Gun Buybacks: Why Are We Bothering With This Nonsense?


Is there anything American society loves more than empty gestures? Every time you see a Facebook page that promises to save a kid with cancer if it gets 100,000 likes or a pass-it-along email that promises food for Africa if enough people forward it to their grandmothers, you have to wonder why people are so entranced with this new-age slacktivism.

One of the worst examples of this is in the many gun buyback programs we’ve seen in American cities from Newtown to Orlando. Every year a few more cities join in the fun, promising money, shoes, gift cards, and other enticements to get people to turn in their firearms. To make sure they don’t just serve as a way for law-abiding gun owners to get some quick money for old rifles, they promise that no questions will be asked. This, of course, just turns the local police department into a cheap fence, giving gun thieves a perfect opportunity to unload their inventory without worrying about the consequences. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much else.

Despite their growing popularity, impartial researchers say that these programs do not make cities safer and they do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence. Among the more effective programs, these experts say, are targeted police surveillance and efforts to intervene when it comes to known criminals. Even tougher gun laws, the studies show, are more effective than gun buyback programs. The latter is the last thing we need as a country, but it goes to show just how superficial and meaningless these programs really are.

Of course, the primary argument for buybacks is that they “raise awareness.” This has become one of the most widely-used justifications for expensive campaigns that do almost nothing for the cause. It is why people wear ribbons to work instead of donating to a charity. It is why women show their bras on Facebook instead of actually doing something to help fight breast cancer. And it is why police departments around the country are jumping on the buyback bandwagon. No, it doesn’t do a thing to cut down on gang violence or make suburban homes safer, but boy don’t all those guns look great on the evening news!

And this, indeed, is the primary reason why these buyback programs will continue to flourish in the face of logic, statistics, and reason. Your local police department knows that trading the latest Reeboks for AK-47s isn’t going to do anything about crime in the city, but they also know that it presses that button that can pacify both liberals and conservatives. Conservatives see it as the empty gesture that it is, but they take solace that the focus is on something relatively meaningless instead of on paring back the Constitution. Liberals love nothing more than heartstring-tugging charades, so gun buybacks are right down their alley. Everyone’s happy.

  1. talltreetrader says

    Much better for citys to have police auctions on used surplus and unclaimed confiscated arms; making it possible for more Law Abiding Citizens to protect themselves and their familys

    1. James Andrews says

      I agree.

    2. MrPissonyourgrave . says

      Man that would be awesome.

    3. Robert D Marshner says

      I agree too

    4. Buffalo Bill says

      That would make too much sense and the Democrats would have a cow 🙂
      Besides that an unarmed society is a docile society.

      1. yaki534 says

        An unarmed society is a society at the beck and call of anyone with a gun.

  2. frankeritter says

    Gun buybacks are worthless as are any law that goes against the Constitution. Criminals will not abide by any law, only law abiding citizens will obey them, thereby giving the criminals an upper-hand. People, do not turn your guns in. We need them for the future. Our government is out of control and if elections do not do the trick we may have to take matters into our own hands to restart the government under the Constitution. I pray that God intervenes and we can do it peacefully. Also, we have to get back to Jesus as a nation. We must witness to the lost in this nation so that they may have the peace and understanding that only Jesus can give. May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with us in these trying times.

    1. Finkster says

      I guess I will be a Criminal, if the Liberals have their way.

      1. anti govment says

        That’s what is expected by the news media democrats. Everyone hating and tattling on each other just like in China, Mexico or any other country where dictators and tyranny are the rulers! Democrats are depending on you hating others!

      2. Ric Jarvis says

        Me Too !

        1. Finkster says

          So we do need to be prepared. They will use situations like the Bundy Ranch issues to come after those who stand by the the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Similar to what Hitler did in Germany. We need to be prepared for ourselves , our children and our grand children. Even if we have to bury stuff for when our Grand Kids may need it for their cause if we are gone. These different States are passing unconstitutional laws infringing on our rights to bear arms. Massachusetts just passed stricter laws and that’s where the cry for “Liberty” started back in 1775. You would think those folks would know better.

