Girl Scouts Invite Boys to Join


The LGBT movement has scored another victory. This week, the Girl Scouts of America changed their policies on membership, opening the door for transgender children to join their ranks. “If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe,” the association wrote on their official website.

The move has already drawn criticism from conservative groups such as Concerned Women for America. “Just one more slap in the face to Christian parents,” said Penny Nance of that organization. The American Family Association concurred, warning that GSA leaders were “losing their moral compass.”

But this is about much more than morality. The left’s encroachment on traditional values is causing once-reputable institutions to abandon common sense. One can only imagine how this will affect Girl Scouts membership rolls. What kind of father would let his daughter join a group that has this kind of policy in place? Liberals love this kind of nonsense, but normal Americans are not on board. It may be fine for someone like Bruce Jenner to walk around in a dress and call himself a woman, but it’s quite another thing for a middle schooler to do the same.

Speaking of parents, who are these people that feed into the gender delusions of their children? No one gets a step-by-step handbook when they have a child, but surely you don’t need an instruction book to tell you that when your little boy tells you he’s a girl, there’s something wrong. And the fix is probably not to buy him a closetful of skirts and enroll him in the Girl Scouts. If these children insisted they were pigs, would these permissive parents build them a pen in the backyard?

Americans who approve of this sort of thing are going to soon realize that all of those backwards, evil, patriarchal traditions are about more than God and religion. They are about creating a society with a strong foundation, reducing crime, promoting mental and physical health, and giving meaning to life. By replacing societal standards with modern-day liberalism, we are essentially claiming that in a time span of 50 years or so, we have outgrown the collected wisdom of the last 2,000 years. Does that seem likely? Are humans so much smarter in 2015 that we can scoff at earlier generations as if they were little more than talking apes?

To be sure, we’ve come a long way in the last 50 years. But we cannot confuse technological advancement with intellectual evolution. Societies progress and things change, but there is a distinct difference between progress that comes from gradual enlightenment and progress that comes from the top down. Not everything that seems “exclusionary” or “intolerant” is as backwards as the left would like us to believe.

  1. 1American1st says

    Liberals = the downfall of American families

    1. bobwhite says

      Hello 1American1st. I believe Liberals to be the downfall of everything they get
      their perverted hands on. They screw up everything they come in contact with.
      There is no such thing as a Liberal success story.

      1. 1American1st says

        Agree, bobwhite, from Ferguson to the WH, total destruction.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Slowly, but surely, WE THE PEOPLE have handed our blessed country to these perverted bastards like a waitress at Olive Garden hands you your bread sticks. I’m sooo glad I’m as old as I am. The younger generation will be tortured for years, thanks to the TIC….

        1. Chris S. says

          you’re sort of right about the country .. but what’s this TIC business ???? 😕

  2. Dravak says

    Gays in boy scouts. Transgender in girl scouts. Sodomites winning out in favor of people with Christian, moral values.

    And you wonder why parts of the country are being flooded while other parts are in the middle of the worst droughts in history. When you dishonor God, He answers in kind.

    1. Nastasyana says

      Do you think god has changed the climate to fix all of you earth polluters. Mostly conservative Christians are in the midwest.

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        And most idiotic liberals are everywhere. God help us!

      2. Edward J Baker says

        Be a man, or whatever your self-worship allows you to be, and don’t indulge the gratuitous vile insult to those you love to hate by refusing to capitalize God.

    2. Chris S. says

      a little odd yes… but what does ancient legend have to do with any of this ??? 😕

  3. generaK says


    1. Chris S. says

      weirder than i’ve seen in a while…

  4. Combat Veteran Seabee says

    Hey people! If you have “XX,” genes, you are a girl, if you have “XY,” genes, you are a boy, and nothing is going to change that. Putting this name, transgender, is like putting lipstick on a pig, you still have a PIG!

    1. MARYSWEET says

      I completely agree with you and think this is the dumbest and most dangerous thing the Girl Scouts can do. Why are a very small miniorty changing all the rules. This is going to end up being such a disaster and put young girls in a dangerous situation they don’t need. I hope all the parents out there refuse to let their daughters join the Girl Scouts from now on and keep them safe.

      1. catman says

        Just wait until Harry “raging” Hormones joins a troop of Girl Scouts…….Bet the pregnancy rates go up and up…

        1. MARYSWEET says

          You got that right. Where are the parents?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Watching American Idol, where else?

          2. MARYSWEET says

            Good thing that’s ending. But they’ll find something else to do other than parenting.

      2. Nastasyana says

        What is unsafe about playing with someone who is transgender, especially at the girls scouting age? Studies have shown that more young girls are molested by heterosexual fathers and relatives than by homosexuals or transgender people.

        1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

          Site your PROOF! It’s still lipstick on a pig!

        2. BoBo Blood says

          You must be one of them there transperverts……….

