Gun Control Activists Want Allies to Stop Saying These Two Words


Americans for Responsible Solutions, the super PAC set up by Gabrielle Giffords in 2012, just released a new PDF aimed at giving gun control activists some tips on achieving their goals. In addition to the usual slew of false statistics and nonsensical arguments, the document contains a list of “Dos and Don’ts” for gun-grabbers to use when discussing the issue. The very first term to be avoided?

“Gun control.”

Instead, ARS recommends framing the discussion around “reducing crime, reducing gun violence, gun violence prevention, or preventing gun tragedies.”

Enemies of the Second Amendment aren’t just advised to drop “gun control” from their vocabulary, they are also encouraged to stop attacking the National Rifle Association by name. “Attack the gun lobby,” instructs the PDF. Apparently, these groups are getting stymied by the country’s ongoing fondness for the NRA. And if President Obama couldn’t vilify that organization after eight dedicated years, it’s not going to happen. You’ve got to give it to these activists; at least they recognize a failing political strategy when they see one.

They have also noticed how they are viewed by most gun owners. “Don’t talk about creating a national gun registry, or banning or confiscating guns – none of which are policy priorities or have widespread support among gun violence prevention organizations.”

Well, see, that’s the problem. We know those aren’t the stated goals. We know those aren’t the immediate priorities. But we also know that none of this will end with the so-called “commonsense” laws you’re proposing today. Those laws will do nothing to curb gun fatalities or bring mass shootings to an end. When they fail, ARS and other gun control groups will move their pawns a little farther down the board. We’ll hear all about the “loopholes” that must be closed – the left’s favorite way to propose new legislation. Progressives don’t ever look at a situation and say, “OK, we did it, now let’s go home.” Even if they legitimately do not favor confiscation today, there’s no other place for this movement to go. Left unopposed, that’s exactly where they’ll take us.

These shifts in language are nothing new for leftist organizations. They engage in this propaganda overhaul every time their messaging begins to fail. Pro-abortion? No, now we’re pro-choice! Illegal immigrants? Blech! We’re calling them undocumented workers! These changes don’t have anything to do with protecting anyone’s feelings; they are designed to deceive Americans into supporting things that no sensible person would ever support. The trick is to wrap terrible ideas in so many layers of impenetrable nonsense that voters will be too confused to realize they’re being misled.

Watch Democrats closely over the coming weeks and months. If this PDF is anything to go by, they’re getting ready to embark on a new phase in the war against the Second Amendment. We can’t stop them from changing their language, but we can at least keep them from changing ours.

  1. gotabgood says

    Have you seen the new safe gun?
    Buy one… maybe two, one for your friend.

    1. jgfsmf says

      Too bad for you, conservatives are too smart to shoot themselves. Liberals on the other hand wouldn’t know which way the bullet will come out.

      1. gotabgood says

        Are you sure?? I have heard of 5 year olds getting guns for their birthday and then shoot their 2 year old sister.. true story!!!
        And here are some examples of stupidity..

        1. jgfsmf says

          I’m not sure if you know this, but five year old’s don’t vote, therefore they are neither liberal or conservative.

          1. Rob Waddell says

            Maybe they should!

          2. gotabgood says

            Truth does come from the right… true they can’t vote… but they can kill!!
            We just have to keep guns out of the hands with undeveloped minds… no matter what their age is…..

          3. Anne Mathews says

            you say keep guns out of the hands of undeveloped minds …….most of the mass shootings have been done by leftist/socialist fools who somehow got a hold of guns illegally… idiot

          4. gotabgood says

            First place you have to pay attention to what I said… I said keep guns out of the hands of undeveloped minds, no what their age…. you must have took that very personal.. because your defense flag went a waving.
            But to clarify what I said… Yes, ALL parties should be tested mentally… that make you feel better? I also think they should extend that to voting… Anyone will to sacrifice their livelihood and country by voting for Trump, shouldn’t be allowed around any sharp objects.
            As for your TOTAL BS about the shooters, they were all tied to some website dealing with white supremacy or a Nazi group or some radical rightwing group… well here… you won’t believe me… maybe you will believe DHS!!
            HOMELAND SECURITY… bush’s baby.
            With growing concerns over domestic radicalization ranging from Islamic fundamentalism, right wing extremists, white supremacists, local police officers have struggled to distinguish between those who simply hold extreme ideologies and those that acutely intend to commit violence or incite others.
            Of greatest concern to U.S. authorities are some followers’ beliefs that they are allowed to use armed force to resist arrest and fight police.
            Federal law enforcement agencies only recently began focusing their efforts on tracking this growing movement, as previous efforts were hampered by politics. In 2009 DHS published a report warning of the growing threats of right-wing extremist groups, but Republican lawmakers, joined by some conservative Democrats, criticized the department for being politically motivated (even though most of the research work for the report was done under the Bush administration).
            A U.S. civil rights organization that tracks hate and bigotry says that the steady growth in right-wing extremist groups is worrisome. “The radical right caught fire last year, as broad-based populist anger at political, demographic and economic changes in America ignited an explosion of new extremist groups and activism across the nation,” writes Mark Potok of theSouthern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
            Chuck Baldwin, a leader of the right-wing extremist
            Patriot movement, recently moved to Kalispell.
            His new ministry includes local white supremacists.

            After Right-Wing Pressure, DHS Now Has ‘Just One Person’ Dealing With Domestic Terrorism
            By Ben Armbruster on Jul 27, 2011 at 1:16 pm

            Former DHS Domestic Terrorism Analyst Daryl Johnson
            CNN reports this week that terrorism experts are warning that the “threat of domestic terrorist attacks in the United States similar to last week’s fatal bombing and assault in Norway is significant and growing”:
            The greatest threat of large-scale attacks come from individuals and small groups of extremists who subscribe to radical Islamic or far right-wing ideologies, said Gary LaFree, director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, or START. […]
            Ackerman said nationally, law enforcement has been focused since the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001 on the threat of Islamic terrorism, even as the threat from domestic anti-government groups has been growing.
            “Some people believe we have taken our eye off the ball when it comes to domestic right-wing extremists,” he said.

            I could go on.. if you have doubts look up extremist for yourself..I gave you reports from homeland security thinking you would trust something bush started.
            We don’t need this folks…just because you lose at something does not give you the right to lie, steal or kill. United We Stand…

        2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          We will throw your Liberal Racist thug ASS IN Jail

          1. NymRod says

            Your fairy tale will never come true.
            Trump will never be president. It is guaranteed he will lose to his good friend Hillary.

          2. psychosally says

            nymrod is a 12 year old pretending to be a man-ignore the kid-he will learn when he grows up and starts wearing big boy clothes

          3. FEDup says

            he only way it could be guaranteed is if the voting was again RIGGED.

          4. Freedom Rules says

            Hillary Is A Racist Scum Bag, You Better Learn The Truth About The DemoRAT Party, You Are As With All Libs A Low Information Voter !!

            Watch This New Movie Trailer, Coming Out July 2016
            Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party.
            Finally The Truth Exposed !!

          5. richardjf says

            Thank you for that trailer, I going when it in an area near me.
            Maybe HBO will put it on which I doubt. lol

          6. Texascat says

            Lock her up Lock her up!

          7. gotabgood says

            this is you to a T… seriously… your mentality… this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            This is you L = Liberally mentally sick, pathetic low energy POS! GET ON THE BROOM STICK YOU FOOL!

          9. Tired... says

            If this perceived logical progression of though is truly believed, it demonstrates how little insight the left possesses into those who hold views that oppose their own.

        3. AFGus says

          Nice job trying to rebrand libtard Meme’s (sarcasm…just in case you’re too dense to get it). Your drivel is a perfect example of what this article talks about. As jgfsmf stated though…Conservatives don’t fall for your kind of BS.

          1. gotabgood says

            You righties are all alike… you spout off saying what I post is bad and wrong and demeaning and all the crap… all you come back with is rhetoric, insults, opinions and say nothing!!! What in Gods name am I suppose to come away with after reading your post?????
            was it informative??
            was I suppose oh yeah he is right on???
            But thanks for the complement… “Nice job”..
            You don’t want to debate anything… you just want me to go away….. but then you lack any intelligence to debate anyone… you just like throwing your one liners around, so you want me to stay so you can come back with ALL your intelligence……… and say what??

          2. No2Guns says

            Conservatives are the stupidest people on the planet. Keep drinking that Koch Kool-Aid.
            Hillary is already picking out curtains for the White House:


          3. No2Guns says

            For a leader regularly written off by the press as a lame duck 18 months ago, President Obama has tallied some major wins during his second term, and voters have taken notice. He’s normalized relations with Cuba, implemented a historic Iranian nuclear deal, signed a global climate pact with nearly 200 nations, overseen the continued success of Obamacare, all while the economy has recorded 73 straight months of job growth.

            No wonder that polls point toward a Democrat succeeding him in the White House.

            So why isn’t there more media credit directed his way? Is the press making the mistake of reading off the Republican campaign script this year, which insists America is teetering on collapse? (Obama joked at the White House Correspondents Dinner: “The end of the Republic has never looked better.”)

            Whatever the reasons, let’s note there hasn’t been a media rush to document Obama’s strong standing in recent weeks. CNN last month timidly suggested, “there’s some evidence that the public is viewing Obama … more fondly.” The first clue? Obama’s approval rating hit a three-year high of 53 percent, according to Gallup. (He boasts a staggering 66 percent approval rating today among voters 18-29.)

            Obama’s strong showing has remained steady since March: Gallup on Monday pegged his approval rating at 52 percent.

            Note that the president’s approval rating dropped down to 40 percent just 18 months ago during the midterm election cycle in 2014, which means he’s ridden a 13-point surge over the last year-and-a-half. Doesn’t that qualify as news?

            The president averaged a nearly 50 percent approval rating from January 20 through April 19, his 29th quarter in office, according to Gallup. That 29th quarter represents “one of the higher quarterly averages in his presidency to date.” That’s especially remarkable considering second terms are not traditionally kind to presidential approval ratings.

            Recall that our previous two-term president left office with a 22 percent approval rating, while his vice president signed off with a thumbs-up from 13 percent of voters.

            What’s also impressive is that in today’s hyper-partisan environment, Obama has been able to boost his standing while getting almost no support from Republican voters.

            “Obama is the first president since polls existed to have never gone above 25 percent approval from the other side,” noted Paul Waldman at the American Prospect. Obama’s approval among Republicans currently stands at just 14 percent, according to Gallup. Given today’s rugged political terrain, “If a president can stay at 50 percent, he should be counted a remarkable success,”

        4. Alan says

          First, the only reason we still have guns is because the Left hasn’t been successful.
          Are you dumb enough to imply that they haven’t tried???
          Second, I see you are judging others by their looks, so what does that make you?
          Third, the one looking down a barrel is an obvious slight for hatemongering, again what does that make you?
          Answer; A Troll.
          I’ve read some of your posts elsewhere, you’re a socialist, and nasty one at that.

          1. Rob Waddell says

            They have gone as far as murdering school kids for their version of the greater good! One day, the truth will come out!

          2. gotabgood says

            “First, the only reason we still have guns is because the Left hasn’t been successful.”
            Can you show me one little shred of evidence that would support your theory?
            You do know there are many hunters on the left as well… I am talking hunters now.. they don’t use AK-15 to kill a deer. They must be better shots than those on the right!! And then we don’t shoot doctors in church either.. so there are some differences between right and left, but still they like their guns to, just use them differently.
            When you see something that looks like something else and you draw attention to it.. is that really condemning? You hear of one 5 year old shooting a 2 year old and then see another 5 year old with a gun… makes you wonder.
            A socialist?? No! I am a capitalist only difference is I believe in a regulated capitalism.
            I am glad you read my post…. someday I am hoping that something will sink in and it will be like a light was turned on and you will come back and thank me. You’re welcome in advance.