          1. jims_blog says

            youd think huh?

          2. Don Fendley says

            When people can’t tell you wefought in 1775 or who the 1st president was they won’t know where the cry Liberty or Freedom started . What do you expect

      3. 10579 says

        finkster,i’m right there with you and anyone else if this administration tries to screw with the people.

      4. frankeritter says

        Yeah, me too Finkster

      5. Laurence Almand says

        So far as the Demo/Socialists are concerned, if you are a conservative or Republican, you already are a criminal.

    2. Claudia Hula says

      Seems to me that God didn’t intervene when all those victims were being raped by priests. What makes you think he is going to intervene when it comes to gun control or perhaps you think owning a gun protects you.

      1. anti govment says

        What victims? Nuns? They volunteered! A man is a man and a woman does what her man asks for! Women and men are no way equal except in a mental way.

        1. Jenny says

          The victims were mostly school children, especially boys. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

          1. Ric Jarvis says

            That’s the Catholic church,. Rome is full of pedophiles dressed in red velvet !

          2. studi30 says

            Just like the pedophiles in the Muslim religion. In Islam a homo is immediately condemned to death, except when the homo is a big shot in the community.

          3. 10579 says

            or is a young black escort who is traveling to indonesia with wealthy muslims and those of the gayist of the closet purswaision

          4. Jenny says

            A big shot like Obama!

          5. Laurence Almand says

            Ironic note: Yet the Arab men are always going around holding hands and kissing. Something rather peculiar here. More religious hypocrisy.

          6. Finkster says

            Same thing when the pedophiles are of the Progressive Liberal Religion. And of the LGBT religion. Pedophiles come in every stripe and need to be punished severely for their Deviance.

      2. Proudvietvet58 says

        As a matter of fact Ma’am, my gun has saved my and my Wife’s lives multiple times while shopping last Christmas eve after the sun went down. Crooks and thugs all over the parking lots. Funny thing is, when they saw mine was bigger than their gun or knife, sure did a good job of protecting me!!

        Perhaps you need to leave the 79 cats alone for a day, take a walk around your city and see what the hell is REALLY going on.

      3. studi30 says

        If those kids being molested had guns, the molestations would never have happened. Remember, it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

        1. Steve Thomas says

          This “good guy” needs a gun to stop a bad guy with a knife, or hammer, OR BIG MUSCLES. I had a guy that out weighed me (235 to my 163) pick me up by the throat with 1 hand. A gun was necessary. Unfortunately, I lived in Illinois at the time.

      4. Bruce Clyde Jennings says

        Dear Claudia and all of you people who think we shouldnt own a gun, if we didnt have guns we would kill eachn other with knives and if we didnt have knives it would be stones then our bare hands would do the killing. When will you all get through your heads that whatever the criminals have to do their work we need the same tools to do our work and the same goes with all human behaviour. Instead of crying for our goverment to do something about gun control,teach your children about the wrongs and rights of how to act a be an human a person and especially an american who has the rtight to bear arms and who has spilled alot of blood to have those rights. C’mon americans wake up a read the constitution that our fore fathers wrote and lets be a nation of pride and confidence again.

        1. Guest says

          Great explanation Bruce. If the gun grabbers want to grab guns then they need to outlaw , cars, automobiles, and knives also. Each one of those three items individually are used to deliberately kill more people each year than guns. The Second Amendment was put into place for us to protect ourselves, even against the government. “No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms.”, Thomas Jefferson.

        2. Martin Moon says

          Great explanation Bruce. If the gun grabbers want to grab guns then they
          need to outlaw hammers, cars, and knives also. Each one of those
          three items individually are used to deliberately kill more people each
          year than guns. The Second Amendment was put into place for us to
          protect ourselves, even against the government. “No freeman shall be
          debarred the use of arms.”, Thomas Jefferson.

      5. alphinostrum says

        —-no, but using it might…..

      6. Laurence Almand says

        And just what did God do for all the Jews and others who were killed in the Holocaust? If you think God is going to protect you from evil people, think again.
        If a criminal comes into your house with a knife, a gun will indeed protect you.