        3. Mark Clemens says

          NEWS FLASH:
          At Scouting ages (7-18) young boys, and girls get horney. Maybe a 12 year old might talk a 12 year old girl into having sex during a camp out. I think most children Scouting age, have not established a sexual preference.
          Why didn’t they do this in the 1950’s? I would of much rather camped w/girls than boys……..

        4. MARYSWEET says

          Do you want to take the chance that even one girl scout might be molested. I sure don’t and I think it’s a very bad thing. Have you never heard of young kids that age playing “doctor”. Guess where that can lead.

        5. Edward J Baker says

          Not as a percentage. The vast manjority of heterosexuals are not inclined towards mindless self-gratification, unlike homosexuals who are.

      3. BryGuy says

        Almost as dumb as the Boy Scouts being forced to allow gay scoutmasters. However, boys would likely have no difficulty with girls in their tents during a camping trip. Not sure the girls (or their parents) would feel the same.

        1. MARYSWEET says

          I agree with you. It’s the liberals trying to change everyone to their way of thinking. It won’t work with me cause I think their ideas are counter productive and actually very destructive.

    2. Nastasyana says

      Actually, it’s more than that. They have found “males” with XXY chromosomes and other differences from what was initially thought about sex assignment.

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        And again, where is your proof?

        1. Nastasyana says

          Intersex Society of North America –

          A lot of unintended harm happens when people assume a Y chromosome
          makes a person a boy or a man and the lack of a Y chromosome makes a
          person a girl or a woman. For example, one physician educator on our Medical Advisory Board
          had the challenging experience of trying to calm a 23-year-old patient
          who had just been told by a resident that she was “really a man” because
          the resident had diagnosed the patient as having a Y chromosome and
          complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS).

          It is true that in typical male development, the SRY gene on the tip of the Y chromosome helps to send the embryo down the masculine pathway. But more than the SRY is needed for sex determination and differentiation; for example, women with CAIS have the SRY gene but lack androgen receptors. In terms of hormone effects on their bodies (including their brains), women with CAIS have had much less “masculinization” than the average 46,XX woman because their cells do not respond to androgens.

          Moreover, the SRY gene can be translocated
          onto an X chromosome (so that a 46,XX person may develop along a typical
          masculine pathway), and there are dozens of genes on chromosomes other
          than the X and the Y that contribute to sexual differentiation. And
          beyond the genes, a person’s sex development can be significantly
          influenced by environmental factors (including the maternal uterine
          environment in which the fetus developed).

          So it is simply incorrect to think that you can tell a person’s sex just looking at whether he or she has a Y chromosome.

          1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

            Are they the Genetic/Medical community? I fear not, just an agenda pushing LGBT front! Show me their credentials as geneticist and MD’S. Bet you can’t!!

          2. Nastasyana says

            Why don’t you look them up?

          3. Combat Veteran Seabee says

            Are you a “Genetisist?”

          4. Nastasyana says

            “Geneticist”. No, I am not. However, I do research facts before i say them. The university where i teach has a course on LGBT that helps us understand that community and who they are and how they want to be treated.

          5. Tex Dyess says

            Well that explains your philosophy. You are an “ENLIGHTENED EDUCATED COLLEGE PROFESSOR”. A professional indoctrination propagandist employed by the private sector financed by a combination of both private and public funding. You and your kind are the problem and not the solution.

          6. Lifeofthedamned Bikers says

            this person is only interested in a liberal agenda. Argue is all that can be accomplished. She won’t change her views because right and wrong have no meaning to liberals. They are only concerned with forcing people into accepting their views. You know, the new “tolerance.”

          7. Tex Dyess says

            You just described a Birth Defect. This is not typical and is a rare occurrence. There are also millions born with down syndrome, or with missing brain hemispheres in their brains. What you are promoting is a dire cultural change based on a few distinct differences found in only some individuals. There may be nothing wrong with being a tomboy or a boy playing with dolls, but the vast majority do not conform to this type of behavior. Organizations should not risk safety for the sake of political correctness and that is EXACTLY what they GS are doing.

          8. Nastasyana says

            “but the vast majority do not conform to this type of behavior. ” The tyranny of the majority! So what do we do with these “birth defects”? Isolate them, kill them, put them in institutions? They are no more perverts that the heterosexuals who molest. Why should hey not be allowed into the mainstream? “There are also millions born with down syndrome” What do we do with them. Do we sterilize them, put them in institutions? We are all human beings with all of our defects and no one has the right to force others to conform to the majority. If we did, how would our Mozarts and Dekoonings and Einsteins emerge?

