Geraldo’s Impotent Outrage Against the 2nd Amendment


The tragic shooting of firearms instructor Charles Vacca has brought understandable outrage from both responsible gun-advocates as well as the usual chorus of loonies on the left. When reports surfaced from the Arizona gun range last week, most people wondered why a 9-year-old girl would be shooting an Uzi. Regardless of laws, the situation that left Vacca dead was a culmination of terrible judgment from both the range and the parents. Predictably, however, many commentators are using this as a chance to forward their anti-gun agenda.

Geraldo Rivera, Fox News’ token liberal, has been at his tearful, faux-rage best this week. You have to give a guy like Rivera credit, though; he’s willing to say things that most liberals prefer to shy away from. It’s unclear whether that makes him especially insane or just refreshingly honest about his true intentions. Either way, you don’t have to accuse Rivera of being anti-Constitutional – he’ll be happy to tell you in his own words. Here are a few choice quotes from Rivera’s Facebook post on the subject:

“Like I always say, the 2nd Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid.”

“Just as it protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children.”

“It is obscene and uncivilized to let a third grader shoot a fully automatic Uzi machine gun. What was she training for, revolution? Invasion? Service in the coming post-apocalyptic social disorder? Stupid, but just another of countless examples of how far into insanity we have let the gun nuts push us.”

Ah, the gun nuts have pushed the country to the point where 9-year-olds are wielding submachine guns. How is that, exactly? What responsible gun owners are coming out in favor of what happened at the Arizona gun range last week? Geraldo’s campaign against the 2nd Amendment is wrongheaded, ignorant, and un-American.

9-year-olds probably shouldn’t drive cars, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have sex, or do any number of things that American adults are trusted to do on a daily basis. Geraldo’s remarks remind me of the weirdos who think e-cigarette flavors like grape and chocolate are meant to entice kids into using them. No, adults enjoy those flavors as well.

Make no mistake about it, the libs are going to jump all over this story. But the fact remains that it is the gun range’s negligence that led to their employee being shot. The right to bear arms comes with certain responsibilities, many of which can be found no further than your own common sense. I don’t understand why the left always begs the federal government to take away our rights every time something bad happens. I shudder to think what America would look like if it were up to people like Rivera.

  1. WhiteFalcon says

    Charles Vacca should have well known that Uzies ALWAYS rise up when fired full automatic. That is a tendancy of all such weapons. He should not have loaded more than three or four rounds in the magazine if he felt compelled to let that girl shoot that thing at all. We all make mistakes. I hope that this one will make others use a lot more good common sense in what they do with firearms. Not onl is he dead but that little girl will have to live with that the rest of her life.

    1. william couch says

      Yes, I agree 3 rds max.

    2. Grover Syck says

      Charles was an idiot.
      He got what he deserved.
      No one under 16 should be allowed to touch any gun.

      1. Valor says

        Wrong on the age. I have been shooting since age 6. Properly instructed, never had a mishap.

        1. ssoldie says

          Definitive word’s “properly instructed”. very good.

          1. Valor says

            Thank you.

        2. Jim Miller says

          I grew up with guns in Israel, TWICE guns saved the lives of my Dad and one uncle; the key of the whole-thing is good parenting and GUN EDUCATION, even the Russians have Gun Education in their schools but, here in America Libs gun lobby think that is criminal, anybody who opposes the 2nd Amentment should be left out without any gun protection that includes Geraldo Rivera, he is using this Uzi incident as a self-serving purpose.

          1. flbobcat says

            I was taught hunter safety in the boy scouts in the early 50’s, I was twelve at the time.

          2. Jeanne Stotler says

            I learned to shoot when I was 12, it’s guns in the hands of those NOT TAUGHT how to handle or store a gun that’s the problem, Gun safety.

          3. rodermck says

            His first amendment right I don’t care why do you he is not going to get any laws changed !!.. The rabbit and vitriolic posts of some gun owners are far worse than him!!.. Cheers!!..

          4. omegaman says

            redermck — What’s even worse are illiterate posters such as you. Get an education, why don’t you.

        3. Dandetailer says

          at age 5 I started shooting as uncle sold hand guns and rifles at 17 made marks man in the military so I would have to say its all in who and how you are taught to handle the weapons

          1. Valor says

            Exactly! People like Grover are stuck on a one size, or age fits all. I have know 12 year olds going on 50 that have their ducks in a row. Then you get someone like Geraldo who I wouldn’t trust with a dinner fork.

          2. rodermck says

            wouldn’t trust you either your stuck on Geraldo and not believing in his first amendment rights and fearful of him for no reason the government makes laws not him . He will not read this so very foolish for a page of posts that go nowhere !!.. Cheers!!..

          3. omegaman says

            Really, rodermck — get an education why don’t you?

        4. sparksnavy says

          Right on –Valor–please read my comment to Valor just above yours “sparksnavy”

          1. Valor says

            Can’t find it!!

      2. Had Enough says

        No one deserves to die!!!! He made a horrible mistake and paid for it with his life. I do hope the little girl will be able to get past this and have a good life.

      3. Smee says

        I’ve been around guns since age 6. My first was a little Springfield single shot bolt action 22 cal. My rifles and handguns have never shot anything they weren’t supposed to, even the M-14 the Army let me use. I think no one should ever fire a weapon until they have been through a good course on firearms with parents or instructors.

      4. joe says

        16 come on they should be trained in gun safety long before that it would eliminate a lot of accidents

      5. Charlotte Green says

        My grandson has known the proper use of guns since he was 3. He does have the luxury of growing up with access to a gun shop and gun range. You can stop him at any time and drill him on gun procedure, He’ll tell you all about it.

      6. Mark Clemens says

        That’s bull. I’ve been shooting guns (.22) since I was 8. I actually BOUGHT my first gun when I was 13 from Western Auto. Savage 12 gauge for $35+tax. It’s all about responsibility.
        Here are some rules of thumb….
        1. Never point the gun in the direction of people
        2. Never shoot unless you have a target
        3. Never point a gun at someone, even if you think it’s UNLOADED (Unloaded guns kill people also)
        4. Keep guns locked up unless a need arises.
        (When sleeping one unlocked gun is good)
        EDUCATION instead of LEGISLATION:
        If people are taught in school about proper firearms handling, there would be far less accidental shootings. Guns are like knowledge, you can use them for good deeds, or bad deeds…….
        The choice is up to the one in possession of the knowledge or the gun…….

        1. ssoldie says

          All my children knew these rules 1 thru 4 in our home, because my husband taught them. including when sleeping, as he was wanting to protect his family.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Two things every American needs to know how to use, are their Bibles and Guns. Neither are taught in Public Schools……..

          2. rodermck says

            Where are you living in a war zone a high crime area ??.. Time to move !!..Cheers!!..

          3. Jim Miller says

            if you foot the bill I will move

        2. Dandetailer says

          I was in the scouts and at the age of I think 9 the NRA came to the school in the evenings and would give us all firearm safety If we past the test then we were offered free in the field shooting classes we had to take papers home to be signed by both parents before we could do any of this. And there were never any problems no one brought a gun to school each and every one took pride in knowing how to safely handle a fire arm no bragging or showing off and we policed each other as it should be today but is not

          1. sparksnavy says

            Very good, was in the Scouts but we never saw the NRA at the time for anything–even though many of us were instructed by one parent or the other for gun safety etc. I’m from West Virginia–full of history!
            Had no gun accidents or any mishaps of any kind–education is the key along with respect and the fact that : “the gun is always loaded” even if told otherwise–always check and check again!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            The Boy Scouts is another good organization that got watered down by gay liberals.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            In my High School years (11-12) I use to hunt. Would be up & at ’em from 5:30-6am. I didn’t have time to go back home. Me and at least a dozen students had guns locked up in our trucks, displayed in the rear window gun rack. No school shootings for 25Yrs after my time…….

          4. Dandetailer says

            Hi Mark that is just a bought the way it was for me was raised on 360 akers and I did not know any body that didn’t have at least 2 riffles in the back window of there pickup man those were the days . We worked all summer cutting and bailing hay fished and swam in the creek all night

        3. sparksnavy says

          It is me again–right on —and the reason our Government wants our guns is for Control, Control, Control–no guns, no control–if the government fears the people it should–we pose no threat to our government–but when one in political office is threatening our 2nd. Amendment rights–that person cannot be trusted with any office or any gun period!
          They are not trustworthy in anything–their thinking is twisted just like that little mind they possess!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Look what the Japs did to China, in late 1930’s after the government asked the people to turn in their personal firearms. Look what the Chinese do to unarmed protesters today. Look what the Nazis did after disarming the Jews & German people. Look what the colonists did to the Crown, because they HAD guns…. I say fuck the government and keep your guns!

        4. rodermck says

          When is your arrogant ass going to quit trying to control this page your in the quire so why are you preaching to the quire???,, Cheers!!..

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Some of us are born to lead, some are born to follow……..
            Also I’m a firm believer in gun ownership, so why should I not express my opinions? I do still have my free speech civil liberties, just like you.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Are you an alcoholic? I noticed you end all your posts w/Cheers.

      7. Landshark says

        Charles got careless. Learn from this tragedy. Not capitolize on it as the Dumbocommiecraps are. I taught my sons to handle and respect weapons when they were five and six. They are now in their forties. Their children are also gun smart. Teach your children well and accidents may be avoided. Ban firearms and we are doomed to the whim of brutish bullies with guns.

        1. rodermck says

          When is the last time you needed one for your well regulated Militia??.. Cheers!!..

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Tennessee might need it. Georgia wants to steal our water out of Nickajack Lake. They claim the border was not surveyed correct in 1799. I’m armed and ready, well regulated actually. ……

          2. Landshark says

            RIGHT EFFING NOW! you dummy. Read and learn from history. If you do not see the parallels in this day, you are 1) A Communist dupe; 2) An ignorant dupe; 3) A Communist troll. I have exercised my Article II rights on several occasions to protect myself and others. Thankfully I have not had the need to shoot anyone. But, I would, and you should, rather have a firearm and not need it than need one and not have it.

      8. sparksnavy says

        I disagree–based on my own experience–my Dad bought me a B B gun when I was 6 yrs. old–with INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE IT AND DO NOT POINT AT PEOPLE ETC.!
        We made paper targets and I even killed a snake with it, a copperhead–I grew up and lived in the state of West Virginia ! Yep, I am educated and wear a pair shoes–some people even today do not realize that my state is a separate state that was a part of Virginia before the Civil War! We became a state in 1863 in the middle of the Civil War!
        Lots of ignorance out there–our education system is abysmal and on purpose!

        1. rodermck says

          Virginia is one of the worst when are you leaving ??. You know nothing about education!!.. I Study education quality varies by state cities and school districts!!.. Cheers!!!

      9. rodermck says

        That’s not the law if you don’t like have it changed instead of taking a kneejerk reaction!!.. Cheers!!..

      10. omegaman says

        Nobody deserves what happened to him, except maybe, the real badguys. You know who they are.

    3. mldld says

      We all learn (that is some of us common sense people) by the mistake of others. That should be the circle of life.

  2. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

    geraldo is stupid and everyone knows you can’t fix stupid!!

    1. Mary Ann says

      He always has something to say doesn’t he? I think Geraldo is a liberal baboon who should just keep his mouth shut!

    2. Poodleguy says

      Geraldo’s problem is the fact he doesn’t know how to “think”, he just “feels”. As for me, it angers me when anyone assaults our Constitution!!

      1. rodermck says

        You hold a copy write on how to think or you use it when others disagree with you!!.,

        1. Poodleguy says

          The word is “copyright”. Your post reveals you couldn’t understand my point. Read it again & this time, take your time & you just may comprehend…:

        2. Poodleguy says

          I read a bunch of your posts….you need to seek professional help, anger management & a spell check @ hand…..basically, you have lost touch with reality! You apparently are in opposition with our Constitution & the Amendments to it, known as the Bill of Rights! You don’t have to possess a firearm, but BY GOD, we have the right & no ignorant son of a bi itch is going to deprive us of that right, GET IT??? You haven’t the sense to pour piss out of a boot!!!

          1. Kenneth Clark says

            shhhhhhh, don’t tell ’em, but they have to figure out how to get piss in the boot first. That ought to be fun 🙂

          2. Deborah Busby says

            I wouldn’t give this person the time of day. A horse is smarter than rodermck. CHEERS!!

          3. Poodleguy says

            Thanks Deb. I just can’t resist the urge to rip an ignorant liberal!! Looking @ “it’s” avatar, I can’t determine if it is male or female…..

    3. marla1 says

      Let him go back to Mexico or where ever he came from since he changed his name to be untraceable!! The rules of this country have made America great until this muslim cancer and his ass kissing administration to office!! We need to clean out the white house or eliminate it so it won’t be so appealing for leeches and slime to want to be there!!!

    4. Grover Syck says

      Geraldo is at times a little “wacky”, but this time he is right.

      1. David in MA says

        a jerry springer wanna-be?

        1. Kent2012 says

          naw just a sick troller from the huffy puffy posty….loves cwissy “tingle legs” matthole and the dweeb billy mahahole..and all the other cowards that want gun control….

    5. rodermck says

      You just joined him with flying colors!!,,

  3. MikeS says

    There is much blame to share here. Only 2 places do not share blame in this incident…the child and the 2nd amendment. Who saw this incident and how does this affect them? The parents of the child and the shooting range management have some things to think about and discuss.

    1. Grover Syck says

      No, only the child.

  4. RONALD HATT says

    What happened here, is a tragedy, of “poor judgement”, on many sides! Geraldo, is a hopeless Liberal, with no tolerance for anything conservative. “Who cares” what Geraldo thinks? Fox News, is no place for this “newsman wanna be”. He should be on CNN…..MSNBC, or some other Liberal news outlet! [ One “bad check”, shouldn’t cause business people to refuse to accept anybody else’s check]………One bad “gun” accident, shouldn’t effect others from the right to protect themselves, with a gun !

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Next: Liberals will now want to ban Uzi’s…Adding that these guns are nothing more than ugly black 10 inch barreled Assault rifles with a magazine capacity of over 5 rounds…Or as Senator Michael Bennet (D) of Colorado would say…They are “weapons of war”…OMG!

      1. Arnold Young says

        Maybe the libs would feel better if the Uzi’s were made in Pink?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          That could be the name if a heavy metal band…….
          THE PINK UZI’s

          1. sparksnavy says

            I like your creative thinking! lol

        2. elmcqueen3 says

          I have seen some gun manufactures doing just that…Some are now offering firearms in pink and purple colors, etc….Perhaps Geraldo might want to trade in his gun for a pinkie…Remembering old hippies like Rivera luv’d sporting the color pink on their save the world, free sex, legallize drugs and smoke more dope placards!

        3. sparksnavy says

          Arnold Young–
          Or stuffed up their liberal azz–the feel good weapon! lol

      2. Gene Husky says

        The democrats are so out of control and corrupt,it has forced americans to buy more guns and ammo in the history of time.With that brings more accidents.People trying to learn how to defend themselves from a corrupt government.

