Free Speech Dying in Germany


For Americans who were born and raised in the cloak of liberty, it can be difficult sometimes to fully appreciate the many rights we have in this country. It’s important to reflect on those rights every so often, however, because there are dark forces highly interested in taking them away. Those dark forces, which usually have a (D) next to their names, want to make America more like Europe. More like, say, Germany.

Where this is happening.

According to a retired media boss named Dr. Wolfgang Herles, the German government is putting extraordinary pressure on news companies to carry water for Angela Merkel’s migrant agenda. After broadcast station ZDF, which used to employ Herles as bureau chief, was criticized for its silence on immigrant violence, Herles was compelled to explain the full extent of the situation.

“We have the problem that – now I’m mainly talking about the public media – we have a closeness to the government. Not only because commentary is mainly in line with the grand coalition (CSU, CDU, and SPD), with the spectrum of opinion, but also because we are completely taken in by the agenda laid down by the political class,” Herles said in a radio broadcast last week.

“Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees,” Herles continued. “This is government journalism and that leads to a situation in which people no longer trust us. This is a scandal.”

Groups smeared as “right-wing” crackpots in Germany have been accusing the media of promoting only one view of the migrants pouring into the country from the Middle East. According to the government, these groups are dangerous, fanatical, and share more than a passing resemblance to the doctrine of Hitler. Merkel has made an effort to crack down on what she calls “hate speech,” which, in this context, appears to be any speech that questions the wisdom of her refugee plan.

On New Years’ Eve, hundreds of North African migrants went wild in Cologne, Germany, raping and sexually assaulting women in a widespread series of attacks that the media did their best to cover up. In the wake of those incidents, more Germans than ever are wondering if Merkel’s compassion for migrants will cost them dearly at home. Unfortunately, without a media willing to tell the truth about this invasion – without even the freedom to discuss this problem on social media – there’s not much hope of putting together a political movement with any real steam behind it.

For all of the criticisms that we can lob at the Obama administration, it pays once in a while to take account of what we have here. Freedom of expression is alive and well in the United States. Let’s make sure we keep it that way. When detractors are silenced, tyranny takes root.

  1. Tiger says

    That is not going to be the only thing dying in Germany just like the rest of Europe and in America if we didn’t have guns.

    1. AKLady says

      Maybe you should look at America in the 1960s?
      Ignorance is bliss.
      Religious hate is wrong.
      Racial hate is wrong.

    1. AKLady says

      Suggest you walk down the street in Liberty City, Miami, Florida about 1:00 AM or so. You seem to need an education in American poverty.

    1. AKLady says

      You seem to have missed so much of recent American history.
      The 1960s were pretty wild.
      If you can be bothered to look, you will see crowds like that in Alabama. Mississippi, Arkansas, New York, San Francisco …
      Apparently, protests only matter if the participants share a religion different from yours?

  2. MAHB001 says

    At least the German Government has to PRESSURE their MEDIA to get them to toe the party line and give up free speech.

    The Main Stream Media in the United States gave up their free speech willingly, just for the honor of toeing 0bama’s line.

    ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN and others have formed a cabal, that controls public opinion and the nations narrative…. I call them the Goebbels. And 0bama was handed this as a gift for free.

    1. Donna says

      I believe Fox is starting, too!

      1. MAHB001 says

        I think you might be right. The behavior that is most egregious is the practice of Bias by Omission.. Like when the Goebbels blacked out all Benghazi lies by the 0bama Administration during his re-election. or when the devote zero time to stories like hundreds of thousands of protesters each year for the March of Life, and then turn around and sensationalize a black lives matters protest with 15 people.

        I am not aware of Fox practicing bias by Omission. If you have examples please let me know.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Hey there MAH. I can’t stand it when somebody trashes FOX. They don’t seem to really care that that is all we have left to speak the truth. I hear some of them that try starting out with the BS that they are not fair and balanced anymore. Yet every time I watch them they have a lefty up against a conservative on almost every subject matter they cover. I trust them and respect them and will continue to watch them. Every once in a while, when I have the stomach to do so, I watch some lefty crap like cnn or mslsd or whatever. They keep it pretty straight for a while but then they can’t help themselves and slip into the liberal progressive mode and find things to trash about conservatives. I still have our conservative talk shows on my radio dial also. I listen to them often and I really like what I hear there. We get some pretty good national and local voices that cover the whole realm from what’s going on in my neck of the woods to what’s going on all over the world. Anyway, keep up the good fight and I love the new web site. Just joined it today. Told you I would.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Hey Mark, I agree with you 100%. Fox is the last true channel that actually reports without bias.

            I went back and re-read my post and edited it for clarity.

            The ONLY thing that I am currently dissapointed in Fox for is how they handled all the Candidates and their separation of Candidates into two debates. I just don’t buy their excuse. There had to be a better way. All of them on one stage would have been more to my liking.

            Having said that, I always challenge someone who trashes Fox to prove that Fox practices bias by omission…..

            Even the best trolls Soros has to offer has not been able to come up with an example of Fox using bias by omission.

            Hey buddy, thanks for keeping me honest.

  3. MAHB001 says

    AND 0bama lectures us on acceptance…

    Perhaps he should lecture his Muslim friends?

    1. Kent2012 says

      bombing missions would be more effective, followed by armored sweeps in a mop up operation..

      1. MAHB001 says

        With the proper military leader in the oval office, we could take advantage of this situation. While a majority of ISIS’s fighting men are out galavanting around Europe, we could easily go into ISIS held territory and crush them, killing off the head of the snake, leaving these creeps in basically self inflicted concentration camps..

        But that would take a strong leader as President of the United States.

  4. Wiz says

    No free speech, the first step to their return to Nazism. Only this time it will be more evil
    than before with shariah law at the helm. Then they will rape and torture every woman in
    Germany. And no we do not have free speech here. Not when B HObamination says
    thing like “Turn down the Rhetoric” i.e. shut up.

    1. Jim Norris says


      1. Mark Lahti says

        And right now they are eating away at the second amendment threw the back door by making certain kinds of ammunition illegal. The next step is to make all ammunition for certain guns illegal, and so on, and so on. Don’t let them get away with it. It will look like something that you may not be interested in until they next step you right into your ammunition. It is as good as getting the guns. With not ammo you have no guns.

  5. Michael Ackermann says

    It is disgusting bt we see the same signs in the US. IF it does not fit the Obama doctrine then it is not allowed

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Please stop blaming Obama for all the ills in this country…If we were to use the word “Democrats” instead of calling Obama out for his dictator style of command maybe the American people might wake up as to what really is happening in this country…the blame resting fully with the Democrats with Obama residing at the helm…with not one Democrat objecting to his abuse of our US Constitution…”Sieg Heil mein Furher” is the Democratic chant.

      1. Jim Norris says

        Well stated… It’s these ANTI AMERICANS, the DEMOCRAPS who are destroying the GREATEST GIFT to man that mankind has ever known in it’s HISTORY just to serve their temporary WANTS

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          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Really, I thought prostitution paid better than that.

          2. BIGOTIST says

            Uh oh, are you looking for work???

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            Who isn’t these days?

          4. BIGOTIST says

            That’s true!!!! Liberals sure do know how to ruin a country. I’ve been on this rock for many years and have never seen things this bad. The path this world is taking, the uSa will NEVER recover~

          5. MAHB001 says

            You have been flagged scum puppet.

          6. Mikial says


            I flagged it too, but you do realize there is no real person to insult here. These things are all bots generated by a computer and sent out with no live person involved once the programmer writes the code.

          7. BIGOTIST says

            This site has to make money somehow or it would definitely be removed~

          8. MAHB001 says

            I didn’t know that, but suspected as much… I have noticed that my insults actually get the attention of the moderators (on other sites) which gets the spam removed from the post.

            Although this one is not addressed to me, I started counting the ones that were addressed to me. Top day was 12….

        2. Kent2012 says

          assisted by the media headjobs, parasites, coffee shop socialists, and the commies and their new buddies the rags…

        3. Gea says

          I will not vote for ANY Democrat in any elected office until Democrats clean up the mess that they had created by allowing the traitor Obama into the White house.

          I hope that in November, all those Democrats and RINOs are ousted and we have a new President (TRUMP/Carson) and a new congress without Democrats… there should be strict term limits and people must then go back into the real world…rather then becoming professional politicians.

          Also, perhaps we should ban lawyers to run for a position of a President,as most of them never manage or run anything but their mouth. Just look at Clintons, Obama and Cruz…

      2. icetrout says


        1. Kent2012 says

          he would like that….he may vacation in san fransicko the next time….do they have any good golf courses there?

          1. maxx says

            He would probably prefer the weirdo bathhouses after dark.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            The glory hole president.

      3. Kent2012 says

        right now kenyan boyo, the racist leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien is personally responsible for inviting the “kids” from south of the border here and more rag “refugees” even though the voices against his actions are getting louder everyday..what a shame that his invitation has brought MS13 punks killers and in all probability isis punk killers in with the supposed refugees from sand land…then suggesting that the gestapo will force any state that says no to acquiesce to the clown’s demands….much like the african pretender’s fomenting of racial discord….sorry while there were problems before he entered the USA, he and his hand picked jerkoffskys and the media are responsible for what is happening now…the USA has not had a president since January 20, 2008 and the proof is all around us…

        1. Reality Check says

          how does an American get this STUPID?

          tell Kent?

          1. usathoughts says

            You went to a public school, right?

            Though I would never write in the manner of ‘Kent2012’ his angst is well supported by actual events.

            Again, a non supported statement.

          2. Reality Check says

            Oh please.

            you seem to have not been able to give an example.
            too hard?

          3. Retired says

            Our democrat controlled education system. from grade school through most liberal universities.

          4. Reality Check says

            BUT silly con, the administrations over the past 40 years has been slightly MORE GOP that Dem, so they must be complicit

            Reagan 8
            Bush 4
            Bush 8
            Clinton 8
            Obama 8

            why so ignorant?

          5. Retired says

            If you were as smart as you claim, the educators Union is in control.

          6. Reality Check says

            well I am, silly con.

            your LOCAL school board sets the curriculum, not the Fed.

            you may remember that you VOTED for them in the last election.

          7. Kent2012 says

            your mother is calling, of course I know that you can not hear her barking above the din in the coffee shop..

        2. Dfm says

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      4. maxx says

        Except for the fact that if Oblowhard wasn’t “black” he would have been removed by now.

        1. Arnold Young says

          well said!!

        2. poppopdiesel says

          well he’s only half black…but that’s good enough for the ignorant easily swayed masses

          1. Injun Trouble says

            Actually, I have read supposedly, that he is 6% – 7% black. Hopefully that should
            give the Black community the chance to breath a sigh of relief.

          2. BIGOTIST says

            They would not have a clue as to what that
            % represents and I honestly doubt that amount of black votes didn’t get him elected-
            The POS wasn’t elected, he was installed~

          3. Reality Check says

            “he was installed”


            by WHOM?

          4. BIGOTIST says

            not the people for sure~

          5. Reality Check says

            so those 65 million votes for Obama happened by magic?

          6. BIGOTIST says

            You have not a clue as to the amount of votes that were cast or for whom they were for- If you’re content with being a conforming sheep, that’s fine with me, but why denigrate yourself by being a fool? Time to face “REALITY”~

          7. Reality Check says

            I seem to have missed YOU proving something?

          8. BIGOTIST says

            I have nothing to prove about anything to anyone- Especially you of all ?people?~

          9. BTeboe says

            Don’t feed this troll Reality Check other than to dismiss and denigrate and flag for being the most ignorant fool on the planet.

          10. BTeboe says

            That’s because you have the attention span of a fly.

          11. Reality Check says

            more word games from the idiot of the right.

          12. Sickofit says

            Have you ever heard of VOTER FRAUD you POS??!

          13. Reality Check says

            Only from the rabid right.
            but unfortunately, we don’t have the people being prosecuted for IT to back up your rhetoric.
            you fools pretend BUS LOADS fo illegals travel state to state, voting.
            but not ONE CONSERVATIVE to stop them in ALL those states?

            AND I wonder why they only voted for Obama and not the rest of the Dem ticket?

            that kind of blows a hole in your “theory”

          14. Sickofit says

            Fuck off you anti-American liberal troll!

          15. Reality Check says

            I know, it hurts when you find you your belief system is a house of cards.
            but you have to ask yourself, IF we had millions of illegals voting in RED states to elect Obama, why did we not sweep the house and Senate at the same time?
            it’s laughable.

            now if you pretend to be a THINKING American, then you are going to have to agree that my logic makes “voter fraud” seem very SILLY.

            are you a thinking American or a programmed American?

          16. Sickofit says

            Your kind keeps trying to destroy America & you’re ok with it?
            You’re so naive.. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

          17. Reality Check says

            “Your kind keeps trying to destroy America”
            TELL me how that is happening.

            be specific if you can.

            if you can’t that prove you are the brainwashed one in the conversation.

            Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 16,000

            The above is NOT destroying America.

            you LYING about the above IS.

          18. Sickofit says

            You think letting millions of Muslims into America is a good idea?? You have to know our POS president is a Muslim!! You want to live under sharia law?? I don’t!! He wants to fundamentally change America! And by letting all of these Muslims in, that will happen!!! You agree with open borders?? Letting all of the illegals stay here?? Do you work ?? Do you want all of your money going to support all of these leaches?? What about all of our Vets?? How about we take care of them??? That should be our first priority!! Not saving the world that wants to kill us!!
            All of your stats are bullshit!! Most people have STOPPED LOOKING FOR WORK!! That’s why the numbers look so good! Obummer & his cronies LIE!!
            The number of NON-WORKERS will outnumber the WORKERS pretty soon!! Then what will happen??? Why the hell should you work when someone else will & you get the money?!?! It makes NO SENSE!!
            WE ARE BANKRUPT & well on our way to being a third world country!!!
            You tell me how that’s better than having a president that LOVES AMERICA?!?! You are a blind FOOL!

          19. BTeboe says

            Squawk, s q u a w k, squawk some more moron. Hey, have you found your head yet, I know your butt is feeling real lonely.

          20. Tiger says

            Here is what we already have in America and much more. We have Somalis demanding halal food I say send them back to the sandbox and most of America will pay for the transport to get them there. You don’t come here and demand.

            But here is what is already here that we allow without taking them out.


          21. Paul says

            Obama is black. Too many white voters suffer from media imposed “white guilt”. In their minds Voting for Obama atoned for this guilt. This is not to mention that the Republican establishment gave us Romney for whom the conservative base would not turn out to vote.
            Over the last two election cycles you liberals lost the House and Senate because it is easier to put the blame on them rather than on a “black” president propped up by the liberal media.
            I hope you have no harmful chemicals or weapons in your home in November, because Republicans will have a “full house” in Washington, and you just might ant to off yourself

          22. Reality Check says

            “I hope you have no harmful chemicals or weapons in your home in November, because Republicans will have a “full house” in Washington, and you just might ant to off yourself”

            and when Bernie is elected and you lose the Senate, promise to find a tall building and end IT.

            the GOP are defending 22 seats in the Senate, the Dems 6 and several of them are in Blue states

            climate change denial is going to be the GOP’s downfall.

