Franken Accidentally Forces Liberals to Put Up or Shut Up


Call it Al Franken’s funniest bit to date: Through being exposed as a hypocritical, sexual harasser, the Democrat senator from Minnesota has stolen away all of that unearned moral high ground his party had been enjoying over the past couple of weeks.

While every Democrat in Washington and New York took turns trying to outdo each other in the “Roast Roy Moore” Olympic Games (while sleazily trying to gain even more moral ground through long overdue denunciations of Bill Clinton), Leeann Tweeden was waiting to come forward with a secret she’d been harboring for more than a decade. But now the cat’s out of the bag, the Democrats are back down in the slime, and suddenly they’ve been handed an ultimatum: Put up or shut up.

While there have been a few unseemly attempts to cover up Franken’s behavior as “just a joke” or “something that happened before he was a politician,” we’re pleased to see that Democrats – by and large – are taking these accusation against him seriously. Whether that will continue or come to a quick end remains to be seen; then again, if the Hollywood scandal party has come to Washington, we may have forgotten all about Moore and Franken by the end of November. There’s no telling what kind of dirty laundry may be ready to spill out all over the steps of the Capitol. Or how many high-and-mighty politicians will wish they had been a little slower to run to a microphone over the Moore allegations.

“Sexual harassment is never acceptable and must not be tolerated,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in response to the Franken accusations. “I hope and expect that the Ethics Committee will fully investigate this troubling incident, as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment.”

Big talk, but we’ll see if it goes anywhere. If Democrats continue to treat Franken like a trusted and valued colleague while calling for Alabama voters and, indeed, the Senate leadership to reject Roy Moore, then we will be witness to the greatest instance of rank hypocrisy in the history of politics. Well, not counting all of those liberals who acted like the Access Hollywood tape was the epitome of horror while turning a blind eye to the allegations against Bill Clinton, that is. Oh, and not counting about a thousand other instances of left-wing “do as I say not as I do” foolishness. But at LEAST the worst hypocrisy this week.

At least.

  1. Justin Seine says
    1. Mathew Molk says

      If she’s into it,,,,,,, none of my business.

  2. gotabgood says

    Maybe it is time to have the Donald put up…
    I have a question… where is Trump and his allegations on his misconduct?
    He doesn’t say much about Moore…
    He jumps on Franken and his photo.. does it look more like a prank or a lustful manic? I mean you can tell he is posing for the photo! It is plain to see his left hand is not touching her… hard to tell about the right hand, but I believe not.. He was a comedian….
    What about Trumps video of him confessing and then women coming up and verify that video. He says “locker room” talk and all is forgiven? Calls all the women liars…. and him a KNOWN LIAR about any and all things… we are to believe him over the video and the women?

    1. Retired says

      AK squeezing your sack and you squeak , oh I forgot you are one and the same Muslim trash .

    2. Donald Kilb says

      First of all I’d say your analysis of the photo is correct. Al Franken was a comedian and no one I’d watch anyway let alone consider a credible politician but I think this whole thing is a farce trying to keep the whole harassment diversion going. Sexual or any harassment needs to be dealt with appropriately but this handling is just trying to top somebody else.

      As for the access Hollywood thing, anybody male or female, in a locker room has heard worse if they will admit it and as a girl told me years back “there are the talkers and the doers”.

      1. Ron Williams says

        Not too much difference these days comparing girl talk with bro talk. In a setting with a bunch of guys, the comments surface very quickly as men are wired that way. As for ladies, it just takes them a bit longer for the conversation to develop along the same lines but in the end there is not too much to separate the two groups.

    3. Bob Pante says

      Where is the proof.

      1. ABO says

        There is no truth, Bob. gotabamoron has a vast selection of canned excuses for the behavior of his liberal/regressive heroes. All part of his package of talking points he received when he signed on as a paid troll for the pile of human waste known as George Soros.

    4. says

      And would you feel the same if it were your wife or daughter? This isn’t beergate, no need for comment.

    5. mac12sam12 says

      When Trump was king go NY, do you think that he had trouble getting women? Pence/Hailey2024!

    6. mac12sam12 says

      I hear that former WH boy toy Reggie Love has an announcement about Obama.

  3. Elton Hartzler says

    . . . It wasn’t just that one woman in the pic and it’s not just him. Ask the woman who got her face slimed off by him. It’s the entire slimy, self-entitled culture of liberalism all over the country from Hollywood all the way to up to Bill Clinton. As for calling women liars Hillary’s the expert on that one.


    1. ARJAY says

      hitlery is the biggest liar of them all! THAT’S why hitlery believes ALL women are liars!!

      1. The Redhawk says

        I wonder if AL the FREAK Franken will try to take a page from the LYING champ of all ages of the (D) party of LIARS , aka the SICK COW of CHappaqua, and Blame his GROPING of a YOUNG WOMAN ai the IOWA fair because she has an OUTSTANDING RACK!

        1. Harold says

          You’re confusing him with a Republican. He accepted responsibility, apologized, blamed no one but himself and welcomed an investigation.
          Unlike Trump and Moore…

          1. Dogwoodacres says

            That would be because Trump never laid a hand on anyone unless consensual. Real questions about the Moore allegations too since accuser’ s attorney Allred may soon be charged with conspiracy to defraud and altering/forging that yearbook.

          2. niknar says

            “That would be because Trump never laid a hand on anyone unless consensual.” Hahaha! You really believe that?

          3. SamVBar says

            I do believe that. And I believe that the relationship between Bill Clinton and Monica was consensual. She was willing to do whatever for Bill and that was her downfall.

          4. niknar says

            Well, at least your naïveté is bipartisan.

          5. SamVBar says

            My opinion has nothing to do with being a naivete person. I call the shots the way they fall. I don’t like many Democrats and I don’t like many Republicans. So does that make me naive? I doubt that the title can be placed upon me based on my political likes and dislikes. However; thanks for your input.

          6. niknar says

            Thanks for being a lot more polite than most of the other people here!

          7. The Redhawk says

            Well said but STUPID!.. Try when outside of a self IMPRESSED MOMENT

          8. niknar says

            “Try when outside of a self OMPRESSED MOMENT”

            Where are you from? This is not English.

          9. The Redhawk says

            Over your HEAD eh STUPID? I said IMPRESSED

          10. niknar says

            I’m not impressed at all with your incoherence.

          11. The Redhawk says

            As though your IMPRESSION actually matters.. now go to a corner and CURL UP

          12. kenrmer says

            Monica was 2 years older than Chelsea.

          13. Frank Taylor says

            even if consensual, it likely could be called sexual harassment at the very least. I can not imagine how pressured she felt in presence of our highest elected official. then again, she did make millions from it.

          14. Ron Williams says

            I often have wondered what type of woman keeps a sperm stained dress in strategic reserve for future DNA analysis!

          15. Mathew Molk says

            One like Lewinsky the democrat gold digging bitch.

          16. kbmiller says

            Hmmmmmmmm Gloria Allred, would she be referred to as a,”Hooker chaser” instead of an “Ambulance chaser”?

          17. John Douglas says

            Russian troll , bye

          18. niknar says

            Thanks for identifying yourself. Bye!

          19. LM61 says

            What are you, fvcking third grade!??!!! Go back to your mommy’s basement, this Conservative blog is no place for you!

          20. niknar says

            Obviously a forum for enlightened, civil discussion is no place for you! Go back to your tribe!

          21. rfrichey says

            Tribe? Now you are showing your racism.

          22. niknar says

            You think tribally. Whatever those in whom you’ve recklessly put your faith say you believe, & you blindly & reflexively reject every other source of information, treating all Americans not in your tribe as aliens & enemies.

          23. Mathew Molk says

            OK assbag. That got you blocked.

          24. niknar says

            You, who want to remain in the dark & gladly accept whatever nonsense the right-wing propaganda machine serves you, refusing to hear anything else, are hopeless, anyway.

          25. donS2 says

            You who just believe what the left tells you with no thought on your own is much worse that Mr. Molk.

          26. niknar says

            I think for myself & come up with my own ideas, arguments & solutions, while almost everybody else just regurgitates what they read or hear from some right-wing propaganda outlet into this echo chamber, with no original thought besides occasionally some bizarre fantasy.

          27. BC Shelby says

            …but Nik, you should know by now that Sourpuss Orange Flavour Fool Aid laced with 100% more HFCS (Highly Fanatical Conservative Spew) has them all totally hooked and diluted any capacity for reason of common sense.

          28. niknar says

            I see. Turning somebody’s else’s insult to me back against them is too much for you, eh? What an extremely low tolerance level you have! Or do you have a special place in your heart for the Russian troll named John Douglas?

          29. John Douglas says

            At least use an American name , your not even trying

          30. niknar says

            Like you did? And I know English isn’t your native language, but it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

          31. John Douglas says

            My people came over on the Mayflower , now make yourself useful and tell your pals at the DNC to keep their hands to themselves

          32. Steve Kish says

            what a pussy comment….

          33. niknar says

            What a moronic comment!

          34. Mathew Molk says

            Yes,,,,,And only a queer would not chase women, and the President is absolutely no sissy. There is nothing at all with asking a lady for a date or saying complementary things to her,,,unless you are a feminazi or a gold digging bitch.

