Fonda: Once a Traitor, Always a Traitor


More than 40 years have passed since Jane Fonda made her trip to Hanoi in North Vietnam, but some wounds last a lifetime. As a liberal activist against the war, Fonda raised the ire of a generation of military men and women (to say nothing of patriotic Americans everywhere) when she decided to visit the enemy in the midst of combat. On her two-week tour of the country, Fonda visited villages, schools, factories, and hospitals. She met American prisoners of war, and – most damningly – posed for pictures atop an anti-aircraft battery. When the pictures, along with Fonda’s insistence that American soldiers had deliberately destroyed the Red River dike system, hit the media, the backlash was swift. Fonda was given the moniker “Hanoi Jane” and labeled a traitor.

While younger generations are more likely to relate Fonda to Ted Turner, exercise videos, and the occasional movie role, many Vietnam veterans will always see her as the woman who spit in the face of the troops. That’s why 50 former members of the military and their supporters gathered outside the Weinberg Center for the Arts on Friday night to protest Fonda’s appearance.

“Forgive? Maybe. Forget? Never,” read the signs in Frederick, Maryland. One Army veteran there to protest her appearance said that Fonda was responsible for ruining negotiations between the countries at a crucial point in the war. “She got Americans killed…and she went to Vietnam to advance her husband’s career.”

On stage, Fonda addressed the controversy. “It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.”

But, as the signs said outside, some things aren’t so easily forgotten. And while she seems to now understand that she made a mistake in 1972, there are some mistakes for which an apology isn’t quite good enough. Hers was one of them. Protesting the war was one thing; Americans have the right to express their beliefs even when it might be considered unpopular to do so. And there are any number of reasons why we should have stayed the hell out of Vietnam.

Demonizing America and her troops in enemy territory in the middle of the war, however, is a bridge too far. That goes beyond expressing an opinion. That gives aid and comfort to the enemy. I’m not saying that Fonda should have been tried for treason, but no one should ever forget what she did. It should be brought up every time her name is mentioned. Perhaps intoned in a voice over when she’s featured in a movie. “Starring Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio, and American traitor Jane Fonda…

Does Fonda deserve to go down in history alongside Benedict Arnold? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean her actions should be forgotten. Every man and woman chooses for themselves what it means to be an American. Fonda made her choice. She can live with the legacy.

  1. Ernest Hayes says

    I was in South Vietnam when she did this, I would not piss on her if she was on fire, the traitorous bitch should have been stood against a wall and shot right next to John Kerry

    1. George Cahonna says

      Amen Brother…Also, lets not forget Hillary & our Brothers in Benghazi.

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        I havent forgotten her and Odumbass either

        1. Disgust says

          Get rid of all of them by any means.

          1. Louman says

            I agree.

          2. Cynthia Osbun says

            AMEN…it should start asap!!!

          3. 1American1st says

            It started in November 2014.

          4. Evan says

            Amen! All the DEMOCRAPS and muslims need to go!

        2. George Cahonna says

          Ernest.Its long overdue We the American Patriots hold our Political Leaders accountable for they’re action’s that result in needless Loss of Life.

          1. Ernest Hayes says

            well said George, and I totally AGREE

          2. Joseph Toth says

            I would like to know why does the Democratic Party hold her in such high esteem, as well as Hollywood too. What it tells me is the Democratic Party and Hollywood has degenerated so much that it’s unrecognizable from 50 years ago.they have made us look like buffoons all around the world. We’ve turned our backs on Poland Hungary and other parts of Europe. Oh let’s not forget how we been stabbing Israel in the back. But I’ll say one thing I’ll not give another dime to the VA if they ever had that trader president as a guest speaker. Same goes for Joe Biden too. Anyone who goes along with president Obama when they know a goes against the Constitution, there is no difference between them.

          3. James Maxwell says

            Simple, that is their Cash Cow and they funnel money to the Socialist Democrats.
            They are of the same mindset and lack of mental ability.

          4. dinkerduo says

            Your correct—they take (steal) money from the SS and the VA to first line their own pockets–then line their campaign coffers–then to the Dem. party–then maayybbee we get some too–but definitely LAST!!!

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ummmm, the demoncrat party is totally corrupt sir, that’s why. I mean, look at the piece of shit at the helm!!

          6. mrmsjb12 says

            commander nobama

          7. Ghost Rider says

            I don’t think I’d waste my time calling him “commander”. I’d call him “Coward-In-Charge of the unarmed forces”. He has cut the military to a dangerously low by “reliving” the top brass that didn’t agree with him and by cutting the elite equipment they use.

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Ghost Rider…spot on sir…..”China is aggressively building up military forces capable of striking U.S. forces in the western Pacific and elsewhere as part of what the Pentagon calls an array of high-tech “anti-access” missiles, submarines and warplanes in its latest annual report.””According to a report by RIA Novosti,
            Moscow may be developing a heavy-liquid-fuel, non-nuclear, precision-guided payload capability for a new class of ICBMs, which would give Russia near-global coverage.”
            “(Reuters) – President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.”
            Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday proposed shrinking the Army to
            its smallest size in 74 years, closing bases and reshaping forces to confront a “more volatile, more unpredictable” world with a more nimble military……”

          9. Michael Brown says

            You are an idiot.

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            And your sorry ass is BLOCKED!! ????

          11. ajareins says

            Why you say that? You like Hussein Obama ???

          12. Michael Brown says

            its barrack, yes I do.

          13. ajareins says

            I call him Hussein Obama. Or you offer Barry soetero his ‘other’ name. Afraid to use his Muslim name? What are you an islamaphobe?

          14. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Barrack the loser worst President ea!!!! Failed incompetent jive talklin fool!

          15. Michael Brown says

            you are an ass.

          16. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          17. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          18. ajareins says

            You stupid old piece of shit

          19. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are a Moron!

          20. nate forrest says

            How true…. the Dems used to hold up JFK as their patron saint. They wouldn’t touch him now with a 10 foot pole as he would be thought a major Conservative these days.

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well Nate, the worst is yet to come. Wait until the HNIC uses more executive privileges and takes over the internet! Don’t know about what others are thinking, BUT THAT’S COMMUNISTIC!!

          22. Michael Clemente says

            JFK WAS A CROOK…

          23. nate forrest says

            Michael, I believe you are a good man but I still hate Jane Fonda and I very much liked JFK.
            P.S. – I am no Democrat

          24. Wayne Thorson says

            You think all Democrats are crooks. So we all know what an idiot you are. You have absolutely no common sense.

          25. nate forrest says

            Well ya’ know Wayne I never said that I thought all Dems were crooks.

            In fact, your myopic field of vision apparently didn’t allow you to read about my affinity for JFK. The Democrat party is no longer made up of Harry Truman’s or JFK’s and it has become an anti-American party of loons.

            I will refrain from calling you any names but suffice it to say that you have proven that wearing a Stetson (or Resisitol) doesn’t mean there is a brain underneath…..

          26. Wayne Thorson says

            Nate, Nate, Nate, When I first saw your picture I thought I was looking at Barney Fife. My guess is you have a brain to match.

          27. Daniel Wright says

            That’s ironic coming from Forrest Gump.

          28. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: I think this is the completely over the top ignoramus you told me about. At first, I thought “How bad could he be!” But I see why he is one of your all time “favorites!” Feel free to re-enter the fray!

          29. Daniel Wright says

            Thanks.I would but he has either blocked me or is just too cowardly to debate me. How are you feeling? Are you ready for a marathon yet? Here’s to health.

          30. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: that’s too bad. I was looking for a little bit of intelligence in the conversation. As you probably already know, Wayne doesn’t provide much! Thanks anyhow!

            I’m still doing pretty well, but I’m feeling so well that I’m afraid I’ll do something I’m not supposed o do. Just a few more weeks to go!

          31. Daniel Wright says

            Get well my friend. I will still post to him but I don’t expect him to answer. If he doesn’t could you relay messages to him for me? He still responds to you.

          32. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: I’d be glad to forward any messages to our common (senseless) “friend!” But I don’t know how much longer his gigantic ego will be able to withstand my rebuffing.

          33. Daniel Wright says

            Thanks. Unfortunately people like “Forrest” with a two digit IQ see themselves as superior specimens. If he hasn’t assumed to have the authority to “educate” you by now then he is slacking. He doesn’t have the smarts to tell a fly how to eat a turd,yet he sees himself as superior. How can you argue( logic) with someone who doesn’t know what the word means?

          34. Maurice says

            Wayne has a two digit IQ? I would have sworn he was still in the single digits!

            I told him I thought he was suffering from the little-man syndrome and I asked him how tall he is, but he never answered. I’d say that pretty well confirms my suspicions

          35. Daniel Wright says

            If an IQ can be measured in negative numbers Wayne is probably in that category.

          36. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: I TOTALLY agree!

          37. Daniel Wright says

            What can I say? Stupid is as stupid does.

          38. Maurice says

            Idiot, Idiot, Idiot! No matter what your opinion of Don Knotts is, he has probably made more money with the fictitious character of Barney Fife, than you have ever seen. You did know that Barney Fife isn’t a REAL person, didn’t you? Well, that could be part of your problem right there: You’re an idiot!

            My guess is that you have NO BRAIN AT ALL!

          39. Wayne Thorson says

            Maurice, I would bet your address is Mayberry USA.

          40. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You would lose again! Not only do you have no COMMON sense, you have no sense at all!

            Now you’re belittling Mayberry! Have you no shame? (That was just a rhetorical question) Being a Democrat, I’m not surprised that you didn’t realize that Andy’s simple wisdom many times saved the day for many of the characters who were victorious over pompous blow-hards like YOU. Wisdom is much like TRUTH, in that they just aren’t the Democrats thing. Just as with most of the posters on this forum, you attempt to just dismiss us as simpletons, while you FORCE your ignorance to be seen by all. You might be funny, if you weren’t so pathetic. Just imagine how famous you could have been, as part of the comedy routine of Moe, Larry and Whiny. You could talk all day on the topic of “Wars that I was in, (cough, cough) that I knew nothing about.” You’re an embarrassment to yourself and you don’t even know it!

          41. Wayne Thorson says

            I wonder what Old Barney would think in this situation?

          42. Daniel Wright says

            I’ll bet you live in stupidville.

          43. Daniel Wright says

            I have dealt with Wayne many times. I doubt the word myopic is a word he isn’t familiar with. He has proven to be a pea brain with most every post. Actually I myself have a nickname for him. Forrest Gump.

          44. Maurice says

            Dan: I blocked that blockhead! He isn’t even worth the powder to blow hm to hell, but somebody would actually do it, I’d probably pay for it.

          45. Daniel Wright says

            It may well be the best decision.

          46. Gerry Costa says

            Wayne — a year after your post — the demoSCUM party has proven themselves to be just that — made up of all crooks. Hell — they can’t even hold a primary without rigging the outcome for the most corrupt female in this country. You need to look at the facts about the POS in office presently and the history of the female who wants to take his place to verify your statement — the demoSCUM are all crooks is very accurate.

          47. Wayne Thorson says

            Gerry, I hate to be the first to bust your bubble but let me be the first to clue you in. In 2019 women will be celebrating 100 years of being able to vote. Isn’t it ironic that we are going to have the first woman president at the same time.

          48. Gerry Costa says

            ????????? This has NOTHING to do with women you idiot. It has to do with 1 b—h who committed treason in 1972 and should have been tried and executed years ago. So pedal your bleeding heart BS somewhere else and you can take the witch campaigning for president and stick her where she will do you the most good. I hope she causes severe constipation.

          49. Wayne Thorson says

            Yep I was right again. You are the typical far right, t-party Republican. You have nothing intelligent to say. But boy you sure know how to call people names. God bless you.

          50. Daniel Wright says

            Stupid is as stupid does. Right Forrest?

          51. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Your childish, effeminate outburst has been noted, now would you like to discuss this like men?

            I have asked many people just what Trump has ever done that would in any way compare to the evil that Hillary Clinton has done, but nobody has ever given me any proof yet. Would YOU like to try? If so, I’m going to list just a few of Hillary Clinton’s wrongs, just to let you know what evils you need to compare Trump’s crimes to.

            The Clinton body count list is at least at 51 names of people within Hillary’s circle of influence, who have died very suspicious deaths. It’s known that a few of these people were investigating the Clintons, and several of them were scheduled to TESTIFY against the Clintons, but their mysterious deaths occurred just BEFORE they were able to give their testimony. How convenient for the Clintons! There were NOT 51 cases of coincidence. There is WAY too much smoke for there to NOT be a few fires! I just read this evening that the Clintons are even linked to the death of JFK Jr. The younger Kennedy was reported missing at 9:30 PM, but no rescue efforts or searches were even begun until 7:00 the next morning. Kennedy Jr. and Hillary both had their eye on the same elective office and he would probably have easily defeated Hillary. Bill was the president then and could easily have sabotaged the effort to find the young Kennedy. Interesting!

            Bill Clinton raped several women, and worked with Hillary to harass, intimidate and threaten those women into silence. She’s just as guilty of the rape of those woman as Bill is!

            Besides the 51 and Kennedy Jr. there are the four Americans who were murdered in Benghazi because she REFUSED to send them help. She lied to the American people and the parents of the Benghazi victims’ parents about the reason for the raid

            She leaked the name of an American spy and immediately brought about his execution by the Iranian government.

            Hillary sold military weapons to ISIS!

            I’ll just say Hillary’s many email scandals, since there are so many of them that she continues to lie about.

            Hillary has already said that, if elected, she will follow many of the same policies that OBama has. One of those would be keeping our borders open, not allowing Americans to protect themselves from invading illegals. To add insult to injury, Obama is letting these people have access to multiple government assistance programs that are FOR AMERICANS, and helping them to receive larger tax “refunds” that are larger than the tax returns of a lot of us who actually PAY TAXES! They’re out to bankrupt all Americans and our whole country!

            Your turn!

          52. Wayne Thorson says

            It is only you far right Republican loons that believe all this barf. Where is there any proof of any of this spew your spieling? If there was a little bit of evidence of most of that Hillary would be behind bars. You believe this because you want to believe this and that is that.

          53. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: In other words, you have no proof of anything that Trump has ever done wrong, and if you did, it wouldn’t even begin to compare to the corruption that Hillary has done.

            You Democrats never believe even links that we send, because you say those links are biased. Well I have given you several specifics that you can research so that you don’t have to take the words of “biased” reporting. HAHA! Look them up and then make your own decisions, IF you have a brain instead of a Democratic parrot in your head. Do your research and then get back with me. I’m sure you won’t dare!

            You’re a far, far left Democrat buffoon who won’t even believe facts that are right under your nose, and you REFUSE to believe the TRUTH, just because you don’t want to acknowledge the truth!

            You’re so deprived of any intelligence that you haven’t figured out that Hillary is protected by the news media, by George Soros and a lot of other very powerful but exceedingly corrupt people that plot the downfall of our country. Hillary used to say that Obama wasn’t even eligible to be president of this country and other things that were against him, but she has evolved into someone who is even more corrupt than he is. She now fully backs his plan to take over the U.S. government. That’s why they are forcing Muslin, Syrian immigrants upon us, but making the CHRISTIAN Syrians go back to their own country to be slaughtered. Here is more for you to research, if you aren’t too much of a coward. Democrats HATE THE TRUTH!

          54. Wayne Thorson says

            In 1972 Trump received a 4/F rating. {unfit for military service} He just got a doctor to say he is in perfect health. He is better that any one that has run for president in recent times. Anyone with common sense can see that there were 2 doctors that got paid off. Trump has never spent 1 day in the service yet he thinks he is smarter than all the Generals that have served in recent times. How can you swallow this barf?

          55. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: I can swallow it the same way YOU swallow MUCH larger portion of the same thing concerning Hillary! Maybe Trump just got better. He seems to be in very good health now, unlike Hillary who needs help getting up stairs, can’t stand for whole interviews, has lesions on her tongue, and coughing fits that make you think she’s going to cough up one of her lungs.

            Hillary just got a sworn statement from her doctor that said she’s in excellent health, but we can SEE that’s a lie! An online doctor who questioned her health, immediately had his program canceled, and a reporter from the Huffington Post was fired and all of his past submissions to the magazine were deleted after he discussed Hillary’s health issues. From all that I have read, Trump got all of his military exemptions LEGALLY. There are no charges of illegality over that issue. I feel that I, as a Vietnam veteran would have every right to be vindictive toward Trump, if there were legal issues with that situation, but there aren’t, so I have no qualms about that part of Trump’s background.

            If you will recall, neither has Obama served in our military, but I don’t hear any complaints from you about his rampant lawlessness or his un-Constitutional handling of our military. That makes you a hypocrite! Obama has been so sure that he knows more than all of our generals that he has completely dismissed several of them, besides other high ranking officers who have ample experience. If you really even served in our military, how can you support those who end the careers of so many who actually KNOW what’s going on, just so they can appear to be more “in charge” and not be overshadowed by those who could really help to protect this country?

          56. Wayne Thorson says

            What is your opinion of what Trump says about a POW that was a POW for 4 years and Trump says he is not a hero. This coming from a person that has never spent one day in the military service? You being such a military man. I would think you would sure have a negative opinion of this.

          57. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: Long before Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, I have voiced on here more than once that John McCain is no hero. As much talk as there has been from McCain’s fellow POWs, about him carrying tales to their captors, that soon got other POWs in trouble. They had even given him the nickname of a bird, because they were convinced that he “sang” to their captors. That’s no hero. Even since he’s been a senator, he does NOTHING for veterans. Don’t you find that odd? And the fact that he has been a less than enthusiastic supporter of the Republican nominee doesn’t look good for him either, especially since the alternative is the most corrupt person in the history of our country.

            In spite of your supposed intelligence, you are going “o’fer” on your bets and guesses. You haven’t gotten one right yet.

            You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that being in the military does NOT automatically make you intelligent! I have already told you that Trump got his deferments LEGALLY and that I have no problem with him never having served in our military Neither did Obama! .

          58. Wayne Thorson says

            Are you sure you served in Vietnam. I don’t understand if you had that you would have such a bad attitude about someone that became a POW. I am so glad that I never had to experience being captured by Charley and then have someone belittle me for what I went through. I can’t imagine how McCain feels when he hears this.

          59. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Celebrating 100 years of women being able to vote is GREAT! I have no problem with that whatsoever. However, if you will honestly look at the qualifications, or not, of the SPECIFIC woman who is running for president, I would hope that you are intelligent enough to know that you should be ashamed to support her! Just being a woman doesn’t earn her any forgiveness for the corruption she has perpetuated upon the American people, and it’s obvious that she has never seen the error of her criminal ways, so it will continue.

          60. Wayne Thorson says

            Every thing you said has no merit. After Hillary has spent one day in jail for one of your fabrication of any corruption she has perpetuated upon the American people I will apologize for being wrong. I feel you owe her a deep apology now. I can’t believe she hasn’t filed a defamation of character law suit against some of the things those far right Republicans have said about her. Every man should have a wife like Hillary. She stands by her man. She knows a man with all his charisma is going to be chased by a lot of women. Just like Elvis. But she says there is no other woman out there woman enough to take her man. A lot of them have tried. And when they failed they fabricated a lot of stories to make themselves feel better about themselves. I know you will won’t even swallow even a little bit of this because you don’t want to. You want to send her to jail for doing the best job she could in ever instance and you won’t give her credit for anything.

          61. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Who do you think has set you up to determine whether what I say has merit or not? You’re so corrupt in your thinking that I certainly don’t believe you’re qualified for that! Hillary may very well never spend any time in
            prison, but it will have nothing to do with her innocence.

            For whatever reasons, even a liar like you must certainly admit that the MSM does everything they can to protect Hillary and to discredit anyone who speaks out against her. (Tells the TRUTH) She doesn’t need lawyers! The MSM nips most things in the bud and covers them up before the TRUTH can even be found. Besides the MSM, Hillary is part of an organization that is so corrupt and has so many upper level big shots in it that they can almost make Hillary bulletproof! …and then there are the corrupt, ignorant, parrots like you who REFUSE to see the truth. What’s it like to eat nothing but crackers … and bullshit?

            I have no doubt that a disrespectful, denier of the truth like you would never
            carry through with your statement that you would apologize if Hillary ever
            spent even one day in prison. You’re a Democrat and that’s what Democrats do.
            They couldn’t survive if they HAD to tell the truth!

            For all the evil she has done, and the number and the gravity of the lies she has
            told, it will never be known how much damage she has already done to we
            Americans and to our country. I will NEVER owe her an apology for ANYTHING!
            She has continuously made a mockery of our legal system.

            Early in her career, she defended a few people who had intentionally scalded a black colleague of theirs to death, by pouring cups of scalding water on him, as they attempted to get information from him. She was successful at getting
            those murderers off, but she later laughed about the case, much the same as she laughed years later about freeing the rapist of a 12 year old girl. My point here is that she has no mercy or sense of right and wrong. To her, anything that furnishes her with wealth and unending power is justified, even when MANY innocent people suffer because of it.

            I asked you for PROOF that Trump was guilty of ANYTHING that would even be
            comparable to the MANY things that Hillary has done. Instead of answering that request, you just bluster your way along, most likely because you don’t have proof of ANYTHING that would qualify! You ignorantly brought up Trump’s medical situation and his supposed improprieties with staying out of the military, but those things are as NOTHING, when compared with Hillary’s evil deeds. If you have the proof that I asked for, please tell me! Otherwise, you’re just admitting that you’re a liar and traitor.

            Hillary hasn’t filed any defamation suits because she already spends too much time in court. She knows that the more she plays with fire, the more likely it is that she will be burned, so she’s just going to let well enough alone.

            I had just THOUGHT I had heard some beyond ignorant things, but when you said “Every man should have a wife like Hillary.” That tops all of your previous asinine comments. That would only be true if ever man was guilty of multiple rapes or other crimes and needed a completely corrupt and unprincipled accomplice to harass, intimidate and threaten his victims.

            Charisma my ass! That’s just plain old bullshit, and it sounds like Hillary has plenty of it too. Some of Bill’s victims MAY have wanted to “play around” with him for a while, but I don’t believe that ANY of them ever actually tried to take Bill away from Hillary. I don’t think that any other woman would WANT Bill on a full time basis, nor could they STAND HIM full time. From your comments here, I’m not sure if you’re hot for Hillary … or for Bill!