          23. BTeboe says

            Flag this bitch everytime you see a comment by him. It’s the least we can do.

          24. Sickofit says

            Hey jackass I thought we were on the same side??

          25. BTeboe says

            I was talking about Reality Check.

          26. Sickofit says

            Oh sorry.. My mistake!

          27. Sickofit says

            Well maybe the STUPID people like Reality Check!

          28. BIGOTIST says

            Ah, before I reply, you’re not speaking in terms of yourself I hope?

          29. Sickofit says

            Absolutely not me!!! I NEVER VOTED FOR THAT POS OBUMMER!!!
            I’m speaking of Reality Check!

          30. BTeboe says

            Reality Check lives on another planet. Do not feed the troll.

          31. Jim Norris says

            Installed by the ***ANTI AMERICAN NEW WORLD ORDER GROUP*** who are hard at work destroying America as a SAFE HEAVEN from the GREED and EVIL of DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT… In short those who would erode your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: FIRST then SECOND and then FIFTH

          32. Paul says

            Not installed, but elected by fools the first time and total morons the second time.

          33. Reality Check says

            FOOLS would be the ones who voted for GW, the guy who IMPLODED the global economy.

            lets examine reality for the challenged fool of right wing propaganda.

            Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 16,000

          34. Paul says


          35. Reality Check says

            Oh wait, there is MORE for Paul the low info con.

            here is a right wing news source called FOX News telling you that I SPEAK THE TRUTH.

            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.


            Sounds like the United States is lucky Obama chose this path or we would be suffering like Germany who followed the GOP’s austerity plan and that is now on the edge of recession.

          36. Paul says

            Even FOX can be wrong occasionally. How come we don’t hear about housing numbers? Why don’t we include food in the inflation index anymore? Maybe too many people haven’t figured out that figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

          37. Reality Check says

            is the GDP still negative like it was under GW for over a year?

            maybe it’s carefully recovering so we don’t make another bubble.
            why don’t you link me to something and stop flapping those gums.

          38. Jim Norris says

            This AZZHOLE sitting behind the desk in the OVAL OFFICE is NOT an Black American… He is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to Claim that status! So saith a white man! Give me TRUMP and CARSON, a team we can and will believe in!!!

          39. E Swisher says

            Nice to speculate… but I would love to see a DNA analysis of Obaama.

          40. Mark Lahti says

            Half white, one quarter black, the rest east african, and all muslim.

          41. yennikcm says

            moslem family of slavers

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          43. Jim Norris says

            FUXK YOU!!!

          44. elmcqueen3 says

            Obama is 50% white…40% Arab…with only a smidgeon (10%) or less of black blood running through his veins…his daddy was a Muslim and a communist…his grandparents were also communist…his mother was a trollop…what a mixture.

          45. G.Frazier says

            You’re right, although you forgot to add, 100% RACIST!!

          46. Jim Norris says

            A BEAST of little refinement is how I read your comment, or?

          47. elmcqueen3 says

            As you wish.

          48. Jim Norris says

            Are you stating that in OBUMER we only have 3/4s of an American?

            The OLDEST FORM of GOVERNMENT, ergo Nationality, has always been RELIGION… National Boarder may Ebb and Wane, however RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE maintains it’s power and GRIP…

          49. BTeboe says

            You can thank Nancy Pelosi for Obamao. She is the one who rewrote the certification document allowing Obamao to be president.

          50. maxx says

            He should be happy he is half white. If he had been as dark as Clarence Thomas he might not have had the sympathy of the privileged white liberals fools.

          51. elmcqueen3 says


          52. George says

            Well, then just remove the top half.
            Then follow up by voting against and removing the members of both houses of Congress, who are too gutless to stand up for the right thing.

        3. Reality Check says

          for WHAT fool of the right wing?

          1. john says

            Reality Check how about you slap yourself right in the mouth…And then do us a favor and not return on here…

          2. Reality Check says

            STOP LYING and I wont have to be here.

          3. john says

            I’ll quit lying on here if you quit lying on your back taking it in the rear by O’dumbo…hahahaha

          4. Paul says

            You don’t have to be here. Everyone just laughs at your comments or feels sorry for you.

          5. Reality Check says

            well at least they read them.
            eventually the facts will sink into the ones who still can think.

          6. poppopdiesel says

            oh you’re back. mixed up a new batch of liberal kool aide did you?? can you try to be a little more descriptive in you “what” comment, or is your brain still in an osama-obama/sanders,clinton haze?

          7. Reality Check says

            well I was talking to Maxx, as you can see.

            IF you had working grey matter you could probably deduce that HE said Obama would be removed by now.
            and I asked FOR WHAT.

            still confused silly con?

          8. Joyce White says

            Reality Check. I can answer that one. He lied when he took the oath of office as president. Not just once, but twice. Article ll: Section 1,(last paragraph) he shall take the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” He has systematically refused to follow the Constitution. He has written laws without the consent of Congress and has also allowed SCOTUS to write laws all of which are against the Constitution. Also having committed treason against this country and ignoring the will of the people.The wheels of justice turn slowly, with any kind of luck, the impeachment papers will be served on him in the next few months. Hopefully, Hillary will get hers too

          9. Reality Check says

            ” He has written laws without the consent of Congress”


          10. Joyce White says

            You haven’t heard about executive orders? Or his SOTU speech where he said “I have a pen and I have a telephone” He has used them quite often. One of his E.O.s’ will force the medical profession to break HIPPA laws and hand over name and medical records of patients, so their guns can be confiscated. Thus breaking the second amendment of the Constitution.

          11. Reality Check says

            well Joyce, EO’s are LEGAL and done BY ALL THE PRESIDENTS,so…..

          12. Joyce White says

            No one said they were illegal. It is what he is doing with them that has everyone, (except the bloody damned liberals) angry.

          13. Reality Check says

            so why do you support MENTAL people having guns?

          14. Joyce White says

            It isn’t just people who are mentally unbalanced,idiot. Once it starts it will end up being anybody who has been traumatized for any reason. Are you too ignorant to understand that all these regulations are just a smoke screen to disarm the whole damned nation.?It is what the U>N> wants. Every country to surrender their weapons.

          15. Paul says

            This should help RC: ”


            Jon Roland


            3 months ago

            A restrictive phrase like “well-regulated” has to be understood in historical context. What the framers did not want was armed unruly mobs who can’t shoot straight or who don’t know what to shoot at. They also didn’t want men who would not respond to a call-up or not know where to go or what to do. The problem was usually solved by having the militia units elect their commanders, then having those commanders issue regular training call-ups and organize them into teams, train them, make sure that if the threat is a criminal, that the criminal is arrested and held for trial and not just summarily executed.

            Having militia units also regulated by statute or ordinance or by state-issued instruction manuals is one form of regulation, but keep in mind that the militia that initially fought the War of Independence were not organized or commanded by state-authorities, because at that time state governors were appointed by the Crown. It was only after independence and state authorities began to be elected that one could contemplate regulation by the state.

            But the Second Amendment also contemplates defending the freedom of the state from an oppressive union government, not just some foreign invader.

            By the way, in those days the word “state” meant a community of people in exclusive possession of a well-defined territory, which might or might not have a legitimate government. So defending a free state could mean defending people from an oppressive state government.

            During the War for Independence militia were the initial forces on the American side. It was militia who won at the Battle of Saratoga, which is what led the King of France to support the Americans. The Continental Army was composed of militiamen who enrolled for fixed terms of service, for pay, and while serving were expected to become well-trained. That was the contribution of Von Steuben, to train them to function as trained units that would stand and fight, move in an orderly manner, and execute planned maneuvers.”

          16. Reality Check says

            “Thus breaking the second amendment of the Constitution.”

            the Constitution says WELL REGULATED.
            that would be what that is silly con

          17. Paul says

            She didn’t say HE had written the laws. She said he allowed SCOTUS to make law by interpretation. If you want any credibility, learn to read and comprehend.

          18. Reality Check says

            I friggin QUOTED HER, low functioning human.
            you see the quotations?

          19. Reality Check says

            “has also allowed SCOTUS to write laws”

            (you are sadly mistaken)

            SCOTUS interprets the Constitution and laws made by congress and how they conform to the Constitution.

            the Gay issue I am sure you are referencing, was an “interpretation” of Laws passed by States BANNING gay marriage.
            had they not done that, it may not have happened for years.

          20. Paul says

            The no prayer in schools, has the effect of law. Objective person who looks at historical writings and architecture with the Ten Commandments and other Judeo- Christian writings can figure that out.

          21. Reality Check says

            “The no prayer in schools, has the effect of law”

            what does that have to do with Obama?

            we are a secular nation, low info human.

          22. BIGOTIST says

            Joyce, I agree with ur post and the impeachment of the two POS, but the gov’t is in total deceit mode and it’s doubted they will ever be impeached- they’re ALL in the same bed~

          23. James Lowder says

            How about treason for a starter.

          24. Reality Check says

            is being specific TOO hard?

          25. Paul says

            That was specific. Is admitting defeat to difficult for you?

          26. Reality Check says

            well fool, there is a NEED for you or James to name a specific ACT.
            one would think you are bright enough for you to know that.

          27. Reality Check says

            So naming the circumstances was too scary for the con?

            or you afraid I will then smack your lying ass to the ground?

          28. Joyce White says

            If you are talking to ME in that manner, be very careful. You want the circumstances of his treason? He released 5 High ranking terrorists, without telling anyone till it was done. He orchestrated ‘fast and furious’ supplying drug cartels with weapons. He attacked Libya without consent of Congress. Constitution; Article l: section 8; And U.S.Code; Title 50, Chapter 33:1541-1548. There is more, but I don’t have time to copy and give references.Look up what I have given you.

          29. Paul says


        4. usathoughts says

          Well, let Congress just Impeach Obama’s White half. Can use King Solomon’s approach in deciding the issue. Maybe a little bloody but works for me.

      5. melmack 1 says

        Hey, OBUMMER is supposed to be the LEADER and the DUMBORATS are supposed to follow his lead … what part of that is difficult to understand ??? Rem Senator Menendez from NJ who fell out of favor with the IMAN living in the white house. Along came the DOJ and the IRS after his Doctor friend

        1. Reality Check says

          “OBUMMER is supposed to be the LEADER and the DUMBORATS are supposed to follow his lead”

          I hate to break it to the fool, but I will be gentle.

          NO they aren’t moron.

          the only group that walk in lock step are you wacky cons.
          lets take Muslims for example.

          100% of the wacky right hate them.

          liberals are mixed.
          there you have it.

          even a low info con like yourself can get it.

          1. Retired says

            It appears you are the biggest con posting ???

          2. Reality Check says

            it appears that this does not make much sense.

          3. Retired says

            Yes you do not make much sense.

          4. Reality Check says

            so you are now reduced to word games old man?

          5. Retired says

            When you retire in your 50s does not make one old. what have you achieved other than posting BS.

          6. Reality Check says

            oh God, where do I begin.

            I would bet money that you have seen at least one of the mainstream films I made.

          7. Retired says

            If your so called films are like you comments, no way in hell would I watch.

          8. ABO says

            Just recently RC claimer to be an MD, Retired, just so you know what kind of looney toon you’re dealing with here. Doctor, now big shot film maker. What he really is, is a completely empty headed idiot. Entirely incapable of dealing with reality and very fond of making up ridiculous stories like this most recent.

      6. MAHB001 says

        I used to think that the Democrats would wake up and kick that crap out of their party, like what the Republicans are doing…

        But, I am losing hope.

      7. Jimmy Quick says

        I don’t agree. There is a sickness in this nation and it has a name…SIN. None of the things that are being publicly flaunted in the media as a progress society coming of age would ever be tolerated if we did not have corrupt judges, law makers and law enforcers. Long ago, Obama would have been properly disposed of as well the rest of his supporting cast.

        People know what is going on. They just don’t care as long it does not directly effect them.

        1. jack says

          the LORD JESUS will repay for there wrong doings people are using there power to rule the poor and put them to death

          1. Reality Check says

            sure old man.
            we have been sucking babies out of women for 45 years.
            when is God going to make himself heard?

            I mean that is even in the 10 commandments, but NO God to be found.
            it’s a good thing you have “faith”

          2. usathoughts says

            Well, the United States of American is being corrupted from within and without.
            You wrote before of Proof. Here is a little to satisfy your curiosity.

            Financial: A wholly corrupted Monetary System. Reason; requires Production & Spending to be in balance. This is the primary tenet for this system. How; Treats money as a product in and of itself in addition to being a conveyance.

            Reproduction: Biological systems are inherently different from Mechanical systems. For a biological system it is complete and alive at the moment of conception. For a mechanical system it is only complete when assembled from different components and provided with an external power source. Destroying a human biological life at any point is murder. Have read the counter points – all are mechanical arguments.

            Demographics: A wholesale attempt to change the US culture. Barring this a balkenzation of the Nation. The proof lies with lack of assimulation.

            Economics: Fully 49% of all US Citizens depend upon some form of Government assistance. The Net Tax Paying balance are “forced” to support them. This is none other than a Socialist Dictatorship in practice.

            You are welcome to challenge any of the above. Only thing I ask is you use standard english and structured argument.

          3. Reality Check says

            “Destroying a human biological life at any point is murder”

            according to WHO?

            envitro clinics routinely fertilize a half dozen eggs and only implant one, the rest are destroyed OMG!

            does the con know that those fertilized eggs (conception) can be frozen for months or years and then thawed and they grow normal.

            can you do that with a Baby?

            so I guess they are very different, huh?

          4. ABO says

            Sorry, USA, RC is not remotely capable of using normal standard English and has absolutely no idea what a structured argument is. He is in short far too mentally challenged to understand even the simplest concepts, whether referring to Financial issues, Reproductive, Demographics, Economics or any other issues currently facing our nation. He will respond with his usual idiotic nonsense and claim that he has “again bested the silly cons” or some other completely inept, brainless comment. I appreciate your efforts but RC is not capable of normal human thought.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, here is the good news and the bad all in one. These little ones you now mock are coming back with Christ when it’s time to wipe all of the armies of the world from the face of this earth.

            Give Revelations 14 a good read and then you will know the bad news. I only hope you are still here to see it.

            Oh here is another little tidbit to chew on; Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

          6. Reality Check says

            “These little ones you now mock are coming back with Christ”

            more proof you people are not too bright.

