Gingrich Calls President Out on Radical Islam: “No One Wants to Tell the Truth.”


With the United States dropping the first bombs in Iraq since troop withdrawal a couple of years ago and Hamas breaking yet another ceasefire with Israel, Newt Gingrich this morning spoke with CNN’s New Day about Barack Obama’s failure to recognize extreme Islam for what it is. “Nobody wants to tell the truth,” Gingrich said in response to the president’s Thursday night address. “The truth is this is a radical Islamist group. They say openly if you don’t convert, we’ll kill you. It turns out they actually mean it.”

Gingrich is talking about a problem that has plagued American foreign policy since Obama took office. His administration has always been one of conciliatory appeasement, even in the face of facts that make diplomacy an unlikely approach. Gingrich’s words ring with undeniable truth when he says, “There’s a war against Christians across the region, and the fact is we’ve got to be prepared to be honest about this.”

The man couldn’t be more right. The war isn’t just against Christians, however, but also against Jews, atheists, and anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the exact mode of extremist Islam preferred by whichever terrorist group happens to be doing the bombing (or the beheading, as the case may be). But while their enemies may share many faces, the perpetrators of this violence wear the same mask. It is the mask of religious fundamentalism, and to avoid calling it out for what it is only ensures that there will never be prolonged peace in the Middle East. Or in the Western world, for that matter.

Obama has played this game of semantics since before he took office. Re-characterizing the war on terror was among his first priorities when he stepped into the White House. No longer would America play the part of the world’s “bad guys.” Because that’s how he saw it, and it’s probably how he continues to see it. The greedy, wealthy, ignorant country across the pond, sticking its military nose where it doesn’t belong. Everyone remembers the apology tour of ’09, where the president touched down in every country in Europe, promising that the dark reign of George W. Bush was well and truly over.

Say what you will about Bush, though; at least he understood what it was we were up against. Perhaps it was because he had his own religious convictions that he was unable to stand idly aside and pretend Islamic fascism didn’t represent the greatest threat to world peace in modern times. Perhaps it was because he learned from his father and Ronald Reagan that military might only matters when you use it. Perhaps it was because he stood atop the wreckage of the Twin Towers, amongst all the dead, and saw the tragedy for what it was.

Bush made some mistakes in his mission to rid the world of Islamic terrorism, but his willingness to paint the problem in clear strokes of black and white was not among them. It has been thirteen years since 9/11, but you would have to be wearing a mighty fine pair of rose-colored glasses to believe that there will never be another attack of similar magnitude. This administration’s refusal to see the enemy for what it is only increases the likelihood that it will be sooner than later.


  1. Harvey Melton says

    this radical islam problem has been around and growing since the hitler days.and our own cia has done a whole lot to promote these same groups growth.radical islam is a cancer on the world, they have no love nor respect for anyone much less cancer they kill the good cells or infect and take over the good cells turning them into cancer cells too, and left to do what they do the host, this world will die out completely.and they do this all in the name of God thinking that they are doing God a favor if that was ever possible, which it is not. God doesnt need our inadequate help to accomplish his purposes.

    1. chamuiel says

      their God, allah is the devil.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        Their god is a false god. He does not exist. It will be a shocker when they find themselves in front of the only true God and they find out it is our God, and they have nothing on their side. Satan will be pleased with them, and they will become part of his world. No twenty odd virgins, just hell.

        1. remajohn says

          70 odd virgins BlancoBird and Allah was an old Arabic God. Islam is a lie of the greatest proportions and if we wait for Christ to return He will destroy them but millions die meanwhile. Since they are a smaller number here than we, give them a warning to leave or convert and then each person take out only one and before everyone gets a chance they’re all gone and let Uncle Obama sort out who did and who didn’t do away with one of his buddies/relatives. That will send a message that they are not to come here. Give Uncle the first chance to get rid of them before doing it for them. Remember when you vote, don’t vote for anyone who is not strongly against Islam period.

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            Abolutely do not vote for anyone that runs under the sign of the jackass because a jackass is what you will get. The fact is that we have to vote for the best of the two that are on the ballot even if that means that you are voting for someone that you don’t really like that much. I have to do it and the rest of us do as well. That is just the fact. We do the best we can with what we have to vote for. Don’t stay home. Go vote against a jackass.

          2. Laurie Milligan says

            I agree 100% …what troubles me is that as I move about my life I am hearing lots of people becoming insanely apathetic. “Never voting again” has been said to be me by many, I am trying to reasonably and intelligently explain why this can not happen. On the lives, limbs, and minds of all the soldiers who have given so much for my freedom I will try with all of might to change this mindset I see brewing around me. I will never give up this effort out of respect for this Nation and all the men and women who have so valiantly given all for my first amendment rights! May God Bless America!

          3. WhiteFalcon says

            The same is true for the second thru tenth Amendments as well.

          4. Laurie Milligan says


          5. shamu9 says

            You can bet that all the Leech Azzed Recipients will be out to Vote, “Early And Often”! All the Central American MS-13 CHILDREN Who LOOK Old Enough will be Voting “Jackass Party” No Questions Asked, [per Eric “The Red” Holder]! All the God-damned Somalians and Other African – Ebola Carrying – Immigrants, will be right there with them! Down With Democrats!!

          6. taliesin319 says

            We have less than 2 years for every state to insist on voter ID with photo. If you can
            take your freebies and use an ID card, take a trip to see your relatives, enter a hospital for treatment, prove you have won a lottery, then you can jolly well produce one to vote. If Pharmacists from one state to another can tell if you are refilling a script before its out, that same tecnology should be able to refuse a ballot if another one with that same ID was used. Once photo ID becomes the law it will be harder for the dead and illegals to say nothing for infants to vote.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Due to the lack of giving a shit, and most Americans not voting. This country will be systematically disassemble before y’all’s eyes. Please continue to collect all the benefits, wile they still last. Meanwhile all the important things in your life, such as The View, Dr. Oz, and American Idol will still be broadcasted. Wile the government follows Obama Foreword in to disaster.
            If you don’t vote, your more of a problem than the politicians you hate; at least THEY VOTED. ………..

          8. Laurie Milligan says

            Respectfully, I don’t do The View, Dr. Oz, or flipping American Idol! I do vote and you completely misjudged my statement. If you would like to have an intelligent conversation, minus the attitude..let me know. My point was that I am I trying to stop the “sheeple” from becoming complacent!!!!!!

          9. Mark Clemens says

            My bad, I intended that to go out by its self after I read your statement. But it is true.

          10. mficentral says

            Your comment is so great it makes me cry for my country. I will never give up my right either. PLEASE, DEAR CHRIST, STAY WITH AMERICA

          11. mficentral says


          12. taliesin319 says

            Allah ( upper case only because it is the beginning of a sentence ) was a stone idol resident in the Quba at the time and on the day that Muhammud in a fey fit of anger decided to destroy 366 out of a total of 367 idols and chose to use allah
            as his assinine attempt to pass this stone idol off to the neighboring tribes as an avatar of Yahweh. Needless to say, nobody bought this deception since everybody knew this idol was one sacred to moon bats and had been this and this alone since time out of mind. To make him more easy to digest he told them that this god of his neither begot, nor was he begotten. So much for Jesus. Since allah was known by the tribes to have begotten daughters, one of whom was the planet Venus, they laughed him out of the box. The ideology of Islam is based on murdering anyone who would disagree with its founder who was a lunatic. We need to focus on limiting any type of Islamic influence in these United states. Any semblance of Sharia Law needs to be ripped out of any law code where it has gained a toehold in the United States. We, like Japan need to say we are now and will remain a completely Sharia Free Zone. if Cair and its buddies complain tell them the door swings both ways and they can leave and noone will care if the door cripples them on the way out. All immigration from Islamic nations with the exception of Jews and Christians, seeking religious asylum should be stopped. If oil is the problem it would not be the problem for long. We have ample resources and the EPA can shut up until we are energy independent.

          13. Hang Hall says

            Great reply, it is correct, this is OUR HOUSE and we have the right to run it our way and like you said hit the door if you don’t like it.

          14. mficentral says

            I too read all I could get my hands on regarding how islam began. It’s such a joke I am amazed how many fell for that idiot’s story. You are so right on everything else. I write my state representatives to stop any and all attempts at sharia law, but they only tell me “don’t worry” . Well I do worry because they aren’t paying attentionl

          15. taliesin319 says

            The real fun is obtained in the Sira, the great biography of muhammud. The author, Ibn Ishaq, was the Arabian equivalent of Boswell. He included just about every idiosyncrasy of the demented, evil, wretch of whom he wrote. One thinks while reading much of it that if comedians were looking for material they need go no further than the Sira.
            You can skip much of the beginning since its a vain attempt to tell his followers that he, muhammud was descended in an unbroken line from Ishmael himself, of whom it was written,” I shall make of him a great nation. He will be as the wild ass, and every man’s hand will be against him. ” There was no convincing proof of this and it took 176 boring pages to explain his questionable pedigree.
            From then on in we are treated to such things as how many times a muslim man can shake the snake after urination without being defiled. The answer is 3. Muhammud had a thing about 3. How many stones do you need to wipe your backside after defecation. Yes, that right I said stones. Moreover, he made it clear that one must be careful not to confuse a stone with a camel or goat turd. If he said good day he said it three times. You know after just a page or two that you are gazing upon a person afflicted with severe OCD. Add to this Petit Mal seizures of adult onset (serious in adults) and pile on the real possibility that he suffered also from Hypospadias, so severe that urination had to be accomplished squatting, and you can see the terrible burden inbreeding puts on any populace. Other gems include a page and a half discussing what to do if you need to fart while in the mosque. Moreover, do the people next to you also have to repeat the ablutions or even take a bath. The discussion then lists just what sort of fart requires leaving your prayers. This book is so filled with this kind of dreck that you are too busy laughing to take anything about this Ideology as the output from a sane person. If possible converts read the Sira first there would be far fewer takers.

        2. .madashell says

          Oh, he does very much exist.
          Alah, AKA Satan, is as real as God.
          Satan (” Lucipher”) was cast out of heaven when his actions against God became intolerable. He wished to be God, not a servant of God.
          He then declared himself to be Alah, or God, and proceded, by declaration and act, to kill all those who followed the real God.
          And there you have it, the birth of Islam.
          Islam exists, therefore Satan exists.

        3. hankthetank says

          An it is NOT a religion, IT is a cult!!!

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            That is true.

      2. Peter B. Duran says

        We should remember Teddy Roosevelt and his saying of “Soft Talk and Big Stick”. What is happens today is that we have reversed its meaning to “Big Talk and Soft Stick”. Obama is helping a lot with the release of 5 terrorists from Guantanamo, the release of the actual boss of Isis from Jail, and by ignoring the situation and threats that we all are facing today. Just hoping that 17 months runs fast.

        1. scottie526 says

          Peter, I agree 110% but the real problem is that Obama is protecting his kin folk….the Muslim population. Many people ask why Obama doesn’t do more to protect the USA and others from the mass destruction? The answer, in my viewpoint is that he is one of them that wants to see a worldwide calaphate and if you follow his actions, that is exactly what he is producing.

          1. Hang Hall says

            What so many do not understand is in the past when we elected a person to the office of President we expected him to improve the country. This person in office is a Muslim and wants to destroy this country….people look at his time while he held any office. He has done nothing. WE the People have let this happen, We the People have to solve the problem.

          2. scottie526 says

            I am glad that individuals like you and me see the true light of this imposter in charge. Now the problem is the ones that the government want to dumb down that will only vote Democrate due to the freebies that you and I have to pay for. Pretty soon, the gov’t won’t have any money to pay to the lazy SOBs for their entitlement checks. Then and only then will we see a revolution in this country of those that have against those who want.

          3. Hang Hall says

            That right as soon as the money runs out! The computer helps out also because the individual can look up the truth and the facts not what the alpha-bit news tells you. Some though are to far gone in their utopian minds.

        2. Yadja says

          While we are at it we can look at what Thomas Jefferson did to the Barbary Coast Pirates who were Muslims. We can look at all the leaders throughout the world who have had plenty to say about the evils of Muhammadanism.

          Let me quote Churchill:
          “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities………..But the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribun, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith……….the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.”

        3. sturgis says

          I know what you meant but, T.R. said, ,”Walk softly and carry a big stick!”. Look, during the up-rising in Egypt our shithead in the White House sent billions of OUR tax money to support the muslim brotherhood. He also sent OUR tax money to support the Palestinians, which he knew indirectly went to hamas. The fact is barry soetoro is a muslim and, if anybody thinks differently,,, then they’re ignorant fools.

          1. hankthetank says

            Do you remember, when the PLO was the terrorist& Hamas came to help them against Israel! now they try to make you think Palestinians are the good ones & Hamas is bad, well they are one & the same! they joined together to kill Israel;

        4. remajohn says

          The say is , Walk softly and carry a big stick!

        5. hankthetank says

          I,m hoping he takes Obama & his Muslim’s with him!!

      3. johnny51 says

        There is only one GOD !

    2. Sylvester Jones says

      They’re losers and will be eliminated by God and soon.

      1. remajohn says

        Not soon enough. Not before millions more will die. Wake up people it could be you and your family sooner than you think. I was speaking to a neighbor who laughed and asked, ” do you really think you could lose your head in America?” The next week they beheaded a man in New Jersey. What do you think?

        1. Sylvester Jones says

          The bible says billions killed and soon.

          1. Hawtry says

            Chapter and verse?

          2. Sylvester Jones says

            Do your own research its in the Bible.

  2. vietnam6871 says

    There are 1.5 billion Muslims in this world and about 20% are radical. That makes 300 million radical killers out there. AND, I don’t see the other 1.2 billion doing anything to rein in their own. We should be exterminating the groups we know about in this country, and that includes at least 20 training camps and radical Imams and other leaders. First things first, clean the Muslim trash out of the White House. And secondly, don’t trust any Muslim, you can’t afford to – is he the 80% or the 20%?

    1. remajohn says

      The 80% are complicit by remaining silent and inactive against the 20% so we might as well run them off also.

      1. Harvey Melton says

        they know the truth but live in fear, if they spoke out then it would be them who is beheaded.along with their family members.

        1. remajohn says

          Harvey, I understand what you are saying but I have read the Qur’an for over 20 years since I liven in Egypt in 1991 through 1994 and the truth is the Qur’an is evil and full of hatred and violence. Nonw of them will ever speak out against the others because they comnsider them their brothers even tho they think they have the doctrine wrong. Just as you won’t find Muslims going bto war with the US Army because they won’t kill another Muslim. It is a false religion with a false god that is pure evil and until they discover the true God thy will not have love in their hearts.

          1. Harvey Melton says

            oh i know from doing my own due diligence in researching this false god religion how they are.there is no compromise with these people, no promises kept by them no positive ones anyway.only as you say the one true GOD can bring them to the truth.this darkness is what obama has embraced log ago. many deceived people and people too ready to make ”first” history in this country voted him into office from the very beginning with obama there were previews behind his mask, now it is pretty much off. these radical islamist they hold to no pretenses they are right up front with thier murderous beliefs.the only thing obama will do from here on out tothe end of his term, will be to create as much chaos as possible and to spend this country into the dust, to aid and give comfort to our enemies etc.soon we will be invaded by massive numbers of foreign enemies which more than likely will be mixed, that plus civil breakdown, and huge outbreaks of disease because of the dead being left out unburied and/or cannibalism etc.many many people do not believe this will ever happen, they seem to either have one of two mindsets, that things will get a little bad but brought under control quickly and those that think things will continue on with no more than the usual problems. then society and govt in general thinks those that expect the worst and are at least trying to be ready for it, are related to invaders from mars etc. a recipe for disaster fror sure.

    2. PLW says

      By not condemning what the Radical Islamic Muslim are doing throughout the World by openly murdering women & children in the name of Sharia Laws and following Mohammed & Allah to kill all infidels, the quiet Islamic Muslims are just as guilty as their Radical Terrorists Brothers !!! All of them have become a Murderous Cult, not a peaceful religion as Obama calls them !!!

      1. Seldena says

        I have studied ISLAM and they are far from peaceful. All they want is to behead those who do not accept their religion. Christians are infidels and must be killed is their motto! obama is just like them!

        1. Uzoozy says

          You must be talking of the xtains.

          1. Seldena says

  –You need to order this CD “The QURAN and. Christianity. This explains everything aboutISLAM and their desire to behead anyone that does not claim ISLAM. They are BRUTAL!!

          2. Uzoozy says

            Try these verses from the Bible and tell me who is brutal.

            Kill those who are not Christian or Jewish:

            You must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20

            Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10

            Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16

            Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7

            Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13

            Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20

            Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11

          3. Seldena says

            God , who created everything is a jealous God. He can do whatever he wishes. He does kill the enemies of him na dhas prepared HELL for Satan and his angels that reject him. ISIS is a man-made religion that their leader is dead and dust. Jesus arose from the dead and is at the right hand of God! So, ISLAM is the more brutal that have no right to behead anyone!

          4. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

            Yes mam

          5. Robert Boni says

            And how many Christians are acting on that? And how many muslims are killing non muslims?

          6. Uzoozy says

            The Afghan war the Siberian genocide , Iraq war, starving innocent children (5 million) in Iraq these are deeds of good men.

          7. Cynic says

            And so in turn you approve of the mass murders of innocents happening in Iraq TODAY.

            BTW, the last time I looked, these weren’t Americans getting killed there.

          8. proudtexan62 says

            Where do you get this? I was there and you were obviously not. Provide us with the proof of this, the largest lie I have seen in recent years and we have been subjected to many more lies than can be counted from the radical left in our own country.

          9. Arationofreason says

            Perhaps refraining from questionably translated and inconsistent fairy tales would help both sides in a quest to find solutions not abhorrent to humanity.

          10. Uzoozy says

            I am no problem and offer no solutions.
            Only I know that having written many blog there was only ONE person who wrote in a sensible way.

          11. DCW16 says

            You only spout untruths and nonsense . . . are you Sadam’s Spokesman? Thought he retired . . . the 5 million children is just laughable . . . especially since they strap bombs on their kids . . .

          12. Uzoozy says

            Did Iraqi’s ask to be recued from Saddam, they did not, after that what happens is on the collective conscious of the American People.
            Fact 5 million kids were starved to death another 2 million killed and many millions displaced from their homes. Who dun it?

          13. marla1 says

            Go back to your own country and be man enough to fight for it! But you coward you came to America to have America fight for you, but you want your shitty customs in our country! Please leave!! Some of us will gladly buy you a one way ticket!

          14. Uzoozy says

            I am an American if you do not me here go to the forests of Frinkafasi.

          15. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

            THere are many who claim to be American and can even show papers. It does not make them so. Americans should love this country, stand up for her, fight for her, be a true and honest supporter of her in every way. To make excuses for those who would put her down is as un American as it gets. Like the president.

          16. DCW16 says

            Did the UN do that Uzzz?
            That is pure nonsense . . . unsupported by facts.
            But today the insane izzzlamists ISIS are killing thousands . . . and we don’t hear from folks like you? Why is that Uzz . . . just another terrorist sympathizer I suspect ! ! !

          17. Cynic says

            So you approve of ISIS finishing what you think the US started? Whose people are they slaughtering over there?

          18. Harvey Melton says

            oh a different tactic, now we as a people in general are being held responsible and accountable for our leaders actions? so whatever our leaders do it is only because we force them to say it or do it?what other fairy tales do you believe in, and for one with such a mindset, how can you truly know any of Gods truth.?

          19. Uzoozy says

            Islam is NOT an abhorrent religion, Islam is submission to the word of God.
            Stop poking them .

          20. Harvey Melton says

            so you are rewarded for killing in your gods name? how is that any different from what you have previously quoted from the old testament ?killing by any form for any reason is still killing is it not? or perhaps you believe killing is like love? or pleasure of some kind perhaps? or maybe just the killing of those that you identify with is wrong and all other killing is right and is acceptable to GOD? really, if you believe this way then there is no hope for you after this life.

          21. Uzoozy says

            You must be talking about yourself , I am a God fearing person , all lives are equal whether a Christian or not, must treat all people with respect and honor.
            Very unlike you have portrayed me as.
            Go sulk in the corner.
            Islam should provide you all of your answers.

          22. Uzoozy says

            Simple answer eliminate the man written parts of the bible, there will be peace and tranquility in the world.

