Gingrich: Clinton’s Russia Accusations Coming Back to Haunt Her


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wrote this weekend that after all of the blame, allegations, and innuendo from Hillary Clinton, her Russia narrative was now coming back to haunt her. With the revelation that Clinton used her power as Secretary of State to sell out U.S. uranium to Russia in order to help enrichen her family and the double-whammy revelation that her campaign was partially responsible for funding the largely-fictional “dossier” connecting Trump to Russian interests, Gingrich said that the real story of corruption was coming back home to the Clintons at last.

“The Trump-Russia story is meant to serve as a pure distraction aimed at masking real corruption by the Clinton political machine,” Gingrich surmised.

Gingrich, after taking readers on a brief tour of the many allegations now resting on Hillary’s doorstep – her private server, the Russian business donations that flowed into the Clinton Foundation, FBI records showing that a ring of Russian spies were arrested in 2010 after getting too close to the former secretary, and her involvement in the highly-unusual Uranium One deal with the Kremlin – he theorized that America was on the verge “of the greatest corruption scandal in American history.”

“The first thing Congress should do is demand that every single dollar donated to the Clinton Foundation and its charity initiatives be made public to show exactly where the Clintons derived their money,” he wrote. “I suspect there are millions of foreign dollars hidden away in foreign subsidiaries that were never reported in financial disclosures. The truth about the level of foreign donation, influence peddling, and outright corruption involved in the Clinton world could change American politics forever.

“The great irony of all this though, is that the Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal,” he concluded, “and in the end, they may be the ones destroyed by it.”

We’d like to believe that, but the Clintons have consistently proven to be among the slipperiest crooks in the annals of politics, and if anyone can get away with outright treason for the sake of personal enrichment, it’s Slick Willie and his wife. It certainly doesn’t hurt their case to have the entire mainstream media backing them, shielding them from criticism, and downplaying the truly astounding implications of the Uranium One deal. The media is still gung-ho to find Donald Trump’s “smoking gun,” and they show no signs of turning their collective attention to Hillary and friends.

Maybe that will change as more damning evidence comes to light.

  1. Bill O'Neil says

    That a boy Newt, keep pushing the Russian Troll Farm lies.

    1. Retired says

      Why don’t you talk about the money Hillary got from Communist countries and our Opposition countries that was laundered and went into PAC funds ???? Ask how much the ARABS gave her , and you are paying for it at the pump .Brent has been driven up to $60.00 a barrel . Then there is the secret talk Hillary gave to the market leaders which they paid millions for ????

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        As to your listed points; debunked, debunked, debunked, West Texas Crude is our benchmark crude $54.12. I guess Brent is your benchmark in Moscow. Politicians get speaking fees all the time. As soon as Ronald Reagan left office he went to Japan and received a 2 million dollar speaking fee. HC’s was in the thousands, not millions.

        1. Retired says

          Gas is based on wholesale price of Brent and not Texas sweet . It’s how the market boys operate So are you calling the market Boys communists ????? I guess you missed the article from what the Arabs plan . Hillary refused to release her Speech did Ronald do that ???? Hillary was on her campaign and Ronald was out of politics ,a big difference .

          1. chucky001 says

            Not true, gas is based on the price of the source closest to it. For most of America, that’s TX. Brent may drive the price of some places on the east coast, but that’s all. And who gives a shit about Hil releasing her speech? Let’s see Tweety release his taxes. Unless you enjoy being a trump troll, you should be concerned about what he’s trying to hide.

          2. Retired says

            Boy are you out in left field on the price of gas , so far left that you are in the dark woods .

          3. Bill O'Neil says

            HC was not yet campaigning.

          4. Retired says

            Yah right what ever you say even though you do not know what you are talking about !!!

        2. Julia Sanford says

          Not debunked, covered up.

      2. chucky001 says

        Why talk about Hilary at all? She’s not POTUS, doesn’t have the nuke codes. Dolt45 now owns the mess the US is in. Get over it.

        1. LANE says

          chucky001 How much is Soros paying you to blog post? I just want to remind you CHUNKY, that I praise the Lord Trump in my president!

        2. Retired says

          the mess created by Clinton and Obama , yes you should get over it that Cliton lost .

        3. Julia Sanford says

          Because there is a huge double standard, chucky. The evidence that the Clinton Foundation received 140 million and that Bill received a half million for a speech in Moscow is indisputable, but they have not one bit of evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. Even that crazy Trump hater, Maxine Waters had to admit that.

    2. MrThorox77 says

      Wake up Billy Bob, Boy, you going to be a robot for the rest of your life, Get your head out of your A__

      1. Bill O'Neil says

        You are projecting.

      2. Retired says

        Already is a boot and butt liker !!

    3. Pam Dunn says

      That’s the way Billy boy; Spew the leftist line of lies and idiocy like a good little moron.

      1. chucky001 says

        Who spewed on your face?

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          Stupid fuukin’ HYPOCRITE……..

      2. Bill O'Neil says

        Crawl back into the sewer, doofus.

  2. ruth says

    she is so evil — and with the help of the past president’s and his elite crooks they tried to sell the USA to the highest bidder

    1. chucky001 says

      Why don’t we focus on the crook who lied about draining the swamp and instead tried to sell the USA to Russia? At least we have some evidence of that.

      1. Craig Vandertie says

        You are an idiot, shut your Deep State deeply intranced Loonie Libtard mouth.

        1. NovelDog says

          Tell loony chucky001 off Craig. He/she is a Dumb-o-crat to say the least. Democrats think they are above the law. They think they have a license to lie, steal, and betray God, Country, and their fellow man.

          1. rocky says

            And I… as a far right, loud mouth, gun totin’ republican… feel that they are above the law, too.
            Sad state of affairs, and I have not yet seen any changes … but I still have hope.

          2. BigMik says

            You only have hope if Jeff Sessions starts doing the job he is being paid to do.

          3. Wayne Buchholz says

            He can be replaced…

          4. Tony says

            He needs to be replaced. He has already proven himself to be the wrong man for the job. That would be what would happen to us in the private sector.

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            ALL 5 of mine are loaded and well within reach.. 😁😆😂

          6. Retired says

            Hard to convert a Demon Rat .

          7. Julia Sanford says

            Yes, but beginning to have some hope that little problem is about to be rectified. It may take a while, because they need to get somebody to investigate the uranium thing who is not a part of it.

          8. rocky says

            BINGO !!!

          9. boone1 says

            Don’t forget murder.

          10. Robert Uda says

            He’s more like a Demonrat.

          11. Craig Vandertie says

            What I do not understand NovelDog is that people over 40 went through Primary and Secondary school way before the Socialist Moonie Muslime ideology infected our education system making it easier for the Lamestream propaganda machine to keep our youth infected with the intense psychosis they are in, but those over 40 should have far more common sense, guess that Globalist money is finding its way into the pockets of older folk as well.

      2. Brad Fisher says

        Crook. Where is the direct evidence? Get your dumb head out of the sand.

      3. XNSavage says

        Up Chucky, I don’t know you,but I am fairly sure you are an IDIOT

        1. boone1 says

          More like a Idiot lib-a-tard

        2. Retired says

          Did not take long to figure that out , he / IT a liberal trash bag .

      4. kbmiller says

        Not too bright are you Chuckie? Every US Senator and Rep, who’s been asked, as well as Comey, Clapper and Mueller conclude that there’s nothing to your and the idiots on your side, accusations. NO evidence, get it Chuckie. Soon, however as Trey Gowdy gets his investigation going in full gear as well as Grassley’s in the US Senate, Hell LIAR y and X pres. OHOMO as well as L. Lynch, Holder, Comey, Lerner and even the HillBilly Clinton himself will be in hot water. Can’t wait. This is gonna get good.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Mr. Miller, care to make a little wager about the Senate and House investigations? I say they will go nowhere.
          Charity donation to the winner.

          1. kbmiller says

            Booby Dustyfukov, I say they’ll find that Hell LIAR y and HillBilly Clinton will be found to have received $145 million into their foundations, the Podesta bros. had lobbied the Russians and Fusion GPS and the DNC paid for false info. and pushed it as truth while knowing it wasn’t. X pres. OHOMO knew about the uranium deal and was hiding it from Congress. You already lost.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The $140M Clinton Foundation donations are an old public record. There was nothing about the Uranium One deal that was not known to everyone. Every cabinet member signed the deal and the NRC approved it.
            So nothing is lost.

          3. kbmiller says

            Haven’t you heard about the x FBI employee who will testify to bribery? I’ve heard that he was privy to conversations concerning the payoffs for OKlng uranium deal. What has Putin got out of the deal? Surprising, isn’t it that the Russians aren’t filling the Clinton coffers, now that she has no power/influence to sell? Why is it that the stupid DumbA$$o CROOK voters are fooled so easily by these serial, lying bastards?

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Yes I heard about him but I heard his information is about events prior to the Uranium One deal. The question being raised is did the administration know about the investigation? I wouldn’t bet on this subject but this is what Sen. Grassley wants to find out.

          5. kbmiller says

            Oh I see, you claim these events were prior to the deal. So the supposed money laundering that Manafort is being charged with, happened 11 yrs. ago. That was prior to any candidate Trump connection, and that’s relevant? DumbA$$o CROOKS seem to enjoy hypocritical behavior, don’t they? I’ll wager that X pres. OHOMO/DNC/Hell LIARY campaign was funding Fusion GPS and was mis-labeling these illegal acts on their financial records. I’ll also bet that Fusion GPS and the DNC will be found to have obstructed the Congressional investigation into these illegal activities. You seemed so willing to bet, now you don’t.

          6. ABO says

            Gotta love the way Dostoevsky spins and twists his way out of his proposed wagers each and every time. He’s incredibly adept at worming his way out of all of his claims and fabrications isn’t he kb?

          7. kbmiller says

            ABO, he reminds me of “The scorpion and the frog” story. What do we expect from him? He’s a DumbA$$o CROOK. He should change his name to, “Dustyfukoffsky.

          8. ABO says

            Gotta love it, kb. Don’t think he will but… oh well.

          9. kbmiller says

            Donna Brazille claims she’s got the proof the Hell LIAR y rigged the DumbA$$o CROOK convention. Her campaign paying Fusion GPS for, proven, false dossier and HillBilly Clinton himself meeting with Putin 1 on 1. HMMMM who was it that claimed Trumpm rigged the election and colluded with the Russians? HA HA HA HA You fools on the LEFT got duped by your leaders AGAIN !!!

          10. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Why do you keep referring to me as one of the left? I am left of you but I am also way right of most of the Democrats ideas and party platforms.
            Politics is one thing, false claims and accusations are another. Furthermore; since when does bigotry define conservatism? When does continuing harping about a past presidents birth define conservatism?
            I did not vote for Obama and I did not agree with many of his executive actions but I don’t think accusing him of being a homosexual defines you as being conservative.

          11. kbmiller says

            If you voted for a DumbA$$o CROOK, then you are one of them. When did I post anything about OHOMO’s birth? Wasn’t it Hell LIAR y’s campaign that started the birther thing? Could OHOMO have ended it by releasing all of his college transcripts/records? Was the paper released, only after OHOMO himself, visited HAWAII after yrs., truly a copy of a valid birth certificate? That was fishy. If it was real, why couldn’t he as president, have had it released during his 1st campaign? He accused himself of being a homo in his 2nd book. I’m reminding people that he did. I like to point out the lies that the DumbA$$o CROOKS and their defenders , on sites like this, promote.

          12. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Bho said at a recent speech: (jokingly) “he was born in Kenya”.
            “Truer words are spoken in jest”.

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I didn’t vote for either candidate.
            You blame the person you detest as being your basis for your disbelief about Obama. Does it really matter if he was born in Hawaii? His mother was a U. S citizen not in any foreign employ. So even if you believe he was born in an African nation he would still be a U.S.Citizen.
            As for him being a homosexual, how about providing a specific reference in his book since I couldn’t find it referenced elsewhere.

          14. kbmiller says

            What matters is, if he claimed foreign citizenship status. Didn’t you know that? if you didn’t, you’re not very well informed. In his second book he claimed he’d considered living the homosexual lifestyle. Unless he’s a brain dead idiot, that means he’d tried it, probably for quite a while. Therefore…..he is.

