Former NFL Star: Democratic Party Destroyed African-American Families


New Jersey Congressional candidate Gary Cobb (R) has played football for the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions, but he may never have thrown a rocket with the same force and speed he did Wednesday on the Steve Malzberg Show. When the host asked the 57-year-old Cobb why he was a Republican, the man didn’t mince words:

“During the 60s, Lyndon Baines Johnson was putting in his ‘Eliminate Poverty’ program, and this was an incentive for the man to leave the home,” Cobb said. Later in the interview, he explained that the program and others like it “destroyed African-American families throughout the country.”

While Cobb’s effortless salvo at Johnson Democrats was satisfying and true, even more interesting and direct was his dismissal of the current president. The host asked him how he thought Obama had been for the black community. In an era where it sometimes seems as though black Republicans and independents feel obligated to throw their respect behind Barack Obama, Cobb wasted no time taking aim at the first African-American president.

“Well, he pretty much continued with all of the Democratic programs; if anything he’s heightened them. And you can see that African-Americans aren’t doing well. I mean, you talk about the whole thing with minimum wage. Minimum wage goes after young African-American kids because it doesn’t let them in the workforce. We want to put an end to that.”

When the host asked him specifically if he thought Obama had failed the African-American community, Cobb pointed to Chicago. “Look at Chicago and all the killings going on. His guy, Rahm Emanuel, is there in Chicago. Has Chicago improved?” The Windy City, of course, had 170 homicides on the books by the halfway point of the year. That, shockingly, was an improvement over 2013’s numbers. The city has been at a gangland breaking point for several years, and Obama and his cronies have done nothing about it. This is the president’s hometown, so if he can’t help the black community there, it’s no wonder that he hasn’t helped them anywhere else.

There is a strong tendency in the United States for black voters to skew Democrat, often voting directly against their own interests. No, it doesn’t seem like that on the surface. America’s black poor vote Democrat because that’s where the entitlements are. That’s where the food stamps are. To vote otherwise would be akin to irrationality. Right?

Not exactly. While Republicans are often on the hunt to cut entitlements (although not nearly often enough), they represent a kind of American empowerment that has long been lost from the left. The left believes that a poor person is a poor person. They do not believe in upward mobility except in the most rare of cases. Yes, their policies provide a generous safety net, but what their fervent supporters don’t realize is that a net does more than break your fall – it can also entangle.

Hopefully African-American conservatives like Gary Cobb and, on a much more visible scale, Dr. Ben Carson can begin to convince black voters that they have been betrayed.

  1. Philip Beck says

    I’m sure Mr. Cobb has addressed current “black culture” in his travels, but this was a good opportunity to
    mention it here I believe. Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia spoke clearly about it not long ago, but he hasn’t brought it up lately as far as I know. Maybe Mayor Nutter got the memo.

    Dear Mr. Cobb; try to ignore those memos, and I wish you the
    luck you’ll need to help break the cycle.

  2. Philip Beck says

    RE Welfare:

    “The draw’, the monthly welfare checks that supplement
    dependents’ earnings in the black-market Pepsi economy, is poison. It’s a
    potent enough poison to catch the attention of such people as those who write
    for The New York Times. Nicholas Kristof, visiting nearby Jackson, KY, last
    year, was shocked by parents who were taking their children out of literacy
    classes because the possibility of improved academic performance would threaten
    $700-a-month Social Security disability benefits, which increasingly are paid
    out for nebulous afflictions such as loosely defined learning disorders.

    “This is painful for a liberal to admit,” Kristof wrote, “but
    conservatives have a point when they suggest that America’s safety net can
    sometimes entangle people in a soul-crushing dependency”.

    (page 32, National Review, Dec. 16, 2013)

    Conservatives in my opinion believe that welfare recipients
    are being robbed of their dignity in many, many cases. But liberals apparently
    value their dignity so little that they’ll use welfare “salesmen” to
    seek out potential candidates for dependency. I find this “industry”
    to be repulsive and disrespectful of fellow Americans.

    1. Sue says

      Those ‘salesmen/women’ are sometimes the teachers, themselves. My son is dating a woman who has an 8 year old child. The teacher is trying to convince the mother that the child is unteachable and she needs to sign the child up for SSI benefits. There’s nothing wrong with the child, but it’s much easier for the child to be put on mind-altering drugs and/or get benefits than a teacher to do his/her job.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        True, and everybody will be puzzled when little Johnny turns 18 robbing stores for cocaine money. Poor kid had the “Government Habit” since he was 8……

        1. Sue says

          Our government has given psychiatrists permission to drug our children at very young ages – giving them a head start of becoming accustomed to drugs that the C.I.A. ships into America. Most of those children are from minority families and then people wonder what’s happening to our youth. They’re accused of beginning lives of crimes when they’re older teenagers because they weren’t raised correctly in their families. No, their lives of crimes began when they were forced to take drugs at early ages that screwed up their minds. Psychiatrists tried to pull that on my own child and tried to put him into the program of being on psych drugs when he was 12 for A.D.D. My husband and I took him to Disney World and two days after returning home he asked when are we going on vacation. I was furious and basically told the shrink to shove her drugs where the sun doesn’t shine because she was not going to drug my child to the point that he couldn’t even remember going on vacation…That’s basically what the government is doing to minorities by keeping them on the welfare dole, because the government doesn’t want someone thinking for themselves. If they thought people had a mind of their own, they’d be out of a job.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Big Pharmacy has big LOBBYISTS to make sure their pills are sold. On TV look at all the pharmaceutical stuff lawyers are sueing for. Death SHOULD NOT be a accepted side effect. Cancer is another side effect. All that “Ban Scary Guns” after back to back mass shootings. Look at the killers, don’t they look like their on something? Suicidal Thoughts or acts of violence are a side effect of Psyco Meds. Has anybody ever looked in to psyco meds for motive? Maybe instead of outlawing scary looking guns, we should outlaw psyco meds that have suicide or violence as side effects. Then again thats why BIG PHARMACEUTICAL has LOBBYISTS to grease politicians to look somewhere else. Good for you taking your son off that legal dope!

          2. Sue says

            That’s why we must clean house and remove all greedy politicians who have sold out this country & the people to the highest bidder i.e., briber. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people & every shooting that occurs is somehow related to drugs. Get rid of the psych drugs that’s forced upon small children & we wouldn’t have a drug problem in America, and neither would we have mass shootings. Big pharma has acclimated and trained our children to become cold-hearted zombie killers. We need to fix this legal and forced drugging of people before we can fix any problem that involves guns because psychopaths & guns don’t mix, and that’s the only problem we have with guns.

          3. elmcqueen3 says

            In Colrado our Governor traded gun laws for Canabis…Go figure?

          4. PatriotGal says

            maybe he’s on it or more

          5. grunion says

            I’m watching a debate for the Colorado Senate seat and he is one spooky character.

          6. OCDiver says

            He must be a pot smokin’ hippie from the 60’s then.

          7. elmcqueen3 says

            Gov. Hickenlooper is a hick from Pennsylvania who infiltrated our Colorado government with the help of the east coast west coast liberal Senatorial CommieCRats…Who rudely dominate the parking spaces at our state capitol.

          8. CrustyOldGeezer says

            bennett is also a DC transplant injected into the senate by ‘appointment’, NOT by popular vote and in front of Lifelong Colorado people which caused a lot of animosity among the colorado democraps.

          9. elmcqueen3 says

            Michael Bennett is another dim-witted flake…During the staged gun debates here in Colorado I received a form letter from Senator Bennett explaining that ‘Assault Rifles’ such as the AR15’s are “Weapons of War” and thereby they need be removed from our society for the safety of all concerned…Sadly Michael Bennett like his Democratic Senatorial co-horts don’t know the difference between a military M16 and a civilian AR15…Why…Because they are not interested in facts…Both rilfes look similar however the difference being the military M16 is a fully automatic weapon (machine gun) whereas the civilain AR15 is a semi automatic weapon firing only one round at a time…No matter…Looks alone is enough justification by the liberal left to demonize AR15’s as ‘Assault Rifles’…Therefore in Michael Bennett’s mind and other liberal minded Democrats AR’s are to be considered as “Weapons of War” such as the M16 which is a true assault rifle which are not commercially available to the civilian market…What nonsense do these liberal CommieCRats constatntly come up with to defend their admission that the goal of the Democratic Party is to destroy the 2nd amendment of our US Constitution…Currently the Democrats are progressing to remove the 1st amendment from our Constitution as well…Does not any one see the dangers in all of this political Democratic BS as supported by Senator Michael Bennett and his fellow Colorado Senatorial CommieCRats?…Coloradans should be much wiser.

          10. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Nearly every liberal office holder is a 69’s hippie all growed up and doing what they hated back then…. controlling peoples lives by use of force….

          11. OCDiver says

            sad ….. but true!!

          12. CrustyOldGeezer says

            The best way to get votes is by dumbing down the voters.

            Next year they will lower the pot use age to 13 to make raising morons and fools that much easier.

          13. elmcqueen3 says

            Already young juveniles have eaten their parents canabis laden cookies resulting in the death of one of the children and putting the other kids in the hospital…Now our Governor is saying he was not supportive of the bill even though he signed legalizing Canabis into Colorado law…Stating he signed the bill into law for the reasons that the people of Colorado wanted the presense of a social experiment with Canabis to take place in Colorado…Thereby Hickenlooper signed the bill into law against his own objections…Note: Our governor has not vetoed one bill which has been put before him by the Colorado Senatorial CommieCRats…To include this bill which he claims he whole heartedly was in objection to it’s passing…This is failed leadership in a nut shell from Gov. Hickenlooper…Hopefully he will be ousted in the up coming November elections…Coloradans deserve better than another term under Hickenlooper’s liberal watch!

          14. LastGasp says

            “Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and its not the weapons used.
            The overwhelming evidence points to the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.”

          15. Mark Clemens says

            I really believe psycho meds play an important decision roll in these mass shootings. The Big Pharmaceutical pay the politicians to distract us w/gun talk. Personally I think if that boy in New Town could not of gotten any guns, I think he would of targeted a smaller crowd or possibly individuals w/some other weapon.

          16. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Not too long ago, someone had posted a list of mass shootings/suicides and/or other shootings that had occurred within the last several years. In every single one of them was either the type of or name of anti-depressant/SSRI drug that they were on or had just recently stopped taking. Why people are blaming guns is beyond me.

          17. LastGasp says

            If you follow that link you’ll find that list.

          18. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Awesome! Thank you! Was my guess that it was you that originally posted it correct?

          19. LastGasp says

            Probably so, I’ve posted it in several forums.

          20. Virginia Towerman says

            Another interesting fact to consider in every single mass shooting. All perpetrators were products of the public school system. My only child has only her senior year to complete. She has no idea what the inside of a public school looks like. There have been many financial sacrifices to make this happen. God has been good and provided a way every single year. Just keep in mind that anything with the word “public” in front of it is going to be of much lower quality and practically absent of any moral standing.

          21. elmcqueen3 says

            Good Read.

          22. amicusc23 says

            SUE the CIA shipping drugs —-what is your source MS/NBC or some other radical leftist group???I believe much of what you say is true because of your personal observations but the CIA comment is wacky.Peace!!

          23. joe haire says

            Don’t be so quick to judge! The CIA is headed by a Muslim progressive, John Brennan. He may look just like another middle aged white guy, but rumor is he is a real A**hole.

          24. linda15419 says

            We have no idea what the CIA is doing. Be wary of anything you read, hear, or see that concerns anything about the CIA. Most of it is “planted” information to mislead someone somewhere in the world.

          25. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s not a racial thing! EVERYONE, it seems nowadays, has the attitude, “What can I get for FREE and not have to get off my dead ass to go and get?”
            I’m a Vietnam vet. Years ago I was married to a Venezuelan woman. Because of open heart surgery and losing feeling in my left leg, I was placed on disability! We are divorced! Little did I know, but she had her little girl attached to my account. She was fleecing it for $760.00 each month. When our fine government found out about it, my complete disability was stopped and I am having to pay back over $24,000.00. No, you don’t have to be a minority, you just have to be a good scam artist. This has nothing to do with the topic in discussion, I just had to open my big mouth!! :-((

          26. Jan Walker says

            Sorry you have to pay all that back, but hey, you didn’t have any idea who or what was going on with your accounts?? Shame on you, always should have knowledge of your own business, or at the very least, someone TRUSTWORTHY to keep eye on it.

