we’ll have the first woman president, Ivanka Trump.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Hate crimes have not gone up unless you count the ones done by liberals. Did you see the Berkley riots with the liberals all in black with black masks like ISIS, that’s what’s happened to your party.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            All bullshit execpt for companies he owned, but were not a part of going bankrupt.

          5. AntiGOP says

            Did you just emerge from your cocoon…???!!!

          6. Brenda Sinclair says


          7. John Somers says

            With all that he stolen from this Country I guess Michael can get her sex change done.

          8. AntiGOP says
          9. John Somers says

            I really don’t know about that BUT I DO know he’s a MULTI BILLIONAIRE, how much do you have on the bank A-HOLE ?

          10. AntiGOP says

            BUT I DO know he’s a MULTI BILLIONAIRE

            You don’t know that because you never (America) has never seen his taxes.

          11. John Somers says

            Why did ALL y’ALLS kids get coloring books, crayons and play dough because “WE WERE TOO UPSET” to go to school ????

          12. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          13. Mathew Molk says

            Nixon got us out of Vietnam. – The cackling witch did 10,000 worse then Nixon with her “server”, but “didn’t meanit” so she went free.

          14. AntiGOP says


          15. mac12sam12 says

            Watergate was nothing compared to what Hussein has done by violating the 1st and 2nd amendment and spying on a presidential candidate. What save obama from impeachment was his black ass.

          16. AntiGOP says

            1st and 2nd amendment and spying on a presidential candidate.

            With NO evidence…how do you intend to prove it.!!!

          17. mac12sam12 says

            The IRS scandal, HELLOOOO!! telling retired disabled people that they can’t have guns, 2nd amendment. Farkas of he state department admitted listening to and bugging a presidential candidate ad breaking today, know who authorized the bugging? Susan Rice. Time to do what most democrats do, lawyer up and plead the 5th!!

          18. bttrap says

            tell that to the mothers of the g.I. s that were waiting for help

          19. John Somers says

            HEY, Where did you get that, damn, I like my snake oil over ice with a splash of water, how do you like it ?

          20. mac12sam12 says

            Trump has already erased Hussein’s legacy one EO at a time. Trump’s kicking butt.

          21. John Somers says

            It figures that YOU would like this one !!

          22. bttrap says

            is that you in the pitcher?

          23. mac12sam12 says

            Again, Princess. Trump had a message and rallied in flyover country, while Hillary had parties at the mansions of her rich celebrity friends in Beverly Hills.

          24. Mathew Molk says

            Te filthy bitch from CNN already posted them,,,,and should be charges with ID Theft.

          25. AntiGOP says

            Do you folk get anything right..???!!!!!

          26. bttrap says

            seems like you don’t

          27. Abby701 says

            He didn’tsay when.

          28. AntiGOP says

            Ok Abby…

            He didn’t…really!!!

          29. mac12sam12 says

            Guess you missed the Rachel Maddow show!!

          30. AntiGOP says

            I never Miss her show.

            She was given his 2005 return.

            We need the last 30 years of returns.

          31. mac12sam12 says

            Figures, she’s an angry idiot. Trump has paid taxes every years in the millions. He also pays a high state, property and employees tax. Let’s look into the clinton grifting machine foundation.

          32. AntiGOP says

            “Figures, she’s an angry idiot. ”

            She’s NOT an angry idiot…but you sure as hell are.!!

            “Trump has paid taxes every years in the millions.”
            “He also pays a high state, property and employees tax.”

            NOBODY has seen his returns…so your statement is NOT supported by FACT…
            But what else is NEW…RIGHTIE

          33. mac12sam12 says

            She is an angry idiot. If Trump didn’t pay taxes guess where he’d be? Prison. No one cares about Trump’s taxes except loons like Madcow and you. What people do care about is a rebounding economy hanks to Trump. Four car companies are building plants in the US instead of Mexico and that’s because of corporate and business taxes going down, and deregulation. If he old lady was president they’d build in Mexico. Intel is building a $7 billion dollar plant in Arizona and not China. Keystone will create 55,000+ jobs and most of the steel will be US steel along with Canadian steel and insure low fuel prices in the future and low fuel prices are killing Russia’s economy. 88% of all construction companies are hiring. But Madcow, Matthews and Don lemon talk about, “Trump’s Russia connection” which is a nothing burger.

            Rob Schnieder on Twitter

            2010 Dems lost the house
            2012 Dems lost the senate
            2016 Dems lost the WH
            2017 Dems lost the ability to reason
            it’s not Russia, it’s YOU

            Your party is going the way of the dinosaur and good riddance, you old party hack.

          34. Brenda Sinclair says

            no i am not better putin and trump over M OOSLUM GAY OBAMA AND PEDOPHILE HILLARY

          35. Brenda Sinclair says

            america knows he is gay, he has a male tranny wife, michelle aka michael davaugh robinson

          36. Rubendlct says

            What proof do YOU have?

          37. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We kicked his jive talkin lying Ass out America We rejected Obama and crooked Hillary fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up you ignorant!

          38. John Somers says

            I only WISH he WAS out of the Country.

          39. tCotUS says

            GOOD ONE!!!!!

          40. John Somers says

            How does Public Records OR FOIA ??

          41. John Somers says

            WHY do you think he was pushing the gender equality thing ?????

          42. Rubendlct says

            All you people posting photos like these, which are seeing by underage online are just disgusting homos!

          43. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You Liberal Racist Moron,,,you are disgusting and keep hope alive you fool!!!!

          44. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          45. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I wonder how many letters to AG Sessions it will take to get obamas records UNSEALED and open for the world to see?


          46. AntiGOP says

            Did anybody tell you…you won…!!!


          47. CrustyOldGeezer says

            No, you have it WRONG!

            But, with the intellectual capabilities of liberals to comprehend is sorely limited, I will explain it to you in simple terms.

            AMERICA WON!!!

            And WE, The PEOPLE (yourself included) HAVE THE RIGHT to see ALL of his records as well as explanations on WHY they were sealed.

          48. Brenda Sinclair says

            moo slumie obama wanted his records sealed due to child trafficking out of white house and fact he stole billions from america

          49. tCotUS says

            Give pedophiles a choice… Death penalty or Castration & Jail…

          50. John Somers says

            I would like to see ALL of them be Castrated and NOT with chemicals either!!!
            CUT THAT SUCKER OFF, Period.

          51. tCotUS says

            Amen John !!

          52. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          53. psychosally says

            lol,and when are you going to realize it

          54. John Somers says

            I can tell Y’ALL sumpin, here in Louisiana Killery didn’t, get 1/4 of what she thought she would. HERE even the “coonasses” (term of endearment” have COMMON sense. We all voted for Trump.
            Didn’t have any crap going on either.

          55. John Somers says

            YEAH, WE won you lost and NOW WE the PEOPLE have someone IN the “WHITE”HOUSE that HAS a set of BALLS.

          56. John Somers says

            OH HOW I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM, Read them and then RUB THEM in democRATS FACES. THAT would be the straw that will break the camels back !!

          57. bttrap says

            that party is dying anyway they proved it by all their crying and lising

          58. AntiGOP says

            We agree…then where are Trumps Taxes…all the other President provided them…


          59. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Please provide the ‘right’ to see any other Citizens taxes.

            There is a difference between RIGHTS and wauntz……

          60. AntiGOP says

            If he has nothing to hide then why doesn’t he provide his taxes…

            It’s because he has something to hide and probably lots to hide.