            How many men would ever gotten marred if we hadn’t, according to the NWO Marxists (aka democrats) “sexually harnessed” the women that became the mothers of the children we had together. Only Feminazis and queers think flattery and “courting” ladies is sexual harassment.

          35. niknar says

            I see… Since it is your normal daily routine to chase women, you think that it is acceptable for any man to do it against the woman’s will?

            There are certainly varying degrees of sexual harassment & sexual predation & just showing interest in someone, & distinctions should be made among them, as distinctions should be made according to relative age & power & whether or not it’s mutually consensual. And we should withhold judgment on the accused until the evidence is so preponderant that any rational observer could no longer deny it. Weinstein has clearly gone far past that line, & the evidence against Trump & Moore (& now Charlie Rose) are very close to that line, if not over it, while the evidence against Franken is still in the early stages.

          36. Karma says

            Trump can have any woman he wants..his wife is the perfect, and i mean perfect example..if he was looking for a common sleazebag all he need do is start throwing hundreds at her, sooner or later she would be moaning of her own accord, because she consented…franken on the other hand would need either grope a feel or go get a loan hes to stupid and uuugly for hundreds to work.

          37. niknar says

            Trump has bragged he can have whatever girl he wants & can do whatever he wants to them. But if you don’t think Trump is ugly, you’d better have your eyes checked.

          38. Karma says

            Never mentioned looks, as i thought even slow people would pick up on the fact that a billionaire dont need looks but i guess i was wrong..and regardless, looks arent everything..maybe he can lick his eyebrows…maybe he has small hands because it went elsewhere..maybe women like his off camera personality, or, maybe, hes just got a lot of $…

          39. niknar says

            “hes to stupid and uuugly for hundreds to work” You did mention looks unless “uuugly” has a totally different meaning in your world. I just assumed it was another of your misspellings like the first 2 words in that quote.

          40. Karma says

            Your talking about what i said about the idiot were commenting on trumps appearance …maybe you need slow down and absorb before spouting off your replies…my world doesnt really involve arguing with deaf/blind idiots so feel free to argue amongst yourself…you make as much sense as many in govt…as for the mispellings, im not writing an essay, see no need for injecting an apostrophy, or adding an extra o, .if one cant figure out what im saying they need wake up or read elsewhere..also, unlike trump, ive got big hands, big fingers, and a very small typepad..and ugly is bad, uuugly is worse, like your personality..have a great day..

          41. niknar says

            You contradict yourself every time you comment, but that’s typical of a Trumpian destructionist, since your idol does the very same thing.

          42. Karma says

            Sound about like hillary herself..and fyi i didnt vote for trump..he is far from an idol..but, in the things he has been able to accomplish, i think he has done quite well..were it not for people like yourself in govt, mindlessly following the fold, in obstructing everything, he could probably accomplish alot more..for every soul in america, he could, take 10 grand out of his personal bank account, and give each 10, all the democrat party, the media, and of course hillary, would all immediately have a big @$$ problem with it…you are mindless fools…go hold your mommys apron while she cooks you some cookies and strokes your forehead…end.

          43. niknar says

            Obstructing is what Republicans did under Obama, trying unsuccessfully to make him a failed president, which McConnell admitted himself.

            I voted for neither corrupt corporatist nominee; in fact, I’ve never voted for a Clinton in my life, because I find them very untrustworthy.

            Trump is only out to enrich & empower himself & his family. He’s corporatist through & through & cares only about corporations & billionaires. He has only contempt for the rest of us, but the con-man-in-chief does talk a good game.

          44. Karma says

            The only vote a clinton could get out of me would be a guilty vote were i in a criminal jury in their case,..obama they thought would be their puppet boy and either he was, or on his own, he enacted or furthered an agenda very detrimental to the people in this country..what this country needs is clear all politicians from dc, and fill the govt with working people, farmers, etc, that know what the country needs not politicians with b/s agendas like globalism, filling their personal bank accounts, no matter the cost or damage to the american people..

          45. niknar says

            What we need is to cut these corporate ties that every president & most politicians seem to have. There’s supposed to be separation of church & state; we have seen that it’s no less important to have separation of corporation & state. Trump is corporate through & through. Hillary had strong ties to so many industries & large corporations (including most of the worst). Her husband was also closely connected to them. So were Reagan & especially the Bushes. Obama had less of a connection, but he filled his Cabinet, especially his economic team, with Goldman & Sachs people, who advocated for big business, not ordinary people. Even the attorney general had his own corporate ties & biases, which is why practically no bank executives went to jail after the Great Recession they caused.

          46. shamu9 says

            Niknar from the Planet Pluto! Begone Alien Fruit!

          47. Steve Kish says

            Your gay

          48. niknar says

            You’re illiterate

          49. BC Shelby says

            …one of the side effect of Fool Aid addiction mentioned above.

          50. niknar says

            Yes, but I always have hope that there at least a few people who attend a forum like this that are open to different ideas. They are few & far between, obviously. At some point, you’d think that even the gullible & dim-witted would realize that the propaganda they’ve been fed to rile them up against liberals & minorities does not adequately explain the political reality. For example, why after electing extreme right-wing Republican after extreme right-wing Republican their states continue to get progressively farther behind the rest of the country & world, even though their states receive most of the aid that blue states pay for.

          51. kbmiller says

            niknut, is that what your boyfriend talked you into, .”Be open to different ideas”? How was it? Hurt a little? The gullible and dim-witted have been brainwashed by leftist propagandists in the public education system in the USA for decades. Compare the state govts. of Texas with Cal., Ill., and NY. Most of the govts. problems were created by the stupid policies of DumbA$$o CROOKS, in exchange for votes. Welfare and illegal immigration closts are bankrupting many local districts. Conservative means ,”Keep, save the policies that made the USA the greatest nation ever”. Progressive policies create regressive results because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Get some facts before you expose your stupidity AGAIN.

          52. mrpoohead says

            Personal attacks – pot, kettle?

          53. niknar says

            I have compared them. Texas government is notoriously crooked, corrupt & backward. California led the nation in recovering from the Great Recession, & is leading in innovations.

            It is unfortunate not only for you & your region, but also the whole country, that you ended up so uneducated & unable to think critically, because due to your ignorance & gullibility, we end up with destructive losers like Trump as president, tearing our country apart. Before criticizing education, why don’t you try getting some?

          54. kbmiller says

            nikliksnuts, Sorry Doc. degree with honors from a Big 10, blue state inst. Making $ millions as stocks SOAR. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE MAGA You aren’t very bright, are you? Shoulda had a major other than art, sociology or gender studies, you flaming JACKASS.

          55. niknar says

            I have no use for a greedy, materialistic lifestyle like you do.

          56. mrpoohead says

            Errrr; George Soros? Doubt you qualify for a degree. Your English is worse than mine.
            “Art” degrees, Image result for famous people with art degrees

            Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO. …

            Andrea Jung, Former Avon CEO. …

            Michael Eisner, Former Walt Disney Company CEO. …

            Richard Plepler, HBO CEO. …

            Carly Fiorina, Former Hewlett-Packard CEO. …

            John Mackey, Whole Foods Co-CEO. …

            Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO. …

            Steve Ells, Chipotle Co-CEO.

            You really are narrow minded.

          57. mrpoohead says

            And Mr Murdoch who is Fox News did the Arts too. Doofus!

          58. niknar says

            Nobody with a doctorate that I know would make such inane, illiterate, childish comments as you do.

            My degrees were in science.

          59. kbmiller says

            liknuts, Social science? Gender studies? How’s that workin’ out for ya? You must hang out with the pointy headed liberals. Pointy head….. pea brains. Ever hear of the term, “Individual accountability”? Someone I know went to a golf course at 12 yrs. old and worked every summer at stores and factories till he was 25 yrs. old, paying for his own tuition, room and board, Graduated with honors and a post grad. degree. That’s the American way. That’s how one builds character, self confidence and self esteem. Prejudiced leftist such as you earn NO respect from self made conservatives. We pity you FOOLS whose main goal in life seems to be correcting everyone’s thoughts and behavior except your own. Go away you feeble minded JACKASS. Leave discussions such as these for self made conservatives. You belong on Salon, MSNBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT, HuffPo, LGBTQ, etc. Go vent your spleen on leftist sites where the rest of you blubbering,crybaby IDIOTS hang out. Leave the adults alone.

          60. niknar says

            It is precisely these echo chambers of extreme right-wing propaganda that need the facts, science, reasoning & enlightenment that someone educated can provide & is otherwise sorely lacking here. I was invited here by someone from this blog who apparently thought (correctly) that this site needed a greater diversity of opinion, & I don’t frequent any of those sites you mention, nor did I major, or even take courses to my recollection, in the fields you mention, which is just 1 more piece in the mounting evidence showing how wrong-headed the assumptions & judgments that people like you make are.

          61. kbmiller says

            liknuts, I’m disinviting you. Hope that works. you are like dogshit on a shoe. You offer nothing worthwhile. Everything left is all you offer. That’s not diverse, it’s one sided BS. Grow up.