          15. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Oh shit, I just figured out that you’re just looking for someone to annoy. You cleverly change the subject, bring up previously disproved conspiracy theories, and keep me trying to guess what you’re going to bring up next. You win, I’m tired of arguing with someone who just wants to argue and is only interested in their perception of the truth.
            This will end our discussion on any subject.

          16. kbmiller says

            Boob, you dunce. You brought up the birther thing in your last post as well as the homo thing. You can’t defend any of this rationally, can you?

          17. ARTPSYCH says


          18. kbmiller says

            I’ll also wager that absolutely nothing will come from the moronic allegations of Trump/Russia collusion made by you A$$WIPES.

          19. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I never said anything about any collusion so why accuse me?

          20. kbmiller says

            I’ll also wager that the OHOMO administration was, in fact, wire tapping the Trump Towers. However, with the way the DumbA$$o CROOKS LIE and “Can’t recall”, like most crimes committed, may not be found guilty as many witnesses succumb to Clintoncide.

          21. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Is there a wager here?

          22. kbmiller says

            Wire tapping? yes. Podesta bros. paying Russians for tainted info, while(John) working for Hell LIAR y, yes. Hell LIAR y and DNC paying Russians /Steele for info on Trump, yes. OHOMO hiding info from Congress, yes. Hell LIAR y and HillBilly Clinton claiming Trump collusion with Russia while Bill was actually meeting personally with Putin and campaign committee and DNC working with Russia, yes. These should all be confirmed soon. You’ll lose again. I’m not donating my winnings to the Clintons. It’ll be a conservative org. or Gary Senese foundation for the wounded. Which govt. agency do you work for? Teachers’ union? LOL

          23. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You’ve drifted away from my original offer but if you break these items down into specific items then I might be interested in a wager. My winnings will go to a charity supported by my American Legion Post or the Red Cross.
            I haven’t ever worked for a government agency unless you consider military service in that category. I’ve certainly never worked for a union but I was forced to join one years ago.

          24. kbmiller says

            You put out an offer, I put out an offer. Apparently you believe you’ll lose any bets I offer concerning the corruption of OHOMO and the Clintons.

          25. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I just asked you to break it down to specifics. e.g. Wire tapping isn’t very specific. If you state who wiretapped who then I might be interested.

          26. kbmiller says

            Any branch of gummint tapping any phone of Trump personnel. Isn’t that what the original charge was? Didn’t Pres. Trump say, “OHOMO was tapping my phones”? Are you trying to weasel your way out of that?

          27. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I’ll take the wager but it sounds like you’re not sure you want to make it.

        2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          If there was a shred of evidence against POTUS. He would have been gone already. DemonRats & msm would be blood lusting.

          1. kbmiller says

            Yep,They’re turning over every rock to look for evidence. Their only findings are nests of snakes, other DumbA$$o CROOKS, colluding against the USA.

      5. henrikovratd says

        Where moron.

      6. Julia Sanford says

        And just what is the evidenced of that, Chucky? Almost a year of investigations and even his most serious critics have had to admit that there is no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. As far as draining the swamp, it looks as though he’s doing that, swamp creatures on both sides. The obvious evidence has to do with collusion between Russia and the Clintons. How can you explain the uranium sale and a half million to Bill Clinton for a speech in Moscow and then 145 million to the Clinton foundation which has already been found to have only given 7% to the people of Haiti. Are you blind? Wonder why no indictments there? The FBI was part of approval of the uranium sale and guess who was head of the FBI at the time – Mueller with Comey taking over afterwards and they are buddies. We need another special prosecutor. Of course we know that Mueller and Comey are going to cover their own backsides.

        1. boone1 says

          CNN even admitted there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

          1. PAPI, PAPI CHULO says


        2. Annie says

          They’re all jackasses…how that mascot fits the party!

        3. Robert Dostoevsky says

          I’m interested in the 7% to the people of Haiti, where did that # come from?

          1. Julia Sanford says

            Actually, if you google it, some reports say only 6%. You know, they had very substantial “operating” expenses, like a $600.000 a year for Chelsea, a three million dollar wedding and multi-million New York apartment for Chelsea, and a million plus to buy the adjoining property to their home, plus a number of other “incidentals..”

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Since the Clinton Foundation gives very little to outside organizations but instead uses its own teams of experts it would be impossible to determine how the money is spent.
            So when anyone says the foundation only gives a small percentage of its money to assist in a disaster, it’s false.
            Since you like to rely on the internet for information try looking at Wikipedia for a description of the Clinton Foundation.

          3. ABO says

            Do your homework just once , Dimwit. You are incredibly uninformed.

          4. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Block the trolls. I did. You will find reading post most pleasant. It gives food for thought. I listen to talk radio only to hear Americans calling in. We have real thinking Americans across this country. Eye opening.

          5. ABO says

            I any debate both sides need to be heard or there is no debate. I have blocked several who post only insults and vile accusations ad will continue to do so. However I will not bock anyone who presents a serious opposing view no matter how dimwitted it might seem. If there is a chance, regardless how small that I might show some poor ill informed liberal the error of his/her ways and enlighten them to the need to eliminate the scourge of political correctness and the liberal mindset from our society for the good of all then I will continue to try. I do appreciate your concerns, USN Vet 31yrs Svc and I understand fully your point. Thank you for your comments!

          6. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            I agree. I block all profane stupid devoid of proven facts. Their talking points are boring and adds nothing to conversation.
            Your welcome. It was an HONOR to serve my country.

          7. ABO says

            Thirty one years. You’ve got me beat in a big way. Vietnam 1969/70.

          8. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            VN 64-67, 71-74. D. Shield & D. Storm 90-91.

          9. ABO says

            I want you to know that your service is greatly appreciated.

          10. Carol says

            You are an American hero! Thank you so much!

          11. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Carol, THANKYOU – I am not a hero. Heroes are standing permanent duty in Arlington and all other National Cemeteries across this great country.

            I just hope I made them proud.

          12. Carol says

            I’m sure you have

          13. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            You served & I salute you. You are a 1 % ‘r. Thanks sir.

          14. ABO says

            And I thank you, sir.

      7. PAPI, PAPI CHULO says


        1. boone1 says

          Chucky is a useful Idiot for the communist democrats.

          1. Retired says

            I would leave out the word useful ??

          2. boone1 says

            Useful is a good word for this idiot it seams liberals want to be useful for something.

          3. Retired says

            Ok ,if you say so .But what is the Idiot useful for ??? Have a nice day .

      8. boone1 says

        Dumb ass liberal you be.

      9. Don Taylor says

        another left wing looney tune heard from,why dont u go hide under a snakes belly

      10. C Johns says

        I am curious, what evidence do we have? From everything I am seeing/reading, zero evidence of Trump-Russian collusion. Help me understand where you are coming from Chucky?

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          He won’t because he can’t……

        2. Retired says

          Dumpster diver for a place to keep warm .

      11. Joseph Carrilho says

        Do you have any idea of how utterly STUPID you sound?
        You’re to ignorant to even understand embarrassment or shame
        and you refer to our POTUS as a dolt – H Y P O C R I T E !!!

        1. Retired says

          Chucky is a troll with many names and different Scripts

      12. Matthew Adams says

        Poor chucky still licking your wounds over a 3rd term obama loss! Better seek mental help as President Trump is here to stay for the next 7.2 years!

          1. Simply_Sis says

            Well, the MSM can’t report fairly if their lives depended on it, so our president to take his message to the people, which we thoroughly support and understand. What you can’t stand is that he takes the bull by the horns not allowing the MSM worms to silence his voice. Liberals are the TRUE cry babies. Go back and watch the footage when Trump won – that should remind you what real cry babies the liberals are. If it weren’t so funny, it would be downright embarrassing. Such mealy mouthed babies they all are.

          2. Mike says

            the people do not support trump. his relatively small group of sheeple do. his approval rating is below 40percent. only those that are his true sheeple, those that would support him even if he shot someone support him.

          3. Julia Sanford says

            Do you think that poll might have something in common with the polls that were done before the election?

          4. Mike says

            so you mean it is accurate? the national polls before the election predicted Hillary Clinton would win the popular vote by 3 to 5percent. she won by 2.9percent so they were pretty much spot on with the national polling.

          5. Julia Sanford says

            They also predicted that she would win the electoral vote and she didn’t come close.

          6. Mike says

            she actually did come close as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were all decided by just thousands of votes. except for the state of Pennsylvania even the state polls were accurate. yes they believed Clinton would win those states, but her losing them fell within the margin of error of the polls. I understand that our toddler in chief trump derides the polls as inaccurate and fake, but a little research from the polls before the election show they were fairly accurate.

          7. Carol says


          8. Mike says

            ok make America great. of course the toddler in chief trump’s America is only great for the 1percent. the rest he does not care one iota about.

          9. Carol says

            NoNoNo! Whomever told you that was talking about the Democrats!

          10. Mike says

            really? you are either unwilling to face reality or just not very intelligent. trumps tax plan helps the rich and is predicted to increase taxes for at least 33percent of middle class Americans. he signed executive orders that have caused Obamacare premiums to skyrocket hurting the middle class and the poor. his executive orders have helped big business and done nothing for the middle class. trump is for the 1percent and nothing more. at some point your fog will lift and you will realize you were conned by the toddler in chief president Trump.

          11. Carol says

            Don’t agree! Wow you sure claim to know a lot about the tax plan that hasn’t been finalized yet. Obamacare is a friggin joke, thank goodness I don’t have to depend on that piece of garbage. The government has no business in people’s healthcare! Less government the better. Are you saying you would of preffered Hillary? Let’s look at her followers. Coastal elites, rich, Hollywood rich, perverts rich, Democrats rich, and then their is the black women. What category do you fall under? Are you saying 62 million voters have been conned? I don’t think so bud.

          12. Mike says

            the tax plan has been released earlier this week and it shows the rich overwhelmingly benefit while about one third of middle class Americans will pay more. yes Americans were conned by trump. he is a reality star who knew how to work a crowd. in place of a real president we have a draft dodging toddler who does not know how to govern. a man who violates the emoulments clause daily. a man who is using the U.S. taxpayer as his personal piggy bank. it is sad that so many individuals were conned into voting for the toddler in chief trump.

          13. Carol says

            I stand by my first comment. You did not answer my question. 62 million people were not conned! We wanted a non politician for a change. He’s doing a great job! You Trump haters need to back off and let him do his job! If he fails then let it be from his own doing and not because of haters like you. Let him govern, have some respect for the people that voted him in. In the words of Mark Styne beg off you creeps!

          14. Mike says

            he has literally accomplished nothing in the form of legislation. he cannot lead at all. in addition he continues to not even set a positive example for people or businesses of this country. In fact his resort just received 70 visas to hire foreign workers. I guess trump does not want to employ Americans. you are correct not all 62 million were conned only the middle class and poor were. he is for the rich and only the rich so they voted for their interests. it was individuals like you that actively chose a candidate who is not working for you in anyway.

      13. Ed Anderson says

        What evidence? You Libdems don’t know how to deal in real evidence. All you think is necessary is to indict someone in the media and that automatically convicts them.

      14. Murphmeister says

        There is no evidence supporting your myth.

      15. Retired Marine says

        You really don’t follow any news do you? Sorry upchucky, but your opinion and fantasies do not count.

      16. Annie says

        Old chucky001…another crybaby snowflake! You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face! Guess you don’t have more than a Kindergarten education since you don’t understand what the evil Clintons & Obama did with the uranium given to Russia! You’re a real dope! Try learning how to read & comprehend before you make more stupid comments!

      17. Robert Stone says

        Even the liberal that is investigating President Trump admitted that there is still no evidence that President Trump did anything with Russia but the Clintons with the help of the obama administration sure did. Stop drinking the liberal koolade and wake the heck up and start thinking for yourself.

      18. DesertHam says

        Where’s the evidence? Trump/Russian “collusion” does NOT exist. Just ask any intelligent DemocRAT.