          3. Alan says

            You are either incredibly ignorant, or trolling.
            House Bill 4269, H.B. 4748, just in the last few years, would have banned over 2200 types and makes of firearms used by HUNTERS (since you brought it up)
            had they passed. Even small .22 cal rifles used by hunters for squirrels
            Both of these were introduced by the Democrats.
            So for you to make that statement, you’re one or the other previously mentioned.
            The history of the anti gun lobby in the last 2 decades proves my claim across the board except to a few fools with blinders on.
            BTW, the 2nd Amendment was NEVER about hunting, the fact you brought that up suggests you’re a well trained Troll, because THAT red herring has been used to the point of stupidity.
            The Congressional Record is all the evidence anyone needs to see the direction the Left is going, to deny that is ridiculous.
            And speeches by the leaders of the various anti gun lobby are rife with plans of outright bans.
            One organization even changed it’s name because their polling showed that people weren’t receptive to the “National coalition to ban handguns”, so they went with the “coalition to end gun violence”.
            But they didn’t change their stance, they want NO guns, period.
            It’s in their Mission Statement and Charter.
            Theories are unproven, the proof of my claim is a matter of record.

          4. gotabgood says

            I looked your BS up..

            H. R. 4269 A BILL
            To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

            Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,
            SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.

            This Act may be cited as the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015”.
            APPENDIX A—FIREARMS EXEMPTED BY THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN OF 2015 ( A ton of them!! The list is longer than your arm). Not sure but this might have been an extension on the bill Reagan signed
            House Bill 4748
            H.R.4748 – Imported Assault Weapons Ban of 2016
            And you are afraid of this?????????????

          5. Alan says

            Ah, I see.
            You make a claim, I prove you’re wrong, and NOW you wish to deny facts and try to obfuscate the truth with ambiguity and misdirection.
            Those Bills were but 2 of dozens in the last several decades, all a matter of record.
            And you then claim it B.S.
            You ignored the number and types of guns in the One Bill, used by hunters all over America, proving you wrong after bringing that into the mix.
            You are disingenuous, at best.
            When an opponent cannot or will nor admit to their oppositions points after those points are brought into evidence as facts, there is little point in the argument.
            You are disingenuous, Your ambiguity and deflection are trademarks of a mind not open to debate or others points of view.

          6. gotabgood says

            You proved NOTHING! You wrote down some gun bills that had NOTHING to do with taking your guns away… it was about assault rifles and your hero (Reagan) wanted them gone too.
            You can give me a reference and then interrupt it to say anything you want it too.
            There was no hunting guns on the ban list none!

        5. richardjf says

          Yes but they cant figure a way to collect our firearms YET. I dont believe any police officers if told to go door to door an collect firearms would listen to that order. I bet our government have a registry of gun owners not known to us.

          1. Rob Waddell says

            The U.N.

          2. gotabgood says

            You look at those pictures and all you can say is “Yes, But” ?
            I don’t know why most of you people on the right have this mentality that something could never happen here… except for immigrants!
            Australia comes to mind.
            Not sure of the amount of Guns in England… but I think you could combine all the weapons of the world and it still would not come close to what the USA has.
            How many guns can you shoot with at one time?
            And of course you are all deer hunters with 2 AK- 15 blazing away. cartoon is very descriptive..

          3. Tired... says

            You are aware that Americans were asked to donate private firearms to help arm the British Home Guard in WWII, right? Period photos that I have seen show some Home Guard members in uniforms without rifles and others with 22s or shotguns, hardly the preferred weapons of a military force protecting their homeland. This suggests that the British did not have enough private firearms to defend themselves, which of course is the only reason the founders created the 2nd Amendment (the right to hunting and self-defense were assumed by the culture of the day).

            Our primary official documents and the private correspondence of the founders make it clear that it is the right of the people to keep and bear arms in order to ensure that the government does not become tyrannical. It is the duty of the citizens, according to the Declaration of Independence, “to throw off such government and, to provide new guards for their future security.” One does not do this with deer rifles. In fact, one of the few advantages that the Colonial Army had over the Redcoats was the Kentucky Rifle, which was superior to the smooth bore muskets that the British Army used at the time.

            This well known passage from the Declaration of Independence emphasizes the wisdom of our founders.

            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”


          4. gotabgood says

            Look let me be as honest as I can possibly be with guns..
            I like guns.. twice while in the service I fired the highest in my company. I have had owned many shotguns. my favorite was a double barrel 20ga. I have had 22 rifles and pistols. I had 38 S&W and a 9mm. I even like the smell of the gun powder.. yeah I know crazy. It is the nut cases we have running around in our country… some on this blog that are willing to shoot me because I am a Democrat… so much for United we Stand!! Lock and Load.. civil war what the hell is the matter with THOSE people????????????
            That is why I say we need back ground checks… will it stop all gun deaths? NO! but it might save your child and let him/her come home from the movies or from shopping…. and for Christ sake…. come home from school!!!!!!!!!!!
            These assholes that love guns more than God, Family and Country.. should not own a gun!!
            Nobody is trying to take your guns away… that is BS tossed out by the NRA. What even Reagan signed up for was these assault rifles with 30 round clip… we are not at war with our neighbors….. and if it takes 30 rounds to kill a deer…
            common sense is all we are asking.
            90% of the people want back ground checks. NRA and bought off congress is standing in the way!!

          5. Tired... says

            I appreciate your honesty, so allow me to return the favor. According to the Declaration of Independence, the 2nd Amendment is about citizens having the right to overthrow the government if it becomes despotic; it says nothing about hunting because our founders didn’t see the need to spell that purpose out. Everyone relied on guns for hunting and self-protection…it was a given that the colonists understood. Our founders actually used firearms to free themselves from British rule, so they knew exactly what they were doing when they created safe guards for the private ownership of firearms. In fact, the Kentucky rifle was a superior weapon to the British musket and helped the colonists fight a different type of war than a traditional European army, which contributed to our eventual victory. Why does this matter? Because the colonists had BETTER firearms than the Redcoats. Today, the AR-15 is no match for an M4 in terms of firepower.

            We have created a culture of hate in this country because people have become conditioned to ignore the truth as they look for ways to manipulate it to achieve their ends (insert your stat of choice here). People who have opposing views do not have rational conversations any longer; instead they assume moral superiority and vilify those who disagree with them.

            So we see a lot of nonsense about “commonsense” gun control. Such a thing doesn’t exist, because the people who commit crimes, such as school shootings or cop killings, don’t obey the law. How is it “commonsense” to think that a criminal, who by definition doesn’t obey the law, will now decide to obey it? Help me understand how background checks keep criminals from buying guns? if they are turned away at the gun store (as they are now), do you think that they cannot steal them or buy them illegally? So then the cry becomes “lock guns up” which makes accessing them for home defense much more difficult for the law abiding citizen and will not affect crime for the aforementioned reasons. When that fails, the cry will be “take the guns,” which is unconstitutional, but it is the endgame of many liberal groups. This scenario has played out in other countries so denying it doesn’t make sense, even if this is not your personal belief.

            There are extremists on of every stripe and they are just that…extremists. As such, they do not represent a group as a whole. It is unfortunate that some in this post respond to you in such a way and while we disagree on many issues, I will stand beside you on that one. Those who say such things, even if they do not mean them, are wrong. However, I have seen people write “bring back the lions” in reference to Christians and other violent comments, so let’s acknowledge that hate knows no party or religion (yes, that term includes atheists and agnostics as well).

            We need to have honest conversations about how we as American citizens should treat one another. That conversation begins with respect and a desire to know the truth. Once we have done that, we can begin to address all that is wrong in this country.

          6. gotabgood says

            In your first paragraph, you left out one word of the 2nd Amendment that seems to get left out a lot and that word is Militia..
            No one writing the constitution had visions into the 21st century. Technology has increased so very much since your Kentucky rifle.
            During that time span, we fought the Indians, we fought England and then the Civil War. Since then our enemies can be seen as they leave their home in the morning, thanks to satellites and radar. We now have drones with cameras.. plus we have the most powerful and advanced military in the world…. not farmers laying down their rakes and picking up their muskets to fight the red coats. We have a regular army now. So not much use for the Militia any longer.
            As far as gun laws.. It seems with the rightwing and maybe you.. if you can’t fix the whole problem with one sweeping hand… then do nothing!!
            The left is trying to pussy-foot around the rightwing and NRA as to not upset them. (poor babies), and still get something done. We have a society full of anger, hate and not sure who to direct all this resentment to. You have read some of the blogs on here. There are some that shouldn’t come within a 100 yards of a gun. If I can see that, someone that is trained in the field could spot it also. What business does a 4 year old have in owning a gun??? Things like this that the NRA and gun manufactures promote as toy guns… they kill… they are not toys!!!!
            In fact the whole thing of a gun is to kill. And I will go so far as to say a pistol is made to kill another human!!!! Rifles and shotguns can be used for hunting. and these assault rifles is totally to kill a human.
            They are even against the safe guns… where the owner of the gun is the only one who can fire it. Just think of the accidental shootings that would stop. it might even cut suicides in half,
            They are against, an ID stamp on the bullet when fired… so many ways and they are against all… even the ones that can’t fly can buy a gun.
            I do agree with your last paragraph,

          7. Tired... says

            As you pointed out, the founders could not conceive of the technological (and I would add social and moral) issues that we currently face; however, they had a profound understanding of human nature and in particular the human tendency to gravitate toward greed, a lust for power, and desire to dominate others. The concept of a militia has to be understood in the context that I outlined in my previous reply to you and that is why I did not mention it. It is clear to the honest observer that the left’s interpretation of the militia clause bears no resemblance to the context of the time in which it was written. For example, how can citizens overthrow a despotic government, as our founders actually did, when the government is in control of the militia (national guard and reserves as interpreted by leftists today)? Such an interpretation is historically inaccurate and/or dishonest.

            Your rationale that we no longer need a militia is not consistent with the very purpose for which the 2nd Amendment was created; namely to protect the average American citizen from the overreach of its own government, not just foreign governments. It was also assumed, given the context of the times, that guns would be used for self-defense and hunting. However, both of those rights are being eroded across the country, something that our founders couldn’t foresee.

            As far as “fixing the problem” is concerned, we cannot do that until we have correctly identified the problem. We have created a culture that sees disagreement as hate, that teaches our young people to be envious rather than industrious, and undermines the concepts of truth and ethical behavior. It is no wonder that we cannot have a fruitful conversations about any topic, much less how to decreases deaths due to firearms.

            If you think that the NRA or those that support the 2nd Amendment want children to kill other children, then we have no basis for a logical discussion. Such an assumption is absurd. Small firearms were created to teach children the correct way to handle guns at an early age and the importance of safety is repeatedly stressed by both the manufacturer and the NRA. The fact that some people are idiots should not be grounds for indicting or ascribing ill intent to an entire group of people.

            Obviously guns have a variety of functions and one of the primary ones is to kill people, although that is not the only purpose. However, our founding documents make it clear that it is our duty to throw off an
            unjust government, the very practice which our founders modeled for us
            in the American Revolution. As the war for independence proved and as much as none of us want to contemplate it, such an action often necessitates payment in blood. In addition even pistols have other uses, a fact that is usually lost on those who live in urban/suburban areas because it is outside of their lived experience. Those of us who live in more rural areas have used firearms to kill rabid animals (I have) or scare away bears (my dad did) who came too close.

            We have to be honest in our communication and challenge each other’s core beliefs in order to find a solution that respects the rights of all. Unfortunately what is currently marketed as “commonsense gun laws” often are nothing of the kind.