          23. M.Forus says

            The problem is Islam is still doing this today. The Catholic church carried this out last in the 15th century, which I dont consider the Catholic church Christianity anyway. Total Pagan religion. No, Im not a Christian but study the bible

          24. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

            I agree. We only need to reach out to our Savior, believe and repent to be saved. There is no ritual that we must go through every day or week or year. Gods gift of Salvation is free with nothing attached except you must believe. To do all the rituals that the Catholic church says one must do (and I have a Catholic Bible) is to work to get to Heaven. Which is totally contrary to Gods Word.

          25. Uzoozy says

            You are neither here or there, stop sitting on the fence it does not work out.

          26. Harvey Melton says

            well yes no fence sitters allowed, loll good one, however i know beyond a shadow of doubt where i stand. i know my eternal reward, which is far far better than yours.but what is mine can and could be yours also,but that is your free will choice, dont worry unlike your religion, no one will cut off your head if you do not believe in the same GOD i do, you may think you do, but you do not.

          27. Uzoozy says

            My God is the same for the entire world. Its not exclusive to Islam or Christianity or Judaism. People like you live in a steel bubble with no ventilation.
            There is no equality in Xtians, just talk.
            May God bless you and make you smell the roses.

          28. DCW16 says

            “Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11”

            And the rest of the story . . . “On the Day of Judgement” !
            So loonie muzzzie . . . you are wrong again. The judging in this case will be done by G*d . . . something which should terrify ALL moooslimes as when they die and meet their maker for the FIRST Time . . . things will not go well.

            The OT was instructions to the J*ws . . . who unlike their insane relatives in the ME . . . no longer observe these rules from 4 thousand years ago.

          29. Uzoozy says

            Time to change, read the Quran and be blessed.

          30. marla1 says

            Put plastic bags over your head instead of rags!

          31. Uzoozy says

            You should wear the KKK mask and go around.

          32. marla1 says

            A few million of us should and that would clean or at least help to clean our country until diversity made it the filthy out house it has become! Get rid of the sewer rats!!

          33. Uzoozy says

            It is YOU that is creating the filth like the sewer rat that you are.
            God does NOt need help from heathens.

          34. Uzoozy says

            Do you clean up as your bible says

            must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20

            Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10

            Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16

            Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7

            Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13

            Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20

            Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11

          35. DCW16 says

            mooohamed was an illiterate . . . he is assumed to had his sayings recorded by others . . . it is a book of fables and nonsense.
            Proof you say? Those nasty J*ws have defeated them and their moon god every time . . .

          36. Uzoozy says

            You can say whatever you want.
            There is only One God, this you cannot deny.

          37. DCW16 says

            There are many gods . . . and hundreds of people who think they are gods or want to become gods. Mohamed chose one of these gods back in the day from the old pagan arab culture . . . it is a powerless god that can only be spread by force, because it cannot save or free you from your sins . . . only spread hate and division around the globe.

          38. Uzoozy says

            Like the Inquisition.

          39. DCW16 says

            I know you don’t know this . . . but the “Inquisition” took place over 400 years ago . . . it is NOT happening today. And was only the Catholic Church, which had many errors then and still does today. The persecuted Christian groups like the Anna-baptists, Hugoniets and so on . . . whereas izzzzlam slaughtered and persecuted ALL and are doing the same today in Iraq, Libya, Syria and many North African countries.

          40. Uzoozy says

            I know a lot about the Inquisition and know the Church with its cohorts killed 9 million people, including some of their own. History tells us that this was done to eliminate competition and increase the number of meek Christians.
            The attitude of the current religious order is exactly the same, kill oppress and try and command.
            I would like to see the whole world in peace living in harmony, the aim of Islam , somehow its the opposite maybe Inquisition is still going on ? Who knows, A relative tranquil middle has been turned into an inferno . Why and How?
            God alone knows.

          41. DCW16 says

            Absolute nonsense Uzzzz . . . . 9 million LOL Read Fox’s Book of Martyrs . . . your numbers are out by at least 8.7 million.

            “I would like to see the whole world in peace living in harmony, the aim of Islam”

            More nonsense . . . izzzzlam is terminally insane, violent, abusive and intolerant.

            they have demonstrated this ALL over the world for 1400 years . . .

            Were are the free izzzlamic countries? they don’t exist . . . that why you live in Sweden . . . even YOU would not live in an moooslime country.

            Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner


          42. DCW16 says

            Watch the video Uzzzz . . . . izzzzlam then .. . . izzzzlam now . . .anti-human.

            Invented in the 7th century . . . it is patent nonsense . . . it will never save you, their god is a rock in Medina.

            Jesus said . . . ” I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me.”

            That statement is as correct today as it was over 2000 years ago when it was spoken . . .
            No one on this earth today or throughout history can help you, not some imam, moohamed, the 12th imam, or even blowing yourself up for the cause . . .
            Izzzzzlam is a massive lie . . . and they will never defeat the J*ws – G*ds chosen people for 4000 years.

          43. Uzoozy says

            I do not follow any Imam.
            You have such a distorted view of the world, I do not know where to start from.
            Christians and Jews are people of the book.
            They take the name of God.
            There is no Holy War(crusades) going on.
            There is one God pray to Him alone.

          44. DCW16 says

            You have a god? What is his name?

          45. Uzoozy says

            I have a God that is most forgiving and merciful.
            You know that name so why ask.
            Anyway MYOB

          46. DCW16 says

            YHWH, most often pronounced Yahweh, is the English transliteration2 of the Tetragrammaton, the four Hebrew letters representing God’s name. God’s Holy Spirit inspired the Tetragrammaton to appear in the Old Testament 6,823 times.

            He responds to no other names . . .

          47. Uzoozy says

            Puntrasikantrafasi is the real name.

          48. DCW16 says

            One way ticket . . . to the pit ! ! !

          49. Uzoozy says

            Read this beautiful letter from Our Holy prophet.

            This Islamic teachings, where have the people taken it to.

            How should Muslims treat Christians? With violence? Anger? Hatred? The answer is none of the above. Below is the English rendering of a letter written by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to all Christians.

            In a time when tensions between Islam and Christianity seem to be at an all time high, we remind our Christian friends that a true Muslim cannot hurt a Christian in any way, neither by his hand, nor by his tongue.

            The below letter requires no explanation. We hope it provides credence and comfort that Prophet Muhammad (sa) truly celebrated his Christian friends.

            (The original letter is now in the Topkapi Museum in Instanbul)

            “This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them. Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

            No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries.

            No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

            No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

            Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).”

          50. DCW16 says

            Lyin to the infadels Uzz ?

            There is nothing about izzzzlam that interests me . . . I Know the Truth . . .

            I have seen to many of your fellow-travellers in action . . . worthless cult.

          51. Jim FitzGerald says

            Your “Holy prophet” (sic) was a pedophile.

          52. Uzoozy says

            All the priests including the roman guys were ass fuckers.
            Its happening in Brooklyn everyday.
            3 +1 day a girl can be married off in Jewish customs/traditions

          53. Sue4477 says

            UOOOEEYY, YOU lie like all good Muslims. You are no doubt quoting(?) from early in Muhammad’s writings. But he says each new writing overrules the old. The newer writings call all non-Muslims “infidels” that must be killed…every one of them…if they refuse to convert to Islam. Also that lying like you are doing to “infidels” is perfectly acceptable, even laudable.

          54. marilyn says

            time for all decent muslims to stop these nuts who profess religious zeal to kill the’s our duty and mission to elimate the snakes of allah who preaches a doctrine of hate,ask Adolph hitler re the usa

          55. Uzoozy says

            Yes all killings should be stopped immediately. However its always the Christians are good guys and always bad guys are always Muslims, same tune for centuries.
            The Yazids that were evacuated from the mountains all looked healthy ??
            The same tale with a twist.

          56. steve52276 . says

            Christ does not instruct to murder muslims,

            But your false prophet muhammad instructs you to kill all Christians , Jews and all ‘infidels ‘.

            So, yeah, muslims are bad and Christians follow GOD.

          57. Uzoozy says

            Drown in your bigoted world.
            Pray to God and do good.

          58. steve52276 . says

            Remember, this is not a chicken and egg scenario. The Word of GOD came 700 years before muhammad was born. If you believe muhammad over The Word of GOD, you would have commited sin against The Holy Spirit.
            To believe The Word of GOD as ‘faulty’ which muhammad claimed, to believe muhammad, a mere man, over The Truth of GOD is treason and a grave shameful act towards GOD Almighty.

          59. Uzoozy says

            The word of God Almighty has been there since the day man set foot on earth.
            All the prophets Adam, Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David were Muslim,.
            Muslim is a person who worships God.
            Suddenly there came a great prophet who was made God. All kinds of beliefs and writings came up to prove the impossible even with all this, falsehood stands out from truth.
            Prophet Muhammad was a prophet of God (like Jesus) a human and a messenger of God.
            Prophet Muhammad received the revelation from God thru angel Gabriel. its the word of God. NOT his words.
            Take it or leave it.
            Once again as in the ten commandments there is one God pray to him for your own salvation.
            Looks like you live on Mars.

          60. steve52276 . says

            Let’s see if I can explain in a clearer way for you.

            The Lord Jesus came to earth 700 years before muhammad.

            muhammad’s koran/quran was written 700 years after Jesus Christ came into this world in the flesh.

            the koran mentions Jesus, but the words are not those of The New Testament 700 years before muhammad.

            So tell me, why on earth would a person follow words of a man who claimed to have revelation 700 years ‘after’ Jesus Christ..?

            By doing so, you adhere and pledge allegiance to a mortal man over The Word if GOD.

            insult if you must, but your choice to follow a man 700 years after the birth of Christ is indeed your choice.

          61. Uzoozy says

            So if I understand you, just because Jesus cam before Prophet Muhammad it makes Jesus right.
            I pledge allegiance to the true God of the world and no one else.
            Quran was sent to clarify the incorrect doctrine of the manmade religion.
            The original Injeel was the word of God as explained in the Holy Quran ,later people modified twisted the words of God in the Injeel to suit themselves.
            I worship God Almighty the beneficent the forgiver of sins and keeper of mankind.
            I DO NOT PRAY TO ANYONE OTHER THAN ONE GOD, hope you got it in your mind.

          62. steve52276 . says

            “So if I understand you, just because Jesus cam before Prophet Muhammad it makes Jesus right?. ”

            Yes. That is absolutely correct.

          63. Uzoozy says

            Jesus was correct in most ways, what happened after that that Is convoluting the whole affair.
            Jesus was a holy prophet like many before him, Jesus was MIA for 20 years.
            Jesus preached for 3 years only and so much incohent

          64. steve52276 . says

            your response is taken by what you have been taught by a mortal man who is dead and gone 700 years after The Lord Jesus Christ was born in the flesh. Christ is King, He always has been and He always will be. your time is near an end, you will soon answer for your choice to follow a mortal.

          65. Uzoozy says

            No I was taught by the mortsl Jesus Christ.

          66. Kathy Diaz says

            You sound like a lunatic.

          67. Uzoozy says

            You are following a cult , tell me who becomes a lunatic.

          68. Uzoozy says

            Your thought process is so sick.
            Jesus came afer Abraham so Jesus is false.
            Give me a break.

          69. steve52276 . says

            you’re now speaking jibberish.

            you serve a mortal who was born 700 years after Jesus The
            Creator of all life was born in the flesh.

            your thoughts follow the world and can not see truth.

          70. Uzoozy says

            You have a great day.

          71. Kathy Diaz says

            Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Supposedly an angel claiming to be Gabriel told Mohammed that Jesus Christ was a prophet. The real angel that spoke to Mohammed(if indeed an angel spoke to him) was one of Satan’s minions. “You shall know them by their fruits.”

          72. Uzoozy says

            Are you one of Satans minions,
            Good to know about the son of God.
            There is one God pray to Him. God said be and it is.
            God does not need a sidekick. Fairy tails

          73. Uzoozy says

            Jesus was a prophet no more.

          74. steve52276 . says

            The Lord Jesus never was a prophet. this falsity is born of your false
            prophet and false god.

            your thoughts are nullified as you choose to follow the world. you will bow, as your time draws near an end.

            May GOD have mercy on your soul.

          75. Uzoozy says

            My God blesses me every second, Jesus was a messenger.
            All the Gospels written to prove otherwise.
            Read Christian history you will understand.
            Some people see , however are still blind, because God does not let them see the real things.

          76. Uzoozy says

            There is only One God, Jesus was a prophet.

          77. Uzoozy says

            There were no Muslims in Jesus time.
            Christians used the word heathen – I suppose that is a good word.
            Muslims are the only one’s that pray to only One God

          78. Uzoozy says

            I like Christians I do not like the way they behave-Mahatma Gandhi

          79. proudtexan62 says

            Christians are not slaughtering the Yazids, radical Muslim terrorists are slaughtering them. Are you really that ignorant?

          80. Uzoozy says

            Show me your and show you mine story

          81. Uzoozy says

            There is a rape one every single minute.
            Let me see you stop one in action.
            Do not blasphemous God or Allah.

          82. Uzoozy says

            Thousands of Christian gang members kill average 30 persons a day, at the South borders please stop them immediately, can you?

          83. marla1 says

            Go back to moohamed land, you are a hated despicable excuse for a human, go live with your killers , you coward!! Since they kill their own you are afraid you might not get your baby virgins if you are beheaded!! Is that the reason you came to a civilized country, but trying to make it like the one you left????

          84. Uzoozy says

            It is you that needs to go back to cuntola .

          85. marla1 says

            your comment explains what you are!! Not a word an American would use!!

          86. Uzoozy says

            I am an American I use it so its American.

          87. vietnam6871 says

            You are one sick effin troll. Why don’t you go get yourself castrated. Help clean up the gene pool. Islam is an atrocity and you fit right in. It is well known among the psychiatric community that the vast majority of “negative” trolls are truly sick people. You have nothing better to do than to hide behind anonymity and spout nonsense and vile thoughts, only to agitate, never to contribute. Many of you are sociopaths. I believe you qualify as such.

          88. Uzoozy says

            Thank you for your Christian way of superiority and hate for all other than Christians.
            I am no sociopath, I am a Christians preachers son. My name is Bob
            Your name vietnam6871, am sure you went to Nam , how many children did you leave behind there.
            My contribution will come to those people who make sense.
            Go back to Phudisville

          89. vietnam6871 says

            No, idiot. I’m agnostic. I don’t hate any religion but I do hate the ideology called Islam. It is pure evil. Yes, I did go off to a war that I did not feel was right but there was this little thing called The Draft. My name is George and you, Bob, are some form of hideous joke. What have you done with your life besides being a pain-in-the-ass on the internet? I came home in 1971 and have contributed greatly over the last 43 years – and I have never backed down to anyone or anything. and never will. This will be the last you hear from me – you are not worth my time.

          90. Uzoozy says

            How do you know what I have done in my life. Just because you think whatever my religion is you know me.
            Take a hike Bro.

          91. proudtexan62 says

            Why are you here? If where you came from is so perfect and wonderful and I have been there and can strongly deny that misconception, why don’t you go back? You
            are no American!

          92. kjenkinsaf says

            And there it is.

          93. proudtexan62 says

            If you follow the Quran, why don’t you go over there and live it large? There are a lot of things you will be but blessed is certainly not one of them.

          94. marilyn says


          95. DCW16 says

            How about we compare quotes . . . .

            There can be no mis-interpretation of the Quo’ran.
            It is a document of conquest.
            There can be no moderate or peaceful Muslims according to their own book.

            Qur’an 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

            Qur’an 9:123 “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”

            Qur’an – 5:51 “O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other.”

            Qur’an 9:5 “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.”

            Qur’an 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”

            Qur’an 9:30 “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”

            Qur’an 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam”

            Qur’an 9:28 “The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque.”

            Qur’an 9:29 “Fight Those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor
            acknowledge the Religion of Truth, form among the People of the Book, until they pay Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

            Qur’an 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.”

            Qur’an 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.”

            Qur’an 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”

            Qur’an 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”

            Qur’an 8:60 “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.”

            Qur’an 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.”

            Qur’an 48:29 “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves.”

            Sahih Muslim 33 – “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah.”

            Sahih Muslim 4366 – “I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims.”


            And the koran sees black folks as second class citizens . . .

            Dr. Azumah in his book: The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa provides several examples of Islam’s hatred of Blacks. There is the example in the hadith in which an Ethiopian woman laments her racial inferiority to Muhammad, who consoles her by saying, “In Paradise, the whiteness of the Ethiopian will be seen over the stretch of a thousand years.”

            Another hadith quotes Muhammad thus: “Do not bring black into your pedigree.”

            In fact, the Arabic word for slave, “Abd,” became equated with Africans and Blacks with the advent of Islam.

            Osama Bin Laden, in a discussion with the Sudanese-American novelist, Kola Boof, in Morocco in 1996 said, “when next you meet an Arab, you should ask what is the Arabic word for slave, you’ll discover that the words are the same “abeed.” Which is why, when an Arab looks at a black African, what he sees is a slave.”

            Muhammad owned and sold Black slaves. In fact, he ordered and built the pulpit of his mosque with African slave labour. The Qur’an encourages sex with female slaves in several places. Classical Islamic law allows a light-skinned Muslim man to marry a Black woman, but a Black Muslim man is restricted from marrying a light-skinned woman.

            As the literature of the time put it, “only a whore prefers blacks; the good woman will welcome death rather than being touched by a black man.”

            So interwoven is slavery with Islam that Islams’ holiest city, Mecca (site of the Haj pilgrimage), was a slave trading capital.

            Ibn Khaldun, an early Muslim thinker, writes that Blacks are “only humans who are closer to dumb animals than to rational beings.”

            Ibn Sina (Avicenna 980–1037), Arab’s most famous and influential philosopher/scientist in Islam, described Blacks as “people who are by their very nature slaves.” He wrote: “All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are abeed (slave) stock.” He equated Black people with “rats plaguing the earth.”

          96. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

            Christians are a detriment to their god, so we are perverts. Yeah right! But I know that my one and only true GOD is still in control and in the end, we will all bow our knee to him. No matter what the muslims or any other perverted religion tries to push on people. Have you ever looked out and really seen the trees, the flowers, the sun and moon, the millions of stars, a new born baby and us as a human, with everything in its exact place (veins, heart, muscle, liver, etc. etc.)? All of that can only come from a one true loving GOD.

          97. Harvey Melton says

            the satanicly blinded will always deny the truth, because of the demonic spirit within them can not abide the light of Gods they will twist holy scripture to fit their arguement yet inwardly tremble in fear.

          98. Uzoozy says

            That is what Islam says

          99. Uzoozy says

            As long as you do not bring in the false god.

          100. Uzoozy says

            Qur’an – 5:51 “O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other.” This is coming true in Iraq, the Yazids are well fed and evacuated while the hungry in Gaza are left to die.

          101. DCW16 says

            Of course there would not be a problem in Iraq were it not for the insane mohamedans . . . yes ! These folks lived there for thousands of years . . .

            Gaza . . . live can be tough when you fire thousands of rockets into the neighbors yard . . . Gaza has been makin their own rules for over 9 years now . . . they teach their kids to hate, elect terrorists to govern them and are perpetual complainers.
            Instead of building an economy when the J*ws left . . . they destroyed everything that was left for them . . . they were even so stupid they filled in the wells . . .
            One thing I have learned through life . . . it is tough to fix stupid . . . and it is rampant in the izzzzlamic world.

          102. Uzoozy says

            You have to learn a lot of the true value of life.
            Gaza invasion is a genocide

          103. DCW16 says

            Gaza invasion is Self Defence . . .

            The Israel Defense Forces have uncovered Hamas military combat manuals informing its people that Israelis try to avoid hurting civilians, even collaterally, so that Hamas advises its people to place civilians in harm’s way and weapons and their shooters into and adjacent to civilian buildings to cause them to be blown up so that public sympathies will be generated in favor of Hamas and against Israel (this alone deserves a leaflet in itself and should end any defense of Hamas).

            Hamas intentionally has a policy of dragging dead people to bombed out locations to fraudulently frame the Israelis by making it seem as if there was more collateral damage than there actually was, let alone alleging that the Israelis intentionally tried to kill civilians.

            Israelis are fighting a more humanitarian war than any other entity in the history of the world, using high tech as never before to protect its own civilians (including the protection of hundreds of thousands of Arabs) by means of the Iron Dome, and protecting civilians controlled and betrayed by Hamas as follows.

            Israel has an unprecedented humanitarian 4-part policy of trying to protect the Arabs placed in harm’s way by Hamas in that Israelis (1) leaflet civilians to leave buildings that are about to be targeted; (2) telephone civilians in advance to warn them; (3) text civilians in advance to warn them, and (4) knock on their doors, so to speak, by unarmed taps on their rooftops, to warn them.

