Former KKK Chief Says Trump Should Be President


With friends like these, who needs enemies?

On his radio program Wednesday, David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, came out strongly in favor of a Donald Trump presidency.

“Voting for these people, voting against Donald Trump at this point, is really treason to your heritage,” Duke told his presumably-white audience. “I’m not saying I endorse everything about Trump. In fact, I haven’t formally endorsed him. But I do support his candidacy, and I support voting for him as a strategic action. I hope he does everything we hope he will do.”

Emphasizing his support, Duke told his listeners to take an active role in Trump’s campaign. “I am telling you that it is your job now to get active,” he said. “Get off your duff. Get off your rear end that’s getting fatter and fatter for many of you everyday on your chairs. When this show’s over, go out, call the Republican Party, but call Donald Trump’s headquarters, volunteer. They’re screaming for volunteers. Go in there, you’re gonna meet people who are going to have the same kind of mind-set that you have.”

Trump, wisely, has ignored Duke’s support, but that isn’t enough for some. The Anti-Defamation League came out with a statement that said Trump should directly address the comments. “It is time for him to come out firmly against these bigoted views and the people that espouse them,” they said.

Unless there is a larger percentage of unabashed white nationalists out there than we know, support like this is not going to help Trump win the nomination. He’s already besieged daily by a mainstream press that identified him as a racist on the first day of his campaign. Despite there being exactly zero evidence to support that contention, the label has stuck to Trump like glue. Of course, we’re talking about the same press that thinks Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement, so what else would you expect?

While it’s probably not necessary for Trump to come out and forcefully reject David Duke or any other neo-Nazi that supports him, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Trump’s campaign has nothing to do with preserving European heritage or whatever it is that Duke espouses. It is about restoring the rule of law and putting an end to the drug trafficking and violent crime that results from a weak southern border. And the fact that he’s winning with Hispanic voters in a race against two Cuban-Americans should prove that not everyone is falling for the “racism” charge.

But Duke is right about one thing: our heritage is most definitely at stake. Not our Euro heritage or our white heritage, though. Our American heritage.

  1. Dion Richardson says

    Says everything for me! #TedCruz2016

  2. Leo37601 says

    The Democratic Party with help from the media is using the “Divide and conquer” tactic to divide the opposition, and therefore increase the Democrats chance of winning in November. The push by the media for the Republican candidates to fight against each other is a tactic used for decades. Unfortunately this election year the Republican candidates have become peons, influenced with the rhetoric the other candidates in your party is the enemy. I’m sure many voters will be foolish enough to sat out the November election if their chosen one is not nominated. This is exactly what the Democratic political machine is aiming at. The same scenario that happened in 2012. It’s no accident that the Liberal media is constantly spreading the word, and encouraging the republican candidates to bash each other. To fight against each other in debates. To constantly broadcast “news” of who said what about who among the Republican candidates”.. To divide the party so those who’s candidate did not win the primary, will stay at home, or else vote for an independent candidate who doesn’t have a chance to win.. In either case, you are simply giving a vote to Hillary, or Bernie. This is not a NASCAR race cheering for a certain chosen driver. This is an election in which the future of the United States is at sake. We can either elect Hillary/Bernie.. or the Republican nominee. Not voting for the Republican nominee, regardless of who it is, is the same as giving a vote to Hillary/Bernie. This is exactly what happened in 2012.. when people sat at home because their chosen candidate was not the Republican Nominee, thus they forfeited a vote to Obama.

    1. DOC says

      Is Trump happy having the KKK endorsing him. Sounds like Hitler looks like Missolin.

      1. Pam Dunn says

        And you sound like a total moron and idiot too

        1. DOC says

          Endorse by David Dukes kkk wants to deport eleven thousand Mexican people and I Am the moron idiot. REALLY

          1. Ed Shick says

            I would like to see our nation with out Muslims , We have 30,000 Somalians in NE Columbus , please take a few !

          2. Mike Geremia says

            wow thats a lot of Africans…..we don’t need any more…

          3. DOC says

            Sorry this country will never be lily white never was never will.

          4. Ed Shick says

            No but it sure has gone down hill, When I was a kid nobody locked there Doors and you could be out after Dark , We started the day With the Pledge and the Lords Prayer , But we had some Presidents that deported the Foreigners to provide work for returning veterans , I thought we lived in a Great Country and you looked out for your Friends and A hand shake meant a Lot .

          5. DOC says

            You’re right about locking doors and I was raised in the city locked a door . People were more friendly people had manners.

          6. Ed Shick says

            Well I think I was lucky as I was born on a farm and within 3 miles was most of Our Family , In Hunting season we would walk to school leave our shot guns in Office and hunt on the way Home , Some times you went by Grand mothers and She had just baked Bread , Today I do not even know my next Door Neighbor , but I do not get out to much , We go and solve the Worlds Problems at Breakfast , I still do not live in a Big City , But with 4 kids scattered all over , You do not see Them , Alaska , Washington DC ,Columbus and one fairly close

          7. DOC says

            I walked to school played in the street but never took a gun to school and really don’t care to hunt but if it was to get supper I guess I would feel different. We went to North Carolina some summers my grandfather owned his home and some farm land. I had a good time most of the time.

          8. Lindy German says

            You are absolutely correct, ,we need a drastic change now,,my votes for TRUMP

          9. John E Strom Jr. says

            How about the 30 MILLION illegals that are here. Each costs us over $15,000 per person per year, steal American jobs, vote (illegally) in our elections and have no allegiance to this country.

          10. DOC says

            Stop reading the blond witch books. All illegals don’t live off the dole. Now taking jobs is BS the jobs the people won’t do. Plus they work cheap.

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            Most do. ALL are here illegally. Many VOTE in our elections, Most of the jobs the take are in fast food where young people use to get their start or in construction..Bottom line, they don’t belong here. And there are over 30 MILLION of them, each costing over $15,000 per year. And Obama not long ago stole $6 BILLION from the VA and gave to fund ObamaCare for illegals. He should be impeached and dragged out of the Oval Office.

          12. John E. Schirmer says

            There are most certainly not 30 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

            I’m quite sure that you are passing information along that you had heard from Mr.Trump, although this information is undeniably false.

            The fact is that there are closer to 11.1 million immigrants, which of course is still a large sum of people who need to go through the legal process of becoming legal citizens.

            Also worth mentioning, the number of illegal immigrants coming from the Mexican border is estimated to be closer to 5.7 million, and the rate at which illegal immigrants are entering the United States has actually stagnated and is starting to decline.


          13. John E Strom Jr. says

            Sorry! but sorry but you are wrong. That 11-12 million figure is very old and over the last many years the rate has climbed under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Like most things government quotes, they’re very good at lying. Like the unemployment being around 4.9%. Rubbish, it’s well over 10% and the few jobs being created are mostly at the lower end. The high paying jobs are filled by people with a good education – from India, Russia and China especially. Those are our doctors, engineers, high tech workers. The lower end jobs are going mostly to illegals from Mexico and Central America. Go to a McDonalds- almost all Mexicans.

            And they’re NOT “immigrants” they’re invaders. They are here illegally and, except for farm workers, unwanted. They’re taking entry level jobs our kids use to fill as their first jobs. No more. Now it’s the illegals filling those jobs and our kids have no work

            I did not get my data from Donald Trump and am unaware he’s stated a number for illegals. Among others who agrees with me is Ann Coulter. I think she’s a good deal smarter and better informed than we are. Do a bit of due diligence and never use government statistics for anything. They lie.

          14. John E Strom Jr. says

            Could you get sources any more left wing? Pew Research? Politifact? They’re a joke but that’s what you leftist do – cite propaganda.

        2. Daniel Minchew says

          You sound angry…..wanna talk about it?

          1. Croco Dile says

            Who won’t be angry with that face ?!

      2. mac12sam12 says

        You’re a democrat lib bot. Your comments don’t count. We have Chairman Mao in the WH.

        1. DOC says

          I wish you would stop telling me what I am. I have voted for a Rep, Dem, and once for a third party. I am not happy with any one that trying to be president but when Nov. comes I will VOTE. But please stop telling me who I am.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Apologies, DOC!!

          2. DOC says

            Apology accepted guess we lived to long. I do miss kick the can and hid in go seek.

    2. John E Strom Jr. says

      Trump’s (and our) biggest impediment is the Republican “establishment” and jerkoffs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (both scum) would rather see Hullary win than Trump. Both are American Judases.

      1. Mike Geremia says

        yep McCain and Graham are both scumbags…

      2. Leo37601 says

        You left off two names, Sen. Bob Corker, and Sen Lamar Alexander from here in Tennessee. Both are RINOS owned by the establishment. It was Bob Corkers maneuvers that allowed Obama’s Iran deal to go through without any say what’s so ever in the Congress.

    3. Antonio Pires says

      You’re correct, the media (CNN,MSNBC) and Fox are doing just what you said; Throwing the candy and watching the kids running for it, kicking each other. But Trump is the one supplying the candy right from the gigging. Now Rúbio and Cruz decided to kick back, everyone is crying. Sorry to say, but Trump took vantage of the vacuum and angry created by the OBOSO, bringing more angry to the field. He is very good on creating wealth, but is not the the right guy to be a President. This is a nation governed by the people and for the people, not by a King. Pay attention on his words, too much of arrogance and self centered guy. He’s is too smart to listen to us, he knows all, just as the Oboso; I got the phone and a pen” what ever I do it’s right, I know better than you all. Plus he is not a conservative at all.

    4. Mike Geremia says

      just following the Alinsky play book….

  3. Tiger says

    Well no worse than the Democrats running a Socialist I mean hey, ya know the Socialist/Communist road leads to the Gulag so the KKK road leads to the taking out of BLM .

    1. AKLady says

      Please educate yourself.
      The KKK is now an international terrorist organization.

      1. DrZombo says

        The KKK is as irrelevant as you post.

        1. AKLady says

          You wish.
          YOu might want to educate yourself a bit better.

          1. Mike Geremia says

            and what liberal university did you get brainwashed at……

          2. mac12sam12 says

            You’re the most uneducated person here. What are your academic credentials?

          3. Lindy German says

            lady Ive read your posts,and Ive got to say “you are dumber than a box of rocks”lol

      2. Pam Dunn says

        troll spew from a dimocrap liberal moron.

        1. AKLady says

          Well, you have just proved your total ignorance of the KKK.
          You are stuck in the 1960s.

          1. Lindy German says

            Your a negr0 arent you,,dont be ashamed,,,I dont blame you for trying to better yourself with a computer

          2. AKLady says

            Save your racist insults for someoe you can impress with your ignorance.

      3. Daniel Minchew says

        Says who…..angry negros who support blm or bpp? Come on be for real……negros say that the blm group are not racist…..guess what? I say the KKK is not racist……:)

      4. Tiger says

        Oh for crying out loud what year are you stuck in?

        1. AKLady says

          You have an Internet connection — use it to educate yourself.
          On the other hand, you can keep right on embarassing yourself beforte the world with ignroance.

          1. Tiger says

            Not me getting called everything under the sun as a nit, nat and a PIA but you. Hello.

          2. AKLady says


      5. Mike Geremia says

        you better behave yourself or the nasty ole KKK will get you….

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Repeat yourself much? Old timers decease?

    2. Ed Shick says

      The Democrats are running some one , They have no one Qualified !

  4. Cotton says

    Who cares? The KKK has been irrelevant for years now. No one actually takes them seriously anymore.

    1. AKLady says

      Maybe you should start taking what they do seriously.
      They are now on the international terrorist listing.

      1. Cotton says

        So.. the KKK is most irrelevant terrorist group?

        1. AKLady says

          They have aligned themselves with the Nazi Party — here and in Europe.

          In the late 1960s, the Klan began making alliances with neo-Nazis, white power skinheads, and radical followers of the militia movement, in order to boost membership.

          KKK members were arrestws last week on federal weapons charges at the University of Mississippi. The KKK has a protest planned in Georgia to demand a Martin Luther King statue be torn down.

          The insaniry never ends.

          1. Cotton says

            They will always be protected by the first amendment, just like every other group out there that people may disagree with or dislike. If people truly ignored them they would go away by themselves. All they want is publicity, and they do not care if it is good or bad, as either way it helps them get their message out.

          2. Daniel Minchew says

            But it’s ok to for blm to protest a Flag? Who ties your shoes for you?

          3. suz says

            Well if they take down the Confederate because it offends people why not MLK

          4. DOC says

            George was a slave owner what we going to do with him? We need to stop whitewashing history the crap I learn in grammar school was so much wasted time. As far as i am concerned they can take them all down most is a bunch of bullshit anyways.

