Grads Return Diplomas to Protest School’s Support of Trump


According to NPR, a group of Liberty University graduates are returning their diplomas to their alma mater in protest of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s continued support of President Donald Trump. Falwell, the president of Liberty University, was on the vanguard of evangelical voices throwing their support behind Trump in 2016, and he has not backed down in the wake of the Charlottesville controversy. After Trump gave his infamous statement blaming hate on “all sides” for contributing to the problem, Falwell tweeted that he was “proud” of the president.

For some graduates, that was the final straw.

“I’m sending my diploma back because the president of the United States is defending Nazis and white supremacists,” said Chris Gaumer, a 2006 Liberty graduate, in an interview with NPR. “And in defending the president’s comments, Jerry Falwell Jr. is making himself and, it seems to me, the university he represents, complicit.”

Several alumni signed their names to a group letter to the university:

“While this state of affairs has been in place for many months, the Chancellor’s recent comments on the attack upon our neighbors in Charlottesville have brought our outrage and our sorrow to a boiling point. During the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, white supremacists, nationalists, and neo-Nazis perpetrated brutal violence against anti-racist protesters, murdering one woman and injuring many. Instead of condemning racist and white nationalist ideologies, Mr. Trump provided equivocal and contradictory comments. The Chancellor then characterized Mr. Trump’s remarks, which included the claim that some of the persons marching as white nationalists and white supremacists at the rally were ‘very fine people,’ as ‘bold’ and ‘truthful.’ This is incompatible with Liberty University’s stated values, and incompatible with a Christian witness.”


These people are so badly confused that you almost have to feel sorry for them. You’d think that having attended a conservative college would have insulated them from the worst of the left’s propaganda, but apparently the media is enough of a force these days to indoctrinate even the vaccinated. Either that, or their mass diploma-return is entirely appropriate because they failed to learn a damn thing while attending Liberty. Certainly, they did not learn one of the most important college lessons: How to think for yourself.

If they had, they would know that they’re doing nothing less than parroting left-wing talking points and that these talking points have little relationship to the truth. Trump DID condemn white supremacists. He DID NOT equivocate between the lefties and the individual who committed murder. This is all propaganda, as anyone who actually watched Trump’s speeches knows. The media decided on a narrative and they cut out everything that didn’t fit to make room only for what did.

These grads should return their diplomas because they are too ignorant to deserve them.

  1. Retired says

    What a bunch of so called Idiots , wasted parents and probably Government money on a wasted education .

    1. Glendawflores says


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    2. Vern Lundrigan says

      I agree 1000 %. Total waste of skin……

    3. SUZANNE M. says


      1. practicedcynic says

        They may be hired by gaggle.

      2. MamaJ says

        They won’t have anything to show to potential employers except the fact that they are a group of misguided fools. They evidently listen to the MSM. The media is the main indoctrination center for these idiots. They don’t have a clue that the MSM is their worst enemy with all the lies and misinformation they are receiving. Trump is NOT supporting white supremacist your dopes.

        1. ganderdavis says

          You must blame everything on whites so that people will like you. So let me start this off by blaming whites for putting up with this BS. Parents need to wakeup and stop paying for their kids education until their kids acually really try and get one. These kids have a problem with looking outside of FB and coming to grips with how they are letting themselves be led down a path that will only hurt them and this country. Read what the president really said and then study the whole story. Oh wait never mind i forgot you don’t really study.

          1. MamaJ says

            And you evidently have no skills in reading comprehension. What are you even talking about? How did I blame whites? I think actually we are on the same side and you don’t have the sense to see it. EXPLAIN your comment.

          2. Amwakeup says

            All of the ones that returned their Diplomas…have wasted time and money…
            They would have been better off learning a trade and saving their parents mucho money. Let them make It on their own, that is the best learning tool. What a waste In the future they will never be proud Americans, best they relocate now.
            America is calling for all true Americans to all come together for OUR country
            The likes of the above students… go home you still need your Mom and Dad to fight for you,pay for you,and protect you. You were born free and are the worst kind . A irresponsible child ,no gray matter, and cannot think for your self.
            Again I say what a WASTE!

          3. Rodzzz says

            A waste of life and the space they take up on this earth. Their parents should be held responsible for spewing out their kind into our society.

          4. marshmil1789 says

            These college breds became four year loafs now saturated with political activism molds.

          5. evangelinebrabant says

            I would love to be an HR Rep when these people come for a job; and ask them to produce a physical diploma.

            Since they handed them back, the University should rescind the graduation until the Snowflakes actually learn something. It is carry though, at a Conservative University, these babies are so indoctrinated into Leftist lies and rhetoric.

          6. ABO says

            I would respectfully suggest that you carefully reread ganderdavis’ response, MamaJ. I thought at first that he was saying exactly what you thought he said but having reread it I realized that it was simply worded in a confusing manner. You’re right that you two are on the same side and I don’t believe he meant any offense.

          7. Rodzzz says

            MamaJ does not comprehend.

          8. ABO says

            Let’s be fair, Rodzzz, ganderdavis’ post was confusing to say the least and I think that if MamaJ does go back and read it again she’ll see that he is indeed on her (our) side.

          9. Rodzzz says

            You’re right. Perhaps I was a little too haste in my judgment. Sometimes I fail to see who’s on our side.

          10. ABO says

            It’s not a matter of failing to see it, Rodzzz, as I said, it was a confusing post.

          11. Rodzzz says

            Got it……………. Thanx ABO.

          12. Lisa Meyer says

            I re read it, and at first thought you were right. Until I got to the last sentence, which sounded like an insult. And it is unclear who it is being directed at.

          13. ABO says

            As I said Lisa, the way the whole post is presented is rather confusing but I believe it is all directed at the students from the article rather than MamaJ. Of course there is always the possibility that I’m reading it wrong as ganderdavis has not responded to MamaJ’s request for explaination.

          14. Lisa Meyer says

            Yes, it is a bit vague. I also posted to ganderdavis suggesting that he was unfairly attacking MamaJ and now I don’t even see my post, nor has ganderdavis responded to me. He may have been a hit and run poster.

          15. ABO says

            We may never know.

          16. marshmil1789 says

            MamaJ your reading comprehension has a flat tire *metaphorically* speaking. YOU are missing the *metaphorical* commentary of ganderdavis. You and ganderdavis are essentially “on the same side” but I think you are the one who is missing the point because ganderdavis wrote *metaphorically*. Check out what that means. We all need to support the Constitution and the philosophy in the Declaration of Independence bearing allegiance to the Flag and to the Republic, under God, for which it flies. THAT is how this great nation has survived for 228 years. Unfortunately today we have a global as well as local faction that wants to destroy everything the USA has stood for for 228 years.

          17. MamaJ says

            Comment from Ganderdavis. You must blame everything on whites so that people will like you. How is that a metaphor? Oh wait never mind i forgot you don’t really study, Another comment from Ganderdavis, How is that a metaphor ? I think you must be trying to show your intelligence but I guess I am too dumb to see it. I see no metaphors in Ganderdavis’ comment to me. Please point them out. All I see is someone assuming something about someone they don’t even know. Please explain your comment to me so I can be as smart as you are.
            I am a white woman, so from my comment why does your friend Ganderdavis assume I am not.

          18. MamaJ says

            We all need to support the Constitution and the philosophy in the Declaration of Independence bearing allegiance to the Flag and to the Republic, under God, for which it flies. THAT is how this great nation has survived for 228 years. Unfortunately today we have a global as well as local faction that wants to destroy everything the USA has stood for for 228 years. This statement I 100 percent agree with by the way.

          19. marshmil1789 says

            I find no evidence ganderdavis assumes you are not a white person nor does she/he seem to care. Nor do I care to get into an argumentative spat here with you. You are beginning to come across to me like “AKLady” who I blocked weeks ago because of negative, argumentative posting that contributes nothing positive for contemplation.

          20. ward says

            The majority of unemployed are not white ! The working really got educated !

          21. evangelinebrabant says

            Parents also need to teach their children values and a love of country. And parents need to pay attention to what is being drilled into their children’s heads in the school, form Kindergarten on.

          22. grnjllybn says

            First we need to get all leftist ‘teachers’ out of our universities!!
            They are unpatriotic fools corrupting the students.

          23. Lisa Meyer says

            What? Either you posted that to the wrong person, or you didn’t understand what she wrote. MamaJ is on your side, pal.

        2. gonzales27 says

          You don’t have to be stupid to be a Dem./Lib. but it helps.

          1. Rodzzz says

            It’s a prerequisite.

      3. Jim Strong says

        Maybe they don’t have jobs, and will stay on welfare.

        1. Franie says

          Hopefully, our president will transform the welfare system for the ‘truly needy’ only. We the People should start SHAMING abled bodied welfare recipients, for they are truly selfish and self-serving low life looking for a ‘free ride’ on the backs of the taxpayers.

          1. Patriot says

            Good idea.

          2. Lisa Meyer says

            The government should make them get off their lazy, baby producing azzes and require them to clean up parks, roadways, empty lots. They could also do community renovation, tearing down abandoned building and other eyesores all over this country.

      4. Wendy Mantooth says


      5. Franie says

        ACTUALLY, we should all be really worried when the time comes when these mill-IDIOTS, these ‘safe space’ cowards, these ‘dumbed down’ snowFLAKES rise through attrition to places of governmental power!!! God help us all!!!

        1. ABO says

          Ain’t that the God’s honest truth! Thank you for that Franie

        2. grnjllybn says

          makes me glad I’m old.

      6. jmscrcrn says


        1. Franie says

          Good luck with that. Most employers want to know if you graduated…with a diploma.

      7. dpayne73 says

        Who will hire them Maybe Soros

      8. ward says


      9. evangelinebrabant says

        Awhile back, a story on the web was about Snowflakes who were hired as Interns at some company.

        First, they had to be taught to come to work at the time all other employees arrived, rather than arriving at times of their own choosing.

        But then, and this is the beautiful part, they were told they had to adhere to a dress code as far as what they wore to work, because of the way these Interns were dressing.

        The offended student/Interns got up a petition to protest the company’s insistence on a dress code.

        The company fired everyone who signed the petition. (They were Interns!)

        You gotta love it.

        1. disqus_v5723Mqspa says

          I do. It’s great to see that.

      10. marshmil1789 says

        Millidiot of Politics degree. They demonstrated proficiency in stirring up political controversy.

    4. tbrec63387 says

      They aren’t “so called” … they ARE idiots

      1. Gary Smith says

        you insult idiots

        1. tbrec63387 says

          I agree

        2. Franie says

          Ok, I think we should refer to them as MIL-IDIOTS. Hahaha.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Great new designation you coined Franie. Thanks.
            MILLIDIOTS. Perfect! That seems to be the degree they wound up with—- *Millidiot of Politics*

        3. ward says

          Insult is a fact that libtards are socialistic suck asses of bo’s stench … !

    5. Rodzzz says

      What education?

      1. grnjllybn says

        Exactly right; it’s not ‘education’ it’s ‘indoctrination’.
        Get rid of all leftist ‘teachers’.

        1. Rodzzz says

          Our education system warrants looking into. Not just the schools but all the way up to the very top. Get rid of the bad apples and keep the good ones. We must turn our schools back to a place of learning like it was originally intended. Parents should have 51% control of their kid’s schools, not politicians. Bad teachers must be fired and not protected by tenure. I could go on but I think I’ve said enough for now.

      2. Retired says

        Partying and Humping !!!!

        1. Rodzzz says

          Partying and Humping 101

  2. Skippy says

    These pathetic morons need to get used to asking do want fries 🍟 with that order. Then again they’re mindless liberal drones, that’s all their good for anyways.

    1. buggs says

      Where do you think they would work even with those human behavior degrees?

    2. Lorraine Turner says

      You need to learn how to use proper grammar before posting ignorant comments

      1. Snake says

        Really Lorraine? Here is your comment from another site – “He need to get rid if the hatred in his life before trying to take it to the college and universities. How can your president incite violence in your campaign ‘s and police department . Exactly” (sic) Talk about no clue when it comes to grammar! Besides having no clue about Trump! You stupid libturds are a blight on humanity and this nation!

        1. MamaJ says

          Right on Snake. Don’t you just find these so called grammar experts irritating.

      2. ARJAY says

        “You need to learn how to use proper grammar before posting ignorant comments”

        So where were Snake’s grammatical errors?

      3. popeyebud says

        Were did you send your diploma back to?

        1. ARJAY says

          What makes you think lorraine (lower case intended) ever received ANY kind of diploma?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            She probably sent in the box top off Wheeties and paid 95c for hers.. 😂🤣😃😄

      4. ABO says

        Uh oh, the grammar police have arrived. While I tend to be a stickler for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation myself, I am far more concerned with the content of one’s comments than grammatical errors that are likely simple mistakes in typing. Lighten up!

      5. TrueAmerican says

        Ummmmm please help me in pointing out the bad Grammar other than there could possibly have been a another comma used depending on the inflection needed.

      6. Skippy says

        This coming from an uneducated mindless liberal drone!

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          Dam*. The trolls are starting to wake up!

        2. Lorraine Turner says

          I had more education than you know, but 1 thing i don’t have is time to do is stay on social media to respond to your ignorance

          1. Skippy says

            Why don’t you go and hang out on one of those George Soros’s sites with all your mindless liberal drones. You won’t have to have any intellectual thought to be on one of those sites.
            You’ve had more education than I know, more like you’ve been brainwashed more than I know. Wait a minute how can you be brainwashed, when mindless liberal drones don’t have a brain. Ohh well!!!!!!! Hahaha 😂 🤣!!!!!!
            Now if you want to try to prove how Trump was wrong in blaming both sides for the violence that occurred. I’ll prove you wrong and show you how what Trump said was right and how he’s not defending the white supremacist. You’ll probably run away from that one.
            So long ya mindless liberal drone!!!!!!