            Hamas has taken concrete donated and sold to Gaza for building hospitals and schools and other constructive purposes and diverted it to build tunnels for storing weapons, harboring terrorists, and boring into and under Israel to enable Gazans to sneak into Israel and kidnap, torture, and murder civilians.

            Hamas first blindfolded the people who excavated the tunnels and then murdered and enslaves many of them, including children, as a token of appreciation, if they were merely suspected of having any ties to Israel, not even as spies but just as civilians who may happen to have owned or carried anything made in or passing through Israel. (Of course this was done as a security measure, but somehow this comes across as a measure of barbarity rather than security.)

            Hamas soldiers often do not wear uniforms so that it will appear that Israel killed a higher percentage of civilians than actually killed in battle.

            If Hamas soldiers do wear uniforms, they often wear stolen or counterfeit Israeli army uniforms, to deceive Israelis to let their guard down.

            If Arab uniforms are worn, it is by Arab children indoctrinated to glorify war and to hate Israelis falsely accused of atrocities as well as falsely accused of using Arab blood in baking Passover matzot, which of course is against Jewish law and practice, and always has been.

            Hamas deceives the Israelis and the Red Crescent by commandeering and disguising vehicles marked as ambulances for the conduct of military activities, thereby causing possible death to any civilians in ambulances actually originally used as such when Israelis discover their converted actual use.

            Hamas only allows journalists to see dead Arab bodies (sometimes recycled and moved); not live Arab soldiers.

            Many, purportedly hundreds, of the civilian fatalities blamed on Israel are actually due to misfired projectiles, missiles, mortars, and/or rockets launched by Hamas.

            Hamas intimidates many if not all journalists whose lives would be in jeopardy were they to send honest and balanced reports to their employers.

            Hamas claims that Israel’s blockade has prevented Gazans from access to materials needed for survival, after using concrete and building materials for its tunnels of stealth and death, in which they hide weapons while also hiding the fact that Israelis allow tons of humanitarian supplies through its humanitarian blockade.

            Israel is treating injured Gazan citizens in Israeli hospitals, because Israel has nothing against innocent Arab civilians, and even tries to avoid such casualties, as described above, unlike Hamas.


            Archeology clearly supports Israel’s claims to the Temple having been built on what is now the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem;

            Arabs intentionally built mosques on top of the area where parts of the temple once stood, in an attempt to hide the evidence.

            Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds of times in the Jewish Bible, while only once in passing in the Koran.

            Mohammed never even visited Jerusalem, even for one second.

            There was never a country called Palestine in the area encompassed by modern day Israel.

            The United Nations divided a small strip of land in 1947, and Israel accepted its half.

            Five Arab armies told the Arab inhabitants in the Israeli half to leave temporarily while the five Arab armies sought to invade Israel, which was not armed by any nation prior to and during its War for Independence, so the Arabs were expelled by their own people; not by the Israelis who sought to live with them side by side, as many did for generations before the Egyptian-born Yasir Arafat was a gleam in his parents’ eyes. This of course was before Arafat and his associates fed lies to people who trusted him instead of feeding them food, and thereby converted many of them into hostile terrorists and suicide bombers.

            There are over 20 Arab countries in the region, all of which have refused to absorb the Palestinian refugees to solve the Palestinian “problem.”

            Jews were expelled from many of these Arab countries, and are not even allowed to visit many of them, let alone live there, but have all been absorbed into the tiny country of Israel.

            Jews were not permitted to visit the Temple Mount when it was controlled by the Jordanians from 1948 to 1967; now Israel does not even allow Israelis at many of its holy sites very often in order not to hurt the sensitivity of Arabs who are not satisfied with their own shrines but claim Jewish shrines as well.

            Arabs are given so many rights in Israel that they even serve in the Israeli Parliament, where they are permitted to make statements that would be considered treasonous in many other democracies, let alone in Arab countries.

            Israel expelled its own Jews from Gaza in order to give the Gazans full control; in return, the Gazans destroyed the lucrative high-tech greenhouses left behind by the Israelis, spent a large percentage of their money on weapons and tunnels, and thanked the Israelis with thousands of rockets in the intervening years against civilian Israelis, including Arabs.

          104. Uzoozy says

            Never read such a lot of horse shit tales, lies ,conjecture.
            Israel is no angelic country, the rule there is an apartheid rule kill and occupy.
            Even Mr. Carter pointed it out.
            You must be from IDF.
            Arabs as a race is much better race that all of the J…, Bigoted human and horse manure .
            There is no democracy in Israel always on war footing, even if the ant farts they will shoot it down, the world should boycott them.
            Killing an occupied state is sheer genocide, Is…. is the world made by Satan and its followers.

          105. DCW16 says

            Truth is a terrible weapon eh Uzzz . . . .

            Arabs prove regularly what they are worth . . . J*ws on the other hand have made great strides in Science, Medicine and Technology.
            Why do you think they are taking kids to Israeli Hospitals and not Gaza hospitals? The dopy arabs destroyed everything that was left for them in Gaza.

            Occupied State? More nonsense from Uzzz . . . Israel pulled out 9 years ago.
            And what did the dopy arabs do . . . elected a terrorist group.
            Israel had to control the perimeter . . .because weapons from Iran were continually being smuggled into Gaza. Even the Egyptians controlled their border with Gaza for the same reason.

            Would you rather be an arab in Israel or Gaza Uzzz? Over a million arabs in Israel are full citizens, run for elections, hold good paying jobs . . . how many J*ws are able to do the same thing in any muzzzie country? I know that one . . ZERO ! ! !

          106. Uzoozy says

            Its hate because Allied forces invaded a sovereign nation with no provocation.
            Get out of the middle east. Take away the after effects of the invasion (one sided)
            And peace will prevail.
            There is peace in Indonesia and Malaysia where there is no interference from US.

          107. DCW16 says

            Face it Uzzzz . . . 20 izzzzlamist states . . . ALL Chitholes . and even you will not live in one of them.
            Malaysia/Indonesia . . . were they not just fighting with the Tamils?
            The US was just there with the Australians . . . trying to find their stoopid airplane for them . . . they are 3rd world.
            Thailand is being attacked by radical izzzlamists . . .
            Philipines has had ongoing problems for decades with same . . .

            Lets face the facts Uzzzz . . . for 1400 years there has been no peace in the moooslime states . . . that is their MO . . .
            As North America becomes oil independent in the next few years . . . perhaps a poorer Saudi Arabia, Iran and others will slow down the insane aggression.
            Of course there is not much hope for educating the masses . . . instead of the propaganda they receive today . . . educated people want freedom . . . and the Imams are certainly not for that.

          108. Uzoozy says

            Your cherry picking words from the Quran is self deceit please cease and desist.

          109. bill says

            the entire old testament is included in the Koran. its’ prophets were the same till the birth of mohammed. the old testament and the new testament parted ways then. the difference is that islam interprets the bible literally the rest of the biblical believers do not take it literally.

          110. Uzoozy says

            We have to be clear, the Old Testament is in the bible not in the Quran.
            New Testament is a fiction written by people in Greek while uttered in Aramaic.
            Prophet Mohammed was the best man ever to come to the world.
            Biblical believers believe only things that are convenient, eating pork, drinking, fornification, illicit sex .etc.

          111. kris littlefield says

            Mohammed was what? He raped children.

          112. Uzoozy says

            He was married to a lady at the tender age of 18. In USA they marry off 3yrs +day old little girls to old J men with beards.
            What would you call that.

          113. Cynic says

            What would I call what you said? Ridiculous.

          114. Uzoozy says

            Your argument is defeated

          115. kjenkinsaf says

            Your god is unreal.

          116. marla1 says

            You are obviously muslim slime!! Cancer of the world!!

          117. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

            I cringe at the thought of what you just adhered to. Jesus is the Savior of this world. He died a cruel death, but he rose again and reigns in Heaven. If you do believe in another god, it is a shame. Jesus is the way the truth and the light of this world. No man gets to Heaven except through him. The wonderful thing about it is that it is a free gift, you just have to reach out, repent and take his hand. God is love and while there were things in the old Testament about killing, it was that if you do not know and accept the one true God, that will be your destiny. He is good, he is truth, he is love, he is acceptance, he is forgiving. He wants you.

          118. Cynic says

            Mohammed was a pervert and a warmonger.

          119. Harvey Melton says

            your prophet by whatever measure never has measured up to Jesus, but to be fair there hasn’t been any human in past, present or future that will ever be able to measure up to Jesus, deny until denials are past, doesn’t matter, the truth stands for eternity.

          120. kjenkinsaf says

            While Mohammed wed a 7 year old girl and “knew” here.

          121. Cynic says

            You are bringing to this conversation words written thousands of years ago.

            How about the atrocities being committed by radical Muslims TODAY, at this moment?

          122. Uzoozy says

            Killing anyone person is not allowed.
            Having said that the process given in those ancient scripts are being carried out today. Over 2000 killed in Gaza over 180 mosques blown apart.
            Now its the small rockets that are launched. Next it may be the Gaza kids are too many and need to be kept in check.
            There is no radical Islam, there are there in the neighboring country I.

          123. Deborah Ferris says

            Yes, but that was then. Not now.

          124. Uzoozy says

            Gods words are eternal .

          125. Deborah Ferris says

            Yes, and with the new covenant things have changed

          126. Harvey Melton says

            1st john 5:5”Who is he that overcometh the world,but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?”
            1 john 4;20”if a man say, I love GOD,and hateth his brother, he is a liar; for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love GOD which he hath not seen?” shall i go on? by this and much more you stand condemned already. you do not harbor a smidgen of belief in the christian bible other than to twist the very scripture around to fit your ”truth” which is no other than withered fruit on the vine , twice dead. but,Gods hand is not so shortened that he can not reach down and save even you nor anyone else if they so desire it.

          127. Uzoozy says

            Your god seems to have very short hands, he is Not as powerful as the God in heaven the ever merciful and wise.
            We do not need man written document that contradict each other.
            Read not the bible but God given books and be saved here and in after life.

          128. Van Hamlin says

            Dear Uzoozy,

            Christianity had a reformation. We don’t kill people for their religious beliefs anymore. Islam is a relative newcomer and has not had a reformation. Islam must become more reflective of mankind’s progress as a civilized species.

            The first parts of the Koran will show you the way. The one God, whatever your name for him is, wants us to look upon him as a benevolent parent. He wants us to love him and follow his teaching voluntarily; out of respect for His wishes. In return the One God offers us everlasting life by his side.

            Forget the parts of the Koran that talk about fire and the sword. Mankind follows religions that facilitate orderly successful family life. Mankind will not follow a religion that stains worshipers hands with blood and dooms their children to genocide. Practice Islam but do so in a way that will influence others to follow your lead.

          129. Uzoozy says

            Dear Van Hamlin ,
            Islam does not need reformation, there are over 1.5 to 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world.
            If they read the Quran and strictly follow the teaching, it would prevent killing any one person. So says the Quran. God is not the father, He is not your buddy but He is your Master whom you worship not pray because prayer means asking for something..
            We ask for forgiveness and mercy and seek His help to make us better.
            Most Western Civilizations

          130. steve52276 . says

            You’ve got mark 6:11 wrong, is exactly the opposite. This is also the only Christ based verse you’ve selected, The New Testament, The new Covenant of GOD, His Grace and Love for us.

            Sure, the Old Testament is a different time, where the world was even more savage where there was no structure among many.

            The Lord Jesus reigned in a new order, a new civilization of GOD, those who truly follow Him and believe Him actually experience blessings like of heaven like no other.

            There is only peace within the Bew Testament by The Lord Jesus within the New Testament, there is no instruction to murder ‘infidels’.

            The New Testament of Jesus Christ is 700 years before muhammad was born, where muhammad then stole, added and manipulated writings to be added to his book of deceit called the Koran/quran.

            Christ is the grace and mercy of GOD, He is The Only King today. Defend yourself from evil if you must
            Mark 6:11
            King James Bible
            And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

          131. kjenkinsaf says

            Exodus 20:20 says: Moses
            said to the people, “Do not be afraid; for God has come in order to
            test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that
            you may not sin.”
            The rest in Deuteronomy is pretty close though paraphrased. However, that is what the New Testament is for. The New Covenant of God with ALL people. You see the New Testament shown in the above post of Mark 6:11, that isn’t for people to kill other people. God is going to do that.
            Mark 6:11 And
            whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence,
            shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I
            say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the
            day of judgment, than for that city.
            Get acquainted with Jesus.

          132. Laddyboy says

            You are quoting from the Old Testament, the book of law. Christians are, or should be, living under the New Testament.

          133. Uzoozy says

            Quran is the Latest version of Gods wishes.
            Follow it and be blessed.

          134. Angry American says

            No where in the koran does it have the word love, but the bible mentions love in many verses. Whats up with that?

          135. Uzoozy says

            There is love in the Quran hundreds of times.
            You say bible has many verses in the bible. No wonder a lot of Christian leaders were the worst killers in the world. Hitler ,Mussolini Franco just to name a few.

          136. says

            When you read these verses in context, you see that this was for Jews and is talking about within Israel which was the land God gave to the Jews. God did not say to go all over the world killing people who held to other religions. And in the New Testament (fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy) Jesus Christ came to give His life out of love …He did not advise killing everybody except Jews…but to show love for all live in peace and harmony. Sometimes we must purge the outlandish sin in some way or other as in Sodom and Gomorrah….it infiltrates and ruins peaceful society.

          137. Uzoozy says

            He did not advise killing everybody except the jews.
            There was love in the heart of JC he was a great man. But he was nor is god.
            There is only one God from time immemorial,
            How can you say it does not apply when its still in the bible.
            All prophets had love for mankind that was their job and mission from God.

          138. Jim FitzGerald says

            Mark 6:11 means GOD will destroy those cities not for us to do it.
            Jesus gave us a new law.

        2. M.Forus says

          Thats true but the Jews Talmud says the same thing

          1. Deborah Ferris says

            Jews aren’t lopping heads of children systematicly. Jews are mostly educated peaceful. Who cares what Talmud says, quran says to utterly smite the children of the book and infidels

          2. frosty7530 says

            Although I am of Jewish faith, I would not describe myself as a Talmudic scholar. I have, however, been exposed to it’s teachings, and I have never heard of beheading s or child abuse being endorsed. I hope a better educated Orthodox Jew can clarify this.

          3. Laddyboy says

            Proof please! Not hearsay!

        3. Jeronimo Dan says

          Obama really isn’t just like them, he’s one of them!

          1. Buffalo Bill says

            And on top of that I believe he is an illegal alien, with forged documents, infiltrating our White House and should be take out permanently.

          2. Jeronimo Dan says

            Buffalo, everything you said is true, but I just can’t understand how no one in power will say the truth about what we’ve had in the WH for the past five years?

          3. Buffalo Bill says

            The only thing I can think of is they are afraid of what Biden would do to this country if he was to take over. Can you imagine having Bozo the Clown in charge of this country? I really don’t know which of the two would be worse.

          4. Jeronimo Dan says

            When he chose Biden as his VP running partner, I realized Biden was going to be his insurance policy against impeachment, or what ever could happen to him that might be worse.

          5. hankthetank says

            I don’t know how you think, but NO one is worse than obama!!!!!

          6. Laddyboy says

            He can be removed at the same time. Considering he was entered into Office under the same FRAUD that got mr. obama there.

          7. aschark says

            Then that would put Nancy Pelosi in charge: Speaker of the House, in the first 2 years. But then again, she might go to jail for not properly vetting Obama. Love to see that happen.

          8. Laddyboy says

            The American People would keep going down the list till a REAL TRUE American was installed/put in as a temperary President till election time.

          9. 1commonjoe says

            That’s the way I see it. But it would take an act of Congress. Seems our only hope will be this election this fall. Seems like the dems are trying like h3LL to pack in those fraud votes.

          10. revgay says

            I;m truly concerned about voter fraud or martial law!

          11. donjusko says

            Martial will invite rebellion. Voter fraud is the first problem, be a PC, a poll watcher. End the voting fraud. I don’t know but one person in my whole complex that voted for o.

          12. Cynthia Osbun says

            I do think that, should he declare martial law, there WILL BE A REVOLUTION never seen before in OUR LIFETIME….and obama and his minions KNOW THIS….they are cowards, or it would’ve happened by now…i’m sure. Lets hope we can make it to election time, to get the right people in there….who can make the calls on what needs to happen. THERE ARE A LOT OF ARMED CITIZENS…this scares them TOO….We need to PRAY like never before too…..our country and our people need these prayers, MORE THAN EVER…God help us.

          13. jonny bravo says

            Yes that’s all it will take Marshall law yeah right there’s more of us then all of your pussy ass military combined and I’ll blow one of Obama troops head right won’t think twice. Fucking scum traitors if your in uniform your dead that’s all there is to it……

          14. Dale Langsdorf says

            Our military is not our enemy, although Obama is trying to make it such by giving pink slips to real American soldiers and trying to recruit illegal aliens. So don’t shoot anyone in uniform. Out military members don’t like Obama any more than we do! It’s the jihadists who want to hurt our military, don’t joint them!

          15. jonny bravo says

            Really anyone in uniform following unconstitutional orders.will die has traitors and hopefully there whole families too.ill say again a bunch of farmers with Ak’s beat the Us military in Vietnam.they don’t stand a fucking chance against a armed American citizens.

          16. Robert Young says

            Johnny, you have it wrong. The military per-se, is not the enemy although there are factions within it who are and would support Muslim terrorists and try to help them take over the World. I do not know your age, but you did not serve in Nam. Probably too young for that war. Stay hard and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

          17. Jack Todd says

            Dale Langsdorf:You say don’t shoot anyone in uniform,if they shoot at me,I will shoot back,plain and simple,even though they are in uniform,they might not be American’s,they could be illegal’s obeying this Obama’s order’s,you wouldn’t know who is who until they fire at you,then you take action,it’s all about survival.

          18. buesswg says

            But would our Army turn against us? I would hope that they would not. I have a son in the Army and I sure can not see him turning against We The People. I would bet that even the President, Obama could not command our troops to turn against us.

          19. Txmissy says

            This isn’t something that I’ve really researched, so I can’t say it’s gospel (I’ve done plenty of research on lots of issues, but this isn’t one I’ve done yet). I’ve been hearing for at least the last 3 yrs that Obama has purged so much of the top brass because if they refuse to fire on Americans, they’re gone. He’s trying to replace the true American patriots with illegals, moo slims, etc (which have NO BUSINESS serving in AMERICA’S military, for God’s sake!) In other words, replacing the big guns with those who have no loyalty to America and actually wish to harm us. It sounds like it couldn’t be true, but I wouldn’t doubt anything that comes from this administration. Obama and his entire administration hate America, plain and simple.

          20. hankthetank says

            Don’t forget ,The central banks & the New World Order ,they are the CAUSE of this, all the way!!!

          21. bonnie says

            Hank How much do you know about this ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ ?

          22. Jack Todd says

            Txmissy:You are exactly right,but if anyone in uniform fire’s at me,they are my enemy plain and simple,if ANYONE,I say ANYONE,would shoot an American is not friendly and need to be disposed of,just like the Muslim’s are my enemy,they all need to be terminated,this,our country is at war with the enemy from within no matter what this Muslim-in-chief say’s,GOD BLESS AMERICA,and down with the enemies,the enemies of the greatest country on face of the earth( beside’s Israel of course ).

          23. slotiac32 says

            Calm down, bro! The military don’t like him, either. They’d end up on our side because they’re sworn to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law.

          24. jonny bravo says

            Really if they didn’t like him a military coo would have happened already there all for Obama and iam all for killing anyone in a uniform

          25. DogWithoutSlippers says

            You are an agitator or a very misinformed person with little or no grasp of reality. Our Troops do not like Obama and if push comes to shove they would round up his followers and prevent any dire circumstances to The American People, their families, and friends!~

          26. justjim65 says

            25 years ago I would have agreed with you. The old idea that the armed forces would not fire on americian citizens is well past its shelf life, remember KENT STATE? THE ARMY WILL FOLLOW THE ORDERS OF THE WHITE HOUSE, NO MATTER HOW INSANE THE ORDERS MIGHT BE.

          27. Laddyboy says

            Reminder: Kent state was where a group of Reservists were put in a situation where they were scared! They shot out of trembling fear. They were NOT Military.

          28. hankthetank says

            But it worked!!

          29. DogWithoutSlippers says

            You might be right. He would send out the loyal cadets to do his bidding.