          61. CrustyOldGeezer says

            There is no legitimate for any politician to reveal their tax returns.

            They show nothing other than the skills of the accountants that created them.

            So, tell us, WHY do you feel like you should get to see them?

            You aren’t an accountant, nor are you gifted enough to understand all the forms and documentation and what it all means.

            You still struggle with form 1040EZ.

            So? what’s in it for you?

          62. AntiGOP says

            You aren’t an accountant…don’t have to be…the people that would look at his taxes are legal Tax accounts.

            Obviously your not an accountant…amongst other things.
            So babbling to you is a waste of my time.

          63. CrustyOldGeezer says

            In other words, it’s just a talking point you were trained to spout and pretend to have value?

            How proud your handlers must be.

          64. AntiGOP says

            >>They show nothing other than the skills of the accountants that created them.

            Really…So why doesn’t he show his returns…because it would show him a liar…what else is new.

            >>You aren’t an accountant, nor are you gifted enough to understand all the forms and documentation and what it all means.

            Really…if only you really knew.

            >>You still struggle with form 1040EZ.

            Not me…but since you mentioned it…I would say you do.

            But I do know a really good CPA

          65. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Odd, we haven’t seen your tax returns for the same time periods.

            Do YOU have something you need to hide?

            Have YOU LIED on your taxes?

            NOW we have reason to believe that you have not been HONEST on your own taxes.

            SCAN ‘EM AND POST ‘EM!

            (also known as “PUT UP or SHUT UP”)

          66. AntiGOP says

            Give it up asshole…

          67. CrustyOldGeezer says
          68. AntiGOP says

            You’ve got nothing good…now go read a bible of something…

          69. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Actually I have something that you do not possess.

            The ability to have a civil discussion with normal People AND play nice with dimwitted fools that feel the need to resort to vulgarities and screams of frustration for a lack of coherent thought processes.

            As to the Bible, it is available for your reading pleasure as well.

            Perhaps you could pick up a bit of knowledge here and there if you can understand words of 2 or more syllables.

            I know you can if you just try.

          70. JMICHAEL270 says


          71. mac12sam12 says

            Don’t think so, Scooter! Trump’s the boss. Rob Scnieder had a great tweet the other day.

            2010 the Dems lost the house
            2012 the Dems lost the senate
            2016 the dems lost the WH
            2017 the Dems lost ability to reason
            it’s not Russia, it’s YOU

        1. Vince says

          Very good

        2. Brenda Sinclair says

          yes with God on our side and on side of president trump america will win against mooslum obama and all the 30 pedophiles in senate, congress, cia fbi, the pedophiles have fought hard against president trump knowing their days are numbered before jeff sessions issues them warrants for child rape murders abuse against children, hello nancy pelosi, charles schumer, biden, kerry bill hillary clinton mooslum obama and his male tranny wife,jeff epstein, bloomenthal, kaine, cumming warren, waters,MCcain,podesta,graham,, mayor of hubbard ohio richard keener of course a demoncrate raped a 4yr old girl then said the 4yr old girl was a willing participant, he got life in prison, had been raping girl for 3yrs THOSE GREAT DEMONCRATE PEDOPHILES they are the ones president trump called drain the swamp rats out of government,obama child traffcing out of white house

        1. Vince says


      2. Tired... says

        That doesn’t make sense; if they have immunity they cannot be prosecuted.

        1. AntiGOP says

          if they have immunity they cannot be prosecuted…

          Who told you that…tooth fairy…

          If you violate your immunity agreement you can be prosecuted for everything in /out of the agreement.

          1. Tired... says

            Perhaps you can point out where you identified that was the intent of your statement. Just admit you made a mistake and move on… it isn’t that big of a deal.

          2. AntiGOP says

            Actually that is what I said…

          3. Tired... says

            No, here is the full comment that elicited my original response:

            “Better yet lets do both with immunity…

            Pagliano gets probation…not much there.

            Flynn a life sentence…”

            There was nothing about violating an immunity agreement in that statement, or the one that you were responding to….have the integrity to admit you made a mistake…it really isn’t that difficult.

          4. AntiGOP says


          5. Tired... says

            So why did you feel it necessary to lie about your response? Anyone who follows our conversation can clearly see it. I gave you several chances to demonstrate integrity and you continue to chose otherwise…

          6. AntiGOP says

            Didn’t lie…not at all…

            If I have to explain it to…you may not be all that smart…
            Besides you missing the point..

            “There was nothing about violating an immunity agreement in that statement”


          7. Tired... says

            All I did was point out that your statement wasn’t cosistent as stated and suggested that it wasnt a big deal. You are the one who chose to make it an issue rather than just say ‘oops’ and clarify your comment. Now you add derogatory remarks because you still cannot admit that you made a mistake. This is typical behavior for those who do not want a genuine conversation; thank you for making your lack of character known.

    2. Tired... says

      But according to progessives that would be unfair…

    3. Morton99 says

      No one HAS to testify. He can just take the fifth.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        YOU ought to take the 5th. and STFU……..

        1. Morton99 says

          Really Joseph! Ought I ? But you see I am NOT afraid to tell the truth – but you are terrified to even hear it. I guess I should not be surprised to hear the prattle of an idiot like you who admires out scumbag so called president.

  6. gotabgood says

    I think you should let Flynn speak for himself…

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

      How does it feel loser hahahhahahahahahha Democrackheads and liberal thugs are angry!

    2. AntiGOP says
  7. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Sorry, and my don’t give a damn apology to the author for having his/her own agenda to push, but…

    ANY CONSERVATIVE that doesn’t DEMAND ‘immunity’ when a group of politicians are LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO PUNISH is asking for a conviction ad prison time.

    COLONEL NORTH illustrated the point perfectly, and “Scooter Libby” failed to protect himself, because, even though HE DID NOTHING WRONG and DID NOT VIOLATE any laws was convicted of made up charges.

    1. Morton99 says

      He could just take the fifth. He might have to anyway because it looks as if the FBI may have the dirt anyway.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        There is no ‘dirt’.

        The only thing they have is political hyperbole.

        1. Morton99 says

          You can always hope that – but you forget that Flynn has been fired by both Obama and now by Trump for lying. He also broke the law by not reporting large payments from Russian propaganda companies. Finally he was taped purportedly attempting to deal with the Russian Ambassador regarding lifting the sanctions put in place by the sitting President.
          So you must really have a soft spot for this disreputable retired general.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            So far the only ‘soft spot’ in this conversation is on your head.

            You rely on hyperbole and talking points.

            I DEAL in FACTS.

            Do your own research, and pay particular attention to recent findings regarding the Flynn case.

            Obama fired him for not being corrupt.

          2. Morton99 says

            With due respect – you seem to be ignoring the facts completely and are relying on the echo from the right wing alternate truth publications – from Hannity to Breitbart. The recent findings from the ‘Flynn case’ is that every day yet another shoe drops as we discover more and more unreported sources of income paid to him by Russian companies. It is not illegal to be paid by Russian companies – but – to be on the White House Staff and not report them is against the law -and to hide them – invites speculation about nefarious purposes. Clearly your ‘facts’ are missing in the greater part.

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            With no ‘respect’ involved, you are going with the hyperbole because it’s easier.