        1. sparksnavy says

          Right on–Gene–
          I bet you own a “Husky” dog–lol–great dogs too! If you don’t, you don’t know what you are missing in companionship and loyalty!

          1. omegaman says

            sparksnavy — You are completely irrelevant to anything and everything. Moron.

          2. Gene Husky says

            I have owned a Husky.I now have a boxer.Everybody thinks a Marine should have a Bull dog,but they are to hard to keep clean…

        2. elmcqueen3 says

          Interesting comment!

          1. rodermck says

            Foolish and anti US comment!!..cheers!!..

        3. rodermck says

          Why are you here if you think it is corrupt government why are you here ??.. Most of Europe and Asia has tough gun laws. Geraldo his only stating his opinion isn’t he given the right under the first amendment.. You think 2nd gives you right to own gun but that’s for regulated militia.. Where is your regulated militia??.. Cheers!!..

          1. omegaman says

            rodermck — If he told you, it would probably scare the shit out of you. Cheers.

          2. says

            We are here to to change the government into an non-corrupted. Further, we of America do not care about what Europe or Asia does with their laws as their laws are not our laws and we wish not to copy them in how we live. Perhaps if you took the time to read and understand the Federalist Papers, you might understand that the 2nd gives us, you, me, our neighbors, all who are law abiding the right to own and possess the firearms we wish to do so with. It is only the fools who believe what the government says about firearms for their are lying to us all because they fear us with our firearms and walk over us when we do not have our firearms.

      3. sparksnavy says

        Isn’t the human being–a weapon of war? Gotta get rid of them too? And just think these idiots represent the people of his state–God help the people!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          …….As John Rambo once stated
          ” Sir, I’ve always believed the mind is the best weapon”
          That’s why schools are dumbing kids down.

          1. rodermck says

            Who’s dumbing you down????…. Cheers!!!!..

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Since I’ve been reading your comments, my IQ dropped 5 points. By the way who said you were smart?

        2. omegaman says

          Rather dumb and puerile comment, sparksnavy.

      4. Jeanne Stotler says

        The fools are too stupid to realize we are at war, a war against terrorist that are supported by the administration

        1. rodermck says

          Is that why we are hunting them down and doing it for long you read to much of the wrong thing and not every thing!!.. Cheers!!..

          1. Jeanne Stotler says

            Hunting them don, WHERE? Administration has been sending arms to Syria, refuses to take a stand, excuse me, I want people like MacArthur, Patton, Ike, Adm. Nimitz, etc. You don’t arm your enemy, nor invite them to your table. Yes war is He77, I grew up during one, we did a lot for the “War effort” and didn’t complain, they rounded up all German, Italian and French that had come here since WWI, Japanese Americans were interred, while I never thought that was right, those in charge were on top of any thing even slightly smelling of treason. I’D RATHER KNOW WHO AND WHERE MY ENEMIES ARE.

          2. omegaman says

            And your punctuation sucks.

        2. says

          With your permission, might I change your post to: “The fools are too stupid to realize we are at war, a war against terrorists and the administration and supported by the administration.”

          1. Jeanne Stotler says

            You sure may.

    2. Smee says

      He might be a “wannabe”, but he’s really a “has been”!

      1. mldld says

        if only all Iraqis had had a second amendment maybe they would not get butchered ! how about the North Korean, how about all the people in the world who cannot access guns and are loosing everything and their life when their government turns on them a little bit like the liberal in this country who would love to control you entirely. HOORAY SECOND AMENDMENT.
        with your logic you should remove everybody’s car!!!

        1. flbobcat says

          He should go the way of P Morgan

          1. supergun says

            I have never trusted the dude. Especially in a fox hole. He would get out and run like a chicken at the first bullet fired. All talk.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Rodger that

          3. rodermck says

            You don’t have much of a ability to post something worthwhile except parrot someone else!!..

          4. Combatvet52 says

            You have a problem with this very old soldier, guess what keep your opinions about me out of this picture, and go take something to relieve the pain.
            You know nothing about that clown Geraldo, he’s a 14 dollar bill.

          5. john robel says

            That would be AN ABILITY. Speaking of posting.

          6. chamuiel says

            You did not post anything worthwhile. Why do you criticise others of your failures?

          7. Pam Dunn says

            And YOU must be another liberal moron just like Gerald Rivers.

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            TROLL ALERT ! TROLL ALERT !!!

          9. Michael Dennewitz says

            Pssttt.. Did your mother have any kids that lived??

          10. Tejanojack says

            Tell us more!

          11. supergun says

            I like a few points about Geraldo. He isn’t hard core conservative (I tend to be hard core conservative) Remember, he use to lean heavily to the left. He is probably a shade to the right of the middle. But when someone starts to slam the 2nd Amendment, then red flags should start flapping. The 2nd Amendment is probably the most important amendment we have. It protects the other amendments. Once it goes, the rest will tumble.

          12. says

            You sir, are 100% correct it is all to all!

          13. supergun says

            Take your e-mail off the circuit. There are those out there that will hack into your business and give you pure misery.

          14. Jeronimo Dan says

            He’s very much hard core left… needs to be taken out and shot and the Mustache rip off, not man enough to wear it!

          15. supergun says

            I don’t know about that now. That is a little extreme, don’t you think? That is what is great about America. If you want to be stupid (liberals) then you have that right to be stupid without being shot, like they do in the middle east.

          16. denniscerasoli says

            LOL LOL I will say this for Geraldo even as a Liberal he is a man for sure and he can kick butt he is no ones pushover.If you have a bone with him he will bring it to just sayin he’s no punk.

          17. Pam Dunn says

            Gerald is a PUSSY, all bluster and BS and NO GUTS.

          18. Pam Dunn says

            Wrong old Gerald Rivers is ALL left leaning moron, liar and cheat.
            Remember he tried a Brian Williams during Katrina by pushing a first aid guy OFF one end of a stretcher so HE could be seen helping carry it down the steps. Nothing but a grand standing ignorant liberal moron.

          19. supergun says

            I stand corrected.

          20. says

            Amen! Agree with you 1000%! He is a typical layer – all talk, all the time, all about nohthing!

          21. rodermck says

            What makes you a patriot more than other Americas you are one sick bastard!!.. Cheers!!!..

          22. Helen says

            If you have an opinion state it. Otherwise just stop being such a nincompoop!!!Everyone has the RIGHT to name themselves as they please. I do not see anything of note in your username. Maybe you would like to use what I think would be very appropriate for you as I sttated above.

          23. Michael Dennewitz says

            You’re only entertaining the jerk Helen!

          24. PatriotsPixie says

            Oh, I see who you are TROLL. Not worth answering anymore – – so I hope no one does. Trolls are such an unneeded waste of space!

          25. Robert Myles says

            A wonderful intellectual post by yet another liberal destroyed mind. You have no clue what Service and Sacrifice a Soldier or any other member or former member of the Armed Forces goes thru both in the service and then the Aftermath from ignorant people like you. Nam Vet 70-71

          26. Michael Dennewitz says

            Thank you Robert. I too, but I was on an LPH unloading equipment that we later left mired in the gook’s muddy rice fields. Thanks for your service sir. .. Michael (FTG3 back then).. Praise God and pass the ammo!!

          27. chamuiel says

            why are you an infantile name caller?

            how old are you/ 10?

            you still have not posted anything worthwhile.
            you don’t even try.

          28. Pam Dunn says

            Says it all about YOU rodermck: you are one sick bastard!

          29. supergun says

            Thanks Patriot.

          30. tubesaft says

            Fox needs him as it only takes one of him for getting fair and balanced.

          31. supergun says

            He is not all bad. Just misled in some areas on being an America. Some people have forgotten how to be an American in this Country.

          32. rodermck says

            Spam!!.. This is about gun control your off topic you and others like you should find another hobby your not suited to this one!!.. Cheers!!..

          33. chamuiel says

            and your infantile name calling is not off the subject? really?

            once again, why do you blame others for your own failures?

          34. Pam Dunn says

            Yes your ignorant postings are ALL spam and trash. You should go BACK to playing with your teeny tiny self.

        2. Lee Birkhead says

          Add kitchen knives and of course baseball bats to that removal list.
          Some where between 9,000 to 10,000 deaths annually is the average for guns. Death inflicted by other means is about 3500. That does not include auto accidents which averages about 35,000 per year. You’re right, take cars off the road.

          1. rrecroc says

            “Medical Care” is the 3rd leading cause of death ……. and usually the perpetrators get away with it ….. anybody who has worked for a hospital knows the “Prime Directive” is “Cover-Up”. So much for the “Hippocratic Oath”. Why does no one want to put brakes on doctors ? Cars kill huge numbers of people ….. why do I hear no outrage against bad drivers and cars ? BECAUSE, liberals do not think you NEED guns ……… you do not need to protect yourself against the amoral trash this culture has produced or the govt that has created such people.

          2. Wayne Cook says

            Yup…I know from personal expeience. My wife died in a hospital from an airborned bacteria FROM THE HOSPITAL

          3. LastGasp says

            My father did, too.

          4. omegaman says

            I went to the hospital for a hernia repair. Was discharged with a case of the shingles which I caught there.

          5. ihatelibs says

            So . YOURE the one who took that name , that I tried to get . AWWW RATZ 🙁

          6. Robert Myles says

            You cannot ‘Catch Shingles’ it is a virus that is inside you if you had Chicken Pox as a child just as I did

          7. RONALD HATT says

            Unfortunately, many politicians, “ARE” A-Moral trash!

          8. Ronald Gunn says

            WHAT DO YOU MEAN “many” politicians are A-Moral trash, try ALL politicians are A-Moral trash including that piece of trash in the white house.

          9. RONALD HATT says

            “FRAID”, I’M GOING TO HAVE TO “AGREE” WITH YOU!………..:O{

            Ronald Hatt

          10. rodermck says

            Join the others in the A- moral Trash you fit in 100 also this is spam this is not the topic!!,,

          11. chamuiel says


            so when are you going to post something worthwhile?

            we are waiting.

          12. Cartius says

            My mom was killed by Dr. Negligence. He’s such a nice guy.

          13. says

            You see, you all are buying into the reason for gun control offered up by those wanting to impose limits, as in zero, realltive to guns while in fact, deaths, by mass killings or any other means involving firearms has NOTHING to do with the reasons the government wants gun control. In fact, the leftist of our government, aka, the Democrats, aka, the Communists, want gun control as a step toward zero guns in America. Obama, the Kenyan has recently clearly stated he wants to adopt the Australian governments complete and total ban of firearms, even though the Prime Minister of Australia issued an open letter to Obama, the congress of the U.S. and all American citizens clearly stating without any reservation that this law was a mistake, a huge mistake and should never be considered by the U.S. Anyone can easily build a firearm any where be it their basement, their garage, their study, their kitchen or any place they want to.

            But the real truth is this: there are those people in all societies intent upon killing be it one person or many and regardless of what is not available, there are many other means available that can be used to accomplish what they wish to accomplish and therefore you cannot take from them the means, but must address why they want to commit these acts and address that need within each of them.

            However, in America, the issue is not about killings by citizens of anyone. The main and real issue is the American government in office at this time, in the White House and in Congress and and centered within the Democratic Partyy, all are geared toward, aiming and working toward total and complete control of the people, all of the people all of the time and in taking the power from the people, which in our country is the central point of all power, which we gave some to the states and some to the federal government.

            Obama wants all power to be centralized in the federal government and then giving some to the states, forget the people. IF that ever comes to happen, we the people shall lose all of our rights, freedoms and liberties and all of that is at risk until each and every American understands the truth, the real truth and nothing other than this truth.

            One of th emost important facts that all people in America must remember is this: During World War II, the country of Japan, had full intentions to invade the United States of America mainland. Plans were being drawn up and so forth when it was discovered that in America citizens are allowed to own and to possess firearms and that many of the American homes had firearms stored along with ammunition. Germany at one point also discussed the invasion of America once the European war had been won. Both countries abandoned their plans for invasion of American soil upon the discovery of the firearms possessed by the citizens and kept within their homes. That is a crucial lesson that must never be forgotten by we the people, by the U.S. government as detriment and defensive arm against foreign invasion.

            However, now the foreign invasion we must be concerned with is that of the U.S. government into our homes. The government, the congress, the White House, the Democrats, the communists want our guns for one reason and one reason only and it is the same identical reason that kept Japan and Germany from invading our mainland and it is the same identical reason that keeps our Constitution intact as it is and as it must remain. We must all remember that the Constitution is the strongest defensive weapon we the people have against the government and accept no reasoning for changing of the Constitution. Before Obama leaves office, he will absolutely attempt the destruction of our Constitution and we the people must not, cannot allow allow our Constitution to be changed, the Bill of Rights removed or any other changes made no matter what the government says, no matter what it takes in preventing these changes. There is a move going right now, as we speak for a calling of the Convention of States. DO not buy into the propaganda being spewed to convince us to go along with this Convention of States. IT is being said that this Convention of States is being called to change the Constitution to restrict Obama from doing the things he is doing. All should know and understand attempts to call a Convention of States as pure propaganda as we already have all of the laws needed to restrict Obama. What we do not have is a congress of reputable, responsible, red-blooded Americans to the core that are not corrupted, are not interested in anything except themselves, the power they hold, the power they want and the power they seek for if they were honest, red-blooded Americans interested in the very best for the country and her people, they would not allow Obama to have been President, nor would they allow all he has done. Those people in congress at the time Obama was a senator, at the very least know and understand Obama to be foreign born, not eligible to be president and would have removed him from office a long time ago. Further, when Obama gave his inaugural speech, the congress would have moved immediately to unseat him when he stated “the American people have given us a mandate to fundamentally change America.” Do YOU understand the full meaning of FUNDAMENTALLY changing America? IT means quite simply to throw out all of the values given to us by our forefathers; it means throwing out the current Constitution, it means ending the unalienable rights including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness due all Americans.

            We strongly, very strongly encourage all of your to do some things that would be of utter importance to you, your family and to all Americans. First, go online and search out the Declaration of Independence which is the backbone, the spine of America and also the Constitution of the United States of America.. Copy both of these documents and put them on your computer hard drive as well as printing them out and keeping them at hand. In addition, go online and search out for copy and pasting into your system and keeping at hand, The Federalist Papers which will clearly explain all parts of the Constitution. Or, to save you some time, you may send an email to:, or you may write to:
            Liberty Counsel
            PO Box 540774
            Orlando, Florida 32854
            or call them at (800) 671-1776 and request them send you a copy of the Patriot’s Handbook of American Liberty.

            IF you read the Declaration of Independence very carefully, fully and completely understanding each and every word, while not assuming you know the meanings, your understanding of this document will be hugely enhanced and the very same thing applies to the Constitution.

