Is Gender “X” Coming to California Driver’s Licenses?


If a bill currently winding its way through the California state legislature becomes law, the Golden State could soon recognize a third gender on its official IDs.

SB179 has already passed the state senate and would allow for an option – likely “X” – to be added to the traditional male/female choices on driver’s licenses and other official identification documents. If it becomes law, California will be the second state after Oregon to implement the progressive option, which is being heralded as a major step forward by transgender advocates.

While some activists insist that the third gender option has little to do with transgender politics and is only necessary because of those born “intersex,” several transgender organizations were front and center in the crafting of the bill. And even those activists who distance themselves from the political movement have to acknowledge that a bill like this would never have passed without the spotlight of LGBT advocacy.

In introducing the bill this spring, in fact, Sen. Tori Atkins invoked the transgender cause to win support for her effort.

“Our society is becoming more enlightened every day about gender identity,” said Atkins at the time. “It’s time for our state to make it easier for transgender Californians and those who don’t conform to traditional notions of gender to have state-issued identification documents that reflect who they truly are. This bill will help them avoid the discrimination and harassment that too many of these residents face in their daily lives.”

Not everyone is on board with the bill, of course. The California Family Council, a Christian advocacy group, says it will open the door for a host of issues that Democrats would rather not discuss.

“If you allow someone who is physically male to list themselves on a government document as a female, or vice a versa, then the government will be legalizing a lie,” said CFC spokesperson Greg Burt when testifying against the bill. “As state senators, I know you think you are powerful, but you do not have the authority to simply change the meaning of words just because you want to.”

While many proponents of the bill are trying to pretend that this is a grand step forward into a progressive future where everyone can be who they truly are, there comes a point where we have to stop and acknowledge some basic societal principles. If we can’t even agree that there are two basic sexes that should be delineated as such on a driver’s license, where does it end? What is the point of official documentation at all, if we can just change everything about ourselves from day to day? What if we “feel” like a tall person inside, but our ID says we’re only 5’5″? What if we “feel” black today, but our ID callously insists that we’re white? Point being, our official government documents should be based on fact and reason, not the latest political trend of the day.

Alas, it’s California.

  1. Tiger says

    Yes along with people who claim to be from another planet, escapees from insane asylums, those on drugs and having hallucinations, those who are rejects from the insane asylums, those that think the world is flat, those who believe that Obama loves them etc.

    1. Deby says

      LOL! I think we should create an ‘L’ for Liberal! or Lunatic, which can be used as well -same meaning!

      1. richard says

        good one… i like it!!

      2. says

        5 LLLLL’s Lunatic Liberal Lefty Liars & Losers

        1. drantigmo says

          wonder what song you’ll be singing in ’18…

          1. DaveM says

            Overreacting? go to the restroom and in walks a male who stares at you…oops! Gender X! Biology has only two genders and I am sick of the liberals pushing in inane, insane, and stupid crap that undermines America…It does affect me and hopefully you understand it can affect you!

          2. AKLady says

            Much of the world has gender neutral pubic restrooms.
            America is one of the few nations left that fears equality.
            Instead if continuing to feed the fear, maybe America should begin ra8ising their young to respect differences.

          3. DaveM says

            ATTENTION! AKLady is a troll…do not expect any logical or reasonable answer from it! Do not respond!

          4. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          5. Tim says

            beauty is skin deep. Ugly goes clean to the bone…….

          6. AKLady says

            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            AKLady is that you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Says so much about you….hmmmm


          8. John Koempel says

            I’m sure she is NO lady.

          9. marshmil1789 says

            An “It”. I blocked “it” months ago.

          10. Pat Hanson says

            I believe differences can be respected without sharing bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. I think these aberrant individuals should seek professional help without insisting the rest of the world, the majority, be inundated with their constant whining and demands. Be respectful to the majority, live and let live.

          11. AKLady says

            My advice is for you not to visit Europe. Their public bathrooms are co-ed.

          12. jyychem says

            Perhaps those who want coed bathrooms should leave and STAY in Europe. Good riddance to you all.

          13. AKLady says

            With doors on the stalls, what dies it matter?
            Why is the human body an issue for you?
            Do you have a urine fetish?

          14. Pat Hanson says

            Decency and modesty are good Christian traits. If you are typical of Alaska, God help Alaska.

          15. AKLady says

            LOL. Both decency and modesty are a function of the culture within which you reside. Christianity is a religion, not a culture. No universal standard of “modesty” exists. Again, with doors on the stalls, what does it matter?

          16. Pat Hanson says

            Decency and modesty , among other moral attributes are a result of Christian principals. These principals do form a culture which are in the billions strong. Therefore, I contend it is a culture.

          17. AKLady says

            No, Pat, like all other religions, it is a cult.
            The United States is not a Christian country.

          18. Pat Hanson says

            Atheism is a cult, a way to separate yourself from life responsibilities. Christianity is a culture, a way of life.

          19. AKLady says

            The term cult usually refers to a social group defined by its religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal.
            Atheists, generally, do not bank together to form cults.
            Christians, however, form numerous cults, within cults.

          20. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Yes AKLady we are a CHRISTIAN Nation whether you like it or not yoou atheist thug!!!!!!!! 140 million Christians, and catholics make up this nation!
            Its you Liberal racist atheist thugs who don’t believe !

            You are a cult! Retard!


          21. Pat Hanson says

            My daughter and her family just recently returned from a vacation in Europe and saw nothing of the sort. Shame on you.

          22. AKLady says

            Oh, yes, the tourist track …

          23. AKLady says

            Yes, the tourist track. They missed so much, it is a shame.

            Apparently, they failed to tell you that toilet stalls in Europe tend to offer greater privacy than those in America. To a European, it makes no difference if there’s a man or woman in the next stall. Everything that a person does in their stall is completely private. in the US, there’s widespread discomfort and social taboo about nudity; to the point of being codified in local, criminal laws.
            Shame on you.

          24. 23cowboy says

            OK, so the next time you go to the public restroom and say 2 or 3 bikers come in and say they feel female today, are you saying it would not bother you. Lier. What if these bikers decide in the middle of pissing that they feel more male all the sudden and decide you need their sex, since you are already there with your panties down. Are you going to smile and say you respect their differences as they rape you?

          25. AKLady says

            Ha, ha, ha …
            Talk about adolescent male sexual focus.
            Over 70% of rapes are committed by people known to the victim.
            Less than 30% are committed by people with an existing criminal record.
            You make a lot of assumptions. most of which are invalid.

          26. Diesel Driver says

            You did not address 23cowboy’s question. The percentage of rapes by known vice unknown is irrelevant to the situation.

          27. AKLady says

            There are no stats on which to form a reply specific to bikers.

          28. Diesel Driver says

            You missed the entire point of his question and it seems deliberate on your part, at least to me. Substitute “big, burly, tattooed, gang members” or other large formidable malcontents for “bikers” and the question is still unanswered on your part. I’m sure he used the stereotype term of “bikers” for the “large formidable malcontents” because the term, even though all stereotypes are wrong, gives the image that he is trying to put across to you and the other readers. I read someone’s post that you are a troll but I don’t believe a real conversation cannot be had with someone who has the opposite viewpoint if we both use logic instead of emotion and don’t call each other names or make other derogatory remarks such as “Talk about adolescent male sexual focus”. That did not help the dialogue. Also, quoting irrelevant statistics does not address the actual issue which is the danger from people who are not transgendered or of other non standard sexual mores from invading a restroom designated for the opposite sex. It’s already happened and innocents have been hurt. Until people start using logic and realizing that it is a mental issue rather than a physical one, the problem of gender dysphoria will continue to grow. None of the measures being demanded by the lgbt etc folks are going to help anyone.

          29. AKLady says

            Genetic science says your assumptions are invalid.

