Food Stamps: Requiring ID is the Least we Can Demand


I was talking to a friend recently. Having recently retired from a career in the supermarket industry, she had plenty of experience with the degenerates who abuse food stamps. According to her, it was not uncommon to see people attempt to use food stamps to buy fresh cakes from the bakery, cigarettes, and everything else sold in your average grocery store. She told of one woman who breezily praised her food stamps as the reason she could afford to spend a fortune on her wedding.

There is a big problem in this country. The social safety net has been transformed into a nice, comfy bed. It used to be that people were ashamed to go on the government dole. Now, it’s a way of life for many. No shame to it at all. And for people who really need it, it should be there. But the moment you start taking money from others, your number one goal in life should be to stop. Unfortunately, a great many people in this country don’t see it that way. They see how much easier it is to cash a welfare check than it is to work for a living, and they abandon any sense of pride they might have once had. To hell with it, they say. I’m going to ride this gravy train as far as it goes.

To say that we need to do something about this multigenerational dependence on entitlements is an understatement. But before we even get to the problem of cracking down on legal recipients, we need to get a handle on fraud and abuse. As usual, though, even the thought of taking measures to curb food stamp fraud is met with the spurious rage of the left.

Consider the modest proposal being made by Republicans in the House. They aren’t pushing people off food stamps. They aren’t shaming people who need the helping hand. They are simply proposing that we require photo ID at the register. Appearing on Fox and Friends this week, one of the bill’s co-sponsors said that the requirement was the least we could do to protect the taxpayers.

“I think it’s perfectly appropriate when the taxpayers are losing almost a billion dollars a year to fraud in the SNAP program,” said Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma. “I think it’s perfectly appropriate to require a low hurdle like an ID.”

No one ever accused liberals of bowing to measures that were “perfectly appropriate,” though. Speaking to the bill last month, Deborah Weinstein of the Coalition on Human Needs said, “Many poor people do not have photo ID’s, and it costs money they do not have to get them. They will wind up going without food.”

You know, I kinda doubt it. And if that’s the case – if getting an ID, which is one of the easiest things a person can do in the United States, is too much to ask of a person – then maybe it’s time to have a real discussion about what we as a country expect of a fellow citizen. Food stamps, welfare, other entitlements…these aren’t the norm. These aren’t the natural order of things. But they’ve become so entrenched in society, that any discussion of limiting these benefits is labeled an “assault on the poor.”

With feet held to the flames, even President Obama had to admit that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Life is tough. Charities, both public and private, are everywhere you look. Need a helping hand? It’s there. Want to cruise through life letting strangers work hard on your behalf? Sorry, but I have a problem with that. Requiring ID for food stamps should not be the slightest bit controversial. It should be the first small step towards reclaiming this country from the leeches who have ruined it.

  1. teedoffatobama says

    using a legal ID with a picture of yourself in the USA is common from everyday use making sure that your identity is safe, even checking out a library book or enrolling a child in sports requires a legal ID so use of food stamps should require it too,and voting Those days of giving your word as proof have been gone since the 19th century

    1. SeeThroughYou says

      I’ll have to disagree, operating under the assumption that someone isn’t who they say they are or that they are in some way evil doers is totally UNAMERICAN.

      I am all for the idea of voter ID because it is a right reserved for citizens but our ID crazy society seems more like the Authoritarian State in Orwell’s “1984” than it does like the America I grew up in.

      Reducing freedom is playing right into the Obama/Clinton/Soros/Bloomberg agenda. Pick your battles wisely.

      The penalty for theft or misuse should be high enough that someone would be terrified to steal or commit fraud.

      Then we could go back to pumping as much gas as we need and then pay for it when we’re done instead of having to bring in Visa as a 3rd party to keep a tally of every dime we spend for the tax man to oogle when the current president doesn’t like your politics.

      1. teedoffatobama says

        we are asked to prove our identity from birth to the grave and know that living in USA this is part of our normal life so why not prove or have a photo taken same time as you register for food stamps (at no cost to you) and receive a photo identity card with your picture on it and that way no one else could use it.Those who would mind this must be doing something wrong to object to it

        1. SeeThroughYou says

          It’s not “normal” it’s facism that was foisted upon us while we were glued to the idiot box.

          I grew up as the nature of our society was corrupted because of a few slime balls who merely got a slap on the wrist for theft and fraud(1970s).

          Criminals should be the ones inconvenienced not grannies and cripples.

          1. teedoffatobama says

            you’re at risk for someone stealing or using your identity if you keep thinking like that! Remember an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. I’m in my mid 60’s and don’t mind showing my proof of identity at all so why do you mind ?

          2. SeeThroughYou says

            Not really, the only time anyone has had access to my identity is when corporations or government agencies have security breaches on their databases. Otherwise it just sits in my hip pocket or on my nightstand when I go to bed, lol

          3. teedoffatobama says

            who are you kidding? yourself? your identity is as easy to get for some as your garbage can or over your shoulder or even from a distance without you ever knowing it until it’s too late! If you think just because you have it in your wallet or nightstand that it’s safe , your gullible and unprotected.Why even your voter’s card can be stolen from your mailbox and used by someone else like an illegal that thinks photo ID’s aren’t needed.

          4. Gary Williams says

            When I’m asked for I D using my debit card, I thank the clerk.

          5. teedoffatobama says

            I do too because I’m glad they are checking to make sure it is me and not some thief trying to pose as me.Why would someone mind unless they are doing something wrong and afraid they will get caught?

      2. Tom Brechlin says

        What freedom is being denied when photo ID’s are required?

        “The penalty for theft or misuse should be high enough that someone would be terrified to steal or commit fraud.” That sounds great but if you haven’t noticed, we’re being bombarded with “too many are being incarcerated” agenda.

        1. SeeThroughYou says

          To be secure in my effects and person. Being forced to show ID is being forced to share my most private information with a stranger.

      3. Francisco Machado says

        To ask for something to be given to you gratis is a freedom guaranteed by the first Amendment. There can be no question about that, it is written in clear terms and it is reasonable to say that no identification should be required for that. The issue under discussion is whether you should submit identification to receive any benefits beyond freedom and liberty from the government at no cost to the recipient, since there is no provision in the Constitution entitling you to that and it does, through a chain of connections, infringe on the rights of the producer of goods and services to keep what benefits he derives from his efforts for his own use, not for the use of the beneficiary of benefits granted by the government at the expense of the taxpayer. The mendicant has made of himself a client of the government. He does not have to prove his identity – he is free to avoid that by not asking the government to support him. Now, if you were to argue that the government should be enjoined from requiring an identification number (Social Security) be assigned to everyone born in the United States at birth, I’d agree with you – since they’re not asking the government for anything.

  2. GENE says


    1. hora says

      My friend are not only illegal abuse, American are abuse too, my stepdaughter are 23 and she not go to school or thing in working, like her boyfriend 25 another lazy, but move here for help my girlfriend and we are 66 both retired and disable, we must feed, she not paid rent or utilities but know verbal abuse me and a mother, she was apply for SSD said are bipolar, but Doctor are not real agree. Yes I get food stamp, but I am 67 in September retire and disable, and every month a last ten day I pass hungry, that all thank to left Dem criminals party. I paid half rent and utilities and she not respect, she are a big boss control all, yes you be will ask me what I wait? I must wait, no choice are not enough housing for senior and disable available. My girlfrienf SS was increase, she are deaf-mute and a bad diabetis her supply co-payment are over 700$ per month, another medication are separate, thank to omabacare. I was get because my SS and SSD are less of 10.000$ per years, mean I must live with 750$ plus 160$ in food stamp.I assure you Dems are terminate, is time only. I was see young woman get over 1.000$ in food, section 8 mean no paid any rent and another benefit, now sure are illegals. Dems not realize a bomb be will explode, citizen are to much tired, if Republican not doing a job another Civil War are around corner. Now you understand why illegal invade USA?

      1. kotoc says

        That’s right, hora… your little story sounds like the basic outline of the majority of welfare recipients. Shameful, isn’t it?

  3. privae times says

    Two things badley needed for food stamp recipiants to have Now,an ID card and Drug Tests. These are needed to protect the honest people. I have heard of food stamp warehouses where you go in and buy the stamps. This was a few years ago but I’m sure things haven’t changed that much. This crap is costing we the honest taxpayer more and  more each year as the thugs benfit.

    1. Gary Williams says

      I work low income housing and see it every day. A single mom with 2 kids gets 660 a month food stamps. Within a week, no food in the house. On the other end, a 70 year old lady gets 770 s.s. , and only 110 stamps. The last week lives on roman noodles. Drug tests would go a long way toward curbing the abuse. Maybe then we could give more to the elderly that are starving.

      1. Yadja says

        You are so right on. In my area the girl down the street, a crack Wh__e, has 3 children and she gets hundreds of dollars for each one. The old lady across from me gets a letter telling her that her Food Stamps are lowered because of all the new applicants.

        The couple behind me raising a child born to their daughter, a crack Wh__e who is Autistic and they both get SSD along with the child and Food Stamps. They are making money left and right.

        The entire SSD program needs to be looked into along with Food Stamps and every government program in this country. Not going to happen with O. Destroying the Middle Class his goal and by George and his Dragon they are sure doing a good job so far.

        1. John says

          Agreed, Yadja

          1. Yadja says

            Sometimes I despair when I see all that is happening and I see O continuing on his path of destruction of the Middle Class.

            I see the scandals that now have reached gigantic proportions and he and Holder continue to make their agenda a go.

            What have we become that Tyrants are in charge and our Congress does nothing?

          2. American says

            Yadja – We have become a nation of self-absorbed entertainment junkies who are only interested in the next segment of Reality TV, and have no idea what is going on in our community, nation, or the world. Each of us need to find a cause and fight for it. Call our Congressmen, organize or participate in Action Groups, until we can restore America back to the nation it once was.

          3. Yadja says

            Agreed. I do my part everyday. I am part of movements and I call my Congressmen about issues that bother me.

            Right now there is another scandal brewing and I am doing all I can to expose it. Local Radio Talk Show and my Congressman is working with me. The DOD is sending letters to vets of all ages from every war saying they owe money that was over payed them sometimes over 10 years ago. The letters are intimidating and pretty much say we are the government you will pay. They garnish wages, take tax refund checks, can get 15% of your SS and SSD to repay what they say is owed, turn people into the DOJ, collecting agencies you name it. They have this right because the US Code 28 was rescinded on the back of a Farm Bill in 2008. Bush vetoed it but was overridden.

            I have sent ID cards proving I was Active during the time they claim I was not,documents etc the bill is rising as I type, they have no proof they told my Congressman they were going to get the money and they did not need proof.

            There ya have it. It is a huge scandal.

          4. Terry Hamblin says

            Yadja, I can’t imagine how this whole thing makes you feel. I remember that a Gov. agency, (can’t remember which one), misplaced 2 million $ and nothing came of it. So now the Gov. is going after veterans for peanuts, in comparison? The slugs in Gov. service are doing make work to make sure that their budgets are renewed at the end of the fiscal year and they simply don’t care that they are hurting the people who made it safe for them to take a shit in peace, and who could become dangerous if pushed enough. Disgusting!

          5. margo1942 says

            the agency you speak of was the defense dept an right after rumsfeft said it was 2 trillion dollars that can’t be accounted for the world trade center was destroyed. the reason there was a agency in the world trade center who was investigating on the 21 st floor , so all the records were destroyed along with a lot of people.

          6. Yadja says

            Well I have read some horror stories about this from soldiers coming home wounded or those on SSD and from Nam and other wars and they put in these big fat black letters when you try to ask them for time or something…..NO HARDSHIPS CONSIDERED….in other words they don’t care.

            I feel angry and filled with hate for them. I never knew my country could be so filled with evil and venom. Too boot since August they have added another 400 to it, now it is over 1,700.

            My Congressman says they went after a Vet with Cancer and given 4 months to live. They just don’t care.

            We will see what happens. We are still fighting. By the time this is over I will owe more than I made in a lifetime.

          7. Terry Hamblin says

            Yadja, you are a logical thinker and we both know some of the corruption that goes on in Government circles. I didn’t say ALL of the corruption because it seems to be the Status quo for DC. I would very much like to read your take on the FIX for all of this mess.
            1.- I know that the Continental Congress thing won’t work because State Governments are even more corrupt than the FED!
            2.- Maybe if every district recalled their Representative, then again, how do you do that?
            3.- At any rate the rules must be changed and the goodies of being in office must disappear, term limits for everybody, audits on everyone even remotely connected to the Governments, and on and on.
            What do you think, (no shooting).

          8. Yadja says

            Thank you for your vote of confidence in my ability to look at things logically, I do my best and keep emotion to a minimum.

            The States are now coming together and they are fighting many of O’s outrageous abuse of the Constitution and our laws. Federal Immigration and Obama Care. To name two.
            I have always thought the future will be with the States and the Governors of those States. I see that to be true today with so many good Governors doing what is right for their citizens. I don’t believe the States could ever be as corrupt as Washighton DC with the exception of Liberal States with Liberal Governors.

            I don’t think all representatives need to be recalled but I do believe they need to spend more time in their States than they do Washington.
            In Florida we call on our District representatives and keep close contact with them. That is in the best interest of the people in the Districts. If that representative is not doing the will of the people it is the people who need to speak up and out and get rid of them.
            The good thing about District representatives is they are more approachable and more readily available. They do listen and they do react to the people.

            The rules must change. Agreed.
            Lobbying needs to be regulated.
            Payoffs from big organizations need to be stopped.
            All the goodies and handouts need to be stopped.
            All representatives in Congress need term limits as every representative high and low in every state needs term limits.
            Audits should be common place and par for the course.
            After O the Executive Branch of Government needs close scrutiny and amendments so we never suffer another O.
            No president should be Commander and Chief of the Military. He should never be allowed to do as he pleases with them. Every thing he does should be via his Generals.

            That is my straight shooting and I could go on and on but you know what, we are shooting ghosts because without millions agreeing and doing something we are stuck in the rut we have allowed our government to become.

          9. Terry Hamblin says

            One Political Plaza Suggest that you sign up for this thread, and create a new subject. If you do, I will find you there and we can actually chat privately without e-mails etc. Your post shows great wisdom and experience and maybe chatting, we can come up with something that might work, ie. shake up the status quo. I agree with so many things in your post and especially the last paragraph, maybe some brain storming could get things on the right path. Right now I am suggesting by e-mail to my representative, (a rubber stamp for Obama), and my Senators, that they start the ball rolling to clean up Congress and then DC.

          10. Yadja says

            Will do sounds stimulating.

          11. WILDCATF4F says

            This is why we are facing a new Revolution, and when the Republic has been reinstated, many of the problems will be knocked down and buried.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          12. Yadja says

            Got er done.

            Wish there was another way but I am beginning to think the government of this country is going to do us in.

          13. Becky says

            It is. I’m sorry to hear your awful news. This is not a US government we have. It is a bunch of thugs out of a gulag. Personally I think they need ‘disappeared’ just like they did to the sniper, Kyle.

          14. Yadja says

            My great grandfather spent his life in the Gulag for fighting Communism. My grandfather was exiled to Siberia where my mother was born for running an underground to get intelligentsia out of Communist countries.

            Yes I was raised never to forget what Stalin did and yes especially Obama Care is reminiscent of Stalin’s signature legislation National Healthcare.

            Yes you understand and people think us crazy they just have not a clue.

          15. Becky says

            I am glad you see it and understand too, Yadja. I thought you were Russian from your name. You would certainly know the History. Unfortunately for us, this country has ALTERED History to conform to the Liberal Lies. I doubt the fools educated since the late 60s, early 70s, have any idea how many millions their Fascist heroes murdered. When THEY get the consequences, I’ll be a happy camper. These brain dead thugs are NOT going to learn. Just look at Sudsy, and he’s one of the better trolls. All we can do is eliminate them out of our country. We used to do that. Hang therm or deport them to Russia. For some reason the Lib/Fascists were allowed to take over and stop the process of keeping the lunatics under control. And look at us now.

          16. Yadja says

            My grand had Russian in his background. In actuality his people rode with the Czars.

            No this country is not the same as it was even 30 years ago. The One World Order and all it’s minions been working a very long time on making sure we had the right spiders, spinning the right webs in every infrastructure of our government and our daily lives.

            But then ya know how could a Republic built on a Constitution and Bill of Rights have ever succeeded as long as evil was in the world?

            I bet you know our ancestors in America knew the Muslims and were paying taxes to them for years for safe passage from the Barbary Coast Pirates and that it was Thomas Jefferson who took them out. Also that 1 million Europeans enslaved by the Barbary Coast Pirates died.

            None of our problems appear to be anything new.

          17. Becky says

            Yes I do know Yadja. I post repeatedly how we ALREADY fought the ‘slimes back in the 1700s. It is amazing how many people don’t believe it at all. Makes me KNOW they know nothing at all. Those murderous, raping THINGS have harassed us right from the beginning. We went to war because they would not stop taking the ships and belongings of the early Americans.

          18. Yadja says

            Our Founding Fathers and many greats like Churchill spoke of the plague and they needed tethering.

            O won’t do it, he won’t let our military do it maybe Europe will do it.

          19. Becky says

            Isn’t it pathetic when all we can do is HOPE someone will stop this? We are in very evil times.

          20. Yadja says

            Yes it is pathetic that we have become so passive we honestly think the ballot box will work for us when everyone is so corrupted what they need is a good cleaning out and a can of Whoop A$$ opened on them.

            Our Founding Fathers would have made quick haste getting rid of O.

          21. Becky says

            Love that reply Yadja. lol… We are an embarrassment to the Founders I’m quite sure. I’m very feisty and drive my family crazy. Simply because most people now are not. I’d rather go out fighting, while most people would rather stay glued to their boob tubes and watch some stinky version of “Idle… whatever”…..

          22. Yadja says

            Thank you. I am hotheaded and quick to respond, not always been good for me but in this case I believe a hotheaded Founding Father armed with Sword and Pistol at his side would have made short work of a problem like O.

          23. Becky says

            Can’t disagree with that statement Yadja. They would have made short order of this foreign puke. Heck, even 25 years ago someone would have.

          24. Yadja says

            I can imagine it my minds eye. O comes into office and he immediately stomps on all that these men have given fortune and would give life for. This document they worked so hard on knowing the different types of government, understanding the greatest minds and philosophers in the world. At such young ages they already represented their country it is as if they were sent by the Gods from above as in ancient history, reported and told throughout the histories of the world.

            Then he walks before them and says to them you best not read anymore Aristotle or Plato or Socrates I won the election………….then the ire is brought forth in the hearts of each and every man in Congress…….they do not hesitate…..remembering the hard fought battle and loss of life to bring this Republic into being…….. a flash of glistening swords and……………the would be King……….the Tyrant…….is no more.

            Ahhhhhhh tis good to dream.

          25. Becky says

            Lol.. And that is about the ONLY way anymore we have to remember our Great country. Sadly…It was a good dream Yadja….

          26. Yadja says

            Well my dear that is what imagination is for. To bring us relief from Reality.

          27. Becky says

            Gosh, a bunch of you guys are downright funny tonight Yadja!

            So now we know: Illegal aliens – your RELIEF….

          28. Yadja says

            Well we all do our best to laugh in the face of danger.

            If I cry my mascara runs.

          29. Becky says


          30. American says

            Yadja – Excellent. Best of luck to you.

          31. Yadja says

            Thank you my Congressman has a great representative handling this. He is X Marine and he is not giving up.

          32. Becky says

            Glad to hear that for your sake Yadja. Best of luck to you…

          33. Yadja says

            Well you and I both know they will get that pound of flesh they have to give it to the illegal Hispanics and Muslims.

          34. Becky says

            Exactly. That is why so many White American citizens are being left out in the cold. The demonrats NEED those idiots and morons to continue their agenda.

          35. Yadja says

            Indeed they are getting creative.

          36. Becky says

            Terrifyingly so.

          37. Yadja says

            The stories of the Vets who are being sent these letters by the DOD demanding payback for over payment over 10 or even 15 years ago is really frightening. Especially when they tell my Congressman in effect………we don’t need to prove our claim.

            They have learned well from King O.

