Founder of Home Depot Strongly Supports Trump


Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of The Home Depot, wanted Jeb Bush to be the Republican nominee. But even though Bush himself may not be able to support the eventual winner of the primaries, Marcus himself believes it’s time for all conservatives to get behind Donald Trump.

“The fate of the nation depends upon sending him, and not Hillary Clinton, to the White House,” Marcus said in a Tuesday editorial. “I stand ready to help him at every turn.”

To Marcus, the choice is easy. Unlike many prominent conservatives, he doesn’t feel obligated to hedge his Trump endorsement with a list of grievances he’s choosing to overlook. Surely, for someone who voted for Bush, those grievances are there. But Marcus isn’t so insecure about his reputation that he needs to sugarcoat his message.

Why does Marcus find it so easy to support Trump? Because unlike many elitist and ideologically dogmatic Republicans, he recognizes the real sickness ailing the country.

“I have never seen our government as hostile to free enterprise, especially small business, as it is today,” Marcus writes. “It is driving over-regulation, over-taxation, over-litigation, and over-spending. These ‘overs’ are killing small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs in America.”

Marcus believes that his empire’s humble beginnings would have been impossible in today’s economic climate, destroyed by decades of left-wing policy. “I genuinely believe that if we started The Home Depot today, we would fail because of the hurdles government, especially the current administration, places in front of small business owners.”

Perhaps, given the chance to go back and personally select the Republican nominee, Marcus would still choose Jeb(!). Even if that’s true, he deserves all the credit in the world for recognizing the difference between fantasy and reality. It’s sad that we’ve lowered the political bar to the point where this can be considered a triumph, but what can you say? People like Bill Kristol still seem to think they can “Stop Trump.” What can you call that other than delusion?

Better still, he recognizes that the fate of this country depends less on the “presidential manner” of our candidates and more on their policies. As unusual and sometimes shocking as this election season has been, November will once again be a choice between liberalism and conservatism. Sometimes that distinction is stark, sometimes it’s subtle, but it’s always there. Do we want more Obama-esque leadership or do we want a new direction?

Easy choice.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Bernie Marcus deserves 1,000,000 upvotes.

    1. TAM44 says

      Scared you’ll lose your welfare you socialist retard?

      1. MAHB001 says

        Me a socialist retard???? Are you practicing projection?

        1. SDofAZ says

          Tam44 can’t understand your post mahb001. I understood it prefectly and you are right, the man made a solid decision for all the right reasons. Although I do not understand his leanings for the Bush Baby or the Bush dynasty. NWO folks and so just not right for the times.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I think Yasuko figured it out… TAM thinks I was talking about Bernie Sanders…

          2. JoJo Gunn says

            Lol… Sorry.. Its just kind of funny when that happens.. I mean as you read through it.. Obviously she or he misunderstood your post.. Bit it looked funny

        2. TheBlues says

          Its gotta be on the wrong site.

      2. Yasuko Kearney says

        I think you are (TAM44) completely confused about ‘BERNIE’. Wrong Bernie.

      3. Jimmy Quick says

        Ever walk out of the bathroom with the toilet paper still dragging from behind.

        Pretty embarrassing isn’t it?

        1. TAM44 says

          Must be a problem you have quite often.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            It’s more a problem for The Donald who when he spent his wild youth visiting the Playboy Mansion in McAfee NJ regularly got a mouth of Bunny Tail.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Was he ever accused of rape?

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s not me. You look foolish saying the things you do cause you are so clueless.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Home Depot supported the gay agenda not too long ago…

    I wonder if the militant gays will let this guys open support of Conservative values go without protests…

    The last CEO to openly support traditional marriage was forced to resign by the fascist left at Mozilla.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Good point. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  3. Vangie Martinez says

    I want a New Direction, how about you?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      My bank account is looking for a new direction………….UP!!!!!!
      After 8 years of Bush II and 8 more years of Obama. All I got left in the Bank is
      CHANGE!!!!!! I’m ready for some FOLDING MONEY!!!!!!
      How about y’all?
      At Least He Had a JOB, Before Running for President

      1. Vangie Martinez says

        Ya today Praise GOD! I finally got out of Overdraft Hell and have 20 bucks in the bank.:) I had to use it to take care of my house payment it seems for years. The only way I can go is up:) Trumps Birthday is going to be coming up. Make sure to wish him a Happy One you all:)

  4. david goodman says

    trumpty is one of them.they protect their queer buddies.trumpty is a RAPIST

    1. TAM44 says

      You’re what is call a liar and a no count piece of obama squeeze, now go crawl back up his butt , it’s your feeding time.

    2. Lynn McCrann says

      And you sir are a what? A supporter of a liar and a husband who raped women?

      1. david goodman says

        look for your self.epstein used his hotel so he could rape minors.i don’t think like you you let your kids watch filthy tv.pick old shows.teach them morals and respect

    3. Rosech Levy says

      And you are full of it – all you know are derogatory remarks with no backup substance nor information. He has never raped anyone, but I wouldn’t bet on you?

    4. grafra102 says

      FUCK YOU!!!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Looks like one MORE of the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch’s paid trolls is on the site again

        Hey, I have to be at a pre bid walk through at 10:30.

        Troll on, bust-out.

        1. grafra102 says

          Mathew Molk: FYI I am not treasonous felon cackling witch or a “PAID TROLL!!! WELL GO WITH YOUR PRE PAID, and I will say FUCK YOU TOO!!!

    5. Mathew Molk says

      Looks like another one of the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch’s paid trolls is on the site again.

  5. Rosech Levy says

    Hey, as a business person, and an Independent and voting for Trump. We have had enough with supposed conservatives, liberals, communists like Bernie and Hillary and the DNC’s Communist Manifesto to take over America and the last step is probably Hillary. I would also appreciate any remarks made against anyone on this or any other blog substantiate their remarks. Trump is not and never has been a rapist but I guess some brain dead love to make false statements because it makes them feel good but should realize it only makes you look dumber than ever. Go back to the basement and enjoy the freebies you won’t be getting once we get our nominee, Trump, in the WH. Go online and research Trump’s life from childhood on and that will be a revelation for your stopping to make foolish lying remarks. You are part of the problems we have in America and you are not appreciated nor wanted. You are ignorant as well as a liar!

    1. SDofAZ says

      Good post Rosech. I noted the same items on another article when I saw them posted. Rape, fraud? Come on folks. Stick to reality. Well said.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      I’m with you and Bernie (Our Bernie . not theirs)

      RL, You have to realize 1 thing, though. The filthy RINO/Democrat establishment will tell any lie, and break and law to keep their greedy snoots in the trough.