          8. gotabgood says

            I know what our founding fathers meant when they said a “well organized militia”, as well as citizens have the right to bare arms. Like I said before this time period was written in one war after another, setting up governments and overthrowing governments as in the Civil War.. well actually the American Revolution was about setting up a new government.
            What do you suppose our fathers would have said if they had the ability to look forward to the AR-15 with 30 round clips, the drones with cameras and even guided missiles, do you think they would say yeah, all citizens need one or two of them.. The militia… I know about gorilla war fare, but do you honestly think that is America became a dictatorship, like lil’ bush thought would be ok as long as he was the dictator, what chance do you think the militia would have against the government… I hope militia isn’t one of those “hot” words to wave red flags… hahaha
            I have lived in USA, China, Philippines and a short stretch in Germany. ALL people are the same… they do not want war… they want a decent paying job, a house, a car, a couple of kids, a vacation…. pretty simple… USA had that in the 50’s, 60’s maybe 70’s…Canada now has what we had.
            Why did we let it get away. Why did we let HMO’s (Nixon) in our system? The unions weren’t perfect, but for the working class a damn sight better than RTW.
            Now, I am Tired… hahaha

          9. Tired... says

            “What do you suppose our fathers would have said if they had the ability
            to look forward to the AR-15 with 30 round clips, the drones with
            cameras and even guided missiles, do you think they would say yeah, all
            citizens need one or two of them.. ”

            I think that if the founders were alive today they would be back in Philadelphia trying to re-form the continental army…

            Out of curiosity, how many citizens do you know who have military grade drones? The guy down the street or perhaps half of the people in your neighborhood”? Of course you don’t, but your argument points out the importance of average Americans owning guns. The average American simply does not have advanced weapons of war, but is it difficult to disarm tens of millions of Americans. It is this fact that makes those who make us subservient afraid of private gun ownership and this is why we see the focus on gun violence and “commonsense regulations” rather than on violence in general. It is part of the long term plan to marginalize and eventually eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

            Try to remember: When was the last time that you saw a national news story about a gun used to defend the weak and vulnerable? Neither can I, but here are some of the stories below:





            We don’t hear stories like this on the national news…hmmm, I wonder why?

            “what chance do you think the militia would have against the government…”

            If there were bookies in Vegas at the time of the American Revolution, what odds do you think that they would have given the Colonies?

          10. gotabgood says

            As I have said before, I like guns…. But the US has a problem. It seems it is getting to be every day we here of some Rambo wannabe declaring war on a group of people, from schools to bars, from shopping centers, to theaters. We have had snipers on freeways, we have had drive-by-shootings… even in church they go in and kill a doctor because he does things that HE didn’t want him to do, even though it was legal.
            So “common sense” laws you do not agree with… what would be your suggestion?
            You do think we have a problem don’t you?

          11. Tired... says

            And yet we do not see the stories of the young, elderly or infirm who use a firearm, often without fatality, to defend themselves against murder, rape, and robbery. These events occur daily but because they are not sensationalized and they don’t fit the paradigm, they don’t make the national news.

            Do we have a problem in this country? Absolutely, but it is not one of “gun violence,” rather it is a problem of the heart. We have created a society of greed and envy instead of honesty, integrity, hope and charity. Many have fostered hate for political gain and have indoctrinated our young people with the belief that disagreement is synonymous with hate. People no longer seek to understand one another or to have rational conversations about differences. Instead we shout down those who think differently and verbally abuse them at every turn. This is not about D’s and R’s…it is about the rottenness that has seized our society and grows worse every day. The use of the term “gun violence” is symptomatic of this corruption because it perpetuates the denial of the core problem by suggesting that it is a material problem rather than a personal one..

        6. Tired... says

          Are you suggesting that the five year old had a philosophical orientation?

          1. gotabgood says

            Well…. Kinda! What kind of parents would give a 5 year old a gun??? AND a loaded gun??

          2. Tired... says

            No, you are suggesting that the parents are idiots…and if they gave their five year old son a loaded gun, then I agree with you in this case. However, the child does not have a philosophical orientation at five years old.

          3. gotabgood says

            A 5-year-old boy shot and killed his 2-year-old sister, Caroline Starks using a .22 caliber rifle that he received as a gift.
            The children’s mother was home at the time of the shooting. The little girl was quickly sent to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.
            Cumberland County Coroner Gary White explained that the rifle was given to the boy last year as a birthday present and he was “trained” in using it. Unfortunately, the gun was kept in the house and the family failed to realize that it was still loaded.
            The gun, dubbed “My First Rifle” is a Crickett rifle, a smaller weapon designed for and marketed to little kids. In the website, the rifle is designed similar to a toy and comes in different colors and styles.
            “The little Crickett rifle is a single-shot rifle and it has a child safety,” White said. “This was just a tragic accident.”
            The death is ruled as accidental.


    2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

      Crooked Evil Lying Hillary!

    3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

      Tell that to your Hypocrite lol

  2. Kristi17 says


  3. gotabgood says

    You know those cute little sayings you make bumper stickers or pins out of??
    Here is one that might be new to you.

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

      THANK GOD HES GONE Woooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo

      TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. NymRod says

        Trump will never be president. It is guaranteed he will lose to his good friend Hillary.

        Trump is a liar and a fraud supported by the most foolish people in America.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          You Low Energy Imbecile Crooked Evil Hillary will never be President you will see we are winning Key States you Moron Texas, Ny, Ohio, Pa,

          Trump is a great man and strong! Hillary is weak, liar and a liberal goof ball!

          Real America has awoken Crooked evil Lying Hillary will never be President you fool!!! Crooked evil lying corrupt Hillary supporters are delusional Democrackhead low lifes!

          TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We comin

          1. vagabonddenyg says

            G-D Bless America and help us! The brain dead liberal/progressives mostly uneducated need to educate themselves! Everyone in this country should go see D’nesh Souza film “Hillary’s America” it opened in theatres today. I say it at a Cinemark … it is one fantastic piece and historical fact presenting movie. It speaks to the Democrats were the people that were the slave owners and believers! I am an educated person and I assure it is factual history! The Clinton’s are aboslutely out and out criminals and they are no different than the lowly gangs except they have their criminal friends in government helping them lie to the uneducated or brain dead people who don’t get it that they are worse off than they have ever been at this time in our country. We are in IMMINENT DANGER OF BEING EXTERMINATED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT WHO IS BRINGING IN ISIS!

        2. psychosally says

          roflmao-your name fits-you are a nymrod

          1. plum82 says

            DITTO………WOW talk about STUPID………….

        3. Rob Waddell says

          You have the audacity to call someone a liar, and a fraud? Obama is the poster child for Fraud, and he is a pathological liar! Hillary Clinton is a criminal who has built her reputation as a liar, a cheat, and a hag! You, are an imbecile! You fell out of the stupid tree, and did not miss one twig on your way down! I have to believe that you come from very stupid parents! No, everyone in your family tree are idiots! Your DNA is in the negative! You should commit suicide!

          1. Pete S says

            Awesome analysis. I don’t know much mor could be added!

          2. plum82 says

            OHHHHHHHH I could think of quite a few……..

          3. Herb1949 says

            nymrod, obama,hilly and all libs are excellent arguments in favor of abortion.

          4. Daniel F. Melton says


          5. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            OBAMA What a disgrace!

          6. Deborah G says

            I second that

          7. tnetcenter says

            He doesn’t have a family tree, he crawled out from under a rock!

          8. jscarano7 says

            you got that right

          9. vagabonddenyg says

            go see the movie HILLARY’S AMERICA it is filled with solid history and facts! a must see. NymRod obviously must be a “criminal minded” person just like killary! Only criminal minded low life’s could possibly support a criminal like killaary!

          10. Helga miller says

            The movie “Hillary’s America” opened yesterday and we went to see it. It is such an eye opener for intelligent, informed and open minded people that exposes this evil Hillary and her criminal family. Everybody who loves America and doesn’t want to see her destroyed should go see it. Dinesh D’Souza is very courageous in making this movie since he was imprisoned after the 2016 movie about Obama which proved he was 100% correct about what has happened to this Country. He had to spend eight months in prison for giving more money than allowed to a person running for political office. Why is Hillary and her foundation allowed to pull in hundreds of millions from big donors. Make no mistake, he is on Hillary’s hit list by now and she should never be President. Just go see this movie and judge for yourself. Thank you Dinesh for being so brave!

          11. TrueAmerican says

            Rob, I like the way you put that but you are far to kind to Nymrod -dipstick- dumb fuck.

        4. Tommy p says

          Ok douche nozzle!

        5. Freedom Rules says

          The Only Damn Liar I See Is You, Now Take A Hike.. Your BS Means Nothing.. I Hate Liberals !!!!!!!!!

          1. tnetcenter says

            Save yourself the angst! Click on BLOCK USER and never be bothered by his/her inane drivel ever again!

        6. Dave G Marshall says

          Your name says it all.

          1. vagabonddenyg says

            everyone should see the movie “Hillary’s America” it opened in theatres around the country today, 7/22/2016! I saw it …. Democrat or Republican you think you are — you should go see a true historical account of this country! D’nesh Souza was brilliant to put that movie together! Remember Obummer sent him to jail and he took that experience and turned into a positive! Leave it to a man from Bombay now called Mumbai, India!

          2. jonunr says

            Dave, you forgot the other 7 states in the buma’s America. that gives her 20

        7. richardjf says

          Well Dilldoary is a proven liar, killer, fraud, fail leader, living in a marriage where her husband is repulsed by the sight of her where he decided long ago he get his sexual satisfaction else where. She is supported not by foolish people but by idiots like you who know the truth about her as I stated but fail to care which means your like her in your daily life an throughout life.. Media said Trump was a joke for running an would never make it throght the debates. As the primaries moved on they were saying that he will fail in the days to come. Cruz listen to them but as you know Cruz lost even with his speech at the convention. He was booed out of the building but he never expected that. Cruz an kasick arent men their squirms an jealous of Trumps success. Sour losers. lol

        8. Janet Starr says

          who the hell are you calling foolish……what are you in kindergarten…..where have you been for the last 20+ years…Killary has had more lies come out of her trap and there has even been proof….I am for Trump….like it or not….but here I am……what are you a muzzie or a refugee or just some body sitting on your ass collecting all your freebies that myself and millions are paying for…is Killary what you want b cuz if you liked traitor Obammy she is going to be worse….I want a decent future for my kids, grandkids and great grandchildren….we have lost control of our freedom and our country is gone as the ultimate dream…..sooooo…suck it up cupcake……I gave that traitorous bastard a chance and he blew it, so you should at least do the same for Trump….oh btw where is your proof Trump lied and is a fraud…..I could say the same about you, but, I am an adult and I don’t claim something I can’t back up with proof….so you have a nice day….and be a little kinder…

          1. Earl Jones says

            Good for you the truth will hurt.

          2. tnetcenter says

            Likes most lunatic liberals, he was LOOKING IN THE MIRROR when he typed his post!

        9. scruffyleon says

          Aren’t you the one who said Trump could never win the Nomination?
          What a doofus. You have already proven to us you don’t know anything.

        10. TheBucko says

          Wow! Dontcha just love it when a liberal give us a great and logical argument for their point of view?

        11. Retired says

          If Trump is a liar and fraud, want the hell do you call the Clintons.

          1. Deborah G says

            he would call them GOD me I’d call them Satan

        12. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          Crooked evil lying Hillary you mean will never be President! You see you Liberal
          Low energy pathetic liberal nimwit Crooked Hillary will never Win!!
          We are coming to Take America back you low life!

          TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        13. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

          NIMWIT ROD

        14. RUFUS says

          FU A HOLE
          I heard you eat shit & bark at the moon

          1. John P says

            No he wouldn’t bark at the moon he’s afraid of the dark.

        15. iwojimafan says

          Only a Complete Idiot would vote for the Pathological Liar aka Hitlery Clinton and who should be Indicted except that Obama is saving her Rear End since she has way too much on him that would put his Rear End in Prison. If you don’t think she is a Pathological Serial Liar, Let me know and I can document all of her Lies from being Fired off the Watergate Commission by a Democrat Prosecutor for Constantly LYING to her Lying about her e-mails. You would also get a Rapist and Known Sexual Predator named Horn Dog Bill Clinton, the White version of Bill Cosby and who also hangs around with Jeffery Epstein a convicted Pedophiler who has been to his island 26 times, with 5 of the visits without the Secret Service who he ordered to stay home. Is this the type of Garbage you want in the WH.?