          62. niknar says

            All you’ve established is that you have a filthy, messed up mind

          63. kbmiller says

            niknuts, tell us, genius, what you have established. Let me help. You are a paid leftist troll. Admitted you were invited, HA!!! A simple minded parrot, useful idiot of the left. Unable to think for yourself you repeat Rachel Madcow, Chris Matthews and their ilk. Try something else, somewhere else you pea brained maggot.

          64. niknar says

            With every lie you utter, you undermine your own credibility & enhance mine. Keep it up!

          65. mrpoohead says

            Whereas you have proved you have the brain capacity of an amoeba?

          66. chuckkel says

            At least you quoted Trump correctly, he said he COULD have or touch any girl because they wanted him to, he never said that he DID do this.

          67. niknar says

            But many women & girls said he did.

          68. Craig Vandertie says

            niknar, if the IQ measured into the negative zone yours would be decimal and an infinite amount of zeros.

          69. niknar says

            I’m glad I impressed you that much!

          70. BC Shelby says

            …in more ways than just appearance.

          71. niknar says

            So true!

          72. kbmiller says

            But Hell LIAR y is sooooo pretty, inside and out. Her honesty is is so appealing and magnetic. And those KANKLES, yummmm.

          73. BC Shelby says

            ..she’s not of the hook either. I never took her for her word that she’d go after the hand that has fed her political career (the too big to prosecute banks along with the Wall Street casino and corporations). Several of her “capitulations” on policy came only after Mr. Sanders brought up those same points.

            Meanwhile Mr. Trump has played totally to the Banksters’ and WS Casino’s wishes by installing a number of their members (with massive confllicts of interest) in key cabinet positions. He’s also bowed to the corporations with his push for even deeper tax breaks as well as deregulation of just about everything from environmental safeguards to worker rights. If anything he is just as friendly to the same powers Mrs. Clinton is beholden to.

            2016 was not a choice of the “lesser evil” as it was more a choice of which flavour of evil you preferred – pulling shenanigans behind the scenes or being in our face about it. Either way, they both are in it for the big money and their own self interests while sincerely not caring one crap about the average citizen of this nation.

          74. The Redhawk says

            OK ‘SLICK” trying to Justify yourself??

          75. niknar says

            Is this comment supposed to mean anything?

          76. The Redhawk says

            Inly IF you can “GET IT” unless Snowflakes cannot

          77. niknar says

            Another unintelligible comment from you. I think you’d better learn some English before embarrassing yourself again in public fora like this.

          78. Steve Kish says

            Can anyone prove otherwise? Nope.

          79. niknar says

            Those who could have been intimidated and/or paid to keep quiet.

          80. Ed Anderson says

            Do you have evidence otherwise? If not, then yes I believe he’s innocent until proven guilty.

          81. SamVBar says

            Thank you dogwood. It is difficult to see the world through the eyes of the Liberal and the sexual predator. They are not wearing Rose Colored glasses they are wearing I am above the Law glasses. They think that because they have been doing this for all these years and no one has made it public that it is accepted by the whole country.

          82. gubllod says

            Dogwoodacres: It has come out that Allred has no evidence other than a photocopy of some supposed document signed by Judge Moore’s assistant, Debra Adams, who had a stamp she used for all of the court documents which showed her initials, D.A., just as this photocopy did. This was apparently done after a speech Moore gave at a school. He had left and Debra Adams signed all the proffered yearbooks using her stamp. Allred didn’t know this initially and shot her mouth off, as usual, without having the real background here. Now she is in the business of retracting her comments.

            Beyond this, it was Judge Moore who ruled on the divorce case of his accuser back in about 1999. He evidently dumped the case, because there were no provable grounds for the charges brought and the woman was pissed off about that and that she was apparently not getting the alimony she thought she was owed. So she took aim at Judge Roy Moore 17 years later.

          83. The Redhawk says

            Harold is a SNOWFLAKE with IMPAIRED Brain Cells

          84. Mathew Molk says

            You are right. Just like I said. Signs of MASSIVE head trauma. — Either from the past or yet to come,,,,Soon!

          85. The Redhawk says

            Harold reminds me of another type tat used to go out of his way tat he was Born Stupid, Lives “stupid” with a PHd in STUPID and Voted for O ZERO … and I cannot wait to hear from this “STUPID” after Conyers when there might be a PLETHORA of DUMBO C RATS accusations coming out

          86. kbmiller says

            YEP, add niknar to that.

          87. The Redhawk says

            Both produts of PP Botched Abortions!

          88. boone1 says

            Yep all democrat liberal communist as well as DNC will soon get massive HEAD trauma it’s call 5.56 or a 223. 7.67×39 very soon.

          89. The Redhawk says

            Speaking of Liberal ( AKA socialist) Commies theiy still do not know that LIBERALISM of the Current PROGRESSIVE SICK MIND SET is where FASCISM CAME FROM as did Socialism and Communism there fore the ANTIFACS are the REAL FASCISTS .. as usual the STUPID CLAS gets it BACKWARDS!!!

          90. boone1 says

            Socialism is Communism with the hate of GOD AS WELL.

          91. The Redhawk says

            1920’s Mussolini leader of the Italian Socialist party became convinced that Marxism DOES NOT WORK , Hitler leader of Germany Socialaist party thought that Mussolini was great and both embraced FASCISM..Like I said Sociliasm begets Communism which BEGETS FASC ISM and these MORONS who are BUDDING Socialist Anarchists claim to be ANTIFA???? but prove to be FACTS FREE!!! Another bunch of PROVEN IDIOTS from out “EDUCATIO” PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL SYSTEM based on LIES

          92. boone1 says


          93. The Redhawk says


          94. kbmiller says

            Harold is an A$$HOLE.

          95. The Redhawk says

            and not an ordinary one

          96. rfrichey says

            Harold is also a pud.

          97. kbmiller says

            Well, “You are what you eat”.

          98. boone1 says

            Than Harold must eat a lot of shit.

          99. rfrichey says

            Another lobotomy gone bad.

          100. boone1 says

            All democrats have an lobotomy after they are born that’s why they are democrats in the first place.

          101. The Redhawk says

            YAH somebody got to tell these iDIOTS to Sterelize those little Swiss Army knives before performing SELF LOBOTOMIES daily

          102. Karma says

            Not to mention the man that owned the mall said he never banned roy moore from the mall and plainly said the story is B/S.

          103. Karma says

            Even the accusers stepson said it was all b/s

          104. niknar says

            Interesting how you know so much about your idol’s actions & motives & are so willing to swallow anything the con-man-in-chief says against all the women who say otherwise

          105. Dogwoodacres says

            Ah, forgive me. I missed that you had appointed yourself the ultimate authority. Nevermind that their accusations were debunked. Truth is soooo inconvenient….

          106. niknar says

            It seems that you’re the one who’s making judgments on Trump’s purity.
            “That would be because Trump never laid a hand on anyone unless consensual” Do you know that for a fact? Of course, you don’t. But you are as willing to blindly accept whatever he says & does just the way the Nazis accepted whatever Hitler said & did.

          107. Dogwoodacres says

            No dear, Nazis are the ones like you who invent transgressions and execute with no trial and refuse to consider evidence. You lefties, like the Nazis, believe in killing babies, gun control, etc. Bye

          108. niknar says

            There’s no trial only because Trump intimidates & buys out his accusers to prevent them from going to trial.

          109. Dogwoodacres says

            LOL be sure to post copies of THOSE checks since you are an insider and all. The world is DYING to see them. And I’m done with your foolishness. Post away, you’re now talkikng to empty air (and fellow never Trumpers)

          110. niknar says

            You’ve been empty air from the beginning.

          111. SamVBar says

            Harold, how come you haven’t died from oxygen deprivation? You have had that head in the sand for so long you should have been dead. It must be because you can breathe through your rear end.

          112. James Farnsworth says

            Hey Harold Trumps accusers we’re proved liars where were you !

          113. niknar says

            No such proof whatsoever. They were simply bought off and/or intimidated.

          114. James Farnsworth says

            Yeah bought off by Soros , like many others and you!

          115. niknar says

            Yes, Soros is the root of all evil in this world. Satan himself, in fact!

          116. kbmiller says

            Show your proof of being, “Bought off”, or, “They lied”. You make a lot of claims on here that, I believe, you cannot back up. Yet, you attack others statements. What’s up?

          117. mrpoohead says

            Pot, kettle – not really in a position to criticize are you!

          118. kbmiller says

            mr$hithead, I back up my claims with the truth. You have nothing but lame leftist opinions. Who do you work for? Do you even have a job? You are a moron. You let your parents down, big time. Tell them I’m sorry for them.

          119. mrpoohead says

            And to date you have failed to refute anything I have emitted with a reputable reference that walks all over your gibberish. Acknowledging in the process my superior knowledge. Thanks!
            Have own business, property portfolio and pay taxes in more than one country. Suspect you’re on checkout at Walmart.

          120. mrpoohead says

            Not one reference received – you just made it all up.