          5. suz says

            We need to get away from wasting good taxpayers money on these statue. Most of the confederate statues were done with private donation.

          6. DOC says

            Most all them are from collections or private some by institutions. Everything in this country has become a eye for a eye.

          7. Mike Geremia says

            yeah and “black lives matter and the black panthers are OK?

          8. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Alright, AKlady, For once I agree with you. The only way the KKK can get ANY recognition is through acts of violence, Just like the American Nazi party I have had experience with personally. I had them thrown in jail for disturbing the peace at my workplace in the 1970s.

      2. John E Strom Jr. says

        The KKK is on the International Terrorist list? What a joke. I guess the Jews want to bury them.

        1. AKLady says

          The KKK has expanded its target list.

      3. mac12sam12 says

        The KKK supported Obama in 2008. Use your search engine. The terrorists are now the BLM movement and the Black Panthers.

        1. speedeesam says

          mac12sam12, Also, B L M movement is financed by George Soros. Go figure.

          1. DOC says


          2. speedeesam says

            DOC, Please clarify….

          3. DOC says

            You don’t know what a jerk is?

          4. speedeesam says

            DOC, Would appreciate your edification regarding who you are calling a jerk.
            Thank You.

          5. DOC says

            mac12am12 is the jerk

          6. speedeesam says

            DOC, George Soros is a major contributor for B L M. I don’t know about the others. So, where ever he drops a dime it stirs up more civil unrest. I would not be surprised if “terrorists” were involved.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Did you research? The KKK endorsed Obama.

          8. DOC says

            Good for them. So the KKK help put Obama in the white house I know all the dead KKK boys are rolling in their graves but THANK FOR YOUR VOTE. You did vote for Obama, right?

          9. mac12sam12 says

            No I didn’t. I read his bio, communist/marxist mentors and an anti-colonialist.

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      1. william couch says


    3. Bob Pante says

      This proves even Democrats are going for Trump.

      1. Cotton says

        Not necessarily, the thing I don’t like about Trump is he never seems to explain his policies. He only says he will get us the “best” military or the “best” healthcare system, but he never tells how and why his ways will be the best. It seems like his whole campaign is running on this fluff.

        1. Albert L Biele says

          I feel your frustration; but remember every senator and member of the House gave great speeches and the exact mythology to programs they planned to initiate, prior to being elected. They meticulously laid how they would execute their policies, but once elected, they turned out to be do-nothing politicians. Remember, the mouth can say anything, but it’s what people actually do that confirms who they really are. Trump is not in it for the money, or for fame. He’s a patriot and knows America is presently moving in the wrong direction. I would trust him, more than anyone else running for the presidency, to bring America back to his former glory. My vote is with Trump, not because he’s perfect, but because is really doesn’t need the job, and because he loves America.

          1. Roy Fredrichsen says

            For over 60 years I have heard candidates for many offices civil and governmental
            make all kinds of “Pie in the sky” promises, 99 percent were forgotten by the candidate as soon as he/she was elected. Mostly “wind bag” material to fill some
            imaginations of granduer.

          2. Albert L Biele says

            How true. All verbal contracts can be broken immediately, especially after a political victory. So! When a voter, prior to an election, ask; what’s your exact plan to accomplish what you have promise to accomplish, and will you put that in writing, is neither realistic, nor a conformation of their true intent. Trump is our best shot because, he’s a patriot, doesn’t need the job, has the experience, and is not controlled by lobbyist, special interest groups, or our do nothing Rino’s; whereas Rubio has become a Rino, and Cruz, simply a confused candidate, being coerced by Rubio to attack Trump on a personal bases. You can’t have a 10 billion dollar business and not have conflict. My vote goes to Trump!

          3. tchr says

            Rubio and Cruz are not natural-born citizens. They cannot run for President or Vice-President. Fact.What about We the people put in Allen West? Screw the election. Who do you think has been running guns, smuggling drugs in US, and money laundering? Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Congress, CIA.

          4. Albert L Biele says

            You’re probably right. Everyone claims to be clean until the skeleton closet opens.

          5. Kurt Hanssen says

            Thanks, so glad to se that someone is well informed. we got 2. Cubans, 1. Dyke, 1. comie, 1. Dr. and Trump, make your pick. The WH. cartel is bringing in Opium from Vietnam, and Afgahanistan, it goes to Thailand for prossesing, then in to the US. last year, the take was $.93.Billion, and Goldman Sacks is doing the laundering, and the money is ending up in offshore banks. No wonder they are skeard of Trump.

          6. tchr says

            I question Trump. I am going to watch his hand signal next time. Two middle fingers down and the other three up. That is the Satanist. 9/11, no planes hit the World Trade Center. They were bombed. Three towers went down that day. The third was Tower 7. That was an inside job of George W., Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Marvin Bush. Noone should have gone to Iraq or Afg. All wars are bankers wars. Bushes and followers, Clintons and many operatives, Obamas and followers, and Congress just to name a few have all committed treason. Time for our generals who care about America, we the people, to put an end to this chaos. Round up[ the criminals, put them in prison then return to old fashion practices hanging, prison is too good for them, get the money in off shore banks, which is we the peoples, get rid of the federal reserve(Ron Paul knows what to do about it), and take back our country. It is getting late. Soros, Gates and many others involved with the crimes. All news media are covering up the crimes. The more people see something on TV, they are been brain-washed. Wake Up America. We have been used for years. I am angry. They have had world enterprise sex rings and murder rings. Hillary got China our military secrets in return for money put in her slush fund Clinton Foundation. NO NWO. Hillary is an illuminati witch. Check it out. A bunch of crazies. Monsanto(what are they doing to our food? Why do you thing they want children to get vaccines, adults flu shots, all ways to poison us, eventually implant a chip in all of us. For control. Yes, I know what I am talking about. Many people know this and many don’t have a clue. Wake up!!!

          7. 1Clara2 says

            ??…how do you explain the planes we saw flying through the air??

          8. tchr says

            Google Retired Expert Pilot John Lear-No Planes Hit the Towers on 911. There are several of Mr. Lear explaining. I don’t believe ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, or Fox News. I used to watch Fox but I learned Fox is owned by a rich Saudi, Rupert Murdoch who has been working with Valerie Jarrett, the Sunni, Muslim, Communist, Iranian. Murdoch turned his part over to his two Left-wing sons July1, 2015. I saw where Murdoch just got married again. Soros is into too much. I heard that Roger Ailes reports to one of Murdock’s sons. I will give you one more that I came across last night after this. I found a saying that is so true. “A thinking person will question what he hears, examine what he sees, and evaluate what others would have him believe”. Gov’t wants to put fear into everyone. Also, brainwash everyone. Think about seeing 911 on TV repeated day after day. The beheadings, video games, phones, occupying peoples’ minds. I refuse to ever get a vaccine again or even for children. If you want to check out Many things on there Monsanto, vaccines, our food, what is in it, GMO’s, etc. Why more children with autism, and diseases. This video I found last night made me furious. Rockefeller Reveals 911 fraud and New World Order to Aaron Russo. This I believe is very true. I will fight for my grown children and my grandchildren. I pray a lot. I have to know if Trump is for We the People or going against Republicans and to turn it over to Killary.

          9. Jim Norris says

            Any and ALL Campaign Promises are their just that!!! The American Voter is to divided and UNPOLITICAL to even care once any candidate is in office… The last several Politician to include the current president occupying the White House have done very little in way of keeping their BS promises,,, That’s the EXACT REASON we need an OUTSIDER!!! It’s NOT who we say we WANT to be, it’s what’s we have done SO FAR that makes US who we are and WHO we are is telling as to where ewe are headed and how effective we have a chance to accomplish our plans…
            As to this MORON david duke, Really who give A.F.F!!! This guy was paid by the D.N.C. this make this MORONIC statement… He probably got a million plus from BILLERY to run his mouth… Folks this is MISINFORMATION and I for one am smarter than to believe this CHEAP SHOT!!! It’s the D.N.C. smear tactics….
            Looking at where this country is and how we got here it is evident we need SOMEDODY from outside the DC Belt Way

          10. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Jim , You have hit the nail on the head. MAYBE we do need an outsider for a change.

          11. Jim Norris says

            You think!!! Since daddy Bush claimed the NEW WORLD ORDER in order this county has DROPPED to HELL IN A HANDBASKET!!! PRETTY MUCH A CRAPPY QUARTER CENTURY FOR AMERICAN

          12. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Well Jim,
            I voted today for TRUMP as opposed to Cruz and Rubio the two of Cuban descent that I’m worried about. Maybe Trump can beat Clinton. She is merely an extension of what we got from O’Bama.

          13. Jim Norris says


          14. Jeanne Stotler says

            I believe Trump, like with his contractors, etc., will get the best minds to help him, the best Military, Attorney General, and so forth, then he will talk to them and listen to their advise. He owes no-one, and is not in anyone’s pocket, esp. Lobbiest.

          15. Harry says

            I would not want to run for any public office because it would torment my conscience to have to make promises that I could not keep if I was elected, from dog catcher all the way up to President of the United States And I am a natural-born U.S. citizen.

            Oops! I just realized that even though I am not of any Scottish ancestry, I think I was a Scottish Highlander in a past lifetime. So if I was a Scottish Highlander in a past lifetime, then maybe that explains why, as requirement for running for public office, it would torment my conscience to have to make promises I could not keep, if I was actually elected!

          16. Roy Fredrichsen says

            It’s O.K. Harry. Some of the best representatives we’ve had are of Scottish ancestry and have been re-elected because they kept their word.

          17. keepyourpower says

            He is a narcissist, which equals a liar, manipulator, control freak..not Presidential material, unless you WANT another Obama in the WH!

        2. Dan Menard says

          I agree that you have hit on a key issue and one that M. Trump will have to own up to eventually! It is still a long way to the November elections but he will have to bring clarity of intent to his so far “fluff” diatribe!

        3. Jeanne Stotler says

          He doesn’t have access and won’t, until after election, of Gov’t. programs, and even then look for stuff to mysteriously disappear, like Hillary’s e-mails. It’s happened before, but this administration is the most corrupt I have heard of and I am 83 Yo.

        4. Phyllis says

          Would you really want Trump to play the fool like Obama and tell our enemies exactly all of his strategy? We are tremendously endangered by this type of idiocy and Trump obviously hit a real nerve in China and Mexico. China has just spent over 300 million to a PAC to keep Trump from disturbing their nest of money they acquire from the US, thanks to B. Clinton and does anyone stupidly think Hillary didn’t know it would profit her?

        5. Bob Pante says

          He does more than any politician. The Left wing media doesn’t carry it.

          One thing for sure Rubio lied to us (I’m from Florida) to get elected senator. He said he was for enforcement of Immigration laws. First thing he did was join the Gang of Eight. Being stabbed in the back by Rubio is a sure thing.

          1. keepyourpower says

            Rubio’s team stole votes from Carson in Iowa, along with Cruz. Don’t trust anyone but the only Statesman in the group…Carson.

        6. Jerry says

          Hi Cotton, keep in mind that Trump is not a debater he’s a business man. The other candidates have skills in debating and saying things which are just words in a debate. The only substance debaters have is the debate itself. Cruz, Rubio, Clinton, and Bernie talk a good game and all have had substantial time in government to accomplish something already, but none have. What would make us think that if we elected one of them president it would be any different.
          There are hundred of options for every issue facing this country. Trump will pick the best ones and make it happen.
          The other four are all talk but no action. Kanish is better that all four of them. I hope he does well and that Trump will offer him a power position in his administration. Dr Carson should end up in a position to help unite the people.
          The current politicians believe in divide and conquer. Trump believes in unite and conquer. The current want to conquer you. Trump wants to conquer the world for you.

          1. keepyourpower says

            Dr. Carson is not good at debating, but he WON the Town Hall, on the Kelly File this past week! People loved him so much, they went to Twitter, and said he won their hearts, and their votes!” He is really good with the one on one, and answering questions, from the audience. Carson for President…I am in for the long haul.

          2. Jerry says

            keepy, I wish that’s all there was to the Presidency. Dr. Carson may surprise us if he were elected, but I’ll hang in with Trump and Dr. Carson as Secretary of State or a similar position.
            Thanks, I enjoyed the conversation.

        7. rocky says

          And the dem’s and the press is waiting with baited breath for Trump to lay out details so they can tear them all to shreds. Smart if he don’t give them only enough to hang themselves.
          Shallow bunch !!