          1. vagabonddenyg says

            I agree with your comments 100 percent! Brazil impeached their leader for accounting irregularities; and, here in the USA the criminals have such a stranglehold on our government, we have a TREASONIST AND WHO HAS COMMITTED NUMEROUS INCIDENTS OF TREASON allowed to vy for President? SHAME ON ANY PERSON WHO WOULD SUPPORT CLINTON! GOTTA BE BRAIN DEAD AND UNEDUCATED!

        16. Earl Jones says

          You are a f. King left wing pig.

        17. PM says

          And both Obama and Hillary want to take our 2nd Amendment rights away and bring in Muslims whose sole intent is to eliminate the infidels. How will you defend yourself? Convert?

        18. tnetcenter says

          Excellent example of liberal hypocrisy and lunacy!!

          IF Trump was a liar and fraud, NOBODY would vote for him, just like NOBODY will vote for HiLIARy CROOKED CLINTON! NOT only did people vote for him, they voted across party lines! You should worry more about getting the democrats that WILL vote for Donald to vote for HiLIARy! GOOD LUCK ON THAT!!!

        19. vagabonddenyg says

          Go see Dnesh Souza’s movie “Hillary’s America” you can educate yourself out of your totally ignorant state and hopefully see the light! If you are a criminal minded person you will continue to support the criminal treasonist lyin hillary!

        20. Shelly Shannon says

          Why should it matter to you if Trump won’t be president. I think your bigger worry is what are you going to do if Clinton gets in there? The FBI has proven she is a compulsive liar and a fraud. Not only with emails but with Bengazi. I don’t know how old you are, but I have followed the Clinton’s for 35 years. They are corrupt beyond belief. They care nothing about you. They have, and always will use corruption to advance their own wealth and power for as long as they are in politics. You don’t have to believe me. Your supeise will come if she is elected. You dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change, the devil changes you. This is the life they have and always will lead.

        21. prstewart says

          Maybe you should google DNCLeaks or ‘wikileaks DNC’. Read… a lot. Then get back to us about lies and fraud.

        22. ironbiker says

          want to see a DUMBASS?look in the mirror!!

        23. Deborah G says

          You are a moron Trump is far from a liar and THAT my friend is why he is doing well. He speaks the truth not some pablum devised by the Alinskites to control idiots like you

      2. RUFUS says

        He is not ne yet and has plenty of time to do the Marshall Law thing

        1. John P says

          That would be the biggest failure of his office tenure, he hasn’t been able to confiscate the free American weapons.

          1. RUFUS says

            I suspect the inability to confiscate weapons is our one saving grace.

        2. Rob Waddell says

          It’s coming!!

        3. Daniel F. Melton says

          Any attempt to impose martial law would be a fatal mistake.

          1. RUFUS says

            yes many American Patriots would die

          2. Daniel F. Melton says

            You’ve never been hunting, have you?

            I’d further suppose you’ve never served in the armed forces.

            There are millions of former military across the United States who took their oath to defend the Constitution seriously, and we learned bloody lessons about asymmetrical warfare.

          3. prstewart says

            But I would never ever ever trust the left to play fair. If it happens they will go after families… children, the elderly and the weak among us.

          4. Daniel F. Melton says

            That would be a tremendous mistake. It would only harden resolve and increase animosity. Any who were previously undecided would take up arms.

          5. RUFUS says

            Well I further suppose you are an ignorant Ass Hole on the level of The Redman who I now call the Deadman. Neither you or your up voter prstewart know anything of me.
            Yes I have been hunting in the Ozarks ,rural Kentucky and other places. It has been a while though it is difficult to walk thru brush with a cane & a rifle.
            You are correct I was never in the Military. WHY? Really none of your F’n business but I will tell you anyway. My father was a casualty of WWII. I am/was a sole surviving son. I suppose your father may have taught you things mine was unable to as he was dead.
            As far as my families contributions to this country( and I shall only mention direct name lineage in other words to you with limited ability to grasp things only from the same last name as mine) among others both my Great grandfather & GGrandfather were causalities in the Civil War, Another was in the War Of 1812 as we go back another was at Bennington. You do know where that is what that was right? That is only a quick overview.
            You DO NOT have to be former military to be ready to fight and defend the country. As has been seen lately there will be former military that WILL take the other side. As I said previously many American Patriots WILL DIE. Maybe one of your sons maybe one of your neighbors. The whole country is not Fargo of New York City.
            If this one comes it will not be like your ‘Nam experiences.
            Are you aware prior to his arrest Ted Kaczynski was under satellite observation. That was 20 years ago I will leave the rest to your imagination what hey will know now INCLUDING ALL OF YOUR POST HERE. Think about it

          6. Deborah G says

            God bless our military and our Oath Keepers. Only they are left to protect us from the overeach of the Obama Administration and if Hillary gets in GOD HELP US.

          7. Bruce O'ryan says

            A Firmative. That oath has no expiration date..

          8. JMICHAEL270 says

            as well as a lot of flaming liberal azzholes

          9. TrueAmerican says

            I think there would be a whole lot more Dead Liberals and Govt. Dems than American Patriots. and once OUR country was secure again there would be a Hell of a lot of the living Liberals and Dems in Prison camps

          10. Deborah G says

            I don’t advocate violence I’d rather see him escorted out in his wife’s nightie for the world to laugh at

          11. Daniel F. Melton says

            “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” ~George Orwell

            As true now as then.

          12. Deborah G says

            Exactly. Who would you want in case of a disaster? A girlyman Muslim DHS secretary or Rudy Guilliani? Trumps choice/ I rest my case

          13. Daniel F. Melton says

            If I run short of ammunition, I’ll call ’em.

        4. prstewart says

          Sorry Rufus but it’s martial as in… of or appropriate to war; warlike. And I TOTALLY agree with you.

          1. RUFUS says

            like they say where I work “Fucked up fired” BUT you got the message anyway

        5. ironbiker says

          NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!

          1. RUFUS says

            never say never

        6. ironbiker says

          Who’s going to enforce it,the white house will be burned down first!!!!

          1. RUFUS says

            The UN

          2. Deborah G says

            The UN would be scare stiff of all our armed citizens just like Japan was

          3. RUFUS says

            It is not the same world as the 1940’s

          4. Deborah G says

            There’s still hundreds of thousands of good shot,hunters,sports enthusiatics and just plain good patriots.

          5. RUFUS says

            Yes and what saddens me is many patroits will give their lives.

        7. jimmy midnight says

          Dismount from your reactionary high horse, and have a look around at the real world, where that isn’t going to happen.

          USA had as-scheduled elections in 1944, and in 1864, when things were far more critical.

          1. RUFUS says

            you are a true Sheeple

        8. Deborah G says

          I have many falily members in the military they won’t follow THAT order. Navy seals are going to quit if Hillary gets in NO TRUST in Commies

    2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

      Can’t wait til thats Goner we got nothing but jive talkin walkin lies and hate!

    3. Tired... says

      The best way to understand an issue is to talk to a large number of
      people who actually do the hands on work. Ask the burnt out paramedic, the overworked respiratory therapist,
      or the frazzled ER nurse what they think…you will find a variety of
      reasons and a similar variety of solutions.

      I worked in hospitals for several decades and the idea that people don’t have access to healthcare is a lie. Could we do it better? Absolutely, but in order to do so people have to have an honest conversation, which is something that neither side wants to do. In reality both sides are to blame for the lack of real progress, so own your side’s piece of the mess or take this crap elsewhere.

      1. gotabgood says

        If the red states had joined with ACA, the ER would only be used for emergencies and not for people that don’t have insurance, so have to take their kid in to see the doctor over an upset stomach or a fever in the ER
        ER is the most expensive insurance YOU pay for.. a lot more than ACA!!

        1. Tired... says

          That isn’t true. I worked in the ER for a number of years and know from experience what happens when people have “free” healthcare. During my stint in the ER, the state switched from no cost for medicaid patients to a $2 co-pay and we saw our medicaid visits drop in half. The majority of those visits were for things that either were minor (things that most of us who have insurance wouldn’t even bother to see our PCP for) or weren’t medical in nature at all (it was cold outside, they were hungry). Being cold and hungry are legitimate needs, but the ER is not the place to have them met.

          1. gotabgood says

            If you worked in ER like you claim, then you know there is no such thing as “FREE”, rooms go up, medicine goes up, band-aids go up, insurance premiums go up… and as for your co-pay… some people, in fact most people are broke, no home… and you try to make them pay for something that they don’t have the money to pay with… they just went without! Where else would they go??????

          2. Tired... says

            ERs are not allowed to turn people away. Despite your skepticism I was there and saw what happened. I knew why the patients were admitted because I treated them and I saw the effects that a $2 medicaid co-pay had on cutting down unnecessary ER visits. As I said in my first reply to your original post, there are things in healthcare that we can do better but both sides are too entrenched to listen to each other. Your reply validates that statement.

          3. gotabgood says

            I could be wrong, but I think we are on the same side… or at least against Trump???? maybe???
            Anyway, I said nothing about turning them away…this is what I said..
            “and you try to make them pay for something that they don’t have the money to pay with… they just went without! Where else would they go??????”

          4. Tired... says

            In the situation that I experienced it is possible that some people went without, but many did not. If they couldn’t pay they were not turned away, so if they chose not to come in, then that was up to them. However, I have worked in both physical and mental health for decades and I can tell you that most of the people that I came into contact with were very aware of their rights and how the system worked. In addition they were very good at communicating their experiences to their peers.

            President Obama pushed Obamacare because he knew that the country wouldn’t accept a single payer system, not because he was attempting to compromise. He simply took what he could get with the hope that it would eventually lead to single payer healthcare. If he thought he could institute a single payer system he would have done so. We disagree on the quality of the healthcare and the impact that a single payer system will have on the economy, as well as on individual freedom. Personally I prefer individual liberty to the promise of governmental heathcare. As the VA scandal has demonstrated, bureaucrats are not predisposed to care for those under their auspices.

          5. gotabgood says

            “people that I came into contact with were very aware of their rights and how the system worked”
            Maybe instead of condemning them, walk a mile in their shoes. You know the mentality towards the people on welfare, as they shouted out from a teaparty crowd, let them die… and truth be known and told like it is… that is the way most of the rightwingers feel… go through hell and high water to save the unborn… but let you die after birth! Those people in ER and welfare have to know their rights, they have to fight every inch of the way to get care and then listen to the people about how they wish they would die. Maybe some have a chip on their shoulder. Maybe some had to build the stage for Romney to get up on and tell they are fired. (true story).
            As for the VA, I am a member of the VA, and they treated me great! as for the scandal. It is government run, which also is Medicare, which is great. Vets after they are used up on the battle field they are treated like the baby after birth… not so important, the voting trend of the rightwing will prove that out.
            It is said to get a job you enjoy, the job will not be so tiring and you will be good at it. So the opposite can be said if you don’t like your job. Government, the rightwing does not like government and when they get in they disrupt the whole system and that includes VA. bush cut benefits to the VA and closed up facilities, the reason I know this, is because bush made me drive an extra 100 miles to the office I had to visit.
            Who got the downward spiral started in the VA, I really don’t know… but judging from their past experiences, I think I could be real close in guessing.
            There will never be a perfect healthcare system,,, but from what we had, we are already a 100% better, if you just use the one preexisting condition clause, will save families a ton of money.
            Medicare is great and if you do away with the age limit, the system is already in place.

          6. Tired... says

            I have been in their shoes, so please don’t presume to lecture me about my experience. The assumptions that you make are prejudicial and those prejudices are used to justify your attitude toward those who disagree with you.

            The VA scandal involved government bureaucrats at multiple facilities lying about their numbers to line their own pockets…while people died. It does not mean that all bureaucrats are bad or that everyone received poor service at the VA; what it does mean is that abuses are an issue and yet we do not really see a concerted effort, apart form lip service, to address these abuses because it makes government run healthcare look bad.

            We agree on the preexisting condition clause. I am no more a fan of insurance companies than I am of government-run health care.