          121. kbmiller says

            I wouldn’t waste 10 secs. on a NYT, or politico article and since you mentioned the other 2 not them either. I think someone will come out with an accusation that you sucked Harold off. Put it out for the media. Will you deny it? Where’s your proof? Can’t come up with any? Hmmmmm Must be true then. Hire Gloria Allred to represent you. Got enough cash? Maybe that’ll shut you up. That’s how the DumbA$$o CROOKS do it. How do you like it? Remember Hell LIAR y’s, “Bimbo eruptions”? You are either stupid, ill informed or just a naive snowflake. I stay off your liberal sites like salon, MSNBC, Huffpo, WaPo,CNN,LGBTQ, etc., why don’t you leftist A$$WIPES stay off conservative sites?

          122. mrpoohead says

            ……….but you’re happy reading gibberish on Alt-right news – sites with little substance and few facts. Funny!
            How about you refute one news article on the NYT with a reputable reference. Good luck!

          123. niknar says

            You are someone who refuses to leave your delusional comfort zone & learn something that questions your fantastic beliefs. You’re brainwashed & controlled by the Kochs, the Murdochs, the Mercers, The Bushes, the Trumps, & the Russian bots & trolls, & you don’t know it because you’re so gullible & illogical. And the scary thing is that there are many millions more like you out there: robots who will believe & do anything your puppetmasters tell you.

          124. kbmiller says

            niknut, keep up with DumbA$$o CROOK talking pts. you A$$WIPE. The HillBilly Clintons and Bablack HusseinOHOMO have lied and stolen this country into the ditch. Pres. Trump and the adults are making a fantastic recovery happen. It’s great fun watching all the hypocritical DimoRATS, Franken, Clinton, Conyers, Weinstein, etc. go down in flames. A flamer like you should watch with caution. Someone may out you. How’s Harold? Wheeee, stock market soaring.

          125. niknar says

            Stock market soaring thanks to the robust economy Obama left Trump. Stock market tripled during Obama’s presidency after the economic mess Bush left him. Obama was much kinder to Trump ni leaving him such a strong economy, but if the Republicans pass their budget busting tax cuts for the rich, that will dig our debt even further in the hole, & expect our economy to tank like has happened every time it’s been tried before.

          126. kbmiller says

            nikNUT, Are you really that stupid? Where do you get this nonsense from? Do you ever listen to any economists? GDP underOHOMO averaged,what, something like 1.5% if even that high? The FOOL doubled the national debt to $20 trillion. The incompetent, unqualified, boneheaded JACKASS used stimulus $ to pay off unions that were near bankrupt because they funded his campaign, the same for the green energy cos. that the A$$WIPEOHOMO granted $hundreds of millions to. How much do you think the HillBilly Clintons cut him in for while selling the US out on the uranium deal? Don’t you know any of this? Or are you just a Soros/Commie troll paid to come on and LIE, as an irritant to people who know the truth? Go away you f’n JERK.

          127. niknar says

            You just simply regurgitate right-wing propaganda that has little if anything to do with the truth.

            With the enormous economic mess that Bush left him, the compounding of the debt was already baked in. The first year of any administration is the result of that year’s budget agreed to in the previous administration, & whatever economic momentum had been built up. That’s why Obama was saddled with a sagging economy, huge deficits, & soaring unemployment,; & why Trump was privileged with a booming economy, low unemployment & reduced deficits.

            Life, including politics, economics & science, is a lot more complex than you simple-minded, brainwashed believers in wild fantasies realize.

          128. kbmiller says

            nikliksnuts, so OMOMO’s 1.5% avg. growth for 8 yrs. is now 3.5-3.75% and It’s because ofOHOMO’s plan? HA HA HA HA How stupid are you? Removing theOHOMO regulations did the trick, you flaming JACKASS. $10 trillion debt in 8 yrs. Heard about that? $billions given to Iran. $Hundreds of millions wasted on green energy bankruptcies, OHOMOcare, and failed stimulus plan. Stealing $ from bond holders to pay off bankrupt unions who funded DumbA$$o CROOK campaigns. $hundreds of millions in welfare and medicaid fraud. Heard about those? Are you really that ignorant that you do not understand these economic policies? Where do you get your lies, comic books or the NYT, WaPo or leftist sites on web or TV?

          129. niknar says

            Obama left office with economic fundamentals strong for his successor, who could just slide with it. I must say Obama was a lot more generous than his predecessor. Talk to me a year from now, & if our economy is still strong, Trump gets some of the credit, but so far it’s practically all Obama.

            You don’t see it because a simple-minded person like you can’t see the complexities of life. By the way, the way you write belies your claim that you got a doctoral degree from a Big 10 university. I’ve never seen such puerile writing from a Ph.D.

          130. kbmiller says

            nikisNUTTY, strong fundamentals? Well, you answered ,”How stupid are you, right off the bat”. Maybe according to Saul Alinsky’s wishes or Cloward and Piven. By generous, do you mean thatOHOMO redistributed tax payers hard earned money into the pockets of welfare recipients in exchange for their votes? If, “You must say”, tell us genius, how much of his OWN $ didOHOMO donate to charity? How many events did the boneheaded JACKASS attend that WERE NOT FUNDRAISERS? By generous, do you mean hiring a bunch of ,”Homeys” for Michael’s staff of 24? Or generous, by taking a posse with the family while on the tax payers dime, vacationing? Generous by allowing grandparents to enjoy a govt. check for babysitting their own grandchildren while the true parents claim fake disabilities? Are you employed by some govt. entity/agency? Your thinking or lack thereof indicates an anti American type socialist/communist huge govt. philosophy. It’s A$$WIPES like you and your leftist ilk who do not look at all sides of problems when searching for solutions. Having,”Skin in the game” gives people value, self worth. Giving them ,”Free stuff”, only creates dependency and a lack of incentive. Tell us where you were brainwashed. Did you drop out of school at 16 like the other A$$HOLE on here? How much is your monthly check? Ever have a job? Got a baby daddy? Try addressing what’s in my posts. The post 2 days ago mentioned green energy failures, stimulus,OHOMOcare, bankrupt unions, regulations debt, welfare etc. You didn’t address ANY of those. Why not? Got NOTHING? No FACTS? Just more moronic left wing nut talking opinions? You are PATHETIC. Without govt. help you DumbA$$O CROOKS would starve. Go play on a liberal site, you stupid fvckhead. You’re not educated enough to play here.

          131. niknar says

            With every inane gibberish you spew out like this, you prove more concretely everything I said about you. Why don’t you give up before somebody decides you need to go back to kindergarten if not the insane asylum?

          132. kbmiller says

            nikshairynuts, as usual you moronic leftists cannot answer/refute ANYTHING I posted. Like a beat down lawyer, all you can do is make a failed attempt to try to attack the messenger, not the message. You lose again, JACKASS. You can’t address even 1 of those? You are a PATHETIC LOSER.

          133. niknar says

            If you ever laid out your nonsensical points in something other than the most childish manner, I might, but as idiotic & unreadable as they are, I have neither the time to waste nor desire to bother.

          134. kbmiller says

            nikNUT, perhaps the leftist puppet master who controls your thoughts and speech hasn’t told you how to answer my barrage of questions. It’s quite obvious now that you are too stupid to try on your own. If you had even an ounce of common sense, you’d start thinking about them. However, the way the DumbA$$o CROOK party builds it’s base is to gather,”Useful Idiots” like you together for a grand Circle Jerk, fills your mush brains with propaganda and sends you out to LIE to others in exchange for a welfare check. How’s that been working out for you, you f’n JACKASS?

          135. niknar says

            I’m glad I’m not you. You have so much hate in you.

          136. kbmiller says

            nliknuts,I’m glad you aren’t me too. Then i’d be a Leftist A$$WIPE who knows nothing about what’s going on in the USA. I’d be controlled by the DumbA$$o CROOK party, stuck on welfare and venting my spleen on conservative sites. If you were me then I’d be a LIAR spewing insane propaganda, never giving a second to actually thinking if any of it were true. Instead I’m a multimillionaire with a doc. degree, 2 successful children who work as hard as I did when I was younger. Too bad for you, you’re you LOL and I’m ME. See the stock market? $35,000 up in the last week for me. Think I’ll buy some more property. You? Still pushing papers in a menial gummint job probably. Too bad, sooooo sad.

          137. niknar says

            You are a sick & confused person! You are clearly suffering from the onset of dementia, so I’d better be gentle with you & just wish you peace.

          138. kbmiller says

            NiksNUTS, HA HA HA confused? Why? Because you can’t understand or answer my questions? Deflect much? Hide and cover much? You areapussy. Show us what a man you are by posting some answers. Ha ha ha good luck you DIP$HIT.

          139. niknar says

            Every time I give you substance, you ignore it & spew out some more baseless lies & epithets.

          140. kbmiller says

            NiksNUTS, substance? HA !! I ask you questions. You refuse to answer. We both know that it’s because if you knew the answers and weren’t afraid to admit you are wrong, you’d look like a fool and a hypocrite. If you don’t know the answers, you appear stupid. Either way, you ain’t looking too good !!!

          141. niknar says

            About the only question I could decipher from your gibberish is what do I mean by calling Obama “generous”. What I mean is that he left Trump with a strong economy, with all the fundamentals strong: 7 straight years of recovery, low inflation, a rising stock market nearly 3 times what it was, low unemployment less than half what it was, decreasing deficits about a third of what they were, after the economic mess that Bush had left Obama, & businesses strong instead of bankruptcy after bankruptcy that we saw during Bush’s administration; as well as 1 less war & another one winding down, also much better than what Bush left Obama.