          30. hankthetank says

            NO THEY WON”T! I have faith in them, there will be a few, like the one that went awol ! as for Kent State,that is a hole different matter, we are talking about our country! there are only one of them, we have to save it at all cost!!!

          31. Mark Wilson says

            …remember also that the Kent State incident involved the ROTC military members (conservatives) combating liberal students. In the scenario being discussed where obamascum attempts to command the military members today (still conservatives) to fire upon other conservative citizens….well that is a different scenario altogether!

          32. DiabolicalJason says

            Kent State was the Ohio National Guard, commanded by the Ohio Governor who was never indicted ! The army was not involved ! Are you by any chance a Faux Noise anchor ? If not, why not tell the truth ?

          33. Txmissy says

            you need to back off, or you’ll be killing those who ARE our line of protection!! you’ve seen too many Rambo movies.

          34. hankthetank says

            There is a time & place for every thing!!

          35. Laddyboy says

            Most Ameicans want to live under the “Laws of the Constitution”. You are mistaken with your comments. Most Military personel are on the American’s side. Do not be a ‘jehadist’ trying to divide Americans. If you hate the Military so much move out of America to say, a country like Syria.

          36. bonnie says

            Wait a MINUTE Jonny, You are way ahead of yourself ! First of all don’t shoot at our military they are NOT OUR ENEMY !!! IF anything they will be our SALVATION , along with Jesus Christ our Lord and SAVIOR !! The people who are here to take our weapons away are not MILITARY of the USA they will be illegals, and/or the UNITED NATIONS !! They have already brought in there Military arsenal and are getting ready to disarm America ! They have something that will be signed into LAW sometime in December,saying that we no longer will have the 2nd. amendment in our constitution we will be helpless they will be troops from other country’s , if we resist or maybe even if we don’t resist they will round up all of us and take us to the Fema camps, one way in and NO WAY OUT! We NEED our military to help defend us, they are sworn to uphold the constitution of the united States NOT the government ! Their oath also says Domestic or foreign ! So they have actually swore to protect us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE !! DO NOT EVER SHOOT ONE OF OUR OWN AMERICAN SOLDIERS !! OR I WILL SHOOT YOU MYSELF !! The UN is who you need to be watching for! They are WELL ARMED and will have no remorse over shooting any of us! I believe our entire Government is involved in this treason ! They would have to be ,or the TRAITOR MUSLIM President would have been gone a LONG TIME AGO !! There may be a revolution coming very soon so be vigilant ! Make sure you are shooting at the ENEMY !!

          37. justjim65 says

            The problem with the military is the very highest brass support obama. The worker bees do not. And the high brass is getting rid of all who don’t support the garbage man in the oval office.
            Latest on who most likely will be thrown out shortly, Lt. Col Donely, Ft. Drum, NY had the nerve to interfer with to lesbians trying to have sex on the dance floor at the O Club.

            Col. Donley had the nerve to interfer and despite the fact that PDA is in the Code of law of the Milirary, The Lt. Col. was removed from the promotions list and is likely to be forced into retirement after 3 tours, several medal and high praise from high ranking officers, THE GAY MAFIA is doing everything it can, including lies and impoper conduct and likely he will be forced out of the army.
            Obama has all most destroyed this nation, and the man in the street has zero chance of changing anything important. An armed revolt would not be a good thing, tho it may be the only thing left for the citizens to take part in and die.

          38. DiabolicalJason says

            JUSTJIM65: You said: “Latest on who most likely will be thrown out shortly, Lt. Col Donely, Ft. Drum, NY had the nerve to interfer(sic) with to(sic) lesbians trying to have sex on the dance floor at the O Club.”
            PROBLEM: Why is it that there is no record of any “Lt. Col. Donley” ever having served at Fort Drum ? Neither is there any record of the incident you described in Fort Drum records. There is also no mention of Donley, or of the incident you described in the Archives of ‘The Mountaineer’ which is the base News magazine.
            Perhaps you can provide the location of a reference source for your info ?

          39. hankthetank says

            I would like to hear them say I am a true, red blooded American!!!

          40. Mark Wilson says

            We have an all volunteer military today, and people who volunteer traditionally are conservative and patriotic. And then you have obamascum that has spent the past 6 years apologizing for our country (i.e. the obama view is the OPPOSITE of pride but instead…SHAME), and showing favor toward our current enemies! I REALLY dont think that if obamascum ordered the military to turn on our citizenry, that the majority of these patriotic military members would do so!

          41. abc__jps says

            If he declares martial law and cancels the 2016 election WHAT WILL AMERICANS DO????? MY GUESS IS JUST FOLLOW ALONG WITH HIM DON’T FORGET we have that 42% that still support him…. Most of the black population still support him and would continue to support him along with all the illegal and dead people voting those of us true Americans would be hard pressed to stop him

          42. atchafa says

            That would be a way to get rid of the 42 percent of Obamas supporters if you know what I mean.

          43. LARRY PUCKETT says

            I know what you mean, and I have been saying this since 2006, when (IT) went to Kenya on a “GOODWILL TOUR”. My sister, who was a Missionary in
            Zimbabwe wrote me all about whet (IT) did, and caused. (IT) will have to be thrown out, physically, and OUR White House fumigated, before anyone can use it again!!!! I call myself ‘true patriot”!!

          44. hankthetank says

            He won’t always have 42 % ! they are getting mad at him also, they see him bringing in people from South America & from Africa to replace them, I hope he goes to 0 !!!

          45. 1 Fed Up American says

            abc__jps If that would happen OBAMA will definitely have to be assassinated one way or another and the the Revolution and Civil War would begin.

          46. Bryant Hill says

            Google what the people of Italy did to their leader, Mousilini.

          47. taliesin319 says

            No. We’d never find a Mistress for our Fairy Princess. We are alteady a laughing stock because of this jerk riding around on a pink girls bike wearing a helmit and mom jeans. He disgraces us at every World Series by throwing a baseball like a barbie doll. We can’t hang him from a lamp post next to a ” Mister ”
            besides Mussolini had his family jewels removed and our puke doesn’t have a pair
            and we’d be forced to admit that a cowardly eunach was the best this Republic could field. No he’ll just have to be sent to room withChelsea Manning until we can get him tried for Treason, Fraud, High Crimes and Misdemanors against the Constitution.

          48. DiabolicalJason says

            “Treason, Fraud, High Crimes and Misdemanors against the Constitution.” What specifically did he do that is illegal and can be so proven ? It would seem that with 535 members of congress, most of them lawyers, someone would have introduced Impeachment proceedings against him, if there were any REAL grounds. (Don’t count all the statements you hear republicans say on Fox. Those statements are simply meant to give them some fodder for their next email asking for money and sent to the party regulars who don’t know the difference between chatter and reality !

          49. Sgt. York says

            I refuse to give rubberplicans one thin dime or for that matter any one asking for donations,for that matter I would not give them the sweat off my cods. Our biggest problem is we just talk we can’t or won’t walk the walk we have grown soft subscribe to the political correct crap we need to buck up,I know I’m no better than the rest but what we are waiting for is a leader to appear to lead us Where and When in hell will he/she gather us up to act? Best be soon folks or it will be tho late. Ovomit is slick tho he/shim has us whining over healthcare while he is staging us all in the back. Something has to erupt soon or we will be sunk. Someone Please come to our rescue We Need A Leader one who is a True America no more flakes or muzzie communist liberal lovers. HELP WE CANT BREATH.

          50. sherri palmer says

            we are waiting for someone to make our day : ), a national holiday, even!

          51. Sgt. York says

            you are right as rain but where and when will he/she appear and when? Soon I hope.

          52. Chris Robinette says

            Obama’s Acts of Treason:

            1. Perpetrating acts of fraud, perjury and conspiracy in his refusal to confirm his lawful eligibility to serve as president under the U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 1, constituting impeachable offenses of high crimes and misdemeanors adumbrated in U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 4;

            175,000,000 People Were Slaughtered By Their Own Governments In The 20th. Century: Molon Labe ~ Come & Take!

            Breaking 11/12/2012 => 20 States Deluge White House With Secession Petitions!

            Constitutional Experts Call Obama’s Abuse Of Executive Power Historic: Where’s Darrel Issa?

            2. Surrendering sovereign U.S. war-making to foreign powers and international authorities by attacking Libya without consulting Congress, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 8 and U.S. Code Title 50, r 33:1541-1548;

            3. Accepting foreign title and office while acting as U.S. President and without consulting Congress when in 2009, Obama assumed the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council, the international body responsible for declaring war on behalf of the UN, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 9;

            Obama’s Banker’s Policy Strategy Is To Put All Of America Into Jail: Barry Taught “Destroy Middle Class”!

            4. Making bribery attempts in word and in deed, as Obama administration offered bribes to at least three Federal candidates for office: Joe Sestak, Andrew Romanoff and Jim Matheson, in violation of U.S. Code Title 18, Section 201;

            5. Defying a Federal Court Order by refusing to halt the unconstitutional implementation of the “Patient Healthcare and Affordable Care Act of 2010, popularly known as “ObamaCare”, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3, and Article III, Sections 1 & 2;

            6. Defying a Federal Court Order by refusing to grant lawful deep water drilling permits, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3, and Article III, Sections 1 & 2;

            7. Executive Branch creation and implementation of regulations asserting unconstitutional force of Federal law on matters explicitly rejected by or contrary to the will and intent of Congress, specifically the EPA implementation of Cap and Trade, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 1 and Section 8;

            8. Refusing to secure our broken borders from illegal alien invasion, international criminal incursion, and terrorist cadre penetration, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3 and Article IV, Section 4;

            Whistle Blowers: Barack Obama Violates Federal Court Order ~ Charlotte N C. Indictments And Impeachment.

            9. Executive Branch malfeasance and impeding the administration of justice by preventing the U.S. Department of Justice from investigating crimes committed for the direct benefit of the President by presidential associates including: voter intimidation at the hands of the New Black Panthers and ACORN election fraud, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3, and U.S. Criminal Code Section 135, (Comp. St. § 10305);

            10. Direct mobilizing and funding of mob violence, sedition and insurrection, as witnessed in Wisconsin, by the President’s own reelection campaign group Organizing for America, and including open statements of incitement to the insurrection by the President himself, in violation of U.S.Penal Code, Chapter 115, Section 2383;

            11. Executive Branch usurpation of lawmaking powers voiding duly enacted legislation of Congress by improperly preventing the U.S. Department of Justice from defending established Federal law – specifically the Defense of Marriage Act, in violation of U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3;

            12. Adhering to the enemies of the United States, giving them aid and comfort, as witnessed by consorting with, supporting and installing to powerful Federal positions persons who in writing, word and deed have called for and promoted the overthrow of America’s constitutionally guaranteed Republican form of government, and the overthrow of the United States Constitution; including but not limited to William Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Van Jones, Dalia Mogahed, Harold Koh, and Eric Holder, in violation of U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section IV and U.S. Penal Code, Section 2385.

            Is this enough DiabolicalJason?

          53. bonnie says

            VERY GOOD ! I AGREE 100% !!

          54. molly kennedy says

            He has not been impeached because he claims only to be black and we would have a civil war because all those getting the freebies would rise up against we “racists”

          55. pmbalele says

            You’re right. We have a lot of gullible people in this country. They are swayed by smarty pants who want their money. Look, they have sponsored study about President Obama and they found nothing. Now they are trying to recruit Ted Cruz who they know was not born on US soil. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother. That is why he has allegiances to Canada and Cuba. Cruz was on migrant worker program but lied he was American. We are in trouble with fakers like Cruz.

          56. bonnie says


          57. Guest says

            Apparently you don’t know the difference DiabolicalJason. I wont even bother to quote all the reasons Obama could be legally removed from office as it would take too much time and space. If you truly believe what you are saying, there is no hope to convince you otherwise. This is not a left/right thing. Our problem is with both sides of politics. The Manchurian President is on a roll to destroy everything America ever was.

          58. Louis Stevens says

            Barack Is a Homosexual & His wife Mikechelle Is a transvestite,Both Radical Muslims,Mike deceived the American People more than Barack did,Wonder where the 2 girls came from? I really think that Miss Barack Obama Is going to find a reason to Call Martial Law just before the 2016 Elections ,So that him & Mike can stay In Command In the White House! These too POS need to be removed from OUR White House,By Ballet Or By Bullet,If he calls Martial law,Let It Be! I have lived my life,And ready to give up my life for our freedom,& have the best tools to do the job! P.S. And Your Right, This is not a left/right thing!

          59. pmbalele says

            You must be a KKK who misuses Jesus as your guide to hate and kill Blacks in this country. They have not caught up with you. You must have been hurting that Blacks are in the WH. You thought the WH was for extremist KKK, TPs and Repubs. Remember this site is monitored by FBI and CIA. Do not be surprised if you are visited by government officials. Never again post such ugly words against our President and his lovely wife.

          60. vietnam6871 says

            You are walking, talking proof that liberalism is a disease and, my God, do you have a severe case. Get the hell off this blog.

          61. Victor Archuleta says

            Responding to DiabolicalJason is an exercise that can be endless fun! To answer, you must form thoughts that are expressive of your logical – not emotional – heartfelt beliefs. It’s challenging, though. DJ has no interest in thinking clearly. The writer probably is not an American, and no doubt hates everything about America, Nevertheless, the comments give us good reason to refine and broadcast our thinking. I fully agree with your assessment. If you take my suggestion, just patiently continue answering. One day we shall have to speak words in defense of our country, and the exercise will help you prepare for that day.

          62. CJeanne says

            Congress needs to have the military Proverst remove him from office for his treason fraud, aiding and abetting our enemy operating outside the constitution, lawlessness….
            That’s how the Federalist Papers identity how we remove an illegal president from office.

          63. Louis Stevens says

            You are 1 sick man Diabolical Jackson! Must not get out much hey!

          64. Barbara says

            Definitely obama a fraud! He should have already thrown out of our White House for crimes against this country!

          65. Joe T says

            Also, Without inane rhetoric as liberals post…………….OBAMA is a human being…doomed to Hell…for cause.

          66. taliesin319 says

            Let us all hope the Devil gets on the stick and hauls his sorry azz
            away to the Ninth Circle and lets him occupy the same tier as his
            beloved muhammud.

          67. Craig Feist says

            The devil is loving Obimbo, hell, Obimbo is doing the Beasts’ work! In Daniel’s visions he saw 4 beast, the 3rd: “…looked like a leopard. And on it’s back it had four wings like those of a bird. The beast had four heads and it was given authority (from Satan) to rule. -Daniel 7:6

          68. DiabolicalJason says

            Dear Fed Up Asshole: Of all the pudpullers on this page, you qualify for the title Pudpuller in Chief I’m copying a link to this page and to your post in particular and forwarding it to the Secret Service in D.C. I am hopeful that they will pay you a visit in the near future and perhaps show you what it feels like to follow assholes like Timothy McVeigh through the Federal Court System !

          69. Annette Schultz says

            He didn’t threaten anything or anybody. So what’s your beef?

          70. DiabolicalJason says

            Annette If you are serious, I’m not wasting my time trying to explain to you just how loony you folks sound !

          71. jim_wright says

            or how stupid jason really is.

          72. proudtexan62 says

            If you support Obama, I have no idea where you get off calling anybody loony. You are not just loony but a whole list of other things with un-American being the top of the list.

          73. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hey Texan, he’s most likely sucking all the freebies he can get from the government and actually likes the HNIC. A troll, for sure…..

          74. proudtexan62 says

            You know it, Michael!!!

          75. Joe T says

            Birds of a feather…..

          76. proudtexan62 says

            Right on, Joe T.!!!

          77. David says

            LOONY, perhaps it sound loony to a brainwashed socialist Obamite. Very few patriots concern themselves with comments from people like you.

          78. Dave says

            The Founding Fathers were considered lunatics, too.

          79. BlueridgePatriot says

            Do you mean like how the Secret Service processed all of those leftest idiots who threatened Mitt Romney and George W. Bush through the Federal Court System?
            I’m sure you reported all of them, right? If you democrat cum wads can’t take it, then don’t dish it out! And may I remind you, if and when civil war erupts and anarchy prevails everyone becomes a target.

          80. DiabolicalJason says

            Oh dear, I’m so scared !! Bring it on, twerp !

          81. BlueridgePatriot says

            Typical shit for brains left wing reply. Can’t or won’t address my question. And don’t let your shotgun mouth overload your 22 caliber ass there old man!

          82. James keeling says

            These are those who are sheep to the slaughter… Obamaites.

          83. Jarhead says

            He could be brain-washed, brain-injured, off his meds, drug addled or born retarded. Select any TWO.

          84. BlueridgePatriot says

            Hey Jarhead, how about all of the above?

          85. Charles Burnes says

            You my friend are such a dick

          86. Michael Dennewitz says

            Your mother’s ass must have really been sore after shitting you out, you scumbag!!

          87. DiabolicalJason says

            HEY DENNEWITZ, Are you some kind of champion or something ? I guess I myst have missed those Olympics somehow.

          88. Joe T says

            Your gutter diatribe is a succinct sign of insecurity. Try civility to get your op-ed across as being genuine. Anyone can use gutter talk, it’s a sign of a lack of mental clarity and a bullshit defense. Your posts are construed as you being a sociopath or a psychopath….pursuant to an aberrant mental state.

            You are an SOB (sweet old boy) savvy. Your passive-aggressive demeanor

            is repressed, pursuant to your past life experiences. You would not last 1 hour in the danger zone of confrontation (war zone). Brains overcome guns.

            best regards, Joe T

            The difference between a sociopath or a psychopath is this:

            One hates people, the other one wants to kill people; which one R U?

          89. Joe T says

            We’ll purchase you a one way ticket to ISISland , like Disneyland, except YOU are the entertainment for them…..They will hold a barbecue party for YOU, that includes YOU…..You Idiot Obama lover; Have FUN….HOT FUN.

            TERRORISM BY Islamic Radical ism by Muslims, who don’t follow Islamic teachings.

            ISIS militants reportedly burn to death 45 people in western Iraqi town.

            Published February 17, 2015


            If you need an example just look at Europe & see how well they are doing !!! If that isnt insanity I dont know what is !!! With their open borders they will be overrun by Islamic radicals in no time, if they havent already been overrun !!! Europe will be gone forever, blown to smithereens by those insane Muslims !!! Is this what we want for America????

            1:54 p.m., Tuesday Feb. 17

            Islamic State militants reportedly have burned to death 45 people in the western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi on Tuesday, just five miles away from an air base staffed by hundreds of U.S. Marines.

            The identities of the victims are not clear, the local police chief told the BBC, but some are believed to be among the security forces that have been clashing with ISIS for control of the town. ISIS fighters reportedly captured most of the town last week.

            Col. Qasim Obeidi, pleading for help from the Iraqi government and international community, said a compound that houses families of security personnel and officials is now under siege.

            The reports come days after ISIS released a video purportedly showing the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians along a beach in Libya, sparking an international outcry, including commendation from Pope Francis, who called the killings “barbaric.”

            On Friday, a media group linked to ISIS released a four-minute video titled “Peshmerga Captives in Kirkuk Province,” which purportedly showed Kurdish prisoners — imprisoned in iron cages — being driven around on trucks in Iraq, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

            The imagery of the prisoner convoy in orange uniforms was similar to the scenes of an execution of a Jordanian pilot. In a video released by ISIS two weeks ago, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh was shown being burned alive in a cage.

            We’ll purchase you a one way ticket to ISISland , like Disneyland, except YOU are the entertainment for them…..They will hold a barbecue party for YOU, that includes YOU…..You Idiot Obama lover; Have FUN.

          90. Michael Dennewitz says

            Go the hell away, you broken down, old, dope sniffin fuck…….

          91. pmbalele says

            Thanks. We have quite a few sick people in this country making this site look anti-government. Such people die of heart attacks. I will pray for them whether they like it or not.

          92. Michael Gentry says

            Just curious…

            Why does it appear to be so difficult for those on the left to put America before stupid politics?

            All I ever see from the left on these blogs are how the shouldn’t even exist.

            We’re all citizens in the same boat.

            If you think ANY of our elected “representatives” are taking your well being into consideration, I have a bridge I’d love to sell you… Brooklyn’s a beautiful place!

          93. Joe T says

            Your dross inane posts are neither rational nor logical for public forums.

            Not rational, for you ineptly sans pretext attack the messenger.

            Not logical, for the message is reported verified from public sources.

            Veracity of an event, sans spin is foreign to you, but using effrontery is not.

            Posts are difficult and troubling for you to comprend and organize in your mind.

            Dialogue is succinct to others in diverse political forums sans vexation.

            Events regarding U.S. politics, terrorism and social issues are worldwide.

