Grand Jury Decision: Will Ferguson Explode?


The grand jury convened to decide whether or not to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown is expected to return a decision some time in November. Seeing as how multiple leaks have given us clues as to which way the decision is likely to go, Ferguson officials are deeply concerned that violence will erupt following the announcement.

To that end, the St. Louis County Police Department has begun stocking up on riot gear. Following what happened in the weeks following the August 9th shooting, one can hardly blame them for being prepared. They’ve started amassing tear gas, sub-lethal ammunition, and plastic handcuffs in anticipation of the decision, which could easily lead to mass rioting in the streets of Ferguson.

A collection of school superintendents have urged the St. Louis County prosecutor to announce the grand jury’s decision on a Sunday, fearing that students will be put in jeopardy if the announcement comes on a weekday. At the very least, they’re asking officials to make the announcement after 5:00 pm. Such a strategy could be difficult to swing, though, considering the extraordinary amount of national attention the case has received.

Leaks from the grand jury hearing have already convinced many Americans that Wilson was justified in the August homicide. Brown’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun and inside his vehicle, supporting the officer’s story that Brown attacked him. Additionally, many eyewitnesses have corroborated Wilson’s version of events. While the case is far from settled – these leaks have not given us a well-rounded look at the evidence – the outlook looks grim for those who want to see an indictment.

The Contemptible Liberal Media

The media is wholly and completely responsible for any violence that might accompany a dismissal of charges. National news organizations chose sides in this case from the very beginning, and they have hardly backed off their chosen narrative even in light of a mountain of conflicting evidence. They have portrayed the Ferguson protestors as expressing righteous outrage, adding fuel to the fire whenever they get the chance. They did the same thing with the Trayvon Martin case, which miraculously came to a conclusion without accompanying riots.

At least two things need to happen when everything is settled. One, we need to see a widespread movement that requires police to videotape everything they do. This is for the safety of the police and the safety of the citizenry. If there was video footage of the Ferguson shooting, we would have a much better idea of what really happened. Two, we need to have a serious discussion about the media’s willingness to jump to conclusions. There’s no way to force news outlets to report their stories in an unbiased manner without constricting free speech, but a groundswell of public opinion could effect change.

Because of the liberal media, millions still believe that George Zimmerman got away with murder. Because of the same media, Ferguson could wind up reflecting the 1992 LA riots once the grand jury’s decision is revealed. And because of race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama, blacks nationwide will continue to blame a “racist” system for holding them down.

  1. MAHB001 says

    I don’t think that Ferguson will explode, but the Liberals probably will.

    It is worth pulling up a lawn chair, just in case!

    1. festmatt5440 says

      Better have your gun ‘ handy .

      1. MAHB001 says

        I hear ya, there is going to be a lynch mob.

  2. Sylvester Jones says

    The radical muslims will, incidentally all muslims are radical.

  3. tom cook says

    The only thing that holds blacks down is their lazy shiftlessness and feeling that they are owed. They are only owed one thing: six feet of earth.

    1. GrizzMann says

      They are owed a decient education. The Democrats deplore an educated electorate. People who are educated, want criminals and bullies off the street. They also know the KKK is the enforcement arm of the Democrat cause.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        When was the last time you saw the KKK do anything, much less riot like in Ferguson?

        1. Seldena says

          It has been a longtime! But the KKK was started by the Democrats and the blacks just don’t get this. The party even had a grand dragon in the Senate. So, the dems saw their chance to enslave the blacks instead of killing them. They offer entitlements,victimization,and dependence on gov’t, all for VOTES. This is the real story of the Democrat Party!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            The Klan is not bound to any political party. As I recalled one of the Klans mottos was
            The Klan could shift to the GOP, Independent, Tea Party, anywhere there would be support.
            Any way, who really wants to let that Mad Dog off the chain? Then who’s gonna chain that dog back up?

        2. conservgirl says

          Its not the KKK its the new black panthers. These are Farracuts thug squad and are friends of Al Sharpton. These are the same black panthers who were scaring people at voting places and Holder didn’t prosecute.

        3. Paula says

          Thank you…every time a liberal tries to compare black on white crime to white on black crime… they have to come up with the KKK. There is more black on white crime than the other way around. But that’s acceptable. And that race baiting POS in the white house is helping it out big time. If the law hangs that cop out to dry.. WE should go out and riot and see how fearsome that would be and see who would run scared!

        4. Fedup says

          When I lived in Kentucky back in ’94-’97 the KKK was still very active as far as holding rallies and organizing. I remember their events being protested but nobody could do anything about it. I was told that if you were black, you didn’t want to stop for any reason in the county south of Louisville. Not Hardin county where Ft Knox is. I think it was Bullet county (??). I had thought that the KKK wasn’t around any more until watching the news there. Haven’t heard of anything since then though. Of course, I don’t live in Kentucky anymore either.

      2. festmatt5440 says

        The ” COMMUNIST ” party , is now the arm ‘ , of the democ – r a t ‘ party .

  4. chuck says

    The Sharpton/ sheila jackson crowd will do everything they can to stir the pot. I hope the people of Ferguson keep their heads straight, but, past action says the governor should call out the Guard and open a fema camp. At least the camp would serve a purpose. This time the idiots might actually manage to burn the town down.

    1. jonny bravo says

      Has they should fucking pigs

      1. conservgirl says

        Remember that when someone tries to kill or rob you and you need the police. They put their lives on the line everyday and yes they are human and make mistakes, but in this case he was justified in shooting Brown because he was in fear of his life. I’m not saying Ferguson police don’t have problems, but this particular crime was ginned up by the media, Al Sharpton and liberals who want to cause racial hatered to further their agenda. This is what they do to get blacks to vote for them. I hope blacks see that they are being used and the Dems are just using them.

        1. jonny bravo says

          I first off I don’t need the coward ass pigs to do shit for me secondly there are no good cops never seen one there all lying ass pussies how kill everday and get paid leave there time is just about up and Ferguson is gonna be were the bullets Fly

          1. festmatt5440 says

            Your ; ” stu – pid ” , is showing ,again .

          2. Kent2012 says

            glowing like a floodlamp at midnight….

        2. Dawn Harsley says

          Don’t you see that he is one of the looters? His spelling and grammar are terrible. Just another deadbeat feeding off the trough of the taxpayers.

      2. Kent2012 says

        yowza them brown clowns need to getst on down there to fergy and stand in front of the camera and shout “racist honkies” and “we needs money” and “I be hangin till the honkies say they sorry”…

      3. mac12sam12 says

        Off topic. Did you get past the 8th grade?

  5. abbeyc says

    The town should block access into Ferguson right before the announcement to prevent outside agitators to come in. How they can do that is beyond me, but keeping those people out could only help. Keep Jackson, Holder, and Sharpton out too. They are the worst racist agitators of all.

    1. crustyone says

      Include Obola in the list of those individuals not permitted to enter the town.

      1. barefootmtgirl says

        I totally agree.

      2. Kent2012 says

        and jony buttbravo….

      3. Lizard says

        Do not for get Erick Holder

        1. omegaman says

          We won’t “forget”.

      4. Cranky Steven says

        Yeah, let him go to West Africa instead.

    2. Kent2012 says

      machine gun manned road blocks and roving patrols with standing order to take into custody or shoot and hospitalize anyone not producing an ID that shows residence in Ferguson or proof of legitimate business….same technique that is used after a natural disaster that keeps scum out of the damaged areas…..

      1. abbeyc says

        Thank you. Sounds like the reasonable thing to do.

      2. marcello geno says

        This will speed up the citizen revolution that is already stirring across this once great country. Retrain the police. Make them friendly to citizens. Make them servants, and not public executioneers who see a plastic gun in the hands of a kid and who start shooting.

        1. Christopher Huffman says

          Please, take your medications. Your mind is raving lunacy.

          1. Roger12266 says

            Please return to England where only the criminals and Muslims are armed.

          2. AuthorLee says

            Better you should worry about your home country. Not doing so good these days. No-go zones, beheadins, etc.

          3. omegaman says

            You dropped the “g” AuthorLee.

          4. AuthorLee says

            Yep. Thanks. Corrected

          5. William Dean says

            No,Christopher——-Marcello is dead right! Go on back to England where your royal family supports the muzzies and English soldiers are killed on the street in broad daylight. Incidentally, my ancestors came from Scrooby, Yorks, a long time ago to get away from the A**holes of their day.

        2. Kent2012 says

          in other words turn them all into eunuch’s so that all the $h_t for brains punks and scum criminals can screw up the population and the cops at will….I suppose that next you will be telling us that citizens should not have weapons either…

          1. Roger12266 says

            Recently, I believe it was in Kalifornicate, a 10 year old boy was shot multiple times by a police officer as he was walking home from a friends house carrying a toy gun.
            The officer made NO attempt to talk to the kid, but instead, got out of his car already shooting.

          2. Kent2012 says

            yes that is a real tragedy…how about the young white guy that was at the convenience store in Utah and the black cop shot him for no reason? Had his Ipod ear buds in a did not understand what the officer said….killed him…

          3. dondehoff says

            Kent, stop the BS and let the courts sort out the facts. You, passing along hearsay, innuendo and “wishful thinking”, just add to the confusion—or have you assumed the rolls of jury, judge and executioner?.

          4. Kent2012 says

            just commenting on the facts of the Utah “black cops shoots unarmed white boy”…and guess what that young man did not drive his fist into the eye socket of the black cop while fighting with him for control of the officer’s weapon…the forensic autopsy shows powder residue in tubs “the clown” brown’s hands…that means they were very close to the muzzle of the gun, not in the street walking away….the autopsy results show all the entry wound to tubs torso were in the front of his body, not his back, as tubs’ criminal friend would have everyone believe….are there instances of police going nuts, yes…this is not one of them…now the National Guard needs to come in and clean up the mess that that african pretender and his puppet, erica, have made worse….the visiting scum need to be hauled to jail…for 60 to 90 days, that will not cause any employer any problems as my guess is that most of them are parasites and the taxpayer money they live on will still be put in their bank account and the rent will be paid back there in what ever ghetto they came from….

          5. dondehoff says

            Kent, just you (or me) saying so, does not make it a fact. Also, it is not enough to make vague references to your sources, point the readers to the authoritative documentation—we surely don’t need another “Zimmerman” fiasco, where neither side got a fair hearing. Luckily the courts were able to sort out most of the BS. I will not be surprised if the Ferguson Grand Jury has been directed to release its finding today or on election day. which will create chaos in at least the St. Louis area. If they do, be alert and don’t contribute to the chaos.

          6. omegaman says

            Roger12266 — And just how do you know that’s true? Sounds phony. It’s ignorant people like you that start riots

          7. Roger12266 says

            If you are capable of reading, you could call up the archives of almost any major news outlet in the world and it would be there for you to read.
            Personally, I saw it posted in the Salt Lake City Times, the Los Angeles Times and the official police report.
            The officer’s race was not stated and I am NOT implying that this was a racial issue. It simply was one more instance of the Looney Liberal policies doing their thing.

          8. dondehoff says

            Roger, news articles do not make the “fact, not in this day and age. Some with the computer skills should post the final court action on all of these “hearsay” and “wishful thinking” issues.

          9. Jeanne Stotler says

            It was on the news, as well as the father was buying a toy gun and a “Mother against guns” called 911 and said he was threating the store workers, SWAT arrived and killed him, there have been several incidences reported and these Mother’s think it’s OK, they call 911 on anyone who may have a gun, because they don’t want their kids to see guns, or others to have them. Wonder what they’ll do when they are attacked and no one around has a gun, and response to 911 is average of 20 minutes??

          10. sandraleesmith46 says

            In parts of CA, 10 y/o males, especially carry REAL guns, and shoot cops as gang initiations! Further, not all toy guns LOOK like toys. The cop may have been in the wrong to shoot without first ordering the kid to “freeze” and “drop the weapon”, IF that is the case, but not to assume there could be a threat there!

          11. Cranky Steven says

            Don’t believe the MSM. They lie almost as much as Oblojoba.

          12. dondehoff says

            Roger, come on—that is 99.9% hearsay—are you trying to generate another “Zimmerman” fiasco?—-where neither side got a fair hearing due undocumented BS, such as you put forth. Luckily the court was able to sort out most of the BS.

          13. Roger12266 says

            You state that the published articles, including interviews are hearsay and that news articles do not make something fact, yet you believe EVERYTHING that MSNBC puts out as “news” everything put out by the DNC, and everything Obama says MUST be Gospel.
            Quit kidding yourself and start believing the truth.

          14. dondehoff says

            Roger, how do you “know” any of that? I have about three thousand very conservative posts on the internet, mostly with Disqus. Click on my Avatar and you can read them yourself. I am 82 years young and have voted in every major election since I was age 18, unless in my 20 year military career, “tasks of the day”, like flying about a hundred combat support missions in Nam, got in the way. I am a staunch Republican, and strict Constitutionalist. You can rest assured I am on several of the Administration’s “lists”. And, who is this “MSNBC” group? Sir, I suggest it is time for you to fold you tent and turn in your dog tags and go pester someone else. Seriously, Roger, do your homework, as a very great percentage of the information on the internet is hearsay or controlled news, As a starting point, just ask Google—they, while not 100% accurate , will at least point you in the right direction for verification of most any subject matter.

          15. Roger12266 says

            I also have over 150 combat missions over Vietnam between 1966 and 1972. Got shot down once, but no big deal because I was over the south when I had to punch and was immediately recovered by friendlies.
            I get the idea that you are a staunch Obama supporter because you refuse to believe what is written in multiple, non-mainstream media reports, even when they are substantiated by others who post on this site.
            I do NOT put much faith in what I read or hear or see on the internet. I find the net entertaining and good for the weather, but NOT for any serious news coverage.
            Perhaps I misunderstood your posts because NO Republican could back up Obama, and everyone I know would want a hearing (not a lynching) for any police officer who shot a boy who was carrying a toy gun. This CAN be verified by the police records through FIA request.
            It so happens that a review was convened, and the police officer was found to be acting in a legal manner even though his partner testified against him.
            I don’t see any white people out rioting and looting, and I NEVER saw any coverage of this in the MSM, but it is true nevertheless.
            I thank you for your service, we were probably over there at the same time, or at least some of the same time.
            Take care and stay safe.

          16. dondehoff says

            Roger, pray tell where in my lengthy posts do you see where I support the guy setting in our “oval Office I am about as anti-Administration as they come, but I try and remain civil and do not indulge in profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. My tour in Nam was flying the “Scatback-Couriers (T-39) and we only got shot at on take-off and landing, and I was successful in sigging and sagging”. The most “hairy episode I had was flying out of cloud cover in the dead of night and finding a B-52. with open Bombay doors but a few feet above me flying in the same direction and airspeed. I could see the bombs, boxes and wiring in the lighted Bombay. I was too close to bank my airplane, so I popped the speed brakes and dropped down, A few moments later I could see the miles-long run of bombs exploding on the Ho’ Chi’ minh’ trail. I suspect we were so close in formation, that are ground radar could not detect my little airplane—after all these years, I don’t remember the call-sign of the radar site, that was located on a plateau “way out” in “no-man’s land” in Laos, between Nam and Thailand. I was in Nam from November 1966 to December 1967

          17. Roger12266 says

            Sorry for the mix up. I didn’t understand how someone with your background could support this animal, but then I have met a couple ex-SF guys who do. I think they ate too many snakes.
            The episode with the B-52 is funny now that it is over, but I bet it was a real pucker power at the time.
            I flew FAC on my first tour then transitioned to the F-4 for my second tour and finally flew a Jolly for my third tour.
            I spent a lot of time at various training bases here in the US between deployments, but the education was worth the chicken manure.