          38. Becky says

            These thugs are so hideously evil it is beyond even my vast comprehension. I don’t understand how they have avoided being crushed for the horrid things they do. Do you suppose people are waking up to the Libs/Commies yet?

          39. Yadja says

            Nobody knows what they are doing.

            But they will.

          40. Becky says

            Yes, they eventually will, Yadja. But will those of us who have ALWAYS known their evil have a prayer of living? I think soon now, the brain dead dolt Libs are going to find out what Communism and Fascism are all about. I hope God protects the REST of us while they are learning a lesson of History.

          41. Yadja says

            The Spirit of man always yearns to be free and the Spirit in man is always free.

            This country will pay a heavy price for it’s choices and for those who do not understand what I said above they will suffer.

            I doubt you will dear. Keep the Faith.

          42. Becky says

            Yes I have my faith in God. Not much in man any longer. Of course, I haven’t had that since I hit 7 years of age…. Be well. I must go get busy.

          43. Tom Brechlin says

            I’m sorry that I sound pessimistic. I commend you for your efforts. Last year I was involved in a movement that challenged a state senator on his switching to voting for gay marriage. Didn’t do any good because he was voted back into office.

            Years ago I was involved in a tax payer watchdog group. I’ll admit that it was effective and we had a lot of community support. We DID make a difference but that was almost 40 years ago. I have seen a steady decline on peoples interest in trying to do something, to make changes. I don’t know what it’s gonna take.

          44. Yadja says

            Well we here in Florida flooded Rubio with emails and calls and he stopped his screaming for amnesty.

            We win some we loose most. I will loose this, they pretty much told my Congressman forget it, we don’t need proof and we will get the money.

            It has already gone up by 400 since August.

            I am beginning to see our government is more like Hitler daily.

          45. kjenkinsaf says

            May be time to “organize and participate” in militias.

          46. American says

            At one point in time, such a thought would have been inconceivable, but you do hear it expressed more and more these days. The scary part is that, from what I’ve read, Obama has been preparing for that possibility.

          47. Yadja says

            Oh most assuredly he has. You need to take a look at the 2012 NDAA Reauthorization Act and look at Section 1021. It gives O the right to arrest us on our soil, without reason, without Due Process and keep us as long as he wants. Now what kind of Congress, even if for O, agreed to allow him to do such a thing? They are all in on it.

            Then if you really want to read something that will raise your ire Directive #3025.18 Defense Support of Civil Authorities passed December 29, 2010. Then you begin to understand why all the government agencies bought up the tons of ammo.

            Take a walk through the militarization of the police across this country. There have been documentaries on BBC and Russian TV and other International news asking what the Hey is going on in America.

            I am sure to those who have not had their eyes opened yet I sound insane but I tell you with the history of my mother from Communist countries I see this for what it is. A takeover of this country by a Stalin or Hitler and Yes I am worried.

          48. American says

            Yadja – I share your concern. I believe that there are too many good people in the police and military that would prevent this from happening, but it could lead to blood in the streets.

          49. Yadja says

            Yes it could.

          50. Becky says

            Oh you bet he has. That’s exactly WHY he has been purging our military of the old, loyal soldiers at the top. It’s part of why he broke down the morale by bringing in all the queers. Used to be REAL soldiers would execute them on the battlefield. We have nothing but woosies now, I fear. It is WHY he has spent BILLIONS and more billions loading up the entire Federal gov’t with tanks, ammo, guns, etc. And WHY he’s been buying so much that we can’t get our hands on ammo. I don’t know if the rumors of all lthe FEMA camps are for real because I haven’t seen one personally, but this guy is such a thug I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s WHY he has updated and expanded all the laws and EO’s for Martial Law. He can now take over EVERYTHING in this country. Food in YOUR pantry, water anywhere, communications, travel. You name it, HE has control. Scary.

          51. American says

            Becky – Yep. How things have deteriorated in such a short time, all due to this guy, and the worst is not over.

          52. Becky says

            You’re right American. The worst is yet to come. I don’t think all of us are going to survive. This thug in our WH is just the puppet put into office to finish our demise. It’s been coming since the 1960s when the Commies got control of our education and other systems.. obama is just the ass they chose to finish us off.

          53. Yadja says

            Ya know I have tried to see what is happening in the Militias I know of and I don’t get any answer. I believe they are afraid to act on anything. They are being monitored.

          54. Tom Brechlin says

            Many have tried and have failed. It would be one think if we lived in a society that felt as we do but we don’t. The majority are at best, apathetic. And why not be. These people not only wait for handouts, they expect handouts.

            An associate of mine just recently made the comment “you know what I like about Obama? He forgive my student loan debt.” At that point I asked the he thank me for the $$ that paid for it.” Obama used OUR money to do this.

            Are people so stupid to think that this is free money? That this money isn’t manna from heaven?

          55. American says

            Tom Brechlin – You’re right, Tom, there is no free lunch. Somebody’s paying for it, and usually it’s us. Same thing with Obama’s free college tuition, we’ll be paying for it. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing – why not encourage our kids to go to college in that way plus we’ll get the benefit when our child goes. However, every time we give the government more to do, in walks corruption, waste, and mismanagement. Look at the horrific condition of the IRS – people working there (some) don’t pay their taxes, watch porn during work hours, even commit fraud and they keep their jobs – some of those recently were let go, but then more recently were hired back again. The government has no incentive to do things efficiently, correctly, or even do anything at all – that’s when personal interests and corruption like Lois Lerner can thrive. VA is even worse; they all get bonuses and people die. It’s in our best interests to minimize government, keep it to only those functions that we and the private industry can’t do (like military). This is the view of our Founding Fathers, is supposed to be the view of the GOP, and should be the view of all of us. Sorry, for the extended rant on the soap box.

          56. Tom Brechlin says

            Education is GREAT but here’s the deal, what good is it if the educated don’t bother getting jobs OR better yet, there are no jobs for the educated.

            A friend of ours who has 6 kids, put them all through college but here’s the catch. Most students who drop out of college in the first two years. The parents made their kids agree to one thing. The kids pay for the first two years and if they stay with it, the parents will reimburse them and pay for the rest. BUT if they drop out in the first two years, the bill in on the kids to pay.

            Instead what we have are a bunch of people clambering to get into colleges, And speaking of college? Twenty-six percent of 12th graders are below the basic reading level. This means these kids do not have the skills necessary to perform simple and everyday literacy activities. Also, in comparison to other countries, the U.S. is ranked 14th in literacy and 25th in math.

          57. American says

            Good points, Tom. I like your friend’s college funding strategy – I’m about to face that myself and may try that approach. You’re right, the kids need incentives to help themselves even though they shouldn’t need us to give them such incentives. Nobody had to encourage me to finish college. Anyway, you’re also right about skill levels. It wasn’t always this way, Tom. It’s a sad situation.

          58. Becky says

            Didn’t sound like a ‘rant’ at all American. It sounded like what it was – the TRUTH.

          59. Yadja says

            When I hear this because I talk to my neighbors who take when they don’t need it, I say and where do you think that money comes from? They honestly don’t know they figure the government has some stockpile somewhere they get it from. I tell them they get it from your fellows who are working and they don’t give it the government takes it.

            There are those who really don’t understand and when they do you can see the light come on.

          60. Miss Kitty says

            That is because Congress belongs to that same crowd who is stealing us blind. Wouldn’t surprise me if our votes aren’t manipulated in showing winners that we didn’t vote in but those they want in joining their group of fat cats. They consider sheep gullible and do a great job of ‘eatumupyumyum’ on them.

          61. Yadja says


          62. cvxxx says

            The politicians listen to the “experts” and the big donors. They are the ones who allow the jobs to be outsourced. They are the ones to blame when millions can’t find a job. There seems to be a Kyriarchy at work here. to make America a 3rd world county.

          63. Yadja says

            Well that is interesting is it not. Under Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr we did not have the crisis in jobs and the economy that we do now.

            By the way it was Clinton who brought us NAFTA.

            Isn’t odd that under O the National Debt has gone above any other presidents time in office put together? Bush Jr. inherited a 5 something trillion National Debt and when he handed it over to O it was only 10.5 trillion and now it is close to 18 trillion. Do the math.

            Is it not odd that when O came into office the unemployment rate was 7 something and under O the average has bee up until just recently 9 to 10 take or add a few.

            So appears to me that your right something stinks and it surely starts with O and ends with O in history. More jobs are leaving and he won’t let the pipeline through, his EPA has put Coal Industry down the tubes like O promised along with writing Legislative law and following through with fines and this is unconstitutional.

          64. cvxxx says

            The Coal industry is under fire from the Greens. They want an end to all fossil fuels. O knows that they are potent ,young, political force.

          65. Yadja says

            When he was running for office he said, he would destroy the Coal Industry, redistribute the wealth, downsize our military, downsize our nukes, talk to our enemies and more. He said exactly what he was going to do and he is doing it.

            He is misusing the EPA to get it done.

          66. Mark Erickson says

            I thought there must be an ulterior motive for claims made by liberals lately that seem to go together with “man-made global warming” claims,…like the claim that we must forget any research in the ’90’s into clean-coal technology, and claim that coal absolutely can never be clean. Santa, please give Obama a lump of EXPLODING coal for Christmas.

          67. Elizabeth Davis says

            They need to go into the coal fields and live with those people for awhile.
            In the coal fields which are in the mountains that is their only livelihood. Why don’t they use their energy and money to find ways to make coal burn cleaner

          68. cvxxx says

            The greens do not care about that they just want to get rid of all fossil fuels and do not care who gets hurt. Fanatics are like that they see only what they want.

          69. Tom Brechlin says

            Follow the “green” and that means the “money.” Green is where it’s at for more reasons then one.

          70. Yadja says

            Actually I have done my homework on this one and you are right the people are suffering because of the closing of the mines. It is a hard life. But I also know that Coal companies have gone to Clean Coal and did everything that was expected of them and he still closed them down.

            Not to mention the lands he is confiscating in the name of Federal Government but he is not the only one Clinton took mountains from states that were filled with gems, he shut their income on these gems down.

            They are all filthy.

          71. Elizabeth Davis says

            I lived there and it was good but now it is poverty. and they want to take what little they have from them. I go back once a year. everyone thinks they are ignorant and hillbillies, well they have contributed authors, painters, opera singers, senators, governors, movies, actors and etc.

          72. Yadja says

            Indeed. Labels are just that and have no meaning to those who know who they are.

          73. sherri palmer says

            I keep asking myself and congress about this

          74. Yadja says

            Me also.

          75. Becky says

            Our Congress is made up of Criminals that the voters are just too damned stupid to throw out of office!

          76. Yadja says

            Well remember the “Stupid” was used to get Obama Care passed and now the “Stupid” are seeing the price they will pay.

            Ignorance is not bliss.

          77. Becky says

            You must be my twin somewhere, Yadja ;-)…. But ignorance IS bliss if you have the brain of a turnip. I hope the ‘stupid’ pay so damned dearly they remember what THEY did for the next 400 years.

          78. Yadja says

            It appears I have and you have many sisters and brothers in arms against this enemy within and they will pay but they are too dumb to know they are paying until it is too late.

          79. Becky says

            I think we are actually at that “too late” point Yadja. Keep your head down girl…. Be safe.

          80. Yadja says

            I fear you are right. Got a boat and a river that leads to the ocean.

            Islands looking better all the time.

          81. Becky says

            I’m way out in the boonies on a private lake that goes nowhere. Not in any hurry to leave….Yeah I hear that Island bit. G’ Night Yadja.

          82. Yadja says

            G’Am Becky. This country is so filled with vast wilderness that it would be years before it could be subdued or taken over and all the freemen found.

          83. Becky says

            20 years ago I think that was true. Now? They’d find us in a heart beat with heat sensors, etc…. It’s only the Illegal invaders they can’t find now.

          84. Yadja says

            Ahhhhhh but the caves, the depths of the mountains, the expanse of the wilderness, tis there for those who know.

            Trust me on this one plus with the innovations of the new generations keeping tabs on drones et all if there is a will there is a way.

            In my family one child IQ off the wall, has not done him a service in life but the Almighty puts warriors in these last days and I believe he and his cohorts wear that shield.

            Thats all I am sayin.

          85. Becky says

            I’ll hope to God then, Yadja that you are right. No caves etc where I live… Flat farmland…Lots of milk cows…. Keep that child or adult now, safe.

          86. Yadja says

            Ya know there is a labyrinth of caves crossing the world and there is a book on it. When I was in Landstuhl for this war I found out about the caves that went from Landstuhl all over.

            The Native Indians of the Grand Canon Speak of the people who came from the caves and also all over the world there is that legend. But behind every legend there is truth.

          87. Becky says

            Yes Yadja I do know there are caves all over. Particularly around mountain areas. We don’t have any of those either. 😉
            The only mountains we have are cow patties.

          88. Yadja says

            Well lookie here now……..cow patties grow mushrooms…..the mushrooms take you to places you never been before.

          89. Becky says

            Ahhhh, yes. Part of that ‘reality’ test…. snort….

          90. Yadja says

            Sniff….snort….cough…..down that beer or whatever…….looka here……Oh my……boy howdy I think the sky is falling and I could care less…..

          91. Becky says

            lol…. drowning in your beer are you? Pretty funny Yadja. A sense of humor definitely keeps us sane these evil days! Nah… I don’t really give a rip either. Just about our country.

          92. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL just messing around. Yes gotta have a sense of humor when you face senseless people daily.

            We are lost if the Liberals continue to breed hopefully they will take their birth control.

          93. Becky says

            Yes, I was aware Yadja. You seem to have the same sense of humor I do so I got that. I try to avoid all those senseless people Yadja! I only go out for food and other necessities. I really have no desire to drown in the stupidity flooding our country and culture. Be well Yadja and stay safe….

          94. cvxxx says

            Congress does nothing, because they will not get those big donations in the future.

        2. Combatvet52 says

          Why in the hell are we so honest……all these b–tards are stealing the eyeballs out of our sockets, this has to stop I’m tired of paying TAXES

          1. Yadja says

            Amen my friend Amen but you know the American people are patient and it takes a very long time for them to finally choke on what they are being fed.

            When it comes it will be an avalanche that purifies our country or we will die fighting, depends on the upcoming elections.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            I’m 100% in agreement with you.

          3. Yadja says

            It has to be so.

          4. Terry Hamblin says

            Yadja, Grace Scott is waiting for you on one politicalplaza

          5. Yadja says

            In the process. Don’t know if this is what I want.

          6. Terry Hamblin says

            Your prerogative, there is a thread set up called “Read what Yadja says” mainly so we can find you, and the idea is to mull things over to find a way to fix the DC horror story.

          7. Yadja says

            Oh that sounds good. Will do. Thank you.

          8. Tom Brechlin says

            Sadly this has been going on for a very long time. Whereas we want to see things change, there is no indication that they will. There is an increase in food stamp recipients. Ya really think things will change soon or the near future or even in the distant future?

            Countless voters are on government assisted programs, ya think the politicians who were put into office by these people want to rock that boat?

            I want to also want to point out that some of these people go to food pantries. A women (addict) goes often. I have caught her more then once throwing food out because she doesn’t like what was given to her. (thrilled that she’s moving at the end of the month!)

          9. Yadja says

            Right I see it here also.

            We are well on the road to O’s goal.

          10. glenn398 says

            Patient with 50% on some government program I think more than patient is a work here.

          11. Sandy129 says

            Because as honest people we have to look at ourselves in the mirror. Many folks fall thru the cracks that need help but I have found the Lord always provides. I am one of those who could apply for help but do not. People need the Lord now more than ever.

          12. Combatvet52 says

            Sandy God Bless you, and if you need help apply for it, I see many people around with loads of jewelry and expensive cell phones, then their at the register with food stamps, plus Iv’e followed some to the parking lot and their driving big expensive cars, this irks me terrible they are milking the system.
            I know some people in desperate need and they have been denied…’s not right.

          13. Becky says

            Vet, in Michigan where I live, those Illegal Aliens get so much help, while White older people are DENIED help, they wear better clothes and drive better, fancy new pickup trucks than half the taxpayers do. They need cut off.

          14. Combatvet52 says

            Big problem it’s in all the states…….disgusting administration.

          15. Becky says

            It is such a huge problem. I am beginning to have serious doubts about whether we have ANY politicos left to help us. Or is it over….

          16. Sandy129 says

            When Scott Walker said one of the things he did in Wisconsin to cut gov expense was to defund planned parenthood, that go my attention. He is also the son of a Baptist preacher so it seems he was raised well. I am watching him at this point in time but that of course could change.

          17. Becky says

            I would vote for Walker in a New York minute! He is one of the rare GOOD ones. The only people who hate his guts are the UNION thugs. That says it all to me.

          18. Sandy129 says

            Another yankee? I live in NY too but on the western side near Pennsylvania.

          19. Becky says

            Michigan, Sandy, so yes. Another Yank and proud of it!

          20. Yadja says

            I am with you on that.

          21. Combatvet52 says

            Just maybe when this cockroach is out we might get lucky to get some honest people in the government.

          22. Becky says

            Dear God I hope so, Vet. We have needed a couple hundred of them for so long now. If not 300 or 400. But we always have the stupid people voting who do not value honor and decency at all. In fact, a lot of the trolls on these sites believe WE are the cause of the evil in this country. I’d like to see them all shipped out to N Korea myself. Where their little Commie sensibilities belong.

          23. Combatvet52 says

            Very well said Becky…….trolls will always be trolls if they were living under certain conditions by commie rule, then i want to hear their mouths spew the BS.

          24. Yadja says

            She is a winner.

          25. Becky says

            They seem to be quieting down some out in the world these days don’t they Vet? Haven’t heard them spewing about how ‘wonderful’ obamacare is for quite awhile now. It’s hilarious….Not for us, but they are certainly funny. The dolts.

          26. Combatvet52 says

            The rats must be working undercover…….

          27. Becky says

            Now that was worth a ***snicker*** ! Good one Vet.

          28. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL cockroach just remember they survived the Ice Age and every Age.

          29. Combatvet52 says

            True but leaves only one alternative the CRUSH.

          30. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL like the roaches we fumigate and they find a way. LOLOLOL

            CRUSH agree

          31. Becky says

            Exactly what they need Vet!

          32. Sandy129 says

            I have seen that too and know they have to be cheating somehow to get all that. I get those income parameters for heat assistance and I am about $50 above the requirement. I did go on the budget so I can know what my payment is every month and that helps a lot. I hate those kind of surprises! I just had to give up my 16 year old Grand Prix and was blessed with a 2008 with 31,000 actual miles on it and a smoke free car. I have asthma so I can’t do smoke but now I have a car payment but its half paid for now so if I can hold on a little longer…I have thought of maybe a reverse mortgage but I am afraid of those. I heard two horror stories of people in my area. I think its a gov property grab. I sure miss my RN wages!

          33. Becky says

            I am also highly suspicious of those Sandy. For one thing, once people go that route, they no longer OWN their house. The bank does. And they can kick you out anytime they want to.

          34. Sandy129 says

            Because they are gov guaranteed is what bothers me too. One lady that was a patient in the hospital said she did a reverse mortgage and when she went to Florida to care for her son dying of cancer she came back to an empty house and no longer the owner. Another one on my son’s mail route did one and they demanded all improvements be up to code and she had no money left to pay bills. That was the main reason she did it was to get out from under the bills. I did check one bank that offered me $17,000 and paying my almost paid mortgage off on my 4 bedroom cape cod home! I said no thank you. I am sure they are all different in the deals one could make but as long as I can make the mortgage, I’m not going for it, its out and out thievery.

          35. Becky says

            Good for you Sandy. This one is almost paid off too. I hope I can finish it, but it will have to be redone. My mom pays far more a month than I could ever do. Not if I want to eat and live at any rate! Good luck with yours lady.

          36. Sandy129 says

            Thanks and you hang in there too. It’s not like we have a choice either of us, we are not quitters.Be blessed!

          37. Becky says

            Nope we don’t. I’ll go till I drop. Then I won’t. 😉 God Bless you too.