        1. Finkster says

          That’s right. GOD doesn’t want us to be Stupid. He wants us to keep a sound mind. And owning a few guns is using your head, in case you need them for protection.

          1. studi30 says

            Actually God programmed survival into all his creatures, man is one. Self defense is a God given right, not a man given right.

          2. Laurence Almand says

            Finkster- yes, you are correct.   As the Bible states:  “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Which means, be a good person but don’t be a fool – and look out for yourself.

      7. danny kimbrel says

        Seems perfectly obvious that you are both an Atheist and gun control fruit cake !

      8. Don Dale says

        Claudia, obviously you’ve always been just too skeered to go outside. Try driving through the bad parts of your city and think of the ‘lost out of towner’, when you stop at an intersection and pulled out of your car, robbed then raped at gun point, then come back and explain why we don’t need guns for self defense!

    3. Tool19672 says

      I Agree ! ANYTHING That goes against the Original Constitution is a form of Tyranny ! The powers that be just fill their pockets & think of us as Numbers … When will people wake up ? OUR Founding Fathers Would have been dug in by now

    4. Steve Thomas says

      Gun buy backs are good…if I could find out where one was ahead of time and show up with some cash.

      1. David in MA says

        Gun dealers did that in one city

    5. jims_blog says


    6. 2553077 says

      Exactly correct! and who pays the money to buy back the guns? YOU DO !

  3. WhiteFalcon says

    Maybe if they had a gun buy back for criminals only it would help. Gee, if all the criminals sold all their weapons back, we would have a perfect society. Do you believe that? If you do, you are a liberal.

    1. 1LTLos says

      One last point – How about Obama “Give Back” the several trillion dollars he has wasted with his ridiculous policies and especially the 400 million that he and his freak family have wasted on their vacations? Yes, I WILL HAPPILY SUPPORT THAT!!

  4. Robert Myles says

    I never bought one firearm from the police, the federal government or any other such entity. If and when I sell a gun it will be to a Dealer towards the purchase of a better firearm. Gun buybacks as they are called are a total Farce and need to be exposed for what they are. How about a big Gun buy back in Chicago??Murder USA could stand to lose a few in the hands of gangbangers. This of course wouldn’t happen, instead it is Grandmother’s selling their deceased spouses firearms some of which are rare pistols and rifles which I would assume the police don’t give a fair market value for and they seem to disappear from the pile of junk including nonworking bb guns

    1. junkmailbin says

      yes , there is illegal police skimming going on. First, the police will do for themselves. Rare or exotic guns will be side shuffled for the private use of officers. Back up weapons that are not registered to officers will be acquired for dropping at crime scenes.
      Unless te guns are placed in t huge press or smelting pot, the guns will vanish into police ockets.
      All turned in guns should be recorded with the finger prints of the person turning it in. The weapon should have a ballistic match performed for prior use n crime. Once it is proven that it has not been used in a crime or is stolen, it should be destroyed on the spot or sold to a legal low income applicant for the use of personal protection

    2. alphinostrum says

      —-How about doing in Chicago what they stopped doing in NYC…..Stop and frisk….it worked there till that new Liberal mayor got in and stopped it! Democrats just love criminals….they create so many of them

  5. JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group says

    It is so much easier to appear/perception of moronics as though you’re doing something positive than REALLY DO SOMETHING useful.

  6. Claudia Hula says

    Here we go again – 2nd Amendment rights. Throw all the guns off the top of the Grand Canyon. How many homeowners have been able to stop criminals from killing them? I bet not many – if you pull a gun, you have a better chance of getting shot. Let the criminals take whatever they want or are your goods more valuable than yours and your family’s lives? Arrest all the gang bangers and put them away for 50 or more years – then they might be too old to take control of their streets.

    1. Jenny says

      You are 100% wrong. Homeowners have been able to protect themselves with guns, however, in Canada you will be prosecuted for protecting yourself with a gun, as no one (except the government) is supposed to have a gun in Canada now.
      We have the God-given right to defend ourselves! Criminals these days take more than goods. They have been known to torture their victims mercilessly, and then they kill them. Is that what you think people should endure?