          18. ward says

            Thank you for your flight experience & service destroying U.S. enemies ..! “HOPE” we can get “change” of the worst U.S. enemies NOV 4, 2014 then the traitor…!

          19. dondehoff says

            Roger, thanks for the note and old memories. Did you know my very good friend Major Bill Jacques (nick-name, “Wej”? He was a good friend and “boss” in Base Operations when we were stationed at Peterson AFB in Colorado. Bill served a tour as a FAQ flying one of those “dual-prop” push-pull “bug-smashers” and was shot up pretty badly. Later, while stationed or living in Arizona, he was in the hospital for some issue and while he was there, suffered a fatal heart attack. While in Nam our office on the base was just past the “morgue” and I still have an occasional dream seeing (and smelling) the dozens of mostly young American boys, of all races, hanging on “meat hooks”, in a building where the air conditioning seldom worked and the sewer system was an open ditch that went “somewhere”. I admit I felt al little embarrassed receiving the Air Medal with 5 or 6 Clusters, and only got shot at during some takeoffs and landings—but then again I could have made headlines coming out of that cloud bank just ten feet higher

          20. Roger12266 says

            No, I did not know “wej” because I spent almost ALL of my time flying an 01 out of a field that the SF boys hacked out of the jungle.
            Our entire complement there was me and one other FAC, our CO who was SF and 8 SF troops in addition to my mechanic.
            Our fuel and supplies were air dumped onto the field, or somewhere in the jungle so that we had to go look for them. The only good part of that tour, except for the flying, was that we had cargo containers with air conditioning for barracks, and a good stove to heat our MREs on. ( Actually they weren’t called MRE at that time because the MRE was better).

          21. Jeanne Stotler says

            Why would you say that, most people had guns, during WWII, people would have shot an intruder than called the police, we knew our neighbors, and boy did they know us kids. Believe me you never got away with a thing, there was always a neighbor to call you Mom and she’s be waiting when you got home, probably on front porch, same when my kids grew up, we all looked out for the neighbors kids. Cops are suppose to “Protect and Serve” today they do not protect nor do they serve,

        3. Jim Bowman says

          You really don’t want to go there, bear in mind who has most of the guns–among citizens that is. Government would simply divide out and follow the crowd in the end.

          1. marcello geno says

            actually i do want to go there, jim. i think people should speak out and say what is on their mind. until people feel they can trust the police and feel as close to a police officer as they might feel toward their own brother or father tragedies like Ferguson and this unfortunate killing in Utah will continue. Listen, i grew up in western pennsylvania where during hunting season, people drove everywhere with rifles, shotguns and pistols showing. they wore the guns on their hips, they stuck them in their belts and they slung them across their shoulders. THIS WAS AMERICA. THIS WAS THE LAND WHERE FREEDOM BEGAN. The reason Ferguson, MO. is a gathering point for freedom lovers is because Americans are seeing their individual freedoms vanish in front of their eyes. This is not a racial issue. The young black man shot could have been white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian. Remember Ernest Hemingway’s novel, FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS? right now it tolls for others but one day it will toll for thee.

          2. Cranky Steven says

            This is totally a racial issue fueled by Sharpton, obama, Jackson and the Demonic Party. There are more imported agitators in Ferguson right now than the town’s usual population. The NRA sure as hell didn’t bus them in there so who do you think did?
            You may wish to hug a cop but I don’t. I consider them allies, at best, and only under certain circumstances.

          3. Jim Bowman says

            Marcello, I fully agree that people should speak out, and they should speak out with a full knowledge of their rights under the Constitution–the rights they can read for themselves and not what the government decides those right might be. Reagan was right you know–government is the problem not the solution.
            Now the thing in Ferguson (across the state from me) results from a young man who resisted arrest for the felony HE KNEW HE HAD COMMITTED and fighting with an officer who was simply demanding civil behavior and was not truly aware of the prior activity. This is, BTW how most murdered officers are killed. They are stopping someone for a tail light and the person stopped ‘knows’ it is due to the armed robbery he just committed.
            I have no sympathy for Brown at all, should be the exception and not the rule but never grounds for a riot or prosecution of the officer. The rioters are not exercising any sort of right at all of course. They are just idiots who want to disrupt society. They want to burn Ferguson? Fine then let them live in the ashes.

          4. marcello geno says

            While I appreciate the tone of your email, Jim, I can’t help but compare the officer’s shooting of this kid in Ferguson with a scene in Bill Murray’s movie SCROOGED, when Murray keeps firing at the spirit of his former employer…BLAM…BLAM…BLAM…BLAM….and when the gun is empty, he keeps firing. Why was this officer so determined to make sure the kid was dead? Was he that fearful for his own life and, if so, why in the hell is he allowed to wear a badge and call himself a police officer?

          5. Jim Bowman says

            Marcello, have you ever been an officer of the law? Just curious since you seem to see things from the movie perspective.
            What do we have here? An officer who has made a quite reasonable request (in accordance with state law) of a young man who has just committed a felony. The young man assaults the officer, wounding him–if you prefer forcibly resisting arrest. The young man attempts to disarm the officer seriously injuring him. The officer (alone) attempts to complete the arrest of his assailant who refuses to submit and again moves to attack the officer. The officer quite properly defends himself. No, regardless of your theatrical views the officer acted properly.
            Now if you don’t like the laws of Missouri, move here and begin an initiative to change them from laws to suggestions,
            Could this have had a solution that was far more acceptable to all concerned–absolutely. Brown could have altered all of it by not committing a robbery. But he did, didn’t he? That is not the officer’s fault. It was Brown who escalated the situation, not the officer (according to the evidence).

          6. omegaman says

            Jim — HUH??? You make no sense!

        4. sandraleesmith46 says

          In this, and many of the cited cases it was the “CITIZENS” who needed the retraining, especially those calling themselves media, who are responsible for these riots! You see a FEW rogue cops, or what media makes LOOK like rogue cops (see Rodney King riots, where cops went overboard, AFTER provocation from King), because that’s what MEDIA, and racist politicians WANT you to see, not the hard working, decent, caring men and women who comprise most forces. Get to know some, before you judge THEM as the ones responsible! Do some”ride-alongs”, talk to them as PEOPLE!

          1. John Joseph Wilson says

            I agree Sandra!

          2. hankthetank says

            Rodney King, was asking for it, He was on probation, he wasn’t suppose to be out at 2 am running from the police & drinking, & then not obey the police! he could be alive today if he behaved himself!! same goes for O J Simpson!!!

          3. sandraleesmith46 says

            The point is, because those had higher melanin levels, their bad behavior was ignored by media, who blamed only the officers, when, in fact, their response, while over the top, was indeed provoked BY prior bad acts by the perps they were accused of, and made to appear to be attacking without provocation. That was wholly on media’s shoulders, because they chose to play the PC race baiter/”innocent victim” card. Had they told the whole truth from the start and let people see the criminal provocation that precipitated the escalation, many things might have come abou much differently. Instead they chose to foment further criminality. And then they went off to create the next catastrophe, scot free.

          4. Bandit says

            Back in the mid 90s while I was doing security work I had to shoot a kid, the big question there was why did the kid have his dads .45 cal hand gun, the next question was why was he using it, the good thing is that night I was wearing level 3 body armor and wound up taking two slugs in the chest, I glad I had the armor and the trauma plate as well. That night that kid took 4 rounds from my side arm And in the process I sent him to meet his maker.

          5. Bandit says

            He was not just drinking he was also using crack and something else as well.

      3. helen sabin says

        You should be in charge there.

        1. ESQ says

          Kent for President!

          1. omegaman says

            It’s good to know that he would only get your miniscule, stupid 5 votes.

        2. Kent2012 says

          Thank you, I wish so then the visitors would have been shot or rounded up and jailed before erica von holderinski and al sharpyton ever arrived…they could have visited kenyan boyo’s sons and daughters in jail of in the morgue…or if they waited too long they would have to go to the outskirts of the city and look in the big hole in the ground…

          1. omegaman says

            Kent2012 — Learn how to construct a sentence.

          2. Kent2012 says

            I am confident that you had absolutely no problem understanding precisely what my meaning was and still is….omegagirly

      4. Fred Campbell says

        A similar action by the police is what finally ended the LA riots…………………

        1. ESQ says

          And also I believe the Vietnamese and Korean Business owners that took up arms that caused that ending! In other words Stand your Ground! Good point Kent! I had forgot about that. But I must ask if Obama would allow that sort of thing Today?

          1. Timothy Johnson says

            screw Obama Fred

          2. grin-n-barrett says

            Impossible to do and vomit at the same time.

          3. Sylvester Jones says

            He would probably like that.

          4. Paul Pray says

            IF remember at the beginning of this thing when they were first looting and burning businesses down, they bypassed all the ones with the owners standing in front with assault weapons at the ready, they just walked right on by politely and destroyed the ones without anyone guarding them, which was right next door to the ones being guarded.
            And as far as OBUMMER wanting or letting you do it is BS, it needs to be done, and if there were more displays of shooting over looting there wouldn’t be any or be a far reduction of looting.
            As far as the police, they don’t even protect and Serve mentality, its respond if we can and investigate* take a report and file it away, if by happenstance we can get more reports or we catch them basically there and doing it, is what solves crime these days.
            The days of actual policing is over, they respond from call to call, besides the traffic units harassing the honest workers going from JOB TO JOB to support their families.
            SO, DO what they need to do to protect property. LIKE OKLAHOMA, How does 2500 hundred police employees, not even patrol officers, secure and keep safe a city of 600 hundred thousand, look at LA 4 million, with what maybe 15000 employees….
            were outnumbered and outgunned.

          5. Ddenney1 says

            God bless the second amendment and our founders!!! Screw the current crop of A$$HOLES!!!!!

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            When people learn to never dial 911 again, instead cal Dunken Donuts, they’ll get speedier results!! 🙂

          7. omegaman says


          8. grinnie says

            I think he is referencing where to find a cop…..

          9. Jim Bowman says

            My response was to some rambling rant about the 1% and how that had to be set right. I was simply pointing out where the actual power lies. Government is not the answer–examination will usually show it to be the real problem.

          10. disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx says

            actually shipley, they need the cream filled, ever notice the size

          11. David Mangum says

            give the employees machine guns with high capacity magazines, that will thin the herd.

          12. disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx says

            another one whose figured it out, with this happening in time in the not too distant future the governments scams will all unfold

          13. Ddenney1 says

            Who would ask that fool??

          14. William Dean says

            Of course Obama would!

          15. hankthetank says

            He can’t stop it!!

          16. ONTHE WALL says

            Fred I read your comment and I have a suggestion something I do all the time. NEVER NEVER CAPITALIZE ANY ONE IN obama’s team or the word president if you refer to obama. At the least it will annoy them.

          17. studi30 says

            Yes, the Korean business owners stood guard out side their businesses with AKs and ARs. The police didn’t even try to stop the Koreans (the Koreans were doing the police job for them).

        2. abbeyc says

          Ha,ha. And the dumb blacks burned down their OWN community. Hope they do the same here.

          1. Roger12266 says

            Except that WE end up paying to build them new homes that they immediately strip of door knobs, plumbing and anything else they can sell or trade for drugs.

          2. aschark says

            It’s job creation, Roger. Not off subject, but do you remember Dillon Thomas? Probably not, but he was a 20 year old white kid, unarmed, killed by a black cop, 3 days after Michael Brown was killed. That happened in Salt Lake City, a name that you’ve heard of, not like Ferguson, MO. SLC cops wear a video/audio cam on the front of their uniform (more of that’s coming, nationwide), and the name and tape of the SLC incident was not released until the investigation was over. It’s over, and the cop was justified in his actions, and is now back to work. The difference between the SLC and Ferguson’s public reaction to the cop shooting of an unarmed youth is striking (not a play on words). SLC had protests for the shooting and the result of the investigation. No violence or looting. On the other hand, Ferguson had violence, burning, looting, US AG and FBI visits, and national news (I won’t mention witnesses who perjured themselves for, well, whatever). Now that the investigation is over, and the finding will be made

          3. defiant1 says

            The same think happened in the DC riots when they burned everything 1200 businesses destroyed, 6000 arrested, all pushed and agitated by Stokely Carmichael due to MLK assassination 1968. The Ntl Guard and Marines were called in. Baltimore also rioted at this time……..I lived in the MD suburbs and watched this crap take place…the destruction was without words!

          4. mallen11 says

            Law enforcement must be ready to stop the riots from making the first step.

          5. omegaman says

            Mallen11 — Don’t know what that means, but OK!

          6. Jeanne Stotler says

            I lived in Va., my husband was a dispatcher for the Bus Co. and buses were turned around at Pentagon and Rosslyn circle, not one went into DC, J. Willard Marriott , put all workers in Hot Shoppes up in hotels or Motels as it was unsafe to cross the river, we all got our guns out, cleaned them and bought fresh ammo. A few years ago they were working on one of the sites on “U” St. and found a skeleton, said it had been there since the riots.

          7. sandraleesmith46 says

            Why? WE paid to rebuild it!

          8. abbeyc says

            THEIRS, as opposed to the white community. Because, let’s face it…they are going to burn down somebody’s community. But you are right about the rebuild. And arson is not a reason to use our tax dollars. Make ’em pay for it themselves.

          9. sandraleesmith46 says

            Why should such behavior be tolerated at all? It’s blatant criminality, and needs to be met as such.

          10. disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx says

            but it the the productive that are the enemy of this government so they will be the suckers to pay

          11. Gordon says

            If (you) had not given away the community (stores) to the mideasterners, maybe they would!

        3. ward says

          F.C.; This is the same criminally created B.S. for stealing & killing other people to illegally enhance their lives of crime using anything as an excuse to break U.S. laws …! They are 1st degree trash that has to be eradicated instantly to protect innocent lives and prevent this crony tyranny from dictating U.S. cities rights … !

          1. omegaman says

            Ward — What’s a crony tyranny?

          2. ward says

            Duped ignorance of idiots that follow & support criminal murdering wannabe dictators that create lawless situations to destroy other citizens Rights ..!

        4. marcello geno says

          I covered the Los Angeles Riots for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. the 77th precinct police station in Watts had more than 500 bullet holes. Something like half a dozen people were killed in a community park near the police station. They were NOT killed by police but by the rioters, including stray shots. In the 1960s, police were much more tolerant than today. No police officers died even though much wrath was directed at them. Los Angeles had good cops and excellent sheriff’s deputies. They weren’t like today’s average trigger-happy cop who wants to shoot first, and then find out what is going on.

