French President Wants (Another) Crack Down on Free Speech


In yet another sign that Europe is descending into a wasteland of authoritarian leftism, French President Emmanuelle Macron has announced that he wants to make “gender-based insults” a thing of the past in his country. In a speech celebrating the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against women, Macron proposed that France create new legislation that outlaws these insults in such a way that punishes users by a fine.

“The streets should not become hell for the women of France,” he said, signaling that the Ministry of the Interior was now working on regulations that would be rolled out within a few weeks.

“We will be creating an offense which will give the police the right to issue fines if there is a verbal attack on a woman,” he said. “Let’s seal a pact of equality between men and women.”

There are elements of Macron’s proposed law that could actually do some good – the government has indicated a willingness to expand the statute of limitations for the rape of minors, make it easier for women to report sexual assault online, and improve women’s safety on public transportation. It is not a problem that Macron wants to crack down on sexual assault and actual violence.

The problem comes when he conflates speech with violence, which is a point of confusion he shares with Angela Merkel and many American leftists. Through this mechanism, he can begin a slow and steady march against freedom. Sure, it starts with a few gender slurs here and there. Then it moves into the realm of ideas. Suddenly you not only cannot call a woman a “bitch” in public without risking a fine, you can’t criticize a woman at all. Doing so is now classified as hate speech, and the consequences are in line with the penalties for actually committing an act of assault. This is where the whole train goes off the rails.

Standing up (meaningfully) for free speech is never easy, because the types of speech that people like Macron want to outlaw are almost always unpopular. Who wants to rally for the rights of men to yell slurs at women in the streets of Paris? Who wants to stand up for the rights of Neo-Nazis to march in Charlottesville? People see you defending hate speech and they assume that you approve of hate speech. Human psychology dictates that few people will want those associations. That’s why, in the absence of a First Amendment, it’s so easy for a government to begin banning certain forms of expression “for the good of society.”

Bill of Rights or no Bill of Rights, leftists are going to soon try and start doing this in America. That’s why it’s so important that we have the courage to fight them off, no matter how much we may personally disagree with the speech they’re trying to ban. Once you start heading down that road, there’s no coming back.

  1. Bill O'Neil says

    The real threat to free speech come from authoritarian governments like in Turkey and Russia who are threatening the free press, and tRump who wants to clamp down on the free press.

    1. Dave says

      The Fake news press should have their balls racked, Proud of my President, Donald J. Trump.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are a clear example of “there is no cure for stupid”.

        1. Dave says

          And you are one Dumb SOB Communist, FK You.

          1. AmazeTech says

            If you block Bill O’Neill, you never have to waste your time and you deprive him of an audience, too!

          2. Bill O'Neil says

            You just proved my point!!!

        2. Rodney Steward says

          You must be a Sanders freak, want everything FREE, sorry, you’re going to have to get a JOB!

          1. Bill O'Neil says

            Is that what the Russian Troll Farm is telling you to run with today?

          2. Rodney Steward says

            Nope, but it takes a fool to think a person that supports Trump is stupid, all the stupid people in this country voted for the brown clown that hated this country, that’s the real sicko’s!

          3. mrpoohead says

            50% of America has a modicum of intelligence – they didn’t vote at all. Trump has the support of 25% of the electorate.

          4. Rodney Steward says

            You know that’s a D’N LIE, I think we know now what Obama’s son would have been like, just as stupid as he was!! It’s true, most of the British people are pretty stupid and why they live in the PUBS!

          5. mrpoohead says

            Statistical fact – both got a little over 60 million votes, electorate is 240 million plus. Fact! Well done the 50 – at least some folk have brains!
            Obama stupid – law, Harvard – right!
            British folk live in the pub as the weather is lousy and they at least have the chance of a “shag” there. Duh!

          6. Rodney Steward says

            And most everyone lives off the Gov. too! I have family that was stationed there, and said most are just drunks!

          7. mrpoohead says

            Only up north – that’s where all the fat people are too.
            Despite everyone living off the Government country not $21 trillion in debt – about $2. Trade imbalance generally on the positive side too. Who’s stuffed – america needs a war to fix things. Ha, can’t do that on their own – never win!

          8. Rodney Steward says

            This country had a so called President that run up more debt than all the other President combined in history, but he was a mad black man with a made up family!

          9. mrpoohead says

            How did they do that when Congress is in charge of law, policy and economy?
            Don’t live in UK – but don’t think May overly impressed with the buffoon. and Muslims aren’t a problem, most have inter-married and moved on. If all you read is Alt-right Fukwit News your education won’t improve.

          10. Rodney Steward says

            It takes a loser to marry one of these nasty gutter rats, and it don’t matter if they marry a dead horse, their goal is the same, KILL ALL INFIDELS, and if you’re not one of the trash you’re an Infidel too!! Would you bet your life that something big will not happens before long in the UK! You’re the one on the WRONG end of the news spectrum!!

          11. mrpoohead says

            ISIS is going, democracy is evolving in the Middle East, the more we advance the less likely. But, terrorism has a long history, at least Islamic terrorism does not. Fingers crossed.

          12. Rodney Steward says

            Somethings wrong, I’m starting to agree with you, but remember, I’m always right! 🙂

          13. mrpoohead says

            Never refuted here, maybe common-sense is catching?

          14. Rodney Steward says

            Hummmmm, I’m blessed with common sense!

          15. mrpoohead says

            Must have been on vacation then.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            They elected obama who’s the worst president in history. Anyone that voted for him is stupid because the only thing he ran on was “change you can believe in!” The change was record poverty and a racially divided nation. Come on, Poophead, how dumb can you get?