            Irrational disparaging words refutes and does not boaster your point of view.

            Reflecting on your mental state, it compulsuvely makes you “act” this way to strangers.

            Your irrresponsibility is not beneficial to public forums in general.

            Succinctly it’s a radical method you use when trying to impugn a truth; coupled with an inability to express positive emotions.

            You’re cognizant of what front-porching or parallel communications entails.

            Replying with truth, without a spin doctor reply and rhetoric is judicious.

            Continuing “ad nauseam” (like you) to explain your inane uneducated replies of your temerity and unintelligible palaver that reeks with ill bipolar tendencies resulting in minatory statements by you exhibiting personal rage sans cause.

            Pursuant your passive-aggressive nature, albeit formed years ago in your psyche via physical or mental trauma you may have encountered maybe thru no fault of your own causing your evidentiary paranoid delusions in your inept thought process.

            {Opinion vs fact – An opinion is not fact – a fact is not opinion. Debate vs argument -to debate is to utilize logic – to argue is embracing violence. Assertiveness is being confident while aggressiveness is truculent. Strangers don’t interact in a bombastic manner like you. Treatment is highly recommended for you with a Psychiatrist who can dispense Psychotropic medications for your mental (thought process) state that emulates the radical thought process of Islamic Muslims and having truculent tendencies, you act on.}

            You are lost in weeds of confusion; do you have any immediate family or relatives any friends. You radically impungn with aberrant actions and misguided information.

            Personal behavior in today’s times by radical Muslims who devoutly follow the heinous Islamic pseudo teaching (called religion) and their Allah. Can’t you understand that?Psychology. a person whose behavior is governed by a compulsion.

            R U an acolyte of radical Islamic teachings? Still a Communist/Socialist sympathizer?

            The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is germane to life.

            One hates people – the other hates them enough to kill them; e.g. Islamic radicals.

            You catigorically exhibit radical emotional rage for anyone/public to ascertain.

            Your intelligence level is self-evident lacking in common sense sans credibility.

            Good luck trying to live a sane life in the chaotic world your gray matter delves in.

            Please, cease embarra”ass”ing yourself in public forums with rude personal angst posts.

            Posts are so rambling and so far out in LEFT field you’re not even in a forum’s ballpark.

            You consider all news reported worldwide to be false regarding Dems/Obama.

            To wit: “wouldst not play false and yet would wrongly win”- Shakespeare

            Why are you attemping to defend Dems/Obama? Did someone hurt/damage you mentally, physically,or finanicially? Your putative mental obsession to attack strangers is not normal behavior for societal interaction. Hence, psychological theraputic services is recommended. Pursuant to caustic demeanor this reply may appear on other forums; you rant on.

            “Thoughts are the shadows of (y)our feelings — always darker, emptier and simpler.”


          94. DiabolicalJason says

            Wow man. you are as full of shit as you are ugly ! I’m not even gonna bother pointing out your errors ! Too many of them. As for me, I’m retired, enjoying life. After twenty six years in law, my specialty was briefing appeals, mostly in criminal appeals, and some civil. My op-ed articles have earned me the annual Thomas Paine award two years running. 2007 & 2008. Have a nice day! (NOT)

          95. Joe T says


            March 2015

            John Q, Public aka Forum Users. Plaintiff


            Diabolical Jason aka incognito alias. Defendant

            RE: Defendant misrepresenting himself as a sane person to the public.

            To wit:

            Welcome to the wide, wide, wide world of Diabolical Jason.

            di·a·bol·i·cal ˌdīəˈbälək(ə)l

            Adjective diabolical adjective diabolic

            Belonging to or so evil as to recall the Devil.

            Devilish fiendish satanic demonic demoniacal hellish infernal evil wicked ungodly unholy

            devilish: showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil; “devilish schemes”; “the cold calculation and diabolic art of some statesmen”; “the diabolical expression on his face”; “a Mephistophelian glint in his eye”

            Must be a chink in your armor, hit a soft sore spot did we? Veritas.

            Why answer the posted condemnation of your vituperative comments with you feeling the necessity of extoling a professional background in law (26 yrs.) and with a vain accolade from a recent Founded Society. You are probably an advocate (Pro Bono) for the Thomas Paine Society, i.e. Quid pro quo!

            In retrospect, why defend your rambling rancid ad nauseam comments in a combative attack of vulgarity to any and all public forum members, et al, that comment and reply to posts?

            We said to the black man in the green suit with red eyes, “who in the hell are you” and the black man said “Satan’s my name and chaos is my game; what’s your name?” Diabolical Jason, “I’m a lawyer, can I join in your game of deception, duplicity, mendacity and devilishness?”

            Your forum’s moniker is a clue of your soul’s content; EVIL machinations…sans integrity.

            Your avatar photo reflects your demented senior years; a pervert, gay or voyeur.

            Twenty-six years as a lawyer filing briefs, must not have been terribly successful to have to slave that many years in a time pressed profession; and then state you’re enjoying life; right!

            Did you succeed in reaching the one percentile of earnings; if not, that’s fills in the blank.

            You’re a charlatan…. a card carrying cardboard phony, in toto.

            What’s the difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

            Ever prevaricate as an officer of the court? In a civil/criminal litigation?

            Succinctly a chink in your armor; hit a soft sore spot did we? Veritas!

            Why answer a posted condemnation of your vituperative comments with you feeling strongly the necessity of extoling a professional background in law with a vain accolade. You are probably an advocate for the Thomas Paine Society.

            So why defend your rambling rancid “ad nauseam” comments in a combative attack of vulgarity to any and all public forum members, et al, that comment?

            Whereas, you categorically should have been more disciplined and less minatory in the principle of professional thought; when interacting with strangers in public.

            Did you draft briefs to the Appellate Court for Appellate Judges to be impressed with vile verbiage of common gutter palaver? Shows you were born on the wrong side of the tracks.

            Passive aggressive aren’t you, someone, something or diverse events go against you in life?

            Evidently you developed into a sociopath or a psychopath due to dementia; a mental disorder.

            One mental disorder hates people in general the other hates people enough to kill them!

            You possess one in your convoluted mental thinking morass?

            Where and when did you receive a law degree?

            What renegade liberal establishment did you gleam your negative indoctrination.

            How far from the bottom did you graduate in your law class?

            How many related disciplines do you hold?

            Criminal law and Civil (traffic tickets) Law expertise only.

            How many times did you file a motion for Certiorari?

            When you held a law license how many disciplinary actions against you?

            You probably worked for Dewey, Cheatum and Howe…right?

            Or was it Sly, Slick and Sly….Or Better Call Saul! You’re Jewish right?

            Would have liked to have been an Appellate Judge reviewing your brief.

            Evidently paralegals no doubt elucidated you.

            Any appeals .probably lost pursuant to a giant ego and misrepresenting the facts.

            Who coined this phrase? “There are no facts, only interpretations.” And….

            “It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”

            You exhibit a diabolical demeanor that is capricious, disingenuous and disturbing.

            Pursuant to your caustic retorts to others, you have odious memories of life.

            What’s the difference between a debate and an argument? And…

            It’s one of the basic methods you should have learned in a qualified law class.

            Who coined the phrase “Words are the fingers that molds men’s minds”?

            Your aggressive diatribe is borderline “mens rea” general intent (voluntarily)

            Prevarications, unfounded lead to the truth….agree or disagree?

            Two lawyers climb a high cliff and one jumps and dies, who jumped first?

            Some people are taught how to think out of the box, some can and some can’t; others are instructed to always think outside the circle the box is in….You think in the box.

            Best wishes always on your happy retirement years.


          96. Chris Robinette says

            How do you feel about Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate is a fake as well as his Social security card and his draft cart. How would you present this in court? I call him Barry because he has not legally changed his name to Barrack Obama. I understands that means very little as to identity. but consider who we are dealing with it should, yes?

          97. Michael Dennewitz says

            Boy, this asshole must have lost a ton of clients…..

          98. Terry Hamblin says

            Now I get it, you are a fucking Lawyer, crook, liar, snob. How did you stay out of jail for 26 years?

          99. Joe T says

            He’s writing from JAIL…….in his mind

          100. OldPatriot32 says

            I would kindly suggest you pack up and move to Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, Bolivia, or the African jungle; you’re polluting the free air here in America, traitor!

          101. Joe T says

            With all due respect to your angst mental state towards others…

            You could “never” make it in a covert agency.

            Here’s a clue for you to ponder, some people can think out of the box, some can’t…… in the covert world you have to think outside of the circle….that’s enough for U to think about. Except try this…

            2 ppl on a high cliff, one jumps and kills theirsefl; who jumped first? Think before you answer, you won’t get it correct. Can you spell DNA without help?

            What yr was the 1812 war fought in? Who fought?

            What did Napoleon say about the enemy?

            Vituperative yes, but we work on the edge. We are beyond being reasonable, it’s called being active cognitive resonance without illusions.

          102. molly kennedy says

            Told you, if we say anything against Obama we are automatically racist.

          103. Chris Robinette says

            Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, has been prepped just for this role to destroy America. If he loves America then he loves it like Stalin loved Russia, Mao loved China., or Hitler loved Germany. Look how many died and the horrific changes that occurred in those countries. He has placed his muslim aids in key positions in government, Mrs. Jarret for one.

          104. Michael Dennewitz says

            What a dickweed you are. If and when something does happen, thousands of people would probably be aiming for your sorry, old, dilapidated ass first….

          105. Joe T says

            Michael….my brother in arms……..relax……….forget him;;;your buddy (me) an ex- officer in TS intel says things are in the cloud under control…………the rabid vermin now in office won’t be soon……………keep prolificating to the max, Veritas

          106. Jean Langford M. says

            YOU are DUMB “MTHRFKG Liberal”….I would be happy to bring it to your door step…Tell me where…??? Right here. That is “IF” the civil war starts…say when….

          107. mac12sam12 says

            Hey nimbi nuts. Remember the “assassinate George W Bush” T-shirts? Were you outraged then?

          108. Dave says

            Isn’t it amazing? When there is a revolution, it is the eggheads who end up against the wall because every dictator knows that the regular folks want to follow the legitimate laws while the leftists are the ones who continue to push ideas which drive the regular folks to revolution. You can kill a man with a gun, but ideas can’t be killed no matter how many people are exterminated.

          109. greyfox says

            Hey DiabolicalJason watch what you wish for, it’s idiots like you who helped put him in there and I can see why that is. People like you can’t see past the end of their dork. Send this to your geshtapo as well you idiot.

          110. DiabolicalJason says

            GREYFOX: Or are you the champion ?

          111. greyfox says

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            GREYFOX: Or are you the champion ? Yes, I am the champion of the world

          112. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dickhoning Jason! You’re the biggest, suckass dildo I have ever witnessed! Your children, if you have any, must be sucking from the government, just like you are. What a pile of camel shit you are!!

          113. DiabolicalJason says

            DENNEWITZ: Are you a champion ?

          114. Joe T says

            Yeah He’s Mike’s a Champion and you are an athletic supporter..
            joe haire • 2 days ago
            Hey folks…look who’s back!!! DiabolicalJason, Jetmagnet, Donna Pitts, Uzoozy, Betty Withers, Eddie47, Sancho Panzer, aka Kool nightes. Supporters of the “worst” black POTUS in our history. Netanyahu showed what a true leader does to protect his country. Obama shows what a traitor does for his country…. A NUCLEAR IRAN!!! Weakened economy, high unemployent, higher prices, weakened military, porous Border, Border patrol without weapons. scandals that threaten our freedoms & safety. Corruption. Muslim Brotherhood in his administration. Inept vain community organizers. Marxist!! You have been exposed you OBAMA lovers crawl back into your Middle East cave.

          115. DiabolicalJason says

            I caught some interesting discussion on tv today. Discussion with a well known Constitutional Law Professor, some expert on Supreme Court decisions archives, and a well heeled, prominent, retired attorney, having served in past cabinet level position, etc. Those three, and some democrat

          116. horvat3875 says


          117. Joe T says

            You’re part of the Obama Chaos, not the solution, a Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama lover….

            Published: 09/11/2012 (would anyone describe this person POTUS OBAMA as sane?)

            A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.

            “It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” said Kevin DuJan, who was a .gossip columnist in Chicago for various blogs when Obama was living in the city as a community organizer and later a state senator.

            “Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president,” said DuJan.

            DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website, he has first-hand information from two different sources that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.”

          118. Joe T says

            Ghostwriter communique’
            parallel time 22:35
            Gustav K
            assignment info

            Kevin M. Shipp
            Former CIA counterintelligence and operations officer
            Former Program Manager, Department of State, Anti Terrorism Assistance program

            The Real Barack Obama And The Transformation of America (by a Covert)
            Barack Obama’s Political Ideology

            If this does not send chills down your spine, let’s look at Obama’s background.

            We’ll examine his deep cultural and political upbringing and his personal radical ideology – missed by over half of the voters in America, and concealed by news networks.

            I will examine his direct connections to Islam later. Three of Barack Obama’s primary mentors in Chicago (known for its political corruption) were avowed Marxists. All three of these mentors were trained at the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by avowed Marxist, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky’s goal was to destroy capitalism and establish Socialist/Marxist principles, not through violent revolution, but through slow, aggressive cultural takeover. His design was to accomplish this through “Community Organizing,” a silent revolution designed to overtake power in the US democracy, much like radical Islamic cultural jihad. Community organizing was designed to implement widespread public discontent, moral and cultural confusion and spark social uprising. The goal was penetration of political parties, churches and private and government institutions and place strategic Marxist/Socialist operatives in these organizations, including the news media. Sound familiar? Barack Obama became a proponent of the Alinsky techniques and taught the Alinskymethod for several years. He eventually wrote the essay titled, After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois. When Barack Obama ran for the US Senate, his only “political” experience was that of a “Community Organizer,” which was never explored by major news outlets and several major news media and entertainment figures were major contributors to his campaign. But, where did the millions of dollars in contributions necessary for his election come from? That remains concealed, at least for now.

            In his teenage years, Obama was mentored by writer and poet Frank Marshall Davis, a long time member of the Communist Party, under FBI investigation, and member of the American Peace Mobilization organization, decried by Congress as, “One of the most notorious and blatant Communist fronts.” Obama then joined the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organization. As part of its goal of the political and social takeover of America, the DSA veiled itself using the terms, “Liberalism,” “Progressivism,” and “Social Justice.” The DSA’s political ideology could best be termed “Western Marxism,” and “Cultural Communism.” This is why Obama cannot be labeled a pure Marxist/Socialist. For him to be labeled as such would be the end of his political career. So, as covert, cultural Marxist movements often do, these organizations invent terms and craft speeches concealing the roots of their ideology….continue

          119. DiabolicalJason says

            Lots and lots of idle chatter, none of which matters to me in any way !

          120. Liberty says

            Every time something is said against Obama, someone in the Fed world is taking note. And some of the under-the-covers are throwing fuel on their words to entice us to cross that line. We all know our Country would be a far better place had Barry never been a glimmer in his father’s eye. But I don’t know that a Timothy McVeigh making him a martyr is a good thing, either. So, I give Fed Up American a pass, and you should, too. The damage that has occurred in our lifetimes is incalculable. But there are those whose god is their government paycheck and “just venting” becomes an SS issue. Don’t ever hope the SS pays any of us a visit.

          121. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ahhhhhh, there’s that diabolical asswipe again. And if someone did start knocking on his door, you little mooselum loving asshole, it would most likely be because YOU TURNED HIM IN, eh dickweed???

          122. Cahoon says

            BRING THEM ON!!!

          123. proudtexan62 says

            I think Obama knows that and I’m sure it’s why he is very rarely being seen outside the confines of the White House recently. Every time he’s appeared, it’s inside.

          124. Mark Lahti says

            Right there with you brother. Armed, ammo’d up, supplied up, and ready.

          125. Victor Archuleta says

            (This is an extract from a message I’ve posted before…)

            I am alarmed at the number posts that claim violence is the answer to the nation’s problems. Yes, Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” But most people don’t know he was shouted down with cries of “Treason!” Or that he also warned that elected representatives who don’t serve the people should be voted out of office.

            Ill-timed violence can only mean trading our God-given Liberty for the anti-Christ’s tyrannical rule.

            Be aware, please, that socialist progressives are trained and paid to agitate, paid to insult in order to stir up anger. Their tactics lead to the admissions that fuel the enemy’s destructive fire.

            It’s one thing to boast of violence. It’s another to boast of dying. It’s still another to boast of your family members being killed by the enemy’s sponsored violence that the ill-timed comments attract.

            In a free Republic, ultimately, the people are responsible for the effectiveness of their government. Those of you who are willing to shed blood, I challenge you: Shed your sweat instead. Go to work. Educate yourselves in preparation to seeking public office – whether it’s school board, mayor, city council, county commissioner, or governor.

            Prepare yourself, then go to work. The tree of liberty – at this time – must be nourished with the sweat of Patriots. At this time, we only require two weapons – pray, and the ballot box.

            If this challenge is too far out of your comfort zone, Then formulate your ideas into a practical plan, and present it to your friends, family members, neighbors, and at any political rally you can attend.

            The Founders of our Republic left abundant documents, including in them instructions that detail how to care for and protect our God-given Liberty. Those writings are where your self-education must begin.

          126. sherri palmer says

            I agree with you that is the only thing that will stop him! Hey, so be it! the congress knew about him and did nothing and Sarah Palin tried to tell us but remember, she said she was forbidden to say anything. Biden is just a poor excuse the libs use to not impeach Obama! Should have been a done deal before 2012!

          127. BlueridgePatriot says

            NO we would not!

          128. Txmissy says

            Amen, Patriot! You know what they say about poking a hornet’s nest….well, the hornet’s have about had it and the nest is rustling. They better be careful.

          129. Bryant Hill says

            200 million men & women with guns. Yes, that is quite a hornets nest, rustling.

            When the time comes, there will be no going back. This is what they haven’t counted on, believe me.

          130. Txmissy says

            No, we wouldn’t go along with it. It’s been so obvious that this was planned long before he ever took office. Anyone who has read “Rules for Radicals” by Alinsky can follow right along what Obama has done and is doing to this nation.

            1) The first thing that made my hair stand straight up was the statement he made during the 2008 campaign, about needing a “militia to keep peace in the homeland, just as well trained and well funded as the military”. Hmmmm….why would we need that? What was his plan?
            2) Then soon came the NDAA, read that bill and it’ll chill you to the bone. Gives Hussein O the ability to detain citizens and suspend due process — “indefinitely”.
            3) DHS then put out a white paper designating who was to be considered terrorists: Returning vets (who had put their lives on the line for America, pro-lifers, global warming “deniers”, those with an exaggerated sense of nationalism, i.e. patriotism! Any mention of radicals who behead people? Nope. Just us Americans.
            4) DHS purchases over 2 BILLION rounds of hollow core ammo. For the homeland, are you kidding?
            5) FEMA camps covering all FEMA “regions” beefed up and supplied with hundreds of thousands of stackable coffins which will accommodate 4 bodies in each.
            6) Gutting of top brass military.
            7) Weakening the rank and file military via social engineering and infiltration by moo slims not even required to keep military dress code (mustn’t ask them to give up those turbans).
            8) Engineering of the “Arab spring” which has resulted in the explosion of radical Islamic terrorism, persecution and massacre of Christians in countries across the Middle East.
            9) The list could go on and on, but finally, take the words out of the Destroyer-in-Chief’s own mouth, and the inscription on his “wedding ring”: “Should the ill winds of fate blow, I will side with the Muslims” and “There is no God but Allah”.

            What else do we need to understand?

          131. hankthetank says

            There are a lot of people that haven’t seen what you & i have seen,there are still a lot of dumb people out there,but when it hits, they will wake up in a hurry, & say what happened,there will be a lot of people not prepared for it ! how can you prepare for something that bad!!!

          132. proudtexan62 says

            That’s right and there a lot of people like Jason and others who don’t want to see. Everything you mention above has been well publicized and if you went to Iraq for five years and saw things first hand you really know. Before you start liberals, I was not in the US Military and am not stupid because military deployments don’t last five years. I was there with my employer, the primary government contractor for LOGCAP. We were there to supply total life support to all the US Military, the State Dept., The DOD and all the other government agencies that were there as well as all the other government contractors who there with us supporting the troops while the fought daily supporting America and Americans. These liberals know nothing about any of it and really make my blood boil when they spew hate and lies at those who have done nothing but protect them and give them the right to continue to spew hate and lies. They can’t be very intelligent or the last six years would have drawn a very colorful picture of what is happening in this country. You wonder if it’s really ignorance or if it’s the life support our government is likely providing them today when people who really need the help in this country are going without, i.e., our returning veterans and our men and women in uniform who are still on active duty, 1/2 of what we had in our military when Obama took office.