          7. gotabgood says

            Sorry for the attitude, but it does come from sources that abound in here.
            “I am no more a fan of insurance companies than I am of government-run health care.”
            Like I said before Medicare is government run and most, not all, are very satisfied with it. Just do away with the age limit and the system is ready to go. As the old saying goes, some will bitch even when hung with a new rope. We, USA, is/are a melting pot, different cultures, religions, training. we will never please everyone.. That is why I think Medicare E (everyone) would be the best.
            Is there a third way? Would the right and left agree on it?
            Who benefits? In other words do we have to watch the bottom line for profit?

          8. Tired... says

            I appreciate that. I have been without a job, home and healthcare for portions of my life, primarily due to poor decisions on my part. I have been a member of a union, as was my father before me, so I know what they are about and what they support. I worked my tail off to get myself out of my circumstances, further my education and become a productive member of society. I have seen the system help some and destroy others, so I do not buy into the partisan crap that both sides sell.

            However when push comes to shove, I simply prefer freedom over government services. I do not want the government in charge of my healthcare…it is really that simple. I do not believe that is their role nor do I believe that they do it efficiently. Medicare only works because hospitals and doctors make up the difference with private insurance payments. Once those companies are pushed out of the healthcare business, all of the financial burden will fall on the government and we already know how well they handle finances. While there is a role for government, it should not become so large that it dictates individual liberty, indeed this was the fear of our founding fathers.

          9. gotabgood says

            Some corporations/companies were inherited and the word work is a word they do not understand. I think that fits most of the CEO’s of today. Yesteryear, people worked, sacrificed to gain the position they acquired. My hat is off to them.
            Many, many business start out with a low interest loan from the government. Many receive grants to further their education And ALL and EVERYONE takes advantage of the governments handiwork and do it without the slightest thought of where did this come from?
            I think the government is good as long as the people in it care about the people who put them there. I know, I know. They are puppets of the puppet masters. I would much rather have my masters like Buffett, Gates, Tom Steyer or Elon Musk. All of them think they should pay more taxes than their secretary, and/or working to improve life all over the world or pushing towards green energy. You know…. help people…. help the world.

            As for healthcare, I ask you what the third alternative was and basically you just don’t like government running the show. One thing you left out from Medicare is there are guide lines that they will pay, for operations and medical supplies.
            Which brings me to a story, one that happened to my Mother. I will get the prices wrong, but you working in the medical field should know what I am talking about. My Mother had cancer and was receiving Chemo. She had a catheter (?) installed and that required a special needle. My parents had Medicare and a special insurance. The insurance was paying for the needles, until they reached the limit, lets say they were $12 each. Then Medicare picked up of the cost. This where I am not sure what happened, because Medicare stop paying for them and lets say the cost was $8 per needle. My Father then had to buy them on his own. Right there on the hospital grounds was a drug store. He bought them 3 for $10. Like I said the prices may be off, but the cost kept going down… who is ripping who off? Insurance companies charged the most… and then Medicare and then finally the true cost.

            We have had two systems in the last 50 years or more. One is through the insurance companies and them being the middle man and the other is the government, with them being the middle man.
            Insurance companies can drop you at any moment, raise the deductible, co-pay has a cap on your coverage and choose not to renew your policy for ANY reason or put you on a high risk policy. The government says come one, come all.
            So once again tell me of this plan you have?

            America, want freedom of choice? Try public healthcare like Canada

          10. Tired... says

            My father used to get TIME magazine when I was growing up and I recall reading about how in America the best and brightest became doctors and scientists, while the second tier became fighter pilots. In the USSR the order was reversed; TIME attributed this to the fact that in America wealth and power was associated with medicine and science, while in the USSR it was associated with the military.

            This is the problem with “I think the government is good as long as the people in it care about the people who put them there” People complain about greed in Wall Street, but it is equally present in government. That is why the VA officials padded their numbers (for bonuses) and how the Clintons left the White House poor and now are worth several hundred million dollars.

            Your statement ” I would much rather have my masters like Buffett, Gates, Tom Steyer or Elon Musk” highlights the difference between our views; you are OK with having “masters” and I am not. I do not believe that anyone who prefers that some people rule over others is good; the feudal system demonstrated the depravity of human nature and I see no need to return to it, now matter how many carrots are offered.

            It shouldn’t be necessary for me to state the obvious, but working in the patient care side of healthcare does not mean that I am an authority on the billing side. However, the insurance that you referred to was most likely picked up by your parents to cover the costs that accrue prior to Medicare paying for the costs (in other words it covered the cost of the deductible), which means that Medicare does not cover as much as you suggest in earlier posts.

            As far as wanting the government out of healthcare, you are correct, I do not want the government in control of my life for the reasons that I outlined in earlier posts. It simply is not their job to provide my healthcare and, quite frankly the U.S. government is one of the most inefficient organization on the planet. The core of my objection is this: I would prefer that they protect the rights of citizens rather than usurp them. in other words freedom is more important to me than healthcare and I do not want to exchange one for the other.

            As you pointed out, Medicare sets the rates, which means that they will ultimately determine how much healthcare workers are paid. If people who want a career in healthcare can no longer afford to take on the student loans necessary to obtain an education, whether it is medical school, nursing school, or an ancillary field, then they will not go into those fields at all. Instead they will gravitate toward other fields where they can make the money that they desire, as in the case of the Soviet fighter pilots, and people of lesser ability will fill those roles. The system that you propose will ultimately decay because greed and complacency inevitably creep in when there is no incentive (in this context incentives do not mean bonuses); instead it will ultimately resemble Logan’s Run rather than Nirvana.

            However, since I am not an expert in the field and I doubt that you are either, perhaps it would be best to have the best representatives from the stakeholders sit down and have a public forum about the topic. We could all benefit from such a discussion and perhaps we could find some common ground. As I said earlier, there is a problem with the heathcare system and it should be addressed by bringing together the best minds on all sides of the issue to find a resolution. Unfortunately such action requires open minds and creative solutions, both of which seem to currently be in short supply on both sides of the aisle.

            While I am all for using our resources wisely and searching for new energy sources, I do object to the religion of environmentalism which is currently being forced down out throats. All too often extremism and fear has replaced rational thought in this debate so that that the government can justify increasing its control over the people, and individuals can finding meaning by fighting for a cause. Life is about balance and we should seek grains of truth wherever they can be found; often it can be located in the ideas of those who hold opposing views.

          11. gotabgood says

            I wrote you a message and my computer had a hiccup and I lost it… so I will send you a web page maybe you would be interested in.

            America, want freedom of choice? Try public healthcare like Canada

          12. Tired... says

            The issue is far bigger than freedom of choice and we have strayed far afield from the original topic. However my Canadian friends have offered mixed reviews of Canadian Healthcare. While there is nothing wrong with journalistic research, I tend to trust those who have first hand experience rather than those who crunch numbers or report what they have not experienced.

          13. gotabgood says

            ” I tend to trust those who have first hand experience rather than those who crunch numbers or report what they have not experienced.”
            The problem then becomes one of personal opinions over a research. You say you have Canadian friends, (more than 2) and they offer mixed reviews, which one will wash out the other. Like I have said, we do not have a perfect world. Never will everybody be happy with any system. Do what benefits the most for the least amount of money and there is the plan.

          14. Tired... says

            My response did not suggest that we should ignore quantitative research, but rather that I tend to place weight on qualitative experience over easily misinterpreted or manipulated data. Both qualitative and quantitative research have value, and both can fall prey to subjective flaws. It is disheartening to see what passes for “science” or “research” in the news or other popular forms of media, and this low threshold has begun to permeate the field of science as well.

            Since a portion of my job entails research, I remain skeptical of what is often promoted as research and science, particularly by the media. This is because politics and subjective personal views have come to dominate the objective side of science, so much so that one has to read the individual research articles themselves in order to ferret out the truth.

            The new religion of climate change is a contemporary example where those who hold opposing views are increasingly being silenced. This should not, and in fact cannot, happen in the scientific community if we are going to pursue truth. In any new field of study there are legitimate challenges to the prevailing theory that should be asked, debated, and new paradigms pursued. The resulting new paradigms should then be challenged, debated, etc. Unfortunately climate change has morphed into a religion promoted by scientific, political, and religious zealots who want to use it to force their views on everyone else. This perspective is based in fear and that fear is used to justify their sense of moral superiority, which in turn validates their abuse of those who disagree.

            However, there is usually a grain of truth to be found in any argument, so where can it be found in climate change? Science, in combination with industry and government, has created a number of new products that have hazardous byproducts that need to be discarded before, during, or after production. In addition, the growth of the human population has increased the need for a variety of these products, both natural and man-made, that affect the environment and in this case the atmosphere in particular. So the logical mind asks the questions: Does man-made atmospheric waste affect the temperature of the planet and if so, how much? These are valid questions that need to be asked and answered.

            However, as we pursue the answers to these questions let’s look for balance. Should we be mindful of our resources, our ability to sustain those resources, and our impact on the environment? Yes, of course! How do we do that? Now that is the crux of the issue. Everyone needs to calm down, stop watching reruns of “Armageddon,” and have civil conversations. Unfortunately there is too much money and power attached to this concept for it to be left to scientists alone and that is why there is mounting pressure to silence those who hold differing views. The solution? Once again, let’s allow the best minds on each side of the issues to sit down and have a public round table discussion where the number of panelists are not skewed in favor of one perspective (as is often the case on talk and news shows). Of course I am not under the illusion that this will happen because when there is a great deal of power and money involved, the people who make the decisions are simply not interested in the truth.

          15. gotabgood says

            You claim to be in research but are a science skeptic? How sad.
            You do not need a scientist to tell you something is going on in our world. A little curiosity can catch you up quickly. And if you are 50 or older you have first hand knowledge, as I do, I will keep it short. I was born raised in Southwest Michigan, we got more snow by living along Lake Michigan, which produced Lake Effect snow. Our winters use to always reach around zero or below, our snow began no later than Thanksgiving and once December hit, we had snow on the ground all winter, This was late 40’s and 50″s Yep, I remember! Our grass was thick and green, grew way too fast, ( I was the one who had to mow it with a real PUSH mower). our yard and garden never needed to be watered. Night-crawlers were always abundant, use to go out at night the night before we plan on fishing. NOW, 1992 I moved back to my parents home, my mother was sick. The snow during the winter was small and usually melted within a few days. and was not as cold, even when we had snow. The yard had brown spots in it and was thin and needed to water it. My parents gave up on the big garden because it required to much watering.
            This is what I know and didn’t have to watch TV, or read the newspaper to find out what was going on.

            In 2012 USA set 1000 heat records in one week
            2013, set a new global heat record, again in 2014 and again in 2015. Already this year, 2016 has broken the previous records. All that with our polar vortex. In fact National Glacier Park had bare mountains and free standing water when this was going on. Alaska was setting new heat records and causing avalanches. All of the above can be easily be checked out, or I can give you the webpages.
            But now for your viewing pleasure, some video clips… please keep in mind when these roads, villages were built, they built them on dry ground… common sense is required.

            No scientist, no charts, no speculation, no computer model..
            This is people in trouble NOW.. here and around the globe.

          16. Tired... says

            What is sad is the fact that you don’t realize that good science is built upon skepticism. I didn’t say that I was against science, which is how you appear to have interpreted my comment. I am for science but against propaganda. We live in a world in which we do not know what lies at the bottom of our oceans, or at the center of our planet. We have theories (and there is nothing wrong with that) but we do not really know. We do not know how many planets are in our galaxy, much less the universe. In addition scientists make mistakes, such as Einstein’s cosmological constant, or the fact that our brains are plastic instead of inflexible. But perhaps the biggest issue is that scientists ascribe meaning to what they observe, as they should, but that does not mean that their interpretation of the data is fact.

            You point to changes in the climate as evidence that the cause is man made. This is an interpretation and it does not account for the fact that the earth’s climate is not static, it is dynamic. Science depends upon what is observable and testable, and we have only been able to consistently observe and test the environment on a significant scale for the past hundred years or so. There are some measures, such as ice cores that provides some data, but the interpretation of the cores is dependent upon theory. Again, this is not wrong, but it does leave room for error in collection and interpretation.