          2. Skippy says

            Typical of a mindless liberal drone when faced with having to prove something you just run away. You’re too scared to get an intellectual debate mixed with sarcasm.
            BTW you’re mixing up sarcasm with ignorance. I have a t-shirt that has a definition of sarcasm. Sarcasm the body’s natural defense against stupid. Now if you get hit with my sarcasm well here’s your sign.
            TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. grnjllybn says

        Ms. Turner, you are nothing but a SNOT!! STFU!!

      8. Lisa Meyer says

        Have you ever tried typing on a phone? Sometimes autocorrect changes what you type, sometimes you don’t hit the right keys.
        Looks like you are the ignorant poster here.
        Play nice or go away, if you don’t have relevant comments.

    3. Snake says

      With a 15 dollar minimum wage those jobs are history! They will just sit in mommy’s basement and fill out entitlement paperwork!

    4. bendecido says

      Right on Skippy. I wonder how they managed to enroll in that college to learn absolutely nothing.

  3. jgfsmf says

    It’s not as if they need their diplomas anyway. I doubt they work.

  4. leny says

    These pathetic morons need to get used to asking do want fries 🍟 with that order. Then again they’re mindless liberal drones, that’s all their good for anyways.

    1. Skippy says

      What you couldn’t come up with your own comment? So you copied mine word for word, down to the fries 🍟.

  5. Justin Seine says

    Are they asking for their money back too?

  6. B.Smith says

    That’s ok with me.
    If no one can have an opinion about politics but them, then maybe they need to stay home and not play the game.
    They aren’t ready for a real world experience.
    Who do they think they are hurting?

    1. vvic says

      Burn the diplomas then there will be far less idiots in a grown ups world!

  7. Joseph R. Davis says

    What’s pathetic here, is that LeeRoy is pissing on people who actually have (1) an education, and (2) a sense of ethics, in symbolically returning their diplomas to Liberty. And, of course, the usual bull-(expletive deleted) about wasted “Gov’mint” money and not working. Dog whistle words. And the usual overuse/misuse of the words IDIOTS and MORONS. Typical nonsense, from the nonsensical.

    1. lorddragonstar says

      If they truly possessed a sense of ethics, they would have bothered to learn facts and not react immaturely. This comes from too many people babying them and claiming they are standing on principles. This is nonsense. They are behaving like ‘participation trophy’ brats, no semblance of intelligence, just indoctrination and the gullibility.

    2. Jeffrey Cahoon says


  8. buggs says

    Now what will they use to wipe their little bottoms after they do number 2?

  9. buddman says

    Most college Degrees today are for liberal arts and are not worth the Paper they are Printed on Anyway Poor Dumb Libtards you Can’t Fix Stupid

  10. kenrmer says

    Even though the white supremists are a disgusting group of people, they still have a right to have a protest….peacefully. They even legally applied for a permit for the protest.
    The anti-protestors (alt left) and the main stream media stoked the altercation. The alt-left never applied for a permit to protest. The alt-left is incapable of any voice but their own and the main stream media was looking for a sensational story to sell ($$$).
    If the media and the alt-left would have ignored the protest, NOBODY but the legal protestors would have known about the protest.

    1. BH says

      A person on the left did apply for and obtain a permit. It was for 2 small park near Lee park. The problem is that someone told the police not to keep them in those parks. And then after most of the Unite the Right people were in the park, the police were told, by Governor McAuliffe, to force them out of the park into the streets, which were then lined with ANTIFA and BLM protesters who were armed for a fight.

      1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        McAuliffe is a known criminal and has a strong connection to the Clinton cartel, which makes him an IDIOT!!

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          He should be public enemy number 1! I hope the people of VA don’t re elect that ANTI-American, Anti-Constitution alist, butthead!

      2. Angela Worden says

        Wow. If this is true, how irresponsible of Governor McAuliffe–and to think I supported him years ago.–no more

        1. Tired... says

          Any thinking person could see that the rally in Charlottesville was going to be trouble. I live fairly close to Charlottesville and there were two Guard/Reserve units on standby who could have helped with crowd control…but they were never called. This information came to me directly from an individual who was actually on standby, not some news outlet. The death of this young woman was in part due to the deliberate inaction of McAuliffe and the mayor, as well as the actions of the young man who drove the car.

          It is time to stop the hate on both sides, but unfortunately few have the courage to call for healing. It is much easier and malignantly satisfying to choose hate over healing, I suppose. Nevertheless, I profoundly respect the mother of the young woman who was killed; in the midst of her grief she recognized that this divisiveness needs to stop and she had the courage, as well as the moral authority, to say so. Those who are like-minded, regardless of political view, need to stand against the hatred that slithers in and out of the fringes on both sides.

    2. ernldo says

      A small number of “white supremacists”….NOT to be confused with “Nationalists” of any color. Don’t let the media traitors dumb you down!

    3. CrustyOldGeezer says

      You do realize the media does ALL OF THE LABELING of all the groups.

      “Alt-right” was assigned to violent groups they wanted to demonize and deflect ALL the violent groups were on the left.

      KKK, neo-nazis, blm, black panthers, new black panthers, pick a group and trace it’s roots and which political group benefitted the most from their activities.

    4. psychosally says

      white supremacist (Im guessing they are meaning kkk and nazi) did not apply for a permit-they showed up to cause trouble just like antifa and blm-white nationalists had the permit to protest the removal of a statue-consider this-the kkk is a democratic organization and the nazis sure dont hold repub values so why are they called alt right( they are both alt left as is antifa and blm)

      1. melmack 1 says

        I remember when the KKK was dying and the only thing that kept it going was the dues paid by FBI members that were infiltrating it to determine its plans

        1. Tired... says

          Too bad it didn’t succumb, but I guess that is what happens when the government tries to solve a problem…

      2. Lisa Meyer says

        There is no distinction given by the media between White Nationalists and White supremacists. Though they are two distinct groups, the only difference in their doctrines is that Nationalists believe that white culture, religion, mores, morals and country should come before those of anyone else. Supremacists, as their name makes clear, believe that the white race is supreme and Superior to any other race. It’s a minor distinction in the grand scheme of things. But one which most are not aware of. WS’s also tend to be sometimes more violent and hateful than their WN brethren, though that does not appear to be the case in Charlottesville, with the exception of lone wolf psycho Fields, who was not a member of either group, but did have Nazi ideals.
        It was the Nationalists who had applied for the permit. Whether the Supremacists showed up to cause trouble, or just used the opportunity provided under the Nationalists’ permit to add their voices to the protest of the statue removal is unclear. Once they started chanting their anti-semitic garbage, however, no matter that they had the Constitutional right to do it, , THAT was most likely the turning point which led to the violence, and to the media making it out to be about racism..

      3. Tired... says

        I am not up on the current terms, so help me understand how a white nationalist is differentiated from a white supremacist?

    5. Snake says

      Exactly what makes a “white supremacist” disgusting? Is it because they “dislike/hate” other races? Yet ALL demoncraps and many republicans hate anyone who doesn’t support their political agenda; what makes them any different? What makes the “white supremacist” any different than the black panthers, naacp, or the blm, when their ideology is exactly the same – they hate whites!? The problem is that our nation and most of the world is totally Godless – Scripture tells us that negros are NOT of the ancestry of Adam and that we are NOT to mix with negros, yet the doctrines of man have indoctrinated the masses to believe otherwise!

      South Africa is a perfect example of what is coming for America. A prosperous nation, where the lie of apartheid was created and made main-stream, led to the murder of thousands of white South Africans, the destruction of farms and businesses and the economy, leaving a nation where negros rule and the nation is in the toilet! Another example is Haiti – once a popular and prosperous nation, turned over to the negro-haitians who turned it into a slum! America is next!

      1. kenrmer says

        Your reply justified my wish that the media and opposition just ignore your protests and eventually you will slowly disappear. And the same goes for the other extremists.
        The altercation in NC was an example of extreme hate groups not being able to have a conversation. All sides had to raise their voices louder than the other’s until it turned physical. Violence was their only means to express their thoughts. Sad thing is all of these extremists had their founding in the LEFT.

      2. kenrmer says

        The white supremists are disgusting for thinking they alone are the only good guys. The same goes for BLM, Antifa, Nazi’s, etc…. all are extremists and need to be ignored by the media. Let the police handle them.
        The media is only trying to stir the pot with their reporting because it leads to higher advertising sales rates which means REVENUE. The media are whores for advertising $$$$. Journalism was officially dead with the advent of the internet.

  11. Warren says

    Should be mandatory they didn’t learn anything anyway Just Socialist Crap and how to use a Bat !!

    1. ernldo says

      Liberty offers sound education…

      1. ARJAY says

        That may be, but there needs to be a SOUND MIND to receive that sound education!!

        1. ernldo says

          You are correct, my point was its there for the taking….

          1. ARJAY says

            True. Not criticizing your post, just e x p a n d i n g on it.

          2. ernldo says

            Didn’t take it as a critique, all is good….be well!

          3. ARJAY says

            OK, u2.

  12. Bishop351 says

    Who would care? Obviously an education didn’t teach them anything.

    1. berg1928 says

      Jerry Falwell tried to teach them: how to hate, discriminate, have neo-nazi protests in front of a synagogue on their Sabbath, etc., and these student protested, as was their right.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Get off those drugs piss brain

  13. henrikovratd says

    They apparently bought into the ideas of everything is racist instead of truthism.
    President Trump simply tells the truth.
    The left is like Isis just harping on things that just fuels a fire started by Heil Obama and all the other corrupt loony tunes in his administration.
    We can not be all the things that the left loons are calling us who voted for Trump.
    We’re realist who saw a country spiraling out of control under Heil Obama and said enpugh before it becomes a bigger mess.
    Censorship, dictatorship ,corruption and lawlessness is not what we signed up for.
    Enough of this radical left ideology.
    There are other country’s you can all go live that have those ideologies, not in America where we are free to say and think what we want, not just certain ethnicity ” blacks ” should be able to get away with it.
    Mogadishu is waiting for all the blacks “see above ” that has all these things the leftist loons want.
    The country was fine and progressing along until the Muslim president was put into power.
    What were people thinking ” whites in particular”when they elected this guy.
    What a travesty!!

  14. BH says

    I wonder how many actually signed the letter. Notice NPR doesn’t say. Probably only 3-4 out of the tens of thousands who have received diplomas.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I was thinking the same thing…NPR is a pure commie outfit, you know.

  15. Vivi says

    Money wasted on these spoiled ungrateful babies and if The government paid your college education you are a disgrace shaming your family God help you.

  16. Medic RN says

    Last sentence x2. Violence is wrong on all sides….no matter what. Antifa (the people with he clubs and masks) had no right to hit anyone. Unfortunatly, the Nazis are disillusioned, confused Americans entitled to their opinion. Bringing masks and clubs is a premeditated felony. Violence, civil assault, is against the law. Expressing your opinion isn’t…..yet.

    1. psychosally says

      actually the antifa and blm are being paid to protest and cause chaos and as such they are not protesters but are mercenaries which takes away all constitutional rights and opens them up for extermination without prejudice

      1. Medic RN says

        Thank you Sally. That’s an imaginable yet fantastic observation. Must be provable in order to prosecute. That may be difficult.

      2. Lisa Meyer says

        SO Right!

    2. James says

      Anyone attending any kind of protest wearing a mask and carrying any kind of weapon, should be arrested on sight, and not given the chance to create havoc. When will the authorities get smart and do what is needed to be done?

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        The authorities WOULD have recognized it and done exactly as you say, if they had been ALLOWED to do their jobs. They were ordered by the mayor and governor to “stand down” until violence occurred. By then it was to late.
        Set up, anyone?

  17. Jim Colon says

    It just goes to show that you can’t educate idiots. If these “Know Nothing” students think for one minute that they know more than the leaders of this great nation, they wasted a lot of years in college and learned nothing, so they don’t deserve their degrees anyway. I guess they liked living in their parent’s basements because of the way that Obama ran our economy into the ground and half of our college graduates couldn’t find work in their field of study. It is truly sad that all too many of today’s young men and women know so little about what is really going on in their country.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      They also couldn’t find work because of the aardvark husbandry degrees. Where are the MDs and Engineers? — I’ll tell you. Russia and China. We need a MASSIVE clean out of the indoctrination centers masquerading as collages.

      1. James says

        We can’t stop with higher (mis)-education; we must start with the primary grades, where the past two to three generations of teachers have come from!

    2. ARJAY says

      They’re not “men” and “women” they are baby children, not fit to go into the general population of real adults in the real world!

  18. Thomas says

    Ask yourself-What is the biggest Hate Group in America? It definitely is not conservative although there are a few right wing radicals., but by far the left is the major one. This of course includes the media who keeps agitating all.

    1. psychosally says

      there is no alt right-it was made up term by the demwits to include kkk(a democratic org) and neo-nazis(surely not repub)

      1. James says

        So true; I sure wish people would wake up to this fact! Antifa and neo-Nazi/kkk are both leftist organization!

        1. melmack 1 says

          And very NASTY ones at that. Vicious at heart and will hurt any one or anything they oppose.

        2. evangelinebrabant says

          As is BLM, and the hate group, The Southern Poverty Law Center.

      2. Tired... says

        Although the vast majority of those who consider themselves conservatives stand against the tenets of the KKK and neo-Nazis and find their core beliefs offensive, the fact is that those groups tend to value nationalism over globalism. This means that they were more likely to support Trump than Clinton in the last election, as unsavory as that is. Of course the left is not innocent either, as it has its set of bigoted supporters who are the equal of those two groups.

    2. ABO says

      I sincerely believe, Thomas, that today’s liberal/progressive ideology is built on a foundation whose cornerstones are dishonesty, deceit, hypocrisy and outright hatred.

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Looks to me that the only “supportive foundation” their ideology has is the Enemedia and Soros money.
        Notice that their thinking is akin to ISIS?

        1. ABO says

          As a matter of fact I have indeed noticed that fact.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      And georgie boy FUNDS THEM ALL!

  19. ZACAL says

    When an employer ask Liberty University for these propaganda infested loons transcripts, the university should point out they returned their degrees based on political views. Then the silly bastards can explain their warped attitude towards society. It shows they’re not mentally balanced to reason and make sound decisions.