          4. Morton99 says

            You blind yourself to any blemishes in what you believe in and spend far too much time looking for reasons to hate your opposition. Live on in delusion old man.

          5. CrustyOldGeezer says

            IF you ever find anything related to TRUTH, please feel free to chime in and we can have a civil discussion.

          6. Morton99 says

            Don’t agonize about it old Geezer.You can visit Flynn in jail if you really feel bad about it. Oh – truth is something that you appear to have forgotten the meaning of.

          7. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Yes, we realize that you have a superior intellect.

            You prove it on a regular basis.

          8. Tired... says

            I wonder if Susan Rice will be there, since she lied about Benghazi and it appears that she had a hand in the illegal “unmasking” of Flynn; it will be interesting to see what happens as this moves forward.

          9. Morton99 says

            One day you and your buddies will have to surface from your echo chamber to view reality. Maybe you can join with 67% of Americans who will applaud as Trump is impeached.

          10. Tired... says

            Prove my comment inaccurate before you make derogatory comments.

          11. Morton99 says

            Don’t be ridiculous – to you and you friends allegations are the same as facts. You will however, learn the hard way when you world dissolves into delusionary pieces.

          12. Tired... says

            Again, no facts to dispute my point, only invective.

          13. Morton99 says

            Facts mean something different to you since you are presenting the Benghazi issue as facts and ‘illegal unmasking’. So I decided not to be drawn into a debate which you would never concede.

          14. Tired... says

            Once again your response lacks meaningful content. Greg Hicks was the leading American presence in Benghazi and you can watch his testimony for himself. I realize that it is uncomfortable yet necessary for you to discount evidence given by an individual who was actually present during the event and was intimately involved in the situation as it happened, as well as information gathered from foreign news sources, but that is the reality. It is unfortunate that you feel the need to project your definition of “facts” onto me because you do not have a solid response but I understand why you would do it.

          15. Morton99 says

            Hicks’ testimony was extremely hypothetical and based upon not credible conjecture:
            “According to Hicks’ account, Phillips said the nearest fighter planes were in Aviano, Italy, and it would take two to three hours to get them airborne, and there were no tanker assets close enough to support them.

            Hicks said when he asked again, before the 5:15 a.m. mortar attack that killed Doherty and Woods, “the answer, again, was the same as before.”

            Hicks said he believes the Libyan government would have approved the flyover and that it would have been effective because the militias “were under no illusions that American and NATO air power won that war for them,” he said.

            “If we had been able to scramble a fighter or aircraft or two over Benghazi as quickly as possible after the attack commenced, I believe there would not have been a mortar attack on the annex in the morning because I believe the Libyans would have split,” according to Hicks’ excerpts.

            “The Libyans would have split. They would have been scared to death that we would have gotten a laser on them and killed them.”

          16. Tired... says

            How is that related to my comment about Susan Rice?

          17. Morton99 says

            Are you not a Trump supporter ?

          18. Tired... says

            No, but he was the better of two crappy choices. Unlike the typical progressive, I am willing to consider multiple possibilities and am acutely aware that no one knows everything, myself included.

          19. Morton99 says

            I wonder if you will remember this if Trump gets impeached – which I think is inevitable. He is disliked almost as intently by the Republican caucus as Democrats. But the moment his base shrinks to below 20 percent of the republican block – or irrefutable evidence can be shown that he engaged in, or supported treason – his life in the limelight will come to an abrupt finish.

          20. Tired... says

            If he commits an impeachable offense, why would I want him to stay in office? Only time will tell if you are right or wrong.

          21. Morton99 says

            At last we agree on something. !!!!

          22. Tired... says

            Perhaps, but here is a question for you: Do you support the idea that all improprieties should be held to the same standard, regardless of political affiliation?

          23. k9maiden says

            Well now, of course you agree, but I bet tables will turn when it turns out that the unmasking was done by Susan Rice won’t it. BO committed treason, lied, and supplied arms to our enemies. We had more terrorist attacks on our homeland than ever before in history, he allowed illegals and Muzzies to cross the border without being vetted for more Demoncrappy votes all in the name of turning this country into a Communist/Islamic Caliphate. Trump got rid of all the Prayer rugs in the WH first day he was in. Well, now, let me see, there was BENGHAZI, remember that? I don’t think the Marxist Media reported that did they. You know, the gun running deal gone wrong where four Americans were butchered by BO’s buddies? First BO talked of it was when asked on the Letterman show, where he replied to Letterman “It was just a bump in the road” then went on to talk about his worthless self. Then there was the first beheading by ISIS on an American journalist. The reporters had to go to the golf course so BO could skip out a few minutes and comment on it with a damn grin on his face, instead of quitting golf for the day, he went back to play, as if this was another “BUMP IN THE ROAD” Bush and Trump would have retaliated and ISIS would be sorry they messed with them. Then there was that Socialistic Healthcare plan shoved down our throats, passed in the middle of the night, not one person crossing party lines, those Dumbo’s on the fence were either bribed or threatened to vote for it or else. OH YES, that mess, created to punish doctors and the elderly and cost an arm and a leg, a complete disaster, that Trump is HELL BENT ON FIXING. What has BO done? Just tell me, what good has this impostor done for this country?

          24. k9maiden says

            BO dismantled the military to before WWII standards, he shoved a Socialistic healthcare bill down our throats that “We the PEOPLE” did not want, there were several, quiet and peaceful protests against it from the Conservatives, unlike you anarchist. BO made a laughing stock out of America to other countries, he literally spit on Israel, hated Netanyahu because, of course, he is a Muslim, he condoned building the Victory Mosque on Ground Zero, a site where over 3,000 innocent Americans died by the hands of the very people BO loved, he was ineligible to be POTUS, because of the “natural born citizen clause” even though most of us know he wasn’t born on American soil as well. I have seen the real birth certificate of my Polynesian friend born in that hospital just a year before. LOL The stupid assed forger didn’t even get the name of the hospital right, the paper should have been long, black with a Seal of HI deeply embossed on it, and big mistake to mention KENYA as the place of BO’s Communist/Muslim/Daddy because it wasn’t a country until two years later and much, much more, not to mention, everyone involved with that birth certificate was mysteriously “eliminated” Lorretta Fuddy, Alex Okrent, do the names ring a bell. BO also divided the races more than any other POTUS in history. A Communist goal, discord between the races. NO WONDER MLK’S Niece and BO’s Brother voted for Trump. Think about that one when pointing fingers at a PRESIDENT who has already improved unemployment, best it has been in over 10 years, and our economy, and has significantly decreased illegal immigration into this country, and you damn Communist want to find any little thing to destroy this man. NOT UNTIL BO AND KILLARY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR SUPPLYING ARMS TO THE ENEMY, NOT UNTIL RICE, BO and KILLARY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR LYING! Covering lies with bigger lies, and so on! Get over it, Trump is here to stay and there will be HELL TO PAY if you loons try to remove him, every time you accuse him of something new, he has been proven innocent, and the Demoncrappy Party are the ones guilty!

          25. AKLady says

            The Constitution gave Congress the power of the purse.
            You elect Congress.
            No President has the authority to do what you claim Obama did.
            You embarrass America with your birth certificate lies.
            You embarrass America with your racism.

          26. Morton99 says

            You are a good spinner – I wil give you that – but there is simply no evidence to support this shaggy dog argument that Susan Rice would have done a criminal act that leaves a massive paper trail and absolutely no realistic motive for herself.