            The earth has gone through heating and cooling cycles in the past and it continues to do so. You see the changes in the climate and attribute it to man-made causes, which scares you. An entire industry has arisen to feed on that fear. Should we be mindful of what we do and how human activity affects the planet? Of course. Should we give in to the hysteria that is now called climate change? No. In other words, the earth may be cooling or warming, that does not necessarily mean that mankind is the major cause any more than it means that we are devoid of any responsibility to maintain the planet. Unfortunately power, money, and fear are now driving this issue, not science.

            Keep in mind that “common sense” is usually the opposite of science.

          17. gotabgood says

            Must be getting older.. This is the second time I have written you, one time the computer did a hiccup and this time I did it and lost all I wrote.
            I have copied your post and will answer it in ‘word’… but now I am frustrated.

          18. gotabgood says

            ”You point to changes in the climate as evidence that the cause is man made. This is an interpretation and it does not account for the fact that the earth’s climate is not static, it is dynamic. Science depends upon what is observable and testable, and we have only been able to consistently observe and test the environment on a significant scale for the past hundred years or so”.
            Ok, I will agree with you on that as long you don’t make comments on anything older than a hundred or so years, anything beyond that is propaganda or speculation.
            For the last hundred years we have measured the CO2 in our atmosphere and have kept records of heat, cold, wet and dry conditions, not only in the USA but from around the world. Something that is observable and testable. I will not get into the ice cores and tree rings if you don’t.
            ” The earth has gone through heating and cooling cycles in the past and it continues to do so.” If you are talking in the last hundred years or so.. No!, we have a record, we have spikes in a year to year basis, but the overall trend is up. Anything over a hundred years or so is propaganda and pure speculation and mostly opinions, per you.
            ” You see the changes in the climate and attribute it to man-made causes, which scares you”. No, not at all or at least scared. If we are traveling in separate cars, on a mountain road, which I live on, it is dark and raining and I tell you on the phone that the bridge is out and you have to turn off the main road and onto a dirt road to get over the river. You miss the turn or ‘ignore’ my warning, am I scared? Yeah, for you. If I am riding with you (or you are in charge), and you ignore my warnings, yes I am scared. If you watched any of the video clips I posted, people’s lives are being affected now. Losing their homes and even whole villages have to moved. Cities are spending millions of dollars ALREADY to keep the flood waters out. Other places their land is being eroded away by the raising waters.
            I want to give you some charts, some use some speculation using ice cores and such and go back a lot further than the allowable hundred or so years, so just ignore anything older than that. But what has happened to our air.. which I think you would believe that smog is manmade, Yes? Another thing is it is always warmer in the cities than in the country side. Buildings and blacktop hold more heat than grass and dirt. You take a desert with nothing more than what nature put there and man comes along and puts a 300 mile 4 lane highway across this desert, we have raised the temperature of this desert, I don’t care if it is only .00001% higher, it is higher and it is manmade! Now think of the millions of miles of highway stretched across the globe. We raised the temperature, whatever percent you want to use, but we raised the temperature!!
            On a cloud filled night it is warmer, because the clouds hold the heat in and does not escape as it does on a cloudless night. That is nature. But smog will do the same thing. It will block the sun, actually like a haze would do. So if that can happen in the day time, at night the smog would hold the heat in. Another thing about smog, this earth, the water, the air is all we have, there is no new shipment brought in from somewhere else, this is it! What we do to the air, water and earth stays with us, forever. Now I know plant life feed off CO2, but with man cutting the rain forest down, the never ending forest fires on a daily basis and the logging business for our new homes…and this goes on around the world daily!!
            As for your skepticism about the green energy, George Soros is an oil buffoon… but, he pledged 1.1 billion dollars to climate change initiatives. Tom Steyer another billionaire pushing for green energy. Elon Musk is pushing green cars but also solar.
            Our water is being polluted by the oil companies, ground water, oceans, killing off wetlands. And the coal mines are no better. Look what happened in the drinking water in Virginia. Green energy works with nature and does not destroy it. Now before you tell me of the 1000’s of birds getting killed, I have two things against that. 1) I have never seen the proof and 2) they have a new wind/turbine, no blades!
            We talk about many things in our daily world of what is wrong and how to fix it. We fight each other over the how’s and why’s, so much so we are ready to kill each other. If you are religious, maybe this is Gods way to bring us together, because when giant ice bergs show up in place they ought not, when cities start disappearing… maybe we can work together!

          19. Tired... says

            As I have repeatedly said, balance is the key. Charts, graphs and pictures are meaningless without context, so judging the changes today without a history of the earth’s climate is speculative at best. We are not going to see eye to eye on this, because the long term evidence is simply not there (100 years is not considered long term in this context). One of the weaknesses of science is its dependence upon scientists for interpretation. This does not mean that science is invalid, only that it is less objective than its proponents would have everyone believe.

          20. gotabgood says

            No wonder things are stagnate in congress.
            You tie the hands to only reach so far and then say not enough evidence in this short of space.
            I gave charts.. you dismiss
            I gave you stories and photos.. you dismiss
            I gave you videos of what is happening and you dismiss
            And what do you give me ? Opinions and those opinions were developed in your life time, at least mine went back 120 years.
            You are a birther.. Obama was born in Kenya… Obama produces his birth certificate.. you say Ahhh, short form, you can run that off your computer. He presents long form, you say Ahhh it is a fake.
            You have proof and you are living in denial. you know deep down what I showed you is true… but to acknowledge it.. to you it would be like surrender.
            Maybe you should write insurance companies around Miami and Norfolk to find out how much flood insurance cost for your beach front property..
            Nobody can win or I should say enlighten a birther..

          21. Tired... says

            I dismissed them because the issue is not has the climate changed (which is what your charts, stories, photos, and videos suggest), but rather what has caused the change. You keep trying to prove that climate change is due to humanity by merely pointing out that the climate has changed, but that is not a valid argument. There is a well known saying in statistics: “Correlation does not equal causation;” nevertheless that is what you keep trying to assert. You argue that because the climate has changed, it must be due to human activity. This is a correlation because both seem to occur at the same time, but that alone is not proof of causation. For example. if a child rides a bus to school every school day for 12 years and in that time the child’s intellect grows, it does not follow that the bus made the child smarter. While it may be true that the bus took the child to school, just riding the bus without going to school would not have the same effect.

            There is nothing wrong with asking the questions “Is climate change due to human activity and, if so, to what degree?” However, because there is evidence that the climate has gone through climate changes throughout its history, it is difficult to know if our current change is due to a normal cyclical process, human activity, both, or some other cause(s).

            I have repeatedly stressed the importance of balance, an avoidance of either/or thinking, and an acknowledgement that people who disagree can learn from one another. However I do object to the religious fervor that has seized the environmental movement because it stands against the aforementioned principles.

            It is also worth noting that, because I do not accept your logical error, you accuse me of things that I never said. That is called creating a straw man and it is a redirection that is used when an individual does not have a solid argument.

            We disagree but I do not feel any animosity toward you or what you believe. It is your right.

          22. gotabgood says

            You read my post with very selective reading.
            Yes the photos, and videos are all after the effect. The charts you are just in the state of denial.
            I gave some examples of how man is increasing the temperature and you dismissed them like it doesn’t make sense or I didn’t write them at all.
            Are you aware the cities retain more heat than the country side? What ‘do you’ think the cause is?
            Are you aware it is warmer on a cloudy night than a cloudless night?
            What would you call smog? Could you compare that to a cloud? Do you think smog is man made?
            Since CO2 is gobbled up by plants and trees. How many trees can be cleared for farming? How many for building houses?
            A fire does two things immediately. 1) destroys the CO2 eating tree and a fire produces heat. you might be interested in this

            And then think of the millions of cars/buses/trains/planes/farm equipment/machinery of all sorts from around the world all putting out heat, all filling our air with cloud like substance called smog, which retains the heat, along with the natural clouds.
            Power plants is the number 1 polluter of the world. Beijing uses coal fired power planets, look at their city..
            And still no scientist… it seems we are stuck in your time warp and can’t prove anything beyond 120 years… but during those 120 years.. we have watched the CO2 climb and in the past 40 years, almost straight up.

            In 1850 we had 150 glaciers in our Glacier National park. today we have 25. Now in case you want to call foul, that 1850 is outside the 120 year limit. In 1910 when the park was established we still had 150 glaciers. 60 years went by and we didn’t lose a glacier…. but in the last 120 years we lost 125 glaciers. They are predicting by 2030 there will be no glaciers, but that study was done in 2010, and according to all those goof-balls the trend is increasing more rapidly than when first stated… but what do they know??

          23. Tired... says

            There is no need to be snarky, particularly since I didn’t selectively read your post. If you look back at mine, you will see words such as balance, an emphasis on considering all sides of an argument, and an avoidance of making assumptions based on only one point of view. This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily wrong, but it does mean that there are other valid perspectives as well. Since our planet is much older than 120 years, it is difficult to know what the changes that you continually reference actually mean; like it or not, that is the truth. Yes, smog is a man made problem that needs to be addressed but it is the larger meaning that you attach to it that remains unproven. Like it or not, climate models based on the assumptions that you mentioned have not proven themselves to be accurate. As I have said before, I agree that we need to be mindful of the world around us and we should attempt to treat it with respect, which includes seeking alternatives that encourage clean air and water.

          24. gotabgood says

            Balance is fine when you are on a high wire, it is required.
            As for balance in climate… I think the balance is leaning heavily toward the raising seas. For it is happening NOW! The other side is/was wrong! If Miami was knee deep in water when the first settler settled there, wouldn’t he have taken a few steps inland to get out of the water??? And then build the very first building there? Miami and other cities started on dry land, but now the water is flooding villages, cities and islands. The water is raising all over the globe.
            assumptions based on only one point of view One point of view? You mean yours and mine? Surely you have taken in the consideration of the 200 countries?? The untold amount of scientist.. even ones who were skeptics have converted.
            You talk of other “valid perspectives”…. like which ones? where are they? And before you answer. We have to take in considerations the things that are happening NOW! Glaciers melting, ice sheets slipping into the oceans, cities being flooded, islands sinking. Heat records falling on land and sea. No snow in Alaska, had to move dog race. Ski resorts going to alternatives to stay open.
            “climate models based on the assumptions that you mentioned have not proven themselves to be accurate.”
            With the exception of the one chart I gave you that went back 1000’s of years, I have given you nothing that involved any kind of a model. A record is something that has happened before..
            Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, according to the UN World Meteorological Organisation, as rising carbon emissions continue to trap heat and drive climate change.
            For NOAA, this is the 37th time monthly heat records have been broken since the year 2000, but it has been more than 99 years since the last time a global cold record has been set.
            NOAA records go back to 1880.

            we should attempt to treat it with respect, which includes seeking alternatives that encourage clean air and water.

          25. Tired... says

            “we should attempt to treat it with respect, which includes seeking alternatives that encourage clean air and water.

            Exactly why are you surprised? This speaks volumes about your misunderstanding of my comments. My responses to you have focused on the process of science in general; that is how we gather, collect, and interpret data, with particular emphasis on the interpretation because this is where most errors occur. We live in a time when integrity is at an all time low, including within
            the field of science, and it is not uncommon for truth to be sacrificed for the sake of belief. It is within this context that skepticism, curiosity, and debate should thrive, yet there are many, both within and without the scientific community, who wish to silence those who hold differing views. This is not healthy. Poor science will die on its own without the use of censorship.

            If you listened closely to Dr. Mueller’s interview, you heard him make statements that were similar to what I have been suggesting: For example, not all environmental issues (such as Hurricane Katrina) are due to global warming and fracking can be done cleanly without causing earthquakes. In addition he spoke about the exaggeration of global warming that has been done by even those in the scientific community and suggested that such thinking is just as damaging as those on the other side who refuse to look at the data. If you recall, I have emphasized the role that interpretation plays in any scientific study. In particular I found it rewarding that Dr. Mueller spoke of balance, transparently made his work available to others, and was not afraid to take on either side of the debate. Now that is an honest scientist!