    2. Donald Lindsey says

      Correct but the psychopathic democrats refuse to see since their brains are dead with overdose of drugs and gay/lesbian sex organization

      1. DAlnB41 says

        The democratic party leaders know and understand the fact the nation is in the mess as it is due in large part because of their failed leadership and their criminal activities (that caused their party leaders just prior to the elections ) being fired. Now, they want to make it appear our nations problems are Trumps fault; ANYONE with the least bit of intelligence knows the problems we are faced with today were created during the Obama Administration, certainly before Trump even filed for office. The Elected representative in office during that time failed to give due diligence to their participation in managing the nations business and needs. They now want to make it appear the problems were created by someone else – generally by Trump.

        1. Donald Lindsey says

          you are correct, democrats rather blame others for their crimes they committed and the Unconstitutional laws passed

          1. rdells says


          2. ARTPSYCH says

            Hillary suck-bag Clinton couldn’t sell face cream for women without yelling at you and then making sure you endorse her damn product–that’s her form of Socialism! What a dickball

          3. plum82 says

            back at cha PUKE

        2. plum82 says

          I simply cannot believe SO MANY are still enthralled by that crooked clinton duo…the utter stupidity OR disregard for the consequences brought on by them & their cohorts boggles my mind …don’t they care at all about the future of this country? GREED HATRED of Trump may have dire consequences…scares the sheet out of me ~~~~~~~~~~

          1. SD of AZ says

            Rinos and dem wits both demonstrate the same two traits, greed and avarice. And they have resulted in a do nothing congress. Vote em out! Simple as get out and vote and get your friends and family out voting too.

          2. rdells says

            Yes, vote. But really, Morons like yourself should have to take an intelligence test before allowed to vote.

          3. rdells says

            People don’t hate dRumpf, they just don’t understand why he wasn’t locked up in a padded cell years ago.

          4. LANE says

            You mean Hillary and Clinton don’t you…You are getting a little senile rdells.

          5. plum82 says

            I think YOU should be in a padded cell DUMBO ~~~~~~

          6. LANE says

            The way I see it, their are people living on government subsidies that will fight tooth and nail to keep getting hand-outs. Being in the rental business in the past, I saw people go as far as having babies, but keep the babies name under wife’s maiden name, not husband. I have heard of a father’s mistress giving birth, but putting the babies name under the sons name who was in jail to get subsidies. Just like immigration(More illegals in this country then you are told). people are finding creative ways to beat the system for free handouts). What you don’t know is what you don’t know. They are now basically giving illegals citizenship by filing taxes back 10 years, but of course, most of those year they show less then or little need to pay government. Also, you have what is called chain immigration…1 illegal gets citizenship, but list a friend who gets citizenship…next thing you know you got a family of 10 coming to US and getting citizenship. The US is going down the tube fast.

          7. plum82 says

            I fear you’re right but hopefully Trump can straighten things out….soooo bad it will take awhile…..crooks galore out there ~~~~~

        3. ARTPSYCH says

          Hillary Clinton= the gift that keeps on giving—but only back to her. If she really wanted to have won she should have refrained from the rhethoric of denigrarting Trump- stuck to real exact ideas on the economy, social security, jobs and how that would work- but TPP was her big thing- yet most of know where that goes! Us down the toilet..Bill clinton signed onto NAFTA- Bill rode on Reagans tax and economic boon till the end of Bills presidency but he rode on the last end of Reagans ecoomic plan thats why Clinton looks so good- but it was Reagan who had his plan last until the late 90’s when Bill effed it up with tons of regulations and taxes started to disapper. Clinton-Bill never created a era of good jobs -it was Reagan’s changes which made and created jobs and Bill rode it out with Reagans change for all of us americans. Bill didn’t do crap!

          1. xeriscapelady says

            Also he really rode on what NEWT did. The ONLY Speaker that got a balanced budget passed 4 years in a row and for that they made up lies about him and he stepped down as the Speaker…the BEST Speaker in HISTORY.

        4. Matlonc says

          Watch for Tom Perez’s head in the next week or so. The left always throws somebody over the cliff. I dont think it will work any more. I think more and more people are going to turn on the clintons, as they should. They have treated EVERYBODY like crap over the years so its payback time Don. At least i hope so….

          1. xeriscapelady says

            But now they are all squealing as they don;t want to go to jail with her which they should. I would never forgive any of them, they did TREASON on America and got away with it for over 20 years now. Both dems and rhinos.
            Thank GOD for TRUMP who is willing to do this..clean the swamp…with them knifing him ALL the way.GOD bless TRUMP. The liberals don;t even know who GOD is, just like the muslims who worship a moon-god and want to destroy America now from within like they are doing to Europe..Obama is one of them and he did his best to line the courts with patriot hating people…like dis.9

        5. rdells says


        6. Aunt Nonnie S says

          Don’t forget the blame due to the Bush Administration, I am sure they aren’t admitting their complicity in their new “bash Trump” book.

    3. David Mulloy says

      The Last Four Presidential Administrations have already “SOLD” America to the Highest Bidder!! America now only exists on “Paper” and in the “Hearts and Minds” of Americans!! The BigWigs gave it up 30 years ago!!
      Now We are faced with the War to wrestle it Back, and it aint gonna be easy

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        No it’s not going to be an easy task. Especially with geo soros funding everybody, buying up ALL the medias, etc. I still can’t understand why an expert SNIPER hasn’t taken his sorry ass out yet, right along with the little halfbreed faggot and many others!! 😣😢

        1. Retired says

          Don’t forget about how much China is buying up world wide and their military build up as well as manufacturing . If you read up on Chinas new leader he is full blooded communist and will rule that way .

          1. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Duh! The leader of a communist nation is a communist! How long did it take you to figure that out?

          2. Retired says

            I have always maintained that our manufacturing get the hell out of that communist country . their new leader is going back to the old ways . I wonder how happy GM will be when he tells them to pack up and go home along with many other companies ????

          3. Robert Dostoevsky says

            That’s not going to happen as long as both sides are happy.

          4. Retired says

            If it is not going to happen , why are the having such a big military Build up ??? Just for laughs ??? Why haven’t they done anything to stop Kim in NK , you think maybe they are in this together ?? They are still big trade partners !!

          5. Robert Dostoevsky says

            They have imposed some restrictions but remember China does not want NK to fail.

          6. Retired says

            That was my point , the world is in for a rude awakening if they become number one power and mainly the USA and EU .

        2. NolanR says

          i like how you think!

      1. Gary Smith says

        Put them all in Gitmo

        1. Robert Uda says

          Let the Muslim killers in Gitmo take care of them–same result as being executed.

        2. Annie says

          Or ship them all to a deserted island!

          1. Robert Uda says

            Island of Crete?

          2. David in MA says

            NO! Why screw up a beautiful island….

          3. SD of AZ says

            Ship em to the middle of the Sahara. Let the moslimes deal with it!

          4. Retired says

            Stake them out and let the sand crabs at them .

          5. SD of AZ says

            That works too, good a torture ideas Retired.

      2. Retired says

        Except for the gas chambers they are worse than Hitler when it comes to controlling people .They are all part of Hillary’s village of idiots

        1. Elaine says

          It all started in the liberal universities decades ago with professors that pumped their brains with socialist propaganda. Hillary was brainwashed by Paul Alinsky, who called her his daughter. Socialists leaving college with this political agenda.

          1. Retired says

            It goes back to the days of our education system and their Union leadership became to powerful .

          2. pineapple says

            Obama was indoctrinated by his mentor and possible real father, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a member of the American communist Party.

            He was also indoctrinated by Reverend Wright, who said “not God bless America, but God Damn America.”

          3. DesertHam says

            So true. Hillary followed Saul Alinsky around in the late 1960’s when she was in college to “pick his brain” about how to destroy democracy from within (as a Government politician). She and Obama were avid readers and followers of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

          4. Robert Uda says

            It was “Saul” Alinsky, not Paul. Of course, the Biblical Saul of Tarsus in the New Testament became the Apostle Paul. Hence, you aren’t totally wrong.

          5. Elaine says

            II had to make a correction in my post as my brain wasn’t in sync with my fingers. I have read Saul Alinsky and lived in Arkansas when the Clintons were in the Governor’s house and governing the state. I say Clintons because Hillary controlled the narrative with the media when Bill was the one being questioned. Thank you for you informative correction.

          6. Robert Uda says

            You are a good woman.

          7. A_Nobody says

            Thing is they have free will and are adults and should be thinking for themselves now, but they only think OF themselves instead of the good of the country. the pols on the left are the biggest gathering of thieves we’ve had in this country and it’s bleeding right a la Ryan, Corker, Flake, McConnell, and many more.

          8. Elaine says

            Sorry, Typo – Saul Alinsky instead of Paul – My fingers didn’t connect with my brain..

          9. ABO says

            o offense intended but I believe it is Saul Alinsky that you are referring to. Otherwise, well stated and accurate.

        2. Tony says

          Bottom line is that the American people have become slaves in their own land. We work like slaves but we don’t get to enjoy the fruits of our labors because it is being given to kings and princes in foreign country’s by our own so called representative government that are supposed to be looking out for us. They are not looking out for the people but only for themselves.

          1. Retired says

            Bin like that for a very long time , thank the Internet for bringing more out into the open .

          2. Simply_Sis says

            Well, many in America have been spiritually asleep. Seeming to think that they don’t have to pray or ask God to lead and guide our leaders. It is time for everyone to repent and ask God’s forgiveness – and also thank Him for putting President Trump in office, which opened the door for all this light to shine into the darkness of liberal politics. Satan is behind all this in preparation for the antichrist to appear on the world stage as the leader of the globalist’s NWO. This will not happen until Christians are all take out of the way by Jesus Christ. We will not be here for the antichrist’s unveiling. We will be raptured out and, unfortunately, the world will have to deal with him. It is important to note that people can still be saved during the Tribulation, but only if they reject the Mark of the Beast and call on Jesus Christ. It will probably be at the expense of their lives. The bible says there will be mass beheadings (a Muslim thing), so many who think Islam will be the world’s “religion” under the antichrist are probably right, which makes sense considering all the headway (no pun intended) Islam is making in today’s world.

          3. Robert Uda says

            They have contributed war, death, beheading, murder, suicide bombers, advanced IEDs, hatred, evil, poverty, Christian genocide, pain & suffering, terrorism, disease, bestiality, pedophilia, child marriage, taqiyya, Sharia Law, fundamentalist Islamists, suppression of women, ignorance, worldwide ISIS, hawala funds transfer, vaginal mutilation, honor killing of family members, the concept of 72 virgins, madrasa brainwashing, extreme torture, destruction of historic property/monuments, totalitarianism, rape, deception, etc. It didn’t say contributing positive, constructive things to humanity.

          4. Harold Sammons says

            And our former president? Who supported their world wide domination!

          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            As it was once declared – – “All muslims are not terrorist, BUT, all terrorists have been muslims!” 😁😃🤔

          6. Robert Uda says

            Quotable brilliance is Dennewitz.

          7. xeriscapelady says

            They are not ALL teriorists as they have not had the opportunity or courage, as ALL are told in the Quaran to LIE to the infidel, take over and kill if they will not be enslaved. That is ALL of their beliefs no matter what they tell you. Check out how England now has all mayors muslim. They are ready for the KILL of the English soon. Have they woken up..NO.But I am sure that the Queen had Dianna and Dodi killed as she was pregnant with a muslim baby I think. That is the only thing I can can say the Queen did well. How she treated Charles is horrible, forcing him to marry that piece of trash.

          8. ARTPSYCH says

            False religion..mohammed wasn’t a true prophet he was a proxy of the RCC. He was illiterate.

          9. xeriscapelady says

            WOW. That really opened my eyes. I knew his wife was a SO CALLED Christian and Mohamed put things in to make it look real, but did not know he connected with the catholic church. JESUS is the way, the truth and the life…NO one can come to the FATHER ( GOD) but by HIM.( Jesus).

          10. SD of AZ says

            The cult of death, they do contribute and advocate that for anyone who does not accept their barbaric cult! And for those it the cult, it is far worse!

          11. xeriscapelady says

            Mohamed killed people to get his power. He wrote flowery stuff lying, then in the middle he told the truth. ALL muslims know to get us killed one day. This is what the Crusades was all about. Learn history people and you will see they are the pirates, they sold blacks into slavery, etc. They have slaves today..that is why they took over some black countries.

