GOP Congressman: “Crazies” Have Taken Over Party


Friday’s shocking announcement from the Capitol brought boisterous cheers from grassroots conservatives everywhere. After four years of ineffective leadership, House Speaker John Boehner was stepping down. The man who mastered the art of lying down in just such a way that Obama’s steamroller went through with as little resistance as possible said he would be leaving at the end of October.

Now, it’s worth noting that Boehner is a good conservative and a good man. Anyone who questions his integrity or his commitment to principle is off the mark. The problem with Boehner came down to his incompetence. At a time when we needed a strong Republican in that position to combat a radical president, we got a politician who couldn’t tell the difference between a Bill Clinton and a Barack Obama. One, your everyday garden-variety Democrat. The other, a dangerous socialist willing to ignore the Constitution whenever convenient. Boehner acknowledged this president’s threat in front of a microphone, but his talk never turned into results.

What else do you do when someone isn’t getting the job done? Ask them to stay on another four years? Of course not. You show them the door, and to hell with whether or not they happen to be a nice guy.

But no, according to Rep. Peter King of New York, Boehner stepping down means that the Republican Party is out of control. “It signals that crazies have taken over the party,” King said. “This has never happened before in our country. Where a person doing a job, the Speaker of the house, was removed from office, by a small faction because they want these unreasonable demands that if you don’t agree with them you shut the government down. This is insanity.”

No, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And that’s exactly where we are today. These old-school Republicans are stuck in the past, unwilling to accept how drastically this country has been pulled to the left. Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz, meanwhile, aren’t afraid to face the facts. He’s labeled a “crazy” because he’s one of the few politicians willing to take the damn blindfold off.

This next year is going to be an interesting one. By December 2016, we will know whether or not it’s time to create a true third party to eventually destroy the current GOP. Because as it stands now, they serve almost no purpose. They are reviled by liberals and conservatives alike. If we put another milquetoast pushover in the House leadership and lose to Hillary with another uninspiring moderate, we may as well start from scratch.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….Boehner is a good conservative and a good man. Anyone who questions his integrity or his commitment to principle is off the mark…..” He is EXACTLY what the ruling class needs in this place !

    1. Andrea Latham says

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      1. canda says

        Get off this site! you’re a joke!

  2. MAHB001 says

    Correction King…

    The Republicans are taking back the party from the crazies…

    Take note good old boys network… Your time is up…

    1. donemyhomework says

      Everyone I know hates the bullsht that the Republicans let pass. Everyone I know likes the Democrats as much as they like the Republicans…not at all. They are all elected cowards. They all stand against the will of the people rather than for it.

      1. Gnowark says

        But you must admit, they make themselves richer, at our expense

        1. donemyhomework says


          1. Walter L. Hatfield says

            The Senate and House have had control now for long enough to pass legislation but they are of the opinion that , “go along to get along”. it’s time we start holding these politicians accountable.

          2. DaWorks says

            I thinnk that’s “Hey! GREED!”

          3. hangem'high says

            So what happened?

          4. donemyhomework says

            I agreed with Gnowark.

          5. hangem'high says

            I guess I should have said what happens now? Do we let God work it out, or do we let this bad movie continue to play, if we can’t pull the plug on the Obummer network?

          6. donemyhomework says

            How about organizing a series of grass roots networks for a start. I doubt if God is going to step in…it’s our problem, not his. I get the feeling that many people think Mr. Obamma is doing a good job. Shall we organize a poll on social media?

          7. hangem'high says

            Sure why not?
            My feeling, a cult following more than likely, of social progressives!

        2. David in MA says

          They were not elected to make themselves richer, they would not be richer if they did not exempt themselves from insider trading.

          1. hangem'high says

            Let alone spending and reallocating the social security money!

          2. David in MA says

            How does this make them rich?

          3. hangem'high says

            I hope I can explain it in a short paragraph; in a nut shell I believe it’s called laundering money this is how it works, say you’re a newly elected senator, or an old lifer getting ready to retire.
            The president see’s all this money setting in a fund, for chetts and giggles we’ll call it the Social Secretary fund for future retires of the United States.

            The president in passing sees it and asked the speaker: “Hey what about this great big humongous amount of money piled up on the treasury’s floor we keep passing, what’s going on with that?” The speaker replies it’s the social security money we can’t touch it unless we have a national emergency! The president thinks about it for a while brain storming, then says; Hey Mexico is about to go bankrupt I think it would be in in our national interest to bail them out?

            So to move the money from the US treasury to Mexico’s treasury, out comes his pen and an executive order is signed, under protests of “We the people!”. Now they claimed Mexico paid it back, I believe if they did it didn’t go back into the SS fund but distributed among other projects including privet bank accounts. just saying but what I do know at that time it made three of the richest men in the world and they all came out of Mexico, not bad for being on the brink of bankruptcy.

          4. David in MA says

            Are these three still in government and do you have names which can be verified?

        3. RobertNorwood says

          Of course, why else would one spend millions to end up in elected office.

        4. hangem'high says

          Who’ll miss a million here, and there, hell no one can even count to nineteen trillion!

      2. MAHB001 says

        That is exactly what I am saying. Socialists have infiltrated key positions within both parties. They lie to the Republicans with promises never kept. They lie to the Democrats taking advantage of liberals good intentions with covertly held socialist intentions.

        These people in elected office have become corrupt, on both sides of the isle. They push socialism/communism on us all while promising each side whatever they think will make them happy.

        Term limits for all of them, including the Supreme court.

        1. William Wilson says

          And every other elected or appointed person.

        2. Rev. Walking Turtle says

          “Term limits for all of them, including the Supreme court.”

          Pretty good idea all around! Been thinkin’ for many years on the Problem and the following additional notions just won’t quit:

          A) De-corporatize the entire structure, thus removing it from military Fascist rule and returning it to civilian jurisdiction as a full-fledged Republic. Concomitantly, abandon or downgrade Statute Law and return to a Common Law-based model of social probity all up and down the Line. Start recognizing in open court that the rules of Commerce (ie “statutes”) do NOT apply to free human beings , such as ourselves, with arms and legs and living their lives on the land.

          B) Start at least considering and debating the desirability of at least some of our Public Servants being drawn directly from our midst by means of Jury Selection. Take the mammon right out of the equation AND everyone gets a fair shot at the (decently-paid) job, for once. (House of Representatives seems a fair spot fopr a decent go at that, hm?)

          Might need a Constitutional mod to implement B), agreed. But (get this!) The seeds of A) are already planted in West Virginia; holds the public record.

          As to outcomes, in light of the present catastrophic state of affairs: Let the debate begin!

          Just sayin’. ‘Cause this Old Turtle has had enuf top-down BS for several l-o-n-g lifetimes by now and ain’t takin’ it in silence any more, is why. Your turn! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

    2. supergun says

      Good comment. peter king is the crazy.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        I guess the liberals I have dueled with were right after all. But of course, the view from inside the liberal madhouse has all conservatives as crazies so for King it is no great distinction.

  3. Chuck says

    Count me as one of the “crazies.” Now if we could only get the great appeaser out of the Senate Leadership we may be able to give the Dopycrats some competition.

  4. rayr65 says

    Whether or not he was incompetent or not is debatable. The truth is he did not represent the people and neither does Mitch McConnell and a few others. If you don’t want to do the bidding of the people then get the h-ll out!

    1. Korean War Vet says


      1. Al says

        I concur.

    2. supergun says

      Including little peter king.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        R.I.P. Boehner and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

        1. supergun says

          You are much to kind to boehner. He was a nice guy, though. Just did not do the job he was elected for. Just like the rest that voted for the funding today. Not as bad as the democratics voting for feticide funding. The americans that vote democrat should take a serious look at who they say they are.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I understand, it’s like he died or something and you don’t want to talk about how bad a person he is at the funeral, but the simple fact of the matter is, Boehner was bought and paid for by Obama. Boehner might be a closet pedophiel or a homo or something else. All that really matters is that Obama knows what he is and how to control him. End of story.

          2. Glenn H says

            I’ve said the same thing about him and a few others, nothing else could explain their betrayal of the American people!

          3. Halftrack2 says

            I think you on to something there…

          4. worn out 123 says

            Not Obama. It just appears that way. Look toward other nationalities to discover the power behind the presidency, IMHO. Our government is bought and paid for by other sources than the American taxpayer.

          5. supergun says


          6. worn out 123 says

            Gotcha. Thankx.

          7. supergun says

            LOL…You hit the nail on the head with that comment. Excellent.

          8. Korean War Vet says

            BINGO!! You hit the nail on the head, Jimmy. Sure, there are going to be some folks in Congress who will cry over Boehner’s demise, but these are the people voters want to watch, and remember the next time their names come up for the vote. Why? Because the cry-babies will be more RINOS, and/or Obama sympathizers, perhaps even some of them will have “skeletons in the closet” that Obama knows about; it wouldn’t surprise me one bit..

          9. RobertNorwood says

            Liberal dems are like their muslim prince – the opposite of what they claim to represent. Self deceit is the hallmark of any liberals dems character. Did I say “character”? Well, you know what I mean.

          10. Waykent says

            What prince?

          11. RobertNorwood says

            Sorry, I meant Emperor… He’s to the right of everyone…as you look at it.

          12. Waykent says

            That is not an emperor. What emperor?

          13. Jake Spooz says

            Obama thinks he’s an Emperor.

          14. Waykent says

            Please provide proof.

          15. Jake Spooz says

            The way he acts.

            Btw, you haven’t any of my please provide proof inquiries.

            Ergo, you are a liar.

          16. hangem'high says

            George the third.

          17. supergun says

            Saw a poll today. 60% don’t like where the Country is going. 30% do. 5% don’t know what the hell is going on. Here is the kicker though. Biden got more votes than any republican including TRUMP. And biden is not even running for president. THIS SHOWS HOW STUPID OUR PEOPLE ARE IN THE USA.

          18. RobertNorwood says

            I know, country is full of idiots but then we import them. That’s what diversity gets you – a diverse bunch of idiots. Quite frankly I’m tired of it all and I say “let’s pull the chain”, let the nukes fly, burn it all down and everyone with it. The sooner some folks get torched the better off this whole planet will be.

          19. supergun says

            The Bible speaks of that.

          20. Joe T says

            RobertNorwood……..AGREED…….Best regards, Joe T

            Ghostwriter communique’
            parallel time 10:11
            Input Info Drastic events demand drastic action.

            The Ultimate Answer to Islamic Terror…Fight FIRE with FIRE. An idea that includes Obamama……………… the very near future, whereas, the USA Military ACCIDENTALLY NUKES the ENTIRE Middle East.

            How? A couple of B-1 bombers on a deep secret reconnaissance mission
            (loaded with multiple H- bombs) crash in the (heart) of the Middle East
            and the Middle East becomes a beautiful Sea of Glass…….it’s the only
            logical answer to end the thousands of years of bullshiz overseas and
            in the world…period.

            The Brookings Institute, CIA. NSA. DEA, NRA and GOD would definitely,
            succinctly, surely, undoubtedly , really, truthfully, emphatically, categorically
            and positively APPROVE…and as a BONUS, the black POTUS would be on
            a B-1 Bomber as an observer. final executive act for him…Praise GOD…
            he’ll finally be in Hollywood Heaven with all his virgins……..yeah right on,

            Mike says…just do it. an elite military unit would readily volunteer.
            Peace would then reign supreme in the entire sane part of the world.
            If any other country objects, we have another accident.

          21. Conservative says

            Reid and Obama, working in cahoots destroyed the Senate. Throwing Bills passed by the House before they could ever be brought up for debate and a vote has hijacked the U.S.

          22. supergun says

            The democrats do not have America in the best interest. Pelosi is saying the plan parenthood video was doctored, even though she admits not watching it. They are liars to the first degree.

          23. Conservative says

            That entire, unedited video will be revealed but the Socialist Democrats won’t bother to watch it; they will merely condemn it. They are all now back on the “War against Women”. We’ve had war on everything else in the Obama Administration. When will we have the “War on Infants”? Isn’t this what is being perpetrated on babies in the womb. Planned Parenthood must feel real good about killing women’s babies instead of referring them to loving couples who would love and a give a child a stable, loving home and meet all their needs; physically, emotionally and financially.
            Planned Parenthood’s Pact donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates.

          24. supergun says

            Anyone who affiliates with the democrats and calls them selves Christians, should take a long, long, hard look at what they claim to be. If I am around a democrat, I will leave the area as soon as possible. They are the haters of America.

          25. MidwayBill says

            Boehner did the job in as far as it has become in Congress. I would bet he brought home a good amount of Federal bacon to his district in Ohio. That is how these people get elected time and again, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat. As long as they don’t rock the boat with wealthy donors and make sure their voting block is paid off handsomely with Federal funds, that is just the way it works. Nearly every elected official in DC is burning the socialist spending candle at both ends. The establishment politicians have but two choices. They can enact tough legislation to curb Federal spending and balance the budget, or they can keep on course and have failure of not just the economy, but the government as a whole. This is exactly how the old Soviet Union collapsed. The Kremlin / Politburo had no money to pay their military personnel. Soldiers were walking off their posts, selling their side arms and uniforms on the black market just to get money. The entire military infrastructure failed to the point that there was no leadership to stop it. If these elected officials think we’re “too big to fail”, they may want to reconsider. It happened in the Soviet Union, it can happen here. And just how did Russia re-emerge as a global power? They adopted Capitalist policies. Their income tax is a flat rate. You know, the flat rate tax that is truly fair, but elected officials are so adamantly opposed to.

          26. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            In order to vote democrat, you have to engage in self-deception. Their policies don’t work and they always wind up hurting the country. Nevertheless, they practice self-deception and can feel good if they can attach some ridiculous noble ideal to their vote. Example: Obamacare. They can feel good telling themselves that the poor are covered now. Doesn’t make any difference if it’s not true. If it’s democrat it must be good, because they have “noble ideals.”

            We have to view the democrats as an enemy that must be defeated. You can not reason with them. We cannot expect them to wise up and change: they won’t. They are not guided by common sense. To them it’s ALWAYS PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY, just like the Communist party that they have so much in common with.

      2. kassa1 says

        Yeah Peter King want to go like Hillary Clinton Barack Obama carry all those multi multi millionaires are use their money instead of stealing from Wade the people if they want to help their so-called beloved whatever , So-called money stealing agenda to defund the middle class regardless of what lies come out the their servants Toung!

        1. pappadave says

          Are you dyslexic? I couldn’t make hide nor hair of that.

          1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            Man, am I with you on that!

          2. Masculist Man says

            If you are able to understand rain forest papa car monkey then what kassa1 wrote makes sense too.

          3. Jeffrey Cahoon says


          4. LibertyLovingPatriot says

            Obviously, English is not his (her) first language.

    3. MAHB001 says

      Boehner might have been a liberal dressed in conservative clothing. He might have been an inept leader that didn’t have enough courage to counter 0bama’s direct threats.

      In either case, the results helped 0bama achieve his objectives.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Boehner has been in Obama’s hip pocket right from the start. A great deal of the responsibility for the damage Obama has done to this nation rests squarely on Boehner’s shoulders.

        I couldn’t care less what his reasons were. This is a bad man and it’s good to see him go. I just hope we can prosecute him some day for his part in the destruction of our country.

        1. MAHB001 says


          Any spy or traitor is a bad guy…..

          Makes me sick to see the other politicians kiss his arse on the way out…

          1. Korean War Vet says

            The people need to watch; those politicians that kiss the spy, the RINO, Boehner, need to be voted out, next time their names come up…simple as that.

          2. Mary Xiques says

            Perhaps it’s time for Peter King to go~

          3. Korean War Vet says

            Yep: him, too!