            The Clintons have done FAR more fabricating than anyone else. If we could sell their fabrications, the GDP of this country would be through the roof!

            No, I WON’T believe the bull you’re trying to force-feed me. I refuse to believe things that I know are lies!

            Yes, I want Hillary to go to prison where she belongs, for the rest of her corrupt
            life! I only want Justice to be served. Many people have been executed or sentenced to life in prison, with far less circumstantial evidence that has been shown against Hillary. If it wasn’t for corruption, Hilary would be in prison!

            You said “you want to send her to jail for doing the best job she could.” Yes, that’s true. Anyone who is that criminally STUPID, needs to be in jail. But I don’t believe she’s stupid, I believe she’s just incredibly corrupt!

            People aren’t said to have been “given credit” for doing unlawful acts, and that’s
            about all that Hillary has done.

            I’d start listing many of Hillary’s crimes, but this posting is already WAY too
            long. Maybe next time!

          62. Wayne Thorson says

            I would bet a dollar to a donut that you don’t believe George W. Bush said he had inside information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

          63. Daniel Wright says

            I’ll bet a penny to a doughnut that you didn’t know that Hillary was the mastermind behind a scheme that had Bill OK sell ICBM secrets to the Chinese military for campaign money.

          64. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: Hmm! I sure didn’t remember that one!

          65. Daniel Wright says
          66. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You can send your dollar to the nearest Ronald McDonald House. There is no way I’m telling you my address. You’re still “0’fer.”

            Several other key figures also believed him at the time, but later withdrew their support. The last I remember about that was that weapons WERE found there, but not everyone agreed that they were weapons of mass destruction. So the naysayers still refuse to say that Bush was right. If you would ever check that at, I doubt that they would acknowledge that fact either. They seem to be excessively biased toward protecting the Democrats! Surprise, surprise!

          67. Wayne Thorson says

            Remember all those names you called me. Well all I can say is ditto, ditto.

          68. Daniel Wright says

            Hi Maurice. This is Danny. Wayne is the one I call Forrest Gump. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand complex issues. He refuses to even read more than two or three sentence replies.

          69. Maurice says

            Daniel Wright: I guess that answers why he never seems to remember things I tell him. Those things have almost always been beyond that point in my message. Thanks for the information! That answers a lot!

          70. Daniel Wright says

            You need to stop listening to the liars Wayne. Hillary is part of the corrupt ruling class of the Democrat party. As long as Obama is president she will never face justice. If she wins the election she will never face justice. Those are known facts to anyone who pays attention. If Trump wins He will appoint the special prosecutor Obama refuses to and the truth will come out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hillary move to a country with no extradition treaty before Trump takes office. You are jumping the gun thinking she will win. Here is her past lead in the polls. It was 15 points. This new poll shows Trump ahead by two. This one shows a much different story altogether. Most polls use calls to only 100 people. This one sampled 50,000 calls to 1000 in every state. 33% Democrat,33% Republican and 34% independent. It shows Hillary losing to Trump 67% to 19%.with 13% undecided. Even if all 13% of undecided went to Hillary she would still lose. Even if this last poll is wrong Trump is pulling further ahead every day. More facts are coming out about Hillary’s corruption and the worst is yet to come. I am trying to soften the blow that’s coming Wayne. You may not believe me but I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone. I just want you to be prepared for the worst. You are convinced that Hillary is an innocent lamb and she will win easily. It could go either way. I know that. It is you with your head in the clouds believing every word from the media and Hillary. You should educate yourself about polls.Hillary and politics in general. I don’t really believe you are retarded Wayne. I just know you are sorely misinformed.

          71. Daniel Wright says

            Not all Democrats are crooks. However SOME are crooks. Some are crooks and traitors. Some are idiots. Jane Fonda,traitor. Hillary Clinton,Crook and traitor.Wayne Thorson idiot.

          72. LieutenantCharlie says

            On January 31, 2015, the Washington Times published an article, “Communist Party USA: ‘Working with the Democratic Party’ is the key.”
            An as a lifelong Democrat, I can tell you, that the old Democrat Party is gone! And using its’ name today, is the Communist Party USA !
            And as we all know, COMMUNISM is the ENEMY of TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY !
            Allowing the ENEMY to be a part of our ELECTIONS, will destroy our Country!!!!

          73. jscarano7 says

            to lieutenantcharlie wow that’s great i agree i couldn’t have said it any better my self very power full, i had name them democratic socialist communist party your so right they shouldn’t be in our election system at all, i was a democrat for over forty years i know what you mean, something must be done about this pretty quick, this should be taken attention to the american people
            ””””””””””””””””””””””””””trump or cruz 2016”””””””””””””””””””””””””’ps your comment should be put on face book

          74. Wayne Thorson says

            The Democrat Party and Hollywood hold Jane Fonda at such a high esteem because she is a hero. She went behind enemy lines to try and end that ridiculous war that you and nobody else knows why we were fighting. Just like that ridiculous Iraq war that nobody knows why we were fighting. You would have thought that the George W. Bush administration would have learned something from 1st war but they didn’t. If you want find fault with someone you can start there. I doubt if you would have had enough guts to go behind enemy lines and risk your life like she did.

          75. 454 casull says

            Wow ‘never thought i’d ever hear anyone defend this bitch ‘bet you defend KILARY’S actions in bengazi when she let four americans die to cover her ass and bathhouse barry’s ‘too bad we can’t line you and Hanoi jane up against a wall and give you both what any traitor deserves.

          76. nate forrest says

            And you have the gall to question anyone’s intelligence? Viet Nam was the Democrat Party’s War but that aside the men and women who fought in that conflict did noble service for our country for a worthy stated cause (that being an attempt to counter aggressive Communism in the region).

            You are truly pathetic and I am beginning to suspect that you are nothing more than a troll on this site. No thinking person with an iota of brain cells could make your claims with a straight face.

          77. Wayne Thorson says

            Nate Nate Nate you not only look like Barney Fife you are as big an airhead as he is. Anyone with common sense would not have gone into another ridiculous war like George W. Bush did and those airheads that voted for him the second time he ran are just as much to blame. There was a poll taken in England after that second vote and 86% of the people in England thought 53% of the people in the U.S. were nuts for voting for him. I’m sure you were one of those voters. So don’t put me in your category.

          78. nate forrest says

            You are a silly little man. Since you cannot keep on the topic, which is about Hanoi Jane and the Viet Nam War, let us go ahead and talk about the recent wars in the Middle East and the folks in England because, fact is, they sent their troops there to fight along side of us as well.

          79. Wayne Thorson says

            Sticking to the subject. You have to admit it took a lot of guts for Jane to go behind the enemy lines to try and end the war in Viet Nam.

          80. nate forrest says

            Good Heavens, Wayne! She was treated royally by the NVA because they saw her as an ally in the propaganda arena. I am sure that you are aware that a number of American POW’s were forced to be photo op’d with her. Some of these prisoners passed along secreted notes on bits of paper to her hoping she would take them back. They were messages to their respective families letting their loved ones know that they were still alive.

            She GAVE these notes to the NVA captors (her hosts) immediately without even being asked. The POW’s were summarily beaten so severely that their injuries were permanent and there is no telling how many American lives were lost because of her actions.

            She hated America and I believe still does. Her motives were wholly un-patriotic and certainly she did not have the best interests of our POW’s at heart.

          81. Wayne Thorson says

            Barney Fife, Your ignorance shows it’s ugly face again. If you think they weren’t watching Jane close and seen those POW’s pass those notes to Jane then you have to be dumb as box of rocks. Just think what they would have done to her if she hadn’t turned those notes over to them. Try to use your head for a change. Try to think of all the lives she saved by bringing attention to that ridiculous war along with all the protestors and put an end to it and brought all our troops home.

          82. nate forrest says

            Wow, Wayne…. just as I thought we were establishing a rapport there you go getting all ugly again. If I am ignorant in the above statement then you must be saying that the G.I.’s who were there are ignorant as well. I am merely stating what they have said.

            Of course, if you were there and personally saw all of this then I will stand corrected.

          83. Wayne Thorson says

            Look Barney, I am retired from the military. I enjoy a nice retirement check every month. I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of veterans from Viet Nam. I have heard stories that you would not believe. I for one would never have wanted to go behind those enemy lines like Jane did and I bet you wouldn’t either. They would be watching every move you make. I’m sure Jane was coached about this before she left. She had to be careful of every move she made. It’s the Republicans that have dirtied up her good works. They know she is a Democrat and that’s all the Republicans can find fault with her about.

          84. nate forrest says

            I look forward to retiring someday when I am about 75…. We will have to disagree on most of these issues but I do want to say God Bless you for your service to America no matter how much we disagree about the high nobility of Hanoi Jane….

          85. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Fonda didn’t need any help in dirtying up her works! They were blatantly traitorous! Only ignoramuses like you fail to see that! You further prove that you know nothing, by saying that Fonda “went behind enemy lines!” THERE WERE NO ENEMY LINES IN VIETNAM! It was a different kind of war for a different time in history.

            Just in reading your comments here, I am reading MANY stories that I WON’T believe! I have no doubt whatsoever that you really would not want to go “behind enemy lines” (snicker, snicker) or whatever situation most closely resembles that action, because I sense that you are what we called a “Chicken shit!” Feel free to look that up, since I really doubt that you actually understand REAL military terms!

            The supposed “Republican party” is all over the place. There are conservative Republicans, liberal Republicans, RINOs, Establishment Republicans, etc. But the Democrats are the ONLY party that only looks for the letter “D” beside a person’s name! I suspect that originally stood for “disgusting,” but I’m not sure. It may have stood for dastardly, or dumbass, or any number of things.

            Whatever the case, just because Democrats attempt to destroy people just because of the PARTY they represent, instead of the actual policies they espouse, that doesn’t mean that everyone does. We don’t have to make up reasons to find fault with Fonda. What we know about her is so dastardly that it’s all we need. That is amplified by the fact that she has NEVER … DONE anything to support the thousands of soldiers that she irretrievably harmed with her words and actions. She has millions of dollars, but she chooses to keep it all for herself, instead of attempting to atone for the worst, treasonous act of her life. I have READ that she has apologized for her actions, but I’m a Vietnam veteran and I’ve never actually seen or read her apology. You would think that such an intelligent woman, with almost endless resources at her fingertips would be able to communicate her apology to the actual people she betrayed. But I forget that she’s a Democrat and is probably just lying about the whole apology thing!

          86. Wayne Thorson says

            Maurice, I still say the only thing you have against Jane is the fact that she is a Democrat. I am so proud of her.

          87. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Just because you say something does NOT mean it’s true! A few years ago, the “other party” was just the other party, but since Obama has been our usurper in chief, the one who was supposedly going to unite us all, the “other party” is now “THE ENEMY!”

            It really didn’t matter which party Jane Fonda favored. It was her treasonous acts that I so vehemently object to. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was in the same faction of the Republican party that I am. If it’s wrong, IT’S WRONG! YOU are the one who is judging people solely upon which party they’re in. If Fonda had done to you, what she has done to thousands of us, you would most likely have a different opinion of her. You’re an idiot for supporting the most corrupt person in the history of our country!

          88. Wayne Thorson says

            What she has done to thousands of us? What could that be. She helped shortening that stupid war and doing so she saved a lot of young American lives because we didn’t send any more troops over there to risk their lives for no good reason.

          89. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You really are a mental retard, aren’t you! Twice more in this posting, you again make ignorant assumptions about the Vietnam War and pretend that you know better than the people that were in charge at that time. You have repeatedly proven that YOU know nothing, so you’re not qualified to make such assumptions! Are you naturally this stupid, or do you have to work at it? You take every item and twist it to meet your own corrupt, ignorant agenda. You even lived through that era, but you still don’t UNDERSTOOD ANY of it! You’re a moron!

            Fonda actually helped to significantly LENGTHEN the Vietnam war and CAUSED thousands more American lives to be LOST.

          90. Wayne Thorson says

            Only in your mind.

          91. Maurice says

            Whiny: In real life! Look it up,,, if you know how!

          92. Wayne Thorson says

            I don’t look up Republican blogs. Thank you.

          93. Maurice says

            Whiny: Then look it up on a Dumbass site then!

            Do I have to tell you every move to make?

          94. Wayne Thorson says

            My computer refuses to bring up that site you suggest.

          95. Maurice says

            Nate forest: He wasn’t there, nor was he even close to such a situation. In fact I dispute his claim that he was ever in the military. He isn’t the least bit respectful of anything or anyone. You should never apologize to a traitor. I suspect that this blow-hard has never been in the military, but is attempting to steal some valor that should go to honest people who have REALLY served. This jerk seems to know NOTHING about the organization that he SAYS he retired from.

            Just read these comments and then make up your own mind. I won’t be so overbearing as to tell you what you HAVE to believe!

            Good luck in your retirement!

          96. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Fonda gave those slips of paper up WILLINGLY! She didn’t even try to keep them hidden, and no, she wouldn’t have been in any danger from the Communists, even if she had kept the slips of paper. She was doing so much else that definitely served their purposes for her.

            You certainly have no business besmirching nate forrest’s intelligence, since it’s far superior to yours! In fact, you make a box of rocks look like a Rhodes Scholar in comparison!

            I see that, in a couple of posts down, you say that you’re retired from the military. I have serious doubts about that, since most military people I have known have more respect for themselves than to post so many lies, so that others can see how stupid you are. Most military people I have known also have more respect for other people than you do. Please tell me some of the places you were stationed during your career, specific units that you were assigned to and over what time period for each duty station. You’re one of the sorriest excuses I’ve ever seen for a human being, let alone a person from the military. If you really WERE in, you are certainly giving the military a black eye!

          97. Wayne Thorson says

            I was in the Army from 1960 to 1963 stationed in Worms, Germany. I was there during the Berlin crisis. I finished my career in the service in the Air Force. I bet you are a Trump supporter. This is a person that never spent 1 day in the service. He got a 4/F rating in 1972. He was lately given a perfect examination by a doctor that said he is better health than any other person running for president in recent times. It is a wonder what money can buy.

          98. Maurice says

            Wayne Dumbasson: You’re a liar and you keep putting off answering my request. You whined about these things before, but even you aren’t stupid enough to think that they even begin to compare with Hillary’s evil deeds. Many things you say about Trump can also easily be said of Hillary, but in SPADES! But you’re too stupid to even recognize it. Whine on baby. Does your diaper need to be changed?

          99. Wayne Thorson says

            Was it those 2 years you spent in service where you learned to call people names and do your best to make them feel small. I hope you don’t have any kids.

          100. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: As Ronald Reagan would have said “There you go again!” Like every brain-dead Democrat, you can’t stick to the subject. You’re always wandering down a path, chasing butterflies or something, instead of discussing the issue at hand. That’s called “deflecting,” and it’s a cowardly tactic. If you can’t stay “on task” I might as well “pull the plug” on your ignorant ass. You’re proving to not even be worth my time.

            Do you have ADHD? That’s where a person has trouble staying “on task.” They can be doing fine for a short while, but then they catch a glimpse of something that captures their attention, and immediately, they’re completely off task and immersed in the new attraction.

            Did it take you the whole twenty years to become this stupid? That question is just as valid as yours!

            This may be bad news for you, but I HAVEN’T done my BEST at making you feel small! I’m sure there’s still a lot left in that tank! You have the typical “little man” syndrome. You’re bossy and opinionated and you thoroughly enjoy ATTEMPTING to make other people seem insignificant. It’s not that size matters, but please tell me, how tall are you?

            I do have a son. He’s a minister and he’s also the manager of a Walmart Hometown Super Center. I think he’s doing very well for himself. There is no need for your concern. (criticism) He has always been a “good kid” and I have never felt the need to call him any names. It’s only disrespectful jerks like you that create the need in me to retaliate for the UN-Godly things you say, the lies that you tell and for your constant denying and twisting of the truth. If you’re that evil and corrupt, I have no compassion for you. If you want to have people who really care about you, you need to drastically change your ways of interacting with them.

          101. Wayne Thorson says

            I am glad to offer my services. I know it makes you feel so much better to vent all your hostilities out on someone. I bet your son really appreciates me. It takes the monkey off his back.

          102. Maurice says

            Whiny: You have NOTHING to offer me. I don’t find train wrecks either entertaining or useful. Actually, I had no hostilities to vent until I started reading your ignorant, condescending, anti-American lies. But don’t get your hopes up. I have stared down those who are much sharper than you. But you have proven to me that you’re not even worth the effort to try to educate. You’re useless, untrainable, and corrupt.

            Even though I called you on praising a traitor to our country, but saying NOTHING kind or grateful to those who risked their lives to protect you and secure your freedoms, YOU STILL HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING APPRECIATIVE ABOUT THEM! It can’t get much clearer than that!

            You’re delusional! That’s what that stale, stinky air that’s up your rectum will do to your brain, (if you HAD a brain) when you leave your head up there for long periods of time.

            Your little big man complex is rearing its tiny little head again! You’ve gone back to your losing ways again. My son lives over 700 miles from where we live, so I really don’t think there is any problems between us. Sorry to disappoint you!

            If you have a wife, she must be a Saint, just to be able to put up with your ignorance. How long have you been married? Almost 24 hours now?

          103. Wayne Thorson says

            There now don’t you feel better. You got all that nastiness out of your system. I’m glad I could serve you.

          104. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: You traitorous son of a bi*ch! We do NOT have to admit to a bald faced lie! You praise this TRAITOR, but you have no words of thanks or appreciation for those of us who OFFERED OUR LIVES to protect ungrateful pricks like you! You are one of the vilest and most disgusting traitors I have ever encountered!

            Jane Fonda had a “free pass” to go into Vietnam. She was doing a better job of THEIR job than they were. Why would they possibly harm her?

          105. Wayne Thorson says

            Maurice, I spent 20 years of my life in the service so that people like you can express their opinion no matter how wrong they might be. You would know what that means if you had actually spent serious time in the Military. By the way you are an amateur at calling people names. I am on several Republican blogs an have called names by the best. I know it makes you feel better after you have done this and I am happy to serve you.

          106. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Did you spend 20 years in the military because you couldn’t hack it in “the real world”? It’s very unfortunate that you never learned anything about honor, integrity and doing what’s right, just because it’s what’s right. The two years that I spent in the military was ALL serious time. I have obviously learned many lessons about life than you will ever comprehend. I seriously doubt that the times you spent in brothels and bars really taught you any valuable lessons about life and the people we see every day.

            The last part of your comments just go back to you thinking that name calling is such a desirable trait to have and be proud of. You’re sick!

          107. Wayne Thorson says

            So all you did when you were in the service is spend all your times in brothels and bars. If that’s all you remember about your tour of duty then good for you. You say I have never learned anything about honor, integrity and doing what’s right. Well I want to inform you I am not the one voting for Trump.

          108. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You pathetic little man. (and I use the term “man” very loosely)

            Superman could stop powerful locomotives and jump tall buildings with a single bound, but your claim to fame seems to be relegated to twisting words. Actually, I spent very little time in brothels and/or bars and restaurants. If you really know anything about Vietnam, you should know that all of those establishments or businesses were all rolled into one. At least in the area where I was stationed, you couldn’t go to one of those businesses without also going to the others.

            Your mind must have been on a break when I previously told you that I was a “serious soldier.” I wasn’t just there for the parties. I was once offered an R and R that was outside of Vietnam, but since partying wasn’t really my thing, I turned it down, preferring to stay there and just continue doing my job.

            You commend me for my actions when you wrongly assumed that I spent all of my time in brothels and bars. That’s just morally wrong! But I just have to accept the fact that’s just what Democrats do. The first sentence at the beginning of this paragraph is just more proof that you have never learned anything about honor, integrity or doing what’s right.

            Please don’t ever attempt to “inform” me of ANYTHING! Your agenda is vile and you use only twisted words and lies. You could probably be in charge of teaching Satan’s little imps! You like being in charge, don’t you! It’s unfortunate that you can’t even control your own decision making skills. You always just fall for the first lie that comes along. (Squawk, squawk. Polly wants a cracker … with extra bullshit!)

            If you have found it impossible to tell me the answer to my one request, please refrain from even questioning Mr. Trump. You haven’t even created a basis for such unfounded questions and accusations! This is far below the level that Dan Wright says you will read to, but I will say it AGAIN anyhow, and I’ll type it very slowly, just for you. Hillary is the most corrupt and lawless politician in the history of this country! Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but whether you like him or not, he’s one of only two candidates who have a legitimate chance of winning the presidency. By your own non-admission, Donald Trump has FAR less criminal baggage than Hillary does, and part of that is that he has never been accused of killing anyone, but the Clinton body count list is at least 51 people.

            Now please tell me, which of us will be voting with honor, integrity and doing the right thing? (HINT: It’s NOT you!)

          109. Wayne Thorson says

            With an ego like yours I would bet a dollar to a donut your not married. Who could stand to live with you?

          110. Maurice says

            Whiny little cry baby: You should have quit while you were no further behind than you were! I doubt that I can trust you to carry through with the terms of the bet that you stipulated, but just in case, please take the dollar in to McDonald’s and ask them how to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Thanks!

            I just made a very similar remark in another posting, about the possibility of YOU having a wife. My wife and I have been married for over 26 years. We each had failed marriages of 18 and 17 years respectively, but things have been MUCH better since we found each other. Give it up dweeb, you’re not going to rankle me, and since you’re so worthless, I’ll be blocking you soon anyhow!

          111. Wayne Thorson says

            Your not just saying that to make me feel better are you? Block away

          112. ajareins says

            Aren’t you the one who criticized other’s for name call

          113. ajareins says

            Didn’t Kennedy start sending military ‘advisers’ to Vietnam? Wasnt it LBJ who drafted every young male to go there? Weren’t they democrats? Didn’t the republican Nixon end it?
            Are you a member of the communist party who only lives to rewrite actual history? Or are you just a total dumb piece of shit? I think you’re both.