          1. Fred Campbell says

            There is much truth in your description of the discipline of police during the Watts riots.
            This discipline is not as evident today.

          2. marcello geno says

            Thanks for the word, Fred — discipline. That is the word I need. The police had discipline and they practiced it. People could scream at them, course, and do almost anything. The officer would stand there and smile. But if the person in question moved to hurt somebody or otherwise broke the law, that person would be arrested and handcuffed. I really admired the LAPD and tLos Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for their professionalism and discipline under fire. That same professionalism, discipline and willingness to go the extra mile with the public does not exist today.

          3. Jeanne Stotler says

            Remember the days when Cops walked a beat, even in DC, they knew every store owner and the workers by name, in neighborhoods they also knew the kids names. When we grew up we knew the neighborhood cop as our friend, we didn’t have crossing guards, they were the cops on that beat and we knew them by name and they knew ours. I live in a town where the only cop I know is a neighbor’s son. Sometimes the “Good old days” Really do look very good, parents made their kids mind, and have manners, teachers actually taught History without changing facts, and families were a mother, father and kids, and in many homes a grandparent lived, they weren’t warehoused.

          4. marcello geno says

            Yes, Jeanne, those were the days. They could come back again if the powers-that-be would work on establishing that kind of relationship between police and the community.

          5. ward says

            “Trigger happy cops” lives are being threatened by idiotic criminals of selfish intent to murder or shoot anyone that gets in their way of looting or stop their illegal whims & ways ..! Stopping crime is not the “average” everyday way for having to survive criminal riots & looters created hell under a guise of racism excuses for crime…!

      5. jonny bravo says

        Nazi papers please don’t think so

        1. Kent2012 says

          wrongo again…these are visiting punk scum that do not live in Ferguson and they did not come to visit friends or to shop like respectable citizens….nothing nazi about rounding up the punks and booking them for disorderly conduct, arson, destruction of personal property, looting, vagrancy, and failure to follow the orders of authorities….tubs “clown” brown would agree…oh wait a minute tubs got his brains blown out….well he would have agreed while he could still think………

      6. dondehoff says

        “Kent…..”, Are you from Russia? Sir, you are part of the problem! For every “bad guy” shot there would be dozens of innocents also shot. Local martial law is the only effective and sane way of approaching the problem, and that will not stop the real trouble makers.

        1. Kent2012 says

          I do believe that I defined “local martial law” in my comments above…

      7. Deborah G says

        Me personally I’d remove every single cop and let them riot and rage. Burn their own town down then let them have it.

        1. Kent2012 says

          and make them live there….with 360 electric fence and one well guarded gate ??

          1. Deborah G says

            Take away their benefit cards if they riot then hold a jobs fair. They’d run like the wind

    3. says

      I’ve got news for you their already camped out there! When it starts the law should put the offenders down, no p/c correctness, no bullshit they have already stated their intentions so put the hammer down on them! My2cents

    4. helen sabin says

      Jackson, Holder, Sharpton and OBAMA!!

    5. ESQ says

      It may be best if the people in Ferguson go ahead and burn themselves up! All Business and Property values have now been reduced to zero thus causing Insurers to not insure any thing in or the surroundings of that Town! It is what it is!

      1. abbeyc says

        Well, if history is on our side, the blacks will just burn their own community down, just like in Watts, years ago. And that would be a good thing.

        1. Roger12266 says

          Yes, but WE had to pay to rebuild their homes so that they could turn them into a slum too, just like they always do.

        2. Paul Pray says

          yeah, great, but what then. THey move right next door to you, and your community like KATRINA, remember that fucking thing, Great for us cities in the south that got all those leaches and scumbags.
          Crime increased overnight, and welfare and all that.
          SO, now they live next door to you,

      2. Conservative says

        I hope all the people who will be filling the hospitals have Obamacare.

    6. 7papa7 says

      They also need to have the national guard on site and ready to go with live ammo. They need to be stopped before they even get started. They need to be jailed for a minimum of 1 year to let them cool off and let this blow over and a complete return to normalcy is back.

      1. abbeyc says

        They also need to ride Al Sharpton out of town on a rail. I just read that he is in Ferguson now.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Didn’t know he was back. He definitely does need to be thrown out of town or at least arrested for civil disobedience.

        2. David Mangum says

          screw the liberal, with a little luck, they will be in front when the bullets start to fly

          1. omegaman says

            What childish comments: which I assume are from childish minds.

          2. David Mangum says

            g.f.y.s. liberal a** licker.

        3. Mark Owen says

          Make sure you tar and feather the race baiter as soon as he gets into town. He will be there for just one reason. Oh I don’t know-start a race war, then split town and watch the fireworks from adistance!

          1. JobRon says

            Mark: I really don’t know, but would wrapping Al Dullblade in a pigs blanket help?

          2. omegaman says

            ????? Help what?

          3. Mark Owen says

            I don’t know if it would help but maybe we could put Holder, and Jackson in there with him, misery loves company. Maybe the POS Governor too he’s the one who sought a conviction before he knew all the facts!

      2. Conservative says

        The liberals will never let this die peacefully.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Time will let it go away even if the liberals won’t

          1. omegaman says


          2. 7papa7 says

            I was responding to what conservative said about the liberals will never let go if the officer in Ferguson is not convicted. I time will heal this wound as time does to all wounds.

      3. Roger12266 says

        The problem with the National Guard is that they can be federalized and made part of the regular military simply by an order from the president.
        What needs to happen is for the MILITIA, which cannot be federalized, to be standing by, out of sight with their nice, long range “sporting” weapons loaded with hollow point ammo.

        1. Paul Pray says

          BUt yes, a state militia, independent of the state. THE PEOPLES MILITIA

          1. omegaman says

            HUH? Paul Pray — When you learn to write (if that’s possible) a coherent sentence, try again.

        2. bill says

          not hollow point but armor piercing so you get full penetration and the next one in line also

        3. Porty1119 says

          The Missouri Militia has a St. Louis component, which is something, but not quite sufficient.

        4. 7papa7 says

          My bad, you’re right.

      4. Paul Pray says

        and convert to ISLAM then when they get out they can go to MECCA and then come back and start a JIHAD and then kill more because they got good training over in the middle east sponsored by OBAMA CIA camps.

      5. Glenn H says

        Jailing them will cost we the tax payer a bunch of money; I say exile them to some deserted island and let them learn how to survive without all these government handouts!
        Go back in five years and see if their attitude has changed and if they are willing to come back to America and support themselves and stop acting stupid!

        1. 7papa7 says

          That works for me.

    7. Roger12266 says

      Towns routinely did exactly this in the 1800s and early 1900s when gangs of outlaws and bootleggers tried to use their town as a base of operations.
      It was done simply by putting up road blocks with DETERMINED CITIZENS standing behind their guns.
      This, in case you don’t realize it, is a typical MILITIA carrying out their duties to protect their town and citizens.

    8. John McMickle says

      First I agree, but so not think it is physically possible. The City of Ferguson like most of the other cities in the St. Louis metropolitan area has hundreds of streets entering the city. Blocking everyone of those streets would take more people than they have available.

    9. Michael Dennewitz says

      Well, the craziest damned part of it all is when those Velcro heads tear up and destroy businesses that are run by other Velcro heads. Now, that’s hilarious as hell!!

      1. Jeanne Stotler says

        They will probably do as they did in DC during the MLK riots, they wrote that it was a business owned by a black on the windows, these were mostly spared while others were firebombed after being looted.

    10. Billy says

      Bring in the National Guard, put up road blocks and give the National Guard the authority to do what must be done. It’s either that or have law enforcement and all the good, lawful people leave town and just let the fools burn the town down.

    11. Holy Joe says

      During the proposed riot for the announcement of the ‘Messervey’ BART Trial the Oakland Police rounded up all non-residents of Oakland who were attempting to join up and riot if the verdict did not go ther way. As a result only the usual Sneaker Store was looted. The Bro’s always need noo sneakers it would seem. Result – their protest and threatened riot was a fizzle.

    12. hora says

      It will not, Dems be will loose a power, and who be will stand support blacks? a negro in a White House? but in a better way are send National guard, and all doing damage arrest and give not less of 10 Years in prison. Agitators are active only until election and after be will come down.

  6. Frank Brady says

    It has all happened before, surely it will again, take some clues from history…

    1. conservgirl says

      It happened before, but it was a genuine or blacks actually were being discriminated against and had a valid fight,but now its being ginned up to keep blacks solely in the Dems pocket. I live in the south and really haven’t seen that much racism. Its been the other way around. I have seen more blacks being anti-white and using their race to bully others. Where I worked they threatened to sue if they were fired even if they didn’t do their job.

  7. tomw says

    I don’t think our founders invisioned the riots, and other problems a lying, self centered, glorified press , could cause when they were given the 1st amendment rights.

    1. William Fisher says

      The founding fathers were students of history and they tried to warn us that these very things might happen and that we should be ever vigilant. Think maybe we dropped the ball?

      1. tomw says

        It was us that dropped the ball, for sure. The infatuation the masses have for the sociopaths in our country, or world even, is just strange.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Back then most news papers were owned by one person per publication. Plus there was no TV or many Sporting Events. Political Talk was the topic of the day. Now most of the media are owned by the Ultra Rich, who have agendas that need to brain wash the masses, like Obama Care or Fair Tax……..

    3. Seldena says

      The press is no longer about truth. They are all in for Obama and his policies that are ruining America. The only truth in the media is Fox News and they present BOTH sides. they report exactly what is happening and do not report more than the truth. If all media outlets would do this then we could understand Ferguson.

      1. Looey says

        People should stop watching the liberal media. I only watch Fox as I know I will get the truth. I have even taken our local newspaper to task for their reporting. Many people have stopped getting the paper as they don’t want to read what they print, and also the cost has risen so much due to so many people cancelling.

      2. conservgirl says

        Actually it wouldn’t have made the national news if Sharpton and his cronies hadn’t made it so. It would have remained in Ferguson and been taken care of and probably Wilson would have been found justified in shooting Brown.

  8. Dan says

    Guilty, not guilty. Either way will be used as an excuse to commit random crime/violence.

  9. ONLYJB1 says

    Brother Sharpton is already in Ferguson getting the natives stirred up! Lock and load baby, lock and load!

    1. crustyone says

      Maybe he will be in the line of fire.

    2. Looey says

      Brother Sharpton should be locked up when he steps a foot in the town. He is nothing but a liar and a trouble maker. I remember him from the Tawana Brawley case. Now he has a program on MSBC. How low has NBC stooped to have him on the air. Further, Comcast owns NBC, so they control it. I guess’s that why MSNC has such low ratings as they put such thugs on the air.

  10. Dennis Trenholm says

    use real bullets as needed

  11. Mark Clemens says

    …….Who cares any more? This is a race baiting article designed to stir up low educated people, like the rioters. Nothing would make the presses day more than a black and white race clash. Look at how many people are falling for this crap. 3 are “locked & loaded (we all know they will never show up in Ferguson w/a gun to restore justice).
    We also have someone wanting KKK action, instead of legitimate law enforcement. Some people here are no better than Jackson or Sharpton.

  12. 40Helen60 says

    These are hate mongers, racists who made Brown a saint. This kid was a thief and a bully. Actual footage, on the night he was shot, showed him bullying, threatening and pushing the store clerk, when the clerk confronted Brown for stealing. If the officer had been black and Brown had attacked the black police officer, there would have been no riots or threats against the black officer. But, because Wilson is white and had every right to protect himself, there is so much hatred and racism coming from blacks who do not live in Ferguson. These are hoodlums who should stay in their own town. They are out for blood and they don’t care if Officer Wilson is innocent, they are going to murder this man. If my son had committed the crimes that Brown had committed and had attacked a police officer, I would never have made my son out to be something he is not. I would never have called for blood on a police officer who was only defending himself. I’m ashamed of the pastor who made Brown out to be a saint and allowing him to be compared to our Lord Jesus Christ. Again, if my son had done what Brown did, I would apologize to the citizens of Ferguson. Brown chose his life of crime and he would still be alive if only he had obeyed the law and not try to murder Officer Wilson. This kid would have murdered Officer Wilson if had managed to get his hands on that gun. Had that happened, Brown would have gone on to kill again and again until he would have met his end here on this earth. Obviously his parents failed to teach him right from wrong.
    Want to protest, what about the black kids who are being murdered by black gangs? What about the little white babies who are being shot in front of the mothers by black thugs who laugh and thnk it’s funny? What about the young man from Australia who shot in the back by a black thug for the fun of it because this coward just wanted to kill someone? What about the little 10 year old white girl who was raped, murdered and her tiny body thrown in the dumpster like a piece of garbage by black thugs who stole her bike? Want to protest? Then protest and clean up the black gangs who have destroyed neighborhoods for the sheer fun of it.

    1. jonny bravo says

      He wasn’t armed period….that’s it

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Who Brown? He was trying to take Officer Wilson’s side arm!!
        Should Wilson of allowed Brown to gain possession of the side arm first?
        Also I appears Brown thought he was going to jail, because he just Strong Armed a store clerk………

        1. jonny bravo says

          Really pigs are sopossed to be trained to not be disarm o but wait that’s what the Fucking pigs all ways say I ways scared for my life your sopossed to be your a pig.and you have video that brown was going for his gun nope . didn’t happen pig murdered him plan and simple

          1. politicallyincorrectandproud says

            I have no clue what you are trying to say….why don’t you go back to school and learn grammar and spelling

          2. Seldena says

            Did you not hear the evidence from his autopsy? Maybe you are not smart enough to understand what it was about….

          3. Ron says

            Seldena you are wasting valuable time trying to use logic and facts when they are rejected by a primitive mentality.

          4. jonny bravo says

            The autopsy done by the pigs Lol that the independent corner said the pigs are lying go figure he was shot in the top of the head

          5. Mark Owen says

            They could get that coroner to say whatever they wanted, if they paid him enough!
            Jesse and Al and Eric got the NAACP to pay for all. Did you see that babbling fool family lawyer on the Kelley File?

          6. jonny bravo says

            Didn’t catch the that but the state coroner is just that THE STATE CORONER WORKS FOR THE STATE protects the pigs story has usuall

          7. Mark Clemens says

            I see you have a limited vocabulary. Sometimes whats written in the training manual, doesn’t work well in real world situations. Have you ever been Bum Rushed? It happens real fast. So the aggressor should be given a free pass?
            Brown thought he was going to jail for Strong Arming the small clerk. Brown didn’t want to go to jail, so he did what his limited brain told him (Get the gun, shoot the cop, go home and burn a blunt).
            If Brown would of just got on the sidewalk, none of this would of happened. Old Brown was jacked up on adrenalin from his successful robbery. Why not take Wilson’s gun and shoot him? Brown was on a roll……

          8. Dawn Harsley says

            Do you honestly think jonny bravo is going to understand your comment? He can’t write a decent sentence. I doubt that his comprehension skills are much better.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Considering he/she can’t spell JOHNNY, my comment might hit him/her after he/she gets out of the third grade. ( It should be soon, he/she been there since 1974)

          10. Maggiemae says


          11. Dawn Harsley says

            Either he can’t spell “Johnny” or his mother couldn’t spell it when she named him. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          12. Kent2012 says

            they not he be trollin…

          13. Ron says

            Say WHAT?