          142. mrpoohead says

            President zip power – thus no wall, ban, repeal or mass deportations. Economy, law and policy – remit of Congress. President merely plays the cards dealt. Duh! I bet you blame your mother for your football teams results too. Idiot!

          143. kbmiller says

            Niklicksnuts, ever hear of ,”The Community Reinvestment Act”? That was a Leftist idea/fiasco, dreamed up by DumbA$$o CROOKS to pay off their minority voter base with more free stuff. That was the snowball that got it all started you ignorant lying FOOL. Get some facts and try to understand history and economics before you and mrshit4brains spew your lies like a couple braying JACKASSES.

          144. niknar says

            I know you are happy to have large segments of our population completely ignored & left in poverty while we have a few racking in inordinate sums of money. The 3 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans combined, yet Trump & the Republicans are out to take everything away from the poor & middle class & further increase the billions of the extremely opulent. We haven’t had such a wide gap between rich & poor in almost 90 years, & that enormous disparity precipitated the Great Depression.

          145. kbmiller says

            nikisnuts, How do you know what makes me or anyone you do not know, happy? A lame left wing nut tactic, called,”Projecting”. I’d like equal opportunity for all citizens of the USA to earn the education and job that suits their ability and that they can obtain fairly, I can tell that it’s tough for you to understand fairness as your side always wants it’s thumb on the scale so results are what you think they should be. That’s not fair. Under theOHOMO administration, the gap between rich and poor has grown. Did you know that? Home ownership and income for blacks has dropped during that JACKASSES administration. Food stamps, disability claims up, while workforce participation rate tumbled. When the FOOLS in the DumbA$$o CROOK party raise sales, gasoline, real estate, etc. taxes, which segment of society do you think it has a greater effect on? Answer that before you spew more hatred and ignorant opinions. A successful capitaist republic depends on INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. That’s how the USA became the greatest country EVER on the face of the earth. Your hope and change A$$WIPE did not help. That turned out to be, hope the poor have some change left in their pockets.

          146. niknar says

            Yes, I know that the gap between rich & poor continued to widen under Obama because he didn’t adequately address that issue or poverty in general, & for the most part succumbed to corporate pressure. Hillary promised more of the same. We need someone at the helm radically different, & we have it in regards to temperament, but unfortunately not in regards to policies favorable to corporations & billionaires.

          147. niknar says

            This comment that looks like it was made by a 6-year old… is by the same person who claims (s)he has a doctoral degree?!!!

          148. kbmiller says

            liknuts, So much to correct you on, so little time/space. Why don’t you leftists EVER address the content of the posts with verifiable facts? Because you can’t !!! All you braying JACKASSES ever have is you cockamamie opinions which have been debunked over and over. As Sargent Friday said, “Just the facts ma’am”. Grow up you pea brained moron. How much is the DNC paying you for this drivel?

          149. niknar says

            What facts? All you have to offer are epithets, slanders & conspiracy theories.

          150. kbmiller says

            Liknuts, I just posted thatOHOMO and Hell LIARy lied us into a ditch. Those are facts. President Trump and the adults are leading a fantastic recovery. That’s another fact. Up almost $200,000, since the election. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee Up up up $$$$$$$$$$$ How’s your retirement fund doing? You probably don’t have one. How’s your welfare check coming in?

          151. niknar says

            Those are not facts. Those are lies spread by the right-wing propaganda machine. This right-wing propaganda machine which is a collusion of the Republican Party, giant multinational corporations, conservative think tanks, & the right-wing media, recently joined by Russian trolls & bots, is the main reason why our government is so dysfunctional today, why our former democracy has become a fascist corporatocracy, why our debt is so huge & uncontrollable, why the gulf between rich & poor are the greatest they’ve been since the eve of the Great Depression, & why major crises are continually neglected & exacerbated to the point beyond our control. And you are a willing sycophant & promulgator of their right-wing lies. Shame on you!

          152. BC Shelby says

            …Nik, dointcha’ love it that in order to further “validate” and “reinforce” their position, these people have to resort to childish and vulgar name calling and “screaming” (using all caps). Wow, and they want to be considered as being “enlightened” and “educated” adults.

            When the next crash happens, and it will thanks to this administration, we’ll see who begins sobbing and whining the loudest.

          153. niknar says

            The best way to discredit your side in a political discussion is to curse those who disagree with you with childish, vulgar names.

          154. BC Shelby says


          155. kbmiller says

            nikNUTS, you lose again. Russian trolls and bots, fascists, OHOMO’Sdebt, gulf between rich and poor(That grew underOHOMO)You make no sense. Your intense hatred has caused you to blow a gasket. Get help.

          156. kenrmer says

            And Bill Clinton with rape charges and Hillary helping to suppress the issue?

          157. Frank Taylor says

            he apologized after the picture was made public. I somehow do not think that apologizing for being a sexual predator excuses being one. As for blame, it was kind of hard to blame someone else. His smiling face is in the photo and he clearly thinks it is funny to touch a helpless woman. Bill Clinton denied everything until the dress became public and he was shown for what he is-a sex pervert. His wife was just as bad since she tried her best to discredit the accusers. DNA is kind of hard to deny. Most of the moore accusations are kind of petty even if real. One woman accuses him of kissing her. She said it went no further and she was of age. kind of young at 18 but still legal. Several said he asked them out on dates, but none admitted to accepting. When did asking someone for a date become a bad thing. The first lady to come out has also accused others of same thing. The one who said he gave her a ride home was in his court room for a divorce and seemed to have no problem with him being the Judge. We are talking four decades ago and from what i know, sex perverts do not just suddenly stop being sex perverts. Then we have the timing. one month before a major election. The yearbook signing is highly suspect since it uses the initials of a later employee. Plus if the DA is supposed to stand for district attorney. He was not district attorney when this is alleged to have happened.

          158. Tom xxx says

            Shut up loony bastard. People are sick of all you loonies. Your all INSANE.

          159. The Redhawk says

            NO SNOWFLAKE.. you are CONFUSED as usual… He apologized to the one he gropes and French kissed who is a radio talk show host on LIBERAL radio station…The “HONEY” FROM IOWA FAIR he claims to have FORGOTTEN…YES next he’ll claim he was NOT there either but that SELFIE got him by the SCROTUM u ninny … Unlike Moore he TOOK PIX .. like the IDIOT HE IS>>> NOW go suck on something!

          160. Mathew Molk says

            It’s the NWO Marxist (aka democrat) way. Do what ever you want. commit any crime, hurt anybody in the country,,,,then go on CNN and apologize. Everything id just peachy keen fine then. Rob a bank and kill the teller. Then give the money back and apologize. Everything is forgotten then. – That is the NWO Marxist way of taking responsibility. – Remember. The cackling witch “didn’t mean it” when she broke the law so all is forgotten.

          161. kbmiller says

            Yep, like the 3 FOOLS who got caught in China stealing sunglasses. They apologized. HA !!! You call THAT an apology? The IDIOTS were reading and could hardly understand what they were saying. A heart felt apology should be made, “Standing up”, facing the person and NOT read.

          162. Mathew Molk says

            Are you suffering from a massive head injury? —- You want to?

          163. michele222 says

            and after all that STILL refused to resign.

          164. Betty Haynie says

            Harold, do you really believe an apology because he got caught is heartfelt and real? Watching the videos and seeing the pictures as he reached for the sleeping women, seeing the smirk on his face indicates to me he has no compunction whatsoever toward sexual misconduct. You can tell he behaves as a young teenage boy with no idea what being a man and behaving as a man should be. Would you trust him with your daughter?

          165. niknar says

            Franken’s a comedian. A comedian is someone who’s always looking for a laugh. In their efforts, they sometimes go beyond propriety. That’s not an excuse, just an explanation.

            While the above is in bad taste, so far what could legitimately be called sexual harassment is slipping his tongue into a woman’s mouth when they were kissing for some skit, & groping a woman’s buttocks. Together they don’t arise to the level of the allegations against most of the other people accused, & there’s only 2 accusers against him so far, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more, that the allegations couldn’t get worse, or that these alone aren’t sufficient for some kind of punishment or censure.

            But anybody who calls for punishing Franken must also call for the same or worse against Moore & Trump, who have been accused of significantly worse transgressions by a lot more people. And if you call for Franken’s removal on account of this while still standing by Trump & Moore, it’s clear to all that you’re just a hypocrite & your opinion has no merit.

          166. donS2 says

            Where are the photos of Mr. Trump or Mr. Moore?

          167. niknar says

            Franken had those photos taken himself because he was trying to be funny, & it was an act, anyway — he didn’t actually touch her. It’s not something he was trying to hide, the way Moore & Trump are.

          168. kbmiller says

            You’ve been overstepping here. Trump’s locker room bragging doesn’t come close to what Franken and Rose admitted to. It seems that 2 of Moore’s accusers are lying. Can you claim with 100% certainty that Franken didn’t actually touch her? Didn’t think so. Your zealous attempts to paint the accusations against conservatives as true and to piece together lame excuses to exonerate Franken and Rose expose your dishonesty and have become OVERZEALOUS. Probably time for you to back off, maybe a nice little nap.