          30. Diesel Driver says

            You say a lot of things are invalid or give other non-information opinions. That does nothing to give me any reason to even consider that I might be incorrect. It’s just a method you’ve come up with for avoiding thinking about the things that are brought up in the discussion and do nothing to advance your side of the argument. It’s easy to say “your arguments are invalid” but without any proof your own arguments are invalid, and again, you’ve avoided thinking about or responding to my points about invasion of your “safety zone” by scary people. Since you apparently cannot formulate a coherent argument against what I’ve actually said, nor against pretty much what anyone has said on this set of comments I think we’re finished. I shall not respond to any more of your non arguments.

          31. AKLady says

            Facts are not opinions.
            You simply laugh at facts you do not want to accept.
            You then insult the individual providing the facts.

          32. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          33. Ms D says

            Every time I come upon a discussion that you comment on, I am appalled yet again at the stupidity that has overtaken this world. Sorry, AKLady but this stuff is all pure nonsense.

          34. AKLady says

            When was the last time you traveled outside of the U.S.?
            The U.S. gender issues are not much above those in Islamic countries.

          35. RC says

            DaveM, I agree with you 100%. We have at least one or two who by what they’ve written here show a total lack of class, morals or understanding by saying this gender X thing is OK. There have already been sexual attacks on young girls in rest rooms by this filthy queer trash. One person even describes itself as an MD. I’d hate to have that person do any kind of surgery, or even prescribe for me.

          36. marshmil1789 says

            DaveM—–Liberalism is a mental disorder. What else can you expect from a member of the lunatic fringe?

          37. says

            I will be celebrating the total demise of the demonrat party, DNC is bankrupt, no money, no election, no candidate of any worth, no election, no hope, so get over it, the demonrat party is dead. RIP

          38. Diesel Driver says

            Doesn’t matter. The republican party is taking their place by doing all the taxes and broken promises that used to be the domain of the democrats.

          39. Tim says


          40. marshmil1789 says

            “WE WON!” …again.

        2. AKLady says

          IIIII, ignorant, illiterate ….

          1. Tim says

            armed, accurate, available

          2. AKLady says

            “available” without a doubt.
            No one could stand living with you.
            You are far too judgmental and bigoted.

        3. marshmil1789 says

          Perfect FREE-STREAM. Let’s call them the “L” generation.

        4. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          I love it 5 L’s I have 9 L’s Describing Liberal thugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. pineapple says

        Instead of “X”, it should be “U” for unknown, or undecided.

        1. marshmil1789 says

          “U” for undetermined is excellent. Or, if known to be a transgender, “T” for transgender.

          1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            Should not even be a consideration!

          2. AKLady says

            Why, because your biology education is way out of date?

          3. John Koempel says

            For one it is not biology. Check your DNA and that will tell you what you are stupid. You can’t change that.

          4. AKLady says

            You need to update your biological education.
            Recent research demonstrates homosexual linkage through the mother.
            You, sir, suffer form self-imposed ignorance.

          5. Tim says

            queer is the new normal. Normal is the new queer. I am proud to be out of date. I don’t have to eat your crap sandwich. You enjoy !

          6. AKLady says

            Sewer-mouth is so impressive, very immature, suggests illiteracy, clearly indicates rudeness … The only one you are insulting is yourself.

          7. Marilynn Reeves says

            How about just a ? mark.

          8. marshmil1789 says

            I’ll go with that one Marilynn. 🙂

          9. Rene Renato Rivera says

            Sounds about right/reasonable.

          10. Howard A Milor Jr. says

            Is not a sex, it’s a mental disorder

          11. marshmil1789 says

            Like liberalism! How did we get these plagues the past eight years?

          12. Diesel Driver says

            It’s been building for far longer than that. It’s just come out in the open lately.

          13. marshmil1789 says

            I think you’re right on that Diesel. The nut case generation seems to have come into full bloom during the Obamanation eight years. It’s a mentality wired with reverse polarity compared with the mentality of the 1945 to 1965 era.

        2. Fedup says

          It should only be “M” or “F” and nothing more.

          1. AKLady says

            Except science says there is much more to sex.
            The simplistic XX and XY is totally out of date.
            Hermaphrodites are just the tip of your ignorance..

          2. Ralph Fucetola JD says

            hermaphrodites are mutants- yes, sometimes nature goofs. but there are only two sexes and no matter what you do cosmetically, you are genetically, the sex you were born to be. I feel for your pain, but I will not make pretend with you. -Kathy Fucetola

          3. AKLady says

            Your genetics education is way out of date.+
            Please educate yourself better.
            Example: “Two genes linked with violent crime”

          4. Tim says

            perverted science for perverted sex. Climate, crime & society too. Perverted is NOT the way to go, unless you are a pervert (different, weird, queer, abnormal, freak, other than)

          5. AKLady says

            The only thing perverted is your bigotry.
            Your ignorance is simply very sad.

          6. 23cowboy says

            You mean like you…

          7. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

        3. RC says

          How about N for neutered?

          1. Norm57 says

            Or U for eunuch

          2. Terrence Bell says

            I still like “Q” for queers !

        4. marshmil1789 says

          While we’re having fun “NC” might fit too—Nut Case.

      4. ABO says

        Careful Deby, the libs will be accusing you of redundancy.

      5. richard king says

        And put them in the same category as aliens who may be from another planet.

      6. Scott Ezell says


      7. AKLady says

        We should create I or Ignorant.

        1. Deby says

          Great idea! You should be the first to apply for that status as it fits you perfectly

          1. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          2. Tim says

            as does yours….cunt

          3. Tim says

            front or rear input ? no thx

      8. Terrence Bell says

        How about a “Q” for the queers !

    2. Retired says

      Ca. the land of ITS .

      1. Tiger says

        Intellectually Tarnished Sickos

        1. Eric Pearson says

          Is that what you see in your mirror?

          1. Tiger says

            No see it daily around this country and captured on videos. You one I suppose.

          2. ABO says

            Why would Tiger see you in her mirror??? I don’t think so.

        2. marshmil1789 says

          Perfect Tiger. Thanks.

          1. Tiger says


      2. Pat Hanson says

        My brother moved there and says it is the land of fruits and nuts.

    3. Vince says

      Very true Tiger, with all the money problems CA has the people who are being paid to fix these problems are wasting their time on BS like this. It is a shame a true shame.

      1. Tiger says

        Vince I hear from good people in California all the time and Trump’s rally there was one of the hugest. They are outvoted by illegals. California gives them DL and ID and allows them to vote.

        1. John Myers says

          But will the US allow that? I doubt it?

          1. Tiger says

            We will see.

          2. marshmil1789 says

            John Myers with some members of the Congress, State Legislatures, etc., the Fraudocrats will do anything illegal and immoral to try to get their way. We have documented evidence already from November 8, 2016. If we look closely four and eight years prior to that we might find more of the same.

        2. Charles Girard says

          Yes the vote they call the popular vote that Hillary won. It’s all BS we know most of California hated Bill and Hillary. Better adopt voter ID or these liberal bastards will do this again next election and it may cause them to win this time.

          1. Tiger says

            We will see what happens, the Left is going out of it’s mind, what little it had available and they won’t be letting go of their fraud without a fight.

          2. marshmil1789 says


          3. Tiger says

            LOLOL good go.

          4. marshmil1789 says

            In my State I am required to always show positive ID even though most of the poll workers recognize me every time. But we follow the legal guidelines and everything works OK. Anyone who refuses to show positive ID to register or to vote is one we should be suspicious of instantly–NO ands, ifs, ors, or buts! With no ID anyone on the planet can enter the USA and cast one or several votes in several places. We have evidence that cemetery dwellers are found to have voted along with non-Citizens who sneaked across the borders.

          5. Pat Hanson says

            Congress should require California voters to produce a Birth Certificate since they bastardized their Drivers Licenses

          6. Diesel Driver says

            Obama proved that you can get a birth certificate for anything you want.

