GOP Set to Confirm Loretta Lynch


One wonders if Republicans will accomplish anything in the next two years. The celebration that followed November’s midterm elections was short-lived, and things have gotten only worse since. On every issue important to conservative voters, this party has utterly failed. Either they are incompetent or they are spineless. Either way, it spells bad news for the enormous swath of the population that believes we are headed in the wrong direction.

Lynch Confirmation

The latest travesty is the confirmation of Obama’s attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch. The numbers are close as of today – Lynch looks as though she will just squeak through with the help of Vice President Joe Biden – but that makes it all the more infuriating. Republicans are playing another game on the Senate floor. Find out just how many of them have to go along with the Democrats to give them what they want, and let the rest of them please their constituents. This isn’t fighting for the American people. This is putting up a show of opposition in the belief that voters are as dumb as they think they are.

While Lynch would undoubtedly be a step up from her predecessor Eric Holder, her support for the legal basis of President Obama’s executive action should disqualify her out of hand. Simply put, any attorney general who believes that the president has the authority to usurp congressional power from the White House has no business at the head of the Justice Department. Lynch made it clear during her confirmation hearings that she believed the president’s actions were “legal and constitutional.”

Of course she doesn’t. Not really. She has a long and decorated history as a lawyer. She knows what Obama did was unconstitutional and against the law. But she’s willing to put that aside, doubtlessly a condition of her nomination in the first place.

So it doesn’t really matter what Lynch believes in her heart. All that matters is what she says. And based on that, she is going to be another rubber stamp for this president’s last, lawless two years in office.

Worse, Republicans are going to put her there. They may frown and grumble about it, but they’re going to do it.

In the future, the record will reflect that the president’s immigration reform was greeted with bipartisan support. And that’s exactly how it should be, because merely yapping about something means less than nothing.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….This isn’t fighting for the American people….”

    Proud to Be Controlled
    If a slave can be convinced that he should be a slave, that his enslavement is both proper and legitimate, that he is the rightful property of his master and that he has an obligation to produce as much as possible for his master, then he does not need to be physically oppressed. In other words, enslaving the mind makes enslaving the body unnecessary. And that is exactly what the belief in “authority” does : it teaches people that it is morally virtuous that they surrender their time, effort and property, as well as their freedom and control over their own lives, to a ruling class.

    by Larken Rose 2011

  2. country boy says

    These stupid GOP so called leaders are nothing but political hacks, afraid to offend the American voters before the next presidential election. If they would do the job that they were elected too do, the American people would stand behind them, but, no they will let Obama and his bureaucratic anti American scum waste America at will. .

    1. runing says


    2. Sue4477 says

      When you say the stupid GOP leaders are ….” afraid to offend the American voters before the next presidential election”, you can’t be talking about the voters who put them in office. They aren’t afraid of offending us conservatives, because they do it DAILY. I suppose you mean they ARE afraid of offending obama and maybe dems/libs/socialist/communist voters. Which STINKS. I will never vote GOP again.

      1. Robert Young says

        Neither will many others of us. There seems to be no difference between the Republicans and Democrats any more. They might as well all be one Party. We will support Third Party Candidates.

        1. FloridaBoyee says

          I do believe NOW is the time for a STRONG 3rd party to come forward to help all of us out! I believe the TEA PARTY agenda would be the new STRONG Party!! I am not voting for these Democrats or Republicans, nor contributing to show that we, the American people wanted CHANGE in the last election and got rid of some Liberals, only to be replaced by money grabbing idiots, who cannot even tie their own shoelaces! We need a STRONG candidate and we need that person NOW!! If not Hillary Clinton will dance into the White House and she is as much a Liar as her husband and Obama!!

          1. old broad says

            You said it but will any one listen ? From what I ‘ve seen since Nov.2014 What we have is commie libs hiding behind the name Republican ! As to the Tea Party their BIGGEST ENEMY IS the Republican party ! 3/4 of the Republican Congress is inter changeable with the Dem.’s ! Don’t believe me check their voting record since Nov.2014! They all are out to stab we the people in the back and think we should thank them for it !

          2. FloridaBoyee says

            They are there for the BENEFITS and Guaranteed SALARY!! They do not care about the voters! There is no telling how much they have stashed away just from the high powered money throwing lobbyists!! It is sickening, This is what our Forefathers wanted to keep from the federal government, but it gets worst every year. From FDR to now, it continues to get worse!! I am just waiting for Obama to get involved to pull something out on Hillary, so the Democrats will re-elect him and he will pull another FDR. He does not believe in the constitution as it is, anyway!

          3. Herman says

            You forgot about the promise that Obama made before he got elected the first time. Something about no more lobbyists in Washington influencing the Politicians. The only thing that Obama said that was true, an that was he was going to change things.

          4. Sue4477 says

            obama has seen that information like emails have been “leaked” of Hillary’s. He is dead set against her winning in 2016, which is fine with me! It gives us a better chance.

          5. Sue4477 says

            There’s a possibility for a 2nd party which believes Repubs/dems are all 1 party. They want to unite the conservative vote in this 2nd party called Americans for a Free Republic . Their summary of beliefs are consistent with a conservative party, EXCEPT I would require they have a standing military. Any conservative can win the nomination as the AFR candidate for president. If you’re interested you can check out their site. I’m still watching them myself. I like uniting the conservative vote because I don’t think we’ll win without voting as a bloc.

        2. Deborah G says

          That’s just handing it over to the Dems. VOTE straight Republican BUT in the primaries seek REAL Conservatives.These young guys and gals are making their mark. Give them a chance its only been 60 days

        3. john robel says

          Yup, I wish we would just drop all the false pretense and call a spade a spade. You are either a socialist/communist OR a Constitutional Capitalist. Republicrat or demolican are all the same.

      2. Herman says

        My brother and I have left the Republican Party and switched to Independent. As far as I know, before 90 days are up on any Executive action that Obama signs, Congress can legally stop it. Did I just dream that there is such a law or does it really exist. I really haven’t seen to much of a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats lately. That is the main reason for the switch. The Republicans have been able to stop the funding for anything they want to because they control the House, but they just seem to roll right along with the Democrats. I really like some of the young Republicans, Cotton, Paul, Cruz, Walker and etc. Maybe this Country still has a chance of, keeping our Constitution intact. What really makes me mad is when I hear lets run so and so, because they can win. Or, lets run Hillery, so she can be the first Woman president. I want to hear lets run so and so, because they can save this country. Lets drop this “Whats best for the Party” and concentrate on whats best for the American People and the United States.

        1. Sue4477 says

          I thought about switching to independent, but my state won’t let an independent vote in the primaries. I wonder which party I could do the most damage to by voting in the primaries. I want weak candidates but a strong one for conservatives.

          1. Herman says

            I have never checked into the right to vote in the primary’s, but I think it will be interesting. I believe there are some States that let Democrats vote in the Republian primary’s but not the other way around. I think we ought to able to vote for the best candidate wither they be Democratic or other. I am beginning to believe this is just an early form of voting control. From what I know about History, the people wanted a Government for the People and by the People, while the rich wanted a Totalitarian type of Government. So the Rich slipped in the Electoral Collage, just in case the People elected by majority someone that they didn’t want to be President. Just another form of control. Am I right or wrong about this?

          2. Sue4477 says

            I’ve heard a very good explanation why the electoral college is an ingenius method or fair voting that our founders were wise enough to create. I can’t repeat it well, but, for one thing, it allows for people living in rural areas or spread out from each other anywhere to have the same rights and weight to their vote as those crowded in big cities. For a better explanation you’d need to look it up.

          3. Herman says

            I looked it up. There is no Constitutional provision or Federal Law that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their states,. Some states, however require electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two categories, electors bound by state law and those bound by pledges to political party’s. If I am not mistaken, we have had two Presidents put into office that was not elected by majority vote. After I post this, I am going to look it up. I am beginning to feel that the Electoral Collage is a bad Idea. There are 24 States, which the Electors in these States are not bound by State Law to cast their vote for a specific candidate. Georgia where I live is one of them. Does that mean the majority of people in Georgia want Ted Cruz to be President and our Elector wants Hillery, he can just vote for Hillery?

      3. Nastasyana says

        That’s the problem.People who do not understand how the government works don’t vote because :It doesn’t make a difference”, “Both parties are he same”. That attitude has gotten us where we are now. 30% of americans vote, so the same idiots get back into congress. Americans used to be educated about issues in school and in the media. Now FOX news or MSNBC is where they get their information and neither of these is ever questioned. The GOP constantly offends dems/libs/socialist/communist voters.with their anti people/ pro business policies.

        1. Sue4477 says

          Sure, and that means a conservative candidate has to address the issues you mention. Also a conservative can address similar issues that people can relate to.

          1. Nastasyana says

            So let’s find a conservative who will address those issues. But all I hear are the stupid, ignorant iterations about women, about blacks, about Muslims.
            Who speaks for the 53% who Romney swears are the takers. I work very hard 5 days a week. I vote.

          2. Sue4477 says

            Yes, there are plenty of stupid, ignorant comments on political blogs. Personal Liberty and some others have more knowledgeable and thoughtful people responding in their blogs. Each site has at least one helpful comment and some have many more that we can learn from.

            Re: business: We badly need to make our country return to a favorable atmosphere that attracts businesses the way it used to be. Businesses mean jobs and consume products within the US (like computers, paper products, janitorial services, items specific to their business, etc.).

            I believe we need to make a serious effort to get the 20% of voters who are conservatives to VOTE. Right now they aren’t voting and we need the numbers. Especially to compensate for the new illegal “amnesty” voters.

            The percentage of workers to non-workers and takers is about even 50/50. Who is a little higher depends on who writes an article. Romney is fairly on target.

            I believe people like you who work full time need to rely on people like me, sometimes, for the many hours we spend doing research. Hours that you don’t have to devote to research. You still have to use your own common sense to discern who to trust on what topic.

            I definitely keep researching candidates to see where they stand on the big issues. I’m not done yet because there are so many right now. I consider GOP + dems/etc. to be about the same. I research real conservatives.

        2. Angry American says

          Try watching One American News, I watch that I fox news everyday & my preference is now One American. The seem to call it like it is instead of covering for obama like the others do. And they have no problem telling the truth & also put it into plain language that is easy to understand

          1. Herman says

            I am with you to a point. There are several issues out there that Fox News or any of the others will not bring up. For starters, when our drone landed on that airstrip in Iran. Who programed it to land there? It just didn’t decide by its self to land there. Why, is the main Question. Was it because they didn’t have one, so we wanted to give them one of ours, so they could reverse engineer ours? Didn’t it have a self destruct button? Fox News has brought up several issues that the others haven’t, but I don’t believe they dig deep enough to find the answers. It seems to just glaze over the problem and not dig deep enough to get answers.

        3. Lyndau123 says

          What a BUNCH of Liberal B.S! ^^^^^

      4. Deborah G says

        Unfortunately if you don’t we will continue to get Dems. My faith is in the NEW memeber who like Tom Cotton this moroning on Face the Nation basically held Keery and Bob Schieffer’s feet to the fire. He’s tough so we need to keep electing people like him.

        1. Sue4477 says

          Sure we do. I haven’t finished checking on the important issues on Cruz or Cotton, so I can’t say much. We DO need a good strong candidate, but I’m leery of campaign promises that never happen. I’ll keep researching.

          1. Deborah G says

            Due diligence on the part of Vapid stupid voters would have prevented us from a Communist TZAR right?

          2. Sue4477 says

            Yes! obama came out of nowhere. A nobody that got elected precisely how the trap had been set. I’m leery of candidates that flip flop around on the issues when they’ve decided to run. Some of the well-liked ones have done this. It’s more research for me!

          3. Deborah G says

            Listen if you are waiting for a “Perfect” candidate they don’t exist however we really do need to support and back the GOP in SPITE of Boehner/McConnel. Don’t give up on McConnel he’s as dumb as a fox. Boehner has a tough road but I think we could use new house leadership.

          4. Sue4477 says

            Of course there is no perfect candidate, just the best choice I can find that is running. I won’t be backing any GOP, just writing and emailing for them to do their jobs. Boehner and McConnell have betrayed us far too many times for me to want them in office. They absolutely cannot be trusted. obama owes some of his major successes to their spinelessness.

          5. Lyndau123 says

            Surely WOULD have, but far too many BLIND and DUMB people voting for the pos! Just think of how different our entire world we be today had we elected a SANE Patriot!

          6. Deborah G says

            Mitt would have been a definite improvement

        2. Lyndau123 says

          I GAGGED this morning when I watched Kerry on Face the Nation sit there and LIE and LIE and LIE! Tim Cooton used sense and TRUTH to tell the story! I ams SO SIck of the pos pres and Kerry LYING to America and half arfe so stupid as to actually beleive their LIES – Except for IRAN where the polls of America say 71% disagree with the failure we have as a pres! He wants a nuclear holocost of Israel! Then it will be America burning and he doesn’t come out and SAY that! He is by FAR the most DANGEROUS man on the planet today. Forget Kim Jun Il!

          1. Deborah G says

            I watch Face the Nation for giggles. Bob Schiefer is about as unbiased as Kerry wrinkling his imperious little liberal Massachuettes nose at Tom Cotton” I won’t apologize to a man that has been in the Senate for 60 days” HAHAHAHA THIS is exactly what we elected these conservatives for, Tom made both of the look ridiculous. Lest we nOT forget Kerry was a Coward in Viet Nam, lied about his sqift boat activity, shot himself TWICE to get out,then threw his ill gotten medals over the fence at the white House AFTER He sided with the Viet Cong! THIS is the man we want negotiating ANYTHING? Lied about his boat so he didn’t have to pat MAss taxes and hid it in Delaware? Married a widow for her money. By his own words ” I married up” THIS is a sleezeball. The newly elected members of the Senate and Congress are pretty conservative. Give them a chance a new day for the GOP has dawned.

    3. Deborah G says

      Can you see Reagan wrrying about offending Democrat liberals? I think not

      1. Nastasyana says

        When you have dementia, you don’t worry about real things.

        1. Name says

          What? “Offending Democrat liberals” is a “real thing”, which Reagan didn’t worry about because he had dementia? Who is mentally disordered here?

        2. Deborah G says

          When you are stupid you don’t either. Liberals/Democrats ARE patently stupid if they think we beieve ONE word that the nightmare team says. That includes Kerry who sided with the Viet Cong and threw his fake medals over the fence.even the old decent Democrats are losing faith.This woman is a left winger. America is sick of them and she already said she wasn’t going to follow the laws. so what the F do we need a Holder lookalike for?

          1. bobwhite says

            Well stated!

          2. Nastasyana says

            Er… what laws did she say she would not follow? I’m serious. I want to know…specifically.

          3. Deborah G says

            Immigration laws and illegals working

          4. john robel says

            Not to mention her contempt for the 2nd amendment.

          5. Deborah G says

            i’m from NY and she is well known as a lefty racist. Always wants to free the black kids even for murder because of White Privilage

          6. The Good Shepherd says

            Thank you for calling her out for EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS.
            …Stay strong my friend.

          7. Nastasyana says

            You people are really out there.

          8. Carol Chadbourne says

            AW, GEE WHIZ, ……a kettle and pot remark…per usual. YOU are ‘so far out there’, it isn’t even funny…all you do is repeat what the msm tells you…you DO know that g. soros et al PAY and or THREATEN said sites to NEVER put b.o. in ” a bad light”, right.?????

          9. Nastasyana says

            The second amendment is about the right to bear arms in forming a militia
            In 1791 there were 14 states. 3/4 supported the amendment so that’s about 9 states. We now have 50 states. Perhaps that amendment should be revisited.
            We also have various armed forces and law enforcement agencies (CIA, FBI. DHS) These are all well regulated militias, so it is no longer necessary for “The People” to keep and beararms.
            A well regulated militia being necessary to the
            security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms
            shall not be infringed. On December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights

          10. Edward J Baker says

            Wrong. The second Amendment clearly treats the right to bear arms as an innate, inalienable right, citing the idea of a militia only as a derivative benefit. Got it?

          11. dtk1952 says

            No, it appears that she is a liberal so therefore too dense too understand. She’s been drinking too much of Ovomit’s kool-aid perhaps.

          12. 1American1st says

            I realize that the the Democrat Socialist Party is working hard to turn America into an unarmed Socialist or Communist state, but it isn’t going to happen. Period.



          13. The Good Shepherd says

            Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

          14. Chuck says

            These are NOT militias. The amendment means that IN CASE a militia is needed to be formed up the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

          15. Nastasyana says

            In 1791 they did not have paid police forces, so they had to rely on the common people- you’ve seen that in movies. Hopefully we have trained people who know how to use weapons to protect citizens (although lately I wonder)

          16. desertcelt says

            The Dick Act also provided for the armed citizen militia. Given the size and growth of centralized power, especially under this corrupt administration, the armed citizenry is more important than ever. The founders, especially Jefferson, knew that large standing armies were the bane of liberty. Stalin and Hitler liked all their agencies armed and the public left helpless. Citizen disarmament is one of the tenets of Communism. its pretty clear what you are.

          17. dtk1952 says

            Well stated.

          18. Carol Chadbourne says

            From the very minute she opened her mouth.

          19. desertcelt says

            Good morning!

          20. Carol Chadbourne says

            Back at you ! God Bless America…and to hell with miss ‘nastry’.. 😉

          21. ArmyCombatVet says

            Obviously you have never served America in any capacity and as such you are basically FOS! The purpose of the second amendment was to empower we the people with the right to bear arms to overthrow tyranny with a citizens militia. America now fits the very definition of a tyranny. The armed forces were never to be in play except in a time of war against America. The peacetime federal armed forces violate the Constitution. State militias made up of the citizens thereof were supposed to provide peacetime protection for the individual states. The federal government in violation of the Constitution as Article 1, Sec. 8 is the only Article in the Constitution that applies to the federal government all other powers are given to the states and the citizens thereof exclusively. Put on a uniform, serve the nation and risk your rather worthless life for this tyrannical government in foreign wars not directly affecting America, to understand what a peacetime federal military is and how states militias are in light of the actions of this criminal government, essential for our survival as a nation!

          22. Carol Chadbourne says

            Thank you…# 1-for setting the dumkauf straight…and .. #2…for your service to our country…I am as proud of you as I am my son–27yrs AF, ret as Capt…and my daughter–6 yrs Army Sgt. You are my heroes ….and dipshits like ‘Nasty’ piss me off.

          23. ArmyCombatVet says

            I appreciate your kind words and want to thank your children for their service, they are heros willing to risk life and limb for America! We are all brothers and sisters in a common cause undermined continually by most of our treasonous

          24. Carol Chadbourne says

            Music to my ears…my first reading of a post this morning and it was very welcomed! So weary to hear constant slamming of one American to another…and I am guilty of that. What years were you ‘in’…?

          25. ArmyCombatVet says

            I was in during Nam, 1965-1971, honorable discharge 10/31/71 armored division. Old memories, so many lost for what? But never forgotten! Let’s leave it at that.

          26. dtk1952 says

            No matter how you state it , the 2nd Amendment says “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” No matter how you word the rest of it the fact remains, we have a right to bear arms. One of the reasons this was put forth was to keep a tyrant style government from taking over. Which is what Ovomit and his clown squad are trying to do. The groups you named are not militias, they are Feds and are to obey the Great One in the WH.

          27. Btty says

            Nastasyana, our fore fathers wrote that amendment because they knew that the day might come when we the American people just might need to protect ourselves against a corrupt government. They were a hell of a lot smarter than the politicians we have today. The ones we have today want to control every aspect of our lives! I don’t know about you but I don’t need a nanny! I value my freedom and I’m willing to fight for it if the need arises. Just how do you do that without bearing arms? Spit wads won’t do it. I also want the right to protect myself. If your home is burglarized and you have your 3 children at home, If not for guns how are you going to protect yourself or your children? Call the police or 9-1-1?? Not me, I’m going to shoot and keep shooting until I’m sure my life and my childrens lives aren’t in danger. Come into my home uninvited and you will be carried out in a bag. Maybe you should reconsider your views on the Second Amendment. If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them.

          28. Gregory Stafford says

            Well put.

          29. Btty says

            Thank you very much Sir.

          30. Carol Chadbourne says

            BRAVA…. ; )

          31. lildebrarae says

            Most excellent. Thank you.

          32. Btty says

            Thank you very much. 😉

          33. rfergy says

            You Really are stupid aren’t you. The more garbage you spew the stupider you sound

          34. rfergy says

            You need to go back and reread your history books.

          35. George Broderick says

            Nastasyana, There you go again with your cockeyed logic, are you trying to tell me that all black people will voluntarily give up their guns? You missed your calling in life you should have been a comedian. The CIA, FBI and DHS are all armed security groups, not militia. You completely ignored the last sentence of the Amendment, ye gads get the facts before you speak.

          36. cshrock says

            Nastasyana, evidently you don’t understand the basis for the right to bear arms. They weren’t saying that the right was only temporary to the people until the federal government could create its own military, or even until the state could organize one…… but that the militia 1st and formost was recognized to be in and by “the people”. The people themselves have the God given right to protect themselves, which should not be infringed…. period. They had just broken away from a tyrannical government, and they had no desire to put all of the strength and power back into another governmental agency. SO…. this new government that the PEOPLE were creating was to establish that the strength, authority, and power remain WITH THE PEOPLE, and the divisions of government that “THEY” created were to have very “LIMITED” duties…… as you can further read about in the 9th and 10th amendments.

          37. Nastasyana says

            Yes, I do realize that. However, the people in accepting the authority of a police force or FBI give that right to them.

          38. Jeffrey Hill says

            Another factor for the individual’s ‘right-to-bear-arms’ was the distance from each other people lived as well as the difficulty in communication in addition to the slow pace of life. Everything today is immediate (internet etc…), back then everything was much more deliberate.

          39. gene613 says

            Apparently,you ignore the English language and its grammatical protocols.The comma in the Second Amendment is clearly setting off the separate right of creating militia (an armed force of citizens-NOT an army,or navy-which the Founders clearly understood as different,e.g. see the Third Amendment-it doesn’t reference quartering militias, does it?),from that of having arms.It’s hardly surprising you ignore English language usage,when you’d advocate ignoring the Constitution.

          40. Nastasyana says

            ( Because) ” A well regulated militia being necessary to the
            security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms
            shall not be infringed.”

            In present day English,…. because we need a militia for security, people will be able to keep and bear arms in case we are attacked by Indians or leftover tories.

            The FF’s did not envision a police force or FBi, so it was necessary to draft people to form a militia when necessary, much like American terrorists do today when spreading rumors about government taking over your property and your rights.
            BTW, I majored in English language and literature in college. Got straight A’s.

          41. gene613 says

            The concept of “militia” is differentiated by Mr.Madison,by comparing the language of the Second and Third Amendments:the Third addressing the improper quartering of a military,not a militia.The two consecutively written Amendments are,by dint of language,qualifying one another.

          42. pmxpilot says

            You did not catch the difference between Terrorists and Patriots.
            I’m not all that impressed by your ‘straight A’s’.

          43. Carol Chadbourne says

            Baloney. Go A-WAY.

          44. Carol Chadbourne says

            ( I am really having a difficult time in believing that she is American…she can’t be. What a twit..)

          45. Carol Chadbourne says

            MISINTERPRETATION, as usual.

          46. Nastasyana says

            Interesting how immigration laws can’t be changed when people of color are seeking admission and as far as illegals working- how many americans do you know that are willing to clean houses and do landscaping?

          47. Deborah G says

            That isn’t the point but in reality? LOTS, first of all you started with a faultypremise. It doesn’t matter if they are “hardworking” you think all they do is landscape? They are on every construction site, Capenters, electricians etc. THIS is stealing American jobs because these companies can get them for cheap off the books.ALL laws can be changed by DUE PROCESS. BUT? While they are on the books the Prez is OBLIGATED HE TOOK AN OATH to uphold them. Don’t like the laws? Work to change them.