          169. niknar says

            You know in your heart that Trump is a sexual predator, but since you bow to him as if he were God, nothing he really is or does makes any difference to you.

          170. donS2 says

            So grabbing the back of the head of a woman and shoving your tongue down her throat is ok according to you, as long as it is someone on the left is doing it. Oh but I guess that was just a rehearsal right. And you wonder why people on the right think people on the left are full of sheet!

          171. niknar says

            The accuser is a Republican & former employee of Fox, & may be politically motivated, so I question her credibility.

            What Franken is known to have done, he’s done it out in the open, even taking pictures of it because he thought it was funny (obviously not everybody feels that way, & he should’ve been more cautious & restrained, but compared to most of the others accused, his transgressions seem relatively tame). But you know the Republicans are out to make a big case out of this, even as they hypocritically stand by people like Trump & Moore whom they know very well committed much more heinous acts

          172. donS2 says

            You need a Plexotomy!.

          173. niknar says

            …says someone who’s had a lobotomy.

          174. donS2 says

            From what I understand there are two more accusers, but then Al probably thought it funny so it is ok. The dimbocrats stood by Slick Willie for years, remember the dollar through the trailer park statement?

          175. kbmiller says

            Put up the pics of Trump and Moore with their hands in the cookie jar.

          176. The Redhawk says

            HAROLD try Posting with a clear mind and FACTS… but to do so you Got to take your HEAD out of your A$$ … Snowflake

          177. Steve Kish says

            Are you as stupid as you sound? Yes Im sure you are…..and a pussy too.

          178. bob says

            with no picture, yet, he said she lied about his reptile tongue in her mouth! why admit with no pict?

          179. Craig Vandertie says

            Harold, took time out from playing video games while listening to the Communist News Network deeply intranced by the Deep State those of us who are cognizant could care less about what you think to be the truth.

          180. boone1 says

            Stop lying liberal you know that you democraps are nothing more then slime balls and lying P.O.S. AND COMMUNIST AT BEST.

          181. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            He tried to wriggle his stupid ass out of the jam. Apologies are so easy aren’t they for liberal slime? He welcomed an investigation by the Senate ethics committee who has given nothing worse than a hand slap for years even when a revered leader drowned a young lady while running around on his wife. You people are the countries biggest hypocrites, The Senate ethics committee is the safest space he can be in.

          182. kenrmer says

            There was photographic evidence concerning Franken…both times. And Franken only apologized separately in each case when each case was brought forth to the public eye. He had no option to deny. Oh, and the one time of ass grabbing was when he was a Senator.
            Moore’s allegations come from 40 yrs ago. Nothing was ever said during his successful campaigns while running for multiple offices in Alabama. Now when he is running for a Senate office, with opposition from both establishments (left and right) in DC, now this rears up? Show us some REAL evidence!!!
            Oh, and the photocopy year book page (NOT the original book) with his signature and the initials of D.A. after it, was produced by the woman’s attorney? He wasn’t D.A. at time. He was an assistant D.A. Moore even asked or a forensic analysis of the signature in the ORIGINAL yearbook. The woman’s attorney declined. Oh, and the wording of the inscription and his signature being two different shades of grey? (B/w photocopy)
            If he is elected, my bet is, this all goes away, with the woman going back to her life, Alred going back to CA, and Congress doing nothing about it.

        2. SamVBar says

          Redhawk, next time just say what you think. LOL

          1. The Redhawk says

            Always do my friend always do

        3. William Von Huben says

          He should not get a penny of retirement from the tax payers along with any others that have committed acts of violence against woman, including both Clintons. It is time to stop paying crooks retirement pay.

          1. The Redhawk says

            I guess that over his mnay years he has SPENT a LOT of TAX payers money to CYA with Interns , staffers ETC.. and it mUST come out nad HE must be made to pay back.. THrown out of office and lose all BENNIES!!! SEMPER FI Navy.. and happy Thanksgiving!

        4. Rodzzz says

          That’s what they do……

      2. Rodzzz says

        …………except her.

    2. SamVBar says

      Elton right on the spot. You have very aptly described the Liberals in Follywood, and those in DC. They are the scrounge of the earth. They deserve to do jail time for the acts of perversion they have committed. A better home is not awaiting them.

  4. Dave Fischer says

    Frankenstein, a two faced liberal asshole……

  5. Bob Pante says

    Franken needs to go.

    1. graybuffalo says

      Never should have been there in the first place. The Senatorial race was stolen from Norm Coleman who actually won. During the recount, car trunkloads of unsecured ballots came in – all for Franken. Hmmm. Kinda like Hildabeast dispatched her competition

      1. PatriotGal says

        You betcha’, he stole it!!!

      2. Bob Pante says

        Heard about that, Most egregious example of voter fraud there ever was.

  6. Jack the Rooster says

    Democrats, the Pervert Party, has been the party of sexual predators and deviants for decades. There’s plenty in the Republican Party as well, I’m sure, but being a non-partisan Conservative Independent and seeing things through an “Independent lens”, there’s no comparison for the “Democratic” Party regarding arrogant sexual deviance and sexual predatory behavior.

    1. Donald Lindsey says

      you said it correctly

    2. graybuffalo says

      Slick Willie Clinton may be just the worst of all. Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a
      registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with
      flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard
      Epstein’s the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service
      detail for at least five of the flights. The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was
      reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with
      young girls. Epstein, who counts among his pals royal figures, heads of state,
      celebrities and fellow billionaires, spent 13 months in prison and home
      detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution.
      He allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12
      to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein’s 72-acre
      island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And sheep Democrats still support Slick Willie. Sick indeed.

      1. Ron C says

        And let us not forget Hillary’s six registered flights on the Lolita Express, with out Mr. Bill onboard…?

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          But…. but why would she go there? Maybe just to watch, or rake in all the money?? I can’t see ANYONE wanting to “do” her! 😉😁😂🤣😃😄😅

          1. Ron C says

            Well I could only say children don’t get a choice of who abuses them…???

        2. graybuffalo says

          I did not know the Hildabeast went there also. Ewww! Who would do her? Maybe Franken.

          1. bobails says

            she makes little girls…well known she has lesbian tendencies

          2. PatriotGal says

            Oh yeah, along with Podesta…

      2. Vicki M says

        Don’t forget the Wikileaks e-mails that DNC chair John Podesta had revealed…”Pizza gate” and all of its horrifying implications regarding Washington’s denizens.

        1. Larry Huff says

          Pizza gate?????? What the fuuk are you talking about, you retarded moron?

    3. Harold says

      Actually more Republican legislators have been arrested for soliciting or performing sexual acts in public bathrooms than transgender people Or sorry, you don’t want the facts.

      1. Jack the Rooster says

        I don’t recall mentioning legislators. No, I in fact did not. I was, as I am now, referring to card carrying members, adherents, supporters, and sycophants of the Democratic Party. Everyone knows most of Congress are a bunch of twisted deviant sociopaths, regardless of Party affiliation, but that’s not who I was referring to, you jackass troll.

      2. Frank Taylor says

        i was not aware that a tally was kept of which party sexual predators belonged to. As for transgender, they were fine for decades with using bathroom that related to their birth sex. I fail to see how they are injured to continue doing that.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        OK Mush Mouth. – What are the names of the people you are accusing? Facts????? None exist, huh?

    4. Linda Shelton says

      I just want to know who used the little fund congress set aside to pay off people who claimed they were sexually harassed. That would be interesting to see who accessed the account?

      1. Jack the Rooster says

        Being a lifelong Conservative Independent, I tend to agree with you, Linda. I want every last name of those those whose actions resulted in those payments as well as those who my tax dollars paid off because of these arrogant, perverted, sociopaths, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. Investigations are in order to bring it ALL into the light for all to see.

    5. kenrmer says

      My all-time fav is Ted Kennedy. Most likely drunk, he and a woman (not his wife) drive off from a party at night. He supposedly gets lost on Chappaquiddick Island and drives off a bridge into a tidal basin. He crawls out of the car and walks home to sleep it off, leaving the woman to drown in the car. He didn’t report it until after he woke up the next morning in bed. her body remained in the submerged car all night while he slept in his bed. What a man.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        To this day I have always revered to him as the Broad Drowneder.

        Rest in peace Mary Jo. I doubt you had it coming.

      2. kbmiller says

        Wasn’t she pregnant with his fetus?

  7. NovelDog says

    So is it true that the Democratic Party is changing its name to the SCUM-O-CRATIC PARTY? Or will they continue to lie and deny and throw mud at their opponents while they slime their way into office to serve……only….themselves?

    1. says

      They may, but God will expose it despite their best efforts.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Nope,,,,NWO Marxist party.

  8. jimmy midnight says

    Franken’s problems MAY be limited 2 one VERY tasteless joke–2 which he’s admitted, and 4 which he’s apologized. There’s disputed memory as 2 forced kissing; and, quite tellingly, no additional victims have come forward, and Tweeden now hosts a right wing radio gabfest.