        3. Tim says

          so sad that their property taxes didn’t pay to protect some when leaving the rally. What do you call that ? Taxation W/O representation ? MAN ! I thought we fought a war 150 years ago about this very same thing ! HOW stupid can “we” be ? TOTAL helpless cowards that have a second amendment, but choose to pick their noses instead. Western Civ goes to the trash because of sissies & perverts

          1. Tiger says

            I more or less said the same thing concerning N. Korea. Little Israel took out Iraq’s nuke site near Baghdad and they took out Syria’s nuke site. They also killed nuclear scientists in Iran and built the virus that stopped them from advancing the nukes. Yet America can’t get rid of Kim or Khomeini . Israel the size of New Jersey. That is the difference between a nation loaded with stupid, PC, ninnies and sissies.

          2. Diesel Driver says

            No, THAT war was 250 years ago. The one 150 years ago was to prevent the slave states from seceding from the union to form a slave country.

    4. pappy450 says

      Just more insanity from the land of fruits and nuts. I think we should INDEED build the wall around mexifornia as some are saying. Make it into a huge detention area for the criminally insane and keep ALL. the freaks inside where they belong.

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        We the People in California are not ALL freaks and criminals! With all the other crap that’s happening in this country, you want to start some more crap with California? Those of us with half a brain, already know California is FUBAR, so why remind us of it? I would move out of this joke of a state, but I am too old and tired, and I am forced to die here!!!

        1. pappy450 says

          OK, so WHY do you people stand by and let a-holes like “moonbeam brown” PIGLOSI etc etc. keep getting “voted in” to cause your problems while THEY reap the benefits and LAUGH IN YOUR FACE? “Reminding” you of it MIGHT make people get off their BUTTS and say enough is enough.,BUT there are too many illegal “takers” allowed in, that are encouraged to vote for these “elites”, even thought they are not “LEGALLY” supposed to do so. (but still “allowed” to)

          1. richard king says

            Got any suggestions on how to enforce?

          2. pappy450 says

            Sure…Get RID of the democommie/rino SCUM that refuse to obey their OATH OF OFFICE. THEY have broken the LAW (by ignoring their SWORN OATH) and deserve to be prosecuted just like we “common folks” when we get caught law breaking. Just because you have a “title” and are considered “elite’ doesn’t put you ABOVE the LAWS WE HAVE TOO FOLLOW. These a-holes work for the PEOPLE not vise-versa, so time for the people to stand up in mass and get rid of the SCUMBAGS. Start at the “top” where all the crap is piled to and work your way down to the lowly “follower” snakes on the bottom.

          3. richard king says

            Right result, but apart from voting them out, how do we do this?

          4. pappy450 says

            Perhaps if we had an attorney general that would uphold the LAW instead of “recusing” himself at the drop of a hat, these LAWBREAKERS could be gotten rid of. (BUT nothing has changed since the fraud democommie MOOSLIME was “installed as president”.) Same as when the clinton crime cartel “ruled” and still does as the “shadow government” still not prosecuted and unchecked.

          5. richard king says

            I must sadly agree with you. there was no legal reason for Sessions to recuse himself, itwas sophistry at best, chidkening out. I still think he’ll do the right thing in the end. It does look like the FBI wants to bury the whole thing to cover its butt, and the DOJ is letting them do it. I guess people like us just keep raising hell.

          6. American John says

            Bull s**t Richard take your husband Johnson out of your mouth and do some research . You make a jack a** out of your self.

          7. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            There is no way to out vote the IDIOTS, they overwhelm us! This is a totally communist state, and the most crooked in the country, it has become BULL****! By the way, Moonbeam Brown cannot run again, so he is done, he will probably hang around as a consultant for the incoming communist party run by the little weasel that was the mayor of SF, I cannot even remember his name he is so irrelevant! Oh, that’s right, he’s the assistant governor, OH YEAH, his name is Gavin Newsom! I myself will be voting a straight Republican ticket as always! My little part in trying to keep the socialists at bay! Good Night all!

          8. pappy450 says

            I can sympathize with you on THAT point, Here in COMMUNIST N.Y. State, we have the SAME “situation”. I am “up north” in the State, BUT the “big cities” FULL of “takers” that ALWAYS vote democommie because of the giveaways and “promises” Of MORE “giveaways”. I guess they just do NOT realize that they are scapegoats (for their “votes” and “trinkets”) to keep them under the democommies/rinos COMMUNIST “control”. THAT is why we NORTHERN N.Y.’ers are stuck with the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMIE SCUM that are infesting Albany and “running” the State.

        2. jmortensen says

          Me to .. not tired , but to old to pick up and move .. I can only hope that We the People can get it together and vote these idiots o-u-t out of office ..It does no good to write to our reps they are part of the washington and kalifornia swamp .. !

          1. John Koempel says

            Then “we ” need to start cleaning out the swamp ourselves. One by one.

          2. marshmil1789 says

            EXACTLY John. We the true American People have the responsibility to rid our great Nation of the snakes and other reptiles whether in the District of Corruption swamp or not.

          3. marshmil1789 says

            jmortensen the voting booth is where you have your power to change things. The Founders gave us a marvelous way to change what we don’t like. But we must all stick together. True Americans have to outvote the socialist/communist nut cases following Alinsky’ RULES FOR RADICALS.

        3. jyychem says

          It’s too bad there aren’t more of you in CA! If there were, perhaps they’d send some legislators with some sense to Congress.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            That’s the theme of my post just above this one. Thanks jyychem.

        4. John Koempel says

          If I were you I’d start looking for another place to live, and quick. It’s sinking.

      2. Tiger says

        Round um up and set um down, throw away the key.

      3. marshmil1789 says

        ??? Wall it up then hope an earthquake brakes off Kalifornia and the rest of the progressive West Coast so it slides under the Pacific kinda like a heard of swine that rushed down a hill and drowned in the vicinity of “Spain” about 2000 years ago. ??? Oooo! that’s bad.

    5. Fedup says

      This will open the doors for people to claim they “feel” like a lot of other things they clearly are not. What if I “feel” like I’m Zuckerberg? Can I walk into a bank and withdraw all his money because I have his name on my driver license? Can I “feel” like a 5’5″ 110 pound blonde woman? Can I “feel” like I’m a German shepherd?

      Where does the line get drawn? If a gender X goes missing, how are we to identify them if they go missing? Will the coroner get sued if they put “female Jane Doe” on an unidentified body when they turn out to be a gender X when they are identified? I don’t think this is being thoroughly thought out to have answers for these types of questions. This BS of verything being based on feelings is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.

      1. marshmil1789 says

        One designation that might pass legally is “Gender is Unknown or T” That should cover it but some jackleg lawyer will come up with another fruitcake argument. Just watch.

        1. John Myers says

          I saw some time back that “Q” was in. For just plain old Queer. That was who admittedly asked for it?

        2. Fedup says

          It should be “M” if you’re male biologically or “F” if you’re female biologically and nothing more.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Fedup you are using common sense. The fruits and nuts causing all this social upheaval have only one goal and that is to stir up conflict. They are the non-contributing members of society. They are non-productive, they are malcontents, misfits and non-productive. No serious employer would keep these nut cases on their payrolls. So guess who funds their “payroll”! …it’s not someone who loves the USA.

          2. Fedup says

            Every time some someone mentions fruits and nuts it reminds me of my ex husband. I was born in CA but moved to Texas when I was 13. My ex was in the Army and for fun one day they all were asked what food they would be. My ex said he would be bran flakes. When asked why he said “because my wife is from California and together we make Raisin Bran”.