          38. Combatvet52 says

            I just saw a disgusting lazy piece of garbage on Judge Judy he collects $1,700
            a month and $800. bucks for his son, he has a pain problem BS he was standing tall and wasn’t hurting at all even the Judge remarked she saw nothing wrong with him. I got hurt back in 1995 hurt my back,leg and arm all on my left side
            this case is 19 years old The Judge awarded me all the money owed to me plus the amount allowed by law monthly according to my weekly pay check, her decision was that i have a 60% partial permanent disability well the carrier attorneys along with the attorneys from NY Comp Board threw me out in the gutter, they claim that in order for me to collect i have to look for work, heres the good part I’m 83 with CKD can’t get enough sleep legs are hurting real bad and cannot take any pills for for pain there poison to the kidneys, this is the system that we have to put up with it stinks……Iv’e never asked the VA for anything I’ll most likely will be denied by some shit that is sitting on their a$$ thinking that they own the VA.

          39. Sandy129 says

            Nurses don’t get hazard duty pay either and I have a permanent partial cervical injury that reeks havoc with repetitive arm movement as well as the other lovely issues of the golden years. Sleep is something foreign to me too these days. I do take Ultram for pain and it does help but not 100% and if I push too hard I end up down with a migraine so I just pace myself and do the best I can. I haven’t been able to shovel any snow at all this year but I suppose if my neighbors get sick of it they will do the entire walk instead of stopping next to my driveway. My Grand Prix has been a trooper and I end up getting a good start and can get out. It’s bare where I park so with the front wheel drive I can get moving enough to bust thru and once I have a path I’m good til the next snow. It sure is cold here! We will have sub zero nights for the next 5 days with not much warmer day times. Couldn’t pay me to shovel now even if I could!

          40. Combatvet52 says

            Snow and freezing cold tired of shoveling snow……that’s why i moved out of NY to the sunshine state 17 years ago, i refused to stay retired in that lousy weather.
            The Golden Years are not so Golden, hang in there Sandy.

          41. Yadja says

            Ya’lll come on down to Florida. We could use some real common sense and more good people here.,

          42. Combatvet52 says

            That’s where I’m at

          43. Yadja says

            Oh wow did not read right!!!!! LOLOLOL we only got 3 hours of sleep last night got a call out.

            LOLOLOL Kiss my grits I am loosing it.

          44. Combatvet52 says

            Hang in there girl.

          45. Yadja says

            By my toenails

          46. Sandy129 says

            Glad you were able to escape all of this. I meant to tell you before, thanks for your service! I spent a few years in Oklahoma as well as Alaska and have grown accustomed to changes in seasons. Alaska was depressing with the darkness but loved the snow games. We would go to the sledding areas and all would share their rides and it was a ball but that was about it. My favorite was the huge tractor inter tube.That would fly! Oklahoma was great as it did have some winter although short and just about all a body can take. I loved Keystone Lake too, that’s where my pic was taken. I miss the south and it is a great place to retire but don’t know if I can swing it. It is always a thought and perhaps I will escape as you have. I have to know though, where is the best place to settle?

          47. Combatvet52 says

            You’re quite welcomed, I find Boynton Beach Fl to be a very nice spot to retire and there sure are many retirees in this area, but the last couple of years there are lot’s of young family’s moving to the area.

          48. Sandy129 says

            That sounds nice. I have heard there are a lot of muslims there, are there? We have some here and I expect more because they are building a million dollar mosque less than 20 miles from me and the training camp in Hancock. They are building it in a residential area and right next to a very nice apartment complex. I can’t imagine how the neighbors will handle it but it seems we are being surrounded. I don’t hate them but I know how they are and basically don’t trust them especially now with the mosque being built and following that with a school. They were a small group and have never bothered anyone and have been in their building for several years. I worry about the change with the numbers that will be coming. I am a peaceful sort and our area peaceful and everyone gets along so I hate to see that change. I do wish for a warmer climate tho! They are predicting -20 for Monday morning. That is extreme even for NY. Boston will get the worst of it. I feel bad for them.

          49. Combatvet52 says

            Yes we have some here seems like their getting in all over and theres like 7 mosques in Palm Beach County, so far so good.
            (don’t trust them) i feel the same way.

          50. MARYSWEET says

            Sandy – I understand what you say about sleep being foreign to you because of pain. I spent many years and still do occasionally but I have found something that has helped immensely. Have you thought of trying pain management? I had days I could not get out of bed or walk and I am now 79 and regained so much body motion and hardly any pain. Your primary care physician could refer you to a pain management doctor. You need x-rays and an MRI but the pain doc injects a steroid near the are of pain and it is amazing what relief you can get. Hope you will talk to your primary care physician about it. I hate to hear about you suffering so much if you can get some relief. I also take some pain medications but the main thing is the pain management treatment which I get every 3 months and I thank God every day for them. Good Luck!

          51. Sandy129 says

            Thank you so much for the tip. My sleep patter is so messed up, my poor dogs have caught it too! I had a bad cold I got from my grand babies at Christmas and slept off and on in my recliner chair and that really added to my biological clock upset. I should be working night shift at the hospital as I would never get sleepy! I did get steroid injections for my knee at one point and you’re right, it does make a big difference. I am still in my own home and the responsibilities do not go away so I do a lot of grin and bear it to get things done. The last place I want to be is in a nursing home and as a retired RN, they don’t want me either. lol

          52. MARYSWEET says

            I hear you about the sleep pattern. When I have a bad night (usually when the weather is getting bad) I usually get up several times to take a hot bath and my poor dog just looks at me with her eyes at half mast. I used to walk the floors at night and took as many as 6 hot soak baths a night for the pain until I started the pain management. I still have bad days and nights but nothing like I had before. I know what you mean about grin and bear it to get things done around the house and the yard cause I have the same problem but glad to be able to be independent. I don’t even like to think about the day that I can’t take care of myself and my dog.

          53. Sandy129 says

            My thoughts exactly. My dogs are so devoted to me and spoiled too, I don’t know how they would adjust to another person.I have an elderly chihuahua and a close behind miniature doxie and a Shepherd who is only 3. I rarely get company so they don’t know anyone else. My German Shepard Molly,heaves a sigh as she lays down next to my bed once we settle in. lol I keep thinking I gotta get it together before long as spring is near and outside work again will be necessary. I have a hard time keeping on top of house work and yard together. These are all a challenge but still far better than losing our independence huh?

          54. MARYSWEET says

            Check out pain management treatments. They can do wonders for pain and i got back so much body movement. I have 2 herniated discs, pinched nerve and arthritis has set. I’m in my “golden” years so it has been a God send to me.

          55. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks Mary I’ve tried everything even acupuncture nothing works and i can’t take any kind of pain killers because of my CKD, i use a lot of Australian Dream
            doesn’t take it away but it helps me to move around, i have seen 4 orthopedic doctors even surgery will not help……at 82 i have to suffer for the next 18 years HA

          56. MARYSWEET says

            I understand exactly what you mean. Pain management might be worth looking into. I can only say it has done wonders for me. They give you a light anesthetic and low grade x-ray so they can tell where the steroid needs to go. It hurts for a few seconds during the injection but not that bad. It is so worth it when you get up and the pain is so much less. You do need someone to take you as you can’t drive because of the medication and they keep you in a recovery room for 30 minutes to make sure everything is okay and then you can go home. Usually you’re sleepy so you can go home and take a nap. At least that is how my doctor works and he is very reputable and has been so successful with my problems. I am 79 (80 in June) and it wasn’t until I started these treatments that I was able to get a dog and I can take her for walks and even work in my yard now. I had used chiropractors also but it didn’t help so when I was finally recommended to use this method I jumped at it. If you try it please let me know at I hope you will look into it and Good Luck. Sandy129 I hope you will let me know if you look into and if you get some relief.

          57. Combatvet52 says

            I’ve tried pain management 3 times (zilch) had injections in the spine lasted for about a year, then it was done again and lasted 3 months.

          58. MARYSWEET says

            You don’t just get the treatment once. It won’t work that way because the steroids don’t last. I go every three months for a treatment and it has made a world of difference for me. To be honest I had thought about suicide before I stated the pain treatments. So if you’re not continuing the treatments on a set schedule (like every 3 months) it won’t work. You might want to try again and keep on a schedule and you will be amazed it gets better all the time. Good luck to you.

          59. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks Mary

          60. MARYSWEET says

            You’re most welcome. I hope you give it another try and whatever you do I hope you get relief from the pain.

          61. guest says

            Just wants to whine

          62. Jesse says

            How do you know he’s a ” disgusting lazy piece of garbage” ‘looks OK’ only means he is well enough to sit in church or a bar. The things we do every day is a lot different than being on a job where you are expected to perform for 8 hours or be fired…

          63. Combatvet52 says

            Because the Judge thinks so and so did the audience those sound like good odds, i worked with a disability and never got anything from the system,or from the VA my problem is I’m the honest guy, wake up the free loaders are all around us and we continue to pay dearly.
            There was a construction company in Florida with 20 men working on roofs flooring sheetrock the whole nine yards they were all retired officers from the North collecting disability working on a million dollar job, these are the honest guys…….( right )

          64. Jesse says

            “wake up the freeloaders are all around us” I’m pretty well wide awake and I would say that you and your judge ‘do nothing’ buddy are both stupid SOBs if you think you can accurately evaluate anyone’s ability to work and stay employed after a health disaster, based on their appearance. Maybe if you followed them around all day and were smart enough to gauge their efforts and frustrations, your opinion might be considered worthwhile, but otherwise you and him are both a bad joke. I know there are many freeloaders drawing checks, but I also know there are many disabled who were not ready to quit work and settle for the miserable pittance of a life provided by the SS system.

          65. Combatvet52 says

            I KNOW THIS I also know there are many disabled who were not ready to quit work and settle for the miserable pittance of a life provided by the SS system.
            Your the AH and the SOB …….. not me, so go back to the little hole that you live in and leave me alone…..are we clear, i paid my dues more than once.

          66. Yadja says

            Yeh as evidenced by O in office.

          67. Shellbell says

            That’s sickening isn’t it but not surprising at all

          68. MARYSWEET says

            Anytime the government is involved, like those reverse mortgages, I get such a bad feeling. I would not trust them as far as I could throw them. I feel sorry for anyone who has taken one out because what is happening is that the government comes in and gives you some money and then waits until they find a reason to take over the house and put the owners out on the street. Anyone even considering a reverse mortgage should go to a lawyer and go over ALL the paperwork before making a decision. It’s just another way the government has to take your property.

          69. Sandy129 says

            Yes and the way things are going it could happen soon enough without handing it over to them on a silver platter. The UN’s agenda 21 requires nobody have private property and the requirements to have it will be so pricey we will be forced out. I think that must have been the guidelines for the one lady as her money all went for repairs to bring her home up to “their” code.

          70. Elizabeth Davis says

            The ones that need it never get it

          71. Sandy129 says

            Could it be that we may be registered Republican or Conservative on our voter registration? You are right tho, certain folks get a pass.

          72. Yadja says

            Wait until the millions upon millions of illegals get here.

          73. Becky says

            Yes, I am one of the ones who could too Sandy. The difference is, some of us were raised to believe WE were responsible for ourselves. Unfortunately, I did that and prepared for my disability and retirement, then ML stole it all. So I have nothing. I might have to some day. But ‘I’ will feel humiliated by it…..

          74. Sandy129 says

            That’s what it is for Becky but we are of the few that will do it as a last resort. I too may be faced with it as well. Nobody knows the future but the Lord. I have already pondered a reverse mortgage but that will be a last resort as I have heard of few horror stories in my area from those who did it. It didn’t feel right in my gut the first commercial I saw for it and am leery of it and with good reason. I believe it is a property grab by gov. I found myself a single mom of 4 and had no choice. I went back to college and got my RN so I wouldn’t have to depend on them anymore with their nit picking and rules changing every day. It seems some of us get scrutinized while others get a pass. I vowed I would never be under their thumb again and so far have kept it but as tight as money is these days it seems to be just enough to survive. Forget eye exams and dental like when I worked but the rest is covered. I am glad I have healthy teeth! I too will be humiliated and go kicking and screaming all the way!

          75. Becky says

            I have no dental or vision either and have eye diseases that have scarred both retinas so far. I HAVE to have the money so I have to take it out of living expenses FIRST. I invariably run out of food. Right now my very elderly mother helps cover food when I need it, but she’s on her death bed. Literally. Going to get interesting… Be well friend.

          76. Sandy129 says

            I will be praying for you. I lost my precious Mom in 2000 and she was my best friend next to Jesus and I miss her more than words can say. I haven’t had an eye exam for almost 15 years and I need one. You are right, we have to take it from somewhere and with a fixed income it can be a real challenge. You be well too friend.

          77. Becky says

            Thanks for the prayers Sandy. God only knows, you and I can use them all, hey? I guess the one good thing for me in tearing my retinas is that that was a ‘medical’ issue. Because I was in that office every week to every other week, then 2 – 4 months, for about 4 years. Supposedly, they won’t tear anymore. Hope not. Vision sucks! It is definitely a challenge Sandy. That’s putting it mildly! Soon I’m going to have to find a way to share this home. Don’t want to lose it because it’s on a lake — PRIVATE. I don’t think anyone around here will stand for the chief thug trying to control it. Plus it’s rural so I’m not near a city. Within an hour drive but that’s not close…. We will be as safe as we can.

          78. Sandy129 says

            You are welcome, we are in much the same situation. I live in the suburbs and a few miles from the city but not far enough! lol I’ve been sort of in denial I guess with my eyes. I think I may have some cataracts going on as the glare I get when trying to read or being on the pc too long is miserable and frustrating. I know now how my Dad felt. He had detached retina’s in both eyes. One at a time and it was said it was caused by riding equipment and the continuous hours of vibration. He also had cataract surgery on both eyes before they did the lens implants so he was legally blind without his glasses. He used to get so angry trying to do things at times and now I know how he felt. I pray you won’t have any more issue with your eyes. We don’t appreciate them until we have impaired vision. We take too much for granted especially when we are young. We are up to the challenges I think and the Lord will see us thru.

          79. Becky says

            May God Bless you plenty Sandy. All we can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Maybe you should come out to the boonies where I am! Yeah cataracts really stink. I developed them in both eyes from the surgery to repair my torn retinas. Pain in the butt. Had to get mine repaired. Not enough vision left to let other problems go. This aging stuff is for the birds!

          80. Sandy129 says

            God Bless you too Becky! I would love having you as my neighbor! I agree on the aging stuff! The person who first referred to them as the “golden years” should have been hung! What about gives me fits is when the screw gets loose in my glasses and the lens falls out! I have an old pair of glasses from 20 years ago that I end up using to do the hit and miss with my tiny screwdriver in hopes to find the screw to tighten so I can put it back in.That has happened twice lately and I hope I got it tight enough this time to last a while! Young folk have no idea what is ahead of them! lol

          81. Becky says

            I fix that problem by going to a nice eye place – anywhere – and begging a few screws off them. Offer to pay. They usually don’t want any money. They probably get them by the dozens. Keep a few spare on hand. It helps. Must be you need your vision to get WORSE Sandy! I have lit magnifying glasses around the house. That’s what happens when you can’t see jack…..Lol… I agree about those ‘golden years’. But I figured the person who came up with that crap was so wealthy they could afford to hire everything they needed. THEN they really would be ‘golden’. For the rest of us unlucky slobs? Not so much…. But they’ll have plenty of time to find out what’s ahead. One of the joys of being younger…. Poor kids.

          82. Sandy129 says

            I will have to do that. My Dad had a little kit with a tiny screwdriver and I have that but its not being able to see and nobody here to do it for me. I need some of those soft nose pads put on too. WalMart only had the hard ones and they were better than nothing but they are killing my poor nose so I will have get both when I go. Thanks for the reminder. I got myself a Bible with giant print and it was so heavy I gave it away and then I got the same Bible in loose leaf form so I can put as much as I want in a small notebook and I can read it that way but even so aftet a bit my eyes just get tired and won’t focus. It’s almost like having a greasy smudge on your glass lenses. It’s just recently its been such an inconvenience so I gotta find ways to get around it. I need a magnifying glass with a light. I saw one advertized on TV a few weeks ago but not since so I will have to research that too. It could really be a help. Brrr! It is freezing here. Hope you are staying warm!

          83. Becky says

            We made it to 9 degrees this AM. I went out and shoveled. Worked up a sweat! Still room here for colder air 😉 ….Doesn’t take much to keep me warm. Try Publishers Clearing House online Sandy. You’ll have to make an entry I suppose. But they quite often have stuff like that. Or actually go to an eye doctor’s office, more likely a Retina Doctor’s office as those people are more likely to go blind. They’ll usually have catalogs around and have better (more powerful) equipment. I can still get by with the cheap stuff, unless I really need to sew. Can’t see ANY of that anymore so will have to get something to help with that. You stay warm too. I don’t mind the cold. I used to ski in it!

          84. Sandy129 says

            It was -4 a few hours ago and they are saying it could go as low as -20 with +1 for a high tomorrow. I have to go out to the store tomorrow no matter what. We are out of dog food and milk so it the ugly furry bomber hat as part of my attire! lol I always loved winter and never minded the cold so much but the older I get, the less I appreciate it. When I was in Alaska the snow play was awesome and I loved it. I don’t really remember the cold as being an issue, we were having way too much fun to notice. Everyone shared their toys and were so friendly it was like playing with family. I never learned to ski but I was a rather good skater at one time. I’d break everything I have now I’m afraid!
            I will try public clearing house. It seems to me the ones I saw may have been on QVC which I glance at out of curiosity.and they fit over your prescription glasses and have a light on each corner of the frame. I do sew some but I gather what I need, take thread in one hand and needle in the other and pray. It works. The Lord has to be my eyes in many situations but I do need to get something to help me out here.

          85. Becky says

            Yeah, it’s been so cold here I keep having to shut all of our blinds. So I can’t see our thermometers until it’s daylight. Bunch of woosies in this house! It’s that kind of bracing air that freezes the air in your lungs before you can get it out – or in. I like it… Even our outside animals aren’t tolerating it. They try to go out, make it about 2-5 minutes and are yelling to come in again. Pretty entertaining all in all. I never cared for downhill but I loved to cross country ski. With those skis I also didn’t mind going down big hills. They had a lot more control to them.. I had to give it up because I can no longer exercise, much to my dismay. Swimming is about all I can do, and only that for short bouts and not many repeats. Too bad. Lost most of my ‘fun’. Talk to you later Sandy… Stay warm…

          86. Yadja says

            I have never ever minded giving to those in need but it is those who do not need that are hurting those that do.

            Good for you. I was very poor at one time in my life. I had only me to get myself up and out. Did so. What came of it is I can be poor or I can be rich but I am always happy.

            Now went back to the soil, the land, the rivers and streams and springs and live very modestly.

            I don’t think there is anyone who does not admire people like you. My son fell two stories, crushed both feet and can only stand for two hours at a time. Drastically changed his life but he is so happy to be able to stand at all. Being a soldier I told him about the wounded.

            He does not apply either.

          87. Sandy129 says

            As long as we can make it without asking for help, I think we are better off. Gov help always comes with strings attached and I know how that is already. Many of us have known poverty and been down and found our feet again. It can be done. I was actually living out of my car back in 81 and the experience was far from pleasant, it was in January and very cold. My heart goes out to anyone in that position and thru no fault of their own in lots of cases. Ours was because we rented a house from a man who wasn’t the owner. Apparently a relative died and left the property and the dust hadn’t settled yet so we got caught with no place to live for a short time but long enough for me to get a taste of that. Times are hard for a lot of us now days but I do have my own home now, have a dependable car, my bills are paid up and my roof is not in jeopardy and I praise the Lord for all of it. He’s brought me a mighty long way. We can learn from our experiences or not. I don’t begrudge help to anyone who really needs it either and I think its is a blessing to be thankful for what we do have and not so much for what we don’t. Things could always be worse.

          88. Yadja says

            I lived out of my car for 3 weeks with 3 children and I would not go to any friends homes and burden them. I had to get a plan, having no family except a stepfather who was not financially able to help me. He lived with his brother.

            My X was a mean drunk and living with him was like walking on nitro. Only saving grace was he worked nights for the Postal system so during the day I was free to be in school with my children and work towards my RN degree.

            I had a teaching degree but it was in English, when going to a counselor I asked him what could I be that no matter how old I was I could take care of myself. He said Medical or Technology. I chose Medical. So took many years to get the prerequisites for the RN but then had to go steady for 2 years of Clinical.