    1. Marvin2514 says

      Liberty University should deny they graduated. After all they returned their diplomas the transcripts should be shredded. It would be a life lesson learned the hard way.

      1. ARJAY says

        I was thinking the same thing (except shredding transcripts). Just say they didn’t get their diplomas! Have the “graduates” then try to explain why they have no diploma!!

        Could be a fun thing to watch!

        Now that I think about it, go ahead and SHRED THOSE TRANSCRIPTS!! THEN THERE WOULD BE NO WAY OF GETTING THEM THROUGH ANY KIND OF LEGAL ACTION!! Also shred ANY and ALL records of those idiot students!!

        1. rfrichey says

          I have to wonder if that’s what happened to obozos records from birth on?

          1. TrueAmerican says

            they were ALL FORGED to start with

          2. ARJAY says

            No, he had them illegally sealed. After all, HE HAD SOMETHING TO HIDE!

            HOW in the world can someone running for office of the President of the United States have their records SEALED?!?!?!?!?!?!

            He is an ILLEGAL invader, not even a real U. S. Citizen. Where’s the PROOF of his LEGAL citizenship?!

            IF it exists, he had it SEALED! But it doesn’t exist, therefore the reason for sealing ALL his records!

            If anyone thinks I’m lying, OPEN ALL HIS RECORDS AND PROVE ME WRONG!!

          3. Libs R Loons says

            That’s another thing to despise Nancy Pelosi for, because she’s the one who “vetted” and approved Obama to run for the WH in the first place.

          4. evangelinebrabant says

            The House (Pelosi) spent weeks on McCain, who altho I don’t like him, was qualified to run for the presidency, unlike Obama.

            McCain was born in Panama, then a Territory of the United States, in an American Military Hospital, where his father was Admiral of the Pacific Fleet.

            She knew Obama’s candidacy could with survive scrutiny of even the slightest amount.

          5. evangelinebrabant says

            Obama also uses the Social Security number of a man who lived in Connecticut and who died several decades ago.

            Obama never lived in Connecticut, and Social Security numbers are never used a second time. When you die, the number is is not given to anyone else. Ever.

            There is a web of so much corruption, lying, debauchery, deceit around Obama that it will years to unravel all of it. And the Left will never believe any of it.

            The whole thing was a giant hoax that fooled a majority of voters in America.

          6. evangelinebrabant says

            What is scary is the network Obama had behind him, and behind Michelle, to accomplish this coup.

            Anyone see the news story several months before the election where oObama said he wanted to be Sec. of the U.N.? We have not heard the last of this wanna-be-world dictator. He is mentally ill, and very dangerous.

            Watch how he undermines Trump to foreign leaders…Is that sedition?

          7. grnjllybn says

            You are absolutely correct! Obongo is born in Kenya, Africa and raised
            in Pakistan, and he could not even be bother to file for citizenship.
            He was NEVER eligible to run for ANY public office in the United States.
            I cannot understand why our government allowed this fraud to be
            perpetrated against the American taxpayers. How are any of us ever
            supposed to trust the United States government again??
            I am a fourth-generation American born and raised here and I cannot stand what has happened to our beloved country. It seems as though the devil
            has invaded America and is walking around freely seeking whom he can
            destroy. When I went to public school in New York City in the 1940s and
            50s we saluted the American flag and sang our ‘Star Spangled Banner’
            while standing at attention, every single morning. And it made us so proud.

          8. Rodzzz says

            Two events, as if by design, seem very weird to me:
            (1) The Anti-Christ usurping our Presidency. We have expelled him from our House but he lingers in the dark shadows where he continues scheming the destruction of our Nation with the help of his minions.
            (2) The devil in Pope’s vestments taking over the Vatican. Also working towards worldwide destruction and the triumph of evil over good.

          9. ARJAY says

            “I cannot understand why our government allowed this fraud…” grnjllybn, it’s called “corporate responsibility”. God has been kicked out of our once great country. God can NOT protect a people who have turned their (corporate) backs on Him! God has turned the masses (not everybody) over to their REPROBATE “minds”. That’s how there can be over 70 (now) defined sexual “genders”. There are ONLY TWO, created by GOD himself, male and female! That’s how.

            I do believe that God has given us ONE LAST CHANCE to repent and be able to save this country. This is why the leftist libTURD democRATS want to destroy PRESIDENT Trump. Remember when at the democRAT convention, they wanted to remove God from their platform and were booing the decision of the man who declared that they did NOT vote God out? He took the vote 2 or 3 times? It was obvious that they voted God OUT, but the man declared that was not the vote and was LOUDLY BOOED for his decision. I’m sure that hi didn’t want that decision on HIS shoulders!!

          10. evangelinebrabant says

            People should stop calling the monster Obama names like “OBlunder,” OBozo,” etc.

            It gives Barack Hussein Obama a pass.

            He is not incompetent, he is evil. It was all deliberate and flawlessly executed.

            Obama should be in prison for treason. He is the most dangerous president we have ever had. Carter was worse than many realized, but he only had one term.

            We are, by the way, running frantically to catch up militarily, to repair the damage to us in the last eight years, at a very dangerous time for us and for the world.

            All part of Obama’s deliberate destabilization of America and the Middle East.

            Beyond evil. A monster. Not incompetent. Evil.

          11. Rodzzz says

            Evil indeed. Not smart but very sly, as all evil beings are.

          12. grnjllybn says

            Are you referring to Obongo? ha ha ha ha ha

          13. evangelinebrabant says

            No, I was referring to an exceedingly dangerous, mentally ill narcissist who reflected his radical communist upbringing and his declared (as a child) Muslim Faith.

      2. James says

        My thoughts exactly; If those braindead idiots can’t get over that D. Trump won and their party lost, then they are not fit for real jobs.
        I have a sheep shed they can clean out, that’s about all their stupidity qualifies them for!, But then again; I would have to show them which end of the shovel to hold on to.

        1. S. Wicks Jr says

          I was thinking more along the lines of Septic tanks. Because they have shxt for brains. Where x=I……

          1. Patriot says

            That should be their jobs, cleaning septic tanks but they may not even qualify for that.

          2. grnjllybn says

            ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      3. Franie says

        Heck, yeah!!! Great idea!

    2. Mathew Molk says

      We need a federal law that prohibits anyone will less then documented 4000 hours of work at an actual job where they paid taxed from attending collage of any type. (That’s 2 years real world work experience.) It will be a different USA in just a couple of years.

      1. Snake says

        You’re exactly right. I attended college after 25 years (22 military service), and all I saw was a bunch of idiots that couldn’t even start without needing prerequisite classes before taking the “real” classes, and it took most of them 4-6 years to finish a 3 year degree (I did a bachelor’s in biology, in 3.5 years/cum laude)! Most of my professors hated me because I always asked the questions they could NOT answer – if it isn’t in the text or syllabus they are as clueless as the students! We presently have the DUMBEST generation ever!

        1. Alan says


          Right On!

          I served in the U.S. Navy (1972-1975) with two deployments overseas (Western Pacific/South East Asia). I attended a University that offered a BS Degree in Information Systems on a “Weekend” format. For three years (1990, 1991 & 1992); I attended classes all day Saturday & Sunday every other weekend; PLUS, I worked five ten hour days Monday-Friday. For those three years … I had no Life but school. I surprised myself by actually making the “Dean’ List” twice. I was able to maintain a “B+” average. I was also married with family. They shared in the sacrifice.

          I was stunned by the amount of ignorance & complaining I witnessed in many those younger students (even in the 90’s). I minored in History and was appalled by the total ignorance from the students relative to U.S. History. It was shameful and embarrassing to me on personal level.

          What is more shocking today; is that it has become much worst than I ever imagined.

          The greatest “Oxymoron” currently in play is the advent of the so-called “Smart Phone” It has actually created the largest generation of :Dumb Asses in U.S. History.

          1. rfrichey says

            I was born in this great nation in 1941 and occasionally I’ll ask a question of some subject that I’ve forgotten or maybe never knew, some young person will jerk their phone out, (if they don’t already have it out) and start reading. I’m told I should have a smart phone, and my standard answer is, I don’t need a GPS as I know where I’m going and I don’t need google because I already know all I need to know.

          2. grnjllybn says

            GREAT POST ALAN!! Thank you

        2. B.Smith says

          By design.
          Common core. Dumbing down practices.

      2. James says

        I like that idea. In fact; after coming back for S.E. Asia in ’70 I was convinced that every young person who is not completely disabled, should be drafted into some sort of service for our country, and everyone of them should be sent to a third world country, Perhaps then they would come back with more appreciation for this Great nation.

        1. grnjllybn says

          James, that is the best idea I’ve read this year.!!

          1. James says

            Thank you! I really do appreciate that. It is the best compliment I have ever received in any forum.

      3. says

        I like your idea.. perhaps a 2 yr tour of duty in the Military? Mandatory for all??? oh too harsh…

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          Most of the delicate little flowers would wash out in the first week and be crying for Mommy!

    3. SUZANNE M. says


    4. bendecido says

      My sentiments exactly.

  20. David in MA says

    And send them back they should, because it is evident they didn’t learn a damn thing!

    1. bee says

      Good one!

      1. Boogeyman says

        I feel bad for the parents. They paid for their education and these young people did not learn a damn thing, except how to spend their parents hard earned money. I hope employers will reject anyone that can not show their deplomas.

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          I say the college should revoke/nullify those diplomas! Obviously they attended that college on false pretenses of Christian values!

    2. A_Nobody says

      My sentiments exactly. the pedigree isn’t worth the paper it’s written on because they didn’t earn it. May be Jerry can send t hem pacifiers instead.

      1. ABO says

        I feel your suggestion would be entirely appropriate.

      2. yatesracing says


        1. Babsan says

          they also need diapers and a safe room where they can sit and suck their pacifiers.The new useless brainwashed generation,future doesn’t look good

          1. ward says

            These asses are sucking more than pacifiers & destroying their own safety !

          2. evangelinebrabant says

            These students, and the Universities that enable and encourage them are far more dangerous to the country than the trivializing comments here would indicate.

          3. jan says

            I totally agree with you. This is the generation that will, in a short time, be running this country be it business or politics. They will also be raising the next generation. Msm has to somehow be stopped. They are putting out the false narratives, purposely inciting hatred and discourse in their desire to overthrow this administration. They should be held accountable.

          4. Wes Tipton says

            Very true Jan, we are very close to the communist element of the left taking complete power. they are every bit as patient as islam, but after hiding in the shadows for decades they are now brazen enough to step into the light, and that needs to be stopped cold.
            The last 8 ugly years emboldened the communists and marxists to double their efforts to ruin this nation, and with the continued assistance of Soros and Obuma and the Clintons, (and most of the democrats in D.C.) we are still in danger of losing to their anti-American ideology.

          5. Kenneth says

            Stay locked and loaded. The anti-American media upholding the DEMONISTIC DEMON-CRATS will eventually start a shooting war. That civil war will not have battle lines. It will be fought in every village, town, suburb, city, county and state. No one will know the result for months after the shooting stops. All us old folks will be the first to die and God pity the younger folks that have to live through that terrible time to come! No movie ever made can prepare us for that appocalipse. (sp/)

          6. Linda Abernathy says

            Don’t think for a second that a lot Americans are not ready for a civil war. It would be a quick one because all the pacifier sucking idiot crybabies have not a clue what they would be in for.

          7. Libs R Loons says

            Indeed, we have the guns and ammo, while they don’t even know which bathroom to use.

          8. Jim says

            It all depends on how those “its” feel, day to day..

          9. drantigmo says

            #1 gun ownership state: DC. You guys and guy-wannabes are really pretty stupid ain’t ya.

          10. Brant says

            I wasn’t aware DC, was a city besides a state. Now with that said, I bet you feel pretty stupid,

          11. Tom says

            It is a city and a Federal administrative territory

          12. Brant says

            To be correct DC, is not!!! Washington, is a city inside the District of Columbia, but DC. Is not a city nor state

          13. Linda Abernathy says


          14. Marie Palmatier says

            Funny!! Thanks for the chuckle!

          15. Joan Davenport says

            so true

          16. Sharon Windus says

            LOL… so true!

          17. drantigmo says

            Really? I’m a middle roader, neither re-bub-lickin or demon-rat but if you come to my door better come with numbers.

          18. Linda Abernathy says

            I don’t think they will be coming with numbers………

          19. Joan Davenport says

            oh they’ll just keep yelling “I’m offended”…..(I so hate that expression) while curling up in their safe rooms with their pacifiers……

          20. Lisa Meyer says

            There. Fixed it for ya. 👍

          21. drantigmo says

            ha ha… without beer the re-bub-lickins wouldn’t even get off the couch!! Too fat to fight.

          22. Fed Up With Politicians says

            Come over and see!!

          23. drantigmo says

            not worth the travel expenses. Mexico can have ya.

          24. Fed Up With Politicians says

            You talk big but you’re scared!!

          25. Brant says

            He probably ran out of Texas, as soon as he was Paroled!!

          26. drantigmo says

            yeah scared…boy you know me sooo well.

          27. Brant says

            Come to Texas and find out!! I don’t think you would stay long

          28. drantigmo says

            been to tex’s ass…didn’t stay long. Stank like piss & crude oil. No thanks.

          29. Brant says

            Good Glad you left there is enough BS on the ground to have more Bull Shit walking around like you.

          30. Ribert Koonce says

            Beats the smell of Gerry curl and relaxer. You might want to shorten those weave extentions, they’re pulling what little brains you have out through your scalp. And the first line of my comment has nothing to do with racism, I have a half black grand daughter, and I have to deal with that smell regularly. Doesn’t mean I love her any less though, just means I wish her mama could find something else to use on her hair.

          31. Sharon Windus says

            lol keep thinking that.

          32. drantigmo says

            seriously? Coming from YOU?

          33. LastnameFirst says

            he said, as he cowered behind his keyboard in a dark basement.

          34. drantigmo says

            projecting much are you?