            Trump has already dwarfed Obama’s use of golf – and he has not even reached his first 100 days.

            The Benghazi ‘scandal’ is already a tortuous memory of a very expensive number of endless investigations that really never ever caught a real fish.

            I guess it served its political purpose because it did manage to make Hillary Clinton look like the witch that always used a lot of smoke to cover up the raging fire behind her – this to clear the way for a man who spent several years claiming that Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, again with not a shred of evidence.

            While we touch on the subject of Hillary Clinton, and I really don’t want to do more than that. I have been an IT professional working in some of the highest risk networks that you could ever imagine So I know a thing or two about the security systems that have been developed to protect them.

            It i not possible for the FBI (whose responsibility IS the security of the Federal Restricted entry network systems) to have not known that Hillary had a private server that connected frequently to a highly restricted server – and downloaded email and data from that interface. I would say that violation messages were created from the very first second that her private server was connected. That supports the prohability that the email server scandal was a really a libellous scandal where Comey was a willing stooge for the Republican party. The alternative is not very plausible – that the FBI is an incompetent Federal agency that is totally corrupted.

          27. Morton99 says

            I think you should read better literature. Someone has been filling your mind with conspiratorial crap. The first thing a good propagandist should clarify – is the motive versus the risk for committing a treasonous act.
            In short there is none for either Obama or Rice.

          28. AKLady says

            Trump has already violated the Constitution five times.

          29. k9maiden says

            I would vote for LASSIE before the Whore of ISLAM, are you kidding me? Or a Socialist, who promised to give away education, food, shelter, and open borders, where do you liberals think this money comes from? Whose going to pay? This is America, we have the Constitution, and it is staying that way. We damn near lost it all under this past Regime, and millions of the silent majority came out to vote for Trump because they KNEW he was the only choice. He wasn’t my first choice either, but I am very pleased with what he is doing. He loves this country, unlike BO and KILLARY, and he loves his Christian background and our military. All big plus’s in most of our books except for the Godless left who prefer Communism and oppression over freedom.

          30. Tired... says

            I agree with you on Clinton; at least Lassie would have gone for help when the embassy was under attack in Benghazi. I don’t think that there is much to disagree upon, although I am not pleased with Trump’s support of Ryan’s bill or his reportedly one trillion dollar stimulus plan. However I support some of the things that he has done as well; he has only been in office a few months, so I will withhold my assessment of his presidency for a latter time.

          31. AKLady says

            Fact: Stevens turned down two offers of additional security.
            Offers made personally by Army General Carter Ham.
            In just over two months, Trump has already violated the Constitution five times. He, and his ilk, are now busy packing the Supreme Court.

            Government of corporations, by corporations, for corporations
            Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich

            You really need to look closer at the people he has appointed to his cabinet.

          32. AKLady says

            Our Founders fought and died for religious freedom.
            Your religious bigotry is an insult to everything America represents.
            America is not now, nor has it ever been “a Christian country”.

            Oh, and foolish one, We the People do not elect a President, We never have, We cannot — the Constitution does not allow it.

            Your infantile name calling also embarrasses America. It not only advertises immaturity, but also illiteracy.

          33. Jimmy King says

            It wasn’t illegal to have those names unmasked, in fact it is common place Asking for thier identities is part of the investigation. If those names are later released to the public, that is a problem, but there is NO evidence she did that

          34. Tired... says

            Perhaps, but let’s see what the investigation shows. This is in the early stages and it is my understanding that unmasking is appropriate in some situations and not in others, so the appropriateness of her actions has not yet been clearly established.

          35. Jimmy King says

            She was reading intel that said “Russian spy spoke with American citizen A and then russian spy spoke with American citizen 2. They have to unmask so that they can determine if this is something that is ok, or something that needs to be followed. The unmasking simply puts it into context

          36. Tired... says

            I understand why people are unmasked in certain situations, at least as much as the average citizen can learn at this point, but where did you hear the statement that she was actually “reading intel that said ‘Russian spy spoke with American citizen A and then russian spy spoke with American citizen 2.'” when Flynn was unmasked? I have not heard that reported in the news thus far.

          37. k9maiden says

            Rice is guilty as HELL, how could anyone but a loon on the left, the brainwashed, believe this woman after blatantly lying all over the media on the SUNDAY after the attack. That Regime was so used to lying, and never being held accountable, that they thought they could lie their way out of this too. The majority of Americans are not the liberal/Commie left, only the Media and Hollywood, and the few whiney liberals who can’t accept the FACT that Trump won the election even against a rigged election for Killary.

          38. Tired... says

            I strongly suspect that she is as well, but I want the process to work the way that it was designed, which means that I will withhold judgment until we have a more accurate view of the facts.

          39. bttrap says

            isn’t this what the democraps did after they lost the election

          40. Joseph Carrilho says

            Talk about calling the kettle black – typical “progressive” bull shit.

          41. CrustyOldGeezer says

            None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

            You seem to equate age with a lack of knowledge.

            While i somehow doubt that you have less intellect than you did 10 years ago, I’m not willing to discard the possibility based on your responses.

          42. George Hilliard says

            Sounds like the liberal way to me. You are listening to your own echo.

          43. CrustyOldGeezer says

            There is no ‘echo’ in his whirled.

            His brain is landlocked and nothing can get out.

          44. AKLady says

            Yes, the same laws apply to Heir Trump,
            or maybe we should call him Comrade Trump.
            After all, he worships Putin.

          45. George Hilliard says

            Such a waste.

          46. ernldo says

            Um, yes…Flynn was fired for those things. However, remember Flynn was working for 0bama during the campaign….

          47. Morton99 says

            Flynn was fired before he worked for Obama, by his superior officers. Word is that he distorted intelligence to suit his view of the big picture. However he was not court martialled and it was eventually laid to rest as a classic case of personalities that simply did not get on. So he was sort of redeemed. As a military man – he was highly trained and extremely useful – the caveat being that he was difficult. But even second chances get thrown away – and the rest is history. It now looks as if the many times fired Flynn was angry and possibly vindictive – especially as he has threatened to testify about criminality while being a member of the Trump campaign and presidential staff. It is highly unlikely that he would testify simply to explain his own behavior – but to bring down those he felt were engaging in criminal behavior and were were hiding in plain sight. We shall see.

          48. John Somers says

            OBOZO fired ANYONE who didn’t agree with him.
            Stop and think for a minute, how many Top ranking Military Generals and Admirals did he relieve of Command. Obozo was getting rid of those who were LOYAL to the Constitution. He was in the process of making OUR Military a bunch of Boy Scouts.

          49. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
            Name calling is about as childish as one can get.
            Are you stamping your foot to go with the temper?

          50. k9maiden says

            Why do you feel the need to come on here and protect a REGIME that was pure evil and supported ISLAM and COMMUNISM? Get it AK, the vast majority of Americans KNEW BO was the enemy from within, working against everything this country stood for, standing up for the terrorist, “Don’t jump to conclusions” all the while dismantling our military. I am sick of your pure stupidity! You aren’t going to get many who side with you, most of us are thrilled Killary, the Whore of ISLAM, lost the election even though the election was rigged by Soros and the Demoncraps. Just like BO’s election in 2012! So, everything you posted in your last comment is NOT the right, it is the left! You are actually speaking about yourself! LOL Even though you think you may be fooling us, we are all way too smart to listen to a brainwashed loon like you. You people are the reason PRESIDENT TRUMP WON. What part of that don’t you understand?