          7. Reality Check says

            “Give Revelations 14 a good read and then you will know the bad news”

            well Christian spreader of lies on the internet, you silly humans have been predicting the End of Days for two thousand years now.

            STILL WAITING.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. Psalm 103:8

            God has made a covenant with man, so, you get your days and your nights for about 75 years, but after that, make no mistake, eternity is His.

            Don’t say you weren’t warned.

          9. Joyce White says

            Reality Check, I believe it is coming faster than most of us think. Too many prophecies are coming true. They used to be a little slower to be revealed, but things are speeding up.The day is fast approaching when the King of the North will unleash his weapon of indignation, and we will be in darkness and silence. Stop and think what kind of a weapon could leave us in the dark and unable to communicate.

          10. Reality Check says

            and WHO told you this, Joyce?
            personally I think we will be dealing with Alien invaders (space not illegal) long before the Christian God comes and does the End of Days.

            do you think all that flooding and tornadoes in the BIBLE BELT is a sign from God that you guys need to stop LYING about Him?

          11. Joyce White says

            Not at all. If you had any religious education (besides the few times you saw “Jesus Christ Superstar”) you would know what was coming. So you just keep posting your derisive, smug, supercilious comments about Christians and the God they love and worship. And think of this conversation often, because it is the last one we will have.Just one more thing. I take it that you do not understand about the weapon of indignation, because you failed to answer my comment.

        2. Reality Check says

          “If we didn’t have corrupt judges, law makers and law enforcers, long ago, Obama would have been properly disposed of as well as the rest of his supporting cast.”

          well there IS PROOF that you are a complete idiot.

          1. usathoughts says

            Just curious. What is this proof spoken to?

          2. Mark Lahti says

            RC really has nothing to contribute to the discourse. When you get the name calling you they are done and you have won the argument. It’s over. Just declare yourself right on the matter and move on. If you respond then you lose and he wins.

          3. usathoughts says

            I will reply no more than twice just to see if anybody is at home. Consider it an act of charity. People like this are lost souls.

            Appreciate your concern.

          4. Reality Check says

            it’s traitors like you that are killing MY country.
            you pretend to be “patriots” while doing the business of the Oligarchy taking over America.

          5. Reality Check says

            the universal truth

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            I see it’s computer time now over at the sanitarium. Oh R/C, where you been? (lockdown…)

            Are you okay today? (had your drugs?)

            Nice talking. (hope this creep goes away.)

          7. Reality Check says

            how about Jimmy the Dim, put something factual behind his vomit?

          8. catman says

            Screw you RC. Take your garbage somewhere else. “We ain’t buyin’ what you are selling azzwipe….

        3. says

          Maby some do ,tho a lot have no idier wad is going on and coming tare way. The will only pay att. wen the shit rely hit’s the fan. An till than the have tare “the price is right” ore ore some other kind of diversion to kip them bissi . This is simply the american syki. The spend most of tare time in Disney Land.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            You know, I wrote an essay one time about the fall of Rome. My main thesis (point of view) was that Rome fell because the people entertained themselves with foolishness, lust and greed.

            Because their minds had become so busy with how to feed their ever increasing lust for evil, they didn’t care what was going on in their homes, their business, or their nation.

            So, Disney Land? I never did like that place.

          2. boucle says

            Rome fell because muslim pirate ships and the muslim caliphate destroyed all commerce and classical civilization of Greece and Rome, and Europe and America were saved by the Crusades. The caliphate is conquering everywhere today because too many non muslims are fools.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            Interesting. I got an A on my paper and my teacher said that she never heard something so obvious put to paper in a form that was so well documented and delivered.

            If you need a blow-by-blow breakdown of the every detail that lit the fuse that ended Rome, I’m afraid I’m not your man.

            Suffice it to say, the system broke down and the people in charge of maintaining the empire were all asleep at the switch.

            As for the non muslims in the USA today, I think that many are hoping this is all just a bad dream and maybe it will go away. I don’t think they know what to do with an evil government that seems bent on killing us all.

            Our government wants open war in the streets so that they can begin the extermination and they are hoping that this is how the master plan will be achieved.

          4. boucle says

            CAIR and the muslim brotherhood, along with their puppet obama and his fellow muslims, just want everyone to SUBMIT to the SUPREMACY of Islam, which means convert, pay them a tax, or get beheaded

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            I’m afraid your right.

          6. boucle says

            I feel so bad for the “infidels” who kept on fighting knowing it was hopeless and muslim conquests took so much territory so fast. Watch on You Tube:
            “WHY WE ARE AFRAID, A 1400 YEAR SECRET, by Dr Bill Warner”

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            I found this to be somewhat enlightening. I personally know some muslim people here in the states and find them to be very conflicted.

            I mean it is their nature to try and bring everyone into submission but in a free society they find themselves mocked and even shunned by others.

            I don’t feel bad for them other than to see them as being trapped in a death cult with no way out, even if they did want to escape.

            They are very violent minded people and the first thing out of their mouths anytime there is a conflict is how they want to kill someone.

            I find them to be highly intelligent in most cases, but I can not bring myself to admire murderers.

            If the time came to fight these people in the streets, I would take no issue with sending them all to hell.

          8. boucle says

            I agree, having had the same experiences with muslims I used to trust. After Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, Pakistanis were furious at Americans for killing him, even those who lived here (U.S.) for many decades, so to whom are they really loyal?

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, Allah is their god of the moon. To many who study that sort of thing, the god of the moon is Satan, because he rules over the night and pretends to be an angel of light (enlightenment), but in the end he is only a reflection and has no light of himself.

            Allah is not God and he never will be God. He is just something for the lost to follow into the darkness.

      8. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Obama can not be blamed for all the ills of the Nation as other democRAT politicians have also contributed as well as the RINO Republicans. Can we at least agree that liberals including your pResident have drug us down to this level?

        1. Retired says

          As so called leader he needs to take the heat. A good leader does not ram his head through a brick wall , something Obama did.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Can we at least agree that liberals including your pResident have drug us down to this level?
          NO we can’t.
          I think you cons need to take responsibility for the fools YOU voted into office.

          does the old fart know that drug costs are locked due to GW Bush and Medicare part D.

          “And, it’s no accident that the law prohibits Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. A recent article by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare points out that “the drug lobby worked hard to ensure Medicare wouldn’t be allowed to cut into the profits which would flow to big Pharma thanks to millions of new customers delivered to them by Part D.”

      9. Retired says

        The man at the helm is responsible for the direction of the country, and Obama has helped eliminate the Middle Class Just look at what he has done for the bankers and wall street. All got big raises , more than under republicans. Insurance and drug costs under Obama is another big one. He did very little for the elderly and a lot for those living of assistance. Obama also brought back the Racial issue, what a great guy [ sarc.].

        1. Reality Check says

          “Obama has helped eliminate the Middle Class ”

          you are a FOOL.

          you think maybe the collapse of union wages had some effect?

          you think maybe the implosion of the global economy has some effect?

          do you think maybe the 60,000 factories that left BEFORE obama took office had some effect?

          1. Rob N Oregon says

            uhmm Obama is a carbon copy of bill Clinton, bill Clinton enacted nafta sending 8.5 million manufacturing jobs over seas , Obama is pushing as hard as he can to get the TPP thru which will send more jobs over seas. bill Clinton stood back and allowed terrorists to operate with impunity, he even had a chance to take out Osama bin laden but decided to take a pass on it. Obama has stood back while isis became a major enemy and even get it started by negating the Iraqi elections and allowing malakia to stay in office after he was voted out by the Iraqi people. bill Clinton loosened banking rules so everyone could own a home and loosened wallstreet rules, Obama is in the process of forcing the credit reporting agencies to change rules so that peoples credit score looks better then it really is that way people who have poor credit can appear to be good loan risks. bill Clinton caused the housing bubble burst and wall street to have black Friday, was the cause of the4 Enron collapse and a host of other things that were bad for the economy, Obama’s destruction will start showing after he leaves office just like bill Clintons did

          2. Reality Check says

            Trust me when I say , I email the POTUS constantly about promises he has not filled (NAFTA) and the TPP

          3. Reality Check says

            “bill Clinton caused the housing bubble burst and wall street to have black Friday”

            the housing Bubble and Bill Clinton presidency were not in the same decade, so….

          4. Reality Check says

            “bill Clinton loosened banking rules so everyone could own a home and loosened wallstreet rules,”

            now you are throwing out shit all loosy goosy.
            you have no idea of what to post.

            too many silly Talking Points are getting you all confused.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Insurance and drug costs under Obama is another big one”

          retired and brainwashed it seems.

          does the old fart know that drug costs are locked due to GW Bush and Medicare part D.

          “And, it’s no accident that the law prohibits Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. A recent article by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare points out that “the drug lobby worked hard to ensure Medicare wouldn’t be allowed to cut into the profits which would flow to big Pharma thanks to millions of new customers delivered to them by Part D.”

          maybe you can link me to something to prove you are not LOW info.

        3. Reality Check says

          “Obama also brought back the Racial issue”

          Oh really.
          love to hear some example of that.

          I have this feeling that you =are just a parrot of the right wing shit and can’t provide a single example.

          so prove me wrong.

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            No one has to prove anything to you…you are beyond reproach.

          2. Reality Check says

            ya you DO

          3. Retired says

            You need to get your head out of the bucket of sand, as pointed out you is a troll .

          4. Reality Check says

            I am the only on with a clue.

          5. Retired says

            The only clue comes right from Os butt.

          6. Mark Lahti says

            You really don’t have to prove anything to RC. In fact you don’t even have to respond to him. He is, for the most part, being ignored by so many already that he is getting desperate for someone else or someone new to berate and ridicule. He is the quintessential liberal troll. He probably has nothing better to do than to search these sites for someone who may say something he can jump on just to get a response and then get his jollies off. You will find that if you try to fence with a liberal troll that they employ a four part liberal troll strategy. The last part is the best part. That is when they have lost and are out of anything positive or constructive to say, or that they are stumped. Then they fall back on their last defense which is the name calling. That is when you know you have won and they have nothing left. You can pick up some of the childish mentality with the play ground retorts like; “oh really”, “prove me wrong”, tag you’re it, and well….you get the idea. My best suggestion is to never feed the trolls. When they attack, and they will always “attack”, just ignore them and that will normally frustrate them enough for them to just….go away. You know “go away, don’t go away mad, just go away”. Anyway. God bless, good luck, and keep your powder dry, just in case.

          7. elmcqueen3 says

            Thanks for the enlightenment…best explanation I’ve heard to date.

          8. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

            Debating a liberal is like trying to kick a football shaped cow patty for a field goal; you don’t kick it very far and you get crap all over your shoe. You would have better luck arguing with a brick wall.

          9. Retired says

            Start with Baltimore and all other cities with looting. Check how many times he had Sharpton in WDC for conference meetings .

          10. Reality Check says

            HOW did Obama cause Baltimore riots?

            the decision to not charge the officer started the riot, lying POS

          11. Retired says

            Yes you fit the title of POS.

          12. Reality Check says

            “Check how many times he had Sharpton in WDC for conference meetings .”

            why don’t you try and PROVE how many times.

            right wing media lies constantly.

          13. Retired says

            Try naming the right wing media, 90+% are left wing.

          14. Reality Check says

            90% are CORPORATE silly old fart

        4. elmcqueen3 says

          He also has done very little for the black communities…and even less for the Hispanic communites…other than stir up racial tensions in this country…isn’t that what community organizer’s do best?

        5. Rob N Oregon says

          he did a lot for those on assistance? hmmm that’s funny I became disabled about 8 years ago, and the help I have seen is a 2% increase in my disability check 3 yrs in a row approximately $12 a year , but they reduced my food stamps by $8 a year because of that extra $12 they gave me. I have also seen utilities rise by no less then 7% a year and food go up near 100% in the last 8 years so please tell me how he helped the people on assistance, because I sure as hell live far worse off then when he started!

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I think you need to reread the post from the guy you are whining against. He said that the O did very little to help the people on assistance. Thus, you are living far worse off than before. You just made his case for him. Why are you coming across like he is saying something you don’t agree with? Sorry but it really bothers me when two people are on the same side and then don’t get it and wind up arguing with each other.

          2. Reality Check says

            so you should be counting the days toward the GOP engineered SDI emergency that is going to happen next fall.

          3. Retired says

            Disabled and people on SS are not a priority to Obama. If you are disabled why aren’t you on SS ????? All Obama cared about was the life long milkers of the system and going after law enforcement trying to clean up our streets..

        6. Reality Check says

          “Just look at what he has done for the bankers and wall street. All got big raises , more than under republicans”

          STOP LYING.

          1. Retired says

            Most of those bankers should be in jail for steeling from the savers. Obama wants a two group system , the Rich and the Poor.

      10. Donya Ging says

        Obama is not black he is a self confessed arab, and a muslim.

        These people do not have America’s best interest at heart.

        This is why he is invading America by immigration.

        My white ancestors did the same thing to my Native American ancestors.

        While the arab muslims claim they are not anti-Christ, they will not admit that he is the son of God.

        Anyone who will not admit that God the creator of all things, and send his son Jesus to die for our sins that we may have everlasting life after death; IS LIABLE TO COMMIT ANY SIN.

        Which we know they do. Anyone who does not except Jesus into their heart, will eventually do anything, because they don’t have anything to stop them.

        They burn people alive, they kill, rape and torture, and try any means to force you to do their bidding and convert to their religion.
        And before anyone comes back with what early crusaders did, the children of God did evolve.
        Muslims and Islam are still behind the times 1400 years. And when they get their Sharia law implemented (by trickery and deceit) They will allow their jihad warriors to start beheading people who are not islam. They quran tells them to kill kill until theres no one left but islam.
        These are the anti-Christ mixing up with the democrats deceiving them, and they mean us only evil.

        1. Reality Check says

          self confessed if you twist yourself into a pretzel and don’t listen to what he said.

          maybe the traitor can link me to some of that confession.

        2. Reality Check says

          gee bimbo, do you see the CUTS so they can MAKE HIM say what they want?

          you are very low IQ if THAT is your proof.

      11. Reality Check says

        the people who need to WAKE UP are like YOU, who post shit like:
        “whereas they print what our government wants them to print.”

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          “Those who do not read have no advantages over those who can not read”.

          1. Reality Check says

            so since the MSM rips Obama a new one ever week,
            I guess YOU ARE A LING POS.

          2. usathoughts says

            You do realize ‘Reality Check’ is not quite right in the head.

          3. ABO says

            “Reality Check is not quite right in the head”, usathoughts, is a gross understatement.

      12. Reality Check says

        “not one Democrat objecting to Obama’s abuse of our US Constitution”

        ok so TELL ME the parts he has abused.
        I can use a good laugh.