          14. Dawn Harsley says

            What? are you his brother?

          15. Kent2012 says

            nah, my pants are around my waist…

          16. jonny bravo says

            Says the pig loving grammar nazi

          17. helen sabin says

            You might try loving it – you sound like an uneducated black, who doesn’t have common sense, who wants to riot, who cannot wait to hear the grand jury’s decision. GO AWAY moron.

          18. Ron says

            bravo you just confessed in open court. You are guilty as charged. Case closed!

          19. Mary T. Moore says

            I don’t care if you are black/white/yellow or purple. Your argument holds no water punctuated by attacking and name calling. No matter that Brown had no actual weapon he used his size and demeanor to intimidate and attack. People need to learn there are consequences for their actions. Unfortunate for him a deadly one. Had he shown restraint and followed direction he would be alive to intimidate and rob another day

          20. Dawn Harsley says

            Good spelling and good grammar shows self respect, along with respect for others. Obviously you have neither.

          21. Durango 35 says

            Yes, Jonny can not write properly, but at least he is trying to express his opinion. May be he is an immigrant just learning English? May be his black who for reasons unknown did not get a good education? Even if you disagree with his opinion you have not right to insult him. Remember this a discussion page!

          22. Dawn Harsley says

            Your spelling and grammar aren’t any better than Jonny’s. Please explain what “May be his black who for reasons………….” means. It makes absolutely no sense. It is a discussion page. However, it is difficult to discuss anything with anyone when they don’t make any sense. Come back when you do make sense.

          23. Durango 35 says

            Thanks for your comment. Just curios, how many language to you Speak, Write and Read? In my family, we are immigrants from Europe, all members speak and read at least 3 languages and write at least 2.
            The difficulties in this discussion are not cause by grammatical mistakes, they are caused by a closed mind.

          24. Dawn Harsley says

            Obviously English isn’t one of the 3 languages. The word is “curious”, not “curios”. If you’re going to live in America, learn to speak and write in English.

          25. Roger12266 says

            Do yourself a BIG favor, as I was once told by my instructor in basic military training.
            Bend over, grab your left ear with your right hand, grab your right ear with your left hand and pull. The loud popping sound you hear will be your head being removed from your rectum.

          26. helen sabin says

            They aren’t – and I bet he is black too! That is one problem with the black community – they won’t educate themselves.

          27. Ron says

            Clemens you stated it well. But there is a mentality that does not care for facts and logic. It wants only what it wants with an attitude of *to hell with law and civilization.* Frequently a vocabulary will provide the identity of those who support antisocial behavior.

          28. Mark Clemens says

            You can always tell the class of ones character by the verbiage they use………

          29. Kent2012 says

            jony buttvo is in that same category of “mental midget” whose sole purpose in life is to “get by”, usually on the backs of others….that is why we have generational welfare….why work when you can get stuff from the government and steal the rest…

          30. conservgirl says

            He was not murdered. There was evidence that Brown tried to kill Wilson by getting his gun. Also Wilson’s eye socket was broken and he was beaten by Brown and given Browns size he was quite capable of overpowering and killing Wilson.

          31. jonny bravo says

            We’re the evidence u have a video

          32. Paula says

            And your evidence is what?

          33. jonny bravo says

            That he is a pig

          34. festmatt5440 says

            That , you ‘ are an ignorant ‘ f o o l ” .

          35. Kent2012 says

            and an idiot clown, sorry that was defamatory to clowns…

          36. helen sabin says

            AMEN to that! I would add the word, moron.

          37. Tom Dorman says

            That’s is good evidence that your a SPECIAL ED KIND OF STUPID

          38. jonny bravo says

            And your a pig lover who can get a bullet to the head right a long with the pigs

          39. Ron says

            Michael Brown was a pig? He’s the only one in the scenario who fits the description.

          40. michaelcain says

            His moma and dad raised him for some type of support . now the verdict they hoped for is out the window , and they should be sued for all the damages that this fiasco has caused.

          41. festmatt5440 says

            Videos are for kids ; go back to your ‘ closet ‘ , little ‘ boy ‘ .

          42. jonny bravo says

            Lmao Must suck a lot of cock has pig lover bet u liked to be pumped by one to you tool

          43. Mark Clemens says

            You know what……?
            You calling cops pigs is stupid. I bet you don’t own a gun, and if you get in a jam. Those Pigs will be the first ones who you expect to save your pussy ass.

          44. jonny bravo says

            Lol^^^ bang bang buddy

          45. Mark Clemens says

            Well you better shut up, Obama’s taking guns from crazy people like you……..

          46. jonny bravo says

            And I have plenty of them have fun when they come to take your family to a female camp and you don’t have a gun to shoot these Obama goons with.

          47. Mark Clemens says

            You are as dumb as Michael Brown.
            He thought fists trump guns. (Not)
            You think guns will trump Tanks & Bomber Jets. (Not)
            You being stupid; is this a natural event, or have you been working on it?

          48. jonny bravo says

            Really so a bunch of Farmers with Ak’s beat the Us military in Vietnam.they don’t stand a chance against armed American citizens there to many of us. Didn’t they have tanks in Vietnam.

          49. Mark Clemens says

            Damn it boy! Don’t you read history?
            The Communist Chinese backed the VC.
            That means they got tanks and other weapons to match ours.
            I bet your pussy ass can’t even hold off your local police force for 24 hours.
            You talked the talk
            Let’s see if your bitch ass can walk the walk……..
            Heal up and shoot at a cop!
            If you have the balls!

          50. Kent2012 says

            I heard some brain dead clowns the other day same some of the same ignorant crap as you, of course I was not surprised….they appeared to be drug addled dropouts that may have made it to the 9th grade, but only because their teachers kept promoting them to get the scum out of their classrooms…

          51. Ron says

            No Clemens. He’s trying to take them from civilized people who rise up against his Nazi administration. He wants nut cakes to have unregistered weapons. Remember Adolf!

          52. conservgirl says

            Gun Control has nothing to do with stopping violence and it has been proven that stronger regulations will do nothing to stop gun violence. Most killings are done with illegal, non registered guns or guns that have been stolen from law abiding gun owners in burglaries.

          53. jonny bravo says

            And let’s not mention all the guns the pigs are stealing those given military weapons that are missing yeah right.pigs do no wrong.

          54. Kent2012 says

            yes he probably does have a gun that he “picked up” in his last break in…

          55. justjim65 says

            Yep, we are hearing from another chunk of garbage who with luck will run into the same type of deal dear brownie ran into. Target practice, anyone?

          56. helen sabin says

            He would make good target practice and help the gene pool get rid of the morons who have been bred over the years.

          57. Mark Owen says

            Vulgarity, the sign of a weak mind trying to express itself forcibly! That goes for you buckwheat! Get an education first before you spout off your ignorance.

          58. jonny bravo says

            That’s the beauty of free speech I can express myself how ever the FUCK I WANT TO!

          59. Mark Owen says

            There goes that weak mind again! Another knuckle dragging festering pustule out for some imaginary reparation for being born black! Daddys in prison and mommys a crack whore!

          60. jonny bravo says

            And you’re still a bitch inbred redneck

          61. Tom Dorman says


          62. Ron says

            conservgirl we civilized people are fully aware. But the mentality you are addressing has no interest whatever in facts. That is why that mentality has not risen above the intellect of the cave man. Unfortunately. But fortunately not everyone is down at that prehistoric level. Only those who look for and take advantage of excuses to riot and loot.

          63. Dawn Harsley says

            Your spelling tells it all.

          64. festmatt5440 says

            You ‘re an un-informed , i d i o t ” ; plain and simple .

          65. festmatt5440 says

            Little ‘ boys ‘ , with little ‘ minds ‘ ; can only use , l i t l l e ‘ words

          66. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            You should be “ways scared for my life “. Anybody as ignorant as you, Jonny, needs a chaperone to make sure you don’t slam the toilet seat on your neck.

          67. jonny bravo says

            You most have donated to the I love pig lover paid leave fund for Darren Wilson

          68. justjim65 says

            Chunks of human garbage like brown and maybe you get wasted and tossed into a hole and covered up is no loss to the human race.

          69. Kent2012 says

            well why do you not run down to ferguson, pull your pants down around your knees and smash windows of stores and loot businesses and stand in the step and be a weenie head like the other pukes that do not live there….

          70. Ron says

            Well stated Kent. Maybe jonny WAS there. ???

          71. Daniel W says

            Michael Brown was 6′ 4′ tall and 300lbs, he looked like a Line backer for a Professional football team I don’t care what kind of training you have you weren’t going to stop him

          72. jonny bravo says

            So the whole Unarmed UK police force can’t stop people his size? Most be a fucking war zone there lmao

          73. Daniel W says

            Here’s a little tidbit for ya jonny. The cops in the UK are armed now. Must be all the guns coming in from the Eastern Countries, thru the tunnel.

          74. conservgirl says

            I think after 3 policemen were gunned down by a criminal with a gun they armed their police force.

          75. Daniel W says

            I don’t know if all of the police officers in the UK carry firearms but some of them do. It has a lot to do with the influx of firearms into the UK from the Eastern European Countries, Bosnia Serbia Croatia etc.

          76. conservgirl says

            What police force. He was the only policeman there and he was fighting him for posession of his gun. He already assaulted him and broke his eye socket and the gun was discharged inside the police car and Browns blood was inside the police car also he was shot in the front and not the back so he was facing the Wilson. Also there were witnesses who saw what went on that say different than Browns friend.

          77. justjim65 says

            Good a few thousand murders in Ferguson of the likes of brown would be a good thing, as well as a lot of the fools who support the insane behavior of the knock and polar bear games. Whack 10,000 or so and the rest might get the idea that such behavior is not a good thing.

          78. Maggiemae says

            I’m going to pray for God to heal your hateful heart.

          79. Tom Dorman says

            Hey moron the problem with your logic here is that the PIG HOT KILLED IN SELF DEFENCE

          80. Barto says

            Wow, you sound so educated, must have gone to Harvard with Obama. Do you plan on joining the Sharpton riots if the Grand Jury decides not to indict the Police Officer? If you do, I hope you get your just rewards.

          81. mac12sam12 says

            I bet you have a criminal past.

          82. jonny bravo says

            And bet your a Pig

          83. mac12sam12 says

            GED time! Your denotes possession. I think you were trying to say ”you’re” which translates to ”you are.” Could’ve got GED in jail, you know!

          84. jonny bravo says

            All u can comment is grammar really shows us your high iq. Why not take Your service revolver and put in mouth pull trigger

          85. mac12sam12 says

            Why don’t you write better? It’s tough translating your nonsense.

          86. Frank W Brown says

            You have ZERO evidence for your statement so you should STFU, ASSWIPE!

          87. abbeyc says

            Wrong. And you really need to learn to write a complete sentence. That is half your people’s problem. You refused to be educated and turn to violence instead to get what you feel is your piece of the pie.

          88. Conservative says

            Why didn’t you ever learn to read or write? Unbelievable that liberals think you would deserve $15.00 an hour to work!!!

          89. Christopher Huffman says

            Jonny, I nominate you for a free trip to a reeducation centre in the desert where they will teach you English while you try to stay alive.

          90. MarcJ says

            A typical voter for Mullah B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist racist Muslim President from Kenya.

          91. jonny bravo says

            Hey pig u beat your wife today

          92. MarcJ says

            A typical reply by a low-IQ far-left cretin.

          93. jonny bravo says

            Don’t deny it pigs have the highest domestic violence rates of anybody.

          94. Roger12266 says

            First, your language is irresponsible, vulgar and vile as well as unnecessary.
            Second, police officers are jus that, they are not related to you.
            Third, Brown, the irresponsible, criminal Negro was attempting to murder the police officer and got EXACTLY what he and any others like him deserve.

          95. Paul Pray says

            SO, just because he was a cop and was and received some training in weapon retention that he wouldn’t be scared? You weren’t there, I wasn’t there. But, as a sworn officer and what video I see, A) a thief assaulting a store clerk b) a cop, I will believe a cop over at thief. Just because there is no video, forensics will take over from there.
            I believe that Brown was an Aggressor, and that He charged the officer, even if he didn’t he still had enough reason if his vision was blurred and still felt in fear of his life or his current health issues inflicted upon the officer was causing issues for fear of fainting.

          96. jonny bravo says

            Yeah there’s no thin blue line and PIGS NEVER LIE hope someone watching him through a scope

          97. Porty1119 says

            Read up on the forensic evidence. What happened is pretty clear.

          98. jonny bravo says

            So any civilians 6 ft 200 is a threat to all pigs what a joke

        2. says

          You can’t tell these retards anything even if they know your right! That’s why I say take them out, piss on them ! My2cents.

          1. Paul Pray says

            I believe in the long run, that will happen, its called civil war. And its not going to be about race, but idealogy. Like islam, but not religion.
            It will be about the direction of the country. It will start probably by economic meltdown, leading to race war, then idealology of conservative, and liberal and religion.
            BUT, I believe there will be a great GLOBAL RESET, NUCLEAR WAR. GLOBAL.

        3. Ron says

          From the facts gathered this Michael Brown turns out to be an individual with an evil agenda. His record speaks for itself. It’s thugs like him who force civilization to have law enforcement people on duty. Brown committed some criminal acts that unfortunately got him the ultimate penalty. Some people never learn. It appears Michael Brown didn’t care.

          1. Conservative says

            Brown was so high he thought he was indestructible.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Sam Colt brought him back to earth!!!!!

      2. politicallyincorrectandproud says

        he was a 300 lb man who was 6foot 4 inches he may not have had a conventional weapon but he used his own fist to punch Wilson in the face and almost break his eye socket! I would say his fist was his weapon

        1. jonny bravo says

          We’res your video lot of pig lovers on here bet the UNARMED UK cops could have delt with him.pig Dareen Wilson should be but to death in the same manner shot by firing squad.hope someone find were his Hidden like a bitch and .308 his ass

          1. TexasStomp says

            pig? What are you…..a drug casualty of the 60’s LOL!

          2. jonny bravo says

            Says the the pig lover why don’t you go suck on off bitch

          3. Looey says

            When people don’t have any education, you end up talking like you. You don’t seem to have a brain either.

          4. justjim65 says

            Maybe one about the same size of his pizzile? and as worthless.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Jonny bravo might be a 1960s stale leftover.
            Or he might be a pig loving Muslim!

          6. jonny bravo says

            You most be the inbred pig lover suck buddy

          7. festmatt5440 says

            Little ‘ boys ‘ , can only use ‘ little ‘ words .

          8. justjim65 says

            Nah, just an idiot on a stolen computer most likely, dumb as a box of rocks and has no idea how close to a deep hole he is.