            There simply is no need for a Convention of States! But if one is called, understand fully the implications of one being opened. How many of you know about Convention of States? The purpose is to overhaul an existing Constitution. Do you believe the current Constitution is in need of overhaul? Understand that overhaul means massive change! It means basically that you throw out the old and create a new Constitution. There is absolutely no doubt hat we need some changes in the way things are done in this country. For an example, I believed and think the majority of Americans believed that when one filed to run for the office of President or for a seat in congress, that there was an organization either congress or within congress responsible for certifying the person was eligible to hold the office they seek. Would it surprise you that there is NOT! No one in this country is responsible for certifying that a person is eligible to hold the office they seek. Further, every person who is a candidate for any national office must provide proof they do meet the requirements. No one in this country has yet received proof, certifiable proof from Obama that he was born in America or American territory! The one and only long form of birth certificate provided by Obama was judged to be a false document and was investigated by the FBI and stated to be an altered document and therefore no proof ever provided other than his statements and those are in conflict with statements he made as a senator that he was not eligible! Moving on, to call a Convention of States today is causing the risk of wholesale changes to our Constitution that no one wants other than the communist within our government that are trying to grab all of the power and put it into their hands and the hands of their party. YOU, NOR I nor any other citizen outside of the federal government wants this change except for the Communists within our country that are working toward overthrow of America. IF this new Convention is called, all it it takes is for someone to make a motion, say to remove the Bill of Rights from the Constitution and another to second the motion. It could be done under the pretense of streamlining the American Constitution with the intent of a later adoption of “more meaningful bill of rights”. WE all know what happens; take it out under the pretense of later rewrite and adoption except “later” never comes and in the meantime, when it is gone, it is gone. Ratification from 38 states for any amendments to pass is required. How many states today are under the control of the left? How many could be persuaded, through various means, to sign off, that is to ratify the amendments? There is a huge risk an extremely huge risk at a Convention of States. Much of what “they” want to do, if legitimate, can be through legislation. It would take nothing except congressional legislation to add to the Election Commission the requirement to certify all candidates for congressional offices as well as the White House and to include a requirement from each candidate of certified proof of eligibility.

            We have proposed a Congressional Reform Act which parts have been pushed but that is the problem in that we are trying to change the police who do the policiing and they are corrupt as can be and wish not to be changed in ways that would limit their corruption. For an example, they vote in their own pay raises. Their pay, once they are sworn in, last forever, or as long as they live although it is legally goes from “pay” to “pension” which is just BS. 100% pay after retirement is something no one in America receives except those in congress. Anyone who goes into congress who is not a millionaire, soon will be. Why should a congressmen or senator be allowed to give a speech and receive funds for doing so? They should not. There is much more but do we need a Convention of States and risk everything in order to achieve these changes we seek or do we unite the people and continue to vote in new people until we can get it done? With the organization the communist have combined with the Democrats, it would take very little to infiltrate the Convention of States and under duress, get the 38 states to ratify a complete wholesale change to the Constitution and therefore we have removed our support for the Convention of States and informed our Governor of said support removal as well as informing our state legislature. We simply cannot risk losing all of the rights of all of the people but we can seek changes through other means part of which would be to try to get he people organized through an email campaign which would work very well. It can all start with those reading this copying it and sending it out to all of their friends via email. Using email, all Americans can mathematically be reached in four days! The first step though and the hardest is getting people to wake up and do something. We fully realize how busy people are and those not paying attention to the political scene in America today have no clue as to what is really going on and how bad it is, nor how close Obama is to a third term! Think about that! Think about what can happen! Think about how we can all get people involved.

            God Bless you all and America!

          14. rrecroc says

            You are correct I believe …… but I can’t help but believe the real problem rests in the hands of the people themselves …………….. Jefferson said the populace had to be educated (something one must do for oneself) and engaged (watching every move they make ……….. looking over their shoulders ………. knowing what is going on within the parties themselves ) ……… Eisenhower warned the american people in 1964 in his “Farewell Address” (Eisenhower was no coward but he waited till he had only 3 days left in his administration before he went on tv ….. he knew these people were evil and would go after him and/or his family) nof what the Military – Industrial Complex would do to their govt (hijack it) if they were not vigilant citizens. Princeton University issued a report a few months ago saying the US is now a oligarchy ………. no longer a republic. 10% of the country controls 85% of the wealth. The coalition of govt and industry/corporations for their self-interests (to hell with the public) is the classic definition of fascism. There is no representational govt in an oligarchy. The corrupt govt cannot be changed from within the system. There is only one solution. I feel that the people abandoned their govt at least from the 50’s ……. trusted them and failed in the simple but important responsibilities of being a citizen. The don’t give a damn attitude of the american people is a would-be-dictators heavenly dream. When americans get some time off, they do not spend it educating themselves or leaning about what is taking place in their govt. Their obsession with entertainment mirrors the Roman empires’ behaviors in its last days.

          15. Hugof224 says

            Right! Put ’em back on the sidewalks… where they belong.

          16. Cartius says

            Don’t forget power tools! I can make a projectile firing weapon out of the “JUNK” I have in my garage. Chemical weapons too! So we have to ban bleach and ammonia, they make a toxic, caustic and explosive gas similar to mustard gas, if you accidentally mix them together. How about lumber? I can make a spear or a club…………………

          17. Wapitiman says

            I don’t know about your figures for gun deaths, but there is 500+ annually in the Chicago ghettos alone!

          18. Merle Dickey says

            Chicago would have that many deaths or more even if there were no guns any where .

          19. Robert Myles says

            Where in Hell do you come up with that idiotic idea? This is Gun related Death’s ONLY

          20. Merle Dickey says

            Expand your mind and control your temper. Or are you from

          21. David in MA says

            Is that bad?
            The gangstas are killing each other off, soon there may be no need for a corrupt police force in Chicago…

          22. Lazy J says

            Those are innocent children murdered by those evil guns. Of course, most of them are not children but late teen gang bangers and drug dealers. One sheriff in Oklahoma said, “if you want to eliminate the criminal element, give them all guns and ammo. They’ll do the job for you.”

          23. Robert Myles says

            The only thing that can be “Evil” about an inanimate object is the intent of the PERSON HOLDING IT!

          24. says

            Isn’t that 500+ DAILY?

          25. omegaman says

            Lee — That’s just a stupid remark, you moron.

          26. Lee Birkhead says

            O-man, explain yourself. What’s stupid about the remark? Do I since your difficulty in communicating. I usually don’t stoop to discussing anything with people who are defensive and start name calling. Besides, I’m better at name calling than u.
            Let’s show some

          27. Merle Dickey says


          28. grunion says

            Claw hammer is America’s number one murder weapon.

        3. randy brown says

          Im betting jerry own a gun or a bodyguard with a gun

          1. Realist4U says

            He’s simply doing his part for his “hispanic amigos” to commit crimes without getting shot. What part of “illegal alien,” doesn’t Jerry get?

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Oh it is probably OK for them to have guns. It makes it hard to rob convenient stores w/o one or kill someone in a gang fight.

          3. MARYSWEET says

            He doesn’t think they’re illegal. He thinks they have every right to cross our border and stay and get healthcare, free schooling, welfare, housing and everything else the government can give them

          4. mldld says

            I agree with you, more than one !

        4. rodermck says

          Logic is something you don’t possess and the others on this page!!.. Maybe they should take it out of your cold bare hands if that you and ones like you should have that happened it would be poetic justice!!.. Cheers!!..

          1. pbob67 says

            You keep talking about ‘spam’… when you are a liberal troll, with a spin of off topic, which you should be an expert of doing, changing topics…. you need to find a different line of work, liberal trolls actually don’t last long…

          2. chamuiel says


            you still have not posted anything worthwhile, and are still acting very immature.

        5. Michael Dennewitz says

          With my last breath I will fight to be a free American and from my cold, dead hands will they take my weapon!

          1. mldld says

            I agree with you. I Have never been as angry as I am right now., This President has got to go,he is everything I despise.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I thought after the OJ thing Geraldo lost his mind and was committed. Haven’t seen or heard from him in years. Why is he working for FOX? I bet guns make old Rupert Merdock nervous. Well lets hope Geraldo don’t melt down again……….

        1. maxx says

          Comrade Geraldo has been “wannabee journalist”, “wannabee tough guy” and has only proven to be a “total liberal nut job”. He is another Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton Hollywood celebrity type who always shows up for another 15 seconds in the spotlight. I also wonder what brain freeze Fox was suffering from when they hired him. I hope they can the commie and bring in a “REAL JOURNALIST” like Cheryl Atkisson. This lady makes Raviera look like what he is “pond scum”.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t know much about him. All I know is in the 70s he found a empty safe that might of belonged to Al Capone. He had a talk show in the 80s, but had several melt downs about OJs Not Guilty Verdict. Did he do some breaking story to get in the Spotlight?

          2. Dandetailer says

            no he is just a Mexican that wandered across the border and was give every thing

          3. Valor says

            Actually, he is from Puerto Rico.

          4. abc__jps says

            yes he is and he made his money here in the good old U S A have you seen his boat and home?

          5. Valor says

            No, but I can imagine.

          6. Dandetailer says

            yes I have and he sold the boat years ago

          7. rosemarienoa says

            He has a new one because I hear him talking about it frequently…..before I change the channel !!

          8. abc__jps says

            did he sell it after he and his family made the trip around the world. Good old Puerto Rico guy who made good in the US

          9. omegaman says

            Probably because he didn’t know it had to be in the water to work.

          10. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

            The skinheads say he is a Jew.

          11. Ludlow Porch says

            He’s a non-practicing Catholic.

          12. yachty says

            He is Jewish…He has spoken at my Synagogue. You Christians assume everyone is a Fcuked up Christian!

          13. grunion says

            You are right! After all, it is media and it is expedient for a media career to be Jewish. Or so it would seem…

          14. David in MA says

            I think his mom was/is.

          15. Ronald Gunn says

            WHO CARES!!

          16. omegaman says

            Ronald –BEST REPLY.

          17. Realist4U says

            “An enemy by any other name, is still an enemy. You can call him Geraldo, Jerry, wh*remonger, ISIS wannabe, or enemy of the US Constitution. All the same.

          18. omegaman says

            Realist — You forgot a$$hole.

          19. Mark Owen says

            Then why don’t he go back there. Another communist sympathizer, thinks Obama is a god! Probably has a closet full of guns and dresses, there’s something strange about this guy. Fox really blew it when they hired him for any type of commentary. You should have heard him the other night about not closing the borders. Thinks anyone who wants to come here should be allowed no questions asked!I thought he was going to cry when anyone disagreed with him

          20. Landshark says

            He is allegedly Puerto Rican.Therefore a US citizen. Crying shame!

          21. sparksnavy says

            It is called hire a minority! To keep the numbers in proportion to the whites, blacks Asians, etc.!

          22. al.k says

            Looks like he has made a big splash for himself now, looks like he is just another imposter brainwashing the people, he apparently thinks everyone who don’t believe as he does is dumb, stupid and ignorant. our second amendment is the only reason our country has stood as long as it has, as far as teaching kids to shoot is one thing, but not with automatic weapons, that instructors last was to teach first hand what not to do, but he never lived to learn from his own mistakes.

          23. Jeanne Stotler says

            He swings back and forth, never stating a complete fact, that is not his real name even

          24. Cartius says

            It’s Gerald Rivers.

          25. Ken Trefaller says

            Fox fawns over Oreilly’s ratings and he is a phony. He continually spreads the big lie that Wall St caused the melt down when it was the Dems that caused it. Yes, Wall st exaserbated it. A special prosecutor should be appointred to investigate Wall Sts influence on the Federal Government. Wake up America

          26. Ludlow Porch says

            Right now and back then, I would say the government influences Wall St. or has for the last six years. Got to make Obama look good for the history books!

          27. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

            Why you talking bad about pond scum? No wonder they are on the war path in Florida and after as many brains as they can get into.

          28. omegaman says

            I can still picture him running at a brick wall machine gun blazing away. What an immature moron.

          29. Yehoshuafriend says

            Fox News should take Geraldo and Juan Williams, and send them both packing to the liberal funny-farm. Shalom!

          30. David in MA says

            with beckel and that buck tooth with glasses goofy guy coombs (or whatever his name is) or lock them all in a closet with the “no spin” flip flopper and a six pack.

          31. omegaman says

            They should erase all traces of Colhms from the earth.

          32. Ludlow Porch says

            They have those two and Colhms on to “balance” out their opinion segments.

          33. omegaman says

            Ludlow — No shit… How long did it take you realize that?

          34. yachty says

            Dude…You are not a Jew!

          35. Yehoshuafriend says

            You are right, I am a Y’hudi. L’ Shana tova, Shalom!

          36. Merle Dickey says

            Hey, that ‘s my name for Obama!!

        2. ricktenny says

          Mark, you forgot him getting his dumb ass kicked out of Iraq. They have eighteen year old privates who know enough not to give away location details and this jerk does it on world wide television. Just as I am Very Proud to be an infidel, I am Extremely Proud to be a Gun Nut!
          Perhaps idiots like Rivera who are in the public spotlight should be required to be familiar with Historic documents and the reasoning that drove their creation.

          1. Krazeehors says

            I forgot what he did to get kicked out of Iraq. Mind telling us all what he did again??

          2. ricktenny says

            When he was riding along with the 101st he broadcast a statement that gave away the units location as they were moving toward Baghdad,

          3. Krazeehors says

            Whoa. I remember now. He laughed it off as a “mistake,” but I don’t believe him. He is a radical leftist reporter and he thinks he can (and will) do or say whatever he wants.

            I’ll bet he has armed guards.

          4. sparksnavy says

            Giving away positions of some of our military personnel–too bad his azz isn’t on the front lines to get some realization of reality!

          5. Krazeehors says


          6. randy brown says

            soldiers should have fragged the traitor as that is their lot

          7. Harvey Melton says

            ”fragged” a old remedy in war time to change the command or rid units of undesirables, haven’t heard that term in a while. it was and is effective though.and usually comes with post action honors such as a medal and some fabricated story made to order. so it isn’t all bad.

          8. wildeagleone says

            And in some cases “Friendly Fire”

          9. Jim Bowman says

            He got down in the sand on a live broadcast and drew pictures on camera showing where various units were placed and where they were heading. They couldn’t shut the SOB up quick enough–should have shot him for espionage.

          10. Krazeehors says

            Absolutely. At the very least he should have been tried and convicted of treason.

            Why they didn’t is beyond me.

          11. omegaman says

            He was just being himself. What more do you need to know?

          12. Krazeehors says

            So, me asking a question to get a clear explanation of what he did is somehow NOT okay???

          13. wildeagleone says

            If you’re talking about Geraldo he was sitting in on a briefing with Col North and a squad of Marines discussing their next mission, how it was going down and where it would take place, and their location at the time and he, squatting started to draw in the sand the exact location and route, the method which the mission would employ, all the while this was being broadcast live on TV. This is what I recall and it may not be exact but I remember sitting on my couch, and as a former Marine I couldn’t believe what the ash hole was doing, came off the couch yelling and my wife thought I had gone crazy until I explained what had just gone down

          14. Vivian Mcdorman says

            i remember it to well also, it was like WTF he is giving away their position!!!!