      The problem is you are a logical individual and when you see lies told you want to see the proof that none of half witted liberals ever ask for. It makes no sense to me either but that is the way liberals work.

      We must all band together and . keep the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch out of the White House and into the Big House.

      God Bless you and Bernie Marcus.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Levy, you fool no one. You own a business? Why do taxpayers have to hand your business ANY subsidies? The responsibility to make YOUR business successful belongs ONLY to you. Get your syrupy mitts out of federal tax revenues.

      Business owners are slick Willies in expensive suits. Not a single business owner who whines, moans, groans and complains isn’t living off profits earned by YOUR employees. Too bad you have to pay them right? You don’t live in a ghetto or drive a 20 year old jalopy.

      And in case you think American consumers and taxpayers are math challenged, how much of the profit YOU take in for your business is not shared with the employees who earn it for you? How much of that profit do you hide in offshore tax free havens?

      Taxpayers DO NOT have to support ANY business. NO where in the U.S. Constitution does it demand taxes go in the hundred billions go to business owners who live like pigs.

      1. 81537 says

        Now Barak, you can crawl back into the hole you came out of.

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Businesses consider taxes a business expense and they’re passed onto the consumer. Corporations also do the same thing. Tax breaks are good.

        1. RichWS says

          Sorry but much of the tax breaks goes into the pockets of the business owner. No if they want to do business in the USA then they need to pay their fair share of taxes.

          1. albaby2 says

            So why don’t you own a business

          2. mac12sam12 says

            It’s called profit and for a business to survive it has to be profitable. The top 1% pay 40% of the US taxes. Again, businesses and corporations don’t pay taxes, the consumer does.

          3. Poppo says

            You take the risk. If there is a reward, you are entitled to it.
            Most successful business owners are generous to the employees that helped them become successful.
            Part of being successful is the ability to inspire loyalty and pride in the employees.

          4. Missy Victoria says

            Home Depot are muzzie ass-kissers.

      3. D Books says

        I’ll just bet you are one of those $15 per hour minimum wage supporters! I own a business and don’t own (nor could I afford) an expensive suit! What “taxpayer subsidies” are you referring to?? Maybe you are confused with the taxpayer subsidies that YOU are provided?? Grow up, educate yourself and get a real job!

      4. Mary Brumley says

        What in the world does anything you say have to do with Levy’s post? I think you are far off base with you post and hatred!

      5. Poppo says

        Wow, so much hate. Are you his ex-wife?

    4. Susan Short says

      You are SO right, and what is really a farce is for the Clintons, both of those lying azzholes, to be accusing Trump of anything! If the American people only knew the TRUTH about all the Clintons have done, which includes rape, fraud, drug dealing, murder, and I could go on and on! Trump looks like a choir boy compared to those EVIL people!

      1. RichWS says

        Another Republican just making statement without a shred of proof. Typical far right B.S.

        1. Susan Short says

          That’s what you liberal idiots always say! Where’s the proof?! Well, dude, you are like most liberal idiots, in that you wouldn’t know truth if it hit you in the face! What’s more, you really don’t want to know the truth either! It was for idiots like you that the old saying was meant, “ignorance is bliss!” Don’t do any research on the Clinton’s history, it might prove to be very upsetting for you! Just stay ignorant, and be happy!

          1. RichWS says

            Sorry Susan but again you have no proof. The Clintons have been investigated many times and guess what nothing was found to support the accusations. Now we see that your prime investigator Ken Starr who had total authority to investigate anything and never got anything other than Clinton getting a blow job is being thrown out of Baylor University for covering up sex crimes. Remember anyone can put anything on the internet with or without facts. So get your facts right for a change and if you do not have proven facts it is time to shut up.

          2. Susan Short says

            I don’t know why I’m even bothering to reply to you again, because you will never get it, but just for your own “entertainment,” research the “Arkancides” that took place while Billy was Gov. of Arkansas! While you’re at it, research the drug-running operation at the little Mena, Ark. airport, also while he was gov. I could go on and on, but that will probably be too much for you to digest! To people like you, facts are whatever you want them to be!

          3. JAG007 says

            Wrong again camel-toe breath. It was the Bush assholes ( Dubya & Jebby) who unloaded the bales of cocaine on a remote air-strip in Ark. for the “Iran-Contra” affair that daddy Bush planned while Reagan slept

          4. albaby2 says

            Looks like a lot of that coke found it’s way to your head.

          5. Mark Lahti says

            Your first sentence is all the evidence needed to prove you have lost the argument. The last stance in the liberal troll argument is always the name calling. When you resort to the name calling you have lost the argument. Folks such as yourself will never get “it”. The reason will always remain a mystery. But the fact is you just don’t get it.

          6. Ruth Brown says

            Can’t fix stupid.but hey can always try right? Lol

          7. RichWS says

            You are the one who is stupid. Probably an IQ of 46.

          8. Ruth Brown says

            Coming from some moron with a IQ of four. I thank you. Fool. Hahahhaha..poor STUPID troll.

          9. RichWS says

            Again Susan no proof. You had a federal Republican Prosecutor (Ken Starr) checking this stuff out for several years and they could never get the proof to indict him. You can google anything you want. The truth is that the prosecutor could not find proof they did anything wrong. But for you bigots I know it makes no difference. Just make up stuff and the other bigots will salute.

          10. albaby2 says

            So you don’t think the power of the presidency and a corrupt administration had anything to do with it? LOL. The Clintons stood as much chance of being convicted as Kim Jong Un has of being charged by a N. Korean investigation.

          11. jon says

            Clinton’s are untouchable. they have the justice department in their pocket.

          12. Gary D Flatt says

            For the first time in their far too long lives “they” are probably trying prayer.

          13. Poppo says

            They are the very definition of the “Ruling Elite”.
            They are above the law because they own the lawmakers, having bought and paid for them in more ways than one!

          14. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            The Clinton Crime family is a organization with international thugs who give his org funds. You disgraceful Liberal fool. Why don’t you leave Real America since you support criminals . illegal terrorist, lies and ignorance! You should shut up before someone in Trump camp does!!

          15. RichWS says

            I would like someone in Trumps criminal camp to try. Again you have no proof showing that Clintons did all you say. So you should leave and shut up. I am surprised you can even talk since it is obvious you have your face so stuck up Donald’s ass.

          16. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are pathetic. Shut up!

          17. RichWS says

            I will continue to tell the truth about you hate mongering bigots.

          18. JAG007 says

            yo SS Progressives deal with fn facts in reality while neocons DREAM up the BS

          19. Susan Short says

            Just a reminder, this is NOT Susan replying, but the husband

          20. JAG007 says

            why is that ?