        8. Brenda says

          Does Rubio explain his policies? Or is his responses “when I am President” enough for you?
          Does Cruz explain his policies? Or is just simply saying “one the first day I will roll back all Obama’s EO’s enough for you?
          Does Kasich explain his policies? Or is “when I was” enough for you?

        9. Deborah Henderson says

          I can’t say any of the top 3 candidates have said how they will do anything they claim they will do if they become president. They all say Obamacare needs to be repealed and replaced, but replaced with what……..none of them say what or how. The only thing I know for certain about Trump is that he is a successful business man (I know he has had his ups and downs but all business owners do) yet he is still a wealthy man, he has evidently surrounded himself with people who know enough that they have helped his wealth increase, he does not worry about the PC police (which should be abolished as Carson thinks so too), he maybe hot headed which does bother me, but he is not a career politician and I think so many people are tired of the career politican (which was never the intent of the founding fathers) and that adds feathers to his cap. The career politicans have lied and lied to us (WE THE PEOPLE) and we are feed up. These politicians claim they are doing what WE THE PEOPLE want but they are not, they are aligning with the left and changing the great country we are, they are afraid to come down hard on Obama because the race card will start being slung around and we all know Obama has done more to divide the whites, blacks and latinos than any president in history when he could have united us and at least had that part as a feather in his failed policies.

          1. Lindy German says

            You are so correct

        10. JB Wright says

          The number one priority of the Federal government is to protect our borders, Trump get’s this. The status-quo posers have a seriously poor history of this most basic understanding.

      2. donS2 says

        You mean Robert Byrds son endorsed Trump?

        1. Bob Pante says

          KKK is a branch of the Democrat party.

      3. keepyourpower says

        HE is a Democrat. He wants most of the things Dems want. Why do you think Harry Reid and Bloomberg say they would not mind if Trump was President?

        1. Bob Pante says

          Trump is more conservative than the RINO’s currently running things.

    4. Edward B. Levy says


      1. DOC says

        Stop worrying about blacks the mexican is your worry.

        1. Jim Norris says

          Blacks are AMERICANS and have fought with valor in everyone of our wars, they have paid our taxes and stood shoulder to shoulder with we whites when the CRAP HITS the FAN!!! These ILLEGALS stealing their way into our country working for less than minimum wage thereby HOLDING DOWN that pay rate are the PROBLEM!!!

          Everything is about money/greed and these illegals are stealing jobs from Americans THAT DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THAT KIND OF WORK FOR 8.25$ and hour and those ILLEGALS are holding those wages down… So the EMPLOYERS Rip Off the ILLEGALS and the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS!!!

          Pay a FAIR WAGE and give that job to an American and watch this economy grow!

          Make the EMPLOYER responsible to AMERICA and treat them like any other CRIMINAL with incarceration and property confiscation for hiring ILLEGALS!!!

          Tax evasion via hiring ILLEGA:S is tantamount to INSURANCE FRAUD whereby we all pay Higher Taxes and Premiums….

          1. TheBlues says

            When Trump brings our jobs all back from South America and Asia, the illegals will become irrelevant. There will be jobs for everybody! Go Trump 2016 – 2024!

          2. Guillermo3 says

            You have a Rich[albeit Deranged] Fantasy Life,TheBlues.

          3. TheBlues says

            And you are a Hildebeast voting socialist!

          4. Guillermo3 says

            Not Likely,TheBlues! } Socialism,Of Course.Hillary: NO.

          5. Kurt Hanssen says

            Socialism don’t work, sooner or later they going to run out of people to take the money from, you cant take from Peter to pay Paul, then Peter moves over seas. Just like me, Don’t think people is aware of what socialism is, it goes hand in hand with Comunism.

          6. Mike Geremia says

            what did Margaret Thatcher say……..

          7. Mike Geremia says

            Cuba, China, and N. Korea are waiting for you…..

          8. Todd Benzie says

            yeah might expect a bit much….but fairness…about as bad as the hope and change…lol

          9. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey pukeboy! Right on time with your crap spewage! Too bad you weren’t on time going to your Mc Job and they fired your lazy azz!

          10. JB Wright says

            If you are referring to the claim that Trump will create enough jobs for everybody, let a man/woman dream. Honestly though, NO OTHER CANDIDATE stands a chance in Hell of creating the jobs Trump has proven he is qualified to generate. That is indisputable

          11. John E Strom Jr. says

            The illegal invaders will self deport if e-Verify is enforced. THAT has the Democrats AND the Republicans very worried. They like to manipulate EVERYTHING.

          12. Jerry says

            Thank you Jim for your wisdom.

          13. Jim Norris says


          14. BoWhetstone says

            hahaha paid taxes? you fool. one of my cribs brings in over fourty thousand a year in free ride benefits and the other with 6 nigglets brings in sisty thousand. I don’t pay no taxes

          15. Jim Norris says

            So you’re a WHORE MONGER or just a WHORE? Please identify your self???

          16. BoWhetstone says

            I one who supplies what the old white men want after sunday church – the dark chocolate they love and pay huge for

          17. Jim Norris says

            OH, BABY!!! GIVE ME SUM!!!

          18. John E Strom Jr. says

            Disagree, Norris. At least most illegals want to work. Most blacks don’t want to work. We rarely see illegals rioting. Yes, they do demonstrate for higher wages and a “pathway” to citizenship – which we should not give them, but the don’t burn their neighborhoods down or riot like blacks do. Most blacks are thugs and became thugs because they found that most cities would cave in to their demands if they didn’t riot. So by giving in to them government created a huge mess. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and George Soros have stirred the pot of racial hatred and succeeded famously. Now they need to get this cancer back into the box. Good luck with that. Jailing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and deporting George Soros would be a good start.

          19. Jim Norris says

            Strom Jr…. Your point is well taken, however black attitudes are shaped, I assume, in accordance to their collective social experience of BLACK and WHITE American indoctrination/socialization…
            As you know, not ALL African Americans burned their neighborhood’s nor did the MOST riot in the streets nor did many kill police officers… Kind of like GUNS in America, not ALL robbed banks, committed mass murders or intimidated honest citizens… Your view, as I understand, is seen through the paradigm of your support groups accepted thinking: A Spade is a Spade is a Spade!!! In short, it’s your own thinking that make you RIGHT or am I WRONG???
            Those you make reference to as the SUPPOSED black leaders are, in my opinion like yours, the ONES who hold down and back their race from ever moving on beyond the stereotypical social classification… In short, NOT ALL white people are WHITE TRASH although there are a whole of a lot of white trash around US!!! It’s just very easy for the simple man to see opposite color only… In most cases the simpletons looks just once and THAT’S IT!!! Game OVER!!! They have made up that very shallow mind without contemplation, after thought or question… “It is what it is because it is”…
            Weather liked or NOT, those who you OPINE against are here to stay… They were born here and are therefore as much a citizen as you or myself.. Unless ONE is a absolute ANTI AMERICAN this is a TRUISM beyond dispute and LAW… This is NOT the LAND of the 12/1600 centuries even though many here are oblivious to this concept…
            The World really isn’t FLAT!!!
            You know, Junior, at times like NOW I try to conceive how a BLACK CITIZEN may emotionally react to your opinion…. Personally, if I were black knowing all the CRAP their RACE has been subjected to living in this country and I read your “STONE THROWING” email of malice, I would want to pick up a rock a return fire!!! Thank God most people have some measure of intellect which prevents them from reacting…
            Now in contrast, your opinion regarding the ILLEGALS stealing their way into “OUR” country… We need NOT these “hopeless” people coming into this country with “CRIME” on their minds…. If I STEAL just a small item from you would you admit that I’m not a “real criminal” and that my small crime is UNMEANINGFUL and should be over looked and ignored… If this is truly your position YOU HAD BETTER LEARN TO WATCH YOUR BACK…. One Inch = One Mile!!!!
            So that you and OTHERS don’t misunderstand me, I do NOT rail against FOREINERS with LEGAL status coming here to better our COLLECTIVE futures… I believe the opinions of the ILLEGALS is that they have nothing to loose by being deported, they have NOTHING INVESTED and NO FUTURE, so what ever they can do while living a CRIMINAL’S life of “momentary expected arrest and deportation” is: GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD!!!
            Allow me just this one question… Have you read about the MEXICAN BLACK TAR HERIONE issue this country is currently enduring, (see 60 minutes)??? It is a unprecedented epidemic among America’s youth and the profits are so HUGE and the social LOST so great that we had better look at our southern boarder with eyes wide open… This IMPORTATION ACTIVITY of MEXICAN HERIONE is NOT perpetrated by those with LEGAL STATUS by and in large…
            Question… Where do YOU garner the facts that “MOST BLACKS do not want to WORK”??? Is it your expressed opinion that MEXICAN ILLEGALS are superior to BLACK US Citizens??? And is it, also, your OPINION that what ever color you happen to be is better than the rest???
            Back in 1971 when I turned 21 years of age, I departed on a 6 month international journey that took 11 years to complete… In that time I travelled Europe, India and north and equatorial Africa… God gave me these experience and insight garnered by these travels to see different PEOPLES in their indigenous homes for their STRENGHTS and WEAKESSES….. Out side of God, I lived those 11 years without sponsorship and somehow survived to write this note…..
            Personally, I do think that we ARE a better Nations because of our differences and I DO believe the words of Abe. Lincoln: “We are one Nation with One Future”

          20. John E Strom Jr. says

            Norris, you’re still to verbose.
            Blacks [most] don’t want to work and their “leaders” are for more freebies. The difference between blacks and whites is that whites realize an education is important. Blacks view it as a hindrance. Their heroes are drug dealers and pimps more often than not. It’s the BLACK community’s problem and they have no leaders.
            The other issue is one of violence. Blacks are just flat violent. They hate whites and we’re not going away. Most don’t want to hire blacks because they’re invariably a problem. Easier not to. While I agree we have white trash as well, they’re rarely violent and don’t burn their own neighborhoods down. Blacks do.

          21. Jim Norris says


          22. John E Strom Jr. says

            Musolinia? Fronco? It’s Mussolni. Benito Mussolini and Fronco is Franco, Francisco Franco of Spain.
            You’re wise to cross the street from young thugs but generally it’s only the black thugs that will beat you to a pulp. The white thugs generally don’t nor do they beat girls or women up. Blacks do.

          23. Jim Norris says


          24. John E Strom Jr. says

            Blacks have fought with valor? Some have, others haven’t. Blacks have paid “our” taxes? No, they’ve paid their taxes like I’ve paid my taxes. Why is it, Norris, that 40% of ALL violent crime in the USA is committed by 13% of out population? Those are FBI crime statistics – not mine. Never hire a black – who needs the grief.

          25. Jim Norris says


          26. John E Strom Jr. says

            Yep, Norris, be wary of those “BLACK PANTERS”. Ever with Spell Check you blow it. :/

          27. Jim Norris says


        2. Guillermo3 says

          Build a WALL,DOC!!!Around YOURSELF!

          1. DOC says

            When they come for you will you have a wall? Believe me they will come.

          2. Guillermo3 says

            Right. Now aside from taking less than minimum wage jobs scrubbing toilets and doing restaurant food prep and waste hauling,please look in to getting a prescription for the strongest possible formulafor and unlimited injections of Thorazine.

          3. DOC says

            I gonna say something I don’t like to say (You people) how do you come to that conclusion a person is scrubbing toilet . A person you have never seen. You must be a wizard.

          4. JB Wright says

            Do you think they are perfoming surgery? Engineering skyscrapers and bridges? Discovering ways to make cars and trucks run cleaner? Or perhaps calculating missions to Pluto and landing a spacecraft on a comet? No, these illegals re NOT doing these things, people who have studied learned those skills will be flying in with a visa if that is what they really want to do, so long as they have no suspect backgound.
            That is the reason for border control, to look into the background of people who come here. This is the REQUIRED job for the Federal Government, most all the other B.S. the Fed’s do is not their place to be doing it. Job one for the Fed’s is to protect our borders, this is not dependent on how many Americans think they should. Protecting our borders is NOT an optional job for the Fed’s, the Fed’s lack of attention to protecting our borders is a clear violation of our Constitution.

          5. DOC says

            Never fails I ask a question and you hand me a bunch of bullshit. The statement was good but not what I ask.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            Your command of the English language gives you away as does your poor spelling. We’re just agreeing with you DOC.

          7. DOC says

            I will have to check my system that checks any thing I write.I just went back to Edit my words to you and found no poor spelling so what words are you talking about?