          12. SDofAZ says

            Very true and just more of their barbaric beliefs. And this cult has made no progress into the modern day. They still mentally reside in the archaic barbaric past of the crusades. Today’s batch of cultist are just bringing the crusades to new shores and a return to old shores. They contribute nothing but their hate and lies. Time to remove the new crusaders, they do NOT assimilate anywhere. Lying is a virtue for them to infidels and they do want your head or your submission to their death cult.

        3. Murphmeister says

          It takes a village to have a village idiot.

          1. Retired says

            But that is all Hillary wants in her Village , yet she won’t live there .

          2. jerry l says

            Also sounds like Waters.

        4. Gary Smith says

          Well said

          1. Retired says

            Thanks Gary.

        5. SD of AZ says

          Useful idiots, Retired!

      3. Annie says


      4. pmbalele says

        Can anyone in sane mind still listen to Newt Gingrich? No. Newts own children do not respect him and had vowed never vote for Newt if he ran for office. This is because Newt went to demand a divorce from his wife on cancer operating table. Newt wanted divorce to marry an office woman threatening to leave him if he did not. That is why Trump did not want Gingrich as cabinet member. Newt would divorce his present wife and prey for another one in his office. I am ashamed of Republicans and TEA Party to have Newt as their advisor.

        1. Robert Uda says

          And now his current wife is Ambassador to the Vatican! Go figure!

          1. David in MA says

            Keeps Newt in the Loop…… He can be valuable, he has the knowledge.

        2. NolanR says

          So what? I would not vote for Newt either, but I recognize the truth when I see it and he is telling the truth about the filthy demoncrats!

        3. David in MA says

          Trolls are like that (you).

      5. Robert Dostoevsky says

        You included a lot of Republicans in your collection; purposely?

        1. Robert Uda says

          Apparently, you don’t know what traitors those few Repugnants are to the combined agenda of Trump and “We the People.” Traitors know no boundary lines. Those RINOs consistently support the Demonrats and the destruction of the USA.

          1. msueh says

            I really believe the RINOs only have the R after their name so as to infiltrate & ruin the party from within, same as øvømit & the clintøns, although they don’t bother to hide their party affiliation.

          2. Robert Uda says

            Their party affiliation is hidden. It is a C, which stands for Communist.

          3. David in MA says

            That is in the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, read it, it is online.

      6. ARTPSYCH says

        YES! And the Dossier gets bigger and bigger as these peoples egos had gotten! Priceless!

      7. Donald Lindsey says

        very well stated, thanks

    4. Retired Marine says

      Evil? She makes Hitler look like a choirboy. You are so correct.
      Semper Fi

    5. AKLady says

      Trump illegally did business with Cuba during the embargo.
      Trump is a legally-documented racist. Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. There are 200 more just like it. Then there is the illegal, unlicensed “Trump University” which was closed down by the State of New York. Trump was also charged with money blundering in relation to that fake university, Add to that, the money launder for the mob that took place at his casino in New Jeresey.

      1. Julia Sanford says

        Would you like to explain that “racist” thing? Why would a “racist” have hired people in his businesses, his campaign and in his administration who are members of the minority races? I think that word has been overused and has totally lost it’s credibility.

    6. Simply_Sis says

      And every liberal is supporting their efforts to overthrow America and rip us off of our inheritance and steal all our wealth.

    7. James Higginbotham says

      they did sell the USA TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.

    8. Arturo R. Pasarón Pérez says

      Las democracias fracasan: Cuando los inmorales asumen con engaño el poder político e imponen la corrupción de la ley, hasta hacerla inoperante para hacer justicia. Con esa conducta destruyen lo que dicen construir y usurpan los derechos ajenos para su enriquecimiento.parásito
      Democracies fail: When the immoral assume with deception the political power and impose the corruption of the law, until it becomes inoperative to do justice. With that behavior they destroy what they say they build and usurp the rights of others for their enrichment.

  3. Harold says

    More Fake News courtesy of the Newt to provide cover for what’s coming out.

    1. Pam Dunn says

      Spew from an indoctrinated liberal idiot and useful fool.

      1. chucky001 says

        Is that all you can contribute, dude? Calling people names? You are a dude, aren’t you? Seems like it from the pic.

        1. wil22 says

          BOY if you aren’t the pot calling the kettle black, look in the mirror.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            chucky boy is a total hypocrite – typical.
            He calls Trump names and whines like a spoiled brat
            when anyone else says something derogatory of him. Crybaby chucky.

    2. wil22 says

      CAN’T DENY FACTS, LOGIC. unless your a liberal.

      1. chucky001 says

        Stupid post. Should read “Trump supporter” instead of liberal.

        1. Julia Sanford says

          Well Chucky, you haven’t come up with one logical point in anything you have said, so maybe you should try doing a little research before you continue making a total fool of yourself.

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            All chucky boy posts is bull shit lies – that’s all he’s got.

        2. Retired Marine says

          You would certainly Know all about stupid, you live it.

    3. Retired says

      Hillary was just as crocket then as she is today , a arrogant self centered Snob !!! They both are a matched pair.

    4. Julia Sanford says

      So, exactly what is coming out except what is being revealed about the Clintons which is being soft peddled by the press and even Mueller because he’s right in the middle of it. Nothing in the indictment says one thing about the Trump administration or campaign. In fact, the time span ends long before Trump even thought about running for POTUS. As Greg Gutfeld said, the Trump haters were expecting to get a pony and it turned out to be a gold fish. I’m sure they will twist it to mean something different. Don’t you people get tired of being duped by the mainstream media?

      1. Tony says

        Well, it was a little more than we first suspected the first Mueller indictment would be. Which we thought would be that someone in Trumps organization ripped the do not remove tag under penalty of law from a hotel room mattress. Shame it took a Special prosecutor and grand jury for this. Too big of a job for Sessions Justice department and the FBI, I guess.

        1. Julia Sanford says

          Well, I guess, but I understand that they have proof that Trump was seen using Russian dressing on his salad. I guess that would clinch it.

      2. Robert Dostoevsky says

        You have the time span wrong, it goes last the election!

        1. Julia Sanford says

          Nothing in the indictments go near the date of the campaign.

  4. Jeffrey C. Fawsett, P.E. says

    Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar who will do or say anything to advance her goal of gaining contributions to the Clinton Foundation. From the time that she and former President, Bill Clinton, left office and absconded with White House property, they have engaged in nefarious activities which have caused damage to the United States.
    As early as Bill Clinton’s terms of office in Arkansas when he committed sexual assaults, and perhaps even raped women, Hillary Clinton ignored his criminal behavior and thus enabled him to continue committing such illegal sexual activity.
    Her conduct while serving as Secretary of State was worthy of criminal charges for operating a private server that dealt repeatedly with classified and even top secrete material. Her complicity in approving Russia’s acquisition of 20% or America’s plutonium production borders on treason.
    Widely circulated and believable claims that she and her husband have orchestrated the death of many persons who were in a position to or poised to offer damaging testimony in court should have been investigated, and if found true, both should be indicted for murder.
    Hillary Clinton’s refusal to respond to repeated requests for increased security measures at the Benghazi office of Ambassador Chris Stevens was responsible for his death and that of others by the organized and well planned terrorist attack. Her complicity with Barack Obama to falsely allege that the Benghazi attack was due to a YouTube video and not an Islamic terrorist attack was only done to prevent damaging headline news and media coverage of information that would lessened Obama’s chances for re-election.
    Hillary Clinton’s acceptance and use of advance information concerning subject matter for the presidential campaign debates with Republican candidate Donald Trump were more examples of her willingness to cheat to gain any advantage.
    It was certainly an act of Divine Intervention on the part of the Almighty Creator that kept her from acquiring the presidency though corruption and deceit.
    Her refusal to accept her loss of the election and pose every possible excuse offered other than her own flawed character just show she is a rotten individual with no strength of character.

    1. chucky001 says

      And yet you have no comments on Niger, which is Tweety Pie’s Benghazi? No comments on the Access Hollywood tape of Tweety? And speaking of pathological liars, what about the buffoon who promised to drain the swamp? Why don’t you pull your head out of Dolt 45’s orange arse so you can see how that’s going.

      1. gonzales27 says

        All paid for Soros to troll

      2. Brad Fisher says

        Continuing to show just how ignorant you are!!

      3. Patricia Burk says


      4. XNSavage says


        1. ABO says

          And will undoubtedly continue to be an idiot.

      5. henrikovratd says

        Too put it in perspective for you Niger is so different.
        Special ops forces got lost from their patrol and drifted into ene.y hands.
        Benghazi was requesting assistance for weeks and HRC had
        Her head in her pillow and watched people die and then said what does it matter.
        That’s the difference.

        1. Julia Sanford says

          True Henrickovratd. I have a friend I was talking with about Benghazi the other day. They are career military and they are personal friends with the people who were told to stand down and were arrested by military police when they refused. Those men died needlessly due to the Obama administration’s State department and Hillary Clinton. I have no doubt this is true because these people are retired and have nothing to lose or gain by telling about this.

          1. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Too bad your friends friends didn’t talk to the Congressional investigators, Gowdy et al. According to the official documents that I read, there was no stand down order.

          2. Julia Sanford says

            Well, Robert. That’s straight from the people who were there and were arrested by the military police. You should know not to rely on “official documents.”

          3. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Where were these people at that were arrested?
            If you just believe heresay and YouTube rather than congressional testimony then our Republic is in serious danger.

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Where were they when they were arrested? You do know there were no military in Benghazi other then the two who came from Tripoli.
            If you rely on heresay and YouTube for your information then our Republic is in grave danger.
            Please forgive me if this is a repeated post..

          5. Julia Sanford says

            The “hearsay” I rely on is not some article or some stranger. These are people who were there. They were going to defy orders to stand down and go anyway and they were detained. I personally know the person who told me this and I know they are not liars. In the contrary, they are people who have given years of their life to the military and the husband is physically disabled from his service.

          6. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You never said where they were. You originally stated that your friends “knew” people who were arrested, I want to know where those people were when they were arrested for not standing down? Since your story is about friends of a friend I consider that heresay.
            You might also ask them how they were not standing down. As I pointed out, there were only two military at Benghazi and they came from Tripoli with the rescue group.

          7. Julia Sanford says

            Well, I can check on that, Robert, but there is no way this person would lie to me. She would have no reason to and her friends would have nothing to gain by lying to her. That’s probably more reliable evidence than your source.

          8. Robert Dostoevsky says

            My source is the U.S. House of Representatives official report on Benghazi. These documents are easy to obtain.

          9. Julia Sanford says

            What would you expect the “official report” to say?

          10. Julia Sanford says

            There was a stand down order and they were going anyway, defying orders and were detained.

          11. ABO says

            Exactly what “official documents” were those, Dostoevsky? Let’s see some links. Based on your history of pathetic fabrications I tend to believe absolutely nothing that you post here. IF you can provide documentation of your claim, DO SO.

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Benghazi requested assistance? Since the Ambassador was killed before anyone even reported an attack it is impossible for someone to have watched people die. Two people died at a CIA facility which is not a State Department facility much less their responsibility.
          If you’re going to state what Clinton said, at least put it in the context of when it was said and what is was in response to.

          1. ABO says

            Yet more utterly false nonsense courtesy of Dostoevsky. You accuse Julia Sanford of lying but when I request links to validate your ridiculous stories I get no response whatsoever. Hmmmm. Seems Dostoevsky can’t provide any validation while accusing others and making demands of them. You really are a pathetic BS artist.

      6. Julia Sanford says

        He IS draining the swamp. Do you have a recommendation on who should be next? I

      7. Joseph Carrilho says
        1. Retired Marine says

          Made me puke, thanks a lot….LOL

      8. Drberlat says

        Gee, a of sub-human with an opinion of our President based upon his mentally disturbed view of reality! I believe a visit by one of our SEAL teams is in order for Chucky the degenerate! I will forward your threatening, deranged, demonic vitriol to my NAVY SEAL son-in-law and ask that he forward it to the proper authorities! Threatening our President on a public forum is a felony and you’ve done it repeatedly! You might want to relocate to Niger while you still can! As a veteran I am bound by my oath to support and defend the Constitution and thus the President against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!! That’s you!