          3. Tim says

            SOCIALISM 101

          4. marshmil1789 says

            As proposed by Karl and Saul in the 20th. Century. Unfortunately we have boneheads worldwide whose greed for power overtakes their capacity to think rationally and learn from the lessons of history that socialism and communism have proved to be failures except under the barrels of loaded firearms. And we have some in the USA who want to delete Amendment II to remove any resistance of the We the People to a socialist/communist takeover.
            (Diane Feinstein of Kalifornia to name one)

          5. Diesel Driver says

            If you look at the wording of the second amendment, it becomes obvious to anyone not a liberal that 99% of the gun laws in this country are unconstitutional.
            “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
            If you have to ask permission (get a permit) your right has been infringed. If you can be told what kind of arms (not just firearms) that you can buy or have, your right has been infringed. If you are not allowed to carry your arms in any manner you choose, your right has been infringed. If you are not allowed to take (carry or bear) your arms wherever you wish, then your right has been infringed.
            To take power they have to destroy the security of our free state. That is very nearly accomplished. We need to stop electing the lesser of two evils because the lesser of two evils is still evil.

          6. marshmil1789 says

            Diesel you very accurately summed up the problem about infringement on our right to keep and bear arms. Anyone with a half grain of common sense realizes laws DO NOT keep “guns” out of the hands of thugs. Diane Feinstein of California and several other un-American politicians support infringement of our Constitutional right.

          7. Tim says

            I hope the UN gets the job of collecting the guns. I won’t feel bad about shooting a blue beret, or any other communist (BLM, ANTI-FA)

          8. marshmil1789 says

            I’m not convinced the “blue berets” can get past our “Green Berets”, Seals, snipers, etc. George Washington and his faithful set an exemplary standard. We true Americans are obligated to carry the torch–any way we are forced to do so–against tyrants who foolishly think they can subdue us.
            God Bless our wonderful Land and empower us to preserve it against Satanic intrusion.

          9. Tim says

            not one muslim voted for the patriot act. They were demonrat and republicrat Amerikans. Not one muslim votes to steal more of your tax money to give to the useless & lazy. Not one coward is demanding that the stealing and lying need to stop. The deep state that controls you as a slave, hates Trump more than they did JFK. Are you aware that a coup happened on Nov. 22 1963 ? Wise up marshmallow. When the socialism fails, the stupid will die. I will shoot them.

          10. marshmil1789 says

            I saw JFK in person 24 hours before he was murdered.
            Some of your post above seems garbled. Are you saying the socialists are the stupid? …it’s not clear what you mean.

        3. John Koempel says

          They are our biggest problems. (The lawyers) All they care about is making money.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Think about this. Doctors win more illness cases getting well than lawyers win disputes in courtrooms.

          2. Tim says

            doctors kill over 250 000 people in Amerika every year thru neglect, mistakes, malpractice. Not to mention the wrong limbs and breast they cut off. The AMA covers for the bad ones. Just like government corruption, people die.

          3. marshmil1789 says

            But consider that in a court case 50 per cent of the lawyers loose. Far less than 50 per cent of doctors loose patients.

          4. Tim says

            these same doctors that kill, maim and ruin people also petition lawmakers to draft laws to control MY motorcycle “rights”. What a bunch of communist & hypocrites. Two lawyers killed a 19 year old girl by driving drunk. They never spent a day in jail. They were pardoned by a “christian” (little c) governor of a Southern state. The laws are enforced by the press and the JUST-US department today. HELL, the FBI can gas & burn 86 people in Waco Texas on LIVE TV and walk away. They lied in court, the propaganda press lied to “We the People” on the nightly news and Bill Clinton and HOMO Janet Reno and FBI director Lousy Louis Freeh still draw a paycheck ? enjoy your Divided Socialist State of Amerika. It won’t last much longer BECAUSE there is a GOD in heaven. Maybe you’ll be one of the 250 000 this year ?

          5. marshmil1789 says

            I am protected from Above. Whatever He wants is OK with me.

          6. Diesel Driver says

            Amen brother.

          7. Diesel Driver says

            Doctor patient relationships are not supposed to be adversarial confrontations either. Courtroom proceedings almost always have at least two lawyers opposing each other. In that sort of situation one has to lose and one side has to win, regardless of the merits of the case. That means that lawyers always lose 50% of cases. In my opinion, courts should not be adversarial either. Their job should be exactly what the department is named for, Justice. To obtain justice, one must know the truth. If the truth is known then the wrong person cannot be sent to jail or let go free. Our current system pretty much ensures that some innocents will be sent to jail and some guilty will go free based purely on which side got the better lawyer and could convince the jury to see it their way. You could say that our system, even though it is supposedly the best in the world, is fatally flawed.

          8. marshmil1789 says

            Diesel I especially like your last two sentences above. It does not always work out that the “right” one wins. A jury can be highly prejudiced so that “stacks the deck” against either the defendant or the one who filed the complaint. Racial prejudice seems now just as prevalent as it was in the early 20th. century–only the “colors” are reversed. I’m told that by law in Spain the loser in a court case has to pay all court costs as well as the judgement regarding the disputed matter. I’ve wondered if that arrangement might cut down on the excessive number of frivolous cases we hear about lately. For me the classic frivolous case involves that stupid woman who drove away from a McDonalds and spilled alleged hot coffee in her crotch. ***My own verdict for that nonsense would be to the woman–If you are old enough to have a driver license you ought to know better than to hold hot coffee in your crotch while driving. She deserved not one cent for any medical bills. Had McDonald’s sold her the coffee at a temperature that would not burn she would have bitched that the coffee is too cold. I vaguely recall McDonalds settled out of court for $165,000. Speaking of “get-rich-quik” that woman knew how to hoodwink a food outlet. Wonder who else she has scammed.

          9. Tim says

            destroying things. Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer. Worst POTUS we ever had. Still suffering from his ignorance. Still enslaving all in Amerika to the abuse of government. Will “we” ever wake up ?

          10. marshmil1789 says

            I disagree with you Jimmy Carter is the worst President the US has ever had. Barack Obama is a fake so was never Constitutionally a President. Lincoln held the nation together. Barack Obama the fraud divided it–big time.

          11. Diesel Driver says

            So you would not have supported Lincoln’s war to prevent the secession of the southern states? Have you ever read section 3 of the constitution of the confederacy? it required any state that joined them to be a slave holding state and they had plans to expand into Mexico and on south to expand their slave state. You should look it up and read it. It’s very enlightening.

          12. Tim says

            so YOU agree with abolitionist stealing weapons to kill plantation owners because of laws they disagree with ? You support BLM, ANTI-FA, panthers, communist and other anarchist of today ? They break the law to correct what they deem unfair. Did you know GOD Himself, enslaved His own children, many times, for many years ? Is He an abomination and sinful like Mr. Wilberforce said ? You have bigger problems than other Amerikans. Most are not stupid enough to fall for that one. I guess Lincoln’s sweet, kind and compassionate yankees kept the UNION of Indian nations together too, by trying to eliminate them from the “face of the Earth”. “a nation of the government, for the lawyers and ON the people shall not perish from the face of the earth”. This was part of the original speech penned at Gettysburg. Lincoln the “man” was a fraud. Go read his speeches. He was a white supremacist. Hitlery Clinton said in the next to last debate, that she and Lincoln were both two faced liars. Go view the first 12 minutes. Only a sane mind would not miss that one. She told the truth ? REALLY ? I think that was the third time in her life she told the truth. Do your parents know who brainwashed you ? Did they pay for it ?

          13. Diesel Driver says

            Wow! If you got that from what I said then you are extrapolating in a totally wrong direction. I have to wonder where you got those flights of fancy because I said NOTHING of the sort. Did you actually read past the first sentence? I said NOTHING about crimes committed by either side. I said NOTHING about my position regarding BLM, Antifa (Anti-fascist), the Panthers, nor communism or socialism, which you didn’t specifically name but I want to be completely clear.
            I also said NOTHING about religion of any kind nor anything about God. I said NOTHING about Lincoln’s morality. I simply asked if you’d read section 3 of the constitution of the confederacy. You didn’t answer.
            Oh and you never did answer my question about whether or not you would have supported Lincoln’s going to war to prevent the slave states from seceding.

