GOP Debate Night: Candidates Vie for Second


ABC’s Republican debate got off to an awkward start Saturday night when a technical malfunction left Ben Carson and others stranded in the entranceway, unable to hear their introductions. Once past that snafu, however, the network did an admirable job putting on a smooth, well-paced debate that managed to avoid some of the nonsense that has plagued their competitors.

One improvement: we’ve finally narrowed the field to a manageable size. That gave the moderators the freedom to loosen the reigns a bit and gave the candidates more time to respond.

There was a sense of urgency in the debate, which will be the only one before New Hampshire voters go to the polls. Several of these men – Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich – know that a dismal showing on Tuesday could spell the end for their presidential aspirations. If they can’t dent Marco Rubio’s establishment consolidation now, it’s hard to see how they’ll ever catch up. That urgency was particularly palpable in Christie; the New Jersey governor had Rubio in his sights from the word go.

Outlining the difference between executive leadership and Senate service, Christie said to Rubio: “You have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable.” He hammered the Florida senator for his “truancy” on important votes, accused him of fleeing his own immigration plan, and even took shots at his debate skill.

“There it is,” Christie said after a Rubio retort. “The memorized 25-second speech.”

The audience played a role in changing the tenor of the evening as well. It was a surprisingly pro-Bush crowd – Jeb got some of the night’s biggest reactions for lines that didn’t feel particularly memorable. Both Trump and Rubio were booed when they engaged the former Florida governor directly. Trump actually brought attention to their reaction, claiming that the crowd had been filled with “donors and special interests.” Perhaps, though, it was papered with reporters. The press seemed to think that Bush got the best of Trump in an exchange about eminent domain – a strange consensus considering that Trump has seldom seemed on firmer ground.

Trump also had the line of the night when asked about whether he approved of waterboarding. After explaining that terrorists were beheading innocent people, Trump left no doubt about where he stood. “I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

Ted Cruz, the only man on stage to nab a victory thus far, took heat for telling Iowa voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. He apologized to Carson on stage, but the renowned neurosurgeon was less than forgiving. He rejected Cruz’s reliance on a CNN report, explaining that his campaign corrected that story only minutes after it appeared. Trump later capitalized on the scandal.

In his closing statement, Trump said of Cruz’s Iowa win: “That’s because you got Ben Carson’s votes, by the way.”

  1. Croco Dile says

    Another useful spectacle.

  2. Croco Dile says

    Most people have been reflexively conditioned to imagine that the presidential election in our freedom machine is a popularity contest that the people control. It has become a gigantic and expensive show. A huge distraction orchestrated for many different purposes. None of which have anything to do with what you think.
    The most important thing to understand is that if your state decided not to allow its citizens to VOTE for the president, you would have ZERO constitutional basis to complain. NONE.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Well Croc, looks like you beat everybody to the punch on this one. Too bad for anyone that had any real substance on the issue, I’d say, right?

  3. Miss Mellie says

    Carson needs to stop whining; it’s getting tiresome. And Christie sounds an looks like a character out of “The Godfather.” His brusque manner and swarthy looks WON’T PLAY IN DIXIE.

    1. canurelate says

      You are so right about Carson.

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Carson is at least a Nice person~! Cruz played a Number of Dirty Tricks there, & CNN has even said they corrected their information Immediately~! Cruz was totally Wrong & Lied more than once, plus Lied again at the Debate~! Carson is not a strong Leader, but at least follows a Good path~~unlike the CROOKED Cruz~! The Only non-compromised Leader is TRUMP~~& he was the ONLY one that was “” Nice to Ben Carson last Saturday Night~! If you do not believe me, go back & watch the Beginning footage~!

        TRUMP is the ONLY Person on that stage the actually ACTS on his Promises~! No~”CAREER Politician” ever does Anything Done!

        1. Miss Mellie says

          Yeah. We can SURELY believe the liberal media, CNN. There is a reason the GOP establishment want ANYONE BUT CRUZ. They’ll take Trump over him. They KNOW they cannot control Ted Cruz. And “that’s” as Paul Harvey used to say “The other side of the story.”

          1. 73Anne37 says

            You obviously do not READ all the News on the Internet. Ted is one of the Most Bought & Paid for Politician ever. Even RON _PAUL came out yesterday & stated “Cruz & Hillary” are the Big Wall Street Bought & Paid for Candidates~!

            Yes JEB Bush has MILLIONS by Big Corp Doors & Rubio is Bought by Rupert Murdoch~~But CRUZ is Backed the SAME as Hillary plus Robert Mercer~! Carly~Chris Chriiste & Kasish have Big Super PAC’S too, but nothing like CRUZ~!
            Cruz is also Pushing he NWO “North american Union” 7 his Wife Heidi worte a Report for the CFR entitled “Building a North american Union” that advocates for NO BORDERS between~~the USA~~Canada & Mexico.
            “Ted Cruz Needs a Constitutional Convention to Pass the NAU”

            “Heidi Cruz NWO Report”

            Ted cruz. Henry Kissinger & the Globalists”
            TRUMP is self Funded~! TRUMP is FOR AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY & our Own Constitution~! TRUMP CAN & WILL “Make America Great Again”

            TRUMP ~~ACTS~~on his PROMISES! TRUMP is not OWNED by anyone else.

          2. Miss Mellie says

            You have put up a “straw man” in this conversation, “The North American Union.” But you did not address my premise that the GOP establishment wants ANYONE (Adolph Hitler?) but Ted Cruz. There is a reason the establishment HATES Cruz: they cannot control him.

          3. 73Anne37 says

            CRUZ is NOT for the USA~~ Cruz is a Globalist~! Trump is a Nationalist~~ The MEDIA & NWO~~Do NOT Want TRUMP. TRUMP is the THREAT to the NWO Agenda. Trump wants America to retain it’s Sovereignty & Constitution.

            Cruz is Just Despised by EVERYONE because he is a FAKE~& and has an elitist attitude~! Cruz IS a PHONY.