          48. 1American1st says

            Americans cleaned houses & did landscaping long before 12 million Illegal Aliens entered this country. That is pure Liberal propaganda being spewed by the Democrat Socialist Party to pass Immigration Reform aka Amnesty for 10s of millions of Illegals.

          49. Edward J Baker says

            Every American I ever met.

          50. Chuck says

            In the past it was possible to obtain a green card. I believe it still is. That would be LEGAL. I believe we already have a large number of citizens of color in our population. Perhaps they would like a job too.

          51. desertcelt says

            Yes, its really terrible here, so pack your bags and go to another country Miss La Raza!

          52. Carol Chadbourne says

            ( WISH I had thought of La Raza…good one !!)

          53. desertcelt says

            Thanks, fellow patriot!

          54. dinkerduo says


          55. dtk1952 says

            Boy, you are dense. There are plenty of white’s that do the jobs that you stated. A few years back a poultry plant was ICE’d. Within the next week over 300 Americans had jobs. So don’t use the false statement that they only take jobs that Americans won’t.

          56. George Broderick says

            I cleaned houses and did landscaping, and I am a legal American citizen, most of those who are out of work if they have some honor and pride will do almost anything to help them get some income until something better comes along. That old phony argument that Americans won’t pick fruit or do janitor work is just another lame excuse to expect the government to take care of them.

          57. Carol Chadbourne says

            OH, lady…will you give me a break…I have ‘cleaned’ since I was 8 yrs. old…learned at my Mom’s knee..literally. I enjoyed ‘cleaning’ so much, I was paid for it most of my adult life….until I got chemical poisoning….so PU–LEASE do NOT generalize when you are sorely trying to make a point…it won’t wash. YOU prefer to miss the POINT entirely…..give it up…you do NOT impress any AMERICAN on this forum. You just look extremely UNDER-educated from all points of view…especially re YOUR fake and evil prez.

          58. RobertNorwood says

            She’s an Obama toad. She’s already committed herself to turning her back on our immigration laws. You break the law, you go to court, you’ll see – won’t be anyone bending over backwards for you. Try violating the immigration laws of Mexico or some other country and you’ll be vacationing in a jail cell.

          59. Nastasyana says

            Right and that is how we are different. We give you a trial and due process. I do not agree with holding criminals in this country and not deporting them. I do disagree with some of the policies of the administration. But I decide, I don;t let FOX decide for me.

          60. Chuck says

            A trial is NOT necessary for someone breaking immigration laws. When they are caught illegally crossing the border the proper action is to detain them and deport them.

          61. Carol Chadbourne says

            ( she’s not really American, is she..??) She must be a plant on pa-troll !!!

          62. Sylvester Jones says

            I take all input to every decision on reality.

          63. Nastasyana says

            Of course, you certainly haven’t.

          64. George Broderick says

            Nastasyana; Your a little bit of a hypocrite, you say you don’t let Fox decide for me but you fully let Obama and Holder decide for you don’t you. Hypocracy runs rampant.

          65. Nastasyana says

            No, they don’t decide for me. I decide for myself after “critically thinking” about an issue.

          66. Carol Chadbourne says

            YOU need the ‘critical’ help, commie.

          67. Isandbeans says

            LOL!!! Now that’s funny. You guys don’t even have to do that, don’t go hurting your poor little brain, you know as well as I do that you’re told what to think!

          68. williaml says

            Funny, I wonder what ever happened to the due process in the qualifications for the President.
            How many laws has he broken? Why don’t they put that clown on trial for falsifying his qualifications.
            I think the Republocrats keep him there just give them something to whine about instead of fessing up to their failures.

          69. Nastasyana says

            Because obviously there is no proof.. Believe it if they could they would..
            Tell me. How many laws has he broken?

          70. RobertNorwood says

            You’ll have to educate yourself on that.

          71. Carol Chadbourne says

            They always insist that WE give the facts…and they have none. They expect proof of everything, when they themselves only repeat lies from abccbsnbcmsnbc, as IF that was proof.

          72. williaml says

            Its not the laws he has broken, it is his qualifications.
            He has never provided a US birth certificate, what was provided is a certification of live birth. There is a difference.
            I blame the GOP for not pursuing the facts in his first election.
            When he got re-elected, I knew that nothing was going to be done.
            There has been plenty of evidence to disqualify him but the courts have been stalling.
            Hillary Clintons camp was the first to come up proof to disqualify him when she ran against him but suddenly, everything vanished.
            All of this is besides what he has done since being in office.

          73. chris ericksen says

            Cert of live birth is a birth certificate; if it comes from Hawaii certainly the baby o which the document mentions was born there. Sheesh

          74. williaml says

            No it is not. a Certification of Live birth Cannot be a Birth Certificate.
            The answer is in the name of the certificate.
            I wish I had the .jpg files to show you the difference because a certificate of live birth does Not have all of the information of a Birth certificate.
            His real name is Barry, he changed it after he took a trip around the Mideast with some friends while in college as a foreign student.

          75. chris ericksen says

            No, William; that has been proven to be a hoax. Please go to Seriously, that is a myth, and the “50 lies of Obama” is also addressed in a separate paper that lists each one separately.

          76. williaml says

            I’ve done that years ago.
            I took a serious look at his certificate of live birth and I saw several serious flaws.
            That is why I know for a fact that His certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate.
            I have seen many pictures of it and common information that is found on every birth certificate is omitted on the certification of live birth.
            Even many experts have identified the certification of live birth a forgery.
            Snopes is good but Snopes is not correct all of the time.
            It really does not matter at this point because he was re-elected and is almost finished with his presidency. It is quite apparent that nothing will be done about it so everything anyone has to say is moot.
            I really think the GOP just want to use Obama as a scapegoat to blame their failures on.
            They talked a lot of sass last November and now they are the majority obedient to the minority democrats. All they do is whine about the 2016 white house.
            What we can say is that the parties change but the direction stays the same.

          77. chris ericksen says

            Agree with you re the GOP using him as a scapegoat. What I meant is that the Barry-to-Barack and his being a foreign student is a hoax, among other things. Snopes gives enough info that you will be convinced of this, I’m pretty sure.

            Obama is a visionary, but not hands-on which has created problems. He was also too inexperienced. I realize our politics are probably different but this is fact, no matter which philosophy either of us might have.

            The health care bill was basically changed by the GOP; Romney had been very proud of the one that he had signed into law a governor. Obama wanted competition- health coops, etc but the insurance industry lobbied and Congress “did its thing”; a lot of campaign money went to a lot of people- and we wound up with what we have.

            Because of the pharmaceutical industry’s power, we have no coverage for alternative medicine; it’s ironic because it would save the insurance companies a fortune but they are in cahoots with pharma.

            There are tried-and-true treatments in alternative medicine that have no side-effects, but we have to pay for these out-of-pocket. Chiropractors had to sue in order to break the monopoly the MD’s had. What MD’s know about nutrition would fit on the head of a nail. And when someone takes an antibiotic do we ever hear a conventional MD warn to follow up with probiotics, now that all the good bacteria has been killed off, leaving the superbug(s) that didn’t die free reign?
            Do they even know that our immune system has to reestablish itself after the use of antibiotics?

            Politicians are so busy taking campaign money they forget their own families’ health is at risk, as well.

            Business as usual…

          78. lildebrarae says

            Really ElaineR, you can’t do better than to ‘lie’ about the posts which prove Obama’s lawlesssness? Oh that’s right you ‘scream’ “What part of the constitution” … yet in your lies about every poster here watching FOX NEWS … you provide …nothing.

            That’s because ‘sock’ … you ‘are’ nothing.

          79. Carol Chadbourne says

            Well…I happen to have a list of 101 acts of treason and malfeasance…and that came from a highly respected firm OVER 2 yrs ago…much has been added since. GIVE IT UP, lady….

          80. RobertNorwood says

            Odd that you bring Fox news into this, perhaps the only media outlet that covers news rather than covering it up. Anti Fox comments are a mark of liberal trolls so you’re comment in totality becomes dubious.

          81. Nastasyana says

            FOX “news” has been shown to present lies and fabrications as truth. yes, i watch FOX and MSNBC and BBC. I am open to hearing all sides unlike the people in this website

          82. RobertNorwood says

            Never seen one instance of lying and many people at Fox are more liberal than you think. I’m not saying they are “Liberals” just that they will surprise you at times if you’ve come to believe the leftist propaganda, the same people who are out to destroy it. People like George Soros and others pumping millions into its demise – which won’t happen. Typical of the left, don’t like the message, silence the messenger.

          83. lildebrarae says

            ElaineR show the proof where everyone who ‘dares’ to respond to you watches ‘fox’ news.

            Oh that’s right, all you do is post a bunch of lies and personal attacks …and then scream for ‘proof’ when people dare to respond to you with facts.

            BTW I dare you to tell me to ‘get the hell out of my country’ again! I dare you… sock!’.

          84. Carol Chadbourne says

            Funny girl…fox was just honored in a poll from Quinnipac Univ. as being THE most TRUSTED news group.

          85. Nastasyana says

            Oh, is Quinnipiac your Harvard? You should spell it correctly inasmuch as you are citing..
            “FOX News offers the most trusted network and cable news coverage, 29 percent of American
            voters say, when asked to compare the major TV news outlets in a Quinnipiac University
            National poll released today. But when network news is examined on a case-by-case basis, FOX
            drops in the ratings.”

          86. Carol Chadbourne says

            Ever had a typo…especially when you’re pissed off??? I Know my spelling…A’s straight through school….but, you go ahead and get off point as you lefties are so wont to do.

          87. Isandbeans says

            Oh no, don’t let a nasty little communist troll piss you off!

          88. Carol Chadbourne says

            When someone gets to the point of dissing the right, they are dissing OUR Country….I am way too patriotic to let it stand…HOWEVER…liberals throw unfounded-what-they-call- facts along with hyperbole…so, with such low intel as they have in NOT recognizing the obvious fact ….such as the USA becoming a socialized nation, I do lose patience. THIS is OUR country and some illegal alien, spawned from the evil, feels it’s time for transformation into something that has never been done before….and, YES, by God, I WILL fight against this ‘takeover’ as long as I’m breathing…and being on 2 lists of the emperor ..1) domestic terrorist and 2) enemy of the State….I’m not sure that THAT bodily function will continue to a NATURAL death. ; ) ….I am a 72 y.o. widow on SS (another bad issue)…and I AM A THREAT …???? I thank you for understanding WHY I get so pissed…. ; )

          89. Isandbeans says

            I understand… Wow, how do you find out if your on the list? Just wondering if I’ve made it yet…lol

          90. Carol Chadbourne says

            Twice as I was going through my snailmail…a letter from John Bolton…on the outside of the envelope in big red letters…” You are on Obama’s “Domestic Terrorist list..” The second…outside of the env, again, in red letters “enemy of the State…”… also inside repeated. I got the message . Can’t remember who the second one came from…I’ll recall at midnight tonight, trying to get asleep! I honestly didn’t know whether to feel proud or embarrassed.. 😉

          91. Isandbeans says

            Oh wow!!! Pretty strange!

          92. Isandbeans says

            Actually, Fox has the highest ratings, apparently because they do actually use more factual information than the other network stations. Fact. And you can look it up yourself, just make sure you don’t look on some BS website that says MSNBCis, because they are barely staying afloat

          93. Carol Chadbourne says

            Well, ya…..any and all msm will tell YOU that piece of garbage…

          94. Carol Chadbourne says


          95. lildebrarae says

            It’s what ElaineR does. She posts personal attacks, and when people dare to respond to her then she falsely accuses them of watching Fox News, being racist, and of course screaming ‘vitrolic hyberpole’.

            She’s also the witch who told me to “Get the hell out of ‘my’ country”, when she found out I was Jewish. Never mind I’m also a honorably discharged vet!

            She’s just another one .. out of … ElaineR’s ‘sock farm’.

          96. Isandbeans says

            All Marxists do the Fox News thing. I wonder if she knows communism has killed more people than wars did in the 20th century?

          97. lildebrarae says

            Really ElaineR, any links to prove that any one on this board only watches Fox news?

            Oh that’s right ElaineR, you only post lies …then scream about ‘vitrolic hyberpole’, and ‘bullying’ (as you did in many other threads).

            Hypocritical ‘much’ Dearie?

          98. Isandbeans says

            Of course not, you let the Soros owned liberal media brain wash you…lol

          99. Follow Me Boys says

            more like the gulag or the Siberian fish farms

          100. lildebrarae says

            Her actual ‘name’ is ElaineR, she’s just another ‘one’ from Elaine’s ‘sock farm’.

          101. Carol Chadbourne says

            Okay…I’m at a loss, here…please inform me …what is “Elaine’s sock farm”..? I’ve heard, read, and posted a heck-of-a-lot these past 6 yrs…but, that one escapes me. 😉

          102. lildebrarae says

            ElaineR is a ‘well known poster’. She has ‘several’ accounts… some have very ‘few’ comments, some around a few hundred, some a couple of thousand.

            But their responses are the same. They’re liberal. They never post actual evidence. But they demand proof, and then attack you when you provide it.

            Also one of their hallmarks are their personal attacks. Attacking Israel, and Jews … yet screaming about how ‘racist’ everyone else is. Falsely accusing everyone that disagrees with them for getting their links from Fox News. …etc.

            But the lies they tell about other posters, and refusing to prove it is one of their most asinine hallmarks. As is telling Jews to “get the hell out of my country”, attacking Christians as being murderers rapists … etc…….all the while they keep defending Islamofacist at every turn.

            Many posters besides myself have caught on to ElaineR’s methods, and innumerable accounts (that we affectionately call the ‘sock farm’).

          103. Carol Chadbourne says

            Yes, …I’ve heard enough from the lefties to understand their personae. I swear I won’t converse them, but I get very angry at the sheer stupidity of their comments. The ‘ know-it-alls-who- know- NOTHING and believe they are running with the ‘good’ team….can’t handle their low intel….especially miss ‘Nasty’. One in every crowd, as the saying goes. Have to pity them.

          104. Isandbeans says

            Typical Marxists using their Alinsky tactics.

          105. Edward J Baker says

            How about the Constitution that specifically prohibits the President from setting immigration policy.

          106. The Good Shepherd says

            Ed….. Good luck attempting to use logic & facts with a possible Liberal Democrat Proggressive SHEEP who will NEVER AGREE with that logic that violates their mindless Ideology.

          107. Sylvester Jones says

            You just might be right, I certainly hope not.

          108. Carol Chadbourne says

            You ARE right….she does not feel the Constitution is the Law of the Land..and will ignore and by-pass the very document that has kept our country the best Republic on Earth for over 230 yrs. Just another pig in the ‘take-over ‘ agenda. Another Holder in drag.

          109. Isandbeans says

            If she watched the damned news, she’d know! Oh wait…her news leaves that stuff out, probably just told her it was because of her sex or skin color and she probably bought it, too!

          110. williaml says

            How about that same Constitution that specifies that the President must be a Natural US Citizen.
            What we have does Not Qualify.

          111. Nastasyana says

            He was born in Hawaii- a state of the united states of America. McCain was born in Panama, Romney in Mexico. have you checked their birth certificates?

          112. Carol Chadbourne says

            #1…THEY are NOT presidents…#2–he was NOT born in HI…the very registrar of vitals in HI said he was NOT born there…..she was later found dead. His own grandmother said she witnessed his birth in Kenya…she later became very ill and we haven’t heard anything of HER since. There are certifiable copies of his birth in Kenya and schooling in Indonesia where he became a CITIZEN…a country that does NOT have dual citizenship. He came here for higher education on a ‘foreign student’ visa….sthu…and maybe you’ll learn something from which you can use to improve your intel…because, right now, lady…you have NO intel at all.

          113. Btty says

            Where’s your proof on the usurper in the WH? CONCRETE PROOF Nastasyana! He has had all his records sealed except the fake ones. Wake up for Petes sake. He is hiding a lot and our sick pathetic media failed to vet the POS!

          114. Jan123456 says

            Here is proof.

            1. The state of Hawaii’s Director of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino,
            issued releases confirming the authenticity of Obama’s Hawaiian COLB. Dr.
            Alvin Onaka, the state Registar, certified the copies made pursuant to
            Obama’s request.

            2.Federal Rules of Evidence 902 (2) confirms that the certified birth
            certificate issued by Hawaii is deemed prima facie evidence in a court of law.

            3. The US Constitution Article 4, Section 1 (aka Full Faith and Credit
            Clause) says all states must accept the COLB certified by Hawaii as

            4. The GOP Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, also confirmed in 2008 that Obama was born there.

            5.The Secretary of State of Arizona, Ken Bennett, threatened to keep
            Obama off the ballot in 2012. He now acknowledges that Obama is a
            natural born citizen.

            Two Hawaiian newspapers published birth announcements sent to them by
            Hawaii dept. of Health in the days after his birth. “Such vital statistics, however, were not sent to the newspapers by the general public but by the Health Department, which received the information directly from hospitals, [DoH spokesperson Janice] Okubo said.”

            7. Several lawsuits on this his eligibility due to the “natural born citizen” issue were decided in his favor.

            Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that he was eligible and should be included on the presidential ballot.

            Ankeny v. Governor of Indiana confirmed Obama’s eligibility.

            Purpura v. Obama in New Jersey confirmed Obama’s eligibility.

            Tilsdale v Obama in Virginia confirmed Obama’s eligibility.

            Voeltz v Obama in Florida confirmed Obama’s eligibility.

          115. Btty says

            Do you really believe this shit? Lady ever heard of falsified papers and birth certificates? Where the hell have you been? By the way why all the secrecy from Obama for a very long time when he was asked to produce papers/proof? He has a fake birth certificate produced and when he is caught he doesn’t have an answer. I know he thinks the American people are stupid and your proof of that but the rest of us have a lot of reason to distrust anything he says or produces. The people you state as proof because they confirmed his eligibility were bought and paid for. Alabama’s Supreme Court are known to be crooks. I said I wanted concrete proof not lying Bullshit!

          116. Jan123456 says

            I have heard of falsified papers. It’s possible that Obama lied. It’s possible that Fukino lied. It’s possible Onaka lied. It’s possible Lingle lied. It’s possible Bennett lied. It’s possible Boehner lied (when he said the issue was long past settled). It’s possible Fuddy lied. It’s possible Abacrombie lied. It’s possible Okubo lied. It’s possible the Hawaiian newspapers lied.

            However, the only way your theory works is if ALL of them lied. Really?

            Obama released his “short form” birth certificate before he was even elected. What do you mean when you say secrecy for “a very long time”.

            What would it take for you to believe he was born in Hawaii?

          117. Btty says

            Maybe his long form Birth Certificate! Not one that’s falsified and yes Jan I do believe all those people could be bought and paid for. This guy was not vetted at all. All you stupid people who voted for him never really listened to what he said in his speeches. All you saw is he was the first Black president and you wanted to be part of history! Well, guess what? You are and it’s not good.
            He’s Black and people are scared to death of being called a racist. Also Jan how about the fact that no one knows anything about this POS! No one seems to have gone to college with the guy. No one steps forward saying they saw him at his college. How is that possible? As for the secrecy I was talking about how your Mesiah could have stopped all the doubt by producing his long form Birth Certificate a very long time ago when people asked for it but he refused! Come on Jan your really not saying that this POS in our WH hasn’t been very secretive when it comes to his life. We the people have a right to know everything about the man in the WH. Then when he is destroying our country right before our eyes we shouldn’t think he is up to no good? Really Jan?? Open your eyes because it’s almost to late. This country is in deep doo doo and we need to do something soon or be prepared to go down in flames.

          118. Jan123456 says

            So, you personally have to be allowed into the original records in Hawaii? Since that is against Hawaiian law, I guess there is nothing to convince you. However, here is what Hawaii has to say about it.


            No one seems to have gone to college with the guy. No one steps
            forward saying they saw him at his college. How is that possible?

            It’s not possible. It’s also not true. That is just a myth being spread by the right. You will probably say that anyone who acknowledges knowing him in college is lying, but let’s give it a shot.



            Columbia University proudly acknowledges him as a graduate.


            Occidental College professors acknowledge knowing him.


            I look at where our country was the day before he took office and now. GDP up over 5 points, U3 and U6 unemployment down about 5 points, deficit down, no Americans dying in Iraq over non-existent WMD, people don’t have to go bankrupt if they get sick, dollar much stronger against foreign currencies. Perhaps you and I have different definitions of what is destroying our country.

            Now, there are things he has done that I am not happy with. I don’t like his support of the TPP. I wish he had not used Gruber as a consultant for the PPACA. However, if you’re going to dislike Obama, do it for something real, not something made up.

          119. Btty says

            Give it up! He is a lying SOB and like Killary they have their useful idiots!

          120. Jan123456 says

            OK…that response totally makes my point. You want me to give it up. You are hanging onto the justification for your hatred and anger by your fingernails and facts are making that more difficult. (Now, of course you will deny what I posted is fact, but that just allows you to keep your anger going.)

          121. Btty says

            Jan you bore the hell out of me with your BS. If you are to dense to see what this POS has done to our once Great Country then nothing I say will be good enough for you. Your hell bent on trying to justify why you voted for a POS! Accept your mistake, admit you were conned! I’m not responding to anymore of your crap. I’m well justified in my hate for this POS! Look around Jan most of America hate the guy and our allies are questioning our loyalty because of him.

          122. Jan123456 says

            If I believe I was at all conned, it’s because of what he DIDN’T do.

            I was disappointed last year when Obama caved to the Democratic Senators who were up for re-election and he put off action on immigration reform until after the mid-terms.

            I am disappointed that Gitmo is still open

            I wish he would push harder to get our VA system to a higher quality.

            I tell you what our allies are questioning…47 Senators who are essentially telling our allies not to trust in our centuries long process for creating treaties.

            From my previous post…why would I feel conned by the following?

            I look at where our country was the day before he took office and now.
            GDP up over 5 points, U3 and U6 unemployment down about 5 points,
            deficit down, no Americans dying in Iraq over non-existent WMD, people
            don’t have to go bankrupt if they get sick, dollar much stronger
            against foreign currencies. Perhaps you and I have different
            definitions of what is destroying our country.

          123. Btty says

            You are a commie lunatic! What a stupid bunch of BS that you have bought that Obozo has spoon fed you. Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and you obviously have learned well Ms useful idiot. As for the 47 Senators? Thank God they have balls to stand up to this POS! They were well within their rights to do exactly what they did. As I said before your just another in Obozo’s line of useful idiots. Your buying the Kool-Aid if you think for one minutes Unemployment is down and GDP is up. Your a good little Obozo pupil. More people have died under Obama than the previous administration dummy. Obamacare is a dismal failure and has ruined healthcare for a lot of Americans who had great healthcare. We Americans don’t owe you healthcare. We obviously have different definitions of what is happening in our country. I’m right and your just flat assed wrong!

          124. Jan123456 says

            No, they most certainly were not within their rights. The 47 Senators were in direct violation of the US Constitution and the Logan Act.

            Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 gives the president the power to make treaties. Congress has to approve…but they have to vote on what the executive branch negotiates.

            Logan Act:
            Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without
            authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or
            carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government
            or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures
            or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof,
            in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or
            to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this
            title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

            Your (sic) buying the Kool-Aid if you think for one minutes Unemployment is down and GDP is up.

            Yeah, Kool-aid sold by the US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:


            And maybe the grape is sold by US Commerce Dept. (compiled by statista)


            And before you reply decrying these sites, tell me where you bought your Kool-aid.