          4. Marty says

            How about all the members who don’t follow the Constitution. Get rid of every stinking one of them. My God, they have to run every two years. Throw the bums out!

          5. Korean War Vet says

            Them, too! There isn’t a single one of them that’s worth their salt. They took the job to get their retirement bennies, and that’s it: replace them all.

          6. 13gatorgrowl says

            Each State only has the option to vote for the people they want in the Congress from their State.. Too bad we can not recall and fire ANYONE who is a traitor from ANY where in the Congress. I think the collective States should have that option.

          7. Bill Petro says

            Now is the time to kick the Bums out that don’t follow the Constitution! That is why the Tea Party came into being!

          8. glorybe2 says

            The so called Tea party is nothing more than a group of angry, messed up people who can not do well in society. These are the rejects, alcohols and obese, illiterates who can’t even balance check book much less read and understand the constitution. Seriously when they have gatherings they look like people tossed out of bars, jails and rehabs. Fat angry women miserably clothed with men that look like they dig ditches and get drunk every night is the image they have earned.

          9. john says

            No, these are the people that is funding and trying to protect your society..Look at Boehner he’s gone ..McConnell’s next on line to step down…Bad seeds

          10. glorybe2 says

            Nonsense! The bulk of the republican party is extreme right wing. The battle is between radical right wingers like the tea party and the extreme right wing. The entire dog pile is both anti American as well as ignorant beyond repair.

          11. john says

            Face it , your a lib and I’m a conservative..Your right and I’m wrong…

          12. glorybe2 says

            Yes I am right and the people associating with the lunatic right are not doing themselves a favor. Go and apply for a job or a business loan and your postings really can come back to haunt you. Right now one form of predictive software judges you by whom you associate with. So if you hang out with a pile of abortion protesters it could be assumed that you associate with terrorists as some of these folks really are terrorists and radicals. If it is the cop shop they may start watching you closely. If it is a job or loan application you may be considered too great a risk just because of internet postings. Some of the trolls never think about this sort of thing. Have you noticed that when freaks commit mass killings that they tend to own a lot of weapons? What if data mining reveals that you hand out with people that own an awfully large number of weapons? Would you want to risk having such a person working in your factory?

          13. john says

            Cannot is 1 word…You spelled it can not that’s 2 words… You should really think about going back to school you can’t spell these easy words… I think I made my point since you want to pick people apart on writing…

          14. Texas Belle says

            I beg to differ. I am a college educated woman (not fat) who wants to see the country go back to the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended. Obama has completely obliterated it and the rule of law; he does whatever he wants to do. When the Commander -in-Chief picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and whom he will prosecute (for political purposes) it filters down to the lowest common denominator (Black lives matter) and the country is in chaos.

          15. glorybe2 says

            I promise you that your local police, your judges, and your elected officials all decide which laws to enforce every day as does you governor and virtually every other government agency. The president is no different in his actions. The US locks up more citizens than any other nation. The reality is that every arrest costs us a lot of money. Jails get over crowded and become unsafe. Authorities always decide when to take it easy on arrests. As far as black lives matter have you no concern over the violence and disruption caused by racist communities that hassle blacks endlessly? How many times have you been confronted and questioned by police? Now how many times do you think a typical black male has been questioned by police, searched, humiliated for absolutely no reason at all. I am a white male and can tell you if I were a poor black raised in a ghetto I would be in a rage and dangerous to society. These folks are not all wound up over nothing at all. They have very deep reasons for their rage.

          16. john says

            What are you some kind of airhead..What you do set and harass people all night long..Like I’m reading anymore of your posts.. That’s why I agreed with you .. You make no sense at all..And you are a brainwashed ba-gooly.. Get a life and lay off that computer ..Its eating that brain up…

          17. Bill Petro says

            Glorybe2, you prove why the Tea Party was formed!! DumboCrats like you are the reason!!!

          18. MAHB001 says

            It might be….

          19. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Perhaps? You are not sure?

          20. john says

            Why don’t the nation focus on one thing remove obama out of office and get it done… Then our country can start to be good again…

          21. Mark Clemens says

            In January 2017 Obama is gone, for good. Now thats HOPE I can believe in.

          22. Terry Rushing says

            The question is: can we survive until then?

          23. Mark Clemens says

            I’ll bet $5 we make it. Don’t you believe the United States is more durable than a Kenyan know it all?

          24. Jimmy Quick says

            I think he owns a lot of people and they are cowards deep down inside and will never cross the mob for fear of ending up like Jimmy Hoffa.

          25. Jonathan Brooks says

            Normally I would vote that the most vile and disgusting SOB in a fight will win, but in this case, Obama has made more enemies than Clouseau at Octoberfest, and his enemies are legion and powerful.
            I would be surprised that he makes it to 2017 without a plane accident, boat accident, mysterious gioma brain tumor like Ted kennedy, or some other nasty that the elite use to clean out the riffraff, when they are not following orders.

          26. Kathryn Caldwell says

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          27. glorybe2 says

            No not even 1% of Americans have the abilities or knowledge of a Harvard Suma loude Ph.D. like Obama. Not even one tenth of one percent have that kind of merit. He is clearly superior to almost anyone. Bill Clinton was similar. Bill was a Rhodes scholar. The Rhodes scholarship is so exclusive that only two American students per year are awarded a Rhodes scholarship. Can you imagine what it takes to beat out a couple of million American scholars to win that scholarship? It is far easier to become the heavy weight boxing champion of the world.

          28. john says

            Obama is thee most uneducated and unqualified gay president I’ve ever seen..He in fact is not qualified to run this country or a dog kennel..So defend all you like…You will see when he keeps giving your country away to illegals..

          29. john says

            It will never happen…we don’t have until 2017 to p#ssy foot around with this joker…

          30. Jimmy Quick says

            Agreed. Congress needs a real leader, not another Boehner type that will talk a lot and do nothing.

          31. glorybe2 says

            Just think! If Obama gets angry from all the abuse on threads like this one he has the power pardon every single prison and jail inmate in the entire nation. And better yet there are no provisions for making null such pardons. people really ought to think before they rile the man up. He carries the biggest stick.

          32. john says

            Well I think it’s real great that people like you put the message and thought in these lunatics heads to do..I will end my thought there…No comment

          33. Jimmy Quick says

            You better hope he leaves, but somehow I don’t think it’s gonna all be just that easy.

          34. Mark Clemens says

            He might of snuck in w/out a proper birth certificate, there is an amendment saying the president does 2 terms or 10 years Maximum.
            Then they go home, or wherever……

          35. Jimmy Quick says

            Unless a state of civil unrest is declared by, you guessed it, the president and at that time all elections are postponed indefinitely.

            Obama already told his cousin to do this very same thing, as it was revealed in a communication between the two, that was intercepted by the incoming president of Kenya. This resulted in an unprecedented sharing of the office in order to avoid an all out civil war.

            You think Obama is not gonna try to pull off something at the last minute to hold onto his power.

            You watch, either Biden or Bush wins or Obama stays. I think it’s gonna go one way or the other unless Obama steps down just before the end of his second term and Biden grants him an unconditional presidential pardon.

            Even then, someone needs to make it their mission in life to bring a fitting end to this, the darkest chapter ever written in America’s history.

          36. Mark Clemens says

            I Don’t see that happening. LBJ steped down, during Vet Nam.
            Bush II Steped down with the Terror war in full swing. Watch, the Big O will go…….

          37. Jimmy Quick says

            I hope you are right, but if current trends are any indication of just how lawless this president can be, I wouldn’t be betting my life on it, one way or the other. That’s just the way I see it.

          38. glorybe2 says

            And yet not one single one of you can name the law that he broke. The reason for that is that he never broke a single law. But it is so easy to lie and make false claims when the president is a black man.

          39. Jimmy Quick says

            Oh ya, we all just hate black people so much we are only pretending to take Mr. Carson seriously. Your lord Obama is only half white or didn’t you know that? I guess we crackers only hate the half of him that is black, according to your take on all this and the white side we just love, love, love.

            No, the truth is, he has broken too many laws to explain to a crazy person and he is an actor and a liar and a cheat, and you are so brain dead, you haven’t got a clue what has transpired under this traitorous fool.

            Please just go back where you came from and stick your head in something where you won’t have to learn the truth since you are not able take it.

          40. glorybe2 says

            In all fairness LBJ stepped down as he knew he was going to die soon from heart disease. He was a very sick man and had the personal morals and behavior of a depraved fiend.

          41. BoTexan says

            you need to realize Obama is a puppet he is run by some very wealthy and powerful people, they plan to destroy our economy (getting richer while they do) , our country and turn a once great nation into a broke third world country they can rape!! pray they are not successful and work to return our country back to a GOD fearing, moral and hard working patriotic country again.

          42. glorybe2 says

            Are you actually suggesting that the US has ever been a moral nation? Seriously, please justify that remark. How were our morals when we had slaves, child labor ion the mines, indentured servants or busied ourselves exterminating American Indians? As a nation we are as much a garbage pit as other nations around the world.

          43. 13gatorgrowl says

            The members of Congress CAN keep Obama under Control, they just refuse to do so. EVERY POTUS has screwed USA since inception. Money talks, BS walks!

          44. Jimmy Quick says

            This could have easily been done, but Boehner was not willing to allow it to come to the floor for a vote. This one person has been fully complicate with Obama in destroying our nation and for what? I hope they all feel ashamed for their spineless actions. The great majority should resign or be prosecuted or both.

          45. john says

            Your so right..They should be given 2 options resign or face prosecution..

          46. glorybe2 says

            First it is why doesn’t instead of why don’t is the proper wording. The simple reason is that Obama has broken zero laws nor has he violated the constitution one little bit.

          47. john says

            I didn’t know we was in literature class.. And I believe I read some screw up’s that you wrote also.. 😉

          48. glorybe2 says

            Was in literature class is messed up John. “were in literature class is what you needed to say.

          49. shavager says

            WRONG–once Obama signed the Healthcare bill into law, he DOES NOT have any authority to CHANGE existing law, only Congress can legislate and he changed it some 30+ times to save his own re-election and then re-election chances for DemocRATS–it didn’t work–they lost a historic electoral loss in ’14 elections. Obama has VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION NUMEROUS TIMES–he has NO authority over immigration, PERIOD! His “dream Act” amnesty has been STOPPED DEAD by the Judicial system because he has ZERO authority over immigration. He’s VIOLATING the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of Veterans and Social Security recipients in this country by attempting to restrict those Constitutional rights by executive orders. The president HAS ZERO legislative authority! He’s been found guilty of contempt in Federal Court for refusing to open drilling for oil companies off the Gulf Coast–those companies had AUTHORIZED contracts to do so, he had zero authority to overturn Federal contracts already signed into law. IF Obama were a WHITE president or a BLACK Republican, he would’ve already been impeached.

          50. 13gatorgrowl says

            Past time. We need to call Terminix to exterminate all rodents and insects in the US Government!

          51. Bill Petro says

            I agree!!

        2. Conservative says

          Boehner is not a bad man; he is a weak man who had been in Congress for so long he forgot how the Congress is supposed to be run. He allowed fear of Obama and Reid to weaken and destroy him.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            No, Boehner is a paid subversive and he was put in place to assure Obama would succeed.

          2. 13gatorgrowl says

            This has been going on for years beginning with GHW Bush! He was a pi$$ poor excuse for a POTUS! His relationship with Saudis is EVIL! Wonder what he promised the Saudis to protect HIS oil? Looks like he promised American Blood to do Saudis job fighting the terrorists!

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I have no idea what you are talking about so I must refrain from comment. I do however agree, both Bush presidencies were a disaster, mainly due to the fact that they are closet communist and thoroughly corrupt.

            I’ll make any lib on this site this offer. I won’t vote for Bush under any circumstances if you don’t vote for Hillary. How’s that for a deal.

          4. hangem'high says

            Obamas progressive liberal NSA must have some pretty degrading dirt on them to keep them towing the line even on the way out! So what has NSA dug up on US, then again Bonner could be just be another progressive in the bigger picture?

          5. Marty says

            I’ve read in many articles that’s what happened to John Roberts.

          6. hangem'high says

            I guess we could be witnessing what happens when “We the People” lose the power to one individual in government; all agencies are turned against them!

          7. Mark Clemens says

            ………The Chinese will let us know soon!!!!

          8. 13gatorgrowl says

            Bill predator Clinton sold us out to the Chinese.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            I think the whole dealing w/China was a Nixon & Kissinger idea. Nixon just quit, before he went to jail…….

          10. 13gatorgrowl says

            What could THEY have on the 1 or2 termers? Fact is the LIFERS have a gravy train and THEY INTEND to ride it until the grave, or as long as they can! Think about all those who died in Congress or are in until retirement. They have turned the US Government into a Life time gravy train. THEY will fight tooth and nail to stay in. Look at Boehner, Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Strom Thurmond and so on.

          11. Mary Xiques says

            With all the data mining available to Obama thru the NSA, perhaps Boehner has other skeletons in his closet that the Prez blackmails him with~

          12. MAHB001 says

            The same goes for the MEDIA, Schools, Unions, Both Political parties, IRS, FBI, and the Court system??

            I think it is more a concerted effort by a group of Socialists to destroy Capitalism and instill some sort of socialism in America.

            The plan was outlined in the book, “The Naked Communist.” Check out the list of 45 agenda items that were designed to weaken Americas institutions, destroy the family unit, and weaken America’s Resolve….

            The entire list has been adopted by 0bama and the ruling elite.

            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

          13. Obie Miller says

            I have a book by John Stormer,written in the 1950s, that says pretty well the same thing.

          14. MAHB001 says

            Is it, “None Dare Call it Treason?”
            John Stormer 1964

          15. Obie Miller says

            Yes. —and another caller “none dare call it treason”.

          16. Obie Miller says

            I apologize. The second title is “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”.

          17. Ted says

            I have a grand-daughter in a major college and in talking with her she indicates the instructors and a lot of students are socialists. Campus recruiting and school papers reflect this mood. Communism is alive and appears to be advancing in our youth.

          18. MAHB001 says

            They have gone underground, and work in the shadows like snakes.

            “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

            Get your kids out of public schools today…. Home school them..

          19. patricia crevier says

            Train up a child in the way he/she should go and they will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6 Even the public school can’t conquer that.

          20. Paul says

            Many depart, even parochial school grads. Hopefully, they come back in later years after they start families.

          21. patricia crevier says

            I agree.

          22. 13gatorgrowl says

            Stats show that by 15 years old MOST young people are liberal/socialist! Then they go to College the FORCE and brainwashing is pervasive. Professors use GRADES and pass or fail to force compliance. The colleges are full of homosexuals also. Many people learn different when they have a family or get life experience IF they maintain a conscience they have learned. Stats also show that the jails are full of those who do not return to their roots.

          23. MAHB001 says

            As Common Core will use testing to force the teaching of socialism throughout the curriculum.

          24. glorybe2 says

            Common core will identify schools that are doing a bad job of teaching kids. why does anyone fear that?

          25. MAHB001 says

            because it is a document that was created in DC, and controls the curriculum via controlling the tests.
            CC allows the federal government to control education.

          26. Ted says

            Interesting. She was home schooled and has been doing very well in engineering school. She builds robots.

          27. MAHB001 says

            Whom might that be?

          28. Ted says

            My grand daughter.

          29. MAHB001 says

            Sorry, I should have reread the thread…

            Perhaps it is because your Grand Daughter was home schooled that she recognizes the indoctrination at the college level?

            I commend you and your family for home schooling. If 10% of our society took the precious ones out of the public school system the system would collapse.

            The system under common core is nothing more than indoctrination by the feds.

          30. Ted says

            Thank you very much for your comment. She and her brother are the kind of people you would like to befriend.