          9. Kent2012 says

            no his two brain cells are all that is left after a few years of crack cocaine and now he is burning them with some meth

          10. Ron says

            You really hate white people! Grow up and be a respectable citizen. Racism has no legitimate place in America.

          11. jonny bravo says

            Dam straight I hate my white skin ^^^

          12. conservgirl says

            The only place I see racism is in the Democratic Party and the Black Cacaus. Also the supposedly Black leadership like Sharpton, Jackson and Farracut.

        2. Ron says


      3. Seldena says

        he had his fist and was on drugs. Those were his weapons!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I reckon Brown didn’t know, guns trump fists. Stupid Thug!!

          1. TexasStomp says

            He was either reeel stupid or reeel high. Either way, ain’t the cop’s problem. Any fool who resists arrest by an armed law enforcement officer is just that…a fool. And more often than not, ded after they throw the first punch. How ded is irrelevant in law.

          2. jonny bravo says

            TexasStomp my ass won’t you stomp them mexies from hopping the border . Texas

          3. TexasStomp says

            Don’t worry, johnny. When you can’t make a coherent argument you can always just cuss and call people names.

            btw, genius, Texas Stomp is a music genre.

          4. Kent2012 says

            he be suckin on that crack pipe…then he be needin to see if he got money on his ebt card so he can call his drug dealer and get mo crack and meth..

          5. Ron says

            Your pResident, Sir or Madam, is responsible for “them mexies”
            “hopping” the border. You’ve now gone to a second international issue. You can’t seem to stay on track.

          6. justjim65 says

            Bringing a fist to a gun fight is sorta stupid, don’t you think?

          7. conservgirl says

            Why are we talking to this guy. He is obviously a racist, police hating, race baiter and gun advocate liberal that we are against.

      4. conservgirl says

        He was 6’4″ and could easily have just over powered and strangled or beat the policeman to death. He also tried to get his gun and being a lot bigger could have gotten it. I’m tired of people saying he wasn’t armed. Maybe not with a weapon but his size in a way was a weapon because he was so big.

        1. jonny bravo says

          UK pigs are not armed iam sure they have 6.4 guys there

          1. Ron says

            What has UK law enforcement got to do with antisocial behavior in a city in America? Or do you know where you are located?

      5. festmatt5440 says

        You ‘ , are a ‘ f o o l ‘ .

        1. jonny bravo says

          And another pig lover troll

      6. Barack_OnumbNuts says

        He tried to Arm himself with the cop’s gun. That’s the only reason Wilson needed to put down the concrete ape.

      7. Kent2012 says

        you are not bright period…that’s it…

      8. Vernon Cunningham says

        The tool is not in question. There are many ways to kill a person.Brown was a dangerous person. he had already attacked a police officer. You think the gun made a difference? Yes, self protection. That is legal. And it is a right we all have. Should the cop have waited for Brown to pick up a gun? I doubt that would make a difference to you. Brown is dead. Another hoodlum is off the streets. Life is better because we don’t have that thug running around.

      9. Ron says

        Not sure who the “He” is here. A marauder, thief, carjacker, home breaker or whoever does not have to be “armed” with a knife, gun or metal pipe to be dangerous. A warped, criminal mentality is a weapon and the most dangerous kind. It is the essence of all evil the world over.

      10. Tom Dorman says

        Oh yes he was he was armed in size and he attacked so he believed he had the advantage over his smaller aponant

      11. ESQ says

        OK jonny! But I must ask. What does being armed have to do with any thing?

      12. Valentin Estrada says

        Officer Wilson did not know he wasn’t armed. If Brown had stopped when ordered by the officer, questioned and searched, the police would have known he wasn’t armed. Brown chose to make the officer question if he was armed or not. Too bad it took Brown’s actions to end his life.

      13. abbeyc says

        He also beat the $hit out of the officer. He deserved to get blown away.

      14. william russell says

        Hey stupid you do not know anything. This 6’6′ 300 pound kid, was a thug, he try to kill the officer inside the police car, than took off, the officer told him to stop and brown being the bully he was charged the officer. The officer shot several times in the arms and legs to get him to stop and he continue to come after the officer, hell i would have done the same thing but i would have shot him in the heart the first time.

    2. bjones41 says

      You, Helen, have spoken truth and common sense. Your words speak for most of the people, not only in Ferguson, but also nationwide. The race-baiters from outside are already in town and are planning their demonic attacks, but He who is in us, is greater than those who come to kill, steal and destroy. We must bind together in the Spirit praying for a peaceful outcome. All things are possible in Jesus name.

    3. Conservative says

      Truth is immaterial to Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton or the people who really don’t care about Brown, they just want to express their hatred.

      Good, decent, hard working blacks are all innocent victims in this. The actions of the President and these activists have stirred the pot of hatred so much that they are setting all blacks back decades. People that don’t bother to reason will just assume all black people are like these neanderthals.

    4. Roger12266 says

      Don’t forget the Black cop who shot the White 20 year old as he was walking out of a shopping mall in Utah. Didn’t see ANYTHING in the media about that even though the kid had receipts for everything in his bag that he was carrying and was NOT armed even with a pocket knife.
      Don’t forget the White people who have been murdered by gangs of Negros during their “knockout games”. And don’t forget about all of the other White kids who have been attacked, beaten and robbed by gangs of Negros just for fun.

    5. Paul Pray says

      I AGREE. THEY want JUSTICE, but not the truth. They want this idea and keep it alive that they are still not responsible for their lives like on the plantation, its their masters responsibility for them, like property?
      They have come to the POINT OF NO RETURN.
      THE Point is that now, they cant just get by on their COLOR, they must meet STANDARDS and they are FAILING so bad. Socially. Economically. Community.
      THEY know this, even within they attach each other for shinny jewelry and shoes.
      They destroy others as a means to have some respect for themselves which only destroys themselves in the long run.
      Its, selfishness at the most insane level, its all about me.

  13. Dennis B Anderson says

    Well all I can say is Burn Baby Burn, and dont replace a thing. If Ferguson can overlook this black piece of crap going in and robbing a store owner then walk away let it burn. This means we will witness a new age Gamorra. The police officer turned his car around because this punk and his cohort were walking in the middle of the street. With this he brought it on all by himself. I havent heard anything about this lying monkey getting any jail time for purgury???
    Why was the head of the DOJ Eric The Hair Lipped Holder there. Its becoming insane everytime blacks think one of there own gets shot the police officer is automatically at fault. The blacks think they are going to get away with something because they have monkey man in the white house. They should have been shooting looters. Instead the police let this punk tell his fabricated story as to what happened. Hey if you want free stuff move back to Africa and see what happens to you.

  14. jim scofield says

    The only way to get the MSM’s full and undivided attention is to
    boycott their sponsors like GM, and Proctor and Gamble ,GE,
    Tell Your stock broker or retirement fund to stop buying their
    stock and dump any stock associated with CBS,ABC,NBC,CNN,
    this may be the only way to get their attention cut off their funding.
    Maybe then they will stop yelling fire in a crowded building just
    to make the news.

  15. David C Kelder says

    Citizens of Ferguson –

    1. Get over it
    2. You don’t know what happened
    3. Regardless of what happened, it is no excuse to loot and riot.
    4. Innocents get hurt during a riot.

    Law enforcement
    1. Protect shops from looters
    2. Arrest agitators and ringleaders
    3. Keep the news cameras at a distance
    4. Film rioters and looters for later arrest and prosecution.
    5. If Holder shows up, arrest him. Charge with inciting a riot.
    6. Same for Sharpton and Jackson

    1. Report the news
    2. Don’t try to make the news
    3. Re examine fair and balanced.

    1. politicallyincorrectandproud says

      could not have said it better

    2. crustyone says

      If Holder’s boss shows up he should be arrested too along with his other unpatriotic half.

    3. jim marcum says

      3 keep the news cameras at a distance.
      I have a real problem with that one and I would hope American’s would. They did try this in Ferguson by the way. It was reported the police ‘detained’ two news reporters and kept them from filming and reporting on the riot. That’s not America. To suppress the media to control what is reported. That’s how our friends in Iraq and Iran would handle the problem. Tell the people what you want them to know. I’m sorry I totally disagree with your number 3.

      1. David C Kelder says

        I understand your point and can mostly agree with it. But, in this case the cameras were so close they became part of the action. They changed from reporting news to creating it. News should be reported but the media should not create it.

  16. jonny bravo says

    I hope the second they say they pig did nothing wrong they open fire on all the pigs there vets won’t save them a bullet to the face

    1. Seldena says

      You are one reason we have to have Law Enforcement!

      1. ipsd48 says

        And one reason we should still have the death penalty

    2. conservgirl says

      So you advocate killing innocent people just because they did their job and find an innocent man not guilty of murder. He did not kill an innocent man and he was not a gentle giant. Most police are family men who do a tough job not pigs or bigots or racists. How many innocent police get killed every year by blacks gang bangers, drunks or someone who just wants to kill a policeman. What about those rookies who were killed by a jihadist.

      1. jonny bravo says

        U dam right family men my ass just watched a video 3 pugs smash 90 woman’s face in for kicking a shoe at them yeah the Real men

    3. Paula says

      Let’s put this black ARMED teenager up against the wall and shoot him! Why not? An Eye for An Eye.

  17. just thinking says

    I hope it does,and they shoot down the rioters,they seem to have plenty of time to march and riot ,oh that’s right they just have to wait for their welfare ,EBT cards ,subsidized housing they get off obama with the help of my hell with all of them

    1. jim marcum says

      just thinking, ‘you hope it does’. ‘and they can shoot down the rioters’. The hell you say. All this and you claim to be thinking?

  18. Daniel Meegan says

    i dont care the police are there to keep the peace not promote theft or bullying the tiny store owner act like a man or get shot down for 40 bucks worth of cigars maybe al sharpton can justify theft when your wrong your wrong aint no way around that pile

  19. johnanaguski says

    Who really cares?

    1. bjones41 says

      The decent people of Ferguson care John….Those are the victims here who have been infiltrated by the race-baiters and hoodlums from outside the area. Put yourself in their shoes, and contemplate what your daily life would be like now. They, the citizens of this community, for the most part did not ask for this.

      Thank you Steve, for also speaking some sense, and for all the others who have their heads on straight.

      1. johnanaguski says

        Sorry about that but the majority of the people of this town are causing this situation. Let them reap what they sow.

        1. bjones41 says

          John, are you from the area, do you know the history of Ferguson. There is an area that was taken over by low housing people that brought in the bad element that is being exposed. The other part of the community is law abiding citizens that have owned their homes for years. There are black and white families that have co-existed together without any problem until this came up. And it wouldn’t have been blown up like this if it hadn’t been for the main stream media and the outside race baiters such as Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Obama and many others. Sad, so sad, but it is one of the signs of the times. So please don’t blame all of the people of Ferguson.

          1. johnanaguski says

            If you read my statement correctly you would understand who I am blaming and it is not all of the people.

  20. just thinking says

    this GrizzMan is off his meds,he might of had to wait till today the 1st of the month for his free high,we need a revoltution ,to get rid of the liberals,and then the muslims will go back to their caves

  21. Steve Harper says

    Just why is it all these protesters get away with breaking the law, no peaceful protest in Ferguson and our Attorney General and President inflame the hate in that town!

  22. Seldena says

    Yes, because there is no respect for any law in Ferguson. They want to riot and cause mayhem. there should be road blocks to prevent others from coming in to any outsiders who want to cause trouble-especially from Washington!

    1. jim marcum says

      Seldena, yes road blocks, and they should check all our papers. they could do body cavity searches on the sides of the road. they could bring in the drug dogs that bark on cue and search any and every vehicle they wanted to. If you were going on vacation and had a few thousand dollars in your possession they could claim you were going to buy drugs with it and seize your money and then negotiate for years if you could get some of it back. Heck yes road blocks. Just think of all the cars that could be searched. That would really help build some respect for law in Ferguson wouldn’t it. Or maybe these kinds of things caused the no respect that you speak of.

  23. Zombie apocalypse with beans says

    Ha, Ferguson, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, New York and countless other impoverished American cities are now getting ready to literally explode too…

    King Obama ( a clear & present danger) couldn’t be happier if he had planed this Ferguson melodrama himself………

  24. e.push says

    get the fire hoses out and that should calm the crowds considering it’s colder now than it was when the a–holes were rioting in the beginning. paint balls for later identification of looters,or like the old mayor daily said shoot to kill all looters. stop all their government checks til all is calm.

  25. conservgirl says

    Most of the violence was caused by outsiders and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They don’t want the truth they want “justice” for the gentle giant who was anything but. I’m also tired of this perception of white officers being out of control and killing blacks when just as many blacks kill whites or black on black crimes which kill over 3 times as many blacks. This is what Al Sharpton and politicians should be worried about, but instead they race bait and cause the violence then pretend to care. There is racism, but hardly to the degree Sharpton and others say.

  26. FloridaJim says

    Anything to steal another election isn’t that the mantra of Eric Holder and Barack Obama? After all this time isn’t it odd the information would come out two days before the election?

    1. festmatt5440 says

      They don ‘t have to be concerned with who gets the most votes , they have ‘ ways ‘ of , fixing ‘ things .

  27. Dawn Harsley says

    “Sub lethal ammunition”? Why? Make every shot count.

  28. jim marcum says

    if they would loot some belts they could run faster.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Maybe they will steal some pants that fit properly.

      1. festmatt5440 says

        And some ‘ ball caps , with the that don ‘t have the ‘ bill ‘ in the back .

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I bet the lone business that hasn’t been robbed in Ferguson is MENS WAREHOUSE

          1. TexasStomp says

            LOLOL! Post of the day and it ain’t even lunchtime!

  29. gmhunt4 says

    The low life’s are the only people riot and look for a reason riot and would no matter what the outcome.

  30. marcello geno says

    The real problem is not the news media — it is the way police are trained. Instructors in police academies make a point of terrifying new recruits on what awaits them out there. When a new police officer dons his uniform, gun, mace and other weapons, he is shaking with fear and worry that his next traffic stop may be his last. The Justice System needs to change the way police are trained and make police officers into public servants — not just men with guns and handcuffs who see the general public as a threat to them and their familiesl I should know. I have worked as a reporter for newspapers in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles for the past 40 years. The way police academies operate today, any child with a plastic gun or a person reaching for his wallet — white, black, hispanic or Asian — is in danger of being shot.

    1. jonny bravo says

      You sir have said more than I ever could express in my own word I do not use the best choice of words.just don’t understand how so many people can be o well cop kills another person paid leave did nothing wrong. It doesn’t have to be just this instance all the many like it that are just plain out murder, like the one in walmart cop murdered that young black man for looking at a be gun.they should all be bobbies like in the UK.thanks for your thought out post.