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          “He who laughs first…laughs last”.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            Please, please, please do not feed the liberal troll. He is already losing his argument. You can tell quite easily. When the liberal troll resorts to calling names he has lost his argument. The problem exists when you continue to fall into the trap of trying to answer his absurd demands. He is so lost in his indoctrination into the liberal/progressive sickness that he can’t help but spew his stupidity into the breeze. Don’t feed the troll. It is a sickness and nothing you can say or do will change anything he/it says. We have to be satisfied that we all recognize the diseased mind and let it go on ranting. God bless, good luck, and keep your powder dry, just in case.

          2. Reality Check says

            you are a really low info con.

        2. Hendrik Vaandrager says

          The President is the executive branch of the government. He executes the laws passed by Congress. The Constitution obliges him to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. His refusal to enforce immigration law violates that constitutional duty.

          1. Reality Check says

            SO prove he is not doing that?

            I CAN PROVE he IS.

            “America is expelling illegal immigrants at nine times the rate of 20 years ago (see article); nearly 2million so far under Barack Obama, easily outpacing any previous president. Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border; they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement combined. It tears families apart and impoverishes America.”


            I await your links of rebuttal, fool of the right wing.

          2. Hendrik Vaandrager says
          3. Reality Check says

            well actually what you proved is they changed the method of counting deportations.
            unfortunatlely for you it started under GW Bush.
            it ALSO says that Obama is getting MOST of his deportees at the border.
            PROVING he is doing a good job of sealing the border.

            ” The change began during the George W. Bush administration and accelerated under Obama. The policy stemmed in part from a desire to ensure that people who had crossed into the country illegally would have formal charges on their records.

            In the Obama years, all of the increase in deportations has involved people picked up within 100 miles of the border, most of whom have just recently crossed over. In 2013, almost two-thirds of deportations were in that category.”

            you know the link

          4. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            They changed the method of counting deportations in order to make the numbers look good. Previously border stops were not counted as deportations. Now border stops are counted in order to inflate the number of deportations. Border stops have always been happening. The government has just changed how they are being reported. You are being played by the federal government.

          5. Reality Check says

            Changed BY GW Bush, so….

            you guys are whining about something the GOP do nothing about.
            the Senate passed a immigration bill a year and a half ago.

            the House did not take it up because it would have passed.

            so WHO is sitting on their hands and doing nothing?

          6. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            I don’t care who changed it. It still doesn’t make it right. Also, There is nothing wrong with our current immigration policy other than the lack of enforcement. Have you ever looked at Mexico’s immigration policy? It is even more strict than our immigration policy.

          7. Reality Check says

            so I wonder why the GOP House didn’t pass the immigration bill passed by the Senate?
            THEY DON’T CARE.

            it makes a great way to control you low info cons and get you to VOTE for THEM.

            but you guys are so brainwashed you can’t see beyond your hatred of liberals.

          8. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            We don’t need to pass a new immigration bill. We need to enforce to immigration policy we currently have. Our immigration system is not broken, it is not being enforced. It is a ruse to get the low information voters to think they need to pass a new immigration bill.

          9. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            I don’t care who changed the reporting, it is still a misrepresentation of the facts. Also, There is nothing wrong with our current immigration policy other than the fact that it is not being enforced. Have you ever looked at Mexico’s immigration policy? It is much more strict than our current immigration policy, and Obama does very little to enforce our immigration policy with both border crossers and visa overstays.

          10. Hendrik Vaandrager says
          11. Reality Check says

            but I thought the liberal media LIES?

            you cons like them when they say what you like?

          12. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            And your response is to deny reality. Typical.

          13. Reality Check says

            oh, no, I am just making sure we establish that huff post is a GOOD source so I can feed Huff post articles back to you.

          14. Hendrik Vaandrager says

            I could have pulled that same information from many other sites, but had I pulled it from a right leaning site you would have simply dismissed it.

          15. ABO says

            “Reality Check” has absolutely no concept whatsoever of reality, Hendrik.

          16. boucle says

            Read the comment section of the article (full of lies) you cited and get yourself straightened out. You are making a fool of yourself and everyone here is laughing at your stupidity.

          17. Reality Check says

            so I am supposed to believe the comment section?
            where morons like yourself can post?

            are you really that Dim?

          18. ABO says

            RC had for a very long time, boucle, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is mentally challenged in the extreme. He is entirely incapable of reasoned thought and is not the least interested in understanding the normal human thought process.

          19. boucle says

            Sounds like obama, beyond all persuasion or reason

          20. ABO says

            Absolutely correct, boucle, seems to be a characteristic of liberals.

      13. Reality Check says

        “as they offer their support towards Totalltarianism, a National Police State, and the New World Order.”

        so is it Alex Jones Or Rush Limpdick who makes you this STUPID?

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          Sorry…I don’t listen to either of those two…apparently you do…which makes you much dumber than STUPID.

          1. Reality Check says

            well fool, you don’t come up with

            “as they offer their support towards Totalltarianism, a National Police State, and the New World Order.”

            sitting a home knitting.

      14. Rob N Oregon says

        you are 100% right its the whole democratic party that is trying to corrupt this country to the core, its the whole democratic party that is participating in the voter fraud of brining in people from outside the country who will vote along democratic aprty lines to steal democracy from the united states citizens, it is the whole democratic party that is pandering to islam, hell look at the way Hillary dress’s she is dressed to match the Islamic dress code for women, the list could go on and on but there is areason that the democratic party wants to strip us of our guns, evidence shows clearly Hillary and Obama both have talked about austrailia style gun laws , which means total confinscation of all guns, and that is they don’t want a revolution by the citizens because their take over if this country

        1. Mark Lahti says

          I have seen posts on here from Australians that are totally fed up with their governments take over of their rights to self protection. The crime rates have risen dramatically there ever since the confiscation of their guns. Don’t let it happen here.

        2. Paul Knapp says

          They, the left, believe in a systematic society that has NOTHING to do with our forefathers. They’d prefer to incinerate it never to be remembered again. So, pass the torch.
          They’re using the Cloward Piven strategy (flood us out) so that they may rule. Massive immigration is to appear like they’re caring, reality is they want to destroy nationalism.

      15. john says

        You’re one those swine lovers too..You all that defends that p.o.s and is for the one’s destroying our Country and our Constitution..You should all find a barrel and give Niagara Falls a try I bet you can’t make it…

      16. albany le says

        Go away. I don’t even want you on this page. However, I hope you feel better knowing that you are praising the enemy.

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          If I am praising the enemy…who are you praising?

      17. Gea says

        Democrats are responsible for bringing in this BIG Muslim Brother traitor of America. Perhaps it is the brain washing ongoing in US academia where young Americans are taught to hate their own country while not seeing vile totalitarian, supremacist ideologies which had been failing humanity such as Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Islam which is the biggest threat to humanity nowadays and the ROOT cause of terrorism and violence nowadays.

        Angela Merkel is an old east Germany communist who is now morphing into Islamofascists. Adherents of totalitarian ideologies morph from one to another…Hitler liked Islam and Mufti of Jerusalem spend WWII in Berlin egging Hitler on to hurry up extermination of the Jews in Europe and come to exterminate Jews among Muslims.

        I was in Germany in October and was shocked by a number of arrogant kaffieh wearing Muslims strolling around…same in Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia… The worse is that young Germans do not understand the danger…and still have not gotten rid of Angela Merkel who is a mad women destroying Germany and Europe..

        1. elmcqueen3 says

          I was in Frankfurt Germany several years ago…I was in the Army stationed in Germany during the 1960’s…It was a clean city and I had no fear walking the streets at night or taking a street car as I returned to the barracks…Today, however Frankfurt is a mess…Graffiti every where…panhandlers everywhere…Muslim’s every where…protesting with bull horns on the main Frankfurter Ziel…So loud you can’t hear yourself think…gun shots heard at night…bullet holes in elevator doors…the bridge over the Main river is filled with drunkards, druggies, and a host of other low life’s all begging for money…and now Chancellor Merkle is taking in over 1,200,000 refugees of whom over 50% the government has lost track of…not knowing who or what they are or what they are doing…Like in the Scandinavian countries…crimes committed by refugees are going through the roof with rape being number one on the list…the European governments are covering the criminal atrocities of these Muslim refugees so as to not agitate it’s citizens…This is not going to end well in Germany with Merkle leading the charge in defense of these Muslim refugees…Merkle who for some unknown reason has given her blessings not caring about the havoc she is bringing down on the German people…Truly a disgust…and if the Democrats have there way…this will be our future as well.

          1. BTeboe says

            It’s not going to end well for most of the Europeans. I loved living in Germany and now I would not want to spend one day there. Germans have started PEGIDA which is a grassroots movement that wants to get Muslims out. Actually I think about a third of the Germans wish they would just shoot them at the border. I’m beginning to think that trying Milosevic for war crimes, was a crime itself. You just cannot deal with these people. More than half are illiterate and believe so thoroughly in the teachings of a 7th Century thug that they kill themselves, their families, and anybody else that doesn’t agree with their ideology, including other Muslims.

      18. RuFus92 says

        You have covered it very well.

      19. millerstwo says

        It’s not just the Democraps it’s also the “establishment Repubelicans” (RINO’s) who are allowing the traitor Obama to wreak havoc on our Nation!

      20. franklyfrank says

        Agreed, it was the Democrat Political Crime Syndicate that promoted Obama into the white house. He just happens to be the most visible lightening rod.
        Its the Pelosis, Schumer, Reid, Biden, Soros, Steyer, Hoolywood,etc, etc, etc.

      21. jreg9304 says

        you are out of your mind if you think Obama is not to blame for all of the strife in the rest of the world and America. Almost every other country always looked at America for solid advice and this is what they got from our worthless President. Obama needs too be shot for treason , if he is a real American and not Kenyan born. like there has been some proof of his origin leaning that way. bite your arm too see if you are not delusional…

        1. elmcqueen3 says


      22. E Swisher says

        Hitler and his Brownshirts (and later the Gestapo…..HilLiary Clinton and her current supporters and stated current push by Obaaama to “nationalize” the “local” police…. Hitler’s silencing the average citizen, and the current silencing of all dissent of the general population (and anyone of prominence that does not agree with Obaaama’s policies…. Hitler’s blatant power grab that made him a dictator (versus the German Republic that was the German form of government)….Obaaama’s blatant disregard for the US Constitution and using “executive orders” to undermine OUR Constitutional rights…. Hitler’s disarming the general populace… Obaaama’s blatant, knowingly undermining the 2nd Amendment and HilLiary’s publicly stated intent/campaign promise to disarm the law abiding citizen AND to destroy the 2nd Amendment and all the protections provided to protect oneself from an oppressive government… Hitler’s and Stalin’s purging (ie killing) the military of officers that could and probably would have stopped Hitler and Stalin…. Obaaama’s purging the US military of senior officers that are critical (and rightfully critical of Obaaama’s actions/inactions) and his undermining the morale and effectiveness of the military.

        1. Norma Robbins says

          Ed, I totally agree with you.

    2. melmack 1 says

      And obummer is pushing really had to get as many ILLEGAL ALIENS and MUSLIM INVADERS into the USA as he can…Of course the DUMBORATS and RINOS are supporting him

      1. Conservative says

        Sadly, they cannot seem to jump on the ‘politically correct’ path quickly enough.

      2. Reality Check says

        “”America is expelling illegal immigrants at nine times the rate of 20 years ago (see article); nearly 2million so far under Barack Obama, easily outpacing any previous president. Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border; they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement combined. It tears families apart and impoverishes America.”

        maybe you can link me to something to prove you are not a LYING POS.

        1. melmack 1 says

          Is that so he can import my SYRIANS ??

          1. Reality Check says

            was that a con proving something or delivering more HOT AIR?

          2. melmack 1 says

            Well he wants to bring in 10000 Syrians to replace the central American and Mexicans he might send back…

          3. Mark Lahti says

            And then promised to bring in 100,000 over the next few years. Please don’t argue with the liberal troll. Nothing you can say or do will prevent this POS from trying to test your temper. Right now he is just challenging after having lied. His next step is to ridicule and that will be followed by name calling. He can’t win this and the only way you can is by ignoring him and let him rant for all to see just how pathetic he is. God bless, good luck, and keep up the good fight.

          4. melmack 1 says

            Thanks Mark, you do likewise !!

          5. Mark Lahti says

            I try and I try. But every once in a while I go at him. Just once then I drop it, but I do try to slam him once in a while. I believe your last comment is for the keeping up of the good fight. I am hard at it and if we all can do likewise we will all be a little bit better off. By the way, check out MADASHELL.COM. He has some good ideas and a good site.

          6. Paul Knapp says

            Mark, right on! (Choking hands position for R.C’s neck Heheheh)..
            Was thinking of going to libtard blogs, and be THEIR antagonizer, but then know it’d be a waste of time.

          7. Reality Check says

            there is no choir there to listen to your lies.

          8. Reality Check says

            you still looking for a link to prove how many refugees Obama is bringing in?

            “The United States already plans to admit 85,000 refugees from around the world in the fiscal year that began in October, but only 3,000 spaces are set aside for Central Americans. The total allotment is 15,000 more refugees than in the previous year and includes 10,000 Syrians referred by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees under a special vetting process that typically takes 18 to 24 months. The ceiling for refugees is even higher for 2017, when it will rise to 100,000.”


            so that is how you prove a con is ignorant.

          9. Reality Check says

            lied about what, for example?
            I post a link, YOU Flap your GUMS.

            Facts versus HOT AIR.

          10. BTeboe says

            Facts, you don’t need no stinkin’ facts. You just make stuff for fun.

          11. Reality Check says

            “and then promised to bring in 100,000 over the next few years”

            first off idiot of the right, he only in office for 11 more months, so “years” would be your low intellect showing.

            secondly, IF you were informed, you would know that the number of refugees slated for 2016 is 85,000 and 15,000 of those are from Central America.

            so maybe the LYING con can link me to the story about 100,000 Syrians.

          12. Reality Check says

            “and keep up the good fight”

            Keep up the god fight???

            you are spreading LIES and HATE on the internet, not fighting anything.

            you are tools of the Oligarchy.
            they say BE AFRAID and yo cons are AFRAID.

            you’re programmed drones.
            complete CLUELESS humans doing the Oligarchy’s bidding.

        2. BTeboe says

          Blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah blah blah and blah blah some more for us Reality Check. We know you’re top of nothing and wait for the day you die.

    3. MAHB001 says

      That is Fascism 101….

    4. Reality Check says

      “It is disgusting bt we see the same signs in the US. IF it does not fit the Obama doctrine then it is not allowed”

      oh really fool, is that why the MSM rips Obama a new one all the time?

      maybe you should LOOK at MSM occasionally before proving you are LOW INFO

    5. Concerned parent says

      Not only “not allowed” but people die – see below.