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      1. tnetcenter says

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    2. Texascat says

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    3. Sharpshooter says

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      1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

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    4. Tom says

      Some of the things you say of Clinton are true of her and are specific to her. Others are just generic bad-mouthing of any senior citizen. Believe me, old age will catch up to you sooner than you think. Too bad I can’t someday email your above comment to you when you are 70 to remind you of how needlessly cruel-tongued you once were to your elders.

      1. Rob Waddell says

        I’m 53, and I respect those who deserve it! Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one!

        1. Tom says

          Respect for those who deserve it is good. Disrespect for those whose birthday happened to fall X number of years before yours is counterproductive to the discussion.

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Don’t worry Ron, I used to be 53 once too. – Enjoy it while you are there.

          We need to stick together, though Young Old Black White or whatever to see to it the Cackling Witch NEVER even crosses through the gate at 1600 PA Ave.

      2. Rob Waddell says

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        2. Cyril Price says

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          1. Rob Waddell says

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        3. Mathew Molk says

          Easy Rob, We still love ya.

          You were 10,000% right, bro.

        4. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

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      3. jimmy9522 says

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        1. plum82 says

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      4. Mathew Molk says

        Hey, I’m an old guy and have a tough time standing up if I sit in one place too long but I agree with every single word Mr Waddell said.

        Now, Let;s get together and put Trump in the White House and BOTH Clinton’s in the Jail House

      5. Rob Waddell says

        One more thing, Hillary Clinton has already stated that she would confiscate our guns, so tell me how she can even be inaugurated when she must swear an oath to uphold, and protect, the Constitution?

        1. tnetcenter says

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    Incrementalism has always been the hallmark of socialist change when open revolution is too much too soon.

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          Please don’t insult dogs, they’re more intelligent and loyal than a back stabbing liberal.

      3. laxmom1 says

        Why is it that you liberals always pull out the race card and insults when confronted with FACTS? Have you no independent thoughts or ideas of your own?

        1. Glenn Trail says

          Hey laxmom1, This bitch wants to take our guns, but the day she got out of the hospital her and dear hubby went and bought two AR 15s. How is that for double standards?

          1. laxmom1 says

            Exactly, Glenn Trail, and I for one am sick of that crap!

        2. Deborah G says

          No they don’t look at Debbie Wasserman Shultz she’s a ROBOT

          1. laxmom1 says

            LOL! …..and one who’s been dis-invited to her own convention, I’ve NEVER seen that happen before…wow!

          2. Deborah G says

            Even they are doing damage control she’s batshit crazy

          3. laxmom1 says


      4. prstewart says

        Most liberals and Democrats have recently learned to be a bit more subtle in their name calling and bogus insults. I guess you didn’t get that memo.

      5. desertspeaks says

        I would love to hear your comprehensive rational definitively explaining his “what you term” virulent racism is quantified on.
        I’ll bet you fail miserably! Remember, if your picture is any indication, you’re white!

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Presumably you mean to say that “real” white people are blind to their racism, as you apparently are.

          1. Tired... says

            Every individual is a racist and bigot. Wise people are aware of this and try to overcome it in their own lives, while the unwise see it in everyone else.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            Exactly. The problematic part is the inability to see it in ourselves or our friends and leaders. That’s why, and when, it needs to be pointed out when it rears its ugly head.

          3. Tired... says

            The problem is that often people only see it in others, see it where it doesn’t exist, or use those terms as clubs to manipulate those who hold different opinions. Unfortunately our current culture, particularly our politicians, tend to have limited insight although they throw those words around like confetti.

          4. jimmy midnight says

            We also agree that we all need to look, both within, and without. Thanks, Tired…,for a nice respectful exchange,

          5. Tired... says


          6. Deborah G says

            I see it and have spent my lidfe being inclusive.BUT? I am honest and call a spade a spade or a freakenzoid in the ladies room. Capisce`?

          7. desertspeaks says

            Define “real” white people for us all. This should be special!

            Did you not notice that tedi realized her position was so flawed, that she refused to respond?

          8. Deborah G says

            Most Americans are NOT racist but liberals always are

          9. ABO says

            While you are obviously blind to the concept of truth.

          10. Deborah G says

            Was that a rhetorical question? He’s a moron lib that’s why. They actually have a deficient brain on brain scans

          11. ABO says

            It wasn’t a question, rhetorical or otherwise, it was a response to yet another moronic remark from jimmy midnight.

      6. Daniel Wright says

        What was said that was racist? Please specify.

    3. tnetcenter says

      Why do you say it’s “torn from” Hitler’s manual???

      They are using the whole damn BOOK!!!

      1. imjmz says

        It is a signed copy!

    4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

      Soon this Liberal wacko will be Gone and we be free at last!

      1. armydadtexas says

        The HILDA-BEAST is attempting to make it the 3rd term. I hope you are right

        1. tinkerunique says

          America DOES NOT need a person in control that has been investigated for racketeering, AND sponsored by foreign (Muslim) nations. She will do almost anything for money = she can/has been bought. She was spouting, socialized medicine, gun CONTROL, and One World Order when Slick Willy was POTUS. She has also said (publicly) that, “Only coops and crooks should have guns.” That means she supports crooks ? Benghazi was a gun-running operation just like “Operation Fast & Furious” where the Mexican cartel was given guns <( by 0'bumma's puppet Holder.

      2. AntiGOP says

        Go figure…From the RNC Convention speech the Trumpster is inaugurating somewhere on Jan 18…but I guess nobody noticed that above all his other bullshit.!!

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          love it

          1. AntiGOP says

            Here’s Day 1

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Heres day 7

          3. AntiGOP says

            Here’s everyday..!!!

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            I m off to see the Liberal Crooked lying disgraceful low energy Hillary Oz!!!

          5. William Thompson says

            What I just did was share this with Tweeter. Mr. Trump has an account there and when he sees this, I wouldn’t want to be you.

          6. AntiGOP says

            What I just did was share this with Tweeter.

            Oh really…

            I’ve have already posted it in DJT’s Twitter page many times…

            BTW what’s Tweeter??

            Is that where Trump Idiots hang out.????!!!!

    5. gotabgood says

      Germans know fascism when they see it.
      While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell.
      I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
      “How is he so successful?” asked a student reporting for her school paper.
      “Doesn’t America know how dangerous he is?” asked an irritated Gen X woman in Hamburg.
      Germans, like Europeans in general, can draw direct lines from violent, aggressive rhetoric to bombs destroying their homes, millions being displaced and whole nations collapsing. The scars of World War I, World War II, even the war in the Balkans in the ’90s, all still affect Germans and other Europeans. Pieces of the “Berlin Wall” are still for sale in souvenir shops.

      1. Deborah G says

        You are a complete idiot to compare Trump to Hitler. INSANE

        1. gotabgood says

          I think Germany knows a helluvalot more about hitler than you do!!!! I will take Germany’s word over yours any day of the week!!
          So open your mouth again and show how very dumb you are.

          1. Tired... says

            No doubt, but do they understand Trump or Hillary? In truth they only know what they are allowed to hear.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            I think liberalism is more about Hitler and his racist thugs! So open your moyth again you liberal racist low energy …dumbfounded rat!

          3. G.Mann says

            George Zimmerman changed his name… to Ben Ghazi…. now the media refuses to say a word about him…

          4. Bruce O'ryan says

            One way to be left alone

          5. gotabgood says

            You cheated.. or lied… or connived… or omitted… or all four.
            You are very good at all of them..

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            SHE LIED

          7. gotabgood says

            It would be hilarious if peoples lives were not directly affected by your twisted BS!
            Who called the Mexican rapist, murders?
            Who wants to build a wall?
            Who wants to banned all Muslims?
            Who closes voting places in poor neighborhoods?

            Hitler’s Political Views
            Hitler lived in Vienna for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing extremists. In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which he would remain committed for the balance of his life. Central to Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks. Hitler also advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial solidarity.
            The following extracts illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

          8. SNuss says

            Hitler, like all socialists, was a Leftist, not unlike Communists. Their tactics were the same, and their agendas were two sides of the same coin. They fought because both sides wanted to control the other.

          9. gotabgood says

            Our new friends? Our new roll models?
            Donald Trump praises ‘maniac’ North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un for strong leadership
            ‘At least he’s a leader!’ Trump’s extraordinary verdict on Vladimir Putin – after he is asked if he should take support from ‘a person who kills journalists’
            As for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Trump said that “maybe he’s better than the kind of people we’re supposed to be backing.”
            Donald Trump’s ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed
            Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana related in a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair that “from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.” Trump confirmed that the former Mrs. Trump’s 1990 assertion is true.
            The Hitler volume, “My New Order” not only contains 23 years’ worth of Hitler’s speeches, “it is profusely indexed and filled with details about the speeches’ impact on the media and the political establishment.” According to a literary periodical, Kirkus Review, Trump’s collection of Hitler speeches contains “actual quotations from Hitler’s own utterances, including corresponding data showing the effect on the world press. Section after section follows pattern-background, speech, press;” and Donald Trump faithfully follows Hitler’s model.

            THIS IS YOUR MAN???? THINK…. PLEASE..

          10. Robert says

            We are all laughing AT you. How gullible you are.

          11. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            I crushed you you liberal pathetic trash low life!!!

          12. gotabgood says

            Funny.. I don’t feel crushed..

          13. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            I crushed you again you liberal slime ball how does it feel? lol

        2. ABO says

          gotabgood has shown it’s self to be a completely brainless moron on this site for quite some time now, Deborah. It is an utterly myopic lemming of the left, probably a paid troll and certainly not even remotely worth responding to.

          1. Deborah G says

            I blocked him he’s a useless moron

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            I blocked him too and sprayed him!

          3. Deborah G says

            I hesitate to ask with what LOL. insect spray?

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            I loaded up with Liberal Raid destroyer it disinfects them!

          5. Deborah G says

            where do I buy a few cans?

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            www sprayaLiberalcrackheadcan .com

            stock up theirs a lot of liberals you need to spray!

          7. Deborah G says

            Got it!

          8. Bruce O'ryan says

            lol love it

          9. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Deb you are a True Patriot!


          10. Deborah G says

            Yes Pilgrim I am a true John Wayne American Patriot. My hero!

          11. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Good job Deb my kind of women!

          12. Deborah G says

            I like REAL men not bi-sexual girlymen like our Prez who like other guys in pink panties more than they like Jockey shorts

          13. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            obama a traitor!

          14. SNuss says

            And, I have a Tee time in half an hour, or when ISIS decapitates someone, whichever comes first.

      2. ironbiker says

        You are one ignorant Son of a bitch!!

        1. gotabgood says

          Dumbshit… that was Germany talking… I am just the messenger spreading the truth.

          1. Deborah G says

            You wouldn’ t know the truth if it f-ing hit upside your moronic head

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Liberals are idiots we need to kick them in their ignorant asses and deport them!

          3. Deborah G says

            I agree they need their stupid asses kicked but this is America and even liberal assholes have the right to sound as stupid as they really are. besides they provide comic relief

          4. glenn398 says

            It would be comical if they didn’t have the ability to destroy this country but as you can see they are doing an excellent job of it.

          5. Deborah G says

            There will be riots if dems screw around with the elections any further than they already have. Buh Bye moron DWS

          6. glenn398 says

            There isn’t much more they can do that they haven’t already done as there are so many grave and multi voters. You see what the governor of Virginia did so the criminals could vote didn’t you? So far all the riots have been done by the democratic voters so maybe it is the other sides time.

          7. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You spread more lies, deceit and propaganda than Hitlery and Obama!

          8. JMICHAEL270 says

            Ain’t it the truth!!

          9. Robert says

            As you said Germany AND THE STATE DEPT ( OUR DEMONCRAT leaders ) just like they tried to stop BeBe Netanyahu during his re election??? Sure, definitely unbiased opinion there!

          10. Deborah G says

            Angela Merel is cut from the same cloth as our moron libs. She’s destroying her country what’s left after Hitler

          11. SNuss says

            The KKK is the Democrats’ “heritage”, and always has been.