            I don’t mind helping and always have but I don’t see people who even try I see abuse of a system. This saddens me. If I could do it anyone can. And I could not live a day without my Heavenly Daddy. “)

          89. Elizabeth Davis says

            God Bless you and I say again how will they feed and take care of the masses if there is no working class I comment you for pulling yourself up by the boot straps

          90. Yadja says

            If you know Communism you know what O is doing.

            The Middle Class is always a problem along with the intelligentsia when a Dictator wants to rule so he has to destroy them. O can’t just come out and shoot us like Stalin did or imprison us in a Gulag………though I bet he wants to, so he has to find other means to take us out.

            We will all be the masses when finished if we don’t get rid of him and those who are with him in line for the presidency.

          91. celticwaryor says

            Well my veteran lady-buddy. O is putting together his ‘brown shirt’ army and it won’t be long before he starts turning them loose. Poor stupid idiots don’t know that they will be coming up against a much greater force and most of us better trained than they are. It will be a bloody mess and if we can secure air support…it will be done in short order.

          92. Yadja says

            Let us do everything we can to wake-up and shake-up our fellow Americans to contact and insist that our representatives shut this man O down. I have great hope when 25 States won in getting Immigration stopped for now. The Governors of those States have a National Guard and they have the right to call them up. And every State has armories and those who know how to use the contents thereof. We are not sitting ducks and helpless and your right, millions of us are back from the wars and millions upon millions of us well trained.

            With the recent actions of this man O along with the inaction when it comes to ISIS the entire world is questioning him. Congress may find it’s backbone and do something to rid us of O. He is a Traitor and a Muslim.

          93. Sandy129 says

            It is amazing how similar our stories are! I had three as well and my husband did ask a few friends for the use of their bathroom to get cleaned up. I was a baby Christian at the time and it seems the enemy threw his entire arsenal at us. My ex didn’t stand tho and I ended up alone and pregnant with my youngest daughter. I didn’t know the Lord and chose poorly. Both of my childrens’ dads were alcoholics and abusive. I don’t know what I would have done without the Lord. It was He that sustained me during those days. I did have to go to SS and ask for a place my children could go until we had a place to live. The pastor of our church knew our situation but none offered to help and it was January. I had to prevent my babies from sleeping in the car and there was no family or any place else to turn. This was in Oklahoma and my family all lived in NY. It wasn’t for very long but long enough for me to get the respiratory flu and I thought it would get better by just resting but it got where I couldn’t breathe at all lying down so ended up in the Drs office and he said I had the first genuine case of respiratory flu. I rarely get sick but when i do….I don’t mess around! lol After my baby was born I knew i had to be the breadwinner so back to college I went and it was truly the Grace of the Lord that brought me thru. I was in the nursing club in high school and I loved volunteering at the hospital so that was my interest. I did well as an older student. I knew what I wanted and had to have that Associates Degree in Science with my Nursing major order to make any money and not have to depend on anyone else to support us. My Mom lived two doors away and took care of my youngest and what a blessing she was. I did find a lady at out church to take over and that worked for a while until I was on 11-7 and she was a no call no show and wouldn’t answer her phone. I could have been fired but Mom stepped right back in. She was blessing to me more than words can say. I loved being an RN and I miss it lots but the reality is that one day I would be fine and another not so I can’t be part of a team that I can’t hold up my end. Aside from that, they aren’t hiring too many old ladies these days! lol It looks like neither of us had a bed of roses, but He is faithful and upon Him we can always depend for all of our needs. Thanks for sharing with me. You are a blessing.

          94. Yadja says

            Your the Blessing to the world you were so young. I was older and if not for my next door neighbor who knew me and saw what we went through I could not have made it through the Clinical, you know that was 2 years going daily and working in hospitals, ERs , Or’s etc. All those facilities got a lot of free work from all of us nursing students and they used us I tell ya that!!!! She did it for free and when I became a nurse I gave her everything she wanted at Christmas and Birthdays and I felt good about it. We were close for over 20 years.

            I joined the Army Nurse Reserve, Combat Support and that was in 1988, best thing I ever did, they trained me to the point I became IMA. Individual Mobilization Augmentee. That meant I could pick and choose and do almost anything. I took every class and school I could. My neighbor continued to keep my children for me so I could go on 6 week deployments and then I would give her a good paycheck. I served in 2 wars, Shield/Storm and this one. I loved the military but I would not tell anyone, nobody to join now. My heart is breaking for the 300 soldiers with ISIS fighting a few miles away. ISIS if they get these men there will be a slaughter of them that this country will not stand for and they will get that Muslim out of the WH. It is horrible what is going on and nobody needs to serve under this horrible man O. Pray lady because those men need all our prayers. O will do nothing for them or this country.

            We are alike I don’t get sick often but when I do it is awful, just like you. Thank you for sharing and I tell my story on public forums to maybe help someone. I also work with abused women in my area and I volunteer on weekends to work with our Vets. I hope you will consider telling your story your incredible. Our church knew I went to war and they never even came to pick my children up and take them. Really left a bad taste in my mouth. Good thing I know my Daddy in the sky well and He is my help and never has failed me.

            I keep my license active but I only work when I want to. I suppose the hard life made me really savvy when it came to money because once I realized you are never free unless you can take care of yourself without depending on anyone. I will say this I gave money away to friends and family and I loved doing it. I loved being able to see the smile on their faces when I gave them a gift or when I was DON and gave all the CNAs special gifts or money. It felt good to be able to ease someones financial suffering. But I did it not through Charities I don’t trust them but when I saw someone in need I gave. That is why the Almighty gives me money and always has.

            Later dear, keep telling your story because women are still suffering and many don’t see any relief in sight. My X turned into a good man and he began sending me money in these last years even though I don’t need it. He says he does it for his on good because he knows what he did. The children never hated him, I made them understand why he did what he did and now he is a wonderful grandfather.

            That was a miracle for sure.

          95. Sandy129 says

            The clinical’s I remember well! They did get a lot of free service from us and some of the nurses loved us and some hated us. I read an article while I was in college about nurses eating their young and i saw a few that did exactly that! I always loved the students and those hungry to learn got all I had time to give them every shift.I guess it was the teacher part of me coming out. I didn’t want to be a teacher because of all the paperwork so I went into nursing. Boy was I deceived! Now they use computers on the med carts and for nurse notes whereas ours were most all hand written. The time I was in the hospital in September 12 I was surprised to see each RN had a “LPN Helper.” They whine, including my daughter, how tired they get and I know they do but they would never survive without their helper nurses to do call bells and help their patients. The thing I dreaded most was getting an admission close to the end of shift when I was checking all my people and giving pain meds to all who needed them. Those were the shifts that kept me flying. I went on the inactive list a few years ago so my license is clean so I could reactivate if I wanted to but it doesn’t look like I will be doing that. I would be a good supervisor these days and I would not tolerate abuse of any patient for a NY second.The elderly are no longer valued and that is sad. They need someone to be in the facility to watch out for them. How wonderful to have a neighbor and friend to be able to trust your children with and your accomplishments are awesome. My nursing cap is off to you! And Military too. Wow…your an amazing lady! Thank you for your service! My heart too breaks for our Military being stuck in the middle of all that danger and not being able to really fight. If the PTB would just give the Military the order to defeat them and leave them alone to do it we wouldn’t be there now. They do not have a commander who cares about them above political correctness and protecting the kind of people he was raised with. The danger they face is beyond comprehension. It’s no wonder they come home so stressed and struggle to adjust. Have you noticed all the law suits over these new blood thinners? The first one thy put out was Pradaxa and I lost a dear friend because of that. She got a tiny bump on her head and started to bleed. There is no antidote to those and it angers me that drs don’t tell them. They now have two more by a different name but same animal. They sell it by telling them they won’t have to come in for regular blood work. While that may be inconvenient, the alternative is to bleed to death and die. As my daughter often said and I quote “choose your inconvenience.” She said that to her husband as she headed out for work when the dogs wanted to go out and she didn’t have time to do it. You can imagine how that worked out for him.
            Too many women are suffering and there is help to be had if you just have to but for the sake of your children if not for themselves, they have do something about these situations. Worse can happen to a woman than to live without a man. When they taught the lectures on abuse my jaw dropped and I said almost out loud, that was me! Women are stronger than they think they are. There is only One we really need and One we can depend on all the time and that is the Lord. He loves us and cares for even the littlest concerns we have. Stay warm! Blessings to you..

          96. Yadja says

            Ditto on everything you said but even when DON or Supervisor or Resource nurse reporting to the guy in the Penthouse I could not help the nurses. Only good nursing, fair and square was Military. After Head Nurse School I did a deployment in Kentucky and I loved it, I met every morning with the heads of every department and the Commander was there. They gave their rundown and I gave mine of my Med Surge Ward. It was straight up and good and I did not put up with any nonsense or gossip from our nurses. Everyone had a fair assignment……everyone had a good day…..nobody allowed to chew on anyone no eating nurses on my time.

            Good to see they have gone back to teaming-up RN’s with LPNs. They just keep going round the bin and back again with what to do with nursing to make it better. If they would listen to us it would be simple but they don’t. During war anything above Major is useless to the hospital all they have done for the past years is wear a lab coat, drink coffee and putter around talking trash. So when Activated they are useless and have to be retaught and when your hustling in the ICU and RR and OR you just don’t have the time to retrain an old dog who has laid in the sun for years.

            They need to go back to Baylor Shifts and to 8 hr shifts but I am out for now. Have no desire to go back to it. NONE. I might go back to schools for Holistic nursing or to become a Herbalist like my mother was.

            Yes the medications are worse than the disease these days that is why I use herbs and Holistic methods very seldom take an antibiotic and don’t even use over the counter meds. I gave all my children copies of the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing Phyllis A. Balch. And if you can get Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About” he exposes the pharmaceutical companies and the government. They know for every drug they put out there thousands will die or have bad side effects but they do it anyway.

            Take care catch ya later.

          97. Sandy129 says

            Preaching to the choir here! I began eating as much organic as I can find and began buying holistic food for my dogs. They have done extremely well on it and love it. They act like they haven’t eaten in days every morning and have even fed them organic raw meat. I recently got a book on essential oils to make my own facial serum and recipes for wound care, fleas etc. Thanks for the titles of the books, I will look for them!

          98. Yadja says

            Oh excellent. Look into Astragalus. I am never without it. It is a natural antibiotic and it boosts your immune system to such a point if on chemo it won’t allow the chemo into the cells. It is a natural healer for wounds and heals with little scarring. It is a miracle herb. I use the liquid form without alcohol in it. You can find it in most Health Food stores.

            My Vet uses it on animals under his care after I introduced it to him. Several interns at our local hospital are doing research on it after I suggested a nurse friend of mine use it to heal a wound she had that would not heal.


          99. Sandy129 says

            Thanks! I will look into it. I do take msm and DE daily and it has been a big help. Got off track while I was sick over Christmas but getting back on track now and it does make a difference. My doxie pulled a muscle and I put her on msm for about 2 weeks and she hasn’t had any problem since. She also developed a bald spot on her breast bone from going up and down carpeted steps when she was with my daughter and the hair began growing back too! lol They give msm to cancer patients after chemo to help their hair grow back and it seems to work for Heidi. That is good to know about the Astragalus too, thanks again. I sure miss my raw milk! I will be glad when the weather gets better so I can make a trip to the farm…

          100. Yadja says

            “) We are experiencing rare freezing cold temps here where I am in Florida. Must be that Global Warming bit. No walking for me for awhile my muscles are rebelling.

          101. Sandy129 says

            Yea, that global warming thing is freezing us half to death in the North East! It was -6 when I went to bed and its not even 15 degrees outside now, even with the sunshine. I used to laugh at my friend who word double socks but you know what they say about that! Now I do and my feet freeze if I don’t. My whole body is rebelling and demands to remain under at least two blankets with two dogs on my lap! I don’t even want to see my gas bill!!!!! Stay warm! 🙂

          102. Yadja says

            LOLOL Better off here than there. “) Guess I can tolerate the bugs, fleas and heat for a few days of cold. Then we hear it will be in the 70’s this week-end.

            I lost a lot of my plants with this surprise cold.

          103. Robert Augeri says

            Years ago when I worked in Bedford Stuyvesant an area of Brooklyn food stamps where no give out only welfare checks, the amount I am not aware of, and the food was powdered eggs and Velveeta cheese and powdered milk. Yet the welfare recipients threw most of this into the garbage and bought wine of liquor with there welfare checks. I truly think we should return to this type of system and if they throw the food that is given to them, let them starve. If they are on welfare for more than two years stop giving them any kind of assistance.

          104. Yadja says

            Agreed but that won’t happen under O. What we need is a Nationwide video Crusade by those of us who care showing this abuse. Like what the guy did with ACORN.

            Or just a revolt all the way around and everyone downsize their lives, quit working paying for this, live off the land and go back to our agricultural roots and the survivors make it while the rest starve.

          105. Robert Augeri says

            This would never happen in our society today. What needs to be done is get rid of all of the lawyer out of Washington and put the common man in like in the day of our when we fought for freedom. The common man was sent to represent us. Our politicians don’t do what they say they do what they say to get elected.

          106. Yadja says

            My friend it is happening. I did it many are doing it. But will it happen in mass probably not.

            Take a look at this site I am sending it to Giuliani and my reps. This says it all , why O is not doing anything about ISIS, why he supports Islam.


            Please pass it on.

          107. Sandy129 says

            We have had early frosts the past 2 years and I lost my late producers. It was -10 a while ago when I let the dogs out. My Chloee, chihuahua, has refused to go out with the other two and I have to force her. She hasn’t had any accidents tho. I am waiting for her by the door so she can come in the moment she is finished. She is about 12 now so the cold is really hard on her…maybe we will visit you next winter! lol

          108. glenn398 says

            Now why would you want to deprive the democrats of all those votes?

          109. Combatvet52 says

            Because they are all scumbags.

          110. glenn398 says

            Well yes they are and they always have been, don’t see any change there.

        3. elmcqueen3 says

          I couldn’t agree more however we have to stop putting the blame on Obama for everything…When the main culprit of all this BS is the liberal left…i.e…the Democratic Party…It is the Democrats who don’t want their constitutents having to show ID cards for anything…Not even to vote!

          1. Yadja says

            Well thank you for that always good to agree but you see what comes out of O’s mouth is what he is blamed for and he wants equality, he wants redistribution of wealth he wants people on Food Stamps.

            Maybe it is so that the Dems have always been going down this road but never to the extent and He!! fire d@maned to do as they have under O.

            I give credit where credit is due and blame where it is due.

          2. elmcqueen3 says

            Thank you for your foresight…But…But…But… It is the Democrats that are complained about voter ID, etc…Not Obama…A video attest that Obama showed his ID card at the polling place..He did so with no complaint’s!

          3. Yadja says

            OK then tell me why O’s Attorney General Holder has gone on a rampage about the Racism in ID Cards to vote?

            Sorry we are not going to agree.

          4. elmcqueen3 says

            But…But…But…Aren’t you forgetting that Erick Holder is a Democrat!

          5. Yadja says

            Yeh he is a Demorat.

          6. sherri palmer says

            oh, please

          7. Sandy129 says


          8. Sandy129 says

            Only because he can legally vote, and even that is a stretch. Its the illegal vote they want because illegals will vote for the hand that feeds them.

          9. margo1942 says

            that big o doesn’t have a i.d. but a fraudulent one.

          10. elmcqueen3 says

            But…But…But…I saw him present his drivers license (ID) to the precint poll watcher and he then signed for his ballot and it was given to him.

          11. Tom Brechlin says

            Redistribution of wealth? That’s funny because it hasn’t happen and the icing on the cake, the wealthy have gotten wealthier under his administration.

            And sadly, I don’t expect anything to change or get better with the Republicans. As with most, they’re interested in the “votes” and given the fact that so many voters are feminist, liberals, AND non-working, whatever they do that could actually benefit the working class tax payers, will work against these entities. And it’s all about the “votes.” They have already proven themselves and what they’ll do and not do when they shelved H.R.1797 -Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

          12. Yadja says

            Sigh…….He has already signed the Global Warming Resolution with the UN.

            He is saying Climate Change is a bigger threat than ISIS….well he might be right a bigger threat to our pocket books due to the tax that would and will be put into place on the American people to pay the committee that will be set-up by the UN to collect the taxes and redistribute the wealth to Third World Crappers,. who they say are affected by our misuse of energy.

            Ottmer Edenhofer was the co-chair of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and helped organize the 2010 UN Climate Chane Conference. He said: “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy……One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.”

            He told Joe the Plumber when running for office he wanted to redistribute the wealth. What about this do people like you not understand.

            I do agree with you they are all crooked as the Yellow Brick Road.

          13. sherri palmer says

            We do have to blame Obama, he is the socialist party with the aid of the dems

          14. elmcqueen3 says

            But…But…But…I thought the Democrats were the Socialists!

          15. sherri palmer says

            you are right, they are one and the same

          16. Sandy129 says

            I agree!

          17. cvxxx says

            It’s all of us. We all sat back and allowed it to happen. Both parties are virtually the same. The bombast sounds different but when the treaties are signed the effect is to rob the American people.

        4. dinkerduo says

          I have a friend who get food stamps and every time she has to go requalify—she’s in a 1989 Chevy and the Hispanics are all driving NEW cars—WHY?!?

          1. Yadja says

            This is the kind of attitude needed to actually get something done. Call your representatives and scream it from the rooftops.

            It is going to get worse when the millions are given their goodies. She needs to prepare for the worst.

          2. dinkerduo says

            I do–almost daily!!!

          3. cvxxx says

            We have a system of corruption. It started long ago and gets worse. Money. Elected officials who are beholden to the big donor not to the citizens and voters.

          4. Yadja says

            So it seems.

          5. cvxxx says

            Unless you know all the individual circumstances that makes no sense. For instance who is the car’s owner of record? In some states it may not matter anyway. The idea to kick everybody to the curb and strip them naked is counter productive. Some people have payment insurance since they don’t “own” the car it is not counted.

          6. dinkerduo says


          7. cvxxx says

            A “new ” car means nothing. A parent lets the offspring drive their car or allows them to use it. Now parent may have a great job and make big money. You are just jealous. That is the poison that has infected this country. In many state cars don’t count and they should not.
            Anyone who has some semblance of good fortune is to be despised. Oh they have cell phones big deal get in to the 21st century. Many people do not have land linds anymore and cell phone do so much more. And cheaper too.

            You see documents and are at a food bank? Hmmm, that is strange as most do not have to show anything. Just stand in line. Sorry i am not buying that.

          8. dinkerduo says

            Do you mean land lines–not land linds? I know that but these people don’t have Obozo phones–these are EXPENSIVE ONES THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR–MONTHLY! If you know anything about what you are talking about you’d know that in most places you have to have ID and a current bill with your name and address on it and have filled out a form stating your income–bills–etc.–how many in family! But apparently you know NOTHING about this–you just wanted to spew you libtard crap and arguing with idiots is useless so bye! I won’t respond further!

          9. cvxxx says

            Ha! you have nothing but envy and jealousy. I love how you say “most places”. Qualifiers eh? There are so many ways these things can happen that do not impact anything. Yep, every place has different criteria and we have no way on knowing everything. It seem the only thing you are whining about is some one has nicer things than you do. A 5 yr or more old care that has been maintained will last a long time. People take care of their things. A lot of people are just better at bargaining. Buying a car at auction is what my old boss used to do. When I was in college one of my jobs was a adult newspaper route before class My boss there has a 2 year old chevy he bought for $200!! Many phones can be bought used. Especially now that the jail breaking is legal. There are so many ways not to spend full price.

          10. dinkerduo says

            Why in the hell would you think I have envy and jealousy OF PEOPLE WHO GO TO *FOOD BANKS*??????? JESUS–WHAT A F-ING MORON!!!!!!
            LIBTARD MORON!!!

          11. cvxxx says

            Because it seems from your writing that you cannot put yourself in the shoes of another. If there was not envy why even mention their cars or phone or anything els they possess? That makes no practical sense. It seem from you writings that you are there to feel superior, not help.