          9. Tex Dyess says

            News Flash! HETEROSEXUALS WHO MOLEST ARE INSTITUTIONALIZED! It’s called jail! Society, I.E. the moral majority, say Molestation is BAD!! Therefore we lock up the sick individuals that commit these offences when they are caught! We encourage people to come forward when molestation occurs. The latest example of society punishing someone for molesting is the Duggar family from that TLC show “19 Kids and Counting”. Also look at Bill Cosby. Society doesnt tolerate that type of behavior from anyone. Now that we have established that, lets talk about those born with down syndrome and other birth defects and handycaps. Society, I.E. the majority, do institutionalize those with handycaps and defects more for their own safety and well being than that of society. Some parents choose to institutionalize their special needs kids so they can receive the proper care they need and to relieve the burden placed on them by the handycap. Other parents choose to keep their kids at home and bare all of the responsibility of caring for these individuals. As a whole, our society makes special room for these individuals. Handycap parking spaces, wheel chairs and ramps, and home caregivers even volunteer time and money to help some of these whom are more mentally capable than others to live independently on their own. So society, I.E. the majority, do conform to help special needs people. Some individuals, whom are prochoice by the way, when they find out their kid will be born with a defect or handycap sometimes choose to abort rather than have the child face the rigors of what is to come based on those handycaps. They also sometimes abort because of the extreme burden placed on the parent or mother. I am sure you are pro choice so you can understand that one. However the VAST MAJORITY would never abort their baby no matter what. It is the progressive that wants abortion. Abortion allows for the killing of unborn kids with birth defects.if a mother wants. Abortion was pushed by a vocal minority. There are some things, no matter how much you may want to make it possible, that some special needs people just can not do no matter how hard you try to conform for their comfort or happiness. People with penis’s are male. People with vaginas are female. Just because a select few wish to blur the lines and allow an 8 year old with a penis to share a tent with a 10 year old with a vagina cuz the boy says he’s a girl, doesn’t mean that society as a whole should conform. My kids have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way all the time. Life is full of disappointments. And there is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between a child born with a high IQ and one born with a penis that thinks he is a girl. So do not compare someone with obvious mental issues like Bruce Jenner to Einstein. “We are all human beings with all of our defects and no one has the right to force others to conform to the majority.” Well the same goes for the minority. We are all human beings with all of our defects and no one has the right to force others to conform to the minority either. Which is EXACTLY what you are doing. You and your kind want to change society. If you became the majority would you attempt to silence the minority that wanted Boy Scouts for Boys, Girl Scouts for girls, Men and Women to be parents and only marry each other, still practice religious principals, and believe that the individual is responsible for only themselves and not for others (I.E. welfare)? Probably not. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowing transgenders into the Girl Scouts.

          10. Nastasyana says

            No, not until they are discovered. It is not presumed ahead of the act. Witness Josh Duggan.

          11. IMJSBNME says

            The next group to start demanding their rights is the pedophiles… another sick group of people…

    3. Trisha55 says

      When I was a little girl I didn’t like to wear dresses and wasn’t particularly interested in dolls. I liked jeans and cars and hot rods. I played with Lincoln logs and erector sets. That did not make me confused about being a female. In the 1950s it did make me a tomboy. I still like power tools better than kitchen utensils. I still am able to remember I’m a female. If adults would stop confusing these children and let them grow up, they would find out that males like to cook and sew and females like to build things. It doesn’t change their sex.

  5. Tex Irvin says

    only true libtard morons would do this

  6. clyde says

    Would have girl scouts have been in existence if they started this way? The only way to stop this is to be the parent and make real girls quit, don’t allow them to be part of it.

    1. Jarhead says

      And stop buying those cookies……maybe they will wake up??

      1. Chris S. says


  7. Jarhead says

    When does name of organization change to QUEER GIRL SCOUTS?

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Jarhead… The letters GSA aptly fit, don’t you think?? GAY SCOUTS of AMERICA ??? ROFLMFAO

      1. Chris S. says

        what happened to GLA aka Algerian Liberation Army ????

    2. Chris S. says

      i have no idea???

  8. Bob Markle says

    Boy dressed as a girl? Well what happens when they go camping or sleep over. And his male swells up? What is it party time with all these girls. He may change his mind on what he likes. So I really think this is absolute nonsense. Children and the parents are out of there minds should have no recognition until age of at least 16 years of age. Until then you are the sex that’s in your pants! As far as gays I Dont care what you do as long as I Dont have to see it in public. What you do in your home is not my business. Enough said

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      You’re so right Bob. Once they have a sleep over and the girls are all running around in their undies, that little transgender’s hormones are gonna be screaming, “oops, this ain’t a gonna work !” ROFLMAO

    2. Chris S. says

      i’d have to say .. you’re part right..about the what you do at home isn’t my business…but what’s with the out of their minds stuff…

    3. Mark Clemens says

      This is going to backfire on the LGBT Community. Some homos have no idea how powerful good old fashioned hoochie is. I’ve seen women make men do the damnedest stuff, on the promise of sex afterwards………..

  9. jim says

    Obama is transgender , but if his Muslim brothers found out they would waste him like they do.