        2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Crooked Lying Hillary is a disgrace you support ignorance, anti American exceptionalism, greed, lies, hate and corruption?
          Typical Liberal racist jive talkin BS!!!

          CATCH UP

          1. Ruth Brown says

            Well said….indeed.

          2. RichWS says

            Lets see you support the bigoted big mouth racist Trump who may wind up going to jail for his RICO violations in the Trump University debacle. There are two lawsuits one civil the other has RICO criminal elements to it. Maybe he should bend over and kiss his ass goodbye.

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            RichWS you are weak, low energy and liberal. I crushed your liberal A$$!

            Now remember Crooked Hillary lied and she is being indicted and it looks really, really bad for Crooked evil Hillary Maybe she should bend over and you can kiss that disgraceful Liberal ass goodbye.

            The Democrackhead racist low energy party is alive!!!

            You Coward!

          4. RichWS says

            First of all you think you crushed my liberal A$$. I would bet I made a lot more money than you as I was a high level International IT Program manager for a major oil company. So I guess I am not weak or low energy. You people want to indict her for emails while you said nothing about all the lies Cheney and thugs did to get us into a war in IRAQ so his company Haliburton would get lots of contracts and without bidding by the way. Lets see your guys are responsible for the death and disabilities of thousands of American soldiers. You can blame Hillary for the four embassy employees who were killed but I hear nothing of the almost 200 embassy employees killed under Bush Cheney. Nope you are definitely a bigot.

          5. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You are a liberal Joke look at you lmyassoff ha ha ha you said ‘ I would bet I made a lot more money than you as I was a high level International IT Program manager for a major oil company. So I guess I am not weak or low energy.

            Rich do you know who your talkin to? I wouId Crush you Financially you liuberal idiot! You have no clue how ignorant you are by saying this are a joke who cares but I would Financially and legally smash your liberal ignorant ASS!!!! millions buddy millions $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

            PRESIDENT TRUMP will take back America from these Liberal Democrackhead racist haters!!! We comin 2016 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          6. RichWS says

            A person with your writing ability probably has a total of fifty bucks in the bank. No one here believes your crap that you have millions. Another lying TP’er

          7. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            richWS Where is your low energy liberal ASS Located? YOU WANT A BANK STATEMENT YOU LIBERAL FRAUD!! Look at you a typical liberal phony low life…. another crooked Lying HILLARY SUPPORTER OH MY!

          8. RichWS says

            I love how you TP people use God’s name as though you have rights to it. Believe me most Republicans are going to have a very hard time when it comes to judgement day. You know the one “he who doth for the least of my brothers”. Well Republicans only take care of the rich and could care less about the poor. So your sorry ass is going to have some real explaining to do. It is your opinion that liberals are low life’s. Again typical no proof just more diarrhea of the mouth.

          9. Darlene says

            Judgement day!! Let me ask you this, do you believe in the killing of babies? If so, we will see how you do on judgement day!! And myself or anyone else could care less about how much money you do or do not make, but I guess that makes you feel big, puff up your chest and thinking you are better than anyone else! What most people want is for this country to be great and strong again because the direction we are heading in is frightening!! And it has been almost 8 years and all that you can do is still talk about Bush!! Did you for get that when Congress voted to go to war it was Democratic controlled! Bush didn’t start the war Congress voted for us to go to war! I do check for facts all the time and I think you better do some on Hillary because a whole lot more than just the things you have talked about has happened with Hillary and Bill!! Almost if it was anyone else would have been in jail a long time ago!! So what I don’t understand is you talk about Trump, take a look at Hillary and the illegal things she has done!! Why is it wrong for one but not the other, I don’t get your logic! If you do something that is illegal you should pay no matter what was done!!!

          10. Ruth Brown says

            No one here? Are you so stupid that you can’t read. Wow no one here ..ugh NEVER mind. Why bother. Lol get a boyfriend you’ll be happier.

          11. Ruth Brown says

            LOL well said. But don’t bother with a liberal kiss…stupid…ass. like him. He has no friends and wants someone to be. He just can’t see it’s not us. Haha

          12. Ruth Brown says

            Haha haha awesome.

          13. Ruth Brown says

            You are a long winded moron. Can you just go troll elsewhere. Please. Your comments just show how STUPID you are. Lol

        3. albaby2 says

          RichWS=Another Democrat just making a statement without a shred of proof. Typical far left BS.

          1. Ruth Brown says


          2. RichWS says

            NO you are the one without proof. No indictments.

        4. jon says

          you must be a SJW without money and a have worthless university degree. You cant survive as a SJW.

          1. RichWS says

            Just like Rck Perry and Tom Delay in Texas who got off scot free because the “Republican” judges on the Texas Supreme Court” huh? Sorry but regardless the Clintons have never been indited even by the special prosecutor who just got let go from his job as head of Baylor University for covering up rape allegations against football players. You can “Google” all you want because it does not have to be true to get on the Internet. Clinton was charged with not telling the truth about having sex with Monica, period. After years of Republican investigations by Mr. Starr they had nothing else to charge him with.

          2. jon says

            Rick Perry didn’t do anything wrong but Tom Delay belongs in jail. Hillary for prison 2016.

          3. RichWS says

            Rick Perry did do something wrong. He threatened to shut down a department by withholding funding unless the democratic leader of the department resigned. That is against the law. If he did not have all his buddies on the Texas Supreme Court he would have a boyfriend by now.

          4. jon says

            i do not see that as wrong since they gave Parry the power to control
            the money. the bitch was abusing the cops and spitting on them and that was
            against the law, so….she too had friends in low places so she beat the drunk
            driving and assault charge. i support Parry’s attempt to rid government
            of trash.He had the authority to withhold the cash or he would not be able to do it.

          5. RichWS says

            No he had the authority to determine the budget but he did not have the authority to threaten her. The asshole should have gone to jail. So glad he lost out on the Presidenty.

          6. Darlene says

            So his threating is against the law says you so Hillary using a personal email server for government business is also illegal but that seems to be okay with you because she is a democrat!! Why is it always okay to have double standards as long as you get to decide what is right or wrong and what you think is the only right way of what you say and think!! As far as your bigot and racial slurs about Republicans, let’s take a look at what Democrats said and did to Gen. Allen West, a black man, when he was running for the U.S. Senate from Florida! It was disgusting what Democrats did to that man, so cut the crap on bigot and racist remarks on Republicans because I heard and saw what the Democrats did to this man!!!

          7. RichWS says

            Yes there are cases of Democrats doing the same thing although it is a small number compared to the party of hate. Now as for the emails on Hillary’s own server. It is not against the law. It is against policy but not the law. Big difference. Get your facts correct. It is against the law to send a confidential email to a private server. Every email she sent or received was not confidential when she sent it.