          15. wildeagleone says

            I have a hard time understanding why FOX keeps him on the show but as long as I don’t pay his outstanding wages I can just continue to turn the station when he is on

          16. Vivian Mcdorman says

            i don’t know why they keep him or coombs the other idiot

          17. wildeagleone says

            I see FOX news, in some cases, like a tabloid in the super market. Maybe that is why Geraldo is kept on their roster or they signed a contract with him they can’t get out of. Never the less, he is not welcome in my TV

          18. omegaman says

            Fox needs a loony liberal to attract other loony liberals, so they can keep it fair and balanced.

          19. sparksnavy says

            Also Ricktenny–too bad the draft isn’t still in play–should be a requirement for all U. S. Citizens to serve in the military as they do in Israel! Men and Women!
            Would love to be is D. I. (drill instructor!)

          20. ricktenny says

            Yes Sir! If I were king for a month the draft would be reinstated on the first day! Also on that day the Affordable Care Act and every Executive Order signed in the last six years would be repealed. Then I’d go to bed. I would be tired. On day two we would reverse his appointments, fire the Attorney General, Secretary of State
            and any other Miscreants. Also on this day I would reinstate every high ranking officer that was fired or forced into early retirement to make room for less experienced officers who would do the presidents bidding. After that I might get whoever drives me around to take me to a golf course so I could see what one looks like up close. Then we could get to day three.
            Wow did I ever get off topic.

          21. omegaman says

            sparksavy — Hardly a compelling reason!

          22. Mark Clemens says

            He gave away our Troops location? Thats Treason, no wonder Obama gets away w/what he does. Once you let one Commie slide, the rest will come in under him…….

          23. Yehoshuafriend says

            And he was warned before he even did it, to take precaution while on the
            air not to jeopardize their position. Shalom!

          24. Vivian Mcdorman says

            i remember being shocked that the mustache freak gave away their position on t.v. ii couldn’t believe it. only think this pos needs is to have his mouth duck tapped, he’s a channel turner for me just like listening to obie!!!!!

        3. Neal Gaylor says

          He works for Fox because there’s a new law that conservative news agencies HAVE to let the liberal side voice their lies, but liberal sites don’t have to let conservatives voice the truth! Welcome to Amerika comrade.

        4. Realist4U says

          Murdoch must be putting his “pants on backwards” to hire Jerry, Beckel, and all these other “mush-brained Liberals.”

        5. Realist4U says

          Actually, I’d like to see him melt like the “Wicked Witch Of The West.”

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Just throw some truth on him, or wait until OJ is paroled……..

      3. OCDiver says

        In my own humble opinion he’s more like a “never was”!!

        1. Mary Ann says

          I agree OCDiver. I never liked Geraldo at all. He never liked it when people didn’t agree with his viewpoint and then insulted them to boot! What a poser.

          1. rodermck says

            Nor do you so are you any better???.. Cheers

          2. Mary Ann says

            I really don’t give a rats ass if people don’t like what I say. They are entitled to their opinion just the same as I am.

          3. omegaman says

            Maybe, Mary Ann, but your opinion would be infinitely more acceptable if you told the truth. Try it sometime.

          4. Mary Ann says

            I am telling the truth, thank you. I frankly don’t give a shit what you say because like I said everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          5. omegaman says

            Mar Ann — I agree with Geraldo’s viewpoint. Guess that makes you a friggen liar.

          6. omegaman says

            rodermck — Do you always attack your friends, stupid?

        2. ricktenny says

          Well you have to go back aways for this. In the beginning of his career as a “TV Journalist”, he did a piece on nursing homes. I don’t think he had to dig very deep for the material but it made him a “Rising Star”. His star fissiled pretty quick after that. Then he became a jerk for ratings. I don’t remember who it was, but someone lit him up on some TV show. Broke his nose. That improved his popularity for a few days. Then his nose and shiner healed up and he was gone again.

          1. OCDiver says

            I remember the broken nose, seems like it was a piece on racism during one of his shows in the 80’s some bruiser from the KKK popped him with a chair when a brawl on stage broke out between the KKK and his black guests. Gee, who would’ve thought a fight would break out between those two groups. He was a moron for staging that scene!

          2. ricktenny says

            Yes Sir, Your memory is better than mine. I just remembered some one popped him a good one.

      4. Miss Mellie says

        A has-been liberal who has the morals of an ally cat. Geraldo has slept around more than Bill Clinton

        1. Mary Ann says

          That’s an insult to the cat! lol

        2. rodermck says

          so why do you care?? does not affect you or me. Morals is only value judgement by you.. he who judges others should judge themselves first instead of being so arrogant and self righteous !!.. cheers!!….

          1. Miss Mellie says

            Moral standards are in the Bible. They are God’s moral standards. God has already judged immorality but one who is Biblically illiterate like you should get more information before you spout your liberal clap-trap.

          2. omegaman says

            rodermck — Your an a$$hole, first class.

          3. omegaman says

            cheers to you, rodermck, you moron, Hey, I just justifiably judged you. How bout that.

      5. Evermyrtle says

        Some Bible verses for Geraldo:

        Proverb 17:28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace,is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding, (Many of us should learn this one.)

        Proverb 29:9 If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.

        1. rodermck says

          Everybody don’t live by the bible so quoting from the bible is falling on death ears!!,, He wont read this so your wasting your time.. Why should he listen to you nobody I have ever met or known except for a few would give you the time of day nor should they.. Cheers!!..

          1. Mary Ann says

            Do you live by the Bible? I just don’t like it when people who are on television spewing things that are not true and people believing it. It’s time that the truth about things comes out and our country is not run by people who don’t really care about it in the least. Don’t you agree? Our country could be wonderful again if we work together to get rid of the dishonest people in our government.

          2. says

            Mary Ann, you also are correct. But the problem is that the Democrats infiltrated by the commies int he mid-1950’s have done such a great job of dumbing down our educational system that the people today are without the wisdom of knowing the truth from the lies and Obama, who should be known as The Liar in Chief cannot seemingly speak a word of truth. He may say things that sound truthful if taken at face value but when examined turn out to be twisting of the truth to say something very untrue. You have heard, I am sure, Mr. Obama quote not the Bible but instead the Quran. How many Christians have you ever heard who quote the quran? By the same token, you have heard Obama MOCK Jesus Christ while smirking; have you ever heard him Mock Muhammed or any Muslim? He swore to us in his 2008 campaign that he was a Christian did he not? Does he attend Christian church today with his wife and children? When he visits foreign countries accompanied by his family, have you noticed that before entering a Muslim country his wife and children come on home and have NEVER visited with him a Muslim country? Further, why do you believe he bowed and kissed the ring of the King of Saudi Arabia? As they say, “actions speak louder than words.” Is there anything whatsoever about Obama that says he has any love for America or her people?

          3. omegaman says

            rodermck — I believe that’s “deaf” ears

          4. Yehoshuafriend says

            No she got it right, “death ears!”

            Rev 21:8 “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Shalom!

      6. helen sabin says

        GOOD POST!! LOVE IT.

      7. RONALD HATT says


        Ronald Hatt

      8. jetmagnet says

        I thought Geraldo was a Fake News Channel Rogue? He’s still a fruitcake! They all are!

      9. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

        Um yeah, has been punched in that big nose and had it broke.

      10. ARNOLD CARL TAPP says

        >>> WRONG ! GERALDO IS A ” NEVER WAS ” . <<<

      11. The___Don says

        I actually consider him a “never was”. Remember Al Capone’s vault? lol

      12. Hugof224 says

        Not exactly, “Smee”. He’s a GD “has-been, who ‘never-really-was’!

      13. Uzoozy says

        Geraldo the “to be”

      14. Tejanojack says

        Well, if you’re a Libtard on FOX, you know your career has ebbed.

      15. rodermck says

        Smee!!.. Why don’t you go pee??.. and quit being a self righteous wannabe far right that only is capable of thinking one way join the most extreme group of haters posting so easy to get the wanted and coveted thumbs up which has no value because your speaking to the quire !!.. Not much glory in that Smee is there!!!!.. You like all the rest on this page fit and personifies why are country is failing and will continue for the reason of Guns!!.. Guns!!.. Guns!!,, when that becomes more important than other issues!!.. you vote only for 2 issues Guns and birth control or abortion . You want your rights protected but you could care less about others !!.. Where is your well regulated militia???.. Will be waiting for your answer??.. Cheers!!..

      16. Michael Dennewitz says

        The dildo is sure giving Fox a bad name. Ouch!!!

      17. Brad Arkle says

        Absolutely…from the days when everyone called him Horrendo Revolver (from the opening of a supposed cache of Al Capones’. He was scared silly, waving that .357 all over the place…what a moron.

    3. John Stratemeyer says

      I respectfully disagree. FOXNews is the very place for Geraldo. It’s the one news outlet which doesn’t let him get away with nonsense like this. O’Reilly, Hannity, Laura Ingraham…, pick a name. They always present counter-arguments. CNN and the rest of the liberal/socialist/Democrat Mainstream Media (LSDMSM) treat Geraldo’s words as if they came down from on high. They don’t question him. They nod their heads in agreement whenever he so much as yawns. FOX exposes him as just another guy with an opinion full of holes.

      1. Geoffrey says

        Fox News has become far too liberal, providing a forum for Colmbs, Beckel, Powers, Rivera, Williams and others of that ilk. While I appreciate the “fair and balanced” aspiration of the network, the aforementioned characters are just fairly unbalanced.

        1. flbobcat says

          All the news networks belong to top liberals and have people in high places in government

          1. flbobcat says

            They are pushing common core so they can indoctrinate the children at an early age and guaranty democrat power in the future

          2. rodermck says

            You better read and understand common core that’s a teaching method not a political one. I don’t support common core because it’s a faulty teaching method and not effective??.. Not for the brain washing one because it doesn’t. Liberal schools push liberal agenda . The right pushes religious doctrine and the NRA all equally bad!!.. Cheers!!..

          3. rodermck says

            And your side’s high places are the church and NRA !!.. So what!!!.. Cheers!!..

        2. John Stratemeyer says

          Not so. “Providing a forum” is when the likes of Colmes, Beckel, etc., get to speak their pieces without the offer of a challenge. When you see Juan Williams, Rivera, or the others, it’s usually in a format where Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity ask, “Kirsten, where am I going wrong?” Point-coun

        3. rodermck says

          Unbalanced because you don’t agree with them ???.. Cheers!!..

        4. omegaman says

          Geoffrey — Much as I hate to admit it — you’re right.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        FOX network is no different than any other Network, Hippocrates. The Talking Heads (Beck & Company) claim FOX is conservative looking out for conservatives. When their #1 show was GLEE. A bunch of gay school kids who sing &·dance……
        When did this become Conservative entertainment?

        1. John Stratemeyer says

          Hippocrates? Either you think I’m a doctor, or you’re trying very hard to call me a hypocrite in a manner that you suppose comes across as intellectual. It doesn’t. Not that I care.
          It’s revealing that you somehow think that the FOX Entertainment Network is the same as FOXNews. It tells me that you don’t watch FOXNews. Which leads me to conclude that you don’t know what you’re talking about, which is no surprise because you apparently don’t know who Hippocrates was. You might be interested to know that there is also a FOX Sports Network which is likely focused on the Michael Sam story.
          “Beck and Company” do not say that FOXNews “looks out” for Conservatives. What I have heard Mr. Beck say is that FOXNews is just about the only media outlet where one actually hears the Conservative viewpoint. My statement is based on regular observation of what happens on a nightly basis on FOXNews, where liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) like Geraldo consistently lose debate after debate to Conservatives like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, among others. If FOXNews is “no different,” why does the Obozo Administration call it a “mouthpiece for the Republican Party?”
          As for “Glee,” I’ll bet you’re a big fan, you hypocrite you.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Comparing Fox News to journalism is like comparing Professional Wrestling to real sports. It’s all show. Obozo calls it the republican mouth piece because it is. MSNBC, CNN are the democrats mouth piece. Why you want to insult me like your a liberal? That shows you are low class. I’m not a hypocrite, nor have I ever watched a episode of Glee, I’m more of a Fringe, 24 fan.

          2. John Stratemeyer says

            You called me “Hippocrates.” How would you have taken that? And I, unlike you, gave you the benefit of the doubt as to your intent by using “either – or.” Also, I demonstrated that, if you’re going to call someone a hypocrite, don’t beat around the bush. Just do it.
            FOXNews assuredly tries to be interesting. It is, after all, entertainment. It makes no money if nobody tunes in. That said, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteran, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, and others are most decidedly journalists. Unlike the rest of the LSDMSM, however, FOXNews goes out of its way to try to show both sides. FOXNews also covers many stories that the LSDMSM will either not cover, or entirely ignore. Benghazi comes immediately to mind.
            FOXNews unquestionably leans to the right, and it’s probably the only news outlet that does. Conservatives are just like anyone else. We want our views validated. We want real news coverage, not “Cover Obozo’s Butt.” And when necessary, which is far too often, criticize the spineless GOP. Which is probably the reason why FOXNews consistently wins the ratings wars.

      3. rodermck says

        So why do you care about him??,, he doesn’t make laws under the first amendment he has the right for free speech !!.. You believe in 2nd why not the first and those talking heads who cares what they think except if they say what you like if they don’t the big guns of the haters come out in force like ants at a picnic !.. Cheers!!..

        1. omegaman says

          No, but he reaches many simple-minded, gullible folks. Cheers.

        2. John Stratemeyer says

          I don’t care about Geraldo. But I do care about what he says, because what he says has some influence on people who vote. I care because, if the 2nd Amendment were to be repealed because enough people paid attention to inanities like this one, the 1st Amendment won’t stand long, nor will the rest of our liberties.
          Let Geraldo say what he likes, but “haters,” which I assume applies to me in your definition of the word, are at liberty to challenge his views when we disagree, which is often. FOXNews is the only media outlet that does that.

    4. Krazeehors says

      Visit They have some great t-shirts that give other examples of “one bad check,” etc.

    5. Laurence Almand says

      Yes, and what about the thousands of children killed every year in auto accidents? Shall we ban the automobile?

      1. rodermck says

        No but you don’t need a gun and nobody is taking them away just better laws !!.. The NRA is in business would be out of business if the rabbit gun owners didn’t have a break down if laws are changed millions don’t have guns they don’t feel threatened with out one!!..Why do you and the ones like you and the NRA???… Cheers!!..

        1. omegaman says

          Yep. I’ve read both of you comments and you are definitely a “complete” uneducateable moron, lacking any intelligence whatsoever.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          Damn your dumb. The NRA is the gun owners LOBBY. Now since MONEY=SPEECH Gun owners need lobbyists to grease the politicians for our cause. Like MADD lobbies for stricter DUI Laws……..