          4. Miss Mellie says

            I do not dislike Donald Trump. But may I point out that Mr. Trump has holdings all OVER THE WORLD. How is that a threat to the NWO? Ted Cruz is not perfect; no one is. Well, one man was and he was crucified at age 33. But Cruz is despised because he is open about his Christian faith. Jesus said, “The world will HATE you; it hated Me first.” maybe you should examine why you despise Cruz so much?

          5. 73Anne37 says

            The NWO wants NO BORDERS & Is Destroying Sovereignty All over the World! TRUMP is the Only Candidate that want BORDERS for this America~! That is TOTALLY Against what the NWO Objective Is~! So they HATE Trump.
            In Addition~~_Putin Requires BORDERS for RUSSIA he wants that Country Sovereign, & the NWO is doing all it can to DEMONIZE Him & Russia~!

    2. MikeTheTiger says

      Miss Mellie, Carson has justification for some whining. In this debate it was the media trying to limit our choices. Carson was asked only three questions during the whole debate, while most of the debate wasn’t a debate but a cat fight. Where were the questions on the economy or the deficit, or on positions rather than asking questions so pointed that they only drew snide comments. I’m tired of the media and entrenched party politicians telling us who we should support by their one-sided treatment of some candidates. Mr Carson is probably the only one on the stage who’s only agenda is trying to solve our problems. All the others are power seekers. Until last week I thought maybe Cruz was a good candidate too, but what his people did to Carson places Cruz right back in the pack of self-seeking power grabbers. Carson is the only one who addresses issues rather than personalities. Rubio did not look good in this debate with his canned statements. His inexperience showed.

      1. Miss Mellie says

        Agree with most of what you say, Tiger. Ben Carson is a good man; an honest man. But he does not have the life-experience to be POTUS. He would make an excellent U.S. Surgeon General. Cruz’s campaign manager jumped the gun. But let’s be honest here: why did Carson announce his intentions of returning home BEFORE the NH Primary? Politics is a blood sport and ONLY the strong survive. Dr. Carson is “too nice.” Cruz is the ONLY candidate who has steadfastly stood on the principles of the Constitution; and he has stood alone in the U.S. Cesspool of a Congress. Congress hates him. “If you have made enemies; it means you have stood for something at some time.”

        1. MikeTheTiger says

          Miss Mellie, Carson did not “announce his intentions to return home”. The news media asked his campaign manager where he (Carson) was going after the election results were in and told the media he was going home for a day, then to Washington DC for a engagement and no matter what the result in Iowa he would be back on the campaign trail. CNN uncharacteristically actually reported exactly that and then the Cruz campaign staff loosely extrapolated from that without any confirmation from CNN or from the Carson camp. The Cruz campaign went out to every Caucus in the State with misinformation. Just another low down political trick (lie). Then Cruz in the debate stated it was CNN’s fault, which CNN immediately repudiated. Cruz moved from an outsider and rebel, who would have been my second or third choice after Mr. Carson, to off my list with that lie. Not because of what happened in Iowa, but because he did what most politicians would do, he tried to blame others rather than his own staff. If he had said his staff did it without his knowledge or approval and even made any attempt to hold someone in his campaign responsible, he might have stayed on my list of possibilities. but he didn’t. I don’t expect the people I support to be perfect, but I do expect honesty. Cruz pulled a “Nixon”. I’m left with Carson, Trump or maybe Rubio?? All the others are just pure politicians – career politicians. I’m through with career politicians – they are all out for power, not what is best for us as a nation. I have hoped for a change over the last 40 years and it’s only gotten worse. We have to throw out every career politician. It’s time for new blood and term limits. Serve no more than two terms and you are sent home and never eligible to run for that national office again. We need people in Washington who will have to go home and live with the laws and regulations they passed while there. Then maybe we will get some common sense in our government. We have to find a way to elect folks that go there to make things better rather than go there to become a member of a separate class of special citizens who think they are better than the rest of us. Money and power corrupts and that is what we have right now with all the career politicians. Carson is a smart man and honest, where he lacks experience he is smart enough to ask the right questions and listen to experts. That is something Obama hasn’t and won’t do because of his liberal political philosophy and agenda. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a dishonest power seeker and Bernie Sanders is a socialist. So the Democrats have nothing to offer a middle-class working man or woman except more of the same we have seen in the last 8 years. Things have to change politically or this country is going down the drain fast.

          1. Miss Mellie says

            Agree with most of what you say; but I cannot support Dr. Carson UNLESS he is the nominee. I have some misgivings about Trump’s “health care plan.” It soulds too much like single payer govt. funded to me.

        2. gets2say says

          Cruz has been in some back room deals just like all the others in Congress; that’s probably what makes them the most angry – he’s playing the “holier than thou game” and he’s still, at the end of the day, just another backer-serving politician. I would love to see either Trump or Carson. Carson may be “nice” but his life experience has included handling some back-biting, power hungry individuals. The medical field is just like all other fields when you get to the top levels.

        3. Pamela says

          Not necessarily and I live in Texas. Cruz lied and Carson explained it and told the truth and the only one that backed him up was TRUMP who also hates liars and politicians. Trump 2016

  4. melmack 1 says

    Rubio is 100% correct in saying obama knows what he is doing. His main objective is to bring his enemy, the USA , to its knees. He has approx. one year left and he is pulling out all stops to destroy this once great nation. With the help of his DUMBORATIC allies like harry ried, he is doing well on his plan.
    Thank you Marco for bringing this up. Wish cristie and the others were smart enough to listen and learn !!

    1. clem says

      Not only Harry Ried-Paul Ryan- Mitch McConnell-the RNC and most of all the U.S. MEDIA.

      1. Mike Geremia says

        the Rinos are worse than the Democrats—National Socialist democrats that is………

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree, they are SPIES… Spies used to be shot for a reason… They are lower than traitors…. If that is possible..

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Not really! We traded ONE traitorous deserter for five known thug terrorists. That Hussein is one shrewd negotiator!