          8. Poppo says

            Mr. Clinton lost any possibility of ever gaining my respect when he pointed his finger at the camera and said “I did not have sex with that woman”. End of story.

        5. mac12sam12 says

          Google Bill Clinton and rape.

        6. Combatvet52 says

          Where do you get all your BS from,,,,,,,,,Bill and Hillary

          1. RichWS says

            When you can show me anywhere they have been even indicted never mind convicted someone might believe you.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            So your telling me that those two PARASITES are innocent……….she is a MONSTER

          3. RichWS says

            Again where is the proof? Under Clinton the USA was doing so well that they were talking about paying off the national debt. Under the Republicans they sank the economy. Again other than the blow job debacle there is no indictments. Either against Bill or Hillary even after your buddy Ken Starr tried for years to find proof. The only thing he could go after was Bill getting a blowjob. Now he is out of work for covering up sexual assaults at Baylor by the football team.

        7. Gary D Flatt says

          And YOUR proof? I know, just read Saul Alinksi.

        8. Ruth Brown says

          Ah look another lost troll. Go Google something. It’s what you liberals do best, even if it doesn’t help. Hahaha

          1. RichWS says

            Sorry Ruth but just like I said before you TP Republicans just make things up and declare that it is the truth without any proof. Looking forward for your presidential nominee getting found guilty for the Trump University case and indicted for his RICO violations which could put this prick in jail where he belongs.

          2. Darlene says

            Looking forward to Hillary getting her just rewards from the FBI for her illegal dealings under government law and put her sorry, you know what, in prison where she definitely belongs!!

    5. Rick Rogers says

      Hey Rosech.. If he ex wife claims it in court Documents why do you feel so qualified to dispute it. So go ahead vote for the Orange orangutan just hope your sons and daughters aren’t the one he will send to fight the bull crap wars he will get us into. As for Researching his life.. he has turned me against him with his words and acts so I didn’t need to look in his past. he shot himself in the foot with his own words.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        When people join the military, it’s with the expatiation that they’ll see action. It’s also because of Hussein and the Hildabeast that ISIS is taking over the Middle East committing genocide and they should be stopped.

      2. Susan Short says

        Another ignorant fool! I thank God every day that He made me smarter than a liberal, although that actually isn’t saying much!

        1. JAG007 says

          I doubt that, Short-probably you have that moniker because of your IQ

        2. Poppo says

          I think God made some pretty smart liberals. They just declined when He offered them wisdom.

        3. Rick Rogers says

          Love it she makes a bull shit claim about being Smart and then still is going to vote for a moron to hold the highest office in the land. Sorry but you just proved that you are in no way smarter then a Liberal.

          1. MAGA says

            I think you are talking to yourself.

    6. David Albert says

      Well put, Rosech!

    7. roger says

      and homedepot is the only recognizes veterans. not lowes or menards!

      1. Bill Vineyard says

        Sorry to inform you that you are mistaken. Lowe’s gives me a 10% military discount on everything I buy.

        1. roger says

          ive been to lowes and they didNOT give this vietnam vet a discount!

          1. roger says

            in fact i asked for help finding something and the LOWES emplyee just looked at me and walked away. ive NEVER been able to get help from a lowes employee. they just look at me and walk away!

          2. Bill Vineyard says

            First, thank you for your service and welcome home! Second, if you check their website you will see that they do in fact give a 10% military discount. If your store does not honor that you need to report them to corporate hdqtrs.

          3. roger says

            i used to go to lowes but after this insult from the lowes in bloomington, ill. i wont bother because i will get some lame, lying excuse from them!

          4. roger says

            i showed them my dd214 and still did not get a discount! at home depot all i had to show was my hat that showed vietnam veteran

          5. Poppo says

            Thanks for your service. The United States owes an apology to all who served in ‘nam!

        2. roger says

          i was there a wek ago and asked where a product was. the emplyee looked at me like i was nuts. i found what i was looking for on my own. and they DID NOT give me a 10 % discount. i even showed them my dd 214.

    8. pmbalele says

      Well, I guess you did not hear Trump whining why a lawsuit against him has been vouched to go ahead. Trump does not like the judgment because it came from Mexican-American judge. Trump should have known that the Mexican-American judge could have relatives Trump wants to deport as illegals. Now Trump has met his match. This Mexican-American judge may put Trump in prison for swindling money from people enrolling in his fake university. Remember, I am Black but does not have an ill feeling against Trump. The Mexican-American judge was just playing “Tat for tat.” You hurt my people, I will hurt you.

      1. RichWS says

        He talks about putting Hillary in jail. What he did to the poor folks with Trump University is no different than what happened at Enron. The rich telling the poor to borrow from friends, neighbors etc. or to refinance their homes to be able to send in that money to the loser Trump. No his butt needs to spend at least 20 years in jail.

        1. pmbalele says

          Please don’t say that aloud. The Repubs and TPs will hate you if they hear you don’t care Trump will end-up in prison. Trump is their Repub and TP Messiah.

        2. Gary D Flatt says

          There is a hyena somewhere on the plains of Africa, who is missing his lunch.

        3. richard king says

          This is a civil case. There appears to be more evidence of happy students, including the plaintiff who brought the initial suit and then quit, than there are malcontents. There will be no jail, ignorance of the law and nonsensical comparisons lead to just more of the same lamebrain commentary.

      2. albaby2 says

        “his people”? You mean the illegals?

      3. Gary D Flatt says

        President Trump said, ANY judgment would be based in the LAW, not emotional payback. A concept far beyond your understanding.

      4. richard king says

        You just made Trump’s case. Moreover, this is a civil lawsuit, not a criminal proceeding, so Trump will not be going to jail, regardless of the outcome.His opponent, Clinton, however, appears to have committed a number of felonies, and will probably need an Obama intervention with an obedient attorney general or a pardon to escape several years in jail.

    9. Justified says

      Mr. Levy; At least Donald Trump has a history that can be accessed unlike “our” current

    10. KayO says

      You’re absolutely correct. The right is moving left every day. I’m bored with those who claim to be conservative, yet vote with the left simply because they can’t handle the name-calling which is designed for no other reason than to control them. Any political leader who can’t discern false allegations designed to control them need to be removed from office.

  6. jack says

    We need the rule of law to apply to everyone . If Hildabeast is guilty shehe needs to be tried in a court of law and then if found guilty . Shehe needs to be placed in front of a firing squad for treason and executed for the death of 4 Americans . Plus putting our nation in danger for allowing the email home brew server to be hacked .

    1. Snoopdoggydoug says

      Actually if you really had looked into this, you would have learned, her emails were never hacked, where as the governments email was.