          114. Wayne Thorson says

            Nah, it was Johnson that ended the Vietnam war. Nixon was the one that started the Watergate scandal.

          115. ajareins says

            Johnson ended the war? You really this naive or stupid or just a total liar? LBJ decided to draft every young man when they reached 18. Nixon ended the war. Look it up. If you know how

          116. Wayne Thorson says

            Actually it was Jane Fonda and all the protesters that ended that war by bringing attention to what the American people wanted.

          117. ajareins says

            What. Now you looked it up on google and saw that it wasn’t LBJ but Nixon? You’re a moron piss off. Vietnam was a democrats war ended by the republicans. Fact!! Bs and delude yourself all you want but the facts don’t change Wayne

          118. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: The term “Ignorant ass” doesn’t even begin to describe you. The words to describe your ignorance haven’t even been coined yet.

            What the American people WANTED was VICTORY in VIETNAM! I will never believe they wanted us to turn and run, with our tail between our legs.

            I think LBJ, a Democrat, was complicit with our enemy. He agreed to a cease-fire for every Vietnamese holiday imaginable and I think they even made up a few new ones, just so they could get the upper hand on us. We stopped firing at them for 24 hours, but they didn’t stop their war efforts. They used the cease-fires to bring in more ammunition and supplies, to build more tunnels and booby traps and to make other preparations to defeat us. Johnson also allowed areas in Vietnam that were known strongholds for the communists, (No, I don’t think Hillary was there!) and Americans were FORBIDDEN FROM ATTACKING THEM THERE! Please tell me again, … whose side was Johnson on?

            Your ASS-umption that Fonda and the other protesters are the ones who ended the war, is so stupid that I’d like to be face to face with you right now! I’d
            bet money that you’ve never served our country, so you’re just a loud-mouthed,
            know-nothing, jackass, corrupt Democrat! So go ahead and be offended, like the little sissy that you are, about the TRUTH that I’m about to tell you.

            The North Vietnamese and VCs were losing the war and were beginning to consider ending the fighting, but that’s when your beloved protestors (TRAITORS) stepped in and emboldened our enemy, giving them the confidence that they could still win the war. They continued fighting and the Americans lost intensity, because of the lack of support. During that time, thousands more American soldiers died, than would have died if those traitors had stayed out of it.

            All those who died in that time period are on the head of your “hero,”Jane Fonda! Killing more of her fellow countrymen is NOT what a “hero” does.

            I just checked out your Facebook page and surprise, surprise! There are even more lies there than you have here! You made the statement “I refuse to argue with a couple of fools.” I guess I must be one of those “fools” since you have only responded to me once, and then you didn’t even answer the one question that I asked you. I suspect that all the “fools” that you refuse to even discuss things honestly with, are those who are armed. ARMED with the TRUTH, and you can’t stand it.

            You can either respond to me here or I’ll go to your Facebook page and refute… several of the lies that you tell there. There is no way I would have time to refute them all! Your choice!

          119. Wayne Thorson says

            You obviously think you are the only far far right, Fox addicted, T-party Republican loon that sends me emails and calls me all sort of names. Just so you know I think you aren’t even coming close to some of the names I have been called. One thing I can say about you Republicans is you sure know how call people names.

          120. Maurice says

            Wayne Dumbasson: I’m not “far far right” as you suggest, I don’t watch Fox news and neither am I a member of the tea party. You’re just becoming more stupid as you go. I only call you the names that you, with your total ignorance, have proven that you deserve. You’re excessively opinionated, and most of your opinions are of the negative variety, except when you’re extolling the false virtues of your beloved traitors, so lay off with the false righteousness about name calling. Snakes have earned a certain reputation, because of their past actions. If I call a snake, a snake, that’s NOT name calling, that’s just calling him what he IS! When all of these Republicans call you names, I have no doubt but what they’re telling the truth and that you richly deserve whatever they call you.

            My parents taught me right from wrong very early in my life and even though we live in a very fast changing world, I believe I still have a firm grasp on what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t just stick my head in close spaces and then lie about things. I research things and arrive at a REASONABLE decision. This election is far too important to treat it with anything but complete honesty, to others and to MYSELF!

            I’m not trying to earn a spot in your “name calling hall of fame.” I’ve been in the military, so I could do much “better” if I chose to do so, but I don’t often let myself sink to your level. You seem to wear your supposed knowledge of bad words as a thing of honor. What an utterly disgusting little man you are!

            I also have at least one thing I can say about you liberals: You sure know how to lie and deny, and you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you!

            I assume that you still haven’t come up with an answer to my request. I’ll bet that hurts you sooooo much!

          121. Wayne Thorson says

            Yea, ouch.

          122. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: You ignorant ass! I was in Vietnam when LBJ was the president and he sure DID NOT end the Vietnam war, that was Nixon! You’re such ignorant scum that you don’t worry about what’s TRUE, you just have to make up stuff (LIE!) to defend your corrupt party.

          123. Jsonny says

            Wayne, You need to get off their kool-aid! Or are you (more than likiely) just a democrud troll?

          124. ajareins says

            Risked her life??? Lol how was that sir? The enemy invited her there. God you’re either naive or a total troll

          125. BARRY SOETERO says

            Asshat in a man’s hat!

          126. Wayne Thorson says

            If they invited Jane to go back of the lines how is it that they picked Jane Fonda? That is a ridiculous comment.

          127. ajareins says

            Omg. You can’t be this stupid Can you ?

          128. Wayne Thorson says

            It’s not stupid. Of all the people in the world the Vietnam army picked Jane to come behind the enemy lines for what ? Any one with common sense knows how stupid a statement that is.

          129. ajareins says

            No genuis. She just decided to fly all by herself to Hanoi and meet the leader there lol wothout it being prearranged. Like she never reached out to them and they invited her. God you’re a moron

          130. Wayne Thorson says

            So do you think you have volunteered to go behind enemy lines and risk your life to try and end that ridiculous war? I think not.

          131. ajareins says

            Everytime you change your storyline. So now you agree it was her that volunteered to go. Sir with all due respect.l, You’re lacking in intellect. You’d be better off doing more reading and less posting. You don’t have the brains for it and people here just laugh at you. I’m sure you mean well but… I can’t waste any more time on you. I have a job. Take care and good luck

          132. Wayne Thorson says

            By By

          133. ajareins says

            It’s BYE. LOL. God you’re illiterate as well????

          134. Maurice says

            Whiny Dumbasson: Again Dumbass, there was NO such thing as “behind enemy lines” in Vietnam. Your ignorance is showing … again! Do you EVER shut up and listen to what other intelligent people have to say? I seriously doubt it.

            You have repeatedly proven that you have no common sense or moral compass!

          135. Wayne Thorson says

            Oh I see. According to you. The North Vietnam soldiers bunked with the American troops. There wasn’t any boundary between them?

          136. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: No, you definitely DON’T see! You have no clue whatsoever about what Vietnam was like, so you throw out some preposterous situation that you think is the ONLY other possible way things could have been. You continue to show that you’re a know-nothing idiot!

            It was said that the same Vietnamese people who worked on our post by day, may very well have come back at night to lob mortars at us, and that could very well have been true. They wore what looked like black, silk “pajamas” so they could have gone almost anywhere, undetected during the day, There was no need for any other garb when they lobbed mortars at us at night.

          137. Wayne Thorson says

            What’s the fact that the Vietnamese people wearing pajamas got to do with the price of tea in China? It must have something to do with how well you are at calling people names. Good job.

          138. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: Okay, I think you’re officially beginning to hallucinate! Just put down whatever it is that you’re about to overdose on and back away.

            To call a snake a snake is NOT name calling. If the snake doesn’t like being called a snake, he should have been more careful when he was building his character. The same goes for a jackass! I make no apologies for anything I have called you. You have proven that you deserve every one, and then some!

            Why don’t you just answer my request so we can both go on with our lives. It’s no problem for a blow-hard like you to throw a lot of words at me, but it’s the TRUTH you struggle with. You should have dealt much more with the truth before, then it wouldn’t feel so FOREIGN to you now.

          139. Wayne Thorson says

            Yup I was right again. You are really proficient at name calling. Good job.

          140. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: False flattery will get you nowhere. You shouldn’t even have noticed my puny jabs, since you say you’ve been called names by what you referred to as “the best!” Just answer my request and we can stop this childish chatter and go on with our lives. I’m really eager to get away from your steady stream of ignorance! I think it’s quite obvious by now that you have no proof of anything that Trump has ever done that would in any way even begin to compare with the evil that Hillary has done, but you’re just too much of a chicken shit to admit it!

          141. Wayne Thorson says

            I seam to have forgotten. What is it that Hillary has done that anyone has proven that is so bad she should be locked up.

          142. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You just can’t keep up, can you? Pay attention Boy! I’ve told you numerous times, some of the things that Hillary has been accused of, but never convicted. You can wipe that smile off your face, because neither has anything illegal been proven against Trump! Not only that, but there have been FAR more accusations against Hillary than against Trump, and the seriousness of the accusations against Hillary are FAR more serious than anything that has been lodged against Trump. If you look at it honestly, it’s really an open and shut case, because of the GROSS amount of evidence against her, and the absence of evidence against Trump. If it wasn’t for brainless, useful idiots like you, Hillary wouldn’t have a chance. But Hillary has that “D” beside her name, so according to you, she can do no wrong. You completely ignore the at least 51 people that have died, shortly before giving testimony in court against the Clintons. Trust me, those are NOT 51 cases of consecutive coincidence! If she is found guilty of just one of these murders, that should be enough to put her in prison for a very long time. If that ever happens, she’ll probably put a hit on Bill, from the “inside,” since he will be running the skirts off every woman he sees.

            I could send you a list of the names on the Clinton body count list, but you wouldn’t believe even that. Democrats always have excuses, no matter how flimsy they may be..

          143. Wayne Thorson says

            Is there anything you can think of that you didn’t get off of some Republican blog. You seam to think if you repeat the same lie time after time that it will become true. Only in your mind.

          144. Maurice says

            ajareins: The short answer is “YES!!!!!!!!!!!! He IS that stupid!

            If Jane Fonda ever sees these comments, she would probably comment and ask Wayne to please stop embarrassing her! His idiocy surely isn’t doing her any favors!

          145. ajareins says

            Lol. Why do I bother answering the dope? Stupid or off his meds? Hahaha

          146. Maurice says

            ajareins: No, he’s just a Democrat and lying and denying is what they do!

          147. ajareins says

            Hi Maurice I mean did you read his BS? LBJ ended the Vietnam war? how can anyone be such a dolt ? Then he says Jane Fonda ended it. Lol. Sure don’t want him in my foxhole. What is it with these democrats such outright liars it is unbelievable like they went to some sort of Soviet training school

          148. Maurice says

            ajareins: If you were “impressed” by those statements that were made by Whiny, please look for my postings concerning those comments, shortly below the offensive comments. You may enjoy them. My wife says I’m “brutally honest” and I pull no punches with Whiny. But the problem is that he flat out denies anything negative about his beloved corrupt traitors, and he always ignores what we say and deflects the conversation to something completely unrelated to what we were discussing. Those are all typical liberal responses. Their agenda can’t stand scrutiny.

            Hang in there and give him hell.

            I seem to sense that you served in our military not too far removed from when I was in Vietnam (1967). If so, or even if you served in a different era, “Thank you for your service! I appreciate your sacrifices!”

          149. ajareins says

            Hi again! How are you today?
            He is a bit thick lol. I have many friends who are democrats but they also recognize many of the weaknesses with Obama. They are more open minded ButWhiny (good name by the way) is like a community organizer lol.
            No I nevr served but my father all my uncles did. I was too young for Vietnam bit plenty of guys from my neighborhood went. Actually I grew up in a liberal area of NY but most of my closest friends think like we do. We thank you for your service. That was an awful war with no end in sight. I’m glad Nixon got us out of there.
            Your wife sounds nice actually!
            I’m sure we will talk again. God bless ,if you’re religious if not,,- all the best

          150. Maurice says

            Hi friend, how are you doing? I hope you didn’t think I would be upset with you if you hadn’t served in our military. I’m NOT. I’m fine with that. I wasn’t too excited about going either, but I think it was really good for me to experience it. I learned a lot about life in general and and about myself. I also learned a lot about people from other countries and about how much we are all so much alike.

            People like Whiny are so irritating, because they never research anything we say, but they always deny any facts we hive her.

          151. ajareins says

            Hi Maurice. I’m good. In Europe now on a business trip. No I didn’t think you would be upset, I just wanted to keep the record straight! Whiny , Wayne. Hillary Obama, BLM, they are all the same , ‘cut from the same moth eaten cloth’ total BS artists ignoring facts that don’t fit their agenda. They are despicable to me.
            Thanks for your service that must have been an intersting experience nevertheless I can’t say that I wished I was there. War is ugly and most participants are innocent and deserve better.
            Take care wish you a good day

          152. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Yeah, everybody’s statements are ridiculous but yours! Yours are just plain STUPID!

          153. Wayne Thorson says

            Okay Maurice you got your stupid remarks out of your system. I hope you feel better.

          154. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: You are the king of stupid remarks.

            No, I don’t feel better, nor will I until you admit that you have no evidence about anything that Donald Trump has ever done that would even compare with the MANY evil things that Hillary has done, but I’m not going to hold my breath, because you CAN’T do it! Those things DON’T EXIST!

          155. Wayne Thorson says

            What makes you think you have proven that Hillary has ever done anything wrong? Oh I forget you believe everything Fox News puts out has to be true. Do you believe Obama was born in Hawaii?

          156. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: I have given plenty of proof of Hillary’s guilt on several things, that any sane individual would at least have had to stop their lies long enough to research them. But not you! You don’t want to find the TRUTH, so you just keep on pile driving your extremely biased lies. If I thought you would actually read them, I’d post links to the proof of some of my statements of accusation against Hillary, but you are an excessively dishonest person who specifically does NOT want to read the truth and who would never ADMIT the truth if you saw it, so I won’t waste my time unless you can show a little bit of common sense; anything other than the lies and denials you keep on cranking out. But as I recall, it’s supposed to be YOU furnishing me with the proof of what Trump has ever done that would even begin to compare with the intentional evil that Hillary has done.

            You also seem to forget that I have already told you that I don’t watch or listen to Fox news, so it doesn’t matter what they say. With a memory problem like that, you’d better check yourself into a nursing home as quickly as possible; before you forget where it is!

            Like I said earlier, I don’t believe bald-faced lies. There is no way that Obama was born anywhere that would allow him to be qualified to be president. He and Michael and … er, I mean Michelle, have both let it slip that Africa is where he was born. Are you admitting that they were lying when they said that? Also, if you will recall, on his college papers, he said that he was a foreign exchange student. You can’t have it both ways. He was LYING, one time or the other. Please explain how he could possibly have a Social Security card from a state in which neither he nor his parents have ever lived! I’ve even read that he uses MULTIPLE Social Security cards. Now that sounds legal, doesn’t it.

            You really shouldn’t continue to be so stupid as to keep on reminding me of things that you can’t explain. You haven’t even addressed the issues with Hillary yet, and now you’re ignorantly opening up a topic on Obama? You really are inept at this, aren’t you!

          157. Wayne Thorson says

            See you don’t want to believe Trump was born in Hawaii. You should start arguing with Bill O’reilly on Fox News. He investigated it and found it to be true. Obama’s birth was announced in two newspapers in Hawaii. You can’t change history but I’m sure you will try. You don’t want to believe the truth so you won’t believe it. I bet you think Obama is gay also and he has a boyfriend. I bet you believe Michelle is a hermaphrodite. I bet you believe that they adopted their two children also. I am not surprised to read a weak minded person such as your self that swallows all these fabrications. You are not alone.

          158. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You DO argue for the devil! You’re so ignorant! Your previous question was whether I believed that OBAMA was born in Hawaii, and now you’re saying TRUMP! You’re so pathetic that even the other morons are beginning to distance themselves from you!

            Bill O’reilly had never particularly impressed me, but I have never heard that he ever investigated anything. Even if he did, I would MUCH rather take the word of a much respected lawman, Joe Arpaio, of Arizona. His posse also looked at those same articles and determined them to be very suspicious and very unsubstantiated. There is nothing legally binding about a newspaper article. Obama’s own grandmother said that she was present when Obama was born, IN KENYA! You can believe whatever you want to believe, but there has been a conspiracy for MANY years, to groom Obama for the presidency of the United States, so that he can destroy our country from within. I have no doubt that you will deny this too, since you always DENY THE TRUTH! I DO believe the TRUTH, but it is nowhere to be found in your comments!

            If Obama was really born in the United States, why did he seal all of his documents that could have proven his eligibility to be president? However, they could also prove that he ISN’T qualified for that position. He gets so peeved when that situation is mentioned, but HE is the only one who could stop all of that, by releasing his documents, but he refuses to do it. Some of his student loan applications said that he was a FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT. If that’s true, he’s NOT qualified to be president. There is also the issue of him having been raised as a citizen of Indonesia, as a MUSLIM! He has never been known to have renounced his Indonesian citizenship, but our Constitution specifically disqualifies anyone of dual citizenship from being president.

            History most certainly CAN be changed: not the actual historic events, but the wording of certain documents and the way they are presented have already been changed… by none other than Barack Obama himself! Now go ahead and tell me again about how ” You can’t change history!” You’re a fool if you think that changing history would benefit ME in any way! He tells us this ISN’T a Christian nation, even though there are Biblical characters and scriptures all over some of the most important buildings in our country’s history. Obama has also told us that it was MUSLIMS who first founded this continent, but if they did, they left it and did nothing to develop it. If they made any contributions to this country, it is very insignificant.

            I was an industrial electrician during a good part of my working career. I found it interesting that a formula could be stated, but if the opposite of the formula was true, all you had to do to denote that was to draw a straight line over the part that was opposite to the original formula. In that same vein, I have found that EVERYTHING you say should have a line over it! That is, if you were to write the word “TRUTH,” and it would mean TRUTH. But if you were to put a straight line over the word “TRUTH,” its meaning is “LIE.”

            You seem to know a lot about the accusations and/or rumors about Obama and his “family.” It’s also a shame that you have never dedicated yourself to finding the TRUTH about Obama, Hillary, Jane Fonda and John Kerry. There is MUCH to be learned. However, the issues of whether Obama is gay, whether he has a boyfriend, whether Michelle is a hermaphrodite (I think the correct term would be “transvestite,”) or whether the children are adopted are of very little importance at this point, but again, you’re deflecting from the issues that we should be discussing, before the election. Your candidate is indefensible, if the truth were known about her, so of course, corrupt people like you do everything you can to keep the attention on something other than your candidate, because her record can’t withstand honest scrutiny.

            The way I have been kicking your butt all over the place and refuting your lies, if I were you, I don’t think I’d be making derogatory comments about me being “WEAK MINDED!”

          159. Wayne Thorson says

            You have been kicking my butt? Only in your mind.

          160. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: Jane Fonda is a hero in Hollywood and the Democrat Party because they are moral compass-less idiots! I tried to be nice with you in my other posts, but this one is way over the line. I AM A VIETNAM VETERAN, and to see you call Jane Fonda a hero is just more than I can stand! You’re talking about something that you know NOTHING about! Jane Fonda went to Vietnam to make headlines for herself. So far as whether she went there for headlines for herself or to be a hero, as Hillary said about the reason for the massacre in Benghazi: “What difference does it make?” Whatever her intention was, the outcome of her actions was to embolden an enemy who was about ready to give up the fight, and caused that conflict to rage on for a lot longer, causing the deaths of thousands more American soldiers. That is NOT what a “hero” does!

            Jane Fonda and John Kerry both told what baby killers we were and what war criminals we were, but those were the lies that ignorant Americans believed, even though they had known us before we went to Vietnam, and they KNEW that was NOT the kind of people we were! We served our country just as honorably as any soldiers of the past, but because of Fonda and Kerry, we weren’t allowed to be proud of our service. Were you ever in the military Wayne? I didn’t think so, or you would have a clue about how important it is for an American military man to be able to feel that he has served his country well. And you should realize the injustice that ALL Vietnam veterans have suffered, just because of those lies! Get a clue Wayne, or STFU!

          161. Wayne Thorson says

            You asked if I was ever in the military. Yes I am retired from the military. Did you ever spend 1 day going down that Ho Chi Ming Trail? If you had you would know of the some of the terrible things our troops did to some of those innocent people. They would shoot their cows and pigs and at the end of the day they would use these as head counts on how many enemy troops they killed that day. There was a lot of other things that we did that don’t make us look very good but you wouldn’t believe them anyway. Because you are a far right Republican that lives in a world of your own.

          162. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: What was the highest rank you attained and what was your rank at the end of your service”? Probably Sp/4! You don’t get any points from me for having been in the military for 20 years, just because you didn’t like making all those pesky decisions about what to wear every day, when to eat each of your meals and what to eat, I would assume those were all things that your mommie did for you before you went into the military.

            I think you’re just alluding to stories that you have heard from other soldiers who were actually there. Stolen Valor comes to mind!

            That’s the Ho Chi MINH trail. I never had the experience f traveling it, but I could probably tell you some perimeter bunker stories that would make you piss your panties! Actually, from the experiences I had, the American G.I. was much more of a good will ambassador to the Vietnamese people. I NEVER saw any violence that was directed toward either the Vietnamese people or their animals. There were lying Democrats in Vietnam too!

            What I believe is based on the TRUTH. I have no blindfolds over my eyes. I readily see all that transpires and use my mind that is trained in what is right and what is wrong, and I make my own decisions. You should dust the cracker crumbs off your feathers and try it sometime! It’s a very liberating feeling!

          163. Wayne Thorson says

            I retired out of the Air Force as T/sgt or an E/6 rating. I had an opportunity to talk to some grunts that actually went down that Ho Chi Minh trail. I would bet I have some better stories to tell than you have. And for your information they weren’t all Democrats.

          164. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: You seem to live vicariously a lot. You have never really done anything yourself, so you listen to the stories of those who HAVE done things, and IMAGINE yourself to have done them too! How pathetic! So are you now challenging me to a story telling contest? Your IMAGINED stories, versus things that I actually experienced? No thank you! I have no reason to want to impress you, and I don’t want to give you more material for your IMAGINED adventures. You’re a pathetic, useless little man!