          27. godspal53 says

            So sorry for you my good man, wish I could help you with some dough but I’m in the same boat with you, a bit more or less but, I hear You,,,too many leeches out there

          28. Jeanne Stotler says

            The same happened to me, w/o drugs, they said my 2 younger sons need to be in LD classes, I found out that they singled out children from single family homes ( I was a widow) as the parent usually is very busy. I protested and demanded he be in reg. classes, I was told I would be sorry, well today my youngest is a Rocket scientist and an expert in Computer programing. We moved shortly after this meeting, and the teacher he had at that point told me he was just a quite, well behaved boy ( this was 5th grade) and was over looked because he didn’t raise a racket. The other is a house painter, this is what he likes, also a Drummer and has 2 bands, his first love.

        2. WILDCATF4F says

          Just think of poor little Travon in Florida, or the kid in Ferguson MO that had never been given an honest days lessons once in their lives, OUT with the DEMMOCOMMIES and in with ever increasing numbers of Republicans/Conservatives, and we will see thing start to turn around, but it will have to be handled by those that are true to the task, those that not only ‘Talk the Talk’, but also ‘Walk the Walk’,!.

          1. hepette . says

            you mean the one zimmerman murdered?

          2. hirider says

            No! The one who attacked Zimmerman, and almost took him out before he drew his gun in self defense.

          3. WILDCATF4F says

            NO!, the punk that Zimmerman had to kill in an act of self defense because the State of Florida refused to have Travon in custody in a Juvenile facility till he was transferred to an Adult Prison when he turned 18, the SAFETY of the Whole out weighs the desires of the one!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          4. godspal53 says

            Most truth and best advice I’ve heard in ages,,,God be with you

          5. WILDCATF4F says

            I am not a religious man, but for those that are, may it help you when it is time to.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          6. hepette . says


      2. Cynic says

        As someone who almost made it through the teacher’s ed program in college — until I had had enough of the nonsense, I am not surprised.

        Going into teaching public school is rather like going to Congress: At first you are idealistic, and then with time you get corrupted by the poisonous atmosphere.

        1. Sue says

          There was a woman who once stated that people have to get out of the notion that children belong to families because children belong to whole communities, or something to that degree. We, as a civilized society are the families & whole communities, & I can accept her statement as long as she wasn’t referring to the federal government as being the community. We, as families with children, have to look out for each other because the gov damn sure isn’t going to. Only when people are raised out of poverty, instead of their being suppressed further into poverty, will we be able to see hope & change as Obama’s campaign promise.

          1. Milton Orgeron says

            That woman was and is Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party idol and likely candidate for President. Her plans for health care “reform” were so extreme they would make Obamacare look tame by comparison. Remind people of that every chance you get.

          2. Sue says

            Thanks Milton. I will definitely remind people of that. This country does not need another Clinton in the White House, and I can’t think of anyone who would be as bad as Obama, except Hilary Clinton. God help us all if she wins the 2016 election because that woman is covertly evil.

          3. WILDCATF4F says

            ‘Covertly Evil’, KILLERY is ‘OVERTLY EVIL’, when enough that have had enough of her get together, she will be on DEATH ROW faster than the speed of light, and the bunk will not even get warm before her neck get stretched out 4-5 inches,!.

          4. grunion says

            Ever since Bill was President, there have been a number of suspicious deaths related to the Clintons. Curiously, the dead were in opposition to any one of a number of illegal activities in which the Clintons have engaged. Just sayin’.

          5. WILDCATF4F says

            If they are charged, convicted and sentenced to HANG!, they will have to drop & stop, as many as 15-20 times just in Arkansas alone, THEN there is ‘BENGAZI’ and that will open up an entirely new can of worms!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          6. PatriotGal says

            Sue just look at upon whom she based her thesis and holds in highest regard.

          7. Angry American says

            Same “hero’s” as obama

          8. Angry American says

            Right down to her core

          9. godspal53 says

            THAT’S RIGHT,,”It takes a Villiage”
            and the Fed Govt is the villiage,,,would you want bill clinton raising your Daughter?????????

          10. zrevtom says

            It takes a village to raise a child is the statement you are looking for. I have used it in my sermons but with Hillary who thinks she was sent by GOD and is the only one qualified and loved by all to be President. Sounds great but she let a little unqualified incompetent child kick her butt because he used the tactics of her husband and built up the caucuses which cost her the nomination. She thought she was ENTITLED” to be President but she like Obama is not qualified, experienced or accomplished anything. Check out her record, even Democrats can’t think of anything she has done except be the wife of a sweet talking, lying, cheating saxaphone playing Governor who had many women taken as lovers, some by force. Bill had even more than Hillarys female lovers. she was elected to the US Senate in a state dominated by Democrats New York because she couldn’t get elected in her home state of Arkansas where she was hated, given the job of Secretary of State which kept her out of Obama’s hair where her accomplishments totaled ZERO except if you count the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. If not for the Republicans in Bill Clintons 2nd term the economy would be a disaster. The Democrats are liars and deceitful keeping people ignorant and on handouts from the government. Welfare went down in Clinton’s 2nd term because Newt Gingrich forced it upon Bill, people got off welfare and got jobs and the economy grew. Obama came in and revoked the law and welfare has grown to new highs.
            Please vote Republicans into the US Senate Nov 4th and give them a chance to throw Harry Reid into the minority and stop protecting Obama’s failed policies by allowing good bills to help our country grow, Reid will not allow them to a hearing o4r a vote thus letting Obama say “See Congress is doing nothing so I have to do it with my phone and a pen.
            God Bless the United States of America and
            SCREW OBAMA into the wormhole of history

          11. grunion says

            Frankly, I cannot blame the guy from straying. Would you want to sleep with that caricature of a woman?

          12. Angry American says

            Her voice to me is like chalk on a blackboard, can’t stand the lying bitch. Oops I mean misspoken as she doesn’t lie she misspeaks lol

          13. Angry American says

            So true it hurts, wish I could give you many thumbs up but only allowed one

          14. Angry American says

            How about that book that was “written” by hillary the one that states it takes a village, the left has the utter gall to tell you what is going to happen unless we step up to stop it & the chances of that happening is small at best. What is needed is a leader that is not afraid to be tried for treason as that is the fate that awaits them if it fails, so any leader will proceed with utmost caution, like his life depended on it because it really does

        2. Sue says

          BTW, Cynic, I wrote a book about my life – the deception, hypocrisy, lying, stealing, cheating, abusive, enslaving, murderous acts that have been committed against me and an attorney who was going to sue for $10M before he was found with two gunshots to his head. The book is titled “Triumph Over Tragedy” by Friesen Press. It not only ended there because I had over $42,000 stolen from me by a con artist – Richard Williams. I then had almost $48,000 stolen from me by Commissioner Wesley Yamashita from Clark County, Nevada. And if that wasn’t bad enough I was allowing a homeless woman to live in my basement rent free and after finding out she was doing drugs and bringing the drug dealer into my basement I banned his entry upon my property and gave her 30 days to move. She came into my separate living space, unlawfully, beat me black and blue, called the police and filed a false report for revenge. I was the one who was arrested after the police saw the injuries to my face, and I was only arrested because I was a legal gun owner and the bitch who assaulted me knew I owned a gun because I had shown it to her a month before the assault. This incident has cost me over $16,000, but she walked free of any charges of what she did to me. Sorry to get off onto another subject, but that’s the way this criminal justice system works, and our treasonous federal government is must worse than the justice system.

          1. Roy Clingenpeel says

            You haven’t seen anything yet, when king Obama takes total control next year we will all be in FEMA stockade with DHS guards.

          2. Sue says

            Who said he was going to take control? He can’t do that if he & his family are the first ones sent to a FEMA camp. Kings & dictators don’t last forever, & Obama’s vacation is almost up because people are beginning to open their eyes & see the wolf underneath the sheep’s clothing he wears. We should march all the other wolves into FEMA camps right behind him & his mooch. I think Americans have had enough of the lies & betrayals of their elected officials.

          3. grama18 says

            I did not vote for the bastard.. PAY attention people !! DO your homework!! DO not vote for the lying assholes..IF they have a track record.. FIND OUT !! NO track record of any kind. WATCH OUT!! HE/SHE is a ringer..

          4. Angry American says

            If you are talking about hillary you are correct as she will finish what obana started, I will never vote for anyone that makes the promises these two make

          5. Angry American says

            Well we will find that out in the next election, I know I have had it with this administration from the beginning & I am one of the ones they call racist, because of what I think about this turd & his policies. I did not vote for him in either election & after hearing a couple of his speeches I wouldn’t vote for him ever. I got his message then & have been against him from the beginning. Just bad news all around & with all the lies he has spewed & continues to do I don’t have the time of day for him or anyone like him

          6. Michael Dennewitz says


          7. GenEarly says

            Not All, comrade. The Feral Gov sycophants and employees obviously
            remain outside to enjoy the spoils and the Patriots remain outside


          8. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Not all. A whole bunch of us will be dead after taking a whole shintload of those they send to try..

          9. Angry American says

            Doubtful like sheep they will line up for them & they will do as they please until they run into the wrong (right) people, you know the ones that will actually fight back few & far between most of the sheep that make up the electorate will just follow their neighbors into those camps with 3 hots & a cot to be indoctrinated & get their “minds right” they don’t have those camps for nothing & are just waiting for the time to be right so there is little opposition

          10. gregsmom says

            I moved to southeastern PA to be near my son. It’s unbelievable what the majority of people are like here – total cowards. If the government tells them to get on a train to the FEMA camps, they will do just that. Very few here are willing to fight the fight. It’s disgusting.

          11. Lynn McCrann says

            I am from the central part of Pennsylvania and I guarantee we are not
            cowards unlike those chicken livers who live in Philly and the other cities of

          12. gregsmom says

            Yes, that’s why I specifically said southeastern PA. I know the central and western parts of this state aren’t like this suburb of Philly where I live. I should have been living out where people still have good values, and will fight to defend democracy!

          13. Lynn McCrann says

            Me, I would aways fight for my nation, a Republic, but never to advance a ‘democracy’ which has been the downfall of many empires in the past.
            No such thing as a stable ‘democracy’ since they are controlled by the majority whims and not by the established legal tenets of law that protects all and not just those with the most numerous votes during selective times.

          14. grunion says

            Well, you perhaps but not me. Doesn’t matter if I end up a statistic in the history of the Second Great American Rebellion, I will do what my conscience and the Constitution of our Nation demands. Going to a FEMA camp is not on the agenda.

          15. OCDiver says

            I’ll be dead first!! and a lot of their blood will be on my front porch!!

          16. LastGasp says

            With you, brother! Let ’em come!

          17. joe haire says

            We know that he is doing his best, in the time remaining to turn our political system into a “one party” system. If enough illegals are given amnesty and the border isopened up the Liberal traitors will have enough vote to make it happen. Remember, a liberal votes for what “feels good” not for what makes sense!

          18. stillsane says

            A vote of no confidence will stop that!!

          19. godspal53 says

            Like They’ll care about your vote after they move to take full control?????????

          20. godspal53 says

            I HOPE YU KNOW HOW RIGHT YOU ARE,,,When I heard the Feds were buying up all the ammo I figured it was that creep just trying to screw the Gunowners since he can’t outlaw them,,,but NOOOO,,he’s got IRS Agents blowing up targets on the ranges with AR-15’s,,or is it AK-15’s,,,,,whichever,,Why have simple IRS agents learning gun use etc??? Cuz they’re evil and brainwashed enough by this American Hitler obama to take up arms against their own people,,this gut is so sneaky,,,but alas,,so am I,,,but keep your ears up and your eyesopen,,Cuz you just never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. crittergirl says

            The time is coming for the just majority to wipe out the corrupt minority who is destroying America. Starting with the feds. They have taken over our states, time to rid ourselves of the federal gov’t. and the supreme court. MAJORITY RULES!

          22. Angry American says

            The time is NOW & I hope we all show up on election day & vote for what is good for Americans & the citizens of this once great country

          23. gregsmom says

            What I hope is that the Dems don’t steal the election yet again. If they do, we’ll know. That could just be what pushes us over the edge into a full-fledged revolution.

          24. grunion says

            Those were unfortunate events and I will continue to try to insure that kind of manipulation of our legal system never recurs but it also represents invaluable learning opportunities. I hope you learned them. It is dog eat dog in America today. One must be aware of that fact and act accordingly.

          25. Michael Dennewitz says

            In short…. This damnable government is far more corrupt than the criminals. Hard telling “who” got paid off in your ordeal..

          26. Jeanne Stotler says

            My son was victim of Dom. abuse, she was strangling him from behind, he hit her with his forearm, so she release him, the Police arrested him, not her, although she had a previous record of such activity. He finally wised up and moved out.