      2. Tiger says

        True that but you and I know that “Feelings” are the gift to the Left buzzards who wait and strike their prey at vulnerable times. This won’t end, but then we can be thankful, we see from the disaster in Texas, these people are far from the norm in America. They will remain the outcasts and kooks and misguided they set themselves up to be.

        The more this nonsensical idiocy shows up along with the violence, the riots and the new organizations tearing this country apart, yet showing those of us daily they are not going to inherit this land and Hell will freeze over before we allow them to be in the WH again.

        Even their own lib rags and activists are saying Antif a gift to the Right along with all these rioters.

      3. Charles Girard says

        This BS is what Sal Alinski told Obama to throw into the mix to completely shatter anything important. Most of this crap could be ignored and within a few weeks go away. If we did the right thing Obama, Hillary, Podesta, Comey, Clapper and all those bitches that lied for Obama would be doing time right now.

        1. Fedup says

          That’s part of the problem. It’s not being ignored. They were given what they wanted with the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage and now they keep pushing for more. Where does it stop? The liberals in our governments are screwing these people up mentally but they are too stupid to see it. If you tell a kid it’s ok to think they’re a dog, do you continue to treat them like one after they should have grown out of that stage?

          1. John Koempel says

            It stops when “WE” stop it. Very soon I hope.

          2. Fedup says

            I hope so too.

          3. Pat Hanson says

            You tell them the truth, No, you are not a dog.

        2. marshmil1789 says


        3. Pat Hanson says

          Love that thought! Hopefully, these traitorous, un-American, dividing, evil beings haven^t polluted the citizenry to the point our great nation can not make a comeback. Try to say a prayer each day.

      4. John Koempel says

        If you check their DNA, that will tell you what they are. Nothing more and nothing less. Your DNA does not know what you think you or want to be. There are a lot of dumb people in this world today.

      5. Tim says

        YOU ARE SO OFFENSIVE ! They are identifying as dead today !

        1. Fedup says

          The first amendment gives me the right to offend you. Suck it up buttercup.

          1. Pat Hanson says

            Just remember, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS POLITICALLY CORRECT! It is a Leftist made up pronouncement to make unjustified demands.

          2. Diesel Driver says

            Not just unjustified but unjustifiable, right?

        2. marshmil1789 says

          Correct but vital statistics records require more than “dead” on a Death Certificate. Fedup is “offensive” in YOUR OPINION.

          1. Diesel Driver says

            Put down, body genetically male/female, mental gender unknown.

          2. marshmil1789 says

            That’s technically accurate. Transgender desire is a personality disorder.

    6. ABO says

      Yes indeed, Californication, the land of fruits and nuts.

    7. richard king says

      Don’t forget talking parrots.

    8. drantigmo says

      you forgot those who think the GOP cares about the “little people.” Like you baby….

      1. Tiger says

        Appears they do seen pictures of what is happening in Texas lately? Seen Trump give a million of his own money? Seen Christians working and opening churches and all the good Republicans and others who have been the backbone of the saving of people from the flood waters in Texas? Please notice those being saved are of all colors and races and not thrown overboard. See all the CEO of big companies who are Republican and Christian giving?

        Where are the Hollywood schmucks with their millions? Where are the millions from Zuckerberg the turd? Where are the millions form Obama, Hillary, Soros? Where is the money from the Rappers? Where is the money from anyone on the Left?

        Get your head out of the jackasses ass and face truth. Your party is nothing but bad and evil and hate filled and the world is seeing it daily. You are Antifa, you are BLM and Black Panthers, Nation of Islam and all. Not the Right. It is your party that since the elections have rioted, beaten, perpetrated violence at Trump rallies up to today. Show me the video of the Right rioting, committing acts of violence at a Hillary rally or when Obama inaugurated. There is NONE we are the people of COMMON SENSE AND RESPONSIBILITY AND YOU ARE THE PEOPLE OF RESISTANCE AND HATE.

        1. barbara says

          HRC, Soros et all, all they want is for you to give them $ but not to use their own $.

      2. Tiger says

        I am no baby and I am no little person. I am an accomplished woman, who raised her children on her own, payed for her second college degree, became an officer in the Army and served in two wars and lived all over the world.

        Baby take your pacifier, your titty bear and such it.

    9. AKLady says

      Modern science has demonstrated that XX and XY are no the only genetic sexes in existence.
      Update your biology education.

    10. RC says

      Tiger, if memory serves, what they’re doing is making things a bit difficult to understand. Watching, reading and hearing about all the gender x thing makes my head hurt. I always thought that for instance: we had horses, jackasses and mules. Breed a horse to a jackass and you get a mule. So the jackass is a he. The horse is a she. The mule is an it and can’t produce. Does that mean that this is some other means of birth control in Mexifornia? Seems to me there are a bunch of people running California, excuse me, Mexifornia, who would having a lot of trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. Of course there’s Gov. Moonbeam running the show again. I wonder what he’s smoking now. Perhaps someone who knows more about horses, mules and California jackasses might enlighten me.

      1. Tiger says

        Oh if only your analogy were to be true and the X’s were sterile, but sadly don’t think that will work. The Left has gone off the cliff and there is no turning back. Even their advisors are telling them the lunacy is a gift to the Right.

        1. RC says

          Personally I like boys and girls being different with no in between. I’m in my early 90’s and still like checking out the good looking chicks walking down the street but never thought I’d think the ones 80 or 85 years old would be so good looking. Of course I don’t have to look very far because I’ve got a good looking 91 year old wife. Of course when we cross the border from AZ to CA a guy doesn’t know what he’s looking at. Never understood why Gov. Moonbeam keeps being reelected. We lived there back when he was Gov. the first time and thoroughly messed everything up. I’d think people would learn.

          1. Tiger says

            God Bless you and your wife, wow.

          2. marshmil1789 says

            RC some people never learn. They are blinded by their wants.
            They are the “gimme, gimme, gimme crowd, I got my rights”.

          3. RC says

            Oh you are so right. This gimme, gimme crowd should have to earn those rights just the same as my generation did starting with the depression, then really had to earn our rights starting in December of 1941. Frankly, I’m in great favor of reinstating the draft. All we see now are people wandering out into traffic playing with their cellphones and not having any idea of what’s going on around them. A couple or three years in one of the branches of the military would no doubt give them a little direction in life.

  2. Justin Seine says

    Probably. If it makes no sense it is embraced by California!

  3. Richard Hennessy says

    Those people in California are NUTS!! They continue to ignore nature and nature’s laws. They keep trying to have the reality of their choosing, rather than the reality that exists.

    1. RC says

      Richard Hennessy I really hate to contradict you but it’s not California anymore. It’s Mexifornia. I grew up there during the 1930’s when it was really California and for a boy it was like living in paradise. Fishing, hunting, orange groves all over the place, Beautiful beaches, and of course Old Baldy, Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. I could go on and on about those good days. But alas, they’ve managed to thoroughly destroy what was a true wonderland. Even in the Sierra where after retiring we lived IN the forest, they’re clear cutting to make room for the developers to build more homes and turn beautiful forests into housing tracts so the Illegals can have nice places to live.

      1. Richard Hennessy says

        My comment wasn’t about the California of even 50 years ago. It was about the California of today. It is too bad what the people of that state allowed the liberal politicians to do to it, but it is what it is.

        1. RC says

          OK. I get a bit carried away because I grew up in a place that was really California. At that time it was a fantastic place to live. Now it’s just high rise buildings, parking lots, and driving along the old Pacific Coast Highway a person can’t even see the ocean because of private homes with signs saying no access to the beach. Put with that the fact that illegal aliens are welcome there and are overrunning the state, it just isn’t a nice place anymore. I enjoyed the years I worked there but I retired 29 years ago, left and have absolutely no desire to return. What’s been done there is a real shame.