    2. jbombznabombz says

      for one thing Claudia how many times did the criminal get what he wants and still kills the people.another thing you really want to live where the government has taken away the freedom for one to defend him/herself then go live in a country that has done that already the 2nd amendment once again gives us the right to defend ourselves from tyrannical rule not just hunting or protecting ourselves from criminals.please all you people that don’t like or want this nation to be able to defend ourselves move, go live in Russia,Turkey and there are plenty of other places that like to tell you how to live what to believe in what to eat, if this country is not what you picture it to be then get out simple.

  7. anti govment says

    The only thing that happens in these programs is the cartel can unload the weapon thy have used to kill others as there isn’t anything done to see if that has happened with the guns. Those that take the weapons keep the best ones for themselves and laugh all the way home at those idiots that gave them away! A lot of them just go to the cartels and mafia.

    1. Steve Thomas says

      I’d like to be the one laughing. Where can I find a “buyback”?

  8. 1LTLos says

    “Buy Back” SURE!! At Full Price! I am the person who bought the firearm to begin with and the government had nothing to do with my purchase. What is this “back” BS about? Didnt sell it to me to begin with! Awareness of what? That Obama is acting precisely like Adolph Hitler? All the more reasons to tell the government to stuff it and seal the borders do their jobs or go to prison – I am not accepting one more day of shoddy, amateurish politicians ruining our country.

    1. Steve Thomas says

      Good point. They cannot “buy back” what they did not sell in the first place. Just more stupid liberal terminology.

    2. Don Dale says

      You can bet the criminals aren’t giving up their guns, buy-back or not. It’s just another way the liberals are getting guns away from law abiding citizens. I wonder how many ppl got that bit of cash for their guns, then walked around the corner and got robbed of that bit of cash?

  9. jondarmes says

    Where are they doing this and how much are they paying?? I’ve got a double handful of junk guns that I’d love to dump on some idiots. The system works, if you work the system.

    1. Ric Jarvis says

      That’s the only guns they are likely to lay their hands on, worthless junk that is no longer wanted.

      1. jondarmes says

        The only guns I’d give them is stuff thats too bad to sell or too worthless to part out.

  10. Forcercn says

    PLEEEAASSEE – tell me one good reason as a law abiding citizen living under the second amendment why should I give my GHOSTS to a corrupt government. And yes , I am old enough that many of my cherished firearms were purchased from ads in the back of Field And Stream Magazines. Think of how free we were back then !!!!!

    1. alphinostrum says

      —–I was thinking about that the other day, when you could go to a hardware store and buy an excellent rifle or shotgun….pay for it and walk out the door! Lots of nostalgia there……

  11. USCBIKER says

    I agree with talltree. If the govt. really wants to cut down on welfare and crime, here’s a great way. They offer ghetto losers and other parasite vermin an iPad for a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

    1. Robert Frye says

      Finally someone gets it! ^5

    2. Harvey Melton says

      this would be far more usefull than any gun”buy back” and would deter future crime.

  12. 1uncle says

    The criminals running the country want all the guns for their own protection. They’re afraid Americans might not like all the demo disasters under the likes of PInocchiobama.
    Don’t like this? Shove your monthly welfare check.

  13. Lummi says

    At a “buy back” in this area, there were two lines, One line was people wanting to turn in their guns to the police for a $50 gift card, and another line of people standing near by, offering to pay cash for many of the guns they saw, knowing that they were worth a lot more than $50. The police admitted this was not illegal, and that they couldn’t prevent it. It made me wonder how many of those guns were bought by the very people who are responsible for the majority of the gun crime. It was obvious that the organization sponsoring he buy-back knew little or nothing about guns, because they were accepting guns that were plainly junk, that not even John Moses Browning could fix. Of course, after all was said and done, the mayor proudly proclaimed how the city was now a much safer place because so many guns were now off the street. This conveniently overlooked the fact that during news interviews, most of those turning in the guns said that they guns had been stashed in attics, closets, etc for years. But boy, you could sure sense see the “feel good” coming from the politicians who promoted this remarkable crime fighting he idea!