          27. godspal53 says

            Good for him,,I was being abused Verbally by my Lady and her sister,,They were pushig me SOOOO hard,,Suddenly I jumped up and left ,,at that moment my Versheim (Ah Ha Moment) struck me tat they were about to beat the crap out of each other and tell the AuthoritiesI did It,,,,Shhheeeeesssshhhh,,What some People Won’t Do

          28. godspal53 says

            So sorry Man,,Your so believable especially since you reside in Vegas,,It’s truly like OZ there at times and the Cops Can be VERY STRANGE,,,I’m reminded of the old saying I think would be apprpriate for you,,Do unto others, Then SPLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Tom Brooks says

          That problem exists in just about every profession. Most of my 71 years I have worked around and for Civil Engineers. What I learned the hard way, was that Civil Engineers all take a secret course in in “how to blame others for their mistakes.” I knew one student at GA Tech who changed his major from Civil Engineering to Computer Science for that very reason. He was working for a Site Preparation company while attending Tech. He learned first hand about the “profession” before it was too late. He had scruples, and scruples don’t mix with the “profession.”

      3. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Generally, when the ‘teacher’ declraes a student “unteachable” o “uncontrollable” it is an indication of the child having a highe degee of intelligence than the ‘teacher’ and the child is bored and looking for more stimulation for his/he brain.

        Give me a kid they want to put on drugs and I will give you back a genius.

        Well, at least a child that can read, write and perform at higher levels than the ‘teachers’ that failed him.

        1. grama18 says

          Pull your child out of that school. DO home schooling.. OR private schools.

        2. grunion says

          It would help your credibility if you proof read your posts directed at teachers. Not that they would notice any misspelled words but we would. Again, just sayin’.

          1. Angry American says

            Nothing better to do than make comments about typos or a little misspelled word or 2 we get his meaning or at least I did

          2. grunion says

            Yep, spelling police…Woo,woo-Woo,woo

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            OH NO!!!!

            The typo cop is here.

          4. grunion says

            Weewoo, weewoo, yep, you are right and I am sorry, which means I feel sorta bad about it but will do it again. Did not want to be nasty but any teacher worth his salt should be compelled to point the errors out. Again, just sayin’…
            No offense to anyone!

          5. CrustyOldGeezer says

            It never bothers me, so there’s no problem.

          6. CrustyOldGeezer says

            As a follow up, I am working with an unknown laptop of uncertain vintage with a keyboard with sticky and unresponsive keys.

            As to you concerns that a ‘teacher’ may notice the typos and misspellings, during the Reagan Administration the Grace Commission determined that 60% of the nations ‘public school teachers’ camefrom the bottom 40% of their highschool graduating classes.

            Since then, the unions have lowered their requirements substantially.

            Any bets on the odds of a ‘public school teacher’ noticing, or knowing what the descrepancy might mean?

          7. grunion says

            It means our teachers are unable or unwilling to teach. When I see freshmen in college spell “very”, verry, I feel a stroke coming. Crusty, we are on the same page here. The educational system did not and does not need federal intervention. The facts speak for themselves. Education is a local matter between the teacher, student and parents and the politics of education belongs with the states. Oh, we might have a debate on the spelling of discrepancy. Computer misbehavior aside. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t really care if a word is misspelled but on the outside chance the poster was not aware of the error and discovers the proper spelling, then it is a good thing. No?
            Keep writing, your posts are informative and funny. A good combo….

      4. 7papa7 says

        What they need to do is decrease the amount of welfare/SSI given every 6 months. Those that are on it need to get off their duff and go to work. The schools need to start teaching self respect and welfare et al takes your self respect away from you. They need to make major changes in the schools and the parents need to start displaying it in the home.

        1. PatriotGal says

          7papa7, how in Heaven’s name are we going to teach self-respect when the libs/progressives lgbt are so entrenched in education that in some districts we are no longer allowed to call the children boys and girls because it demands gender identity; they must be addressed as purple penguins.

          1. grunion says

            Hah! Good one!

          2. 7papa7 says

            It is absolutely a long hard haul but if we don’t start it will never happen. Many teachers that I know are terrified of the unions so they comply. If the law came down that they start teaching patriotism, integrity, etc then you will be able to get self respect taught. If needs to come as a federal mandate and any school that does not comply gets zero federal funds for that school district. The problem is that America has become to soft and won’t do what is needed they just comply with anything they are told. Any teacher not following these principles would be immediately fired. It wouldn’t take to many firings for the teachers to do what is right.

        2. Angry American says

          I have news for you, the blacks call check day (the day welfare checks come out) Payday though they do not work for anything. Even though they take these government checks they do not feel any sort of shame only whites stigmatize anyone taking these checks blacks celebrate them & I have heard blacks telling other blacks that they should go on welfare as the jobs they were doing payed poorly & how much more they would get. More than if they worked 40 hours per week in a low skilled job, actually talked them into applying

          1. 7papa7 says

            This is what I am talking about. They are second and third generation of leaches. They are taught it is OK and they believe it. That is why they need to start learning self respect. Working will help them in that direction. They need to go back to what Clinton and the Republican senate did and put a time limit on it, it was 5 years and then you are cut off.

      5. Dawn Harsley says

        They’re sticking these children into a Social Security system that simply can’t handle them. Social Security Disability was meant for people who actually were in the workforce, contributed to Social Security through their tax dollars and for some reason are no longer able to work. It was not meant to give benefits to children who never worked a day in their lives. There are other programs that provide for these children but it is much easier to throw them into Social Security.
        The only time a minor child should be eligible for Social Security benefits is if his/her father is deceased (or mother in the event the mother was the breadwinner).

        1. Angry American says

          The government will take care of them from cradle to grave, that is the theme & the promise of the left

          1. Dawn Harsley says

            Actually what the left means is that the taxpayers will take care of them from the cradle to the grave given that the government has no money of its own.

      6. LastGasp says

        Drugged up kids are easier to control, also.

      7. Shirley Huntsman says

        That was so wrong!!!”The school your child is at is only as good as the teacher your child has that year.” Parents have to stand up for their children! I am a teacher. I was teaching when the “movement” started of teachers trying to get children’s behavior controlled by drugs by claiming they were ADHD even though they were not. Teachers wanting to make their job easier. That is so wrong!!! I hope that the child you were speaking of got into a better classroom with a teacher who is there for the right reasons: to educate, to build good character in the students, to show respect to them so they learn to respect others, to teach them good manners, to be kind to the students, be honest with them and their parents, and to make learning fun! Any one else does not belong in the classroom teaching. It takes a lot of work after school and at home week nights and weekends to do it right. It takes being willing to spend some of your own money to do special things with the students in class. Nope, if your are thee for the wrong reasons, you are going to ruin young people who could be good productive citizens. AND NO CHILD IS UNTEACHABLE! I’ve taught everything from mainstreamed autistic to genius. From children who didn’t know how to use a spoon or fork to eat all the way to violent students and4th grad boys who exposed themselves in class. I’ve had 34 first graders with no assistant teacher when teaching in south AL … mostly tenant farmer families. No one can tell me any child is unreachable. You just have to work to find how they learn and wok with them. No one said teaching would be easy. But parenting is not easy. Life is not easy! Be serious people! And have mercy on the children and students!

    2. Leo 6 says

      Very good Phil.

  3. RONALD HATT says

    Problem with King Obamusalim, & his failure to help black people, is…..”He has too much white in him”! Seriously folks, Barry is a failure at almost “everything” her touches……He “DID” keep “1” campaign promise: ***To fundamentally change America*** Problem is, that he didn’t explain, what else he was going to do! America, will “NEVER” be the same, & that’s not “GOOD”! IF AMERICA, DOES NOT ELECT A RESPONSIBLE, PATRIOTIC, GOD FEARING PRESIDENT IN THE NEXT ELECTION, The coming generations will “never know” how great America, once was!

    1. Landshark says

      Has nothing to do with the alleged white in him. he was was raised and tutored by Communists, Muslims and anti-colonialists. Plus, he worships Satan.

      1. RONALD HATT says

        You are “right on”…..”all counts”…….Obumbler, seems to enjoy creating animosity, between the races. You can tell by the smug grin on his face, when he delivers “any” statement alluding to race baiting, &/or an issue related to differences between the races! [didn’t you notice the : “Seriously folks”…..[?] [ P.S. The “Satan” part, is where us Christians, “get even” with him! ]…..In the end…..He is “Screwed”!

        1. Angry American says

          I hope I live long enough to see that smug look wiped from his face, one way or another

      2. CrustyOldGeezer says

        nah, mohHAMmud isn’t “satan” just another mad queer that likes little boys and goats that thinks with his teensy head.

        Females had NO VALUE to him, therefore, their lack of value in ‘his’ world and scribblings.

        1. PatriotGal says

          Crusty, if NOW and Killary think there’s a war on women now, they’ve not seen anything yet – when the moslems overcome – God forbid they do, they will use them for dirt.

          1. grunion says

            You sound as though it is inevitable…

          2. Angry American says

            Someday with the growth of muslims in our country they will really be able to take over it is inevitable one day that we have a muslim president & a majority in both houses. Did you know that they are mandated to have 11 kids and at a time when the government is telling us to control our kids growth & keep our families small. This has been the plan since the 60’s. They then throw the border open & allow all these people to come here that are anti American & do not know what the term “birth control” means

    2. jngtelco says

      The Obomer WAR on America consists of the following:

      There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are
      able to create a socialist state. The first is the most important.

      1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people

      2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor
      people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are
      providing everything for them to live. seize all personal property

      3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you
      are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty and more
      poverty means you can more easily seize all personal property such
      that all property is owned by the Gov’t or state

      4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from
      the Government. That way you are able to create a police state via
      martial law

      5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food,
      Housing, and Income)

      6) Education – Take control of what people read and
      listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

      7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government
      and schools

      8) Class Warfare – Divide the people racially as well as wealthy
      and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to
      take (Tax) from the wealthy with the support of the poor.

      1. John Burks says

        every form of government that does these things is a form of socialist government.

      2. RONALD HATT says

        Looks like “King Barry”, is right on track, & on schedule! November, might just set him back to the “stone ages”!

        1. PatriotGal says

          Ronald, do you really think Soros will allow that?

        2. Angry American says

          With this next election we need to have plenty of poll workers to try & root out all voter fraud, do not put anything above the democrats, like busing in loads of illegals to vote for their candidates & also to have a die hard leftest run as a conservative & that is only a couple of their tricks to divide the vote & to get votes too. Never ever trust the lefties they do not play with a full deck & have teams of people thinking of ways to get them elected one way or the other

      3. Angry American says

        All this is happening at the same time lately thanks to obama, I guess that patience is not one of his vertues that is if he has any vertues at all

    3. Angry American says

      Don’t really need that type of person in the white house what is needed is a 2/3rds majority in both houses, so let the left have the office of POTUS we will get more done controlling both houses with a super majority in both. That way maybe the ignorant masses will finally see how bad the left is

      1. Tuci78 says

        …so let the left have the office of POTUS we will get more done controlling both houses with a super majority in both.

        Hrm? By “we” are you intending to mean Republicans?

        Just how the hell have Republicans proven to perform when they’ve had such majorities and supermajorities in the Congress? Have they ever shown themselves to be adherent to the U.S. Constitution? Have they ever shown fiscal restraint? Or any less domineering arrogance than we’ve gotten from their good buddies on the National Socialist side of the big permanently incumbent Boot-On-Your-Neck Party establishment?

        Heck, have the Republicans even so much as bothered to investigate our Fraudulence-in-Chief’s fantastic fabricated lying résumé?

        I mean, that half-a-honky in the White House is a falsehood from his nappy noggin to his light loafers, and the Republicans have treated the “Barack Obama” myth as sacrosanct.

        They won’t go after that and you expect me to call them “we”?

        1. Angry American says

          First off I use the term we meaning conservatives as I am a independent & I also ask the same questions you do when it comes to obama & actually the gop are the ones that got welfare reform through during the clinton years when they had a majority in both houses. They are not the party of tax & spend & some of their past records do not seem to be conservative & yes I also believe they do have buddies that belong to the national socialists. So all I can say is hopefully they are the lesser of 2 evils & can put America back on track to once again become the greatest nation the world has ever seen or am I an eternal optimist? Don’t take it wrong when I use the word we I vote for the person I feel has my interests in mind not false promises like obama has made from the start wanting to give every thing to everybody. When he made the statement about America being the greatest let’s come together to change it, my question was change it to what? Now after 6b years his agenda is crystal clear to me & has been for a few years. I do have problems with all democrats as I live in S.Ca but pretty much vote straight gop unless there is some one like John Kennedy whom I voted for & have voted for the D a few times since them but this election it will be straight republican

          1. Tuci78 says

            First off I use the term we meaning conservatives as I am a independent….