          125. Btty says

            They were forced to do what they did because your messiah was/is putting us in danger by negotiating with our enemy and turning his back on our allies. They had every right to do what they did and if you think differently your wrong. We cannot trust this lead from behind POS! They did what most of us expected them to do. As for your facts from US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics who do you think run shotgun over them Jan? Santa Claus? NO! Your messiah. US Commerce Dept again in the control of your messiah. As for my facts???? Try looking them up on Google then double checking them on fact check where they give you the sites. Your pathetic and a classic example of why our country is in a tail spin.

          126. Jan123456 says

            So, not only do you have no facts to counter the official statistics, you expect ME to prove myself wrong. I need to double check but you need to come up with NOTHING?

            If you believe they’re wrong, come up with SOMETHING. Otherwise it’s only wishful thinking on your part.

            Like I said above, before you start decrying the sites, you tell me where you bought your Kool-aid.

          127. Btty says

            I’m not going to do your homework! As for you posting facts? I haven’t seen a true statement from you yet. Everyone you state as backing up your foolish statement is under the old bozo regime so of course they will and do lie. Remember your statements about unemployment and the deficit? All propaganda BS. Try again jan.

          128. Jan123456 says

            If you feel they were justified in breaking the law and violating the Constitution because they were “forced “, then may I assume that if the Democrats feel they are “forced to” do the same, it’s OK with you?

          129. Btty says

            They didn’t break any laws! As for demo doing it they have changed the rules over and over. Where have you been? Now that the Republicans play their game they cry fowl! Tough titty jan.

          130. Jan123456 says

            Yes, they did break the Logan Act (text of which I posted to you previously) and that is a LAW.

            18 U.S. Code § 953

            Under which president did the Dems write to a country with which a treaty was being negotiated and tell that country not to trust in those negotiations?

          131. Btty says

            Jan, seriously? If they had broken any laws Obozo and his comrades would be all over this! Damn woman get a f- ING clue! Stop with all your BS no one cares! Especially me! Since when are you so f-ing worried about our laws? Where the hell were you when the usurper was running? Where the hell have you been when this SOB weakened our military? He has put us in grave danger! Islam is on the rise and he has even allowed Islamic training camps right here in America! So shut the F up because I’m not interested in a Damn thing you say! F off!!

          132. Jan123456 says

            If you are not interested in what I have to say, why do you post to me?

            People are “all over this”, it’s just that the sites that conservatives are most likely to read don’t cover what liberals say. So you won’t hear about it.


          133. Btty says

            Trust me on this one Jan. They are pissing up a tree. These are all liberal pieces of shit that can’t handle the fact that their BOY got owned. I keep posting because you keep putting out cap that isn’t true. Good bye Jan
            I’m giving you my permission to have the last word.

          134. Jan123456 says

            Oh, I know they are pissing up a tree. That wasn’t the point. You said that it wasn’t true because Obama would be “all over it”. I wanted to prove you were incorrect by posting information about 300K people who want something done.

          135. Btty says

            You proved nothing jan. I’m willing to bet those signatures are nothing more than a bunch of pissed off liberal commies who are pissed because they got their assessment owned. Mark my words it’s going nowhere! Liberal commies like to make a lot of waves that go nowhere. LOL

          136. Jan123456 says

            I agree with you that it will go nowhere.

            Unfortunately they used the word “treason” in the petition and under the US Constitution, this does not apply. And Obama always thinks several steps ahead….he does not want to weaken the US government by taking almost half the senators to court on this issue. Unfortunately, those 47 didn’t think. Even one of them said he signed it in haste because he was anxious to get out of town before a storm.

          137. Btty says

            Jan he doesn’t care that he might weaken the US GOVERNMENT. He’s already done that. He has weakened our whole country. As for treason I think that applies more to him! First time in our history a US PRESIDENT goes on a apology tour? That in my book. Qualifies as treason. It’s a shame he wasn’t shot on that tour! Just my opinion. What Senator said that do you know? I’m guessing a Rhino. 😉

          138. Jan123456 says

            That was McCain.

            ““It was kind of a very rapid process. Everybody was looking forward to
            getting out of town because of the snowstorm,” McCain said. “I think we
            probably should have had more discussion about it, given the blowback
            that there is.”

            And treason, as defined by the US Constitution, is: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war
            against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and
            comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony
            of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

            So apologizing for mistakes does not qualify.

          139. Btty says

            You know Jan you have some interesting views but please don’t tell me a Rebublican was against the letter and one of the 47. One of the 47 yes but that SOB McCain is no conservative. He is a Rhino through and through. I respect his service to this country and that is it. That service did not qualify him to be Senator and a conservative at that. How about that Jan I admitted I don’t like a Republican. LOL We have our turds to. But I can admit it. Thank you very much for that information. I was going to guess McCain. I still maintain saying any of these 47 are guilty of treason is ludicrous! Cook is a war veteran and I love the guy. He is a man among men in my book.

          140. Jan123456 says

            If you read back, I didn’t call McCain either a Conservative OR a Republican. Merely one of the 47.

            I have enjoyed debating with you! You have strong and passionate views.

          141. Btty says

            I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I just hate when McCain is referred to as being against something the Republicans do because he is not a true representative of the party. I have never approved of him or Lindsay Graham. I’m sure you know what I mean as there are probably plenty of politicians you don’t like either. I to have enjoyed this Jan. I was raised with 8 brothers and probably speak more like a man than a woman! But very strong views indeed. Have a good day

          142. Jan123456 says

            Also here is something else that talks a lot about him…but I suspect you will call it another lie.


            Here is another of what he put out himself.


            The data is out there if you want to find it. However, if you don’t…you won’t.

          143. Btty says

            Jan, I don’t care! I hate the SOB and wish he would drop dead! Why can’t you see him for what he is? He is a Usurper and destroyer of everything American. He hates America and Americans. He hates our military and that’s enough of me. Enough already.

          144. Jan123456 says

            I understand. You don’t care about facts that refute your arguments. You are determined to hate and NOTHING will change that. I feel badly for you.

          145. williaml says

            I have not checked Romney’s but I do know about McCain.
            McCain was born on a US Military base, that Is US Soil.
            Obama’s real name is Barry Soetero and he attended Occidental College as a Foreign Student. His SSN is from Conn. ( a place where he has Never lived)
            I saw a picture of his African Birth certificate, the picture of what is called his Hawaiian birth certificate is not a birth certificate at all, it is a certification of live birth. Barry was raised in Indonesia and in his college years @ Occidental, he changed his name to Barack Obama. The simple fact that he was a foreign student at occidental is bad enough. Hillary Clinton stall uncovered this information when she ran against him in the primaries. Before I found all of this out, I had found that he is a card carrying communist/socialist. anyway. he belongs to one of those parties here in America.
            Since his re-election I deleted all of that information because it did not matter.
            There is One Woman, a Lawyer that has been rejected in the courts as she has brought these things challenging his eligibility. There were also several other lawyers that have been treated similarly as she was.
            I remember her name as Orly Taitz, I don’t remember the others names.
            All I can say is that he is holding fast to his promise of fundamentally changing America but what he really means is that he is changing Americas Fundamentals. ( his actions are in the wording)

          146. chris ericksen says

            Snopes re Barack Obama’s Origins:

            The minimum qualifications for the presidency of the United States specified in Article II
            of the Constitution are few and seemingly straightforward: In order to
            be President, a person must be a natural-born citizen of the United
            States, must be at least thirty-five years old, and must have been a resident of the United States for fourteen years.

            These qualifications aren’t quite so straightforward as they might seem,
            however. For example, what does the phrase “fourteen years a resident
            within the United States” mean? Can those fourteen years be cumulative,
            or do they have to be consecutive? Do the fourteen years of U.S. residency have to

            immediately precede the presidential election, or can they have occurred
            at any period in a candidate’s life? These were issues that confronted
            Herbert Hoover, who, because of his work (first for a British mining
            firm, and later for the U.S. government during World War I),
            had spent a good deal of time abroad and returned to the U.S. less than
            fourteen years prior to his election to the presidency in 1928.

            Likewise, the “natural-born citizen” requirement is not so
            straightforward either, because the Constitution didn’t define what a
            natural-born citizen was. (The definition of “natural-born citizen” was
            left up to individual states to decide until the adoption of the
            Fourteenth Amendment in 1868, but even that amendment has been subject
            to further interpretation.) What qualifies a person for natural-born
            citizenship status under U.S. law can be quite complicated,
            depending on factors such as where the person was born, when he was
            born, where he and his parents lived, and the nationalities of his

            Some of these factors might seemingly come into play in the case of
            Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Although his mother was
            herself a natural-born U.S. citizen, his father was a Kenyan national,
            and his parents may or may not have been legally married in the eyes of U.S. law.
            Moreover, his parents split up when he was but a toddler, and his
            mother soon afterwards married another foreign national and moved with
            Barack to Indonesia.

            The item quoted above posits that Barack Obama does not qualify as a
            natural-born citizen of the U.S. because the law in effect at the time
            he was born specified that “If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the
            time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States
            for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age
            of 16.” Since Barack Obama only had one U.S. citizen parent (his
            mother), and his mother had not been residing in the U.S. for at least five years after the age of 16 when Barack was born (because she herself was only 18 at the time), then he’s not a natural-born citizen.

            A few facets of this claim immediately jump out as being far-fetched: first, that a sitting U.S. Senator
            who has already spent a good deal of time and money securing his
            party’s nomination for the presidency would suddenly be discovered as
            ineligible due to an obscure provision of U.S. law; and second, that
            U.S. law would essentially penalize someone who would otherwise qualify
            for natural-born citizenship status simply because his mother was too
            young. The fact is, the qualifications listed in the example quoted
            above are moot because they refer to someone who was born outside the United States. Since Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, they do not apply to him.

            The Fourteenth Amendment states that “all persons born or naturalized in
            the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are
            citizens of the United States.” Since Hawaii is part of the United
            States, even if Barack Obama’s parents were both non-U.S. citizens who
            hadn’t even set foot in the country until just before he was born, he’d
            still qualify as a natural-born citizen.

            Some have claimed that Barack Obama’s Hawaiian birthplace doesn’t
            qualify him as a natural-born citizen because Hawaii was not yet a state
            when he was born. This claim is wrong: Hawaii was admitted as the 50th state almost two years before Barack Obama’s birth there (21 August 1959 for statehood vs. 4 August 1961 for Obama’s birthdate).

            Some outdated versions of this item conclude by stating that “It should
            be demanded that Obama produce his 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate,” but
            in fact his campaign made an image of his official state-issued birth document available on the Internet back in mid-2008.

            In August 2008, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg
            filed suit in U.S. District Court challenging Barack Obama’s
            eligibility for the presidency on the grounds that Obama was actually
            born in Kenya (not Hawaii) and/or subsequently gave up his U.S. citizenship
            and thus does not qualify as a native-born citizen of the U.S.
            Lawsuits over candidates’ eligibility are not uncommon: similar lawsuits
            (none of them successful), for example, have been filed challenging the
            citizenship status of John McCain (who was born in the Panama Canal Zone), challenging the Wyoming residency status of Dick Cheney
            (who was born in Wyoming but moved to Texas), and challenging the
            citizenship status of 1964 Republican presidential nominee Barry
            Goldwater (who was born in Arizona before that territory was admitted as
            a state).

          147. Btty says

            Hey Nast, McCain (not my favorite person) and Romney both showed theirs without hesitation. Where have you been? Again we are still waiting for Obozo’s long form Birth Certificate not the one he released and was proven to be a fraud.

          148. Jan123456 says

            Of course he does. If you believe in the Constitution, he meets the requirements. Born in Hawaii, COLB certified by appropriate state officials.

          149. Nastasyana says

            Where in the constitution?

          150. lildebrarae says

            As you have ‘yet’ to post one link, to prove your ‘vitrolic hyberpole’ … while screaming your hypocrisy all through out the message threads … ElaineR; look it up yourself!

          151. Edward J Baker says

            Article 1, § 8, clause 4, of the United States Constitution specifically and exclusively grants Congress the power to establish a “uniform Rule of Naturalization.” Powers that are not delegated to a particular branch, in this case the executive, are prohibited.

          152. Jan123456 says

            “specifically prohibits”????

            Care to cite that Article/Section/Clause?

          153. Croco Dile says

            There is a harsh contrast between what we are taught is the purpose of “authority” (to create a peaceful, civilized society) and the real-world results of “authority” in action. Flip through any history book and you will see that most of the injustice and destruction that has occurred throughout the world was not the result of people “breaking the LAW,” but rather the result of people obeying and enforcing the “LAWS” of various “governments.” The evils that have been committed in spite of “authority” are trivial compared to the evils that have been committed in the name of “authority”.


          154. Chuck says

            Probably the same ones Obama won’t follow.

          155. desertcelt says

            She will say anything to get in power. Its a pick and choose democracy with this administration, enforcing the laws they like and ignoring the ones they don’t. What makes you think she will be any different than Holder?

          156. dtk1952 says

            It’s already a known fact that she is anti-gun and pro-amnesty. So she is an Ovomit boot licker.

          157. jolene says

            I know you said boot licker but you meant butt licker. Right!!

          158. dtk1952 says

            That too, just like Holder.

          159. cshrock says

            She didn’t “say”… “I will not follow the law”, although that IS what she would be doing if she supports Obama in his executive overreach of power…. which she did agree to. It is the duty of congress to legislate and make law…. not the the executive branch, Yet she is willing to trade discretion and integrity in upholding the constitution for siding with Obama and becoming another socialist hack.,

          160. lildebrarae says

            Ok ElaineR, you asked for it… She’s breaking our Immigration laws… specifically. Her putting Illegal Criminal Aliens over our American citizens … meaning Jobs for Illegals but none for American citizens … Specifically.



            Oh wait we have Citizens are not getting any jobs, Illegal aliens ‘are’.



            And yet we will have yet another lawless AG who is putting criminal illegal Aliens over our lawful immigrants, and citizens.

            Oh let’s not forget the rising crime rates due to Criminal Illegal Aliens crossing our borders….




            Of course we have ‘liberal science blogs’ that can’t dispute the studies, or the statistics offered by DHS even so they call everything ‘bad math’ (but offer not one whit one proof to disprove the facts … kind of like ‘you’).

            But yes here is the liberal ‘slant’ trying to paint the illegal criminal aliens flooding across our borders, and taking our jobs as merely ‘victims’ (when in fact -according to the evidence(they are anything ‘but’)).


            And here is media matters whining because Peter Boyles cited DHS statistics in his points against Illegal immigration.


            Again neither scienceblogs, media matters, or ‘you’ have any facts to disprove the DHS statistics, the testimony of Loretta Lynch herself (putting cirminals above the welfare of our citizens).

            All any of ‘you’ have is your ‘vitrolic hyberpole’.

            But do keep posting ElaineR, (as I’ve said to you many times in the past) I enjoy watching you crash and burn … over, and over, and over, and over again.

          161. Carol Chadbourne says

            Immigration of the illegal ilk …and our 2nd A….

          162. Jim Skiman says

            Nastasana since you are a KOOLADE drinker and apparently like emperor obama and the degradation of the United States of America why don’t you go back where you came from! Take your muslim and sharia law and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY! Go back to whatever sewer you came from and if you say you are a U.S. naturalized citizen then GET THE F OUT ANYWAY. We are ALL sick of you and your ilk. Don’t go away mad just GO AWAY!!!

          163. Deborah G says

            Just to make your day I believe the Shim is a tranny to boot. LOL

          164. Nastasyana says

            Are you really the one with the PHD from a reputable University calling people trannies and shims? How disrespectful and how unchristian.

          165. Deborah G says

            How long did it take you to find out what they were? A week? No it isn’t UN Christian to call out evil and perversion nor warn people baout who they are assoicating with.

          166. Nastasyana says

            No, you should leave. If you don’t like it here…leave. Go to a country where people wear guns, and disrespect their duly elected leader, and use their money to enslave the poor into debt and ignorance by denying them basic human rights of food clothing and shelter- and then profess to be christians. You leave. I love my country and want to see it fulfill the potential it has …” to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic
            tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general
            welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our

          167. Jim Skiman says

            No you scum sucking piece of chicken maneure. You’re a socialist liberal garbage bag. You get out and go to Cuba, China, Russia or some other socialist nation where you will be comfortable. Then you can try and change how one of those countries treat their citizens. In the past United States before obummer and clinton Minority Rights did not trump the Majority. It’s people like you who have nearly destroyed what our founding fathers created. I am through discussing anything with the likes of you!

          168. Nastasyana says

            Uneducated people always resort to vitriolic hyperbole when they are challenged because they don’t have the intelligence to have a discussion. I do not accept language like yours. So yes, no need for you to respond.

          169. lildebrarae says

            You mean the way you did when you falsely accused Reagan of having Dementia? Oh that’s right, it’s never ‘vitriolic hyperbole’ when ‘liberals’ do it.

            Hypocritical much ElianeR?

          170. Nastasyana says

            Reagan did have dementia. I ask questions and state my opinion. I have never called any of you the terrible names you have called me. If anything you have convinced me of the ignorance of the people who believe as you do.

          171. lildebrarae says

            ElaineR … post the link where it proves that while Reagan was in ‘office’, he had dementia. And I do ‘mean’ from a actual News source.

            Oh that’s right ElaineR, you never post ‘evidence’ … you only demand it from everyone else… as you’re screaming at them that they are bullies… they’re calling you names….

            Never mind the lies, names and vitrolic hyberpolic hate you espouse over and over again with you asinine attacks!

            Well you pathetic POS, I will post the same thing to ‘you’ … that you posted to me on many occasions from your little ‘sock farm’.

            “No links … plus …. no evidence … plus … no proof of any kind … whatsoever … equals… no credibility… equals ‘you’.”

            “if anything you have me convinced of the ignorance of the people who believe as you do.”

            Yes, ElaineR you are so good at describing yourself. FYI you’re the one screaming vitrolic hyberpole …then whining like a two year old brat, because you were called on it!

            In short ……you just ‘failed’ at ‘failing’; yet again.

          172. Carol Chadbourne says

            BEAUTIFUL RESPONSE..!! I, personally wish she would get the hell off this forum…one where she is not wanted …nor her fabrications of the past.

          173. David Kledzik says

            Reagan started downhill about ten years after he was out of office, but not while he was in. Reagan got rid of the deficit and created many jobs and lowered taxes while he was governer of California, and the same as President of the U.S.A. as well as keeping America safe and controlling immigration. I think everyone no matter what their opinion of Obama was knew we had to give him a chance. Well this countries Constitution has been trampled on enough, so you should understand where the frustration comes from. It is not the Presidents or congresses right to usurp the Constitution no matter what argument they make. These attacks on the 2nd Amendment, as well as the first and many others have to stop, and as our leaders they need to lead the way, not tey to take away peoples liberties, for their own selfish political gain. Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2, of the
            Constitution states what is going on to a tee. I took the same oath as these elected officials did, but unlike myself and so many other current or retired military, these clowns use their oath as a punchline. I hope I made sense of this without trying to be ignorant towards you, God Bless,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          174. Jan123456 says

            Reagan got rid of the deficit

            You gotta be kidding me!

            Take a peek at this from the CBO.


            I think everyone no matter what their opinion of Obama was knew we had to give him a chance.

            You think wrong.


          175. patriotdaddy says

            your information and chart is false…this has been doctored….this is not the truth at all…i lived thru this and idc wtf that chart says….it is a lie!!!!

          176. Jan123456 says

            So, you don’t know wtf the chart says – but my “information and chart is false”.

            I can’t stop laughing!

          177. lildebrarae says

            I checked and double checked your link. And it is based on the CBO, and is correct.

          178. Jan123456 says

            Wow! Wow! Truly and honestly I am impressed. It is very seldom here that people on these boards will as much as check sources, much less take the time to see if mine may be wrong. (It has happened and I gave my own mea culpa.)

          179. lildebrarae says

            I read and check out all links. I find I learn more that way.

          180. Jan123456 says

            Thank you….as do I.

          181. Carol Chadbourne says

            We have to understand that THAT is ALL they listen to…LIES and more lies. Something in the brain matter that won’t allow them to question or dig for the truth. Pity.

          182. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            What does any of this crap have to do with Loretta Lynch being attorney general?

          183. David Kledzik says

            I agree, I was just responding to someones comments on here about Reagan, as they were deflecting from the story at hand, because they didnt like what people were saying about obamas choice for A.G. so they would cast
            stones at a conservative. Talk about getting off track huh….

          184. Deborah G says

            Trolls do that

          185. Carol Chadbourne says

            A VERY big habit of theirs because they can not stay enpointe when their own comments come back and bite them in the keisters.

          186. patriotdaddy says

            wtf do you have to do with this discussion??!

          187. Carol Chadbourne says

            Maybe they are NOT aware that Lynch is a socialist/commie who, along with being holder’s SIL, is also against the 2ndA and FOR amnesty. They are SO VERY MUCH UNAWARE of what’s going on that it’s pathetic.

          188. Carol Chadbourne says

            THANK YOU for your service and protection, David. I am as proud of you as I am my own son (Capt-AF-27 yrs) and my daughter (USA-6 yrs Sgt.) My son had deployments to Iraq…..I thought I wouldn’t be worrying as much when he retired…BUT…he’s 45 now and protecting again with ‘the blue line’ in / near Montgomery, AL. miss ‘nasty understands nothing that is happening to us today. Semper Fi.

          189. Deborah G says

            Sorry you are wrong. Reagan did not have Alzheimer’s while in office. His illness was diagnosed several years after he left office. Do you honestly think no one would have diagnosed it with the high level of medical care the Presidents get? You’d like to pin that on him so google it that’s pretty easy. You want facts they are all there.

          190. Nastasyana says

            All he ( Reagan’s son) meant, he continued, was that the amyloid plaque characteristic of Alzheimer’s can start forming years before it leads to dementia. The former president’s diagnosis was made in 1993, four years after he left office.
            “Given what we know about the disease,” his son told me, “I don’t know
            how you could say that the disease wasn’t likely present in him during
            the presidency.”
            Mr. Reagan’s mental state was an issue even before he became the oldest
            man elected president, at 69, in 1980. Adversaries were fond of
            attributing his penchant for contradictory statements, forgetting names
            and general absent-mindedness to Alzheimer’s.


          191. Deborah G says

            Ron Reagan was not in the family’s good graces. He was a radical lefty liberal who was an emabarrassment. He didn’t like Nancy and he hated his dad. I foound him to be pretty awaful. He wasn’t exactly honest when it came to his dad. Said terrible things about him. I don’t care for him or find his opinions to be valid. They are his for sure but the nasty son of a great man .All the libs stuick togetyher . He was a kid of great privilage in having such a good family. His dad had the class not to disparage him too bad he has zero class.

          192. Nastasyana says

            I was relating more to what the doctor said, that Alzheimers does not just appear. In fact there were “rumors” that Nancy was running TWH the last two years. Personally,I don’t want to denigrate Reagan and I am not a fan of him or his son either. I guess I am an Eisenhower conservative. I am appalled at the way the President is treated as the official head of my country. Americans. I was appalled when the Iranian man threw his shoe at George Bush. Our President. It was disrespectful of our country. As you said of Reagan. He did not disparage his son and you have told how you feel about him.

          193. Deborah G says

            They being the left said Nancy was running the WH, they said Hillary was running Bill, The fact is a lot of people who are busy and distracted by their job forget names. THAT is a skill, not proof that someone has Alzheimers.bTW since you mentioned Eisenhaur did you know he was as much black as Obama is? his mother was said to be a Moor.We have NOT had a black President yet.I hope when we do he is a man with integrity that is a credit to his race.

          194. Nastasyana says

            I agree, Deborah G, I frequently forget stuff. I like to say that my RAM is full. Yes, i did hear that about Eisenhower. Not sure i believe it and if he was black he did not acknowledge it.