    1. alphinostrum says

      —-Were the police running nics checks on those buying those ‘bought back’ guns?…..or the people turning them in, for that matter….:-)

      1. Steve Thomas says

        NO. That is part of the sales pitch…”no questions asked”.

      2. Lummi says

        From all reports in the local media, and from friends who were “there to buy”, no checks were made on anyone. A friend bought a very nice Model 52 Winchester from an elderly man who offered it for $100, rather than the gift card being offered. I was told that most of the guns being turned in were older rifles and shotguns, with very few handguns in evidence. The fair percentage of those offered for turn in were apparently not in condition to shoot without a thorough safety check, or rebuild. It’s likely that people were taking advantage of an opportunity to make some easy money by disposing of junk they originally bought for spare parts. Over the years, most of us shooters manage to accumulate a fair amount of that kid of stuff.

        1. Harvey Melton says

          right im sure the majority is junk but as mentioned you might be able to make a good deal on some good ones, good point.

  14. Ric Jarvis says

    The only people I know that are interested in gun buybacks are those organising it and those with a worn out gun wishing to get money for a now worthless weapon. The rest of us don’t give a damn about the offer.

  15. chylene6599 says

    Such is life under the Legally Stupid. They cannot fathom their own screwed-up ideologies and shithouse philosophies have turned this nation into a bunch of sociopaths, freakazoids and neurotics. Plus, a good many died-in-the-wool paganistic goat-worshippers who think babyraping should be legal–they have infesting all levels of society, from the White House to the major religions; the Club of Rome made sure of that. Don’t blame God when men ignore his Word and blaspheme his Son, encourage every man woman and child to indulge in every loathsome practice God expressly advised against–then blame Him when the entire world turns into a giant goatphuck. Hosea: “You sow the wind (chaos) you reap the whirlwind .”(goatphucks).

  16. says

    Don’t give in to the Nazi idea

  17. Larry Cowden says

    Raise what awareness? Most of the time these buybacks aren’t even published. The money goes nowhere, does no good, no guns really come off the streets and crime carries on as usual.

  18. Van Hamlin says

    Gun buybacks are symbolic but can lead to good investigative leads such a video of seller and fingerprints. Run the serial number later and see if it was taken in a crime or used in a crime. Is the seller a convicted felon? Do his prints match any open pending cases? When gun buybacks are done by devious bastards like me they can be fruitful.

    What we really need is for every convicted felon possessing a gun to be prosecuted! Get them violated from either probation or parole! The more time convicted criminals spend in jail is more time they cannot commit a crime in the community. We also need for judges to recognize the “Good Faith” elements of case and statutory law regarding search and seizure. When cops bump into the fruits of a crime or contraband while conducting some other bona fide investigation, the exclusionary rule should not apply. Prosecute those criminals who are so unlucky that a cop catches them red handed accidentally.

    If you want to take guns off of the street (guns possessed by criminals not law abiding citizens) you have to get past the fourth amendment. I believe that we should be cautious before we trample this amendment because it used to protect us good guys too. The idea of probable cause has been changing the last few years. Now days the NSA seems to think anyone calling Europe is fair game. They farm your face Book account daily on a random basis. We need to maintain the same high standards for everyone, good guys and bad guys.

  19. Alkemyst says

    Do what happened in Seattle a while back. When you here of a gun “buyback” (and THERE’S a misnomer if eve there was one, the cops didn’t sell you thing in the first place) intercept the would be sellers and offer them money for their weapons. They’ll be happy for the cash, you get a new firearm, private sale, anti-gunners pissed off…just a suggestion…

    1. studi30 says

      Good idea. Only here in NJ, you must go through a dealer to buy and sell. That means a three page questionnaire, background check for $18.

  20. Allen Benge says

    Taking part in a gun buyback program because you think criminals have too many guns is like castrating yourself because you think your neighbors have too many kids. The department I used to work for auctioned unclaimed evidence once a year, and guns were a large part of it. I almost cried when we had to cut a Thompson sub-machine gun in half for some not quite understood reason.