            I have no doubt that the good men who told you about their experiences on the Ho Chi Minh trail were NOT all Democrats. I believe that most of the Democrats ran off to Canada and refused to serve their country. With your already swollen head, I probably shouldn’t even tell you this, but actually I guess I should commend you. At least, according to you, you DID at least serve your country from behind a desk or in some other non-hazardous capacity. It’s too bad that your ignorance, braggadocio and incessant lying and denial completely overrule any good that your service might otherwise have rendered.

          165. Wayne Thorson says

            It is my guess you have never heard any stories that Lt. John Kerry talked about in Vietnam. He was a Bronze Star recipient.

          166. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You’re wrong again. What Kerry has told are indeed just “stories” as in LIES! And he probably got them in much the same way as you got “your” stories; by hearing them from people who have actually experienced them. Kerry also had some purple hearts that he was awarded for INJURING HIMSELF! Talk about “Stolen Valor”! I have absolutely no confidence that the Bronze Star is legitimate either. Kerry once made a big scene of throwing away “his” medals, in protest of something, but it was revealed later that he still has them in his possession.

            Is there anything else that you would stupidly like to remind me of, concerning your corrupt, false heroes? You really are an idiot, but please stop. You have already proven it more times than is necessary!

          167. Wayne Thorson says

            How many Bronze stars or purple hearts did you receive for serving in Vietnam? I would guess 0. You sure know how to find fault with someone who has.

          168. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: Congratulations! You were finally RIGHT about one of your assumptions. I received exactly zero Bronze Stars and exactly zero Purple Hearts. I hope you realize that I could have taken the Democrat way. I could have told you that I was awarded several various medals, and there would be very little chance of you ever finding out that I had lied. But I did NOT receive those or any other medals, except for my marksman pin and my three campaign ribbons that basically everybody got. (My wife tells me that I’m “brutally honest” and I take that as a compliment!)

            My service time was never very exciting or decorated, but I now have the satisfaction of knowing that I served my country, honestly and with integrity, to the very best of my ability. I know what Fonda and Kerry SAID about me and ALL Vietnam vets, but I also know those were LIES! I know what the TRUTH Is about those accusations! There is VERY little in my military time that I would even second guess. You see, I was careful when I built my character, and I wanted to be very careful with it, so that I wouldn’t have to be ashamed later. Don’t you wish YOU had done that?

            John Kerry is a very dishonest man. He once made a big show of throwing them away to protest … something, but it was later found that he still has them in his display case. What a hypocrite! I have read of his Purple Hearts and how he got them. The injuries were basically manufactured. What a vain person he is, to do such an underhanded thing that lessens the medals of all others who received them honestly. Kerry has no conscience! He’s like Hillary: He will throw ANYBODY under the bus, if it will further his wealth and power. He’s an EVIL man, and I wouldn’t put much faith in whatever story he tells about why he was awarded the Bronze Star. I’ll have to look that up. It should be interesting at the very least.

            How many and specifically which awards did you EARN, and for what?

          169. Wayne Thorson says

            Well I received a GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL. When you talk about what you did in Vietnam it is nothing like what Jane and Kerry went through over there. I know I would have never done what Jane did. Leaving all that security behind and being surrounded by nothing but the enemy who didn’t think anything of beheading someone. And Kerry for what his experiences were. You and I are very lucky we didn’t have to go through either of these experiences to say nothing about what McCain went through. If you would think about it you should feel fortunate also.

          170. Maurice says

            Wayne Thorson: The Democrat party and Hollywood are both criminally ignorant, and you’re the first and only person I’ve ever heard call Jane Fonda a hero. It’s becoming clear to me that you’re such a worthless human being because you set your bar of expectations for yourself so low!

            That’s probably because it’s just another lie that has come out of your
            corrupt and warped little mind.

            Like I told you before, in another posting, THERE WERE NO ENEMY LINES IN VIETNAM, so your claim about Jane is a lie! But if there had been such a thing, I guess I DID have the guts to go there, because I WAS THERE! Where were YOU? But Fonda didn’t risk her life. She was doing exactly what OUR ENEMY wanted her to do, so why would they even think of harming her? You’re an idiot!

            And again, who are YOU to determine that the Vietnam War and the Iraq War were “ridiculous”? Who are YOU to determine that if we want to find fault with anyone, we need to start with George W. Bush? You accused Trump of thinking he was smarter than our generals, but here you are, doing the very same thing! You’re a know-nothing nobody, and a liar to boot!

            You sound like a little Big-man who desperately needs to talk big and make yourself sound like you actually know anything. You’re just a pathetic little man in your own make-believe world!

            We were told different reasons for why we were in Vietnam. I can’t honestly tell you the REAL reasons we were there, but the reasons I chose to be there and do the very best job that I could was because MY COUNTRY SAID THEY NEEDED ME TO GO! Many tens of thousands of soldiers have gone before me, to protect the lives and the rights of the people we love, and even the big-mouthed idiots like you. The ones who went before me fought for those things FOR ME! It was time for me to do my part in protecting those things for the next generations. That was an easy decision for me, but cowards
            like you whine and cry about any perceived wrongs that you think you are a
            victim of. Your thing is to blame others for everything that goes wrong. You’re
            much like Obama, in that seven and a half years into his “presidency” he’s
            still blaming George Bush! You are both classless… persons. I was going to say
            “men” but actually, I don’t think you deserve that title of respect.

            We thought that you “useful idiots” would have learned something from Obama’s
            first term, but you obviously can’t teach STUPID people anything! Obama is a hell of a lot worse than Bush ever even thought about being!

            I have just one more point before I go. In another posting, you said that the only thing Republicans could find fault for Jane Fonda for was her words and actions when she was in Vietnam. That’s like saying that the only fault we can find about John Wilkes Booth was that he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. In both cases, I think those are the ONLY accusations that we need!

          171. Wayne Thorson says

            Like I said before I spent 20 years in the service protecting your right to give your opinion. No matter how wrong you may be. Your welcome.

          172. Maurice says

            Whiny Thorson: You can SAY anything you want, but your “service” was probably like Obama’s: spent disrespecting and dismantling our laws and our rights. Protecting the rights of ALL Americans was supposed to be your top priority, but I’m sure you allowed your own agenda to supersede your real mission.

            I’d like to withdraw my thanks to you, since I never gave it to you to begin with. I don’t thank TRAITORS!

          173. Wayne Thorson says

            Again I would like to return all the names you called me. Ditto, ditto.

          174. Maurice says

            Cry baby: Sorry, the names are specifically tailored to YOU, so they are NOT returnable!

          175. Wayne Thorson says

            So you don’t appreciate what someone gives you either. Huh.

          176. Maurice says

            Cry baby: Do you have all these lies so you can just cut and paste them? You seem to make less and less sense with each message. I think it’s time for you to go, Dumbass!

          177. Wayne Thorson says

            Yes, whenever I have concluded I am talking to a wall I find everything I can find to paste on it.

          178. 454 casull says

            They don’t hold her in high regard ‘ they hold her husbands BILLION DOLLAR BANK ACCOUNT IN HIGH REGARD.

          179. John Keatts says

            Joseph. It is simple. Both are not worth the time to crap on. Both have caused harm to This Nation. Both would do anything to destroy the Constitution and will, given the chance. Be time for battle real soon.

          180. Michael Clemente says

            The Democrats are anti-Americans, vote for them is Un-American. Anti-Jews… Anti-black rights… Remember KKK Bird… George Wallace?

          181. ajareins says

            Don’t forget the Muslim piece of shit in White House now

          182. Michael Brown says

            you are such jerk.

          183. ajareins says

            Coming from you rs a compliment. You never have anything of substance to add. As for your name calling of those with whom you disagree well then what can I say but that you’re a typical left wing fascist. I’ve read your other posts, all you do is call other people names. Who cares what you say or think? You’re not intelligent enough to formulate a rebuttal of any kind other name calling.

          184. Daniel Wright says

            For reminding us of the truth?

          185. Maurice says

            Michael Brown: YOU are the jerk, and an ANTI-AMERICAN one at that! You’re a typical liberal. Your heart bleeds for our “poor enemy,” but you say to hell with these American soldiers, who risk their lives to protect your freedoms. You are unworthy scum. If Kyle had killed more of our enemies, that would be that many fewer that we would have to deal with now, and that could have saved MORE AMERICAN lives.

            If you’re not thankful for the sacrifices of our military, please pack up and leave. You are NOT welcome here!

          186. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are such a lIberal moron!

          187. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          188. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

            Simple answer. The Democrat Party is the party of treason.

          189. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hollywood is a cesspool, full of spineless maggots. Michelle,er, Michael Moore ranting about American Sniper is just as bad as Hanoi Jane’s traitorous actions. How many lives did Chris Kyle save by taking out those cowardly, thug, vermin terrorists?

          190. ajareins says

            Too bad he didn’t kill more of them. And then those friggin cowardly universities who decided not to show the film cause some fu&king Muslims were ‘offended’ by it. Fu?k the Muslims Who invited them here anyway ? I hate those sc!mbags. This country is going down the sewer

          191. George Purdy says

            The morons in DC think that he will order our troops to “seize all weapons OR think a concentration camp” is his answer and he might think that the 2.2 million of our brothers in uniform will turn against their families and friends and nation because the halfbreed POS says so? That is the dream that will kill his socialist islam arse!
            He forgets who we are! That their ideals have destroyed our country and that those stupid enough to follow his orders and yes those 800,000 police will not survive that civil war that’s going to happen..
            The whole system thinks that they will follow those orders when those of us who served will stand and do nothing?
            You in DC need to remember who we are, what we REMEMBER and have taught to our children and then the fools using their own common core math thinks whats left out of 280,000 military and police who will be that stupid to follow those orders will win that fight are out numbered by the now 16% (do that math and smile, they are out numbered in a gurellia warfare situations which we still have not found a way to fight well, but we CAN fight as well as a written battle plan! ) of the American Population of LEGAL and REGISTERED gun owners and do not forget all those in those states that require no regerstration and have not bought under all the new laws passed?

            I hope you who wish to live under socialist regimes have your wills made up as they will not be carried out as your bodies will lay where they fall until ditches are dug and you all go where your socialist leader wanted US to take that dirt nap!

            Are we ready America to put the liberal state to sleep or die wishing on a worthlessness half white not so shiny star when the idiot opens that blowhole under his soros ass sniffer on his face?

            I am.

          192. MrD says

            I posted my reply.

          193. George Purdy says

            And that is another problem with the growing unCivil War that’s about to fall on us. 2-3-4 front war? Then the islameist part we all know is about to fall on the whole planet.

          194. George Purdy says

            I did forget one thing.
            I am old
            I did not forget any training
            If push comes to shove
            I WILL stand my ground and cover those who can fight better than me to give THEM a chance to get regrouped and assembled to retake America back from those with their hands out and in our pockets and lives!
            I CAN stand front guard to protect those who are REAL AMERICANS and HUMANS!

          195. labrat says

            Thank you George, and in your saying of that I thought….aught oh… they are going to think sniper (not a bad think in my opinion)….lol. But as I am getting on, just turned 65 (hell, that’s pretty young still) you have to do what you can. And if I have to even just reload ammo that’s OK with me. Do what ya can to do your part is what I say.

          196. Barrustio says

            Lab…you’re not old I’m 67 and have discovered that my shooting becomes more relaxed and precise as I age…it’s amazing

          197. labrat says

            I believe they call that wisdom….lol, which a lot of our young’uns don’t seem to have much of at times and our government all the time.

          198. Dawn says

            I think they should Draft the Gangbangers and put them to war and see how brave they are and would finally understand what the WW1, WW2, Vietnam and finally these Terrorist wars are really all about….

          199. dinkerduo says

            Damn good idea Dawn–take them off the streets and put them all in boot camp—shave their heads–no facial hair–cover or remove the tats–and let’s see how long they last on that 5 mile run–or ANY of the other boot camp training!!! Waterboard them for awhile–make them crawl–climb–run–and do KP–they’d be cryin’ for their mammas and sucking their thumbs wanting their *bankies* after about 2/3 hours if they lasted that long! I do think everybody should serve for 2 years–have a weekness–do desk work–but all able bodied should be trained to defend this country! Then they can go to collage when they’ve matured in the service so the first 2 years isn’t just party time for so many! Other countries do this–why shouldn’t we?!?

          200. labrat says

            I agree with ya dinkerduo…..look at Switzerland. Everyone serves and everybody takes their gun home.

          201. David Egg Philbeck says

            Also in Israel the guys and the gals all have to serve a minimum of 2 years and if there is war then they are required to stay in longer or until that particular conflict has ended. this is what this country should jhave done. if it was the same way as Israel then the crime rate would not be anywhere close to where it is now.

          202. labrat says

            Yeppers, totally agree with that.

          203. GI Joe says

            Minor correction, David. In Israel, men do a minimum of 3 years, women do 2 years. The only thing about Israel I disagree with is that you have to spend a minimum of 5 years (I think that’s right) in the military or rise to the rank of sergeant (I believe) in order to carry openly. Exceptions are made for certain teachers who have “advanced” training.

          204. GI Joe says

            Totally agree. An amazing side-effect will likely be an increased belief in, and admiration for, the Republic we all swore an oath to defend.

          205. Green Eyed Lady says

            Time to reimplement the draft. Great idea.

          206. labrat says

            I totally agree with that Dawn.

          207. Guest says

            Hey ..Happy belated Birthday LabRat.. i am 62 and not quite thee yet. but im hoping to live a long a healthy life although i am in pain on a daily basis. im not replying to any thing that we are supposed to be talking about but just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. My wife passed away 6 weeks ago and for the last 6 weeks it seems more like one long day. i miss her desperately.. we were together for 30 years and we had a beautiful marriage.. she was my soul mate and my best friend. i was never away from her, not one day out of all those years.. i sit here quietly drinking my coffee right now early in the morning thinking about her and missing her terribly.. this has been time in my life when i was wanting to travel with her and spend the rest of my life with her and loving her daily. we had a beautiful Christ centered marriage.. She was diagnosed with Scleroderma back in 1995 which is a horrible debilitating disease which is degenerative and slowly deteriorates a persons body and eventually the person that has it passes away. there is no cure for this illness but the doctors can only give pain meds , prednisone and other drugs that are far worse eventually than the disease itself. the disease is similar to Lupus like a sister illness and works on the inside organs until everything starts shutting down which was the case and also hardens the skin on every part of the body until it feels like wood. Sclero (Hardening) Derma (skin) .Hence ScleroDerma…or wife was diagnosed with it back n 1995. She was from the Philippines where we met and were married and when we moved back to the states she was ok because we were living in San Antonio Texas which climate is very similar to the Philippine climates.. but when we moved to Massachusetts her body went into shock because of the frigid cold and extreme weather conditions and the doctors there which are some of the best on the country told us we needed to move out of the arctic climate. And we did immediately. Nenette was diagnosed and we moved back down south where i am originally from .. she was ok for the first 8-9 years then the disease started rapidly taking over. she lived with the illness for nearly 20 years and i quit working 3 years ago to stay at home with her and attend to her every need 24-7.. i was dedicated and honored to stay at home and take good care of her all those years but sadly the illness took her life 6 weeks ago. She was the apple of my eye and my soul mate and i miss her so much.. time heals all wounds but i dont think that even time can help me with how i feel. we were one and were were bonded in a way that is unexplainable. i so miss her company and her laugh and her just being near me. i would give anything just to have her near me one more day.. my life has been a mess since she passed. i am leaving to go back to the Philippines in 4 weeks from now. i will take that one last trip there to take her back for burial. we have already had her service here and the trip will be a bitter sweet trip. i need closure and this will be closure taking her back to be buried with her mother , father and sister who had the same disease and passed away from it 5 years ago. i am sorry to have made anyone feel awkward in reading this. i just had to share what i have been going through for the last 6 weeks. Please forgive this forum. i didn’t mean to depress anyone by talking about what my issues have been for the past few weeks. i just needed to share openly what i am going through. i think i needed this. God bless each person here on this blog. Have a blessed day..

          208. labrat says

            Hello David,
            My condolences to you. I lost my mother in August of 2013 and I’m still working through the grieving process. My mother lost her soulmate when she was probably your age and lived to 83. She died a horrible way as she went from Pancreatic Cancer. The only thing they could give her was a narcotic for the pain and she wouldn’t take it till the last couple of days. I had to give her ice chips to relieve the dry mouth that results from those types of medications. I miss her terribly and even now typing this brings tears to my eyes. I know that these are the feeling that you are going to have to deal with but know in your heart of hearts David that your beautiful wife, soulmate is in a better place now. She is in God’ garden and walks with Jesus every day. She will always be with you in your heart and that is something no one can ever take or destroy. If you have photographs of your life together always take time to look at them and remember the joyous moments that you see. I can only guess at the feelings your are going to have to feel in these coming weeks during your trip. But your wife is returning to her roots. She choose to leave there and follow you wherever you went. Remember her smile, her laughter and the twinkle in her eyes when she was in your arms. Time does help heal the wound but because this is such a grievious one take the time to get through that healing process. Do some of the things you use to do and remember the wonderful feelings that they brought to you both. And always that she is with Christ now and will be waiting for you with a great anticapation. May God Bless You Through Jesus Christ…….Amen

          209. Green Eyed Lady says

            It seems to me you have had a life well lived and should be proud of the empathy and loving care of your wife.
            Best wishes for time to lower your pain and be able to look around for many more beautiful things to make each day special.

          210. Linda Heiser Bechler says

            My deepest sympathies. May she RIP.

          211. taliesin319 says

            Unfortunately a modern soldier must at least have the education of a Highschool Graduate at the very minimum. The weapons and continuing education in regard to them as well as instructions for other situations are beyond the skills of these gangs. They would serve with people of other races than black, Moreover most have great admiration for muslims. Who do you think they would turn their weapons on ? The schools these gangstas were enrolled at taught next to nothing and just pushed them to the next level. Can’t read a letter written in cursive which any child in a proper school has mastered by 4th grade.

          212. dinkerduo says

            I’ve always thought that every able bodied men and woman should serve their country for 2 years–that would accomplish a couple of things–learn discipline (self dis. also) and they’d be older and wiser when they did go to college! As far as the gangs–I’d NOT give them weapons UNTIL they proved themselves worthy but I would keep them in boot camp until they passed it with flying colors! There are hundreds of jobs in the services that don’t require carrying a gun–but that would get them off of the streets–I’d separate them of course–I’d do this since there are NO reform schools anymore–only detention centers that don’t work very well!

          213. ajareins says

            And no religious Bs exemptions.

          214. ajareins says

            Yeah and don’t arm them either.

          215. Dawn says


          216. Btty says

            Sadly labradorite here in looney CA the government keeps our kids dumbed down. I used to take my son’s to the shooting range to learn about guns and how to shoot. I sent them to my father to teach them survival skills. Very sad but because of these parents who want everything to be fair for their little darlings we are raising a bunch woozies like obozo. I was strict and hard on my son’s but they are real men. My son’s in a conversation with a friend told him: “There’s something to be said on the positive side for the way our parents raised us. No pansies here” what is wrong with letting children play? Letting there be winners and loosers? Letting children play cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers? This world is nuts and there is a backlash coming

          217. labrat says

            I have to agree with ya Btty. My father swatted me more than once and when I did something really dumb off came the belt. Mom would always say that’s what ya get for doing something you shouldn’t. Did you learn anything? Well, one, don’t get caught. Two, probably be better if I didn’t do that as it gets a bit hard to sit down when your azz is smartin’ and that Dad and Mom were much smarter and wiser than I was. Course I didn’t figure some of that till I had children of my own. As kids we too played in the park, walked to school, ate dinner at 5:00 pm every night. If you weren’t there you ate dinner cold unless there was a good reason. And we did homework after the table was cleared and dishes done. If there was time we were able to listen to the the radio….ballgame or Gunsmoke, Dragnet, The Lone Ranger….lol. And of course we were allowed to read most literiture. We went to Church every Sunday…….but I digress, enough ramblings on….lol.

            As I said I agree with you and if this country doesn’t get it together and I lose any time to ride my motorcycle or burn some rubber off the tires of my hotrod then I will be more ticked off than I am now at my government.

          218. Btty says

            You bet there is something to be said for the way we were raised! No pansies here. I was raised on a ranch and we worked and wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for an allowance or pay. We would have been told your pay is being part of this family where you have food and clothing provided for you. Government should stay out of the raising of our children and I hate social workers.they have to create jobs for themselves and in so doing they have destroyed families. This country is sick right now!

          219. labrat says

            Yep, social workers are at the bottom of the barrel that’s for sure….lol. Bringing up ranching brings up some fond memories. We had to be up at five not matter what we did the night before……Dad always told us…..the cows got to be milked twice a day hell or high water. There were a few times we milked the cows with one eye closed….lol, but when we were done and went into the house Mom and Grandma had a might fine breakfast waiting for us. The family I worked for were Portuguese and so they had a decanter of wine on the table at every meal. Your were allowed one half a glass with every meal. If the crops didn’t have to be brought in, or the land worked we were free to do what we wanted. Sometimes that didn’t end up good, but we had to be back at the ranch by five to do the night milking. Loved that job. I always wanted to be a jockey but caught a growth spurt in high school and squashed that idea. This was done out there in in Looney ville….Gustine CA actually…..the Walnut capital of the world at the time.

            But being from MI I ended up back here and went to work in the auto industry.

            Sorry about the long posts….seems like I’m writing a book. But we were brought up right and being the young age of 65 I have a few stories to tell and they don’t involve shooting or robbing someone, singing a song about raping women, car jacking someones car. We weren’t angels by any stretch of the imagination and we got our butts turned red more than once and we pretty much turned out alright. We respected our elders, took the whippin’s like a man and life is good.