          8. rocky says

            SO… get paid less than minimum wage? How so ??
            OH… employers pay ‘under the table’… No taxes paid… I think we are seeing a way to solve some problems. A) Go after the employers with some heavy fines. B) Maybe some jail time for really big ones. C. Deport from employee records… oh… no records?? more fines yet.
            I could get a lot of idea’s here…

          9. JB Wright says

            Yep, there must be harsh consequences for not keeping it American. And then use that wall to help keep business in America. Raising import tax’s enough to make farming out work to child labor overseas not so profitable

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Common core graduate I see.

          11. Julierruiz1 says

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          12. ZACAL says

            Hey, Guillermo3 – Glad you like Trump…..

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            How much have you sent to Burnice?

        3. keepyourpower says

          ISIS is your worry.

          1. DOC says

            This is true so why are they talking about all the other bull?

        4. GrizzMann says

          Islam’s Syrian ISIS refugees seem a bit more dangerous.

          1. DOC says

            That is true but Trump had to start with Mexicans as for blacks there on the list. Hell he indorsed by the KKK .

          2. GrizzMann says

            Duke did not endorse trump. In 2000 ”So the Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr.Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep,” Trump said.

            In a separate interview that year with Matt Lauer, Trump said of Duke, “Well,
            you’ve got David Duke just joined–a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party.” After which he left the Reform Party.

            The Mexicans, were the criminal element that Mexico did not stop from crossing and were not vetted.

          3. DOC says

            Not 2000 how about 2016

          4. GrizzMann says

            How many times must Farrican and Rev. White have to be disavowed?

          5. DOC says

            Don’t forget Sharpton and Jackson I disavowed all them a long time ago.

          6. GrizzMann says

            Now. Duke has stated he did not endorse Trump.The story got out because of a video on the life and times of Mohammad.

          7. DOC says

            read it Trump said he disemboweled Duke so who do you believe?

          8. GrizzMann says

            Trump promising to disembowel the First Amendment. Never happened.

          9. John E Strom Jr. says

            Just because someone is endorsed by the KKK does NOT mean they accept that endorsement nor sympathize with their ideology. You are a dufus if you believe Trump supports the KKK. Anything to smear a candidate YOU oppose, huh? You better worry about Hillary Clinton. If she’s elected it’s adios, America. And YOU won’t be getting any more freebies from our government.

          10. DOC says

            I get a social security which I paid into for 50 years and a USAF retirement check for 21 years service so I receive no freebies. And you can kiss my ass.

        5. BoWhetstone says

          they cutting in on my free ride-sent them all back

        6. John E Strom Jr. says

          Both are our worry. We can deport the illegals but we can’t, unfortunately, deport the blacks and most are a pain in the ass. Most are thugs with 9 yards of attitude who think we owe them a living. Screw them.

          1. DOC says

            The sad part is you believe your own bullshit. I never ask anybody for any thing I don’t know any thugs So what do you mean as most like you don’t have any white thugs.really

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            DOC, your ignorance is profound. Who cares whether YOU asked anybody for anything. This isn’t about you, dufus. Nor did I say there weren’t white thugs because there are. What I said is that most blacks would more likely use violence against you. Once again, for the reading impaired, 40% of ALL violent crimes are committed by blacks who are just 13% of our population. Those stats you can look up with ease and were compiled by the FBI.

            As for the KKK endorsing Donald Trump, WHO CARES. He is not and has NEVER been a member of the KKK nor has his father. If you would do a bit of research you would discover the KKK was predominantly southern and its members were Democrats including Robert Byrd. Not sure about his dog, Billy being a member.

          3. DOC says

            You made the statement about blacks so you call me ignorant because I told you I never been on welfare. No you did not say anything about whites. As far as the KKK the only reason is because you white people allow it You came to this country robbed and took over and now you claim this as the WHITE MAN want all people of color out or dead. Sounds like Hitler? .

          4. John E Strom Jr. says

            “you call me ignorant because I told you I never been on welfare.”
            DOC, the above is NOT a complete sentence. [part of a sentence] You might have wanted to write, “you call me ignorant” or more appropriately, “you called me ignorant” [past tense]

            “I told you I never been on welfare.” is another incomplete part of the same sentence. Perhaps, “I told you” or, better, “I’ve told you” I have NEVER been on welfare.”
            “As far as the KKK the only reason is because you white people allow it”
            No punctuation in the above and the sentence doesn’t make much sense. “because you white people allow it? Which white people? ALL white people? NOT TRUE. I’m guessing you’re black or some other minority?
            “You came to this country robbed and took over and now you claim this as the WHITE MAN want all people of color out or dead. Sounds like Hitler?”
            Well, DOC, now you’re on a rant. Over the centuries many people have come to this country from every “corner” of the world. But you’re blaming the WHITE MAN for all of your troubles? And I want people of color “out or dead”? I don’t give this issue a lot of thought. I’m far more interested in the fate of our country to worry about “people of color” which is code for black. Why not just say black?

          5. DOC says

            To respond that much must have hit a nerve as far as people of color there is black,Mexican,oriental and polynesian are all people of color and you as a white hurt all those cultures. The whit man has looted rape and robbed every place he went it not blaming it the truth. Two world wars started by white people. So don’t act like your so lilly clean.

          6. John E Strom Jr. says

            DOC, news flash. World War II was started by Japan who attacked US at Pearl Harbor [surprising even the Nazis]
            World War I was started in eastern Europe with the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Bosnia and Herzegovina by an assassin named Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian Nationalist.
            Japan is definitely NOT white. Been there and can attest to that fact. And THEY attacked up, remember? Germany got on board the following day and yes, THEY were white.
            Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are on the edge of Asia but would be in Europe – if on the very edge. And they’re predominately white. You get a 50% on your test. Just fair.
            I don’t know what the classic definition of “people of color” but I can tell you they’re usually referring to blacks and only blacks. But again, I could care less. You may have a dog in this fight but I don’t. Mexicans are considered “people of color”? Permit me to doubt. And I don’t think Asians want to be included with blacks on ANYTHING. Who would.

          7. Trevor Bloodworth says

            Your recurrent obsessive racially-focused commentary is patently disturbing, Trimpleton.

          8. DOC says

            WW11 started 1939 when Hitler started reclaiming things Japan attack America Dec. 7,1941. WW11 did not start with us Hitler and the German army had taken France and attacking England. Japan solved that problem when they bombed Pearl Harbor. People of color are anybody not white. Good talking with you

      2. Guillermo3 says

        Disagree Strongly about President Obama,Edward B. Levy,BUT am Totally With You for SANDERS!!!

        1. GrizzMann says

          You do know the National Socialist Party of America were NAZI sympathizers?

      3. John E Strom Jr. says

        Chief supporter and source of funds is George Soros, may he rot in Hell. Trump should have the INS and FBI give this thug an anal exam and if they find ANYTHING misstated, should revoke his citizenship and deport him forever.

    5. Juan TwoTree says

      Right Cotton…now let’s watch and see what scumbag(s) will take Duke’s useless support of Trump on the campaign trail!! Hey, Duke also has his right to say what he wants as we all do, right?

    6. figmo says

      The late Senator Byrd was once a member of the kkk. Bill Clinton excused him as a poor boy “trying to get elected” So liberal democrats can be excused for anything while these hypocrites are looking for any and every opportunity to attack republicans. Don’t you get tired of the double standard practiced by these hypocrites?

      1. Cotton says

        It has always been about attacking the other side, just wait for all the negative ads that will come out this election.The DNC and RNC put massive amounts of money into attack ads, and it is a terrible time to watch television or to listen to the radio, for sure.

    7. Jeanne Stotler says

      Not true, they are very prevalent, and in Democrats, we had a Congressman from W.Va. that was a grand Wizard, and many undercover members, no the Clan is alive and well.

    8. MaryLipchey says

      Thank You !! {Cotton}

    9. figmo says

      These same people who have been conditioned like pavlov’s dog to, at the mere mention of KKK, put their hands over their ears and run in circles yelling “WOO WOO WOO”, seem to find nothing wrong with the Black Panthers and other white hate groups. They act like this practically defunct organization, all but eliminated by FBI infiltration, poses a more serious threat to us than ISIS and similar terrorist organizations. They seem to suffer from a serious inability to think for themselves.

    10. vagabonddenyg says

      David Duke is not happy about the media and GOP using him! There is a video on Gateway Pundit that he put out today stating that he did not endorse Trump and Duke was blasting CNN & the GOP! Talking about corruption … this is beyond the imagination that the people of this country would allow the media and politicians to get to this point … of course the media is controlled by the likes of George Soros and Rupert Murdoch and all their global elitst partners in crime out to destroy this country! The very idea of We The Voters voting in a President that will work with and for the people and that would be TRUMP has them all going totally whacko … they see they are losing their grip! TRUMP will help us restore our country! I am so disappointed in Texans for voting that cubanito ie. Canadian/cuban into the senate .. unbelievable! To think any real Texan would vote for cruz over Trump is disgusting! I thougth Texas was real US American type people! I am hoping they have woke up!

  5. withinsigthbutblind says

    You have a problem with Duke maybe supporting Trump, but not with the definite support that BHO gets from the Mussy Brotherhood? You two faced bastard! Where are you with BHO and BLM? Huh?

    1. AKLady says

      There is a huge difference.
      The KKK is now an international terrorist organization.
      Yes, international.

      1. Lizfan says

        So is the Muslim Brotherhood. No difference at all really.

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          It’s the membership…which do you suppose is larger?…the KKK or the Muslim Brotherhood?…of which some of Obama’s cabinet positions have been filled with those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood…not one seat was given to a KKK member.

          1. Mike Geremia says

            the Muslim/Islamist menace is worse than the Nazis who also wanted to take over the world….

          2. donS2 says

            The Muslim and Nazis were allies wanting to kill Jews.

          3. Jim Norris says

            Not Were, but ARE!!!

          4. Lizfan says

            The Muslim Brotherhood is larger.

        2. Jim Norris says

          one little difference, my friend, the M.brotherhood shout DEATH to AMERICA while these KKK fools just want to do what?

          1. Lizfan says

            Kill people in America, same as the M.B. Except the KKK only want to kill everyone who’s not a white Protestant, & the M.B. want to kill everyone who’s not their idea of Muslim.

      2. Mike Geremia says

        so what!

    2. Daniel Wright says

      Duke is one man. The Muslim brotherhood is huge. The KKK is not and has never been, associated with Republicans,and is declining in power by the day. The Muslim brotherhood and Cair back jihadists that gain more and more territory every day. The KKK is a small group of idiotic racists who target mainly Blacks and Jews, all within the borders of the USA.. Jihadists are international in scope and target everyone who disagrees with them regardless of race. The KKK marches,has rallys and burn crosses. The last confirmed killing by the KKK was in 1981,(35 years ago).Jihadists behead ,burn,drown,shoot,bomb and crucify people nearly every day. The death of any innocent person is a tragedy that should never happen but endorsing someone means little today. There is no KKK influence on Republicans. The same can’t be said about the Obama white house and the influence the Muslim brotherhood there

      1. elmcqueen3 says

        Yep…you got it right.

        1. Jim Norris says

          Are not these KKK gangs but not from the SOUTH meaning the Land of the DIXICRATS/DEMOCRATS?

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            Yep…you got it right again…It is also possible a lot of these right wing extremist groups the FBI has warned us about are also DIXICRATS/DEMOCRATS.

      2. Harry says

        At least, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim jihadists have not endorsed Donald Trump for President.

        1. Daniel Wright says

          You’re right, They work for Obama.

  6. AKLady says

    The KKK, founded in 1865, has a long history of violence mainly targeted at African-Americans, Jews, immigrants and members of the LGBT community.

    1. DrZombo says

      Started by the Southern Democrats.

      1. Pam Dunn says

        Don’t forget the KKK CHief they had in the SENATE for years, GOOD old Senator BYRD from W.

        1. Daniel Minchew says

          You are starting to sound more and more like a angry negro with a white pic…:) Worry about your own race…..IF you are White do you really think the negros at blm or bpp care one bit bout you?

      2. AKLady says

        Maybe you should review your hisotry.
        The modern Democrat and the party to which you refer are too very different organizations — unrelated organizations.
        The KKK is a far-right, “conservative” organization which claims to be Christian.

        1. Mike Geremia says

          sounds like you are a far-left, liberal, progressive-communist…..and an anti-Christian…

          1. Mike Geremia says

            Russia is right next door—escape now from this rotten country–you’ll be safe from the KKK…..