            Like Hayek, I don’t count myself a conservative except to the extent that one might be considered “conservative” if he regards Mencken’s observation about government (“The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-bye to the Bill of Rights.“) to be valid.

            I don’t trust anyone who wants to get his hands on the police power in our society. There’s a presumption of infallibility in that kind of arrogance, and it’s been proven again and again that such specimens are precisely the kinds of grabby bastids who are impossible to trust, dangerous to allow, whether he’s got a (D) or an (R) after his name.

            That’s been a flaw intrinsic to the Republican Party ever since those mercantilist mamzers had been calling themselves “Whigs,” the same I would rise to explain.

            As for the 1960 presidential election, I didn’t want either Milhous or the oversexed Addison’s disease case, but I wasn’t able to vote for a candidate in one of those contests – as opposed to voting against the more reekingly godawful of the choices allowed – until ’64, at which time the Republicans did everything they could to sabotage Goldwater short of shooting him in the belly.

            I’m prepared to vote Republican if I can do my bit to put a baseball bat to the nape of the National Socialist neck, but since ’64 – and especially since the “Nixon Shock” of ’71 – if I thought the whole of the Republican establishment could be put out of our national misery with insecticides, I’d gladly clear out the shelves at Home Depot and begin a campaign of chemical warfare against them.

            We can’t get an effective opposition to the National Socialist Democrat American Party (NSDAP) as long as those Quislings foreclose valid options.

            Conservatives — Republicans — are socialists.

            True, they may desire to hold you down atop the stone altar and cut your
            still-beating heart out with an obsidian knife for a set of entirely different
            reasons — national security, Judaeo-Christian traditions, ‘common’
            decency — than the liberals or ‘progressives’ or Democrats do, but to
            you, the important part is cutting your heart out with an obsidian
            knife, not whatever excuse they may offer for doing it.

            This is why, no matter which political party happens to be in power,
            ordinary people — whose thinking and hard work maintain this
            civilization each and every day — never seem to get an even break with
            regard to their individual liberty or holding onto the fruits of their
            labor. It’s why the late philosopher Robert LeFevre referred to Democrats and Republicans as ‘Socialist Party A’ and ‘Socialist Party B’.

            — L. Neil Smith

  4. Mark Clemens says

    Y’all know Obama is half white, and he hasn’t done much for white families either…….
    So in a ironic way he is not prejudice when it comes to harming the traditional family structure.
    Actually, everything he does runs amuck.
    Next presidential election could we RAISE our standards back to greatness, these last 3 presidents SUCKED. If G.W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Bracka Obama are the best the Republicans and Democrats have to offer…….
    We are in BIG TROUBLE.
    I know we can do better than this. Since our debt is soooooo high, maybe we should elect a MAGICIAN, so he can make the debt disappear!
    Thats the ticket!!!!

    1. Carol says

      I would love to hear the names of the people in the past that would have been up to the job in your opinion.
      What did Romney or Bush do for you to say THEY SUCKED?

      1. Linda Lee says

        Carol, President Bush? lol He’s already blamed for a myriad of things. But Mr Romney? You are typical of illogical liberals everywhere. Since when was he president? Are we now to blame private citizens just because the are conservative? Well you liberals love doing that as long as it soothes your own guilt

        1. RIYADHMIKE says

          You are right. Blame Romney for what? He has gotten richer since he lost and we have gotten poorer. He must be doing something right….I’ll take some of his type of success.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            If you take some of Mitt’s success, isn’t that like REDISTRIBUTING Mr. Romney’s wealth?
            Sounds like you got some blue in you…….
            Go out and MAKE your own success. Everyone wants some kind of handout.
            Sad, Sad, Sad

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Mitt Was the BEST the GOP had to offer in 2012, remember? Thats why he made the list. What great things do you think he would of done?Your psychoanalysis of me is off base. Im very conservative, actually I think the Tea Party is to liberal. It’s a shame they have to have Tea on the Elephants back. Thats why their candidates loose. Organize and be self supportive, dont count on the GOPs money. Practice what you preach! Go out form a REAL party with your own money & your will, will follow.

          1. Ed Shick says

            When you split your party you will loose ! Pick the best and get behind him , Or we get what we now have , Freedom is not Free !

          2. Mark Clemens says

            “A house divided can not stand upon it’s own” Abraham Lincoln
            I voted in last weeks Republican primary. I voted for Joe Carr (Senate) Jim Tracy (4th District, Tennessee). I say vote out all incumbents.

          3. Cathy Pool says

            A house divided cannot stand, that’s not from Lincoln, it’s from the Bible and he only quoted it.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            It’s a very good philosophy. Who ever said it said the truth. The UNITED STATES work because we have one anothers back.
            These DIVIDED STATES our congress is shooting for will be our demise. I think we should UNITE against the government, before they divided US into separate states.
            Earlier this year several states sent Obama a petition for succession. I think if it wouldn’t of been for lost Income Tax revenues, he might of let them go…….

          5. Monk says

            I am not sure Abraham Lincoln said that but the Bible does.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Lincoln did use that line. Who in the bible said it? I’m gonna guess Jesus.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Abraham Lincoln had a whole speech were “A house divided” was the main topic and main reason he didn’t want the Confederate Succeed.

          8. Monk says

            Agreed and stop all the republican debates prior to elections. That is really a candidate killer. As earlier stated, ” pick a candidate and get behind him”.
            That what the dem’s. have done and it worked.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            The democrats didn’t debate in 2012 because nobody in that party opposed Obama. I was busy working long hours in 2008, so IDK if they debated or not. We need more debates, how can you make a educated vote when all you know/see is just a sign or 30 second sound bite saying JOE BLOW for OFFICE.A democrat will put their foot in mouth quicker than a republican.

          10. grunion says

            Worked for the dems.

          11. grunion says

            You are right. We hold our nose and pull the Republican lever. At least we will have something better than a “Snowball’s chance in hell” of recovering from this corrupt, lawless, anti-American administration.

          12. Ed Shick says

            If we split the republican Party , then the socialists Win again ,, There is room for Improvement in Both Parties ,, But America is on a fast course Going down Hill , I think we are due to Arrest some traitors in Washington and in our senate , Harry stands out!

          13. Ken Trefaller says

            Vote for the most electable Republican,(Conservative), but don’t allow the RNC to split the ticket giving the election to the Dems

          14. Monk says

            Mark, Mitt was an excellent candidate. He has a proven track record of success. As a businessman, owning numerous businesses over the years, I will always take the lead of a successful individual over that of one with the ability to gab.

          15. Roy Clingenpeel says

            Romney increased his fortune by corporate hostile takeovers. There are a lot of very successful cooperate CEOs that are in the process of draining this country dry today, auto and financial corporations.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            Mitt was OK, but I think Rick Santorum was a better conservative choice. Look what the GOP did to Rick. Just when he got on Mitts tail, instead of letting the VOTERS decide. They found the SLIMMEST Republican (Newt) to split his (Ricks) votes. Newt is crazy. Were ever he campaigned he kissed ass of were he was. We are TRILLIONS in debt, when he was on the Space Coast, he was talking about building a MOON BASE. In Newport he was lieing about building WAR SHIPS. Why? Nobody has sunk one since WWII. Do we need new ones? Did al Qitta suddenly get a navy?
            Both parties are out to rule us, instead of serve us. We The People are the rightful masters, not the government. …..

          17. grunion says

            OK Mark. That was quite a rant but I am not sure what you want to do.

          18. grunion says

            Not under the status quo.

        3. Greg says

          After 5 1/2 years in office and Obama, Reid and Pelosi are still blaming Bush? Hmmmm. Doesn’t seem very logical, now does it? When is Obama actually going to do something that he doesn’t “blame” someone else for? I suppose all of Obama’s ideals, rants and politics are to “blame” on his Communist, Radical Muslim and Islam upbringing. Nothing, of course, is his own fault.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Well if you trace the economic problems to the source, you will find out it’s really Former President Clinton and his congress’ fault. They raised corporate tax code, entered us in disastrous trade treaties (NAFTA, WTO) were our good paying jobs go overseas. Bush could of stopped it, but didn’t have the balls, same goes for Obama. Actually if you liked Bush, you should like Obama. He’s keept all of W’s poor policies (Patriot Act, NSA, Spying on USA, Out of control spending, war in middle east) The only thing Obama has done different is the Heath Care, and he don’t know there’s a border between US and Mexico. You know the next president will blame Obama. Both parties are playing bate & switch, and the blame game.
            Obama said he could fix economy in 4Yrs. I’d say he’s fallen waaaaaasy short. If y’all don’t open your eyes to political prejudice ( Its all the other partys fault). In 20 years FREEDOM will be just a memory. Thats only 5 more presidential elections away……

          2. Monk says

            You make some good points so I wont bash you, however you need to go back over your history a bit and brush up. NAFTA and the free trade agreements began even prior to Clinton. The budget was balanced ( even had a surplus) during the Clinton administration but not due to President Clinton. It was Newt and the Republican Congress that put that together.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Thank you for not bashing me. I STAND CORRECTED. Bill Clinton is partly at fault, he signed us up for the WTO in 1995. I looked at the list of countries at that time, most were Western Europe. Looks like in 99 the UN pulled a fast one, invited China to join. That was a US Economic KILLER.
            Carol and Linda won’t like this:
            George H W Bush signed US up for NAFTA in December of 1992. So Bush jr. Was expanding his daddy’s sorry trade plans. Yea Clinton did have a surplus of cash in the Treasury. Still Both Bushs One Clinton, One Obama Still SUCKED.
            I retract my statement about the last 3 presidents SUCKED. When in fact the LAST 4 Presidents SUCKED.

          4. Floyd D Barber says

            “Yea Clinton did have a surplus of cash in the Treasury”.

            There was no surplus.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            That surplus thing is tricky. Clinton had half a trillion, but Andrew Jackson was the only president to depart from office with the books balanced. Most government accounting is not that honest, plus they won’t show us the books. They just babble stuff and say we owe trillions.

          6. grunion says

            I am merely curious about who you believe was the last president that did not “Suck”.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            JFK before him T. Roosevelt

          8. grunion says

            OK, thanx

          9. Roy Clingenpeel says

            GHW Bush put NAFTA together and Clinton finished us by signing it.
            Newt got fired for balancing the budget and his contract with America. Politicians on both sided would have had to become honest and tell the truth They couldn’t survive with that.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Politicians would rather climb a tree in a thunderstorm to tell you a lie, than stand in a dry barn and tell you the truth.

          11. grunion says

            Fire all career politicians and make certain term limits are instituted and exercised!

          12. Mark Clemens says

            I’m confused on NAFTA. I thought Clinton signed it in 1994, but Google says Bush Sr signed it in December of 92………

          13. grunion says

            Let’s go back to FDR and the “New Deal” to see who started the ball rolling.

          14. grunion says

            Textbook narcissism.