      2. barbara says

        that is so sad

  4. Murphmeister says

    What about gender question mark ?

  5. RC says

    Now let me see. Perhaps I don’t understand because gender wise I always thought there were males and females. Now is he, she and it What is an it, something kinda like a mule?

    1. Paul Robinson says

      Your confusion is because gender only should refer to words. Sex is the correct term, and of course there are only 2. Gender is a term made up to confuse the issue . Often times I have read liberals state that sex and gender are no the same thing and gender is a social construct. It is in fact a social construct because there is no such thing.

      1. Garys_opinion says

        Trying to chaqe your sex is like trying to change your race. The only place where that works is in your head.

        1. ABO says

          And in the liberal fantasy world.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Perfect ABO. Thanks.

      2. RC says

        Oh, I’m not one little bit confused. One is either a male, a female or some kind of neuter gender, if it can be called that. For instance, I don’t speak Spanish but understand there’s no neuter gender in that language and that’s the way it should be here. So, as you say, some are trying to confuse the issue. And actually seem to be getting away with it.

      3. marshmil1789 says

        Paul it’s a matter of opinion. “Gender” is a grammatical concept that applies to “inflection” in some languages. “Sex” is correct when one designates “male” or “female”. “It” is a “neither” (neuter) gender designation when NO “sex” is present. One might say about his truck, “She has served me well” when obviously NO sex is present. That is an example of colloquial/dialectic usage. Technically “sex” can NEVER be changed–the cellular chromosome arrangement is either XX female or Xy male. I agree with Gary below. Any “change” is wishful thinking in one’s head. There is a use of the word “gender” when making reference to attraction to others when no actually sex activity is involved. I ran across two words, “homogenderic” and “heterogenderic” which mean attraction to members of one’s own “gender” or to members of the “other” gender. “Heterogenderic activity means interest in and attraction to members of the other sex but does not imply any sexual activity going on. “Homogenderic” activity refers to liking and enjoyment of the company of members of one’s same sex but does not include sexual activity. “Bromance” is an example so I understand; two guys can enjoy each others’ company but that does not mean they are sex partners or “gay”.
        So much for the word study. Kinda boring.

  6. roboteq says

    Why not just eliminate the gender specification altogether? If it doesn’t matter if you identify as male of female, there is no need for a gender designation.

  7. Daniel Graves says

    How did California become so different? People are leaving by the thousands and soon they will be in financial trouble more than they are now. These irresponsible decisions will lead to their destruction.
    They have a great place to live but who wants to put up with this craziness.

    1. barbara says

      they are out in the sun much to long heat stroke fries their brains

    2. Paul Robinson says

      Well on the bright side at least when the Mexicans entirely dominate the state this kind of nonsense won’t be tolerated.

      1. bttrap says

        are you sure?

    3. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      I live in California, can’t move, too old!

      1. bttrap says

        I live in ill. and I have the same problem

  8. Agostino says

    I wonder if anyone in the CA legislature has considered the fact that driver licenses are used by the TSA when one wants to board an airplane. The same may be coming to trains. Even with a photo, an i.d. is no good without specifying gender. And sure as hell a passport without gender– I’m thinking ahead to the ultimate federal demand– will be unacceptable.

  9. Tim Hoeflich says

    This whole thing is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! And yet to add to the current liberal lunacy they pick x as the designated letter for non-genders or transgenders. Well I remember back in school x=male and y=female! They couldn’t even pick another letter? Are they being purposely obtuse and confusing or just really not all that intelligent!

    1. marshmil1789 says

      Tim XX is female, Xy is male. The “y” makes the difference.
      Ha…just recalled that song “Y mca” in the early 70’s. Don’t remember
      the name of the group.

  10. Jack Smith says

    The good thing is when smart policemen see gender X they will write the highest possible fine.

    1. tomsfordcars says

      You are correct. “YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID” but you can cuff it!

  11. underthewire says

    WOW……….gender X……….what happened to the other letters in the alphabet? That must have been a tough decision . How many ballots did they cast? Were illegals allowed to chime in? Did the local E mon have a say? And by the way wasn’t the letter X allowed when one couldn’t spell and needed to sign something? X marks the spot! Brilliant!

    1. marshmil1789 says

      “X” without the “Y” chromosome identifies a “female”. So are we about to use a biological designation for gender/sex? I turned out to be an “XY” which designates “male”. I’m satisfied with that and have no desire to change to an “XX” which is female biologically. Are “transgenders” aware that they will always retain the biological designation they received at conception? No amount of bodyshop work to change the outward curves will change the basic designation. Lead is not aluminum. Iron is not titanium. Silver is not copper. We can paint over these and make them look like something else but they remain the same. Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner in spite of body work and a paint job. The original assembly line version looked much better–as a case in point.

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        That was really well put!

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Jeffrey I am occasionally led to slam stupidity. I’m formally a student of undergraduate Zoology and Chemistry and graduate level Psychology. Historically there have been some who have tried to change base metals to gold. That’s fine but so far nobody has been successful. Today we have charlatans getting involved in attempted gender changes–for money. To each her/his own.

          1. jmortensen says

            Get Rumpelstilskin he can spin straw into Gold .. see what he can do with gender changes .. but it will cost .. your Soul !

          2. marshmil1789 says

            Ha. Very good jmortensen.

    2. richard king says

      And, how do we keep the ones born male out of the ladies room? Obama spent half of his twisted presidency fussing about that. You are what your birth certificate says you are.

  12. jim_wright says

    The third choice should be “IT”. That would be much more fitting, He, She, or It.

    1. richard king says

      Again, the “it” population should use what restroom? I don’t know, but it must be scary for women to see some man prowling around the ladies room. We can give them catheters along with their food stamps, I guess.

      1. American John says

        They would need to give you a rubber Johnson to suck on.

  13. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    This is why you never pick up anybody hitch hiking near asylums.

  14. Robert says

    That to me is crazy.
    Not only are they feeding there fantasy world, they are making it harder on police. Are they looking for a man or woman. ? Are the dressed as man or women.? Wig.? Fake beard???

  15. Paul Robinson says

    Every morning I wake up and it feels as if I entered the Twilight Zone. I remember a time when all this LGBTQ nonsense would have been regarded as absurd. In that more sane time, a person suggesting that it would ever come to this would be accused of an over active imagination.

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      Kind of like George Orwell! People thought he was a bit crazy for seeing the future, well…….guess what!

      1. Paul Robinson says

        Even he wouldn’t believe this! Nobody could make something like the world we live in now up. It is beyond imagination.

  16. Donald Lindsey says

    That is B.S. by a bunch of psychopath, if you have/had a penise you are male if not you are female period.

  17. Garys_opinion says

    Why not? The entire state has gone bat sh*t crazy.

    1. barbara says

      you definitely called it you are so right NUTS

    2. marshmil1789 says

      What is it about the West Coast, California in particular, that attracts people like this? Please lay aside all jokes and come up with, if possible,
      a logical explanation or justification. With all the threats of earthquake activity in the vicinity you’d think everyone would be moving East.

      1. Garys_opinion says

        I think it’s because the climate is nice, it draws a lot of homeless who like that, the Democrats started to pander to them for votes, giving them more which in turn draws more homeless. They are in a cycle that they can’t get out of and much of their tax money that should go to improvements goes to social programs. Now the Communists have taken hold of a big portion of the state, and people like Jerry Brown, Maxine waters and Nancy Pelosi are fixed there like they were set in concrete. Eventually the Communists will go after them also, that’s what they do because Communism is more about taking power than anything else.

  18. Hunter says

    When a cop see the X its game on snow flake

  19. jyychem says

    THere’s a reason that California is called the “Land of Fruits and Nuts.”

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      Where do you live? Where ever it is, you probably think it’s perfect! I have news, it’s not!

    2. RC says

      Ever been to Frisco? A visit to that place turns a normal person’s stomach with all the homos running around.