      1. marcello geno says

        Mr. Bravo, thank you for your post. You have said as much as I did even though your vocabulary is limited. I agree with you that police in America should be trained in the way the UK Bobbies are trained. Only certain officers should be armed. This would make the public regardless of skin color more sympathetic to the police and more inclined to assist them in a tense situation. Many of the more violent comments on this website are being written by retired cops or police officers in uniform. The officers who run the POLICE UNIONS are also to blame for the increasing police brutality and violence in the United States. If an officer is fired upon or a suspect is armed with a real gun, not a toy that is the time to respond with lethal force — not before.

  31. says

    The Negros will always blame someone else that’s their nature, just look at obummer and holder not too mention most dumbocrats! My2cents

  32. Daniel W says

    The Ferguson riots are nothing but shopping riots. People claim that they are opposed to the police conduct, so how do they show their displeasure they break into stores and steal televisions phones, iPads beer wine cigarettes, etc.
    wait till grand jury verdict comes in and clears the cop in the shooting of Michael Brown robbery perpetrators thug and miscreant. The police should put all of these thieves into jail

  33. jonny bravo says

    THEY NEED TO CHANGE THIS POST TO PIG LOVERS WHO SUPPORT paid leave for pigs who kill civilians

  34. brabbie2002 says

    Shoot rioters with real bullets! If this is going to be like the LA riots, the people are not demonstrating their unhappiness about Brown, they are looking for new flat screen TVs and other “rich” folk stuff!

  35. Jimh77 says

    Local Police and SWAT teams, lock N load with real ammo. As rioting ensues, shoot to kill till no one is left standing. Once all these animals are out of the way, maybe Ferguson can return to some what normalcy for the rest of the fine folks living there.

  36. Nanasix says

    I hope they will call in assistance and back-up from other localities to support them. They need to be prepared well in advance, and not just equipment. I blame those named for everything that has taken place, more than I blame the news media. This unfortunate incident set up an opportunity for race bating, when it had nothing to do with what happened. I hope all goes well and the blacks will understand the grand jury’s decision is a just one.

  37. bdcorvette says

    If the citizens of Ferguson want to be violent, they should take out their frustrations on the kind visitors from Chicago and Detroit who come down to get freebies from the community. Bloody them a little. Of course it will not happen; the visitors are black and therefore “brothers” iven if they are felons.

  38. helen sabin says

    IF there is any rioting just shoot a few dead and it will stop. These worthless types are basically cowards – stand up to them.

  39. supergun says

    It is a shame that it has come to this point in America. If you are guilty then prosecute. If you are not guilty then close the case. Any other will lead to the crumbling of our Nation’s foundation.

  40. Jackys says

    If you want to know what is wrong with America…and half of the entire world, at least….read the comments of jonny bravo!

    1. jonny bravo says

      Bet you have a sign in front of to your house I love officer Daren Wilson

      1. Kent2012 says

        bet you have a sign in front of your house “brain dead clown lives here”

  41. gatormaid says

    They are going to riot anyway it goes. Any excuse to get a new TV or tires. A good time had on a Sat. Night. This isn’t about Michael Brown, it’s about the excuse to trash something and get something for free.

  42. smogdew says

    That is contemptible – nobody knows the real situation (as it actually existed; that’s a certainty considering the myriad versions from ‘spectators’). It’s just a way to keep blacks from rioting and looting, what they do best after murdering and lining up for welfare; and giving credence to the garbage that comes from the 3 Stooges (Obama, Robinson, Sharpton) mouths; allows blacks one more racist victory.
    Oprah Winfrey, now the Queen of Racism should work well w/the Stooges. Give me a break!

  43. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    This will all end in bloodshed and violence, that much is quite clear.

    The semi-literate hip-hopping barbarian Welfare savages have already proven that they are predisposed to mob violence. The so-called “authorities” have already proved to be incapable and incompetent. The only thing left for the good folks of Ferguson, Missouri to do now is to Buy More Ammo and support their local Militia.

    Perhaps the good folks of Ferguson might benefit from reading this article, written a little over two years ago, that lays out a tactic for armed private Citizens to organize and to deal effectively and decisively with mobs of rioting savages:

    The tactic is called the “Sniper Ambush” and it works very, very well. It’s either that, or watch the bozos (the ones who wear their ballcaps sideways and their pants down around the crotch) loot, murder, and burn their town to the ground.

    Aim Small, Miss Small, America. This won’t end pretty.

  44. marcello geno says

    If the police want to get more guns off the streets, let’s start by arming fewer police officers like they do in the United Kingdom. There is far less violence committed against London’s Bobbies, most of whom do not carry guns, than the increasing violence being committed against America’s heavily armed police officers and sheriff’s deputies. Police need to be retrained and put on a friendly face. That will accomplish wonders in bringing the public to their side — whites, blacks, Hispanics and other cultures.

    1. Kent2012 says

      wrong answer…

      1. marcello geno says

        if you’re a cop or think like a cop and believe guns are the answer to every problem, of course it’s the ‘wrong answer.’

        1. Kent2012 says

          perfectly wrong answer when you are dealing with punks and azzholes like “tubs” brownie….

  45. Jim Schwalbe says

    Last time the animals rioted the cops stood back and watched them loot and burn stores. If I had a business in that cesspool I would be inside with several loaded shotguns and anybody breaking in would be going out in a bag

  46. shadowmerlin says

    The media just followed our president’s lead. Any conflict between a white cop and a black criminal must be racist.

  47. Sgt. York says

    Round up the non residents coming into Furgeyvill and send them to the FEMA camps

  48. McFerguson says

    Like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown was a thug practicing his chosen profession and burnishing his street cred when his stupidity cost him his life. Civilized society can not give in to these counter-culture cretins. When the decision comes down from the Grand Jury not to indict given that the preponderance of evidence supports Officer Wilson’s story of defending himself from an attack by a 6’4″, 290 pound moron high on THC who was trying to take his weapon, the Goober Governor needs to call in enough National Guard troops and police re-enforcements to insure that Ferguson isn’t destroyed by a bunch of race hustlers and thugs. No more “burn baby, burn” cause-celeb events. Time to lock’n load.

    1. jonny bravo says

      I hope they burn the town to the ground

      1. McFerguson says

        Sure you do, moron, and I hope you get shot while doing it…

  49. Conservative says

    Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, have aided, abetted and added the fuel to the fire of hatred and this lust for the conviction of an innocent police officer who was attacked by a thug.

    The very people that should have been calling for peace and giving the judicial system time to work it’s way through this, they incited this uncivilized behavior that will hurt so many innocents, both black and white. The hurt may not be physical but what about all the good, decent, law abiding blacks? The actions of the thugs make it look so bad for all blacks. Using their children to participate in these actions is beyond comprehension – that in itself is a form of child abuse.

    The hatred is hurting the entire community, physically, mentally and financially and it makes no sense. It really makes one question the intelligence of such actions.

    Our leadership and liberal politicians act like a bunch of neanderthals. The only thing that will save this Nation is electing representatives of integrity, courage and wisdom.

    Only God can save America now and unfortunately we have expelled Him from our Government. It may already be too late.

  50. Christopher Huffman says

    Blacks in America have been fed a study diet of ‘Your a victim of racism’ from birth. They have used Obozo’s presidency as a time to ‘get even’ and hose ‘Whitey’. The clock is running out on this game. If Blacks choose to riot when the Grand Jury returns ‘no indictment’ then the Police should shoot to kill. The time has come to restore order in this country. Vote for anyone except a DemocRAT. Impeach Obozo! Then arrest him and all members of his criminal administration! Restore the Republic.

  51. David Mangum says

    I’m sick of watching the animals, i hope they do go super niger, then we can legally shoot them in self defense and put them in the ground along side the dipshit that started this.

  52. ConsultantInAction says

    OMG, Have we become Hostage to the Criminals of our time?
    Think about this; We now have a President and Attorney General that Refuse to Uphold the Oath of their Offices. For this and this alone, Americans should be Rioting in the Streets.
    Not because some Thug Committed a Robbery then attacked a Police Officer. The ones rioting in Ferguson need to he held accountable, Fire Hoses, Rubber Bullets, and Real Bullets if they do not disperse. This is not about some innocent being shot by the Police, oh no, this Black, yes he was Black and yes, he was a Criminal, one that had just committed a crime….
    The time has come to stop facilitating these people. This is not about Civil Rights, absolutely not. This is about a segment of our society that after being here for over 250+ years has failed to assimilate. There are those in the Black Community that are still claiming they are being enslaved. Well, here’s the News Flash, You Are Not.
    Eric Holder, to make matters worse, has placated these folks. To think, just because a significant number of Blacks have chosen to move to Ferguson Missouri, the entire town has to change their structure. They came to Ferguson, Ferguson didn’t come to them. No one forced them to move there. In addition, more than likely, they moved to Ferguson because it was a Safe Community.
    Black Communities are Lawless, because Black Folks, for one reason or another feel comfortable in that environment. Well, that is until it becomes so unbearable, they themselves can’t stand it any longer.
    Don’t like living there? Move.
    Most of Americans live in Safe communities, then of course, Blacks seem to think the reason for this is Whites are Prejudiced to the point of forcing Blacks to live in these unlawful areas. Not at all, Blacks create this environment. Take Detroit; Wow! To think this is White America’s fault as well? Absolutely Not. Detroit, Totally run by Blacks, Policed by Blacks, guess what, it too is like Somalia, Lawless, Bands of Gangs, Corrupt Politicians, kind of like Africa….? It sure is. Though Blacks claim it’s our fault. There needs to be a National Discussion, absolutely there needs to be.
    Once again, it’s White Americas fault, again, No It’s Not. These folks need to get their act together. Take for example Dr. Ben Carson, wow, what a great man. Why? Because he had some structure, discipline, Morals and his folks cared. I’m not sure of his story, but you can bet he wasn’t raised in Beverly Hills, roaming the streets of Rodeo Drive. He’s a product of America, yet he’s not saying why me.
    Black Americans, for the most part are responsible for their own destiny. Black America is Corrupt, it is that simple and they settle for that lifestyle. Why does their exist this subculture that doesn’t even speak English? Because they are Rebelling each and every day. Rebelling against what? The greatest Country, the one with most opportunity, is that why? No, because they have an equal, if not a better opportunity than a white kid does, that is if they want to take advantage of it.
    Morgan Freeman, ask him. Work, Work and Work, you’ll more than likely get somewhere. Get an Education, but get if from a Teacher that cares. Oooops, well, here goes again. The NEA, the Teachers Union, the one that supports the LEFT, they could care less about young Blacks. What they do care about; They care about RAISING MONEY FOR THE LEFT….They will not get rid of Bad Educators, not at all. Look at Seattle, they had a Black Superintendent, she permitted her Black Friends to let Contracts to the Urban League Cronies, under the Shroud of another Non Profit, more fraud. Finally they were uncovered by an audit, several were charged. The Black Superintendent, she resigned, unscathed and with a Bail Out Check, and off to DC…The land of Corruption…
    No, Blacks are not infringed on, they are however responsible for their own woes….If they Riot in Ferguson, they should be treated like Criminals breaking the law…Not permitted to RIOT…Eric Holder, YOU ARE A RACIST, A CRIMINAL YOURSELF.. You ad your Crony in the White House, you all break the law when you get up in the morning. You for failing to do your job, and him for permitting you to get away with it…..You both need to go, you all are a Disgrace to America….

  53. John Pace says


  54. william russell says

    Hey i have a suggestion for the white police officers in ferguson, when the verdict is returned from the grand jury, just call in sick and allow the wild animals to loot, destroyed and hurt each other and everyone else in the town. Why should you put your life on the line knowing that african americans living there want to kill you. Let them destroy the town because it is a cesspool now.

  55. Cranky Steven says

    If Ferguson explodes, it is the direct fault of the dems and their demonic leaders like sharptongue, jackoff, oblojob, and the rest. You may notice that the number of protestors exceeds that of the town’s population. Odd, that. It is because demo-nazies are bussing in agitators to create a blood bath with the media ghouls egging them on.
    I say bring out the belt-fed machine guns and show the thugs what blood is all about.

  56. Oldchopper says

    This is the perfect scenario for black Muslims to hit the streets and start killing innocent people. Everyone will think it’s just a bunch of disgruntled folks with nothing better to do (which is generally the truth) until the guns come out or the bombs start exploding.
    I agree with abbeyc below. The ones running security for this town had best be diligent and not let these losers loose on the streets. If they don’t protect the town and the citizens from the thugs then they’re a bunch of cowards. No different than the officials and police departments in Dearborn, Michigan and other cities in our country that won’t stand up to protect Americans.

  57. MarcJ says

    There were riots and shop looting by Blacks in that Missouri town organized by “Reverend”
    Sharpton protesting “the murder of ‘an innocent black teenager’ and another Obama’s ‘potential son’ Michael Brown by “a racist white” policeman.

    Michael Brown’s rap sheet from 2013 on “Casenet” (see Internet). Note that he also has a seemingly considerable juvenile criminal record that is unfortunately sealed.

    1) Description: Burglary – 1st Degree {Felony B RSMo: 569.160 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    2) Description: Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    3) Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury {Felony A RSMo: 565.050} Code: 1301100;
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    4) Description: Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    This rap sheet does not yet include the latest attack, with another black “teenager”, on
    the police officer while resisting arrest and trying to take away the policeman’s gun, and the preceding store robbery. Now let somebody explain to me – how come that established habitual violent criminal was not in jail? Or is this a different Michael Brown? How come our MSM has not reported the broken eye socket of the police officer that sent him to the hospital? How come our MSM has nor reported the Brown’s autopsy results showing the criminal as under heavy drug influence?

  58. Alan404 says

    Rioters, black or white, should be dealt with, harshly if necessary.

  59. John R Pyles says

    when someone tries to come into your home or business uninvited they mean nothing good,and should be put down like the animals they are period.

  60. RayR55 says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t give a rats azz who don’t like it. If they start the riots again, the police should pull out completely and let the city burn to the ground. Let them kill each other. Maybe they’ll wake up. Someone wants to call that RACIST, fine, I could give a crap less.

  61. rchguns says

    Announce at least 3 to 4 days ahead of time that any demonstrators who pose a threat to personal property and participate in any activity meant to do physical harm to others will be shot on sight. Anyone on the streets after curfew (11 PM) will be arrested and detained and if they are looting, destroying personal property or have been committing assault on individuals they will be shot.

    You know is going to happen because the Obama administration has his back up against the wall and to protect themselves they need an excuse to declare martial law. Once that is done no charges could never be brought against any of Obama’s Merrymen. When Obama loses this protection of the Oval Office he potentially faces criminal charges for his behavior and those of his minion. This he cannot allow nor will his ego allow him to step out of office even after the election.

  62. rayhause says

    My concern is that the pressure on the grand jury to indict Wilson will change their standards to pacify the Blacks. Then what has happen, indictments that are constantly reflecting racial bias, indictments are based on evidence. Our government has done everything to rig the system in benefit to minorities, especially the blacks, we will find no grand jury will adhere to the standards and principals applying to their duties.