      9. Retired Marine says

        Total damn fool. We have people in harms way all over the Globe. Ignorant assholes like you have no facts, and this is NOTHING like Benghazi which was an allowed assassination at the behest of your boyfriend odicktaster, and your girlfriend hitlery.
        Get some facts you freaking moron. You are the prime example of a pathological liar.
        By the way, WE ALL KNEW AND WERE OK WITH what we signed up for, so STFU OR
        join, either way you are a fool.

    2. Patricia Burk says

      Very well said

    3. David Perry says

      Thank you Jeffrey 100% true.

    4. Julia Sanford says

      You are right on, Jeffrey. The rape of Juanita Broderick the actually occurred and it was when Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas, so there was no law enforcement she could go to because he WAS the law. She was with a woman friend that night and she testified that Juanita was injured and that Hillary later threatened her and her business to keep her quiet. Bill Clinton has been a chief abuser of woman and all while he was a public servant being totally supported by the taxpayers.

    5. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      Hitliary also used an ear piece to recieve guidance from outside during debates. She can’t stand on her own. She falls.

      1. Retired Marine says

        Yes, that was so damned obvious. HitLIEry is also physically unfit to do anything other than order people killed. A real piece of work.
        Semper Fi

    6. Retired Marine says

      Semper Fi

    7. Robert Dostoevsky says

      It’s always interesting when someone posts something of length and the spoils it with careless errors or purposeful misstatements. e.g. there is no plutonium sale.

  5. wil22 says

    Get on with the investigation, open to the public hearings.

  6. wil22 says

    public hearings are the only way to shut down Clintons, on the record.

  7. chucky001 says

    The first indictments from Mueller have come forth! Any collusion between the Clintons and Russia is debatable, but we now have tangible evidence of colllusion between the Trump camp and Russia! What do you Trumptards have to say about that? Or will you continue to bury your ugly faces in the pile of excrement that tumbles from the orange arse?

    1. Valor says

      Would you please explain just what tangible evidence these indictments provide concerning the alleged collusion between Trump and Russia? There is none, zilch! The evidence against the Clintons is not debatable. It is more than tangible. You bird brains can’t figure out a very simple concept. Why on earth would the Russians want a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America First over an unethical political hack, Hillary, who actually DID collude with the Russians in the sale of 20% of US uranium reserves for $145 million in kick back? An unethical political hack the Russians already knew they could buy, and roll like the town drunk, just like they rolled Obama! The Clintons have gotten away with crimes and misdeeds for decades because of political power and protection by the Leftist/Demorat Party and their propaganda machine known as the mainstream media. But I understand. You and your kind are incapable of logic.

      1. Tertullian says

        Well stated !

      2. Morton99 says

        The indictments do not provide evidence. They are charges. And it looks as if Mueller has a mass of supporting evidence for the trial.

      3. Robert Dostoevsky says

        Just what part of the military are we rebuilding?

    2. Joseph Carrilho says

      Are you colorblind as well as mentally deficient?
      How about you ‘shut up or put up’ – you won’t because you can’t.
      You ain’t got shit, except for what’s in your head.

      1. Morton99 says

        If Trump has nothing to hide he should welcome Mueller who will give him a flying pass ! But it seems that you are not so sure that he is clean.

        1. Julia Sanford says

          Well, I believe that’s what Sarah Sanders said, that they would just wait and see what develops, but it has nothing to do with the Trump campaign.

  8. LANE says

    The democratic news source(CNN,MSNBC) are part of the problem in america. They always put a spin that favors democrats and demean any conservative point of views. The democrats are not even talking about how ill prepare Puerto Rico was for any hurricane and how that Island providence was about bankrupt and how it is sucky money dry from America and basically hit the lottery of funds and how the Island is run by incompetent leaders! One of the major steps to go socialism it to break the country financially, Am I correct? Democrats don’t mine that.

    1. bobsprinkle says

      ABSOLUTELY correct!!! Puerto Rico electrical grid was in such poor shape to begin with. It is true that I only know what I have seen in photo’s.From what the photo’s show wires are strung all over in haphazard manners. Other than some pockets kept up for tourism etc the country was in very poor shape to begin with. A tragedy waiting on a hurricane to happen…..and it did. Now the politicians are screaming about the devastation and where is the US government to bail them out.

      1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        The place looked like 3rd world countries with wires strung like spegetti all over the place. PR is Venezuala. Run by socialists and ran out of other peoples money.

      2. Robert Dostoevsky says

        They may have looked a jumble but everyone had power before the two hurricanes hit.

        1. ABO says

          Got anything to prove your claims, Dostoevsky? Or are you still just stating your uninformed opinions as fact? You demand proof from others but never provide any yourself. How convenient for you.

  9. wil22 says

    Public hearings,televised.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      ……and public executions.

  10. LANE says

    Go Google Edward Mezvinksy…To see how corrupt the Clinton’s are in my opinion

    1. Julia Sanford says

      Yes, and can anybody explain to me that in the last “interview” with Hillary at the end of the investigation, Comey didn’t attend, no recording was made, no stenographer was present and Hillary was not put under oath? You can bet your boots that wouldn’t have been the case with a conservative.l

      1. ABO says

        I’ve often wondered about that myself, Julia. Well stated and accurate.

  11. Craig Vandertie says

    Every major investor of the Socialist Moonie Muslime propaganda machine need to be charged and arrested, tried and found guilty of treason for assisting in promoting the evil agenda of Globalists.

  12. Ron Dapo says

    It’s a shame, what congress should look into and what they do look into is most often controlled by the media. Not we the people…

    1. Dee says

      DC runs on bribes. Take one down, they will all come down. They’re in each others pockets.

      1. Ron Dapo says

        I do so wish that were true Dee.

    2. Tony says

      Congress would still know even less if not for outside organizations like Judicial Watch and ACLJ that have to sue government departments for information under the freedom of information act and take months or years to get any information to conduct investigations. Washington DC is a lawyer’s heaven.

      1. Ron Dapo says

        Your 100% correct Tony.
        Not to get off subject but New York City just had a terrorist attack 8 dead 12 injured, so far. Maby they will finally look at immigration and their no ccw policys. My heart goes out to the familys. A rental truck was used. They are already saying he was a lone wolf. How would they know that?

  13. ray2hill says

    Dear Trump supporters, It’s all over the card castle has crumbled and the phony lard ass with all of his lies has been exposed. As the Nazis chanted: “Jew will not replace us” the real Americans can chant: “The Russians will not replace us.”

    1. Valor says

      Still an brain dead idiot, I see.

      1. ABO says

        And ever willing to prove it.

    2. Julia Sanford says

      Would you like to explain to everybody what is in those indictments that would indicate what you said is true? Apparently, the thrill up your leg for anything that looks as though it might be detrimental to the Trump administration blinds you. Looks more to me as though this might make some people get off their duff and appoint another special counsel since Mueller is covering for the Clintons so he can cover his own butt.

      1. Morton99 says

        The foreign affairs advisor who pleaded guilty apparently was wired for several months while going to meetings in the White House. So you must wait and see. In the meantime a lot of politicians are running for cover.

        1. Julia Sanford says

          Yes, we must wait and see, but reason tells me that he wasn’t since it seems that they would have had more than they apparently do. Plus he was kind of a small person in the scope of things, a short time there, a volunteer and has already been proven to be a liar. We’ll see.

          1. Morton99 says

            Of course he is a liar – that is why he is being prosecuted for perjury. But he provided a paper trail – emails – and almost certainly he carried a wire for several months. Taped conversation s are not so much valuable for evidence but they are for interrogations and perjury. And they may provide ancilliary information about operations which have been covered up. This makes it extremely dangerous for White House staff to lie about anything because they don’t know what the Feds know. Of course if Trump and staff have done no wrong – then they have nothing to worry about. So it is strange to see them so nervous.

    3. Joseph Carrilho says

      It’s funny how trolls, or morons, up vote each other – find one and you will find the rest.

      1. ABO says

        Funny, all chucky can manage is ‘1guest vote’.

      2. Morton99 says

        Its sad to see the desperation and humiliation of the Trump sycophants. Your ship is sinking so you better learn to swim.

  14. Mike says

    I love the trump sheeple. indictments were handed down for trump’s former campaign manager and a member of his policy team. another member of his campaign is cooperating and the right decides let’s try and keep the little minds of the trump sheeple occupied with talk about Hillary Clinton. of course we have already looked at all of these allegations before and found nothing but we have to give our sheeple something or they may begin to understand they voted for a conman in trump.

    1. Valor says

      You are the one with the little mind. The indictment of Manafort is for alleged misdeeds long BEFORE Trump ran for the office. They have nothing to do with the phony Trump/Russian collusion BS. These indictments serve two purposes. One, have leverage to coerce Manafort to provide evidence damaging to Trump, whether that evidence is factual or not. The entire investigation is founded on a dossier that has been proven to be false, so the idea Mueller and Company care about truth is a myth. Two, these indictments are intended to deflect attention away from the crimes committed by Clinton and Mueller’s complicity in the cover up of those crimes. But you don’t have the mental capacity to understand the truth. You have swallowed the lies of the Clintons and the Demorat Party, which exists on a foundation of lies, for so long you believe lies to be the truth, and truth to be lies. Pathetic!!

      1. Mike says

        the first thing the dossier has not been proven false. in fact the FBI has been using it as a roadmap in their investigation. it is correct to say that not all parts of it have been verified, i.e. Russian prostitutes urinating on a bed, but it has not been disproven. I love that as a trump sheeple you have already set your mind that even if Paul manafort gives testimony that it will be false. you are a good trump sheeple always listening to your furher trump. well done. the toddler in chief trump will applaud you.

        1. Joseph Carrilho says

          Full of shit, again……

          1. Mike says

            Really where am I wrong?
            Please illuminate. Oh wait as a Trump sheeple you will only believe Trump.

          2. Joseph Carrilho says

            Maybe you’re not always wrong but, you are N E V E R right.

          3. Mike says

            Well much like your idol Trump that makes no sense. You are truly one with our toddler in chief Trump.

      2. Robert Dostoevsky says

        Actually you are wrong about the time frame.

    2. rocky says

      Sure… nothing to see here, move along folks .

    3. Joseph Carrilho says

      Typically, you’ve got it bass-akwards, again.

  15. Donald Lindsey says

    Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and the total socialist psychopaths of the democratic party are the ones behind the Russia conspiracy against Trump. Obama and Clinton sold 20% of American Uranium mines to Russia, this is the HIGHEST form of TREASON and they should be arrested, tried and sent to Guantanamo Bay Prison as TERRORIST’s well as the democrats that agreed with them.

    1. rocky says

      ” Different rules for different people…” now who said that ??

      1. Morton99 says

        Actually there is simply no evidence that she did. Its all about a contributor who owned the stock that as sold to the Russians. It was low grade uranium that could not be weaponized and the quid pro quo is a lie. He contributed to the Clinton Fund years before this sale. But DJT is desperate to change the conversation about his poor judgment in hiring felons in his campaign and administration.

  16. Valor says

    Nothing will happen to the Clintons or their cronies. As elevated icons of the elite ruling class the American People have allowed develop they are insulated from the rule of law. There are different sets of rules for them. Just like any banana republic.

    1. rocky says

      Yup… ‘They’ and ‘Thiers’ are above the law… or the law that we must adhere to. Thiers may be in the life to come, not this one.

    2. Julia Sanford says

      Probably because too many of them will go down with them.

  17. Ronald Logan says

    Let`s not forget all the money the Clinton foundation stole from Haiti earthquake disaster donations The people of Haiti hate the Clinton s this is the same as looting during a disaster. These people are low life thugs that will do are sell anything for money.

    1. Harold Sammons says

      What ever became of the billions of Dollars lost through the state department that Hillary was in charge of; can any one say numbered off shore account , (maybe)!

      1. Julia Sanford says

        If anybody knows about that, Harold, I haven’t heard and I don’t think they are investigating it. I believe the amount is 6 Billion. I wonder why that is not enough to warrant an investigation, nor apparently is it something that is considered newsworthy by the mainstream media.