          195. Deborah G says

            I think they did not consider it so awful back then to be a “Moor” which in reality is a Muslim of African descent. Probably sounded exotic to say a “moor” As for OBAMA being intelligent? I believe he is but I find him to be a LAZY intellectual. An acedemic who loves to ponitifcate on his Utopian ideal but has no practicality to pay for or insight to see this isn’t Sesame Street and he isn’t KING. It isn’t his to do with America as he sees fit. He doesn’t “GET” AMerican . Probably because he didn’t have the American experience growing up. The parades, the Patriotism, All he had was a string of angry left wing Communist radicals running in and out of his life because his mother seemed to be enamoured [or just rebelling sleeping around with black men].He on the other hand lived an insider radical privilaged existance by getting educated, a home worth a million dollars under very shady circumstances and prodded along by his handlers.

          196. Nastasyana says

            You must be very young. In 1954 segregation existed in the US and there were many lynchings of blacks. Many politicians and movies stars passed for white if they could. Being black has never helped anyone in the US. Obama is proof of that.

          197. Dot says

            Ah, Ha!! I thought MANY posts back that you are BLACK. I was right. Naturally you voted for Obama. ALL because of the color of his skin. It COULDN’T have been because of his morals, (he doesn’t have any), or his intelligence, (he doesn’t have any of that either), or because he was so truthful. (on “truthful”, all I can do is LAUGH!!) The only thing your “god” Obama is proof of, is that he is DESTROYING the MORALS, ECONOMY and our GOOD NAME, with other countries. NOW, they do not fear us, and LAUGH at us…..all because of you and others like you, who voted for COLOR, instead of someone who could lead this country of ours, in a Godly and decent manner. No doubt, you will vote for Killary as well. I would bet on it!!!

          198. Deborah G says

            Another “assumption. I voted for Kennedy and was around to know who Eisenhaur was in school. No not young. AND I grew up in the South

          199. patriotdaddy says


          200. lildebrarae says

            ElaineR,. Obama is now the President. So your ‘lie’ that being “black has never helped anyone in the US” ……. has been proven to be a lie… by ‘you’.


          201. patriotdaddy says

            so waht?! obama does not acknowledge his white side either….but he sure likes to pretend that he is black…..see there is a difference between a civilized, intelligent black man, and a racist, moslem, fag that only uses his color for obtaining agendas!! we have had NO black president yet….if he forces the history books to say that he was….he is a liar……and if he is the 1st black president, then he has ruined it for any other…there will never be another black president for fear of them trying to usurp the office again……..we already know obama will not leave the WH quietly when it is his time….trust me we are prepared lol…….congress is a huge problem as well…if they had no crimes to cover up, obama would not have trash on them to bribe them with…which is exactly what is going on….congress knows that we are coming for them for our debt……they are responsible, and they will pay for it…….but so will the fake ass president when he is no longer in office…i bet 100,000.00 that obama and family do NOT stay within the intercontinental USA after his departure from the WH…..b/ c he is in on a mass murder scheme to nuke the USA……he is allowing iran to have nukes….he is kicking the hornets nest with N. korea and all the lies they been spreading about Pyong…….is he a terrible man..probably, but he had nothing to do with any hackings, and they have done nothing at all but test nukes to piss off the world……they have done nothing else…just like russia…putin is trying to keep islam out of his country…this is why obama has been lying and inciting issues with putin as to start a war and force russia to allow islam!!! THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!…..yet there will most likely be a nuclear holocaust over all of this…all b/ obama will not keep his islamic nose out of the rest of the world’s business!!!!

          202. Carol Chadbourne says

            Just one point…HE is NOT the prez….the first woman prez has that dishonor. Jarrett..a commie…he doesn’t make a move without her telling him what to do, say, and how to act in front of the camera….both illegal-both socialist/communist and both are very evil.

          203. Deborah G says

            ANd I am appalled at how this man treats the citizens of this country who are not liberals. He is not a uniter or represent all of Americans. He disparages Christiansd as “clinging to their Bibles and their guns” how utterly demeaning! I have a Phd from a very good school top ten. I am a Christian I believe in the Constitution including the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I do NOT see his view as American as he wants to Fundamentally change everything we stand for. He is a laughingstock in the world, weak, clueless about the military, embarrassed by our place in the world. NOT an AMerican Patriot so I don’t think he deserves the respect of that mighty andd proud office. The ONLY one who has ever made that distinction in so many Americans eyes.I din’t like Clinton’s morals but I could live with it. I honestly being the Patriot I am ever thought there would come a day when ONE man made 50% of America NOT respect the President.

          204. Nastasyana says

            Obviously, we do not agree. I think he is very intelligent, perhaps too intelligent for America. He is an intellectual and frequently Americans do not understand the metaphors he uses. They take his words literally when he is speaking figuratively. He definitely believes in the preamble to the constitution as a preview of what the Constitution was about;

            The Preamble to the United States Constitution is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles. It states in general terms, and courts have referred to it as reliable evidence of, the Founding Fathers’ intentions regarding the Constitution’s meaning and what they hoped the Constitution would achieve.

            We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

          205. Isandbeans says

            Oh my god. “Too intelligent for America”?!?! I’m going to vomit. I understand every single word he says and he is handling things in a bad way.

          206. Dot says

            Rightly said!!! Two of us here, up-chucking!!

          207. Carol Chadbourne says

            Make that ALL of us here, Dot…with the exception of Nasty and 2345….

          208. Isandbeans says

            P.s. We all know the damn pre-amble to the Constitution. You’ve now shown us you can type it twice, what do you want, a medal? It doesn’t make you any smarter, or any less of what appears to be a deceptive Marxist type who apparently has no understanding of the CIC at all. For someone who states he may be “too smart for America” lmao…..I mean, I realize that HE thinks that…and apparently you do too. Lol

          209. Carol Chadbourne says

            EXCELLENT !!

          210. Isandbeans says

            I think we all had to memorize and learn that one back in 7th grade? Lol.

          211. john robel says


          212. Carol Chadbourne says

            Bravo…..welcome aboard the USS ‘frig-it’ , john….she’s driving me cuppy-cakes with her blather. WHY is it they always bring up past c-n-c’s and blame others for what b.o. is continuing to do….they even killed JFK over this nwo Guess I’ll go back to my NASCAR race. It’s a lot quieter….I agree with your post.

          213. patriotdaddy says

            funny you feel he is soooooo smart!!! lmao…….you do realize he is dumb as a box of rocks and is only a puppet, right?? lol…..he is no genius……this has ll been in the planning since the 1st bush hit office!!!! all in the name of power and money……if he is so smart, how does he keep getting caught up in these lies?!?! lmao…a smart man knows how to keep from looking like a liar…..he is scum!!! soon he will be in prison…..and so will most of congress as they are in on the whole thing…….funny thing is…everybody that has anything to do with islam is involved….so how can you say that he is intelligent??!! you do realize that if islam were to take any real foothold here…women would be oppressed, right?! lol….luv how a woman is arguing for islam and change when as soon as it happens they will be screaming unfairness and discrimination….but wait…i islam takes over..there is NO discrimination anymore…..sharia does not practice this….you are a fool!! you are attempting to the devil’s work, and the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is NOT going to allow it!!! our LORD is a loving GOD NOT a GOD of murder and atrocities……sooooo intelligent lmao

          214. Nastasyana says

            .”…a smart man knows how to keep from looking like a liar….” Yes, your politicians do this well.

          215. patriotdaddy says

            why are you using the preamble?? lol…that actually argues against what libs are trying to do..they are removing our liberties 1 by 1….so how is this relevant? the preamble is exactly what the conservatives are trying to do…keep our liberties…if you take guns or our rights to free speech you are REMOVING our liberties… not attempt to argue the constitution with me… will lose……this is my specialty, loser……nothing in the preamble OR the US constitution says that liberals are in the right for removing our freedoms and liberties….it says “to insure domestic tranquility”…how an you have a tranquil life within this country if there is no way to protect yourself, no way to defend yourself against a tyrannical government or overreaching foreign armies… can we live a tranquil life if we are NOT allowed to speak our minds?!?! you are a blind fool with a blind mission, and you will end up losing and only blind!!! everything described in the preamble is the exact opposite of what a lib and islam wants!!! to even use this as some sort of defense is ridiculous of you lmao!!!! you are now assisting us in making libs look like liars and fools….tyvm 😛

          216. Nastasyana says

            “.how can we live a tranquil life if we are NOT allowed to speak our minds?”

            Unfortunately and obviously no one keeps you from speaking your minds
            It bis what is in your minds that is so frightening and that destroys domestic tranquility. I love the preamble. To me it states the real values on which america was created.

          217. Carol Chadbourne says

            THEN, don’t ask stupid questions…”where do you get this stuff”….if you don’t want to set yourself up…it’s patently apparent that our ‘intel’ is much higher and deeper than your lack of it….good grief.

          218. Marilyn Stern says

            If Obama is so intelligent and such a learned scholar why has he had his school records sealed, including grades earned in American schools as a “foreign exchange student”? Maybe you should check into why both Barry and Michelle were “disbarred”?

          219. Dot says

            AMEN, Deborah, and I could add so much more to what you said, but this LIBERAL, CHRISTIAN HATER will NEVER get it. I cannot RESPECT a man, who had done the horrible things he has done. He definitely HATES Christians, and NEVER in American’s history, has a President allowed MUSLIMS and ILLEGALS to cross our borders, and set up MOSQUES, that teach out of their UN-HOLY BOOK, which teaches MURDER, AND TORTURE, of Christians, and ANYONE, who does not bow down to their false “god”, allah. AND, they are drawing food stamps and all kinds of WEL-FARE, at tax payer’s expense. These MUSLIMS are in SECURITY at our White House. OBAMA NEEDS TO GO AND GO NOW!!!!! I have to constantly PRAY and ask the God of Abraham, to help me not HATE him. He LIES, and is NOT looking out for the best interests of America. I constantly think of how he set FIVE GITMO PRISONERS loose, in exchange for ONE AMERICAN DESERTER, (whose family is obviously practicing muslims), and some of these muslim TERRORISTS, have returned to battle, to kill more innocents. I also think of how he has done NOTHING to set the Christian Pastor Saeed free, (he is in a muslim prison and has been beaten so severely, that he has been bleeding internally), and I remember that several months ago, he PROMISED Pastor Saeed’s little girl, that he would do everything possible, to get her daddy free, by her birthday. Her birthday is coming up in the beginning of April, NEXT MONTH. Want to take a bet that he has LIED once more? RESPECT OBAMA? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!! I would like to throw more than a shoe at him!!!!

          220. Nastasyana says

            Where do you get this stuff?

          221. gets2say says

            Open your eyes and ears. Search for more than the party-line ,approved for today, Press Releases. Yes, there is stupidly radical right wing exaggeration out there; between the popular press (Obama’s PR fan club) and the far right, there exists lots of truth; truth remains constant and won’t go away. It can be covered up for a time with lies but it can’t be changed. Just read more than those publications you are comfortable with…

          222. patriotdaddy says

            someone like you could never denigrate reagan’s name….do not worry there…..stupidity was not allowed around reagan…so neither would your BS!! please stop using liberal opinions from the news on what was thought of reagan…the only reason these stories are out there is for libs to have an excuse for why they do not do the same great work that he did!!! they always gotta pretend that there was something wrong with that man…….GOD knows that this man was fighting for freedom and christianity……that is a true leader….not like bush or clinton or obama!!! hillary will never get where these men sat their behinds b/c she is a liar, thief, and murderer and we all know it!!!! jeb is poisoned by his family and the saudi royal family……cruz is a lib in sheeps clothing with a lib media wife…….and moslems will soon be gone from this land!!! then we can have ourr country back….all the militias i know in my area have already wired all the moslem training compounds in our area without their knowledge…as soon as they attempt to make any moves…..BOOM!!! all their families left behind in there, all there supplies, and all their liberal, democratic support…..BOOM!

          223. patriotdaddy says

            ty for that reminder of the estranged son’s relationship with the actual president!!!! shows exactly how a lib thinks…..get 1 side of the story that fits your agenda but not the truth of the matter from reality at all!

          224. Deborah G says

            The reality is Reagan didn’t mind his son’s political bent but Ron was nasty, disrespectful and took every chance to disparage his dad.It wasn’t that he was a liberal that alienated him it was his mean streak towards the family that raised him with great privilage.AND I don’t mean money , I mean they raised him to be a good citizen and he chose to rebel and went left out of spite not conviction. Whatever stance his father took he spitefully took the exact opposite simply to vex the family and get revenge. Sick, sorry, pathetic person.

          225. Deborah G says

            When did he get his medical degree? He is disgusting. What exactly are his credentials for making a diagnosis?

          226. Deborah G says

            I sincerely doubt that his bi annual Presidential exam would have missed it and they do include a scan. Any doctor worth his salt would be aware of subtle changes. It isn’t just “forgetfullness.

          227. patriotdaddy says

            b/c key words are “may”…stop digging…lol you are a joke…if he had any dimentia during his stay in office they never would have let him out in public…yet he made numerous public speeches!!!! stop kidding yourself moron!!!

          228. ozwizard says

            …And, he wrote all his own speeches!

          229. lildebrarae says

            Again ElaineR, show the proof where President Reagan was diagnosed with Dementia, or Aspergers at any time during his tenure as President.

            We;re all waiting with baited breath for you to post a actual link from a ‘credible news source’ proving your ‘input’.

            Oh that’s right ElaineR … you never ‘post links’. You just demand it from others.

            Hypocritical ‘much’ Dearie?

          230. Dot says

            I usually don’t talk to MUSLIM AND OBAMA LOVING LIBERALS, but I went and checked out your comments. I saw through you, when you put CHRISTIANS down, and said that Christians talk about wanting to kill muslims. That makes them hypocrites or bad in your opinion. Well, GOD himself, told his people to go into battle and KILL those who were ENEMIES to what the God of Abraham stood for. Muslims as a whole, believe in allah, and allah teaches to MURDER and TORMENT ALL who do not believe in their dead god. Certainly NOT a religion of peace, as the Christians are. Obviously, you haven’t spent much time in the Holy Word of God. I too, would KILL the muslim TERRORISTS, (your president refuses to call them what they are, but I DON’T), who have put the heads of INNOCENT people on fence posts, to instill FEAR in any who would refuse to worship their dead, FALSE “god”, allah. They decapitated people, for this same reason. The Jordanian was locked in a cage, and set on FIRE, and they said his SCREAMS were like some wild animal, as he cooked in that fire. They have SNEAKED into Israel through tunnels, to MURDER innocent Jews, and then fled back to their God-forsaken country, after doing their sick, twisted, EVIL deed. Kids cut in half….whole families buried alive. YES, I WOULD GLADLY KILL MUSLIM TERRORISTS, AND I AM A CHRISTIAN. I agree with the posters on this site… need to look in a mirror, and see WHAT YOU SUPPORT, AND WHO YOU SUPPORT, and take a real hard look at your SANITY. It is people like YOU, who have put America, in a place where our enemies SEE our weakness, and are LAUGHING at us. GO HOME, AS YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO AMERICA!!!!

          231. Nastasyana says

            I am overwhelmed by your ignorance and lack of comprehension.

          232. Dot says

            LOL, LOL, LOL. How many times, have you stated that you do not call names or accept the words of those who do. Well, you muslim- loving, God-hating, Un-American, IGNORANT tramp, looks like you LIED, and have all the characteristics that your “god” Obama has, that you voted TWICE for. No wonder you bow and worship this TRAITOR. Why are you even on this thread? Obviously, you are a very deranged and MISERABLE person, as you want to argue, and when you do argue, everyone laughs at your stupidity. You cannot change our minds about your “god”, as we are not on the Kool-Aid, like you are.

          233. Nastasyana says

            Ignorance means unknowing and is a state of being and not name calling like “tramp’ liar” deranged, miserable”. That sounds like you projecting your issues on to me. My sympathy to you and yours.

          234. Carol Chadbourne says


          235. Deborah G says

            This is what Trolls do LOL Try and turn everything around so you are at fault.They start fires then try and control the outcome.Pyromaniacs ala Internet

          236. patriotdaddy says

            that is how we feel about you and yours ….i mean do you really think that islam will rule the world??? they are the most evil towards their own women!! how could women’s rights ever get anywhere with a 1 world religion like this??? lmao….you are damning your own gender to hell and do not even know it!!! pathetic!!!

          237. patriotdaddy says

            funny how all we se is your “OPINIONS” but you have not one time shown any proof or any basis for your argument at all……who is ignorant? lol…you show absolutely no facts to support that liberals care more about the liberties of this country than a conservative…..all you do is talk shit!!! you are obviously a loser with no life!!!

          238. Deborah G says

            I am overwhelmed by your masochism.

          239. Carol Chadbourne says

            Pay ‘no never mind’ to miss “Nasty”….she doesn’t have any more sense than God gave a goose. Very mixed-up, over emotional socialist who doesn’t want or care to know how b.o. is destroying OUR country while attempting to ‘take it over’ for his own maniacal evilness….new world order under the gov’t of the u.n……she is clueless. And , I believe will remain so because she’s too unhappy to learn anything. Don’t waste your time….having said that…Excellent post and I agree 100%.

          240. Dot says

            THANKS, Carol. Nah, I don’t take to heart anything that Obama loving, liberals have to say. They haven’t a CLUE what is going on in America, because if they did, they would have never voted for the muslim dictator. OR, maybe they would have, as they don’t have good sense. MOST blacks simply saw the color of this mans’ skin, and voted for him. Didn’t matter to them, that he hates America, Christians, our Military, and what we ALL found out these past few weeks….he HATES Bibi, and Israel. What a FOOL he made of himself, when he took the black racists, and boycotted Bibi’s speech, and AMERICA raved about how good it was. Then, Obama did his best to fight against Bibi getting elected. It ALL blew up in Nastysyana’s “god’s” face, and his ratings are constantly dropping. SERVES HIM RIGHT!! You don’t mess with those whom GOD has put in place to govern Israel.

          241. Nastasyana says

            So god has put bibi in place to govern israel and persecute the palestinians. Jesus was palestinian/

          242. Deborah G says

            Jews are the chosen people ALL Christians know that and support them

          243. Carol Chadbourne says

            He was also a JEW. I am curious…HAVE you ever read “Revelations”….it’s happening today.

          244. ozwizard says

            But not a moron like you!

          245. Nastasyana says

            Birds of a feather….

          246. Carol Chadbourne says

            DO NOT ‘HANG’ TOGETHER, when one of them is a progressive.

          247. Deborah G says


          248. Deborah G says

            She is a TROLL

          249. Nastasyana says

            “Well, GOD himself, told his people to go into battle and KILL those who were ENEMIES to what the God of Abraham stood for.” So how is that any different from Allah telling his people to kill those who do not accept Islam?

            “Certainly NOT a religion of peace, as the Christians are.” So what does a religion of peace mean.” Are you aware of Buddhism?

          250. Carol Chadbourne says

            JUST GIVE IT UP…..get off this forum and go play with your ‘balmy’ doll. YOU will NOT convince anyone on here to your despicable way of thinking. WE ARE AMERICANS WHO HATE,,,YES, HATE….islamic murderers of children and Christians for no other reason than we will NEVER accept a false and evil allah.

          251. Deborah G says

            You and Jan must have some masochistic gene. We don’t like either one of you.Why do you continue to subject yourselves to that dislike? We aren’t going to change so all your expended energy is going to waste. Why not go troll somewhere else? We don’t care about your opinions, links,or ideology. You two are like a thick slab of meat, you just don’t get it

          252. Carol Chadbourne says

            Have you EVER stopped to think that YOU do the very same thing…whether it’s through innuendo…or straight out commie-speak…SHAME.

          253. Greg Larson says

            All you need is the S–T kicked out of you and then sent back to your Muslim Country saturated in pigs blood!!

          254. Carol Chadbourne says

            Liberals are well known for their rhetoric….name calling vitriol…get off your high horse and off this forum…because you are asking for a helluva lot more than our anger at you and those like you, who, apparently do NOT have any intel whatsoever. YOU LEAVE, anti-American.

          255. Jan123456 says

            You object to name calling vitriol? Who is calling people “liars” and “pos” and saying they have anger at a complete stranger who has a “miserable life”? Look in the mirror my friend.

          256. patriotdaddy says

            thaaat is not name calling u fuckin loser liberal!! that is name calling!!!! telling people the truth and calling people what they are with proof……is another thing….we can prove that liberalism is anti-american, and we can prove that all liberals lie!!! so what is your point again???? ASSHOLE???

          257. Jan123456 says

            Go ahead. Prove. Until then, calling someone an “effing loser” or an “A-hole” is name calling in my book.

            You don’t even see the irony, do you?

          258. Deborah G says

            We ARE CALLING YOU NAMES! Because you are an annoying pile of excrement called liberalism. Do you have a sickness that you want to come where people dispise you and everything you stand for?

          259. Jan123456 says

            Well then Deborah, don’t pretend that you are against personal attacks on people who espouse different political beliefs.

            I live in an evidence based world. If you despise that, God help you.

          260. Deborah G says

            LOL you make all these quantum leaps of logic then pretend to be so erudite because you post a few links no one is interested in. You try and be so superior over everyine here . In reality my guess is you are a pretender, I’ll match my letters against yours any day of the week. It isn’t people with different political beliefs it is the hypocrisy that when you recieve well deserved Quid Pro QUo you STILL don’t stop. That’s a liberal, try and dish it but can’t tkae it. You use hyperbole and attribute things to people they never said. Nice try but your disruptive behavior no matter how richly crafted falls flat. You failed in your arguments from the start with faulty premise,baseless assumptions and terrible skills in a debate. God helps me he gave me the intelligence to spot a phoney 100 yards out. I thank him daily I am NOT a liberal.

          261. Jan123456 says

            If using facts and evidence is superior, then I thank you for the compliment.

            I can take anything you hand out sweetheart. However, I will call out you when you dish out nonsense that you refuse to support.

            You sure do love your education.

          262. Deborah G says

            ANy moron can google a few links, that proves ZERO. Like most people with mental issue which you seem to readily display, you think you have some edge. Actually you make me laugh at your ridiculous attempts to debate. Here’s a clue. debate reuires you do not dstart with a faulty premise which you do over and over. baseless assumptions are thrown around as if that makes you somehow able to compete. Trolls never can . Liberals rarely do. You hve lost because you have failed at every juncture to advance your agenda. Losers like you keep thinking they have relevance. What do they pay internet Trolls these days? Affirmative action wages?

          263. Jan123456 says

            I still do like it how you pretend to believe name calling is a liberal thing.

            What is my “faulty premise”?

            And no, any moron cannot “google a few links”. Most times when people try to refute my data, they don’t have any of their own, they tell me to “google it”. I rarely see people here supporting their assertions with independently verifiable information. Yourself included.

          264. Deborah G says

            you make assumptions based on zero knowledge. Just because an intelligent, educated person refuses to engage with an Internet Troll doesn’t make them subject to you criteria simply because you try and manipultae them into doing so.. This is a conversation blog, not a course where YOU have self appointed yourself as “teacher” We are adults and I think you should have gotten the message by now that we find you irrelevent and don’t give a Rat’s ASS what you have to say no matter how many links you post.. Me personally I simply refuse to engage in a debate with a Troll. now if you ask me again my response will be the same. You lose

          265. Carol Chadbourne says

            GEE…I wish I had said that…!! Good show.!

          266. Deborah G says

            Look to your idol and decide if what you believe is rational

          267. Jan123456 says

            Is it rational to assume that someone I support is also my idol?

            Unlike you, I present evidence to support what I believe. You simply get angry and use personal attacks. Who is irrational? (Rhetorical question.)

            Your personal attacks include terms like, “damn commie”, ” liar in Chief”, “unforgivably STUPID” and “Homofacist perverted bs”.