      Speech that got Breitbart assassinated by Obama

      1. Reality Check says

        so why are you fools still sucking air?

        1. Concerned parent says

          Why? Is it bothering you? The truth needs to be told.

          1. Reality Check says

            the truth is what I am all about.
            with links.

            you cons never post links

          2. Concerned parent says

            You sound like a very angry person with whom it is no use talking.
            I was responding to Michael Ackerman and you interrupted. So butt out if you were not interested in my response to him. I did give a link.
            End of conversation with you.

          3. Reality Check says

            your “link” is to a bat poo crazy talking head giving a speech

            how is that “proof” that Obama had him OFFed?

          4. BTeboe says

            You’re the oxygen thief. The rest of us don’t need to do your homework. Quit asking.

    6. G.Frazier says

      Actually, this tendency to allow SOME groups right that others are forbidden to have, is older than the present farce of a presidential administration. About five years ago, I asked a friend what happened to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which granted us the right to Freedom of Speech. Her reply was, “You can say anything you like as long as someone isn’t offended by it.”
      What that means is this: If someone is offended when I stand on a street corner and proclaim, “Jesus is Lord,” he/she can sue me.
      However, if someone publishes a picture, depicting Jesus to be a sodomite, the government, courts, justices of the Supreme Court, etc. will ALL demand he/she is within his/her rights, according to the First Amendment.

      This is akin to a basketball game, where one team repeatedly breaks rules, which are overlooked by the referees and the other team is called for infractions they never committed.

      One question: Where has righteousness, in America, been hidden and who can liberate it?

    7. sharolinethomas says


    8. Tiger says

      Look at what these refugees are demanding in America.

  6. elmcqueen3 says

    We are having the same problems in this country with the majority of the news media who have embedded themselves with our government…whereas they print what our government wants them to print…in return they get preferential treatment when it comes to releasing news deemed of interest to the American public…Duh…Pravda is alive and well in America.

    1. Reality Check says

      “whereas they print what our government wants them to print.”

      just more proof that you are not too bright.

      is that why the MSM rips Obama new one every night?

  7. CCblogging says


    1. Reality Check says


      love to see you link to THAT story, spreader of SHIT on the internet.

  8. James Maxwell says

    Shades of Hitler’s Germany and the Nazi’s suppression of the press and its ability to report the
    truth, unvarnished and put it out for the people to see is being trampled upon again. We see this
    in many Nations today as the muzzie disease is spewing forth across the land. Politicians are
    bastardizing their standards to avoid upsetting the threat to their people and claiming to be
    humanitarians and allowing the invaders to walk in and take over. The leaders are not
    defending the citizens of their countries but letting terrorist and others invade and sway the
    politicians to do their bidding while burying their heads in the sand. The results is the face of
    the planet is becoming a very dark place and the terrorist are attempting to take over as they
    almost did during the last Crusades. It is time once again to drive the spawn of Satan back
    to the sands and tell them, when they can live at peace with each other then they can join
    society and enjoy the brotherhood of mankind. Until that time keep you guns close and ammo

  9. Gerald A. Reason says

    Our media, in the US, has been in the pockets of the government liberals for years. Perhaps this is why Fox (which comes the closest to truly balanced news, among the mainstream media) is considered as the most watched news station and the most trusted of all the mainstream media. The reason for our First Amendment protection of the press was to allow the press to be a watchdog over government without fear of reprisal. Today it is the kind of watchdog I use to own, It watches the enemy come in the door then runs up and licks its hand, hoping to be petted, as the enemy walks off with the goods of the house.

    1. Donna says

      Sad, Fox news is going down the tubes! If you haven’t noticed they are all but casting votes for us for Rubio!!! He has people on the inside of Fox…I believe that is why Trump bowed out of the last debate…he was going to be ambushed..why bother! Listen to the talking heads on Fox..why are we talking so much about someone who finished 3RD IN THE IOWA CAUCUS!!! WHY??

      1. Reality Check says

        well they are owned by the Oligarchy taking over.
        and YOU are one of their drones.

        1. Paul Knapp says

          One day, RC, you, will be humbled. On that day, would love to be a fly on the wall.
          And friend, God loves ya.

          1. Reality Check says

            that will be a cold day in hell.

            you cons are brainwashed drone who only know Talking Points.

            you are all just vacant meat sacks who vote.

          2. Paul Knapp says

            You are an antagonizer RC. And wouldn’t be surprised at all if you sold your soul to the devil. Am not allowed to hate you. Am allowed to hate the father of lies.

          3. BTeboe says

            Flag him (Reality) Flag him every time he comments.

          4. Paul Knapp says

            WE didn’t create “talking points”. The media did, so that they may control a narrative. They desire that which is not good. WE vote so WE can restore and preserve FREEDOM , especially from people like you. You’re a self-inflated tyrant. Suck fire.

          5. Reality Check says

            was that ME being humbled?

          6. BTeboe says

            And you are a bag hammers with lips.

      2. Mark Lahti says

        Well first off Iowa doesn’t mean shit. Nobody who has won Iowa except for Obama in 08 has gone on to accomplish anything. Second is Rubio is moving up faster now and making a play for the top spot. If you would just pay attention to FOX instead of viewing them with a negative knot in your mind you might get what they are saying. My great fear is that besides Trump the next two that have a chance at the nomination may both be eliminated when the left pushes the eligibility rule. I don’t think either of them are eligible for the presidency myself. So then what do you have? Seriously, what do you have? Trump. Period. End of story. He knows that and so does everybody else that is paying attention. I don’t like it any more than anybody else does. But what are you going to do?
        It sorta sucks in a way but it is all we are left with. Once these primaries start to really heat up and the rhetoric really starts to get serious then the SHTF. All the stops come off. The republican primary race is going to turn into the Thriller in the Patomic river. How’s that going to look? What are we going to do for the voters that could go either way then? I have nothing but fear going forward this year. God bless, good luck to all of you, and keep your powder dry.

      3. Paul Knapp says

        I agree Donna, though he has certain good attributes, I just don’t see him being our next president. That backdrop he had post caucus speech KILLED it for me.

    2. Reality Check says

      “Our media, in the US, has been in the pockets of the government liberals for years”

      Oh, is that why Trump is on MSM pretty much every time he opens his mouth?

      cause they are promoting the “liberal agenda”

      that must be why there is a news black out about Bernie on the MSM, cause they are PRO liberal, right FOOL?

  10. PBHayes says

    Freedom of expression is not alive and well in the United States. The homosexual lobby has won the battle against people who believe in traditional marriage with the threat of massive fines and destruction of businesses being used against many. The worldwide Islamic invasion is definitely going to haunt all nations who open their borders to this medieval ideology. It stands to reason that where government ceases to protect its citizens then the people will rise up and throw out those governments. In the meantime there will be groups that act like vigilantes to handle the many problems being caused by Muslims in Europe. It’s going to get very violent.

    1. Conservative says

      The Muslim are also against same-sex marriage, homosexuality unless it’s with little boys and abortion but no one has dared challenge them as they have the Christians.

      1. Reality Check says

        I don’t think any Muslim groups in America are up in arms over gay marriage.

        maybe the con can link me to some?
        or been arrested for having sex with your boys.

        so WHY challenge them if they are not DOING ANYTHING?

      2. BTeboe says

        So people quit answering your idiocy so you have to do it yourself. What a pathetic POS you are. Why do you keep living in the United States? We’ve got enough loonies, leave.

      3. BTeboe says

        Conservative my comment was directed to Unreality. Please disregard.

    2. Reality Check says

      “Freedom of expression is not alive and well in the United States”

      well THAT proves you are NOT too bright.

    3. Reality Check says

      “the homosexual lobby has won the battle against people who believe in traditional marriage with the threat of massive fines and destruction of businesses being used against many”

      wow, even MORE PROOF that you have the intellect of a radish.

      I think the “many” is more like 6.

      why the LYING and hysteria?

    4. Reality Check says

      “The worldwide Islamic invasion is definitely going to haunt all nations who open their borders to this medieval ideology”

      I hate to break it to you PB, but Muslim already live ALL OVER THE WORLD.

      YOU seem to be suffering from Medieval ideology.(conservatism)
      you seem clueless about gays and Muslims.

  11. supergun says

    Lived in Germany back in 74. When I got back to the USA I kissed the ground. Was thankful to be back in the USA. Nothing like the USA. But we are traveling down that road that Germany is intrenched in.

    1. Donna says

      Thanks to the commie socialist progressive libs and the muslim terrorist mole in the W.H.! We are surrounded by loons!!! No idea about REAL history!!!! If they would only crack open a book and READ, instead of drinking Kool aid!

      1. supergun says

        You are so right,,,,no pun intended. They are teaching their poison to our children.

    2. Mark Lahti says

      I posted a comment right here about a half an hour ago and it is gone now. What kind of censorship is that?

      1. supergun says

        They are watching. Maybe your comment had a cuss word in it. Or maybe it offended their modder.

      2. Reality Check says

        you have not proven to be very bright.

        1. BTeboe says

          I’ve asked you to quit talking to yourself. It’s extremely annoying.

  12. Bethony Sproles says

    History repeats itself. This time however it will not be the government taking over but another country,, the
    refugees, from the outside. It will happen to all the countries at once. It will be hard for people to fight other people, especially in the US on its own soil.

  13. Miss Mellie says

    Oh it is not due to Obama that we still have a modicum of free speech in this country. If he had his way, we would lose it. And social media may be the ONLY real free speech medium at present. FREE SPEECH is due to those old dead white European men who designed our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    1. Donna says

      EXACTLY!!! That is why the commie libs are trying to tarnish the respect due to our original leaders. Shame on us allowing this moronic act!

  14. Tom Murphy says

    Castrate all moslem rapists!

  15. Dan says

    It looks like Germany brought about the communism that oppressed them for decades after the USSR was disbanded. Merkel did this completely on her own accord. HOW DISGUSTING. I fear that my German roots will now and forever be history.

  16. Paladin says

    Remember my father saying, “Never let the germans reunite; they are jingos!!!” Now, they have gone back to the Weimar Republic… That’s just as bad… makes them ripe for overthrow… read the rise of hitler, and you will be alarmed as well!!!

  17. gerald Hughes says

    Amazing isn’t it??
    The 2nd thing that happens when you let a liberal government disarm you, seems to be invariable.
    They then, pass laws that allow them to arrest and try you for saying nasty things about the government
    Germany, France Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, all of them passed those laws as a soon as they got the weapons.
    Isn’t that a coincidence?
    Sooo, Germany you blew it, the liberals want the rapist Muslim killers in the country, as soon as they disarmed you, they made it illegal to say nasty things about the government.
    Now, your wives daughters and sisters and mothers are being assaulted and raped.
    When you get together to protest, they use water cannons on you, your fault, they can ignore you, the government is the only one with weapons.
    Get a few thousand women together, drag Merkel out of her office, throw her in the middle of a thousand rapist Muslims.
    Then start smuggling weapons into Germany.

  18. icetrout says

    Right Wing Crackpots ??? WTF ??? The RIGHT IS RIGHT ! FOK THE COMMIE LEFT :X

  19. gin says

    Facebook censoring whats going on in Europe

    1. Donna says

      Part of the problem!

  20. matt says

    well we had better start lobbing hardballs at our clearly Muslim inflicted p o t u s or we will wind up like Germany

    1. Kent2012 says

      175mm’s would work, oh wait just a cotton picking minute…that would be tantamount to a rebellion…

      1. matt says

        Careful with the cotton picking reference! And our president

        1. Kent2012 says

          I thought that they went together…

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


  21. Jerry Cox says

    Please look at the actions of the Obama Whitehouse not what you read in our media or the other state backed media outlets. We have an administration that has corrupted almost every federal agency in teh White House. They may still allow by law the freedom of expression but do know how many have been silenced with the threat of audits from the IRS. funds taken away at the State level, and many people afraid to express there views on Muslims here , immigrants migrating here, and the some 35 camps of middle easteners that have established townships without any local police or anyone else to pass the main entrance to these camps. We know nothing about what is going on with these camps. Are they migrants from Syria and the middle east already and funded by your taxpayer dollars but does not get votes on the spending by the house etc. Where do these agencies actually get the funds from to support all of this plus Obama’s own little Army he has developed which the press refuses to cover. Whatever happened to the two months where the U.N. troops plus supposedly ours was going through the night doing exercises in selected states. No media allowed to accompany, no reporting of it or anything like that . Working nights like this in the dark would allow them to do a lot if we were to have a major grid power outage. Obama has an executive order allowing him to introduce marshal law. Many, Many secrets by this Admin and the bully tactics have silenced many.

  22. soldier for liberty says

    History repeats it’s self.

  23. John E Strom Jr. says

    Germany’s freedom of speech died long ago when Germany’s Jews got a bill passed making “holocaust deniers” a crime. That includes anyone who challenges their magical made up number six million Jews dying in the several death camps. Those that give voice to any version of the holocaust that deviates from the Jews propaganda can be thrown in jail. Some question that number – but their voices are silenced.

  24. Albert L Biele says

    Merkel, the leader of Germany has attacked any speech that puts into question, her refugee plan, labeling it “Hate Speech;” Of course, in the USA, we label it, “Freedom of Speech.” She must also have control over the media who seldom report on the evil doings of the refugees. Sounds like the beginning of another Hitler!! What she needs is a lesson on, who these people really are. Put her in a box and mail her to Syria, and let her experience how these rapist treat their woman. After she experiences a year of abuse by men who view woman as a possession, she’ll probably develop her own “Hate Speech.” When in their own country, they treat woman like crap, and have no intention of changing their ways because they’re in Germany. Wake up Germany, your leader has put you on the road that leads to perdition.(bondage).

  25. Titraveler says

    We see this not only in Europe but in the U.S. at present, “the media did their best to cover up.” If they are not covering it up they are twisting the facts. I agree you better speak up because if we let politics dictate the media they will brainwash the people. Then your freedoms are gone. It has happened in the past and will happen in the future if the people do not stand up for what they know is right. Do not let any government tell you how to think. What Merkel is doing in Germany is disgusting. She made a hugh mistake and does not want to admit it so now the German people as well as all of Europe have to suffer for liberal socialist policies that try to make anyone with common sense look cruel. Reject her and all the others like her even those in the U.S.

  26. TPS12 says

    “Freedom of expression is alive and well in the United States.”
    I think you may be asleep this statement is no longer completely true. Just look at how are media ignores any negative story concerning the current administration and all those associated with it now and in the past. Our media carries the water for the current agenda without question like good little lapdogs.