          12. dinkerduo says

            You are INSANE! I mention the new cars and expensive phones BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMING THE SYSTEM THAT IS THERE FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED IT!!! THESE ARE *NOT* OBOZO PHONES–THERE IS HUGH PHONE BILL ATTATCHED WITH THESE PHONES! Why don’t you argue the scamming instead of just bad mouthing me??? Can’t–can you? I’m either jealous or now I feel superior to others and don’t help! Can’t argue the point of the article—can you? Stick your head in the sand and keep drinking the koolaid MORON!!!

          13. cvxxx says

            Shue they are. You bring no proof of scamming just observation that they drive a nice car. And they have nice phones. My my how observant. Of course they do this is not 1950. I am arguing the point. But you are not binging evidence. just hearsay at best. No proof because there is no proof. If they are gaming the system so what? The billionaires who have writers and such are gaming it too. The big donors who congress really represents are gaming it also. But they game it for millions.

          14. Yadja says

            Or go to the ER of the County Hospital and look at the bling, the phones etc.

            Here is the thing. Many in this country are at the Poverty Level set by the US but they still have, heat, cars, TVs, cell phones, clean water, food and computers to the really poor in Third World Crappers this is wealth and they would gladly trade places.

            The entire thing is a misnomer for the benefit of the votes for Dems.

            You don’t know what you have until you see what the other guy does not have.

          15. dinkerduo says

            You are totally correct–stuff for votes!! Poverty–in this country–means having a 32″ flat screen TV when you *want* a 62″ one! Some of these black people–especially who have been on welfare for 3/4 generations need to be sent to Africa to live for awhile to see how most of those people have *not*–and with NO Gov. programs to help–then come back and spread the word that they ain’t got nothin’ to complain about here and to either pull yourself up yourself or shut the *blank* up!!

          16. Yadja says

            What I really love is they call themselves African Americans after all these years right? But I don’t call myself Latvian American because my mother was thrilled to get that citizenship and the most important thing to her was I am an American.

            Yes Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Jew, Asian, Korean, German, Latvian, Belgium, Scottish etc brought their customs with them to Ellis Island but they meshed and they did not pose a threat to us and we did not have to spend billions to protect ourselves from them.

            Today this Black American Month or whatever serves no purpose but to infuriate the Blacks all over again so all the Race baiters can stay in business.

          17. dinkerduo says

            I know—amazing isn’t it–my family is Scottish–with some French and Welch in there and German–but when they all came here 3 generations ago THEY WERE ALL AMERICANS—AND DAMN GLAD TO BE HERE—learned English–worked very hard–lived thru the Great Depression–two wars-at great sacrifice-and NEVER ASKED FOR A DIME–but not these blacks here now–most are lazy good for nothings who suck off the Gov. but still want to be known as African!
            Did you know that after slavery ended the Gov. told them that they’d pay their way back to Africa AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON TOOK THEM UP ON THEIR OFFER? Blacks sold their countrymen to the slave trade so–tell me again–why I’m responsible for the blacks of today when I—nor my family–had ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY?!? No None of MY family EVER called themselves a hyphenated name–THEY WERE AMERICANS AND PROUD TO BE ONE!!!

          18. Yadja says


            Yes the Blacks were offered to go back to Africa they did not want any part of it. If you read Abraham Lincolns papers you will find he was very worried about freeing them and wondered how long it would take them to catch-up with Whites and the majority have not yet due to the oppression by the Democrats and Race baiters.

            Now O has made a deal with the UN to bring thousands of refugees from Syria Muslims who the FBI says they can’t even promise they are safe. He already has Muslim Brotherhood in key positions in Homeland Security. Look it up. Egypt did a huge article on it in their papers. They exposed it.

            As long as O is in office this country is going to remain divided and crumbling.

            O has to go.

          19. dinkerduo says

            You’re right of course–o has to go today! Yes the mus-bro is all over our gov. and in key security positions like dhs–security council and cia director brennan–converted to islam! Sure he wants as many muslims here as possible but he also wants to fill this country of even more foreigners–legal and illegal–AS–THEY WILL NOT FIGHT AS HARD FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AS A BORN HERE CITIZEN WILL! So when he gives the word they will fight against us–and yes–shoot us on sight!

          20. Yadja says

            “So when he gives the word they will fight against us-and-shoot us on sight.”

            This I believe 100%

          21. dinkerduo says

            Great minds think alike! 🙂 🙂

          22. Yadja says

            They run in the same channels.

            “) Amen you are not alone.

        5. MARYSWEET says

          That’s what obama brought all these illegal aliens into the country for – to create chaos, give them SS #s, they can now file a tax return and get $2,500, healthcare, housing, cars, food stamps. Now he wants to raise taxes again to pay for all that plus he will give them the right to vote in the 2016 election and he will make sure they vote democrat.

          1. Yadja says

            Yes it is all planned and the saddest part of all is the M13 gangs coming over and the criminals and they don’t like us. Even the Crips and Bloods fear these guys.

            Sigh…….Hitler brought in people to change the country and the vote.

            Too many not as smart as you Mary too many don’t see it.

          2. MARYSWEET says

            Well, I keep trying to spread the message. There are always some who won’t listen until it’s too late. I pray we don’t get to that point but I’m worried that no one will stop obama before it’s too late. Nice to hear from a like minded American. We can’t give up – the price is too high.

          3. Yadja says

            Mary there are millions upon millions of us out here. You are not alone and we all worry.

            Rip Van Winkle woke to a New World we may also.

          4. MARYSWEET says

            Just so it isn’t obama’s New World. I don’t like what he has planned for us. It’s nice to hear there are millions of like minded people out there. We may end up with a civil war against obama and his group.

          5. Yadja says

            Mary this country is closer to a Civil War than it was when we had the Civil War.

            You are not alone.

          6. elmcqueen3 says

            We will awake to the New World Order!

          7. Yadja says

            Well Stalin killed docs and nurses so guess I am doomed either way.

            Just gonna live one day at a time.

          8. elmcqueen3 says

            It is almost too late considering 47% of the population are considered to be “Gruberist” plus the other 4% of the population are known to be Obama sympathizers…It doesn’t look good for this country even though the Republicans now have the majority by a small margin of both houses.

          9. elmcqueen3 says

            But…But…But…All this is enjoyed by the Democrats…Is it not?

          10. MARYSWEET says

            Yes, the dems are enjoying the fruits of obama’s labor. This is a plan to gain democratic majority in the House and Senate and elect a democratic President and then we will be a one party county with a dictator.

          11. elmcqueen3 says

            We are almost there!

          12. MARYSWEET says

            That’s what I’m afraid of cause I don’t want the kind of government and country obama is putting in place. We will be just another third world country with a dictator.

          13. elmcqueen3 says


          14. Sandy129 says

            Yes and all at Americans expense, while Americans suffer the consequence. We need to take care of our own first.

          15. MARYSWEET says

            I agree with you but how do we do that when our representatives are more concerned with their own selfish interests and income than doing their jobs and protecting America and Americans.

          16. Sandy129 says

            The only power we have is contacting our reps and making our thoughts known and the power of prayer, asking the Lord to convict them of their wrongdoing and place in their thoughts the right thing to do. We have seen clearly we cannot put our faith in man as they will let us down every time but the Lord won’t. Did you see any of Scott Walker? He defunded Planned Parenthood to help get gov expenses under control in Wisconsin. He is also the son of a Baptist Preacher and perhaps has a spine and a conscience.

          17. MARYSWEET says

            Yes, we can contact our representatives. We should not do it just once or twice but we should do it daily or more than once a day when it is a vital issue. If they get enough responses from their constituents they will listen.
            You mention Scott Walker and he has done what all governors should do and he is aggressive in doing what he believes is right and in the best interest of the majority of his constituents. There is talk about him possibly running for President and now they are trying to discredit him because he didn’t go to college. With what is being taught in college today I would say that is a plus for him. Actually I think he would be a good President and it doesn’t take a college education. I hasn’t done obama any good. Scott Walker has proved himself as a governor and as a Republican in a Democratic state, that alone says a lot for him. I don’t believe the college thing should be a consideration. There is nothing in the requirements for President about a college education so I feel he is very competent to run for President.

          18. Sandy129 says

            I totally agree. It seems funny that one qualifies to be the commander in chief of the greatest Military in the world without ever being in the Military and even proven to be an avid hater of our Military and given credit for college with no record of his ever attending. They will go after his Baptist upbringing too before long. They sure can’t prove that has been an issue in his role as Governor in Wisconsin. I see it as a plus for his being raised to be a moral and honest human being and looks to me it has. Our Rep here is Tom Reed and he does listen to us. How much it effects his actions we don’t know but at least he does ask and was reelected. There is just way too much political correctness ruling and reigning here and to the point the enemy within is being ignored. One can pretend the rattlesnake in your living room is a kitty but eventually its going to bite you.

          19. MARYSWEET says

            obama’s entire plan as President is to destroy our country, as well as our military. We have had other President’s who didn’t have a college degree. Harry S. Truman was one so that cannot be used as a factor. They are just using that as an excuse because he is so effective and well like and a threat to any democrat they put up to run for President. I also would vote for Scott Walker in a heartbeat. If he can just get past the GOP establishment to be elected, I think he could make it. There are other considerations though. obama is giving all the illegal aliens drivers license, SS numbers, tax refunds up to $24,000, and he is going to let them vote and you know they will make sure ALL the illegals will vote democrat. So we have to make sure that all the polling sites don’t allow illegals to vote. Most of them can’t speak or read English so that should help the people at the poll sites. God have mercy on our Country.

          20. Sandy129 says

            Again, I agree totally with you! This is not the Country we knew growing up either and it seems when we are gone nobody will ever remember what it used to be. Even tho it wasn’t perfect either, it was a whole lot better than now or where we are headed. I watched Newsmax today as they discussed college education today and it isn’t the same as it used to be. They are taught what to think and not how to think for themselves. I returned to college as a mom of 4 and I knew why I was there and what I expected to achieve. I saw the garbage being fed the younger students and they didn’t have enough sense to reject it. It was too late to feed me that stuff because I knew better. I had once thought being an organ donor would be a nice thing to do for another person but since nursing, I know they take them before we are done with them so I am no longer a donor on my drivers license. College was good for me for certain in many ways. Yes, he is destroying our Nation and it hurts my heart and makes me angry too. I do understand as well how easy it is to dupe the young and add that to the illegals and forget common sense, it is a lost attribute.

          21. MARYSWEET says

            The schools are now starting in kindergarten to teach the biased liberal account of our history and basically are brainwashing them to believe only what they are fed by the progressives (socialists) and it goes all the way through school and college. They are not taught to think or even how our country came to be what it once was. My grandson once told me he thought it would have been great to live in the 50’s and the more I thought about it I know he was right. He is in college now but that was the time I was in high school and didn’t really appreciate how great it was until the last few years. This is what obama and his fellow liberals are counting on to make this a party country (democrat/communist) with a dictator. It is too close to that already and i worry about the future of our country or if even there is a future.

          22. Sandy129 says

            If they can destroy their Faith, Hope and History they can shape and mold them into what they want them to be. My granddaughter started Kindergarten and they are doing Common Core here, and she was being taught the letter M for Maddie for 3 weeks when she already knew how to spell her whole name and the alphabet. My daughter is home schooling her now. She was so disgusted and I was sending her all the into I could find on Common Core so she would at least be aware. Adult kids don’t listen to us so good after they think they know it all already so I just sent articles from my research. I hope she can continue. She has 3 babies and followed my footsteps into nursing and is a full time RN at a local hospital. She has a lot on her plate but I don’t think she will ever be sorry she did. My sister was a teen in the 50’s so I learned all the music etc but was only 10 when she left home and married but even so, we played until dark with no fear, didn’t watch much TV because we were so busy playing or reading depending on weather. No video games or computers…we did have a great childhood didn’t we?

          23. MARYSWEET says

            Thank God you daughter is home schooling your granddaughter. They are starting to teach common core as young as they can get their hands on them and it goes all the way through high school and college. Basically, it is like Hitler did in Germany, he brainwashed all the children in schools.
            I grew up in the 50’s myself so I know what you are saying. It was a good time to grow up. In fact, my grandson (who is now 23) said he thought that would have been a good time to grow up and I sure couldn’t disagree. Especially with what is going on with our children today. I know I’m glad I grew up in that time period and yes we did have a great childhood and a lot more fun than the kids today.

          24. Sandy129 says

            There is a huge difference in education today. They did start teaching the “green” thing in our Weekly Readers in grade school but not so much that our quality of education changed. I graduated in 65′ and went back to college after having my 4th child in 88′ and I scored in the 90% in my evaluation and highest in comprehension which I thought I sure needed for the nursing program as it was not cake. They told me the average score is in the 70’s.My youngest son also began college in 88′ and boasted his continual “honor roll” achievements while I barely passed in high school. He went through my stuff in my Moms basement. What a snoop!! The fact was, I didn’t want to be there but still got a NYS Regents Diploma instead of a local so I was happy. When he took his evaluation he failed the English portion big time and he always got B’s and higher in school. I thought it was strange. Anyway he took the class intended to bring him up to college level and failed it. His instructor was my instructor for English Comp and knowing I was his Mom, told me and had recommended he retake it which he refused to do and dropped out. So much for bragging huh? Well, he did hook up with and electrician and furnace installer from church and learned the trade as he worked full time as a mail carrier for the Post Office and has made a successful living for himself and his family so I am very proud of him but the quality of education I received was good enough after 22 years out of school vs a new high school graduate so there is one comparison that I saw up front and personal. I can’t imagine how bad it is now. It’s no wonder those news reporters on the street segments reveal college kids who don’t even know who the VP of America is! Lord help us! This generation is the one reaping the intended results of the Common Core plan.

          25. MARYSWEET says

            Congratulations on your achievements. It just proves that the education we got in the 50’s and 60’s is far superior to this brainwashing common core crap. I just read about a “Teacher of the Year” quitting teaching because her state (Ohio) had adopted to use common core. They are committing the children to an education of islam but they won’t know anything about the history of our once great country, English, Math or anything else that will be beneficial to them in having a career or earning a living. It is what your son has already experienced only it will be much worse. This is one of obama’s plans to destroy America. I’m happy to hear he has been able to have a trade which will always be needed and that is successful.
            I graduated high school in 1953 and feel I was very lucky to get a very good education and had great teachers who made me think and encouraged me to further my education. I owe a lot to them and it makes me so angry that the schools are just taking up the kids time and really not teaching them anything useful. What good is learning islam going to do them unless they plan to be muslims.

          26. Sandy129 says

            Thank you. My son worked for Agway for a while and they paid for him to take several classes on installation of heating and cooling systems. He returned to work for the Postal Service and does furnace jobs for extra money. From all I have learned about Communism and Islam, they fit like a glove together. I know the muslims plan that they all be muslims but not just muslims, which ever sect has the power at the time. I can’t imagine Baptists killing Protestants or Pentecostals killing Methodists. It is insane. There are some differences in the denominations but “the” faith is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and if our faith is in that finished work we are Christians and we don’t go around killing one another. Islam is a false religion so I suppose being that, the lack of civility can be expected.
            My only sister would have graduated the same year as you did. She chose marriage instead of furthering her education. I did finish school before I married but to survive these days one needs to be a professional something to earn a living. I can feel the cold radiating thru the walls. Shower time is going to be fun…be Blessed!

          27. MARYSWEET says

            I can’t imagine any one of our religious groups killing people from another religious group. Only the radical muslims do that and they are taught to hate and their only purpose in life is to kill people who don’t believe in their ideology because it is NOT a religion. It is a way of life (or rather a way of death). I cannot imagine living like that. I saw a young woman in the grocery store a couple days ago and she was dressed in jeans and sweater like anyone else you would see. The only difference was she had a scarf on head and it looked like she also was wearing makeup which the radicals would never allow. It is really worrisome because obama is not doing anything to protect us and I feel that there is going to be a massive attack on us soon. The thing that pops into my mind is Mardi Gras because they have stated the next attack will be much bigger than 9/11, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that all these people live only to kill and how to do in the biggest, most spectacular way and to kill as many innocent people as they can. Of course, they always say none of the people they kill are innocent but how can you say that about a child. Our country does not have a leader and when (not if) we are attacked again, obama will do nothing as usual. He has always said he will stand WITH THE MUSLIMS AGAINST AMERICA. If he did nothing in that case, that would be just cause to remove him from office IMMEDIATELY. And I have no doubt that if he knew about a possible attack he would do nothing to prevent it. obama is and always will be America’s worst and most dangerous enemy.

          28. Sandy129 says

            Absolutely right on…

        6. Elizabeth Davis says

          Who is going to feed them when the middle class is gone

          1. Yadja says

            My dear this is the goal. Before you can have full control of a country you must get rid of the intelligentsia and the Middle Class. They pose a threat to leadership.

            It takes years and planning, you dumb down the children, the new generations, you give them credit that they can never repay then they fall, you keep taxing the people and eventually everyone has to move into government housing, eat what the government decides they can eat, wear the government says they can wear and work where the government says they can work, and of course no weapons or books that tell historical truth on and on and you are well on the road to Communism, Socialism and a total Dictatorship.

            Welcome to O’s vision for America. Oh and I forgot the government gives you your healthcare, if you can call it that. Stalin’s signature legislation was National healthcare. Look into it and see how that turned out.

        7. sue says

          You seriously believe they are living high on the hog? you are fkin delusional.

          1. Yadja says

            Let me explain to you what I have seen living across this country and also being an RN for close to 4 years in an Inner City Hospital, Shands Hospital in the worst and most dangerous part of Jacksonville, Florida.

            I downsized my life, gave up the Big City and moved to a rural area where I have to walk a 1/2 mile to the nearest little cafe. Everyone and his dog is on SSD here. My neighbor next to me, who lives in a small home like me, she gets SSD because she can’t get along with people she also gets 200 a month food stamps. Her partner gets SSD because he has a wound to his leg, which by the way he brags he got dealing drugs and being shot in Tennessee. But his brother-in-law is a cop and got him here to Florida and his sister works for the government so thus he gets food stamps and SSD.

            Now I have another neighbor who gets SSD because he can’t read or write. He also gets food stamps. Plus works like a dog regularly. Then behind me is a grandmother who takes care of an Autistic child birthed by her daughter a Crack W and she gets SSD, food stamps, and thousands of dollars a month for the child. Her husband gets SSD also and food stamps.

            Then the Crack W down the street has 3 children and she gets food stamps and aid in dollars which add up to thousands for the children. One was born with seizures due to her drug use and she gets special extra money for that one.

            Then the other neighbor had a Crack W daughter and he ended up taking care of all 3 of her children after she was found dead and naked and puked all over herself in a bed at some Black guys house, he was on food stamps got his own SSD and then all that money for the 3 children. Well he died and his wife who is on SSD and food stamps took the children and she is reaping the money for the ciildren.

            Then when working at the Inner City Hospital everyone we saw was on SSD and food stamps and they came in driving caddies and wearing bling from one end to the other and most fat as hogs ready for the slaughter.

            So you see I have seen this first hand and I contend something is wrong with the system and bad wrong and I and many others are sick and tired of paying for this abuse. We also are not happy about the Millions of illegals on the way along with their children who we will be paying for.

            Yes there are many good, kind and fine people who find themselves on food stamps and government aid but they are also being cheated by the cheaters. How long does anyone thing the Middle Class and Upper Middle Class can hold out paying for the food stamps and aid for millions of people?

            We will fall and that is O’s plan.

          2. sue says

            These people will probably never pull themselves out of their situation ,but their children are fed and maybe they have a chance. I live in southern ,IL in one of the top 10 counties with the highest level of poverty and alcoholism. I have been a nurse for 26 years and have worked in 19 different areas of nursing. You have “downsized” your life? It sounds like with your poor attitude that wasn’t exactly your choice ,but you are not a team player and that doesn’t fly in the bigger city in nursing. Your attitude is typical as well as stereotypical of the “haves” regarding the “have nots”. So after they are tested positive for drugs then what to help the family? Nothing? You have such sympathy for the wealthy yet they have a cap on social security and their contribution is not substantial enough to bear such sympathy.