    2. MAHB001 says

      Both political parties are controlled by DUMBORATS. Ryan, Boehner, and McConnell are examples of liberals in conservative clothing.

      1. usncb says

        Nothing will change after the pres. election. Even if ol DUMP-TRUMP wins ,,,,,,,he is a white Obama, it will just get worse !!!!

        1. Chris Harbinger says

          What have you done to help your nation like JFK asked way back then?
          What will you do to help TRUMP and others like Carson..?
          It is up to each of us…and not to act as if someone is our puppet or vice versa..just like Christians neglect FREE WILL!

          1. usncb says

            What have I done to help my nation ? What have you done. I paid my dues. I went to NAM to fight a war they would not let us win ! I was in the USN, ACB #2, I WAS A SEABEE, in a moble combat const. batt. We built roads and such in places that the people didn’t know what a road was. We kept even the Army moving. We also had a detatchment of MARINES with us that were the bravest of any man I have ever seen, I love those Marines, they saved our ass many a time. And I will not help Trump, he is another Obama,only all white !!! just BEWARE DUMP-TRUMP !!! I spend more time at the VA hosp. than you do at home, I’ll wager. With all due respect, just who the hell are you ?????????????????

        2. MAHB001 says

          I pray you are wrong about Trump, and I know you are wrong about change.

          I see tons of real people waking up to the fact that their Government is corrupt and out of control.

          They just don’t know what to do. Take a Civics class, find out how our Government works.

          The power is with We the People. Or at least it used to be.

      2. Chris Harbinger says

        In other party kills ALL…GOP doesn’t exist they are a bunch of butt lickers..lowest form of cowards lawyers liars…to self perpetuating gov bureaucrats sending our sons, daughters, brothers sisters, uncles, aunts, mothers, fathers, even grandparents off to foreign soil as US Military each generation to be disposed of…so the after lif of the cowards will be to live all their horrific deaths and those who returned to be taken a long death while the VA hospital staff watched …then got l9 months off PAID to return to repeat even more dasdarly VILE EVIL acts of barbarism..that is this admin and what half of EVIL souls have become..

        1. MAHB001 says

          It wasn’t always that way, and the Republican party will return to its convictions and will root out the corruption that has turned it into a bunch of butt lickers.

          BTW, I do not buy into the anti American rhetoric that we go to war for oil, and conquest… History just doesn’t support that crap.

        2. Phyllis says

          If you will check this out, you will learn that it is the democrats who are mostly lawyers, not the republicans, a matter of public record..

    3. Croco Dile says

      LegalMan :

      The presidential election show is not now nor has it ever been what you imagine. It is just a bunch of BS to control you so you voluntarily give those who run the show your money and power.
      I actually laugh out loud sometimes when I see people on TV holding signs at a rally for some liar running for office. Drones (they are not just unmanned aerial vehicles anymore) live among us by the millions, they’re called neighbors.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “Drones (they are not just unmanned aerial vehicles anymore) live among us by the millions, they’re called voters”….

    4. denniscerasoli says

      I thought that i was the only one to catch that,so far you have been the only comment i have seen say that.I to think that Obama knows exactly what his intentions are,and that is why Rubio kept repeating it,he wasn’t stumped and confused like they would have us believe,he was sincere in saying that America was at a crossroad and it is now or never,all he was doing was emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.Christie in my view was a bum to think only of himself to gain ground when he knew what Rubio was saying.Is it possible that only you and i were able to have the foresight to see that?

      1. Pamela says

        The reason he knows that and is pushing it, is he IS part of the gang of 8 and Establishment. This is what he is doing for the establishment and then going to flip flop on everything just like he did to Floridians. Ask them and see. Last thing we need in white house.

        1. denniscerasoli says

          What he isn’t wrong about is the presidents intentions,i went to high school in the 50’s,i am 71 and i can tell you from my own life experience that i feel i have lived in two America’s,what was then is not now,and it was at that time that America peaked,post ww2.I like history and the rise of world powers,i have yet to read about any that peaked and to come back years later and peak again if you get my meaning.

          1. Pamela says

            Yes, I agree with you that this USA is different as night and day now and not for the better, but, the establishment is pushing Rubio to get in there because they know he flip flops and will bow to their agenda. We just gotta have Trump because he will do what he said and will not bow!

          2. denniscerasoli says

            I like Trump but he needs to be careful,he should avoid being a novelty because that tends to ware off.

          3. 73Anne37 says

            TRUMP is no Novelty~! He is REAL & KNOWS what he is doing & is the ONLY One that is NOT Controlled~! Trump has been saying the same Conservative things for years & wanted Others to do the Job & FIX things~! Well they did NOT do that~! I am 78 & have watched him Build his Businesses in the New Jersey -New York area & also saw him pull himself Up when the Economy was not in his favor. Remember, Trump is 69 & KNOWS what this Country looked like before the Destruction by the NWO Global Elite! Trump also wants this Country to be productive for His Children & Grandchildren too~!

          4. denniscerasoli says

            I don’t think he is a novelty.what i said was he should avoid becoming a novelty.At first he was very brash and unpolitically correct and this attracted many people like a circus atmosphere and his tweets were very childish at times,this needs to calm down a bit.The truth is that Donald is very into himself and even people who like him can see that.That thing he pulled with Kelly may have cost him Iowa,one thing is certain it didn’t help.Some people call Iowa a loss as in the glass is half empty,i look it as the glass is half full and he finished in Iowa a strong 2nd,and he might win NH very strong.If you noticed this last debate Donald was to the point but he lightened up a bit and wisely so.From here on in after NH he is going to have to be more presidential which i suspect he will because there is still a long way to go.He will stick to his guns because that is what got him there,but i predict that he will take a step back on some of the nonsense,i think the loss in Iowa may have been the best thing for Trumps campaign in the long run.