          268. Deborah G says

            Blah Blah Blah. IF you don’t really care what I think why do you work so hard to repeat word for word? This is exactly what an internet Troll does via their script to disrupt. As I stated previously this isn’t a classroom where we appointed YOU to educate us. LOL you have a mighty high opinion of your relevance and value here.We don’t care what you believe or why you believe it. Why do you keep insisting we be subject to that which we find abhorrant to our values?Just who do you think you are really? Get over yourself you have zero acceptance here and zero relevance. Get it?BTW? My opinions are mine, I don’t need links to validate why I feel the way I do. Rest assured I don’t need to answer to an obamabot.

          269. Jan123456 says

            I know you don’t need evidence to feel the way you do. And that is the sad thing.

          270. Deborah G says

            You again make quantum leaps. I have done my research and am quite comfortable with drawing my conclusions based on my education. I just don’t need YOUR evidence or your superior attitude to think that YOU have any relevence in my beliefs. You have an inflated sense of your importance. The only sad thing is your obsession trying to prove someone else wrong. You lost take it like a man or women whatever you are.

          271. Jan123456 says

            Until you use verifiable facts that prove me wrong, I have not “lost”. With the exception of God, (Him I have faith in.) silly claims are just that – silly. Even if you are comfortable based on your education.

          272. Deborah G says

            You seem to continue to beliebve that people need to answer to you which is really a bit insane. Here’s a clue. YOU believe whatever makes your OCd easy for you to deal with. I don’t have any interest in making you believe what I say or not..Rest assured I don’t care an iota about what you have to say.And? You definitly have lost whatever argument you are trying to prove. WHY? because the only one in it is you, I refuse to engage with a troll.

          273. Jan123456 says

            If you could counter what I say with facts…you would – gleefully!

            And no, I am not the only person in this. As I said up front, I know I am not on my home turf when I post here – it’s boring when everyone agrees. I could go to MSNBC or other liberal sites and be inundated with folks who believe in facts.

            You guys are more fun.

          274. Deborah G says

            Whether somone can or can’t counter isn’t the issue. WHat is the issue is we refuse to. We really don’t like you. I can’t say it any plainer. Why do you insist on beating yourself up? Masochism? I wouldn’t give a Troll the satisfaction of engaging. Glad we can provide you with some fun. when you have OCD every day must be a struggle.

          275. Jan123456 says

            Absolutely it is the issue.

            If you have evidence, you present it. It only adds strength to your argument.

            Every once in awhile though, I do get through to someone here. Perhaps only on a small point that I presented evidence that they (usually grudgingly) admit is correct.

            I know I will not change mindsets…they’re too superglued to most people. But it’s all worth it when I encounter someone who doesn’t put their hands over their ears and say, “blah blah blah” on everything. Last week I did encounter someone who convinced me I was wrong on the history of the 2nd amendment. Goes both ways.

          276. Carol Chadbourne says

            ONLY thing they understand….we’re ALL in the sandbox. Just letting her know what it’s like. Buzz off.

          277. Jan123456 says

            Your statement, “Liberals are well known for their rhetoric….name calling vitriol.” applies at least equally to you. Stop pretending that you are above that.

          278. Btty says

            LOL, how does it feel Jan? You liberal dung heaps have been doing this crap for almost 8 years. It’s about time we fight fire with fire. Do you like it? You deserve every single word said to you. Again you post information as fact and it is far from fact. Get over yourself already

          279. Jan123456 says

            It’s actually OK. I have come to expect it when I post on right wing sites. People generally don’t have facts to support their positions and name calling is all they have left. I usually am told to “google it” or “do my own research” when I ask people where they got their “facts” from. Since they rarely have legitimate sources that they can cite, …well, that’s when they start the ad hominem attacks.

            My point is that if you believe personal attacks and name calling to support your point is wrong, then don’t do it. It is hypocritical to exhibit a behavior you believe is wrong when your opponent does it.

          280. Btty says

            Awww, now we get the picture. Jan doesn’t like it when the show is on the other foot. Poor Jan. Everyone who tells you to look it up is right. We looked it up why shouldn’t you have to?

          281. Jan123456 says

            I provide support for my assertions. Usually in the form of a link to an official site or at least one that is not overtly partisan. I never tell anyone to look up my sources.

            If you make a claim, then it is incumbent upon you to support it, not me.

            What I see here is people making a claim and then refusing to show any independent facts to support it.

          282. Deborah G says

            listen here’s a clue. We don’t like you period. You are a tranny for sure and right off the bat that disqaulifies you from being considered normal here. Capisce`?You have nothing to add except grabage, no one here cares

          283. Nastasyana says

            I am not a “tranny” (What is that?) I am not the one adding the “grabage”. You are right, I certainly do not belong in this group

          284. Deborah G says

            Grabage is a cross between garbage and liberal baggage

          285. Carol Chadbourne says

            I really hope you aren’t calling yourself an American…because THAT, Nasty, will be the biggest lie of your miserable life… are such an unhappy and miserable pos that you want everybody else to be the same….guess what..??? YOU are to be pitied more than anything. GROW the hell up…and go A-way.

          286. Jan123456 says

            Once again Carol, your definition of “liar” is “anyone who disagrees with you”. When you are talking “miserable life”, look at the person who uses the most despicable language to make some hyperbolic point. And it isn’t Nastasyana.

          287. Deborah G says

            It is you liberals for sure. We’re just learning YOUR way of dealing with people who don’t agree with us. We learned it from you

          288. Jan123456 says

            So you just copy the behavior of people whose behavior you despise.

            Very good. Tells me a whole lot about you.

          289. Deborah G says

            Not at all it is called Quid Pro Quo. Don’t like then change YOUR behavior.

          290. Jan123456 says

            Tell me what I have done. Me…not other people.

          291. Deborah G says

            In realiity is is probably guilt by association. You chose to come to a Conservative blog to disrupt. You also helped get Obama elected and for many of us that is a high crime for what he has done to America.You backed up people here who are trolls plain and simplle. So just what are we suppossed to think of you?

          292. Jan123456 says

            As you said, I don’t care what you THINK of me. But it is your assumption of why I come here. I very rarely post on liberal sites because there is no challenge there. Everyone has the same opinion – basically – and there is no true debate. Sort of like here. It’s a mutual admiration society.

            Here, I get the opportunity to trade facts. I will be honest with you though, it is rare that people have independent sources to back up a lot of what they say. One person says something, the next person picks it up and pretty soon something totally unsupported becomes “known fact”. Especially if it is anti-Obama.

            You said “high crime for what he has done to America.”. Specifically and with credible sources, what has he done that qualifies as high crime? Be aware, I will hold you to a standard, so it has to be more than just something you dislike or disagree with. You used the term “high crime”. We will all have disagreements with our elected officials (and believe it or not, I have disagreements with Obama), but what justifies your anger?

          293. Deborah G says

            I didn’t say Obama comitted a high crime I said YOU were considered irrelevent because you decided to back the trolls here. The high crime was yours. Reading comprehension 101? My anger is that he believes he can just do as he wisheds. et’s be honest all men in power do that but most of them including Clinton and Bush went to Congress. The health care bill with not one republicans allowed in. Pelosi just assuming we should accept what was in it was “good” for us since THEY decided that for us. It has been a nightmare, They tout how many people have been helped but quadruple that have been harmed. AND THEN? They expect us to pay for someone else! That isn’t American that is Socialism. not only do they expect us to pay for someone else they expect us to pay for medical benefits for ILLEGALS as well. Throw unvaccinated kids into our aschools WE get to pay for them. They want to dispense charity then let them dig. I think we should be free to hand out our hard eaned money as WE see fit. Charity is neither a form or function of a dDemocratic republic.There are so many things we don’t agree with. Then when we say this we are called everything from uncaring to racist. Let me tell you something BEFORE OBAMA charities did way better. They had more donations and they handled it better,.Liberals WASTE, Tax and overspend. $125BILLION wasted or lost during Obama’s watch with many many millions lost in Hillary’s state dept. They are scam artists.

          294. Nastasyana says

            Do you think of as Jesus was a Socialist?

          295. Deborah G says

            Not at all I thik he was a compassionate Conservative. Read his words. Be responsible ffor yourself don’t expect others to allow tyou the fruits of their labours IF you are capable. If you are in need he reminds people that are blessed to help NOT handout. A hand up. food for the needy, a cloak for someone who has none. THAT is charity WHICH? Conservatives give a far large percentage than Liberals. The libs like to talk but they are cheap.

          296. Jan123456 says

            My apologies for my mis-interpretation of your words.

            On one point, I agree with you. Men in power don’t get to high places because they are sweet and conciliatory.. They are able to use the system to their personal advantage.

            OK, but you did bring up a couple specific complaints. May I go into them? And
            if I do it again – use your words in a way you did not intend -, please
            correct me.

            The health care bill with not one republicans allowed in.

            That statement is a bit hyberbolic as any republican was free to vote for it if s/he wished. However, on the day of Obama’s first inauguration, GOP leadership (McConnell, Cantor, Boehner, Ryan and Demint among others) got together to decide on a strategy of obstructionism. As OH Senator George Voinovich said, “If (Obama) was for it, we had to be against it.” Mitch McConnell went so far as to filibuster his own bill when Obama indicated approval.

            When you said “quadruple” had been harmed, what do you mean? I have read people who agree with you, but when I ask for examples or support, the little I have gotten have pretty much been examples that had been debunked.



            The ACA was built on a Heritage Foundation (GOP conservative think-tank) proposal. This includes the individual mandate. It’s only when Obama’s name got attached to it (If he was for it, we had to be against it.) that the right started decrying it and using the Pelosi complaint Mitt Romney even instituted a plan much like it when he was governor of Mass.

            (Page three starts the listing of what Heritage flip-flopped on.)

            Here’s a great example of someone who believed as you did…until he had health issues.


            Let me tell you something BEFORE OBAMA charities did way better.

            By what measure do you believe this? Amount raised? Amount spent? Administrative costs? Do you have any support for your claim?

            Here are some pre-Obama charity scam problems. But perhaps this is not what you’re talking about.



          297. Deborah G says

            The fact is the obamacare law was not openly debated in the house. Most of what went on was let’s be honest GRUBERIZED> That’s the issue and it was written to be totally impractical. There were several additions or solutions that could have been added. The fact is we HAVE National insurance already for poor people. It is Medicaid, stucture in place all we had to do was raise the linits of income and allow more people in. OBAMA has only himself to blame for peoppple not trusting or liking him. you can’t work with someone who is that arrogant.Clinton knew how to work both sides, Reagan did. he can’t he is too ideologically entrenched and too arrogant to think anyone but himself has any answers. personally dispise that man. He makes me ill.

          298. Jan123456 says

            The fact is the obamacare law was not openly debated in the house.

            I do not believe that is correct, although I have heard that before. Because HR 3962 was a redo of HR3900 and incorporated the same language, some of the normal bill tracking did not occur under the 2nd number, but the first.


            ” Here, the House Rules Committee moved the health care bill to the floor via House resolution 903, a special rule with both procedural and substantive components. First, House resolution 903 played the traditional role of a rules resolution, providing a procedural road map for how House bill 3962 would be considered on the House floor. It waived all points of order, set the time of debate for several hours, and called for a vote once debate was concluded. ” (page 12 – emphasis added)

            Now, I have no idea if a time limit is typical, but at least it did occur.

            There were several additions or solutions that could have been added.

            There were additions. The most notable being the “Grassley Ammendment” famous for creating the erroneous notion that congress was not subject to the ACA.

            all we had to do was raise the linits (sic) of income

            That was part of the ACA – to increase Medicaid. How many GOP governors accepted that? (Hint: you can keep one hand in your pocket)

            Once again, I understand you dislike him. What I hear, though, from you are feelings, but not substantiation. When you cite other presidents that did work better with the other side, please read the Time article on how the GOP refused to do anything to work together – before Obama was even inaugurated! How do you work with folks whose stated goal is to prevent any legislative success?

          299. Deborah G says

            It was a typical Demcrat game of making the public believe they were ever so to see or review the Gruberized version which by his own admission was ahoved through and accepted by ignorant people. I didn’t like Clinton and I wasn’t fond of several other BUT I never saw the dirty things pulled on the American PEOPLE. Not each other but to the citizens/wonderful and it ALWAYS the republicans fault.Listen I get it that’s the bloody game of politics. BUT The fact is No republican EVER got/

          300. Jan123456 says

            Before I misunderstand again, will you please rephrase your first sentence? Truly and honestly, I don’t understand what you are getting at. Perhaps we’re both guilty of typing too quickly.

            I never saw the dirty things pulled on the American PEOPLE

            Examples supported by independent sources please? Emphasis on “dirty”.

          301. Deborah G says

            Don’t need independent sources. Really what is with you? I;m not your student and I think your demanding things from people as if you have some power to do so is a bit over the top. How about this He allowed someone like GRUBER to deceive us. PROVEN so I dont need your bibliography request.

          302. Jan123456 says

            If you simply repeat what you have heard from partisan sources that already agree with what you feel, there is no factual credibility.

            Without independent sources, it is all just fictional rhetoric. It is not fact. Using the word “proven” doesn’t make it fact. It’s still fairy tales when you can’t provide proof.

            That’s what’s wrong with the far right. They need no proof if whatever they’re fed lines up with their conformational bias.

          303. Carol Chadbourne says

            Talk about rhetoric…..kind of another ‘pot and the kettle situation…You answer is rhetoric itself…you who ‘follow’ b.o. have NO independent sources…want proof…? http.www.pakalertpress….they investigate all issues…btw, That opening sentence of yours, can be thrown right BACK at you progressives.

          304. Jan123456 says

            I completely disagree. Look at my posts to you. How many times did I provide a link to a document, to a video or give a direct quote by name. And how many times did you do that in support of your assertions? I will tell you…. ZERO! NADA! ZILCH.

            You just parroted the right wing rhetoric I see too often on conservative boards. To paraphrase the most common, “If you don’t agree with me, you are wrong.”

            btw…I went to the website you said “investigates all issues”. It does not work – 403 Forbidden error.

          305. Deborah G says

            THE FACT we even HAVE OBAMACARE is Dirty. GRUBER came right out and TOLD the “Stupid” people they had been duped. OIN National TV! You don’t need a link to MSNBC to prove that. Just look at the policies offered on the excahnges. Look at the deductibles, the lack of choice,the lower benefits,the higher co-pays. Instead of posting links go see for yourself. I have.

          306. Deborah G says

            WE DON”T CARE! Can’t you get that through your OCD head? We don’t care how many links you provide they are ALL corrupt left wing BS> We don’t care what you think! We don’t care what Liberals think. WHy is it so hard for you to understand we are Conservatives. You will nEVER change our minds no matter how many stupid links you post, how many demands you make. Libealism is a mental disorder THAT is a fact look up that link. It is Disaasociatve disorder. Now if you would like to read feel free but if you want to obsess here we are pretty much done answering you. AmI correct folks?

          307. Jan123456 says

            I get it now. See I live in an evidence based world. You do not.

            My disorder is that I use facts and logic to prove points with people (like you) who do not believe in facts and logic.

          308. Deborah G says

            What a joke. You live in an alternate reality based on left wing talking points and biased/corrupt information. ACtually I honestly don’t care where you live. I honestly don’t care about anything you have to say. I think trolls live under the bridge.

          309. Deborah G says

            I listened to GRUBER if you consider that a biased source you are correct he was a far left biased ideolog that wrote this disaster knowing full well they ONLY way to get it passed was to skew the entire thing. Obama KNEW we could not actually keep our pla, our doctors or have any choice. THEY both knew the costs were income redistribution and THAT was the main focus. NOT that more people would get ccovered. It was designed to be the path to fail and single payer. SO what would you like ? We take OBAMA”s Gruber at his word? I did and OBama was complicit along with the Democrats is LYING to the American people. You don’t need links just look at what’s happened so far. A bunch of people got subsidies, many didn’t really qualify and triple and quadruple LOST their polices. The end goal is Single Payer which is even worse. PS this is MY area of expertise so have at it

          310. Deborah G says

            What is the matter with you? Gruber came right out and said it. I watched on yes a PARTISAN source. MSNBC LOL Just watch the video replays like I did. We don’t need to prove ANYTHING to you. You have this very sick idea that we do or that we actually care what you think. you come here where people of like mind meet then say we are partisan. I sincerely doubt many here got to Mother Jones or Huff Post. WHy? Those people are idiots, mostly left wingers. YET? you come here & think we should OBEY your demands. LOL it is outright ludicrious!

          311. Jan123456 says

            Once again, I should not use facts and logic with you, but at what point did I use Mother Jones, Huff Post or MSNBC as a source.? I did not, but you believe it because you use as facts what you pull out of your butt.

          312. Deborah G says

            Nice Try. I think I was quite clear. We are DONE with your”facts and links” You haven’t used “facts” you have simply used left wing talking points and biased “proof” with links we have zero interest in reading since they are provided by a useful idiot plant. you should not even try and speak to normal people you are a troll.

          313. Jan123456 says

            If by “talking points” that I used, you mean the US Constitution, documents from law journals and the Congressional Research Service, video on the US Senate from C-Span….well then guilty as charged.

            It’s a helluva lot better than anything you have provided (which is nothing). Now, you are reduced to personal attacks because you have nothing better. Game, set, match – Jan!!!

          314. Deborah G says

            This isn’t some sophomoric game where you win and I lose this is a conversation blog NOT the prep for a dotcorial thesis. We just aren’t interested in your pathetic OCD insistance we listen to you. I personally don’t want to and it isn’t because you provided “government” links etc. It is because I honestly do not like liberals. I don’t like Soros funded Trolls and I don’t care to have a research assistant mentality telling me what I know to be facts. That may work with people who actually care but I sure don’t. BTW? I have a Phd so I truely do know how to research. I’m just NOT interested in anything a liberal has to say. I find you boring in your approach.

          315. Jan123456 says


            This isn’t some sophomoric game where you win and I lose this is a conversation blog NOT the prep for a dotcorial (sic) thesis.

            I personally don’t want to and it isn’t because you provided “government”
            links etc. It is because I honestly do not like liberals.

            I did say that my mistake is trying to use facts and evidence with people who don’t believe in facts and evidence. You reject information via ad hominem attacks. How sad.

            btw…if you DO have a Phd, it sure ain’t in English.

          316. Deborah G says

            It wasn’t in Typing 101. Mea Culpa it was never part of my curriculum.

          317. Isandbeans says

            Ben though we’ve read all the proof, liberals demand that we take hours going back to look for it and post it all, as if we have hours upon hours of free time to go back and find the original source. Maybe we did not save it. Some of us have lives, employment or a family, but they can bet their dumb a$$es that we can find the proof, but what’s the point with them? They will call our source stupid, say theirs is better, blah, blah, blah…..such is the way of socialist Marxist democrats. Yuck.

          318. Deborah G says

            ANd they post Liberal biased links ad nauseaum. I just don’t care what this person with an OCD personalit thinks or tries to porove. They are wroong been proven wrong over and over so they post a million links.This is an OPINION blog not a high school civics class [although they’d fail that] They don’t like my opinion ? They don’t have to respond.

          319. Isandbeans says

            Lol! True’!!!!

          320. Carol Chadbourne says

            THAT is my biggest gripe with them…for the past 2 1/2 yrs, I, or rather, my snailmail box has had an average of 200 pcs of mail all from respected firms, pacs, SEALS..the list goes on and on. WHEN I answer, I SHRED all their correspondence for obvious reasons. That is 200 pcs a week. At my age, 72, I can only dig so far back for names, places and the ‘who, what and when’…it’s ludicrous to even think it’s possible. THEY don’t do research or investigating…it’s not my fault that they get limited/ edited coverage on their only source for info…I’m tired of it. And, it’s their ONLY response…proof, proof, proof….numbchits.

          321. Isandbeans says

            Right? I get hundreds of emails, read news and commit it to memory. I save some important things and if I felt like it, I could go back and get all the “proof” that they want, but why? It’s not like they will suddenly see the light and stop arguing. They will just criticize the source or they’ll not like how it’s worded or god only knows what!!! It’s just not worth my time to go back and get it all! If I was talking to someone I knew was reasonable, I would. But you can’t find logic where there is none!

          322. Isandbeans says

            So, what did he need the idiot Jonathan Gruber for?

          323. Jan123456 says

            He didn’t.

          324. Carol Chadbourne says

            He was the ‘pen’ behind that piece of crap…

          325. Isandbeans says

            Oh, no. Clearly he did.

          326. Dot says

            WOW, EXCELLENT POST!!! I agree totally with you.

          327. Isandbeans says

            Hate to tell you this, but there are multiple sources to get the facts on Obama. You don’t have to even talk or message with other people to get the facts regarding what he’s up to. We just have accurate news sources, that’s the difference. Your news sources are this strange fiction that only the incredibly gullible would believe. I mean, you have to really want this guy to be a winner to be in denial of all the crap that has come upon the entire world in the past six years. It’s just unreal.

          328. Deborah G says

            I totally agree with your post.Their news sources are so biased and corrupt. Mainstream media is incredibly biased.

          329. Carol Chadbourne says

            OH yeah…..and they are PAID well by g.soros et al…..and they are constantly UNDER THREAT if they dare “put b.o. in a bad light”…..$$$$ talks.

          330. Deborah G says

            What these liberals will NEVER get is Conservative live in the REAL world not BAMAYLAND> We are NOT racist. We want EVERYINe to have the same right[not special rights} We believe intraditions, family,helping our neighbors when need arises, hard work and compassion to those less fortunate. We do NOT believ in policies based on race alone[Affirmative action which basicall tells black people they just aren’t good enough to make it on their own] We do the opposite! We tell them they are Americans and if they work, are decent law abiding citizens we WANT them to succeed! we don’t believe in handouts to people who refuse to put in the same effort we do based solely on race.The greatest equality factor for equal rights is EQUAL responsibility for your own actions.Kill a cop? get the death penalty and I don’t care what color you are

          331. Deborah G says

            Google Characteristics of Internet trolls. They give Jan 5 stars for following the Alinsky/Soros model to disrupt etc

          332. Carol Chadbourne says

            I will check that out…1st thing in the a.m.Thank you.

          333. Jan123456 says

            Better than you who has NONE.

          334. Deborah G says

            Nah Nah Nah Na Nah My daddy is bigger than your daddy LOL Do you realize how utterly sophomoric that sounded? ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzBored now

          335. Carol Chadbourne says

            Hahahaha…love it ! Again with the humor…my kind of thinking, as well.

          336. Deborah G says

            My grandchildren act more mature and can behave better

          337. Carol Chadbourne says

            THINK again, lib….someone IS going to do something about YOUR sources …..

          338. Jan123456 says

            What will they do?

          339. Carol Chadbourne says

            BTW, Deborah…just received a snail mail petition. Depending on how many send it back, they are preparing to charge abc, cbs, and nbc for ‘cover-up’…words from Media Research Center…”MRC indicts these networks for shameless cover-up of Obama’s most disgraceful scandal yet…”STOP covering up b.o’s admin LIES…re what gruber had to say 8 times about the “stupidity of the American voter…” re : ” obamacare was deliberately sold to you and other Americans based on lies and deceptions because of the ‘stupidity’ of American voters…” Fully 3 wks AFTER the story broke, an average of LESS than a minute and a half on each of these networks. MAYBE, this will get some deep investigating to all the NON-NEWS from these kiss-bo’s-ass so-called news media….it’s about bloody time.

          340. Isandbeans says

            It is. And SO obviously biased in how they have to bend the truth and only tell one side and completely leave the other out.

          341. Carol Chadbourne says

            WELCOME aboard, Islandbeans…..nice to have someone with intel to support America , along with me and Deborah…..; )

          342. Isandbeans says

            Thank you!!!!