          220. Btty says

            God Bless your parents labrat. I was raised on a dairy for about 4 years then my daddy sold the business and we moved way up north and raised horses and beef cattle. I loved that life. We got up at 5am and fed our horses and we were gone by 6:30am to check the fences and make sure our beef cattle were all where they were suppose to be. Then we would head home to report to our father and make ourselves a sandwich and fruit then we would take the horses and head up to the swimming hole. We would stay til dark and depend on our horses to find their way back home with us on their backs. They always made it. What I would give for those days for my sons. I’m looking forward to the days when I can sell here in CA and move to Idaho, buy my ranch and horses and a few cattle and live again. I miss breaking my horses. I had some good ones I miss my life and crave that peacefulness. Eventually I’ll get there. I’m very thankfull for my parents and the life they provided for us. Speaking of Hot Rod labrat. LOL I had a Oldsmobile 442 Silver with a black top. Hotest engine on the road at the time. I put air shocks in back to raise it up with very wide tires on the back with beautiful rims. I used to kick ass with that car. The guys couldn’t believe that I could leave them in my dust. ;)) It’s been fun. My brother has a gorgeous Candy Apple Red Harley with gold pen stripping. It’s gorgeous!

          221. labrat says

            Hi Btty,
            My Hotrod is my 2007 Mustang GT. I guess I bought it for my mid-life crisis, lol, as I already own a Harley. It’s gone through a lot of changes but it’s an ongoing project. I store it in the winter and that is when I try to do my upgrades. Not much doings this year. A couple pieces of chrome for the interior. I have the parts for installing hood pins and hood louvers but I’m building up the courage to cut the sheetmetal. lol I got my Harley up and running last month and am waiting for the warm weather so I can go for a ride. My doctors have told me to go ahead and try but if it puts me into to much pain I may have to give it up. I’m restricted to only lifting no more than 15 lbs. and that makes life interesting. Anyways, enjoy the day as I am going to because I turned 65 today. Lol, never thought I would see this day. Later.


          222. Btty says

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lab! I hope your day is filled with the love of family and friends. May all your wishes come true. I have enjoyed your stories. My wish for you is that you are able to enjoy that Harley for many years pain free. 😉 God Bless You!

          223. labrat says

            Thank you Btty……been a great day so far. Now I get to do what I should have done this morning. I have to rewire a ballast into one of my shop lights…lol. God Bless you too my new friend.

          224. Btty says

            Ditto Lab! 😉

          225. Green Eyed Lady says

            Happy Birthday

          226. Ghost Rider says

            labrat; I wanted to be a jockey too and even had a friend that had racing quarter horses. A couple of jockeys trained me in using the “short irons” how to hold the reins and even put me in the “starting gate”. The ONE THING they forgot to tell me was to grab a double hand full of mane BEFORE the gate opened. When the gate popped open the horse too off and I ended up flat on my back inside the gate. Unfortunately the preferred weight was about 10 lbs more than I weighed so ownes wouldn’t let me ride because I’d have had a 10 lbs blanket that couldn’t shift.

          227. Ghost Rider says

            Btty: Sounds like our childhood was close to the same. I wasn’t raised on a ranch but a farm. My dad has his own business in refrigeration/AC/ electricial and when I wasn’t in school I was working with him. After working all week and all kinds of hours, I’d get $2.00 and the car for a date. If I was late getting home I didn’t go anywhere for a month except to school and church. I was taught that “work never killed anyone” (accidents happen but it wasn’t the work that killed it was the accident). My parents taught me that the word “can’t” is in the mind because of laziness. If I have the control then “can’t” is an excuse. I can’t make myself grow taller but I can find someway to reach what I need. I was also taught that if something is broke then TRY to fix it. What are you going to do, break it?

          228. Btty says

            LOL, Thank God for the good parents we had Ghost Rider. We were the lucky ones. I have 4 grown sons and when my fist two sons (twins) were born my tendency was to buy them everything I didn’t have as a child. Well when they were 10 we bought them brand new top of the line bikes. My mother kept telling me I was giving them to much. Well winter was coming on and you can probably guess where this is going. I begged and pleaded for them to put their bikes in for it was going to rain. My son’s looked at me and said: it’s okay mom if they rust up you and dad will just buy us new ones. That did it. I called my mother and she said don’t you dare touch those bikes. There’s a good lesson for both you and those boys. I listened to mom. The bikes stayed out, rusted up and the boys said mom we need new bikes. I said of course you do and next time you will listened and put your toys away. Well mom when can we get new bikes? I said just as soon as you get a job and can pay for them. We never bought another bike and what a valuable lesson for all of us. Those boys got jobs mowing lawns and bought their own toys. My momma was one wise lady.

          229. 454 casull says


          230. Btty says

            Thank you casull. 😉

          231. GI Joe says

            When kids fail to learn to be “good losers” as well as good winners, they miss out on important life lessons. Getting a trophy or plaque or any recognition for simply showing up is meaningless and the kids know it. I used to ride my bike all over the city when I was 10 years old. Now, a parent is criticized for allowing her child to go to a park 1 mile from home alone. Crazy!

          232. Btty says

            Your right GI Joe. It’s just sickening whats happening and being systematically done to our youth. They are being brain washed and punished for being kids. When a child can go to school and tell a school mate that he has a make believe ring that can make him disappear and he gets punished for making terrorist threats there is something seriously wrong with those we have in charge of teaching our children. What the devil are we doing and allowing to be done to our children? The principle of that school should be tarred and feathered and never allowed to work with children again. My God help us because we cannot help ourselves!
            I would never turn my sons over to these schools to indoctrinate! I home schooled four sons and let me tell you it’s the best thing I ever did. My sons are well adjusted, socialized and they all scored very high on their SAT tests. Three have graduated from top rated Universities and one is still in college. Three have very well paying jobs. Home Schooling was a gift I gave to my sons. I’m not a young person but I saw many years ago what was happening in our schools. People do your children and grandchildren a favor and Home School! Get together with other mothers and work out a system where you help each other. I put 16 families together and we did a bang up job. Our children were able to play games with toy guns made from wood or whatever we had on hand, they played cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, and we never gave a reward that wasn’t earned. If you lost at some game you lost and had to deal with it. I could go on and on but I think I more than made my point! LOL 😉

          233. GI Joe says

            When less than 15% of active duty military (according to Military Times) support our current POTUS, I think they are demonstrating great wisdom for their youth. I’m in my mid-60s, too, and am pleasantly surprised by that statistic.

          234. Michael Dennewitz says

            Shiiittt, Got you both covered. I’m 70, soon to be 71, but I still score well at the gun range. I seem to score better with the .380 than the 9mm… LOL

          235. Barrustio says

            I score better with my backup Berretta Tomcat than with My Nano also, too bad it doesnt have the stopping power of the Nano

          236. David Egg Philbeck says

            I score better with my Sig P220 .45 Cal than i do with my S&W 357 model 610 snubbie.. although the snubbie goes withme when ever i travel or a quick ride to the store.. my credo and also the USMC creed,. a must for every single recruit to master and to learnl we had to learn this or we would get our butts kicked.. literally back nthe early 70s during the vietnam conflict.. i loved it then and i still love it now..

            This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than any enemy who is trying to kill me. I
            must shoot him before he shoots me. I will… My rifle and myself know
            that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our
            burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit… My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weakness, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean
            and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each
            other. We will…. Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and myself
            are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are
            the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America’s and there
            is no enemy, but Peace.

          237. Barrustio says

            Amen brother. I carried the 1911 along with my M-79 in Nam but I really like the Nano for home…no trigger, no safety. Like you, I carry my easy-carry Tomcat everywhere, it’s so easy to hide in my front pocket.

          238. David Egg Philbeck says

            i do love that tomcat. me and my twin brother went into one of our local gun shops and bought 2 of the tomcats with serial numbers 1 number apart.. which we always did when we bought guns.. when they first came out..then sometime afterwards they came out with a modified version of the original tomcat but with a beefier more solid weight to the original ones. something like a tomcat on steroids.. do you have that version or the original version. i think the steroid versions came out around 1993 or 1994. i loved that little tomcat because it carries a heck of a punch for a 380 is perfect for the pocket and is as powerful as any of the other mini 9 mm guns out there. i do have several other cal hand guns but i love the smaller ones as protection because of conceal ability.. but i do also love my Colt Pythons and colt 45 and Sig Sauer 45 cal guns too. i just love guns in genera as l my father taught us to shoot when we were 12 years old and use to take us in the mountains where he was from and would make us shoot until we had it down pat. he started us out on the M-1 Garand or the M1 Carbine. so by the time i was 15 I was used to shooting the larger rifles and particularly the 30-06.. then i went into the marine corp in 1971.Interestingly I was issued a M-14 for boot camp at Parris Island SC as a marine recruit. I never appreciated that rifle until after i left the service. now i would give anything i own to own one of those rifles.. there were and still are considered some of the finest made rifles ever made for the military.. God bless you and stay safe my brother..

          239. Barrustio says

            When the the 82nd Airborne did a joint exercise with the Marines at Camp Lejeune in ’67, the Marines still were training with the M-1. They must have switched before you got in. I went in in ’65 and trained with the M-14 and while it was weighty, I did like it’s accuracy. Windage and elevation was easy to adjust using Kentucky and Mountain.When I went to Ft. Ord I was issued an M-16 but trained with the 50-Cal and the M-60 which I excelled at. matter of fact I scored the highest in the company with the M-60 and they were thinking of assigning me to one but probably felt was too light in the ass to carry one, I was weighing 135 in basic. I did pretty good with the 1911 and the M-79 so that’s what they gave before I went to Nam. I’m just curious about your Tomcat…I’m not familiar with a 380 cal Tomcat from 93-94, I bought mine in 2010 and it’s a 32, but still the preferred backup of law enforcement, usually for ankle carry and undetectable with regular wear.

          240. George Purdy says

            I just score! After the first 3 rounds the “machine” becomes part of you! Just keep double actions away! ALWAYS down and left of center! Chaps my arse!

          241. David Egg Philbeck says

            the same here i am nearing 63 and have gotten much more relaxed with my techniques in handling my weapons especially the 45 which in my opinion has no recoil . people are scared of the 45 because of the size and usually first timers always think it has hard recoil.. but it is one of the best feeling hand guns i have ever used of course the quality of a gun says more than the size. i see so many people who shoot cheap Saturday night special type guns liek for example the high point 9 mm .. tome that gun is nothing but pressed out cheap o of the cheapest guns that people use who cant afford a gun. i would prefer to use a baseball bat than a cheap weapon that might not fire or misfire .. i will always pay the extra to buy a good weapon/ and they keep their value as well. i dont worry about the gun i buy .. i am hoarding all of the 357, .38 and 45 cal ammo i can and suggest you to do the same . its gonna get hard to buy in the future. as you already know..

          242. Barrustio says

            Yep, i know about the ammo thing. Already 22LR is almost impossible to get. I’m glad I live in Texas where guns are a religion and ammo, part of the ceremony. If you like the 45, Colt just made a limited edition WORKING model 1911 Commemorative collectors item for about $2000.00. Beautiful piece of work, makes you almost not want to fire it but would HAVE to.

          243. mrmsjb12 says

            that is because you are hardly breathing I believe

          244. Barrustio says

            Funny girl

          245. mrmsjb12 says

            yes you can have the shot then

          246. Dawn says

            They need those snipers and now, they can dress all in Black and have those special green light, where the soldiers can not see them…

          247. Michael Dennewitz says

            Right now we only need one excellently trained sniper, and we need him at the monument where the tunnel is that Ovomit would be sneaking thru.. :-))

          248. Btty says


          249. Dawn says

            Agree 100%…..

          250. David Egg Philbeck says

            im with you Labrat & George.. I’m with both you guys and believe me with my USMC training i will do whatever necessary to protect and serve this country that i love with all my heart,. I’m sick to death of hearing that the USA is becoming a 3rd world country.. It pisses me off to hear that and to have to listen to the buffoons and ignorant scuz bags in Washington and of course the liars and all the journalist who would do anything to see their names in the new papers.. they too will stand before the Lord thy God and give an account. News talk nowadays is nothing more than about how our country is a loser country.. these government turds will all stand before God Almighty and give an account as to why they let this country fall upon evil hands. and this is precisely what has happened. i read my bible daily and when the Lord saw that kings of countries were not serving the people, let me reiterate this.. when the government officials did not serve the people in accordance to the word of God then He (God) allowed the enemy to step in and take over , only because the kings and or Leaders did not obey the word of God ..You see this is what is happening today. The leaders have forgotten the Lord God and have allowed the enemy of our great country to come in and destroy what is rightfully the peoples of this great nation. They , The government are here to protect and to serve.. they are not here to steal the money of the people and to take liberties which is what they think they can freely do..It’s always been you scratch my back and i will scratch your back in politics. and so in doing this the lord God has been put aside and left out of the equation with any decision making. there was a time when prayer was part of Congress. not anymore of course. that was a time when this great country was very prosperous and there was no such thing as a deficit. but since our Lord has been left out of everything well, whats God to do but to step back and leave the officials to their own devices and that is why we will fall as the greatest nation on the face of the earth.,. the 12 O clock hour is at hand and the midnight call is about to happen. which way will you go people. I’m sure that most of you will laugh at me for what i am saying but all i can do is to get down on my knees and pray every night and ask God for Mercy for our country and for the bad leadership that has taken place over the last 6.5 years.. May God have mercy on this great country. There is still hope left. but not for long. we have to make a decision as to what we are going do. which way will you turn people .no matter what you say or think we are all gonna stand in front of God and each one of us will give account for every word spoken and every thought and every deed. and that goes for Obama and the people who are dishonest in government and the people who have made bad decisions because of money and because they are selfish, greedy and just dont give a damn about the people of our country.. if you think you are not gong to give an account then you are only deceiving your self and you will face God anyhow .. But it’s better to be prepared and to ask God for forgiveness for what you have done if you are in any capacity of government..

          251. labrat says

            Hi Dave,
            You are absolutely right……God gets and will have the right answer. Back in 2009 I was in a very bad motor vehicle wreck. I was in a medically induced coma for two weeks. While there I talked with my guardian Angels. Which people can believe or not I don’t care. I was sent back to complete my journey. Some of the sadness (other than being disabled) is what the traitors in the Wh, Department of Justice, State Department, IRS and all the alphabet agencies are doing to our once great country. All the idiots in Hollyweird that are liberals, the people that support the Communist, Marxist, and progressive ideologies should go fight pur enemies on the front lines wherever they may be. Take away their armed security details anf their millions of illegal money and see if they stop talking out the side of their mouths!! The Democrats need to be gone along with the Rino’s. It’s sad that our military, both past and present, are treated so horribly. The list just goes on and on. I sincerely hope the we the people take our country back and put God back in her. I’m not afraid to go meet my maker so bring it on………So, in retrospect, our children, our grandchildren are going to bust their azz’s to try to fix this nation. I pray every day for this to happen Dave. And thank you for your service.

          252. Michael Dennewitz says

            Labrat… It’s an experience, isn’t it? In 2001, while doing a lamination job, I went down! I died twice on the way and twice more after arriving at the hospital. I was immediately plugged into the wall for total life support and 4 surgeons proceeded to do a quadruple bypass on me. The also replaced my mytral valve with a mechanical one provided by St Jude. I was in a coma for 5 weeks. During the last week, the head surgeon told my sister in law that if I didn’t come out of it by Friday coming, they had to “unplug” me, based on the fact that I supposedly only had a 2% chance for survival. The following Thursday night, my sister in law came to my bedside with tears in her eyes and bent to kiss my forehead. One of her tears fell on my left eye and it opened. Moments later the other eye opened and when I looked up, all I saw were 4 surgeons and several nurses, all with tears in their eyes. And the head surgeon, Dr Thompson said, “You weren’t supposed to make it – you only had a 2% chance!” I had tubes running everywhere and couldn’t even talk, but yes, I saw many things while in that coma, but no one would believe me. I know that feeling!!

          253. labrat says

            Hi Michael,
            So glad you survived. And in the fact that you saw, I will say someone from Heaven, that that in itself should cement your faith in our Heavenly father. I’ve always had an inate faith as we were brought going to church every Sunday. Some people will try to tell you that was indocrination and maybe they are partly right. But after my experience the whole world can go to hell in a hand basket and it will never shakr my belief in God. In todays world it is pretty sad we have these radical Muslims that think they are doing what, in my opinion, some animal of a person (Mohammad) wants his people to do. God does not want us to go around killing people for any reason let alone because they don’t believe in the things the way that they do. I will stand and fight if forced into it for my Christian beliefs. Our great country has fallen partly because we have taken God out of so many areas of our lives.
            I hope your life Michael is filled with happiness. Be as active as possible. I still try to do that. I am going to try to start riding my motorcycle when the weather turns warm again. I’m fairly mechanical minded so I am always working on my Harley or my Mustang.
            It’s a pain to always have to be on some of my meds but they get me through the day. One still has to take care of everyday goings on. We got 9 inches os snow yesterday and it had to be moved. I have a snowblower that is self-propelled. When my wife and I were done I was in a lot of pain and knew I was going to pay for it the following day. But that’s life and I have Jesus with me and everything will be OK.
            As you have gone through the same things I have, I know you will do OK. Been nice meeting someone who know what I am talking about. Enjoy the day.


          254. gingergirl says

            I would believe you. . . . I “saw” through my mother’s eyes as she was passing – 12 days of unbelievable descriptions and goings on of/from the other side. My mom gave me so much when she was living, but even more as she lay dying.
            Bless you.

          255. James Maxwell says

            To dammed old to run but can still remember what I was taught and how to take
            out the enemy if push come to shove. At my age I don’t run to well except
            forward towards the sounds of men and women defending freedom against
            all enemies both foreign and domestic. In this case against the corruption
            that has festered in Washington DC.

          256. Dawn says

            Perfect !!!

          257. Btty says

            I’m a pretty good shot myself and not afraid to die so if it happens I hope I’m right next to you! One things for sure I won’t go down without a fight! I won’t be lead to my death like a sheep to slaughter.

          258. Barrustio says

            damn ….sounds like most folks in here would make a pretty good team. I’ve lived a full life so if I have to go down, it might as well be for a good cause…one thing sure…I’ll be taking some with me.

          259. David Egg Philbeck says

            ditto my friend. i like that. well said..

          260. Btty says

            None of us will be going it alone. It’s a promise.

          261. taliesin319 says

            Same here.

          262. gunnerv1 says

            There’s going to be a lot of us having their “6”.

          263. fsa0033 says

            I can’t fly anymore but I can pull a trigger. Unfortunately there are millions of illegals swarming around us that are becoming our neighbors. Our pretender-in-chief is letting illegals garnish home and favor here. We still have officers in prison for questioning the authority of this pretender. They held their oaths to heart and will remain in prison when this pretender leaves office. I feel for them for they are true officers. Officers that know when a president seals records from scrutiny there’s dubious actions afoot. Saying he’s a weasel degrades the animal.

          264. Ghost Rider says

            Hopefully we’ll have a LEGAL election and get that POS out of OUR White House before he does any more damage. Also hope and pray the AMERICAN President will pardon the officers and put them back in the military. I really can’t see our military turning their backs on the American people because the Muslim in charge tells them to do it. They have the RIGHT and LEGAL obligation to REFUSE to obey an ILLEGAL order–such as killing American citizens.

          265. Ghost Rider says

            George, like you I am old BUT not to old that I can’t fire a gun accurately. I can’t run and carry a full pack like I used to but I can still hide and become a sniper. Part of the oath said ” I will willingly die for my country”. I didn’t say that and the Drill Sgt got in my face and asked me “You’re not man enough to die for your country”? My reply was very simple and I believe it to this day. “IF I die for my country then it’s all over. I WILL fight for my country but I will fight to LIVE. If I’m alive I can fight and if the enemy wants to die for his country then I’ll do my best to make sure it’s HIM that dies and not ME.”

          266. George Purdy says

            Yep! I can do more alive than dead and dying when unnecessary is well, unnecessary and a waste of great training and a waste of a good body as we used to call it.
            Use all the resources at our disposal to win the next civil war about to hit this nation and then the next idiot crusade of islam on the world as if we need another dark ages for another god!

          267. GI Joe says

            Brother, you will have a LOT of company, if the need arises!

          268. Dawn says

            Obama has no say about the Military…Only the Department of Defense Military are responsible…Obama has never been to any war in his life nor did any of his family…His Kenya Muslim family are a bunch of cowards….Do not believe what Obama says and turn your backs on him….

          269. nate forrest says

            I really do not think that 800,000 LEO’s will turn on our citizenry. The vast majority will honor their Oath and the Constitution. Do not sell them short…..

          270. Wayne Thorson says

            You better call your head shrinker because you are nuts

          271. George Purdy says

            No, YOU SIR have already given up! You haven’t been in touch with active anything in recent years have you and seen the hate when their CICs name is spoken, have you?
            Please stand aside and do as a liberal will and wait for those with the backbone and fortitude do the job the same way moderate muslims do then, claim the fame!

          272. nate forrest says

            George – there will be more military and LEO’s standing with our citizenry that you may know if it comes to that.

          273. George Purdy says

            You do not know me!!! I have been saying that for years!
            I AM an OATH KEEPER and have seen the “in barracks survey” from 2009 that says what you just mentioned! I have talked with active members from officers to privates and they say the same thing and get told this in basic about constitutional law and following illegal orders which are set down so the troops KNOW those orders! They will NOT folloow illegal orders! HeIS a dead man by the military if he does order anything like that!

            IF any of our Military DO follow the clowns orders or any of his followers they WILL die like Russian troops did! But those who refuse will desert, take what they can with them and stand with their parents, wives, husbands and children and neighbors that do anything against the constitution!

            I expect a military coup before long the way the idiot is gutting the military and putting in pathetic military “YES” men.

            The LEOs, except for those with the god syndrome flowing through their yellow bellies will also suffer the fate of those who follow the idiots orders as We the People outnumber both the military but the LEOs AND the pathetic 49,000 blue helmets of the UN!

            Remember the known number of LEGAL and REGISTERED gun owners in America out number ALL of the military, LEO and UN and that does NOT include the ones in the UNREGISTERED states!

            They are out numbered with the new number of 17% registered gun owners of 54,631,674 civilians to 3,049,000 military all branches, and it does NOT matter if they are better armned as many NG and active WILL raid their bases and NG units for the equipment they were trained on and retake America!