  27. Robert Dahl says

    Why is Merkel called “Stasi-Merkel”? Her political home base is East Germany—the old Soviet Stasi? Her hidden agenda is “New Order globalism”?—which requires subversion of what’s left of national states in Europe. This is a gradual step-by-step elimination of the natural cultures of Europe, and its once-dominant Christendom.This is now called the European Union (EU), with its NATO affiliate. Merkel is Germany’s new “Judas-Socialist”, betraying its natural position in the stabilization of Europe. Her political and financial support of the sudden flood of migrants, under cover of an artificial “crisis”, seems to copy the Nazi tactics of 1930’s? Merkel’s home being the old Soviet East Germany, her political viability is centered in an “anti-Nazi” base—still beating a “dead horse”—dead for 70 years now. As to Merkel’s leading role in welcoming and financing the Muslim hordes now overrunning all of Europe—what better strategy to eliminate old national cultures—in building a global New Order? All of Europe, wake-up!

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      Never in 1 million years, would I have ever thought to see Germany, who wanted to rule the world at one time, would rollover and let someone rule over them. It amazes me, that people consider them to be highly intelligent, and yet they can’t see the evil that is staring them in the face .What they did to people during World War II, leaves me with very little sympathy for them. Now they’ll get a taste of their own medicine. They will be going around saying heil Allah, heil Allah.

    2. Reality Check says

      Why is Merkel called “Stasi-Merkel”?

      CAUSE she is a CONSERVATIVE like you guys

      1. mac12sam12 says

        It’s her liberal tolerance that’s causing the chaos in Germany.

        1. Reality Check says

          she is a German Conservative, fool of the right.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            And it’s her liberal tolerance that’s causing all the chaos, limp wrist of the left.

  28. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots! AND TYRANTS AND BUREAUCRAPS!!!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, authors unknown, please spread it far and wide!

    1. Reality Check says

      “How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?”

      GOD gave us Obama to save America from the GOP who imploded the global economy.

      lets examine reality.

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 16,000

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Cut and paste. All can be refuted, silly limp wrist.

        1. Reality Check says

          so refute it.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            already did refute it, but one more time!! God gave us Obama? Hussein is obviously your god, clapping seal.

            We are still losing 700,000-800,000 jobs a month.

            125,000-200,000 jobs a month doesn’t even keep up with population growth in a country of 350 million people. Compare Reagan’s job growth to Obama’s.

            Obama has the lowest GDP quarters than any other president in US history. Again, compare Reagan’s GDP’s to Obama’s.

            Printing money and putting it into Wall Street with taxpayer money is the reason Wall Street is doing well. When fuel prices go down, usually the price of everything else goes down. Didn’t happen because the dollar has been devalued because of all the printing, Obama clapping seal of the left. He’s also the 1st president to own two credit downgrades.

          2. Reality Check says

            see FOOL,
            THAT means link me to the proof, not you SAYING IT AGAIN.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Link BLS. If you use the U6 method of counting unemployment, thats counting those that have given up looking, unemployment is at 14%. Why do you think that we have a record low workforce, Obama clapping seal?

            It’s easy to compare Reagan’s numbers to Obama’s numbers by using a search engine.

          4. Reality Check says

            “It’s easy to compare Reagan’s numbers to Obama’s numbers by using a search engine.”

            but hard for you to link me to?

          5. mac12sam12 says

            I do my own research, just like Snopes and all the others. That way you can’t say I sent you a biased link.

          6. Reality Check says

            at this point you post NO LINKS, bias or otherwise.

            job loss and job gain is a TRACKED item in our economy.

            the economy makes decisions based on that data.
            so not so secret or bias since there is only a few sources.

            WHO interprets that may vary.
            but there is only one set of facts, right?

          7. mac12sam12 says

            Guess some people are just too stupid to do their own research. No offense.

          8. Reality Check says

            AND some people are just LYING POS and don’t back up their shit.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            I’m lying, fag boy? Prove it.

          10. Reality Check says

            Ok fool, you said:
            “We are still losing 700,000-800,000 jobs a month.”

            “US created 211K jobs in Nov; unemployment rate at 5%”


            “December Leads 2015 in Job Growth, Says ADP”


            NOW would be when you prove you are not a LYING POS.

          11. mac12sam12 says

            This month there was 150,000 jobs gained in a country of 340 million? Unemployment below 5%, sure. That’s because of a record low workforce. Those pesky numbers!! Forbes Magazine called obama the worst economic president in history. He also holds the record for the lowest GDP quarter. The economic indicator is the GDP, ok, fag boy?

          12. Reality Check says

            I post links.
            the con FLAPS HIS GUMS
            HOT AIR versus FACTS

          13. mac12sam12 says

            You’re trying to defend a failed economy. In the past seven years the poverty rate has doubled to 50 million and we also have 46 million on food stamps. 50 million, that’s one in six. A successful economy doesn’t have 50 million poor people (you’re probably one of them) You can easily check out Obama’s failed GDP record. Reagan inherited a worse economy and turned it around in only two years, obama’s made it even worse. Forbes Magazine, compare Obama’s GDP record to Reagan’s. You obama clapping seals are too much!

          14. Reality Check says

            ” Forbes Magazine, compare Obama’s GDP record to Reagan’s.”

            Forbes is a CONSERVATIVE economic magazine, silly.

          15. mac12sam12 says

            and they use government numbers.

          16. Reality Check says

            because it is the truth, silly human.
            the same numbers the GOP quote.
            you think they are supposed to make some up?

            IF you look up the thread, you will see YOU telling me to look up the BLS.

            I think they are a government fact source.

            pretty silly

          17. BTeboe says

            How many times have I told you to do your own homework. Quit bugging people with your insanity.

          18. Reality Check says

            “In the past seven years the poverty rate has doubled to 50 million and we also have 46 million on food stamps.”

            does the con think the 60,000 factories that up and left during the GW years have any effect on the joblessness?

            What did the GOP controlled congress do?
            give the corporations the ability to deduct the move to china.

            the GOP will not even stop outsourcing.

            Did the GOP support the presidents jobs bills? NO

            so where are the “god jobs” supposed to come from?

          19. mac12sam12 says

            The republicans in congress are no different than the democrats. This year alone we have over 1,200 new regulations and the highest corporate tax rate in the world. That happened during this administration.
            The president’s jobs bill? A waste of money, you can’t legislate to get jobs. When the government sticks it’s nose in the private sector that’s when things go downhill. Lower the corporate tax rate and deregulate, stimulate the economy by lowering taxes, that puts more money into people’s pockets which they put back into the economy. Capitalism 101 AND VOTE TRUMP!!

          20. Reality Check says

            “The republicans in congress are no different than the democrats.”

            more proof you are not well informed and a brainwashed human.

            let see, 99% of the GOP voted for the TPP and only 25% of the Dems.

            seems like a significant difference.
            how about climate change?
            gay marriage?

          21. mac12sam12 says

            There is no difference between the parties. We fill both houses with republicans and they bow to Hussein and go along with everything. The republicans were elected to stop him.
            Climate change? It has always changed, chief. Man cannot control the climate. Gay marriage. Terrorism and the economy are at the top of the list for the concerns of voters, not social issues.

          22. Reality Check says

            “they bow to Hussein and go along with everything”

            you live in a “stupid bubble”?

            so why try and defund ACA?
            why not do immigration reform?

          23. mac12sam12 says

            Oh look! A low information Obama supporter telling someone they live in a stupid bubble, ironic! Like I said, there no difference between the two parties. When president Trump takes office, we’ll take care of that dying beast, the ACA and immigration reform. Illegals cost taxpayers $113 billion a year and half the California prison population are Mexican citizens

          24. Reality Check says

            so not answering my questions and changing the subject is you plan?

            and you think that makes you look smart?

          25. Reality Check says

            “He also holds the record for the lowest GDP quarter.”
            SINCE GW was running a NEGATIVE GDP for a year, I think that is ALSO a LIE.

            nice link by the way.

          26. BTeboe says

            It’s liberal logic on full display. When everyone is looking for work, we will have 0% unemployment.

      2. Frank W Brown says

        What dream world are YOU living in???

        1. Reality Check says

          the real world fool.
          which stat does the low info con think is wrong?

          1. Frank W Brown says

            ALL of your shit is WRONG, ASSWIPE!

          2. Reality Check says

            “U.S. lost 2.6 million jobs in 2008”

            “Worst year for jobs since ’45
            Annual loss biggest since end of World War II”

            A sobering U.S. Labor Department jobs report Friday showed the economy lost 524,000 jobs in December and 1.9 million in the year’s final four months, after the credit crisis began in September.


            so lets see you prove you are not just another con IDIOT.

  29. markypolo says

    This is just what happens when people WITHOUT jobs are allowed to VOTE!!!!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      pretty sure it says nothing about being “employed” in the constitution, silly con.

      1. markypolo says

        Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action were unknown to the Founding Fathers at that time. The thought that there would be Millions of Americans choosing to live off the Labors of others would have been UNFATHOMABLE. Thus, we now have Politicians ( Democrats) gaining a LARGE voting base by promising MORE free stuff, paid for by the unsuspecting WORKING Americans. 100 Million Americans OUT of WORK and 50 Million collecting Food Stamps. Sounds like a very good recipe for a disaster. Americas UNFUNDED liabilities now EXCEED it’s GDP 12:1. Democrats are real winners when it comes to spending OTHER peoples money.
        Furthermore, in the early 1800’s, only Land Owners were allowed to vote. Worthless fcking Democrats changed that.

        1. Reality Check says

          “The thought that there would be Millions of Americans choosing to live off the Labors of others”

          this is stupidity and part of your brainwashing.
          sure there are people abusing, perhaps better policing.

          I have never even met a person on assistance.

          1. markypolo says

            “I have never even met a person on assistance.” How would you know? It is not like they go around with a sign on their forehead. But here, let me guide you with some Government FACTS:
            Nearly 50 million people in America are on Food Stamps. Over 100 million able bodied Americas are OUT of WORK.
            Are you BLIND, Stupid, Or just a fcking MORON?

          2. Reality Check says

            “Over 100 million able bodied Americas are OUT of WORK.”

            well that PROVES you are a Brainwashed fool.

            here is you complete talking point.

            “There are 94 million Americans now out of the workforce”

            The total U.S. population age 16 and over is at least 243 million.

            Subtracting the nearly 156 million Americans in the labor force in June

            2013 — that is, those who were either working or looking for work —

            leaves 87 million Americans, which is close to 90 million.

            However, the 90 million number is padded, since this number includes a

            lot of Americans who wouldn’t be expected to be working. Specifically:

            • People age 16 to 17,
            who likely are in high school: 9 million

            • People who are enrolled in either
            two- or four-year colleges: 21 million

            • People age 65 and older, who have
            reached retirement age: 40 million people

            That means 20 million people are of
            normal working age, not in

            college and not working.

            That’s less than
            one-quarter the amount

            So the 90 million number is A LIE.

            PROVING you are a brainwashed drone who parrots what they hear, VOID of knowledge.

          3. markypolo says

            And where are YOU getting YOUR facts? The Government? HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!
            If the Government says there are 90 million able bodied Americans out of work, I KNOW there are more than 100 million. Only a god damn idiot and a fool would believe what the Government says. Is that YOU?

          4. Reality Check says

            I will now demonstrate that Marky is a LYING POS.

            The total U.S. population age 16 and over is at least 243 million.

            Subtracting the nearly 156 million Americans in the labor force that is, those who were either
            working or looking for work —

            leaves 87 million Americans, which is close to 90 million.

            However, the 90 million number is padded, since this number includes a

            lot of Americans who wouldn’t be expected to be working. Specifically:

            • People age 16 to 17, who likely are in high school: 9 million

            • People who are enrolled in either two- or four-year colleges: 21 million

            • People age 65 and older, who have reached retirement age: 40 million people

            That means 20 million people are of normal working age, not in college and not working.

            That’s less than one-quarter the amount

            So the 90 million number is A LIE.

            SO, maybe the LYING POS can link me to some data to prove IT’S not.

        2. Reality Check says

          “100 Million Americans OUT of WORK”

          SEE another one of those silly talking points you cons are programmed to say.

          let see how your math skills are.
          first off, the number is a bit off. the talking point is 90 million.

          The total U.S. population age 16 and over is at least 243 million.

          Subtracting the nearly 156 million Americans in the labor force in June 2015 — that is, those who were either working or looking for work —

          leaves 87 million Americans, which is close to 90 million.

          However, the 90 million number is padded, since this number includes a lot of Americans who wouldn’t be expected to be working.


          • People age 16 to 17,
          who likely are in high school: 9 million

          • People who are enrolled in either
          two- or four-year colleges: 21 million

          • People age 65 and older, who have
          reached retirement age: 40 million people

          That means 20 million people are of
          normal working age, not in college and not working.

          That’s less than
          one-quarter the amount

          So the 90 million number is A LIE.

    2. Paul Knapp says
  30. johnm says


    1. Reality Check says

      I think a conservative moron need a reality check.

      lets examine reality.

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 16,000

      so tell me fool of the right,
      how is that destroying the country?

      1. mac12sam12 says

        We’re still losing 700,000-800,000 a month. 125,000-200,000 jobs a month is pathetic in a country of 350 million. Doesn’t even keep up with population growth. (see record low workforce)
        Obama has the lowest GDP quarters in US history.
        The stock market, artificially low interest rates and printing borrowed taxpayer money to give the top 1% 93% of all the wealth for the past seven years. Wonder why the democrats are owned by Wall Street?

        1. Reality Check says

          “printing borrowed taxpayer money to give the top 1% 93% of all the wealth for the past seven years”

          BUT you say Obama is a “socialist”.
          a socialist is making the 1% wealthy?

          are you getting you talking points confused?

        2. Reality Check says

          “Wonder why the democrats are owned by Wall Street?”

          once again, fool, YOU think Dems are going socialist communist, NOW they pawns of wall street?

          so when did socialism and Wall Street become the same thing?

        3. Reality Check says

          “We’re still losing 700,000-800,000 a month”

          see lets see the fool prove that.

        4. cargosquid says

          I submit that if the BLS was figuring inflation the same way it did in the early 80’s, before Congress realized that they could removed food and fuel from the equation, we would be considered to be in a recession. I think the flat 0.7% “growth” rate last quarter was probably, actually negative with REAL inflation numbers.

    2. Reality Check says

      Oh, and here is Fox News tell you, you are a friggin low inf fool of the right.

      “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

      Sounds like the United States is lucky Obama chose this path or we would be suffering like Germany that is on the edge of recession.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        We’ll just ignore the record low workforce. The economy sucks and obama has done nothing to help it.

        1. Reality Check says

          what record low work force?

          I suggest you do a little research before making a fool of yourself again.