          51. AKLady says

            Oh, and ignorant one, the 9/11 attackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, not Iraq or Afghanistan. Bush started those wars to keep his oil buddies from bad publicity.

            Stop embarrassing America with your religious bigotry.
            The U..S. CONSITUTION. guarantees freedom of religion.

            Islam has been part of America since before we became a Nation.
            The first casualty of the America Revolution was a Muslim – Crispus Attucks..

            America’s first ally was a Muslim country — Morocco.
            America’s ally for 225 years is a Muslim country — Morocco.

            America has many Muslim allies: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain,Cambodia, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Myanmar, Pakistan, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uganda. United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

          52. Jimmy King says

            Well he knew enough to fire Flynn Something the Orange Idiot didn’t seems to figure out

          53. k9maiden says

            Rather have Donald Trump than the Kenyan/PURPLE LIPPED/Islamic traitor.

          54. Jimmy King says

            Of course you do. But you have sex with dogs so who cares

          55. Jimmy King says

            Of course you would dogfucker

          56. bttrap says

            he did serve so lay off him did you?

          57. Morton99 says

            ? That makes no sense

          58. bttrap says

            he was in the armed forces and got promoted to general they don’t just give there ranks out still were you in nam?

          59. bttrap says

            it wouldn’t to you

        2. AKLady says

          Oh, there is plenty of dirt, however, it is Trump that is buried in it.

          1. k9maiden says

            HOW, instead of just spewing lies, HOW IS TRUMP BURIED IN IT. You don’t know do you? LOL OF COURSE NOT, most of you loons don’t even know why you hate Donald Trump. Is it because he made is billions on a Capitalistic Society, the same one he wants to protect from you Commies so that others may have the same chance that he had? Is it that he raised a beautiful family who sticks together, none of them drink, smoke, or ever did drugs, I know you leftist, especially BO and KILLARY are all about their drugs, and that appeals to you. Is it that Trump spewed locker room talk 10 years ago and an enemy caught it on tape, that was when DT was a Demoncrap though, don’t cha know, he has come to the right since then, and it was merely what many men have admitted they did as well when talking with just men surrounding them. BUT you loons conveniently ignore Clinton’s sexual addiction, raping, pedophilia, affairs with very young White House interns, using THE PEOPLE’S OVAL OFFICE to get sucked off then smoking his sex toy he used on the young intern. OH YEAH AK, no one takes you double standard loons seriously, NO ONE! You don’t even know why you hate Trump except that he won, even with a rigged election, and you lost, and trust me, don’t go on about the popular vote. Throw out millions of illegals voting, throw out all the thousands of dead that rose to vote for her, throw out all those rigged Soros voting machines, and DT would have won both Electoral College and popular vote by a landslide. NOT ONE TIME DID ANYONE OF THE MILLIONS WHO DETESTED THE KENYAN/PURPLE LIPPED/COMMUNIST/MUSLIM throw a rock at a window, blocked traffic and ambulances to get through the freeway exists, set cars on fire, scream, yell, and spew vulgarities even beating up kids that had Trump T shirts on. We did not do that, but you petty, whiney, little Communist brats didn’t get your way. TRUST ME, you will rue the day if something happened to Trump. WE THE PEOPLE are sick of you anarchist and Commies taking over our country. We have our country back, and it will stay that way. Do us all a favor and get out of here. The fact that you are a Clinton, BO, Bernie lover is proof positive you hate this country and the Constitution and have no respect for our Founding Fathers.

        3. Jimmy King says

          They have the dirt and don’t need Flynn. So they will continue the investigation and gather more evidence, then they give Flynn use immunity and not transactional immunity. That way the get Trump and his band of clowns and they can still charge Flynn on the evidence they gathered BEFORE he flipped. This is what they tried to do with Ollie North but they mixed up the evidence and his conviction was over turned

        4. k9maiden says

          No, that’s the left for ya, they don’t care about the truth, and neither do 98% of the news media. They wouldn’t believe the truth if BO, KILLARY, and Susan Rice all got together and admitted all the crimes they committed against the people they took an oath to protect. They won’t even believe the truth when BO and KILLARY flew to Pakistan with tax payer money and APOLOGIZED to our enemy, BO’s Buddies, the savages, for the attack in Benghazi! They apologized to the savages for a lame movie, they KNEW was not the cause. SO, I see the Commies believe the right can’t take a fart walking across the street lest we be blamed for an explosion in the area, but they excuse every Terrorist attack, a Kenyan/Muslim/Communist/ impostor who hated America and tried to change it to an Islamic Caliphate and Communism, and the Whore of Islam who not only put our country in grave danger through her personal emails, but lied about Benghazi and refused to send aid to the Americans who called for back up fighting off BO’s buddies. NOT ANY MORE, the American People are tired of the lies perpetrated by the left, the Communist on the left in Congress, the RINOS who are also paid off by Soros. Trump is going no where, he has improved this country a great deal in a short time. We will never go back to Communism and ISLAM trying to take over this country! There will be a Civil War, I know many Conservatives already preparing for it, buying guns and ammunition just in case. The snowflakes won’t know what to do, they are such whiney little anarchist, all they have is a big mouth and lies.

      2. bttrap says

        if they had any dirt it be out by now they have nothing

        1. Morton99 says

          I believe they are finishing a detailed investigation because there are probably others who will be charged as well.

          1. bttrap says

            how many years will they take to finish

          2. AKLady says

            Probably Trump. I see him impeached by the end of this year.
            I suspect charges of treason related crimes to be suggested.

        2. k9maiden says

          You got that right. REMEMBER DAN RATHER, so excited to have something on Bush he reported it before it was cleared and it was a lie! LOL Liberals don’t care if they destroy innocent people, as long as they get their way.

      3. CrustyOldGeezer says

        What are you now? 20?

        And still haven’t gone through puberty?

        Gotta be tough in a little boys life…


        You hang in there, perhaps there is hope in your future.

    2. AKLady says

      Flynn will bring the Trump Administration tumbling down.
      Probably, put Trump in prison. Presidential immunity does not extend to treason.

      1. Wayne Smyer says


      2. k9maiden says

        Oh yes it does, otherwise Clinton and BO would be awaiting trial for treason! How stupid are you?! What has the Marxist Media told you about Benghazi? Oh yeah, it was a movie! LOL And you believe that, it was a gun running deal gone wrong by the BO Regime, and our Americans gave their lives protecting the Embassy until over 100 Americans were able to get out and flee, all the while, fighting off BO’s Buddies, the Islamic savages. I would say that is the very definition of TREASON, supplying weapons to the enemies, then their were the fighter jets given to the Egyptians, who had ties to the BO Regime as the President of Egypt is married to HUMA’S Aunt! What about the email scandal that Comey as well as admitted that Killary was guilty, but being in the REGIME’S pocket, he pointed fingers at Killary, guilty as HELL of leaking vital information to our enemy, but then let her off, knowing he probably would be the next in a long line of body bags. LOL Sure, Trump or Flynn committed Treason, trust me, not this time, every Patriotic American will be defending on Washington D.C. in one way or the other if they dare point fingers at Flynn when Killary and BO have literally committed treason on the American people and got away with it. How silly and ill informed are you? Stop watching the Marxist Media and PAY ATTENTION to what is really happening. We just narrowly escaped with the election of Trump, we were on the brink of Communism and Shariah Law! Do you have a clue what would happen to all the big mouthed, women libbers if BO had his way and Shariah Law took over this country? How stupid are you?