          5. 73Anne37 says

            IOWA is Unique & Donald Trump did NOT Loose IOWA~! He was surprised he did so well & would have Won, if Ted Cruz did not Pull his scam against CARSON~! CNN went after CRUZ after this debate & said CRUZ Lied about what they did. CNN showed the ACTUAL timeline of events in Iowa~! Trump is only 1 Delegate behind Cruz & on his way to gain more. Missing the Last debate did Nothing to Hurt Trump~~& Hurt Crooked Fox whose statement was One HUGE LIE about Trump. In fact that night at the Fox debate without Trump RUBIO Knew all of his questions in advance. The Overseer Sammon’s, that wrote the question ‘s, has a daughter who runs Rubio’s Campaign ~~& in addition, Murdoch is $$$ Backing Rubio . The Comments Made, could Not stand, & Trump was Right to BOLT. Not a Circus ~~& the VET’S Won.

            TRUMP Needs to be TRUMP to Win this~! He knows what he is Up against & does not need us Couch Observer’s to tell him what to do. We just need to SUPPORT his Efforts. {If Trump does make a Mistake, he will learn by it quickly.}

      2. melmack 1 says

        Glad that you picked it up also. Hopefully we can now share this knowledge with other like minded people here and any LIBERALS that are able to learn !!

    5. LCpl says

      Marco Rubio can NOT be elected as President he is worse than Obama when it comes to immigration ! Marco Rubio wants to completely open our borders and give everyone already here amnesty and citizenship. Rubio is a B.S. artist just like Obama and I believe that Donald Trump is as well. I have seen several video’s that Donald Trump in his own words says he’s a Democrat !
      Ted Cruz is the only one I see fit to be President he is a true conservative Republican and he has a voting record to prove it !

      Go here to see Rubio’s real agenda !

      1. melmack 1 says

        The comment was not about Rubios immigration policy but what he said about obama and that he knows what he is doing and I say YES…obama knows and is working to destroy America. Christie hammered the point and Rubio said he does !!
        I partly agree with you about Cruz but I guess I will go with Trump …for now anyway

        1. LCpl says

          I know what the original comment was about I was just making a comment of my own it’s an opinion.
          I like Ted Cruz because he IS eligible to be president it’s already been decided in Court and Ted Cruz has a very good Conservative voting record Donald Trump does NOT have a voting record at all so just like Obama you don’t really know who you’re voting for with him. I have seen several video’s 3 or 4 different video’s of him where Donald Trump in his own words has said he is a Democrat. I will stick with Ted Cruz. No matter how it turns out I will vote Republican because we know what we have on the “LEFT” and anything has to be better than that.

    6. William Cashman says

      Rubio the parrot? Squaack…..that’s what makes America great. ! Mr give the keys to the country to the illegals? GET REAL !!

      1. melmack 1 says

        Let me try this again ….. we are NOT speaking about his immigration plans nor how much coffee he drinks in the morning. We are ONLY talking about what he said about OBUMMER !! And he said…..obama knows what exactly what he is doing. He is 100% correct about this, obama has a plan and he has been carrying it out for 7 years….look at where America is today !! Because of obama and his scumorats, sometimes called LIBERALS or democrats !

    7. Phyllis says

      I do believe the man is correct about obama but the rest of his speeches as far as content is concerned is vacuous. And I don’t know about the rest of you but the last thing this country needs is another immature, too young, bubble boy. We have been there and done that and look what happened.

      1. melmack 1 says

        Ah Phyllis, I and several others, are solely speaking about the ONE comment he made about obama. That he knows what he is doing.
        Certainly he knows what he is doing, and I believe he has exceeded his original goals by bringing in thousands of ILLEGAL ALIEN so called children form Central America. The man is a living and breathing plague for America and the dumborats love him !!

        1. Phyllis says

          Thank you for clarifying that. For a brief moment I was worried about you. lol. As for Ob, he is the worst thing to ever be inflicted on this country. I will be 75 in a few weeks so when these people lie about some things historically I automatically know as I lived through various adms. I do confess it took me awhile to understand why Trump was publicly advocating imminent domain, UNTIL, I looked at the countries who have bought massive amts of land in this country RECENTLY..thank God for imminent domain and I love his idea of getting us out of the UN. If we are still sovereign by election time, we may survive but I have serious doubts whether we will last that long as an intact nation. As time goes on you can see the crookedness that various candidates stoop to and you can observe some are low enough to crawl under the belly of a snake, of which there are many of those too..

          1. melmack 1 says

            The good thing about aging is we seem to always remember stuff from long ago. LOL…but forget what we had for breakfast. Because of all the damage that obama and his scummy followers have caused to America, I am going for The Donald. Hopefully he will be the one to get us back on track. His words are what is driving him now, stopping the unauthorized illegal immigration and getting back to the constitution …. where we seemed to have departed from.
            These RINO’s in office now, mcconnell and ryan will drag us down the same as obama…time FOR A REAL CHANGE TO THE RIGHT !!! later

  5. Scrubjay says

    Much ado about nothing.

    The corrupt media have, once again, chosen our candidate. This time we shouldn’t allow that to happen.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Do something about the Corrupt MEDIA…


      (sorry for the plug) Time to start boycotting people.

      1. Scrubjay says

        I believe I did, quite some time ago.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Excellent, and thank you… Sorry for the shameless plug.

  6. Jimmy Quick says

    The people do matter and the US Constitution openly recognizes that fact in it’s first sentence. Donald Trump is an anomaly because people are concerned. The real question is, are you ready to take action or will you sit for another four years of watching the slow motion destruction of our homes?

    Think hard, register to vote and get it done. We can not afford another insane dictator in the White House.

    1. El says

      what makes you think we can evict him?

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        I know that question should be a no brainer, but you do bring up a good point.

  7. MAHB001 says

    Who is the “WE’VE” in the statement:

    “One improvement: we’ve finally narrowed the field to a manageable size.”

    The Author must have been referring to the MEDIA…. And it is not the MEDIA’s job to narrow the field!

  8. MAHB001 says

    The MEDIA chose not to let Carly Fiorina debate… Why?

    They know that Carly would destroy Hillary in a debate and they are doing everything within their power to stop a Fiorina/Clinton debate.