          35. Titanium Man says

            Kenneth , Libs and Jim
            I agree totally with get loaded on all the ammo and anything else and be locked and loaded.
            There’s a term a remember from when I was s little boy and never have forgotten “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” Now look into the last few months that the devil was in office. NRA stood strong so he tried keeping ammo away.
            There’s more illegal guns and everything on the street than anything.

          36. Law.Abider says

            “….that the ‘devil’ was in office.” We ALL know who that was…No need for names.

          37. Marie Palmatier says


          38. catman says

            When it comes and if I don’t survive, you can bet the farm I will die in a pile of empty brass. My children feel the same way and they are fully prepared to use lethal force to protect what is theirs along with this country.

          39. jan says

            Wes, so true. You missed one major group that are calling for a complete overthrow of this country. Everyone needs to go to utube and look up Farrakhans Oct 2015 “rally” in DC. Watch the long video and you will see what’s really going on behind the scenes in this country. Very disturbing. This should have been called the hate whites rally. What all these kids and leftists don’t understand is that Islam is at the root of it all and in the end unless you pledge your alliance to it you will cease to exist. Farrakhan mixes the Bible in with his teachings so he can fool people into believing we worship the same god. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. What many don’t understand is there is no place for them in a muslin dominant world. He brought all cultures together to further his evil plan and they have no clue. Its so very sad that people who graduated from Liberty have been so blinded by evil that they would turn their back on the one true God. That’s what all this turmoil is. All one has to do is read their Bible to see the truth. My son went to Liberty and was also a veteran. He is no longer with us but I know getting his masters from Liberty would have meant the world to him. Unfortunately he left us months before he would have achieved that goal. It hurts me personally that others would toss theirs as if it means nothing.

          40. Lisa Meyer says

            It is very sad that your son was lost to you. A nation thanks you for his service. My condolences on your loss.

          41. jan says

            Thank you Lisa. I appreciate your kind words.

          42. Lisa Meyer says

            You’re welcome. Stay strong!

          43. Mr Rollo says

            You are absolutely correct. Farrakhan is Evil personified. Farrakhan is the Demon Devil from the depths of Hell who has arisen to destroy everything non-muslim.

          44. jan says

            Mr Rollo, I pray people watch that “march”. It would be eye opening to anyone that listens to their plans. I sent it to my brother but he wouldn’t watch it. Ask me what he was to learn from it. He actually ask me after what happened in VA if I considered myself alt-right. I was shocked. I guess because I’m a Christian and a Trump supporter I am a racist etc. I’m 61 and have never said anything that would make him think I’m a racist. This country has gone absolutely nuts. People on the other side are blind to what is truly happening in this country. They don’t seem to want the truth. They are all being used in the take over of our country.

          45. Mr Rollo says

            I don’t know about the “march”. I watched President Trump’s speech tonight and to say it was spectacular, is under rating it. There was a black guy on camera to the left of the President holding up a sign “Blacks for Trump”.

            I want to watch “The Five” and see how Juan Williams will rip up President Trump’s Great speech. He always does the Dem negative.. Then I will watch Hannity to get the real accurate lowdown. I am still wondering how Eric Bolling is doing as he said all those women lied about what he did.

            BTW- I am 73, have been there, done that. I just came up from my basement after lifting some light weights. Those bastard leftists knock on my door, they will have my dumbbell or my 22 magnum in their face!

          46. catman says

            I’m 85 and feel the same way except that dummy who hits my front door is going to see a 12 ga shotgun or a .45. Depends upon where in the house I am when the SHTF.

          47. drantigmo says

            same to you fruitcake…. we’re watching you…

          48. Mr Rollo says

            you hateful communist Pig.

          49. drantigmo says

            I think you meant to write: “you United State citizen.”

          50. Brant says

            I will say anyone who is a Preacher, Priest, Rabbi, Imar, or teacher of God, That in his 1st statement calls and judges “The Blue Eyed Devil” as a Devil, is not a True Teacher of God!! A man who helped murder another Muslim named Malcolm X and the family of X knows it, Why, because Malcolm X knew what they stood for was wrong, and more people followed X then Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan so those 2 men murder Malcolm X.

          51. drantigmo says

            what “means nothing” is that a Christian college would even for one second have anything to do with a lying criminal whose political voter base is nazis, hillbillies, white supremacists and the GOP elitists. Maybe I missed the point but your son dying has nothing to do with the southern bs involving re-construction of the confederacy. Falwell is a pig and should be roasted. He’s as christian as the muslims. Your claim of “one true God” sickens me…you would be the first to scream for someone to rescue you from slavery but because you’re white you think you’re above it all. Burn in hell you hypocrite.

          52. Jim says

            No they are nowhere near as patient as islam..

          53. Lisa Meyer says

            The Patriots of this country, of which I and many I know are, won’t let that happen.
            SHEEPDOGS UNITE!

          54. Tim says

            there are many demonrats dressed in republicrat clothing Wes. They are just as communist as the others……maybe better

          55. Fed Up With Politicians says

            They will probably be protesting something and be run over by their group!

          56. Alicia Cervera says

            CERTAINLY, Its ALL by DESIGN!

          57. Cat Woman says

            Most of them will not be raising the next generation, as most of them do NOT want to have children.

          58. drantigmo says

            and most of yours are gay…so what was the point?

          59. Tim says

            didn’t my dad fight against propagandist 70 years ago ? Imagine that !

          60. Jim says


          61. Bella Gray says

            That is actually true for the majority of universities today. Here let me show you what has been happening. Now understand when I first saw this video, I had been warning repeatedly what my data was showing, and it shows exactly what this KGB agent is telling you! This is what the Communist Democrat Globalists are doing to the left in America. They have been programming our youth for decades. They are now suffering from ideological subversion, what I called Stockholm syndrome for lack of a better name. Yet it is so much worse. Do take the time to see this video.

            Communist Ideological Subversion in America

          62. Maureen says

            I thank God that my son who is now 33 did not go with the flow of the Demon-Rats. He was around a lot of them. I taught him to think for himself even if it meant that he bucked his teacher. When he was in school if they tried to make him learn about the Muslims he would not have. He would have sat in class and do nothing. We are a Republican family.

          63. drantigmo says

            instead he went with the flow of Liberace? What’s your point?

          64. Bella Gray says

            Kids are up against brainwashing like has never been seen before. Islam is illegal in America by multiple laws, yet the Communist Anti-American Democrats flooded themin here anyway. They will destroy America just like every single country who has taken any.

            All these domestic terrorists in out streets are being funded by the Communist Anti-American Democrats’ number one backer Soros. The entire Party is as corrupt as you can get, take a look.

            Look who is connect to Russia … a Democrat who harps on the Russia conspiracy.

            The fake news story about Trump’s involvement with Russia has been going nowhere. A new investigation is shining a light on a Democrat who has more factual ties.

            News recently broke about Adam Schiff, a California Democrat representative, and Trump conspiracy theorist. Got News released a financial disclosure report showing that Schiff had at least $16,000 invested in a Russia-linked company.

            Last week, Schiff made claims about our President and Russia. A recent tweet from Schiff suggests that working with Russia is EXACTLY like working with North Korea.

            Imran Awan is a former IT staffer who worked for several Democratic members of Congress including Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

            The feds are now investigating whether Awan stole sensitive data from his employers and sold it to foreign intelligence (including the Russians). Investigators suspect Awan may have sold information that could have been used to blackmail members of Congress.

            “This is a massive, massive scandal,” said one official familiar with the investigation.

            The Democratic National Committee is currently defending the tactics it used last year to rig the presidential primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders in a class-action lawsuit, brazenly telling voters in a court of law that the party is not obligated to run a fair and impartial primary election.

            Let’s look at the Communist Democrat Globalists who are pushing for impeachment:
            Impeach Trump’s Impeachers | Frontpage Mag

            Power and money is everything to the Democrats. The corruption against individual Democrat leaders is long. These are but a few, as the list is endless:
            House Resolution 635 pushing for impeachment was sponsored by •Congressman Conyers whose wife would be convicted of bribery charges. Congressional co-sponsors included •Maxine Waters, •Sheila Jackson Lee, •Jesse Jackson Jr., who was sent to prison for mail fraud, •Charlie Rangel, who was found guilty of 11 ethics violations, •Bernie Sanders, whose wife Jane is under FBI investigation for the Burlington College fraud and •Bob Filner, who was convicted of false imprisonment and battery. [•Warren, falsely claimed she was Native American Indian, who was caught funneling a massive amount of campaign money to her daughter on the guise of running Warren’s campaign. •Maxine Waters did the same either her relative. •Schiff has ties to Russia, •Brazile gave Clinton debate questions, •Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schult tipped the Party in Hillary’s direction away from Sanders. It further goes down to the local levels as well. •Anti-Trump NYC Mayor Caught In $2 MILLION Scandal. He Should Be In Prison – De Blasio, a Clinton supporter and a critic of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, is now in hot water for using public money to cover his private bills. In total, De Blasio used a blog post on Medium to announce that the city (i.e. THE TAXPAYERS) will be paying approximately $2 million in his private legal fees, via Politico. •Obama is running around the free world undermining our POTUS, all on our taxpayer dollars.]

            The only consistent thing about Democrat calls for impeachment is that it’s the impeachers who are dirty and crooked.

            Read the full detailed article with their many crimes:

            TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: Democrat Leader Pleads GUILTY To Raping 4 Yr-Old [VIDEO] –
            Democrat, and former Mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, Richard Keenan, decided to plead guilty in a case citing sexual misconduct with a 4-year-old girl, according to ABC News. It started back in 2013 and took place over 20 times. The coward likely changed his plea to guilty because he KNEW that he had nowhere to run and hide.

            NOTHING BUT CROOKS IN Communist Anti-American Democrat Party
            Senator Bob Menendez (D-NY), the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been indicted on corruption charges, reports The Washington Examiner. His trial is scheduled to begin next month, yet not one cable news network has aired a minute of coverage on the story. Menendez faces 14 counts of corruption and bribery, to which he has pled not-guilty. But Conservative Review points out that though local newspapers have mentioned the story, mainstream media has been silent.

            The Department of Justice indicted Sen. Menendez and New Jersey ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen in April 2015. Menendez is accused of using the power of his public office to benefit Dr. Melgen both personally and financially.


            Anti-Trump NYC Mayor Caught In $2 MILLION Scandal. He Should Be In Prison –
            De Blasio, a Clinton supporter and a critic of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, is now in hot water for using public money to cover his private bills. In total, De Blasio used a blog post on Medium to announce that the city (i.e. THE TAXPAYERS) will be paying approximately $2 million in his private legal fees, via Politico.

            Another corrupt Communist Anti-American Democrat: Child-Welfare Investigator Report: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Molested Foster Son

            Democrat-Backed Creators of the “Trump Dossier” were Paid Russian Agents —

            Obama appointed 50 czars through the span of his administration, 39 of whom were unconfirmed by the Senate and largely unaccountable to Congress.

            As government watchdog Judicial Watch pointed out, most of the “czar” activities were often outside the reach of the Freedom of Information Act, “creating a veil of secrecy about their precise role in the administration.”

            In 2011, Congress – including 13 Democrats – voiced its disapproval over Obama’s use of czars to undermine government accountability by introducing a bill intended to eliminate funding for czars.

            The then-Democratic-controlled Senate did not pass the bill. While the Obama administration was heavily criticized for using czars as a mean to circumvent Congress, the Trump administration has yet to employ a single “czar,” according to Trump’s 2017 budget.

            A Democrat Congressman Just Got Arrested After Threatening Trump
            Good but it is not enough. She need jail time.
            Missouri Set to Expel State Senator Who Wanted to See Trump Assassinated – Liberty Headlines
            The lieutenant governor of Missouri has asked the state senator who threatened President Donald Trump on Facebook to resign from her post by Sept. 14 or be expelled from the state Senate.


          65. Darius the Mede says

            I’ve been recommending that students seeking higher education, go to Hillsdale.

          66. marshmil1789 says

            Good choice and excellent recommendation.

          67. Alicia Cervera says

            True evangeline, but reading the idiocy that the LEFT is asking for, boils my blood and I can’t help but posting something that will make me feel a little less angry. Its up to the Universities to NOT cave to this outrageous posture.!

          68. Ribert Koonce says

            Problem being that all these universities are being run by those same liberal dimwits and communists or whatever they call themselves this week.

          69. drantigmo says

            We call ourselves citizens of the United States of America. We call you racist, sexist hillbillies. Next question.

          70. Ribert Koonce says

            Really, I find that ludicrous at best. Since my late wife was of Mexican/Native American descent , and I have grand children that are mixed with black and oriental heritage, I’m pretty sure that proves against your racist claims. Never have been a sexist, not really sure what that entails. And the hillbilly claim, sorry, no hills in Dallas. Those are facts, but I certainly wouldn’t expect a dimwitted snowflake liberal to take any stock in something as trivial as facts. So limb back inti your video games, in mama’s basement, and leavebth grown up conversations to the grown ups.

          71. drantigmo says

            Ohhhh, ok rue-ski; you got me. I’m a “racist liberal.” Boy, you guys are so sharp it hurts.

          72. Ribert Koonce says

            I Don’t believe I lumped anyone into categories there bud, you were the one who did, I just called ya on it. But you don’t need to explain, we already know. Besides I’m far for being Russian, about as country lovin as they come. Red blooded Texas boy,

          73. Ribert Koonce says

            We just call you what you are, fascist, snowflake liberals. Yell you what, go back to your internet, and look up the French revolution. The liberal aristocracy were the enemies of the workers who revolted. It was the liberal aristocracy that found their way to the guillotine for their wickedness and debauchery, Louis the 14, Marie Antoinette, and the Marquis De Said all lost their heads for being lying liberals. Are you sure you want to go there? Huh, snowflake…..

          74. drantigmo says

            well moron, the elitist french aristocracy is a PERFECT analogy of the liar-in–chief and his GOP minions. But liberal they weren’t: they put common people to the death by the millions. Just like The Dumpster is willing, and able, to do. And to have “religious” people like Falwell worship him is ludicrous but the greedy oft times flock together.
            But after reading all the drivel you wrote I feel sorrow & sympathy for that granddaughter of yours. I’m sure you welcomed her with “open heart.”