        1. AKLady says

          Stop embarrassing America with your ignorance and bigotry,
          Your history education is sorely lacking.
          Oh, and foolish one, the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens.
          The camp they trained at is in Saudi Arabia.
          It is still open and graduating terrorists.
          Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11,
          On the other hand, the were a threat to Saudi Arabia — the Bush family and the Saudi royal family were very close “oil” buddies.

    3. Tiger says

      Scooter was detained for eighty five days until changed his story. Said so in his book. Like Newt said remember Scooter these people are ruthless and dangerous and Trump in danger. Needs to be careful. They will take many and threaten them or pay them to say and do whatever they want.

      But the scum in the WH before Trump laid so many unscrupulous paths that they are popping up like with Rice. Flynn should just plead the 5th like the Left does and did.

      1. Craig Vandertie says

        Pay, then you can bet your last ha (i.e.) Half Penny either the Rothschild, Soros, or Koch, if not all 3 families will be paying them to take the fall or lie.

        Ryan by far has received the most money from the Soros family, while McCain has received bribery money from both the Rothschild and Soros family.

        1. ernldo says

          Any proof?

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Not yet, but there will be you can count on that, consider all the riots Soros funded on his own, as for John McCain’s connections to the Rothschild family the photographs of him hobknobbing with them is all the proof you need that they are still in the manipulation of world governments business, the rest is well documented, do you not read history?

          2. ernldo says

            I thought not….

          3. Craig Vandertie says

            There is proof, and unless they were very careful as to how it was passed along that proof will come to light.

          4. ernldo says

            You are entitled to your dreams….

          5. k9maiden says

            I take it you believe that the Regime, BO, Clinton, and Rice are as pure as the driven snow right? What proof do you have that Flynn is the leaker, funny isn’t it when Susan Rice has just been proven to be the person who unmasked the information to Russia. But then, you keep on dreamin’

          6. ernldo says

            He axed for immunity. Being a lifelong demotard, who else would be the traitor? ….and thinking I’m a pro BO, Hitlery leftists is almost too funny….I won’t attack a Conservative, pay attention though.

        2. Tiger says

          Exactly right on. First time we ever had a President who isn’t in cahoots or needs any of those you mentioned. Suppose our prayers were answered because no other person could do what Trump can and has done.

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Yes, but U.S. Border Patrol certainly is not pleased with Mr. Trump’s choice for head honcho of the agency, I think he needs to reconsider his decision of a leftover from the Osama administration.

          2. Tiger says

            Odd I hadn’t heard that. I heard they are pleased with all the new men and the fact laws are back in place.

          3. Tiger says

            Yep read it yesterday, makes me sick. I already emailed, called and taunted the WH and hope millions do the same thing. Kelly put some O schmuck back on the border and now some O nut is again in charge of refugees.

            Trump is not keeping up with his promises and these are two of the most important.

          4. Tiger says

            I just looked it up and found article after article where they love everything Trump has done and is doing.


          5. Craig Vandertie says

            Believe me there is an article about Mr. Trump’s choice for their new boss not to their liking, being that he is from Osama’s administration and has been quoted as saying he supports amnesty for illegals, no respectable patriot would support providing a pardon to those who are here illegally.

            Did you catch the article about an environmental group saying that a wall between Mexico, AZ, and NM will threaten the Jaguar populations when those who experts in the Jaguar population say they hunt and spend most of their time in Mexico.

            Build the wall all along the border and greatly increase the amount of Border Patrol officers.

          6. Tiger says

            Got you and you are right on and millions of us need to hound Trump to death over this.

          7. Craig Vandertie says

            I just caught an e-mail notice for True Daily about Bannon being back in the National Security game, cannot say for sure without reviewing article, but I believe that means he is head of NSA again.

          8. Tiger says

            That would be good because I learned from inner contacts that Ivanka and that husband of hers have brought into Trump’s inner circle more of O’s administration including influencing by Jarrett. Bannon fought against that Liberal bastard son-in-law and believe me I would have most likely cold cocked the no good piece of liberal loving crap, if had to be in a room with him for more than one minute. That goes for Ivanka also that doesn’t even know the definition of a word that was used.

            Trump needs to get back on track and stop with the family because America is his number one priority now not his children and their liberal ambitions. We didn’t vote them into office.

          9. Craig Vandertie says

            Kushner will have the taxpayers poor back providing 45-55 billion dollars worth of cash and goods to 1 of the most wealthiest nations on earth and that has noting to do with oil.

            Have you figured out which nation I am referring to, hint, to speak against them has you at the very least labeled anti-Zionist, maybe, but I am certainly not ashamed to admit it.

            Very true that “Moonie Muslimes” hate all who are not, but due to all the charity, military or moral support we have provided to Israel the vast majority of the Middle East they hate the United States second most after the Israelis.

            There are far more than enough people suffering here in the United States to even consider providing charity to other nations, especially a nation where the average person per capita make far more than the average U.S. citizen.

          10. Chi Sam says

            Get a job instead of relying on taxpayer assistance.
            Contribute more than just your thoughts to society.
            Then run your mouth.

          11. Tiger says

            I have your number and it is Zero in my books.

          12. Craig Vandertie says

            please! explain

            The truth is the truth, regardless of whether some people not approving with the facts.

      2. ernldo says

        Flynn is the left…

        1. Tiger says

          I have thought as much.

      3. RsGoat says

        Let him play rope a dope a while longer to see if he can draw out any other guilty parties on the Left! The longer they don’t give him immunity the chances increase other’s who have done wrong on the Left will be discovered and brought before the public before he is questioned. Once he answers questions there are those who will stop looking. The Left can self destruct over this since there are less people in positions of power to cover for them. One day they will realize the race is on to see who will get the best immunity deal before they are all found out and face real prison time. I’m not talking about Flynn but all of those left behind by the last administration.

        1. Tiger says

          There is going to be a great sacrifice of many to cover for the one’s responsible and O is in Tahiti without Michael or the two bitch girls from the loins of Satan and carousing and playing with 51 other men for the next month. Isn’t that a hoot and my question is are we paying for his security?

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Tiger, what a silly question, regardless of the fact that he is, nor ever was a U.S. citizen and therefore not legally president we will pay for Secret Service to guard and keep that kinky hair topped scalp of his safe.

          2. Tiger says

            Maybe someone will find it in their heart to take care of that cause he isn’t worth a penny of our money.

          3. Craig Vandertie says

            Legally not being our president is beside the point, yhe House and Senate will still provide for him and his what they provided for them and all their living family members in the past.

            Nice to know we reward criminals.

          4. Tiger says

            I pray daily he gets his rewards. Somebody going to get him.

    4. RG ODOM says

      AGREE WITH YOU 100%

  8. Wilbor Gavin says

    He had better get immunity or he will be Scooter libbyed, democrat politicians and our federal law enforcement has made all political discourse, a federal crime. If you did not violate a law they will make up on , like lieing to investigators or made up lying to a committee, because of differences of opinions between witnesses. Protect yourself Gen Flynn. These politicians are the biggest lying, Traitors in the world.