        2. Mike Geremia says

          yeah the modern Democratic party has turned into the National Socialist Democratic party –the NSDP–sound familiar–go back 80 years and find out….

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Here we go!! Liberal projection! Did you know that Bill Clintons mentor was J. William Fulbright? He fought against the Civil Rights bill and also fought to save the Jim Crow Laws. Both he and democrat Robert Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Bill. When it was found out that Byrd was a KKK recruiter, Clinton came to his defense. Hillary’s most admired woman was Margret Sanger who wanted to use abortion to eliminate blacks. The democrat party is still the party of the good ole boys.

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Was the KKK founded in 1865 and have a long history of violence mainly targeted at African Americans, Jews, Catholics and members of the LGBT community? Are they an international terror group? Who started the KKK, AKLady?

  7. AKLady says

    The KKK’s website states that the organization’s primary goal is to “stop White genocide.” They write, “We simply believe that the United States of America was founded as a white Christian nation.”

    1. Daniel Minchew says

      121 to be correct…..and the problem with that is? The USA was founded on White Christian’s..what ‘s your point? Make no mistake they are NOT going away…..:)

    2. GrizzMann says

      And stole their uniforms from the Spanish Penatents

  8. coneyro says

    KKK endorsing Donald(the wall)Trump? Why is anyone suprised. He has come down on Mexicans and Muslims hard. Right or wrong, accurate or not, Trump is seen by many as a racist. At his rallies, where are the cheering black and Hispanic voters which are so prevalent at the Democratic rallies? The audiences at the GOP events look uppercrust white, while the donkeys have a more diversified, “every day people”, type of crowd.
    Trump may choose to ignore the “White Power” thumbs up vote of confidence, but he does seem to feed into their philosophy.
    Ignoring them will not make him look good. He should denounce this loudly in public.

    1. Pam Dunn says

      AND then another moronic liberal spews a load of donkey dung from a head full.

    2. NYrByChoice says

      But most Muslims are technically Caucasian, so how is it racist?

      1. Kurt Hanssen says

        Nobama is a muslim, well, he is 1/2. Caucasian, and Mohamed Ali. Technically Caucasian.? With a very good sun tan.

    3. GrizzMann says

      Illegal Mexicans and ISIS Syrian ”refugees” without proper vetting.

    4. Mike Geremia says

      all kinds of people support Trump even some democrats…..

    5. mac12sam12 says

      The KKK backed Obama in 2008. I didn’t hear Obama denounce them.

  9. dickielittle says

    Looks like a set-up to discredit the Donald’s candidacy….

    1. AKLady says

      Look like one of The Donald’s friends.

      1. John E Strom Jr. says

        AKLady, why are you even here? Why not go to Hillary’s site? You are just a liberal dog in the manger. Do you have a life? Or are you one of Obama’s Warriors living off Food Stamps

        1. Mike Geremia says

          yup—just another stinkin Troll….

        2. Juan TwoTree says

          John: FUK AKLady! She is a fuking transgendered idiot in sheep clothing, believe me…she has been a waste of people’s time since he/she learned how to post…

      2. mac12sam12 says

        The KKK backed Obama in 2008. Search engine!!

    2. Mike Geremia says

      you got that right…

  10. randi says

    What is the different between KKK and Black Panthers same difference.

    1. AKLady says

      Well, the Black Pathers are a political organization.

      They grew up, stopped the violemce.

      They even provided programs such as free breakfasts for children and opened com,unity health clinis..

      In contrast, the KKK is now an international terrorists organization. They preach and teach racial hate. They rant about ZOG — Zionist Occupied Government”. They claim he future of the white race itself is now threatened and only the Klan can save it.

      1. Lizfan says

        Don’t kid yourself. The Black Panthers are just as racist as the KKK. The difference is the Panthers don’t burn crosses or lynch people.

        1. AKLady says

          Racist? Yes.
          International terrorist? No.

          1. Lizfan says

            The KKK aren’t international terrorists. They’re homegrown US terrorists. & the Black Panthers terrorize people too. Or do you remember the 2012 voter intimidation charges that were swept under the rug?

          2. AKLady says

            You are behind the times.
            Suggest you get up to date.
            The KKK has gone international.
            I’ve seen the so-called voter intimidation.
            Suggest you find a copy of the un-edited film.

          3. Lizfan says

            I suggest you listen to all the blacks who claimed voter intimidation. I’ll believe them before I believe any film. & since when has the KKK gone international? Give me a link to that info.

          4. Mike Geremia says

            R U scared… out or Sister Sarah will get you…..

          5. mac12sam12 says

            International blah blah blah. You democrats should consider that a success!

        2. Bob Pante says

          Little difference between Lynching and Mugging

          1. Lizfan says


          2. Mike Geremia says

            couple of U.S. Marines just got mugged by you know who….

          3. Bob Pante says

            Let me guess, They were Democrats.

      2. Daniel Minchew says

        Careful i know the history of the bpp….They have been spilt so many times. and the members turned on themselfs and killed each other…..Imagine that!!!! negros at their finest….KKK is no more racist then the blm or bpp……Put that in your pipe and smoke on it..:)

        1. AKLady says

          Everyone know the Black Pather history, well unless they were born yesterday.

          The KKK might as well be a holdover from 1930s Germany.
          Thw KKK makes the Black Panthers look like angels.

          Have you ever read about the Black Panthers dragging someone behind a car as a form of murder? You obbviously have much to learn about the KKK.

          1. Mike Geremia says

            have you heard that Isis chops off Christians heads….

          2. donS2 says

            Have you ever heard of someone pouring bleach down a womans throat to get rid of DNA evidence? Happened not many years ago. The man that was with her was killed quickly. She was held 5 days before she was killed. Whites are not the only ones that do cruel things. Didn’t hear much about it in the news.

        2. Juan TwoTree says

          Fuking AKLady is actually a fuking transgendered idiot and pisses with the men in disguise.
          Just flush her garbage shit down the toilet Daniel, like the majority of us do. Don’t get into any conversations with the ‘Boar Hog’’s a waste of time for all of us to see her posts.l

      3. Daniel Minchew says

        And as far as free breakfasts go..only for about 4 months…about 30 years ago….

        1. Daniel Minchew says

          And only for little black familys……….

        2. AKLady says

          Suggest you do further research.

          1. Mike Geremia says

            and you need to move to Africa…………

      4. GrizzMann says

        So does ISIS, and ISIS also collects Islamic taxes from their occupied area’s.

      5. mac12sam12 says

        They didn’t grow up and stop the violence. Their leader is King Shabazz at a black street festival said we have to kill all the white cracker whores and their white cracker babies. He was yelling at a black guy who was with a white woman. The Panthers are violent and evil and worse than the KKK. It’s on YouTube from the horse’s mouth.

  11. Daniel Minchew says

    News Flash…KKK is no more of a hate group the the blm…..I’m a White boy from Bama..But i study history…..The BPP and BLM are worse (as far as being racist) then any KKK group i have seen…:)

    1. AKLady says

      The KKK is an international terror group.
      Yes, internaitonal and it is on the terrorist lost.

      1. Mike Geremia says

        you better move next door to your neighbor, Russia where you will be safe….

      2. mac12sam12 says

        You’re like Rubio! AKLady is the KKK an international terror group? Ever see Bedford Wives?

  12. Reality Check says

    wow, you cons must be proud.
    the BIGGEST racist in the country endorses Trump and you think this is good?

    1. Lizfan says

      Well I bet you had no problem with all or most of the black people voting for Obama simply because he’s black. That’s not racist is it?

      1. Reality Check says

        most blacks vote for Democrats all the time, fool.

        only the idiots of the right vote against their best interest.

        1. Lizfan says

          Yeah because the democrats promise them free stuff, moron. The idiots on the left have been voting against their best interest since the LBJ days. The people on the right are voting in their best interests because the people on the right understand what responsibility and self-reliance are. They don’t want big government acting as their mommies & daddies, which is exactly what the left wants.

          1. Reality Check says

            what free stuff would that be?

            nice talking point.

            all the GOP offer is more tax breaks for corporations and rich people.
            give SS to wall street so they can make a buck every time you burp.
            a $5000 voucher for Medicare?
            real appealing since healthy young people can’t get coverage for that.

          2. Lizfan says

            Democrats have proven that they are the real party of the rich. There are more millionaires & billionaires in the democrat party than there are in the Republican party, & the richest democrat is richer than the richest republican. Look it up if you don’t believe me. All the democrats offer is more big government. & btw, Obamacare was a democrat idea that passed without any Republican votes & healthy young people can’t get coverage for that either. But the insurance companies made out like bandits. Neither party is for the people & the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be.

          3. Reality Check says

            This came up at Tuesday’s Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate, where Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich tussled on the question:

            ROMNEY: Actually, Newt, we got the idea of an individual mandate from you.

            GINGRICH: That’s not true. You got it from the Heritage Foundation.

            ROMNEY: Yes, we got it from you, and you got it from the Heritage Foundation and from you.

            GINGRICH: Wait a second. What you just said is not true. You did not get that from me. You got it from the Heritage Foundation.

            ROMNEY: And you never supported them?

            GINGRICH: I agree with them, but I’m just saying, what you said to this audience just now plain wasn’t true.


            ROMNEY: OK. Let me ask, have you supported in the past an individual mandate?

            GINGRICH: I absolutely did with the Heritage Foundation against Hillarycare.

            ROMNEY: You did support an individual mandate?

            ROMNEY: Oh, OK. That’s what I’m saying. We got the idea from you and the Heritage Foundation.

            GINGRICH: OK. A little broader.

            ROMNEY: OK.


          4. Lizfan says

            Oh please. If anything the Republicans got the idea from the democrats. Hillarycare ring a bell? I’m not even going to believe that what you posted is even remotely what happened.

          5. Reality Check says

            ” I’m not even going to believe that what you posted is even remotely what happened.”

            that is because you are PROGRAMMED to think that way.

            so the ENTIRE WOLRD is in a conspiracy to lie to conservatives.

            is THAT your story?
            and you pretend to be intelligent?

          6. Lizfan says

            Just like you are PROGRAMMED to think like a liberal. I don’t think the entire world is in a conspiracy. It’s just a well-known fact that liberals lie. Has nothing whatsoever to do with the entire world. I really wish YOU would quit pretending to be intelligent & just admit that you’re wrong.

          7. Reality Check says

            well low info voter, the information that ACA is based on the Heritage plan is common knowledge WORLD WIDE.

            the one who needs to admit they are clueless, is you fool.

          8. Lizfan says

            Just because it is considered “common knowledge” does NOT make it true. You would know that if you had a brain.

          9. Reality Check says

            “Calling the individual mandate unconstitutional is ridiculous on its
            face – but it’s even more so when you remember that the Heritage
            Foundation touted it as an ideal free-market solution
            to the healthcare crisis back in the 1980s, that it had Newt Gingrich’s
            backing as recently as the last election cycle, and that poor Mitt
            Romney signed a nearly identical program into law as governor of
            Massachusetts. This is not a legal argument; this is a ploy.


            as I said, common knowledge in the real world.

          10. Lizfan says

            So just because that one newspaper stated it, it must be true? Get real. Oh btw the individual mandate didn’t become law in the 80s did it. Because back then everyone knew it was a bunch of crap. How high were the taxes in Massachusetts because of Romneycare? Forcing people to buy something against their will IS unconstitutional.

          11. Reality Check says

            “So just because that one newspaper stated it, it must be true? ”
            common knowledge

            considering I found it in a couple seconds, ya.

            I am sure I can find more, right after you find a foreign paper agreeing with YOU..

            so far it’s just those FLAPPING GUMS and HOT AIR you offer as proof.

          12. Lizfan says

            Just because YOU think it’s common knowledge, doesn’t mean it is except in your own mind. Hot air is all you ever post.

          13. Reality Check says

            I back up my words.

            you keep blabbering.

          14. Lizfan says

            You’re delusional if you really think you’ve backed up anything.

          15. Reality Check says

            “Original 1989 document where Heritage Foundation created Obamacare’s individual mandate”

            The irony, of course, is that it was Republicans, via their premiere
            think tank, the Heritage Foundation, who came up with the idea in the first place.

            As you know, the “individual mandate” requires that every American
            buy health insurance, if they don’t have it through their work, or pay a

            The individual mandate really is one of the key underpinnings of
            Obamacare, because without it there’s concern that everyone’s policies might be too expensive. Here’s more on the mandate from Kaiser Health News:

            The health law was designed to extend insurance to nearly
            all people, including those who have medical conditions that require
            expensive care and are often denied coverage today. But to pay for their care, insurance companies need to have a large enrollment of consumers, especially young and healthy people who use fewer services. The mandate was adopted to guarantee a broad base.