    Imaginable working hypothesis: A well-timed “whatabout” is going on here.

    Whatabout!?!!? Roy Moore denies all, yet additional victims, and corroborators, R still being heard from–at least daily. But, 4 many people, when he hides behind a wall of Slave-Holder Religiosity, they’ll forgive, believe, or deny–all. Trump’s in a highly similar spot, but they have 2 do a religion graft on him, claiming their slaveholder God has chosen him.

    ALL facts will emerge in the fullness of time, but certain people will continue their denial. Ignorance and stubbornness R the other 2 elements of their new Holy Trinity.

    1. Robert Stone says

      excuses, excuses, excuses this is what liberals do when they are not lying. Big difference here is proof on Franken and none on Moore.

  9. RC says

    Since Franken is a so called Democrat he’ll get off with little more than a slap on the fingers. There’s PROOF of what he did but now the powers that be are saying it should be looked into and investigated. On the other hand, that guy, Moore, has already been declared guilty. No proof just the word of a few women who I personally have been paid to do what they’re doing. Seems strange that these allegations always come something like 20 years later and JUST BEFORE AN ELECTION. Also it seems strange the guy who’s being accused is ALWAYS a Republican. Dirty politics? YOUR DAMN RIGHT!

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      geo soros is hard at work! He’s still hell-bent on setting up his “kingdom” with ovomit the faggot as his DIC, dicktaster in charge!! 😣

      1. RC says

        I thoroughly agree. There are entirely too many in the U.S. with this it can’t happen here attitude. They’ve either been brainwashed, or simply don’t care.

    2. bobails says

      Yep..right on…and if you remember it was Axelrod, Obama’s campaign manager who just so happened to own rental property with one of these supposed molested women who lived in Chicago and said Caine harassed her at restaurant where they worked.
      Only problem with this story (which was completely unreported by MSM) was Herman Caine never lived or worked at a restaurant in Chicago. Very convenient fact to be ignored by MSM. But they got Herman out of the race whom they feared more than any other republican candidate because he was Black. And had he won the Republican primary, he would have taken a lion share of the Black vote away from Obama, which would have meant a Herman Caine presidency, because Dems cant win without that 93% Black vote.

      1. RC says

        Right! It’s a real shame they can’t stick with the issues instead of resorting to character assassination. Personally, I have no problem with a person being a Democrat. If that person is a real democrat. Those people who make all those accusations are anything but. And the terrible racist I am, I’d have voted for Herman Caine in a heartbeat. I think he’d been a good man for the job, but instead of fighting back he gave in and quit.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          There have been no Democrats for yeas, and years. They were the loyal opposition and good Americans. All that is left is the NWO Marxist party and they are hell bent on destroying out Judaeo/Christian way of life.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Give it to Trey’s committee. Over 3 years and not a single arrest or indictment from evidence they uncovered. Franken would be old and gray before they came up with anything.

  10. VL says

    Franken needs to go. He didn’t know what he was thinking are you kidding. .. he figured he could do what he wanted and still does he hasn’t changed. He is still a creep and treats his staff like crap. Not a nice person he figured if he became a senator he would have more power to do what he wants. He needs to go.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Franken needs to go alright, but not for goofing on women. – He’s a friggin Anti-American NWO Marxist. He could have never gotten by the HUAC back in it;s hey days.

  11. graybuffalo says

    Nothing will ever come of Franken’s antics. Same as Hillary. All Democrats think they above the law and so it seems, they are. Sick.

    1. RC says

      Well, they have been above the law for some time now. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those crooked liars in D.C. were to understand they’re supposed to be working for us? I live in Arizona and we’re stuck with those two traitors, McCain and Flake. If possible they should both be kicked out of the Senate in disgrace.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Jeff. the inert, Sessions could have Federal Martials at all the crooks front doors Sunday morning telling them to get their shoes,,,,but don’t hole your breath. Why did the President ever get that slug appointed? Get me a great big box of salt.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      sLick too. They get away with what ever they want…..What’s with the rest of us letting it happen. – Time to get the pitchforks out. right?

  12. Ron Becker says

    First of all, Judge Roy Moore is a victim of dirty politics being doled out by Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. You have to be very shallow not to see what happened in Alabama. The two turds pissed off $30,000,000.00 trying to get Strange Luther elected and they failed. They have to answer to the K Street lobbyist for wasting their money.

    Second of all, Al Franken has always been a pathetic creep. However, he did not grop Leeann Tweeden’s breast. A sleeping woman would be awoken if someone as much as touched her breast let alone groping her breast. While they are both wrong there is a huge difference between touching and groping. Al Franken did not touch or grop Leeann Tweeden’s breast as can be seen in the ‘picture’.

    Third of all, Republicans are every bit as sleazy as the democrats. Calling for Al Franken to resign over a distasteful joke is lame as lame can be. If there was a picture of Al Franken forcing himself on Leeann Tweedin during the supposed kiss rehearsal then that would be grounds to take action against him. Our society started sliding toward the gutter 50 years ago and now that we are there then no politician can claim that they are or their party is the Benchmark of Morality.

    Forth of all, Judge Roy Moore doesn’t need to have another person actions to prove his guilt or innocence. He has been tried by a group of his peers as have Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. When read the verdict will be innocent of all charges for Judge Roy Moore and guilty of SLEAZINESS for Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove.

    1. Ron C says

      When Gloria Allred was brought in…that tells me it was indeed a political hit job without doubt!

  13. Ron C says

    If I have said it once I’ve said a hundred times, NAMBLA is a well accepted and loved organization in the high & mighty democrat party…the democrats are simple NOT able to have the moral high ground…no matter how loud they scream…NOT until or if they ever exercise their own demons, of which their are many…period!

  14. PBHayes says

    The citizens of this country need only ask each elected official to describe their most important achievement while in office such as a bill they authored that solved a real problem in our country. The vast majority will sit silent since they have done nothing to solve anything. All people like Franken do is collect paychecks and nothing more. While our nation falls apart under the corrupting influence of massive overspending, massive destructive welfare programs, the insanity that has been Obamacare, illegal immigration and the intentional importation of a 7th century ideology that commands adherents to kill all those who disagree these same elected officials sit around and argue or whether people like Franken sexually harassed some woman years ago. What a pathetic joke.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      We sound alike, my friend. No truer words were ever spoken,,,or in this case written.

  15. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    “Ethics Committee “what a joke!Crooks and deviants investigating themselves .Really?

    1. Mike W says

      Ethics committee – is an oxymoron. It’s getting pretty evident that everything is “classified” so that the public does not know what these clowns are up to.

  16. dhartley231 . says

    Remember how much the derranged left democrats loves the LBGTQ so much , they are full of sexual harrassers , they should ALL resign .

    1. Mike W says

      They are also hypocrites they never see any reason to fire one of their own for doing what they demand someone else be fired for. Look at how they have laughed and joked about ALL of Bill Clinton’s B.S. for decades.

  17. Tiger says

    The big story here is not Franken who was a comedian and indulged in all debauchery without thinking, like most all of Hollywood do. The story is the over 200 congressmen accused of sexual assaults who were covered by tax payers 15 million dollars. We want the money back and we want their names.

    They cannot continue to serve if they did this and must step down and cannot judge anyone.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I’m with you,,,,but not ALL that were accused. How bout just the ones that were proven guilty.

      We still love ya though and you are right as rain about getting every single name right out there on front street. – This “fund” also needs to be turned over to the general fund and hereafter closed for good.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you. I have called my reps, emailed Trump, emailed everyone I want to know.

  18. TPS12 says

    They only had the high road in their minds, if msm reported
    without bias no one would ever think dems were on a high road. What we need is
    honest reporting by the msm not what we get attacks on conservatives repubs and
    covering for the dems.

  19. Ben Sinkhorn says

    The Democrats have been getting away with so much, including murder, for so long that they have lost the ability to think for themselves and just go along with the Liberal devil worshippers and blame everyone else for anything they do not agree with. They are a sick crowd that must be taken down by fair elections.

  20. ARJAY says

    Interesting how the libTURDS constantly go after the republicans. What happened when the CONVICTED FELON marion barry (sp?) ran for mayor of dc. HE WAS ELECTED!!

    See any HINT of a “DOUBLE STANDARD”??

    It’s what the leftist, libTURD democRATS DO!!

    Save 15% with Giecko!

  21. frank shea says

    What about Slick Willie Clinton on the Lolita Express?
    Epstein is a convicted sex offender who abused Under age girls!

    Was the Slick Pervert studying the island’s topography?
    DEMIS & FEMINIST are full of it!
    ONLY when it fits their party!!!

  22. Deplorable Lanie says

    The Democrats think that because they own the media they are not accountable to the people. But they are accountable and they should start acting like it.

    1. rocky says

      TERM LIMITS !!!

  23. Jimmy King says

    Funny. The allegations came out and the Dems called for an ethics investigation Franked, admitted it, apologized and agreed to an ethics investigation. When faced with similar charges, the republicans, lie, attack the accuser, and use the allegations as a fund raiser.