  21. Billy Edens says

    buffalo you are correct the demorats are useless just a bvurr under our saddle blanket !!! kick them out of office ASAP, we all need to carry at all times !!!

  22. jag57 says

    How can anything be bought back if you never owned it?

  23. kjenkinsaf says

    I think Tennessee has a confiscated weapons sale policy. Places like Florida, Maryland, Vermont have laws forbidding them. They have to be destroyed. I’ve seen some beautiful weapons crushed. Brought a tear to my eye.

    1. Robert Myles says

      Yes I remember an incident a few years back with a “gun buy back” an 87 yr old woman brought in a pair of collector grade ivory handled pistols in the display case. Said they belonged to her late husband. The police took them gave her $50 for the pair. I bet they never made it to the smelter

  24. markypolo says

    Did I hear anyone say Liberals and Democrats had any Intelligence? Their policies coupled with reality prove my point. Sad part is, we hard working private enterprise Taxpayer keeps on supporting the lazy morons. When will it stop? The BEST way to control a RAT population? STOP feeding them!

  25. alphinostrum says

    —-When the Liberal Democrat gun-grabbers give up their guns, and those ot their bodyguards,….then, and only then…..maybe…….

  26. Lorraine E says

    If the government is successful in disarming the people, law abiding citizens that is, we will be enslaved and all of our rights and freedoms will be lost. Allowing known criminals to enter our country is a clever way to further increase the crime rate by using even more useful idiots than what we already have as an excuse to disarm the American people and leave us defenseless. Relinquishing our guns for any reason would be the most dangerous thing anyone can do. Our country is becoming more dangerous everyday and we have to have guns to protect ourselves. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.

  27. nastyolbstrd says

    Why is it a “Buyback”? Is the person that sold the gun buying it back? No. If these turds want to buy my guns I’ll take a minimum of $250 million each. In gold. Not this funny paper trash.

  28. william g munson says

    Yes and do you think the owners get back their guns that were stolen? No and they go and steal some more and also some of them will be sold to people and not destroyed either

  29. al.k says

    Ya, they are really concerned about the guns, they are using the Mexican border incident to get peoples attention off whats really going on, obama is no doubt smuggling in a bunch of muslim terrorists, just like he paid to have all those diseased kids mass transited to our borders to put further financial stress on our country, this illegal muslim Islamic was put in to get the new world order going and with the mainstream media pulled it off, he never even came close to winning either election, it was all vote scam and the mainstream media, he and biden are the worst of the worst, true Hitler ites, commies from day one, look at how Biden has changed, wouldn’t surprise me if Biden don’t have obama assasinated, just like bush tried on Reagan so he can get in and become the last president! Look what Biden said about the same sex and the constitution.

  30. Laurence Almand says

    Don’t the cops have sense enough to realize that the criminals will turn in their old guns for money, and then buy new guns on the black market? Classic do-gooder stupidity!

  31. David in MA says

    The idiots thing the bad guy’s will really turn in their’s and it’s good PR….
    And, in the process they hope to find one used in a crime and they can match it up with the person who brought it is on their survalance camera films.

  32. WILD GOOSE says

    I would sell mine back to them if it was enough to buy 10 more

  33. Milton W. Lowe says

    Buy Backs on guns is just a conniving way for the Liberals to illegally take your guns from you don’t fall for it. They think they are doing a big service to the community & they are not. They don’t pay near what a weapon is worth & the little bit you get won’t help you fend off a CRIMINAL…Criminals don’t do BUY BACKS…Their guns are probably stolen from careless people who don’t secure their weapons. Guns don’t walk out on the street & shoot people. People shoot People. Don’t do buy backs, instead take some firearms training & learn how to properly handle a firearm & get a carry permit to carry when you may be out at night or in a bad area at any time. Don’t be afraid of guns, they don’t do anything by themselves.