    1. azsequaya says

      You`ve got to be talking about Michael Robinson Oblamo (I mean O bam me,, I mean Obama)

      1. Nastasyana says

        You must want to date her.

        1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

          Go away TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your comments are both baseless and useless!

    2. headonstraight says

      Ah, yes, a note of irremediable nonsense comes winging in from the deranged wacko sector!

    3. Nastasyana says

      Obama is not transgender. Perhaps you wish that he were so that you could date him.

      1. jim says

        Yes he is, ask michelle

      2. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        You are right, he is NOT a transgender, Michael is and he’s an idiot plant!

    4. Chris S. says


  10. oaking says

    Funny, Years ago the Boy Scouts of America was willing to open the doors to girls (merge with the Girl Scouts) leaving the charter organization to have 2 troops (one boys, one girls) or a mixed troop with segregated patrols. It was rejected by the cookie selling organization.

    1. cal3301 says

      I was a Scouting Commissioner for the BSA quite a few years ago and I know of no such plan to combine them. I was involved in Scouting itself, from 1989- 2006. Are you sure you are not thinking of the Explorer Scouts that is for teens 14-18 years of age in the UK and contains both boys and girls?

      1. oaking says

        If I remember correctly is was early 80’s (or earlier as I heard about it from a commissioner who was involved with the proposal), and it was rejected so forcefully by the Girl Scouts. It was just a suggestion to see if it would be well received.

        1. cal3301 says

          The only change in the early 1980’s was the design of the BSA uniform by Oscar de la Renta and the start of Tiger Cubs in 1982, for the Cub Scouts. In 1984, the Webelos were offered to wear a Boy Scout uniform, instead of the Cub. After your first post, I contacted a Scouter that had over 60 years and he stated you were wrong about them ever trying to combine GSA and BSA in the USA. He reminded me that there was the Venture/Varsity Scouting program in 1989 for boys 14-17 to improve their leadership skills, that did allow girls to participate in team and crew activities. It was later quietly dropped as it was deemed to strenuous for girls and that whole program was later dropped in 1996.

          1. oaking says

            It was a proposal only (perhaps a letter of interest), it never went forward as there was no interest (less than 0) from the Girls Scouts at the time.
            I was in the Seattle area in 1988 or so, when I heard about it from someone who was there.
            Yes, Venture was opened to girls,

          2. cal3301 says

            First off, the BSA cannot go off on their own in each individual state, they have a Federal Charter. Secondly, you gave the statement on it as it being common knowledge for to everyone to have known it to occur. Which now appears it wasn’t. Lastly, when I tried to correct you on it, it has dropped suddenly to become a proposal, a letter of interest, in the Seattle area in 1988, that was shown to have no interest by the GSA, who prior, forcefully rejected it. The GSA, also have a Federal Charter.
            When making a statement like yours, make sure you express that it was an idea that may or may not have materialized, so one does not misconstrue it as being a prefabrication of the truth, to enhance oneself. Scouting is a good choice for children and young adults, when their leaders and adults, are honest with them.
            The Varsity Scouting program was only open to girls for about the first year and half or so, of it’s existence. It was met with parental uproar and the girls were quietly dropped out. The program also started to interfere with normal BSA programs and awards and that is why it was totally dropped in 1996..

          3. oaking says

            Well – I did not know that it wasn’t common knowledge, it seemed to be among the woodbadge instructors, just rarely mentioned, and it is obvious that it never happened. As common knowledge, it would have been known as a possibility that was rejected.
            I know that it did not happen, it was rejected at the time, which was before my time, I started in 1986. (Cubmaster, Commissioner, Trainer, Staff, Assistant Scoutmaster)
            My activity was limited from 1998 until 2003 (just an assistant Scoutmaster) when I moved.
            Sorry to hear that Varsity closed to girls (or is it young women at that age?), I was not involved with the Varsity program.
            I know that the BSA has a federal charter and that each unit cannot go ‘do it’s own thing’

          4. cal3301 says

            Sir, my point is that you had made a generalized statement that you said was forcefully rejected by the GSA, of which, you are the only one that had knowledge of and that could not have happened as there are two Federal Charters involved.
            I start as a Tiger Cub Leader, Wolf Cub Leader, Bear Cub Leader, Webelos Leader(2yrs), Pack Chairman, Passed Scout Master Fundamentals and Training, Scout Master, Earned the BSA outstanding Scouter Award, and as Commissioner, earned the Commissioner Key and Arrowhead. I went from teaching the boys to teaching the adults to be better leaders at the monthly Round-tables and the Yearly PowWows. Reminding them that scouting is for the kids, not them.
            The Venture/Varsity program was a leadership program, but to me it appeared that they were also trying to achieve something similar to the Adventures Program in the UK. The UK program was basically a way to keep 14-17 year olds(boys and girls) out of trouble and involved in the world which is something we could use now for kids. Many Liberal schools now are making it harder for scout troops that are associated with them.