    1. gmhunt4 says

      NO, she needs to drop out……….

      1. MAHB001 says

        Why? She has not said one thing that I disagree with, and she would destroy Hillary in a debate. Win, Win as I can see it.

        1. gmhunt4 says

          She is a liberal, she had “illegals” working for her during her bid for governor of California.

          1. MAHB001 says

            She was attacked by liberals with all their might here in CA. She ran against the Democratic machine and lost, because the machine is very good at creating mud that has no substance yet sticks.

            The fact is, Carly would destroy Hillary in a debate. I believe that is why the Liberals smear and silence Fiorina.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Carly is a Globalist 7 works for the Elite~! she is in their Pockets & does what they tell her to do~! Carly has the War Monger stance of Insane McCain

          3. MAHB001 says

            Again, more unsubstantiated rhetoric. What did Christy call it, DC drive by lies and half truths?

            If you look into those accusations you will find they are based on lies.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            Straight Old Fashioned Truth~! Cristie is a Globalist~! He is the Establishment ATTACK Dog~!

          5. MAHB001 says

            There are people like yourself sent down here to spread dissent and divide.

            If you can not articulate your position other than insults, you are not worth listening to.

          6. 73Anne37 says

            No Dissent~! Just truth after studying about these types of things for 20 Years since I retired from teaching~! Do some real research, Stretch of your Comfort Zone~& SEE the realities of this terrible UNIPARTY Political Situation we have come to in this once great Country. This is NO Game , it is FACT~~~ The NWO is Within our Government & it is not just the Democrats.. What is stated by me is the real Story, I am too old to lie to you or anyone else. The urgency is here & there is only One Person that CAN & WILL do his best to save this Country. Trump IS real & does accomplish what he sets out to do. No Career Politican Can or Will do that~!

          7. MAHB001 says

            It sounds like we think the same way, All I am saying is back up what you say with facts. I can not tell you how many trolls from the left come down on these posts as impostors, posing as conservatives or independents with the one intent of disrupting and dividing. The one common method they use is insults and never have facts to back their opinions other than more insults.

            For instance, how do you know that Carly is a Globalists and works for the elite?

            My research doesn’t show her that way.
            Carly has said nothing to make me think what you think.
            Carly has said nothing that I haven’t agreed with.
            Carly would destroy Hillary Clinton in a way that the Clinton machine could never put humpty dumpty back together again. Which would make Hillary UN-electable.

            To top everything off, the Main Stream Media obviously does not want Fiorina in the race. I believe that the reason they dis Fiorina and ignore Fiorina is because, they are the people that have to put Hillary back together again.

            Trump might be real, but I wish he would talk more about what he is going to do, rather than what he thinks his opponents will not do. Make sense?

          8. 73Anne37 says

            Carly is pushing the same Talking Points as Insane McCain & Marco Rubio & Kasich ~Jeb & Christie. They are All super establishment NWO Agenda People. Carly also wants the TPP which will take away or Rights & Freedoms.. Carly is also a WAR Monger like Rubio et al . War is a Super TOOLof the NWO to cause more Destabilization & to Cause more American Deaths of it’s Strong & Brave Men Remember Carly worked for the establishment in California Before she came into this Race.

            TRUMP: On his wbsite the Policies are detailed. In his Book “Crippled America More information, plus in a couple of his Older books will give you additional insight to his Character. I also have learned even more Listening to Selected Rallies. I confess I have an Advantage regarding Trump, because I grew up in North N.J. & taught there & then moved to South N.J. to teach for my last 18+ years, when Trump was in A.C. But I knew about Trump my entire Adult Life & Knew what he did & how he did it & Found it quite amazing how he was able to pull himself up even when the economy got everybody else down. Beleive me he Knows who to delegate to do this & that & that is a HUGE Strength at this Point in time when he will need EXCELLENT People to help him restore this Nation form the 3rd world Place we have become, because of this Nwo Agenda to Destroy our sovereignty & Constitution.

            I guess you realize that the Propose “Constitutional Convention” would do just that &Ted Cruz & Mark Levin have been pushing that strong so that the NAU can be established. Of Course the NAU is: “the North American Union” that the NWO Advocates that would have NO BORDERS between the USA~~~Canada & Mexico.
            “Ted Cruz Needs a Constitutional Convention to Pass the NAU”


            there is a Lot more, but I

          9. MAHB001 says

            What talking points is she pushing? Again, I think you have been influenced by the lefts opposition of Carly. She did NOT work for the ESTABLISHMENT in CA. In fact, she ran against the Democrat Establishment in CA, and against the Democrat controlled MEDIA of CA.

          10. 73Anne37 says

            I guess you did not read what I wrote. I have been voting republican since 1960~! However, since I retired I did the Deep research as a Hobby , since i realized that there were some Terrible Changes in our Government that were Against our Constitution ~~ Sovereignty~~Culture & Values~! I found out what was wrong by , at first reading Books ~~Papers & then Used the Internet. i been married to 2 Very Devoted Military People that have server 20 & 30 years. I am a strong 2nd amendment person & believe in following the Constitution. However, it is NOT in the Interest of this Country or People to be at war with the World and Policing areas that are Sovereign & have Rights of their own. We should not have been in the Middle East at all, and our being there caused the Destabilization of those MIDDLE AGES People that are Moslem & are now running all over the M.E. & the EU and Causing more Destabilization . Their Leaders were Dictators but they WERE Controlling their People.

            In addition, Russia is now a Christian Country & is anti-NWO. Putin is a “Nationalist’ and is FOR National Sovereignty. We have NO Business going after Russia as they Could be an ALLY with the right President. Your CARLY is a WAR MONGER~ like Rubio & Bush & Christie etc & everything they Spout about Foreign Policy is just as Bad as Hillary~!


          11. MAHB001 says

            I applaud your research… That is all that any of us can ask is that we do our research and vote our conscience.

            I do not buy into the America is bad rhetoric that the left uses to condemn every action that conservatives take. I believe we have gone to war for noble reasons and that in some of the more recent situations, our own presidents actions have not only nullified our sacrifices, they have made them worse.