          133. David says

            AND he has 40 million brainwashed citizens that are going along with him!!!!!!!!!!!

          134. truth and facts says

            Muslims My Ass…

            I want to shake the guy’s hand that wrote this…

            Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?

            Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?
            Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?

            Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?

            Have you shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?
            Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper?
            The answer is no, you have not. Just ask yourself WHY ???

            Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, said: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America ‘s history.”


            Dear Mr. Obama:

            Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.

            Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

            Can you show me one Muslim signature on the: United States Constitution?
            Declaration of Independence ?
            Bill of Rights?
            Didn’t think so.

            Did Muslims fight for this country’s freedom from England ? No.

            Did Muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America ? No, they did not.
            fact, Muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human
            slavery. Your own half-brother, a devout Muslim, still advocates
            slavery himself, even though Muslims of Arabic descent refer to black
            Muslims as “pug nosed slaves.” Says a lot of what the Muslim world
            really thinks of your family’s “rich Islamic heritage,” doesn’t it Mr.

            Where were Muslims during the Civil Rights era of this country?
            Not present.

            are no pictures or media accounts of Muslims walking side by side with
            Martin Luther King, Jr. or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

            Where were Muslims during this country’s Woman’s Suffrage era?
            not present. In fact, devout Muslims demand that women are subservient
            to men in the Islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten
            for not wearing the ‘hajib’ or for talking to a man who is not a direct
            family member or their husband. Yep, the Muslims are all for women’s
            rights, aren’t they?

            Where were Muslims during World War II?
            were aligned with Adolf Hitler. The Muslim grand mufti himself met with
            Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi’s
            in killing Jews.

            Finally, Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001?
            they weren’t flying planes into the World Trade Center , the Pentagon
            or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil,
            they were rejoicing in the Middle East . No one can dispute the
            pictures shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN,
            Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news network’s that day. Strangely, the
            very “moderate” Muslims who’s asses you bent over backwards to kiss in
            Cairo, Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many
            Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

            And THAT, Mr. Obama, is the “rich heritage” Muslims have here in America …

            Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the Barbary Pirates. They were Muslims.

            now we can add November 5, 2009 – the slaughter of American soldiers at
            Fort Hood by a Muslim major who is a doctor and a psychiatrist who was
            supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from battle in Iraq and
            Afghanistan .

            don’t forget the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15.2013 was done by 2
            Muslim Brothers. That, Mr. Obama is the “Muslim heritage” in America

            Be sure to SEND IT TO ALL.
            Muslim Heritage, my ass.
            And if you don’t share this message,
            you are part of the problem

          135. DiabolicalJason says

            Another round of the same old emails that earned ratings of “Pants-On-Fire” from PolitiFact.

          136. Bryant Hill says

            The Fear Of Man Bringeth A Snare.

          137. Paul Pray says

            The fight for independence took only 3 percent of the people to win. If we 3 percent are almost a 3 million plus, and believe me, we are more than adequetly armed.

          138. hankthetank says

            have you ever herd of Seal team six ???

          139. DiabolicalJason says

            HANK: Is he a wrapper? Or is that the old WWE champ that killed the guy in the ring last year ? I’ve herd of both !

          140. Annette Schultz says

            Never underestimate the will of the people when they are fighting for their freedom. Those illegals will rapidly find out that those FEMA camps are not just reserved for we Americans. Once their purpose has been served, they will find themselves equally as unwanted as we are. Remember -they too are expecting freedom!

          141. jim_wright says

            The black population is at best 14% of the population. Not all of them support him so that’s not it. There are a lot of no information voters out there that support him for racist reasons and the majority of Muslims support him

          142. proudtexan62 says

            I don’t think that 42% is an accurate figure. All those receiving government checks and freebies still support him because they can remain lazy and worthless. Many Black Americans are onto him now because he hasn’t done anything but hurt them and many of them have finally seen that. He used them and now he’s trying his best to abandon them for the illegals. He will take away what little he is giving them as loyalty money and things and give to the illegals. It’s already happening. TN had a huge rise in available jobs recently and, in checking, they were all given to immigrants, I’m sure illegal immigrants. They will feel like fools then and know they’ve been duped but then it will be too late for them.

          143. Dave says

            good side is that law enforcement nationwide will likely just control crime because they overwhelmingly support the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Same with veterans who may be older but they still retain the knowledge and training coupled with experience. Hunters, too, many of which are veterans. Active duty military will likely lay back and assure the safety of the nation and live up to their oaths.
            The Obamaites, on the other hand are primarily anti-gun, never served in the armed forces, and lack combat and survival skills.
            I know a lot of Democrats who are just as sick of Obama and his cronies as conservatives are.

          144. Bruce Kellar says

            That is right, and most of the blacks are armed and whites are scared to oppose them in any way. Muslims? They own the media, that steers the idiot part of America

          145. David says

            WE can’t stop him if we don’t try. Patriots will try. Live Free or Die

          146. Phoebe Isley says

            You may be right but don’t forget that leave the other 58% of us who are armed and ready to defend our rights and do what is necessary. I like our odds don’t you? Let’s just pray it doesn’t come down to that but if so I’m ready and I believe so are the others. God Bless

          147. Dave says

            I would hate to see anyone assassinated. I would rather he be impeached and tried for treason, stripped of his citizenship, presidential retirement and benefits, and sent into exile, or at least execute in accordance with the law.
            As for revolucion, remember that it took very little at the end to ignite the Revolutionary War. Colonists had endured ill treatment by their own country for a considerable length of time, and the final straw was the dispatch of British soldiers across Massachusetts to confiscate the arms of the colonists in order to control them. A few colonists confronted the army and the result was the shot heard ’round the world”.

          148. DiabolicalJason says

            I hope you counted the 40 million illegals who waked across the border from Mexico, and the 60 million muslims who Obama imported to vote in the 2012 election !

          149. Joe T says

            The dead will stop voting…finally for the democrats

          150. Chris Robinette says

            No abc, that will spark the second armed revolution and the military will not back Barry Soetoro..

          151. Mark Lahti says

            First of all the millions of responsible gun toting, bible believing, USA loving, patriots WILL stand up to martial law. That you can take to the bank. As for the large percentage of the black population that support him. They are a fraction of the total black population and the total is a fraction of the total population of the USA. If they choose to follow the Obama regime into their martial law cesspool they will be dealt with accordingly. Those millions of people who have not gone to the polls for the last two presidential elections will be among the people who will draw the line at total tyranny. They are fed up now and so are the rest of us. We will not let this country gone down in flames. Also, dead people have not yet learned how to fire a weapon. That whittles it down quite a bit.

          152. bonnie says


          153. Jay.bird says

            They are working hard on gun control, subscribe to the NRA magazine and see their information. Join GOA, sign the petitions, send letters to your representatives that you are against gun control in any form. The UN in New York was advertising for a disarmament specialist with 7 yrs experience sometime around June. I guess they are planning on taking our guns away. It was on a government web site. You can probably google it.

          154. Ron says

            Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is essential Adolf Hitler II. The mere fact there are many unanswered questions about his birthplace and academic accomplishments presents questions about his qualifications for the office of the Presidency. We are told that 42% support Obama. Those are at least 84% of the ones on government handouts. That does NOT include people legitimately on Social Security and retirement benefits for which they earned the right. Three issues need immediate attention. In order of importance beginning with the most important are: seal the border to protect us from foreign vermin, enhance the Department of Defense for our protection and strive to strengthen the economy. After we stabilize those three we can work on more details.

          155. Paul Pray says

            Armed citizens scare him, armed VETERANS terrify him, why do you think all this talk about removing the rights of Veterans to buy Rifles, guns, ammo because of SUSPICION of PTSD or other mental defect from serving the Military????
            Do you think 3 million or more ARMED VETS would terrify you, especially when they get pissed off. Nothings worse than PISSED off Soilders.

          156. hankthetank says

            Have you been watching? they are trying to rebuild the Bush family this week end! they are trying to clear the way for Jeb Bush,witch I will never vote for!!!

          157. Annette Schultz says

            Yes, I agree with you. It may be that will be the only way we can get this country back in some kind of level ground again.

          158. Fred Hedrick says

            I saw an article on this a couple of weeks ago. These stats are from 2011. This is exactly why the Administration and his cronies want to disarm us. If there was a call to arms, (I said IF) there is a potential of the better part of licensed hunters being willing to stand up for themselves and their friends and families. Here is a number from 2011: Using data provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the number of hunting licenses issued throughout the country, the established baseline is 14,974,534 licenses (2011).

            Conversely, Active Front line Military Personnel: 1,430,000, and, Active Reserve Personnel: 850,880.

            They definitely have the equipment and resource advantage, but, how many of the Active Front line or Active Reserve Personnel will side with their Families and friends, instead of following Tyrannical orders (a lot of them possibly being fellow licensed hunters)?

            Again, I am NOT calling for or encouraging insurrection/revolution. However, the Constitution, is written for the people, not the Government. Patrick Henry is quoted as saying: “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

            That said, I would not say I would be on board with an OFFENSIVE Assault on the powers that be, BUT, if Martial Law is instituted without a good and Constitutionally sanctioned reason, and, they start conducting illegal search and seizure raids, then, I would certainly pick my ground to stand on in defense of my family and friends.

            Furthermore, I cannot go along with what 1 Fed Up American says in his post. I most assuredly do NOT respect the MAN, but I DO respect the Office of the President, as long as he is performing his duties as outlined by the Constitution.

          159. David says

            Obama is taking the chance that we don’t have the guts or the will to fight… He’s wrong.

          160. Angry American says

            Pray with one hand & carry your rifle in the other, it may be necessary for your survival, given the times we are in with a dictator as president that believes he knows what is best for everyone

          161. taliesin319 says

            More and more of us are not only armed but practicing diligently even Seniors
            are doing great on the firing ranges and some have served in both Korea and
            Vietnam and many retired Military are brushing up their skills as are both single
            and married women. Lock,load,practice and pray, pray and pray some more.

          162. Joe T says

            Relax…have faith………the black POTUS is doomed…truth and patriots will prevail.

          163. Roger_T73 says

            When the Second American Revolution does finally happen, remember, do not get in a pitched battle. Our forefathers created America using guerilla warfare!!!
            Follow up heir lead. The Military will not fire on American citizens. Don’t fire on them. Kill the politicians,they are our ENEMY.

          164. azsequaya says

            You don`t think the queers barry has turned our military into wouldn`t fire on American Citizens?

          165. azsequaya says

            Remember Katrina??? American Soldiers took weapons away from American CITIZENS,,, & THAT,, was just a hurricane,,,

          166. Liberty says

            And I wouldn’t write off law enforcement changing sides, either. Just as Colorado’s sheriffs announcing, “We will not comply!” to the dems’ newly passed bills that trashed the second amendment and made victims of the state’s citizens.

          167. DJ says

            Yes….armed citizens today but what about next year?

          168. Barbara says

            2 Chronicles 7:14

          169. Robert Myles says

            I am as well and truly believe Obama is a pen stroke away from the second if the first doesn’t work in this years elections. We as Patriot’s have to put our differences aside and all work together to assure we keep the house and flip the Senate. I know there are RINO’s up for reelection but tome they are more palatable and controllable than the like of Harry Reid. We can then use prince Harry’s “Nuclear option” against them. Get the bills passed that

          170. 3ronald1 says

            Voter fraud is rampant! It must be stopped! Non-citizens do not have the right to vote and this Administration is fighting Voter I.D. rules and not stopping illegal voting. In order to vote in my State, I must present a photo I.D. What’s wrong with that? You must present a photo I.D. to even cash a check in this country. People who don’t speak/read English should not be able to vote either, but I read that they ARE voting. If you want to live here, do it legally, learn the language and follow the laws/rules.
            Terrorists must be stopped also. Close the mosques that are radicalizing the Muslims. Deport the anti-American people. If they don’t like it here, they should leave and go back where they came from. (They want to come here and take advantage of what we have accomplished, but at the same time want to change our country to the way THEY want it. What kind of law do these people have in their country? What have they done in their own country to better THEIR society and the world? Americans worked for hundreds of years to accomplish what has been accomplished here. We are a benevolent people, giving aid to countries all over the world…they are NOT! THEY WANT TO KILL US AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY FOR THEMSELVES!
            I’M ANGRY!!! Wake up America! This is the “change” Obama planned when he ran for office and the sheeple followed. We can’t let these people destroy our nation. Remove the fraud and lawlessness from the White House and its administration. God help us!
            After Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt ordered Japanese people into camps because he wanted to protect our people from attacks from within. It was unfair to the peaceful Japanese living here who had nothing to do with the strike on Pearl Harbor, but was a desperate action done at the time to stop an attack from within. We are at war with ISIS – I’m beginning to think that Muslims in this country should be put into camps to protect us until we can eliminate the terrorists. It’s unfair to the peaceful people, but how can you sort the good from the bad? Their own people who want to live peacefully in this country won’t even speak out against the terrorists and deal with them in their own society. Cowardly. But their culture doesn’t teach that there are ramifications for doing harm – even to their own people. It doesn’t teach that people should do “good” to others…they don’t seem to have any good rules to live by..i.e. The Ten Commandments, or even the Golden Rule. They have no concept of kindness, helping others, helping their own people, educating all their countrymen, etc.

          171. William Michael Stone says

            THANK YOU! You just expressed everything I feel about this MOSLEM, (FUCKING MUSLIM) issue, It took courage to move away from your home in the middle east, to start a new life without persecution. WHERE IS THAT COURAGE NOW? Why can you “american” Muslims denounce this SHIT that is happening? Do you people know who your dealing with? We could have exterminated Japan, we can and will exterminate you, if you don’t change your ways ….fast! Don’t worship the prophet, worship the God, he does not create, for you to destroy, worship as you see fit, but you have no right to take a life… are not GOD, stop acting like you are. Or else!

          172. Glatik says

            I am quoting someone:

            their strategy is voter fraud, race card playing,. that is how they try to win
            instead of highlighting their own accomplishments.

          173. marihia says

            Voter fraud will be out in FULL FORCE come 2016!!

          174. Glatik says

            I am afraid that we can count on the voter fraud.

          175. jscarano7 says

            to 3ronald1 hi you know you are so right i couldn’t put in better words,god bless you

          176. Glatik says

            Agree with your post 100%.

          177. dondehoff says

            Voting is a must, but equally important, in that we are “outnumbered”, we must stop illegal voting. I saw a security camera post that revealed a “person from off the street”, dumping hundreds of ballots into a ballot box. We need for the Republican party to get their poll watchers, with cameras, in place early and at each ballot box. We already have the laws, with punishments, on the books—-but they are poorly enforced.

          178. Txmissy says

            Mr. Myles, I’m not belittling anything you say. However, we already see signs of “compromise” from Boehner and McConnell. Compromise to the Dims is “you do it my way 100% or we’ll smear you and call you a racist”. Let’s just say for the sake of argument, the Republican leadership caves on budget, amnesty, etc just as they’ve done for the last 6 years. What, seriously, do you think would be the next step for WTP?

          179. Dale Langsdorf says

            You are not alone, my friend!

          180. Dana Peterson says

            And you should be. The electronic voting machines are rigged.
            If you are lucky enough to have your vote go through correctly then they missed one.

          181. Glatik says

            How come that a first world nation like the USA, in which
            elections play such a crucial role, has such a third world voting

          182. slotiac32 says

            You can call it Democrat criminality; that’s what it is!

          183. Glatik says

            You got it, amen.

          184. marihia says

            This administration make Al Capone look like a nun.

          185. 1 Fed Up American says

            Simple The F–King DEMOCRAPS control the process and the citizens let their Liberal Ass Agenda get away with Voter Fraud.

          186. Glatik says

            That’s how they try to win.

          187. Jay.bird says

            Early voting in Chicago, IL a Republican candidate tried to vote for himself and the X would land in the box above his name (Demorat), same think in Maryland in approx 4 counties, it even happened to a sheriff. One person said it took him 4/5 times for it to land in the right box. I called my voter registrar and talked to them about it.

            When you vote make sure that the last button you push is for the person you are voting for and if there are more votes than people in the county then the politician should call for a recount. Tell someone if your voting machine is not working right.

          188. 1 Fed Up American says

            Revgay that’s how the SOB got elected the second time and this election on November 4th will see so much fraud in the Senate races just to keep the DEMOCRAPS in control of the Senate preventing the Republican from having some control over the SOB.

          189. rathole9 says

            no disrespect to anybody because I fall into this group also everybody talks about how no good he is everybody talks about how no good his government is but nobody will step up and do anything about it all we do is talk and that’s all again no disrespect meant to anybody because I fall in that same category

          190. Ron says

            Hopefully with the new Congress we can begin a cleanup and get something done. OR vote the jerks out of office at the next 2, 4, and 6 years marks.

          191. LARRY PUCKETT says

            Ben Carson says we should be VERY AFRAID of Martial Law! (IT) is afraid to go down that DEAD end street, as (IT) is afraid the masses will rise up and slaughter
            (ITS) CIVILIAN army of Black Panthers, La Raza and other groups of that ILK. I dealt with THE BLACK PANTHERS, as a Police Officer, and know what they are capable of. LA RAZA is just a bunch of S…S that need to be reminded of what
            the Alamo was all about! IF IT’S BLACK OR BROWN, MOW EM DOWN!!!

          192. Ron says

            Nice post Larry Puckett. America has entered evil times. Before 1960 things were fairly stable in this country. I did not support segregation of races one iota. I saw all Americans as equal under law. However it appears that with some social changes that were brought about in the 1960’s we have inherited some changes that were not part of the agreement. Racism is a major negative addition that has no place in America. We got rid of the Ku Klux Klan for the most part but it appears to have been replaced with another racial hatred theme with only the COLORS REVERSED. Both Black and White communities need to get rid of people, groups and organizations that push their way in society in a bullying manner. The Black Panther group is one to note among the Black population and any remnants of the Ku Klux Klan need to be purged from the White community. Threats or intimidation to any voters at any voting polls need to be severely dealt with by law enforcement authorities.

          193. LARRY PUCKETT says

            true patriot

          194. Ron says

            Most honest, sane, true Americans are concerned about voter fraud. We are obligated to insure proper identification at the polls and refuse voting privilege to anyone who lacks identification to certify she/he is an American citizen registered to vote. We are also obligated to insure there is no “stuffing of ballot boxes.” Voting is a secular “sacred” privilege and right for true American citizens. Non-citizens have neither right nor privilege to vote.

          195. Bryant Hill says

            Moreso, they should be worried about hundreds of thousands of angry Americans, all with guns.

            When the line is crossed there is NO going back. NO, sitting down or talking things out. It will be an All Out Civil War against the people responsible for defrauding We The People.

            That’s what THEY should fear. There won’t be any place on earth they can hide.

          196. David says

            You should be concerned. Voter fraud is accepted practice in the socialist party and martial law is being planned.

          197. DJ says

            I also have a fear of a martial law plan based on an allowed series of terror attacks around the country. The election would be put on hold and liberty would be no longer.

          198. Barbara says

            You can count on voter fraud! It has already happened! In my opinion obama did not win re-election. They proved it was voter fraud! Too many people voter numerous times plus obama had fliers at the polls!

          199. Tom says

            Voter fraud is a huge problem that the Demoncrats refuse to recognize because they control and benefit from it. Republicans offer partial solutions, there are not any full solution, but the dems like it the way it is and will NOT allow it to be changed. Stupid is as stupid does.
            Martial law though, if ONE Citizen is shot, wounded or beaten there will be a price on every one in Obama’s family. We will eliminate that bloodline in this Country.

          200. greyfox says

            It takes informed people to make an informed vote, celebrity seems to be more important than knowing what in the hell is going on. It,s easier to keep your head in the sand.

          201. Ron says

            We’ve had the election and now control Congress as (hopefully)
            conservatives to save the nation by getting it back on the straight track as set forth in the Constitution. God Bless America–the greatest nation on the planet. And may we and He continue to Bless Israel, his Chosen People in their Land deeded to them by Himself.