  9. Ron says

    How about another scenario? How about Flynn was bought off by Obama or the Democrats to lie about Trump and the Russians? With all their investigations have turned up nothing on President Trump, but we know how the Democrats lie and cheat. Look at the string of dead bodies being dragged behind those evil Clintons. Do we really think that Democrats would be above buying off Flynn to lie? Wonder how much they had to pay?

  10. Lew Williams says

    Did Flynn ask? or did his attorney mention it? If you are going to run with this , then get it correct.

  11. Juanita Williams says

    I think the investigators are afraid to hear what Flynn has to say. I WANT to hear what Flynn has to say!!

    1. RichFromShowMe says

      Spot on!

      General Flynn has the info that will tie all the crap flying around in Washington, deCeit . . . together. That’s why the Dems are afraid of his testimony and some of the “R’s” (as in RINO) who are up for election may be running scared.

    2. Morton99 says

      Flynn is not a good witness – he is disreputable and dishonorable. Besides, it appears that the FBI already has evidence and does not need his testimony,

    3. Juanita Williams says

      Wrong. You are reading FAKE NEWS.

  12. John Wesley Bletsch says

    If it’s any one thing that will flush the swamp it is child sex trafficking and the murders committed to cover it up. The American public will often overlook chronic corruption as just business, but when it’s involving children then everyone knows someone who is missing a child with over 800,000 reported missing annually.
    When the #PizzaGate scandal breaks open thousands will be implicated and new,prisons built to house these sex offenders.

    1. Morton99 says

      That was debunked months ago as pure unadulterated malice with not a shred of truth.

  13. papa doug says

    The only confusion in DC is the feeble minds of liberals that see Russians behind every bush. Funny thing though, it seems many democrats are guilty of dealing with Russians including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer!

    1. Morton99 says

      That is a very feeble excuse. Trump and his administration are being accused (among other things) of colluding with the Russians to damage Clinton’s presidential campaign. That is actually treason. Nothing the Democrats have been alleged to m have done rises anywhere near to that.

      1. bttrap says

        like hitlery did in lybia and the g,I.s that died waiting for help, rememder what she said “it dosen’t matter

        1. Morton99 says

          She actually said ‘what difference does it make’ when her accuser started to split hairs. Nothing to do with her culpability – which no American institution incl the military found her guilty of. The investigations went on and on for only one reason – to try and dirty her record during the campaign.

          1. bttrap says

            she had them paid off to drop the charges didn’t hitlery tell the mothers that it was a movie that stired these idiots up?

      2. Joseph Carrilho says

        Another full O shit troll, or a blithering IDIOT.

  14. junkmailbin says

    the fbi/dij gave immunity to Hilary’s gang for doing nothing with no strings. If you are not a liberal dem progressive anti american labt4q2 chrispin wimp milemial, perv you cannot get immunity

  15. BT says

    I don’t like someone who comes to the table and says, “I won’t talk to you unless you give me immunity.” My reaction, as an old prosecutor, is “Hell no.” If the committee wants to find out what happened, let them call other witnesses. I’m sure Gen. Flynn is not the only person with knowledge of the facts and events. Call them; get their testimony. Then subpoena Flynn. If he takes the Fifth, so be it. Anyone who takes the Fifth has something to hide.

    On the other hand, if Flynn truly is the only person with knowledge of the facts, then the committee doesn’t have much to inquire about and should be disbanded. Not necessarily nothing to see here, but surely nothing that the committee is likely to find that’s helpful. A waste of time and the taxpayer’s money.

  16. RsGoat says

    There did not seem to be a problem giving this to the Hilary team so what is the hold up, is there a different set of rules for one side then the other? Why should he feel nervous with a witch hunt in progress? It is as I explained before it would not be hard for a Russian operative to make it look and sound like the Trump team was taking direction from them as all they needed to was name drop on recorded lines and pass along the same idea’s the team was already planning on using. Guilt by association! A well laid out set of calls could give the impression to a lynch hungry mob anyone was guilty. In the mean time all the OPEC nations are looking to Russia for their protection and Democrats along with their friends in the Left wing media are dancing merrily on the Trump Presidential Grave never noticing the danger they are placing NATO or anyone else in?

    1. Morton99 says

      Oh, I see. So Trump is being super protective of them so as to let them play their little charade ? Its far more likely that Trump is in business with many of them.

      1. bttrap says

        so are other companies , what’s the big deal with russia? he didn’t put any russian in congress and the ones here are leagal

        1. Morton99 says

          Its getting very lame to see the Trump base so determined that Trump could not possibly have connections with Russian investors that might influence his decisions. When Trump is more open about his business dealings – and not until then will most Americans revise their opinions.

          1. bttrap says

            this all happened before his election

          2. Morton99 says

            No. Before and after.

      2. RsGoat says

        Is he? Or is the Democratic Party falling for a shell game and willing to lynch any person who whether guilty or not if they can be made to appear to look tainted just as Joe McCarthy once did! You do know who that person is I hope and can figure out how this game works. No one from the Trump need be involved to have their names show up in rigged pone calls. I call some one about a drug deal you and I have hatched up and the FBI records it along with a few details Later I call you about a meeting. Because of research I already know you are making a trip and the places you will stop along the way so in my call I mention I’ll meet you at one of them in the short call and hang up. This call being recorded we are now connected as far as the FBI is concerned and you hang up wondering who that nut case was. Maybe on your trip I even approach you and strike up some mundane conversation. Now we have a meeting!
        Russia is moving in on OPEC and we are investigating shadows? The team might not have a clue what is happening if this was how Russia set it up. Our Media did not know Trump was going to win but that does not mean Russia did not know he was going to win and use that to their advantage!
        I noticed Obama lost both houses of Congress and the GOP lost a lot of seats to the Tea Party so an outside candidate was going to be popular and that dose not take a smart person only some one willing to think about it which our left wing media was not!!!!!@!@!@!
        Can you say we are being played because that is what is happening and it is not by Trump! His people need immunity just to protect them from the left wing zealot’s playing into Russia’s hand if for no other reason!

        1. Morton99 says

          You don’t have much supporting your views since the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and probably all of the Western European intelligence agencies see Russia as a hostile threat.

          1. RsGoat says

            And what is a bigger threat then if they gained an upper hand over the continent by having control over the oil they need? Vladimir Sakharov an old diplomat who defected in the 70’s described a Russian plan to turn OPEC countries towards Marxism and against America along with NATO that was hatched in the early 60’s or maybe before. The idea being compare Islam to Marxism as one step but the path in was the development of oil fields. Where American companies charged for advisors Russia supplied as many as needed (KGB). These families lived and worked in the communities working on the general population selling guess what! It sure was not love and peace of us. On the top end their diplomats worked on converting the leadership of these countries to the Marxist way of doing business, the goal being cut off oil supplies the West and create an oil crises. Recall the 70’s oil crises?
            He wrote about this in his memoir High Treason in much more detail. If the first plan did not work why not try another one? If you will note we are not overly involved in helping defend against ISIS but Russia is right there, “Johnny on the spot” to take our place! Why is that?
            It makes a person wonder. It is just like the clown who makes everyone duck when they throw a bucket full of paper they think is water. One big fake out. The big question in this is who is profiting and I don’t see Trump gaining in this current scenario. Only the Democratic Party and Russia.