          17. mrpoohead says

            Your reasoning is silly – the President has no power, figure-head. They are not in charge of economy, law or policy.
            The worst Presidents were Nixon, Kennedy and Clinton because they were an embarrassment, though Trump may surpass them.
            You have no argument.

          18. mac12sam12 says

            A president has the final signature so he has the most power. Those presidents had good economies and rump may surpass them, you don’t like presidents with good economies? LOL

          19. mrpoohead says

            Actually no! Signing is pure pomp, more endorsement. Most Bills are not signed being enacted ten days after passing Congress. Your comments merely highlight your ignorance.
            The President benefits or not from what Congress does – economy etc. They were an embarrassment because of their actions – not leaders.
            Economy still stuffed – debt hurtling towards $21 trillion, under employment very high and imports growing 8% more than exports annually. Fifty years to fix, if we’re lucky.

          20. mac12sam12 says

            Is a veto pure pomp? It’s you who are ignorant. Trump ran on lower taxes and the tax bill is coming up. Obama got us to $20 trillion, were yo concerned then? I believe the debt will be addressed. The unemployment rate is going down as is poverty.

          21. mrpoohead says

            Veto is more about morality and technicality – little used too.
            Debt nothing to do with President and they’re merely the administrator over the Budget, they do not decide who gets what.
            Lower taxes – no wall, maybe he’ll pay for it himself?
            Unemployment down 0.1% -under employment at a high.
            Debt still rocketing and little left to cut – military?
            Fifty years – suck it up! Capitalism stuffed America – the irony!

          22. mac12sam12 says

            If you don’t like Capitalism it’s because you’re a loser at it, sympathies. The wall will be built and the debt addressed. two GDP’s over 3% and the next one will be 4%. There’s growth that yo don’t want to admit.

          23. mrpoohead says

            Higher taxes for wall, but first a Bill.
            GDP irrelevant, debt still growing; imports outstripping exports – means stuffed!
            I am in business and have a property portfolio I didn’t inherit. Thanx.

          24. mac12sam12 says

            The GDP is irrelevant? LOL! Sniffing computer duster kills brain cells.

          25. mrpoohead says

            Yes, far more important is paying off the debt – if GDP falls but we’re paying off the debt that’s a result. If GDP increases but can’t keep up with debt – fail! Not rocket science – well maybe for you.

          26. mac12sam12 says

            Russia again!! Everybody drink!!

    2. mac12sam12 says

      Like Obama who had every outlet praising him while he spent 8 years whining about Fox News? It was Hussein O who had reporter James Rosen and his family spied on. It was also Hussein O’s IRS that targeted conservative groups. Hussein O is the one to lamp down on free speech, Bubba.

    3. Pam Dunn says

      Moron; Poor try at equating trump with that group pf morons

    4. Joseph Carrilho says

      It’s hilarious how the trolls up vote each other – find one and you’ll find more.

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are projecting again.

  2. gotabgood says

    In yet another sign that Europe is descending into a wasteland of authoritarian leftism, French President Emmanuelle Macron has announced that he wants to make “gender-based insults” a thing of the past.
    If that law would be passed here, Trump would be silenced.
    I am even surprised you know the word “authoritarian”…….
    It’s always easier to see the wrong in others and think you are doing just fine.
    What do you think of this move by the president?
    What does Mulvaney’s appointment mean for the future of CFPB?
    Now, will you explain what the word “authoritarian” means?

    1. Deby says

      Your rant is incorrect and boring, per usual, and why can’t you at least stay on topic? Wait, don’t answer that as I already know -because you are one lameass troll.

      1. AmazeTech says

        I never have to read anything gotabgood says since I blocked him/it. It is very pleasant without him/it in any conversation. Deprives him/it of an audience, too!

        1. Deby says

          Good point, I try to ignore him usually, but couldn’t help myself that day!:)

    2. AE says

      The hate just oozes out of every pore of your body, God only knows just how much you hate yourself. How can you even continue to be alive? If you hate so much its got to be destroying you, that’s too bad there is so much to love and enjoy in this world yet if you had your chance you would turn all beauty in to a trash dump of a waste land.

      You do know its the Liberals who commit murders and suicide, it happens because your hate consumes even you. Lets hope you do not own a gun or have learned how to make a bomb as you are the type who would have no trouble walking into a kindergarten and killing as many children as possible, destroying innocence out of the hatred of things you can not enjoy.

      Ah, yes I can see I have hit too close to the truth about you, go a head and defend yourself if you can, but all of us know who and what you are.

      1. AmazeTech says

        Don’t waste your time on gotabgood. Block him/it.

    3. Rodney Steward says

      Apparently you don’t even know what the CFPB is, it was created by Elizabeth Warren to

    4. mac12sam12 says

      If that law was here Bubba the love sponge would be in prison with Weiner.

  3. Tiger says

    This little “Morceau de Merde” is a one termer. The people of France, once again made a mistake, but the “Petite Merde” used these tactics to win his election, he snuffed out truth about him. He will be “Jete’ dans L’egout” next election.

    Search Results

    France: Protesters detained as clashes erupt in Paris after Marcon’s …

    ▶ 3:00

    May 8, 2017 – Uploaded by Ruptly TVFrance: Protesters detained as clashes erupt in Paris after Marcon’s victory … Emmanuel Macron’s victory …

    France: Cars BURN as Paris protesters lash out at election … – YouTube

    ▶ 1:23

    Apr 23, 2017 – Uploaded by Ruptly TVFrance: Cars BURN as Paris protesters lash out at election result … announcement of the first round of the …

    France: Protesters clash with police in Paris following … – YouTube

    ▶ 2:02

    Apr 23, 2017 – Uploaded by Ruptly TVProtesters clashed with police following a gathering in Paris on Sunday, condemning the French elections, as …

    1. SDofAZ says

      Good post and information Tiger!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

    2. Rodney Steward says

      As usual Tiger, you’re the one to turn too for “The Real News”! 🙂 Does this young pathetic human have the 6’s on his head also, it sure sounds like it, groomed for destruction and power, SCARY !!