          5. Nastasyana says

            I guess he told you!

          6. Nastasyana says

            You certainly told him!

          7. Nastasyana says

            Yes, the same women who wanted to keep Female only colleges did not want to girls to feel that they had to compete with boys in learning or social situations.

  11. MAHB001 says

    In the book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen 1958, there is a list of 45 agenda items that the Soviet Union has been following to set up a socialist state in the United States.

    16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

    Liberals have accomplished another agenda item.

    1. Nastasyana says

      yeah!~ yeah! We’ve heard about him..another wingnut!

      The constitutional scholar Jack Rakove, of Stanford University,
      inspected Skousen’s books and seminars and pronounced them “a joke that
      no self-respecting scholar would think is worth a warm pitcher of
      A 1971 review in the Mormon journal Dialoguealso accused Skousen of “inventing fantastic ideas and making inferences that go far beyond the bounds of honest commentary,” and also
      of promoting concepts that were “perilously close” to Nazism.

      Moreover, in 1979 after Skousen described President Jimmy Carter as beholden to the Council on Foreign Relations and the wealthy and influential Rockefeller family,the then-president of the LDS church issued an order prohibiting announcements about Skousen’s groups from official LDS meetings or publications.

      1. Chris S. says

        i’m not sure i know the Mormon journal Dialog … or the Rockefeller connection but yes Carter was beholden to the Council on Foreign Relations…. as are most of the NWO people … but then again they used the CIA to kill Kennedy for threatening to expose them for what they are .. one world government neo-Communists …

      2. MAHB001 says

        What is it like to always hide and deny your work?

        You know that the only way that list could be completed is by hiding in the dark and fooling the general public.

        I believe you have been there from the start… Just wondering how proud you are of your efforts….

    2. Chris S. says

      no idea??

  12. Richard Nicoletti says

    What else are we going to do to turn the male population into creatures light in the loafers? Pathetic.

  13. junkmailbin says

    it is a real perverted day when the lesbians running the girl scouts allows males in their happy munching ground.
    There is man, woman, and perv. Pervs cannot reproduce

    1. Nastasyana says

      Of course they can. Most molesters of children (perverts) are white heterosexual males.

      1. cal3301 says

        Not true, and you know that. Look at the percentages in our prison systems. Then again, look at the child sex trade in the Muslim communities, in the Middle East, and Africa, and Europe. Let us also include Mexican sex trade.

        “Oct 29, 2014 … UK Child Sex Trafficking Trial: Nine Muslim men guilty of exploiting non-Muslim … Another Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Gang Busted in the UK.”
        “A measure of Islamic fundamentalists’ success in controlling society is the depth and totality with which they suppress the freedom and rights of women. In Iran for 25 years, the ruling mullahs have enforced humiliating and sadistic rules and punishments on women and girls, enslaving them in a gender apartheid system of segregation, forced veiling, second-class status, lashing, and stoning to death.

        Joining a global trend, the fundamentalists have added another way to dehumanize women and girls: buying and selling them for prostitution. Exact numbers of victims are impossible to obtain, but according to an official source in Tehran, there has been a 635 percent increase in the number of teenage girls in prostitution. The magnitude of this statistic conveys how rapidly this form of abuse has grown. In Tehran, there are an estimated 84,000 women and girls in prostitution, many of them are on the streets, others are in the 250 brothels that reportedly operate in the city. The trade is also international: thousands of Iranian women and girls have been sold into sexual slavery abroad.
        The head of Iran’s Interpol bureau believes that the sex slave trade is one of the most profitable activities in Iran today. This criminal trade is not conducted outside the knowledge and participation of the ruling fundamentalists. Government officials themselves are involved in buying, selling, and sexually abusing women and girls.
        Many of the girls come from impoverished rural areas. Drug addiction is epidemic throughout Iran, and some addicted parents sell their children to support their habits. High unemployment – 28 percent for youth 15-29 years of age and 43 percent for women 15-20 years of age ‑ is a serious factor in driving restless youth to accept risky offers for work. Slave traders take advantage of any opportunity in which women and children are vulnerable. For example, following the recent earthquake in Bam, orphaned girls have been kidnapped and taken to a known slave market in Tehran where Iranian and foreign traders meet.
        Popular destinations for victims of the slave trade are the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. According to the head of the Tehran province judiciary, traffickers target girls between 13 and 17, although there are reports of some girls as young as 8 and 10, to send to Arab countries. One ring was discovered after an 18 year-old girl escaped from a basement where a group of girls were held before being sent to Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The number of Iranian women and girls who are deported from Persian Gulf countries indicates the magnitude of the trade. Upon their return to Iran, the Islamic fundamentalists blame the victims, and often physically punish and imprison them. The women are examined to determine if they have engaged in “immoral activity.” Based on the findings, officials can ban them from leaving the country again.”