        1. Harold Sammons says

          If the current Sec of state lost 5
          $50 dollars there would be a major investigation and all news channels would report 24/7 about the great cover up and indisgression of the Trump failure to keep his minions under control!

    2. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Please explain how the foundation stole money?

      1. ABO says

        Still no response from Dostoevsky on my requests for the sources that back up your idiotic claims huh? As I suspected, you have absolutely nothing to back up your pathetic BS while you demand proof from others. Sounds to me as if you feel entitled to simply lie and should not be expected to accept the responsibility you demand from others. Dimwit.

  18. higgy01 says

    If the Russian uranium collusion deal doesn’t put the criminal Clinton family in prison nothing will. Hillary, probably more than slick willy, is guilty of so many relatively recent crimes such as accepting bribes as SecState, that she should already be behind bars. As a knowing accomplice slick willy should be there with her.

    1. Morton99 says

      Do yourself a favor and read the facts before you spout the propaganda version.

      1. Retired Marine says

        Much like yourself? Practice what you preach.

        1. Morton99 says

          Do you really want a fact swapping discussion ? You know you are going to lose because the only right wing publication with any credentials is the WSJ – and they are very unhappy with DJT. Don’t try me with FOX the pussy grabbing fake news arm of the hard right along with Breitbart.

    2. Robert Dostoevsky says

      What collusion? The deal was public information and approved by the NRC.

  19. desert fox says

    With a crooked DOJ to protect them, they have always managed to squirm out of their cesspool way of life from Arkansas to the White House.

    1. Morton99 says

      That sounds like sour grapes.

  20. PAPI, PAPI CHULO says


  21. SANDRA TAYLOR says

    Just reading the comments below, It’s a waste of time to try to deal with people like chucky for they haven’t the slightest idea to what is going on. I refer to them as mindless bigmouth hardcore democrats. And there are thousands who are paid to start problems, selling their souls. Their problem, not ours.

    1. Morton99 says

      You had better prepare for a bumpy landing. I guess all of you Trump warriors will be changing your online avatars pretty soon – who wants to look like a duped fool ??

      1. Retired Marine says

        Do you own a mirror, you can see a duped fool for yourself.

        1. Morton99 says

          Really ? He only appears on my TV set. My mirror does not show sewer rats.

          1. Retired Marine says

            That’s the best you have? I’m not impressed.

          2. Morton99 says

            Aren’t you embarrassed to have Trump as your CIC ? A draft dodger, Gold Star family insulter, and a man bent on making belligerent remarks to a tin pot dictator who could start a nuclear war ?

          3. Julia Sanford says

            In which branch of the service did your heros, Obama and Clinton serve? Also, exactly when did he insult a gold star family? Would you be referring to his response during the campaign to an unwarranted attack on him by a Muslim man whose son was killed in the service?

          4. Retired Marine says

            Is that really the best you have? Unimpressed.

          5. Morton99 says

            I’m not interested in impressing you – I shall leave that to your own level of incompetence as you adulate a sewer rat.

          6. Retired Marine says

            LOL more tripe from a moron, who gives a damn what you think. I’ve fished with worms that have more intelligence than you….LOL
            You don’t need to impress me because you never saw the day you could.

          7. Morton99 says

            Listen old man – I am here to stay – at least until the sewer rat is removed from the Oval Office. I have principles – a word you may never have heard of before.

          8. Retired Marine says

            LOL, principles? You don’t know the meaning of the word. Want to learn what it means, join the armed forces. Living in your parents basement really won’t teach you anything. You truly are a pathetic joke, little boy.

          9. Morton99 says

            OK wise guy. You are so far off base that you seem to be running out of ammo. I think you have always been retired – mentally – and that your service record is imaginary. Oh – the basement sneer is so hackneyed that you really need to read more before you think you are being original.

          10. Retired Marine says

            ROTFLMAO, what a pathetic joke you are. Droll, stupid, and chickenshit is not a good way for you to grow up, I assume you can’t help yourself or you wouldn’t still be in your parents basement. Speaking of original, have you ever in your pathetic little life ever said something that hasn’t been said by others before you? what a PUTZ.

          11. Morton99 says

            Oh I borrow from the best – not right wing mental midgets. I think that you will find that Drumpf is a really awful role model – even for an arthritic and garrulous white nationalist – I presume you are white – creating you own facts maybe wonderfully politically incorrect but they tend to dump you in the worst cess pool that Trump has ever imagined. Especially when you find he wants to be the center of attention as he forces you to wash his feet and carry his water.

          12. Retired Marine says

            LOL, You borrow because you can’t think for yourself, like all liberals you have a trash can full of rhetoric that you constantly recycle. That is an example of not thinking for yourself. Liberal think, or group think shows not only stupidity, where you don’t actually have an opinion, but always go along with the herd.
            As to your threats, they are also so much bullshit, and I laugh at your presumptions.
            Now you are getting boring, I had hoped you had more going for you, but no, you are a liberal to the bone. Consider this conversation over, now back to the basement with you.

          13. Morton99 says

            Oh I am just fine with ignoring you – I never sought a conversation with you in the first place – and I am relieved that you will ‘move on’. I was not cut out to be a special needs counselor.

          14. Retired Marine says

            Thank God for small favors, you would suck at that too, Adios.

          15. Morton99 says

            Thank you – I shall remember you as – if nothing else – the Charmless One.

      2. Julia Sanford says

        And just what is the evidence of that Morton?

        1. Morton99 says

          One word – Mueller – a Republican appointed by a Republican led FBI and Congress gave him a 100 percent thumbs up.
          He keeps it very close and after less than 5 months has already fingered Manafort as a felon – the Trump Campaign Chairman. Word has it that Manafort is cornered. He will sing like a canary because he doesn’t want to spend the next ten years in prison for just the first of 12 felony charges. Three false passports – massive tax fraud – he has no choice.

          Oh the evidence against him is not a he said she said tale – it is a very lengthy paper trail – – or prima facie evidence of guilt.

          But there is rumored to be 17 more Trump associate indictments.

  22. robertleo says

    Find this Russian thing interesting. KKK was organized by Democrats back in the 40’s as a controlling power against African Americans and in time they shifted the blame on to the Republicans as prejudice.
    Now we find the Democrats again organized a Russian conspiracy during the election process only to shift the blame again on the Republicans.
    We know on both counts this was of their own making and they never really have the people’s interest in mind.
    Remembering in my high school typing class as an exercise this sentence was typed quickly to test your typing skill per minute.
    “Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party.”
    Let’s hope in the 2018 election process voter’s will finally realize that the Democrat politicians still have their own interest in mind and the blame can no longer be shifted.
    They may try but people are finally catching on and party affiliation hopefully will not determine the outcome of the 2018 election for who is really best for America.

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      Still trying to blame the Democrats for the current KKK? It’s funny since they support Trump.

      1. robertleo says

        They would have supported any white president. Get it?

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Thanks for joining the bigot club, I’m sure Vinny appreciates the company.

      2. Julia Sanford says

        It’s not his responsibility who supports him. If memory serves, it was an unrepentant domestic terrorist who supported Obama and played a large roll in helping him start his political career.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Pardon my ignorance but what terrorist are you talking about?

        2. Robert Dostoevsky says


          1. Julia Sanford says

            Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine
            Dohm. Google it! Can’t believe you don’t already know.

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You should read beyond the headlines of Fox News. Obama never denied that he knew Ayers but there is absolutely no evidence that Ayers was instrumental in shaping his career. Sarah Palin tried to make something of their connection but it proved to be inaccurate.

  23. Harold Sammons says

    Don’t count on the Media going against any DemocRATS; they pay way to good and remember all who chose to accept their bribery or extorsion!

    1. Mike says

      But yet indictments already have started in this case, but despite 8 investigations into Benghazi and investigations into the uranium deal no crimes have ever been found. Yes truly amazing. Oh wait no its not because members of the Trump campaign are guilty and Hillary was not.

      1. Matthew Adams says

        Mike- Oh wait, and the FBI / DOJ covered up the crimes for crooked Hillary. But that is OK Mike keep swimming up the river of denial!

  24. justagramma says

    Yep, the old saying “the guilty dog barks first” sure works here! Funny. Dems have gotten so arrogant that they don’t even know how to act like they care about the regular people who are the backbone of the US, and have always been.

  25. daveveselenak says

    This will explain everything that is happening TO this dead Republic which is now a third world banana Republic where there is no rule of law because IF there was then the gang of former democ-RATS, now the Communist Party USA would be behind bars! I’m not being the least bit factitious when I predict: REVOLUTION will be the ultimate SOLUTION against these lizard creatures from the Dark State swamp that are responsible for all of those false flag mass shootings that are meant to terrorize the dumb-(m)asses into giving up their only defense against them – their Armr=================? ! WAKE THE FUK UP SHEEPLE!
    Interestingly, in his book, Advocate and Activist, CPUSA attorney John Abt writes openly about the CPUSA in the American political system, saying its role “was to push the Democratic Party to the left.” Abt notes that the two CPUSA members elected to Congress, Johnny Bernard from Minnesota and Hugh DeLacy from Washington State, were elected as Democrats. DeLay had close personal relations with Leon Panetta, the former leftist Congressman who became Obama’s Secretary of Defense and CIA director.
    Over time, the Democratic Party abandoned its anti-communism, and various members of its Progressive Caucus openly embraced Castro. In 2008 and again in 2012, the CPUSA openly backed Barack Hussein Obama for president. CPUSA insiders knew that Obama had been groomed for his career by a suspected Soviet espionage agent by the name of Frank Marshall Davis. In effect, the Russians had captured the U.S. presidency.
    The list of favors to the Russians is a long one. Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carried forward a variety of pro-Russian policies, ranging from the Uranium One deal to the New START Treaty cutting America’s nuclear arsenal.
    Hence, the “Trump is a Russian agent” investigation launched by Obama and carried forward by Russia-gate Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a complete diversion. What the Russians have done is mount a disinformation operation to protect their agents of influence in the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party. That’s where the treason can be found.
    We saw this kind of misdirection before in regard to the JFK assassination. Former communist spy chief Pacepa notes that the Soviets tried to mask their connection to Oswald through a sophisticated disinformation and propaganda campaign called “Dragon Operation.” They spawned such bizarre conspiracies as that JFK was murdered by LBJ, his vice-president, or the CIA, or right-wingers in Dallas.
    At the same time, the Soviets dispatched a Soviet “defector” by the name of Yuri Nosenko to the U.S. after the assassination. Among other things, he told the CIA that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a Soviet agent. Eventually, the CIA accepted his fantastic claims, with then-CIA director Michael Hayden giving Nosenko a ceremonial flag and official letter of thanks before his death in 2008.
    As a result, the Russians have never been held responsible for this monstrous crime.

  26. Stephen Leonhard says

    The entire MSM is morally bankrupt and will go to great lengths to protect the clintons and other corrupt Obamanites!
    It is well past the time to drin the washington swamp!

    1. Morton99 says

      The current issue is nothing to do with the Clintons no matter how much Trump spin is spewed.
      It is to do with felony corruption at the highest level of government.

  27. JQcitizen says

    Mainstream media long ago chose the liberal team and as a result destroyed any credibility they had with regard to unbiased news reporting. Truth is apparently taking a back seat to their agenda and hopefully will destroy many journalist careers.

    1. Morton99 says

      From all accounts it is a highly professional and experienced team endorsed by many Republicans.

  28. Morton99 says

    The embarrassment at being duped by Trump is jaw dropping on this site. Defiance won’t solve the problem – and being born naïve and stupid doesn’t really cut the mustard either.

    1. Stealth Fighter says

      Been reading your posts. YOU are a troll!!! OR an IDIOT!!! OR “BOTH”!! Go & find another site so that you can stop being embarrassed….

      1. Morton99 says

        I am an educated liberal, and also a successful capitalist. As you are apparently an uneducated Trump Troll its hardly surprising that I make you uncomfortable. And I will continue to seek out sycophantic fools such as yourself and embarrass them by reposting our chats on twitter and facebook.

  29. Murphmeister says

    The irony is that if the Dems had just shut up, they wouldn’t have opened Pandora’s Box. But now the lid is about to be pried open by the republicans and God only knows what Fates and Harpies will come out.
    Trump should appoint a new special prosecutor to investigate Mueller from 2000 to the present.