            Topher Spiro, the vice president of health policy at the Center for
            American Progress, a left-leaning nonprofit that supports the law, says
            it will be more effective with the mandate than without it. “This
            individual mandate is to keep premiums low for everyone,” he said,
            noting that “if you don’t have incentives for everyone to sign up for
            coverage then only the sick people will enroll which will drive up

            But others suggest the mandate won’t be effective because the penalties are set so much lower than the cost of coverage.


          16. Lizfan says

            Left wing sites aren’t reliable for honest info. The idea that the Heritage Foundation created anything to do with Obamacare is a flat out lie.

          17. Reality Check says

            sure fool.

            “Liberal media” bull poo again.

            A tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you believe the crap told to you by Fox news.

            somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape American politics in favor of the “liberals” .

            ya, that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.
            all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

            The SAME media that the GOP candidates flock to.
            the SAME media that tear the Pres a new asshole every week.

            the SAME liberal media that the GOP candidates quote on national television.

            the SAME liberal media that the GOP DEBATES were ON.

            you people are so gullible, it’s very sad what has happened to America.

            so either the GOP are lying to the American people on a daily basis, or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

            you choose.

          18. Lizfan says

            First of all I’m talking about the liberal media in the US, not the media in other countries. Who said anything about foreign media. Second there’s more than enough proof that the mainstream media has been in the pocket of the democrats for years. Third there is also a conservative media as well as the mainstream media & the conservative media is the one the Republicans listen to &/or watch. & just because the liberal media hosts GOP debates does not mean that they support the GOP. So here’s my choice: I believe the truth that the mainstream media is biased in favor of democrats & that the democrats lie to the American people a heck of a lot more than the Republicans do. & I also believe that liberals are the most gullible people on Earth.

          19. Reality Check says

            “First of all I’m talking about the liberal media in the US, not the media in other countries.”

            well tool of the right wing propaganda, the world media AGREES with the facts delivered by Liberal media, NOT right wing media.

          20. Lizfan says

            Says who, YOU? LOL please. If anyone is a tool of propaganda it’s you.

          21. Reality Check says

            Ok, the Right say climate change is a hoax.

            the left disagree.

            THIS news source from a foreign country agrees with the left.

            “Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts”


            maybe you can link me to a foreign news paper that claims climate change is a hoax.

          22. Lizfan says

            That’s only ONE foreign newspaper. Doesn’t prove anything.

          23. Reality Check says

            one LARGE paper.
            so far you have your FLAPPING GUMS as proof.

          24. Lizfan says

            One foreign paper is not proof of anything no matter how popular it is with you. & flapping your gums is all you do online. You have no real proof.

          25. Reality Check says

            nice link backing up your point.

            so far the liberal is the only one who proved something.
            YOU have provided HOT AIR.

          26. Lizfan says

            You haven’t proved anything.

          27. Reality Check says

            I have proved you are incapable to backing up your statements.

            I HAVE.

          28. Lizfan says

            NO, you haven’t.

          29. Reality Check says

            maybe if you stamp your feet it will help your case.

          30. Lizfan says

            Maybe if you stop swallowing everything the biased mainstream media tells you it will help yours.

          31. Reality Check says

            well so far silly conservative,
            I have given you two examples of the foreign news sources regarding TWO right verses left points.

            AND they agree with the “left’s” information.

            climate change
            ACA is based on the Heritage plan.

            YOU on the other hand have proven NOTHING other than you love to post unsubstantiated crap.

          32. Lizfan says

            99% of what you post is unsubstantiated leftist crap. Foreign news sources agreeing with US leftists does NOT prove anything except that news sources are biased.

          33. Reality Check says

            You cons just keep your heads in the sand.

            The ultimate proof that American Conservatives live in a “Fact Bubble”.

            Climate change is settled science in the rest of the world.
            not in America, where you silly humans have your own “info”.

            American conservatives are the only group on the planet, that deny Climate Change.
            Cause you have your own set of facts.
            why don’t you link me to the “proof” that Climate Change is a hoax.

            I will bet money right now it’s a blog of some kind.

          34. Lizfan says

            Climate change is NOT “settled science”. Just because Obama said so does not make it so. & no, conservatives are not the only ones who know global warming (which was changed to “climate change” after the low info believers were proven wrong) is a lie. Other intelligent people know it’s a lie. Liberals have their own set of “facts”.

          35. Reality Check says

            well FOOL, they had a conference in Paris not long ago, where all the planets countries AGREED with Climate Science.

            AND you seem to have forgotten to link to your proof that you are basing your kids future ON.

            you embarrassed by your sources?

          36. Lizfan says

            Of course they agreed. They make money off the climate change/global warming scam. That’s the only reason people are perpetrating this scam. & FYI I don’t have kids & don’t ever plan on having any. But you global warming believers are so intent on believing that warming is happening, when it actually has not warmed for 18 years. Maybe all you believers should separate yourselves from society at large, go to a deserted island & live like the Amish. The rest of us will continue to live in the 21st century where energy is abundant & cheap like it should be. No one should be forced to give up their comforts, their way of life or their livelihood just because people like you want everyone to live in the stone age. Whether you like it or not, we in the US will still be using reliable, affordable energy from coal, oil & natural gas in the future. Deal with it & move on.

          37. Reality Check says

            so still embarrassed by the evidence you base your children’s future on?

            in the future, children of Climate deniers will have a L tattooed on their foreheads to denote a genetic link to a line of morons.

            do you believe in gravity?
            why the sky is blue?

            I predict THIS topic is going to cause you to lose big in Nov.

            the millennials are not going to put up with this bull poo from the ignorant right.

          38. Lizfan says

            The only bull poo is the crap you post. You’re the one who should be embarrassed to be as stupid as you are. Did you even read my post? I stated I was not going to have children. & no we Republicans will not lose in Nov. because it’s been proven in countless polls that Americans do NOT care about climate change. They care about the economy & jobs. Climate change ranks very low on their list of concerns. Look at the Gallop poll & any other poll & you’ll see that for yourself. Get over yourself. No sane intelligent person cares about the global warming hoax any longer. We care about the US economy & jobs. & when the millennials finally realize that the liberal democrats have been using them, they will flock to the Republicans in droves.

          39. Lizfan says

            A liberal site.

          40. Reality Check says

            ALL GOP candidates quote them.

            one of the most respected polls around that everyone quotes.

            more proof a radish is better informed.

          41. Lizfan says

            Polls are opinions, not facts.

          42. Reality Check says

            the result of a poll , IS A FACT, not too bright human.

          43. Lizfan says

            No it isn’t. A poll is taken to see how many people agree on an issue. The results are NOT facts you moron.

          44. Reality Check says

            the RESULT of a poll, does in indeed become a FACT.
            you think the result is a LIE?
            a hypothetical?

            a poll will have limitations based on the size and makeup of the polling group, but the end result then becomes a FACT they can publish.

            Guess what?
            new FACTS are created all the time.

            it’s an amazing world for those with the intellect to handle IT.

          45. Lizfan says

            So if I take an online poll to see how many people think you are a moron with the IQ of a rock, & at least 80% of the people I poll agree with me that you are a moron with the IQ of a rock, then you’re being a moron with the IQ of a rock becomes a FACT. Then again, everyone online already knows you’re a moron.

          46. Reality Check says

            that’s right fool.
            that would indeed become a fact from your poll.

            the POINT would be,
            who YOU are and WHO you polled.

            hence some organizations being recognized as FAIR based on the sample.

            you need more explanation fool?

          47. Lizfan says

            Most organizations-government or otherwise-have a political agenda. That’s why their polls are not 100% reliable no matter how “fair” they seem to be. Especially the government polls about global warming, which is not settled science because believe it or not there ARE scientists who do NOT agree with it. Now crawl back under your rock and stop making yourself look like the foolish imbecile that you are.

          48. Reality Check says

            so when 99 out of a 100 doctors tell you that you have cancer and need immediate treatment,
            you are going to stick with the advice of the one doctor?

            is that con logic?

            YES IT IS SETTLED SCIENCE and the Paris conference CONFIRMED THAT.

          49. Lizfan says

            The Paris conference didn’t confirm anything other than that a lot of people agree with each other on how to screw John Q. Public out of their hard-earned money. Not even remotely the same as a medical condition so your analogy is worthless. & it is NOT settled science because there are a LOT of scientists who do NOT agree with it.

          50. Reality Check says

            the medical analogy is perfect since the planet is DYING.

            “195 Nations Set Path to Keep Temperature Rise Well Below 2 Degrees Celsius ”

            “The Paris Agreement for the first time brings all nations into a common cause based on their historic, current and future responsibilities.

            The universal agreement’s main aim is to keep a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius and to drive efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius above
            pre-industrial levels.

            The 1.5 degree Celsius limit is a significantly safer defense line against the worst impacts of a changing climate.

            Additionally, the agreement aims to strengthen the ability to deal with the impacts of climate change.

            To reach these ambitious and important goals, appropriate financial flows will be put in place, thus making stronger action by developing
            countries and the most vulnerable possible, in line with their own national objectives.”

            you know, that sound a whole lot like 195 countries agreeing on Climate Change.

            a GLOBAL conspiracy.

            almost as silly as the “liberal media” conspiracy.

          51. Lizfan says

            That 2 degrees Celsius is projected to happen by the year 2100. Not even worth the amount of money wasted on the global warming scheme. You are paranoid if you really think Earth is dying. If you do some reading you’d find that the warming is natural, since we are still coming off the end of the last ice age. Back in the 70s there was a mass hysteria about global cooling, with people saying we were going to be in the next ice age by now. Oh & back in 1921 the newspapers said the same thing about global warming. Guess what, nothing happened. So if anyone’s involved in a conspiracy it’s the people pushing the global warming alarmism.

          52. Reality Check says

            ” Second there’s more than enough proof that the mainstream media has been in the pocket of the democrats for years”

            THAT must be why Trump on every TV stations 24/7.

            God you’re Dim.

          53. Lizfan says

            Trump being on every tv station doesn’t change the fact that the mainstream media is in the dem’s pockets. Maybe you should wise up & stop being a democrat shill.

          54. Reality Check says

            I see fool,
            the media dedicated to liberals winning, is giving Trump 24/7 coverage and 2 seconds to Hillary and Bernie.

            and you pretend to be intelligent?

          55. Lizfan says

            The only reason they’re giving Trump that much coverage is because he’s not the traditional Republican candidate & he’s a loudmouth who speaks his mind & uses profanity. He’s not conforming to Republican or democrat standards of decorum. You should stop pretending to be intelligent. No one buys it.

          56. Reality Check says

            only one group produces shit like this.

            Obama is going to kill us with Ebola.

            “Obama’s sinister plan to destroy the United States of America is well
            underway. His latest attempt to decimate our great country is by
            bringing patients carrying the deadly Ebola virus into the U.S.

            Ebola is highly contagious. So much so, that even medical professionals equipped with bio-hazard gear have contracted the


            maybe the disingenuous con can show me how the left make up poo like this crap.

          57. Lizfan says

            That’s tabloid crap. Has nothing to do with the right. The left wing makes up crap all the time. All you have to do is look it up.

          58. Reality Check says

            you are ON A TABLOID posting your shit.

          59. Lizfan says

            What’s your excuse?

          60. Reality Check says

            I don’t need an excuse , I have PROOF.

            you just have Flapping Gums

          61. Lizfan says

            No, gum-flapping moron, what’s YOUR excuse for being on the same tabloid posting your shit.

          62. Reality Check says

            I am a patriot trying to save you Brainwashed citizens from the Oligarchy that has brainwashed you.

          63. Lizfan says

            It’s only liberals like you who’ve been brainwashed. Brainwashed by big government. I got news for you: the liberal democrats are all part of that same oligarchy that you imagine is controlling people.

          64. Reality Check says

            ” The left wing makes up crap all the time. All you have to do is look it up.”


            I don’t see the con supplying any examples.

          65. Lizfan says

            Are you so lazy that you can’t look up the examples yourself? OK how about all the lies they spew about Trump? How about all the lies they spewed about Mitt Romney? About Herman Cain? How about the fact that they take most stuff Republicans say out of context? I’m not going to do all the work for you. Look it all up.

          66. Reality Check says

            what free stuff are you referring to?

            gov is not my mommy or daddy fool.

            that’s a taking point you low info voters are programmed to believe.