      2. omegaman says

        Lauerance — About as stupid and senseless an analogy as I’ve ever heard. Moron. With an uneducated mind as you have, you scare me.

    6. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

      Wow, really? He actually thinks?

    7. Wayne Cook says

      Totally agree with you.

    8. Cathy L Clark says

      I have to agree with you. If the parents thought it would be cute for her to shoot the gun or if they thought this would give her some training in guns…whatever their reasoning, it was way off. The owners of the gun range too, should have known better. I bet they do now. I bet they have age limits now on who can shoot their guns. YOu could tell by looking at the little girl she was petite and thin, and had no muscle to control such a gun. Some people just don’t have any common sense.
      But this incident was the exception..not the norm….little girls usually don;t go to gun ranges and shoot I’m sure. And I surely do not care what reviera thinks. He’s just a liberal nutcase.

      1. RONALD HATT says


        Ronald Hatt

    9. 7papa7 says

      He also claims that he is a republican. He is probably doing that to do damage to the republican party. He even makes some of the biggest RINO’s look conservative compared to him. He is as liberal as that other total 100% left wing idiot Alan Combs.

      1. RONALD HATT says

        AGREED! I think Geraldo, states that he is Republican, so he can capitalize on Fox News salary. He sure “doesn’t sound , like a conservative……..O’reilly, & others “do” have his number!
        Ronald Hatt

        1. 7papa7 says

          Their is a huge difference between conservative and republican. It is with great sadness that I see the republican party moving to the left. Just look at how they treat real conservatives like Cruz and a handful of others. They call him names. What needs to be done is the conservatives need to take back the republican party or start a 3d party.

          1. RONALD HATT says

            INTERESTING CONCEPT, BUT I DON’T THINK AMERICA, IS READY FOR A 3RD PARTY. IF AMERICA, DOESN’T GET RID OF THE “RHINO’S”, IN BOTH PARTIES, THERE IS NO HOPE FOR CAMPAIGN REFORM, & REFORM AS TO THE TERM LIMITS, & RESIDUAL COMPENSATION AFTER THE TERM IS OVER. “NO RESIDUAL COMPENSATION, AFTER [ A *4, OR *6 YEAR TERM, ] PERIOD! What ever “insurance” they get, must be the same as the “health ins. jammed down our throats, by Nasty Pelosi! By the way, Nasty Pelosi, is in line for an annual salary of $800,000.00 after she retires! This is “shameful, & none of these elected, Public Servants should get this much money!…..[ EVER ]…..!
            Ronald Hatt

          2. 7papa7 says

            If we don’t do something drastic we will continue to get the same results we are getting now and that is NOT what I want as I am sure conservatives will agree. It is to difficult to rid the country of RINO’s so having to fight both the democrats and a majority of republicans is not going to get us to winning scenario. We need to make major changes and realize that it may take a few cycles to catch on.

          3. RONALD HATT says


            Ronald Hatt

    10. logicrules says

      Fox is a news outlet? I thought they were an entertainment outlet; as they claimed in their bout with the FCC. I sure find them entertaining. Very rarely do they present news.

      1. RONALD HATT says

        Ronald Hatt

    11. boysenberry says

      He is an idiot with no common sense, only liberal leftist emotional agenda.

    12. rodermck says

      So you think the extreme right is the only truth because that’s who is posted here.. You are a hopeless far right. Can you tell me how that’s any better????… Cheers!!!..

    13. john robel says

      Geraldo is as empty as Al Capone’s vault. Remember that fiasco?

    14. Krazeehors says

      Geraldo and those like him — Alan Colmes, Stephanie Powers, and all the other Democrap “analysts” like them will not be happy until every gun is forcibly confiscated from every citizen of this country.

  5. Jerry Hughes says

    In this one cae Rivera has a vaild point, letting the little girl fire a mini Uz1 with a full clip was justs plain stupid
    Having said that.
    Listen carefully liberal dem bloodsucker, the Founders saw you and the people like you, coming, over 2 00 years ago.
    They gave us the Bill of Rights, then, nailed trhem to the wall of every government office with the 2nd amendment.
    Trifle with eitrher at your considerable peril.

    1. joe says

      No one knows how many rounds were in that magazine so it is probably best not to spread rumors it only gives the left wing sheep a reason to make insane statements . It would only take 3 or 4 rounds for that to happen. It was an accident period, yes the instructor should have been back out of the way a bit farther but accidents happen. I am quite sure he did not want to get shot but these moron anti gun knuckle draggers are going to use this for all it is worth even though 99% of them do not even know what full auto means.

      1. Jerry Hughes says

        Joe, I am a former marine marksmanship instructor
        I am intimately familiar with the Mini Uzi, any one calling himself an instructor that stands in the recoil rise area of an UZI is stupid, doubly so when a newby is firing.
        The liberal dem bloodsuckers will continue to attempt to disarm the citizenry, no matter what takes place,
        An instructor doing something this instructor did, shoulders the blame, it is not the fault ot the UZI, that he got blown away.
        If you keep in mind that the aim of the Ameican Jihadists is control,. that they know they can never take the country socialist, so long as the citizenry are armed, their actions become clear
        The liberals see themselves as the “intelligentsia” in this country and feel that their decisions should be binding and final
        They still see it as politics and don’t realize at all where it would take, to be successful in making weapons illegal
        You will note that most of the countries, that have succeed in disarming their citizenry, suddenly sprouted laws making it illegal to say something would tend to disturb or enrage other groups.countries normally considered democratic.
        Canada, Uk, France , German, Denmark Australia
        That is where the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists want to take us.

        1. joe says

          Jerry stupid maybe, temporary lack of judgment maybe, either way it is not an excuse for these moron anti gun people to jump all over it. Everyone has accidents now and then, granted they should not happen on the firing range but the simple fact is they do, human beings are involved and as in any thing involving human beings mistakes are made we are not perfect. I don’t agree with turning this instructor into some sort of bad guy that is just what they want. I say call it what it was an accident because you can not call it anything else. I guarantee you that 90% of these nincompoops have no damn idea what an Uzi is but as soon as they see it is black they will want to ban it.
          I have been around firearms for more than 35 years and a few very simple rules is all it takes to keep you safe. I have had my hands on dozens and dozens of different weapons. I have tens of thousands of rounds in my back stop in my back yard and have never hurt myself or anyone else. I have had dozens of friends over shooting and none of them have ever been hurt .Guns are as safe as a spork if handled correctly these drooling anti gun people are just cowards that fear inanimate objects and that is the real scary part.

  6. C6Vette says

    This is the Rage we see coming from the Moron that used a stick in the sand, drawing a MAP of where the US Troops were (in Iraq) and where they were headed! This is the height of Stupidity coming from the Jerk-off himself! How many troops were KILLED because of how extremely Stupid he is ( almost said was but we all know he still IS)!!! Thank God someone seen fit to kick his arse out of the country before anymore people were Killed!

    1. joe haire says

      He should have been jailed for treason! Semper Fi!!

      1. C6Vette says

        I totally agree yet FOX News has him as a token employee! Like the moron excuse maker that USE TO work with Hannity Alan (whats-his-name) Colms (sp)! More excuses than a 10 year old has for his teacher when he forgot to do his Homework! Semper Fi Brother, Thank you for your service & Welcome Home!

  7. Gary Colongo says

    Geraldo is a wimp and always has been. Its the parents of the little girl that need to talk to big time. And the rules at the gun range this happened at. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. As for crazies getting weapons. Here again the parents and responsible back ground checks need to be done. I will keep my guns and protect my home and family. This President is not protecting this country he is opening our borders even more. He is a George Soros plant. And his is a big time socialist. Wake up People!!! And especially you Geraldo!!! Gary

    1. David in MA says

      The guy who broke his nose should have gone further.

  8. McFerguson says

    Primary responsibility must always rest with the parents. Why they would ever let that particular weapon get in the hands of a 9 year old, instructor present or not, is beyond me. Secondary responsibility rests with the weapons instructor himself. He should have been behind the little girl with both his hands on that weapon to control it. Thirdly, one can never underestimate the stupidity of a liberal like Rivera. The belief in their own intellectual superiority inevitably leads them down these dopey paths in pursuit of an agenda. With Rivera, he probably believes that nobody should own any weapons except government goons. In his mind, the people are just ignorant boobs who know nothing and must be treated like children. Rivera’s an A-hole who’s been around way too long.

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      Good read!

  9. freedommonger says

    Thrown chairs are MUCH more dangerous to Geraldo than guns ever were. That’s why his nose belongs on a much larger head. Geraldo should be on a rant against CHAIRS! Or empty vaults, even!

    1. joe haire says

      Good one!!

  10. Jr1776 says

    Another example of how one person screws up, so the second amendment is bad. Liberals want to ban everything.

  11. Landshark says

    Geraldo the closet queen needs to read the history of AMERICA. The carelessness of one person is no reason to question the validity of the Second Amendment. How about he takes up the danger Barack Hussein Obama and Democrats in general have placed this nation in. That is no reason to ban the presidency and Congress. And the fact the courts legislate from the bench is no reason to dump the judicial system. BUT! They are the reasons the Second Amendment was included in the Articles of Amendment in the first place.

    1. maxx says

      I just wonder why all the people that hate the Constitution, the Amendments and the Bill of Rights stay here. Nobody is holding them captives. All these liberals/socialists/communists need to do is pick someplace to move to and I would be happy to help them pack. I would even kick in some $$$ to help pay their way the hell out of here.

      1. Landshark says

        The dimwits who see themselves as superior intellects refuse to accept the lessons of history and realize that power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. And that dismantlement of the US Constitution will lead to the most absolute corruption. I never accepted the claim “Communism is dead”. Until it and Islam are, there will be no rest for those who seek to maintain freedom. Rather than send them to their fantasy utopia, would prefer to send them to Hell.

  12. says

    Geraldo is a through back from the 50’s hippie movement that has never grown up and accepted responsibility for himself , let alone thinking others should have to. In the beginning just like all the other 60’s through backs in our government he was anti-establishment ( government) that later morphed into the Government (establishment) should look out and take care of us, because we ( well not them just everybody else) are to stupid to do it ourselves! He and all the others like him should all go off to some remote corner somewhere and start their lil nirvana state and leave the rest of us the HELL ALONE and keep their stupid idioligy to them selves. News Flash!!! the 60’s have come and gone Geraldo why don’t you!!!

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      The Democrat party was hijacked during the 1960″s by all the radical elements of our society…The Democratic party is no longer the party of my parents as the party that supported the working man and woman…The Democratic party originally was the party against blacks and the party who favored slavery in America…It has morphed itself into the political party that seeks power enhancement by promising voters whith what ever it takes to get their vote “morally right or wrong” makes no difference…They ploy heavily on the under educated to get their votes by showering them with entitlements and freebies…Asians, Jews, Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics have become their targets with which via their votes they plan to attain control of every aspect of human life in this country from cradle to grave and beyond…With ObamaCare they have proven themselves fo be a formidable force of liberal minded democratic “CommieCRats”…A dire threat to the well being of this nation!

      1. says

        yeah i meant the 60’s i was one of em but i wised up, and u r right and they still believe in slavery of the minorities and all of us now by having us on the government tit, and under their thumb. Just a different kind of slavery

  13. Philip Beck says

    Jerry Rivers has been and always will be a dim bulb with very little to contribute to any conversation. This is the guy that heard a song in the 60s and became a hippie. Far out man.

  14. bee says

    get this piece of shit rivera off of the fox news. he is a liberal lowlife.

    1. william couch says

      YEAH!! I was in the audience back in the mid ’70’s when the guest hit that PUTO in the face with the chair………… HE EFFING deserved it. that’s why his nose looks the way it does.

      1. Had Enough says


      2. Mark Clemens says

        What did Geraldo expect inviting the Klan & Black Activists, a big group hug? He’s damn lucky nobody was healed on that episode.

    2. Grover Syck says

      No, he is one of the few intelligent people on Fox News (NOT).

      1. william couch says

        Well, I do not watch “O” anymore, and Kelly needs to monitor the Joseph A banks commercials, That way see can’t be rude or obnoxious.

    3. rodermck says

      You don’t like the truth or his right to freedom of speach do you. You want your rrightd but not his . You can’t have it both ways.

      1. Jim M says


      2. Charlotte Green says

        Agreed. He is a necessary evil to show others how not to think.

        1. rodermck says

          How do you agree with me then post the opposite to what I posted . doesn’t make much sense like most that has I one sided of view there driven by ideology not common sense and came through your gene pool and those around you!!.. cheers!!..

          1. Charlotte Green says

            I apologize, I promise to never agree with anything you say ever again, feel better?

      3. maxx says

        How about learning how to spell or write correctly before you post your stupidity for all to see?

      4. Mark Clemens says

        Yes I can. He can say whatever he wants, and I can say back “Geraldo, stick it”! He gets to say his peace, I get to say what I think, and WE ALL get to keep our guns!
        See in America sometimes you get the cake, and get to eat it too!
        God bless God for people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

      5. joe says

        You need to work on your right to education there sweet heart seems like you are lacking in that area

        1. mesaman says

          Hey rodent mck, get the feeling you stepped on a patriotic rattlesnake? May it bite you on your big butt.

      6. Donna E Turner says

        We don’t agree with people who are trying to destroy our constitutional rights and we don’t have to let him. What he is spouting is TREASON.

    4. eastedie33510 says

      He’s a self-aggrandizing idiot and ugly to boot! Freaking liberal Nazi!

    5. Arnold Young says

      That piece of scum has a life?

  15. Charles Hargrave says

    Full Auto was the reason the young girl couldn’t control the Uzi,control of Geraldo is another story,it’ll be great day when Fox gets enough of him and sets him adrift in sea of T.V.,last week when he told a Phd from the CIA that he was a lier that was all I could take,Geraldo needs to visit Langley and see the hard work our people do to keep us safe,he loves to see himself on T.V and is overwhelmed by his own image,one that most Americans don’t share,that may be why Fox puts him on at 2 AM.when few are watching.

    1. jackw97224 says

      Geraldo’s pie hole is always on full auto. What a schmuck!

  16. Bud says

    Why is it that people from the television industry have the misconception that we care what they think. Geraldo is a has been that tried to make it big and fell on his face. Now he is trying a new way, and that won’t work either. Just worry about yourself Geraldo, and quit trying to impose your socialist ideas on us!!!

    1. Freedome-Lover says

      Because our idiot populace can’t think for themselves??????

  17. C.M. Dawson says

    Geraldo? I thought he died when he couldn’t find-out where Jimmy Hoffa was buried years ago?

    The tragic death was certainly preventable. Geraldo’s idiotic tirade certainly shows that morons may speak, no matter which orifice is involved.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      You know they found Jimmy Hoffa. When Tammy Fay Bakker died, the undertaker took off all those layers of make up. Bam! It was Jimmy Hoffa under all that make up……..

  18. Grover Syck says

    The second says “to insure a well regulated militia”.
    Out side of the National guard and the Reserves, all guns are fair game for regulation by all governmental entities.