  34. dwalk says

    all MOST gun laws do is CREATE problems where none existed before.

    california state legislature is attempting to shut down all firearms activities, ammo sales and possession of firearms.

    every session laws that are so “far out” of the constitution are introduced it’s incredible…they know it but they still try.

    legislators like leland yee, convicted of gun running, was trying to ban legally purchased AR 15 “Bullet button” equipped rifles while he was selling guns on the black market!

    the paranoid, illogical, dysfunctional, legislators of california, have an irrational fear of “Pistol grip” type rifles and carbines; they must believe the pistol grip give the firearms mystical powers. they believe from “Expert” testimony, that the pistol grip gives an operator very special accuracy when fired “from the hip”!

    this type of training has NOT been given since WWII to any agencies around. it was finally realized that it is highly ineffective except at VERY close ranges.

    i was trained with automatic firearms, by the US Army…it did NOT include shooting “from the hip”.

    only in hollywood, can a shooter shoot at a running target from a running horse and hit it.

    gun buybacks are a scam. do you REALLY believe a police agency/dept would purchase a top of the line AR15, AK47, Glock, H&K, Colt or S&W and destroy it? if you do, i have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale…

  35. Harvey Melton says

    sometimes, not often people having yard sales will have guns for sale, my neighbor did and he had some old ones and one of those ”evil assault” rifles for sale.but usually they want ”new” prices for them too.

  36. REK says

    As long as this country has democrats we will always have high rates of crime and violence.

  37. Made_in_the_USA says

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned already, but this looks like a way for criminals to get easy drug money. I wonder if this is the real intent of the buy back schemes? Have criminals steal from citizens, sell to LE with no questions asked, and poof the guns are gone!

  38. danny kimbrel says

    We should all be so lucky to have a stack of hundreds on hand when they announce these buying scams, to swoop in and buy every operational firearm available, to keep them from the shredder. I heard of one woman taking a STG 44 in and an honest police officer told her he couldn’t take it in because she could sell it for $20,000 or more, I wish i could have been there just to see that antique work of art that happened to be full auto !!

  39. Ddenney1 says

    I love gun buy backs!!! 2 to 2000 dollar guns BOUGHT BACK for literally PENNY’s on the dollars!!! So criminals take them their OLD stolen guns get a couple of bucks and steal NEW ONES if not already in hand! It like offering rewards for coming in for some sham cause and then arresting violators !!! How many do this TWICE!!!!!!

  40. johnwes says

    Where did the term “Gun Buyback” come from. To me, a buyback means that the group doing the buying owned the gun before I bought it. The only person who can do a “Gun Buyback” for me is the local gunshop where I purchased the gun originally!

  41. geneww1938 says

    Holder need more guns to supply the Mexican [South American] Drug Dealers.

  42. Harvey Melton says

    gun buy backs are a political ploy by politicians who want to look good enough for office as a concerned protector of the people, and they are a barometer for the local police to see just how many surplus guns there are in the community.and the police don’t destroy anything more than the worst of the lot, the rest is auctioned off.but it is a waste of time,those that would not have a gun will not buy them and those that would would buy very few of these guns due to thier overall quality.and all these guns are legal, the police need to go after the illegal ones.

  43. Nellie McConnell says

    German history of WW1 and WW11 gives you a good lesson of what Obama and Hillary will continue to do to this country. Guns keep us safe. Obama has cut our Military to the lowest it’s ever been sense WW11.
    Bill Clinton did exclusive worded in 1993 for all Military bases be gun free. Fort Hood terrors attack!!! Obama wanted to call this attack a work crime. He doesn’t want to charge it to Muslim terrors attack.
    THE GUN FREE TOWNS ARE THE ONES TAKEN OVER DRUG GANGS. GUN FREE BUSINESSES ARE THE ONES GETTING SHOT UP BY TERRORS AND CRIMINALS! Hillary isn’t for women! The is the worse example of women’s rights I have ever followed.
    Obama bathroom issue is a mess. Everyone woman better not allow her kids alone in public bathrooms. Sex offenders are going to take advantage of all ages and both sexes.
    God Help Us! Vote for TRUMP.

  44. cvick says

    We need to make it look like something is being to appease the libs.

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