          67. Lizfan says

            A lot of liberals want big government to be mommy & daddy. Hence all the entitlement programs that are designed to keep people on the dole. The only low info voters are the liberals. Conservatives understand that individuals need to be self-reliant & responsible.

          68. Reality Check says

            ” Hence all the entitlement programs that are designed to keep people on the dole.”

            well that makes you sound like a Brainwashed fool of the right wing.

            if they were “designed to keep people on the dole” as the fool just said, they wouldn’t pay you 150/month to eat.

            can you live on 150/month in food, fool of the right wing?

            you cons are idiots.

    2. GrizzMann says

      Trump refused the endorsement.

      1. Reality Check says

        4 days later.

        1. GrizzMann says

          February, 2000, Donald Trump revealed
          that he knew enough about Duke to point out that the Klan member’s
          entourage is “not company I wish to keep.”
          BTW, Duke said he never endorsed Trump. The Democrats live in make believe world where all their dreams come true.

          1. Reality Check says

            he said vote for trump or you are a traitor to America.

            pretty much an endorsement.

            “February, 2000, Donald Trump revealed
            that he knew enough about Duke”

            THEN WHY did he spend the weekend telling every TV station he could find that he didn’t know enough about the group?

            personally I hope Trump wins.
            guaranteed Dem victory AND the GOP will implode as a party.

            win win

          2. GrizzMann says

            In 2000 ”So the Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a
            neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani. This is not
            company I wish to keep,” Trump said.
            In a separate interview that year with Matt Lauer, Trump said of Duke, “Well,
            you’ve got David Duke just joined–a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean,
            this is not exactly the people you want in your party.”

          3. Reality Check says

            yes it is evident that Trump knows Duke and lied through his teeth on CNN on Sunday.
            and then again on monday.

            what’s the point here?

          4. GrizzMann says

            Trump never met Duke. He did know that he disavowed him in 2000. The MSM could have looked that up. Did they?

          5. Reality Check says

            wow, now we are playing word games.

            Trump said he didn’t know who he was.

            it’s online and easy to see.

          6. GrizzMann says

            As if the MSM does not. They could have looked to see the Trump reason for leaving Perot’s party and asked if he still disavowed Duke.

    3. Mike Geremia says

      doesn’t matter…Trump will win anyway….

      1. Reality Check says

        we democrats are counting on it

      2. Lindy German says


      3. Reality Check says

        I DO HOPE SO.

  13. daveveselenak says

    So what is the problem, Al “Dullton” and Louis “Un-Farakan” support the Muslim-Marxist jihadist and the ole ugly commie whore Hillary the Pillory – touch’e!

  14. Ed Shick says

    I am sure for Trump, We have had to many in Congress doing nothing to earn there Pay, Not one Congressman even thought of Impeachment of Obama or that He is a Traitor , He says he is a Christian , but he would like to destroy true Christians , Actions speak louder than Words , and He lies all the time , Maybe , We have needed the KKK for the last 8 years , maybe Military but We have been had by a half breed ! Trained in Russia working with his Adviser , another Communist !

  15. John E Strom Jr. says

    I don’t think an endorsement from David Duke helps elect Donald Trump.

  16. GrizzMann says

    The KKK usually backs the candidate from their founding organization, the Democrats.

  17. SouthernPatriot says

    My son debated David Duke at Free Speech Alley, LSU. All David spewed was hatred and venom for anyone whose skin was darker or looked different from him. This is the endorsement that no one wants….well maybe some Democrats who formed the KKK in the first place.

    1. Mike Geremia says

      well maybe some Democrats who formed te KKK in the first place” hits the nail on the head…

    2. Harry says

      I hope that in his next lifetime, David reincarnates as an African-American Jew, and gets hit with both racism and anti-semtism thrown down upon by bigots like himself!

  18. clem says

    IF the Klan had actually been active where the three black impostors showed up at the Trump rally with signs saying the KKK supports Trump. I believe that the three would have been hanging around after the rally.

    1. Mike Geremia says

      you are right–the Rep. establishment and the liberal media are deathly afraid of Trump…..he will turn D.C. upside down and the heads will roll….

  19. melmack 1 says

    I read there are more employees of the FBI in the KKK than actual members. Anyway, DAVID DUKE …shut the fk up !!! You mean nothing, only lamebrains pay attention to any of your words and of course the LEFT LIBERAL PRESS like ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and ofcourse MSNBC !!

  20. Elizabeth Valentino says

    When I was 16 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw flames dancing on my window, I got up, looked out of the window and saw a huge cross burning in the front yard of our landlord’s home, my initial reaction was to call the fire dept, which consisted of 3 men, and one truck, then it dawned on me that this was the KKK’s idea of calling attention to the people in the house, that he was a married man with 7 children, the only house painter in town, so i went back to bed turned over and went back to sleep. It was a frightening experience. Then I found out this married man was having an affair with our landlord who was single. The KKK back then was some of the business men in town; I’m talking about a town that couldn’t have had more than 400 people as the population, but was loaded with churches. There are other stories I could tell you but another time in relation to the KKK. David Duke is right in that he said get off your duffs and do something and/or volunteer at your polling stations, I agree with that, too bad he’s ex-KKK, but it is what it is. the KKK is a wicked organization, so are the Arians, (mispelled)?

  21. Elizabeth Valentino says

    My earlier comment was from Alabama and one of the problems with the KKK is that they are highly prejudiced, especially toward the black people and people that don’t do their bidding! That is wrong if you are in your right mind.

  22. CCblogging says

    I believe that I can safely say that Donald Trump has never attended a KKK rally. Trump appeals to most Americans because he has promised to end the Obama regime’s reign of terror against Christians and Conservatives and to build a wall on our southern border to end the illegal invasion. This biased article doesn’t mention the America hating Muslims and left wing Nazis that support Obama, Sanders ,Hillary and the NWO Globalists. Vote Trump 2016

  23. suz says

    Makes me wonder if they Dems put him up to it as they were the party to form the KKK

    1. Mike Geremia says

      good one…

  24. SammysDad says

    Anyone who does not agree with the progressives is a racist. We hear this day after day, and Americans are now getting use to hearing such drivel; in fact, every time they hear it, they not only ignore it but such repetition is emboldening Americans to move right and squash the vermin of the left. The left has been using this narrative since their feckless savior came on the scene 7 years ago. It’s time for the patriots of this nation to quash this narrative and prove the worth of free markets, limited government, support of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, fiscal responsibility, and bringing God back into our and our children’s lives.

    1. Mike Geremia says


  25. papa doug says

    This is a weak ploy by white supremacists to turn minorities away from Trump. After all, they believe, if they would support Trump then he must by association be racist. Trump isn’t racist of course but they hope to hang that stink on him so he will lose.

    1. Lindy German says

      I agree totally,its all a scam,,my vote is for TRUMP

  26. Larua says

    why the f*ck not, Trumps dad was arrested back in 1929 for demonstrating in a kkk rally.
    this country has turned into nothing but sewer waste on account of all you gd liberal pathological
    racist, insane, narcissistic politicians, news media, pharma, monsanto, government special interest groups as the kkk and black panthers, cia, fbi, etc. your all tearing this country down and whats worse,
    you all to dumb to see it or even understand the scope of your stupidity and damage.
    Sick to my stomach in Michigan,

    1. Mike Geremia says

      the revolution starts this November….

  27. Mike Geremia says

    the liberal media has always given David Duke a bad rap……He may be ex-KKK, but at least he is an American….and supports and loves his country…

  28. James Maxwell says

    Like many groups out there,the KKK, the Black Panthers and and many other they all want to sound
    relevant in the market place today. The only thing I care about is the United States of America and
    uniting our people together as the nation we were before the Racist individual and his Democrap
    Socialist party tried to destroy us by making us fight each other and not stand together under our
    Flag for a common cause as Americans. We are being invaded every day and the enemy is attacking
    us because our so called elected leaders are failing to do the job they were elected to. Citizens must
    remove these power money hungry criminals and replace them with Americans who believe in our
    Constitution and the Bill of Rights for Americans and those who legally and lawfully immigrate here
    to become citizens.

  29. Albert L Biele says

    You have to understand, David Duke may authentically have good reason to back Trump, but that doesn’t confirm that Trump caters to any of Mr. Duke’s personal beliefs, or ideologies.’ You can be assured that this holds true with all candidates. People support certain candidates for different reasons. Trump is a patriot and knows that America is presently moving in the wrong direction. I would trust him, more than anyone else running for the presidency, to bring America back to his former glory. My vote is with Trump, not because he’s perfect, but because is really doesn’t need the job, and because he loves America.

  30. Lizard says

    Oh well Obama had Black pansies or whatever they called themselves no one seem to care // Just sayin

  31. Dan Menard says

    I am sure that Mr. Trump did not solicit this endorsement. Further more more, in spite of Mr. Dukes supposed good intentions, Mr. Trump would do well to stay away from such questionable endorsements!

  32. Roy Fredrichsen says

    David Duke and the KKK is no longer a threat to anybody because their membership has no issues to
    make them as relevant as the “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, or as silly.

  33. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is a smart man !!!!!

  34. Moe says

    We honor black panthers that openly scream out things like killing white babies, so we honor them at half time on national TV. Whites as a majority reject KKK, we do not honor them on TV or on movies. Trump did not want nor need this enforcement, maybe the left paid Duke to give it. After seven years of lies, cover ups, corruption, and refusal to ask the people what they want, our king is a symbol of anything, but democracy, he does as he pleases they are that is the executive branch above all laws, like nazis, communist, or the KKK, they impose their lies and will upon others. Everything that can be done in secret is, they are sneaky. The racial tensions in gnus nation was fueled by the two morons that have another year as residents in the White House.

  35. Leo37601 says

    Too many people think the President should have “detailed” information regarding every agenda he wants enacted while President. That a lack of info means he is all “fluff”. This mindset is deeply flawed. First of all the President of the United States is very similar to a CEO of a corporation. The CEO does not have to know every detail of a project, including how to make every aspect happen, in order to be a great CEO. Who the CEO hires for the various jobs under him will determine how successful, or how much of a failure the CEO is. Regardless of how intelligent, and knowledgeable he may be, His success will be determined by those he hires. Did Obama hire the “best”. No he did not. He hired friends, and those backed by his donors… People whom had no experience doing anything. and you see the outcome. I expect Mr. Trump will hire the very best. The most intelligent. Those who can do their part to get things done. Sure, when it comes down to it.. The Buck stops there, with the President. Yet it will be those working under him, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Attorney General..and the many other vacancies to be filled, that will determine how successful Mr. trump is. Mr. Trump does not like failure. he does not like laziness. he does not like incompetence.. If someone isn’t doing their job, he will simply tell them “They are fired” Think about it.. Those running giant corporations don’t have degrees in every aspect of the companies operations. Simply, the best engineers are hired. The best Supervisors are hired. The best administrative staff is hired. The best workers are hired. The best 3rd party vendors are hired… It’s those that make up the complete corporation that makes it either a success, or a failure. The job of the CEO is not to know how to do each and every job… the job of the CEO is to make sure those in each dept. are doing their job. The same applies to the Presidency.

  36. Moe says

    There is little on trump. The left and the right wing establishment need something really bad to prevent him from getting elected. The left knows Hillary should like Al Sharpton’s Should be be packing for jail not the White House. Obama and his executive branch know they too could easily be indicted. Obama will as always has lie, cheat, and deny, to get rid of a Trump type candidate. I do not like Trump, yet he is better than what lies in our faces daily while thinking he and his lairs pull off another one. He invited millions and millions of new workfare cases into the country and covered it up, he does not give a shit if this nation goes broke. Duke is a racist asshole, everyone hates his guts even Trump. Corruption as bad as we experienced in seven years, must ensure the right kind if similar character persons replace to avoid jail.

  37. stan lee says

    David Duke is appeasing Trump, who really doesn’t need Duke’s endorsement, because Duke is angling for future favoritism from a Trump administration. Trump is doing very well without a recommendation from Duke-KKK.
    That would immediately cast suspicion upon Trump that he’s sympathetic to the KKK. That is an issue he doesn’t need.

  38. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is a smart man !!!!!!

  39. PIERRE77L says

    I’m non-white. It doesn’t matter who supports him. Donald use common sense to thwart the dangers of illegal immigration, terrorism, outsourcing of jobs, gun control, and the road that will lead us to socialism. I hate those Tratorious RINOS.