          3. Yadja says

            I have been an RN for close to 30 years. I have worked in GYN, Oncology, Neurology, ER, ICU, Step down ICU, RR, OR, Hospice, been an ADON, DON, teacher, Staff Educator, Dialysis Specialty and Dialysis ICU, Doctors nurse, Turn Around Expert and served my country in two wars as a Combat Support Nurse in the Army since 1988.

            I raised three children on my own with no help from anyone and I never took a penny from the government but then there was none offered me being as I was blonde, blue-eyed and educated prior to nursing, I had a Teaching degree.

            Your right I am not a Team Player, I am a survivor who has been rich and poor and everything in between. I have lived all over the world and I have reinvented myself more than once to make a life for myself and my children. I don’t play well with others especially bleeding heart liberal nurses like you.

            I have done more since a child for the poor than you could even dream of. My attitude is one of give a man a fish you feed him for a day teach him to fish and you give him a lifetime of food.

            You have so much sympathy for the poor that you keep them where they are and offer them more handouts than a hand up. Oh I made it all right, I excelled in everything I ever did even nursing against bleeding heart better than though attitude twits like you.

            I downsized my life because I saved, invested and deserve my day in the sun so put that in your pipe and poke it your nothing but part of the problem in nursing I fired more like you than you have jobs. You bring the entire facility down and your not of any use to anyone.

          4. sue says

            So you never received a PELL grant to pay for your education or a G.I. bill paid by the government or had the help of a man’s income? Wow,I bet your back is bruised from your self inflicted pats . If only you had the same insight,empathy and compassion for others as you do for yourself. Because you are not a team player just remember those years as a nurse, teacher and military you were not as effective in your job,but it is all about you anyway,as I am sure your children can attest to it ,but I doubt they ever would ever disagree with you .You seem to have great observation skills as well as a microscope on your neighbors,I can imagine the sneers and glares you give them.I bet another favorite phrase of yours is “Get over it”.You need to keep working on the reinventing part.You are oblivious to the opportunity you have to make a big difference in your neighborhood because you can’t get over yourself. Yes people take advantage ,yes people want a free ride,yes people are alkies and druggies but not all.It is those ones that if they have a mentor a hand up ,those are the ones that make it all worthwhile.I am back at college for another degree.At the Scholarship ceremony another recipient gave a speech.He told about as a child his mother was addicted to meth and his father was an alcoholic.When he was in 3rd grade they were divorced and he lived with his mom.He thought things would get better,it didn’t. When he was in 6th grade his mother went to prison so he moved back with his dad,he thought things would get better but it didn’t. His dad was a raging alcoholic so he was forced to steal food ,from neighbors garbage ,store or sell anything that was worth money to live.He did this until he was a sophomore then his dad went to prison for aggravated DUI’s.He started going to church and thought he needed mentors and he found some great ones luckily.He stayed at his friend’s home and their family.He did well in school then went to college and received scholarships.He said” to me a scholarship isn’t just about the money,it is about knowing others believe in me,finally someone believes in me.” He spoke how he is going to medical school to practice here in southern IL so he can give back to those that cared .

          5. Yadja says

            No I did not. I payed for my education for the RN and took me seven years to get it. My X was an alcoholic in that time and would not give a dime except for the children’s insurance. That was it.

            Your a filthy little Liberal aren’t you my children are all very successful due to seeing me give them the life they had and they adore me and all are doing extremely well. Bet yours are all little Liberals with O T-shirts and spouting O slogans good little Brown Shirts.

            My neighbors love me because I help them with their problems and all the abused women and take them to their medical appointments etc. They know they can depend on me that is how I know their stories. They also know how I feel about all the freebies and they understand. They know what they are doing and they will continue to do it because it is easier than making their own way.

            Maybe you will learn something this time round. As for your sad story heard them all my life you see I was an abused woman and that is how I got involved in helping other women find their way out of bad marriages and situations. You see I did not have any brothers, sisters or Uncle and Aunts to assist me through life. My mother died in the 70’s and my father when I was eighteen. My stepfather could not help me but my people were POWs that lived through 3.5 years of interment camps and raised a strong woman in me. I made it on my own.

            I think you are the utmost disgusting nurse I have ever had the misfortune to come across in my entire life. Your nothing more than an empty headed and so into yourself with your good deed that you honestly believe you have the right to judge others.

            I feel sorry for anyone who has to put up with you.

          6. sue says

            Oh so NOW you do things for your druggy low life neighbors ? Wow you are a saint! Do they know you think they are scum balls and they are beneath you? You may have taken 7 years paying your way for nursing for general classes but telling others it took you 7 years in nursing school might fly with the ignorant people around you ,but you know very well nursing school is long hours and very rigid rules unless you enrolled in some pathetic online program.So suddenly the druggy scum neighbors love you and you are their savior? Wow how liberal of you! I would suggest next time before giving them a ride you better have them pee in a cup.You are a self righteous bitch and if you received any awards it was off the backs of those you turned in and lied about to get them. I will not read or answer any further replies of yours.Who do you think YOU are that you think you are the only one that has been through crap,been places or worked hard in life you self absorbed ass.

          7. Yadja says

            Unlike Liberals I have always been outspoken and truthful, something you might want to try. They know I disapprove of what they are doing and encourage independence in them. It is called helping someone to fish and not just giving them things.

            Oh get off it you piece of Liberal flim flam 2 years Clinical the rest was prerequisites. I went to the University of North Florida. Just cause you are a mail order LPN don’t think RN’s get off that easy.

            Oh LOLOLOLOL you are such a nitwit your the bitch and I bet your husband tells you that often I am sure he thinks it.

            LOLOLOL I am so glad I don’t have to look at any of your posts. LOLOLOL I know who I am but appears you are a bit insecure and the fact you mentioned turning people in speaks volumes of what you do in order for any recognition.

            Have a lovely evening and may the bird of paradise fly up your panty hose and bite you in your big fat a$$.

      2. Miss Kitty says

        How about drug testing everyone holding offices in all elected offices in our government?

        1. Yadja says

          Have you ever seen the list of wife beaters, DUIs et all that the Congress has?

          They are what they are. Thieves, liars and cheats.

        2. Gidge713 says

          How about the 318,000 government employees that owe back taxes, includes IRS employees.

          1. Tom Brechlin says

            Yeah, how about them? A mere mention in the media ….

        3. crazyfreddie says


          1. elmcqueen3 says

            “Should” be jailed!

        4. Sandy129 says

          I’d be happy to help pay for that!

      3. cvxxx says

        Wrong. One many states allow illegals to obtain driver lic or state ID. It would make little difference to them. Then they would have ID. But the politician just wants to energize the base but actually do nothing. But it appears that they are. Politicians!!
        2. The 70 year old lady getting $770 a month and if she receives help with rent @ 30% of gross income is paying $231 or less for rent. She is expected to spend almost the rest of her income on food. Plus old people get less in food stamps than young (supposedly working) persons. You can figure this out by checking with the regulation and formula in your state. Your elected representitives are able to obtain any information for you if it is not available online. Or contact the SNAP office or state and county offices. Each state is different.
        Drug tests cost money. Your taxes pay for that political hot air. In every state that has been a waste as there are so little difference as to be useless. Heavy drug users are not looking to shop they are looking to do crimes to pay for their addiction.
        I agree that the elderly(which all of use who live will be some day) need more help like a minimum Snap of $150-$200 depending on pricing per month. I understand the concern. However,how mean and stingy shall we be?

      4. MARYSWEET says

        You have got it right. There are always the freeloaders who just want the government to take care of them. That is such a bad precedent for their children. That is why we have several generations of a family and they are all being supported by the government (taxpayers). Drug tests would go a long way to help with this problem but I’m sure there are several other areas that can be looked into and changes made.

      5. Hugh Railey says


      6. teedoffatobama says

        I’m on SSDI and I only get a measly $17 food stamps per month because of my SSDI (less than $1340 for 2 of us ), and if I didn’t own my car or house outright I couldn’t survive but half a month , and a few years from now it will change to retirement pay .

      7. Sandy129 says

        Absolutely right! I have a cousin living in Pennsylvania whose income is less than $1000 a month and she only gets $10 a month in food stamps. She is a widow, disabled and almost 70 years old who worked all her life. It is really pathetic how this is so mismanaged.

        1. Yadja says

          That is unbelievable. Out here where I am they get at the least 200 a month in food stamps. They partner up, which when living off SS or SSD they have to and they do well cause rent is maybe 300 a month. They still go to the food bank.

          Someone is always drinking up the SS or SSD.

          1. Sandy129 says

            She lives in a trailer on her property and if it wasn’t paid for, she wouldn’t survive.They recently decreased her stamps from $13 to $10. She still has property taxes even tho she has no mortgage. Her wood stove helps too. I was shocked to hear her say that. I know she is one who should be getting more help.

          2. Yadja says

            What are they doing with all the money they should be giving to people like this lady? I don’t understand. Out here they get Free Medical, I know I take them to the County clinics, Free medicine, Food bank from the different churches, the State runs a program that finds work for them and the State pays them, I work with a 71 year old who is on this program she works at the Vets Village, they get their Food Stamps, Free baby care etc.

            That is a horrible story. Wow.

      8. margo1942 says

        how about a social security elderly receiving $ 747.00 a month and gets 40 dollars a month in food stamps?

        1. Yadja says

          That is sick you would do better being illegal or a crack W_ with children.

      9. Elizabeth Davis says

        amen! I have worked housing also. Give them money and they will buy drugs and booze. Not all but more than half .. Years ago they had food stamps and had to use them on food and were not given cash or debit cards. But they were given extra for each kid they had so they just kept having them

      10. glenn398 says

        660 a month food stamps, hell that is more than I ever spent for a family of 4 and bought anything I wanted, this is crazy.

        1. Yadja says

          You ought to see what they get for the children. It can go up into the thousands.

          1. glenn398 says

            I figured out one day what the income would be for a family of just 3 and it came out to $60,000. When you figure section 8, food stamps, aid to dependent children, free medical, no taxes, no cost of going to work, clothes for working, free cell phone, free computer, can collect a check once a year for being poor up to $3500 ect. there are 122 government give away programs so you can imagine I can’t even begin to go thru them all. Even at the state level in my state are paid up to $500 to fix their car if it don’t pass emissions.

          2. Yadja says

            Exactly and they just recently busted people who were making over 3,000 a month here doing noting but knowing where to collect and how. They way they discovered them was a woman was bragging on a chatline bragging about how to do it and someone turned her in.

            Sad, sad and bad.

          3. glenn398 says

            They caught women at the 4 corners drawing from 4 states at the same time. The states were Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. In Madison Wis. every month there were bus loads of blacks bused in from Chicago to collect their welfare check. No one did anything about it until the newspaper raised such a stink they finally cracked down on them but it went on for years before anything was done.

          4. Yadja says

            Think of all the people all over this country doing this and taking the money away from those who need it.

            Makes me sick.

          5. glenn398 says

            It’s not only that but Obama is bring in thousands of muslin’s and immediately when hitting shore are already on section 8 housing and welfare, plus his open border policy.

          6. Yadja says


          7. glenn398 says

            A while ago one of the north eastern states passed a bill to allow those in the country that weren’t citizens only so much time on assistance. One of the muslin’s said he had only been here 3 years and and that wasn’t enough time to find a job.

          8. Yadja says

            O has been bringing illegal Muslims into this country for years via Charter Flights. He puts them all over and Shelby Tennessee a town of 17,000 awoke one morning to a town filled with Muslims.

            There have been people reporting the planes coming into military bases, airports and there have been pilots who are whistle blowing.

            We are in deep.

          9. infadelicious says


          10. Yadja says

            When they are abundant enough people will do something but it will be too late.

          11. glenn398 says

            In Phoenix he dumped two loads of 5000 each and Tucson 5000. We use to see hardly any muslin’s here now they are like ants on an ant hill. The other problem is don’t think they know what soap and water are for.

          12. Yadja says

            That is amazing and it needs to be all over the news.

            In Livingston Maine they were from Somali, they are raping women and there are lots of problems.

            This has got to get out there.

          13. glenn398 says

            Somali is where these are from and since their arrival our crime rate had risen.

          14. Yadja says

            They are the worst.

            I came across them in Paris they are awful. Vulgar and filthy and stink like something crawled up them and died.

          15. glenn398 says

            Welcome to the future. As they increase their presents and elect more of their chosen people you can imagine what will happen. Today we are bending over backwards for them so we don’t offend them so imagine the future. Just ask people in Minnesota what can happen

          16. Yadja says

            I fully understand. I have read the Qur’an and the Seven Pillars of Islam. There is a method to their madness and if you want a good look at how they will proceed go to the CAIR site on the net and take a look at the playbook they suggest for new Muslims in this country.

            We have a Muslim in the WH if there are those who still don’t get that we won’t make it through this.

          17. glenn398 says

            Things staying as they are it looks like Hillery will be our next president so in my opinion things will just continue to go down hill until there is nothing left of this country.

          18. Yadja says

            But Hillary is not the same since her accident. If she won she would not be the only president, if you think Bill will take a seat and shut up……HAAAAAAA

            He will keep her on track and she can’t win if she does not totally separate herself from O and his legacy of destruction.

          19. glenn398 says

            Wouldn’t be so sure as Obama has a 50% approval rating. If a republican had done the things he has done the approval rating would be about 10%. Bill would probably find another Monica and be too busy to help out much.

          20. Yadja says

            I know that Bill does not like O and he held his nose to push for him in the last election. One only had to read between the lines on some of his comments related to O.

            Bill and Hillary danced with O’s Devils in the Pale Moonlight somewhere along the line and gave the nomination to O. I feel sure the deal included O giving Hillary the position she had and then to cement it O would pull for her in 2016. Nobody figured O would stink to high heavens by then.

            The poll you quote is a rare one most are showing very low numbers where his policies are concerned and his handling of the ISIS situation that is a popularity vote, from what I have seen based on his appeal to people who still make the mistake of thinking he is a nice guy.

            I don’t care what Bill does in his love life. Men of high station been doing this for centuries. I only care how he handles a country and he did fairly good the last time round.

          21. glenn398 says

            I agree most men have but in the past tried their best to hide it but Bill sure didn’t, that was the big difference. Not only that but in the White House, that is really bad. Obama will sell to the highest bidder so will have to wait and see who that is.

          22. Yadja says

            LOLOL yes Billy gets carried away in the heat of the moment and throws all caution to the wind but I can’t blame him look at Hillary.

            Anyway I refused to read the papers about the affair I had respect for the president at that time and I just wondered where the heck were his aids and his guards they should have protected him from himself.

            But then again he chose a girl not a woman for a playmate. There was a time mistresses to famous and powerful men were women full grown and they would never have sold their man out.

          23. glenn398 says

            With Obama selling out to the highest bidder and since Hillery said she was broke it poses a problem for her. As far as the president no one tells him what to do they can only suggest. What blew my mind is the older women in retirement communities agreed with Bill that it wasn’t sex. Those were the generation where a kiss was timed for movies in seconds.

          24. Yadja says

            I always thought Bill could have been so much more but people that knew them in Arkansas told me they were trash and would bring disgrace to the WH. They did. But I believe Bill is passionate and maybe one of them thar guys that has needs all the time but I think he could have been great with the right woman.

            I feel sorry for Bill, he is frustrated sexually and gets himself into horrible situations like the Island mess. Good Grief you think he would have learned.

          25. glenn398 says

            Did you ever see a picture of them the first time he ran for office, he was a hippie with long hair. Finally they told him if he wanted to win the hippie image had to go and after cleaning up he won.

          26. Yadja says

            Yes LOLOL

          27. glenn398 says

            Been fun, waiting for the next big subject

          28. Yadja says

            Amen live to fight again.

    2. George Cahonna says

      I 100% agree! Granted, we need a safety net for those really trying. But the abuse must end, along with stiff jail terms for those who abuse it. Also, for the man who fathered 1-10 children and refuses to work & support his family(unless not capable)..Work Farm to teach him how to work. No free rides here.

      1. cvxxx says

        How about the women who won’t use birth control. Add the politician who is against birth control and abortion for the poor, but rails against welfare and food stamps? Jail? let’s see free medical and dental,graduate courses on howe to be a better criminal and how to deal with the system all paid for by your tax dollars. A year in prison cost more tham the average Social Security recipient receives in a year(nearly twice as much) and they have to pay for part of Medicare!!!

        1. George Cahonna says

          Well..We can’t hang em can we? We obviously have a society problem..= stalemate…We go nowhere…

          1. cvxxx says

            ROFL!! Your post reminded me of something my father said about babies. “They are cute when they are young” is what he said. Politicians are so two faced with forked tongue.

      2. Tom Brechlin says

        For one thing, the amount that deadbeat dad would have to pay may be less then what mommy gets in subsidies. There is little benefit for her to go after him for support. And given the unemployment rate, many of these guys have little to no income.

        Then we have the usual “he” refuses to work. It’s 2015, mommy can work too. Mommy can get free day care so that she can work. Where is mommy’s responsibility? Of wait, “mommy”/”women” in our society are victims! I forgot there’s a war on women.

        BTW, to set the record straight. Obviously the courts require far more men to pay child support but when you look at the stats which represent the % of women/men who are in default in child support, women are in arrears on a % basis more then men.

        1. George Cahonna says

          OK..that’s it …Castration…If you can’t support what your doing ..Off they go!!
          Goes for the women too! I do not expect someone else to support me, or my kids( if I’m capable). That goes for my wife too..Today’s Motto: Zero Pride-Zero Accountability..

    3. Miss Kitty says

      The honest taxpayers are being raped by the crooks they elect into our government. You might want to cogitate over honest taxpayers as they screw back too.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Having been trained to view obedience as a virtue, people want to feel good about surrendering what they earn to “government.” And so, with the help of political propaganda, they hallucinate that their “contributions” are actually helping society as a whole. They speak as if paying “taxes” means “giving back to society” or “investing in the country”. Such rhetoric, as common as it is, is logically nonsensical, since it implies that every one of the individuals who make up “society” and “the country” somehow each owes a debt to the group as a whole, but is owed nothing. What people are actually doing when they pay “taxes” is giving money not to “society” or “the country” but to the politicians who make up the ruling class, to spend however they please.

    4. Jarhead says

      Drug testing would be good. BUT when they convert Food Stamps to cash to purchase, drugs, booze, tats, vacations, etc… ID will not be required!

      1. Mary Ann says

        Yes, and it will really piss me off! These welfare mooches don’t want anything that would jeopardize their livelihood (sarcasm intended). Right now I’m on SSD and SSI and I get some food stamps. I graduated from college and am now trying to get an online business started. I also am a aide to my friend who is in a wheelchair. If I can do it with two major back surgeries then why can’t these lazy moochers get off their dead ass and do something with their life?

      2. Croco Dile says

        You want more tyranny ?
        No ?
        You may consider to drop your superstition – beleif in “government”.

    5. steven says

      if you do that the liberal progressives would lose a large percentage of their voters.

    6. sue says

      Studies have shown the millions spent to drug test only a few percent are positive for drugs.I would rather see any person in public office is drug tested.They can afford drugs much more than a person on food stamps.Plus the highest percent of people receiving the benefits of food stamps are children. Also food stamps stimulate the economy 100%

  4. Archie Cogollos says

    ID should be required…it is for everything else in this world…..

    1. MikeS says

      Not for voting.

      1. Archie Cogollos says

        Everything…this being one of the most important responsibilities of citizenship….

        1. MikeS says

          I agree, but, in many cases it does not seem to apply to voting.

          1. kotoc says

            And voting should be the ABSOLUTE necessity for an ID!!! No ID?… No can vote.

          2. MikeS says

            Sure would like to see it. Lot of yak yak goes on about it. Seems like nobody is doing what it would take to make it mandatory.

          3. kotoc says

            You can see what a problem it would be for Democrats if the photo ID was required to vote, though. They CLAIM that it’s a form of discrimination, and that’s not what it is… it’s actually grabbing up votes from people who don’t even deserve to be in this country legally… promises of government handouts in return for staying in power.

          4. MikeS says

            This has been upsetting me for quite some time. Everyone should not have a right to vote. Convicted criminals and non-citizens should not be voting in our elections. Photo ID with identifiable face and proof of citizenship should be required for all licensing, voting and government assistance. We must discriminate in some cases to weed out people who should not be participating in certain activities. To let this slip through the cracks is inefficient and un-American. I want my Country, my tax dollars and the Constitution protected.