        The worst thing is, it goes on, and on with them. No child is safe.

        1. Nastasyana says

          Cite your source for this article, please.

          1. cal3301 says


          2. Combat Veteran Seabee says

            Why? You don’t site yours! Do your own damn research lazy azz liberal fool!

      2. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Actually, by FBI Records, they are gay people!

  14. al says

    Who cares the girl scout organization has been corrupt for many years. I would never allow my daughter’s to join such a corrupt group.

    1. Nastasyana says


      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Now you are the spelling police?

        1. Nastasyana says

          Sorry! I majored in English language and literature. Even my daughter calls me the grammar nazi. I just love our English language. I love diagramming sentences. I try to overlook but sometimes I just can’t.

  15. Victor Archuleta says

    Scouting organizations are a good idea, and ideas aren’t copyrighted. So why not develop God-centered scouting organizations, such as the Royal Rangers are God centered? Fussing about what non-believers do is harmful to our spiritual health. Serving God in projects that bring children closer to the Lord’s Reality is not only beneficial. it’s a command.

    I know it’s difficult – I sometimes stumble, too, but Scripture tells us we are right to judge people claiming faith because we need to protect ourselves from hypocrites. However, we are to leave the unbelievers to God, because He is judging them (I Corinthians 5:11-13).

    1. Nastasyana says

      Just like Allah! You infidels!

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Alah, and mohammad, the pedophile! Get a grip Troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Victor Archuleta says

        Nastasyana, do you have unbreakable rules established for your household? How do you deal with a rule breaker? Do you have rules governing the use of your property? How do you deal with a trespasser who takes your lawn mower because he decided yours lawn mower is better than his?

        America is much like a household, founded with the faith and belief that God ordained national household for His children. The house rules, and the pattern of behavior expected from His children, are contained in the Book of ethics and morals He provided – the Bible.

        Obviously, my post was not intended for you. If you have not accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, you have no ability to understand my message. I was writing to believers in God about the believer’s responsibility.

        1. Nastasyana says

          No I don’t believe in your religion and that’s why I am an american. I allow you to believe in yours and i believe in mine. I run my household the way I want to and you run yours. You read your book of ethics and morals and I’ll read mine. And we can have different ideas and still show respect to each other.

    2. cal3301 says

      Boy Scouts were God oriented and to a point still are. Each Faith has a Religious Emblem and requirements, that the boys can earn. Many Packs and Troops are associated with different Churches. We have them associate with Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Protestant Churches in our council.

      1. Victor Archuleta says

        Thanks for responding. I was writing in answer to the posts expressing alarm. My concern extends to parents who are alarmed by the education system – and my comments to them recommended organizing groups of parents to conduct home schools in the unused church buildings. The object of my comments was to assure that the organization could not be subjected to government interference.

        1. cal3301 says

          Anything like the Scouts or even forming a school, would be deemed not-for-profit and would require a tax exempt status and a charter so there would be government involvement, no matter what. Both the GSA and the BSA are Federally Chartered. That is why the government buts in, but the BSA fought them off for awhile.
          The one thing that does get me mad is the fact that many GSA leaders us their troops tax exempt numbers for the purchase of their supplies and other things where the BSA troop leaders do not. The BSA groups that I know, only uses their tax number for filing purposes.

          1. Victor Archuleta says

            Thanks for your comment, ca. I didn’t go into the same detail that I’ve posted before – but my original thought was based on the avoidance of anything to do with the IRS. My idea calls for sacrifice of time and money, and requires the participation of believers who want to protect their children’s minds to resist government interference. I also discussed the need for the advice of Christian lawyers.

          2. cal3301 says

            I know what you are saying. Just be on the look out for busy body people who love to squeal to the government. Cross your T’s and dot your i’s. Good Luck.

          3. Victor Archuleta says

            Thank you for your concern. My family is aware of my dedication, my depth of obedience to God. I am guided by those who mentored me, particularly Rev. Charles Finney , who said: “When sinners are careless and stupid, and sinking into hell unconcerned, it is time the church should bestir themselves. It is as much the duty of the church to awake, as it is for the firemen to awake when a fire breaks out in the night in a great city.” I hold up his torch, so his words can be seen. We all understand that the fireman, committed to duty, risks his lives – and sometimes loses it in service to others.

  16. Michael Dennewitz says

    annnnnnnddd…. THERE WENT THE NEIGHBORHOOD, EH?? So glad my kids are grown. At least, when they stuck their hands in somebody’s pants, they didn’t get their minds blown. Nowadays……..HA!!

  17. b.badenoff says

    Says a lot about who’s running the girl scouts. Gotta imagine that a lot of parents are going to think twice before enrolling their daughters in the fruit cake club.