          343. Dot says

            I think MORE than enough has been pointed out on this thread, to show that Obama deserves NO RESPECT, and yet, they just keep on demanding MORE PROOF, rather than doing their own research from places besides ABC, NBC, and other LIBERAL news sources. It is obvious to me, that those who voted TWICE for this muslim dictator, would rather save face because of their ERROR, and continue to defend Obama’s every LIE, and EVIL tantrums, where he tries to GET EVEN WITH AMERICANS who do not support his EVIL schemes, than to attempt to make things RIGHT, and warn others about this man. It is either that, or they are SPIRITUALLY BLINDED BY SATAN.

          344. Carol Chadbourne says

            I agree 100 %……they repeat “more proof, more proof…” because they do NOT or can NOT come back with anything of intelligence to rebut.

          345. Isandbeans says

            Good point!

          346. Jan123456 says

            I agree that there are multiple sources. You guys just never cite yours. You will believe any hogwash from your sources if they are anti-Obama, independent facts unnecessary.

            The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, which has done this for decades, shows that both the U3 and U6 unemployment rates are down 4-5 points under Obama.


            The Markets are over doubled under Obama



            Federal Deficit down under Obama


            GDP up ~ 5 points under Obama


            Dollar gained strength under Obama (I am giving you the Euro, you should check out the Ruble – The GOP loved comparing – negatively – Obama to Putin, until Putin tanked his economy.)


            During the 2012 election, Romney said the President gets the “blame or the credit” for oil and gas prices. Now, I am fully aware that POTUS has no ability to influence the price of a global commodity, but how do you like oil and gas prices lately?

            If you disagree with any of this, show me your sources that says these are wrong.

          347. Isandbeans says

            BS. I double check all my sources, not that I really give a damn what you think. You clearly are going to want to believe what you want to believe, and that’s great. I could care less what you do or whether you like where my facts came from…I look them up for myself. Even though you pretty much have to blindfold yourself to miss all these facts, some how people do. That’s your prerogative.

          348. Jan123456 says

            I posted my sources to show you I had legitimate ones and I wasn’t just pulling stuff out of my butt or using the dreaded Huff Po, MSNBC or Mother Jones. If you had legitimate sources, I would think you would be smugly eager to show me how mine are absolutely inaccurate. Instead, you just tell me they’re out there. And that is just not credible to anyone who lives in an evidence based world.

          349. Isandbeans says

            I’ll say it again. I didn’t come here to please you…lol

          350. Carol Chadbourne says

            I have a very credible listing of 101 acts of treason, malfeasance and crimes against the USA. All the way up to March ’13……and so MANY have been added since. I’ll write the fool things down for your edification if I have to do so. I have done my homework in follow up, and I’ll tell you when the SEALS Speak, I listen…as well as the most noted pro American law firms such as Sekolow’s ACLJ….and Oliver North and Ryan Zinke, former SEAL. ALL-AMERICAN fighters of the evil administration.

          351. Jan123456 says

            I won’t hold my breath that you will provide that list though. Too much trouble for you to provide facts.

            In case I am wrong, here is the Constitution’s definition of “treason”. If you’re going to accuse Obama of that crime, make sure it qualifies under US Law and is not one of those “fairy tails”.

            “Treason against the United States, shall
            consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies,
            giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two
            Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

            Even Tom Cotton’s letter to the Shah of Iraq does NOT qualify as treason.

          352. Carol Chadbourne says

            BRAVA, Deb!

          353. Dot says

            I second that “BRAVO”!!!!

          354. Carol Chadbourne says

            This ‘character…12345….has yet to do anything but complain as to how we express ourselves….THAT says a lot about nothing. Good for you, gf

          355. Dot says

            Why, we just copy your “friend”, Nasty’s behavior. You mean, that this isn’t a good thing? lol. You have been PRAISING your liberal friends posts, even when they are ridiculous. “Tells me a whole lot about you.” Glad that you are now admitting that it isn’t a GOOD thing to copy Nasty’s behavior. I couldn’t agree with you more. Why don’t you take up for people who stand up for what is noble and good, instead of someone like that black LIBERAL, (Nasty), who helped put a muslim dictator in as president, which is going to be the END of you and America. Huh????

          356. Jan123456 says

            When I was little and had a fight with my brother, my Mom would intervene and one of us would whine, “She started it!” or “He hit me first!” Mom was totally unimpressed with that argument. However, that is your justification. It didn’t work as kids and it sure doesn’t work for adults.

            That being said, I note that Nastasayna does not issue personal attacks, she does not name-call or use ad hominem arguments. Referring specifically to her posts, what is your complaint about her behavior? Is it simply that you disagree politically?

          357. Jan123456 says

            I wasn’t responding to Nastyana, I was responding to Deborah G.

            Deb said she learned what she does from the Democrats even as she purports to dislike that behavior.

            Obama has been president for over six years. In that time, the economy (GDP, markets, unemployment) has markedly improved, Americans are not dying in Iraq over non-existent WMD and people do not have to go bankrupt if they get sick. And that’s just a few.

            We must have very different ideas on what may “end America”.

          358. Carol Chadbourne says

            A bit of hypocrisy there, mr. perfect???

          359. Jan123456 says

            None whatsoever.

          360. Dot says

            Oh, my, you need to go back and read the LIBERAL’S posts. She condemns those who call names, and yet SHE does this constantly. She needs to stop listening to Obama’s speeches, as she is indeed, picking up LYING from him.

          361. Jan123456 says

            Dot, Here are all the posts of Nastasyana on this thread. Where did she call anyone a name like I see from Carol or Deborah. (example “liar” or a “POS” or a “tranny” or “patently stupid”. )

            1 You must be very young. In 1954 segregation existed in the US and there
            were many lynchings of blacks. Many politicians and movies stars
            passed for white if they could. Being black has never helped anyone in
            the US. Obama is proof of that

            2. I have gone on liberal websites to discuss and clarify certain issues. I
            have never been called a “turd”, a POS, told to leave my country,
            accused of being unpatriotic. etc So, no. I think the people who call
            names are the ignorant ones be they liberal conservative or whatever.

            3. No. And you spell it “dingaling”

            4. I am overwhelmed by your ignorance and lack of comprehension.

            5 I agree, Deborah G, I frequently forget stuff. I like to say that my RAM
            is full. Yes, i did hear that about Eisenhower. Not sure i believe it
            and if he was black he did not acknowledge it.

            5. name calling a true sign of ignorance.

            6. Obviously, we do not agree. I think he is very intelligent, perhaps
            too intelligent for America. He is an intellectual and frequently
            Americans do not understand the metaphors he uses. They take his words
            literally when he is speaking figuratively. He definitely believes in
            the preamble to the constitution as a preview of what the Constitution
            was about;

            The Preamble to the United States Constitution is a
            brief introductory statement of the Constitution’s fundamental purposes
            and guiding principles. It states in general terms, and courts have
            referred to it as reliable evidence of, the Founding Fathers’ intentions
            regarding the Constitution’s meaning and what they hoped the
            Constitution would achieve.

            We the People of the United States, inOrder to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United
            States of America.

            7. I was relating more to what the doctor said, that Alzheimers does not
            just appear. In fact there were “rumors” that Nancy was running TWH the
            last two years. Personally,I don’t want to denigrate Reagan and I am
            not a fan of him or his son either. I guess I am an Eisenhower
            conservative. I am appalled at the way the President is treated as the
            official head of my country. Americans. I was appalled when the Iranian
            man threw his shoe at George Bush. Our President. It was disrespectful
            of our country. As you said of Reagan. He did not disparage his son and
            you have told how you feel about him

            8. Do you think of as Jesus was a Socialist?

          362. patriotdaddy says

            you still have made no point at all……you are only pointing out what YOU think is aggressive so stfu!!! anti-american asshole!!

          363. Jan123456 says

            No point to you perhaps, but Carol and I had a discussion on a different thread in which she refuted posts by simply calling people a liar. No alternate facts presented.

            That, I found, is typical of the right wing posters on threads such as these.

          364. Btty says

            You got that wrong! A liar is someone that swallows Obozo’s shit hook line and sinker. Actually, someone like you! Frankly you sound pretty miserable yourself. You and Nastasyana are blind followers of ones who is destroying this country. I would bet one or both of you are on some sort of government aid program. Your black messiah is going down in flames and yet you are there to support him. He is a disgrace and those who cannot admit they made a huge mistake are just plain miserable souls.

          365. Jan123456 says

            Well, the dictionary definition of “lie” is:

            a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth;

            So, I won’t call you a liar for posting an incorrect definition, merely misinformed.

            And, you lose your bet….at least as far as I am concerned.

          366. Btty says

            ROFLOL, your truly an idiot. My definition is spot on.

          367. Jan123456 says

            And maybe that is our true issue. I use the dictionary definition, verifiable facts and evidence. If any information meets your conformational bias, it not only works for you, it is “spot on”.

          368. Btty says

            Don’t preach your BS to me Jan. You have yet to post any facts. Your delusional and refuse to see the real Obozo. Your a liar Jan. You didn’t post facts you posted what the liberal media wanted people like you to post. They spread Obozo’s lies through useful idiots like you. That makes you a liar for spreading false information as fact. Lie number 1. Unemployment is down. Lie number 2. deficit is down. Where are all the shovel ready jobs Jan? The only jobs he has created are government jobs. He has grown government!! Not a good thing unless you need a Nanny. I don’t because I can think and rationalize for myself. You might try it sometime.

          369. Jan123456 says

            You don’t think the dictionary definition of “lie” is a true fact?

            Then we go back to my argument that a “lie” is “anything Btty disagrees with”.

            Now, I agree with you that the “shovel ready” projects weren’t. But if you are going to counter the official government statistics (and, no POTUS does not micromanage them, the business community would be way up in arms since it uses that data. If the data was consistently wrong, you would hear it from them.) give me a source.

          370. Dot says


          371. Dot says

            Don’t know what a “tranny” is, huh. Yep, ANOTHER LIE. I will give you a HINT. Do research on your “god” Obama’s partner. (some call him Obama’s wife). Remember……a famous movie star recently called his partner, “a tranny”, and said everyone knows that Obama’s wife is a “tranny.” She died un-expectedly, immediately after making that statement. Hummmmm.

          372. Nastasyana says

            That’s what i mean. The ignorance of names like “tranny, faggot, Turd”. Sorry, this is to ignorant to respond to.

          373. patriotdaddy says

            you are right you do not!!! you belong at the end of an axe and stump!! just like your kind does to our peaceful Christians around the world!!! get lost scum!!!! your lies and constant bullshit of reasons why we should all give up our freedoms is tiring….you are boring me now, and your liberal whining is taking a toll on my brain… you realize that if you scroll thru this whole thread you have NOT said anything of substance or intelligence the entire time…..absolutely NO real proof of anything lol…just your words and opinions….i see everybody else pulling out articles, past documents, and proofs that you are full of shit!!!! and yes i think you are a tranny too!! you know damn well what that is…the same as moochelle…a transvestite!!! islam and liberals are full of wanting to be someone else all the time…why can you not just be yoursleves instead of trying to make yourself someone different?!…my guess is all the evil and killing they have done as a whole is weighing down on their souls……..feel like you need to be someone else to escape all that bullshit evil nonsense!!!

          374. Jan123456 says

            When you have no legitimate argument and need to dissolve to personal attack, you have lost. Go Nastasyana!

          375. Isandbeans says

            Good answer….love the addition of “it’s”use of “uneducated”. All liberals say that. It’s so tiresome, especially when they are so hypocritical and clearly cannot think for themselves.

          376. Deborah G says

            I will be happy to cmpare my resume` with anyone here LOL. Hardly uneducated and hardly a liberal.

          377. patriotdaddy says

            lmao……and liberal bitches in heat always resort to name calling and the blame game cuz they do not have the dignity to blame themselves for the disaster they are creating….you act like you care so much about this country…yet you are trying to change it…….it was already great…it is now being reduced to a joke!!! b/c of morons like you that think it is ok for our children to communicate over devices instead of actual interaction!!! i, myself, am a very educated man!!! and i can out wit, out-smart, and prove 100 times over why a liberal is scum….when it is all said and done….i am petitioning to make all liberals, the UN and democrats national terrorists as they have complied with every requirement to make that list!!!! if we go to war….we will look for you on the battlefield…oh wait…you prolly won’t be there….cuz liberals do not fight their own battles…..they get other scum of the earth to fight for them… this is why you will lose….they already know there is no way in hell to get our guns…the day it starts is the day the 1st bullet is fired for the revolution……i hope it hits a liberal!!!

          378. Carol Chadbourne says

            Well then…why don’t you take your garbage and shuffle on out of here???

          379. Carol Chadbourne says

            BRAVO…. this piece of Un-American liberal needs to be set in her place , right alongside ‘her’ evil radical jihadist islamic terrorist aka barrybaracksoetorohusseinobama…and suffer the WRATH of OUR God, not her allah.

          380. Name says

            She suffers from advanced dementia.

          381. glock 19 fan says

            Or she should go to Venezuela and get a taste of what socialism is really like. After all, Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia but the government has stolen all the money. Now, U.S. companies are pulling out for various reasons.

          382. Carol Chadbourne says

            MORE bullshit from the left…”duly elected leader” ..??? Where the hell were YOU when fraudulent voting happened…not once but twice. NONE of what you wrote is the truth, lady…oh, I take that back…it IS the truth to what the mullah-in-chief has been, still is and will continue to do as long as he has , what he, himself calls “stupid Americans”…if in fact you are…regardless, your post proves that you are as ‘stupid’ as they come. Impossible to believe that you, in ANY way, are American.

          383. Carol Chadbourne says

            BTW….”enslave the poor into debt and ignorance by DENYING them basic human rights of food, clothing and shelter…” Listen up, lady..60,000 of our military vets are living ‘in the streets and alleyways of America, homeless…and 26,000 of THEM are dying in need of critical care and hospice…because of YOUR fake prez who doesn’t give a crap about them…he HATES our Military….as well as every American Christian and Jew…so, sthu, you damn commie.

          384. Btty says

            Well said Carol! You go girl! !

          385. lildebrarae says

            Precisely! Thank you for your insight Carol!

          386. chris ericksen says

            They were doing SO well under Bush?

            The neglect of our veterans is horrible; both parties should be ashamed.

          387. Jan123456 says

            Once again, you resort to the name calling vitriol that you SAY you dislike. But hypocrisy is not new to you.

            The GOP doesn’t mind creating veterans, but they do object to taking care of them.

            Once again, the GOP ensured a bill for veterans would fail to meet cloture.


          388. Deborah G says

            You go girlfriend!

          389. Nastasyana says

            name calling a true sign of ignorance.

          390. Deborah G says

            Are you a Communist?Do you believe that the American way of life is far better than some radical left wing idea that Communism is better than our system?

          391. Carol Chadbourne says

            And YOU ought to know, lady….and telling the TRUTH is NOT ignorance. My referring to you as a ‘commie’ is truly what you are….a progressive/liberal by any other name. Look it up…hitler coined the term saying is SOUNDED better than communist. You follow the biggest commie in our country.

          392. Isandbeans says

            True story!

          393. Isandbeans says

            No. You are ignorant. You are here bloviating stupidity and trying to pretend you’re smart. No one is fooled. We know how brain washed you people are. With you it’s quite evident.

          394. Deborah G says

            Then there are a whole lot of ignorant libs out there.

          395. Nastasyana says

            I have gone on liberal websites to discuss and clarify certain issues. I have never been called a “turd”, a POS, told to leave my country, accused of being unpatriotic. etc So, no. I think the people who call names are the ignorant ones be they liberal conservative or whatever.

          396. Deborah G says

            Actually you do NOT Espouse American values. Homofacist perverted bs.

          397. Btty says

            Your pathetically naive! Which doesn’t say much for the idiot that gave you an up vote. Birds of a feather! I’m with Jim, intelligence and common sense are wasted on you!

          398. Carol Chadbourne says

            I don’t believe she is naïve in any way….I truly believe she is a ‘plant’ from the dark side. I would never want to be the extremely unhappy and miserable person that she is….she needs help. Another pelosi wannabe. Can NOT respond to her idiocy.

          399. Isandbeans says

            It’s a waste on all brain washed Marxist that read the Soros controlled media…lol

          400. JIMBO says

            You have it all wrong. We do proudly profess to be Christians and no Liberal like you will threaten us by trying to chop our heads off. You have clearly stated by your rspose that you are just another freeloader living off the backs of true citizens of this country. As for having respect for your president, You will find that all Americans do have respect for the office of the president. We just dont have an ounce of respect for the imposter sitting in that office.

          401. George Broderick says

            Nastasyana; Reading your post it appears that as you say you love this country, but your against certain Constitutional rights our country lives under. You just can’t pick and choose which amendments you like and don’t like.
            Then you say a rather bothersome thing about disrespecting leaders, so tell me why I should respect a president that is a person of dubious personality, how can you expect any citizen respecting a leader that has divided America like no other president in history.
            Another item I am amazed to read where you think food, clothing and shelter is a right, it is a right for only the crippled and infirmed, plus the very elderly. How long have you lived in America, I ask you that because it seems you can’t seem to understand that all the above items have already been afforded the poor by charities, and most of all by government.
            FDR a democrart started social security which was supposed to be only temporary, along with welfare. FDR also created the Projects and build small apartments for the Black race, but the projects isolated Blacks from the rest of society, and the racial problems where caused by doing so, what happened those so-called Ghetto’s became a city unto it’s own.
            Then it became infested with drugs and crime. So put the blame where it lies with the democrat party you vote for everytime. The present leadership of the republican party are not so hot either, so we now have two political parties that don’t give a damn about the people, but your talk of socialism will not work
            Then we have LBJ who started The Great Society which is a complete failure. You don’t blame the political hacks that pass the laws and make the regulations that strangle businesses. instead you condemn hard working people who strive everyday to make ends meet, and fight on a daily basis to save them from drugs and crime.
            All those wonderful things you posted, to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranqulity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to our self and our posterity. Those are all fundamental rights, but were not guaranteed, they had to be lived and protected by the people, not be assaulted by communist factions and anarchists. If you ever read the Bible you will read that there will always be the poor and the rich, and you must work hard and obey the law in order to make life better for you, and not to expect all those things you posted handed to you on the backs of those who follow the rules and want a good life for their families, none of these benefits come from broken families, or people who are out to cheat the system.
            To suggest people respect a failed leader, a leader is supposed to benefit all the people not certain people, how can he do that when he preaches division among the races, 92 million people unemployed, and almost 50 million on welfare and food stamps, a healthcare system that will bankrupt our country, a disaster of a foreign policy, corruption in the IRS,
            and most of all corruption in our elected officials, most agregious of all is this man President Obama desire to rewrite our Constitution, I’m sorry I just cannot respect a man like that

          402. Carol Chadbourne says

            Superb testimony, George,,,so well written. STILL….a person with zero personality, zero intel, and worse- a person with NO Patriotism for our country, will naturally come back with her negativity to every word. ‘Nasty’ is NO American…and I’m beginning to believe she’s a pos planted here here by the aclu and other anti-American clowns. She’s a 3-ring nut job.

          403. Isandbeans says

            Well said!

          404. Nastasyana says

            Now this is a dialogue. You have told me what you believe without one epithet or curse and I appreciate that. and will read your post. I think we disagree on our interpretation of constitutional rights. I believe in a strong central government that can grant those rights in the preamble as fundamental rights for all citizens. I believe in universal healthcare and universal education. I do not believe that religious organizations should not pay taxes. I believe that like people who drive, people who use guns should be licensed and registered (renewable). I believe automatic weapons should be limited to our police force and armed forces. I believe that people who do not vote should be fined and i believe that civic.should be taught in school every year.I believe English is our national language and their should be resources available to teach it. I believe there should be a minimum wage. I believe corporations should have to be registered in the US, pay taxes and should have a ratio of american workers to foreign. workers. Immigrants should pay taxes. I think there are so many things that Americans can agree on. But we don’t discuss. We talk at each other rather than problem solving. You and i disagree on many things. Yet i wonder if we were to discuss them with the objective of solving the problem- of immigration, of gun usage, of healthcare and so many other issue, we could come to some agreement. The problem is the name calling and that someone has to be right and therefore someone else is wrong. I believe we all want the same for our country and if we ever really wanted to, we could solve all of our problems. Thanks you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas without calling me a commie, or a “turd”. If only we could stop that and really listen to each other.

          405. percychoate says

            Shut up you dingeling

          406. Nastasyana says

            No. And you spell it “dingaling”

          407. percychoate says

            I really don’t care.

          408. mike gunter says

            Problem is it isn’t like that. We now have people who suck off the taxpayer generation after generation. We have a Socialist muslim fraud liar in the White House that wants to turn America into a 3rd world country and take our guns away which is our 2nd admindmint to protect us against the government and crooks. Duly elected is more like rigged anymore so yes we will fight for our freedom. You are living in a fantasy world! Drak to much cool-aid.

          409. john robel says

            I live in a country where people wear GUNS to protect themselves from assholes that would try and take them. I DISRESPECT ALL SHIT BAG POLITICIANS. AND THIER SUPPORTERS. I have great relish for decent when RACISTS ELECTED THE SHIT BAGS. Know anyone like that?

          410. patriotdaddy says

            this is the country you are referring to idiot!!! we already have those freedoms…those of you that do not like them should never have moved here…..we will see you in the battle field, and we will see who leaves then lmao!!! all moslems are the vaginas of the devil!!!!

          411. Carol Chadbourne says

            MY 2 cents…absolutely everything you wrote is the unquestionable opposite to what YOUR fake prez is putting us through…how hypocritical…and, further–WHY in hell do you impose yourself and your lies into conversations of the very people who detest what you stand for….total SOCIALIZATION, and for a ‘wrong’ that happened in the 17th century…get over it…it was YOUR people who did the ‘sellng’….explain THAT!!!

          412. LeRoy says

            Well said! And by the way get the fuck out of my country! You fucking asswholes! Yes, all of you! And your commie muslims can take odumass with you ! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass! I’m a pig farmer!

          413. Nastasyana says

            So stop farming the racist pigs on this site. Why do you think that post was “well said”. How would you know anything about well said” You pig farmer, you!

          414. Nastasyana says

            Specifically which laws did she say she would not follow? During the 60’s many of us protested the war in many different ways. Are right winger attorney generals following the law – John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Mukesay – and how they trampled on american rights to privacy.

          415. Deborah G says

            I think you need to google her testimony on front of Congress. She said she when diretly asked if she would follow Immigration laws as they stand today on the books and listen to what she said. As for trampling rights? ALL the men you mentioned were CONSTITUTIIONALISTS> Holder is not one nor is she.She came right out and said she wouldn’t

          416. The Good Shepherd says

            Damn straight!!
            …stay strong my friend.

          417. Deborah G says

            We shall overcome! LOL

          418. Curtis says

            Actually she looks more like Sharpton. But yeah, Fugley.

          419. George Broderick says

            Deborah G, you just got one thing wrong, that traitor didn’t throw his medals over the fence he used a copy of them, that shows you how dishonest Democrats really are.

          420. Deborah G says

            LOL I never thought of that he probably though he might need them to scam his way upward

          421. williaml says

            Left winger?
            I think that she is Waaaay Far left of the left wing.
            Oh, I forgot that The Chump in Chief did said that he was going to Fundamentally change America.
            Thanks to the noise talking Republicocrats, we are Still suffering!

          422. Deborah G says

            i was thinking last night that the real goal is for the Blacks to enslave everyone else. Meanwhile they can’t even graduate highschool or keep their pants up

          423. williaml says

            That is not true because there are many Blacks that are rising up against what has been going on.
            They can see it very clearly and do not agree with it.
            There are also many Blacks that have returned to the Republican party.
            These Blacks are looked down upon because of their stand against what is going on.
            There is something sinister that has taken hold of the misinformed.