          5. kotoc says


          6. Yadja says

            IQ tests would also help.

          7. Archie Cogollos says

            We’re not talking about a tatoo of a barcode…in absolute every aspect of modern society an ID is required…This is not a Spartacus moment…go to the airrport, rent a car, hotel room, rug doctor at supermarket, write a check go to the gym…library..the only people that don’t want to or haven’t , remind me of the move Goodfellas….

          8. MikeS says

            Odd about that whole voting thing not requiring ID in some places.

      2. Yadja says

        In my precinct it is and I keep hearing this everywhere.

        1. Gary Williams says

          not mine

          1. Yadja says

            That is interesting. I don’t get that I mean if you don’t have to show who you are how do they know your on the rolls?

          2. Gary Williams says

            They ask for I D, but if you dont have it, they write your name down and send you to the machine.

          3. Yadja says

            Wow where I am they ask for your ID if you don’t have it or are not on the list you are escorted to the door.

            No wonder no vagabonds in line where I vote.

    2. GrizzMann says

      They are required for Democrat political campaign stops.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        And presidents??

        1. GrizzMann says

          All are equal, except those that aren’t.

  5. jaybird says

    An ID with no coverings on the face or head if you know what I mean.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Drug tests should also be required for any government assistance program: welfare, SNAP, food stamps, housing, free phones, etc., etc.

      1. Tom Brechlin says

        Why do you insist on continued oppression? (sarcasm) I work at a place that requires a drug test for employment. The company also does at random tests. I pay taxes and “work” for a living. Recipients of government should at the very least be required to undergo equal expectations.

    2. GrizzMann says


      1. kotoc says

        Facial hair? Nothing wrong with that… but take off the burka and turban though.

        1. GrizzMann says

          WOW, thanks.

          1. kotoc says

            You’re welcome… my husband has a big beard and moustache, and I kiss him every day! :^)

  6. Eric Domejean says

    good old conservatives go after the poor. Never mind the defense contractors, homeland security contractors, haliburton, corporations that use tax dodges, they can afford lawyers, but wimpy conservatives can always go after the poor who can not defend themselves. Nice christians.

    1. katladyWA says

      You need to update they are SO last century. And, poor ppl can get free picture ID.

      1. katladyWA says

        Update your talking points…sorry

    2. Gary Williams says

      you funny

    3. PatriotGal says

      Eric, you are so far out-of-date with your talking points. Come up to reality. Christians give to the poor through church charities where the government doesn’t stick its nose under the tent. Christians also give to charities where help and financial assistance is needed. Christians and conservatives do not need the government to tell them to whom they should donate money, nor who is in need. Haven’t you read the study that Conservatives and Christians donate far more to charities than do DEMONcRATS? It’s out there – find it.

      1. Eric Domejean says

        So what,you give to get a tax deduction and to look good to jesus so that you don’t go to an imaginary place to burn for eternity, for all of your other sins.

        1. GrizzMann says

          Again, they use legal tax code to their advantage. Don;t like it, call your Democrat Congressmen, to changf the code.

          1. Eric Domejean says

            What does this have to do with this discussion? I did not ask about the tax code.

          2. GrizzMann says

            ” Never mind the defense contractors, homeland security contractors, haliburton, corporations that use tax dodges,” Was that in your comment? I think you were upset that the tax code was being used.

          3. Eric Domejean says

            I asked about how cowards like the republicans go after poor people rather than the big welfare recipients.

          4. GrizzMann says

            What did the Republicans do? The tax code is from Congress, with the Presidents approval. That should be your target, Hrump, Republicans are weak.

          5. Eric Domejean says

            Read the article.

          6. GrizzMann says

            They read the article?

    4. GrizzMann says

      They all have photo ID abd more. They use legal tax code to their advantage. Don;t like it, call your Democrat Congressmen.

  7. teejk says

    Guess people don’t quite understand how our “second currency” works in real time. It has its own underground distribution/barter system. So IDs would probably only add a little more inconvenience to what is happening now.

  8. RMCSRET says

    If I go to a bank to cash a check or even to depost money in a bank do I not need a PICTURE ID?
    If I want to take a book out of a library don’t I need a Photo ID? I need a Photo ID to pick up Meds at
    a local WALMART. So why not food stamps?

    1. GENE says


    2. Tom Brechlin says

      “So why not food stamps?” I presume this was a rhetorical question?

      1. RMCSRET says

        Take it as you may.

  9. smogdew says

    Special arrangements should be made for those who truly need assistance. When food stamps started many, many years ago, it wasn’t an hour before the recipients learned to scam the gov’t – ergo the old term ‘the Welfare Cadillac’…you could buy ONLY necessities – now people buy cigarettes, liquor and that ilk (while their children go hungry and get their meals at schools) and once other ‘entitlements’ were thrown in, vacations to the Caribbean, luxury hotels – you name it. Now that they get FREE cell phones, per Obama, look at your cell phone bill and see if there’s a new, ambiguous tax – United Service Tax . That’s what all Americans pay so these dummies can have cell phones to call their ‘dealers’.
    All this goes to say they damned well should have ID. Everyone paying their way does.

    1. GENE says


      1. PatriotGal says

        But, Gene, the Mexican president addressed the joint Houses of Congress and demanded the USA accept, feed, clothe, house, etc., his illegal invaders into our country. He demanded we provide them all necessities and citizenship. Look it up, you will find his speech to Congress with OWEbama right there beside him.

        1. Tom Brechlin says

          We didn’t need Mexico’s president to say anything. The liberals already made up their mind and are now doing a great job trying to shame people into accepting the damage that’s already done.

  10. jim marcum says

    I recall when I was a kid my Dad and Mom whispered when they talked about someone ‘having to go on relief’. That’s what they called it, ‘going on relief’. It was a shame to have to go on relief or receive welfare. Men wanted to work and take care of their families. Now it does seem like people use it like a lottery. I don’t see why a picture I.D. to cash food stamps would be a big problem. I get asked for I.D.’s to cash one of my personal checks often. I really don’t see the difference.

  11. GENE says


  12. Ronney says

    Thank god their is none of these people where I live, illegals, or muslims, because I know I would be the first to kill as many as I could before our shitty government got me. So to all you nerds at the tsa, nsa, you know where I am at. Keep them out of my neighborhood because their will be mercy on my end.

  13. WiSe GuY says

    Just put the recipients’ picture on their EBT card.

  14. cvxxx says

    Think this through. One the Food stamps are on a card which has a code. If one does not have the code the card is useless. Then there are care givers for the sick,injured and old. They do the shopping for the mllions who can’t do it themselves.
    This is just another expense for gov’t and who has the contract to provide the cards. Guess whose taxes will go to pay for this extra cost? Read below that many are making the error of relating the crime of illegals with the crime of giving illegals benefits they have not earned. Those knee jerk emotional responses forget that for many they would not have id as there other than a passport have no national id. Social Security no longer comes by check but either on a card or electronically deposited to bank accounts. Food stamp eligibility is by the state. If the state gives ID to illegals the requirement to have Id is null and void. It won’t prevent anything at all.

  15. George Cahonna says

    ID required? How about a drug test too? Where’s the father to some of these unwed mother’s children? Good luck demanding any reform. These are voter’s for a certain party & we know who they are.

  16. Curtis Jones Jr says

    I think like most Americans do. The Welfare and Food stamp program is broken. The Programs are not the problem, the administration of these programs are broken. The fix is a Two Step Simple Fix: No ID, no help. When shopping you must have ID. Drug test for illegal drugs to qualify for the programs, you get a drug test to get and keep a job. What is the problem?…………….Al Sharpton is the problem, he says it is not fair to blacks or minorities. How, is he saying only blacks and minorities use drugs? That is BS. Everyone needs a job, be prepared to get one.

    1. LadyJane says

      My 18 yr old daughter just tried to get a photo id, She can’t. She needs a doctors note to get a ss card and none of the 5 doctors she went to would take her ins. or even write the note that she is indeed an American. She had her birth certificate with her even. You need ass card in order to get the id.

      1. Americans Wake Up says

        I call BS on the SS card. Your doctor has nothing to do with getting a SS card. All you need is to take a birth certificate (available at your health dept, online or county courthouse of birth) and submit request to SS office. As for picture ID, any proof of address ( utility bill, etc) and you can get an ID. Our state provides free ID’s.

        1. LadyJane says

          That is your state. My state requires your SS card to get a photo id, we have to pay for ours. We did take her birth certificate as well as her baptism certificate. They want a letter from her doctor stating that indeed she is who she says she is. She lost her SS card. She can’t get a new SS card unless she has a current photo iD (Student ID). Again they were presented with her birth certificate, baptism record, even school records. The only requirement missing as a blood test. She still can’t get her documents.
          Then again, we are not illegal immigrants, drug users or the like. We are honest American citizens and have been since before 1843. The only people who don’t have to pay for their photo id, are veterans and immigrants. Americans get treated like illegals, while the illegals get treated like Americans.

      2. Curtis Jones Jr says

        Lady Jane,I am sorry somethings is not right. I worked for the Government for thirty years. It does not take any Drs. statement to get a Social Security card,it. takes a birth certificate. If you are applying for benefits because of medical reasons then you need a Drs. evaluations. It takes a birth certificate and a bill showing residence to get a drivers licences or a state ID. Please stop spreading false information, it helps no one. Don’t let your daughter BS you.

        1. LadyJane says

          This is in Michigan Curtis. I still have the form from Social Security Administration. It states in the middle of the form. “Please let us know if the individual is a patient with your office along with the patient chart number” At the top of this paper is says. SAMPLE- DO NOT FILL IN THE BLANKS. NEEDS to be on DOCTOR’s LETTERHEAD. The text on that paper is in all Caps which is why I typed It as such.

          1. Curtis Jones Jr says

            Lady Jane, this Form is to apply for benefits, to apply for benefits you must have your ID. Social Security is a Federal Program, it is the same in ALL States. All you need is your birth certificate to get your SS card ID. It is simple your daughter is 18, she does not need you to go with her. Take the birth certificate and go to Social Security and tell them you either lost your old SS card or that you are applying for your SS card. This card is free. Once you get that in the mail, then apply for benefits. That will take Drs. statements. As far as a State ID or drivers licence all you need is your birth certificate and a bill showing your name and address, this is to establish your residence. This will cost away where from $6.00 to $25.00 depending on the state. I am sorry, but not having an ID is not an excuse.

          2. LadyJane says

            The card is $10. She has to be disabled or 65 not to pay for it. The office told us different and that is what we are going by. She wasn’t applying for benefits, she was only applying to get a replacement SS Card. NO benefits. She can’t get a damn job without it. The paper we were handed told us that she must have her doctor fill it out on their letterhead. This is what they told us. We talked to 3 different people at the office and all 3 said the same thing. I did post the link stating that Michigan does require a social security card to get a state ID card.
            Since you seem to know it all. Why don’t you contact our SS office here in Sterling Heights Michigan and ask them WHY did they refuse to give my daughter her social security card so that she can get a state ID, even though she indeed had her birth certificate and something with the address on it. And you may wish to ask them why they required a doctor’s note for same. She told them point blank she ONLY wanted to replace her Social Security Card NOT to sign up for benefits.

            Michigan law requires the Department of State to collect and verify Social Security numbers before issuing a driver’s license or state identification card. They did NOT accept her birth certificate.
            She can’t get a replacement Social Security Card without a picture ID and she can’t get a picture ID without a Social Security Card.

          3. Curtis Jones Jr says

            I called my sister, which is a supervisor for Social Security. She informed me that there are two ways for you to handle this situation, as far as the Social Security. Call your office and ask for the National Hotline Phone number because you have a complaint. She said this usually gets their attention. She further stated, Social Security is a National Program the rules are the same in ALL States. The other route is to contact your Congressman or Senator, this will generate an Official Inquiry. The Social Security Administration hates this, they will resolve the issue. As far as The State of Michigan, all DMV rules are different. The scenario will resolve itself if you had the Social Security card. Make a copy of this conversation, take it with you to Social Security or your Congressman or Senator. Your actions will help a lot of other people experiencing this problem.

          4. LadyJane says

            Thank You. I definitely am going to save this and give it a try.

        2. LadyJane says

          If I had a scanner I would upload this paper to show you exactly what this paper looks like. This is what was given to us.

      3. Kenyan Mocker says

        Social Security numbers have been issued at birth for better than 25 years.
        Why doesn’t she have one?

        1. LadyJane says

          She LOST it. She has to get a replacement.

          1. Kenyan Mocker says

            She lost what the right to her original number or her card? Once a number is issued it stays with that person until death. If you claimed her as a dependent it should be on tax records.

  17. Americans Wake Up says

    They can’t afford a picture ID? But they can afford cigarettes, beer, wine, drugs, cell phones, leather coats, Coach purses, video games, ipods, and host of other unaffordable items. I am so sick of driving by my local section 8 housing and seeing Escalades, BMW’s, Mercedes, Saabs and other vehicles I can’t afford after working 40 years parked there.
    ID’s, drug testing and sterilization should be mandatory for anyone who wants to live off my tax dollars!

    1. LadyJane says

      First off, you are not allowed to buy alcohol beverages, prescription drugs, otc meds, cigarettes with food stamps. Second, in order to get approved for cash assistance, you have to give up your child support, have to attend job search, have to perform 24 weeks of community service and attend work shops and resume writing classes just to get on cash assistance which is only a 4 yr benefit.

      1. Americans Wake Up says

        And if you believe that they are not using food stamps for items other than food you are delusional. I have seen many people buy cigarettes and beer with food stamps and then walk out and get in their Escalade and drive away. The abuse far exceeds those that really need it. And our state required them to do none of the above nor polices it. I take it you are a recipient.

        1. LadyJane says

          I still have a month to complete my community service requirement before they open my case. They won’t open your benefits until you’ve completed their requirements. I have a job but that doesn’t matter to them. You still have to do community service.

        2. LadyJane says

          In some stores, when someone swipes their EBT card and they have “unapproved” items, a message comes up on the screen asking them to pay the balance for those unapproved items. It doesn’t happen everywhere I guess.

  18. Klang101 says

    Any republican or conservative can not run with this issue. Running with this issue will alienate votes. They have to run on giving them more then when elected take it back. I’m tired of these micreates taking from our taxes.

  19. GrizzMann says

    You know I SHOULD have won the LOTTO. There is where should, should be used, in a dream.

  20. michael t says

    Food stamp ID, should have been the norm from the getgo… How do our dim witted politicians get away with such poor legislation ?

    1. GrizzMann says

      They are Democrats.

    2. kkpinnola says

      It was. For some reason it seems from what I have read here that it is not today.

    3. Anne Reid says

      Easy – They keep getting voted into office by the recipients of the welfare programs. Yes, we need to require ID’s. We also need to require the able bodied to do “volunteer” work if they say they can’t find a job. They could pick up litter on the streets in neighborhoods, pull weeds in vacant lots, work in community gardens, read to kids in the library, visit sick children in hospitals; in other words, they should be required, if physically able, to do community service in exchange for the monetary assistance they receive.

      1. michael t says

        Agree with you, but then we will be accused of picking on the poor !!! No thought of the poor, in the working class, who have pride and responsibility and choose to work and pay their dues

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Oh the humanity!!! You don’t mean for them to earn their way?? That wouldn’t be Hope and Change.

    4. Tom Brechlin says

      OD is one thing and although I agree that we should require ID but as with anything, people will be able to scam ID’s. That being said …the bigger problem are the countless that 1) shouldn’t qualify and 2) The fact that government does nothing to get people OFF government subsidies. These programs were intended to he “short term.”

  21. peter says

    The democrats won’t allow anything that’s valid and sane.

  22. Mark Clemens says

    Why not put the persons picture on the SNAP card? That would help the stupid people prove who they are…………..

  23. kkpinnola says

    This comment says it all: “But the moment you start taking money from others, your number one goal in life should be to stop. Unfortunately, a great many people in this country don’t see it that way.” I used to work for the food stamp program in the 70’s, and people did have to have ID. I wonder what else changed. You are right; once on this stuff long enough, it becomes a way of living. If you feel like you don’t have to work with the subsidies you get, then why bother trying to find a job or get an education. In my day working there, things were strict. Also, people had to register with the state’s employment service and were required to go on X number interviews or at least have applied at X number of places for jobs. And we would verify it, too. That is how it used to be.
    It began as a way to help farmers and agriculture and to help short term those in need of food. I know old people who live meagerly and are not on food stamps. Seems they are ineligible. Who knows.

  24. Seldena says

    Id card and Drug testing would be a good thing to stop the abuse of the Food Stamp program. Just as an ID would stop the abuse of the voting process. All makes sense to me!!

  25. Mark Clemens says

    Propaganda Warning:
    FOOD STAMPS and WELFARE are not ENTITLEMENTS they are BENEFITS. The Elites want to do away w/Social Security. They try to lump welfare benefits and Social Security entitlements in one category. Then do away w/SSI.

  26. Yadja says

    Someone pays for those Food Stamps three guesses and the first two don’t count. Like any other government program abuse is rampant. I see it in my small town. There are corner stores that take Food Stamps for booze and cigarettes.

    Anyone on a government program needs to be subjected to drug testing. As an RN random drug testing and alcohol was mandatory. Most jobs same thing. The more they scream the more guilty they are.

    If you are clean you don’t care about tests.

  27. R Jeffrey Savlov says

    ID is not enough. Since all LEGAL residents of the United States are either citizens or landed immigrants, Green Card Holders, who are not entitled to any government assistance, the system itself must be stripped of all those who should not be receiving payments.

    To do so we must stop all payments to everyone who don’t qualify. First all welfare, food stamps and housing must be handled by one department and a process must be put into place for receipt of assistance. Food stamps, not credit cards but actual stamps as before which would be accompanied by a photo ID and a stringent list of what can and cannot be purchased with them, then if necessary, housing subsidies paid directly to landlords.

    In the case of unemployment payments, these payments would include food stamps as part of the payment and must be renewed every 90 days with documented proof of job search. If employment is not acquired within 180 days, enrollment in a retraining program is required after appropriate vocational testing all at a state certified vocational training school or community college. Proof of enrollment, a transcript of grades and employment reports from the assigned internship in that field would be required to continue in the program.

    The disability program would require appropriate medical documentation to determine if the disability is temporary or permanent with a determination of what type of employment the individual is capable of performing and would renewal would be required annually. The individual would be required to retrain for such a position as in the unemployment program.

    For the chronically unemployed, they should be assigned jobs in the work force which are currently being performed by illegals. No work no pay.

    We don’t need to make welfare recipients into wards of the state and develop a society of generational welfare families.

    To address the problem of minimum wage jobs, the Department of Welfare should determine income needs for a family and subsidize employers so that the employee would take home, after taxes, sufficient to support the family not increase the minimum wage which would eliminate these jobs through automation.

    We must put some of the stigma back into government assistance. That is the only thing that will get people off assistance and into the work force.

  28. Leo Klaudi says

    It should have been required right from the very start of the food stamp program.

  29. Jim Lockwood says

    We can do better! ID & drug test & overhaul the programs to eliminate the abuse.

  30. Archie Cogollos says

    Atlas Shrugged…by Ayn Rand…..written in 1957…..we be in deep trouble if we don’t wake up….

  31. kc shaw says

    I am on SSD and I get 16 dollars a month. While the apartment next to me, A one bedroom. Her daughter just had her 5th child and gets over 800 dollars in Food stamps. They all live in her moms one bedroom

  32. oldgoatee says

    Here in Fort Worth, TX, the Day Resource Center for the homeless provides Texas State ID’s and pays for. them. Next excuse?