      1. Tiger says

        He surely is and married to a woman who was his teacher in high school she is the brains and he is the well……………..ya know.

        1. Rodney Steward says

          Exactly, now she’s got one foot in the grave and he’s picking out his next wife that’ll probably be just as evil!!

    3. Retired Marine says

      Great post.
      Semper Fi

      1. Tiger says

        Love and deepest appreciation to all Marines, my father a Marine now in assisted living, killing me but he is happy.

        1. Retired Marine says

          Tell him hello, and of course Semper Fi.

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you I will. He settled in a town with 3,000 people. Their home for the aged is like a hotel and not very full. Everyone knows everyone for years. He is happy and that is all I care about.

          2. Retired Marine says

            That is all any of us can ask for.
            Take Care and God bless

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you. I guess the one thing I did, and he was first on my mind, was join the Army Combat Support nursing corps. He was proud of me.

    4. Deborah Pratt says

      I’m just hoping the voice of the native French isn’t drowned out by the ‘illegally’ voting immigrants. I can’t imagine their voting is any more secure than ours—yet. Not only that but, Macron–like Obama, really doesn’t ‘want’ it to be. Who would an ‘illegal’ alien vote for except for the one who would keep the ‘status quo’??

      1. Tiger says

        Exactly they are huge Sanctuary Cities.

  4. whoselineisitanyway says


    1. jaime says

      HHHMMM!!! So Marcon wants a National Day of Elimination…. :0)

      1. dosadoe says

        Let it be a Macron Elimination Day!

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          “Let them eat cake”

          1. Deborah Pratt says

            And ‘history’ repeats itself!! Different costumes, slightly different ‘settings’ but same old ‘script’!!!

    2. pineapple says


      Not so. They can always be used as bad examples.

      1. Retired Marine says

        Good point.

    3. Retired Marine says

      I agree, agree (sic) LOL
      Semper Fi

  5. Timothy Toroian says

    And who would determine exactly what combination of words would be subject to this law? Would they have a law 5 feet thick with every possible combination or would it be subject so that nobody would know until,maybe, they accidently said something a woman didn’t like? That is despotic, almost worth an overthrow.

    1. TrueAmerican says

      welcome to the NWO where everything you say is wrong

      1. Timothy Toroian says

        Unfortunately you are correct. Three letters I hate, NWO. The WWF should have had it’s ass kicked when they had wrestlers using them.

        1. Deplorable wizard says

          The real problem is, if the person (gender neutral for snowflake) decides they don’t like you – even after your discourse is concluded – they can report you for some made up crap.
          Example: you strike up a totally innocent conversation with a stranger, simple stuff like the weather, it turns to pets which in turn goes to cats. You claim to dislike cats and prefer dogs. You say cats smell worse than dogs and that you can play more with dogs, like fetch the stick, that you think cats are lazy. She smiles faintly, and you part ways.

          After a while the police approach you, giving you a citation, and tell you the person you spoke to earlier told them you said her pu$$y stinks because she’s lazy and that you wouldn’t touch her (it) with a stick. The only witness has verified your use of some of the words, made up what they didn’t hear, and you’re nailed for a crime you didn’t commit. And most likely because you did not act more impressed with the “victim” and she felt snubbed.

          So damn you.

          1. Retired Marine says

            Great analogy. no doubt that type of thing has occurred.
            Semper Fi

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            ‘IS’ occurring rather frequently lately. Evidently it pays better than most jobs!!

          3. Retired Marine says

            No doubt, things just seem to get worse and worse. A person should tape all their conversations it seems, just for self defense. How sad.
            Semper Fi

      2. Deborah Pratt says

        Agenda–so that no one says anything without ‘political’ approval!! Yeah–that works!!

  6. Ed Watson says

    Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but names will never harm me.
    Poor little snowflakes.

  7. WOrkingTaxpayer says

    Sure for INFIDELS…the coward…just like LONDON devout MUSLIM… NO THIRD timed to DONATE US GENERATIONS to EUROPE to save their…self cursed eet al…US WWII Graves covered in weeds, vines…there.

  8. john robel says


    1. Deborah Pratt says

      The French politics are as ‘crooked’ as ours. Macron is a ‘Muslim’ and it was HE who invited the ‘rest’ of his kind in!! The French people never knew what ‘hit’ them–until it did!! It almost happened here and would have, except for D. Trump stepping in and ripping the ‘cover’ off all the ‘slime’ in the Washington Swamp!!!

  9. zookeeper216 says


  10. Julie Adams says

    So men cannot launch a verbal attack on women, but it’s apparently okay for women to berate men? Don’t they realize that women use verbal attacks much more than men since it’s their way of being violent (most of the time)? This is a bad law, but made worse by it’s one-sidedness. PC has been shown to be detrimental to society.

  11. cv says

    Insane to make laws about personal interactions. Rude behavior is distasteful, but you shouldn’t be involving the police over it. These days, if you put your hand on someone’s back during a photo shoot, you could be fired or hauled before a judge for sexual harassment.

  12. Joseph Carrilho says

    Is Marcon French for the Spanish “maricon” (queer)?

    1. twoplato says

      It means ‘diacritic’ in French – like an apostrophe – an afterthought. Hehehe.

      1. Deborah Pratt says

        Well, he’s certainly giving the French natives some 20/20 ‘hindsight’! It’s like jumping off a cliff and, on the way down, regretting it!!