    1. Valor says

      That is a lame analogy. Militia at the time meant every able bodied male between t

    2. joe says

      You are clueless the second amendment means nothing of the kind you do not even know what a militia is look up the definition before you spout lies and nonsense

  19. elmcqueen3 says

    What he is saying is that the first 10 amendments to our Constitution quaranteeing our civil liberties and freedoms are “blind and stupid” of which these amendments have formulated nothing good by allowing a bunch of “gun-nuts” to own firearms…GR forgets the first of these same amendments gave him the right to say what he did…In many tyrannical countries around the world one dare not say what is actually on ones mind least you be arrested…Or worse you could be incarcerated, shot or “beheaded!”…Geraldo Rivera has finally shown his self to be a true blue “CommieCRat” which comes as no surprise!

  20. Valor says

    Geraldo can kiss My butt! My dad started me shooting at age 5 or 6 with my own cut down for me single shot .22 rifle. But he would never have let me handle any type of multi shot weapon of any kind, much less something like an Uzi, until I was mature enough and experienced enough to learn to handle that weapon. This not the fault of the 2nd Amendment. This tragedy is squarely on the shoulders of the child’s parents and the instructor. With no better judgment than that he had no business instructing. Would a driving instructor start a new driver in an Indy car? Don’t think so.

  21. Native Texan says

    Best thing to do is to hit the mute button. I do and feel better for it.

  22. eastedie33510 says

    Rivera IS the jerk-off with all of his self-aggrandizing photos – ugly!

  23. david b cordick says

    i love the fox network, just about all the time, they have a panel or guests with opposing views. my one complaint is the presence of the two idiots, rivera and juan williams, i dont like, but will watch and listen to liberal or dem guests on the shows. but these two idiots are just that. everytime they open their mouth they say the dumbest things that i cant believe, that they actually believe what they are saying.

  24. icemancold says


  25. cyndi says

    Geraldo has proven himself to be a man of poor judgment nationally on at least 2 occasions, the empty vault and the day he insanely put two oppositional militant groups together on national TV. As I recall there were no guns involved when he almost wore that chair as a nose ring.

  26. Mojo says

    Geraldo is the same egotist that says the rockets from Hamas are so ineffective thatIsrael has NO Right to respond with force.
    Nuff said about this narcissistic wanna bee

  27. Bill says

    I think the ignorant sob should join Pierce Morgan, wherever he is. They could ride off into the sunset together and look for Al Capone’s secret vault.

  28. dp52 says

    Everyone needs to contact Fox and let them know they need to get rid of this left wing moron.

    1. maxx says

      Excellent recommendation !!! The democrats never seem to have a problem driving people, businesses or ideas out of existence through their normal “demonization process”.

  29. oat21 says

    Geraldo Rivera, one of Fox News’ token liberals talks out of his butt, he’s a bleeding heart left wing liberal who pretends to be in the middle. The only thing is, he’s in the middle of the entire left wing progressive socialist and communist organizations and really doesn’t know which way is up. This old liberal should just fade away with Jimmy Carter and the rest of the morons that have help bring our great country to it’s knees.

  30. IMPCALGI says

    I am not a 9 year old and I will not be treated like one. What fascist control freaks like Geraldo do not seem to understand is that the right to defend ourselves comes from nature, and nature’s GOD. Every creature that lives on this earth has weapons to defend itself : claws, horns, hooves, fangs, stingers, etc etc. Even the smallest creatures will defend themselves and their homes: ants will defend their mound, bees their hive, birds their nest. We humans do not have these weapons, but we do have guns, and we will defend our homes and our loved ones, and we do not need the “permission” of pompous, self important gasbags to do so.

    Geraldo can foam at the mouth against the 2nd Amendment like the pathetic little ObamaNazi that he is, but he’s missing the point. The 2nd Amendment does not “give” us anything; it merely codifies what already exists. For him to try and dismiss this Amendment merely shows how very out of touch he has become.

    As a personal aside, I am a man, but not a particularly big or strong one. I am not trained in martial arts, and I cannot bench press Volkswagens. I have weak eyesight and I am no longer in my twenties. I have firearms to defend myself against potential attackers who might be younger and stronger, and to defend my wife and my children.

    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

  31. Ken says

    Geraldo has been blind and stupid his whole life. Capone’s vault, for one comes to mind

  32. Had Enough says

    Fox should get rid of rivera (I never capitalize names of those I disrespect). rivera is only there to stir the pot anyway. He’s a foul excuse for a human!!! I have never liked him. He has a black Aura!!!!!

  33. wildeagleone says

    He is feckless and has no clout yet the media plays to his ignorance time and time again

  34. johnanaguski says

    Just another moronic liberal.

  35. Anthony Alexander says

    Blind and Stupid……!!!???….Really!….It is Rivera who is Blind and Stupid. For a lawyer he supposed to now the law. I think he should go back and get a refund from the University he got his law degree from…………….Rivera is just another Lawyer who needs a good beating…..Lawyers are like mice they are everywhere……..

    1. WhiteFalcon says

      I don’t think he should go back, just go!

  36. pupster40 says

    Typical progressive response to something he hasn’t given any thought to, only an idiot pretending to understand the Constitution would say these things. Leave the Constitution alone and pull your head out, this is a common sense issue.

  37. IHateLibs says

    Just Who T F can Stand to Watch and/or Listen to that IMPORT LIB/DEM COMIEcrat RICAN PUKE !!! ???

  38. David in MA says

    Geraldo Rivera, member of LaRaza and in all probability an affirmative action educated minority with no clue. Ever hear him on the TV, always tries to talk over the others with his overbearing babble, why?, because he has nothing to say and fears being interrupted with sensible questions which would expose him as a know nothing phony, just like his socialist president…… this bum had better remember why his parents came to America from Cuba.

  39. joedakota says

    The world is full of people that exercise poor judgment, like the unlucky girl that was killed while sunbathing in the driveway behind the car. The second amendment give citizens the right to keep and bear arms because our forefathers knew what can happen to a disarmed populace. The instructor at the gun range got killed because of poor judgement on his and the 9 year old girls parents, Citizen gun
    ownership kept Japan out of the US after Pearl Harbor and lack of citizen gun ownership resulted in millions of Jews being killed by the Nazis. The second amendment was not written for hunters, target shooters, or tourist looking for a thrill. It was written to help insure continuation of American freedoms, which more than ever is in serious danger. I recognized Renaldo as a nut case when he broke into Al Capone’s secret cave. What liberals such a Renaldo fail to realize that if America falls, he and all the other commie liberals will not be immune to the consequences.

  40. Get Real says

    Rivera: Male by birth; man by age; and moron by choice…

  41. Phil McMorrow says

    Geraldo, this shooting was an accident. It has nothing whatsoever to do with access of children to guns. If you are going to editorialize, you should say so.

  42. Gary Corbier says

    Typical liberal,needs to give away more deployment of US troops or maybe some battle plans. He’s a washed up has been, no one cares what he said or does..

  43. junkmailbin says

    El Hoto Grande, Geraldo, es mierda

    1. Patriot47 says

      a real steamer

  44. Nick says

    We need to clear out both Parties and start over, Aint gonna happen though, so we need to vote in strong leaders in both Parties that can work together for the good of the nation. God bless that little girl, she should have had proper supervision, our gun range would never allow any child, boy or girl to shoot an automatic weapon

  45. Sharron says

    He dose not know our history very well. The reason the Japs did’nt enter our country was they were told that there was a gun behind of every blade of grass. Take away the guns and see how fast other country’s will be on our doorstep.

  46. Nick says

    Geraldo may claim the Democrats but the Democrats sure as heck don’t claim him.

  47. David in MA says

    THIS LaRaza member should remember why his parents left Cuba…….
    (lets see if this gets dumped, like a previous post)

  48. joe says

    No one cares what that fraud says he has zero credibility he is a joke, after the whole Al Capone vault thing he has been a public joke. He is not a news broadcaster he is an entertainer and a bad one at that.

    No one pays much attention to this has been.

  49. Roy Austin Smith says

    One post said it was a Hoax. True or False. too many lies now.

  50. William Gunby says


  51. kirkmcloren says

    Why are Jews anti gun except in Israel? No guns for goys?

  52. cathylovesyou says

    Sorry Jerry Cohen (Geraldo) has always been a phoney from early days at ABC. The only reason he spouts a little is he has a job at Fox, if he was with the phoney media like him, he would rant loudly like the liberal that he is. He is exactly like Bill Maher, both half Jews and ashamed, one Hispanic the other Irish. We are all a combination and proud of it, these two resent it with their venom. Leave the Constitution alone, Go play with Barry in his Muslim world and give all of us a break. You both have some nerve constantly bashing the country that allows your rhetoric unchecked.

  53. patriotds1 says

    Rivera is an idiot and a tool of the left. Why Fox brought him back after firing him years ago is a puzzle.

  54. Nick says

    I’m a Democrat and I own guns and everyone I know owns guns and we all stand by the 2nd . Don’t judge us all by those who think they can win another term in office by opposing gun ownership.

  55. john robel says

    Remember Geraldo’s “Al Capone’s Vault” stunt? He is just as empty.

  56. dave says

    geraldo my nana hated you way back you are a traitor you are a leaker

  57. James Andrews says

    He is an idiot, and no one cares what he thinks. He also has no knowledge of real history, and would certainly not feel this way, if he had.

  58. marcello geno says

    Geraldo Rivera is nothing more than a sleazebag of an attorney who got a lucky break and became a television show host. He wants to be ‘different’ in order to draw attention away from the Conservatives at Fox News. Somebody on another network or magazine should interview him about his sex addiction and the way he hits on all the good looking women who are part of the Fox network.

  59. Frank Andrews says

    I, for one, would like to know why that instructor was standing beside that 9 yr. old instead of behind her?
    With the way automatic weapons fire, they always tend to move up & to the left. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

    1. sirgareth says

      Why would any sane person hand a 9 year old girl a loaded automatic weapon? Why not an unpinned live grenade?

      You can’t teach live hand grenade “safety” too early can you?

  60. Steven Spafford says

    Rivera @ Fox ?? Have they lost their minds too ?? Geraldo go back to whatever hole you came out of and leave the 2nd Amendment alone. Our forefathers put it there for a reason.

  61. Special K says

    Geraldo, like many in the public arena (including Presidents) cannot be defamed, having no sense of shame. See for example:

    Geraldo Rivera’s half-naked selfie goes viral – Your Community…/09/geraldo-riveras-half-naked-selfie-goes-viral.html
    Geraldo Rivera’s half-naked … The host of the panel also said the photo ranks low “on the moral depravity list,” according to the Pittsburgh Post … GERALDO talks …

    Geraldo out of Iraq – Published Mar 31, 2003
    Mar 31, 2003 · … “U.S. military officials say Fox News Channel correspondent Geraldo Rivera will be

    His continued presence on Fox clearly tends to validate it’s claim to be “fair and balanced”.

  62. John Galt says

    He is the white Al Sharpton.
    He has no problem killing children in the name of “Choice.”
    Jerry “I think I’ll call myself Heraldo and get Affirmative Action jobs” Rivers.
    He was old and irreverent 20 years ago. I can’t imagine they let him hang around.

  63. DDofAL says


  64. Freedome-Lover says

    Sorry, I’ll take my 2nd Amendment and the rest of the US Constitution to a dictator any day!!!

  65. usncb says

    Geraldo is a stupid A.H. who needs to be locked up in Alfonso’s hidden safe for a few years. What a baffoon…………

  66. allen goldberg says

    His opinion means little. As does he. Perhaps he needs to remember, he has been a has-been for sometime.

  67. ESQ says

    Geraldo is not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  68. Carl Gottstein says

    How come these same whiners don’t ban automobiles every time there is a car accident? They don’t ban planes every time there is a plane tragedy? They don’t ban processed food every time an obease person dies of heart disease? They don’t ban auto racing everytime a crash takes a life. They don’t ban horse racing every time a horse dies. They don’t ban walking in the snow every time someone slips on ice. Why is it always an unreasonable, over reaching attack on our constitutionally guaranteed right to protect our selves. Makes you wonder what their REALLY trying to do. Obviously they do not care about us. Obviously there is a hidden agenda. Hitler banned guns, then he banned Jews. Call me skeptical, but I do not trust teary eyed socialists who pretend to love us while reaching for our right to protect our selves. I am old enough to remember history and history repeats it self. Look around the world at country’s who currently ban personal firearms. Ask yourself if it has anything to do with the fact they are all living under despots. From my cold dead hands Geraldo. You are a traitor to your nation and your message is what should be banned. To much “tolerance” for anti American ideas is why we have Obama in power. America is now a laughing stock. Communist and islamists are running wild. Thank a democrat. Fire them all.

  69. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says

    What do you expect from a guy whose name when translated is “Jerry Rivers”?????

  70. Glenn H says

    You guys don’t pick on Geraldo, he’s been fighting an uphill battle his whole life! It’s not his fault he was dealt a weak hand when God gave out brains!
    He must struggle to be a liberal because he’s far too stupid to ever become a Conservative!

  71. Michael says

    Rivera and Sharpen go hand and hand. They are idiots that are always trying to take away our rights while they have people around them all of the time carrying the same rights they are trying to take away from us the American citizens. What are they afraid of? What are they really trying to do? Take away our freedoms protected under the Constitution of course. They never go into the inner cities where problems really lye, they are Idiots and the Liberal Obama, controlled media is to Blame. Watch he will now ask Isis to come over for a round of Golf so they can be friends. All mentioned are already FRIENDS of ISIS. He has failed as a leader and should just admit it and all 3 should leave this country and go to Syria to preach their BS. NRA is a great organization and I am a member. Avery PROUD member. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, are all Liberal controlled govt media. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO REPORTERS THAT REPORT THE WHOLE TRUTH……OH yes there is one news network FOXNEWS>

  72. SFC US Army Retired says

    Geraldo Rivera is and always has been a nobody trying to be a somebody. I didn’t watch him in the past and I don’t watch him now. Geraldo is the worst mistake FOX made as he has nothing of value to say. He is in it for himself. Geraldo you are the weakest link. Good-Bye!

    1. Michael says

      agree with you 100% and thank you for your service.

      1. SFC US Army Retired says

        Thank you!

  73. don76550 says

    Geraldo did you learn to be a lying marxist propagandist all by yourself or did your mother teach you that?

  74. loran says

    And to think Geraldo is a Republican. Yes that’s right, he’s a Republican.

  75. Darrell Murray says

    Ole Gerry thinks he’s a tough guy because he got in a fist fight back in the 80’s or 90’s, well keep on attacking gun owners, the NRA and Second Amendment and we’ll stand in line to duke it out with this idiot.

  76. John Stratemeyer says

    Perhaps the greatest moment in TV history was the day when one of the guests on Geraldo’s talk show broke a chair over Geraldo’s face. As usual, his outrage is misplaced.

  77. jeffrey melton says

    geraldo who?