        4. Carol says

          Sorry Linda but I am NOT a liberal. I am very conservative and have been for over 30 years. I was only responding to Mike Clemens (above me) remarks. And now if you look below Mike has commented that NO ONE has done anything for him….poor baby!
          I for one would love to see Romney run and WIN in 2016. He was ans is successful, he predicted much of the crap we are now facing because of BO and Hillary NOT doing her job…..she just kissed ass, never thought of the consequences that we now face. But now she goes against BO whom she worked for……call it two face, poor (no money) Hillary. (more democratic lies)

          And a shout out to Mike Clemens……where did BO allow the GE jobs go? And it was a good friend of BO’s, did he try to stop it? Hell no! And what about Massachusetts? And NO real mention or names of candidates for president.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Carol, your reading perception does you wrong, my name is MARK. If you cant tell the difference between MIKE & MARK how can I trust your ability to understand what you read. If my name is in front of you and you get it wrong. It makes me wonder what else you missed…..
            Heres something you might of missed. Hillary isn’t the ass kisser, she calls the shots. In 2008 Obama said nothing about health care, until Hillary dropped out. Also you might of missed this. In the 1990’s all her & Bill talked about was Public Health Care.
            Here’s how silly Public Health Care is:
            If small counties (like France & England) went broke doing it, how can a nation this big pay for it? Well maybe you can use the AHCA to buy a set of glasses…..
            Forever yours,
            Mike or Mark or Melvin, or Mick, or Mitchell

          2. Cathy Pool says

            Maybe if corporations actually had to pay taxes there would be enough money for healthcare…why should a CEO be paid millions for ruining our country but the poor can’t get a living wage? We all can’t be doctors, lawyers, or engineers, so why punish the ones who aren’t as bright with a non living wage? I hate the left, but, I hate the right too…

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I’m all about a living wage. Rising tide lifts all ships. For some reason the right associates wealth with freedom. Capitalism is a byproduct of freedom. Capitalism needs freedom, but freedom does not need capitalism. Thats why I’ve been voting republican lately. I’d rather be poor and free than enslaved to a government. I know they(republicans) let the jobs go overseas, but the democrats want to Alter the 1st and 2ed amendments. Once they start altering the Constitution and it’s Amendments all hell will break loose. Look at this Citizen United thing. MONEY=SPEECH. Only the greedy or real stupid believe this.
            “Those willing to give up civil liberties in the name of security and personal comforts are worthy of neither” Benjamin Franklin

          4. grunion says

            Aahh, wealth envy… You are playing the game according with Obama’s agenda.
            Could it be you are a democrat? Doctors, lawyers and engineers devote a great amount of effort to achieve their goals. Damn right I would want a big paycheck when putting the education to work.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            I could of swear I said Obama sucked too. You really should take a reading comprehension class. Let me be clear.
            Any president that lets jobs leave our shores
            SUCKS. I dont care if their Democrats,Republicans,Tea Party, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, or Eskimo

          6. grunion says

            GE has been multinational for decades but I like the track you’re on.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Bush let the jobs go over seas, plus he did the patriot act, Invaded wrong country,the debt started on his watch. Look at Massachusetts Romney would do that to USA. They and the Clintons have “Done Nothing” for me. I dont follow party lines or repeat their talking points.Actually I think both parties are out to rule us I just want whats best for America. I do have high standards when it comes to public office. I’d like to see a non mainstream candidate, like a successful mayor or Gov. WORK not run for President. Haven’t seen any, MAYBE Buddy Romer. He wants special intrest money out of Washington. Mind you thats a MAYBE.

        1. grunion says

          What did you want them to “Do” for you?

      3. Ed Shick says

        What has Obama done for us other than Lie and take Vacations on our tax dollar , We are so far in debt we’ll become Slaves before we are out of it, When I was a Child it was a disgrace to go on Welfare , Now it is the Norm ,But we went to Church on Sunday and if some one needed help your neighbors helped get off Crops , help build buildings , Obama has a Job he is not Qualified for and his help is from another Communist in his Life Valerie Jarrott, Where did he meet her? Did she go to Patrice Luumba Univesity and Study Marxism and Communism ? Did she know Rev. Wright? Those Chicago Communists stick to gether.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Say what you will about Obama, he is a sorry president, but the little commie knows how to vacation in style. Plus hes making us pay for it………
          We’ll be paying for the last 16 years for generations to come!

      4. Roy Clingenpeel says

        GW Bush – Home land security (used by Obama as gestapo and political imprisonment)
        Romney— set the framework for Obama care (total economic control of every facet of our life)
        The list is much longer, but these are the most noteworthy.

    2. grunion says

      Gotta start with the anonymous contributions. Every contributor and the amount, must be a matter of public record.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I say there should be a $10,000 limit per person period. Why does Mitch McConnell need over $10,000,000 to campaign in Kentucky? He probably could give everyone up there $50 to vote for him……..

        1. grunion says

          Hah, ‘nuther good one!

  5. johnanaguski says

    No doubt the Truth really hurts, Cobb tells it as it really is.

  6. James Andrews says

    Smart guy…I wish him luck!

  7. Charles Smith says

    Hope the sky doesn’t fall on this brave congressman, for speaking the truth about the democrat party!

    1. 1776_DejaVu says

      no he will be called an uncle Tom by the blks. Anyone that has awoken within the blk community is always labeled an Uncle Tom. Its their leaders that keep them down and they are all Democrats/progressives/Commies. Control of the voter base. The border is over flowing because of 0’s invite to illegals to be bums and dependent on American citizens. The blks are not ignorant at birth, they become ignorant as they grow up in a Sharpton, Jesse Jackson hateful racist world. Its not the white man holding them down its their own leaders of corruption that are getting rich to keep their own people down. Unfortunately its destroying their race and their leaders don’t give a damn about them, just their $$$ coming in!

      1. Charles Smith says


      2. Mark Clemens says

        That’s true, when Justice Thomas voted AGAINST affirmative action, Jessie Jackson was “Uncle Tom”ing him all over the TV NEWS.
        Showed me how low class he was, when he dont get his way……….

      3. grunion says

        Sheila Jackson-Lee! Went from a street thug to a community organizer to a Cogressioal Representative. Stone broke to Fabulously well to do, all the while, dumber than a stump, white hater that mimicks the (Never had a job) Jesse Jackson and (Most successful thief) Al Sharpton B.S. that does good for no one, especially the black community that buys in to their lies. The race baiters have opened a chasm so wide, it will never be closed. It looks very much like we, the Nation acting as one, is doomed.

  8. Lynn McCrann says

    I wish people would stop calling the undemocratic party democratic. They are DEMOCRATS and not at all democratic.
    Furthermore………..this is a Republic……….not a democracy.

    1. Wayne Thorson says

      Are we a Republic like the Republic of China?

    2. grunion says

      A Democratic Republic….That’s what it was once, long ago…..

      1. Lynn McCrann says

        Some may think that but the fact is none of the founders ever referred to this nation being described as democratic; it always has been a REPUBLIC.
        Ben Franklin himself spoke negatively about democratic forms of government being that their majority could impose any want whereas our nation is supposed to be one that protects by law the individual.
        Seems Franklins concern is where we stand now unless we return to the principles created by our founders. Wise men all!

  9. RobertNorwood says

    You can run from the truth but you cannot hide from it. We often refer to the liberal democrat’s “Plantation” and get criticised. Obama has made it painfully clear it exists and enrollment under him is up.
    Chicago’s murder rate is crazy and yet all you hear the liberals say is “gun control” and in similar fashion their answer to poverty has been entitlement.
    If they were in charge of a leaking dam they’d have a bucket brigade at the leak dumping the water back in.

    1. Greg says

      Your’e correct RobertNorwood. “Gun Control”? How about Baseball Bat control or Automobile Control or Indoor Lamp Control? ANYTHING can be a weapon if so used for that purpose. When are schools going to start expelling our children for having “concealed carry” of pencil(s)? They can be used as weapon(s). Just how, pray tell, are you going to get in the heads of everyone? Thought Police? Dream Police? Or are we just all going to submit to King Obamas every whim?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        According to the FBI in 2012 the HAMMER was the #1 choice of murders. Should Senator Feinstein start a EASTWING REGISTRATION Act?

        1. grunion says

          How about a construction project on the Capitol and the White House, lots of hammers….

      2. RobertNorwood says

        Actually I get nervous when I see a little kid with a sharp pencil. They could poke their eye out.
        But don’t worry, those things you mentioned? Given half a chance they’re coming. At some point kids will be going to school in tight rubber suits and bringing nothing in with them. They will eat what the liberals want them to eat, read what they want them to read. Well, that’s pretty much already in place. But you get the point.

  10. wm as it is. says

    imagine if we had job’s program for poor fathers back in 64 instead of Johnson’s welfare nightmare. and putthe center of our focus was on the American family

    1. grunion says

      I fear it is just as you say, “Only a dream” barring some miracle but our Godless society does not rate a miracle, so fare well and the Lord keep “The United States of America”.

  11. Anthony Alexander says

    Johnson was corrupted to the core. He created his “Great Society” plan as a euphemism to maintain a voter base with the blacks for the democrats….

    1. Ed Shick says

      He also took the Social Security Act and made it a Tax , and then spent it on a War in Vietnam ,Now the Illegals are getting our social security and pushing it for 8 year Old’s , where is our common sense ?

      1. grunion says

        Apparently it does not reside within government.

  12. James Maxwell says

    Convincing Black American Voters that they have been led down the garden path by the socialist
    democrats is a long and difficult path. They, like many others, have been fed the Social Media
    version of how they have been abused, mistreated and left out of Main Stream America’s work
    force for far to long. They have fallen into that trap and do not know how to get out of it. I can
    remember a time when you could go thru a Black Community and see neat homes, well maintained
    yards and happy children. Yes it was during segregation and not the best of times in our nation but
    there was Pride in the Black Community with what they had achieved. They did not stand around
    on the street corner with their hands out whining and moaning about how badly they were mistreated
    and abused. Then came the Civil Rights era with LBJ and his welfare programs that started the
    decline in the Black Community and the dependency upon the Government handout rather than
    being responsible form themselves and their families. It used to be strong Black Families and
    now it is single parents, drugs, school drop outs, alcohol abuse and in the major cities the crime
    rates are climbing.

    1. grunion says

      I wonder just how many black folks are posting on this conversation?

  13. loran says

    Mr. Cobb is correct. There is a wonderful book out there called “Losing Ground” by Mr. Charles Murray.
    It was written in the 90’s of the last century, but still very relevant today. Mr. Murray used the governments own statistics and numbers to prove that LBJ’s social programs have been a complete failure and has done irreparable damage to the African-American people. Read it. Enlighten yourself.

  14. Linda Lee says

    Mr Cobb is 100% correct. And speakign of Rahm Emaunel. Instead of concentrating on the citizens of Chicago; his new program to ear mark 12,000 summer jobs , and some 500 internships throughout the city for “Dreamers” (illegals). Aren’t the citizens of Chicago fed up yet? The priorities of those like Emanuel and Obama are mislaid and frankly I think deliberate.

  15. danny kimbrel says

    I never did get how the African American community could follow a party that started the KKK and put in place programs to hold them down, and I have asked a few that very question, but I never get an answer !

    1. Mark Clemens says


  16. ATTPIAinFL says

    The social welfare “safety net” has been THROWN OVER the heads of those who now rely on Uncle Sugar’s government dose of dependency. They can’t move in an UPWARD direction because they’ve forefeited their independence and ability to achieve personal financial freedom for a DEMOCRAT PARTY VOTE. Political power for personal votes is a co-dependent Democrat addiction to enslave those who suffer social and financial distress. Creating better JOBS would serve both the individual and government much better….but then EXPANDED POLITICAL POWER AND CONTROL MAY BE THE WORST ADDICTION THAT EXISTS.

  17. Mole Johnson says

    How long did it take to arrive at this conclusion?

  18. Ray says

    The only thing I disagree with in his comments is that this is Obama’s home town. I beg to differ. If you think this is a joke, look where Obama is spending billions of dollars on, it’s not Chicago or Illinois it is Africa. To make matters even worse Obama is not even looking for anywhere to live in Illinois even though he owns a house there. Hell for all we know Obama may be setting up a slush fund for himself in Africa because everyone knows the African Government is as crooked as a winding road.

    1. bobuda says

      He is looking for a home in California, one of the most liberal states in the Union. He’ll fit in well in both the L.A. and San Francisco areas.

  19. PLW says

    Prez. Obama will be recorded in U.S. History as the Great Divider of all of the American Cultures and also as the Worst President ever elected as President of the United States of America !!!

  20. ElmoS says

    Change is surely needed in the country for the sake of the country. But if you try to change some of the entitlements that have been given to the so called ” POOR” you will be ostracized and burned at the stake by the entitlement class and their lobbyists. We all know what needs to be changed, just find someone that will do it is the problem.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I find it queer that most politicians say Social Security is hurting the Treasury and they want to cut it (keep in mind people pay into this weekly) But you never hear how Welfare is hurting the Treasury (and NOBODY pays into this) Makes me wonder………

      1. Cathy Pool says

        It makes me wonder why it’s a ‘shame’ to help the poor yet we pour billions in subsidies to the rich, and refuse to raise taxes on them, or refuse to locate their off shore accounts, and so on. But, hey, corporations rule our land and if you don’t agree I have some Florida land to sell you.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I’m against corporate welfare too. Look at Fast Food and Retail they wont work anybody over 30hrs and teach them to live on welfare. I subsidize Walmarts payroll through this BS, and I might go there once a year.

        2. Stephanie Brubaker says

          Class envy much? Loser.

  21. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

  22. C.M. Dawson says

    Racially divisive, a usurper, and self-appointed dictator with neo-Marxist/Alinsky DNA, a pathological liar who assembled the most criminal administration in this country’s history, a hater of conservative American values and Patriotism, the commander in chief who has allowed the border to become a conduit of criminals to infiltrate this country…

    …and blacks expect this charlatan to lift them up out of the “ghetto genocide” environments in metro areas? Really?

    1. jaybird says

      POTUS did not allow the border to become a conduit of criminals to infiltrate this country, he facilitated it. This was arranged approx 1 yr. ago with the UN and DHS.

      1. C.M. Dawson says

        Why doesn’t that surprise me? Cloak and dagger politics.