  20. Todd Goins says

    There comes a point where something has to end. Adding a Gender “X” is just incorrect. Yes the state of California like Oregon wants to say it was for those who are “Intersex” born whose percentage is so small its barely countable. Most identify with a specific gender before school age and especially before driving age who are Intersex born. This has nothing to do with Intersex and entirely everything to do with the “FAD” of Transgender. If we allow those who are Transgender to now register as Gender “X” why have anything on an ID card such as your drivers license other then your Name? There isn’t no need to Race, height, weight, etc. Because as the comment said WHAT IF I FEEL LIKE A TALL PERSON INSIDE. AM I ALLOWED TO LIST MYSELF AT 6’6 when in fact I’m only 5’6? Something has to stop and cease and its time to do so regarding Gender. Its Male or Female.

  21. barbara says

    what do you expect from California

  22. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    A “Male” is a male, and a “Female” is a female! If an individual is somehow confused by this, they need to seek mental help. If the law makers here in California (or anywhere else for that matter), are in doubt about the laws of nature, they also need to seek serious help! We the People who reside in California are already aware that the ENTIRE state government is greatly in need of help regarding their thought patterns, they are the laughing stock of the rest of our country, and I implore them to, see the light!

    1. tomsfordcars says

      You are what your Birth Certificate states. If you still cannot figure it out or can’t read here is a sure way to solve this problem Stand facing a full length mirror and drop your pants. Observe what is or is not present between your legs. If you still are confused then I suggest you get some serious help immediately!

  23. Jmanjo says

    Why don’t they go ahead and put a box on the license for dumb ass , they have a lot of them out there and I’m sure the California Highway Patrol could readily identify them. Mainly since they are all liberal. What a stupid frigging idea. This is what the California state officials are dreaming up for laws. The whole state has gone bonkers. Nobody should go there, you might catch some affliction and no telling what gender you would be then!!

  24. SylviasDaddy says

    Way back in the 1960s, I began to notice that almost all cockamamie news stories were datelined either England or California.
    California — The Granola State: Full of fruits, nuts, and flakes!

  25. bj veteran says

    God forbid that a person commits a crime there and Five million arrest are made because the cops were told to be on the look out for X. Now, how do they process all those X.s? It use to be that the fads started in CA spread around the rest of the country. I pray this is not one of those times. It must be truly sad to not know who or what you are.

    1. marshmil1789 says

      And roughly half will look like men and the other half will look like women.
      I think their NAMES will clarify. Bottom line though–they are all fakes spelled with an “L” after the f.

  26. James Andrews says

    California is one seriously screwed up state.

  27. Richard Oswald says

    California a land of fruits & nuts….

  28. Annie says

    And the lunacy just continues in this country!! We better stop all this politically-correct nonsense now! This country has more than enough problems than to worry about a person’s gender…YOU’RE EITHER MALE OR FEMALE AND THAT’S IT!!!

    1. barbara says

      Hi Annie, I think California will end of with 50 different kinds of gender classes just take your pick

      1. Susan K. says

        I think the number is closer to 15.

  29. Walt says

    Can’t wait for this LOONY TOON state to “secede” from the country and go their separate way.

  30. markypolo says

    This is the problem with idiots and morons (democrats) voting to elect more idiots and morons
    ( democrats), to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.
    How did humans get so fukking stupid?

  31. Babsan says

    X?How about Alien or terrestrial?Californians are now a “non human” occupied Communist state

  32. UpstateNY says

    And who do the police call when a strip search is in order?

    1. bttrap says

      obamba he likes doing that

      1. Kadow3490 says

        Right on ! You beat me to it .

        1. bttrap says

          sorry but great minds think the same

  33. Oldawg70 says

    California is governed by Queer Logic…

    1. marshmil1789 says

      THAT is a perfect assessment Oldwag70. Nice going. Thanks.

  34. Kadow3490 says

    I refuse to be sick minded to make us believe something that isn’t true or wrong . If uncertain check between your legs for accuracy, if still confused seek mental health.

  35. Joe Toy says

    And Governor Moonbeam already has his pen in hand to click the box marked ‘OK’. Filling out a recent medical info sheet I wasn’t asked if I was male or female. The paper read “Sex at birth” and then had the two options. Yes, Bay Care, I was impressed.

  36. Jim Johnson says

    “Our society is becoming more enlightened every day about gender identity”? More like being inundated with it.

  37. Larry Brule says


  38. My country says

    Enlightened isn’t the word that describes and entire group of embeciles.They are way past just being mentally ill .If the mass deportations don’t take place the legal citizens will never get control back of their state . They have fallen into a society of perverts and braindead people . Where is the mental health doctors ? And why are they condoning such sick decisions ? It appears that entire state is doomed .Not sure how many no sex people they have ! Gee ! Put the wall around that entire place all the way to Canada !

  39. jmortensen says

    Insanity starts here in Kalifornia .. we will be lucky if Trump doesn’t decide to kick us out of the united States.. sad to see our once Great State destroyed by moonbeam and his ilk !

  40. sbeer101 says

    It’s California, what do you expect? If it’s stupid and bound to cause problems they are going to approve it.

  41. Sgt. York says

    Nothing new here as Kalifornicate has always been known as the Nut and Fruit State and this just goes to absolutely prove it. There is NO third Gender only in the minds of the communists in Kalifornicate

  42. Rodzzz says

    So what does an X mate with?

    1. Alan Miles says

      That is their problem.. Why do you ask ???
      Do you not know your preference ??

      1. Rodzzz says

        I certainly do. I love real conservative women. They are the real thing.

  43. Alan Miles says

    I really do not care what sexual distinction is on your drivers licence..
    As long as it is a legally issued licence and you can drive….
    As long as it is in your proper name and address…
    OK ??? :-)))

    1. Susan K. says

      Yes, absolutely! I cannot believe people are getting their panties in a wad over something like this.

      1. Alan Miles says

        I am almost being driven to despair with idiotic people that think they know
        all the answers to our problems .

  44. Laugh says

    Male, Female, IT

  45. MIKE6080 says

    in the land of fruits and nuts does the x include both of them ?

  46. Susan K. says

    We have a new terrorist group (antifa) who is openly trying to suppress free speech through violence, who are aided and abetted by a complicit MSM, and pretty much left alone by do-nothing police, and conservatives are worried about transgendered people having an X on their driver’s license? Really?

  47. desert fox says

    No matter if you are a male and have a transsexual operation or a female who has a sex change which is commonly referred to as an addadictomy your DNA remains the same as you were born male or female….so at birth now how do they determine if you are an X baby?

    1. Susan K. says

      We can worry about that when they start issuing driver’s licenses to babies.

  48. George Adornato says

    We shouldn’t worry about California and it’s sick law, their next earthquake will separate them from the rest of this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS.

  49. NashvilleTiger says


  50. John Myers says

    What happened to the MFQ?

  51. Herb1949 says

    The reason for gender on a DL is to help with identification. How will this help identify the person?

    Just do away with the gender designation altogether.

    1. Morton99 says

      Good point. Equality for all

  52. HIMProductions says





  53. ZACAL says

    California should list those kind as “taints” which means, taint man taint woman. It’s a taint.

  54. Morton99 says

    I think that is a sort of interim stage. Most transgenders want to actually become the opposite gender. The fact that they cannot naturally procreate makes them no different from many ordinary people who may be infertile.

  55. Charles Girard says

    I live in California and pay the highest tax rates of any State, supporting every low life, maggot and illegal that won’t work there is. So no i am not surprise at anything they do in this God forsaken State. I ‘ve lived here so long i remember when California used to lead by example but that was before every Liberal on the planet moved in and changed this State to a toilet hole for politicians to piss in. Do i sound bitter hell yes i am. The way this State is governed now if you just do the opposite of what Jerry Brown does you’ll be the most successful Governor in the country. Giving illegals a drivers license and not checking them for insurance is F—ing insane.