          202. proudtexan62 says

            The problem is 1commonjoe, is that the election isn’t this fall. It’s the fall of 2016. Yes, the democrats are supporting Obama as he tries every illegal act he can conjur up to get those illegals amnesty and give them voter ID’s. That still doesn’t make them eligible to vote but Obama could care less about any of our laws in this land. There definitely will be voter fraud if he’s able to do it. Martial Law, I think that will be his last resort because Obama is actually afraid of the American people. Have you noticed that he hasn’t been out of the White House very much lately and even when he might have gone to the Capitol, I’m sure he is transported very inconspicuously. Those within our government who have the power to stop him need to do it and today will be fine with me. The problem is they aren’t. I can imagine why but that is why they were put there in the positions they asked to be elected to. Don’t give up hope. With the guidance of God and by his grace, we will be successful in our fight against evil.

          203. DiabolicalJason says

            WHAT “FRAUD” VOTES ? PROOF ?

          204. bobby-o says

            Joe, not if we vote for any dems or republicans outside of maybe the tea party people. Remember this when you vote!

          205. gaeliclass says

            only if everyone thinks like you commonjoe… that is not the way to approach evil and what is happening in the US.– do you remember those who won WWII – think about them.

          206. Barbara says

            Congress is not acting! They are playing games with obama

          207. Tom Brooks says

            Our Constitution does not have a provision for a “Temperary” (Temporary) President. It very specifically names the chain of command. Read it!

          208. 1 Fed Up American says

            Your Point?

          209. Tom Brooks says

            My point. Read our Constitution, you might learn something.

          210. Ron says

            Tom Brooks I think you mean “succession.” Not “chain of command.” You are correct, there is NO provision for a “temporary” President. The Presidency is an unbroken line that began with George Washington at his first Inauguration in New York City near what we now call “Ground Zero.” Interesting, isn’t it. Hopefully God will continue to Bless America as Washington prayed that He would only minutes after his Inauguration.

          211. azabigail says

            We needed better qualification requirements when Obama was nominated to be president IE; 100% PRO-American, a mature adult with no hidden or deep seated psychcological, emotional, or mental deficiencies, or hostilities toward America, Colonialism, England, or ANY race, (in Obamas case Whites). They also should have included, and I think the conditions and qualifications for president should be changed to include, 3 forms of VERIFIED proof of American citizenship and education. A psychological review, previous military service as an officer, and verifiable background check for previous ties with anti-Americans, terrorists, etc. Wonder how we can get these things included.

          212. 1American1st says

            Jim Bridenstine would be an excellent choice.

          213. Angry American says

            That is how Gerald Ford became the first unelected president

          214. DiabolicalJason says

            When did you amend the Constitution to allow all of that ?

          215. gaeliclass says

            fear should never stop the americans..
            there is no compromise with evil – ever….

          216. mica says

            Put in Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, Mike Lee, Michelle Bachman , Ben Carson, Scott Walker…each of them have a backbone and they are statesmen and stateswomen.

          217. J_in_TX says

            Nancy Pelosi is not the current Speaker of the House.

          218. aschark says

            J in TX. In my post I said, “in the first 2 years,” when she was the SOTH.

          219. J_in_TX says

            Right, but we aren’t talking 2 years ago. We are talking now.

          220. aschark says

            J in TX, I’ll try and explain this to you as easy as I can. I’ll even type slower, so you’ll be able to read this. Again. “Speaker of the House, in THE FIRST TWO YEARS,” I wrote in my first post. I repeated myself in my first reply to you. I am now repeating myself in my second reply to you. I’ll even make it easier for you: I’ll type in capitals. Ready? Here goes: IF OBAMA WAS FOUND INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT, IN HIS FIRST TWO YEARS, AND BOTH HE AND BIDEN WERE REMOVED FROM OFFICE, THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE BECOMES THE POTUS, AKA, NANCY PELOSI, IN THE FIRST TWO YEARS!
            I was talking about the FIRST TWO YEARS, which I stated in my original post, and my two replies to you. YOU might have been talking about “now,” but I was talking about the FIRST TWO YEARS, which I stated in my original post.
            I repeated myself a few times and typed slow so that you could read words posted, not what you think I said. Capishe?

          221. J_in_TX says

            Here, I’ll type this really slow (with one finger) so you can understand. It doesn’t matter what happened in the first 2 years, the first 4 years or even yesterday. It’s ancient history. Can’t change it. The only thing that matters is what happens from today forward. You might accomplish more if you stop living “in the first two years” and start living in the here and now. Capishe?

          222. joe haire says

            now now boys!! let’s not be nasty towards each other or you’ll start sounding like Nancy Pelosi!!!

          223. mac12sam12 says

            OK now, group hug!!

          224. MaureenF says

            J in TX… Don’t get your Pee hot…

          225. Tom Brooks says

            Be careful, you might sound like the hildabeast, “It doesn’t matter.” To carry your wisdom a step forward (or backward), if a member of your family was beheaded YESTERDAY, would you still say, “IT DOESN’T MATTER? I think not. If we followed your criteria, we could get rid of all the police, the military and divorce courts as well as child support, simply because they deal with crimes committed in the past. By the way. All our memories are of things that occurred in the past, whether it was a split second ago or many years ago. The present is only an infinitesimally short period of time.

          226. Ron says

            Tom did you mean wildebeest? “wild beast” (the GNU)

          227. Tom Brooks says

            No, dumb a$$, I meant hildabeast, as in Hillary Clinton. DUH!!!

          228. Angry American says

            The first 2 years of obamas presidency are now history so why bring it up now after 6 years of this turd?

          229. BeholdHim says

            If we don’t review that, we could repeat it.
            Learn from our mistakes, you know.

          230. sandra says

            Obama’s polices and pen strokes for the past 6 years has brought us to the issues of today. We have been on a corruption ride to the max for the past 6 years, the trans has been built during the past fifty years, now the ride if we don’t push the stop button, there will be no end to this madness.

          231. Tom Brooks says

            aschark, you said, “Then that would put Nancy Pelosi in charge: Speaker of the House, in the first 2 years. But then again, she might go to jail for not properly vetting Obama. Love to see that happen.” Your comment is not relevant to the situation today because it did not happen. Unless you have a time machine and can go back and fix the problem, your comment means nothing. And apparently, I am not alone in my assessment of your post. Maybe if you used proper grammar and said, “Then that would HAVE put Pelosi….” it would have made a little more sense, not much more, but a little more.

          232. aschark says

            Tom, here’s the conversation from 2 months ago: (copied from above)

            Jeronimo Dan to Buffalo Bill • 2 months ago:

            Buffalo, everything you said is true, but I just can’t understand how no one in power will say the truth about what we’ve had in the WH for the past five years?

            Reply: Buffalo Bill Jeronimo Dan • 2 months ago

            The only thing I can think of is they are afraid of what Biden would do to this country if he was to take over. Can you imagine having Bozo the Clown in charge of this country? I really don’t know which of the two would be worse.

            Reply: Laddyboy to Buffalo Bill • 2 months ago

            He can be removed at the same time. Considering he was entered into Office under the same FRAUD that got mr. obama there.

            Reply: aschark to Laddyboy • 2 months ago

            Then that would put Nancy Pelosi in charge: Speaker of the House, in the first 2 years. But then again, she might go to jail for not properly vetting Obama. Love to see that happen.

            That’s the scenario if Obama got tossed 5 years ago and if Biden went with him (the fear of Biden running this Country), then Nancy would be king. The conversation between us was a “what if …” and “why didn’t they …” topic. Jeronimo mentioned 5 years, I mentioned the first 2 years (of Obama), and that was 2 months ago. You must be bored, Tom.

          233. grunion says

            Right, it would be boehner.

          234. rain man says

            Boehner is the speaker now and he would be in line after Biden.
            Lets get both Biden and Obama. That would help our nation recover faster.

          235. donjusko says

            As I understand it, they are both illegal.

          236. richbach says

            Boehner is a damn wuss and no better than what we have now. To me Boehner is nothing but a cry baby anyway. He sucks as the Speaker. The House has the power of the purse, but won’t use it against the Democrats because they are afraid of “hurting” their feelings. We have now gone over 4 years without any kind of budget so all the Congress does now is pass Continuing Resolutions. Someone has to come up with a budget and then we need to get rid of Harry Reid so we can actually get something done. All the Democrats do is play the blame game against the GOP and they just sit there and take it. Grow a pair GOP and do the job you were elected to do!

          237. Tom Brooks says

            We have to take the Senate and Keep the House for that to happen. Bill Clinton’s impeachment proved that democraps don’t care about the law and they now support an Anti-American POTUS. If we fail, we are doomed.

          238. rain man says

            You are right on Tom. I will vote and I will bet that you will too. Lets do our best
            to clear out the Obama support.

          239. Glatik says

            How much of an improvement would Boehner be?

          240. marihia says

            NOT MUCH…….since he had a pervert radical muslim give a so called prayer…..portraying it to be a peaceful and loving religion, It was absolutely disgusting and sickening, while in true life they have that heinous,hideous sharia law, beheadings, rape, honor killings and the list goes on and on!!

          241. Glatik says

            This was beyond belief, all they do now is cave to the Muslims.

          242. buesswg says

            But we have a Rhino that is. I would not trust Boehner as far as I could throw him. He has sucked Obama’s A– too much.

          243. grunion says

            I believe power would flow to the speaker, boehner. Right?

          244. aschark says

            grunion, the FIRST 2 years of Obama’s RAIN (not a typo), Pelosi was the Speaker. Remember the stink when she took any available government plane to San Fran every weekend?

          245. grunion says

            Yep, I do. You will get no argument from me that Pelosi is a sick, destructive, self absorbed freak. It’s just I was under the impression that without the Bummer and the VP Imbibin’, then the succession falls to the current Speaker, Boehner.

          246. says

            Yes, Boehner is SoH and would be in line after Biden. I taught the Constitution for 37 years…that’s what it says. It goes to whoever is SoH at the time the Pres and VP are removed. I wish our Joint Chiefs of Staff would lead that movement now since they have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. O &B certainly have proven that they are enemies of the Constitution and have broken their oath of office by refusing to enforce laws passed by Congress (marriage and immigration) and dozens of other failures to fulfill oath of office and misuse of the pen and the phone (Exec Orders.) I fear our military has been sanitized.

          247. rain man says

            If you replace sanitized with castrated you would be right on.

          248. Robert Myles says

            Those that are now the Highest Ranking Officer’s in the Pentagon or JCoS IMHO have been asked and took an oath of allegiance to Obama all that Refused Approx. 300 have been REMOVED for any and even the most minor of infractions. We can only hope that atleast some of these Officers had their finger’s crossed and maintain their true Real OATH and with the proper timing which hasn’t yet arisen will have the GUTS to walk Obama and Biden along with Reid and Piglosi out in Shackles

          249. bobwhite1935 says

            Then that would put Nancy Pelosi in charge, in charge of what, please explain & how this would happen.

          250. hankthetank says

            Harry Reid is in charge of the Senate,Boehner , is speaker of the House!! Pelosi , is nothing but a bitch!!!

          251. bobwhite1935 says

            I already knew that.

          252. Jim FitzGerald says

            Pelosi is NOT the Speaker of the House! Where have you been since 2010?

          253. foxfire says

            we may have to go as deep as the postmaster general. is he still last in line for the Presidency?

          254. Isabella1709 says

            Speaker of the house is John Boehner, not Pelosi.

          255. Tom Brooks says

            I don’t understand your post. Pelosi is not the speaker of the house, and has not been for two years.

          256. aschark says

            Tom, my original post concerned the original outcry with Obama’s eligibility to become the POTUS. That was in 2008. At that time, Pelosi was SotH. If, at that time, Obama was declared ineligible, would that negate the whole ticket – Biden leaves with Obama – and Pelosi would become POTUS. My post was in response to “Laddyboy,” the poster above me. Check it out. I’m sorry that other posters misunderstood my post (2 months ago!? Seems that they have nothing better to do), but next time, I will begin my post with the poster’s name to whom I’m replying,That will help the critics understand my future posts. What I get a chuckle out of are the comments, like yours, 2 months later, without wondering why I posted what I posted. It’s called “research,” like reading the post above mine (my bad. I should addressed my post to laddyboy).

          257. Tom Brooks says

            If you are referring to “ladyboy’s” post ,”He can be removed at the same time. Considering he was entered into Office under the same FRAUD that got mr. obama there”, I still don’t understand your post. It is not relevant to “ladyboy’s”. Thanks for the clarification, though. I wonder if “ladyboy” is like Michael Obama, (you know the guy who dresses like woman and calls himself Michelle”), but sure as hell ain’t a woman.

          258. Kenyan Mocker says

            If I’ve read and followed this thread correctly I understand what you mean by saying that if Obama / Biden were proven ineligible then it would put Pelosi in line. That would be true if the ineligibility were done while Pelosi were speaker.
            I’m not sure if Obama were tossed from the ticket, even at this point it wouldn’t automatically go to Biden. if the election was deemed void and both Obama and Biden were removed at this time the current speaker would be POTUS.

          259. Cynthia Osbun says

            I think there needs to be someone in charge who can send ALL OF THESE MUSLIM/COMMUNISTS to a prison cell, THIS MINUTE, and hold them till they are tried in a court of law for ALL THEIR CRIMES…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SHOULD PAY THE PRICE THE CONSTITUTION SAYS IS APPLICABLE FOR HIGH CRIMES OF TREASON….I know we have more than enough PATRIOT AMERICANS and VETERANS and OATH KEEPER LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS AND SHERIFFS who would LOVE to be a part of this house clean up, of ALL THESE PARASITES….can you all step forward please? WE NEED YOU….

          260. Robert Myles says

            If we were to Step Forward and take the suggested action We would be Shot and or Arrested for Insurrection. The Constitution is quite clear on that. We first need the Power and Support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Full Military along with a Majority of the Secret Service to aid and Assist in order to accomplish your suggestion. Not that I would not be right there with them if this action were to be taken. Though there is a Majority of American’s totally disenchanted with Obama’s Hope and Change. I do not believe that same Majority would support a Military Coup de tai.

          261. amicusc23 says

            No;not Pelosi—-Boehner

          262. buesswg says

            Since that Democratic Ballot was a fraud then The Republican Candidate should be our President.

          263. Jay.bird says

            It has been said that she vetted his application to run, so she can be removed also.

          264. LARRY PUCKETT says


          265. mezcukor says

            I agree. Impeach Obama and then Bidden and then Pelosi..And then we will see

          266. BlueridgePatriot says

            Along with the corrupt state run media and congress critters with their noses so far up his ass that they are blinded from the truth or willingly going along with all!

          267. alfy says

            wrong the speaker of the house is next in line after biden not pelosi.that woud be boehner

          268. aschark says

            alfy, thank you for the correction, but I said “in the first 2 years” in that post. I should have completed that sentence by adding “in the first 2 years OF OBAMA.,” when the wicked witch of the west was speaker of the house.

          269. Ron says

            John B. is Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency. Hopefully should that become reality he will surround himself with sane, true Americans who support in the Constitution. The Leftists have no use for the US Constitution, the Flag or the Republic for which it stands–under God.

          270. Txmissy says

            Truth is, she did vet Obama and knew full well he wasn’t eligible, knew full well he had sealed every single fact regarding himself and who he was and went full speed ahead. She’s as guilty as he is. As are the Clintons, they were the first birthers, but backed off when bHo threatened Chelsea’s life. Sounds like the mafia, doesn’t it?

          271. hankthetank says

            NO,that would put Bohner in charge !!

          272. Annette Schultz says

            No – Nancy Pelosi is not longer Speaker of the House with this new Congress coming up; however, she should be arrested and tried as well because she vetted 0vomit in the first place.

          273. RobertLaity says

            Pelosi is a co-conspirator. She perjured herself to 49 States by having deleted the part of the election statement that said that Obama was constitutionally qualified, providing that Statement ONLY to Hawaii. John Boehner is currently in the Speaker slot. He is technically POTUS.

          274. 1American1st says

            Boehner is Speaker of the House.

          275. proudtexan62 says

            No, that would not put Nancy Pelosi in charge. The Speaker of the House at the time the President is removed from office no matter how he is removed, by death or charges, is the next in line after the VP. I don’t believe Biden could be removed at the same time Obama was either. I have to check on that.

          276. aschark says

            Proud, my post said “in the first 2 years.” Then, NP was the speaker, and, like you, I had my doubts whether Biden would be tossed, too.

          277. Pazuzu says

            I have daydreams, too. My favorite is nuking their sacred box while thousands are marching around it.

          278. Angry American says

            I am not sure when this was posted, but piglosi is no longer speaker of the house, rather it is Boehner these days so he would become president following the line of succession

          279. Tom Mack says

            The Speaker of the House is John Boehner, not Nancy Pelosi. The White House would suddenly become Republican.

          280. aschark says

            Look Tom, I’ll say it again: my post (6 months ago) was about NP becoming POTUS, if Obama was impeached “IN THE FIRST TWO YEARS,” taking Biden with him. During those years, NP was SOTH,

          281. bowhunter says

            Aschark, it is really Howard Dean who should be in jail for not vetting Obama. He was head of the Democratic party at the time. I contend if Obama was considered white, he really isn’t black, that he would have been impeached and jailed long ago. All the sheeple Politicians in Washington fear being called racist. Somthing I can never understand with the Republicans since 92% of blacks vote democrat and always will. They are as brainwashed as the Muslims. I have a couple of Muslim friends and both want to see Israel eliminated along with all Jews. They would be considered part of the so called 80% non radicals yet they hold all the same views That is ingrained from the Koran.

          282. draftsman69 says

            Oh Goood! Nancy Pelosi. Talk about the lunatics running the nut house……

          283. Chris Robinette says

            No, Pelosi would not as she is not speaker anymore! But John Bohner will not be the best choice.

          284. bobby-o says

            asc, I guess you’re not aware of this but Pelosi isn’t speaker of the house anymore! John Boehner is. Oh but he has said that he was sure that Obama was born in Hawaii. Hmm. you would think he would change his tune now that he could be president! Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

          285. Barbara says

            If Hillary gets in she just might get rid of obamanos too! I remember she did not like obama in 2008! She is an American unlike obamanos!

          286. Peoriaboy says

            You are so correct along with Harry and Nancy.Not to mention the others that were in on it.

          287. Cynthia Osbun says


          288. Paulita Gilberto says

            But I don’t trust Boehner either. If Ted Cruz was speaker, it would be great.

          289. James Seidel says

            Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president. We have had enough of the present, ineligible president, we don’t need another.

          290. Cynthia Osbun says

            Maybe we could put him in the SoH position, at the time of removing O&B…then we wouldn’t have to worry about Boehner..he’s not qualified for what he does…get Cruz in there, and something will get done….maybe we could get Trey Gowdy in the DOJ position, if we could rid ourselves of HIM at the same time as O&B!!! I’m dreaming again…..I apologize.

          291. Irvan says

            What’s this “mr.” crap??

          292. DiabolicalJason says

            What fraud. And what proof do you have ?

          293. Barbara says

            I agree Laddyboy

          294. Jane Wegener says

            Biden is just a stupid old alcoholic. Obama on the other hand is an evil person who hate Americans especially white middle class Americans. Rich elitists and Hollywood who give money are accepted. Biden would not be as bad. I think the military would have a little more influence. Obama does not listen to any advice and completely ignores his daily security briefings. His only advice comes from Jarrett and Rice along with his wife. IMHO nothing could be worse than what we currently have. If republicans do take the senate all hell will break loose thru his agencies to act against the American people. His agenda is and always has been to quote Jarrett “reward our friends and punish our enemies” Anyone who thinks the American people (excluding illegals) are on his friends list is living on another planet.

          295. hankthetank says

            You forgot, Jarrett & Axelrod & the others run the White House!!!

          296. paglee says

            Even with Bozo in charge, things could hardly be worse.

          297. grunion says

            Yep, America has been wussified. And the cowards in congress are prime examples. It’s no wonder women lament there are no real men anymore.

          298. hankthetank says

            HE would be100% better than obama!!!

          299. Standandfight says

            A drunk monkey is better than what we got.

          300. Sandy/CA says

            OMG, are you serious, Hank?

          301. hankthetank says

            DEAD serious ; he is the worse that EVER walked this earth !!!!!

          302. Cynthia Osbun says

            No, hankthetank….you are wrong there..Biden is just as dangerous with his stupidity, and Obama is with his evil hatred of us…remember Biden telling people to just go out and fire a shot up in the air with a shot gun to scare people away? HE IS INSANE!!!! DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK HE WOULD BE 100% BETTER? He may have been born here, but I think he and his son have probably snorted a bunch of that cocaine together for father and son time. I don’t want someone like that, leading this country, thank you very much.

          303. Sandy/CA says

            I think the Vice-President is chosen for the purpose of insuring the President will not be Impeached. Think back at the ones we’ve had in the past. The more naive they are the better. I feel it’s to make people think like you are now, so that they keep the unpopular President in office.