      1. Defend America says

        Actually they are now saying there is the possibility her e-mails were hacked by the Russians…the proof has not been verified yet. The Russians claim they hacked her e-mails twice.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Just because I shoot at you and miss. Does that mean I should not face any criminal charges???
        Do you know how Email works? You have no idea what’s in it, until you open it!
        When her Blackberry E-mail chimed, she didn’t know if Bill wanted her to pick up a pizza, if Chelcy needed advice or something, or if a General in Iraq just sent her the battle plans for next week….
        We all know why she had her own private server. She helped vote in the Patriot Act. She knew if her or Bill had any incrementing E-mails, they could go to the server to erase the messages before law enforcement got to them.
        The Server you and I use, belong to our phone carriers. If the FBI, CIA, Local Law Enforcement need to read our E-mails for an investigation. They serve a warrant for our account to the phone carrier, and retrieve them. You and I can’t erase any messages on the server, because we don’t own it.

        1. richard king says

          Well said, and the implicit reason was to avoid any scrutiny under the Freedom of Information Act.She is a liar, and part of the deal was a scheme to funnel money to the Clinton foundation. She and Bill are common thieves, and will be caught unless the equally corrupt Obama covers it all up.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Aren’t you one of her paid trolls sent to disrupt conservative sites?

      4. Jimmy Quick says

        Not true. She was hacked several times and was told about it directly. Then Hitlery went promptly to her palates class and on to get her “beauty” rest for the day.

        Any one who votes for this piece of crap had better have their heads examined.

        1. RichWS says

          Again Republican BS with no facts. There are no verified facts that her emails were ever hacked. You guys just make up crap and your low life supporters just buy into it.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            The Russians claim they did it multiple times and a forensic reading of the hard drive has proven that the Chinese had unfettered access. It’s all over the news.

      5. richard king says

        You actually believe this? The Secretary of State of the USA has her emails on a private email that any amateur can hack, and no foreign adversary bothers to do so?O course the server was hacked.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Hillary Clinton
      Inmate of the year
      Let’s Make America Great Again!!!!!!

    3. Mathew Molk says

      She’s anti gun,,,,Let’s hang her,,,,slowly

    4. Conrad B Dreczko says

      could say the same thing for the incumbent as well along with all the staffs and aids that were in on it

  7. TheBucko says

    The Home Depot pledge’s allegiance to its LGBT-friendly belief system for many years. Strange to read this guy is a conservative. If he really is, watch out Bernie!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      That’s an interesting point. Maybe all those LBGT decisions were made by the Board Room, or Stock Holders????
      Gay people running a huge hardware and lumber store, only in America!!
      (I actually don’t know if my last sentence is true, but it is ironic)

  8. Julia says


    1. Yasuko Kearney says

      What are you against about Marcus? He has been very vocal about what has been going on. He is another very outspoken individual that refreshing to listen to. Julia, are you cranky or just got off from a wrong side of the bed?

      1. Julia says


        1. Mathew Molk says

          Take off the Cap Lock – You look like a retard who doesn’t know how to type.

          1. Julia says


      2. grafra102 says

        Had too much KOOL AID!!!

      3. Gen11American says

        Home Depot was one of the first corporations to promote Gay rights. Now that the LGBT has gained a foothold on society, they’re pushing their disgusting agenda everywhere, even upon our youngest children in schools, trying to promote transgenderism via propaganda to increase their numbers! Why do you suppose Putin doesn’t allow homosexuality to be promoted in Russia? And why do you suppose Hitler incinerated the homosexuals in Germany? It was because both men realized that homosexuality totally degrades a society! Now under Obama’s leadership, we have to endure having the Rainbow LGBT colors lighting up the White House when thousands of years of human history is overturned by a Supreme Court turned radical by globalist judges!

  9. Jo Ann Campos says

    Mr. Marcus glad you are ready to hop onto the Trump Train. Together we will win the White House and take our Nation back. I enjoy shopping at Home Depot! Vote: Donald J. Trump 2016 President.

    1. Bill says

      Home Depot what will they sell? Everything they sell is made in China . Go Trump. Buy made in america!

    2. RichWS says

      You obviously have an IQ of less than 70. That would be required for you to want what you spew.

      1. Jo Ann Campos says

        No, I want to live.

  10. PBLOVER says

    Love a smart business man!

  11. annefarrelly says

    The Left would not have any money to hand out to their supporters if it were not for the hard working conservatives who pay most of the taxes. I believe that Trump would be doing much better in the polls if his supporters would be home to answer the survey calls but they are at work!

    1. Snoopdoggydoug says

      You’re funny !!!!

      1. Mary Brumley says

        I know. The hard-working Americans are “funny” to free-loaders! Just the nature of the beast.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Same for protesters.

      We are at work carrying tools while they are in DC carrying signs.

      1. MAHB001 says

        What? the Unions pay them to carry signs…. Probably more than minimum wage too.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Polls are generated to match a specific outcome…

      If the polls indicated that Trump was doing a lot better, the Liberal Press would ignore that poll.

      Fight the Liberal MEDIA at:

    4. deepthink says

      Great point!!!

    5. RichWS says

      Conservatives are NOT the only people working although you like to make that statement which is entirely false. Typical Republican BS

    6. JAG007 says

      now I know a few of you are mentally impaired but this idiotic bitch takes the prize. “conservatives pay most of the taxes”. I’m sorry if you are challenged but I think you’re a lying bitch. Little history lesson for you sweetie. Most GOPers are white-collar as opposed to Dems are blue-collar. GOP has ALWAYS stood back-to-back with Big Busness & the financial elite. ALWAYS. Dems have backed the working class & unions. ALWAYS . Now Anne guess which group has the money to pay scumbag lawyers to find ALL the loopholes in the Tax Code Stop the lies or shut up

  12. Daniel Mount says

    Donald Trump all the way to the White House.

    1. grafra102 says


    2. Mark Clemens says

      Get America out of Obama’s Dump
      Vote for Donald J. Trump!!

      If you want the government take your gun
      Vote for Hillary Clinton.

    3. RichWS says

      yeah send time straight to the toilets so we can flush him down the toilet so he can join all the other poop which he obviously is part of.

      1. Daniel Mount says

        Yes! Obama even looks like it.

      2. mac12sam12 says


  13. Gail says

    Home Depot will continue to have my business. It is a disgrace that so many business’s have chided with the stupid bunch . Trump is right about trade agreements . Our factories went to Mexico and we get their illegals to keep up ? If we take a stand against these business’s and stop buying the junk they send us the factories will have to come back on our terms . Are new companies can replace them when Trump becomes president so they can start up new companies . As it is the Obama administration has killed any new business in this country . Americans lives depend on jobs 95 million Americans are out of work and the jobs available are given to illegals . And yet we are suppose to pay for their upkeep !