    1. Julia Sanford says

      Yes, he should. Interesting, isn’t it, Mueller’s choice of the people he hired for this investigation, all Hillary supporters?

  30. Morton99 says

    There is a Republican House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court and all the Trump base can do is blame Hillary Clinton.

    1. Julia Sanford says

      No, I think Hillary is the one we still hear blaming everybody for everything.

      1. Morton99 says

        Julia – only Republicans listen to her. She is old and her bid to lead has now failed twice. She’s already history – passe. I don’t know any liberals who talk about her as anything but a sort of last century hangover. Mind you some women adored her. But I never voted for her – and I feel sorry for her that she is stuck in a sort of victim mold. Liberal leadership is moving on. Millennials never voted for Hillary – they want someone very different and when they find that person I suspect a lot of your peers will still be so stuck on demonizing poor aging Hillary that they will be broadsided.

  31. Michael Dennewitz says

    The BENGHAZI BITCH is not in good health. She has a catheter and a bag is strapped to her one leg constantly. Why do you think she’s ALWAYS wearing pantsuits?? 😁🤣😃

    1. Robert Dostoevsky says

      That is ridiculous even for you.

  32. robert sanders says

    Today is her day. Burn this Witch.

  33. Tiger says

    The evil in this world is going forward while the good fights for it’s very existence. Why is that? Because the powers that run this country are the evil. Trump better get his white horse out and his armor cause this is the battle for this Republic and he better take it seriously.

    1. Morton99 says

      Trump may be considering riding off into the sunset before they impound the horse and lock him up. The man is a sewer rat – untrustworthy – and probably a felon – although that remains to be seen.

      1. Tiger says

        God forgive you for your total ignorance that is responsible for the shape we are in, cause I don’t.

        1. Morton99 says

          God forgive you for voting a man into the White House who paid $30 million settlement for fraud last December, and is an outrageous adulterer and p*ssy grabber, a draft dodger, and a 3 times bankrupt, who risks nuclear war with a tin pot tyrant every time he tries to insult him.

          1. Tiger says

            Go somewhere that wants you.

          2. Morton99 says

            You may not ‘want’ me darling – but you surely need me. I can only imagine how humiliating it must be to realize that President Chump actually hired a crook with three false passports and 56 hidden bank accounts in 12 different countries – for (one presumes) an emergency flight from justice. He was not just ‘hired’ but he was hired to be Chairman of Trump’s campaign.
            Good grief woman – do you have an ounce of common sense ?

          3. Tiger says

            Do you not understand that all this man did and the others were years before Trump came along? Do you not understand that nothing any of them did had anything to do with Trump and as soon as anything adverse came out on this manure he was fired?

            Are you not aware that there is now and never has been on ounce or iota of evidence linking Trump to Russia? Are you not aware that even Clapper and two other agencies made it clear nothing the Russians did changed the election?

            Please hold your breath waiting for a connection.


          4. Morton99 says

            Really ? Apparently Manafort used a fake passport to visit three countries this year already.

          5. Tiger says

            Manafort is not and has not been on the Trump Team for ages, what about that can’t you understand? Who cares what he does? Only desperate people like you.


          6. Morton99 says

            Gates – Manafort’s business partner went into the West Wing after his job on the inauguration committee Manafort was controlling Papadopoulos with the Russian negotiations.He has been charged with conspiracy against the United States including the current year 2017.

          7. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL Papaduffus was a Trump wanna be. He was one of many who tried to get onto the team. Doesn’t matter what Manafort was doing before or after Trump got rid of him. What about that do you now understand?

            LOLOLOL nothing that these men are being accused of or whatever have anything to do with Trump, LOLOLOL sorry you just are so off base.

          8. Tiger says

            CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump campaign not mentioned in … – YouTube
            ▶ 1:45
            2 days ago – Uploaded by Washington Free BeaconMannafort’s” indictment has nothing to do with the Trump campaign. … this does open up connections …
            Manafort attorney: No Russia collusion – YouTube
            ▶ 1:22
            2 days ago – Uploaded by CNNYeah dick, the indictment is not about collusion, how about start … long as you can your dear fuhrer is game …

          9. Julia Sanford says

            They don’t want to understand it, Tiger. They are grasping at straws.

          10. Tiger says

            You know what is really getting to me is this Popaduffus guy. He was a low-profile person for a few weeks on the Trump Team and a wanna be. When one reads his history he is worm poop, and pond scum. He was on Carson’s team in the beginning of the elections.

            Gingrich warned Trump ages ago. He told him this was dangerous. Don’t allow a Special investigator, he said remember Libby what happened there and how the testimony was changed, he warned they will find someone to say what they want to hear so they can Impeach Trump.

            He was right and Duffus is it.

          11. Morton99 says

            I don’t think that Mathews has anything to do with this – you seem very confused.

          12. Tiger says

            I think you should listen, so you understand that the dossier’ doozy is done.

          13. Morton99 says

            Oh BTW – did you not know that at least one of Trump’s major investors is an oligarch buddy of Vladimir Putin. So I guess that’s just a coincidence ?
            His name is Lev Leviath – also known as the Blood Diamond King of African diamonds. He help fund Trump Tower and also Trump Soho.

          14. Tiger says

            OH please, get off it do you know that Hillary and Obama gave Putin 20% of our uranium? Hillary and Gill got a whopping millions off that. Did you know that just about ever big business in America and every big shot has at one time or another done business with Russia?

            Did you know that every member of our congress met with the Russian that Sessions met with, on the same day?

            You are not winning this one because Hillary and the DNC deeply emerged in all that is Russia.




          15. Julia Sanford says

            Are you referring to a business investor? What does that have to do with Trump’s election or government in any way?

          16. Morton99 says

            Its called ‘kompromat’. The investigation is pursuing the evidence that points to the indebtedness of Trump to Russian oligarchical investors. Lev Leviev is one of them – funded Trump tower and Trump Soho – buddy of both Putin and Trump – and has been on several Trump Boards. He is also known as the Blood Diamond King and wanted for murder by several governments. Look it up.
            And there are others.

          17. Julia Sanford says

            Did you object when Obama named Van Jones, a card-carrying communist one of his Czars? Also, Van Jones is still out there shooting off his mouth.

          18. Morton99 says

            LOL! Van Jones is a HIGHLY respected intellectual. He has superior debating and great reasoning powers. He was a little too confrontational for the Obama administration – and absolutely NOT a communist. That kind of silly demonization has absolutely no factual basis except to very uneducated and susceptible persons who never research anything for themselves. He is also quite wealthy and pursues quite a respectable life as a dedicated capitalist. What the right wing HATES is that he has also emerged as a man with a conscience and dedication to helping black Americans. They hate him because he is successful at that, and is potent at calling out white nationalism

  34. W. Coyote says

    Newt says “I suspect…” In other words he is stirring the pot to cover for Trump. I suspect he is expecting something in return from Trump. The Trump strategy is clear (although it actually comes from his mentor- Roy Cohn.) Put out a huge smokescreen and maybe it will go away.
    Thank God we have a patriots like Robert Mueller grinding away toward the truth.

    1. Morton99 says

      Well said and patriotically so.

      1. W. Coyote says

        Morton- Good morning and thank you for your reply.

  35. Timon van Buskirk says

    Too put it in perspective for you Niger is so different.Special ops forces got lost from their patrol and drifted into ene.y hands.Benghazi was requesting assistance for weeks and HRC hadHer head in her pillow and watched people die and then said what does it matter.That’s the difference.

    1. Retired says

      But they are twisting it up to not being true . Everyone forgets the Demon Rats cut funding for Embassy protection at the time all over .

  36. Deplorable Lanie says

    I hope so. I want to see that smug smile wiped off her face.

    1. Retired says

      Send her a care package Via Drone .

  37. Bob Schaack says

    If the proven FACTS aren’t revealed about the Clinton’s role in their Uranium 1 fiasco with Russia to where EVERYBODY can see them by a Congressional Investigation Committee, THERE IS NO MORE JUSTICE IN OUR COUNTRY

  38. donl says

    The Clintons have NO Shame, and they do NOT get embarrassed!! They are truly an ODD Couple. They only speak to each other when in public, they do Not live together, they dare Not live in their home state, due to losing their license to practice law, They are very proficeint at Coersion and Lying.

    1. Morton99 says

      Oh damn you don’t like Bill – you know you are in a very tiny minority. Its also known as being poorly educated and susceptible to Trump Trash Talk.

      1. Julia Sanford says

        Well Morton, neither do I like Bill and Hillary. I’m old enough to remember him from the time he was attorney general of Arkansas and raped Juanita Broderick and he has continued his abuse of women throughout his career, aided by Hillary for cover up. For the record, I’m not uneducated, nor susceptible to anybody’s trash talk, particularly that of the media.

  39. Annie says


  40. niknar says

    I would like a full investigation of the Clintons just to put all the rumors to rest (or as many of them as is possible), or actually prove something against them & punish them appropriately. All these accusations floating around just keep festering the divide in this nation.

    Of course, the investigation of the Trump-Russian connection needs to continue to its appropriate conclusion, Gingrich’s obvious bias notwithstanding.

    1. Julia Sanford says

      Well, you are right about that. Everything needs to be investigated.. I don’t know what could be any more obvious that the case Comey laid out there, but then declined to recommend prosecution when it wasn’t even his call to make, but I’m not sure whether she would be prosecuted no matter what they find.

      1. niknar says

        Yes, Comey hardly cleared anything with that ambiguous proclamation, more or less incriminating her with what he said yet taking no action. And then he brought it back up just a few days before Election Day before dropping it again. It’s easy to understand why nobody is particularly happy with him.

  41. Front Sight says

    The Clintons are lawyers! Lawyers, so they claim, run the country and write laws to benefit lawyers. I don’t believe the Clintons will every face Old Bailey . It’s time for the White Knight of Vigilance, the radical arm of the Demokratik Party organized by Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest, to arise and prosecute the renegades!

  42. says

    I guess now that this has come she will start the fainting act again. the evil crooked corrupt Hillary And Bill Clintons she be locked up.

  43. DesertHam says

    What I don’t understand is WHY the Hildabeast (and Obama, Holder and their other Commie cohorts) figured it was Okay for her to sell 20% of the Uranium to Russia; and, then keep $145 million for the Clinton Foundation (the Bill & Hillary retirement fund). What RIGHT did she have to sell something she did not own and keep the money?

  44. Earl Spencer says

    A lot of the accusations that are made by the DumvocRATS against any/all Republicans are ones that they dreamed of to use themselves. Some may even have been tried by the DumbocRATS and then on second thought the Dummies tried using these ideas on the Republicans and saying that these ideas they came up with were Republicans ideas. Maybe we should replace the DumbocRATS with people from Federal Prisons, they may be more trustworthy.

  45. John Whitworth says

    Quit writing on this blog about how evil the Clintons are..and instead.. write to your congressman to ask what they are going to do about it…DO IT NOW..for the sake of your country…DO IT NOW

  46. Richard Start says

    Trump gave her a gift when he took Office in not perusing prosecution like he said he was going to do but now that this push to stab him in the back for that kindness is playing out it look like she will earn her own reward’s. The deeper even her cohort’s dig into the Russian Collusion the more she is caught in her own web in front of the Media that adorers her. In the end she will bring about her own end just like the step mother in snow white.

  47. AKLady says

    When will this old lie stop making the rounds. It embarrasses America.

    1. Julia Sanford says

      What lie would that be, AK?

  48. just me says

    Of course, Trump always cry’s he did it She did it.

  49. Simply_Sis says

    Isn’t it the definition of conspiracy when they all conspire to hide the truth and spread fake news to protect Clintons and company, all while trying to collectively throw Trump under their made-up Russian bus? If Almighty God isn’t protecting Trump, I don’t know who is.

  50. ARTPSYCH says

    Pricless how hillary can’t let go of her bigger ego than D.Trump- so now her halloween haunt is all about her getting more scared by the moment when shit hits the fan in DC for her next big moment in the hot seat for another round of Congressional grilling! hope it’s hotter than HELL for ya Hillary! Hotter and more smoke!