            For instance, would you have supported the UAE? Would you support England or Germany if Russia decided to annex a couple of extra sovereign Countries?

          12. winston smith says

            good morning MAHB
            I listed your site on:

            some were talking boycotting of products, and I thought they should be made aware of your efforts…
            have a great day…

          13. MAHB001 says

            Thank YOU Winston Smith!

            Hope all is going well with you and yours…. God Bless

          14. 73Anne37 says

            Germany is No Longer a Sovereign Nation~~! A Couple Month’s Ago there was a Report that NONE of the Country’s in the “EU” Could DEFEND thier Old Borders any longer~. Only the “EU” can be defended.

            Russia’s Putin will NOT Go After a “Sovereign Nation”~~! He has Pointed out , recently, that is something the USA Does. {That is TRUTH.} Russia Will Get allies now , because they Want & Need the Protection of Russia, without being PART of Russia. Putin is Against the NWO~!

          15. gets2say says

            I think you are totally correct that Carly would wipe up the stage with Hillary. But she does not have the following to win the party ticket. She’s not gaining ground, neither are a couple of others. All three need to stop diluting the efforts of the leaders. Five candidates are enough by this time!

          16. MAHB001 says

            The REASON she does not have the following is because of the MEDIA…

            That is so wrong in so many ways…. We have this elite group of MEDIA hacks that are filtering the candidates.

            Carly has not had a fair shot, nor will the MEDIA give her a fair shot.

        2. gets2say says

          She needs to drop out, as do the other single digit candidates, so that the voters will support someone who has a chance of winning. Right now, they are only dividing and weakening the entire party.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I don’t like the fact that the MAIN STREAM MEDIA has made this choice for us.

            I disagree that the party is getting weaker. It is getting stronger. These in house fights need to be played all the way out. And the MEDIA should not be determining the outputs for us.

            When it gets to the end, I will vote for the Republican on top.. Why?

            Democrats = Socialism = Communism
            Republicans = Capitalism and a shot at keeping our Constitution.

      2. Pamela says

        I thought that also about her, but while they were getting ready for the debate, I saw her at a town hall meeting in NH where there is no pressure or competing for answering with short answers to questions and she made up a sheet of 10 talking points for those that attended and answered them all in detail and questions that were not on the sheet also, more intelligently with facts and figures better than Kasich, Rubio, Bush, Christie, or Cruz with plans for military strategy, economy and health. Afterwards taking phone photos and signing autographs and even answering questions from children and being able to show her more maternal and human side as well and I was very impressed where I had written her off in the beginning and I loved how she added more detail about what she knew about Hillary and even though she had more poll points than Kasich, this is why they did not let her in the debate and how biased and CRAPPY ABC really is. I have never considered her for a candidate, but after this, I believe that she would make a great VP or someone viable in the cabinet of the President.

  9. junkmailbin says

    It was like watching family fued without the high fives and fat women

  10. James Maxwell says

    There are only two people in the race currently, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, the rest of the
    gaggle are so fare behind that they could not buy an election in their home state. The more
    that drop out the obvious who the race is between and it will come down to issues

    1. Pamela says

      Trump 2016 if we want to keep our country and money and jobs safe!

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Ted Cruz is another Controlled Robot & his totally unethical~! He & Paul Ryan Pushed the TPA Bill in the Senate & House so the TPP would Fast Track when it comes through Congress. Ted voted for the Corker Bill. Ted Cruz is now underhandedly pushing a Constitutional Convention, along with Mark Levin so that our Own Constitution will be null & void~!

        “Ted Cruz Needs a Constitution Convention to Pass the NAU”

        The NAU is the”North American Union” that advocates for NO BORDERS between the USA~~Canada & Mexico Plus, Ted’s wife Heidi wrote a Report in 2015 for the “CFR” that is entitled “Building a North america Community” . The NWO wants ~~~NO BORDERS between us & Canada ~~& the CFR is also Pushing that ~! To do that they have to Nullify the Constitution.

        “Ted Cruz, Henry Kissinger & the Globalist’s”

        “Putting Congress in Charge on Trade” by Ted Cruz & Paul Ryan

        1. Pamela says

          I agree. I left Ted Cruz after what he did to Ben Carson. I just have it in my gut to go for Trump and so going to follow that. We don’t need anymore sons of bushes either!

          1. 73Anne37 says

            Good to hear Pamela~! We need to band together to Save this Country~ Join us over at “”~

  11. denniscerasoli says

    Trump needs to be careful about saying he will bring back things worse then waterboarding because he sounds more ruthless the ISIS.My guess is that Trump has no idea how bad waterboarding is,it is some of the worse torcher available and it may result in false information.It has already been proven to be ineffective in many cases.Waterhoarding will get a person to say anything that would please the the people putting them through it,it just isn’t that effective overall.He needs to lighten up in the macho i’ll show you stuff because it will wear off.

    1. MikeTheTiger says

      What liberal propaganda have you been reading?

      1. C6Vette says

        Agreed and I also agree that “WaterBoarding” is a Great way to go, like he said in the debate ISIS (or as our Radical Muslim and Chief says ISIL) cuts peoples Heads off! What could possibly be worse???

        Nam Combat Vet
        “Live Free or Die”
        Freedom is Not Free”

      2. denniscerasoli says

        It has nothing to do with liberal or conservative,are you saying that conservatives are more ruthless then liberals? Do you think that approving waterboarding makes you are tough guy? Actually i read both liberal and conservative articles and i can agree with some of both,why? Because labels don’t define who i am.What i said was true and it comes from people who have used all kinds of methods on how to get information and they say that in to many cases you get wrong information which makes the job even more difficult,and it has been outlawed anyway,that’s why we send people to other countries to do the dirty work for us.I like Trump but he doesn’t have a clue about waterboarding or how bad it is to say that he would do worse.