  23. jim says

    Thank you Mr Cobb,for coming out and telling the world what the Dems have done to the Blacks.The dems gave them the KKK.Please people wake up and drop the dems.All the dems care about is your vote,

    1. Cathy Pool says

      Oh my, as if the republicans didn’t ‘want’ your vote. The problem in America is the left and the ‘right’ are two sides of the same coin in politics. But, hey, keep those subsidies going to the corporations… after all, they ‘make’ jobs.

      1. jim says

        Yes you are right ,the left and right are the same in a lot of things..But the left want to keep the poor down by giving them subsidies.If it was not for corporations there would be no jobs.How many poor people hire people to to work for them.I was raised proof,but my family never took anything form the gov.Johnson killed the family he was a liberal.We need a president that will close the border ,and get our people back to work.obama has killed jobs for blacks and whites.There are some black Pastors that are standing up and telling the blacks and white obama is killing our Wonderful Country.

  24. Gidge713 says

    Smart guy, GL in the race you are in. This is why the Dems. don’t like charter schools or vouchers, because black children will learn and get a good education. This they don’t want because then questions get asked of Dems and they don’t have an answer for them. More and more blacks are realizing this and I am glad for that. Its a start, anyhow.

  25. James Grey says

    Another problem, these kids are growing up with NO father and the women knows having unprotected sex
    is wrong. So these young boys r growing up with NO fathers to work and train them how to be a real man.
    So, not long before these boys get hooked up with low lives, drug pushers, gangs and have NO help from their Fathers to control them. Some get killed, die in gangs, are sent to prison. Very few make it out to have a good life.

  26. John Burks says

    a study of history will show that the liberals want “useful idiots” and the believe that welfare, control of health care, education and the vote is the way to best produce these “useful idiots”. these liberals believe that they are smarter and BETTER than everyone else. that is one reason they are against picture ID to vote. picture ID makes it more difficult to vote the dead.

  27. robb says

    Mr. Cobb, I adore you, I was raised in the suburban white neighborhood as a child. We are the same age, I do not feel sense President Lincoln the rights of all American citizens have been enacted as predicted. I do not know about anyone else but our race issues and our society has not changed greatly in 150 years. Why do we address people as white or black and not by there name? Why do we lock our door when we see a black group walking by? I feel this has all been caused by our government and society.
    Racist? I feel we are all racist, but we need to decide on the racism we support. I’m racist or displeased by personalities or flat out stupidity. Believe me it is not the color of a persons skin that makes that person, until you know someone, how can you be racist or judge them. In reality you do not even have a right to judge anyone. I’m at a questionable time in our society. We all should be recognized as American citizens and treat one another as we would someone from our own race.
    Get it together America.

  28. Marilyn Stern says

    Black voters have been misled and betrayed by the Democrats over and over again but never more than what has happened under their first half black president whose leanings are more Muslim than American.

    1. jaybird says

      He is Arab, white and black.

    2. jaybird says

      His loyalty is to the Muslims, there was a picture of him bowing to the Saudi King when he went there. He has appointed approx 12 that have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood in the administration. I read that there is a room set aside for him/them for their call to prayer and he celebrates Ramadan with them and holds the dinners there.

      Egypt has dismantled the 3rd political party in their country which was the Muslim Brotherhood and band them from running for elections. Yeah, Egypt!!!

    3. grunion says

      I don’t think it bothers them very much. Islam has one attraction for black males, the treatment of women in the eyes of Islam are consistent with the cultural leanings of black men, keeping your woman “In line”. Based on observations and conversations with black men.

  29. Tiredofsocializm says

    My views are very extreme on this issue. But here goes, there are only 2 groups of people who should be getting a check from the government. 1. Seniors who have paid into the system and 2. Military active and retired. All other federal government employees should be paid on par with comperable private sector employees with the same disapline actions ( in other words you can be fired if you do not do your job or do anything unethical or illegal no time off with pay or being able to walk off into the sunset with a fat tax payer paid retirement. If you do anything illegal ie: Lois Lerner you lose it all!) senators and representative should have term limits with retirement benefits on par with the private sector ! In my opinion the largest “welfare state we have is congress and the presidency !

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Amen to that. Age limits too, we have age minimums. Its congress not a retirement home.
      If your Congressmen have been in office before the internet, THEY NEED TO GO HOME……hu?

  30. Joseph Toth says

    everything I have read in a comment section is both inspiring and true. The Democratic Party has caused so much damage to this once great country. We must all come together and say enough is enough. We have to stop listening to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They never have any good solutions to any problem. All they do is agitate, extort, and are quick to judge without proof. They have all forgotten what the Rev. King stood for. But they love to bring up his name to rally the people. The Rev. King is one of the greatest black man this country has ever seen, but the black people today turned their back on him, they are led by a much more militant leadership such as Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and Jesse Jackson.

    1. jaybird says

      I loved watching the Chicago Town Hall Meeting where the blacks confronted Al Sharpton. Just google Al Sharpton Town Hall Meeting and watch the video.

  31. sunnyd55 says

    God Bless you Sir. You do not fear the truth. You confront the facts and tell it like it truly is. Good Job.

  32. El Dee Bee says

    Every once in awhile, someone gets to the point, and sees thru the facade of “help”. Dependency breeds laziness and a sound family structure is what gets people to perform, and these programs have destroyed that. People need to depend on their own efforts, and not inbred, self-serving government programs that grow out of control and lose sight of their objectives; like all government programs eventually do.

  33. WhiteFalcon says

    The commieonazicrat party, aka democrat party, has doen nothing positive in the last 50 years. That is a simple fact.

  34. phil62 says

    And that ladies and gentlemen is what is known as “COMMON SENSE”! As for the welfare: I have never been able to comprehend why a people as supposedly proud as Blacks always allow the white man to hold them down. And they would rather have someone take care of them than to take care of themselves. This is one of the VERY reasons that Blacks hate Whites so much; they want everything given to them but then they feel they have to use the excuse that it is the White mans fault. Where is true Black Pride at?

  35. GK says

    I think Cobb just lost the black vote. That happens when one is a statesman instead of a politician.

  36. ToniStimmel says

    He only missed on one point, the left’s intention is ‘to entangle’ as many as possible and it takes that very expensive ‘generous safety net’, paid for by the taxpayers, to entangle them.

  37. Wayne says

    Only those stupid enough to sell themselves short would not vote for this man!
    He has decades of proof of continued failure and lies that the black community has suffered from
    at the hands of the Democrat Party and the Al Sharpton types!
    Those that don’t believe what you said is true might as well jump off the bridge!

  38. J_R_K says

    At the risk of sounding like a jerk, every thing Gary Cobb said about how the Democrats and Obama have hurt blacks, the reality is that it has also hurt a lot of whites. Percentage wise, there may be more blacks collecting welfare than whites, but I think if one would take a look at the numbers, because whites are a several times larger group than blacks, numerically, one must might find more white single parent households (minus the father) than black. I don’t know if this is true, but I suspect it is. In any case, Cobb is right, the policies of the Democrats do more harm for “poor” people than they do good.

    Consider this: The Democrats are constantly hollering about income and wealth inequality. They would have you believe that every thing the Republicans have ever done, and even the founding fathers, they have done only to protect the wealth. So, assume they are right (I know that’s crap, just assume it’s right for a moment) If the Republicans do every thing for the wealthy. If the Republicans want to get in or remain in power (under this assumption) if they want to get the votes they depend on, their first calling and mission is to keep the wealthy wealthy.

    Now, the Democrats would have you believe that every thing they do is for “the poor” or for the number one subgroup of the poor, the children. If the Democrats want to keep the support they have from the “poor” what do they have to do?

    Well, if you guessed that the Democrats have to keep the poor poor to stay in power, you are only half right. The thing is, as long as free enterprise and capitalism still exist, that occasional “poor” person is going to escape poverty and then, sadly, they are going to start resenting our confiscatory government run by Democrats (liberals) and start voting for either “republicans” (they are becoming increasingly more difficult to spot) or conservatives in the effort to keep what they had to work hard to get. The Democrats, of course, are not stupid (If they were, they wouldn’t be cleaning our national clock the way they are). They know that their power base is “poor people” and that with out “poor people” demanding redistribution of every thing other people earn, they are finished as a party. The fact is, they see “poor people” as their most valuable natural resource. So, they just import more poor people, if possible, by the tens of thousands, even the millions, and if they can claim the moral high ground, “FOR THE CHILDREN” then they can get away with anything, they can destroy the greatest, freest, strongest, most generous, most exceptionally governed nation (of, by and for the people) in the history of the world. But, that’s ok with them so long as 1) they get to appear righteous to the ignorant, noble to the stupid and in power for themselves and 2) there are people willing to yak about spreading the wealth around and never have any thoughts of spreading honest work around.

  39. Tasine says

    I think it is important for Americans to understand the history of all this foolishness that we call “society” today. Almost all of our flawed policies and programs are a direct result of communist influence and power. In the ’50’s there was a “witchhunt” for communists in the USA. It wasn’t really a witchhunt – but it WAS a digging them out when possible because at that time people recognized that the communist party was a danger to America. Because of the “witchhunt” they all went underground, into their closets, but they didn’t disappear, and they didn’t give up. They knew that they had to take America from the inside, an they had to do it in increments – no big giant steps that would frighten people, but small insignificant ones that everyone could live with. They knew they had to be wheels in these fields of influence: MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT, UNIONS, and POLITICS. They succeeded at every one. From time to time they sent out “feelers” to get the temperament of the times and met defeat. But once they got Obama installed as President, and they didn’t care if he was a communist or not because his mentality, judgement flaws, nice voice would serve their purposes. Once he was in office those communists outed themselves because they KNEW this was the time to take over the US government and have things THEIR WAY. Remember? That’s when “Progressivism” became THE word to describe the communists. They have taken over the Democrat Party and are trying to also take over the Republican Party – and with the old-timer politicians, they may have already won that.

    Can I document all of the above? Nope because I won’t do all the research required and I am not writing a book, but anyone who chooses to CAN document it if he wants to. For all intents and purposes, the America of our childhoods is DEAD.

    1. GenEarly says

      No need to document, the released KGB files after the USSR told the story.

  40. Tom Costello says

    Everyone is leaving out the vital and illegal most important point. Our election process is skewed and unless someone puts an end to this madness demos will again be in the — check that — OUR White House in 2016. If unfair voting practices continue another 4 years will be enough for them to fully change our country. It might be already too late…

    1. bobuda says

      What do you expect when you deal with crooks, criminals, and corruption? Have you ever played Monopoly where everyone cheats but you? Guess who will lose first?

      1. Tom Costello says

        Thank you!!! We need to change things back to some honesty and pols who will work for us and do the right thing — Washington is way out of hand!!!!!!!

        1. bobuda says

          Yo, man, let’s keep working at it. Get the rascals out of there.

    2. GenEarly says

      Got Illegal Aliens? Got the WH, Got TX got the USA. Repubs are sooooo stoopid they deserve to lose. And We are soooo reasonable about it.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        For the moment. It’s all unravelling…How’s it feel to be in a canoe during a storm?
        You know it’s funny, Hillary is in so much doo doo that as part of her chameleon act when she’s planning a run for office she’s started to dig in to Obama. Gonna be really weird down the Vineyard tonight, weather is bad too. maybe she’ll have a chance to skip out?
        Yup, Obama – his schit is folding fast, is hanging around every democrat’s neck like a dead albatross. Can you smell it yet?

        1. GenEarly says

          I smell the rotting carcass, but it’s what’s left of a Constitutional Republic. The Tree of Liberty itself is next…….for your perusal:

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Thank you General. I’ve been needing something new.

          2. GenEarly says

            The entire website makes more sense to me than Faux News or even Brietbart,
            events appear to be moving quickly….


          3. RobertNorwood says

            “Faux News”, usually a term used by liberals who’ve never watched the outlet. You might want to create your own! I watch it but then again a good solid healthy thinking trained mind can always see the truth in a thing. One never knows what they are getting, or the if it is truthful. I never got into Breitbart.
            I find the various blogs and sites I follow to always have things I can use.
            What is the origin of Western Rifle Shooters?

          4. GenEarly says

            I’ve watched “Fox” from the beginning….O’Reilly is a Big Gov Prog not a Constitutional Conservative, and Murdock (was bribed?) had a big support Hilliary get together. So the MSM, like the Pol Parties are either comrade A or comrade B? (Jebby Bush/Christie or Hilliary).