    1. teachersaide says

      Are U delusional? The ENTIRE DNC, including the then Chief Supreme Court Justice all came out to SUPPORT Then President Clinton during impeachment proceedings! When Nixon was facing Impeachment, the GOP forced him to resign, by saying they would NOT support him! IF Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering, & Perjury are NOT enough to throw a president out of office, What the Hades IS?

  24. Dale P Patterson says

    Ha ha ha. The laughs just keep coming. Someone talked a few of Hitlary’s rooting section sows to embarrass (read lie) ol’ Roy into quitting and now the Democraps are running for cover ’cause the folks in the glass houses they’re throwing rocks at are themselves. And what’s worse their “supporters can’t decide weather to continue the lynching or drop their torches and pitch forks and shut their sucks.
    It’s like a sitcom and Vaudeville and no matter who loses the show will go on.

  25. Charles Girard says

    Someone should have told me long ago what a rank party this is i would have gotten out years ago instead of a few Months ago. Oh well the important thing is i separated myself from this garbage.

  26. Get Real says

    The fish rots from the head down….

  27. The Redhawk says

    Aww … the Senate CLOWNS will , at worse. find the FREAK Franken only guilty if Groping an OUTSTANDING ASS in IOWA and ask how to do it!!!…

  28. Phyllis Schultz says

    Joe Biden should be included in that investigation. He has apparently been harassing women for years, whenever his wife isn’t around.

    1. niknar says

      Biden is just a back-slappin’, touchy-feely sort of guy…

      1. Phyllis Schultz says

        That may be but the women he had his hands on, in the pictures did not look pleased.

        1. niknar says

          Probably not! But he seems quite open about it, anyway, Although you never know how much further he might go in private, if he thinks he can get away with it. Not sure how to read Biden, since up to now, there’s been no sexual harassment charge against him that I know of.

          1. Libs R Loons says

            So….is that going to be Pervie Joe’s campaign theme…”At least I’m up-FRONT about touchy-feeling women and underaged girls”?
            Good luck with that!

          2. niknar says

            No underage girls that I’ve heard about for Biden, contrary to what we hear about Trump & Moore.

          3. Libs R Loons says

            Too much CNN and MSNBC?
            Do your dogs yell “We’re glad you’re home….the Russians just pooped in the hallway!” when you drag in?
            You don’t know about Biden because you don’t f’kin pay attention!

          4. niknar says

            It’s amazing the false assumptions continually made about me by posters here. I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC. I’ve never voted for a Clinton. I’m no defender of the Democratic Party. I’m just not as rabidly antidemocratic & prone to divisive right-wing propaganda as most of the rest of you.

    2. Libs R Loons says

      The stories about his walking around naked in front of his female security are horrendous.
      Biden is nothing more than a creep!

  29. niknar says

    This goes both ways. While it is hypocritical for Democrats to call for the heads of Trump & Moore while overlooking Clinton & Franken, it is equally hypocritical for Republicans to overlook Trump & Moore while harping about Clinton & Franken.

    This really is the collective fault of a society that has long condoned, even encouraged, such behavior as these men are accused of, spurred on by the cinema (surely including some produced by the infamous Harvey Weinstein, not to mention the accused child rapist Roman Polanski), TV & radio (both talk shows such as Howard Stern, famous for his vulgar interviews like the memorable one with Trump talking about their sexual exploits; & even more so the songs that permeate the radio), along with presidents we’ve had from JFK to Clinton to Trump, & many other politicians, too numerous to list here, being the models for such behavior.

  30. SamVBar says

    Sexual harassment is not and never has been a joke.The only joke is the imbeciles who think it can be passed off as a joke.

  31. A. Jay says

    Its funny that everything they accuse the President and his party of comes right back to the left triple fold…

  32. AmericaWakeUpNow says

    Wasn’t it Franken who just a couple of weeks ago was touting how bad sexual harassment towards women was?!!!

  33. John Douglas says

    That should at least end Frankens career . Hell , he was going to run for President . As to Judge Roy Moore , GO CAMPAIGN ! Show us you want it !

  34. susmart3 says

    This is great! A problem that cuts across all party lines! Get rid of Franken and Moore and all the rest. Fine by me.

    1. Bob Pante says

      Investigate Moore, Franken we got pictures.

  35. James Farnsworth says

    Let’s not forget fast hands Joe, the VP ( volentary Placement )Biden !

  36. Mo says

    I will be very interested to see the names of those that the Tax Payers have bought out of the slime in settlement payouts to women that they sexually asaulted or harassed. We the Tax Payers have paid out somewhere between 15 and 17 million dollars of hush money already, i which I do believe that we should demand our money back and that they should be exposed as the sexual predators that they are.

  37. Thomas says

    Seems to me that the majority of Democrats and liverals are perverts. Is sex all they care about. They don’t seem to care about voting for anything that would help the country. Do all the males harass and abuse the females or do the liberal ladies entice them?

  38. William Von Huben says

    This is why we need term limits because the democRATS will never get rid of a snake. Two terms in the house and one four year term in the senate and ZERO RETIREMENT. 170K going to idiots like Pelosi, Feinstein, Schuuumer, Waters, McCain, and others for incompetence is a crime against the tax payers of this country.

  39. Mathew Molk says

    Sorry gang, I couldn’t care less about Frankenstiner and the cackling witch. The former is not worth talking about at all and the latter should have been in the can decades ago. It just isn’t worth talking about the never was been and the has been. We have fleas in North Korea that are worth thought then both of these snotballs. – We have the NWO Marxists on the run, the economy has not been this good since I got back from Vietnam, and we are starting to take the schools back from the communists. THOSE things are worth talking about and our President is worth supporting . The other pukes are not even worth dishonorable mention.

    Let’s move froward, and not dwell on a bunch of looses.

  40. XNSavage says

    Franken, surprised the Hell out of me! I always thought he was a Poof.

  41. DonRS says

    Unethical, immoral, unprincipled Liberals/Socialists/Communists/Progressives/Democrats/Feminazis/FakeNewsMedia/Millennials/Rent-A-Mobs only feel conservatives are subject to condemnation for sexual harassment accusations. They, themselves, readily admit their guilt of sexual harassment and worse, but, since they understand their fundamentally unethical, immoral and unprincipled behavior, they see nothing wrong, when they behave inappropriately. A simple non-apology, apology is adequate to satisfy their liberal peers.

  42. Infidel7.62X51 says

    You don’t understand the liberal “standards” involved here. Franken is a liberal who still has use to the left so he can do as he pleases. Blue dress Billy has no more use to the left so they can offer him as a distraction/sacrifice. Moore is a committed conservative so both the left and the rinos want him gone so he will be bear the brunt of unproven allegations and outright lies guilty until proven innocent. Of course by then the election will be over and as the dems say, who cares if we lie and cheat as long as we win. No tactic is too low too keep him out of Washington.

  43. Jon's On says

    I’m waiting for a bunch of little boys to come out and accuse Chuck Schumer of molestation. Then there’s Nancy Pelosi. Someone will come out and say she beat them. All these are just a “joke” but this is getting sickening. Al Franken needs to resign. He’s such an a-hole. The problem is he won’t. The democrats think that they are so high and mighty and their agenda is so important that what ever illegal or immoral things they do doesn’t matter.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Fact: Nancy pelosi took campaign coffer donations from NAMBLA, which happens to be a boy-rape group.

  44. buster says

    SIMPLE Franken must go..

  45. says

    To Judge Roy Moore don’t worry too much about the lying democrats coming up with more money as having a lot of money is not going to win for the lying democrats as God will reward all that are honest and truthful and punish all who are evil liars and we all know the democrats are evil crooked corrupt liars and will not win others for their sexual behavior against women and raping them as well as molesting young boys and young girls. And the biggest ones besides Harvey Weinstein is non other than Bill Clinton and the lesbian Hillary Clinton who by the way is a crooked corrupt lesbian as well as a liar and never quits lying as if any one in their right mind will believe her. The only ones believing her are the lying democrats and the pedophiles and lesbians.

  46. 1pepperman says

    Ethics committee is a waste of time. As long as the abusers are in charge of the proceedings, it is a waste of money, and a distraction from the real issues. Its like letting, known pedophiles, decide their own punishment. Independent committee to review each case, is the only way to get rid of the violators. This is what happens when trash is allowed to accumulate, as in Congress using 17 million to cover their sins. Their version will bury and drag out preceeding’s and still find a way to retire on our dime. Anyway you look at it, it stinks just like the dem’s and the rinos records. Trash day is coming.

  47. ernldo says

    There isn’t as safe female in America at ANY age with demotard perverts on the loose. They should ALL be shot!

    1. OldSilk says

      And they’re all carpetbagging and pumping money and people into Democrat Pajama Boy, Doug Jones.

  48. tCotUS says

    Hitlery, Franken, Pissloser, Ellison, pocahontas, Obozo, Feinsteer, Waters, Hummmmm what do all these losers have in common?

  49. boone1 says

    Al Franken is a slime ball and was not even funny on Sat.night live

  50. kenrmer says

    There are two types of women who have been sexually abused. 1) those that have gained from the event and say nothing (pay raise, job promotion, hush money, etc…) and 2) those that have not gained anything (public accusers who felt cheated in a court case, not realizing a financial gain, or being dumped by the abuser).

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