  13. Michael Dennewitz says

    I’m far from being what some may call “overly religious” or a “bible thumper, ” but I do thank God every day that my time is short! I just turned 73, I’ve had heart surgery and I’ll be on blood thinners til I die. The ones I really hurt for are all those misguided students that are being indoctrinated into the leftist world, especially children.. YOU GO MR TRUMP – IT WON’T BE LONG!😣😢

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      My mother had heart surgery (valve replacement) in ’92 and went on to ween herself off
      of all of her ‘heart meds’ – she is now 95 years old……..

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Well Joseph, I fell dead 4 times in a row back in 2001, and they kept bringing me back. I’ve had a quadruple bypass and they replaced my “blown” mytral valve with one of stainless steel. Thank God for St Jude – they paid for a hospital bill of over a million. I used to weigh 165/170. Now I can’t get above 140. I’m weak constantly and I have emphysema. But hey, I served. In Vietnam, I’ve “paid my dues,” and I’m just “standing by!” I used to ride a motorcycle, but I haven’t the strength to balance one anymore, so I now ride a 50cc scooter. LOL All any one of us can do is thank God for the life we’ve had and prepare ourselves for the last days, and we’re right in the middle of that, according to scriptures.. 😁

        1. Deby says

          Well, may God Bless you Michael! You certainly deserve it! Merry Christmas sir!

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            You have a great ‘self description’ … Can you imagine how beautiful life
            could, would, SHOULD be if everyone strived to be honest and decent?

        2. Joseph Carrilho says

          Bless you Michael. I was in Vietnam and Cambodia as a grunt too.
          I used to REALLY love motorcycles too.
          Things sure do seem like Biblical end times to me too.

          The VA gave me heart & cholesterol meds but I quit taking them; they
          caused me to (vaguely) not feel right.

          The vaccine programs are really a part of eugenics – I have seen numerous videos about the problems with vaccines, the finest was Ty Bollinger’s
          “The Truth About Vaccines” a 7 episode doc-series. I was so impressed with
          this presentation that I bought 14 copies to share and one to keep.
          If you get an opportunity, it is VERY well worth watching.

          Every time I am checked in at the VA, some nurse wants me to give a “free”
          flu shot; tells me they’re great – i respond “Since they are so good, you can have mine” and I have never had one – I almost never get sick; lucky?

          Thank you Michael.

          1. SDofAZ says

            Though you can NOT trust the government some vaccines are good. I come from a family exposed during my father’s years in the service. All except me died at 56 and I am now 69. But the disease I finally got diagnosed with is a mutated white blood cell. What a surprise. NOT! So be aware, do your research but as noted some vaccines eradicated diseases we are now seeing again in this country thanks to BOZO and the NWO and open borders with no checks and especially no health screening.

            My view is come here legally or do not come at all. Legal means a health screening or use to before the NWO open borders including the Bush dynasty! Wonder what the moslime scum brings in? Or to the US besides their death cult beliefs. Hum?

          2. Deborah Pratt says

            You can start with TB–a ‘new’ strain resistant to our antibiotics!! Several ‘interesting’ types of venereal diseases and, most recently–we’re faced with the horrors of ‘leprosy’ once again!! To ‘frost the cake’–how about a few we never even ‘heard’ of until now?? ‘That’s’ what is walking into our clinics and hospitals for ‘treatment’. Sitting next to you ‘coughing’, maybe??

          3. SDofAZ says

            My father a US quarantine inspector died about forty years ago but before he did, he reminded me of what the illegal aliens were introducing back into the US even then. Thanks for confirmation and expanding on it all.

          4. Deborah Pratt says

            I appreciate your confirming my comment, as well. Now we see how lax our government has been in protecting our citizens!! This is what our ‘whiny, ignorant’ liberals are ‘protesting’ about!! Look, we ‘did’ the ‘love, love, love’ thingy with the Hippies in the ’60’s, and I’ll bet not just a ‘few’ of them came away with ‘lifetime’ memories!! We really need to start teaching and practicing the ‘old time’ moralities!! When we have a particular ‘group’ of people who think they can just walk into a country and start raping their women–they need to be stopped–by any means necessary. We simply cannot allow people to waltz in, legally without ‘serious’ vetting or illegally without serious repercussions!! I’m not saying the ‘labs’ that breed horrible viruses aren’t a threat–they ARE! But, these people are walking ‘labs’ breeding some pretty horrible stuff that we can’t just ignore any longer!! Bless your Dad, he did some extremely important work. It was good that he passed on his knowledge to you.

        3. Retired Marine says

          Keep the faith, Brother. Once you get to Heaven, you will be happy and safe, after all, the streets ARE guarded by United States Marines (LOL), and God is the best doctor. You will once again be hale and healthy. Heading there soon myself, hopefully not too soon..
          Semper Fi

    2. My country says

      I too thank God for the same thing .I know what his word says and my grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to live (if God doesn’t come back first ) in Hell on earth ! America started the decline when they killed the first unborn child .And then the didomites took over and racism is out of Hell along with the rest . And all of Gods children are going to answer to God for not standing up and stopping these agendas .Even if it meant war and death . That’s why Joshua had to kill sometimes even children .People can’t understand this one .But the children belong to God in the first place .He only loans them to us to raise in his ways not ours . Because the people were so contaminated that his people could not survive and live among the wicked .Remember it took forty years to get Egypt out of his people.

  14. CCblogging says

    What that Frenchie is not telling, is his imported Muslims will be exempt from his demands.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      I believe that your post is absolutely true CC.

    2. Rodney Steward says

      And this seems to be the main problem in all of Europe, England seems to be very proud of their muslims also, and will soon be their down fall !!!

      1. mrpoohead says

        Well they’re taking their time – only been there for 500+ years. Lazy gits!