          31. glorybe2 says

            What Lenin was saying is that teaching the truth to children would prohibit them from adopting much of the nonsense espoused by capitalists. And that is a fact. The old nonsense about George Washington and the cherry tree is the type of propaganda used to infest children’s minds in the US. The incident never happened. This stuff goes on at all levels. During WW2 there was a big flap over General Patton supposedly slapping a wounded soldier in a field hospital. It was all over American news media. In fact the incident never happened. It was a planted story designed to fool Germans as to Patton’s location. It worked and German forces were diverted from their positions and traveled towards Patton’s supposed location. Patton’s troops were then able to make a serious inroad against the Germans. Yet to this day very few people are aware that military intelligence had come up with the scheme. Many people went to their grave feeling that Patton was an evil sort who would attack a wounded American soldier.

          32. MAHB001 says

            I don’t buy into the evils of capitalism, as much as I see the evils of Socialism…

            Just look at History, did Lenin’s socialism/communism produce a Country as good for its people as America has using capitalism? No.

            Lenin also said:

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”


            A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

            Lenin was not trying to teach the truth, he intent was to brainwash and control.

          33. 13gatorgrowl says

            That was what Ayn Rand preached about: The best way to infuse Communism into USA is to start with the University system. She was a communist who gave speeches on how to change societies through brainwashing and force

          34. glorybe2 says

            Seriously Ayn Rand was a pathetic, junk philosopher who advocated extreme capitalism. The last thing she was was a communist. She was a limited mind, earning a living by getting foolish people to follow her and buy her books and pamphlets.

          35. glorybe2 says

            Socialists have no use for communists at all. The two systems are very oppose to each other. Socialism is not a slippery slope into communism. Some socialist nations are doing far better than the US. Reality may be a shock but it is what it is.

          36. Ted says

            They share a lot of their ideas on how to deal with the people in their countries. There is a big difference between a Republic, which we have in this country, and a Democracy which I think defines Socialism. Communism is one rule party but still claims to be a Democracy.

          37. shavager says

            SOCIALISM allows PRIVATE ownership of businesses but CONTROLLED by national government. Communism is STATE CONTROLLED, they don’t allow individuals to “own” property or businesses. Russia has been socialist since the Bolshevik revolution but are reforming to more open market principles while China is slowly evolving from communism to socialism.

          38. Ted says

            I do not like socialism. It appears to be getting a lot of attention these days. My take is that under the rules of socialism, you as a businessman have so many laws working against my company I can no longer sustain my company due to rules and absurd laws. Minimum wage is not the governments role in America. I pay my workers a fair wage with yearly raises to the people that do their jobs. It is my company, my health insurance for my people. All this regulation forced Mom and Pop stores out of business. These were the companies that paid more taxes than Wall Mart.

          39. glorybe2 says

            The fact that most highly educated people believe in a degree of socialism means that educated minds are at work not that covert bands of communists are plotting to destroy our nation.

          40. hangem'high says

            I,m looking up the naked Communist.

          41. MAHB001 says

            It is available online in digital form…. Or was when I looked…

            The list has been introduced into Congress.


          42. patricia crevier says

            Thank you. Always educational for others when someone takes the time to put it in print.

          43. Jimmy Quick says

            and all right under our noses, so to speak. I think you are right.

            Absolutely diabolical.

          44. 13gatorgrowl says

            IF yhat was true–Boehner would have quit long ago when Newt Gingrich did.

          45. MAHB001 says

            Whether Boehner allowed 0bama and the system to weaken him or he did it on purpose, the result has been the same.

            It is time for the career politicians to go. They no longer serve the will of the people, they serve only their own interests.

            Especially the socialists in charge.

          46. Obie Miller says

            RINOs all have a “go along to get along” mentality. Their solution to the democrat’s socialist agenda is to “compromise”!

          47. 13gatorgrowl says

            I think it is the RNC and he Marxist supporter “good ol’ boys”!

          48. Obie Miller says

            The great majority DO NOT agree with Boehner, McConnell .and the other RNC leaders. We’ve been snookered, too!

          49. glorybe2 says

            The catch is that without compromise we would not have a nation at all. No bill would ever pass the House or Senate without deals being made. The if you vote for this then I will give you my vote for that enables work to get done. If you stop that then we will be paying congress to sit on their hands while the nation collapses. President Obama has said outright that right wing blockage of all work was so severe that he had no choice other than taking executive actions on some problems. Taking a rigid position effectively takes your voice completely out of play in government. And lives and money are now being lost due to that nonsense. Example: Global warming and rising seas are hitting your wallets right now. if we had taken action when first made aware of the problem we could have saved quite a bit of those losses. But what do we see fro republican leaders? Oh, i don’t know. I’m not a scientist. And naturally they can’t get on the phone and talk to a major scientist either. The Pentagon is already spending money due to global warming and the expected outbreak of violence as some regions of the world are now in emergency status due to climate change. Invasions to acquire better land are going to happen and we are preparing to send out troops to try to hold borders for some nations.

          50. Marty says

            Yep, most politicians are corrupt. All they care about is getting enough dirty money to fund the next election. That’s why I support Trump. He can’t be bought and he certainly is not politically correct. He may not be the consummate conservative, but he’s probably one of very few who can turn this country around. I put Cruz in the same category. Cruz has been fighting the corrupt elite since he’s been in office. He always fights for the Constitution.

          51. Harley157 says

            Cruz has always put the people and the constitution first. Our last hope for America.

          52. MAHB001 says

            We have some wonderful choices this time around….

            Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, Trump…. Four of a kind….

            Beats a pair of dried up entitled socialists any day….

          53. Marty says

            I agree with all but Carly. She cannot win the general election. During her run against boxer in KA, she was doing real well until towards the end the dems attack adds told of how when with HP, she fired 30,000 employees and then out sourced to china. Don’t get me wrong, what she did was probably a good thing for HP, but when these adds started running, she went downhill fast and lost big time. The dems would wait until close to the election, do the exact same thing and she would have no chance of winning. The dems actually want her to get the nod as she would be the most beatable.

          54. MAHB001 says

            Here is the thing about KA. It is owned and operated by the Left. Carly never had a fair chance to explain herself. The playing field was not level. Carly endured the wrath of the Left Stream Media, much the same as Palin did.

            They will bring out the propaganda, but Conservatives should give her a chance…

            Carly would destroy Clinton in a head to head debate…. Regardless of the corrupt media.. She is handling the media much better now…


          55. Marty says

            Agreed, however with all the uneducated voters, I don’t see how she can overcome this. I would have to hear her response to this attack and believe her before I would vote for her in the primary. The other problem I have with her is her overt support of Islam.

          56. MAHB001 says

            First off, join my boycott and fight the Liberal Media. We are going to level the media playing field…

            With the help of all those that believe the media is corrupt, united we can force the media out of the closet… (so to speak)

            Please join the fight!


          57. glorybe2 says

            Ok, without saying it you guys are admitting that the right wing dullards can not own any decent TV stations or national radio chains. Fox News admits that it is entertainment and not real news. So just how is it that all the right wingers can not afford to launch even one right wing television network? Do you guys live in poverty or lack the ability to do that simple task? Will no advertisers support you? Just why are you so limp you can not own a network?

          58. MAHB001 says

            The media is not supposed to be about right or left. Any media that promotes one ideology over the other by using bias by omission is nothing more than a propaganda machine. They have dropped reporting the news for promoting an ideology.

            Right wing dullards should not have to own a TV station in order to get the word out. But now that the left owns and controls the media just like Goebbels did, the media is being use to spread propaganda,

            It seems all you want to hear is spoon fed propaganda, I recommend you continue to watch what you are watching.. That way you will not get confused by alternate opinions and will not have to think…

          59. 13gatorgrowl says

            Carly could run circles and outshine Hillary Clinton. However, IF the powers that be want a female in WH they will choose the ONE who will push the Marxist agenda. Carly will NOT be as strong as Obama. pushing the Marxist machine. RNC chooses candidate–much to my chagrin.

          60. MAHB001 says

            Are you saying Carly will push a Marxist agenda for the powers that be?


          61. Jimmy Quick says

            Fully agree.

          62. glorybe2 says

            Trust me nobody is more beatable than trump.

          63. Marty says

            I disagree.

          64. IndianaWilcox says

            He’s a caricature of himself. Ultimately, not to be taken seriously.

          65. glorybe2 says

            Do you realize that Trump advocates the redistribution of wealth? He is at the very least an extreme socialist. This is recent by the way. he proposes taking 14% of the wealth from the upper class to aid the lesser classes.

          66. Marty says

            We are in truly desperate times. I really think it is too late for this Country to stay afloat. I think we will end up in default with a total crash and burn. When that happens, I’d want Trump to help rebuild. But, an extreme socialist? I seriously doubt it.

          67. glorybe2 says

            His remarks about redistribution of wealth are on film and part of his recent campaign. You can verify them. As far as a dying nation a look at history tells us that all nations die. The notion of democracy is experimental and it looks like no matter what we do, or even what we could have done, would still result in a failed nation at some point close to this in time. Just like a human body problems accumulate with age for nations. We now have more problems, more reasons for other nations to not trust us. We also have depleted much of our natural resources while vastly increasing our population. And frankly without regard as to whether a person is of the majority race and has a long family history in the US or an immigrant who just dug a hole under a fence every time we add another person to our population we drive another nail in our coffin.

          68. Marty says

            You’re mostly right. I can’t remember which of our founding fathers said it, but he said in a nut shell, if we allow government debt to grow, it would be our downfall. That absolutely could have been prevented. It’s now our downfall that I don’t believe we can lie, cheat, steal or borrow our way out of.

          69. glorybe2 says

            It is more that just debt. The US has lost its moral posture due to breaking treaties and promises to other nations. Our actions cause us to be seen as a dangerous, aggressive nation that constantly invades other nations. And then we put the cherry on top of the cake by allowing torture of prisoners. We have executed foreign officials for allowing torture in war and here we go and claim it is just dandy when we want to torture people. For example we promised Vietnam that we would never allow France or any other nation to occupy any portion of Vietnam in exchange for their help in WW2. Then we quickly broke that promise and allowed the French to return and dominate Vietnam. Ask an American Indian just how good the morals and faith of the government of the United States really are. We chant about freedom and yet manage to lock up more people in jails or prisons than any other nation on Earth. If we could hang exponents upon words the US would be hypocrisy to the Nth. power.

          70. Marty says

            I completely disagree about the torture. Waterboarding and sleep depravation does not even come close to the definition of torture in my mind.

          71. 13gatorgrowl says

            Boehner is a TRAITOR and guilty of sedition! He is a rat!

          72. glorybe2 says

            Boehner is a vain show off with very bad taste. The problem for him was a republican party split in half over just how radical the party should be to the right so nothing could be accomplished. By the way do the Tea creeps even offer up a candidate?

        3. petsnpeopletoo says

          Well said….I would LOVE to see ALL these NWO pusher’s Hung on the WH lawn televised for a WORLDWIDE Celebration!

          1. 13gatorgrowl says

            I would love to see GHW Bush and Bill Clinton hang too! Those two and their partners in crime in their secret societies and Trilateral Commission have given the Marxist Machine the biggest push! ALL of the public officials want a piece of the pie and the way to get their pie is to commandeer the USA away from The legal American People.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Really you guys don’t know how nutsy you are. Even the communist nations are not Marxist these days. Marxism fell completely out of favor as it simply did not work. These days Marxism exists mainly within the minds of people who think there are conspiracies all around them.

      2. Conservative says

        The corrupt Obama, Reid and Pelosi have manipulated our Constitution and this is the result.

        1. pappadave says

          They haven’t “manipulated” it. They, along with Boehner, McConnell, half the GOP in Congress and MORE than half of the Supreme Court, have IGNORED it.

          1. hangem'high says

            Hairy, Pelosi have both got to go!

          2. 13gatorgrowl says

            Agree. ONLY problem the State they represent has to do their part by NOT voting for them. Too bad the States can not collectively vote to recall ANY member of Congress.

          3. patricia crevier says

            Very true

          4. 13gatorgrowl says

            Ignore implies they sat back and let it happened. I say THE PUSHED it as the Marxist Dems and Libertarians did.

          5. glorybe2 says

            There is no group that would hate Marxist democrats more than the libertarians. The notion that they work together is idiotic.

        2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

          Hey, that’s right! I have not heard “Pelosi” word mentioned since this thing has been in the news! This seventy something year old Bi*** has to go! She serves no purpose! TIME TO RETIRE! We are hunting the law breakers in our government!

          1. Marty says

            You forget, she is from Kalifornia. As long as she wants to show her ugly face in congress, she will. Those fruits and nuts will always vote for her.

          2. nomasillegals says

            I’m from CA and I would kick her butt to the curb if I could.

          3. Marty says

            I’m also from Kalifornia, but moved out of the peoples republic within a month of retirement.

          4. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            I live in California , YOU ASSHOLE! It does not mean I agree with these idiots! I am afraid you people don’t understand us!!!

          5. Marty says

            Jeffrey, I lived in Kalifornia my whole life until I retired. I spent 31 years in law enforcement in so cal. I was fortunate enough to be able to LEAVE the POS state. I don’t knock all from Kalifornia, I truly feel for you. But you have to admit, the vast majority are from the land of the fruits and nuts. How else to you explain boxer, polosi and the rest?

          6. 13gatorgrowl says

            Fruits, nuts and flakes.

          7. 13gatorgrowl says

            Pelosi made a statement about Boehner been pushed out by the “hardliners in Congress”. She also praise Boehner for his “good works”. Yeah, he did a job helping the Marxist push their agenda. Google it. She spoke the same day Boehner announced his resignation.

        3. Jimmy King says


          1. hangem'high says

            He, he, he, he,haw!

        4. 13gatorgrowl says

          “They” along with the Marxist GOP and RNC members. The Marxist Dems are not the only ones! THAT is what people have to get a grip with! THAY ALL are part of the OWO and Marxist Machine. GHW Bush is a fine example same as John D. Rockefeller and others.

          1. glorybe2 says

            A baby born on US soil is an American citizen and that is a fact. There are a few right wing politicians who want to change that. Folks, seriously, read a few decent books.

      3. Steve Crawford says

        What objective? The GOP Congress spent SEVEN YEARS Blocking and Bills sent to the House. Mitch McConnell is the one who should have quit. He is the one who said the same day that the BLACK President was sworn into office, that HE was going to make hime a one time president, Publicly. McConnell led the GOP to vote NO to any Bills from the WHITE House, even if it would improve the lives of many American Citizens. So ALL YOU conservatives WHAT HAVE THE REPUBLICANS DONE FOR YOU. The GOOP have done nothing but hold USELESS hearings that didn’t yield nothing, and OH! cost the taxpayers $24 Billion on the government SHUTDOWN.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Pull your head out of the sand… If you can’t recognize 0bama’s socialist/communist objectives by now, you simply do not want to.

          You can not wake someone that pretends to be asleep.

          The Republican party is now controlled by democrats in republican clothing… Both parties are controlled by Socialists/Communists.

          Both Boehner and McConnell are helping 0bama achieve 0bama’s objectives.. That is why they are NOT doing anything for the Republicans, that is why the Republicans haven’t done anything for me….

          1. Joe T says

            How’s it going 4 U? read this lately?
            Sent: 9/20/2012 12:30:14 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time

            His first speech is apparently just after his election to the US Senate?

            Scroll all the way down and watch the video.

            It is Obama after he became a Senator. How come it never came out before now.

            Obama admits not being born in Hawaii …

            Can one doubt his own admission?

            Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen.

            Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a “natural born” citizen…OOPS!

            Circulate this before they yank it from the internet.