            I’m posting to get conservative people to be totally responsible for themselves (and others) for a societal breakdown irregardless of “cause”. It seems surreal sometimes, but I force myself to believe “my lying eyes”. Unsustainable is not just a word. (Origin of WRS’s ? I don’t know.)
            I also check in at

    3. Mark Clemens says

      “Those who cast ballots decide nothing. Those who count ballots decide everything”
      Vladimir Leanon
      Who counts your ballot box?
      The whole damn process might be rigged.
      Look at 2000. Does anybody not think it strange George W Bush’s brother was governor of the deciding state? Did y’all know Jeb Bush gave out THOUSANDS of pardons two years prior to the 2000 election? I have 5 sinister cousins that got one! All those exfelons voting, no wonder we have a criminal congress today……….

      1. Tom Costello says

        Absolutely — things need to change. I don’t care what side it comes from — right now our fear-filled leader is someone’s minion or minion to a lame belief that America needs to be less than itself but he doesn’t mind lining his own pockets

      2. Stephanie Brubaker says

        Gore lost. Get over it.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I voted for W.
          Jeb gave me a pardon……..

          1. rhondakelly07 says

            Democrats are racist with whites kill whites play race card are in Jail every color even white ones…Play race card. On welfare.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          If Jeb runs I’ll vote for him as a Thank You for restoring my rights!

      3. Bill Lescallette says

        Look at 2012 – Black Panthers outside polling station, multiple voting fraud in Ohio, and areas with greater than 100% turnout. Pot meet kettle.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          See, it could be very well be rigged. Those are good examples. What about that mess in Mississippi?

      4. rhondakelly07 says

        Minorities and , Democrats count our votes..

    4. rhondakelly07 says

      Illegals stolled 2 elections now Obama gave them ID so they can vote for free stuff.

  41. Marilynn Reeves says

    When you make it more profitable not to work and give money for more kids WHAT DID THEY EXPECT?
    All a person should expect is a hand UP not a hand OUT. Destroy personal pride in self and a job well done you might as well have murdered them. This country needs JOBS not HANDOUTS

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      Get illegals out Close US border

  42. supergun says

    He tells the truth, but many will not listen. Kinda of like what happened 2,000 years ago.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      Get illegals out so real Americans can work.

      1. supergun says

        I thought it was against the law to allow illegals to stay here.

  43. doug says

    So if the majority of Americans realize that the democrats have destroyed the African American families
    than it’s time they vote all of them out of office, put your vote in where it matters. It’s time to change America

  44. kris littlefield says

    A voice of reason. I just hope people listen.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      No minorities will only vote for skin color SKIN VOTERS…get the black, Hispanic, Latino vote, what they don’t know is money is no good..THEY WILL NOT GET WELFARE BY NEXT YEAR..AND THEY WONT GEt ILLEGALS OUT…There will be riots…then CIVIL WAR 2014 USA utube.. Wonder how many whites these democrats will kill in 20 more years yes Minority Democrats hates whites ..LOOK AT THERe RACE CARD..

  45. USCBIKER says

    The common thread with blacks is low self esteem and expectations. Look at any black male celeb (in any field) and notice their woman is 90+% of the time lighter-skinned, Asian or white. A race that settles for mediocrity and sees other races as superior and more desirable is easy to bamboozle and train to be happy with less. So they settle for food stamps, ghetto dump apts etc. The bastardism rates (not very PC but the truth) for blacks are 70+%! It’s a perfect circle of dysfunction- Dems provide the gimmes that Dr. Walt Williams called modern day slavery and blacks keep voting for their masters, all the while blaming their failures on rich, racist GOP crackers. But ask these same blacks if there should be tokenism (aka affirmative action) in the NFL or NBA? They tell you, “hell, no, the best players should be drafted and start”.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      If we stop bringing in ANYONE…get illegals out our schools will not be flooded…and REAL AMERICANS could go back to work again…

  46. MARYSWEET says

    Today it seems a lot of parents didn’t realize you have to be a parent 24/7 not just when it’s convenient. So because they don’t take the time with their children it’s easier to find an excuse to drug them. They don’t take up much time then. We are becoming a country of zombie children and lazy parents. Some of the parents physically abuse the unwanted child and also there are too many single parent families. The teachers do the least the can and because of the union they can get away with so much that would never have been allowed when I went to school. Our country is becoming a third world country and nobody seems to care.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      Deport Illegals, This is not Africa, Mexico or a third world drug Nation…Race card denied, stop allowing these racist from playing there race card.

  47. robertmccabe says

    Good luck Mr. Cobb

  48. b glad says

    Unfortunately, the plague has spread to poor whites, Latinos, and all other s in this land. We must eliminate poverty by eliminating the free lunch.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      Top 2 killers in USA are blacks and illegals, who both kill more than Iraq war each year..Deport illegals, Next illegals bring Non drug reistiant TB,,,Flesh eating Drug…Flesh eating Virus…D 68 that is killing kids. Also blacks, Mexican drug cartel joined ISIS,,,Illegals will join ISIS, if no dream act…Also Mexican Police shooting Americans , at US border. 3 biggest problems, are illegals, Blacks, and liberal news, It;s not racist to tell the truth..

  49. draftinging says

    There is a smart man…it would be great if they would listen to him, &Dr Ben Carson & Col Allen West..That the people these people need to learn from. If they don’t they might as well go back to the plaination and pick cotton.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      Ben Carson wants illegals, to make america a third world nation, and they hate whites..

  50. CrustyOldGeezer says

    It’s a good thing that I’m not the only one tying to point that FACT out.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      End there welfare link free housing , Free colleges, Free clothes, ..They hate us whites..were still there slaves..see ( WHITE SLAVERY…Blacks had more white people for slaves and for longer..please do a story about this , please see my report on ..WHITE SLAVERY

  51. peter says

    If the democrats are so good, how come Ms. Grimes who is running for senator in Kentucky refused to tell a reporter that she voted for Obama. I guess that she is a racist democrat.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      99% of blacks voted for Obama, and in 50 counties they are so racist , not 1 white vote twice, It’s time to treat them the same way they treat us whites..

  52. parlayer says

    Some see, and others refuse.

  53. tk-atty says

    Welfare is basically a way of keeping people under control by being on the system. Mr. cobb is right, in the 60’s whether it was meant to help people or not, it took the fathers at of the homes an started the total destruction of the family. Why do you think we have the social ills, we now have. Children born out of wedlock, young people being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle. These young people grew up without a Father. A Father is the head of the household and very important in a child’s forming of their identity. A boy without a father many times will seek the affection of a man, through homosexuality, and a young woman will seek the attention of men through sexual activity at a young age, seeking a father figure. If it was the intent of the democrats to destroy our families they have done a great job. Shame on them for continuing when the evidence shows what it does to the family, but they don’t care as long as they get re-elected. Kudos to Mr. Cobb for speaking the truth in an age where few do.

  54. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

    What almost all demonrats do not understand is this thing in the our wh is not african american he is a diseased half and half and if you can not call yourself American period we are only making this problem worse. In germany do they call themselves english germans or japanese german NO they have more respect for the country they live in. We have to get rid of the disese and take our country back from the discrace in the wh.

    1. rhondakelly07 says

      This is not a third world nation,, stop bringing in racist Minority, and illegals.. and Drug Cartel race card throwers..DEPORT..END WELFARE

  55. tubesaft says

    After reading the opinions below there is hope for change. We do need for these opinions to be followed thru with voting for the people that want the best for everyone.

  56. Charles Hargrave says

    Not only is the Democratic Party destroying African Americans but they are trying to destroy every American,Obama,Harry Reid,Pelocy and most of the House and Senate Democrats are arrogant to the point where they think they know more than the average American and are trying to weasel their way out of the problems they have caused to get re elected in November,more Americans are out of work than ever before and are on Welfare and Obama has the nerve to say the economy is better than ever because of him.when the opposite is true,he has spent $16.5 Million on his vacations and it’s our money!!,the only solution is to fire him from the job he is not doing by Impeachment.

  57. WhiteFalcon says

    I read these posts below and I see average people that understand the problems that we have in this country. I wish some of you folks would run for Congress. I would but I’m to damd old.

  58. ihatelibs says

    Too bad it Wont Work . MOST Blacks are either TOO LAZY , or TOO STUPID , or Both to Understand it .

  59. Goodforall says

    This is exactly the kind of leaders the black community needs-one who will tell the truth and who actually has their best interest at heart. Not like the poverty pimps Sharpton and Jackson who have lined their pockets at the expense of holding their own race hostage.

  60. Armando S. Fernandez says


  61. Mole Johnson says

    When do you think African Americans will figure it out?

    1. Bluto Blutarski says

      Is this a trick question? They do not CARE to figure it out

  62. TOM P O'DONNELL says







    Hi SOAP, Here’s the event reminder you requested.DID WE WIN THE COLD WAR?

    By SOAP

    October 10, 2014 – 09:01:54 PM EDT
    90 Minutes

  63. Dawn Harsley says

    This guy is saying what I’ve been saying for years. The Democratic Party is the enemy of the black community. For decades, 24/7, they have been telling these individuals over and over that they’re not smart enough, they’re not good enough to succeed without Big Daddy. Hear the same message over and over again and people begin to believe it. I call it “benevolent slavery”. When the civil rights movement began, Democrats had to put away their hoods and sheets and find a way to continue to keep blacks in line. To put it in perspective, Adolph Hitler made the German people believe that all of their woes were due to one segment of the population, the Jews. They were essentially brainwashed and the same thing is happening in the black community. They’ve been “programmed” to rely on the government for their very existence much as cult leaders have “programmed” their followers or, after time, victims of kidnappings begin to identify with their kidnappers. It doesn’t mean they’re dumb or stupid. It could happen to any of us given the same message day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

    1. grunion says

      Don’t forget to blame whitey.

      1. Dawn Harsley says

        That’s part of the “programming”. It was interesting that when the Rev. Damon Lynch, himself a black activist, spoke at the funeral of 15 year old Africa Hope, he said it was time for the black community to stop blaming everyone else, to take responsibility and for mothers to know where their children are and what they’re into. Young Africa Hope was shot while standing next to the shooter’s intended target.

  64. rchguns says

    First off I would like to say that the Democratic Party is not and has not been Democratic Party for years. He’s been taken over by the social progressive movement and done so so slowly that most Democrats didn’t even realize it was happening.

    They cannot destroy something that does not exist or at least should not exist. African-American it’s only words but yet it caused so much trouble. The two words are exactly opposite each other. An individual who refers to himself as such (African-American) should be returned to his homeland which is obviously not America. The same should be said stipulated above Mexican-Americans, Polish – Americans, and European – Americans. All of these individuals have one thing in common and that is they do not think of themselves as Americans and do not or would not pledge allegiance to this nation under God.

    It’s really quite simple that little ” – ” is what is destroying this nation from within. Simply put an individual is either an American whether or not end of story. And if you are incapable of putting America first then leave But Do Not expect to be allowed back in the country.

    The black community just like our president refuses to take responsibility for its own actions. Whose fault is it that better than 50% of their young people do not graduate from school. Whose fault is it that there more people killed in the Chicago area in one weekend than Americans killed in Afghanistan in a week? Whose fault is it that over 70% of all black babies that managed to survive have no fathers.

    No one from the outside is destroying the American of African origin family unit it is destroying itself. In full self-destruct mode. If you have any doubt of this listen to the congressional black caucus every time they getting front of the camera, listen to what the elitists blacks that run the NAACP, and listen to the statements that our illustrious worthless President himself made.

    According to these people the greatest thing that ever came to the black community was Planned Parenthood. They’re so impressed with Planned Parenthood that they do everything in their power to make sure that there subsidized by the federal government. Now what does the mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood have to say?

    “This stated publicly that they perform over 500,000 procedures a.k.a. abortions per year. In the next breath they claim that 85% of all these procedures are performed on American women of African descent.”

    What this means is that roughly 425,000 black babies are killed per year. Is that type of behavior that is destroying the family unit the black community.

    1. grunion says

      Democrat Party, Democrat Party……. They love it when they are mistakenly called the Democratic Party. Nuthin’ democratic about it.

  65. Sylvester Jones says

    He’s correct.

  66. ONLYJB1 says

    Wow, a black man that gets it! The “New Slavery of America”! Hit nail on head with LBJ! This is when it began as a cancer! The progressive communist have set themselves up with a total voter base! Question: How do you vote yourself the reduction or end of government assistance? Answer: You don’t!
    Vote the check!

  67. Maria castro says

    and he is correct. The demoerratic party has domesticated the fool ones, and ostrasized those that want to get ahead.

  68. Tuci78 says

    Be advised that Gary Cobb’s career in football was spent as a linebacker, and to speak of him having “thrown a rocket” in that context betrays abject ignorance of the man.