    1. Southerner says

      Started to go to Lowe’s yesterday for lawn supplies–but something told me to shop HD.
      Soooo glad I did.
      Thank for this article!!! TRUMP 2016

    2. bb says

      I spend a lot of money with Home Depot. I think they could sell cheaper if they cut overhead. I was at the one on Wendover road in Charlotte the other day. They must have 30 people plus working there. 25 were standing around with their finger up they’re arse. One Negrk was actually standing around holding his private.

      1. roger says

        at least at homedepot you can find someone to help you find something. i went to lowes the other day and asked an employee how to find something and he looked at me like i didnt know what i was talking about and walked away instead of trying to get me some help! i found it on my own.

      2. roger says

        home depot is the only 1 that helps vets. no lowes or menards. home depot helped my wife get a 34 foot ramp. it was not the va. it did not cost me anything and the manager & asst. manager came to my house and put it together the week between christmas and new year. it was 11 degrees out.

  14. 2ThinkN_Do2 says

    No one’s perfect and BM just verified he isn’t.

  15. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Sanders an admitted Socialist, & should be in a Home for the insane. Hitlery a criminal(& never should have been on the ticket) should be in Prison for multiple charges of treason. . Trump an American businessman. Maybe not perfect, but compared to the other two…. America’s only choice.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Let’s see- Word association

      Pragmatic,,,Dynamic,,,, That would be Trump.

      Corkscrew,,,,Dishonest…That would be Clinton..

  16. Gen11American says

    We want such a radical change in the direction this country is headed, the very name of Obama will have no more relevance than spilled milk which has been mopped up and forgotten! When a leader of a country is an enemy of his own country, and spends eight years trying to destroy that country, as Obama has done, he doesn’t deserve to have a presidential legacy, nor a presidential library, either.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I hope so.

      It would be great, my friend.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker says

      You don’t want radical change. You whiners and freeloaders sit on computes day after day when you should have your butt ends busy at jobs earning a living instead of begging tax subsidies, welfare, corporate welfare and creating more costs for the pollution your pollluter industries is creating. Not to worry. Most morons who can’t figure out the more you pollute, the faster you kill yourselves off.

      1. Gen11American says

        Hey dipstick, I personally put in 37.5 years at high production jobs, worked myself to the bone, plus took care of my aging mother for 12 years. I thus suggest you shut the hell up and cease making assumptions about bloggers you’re responding to!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Hey Dimwit. I personally put in 44 years in the workforce in 4 major corporations. I also took care of my aging mother who was on dialysis for 12 year. Men like you piss and moan about work, when women all know you lunatics are bullies, BS artists and mostly hate the only four letter word that turns you into pyschos…W O R K.

          I suggest you get a lifer loser Man. As a woman, I am equal to you in every way. As a woman, I can use the same Constitutional right to free speech as you. So Bully mouth…thanks for proving what you men are not…MEN. Mostly horse manure in dessication phase.

          Awww…hurts your little hinny that the Patriarchal regime of the last 235+ years in government, big business and religion is over don’t you? Boooo hooo…now..don’t you dare EVER tell me what to do. You can’t stop me from posting my opinion. Another thing you control freak men hate.

          1. Gen11American says

            Hey, dipstick, I’m not a male, either! Quit making assumptions! Sheesh, what an idiot. Don’t respond to any of my posts and I won’t respond to any of yours!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The more you tell me NOT to post, the more I intend to post. Who the hell are you to tell ME what I can and can’t do? This is a PUBLIC forum and you don’t own it. Now, get a life, get a job, get off that welfare you hicks all manage to call “income” and stop telling other adults what they can and can’t do.

            Yeesh…what a pissbrain!

          3. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Made yet another enemy?

          4. Gen11American says

            Hey dipstick, you’re making false assumptions again. I’m not a male, I’m a woman, and after watching how females are driving up our national debt into the trillions with all their liberal demands, I much prefer Conservative males to be in charge of our government! Look up and see how many of our female U.S. Senators and female reps earn D’s and F’s on immigration issues, which means they support foreigners and illegal aliens more than U.S. workers! As for Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t vote for that “Most corrupt female politician on Earth” even if a gun was pressed to my head! That female will ruin this nation!

          5. Darrell Maynard says

            Women like you are the dirty work good honest hard working men leave behind, I have never felt any type of superiority over women but never heard many actually speak so condescending as you have. God made you to be man’s help mate and what is s p bad about letting men do the work and when they need help to be here for them.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I’m drawing Social Security and Retirement Checks. Is that OK w/you?

  17. Mark Clemens says

    Well now we know where Trump will buy the building materials for the Southern Border Wall!!!! Maybe there will be enough blocks leftover, to construct a prison cell for Hillary!!
    Way to go Home Depot!!!!!

  18. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Yes there will be a shake up but we need that if AMERICA IS TO SURVIVE.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


  19. Della Furlow Wicks says

    Good for home depot! Go #TRUMP!!

    1. melmack 1 says

      I agree

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      go trump next elected PRESIDENT Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. peter says

    Bernie is probably sick of all the illegals hanging out in the parking lots of his Home Depots.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Hey Bernie,
      How ’bout taking down all the Spanish signs?
      Same at Lowe’s
      It really dose offend me and a lot of other tradesmen I know.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Lowes got rid of all AMERICAN made electrical tools and replaced them with chinese shit !!!

  21. Star Messenger says

    If anyone here (I suspect everyone) wants the straight dope on Hillary Google: Larry Nichols
    But, I warn you, have your Valium nearby. If Hillary escapes indictment before election day, I’m sure Trump will be asking some very pointed questions concerning what Larry Nichols did for the Clintons when they were in Arkansas. And, if Hillary loses the election…

  22. PJ says

    OMG… article written by a media outlet (as it were) that is spot on!! It could not have been said better. The bottom line, as stressed in the article, is that Hillary will, completely and profoundly, alter this country to the point that it is not recognizable. Trump is no saint, by any means, but he seems to have the concepts and vision correct and we cannot afford anything else at this time. This country MUST be moved off the path of destruction and set right (no pun intended).

    BTW, the angst you see from leaders of other countries that denigrate Trump, as a whole (again, Trump is not a saint) is not for the reasons they say it is. They all want the USA brought down to their level. It will make their vision and economic agendas more productive for them. They DO NOT want those “great” trades deals rewritten as they would not be able to take advantage of the USA as they have in the past 20 years.