            If you just watch the first 30 seconds your mouth will drop open.

            Obama admits he is not a citizen

            Hmmm…. Maybe the “birthers” are on to something….



          2. MAHB001 says

            Joe, How are you? I am still plugging along,

            I had not seen the video, to believe anything about 0bama anymore is pretty much foolish. It is only the corruption of the electorate that has kept him out of jail.

          3. muskat antonopolis says

            ideologue…… body has anything to say BUTT you? there TRULY ARE many
            people out there who know a considerable bit more re our govt.. than you..
            butt every time someone interjects a thought made as hell tells them nah, I have
            the real story….it is getting so that the net is being dominated by a few ignoble
            gainsayers who thrive on factions …so mr mahb….back up some and LISTEN
            to what others have to say….it might be enlightening to you…….OK….Now
            here comes the name calling, vulgar language, threats blah, blah, blah…..just
            scratch the skin of one of these crazies and the maggots come crawling out…..

          4. MAHB001 says

            Blah, blah blah, sounds like sour grapes to me..

            If you want to influence someone, try doing it with facts… Not insults.

          5. muskat antonopolis says

            well, you do not understand the English language..perhaps farsi would suit
            you better?… posts said it clearly enough but I presume you chose not
            to digest the words……..Hey, you do not know as much as you think that
            you do,,and you continually insult people with “pull your head out of the sand”
            type of comments that say…hey stupid! you don’t know anything….well,
            there is a whole world full of intelligent people and many I would bet considerably
            smarter than you…so stop with the insults and listen more than you speak..
            you may learn something……Well, there now….I hope that you understanf
            those words….have a wonderfully fulfilling day…..bye

          6. MAHB001 says

            Your post is nothing but insults and deflections…. Thus the blah, blah, blah…

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            Okay. Let’s start like this if you don’t mind. What name do you want to be called? I mean you must have some sort of an opinion on the subject in there somewhere, don’t you?

            Speaking strictly for myself, I don’t engage in name calling unless the other person starts first. Then everything just becomes a clownfest and pretty much like a Jerry Springer rerun…thoroughly unproductive.

            So, are you just upset that some people are better informed than you, but you want to rule and have the only opinion that counts for anything?

            You can’t be angry that Obama has gotten everything he ever wanted and then some, are you?

            Maybe you just like to complain. My wife is like that. It’s the only way I know she is happy.

            Anyway, if you are trying to state some thing that is both factual and constructive, you may soon learn that you are no longer a liberal.

        2. patricia crevier says

          You are right. McConnell is worthless. Many good people in the GOP never even got to debate their ideas and if they passed the House McConnell blocked them in the Senate. Flush that POS.

      4. petsnpeopletoo says

        Now that he is done with his part of Obomber’s agenda, he is getting out before shit hits the fan…

      5. Catherine McCoy says

        Please dont call him liberal. He was Elite/Corporate and did not represent liberals either

        1. MAHB001 says

          A whole lot of anti American people have been hiding under the liberal label.

          If you want to kick Boehner out of the liberal pool for being an Elite/Corporate, then you better kick the others out that sully they liberal name like, 0bama and Hillary.

          If I were a liberal, I would kick the whole lot out. Just like what the Republicans are doing…

          1. Catherine McCoy says

            Actually a lot of Dems are trying to do the same thing — throw out the trash

          2. MAHB001 says

            It is about time! A lot of Conservatives like me welcome the help.

            The corruption of our elected officials goes across party lines. It can not be eradicated unless the people of both parties unite and expel it from where it is hiding.

      6. Shayne Jenkins says

        Love the zeros!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I commend you for catching that… It is how I pay homage to 0bama….

      7. 13gatorgrowl says

        He missed directions to travel down “The Yellow Brick Road”! He needs a heart, a brain and courage. We would be better off with the straw man as Speaker of the house.

    4. Ammy says

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      1. RobertNorwood says

        Your Aunty Aria runs a whorehouse in the slums of Rio where you were born when an abortion went horribly wrong.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          She worked the whorehouse for years to get that 1972 rusty Charger. Now Aunty Aria has bad knees and a broke back………

        2. worn out 123 says

          B.J.s are discpounted there. Poor Aunty Aria has bad knees today, but, a mountain of five dollar bills.

          1. hangem'high says

            You have to pay extra if her teeth come out!

      2. Mark Clemens says

        in 70 years!!!! And get a rusty ’72 Charger.

        Work in Aunty Aria in her prostitution gang. Free food, dope, and beatings.

        Join Aunty Aria and ISIS sell dope and weapons to Islamic Terrorists.

        Just post your name, address, and banking information. The FBI will be w/you shortly………..

    5. Mark Clemens says

      Right on!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. downs1 says

      Absolutely right! But there is more! Human politics will never save this nation! Intellectual honesty and faith in God long ago left the leadership of this once great nation, and “politically correct” ideology took over as the law of the land! When this nation turned away from God, and “Jesus” became a bad word by the ACLU and the Obama military leaders, and when Israel was displaced in favor of a “Palestinian State,” the handwriting appeared on the wall! But, unfortunately, few are listening to the warnings! So be it! The Boehner affair and the conflict within the GOP is just one small example of the coming dissolution of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” The bottom line is that unless there is a great revival, America is finished!

    7. Conservative says

      None of those in Congress who have made it their personal life careers in plush jobs for decades are worthy to serve the American people. They have become immune to the true needs of the people; they stand for nothing but the party line, whether it be Democrat or Republican. They are too busy making deals with each other, with lobbyists, with large contributors and special interest group to truly represent the people that elect them. Unfortunately, the majority of them are voted for by a totally uninformed electorate who recognize a name or a D or R and that is the way they vote. The system is broken and unless we start actually start voting knowing what our values are and voting in accordance with those values to preserve our Constitution and our freedoms we will lose our Constitution and our freedom; thus, we become so weak and divided, any enemy can come in and take us over and we will not realize until our freedoms are lost that we have simply sold ourselves out to the highest, most liberal bidder. Then the hammer will come down just has it has happened in every Country that allowed itself to be divided by petty interests. When that happens it will not be petty interests or any interests, it will be the interest of the Socialists who set themselves up as our lords and master that must be obeyed. There will be no winners among the American people in this scenario.

    8. William Homolka says

      Heard that!!

    9. keepyourpower says

      We are still going to get the same from McCarthy. Trey Gowdy for Speaker!

      1. rayr65 says

        No argument there and I think Gowdy would be a great Speaker.

    10. Catherine McCoy says

      Some dont realize that the Dems also signed petitions to get Boner out. Dems also have been sold out by these crooks and are fighting it

      1. rayr65 says

        People are just sick of career politicians in general and establishment politicians fail to understand. They have stopped doing the work of the peoples will and think they work for themselves.

    11. Azabigail1 says

      We can add Rep Peter King of New York to the list.

      1. rayr65 says


    12. Mary Green says

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    13. Phoebe Isley says

      Same goes for this so called president meaning “if you don’t want to do the bidding of the people then get the h-ll out!”.

    14. glorybe2 says

      People are elected to office which means the people really do support their actions. Small minorities will always object to just about everything. Naturally no one listens.

      1. john says

        you forgot period after office…

      2. john says

        You have a couple boo boo’s on that one..

  5. Pegasus says

    Boehner and McConnell are the crazies… they are nothing but progressive RINOs and can’t tell the difference between the whacko uber liberal Marxist America-hating Oblamer agenda and a true conservative platform…

  6. Gnowark says

    How much crazier can the TEA partiers get? They respect the Constitution, they expect their elected officials to attempt what was campaigned (i.e. to also respect the Constitution and listen to their constituents), not be fiscally irresponsible, and limit the federal government [although that could be said to simply be more “respect the Constitution”]. How much crazier could anyone get, than to know what this geat experiment was based upon, and expect it to be continued in this post-analytical age? [AKA: meet the new (Republ.) boss, same as the old (Democrat) boss]

  7. Original Rebel says

    Peter King – I thought you had better sense than this. You should probably watch out that your constituents don’t do a little “removing” themselves!

  8. Wayne says

    The ”CRAZIES” went along with the Obama agenda .
    The two subsequent mid terms spoke loud and clear to who to IS CRAZY and no longer wanted to represent them !!!

  9. Janelle says

    Mr. King, we’re not crazy about the giant hair ball the Fed has turned into, not crazy about the size of the deficit, the appalling amount of legislation and laws you pass without reading them and the amount of tax money you demand and the crazy way you waste at least half of it. You need to get out of DC and hold a couple of town halls in your district………

  10. Trythis Last says

    The Liberals love the current GOP “moderates”.
    Those moderates provide the Liberals with everything they ever wanted.
    Time to dump the moderates and put some spine back into the GOP.

  11. jhforsythe says

    We got rid of one of the crazies! Let’s get rid of the other crazies – the RINO’s who call themselves “the Establishment”.

  12. Trythis Last says

    King is a little bit late with his comments. The crazies are already in charge. Time for them to leave

  13. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Which is worse, the Democratic Party taken over by Socialists / communists, or the Republican Party taken over by “crazies” who want a smaller, more efficient, less obtrusive Gubment?

  14. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Where are the DNC jackals, Headinrear, AKCgirl, REALchick, BLOB-o666??

  15. richard schlinder says

    There is no question the Repubs were bought and paid for by the elites to go along,get along.
    The one thing that stands out in my mind is Trump is using his own money to campaign with.To get elected without Wall Street or Banksters money is a big thing. I am not forecasting anything here, Just saying!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I like a candidate who is HIS OWN MAN.
      Not another puppet on Wall Street Strings.

  16. Pam Dunn says

    Quote) “Boehner is a good conservative and a good man.” (Quote

    No Boehner was a drunker Rino and Obama BUTT kisser the whole time; He also betrayed Conservatives at every opportunity and dumped them from Committee chairs if they did NOT kiss his butt on everything.

  17. David in MA says

    The “crazies” just might get things back on track…. one crazy who helped Obama get things off track is leaving, hopefully more crazies from both parties will be leaving soon.

  18. Libya21 says

    Neither the house nor senate GOP leaders can lead. As for Peter king, he’s another loser. Since Congress does nothing worth a $, why do we need them? States appointing two reps each to get a budget done would make a lot more sense. The Congress and cabinets are just power brokers destroying our nation! And Obama is working for Iran and Russia! Revolution is overdue!

  19. Rodger K. Shull says

    add to the list to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE, McConnell,Pelosi, King, Graham, an others that are rinos, clean the house of the stale hot air an verbal rhetoric dust

  20. barbarakelly says

    We are not crazies, we want HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY AND CONSERVATIVE MINDED PEOPLE THAT WILL UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AS IT STANDS . AND McCONNELL ISN’T ONE. He is a pacifier. He goes to the Dems and what ever they want, its ok. He is so full of BS and we the people are sick of him.!!!!

    He doesn’t want to make waves, give the dems what ever they want. He is not a fighter of which we want. The Dems are full of corruption. Just look at all the sewage that is coming from their side.!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I agree w/you, but to a congress man pillaging our treasury, THATS CRAZY TALK.
      1. No Rule Bending
      2. Make lobbying illegal
      3. No take the money and run
      4. Abiding by the Constitution
      5. Do what the people want
      6. Create new American jobs
      To the establishment this is crazy talk,
      It might stop the Gravy Train………..

      1. William Wilson says

        …and no contributions from corporations or PACs.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ……..See how crazy you grass roots people think & talk.
          Y’all are gonna make Carl Rove’s hair fall out, from worry.
          Who should the GOP represent?
          The People or Special Interests Donors?
          See how confusing this is to the establishment

      2. IndianaWilcox says

        Need to make PACs & Super PUCS illegal too. No more Koch suckers!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I think the Maximum donation allowed by a single person or company should NOT be over $10,000.
          Look at Bush III’s donation monies. He has over $100,000,000 only $1000,000 or so, came from regular folks. The rest came from 3 Florida business men running super pacs………

  21. MAHB001 says

    Henry Ford once said.
    “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are absolutely right.”

    It is high time that Republicans find someone that thinks they can….. And quit believing in moronic polls.

    1. Howard Rosenstein says

      Polls are made to make news rather than giving us the news. The poll tool is used by the MSM to influence the public and to advance their far left agenda, I suggest million dollar fines be levied against any media outlet that promotes flawed, inaccurate and dishonest influence peddling polls.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Exactly, polls are used by talking heads when the talking heads do not have facts to support their opinions…..

        Polls are not facts…

  22. MarcJ says

    if you do not know what a RINO looks like take a look at Romney, Dole, McCain, Boehner…

  23. Freemanmd says

    This means that many Americans with common sense are tired to Congress people getting paid off by lobbyiest,getting rich and just voting the way the party leaders want instead of voting for America and the America Tax Payers.,

  24. Elmer Fredrick says

    Pete King should be the NEXT ONE TO GO, he is ONE STEP DOWN from the 2 SCUMBAGS , McConnell & Boehner

  25. HarryTC says

    If I’m crazy because I want America to be great again, so be it, I have done some crazy things in my youth. But voting to hand over our Country to all the migrants of the world, would be the craziest thine imaginable. The taxpayers have been assaulted by increased taxing over the last decade to a point that there is no more, we don’t have it to give. If the traitors of Congress allow the Obama Regime to import 100,000 Islamic Muslims, that have no skills, no future, and no desire to assimilate, our Country will be bankrupt in a few years.

  26. dprato says

    The real crazies are the leaders of the Republicans in Congress and the Leaders of the Republican Party. They were given a golden opportunity to lead and block the Obama Agenda and instead they have done nothing for an entire year. When the Democrats wanted to make appointments Henry Reid used the “nuclear option” of a simple majority to pass them. The Republicans have not paid the favor back by doing the same thing on Iran and a host of other important issues. In short, no guts.

  27. tricky dick says

    Why sugar coat him, he is a RINO and nothing more. He was a pla my on the ex-Republican Party, now known only as the RINO party.

  28. Alleged Comment says

    I NOTICE this happens in nearly anything where they put a women or negro in control. Yeah, check it out. Been my experience.

    I have learned since it is because NOBODY respects a women or a negro.

  29. L.C. in Texas says

    My recommendation: Term limits on ALL public employees, especially Judges.

  30. Neal says

    Doesn’t anyone besides me think the “Establishment” Congressman should start to realize the Grass Roots portion of the Republican Party is upset with the way they have been running OUR party and Congress? There is a candidate, not wanted by the RNC because it WILL NOT BE BUSINESS AS USUAL in congress, who is talking about items Grass Roots voters agree with! Boehner and a number of others haven’t listened to us for 20 years so it’s time they LEFT CONGRESS! “The Donald” has changed our country’s political system for today and the future. Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, the basics are not the same. I fully expect them never to go back to “the Good Old Boy” network which has been there for over 60 years! It’s about time the control of Congress is placed back in the hands of the people and out of the hands of the Establishment which has resulted in no change regardless who is is elected, democrat or Republican!

    1. Ammy says

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      1. Mark Clemens says

        Ammy and her Aunt have Muslim AIDs.

  31. Charles T. Gore says

    I don’t understand why with a majority in the house and senate they accomplished less than both houses were controlled by the democrats?
    Boehner and McConnell both seemed to be of the mind set to not fight the fight and conservatives values were lacking. Why? McConnell needs to be the next to go,
    Are they both liberals or moderates in liberal sheepskin clothing?
    It’s past time for a big change as I am sick of the republican representation as they are no different than the democrats.
    The problem is once the bastards are elected they represent themselves for personal monetary satisfaction and we the people have zero representation.
    It’s a monumental circle jerk and chinese fire drill.