    1. Susan K. says

      I have lived here for 25 years. At one time, long before I came here, California had the best public schools in the country. That was before it became hopelessly polluted with liberals.

  56. EC Lewis says

    The kindest thing to happen to America would be for California to slide into the ocean and float away. Whether it’s been the “weed” and drugs over the years or the people in California being greedy, immature, and ignorant, or all three, California is no longer relevant in American society. The tyranny of minorities in the liberal way is supposed to dominate the majority. Screw the minorities, their false message, and the sickening narcissism they subscribe to.

    1. Susan K. says

      This may come as a shock to you, but if you support the war on drugs (big government at its worst), then you are part of the problem, just as much so as the liberals.

      1. EC Lewis says

        This may come as a shock to you, but I didn’t say anything about a “war on drugs” but was quite plainly disparaging the bad choices the people of California appear to make repeatedly. California has led the way in drugs, Hollywood bad behavior especially in a lack of morals, pollution, well, geez honey. Other than citrus fruit and climate California is crap.

        1. Susan K. says

          I thought that your comment on the “weed” was a reference to recreational cannabis being legalized in California – one of the very few good things to come out of the last election considering that the prohibition of cannabis has been based on nothing but lies from the get-go. If I misinterpreted your comment, I apologize.

          1. EC Lewis says

            No problem. I’m just tired of California right now. LOLOL

  57. Paul Otts says

    When, please tell me when Calli will fall into the ocean!

  58. drdavis says

    Well California is a Sodom and Gomorrah and should heed to what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe at this point CA is beyond the point of no return. I have been in CA maybe 6 times in my life time and that was for training for the company I worked for. I liked San Diego as for the rest of CA not much of a fan. People in San Francisco that I seen and met were just plain weired. Guy walking down the streets with hardly anything on swinging their hips like women. Mercy and the women were about as bad. This was back in the mid to late 80’s and mid 90’s. Different clang of people for sure.

  59. CUZIN ERN says

    If OREGONO can do it, so can PORNOcaliporno do it two/too!

  60. Gloria Baxter says

    This is stupid and should be recognized as rediculous causing confusion. We have enough chaos in this USA world do not need to adjust our laws to cause more goofy chaos on purpose.

  61. drantigmo says

    The only “X” you’ll be seeing is the one over top your name when you hit the prison cell next to your “fearless” leader…you know: mr con-man, swindler… donald dump.

  62. DaveM says

    there IS NO fender x biologically! More BS FROM THE LIBERALS…THE WAR IS COMING SODOMITES!

    1. Susan K. says

      Why are you overreacting to something that will have zero impact on your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

  63. Darius the Mede says

    Typical for californians.

  64. ltcdrbac says

    How about putting on gender CONFUSED (C)

    1. Susan K. says

      Not bad.

  65. harold says

    One word will say it all. SICK!

  66. AKLady says

    Gender is a social construct.
    Sex is genetic.
    Modern science has demonstrated that XX and XY are no the only genetic sexes in existence,
    Educate yourself, people.
    Your ignorance embarrasses America.

  67. Paul Anderson says

    The Social Democrat creates a theory, to prove something that doesn’t exist. Example: The Global Warming theory was created for a purpose: to destroy Capitalism and eliminate God. Evolution also had a simular purpose.
    KJV: ” The fool says in his heart, no God “. A rejection of God, not that God doesn’t exhist…

  68. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I am a resident in California, and I must sat that I am sick to death of the state government, and I could vomit just thinking of these IDIOTS! You ask, ‘Well, why don’t you move to another state’? Gee, you know, I would but I am on the front side of 70 years old, and I am unable to relocate! Anyway, just thought I would let the masses know, that California government SUCKS, they are turning a once beautiful state into a third world ****hole, and I think that is pathetic!!!

  69. Alleged-Comment says

    California communist and leftist going on FOOL blown mental-illness on making something that DOES not exist in NATURE a reality. THEIR reality.

    Do you want to live in their make-believe world??? Where a Negro is “president” and a white-guy is not?

    Then GO WEST young X.

  70. Tom xxx says

    Here’s the deal loonies. I am a male regardless of what it says on my drivers license. I never look at my drivers license. If someone needs an X or whatever on their drivers license to make them feel better about themselves they have some serious problems and need some help. Actually all you loonies are insane and a lot of help.

  71. Howard A Milor Jr. says

    There is no gender X there are male and female period!
    I know there are a lot of freaks running around out there but they are not a sex!!

  72. jim jones says

    When is that earthquake supposed to happen, the one that sends California into the sea? It can’t happen fast enough for me.

  73. ReaperHD says

    If only we could cut the pipes to these west coast states and just watch them sink into the Pacific, they’re pretty much the laughing stock of the USA.

  74. John says

    I put no crazy idea passed the loonies in California, Washington and Oregon! One of these days, I hope, they’re going to wake up to all the damage they have done to the society and it’s going to come back on them.
    If this crazy law passes, does this mean that the rest of the country has to acknowledge it and accept it. I’ve been told that many things depend on “political correctness”, but I’m not political, so I don’t think I should have to kowtow to such measures.
    Because sinful perverts want something done, why should the rest of us have to put up with it? It’s time we, the majority, stand against such stupidity!

  75. Frank Hodges says


  76. John Koempel says

    Does the “x” mean FREAK

  77. roboteq says

    If this comes to Pennsylvania, I am definitely going to change my status to X just to mess with the police.

  78. Pat Wick says

    Ok, one has a baby. One names the baby with a name that is non-gender related then dressed in a way hiding all idea of gender etc. Then the child becomes a teen. Hormones start. Child is attracted to another child. How do you suppose that will work out with neither child knowing what true gender the other child is? How will these children have normal healthy relations with another?? What has this idea done to the future??

  79. buster says

    Male or female; you just can’t change the fact…you are either male or female..Once in a while someone is born inter-sexed; but other then that it’s MALE or FEMALE…..

  80. 2001CPT35E says

    Gender XX = Female / Gender XY = Male.

    1. Justin Seine says

      And now, brought to you by the state of California, is Gender XYZ = Neither, Both and/or Other

  81. James Spencer says

    Iff the third gender is the God of the Jews and Christians they might be in trouble!

  82. Justin Seine says
  83. Joe Schooner says

    AVOID!?!?! How about, when someone looks at the license and sees this, it would do JUST THE OPPOSITE!!!!

    Stuck on Stupid….smh

  84. Tim says

    an Evil Empire full of queers & freaks. Emasculated men (cowards). Western Civ dies

  85. Busdriver Bill says

    Wellnow – how about “XYandproudofit!”
    Geeze, will the insane ever get the therapy they need? No, I guess not, they’ll continue to dominate the sociopolitical dialog until it’s a monologue.

  86. John Foster, Sr. says

    It’s just the fulfilling of God’s word. The Bible tells everything that has and is coming upon us in the future. Read it for yourself and pray if you want to make heaven your home when everything comes to an end. God bless and have a God day.

  87. Diesel Driver says

    There’s two genders – XX and XY with the occasional XXY or XYY to screw the owners thereof up. Anyone who is XX or XY but thinks they should be XY or XX respectively needs psychological counseling not surgery. With statistically identical suicide rates, those who profess to be the opposite sex from their body’s at 47% and those who undergo GRS at 46%, surgery is clearly not the solution. Getting to the mental problems and helping the person become well mentally is the solution. The LGBT etc. community will NEVER admit that and will fight tooth and nail to prevent any such real solution from being used. This is proven by the fact that it’s illegal in California for a child psychologist to even suggest there is any other cause of gender dysphoria than being born into the wrong body. Any such law is clearly the act of insane people who desperately need help themselves but will not admit it.

  88. DianePenn says

    Actual genitalia (sex) should be the determinate, not the delusional thought of self gender (brain).

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