            We CAN thank democrats for the rise in weapons sales and us stock piling to so as the goat herders and cave dwellers did to the USSR and sent a better equipped army back home with their tails between their splits we WILL do the same!

            I think the DNC needs to craw back into their holes and take their leadership with them then we can fix those who put them in control as they are pretty blind to how they (communists/socialists) really treat their citizens over their paper book studies as nothing looks as good in real like the crap drawn on paper! They have been blind to what has happened to Venesulazia and their forced to be socialist, which the world can see does NOT work!

            Obozo? DNC? Bring it on so we can put you all in the hole you need to live in so we can put America back where it should be!

            Leading the world!

            Now islame is another problem! Just the color of the skin tells you who the next target will be as they want to kill you because you don’t bow to another sky fairy enough!! Better wake up America as the world is going nuts and the liberals and religious fruitcakes are trying their best!

            Lets NOT forget DNC, we who served did NOT forget our training so you have that little problem when your dear leader strikes!

            We THE PEOPLE are waiting for you to get froggy so we can remove a plight from America!

          274. nate forrest says

            George…. Did I miss the boat or what? I AM ON YOUR SIDE…. I am an active deputy sheriff of 41 years service and an Oathkeeper as well. If I came across as antagonistic or snide I do apologize…. I agree with what you have said.

          275. George Purdy says

            OH I Understand! Not mad at all Nate! Now if I WAS upset, then You WOULD know it! Old Army and raised a Navy Brat! LOL!
            That was info for the uninformed who think we are doomed! AND I have LOMS but nothing too serious!
            It’s a fact checker for those doubting Thomas’s out there or those halfbreed cock nibblers. The numbers were verified when I posted.
            I LOVE the fact that the FBI has actually no idea of what the actual percentage of Americans that own is because of the massive DNC unintelligent or usual libtards help to boost gun sales and still that nagging problem of those states that didn’t even have a registration so those are a WAG! 17% was being tossed around but they are playing catchup with those figures and I hope or know they will be a bit low on the guess!
            But I’ll really love it when the clown orders and there is no one to answer the order!
            I can’t wait for the Old Guard or the Guys at Eighth and I to do their duty, go in and do what they do best! Remove trash from American properity! OR protect the Constitution and The People of America!

          276. Linda Heiser Bechler says

            Did you see that he wants to outlaw AR-15 ammo? What does that tell you. He is afraid that we are getting fed up! But he will quickly put the illegals in his citizen’s Army and declare martial law. He talked about his sophisticated “Cizen’s Army” when he was campaigning. That was very telling to me. He is not planning on leaving the WH…you can bet on that. Barry will have “crisis ” as an excuse. I suppose I will go on an “enemies list because of my comments. It is getting very, very scary. But he has no idea what he is up against. Americans are amazing folks when they finally get enough! Unfortunately he needs civil unrest to fulfill his plan. He has follow his Alinsky playbook to the T.

          277. George Purdy says

            Moron can outlaw all he wants but the existing supply of civilians ammo is not being used in any wars so we are not depleting our supplies except for the monthly practice rounds.
            We will resupply when we overrun military bases and NG units OR any squad sized units as we will be doing the same the ones we are fighting in the ME are doing only better as many of us used to do that same job those the clown sends will as most of those will be on our side anyway as they are not going to fire on their families and friends as the clown thinks they will!
            Obozo forgets that the call to a socialist life is not that strong in those who worked for where they are now in their lives!

          278. danny kimbrel says

            I for one, will use my god given ability to lay down fire on every low life enemy of freedom and when my ammo runs out i will pick up my enemies weapon and continue my good work !!!

          279. Proudvietvet58 says

            George, I borrowed your comment in my comment above. I trust that is okay with you Sir. You are 100% spot on Sir!

        3. Carol Chadbourne says

          OR JOHN McCain… vnw

          1. UnailanableRights says

            McRinoMcCain couldn’t be bothered to help the Vets see the Wall and the WWII Memorial when Obama closed them. Michel Bachman, I believe went to help them.

          2. Carol Chadbourne says

            I was referring to his being a traitor, ala Kerry, in the VNW…..He was NOT suppose to ‘get’ re-elected in ’14….some fraud there and I believe it came from the gop overfunding his camp….our donations, of course. So, after 2 yrs. of ‘supporting’ the repubs., they have seen the last of my help…bunch of crooks.

          3. Keith Brockmiller says

            Since 2012, every request I get for donations goes back, with, “you won’t get another cent from me, until you grow a spine and stand up to Obama. And start backing tea party candidates.”

          4. gmhunt4 says

            Until they fire Boehnor

          5. Keith Brockmiller says

            Right. My point won’t happen until he is gone.

          6. Terry Rushing says

            You’ve found the key; always follow the money. It seems that the Republican Party wants a never ending supply of supporter money (and our vote at the right time) but otherwise it seems to be, “Go away boy, you bother me.”

          7. Grandpa says

            You got that right >> Look how fast the NEWBIES sold out on replacing BOEHNER >> And they want the WHITEHOUSE >> QUESTION >> WHAT WILL 2 YEARS OF SO CALLED REPUBLICANS GIVE US ??? SO FAR WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT on ALL their PROMISES SO FAR >> NOW IN OFFICE THE PEOPLE DON’T COUNT as they sure as HELL have shown that already

          8. 23cowboy says

            Amen brother, I will sign support petions, but refuse to gove until I see my kind of action…..

          9. Grandpa says

            Boehner and HIS PLEDGE to AMERICA to get elected was dishonored by this LAP DOG , RINO >>. Another republican without a SPINE to fight for OUR COUNTRY >> Now he wants us to support millions of ILEGALLS and we can’t care for our own >> Please note they get BETTER and MORE CARE then OUIR VETS

          10. Jarhead says

            What a stink the illegals and the POS POTUS would raise if the free health care they received was as bad, slow & incompetent as what the VA provides our disabled vets. Something to think about.

          11. Grandpa says

            those who lives we protected every day we were in the service of this country deserve BETTER >> BETTER healthcare , Pensions OURS CUT so CONGRESS can keep their 174,000.00 dollar Pensions >> WHY was their 174,000.00 dollar pension not CUT ?? when they can draw it after one term >.Or the millions the presidents gets , or the federal workers gets >.And we must put 20 plus years in to get a PENSION >> And wait months for healthcare >. Then pass obamacare that has raised our preimiun and screwed the people over >>> WE NEED BETTER LEADERSHIP

          12. Dawn says

            That is one of the reasons, that I refuse to buy Obamacare…I would not doing anything for that Twerp and will turn my back on him….

          13. Dennis says

            Thy don’t deserve to get health care as good as us vets get! Ours should be top shelf and then all others falling beneath THAT level!!!

          14. Barrustio says

            The POTUS is too busy providing sex changes for men in prison (covered under Obamacare) to take care of our veterans.

          15. Robert Bolino says

            That’s what I do too! Almost word for word. But I add I don’t want a RINO to get one penny of my hard earned money So If it doesn’t say TEA Party It doesn’t get any of my leftover money!

          16. 1American1st says

            I’ve sent them back & answered their calls with, “NO DONATIONS until you stop Illegal Immigration aka Amnesty and enforce our laws!

          17. Grandpa says

            They DON’T listen once in office >> Do what the GOOD OLD BOYS TELL THEM or they will loss their CUSHY JOB >>. Look how fast the NEWBIES SOLD US OUT ON BOEHNER >> Dishonored his pledge to America and has bent over every time his master specks LAP DOG and RINO to booth

          18. Billy says

            GREAT ! I am doing the very same thing Keith. I will not give any of them one more penny. I think this is the only way to get their attention. AND, we must stop re-electing these RINO’s. If they fail to do what they say they will do, they must go.

          19. Dawn says

            Screw you….

          20. Keith Brockmiller says

            So, your a RINO, or a liberal. Most people will say “screw you, here’s why” But since you don’t qualify that with any reason, your not qualified…Or reasonable. Otherwise, no thanks, I’m happily married.

      2. RobertScruggs says

        George; You forgot to name several others that should not be forgotten, right along with Hillary.

        1. George Cahonna says

          No Robert …Somewhere on this forum I made a short list .. Enemies of America. But it made me stop & realize America really needs an political anemia.

          1. Keith Brockmiller says


      3. al.k says

        While I am in agreement with you, I almost went to Vietnam myself, the one thing I do want to mention to you folks is the fact that these wars were not to fight communism, they were fought to fund it, Sen. Joseph McCarthy exposed 205 communists in the government in the 50’s, they put him in a mental facility, drugged him, threw him out a fifth story window in the middle of the night, no autopsy, no question of how he got out the window, called it a suicide, case closed, there are 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati, every president is one of them, Eisenhower put people in Nam in 1954, JFK got accused of starting it, he was going to get us out and get rid of the Fed Reserve Rothschild bank, so they killed him, same as RFK, he told LBJ to get us out or he would, they killed him too, the Bushes are all criminals, now we got a communist Islamic sodomite illegal selling us down the tube, look at Al sodomite sharpmouth, another communist, george soros, the sodomite in chiefs dad, spent 33 million on instigating the riots in Ferguson, Mo. look up
        760326817347344 this is 8 minutes well worth your time if it’s still available !

        1. George Cahonna says

          Walkin some dangerous ground there Al….And I’m not going to argue with you either…..Most of here know the real truth….

        2. Rattlerjake says

          And the biggest is how these zionists funded Hitler and created the holocaust (claiming it was only Jews), to establish Israel and draw us into WWII. Until we physically take this government down and purge this nation of these scum we will continue on the road to destruction.

          1. Albert Nygren says

            No Zionists funded Hitler to bring about the Holocaust. But it was Saddam Husain’s uncle who went to visit Hitler after he read Mein Kampf and made an agreement with Hitler to not fight against Hitler if Hitler would put him in charge of the entire Middle East after Germany one the war. Hitler agreed so Saddam’s uncle returned to Iraq and started the Bath Party which was modeled on the Nazi Party.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid, but you opened your mouth and removed all doubt!

          3. Albert Nygren says

            That goes both ways. Rattlerjake.

          4. Rboo says

            Zionists are Jews or people that believed the Jews should be able to return to their nation. So why would any Zionist fund Hitler?

          5. Rattlerjake says

            You’re wrong! Zionists are NOT the “common” Hebrew people. The Zionists are the elitist Jews who run the entire banking and financial system worldwide they are the ones who have created all of the debt based economies, including the US when they “forced” our puppet government to establish the federal reserve and IRS. JFK was assassinated because he was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve, which is a private NOT GOVERNMENT bank, and was going to get us out of Vietnam. Wars are a cash cow for these people because EVERY country that is involved borrows money to fund their involvement. Too many people, especially Christians, do NOT understand the difference between Zionists and the common Hebrew people. The holocaust is nothing but a propaganda machine that was created and used to induce the belief the need of the Jewish state of Israel that did not exist previously in history (1947). The people who died in the “death camps” were not gassed they died of malnutrition as the result of disease caused from the deplorable conditions, it is the reason that all of the bodies that you see in the photos are ‘skin and bones’. The people in those camps consisted of ANYONE who was a threat to the Nazi regime, not just Jews. It has been PROVEN through evidence that the ‘gas’ chambers and incinerators could NOT have handled millions of people even if they were running 24/7/365. The gas chambers were for decontaminating the clothing and bedding to reduce the spread of disease, and incinerators were for burning the same. Christians have been sold a bill of goods and believe it hook line and sinker. By the way, I am a Christian of Jewish descent on my mother’s side. Watch these two videos (with an open mind) and think about what is shown – [ and ever wonder where the “six million Jews” story line came from?

            Don’t you find it interesting that the Hebrew people and Muslims got along before the formation of Israel? The entire southern Mediterranean coast was a mixture of both peoples and they had NOT major conflict. Only after the formation of Israel has the entire region erupted into constant conflict.

          6. Rboo says

            You have got to be the biggest idiot I have encountered on this site so far. Out of all the idiotic, ridiculous crap. I’ve heard of people like you but I have fortunately never come across one of you before. Denying what the Nazi’s did and not just to the Jews, but also to Polish people, Mental & physical handicapped, Gypsies all the evidence and eyewitnesses of the Holocaust. Old people and children were killed. You should be ashamed. I do know what a Zionist is, just what I told you. You may be of Christian and Jewish descent, but you certainly do not practice your Christian teachings. I am glad that I do not have to ever hear from you again.

          7. Rattlerjake says

            Your brainwashing or lobotomy has been a true success. “when a lie is told long enough it replaces the truth”. I take my religious views seriously enough that I don’t just accept lies when the facts speak otherwise. It’s obvious that you didn’t watch a single video I provided, or you turned them on and didn’t pay any attention; there are hundreds more that tell the same TRUTH. Jim Jones lead hundreds to mass suicide because they accepted what he told them, just as you have accepted EXACTLY what government has told you. I’m sure you still believe that the civil war was fought over slavery, that 911 was perpetrated by 19 goat herders, that Sandy Hook really happened, that JFK was shot by one man with a bolt action rifle with open sights, and you believe Ovomit is an American. Good day.

          8. Rboo says

            No I didn’t watch your videos. I have no reason to watch videos of some paranoid delusionist. I don’t believe crap the government tells me. 911 happen by a well organized terrorist group. I would talk to the parents that buried their children before I ever said something like that. Obama is a muslim and a disgrace to this country. I am not stupid nor weak. You have attacked me over telling you the correct definition of Zionist. I am a Christian and I know what the definition is and that’s why I called you stupid. Trying to use the word Zionist in one of your conspiracy theories.

          9. Rattlerjake says

            You prove your ignorance by being unwilling to watch the videos and see the truth. I NEVER said that the holocaust didn’t happen, but that the story that has been force fed to you not as it happened. Believe as you wish.

          10. Rboo says

            Just because I don’t want to watch your videos doesn’t mean I’m ignorant. Why don’t you tell everyone else on this site what you did tell me about the holocaust? See how many of them watch your videos and if they do, what they have to say about them. Nobody force fed to me anything, I saw the history of the camps as told by the survivors and films made by the Germans with the mass graves. I will not listen to some nut try and disrespect the memory of all the people killed. There are a bunch of other people on this site you can discuss this with, leave me at peace. You are one of those people that wants everyone to believe everything you believe and that’s not how it works. It has been a week do you not have anything better to do.

          11. Rattlerjake says

            Again your ignorance is showing again – I NEVER said that the holocaust didn’t happen, those are your words not mine. It is you that insists on regurgitating the same old story just as the left wants you to. Go back and sit on Ovomits lap, he misses his boy!

          12. Rboo says

            I’m a Conservative and a woman, you idiot. I’ve already told you that. I don’t insists on repeating the same story, you are the one who won’t leave me alone. Get a life.

          13. 1American1st says

            Rattlesnake –

            If you leave this site, don’t let your keyboard hit you in the azz. Give obama a big hug when you see him…

          14. Rattlerjake says

            It’s interesting how when challenged with facts and substantiated evidence you find it easier to avoid the discussion. You can’t make an informed decision if you only look at one side of the story.

          15. Rattlerjake says

            It is you who needs a history lesson. We already had troops in Vietnam in 1959. Well before Johnson became President (by default). Kennedy was against escalating it to a war.

            1962 – Operation Chopper: America’s first combat missions against the Vietcong. Operation Ranchhand: Objective to clear vegetation making it difficult for the Vietcong to ambush. US Military then Employs Agent Orange to expose roads and trails used by Vietcong forces.

            You are like so many libturds who talk about subjects you obviously have NO understanding or knowledge of! And the people who agree with you are no different. Getting your “facts” from wikipedia or snopes or a public textbook is like getting financial advice from a scam artist, it requires researching deeper. When facts come out, that refute the governments lies, through documents gained through the freedom of information act, the government immediately discredits them by calling them conspiracies, and people like you fall for it, hook, line, and sinker! You cannot get rid of tyranny if you don’t know who your enemy is!

          16. 1American1st says

            snake –

            Those were not combat operations. Combat troops were authorized after we were attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin under Prez Johnson.

          17. Rattlerjake says

            Obviously you can’t read either! 1962 – Operation Chopper: America’s first combat missions against the Vietcong. You are so mindless.

          18. Rattlerjake says

            I NEVER denied that the holocaust happened, I pointed out that how it happened is a lie. You can’t understand the difference. I’m done with you.

          19. Rboo says


          20. Destry says

            I guess the rantings of any nut that can type is allowed to be posted. It’s the kind of thing we’re supposed to acknowledge as the right to free speech no matter how far off the wall they’ve fallen. I’ve run into some other nuts periodically on various forums run by disqus, John Lasher and Denise the Celt have expressed similar anti-Semitic opinions. Before anyone spew the nonsense about Arabs and Palestinians being Semitic also, it is widely accepted and definitive that anti-Semitism is hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.

          21. Rboo says

            You’re right. This nut followed me for about 5 days and just when I finally thought he was gone, without any comment made by me, after 6 days he made another comment to me. But I do believe a large number of Arabs and Palestinians are anti-Semitic.

          22. proudtexan62 says

            You really need to get your facts straight! The State of Israel was established in 1948 but the country of Israel was founded four centuries earlier by Joshua. If you deny the eradication of the Jew by the Nazis, the only explanation can be that you are a Nazi and refuse to believe what your barbaric people did. It did happen and just because you say it didn’t doesn’t make it so. Not only the German Jews but the Polish Jews were those who were lost and there are still families here who can confirm it all. You are trying to rewrite history for some reason and you are certainly not being taken seriously for any of it. 9/11 was perpetrated by an barbaric Islamic terrorist who planned the whole thing and sent 19 of his finest over here to learn to be pilots so they could carry out his evil plan and, for the most part, they did. By the way nobody believes JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald so your declaration of that stands. Everybody know Obama is not an American so your news flash on that is wasted! You simply refuse to accept the truth where we know it and you theorize what happened when you don’t. You shouldn’t call anyone stupid because you have presented facts here that are absolutely not true. Why do you think those people followed Jim Jones to Guyana? Because they were religious fanatics who believed what he taught them and would have followed him off a cliff if he had asked them to. Instead he asked them to drink poison and that is exactly what they did. No man should ever have that kind of power over any people but he is not alone. There have been many more like him.

          23. Rattlerjake says

            The country was established in 1947 and they gained their independence in 1948. And secondly their was never a “country of Israel” prior to that time, but the were ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and was home to Jews, Christians, muslims, and Druze. It’s nice to know your history!

          24. 1American1st says

            snake –

            You are just mincing words. “country of Isreal”…”kingdom of Isreal”…

          25. Peter Sherman says

            the only rational answer to your comment that the “zionists funded Hitler” is that the germans stole HUGE amounts of cash, life insurance policies, artwork, real estate etc. etc. so, in a mixed up world… yes, i guess the jews did fund the holocaust… but only because they were robbed (and then killed)… not because the did so willingly. or, you were being satirical… in which case i change my answer to ‘very clever’.

        3. Michael Dennewitz says

          Take your meds Al and calm down!!

          1. al.k says

            I’m not on meds, thank you, I am not all fired up, just explaining a few facts that most wouldn’t even believe or had never heard of.

        4. Ronald Homan says

          I was one of 5 Marine aviation maintenance guys sent to Indo China in 1954 along with the Corsair aircraft the U.S. gave the French. To equate us as the same type of military assistants JFK sent is a stretch to far.

          1. Billy says

            Ronald Homan – – – you evidentally are not aware but the first, small group of 8 or 10 advisors were sent there in 54 as well.

          2. TN Toad says

            Advisors not troops.

          3. Dennis says

            My history book classified the men sent to Nam before 1960 as “advisors”. Not sure who they advised and how but nowadays it usually means SpecOps warriors training on how to kill more efficiently and with modern weaponry supplied by US.

        5. 1American1st says

          al.k –

          You need a reality check & stop reading Liberal propaganda.

          Dem Prez Johnson sent the first combat troops to Vietnam. Then he sent hundreds of thousands more, killing 55,000 of them.

          1. al.k says

            Amazing how facts get twisted, JFK wanted to get us out of Nam, The big phony run in Nam as soon as LBJ got in, we know how many got killed but does anyone ever mention about all the wounded of that undeclared war? LBJ had to get RFK out so he could continue the war, the CIA also had a big drug deal going on in SE Asia and JFK was about to scuttle it, remember the 2% tax LBJ put on everything to fund it?
            Didn’t want to put Lady Birds construction firm out of business!

          2. dasco says

            FYI: LBJ was NOT the first Americano to send 20, 000 “troops-labeled-ADVISORS” into Vietnam! This was done by an Elephant, (LONG before LBJ’s days in power).
            Still think that LBJ had something to do w/JFK’s assassination too. Hmm, yes I do!

        6. proudtexan62 says

          Al k: you really need to get a grip. Eisenhower did not put people in Viet Nam in 1954 except a few as advisors to take over for the French. JFK was never accused of starting the war and the Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank was not responsible for his death. The cause of his death is really not known but there are many more plausible reasons that this, The Bay of Pigs likely. LBJ died of heart failure four years after he left office. He was not killed. The Bush family ARE NOT criminals but you got one right, we do have an Islamic terrorist illegally occupying our White House and Oval Office. He is simply a puppet but he is a very dangerous one because he is not just supportive of terrorism, he is one. The scandals in his administration are almost too numerous to list anymore and it will not get better until we remove or force him to resign.

          1. Billy says

            proudtexan62 – – – You would do well to listen to al.k. He is correct.
            SGT. USMC Vietnam Vet. 65-66 and proud Texan 68

        7. Dennis says

          That’s a lot of sodomites there. Any chance that one or two might be female and somewhat attractive?

        8. TN Toad says

          Ike sent advisors, Kennedy sent troops. They made fun of Nixon because he supported McCarthy.

      4. Jean says

        There is a CURRENT President that should be in that GROUP!!

      5. davidsunkle says

        I TOTALLY AGREE. 2000 %.

      6. Btty says

        Killary is nothing but a murderer. How could anyone in their right mind vote for her? How can that -itch look in the mirror knowing 4 Americans died begging her to help them? She should be on trial for their murder and she should be skinned to death like any animal!