  31. Nina Ferguson says

    We still have Freedom of Speech, but the media is so liberal that for the most part, they will not report the complete story of what is going on. They refuse, for the most part, to report anything that might possibly considered detrimental to Hillary “the LIAR” Clinton. It will not say anything about the E-mails that she has persisted in lying about. She is shown on film, that she is a liar and will say anything that will increase the chances of her getting the democratic nomination. She is a liar and has been, probably, her entire life. Like the 12 y/o rape victim that she further abused and ran her name in the dirt, She doesn’t care about women”s rights, only if it might get her another vote. Look at the women that she has threatened and abused for having drawn her husband’s wandering and raping eye. SHE IS A LIAR, A MURDERER AND A TRAITOR. All she cares about is herself, power and money.

  32. Reality Check says

    Dr. Wolfgang Herles is about a well respected and Alex Jones.
    which to the real world means MORON of the Right.

  33. fred says

    Free speech is almost dead in this and many other countries that are supposedly “free”! Once the criminal kenyan gets his way with the internet the only way to post will be thru FB, which everyone knows gives the NSA whatever it wants and is the world’s premier “data mining” site! i really find it astonishing that an illegal alien is potus of this country with all the checks we have to insure that “never would happen”!!

  34. RMCSRET says

    Modern Day Germans are soon to see what it was like in the 1930;s.

  35. daveveselenak says

    The she-devil is another NWO elitist politician bringing about the chaos needed to bring in the One World Government – that simple! They are using Islamic terrorism and this refugee/terrorist plan to a tee! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, these punk-a^^ pseudo-intellectuals must disarm the population so that they can achieve their desolation that they are creating! Armr=========================”?, YOU WILL BE NEEDING THEM! mInr, NSA!

  36. benbernecky says

    Our muslim sympathizing president is out embarrassing us and himself, visiting and kissing ass at a mosque with terrorist ties, lecturing Americans and warning Islamophobia is not what we are about. Screw you Obama what we’re about is bashing our enemies and self-preservation of our American way of life. If anyone comes here and won’t assimilate then they are to be lawfully thrown out. When can we expect him to reassure persecuted Christians that he will protect them from murderous, lying, muslim terrorist? NEVER I’m sure. We can ride our country of any enemy. We did in WWII. National security is his job not making excuses and greasing the skids for muslim terrorists. “not playing into the hands of ISIS is horse shit, an excuse used by a coward to not have to confront the enemy at the gate. Impeach this asshole he is terrorizing my life.

  37. cae973 says

    Its the exact same thing here..if you complain about illegals crossing the border you are called a racist..if you state that the muslims coming in are not going to be properly vetted you are called a muslimphobe,,,if you opposed gay marriage for religeous beliefs you are called a homophobe and if you question anything this adminstration does you are called a far right terrorist!

    1. BTeboe says

      Keep complaining and loudly. You should be calling your congressmen everytime they or our Dear Leader do something you don’t like. Let them know how you feel. If enough people are heard maybe we can start making some changes.

  38. Liberty says

    Merkel: “If only I had the American press! I could corral them in parades, refuse to do interviews unless I get positive coverage, give them acceptable questions and talking points, see them sit motionless, mum, and frustrated while I herd my gagged staff off stage ahead of me–all with a gay wave and a “tally ho!” as I disappear around the door…”.

  39. Yourko says

    If presenting and understanding uncomfortable facts and truths are now deemed racist, I guess I must be racist according to the Liberal Lunatics. I say…, bring it on, because truth and facts will alway prevail and win in the end no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable they may be.

  40. Dolores Wieland says

    Das ist eine bloede lesbische Kuh! Translation…that is a stupid lesbian cow. World order will ever work due to the life styles and beliefs of others, Such opposites cannot live in harmony…

  41. PIERRE77L says

    It is time othat German citizens and revolt have Merkel killed and her cohorts for treason. They won’t learned their lesson with their thicked communist skulls. Have them dead. Period.

    1. Reality Check says

      the scary intellect of the right, on display.

      1. PIERRE77L says

        Correction. This is the thinking of the left like Obama, Merkel, Hillary, stupid.

        1. Reality Check says

          Gee fool of the right,
          there is only one of us in this conversation calling for the death of others.

          the conservative intellect on display.

          1. PIERRE77L says

            Gee Whiz. Who’s doing the atrocities most of the time? Aren’t you blind, Myopic Fool ? That means you side with the Subhuman Muslim pig migrants. If someone here’s you say that and happens to be the relative of one of the victims. Don’t be surprised that they will enjoy shooting a Liberal retard bastard like you, Untermensche ! Stinkin Leftie Commie bastard !

          2. Reality Check says

            more stupidity from the silly right winger

            “Subhuman Muslim pig migrants”

            YOU are what needs purging.

          3. PIERRE77L says

            I do strike a nerve. Since you sided the muslim sand monkeys. I will consider as one. If we find out where you live. Someone will suicide your rear end. You won’t even know whent it comes until it’s too late. Stinkin Demonrat Subhuman troll Minded Freaks.

          4. Reality Check says

            “I do strike a nerve”

            to most of America I would wager.

          5. PIERRE77L says

            Good ! You better pray they don’t find out where you live. It would be easy for them by looking at your IP address. They will make sure that they will bring you to a place where someone will hungry for something that screams.

          6. Reality Check says

            how doe someone get as stupid as you?

          7. PIERRE77L says

            You can yakity yak jaw. But someone will bury you for you being a Subhuman Libtard. Someone will wax your rear end for good DEEK HEAD !

          8. Reality Check says

            so you come back and continue to prove you are not too bright?

          9. PIERRE77L says

            Bye now. That’s the last time I deal with A dog that returns to it’s vomit. Right now they’re working on your I.P. address. People like you ought not to live in this world who have xenophobic ideas(Socialist/Communists/ Islamists) YOU’RE A DEAD MAN !

          10. Reality Check says

            “Right now they’re working on your I.P. address”
            proof you are an idiot.

          11. PIERRE77L says


          12. PIERRE77L says


          13. BTeboe says

            Stop talking to yourself. We have no idea how you got as stupid as you are. Must’ve taken quite a bit work though.

          14. Reality Check says

            wow, the low info con is reduced to stalking and word games.
            is that because I smacked your ass to the ground so many times?

          15. BTeboe says

            You should know all about low information because that’s the only thing available in your world. Too bad, you don’t even bother to find out what the low info is, you just go around head in the ground somewhere while your butt cries out in loneliness.

          16. BTeboe says

            We can all see quite clearly that you are the fool. Why do you keep putting your foot in your mouth. Does it taste good. BTW have you found your head yet, I know that butt of yours is feeling really, really lonely.

          17. Reality Check says

            more of the rights “high” intellect on display.

          18. BTeboe says

            You try so hard and never succeed. A parrot moron in full display of ignorance. Squawk, squawk, squawk some more for me Unreality.

      2. PIERRE77L says


      3. PIERRE77L says

        How about a new title for you, ” MYOPIC CHECK “

  42. IgnoreTheFools says

    Please tell me what is the purpose of allowing this scum to immigrate to Germany, Sweden and now the U.S?

    1. BTeboe says

      There is none. Refugees are not immigrants. They need to go back home.

  43. yennikcm says

    These Pols, have loaded weapons pointed at all of their Citizens, while their beloved Moslem Brotherhood
    deviants, are caressing the triggers…

  44. Rob N Oregon says

    lol freedoms we have here? I guess they didn’t hear Loretta lynch say she was actively searching out any anti islam comments in social media to charge with hate crimes

    1. BTeboe says

      Yeah, I really wanted to see Lynch prosecute someone for their right to free speech. Notice she hasn’t said that again.

  45. Mikial says

    My wife is from Austria, which is to Germany the way Canada is to the USA. They have never had free speech over there, and it will only get worse as Merkel tries to crush dissent over her decision to give Europe to the Muslims.

  46. Lary Breeding says

    Unfortunately, free speech is dying everywhere. Here it was first noticeable on our college campuses and now it is spreading throughout our country via liberals who have graduated from those schools. It has gotten to a point in this country where if you do not say what liberal’s want to hear they attempt to silence you by yelling and screaming to keep what you have to say from being heard. Obama is just the latest example of quieting the opposition. It started in the 1960’s with the free speech movement and has never stopped. Those in the 60’s who were far left are now the Democratic mainstream and it is changing this country from a Democratic Republic into a liberal socialist country and in my mind it is not changing for the better.

    1. BTeboe says

      So scream back – louder. Don’t allow your speech to be shut down.

  47. Dennis B Anderson says

    Well its been said reach out and touch someone and thats what Obama did with Merkel. Over a year ago this black mutt of a president put his stink on Germany with his Muslim camel dung. You can see how thats turned out. Its Obamas fault these Muslims are leaving their sand dunes they didnt have anything but the sand under there feet in the first place.. No matter what Obamas back ground he needs to be setting jail awaiting trial for treason and hung with our constitutional laws. If the other part of his muslim skank a$$ were tried by sharia law he wouldnt be waving either of his hands at anyone again because that part of his heritage would be cutting them off. I cant stand the sight of him, or the sound of his voice. His imbicilic
    fiat laws that compensate the low life law breakers in our country is criminal beyond beleif. He is now trying to take away our freedom of speach. He doesnt like hearing the truth about his black skank a$$ and his mutt muslims. We have train loads of Mexicans coming here everyday. Our border gaurds might as well be let go but theres money in selling those drugs isnt there. Not all of them but they are just as dirty as our president. They are advertizing a soft stool for the use of heroin derivitives. Seems like oxycotin / opiates makes your stool hard and causes constipation. The big pharma Hitler-y has something to do with. Since the vietnam war our wars havent been about freedom its been about drugs and who controls them. Wake the hell up Obama is turning you into drug addicts. When he gets our guns he will be able to walk in and take over without firing a shot. You jerks.

  48. Michael Gregory says

    It is important to remember that our Constitution was NOT designed to protect only the rights of minorities. It was designed to protect the rights of ALL US citizens, that means the majority too! Yes that means Christians, Conservatives, Liberals, all nationalities, colors, creeds, races. ALL OF THEM. There was never any intention of favoritism to any one faction. We are being told what we can and cannot say and this violates our rights, The government derives it’s power from the PEOPLE. We don’t get to do what the government officials allow us to to say and do, We can at anytime unite and throw off the so called “government” and change it. That is the LAW of the land, Not Obama, or Hillary, or Bush, or Rubio, or any other “leader”. They do not get to determine our rights. Our rights were given by our Creator and cannot be removed unless we are too cowardice to stand up for those rights.

    1. Reality Check says

      this is in Germany.

      1. BTeboe says

        Shut up moron.

  49. millerstwo says

    Damned right wing nut jobs we have a bunch of them here in America too? Well I guess it’s the same all over the world, the audacity, questioning why the media won’t report on life and death events that are actually occurring in real time, huh what a bunch of trouble makers!
    To bad these right wing radicals can’t keep their collective mouths shut about the non-reporting of the rapes, murders and lootings in Germany and simply “go with the flow” because, God forbid, this information may have an adverse effect on Obamas big plans to import tens of thousands of these animals into America!

    1. AKLady says

      Maybe you should actually pay attention to published facts.
      It is too bad that the bigoted, right-wing radicals cannot tell the truth.

      1. millerstwo says

        Excuse me?, your hypocrisy astounds me, you must be one of those “useful idiots” who thinks that the mayhem in Germany by your ‘God Obamas’ Muslim brothers is okay? By the way maybe you should try “paying attention” to reality yourself because this stuff is actually documented and is happening right now and if your ‘Muslim-in-Chief’ has his way it will be happening in America as soon as he begins importing the 100.000 Syrians he’s so hell bent on getting here!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Freedom of religion is the law.
          Freedom of religion is the basis for America’s existence.
          America is a land of immagrants. Even the First People came from somewhere else. The Syrian refugees have been vetted. Two agencies have performed exten/sive background checks.

          Islam is the world’s second largest religion. Islam is not a terrorist organization — it is an Abrahamic faith, just as Christianity and Judaism are.

          Your ignorance and bigotry is an embarrassment to America.

          1. millerstwo says

            It’s spelled ‘immigrant’ AKLady!
            Yes America is the land of immigrants who wanted to live here and actually come want to become Americans (imagine that) unlike the Muslims who think of America as “the great Satan” and consider YOU and ME as infidels who must be eradicated! This tribal scum wants only one thing which is to make America into an Islamic State where their filthy Sharia Law allows things like, women who have been raped can be stoned to death because they must have done something to seduce the man that raped them, genital mutilation of woman because it’s wrong for women to take pleasure during sex, etc., etc., etc. Right now your Muslim friends are committing genocide by eradicating Christians in all Islamic Country’s throughout the middle east…some by Crucifixion, lovely huh?
            Islam is not a religion it’s a sick way of life dictated by even sicker Clerics who’s only purpose in life is to convert every soul on earth to Islam…period!

          2. BTeboe says

            It’s a hateful miserable totalitarian theocracy that has brought more grief to this world than any other maniacal leader has even conceived.

          3. millerstwo says


  50. boucle says

    Keep on lobbing criticism at obama. Since he’s hanging out at a mosque, he prefers sharia law which forbids free speech.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      1. BTeboe says

        Why do you? Islam says it’s fine to go ahead and lie, lie, and lie some more. Just like our Dear Leader.

  51. Sgt. York says

    This is the return of the nazies under a new name. It’s a shame to.

    1. AKLady says

      Theu have never left.
      The American Nazi Party is quite active.

  52. Orville Price says

    Hitler doctrine starting up again.

    1. AKLady says

      What do you call the right-wing Americans who are pushing for laws restricting speech and religion in this country?

      1. DOUGLAS GILLARD says


  53. George says

    It’s odd that there was no mention of things like who froze wages in 1969, the “trickle down” theory, “contract with America”, “Read my lips. No new taxes.”, the passage of the so called “Patriot Act” and establishment of the Dept. of “Homeland” Security (shades of Der Fadderland). No mention of the fact that every country we have gone to war against has become a source of cheap labor for corporate interests, while eliminating jobs for American workers.
    Last, but not least, two houses of Congress that quietly sit on their thumbs while this has happened.

    1. AKLady says

      Sat on their thumbs?
      No, there are parts of Congress that made it happen.
      Then the American people vote to support it by purchasing foreign made goods.

      1. George says

        I buy American and union made products when available as a choice over foreign made goods.

  54. graylens says

    THroughout the West we see free speech curtailed for fear of offending muslims. And it gets worse, the muslim countries are pushing a resolution thru the UN to out law any speech that might be offensive to muslims This law will supercede even the US Constitution. Obama supports this. Obama wants to succeed Ban as Sec General of the UN

    1. AKLady says

      Simply not true.
      Hate speech has been a crime in the USA since the 1960s.
      Maybe you should educate yourself. Your ignorance, and bigotry, embarass all Americans.

      1. DOUGLAS GILLARD says

        Speak for yourself.