        1. Rodney Steward says

          Not the muslim Mayor that the PM is forced to embrace and lies through her teeth, just like Merkel of Germany!

          1. mrpoohead says

            Well May wouldn’t be keen on him he’s Labour as opposed to her Tory – duh!
            Germany wanted 1 million immigrants to maintain their population – keeps the status quo. Duh! Their country still works and they’ve propped up the EU after dreadful American economics – thus Europeans migrated and a few Muslims. Very sensible the Germans – very businesslike. Merkel is also a conservative.

          2. Retired says

            Merkel is also a UN puppet like Clinton and Obama was . Obama is still sniffing seats at the UN . Merkel has also lost her political backing with the Germans and it’s political parties . Evidently you have not been fallowing what happened after the election. the EU population wants the invaders gone because they are nothing but problems and eating away at the tax dollars overthere just like in the USA .

          3. mrpoohead says

            Ha, ha, ha! UN has no power unless it is voted on, then they need folk to help.
            The though of Merkel being anybodies puppet is funny – she’s Germany’s Thatcher. No invaders; Muslims number about 2% of population – a small number of retards are upset, like with the Alt-right. You don’t have the numbers. at a recent by-election in the UK Britain First polled 56 votes – 0.14%. the Monster Raving Looney Party who run on a ticket of Satire and Big Tent got three times the number.
            You don’t know how your own country works – I should give up knowing anything about the rest of the world. Dummy!
            Current economic problems around the world are all as a result of idiotic Americans – refute with references please. You’re too easy to walk over!

          4. Retired says

            It is obvious that a lack of knowledge about the UN influence is in your Squirrel cage .

          5. mrpoohead says

            Can you substantiate your drivel? No! I’m right – thanks, again!

          6. Retired says

            So you admit to being clueless of how the UN is involved with all the refugees just like the ones sent to the USA through Mexico .

          7. mrpoohead says

            Come on then substantiate your drivel – reputable reference only please. You got nothing a super usual. Just hyperbole and BS. Dummy!

          8. Retired says

            You should not brag about yourself like that mrpoobrain , and that is a fact III

          9. mrpoohead says

            Nothing then – there’s a surprise!

          10. A_Nobody says

            Sniffing glue again??? She’s a fascist communist.

          11. mrpoohead says

            Oxymoron, polar opposites – you’ve been at the glue.

          12. Deborah Pratt says

            What ‘else’ Poohead obviously hasn’t heard is that it isn’t a ‘few’ Muslims, it’s multi-millions. To go on–rape of their women is rampant and continuous. They now enter private homes at will and take what they want!! If the owners protest, they’re beaten to a pulp!! Yes, the German still works–the Muslim just takes! An awful lot doesn’t get reported to the news because Merkel and the ‘French’ Muslim don’t want the rest of the world to know the mess their countries have become!! I understand, from the French, Paris has become a filthy ghetto!

          13. Retired says

            That is exactly what I hear from friends in the EU .

          14. Rodney Steward says

            LOL, Obama is a seat sniffer and licker from heck!!

          15. NotJim says

            “Heck” is supposed to be a euphemism. Is that what you want?

          16. Rodney Steward says

            Not really!! 🙂

          17. A_Nobody says

            ROFLMAO…….Merkel a conservative???? She’s a bloody communist from East Germany.

          18. mrpoohead says

            Her party is centre-right, also known as conservative. Duh!

        2. Deborah Pratt says

          No they haven’t! Recently only as a ‘rare’ minority but lately as an overwhelming flood intent on overtaking the British Isles and more.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Wrong, or provide reference. “Muslims in Europe”, will help. First Muslims in U.S. – 16th century!

          2. Retired says

            You just run of at the Hyperhole and present no facts poobrain . Better wipe your poop chute it’s running down your chin .

          3. mrpoohead says

            Well if you could disprove anything I said am sure you would – you can’t because I only use well-documented facts as opposed to your drivel!

          4. Retired says

            You have not presented facts , just run off on the poop chute .

          5. mrpoohead says

            Then surely you should be able to refute – but no!

          6. Retired says

            You do NOT present anything other than BS which runs down your chin .

          7. mrpoohead says

            “UN has no power unless it is voted on, then they need folk to help.
            The though of Merkel being anybodies puppet is funny – she’s Germany’s Thatcher. No invaders; Muslims number about 2% of population – a small number of retards are upset, like with the Alt-right. You don’t have the numbers. at a recent by-election in the UK Britain First polled 56 votes – 0.14%. the Monster Raving Looney Party who run on a ticket of Satire and Big Tent got three times the number.
            You don’t know how your own country works – I should give up knowing anything about the rest of the world. Dummy!
            Current economic problems around the world are all as a result of idiotic Americans…………………….”

            I’ll be waiting! Alzheimer’s – that was 17 hours ago!
            Retired or retarded?

          8. Retired says

            You have no knowledge of how much influence the UN and it’s many programs have . Merkel like Obama and Clinton was their puppets that have been knocked off of their pedestal . Merkel has lost her power in Germany as well as the Rest of the EU . These are facts you are to blind to see . Blind to the point that you can NOT see the trees in the forest .

          9. mrpoohead says

            Merkel still in power – duh! Lost some seats that is all.
            UN phooey!
            By my standards then you are blind.
            Back it up or get lost! Idiot!

          10. Retired says

            You are the lost idiot reading UK media which is no better than the WP or NY Times .

          11. mrpoohead says

            It is still a very conservative paper. Duh!

          12. Deborah Pratt says

            Somehow, someway Germany has to ‘oust’ Merkel or their country is totally doomed!! I think that fact is finally beginning to sink in! Merkel has betrayed her countrymen/women in every conceivable manner! Yet, she dares to lecture ‘us’ on immigration???