    1. Julia Sanford says

      Yes, did you see the “body language” analysis?

  51. Nutmeg Man says

    Yet another classic example of why we’re all so fortunate that Trump won the election, keeping clueless and lying Crooked Hillary from causing any more harm for the country.

  52. rfrichey says

    Obozo, hillary and the DNC thought they could do anything they pleased and the law be damned as they were so sure that the witch was going to be elected. Real Americans decided that enough is enough.

    1. CCblogging says

      The wheels of Justice grind slow but they are turning. Hillary won’t get away with this one. I look forward to seeing that lying, murdering, treasonous thief hung in the gallows.

  53. Eric Pearson says

    Newt is most likely senile. All this bullshit about the “Clinton political machine” is meant to be a distraction from the real story which is being investigated by Robert Mueller. He’s at the top of his game while the Trumpettes are grasping at straws.
    Trump’s going down. Get used to the idea.

    1. CCblogging says

      You are delusional. We are taking our nation back from the Deep State of which the Clintons are part of. Hillary won’t get away with murder, stealing and treason again.

  54. Bob C says

    Gingrich – The “Laughing Stock of the Republicon party!!!!

  55. bob says

    i cridge at the power of the clinton cartel! i half expect them to show up at my door, because of my love for this country, i will introduce them to an ar15, preferred weapon of a patriot. come get some!

  56. CCblogging says

    Don’t forget that John “Songbird” McCain had a major role in promoting Hillary’s FAKE dossier. McCain is one of the Keating Five, who helped Keating defraud investors and the elderly, and caused a recession, with the Savings & Loan scandal. McCain married into a crime family. McCain sent birthday greetings to a Mafia Godfather in Tucson. McCain is corrupt, so corrupt, he’d be in prison, if he were a normal American citizen. The Bolles murder was the killing of a journalist about to expose the McCain family wealth’s origins in major crime. McCain is as criminal as his friend Hillary. Their criminal lives tie them together.

  57. Nina Ferguson says

    Wait, didn’t she also blame the MSM for her failure to be elected? I swear, the entire country must be to blame for her loss. What she needs to do is look in the mirror and she will see the person who caused her to fail.

  58. Garys_opinion says

    When in the Hell is she going to be arrested?

  59. DonRS says

    Hilary is EVIL personified. For her entire adult life, she has demonstrated her total lack of character, integrity, honesty and integrity. The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who were considered a risk to either her or Bill, or interfered with their objectives! Oppose the Clintons’ and life is shortened!

    Sadly, both she and Bill have ALWAYS gotten away with their EVIL, Immoral or ILLEGAL acts. Justice MUST BE DONE!

  60. daveveselenak says

    How much longer are the sheeple, the dumb-(m)asses that they are going to remain in a state of denial, I guess it is easy since most of them are so drugged-up, ( illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals and legal marijuana ) crack-like politically infested sports and (entertainment?) junkies , dumbed-down, PC bullied and brainwashed that they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground! Smell the roses, or in this case smell the fuk’n democ-RATS, now the Communist Party USA! They aren’t even trying to be discreet anymore as they have become so cocky that they have prevailed that sh^t such as this is standard operating procedure and the sheeple are accepting it!
    Don’t you think by now with all of the false flags and terrorist attacks such as the latest one that the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls – “McShame” being one of them – have let occur that these devilish treacherous bastards are in cahoots with them or at last are purposely allowing to happen, can there be any other possible explanation as to why they want to keep letting these Muslim terrorists into our country?
    That no good, Uncle Fester looking and thinking treacherous bastard, Manchurian candidate ” McShame” has the nerve to go to the Naval Academy and diss America and preach the NWO agenda an he is applauded, what the fuk is wrong with sheeple? Here is a SOB, like the rest of the NWO-elitist ghouls that are so removed from the terrorist playing fields, that talks about tearing down walls as he lives in a walled mansion, like all other of his NWO-elitist cohorts, has armed security twenty-four hours a day and never has to mingle with the Muslim terrorists that they are using to gain more control of the sheeple while getting rid of those not deserving of using up precious resources that are to be only allocated for them! You have to be one dumb MF’er not to see this transpiring right before your very eyes on a daily basis!
    The reality is this: unless or until these Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls are informed that we are on to them and let them know in no uncertain terms that we are not going to put up with their satanic plans any longer and if they refuse to heed our warning then: REVOLUTION will be the ultimate SOLUTION, not against each other but against them! Armr==============================? – – – – , we will be needing them; that is why we are experiencing all of these mass shooting false flags to disarm “US” and all of these useful terrorist attacks to harm “US”.

    Interestingly, in his book, Advocate and Activist, CPUSA attorney John Abt writes openly about the CPUSA in the American political system, saying its role “was to push the Democratic Party to the left.” Abt notes that the two CPUSA members elected to Congress, Johnny Bernard from Minnesota and Hugh DeLacy from Washington State, were elected as Democrats. DeLay had close personal relations with Leon Panetta, the former leftist Congressman who became Obama’s Secretary of Defense and CIA director.
    Over time, the Democratic Party abandoned its anti-communism, and various members of its Progressive Caucus openly embraced Castro. In 2008 and again in 2012, the CPUSA openly backed Barack Hussein Obama for president. CPUSA insiders knew that Obama had been groomed for his career by a suspected Soviet espionage agent by the name of Frank Marshall Davis. In effect, the Russians had captured the U.S. presidency.
    The list of favors to the Russians is a long one. Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carried forward a variety of pro-Russian policies, ranging from the Uranium One deal to the New START Treaty cutting America’s nuclear arsenal.
    Hence, the “Trump is a Russian agent” investigation launched by Obama and carried forward by Russia-gate Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a complete diversion. What the Russians have done is mount a disinformation operation to protect their agents of influence in the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party. That’s where the treason can be found.
    We saw this kind of misdirection before in regard to the JFK assassination. Former communist spy chief Pacepa notes that the Soviets tried to mask their connection to Oswald through a sophisticated disinformation and propaganda campaign called “Dragon Operation.” They spawned such bizarre conspiracies as that JFK was murdered by LBJ, his vice-president, or the CIA, or right-wingers in Dallas.
    At the same time, the Soviets dispatched a Soviet “defector” by the name of Yuri Nosenko to the U.S. after the assassination. Among other things, he told the CIA that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a Soviet agent. Eventually, the CIA accepted his fantastic claims, with then-CIA director Michael Hayden giving Nosenko a ceremonial flag and official letter of thanks before his death in 2008.

  61. Tiger says

    To be haunted by something, you must either be punished for it, which reminds you of what you did or have a conscience. She has not and will not be punished and she has no conscience.

    Case closed.

    1. nocbsfan says

      She is being punished, she has to think about Bill every now and then Hi Tiger

  62. A_Nobody says

    One can only hope they get their just desserts but with the many RINOs siding with the left there’s still doubt.

  63. DAlnB41 says

    Hillary has made herself well-known for her lies, her lack of integrity and her habit of pointing fingers and blaming her failures and faults onto others. (One that will always be incredible is her admitting she voted to go to war without reading the bill BUT THEN said she did it because a friend told her to just vote YES; and then her ignoring a need for security at Benghazi BECAUSE the advice came from a friend, and we were expected to accept that! And, during the 2016 campaigns she stated, “America is just fine,”; in-spite of 30 million + Americans out of work, the results of the largest invasion of illegals into our contrary in our history, three out of four American jobs going to immigrants, the majority of American workers who had not received any noticeable pay raises in the past seven years while CEOs and corporate leaders were averaging over 30% annual increases and big money investors were only paying 15% income taxes on their earning, , the largest debt we have ever had, a massive loss of respect for government, justice and the loss of over 50 years of our countries improved racial acceptance – and to Hillary – that was just fine; easy to see why she lost the elections – in-spite of the massive amount of money she spent – GREAT TO SEE she could not even buy her way into the White House!
    We will all be better off when she is forgotten and the media networks can find something more interesting and correct to spend their time on!

  64. Lois Heater says

    This all goes back 20 years ago…when Clinton was President….and all after him…I voted for Bush and now I am sad to see he even knew about 9/11 before it happened…the crooked establishment sold us Americans out. I am glad President Trump is in now and yes DRAIN THE CESSPOOL, and prison time for our past crooks from DC! Vote conservative from now on…RINOS and Dems are 2 past parties! MAKE AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN!

  65. DAlnB41 says

    – “Clinton, her Russia narrative was now coming back to haunt her. ” – Not really; she would need a conscience in order to be haunted by her actions and activities; she does not! She is so tied to herself she does not know how far removed she is from reality and the truth about herself! She is mentally disturbed!

  66. Doris Will says

    Old saying: Be sure the Devil will find you out. Now the entire country can watch it happen. Before the election Hillary made a speech about Christians would have to change their beliefs and if need be, by force. I said God will not be mocked, I guess God showed her who’s boss.

  67. Ron C says

    Nonsense…the so called mainstream news media, isn’t the news media at all…they are propagandist’s for the democrat party, plain and simple! You talk about them as if they were authentic professional journalist’s, which they most certainly are NOT…period!

  68. David in MA says

    What would be pure gold is if Mueller and his democrat lawyers were to indict the Clinton’s, Obama’s and a few more democrats, but, I guess I had better stop dreaming…….

  69. ARTPSYCH says

    Hillary Clinton= the gift that keeps on giving—but only back to her

  70. Bob C says

    Gingrich! Is the Clown Prince of Stupid still around? He’s cheated on as many wives as the Orange Moron. Maybe that’s why the “right wing Christians love the Chumpster so much!!!

  71. Bonita Beach Babe says

    Its about damn time. Donna Bazile is the first to jump ship and I think many more do not want to take the fall for her. She belongs in jail.

  72. Bill Brown says

    It seems we, in America, had our own Arab spring in our back yard. Glad its over! We gotta start pulling weeds out, now. Send that New York terrorist family back to their country.

  73. William L. Ramsburg says


  74. Henry Gregg Nash says

    That woman is so evil, Nothing phases her!

  75. Bob C says

    Gingrich!! Would someone please flush that gigantic turd down the toilet where he belongs!!!

  76. A-Jay says
  77. johnz says

    Politicians and nominees like the Clinton’s with the protection of the deep state swamp dwellers, work the urban beer halls, newsrooms, PR companies and clubs in major cities to dissimulate there disinformation and recruit little people to promote and help with the deception

  78. Matlonc says

    None of it matters if nobody does anything about it. If im trump i tell sessions that if he doesnt have full investigations under way by the time i get back from Asia HE’S GONE, PERIOD. The cat is way out of the bag and this story will NOT go away so the DOJ NEEDS TO DO THEIR DAMN JOB!

  79. WhiteFalcon says


    1. Retired says

      Hand them out like laundry on the National Mall .

  80. Ischgabibble says

    Seems like the buzzards are coming home to roost in the Clinton’s arena. Serves them right.

  81. rdells says

    Newt the Idiot is still around? Brain failure must not affect him.

  82. Discusted says

    We do not need any stinking trial … we all know she is guilty as hell … just put the Criminal Clinton B’tch in Prison for LIFE … no parole … no pardon … and no secret service protection … life means till DEAD !

  83. Aunt Nonnie S says

    Didn’t realize until I saw Judge Jeanine last night that the Uranium we are importing is earmarked for medicinal purposes. That makes what Hillary and Barak did even more unacceptable. And, is it true that we can’t produce are own because of some Treaty? Lets cancel that idiocy immediately after we put H and her deep state friends in jail!!

  84. xeriscapelady says

    I pray to GOD daily to help TRUMP end this evil in America. Hillary, Obama,Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, Rice, Schultz, etc. etc. etc. need to ALL be ion prison. I think GITMO is the place for them ALL after they are found guilty. Then America can get down to being sane again like the founders have intended. GOD bless Trump for being willing to take them on and make America GREAT again.

  85. says

    Lock her up and prosecute her for treason.

    1. ARTPSYCH says

      If she isn’t dealt with by our own laws; then this cabal of Leftists will continue to usurp laws and cripple our system further. It’s no different than a bad kid in the family who wreaks havoc on its system thus creating more issues a normal family has to continually deal with. From sex crimes to bribes and money laundering..i’m sure there are plenty of both parties that have been hidden for years.

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