  18. Jim says

    And They Will Continue To Gut This Nation Any Way They Can As Long As They See No Opposition

  19. Philip Allen says

    I would suggest that all parents that have a girl in girl scouts to take them out of the girl scouts. What are you going to do when a boy says he is a girl (transgender) and joins the girl scouts then some of these girls end up being molested, raped, sodomized, etc. by this so called girl that is suppose to be transgender. Kds are smart today… so what if a boy decided to say he was transgender when he is really not but knew he could be around the girls in the restroom and when showering etc just for the sexual arousement are seeing girls nude. Young boys in puberty don’t care so much about right and wrong but about feelings, if it feels good do it. That why children can’t consent to sex with adults and why their are laws on the books for such unlawful actions. So now we are going put different sex children together just because one of the children says they are transgender and expect at their age while in puberty that they won’t have sex, this is absurd. What happened when parents were smarter than their children, when parents knew what was best for their child or children? Now we are letting the child or children what is best for themselves. We have some very dumb leaders and parents if they think children know better than their child or children. The smart parents won’t leave their girls enrolled in the Girl Scouts for their girls to possible be harmed by anyone passing themselves off to be transgender. It’s different when your an adult then you realize their are bad people in this world that could harm you etc. When your a minor it’s a whole different ball game. Don’t leave your minor alone or otherwise with these perverts…you’ll regret in the long run!

  20. nonstopca says

    Would YOU let YOUR little “Girl scout” spend weekend in a tent, with a “girl” who just happened to have few extra parts?

  21. Tracy Jones says


    1. Chris S. says

      you’re right mrs. Jones but i honestly don’t think screaming like a crazy person is going help anything….

  22. wright2665 says

    … trans genders should establish a new club – the “other” scouts … sexual identification – impossible … mission to confuse and obliterate moral and Christian tradition … their motto could be – boys or girls – what fun! An “other” would be: untrustworthy, disloyal, unhelpful, mean, discourteous, disobedient, a spend thrift and cowardly. Instead of planting trees they could go about loudly proclaiming that Christians and moralists are causing global warming and harming the forests. Wildlife management would be an exercise in which they could protest against anyone who had a home with a tree or trees in the yard … the logic being that if the home wasn’t there wildlife could occupy the space. Merit badges would be earned based upon the number of lawsuits they and their parents could initiate against all heterosexuals for general discrimination against the gay and trans gender communities … just by being alive and breathing the air. Basic classes on morality, Christian tradition and being a good neighbor to others could be replaced by classes of, by and for alternative lifestyles. This makes more sense than the girl scouts inviting in seriously mixed up young boys with sexual identity crises! Just think, the parents of the trans genders could then sue the girl scouts if they didn’t install urinals in the “girls” bathrooms! This could definitely be a learning experience for the “young” girls!

  23. headonstraight says

    The Girl Scouts of America is a severely flawed organization and one that is utterly unsuited to trust our children with. Read about the weirdo who was for a long time the principal national spokesperson for the GS on transgender and related matters until he went too far for even the GS::…ith-the-girl-scouts/…omo-punk-videos.html

  24. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    The whacky politically correct left never surprises me. Just when we think that we’ve seen it all, the mentally ill create this twisted version of the Girl Scouts.

  25. Edward J Baker says

    HMMM. Just a guess. Are there a lot of perfectly straight teenage males pretending to be “transgender” so they can get into girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms? I suspect so.

    1. Nastasyana says

      Sounds like you are projecting your own secret agenda.

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Just the truth of what will be happening!

      2. Edward J Baker says

        Independent of “sounds,” you are projecting unfounded assumptions, which is what progressives do as an alternative to exercising critical intelligence, let alone allow themselves to consider the consequences of whatever insanity they embrace in order to prove their superior sense of enlightenment to themselves.

    2. Chris S. says

      could be.. but that’s like almost X-Files stuff …

  26. Tuco Carrera says

    So when a 11 Y.O BOY who thinks he’s a girl Decides to Molest , Fondle or Rape a fellow Girl Scout , would that make the GSA Liable for the Mental n Emotional Damage the Child will have to live a lifetime with !

    1. Nastasyana says

      I would imagine just as they would do if any girl were molested by and other person. And she would have the same mental and emotional damage no matter who molested her.

      1. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Why perpetuate the situation?

        1. Chris S. says

          “the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing a hundred times and expecting a different result every time” and btw i might have gotten where that came from .. but i think it was Einstein :

  27. Tuco Carrera says

    The Filth just gets Filthier and the Sick , SICKER ! I Stopped Supporting Both the Girl n Boy Scouts after their Foray into Filth with the Homosexuals ! – Former Eagle Scout ! Read the BSA OATH , nothing about Homosexuals in it !