  23. Milton W. Lowe says

    It’s still relatively simple for me: TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker says

      Really? America is already great. It’s men like Madoff, Adelson, Charles and David Koch and the thief of NJ taxes…Donald J. Trump. The “J” stand for jerk.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ……….We can do better than this, I’ve seen it done.

      2. melmack 1 says

        Wow, and what color pills has obama prescribed for you Eleanor? Looks like you are seeing the world thru obamas rose colored glasses. Love it when I can say, The emporer has no clothes”…LOL

      3. Milton W. Lowe says


  24. Tiger says

    Anyone with common sense, regardless of age or party is for Trump. The horrible violence that was perpetrated on Trump supporters recently, these perps carrying Mexican flags and most likely illegal is proof positive Trump is on the right track on everything.

    Recently I dug up the scoop on the judge after Trump U and yes he is prejudiced, has ties with La Raza and is anti-white big time. Our country is infested with the “Enemy Within” and they are rearing their ugly heads everywhere.

  25. deepthink says

    Let’s start a new direction!! We need a business person to correct the direction of the way we have been headed under the current administration!

  26. True Disbeliever says

    Home Depot USED TO BE my go-to store. Never again. You all sound like paranoid illiterates. I would imagine that drumpf has the best emails in the world, bar none. If drumpf is elected, try to find a minute to Google “nuclear cloud.” The radiation will not just hang over the Middle East, while they “kill each other and have fun.” He doesn’t have a clue about ANYTHING. You might also check out the nuclear triad and Brexit. He also doesn’t know what they are. I’m waiting for someone to ask him to locate Benghazi on a map of the world… or any other place where he doesn’t have a golf course. (I’m really enjoying my yuge Social Security check (freebies), which my late husband [who’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery] and I paid into for 60 years.)

    1. melmack 1 says

      Wow, you really need a mental help….do you actually understand what the muslim and liberals have done to America??? It appears not!

  27. Rock J. Dueck says

    His support for Mr. Trump will get my support for Home Depot.

  28. daveveselenak says

    All communist regimes destroy the middle class and capitalism – this homo and lezbo Godless Satan worshipping regime that is led by a Muslim-Marxist jihadist and “Dick-taker-N-Thief” is no different, why they are not being identified as such by the (opposition?) and the State-run, fifth column media and a nation comprised of mostly sheeple and dumb-downed and drugged-up (m)asses explains why we are the “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA that the half-black bastard in the “Outhouse” – literally and figuratively – has successfully accomplished! His skin color is an excellent metaphor for his damned soul – black as hell, the demonic psychopath that he is! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr===================================?, you will be needing them if you would rather be free than a slave to the State and live a life of misery and squalor while these Godless ghouls live the lives of kings and queens as they currently are doing on your and my dimes! mInr, NSA!

  29. Rick Rogers says

    This is great to know.. I can make sure I spend my money at Lowes now instead of Home Depot

    1. albaby2 says

      The air in Home Depot will smell better if you go to Lowes.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        It might if you start taking daily showers

  30. susan miller says


  31. aqualine says

    Well then, I am happy to shop at Lowe’s

  32. lolastaples says

    I agree and my vote is for TRUMP!

  33. Fedup says

    Oh but you didn’t build that… ?

  34. yellowjacket2 says

    Thank you for your courageous stand Mr. Marcus. And I also thank you for the 5% discount that you give us veterans.

  35. Blanche Blevins says

    All you Trump lovers are hilarious. Can’t wait until you find out what a democrat he really is. Ha Ha!

  36. The Dutchman says

    I find it hard to believe the founder of homo depot would do this….

  37. marlene.langert says

    Thank God ,more of us Jews are becoming conservatives and voting for Trump. I cannot find a way to understand how any Jew voted for Obama or would vote for Bernie or Hillary. All three hate Jews.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      I have really bad news for you:: Bernie Sanders is Jewish.
      Moreover, he spent time in Israel working on a kubbutz.

      1. marlene.langert says

        I know quite well that Bernie Sanders was born Jewish and even worked at a commune kibbutz in Israel when he was young. At the time he worked there, kibbutz’s were all socialist. That is why he was there. He has never been connected with anything Jewish since then. Most Jews, including me and Bernie, no longer consider him to be Jewish. He does not support anything Jewish including Israel. So, you had no nws for me and never will.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Your post is almost entirely false.

          His being Jewish makes it impossible for him to be elected. Bernie Sanders is the first serious Jewish candidate for President of the United States

          America remains very bigoted. Trump fits that hate, he is both fascistic and anti-Semitic.

  38. truth and facts says

    Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The “Stupid”…
    › tipsheet
    › Katie Pavlich
    Obamacare is a sham and the American people have been lied to and deceived every step of the way. Further, Obamacare has never been popular with the American people.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      The Affordable Care Act has become very popular.
      More employers, than ever, are providing health benefits.

  39. truth and facts says

    This emphasizes just how important this coming election is. This coming election will decide our fate.

    Saul Alinsky: How to Create a Social State :

    “Damn Scary”

    This is based on Saul Alinsky’s eight steps From
    Democracy to Socialism (A Progressive, Communist society).

    Obama Quotes him often in his book and Hillary did her thesis on Alinsky’s.



    are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to
    create a socialist/communist State. The first is the most important


    1. Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People”
    DONE !!

    Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor People
    are easier to control and will not fight back if the government is
    providing everything for them to live.

    Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.” That way
    you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty.

    Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the
    Government. That way you are able to create a Police State – total
    local control.

    5. Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income).

    6. Education: Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School.

    7. Religion: Remove faith in God from the Government and Schools. ALMOST THERE!!!

    Class Warfare: Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor.
    Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier
    to Tax the Wealthy with full support of the voting Poor.

    The bases are all covered! We are ripe!

    Forward this – or delete it and just sit there and wring your hands

    1. AKLady2015 says

      People like you are damn scarry.
      You have been busy destroying America for 50+ years.

  40. RichWS says

    I guess I will do all my shopping at Lowe’s now instead of Home Depot.

  41. RichWS says

    So Trump thinks it is OK to go after Hilary’s husband then I think it is fair to go after Malania. Time to put up billboards with the picture of her showing her ass asking “do you want this ass to represent America?”

  42. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    EVERYBODY Supports TRUMP except low energy Liberal Democrackhead racist hateful liberal thugs!!!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your “low energy” mem is worn out.
      Find another mindless phrase to repeat incessantly

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Ok what about Democrackhead liberal racist is that better?

        Now go wav dat fist on high and say Crooked Hillary!!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
          Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?
          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Why do you embarrass Liberalism with childish name calling?

            Why do you embarrass Real America with your thug talk?

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Are you stamping your feet to go with the screaming?