          75. Ribert Koonce says

            As a matter Of fact I did , and my grandson, not that is any of your business, but tell me from purely liberal point of view, have we not seen job growth ? Companies coming back to this country? Didn’t your little commie buddy back up and tone it down? Hadn’t the flood of illegals dropped off dramatically? And you should be one to talk about murder, your call them warmongers, yet Planned Parenthood alone kills more innocents than we lost throughout the entire Vietnam war.
            You give away your true nature in that equate a business man with a king, nobody on outside views him that way. He’s just somebody else sick and tired of watching you guys spend money to try apologize to world for shit your guys started. He’s also not a wuss about voicing his opinion. And as with everything else liberals do your calling me moron only proves that fact of you. but nice try .

          76. drantigmo says

            That’s right christian…and for only $99.95 you too can have this specially autographed memorial to the true heroes of the american way: our confederate heroes! God told them: “enslave men in my name!” Have a statue in your own home worshiping slavery, racism and sexism.

          77. Alicia Cervera says

            drantigmo: IDIOCY is a Birth Defect; STUPIDITY is Self Inflicted.!

          78. drantigmo says

            thank-you for pointing that out stupid. Got it.
            Well stupid, nothing like the alt-right using capitals to make sure we all know they exist. Or you’d just pass into oblivion without anyone knowing you ever existed. Well, except for the stink you left behind on your way out.

          79. Alicia Cervera says

            Im glad you got it worthless!

          80. William Glass says

            You are ABSOLUTELY correct! The “Current and Recent” graduates of the so called “Institutions of Higher Learning” are going to inherit this country. I would remind everyone of Ronald Reagan’s warning about “Freedom”.

            “Freedom is never more then one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years
            telling our children and our children’s children what is was once like in the United States where men WERE free.” This is more applicable today than when President Reagan first stated it.

          81. Joan Davenport says

            EXCELLENT POST

          82. drantigmo says

            ronald reagan was the worst criminal in the history of US presidents until this con-man, swindler showed up. reagan is thankful a worse criminal finally took his place.

          83. William Glass says

            You sir, are either a Soros paid troll or a brainless, rectal orifice. Either way, you will not engage me in a pointless waste of time engaging in political diatribes unless you have the guts to use your real name.

          84. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            The DNC can provide those things as they continue to rape the tax payer while telling them that they are racist and must make reparations.

            Lock & load people, its almost time for target practice!

          85. Tim says

            need to look CLOSELY at the last 152 years. Might find an answer to the problem. (socialism)

        2. marshmil1789 says

          Pacifiers, crayons and coloring books to take back to their safe places in holes under rocks.

          1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            we should put them in safety glass rooms so we can monitor them like zoo exhibits

            and make sure they aren’t stuffing ballots instead of coloring in their books.

          2. marshmil1789 says

            Right. They seem to have been reared in leftist atmospheres even though they attended a Christian school where they obviously shunned the most important Book on the campus.

          3. Maureen says

            Don’t forget the stuffed animals to hug. No real dog or cat would want to be touched by them.

          4. marshmil1789 says

            That’s right Maureen. No cruelty to animals. : )

        3. Justified says

          And a “safe place” to use their pacifier “however they wish”!!!

          1. Retired says

            Back in their parent house as no one will hire them .

          2. Patricia Eddy says

            All my grandchildren and their mates are college grads some with Master degrees. Their father has his doctorate. Their mother has her masters. They are all Trump supporters. Let’s not group the good ones with the bad. The spoiled ones want to have it all their way or no way. Most are bored out of their minds. So they follow anyone who wants to give them some excitment. Sorry to say, that most parents cater to their whims. I good kick in the $$$ would be appropriate.

          3. Retired says

            Judges won’t allow parents to do that . is the problem for decades already .

          4. marshmil1789 says

            Proverbs 13:24. <—-those who reject this are anti-God, not anti-child abuse. They create God in their own image to suit their atheism which is THEIR God.

          5. Patricia Eddy says

            A small spanking in the home may be warranted when they are very young. It only takes a few times to get the message who is in control. The parents, not the child. I see too much of the child controlling the adults, screaming for what they want and the parents give in. Not a good message.

          6. Retired says

            To late for the parents .

        4. Jim says

          Me I would prefer a loaded 12 Gage shotgun inserted up their behind and down their throats. And “discharged”..

        5. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

          the pacifier should be stuck where the sun don’t shine!

      3. marshmil1789 says

        It appears the truth finally surfaced. Liberty admitted a faction of anti-American, anti-Christian snakes wrapped in dove feathers a few years ago. Now the snakes are shedding their camouflage. Jerry Falwell, Jr and student body should have a party with bonfire and burn those diplomas because they were issued to Satanic fakes. God Bless you Jerry and Liberty University. Ignore what Satan is stirring up. You have God on your side!

        1. Titanium Man says

          Love it. Burn them. Read my reply

        2. oldman50 says

          while they’re at it they should also purge all the school records of those “useless idiots” ever attending there so those snowflakes can never claim a degree granted by that institution as a prerequisite for a job

          1. John J. Mulhall says

            Better idea than mine (“attendance certificates”)

          2. Alicia Cervera says

            Yes and tell the idiots that Liberty is in NO CONDITION to admit sheep who can not think for themselves. Liberty University’s prestige is above and beyond their stupid demands. give them the ashes of ther documents.

          3. pamlois says

            Precisely; I hope they’re not expecting a tuition reimbursement. I think we can safely assume they’ll expect a Soros bonus.

          4. Terri Hernandez says

            I feel sorry for the parents of these idiots. They wasted thier money more than likely , to educate them at a institution of higher learning. They’ve gotten nothing for thier investment.

          5. Joan Davenport says

            these idiots got their education from the MSM, certainly not from Liberty University…………

          6. Charles Girard says

            It’s the brain washing Obama provided for these idiots in grammar school. they’ll probably earn their money looting, beating, and burning. That rich bastard needs to be in prison for treason.

          7. Liz says

            Maybe these parents should have paid closer attention to what the college was teaching them. A lot, not all, of parents are just glad to have them out of the house…

          8. Tim says

            and they are not alone. Happens all across this nat Evil Empire called Amerika

          9. jackieray says

            my thoughts also

        3. Lili J says

          In 1 Corinthians 5:6-8 Paul rebukes the believers at Corinth because they were
          tolerating sin in the Church. He then tells them “don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough.” Paul was saying that if this sinful behavior was allowed to remain in their midst it would corrupt the entire Church.

          A little sin, a little anti American, anti Christian will spoil an entire school.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Amen. But there’s no way the admissions staff could have
            known the real spiritual vacuum in the prospective students.
            “Judge not!”

          2. Liz says

            Young folks want to fit in, sometimes it is who they are friends with outside of school or who they listen to. I can imagine it is hard when they are bombarded with the garbage that is going on around them… People are being corrupted every day.

          3. marshmil1789 says

            Young growing minds are being corrupted today by garbage and sewage they listen to via headsets and other means. A young mind lacking a sound spiritual soil in which to grow will develop into a corrupt tree producing corrupt fruit.

          4. Tim says

            they are called carnal (parents) christians. IT is all a “show”. They don’t REALLY believe.

          5. Tim says

            IF white supremacist and KLANS men do not deserve the same rights as anarchist and communist, I say they should be tax free. IF this were to happen, their numbers would swell ! IF whitey is racist, why are the blacks killing each other ? IF cops are racist and only kill blacks, there would not be many blacks left on the street, in short order. The socialist will get what they deserve. Socialism usually ends in mass murder. I’m ready, are you ?

          6. Lili J says

            People quote “judge not” out of context and are not using sound thinking.

            As Christians, we are called to judge righteously, and judging between right and wrong is something we SHOULD do every day—and it SHOULD be a part of biblical discernment in every believer’s thinking. But it is God’s Word that makes the judgment on morality and truth, not
            our own opinions or theories.

            Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, “Let me remove the speck from your eye”; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite!

            First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. (Matthew 7:1–5) Here, Christ is warning believers against making judgments in a hypocritical or condemning manner. That type of judging is a characteristic often associated with the Pharisees during the ministry of Jesus.

            People who quote “judge not” from Matthew 7:1 fail to notice the command to judge in Matthew 7:5, when it says, “Then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”
            The point Jesus emphasizes here is to judge yourself first before you make judgments about others. (Also, notice the discernment and judgment required in Matthew 7:15–16, 20.) In the broader context, Jesus is telling believers to be discerning when it comes to false teaching and false prophets because they “look” Christian.

          7. Tim says

            it is called “vetting”. Do you let strangers into your house ? No references ?

          8. marshmil1789 says

            I don’t think “vetting” in its usual sense applies here. Admissions personnel cannot pass judgement on prospective students in spiritual matters. Some folks did screw up by not vetting Barack Obama for the Presidency.

          9. Tim says

            you did not answer the question. Who owns the White House ? “We the People” do. Yet under socialism, laws mean nothing anymore. The anarchy you see is part of the plan that Abe Lincoln started 152 years ago. Did your family help the first republican president destroy the republic ? Do you not feel any blame for this and the killing of the Indians out west after the war ? Amerika’s problem is still the yankee mentality. Some people still just would like to be left alone. Don’t tread on me, I won’t put a hole in you.

          10. marshmil1789 says

            Nobody asked me “Who owns the White House”. The Executive Mansion is owned by the Citizens of the USA–the taxpayers who are making contributions to the ongoing of the nation. Illegals and any others not paying taxes have NO claim to anything. That is why in my opinion non-taxpaying people should never be allowed to vote–Federal Income Tax I’m referring to. Maybe we should require a government Photo ID AND a copy of last year’s IRS 1040 or whichever form was used in order to register to vote. I’m not following a lot of your commentary in the last half of your post. My own view is that we have enough to do making a living, providing for our families, etc. to overshadow all the childish hate-filled crap being stirred up by people whose minds are filled with the mush of sex, sex change, who can marry who, what toilet facility to use, allowing non-contributing people illegally in the USA to be able to get handouts they’ve never worked for, making citizens of babies of foreign mothers/parents so they can all get on the freebee, handouts gravy train being paid for by working Americans. The socialists among us are causing all these problems. They are following the guidelines in RULES FOR RADICALS to disrupt peace and stability we civilized ones prefer. The Constitution provides for the people peaceably to assemble with grievances. Nowhere in the Constitution is there a provision for a crowd of radicals to set fire to buildings, vehicles, break windows, intimidate people of another political persuasion, intimidate people of another race at voting precincts, deface public property, monuments, statues or whatever simply because one disagrees with the reason those things are in place. The major problem we have today in the USA is a huge lack of civility in a faction that really should be spending time behind bars for disturbing the peace. They are members of a faction of un-American activities.

          11. Wandadbell says

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      4. AL ELLIS says

        Don’t forget the cry babies diapers.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      I was going to say the very same thing!

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        My kid would be paying me back every cent I ever spent on their sorry a$$! With interest!

    4. MJB says

      Amen! And young people are the reason socialism never dies because there is a never ending supply of them that buy into that fallacy.

      1. S. Wicks Jr says

        Don’t forget their INSTRUCTORS that put these ideas into their noggins or PEA brains…. They are the enemy of the people……

        1. yatesracing says


        2. marshmil1789 says

          I’ve an idea that kind of instructor does not stand in front of classes at Liberty University. Satan is not welcomed.

        3. Marlene Salvatore says

          Have been over paid for a long time

        4. Lisa Meyer says

          You spelled Pee wrong. Lol

          1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

            It was spelled correctly for the SIZE of their brains

            NOT their favorite liquid assault weapon

          2. marshmil1789 says

            If they fell on a pin it would punch both their eyes out. : )

      2. C. LeSaint says

        These stupid young people must be made to go to Venezuela and see what socialism is like at its finest?

        1. Marlene Salvatore says

          They don’t know know where Venezuela is or what the heck is occuring there.

          1. Retired says

            Iran would be another good place for them , seems like they give out 10 year prison sentences for just being there .

          2. Mr Rollo says

            They think it is outside our solar system.

          3. Marlene Salvatore says

            Do they know what a solar system is?
            Maybe drug fogged minds. If they don’t want the diploma, tear it up. Record on their portfolios that they chose to refuse diploma, ergo, they are not graduates. Of Liberty U.

      3. ward says

        Lazy, free loading socialistic lies is the root cause for a dictatorship like WW2 hitler !

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Oh but the young upstarts of today KNOW EVERYTHING! They cannot learn from real historical history because they know the Revised Standard Version of it per Revisionism.

      4. djgreiner59 says

        We need to get a boat and ship them permanently to a socialist country

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Venezuela would be a great destination as well as North Korea and Cuba.

      5. evangelinebrabant says

        With parents who have not taught their children to appreciate and value what we have here.

    5. rick meek says

      Sorry Folks —– But this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE – of why animals EAT their young…..

      1. patriotgirl1 says


      2. marshmil1789 says

        But in this case the parents would get severe esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, enteritis and colonitis. YUK!

    6. djgreiner59 says

      Isn’t that the truth. Without their diplomas maybe the snowflakes can flip a burger

    7. DAlnB41 says

      BET NOT ONE OF TEHM shows this on their resumes but show they graduated. Hopefully the school will destroy their graduation certificates and show on the records that they rebelled.
      The school records will have to show they graduated AND I have no doubt these students felt comfortable with the fact all they have to do is request a duplicate record and they will still get all the benefits of completing their studies. The names of these students should be “openly” provided so employers can be for warned about their lack of values and respect!

      1. David in MA says

        OR, like in the military a sticky note with a comment and the words “Not Part Of The Official Record”.

      2. grnjllybn says

        The faculty in that school are the very people who indoctrinated them.

        1. marshmil1789 says

          Very well grnjllybn YOU publish a list of faculty responsible. I’m sure President Falwell will like to see it out in public so he can clean house.

      3. marshmil1789 says

        Yes, publish a list of names on Diplomas returned to the institution.

    8. jaybird says

      I love Liberty University, they are allowed to carry and the last I heard they wanted to train the students and have a shooting range.