          13. A_Nobody says

            Facts after a crack pipe maybe.

          14. mrpoohead says

            Disprove then – should be easy. I’ll be waiting.

          15. A_Nobody says

            AND that means squat because at that time is was jihad.

          16. mrpoohead says

            Converts actually.

          17. ernldo says

            You would normally confuse mrPoophead with a fact or two, but I think the dullard is totally dense by now….

          18. Deborah Pratt says

            I would have suggested a visit from the ‘Honeywagon’ but, after what I’ve been reading lately–they’re probably too busy!!! LOL!!!

      2. Ronald Logan says

        Just part of the plan they also disarmed their citizens so they can`t even defend them self s I know in England not sure about Germany or France but also Australia is having the same problem an they also are disarmed.

        1. Rodney Steward says

          Yes Sir you’re right, in my new American Rifleman Magazine I get through the NRA it has a big article in it that says, Australia Continues to Expand Gun Control, and like most countries and even here like Chicago, only the bad guys have guns and everybody else obeying the law are sitting ducks! And Sweden has gotten bad, read an article about the muslims getting real bad there and Rape is through the roof! All of Europe will be gone before long if they don’t get away from the wants of the UN/EU that is really our enemies! This is my thinking, and I believe they’re just a front for the NWO!!

        2. Deborah Pratt says

          I believe I’ve read that Germany and France have also disarmed their citizens. As a result they’re being abused by swarms of illegals right in their own homes.
          There is no way the police can contain these ‘vermin’ and protect their citizens.

          1. boone1 says

            Killing them is the only way you can control vermin and crazy liberals.

      3. Alicia Cervera says

        With the mayor of London being one of theml I’ll say you’re right!

        1. Rodney Steward says

          Things are getting bad in all of Europe right now Alicia, and we can NOT LET it happen to our country, that for some reason so many people want to hate!! 🙁

          1. mrpoohead says

            …… but he can’t reference that. Fail!

          2. mrpoohead says

            Liar, liar – pants on fire. Go on prove me wrong – ohhh, you can’t! Awwwwwwwwww!

      4. boone1 says

        Not soon be it is now.

    3. rick meek says

      Yeah – especially after he and france change the consent age to 13……

      1. Deborah Pratt says

        May as well change it to 8 since that’s the age Muslims like!! Gender doesn’t matter!

        1. rick meek says

          I think france has gone lunatic…..Now they’re out to prove it…..

  15. Ron Dapo says

    Macron the new socialist god of France. How uplifting for the country.
    You get what you vote in people…

  16. Donald Lindsey says

    The loss of free speech is like going back in time to med turn of the century – say the 1500’s.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Too bad they weren’t burning “him” along with all that destruction. If only ONE GOOD SNIPER was able to “take out” geo sorass, oslobba and he clitons, this country would experience a glorious rebirth!! 🤔😣😏

  17. Jmanjo says

    For some reason Europeans cannot elect a decent politician or leader without shooting themselves in the foot! What they want and need gets destroyed by their election of just the opposite candidate! Instead of being concerned about security and fairness they keep electing persons more concerned about freaks and loons!

  18. Joseph Carrilho says

    I love this so I copied it to share:
    Fuuk the PC infringement on our 1st. amendment free speech!!! ttps://

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      I love this so I copied it to share:

      Fuuk the PC infringement on our 1st. amendment free speech!!!

      1. Deby says

        Perfectly stated!! Hope you don’t mind that I copied it to share!! My hubby will love it.

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          Hell, I copied it too. I wonder if it’s copy-righted, I would love to find a good
          embroiderer and pay to have it put on a jacket to wear PROUDLY.
          I think i’ll do it anyway, copy right be damned

  19. Sammy says

    What an insult to women! Marcon apparently sees women as pathetic snowflakes, who melt at the slightest offense to their delicate characters. I assume that women will still have the right to fire back equally offensive barbs. Is that equality? As a woman, I want to be recognized for my strength, resilience and intelligence. If and when I should encounter such crude comments, I can take care of myself, Mr. Marcon, and I want you, the state to stay out of my private life.

    1. SDofAZ says

      Good luck with that. Apparently he thinks he is in charge and evidently he is. France elected him, now they have to live with that choice or get rid of him. He and the past government sure did a bang up job of letting women and citizens suffer under their new imports, moslimes of the cult of death. Hum?

  20. Gerry Costa says

    If you don’t want your streets to be hell for women — kick every slimeball muslim out of your country– idiot. Trying to make words illegal just makes you look like the fool that you are proving yourself to be.

  21. ray2hill says

    So called “conservatives” should be removed from the public discourse because all they do is lie. Trump lies every time his lips or thumbs move Bannon lies in every speech and article. Democracy can not prosper in a flood of lies persented in modern media as the truth. I do not think the Roy moore has ever been caught telling the truth.

    1. Valor says

      You are so pathetically pitiful.

    2. Wayne Olmsted says

      LOOK OUT!!!! The @s$ has returned to BRAY again!!!

  22. Valor says

    If the Demorats retake control of the government again the same attacks on freedom of speech will increase here in America. Those attacks have been happening for a while now.

  23. dosadoe says

    Emmanuelle Macroncan’t stand the Truth and wants to shut down free speech! He must be a Socialist and Wannabe Dictator! Kick his worthless out of office ASAP before he ruins France!

    1. Valor says

      Too late. France and most of Europe are already ruined. The deliberate importation of millions of Muslims guarantees that. Same fate Obama and Hillary have in mind for America.

  24. tCotUS says

    First, disarm the people. Then tell them what they can say, think, & do. They don’t like control ? No big deal. The Perfect Nazi World.