    Also proving this writer’s ignorance is the failure to mention that Mr. Cobb is contending against one of the most corrupt and powerful Democrat Party kakistocracies in the country, Camden County’s Norcross machine, in an effort to replace the previous career incumbent, Rob Andrews, who had been chased out of the Congress by an ethics investigation.

    G. Cobb is well-thought-of in South Jersey, having played for the Philadelphia Eagles (many of whom live in the southern New Jersey counties while playing for the team, later to have retired here) and he’s established himself as a respected voice in sports broadcasting in the Delaware Valley.

    But he’s up against a Tammany Hall crowd of tax-feeders solidly entrenched in Camden City Hall and Trenton. Those grasping sons of dogs aren’t going to give up “their” seat in the Congress to an under-funded upstart like Gary Cobb.

    “Now and then, an innocent man is sent to the legislature.” This November, though, it looks as if that’s not going to happen in New Jersey’s 1st District.

  69. Rick Rogers says

    Yep they have been Betrayed By Gary Cobb, Ben Carson, Allen West.. Just to name a few.

  70. Judith Lorraine says

    Alternative healing methods would probably start getting the kids off sugars! They are in everything! The craving for sugar mostly comes from fungus – “candida albicans” – caused from taking anti-biotics. Why? because they kill the bad bacteria and at the same time, kill the good bacteria and they are the ones that keep the balance in the body. Too much sugar causes hyper-activity and lack of focus in so many children. Also, with the imbalance of good pro-biotics in their system – and eating and drinking sugar in everything you buy and cook – you open the door for all kinds of parasites! Those guys love sugar and they increase at an alarming rate every day! Some become very active during the “full moon” every month. They are toxic and excrete poison and disease into the body. There are hundreds of different kinds of parasites folks! Read and learn about them – you will be shocked to see what you learn – and you are probably full of them too! They can be cleaned out of the body – go to a vitamin store and look at all the different remedies there. Your child does not have to be on drugs!! That is a cop out for not being trained in “healing the problem” and just “treating the symptoms of……..” – good old fashioned remedies put on the planet by the Creator God of us all – and not by those blood-sucking drug/pharmacutical companies and their outrageous costs! Remember this – YOU are in charge of your good health and you do NOT need drugs for everything!

  71. Get Real says

    Somewhere it is recorded that LBJ stated that with his new programs black people would only vote for Democrats…. Mr. Cobb has it exactly right… The Great Society Program robbed the Social Security Trust Fund and launched the greatest vote buying scheme to date; save for the corrupt Clintons, and the Obama shakedowns.

  72. .madashell says

    Just a note;
    Referring to the Democrat party as “democratic” is not only misleading but a form of subliminal advertising being used to create an more acceptable picture of the lunatics in the Democrat party.
    There is absolutely nothing democratic about the actions of this gang of thugs, zero, zip, nada .

  73. Savior says

    And they are still at it…..just wait until they take your rights away which is what is going on by trashing the Constitution….what we have is a renegade White House as far as enforcing the Constitution or our Laws, especially our Immigration Laws and Sealing Up our Southern Border……it’s all political, all about Votes,

  74. hepette . says

    one person—ONE—who has obviously been hit in the head too many times. pathetic job fux news

    1. stillsane says

      Put your foil hat on, drink the Kool-Aid, and wait for the SPACE SHIP to come for you!!!!

      1. hepette . says


        1. stillsane says

          Yeah and the hat still fits !

          1. hepette . says


          2. stillsane says

            And Mr. Cobb’s opinion is still valid, as was PPTA’s !

  75. PPTA says

    There are many Black people that feel the same way. There are also many Black people who would of made a excellent President, been Patriotic, and not the scum of the Earth that I now see in the Democrat leaderhip, the Administration, the Preident, and in MANY of te Elected Democrat that now are in office. Samething ges for te Republian Leadership, Boehner, and the Rino’s. A real American President doesn’t think lke Obama. A Real Amrican President cares abut the American People, their jobs, (illeal) all races, their health and their kds health, all races,(illega alien kds) there saftey,and ter kids saftey, all races, but tePeient weow hve,tinks ikeaMusim rother Hood Memer. Egypt ame out with that allmost a year ago or better gyptlo lis he usim rother Hood as a Terrorist group. So d Daud rbia. Obamas two day stay there ended up being a two hour stay. The king told him to leave. Egypt told him not to come back. Yet we Americans put up withthis fraud. And the far left Liberas scoff at what I am saying. Well just look at the facts, read foriegn news.

  76. Bluto Blutarski says

    Liberals must be purged. Oh wait: Bammy has introduced Ebola and other “immigrant” issues. Such as many of them are seeing a toilet for the first time. I thought I and my buddies went there to keep them there. But we have wasted our blood and treasure. Thanks Bamms

  77. millerstwo says

    Isn’t it ironic that the same bleeding heart hypocritical fools who voted for the anti-American Muslim-in-Chief from Kenya espouse that everyone but themselves are racists while they continue to endorse slavery utilizing their sham called ‘welfare’ !

  78. WILDCATF4F says

    ‘WELFARE’ is just the start, and as things get more ‘PUBLIC’ they will continue to get WORSE! and for the majority they will only then start to see what they had tried to ignore out of the desire to be ‘HAPPY’!!!.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!

  79. 1josephg1 says

    Mr Cobb. You are right on! The only thing I would add is that the whole democratic tenet is liberalism. They have taken God out of our lives. This, along with the other things you have brought up is exactly correct. May God be with you! May you also be granted power and influence to help people. Maybe they will understand how much more intelligent you are than those two reprobates jackson and sharpton.

  80. stillsane says

    Oh yeah, He’s in trouble now!!

  81. godspal53 says

    God Bless George W Bush and Gary Cobb,,Both are Righteous Men and Great Thinkers;;;B reading many comment below allow me to introject on behalf of a MUCH MALIGNED Drug, One that should be celebrated but is DEMONIZED because it has no place in our world dominated by evil people using EVIL Drugs which can control thought and produce dependency,,These Psycotropic Drugs given out by Psychiatrist and other Dr’s i the name of helping with “Mental Health”,,,Bullshit,,this garbage is mostly evil and drowns the Human Spirit,,,,watch people walk around “Clucking”, smacking their Lips and even talking to themselves,,,,they even have kids on ritalin and aderol and so on and so forth,,,some of these poor fools just wanted to feel better about themselves and the FDA, The AMA and others thnk his is the ticket,,,No,,it’s NOT,,,There are other Recreational drugs that would/could help but they are so ILLEGAL you can do years for even thinking about them,,,,Of course I’m speaking of Mescaline, Psyilocybin, DMT (Ayahusca),,,LSD and others,,,The CIA experimented with LSD in the 0’s, they wanted to weaponize it somehow,,,,at the time it was legal, trending, people loved it and it was “Mind Altering”,,,(sort of),,it made sunds and lights more fun and the physical rushes are/were STUPENDOUS,,,anyway the mind aspect tantillized the Agency,,after many STUPID experiments they gave up on it,,theLast Stra was when a Highly Placed Operative said “Forget this drug as a weapon, Never in my lif Have I felt such Empathy and Love for my fellow Man”,,,,,So, They demonized it,,scared the shit out of the public and of course Demonized and Ridiculed The Proponets and advocates of this drug and those like it,,,Many of the drugs in this Category are used by RELIGIOUS GROUPS for Mental and Spiritual Enlightenment,,plus IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to become Pysically addicted to this medicine,,if you use it 2 or 3 days in a row it won’t work until you’ve taken a week or 2 off,,,but you can’t have these drugs,,just stuff tat enslaes you,,Louses ou uor kills you over a period of time,,,Society would be a better off brighter place if this weren’t the case,,but,,What do I kow????? I don’t work for the CIA

    1. godspal53 says

      Damn,,I’m not amitious enough to retype that but my keyboard seems to have been sticking,,Please cut me some slack on the missing letters in places,,thanks

  82. F S says

    This country definitely needs Ben Carson in the White House.He is the prime example of what anyone can do when he is raised in a home with good Christian values.May God bless our country with Ben Carson as our next President.

  83. Larry Cowden says

    The system is geared to keep the poor on welfare, particularly minorities. If any family member gets a job, saves money for college on their own, or does anything else to pull themselves out, the system steps in and confiscates the money and cuts benefits further. So don’t get that full time job, don’t get job training, don’t you dare save your money to go to college. That’s the song of the democrats and Obamamonkey! You are poor, stay poor, and vote for them to keep your handouts!

  84. Dale_G1 says

    I’ve been saying this for years. Thank GOD more and more blacks are beginning to see the light that many elected democrats are in power ( and want to say that way ) as long as they can put their feet squarely in the BACK of black voters. Democrats are the crack dealers and many of their own CONNEDstituents are the addicted masses putting them back into office. FACE IT my friends. Obama CARES MORE about the rights of homosexuals and ILLEGAL aliens that his does for people of his own race, color, etc.. As long as he can get in several rounds of golf and numerous celebrity fund raisers for his fellow demoncrats, he’s happy. Why should he care about his old home town of ChiKILLABRo? He’ll be moving to a Palm Springs California mansion when he’s out of office. They have great golf courses and few poor black folk.

  85. Shirley Huntsman says

    *We’ve got to begin by teaching the children well!!! Teach them the work ethic! Teach them respect not only for others, but for themselves! And when the parents try to use them to get or keep government benefits, we’ve got to turn those parents in … there must be accountability! P.B. wrote that welfare is being misused and some parents are even denying their children educational advancement because it would cause them to loose government benefits. As a teacher, that makes my blood boil !!!
    *When I was in Puerto Rico working with the Deaf, I saw first hand what welfare can do … the US went in and started Operation Boot strap (like pulling yourself up by your boot straps … an old saying for helping yourself!) The first thing they did was put folks on welfare to feed them (which, by the way, they are still on even though they do not pay into the system that provides it.) Then they built concrete tiny houses to shelter the people. Shelter! Such a blessing! But then we were supposed to set up industries so the men had jobs and could support their families which was VERY IMPORTANT TO THEM! At that point the program closed down. Over the decades, the men have lost self-respect, there are no jobs, they are extremely poor. Alcoholism reigns … the men are lost without jobs. Welfare has hurt the island. They want jobs! They want to go back like they once were with the Fathers supporting the families. Oh yes, there are rich there on the island, and now there is developing a middle class … not to be compared with anything in the USA, however. Middle class there consists of multiple generations of family living in very small cramped quarters.
    *Welfare does not work. And it sure isn’t working here … in the USA people are “playing the government” and denying their children the services they need educationally in order to milk the welfare system.
    ***I hope to hear more from P.B. His insight and wisdom are valuable! “Welfare recipients
    are being robbed of their dignity in many, many cases.” Thank you for posting that P.B.!!!

  86. Virginia Towerman says

    Another interesting fact to consider in every single mass shooting. All
    perpetrators were products of the public school system.

  87. micky d. says

    We the people have our dollars taken by government and given to Islamic Muslim terrorist organizations in America. CAIR Muslim Brotherhood-and we preach that Islam is a religion of “peace’- when it is really a religion of Body- Pieces.

  88. Aretmis says

    Drugs pandering POLITICANS I remember hearin a democrat Bob Beckel say I’m ashamed to admit but yes democrats have ruined blacks and their communities.i hope to God they break the cycle,research it. I want Trump why, he is NOT a career Politican and NOT owned by lobbyist.he is a smart man economical we need jobs good jobs,great jobs. He said we need to make OUR country rich again, we need to win, we need better trades Nabisco is moving To Mexico. If all these companies move out we are screwed?bernie wants to tax rich at 90 percent will smith the actor fell off his chair when he was interviewed and they said. 75 percent can you believe it! Hillary claims I am for middle class lower class, read her donor lists UBS Sardis Middle East and Swiss bank, so as Trump says ALL these folks want Favors. At least he can say to them scratch your butt I am my own man after turning down5 million,he said because you wil want a favor for your company or another country and I’ll say NO I have to do what is Right for ALL Americans. If ya don’t believe me,please research it thanks

  89. nancy anderson says

    I’ve been saying this for 40 yrs!!! Lyndon Johnson was a racist pig!! He only started his war on poverty to get reelected! He said he’d have the n***ers voting for the democrat party into perpetuity! (his words, not mine) All dems are racist, even the black ones! They cannot be trusted to keep us safe!! Liberals are mean, nasty, cold hearted b*#@ards who put party ist & the nation can go pound sand! They prove their disloyalty every day with their name calling & evil doing! Obama goes after all that is conservative! They are never happy, they always have a grievance & they think they never do any wrong. It’s always a “rightwing conspiracy”, trying to bring them down!! they have no God but themselves!

  90. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


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