  33. Kim J says

    Yes, let’s criminalize the poor. I’ve shopped for many people on food stamps(I’m one of those crazy people who believe that it’s important to help those who have less than me), who didn’t do their own shopping for multiple reasons: elderly and home bound, disabled, transportation/child care/work issues. So, I need to have ID to help others?!?!!??! On the other hand, yes, I’ve known people who(SHOCK!) bought a birthday cake on LINK…for their 5 year old child. The other stories? Anecdotal at best, not factual or in the majority.
    And drug tests? Do any of you actually look at facts????? Utah spent over $130,000 on drug tests, but only saved $3,300 in food stamps, Florida and Kentucky found the same, less than 2% of welfare tested positive for drugs, but the drug companies made big bucks on taxpayers, money that could have been spent on education, roads, employment service.
    Ahh, but that’s the con’s version of saving, waste $127,000 of taxpayers’ money to save $3,000 to poor people

  34. Archie Cogollos says

    ID…picture should be unencumbered…no hats sunglasses ..a don’t wanna comply…fine no access….simple…..

  35. Patriot47 says

    NOTHING will improve until we FORCE DC to fix it. Now you tell me how we force DC to fix anything – marches, rallies, voting them out? Wake up people.

  36. Michael says

    No, four things need to be required, photo id, drug test, proof of looking for a job, and U.S. citizenship.

  37. Sir Dirty Harry says

    all money that goes in the SNAP program should be distributed to the different food warehouses throughout the United States. New EBT cards with a photo attached is recipient’s new card. old EBT cards are null and void. A weeks supply dry goods dairy and meat products are handed out for each family. That eliminates fraud. if they take the food to a black market sell it for cash then its on them. They claim that the food was stolen then they’ll need a police report for replacement food. If they cry foul then tell them they can starve. If they want beer or wine or marijuana then I can find it somewhere else. EBT cards are only valid at food warehouses nowhere else.

  38. USCBIKER says

    Isn’t it funny & hypocritical how Obamacare wants every form of ID known to man, but not for handouts?

  39. OSAMA OBAMA says

    If we can FORCE Americans to take vaccines, why can’t we FORCE welfare rats to show I.D.s and take drug tests??

  40. slrcson says

    Just as having an ID to vote should not be a problem.

  41. Sir Dirty Harry says

    For Muslims with face covering use a digital thumb print on the EBT card so it can be scanned at the register. Thumb print doesn’t match sorry about that no food.

  42. Frank W Brown says

    Hey, we wouldn’t want to put a stop to this would we…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, author unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  43. mary ann oyanib says

    Under BHO watch everyone should be dependent on government’s handouts. Democrats and republicans believe it will help our economy. Really, Americans taxpayers that works hard to have a better life are trapped with these abuses. We should be ashamed of squandering free entitlements which we did not work hard for. I understand some needs it badly but they should be concentiously knowing where it came from.

  44. The duck says

    We should all feel so proud to pay our taxes and feed every illegal migrant who enters our country and neglect our own hungry and homeless.
    The Apostle Paul wrote in the Bible, A man who neglects his own family is worse than an infidel. Wonder where that places our government?

  45. Donna Cavender says

    The government has created this mess. The more people means Gov. controls them. They vote for them to keep the freebies going. Buy a $30 ham, sell it in the parking lot and buy lotteyr tickets, beer, cigarettes. Gov atually has people sitting outside stores trying to sign people up for free phones Good for Walmart! They said “Not on our property”. My Social Security is $1520. per month. After my Medicare and medicine payments come out my net is $1210.00. The Gov. goes by gross income and I do not qualify because the cut off is $1300.00. I cannot get any help with anything. I am 80 years old, and yes I eat my share of noodles and peanut butter. I still believe in my country, but Obama has made us a disaster.

    1. kotoc says

      Grrrrrrrrrr!!… It’s a crying SHAME that people who honestly need assistance, and DESERVE what they paid INTO Social Security, are being denied the benefits while the lazy leeches grin all the way to the bank (and stores) with the money doled out to them by our corrupt government. You should write a letter to your congressman like you wrote here, and DEMAND justice!!

  46. Mister B says

    “The American republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money” -Alexis de Tocqueville Enough said!

  47. Donna Cavender says

    ISIS is crossing the Mexican border every day. Funds have been cut so low the Guards cannot. patrol the borders properly. And the front page news—- is Measels outbreak .

  48. kmdilli says

    I survive on meager SS early because of catastrophic illness- progressive and permanent.
    It never occurred to me to “hide assets” and claim every handout, I had no idea what was available when this was all starting. I lost absolutely EVERYTHING supporting my family while unable to work and trying to find out what was wrong with me.
    Now I live in a slumlord rental with no hope for a better living, I make sure my rent is still paid though.
    Sure I looked into “low income housing…” NO WAY. Talk about a DANGER ZONE!
    I will gladly vote FOR Food Stamp ID and drug testing. I’m genuine and have nothing to hide!

  49. robert kelly says

    Why not put a picture on EBT cards , chip in bedded with-in the card . Also should require a randomly drug test.

  50. david says

    Changes will never be made. Democrats think entitlements are the norm and secure their votes. Republicans are afraid to touch entitlements because they are brutalized by liberals and the press. We are doomed. Less people in the workforce than ever because Obama and friends have given them everything .Food, Housing, Phones for doing nothing. We will soon run out of money. actually we have already but those of us who work will be saddled to fix this mess but never will it be fixed by reducing entitlements.
    Get out of this country now if you can.

  51. Michael Bristol says

    first i want to see all political donors identified as well as the amounts and to whom they donate.

    1. Kenyan Mocker says

      Can they use their ID they use for food stamps?
      There are already requirements for political donations which tells me YOU don’t donate.
      Explain why.

      1. Michael Bristol says

        you haven’t been paying attention have you?

  52. daveveselenak says

    I think that the Muslim-Marxist jihadist ‘Candy Man’ refers to it as REPARATIONS and a guaranteed voting block! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  53. sweetolbob says

    It’s too hard for poor people to get I D. BULLS–T ! ! They drove to the store !
    More democRAT lies to support Obama’s crooked, welfare sucking base.

  54. ONLYJB1 says

    An EBT debit card is swiped at the local grocery store. Of course, now days they just look like a regular debit card, which helps these people save face? No, but that’s how it was billed. Now, my question is simple. How did that individual get to the local supermarket? By car? Well in almost all 50 states, a drivers license and insurance are needed to legally drive that car. What is a drivers license? Ah ha, a legal ID! Here’s where the corruption lies. With no legal documentation or identification, how did that individual obtain EBT or welfare? Whoops! There is at the very least 900 billion dollars worth of corruption within the government assistance programs and no one has the NADS to do anything about it. Eventually something will be done! It won’t be done by the government, but will be done by the people! Then it gets ugly! Oh well!

  55. Gidge713 says

    Waste, fraud and abuse is a big problem in our country. It accounts for Billions of unwarrented payments to people not elegible. The problem starts with the SS Administration, who admits their rolls are not up to date. ONce they are wrong every other benefit dept. is wrong. Everything starts with your SS no. They still carry dead people, and families of these deceased people are taking whatever benefits they were getting. SS duplicate nos., phony nos. and stolen nos. Some people have 2 numbers. Bring SS up to date and beig money coulld be found.

  56. Richard Pope says

    I think thats a great thing to do..
    I have had people walk to me & ask me to buy food on there food stamp card & give them money & at a cheaper rate then what they had given me..
    So yes ID should be a must.
    &for the they don’t have enough money to buy an ID..
    Then I go with this..
    Its illegal to not have one on your body at all time’s…
    So they should have one at all time’s..
    I myself cant wait till every one has a RFID Implant..
    & if the wont take the RFID… Then I say. Some freedoms should be taken for the benefit of man kind..
    & yes Drugs testing should done too..

  57. bill wenz says

    i do work in the inner city people try to pay me in food stamps people brag to me how they sell there food stamps then go to food pantry for food. the drug deals take food stamps for crack .50 on the dollar . at grocery store i see people buying beer and cig with food stamp card in wallet . if have money for beer u have money for food. the guy who put in my water heater had food stamp card. the Arabs buy 100 or more of soda for there store using food stamps

    1. jaybird says

      I read an article about our free clinic for dental work and a woman said that she did not have money for insurance but she bribed the kid if she would go to the dentist that she would buy her an XBOX. That does not make sense to me, aren’t they approx. $400?? She is also sending the wrong signal to the kid. If it had of been me, there would be no bribe and she would have gone to that dentist and money used for something sensible or put away for a rainy day.

  58. crazyfreddie says


  59. scott says

    all the leachs are liberal democrats.thats their voteing crowd no way will they do anything to make the filthy scum get a job or be a good person.they depend on them being scum so they can keep them on the plantation.

  60. says

    Welfare recipients also ought be required to be on birth control,shots, like the Depot shot, to prevent creating more leaches, on society. Then welfare would die out in a generation.

  61. says

    My husband just got laid off for the 3rd time, in 4.5 years, since Obama’s “reign,” because of Obamacare! We now have HALF what we used to. If the economy is so wonderful, that he’s demanding more taxes, then why can’t my husband & son find full time JOBS?

  62. SeeThroughYou says

    Prior Restraint is Authoritarian Baloney cooked up by control freaks like Hitler, Stalin, Mao.

    Make the penalty for Food Stamp Fraud 10 years in Federal Prison and let people be free until they screw it up for themselves. One deadbeat goes to prison and every other deadbeat they knew will be scared to death to let anyone else touch their foodstamp card.

  63. Hugh Railey says

    You can buy food stamps for half price all day long. People don’t care. There are many dealers that give a shopping list of items to the addict and they happily oblige. Sad. They give whatever credit the dealer decides off for the food.

    1. SeeThroughYou says

      Go to a grocery store and watch the deadbeats in line in front of you. They haven’t used a physical stamp since the 1990s. They use a debit card issued by one of 4 banks(and charge tax payers for the transaction fees).

      1. Hugh Railey says

        Exactly, and it was supposed to stop fraud, but it made it easier.

  64. Pam Testa says

    ID and Drug and alcohol testing. I have seen one woman use 4 food stamp cards at once while high on oxy’s. I will swear to God.

  65. theseer says

    There is a new gov rule concerning food stamps.
    ***All applicants between 20 and 50 must apply to 10 jobs per WEEK for 3 months.
    ***If the food stamp individuals do NOT comply….they will be kicked off food stamps
    for 1 year…Additionally: they must have a signature for each employer they applied TO for

  66. sherri palmer says

    I know an 88 yr. old woman who gets $16 a month in food stamps

  67. Brenda Harrell says

    An ID card to vote as well as food stamps and drug testing. It is our money they are using!

    1. SeeThroughYou says

      Florida already spent 3 million on drug testing(which is unconstitutional by the way) only to find out that people on welfare can’t afford drugs(less than 2% tested positive for drug use).

      There’s a reason Narcotics Trafficking is the most lucrative form of crime in the world. Drugs are super expensive(1oz of Heroin is $3000). Someone who can spend $3000 per week on drugs doesn’t need $80 per week for groceries.

  68. margo1942 says

    the reason americans are getting on the dole is they see our government hand out all the freebees to illegal aliens and refugees. so they feel like why should i work myself to death to pay taxes for some that don’t even belong in the usa.

  69. bdcorvette says

    Deborah Weinstein is an idiot. The same people she claims cannot afford an ID are using one to buy alcohol. Nice try, but just another shallow attempt not to hold adults accountable for fraud.

  70. spartacus says

    keep bringing it down, just make it a $100 dollars per family and when people start seeing is not worthy the hassle of paperwork they need to get to renew the yearly benefit they’ll be sick of it and will leave the program

    another way is by asking those people for the child’s father SSN, that way you may track them and find out if they are working, if so and they have a income force them to place child support on their fathers, in most cases the kids are living with both their parents, it’s just the mothers whom claims that they no longer lives with the father of their kids.

  71. SeeThroughYou says

    The Welfare State just keeps voting more money for itself. Hassling them with unconstitutional baloney never gets at the core of the issue.

    If you live 100% on tax dollars but pay 0% taxes how can you be allowed to vote for people and laws that give you more of someone else’s money?

  72. J. E. Perry says

    I concur w/ the preceding statements. We also need to stop these “Baby Factory” scams where unwed mother can’t care for child so Grandma takes over and collects child care assistance so “mother” can get another in the oven to turn over to GM. Needs to be a system for accountability and responsibility of ones actions. – You father or mother a child you are responsible not the Tax Payers!

  73. Paul Delsignor says

    I’m sorry to tell you but this will not work if all immigrants get an Id. they are issuing them driver licenses so they technically will already have one illegally!

  74. 1josephg1 says

    How dare you request an I’d. That is discriminatory. Most are minorities and need that for booze cigarettes and other drugs.

  75. Becky says

    Next on the list: STOP ALL WELFARE to ILLEGAL ALIENS. They are supposed to WORK when they get here. Not suck from others.

  76. charliebrown737 says

    The number 1 thing to do is NEVER vote for another dumacrat, ever. Number 2 is buy and read, no study “The Fair Tax” book, then call every one in Congress and tell them to pass the bill, if it gets vetoed then keep passing it till we get a real American President and then start weeding out the corruption in DC, Austin, and your city USA.

    Corruption is a cancer and it is money that keeps feeding it. When you cut off the supply of blood, cancer will die. When you cut off the blood (money) to the illegal government in Washington it will start to fix it’s self.

    Pass the Fair Tax and abolish the IRS and most of the pukes in DC

  77. kjenkinsaf says

    ID checks & drug tests. Caveat to the first, valid SSN required (E – verify). If you aren’t a citizen and don’t have a valid (legal) SSN. Go home. Go leech off your country of LEGAL citizenship.

  78. runing says


  79. George Cahonna says

    In order to keep my job I must produce an ID, history, random drug/alcohol test, a check by HLS, IRS, ect. I’m sick & tired of watching this program & other FREE Crap Gov Programs abused! It’s a screwing to each & every hard working American & it must stop!

  80. dujaa74 says

    The U.S. Govt don’t care about Food Stamp Fraud, Waste & Abuse……. how else are all the drug addicts and murderous thieves going to eat? Criminal Chaos = More Power/Control for our Govt.

  81. b glad says

    Now, how in the hell are these poor, destitute people supposed to get a photo I.D. for food stamps when we all know that is the reason we can not require one to vote.

  82. FranciscoCanales says

    Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist –

    Americas must realize that
    self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

    We seek the truth and let the people
    know. An informed
    citizenry is vital for the preservation of our democracy and freedom. Truth and
    knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our
    Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

    The poverty business.

    Americans, after 30 years of the NEOCON takeover of ours country government,
    poverty in American and the world have turned the working class into a slave
    class. Capitalism and free enterprise is dead; the new system that dominates
    our economic and our lives; is the predator corporatism. Free trade open the
    doors for the US corporations to become the predators of the US small business:
    they used anything to demise the competition and control the market to make
    money; they monopolized an array of business and control the commerce in our
    country; from financing, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, transportation and
    everything that they can see as a potential, money making opportunity.

    corporatism, control our US government and through our government they control
    foreign governments by bribery, military interventions and any other means.
    Predator corporatism is in control of our lives our economic and our future;
    they are very close to make us their slaves by making us debtors of the
    financial system that they control.

    The NEOCON
    strategy is working very well, with the help of our corrupt politicians; they
    are the ones that write the legislations that help them to gain more control
    over our lives and our country. They keep the American workers wages low and
    the unemployment high by job outsourcing, free trade and globalization, they
    promote legislations that will support subsidizing and bail outs to protect
    themselves from their ill policies. They are in support of tax cut for them but
    not for the poor.

    Today the
    worse threats to the American people and humanity are the NEOCON and the
    predator corporatism psychopath’s ideology of control; that the end justifies
    the means. They take all risk because they are sure that they will be rescued
    by our government at our expenses.

    elections it’s our only hope to build a government of moral principles and
    committed to social justice for all Americans and end this greedy predator
    corporate system that is destroying our social fiber, the American dream and
    economic prosperity. We must seek a candidate, a statesman like Theodore
    Roosevelt with the courage to demise the predator corporate monopolist criminals;
    we must take on the oligarchical corporatist fascist’s predators of the
    American enterprise and the small business that they see as competition. We
    seek fairness and a win-win situation relationship between business and employee’s
    relationship. Decent living wages will be good for our economic, promote good
    working ethics and productivity and disposable income that will generate sales
    and benefit the retail industry and the economic as a whole.

    We all count
    to make this a reality; the choice is ours to be free or slaves of the predator
    corporate system that is in control today.

    God bless
    America. Register to vote and vote for your freedom.

    PS. I dream
    that I Get up one morning and read in the paper that all media conglomerates
    have been disbanded; that all criminal Wall Street banks have been broken up
    and nationalized and that scores of CEO Bankers have been charge with serious
    crimes. I’d like to see media/propaganda campaigns
    across the country, billboards, ads, TV, flyers, marches. But it all starts by
    acknowledging the obvious: That the United States of America has become a
    Corporatist Fascist State. If people
    can’t even acknowledge that obvious fact, then nothing of significance will be
    possible in order to start the process of removing the Corporatist domination
    of our country.

    the word. To
    share this please clicks here Share

    The end of the
    American dream.

    Corporatism: The Monopoly of the Global Elite.

    The wealthy elitists
    control the world.

    The poverty business.

    Entrepreneurship for
    human flourishing

  83. Joe Lawson says

    ID and drug testing wouldn’t work for our disabled daughter. We have to shop for her. Her ID on her food card (stamps are obsolete) wouldn’t match whatever we would have to use. A drug test could main her or worse kill her. Her body is totally intolerant of chemicals and drugs, She lives in a remote area where her only communication is a sat phone. Cells have no signal. We drive over two hours one way to take care of her needs. This averages about every other week. We don’t need the extra burden. And we aren’t commie libs.

    1. Gary Williams says

      I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. Requiring I D for a person in a situation like yours would definately not work.

  84. Dennis Derstine says

    Photo ID and a limit to how long you can collect. I have no problem helping those that need it but if you won’t help yourself……..
    The elderly are a different story.

    1. LadyJane says

      Dennis there is a limit to the cash assistance. at least in Michigan, You’re only allowed to collect it for 4 years. If you only use 2 years worth of your cash assistance and cancel it. you would only have 2 years left should you need those benefits again. Yes, they do keep a record of that. Food, however, heck a girl at work is getting them and she’s neither married or a mother. So I doubt there will be a limit on those.

  85. Cher says

    The Dems are coming out saying Republicans are trying to starve people. The truth is these people need id to get food stamps so why not to use them?? I need id to get the job that pays for these benefits. I am tired of the left trying to vilify anyone who wants to target the fraud in our government programs. I do believe there should be an exception (to be noted on the card) for those who are too disabled to buy their own food. Americans are generous and want to help those who cannot help themselves, however we do not want to support fraud, laziness or abuse.

  86. tenn2113 says

    well if they got to have is to do food stamps they should have to do id to vote… end of story only ones who wouldn’t want that is someone who is scamming the system.

  87. JIMBO says

    All these programs that are nothing but dole outs to the lazy people that dont want to work. Why should they? Our government is in the business of making making people dependent on the government just to gain votes and keep there fat cat jobs, and it is working! Mean while those that do work for a living are getting poorer and have to worker harder and longer. These programs are crushing this country and there is no end to it.

  88. Pied Piper says

    I am a Judge Judy fan. If it sound stupid or hard to understand it is probably a lie or BS or whatever. When somebody start lies of BS’s me I have to not believe anything they have to say from that point on. Deborah Weinstein of the Coalition on Human Needs says they don’t have photo ID’s when they apply for food stamps, take their damn picture and give them a photo ID and if that is too hard, if they made it to the welfare office, give them the paperwork they need and send then to the Drivers License office. They can fix them right up. And I would believe if people are getting welfare and there every other few weeks they already have an ID. So the 1% or 2% that don’t have an ID. Problem solved. So when I hear the BS that come from this administration. Guess who I am voting for. And it is not for the BS’ers.

    1. Sandy129 says

      They never ask at the grocery stores either. I have a friend who was down with the flu for weeks and I took her card and did her shopping for her and never a question was asked. We both have shopped there for several years and I wonder why nobody questioned my having a food stamp card one time and cash the next. Do they not notice or just not care? Those people who hit wal-mart when the computers system went down no limits caused multiple carts full of food and it was noticed but not stopped. How a person can look themselves in the mirror after stealing literally hundreds of dollars of food is beyond me. My Daddy taught me early in life that “if it wasn’t mine to keep my hands off it.”

      1. jim marcum says

        Walmart was part of the problem and your store was part of the problem. it’s a sell they just want the cash.