      If I had any children that is where they would go.

      1. Joan Davenport says


    9. grnjllybn says

      It may be the fault of idiot un-American teachers.
      God only knows what the heck they are teaching them.
      Or should I say “indoctrinating” them.

    10. Mark Brickey says

      Great one, David!

    11. Sandy129 says

      Revoke their Diplomas!

      1. marshmil1789 says

        Better yet, mark the graduates’ records in such a manner than when a prospective employer inquires make note in a response that the student opted to not be considered a graduate of the institution. THAT is a FACT! Then let the prospective employer decide what to do with the applicant. Keep the institution out of the exchange.

        1. Sandy129 says

          That would be all consequences for their actions. Needs to go on their permanent record for all to see.

          1. marshmil1789 says

            Let the institution’s legal department advise on that issue.

    12. chuckkel says

      The school also should purge these students electronic record of their attendance, graduated, or their grades. This would fix their stupidity.

    13. Mr Rollo says

      This is really scary when Liberty, an evangelical, supposedly conservative school, produces such an abundance of ignorance. Have these millennials also been brainwashed by leftist professors? I really wonder and until I find out, will not give them – minus one red cent.

      1. marshmil1789 says

        Mr Rollo you are passing judgement before the facts. Leftist graduates are on trial here, NOT THE FACULTY. How long have these alleged “graduates” been away from the campus? What have they been doing since “graduation”? THAT is where we begin.

    14. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      They never should have gotten a diploma in the first place.

    15. Gloria D. says

      I agree 100%!!!

    16. Ronald Starkey says

      Future “Want fries with that” voice at squak box. at MCDonalds.

    17. Edward Ebersole says

      I agree with what you are saying. If these grad students had at least two sense in their heads they would stop dead in their tracks and realize what they are advocating. On one side you have the white nationalists who all I do not agree with by the way and on the other side you have those protesting hate, bigotry, and racism. Unfortunately, they seem to be the haters, the bigots, and the racists. Surprisingly, they are the ones burning down buildings, blowing up stuff, and doing a whole bunch of other violent stuff. I could go on forever typing about all the bad things the so call “good” protesters have done. Now, the white nationalists so far haven’t done anything like those opposing them have done. However, you won’t see me joining their ranks or the “good” protesters anytime soon.

    18. Concerned says

      Exactly, Trump has never defended Nazis, the KKK, or the white supremacists. What planet do these folks live on? Once their diplomas have been returned, I would suggest that their degrees be rescinded and their names published for all to see. Perhaps they will need a job some day.

    19. RC says

      From reports I’ve seen they’re only in college for party time anyway. So their diplomas are worthless. They’re nothing but a bunch of functional illiterates anyway.

  21. bee says

    Great! Just shows that all they wanted to do is goof off a few years on mom and dads dime anyway.
    Our future trouble makers of America and wonder what they will be doing with their lives now? Pitiful little morons.

  22. Ken says

    No diploma no job. Let them join the military so they can get the guidance to mature.

    1. rfrichey says

      I remember back in 1960 after just 8 weeks of basic training I wasn’t a 18 year old teenager any longer. Maybe all 18 year olds should have to go for at least basic and advanced basic.

      1. ABO says

        Now there’s an idea with a great deal of merit.

  23. rosalind servello says

    Either the diplomas were blank, or they have guilt excepting the diplomas knowing they don’t deserve to graduate.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      They lied on their admissions forms, claiming to be Christians.
      Grounds to nullify their diplomas.

      1. rosalind servello says

        Lisa, love your reply……they are total idiots, they belong sweeping the streets, but than that job may be too much for them.

        1. Lisa Meyer says

          You’re right Rosalind. They might have to take orders from a (GASP)! Trump supporter, and that would probably make their wittle heads explode!

          1. rosalind servello says

            Lisa, you just cracked me up. Wishing you a good night. Turning on to Fox news to watch President Trump in AZ. I guess we will start this up again tomorrow morning.

          2. Lisa Meyer says

            Glad to bring a little mirth to your evening. Have a good night!

  24. lha says

    Returning a piece of paper means nothing. I lost my H.S. diploma,but the certificate is still in existence some 50 years past. I’m sure the University still has them on file,so nothing but a show of ignorance.

  25. donl says

    Their future for a decent life just went down the drain. They are either Brain Dead OR Brain Washed.

  26. Sharpshooter says

    What a waste! They have a degree of some kind and can’t even understand what the President said. They will go far in life. They’ll ALL be working for George Soro’s

  27. Stan says

    An empty protest. I doubt the graduate will leave off the fact he graduated from Liberty off his resume.

  28. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Gee, I wonder how these IDIOT kids got that idea? I have listened to Trumps recent speeches, and I did NOY hear him say ONE thing is support of the White Nationalists, the KKK, the Nazies, or any other hate groups! These kids (that is what they are) did not listen to Trump, they listened to the MSM! So go ahead, give your diplomas back, who gives a sh**, be an idiot, the world is breeding them by the thousands so you’ll fit right in!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Want to really get pissed? – They can vote.

  29. tellitlikeitis says

    I am getting very worn out by the lefts ignorance and pure hatred for this country.
    These are college graduates that apparently do not have a though of their own but rather live on the media lies told to them. It is sad and it points to the need for a smackdown through civil war. They are asking for it.
    It will be a beautiful thing when they apply for a job and are turned down because they did not graduate.
    Supposed to be “Christian” also…typical of the sheep.

  30. Jim says

    I am surprised that they can find their way out of their parent’s basements to find the mailbox to return them….by the way mom and dad can I have some money for postage?

  31. VirgoVince says

    PROOF: they were NOT educated, they were indoctrinated!!
    Another generation of useful idiots!!

  32. RichFromShowMe says

    Looks like the Snowflakes-in-Training Bowel Movement has metastasize to Conservative Universities.

    The Nazi’s burnt books . . . . these idiots simply return their diploma’s.

  33. Kissmyace711 says

    They should turn their diplomas in because obviously they have learned nothing.

  34. desert fox says

    +Proves that a college education is a waste of money.

  35. RONALD WIEDER says

    Failures in Reading and Comprehension !

  36. Mathew Molk says

    Fine,,,,Delete all records of them having ever been there too. No loss.

  37. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Well, perhaps the Chancellor shoud dig into each returned diploma and find which professors taught IGNORANCE instead of the proper subject matter and remove them from the classrooms.

    and if they return their diplomas, wouldn’t that also require them to also return and denounce any degrees they earned?

    if they didn’t Graduate, they didn’t fully meet the requirements.

    1. Tired... says

      I suspect that the ignorance sprang from the homes and communities that nurtured these young people. College should be a place where you learn how, not what, to think.

  38. Ed Anderson says

    I don’t know what I would do if I were the parent of one of these 20+-year-old adolescents. Imagine the frustration and sadness at the lost time, money and opportunities. I don’t want to think about how many Liberty University parents will have unemployed 30 – year-old “children” living in their basements in 10 years.

  39. dufus says

    Bottom feeders. Totally ridiculous. Go Liberty!

  40. ernldo says

    Oh the humanity, snowflakes returning their diplomas! Burn them, Liberty …and delete their transcripts. Can’t find a job in the future? Hahahaha!!!!!!

  41. jreg9304 says

    Good, Keep the Diploma’s and do not give them back till these stupid students apologize!!!

    1. ARJAY says

      Don’t give them back EVEN IF they do apologize!!

    2. says

      sure let them apologize and then thank them.. and when they ask for them back.. tell them they would have to either retake all their classes or retake all their finals… and actually pass them!!! Oh and charge them for re-taking the finals.. since they would require monitoring while testing to ensure they are not (heaven forbid), cheating!

  42. Patriot47 says

    Agree 1,000,000% with the final sentence.

    Schooling SHOULD be about how to learn, not what to learn. Exposure to LSM BS requires you to be able to differentiate between narrative and fact. Actually reading a transcript of Trump’s statement exposes LSM creative editing to suit their purpose. Evidently too simple for some people.

  43. Shelly Shannon says

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. For all you idiots who returned your diplomas, good luck. It’s to bad you learned nothing while your parents spent every day of their adult lives working their asses off just so you could get your hands on that IMPORTANT document that you will need once you step out and try to secure your future. You make me cringe. Trump does not support Nazis, Kkk, or any other hate group. You should have been smart enough to know exactly what he meant, and bye the way, liberals are just as bad. They preach non-hate, but they are out there acting no better than terrorists. Tearing up this country, saying they are standing up for racism, but they are the ones using violence and destroying property every day. The population of white supremisists is a few thousand, but liberals have spread their hate throughout this country all the way down from washington. I would think freedom of speecj would be the one ammendment you would be more concerned with compared to a statement in which the Oresident made which you knew exactly what he was getting at. If I were your parent, you would pay me back every cent of money spent on your education.

    1. ARJAY says

      PLUS interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Goodforall says

    My God, how were these snowflakes able to even graduate with their limited brain function? Talk about being totally confused-this is a prime example of what is going on with many of the younger generation in our Country. They have no clue what the truth really is.

  45. Julie Adams says

    Hate is hate. Violence is violence. Trump was correct to call it out on both sides. That doesn’t mean he was making a moral equivalence, he was just calling out the BEHAVIOR on both sides.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says

      There was only one violent side.

      KKK and other ‘white supremacy’ groups were started by the left,
      weather undergound, black panthers, new black panthers, neo-nazis, antifa are all LEFT SUPPORTING violent groups.

      The media does the labeling and ‘assigning’ the political bent’ to give some level of protection for their increasingly violent assaults on those who LOVE FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

  46. psychosally says

    I guess they dont need a diploma-so take it back and remove their names from the roles-no problem

  47. downs1 says

    So . . . how are the two related?! This is a foolish move and one can only hope that the results come crashing down on these “graduates” in order to teach them a lesson! It is their choice, and they are demonstrating that they are weak, angry, and immature! When it does backfire, they will blame everyone else for their idiotic choice!

  48. Mike Riley says

    They’re all Lemmings! I guess they are still too young to really think for themselves, with mush for brains. So they follow whatever the louder idiots believe and express with megaphones, the folks in their fore front using violence, money and lies from the Real racist’s, the Democrat party, (and the media, that thanks to Mr. Trump, the smart world can now see for themselves!) They should study history even up to today. President Trump is NOT a racist and most of us know that. I feel so sad for our Grandchildren and the Country that the Democrat party and it’s underground leaders like Bill Ayers, Obama, etc, are going to be forced to be a part of, when these “Close Minded Lemmings” are in charge. Amazing, Senator Byrd and Maxine Waters (whom hates Ben Carson, of all people) are Okay though, Huh!!! Followers of Hate, no tolerance, violence, closed minds, one sided thinkers and especially, Racism!…Mush brains / Fools!

  49. Jim Wagenmann says

    Destroy all records of their attendance and graduation from the school. When prospective employers check they will find that these people lied on their job application.

    1. says

      No destroying their records would most likely be illegal.. however you can annotate their records to show they returned and renounced their degrees… and thus would have no claim to a degree… in applying for a job and claiming a degree..they would in affect be lying .. cause for dismissal in most companies… and the Military and U.S. Government.. welcome to the real world kids!

      1. Lisa Meyer says

        It wouldn’t be illegal if the college could say that the students lied on their admissions forms when they said they were Christians. Liberty college is a Christian school, therefore, the students lied on their application and obtained their diplomas by fraudulent means.
        If I were an employer, I would not want someone like that working for me. Particularly if I owned a Christian based and staffed business, that catered to predominantly Christian clientele.

  50. william russell says

    Hey all the college should go a step further and erase their graduation from the college since they sent their diploma back means they do not accept the fact they graduated. These jerks do not have an ounce of brains. When they go to apply for a job and the company checks there graduation and finds out they returned their diploma the company will look for another candidate. I was a college recruiter and if i came across someone like this their application would go into the trash can.

  51. Sir Dirty Harry says

    Just don’t expect a refund. Idiots. What part of “All Groups” do they not understand?

  52. Valor says

    Sounds like they are not of character deserving a diploma.

  53. Tommy p says

    They certainly went to the wrong school…. Mizzou would have been correct for these snowflakes.

  54. Greg says

    So, on with the murder and mayhem. If anyone needs an education it is you. Stop leaning so far to the right that you miss all the goodness on the left. Little Jerry is a hypocrite, apparently so are you. If your view is that killing anyone that does not agree with you then you have defined yourself clearly.

  55. Sir Dirty Harry says

    Just don’t ask for a refund. Idiots!

  56. says

    a) they should return them.. they learned nothing…and thus are not worthy of the Diplomas and what they indicate…
    b) the school should amend their school records to show / indicate they are NO LONGER GRADUATES … and thus cannot claim to have a degree of any type from the University ..
    c) I do hope they have a good life.. working in the real world… where their degrees might have given them a bit more of a “leg up”, in the working world… perhaps they can talk their parents into sending them again to a school..(to waste more money)..obviously their first time in college did not imbue them with a real education..and of course we all know that is the student’s own fault.. Universities and Colleges provide the information .. it is up to the students to absorb and assimilate the information into the gestalt of their lives and thoughts and continued thinking regarding the real world.
    d) my personal opinion… did they talk this over with their parents… I know some parents who would give their kids a bill for the education the parents paid for which is symbolized by that diploma…

    HAGL …. Have a good life … children.

  57. nickRay says

    good for those graduates. The (wisely) anonymous author of this contemptible apologia for Trump and the murdering Nazi thugs in Charlottesville did one good thing. He or she or it made me realize there are good sincere actual Christians at Liberty College after all. And they returned their bloodsoaked diplomas.

    1. usmcltc says

      So, these liberals returned their diplomas to the university, so what? They only hurt themselves, as the university probably doesn’t even care. It is too bad that the “graduates” are taken in by the left’s propaganda, since they obviously can’t think for themselves.

      1. nickRay says

        that’s called projection. You’re ascribing your own failings and faults on others so you don’t have to admit them to yourself. Common on the far right. Pathetic and cowardly, but common. Its precisely the students’ courage in rejecting Falwell and Trump’s reactionary politics and the harshly enforced groupthink at the university rhat makes them so admirable. Its reassuring to know that Falwell hasn’t beaten Jesus’s message out of all the students.