  32. bygeorge says

    Congressman King is too deeply emersed in Washington Politics. He doesn’s see the Tsumni coming that the storm petrels are warning them about. Eric Cantor was the first casualty. While Cantor was not evanesced his sudden departure rocked the political world. But, like the Storm Petrels birds who warn of impending storms, the message was basically ignored or politically spun. A storm is indeed coming and the GOP ruling conniving political class doesn’t see it coming. In any event Eric Cantor was unceremoniously booted out.

    Now comes John Boehner who, in effect by choice, finally capitulated to the growing animosity toward his failed leadership. That Boehner is, was, or may be an alcoholic is immaterial. Alcoholics are all around us even more than a few democrats. But Boehner’s problem, long recognized by the party’s conservative base was that he had no conservative principles to embrace except to maintain his position as Speaker.

    In the past two election cycles voters sent scads of conservative representatives to Washington on a GOP promise of “just give us the House (we did), and later, the Senate (we did), and we will… (fill in the blank). But, in reality it was a business as usual plan to retain the corrupting financial influences of elite career politicians of both parties.

    An unanticipated by-product of those two elections was the elimination of the GOP’s only ally to continue the business as usual scheme, the “Yellow Dog” Democrats. There no longer exists a group of democrats with whom the GOP can compromise. Mind you, it’s the GOP that is always accused of not compromising, never the democrats, but now, only Obama and his Progressives (Marxists) remain on the other side and they don’t compromise. Period! Therefore, Boehner always capitulated and spent more time devising and explaining why he failed than actually doing his job as a representative.

    This is where political courage must be exercised and neither Boehner, nor McConnell for that matter, have it. It is at this point too, where the GOP must realize that simply changing a manager (Speaker), but not reviewing and changing the playbook, will solve nothing. Boehner’s selected team of like minded “leaders”, should have all resigned with him and let the new crop of real conservatives come in and have a go.

    Clearly, the Speaker finally realized the dire plight of the GOP if the Congress can’t take hold of the balance of power with the Executive and return to it its legitimate legislative authority. The Storm Petrels whispered to Boehner to opt out before the blood bath really gets going. The soon to come, but very short political eulogies for the unlamented House Speaker, will doubtless be slobbering testimonies to his vision, etc., etc., & etc., but the impact will be lost because Boehner didn’t have the good decency to honorably kill himself like adherents of Bushido. Boehner took the cowards way out, he simply quit.

    America can no longer afford to have a Marxist running our government without observing the checks and balances written into the Constitution. Obama drew many political red lines against Republican ideas and Boehner never cross them. The rest of the world knows that Obama is weak and won’t defend his stated “Red Lines” why didn’t John Boehner? The mystery remains.

  33. volksnut says

    a small faction wanting unreasonable demands – perrys just another RINO – of course hes going to try to brand anyone holding up his gravy train as ” crazy ” he needs to follow boner to the door –

  34. Patrick Murphy says

    boehner is a do nothing drunk with the speaker of the house pined on him. no will to fight for causes is why he is on the way out. I live in Ohio and will not vote for him. go back to your dad’s bar and wash glasses as that is all you do well.Now it’s time for mitch to go as well. past time to take out the liberal rino trash.

  35. CINDY says

    I nominate Trey Gowdy for Speaker of the House…He’s strong, has a good moral compass, and “plays well with others”….

  36. CCblogging says

    Bonehead is a drunk and a fool Period! I don’t agree that he is a Conservative at all. Peter King is a liar and a Republican Establishment clown. The crazies are people like King and Bonehead who have given the far left Globalist Obama everything he wants while ignoring We The People’s wishes.

  37. PatriotGal says

    Rep King, the “crazies” had taken over the Repubs years ago – they are called RINOs – just like you. We the People are sick and tired of RINOs or I should say want-to-be DEMONcRATS. We the People want the government restored to the people not to the pols who think they know what’s best for the rest of us.

  38. John Gasper says

    King is also one of the idiots in office! SO much to do to clean up these corrupt bastards! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  39. James Maxwell says

    I would suggest the loosey goosey extremely moderate Rep Peter King might want to take a better look
    at the GOP. It was hi-jacked quite some time back by the moderate PC crowd of whine Republicans
    who did not have the spine to stand on principle and be honest with the voters. The party is finally
    gaining members who speak their mind and tell the American People the truth. If our nation is to
    survive we need men and women of Character not of cowardly persuasions who turn their back upon
    the principles that made us a great Nation and keep us safe from harm. We have allowed corruption
    in government, our schools and the halls of Congress to sway away front those guiding principles
    and morals to depts. of corruption that are unheard of. Out courts have turned into a morass of
    liberal fools who apparently have forgotten the laws they swore to uphold are what those laws actually
    mean and who they are to represent.

  40. RobertNorwood says

    King better check in with reality because elsewhere, in places where liberals gather, King has been referred to as a “crazy”. Boehner is a decent person, Obama isn’t, Boehner wanted to play by the rules, Obama does not. It was time for a change. Many of us quite sane folks out here just wanted a change. The same old same old wasn’t getting it done. You have to wonder what is going on when the Speaker cannot get Kelly Ayotte and Tom Cotten to vote with their party on “Un-Planned” Parenthood funding.
    Those two will face their supporters if they seek re-election, but I suspect the’re not. As far as Ayotte is concerned she’s not getting my vote. Cotten can go get a job baiting lobster traps.

  41. petemobtv says

    The ‘crazies’ and do nothings are getting ousted!

  42. Chuck says

    I’m so tired of hearing people say the GOP needs to be more moderate. Being more moderate lost us the last election. We need to be more conservative and we need people in government that represent the people. When was the last time you met a moderate Democrat?

    1. hangem'high says

      They don’t exist; they refuse to listen to reason!

  43. 83ragtop50 says

    King is absolutely correct!
    And we true conservatives have begun to purge those “crazies” with the resignation of Boehner.

  44. Mark Tercsak says

    Thank GOD, The crazy Bastard’s are taking over, Congressmen KIng, They are what we in the real world refer to as {MEN}, Congressman King, I used to really like you, at one time you were a crazy, what the Hell happened to you, what does Obama and the Democrat’s have on you sir? It seems to me you and the BoneHead Boehner , who I also liked at one time are being blackmailed and your owned ! You have sure changed how sad, you need to resign too! Mitch McConnell your an abstract failure as a Leader, a Man and as a Senator, you sir should be ashamed of your-self , for not standing up to Obama, you are just as guilty as Boehner , in getting American Service Men Killed and wounded , not giving full support for Libya Investigation, not calling the President out on Iraq Policy and the collapse of that nation along , with Libya, and Yemen and most of the Middle east ! You are all cowards and should be ashamed !

  45. Gerry Costa says

    King can follow boehner out the door if he doesn’t like Conservatives. And I disagree with this article — from boehner’s actions and lack of action he proved he is NOT a good conservative nor a good man. He made caving in to this fraud a genuine art right along with buddies mcconnell,mccain and graham.

  46. movingwaters says

    Maybe Mark Meadows should be one of the people strongly considered for Boehner’s replacement. The GOP will want to replace him with McCarthy. He is part of Boehner’s leadership team. If the American people sit on their behinds and do not push for one of the true conservatives, it will most likely be McCarthy. And we got in the condition by the silence and disinterest of the vast body of conservative American sheeple, present company excepted.

  47. JIM DALLY says


  48. Gerald A. Reason says

    The party who has been take over by “crazies” is the Democrat Party. When you have a nation which has grown from a rag-tag bunch of Colonists, to the greatest nation in the world, and you want to destroy the very document and the values which make up the very foundation of that nation, you are crazy. That is just what the Democrats, and liberal Republicans, have been doing for many years. This administration has just accelerated that process.

  49. John McCarey says

    Peter King has never impressed me as a Republican. The crazies that he refers to are the Republicans that wish to fulfill the promises that they made when they ran for office. Quite a novel concept. The party regulars that get elected and vegetate are upset with this concept. The proof is readily available for viewing by looking at the Republican record since they became the majority.

  50. buddman says

    Peter King is a RINO Douchebagg

  51. buddman says

    John Boehner is a LIAR

  52. Eman says

    You know what they say about nice guys, people aren’t knocking down doors to get to them.

  53. siridh says

    He did little more than some show votes and platitudes. He could have at least slowed or stopped part of Obama’s agenda to destroy the US. I think they have so much dirt on him he can’t move. All of them in his position need to get off the gravy train for the sake of the country. What selfish b*st*rds.

  54. AlanWH says

    G.O.P. as defined by Bonehead Boehner, Mushmouth McConnell, Rino Jerk McCain, etc. should G-et O-ut of P-olitics! McCarthy is No Different than Boehner. If he becomes Speaker, NOTHING Will Change! Demand Someone Better.

  55. Eric says

    The “Crazies” are the ones going along with Obama’s agenda and refusing to even try to slow it down. Citizens have spoken the last two elections and politicians are not acting accordingly. What does Peter (“Dickhead”) King have to say about that???

  56. Gnarly Charlie says

    Maybe Peter King needs to leave too!Grab McConnell as you exit. Save on cab fare.

  57. Valor says

    Peter King can KMA!! I would love to tell him what I told a caller asking for my continued support of the Republican Party. Not suitable for prime time. I had had it with the GUP. Give Up Party.

  58. warnerathey says

    People worked hard to take our country back. They contributed money, they campaigned and they showed up on election day to vote. Now did they do that to stop Obama or just to get some meaningless symbolic vote and then hand Obama a blank check? If Boehner can’t handle the job it is time for him to go.

  59. Tom_EE says

    Since when did believing in our Constitution AND expecting our government to actually follow it make me “crazy”?

    OUR Constitution sets for the enumerated powers that that YOU should not be exceeding, even by redefining words (I.E. “privacy” is complete privacy, freedom exercise religion is absolute, right to keep and bear arms is absolute, searches AND seizures ONLY with probable cause AND WARRANT, AND “The powers MOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the STATES respectively, OR to the people!”
    The Feds using high-priced attorneys that weasel-word and corrupt the meaning of OUR Constitution MUST STOP!
    Our Constitution is very precious, and the establishment Republicans are almost as guilty as progressive liberals in sidestepping and twisting its meaning!

    Liberal, Democrats and establishment Republicans have become the “enemy from within” who are destroying our Constitutional Republic! They should be warned, “We the People” have not only a right, but a responsibility to defend our Nation, OUR “Constitutional Republic”!

  60. Jack says

    Democrats have over the years manipulated congress into becoming institutions of compromise. Then one issue by one issue have chipped away at our republic form to the extent they now call it a democracy leaning in the direction of socialism (communism). Those seeking the socialist side also refer to themselves as globalist….but think about that, in stead of sharing individual wealth it’s sharing national wealth which is a concept of communism. Put another way, taking from those that have and giving it to those that don’t have while keeping the lions share for self and party.

  61. kassa1 says

    If Peter King were real conservative you’re not going to want to remember what state is in New York, as the Bible calls New York Babylon the prostitute of the world

  62. James in Texas says

    Thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of Republican have already left the GOP simply because “we” have taken full note of the lack of courage, principles and honor of the Oath of Office that the so-called ” Established Republicans” have shown themselves to be! Many of us became supporters of the “hated TEA Party”, which is not even an political party, just a hugh group of fed-up folks who see the GOP as nothing but self-serving “jerks”, like Mr. King! We, the TEA Party folks gave them the majority and look what they gave us………………”Socialism on Steriods”! Mr. King, Kiss my very Conservative backside!

  63. Halftrack2 says

    Poor old Bonehead…Now he can retire with the millions in bribes, payoff, and kick backs he has scammed over the years…Treason and lying pay big time in D.C.

  64. sweetqueen777 says

    Since Boehner could not stand the HEAT, he did what he should have done a long time ago. GET OUT OFTHE KITCHEN. I wish it were effective TODAY, since he will use the time to give Obama MORE of what he wants.

  65. Rich says

    It’s not so much that they cant seem to get the job done, it’s that they don’t even try. Pass the legislation and let it get vetoed. Let the dems treason go on record by letting it go thru. Then we have ammunition for the next election. No brainer.

  66. PPTA says

    Boehner, a good man? Fr what? He is a traitor tothe American People, the People in Israel and in Europe. The Corker amendment he pushed for Obama, and the worthless Democrats, will hasten WW3. Israel has no choice but to attack their Nuclear Facilities or face total destruction by the Iranians. The leaders in Iran ave said many, many times, they will wipe Israel off the map. They also have sad many, many times they will destroy America. So America lets Obama , a Muslim , give them a deal, and the Free World gets NOTHING? Just how stupid are we.And then I read that Boehner is a conservative and a good man? How much Blood on his hands will there be when the Nuclear exchanges start? And don’t forget McConnell, Kerry, Obama, and Obama’s administration. Have you read what Boehner still wants to approve before he leaves? Everything Obama and the Democrats want starting with funding for Planned Parenthood. Yes, he is sure a good man. As far as the crazies taking over the Congress? They did that starting in 2006when the Democrats took the House and Senate. Te Democrats, Obama, and the Rinos have just about destroyed America. Boehner and Patty Murray destroyed or national defense when they agreed to cut the defense to levels before WW2. I have no sympathy at all for Boehner, McConnell, Obama, the Administration, or most of the Democrats. It appears they hate this country, Israel and freedom. They have taken God out of everything They Booed and Hissed God in the last Presidential election convention when they put God back in their platform, , they fund Barbaric practices like Planned Parenthood, who sells baby body parts for profit, (one woman was after a new sports car), then claim the videos are not true. (Liars) We live under the rule of Barbarians, in a Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah. We will pay a terrible price as a country before this is over.

  67. mike gunter says

    What an IDIOT! The turn coat a** kisser of the Socialist MUSLIM FRUD LIAR doesn’t know how to lead or negociate. Rsn over like a little girl. Glad he is gone. Wish they could put TREY GOWDY in there.

  68. Michael Skok says

    “Now, it’s worth noting that Boehner is a good conservative and a good man.”
    He’s a politician in Washington. So his character is questionable at best. From what I’ve heard, he wants to ram down Obama’s policies on immigration down our throats. I certainly would not call Boehner a “good man.”

  69. Michael Bolger says

    don’t sugar coat it. He lied to the people and did Obama’s biding. say one thing and do another. In my eyes he’s nether a good conservative or good man!!

  70. Francisco Machado says

    Boehner enabled the Democrat’s programs, Obama’s programs. Boehner, however, was the symptom, not the disease. Do not overlook that he was elected – and re-elected – to the position of Speaker of the House. Whether his ouster is anything more than a false palliative remains to be seen. The Representatives who installed him are the disease, and the infection persists. Whether taxpayers will start to see some accountability for what their money is buying that they do not want will remains to be seen. The House has sequentially divested itself – unconstitutionally, since it does not have the assigned power to abandon its responsibility – of the power to decline to fund programs negative to the interests of the nation. Constitutionally, it is the House of Representatives that is responsible for the spending of your money.

  71. fred says

    I’ll take what they call “crazy” over some democrat loving RINO anyday! We need tax reform, and that requires spending reform, if it doesn’t happen we will fire all of them! The present course of feeding career politicians who do nothing to improve our freedoms and financial condition is OVER and we intend to take OUR country back! Sorry if the people breaking the law coming here illegally don’t like it, but they will be gone too if WE have our way!

  72. Patriot47 says

    You status quo RINOs are on notice. You WILL be replaced. You can holler foul all you want, we know where the foul smell is coming from.

  73. Mark says

    Boehner claims that his skills in compromising will be missed. I say that when only one side does the compromising it is called capitulation.

  74. Larry says

    Crazy is so easy to lable another, but it always seems that the labler is genrally the one with no marbles. These politicians are mad with power and it’s their only cry, “YOUR crazy”, THERE IS NO ACCOUNTING FOR STUPID!