          424. Deborah G says

            I was being facetious . I know there are some truely wonderful people that actually are good citizens. No one sees their color do they? That’s because they are not like the rabble.

          425. williaml says

            I know, and you are right to a degree that no one sees color the way they do.
            I know many Blacks that have descended from Whites and others via “mixed” marriages. That is why Africans look down upon Black Americans because of mixed blood. There are many Blacks that actually look “White”.
            In fact, The Chump in Chief being the First African American President is a Half Truth. He is the First Democrat but certainly Not the Truth.
            In reality, there were Six Black Presidents before him. Eisenhower was the last; his mother was a Moor, Abraham Lincoln, the First Republican president’s Mother was an Ethiopian. They called him Abraham Africanus.
            History tells us that Lincoln was assonated over the Slave Issue, that is a Lie.
            I found out that Lincoln was the last President to authorize the US government to print money. I also found out that JFK was trying to get the “printing press” out of the hands of the federal Reserve Board when He was assonated.
            There is something Very Sinister going on and the misinformed have taken the bait.

          426. Carol Chadbourne says

            That’s what puzzles me….I never saw–or heard of such a great divide of skin color in Americans…..he has fostered it so bad, and he really doesn’t give a chit…his agenda is to annihilate ALL Americans…Christian and Jews…black, white, brown, yellow, red and blue and purple. ….so the ‘minorities’ love him….and they do not get the agenda that THEY, too , will be dead if this pos isn’t brought down…he’s not American nor does he even like anything that is…Country, Flag , Constitution , Military or OUR way of life under the Law of our Land…which has worked, regardless of a few hiccups over 238 + yrs….can they really be that ‘unaware’..????

          427. Deborah G says

            Not only “CAN” they be they “ARE” that unaware. If they like Obama and Hillary they are not only clueless but they are unforgivably STUPID

          428. Isandbeans says

            I’ve often wondered if that is why Ferguson had to happen. They were starting to get mad about the illegals and govt. needed a distraction, needed to get them back on the Dem plantation.

          429. Carol Chadbourne says

            mullah-in-chief once said , in essence…we will get retribution for slavery. Those who are with me will be rewarded/..those who are against will be punished.

          430. Deborah G says

            OK for once I’ll take the liar in Chief at his word.

          431. Carol Chadbourne says

            Hahahaha….love a bit of humor interspersed with the insanity of the whole mess!!

          432. Deborah G says

            If we didn’t laugh we’d cry with this disaster of an adminstration and Hillary plowing ahead in spite of her larcenous self

          433. Carol Chadbourne says

            I agree 100%, Deborah….I have been involved since ’08…the first time I saw the ‘evil’ one and his eyes were soulless and heartless…I became more outspokenly active in early ’13….at which point I was receiving 200 snail-mail from DC politicians and factions of party pacs (redundant, I know)…just tired of bullshit. And I have over 8000 e-mails , down from 10, 800, waiting for deletion. That’s 200 a WEEK….now down a little over 100 a week because I said the hell with NRC and other specific Republican pacs….until Boehner has lost the ‘gavel’…he crapped all over us. WE who helped him get the Senate and House majorities because of ’14 election promises….liars. OR threatened, black-mailed, extorted for reasons known only to b.o…..regardless…I told Boehner I would no longer support him or his crony rinos unless they did a 180 , and soon…no one cares about what b.o. has on them…short of pedophlia….it can’t be as bad as where they are heading us. Damn, I reach a point when I think the hell with it all and want to quit…then my Faith and patriotism kick in again…and I’m back at it. And, now..I’m backing off for a couple hours…can NOT abide ‘miss nasty’ when she has no intel at all.

          434. Carol Chadbourne says

            Ya…see below…you know what I mean!

          435. Deborah G says

            Keep the faith Patriot! We have to complain and get heard that’s all

            In a message dated 3/17/2015 3:15:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

            “I agree 100%, Deborah….I have been involved since ’08…the first time I saw the ‘evil’ one and his eyes were soulless and heartless…I became more outspokenly active in early ’13….at which point I was receiving 200 snail-mail from DC politicians and factions of party pacs (redundant, I know)…just tired of bullshit. And I have over 8000 e-mails , down from 10, 800, waiting for deletion. That’s 200 a WEEK….now down a little over 100 a week because I said the hell with NRC and other specific Republican pacs….until Boehner has lost the ‘gavel’…he crapped all over us. WE who helped him get the Senate and House majorities because of ’14 election promises….liars. OR threatened, black-mailed, extorted for reasons known only to b.o…..regardless…I told Boehner I would no longer support him or his crony rinos unless they did a 180 , and soon… no one c ares about what b.o. has on them…short of pedophlia….it can’t be as bad as where they are heading us. Damn, I reach a point when I think the hell with it all and want to quit…then my Faith and patriotism kick in again…and I’m back at it. And, now..I’m backing off for a couple hours…can NOT abide ‘miss nasty’ when she has no intel at all.” ( _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( 2905&url= confirm-loretta-lynch/#comment-1912281741:9WQKLTIasXmp-keyWY8bpyhYPqg&varian t=active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1912281741&type=notification .post.registered&event=email)

          436. Isandbeans says

            I will NEVER send money to the RNC again. My husband used to, but now I will only send to an individual that I like!

          437. chris ericksen says

            Graduate FROM high school- (two words)

            Read about the delightful little 10-year-old Nigerian girl in England who is to start college soon (she was actually ready at 6); her brother is 6- read about him- and their
            beautiful, brilliant Nigerian mom?

          438. survivor33 says

            She is not just a Holder lookaike, she is Holders sister-in-law. And both are puppets of Ovomit and his evil “donors”.

          439. Deborah G says

            guess they are all still sleeping together

          440. survivor33 says

            Evidently it’s something….cuz it certainly isn’t brains and common sense.

          441. Deborah G says

            Its evil pure evil

          442. Carol Chadbourne says

            Can’t figure out if you’re being ‘funny’ or serious….; ) IS she really his ‘sil’ ?? It would very much figure…in being another set-up against the people.

          443. survivor33 says

            I “read” it on one of the pc articles….of course I don’t know for sure but I believe it or they wouldn’t be soooooo set on getting her “voted” in. She would certainly be one of Ovomit’s puppets, just like Holder.

          444. lildebrarae says

            Thank you, for a most ‘excellent’ response to a highly idiotic comment.

          445. Marilyn Stern says

            I still hear people say, “I been a Democrat all my life and I ain’t gonna change now.’ The Dems could run Howdy-Doody and these die hard Dems, would vote for him. Democrats remind me of Christmas lights. No matter what happens they all hang together. Half of them don’t work, and the ones that do aren’t all that bright.

          446. Deborah G says

            Now that is a great answer LOL

          447. chris ericksen says

            Gerald Ford while a sitting vice pres, didn’t know that at that time Poland was under communist domination.

            I rarely see an uninformed Dem major politician.

            George W-utterly brilliant- right? Reagan a genius?

            And of course we had the Republican VP Dan Quayle rocket scientist who corrected the kid’s spelling of “potato” to “potatoe”.

            The rednecks are usually Republicans…

          448. Isandbeans says

            Idiot. Says the guy from the party of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi…lol! Go back to your brainwashing news, you’ll never get this, so I don’t know why you’re here. The Dem politicians seem informed because all they have to do is follow their nutty ideology. Brainwashing cult types is easy. Marxism has been around for a while now and is very basic, really…

          449. chris ericksen says

            I stand by everything I’ve said; I did not say that all Republicans are uninformed. But if you watch Faux News. that would be saying something about swallowing bilge.

            A lot of people would like to see full socialism and/or Marxism but these systems cannot work because in our society this would mean taking what it isn’t freely given. There will always have to be taxes- which is in its way a form of socialism- because no decent society can leave the weak and helpless- be it veterans or small children or the mentally ill- to die in the streets.

            It would be wonderful to see true communism- i such as we see in the Bible, in Acts (twice); it is also seen in kibbutzes in Israel. The reason it worked in these instances is because it was/is voluntary. It could only work in an ideal world ,however,on a large scale.

            Since greed is the common motivator in most societies only modified capitalism will work; it might not be sent from God but at least it allows society to function. The Party of “I made it, it’s mine and I’m gonna keep it” would hardly be interested. But any Dem who changes to the GOP when he starts to make real money shows himself to be a hypocrite since he obviously was a Dem just for the benefits. Hypocrisy is rife in both parties, but when I see a wealthy person not griping about taxes and being generous in helping the worthy poor (not slackers) it gladdens my soul.

            Perhaps you can leave out the insults? I am a 75-year-old lady and name-calling to me is offensive.

          450. Isandbeans says

            Well, my apologies, but most people that start in on Fox News are incredibly hostile, in my experience. I used to believe the same, and then I realized that it was wrong to think that without watching it. I think they are very fair.

            I don’t find it greedy to work for what you have, as long as you are treating others well, which I always have. I think the great thing about capitalism is that you can excell and make life better for yourself if you want to. I am certainly not greedy, I’ve always felt even if I won the lottery, I’d stay in my modest house and keep my modest car and just put money I. The bank.

            Communism has such an awful history of death and oppression, it really bothers me. I realize you were talking about a different type.

          451. chris ericksen says

            Thanks, Isandbeans. But re Fox it isn’t the hostility so much as their incredible dishonesty. Even some Republicans won’t watch because of this. I certainly believe you to be honest, though! :o)

            Re greed: I am coming from a Biblical viewpoint; to me, wealth is to be shared with those less fortunate (not the lazy), but, again, if it isn’t done voluntarily with love, then to the Lord, there are no “brownie points”.

            What the then-soviets called “communism” is anything but benign. It is one thing for the government to step in to try to help those who truly need it, but it is quite another to take most of someone’s income to give to others when he or she has done the earning and doesn’t choose to share.

            To me, a “perfect world” would be where there was so much love and compassion by and for everyone, that no one would want to see another in need without helping. There would be no laziness, as this would be selfish.

            As you might have noticed, however, our world isn’t exactly perfect… the brutality, the cruelty, the heartlessness we witness is beyond the pale.

          452. Marilyn Stern says

            You forgot that Obama said he had visited all 57 states and that he respected the Marine corpse.

            The following is Hillary’s reply to Obama when he asked about her achievements as Secretary of State.

            On accomplishments as Secretary of State
            Hillary Clinton to Obama – March 11, 2014

            “My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.”

            I am guessing you will vote for that dingbat because she is a woman. Just out of curiosity, can you tell me of just one positive accomplish that can be credited to Hillary Clinton. Just one. Not just as Secretary of State but during her entire life (and please don’t say giving birth or standing by her man). And, by the way, Bill gave Hillary two opportunities to shine when he was Governor of Arkansas. He put her in charge of Education then Health Care. She failed miserably at both.

          453. chris ericksen says

            Leslie Marshall- an excerpt- found this again from an article back in 2014 re Hillary Clinton. :BTW, we disagree about her “failing miserably” re education and health care.

            “….Although her major initiative, the Clinton health care plan failed, it certainly set the groundwork for the health care law we have today, the AffordableCare Act. And she played a leading role in advocating the creation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides state support for children whose parents cannot provide them with health coverage. She promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses. She also played a leading role in
            creation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the Foster Care Independence Act. She encouraged older women to seek a mammogram for early detection of breast cancer (which is covered by Medicare) and successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the NIH.

            She worked to investigate illnesses that were reportedly affecting Veterans ofthe Gulf War; now commonly known as Gulf War Syndrome. And she created an Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice. She is also the first first lady
            to hold a post graduate degree, and she traveled to more countries than any other first lady had at that time.

            As a U.S. senator, she was the first first lady to be
            elected to this office. She was instrumental in securing $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center site’s redevelopment. She subsequently took a leading role in investigating thehealth issues that 9/11 first responders were facing.

            After visiting soldiers in Iraq, Clinton noted that the insurgency had failedto disrupt the democratic elections held earlier, and that parts of the country were functioning well. Noting that war deployments were draining regular andreserve forces, she co-introduced legislation to increase the size of theregular Army by 80,000 soldiers to ease the strain and supported retainingand improving health benefits for veterans. She also she introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act.

            That was just in her first term. She was easily
            re-elected and accomplished much in her second term as well.

            As our secretary of state, Clinton visited 112 countries, helping to
            repair a badly damaged U.S. reputation. She advocated an expanded role in global economic issues for the State Department and cited the need for an increased U.S. diplomatic presence, especially in Iraq, where the Defense Department had conducted diplomatic missions. Clinton unveiled the Global Hunger and Food Security program, prevailed over Vice President Biden to send an additional 21,000
            troops to Afghanistan, saved the signing of a Turkish-Armenian accord, and assisted the president with major decisions as to the U.S.position with regard to the revolution in Egypt and the decision to use military force in Libya.”
            Dems and Republicans tend to have a number of different priorities and world viewpoints. This tends to come from how we were reared and our parents’ viewpoints. Those who rebel against their parents often choose the opposite political party when they know their parents to be politically-oriented.

            I am a Dem; I am anti-abortion (with exceptions), pro- gay (and everybody else’s) rights, want our veterans taken care of medically and with none homeless. I don’t want to see the working poor living in their old cars with their kids, because they can’t afford the last month’s rent, the mentally-ill homeless, inferior teachers and educational materials in the poorest parts of town. I believe in a living wage for all, but recognize that raising the minimum wage can create problems for some mom-and-pop businesses. I believe in preserving the environment and safety in the workplace;I do NOT believe that industries should “police themselves”; we’ve seen how that works.

            In short, I recognize that the best of intentions have to be coordinated with realistic solutions. And while I feel that the true communism we find in the Bible (see Acts) would be ideal, it cannot be forced upon society. “I made it, it’s mine, and I’m gonna keep it” tends to be the mantra of one Party; selfish or no, they have a right to what they have earned (minus reasonable taxes- without which no country could be run) we cannot take most of wealthy people’s earnings and redistribute it.

            Lots more. of course, but think it’s enough for one blog entry.

          454. Marilyn Stern says

            Now let’s take a real look at Hillary’s entire failure-filled government career.

            When she was an attorney working on the Watergate investigation, she was fired by her supervisor for “lying and unethical behavior.”

            Jerry Zeifman, who said he is a lifelong Democrat, was a supervisor for 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. When the investigation was complete, Zeifman said he fired Hillary and refused to give her a recommendation.

            “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.

            1 job – 1 failure

            Then Bill Clinton recaptured the governorship in 1982 he appointed his wife to head a special task force charged with reforming Arkansas’ education system, at that time widely regarded as the worst in the country. The plan Mrs. Clinton came up with showcased teacher testing and funding the schools through a sales tax increase, an astoundingly regressive proposal since it imposed new costs on the poor in a very poor state while sparing any levies on big corporations. The plan went through. Arkansas’ educational ranking remained abysmal.

            2 jobs – 2 failures.

            As First Lady of the United States, Bill gave Hillary another shot:

            The Clinton health care plan, known officially as the Health Security Act, was a 1993 healthcare reform package proposed by the administration of President Bill Clinton and closely associated with the chair of the task force devising the plan, First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton.

            The plan was so wildly unpopular on all levels, it led to the Republicans simultaneously winning both the House and Senate in 1994 for the first time since 1953.

            3 jobs – 3 failures.

            Hillary’s first ethics problem involving White House operations was ” Travelgate”

            A memo written by David Watkins depicted Hillary Clinton at the center of the 1993 travel office dismissals. Watkins wrote, “we both know that there would be hell to pay” if “we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the First Lady’s wishes.”

            May 19: seven White House Travel Office staffers were fired, for little apparent reason besides to make way for a company owned by Clinton’s friends (Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason) from Arkansas. Prior to the removal of the previous staff, who historically would carryover from administration-to-administration, Harry Thomason accused Travel Office employees of demanding kickbacks. An accusation later proved false.

            4 jobs – 4 failures


            This Clinton scandal involves the discovery of over 900 Republican FBI files in the White House. Files of former Secretary of State James Baker, former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, and Newt Gingrich’s spokesman Tony Blankley were found to be on this list. Upon the discovery of these files, the White House issued an excuse claiming that the files were mistakenly requested by a White House employee working with an outdated list. They were called a simple “snafu.”

            Investigations into Filegate revealed that not a common White House worker but the President’s friend and close advisor, Anthony Marceca, had requested the files. When the presidency starts illegally compiling an enemies list it is a sure sign he is not fit to serve office and that, just maybe, a crime has been committed. Craig Livingstone, director of the White House’s Office of Personnel Security, had improperly requested, and received from the FBI in 1993 and 1994, background reports without asking permission of the subject individuals.

            Livingstone seemed to lack qualifications for even this position; he had worked on a number of Democratic Party campaigns and transitions, including being an advance man for the Clinton-Gore 1992 campaign, and his only prior job in the “security” field was that of a local bar bouncer at a Washington, D.C., night club .An FBI document suggested that Livingstone had been given his position because First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was a friend of Livingstone’s mother and recommended him.

            In 1999, Clinton gave a sworn statement that she had nothing to do with Livingstone’s hiring. Livingstone also stated under oath there was no truth to the supposed hiring relationship. Hillary Clinton would later refer to the whole files matter as a “pseudoscandal” while we won’t classify Hillary’s involvement here as a job, she certainly did nothing to make a situation better, and it’s rather obvious she helped make it worse.

            Clinton, as U.S. Senator from New York.

            Back in 2005, Fannie and Freddie were, after years of dominating Washington, on the ropes. They were enmeshed in accounting scandals that led to turnover at the top.

            Then legislative momentum emerged for an attempt to create a “world-class regulator” that would oversee the pair more like banks, imposing strict requirements on their ability to take excessive risks.

            In 2005 Alan Greenspan told Congress how urgent it was for it to act in the clearest possible terms: If Fannie and Freddie “continue to grow, continue to have the low capital that they have, continue to engage in the dynamic hedging of their portfolios, which they need to do for interest rate risk aversion, they potentially create ever-growing potential systemic risk down the road,” he said. “We are placing the total financial system of the future at a substantial risk.”

            What happened next was extraordinary. For the first time in history, a serious Fannie and Freddie reform bill was passed by the Senate Banking Committee. The bill gave a regulator power to crack down, and would have required the companies to eliminate their investments in risky assets. If that bill had become law, then the world today would be different.

            In 2005, 2006 and 2007, a blizzard of terrible mortgage paper fluttered out of the Fannie and Freddie clouds, burying many of our oldest and most venerable institutions. Without their checkbooks keeping the market liquid and buying up excess supply, the market would likely have not existed.

            But the bill didn’t become law, for a simple reason: Democrats opposed it on a party-line vote in the committee, signaling that this would be a partisan issue. Republicans, tied in knots by the tight Democratic opposition, couldn’t even get the Senate to vote on the matter.

            Thus the real estate market bubble burst, which led to the collapse of the mortgage derivatives securities market, which led to the collapses of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, which led to the collapse of the U.S. economy and the stock market, which bottomed out in march, 2009. Only the stock market has fully recovered.

            But we now know that many of the senators who protected Fannie and Freddie, including then Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Christopher Dodd, received mind-boggling levels of financial support from them over the years.

            Clinton, the 12th-ranked recipient of Fannie and Freddie PAC and employee contributions, received more than $75,000 from the two enterprises and their employees. The private profit found its way back to the senators who killed the fix.

            On matters concerning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration, etc., Mrs. Clinton basically voted along party lines.

            She was neither sponsor or co-sponsor to any major legislation passed during her 2 terms in the Senate.

            Since Mrs. Clinton basically marched in lock step with her fellow Democrats in political matters, I see no reason to single out her Senate career as a failure, but unless I’m missing something, it seemed nothing more than the vast majority of other Senators’ careers, ideological and mediocre. Certainly nothing so remarkable as to deserve potential presidential adulation. Let’s be more than fair and call it a wash.

            5 jobs – 4 failures 1 wash.

            Clinton as Secretary of State:

            ” Re-Set ” button with Russia – How’d THAT work out ? – failure

            ” Arab Spring ” – ditto – failure

            “ Benghazi “ – it has become apparent that she knew it was terrorist attack, while it was happening, yet STILL publicly spoke about the ” video” as the cause for weeks. Supposedly was too distraught to go on the Sunday Morning talk shows the following week, so Susan Rice was sent out to lie instead. If true, and she was ” too distraught” to face the nation, how can she be Commander-in-Chief ?

            Still hasn’t explained why she denied repeated requests for greater security in the weeks and months leading up to the attack ( even after Brits were attacked and subsequently left ). – huge failure.

            Investigation into a series of cases involving sexual misconduct by both ambassadors as well as security personnel were called off on the orders of senior State Department officials on Clinton’s watch. Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills gave the order in one case while other top-level officials stopped other probes. The confirmation of the cases in an internal State Department memo shows a pattern of sexual misconduct, including on the part of those charged with protecting Clinton, and that is troubling.

            But the manner in which higher-ups consistently suppressed these embarrassing investigations is even more worrisome. While Clinton is not personally named as the one ordering the cover-ups, the links between the secretary and those committing the bad behavior as well as those shutting down the probes are clear.

            The most egregious is a list of potentially explosive stories involves Howard Gutman, the U.S. ambassador to Belgium, who was accused of routinely ditching his security detail and then soliciting prostitutes, including minors. But Patrick Kennedy, the undersecretary of state for management, ordered the investigation shut down. – failure

            Relations worsened with China, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Israel. Actually, can anyone name a nation with whom our relations improved while she was Secretary of State ? – failure


            10 major failures covering 6 roles in government

            no major specific positive accomplishments

            So, Mrs. Clinton has done what exactly to merit her status as a Presidential candidate ? Note, I don’t consider a chance to elect the first woman President an “accomplishment”. I would love to see a woman President if she’s the most qualified person ( male or female ) for the job. Please give me any specific examples of Mrs. Clinton performing a job capably, efficiently, ethically that she left in a better position than it was before she took over. Good Luck.

            Even Hillary, when asked, could not name one accomplishment.

            But the failures are many.

            As an attorney working on the Watergate investigation she was fired for “lying and unethical behavior”.

            Appointed by Bill Clinton in 1982 to head a special task force charged with reforming the Arkansas education system. She failed miserably.

            As First Lady Bill gave her another shot. A health care reform package, officially known as the Health Security Act, failed miserably.

            Travelgate. Need I say more.

            Filegate. 900 Republican FBI files found in the White House. Need I say more.

            Her record as U.S. Senator from New York is rife with abuse of power. We now know that among the senators who protected Fannie and Freddie were then Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who were rewarded with large sums of money for killing the fix.

            On matters concerning wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration, etc., Hillary Clinton basically voted along party lines and she was neither sponsor or co-sponsor of any major legislation during her 2 terms in the Senate. Her career as a Senator was ideological and mediocre. Certainly nothing so remarkable as to deserve adulation.

            Clinton as Secretary of State.

            Re-set button with Russia. How’d that work out? – Failure

            Arab Spring – ditto – Failure

            Benghazi – a failure on so many levels.

            Relations worsened with China, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan and Israel. Actually there is not one nation with whom our relations improved while she was Secretary of State. – Abject Failure

            And the beat goes on.

          455. chris ericksen says

            If you look at the context of what Obama was speaking about, you can see clearly that he misspoke- being tired- of 57 states when he obviously meant that he had visited 47. Hectic campaign schedules do this all the time.