  55. albany le says

    Mercel and Obozo are a great pair, Both put the mozzies above their own citizens and both are strangling Free Speech! They can both go to hell, the Christian hell and hope they burn forever. This world is hard enough without the likes of them

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is accetable to repeat lies?.

      America is a country of immigrants.
      Even America’s First People came from somewhere else — Asia.
      America is not a Christian nation.
      It never has been.
      It will never be one.

  56. pbargioni says

    We will never give up free speech in the USA.

    1. AKLady says

      The right-wing is working very hard to shut it down.
      I suggest you pay close attention.

      1. pbargioni says

        Traditionally left wing political parties do not like free speech because it undermines their authority. Both the Nazi and communist parties have killed their people because they did not follow the party line and it still goes on today.

        1. AKLady says

          You really need a better education.
          The Nazi were as right-wing as it is possible to become.

          1. pbargioni says

            NAZI Party = National Socialist German Workers Party
            Socialism comes in many flavors and types.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Facts are stranger than fiction.
            There was nothing “socialist” about the NAZI Party in the past.
            There is nothing “socialist” about the American NAZI Party currently in existence.
            You need to get an education.

          3. pbargioni says

            If the people who joined the Nazi Party (National Socialism) in Germany during the 20 century considered themselves to be socialists, who are we to claim that they were really something else? If the American Nazi party models itself on the original German Nazi Party then they too believe in a type of socialist doctrine.

          4. BTeboe says

            She’s (AK Lady) always screaming this one or that one needs to get an education, when she is the most ignorant thing in the room. She doesn’t know squat about Germany or Hitler. She only knows the little brain dead lies she’s been told and she repeats them endlessly like the energizer bunny.

          5. pbargioni says

            I agree with your comments – Unfortunately the politics of socialism/communism has been responsible for killing many millions of people over the years who want to live in a free society.

  57. RuFus92 says

    Germany has fallen back into the pattern that lead it into the rise of the Nazi’s and will pay a hideous cost in the near future for Merkels’ mistakes and the refugee influx.

  58. MIKE6080 says

    bet a lot of people are now reading Mein Kaump over there

    1. AKLady says

      Why? Do you think they have forgotten what WW II brought down upon their heads?

  59. Alan404 says

    If true, be very interesting to see how the thing turns out,

  60. AKLady says


    Robert Lewis Dear — 3 dead, 9 injured – Colorado
    Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer – 9 dead, 9 injured – Oregon
    Dylann Storm Roof — 9 dead – S. Carolina
    Elliot Rodger – 6 dead – California
    Aaron Alexis — 12 dead — DC
    John Zawahri – 5 dead – California
    Adam Lanza – 27 dead – Connecticut
    Radcliffe Haughton – 3 dead — Wisconsin
    Andrew Engeldinger – 6 dead — Minnesota
    Wade Michael Page – 6 dead – Wisconsin
    James Holmes – 12 dead – Colorado
    One L. Goh – 7 dead – California
    Scott Dekraai – 8 dead — California
    Jared Lee Loughner – 6 dead – Arizona
    Omar S. Thornton – 8 dead – Connecticut
    Amy Bishop – 3 dead — Alabama
    Jiverly Voong – 13 dead — New York
    Steven Kazmierczak – 5 dead – Illinois
    Robert Hawkins – 8 dead — Nebraska
    Seung-hui Cho – 32 dead – Virginia
    Charles Carl Roberts IV – 5 dead — Pennsylvania
    Jennifer San Marco – 6 dead – California
    Jeffrey Weise – 9 dead — Minnesota
    Doug Williams – 5 dead — Mississippi
    Robert S. Flores – 3 dead — Arizona
    Charles Andrew Williams – 2 dead — California
    Michael McDermott – 7 dead – Massachusetts
    Bryan Uyesugi – 7 dead – Hawaii


      How do you know they were Christians?

      1. AKLady2015 says

        1. The facts available provide that data.
        2. If they were Muslim, or Jewish, etc., it would have been front page news.

    2. Wiz says

      That = 203 in 10yrs = 23 deaths/yr so lets examine “The Facts Mam, Just The Facts” as sgt Friday would say. So if these are the Christians, who committed the balance. Here’s your wake up call.
      GUN FACTS from FBI DOJ CDC BJS Forbs etc.
      1st 20/day not 98/day gun deaths as Hitlery claims. 2 people defending themselves 3 police
      shooting and 14 are criminals using illegally obtained guns,1 legally.
      That = 7300/yr -23 = 7277 committed by non-Christian i.e. Liberals, atheists, mu-slimes etc.
      Most gun violence is between criminals. This should be the public policy focus..;

      Fact: 93% of guns used in crimes are obtained illegally
      Fact: Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year or 6,849 every day. Most often,
      the gun is never fired and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.
      Fact: Every day 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
      Fact: Two-thirds of the people who die each year from gunfire are criminals being shot by other criminals.
      Fact: 92% of gang murders are committed with guns. Gangs are responsible for between 48% and 90% of all violent crimes.
      Fact: Most mass shootings were done by liberals or children of liberal parents due to their lack of moral upbringing.
      So 1 shooting/day and at that , not mass and less than 1/2 deaths.
      14600 deaths a year or 40 DEATHS/Day drunk drivers, that’s 80 times more.
      9,200% more deaths by drunk drives than there are mass shootings
      14,600 from DUI 160 from guns what the F*** is wrong with the Liberal’s brain?
      1,350,500 from Liberal’s butcher shops and they don’t shed a single tear!!
      22,767 deaths relating to prescription drug overdose in 2013 or 63/day
      47,055 lethal drug overdoses of all types of drugs in 2014 or 128/day;

      the EU has with less guns per capita a 284.7% high death rate per gun
      ownership than the US. More guns = less deaths.
      Norway had the highest annual death rate, with 2 mass public shooting fatalities per million people.
      Norway 2.0
      Macedonia 0.38,
      Serbia 0.28,
      Slovakia 0.20,
      Finland 0.14,
      Belgium 0.14, and the
      Czech Republic 0.13.
      The U.S. comes in eighth with 0.095 mass public shooting fatalities per million people,
      with Austria close behind.
      No Mr. BS HObamination America is not #1ln mass shootings LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.

      Norway had the highest annual death rate

      Obama claimed once again that, “You don’t see murder on this kind of scale, with this kind of frequency, in any other advanced nation on Earth.” Is he delusional or what?
      After adjusting for America’s much larger population, we see that many European countries actually have higher rates of death in mass public shootings..
      Every 2-hours, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes. That equals 13,140/yr.
      As opposed to criminal acts with guns causing death, 10 per day or 3652/yr. CDC, FBI, BJS, DOT.
      So if Hillary (Hitllery) want’s to make gun manufacturers responsible for gun deaths, what about
      car manufacturers, & alcohol distributors and asphalt companies?? How about boat manufacturers
      with 750 alcohol deaths/ry. Moreover, the Federal Aviation Administration found 92 (or 7 percent) of total pilot fatalities in all categories between 2004 and 2008 had alcohol present in their systems.
      That’s it, we’ve got to bad guns cars boats airplanes & probably trains & bicycles too. Hooray for
      the gestapo Hitllery, if she is elected she will make it illegal to die in America or she will hold you responsible if you do..




      1. AKLady says

        Oh, God, save us from the rants of gun nuts.

  61. Paul Raymond says

    Why don’t we just speak out and MAKE them arrest us all? I mean, if they cannot deport millions if illegals, they cannot arrest millions of us.

    Let’s speak out and let them know: we’re NOT afraid of you anymore!

  62. Paul Raymond says

    If you want to stop Obummer, go here: and here:

    We currently have 5 states signed up.

  63. Drake Travis says

    It’s staggering what the Muslims must have paid Merkel and the German media to play dumb here and to let this madness happen in the first place. Germany is such a rich culture that goes back to the time of Christ at it’s inception. Today it is rotting and rotting fast

  64. Orville Price says

    Don’t you mean left wing who supports abortion and supports gays. Tramples on the right’s to deny services to whom they choose ie Florist or Bakery to call it hate speech I think your confused. When people don’ t like what the Bible has to say about these matters they call it hate speech as well.

  65. fcutch says

    The people of Germany must rise up and rid themselves of Merkel and her allies or be destroyed

  66. M J says

    Who is making this Monstrous Witch Merkel very rich? Why else would she do all this – become a Female Hitler? Or does she take very sick pleasure in the suffering, killing, torture these “refugee” terrorists foist upon German Citizens? When the country collapses and becomes one more “Jewel of the Caliphate” is she going to take her money, on the backs of bloodied-up/murdered German citizens she was sworn to protect and serve (sounds a little police-statey) and retire to the Seychelles or some out-of-the-way island? The citizens need remove (exercise German “Second Amendment”?) this blight upon themselves! She IS a clear and present danger to all German citizens! I will never understand all these politicians, including those who call themselves “Americans” letting in killers and sexual molesters in the guise of “the peaceful religion” to hurt and kill their fellow citizens! Unless she is using them to subjugate all Germans into slavery under – Wait for it… – Hitlerian Rule! The Pelosi’s Hillary’s Reids, Carters in this country are doing the same thing – in America! Unless it is all some form of mental illness – called Liberalism!

  67. soldier for liberty says

    “A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves…and include, according to the past and general usuage of the states, all men capable of bearing arms… “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”

    “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty …. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.”

    – Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, I Annals of Congress 750, August 17, 1789

    “I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.”

    – George Mason, Address to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 4, 1788

    – Richard Henry Lee, Federal Farmer No. 18, January 25, 1788
    In the Federalist papers the founding father clearly state that the militia is in fact the people and not the government! Your second amendment is your protection against the government and you have a duty to be part of a well regulated militia, well regulated means organized.

  68. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    Never in 1 million years, would I have ever thought to see Germany, who
    wanted to rule the world at one time, would rollover and let someone
    rule over them. It amazes me, that people consider them to be highly
    intelligent, and yet they can’t see the evil that is staring them in the
    face .What they did to people during World War II, leaves me with very
    little sympathy for them. Now they’ll get a taste of their own medicine.
    They will be going around saying heil Allah, heil Allah.

  69. paendragon says

    To ban free speech is to ban democracy itself. That leaves the citizens left with only one remaining option.

  70. Janinesbailey4 says

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  71. Gail says

    When are our leaders & other leaders of the Western World, going to wake up and do their “due diligence.?” Orthodox Islamic doctrine from the Koran forbids Muslims from taking an oath of allegiance to any political or religious affiliated entity except Islam. The exception is if it is done as an act of infiltration with the intent of destroying the host countries.
    One of the primary 5th column type techniques of Islam is “civilization jihad” by incremental invasion through immigration. The Muslim Brotherhood’s 90’s manifesto spells it out in a modern application of the Koran, which describes their 100 year plan to destroy the Western World and America. Go back to the children’s fable of the Scorpion and the Frog, A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.” The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?” The scorpion says “because I am a scorpion.”…” Moral of the story is: If you know someone can’t be trusted (as the frog knew about the scorpion), don’t trust them, certainly not with your life or anything else important. Misplaced trust can have fatal consequences”. When are these idiot politically correct liberal progressives going to wake up and see reality. How many times will people have to be attacked and have their/our liberties infringed upon by a “cult of death” that believes it is their divine right and obligation to destroy the west? The cancer of Islam has not yet metastasized here but we are seeing it fast approaching a time when we need to stop Obama and the Democrats from lying to us, that these are poor refugees! They are invaders and it is an invasion of the Western World!

    1. Reality Check says

      “Orthodox Islamic doctrine from the Koran forbids Muslims from taking an oath of allegiance to any political or religious affiliated entity except Islam.”

      MORE LIES from the Low Info conservatives.

      Does the Low Info con know that there are THOUSAND of Muslims in the US Military?

      how about TWO in congress
      how about the 17 SECULAR countries that have Dominant populations.
      secular mean NO RELIGION.

      so I am guess that THOSE Muslims have taken an oath of allegiance to those countries, FOOL of the right wing Propaganda.


      1. Gail says

        Reality Check, If you do not like the truth! So Be it! I am not a Low Info Conservative and I sure am not a LIAR! Get your brain out of you know where and see the Truth! Apparently your name does not show they you have any reality to what is going on in this world!

        Muslim’s in the United States and others wanting to come here. This is what must be told to them by our government!
        “Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to the United States, its customs, its traditions, and it’s way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate. Muslims must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in the U.S. They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the American’s who, so generously, welcomed them”.
        “Muslims must understand that Americans are neither racist nor xenophobic. United States, accepted many immigrants before Muslims showed up (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants)”. Just like other nations, Americans are not willing to give up their identity or their culture.
        Finally, they must understand that in the United States with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain. The United States has a right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.
        “For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in the United States, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Sharia.
        If you left your country for America, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in here than elsewhere. We will not let you drag the United States down to the level of those 57 countries.”
        “Ask yourself this question – just once: “Why is it better here than where you come from?”
        If you came to here with the idea that you will displace us with your prolific propagation and eventually take over the country, you should pack up and go back to the country you came from. We have no room here for you and your ideology.

        1. BTeboe says

          Start flagging him. His only goal is to push buttons. Don’t feed the troll. I cut him no slack.

  72. jreg9304 says

    It all started with our own American President suggesting to all the other world leaders, that they should open their borders to this muslim influx of Syrian and other muslim refugees.. Damn Obama to the core of whatever type soul he sponsors..

    1. Reality Check says

      “It all started with our own American President suggesting to all the other world leaders, that they should open their borders to this muslim influx of Syrian and other muslim refugees”

      ACTAULY FOOL of the right, it was the UN who did the asking.

      why do conservatives LIE all the time?

      1. jreg9304 says

        bloweth your liberal commie, muslim Prez. and make sure that you use superglue as a lube, too stop your lies..

        1. Reality Check says

          the intellectual response from the right for ALL to see.

          1. jreg9304 says

            you betcha, freak lefty!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  73. Lorraine E says

    Angela Merkel is obviously doing what she was appointed to do and that is to become the new Adolf Hitler. Control the students, control the media, and lie about everything. And it is soon to come to America. We are being set up for a world wide jihad which will usher in Marshall law and result in the one world beast government. Prophecy is being fulfilled very quickly as we approach the end of this earth age.

    1. BTeboe says

      Martial law.

    2. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

      Lorraine, Germany is how different from America? Black on white crime has been hidden from us for years (White Girl Bleed a Lot); illegal aliens are allowed to come in to rape, rob and pillage Americans; the police and military that are here to protect individuals and the nation are betrayed and identified as responsible for violence against citizens by the Obamaites; and, family members of the media conglomerate are employed in the Obama regime (to limit myself to just a few examples). Angela Merkel is similar to Obama, so similar in fact that they could be twins. The difference seems to be gender-based and complexion.

  74. Tiger says

    It is not free speech that is dying it is Germany.

    Take a look at this video of refugees destroying property in Germany.

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