  40. ErnieLane says

    So what? I’m sure the head of the American Communist Party is for Bernie Sanders. It’s just as meaningful.

  41. Lindy German says

    Vote for TRUMP

  42. benbernecky says

    Another example of the media grasping at anything to distract from real issues like why is Hilary even being considered? She carelessly exposed sec. of state email communications to potential hackers -probably already happened. How can anyone even consider having her in a position to ignore the red phone in the WH? She got caught lying about framing some innocent videographer jailing him with false accusations. media doesn’t even go there or how she LIED to the families of the Benghazi victims. She has sooo much baggage. Sold access to our government by accepting money Clinton’s “foundation” – they get 85% for administrative fees. She did all this on our dime traveling all over the world supposedly on US State business. Liar liar. Old white money, greed, ambition, corrupt. Playing to the ignorant voting bases -phony southern preacher accent “I ain’t no way tiraaaaed” BUT WE ARE Hilary with the corruption, deceit, BS.

  43. Jim Norris says

    Bull Sht!!! this MORON collected from the DNC to make this statement and anyone with an IQ greater than 75 knows it full well!!! Demoshity politics LOUD and CLAR!!!

  44. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is a smart man

  45. watchman48 says

    Mr. Trump is not a conservative… He blows like the wind…. First he was firmly pro-choice on abortion and now with the weakest testimony ever as an excuse he says he is pro-life… He will be what you want him to be to get your vote…
    Mr. Trump is so prideful he claimed he was a great Christian and didn’t need to ask for forgiveness for anything… No true Christian would have ever said such a thing about himself… True Christians know that there is nothing good in us that we would be worthy of God’s forgiveness… We are sinners and needing to continually come humbly before God asking for forgiveness… Sadly, Mr. Trump is extremely obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered and worse than all of that extremely self-righteous, definitely a combination that we do not need in a man who converses with other world leaders…. We have all these attributes in the current president now and look what has happened to us in the last 7 years…. United States has never been hated more than we are today.
    Mr. Trump has even bragged how he has contributed to both party and their politicians in hope to gain favor to get what he wanted from them…
    It is easy for me to see that Mr. Trump is no born again Christian, therefore although Trump would make a much better president than Hillary I could never vote for him as president. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils.

  46. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    SOOOOOOOOO, what do U make of it?, or try 2 make of it?. This wont work either. Note, Chris Christie gave full support, to The Donald.

  47. Raymon says

    This guy is a fool!

  48. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is a smart man !!!!!!

  49. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is a smart man !!!!!!!

  50. Harry says

    So Davy-Boy(My slang term for that notorious bigot David Duke.) endorses Donald Trump for President? I have long read about Davy-Boy and I know he is a rabid, fanatical anti-semite. Does Davy-Boy know that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka married a nice Jewish boy and converted to Judaism? If I ever accidentally and unexpectedly Davy-Boy in person, I would not dare let him know that I am Jewish!

  51. Guillermo3 says

    Nice to see that Trumpty Dumpty has Connected with his True Support Base…Those who Understand Trump’s Message !! Now if only Donald would hear from White Trash Lives Matter!!

  52. Susan Short says

    Folks, open your eyes here, and be smart. There is a frantic effort being made to destroy Trump, before Super Tuesday. It should be obvious, as you see Romney, and others talking about Trump’s tax rerurns. Then you have Trump being accused of having Mafia ties, and of having hired many illegals! Now, you have the KKK endorsing Trump, right before Super Tuesday?! If you’re not smart enough to see through this, then you are probably dumb enough to vote for Hillary! This whole thing is so rigged against Trump, in order to try to keep him from getting the GOP nomination that it stinks! You may not favor Trump for president, and that is your right, but just don’t be stupid, and allow yourself to buy into all this crap being made up about Trump!

  53. Jake Spooz says

    No worse than black politicians ir Sharpton endorsing the Hildebeest.

  54. retired cop in marana says

    Don’t be fooled by this crap, it’s another dirty trick play by the democrats to dissuade voters from voting Trump. If you know your history, the KKK was a democrat organization founded shortly after the civil war. Then, in 2008, the dirty tricks squad started hammering on Sarah Palin to destroy her reputation, thus prejudicing the election in favor of the democratic candidates. These are the same dirty tricks coming out of the communist’s playbook!

    1. Jerry says

      Farrakhan endorsed Trump views on making the country great again. Should Trump denounce him because of his views against whites?
      He is smart enough to know if we deported 11 million illegals it would create several million jobs for black Americans.
      If Farrakhan, Duke, and Sharpton can make sense, shouldn’t we do the same.
      What we should be considering, which by the way no one on Discuss talks about is: Can Trump deliver on Trade, Illegals, Jobs, make the economy strong again. It seems the other candidates don’t even understand this.
      Can we worry about the above and stop focusing on our personal biases.

      Geneww1938 said she’s voting for Cruz because he is hated. Wow how does that make sense.
      So Trump gets along with both sides of the isle and with foreign heads of state. Wow how is this bad.
      I can really see how Obama got elected when I read some of these conversations.

    2. Jerry says

      retired cop in marana from retired cop in LA see my post below.

  55. geneww1938 says

    Besides their citizenship, what is the real difference between Trump and Putin. He’d be a good running mate for Hillary. I’d never vote for either of those criminals.
    Rubio is Obama’s best friend after Boehner and Pelosi.
    Cruz is hated by the RINOs, Democrats and the media. I’d say he should be our man and I am voting for him.

  56. Jerry Henrie says

    David Duke got out of the KKK decades ago. He never has been involved in violence. He is one of the most patriotic men around. Watch his you tube videos and see for yourself. He stands for the white race and is sick of all this stupid white priviledge thing, the idea that whites are racist. David Dulke has more commonsense than 99% of all politicians.

  57. chuck g says

    That there David Duke is sure a smart dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  58. Jerry says

    I certainly would not agree with the KKK’s views on race, however, Duke likes what Trumps represent for making America great again. Now, Rev. Sharpton has shown support for Trump. This being the case should Sharpton back down because of Duke, or should Duke back down because of Sharpton. No, both these men have view points which may be extreme to one another, but both of them realize what is good for our country. Shouldn’t we do the same.
    Do what is right for America. Do not elect another puppet of the money brokers as we have done for the last few generations. Elect a man that is his own man who can make our country great again.
    Go Trump…

  59. chuck g says

    That there David Duke dude sure is a smadude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. MaryLipchey says

    I guess the Black Panthers,and the Black Lives Matter Activists,want
    to be the front runners,in the Hate Category,The KKK might steal their thunder.
    Please !!! The KKK,is no more hate mongers than these Groups.

  61. MaryLipchey says

    I have no problem with David Duke,he is free to endorse anyone he likes,he pays taxes,he votes,I also know he was the Grand Wizard of the KKK,at one time.
    I also know he has the right to hate anyone he wants,as you or I do.I am sure
    that the leaders of the Black Panthers endorsed Obama,so what’s everyone
    getting in a huff about..I like David Duke,he seemed ok to me.

  62. MaryLipchey says

    Here is the point,Donald is not taking any money from anyone,that
    includes hate groups..

  63. thomas says

    ” Black Lives Matter ” has become the RACIST card outspoken to point of absurdity and scorn. All Good People think ” All Lives Matter ” inclusive of every single life. The Anti-American Black Lives Matter Groups being RACIST attacking individuals to stand with them or be Brutally Harmed-attacked show’s just where their Violence insanity rules them. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson & other Black Leaders push these Hate Groups to be Violent Rioting Burning their Communities. Today’s Black Leaders are anti-any-part of Law Enforcement. They accuse and demand immediate justice by their standards NOT the Law. Citizens today must stand firm with Law Enforcement to protect All Lives from these very criminal groups of insanity popping up around America. Barack Hussein Obama being a true Muslim Islamist Radical himself chooses to NOT represent ALL Citizens of the USA, only likes Muslim Islamist Radicals ? Hates CHRISTIANS, JEWS, NON-ISLAMIST ? Obama enjoys creating Hostilities Riots Anti-Law-Enforcement as he does also to the US Military Personnel ? Can’t practice your Faith while in uniform But Muslim Islamist get the Free Hand to Pray and Practice their Cult-Faith? Obama behind this too. US Citizens must NOT break Down over these new forms of personal attacks on your personal religion(s) or lower your opinions of Law Enforcement anywhere. Be tough be ready be able to defend one’s self in Public or Private. Democrat Party ( Socialist-Commies-Nazi’s-Marxist ) wants to CHANGE for good America into it’s own style of Failed European Governments for controlling it’s Citizens. All Pieces to the Puzzle to bring down America to it’s lowest points ever for complete take over. Careful whom YOU VOTE for and Support as it will mean your own Life one day.

  64. Kurt Hanssen says

    KKK is like Black Panther, The Clintons, The Bushes, NObama, and B.L.M.

  65. Julierruiz1 says

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  66. Ddenney1 says

    Donald said he had a bad ear piece but took two days to figure out who this guy was. KKK then Democrat and the Republican! Sounds like a natural endorsement for Trump to me since all he has to do is BLAME some one else and the Trumpets buy into it!!! NOW who else is a self absorbed narcissist that blames everybody for his mistake?????? Oh yeah Obozo!!! DO NOT GET FOOLED AGAIN!!! Cruz 2016!!

  67. RobertNorwood says

    If I say “David Duke should be president” does that suddenly make him a good Catholic conservative? I think some operative in the GOP put him up to it with cash to hurt Donald.

  68. ZACAL says

    I never thought I would ever agree with anything “racist David Duke” said. However; I agree that I hope Trump would shake up a corrupt spendthrift congress, and put the pressure on countries taking advantage of us via “free trade” and bring much needed and lost jobs back to America. Plus start enforcing immigration laws, (that are already on the books). I like Trumps tax plan introduced this morning.

  69. usncb says

    OK so the KKK is irrelevant . The fact of the matter is Trump got a backing from them ‘ also the Saudis’ Muslems are backing Trump. They gave him a thumbs up ! Allegedly, backing him monetarily. Here we go again. More Mussies in our now defunct gov.’t. So the demogogs will be uninformed once again and put another Muzzy supporter in office again. Oh yes ! for Repub. traitors and Demonrats it is Trump 2016. Dump-Trump is wearing Repub. clothing and has all the answers and the freebies that Obogglehead had when he ran and was elected twice and is still trying to Kill this nation.

  70. PatriotParatrooper says

    Funny how the dems praised old Robert Byrd who was a clan recruiter in his 20’s and 30’s, but then they throw him on a pedestal, bunch of Hypocrites. It’s funny how they’re trying to bash trump but Hillary gets a bye on everything. She’s the biggest criminal in Washington, right along with her husband.

  71. vagabonddenyg says

    Monday Duke released a video blasting CNN and media & GOP for lying. Duke did not endorse Trump and is angry how he was used by the media! Folks the media, GOP and our politicians (keep in mind you have a few running on the Republican ticket that be rubio, cruz, kasich) are greedy, corrupt, power crazy whackos determined to keep control so they can keep selling out the country and lining their wallets! I HOPE ALL TEXANS SHOW THAT CRUZ AND GO VOTE FOR TRUMP! I cannot believe a red blood Texan would ever vote for Cruz but look they voted him to a Senate job of all things! Hope you Texans have woke up to your mistake!

  72. JB Wright says

    News flash; Sometimes even a blind squirral finds a nut. Or it could be said that even idiots like David dumb-ass Duke can see that this country is falling apart, and that it somehow keeps revolving around the status-quo. What does that say about you who insist on believing the illusion that maintaining your democratic stance will put democracy in the White House? It won’t, neither Dem’s or Repub’s will ever get America back to the constitutional republic that it was founded as. But the Repub’s will take far longer to destroy America than those who claim to be Democratic you liberals insist on supporting. Trump is neither of those things.

    And just because Duke is a pathetic racist piece of shit doesn’t mean he thinks Trump is, or perhaps he does. Maybe Duke just don’t like Mexicans or South Americans and want’s to keep them off his lawn. His reasoning may be whacked but that is irrelevant, what is rellevant is that we simply cannot continue to let the tide of illegals cross the border like it’s a walk through the park. And then pay to house and feed them while the worst of them murder, rob, and rape innocent Americans. It is the job of our Federal Government to keep our borders safe and they are NOT doing it.

  73. Jerry says

    Trump will lead the people back to power. He will organize and stabilize world trade. Due to his age shortly after he has made the country great again he will retire. The people will be the founders of and the beginning of a new two hundred years of democratic government.

  74. BoWhetstone says

    duke would be a fine president

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