  25. susmart3 says

    Right! But here we have our President undermining the 1st Amendment by continuously attacking any media that doesn’t fawn over and bow down to him.

  26. elmcqueen3 says

    We must remember that we are the only country in the world that has a legitimate Constitution and an American Bill of Rights granted within…Other countries may have their own Constitution’s but nothing in comparison to the rights and freedoms we as American citizens enjoy…In foreign countries your rights and freedoms are only what the government say they are…and no more…God Bless The USA…Our American Bill Of Rights…and the lst Amendment of our US Constitution…i.e. “Freedom of Speech”.

  27. Mike W says

    If Hitler had had his way the French would have NO free speech at all.

  28. Garys_opinion says

    ” In a speech celebrating the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against women, Macron proposed that France create new legislation that outlaws these insults in such a way that punishes users by a fine.”
    Another way would be to make everybody “gender neutral” in the language. Then there would be no violence against women, ever.
    Since it’s mostly Muslims insulting women, the obvious answer would be to deport them all!

  29. joe says

    Q. How do yo say Macron in French?

    A. Moron.

  30. Rodney Steward says

    All of Europe is falling more and more for the wants of the UN, and it’s just a matter of time before the whole place falls to islam, another want of the UN, they’ve all pretty well have given up their guns for the want of the UN, and most everything Christian has basically disappeared world wide, another want of the UN !! People, the UN is our enemy and not for the good of the world and is a front for the NWO!

    1. mrpoohead says

      Details and link please. Ha, ha, ha – UN still has no government or laws. What design – co-operation. Ha!

  31. Phil Esposito says

    Communism has made it’s way to the front of our world. F*ck the faggot nigger that made it possible in America.

  32. My country says

    This is a sick world of females .The feminist movement was once a great thing for women .But when the sodomites hijacked it .They pushed their sick agendas to turn men into pansies .And to turn a nation into the very thing God said he will spew out .They have ruined a once great nation with their sick agendas .When they were able to get their perverts into government offices they had their way to ruin the children and the mind of the people .As recently we have seen California made it law that all History books would be sodomites only . As I remember history , if there were any perverts they were stoned to death not embraced . Just like this jerk ! America’s has its own men who are pansies , doing the work of those sick perverts Decent women who are ladies do not and will not agree with the takedown of their agendas I am a woman and have watched them do all of this through the years .

  33. Rodney Steward says

    Hunger Games coming to a country near you!!!!!!!!

  34. jdbixii says

    Vive la difference! ——–Quelle est la difference? It is the differences, with respect to the increased diversity of Western societies, which are compelling differences which oppose difference which is not only different, but problematically so, since they are causing injustice. History, or the lessons of history, should have taught us that some mixtures are volatile and incompatible and, therefore, are not recommended. After all, if survival is the goal, that which opposes it is not to be encouraged or permitted for the benefit of society. This is not a difficult concept to understand. A law is immediately made concerning security that when the speech of one is not understood by another, security is undermined. For the French, the security of liberty is negatively affected by the inequality of fraternity.
    Or, is the problem that of the essence of fraternity, itself?

    1. Rodney Steward says

      He’s a problem that is going perfect for the need of the NWO Gang, look for things to get very nasty in France, and then as usual, they’ll need help from somebody for help when this experiment goes bad!

      1. mrpoohead says

        Well you haven’t got anything right yet so vacation in France probably a good idea. Parlez vous Francais?

        1. Rodney Steward says

          All this time I’ve been telling you how all of Europe is doing, but nooo, all is well, it’s American with the problem, and this is just ore proof how out of touch you really are or just plain stupid!

          1. mrpoohead says

            Funny thing is your news comes from Alt-right Fukwit News, while I read newspapers all over Europe and the world. Seems you have nothing to back you up but hyperbole and BS. But, why change your modus operandi?

          2. Rodney Steward says

            Seems that your news is as fake as most of our’s and you’re not smart enough to figure it out!! LOL

          3. mrpoohead says

            Well if you can refute anything that I say with a reputable reference I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice, don’t suppose you’ll stand by your drivel?

  35. Larry Brule says


  36. Retired Marine says

    Unless you are a protected class IE a libtard leftist, you have no rights..
    I say we pull our money, advisors, and ambassador out, and let them fend for themselves. They gave up to Hitler in less than 48 hours, how long before they capitulate to the muslims?

    1. Mike W says

      Have you’ve heard about the French veteran who was selling his gun? The ad read: “Like new – only been dropped twice.”

      1. teachersaide says

        I’ve got an interesting one. Q: HOW many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? A: No one knows, it’s never been tried.

        1. rocky says

          Come on folks… the French underground was a thing to admire.

          1. Mike W says

            That was just a hand full of brave people – the majority just bent right over –

      2. Retired Marine says

        Yeah, I heard it was never fired either…LOL

        1. Mike W says

          No firing pin either – it was just used for parades and photo ops

          1. Retired Marine says

            I wonder, do you think it has a rubber bayonet?

          2. Mike W says

            Possible …..possible I mean you could probably spread butter and cheese on your baguette with a rubber bayonet.

          3. Retired Marine says

            That would be the French thing to do.

  37. dusty says

    screw that little gay paree little faggot. who in the hell is he to tell every one what to say ?

  38. Dan Dolomont says

    Boy he must be getting it from the muslim filth

  39. Mike W says

    Macron will do to France a little at a time – what Hitler did over night.

  40. James says

    I wonder if it is ok for radical Islamist to kill, or rape the French women. Maybe Pepe should ory about that. Stick and stones pussy

  41. Jerry Hughes says

    Okay France, now you know why the US citizens refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us..
    Better start smuggling weapons in.