        1. Chris Harbinger says

          You need to have to be confronted to deal with reality…

    2. Chris Harbinger says

      Then do not what you know is fact..if you are a US Citizens…what is right and good and stands for Freedom and Liberty…our foundations..not what the White House occupant has done unto us…

  12. 2 parrots and a dog says

    I agree that Obama knows what he is doing. His treason is quite deliberate, but I’ll never vote for Rubio. He’s part of the problem, not the solution.

  13. El says

    there is a strong movement in America to turn us into a socialist state. if the islamofascist democrat party succeeds we will be destroyed overnight. Our congress is infiltrated with people with socialist ideas. Bernie Sanders and Hillarous Clinton will make Russia weak compared to the USA communist party.

    1. Mike Geremia says

      the movement towards communism started 50 years ago when all the hippies went into academia to avoid Vietnam and became college professors….since then they have brainwashed a generation of college kids who went into the media, politics, gov’t jobs, the unions, academia, and the entertainment industry……so now we have what we have…..communism in the USA

    2. 73Anne37 says

      Russia is No LONGER a Communist state. Yes we WILL be the Next Dictatorship if TRUMP does not Win this election by PEOPLE STRENGTH & POWER~!

  14. MikeTheTiger says

    This statement is BS. “the network did an admirable job putting on a smooth, well-paced debate
    that managed to avoid some of the nonsense that has plagued their competitors.”

    With only three questions asked of Mr. Carson over the entire 2 hour debate, again the media tries to limit our choices by ignoring candidates. If it is not entrenched party leadership tying to limit our choices, then it’s the media!

  15. Mike Geremia says

    2000 years ago the ROmans had their entertainment in the Coliseum and today we have the political debates and NFL……

  16. pennysca says

    I agree with Rubio also Obama has even stated he wants to change our country. WELL HE IS STILL TRYING TO. Hello Christy wake up you should of agreed with Rubio not acted like a bully that no one can respect.

    1. C6Vette says

      @pennysca: He already has and not the way most Libturds wanted BUT they will take whatever they can get i suppose!

      Nam Combat Vet
      “Live Free or Die”
      “Freedom is Not Free”

    2. 73Anne37 says

      Christie’s job was to TAKE down Rubio at that debate. wake up and notice that RUBIO is totally controlled & had Nothing to SAY that was NOT Memorized ~~! He was TOLD what to say by his Controllers~! The Candidates are Controlled mostly through $$$$by the Establishment & the NWO Global Elite. which now at this Point in our History are One and the same~! The 2 Parties are BOTH Controlled by the Global Elite. It is ONE UNIPARTY~! Trump is NOT Controlled by anyone, but himself~! Trump is there to work for US~! He is Risking everything for Us & his Family, to do this. Trump is going Against the 2 Partie’s~&~ the Media all controlled by the NWO.

      Get behind Trump & help SAVE this Country~! If JEB Bush does not make it in the Primaries, BOTH Parties & Media will then BACK the DEMOCRAT~! Then TRUMP will be up against Them all Again~~but WE CAN ALL back him & SAVE the Country~!

      NO ONE Else Can Save this Country! It is No LONGER a Real 2 Party System & a LEGITIMATE ELECTION~! They have been CHOOSING our Candidate’s for us for Year~~at least since BUSH #1 that announced the NWO~! {They have Chosen WHO was Going Against WHO~~ & then let us Vote~~ either Person would have then been Acceptable to them~! 2 Controlled people.}

  17. 73Anne37 says

    RUBIO is the Worst Senator that i have ever experienced since i started to Vote in 1960~! Totally ineffective & NOT at all responsive to Voters in the State of Florida~. In fact, he is went completely AGAINST the Voters in this State~! To say he is RIGHT about anything Republican/Conservative or even Nationalist ~~~is a HUGE JOKE~! OBAMA , is a PUPPET>> & follows ORDERS of the NWO Global Elite~! Yes, he has Continued the DESTRUCTION of this Nation~~but Not because he is Smart~~he is CONTROLLED~! RUBIO is also A CONTROLLED Puppet by the Same NWO.l

  18. Holland180 says

    I say the debate moderators flubbed the opening and were almost ready to begin the debate with one candidate still waiting in the wings. Then just about every question seem to set the stage that it was those on stage against the moderators It was like the candidates were the enemy and it was the task of the moderators to try and trip them up or embarrass and discredit them. Of course we all know where Martha R. stands as a super left wing liberal. I feel all the candidates held up well against the onslaught brought against them by the moderators.

  19. Phyllis says

    According to Mr. Trump, his group was only allowed 20 tickets. The place was loaded with BUSH people. Do we want another president who will stoop to that level? I don’t. Also, Mr. Carson did not hear his name called and all candidates walked right by him except Trump, who waited with him until it was resolved. That showed Trump to be a man instead of a dog. Lots of curs running but Trump is no dog. And he doesn’t need his mama to help him nor did he need to fix the audience. It ALL resonated across the country in spite of the mediocre handling of the facility tickets and the beginning of the debate when Carson couldn’t hear his name called. How else can one tell who is making an impact, well for starters, the fact that the ex pres of Mexico took a pot shot at Trump shows their fear, Trump can shut them down.

    1. Chris Harbinger says

      E S T A B L I S H M E N T
      continues to do whatever it can to put obstacles in front of those who stand for the foundations of our nation as One Nation Under GOD…and the US & States Constitutions…
      EVIL vs good…souls are bought and paid for Devil directed…

  20. Albert L Biele says

    Anyone who doesn’t agree, that Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, is inept. The man is Anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-Constitution, gives billions to terrorist fractions, sneaks illegal Islamic immigrates into the US, and leaves Muslim Christian’s behind to be beheaded. He hid his records that prove he received a free ride to collage as a foreign student, has a social security card that belongs to a dead man who lived in Connecticut, and has set-up Iran to become a nuclear power, on, and on. Wake up America; we have our worst enemy sitting in the Oval Office, thinking of news ways to further destroy our country. Impeach him now or prepare for Armageddon!!!!! Rubio actually told the truth.

    1. Reality Check says

      Seems Albert needs more education.