          2. Morton99 says

            1) All empires have miscalculated how to sell their systems to those they conquer, or control. For real insight into the arab mind, read Lawrence of Arabia by Korda. There are a number of excellent bipgraphies about Lawrence which all deal with the formation of the current middle east nations and the exploitation of oil. They all have one thing in common, the arab deal involved land ownership, religion/culture and gold.
            2) Russia may not like ISIS, but the main reason for being in Syria is to support Assad. Only he could guarantee them their only Mediterranean naval port (leased to them by Assad), and to have overt cooperation in apprehending revolutionary terrorists into sliding toward Moscow.
            3) Trump’s issues with Russia is almost certainly due to a number of partnerships he has with Russian banks and billionaires. He appears to not want to rock the boat with Putin – who has tremendous power over any partnerships involving Russian citizens since he is known to take participation in the profits whether or not they want him.

  17. Kendall Stephenson says

    I know that you think you job is to just give your audience anything, true or not, just senseless noise, just more KAKE NEWS to get the dumb ass masses to get discouraged and desisted with your lies so they will disengage from the governance proses so you don’t has as many people to deviate.

    How about getting to the truth, or can you? or do you want to?

  18. justanagent says

    If granting him immunity will make it possible to get to the truth and, if appropriate, prosecute the most egregious offenders then do it and let the light shine in. The same goes for Huma Abedin. I don’t think the truth will be all that damaging to Trump. If it is then so be it. I am more inclined to believe that the facts, if known, will more likely support criminal charges against persons who served in the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton and Obama himself. A grand jury is a great investigative tool. Witnesses can be called to testify, granted testimonial immunity and compelled to testify under oath unable to invoke the fifth amendment even if they do not request immunity because nothing in their testimony can be used as evidence against them. Its a tactic that if used judiciously is quite effective. I have used it on occasion. I believe that there is a “deep state shadow government” composed of individuals who will do everything in their power to prevent such disclosure. I don’t care whose ox is gored. I just want the facts made public, the truth known and the guilty prosecuted.

  19. April Stoner says

    I would ask for immunity just to talk to a dimwit! The degree if gutter politics on the wimwitted side of politics is so low life and childish, a conversation to them is an opportunity to pick a word said, and create a false “RUSSIAN” like story to be repeated at nausium, if it’s made up or not! So you would have to be Mentally ill to not protect yourself.

    1. AntiGOP says


  20. rick meek says

    Hmmm —– WHY NOT – they gave it to a chitload of dems and their flying monkeys —– and STILL provided NOTHING…..

  21. Eric Pearson says

    Flynn himself said, “if you need immunity, you must be guilty”. Of course he was not referring to himself when he said it. What a fucking hypocrite. I recall watching him lead a chant of “lock her up”. I guess we’ll have to change that “her” to “him”. I think he’s probably in a world of shit and everyone he’s associated with is part of that world. Good bye, Mr. Flynn.

    1. AntiGOP says

      “he’s probably in a world of shit and everyone he’s associated with is part of that world.”

      Getting better all the time…even the Beatles know it…

  22. Tired... says

    “Flynn himself said, ‘if you need immunity, you must be guilty’.” I suspect that most people feel this way until they find themselves on the hot seat…then they see the situation in a more nuanced way… Time will tell, so how perhaps we should just wait and see what happens.

  23. Tiger says

    Why? Just plead the 5th and save yourself from digging a hole so the rats can bury you in it. Flynn was an Obama man and he is a Democrat. Got outa pocket by not liking O wouldn’t call the enemy what it was but Trump should have never taken anyone onto his team that was a Democrat. They lie, they are unsavory and they are not trustworthy.

    Was Flynn a plant? So that this could happen and the back the Russian/Trump connection? Don’t know but don’t like this.

  24. RsGoat says

    Since the Democrats’ seem to be on a witch hunt as pay back for losing the election I can’t blame the guy! This is self preservation time because fairness is not in his future in any shape or form, not with a half dozen “Joe McCarthy’s” after him on a red scare commie hunt! For those that don’t remember their history Joe McCarthy was not overly concerned about facts and was willing to convict people on hear say evidence. He ruined the lives of thousands of American’s especially in Hollywood. Those in Hollywood who black ball conservatives should be very ashamed of themselves for participating in McCarthy like tactics to push their opinions on others! It is the equivalent to a Rabi running a concentration camp. The hypocrisy in our world today is beyond sickening.

    1. AntiGOP says

      >>>Since the Democrats’ seem to be on a witch hunt as pay back for losing the election

      Not even close…but your the expert on witch hunts aren’t you Mr. Benghazi.!!

      What an idiot.!!!

      1. RsGoat says

        There was substance there that was available in many media platforms paper, radio, cable and on line news formats with substantial backgrounds. In this case the Democrat’s point at shadows and insubstantial and unsubstantiated information. Even among the Agencies they refer to there has been disagreement either between them or from their Head’s but you would need to pay attention to more then one news source and not be a fool. Unfortunately I am engaged with one at the moment and have no idea why I explain this to him. Have a happy life! It should be easy for you.

        1. AntiGOP says

          RsGoat AntiGOP
          Starts with…
          >>>There was substance there that was available in many media

          WTF ????!!!


          Does anybody get that puke…

  25. lerose55 says

    Immunity hes not a Democrat, he can always take the 5th oh thats right hes not a Democrats.

  26. El Preofesor says

    Hey, Donald Trump himself said ” IF THERE IS NO CRIME, WHY DO YOU NEED IMMUNITY? I need say no more.

  27. Wayne Smyer says


    1. Wayne Smyer says


      1. Wayne Smyer says


        1. Wayne Smyer says

          ‘YOU BETCHA’

  28. ernldo says

    It should be remembered Flynn is a lifelong demotard. They are NOT to be trusted, with anything or at any time….

  29. Michael Heagney says

    His request for immunity is just a smart legal position to take when facing a toxic political environment. Isn’t it amazing how the press does not list the interaction between democrats and Russians. What is absurd, is that the reason we have foreign ambassadors in our country is to talk with them.

  30. Craig Vandertie says

    Flynn is either being threatened or he is being paid off by either the Rothschild, Soros, or Koch family to incriminate Mr. Trump, Globalists will do anything to enslave 99.9% of the world’s population.

  31. concerned says

    Immunity or take the 5th like the dems have done time and time again.

  32. k9maiden says

    But let’s excuse Susan Rice for pleading the 5th, just overlook that one, even when she has been caught lying the Sunday after the Benghazi attack on every, single, media outlet. Sure, lets now focus on Flynn. This author should have kept this under wraps, he doesn’t know the truth, he admitted it. But the snowflakes and Commies will take this and run with it won’t they? This author has an agenda, and it isn’t for Trump, it is for the Regime.

  33. Wayne Smyer says


  34. Edna Ethel says

    First, General Flynn-Stone screwed up by not being forthcoming about contacts with Russian officials. That in itself is no big deal if cast against the perjury (on multiple occasions) by the Clinton Witch and when cast against the obvious obstruction of justice by Loretta Lynch when she sat before the congressional subcommittee. You cannot call what she did “testifying” since she did nothing but REFUSE TO TESTIFY. Also, his mistake is child’s play when cast against the other lies and corruption everpresent in the Obama administration, from the phoney bailout that gave billions to rich guys who propped up the Obama buffoon, the Fast and Furious debacle, the Benghazi disaster and its subsequent coverup, and the compromise of highly classified information that almost rivaled what Aldrich Ames did. No, Flynn-Stone is going to be ok, but he will do well to “play” the biased fools who think he will turn on President Trump.

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