  75. nvrat says

    He may be a good man and a mild conservative but he and McConnell have let the progressives take over the country and destroy our economy, schools, foreign policy and a multitude of constitutional freedoms because he and others in the party refused to stand up to a tyrannical movement by the opposing party. The people see and understand what is happening but because of his refusal to stand with and for party voters has caused his demise not his imagined crazies.

  76. vespo08 says

    You Peter King you should resign too. Crazies? Have you taken a look at the radical left wing loons, starting with Nancy Pelosi? You were there when they shoved ObamadoesntCare down our throats, stifled Americans Free Speech & Redressing our government during Town Hall Meetings? You were there for Fast & Furious! You were there for the Executive Branch blatantly ignoring US Immigration Law, giving the perception we have no law at all! Oh by the way you are SILENT! You’re not offering any leadership Pete! So if you think the GOP is crazy, what do you think about the democratic party leadership trampling and systematically shredding the US Constitution?

    1. Goodforall says

      Very well stated! There is a reason over 71% distrust the government. And this RINO is a big part of the problem. They have lost their way and have forgotten it is we the people they represent, not they themselves.

      1. jaime says

        Hello Goodforall, I don’t think they lost their way. They knew very well what they are/were doing. The proof is it the pudding–old saying :0)

      2. vespo08 says

        Thanks Good! You get tired of these so-called Republicans eating their own party. They’ve not learned one damn thing from their counterparts across the aisle. Shut up! Hillary is one of the most dishonest individuals and running for POTUS as a Democrat & not one radical left wing progressive is speaking out against this woman and her blatant disregard for law & her lying. Thanks for the comments!!

        1. Goodforall says

          Absolutely! We are definitely on the same page.

  77. Jean Langford M. says

    An absolute DITTO!

  78. EMIRCITNA says

    NEW YORK WATER makes great pizzas but damned bad politicians of the worst kind, as must be the case after hearing Rep. Peter King’s BS!!!! ~ Make note, New Yorkers, …GET RID OF THIS CLOWN when he comes up for re-election!!!

  79. Peatro Giorgio says

    Rep. Peter King is an idiot ,lying rino coward. What’s crazy is the people of his district elected this incompetent moron.

  80. Bob Stewart says

    60 years of compromising with democrats has gotten us to where we are today. I don’t elect a congress person to negotiate my beliefs away. I send them to congress to vote according to what he promised during his/her election. I don’t send a congress person to Washington to vote his beliefs, I send him there to vote his constituent’s beliefs. Republicans like Boehner have forgotten voters and have acted like they have a mandate to put their personal agenda above the voters. They should now pay the price for their arrogance. As far as rep. King, he could not get elected anywhere but NY where conservative is just a word and no more.

  81. William Homolka says

    A third party to destroy the GOP? Clean out the garbage from the GOP – there are plenty good people. DESTROY THE DAMN RACIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY WHICH HAS BECOME AMERICA’S COMMUNIST PARTY! Look at the havoc these anti-American dysfunctionals have caused. They’re traitors.

  82. UpstateNY says

    It is good that Trump got into this action. He has talked about problems that everyone else in every party has walzed around for years. Now everyone has to get down to the real issues at hand.

  83. pappadave says

    Yeah! Isn’t it terrible about all those “crazies” in the GOP who actually expect GOP Congress-critters to follow the Constitution?

  84. Robert Russell says

    This is why we need term limits?????

  85. Wilbert Jennings says

    The lets do for us and not for the people is about to change and change for the greater better. Obama and Clinton need to be prosecuted for their involvement in Benghazi and Clinton for accepting monies from the Arabs. Obama again for bringing in illegals for votes and the muslims as his back up army when its time for him to leave. Get ready for a real fight for the racial war he wants is close and he has martial law at his finger tips with a army disguised as IRS employees along with FEMA and all the ammo they purchased. Sad but true most of Americans have their head in the sand and would actually vote for an illegal or a muslim which has happened in some states already.

  86. mike slaney says

    Peter King is another Rino that needs to go, they all need to go, incompetence may be part of the issues with these traitors as they compromise America away to the NWO. When GOOD people compromise, the wicked win hands down, enough is enough, no more!

    1. FreedomTrainUSA says

      Agree…King and many others need to be SHOWN THE DOOR…

  87. FreedomTrainUSA says

    I believe that the REAL Crazies are the Establishment RINOS who will not take the Blind Folds off….Too see how much Damage that the Marxist Communist D****RATS are doing to this Country….These RINOS are either in bed with the D****RATS or are afraid of them….They are only concerned with staying in Power….Even when they in effect have ZERO POWER….Even when they are in the Majority….they are Puppets of the D****RATS….And thus are really still in the MINORITY….

  88. Master Blaster Pursel says

    Our Country was born out of our Forefathers willingness to stand and Fight for what was Right! The reason our Country is in the shape that it is (and is sinking rapidly), because we have lost our willingness to fight for what is RIGHT, and is RIGHTFULLY ours: Our Constitution and our way of life. We don’t need open borders, we don’t need any more illegal aliens in our Country, especially thousands of people who come from countries that have one hand in our pockets shouting Death to America!! I did not see Mr. Boehner’s willingness to stand up to Obama and draw the preverbal line that we, Republicans, would not allow him or Harry Reid et. al., to cross that line. Congress can no longer be a social club or a good ol boys club. We are in a fight to save our Country and we MUST have the support of the Congress to do that. It’s obvious that Reid could not do that, but the did get EVERYTHING his party wanted. Republicans now have the majority in the Senate and House. It’s time we become Republicans AGAIN, and we need a Fighter in Congress.

  89. Donna Morken says

    We are sick and tired of republicans that bow down to democrats every time. We voted them in and got control of the house and senate but nothing has changed the democrats are still running things. It’s time to take over. We don’t need another Bush in the whitehouse either. Wake up America and stand for what this country was founded on.

  90. FloridaBoyee says

    Rep. King, I think there are TOO Many of your “crazies” still in office! We as the people, who showed ALL of you Nimwits that we wanted change in our government, by the last 2 elections, have done NOTHING about it! WHY do you think that the FRONT RUNNERS in the GOP presidential races are NOT politicians? Does that makes us the “crazies” or you ? We are not supporting them on their good looks, we WANT CHANGE and if you cannot see that, you, too need to step down and let someone else in NY represent your district! Watch Sen. McDonnell start squirming around now! He knows that we “crazies” are coming after him, NEXT! YOU ALL have ALLOWED Obama to do what he wanted to do from the start and have done NOTHING about it! We think he should be tried for TREASON and IMPEACHED!! But have you got the balls to do what we elected you all to do? Heck NO!! So, maybe the people of your district will see the light, if they are not down here in sunny Florida, enjoying our warmer weather, and relaxing atmosphere, come out and get rid of you, too!

  91. WhiteFalcon says

    I have been saying for several years now that conservatives need to take over the Republican party or we need to start a new party for true conservatives. Others have been saying the same things. Maybe someone is stating to hear us. Peter King is an idiot if he fails to realize that the so called “crazies” in the Republican Party were elected by Republicans that are tired of being lied to by people like Peter King. He had better pay attention or he may well see the death of the Republican Party because Conservatives will start their own party and the GOP will cease to exist because they cannot exist without the conservative votes. It is like democrats and the black and illegal votes. They cannot exist without them. At present, there is no real difference between Republicans and democrats, or Commieonazicrats for a more descriptive term. As the country song states,” If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Today’s Republicans stand for nothing and they fail at everything. We need something better than that.

  92. Al Hope says

    Powerful positions require leaders who can move public opinion…with Boehner and McConnell at the wheel, shipwrecks occur every time. They are the dullest personalities on TV and it is just downright embarrassing having them speak on behalf of ALL republicans. Media savy must be a mandatory competency of in the future.

    1. lieberalschism says

      It isn’t the place of politicians to move public opinion but rather the publics place to move politician’s actions.
      They work for us not us for them.

      1. Al Hope says

        Yep and they need to do their job and win the public debate on our behalf.

        1. lieberalschism says

          Absolutely. The majority of us should be the ones to decide what their actions should be not the 2% percent kweerbos, or the blmers or liberal cry babies or whatever else makes up 49% of the population.

  93. wonduh says

    Old JB had his snout in the wine bottle too long. He should have been gone 2 years ago.

  94. daveveselenak says

    This is the problem with most conservatives in this dead Republic, they have been bullied by PC which is nothing more than a communist tactic of not having the truth be told for fear of being ostracized. The truth of the matter is that “Crybaby” Boehner is a disgrace as is his partner in treason, that being “Bitch” McConnell, and both of them are not good MEN because if they were then they would have done the Right thing and fought against this Muslim-Marxist jihadist tooth and nail! Good riddance Crybaby, don’t let the door hit you in the ass! We are in need of courageous men, not mice in this time of communist, NWO takeover which is not a conspiracy theory just a CONSPIRACY – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  95. Steve Huntsman says

    King would look so nice in a pretty pink dress and a black purse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lieberalschism says

      Look in king’s special closet. He probably has a better wardrobe than his wife.

      1. Steve Huntsman says

        Well then he should have Boner and McChicken over and play dress up !!!

        1. lieberalschism says

          Haha haha, Gooood one.

          1. Steve Huntsman says

            Thank you Sir ….

  96. cdansreau says

    “Boehner is a good conservative”. Incredible BS. He attacks conservatives and tries to make them into liberals. While this is my opnion, if there is any doubt goto and look upthe ideology mapofcongress. You willfind Boehner tothe left of all the the GOP congressmen. this location isderived from recorded actions hehas taken. there are literally democrats that are more conservative than boehner is,

  97. Sapperboy says

    The only crazies in the GOP are the seditious rhinos!

  98. don76550 says

    Boehner you are an incompetent liberal party hack with a spine of solid marshmellow. The sooner RINO garbage like you is out of congress the better. Now you can go to the white house and grovel at comrade Obama’s feet full time.

    1. lieberalschism says

      His tax payer financed kneepads are well worn out already but BO will get him a pair of professional grade heavy duty kneepads and replace them daily.

  99. melmack 1 says

    Dear Peter…If you look closely you will note that AMERICANS are taking over the party after almost 8 years of being controlled by a Muslim and his followers, namely harry ried, nancy peolosi, john kerry, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell and thousands of others. It is time to take our country back from these that are doing their best to destroy the best country the world has ever seen: The UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!!

  100. GrizzMann says

    Sometimes crazies aren’t as crazy as those accusing them of being crazy. A form of political projection.

  101. mike slaney says

    No. Mr, King (Rino), it was the crazies (liberals) who who took over the GOP and now it is the crazies (Good People of America) who want it back, and if that means getting rid of people like you, so be it! find another job, you may be next!

  102. 2Shadow2 says

    The pot calling the kettle black. The old guard GOP is obsolete and they have been a part of not listening to their constituents, and voting with a NWO regime to the country’s detriment.

  103. Masculist Man says

    One of the things I’ve heard is that Obama is blackmailing Republicans into doing his bidding. I’m not excusing what these RINO’s are doing I’m just offering an explanation. If that is the case then they need to got to the media and put if before the people. Once the secret is out it is the blackmailer who’se is in deep shit.

    1. lieberalschism says

      The blackmailer in the WH has gotten away with everything else, he wouldn’t break a sweat over even thinking about getting caught.

  104. LibertyLovingPatriot says

    Boehner is a good Conservative? If it weren’t so tragic, that statement would be funny. If he can’t tell the difference between Bill Clinton and Obama how could he possibly be a good Conservative? Any Conservative knows that Obama is the more dangerous of the two. 1. Conservatives believe that the Constitution is the rule of law. 2. Conservatives believe in policies that work for the good of the country, whether they be foreign or domestic. 3, Conservatives believe in limited government. Obama hates the Constitution, he is an ideologue, he has doubled the size of the debt. He is the antithesis of everything Conservatives believe in. If you are a Conservative, you can articulate those principles of Conservatism. If Boehner knows them, he has never advocated for them in any serious way. The point is he never made an effort on behalf of the people. We gave the Republicans majorities to stop the implementation of Obama’s radical agenda, not to pass his radical programs. Boehner was content in his do-nothing leadership role while Obama was transforming the country. Because of that, we may never be able to undo the fundamental destruction of the country perpetrated by Obama.

  105. Deborah Henderson says

    never liked Boehner always thought he was not tough enough when he could have and should have been (which is almost all the time). However, we may get worse them him this next go round particularly if McConnell becomes the speaker.

  106. TAM44 says

    john boehner and mitch mcconnell couldn’t make a muster count on a two man sub without screwing up. I have never seen such spineless wimps in my life as these two good for nothings. obama and nancy controls john boehner, and obama and harry reid control mitch mitch mcconnell

  107. Masculist Man says

    Want change? Want better more responsive government? Then become activists. Government goes to those who show up. It always has. If you have a concern write your Representative: and Senators: and let them know you’re concerns.

  108. joebabe says

    Will there ever again be a “Citizen President”? What a concept! …….not a poll-taking, which way is the wind blowing, greedy money hungry, power junkie collectivist, But just someone who wants to make America a great country again. There seems to be a few,but the uber lefty media slimes them,or they get ostracized by the camp followers or get their districts gerrymandered from under their feet… committee seats, no constituents , no say in governing. ….bye bye, citizen, one term and you’re OUT? Sorry state of affairs!

  109. BA DeMonte says

    Will anyone in this comment section admit the truth? We the people are the blame for what has happened to this country. We the people have elected these impotent incompetent people to make laws and lead this country. Destruction is what the apathy of the people has wrought on this country. Now it’s time that we the people fix our error and dump the career oriented, power hungry, tax and spend crazed ruling class politicians from both parties.

  110. GaDancer says

    Mr. King, you are the problem, if you think We The People think that Boehner is either nice or conservative. I don’t know who voted for you, but obviously enough people in your district elected you and now you force your views on me. My rep, Tom Price, has no one running against him and he has not had a Town Hall in years because he has funded Obamacare and the omnibus bill which eliminated COLA for our retired vets.

    I am a Trumpeteer for many reasons, but this attitude is one of them.

  111. Dan Menard says

    The general consensus, which agree with, concerning Boehner is that good or bad he did not reflect the opinions of his constituents. He did not live up to nor function that he was expected to. More often then not he betrayed the very people who put him in office. That was reason enough to remove him from his office. His time in office was marked by deception and shame which is his only legacy to the American people.

  112. daveveselenak says

    No Crybaby, unlike your treacherous chicken-sh^t ass, real patriots with courage have finally taken a step forward and let “US” pray that it becomes a march to freedom – A$$HOLE!

  113. seersuckerandapanama says

    Peter King is one of the prime exhibits in the case for why the Republican base is a volcano about to erupt. He is also an advertisement for a new third party.

  114. B. Zerker says

    Peter King is just another establishment RINO like most of the GOP “old guard” which seem content with the status-quo. They’re ALL bought and paid for by their paychecks and all of the generous perks they’ve voted themselves on our dime. They lost their balls a long time ago and cannot even recognize the Constitution’s enemy directly across the isle from them. If the “crazies” he refers to in the GOP are constitutional patriots, willing to uphold their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, which is now being shredded by the left, just let me remind Mr. King that there are more of us (Constitutional Patriots) out here in America than there are of you (parasitic treasonous traitors) that enrich themselves off the People’s tit. As for Boehner, he is just like you so good riddance!