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more,
            you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

  43. jack says

    GO TRUMP 2016

  44. Karen Kish says

    I already boycott Home Depot due to their disgusting & unethical practices in handling both employees & customers injured on site. No surprise to hear this then.

  45. CUZIN ERN says

    Running against a BAGGER who got his first pay check in congress and a born inveterate Liar should be running together, but sex wouldn’t be an issue as instead of sleeping together, one would have to romp around in the Lincoln bed room!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You are terribly misinformed.

      Three times re-elected as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He is the longest-serving independent in Congressional history. Sixteen years inthe House. Three terms in the Senate. Re-elected with 71% of the vote.

      Employment history: Head Start teacher, psychiatric aide, carpenter, author, and founded a hisotircal non-profit. There is even a stint on a kibbutz in Isreal.

      Unlike the overwhelming majority of people in politics, Sanders actually understands poverty.
      He lived it.

  46. JAG007 says

    this is the site to come to for a good laugh- nothing but childish distortions

  47. Richard Southerland says

    Now, we have Bill Kristol coming up with another conservative to run as a third party candidate. All that will do is split the conservative vote and guarantee the Lying Witch from Hell the Presidency. Stop it, Bill. You will be the one we will credit with the third Clinton term in the White House. Just think. We can’t split the Conservative vote and think one will win. What you are planning to do is the epitome of hubris and stupidity.

    1. DGJC says

      Conservatives are idiots.

      1. BD says

        Milton Friedman is not an idiot. Neither is Justice Clearance Thomas,

        1. DGJC says

          His name is Clarence and he certainly is an idiot. He’s an Uncle Tom who married a white woman’s and doesn’t understand why it’s wrong to deny gays the right to marry. He’s a fraud.

          1. BD says

            Now you are also a racist.

          2. DGJC says


  48. disqus_e1rjNMkUay says

    CAREFUL !!!! Last year, Home Depot made accommodations for Sharia Law. The founder must know of the branch of Home Depot, that entertained the idea.

  49. RuFus92 says

    He’s right we cannot have Hillary or Bernie Fife in the oval affice.

  50. Roswell Evans says

    Trump is the Republican nominee, get over it, we surely don’t want another 4 years of democrats. At least try to balance the budget and quit apologizing for everything we are drawn into.

  51. Mary Brumley says

    Home Depot has always been a very good and really American Store!

  52. Forrest Huck London says

    Marcus is absolutely right we should not be spouting negatives about donald trump but positives and this man has a lot of positives for the well being of our country and I believe God is behind Trump for the good of this nation

  53. jon says

    Hillary will turn this country into a third world shithole, Obama is not done with the process.

  54. Racebannon24 says

    Guess I will stop shopping at Home Depot and all my business will go to Lowe’s, As an Independent voter I do not support Trump and will not shop or buy products that do support him.

  55. soldier for liberty says

    Just canceled Lowes card!

  56. Deb says

    Never again should we suffer the bigot’s idea of
    America like obama’s , the socislists view of America like bernie’s, and as a giant piggy bank, like congress uses with their schemes and self interest programs. Hillary trying to con her way back to the WH, where she has no business being!, she is a lying, screeching, power hungry witch who pulls out her trophy boy when she tries to con us into putting bill back in government with her taking no accountability for her non-action that cost the lives of Americans!

  57. Bebe Nix says

    Hey! Let’s all shop at Home Depot for the things we want and need. We love Trump and Home Depot.

  58. Arizona Don says

    It is not those who purposely spread those heinous lies that are destroying this nation it is those who readily believe them without requiring verifiable facts. Those who do not know history and are willing to repeat the unknown. Donald Trump it is said is a counter puncher a counter attacker if you will. Just as any counter puncher has a purpose his are meant to destroy the charger. In most cases they have worked and will likely continue to do so

    Anyone who sees reality will recognize Donald’s “support” is non-wavering and steadfast in their resolve to give him the chance to “Make America Great once Again.” The communist democrats have managed to nearly completely dismantle America and our free enterprise system of government and if hillary is elected she will manage to complete that destruction called a fundamental transformation.

    It is obvious Donald Trump is sincere in his determination to get America back on track and end the systematic destruction imposed upon the American people over the last nearly eight years. What he is doing he is doing for love of country not greed or need. The fact we as a nation have been able to survive all the effort put into our destruction speaks volumes for those opposing this NWO effort by obama. The fact however, Donald Trump has used millions of his own funds must certainly prove his intentions are both good and honorable.

    The very first thing a NWO will do, once established, is get rid of the dissenters. Those opposing such a flawed objective. They will be punished with a death sentence just as that which happened in the 20th century in dozens of countries when nearly 200 million, or more, citizens were murdered by their own governments. Once they were disarmed. We must not lose sight of the past. It should be our guide for future actions.

    America over the last eight years has been overrun with immorality and other destructive forces not immediately obvious to those who have given their soul to the devil for free stuff which is only making them slaves in their own country. But even worse they are volunteering for that slavery and think they are being helped. They’re not. It seems many have forgotten any government that can give someone anything they want can and will eventually take everything they have including their lives. History, of the 20th century, is repeating itself here in America. It will succeed unless sanity prevails and these destroyers like obama, hillary, soros and a myriad of other communists are defeated. We are currently in a life and death struggle here in America. The power vacuum left by obama taking down Americas roll in the world will surely be filled with either a califate or Russia and/or China. The oppressors of the world are now getting the upper hand and without someone like Donald Trump they will surely take over all nations. Perhaps that is actually obama’s true goal.

  59. Eddie says

    Der would-be Fuhrer Trumpf is a bully, a con artist, a pathological liar, and a fraud. Trumpf won’t fight the system, because he IS the system. Trumpf is NO BETTER than corrupt Hillary. He will NOT build the wall; he will NOT deport the illegals; he will NOT keep Muslim terrorists from entering our country. Trumpf will betray the American people. The “J” in Donald J. Trump stands for Judas. Trumpf and Hillary Clinton are both disgusting and disgraceful.. I will vote for a 3rd party candidate in November (or write in Ted Cruz) for President.

  60. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU says

    Donald Trump was never a serious political candidate until he made a speech that he would
    1) Send 11 million illegal non-citizens back to Mexico
    2) He would build a wall along the entire Mexican Border that no one could cross
    3) Mexico would pay to build the wall
    Immediately 20-25% of Republicans were backing “The Donald” for President. I won’t say that all people that back Trump are BIGOTS, but let’s face facts – the majority of Trump supporters are BIGOTS.

  61. KayO says

    Please watch the Agenda films by Curtis Bowers: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. We need to expose the left’s true agenda, even to their indoctrinated fools.

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