      “Barack Obama is undertaking a systematic effort to change this country,
      to make America more like the rest of the world.”

      so more NORMAL?

      that is going to be tough considering how nutty you cons are.

      lets examine reality for the challenged cons.

      Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month. THAT is a change the country NEEDED

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20. THAT is a change the country NEEDED

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 16,000. THAT is a change the country NEEDED

      1. Sister Jamie T Phelps, OP says

        Our country needs to end the divisions and divisiveness which seems to have taken over.
        The American ideal promised liberty and justice for all established by a political process “of the people, by the people, for the people. We need to ask what political an economic policies support the inclusive foundations of our nation. Our “founding fathers” sought to establish a society in which all participated ( They were blinded to their erroneous sexism and racism which deemed women as having power only as an appendage of their male relatives and viewed enslaved blacks as less human .) Despite theses systemic errors their espousal of a participatory government seems right. Time and progressive understanding of the basic equality of all human beings allowed us to become more inclusive of the rights of women and people of color. While have not fully realized this existential truth the election of Obama, a constitutional lawyer, whose racial make up included (European, African and Asian ancestry), and the possibility of the election of a female lawyer who has served us well as Secretary of State and who as a result has her hand on the global pulse suggests we are moving closer to the ideal of our Founding Fathers who wanted “liberty and justice for all!” We need to struggle to realize our vision of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” in a nation where the people come in extraordinary cultural, racial, religious, philosophical and political diversity. We need to strive for unity in diversity.

        1. Reality Check says

          you are spot on.
          Many websites are clearly geared to create division in society.
          the spreading of misinformation is rampant.

    2. Reality Check says

      Oh WAIT!
      lets see what Fox News has to say about Obama’s economy.

      U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

      seems like WE are LUCKY that Obama did not follow EU into “austerity” like the Germans did who are now going into RECESSION.

  21. Darryll Green says

    America lost on this debate, they almost totally ignored Ben Carson and Gov. Kasich and spent most of the time on Trump, Cruz and Rubio, they should apoligize and do a hell of a lot better the next time, but it was a hell of a lot better than what Fox and NBC did

  22. El says

    The only candidate at this time not encumbered to political interests is Trump. So far we have Jeb crying to Mama. And Cruz borrowing money from Goldman Saks That leaves us with kasick which no one likes. At least we don’t have Billy Bob, who engages in child molestation, raping aids, thievery and whatever campaigning for a Republican candidate. I wonder, did Billy Bob chew on the cigar buts after he inserted them into Monica’s vagina? Or did he use a condum while having sex with a child? Won’t it be wonderful to see him back at the White House?

    1. Reality Check says

      Monica wasn’t underage low info human.

  23. snowyriver says

    Bear with me here. These are facts. Lets read the Constitution. We come to ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 CLAUSE 10. Congress shall have the power to define and punish…..and Offences against the Law of Nations.

    We perhaps should read the Law of Nations, to know the power of Congress. OK having read the Law of Nations now back to the Constitution. We come to to ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 CLAUSE 5. No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president.

    Didn’t we just read who was a natural born citizen was in the Law of Nations..Yes it was in Book 1 Chapter 19 article 212, ” born on the land with both parents as citizens of that nation”. Now we have a question. Why is obama in the White House and why are Cruz and Rubio in this presidential race? NONE are natural born citizens.

    Isn’t our Constitution the supreme law of this nation?

  24. jimmy midnight says

    Cruz, Rubio, Chjristy, Fiorina, Jeb!, Kasich, Carson, they all want to be number two–an ambition which they’ve all already fulfilled in a certain sense. And since Iowa, Trump is also already number two.

    1. Chris Harbinger says

      IOWA the Establishment was there importing its own..into the TRUMP ranks as Frauds…get real..stooge…EVIL doesn’t stop…

  25. Chris Harbinger says

    l00% ALL of us had the same information: Bill Ayers wrote his books..we know what he was: and Ayers the BOMBER was pardoned by CLINTONIASTas…what more do we require…If the winds shall shift I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS…and against Christians et al especially ONE NATION UNDER GOD…and “It’ in the White House has done that and still has 12 months to go..while the USA is being massively invaded…for VOTES to make the final push over the cliff..of our sovereign nation…BUT RUBIO/ GANG of 8 MASSIVE …AMNESTY…says it all. RUBIO declared prior to election The USA has a ………..history of racism..then why didn’t he and his grandparents remain in CUBA? Welfare USA..we are running out of..more of blood sucking amoebic parasites than committed US Citizens of law and order and taxpayer workers

  26. jimmy midnight says

    Your left-wing stooge friend, that is–me, would suggest that the large number of Iowa evangelicals, with a little help from Cruz’s dirty tricks, explain Iowa results better than fraud either real of imagined.

  27. Alleged Comment says

    ONLY ONE person up there acted humanly.

    Ironically, it did not even occur in the debate. That was DONALD TRUMP when he stayed behind to ameliorate the embarrassment and awkwardness of Dr. Ben Carson when he did not, apparently, hear his name being called.

    And the DONald even waited for Dr. Ben Carson to be called FIRST then he entered when his name was called. The rest strode right by both them with nary a concern.

    I rest my case!!

  28. Ron says

    If people of this country are so stupid to put Osama in then I am sure they are to stupid to put Trump in, he is our only choice, people need to think, do you like him as a man, NO, would he be a kick ass leader for the USA hell yea

  29. andrew says

    …………………………………………………………….Rube-io !!!

    Marco Rubio can NOT be elected as President he is worse than Obama when it comes to immigration ! Marco Rubio wants to completely open our borders and give everyone already here amnesty and citizenship. Exactly the polar opposite of what Mr. Trump intends to do with the immigrant issue…

  30. Jim Freund says

    When will it ever end ? Sounds like the people don’t know what they want !

  31. Standandfight says

    I am sticking with Trump just like I did with Ross. They are doing it for country not personal gain. You can’t buy them and it scares the bejesus out of the rich who have ran our country in the ground with their bought and paid for politicians.

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