        1. Libs R Loons says

          You’re projecting your OWN “projection”, moron. ^^^
          Another Soros-paid troll reported and BLOCKED

          1. nickRay says

            I wish I was getting some of Soros loot. But alas. You do know that blocking someone is both a sign of cowardice but also stupidity, since it proves beyond any doubt that you’re too intellectually stunted to debate issues or sustain a conversation. Surpsie surprise. A c owardly stupid rightwinger.

        2. usmcltc says

          Hey nick, your HATE is showing, and you don’t even try to hid it. I guess that you missed the fact that Trump WAS elected President and your lady “hero” (criminal) managed to lose a “sure thing”.

          Oh yes, Chris Gaumer, a 2006 Liberty graduate returned his diploma eleven years, yes 11 years, after graduating. Boy I am really impressed by his stupid actions. By the way, MY “failings and faults” have nothing to do with these idiots sending their diplomas back to the university, as they managed to look stupid all by themselves. They didn’t need MY help!

          1. nickRay says

            Thats not hate mcl. Its contempt for the likes of you. There’s a difference. As for Mr. Gaumer he’s obviously a better man than you. He stands for what is humane and honorable in American values and rejects those vicious hacks, like falwell,who try to hide their swastikas behind the cross. He was one of 200 alumni to take public action against Falwell’s anti-Christian embrace of Trump and the fascist right. That’s what is so impressive about all this: despite Falwell’s best efforts to dress up his racism, misogyny and bigotry in religious robes, this surprisingly large group of people reject his lies and are standing for and with Christ and against Falwell.

            And you.


          2. usmcltc says

            It is apparent that you have lost all sense of reality. HATE is obviously driving your thinking which has become irrational. I feel sorry for people like you, and I will pray that someday you see the light.
            And, you have the nerve to cite biased CNN as a reference. That, in its self, shows that you have been sucked in to the liberal rhetoric. So sad!

    2. gotcha1 says

      Boy, are you confused! You must be one that returned the diploma, too! Wake up!

      1. nickRay says

        Boy am I right. FYI I wouldn’t be caught dead in a den of apostasy and hypocrisy and racism and bigotry like Liberty University. What I said plainly enough in my first post was that I was impressed that there are real Chrisitians in the LU student body after all. The ones who chose devotion to Jesus over the politics of violence and hate spewed out by Falwell and his god Donald Trump. I was surprsed as I thought there were none. I stand corrected by those principled and faithful students.

        Got it this time??

        1. gotcha1 says

          There are two sides to this issue and neither are right. Obviously, you side with the left on this issue which you are right about that.

          1. nickRay says

            That a significant number of LU graduates would return their diplomas to protest the school’s close association with Donald Trump and his un-Christian policies and lifestyle impressed me. The school’s long explicit involvement in conservative politics and anti-democratic acts like requiring students to attend conservative political speeches led m to think students were indoctrinated with far-right ideology instead of Christian theology and suffered from groupthink. This courageous action by so many alumni has forced me to re-evaluate the students and graduates for the better.

          2. gotcha1 says

            “Un-Christian policies” left with the last guy in the White House. That guy was a died in the wool Muslim and one with no experience and no business leading this country. Completely Anti-Christian. Since when does that make one wrong? These students handing back their diplomas are nothing more than brain-washed drones for the left. Most “Millenials” have gone through a socialistic indoctrination since the first grade and their actions are understandable because of that brain washing! Public schools used to teach you how to think. They now only teach you what to think. Conservative politics is objective and specific unlike the left where there is no real direction and all they can do is be crybabies and spew hateful venom to those who don’t agree with them. I’m for individual liberty, that includes yourself, smaller federal government and a strong military. So, where do you stand?

          3. nickRay says

            I guess you must be a “brainwashed millennial” then, since you’re still parroting this ridiculous bullshit about Obama (you do know he’s not president any more and didn’t 1) stage a coup 2) impose sharia law, 3) fake his birth certificate or 4) do any of the laughably stupid stuff you paranoids insisted he was busy doing, right?). The “Christian” currently in the White House, in contrast to his predecessor is 1) on his 3rd storebought wife, 2) brags about sexually assaulting married women because he thinks his money entitles him, 3) owned and operated any number of gambling houses, with all the sinning that comes with them, 4) routinely ripped off hard working small businessmen to line his own pockets, 5) lies about everything constantly, bullies defenseless people for fun, 6) publicly announces from time to time that he wants to bang his own daughter and 7) has never accepted personal responsibility for any of his many failures and 8) finds cheering New Jersey Muslims on 911 and “good people” at neo-Nazi marches that nobody else can find because they’re not there. See lying, above.

            Can’t be more Christian than that, right?

            But lets see whether or not you really believe in individual liberty: Are transgendered people at liberty to serve in the military of they are otheerwise qualified? Do LGBTs have the same individual rights as any other citizen, like the right to marry and to not be discriminated against in the marketplace or at work? Should women have the liberty to not be groped, insulted and assaulted by some asshole just because he’s rich and feels entitled? Do African Americans have the right not to be killed by cops for such crimes as having a broken tail light, selling loosies, or carefully obeying orders from the police?

            I doubt it. I have you figured for the kind of hypocrite who thinks “personal liberty” means the “right” to carry a loaded gun on your hip into McDonalds, say and do racist things and try to pass off your odious politics and personal behavior as “personal liberty.” Am I wrong?

          4. gotcha1 says

            You speak like a true died in the wool Democrat! FAKE NEWS! You do not know the meaning of “liberty”. By the way, smart guy, Obama has to be the absolute WORST PRESIDENT this country has ever seen. Who else could raise our debt 9.5 trillion by himself? All presidents before him couldn’t do it. But he’s your guy! Also, his own grandmother, half brother and sister, said he was born in Kenya! The loser is also Muslim! Read his books, he admits it! The only racists I know pledge allegiance to the Democratic Party and all its Communistic ideology. I’m sure you know all about that too. All the rest of your blather is nothing but pure fantasy. You have consumed all the “kool-aid”, get back to the TV and watch CNN and the other Fake News channels and enjoy yourself, loser!

  58. BIG STAN says


  59. anthony j. manzo says

    Good, they probably didn’t deserve them in the first place. I would erase all evidence that they ever attended. In to days world the children are trying and getting away with telling the adults what the facts are. They should all go home and let their mommies change their diapers. Children you have all the answers but unfortunately you don’t know all the questions YET.

  60. gotcha1 says

    Once again these kids were not taught how to think but what to think! This is the new way of the world in colleges of today. Money is better spent sending children to techincal schools to learn trades. They will always have work and will never go hungry.

  61. Donald Lindsey says

    More fascist crap from the New World Order of Socialistic Liberal nut-cases

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      Yes. And hopefully, this will backfire in the little azzoles’ faces!

  62. PatriotGal says

    Good! Let them apply for jobs and have the university tell the potential employer, “Yes, they attended; however, their political ideology caused them to return their diplomas.Thus they are not one of our success stories.” Then the employer shall understand, not hiring them because they cannot comprehend what the POTUS said was truth and he did NOT support Nazis; rather stated there was evil, hate on “many sides, many sides,” but they’re tooooooo dumb to understand.

  63. Gammi2Anna says

    I am shocked to say the very least and angry to learn that Liberty University is the institute that has such morally corrupt and mind boggling stupid graduates who would act out in this way. That marks another University off the list for our upcoming high school graduates. Jerry Falwell, Jr was correct in is support of President Trump and his statement laying blame at the feet of ‘everyone involved ‘ in the Charlottesville, VA incident. The fact that the Democrat Governor, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Police Chief, and Senators in DC, who all collaborated to do nothing in order to maintain control of the planned protest. Permits had been obtained by some of the protest groups, then orders were given for the police to stand down rather than restricting the groups that did not have permits. This was a disaster that was fueled by the do-nothing attitudes of our States politicians, who failed their one responsibility, to keep the peace and maintain safety for all involved. For the idiots that are returning their Liberty University diploma’s, I’d like to ask, did they give up the jobs and salaries they enjoy because of the education each one of them received at Liberty Universal? If not then that just makes them a hypocrite. Excuse me, that just makes them selfish, immoral and despicable hypocrites.

  64. PatriotGal says

    Another thought, how large was this “group”? Two, three, four, ten? Yet, they get the headlines. How about the hundreds of thousands of grads who support OUR PRESIDENT! As always, the troublemakers who havent the brains to come in out of the rain get the headlines.

    1. Lisa Meyer says

      My thoughts exactly! The article neglected to say how many have been returned.

  65. REK says

    It’s called liberty not libturd college

  66. DJ says

    As a parent of three liberty students, I hope the school will take these diplomas and totally delete them from the records so that there will never be a chance for these idiots to ask for the reply was back. That should fix them.

  67. AlabamaSouthernBelle says

    If this is the type of mentality of the graduates, they don’t deserve a diploma. The only Communist in the play are: Soros who is paying for these protest and still dividing America and Obama still on the sidelines trying to stop President Trump any way he can with his lies and negativity for America. If this “Privileged Generation” or the “Gimme Generation” had to pay for their college education, and not depend on their parents to pay for it, they might appreciate the diploma a little more. Time for them to grow up. Maybe the Draft should be inducted again; they might start using their heads if they have to fight for our Country and see what Freedom really is about.

  68. markypolo says

    Hey moron graduates, don’t forget to pay back ALL your TAXPAYER loans too. Ignorant FUKKS!

  69. practicedcynic says

    Amen, they are to dumb to keep the diploma s, and thoroughly INFECTED by LIBERAL THINK CULT ways.

  70. Dianna Sue Bart says

    Now there is stupid!!! that is common core learning

  71. Rene Renato Rivera says

    Bunch of crybaby losers…

  72. Letterman007 says

    They evidently can’t tell the difference when they are being lied to or told the truth. Yet another herd of SHEEPLE that aren’t wanted or needed!

  73. My country says

    It is evident they didn’t listen to what he said . Now we have morons graduating at liberty university.He didn’t say he was defending anyone .He just said they were all to blame. And they were . The main medias are giving them the pass not the President.And the Nazi was arrested that did the actually pulling down of the statue . There was another group besides Antifa and BLM . I want to know what NAZI is he protecting . It seems there are too many people being brainwashed by the medias and their plans are succeeding.

    1. tbrec63387 says

      Chances are that they didn’t even listen to what he said but instead listened to he media that continued the anti-Trump band wagon.

  74. tbrec63387 says

    More sheeple with wasted education. These and countless others will be running or should I say “ruining” the country some day. I’m 63 and I pity and pray for all of you who will have to suffer through it. Do these idiots know what the heck they’re talking about? And this is an Evangelical institution? Says a lot bout their quality of education, doesn’t it?

  75. ARTPSYCH says

    Well now that we have tiny marxists with degrees why don’t they do the real fascist thing…have a display in brown shirts make a bonfire and burn their diplomas in public with Nazi flags and symbols on their arms..that should make it official they are misfits going into society! BTW: Naziism is left as well as it? good!

  76. feduptohere says

    Oh they learned, from the extreme liberal professors and teachers, that if they don’t agree, revolt! I think a mandatory amount of time in defense of the USA, say the Army for 2 years, would give them a better idea of what is at stake than 6 months in a liberal college. Service should be mandatory. They want all the benefits, the freebies, but hell no, we won’t go. After high school, and before college, two years in service for the USA. If they complete that without a complaint or infraction, then they can get a credit toward the college of their choice. Stop babying these young adults, let them now that life is not one big holiday.

    1. tbrec63387 says

      There are quite a few countries that do what you propose including Switzerland, Norway, Finland and Denmark to name a few.

    2. grnjllybn says

      If we don’t get rid of the libturd ‘teachers’ then college might
      undo all the good that two years in the army tried to do.

  77. Michael Dennewitz says

    ovomit is considered a hero. BY THE LEFT! And rightfully so! Don’t take this the wrong way. He is ROFLHAO at us, because he has succeeded in what he set out to do. He has set this country on fire with racism, hatred and prejudicism. This country has never seen this kind of rot – and it will never end.

  78. graybuffalo says

    In actuality, all of the stuff the lunatic libs are doing SHOULD have been done when the ILLEGAL, FRAUD, Foreign borne, Alinsky-ite, Socialist, Marxist, Lying, Dictator, Muslim Barack Hussein was elected.

  79. graybuffalo says

    Oh well, there isn’t much call for Black History majors anyway.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Or “Gender Studies”…

      1. graybuffalo says

        Exactly! Thank you.

  80. spiritslay says

    they need a vaccine to cure these dumba$$es

  81. rfrichey says

    I can’t see how these weak minded people ever got a diploma from elementary school. People who think the way of the left have a few screws loose. Maybe someday their brains will mature and catch up to their actual ages. They are to be pitied as it’s obvious they are mentally ill.

  82. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says

    Obviously they sould never have gotten the diplomas in the first place. They can’t understand plain english, have no common sense, are being led by the msm like little children.

  83. Dorothy Wolfgang says

    OMG! They are too stupid to have a diploma.. enjoy working at McDonald’s!

  84. njrealguy says

    The University needs to change their records to reflect that these students did not receive a degree so when an employer sees Liberty Univ on a resume they can check to see if the person has a degree. If it turns out that the person is one of the snowflakes then the resume gets trashed.

  85. drdgonflyr says

    Soros and the democrats have this all planned out. They pay people to come to places to start riots. Want to have the whole united states in an uproar to get rid of Trump. They want a civil war thinking that they will win and overthrow the president. All the media reports is the actions of a small percentage of Americans. This way it looks larger than it is. Just like all the polling during the elections, Hillary all the way up there, again just polling democrats. I believe Trumps numbers are much higher than they are posting.

  86. Libs R Loons says

    So….even Liberty University has a few factually-challenged idiots renouncing the diplomas that their parents sacrificed and paid for?
    I’m not feeling sorry for the Enemedia-brainwashed snowflakes.
    I feel sorry for their parents.