            George W Bush:
            “This is an impressive crowd — the haves and the have mores. Some
            people call you the elite — I call you my base.” –at the 2000 Al Smith

            “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe
            and what I believe — I believe what I believe is right.” –Rome, Italy,
            July 22, 2001

            26. “See, in my line of work you
            got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth
            to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.” –Greece, N.Y., May 24,

            25. “People say, how can I help on this war
            against terror? How can I fight evil? You can do so by mentoring a
            child; by going into a shut-in’s house and say I love you.”
            –Washington, D.C., Sept. 19, 2002

            24. “I wish
            you’d have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan
            for it…I’m sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of
            this press conference, with all the pressure of trying to come up with
            answer, but it hadn’t yet…I don’t want to sound like I have made no
            mistakes. I’m confident I have. I just haven’t — you just put me under
            the spot here, and maybe I’m not as quick on my feet as I should be in
            coming up with one.” –after being asked to name the biggest mistake he
            had made, Washington, D.C., April 3, 2004

            23. “You forgot Poland.” –to Sen. John Kerry during the first presidential debate, after Kerry failed to mention Poland’s contributions to the Iraq war coalition, Miami, Fla., Sept. 30, 2004

            22. “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.” –in parting words to world leaders at his final G-8 Summit

            You’ll never believe how bad the US economy is—5 facts you must see

            punching the air and grinning widely as those present looked on in shock, Rusutsu, Japan, July 10, 2008

            21. “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” –State of the Union Address, Jan. 28, 2003, making a claim that administration officials knew at the time to be false

            20. “The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.” –Washington, D.C., Sept. 13, 2001

            “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care.
            It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.” –Washington, D.C.,
            March 13, 2002

            18. “So what?” –President Bush, responding to a an ABC News correspondent who pointed out that Al Qaeda wasn’t a threat in Iraq until after the U.S. invaded, Dec. 14, 2008

            “Can we win? I don’t think you can win it.” –after being asked whether
            the war on terror was winnable, “Today” show interview, Aug. 30, 2004

            16. “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.” –Washington, D.C. June 18, 2002

            15. “I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job.” –to a group of Amish he met with privately, July 9, 2004

            14. “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” –speaking underneath a “Mission Accomplished” banner aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, May 1, 2003

            “We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological
            laboratories … And we’ll find more weapons as time goes on. But for
            those who say we haven’t found the banned manufacturing devices or
            banned weapons, they’re wrong, we found them.” –Washington, D.C., May
            30, 2003

            12. “Those weapons of mass destruction
            have got to be somewhere!” –joking about his administration’s failure
            to find WMDs in Iraq as he narrated a comic slideshow during the Radio
            & TV Correspondents’ Association dinner, Washington, D.C., March 24,
            2004 (Read more)

            “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what
            happened inside this Oval Office.” –Washington, D.C., May 12, 2008

          456. chris ericksen says

            Of course every politician will make mistakes- it’s just that so many of the ones I’ve seen re the presidents I mention are pretty telling.

            A few more GW comments:

            “If this were a dictatorship it’d be a heck of a lot easier, just as long as I’m the dictator.” Dec 19,2000 Photo Op w/Congressional leaders

            “8 years was awesome and I was famous and I was powerful”.
            Reflecting on his presidency, Hoover Institute , July 17, 2012

            “You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you have to concentrate on.” 2001, Gridiron dinner

            “I’m hopeful, I know there is a lot of ambition in Washington,obviously. But I hope the ambitious realize that they are more likely to succeed with success than failure.” Jan 18,2001 AP interview

            Bush also thought Africa is a country.


            GEORGE H W BUSH:

            “It’s no exaggeration to say the undecideds could go one way or another.” —George Bush Sr.,

            “You cannot be president of the United States if you don’t
            have faith. Remember Lincoln, going to his knees in times of trial and
            the Civil War and all that stuff. You can’t be. And we are blessed. So
            don’t feel sorry for — don’t cry for me, Argentina. Message: I care.”
            —speaking to employees of an insurance company during the 1992 New
            Hampshire primary

            “I’ve told you I don’t live and die by the
            polls. Thus I will refrain from pointing out that we’re not doing too
            bad in those polls.” –in 1991

            “Let me give you a little serious political advice. One single word. Puppies. Worth the points.” —George Bush Sr., in 1990

            “It has been said by some cynic, maybe it was a former president, ‘If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.’ Well, we took them literally — that advice — as you know. But I didn’t need that because I have Barbara”
            Bush.” —in 1989

            “Now, like, I’m President. It would be pretty hard for some drug guy to come into the White House and start offering it up, you know?…I bet if they did, I hope I would say, ‘Hey, get
            lost. We don’t want any of that.'” —speaking to a group of students
            about drug abuse

            “These, they’re very dangerous. They trap you.
            Especially these furry ones…it’s these furry guys that get you in real
            trouble. They can reach out and listen to something so — keep it
            respectful here.” —George Bush Sr., speaking to Arnold Schwarzenegger in1991 about the need to be careful when speaking near open microphones

            “When I need a little advice about Saddam Hussein, I turn to country music.” —George Bush Sr., in 1991

            “To kind of suddenly try to get my hair colored, and dance up and down in a miniskirt or do something, you know, show that I’ve got a lot of jazz
            out there and drop a bunch of one-liners, I’m running for the president
            of the United States…I kind of think I’m a scintillating kind of
            fellow.” —in 1988

            “I hope I stand for antibigotry, anti-Semitism, antiracism. This is what drives me.” George Bush Sr., in 1988

            “Hightech is potent, precise, and in the end, unbeatable. The truth is, it reminds a lot of people of the way I pitch horseshoes. Would you believesome of the people? Would you believe our dog? Look, I want to give the high-five symbol to high tech.” —George Bush Sr., in 1989

            “If a frog had wings, he wouldn’t hit his tail on the ground. Too hypothetical.” —George Bush Sr., in 1992

            “Those are two hypo rhetorical questions.” —in 1988

            “Ozone Man, Ozone. He’s crazy, way out, far out, man.” —speaking about Al Gore during the 1992 presidential campaign

            “Boy, they were big on crematoriums, weren’t they? –during a tour of Auschwitz in 1989

            “I will never apologize for the United States of America. I don’t care what the facts are.” –in 1988

            “I’m for Mr. Reagan, blindly.” –in 1984

            “I’ve been talking the same way for years, so it can’t be that serious.” –in 1988

            “Fluency in English is something that I’m often not accused of.” —George Bush Sr., in 1989

            I don’t think it’s necessary to go into Reaganisms.

            Re personalities I liked the 2 Bush’s, Ford’s and Reagan’s.

            I hear Nancy Reagan is backing Hillory, btw.


          457. chris ericksen says

            I’ve heard exactly that from Republicans- and I’ve heard this for 55 of my 75+ years- from the time I became interested in politics.


            Obama didn’t say “Marine Corpse,” as the anonymous author claims. Instead, he pronounced
            “Navy [hospital] corpsman” just as it looks, with a “p” and an “s.”
            Hospital corpsmen are enlisted Navy medical specialists, and also serve with the Marines, who do not have their own medics. Dictionaries list two different pronunciations of “corpsman,” one with an “s” or “z” sound (Merriam-Webster) and one without ( and Oxford Dictionaries), but neither includes the “p.”

            “50 lies of Obama” circulating have been analyzed 1 by1 by snopes; most incorrect.
            Another baloney myth exposed: Obama registered in college as a foreign student and that his actual name was :”Barry”.

            Having nothing to do with any of this, my uncle’s name was Yermi Stern. :o)

          458. Carol Chadbourne says

            Whoops…guess I WAS here! It’s hell growing old….;)

        3. john robel says

          Even in the late stages of Reagans illness , he had more brains and guts than ANY democrat or “establishment” GOP. The illegal occupant of 1600 penn ave. wouldn’t know or tell the truth if it bit him in the ass, which it HAS.

          1. 1American1st says

            Liberals try to trash President Reagan because they haven’t had a prez that could even halfway compare to him. Most of them aren’t old enough to remember the Reagan years. If they were they would never support the hate-filled, inept loser in the WH now.

            They want all Americans who enjoyed the Reagan years to die so they can continue to slander him & re-write history to make obama, the worst prez ever, a hero… instead of the zero he actually is.

          2. Nastasyana says

            Hey, I was around during the Eisenhower years. Talking about intelligence, prosperity. He is a conservative that I admire. Reagan was a movie star

          3. Nastasyana says

            What do you mean?

        4. RobertNorwood says

          Describes liberals perfectly.

        5. Chuck says

          I gather Nastasyana that you are experienced with dementia. So sad, too bad.

        6. Sylvester Jones says

          Kind of wondered who you dream of being?

        7. lildebrarae says

          And ‘you’ do.

        8. Yadja says

          That describes Reid, Pelosi and most of the Democrat Party.

          The Republicans have their RINOs but they also have new blood and it is not anywhere near having Dementia they have big barks and bites.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            And they are called Conservatives… excellent replacement of lying Republicans.

          2. Yadja says

            I believe it is not the Republicans who have been caught over and over in lies but the Demoncats including their Main Media buddies.

            The New Republicans have not been caught in any lie and they are doing exactly what we nominated them to do…..FIGHTING O AND EXPOSING HIM.

            The Democrats have lied themselves into a corner if you recall this last election they wanted nothing to do with O, they did not want him to come to their states or to speak at their events. This country stood together and overwhelmingly gave the Congress to Republicans.

            One might say the Ch—it Hit the Fan.


            Monkey see monkeys do.

          3. Carol Chadbourne says

            I was referring to the ‘rinos’…such as Boehner, McCain, McConnell and Graham..all of whom have acquiesced to his demands…but ‘hiding’ their dishonesty with ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the ‘bait and switch’ activity….which they think that we haven’t caught onto yet…..THEY sell us out constantly, telling us they are doing what they ‘promised’ pre-election and then go behind closed doors to change the wording to fit b.o.’s demands. Rinos are the bureaucratic establishment…whether b.o. has “info” ON them and threatens, blackmails, or extorts….and I believe this to be the case.

          4. Yadja says

            Gotcha and agree 100%

            Something is up isn’t it with all these people not going against O when they know his sins.

            Agree again O has something on them. If Hillary is out in this election then she and Bill, who seriously dislike O and were stopped from exposing him, maybe they will tell on O.

        9. Carol Chadbourne says

          Here we go AGAIN with miss ‘nasty’….damn commie…vacate America.

          1. Nastasyana says

            “Miss Nasty” Hmmm… had never thought of that as a possible nickname. Somewhat creative.

        10. patriotdaddy says

          then why are you on here ranting bout bullshit??? reagan was the greatest president we ever had!!!!

        11. patriotdaddy says

          islam will fall and i will spit on the graves of every moslem i find!!!!

        12. ozwizard says

          You should know Debbie.

        13. Btty says

          You might want to get YOUR facts straight. Reagan was not diagnosed with dementia until way after he was out of office. When exactly did your dementia start? Probably about the same time as Jan123456 started her dementia.

      2. Carol Chadbourne says

        I never saw this 8 days ago….that happens to me a lot, lately. Good morning, Deborah….this person should NOT even have been nominated….a bit of nepotism here?

        1. Deborah G says

          GM A LITTLE? Lol it is sleeping with the enemy more like it. Black Power

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            OK… me a little ‘hung-over’ from miss nasty’s carrying-on…but, what is GM…Oh, crap…just figured it out…delete all the above!! I AM about ready for a nap…having sleep apnea is worse than it’s cut out to

    4. Croco Dile says

      What is this thing called “government”? “Government” tells people what to do. But that by itself does not give us a sufficient definition, because all sorts of individuals and organizations tell others what to do. “Government”, however, does not simply suggest or request; it commands.

      Unlike the “commands” of preachers and advertisers, the commands of “government” are backed by the threat of punishment, the use of force against those who do not comply, those who are caught “breaking the law.” But even that does not give us a complete definition, because street thugs and bullies also enforce their commands, but they are not “government.” The distinguishing feature of “authority” is that it is thought to have the right to give and enforce commands. In the case of “government”, its commands are called “laws”, and disobeying them is called “crime.”
      What distinguishes a street gang from “government” is how they are perceived by the people they control the trespasses, robbery, extortion, assault and murder committed by common thugs are perceived by almost everyone as being immoral, unjustified, and criminal. Their victims may comply with their demands, but not out of any feeling of moral obligation to obey, merely out of fear. If the intended victims of the street gang thought they could resist without any danger to themselves, they would do so, without the slightest feeling of guilt. They do not perceive the street thug to be any sort of legitimate, rightful ruler; they do not imagine him to be “authority”. The loot the thug collects is not referred to as “taxes,” and his threats are not called “laws”.
      The demands and commands of those who wear the label of “government,” on the other hand, are perceived very differently by most of those at whom the commands are aimed.The power and control the “lawmakers” in “government” exert over everyone else is seen as valid and legitimate, “legal” and good.

      by Larken Rose 2011

    5. Robert Young says

      Yes, and that attitude will cost them the Presidential Election in 2016. Conservatives, Constitutionalists, Independents, and others will not support a Candidate from EITHER Major Party unless they are a verifiable Conservative. Otherwise we will vote for Third Party Candidates. Now before you start hollering this will elect a Democrat please understand that to us that does not matter. Conservatives and Constitutionalists have NO REPRESENTATION in either of the Major Parties.

      1. Sue4477 says

        You may want to read my comment above this one where I explain a new party is trying to be the 2nd party and considers Repubs/dems as 1 party. Website listed above, also. They are striving to unite the conservative vote which I think is necessary to win.

        1. Deborah G says

          It needs to happen within the Republican party otherwise you are tilting at windmills and the Dems will take over completely. THEY HOPE you do that. Spilt the vote, they win

          1. Sue4477 says

            So many people have sworn off ever voting for a Repub…how do you propose to win knowing that? We do have obama on our side as far as he’s working to keep Killary down by leaking harmful information.

    6. Russ says

      I do believe these two “Republicans” are nothing but Trojan Horses sent to infiltrate the GOP.

    7. sparkysr15108 says

      actually these GOP hacks are not afraid of the American voter as much as they are the lobbiests that fund them for reelection and buy their votes. My hope is that one day the American voter will wake up and toss these A. H’s out of office.

    8. The Good Shepherd says

      Well said. But…. How about differentiating between PHONY Conservative RINO ESTABLISHMENT GOP HACKS and the few TRUE Constitutuonist Conservatives who are making all attempts to rise within the party only to be KNEECAPPED by lead POS RINOS like McConnell, Boehner, Graham & McCain. These POS RINOS need to be exposed for WHO they are by presenting the FACTS on how they vote and their COMPLICIT obedience to The Donkey president EVERY DEMAND.
      …Now how about while you CALL OUT O-U-R CRONY & CORRUPT SELF-SERVING GOP for WHO they ARE you also offer up some names of a couple of TRUE Constitution supporting Conservatives WHO ARE RISING witin the party because I KNOW …YOU KNOW who they are but have failed to produce an our ONLY alternative regardless of however dark the GOP picture presently is for ALL of US. All of us who have lost not only ALL TRUST in them but also ALL RESPECT for them for KNIFING US ALL IN THE BACK immediately after the Nov. Midterm Election. …Stay strong my friend.
      …WHO are they?? and please don’t let me and the rest of the TRUE American Constitutional Conservative Patriots down.

    9. williaml says

      Sell outs, most of them!
      Professional Liars that can’t hold a job anywhere else.

    10. Carol Chadbourne says

      You’ve got THAT right… with their heads…damn TURNCOATS.

    11. Judy Clark says


    12. MARYSWEET says

      The GOP leaders are nothing more than democrats in sheeps clothing. They need to lose their jobs in their next election. The leaders are fighting everything the conservatives are trying to do as set forth by the 2014 election. They are following obama’s orders and need to be removed at the same time obama needs to be removed ASAP (like 6 years ago). I get so frustrated with the leaders and their two faced hypocrisy. They are as guilty as obama is in destroying our country.

    13. Isandbeans says

      They aren’t worried about offending. They want amnesty also, they are afraid of telling US that, their base. They are cowards.

    14. Evan says

      It does indeed look like the Republicans have sold us out! If they
      had followed through and blocked this amnesty, we could have
      sent all these lowlifes back where they came from! They would
      NOT be here to vote. We then could elect a conservative and
      begin to get America back on track! The only reason obama wants
      these “people” here is for their vote! If they are NOT here they
      can’t vote! It seems to me that would solve the problem!

    15. Yayalinda says

      Very well said. I am embarrassed to have voted Republican!

    16. dominke says

      I agree with you but would add that voters share most of blame. Those of us that understand the plain English spoken by Obama and Bush’s knew what was going to happen and tried to inform others. When Bush spoke of NWO when he was in office no one heard a word and same with Obama in his speeches in 08. Both parties want USA down and out , then they can ride in and save our sorry butts and claim everything. Take a look at blue print of fall of Germany and the trail of destruction we are on.

    17. Emma says

      Call your congressmen!!
      Tell them do NOT CONFIRM this woman.
      Let them know in no uncertain terms they WILL BE REPLACED if they confirm her.

      It is up to US, American citizens, to stop this
      unholy regime & rebuild America.
      Where do you stand?

  3. Len Tippett says

    Just another of many examples of spineless RINO Republicans.

    1. Croco Dile says

      The notion that some people – as a result of elections or other political rituals – have the moral right to control others, in situations where most people would not.

      Only those in “government” are thought to have the right to enact “laws”; only they are thought to have the right to impose “taxes”; only they are thought to have the right to wage wars, to regulate certain matters, to grant licenses for various activities.

      “The belief in authority” is the idea that some people have the moral right to forcibly control others, and that, consequently, those others have the moral obligation to obey.
      It should be stressed that “authority” is always in the eye of the beholder. If the one being controlled believes that the one controlling him has the right to do so, then the one being controlled sees the controller as “authority”.
      by Larken Rose 2011

      1. Angry American says

        Actually anyone can propose a law, it is just a matter of the congress taking it up & the cost would be astronomical for the average citizen so only the very rich could do it

        1. Croco Dile says

          As Ferdinand Lundberg wrote in his book The Rich and The Super-Rich in chapter XIII “The Cleverness of the Rich” :
          As there is no other effective way for candidates to get on the ballot, the primary is the political key that unlocks all doors.
          “It ought to be plain, then,” says Kent, “that so long as the machine controls the primaries, it is in a position to limit the choice of the voters in the general election to its choice in the primaries. That is the real secret of its power, and, so long as it holds that power, it cannot be put out of business. Defeating its candidates in the general election not only does not break its grip, it often does not make even a dent in it. The only place the machine can be beaten is in the primaries.”
          As Kent points out, by not participating in the primaries the general voter loses at least 50% of the effectiveness of his franchise. He thereby assumes his actual political status – a second-class citizen. Nobody has chased the common man away from the primaries. He just does not feel up to participating. His democratic franchise here he finds just too much to handle. He does not, in fact, have anything to contribute; he is politically empty. As a result, the party apparatus and candidates on both tickets belong to professionals, often men never heard of in the community, usually men of limited outlook.

  4. farrightwing says

    Dittos Len Tippett, country boy, Croco Dile,

  5. Jerry McMains says

    Conservatives EVERYWHERE need to hold these BOZOS accountable!!! Do Not Confirm!!!

    1. Croco Dile says

      Despite the fact that “governments” always claim to be acting on behalf of the people and the common good, the truth is that “government”, by its very nature, is always in direct opposition to the interests of mankind. “Authority” is not a noble idea that sometimes goes wrong, nor is it a basically valid concept that is sometimes corrupted. From top to bottom, from start to finish, the very concept of “authority” itself is antihuman and horribly destructive.

      Haven’t we always heard that if not for the “rule of law” and a common respect for “authority,” we would be no better than a bunch of stupid, violent beasts, living in a state of perpetual conflict and chaos?
      Yes, we have been told that. And no, none of it is true.
      by Larken Rose 2011

      1. Oldawg70 says

        You have given your definition of the problem of “Government”…what is your definition for the solution!?

        1. Angry American says

          There are only two solutions, (1) is to vote every one of them out & start over. (2) is rebellion like Americans did in 1776, which will mean that many will become sacrificial. I don’t see any other solutions, can someone name a 3rd? or 4th? And of course we would have to see through the promises that are always made during campaigns, which in itself is a challenge

          1. Croco Dile says

            Your opinon comes from lack of imagination.

            The real solution-the only solution to the problems involving “government”-comes from not doing certain things, and from certain things not happening. In one sense, there is no positive, active solution to “government.” The ultimate solution is negative and passive :

            Stop advocating aggression against your neighbors. Stop engaging in rituals that condone the initiation of violence and reinforce the notion that some people have the right to rule. Stop thinking and speaking and acting in ways that reinforce the myth that normal people should be, and must be, beholden to some master, and should obey such a master rather than follow their own consciences.

            When people stop bowing at the altar of “government” stop playing the games of tyrants, stop respecting arbitrary rules written by megalomaniacs, the problem will go away on its own.


          2. Oldawg70 says

            Kinda agree with you AA. We could actually stand up and reform our present political system…taking the power from them and placing it back in our hands…but it isn’t likely to happen. Not sure what is coming but a revolution seems to be the end result. Personally I have had my belly full of killing, and know that the collateral damage will be devastating. The hardship will be on those who survive the holocaust. One nation under God…no exceptions!

          3. Angry American says

            Rebellion would be the last resort, but something must be done the government is getting completely out of control & with the present administration it seems they want control over every aspect of our lives. This is what R Reagan warned us about & he was correct. It wasn’t that long ago either, when he warned that one of the first things they want to control is healthcare & then the communist we have now passed obamacare which is taking control of healthcare & that is what the ACA is al about control & taxes. Now Obama wants to raise taxes on his own & he is picking Corp tax because he thinks the people will support him on this. He thinks he knows what he is doing but again he is making unconstitutional moves that will effect every one & the goop has been giving into him with not as much as a token fight, voting them all out is not possible as people see there reps as the good guys & it is all the rest of them that is the problem when in fact it is every one of them getting rich from the time in office while all else struggle to pay for bare necessities & the middle class is disappearing at an alarming rate. This is leaving us with the last option the end results may not be as bad as we think it just depends on if every last man stands with us & or who many stand with the administration they all take about the same oath & it says nothing about being loyal to any politician rather it stresses loyalty to country, time will tell & we may or may not be around to see it. My time is growing short & don’t know how long I will remain but hope to be around long enough to see what we once had & maybe that is why the 50’s were such good times & I remember them well even though I was just a teenager, they were good times. People sure were different then as apposed to now in fact the entire country was different then

        2. Croco Dile says

          The Solution

          Life Without the Superstition

          Nearly everyone can see at least some problems with the “government” he lives under, whether it be corruption, war-mongering, socialist redistribution, police state intrusions, or other oppressions. And many are desperate to find a solution to such problems. So they vote for this or that candidate, support this or that political movement or party, lobby for or against this or that legislation, and almost always end up disappointed with the results. They can easily identify and complain about various problems, but an actual solution always eludes them.

          The reason they are always disappointed is because the problem does not reside in the people called “government”: it resides in the minds of their victims. Tinkering with “government” cannot fix a problem that does not come from “government.” The dissatisfied voter fails to realize that it is his own view of reality, his own belief in “authority,” that is the root cause of most of society’s problems.

          He believes that a ruling class is a natural, necessary, beneficial part of human society, and so all of his efforts focus on bickering over who should be in charge, and on what the power of “government” should be used for. When he thinks of “solutions,” he thinks inside the box of statism. As a result, he is powerless from the beginning. Begging masters to be nice, or asking for a new master, never leads to freedom. Instead, such behaviors are dear indicators that the person is not even free inside his own mind. And a man whose mind is not free will never be free in body.

          1. Oldawg70 says

            Since a country can not function without some form of government your babbling analogy can best be summed up as “Pot Smokin BS”. The problem with our present form of government is that “we the people” have allowed it to rule rather than represent and protect us. We can turn this around but they/it will not allow that to happen without a fight…and that is where we seem to be headed…a revolution.

            Place all government employees/politicians on medicare/social security…period. Full retirement only after 20 years, and no double dip