  63. 2001CPT35E says

    The Governor should deploy National Guard assets in and around the area a week before and a week after the verdict, and then downscale the National Guard presence each week until it is certain that there will be no rioting by thugs who choose to terrorize the citizens in the area. It’s one thing to conduct a civil protest about something, or to file a legal challenge in a court of law – which is the proper way to do things in this country, but when people make the conscious decisions to act like thugs and terrorize citizens and destroy property or harm people, well those are the kind of things we expect in third world countries – not in the United States.

    That kind of action should not be tolerated and it should be treated as an act of domestic terrorism once an entire community becomes under siege by thugs. At the moment the police become overwhelmed and can no longer conduct law and order, then the Governor of any state or territory should call in the National Guard to quell the violence, restore order and if necessary use the tactics and force necessary to neutralize any insurrection.

    After over 13 years of war, we have enough troops who are experienced in conducting counterterrorism operations in urban environments… so, I think if thugs in Ferguson want to take it to that level, then give them what they want because I believe once the media coverage shows how surgical and precise our National Guard forces are in handling these kind of situations, then I believe there won’t be as many thugs motivated to taking to the streets terrorizing our communities for quite some time.

    When situations like these get out of hand, it becomes a breeding ground for foreign insurgent forces operating in the United States to flock to undetected and cause further destruction and chaos – inflaming the situation even more. Neither side at the moment realizes that some activities are being conducted by a third party (foreign insurgents) and the media not being wise to this situation will blame it on racial violence and tension – which may cause civil unrest in other cities and towns across the U.S. – thus creating more inviting environments for (foreign insurgents) to move into causing similar destruction until we reach the point where certain places in the U.S. are cordoned off and declared security zones. If the fighting continues to reach levels where death tolls rise and the National Guard becomes overwhelmed, you could then see a situation where certain places in the U.S. fall under Martial Law. By then, the United States likely has many foreign terrorists and insurgent forces along with sympathizers and supporters aiding in their cause, at which time the media that was responsible for race baiting these kind of situations will be wishing they could go back to a point in time where they could report on fields of battle in foreign lands – instead of reporting on the war right here at home.

    Then once there are many “pockets” of insurrection – violence – lawlessness and small battlefields across the U.S. and once it reaches the peak where our government looses its credibility with the people, then we become a prime target for a more conventional enemy with larger armies who may decide to form their own coalition to attack us and be rid of the United States once an for all… (Russia, China, and Iran). The old doctrine – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” will be adopted by terrorists, insurgents and conventional axis countries who primary purpose will be not only to defeat the United States, but to destroy the United States – and begin a new world without the United States.

    What about our own allies? Well, I don’t think they will be motivated to assist us in a domestic situation where it looks like at first we just have lawlessness in some cities and streets. By the time the situation grows to where we are fighting terrorists and insurgents in our own streets – it will be too late for our own allies to send forces to assist us. And by the time the Russians, Chinese and Iranian axis begins to attack us,our allies are less likely to stand with us once they witness the might empire of the United States begin to stumble. So, since our allies won’t be coming to our assistance, then let’s hope we still have enough good citizens in the country who are armed and who know the terrain of their area better than any allied army and let’s hope they will serve as our last line of defense and tilt the odds back into our favor – giving us the chance to suppress any invasion and take back any lands in which our enemies may have gained success. Of course, in the end, there is always the nuclear option – as critics always tell me, but if it comes to that then there won’t be a land or country worth fighting for by anyone then. So, I don’t perceive the nuclear option as a real option.

    For those who don’t believe that such a scenario could ever happen, then I leave you with this… it doesn’t matter what you believe – you just have to know that our enemies talk about such things and are beginning to plan for such things. So please don’t think for one instant that thugs and gangs or criminal organizations across our nation even care about how their actions could have potential National Security ramifications – because they simply don’t care! That being said, I believe that some situations dealing with thugs, gangs and criminal organizations should be treated as National Security crimes, which enables the U.S. to handle these guys and these types of cases in a different manner, because if not, then I believe that we are about to reach a point where some of our state and local law enforcement agencies are going to be challenged in ways that they are unprepared and unequipped for.

  64. donl says

    With Al sharpless and their IQ levels, oh yeah, hell their looking forward to it.

  65. Jim says

    Let them do whatever they want to do with their city. If they burn it down, don’t do anything to clean up the city.

  66. Christian_Patriot7 says

    Give the cops flame throwers. I bet the wild apes would disperse once they saw flames coming towards them.

  67. EDWARD MIKAN says


  68. John Barleycorn says

    surround the city with fire trucks and make matches illegal . .
    maybe that will save some of Ferguson

  69. AuthorLee says

    Declare martial law. Send in the National Guard locked and loaded with ball ammo, bayonets fixed.

    Put an end to the insurrection. Of course there will be collateral damage — reporters and perhaps some race-baiting outsiders.

    I used to live in St. Louis and worked in the Ferguson area. It was a peaceful area. It is past time to return it to that state.

    Enough is enough. A soft response only encourages more rioting.

    1. jim marcum says

      i’m sorry although I love peace and law and order I do not ever wish to see Martial Law declared in this country opening the door to corrupt politicians seizing more innocent people’s rights and property. no way, not me.

  70. Maria castro says

    They might not dare, thanks to a group of patriots the truth is being broadcasted around the world. We want the whole world to see the troublemaker and liar that Obama is.

  71. John McMickle says

    I hope there is no violence, but if there is it should be met with force and ended. Make them understand throwing rocks and burning buildings will not be tolerated.

    1. jonny bravo says

      Won’t be rocks next time,best remember that..

      1. John McMickle says

        If the protesters fire a shot then it should be a free fire zone.

  72. NoRINO says

    What difference does it make? It’ll never be enough to satisfied the race mafia even if Ferguson went up in flame.

  73. fsa0033 says

    If anyone riots, shoot to kill. They are committing a crime, they are placing themselves and others in danger. They are willing to commit heinous acts of crime so shoot to kill.

  74. hawk157 says

    The truth and the facts mean nothing to a segment of people living in and outside of Ferguson. They want to hear only one answer. They are just as likely to riot no matter which answer comes. If justice were their driving motive they would not have rioted from the beginning. What justice were they giving the individuals and businesses that they injured, robbed or destroyed by their action?. If every moment of the confrontation had been exactly the same, save for the officer being African American, there would have been no riots. Select individuals in our society desire mayhem, riots, disorder, and destruction and they use every incident as an excuse to display their wanton contempt for civilized society.

  75. defiant1 says

    Jesse Jackson, Holder and Sharpton stoked this fire–as well as the media and now the town law enforcement has to handle what this administration created–racism and violence!

  76. belladonnacotton says

    Don’t worries be happy. Maybe the residents will kill each and every one of them self off and that will be that. They are so self destructive that is a possibility. Or Prozac the water system. These are just as stupid actions as the people who allow the crap to escalate and those who participate in the actions. Protest will not change the fact that the young adult was killed trying to kill a cop and the family caused the problems that escalated into destruction of their home town. It is not a Black white thing it is a legal thing and a right to not be threatened by those who want to destroy others for their own angry reasons. Ferguson citizens need to think and decide before the announcement and control their children because Parents you are responsible for your minor children. I think there should be NO Persons even relatives, who are not registared citizen of Furguson in the town the day before the day of and the day after the anouncement. The aggitators and aggravators that come from outside need to be removed and only city leaders, the police and religious leaders should be there to guide, listen and help understand. The military can stay 1-5 miles away in stratigic positions and block roads, search incoming traffic watch for sneak thieves in case the citizens don’t handle it correctly which is calmly. Move on Ferguson.

  77. Justin Metz says

    Here is a sweet 3 minute clip of peace protesters, led by Muslim Bassem Masri in Ferguson from the other night:

    1. jim marcum says

      I think the guy with his wifes sunglasses on must be the grand lizard.

  78. ward says

    Justice should prevail on spot for the criminals when they commit their looting, rioting or law violations by whatever it takes to stop their pre planned crimes …! The criminal chooses their fate with actions totally defying or obeying U.S. Laws ..! When they threaten other lives they should receive instant justice by what ever means it will take including meeting their maker which they created for themselves … !

  79. Ddenney1 says

    Stop the BS!! They should be interviewing the shop keeper and others that were bullied by the little darling! They must not be able to find the shop keeper after his business was burned to the ground! Why were the race baiters not charged with arson??? You know that the little darling has had more than one instance of beating someone after attacking an armed cop in his car!! Nobody could be that STUPID!!!

  80. adrianvance says

    One photo of Officer Wilson’s injuries would have quelled that city, but Eric Holder sealed it for that reason. Obama wants violence with people dying so he can declare a national emergency and take over.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts.

  81. Old Ga Dawg says

    For the business’s there, if this does happen that riots breaks out, I believe I would move out of this area and let the animals fight among themselves and let them figure where their next meal, groceries and etc. might come from. The only way to end this probably would be give them all a gun and let them kill one and another off. Or bring in the National Guard and have them to “shoot and ask questions later”.

  82. mallen11 says

    Be ready for the explosion and wipe them out with gas, water, pellet guns, even fire arms if necessary and arrest them and only feed them bread and water then make them clean up the mess they made. This can be done if there are enough strong policemen and national guardsmen to stop the riots before too much harm is done to the businesses and the people who don’t riot. People don’t think in riots; they are pure emotional and hurt too many innocent people. They must be stopped and they can if the law enforcement is prepared. Bring reenforcement in from other cities just like the rioters come from other places. What they do in Ferguson will be the motive in other areas where this type of thing breaks out.

  83. Ray Heffley says

    Ferguson already exploded when thief’s were not challenged to robbing so many local stores. The political correctness left, chose not to protect law abiding citizens and safety of local business. China would have brought fire breathing tanks in but not America. Well, Now, What Ya gonna do? Let the thief’s take over the city? This isn’t about one individual killed. This is about poverty and the gifts government has given. Now they demand more. When will it stop. This is American terrorism. This is Black Americas bad dream that education required them to become active. They chose not to accept responsibility to accept Democracy, Capitalism and education. This is the black race card excuse in its most enormous form. White Man did not create this. I hope Black leaders like Sharpton will be held fully responsible for the end result. This is about government saying come get your check and people saying its not enough. They want more. Come on Liberal Progressives, feed what you weaned.,

  84. Valor says

    I believe Obama is hoping for riots. That way he has an excuse for Martial Law.

  85. Geoffrey says

    The para-military response of the Ferguson Police Department to the rioting on the night Brown, the thug, was shot was the appropriate response. Should the Grand Jury fail to indict, any ensuing rioting must be met by armored vehicles, riot gear, automatic weapons, dogs and over- whelming force

  86. WileyPost says

    They should invite all the liberal news crews, Eric Holder, and race-baiters (Sharptons, Jacksons, etc.) into town for the big announcement. Once inside, seal off the town and then announce; No Indictment. Then let the those “progressives” deal with the “victim” population they created.

  87. Geoffrey says

    If Obama had a son he would act like Michael Brown!

  88. bpr1122 says

    Jackson and Sharpton should be sued for the damage they caused

  89. bill says

    pay attention people it ISN’T GOING TO JUST BE FERGUSON.

  90. omegaman says

    if you want to know if Ferguson will explode, just look at the picture posted with this article. Any questions?

  91. sandraleesmith46 says

    Ferguson doesn’t WANT justice; it wants revenge for a PERCEIVED crime that never occurred. Justice for the crimes that DID happen has already occurred, but racist hate rejects the truth, and refuses to hear the facts. All they hear in Ferguson is the myth they’ve been fed and regurgitating for DECADES! Time to stop living in a fantasy world created out of politically expedient lies from the people who DO hate and enslave, and who are the very ones fomenting the trouble in your town. Revenge is God’s job, NOT any man’s.

  92. beware says

    Oh, now the liberal media wants to cover a story and tell us like it really went down wonder if he was white all this would matter? Wonder if all these black thugs and punks would be rioting if M. Brown were a white man? My first guess would be F##k N0!

  93. marilyn says


    1. NoRINO says

      That’s a bad joke but I like it.

  94. Fedup says

    Those who participate in rioting, looting, and burning down someone’s hard-earned business just prove to the world how criminally uncivilized and uneducated predominantly black neighborhoods WANT to be. If they are looking for sympathy, that isn’t the way to get it but Jackson and Sharpton encourage it just to keep their names in the headlines. It’s PR for them and they don’t give a rats a$$ for the community. Anyway to keep things stirred up just so they feel relevant themselves. Without Ferguson, there wouldn’t be anything to put their names in the headlines.

  95. Stan Lee says

    If there aren’t wild demonstrations it’ll be a miracle. It doesn’t take much to ignite the same people who rioted before. They don’t think, they just go where they’re pointed. The outside elements who’ve been setting them off have to be blocked. If they aren’t residents of the immediate area of Ferguson, they should be detoured by all means possible. That would reduce the riot threat somewhat, so local authorities can deal with the rest, but the authorities have to break-up the rioters, they may not realize that all of their mayhem isn’t going to change the facts found by an extensive investigation of the issue.

  96. William Fejka says

    A few looters and rioter being shot would go a long way in controlling the mob’s actions. Noting was done to stop them before so they acted like animals.Rogue animals are shot, out of control rioters should be too.
    Using less than lethal ammo might work but that remains to be seen Mob violence is only stopped by legal violence, lethal or otherwise Until you discipline an unruly child you continue to have an unruly child.
    No rocket science required .

  97. joe haire says

    Our laws need to be enforced. Political correctness has no place for the lawlessness that might happen. Brown attacked that officer…he broke the law and paid for it. The city must be prepared to withstand any threat.PERIOD!!!

  98. John Joseph Wilson says

    wow, I have read so many shoot first and ask questions later. screw Obama, to hell with the police! Sounds like it is the same crowd that rioted in the first place. shame on those comments. Police are here to serve the public through service and their integrity. they must have the authority of the citizen to make arrests in their cities and to curtail crime as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean each citizen states their view on whether the police have a right to arrest or not! If it is the law of the Town, city, state, or federal government they (The Police) have to enforce it, whether they like it or not and be objective.
    The majority of officers today do just that and should be supported. For those few that don’t, they should be suspended by their departments and efforts should be made not to employ them elsewhere in the state or other states. But, it should be done legally, through elected government and not radical rioters that really don’t care about the outcome of the event, just to burn down or destroy the community.
    Laws are made for everyone in this country to follow and we are are responsible for fulfilling the spirit of these laws on a daily basis. God Bless America, Police Officers, and our Constitution.

  99. Shauna says

    If they act like animals, put them down like animals! I’m am sick and tired of this savage behavior! The kid was a thug, pure and simple…

  100. James Maxwell says

    Stop Jessie and Al at the gates and throw them along with the Left Wing Liberal Media in Jail or
    inciting riots. That would stop a lot of BS very quickly.

  101. Patrick says

    Junk yard dogs and fire men with big hoses.