  87. ganderdavis says

    And people thought you had to be educated to get a diploma

  88. FEDup says

    Last sentence says it all.

  89. WhiteFalcon says

    I can’t think of a more stupid thing tfor a kid to do. Without their diploma they have no proof they have graduated from anywhere which WILL lock them out of the marketplace for whatever they have spent all this time and money trying to achieve. Only progressive Democrats could be that STUPID!! They deserve the result of their stupidity. I hope that Liberty will refuse to reissue their diplomas.

  90. Ironmike4610 says

    The returned diplomas should be immediately put in a shredder! Case closed.

  91. TrueAmerican says

    the Youth of American have been Coddled to death, not one of them is ready to be out of diapers. they all need to go sit in a corner until they realize what they are doing. Totally UNEDUCATED about the REAL world around them.

  92. G.Mann says

    The real news about Charlottesville is the leader of the supposed “White Supremacist” was a man with a 20 year history of being a left wing radical.. member of the “Wall Street” bunch from 2 years ago and an active participant is other radical leftist liberal causes..

    A thinking person, with ALL the facts presently known, would draw the conclusion that “both sides” of the event in Charlottesville were part of a planned and staged act to further the seditious plan to overthrow America and it’s values.

    It was not two opposite groups.. it was the same group of communist on both sides. We the People have been duped.

  93. Michael says

    President Trump never supported Nazis or white nationalists, but put the blame where it belonged, on ALL parties involved. From all of the videos I’ve seen, I would put the blame on BLM and Antifa, along with the mayor. The left thinks they can protest unopposed anytime, anywhere, while they resort to violence every time anyone from the right protests. So much for free speech.

  94. Michael Dennewitz says

    I used to bellyache about getting old.. ROFL Not any more. I do miss my childhood tho. Gas was 26.9 for regular, 29.9 for what they called “high test!” At my father’s gas station, one could get an oil change and a grease job for far less than $5.. Smokes were ridiculously cheap and you could ride the city bus for a dime.. But, I no longer bitch about getting/being old. This once mighty and wonderful country now has the respect of a two-seater, outdoor shithouse. And, NOTHING’S GOING TO CHANGE ! We’re on a well greased slide. I only hope that “someone” will take out soros and ovomit before my number is up! GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY !!😣☹😢😭😦

  95. bonavajo says

    Good. They have just took away their graduation credentials. Send them a letter saying their graduation credentials have been revoked and the records will show they are no longer graduates of Liberty and good luck with the rest of your life. Say if you want your credentials restored you must serve successfully 3 yrs in an oversees mission then petition to have your credentials restored.

  96. Fabdog1 says

    Burn the diplomas. They don’t have the knowledge to keep them!

  97. AbsintheMakesMyHeartGrowFonder says

    This is the problem with the youth of today…They have been given attendance trophies, free rides, have never had to work for anything. They’re spoiled, self-centered little brats who have never had to do anything for themselves. Every thing has been handed to them without them making any effort to do for themselves.
    It’s all about them. They idolize people and ideologies that are the antithesis of what is normal and right. They swoon over the likes of Lenin and Che Gueverra, both murderous blights to the human race. They listen in awe to professors who have never experienced what real life is about. Yet these same professors continue to spout rhetoric passed on from the professors they had when they were in college. It’s a never ending cycle. These people talk of critical thinking, yet chastise those who practice it. They major in classes that have no real, practical purpose, other than to make themselves feel good. Why would people rather be sheep instead of leaders? Why would they let others do their thinking for them instead of being independent, free-thinking individuals? I believe Lenin called them useful idiots.

    1. The Capatin says

      That’s too true.

  98. Ernesto S Rodriguez says

    Take the Diplomas back and when they need it, have them write a letter of apology to the University & the Nation for their ignorance and dumb use of the 1St Amendment.

  99. Libs R Loons says

    As an aside, is anyone else noticing that liberal and ISIS ideologies are close-cousins that occasionally intermarry?

  100. Teapartyjoe says

    Please don’t be as stupid as your graduates. Scratch them from your graduation roles like they were ever there sooner or later they may wake up and want to use those degrees and it appears that they haven’t learned anything about this country and our patriots. Personally I would never hire anyone from this college if it doesn’t do just that

  101. Moe says

    Unless this ignorant pompous asses are going to actually forfeit their actual degree, I could give a shit about their opinion or the piece of paper, it is all liberal bullshit. Trump is against white supremacy, KKK, Nazis, and extreme nationalist, but that does not fix the narrative of the thugs and ignorant on the left. Thus article promotes ignorance. This does mean shit, it is like the bullshit Obama fed us girls eight years.

  102. Jmanjo says

    No kidding, if they are that stupid they didn’t deserve the degrees anyway! The whole Charlottesville debacle was a massive screw up designed by the Virginia governor and the mayor for grandstanding for liberals. They set the whole thing up caused the rioting while having their police stand down to make it happen. Trump is not the problem here, it is the stupid and malicious Democrats that are to blame and why the young graduates are duped into their cause is beyond comprehension On the other side of the coin we all are wondering why the hate groups of the right were even present! They were not permitted for the event and once again you have the liberals doing their best to screw the people over for their agenda.

  103. Donald Johnston says

    The ignorance of the young continues as they think they know it all but actually know nothing. When they apply for a job, which most companies usually verify their info, the University should answer “sorry, no records available.”

  104. SILENTHAMMER says

    OK. A small group of grads sent their diplomas back because their panties are in a wad. Who cares! BTW, how many Liberty U. grads are KEEPING their dips and support President Trump? THAT would be worth writing, rather than these little PC Pussy-hats. Besides, these L’il Libs are on SOMEONE’s payroll. And President Trump looks like he’s growing YOUNGER with each passing “demonstration”. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump AND Vice President Pence! ‘So Glad I Voted!

  105. jim says

    Has anyone pointed out that Nazi are just “one trick pony” communists with a symbol. Let ’em kill each other and fine the survivors for the cost of the clean up.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      Indeed, ALL the “protestors” in Charlottesville were Soros-paid morons, no matter which “side” they claimed to represent.

  106. vinny says

    They are ASSHOLES!!! What proof are they going to have to show where they graduated from.

    1. AKLady says

      Anyone can forge a diploma.

      1. hangem'high says

        If Osama could get away with it, an M D is just a key click away from being born!

        1. AKLady says

          Why do you insult he FBI?
          Why do you insult the Secret Service?

          1. hangem'high says

            Because I can, and the Dark State deserve every fraction of resistance, along with their Antifa zombie Hordes!

          2. AKLady says

            Possibly, you are referring to Trump’s “Deep State”
            The term “dark state” refers to a state of an atom or molecule that can not absorb (or emit) photons.

          3. hangem'high says

            The electrons and protons seem to be clashing?

    2. The Capatin says

      No, they are, as the Communist Manifesto so aptly puts it, “useful idiots”. They are dupes of the first magnitude and the welfare slaves of the future.

  107. SDofAZ says

    More snowflakes, and the little darlings do not have the ability to use critical thinking, recognize a con when the see it like Al Gore and climate change, and obviously are unprepared for what is really coming out there in the REAL world. Amazing. Who but the teachers created what we are seeing coming out of the schools we see to day? I also blame the parents. We see this too much in the generations graduating now. Brainwashed and until they see for themselves what the liberal agenda truly is and what socialism and communism is, lost!

  108. rockyndallas says

    Their degrees are worthless if they are so dysfunctional that they cannot distinguish propaganda from truth. An education is supposed to teach you how to think and analyze so you can form your own opinions and find solutions to complex problems. Those returning their diplomas back never learned enough to receive them in the first place.

    1. The Capatin says

      Isn’t that the truth?

  109. DJA Lindsey says

    Obviously these people only hear what they are told to hear. The President condemned KKK, NeoNazis white supremacists and ALL there hate group. The thing he did that they can’t seem to live with is the fact he condemned hate groups on BOTH side. If they would take the time to truly look at what happened (and it was horrible) they would see that violence and hate came from both side and the death of that lovely lady was the result of it.

    1. Franie says

      FYI…NEWS FLASH…Charlottesville was a clash between DEMOCRAT PARTY FACTIONS!!!
      The LEADER of the White Supremacist is a well known OCCUPY WALL STREET THUG. OCCUPY WALL STREET is a democrat organization. The KKK ARE ALL DEMOCRATS…Sen. Robt. Byrd ring a bell? The NEO-NAZIS and the ANTI-FA are both FACISTS in the extreme…the white vs. the mostly black DEMOCRATS. The BLM, definitely a racist and bigoted group also, well excuse me, THEY TOO ARE ALL DEMOCRATS!!!

      So you see, Obama the Divider-In-Chief, along with Hillary who has an ax to grind and wanted to bring even more Muslims into our country, radical Muslims, along with Soros who is financing these anti-fa and BLM thugs, the three of them are definitely complicit in the crimes committed in Charlottesville and all three have Heather Heyer’s BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!!!

  110. Statesman Patriot says

    If these idiots can’t think through the current racist issue any further than what the looney left libtards tell them, then they didn’t deserve the diplomas in the first place.
    Liberty should then retract the degrees of every one of those returned and destroy all transcripts.

  111. usmc12 says

    I am a former Marine Combat Officer RVN 66-68, I presently teach at a College in Iowa, I am teaching an introduction to Plato’s Republic when a student ask me “Why are we reading about Mickey Mouse’s dog, I looked at Her and Said that is Pluto this is Plato, Another one, when I suggested they read David Copperfield, ask me why we would read about the magician. Another thought Wilson was President during the Insurrection of the States, I have many more, Semper Fi!!!!

    1. Libs R Loons says

      First, I thank you for your service! ^^
      It appears that you’re still fighting a war…. a war against ignorance.
      Best of luck to you, in that regard.

      1. usmc12 says

        Thank You

  112. George Buttrick says

    These students are badly informed, almost delusional. They will make good democrats and aspire to socialism. Too bad!


  113. Joe Sam says

    poor babys they went to school learned nothing ,so they have to cry because they think there feelings were hurt .get a life you stupids you will find a lot of disappointments in life .OLD VET

  114. junkmailbin says

    simple way to handle this. They retuirn their diplomas, you remove them from the records. Wal la, no degree by their own hand

  115. Kim says

    Great News,
    Thank God for a president to stand for what is good. These grads are living a a dream world. They don’t deserve a diploma. Return them all.

  116. Brenda says

    Wonder what these overnight idiots are going to do when future employers ask for copies of their diplomas?

  117. tCotUS says

    This should not even be news worthy…Let the whiney cry baby brats whine. ..WHO CARES? Listen up Schools, it’s “We the People” & best you better start listening. America has had enough of this BS.
    Returned their diploma’s ? Great, now go find a job without one morons…. Maybe you can get a job
    within the DNC as a paid Soros agitator.

  118. Knuckles Hunt says

    Never under estimate the stupidity of Liberals! They prove it every day.

  119. Libs R Loons says

    I’m betting that the “group’ who signed the letter to Liberty University are such a tiny percentage of graduates that they don’t matter anyway.

  120. Gary says

    That USED to be the case, that colleges taught people how to think for themselves. Today, they are little more than ‘indoctrination’ centers. Lenin was right: ‘get them while they are young’.

  121. truth4lifetoo says

    Send them back because you have been blinded by “evil” people and the media. You need to start thanking the professors and Liberty that you had the opportunity to go to college. Thank your family and others that supported you. You should be thankful you live in a country where you could go to college. How much did you learn? It is probably a blessing to Liberty to not have you have been part of their great community. Good move. Do you think this gives you a great name now?

  122. Patriot says

    They should return it because they don’t deserve it.

  123. Patriot says

    Employers take note, do not hire any one of them. They will be bad for your business.

    1. kanewas says

      Star Bucks hires these types.

  124. yatesracing says


    1. Franie says

      Actually, any one of these ‘stupid imbeciles’ should REIMBURSE any grant money given them!!!

  125. Abby Morris says

    It’s scary to consider that one or more of these idiots who have not one ounce of logical thinking skill may be your doctor or your lawyer, maybe even a judge who will decide a major case. In America we’ve always taken it for granted that professionals in positions of power would be sane, intelligent, educated people who could be counted on to make good decisions. Not so – anyone who listened to the speech the President made and came away thinking he defended the neo-Natzis does not have basic 6th grade comprehension skills and is not capable of holding a job that requires a college degree. It’s good they are surrendering their credentials, making our lives safer and more secure.

  126. Allan Scott says

    I can’t believe that these simple minded brain washed bozo’s and bozette’s ever passed the 8th grade let alone graduated from Liberty University. IDIOTS!

  127. Dolinda Balch says

    Seems they didn’t pay attention in class, very childish. I agree pacifiers are in order.

  128. David says

    I hope they send them back. I also hope the school sends notice to there employers that they do NOT have a college degree ………………Idiots.

  129. eyeopener says

    without a diploma, they will not be able to by a pacifier. they will have to use their or someone else s thumb they like to like barney does

  130. Dan Williams says

    I pray for their parents who probably feel like they wasted their money on their child’s college education!

    1. nickRay says

      How low can Jerry Falwell sink? How low is rock bottom? See the above

  131. kanewas says

    Honestly, professional agitators are paid way too much money; I’m thinking they should be required to do a foreign student exchange in Argentina, to be even considered for a diploma.

  132. Roadmantoo says

    Obviously these graduates didn’t get much of an education so in actuality the school should be requesting them back.

  133. Lucy Loo says

    A ploy from those who probably owe a lot of student loans and obtained a fluffy degree of nonsense that landed them a job at Starbucks. Who cares if they return the diplomas just a bunch of wannabes seeking their 10 minutes of CNBC faux fame.
    I say draft the bastards and send them abroad to show them real hardship of life lessons and the value of the first amendment.

    1. Deby says

      Good idea, only those pitiful excuses for “graduates” will not be accepted in the armed forces-as they have actual standards those snowflakes would never live up to as they have no moral fortitude whatsoever

  134. rick meek says

    If you don’t learn a FFFFing thing —— You don’t get a diploma…….
    Run back to ma and pa….