      7. lenati says

        You got it we will never forget Benghazi or all the other atrocities the Muslims have been doing for years. Thank you for your service to our BELOVED AMERICA> My husband is one of your Bothers he was a Corpsman with two tours in Nam.

      8. mrmsjb12 says

        what difference does it make

    2. James Michael Lukes says

      I agree with you, brother Ernest. Thank-You for sharing your feelings. OOORRRAAAHHHUSMC!!!

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        Thank you, Semper Fi, my brother Charlie was a Marine there also, he died from Cancer related to Agent Orange 8 years ago

        1. Btty says

          I’m very sorry to hear that Ernest. My deep condolences to you and your family.

    3. Rattlerjake says

      What is never mentioned is that if this bitch was so sorry for what she did then why hasn’t she EVER formally apologized, or devoted part of her life to helping veterans. Instead she remains a traitor by continually supporting the most socialist and illegal representatives in government. Shooting her would be to nice, she should be drawn and quartered, SLOWLY!

      1. Arizona Don says

        You’re right Jake!!!!!

      2. Green Eyed Lady says

        Yes, she seems tone so arrogant that an apology would not be on her thought list.

        Just another selfish Hollywood brat !!

        1. Laurence Almand says

          Read the good book HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES available from

      3. Paula says

        I will never watch her on TV, but I will read something about her… it seems this self serving communist 1%’re has both denied she did anything wrong and said she was wrong…. probably depends on what she’s selling at the time, like one of her movies.

        She is 77 years old, she has lived a privileged life…and nothing about her is real. She is so typical Hollywood liberal that it’s damn disgusting!

      4. jim scofield says

        She should have been kept in the Hanoi Hilton and found out
        what real torture is.

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          Their relationship was never the same…they did however film “On Golden Pond”, which I believe was basted with politics.

        2. Terry Rushing says

          I’m told that he loved her to the end of his life but that speaks well of him as a man. I always thought that she disgraced his name by her actions.

          1. al.k says

            Most people do love their kids even if they don’t approve of their actions.

        3. pappadave says

          Unfortunately, Henry Fonda was ALSO a far-left loony toon, regardless of what he may have done during WW II. You might notice that Hollyweird didn’t want us IN the War in Europe until AFTER Hitler went after the USSR…then they couldn’t wait to get us into it.

      5. Barbaracvm says

        A few years back she took much the same stand against the soldiers in Iraq. That does not have a tone of ‘sorry’ to me.

      6. RobertScruggs says

        How Right You Are. There should be no statute of limitations on Treason.

      7. Michael Lee Pemberton says

        The Viet-Nam War (VNW) was a long time ago and Jane Fonda is sorry; i.e. – recently has stated that “It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.” She is referring only to the infamous Viet-Nam photograph wherein “(s)he posed for the now-notorious photo, sitting on an anti-aircraft battery and wearing a (North Vietnamese) helmet.” [The Huffington Post | Posted: 01/19/2015 2:51 pm EST By Lauren Duca]
        It is high time we forgave her. NOT !!! PSYCH !!!

        Who the hell does she think was carrying out those government policies, engaging the enemy in combat and lobbing explosives into their hidey holes?? Despite mountains of irrefutable evidence to the contrary, she believes that the military induction process fundamentally alters an individual and creates an automaton. If that were true, it doesn’t explain fratricides like Nidal Malik Hasan, Hasan Karim Akbar or Nasser Jason Abdo. Blindly following orders, especially immoral orders, is not a characteristic of American military personnel who are not Moslems.

        It is difficult enough these days to get service members to carry out legal and moral orders, and they certainly draw the line at actions that could put them in front of a firing squad or their neck in a noose. Sergeant Snorkel has been forbidden for years now to give Private Beetle Bailey an attitude adjustment, even where thoroughly warranted, earned and deserved. If I had access to Hanoi Jane back then, she would have come away in worse shape than Pvt. Bailey after a counseling session. Little Hanoi Jane didn’t stop bringing her celebrity status to anti-war rallies after Viet-Nam either. She protested the involvement in Cambodia, Lebanon, Iran, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia and Iraq, if memory serves.

        Remember, there are two types of veterans from the Viet-Nam War; (1) Viet-Nam veterans and (2) Viet-Nam Era veterans. If the answer to the question of “Where did you serve during Viet-Nam?” is Da Nang, RVN, or similar then you are the former. If it is something like Oklahoma Air National Guard at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you are the latter. Viet-Nam Era veterans were subject to assignment to duty in Viet-Nam, but Viet-Nam veterans had feet in the boots, boots on the ground, sand in the boots, and were exposed to enemy fire whether while in a foxhole, an aircraft, or a ship off the coast. Many Generals are only Viet-Nam Era veterans and many enlisted personnel serving as cooks or supply clerks are Viet-Nam veterans. I am in the latter category.

        I was stationed at Cam Rahn Bay when Hanoi Jane pulled her adolescent stunt. She has never stated that she was wrong or that her actions gave aid and comfort to the enemy. NVA General Giap lauded her contribution to his cause in his memoirs, along with recognizing the assistance of American liberals and protest demonstrations by American college students. Then there are people who point to their record of service, but are not any more forthcoming with details than Barry Soetoro is about his birth certificate, people like politician Ron Paul.

        “Paul earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Duke University’s School of Medicine in 1961, and completed his medical internship at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh. Paul served as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force from 1963 to 1965 and then in the United States Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968.” So this obstetrics and gynecology specialist/physician was a “flight surgeon” tending to the needs of the aircrews and pilots from 1963 to 1965. How did he do only two years active duty when the minimum enlistment was four, unless he was an inductee and not a volunteer? Since the US Army and USAF had only advisors on the ground before 1965, what use would an obstetrics and gynecology specialist/physician have been? How many confirmed pregnant pilots and aircrew members were being sent into a combat zone? None. His son, Rand Paul, did not even do peacetime service, and yet a dentist would be much more useful in Iraq than an ob/gyn.
        (Did I not mention that I was a tank commander in the Army in 1991 TDY to the PGW? Oops! I have the original certified copies of my certificate of live birth issued by the State of Ohio Department of Vital Statistics, Honorable Discharge certificates from each reenlistment and at retirement, the DD 214’s, and an “I Love Me” book of collected orders, awards, and evaluations. Should I run for public office? Sorry, I’m too poor, honest, and I am not for sale.)
        P.S. – Due to this discussion I did discover that Jane and Ted Turner split up years ago.

        1. Rattlerjake says

          Your comments about Ron Paul are far off base. Flight surgeons are NOT ENLISTED, they are officers, and medical personnel, like Paul can be brought on active duty for temporary duty as needed. R. Paul is a DOCTOR who specializes in gynecology, he could very easily handle the duties involved to be a flight surgeon.

          1. Michael Lee Pemberton says

            I mentioned enlist – ment, not enlist – ed. Yes, he was an officer and held the commissioned officer rank of Captain. However, even officers must have a contract of enlistment establishing terms and conditions.The military cannot just go out and grab any doctor off the street who does not have a service obligation and force a contract on them. Without a service obligation and an enlistment contract, neither Ron Paul nor any other medical personnel can assume a rank and put on the uniform simply because of their medical training and certification.
            Ron Paul could have been recruited under a civilian employment contract to act in a static military medical facility (hospital), but he would have had no military rank or military uniform, just a title and a lab coat. He would not have been part of the flight surgeons team and had flight crew status because he would have technically been a civilian and not subject to the UCMJ. He could not have been forced to deploy overseas or into combat zones.

            Commissioned/non-commissioned/enlisted inductees can have an 18-24 month enlistment because they are press-ganged into service by the selective service system. “Ninety-day wonders” or “shake-and-bake” commissioned officers are common in time of need among highly educated and skilled medical and other specialty personnel. They are taken in, scrubbed down, taught to wear the uniform properly, given basic knowledge of drill and ceremony (marching and saluting), taught to wear big-boy shoes with laces, and encouraged not to drool at the dinner table while eating. Without extensive training or prior experience, they are not qualified to lead a Boy Scout Troop on a nature walk, much less a platoon of grunts or a gaggle of airmen. BTW, medical officers cannot command combat troops.
            By the process of inductive and deductive reasoning we can safely say that a commissioned officer with an active duty enlistment less than the standard four year active duty and four year inactive reserve clauses was inducted and not a volunteer. Because he possessed special training, education and skills useful to the military, he was offered a commission during his term of service; probably 18 months split between two calendar years. His term in the Reserve unit was incidental and probably only assumed to pad his resume and wallet. in 1963-65, less than 10% of Airmen were female, most were clerical, I am unaware of any on flight crew duty during the Cold War era, and doctors were not in short supply in the Air Force. If I am mistaken. Ron Paul has only to produce his contract, DD 214 discharge, and his 2a/2-1 record of service. Seriously now, I wouldn’t go to an ob./gyn. specialist for a chest cold, much less a flight physical.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            Officers do not “enlist.” It is NOT an enlistment!
            Officers receive a commission (that is their contract) and serve, indefinitely, at the ‘pleasure’ of the President and Secretary of Defense. An Officer is normally free
            to resign his commission after 4 to 6 years, depending on how he/she ame into the military.
            And why does Paul need to produce anything, he has retired and is no longer seeking public service?
            CW3 (Ret).

          3. Michael Lee Pemberton says

            WARNING: Some portions of the following response may appear, vulgar, insulting, and condescending.

            Well CW3 (Ret), you sorry SOB jackass, your having a warrant and not a commission recommended by the POTUS and approved by the Senate, makes you the resident expert, so when you tell me that neither Warrant nor Commissioned Officers ever put their John Hancock on a contract and affirm their legal obligation, I am supposed to roll over an scratch my raggedy-assed flea- bitten non-commissioned hide? What was it you signed, a meal card? Were you a glorified MP for the Provost Marshal, BMO/mechanic, a helicopter pilot flying low and slow because you weren’t bright enough to fly high and fast, or maybe just a PA in the aid station examining orifices and passing out profiles for limp-dick junior officers? Well, Mister, your boy Ron only asks an additional $500 USD for an hour of his time at a C4L cocktail party gathering where you would be allowed in the same room with himself and Senator Rand Paul..

            “And why does Paul need to produce anything, he has retired and is no longer seeking public service?” Maybe because he is a politician and 2016 is coming? Maybe because he is castigating people for not serving and concealing the fact that he never served in combat and flight surgeon doesn’t mean he was ever a surgeon. Maybe because it just pisses me off that he wraps himself in the VA flag and yet his kid never served a day. Rand was an MD in 1988 and prime meat for the grinder in 1991, but he was too busy with his residency. Ron and Rand are as fake as JF Kerry, and until I see contradictory proof I will continue to believe that since he didn’t attend the AF Academy or do ROTC in college, that he was a draftee with a talent for staring at women’s crotches. Bootlicker !!! “(y)ou need to see a proctologist, because to are talking out of you asssss!!!!!!!!” while you have your head up Rand Paul’s.

            With all due respect,

            SFC (Ret)

            US Army Armor Corps, M1A1 Abrams Tank Master Gunner

            RVN PGW

          4. Rattlerjake says

            Your show your f-cking ignorance with every comment. When did I say that commissioned and warrant officers don’t sign a contract? ALL I said was, IT IS NOT AN ENLISTMENT, you stupid hard-headed peckerhead; likely the reason you never made it past SFC! And secondly, you don’t have to go to a Ron Paul party or vote for him or listen to him if you don’t believe his service, and all you do is get your info from Wikipedia, it’s obvious that Ovomit is your favorite douchebagggg and McCain is probably your mother! It was better for people to think your are stupid, but you opened your mouth and removed all doubt!

          5. Michael Lee Pemberton says

            Thanks Jake, and you have a nice day too. Actually most of my information on the two Pauls comes from the bios released by Congress. I apologize for my rudeness. I took great exception to the cerebral-anal insertion remark. BTW, I declined Drill Instructor and Recruiter training in preference for the formal Master Gunner Courses, without which the Old Guard doesn’t approve promotion to E-8 in Combat Arms. It also seems to be a bonus if you have had a DUI/DWI while on active duty and you are a “good-ol’-boy” and not a university graduate. A Master Gunner is the lynchpin joining technical, tactical, and training proficiency, and I didn’t have to prevaricate or intimidate anyone as a matter of course for my personal entertainment or aggrandizement. Master Gunners are rated among the top 1% in their career field and are truly professionals. Fewer men have graduated the Master Gunner program than successfully completed the First Sergeant Academy. Again, I sincerely apologize for my lack of tact and for being disrespectful.

          6. Cookie Ret AF says

            Hi SFC (Retired) Pemberton:-) Can’t articulate quite in the fashion you do. You did a good job:-) And by the way…Thanks for your service. Wayne Retired USAF Food Service (Got my 3 daily squares) Take care Sir-)

          7. Terry Rushing says

            Can you hear me clapping? Amen, amen brother!

          8. Destry says

            Why are you such a belligerent SOB?

          9. Rattlerjake says

            Who asked you to butt in? Bad enough dealing with one bonehead…

          10. Destry says

            It’s a public forum, ass-hat… if you can’t take the heat from everyone’s comments, perhaps you ought to find somewhere else to post your interminable idiocy!

          11. Rattlerjake says

            AAWWWWW! Hurt the poor baby’s feelings.

          12. Clay Fitzgerald says

            There’s no emotional involvement here dip-shit, so you can’t hurt my feelings. Now it’s time for you to STFU and crawl back under your rock

        2. Albert Nygren says

          I was a Viet Era vet who served in the Air Force from 1961 to 1965. No I was never shot at in the Military (I was shot at in Milwaukee when I was 16 y/o). I have the utmost respect and pride for any GI that actually fought in Viet Nam. The last 19 months of my enlistment I served near Fairbanks Alaska where the Soviet Union flew their bombers toward every day to test are response time. I did go to volunteer to go to Viet Nam when I was in Alaska and would have had to extend my enlistment for a year to go there so I didn’t finish the process to be transferred there.
          I also can never forgive Jane Fonda for her support of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese, especially when her picture was in the Newspapers sitting on a North Viet Nam (I thought it was a tank). Now she says that she wasn’t against the GIs but against the war. I read later that she was guilty of Treason but that the government thought it would do more harm to the country so they never charged her.
          I hear people say that we never should have been in Viet Nam and that it was a war for US business interests, in particular oil and rubber. Not so! when I was in Alaska I learned that the Cold War was a real war and that Korea and Viet Nam were “hot spots” in that war. I was never really afraid of the Soviet Union until I was stationed in Alaska and learned that the Soviet Union really did want to destroy us and take over our country.

          1. Michael Lee Pemberton says

            Thank you for your service, Mr. Nygren. March 1969 -70 I was stationed on Shemya in the Near Islands of the Aleutians. They weren’t “near” much of anything, except each other; 250 miles from Kamchatka and 1500 miles from Anchorage. Twelve months of that was enough to drive some men insane. It was a straight twelve, unaccompanied, no leave, and no R&R. Three modified KC-135s did most of our work for us. I followed that up with eighteen months in the Mojave Desert at Edwards before volunteering for Viet-Nam. It confuses some people when I tell them that Viet-Nam was the best tour I had in the Air Force. My reenlistment interview went really quickly when I recited the litany of my assignments and informed the Reenlistment NCO that I just knew that the Air Force was holding a billet for me in either Minot, Goose Bay, or Tin City. I have been back to Shemya in my dreams so many times over the years that I sometimes wonder if I ever left.

            I too am convinced that the Soviet Union was on a world Crusade, a Communist Jihad. The United States made a huge mistake in putting a leash on Joseph McCarthy and the House and Senate Un-American Activities Committees. By not eliminating the communists then, we have Obama now.

            P.S. – As far as Viet-Nam goes; “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, not impressed”, and you didn’t miss a damned thing in not being there with me. Viet-Nam was the last assignment in my four year enlistment, and the first thing I did after I was cut loose was hop a plane for Canada to see what I missed. If I hadn’t gone in the Air Force in ’68, I could have gone to the Woodstock Festival in ’69. Bummer !!!

          2. Albert Nygren says

            Thanks Mike.

          3. Albert Nygren says

            When I was going to Alaska I stopped at The Air Force base in Seattle and stayed in the airman’s barracks for a while. One of my roommates had just come back from Shemya and was waiting for orders. He told me what it was like being stationed at Shemya. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for all of your service and I am proud that you contacted me by commenting on a post I wrote.

        3. Michael Dennewitz says

          Geese.. You could offer an opinionated essay dude!! I’m 70 but was onboard ship then. We hauled everything we could get in and on that flat top to Vietnam and brought body bags back…I never was a fan of the bitch!!

      8. Terry Rushing says

        Her “apology” was overflowing with crocodile tears in my judgment and it appeared to come after many people began to shun her movies which cut into her income. I still refuse to watch any movie in which she appears and I stopped watching the Atlanta Braves Baseball following her attachment to then owner Ted Turner. Her appearance would gag a buzzard.

    4. RMCSRET says

      Ernie and now her club is growing with the likes of Seth Rogan and Michael Moore. I to was
      off the coast when Hanoi Jane was in country.

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        I am in better company here, I dont associate with assholes like those two

        1. RMCSRET says

          Amen Ernie a lot of us know what it is to lay it all on the line for the Country we
          love and the people who are side by side with us in harms way.



    6. jngtelco says

      Even today I would volunteer to be on the Firing Squad for “Hanoi Jane”.
      Vietnam Vet

    7. RobertScruggs says

      Right on, Brother..

    8. Mike Lawson says

      I’d piss around her to keep her from catching the grass on fire.

    9. pappadave says

      Quite true. I agree with you 100% on this.

    10. Grandpa says

      You sure got that RIGHT >>> Just goes to show money buys every thing but HONOR


      Don’t be so hard on the poor bitch. Don’t you1 remember ‘THE JANE FONDA URINAL STICKERS’.

    12. violater1 says

      You are absolutely right Ernest Hayes! The both of them should have Grave Markers in Hanoi with their bodies in Vietnam Dirt! Then the Stinking Commies could martyrize their dead useless bodies there!! They should never have been allowed baxk on US Soil Period!
      Thank you Sir for your Service and your Sacrifices for this Country! You fought a thankless war from our politicians/Governments Standpoint toward you fellas! I Salute you and honor you! I gladly would have fought beside you but was rejected by the Draft at Jacksonville,Fla.! But I served you guys by doing my Best to build and test your communications Systems from Honeywell/ Tampa Florida! Built and tested TD352,TD202,TD204, Radio Communications equipment!

    13. Alexander Seredin says

      …and Dick Cheney the torturer

    14. Barrustio says

      Save your piss…eventually she will be in a grave you can water.

    15. rchguns says

      Normally I’d make some comment but this traitorous bimbo Mister Hayes says it quite well and I find myself agreeing 150%. I don’t know which is worse Kerry or Fonda.

    16. James Maxwell says

      I would gladly throw some gasoline on her though. I was in RVN from 66 – 68 and well
      remember the stand down orders that came thru. I could not believe what I was reading
      when they came into the Comm Center. She has a twin sister call Hillary that is just

      as, if not worse than her.

    17. hill937 says

      As far as I’m concerned THEY could have kept this traitorous douche bag

    18. wapitihunter says

      In between Kerry and Bergdahl,Biden, Holder Reid and Cummings.

    19. Wayne Thorson says

      Jane and other protesters probably saved your life by helping to bring that senseless war to an end. You and nobody else knows what you were fighting for. Jane was a hero. Would you have volunteered to go behind enemy lines and talk to the enemy. That took a lot of guts.

      1. Ernest Hayes says

        Wayne are you ever going to pull your head out of your ass, she didnt go there to support the troops, she went to support the North Viets, quit trying to excuse what the traitorous bitch did, and you might want to stop drinking the democrats kool aid too

    20. 454 casull says

      You are so right ‘put her against a wall and do us all a favor.

    21. jak says

      Well said.

    22. mrmsjb12 says

      or just catch them standing in a row one shot will get ya’ all

    23. buesswg says

      I agree and put Obama along side of the two of them, for he to is a traitor to our nation. He has broken his Oath of Office in so maney ways thatone can not count them. The main on is he swor to up hold and protect our Constitution. If the Oath of Office means nothing why have it.

    24. Jim Freund says

      Do you know of anyone, other then JFK, that is good for everyone ?

    25. Tiger says

      I was in Okinawa and saw her and Donald Sutherland accompanied by the Communist Party there at the back entrance to Kadena Air Base. I spat on her.

      I heard her speech on the radio there she was a Traitor and so was the stupid silent partner Sutherland who has gotten not one bit of backlash from any of it.

  2. tom cook says

    OK, I’ll start the discussion. First there might be reasons that going to Vietnam was not a good idea as this cheeseball writer suggests and I am certain whoever the unkown mouth is never served our country. There are reasons not to ever go to war, but there are reasons to do so and when we go fight the wars for this country we should not be denigrated by the cowards called liberals aka demoncraps.

    1. spyderdalton says

      The democrats crying and whining lost the war, not our military….they are the reason we are losing now…

    2. bill says

      I agree for the most part. the USA should NEVER enter into a military conflict unless there is a clear enemy .. also the USA should NEVER enter a conflict without the intention to complete the defeat of the enemy not just limiting them to the ” 38th parallel” as in korea and the dmz in Vietnam.

      1. hankthetank says

        You never go to war, UNLESS you go to win !!! anytime they draw a line, & tell you not to go over it,there is no way you can win!! when some one comes over the line trying to kill me,& goes back,you can bet your ass I,m going over the line to get him!! I always said if they bomb us in S. Korea ,we should boom N. Korea,then they would have to go back home to protect their own country, & we would have won the war!!

    3. UnailanableRights says

      Except when Obama does it unilaterally; it’s for our good don’t you know? Egypt and Libya – thank
      goodness the Egyptians threw out that Muslim Brother Hood terrorist and friend of Hillary and Obama – Morsi. Libya and Africa are not doing so well thanks to Obama’s destabilization efforts.