  42. jimdarnall says

    This again shows the cowardice mindset of leadership within the UK. Their fear will destroy their nation and allow Islam the freedom to take total control. Obviously what really needs to happen is to kick all Muslims out and clear the air.

  43. homer1057 says

    Let’s examine this NON-sense: EQUAL, men and women, are they or aren’t they? Who is the weaker vessel? Who runs faster? Who has the Larger heart and lungs? Who has the larger Brain, and I.Q.? What sex bears the Offspring? What sex nurses the same? What sex bleeds w/out going to the emergency room? What sex is the emotional sex? Which sex NURTURES! WHICH SEX did NOT have to be told, BY God, to LOVE her husbands. As per Ephesians 5:25 KJV

  44. Libertarian1911 says

    If this new law will protect the women of France from verbal and physical attacks from the muslims it would be a good thing.

    1. CCblogging says

      It won’t, Muslims are always exempted from infidel laws, dreamed up by weak leaders.

  45. rick meek says

    another moron FAILS to learn from the guillotine days……

  46. Ron C says

    The Europeans are just like the democrats in the USA…”YOU will do what I say or you will not BE”!
    Now that is how the hive mentality roll….NO individual freedom what so ever…period!

  47. Ronald Logan says

    With all these restrictions an open borders Europe is setting it`s self up for a larger than life civil war. European liberties are being taken away everyday it`s hard to believe that the people of these country s are going to stand back an say nothing it`s a known fact that Muslims cannot an will not live under any law but their own. The next question is are we once again going to be dragged into another war to free Europe again.

  48. Ronald Logan says

    Europe is in a self destruct mode plain to see from the outside looking at the whole picture

    1. CCblogging says

      Nation Suicide by government

      1. Ronald Logan says

        Obama had us heading in the same direction we have come across a bunch brain dead liberal world leaders that love the UN an the new world order concept to hell with their people are the country there suppose to protect. Notice these three country s were the major players in WW11 Germany,France an England for some reason they can`t stand prosperity are peace.

  49. CCblogging says

    The French leader is a fool. Look at that silly man, making rules that his massively imported Islamofascist Muslims will ignore, all while they spit on the French Flag. Macron is a complete Fool and the French voters are bigger Fools for electing him.

  50. CCblogging says

    It’s Not Just The French That Are Sucking Up To The European Muslim Invasion.


    Mayor of London … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women … 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men … 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families … 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing
    … and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!
    All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!

  51. ErnieLane says

    It’s stories like this that remind us how fortunate we are to be Americans. I can’t think of another country where its citizens have the freedoms we do. I bet the “free speech view” is only in the small minority there, in both the media and the populace.

  52. Simply_Sis says

    More globalist rhetoric that people just put up with to their own detriment. Just deport all the Muslim immigrants and France will drastically reduce violence against women in France. Unfortunately the Muslim women will still be treated worse than dogs by the Muslim men, but that is a different matter altogether. At least the French women will be spared from being violated by the Muslim immigrant men that the french globalists have turned loose upon them. The French President Macron is a typical globalist liar pig. Sorry, for the rudeness, but the globalists are literally exposing the world’s citizens to these animals for their own NWO world domination goals.

  53. ernldo says

    Be very careful leftist dolts, once you get what you think you want, we may start limiting what YOU say as well….

  54. Lorraine E says

    I do not believe that the French people elected Macron. All elections of heads of state world wide are rigged. The people who the one world shadow masters are always appointed to office.

  55. sally says

    It is so SAD for Europe. These countries are no longer the same countries they were. Seems their governments have betrayed them also. It those Globalists all over the world and having them in the US we now understand finally and completely what they are. We have to address our issues not Europe. Thank GOD the American people had the insight to elect President Trump and give us a chance to get our country back. Believe, the Muslims are just their useful idiots. You know the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  56. Lorraine E says

    Bet the French voting system is just as corrupt as ours. If the real votes were actually counted, Macron would not be in office. Bet he is just another puppet assigned by the one world shadow masters who are hell bend on destroying countries world wide so that they can be forced into their one world government. I really don’t believe the French people are stupid enough to actually vote for Macron.

  57. james Conner says

    Muslims are coming to Europe not as Refugees but as lazy non working, money sucking bastards.
    They do not assimilate and demand rights they never had in Syria or Africa. Yes, they have overtaken the benefit system, Doctor Offices are now overloaded with Muslims, the rare visits Europeans got at Dentist are now overloaded with Muslims. The Bitch Merkel has taken housing away from German Citizens and given it to Muslims along with their jobs. Seems the Tax Paying European people are the ones who now are second class citizens. These Muslims demand Mosque to be built, they demand to have their own Sharia Law Courts and these Muslims are treated like Kings in Germany. While in their own Syria they were treated like dogs and made into salves, they floated across the Mediterranean.
    Merkel rewards them with the best things in life. These Muslims do think they are a cut above of the hands that feed them. Hyenas they are, who are lazy and want to kill you. They are not the same and do not belong in France, Germany, England or any other European Country.

  58. Truthbug says

    Young ignoramuses speak as Macron does here. Blind leading the blind, yet thinking themselves wise. On their way to destruction.

  59. A_Nobody says

    His countrymen AND the world would be far better off if the world shut down his gum flapping. He’s just another lying liberal who doesn’t like truth.

  60. Ron C says

    Further evidence that the leftists are fascists….the government will tell you what to say & think…or you will be dealt with severely…period!
    Long live the fascist Antifa, BLM, the democrat & RINO parties and last but least, the mainstream news propagandist!

  61. Ron C says

    Well I’m pretty sure that is how it works for slaves….just saying…you can’t have free speech for the slaves…otherwise they will figure out the governor is a slave master living off the sweat of the slaves brow…Next the damned slaves would want to live a free & sovereign life or something…right?

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