  115. John Williams says

    The fact that Peter King is still blubbering over the loss of Boehner confirms what I have said for years, King is another one that needs to go. These “establishment RINOS,” (King is one) are not smart enough to see what is happening right in front of their noses, the entire lot are dumber than a box of rocks. It does not take a rocket scientist to follow the presidential polls, when the leaders in all of the polls are either non politicians or anti establishment (Cruz), (I think bush is simply being propped up, he is not as popular as they would like to make us think,) and these fools are not smart enough to see it, they are asleep. I guess king cannot help himself but to try and blame everything on “the crazies” but he is to stupid to understand that in this case he is calling a lot of his own constituents “crazies,” hopefully this will get him removed from office. King is part of the establishment and part of the problem, he needs to go.

  116. Marty says

    Peter King has to be added to the list of ‘to be replaced’. These RINO’s have destroyed the party and are too stupid to see what they are doing, or they are intentionally destroying it because they are true demoncraps. Either way, they gotta go.

  117. Edward Conley says

    So the voters are “Crazy” to expect the Republicans we elected to act like Republicans instead of cow towing to the Democrats.Then call me crazy ….

  118. Jo says

    I’m very concerned a Third Party would split the Republican votes and the Dems (Socialist/Communists) will remain in office to finish the job of destroying our country and our freedoms. Those who are ‘old school’ Republicans and the Tea Party Republicans need to come together and agree that we are speeding down the hill to destruction of our entire civilization, and get their act together and ‘BLEND’ a workable team of both, to win the election (if there is one). We, the voters voted the Republicans in with their pledge to turn things around, but they continued to support the terrible laws that Obama had forced on our country. This is our last chance!

  119. Ted says

    I agree. Third party would bring doom to this country.

    1. ADLoggy says

      It is important to note that even the worst of the republicans running right now is better than anything the demoncrats have. They will do less damage when there is a republican majority in both chambers of congress. Even if you have to vote holding your nose for the republican you still need to vote.

  120. hora says

    Boehner are a piece of shit traitor, many liberals infiltrate in a GOP, Boehner are one. But a good are what be will come for liberals after next election who will loose, be will no mercy.

  121. ADLoggy says

    Boehner and the establishment GOPers are nothing more than Demoncrat lites. They are center to center left and don’t realize how far from the center of right they have strayed in their quest to please lobbyists and make a career out of being a Senator or Congressman. They have betrayed their constituents by saying they will do one thing and then avoiding it like the plague or claiming it was impossible. They are sell-outs.

  122. David says

    “Crazies” have been in charge of both Parties for decades … so … if a lot more of these “Career Politicians” will decide to Retire … then maybe their Replacements will actually “Represent” the American People in Congress again.

  123. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Buh-bye, “Boner”.

  124. Joe T says


  125. Dick Ellis says


  126. cae973 says

    perhaps someone needs to remind King and his ilk that its supposed to be a government for the people and by the people which means he is supposed to do His job which is do what the people want!

  127. Joe T says

    The United Nations Prophecy Bomb Pope Francis Dropped That Nobody Caughtby Geoffrey Grider

    The Name of Jesus Christ, of whom Francis claims to be the “vicar” of, was never mentioned one time in any way, shape or form

    “I receive not honour from men. But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.” John 5:41,42 (KJV)

    Pope Francis says some amazing things, but he rarely says them in an amazing way. He speaks with a low, weak voice, mostly in Italian, and can be hard to follow even through the interpreter. So like all of you, I did not latch onto to the explosive thing he said in his opening remarks of his speech at the United Nations. From a prophecy perspective, which is the only angle we really are concerned with, his words are literally off the charts.

    While surfing around today on the official UN site of the Holy See, I found an article called Address Of His Holiness Pope Francis To The General Assembly Of The United Nations, and clicked on it. There I found the official Vatican transcript, prepared and approved by the Vatican, of the remarks Francis made in his UN speech over the weekend. When I read the first few lines, I thought I was dreaming, there is no way he actually said that. But, there it was, officially transcribed and approved at the highest level of Vatican authority.

    Jesus in the fifth chapter of John, is talking about the difference between the true representative of God on Earth, Himself, and the Satanically-produced counterfeit of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. In verse 43, Jesus utters these astounding, prophecy-packed words:

    “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” John 5:43 (KJV)

    He is ultimately referring to a time, far in the future, when someone would come claiming to represent God, but actually coming in his own name, with his own unGodly agenda. Now, listen to what Pope Francis said as he said these words on Rosh Hashanah, in front of a gathering together of nations of the world:

    “Thank you for your kind words. Once again, following a tradition by which I feel honored, the Secretary General of the United Nations has invited the Pope to address this distinguished assembly of nations. In my own name, and that of the entire Catholic community, I wish to express to you, Mr Ban Ki-moon, my heartfelt gratitude. I greet the Heads of State and Heads of Government present, as well as the ambassadors, diplomats and political and technical officials accompanying them, the personnel of the United Nations engaged in this 70th Session of the General Assembly, the personnel of the various programs and agencies of the United Nations family, and all those who, in one way or another, take part in this meeting. Through you, I also greet the citizens of all the nations represented in this hall. I thank you, each and all, for your efforts in the service of mankind.” source

    Pope Francis said that “I come in my own name” and that of the “entire Catholic community”. Not as a representative of Jesus Christ, not as an ambassador of the Gospel, but Francis stated that he came in his own name, his own power, and that of his Roman church. Rome the place and people that killed Jesus on the cross. The same cross that Francis said “ended in failure.” The Name of Jesus Christ, of whom Francis claims to be the “vicar” of, was never mentioned one time in any way, shape or form. What on Earth could possibly possess him to say that he “comes in his own name”? Then I read the end of the transcript, and it all clicked in.

    Francis ended his speech with these words:

    “Upon all of you, and the peoples you represent, I invoke the blessing of the Most High, and all peace and prosperity.”

    Which “most high” was the Pope referring to? When I read my Bible, I see another “most high” lurking in the pages of Scripture:

    “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Isaiah 14:14 (KJV)

    I see the counterfeit “most high”, you know, the one that “comes in his own name”.

    Open up your Bible, find a blank spot next to John 5:43, take a pen and write “FULFILLED” in margin.

  128. muskat antonopolis says

    Def of a LIBERAL…not narrow or contracted in mind, not selfish, enlarged in spirit, universal.
    Not bound by orthodox tenents or established forms of political philosophy, independent in opinion,
    not conservative, friendly to great freedom in the constitution or administration of govt.,
    Def. of a Conservative….one who favors the conservation of existing institutions and forms of
    govt., contradistinguished from Liberal and Radical. One who holds moderate opinions in
    politics….opposed to revolutionary or radical actions..
    Just so that when all of you guys and gals who carry your six shooting name calling label gun at the
    ready to lamblast someone with a label or two at the quick draw, know of which you speak……although
    I do not think it matters any….some have grown so quick on the label gun that they label before they
    think…..which is infrequent at best…mentation that is….
    well, I know that the name calling will commence shortly….so….have a really nice and peaceful day….

  129. daledor says

    If you do evil or go along with evil then you are part and parcel to it. Boehner is a criminal who is part and parcel of the New World Order agenda which is bad for America. In the least he had no backbone to do what is right while fighting his own party when they opposed his action. I don’t buy into him not having a backbone AT ALL. That is a cover up LIE. He was part and parcel of the NWO and a RINO traitor to his country.

    1. IndianaWilcox says

      Aren’t you the guy who said: “In England there was a Lord in the Parliament who made a speech that was on video in the early 1900’s.” Was that video made just before or after WWI?

      1. daledor says

        It took me awhile to locate the video in my archives. If you think life has so little value based on class or race as he and his friend Hitler – I pity you. Life is precious even if some waste it. Much more waste when people are manipulated to depend on government rather than self and God in order to control the cattle as some in the government have done by eliminating work that gives people enough to live on and getting people dependent on welfare – government’s nipple, a political tool to control people and capture votes.

        George Bernard Shaw — Hitler used his idea for a so called kinder and gentler poison gas.

        1. IndianaWilcox says

          Oh, I get it now. You didn’t really mean: “In England there was a Lord in the Parliament who made a speech that was on video in the early 1900’s.” what you meant to convey is: “There was a Lord in the English Parliament who made a speech that was filmed in the early 1900’s. It was recently made available as a YouTube video.”

          1. daledor says

            You are Wonderful at MAJORING ON THE MINORS and MINORING ON THE MAJORS! Typical Saul Alynsky radical!

          2. IndianaWilcox says

            If communicating clearly is minor, you must be right. However, I’ve found it goes to intellect and education which then translates to credibility … or lack thereof.

          3. daledor says

            The video is old, I saw it many years ago, just lost the copy and this recent post revealed it clearly. Same video edited into the newer video.

            I will agree on one point about communication — I could have taken more time and communicated more clearly. I focus more on content than grammar because I expect a few typo’s not to be the major issue. If I were communicating status quo low level communications with simplistic thoughts I naturally would catch most if not all of my errors. Simplistically speaking, just as when I functioned as an engineering tech and thoughts were deep – engineers and techs don’t look for perfection in all communique’ but focus on problem solving and handling deep technical issues — when you focus on major issues then minors fall to the side and deep thinking people don’t waste time on perfect grammar since the focus is on deeper matters and problem solving/resolution. If a book is written then reading and rereading and editing can be done when presentation to readers becomes the issue. As a technical writer, I write the thoughts out and edit later. On this forum I let it fly and if I miss a small error or two – no big thing to me.

            When I referred to majoring on the minors and minoring on the majors I was referring to how you focus so clearly on grammar and finding flaws in my writing as your major while ignoring the major issues at hand. When you are ready to respect me and not just be looking for a way to find fault and denigrate then perhaps we can go to REAL ISSUES at hand.

          4. IndianaWilcox says

            What an interesting diatribe. I can’tell stand Boehner. He’s too much of a Tea Puppet for my tastes. You seem to dislike him because he’s NOT ENOUGH of a Tea Puppet for your tastes. I get it … DUH! But, in typical rabid right wingy-dingy fanaticism fashion, you resort to irrational, illogical hyperbole. Unlike your ilk, I may disagree with hm and maybe even think he’s an a**hole but that doesn’t make him a criminal. I don’t, therefore, believe you were an engineer. You let your emotions override your intellect. That seems very un-engineer like to me. Moving on … IMHO, our country is in FAR MORE danger of becoming a right wing fascist dictatorship that a left wing socialist dictatorship. Have you no understanding of how out of control Crony Capitalism has become in America?

          5. daledor says

            Bone head a tea puppet – you are a moron.

          6. IndianaWilcox says

            Right! ***Attn Readers*** Read my post and how I’ve presented my point and then read dumbedors ….

            I wrote: “He’s too much of a Tea Puppet for my tastes. You seem to dislike him because he’s NOT ENOUGH of a Tea Puppet for your tastes.” I acknowledged his judgement of Boehner on the Political scale RIGHT UP FRONT. No big surprises there.

            So, dumbedor unequivocally missed that. (par for the course)
            Now …… Who’s the moron?

  130. J_R_K says

    The “crazies” have taken over for a reason: Folks are tired of and fed up with the “lazies”.

  131. patricia crevier says

    The simple fact that he was loved by Democratic leadership and will be missed by them,should tell you everything about the job he did. We need to stop them from putting in Kevin McCarthy who is pro amnesty.

  132. GuardianFlame says

    Boehner was not listening to the American people for a long time, period, but was playing more to this sitting president than anything. It almost makes you think bho had some sinful hold on boehner because no matter how many times Americans wrote, faxed, called his office, they were ignored.

    We the People are happy to see this man go because he never communicated with us about his real feelings about his job or WHY he choose to do bho’s bidding over our demands. I wrote him 2 years ago suggesting he consider retiring and let someone who would not be a mental subjuggate to bho finally step into his place. Funny, he never recognizes anyone’s attempt to communicate, even when the letters were with praise (many ltrs were positive until the past 2 years). Must have been a very confused man…time for him to go.

  133. Swampfox1965 says

    Peter King has declared that “. . . crazies have taken over the party.” I could only wish that were true. A
    significant number of GOP House members no longer toe the party line and are true conservatives when it comes to defending the Constitution and serving their constituents. However, the party is still largely controlled by what can only be described as RINOs. And therein lies the source of Peter’s lament.

    If the current crop of entrenched Republicans had been doing their job — defending the Constitution instead of the liberal agenda, and being responsible to their constituents instead of K Street lobbyists — this never could have happened. It’s the nonfeasance and malfeasance of the old guard that has opened the door for these latter day patriots. It is the fact that Boener & Co. have groveled before King Barack that has enraged the country’s conservatives — what used to be the “base” or “core” of the Republican Party.

    There aren’t enough of these new patriots — yet — to fully gain control of the GOP. It is my hope, however,
    that enough conservative thinkers will come to see the fealty toward the left that the RINO’s have demonstrated — and “clean the House.”

  134. Robert A Kaufman says


  135. Jere Joiner says

    This article more or less confirms what Boehner said — the idiots think they can loft a “Hail Mary” pass into the end zone whenever they want something. Boehner may not be the right man for Speaker of the House but he knows how the game is played. He also knows the GOP will come across as obstructionists when they fight a losing battle with a president who rules by edict and executive orders. Boehner also knows edicts and EOs can be overturned as soon as a Republican president is elected in 2016. Tea party conservatives who think “our way or the highway” is better will only split the party and ensure a Far Left win in 29016. Be careful what you wish for, ladies and gentleman. Also be aware that the Far Left has infiltrated your ranks and are fanning the flames. Use your brain for what it is designed for — thinking — and leave the rock-throwing to idiots on the left.

  136. Geri D says

    Peter King subscribes to the same mind set as Boehner only he’s worse. He is a Democrat in Republican clothing. This is a wake up call to Long Island, NY – get this phony bag of sh*t (King) out of office. Get a real Republican (if there is one in that county) in office and then we can talk about the “crazies” like King.

  137. Pegasus says

    The crazy one is Boehner himself… he does not listen to the American People and has caved to Oblamer on numerous occasions… he has failed as a leader and has truly been a worthless Speaker…. McConnell is out of the same mold!

  138. Margaret S. Tennant says

    Boehner did this to him self. We were so excited when Republicans won because we were led to believe Obama would no longer ram his agenda down our throats. What we got was a bunch of weasels just stamped approval of every Obama proposal. We the people were deceived by the Republicans that were all bluster and no results. You fooled us once but never again. Ted Cruz is telling it like it is and I think the Republican party should go the way of the Wigs Party. They stand for nothing but a rubber stamp of any lunatic idea proposed. Maybe we should help Iran aim their Nukes at the U. S.A. . This deal is insane!

  139. Jena Smith says

    Boehner sold us out. I’m not sure that this country can ever come back to the once grand nation it was.

  140. MARYSWEET says

    Peter King thinks that taking a person out of office who is siding with a traitor in the White House? Maybe Peter king should think about retiring also. If he is referring to the conservatives in Congress as “crazies” then I pray he is right and the “crazies are taking over. graham, mcconnelly and mccain need to resign also as they are the biggest rinos and are in obama’s pocket and do his bidding ALL the time.

  141. EdStone says

    Rep peter making is one of bloomberg and obigears puppets. He “NUTS” and doesn’t deserve to b anything in washington.

  142. Chuck Rosenthal says

    Hey Rep. King, it hardly seems like a handful. The objections to Boehner were broad and across-the-board. He was either incompetent or his “agenda” was in direct opposition to those who voted for him and Conservatives. The upheaval, if you can call it that, in the Republican Party is due to the dangerous precedents being set by a psychotic President and the seeming wimpy compliance on the part of the Republican Establishment. If you want to take the ball and run with it then do so, but I would suggest that you stay aligned with the Constitution, fiscal responsibility and American history as presented in the education system BEFORE THE ADVENT OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!

  143. Hudmar7 says

    The crazies took over the party long ago and this is the results, Cronyism and socialism.