          304. kjenkinsaf says

            I truly believe a moronic VP would be less injurious to the US than a President bent on her destruction.

          305. rain man says

            At least Biden is an American. I would take him over Obama.

          306. Robert Myles says

            He is just as bad as O due to his own anti-Constitution views such as gutting the Second Amendment or Removing it entirely. He is also very much Anti First Amendment as he dos not handle dissenting points of view easily. He entered into a Political Race for the VP slot with a man he knew to be ineligibly and never vetted. We are now in the Darkest Days for America and Freedom since prior to the Revolution

          307. Glatik says

            Biden has to play the game if he wants to stay in the good graces of Obama.

          308. George Petricko says

            What the hell do you think we have now?
            Obola the clown?

          309. Carolkitfox says

            Biden may be stupid as they com but at least he was born here and is not totally evil like Ovomit, how WANTS to destroy our country

          310. Yadja says

            Biden can be controlled especially now that he sees how hated O is and his policies so if Biden wants to run in 2016 it would behoove him to go against O’s policies when he is Impeached.

          311. Tony Donaldson says

            We can give biden a joke book and lock him in the bathroom for 2 years. He wouldn’t be so bad. At least Valerie Jarrett would be history. She’s really running things. All who have knowledge of His forged documents have power over him. He is their mouth piece only. They can bring him down at any time. But they won’t. They are lining their pockets as fast as they can. Doing as much damage as they can, while they can.

          312. Glatik says

            Bingo, you are right.

          313. Dale Langsdorf says

            I’ll take a clown over the Devil any day!

          314. buesswg says

            They both should go because of the Illegal ballet that Obama and Biden was on was a fraud. Obama is not a True American Citizen. That should make that ticked a Fraud. There fore Not a legal election. Even all the Illegal things that were allowed to go on during the election.

          315. abc__jps says

            Bozo Biden could not do as much harm to us in just 2 years as Obama has done the last 6 yrs. Biden is just a big OLD BOY and will go with the wind in which ever direction it goes. Take back the senate, get rid of Obama and let Biden stumble around for 2 yrs. then we can get a real President one who is really an American. At least Mitt is American and a business man we sure would not be in this condition if we had elected him instead of the so called pretty boy, hip to the jazz that set out to change (destroy) this country and we fell for it.

          316. Tom Brooks says

            Bozo or the current clown, it does not really matter. Impeach them BOTH!!!!!!!!!

          317. Frederick Fargher says

            I would rather have Bozo the clown temporarily than Barack the Impaler for ONE MORE FREAKING MINUTE!!!!!

          318. quadman2 says

            That is why OBLOWME picked Joe the Jerk for VP. He knew no one would want him to or let him become president. obama is a dangerous muslim PIECEOF SHIT and anyone that says otherwise is either really stupid or a liar.

          319. tschraad says

            Buffalo Bill – I will take Bozo over the community organizer. We know what our Muslim terrorist is doing, Bozo is so stupid but that would be an improvement over our clueless and inept Kenyan foreign illegal alien.

          320. bobwhite1935 says

            I do barack hussein obama is the worse threat to a free USA, Biden is white there would be no threat to the Republican Congress to impeach him nor should there be to impeach barack hussein obama the muslim brotherhood leader & tyrant in the USA.

          321. treebird says

            I actually think Biden would be better, at least he is an American, a Progressive American, but American. His biggest flaw is his mouth.

          322. Paul Pray says

            HE went along with it, he is just as GUILTY, TREASON TOO, send him to the PRISON TO AWAIT FIRING SQuad

          323. hankthetank says

            Biden is an idiot, but he would be better than 100 of obama’s I don’t know how you can say that! think about that for a minute!!

          324. sherri palmer says

            Biden is not Hussein. Biden is not a muslim and will do as he is told and not by Hussein’s people. I would rather have Biden than Osama. That whole administration would have to be removed due to corruption. Biden is trying to “get along” with Hussein…one would have to be a cold blast in hell to be Osama. Kick pillosi out as demented, which she is.

          325. Annette Schultz says

            Biden should be arrested along with 0vomit by the Sgt. at Arms and tried as an aider and abetter to all of 0vomit’s crimes. That should be the very first order of business by this new Congress!

          326. RobertLaity says

            If Obama were to be arrested for usurpation, Biden would NOT become POTUS. Biden was elected by fraud also. He ran on Obama’s fraudulent ticket. Technically, John Boehner is the bona-fides President.

          327. jim_wright says

            We already survived a clown like tgat. His name wad Carter.

          328. 1American1st says

            And Carter was/is a Socialist, but still wasn’t as bad as obama. Did anyone ever find out what Peanut-brain said when he met with Hamas last year? And what was he doing meeting with Hamas to begin with?

          329. proudtexan62 says

            There is no fear of what Biden would do in comparison with what Obama is already doing. Biden is definitely Bozo the Clown but I don’t believe Biden is a communist. Not that he would be good for this country but we know he is an American and the first wrong move he made, we could certainly bring treason charges on him and remove him quickly and with Obama out of the way, we can control him if need be. I can’t see that as a valid excuse not to move forward on removing Obama. It cannot be worse than we have now.

          330. James Maxwell says

            We have had BOZO the Muzzie in office for 6 years, how bad could BOBO the
            idiot be? (That was a tongue in cheek answer) we all know that is something
            you should never ask since it can always get worse with Bumble, Fumble and Itch
            at the helm.

          331. Dave says

            Bad as it would be with Biden in charge, at least he has experience and would maybe be less apt to violate the Constitution. He couldn’t be respected any less by our allies than Obama.

          332. hankthetank says

            You need help it you don’t know Biden, would be better than obama !! we could take care of him in the 2017 election!!

          333. draftsman69 says

            You are 100% right about that!

          334. DiabolicalJason says

            NO, NO, NO, PLEASE NO ! We couldn’t take another four years of BOZO THE CLOWN !!!!! He already had eight years and almost bankrupted America.

          335. sherri palmer says

            I don’t think Biden is the problem, they are using Biden as an excuse for not impeaching Obama. I think Biden is just trying “to get along” with Obama…he knows that Obama doesn’t want him as VP. Remember how Obama excludes Biden from important meetings, etc. Biden is a family man; Obama is sort of a third reich man and only working for himself! He doesn’t give a damn about anyone who made his presidency possible, the Clintons and Soros…he has stiffed both of them!

          336. Chris Robinette says

            Do not fear Biden, as he will end up impeached within 30 days for his stupidity.

          337. Laddyboy says

            Let Biden be President. He can be put in the hospital with a mental issue. Then WE can get someone who LOVES America and the Constitution as President.

          338. bobby-o says

            Buffalo, that doesn’t work for me. Because if they made him show all his records he could be taken out for ineligibility. That would make his whole administration illegal and every law he ever made would be gone, Biden would not be able to be president! There is a lot more to this that we can’t understand. Could it be that both parties are in this together?

          339. gregz says

            I’ll take the white Bozo. I really don’t think that Satan wants him as a representative as the black Bozo.

          340. CJeanne says

            I think many of them are aligned with him
            .Obama has been infiltrating our administration and legislation with Muslim Brotherhood members to destroy from within. He openly has meetings with the muslim brotherhood in the white housr
            He openly funds anti-American countries and activities. Why isn’t congress having a fit???

            I also think Obama is blackmailing many of them!

          341. Barbara says

            Think we can handle Biden!

          342. kjenkinsaf says

            Dan, I’m afraid that if anyone spoke out about our first black (and white) president, impeached, or otherwise took him out of office and showed the world what he truly is, there would be a race war inside the U.S. You think Sharpton, Jackson and the NBPP is bad now? Ferguson, MO and Chicago would be the norm across the nation.

          343. Laddyboy says

            I hope and pray that ALL of the People of America are not STUPID enough to fight because this muslim islam CULTIST is removed from Office.

          344. grunion says

            Then it is inevitable…

          345. revgay says

            I’m not sure that’s not going to happen anyway.

          346. Dandetailer says

            so be it then let get it over with I am sick of all the talk and BS and know it alls if we cant make it right again let burn the dam place down

          347. Jim FitzGerald says

            I hate to say this, but that might be the best thing that has happened to this country in almost 150 years.

          348. rain man says

            if he was taken out then the blacks would know that they are not as powerful as
            they may think and many of them don’t like Obama and are patriotic Americans.
            I have served in the military and worked with blacks who are good people and
            who would continue to live and work and be patriotic no matter what happened to
            the alien in the white house. Give the good black people credit for their ability to
            think straight and be fair and reasonable. Many are and some are prejudiced like
            the people of Ferguson, Mo. which have not ratted out the person who shot the
            police officer. If they turn that person in to the authorities, I will believe that they
            are good and reasonable people too. If they do not, they are as bigoted as the
            KKK in Mississippi were shortly after the civil war. Let them prove that they want
            to abide by the law. The person who shot the cop committed attempted murder.
            Do they condone attempted murder when the person is white? Not all blacks do
            that. Let the people of Ferguson prove that they are worthy of better policing by
            doing what is right.

          349. rosieb47 says

            There probably would be a civil war but also a lot of blacks, intelligent blacks, are not in favor of obama. So they wouldn’t be on his side in case of a civil war. In fact, I have a donation request from a group of blacks and I intend to send them some money. We do have to get rid of those radical muslims, including obama, soon though or our country will be down the drain and we can’t recover.

          350. Marjorie says

            Most people do not realize the truth. They are blind and CAN NOT SEE.

          351. Sandy/CA says

            I fear they are under some kind of control by the people surrounding this President and you know who they are!

          352. Poorgovnworker says

            They are afraid the the blacks in this country would become unglued and riot in the streets every where.

          353. BeholdHim says

            PTL most blacks have gotten over slavery long, LONG, AGO.

          354. Poorgovnworker says

            Obviously you have never worked with many blacks, every time you point out that they are receiving special treatment they come up with the slave card. I believe equal means equal and once told a coworker that my people were slaves for 5000 yrs what was I owed. She had no answer for that, time to get over the past we can not change it. Learn to do for yourself and get a head by your own backbone and work.

          355. Paulita Gilberto says

            They don’t want to turn the whole country into a Ferguson, MO.

          356. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Possibly there is dirt on everyone of them backed up by intimidation – also none of them want to be kicked out of the D.C. Club!~

          357. azsequaya says

            This overthrow of America has been in the plans (making ) for over 200 years, I`ve been digging DEEP,, for quite a few years now,,, Yesterday a website asked for permission to get into my profile & account so they can see what I`ve been posting. I said NO,, They IMMEDIATELY shut me off from their site. I might have to watch what I post ,,?? !!!

          358. DogWithoutSlippers says

            You could be right!~

          359. defiant1 says

            Because he is black and anyone speaking up is afraid to be called a racist. That is the kind of backbone there is in Congress (Boehner)….

          360. richbach says

            I have done the research and have spent more time than I want to admit writing about what everyone here seems to finally have waken up to. I have sent emails to Bill O’Reilly about the usurper in the White House and he seems to think that if in fact Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii, that makes him a natural born citizen. He needs to wake up and smell the coffee. He has written books about Killing Kennedy, Killing Jesus and Killing Patton. I would like for him to research Barack Hussein Obama and finally determine that he is not a natural born citizen. But he has stated that he doesn’t have the time to do the research. I have also sent emails to Sean Hannity about Barack Hussein Obama stating that he is not now nor has he ever been a natural born citizen, but it seems that he is cut from the same cloth as Bill O’Reilly. Neither of these guys want to admit that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to be sitting in the White House. Who do we have to thank for this, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that think he is a natural born citizen. I would suggest that you folks pick up Jerome Corsi’s book Where’s the Birth Certificate and read it ans see what Nancy Pelosi did to certify that Barack Hussein Obama was eligible to be elected to the office to which he holds.

          361. Cynthia Osbun says

            I think its out of fear that these men have told you they believe he is a natural born citizen…..people have been disappearing for knowing too much or speaking out too much…..they are watching out for themselves, and their families, with all of this. They have been threatened if they talk and prove anything, you can bet on that.

          362. richbach says

            I think if that is the case, then they need to grow a pair. If you ask me, this country is turning into Nazi Germany because no one wants to offend anyone and they are too damn politically correct. Hannity has a permit to carry a gun in New York and he has even said that he is armed when doing his show. He needs to grow a pair if that is the case. I carry also in Kansas and I will give up my life to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against any enemy foreign or domestic. I swore that oath just like Obama and the rest of our elected officials when I enlisted in the Marine Corps.

          363. Robert Myles says

            Even if he was Born in Hawaii as stated he is still not eligible for TWO very Important Reason’s. First his Father was not a naturalized Citizen and never has been. Second when he went to Indonesia his American Citizenship as it were was Nullified as Indonesia only allows for Citizenship in their Country (No Dual Citizenship) There is no Record anywhere of his ever Reapplying for American Citizenship. Therefor he is a Indonesian Citizen not an American. The Argument over hs Birth Certificate being proven to be a forgery is a Mute Point

          364. Yadja says

            Because they are cowards and feared being called Racists.

          365. dinkerduo says


          366. Paul Chapman says

            They are scared to death of the “RACE CARD” “Oh my I might be called a racist if I do anything That doesn’t let HIM have his way “.

          367. Ddenney1 says

            There is not a smidgen of difference in RINO’s and Demon Rats they are only concerned about themselves!!! They do NOT fear for their jobs or the legacies they think we are just inconvenient fodder that they MUST lie to every couple of years to keep what THEY have!!! Public Service should be just that!!! A low paid job that requires them to really live under the LAWS they pass exactly the way we do!!!

          368. SirWilhelm says

            Everyone in the Congress, and the Supreme Court, knows Obama is an illegal alien, and have done nothing about it, and they’d all rather hang together, than hang seperately, for their treasons.

          369. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s simple… All the high ranking people are happy and secure in their “guaranteed” jobs and salaries. As long as they can live high off of the hog, what the hell would they care.?

          370. LARRY PUCKETT says


          371. Porfie says

            Because he’s a black man. Half, but still black. BHO carries a race card. And the PC crowd will hang you as racist if you say anything against the bummer!!

          372. Bob Sims says

            Perhaps the fear of an unexpected, unexplained death for speaking out has something to do with it.

          373. Terry Hamblin says

            THAT is the problem Dan! Where did the guy come from, who is he, what has he been doing for the past thirty years, why is he paying to hide his past? I believe that the fault lies with the DNC and the RNC, no one vetted this guy! Why?

          374. Annette Schultz says

            Ever think that with all the ‘muscle’ he has up there in high places, and all of them Islamists that perhaps our entire body elect have been threatened (seriously threatened) and are afraid if not for themselves, for their families? I wouldn’t put that past them for a moment! Have you heard anything from the (used to be ) very

            vocal Michelle Bachmann in that past few years? How many kids has she adopted that could be being held in jeopardy? Lots to consider here.

          375. RobertLaity says

            The U.S. was overthrown by Obama and his cabal in 2008. BOTH parties are involved. Neither McCain or Obama meet the legal definition of an Article II, Sec. 1 “Natural Born Citizen”. That is “One born in the United States of Parents who are both Americans themselves”. See: Minor v Happersett, U.S. Supreme Court.
            Cruz is now attempting to flaut the same law that Obama has and Chester Arthur before him.

          376. jim_wright says

            The ones who aren’t Muslim are power hungry or too worried about their careers to actually do anything.

          377. wally says

            The problem is fear. On one hand you have a RINO group that really is Democrat lite. On the other you have the rest who afraid of being labeled a racist/bigot. They ALL are more concerned about their re-election than doing the right thing. Good men and women NOT doing thier jobs by being silent allows the evil POS POTUS to do what he wants! Support the Convention of the States. This truly is our last line of defense – to install term limits on career politicians!

          378. greyfox says

            Maybe they are all so corrupt they don’t want to be exposed.

          379. greyfox says

            The only thing the founding fathers didn’t consider were lying corrupt frauds.

          380. James Maxwell says

            It is more like they are using him to destroy our Religious beliefs and our

            Constitution. That way they can reestablish a dictator/king for live in office
            and become a “ruling class” without being elected by the People. The

            politicos have become more and more Lawyers who are never to be trusted
            under any circumstance. We all know they are liars and are taught to lie
            from day one it is part and partial of their nature to rule and control others
            with their lies. They should never be allowed to hold public office of any

            sort because of that very reason.

          381. Dave says

            Because they are afraid of the minority reaction leading to reduced votes for their party (applies to both parties since even sensible Dems recognize this tyrant for what he is). They are also afraid of the bloodbath in the streets. A bloodbath which could result in martial law and a suspension of civil liberties. Then there is the Biden angle and who would step in as VP (pro tem).

          382. DiabolicalJason says

            Jeronimo Dan said: ” (Why)… one in power will say the truth about what we’ve had in the WH for the past five years?”
            They are saying the truth ! You just can’t hear them for all the noise coming from the lying republicans and fantasy world teabaggers !

          383. Tasine says

            I think they assume they will be dead if they openly admit the truth. I think all of them have been threatened, their families have been threatened, OR they have been blackmailed. There’s also the possibility they are as much trash as Obama is…..that’s hard to believe though.

          384. gregz says

            They are #1 Cowards. #2 Paid off by Soros, Buffett, and other billionaires that hate America. Greed and power override Oaths of Office.

          385. Forrest Jane Cline says

            Could it be because we have had it so good in America, we just don’t believe anything could happen….HERE?

          386. Jeronimo Dan says

            I think you just nail it also.

          387. mica says

            Because they would loose their seat. They would rather sacrifice our liberty and freedom than speak up.

          388. Joe T says

            Jeronimo Dan….just in…..have you read it…

            Ben Carson has called President Obama a lot of names. In a newly published magazine profile, he adds psychopath to that list. (PSYCHOPATH)

            The comment was published in an article in GQ, which described a conversation the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate had as he prepared to watch Obama’s State of the Union address in January.

            Politics Published March 24, 2015

            Ben Carson likens Obama to psychopath

            His “image-maker” and adviser, Armstrong Williams, said as the show started: “He looks good. … He looks clean. Shirt’s white. The tie. He looks elegant.”

            “Like most psychopaths,” Carson responded, according to the article. “That’s why they’re successful. That’s the way they look. They all look great.”

            Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon known for his strident criticism of the Obama administration, is weighing a presidential bid.

            But the political newcomer has also found himself in hot water for past off-the-cuff remarks. Earlier this month, he apologized after saying in a CNN interview that inmates’ behavior in prisons proves that homosexuality is a choice.

          389. Jeronimo Dan says

            Yes Joe, I read the statement yesterday and in my opinion Dr. Carson maybe should not have said Obama is a psychopath. I lke Dr. Ben Carson and his thoughts and reasoning, but my self being a person with only four years of college can still think of worse words to describe Obama. Over all though Obama is out for one true thing and that is Obama, he is not looking out for you are myself, nor the people of this nation, but Obama and Obama only.

            Ref:”He looks clean. Shirt’s white. The tie. He looks elegant” This was also contributed to Harry Reid making this statement also, at the time when Obama was first coming out.

          390. Barbara says

            Bought and paid obama and very possible bought and paid for GOP!
            Think maybe Donald TRUMP HAS THE ‘guts’ to run for president and get I sma out of office! If no one steps up I believe obamanos will declare his self stay in office! We need Trump’s help! He will take obama on! We cannot just sit and let obamanos and the Muslims take over!! Vote for Trump! He has the guts to follow through! What else we have! None of obamanos followers gonna do nothing but let things and obamanos rock on!

          391. Ken says

            A Rope or Gun would do for that Scum.

          392. Sandy/CA says

            And, add to that, brought to justice for his crimes!

          393. foxfire says

            and along the way, stop by and piss on ted kennedy’s grave. he foisted this muzzie terrorist (barry obola) on us.

          394. Yadja says

            And Trump was on it and stopped.

          395. Michael Dennewitz says

            Never fear.. There’s an expert sniper out there somewhere with a very nervous trigger finger!!!

          396. allen goldberg says

            And when the truth finally does surface..what do you think those who never believed this..will say? The libtards will then blame the conservatives…why did you not tell us???

          397. ljcarolyne says

            I have said that all along. Total counterfeit – non Harvard Grad, or anything else he said he was or wasn’t. Liar to the Nth degree.

          398. LARRY PUCKETT says

            HAS DONE IS NULL AND VOID!!!

          399. RobertLaity says

            Obama has usurped the Presidency,by fraud, during time of war. That makes Obama a spy under 10USC,UCMJ 906.106.