  78. jondarmes says

    It will be a cold day in the hot place when I concern myself with anything this America hateing scumbag is spouting off about. If the trash would just move back to mexico he wouldn’t have to worry about that evil ammendment.

  79. Tom Costello says

    As a bartender in central NJ years ago I hated to see him walk into any bar or restaurant I was in — working or as a customer. He is the most ego-centric jerk-off I have ever seen or been around in my 59 years. Why people waste time with his views is beyond me. He is a worthless human being — I equate Capone’s vault with the tawana brawley escapade —- pure bullshit, just like him!!!! Why won’t he just take his rants about open borders and go away?

  80. don says

    geraldo should have been tried as a traitor when he was in iraq giving out troops positions.

    i have no respect for geraldo…i change the station when he comes on ANY show.

  81. jackw97224 says

    Heraldo once again spews logical fallacies. The 2nd Amendment is not blind or stupid, it restricts the Federal politicians from interference with freedom of choice and it is there to make sure that if any tyrants, like Rivera, attempt to establish and dictatorship, then they will be quickly dispatched. Speaking of which, maybe Rivera can be terminated and sent to the boobyhatch home for the balance of his filthy, criminal, commie/socialist life.

  82. hcool says

    This is the guy who gets wrecked on booze or whatever and takes selfies and posts them. He is stuck on himself! I don’t see what makes his judgement so great.

  83. Marilyn Stern says

    Geraldo is a perfect example of Liberal Looniness.

  84. RONALD WIEDER says

    Geraldo: Something called for – and couldn’t come ! Does anyone still listen to him ?

  85. ssoldie says

    Geraldo’s childness is showing again, he and Juan W is why I switched off watching Fox when they are on any program,one really get’s tired of their foolishness.

  86. Peggy Joseph says


  87. Geoffrey says

    Rivera has the audacity to describe himself as a Republican!

  88. Dandetailer says

    some body needs to break his nose again only this time he needs a direct hit after the break to shove the bone back just a bit more that should solve every thing

  89. Barbara Haugh says

    It always amazes me that those who so blatantly bash the constitution, are the same ones who have benefited by having it. I don’t see him hopping a plane to leave.

    1. Valor says

      it is either hypocrisy or stupidity. Some of them like Geraldo are surrounded by armed protection.

  90. jcrawdad says

    You know Geraldo ! He is what he is. I get it ! He’s a full blown Liberal. I would just as soon see him go back home or wherever he came from. He’s one of thees guy’s that will tare down anything that will make himself look better. Hand him a rifle and he wouldn’t know which end to put to his shoulder, But he knows every thing to know about the Second Amendment . Bull crap .

  91. thomas robinson says

    It’s simple, if we had nothing but Geraldo attitudes in America, America would not exist, least ways not as a Free society. He isn’t complaining constantly about ISIS, Alqaida, Russia, Mexican cartels, north Koreans, I could go on forever with this list, but rest assured, none of the afore mentioned criminal groups will give up their guns for any complaints from anyone, anywhere, anytime. therefore, if we become unarmed as a nation, the END will follow shortly there after. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND ALL FREEDOM LOVING NATIONS!!

  92. Joanie says

    I have never liked him He is dangerous with information . Tell him nothing!!

  93. Valor says

    I grew up with guns. At age 5 or 6 my dad had a single shot .22 cut down to my size and started my training. He would never have allowed me to handle any multi shot weapon until I was old enough and mature enough. The parents of this little girl and the instructor are responsible for this tragedy. Not the 2nd Amendment. Idiots like Geraldo are unable to understand that if the citizens are denied the 2nd Amendment only criminals and the GOVERNMENT are armed. Neither is in the best interest of society.

  94. David Kight says


  95. jim says

    Funny isn’t it — guys like this get all the attention in the world but never have done anything — He’s really a small man without any real purpose in life — The biggest event I remember Geraldo for is the day that nut had the KKK, Neo’s and the Black Panthers on his show and he got his A kicked and nose broke — I almost died laughing — What kind of nut would bring that many personalities on one stage at a time, or how’s about Al Capone vault –empty — just like his head — He’s a joke and a token used to fill a square sad its come to that — I’m sure someone likes his opinions — just no one that really matters to me, or the people I know —

  96. abc__jps says

    send Geraldo out on the street of any town I would hope Chicago and let him defend himself. The child should have never been allowed to have the gun to start with, but that does not and should not have any affect on our rights to bear arms for protection. The parents and the own of the gun range should be dealing with this problem they created. I agree he needs to be with MSNBC along with the other liberals. By the way how did Geraldo make his money only with the help of free Enterprise

  97. says

    Not only that but With Americans having the right to arms, the Mexicans that raid our Southern borders could be in for a big surprise. Even after Obama and Holder supplied the Mexicans with Guns. Geraldo has always exercised poor judgement or don’t you remember the Fight he instigated on one of his shows. Nothing but a Rabble rouser.

  98. says

    The only failure here was the ultimate stupidity of the instructor to (1) properly instruct the 9-year old to expect strong and violent upward movement of the gun barrel when she pulls the trigger and (2) not ducking when the 9-year old started firing. No failure of the range, no failure of parents, no failures at all save what I have listed above. I do not like what Geraldo said about the 2nd amendment but I respect his right to say what he said.

    1. jaybird says

      I think it was a failure of the parents also.

      1. says

        Well, you could be right but I don’t think you are.

        1. jbftskj says

          Yeah, he’s right! Wake the hell up!

    2. jbftskj says

      WRONG! The range owner/manager is equally culpable; no 9-year old girl should have an UZI or other similar weapon in her hands, period! The parents and the range manager or owner all need to be held responsible for this tragedy. The little girl and her mother will never get completely over this.

      1. says

        You may be right, I’ve never fired an UZI. But I’ve heard from others that a 9 year old can handle it. I would think that a 9 year old would certainly have a great experience in firing just one round. I remember my experience as an 8 year old firing a .22 caliber rifle. My Dad was there to hold the barrel down! Just kidding, now!

  99. gemini34 says

    When Geraldo comes on, I just switch to another station.

  100. USCBIKER says

    Most of what Geraldo says is also blind & stupid but Constitutional, LOL

  101. Higherstandard13 says

    Rivera is a leftist and racist and I have never liked this left wing opportunist. He is all in favor of letting all the illegals stay for they are his people. His people violating the law and will help people like him enrich themselves. You do not see him criticizing Mexico for its immigration policy or its racism. Rivera like others believe it is racism when he and his do not get special treatment and their way.
    I say if he wants the illegals here he can support them, but they cannot work. He and the others that want the invaders should pay all the bills and cost of the illegals. But know he wants the rest of us to foot the bill while he enriches himself. I change the channel when he is on just like Obama, two of a kind,…. you know it is the white man’s fault. He refuses to acknowledge that it is their culture that has made their country undesirable and we do not want it here pulling us down.

  102. Harry Davidson says

    Is we write Fox News and tell them we are turning off their show when this whoremonger is on. Now don’t get up tight about the name for He himself bragged about sleeping with over 200 different women so what else would you call him?

    1. Mark Clemens says


  103. Combatvet52 says

    Looks like Geswaldo is sitting on his face again because that’s where his brain is up his butt, liberal loud mouth i don’t like him never did or will, he’s a useless POS.

  104. Archangel says

    Geraldo Rivera is no American! He is a LIBERAL SCUMBAG!

    Geraldo Rivera, while temporarily accompanying the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, disclosed
    sensitive information that compromised military operations and placed the soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division unnecessarily in harms way.

    After the disclosure, members of the 101st Airborne were ordered to escort Rivera out of the combat
    zone and return him to Kuwait!

    A Pentagon official told Reuters Rivera had compromised operational information by reporting the
    position and movements of American troops with the 101st Airborne Div.

    In the broadcast, Rivera instructed his photographer to tilt the camera down to the sand in front of his feet so that he could draw a map. Rivera then outlined a map of Iraq, and showed the relative location of Baghdad and his location with the 101st Airborne Div. Rivera then continued with his map to illustrate
    where the 101st Airborne Div. would be going next.

    A primary obligation of the hundreds of reporters, especially those like this SCUMBAG Rivera, traveling with coalition forces in Iraq was to refrain from disclosing sensitive information that could compromise military operations and endanger the lives of our Armed Forces.

    This Scumbag Geraldo Rivera did both, he not only compromised military operations but he intentionally endangered the lives of America’s military personnel!

    This Scumbag Geraldo Rivera has decided that endangering the lives of America’s Soldiers isn’t enough and has now decided that they and the other American’s shouldn’t be allowed the protection of the Second Amendment either!
    Geraldo Rivera is a poor excuse for an American if he even is an American!

    1. OCDiver says

      Actually I don’t believe he is, if I remember his bio correctly he’s Cuban by birth, brought to the US as a “political refugee” with his grandfather and other members of his family. With the actions he took that you’ve indicated above, he should be deported back to Cuba, I’m sure the Castro’s would love to have him back!!

    2. Deborah Busby says

      I agree! After doing what he did, he doesn’t deserve a place in the public media. I too change the channel whenever I see his face. What he did to that group of soldiers isn’t forgivable. I have a son in the Navy and sometimes he can’t even tell me where he’s going next. I’ll never believe Rivera didn’t get some stern rules about his engagement with the Airborne Div. Yet, his stupidity led him to do what he did. Why would anyone listen to him now?

      1. Archangel says

        I agree, and like yourself my son was actively engaged in combat there at the time and went onto serve 5 more deployments there over the years. I have no respect for Rivera at all.
        Here in Chicago, he is still the laughing stock of the City from his ridiculous television show regarding Al Capone’s secret vaults.

  105. desertcelt says

    What else would you expect from a cosmopolitan sisterboy? Like Phil Donohue, Piers Morgan, Stewart..none of them have enough testosterone to defend themselves or their families. Non men all of them.

    1. OCDiver says

      cowards!! each and every one of them!!!

  106. Patrick says

    She was training for the revolution idiot.

    1. jbftskj says

      That wasn’t “training”, it was ADULT NEGLIGENCE!

  107. Laurence Almand says

    This is an isolated incident, which occurs very seldom. Yes, the Socialist/Leftists will use it as another excuse for their gun-grab agenda. Five times as many children die in backyard swimming pools as die in gun negligent discharges. Does Geraldo want to ban the swimming pools?
    There is no such thing as a “gun accident” – there are only negligent discharges. In this case the instructor was obviously negligent. And just what was a child doing with such a powerful weapon in the first place? No child under the age of twelve should be allowed to handle any kind of dangerous weapon, since they are not mature enough to use such weapons correctly.

    1. jbftskj says

      You last sentence mirrors mine, above. Young children lack the strength and mental know how to handle a powerful weapon correctly. The adults in this situation are pathetic cases of the absence of plain old common sense!

  108. OCDiver says

    Cheesy mustache boy needs to learn a thing or two about our constitution!! For someone who’s supposedly “educated” he sure is stupid about our way of life. Yes, they all have the freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment ……… but how does that supersede our right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment?? If you’re so afraid of guns and personal gun ownership … too effing bad!!! This is America if you can’t handle it pack your bags and move to Mexico or some other country that bans personal gun ownership and leave America to Americans!!!

  109. dockilldare says

    maybe that is why Geraldo doesn’t have his own show anymore? maybe why he is considered a c rate journalist and no one with 2 functioning brain cells listens to him even when he is on top of something big?

    Hey Geraldo go dig up some more empty stale air in someone else’s cellar. keep your hands off my guns you fool.

  110. sparksnavy says

    The one that is “dumb and stupid” is Rivera! He would be the first one screaming for help if he were in a tough situation–how do people like him get on the air to spout his venom anyway! The hair under his big nose is larger than his brain! It must be filtering out all of the common sense before he breaths!
    Typical of a fat head liberal!
    Put the blame where it belongs–the gun range supervision and the one who was killed–who in the hell would let a 9 year old shoot a Uzi? That is totally idiotic and down right stupid! See a BIG LAWSUIT HERE! Also the parents are to blame for allowing it to happen!
    Am very empathetic toward the family of the one who was killed! That poor girl will live with that memory the rest of her life–even though she might not totally understand exactly what happened, but will grasp the meaning as she grows up!
    What branch of U.S. Service did you serve in Rivera? None I would bet!

  111. Indiana_James says

    ‘Whoraldo’ is an embarrassment to America and himself, though he’s too damn stupid to realize it.

  112. Finkster says

    Maybe we need to teach more 9 year old children how to use firearms. It’s better than the Islamic children who are taught how to carry a suicide vest into a crowded market and have no idea about self defense.
    But the liberal mind which is in unison with the Islamic mind hasn’t said a thing about the children dying. So we need to continue to teach the children firearm safety and usage. Let’s do it for the Children.

  113. Robert Freedom says

    Rivera; just another commie brain dead looser

  114. Rix says

    Hey rivera.
    How about the kids were killed in airplane “accidents” because their asshole fathers wanted to set a world record.

  115. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Geraldo has alway been nothing more than a self-agrandizing blow hard who acts like his words actually mean something. He’s full of self-importance, but he’s deluding himself. He’s on the same level as John Kerry.

    1. Deborah Busby says

      Really couldn’t have said it any better! Geraldo Rivera = Full of Self Importance You nailed it Douglas. 🙂

  116. rchguns says

    If you want to know the type of judgment Geraldo and commitment to public safety you need to look at how he acted when he was embedded with the troops in Iraq. The group he was with were in the process of getting ready for an assault on the enemy strong point when this idiot at the cameraman watch over his shoulder as he sketched out with the plans were going to be in the sand. Basically telling the enemy what the plan of attack was going to be. That’s the last day you was ever embedded with troops he and he was removed from the area forcibly.

    He also supports illegal immigration but only as long as the people being smuggled in our Hispanic. You listen to a man you get the feeling that he honestly believes that the southern part of the United States should be given back to Mexico and Spain.

    1. jbftskj says

      They may soon take it back, anyway-except Texas, of course! The Southwest is overrun with illegals, like cockroaches in the ghettos! Thanks to the traitors in the WH and Congress.

  117. Jeanne Stotler says

    When people with body guards condemn the 2nd amendment, it makes me laugh, they have this impression that they need protection and the rest of us , well, they feel we are not needed, I think he’s a pompous fool.

  118. James Garbe says

    I’m not sure why, but some town in Puerto Rico must be looking for their “idiot”.

  119. CCblogging says

    Geraldo is probably an illegal. Deport him!

  120. MrPissonyourgrave . says

    Folks it was an accident, on that same day in China a Chef was bitten by the severed head of a Cobra while trying to make Cobra Soup-he died. Its an accident and it happens sometimes.
    BOYCOTT geraldos shows!

  121. randy brown says

    jerry it time to retire bud you past you prime and the truth is your a moron

  122. helen sabin says

    Geraldo is a talking head, not knowledgeable about anything and is a liberal – so why is HE being quoted? He hasn’t done anything for America!!