    4. Michael Lee Pemberton says

      Sorry Tom, you cannot start a conversation that is already running. The “Cheese ball” didn’t suggest but clearly stated “And there are any number of reasons why we should have stayed the hell out of Vietnam.” The “unknown mouth” raised my suspicions that they never served in Viet-Nam, but never served at all is a leap. Check this out.
      info about

      DOMAIN FIRST REGISTERED ON Wednesday 18 December 2013
      DOMAIN AGE 1 year, 1 month and 5 days
      NEXT DOMAIN EXPIRATION DATE Thursday 18 December 2014 (in 35 days) (Oops! Somebody has not updated their information.)
      SERVER LOCATION Flag of United States United States, Scottsdale
      HOSTNAME contains statistics for webmasters and provides some interesting info, but lists the site registration as “PRIVATE”. Very mysterious, go figure. This IP also host some other interesting conservative websites. Researching them might indicate our bloggers identity.

  3. Maria castro says

    The anorexic want to be young beach has no remedy. If it was because she was young, she definitely was extremely stupid.

  4. Louman says

    As a Vietnam Veteran I can say we answered our countries call. Fonda did not she sided with the enemy if it were 100 years ago she would have been charged with treason. I was a young man at the time but I did understand we were fighting the spread of communisim. At that time that was the major threat to our country and the world. Liberals like Fonda and many other in Hollywood never see our country as a good country it tells you who they really are.

    1. ManinNH says

      Communism = Progressive. Strange but true, we are still fighting Communism.

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Said in no truer words. The fight continues today, and daily!
        Molon Labe

      2. Green Eyed Lady says

        Agreed – still a problem.

      3. Paula says

        And they are getting bolder because no one stops them!

      4. Korean_Vet says

        Yes–& It Seems that We’re also fighting the Muslim Take-Over also-! Pelosi betrayed
        her Office by “Confirming that Obama was Qualified by “Top-Secret Security” to run
        as President-! This is a “Major National Security Violation”–Betraying ‘One Atomic
        Bomb Secret’–bought the Rosenberg Skies to a “Death Sentence” in 1963-! She’s
        placed at least 20 “Top National Secrets” in his hands–when he’s been tied to
        nearly every “Radical & Subversive Groups” that you can name-!
        I was “Required to Obtain a ‘Top-Secret Clearance’ & they wanted to know everything
        about me–including my “Boy Scout” Days-! If I had attended even ‘One meeting’ with
        any “Radical or Subversive Groups”–(I’m sure my “Security Clearance would have
        been Denied”-!) The difference between me & Obama–I ‘had 3 Ancestors aboard the
        Mayflower & would never “Fit-In” as a Communist Party Member-! I’M “Immune” to
        the “Communism Virus”–It doesn’t Mix with my Mayflower-Blood-!

      5. Carol Chadbourne says

        Hitler coined the word, saying it sounded BETTER than communist.

      6. Terry Rushing says

        And now we have a Muzzie commie for a prez. Ain’t live grand?

    2. Laurence Almand says

      Can you imagine what would have happened if a Vietnam movie actress visited the USA and posed with American soldiers, and then returned to Vietnam?

      1. Paula says

        She would have been murdered a long long time ago!

      2. Louman says

        That would never happen, and you and I know the reason why. Jane Fonda is a pig she just wanted to bring attention to herself. Well she did and now she has to live with it for the rest of her life..To all those who dont know John Kerry is just as bad as Fonda maybe even worse because he was actually in the Military when he turned against his country.

        1. Don Fendley says

          John Jane bho Ried.puslusi bho’s mulsim misstress hiliary wild Willie and several should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town or country on a rail asap.

        2. says

          Right on the money, look who he works for now?

          1. Louman says

            Yes your right the King of Lies.

        3. Barbaracvm says

          While still on active duty, Kerry put on a suit and tie and went to Paris Peace talks. He met with the North Vietnam delegation and encouraged them not to make a reasonable deal with the US.

          1. UnailanableRights says

            Only recently he clapped as the Taylor Gruber grubered his “You;ve got a friend” WIth friends like Kerry, Obama and Hillary who needs enemies.

          2. Carol Chadbourne says

            WELL, we’ve got the ENEMIES NOW….they all hate the USA…because of the islamic terrorist in OUR WH.

          3. Barbaracvm says

            At least with our enemies, we know they are enemies. The afore mentioned pretend to be friends when they are enemies.

        4. Michael Lee Pemberton says

          You aren’t referring to Lieutenant John Forbes Kerry, the next JFK, are you?

          “Kerry volunteered to serve in the U.S. Navy. He fought in the Vietnam War as a gunboat officer. Proving to be a brave and valiant soldier (?), he earned several military honors, including the Silver Star, Bronze Star with combat “V” (for valor) and three Purple Hearts (one of which was apparently initiated by himself for blood drawn by wood splinters from a near miss by a RPG or underwater mine ). The JFK who served “an abbreviated four-month twelve day tour of duty in South Vietnam as officer-in-charge (OIC) of a Swift Boat” being rotated out of combat duty after being awarded the third Purple Heart and requesting transfer? The one who “co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America and became a spokesperson for Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).”
          The JFK who was a headliner in the notorious Winter Soldier Investigation (WSI) put on by the VVAW. Also in 1971, “Kerry spoke to members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the war” convened by Senator J. William Fulbright, (D) Arkansas, chair of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.” BTW, that committee was composed of 7 Republicans and 9 Dems. The Senator from Massachusetts who served alongside fellow anti-war spokesman Edward “Ted” Kennedy (D) Massachusetts? That John Kerry? If so, I see what you mean.

          1. Louman says

            Yes thats the one.You left out how he got those purple hearts. When he found out there was a real war going on he got the hell out of there with his fake purple hearts, and then testifies with a bunch of lies about his fellow servicemen. Lying seems to be a badge of honor for Liberals and Democrats thats how a traiter turned into a US Senator.

    3. Paula says

      All communists think America is the epitome of evil! The very country that gave them the opportunity to make something of themselves. It bugs me to no end, when one of these worthless liberals bash America! From the guy in the Oval Office to this traitorous tool.. they have NO respect for America and what she stands for… and those that fought and died so we could continue living free and better than most people in other countries. They taught their children not to respect America,and they taught their children no to respect America and now the new generation have been taught that Americans are the biggest threat to America than any inbred muslim! OR a bigger threat to America than the corrupt “activists” preaching their filth and siding with the enemy.


    4. Terry Rushing says

      If my memory serves, there were 2 women who were nothing but radio personalities and were known as “Axis Sally” and “Tokyo Rose” in WW II and both served time at the conclusion of the war. I expect “political correctness” was the roadblock in Hanoi Jan’s case.

      1. Louman says

        I agree, but I think there was much more to it. It was the Liberal Movement that ended the Viet Nam war and she was very connected to that movement. Only if liberals engage in a war then the War is OK. Also her connection to Hollywood made her not guilty of Treason. While all the good people were fighting the war all the liberal draft dodgers were taking over accademia infecting the nations children with their mental illness.

  5. James Maxwell says

    As a USAF Veteran of two years in Viet Nam (66-68) there is no way in hell that I can forget nor
    forgive the POS Hanoi Jane. She and she along cost hundreds of lives to be lost. She will have
    to live with that for the rest of here miserable life. No matter how much make up you put on her
    she is and always will be a pig. I will not and have not seen any movie or TV show in which she

    1. Barbara Bernard says

      Me either and never will go to one of her movies or watch her on any talk show .I was alive when she was in Vietnam and every damn thing she did there is true and wrong

    2. stephen1337 says

      James, I don’t think she could care less about what she did. Remember this is an actress who can switch on the empathy plow when needed. I read her comments and don’t believe for a mili-second that there is an ounce of regret nor even remorse for vets and their families. Best thing to do is NEVER watch anything that features her and boycott any product endorsement hanoi jane appears in. I truly believe she is just disgusted with us vets who won’t let this matter die! kerry is her pal who also should be attacked for what he did also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. BJ says

        Standing next to Hanoi Jane was John Kerry in the photo. So the president selects Hillary as his Secretary of State, and while serving as Secretary of State, was responsible for the deaths of our soldiers there. She deserted them, refused to to allow assistance to be sent to their aide. When the heat got too much, she ran away. So the next traiter, Kerry is selected by obama as our next Secretary of state, Don’t you liberal-progressive dumb asses see a trend here? This guy does not love America.

    3. Jack says

      I agree…U.S.A.F Nam Vet (69-71}…Hanoi Jane..everytime I hear anything about that witchy traitor makes me want to puke…they should have told her not to come back to the states for her treasonous ways!!

  6. Curtis Jones Jr says

    I hate that whore, never watched any movie or show that cunt was in. I would not feed her to my animals.

    1. grunion says

      They would refuse to eat it. The meat is tainted.

  7. KurtofLA says

    She was picked as one of the top 100 women by the other traitorObama

    1. Combatvet52 says

      She wouldn’t even make a good street walker she belongs in a pig pen.

    2. Peggy says

      What do you expect out of someone who is incapable of an intelligent thought process?

  8. George Cahonna says

    Low Life Traitor lying B****…Got many American vietnam POW’s murdered….Odumba, Hillary, Kerry, Holder, Pelosi all cookie cutter pieces of Dog Dung…

    1. Combatvet52 says

      You mean Jackass shit

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Scum sucking mud guppy!

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Absolutely brother vet

      2. grunion says

        Hey, I have a jackass and I do not appreciate associating him with that bunch of self serving, self absorbed, screw the citizens leftist liberals that pass for a government. The donkey tells the truth and guards our cats and fowl from coyotes. In other words, he has a job and does it well. Cannot say the same for our representatives in government or their overpaid minions.

        1. Diane Snyder says

          Love your story! Didn’t Mother Marry ride a donkey to Jerusalem to deliver Jesus? I think we all need a donkey! Yours should be famous for his dedicated work!

          1. chamuiel says

            Who is Marry?

          2. George T says

            Are you really that stupid? The Virgin Mary, The mother of Jesus, the Son of God, you dork!

          3. chamuiel says

            No, I am not stupid. at least I know how to spell, unlike some stupid people.

            When did you become such an infantile name caller? When you turned 10, perhaps?

          4. George T says

            “at least I know how to spell” What is that suppose to mean? Can’t you read? I didn’t spell anything wrong in my last comment to you. Hey stupid, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Do you understand what I just said or do I have to explain that to you? “Who is Mary?” I can’t believe you asked that question, a 5 year old child would know the answer to that. I was right, you are a dork! Now go blow your nose and stop crying.

        2. Combatvet52 says

          No argument my friend I’ll change it to PIG SHIT

    2. Major D says

      Is it true that she was able to visit the Hilton and the P.O.W. handed her slips of paper with their names so she could let their families know they were alive? is it true that she promptly turned them over to the North Vietnamese and caused the P.O.W.s to be tortured?

      1. brabbie2002 says

        Yep! And she did it with great glee because it kept her name in the newspapers! She didn’t give a s–t about our prisoners of war – only that her picture be kept in the media! I will NOT forgive or forget her treasonous acts against our armed forces!

        1. Arizona Don says

          I don’t know what her reasons were but she did it and to me that is all that counts. If anyone is worse them obama it is her. There is no forgiving or forgetting either one’s actions. At least I won’t!

        2. Cynthia Osbun says

          I wish in our lifetime here, that we can all be able to see what happens to traitors who have violated our country…..its time to stop talking about it, complaining about it, and take charge against this tyrannical government, and make the consequences of treason, become REAL…and FREQUENT….ITS PAST TIME….

      2. Peggy says

        That needs to always be brought up and remembered–she could have done good for our boys but chose differently—Why would anyone go and see her in any movie let alone try and give her and award? If anything–give her a warrent and try her for treason.

      3. Bird says

        I think you have to remember that over 40 years have passed and people have embellished many of the original stories and gossip. The media was no different then and they would do anything to sell a story. She was definitely wrong, but she wasn’t in Vietnam long enough to have done everything she has been accused of; keep that in mind.

        1. coleche says

          How do you know Bird? Was you there?

        2. Edd USN Ret. says

          Bird, it would be really nice if you would stop showing your stupidity with post like this. If you weren’t there you don’t know what you are talking about and if by chance you were there you are basically brain dead and still need to shut your stupid mouth!!!! If you have ever had to body bag a friend then you have done a damn good job of hiding it in the wastes that you think of as your mind.

        3. Major D says

          Thank you Bird. My memory of the P.O.W. event is from 40 years ago, listening to one of those P.O.W.’s. I believe the P.O.W. was telling the truth and was searching for any of those who are still with us for comment. This story was never in the media that I know of. I am a Viet Nam era Vet. Much of what I know came from those who served, not the sell anything media.

        4. Curtis O. Hatcher says

          Finally somebody looks at this in a realistic manner. 40 years…its time to forgive & forget.

      4. George Cahonna says

        It is True..

      5. charles says

        she was handed slips of paper with the SSN on them and she handed then over and these men were beaten severely.

    3. G. young says

      But the people who are for Murdering The Unborn Love them…That is the Left Requirement to win an election..”Damn The Miitary For Protectng Us,” but Murder The Unborn.”..There are Awards given for that! When Pelosi received her Spanger Award she said those who were for Human Life were just dumb. Hillary received the same award two weeks after she received the Defense For Children Award..

    4. hankthetank says

      & don’t forget Harry Reid !!

      1. George Cahonna says

        Oh my..The List goes on & on..Hope someone is making a No Friends to America register.

  9. disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk says

    As John F. Kennedy said: “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names.”

  10. Joe T says

    We still need a person like Gen Patton……a no BS guy….who got the job done…..or else….

    1. Combatvet52 says

      There are none like him anymore he was rough and tough but he did a great job my cousins served under him during WW2 they claimed he was the best.

      1. spyderdalton says

        You mean he didn’t order his troops to tip toe around with orders not to return fire on or engage the enemy? How the hell did he help wn the war? He should have had OBAMA bin Lying there to help him out…

      2. grunion says

        I disagree. I believe there are great heroes out there still. Circumstances will beckon them to their calling. We all know how slow America is to get rolling but eventually it will and then look out, we are due a major overhaul in government and as it only gets worse…You’ll see.

        1. Green Eyed Lady says

          Sure hope you are right. I personally don’t think we can afford to just stand by and let things just happen. There are too many predator countries and too ignorant USA leaders to thwart real danger.

        2. Combatvet52 says

          No disrespect to you but Barry fired most all of the good Generals, whats left are his guys that agree with him on all matters, in other words he’s building his own Army.

          1. Ernest Hayes says

            he got rid of the real generals, he kept the ass kissers

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Thank you Ernest Hayes you nailed it.

          3. Ernest Hayes says

            currently we dont have any generals that have ever been in actual combat themselves, got a whole lot of ticket punchers, but NO combat experienced generals, and a BUNCH of ass kissers

          4. Combatvet52 says


          5. says

            Right on the money.

        3. Cynthia Osbun says

          I hope to God you are right Grunion: I worry…so much damage has been done…whats going to bring them all forward in unison to rid us all of this tyranny and deception and lies? I hope to GOD too, that it all strikes in the same place where the traitors gather…..I have been praying for there to be a plan taking place under the wire…..maybe your right…..America is ready for them to come to their calling, and before its too late. Thank you for the positive note on things…the hopes of realization of this, brings good feelings we all need, to stay positive of the actual mass of GOOD to combat the evil that has gotten way out of control..Bless you grunion….

      3. Jeanne Stotler says

        My Uncle and BIL served under him as well, he was stationed at Ft. Myer prior to WWII and ran a strict post, sadly my BIL lost his life in France Feb. 1945, my Uncle came home, but never the same. We did have great Generals, Ike, MacArthur, Pershing and others, don’t forget Teddy, he was a great officer as well, how do I know, my grandfather served with him in Cuba, Border dispute, as well as Pershing and later with Mac in the Islands prior to 1931, he was friends with all.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          My two cousins came home one was wounded the other lost both legs it was a tough go.

      4. Liberalism = Fascism says

        Legend has it that when General Patton died, 20,000 of the men in his former command volunteered to be pallbearers at his funeral.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          That legend is quite true from what i know.

    2. Peggy says

      Back in the day–Patton took his share of cr*p from his higher up–but I agree–He was one of America’s greatest generals, he just refused to play politics with the assh*les in charge—Thank God, We had him during WWII when we truly needed a hero.

      1. grunion says

        In fact, if you can find any WWII survivors, they will tell you the citizens liked Patton but thought him to be a bit nutty.

        1. Barbaracvm says

          It is thought he was shell shocked/ PTSD. But he had a mild case and would not give in to what he perceived to be a weakness.

    3. Louman says

      We have some good Generals now. Obozo ties there hands now and he would probably have jailed General Patten.

      1. Joe T says

        Maybe….but maybe Gen George S. Patton at his age and with his professional experience and no BS demeanor would have turned the table on someone as our current pseudo Pres….I do believe he would have…thanks
        best regards, Joe T

  11. Yadja says

    I was in Okinawa when she and Donald Sutherland stood with the Communist element on the Island outside the gates of Kadena Airbase and I spat at her and told her what I thought. My X was only a private in the Army at that time. I heard her talk on our Military radio and she was treasonous and she should never have been allowed back into this country.

    But then she should have a position in O’s administration being as he is a Traitor also.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      They would make a marvelous couple two AH TRAITORS

      1. Yadja says

        He was with her in Okinawa standing against the fence and listening. I always wondered why he got off so easy but then he was not doing any talking and did not play patty cake in pictures with the Cong.

    2. Terry Hamblin says

      Every time I see her I think of her act of treason, I was still a submarine jockey when she did that! O has proven again that he is a Muslim, no jewelry during Ramadan, funny how this spell check in this thread makes you capitalize the M in muslim.

      1. Yadja says

        Me also.

        Spell check showing submission runs rampant in this country.

      2. Bird says

        I hadn’t noticed the ‘M’ spell check…. I make a point of NOT capitalizing muslim! I went back over the ‘m’ in muslim just to see if I have to continue doing that.

        1. Cynthia Osbun says

          I do that as well….along with obama’s name…..

      3. Che_Chr says

        Spell it like this muslime, it’ll make you feel better!

    3. Bird says

      I don’t recall anyone maligning Donald Sutherland…. am I missing something or is there a double standard here. Maybe “Hanoi Jane” had a better ring to it and took the heat off Sutherland?

      1. Yadja says

        They didn’t but like I said he stood with a Black long coat on against the fence and watched. She was the one who stood out.

        Nope he has never even been affiliated with her during this.

        Double something and it wasn’t D’s.

    4. Laurence Almand says

      Yes, she should have been exited to Vietnam or China, where she belongs.

  12. Bob Stewart says

    Please don’t ever forget that Fonda also betrayed the American prisoners by alerting the communists of their attempt to give her notes to get out of the country. She will always be the lowest form of life, a traitor. Apologize all she wants, she will never lose the stink of her actions., at least not as long as I live and can tell her story.

  13. Randy Lewis says

    She is directly responsible for the murder of American Soldiers.She will sit at the right hand of the devil upon her death and eternal damnation will be her sentence! I just wish that she would be tried and convicted and sentenced to death real soon so as to hurry up her sentence!

    1. Green Eyed Lady says

      The names given to Jane for her to let their families know where they were, were instead, given to the prison officials. The result was extra beatings for those prisoners.

      (I doubt any of them or their families would watch any Jane Fonda movies,etc)

  14. kk1949 says

    She was young and stupid and did not realize the outcome of her actions. She has carried the label of traitor forever, has been spit on, lived through numerous death threats, etc. Never forgive? Okay… But there are people out there right now who are bigger traitors than she was and we turn a blind eye. Nothing has been done about the many prisoners released from GTMO who have returned to their terrorist groups to kill more people, Fast & Furious, open borders, the list runs on and on. It is easy to never forgive a young stupid actress for the deaths she inadvertently caused while Bergdahl collaborated with the enemy and caused many to be killed while looking for him. His actions are being investigated but he will most likely be set free by the current administration. We trade 5 terrorists & millions to get him back; a traitor. Unexplained deaths are occurring everywhere and no one raises their head to really see what is going on. Oh, but we can piss on Jane Fonda for 40 years! Move on, there are bigger fish to fry!

    1. Peggy says

      NEVER!!! and Hillary belongs in the same boat!! Come on sheeple get a backbone

  15. gilward says

    Fonda roams free as does her accomplish Kerry. Fonda is making money living high and does not give a damn about America. Kerry, how the hell can he be in his current position representing America when he was as bad as Fonda? He may be selling America down the tubes which would satisfy obamas quest. AND we cannot do anything about it.
    I would like to see America return to its once great status in the world but at near 90 I will not see it.

    1. Carl Peal says

      Kerry has his own treason. But his wealth came by marrying the widow of H.J. Heinz III. He is set for life and doesn’t give a damn about the nation. IMO he is a lying scumbag and a perfect adjunct for Ovomit.

      1. gilward says

        Exactly stated. Anyone else than kerry, fonda and obama would be in jail or onuts impeached.

    2. grunion says

      Aahh Kerry, the director of those Swift Boat disinformation film clips. A hustler and career that does nothing that will not enhance his ability to continue to feather his nest for himself and that horrible Jane Fonda clone to which he is married. How can anyone believe they can do good for America when it is not in their interests. That’s the only thing that matters to these “Social X-rays”.

  16. Ray Heffley says

    If you want to see a good Fonda movie, watch Midway with Henry Fonda. His daughter never did. She would have had a tiny idea of the hardship of war. Vietnam was a leftover from WWII. America came to help the French take back their colonies after Japan invaded them. WWII was fought for freedom and Independence. Look at South Korea.

    Imagine if we would have been allowed to win in South Vietnam and it were a Democracy like South Korea. Things would be so very different today for that region of the world. Yes perhaps even China would be different. Instead of gearing up their Blue Water Navy for power over that region they might have been made more diplomatic. Perhaps millions of slaughter’d South Vietnamese would be alive today.

    No American Anarchist took into consideration that American Blood was shed to prevent the Communist from overtaking South Korea. Have You ever been to South Korea. The Beauty can overtake you. The People will overwhelm you. But look to the North and the stench of the murder’d people of North Korea will sicken you.

    No, I see Hanoi Jane taking photo ops sitting on a weapon pointed at America and its Allies. She and Kerry did what few Americans ever did and got promoted. Slept with the Enemy.

    1. Jean