  102. Anne Marie Bradley says

    I don’t like the way this article is written. It is like one of the ignorant protesters wrote it. The point is, this was a staged event! Brown was probably drugged to be violent! the officer had no choice since he tried several times to shoot him in non life-threatening places on his body first, yet he kept surging, which is indicative of hallucinogenic drugs! Brown could have been induced and not know it! There is a pattern of odd – violent behavior – from people who are not known to be violen – SINCE the Sandy Hook Massacre – and Obama planners are up to no good! Adam Lanza was painted green and he was in a green costume of some sort. No doubt his kidnappers killed him after they gunned his mother down and THEY – not Adam Lanza – shot up the school! No one can can shoot 250+ rounds in less than 10 minutes! Yet that is what happened! Politicians are in on this, especially Gov Malloy! First thing he said, was said when Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered AFTER the JFK shooting: “We all know who did this so there will be no investigation”. No investigation? How absolutely criminal is that? Police have to be investigated no matter how much the circumstance seemed they shot in self defense! it is routine! Wake up everyone – they are treating the public like fools by lying, through propoganda, through starting rumors! I was on a blog when the Sandy Hook Massacre was occurring because I know how much media lie. Some of them were listening to their police scanners at home and relayed what police said and did! Many were sobbing, yet the going scandal is that it is all a hoax, that there was no blood at the scene – as if all these morally-grounded families would be in on it! Know why? Millions of dollars was stolen by United Way! When the embezzlers were first being uncovered, United Way stepped in and took all the money! Families got a very small percent! They have anywhere from $12 million to as much as $26 million! No matter what, it is conceivable they will be able to get away with stealing some of it because there is no clear connection on the management of the money! The Senate needs to flip so Republicans are in control – and the republican candidates who are running have been carefully screened because the republican party WILL fix all that is broken. The social scars left from all these scandals will last a lifetime!

  103. Cynthia Clark says

    I guess it is going to take something really bad to happen to stop this!! Then what? They get away with murder like they did when those african american boys murdered the Australian or the mother who watched her baby get shot in the face by those african american boys because she had no money?

  104. Cynthia Clark says


  105. marcello geno says

    A website poster who calls herself SANDRALEESMITH criticized one of my posts. She said I should get to know police officers and go on ridealongs. Since I have worked as a reporter covering police, sheriff’s departments and the FBI in communities around the United States during my 50 years as a reporter, I have gone on dozens of ridealongs. I have ridden with police officers and sheriff’s deputies in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Naples, FL., Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, PA. and many other cities. I have partied with cops and FBI agents at birthday parties, graduations, promotions and retirement parties.. I know and admire a good cop,. One of my best friends is a re

  106. Holy Joe says

    Al Sharpton is there to make sure it explodes – as a so called ‘Reverend’ he will place his blessing or curse upon Ferguson – right on cue

  107. 2399molly says

    Jackson, Holder and Sharpton are responsible for racial riots. What have they done for the Ferguson by inviting trash into Ferguson. What have they done for their people. I do not see them incouraging the youth to get a good education and learning respect for their own kind. All they do is rabble rouse. To top it off, Sharpton is Obama’s adviser and has a spot on MSNBC. It goes to show you what a lowlife this president is.

  108. patty says

    Let’s face it..The Ferguson Chief of Police was in over his head and he should have known that his police force could not handle the out of hand residents, including the other punks/hoodlums that came by boat, train, plane, bus, motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles, roller skates, skate boards 🙂 The Governor should have taken action and called in the National Guard immediately as well as police resources from around Missouri. Not a bad idea KENT2012…Machine gun manned road blocks (including in the town). They behave like mad dogs, you shoot them down like mad dogs..Whites are damned if they do and damned if they don’t by blacks and the race baiters Sharpton, Jackson and even our PRESIDENT AND HOLDER found time to stand up for their people (don’t know if any Muslims attended) and DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GET THE ANSWERS FOR/THE WHO AND WHY’S? Example: 1. GETTING THE ANSWERS FOR THOSE WHO LOST LOVED ONE IN BENGHAZI. DELIBERATELY ORDERING A “STAND DOWN.” 2. FAST AND FURIOUS KNOW BY HOLDER AND SWEPT UNDER THE “OVAL OFFICE RUGS. ! 3. THE CORRUPTION OF THE IRS/AND SWEEPING IT UNDER THE RUGS IN THE OVAL OFFICE 4. THE YOUNG, INNOCENT BORDER GUARD WHO WAS MURDERED BY ILLEGALS AND SWEPT UNDER THE OVAL OFFICE RUGS. 5. THE GOLFER OR IS IT CAMPAIGNER OR VACATIONER “PRESIDENT OBAMA” KNOWINGLY, WANTINGLY AND DELIBERATELY “IGNORING” THE FORMER AMBASSADOR TO IRAN WHO GAVE HIM BIG TIME WARNING A YEAR OR SO AGO ABOUT “ISIS AND! THEIR STRENGTH AND GROWING EACH DAY. WARNING ABOUT THE MASS WEAPONS OF WAR ISIS HAD ACCESS TO?” and HE WALKED OUT OF THE MEETING ON TO A GOLF COURSE. “SUBJECT IGNORED AND CLOSED.”

  109. junkmailbin says

    the blacks do not care about justice, they want an excuse to kill a white boy, loot, and riot

  110. jessejames5 says

    This is a no win situation. They are going to riot anyways and they will use this as an excuse if the GJ elects to not charge him. They are punks who think race should dictate the laws of the land, and they can have all the evidence in the world before them, and without a doubt Wilson would be innocent, and they still want him hung for defending himself from some black punk who thinks he is something beyond his pea brain.

  111. Gordon says

    Are you really calling Obama a “race-baiter?” You must truly be the bigot that I take you for!

  112. ABBAsFernando says

    Low information blacks in Ferguson are being played by the communist puppet masters Obama and Holder to create racial division and hatred. Exactly the same way Hitler used his Brown Shirts agains the Jews. Strawmen to gen up support for the leadership.

  113. Dennis B Anderson says

    I do beleive when Obama says God Bless America? He is really saying God Blast America. When he says this Im waiting for him to catch on fire, or his nose falls off. Why would Obama stop whats going on in Ferguson when his retoric helped fuel the debocal. 2 middle fingers up for Obama youre a real one Dude!

  114. Bruce True says

    Enough is enough all they want is excuse to loot and pillage the people that had nothing to do with this mess in the first place. Plus, it didn’t help with morons like Sharpton stirring the hornets nest more. They ought to thankful it is in the U.S. not China Tanks on both end of the town shooting machine guns over their head get out of line end of problem.

  115. slypuffers says

    Holder has many mental issues, anything that happens, is all on him………sweethearts.

  116. Jane Wegener says

    The uproar in Ferguson has been incited further by Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson. The result is totally their agenda and result will make headline news for days and weeks which will take attention away from Obamas failures. If they can stir up enough protests in other cities Obama will instill Martial Law.

  117. FloridaJim says

    Race-baiters like Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Wright, Dyson, Robinson, Ogletree et thousands of unnamed race-baiters will rejoice they are trying to return America to the 1960’s their heyday.
    None of them nor any democrat wants to see a black voter doing well it robs them of a sure vote. The American Dream the grandfather’s of these race-baiters had was destroyed by The great Society programs so blacks would never vote for Republicans who offered hope not slavery. A vibrant, smart electorate kills the hopes of Progressives and all their evil forms.

  118. David Mangum says

    Just shoot the troublemakers,if that don’t work, shoot em all, nothing but a bunch of animals, left wing media bears alot of responsability for this,only showing one side of the story, wheres the pic of the cops injuries, brown got his justice,now burning in hell, thugs burn, fry bitch.

  119. dondehoff says

    We need to hold all media, government, courts and “authoritative” publications, to a “higher standard”. They should be required to present all sides to controversial issues, and then if they want to editorialize, they should be permitted to do so, as long as they make “it” clear that they are taking a certain position. I realize that change would “tongue-tie” a lot of people. I personally believe that the only change required of the First Amendment is to add the word, “civil”. The Founding Fathers, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and all of the courts refrain(ed) from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. I am sure they intended to “set the tone and tenor” for all dialog. Eliminating those three not needed and offensive communication “tools”, would not prevent anyone from saying what information they wished to convey, just “how”, is was being said. Those changes would eliminate many conflicts (and would result in a general “house-cleaning” of the internet. . All too many people devote more time to phrasing their gutter talk than they do to the “subject”. A “standard” might be, “If you would not say it to your mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t say it or put it on the internet”. I no longer am amazed at the number of people who make up for their lack of subject knowledge by resorting to off-subject gutter talk and name calling. And, yes there are professional “plants” out there whose sole purpose is to create diversion and anger to take the reader’s focus off of critical, sometimes life and death, issues. As “Winston” said. “This is the sort of English up with which I will not put”. He also said, “The Unite States is a land of free speech. Nowhere is speech freer—-not even here where we sedulously (see Webster for the definition) cultivate it even in most repulsive form”.

  120. grover rambo says

    No rubber bullets!

  121. Dave Rath says

    Sharpton &Jackson had a town hall meeting w/ supposed eye witnesses in the Travon Martin case to get their story synchronised,arbitrated justice,yeah right ! Wait for the forencics to show the real truth what happened in Ferguson ,They are going to riot either way,if the cop is aquitted or not !!!!

  122. Korny says

    There will be rioting and car burnings. (Blacks) are always looking for an excuse to riot pillage and burn. And, Michael Brown gave them that excuse by stealing a few cheap cigars, so he could attack a cop.

  123. RMCSRET says

    Of course it is going to explode, Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson have set it up to do exactly

  124. Neal says

    The Missouri National Guard should be in Ferguson (the day the Grand Jury announces it’s decision) in full force. To insure there are no riots, as there should not be if the Black population of Ferguson ARE law-abiding citizens, they need to be armed with LIVE AMMUNITION to insure their own safety. We, as a country, CAN NOT condone or allow Private Citizens destroying other people’s personal property, businesses, or lives. PERIOD! A closed community lock down should be in force to insure NO OUTSIDE PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED in THIS local issue and problem. In other words, ALL OUTSIDERS STAY HOME!

    If we actually had a Law-abiding head of the Justice Department instead of a racist, enforce only what law I want too, riot inciting, individual, who believes today as he believed when he was a part of the rabel-rousing young men who broke the laws of the land but weren’t caught and prosecuted for their mistakes. OR, did I read the liberal news media reports wrong?

    IF Eric Holder would stand like a man, be in Ferguson when the results are read (not as a racist but as the US ATTORNEY GENERAL of the UNITED STATES), regardless of the outcome of the Grand Jury, and then help calm the fears and anxieties of a law abiding populous. OR, will he again be be the RACIST US ATTORNEY GENERAL we’ve seen during his last visit to Missouri when he PERSONALLY was attempting to incite riots? Quite possibly with the blessing of (or in conjunction with) the seated President of our country! You will notice from now on it will be “seated President” with no use of his given name. He deserves no more because of his lies, coverups, and lack of ethics.

  125. patty says

    QUESTION? “IS A DUCK’S ASS WATER TIGHT?” 🙂 These heathens will EXPLODE NO MATTER IF WILSON IS INNOCENT OR GUILTY! If Wilson guilty, the town will go crazy, explode in pure happiness that justice was done. Ha de Ha de Ha. AND if he is innocent, the heathens/Indians will go on the war path (no disrespect to the red man/figure of speech) they will EXPLODE. Black punks/hoodlums (thank you Sharpton and Jackson) look for any excuse to riot, shoot off their guns, throw mulitof (sp) cocktails, break windows of businesses and go in and loot. Just like Big Mike Brown thought because he was black he had carte blanche to rob and steel and rough up the Asian store owner.

    1. Political American says


  126. Political American says

    Shouldnt there have been dash cam and microphone evidence? Don’t tell me they don’t have that at least. The bodycams are the only good thing to come from this. The liberal media and democrats are responsible for what happens there and the rise in black on white crime its ridiculous.

  127. patty says

    @POLITICAL AMERICAN..Thanks.. I thought it was mulotov but kept getting red underline so just did pot luck and did the mulotof and it was underlined red as well 🙂 I’ll make knote..:)

  128. fog donkey says

    The national guard didn’t hesitate to shoot down four white students at kent state in the sixties and the thugs of Ferguson have been handled with kid gloves while burning and looting in that town. Maybe they would accept the verdict a calmly if the NG were in town with live ammo for all. I’m sure when whites have had their fill to the point they are protesting in the streets the order shoot to kill will be issued.
    Because minorities and muslims may or may not have suffered injustice in their history will the whites be subjected to the same and for how f’ing long? The fact that any jury decision would be swayed for fear of a riot is B.S., I’ve become totally tired of it. Political correctness is only another nail in the coffin of America and that was brought to you via the libs as well.

  129. KatRob says

    Either way they will act like the uncivilized savages they are. If the decision is to indict, they will riot in celebration. Maybe all these losers should be deported back to africa since they continually like to let us know that’s what they are, African Americans, despite their being no such animal. Deportations is the only way to send a message, you commit a violent crime, you and your entire family are deported back to your “homeland”, be it africa, Mexico, South America, etc.

  130. Yadja says

    Any excuse for a Looting Party. Same thing different day. People afraid to do the right thing for fear of a Riot by Blacks. As I recall there were Riots promised by Al Sharpton and others if Hillary were on the ballot instead of O. I remember them saying they would tear the DNC down. So suppose it is a bullet in their gun held on Americans.

    Well I say let um Riot. Let um give it their best shot. Let um muck run. Let um show what they are until the American people say that is enough and we won’t cower anymore. The day is coming.

  131. usmcb10 says

    It would certainly help if the media would refuse to air Al Sharpton Jackson and some of the other race baiters comments on national TV. Put a restraining order against Sharpton and Jackson from even being in the city of Ferguson. And when these people write and start burning businesses down treat them like you would any other criminal arrest them prosecutor put him in jail. Armed law-abiding business owners is a great deterrent for looting and burning. And if they business owner doesn’t have a weapon have the police loaned him one until he can get one of his own. Several years ago in Kennesaw Georgia they passed a law that every home had to have a weapon in as a homeowner could afford a weapon the police department would give him one after that law was passed there was only two home invasions that following year. In Carol Stream Illinois at the same time they voted to ban all weapons from their city home invasions went up over 200% the following year. An armed society is a polite society.

  132. disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx says

    it is primarily the media that has caused the problem from early on, holly wood included, people need to hold them accountable, demand future election no be advertised, the elimination of the sale of public offices can go a long way to restoring the constitutional republic and in time bring order, look how down the welfare system has brought this country

  133. Deborah G says

    The protestors said they were going to Rape the wife of a cop . Yeah that’ll do it , that’s real justice isn’t it you morons.. What pigs these people are

  134. Seek says

    The grand jury should not indict for one reason: There’s nothing to indict. This cop acted in self-defense. Any honest person can see that. No grand jury, moreover, should be subjected to mob rule. If it is unable to consider evidence without the threat of a riot hanging over it, then there is no reason to convene in the first place. As for the “unarmed” Michael Brown, a specialist in retail theft, sucker-punching, and stealing police service revolvers, thanks for nothing, fella.

  135. dkuch says

    These people riot, loot, rob, and throw stones or what ever at police. SHOOT The bastards, everyone they kill means that much less welfare working class people have to pay!

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