  144. leebo13 says

    Who wrote this article. Boehner has integrity. Have you seen how much $$$ he’s gotten paid for votes? This guy is a known Alcoholic who takes bribes and God only knows what compromising pictures may be out there which opens him to Blackmail.
    He has NO integrity because he lied to the American People and when he’s been called on it by Conservative House Members he retaliates. He calls Conservatives and TeaParty members vile names.
    Whoever wrothe this article, I can see why you won’t put your name to it.

  145. Pendit 1 says

    McConnell & Boehner come across as TIMID and easily rolled. Obama and his acolytes see them as easily handled and offering no significant resistance to his nefarious agenda.

  146. 13gatorgrowl says

    Peter King is a royal a$$ Hole!

  147. Maria castro says

    The truth is that the rino establishment has passed from being scared to pathetic!

  148. jaybird says

    There are petitions now to get Mitch McJoke out. Sign the petition and call your Congressman to help get him out and to tell them to elect a Conservative for the Speaker of the House seat!

  149. Teresa says

    I like how this idiot uses a false analogy to blame others for Boneheads resignation. The truth is the people are sick of this out of control administration which includes both democrats and republicans that are catering to the obamite destruction of the america and the american constitution and for what freedom stands for. I think anyone that cannot allow others to live their life how they see fit has control issues. If I do not take a flu shot then I suffer the consequences of getting the flu and its my business. If you took the flu shot then you should be protected unless of course the pharma companies got the wrong strain ….then it really doesn’t matter if we take the shot or not. Just an example of stupid ass logic of this cabinet.

  150. Richard Nelson says

    Crazies took over the party long before this.

  151. tricky dick says

    Everyone seems to be so nice and pc now that Boner is dropping out. The hell with that, I won’t sugar coat him. He is a RINO and there is NOTHING good about RINO’s and there is nothing good about Boner, So I say good riddance and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

  152. runnindeer says

    Boehner is still there and until he is out (and his choice for replacement is not in) I won’t be at ease. Even then I am skeptical about the republican party now. It has been being their old game of politics as usual and to hell with the people that elected them for way too long. When any of them calls a member of their own party crazy for disagreeing with them it is one thing , but hearing over and over how we Americans that elected them to do a job that they have consistently refused to do since getting elected are crazy for wanting them to act instead of act Democrat, it is past time to show many more the door.

    I will add that after Boehner prayed with his Pope at least he seemed to be able to keep his fool tongue in his mouth and speak without tears. Something good seemed to come of it. OUT DEVIL! ” Pray yea one for the other that yea may be healed”. Am I the only one that has noticed how Mitch McConnell has literally begun to physically look like Harry Reed since he took his seat?

  153. TexRancher says

    Crazies…..Does King mean Republican voters who put people like him in office? Better go back and look up the word representative, Peter…

  154. Karole Conaway says

    He is not a good conservative or a good man! The only thing good about him is that he will be gone! It would be even better if he would go tomorrow and take mcconnell with him!

  155. Spark1845 says

    This is WHY, I am an Independent now. Was Demo., way back. Then Republican for a long time. They have failed so now I am INDEPENDENT. Not that it matters to any of you. But, it does to me.

  156. talltreetrader says

    What world is Peter King living in? Judge Boehner by his works, not what his cronies say!

  157. Karen Sheerin says

    Its definitely time for Pete King to go. He and the other Reptards don’t get that you can’t reach across the aisle to commie liberals. We must stay the course just like Washington. We have nothing to lose because we have just about lost our country at this point.

  158. ricktenny says

    I can’t nominate my guy from Texas as he wants to be President, but I sure like Trey Gowdy.

  159. 1josephg1 says

    boner is a good conservative! The writer of this article is delusional. boner is not even a good pos. He is a disgrace to this country and to anyone with testicles. Crazies have taken over the republican party. Hardly, the crazies are the pos in the white house and the low life scumbag democrats and rino’s in the house and senate.

  160. June Gagnon says

    No, the “crazies” are not taking over the party – – we’re just getting rid of the non-working deadwood and that effort will continue for the forceable future!

  161. glorybe2 says

    The republican party is full of idiots. They wanted the lunatic,extreme right, to bolster their power and now the loonies possess the entire party. What that will really mean is that the right wing has no chance to win the next presidential election as the American people are not quite dumb enough to elect any of the tea party trash. Boehner and Trump both spend too much time under sun lamps to do any real work and are so far gone that they think they look good with their awful baked on faces.

    1. Edward J Baker says

      It is idiotic to believe that respecting constitutional government is idiotic.

      1. glorybe2 says

        Constitutional government has nothing to do with a power mad minority that seeks more power through lies, deceit, and deliberate ignorance. The vast majority of Americans are far left of the tea party and right wing republicans. For example most Americans believe in abortion on demand. The Supreme court is the authority that decides what meets the Constitution and have ruled that abortion on demand meets the law. Yet we have a minority that wishes to violate the Constitution and make abortions either illegal, difficult to obtain, or limited in number. These people do not care one fig about America, the Constitution or reality. They are like angry infants having a fit that they can not get their own way.

        1. Edward J Baker says

          Is it your form of being power mad to put together strings of factual falsehoods?
          Everything you say is untrue. The Supreme Court does not have the authority to rule on abortion, despite having done so, and their Roe v Wade decision represents an act of tyranny and the usurpation of the democratic processes of the states to create the judicial fantasy that invented a “right” to abortion that does not exist anywhere in the Constitution.

          1. glorybe2 says

            In fact the Supreme court is the one and only authority in deciding if a law is legal or not. It also has the power to decide where states rights apply or do not apply. further in fact any action taken that is not specifically illegal is legal. The Supreme court looked at the issue in great depth and considered a woman’s right to deal with her own body parts was more protected than a fetus or embryo. I know that people do not like to study and listen to all kinds of garbage radio shows and receive terrible, warped, interpretations of the law and how our government actually works. But really you need to do some studying from real sources and not from some backwoods minister who has no clue at all as to what he is talking about.

          2. Edward J Baker says

            Wrong. Nowhere in the Constitution is Scotus given the authority to interpret the Constitution to their own ideological purposes. The branches of government are not coequal. The Constitution makes the legislative branch pre-eminent. Scotus only has the right to apply the Constitution. They have no special magical powers to interpret matters they have no right to interpret. Obviously questions with ontological meaning are beyond their competence, and the Constitution grants the power to the people, through their legislatures, to make value judgements that impact civilizational definition. Scotus has no right to accept cases that are for the people to decide. You really need to do study and not take cowardly refuge in a world of caricatures.

          3. glorybe2 says

            That may be the most ignorant thing I have read in quite a while. obviously every judge in every court room has no choice but to interpret the laws in play in a case. For example what does pre-meditation involve. Can a person pre-meditate a crime three seconds before committing the crime? How about three minutes? The judge is the one and only person that gets to judge the meaning of pre-meditation. All laws work like that including the constitution. How deep runs the right of a woman to make all decisions about her body parts? Can a judge ignore that woman’s rights simply because some other people dislike abortions? What are her privacy rights? Does anyone have a right to know what is decided upon with her doctor? So what you really want is to take a way the rights of an actual human being over the rights of an acorn that might one day become an oak tree. That is tyranny at its worst.

          4. john says

            You messed up on away ..Away is one word..You spelled it a way two words…another boo boo .. Away is the correct way to spell it… 🙂

          5. glorybe2 says

            Yes I did make an error just as you made robust errors using two periods twice and three periods three times in one sentence.

          6. john says

            It’s all right we all make mistakes..At the end of the day we’re all humans..

          7. Edward J Baker says

            Your comments might be the most ignorant thing I ever read. Judges have no mystical ability to discern anything any more than anyone else. And judges and juries don’t get to judge the meaning of anything. Judges and juries, under the legal instructions of the judge, which is the only purpose of the judge in lower courts, apply principles of law defined by the legislature, in full recognition of their judicial fallibility.

            And the Supreme Court has no more of a right to define metaphysical reality than anyone else. Why do you think Scotus turns down cases? It isn’t because of scheduling. It’s because in rare moments of humility, they recognize they are no more qualified to judge the issues at hand than anyone else, issues that can alter the values of a civilization. They make such a decision so that the matter can be debated in the legislature where it belongs. Why do you think this very point is made repeatedly in discenting opinions when Scotus arrogance does what it should not be doing.

            Your analogies are infantile. There is no such thing as a human right for anyone to decide the fate of another innocent human being simply because that nascent human being’s inconvenient existence. Tyranny at its worst is when the invincibly ignorant can side with a process that usurps the democratic
            process or ontological reality.

  162. Reta Mae Cherry says

    “What else do you do when someone isn’t getting the job done? Ask them to stay on another four years? Of course not. You show them the door,” Then why don’t these crackheads show Obama the door? He has done nothing, but work for Islam since he has been in office, respecting an establishment of THEIR religion, which in itself is against the constitution!

  163. otoman says

    ““Crazies” Have Taken Over Party.”
    YEP, they are called RINO’s!

  164. Jon's On says

    If Pete King thinks the crazies have taken over then he has, like Boehner, been there too long. I hope he makes it clear to his constituents how he feels. King is also out of touch. He has an award from AARP which tells me he is also a socialists in republican clothing. What ever Boehner’s reasons for not stepping up he needed to go. Only a crazy idiot would think otherwise.

    1. IndianaWilcox says

      Right on! … we need more crazies in numbers and more radical ones too! Any Tea Party rally attendee would make a great SOH.

  165. DRLJR says

    Neither Boehner or McConnel have demonstrated they are conservatives or Constitutionalists. If anything they have demonstrated they are “Progressive”-lite.

    1. IndianaWilcox says

      Outlaw liberalism! They should all be thrown in concentration camps or the Gulag.

  166. Jonathan Brooks says

    Bonehead is NEITHER a good conservative or a good man.
    Petie King is the crazy here, in that he is willingly blind to the fact that Boener and McConnell have greased the skids to let the entire Obama legacy travel through Congress like a greased ferret through a Boa, with no push back at all.
    Boener keeps talking about BS ocscure goodies he got, but never admits that this pails in comparison to the financial chaos in employment and small business that Obamacare has triggered., the death and harm that the illegal criminal class has done, because the Blobama will not deport these rapists and killers and DUI generators who use autos like bumper cars to run down Americans.
    The establishment cannot figure out that they are SEEN hating on the base for blocking their progressive utopia, with corporate cartel overlords and insane trade deals, and circle jerks with Iran and the Middle East radicals.

  167. shavager says

    People, SINCE Boehner’s been Speaker of the House–National DEBT has RISEN BY $4.1 TRILLION DOLLARS–Boehner and McConnell have NOT STOPPED ANY SPENDING Obama’s pushed for! They continually capitulate to Obama ’cause he’s a black president and they’re afraid to confront his policies, they’ve SOLD OUT America and our citizens. McConnell could’ve used reconciliation just as Harry Reid used to FORCE ObamaCare down our throats–he won’t even make the move. Imagine this–GOP establishment WANTS ObamaCare! WHY? Because ObamaCare is DESIGNED to collapse the healthcare industry AND Insurance companies–that means FEDS take over healthcare–SINGLE PAYER–and that’s BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of dollars that insurance companies will NO longer be collecting–POOF!–the “middle-man” handling those billions GONE and Congress takes over–that’s a HUGE POT OF MONEY to be spent BY CONGRESS on anything the establishment parties want. Despite the numerous repeal votes–Boehner and McConnell both know it can’t be passed without a Republican in White House–the HOUSE could END ObamaCare by simply REFUSING to fund it, Boehner would’ve fought it, McConnell would too.

    1. IndianaWilcox says

      That’s right. We need someone more radical. Where’s Michele Bachmann when we need her?.

      1. shavager says

        Disappointingly enough–Michelle got redistricted OUT of her Congressional seat and chose not to run for re-election from a new district. I wish she had stayed and fought the fight.

        1. IndianaWilcox says

          Interesting. Are you calling her a liar? Look at her interviews at that time and review news coverage. In her own words, she disagrees with your assessment as to why she didn’t run. Why would you call her honesty into question like this? She is the pinnacle of that to which America must aspire if we truly want a Christian nation.

          1. shavager says

            You apparently think you can read minds, NOTHING I said about Michelle Bachman could be conceived as calling her a liar. She got redistricted OUT of her district not long before re-election season began, she CHOSE NOT to run again–words out of her own mouth. I wish she had run in the new district, win or lose, she didn’t, FACT!

          2. IndianaWilcox says

            Nope, can’t read minds. I can see and hear her video clips at the time though. Are you a PBW?

          3. shavager says

            The ONLY House member with a BACKBONE—TREY GOWDY! He’d make a great House Speaker UNTIL a new Republican president’s sworn in, then he’d be a GREAT Attorney General for DOJ! P.S.–the NY Times and DemocRAT party Rep Steve Israel of NY claims Michelle Bachmann was under investigation for improper use of campaign dollars and after barely beating Dem Jim Graves in ’12 and Graves had announced he would run against her again and she wasn’t bringing in the campaign cash to be successful in another run. The FBI, Federal Election Commission and Iowa Senate Ethics committee were all reported looking into allegations of ethics violations. NY Times article, Feb 21, 2012 by Monica Davey: “Bachmann Will Seek Old District’s Seat Despite New Map.”–that redistricting placed her in district FOUR instead of her district 6 area, at the time facing election against a sitting DemocRAT Betty McCollum who has had the seat since 2000. Personally I don’t think they ever found anything improper but that’s the way DemocRATS operate–they make the allegations and crow about it over national news media of which they dominate with 96% control, until a candidate’s been damaged enough to force them out. IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD–Kevin McCarthy QUIT his shot at House Speaker over allegations he had an AFFAIR with NC Congresswoman Renee Ellmers–that allegation has been traced to Obama’s Dept of Homeland Security in VIRGINIA and they’ve promised an investigation to prove or disprove it. THAT’s a TYPICAL Obama modus operandi–THAT’s how he first got elected to office in Chicago–outing opponents with allegations.

          4. IndianaWilcox says

            I’d love to see either one as SOH. Bachmann is still my 1st Choice though. With or without the affair allegations, McCarthy’s hilarious Benghazi remarks can’take be ignored. You don’the admit that you spent millions of taxpayers $ for party politics to bring down an opposing candidate. What a dimwit! I say: Bachmann for SOH … 100%! Trey is my #2 choice.

          5. IndianaWilcox says

            P.S. Who would you recommend for SOH?

  168. Kathryn Caldwell says

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  169. rich says

    Once Boehner learns to keep his mouth shut will be a good day for him. Boehner can keep telliing that bull crap about him being a Republican but the only people who MIGHT believe that are the other RINOS in the party. He has done almost as much to ruin this country as that fake ass American Obozo!

  170. rightsright says

    I believe that John Boehner has had it tougher then any other Speaker, and the proof is that we have a man in the White House that we do not even know who he really is and HE IS STILL THERE! We have a man that the DNC DID NOT Certify as Constitutionally eligible in the letter submitted to each state. It was changed to omit that Obama and Biden were legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution. Prove it to yourself by contacting the Governor’s office of your state and find out where you can get a copy, I did and was sent an email of the “revised” letter. You can find a coy of both letters online by googling: DNC Letters of Nomination for Obama and Biden. Nancy Pelosi signed the letters and the revised ones were sent out. If they have not been removed, you will have to admit something is fishy and powerful backing is behind this Terrorist, Traitor in the White House. Boehner had a very difficult job and I think he just did not have the backing and I wonder if anyone will if they try to buck this product of the promised takeover of the U.S. government without firing a shot, but from within!

  171. OldPatriot32 says

    Trump-Cruz in 2016, to pull the US back from the 3rd World abyss of corruption, crime, poverty, disease, and general hopelessness, probably under a Marxist/Muslim dictatorship!

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