  28. Tuco Carrera says

    Well I guess with a Bi-Sexual Buffoon like OBUMMER in Charge this type of Perverted Filth could be expected , On Wednesday the Homosexuals demanded that Restrictions be DROPPED on them being Allowed to DONATE BLOOD into the Nations Blood Supply ! Who wants to take that chance, go ahead ,Step Up don’t be shy go get that Homosexual Blood Transfusion !

    1. Nastasyana says

      Right. It’s Obama’s fault.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’m not disputing you, but if thats true, thats really passed FUBR. …..,,,
      Might start keeping a pint or two around incase of emergency.

      1. SKULLTAKER says

        Seriously Mark, Google it, got NO reason to lie or exxagerate about something like this !

  29. Nastasyana says

    I am so proud of the Girl Scouts!

  30. Bob Thompson says

    the best thing to do is pull your daughters out of the girl scouts before they are ruined emotionally…please,do this

  31. Alleged Comment says

    There is only TWO sexes so which one DOES THE PERSON involved see themselves???? Does he/she have a penis or vagina? Never mind what the community or family see them.

  32. Trisha55 says

    The Christian roots for the organization have now been severed. No decent parent would allow their little girl to be exposed to a child that was never allowed to find out who they were before some adult convinced them they should be someone else. Now that child will confuse other children and have them doubting their gender identities. No way my child would be exposed to that conversation.

  33. raziel71 says

    Somebody is confusing their “trans fats” in the girl scout cookies with the “trans gender” ( no such thing exists) of the leftard agenda. The leftards are a sick and ill bunch of people. Good opportunity now for other Christian movements to start their own girl scouts programs.

  34. wapitihunter says

    Turn the girl scouts over to Isis. They are beyond hope and help.

  35. BoBo Blood says

    How perverted does a country have to become before It Implodes……………

  36. Alleged Comment says

    I’m afraid we can’t call it Girl Scouts anymore. To tell you the truth I don’t know what to call it anymore.

  37. Mark Clemens says

    Little Johnny joins the girl scouts. At midnight during a camp out, Little Sally shows up in Johnny’s tent. One thing leads to another, both kids end up naked. Little Sally asks Little Johnny if she can play w/his ding-a-ling.
    Johnny replies” Hell no!! You already pulled yours off!!!!!!!!
    True Story………..Far as you know

  38. Tim says

    Welcome to the Un-United States of filth, This country has been doomed from the start, When these screwball Libs took offices it was just a matter of time before this once great nation was turned into a cesspool. So what’s next a person will be able to marry and have sex with their animals because they say they have a right too? This country will never be normal again, And god will not help because he gave up on this country long ago, Come on Comet.

  39. A Crying Shame says

    Will it still be called Girl Scouts? How many parents will like this? How many parents will like the bathrooms in the school becoming inhabited by the opposite sex biologically? There does not appear to be any among us in leadership who have basic common sense. JMHO.

  40. ChaplainPeter says

    The writing was on the wall when the girl scouts let planned parenthoods in. This is a last day demonic deception and there will be hell to pay.
    His servant, Peter

  41. markypolo says

    America is FULL of fcking Morons ( Democrats and Liberals)!!!

  42. Phoebe Isley says

    Worst mistake EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the old saying stay…”Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.” Why is it so hard to accept that we have different genes and we are DIFFERENT! Unbelievable…no matter how hard these boys try they will still be boys and the same with the girls. Nothing you can do about it and oh by they way…thanks to all the stupid parents who support their transgender kids…basically you are screaming from the mountain tops that they were a mistake. Yep when you go along with your child trying to change who they were born to be you are a piece of crap stating you made a mistake. What a bunch of idiots and we wonder why this country is going down in a hand basket. How could any parent out there admit having made a mistake in the birth of their child I will never know. Terrible terrible parents…so sad for the kids to have to be raised by parents which are mistakes themselves.

  43. curtmavi38 says

    Why not? The liberals have decided that there is no difference between boys and girls so it just stands to reason that it should be. Maybe we can call it scouts and stop all the nonsense about gender. Oh if only God could see the logic of this decision. Folks beware of what you start it will surely backfire on you. May God pity on us who think we know more than God. meh

  44. Philip Beck says

    If somebody believes that the emotional well-being of any boy that joins the girls will be improved, then they’re not thinking clearly. I expect a lot of people to fail to see the long term detrimental effects of this liberal anti-male ploy.

  45. ted j says

    how about the transgendered????

  46. picomanning says

    Maybe the girl scouts will next push the idea of the boys and girls wearing each others clothes?

  47. juan says

    And again, where is your proof?

  48. Jim says

    Those Girl Scouts have accepted lesbians for years, both as members and leaders. What would you expect?

  49. IMJSBNME says

    Happened before…. it was called the Hitler Youth… underage sex was promoted as being normal and when parents of pregnant teens complained of such they were told to mind their own business. We are about 1/2 step away from that now. Obaama is an agent provocateur who knows exactly what he is doing.

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