  123. Paul Brown says

    It also gives us assholes like this moronic jackass Osama sympathizer and thinks like Georgie Stephanopoulos the other jerk ass kisser. Wait till the day when these isis asshole murderers come here and attack his house, he will wish to his devil that he had a gun then.

  124. John Burks says

    Geraldo is a dumb ass liberal jerk.

  125. rrecroc says

    1) Mishaps are the price of freedom idiots (Rivera is a conman and a shyster …. the stuff the National Enquirer is made of ), 2) the parents were irresponsible idiots and 3) the range was more interested in mammon than gun safety and 4) the instructor, as well-trained as he might have been in firearm safety was an idiot ……….. a nine year old should not be firing a machine gun in such an uncontrolled situation …….. this was just evolution …….. nature’s way of getting rid of idiots ……. and now the 9 year old has to contend with the memory the rest of her life …… parents are failing left and right because they want to be “friends” with their kids rather than being the one to say “NO” ……. who in this bunch was an adult ???? You cannot expect the 9 year old to know any better but the “adults” should have. Now, its more fodder for the lunatics who trust the govt ( the BIGGEST idiots of all).

  126. marilyn says


  127. jetmagnet says

    What’s wrong with thousands of dead Americans each year from Gun deaths? People have their second amendment rights and license to kill along with police who seem to kill people rather than arresting them.

  128. phil62 says

    Just exactly WHY is he on the FOX news channel of all places? I am really starting to question where FOX news is starting to go with their beliefs and the people they incorporate into their programming.

  129. supergun says

    You will always have idiots that live amongst us. They are so stupid, that they don’t even know how stupid they sound. They just get up and open their mouth and pour out pure stupid garbage.

  130. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

    It also give him the same access and by the look of his nose from time to time, he probably could use it when the skinhead nazi boys are kicking his ass. I cannot blame them, he is not only a pansy wimp with an extreme fear of the tools by which we Americans made our nation Great ie Weapons / Guns but he is a democrat and like democrats everywhere, cannot keep that fat nose out of everyones private business rather it is from the oil used to fry ones potatoes in or the color of the toilet paper used. It cracks me up that Democrats claim to be so far from Nazi yet Mrs Obama will soon be on your shopping cart they say, to tell you what you can and cannot buy for a meal.

  131. southie55 says

    Maybe Geraldo could keep looking for Al Capone’s safe.

  132. TERRY says

    SEND HIM Geraldo OVER TO DO A REPORT ON ISIS in IRAQ. Then let him talk the walk on the right to bear arms.

  133. omegaman says

    I’ve “always’ thought of Geralodo as the world’s biggest jerk-off.


    Tell haroldo to go jump into the nearest palestine / isis sewer. There were wrong decisions by several people. I had my 7 year old sun shooting .22’s on up and what he didn’t like was the kick on the 44 magnum. Now be sure whenever he shot I stood right behind him, if anything would have gone wrong I had the control of the boy. A lot of people reading this will say look at these nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts. Well if you live in The USA your heritage is guns, you cant argue with that . 100 years ago all children capable of holding a gun knew how to use it. They had to because many times back then they were shooting at that night’s dinner. At 7 or 8 years old the kid new more about shooting than probably 50% of the people who are against guns. Now my opinion any of you out there who keep hopping on this tragedy you should all shut up because the more you keep bringing this tragedy up in the papers you will be scaring that poor kid for life, so IDIOTS stop it. You want to have something to complain and yell about . Try This. A friend of mine about 8 or 10 years ago went on a tour of Germany, France, Italy, Israel and a couple of other places. What disturbed him the most was seeing palestine and visiting schools there. Why! Well pay close attention The math book the palestine’s were using had math problems for their cute little palestine children. Here is an example of 1 of there questions in their lessons. IF YOU KILL 3 JEWISH MEN AND 4 JEWISH WOMEN AND 5 JEWISH CHILDREN, HOW MANY JEWS DID YOU KILL.

  135. Cranky Steven says

    Geraldo is impotent in more than this.

  136. White & Proud says

    geraldo … YOU are a typical mexican piece of sh*t!!!!! I have a “vault” I’d like for you to go look at …..

  137. adrianvance says

    Jeraldo has no integrity. He will say anything to please his audience and he thinks he knows what they think. Sorry Jeraldo, you goofed.

    Google”Two Minute Conservative” When you speak they will applaud.

  138. jbftskj says

    Geraldo is a loudmouth, I’ll give him that. But NO gun range owner should permit a child under 12 to use an Uzi or other automatic weapon, period! The father and trainer are equally culpable in this tragedy. If parents want a child to learn to shoot, give him/her a revolver or single shot rifle, at first. God, where’s the common sense in these situations, out the window? Big lawsuit pending, I’ll bet. Yeah I own guns too.

  139. 1josephg1 says

    Shut the —- up you moron

  140. jbftskj says

    I’m disappointed that Fox would allow this creep on the network. Think I’ll go to OneAmericaNews 24/7 for relatively objective and propaganda-free US and World news reporting; that’s about all that’s left out there now; certainly not AlGorjareeza, for sure!

  141. Neal Gaylor says

    Geraldo is brain-dead liberal moron!

  142. Ronald Gunn says

    It was in a controlled environment. The parents made a bad decision, the instructor made a bad decision and this little girl will suffer for those bad decisions for the rest of her life. Is there a nice way to say “f” you Geraldo. You are a PATHETIC has been that should have never been. Like the old saying goes out law guns and only out laws will have guns and they would love that. And don’t sound stupid and say they would not be able to get guns. You can get guns, as another old saying goes, on any street corner. Geraldo just go away, better yet, DIE.

  143. phishing4men says

    Geraldo, a blotch on the hispanic community.

  144. NEIL C. REINHARDT says


  145. worldwatchman says

    Too bad he couldn’t have found Capone’s secret storage and got lost forever in it BUT, he’s right about just how stupid it was for the parent/s and any range to allow a child that young to try to control an Uzi or to fire any weapon. This is taking our right to a very, very low….low. I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment but, I do believe in common sense and being an adult and good protective parent. The fight to protect our rights shouldn’t be a grounds for ignorance and flat out stupidity.

  146. BigC says

    Why FOX continues to give this left-wing idiot airtime is puzzling, to say the least! Nobody gives a damn what you think Geraldo, so STFU!

  147. Charles says

    My best moment – ever – watching TV was when a Geral do clone broke Geral do’s nose by hitting him with a chair. Let’s look that guy up and see if he wants a re-run.

  148. Combatvet52 says

    Hey he’s an attorney he knows everything like Obama knows, Geswaldo crawl back into your hole.

  149. Irvan says

    Geraldo Rivera is just as STUPID as they come. How he manages to stay in his job is beyond me. Someone needs to threaten to cut his head off and see what reaction one gets. I would be willing to bet he wished he had a gun then.

  150. Joyce A. Luna says

    Geraldo you are not thinking like a grown mature male. You have no guts or moral judgment.This is my opinion of you.

  151. robertmccabe says

    Years ago as I understand it he was fired by ABC because while in his boss’s office a large envelope of cocaine spilled out.He must have a great agent or manage to have a lot of dirt on a lot of people everybody I know reaches for remote when he shows up.

  152. Harvey Melton says

    geraldo went into the crapper a long time ago, just after he got bashed in the head with a chair by one of his ticked off guests.i think it gave him brain damage.adults using common sense knowing the dangers of whatever it is happens everyday, but there are those incidents that happen, and will continue to happen no matter what. drivers have accidents, does this mean all cars should be banned? by geraldos thinking maybe. this guy needs to move on to some fantasy news channel since he is definitely not living in reality.guns are a necessity in life especially now the way things are getting everyday.common sense is key here for everything in life. sometimes i think people like geraldo are paid by certain factions by the govt to say what they say on a national basis, but really i think this comes natural with geraldo.

  153. dmttbt says

    Geraldo said it himself, “blind and stupid.” that is what he is. He was sent out of Iraq when he was reporting from over there because he was giving away the militaries’ position while reporting. He is the one gto go along with Juan Williams who should be sent to the land of ISSIS, not to report but to live or die whichever comes first.

  154. ARNOLD CARL TAPP says


  155. David Shelby says

    GERRY, GERRY, GERRY, Second Amendment is A RIGHT given to ALL Americans, (Even journalists who give away military intelligence information), such as yourself. Perhaps if you grew up your daddy obama might even let you study and get a C.H.L. Then you would have something to shoot off, besides your mouth.!!!!

  156. adrianvance says

    Jeraldo is always playing to the cheap seats, the “low-information” voter.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

  157. defiant1 says

    Geraldo, you may see the 2nd Amendment as “…blind and stupid….”, but then you are a liberal and not as half as intelligent as our Founders. They wrote that amendment for a reason, yet you see it through your biased controlling filter. Your words are mere utterances compared to what the Founders wrote. Go talk to the wall………….

  158. JuneUSA says

    I am really tired of hearing Geraldo rant and rave. He thinks we should all agree with him and I don’t.

  159. Sarcastic1 says

    It’s just dangerous. People could easily make the argument that MOST of the amendments are blind and stupid. After all, why should we have freedom of speech or religion when those things are so OBVIOUSLY dangerous and cause problems for us at times? See how that works? Yes, there are issues and problems that arise from our various freedoms but those freedoms are still what make this country unique in the world today. Unfortunately, with most good comes some bad. We have to understand that, work to limit it, but work WITHIN the frame of our laws and constitution.

  160. Adam Brier says

    That chair Geraldo took to the face years ago musta knocked him retarded.

  161. al.k says

    He has sold out to the mainstream media, wonder how he would feel if he got mugged by some hoodlums and got the shit kicked out of him too, it would take a week to clean up all the shit this traitor has built up.
    A traitor is anyone who turns on the people he is supposed to represent. look at the undocumented sodomite in the white house with his first man Michael, this creep has never had to prove his eligibility, look at all the wasted time trying to prove he was ineligible when all they would of had to do was him provide proof that he was eligible, he can’t do that today, but george soros money meant more to the Con-gress, house and the senate than representing their sworn oath, they are all sold out and the mainstream media programs the people for their cause, the president is only the president of the corporation of DC, not of all the states, the states take handouts and allow the government to control and own property in every state, this needs to be abolished as do all the free trade zones, 256 of them given free of charge to China.
    Every state needs to reclaim all property within each states borders, including the free trade zones. Our representatives do not represent we the people, both political parties and the mainstream media are owned by the Illuminati, they flourish by their drug and arms smuggling, remember the Reagan/bush contra arms drug dealing, slick willy, democrat Governor of Arkansas provided the airport for, they are all part of the big picture, the white house is now officially the Whore House, full of all corruption.

  162. Archangel says

    Geraldo Rivera-“Like I always say, the 2nd Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid.”

    First, this is an exhibition of ignorance by Geraldo Rivera that indicates he knows absolutely “NOTHING” about the Principles upon which our Constitutional Republic is predicated!

    The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an Unalienable Right and inasmuch is not dependent upon the Constitution or any governmental entity for its existence!

    The Second Amendment to our Constitution does not and cannot provide anyone any rights; that Unalienable Right, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is Antecedent to the Constitution and merely protects that already existing “UNALIENABLE RIGHT” from infringement by governmental entities!

    Like most Liberal Lunatics, Delusional Democrats and Progressive Communists, the only one Blind and Stupid here is Geraldo Rivera!

    Furthermore; Geraldo Rivera, aside from being Blind and Stupid is also a Traitor and Collaborator who provided sensitive information to America’s enemies!

    Geraldo Rivera, while temporarily accompanying the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, disclosed
    sensitive information that compromised military operations and placed the soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division unnecessarily in harms way.

    After the disclosure, Geraldo Rivera was expelled from Iraq and members of the 101st Airborne Division were ordered to escort Mr. Rivera out of the combat zone and exile him to Kuwait!

    In his broadcast, Rivera instructed his photographer to tilt the camera down to the sand in front of his feet so that he could draw a map. Rivera then outlined a map of Iraq, and showed the relative location of Baghdad and his location with the 101st Airborne Divivision. Rivera then continued to illustrate with his map exactly where the 101st Airborne Divisions next operation would take place!.

    A primary obligation of the hundreds of reporters allowed to travel with coalition forces in Iraq was to refrain from disclosing sensitive information that could compromise military operations and endanger the lives of our Armed Forces.

    Geraldo Rivera did both, he not only compromised military operations by providing the enemy with sensitive military information, but he also endangered the lives of America’s military personnel!
    Geraldo Rivera like most Liberal Lunatics, Delusional Democrats and Progressive Communists is a very poor excuse for an American.

    During WWII, (that’s World War Two and not World War Eleven for you Liberal idiots) Geraldo Rivera’s actions would have probably earned him either a long vacation in Leavenworth or a firing squad.

    1. walda151 says

      LOL – loved your explicit description of WWII!

  163. Dave McFarland says

    Actually, Geraldo is a republican. The vast majority of republicans are indeed conservative or very close to being libertarian. Geraldo is talking like a liberal who is unable to envision anyone else’s opinion. Like the majority of liberals, “It’s my way or the highway”. I do like Geraldo; however, he is inconsistent with many of today’s social issues. He wants freedom for all, including people being here illegally. He supports voting rights for the protection of minorities only. He once declared that he did not care about the voting violations perpetrated against non-minorities. He fails to recognize that 93% of voter fraud favors minorities due to the fact that the common conception states that non-minorities cannot be discriminated against. Wow, that does take a liberal mind to make such a statement.

  164. Ronald Hagler says

    Since when did Geraldo become an expert on the Constitution and the rights it grants to honest, law-abiding citizens? After all, did he not once air an entire episode of his TV series to open the tomb of Jimmy Hoffa and expose his remains to the world? While this death was tragic, and ABSOLUTELY preventable, it in no way infers that the 2nd Amendment is flawed, out-dated, blind or stupid. What was stupid was handing a young person an UZI and expecting to have a favorable result. This man may have been an instructor, but he was a stupid one! Once again the liberal voices of (un) reason have missed the focal point of this tragedy in their zeal to destroy the Constitution. The 2nd amendment had no more to do with this tragedy than did the United Auto Workers Union when a jealous student drove a vehicle, built by them, into a crowd because his girlfriend was talking to another male student. The focal point, which eludes the liberal masses, is the instructor’s irresponsible action of giving this young girl such a weapon, not the 2nd amendment nor the rights of every American to own firearms. The tragedy is that a man is dead and a young girl will have to live the rest of her life remembering that day and what happened. This is not a legal issue, nor a constitutional issue; it is a human issue and should be viewed in only that manner!

  165. Ludlow Porch says

    The instructor made a big mistake, on this one. He stood to the left of this child who had never fired a weapon like this before. He did not anticipate how she might react when the gun continuously fired, and it cost him his life. The gun overwhelmed her. He should have been behind her and assisted her by holding the weapon while she pulled the trigger. I saw the video and the mistake the instructor made. Sad.

  166. whoisshe? says

    Geraldo loves his pot, and women, he definitely doesn’t want his wife to be armed.