          12. gotabgood says

            Well it seems you have taken over and please, don’t take my work for it…
            Mr Duke’s candidacy comes one day after Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination for president, and Mr Duke said he’s espoused principles for years that are similar to the themes Republicans are now supporting in Trump’s campaign, on issues such as immigration and trade.
            He said Americans were “embracing the core issues I have fought for my entire life.”


          13. Miyako says

            You’re areal spoofed..moron. with a exceptional mind that loves Fantasy. one that lives in ‘Alice and Wonderland’. The Left In America is the threat (Black Lies Matter,Black panthers,Homosexual rights groups,The ‘sky is falling crowd’,Illegal aliens groups La Raza,MALDEF. All Communist Marxist Groups…..And a Group Of Bolshevik Jews. (And ‘The Jackass’ Is a Good Definition Of The ‘Dumbocrat Party….LOL.LOL Truly…….

          14. gotabgood says

            mmmm, that sounds like a melting pot……. called AMERICA!!

        2. glenn398 says

          No ironbiker he is the perfect democratic voter, dumb and uninformed.

      3. Emma says

        There is a huge difference between hitler & Trump..
        Hitler was all about personal power, not love of Country & the people.

        Trump is ALL about America &Her People.
        Making America Strong, Free, Economically &Militarily strong again.
        Love of our culture. Our People &
        Our America.

        Killary is Hitler,
        Right down to the ground!

        Trump is a vote for America.
        Trump… 2016

        1. gotabgood says

          First place your message is so full of…. lies and misdirection.
          I gave you a message from Germany and like a typical brainwashed rightie you double down in your lies.. you are blinded…. by what? His sincerity? His charm.
          His truthfulness? hahaha This was his response when ask which foot it was that kept out of Vietnam…

          This is from his wife.. maybe you will believe her…. well you better because Trump came out and confirmed her telling the truth!!!!!!!!!!!
          Our new friends? Our new roll models?
          Donald Trump praises ‘maniac’ North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un for strong leadership
          ‘At least he’s a leader!’ Trump’s extraordinary verdict on Vladimir Putin – after he is asked if he should take support from ‘a person who kills journalists’
          As for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Trump said that “maybe he’s better than the kind of people we’re supposed to be backing.”
          Donald Trump’s ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed
          Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana related in a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair that “from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.” Trump confirmed that the former Mrs. Trump’s 1990 assertion is true.
          The Hitler volume, “My New Order” not only contains 23 years’ worth of Hitler’s speeches, “it is profusely indexed and filled with details about the speeches’ impact on the media and the political establishment.” According to a literary periodical, Kirkus Review, Trump’s collection of Hitler speeches contains “actual quotations from Hitler’s own utterances, including corresponding data showing the effect on the world press. Section after section follows pattern-background, speech, press;” and Donald Trump faithfully follows Hitler’s model.


          1. Frank says

            Think! This is exactly what I’ve been saying to young brainwashed liberals! Think….for yourself, not what your Marxist profs have filled your head with!

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Liberals are Morons and Democrackheads!

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            These Liberal Democrackhead brainwashed Liberal racist thugs can’t think.there Ignorant like DNC!!!!

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          5. SNuss says

            Compared to Obama’s feckless leadership style, he is correct. Both Putin and Kim Jong-un lead from power, not from weakness. And both have been successful, opposing Obama.

          6. Tired... says

            True, but would we want either of them to be President of the United States? There are two sides to that argument and this is precisely why many people hesitate to support Trump.

          7. SNuss says

            Do we want someone who is a continuation of Obama? His weak leadership and failed foreign policy created a power vacuum that people like Putin, Jong-un, and ISIS were more than willing to fill. Look at how terrorism has spread, under the Obama regime. We need someone who projects power, not weakness, to help restore order. BTW, I see that the Russians are believed to have hacked the DNC servers, and copied their e-mails concerning Bernie, and who knows what else. I would bet that Hillary’s private server wasn’t as well protected as the DNC’s server. And, if that is the case, isn’t it also reasonable to assume that the Russians also hacked her private server, and are waiting to use that information to influence U.S. foreign policy, or blackmail her, if she is elected?

          8. Tired... says

            Strong leadership is Trump’s strong suit, but it may also be his Achilles heal. Hillary has already demonstrated that she is a foreign policy disaster.

          9. SNuss says

            We know what Hillary will do to us. I would rather take a chance on Trump. He should scare the hell out of our enemies, and will drastically improve our economy. Hopefully, he will also significantly damage the establishment politicians and bureaucrats in the process.

          10. Tired... says

            It sounds like we are in the same boat: Less than thrilled with Trump, but we see the potential. We already know about Hillary’s incompetence and dishonesty.

          11. ipsd48 says

            so tell us about the BAD side of Trump

          12. SNuss says

            He tends to shoot off his mouth, especially when he is attacked, and he exaggerates. Once he selects advisors, he will be better-informed, and clarify his goals. Trump, no matter what the Leftist media will tell you to think, is not dumb. Unlike Obama, Trump’s force of personality makes people get things done for him, and gets respect from friends and foes alike.
            IMHO, given his list of Constitution-following SCOTUS nominees, that makes him the better choice. If Hillary wins, kiss your 2nd Amendment, and other rights, goodbye, and say hello to Socialism. Oh, did I mention that the CPUSA (Communists) are supporting Hillary, and the rest of the Democrats?

          13. Bruce O'ryan says

            The Russians, maybe. An 18 year old could hack Hitlery’s server.

          14. gotabgood says

            You talk like you have some common sense…. why in this God created earth would you even hesitate in which one to vote for?
            Is Hillary the best Democratic candidate… no…. not so much what she has done… NONE of that has been proven.. but she carries the guilt sign around her neck placed there by years and years crap being thrown at her… So Bernie would have been a better choice, less baggage.
            But Trump??????
            What plans does he have about anything except building a wall?
            Repeal ObamaCare and guaranteed people wouldn’t die in the streets…. such a comfort to know that.

          15. Tired... says

            I am no more blind to Trump’s flaws than I am Hillary’s, but since you prefer her as a candidate, why don’t we take a look at her track record? Let’s begin by acknowledging that ‘not proven’ doesn’t mean innocent. We have seen the legal inequalities that exist between those who have power and those that do not in the US. Who else would be permitted to sift through evidence and decide what will be submitted to the FBI? Who else can have their spouse meet privately with the AG of the U.S. before the outcome of her case is decided? Prosecution was not the only possible disposition of her case; at the very least her security clearance should have been revoked…yours or mine would have been and we most likely would be in jail if we committed similar security breeches.

            But even if you ignore those issues, she was the face of Obama’s foreign policy for years, one that has armed and financed our enemies as well as callously disregarded the lives of those in Benghazi. She lied to the families of the victims of the embassy attack and to the American people. Think about it for a moment: How cold do you have to be to look a family member of one of the victims in the face and lie to them? Hillary did it four times. Asia is on fire and Russia is gaining strength due to America’s profoundly weakened foreign policy, one that she was responsible for implementing for four years and one that she still supports. Although claiming to stand up for women, she has lived with a serial offender for decades to further her own political aspirations, and she does not respect those who put their lives on the line to protect her. She claims to stand for LGBTQIA community, yet she accepts funds from and supports countries/groups that brutally kill members of this community as a matter of policy. While Trump has been called a narcissist and rightly so, Hillary exhibits behavior consistent with antisocial personality disorder, which is far more dangerous.

            There is no doubt that both are damaged goods, but at least Trump has a history of using his own money to help people, which indicates that there may be something to work with in his character. Hillary wants to take my money and give it to others to make herself feel better, all while protecting her own wealth; even worse, she seems to be devoid of character. And lest you think that I am some rich elitist with money to spare, I work three jobs: one full time and two part time.

            Trump concerns me greatly, so the fact that I prefer him to Hillary tells you how I feel about her.

          16. anoesis says

            Vote for Trump. Make America Great Again by bringing good jobs back to this country and you just might not HAVE to work 3 jobs anymore. Put Hitlery as lead man in our White House (built by slaves according to Knuckle Dragger Moochelle though it may be) and you won’t have ANY jobs. When she destroys the oil industry as she says she is going to do, when this country’s BLOOD is OIL and that will all we wrote.

          17. gotabgood says

            Take a minute and read..
            “bringing good jobs back to this country and you just might not HAVE to work 3 jobs anymore”
            That would be before Reagan and Nixon, back when unions were strong, Democrats in the WH and only one per household had to work!!

          18. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Take a minute and Read.

            You ever feel betrayed because she will betray you and lie to you!!!

          19. gotabgood says

            “You ever feel betrayed..?”

          20. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          21. Arizona Don says

            The KDM also said for the first time in her life she was proud of this country. Under obama for the first time in my life I am ashamed of this country and I’m a disabled veteran.

            Donald Trump will surely make America Great Again! hillary will complete the destruction begun by obama. Anyone who cannot see that is blind!

          22. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            She belongs there!

          23. gotabgood says

            ” Let’s begin by acknowledging that ‘not proven’ doesn’t mean innocent.”
            Is there really any need to go further with this discussion?
            In the Clintons case they have been investigated just about their entire life in public service… from the rightwing, from hired attorneys, to the FBI… now we are going back at least 40 years….. you people will not let up!!!
            No one…. let me repeat… NO ONE on the right has been through so many investigations for such an extended length of time as the Clintons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Even the investigation of the 9/11 was rushed and covered up while it was yet smoking… plus no plane at the pentagon and no plane at Pennsylvania and why did building #7 fall???
            Talk about a cover up!!!! 3000 innocent people lost their lives on our soil and it was bulldozed over while yet smoking..

          24. Tired... says

            Do you really believe that justice is blind and that the privileged are treated the same as the average citizen? Democrats have a history of rallying around their own regardless of the truth while Republicans have a history of abandoning their own who are caught doing wrong. Political cover circumvents justice and the Democrats have a long and distinguished history of creating their own reality.

          25. gotabgood says

            There are many things in this world that happen that I don’t agree with and I am sure the same with you. We are called the melting pot of the world and with that comes baggage from all over the world… there is no way you will ever get 100% agreement on anything!
            Blacks look at the justice system at a whole different angle than most other people. Muslims coming to America will, if not already found that out.
            I would bet my last dollar that OJ Simpson was guilty. There was a couple different cases in Texas that were put to death and found out later they were innocent.
            The trials of the Clinton’s have been going on for 25, 30 years. It has gotten to the point they are trying to convict them of spitting on the sidewalk. They are like a dog in heat when trying to convict either or preferably both of them. They make things up… they lie… they make false videos.. all these things for years and years. Are they guilty.. I don’t know… Are they guilty of all? I doubt it very much. But some of the best prosecutors couldn’t prove anything wrong.
            When OJ was found innocent. did I want to kill him or make his life as miserable as possible? No. I was settled in my mind he got away with it and moved on. So if the rightwing wants to settle in their mind they have gotten away with something, fine, but move on.
            They are stuck in a rut, a deep rut… 50….. look at that number…. 50 appeals for ObamaCare… plus two trips to the supreme court.
            12 investigations on Benghazi… how many times does it take to be found not guilty?? There was only one trial for OJ, yes I am not counting the civil trial.
            It is not so much Hillary or even Obama… they have a hate for Democrats.. look what they done to Carter, Gore and Kerry was at least in Vietnam…. where was lil’ bush?
            I am tired…. got to get up and stretch.

          26. Tired... says

            Director Comey essentially confirmed that Hillary was guilty of security breaches but chose to not press
            charges a week after the tarmac tryst between Bill and Loretta. If Bush
            found himself in the same situation, would you have found it
            suspicious? I know that I would have. We have a different view of the Clintons and their criminal activity. You think that they are guilty of very little and I think that they are guilty of a great deal. We will not agree on this point and that is ok.

            As far as ObamaCare is concerned, a phrase had to be rewritten by Justice Roberts based on what he perceived to be the intention of the law rather than on the actual words of the law (which is not constitutional) before he could vote to uphold it. So, yes, it received the rubber stamp of the Supreme Court but in order to do so they had to assume the legislative role of Congress, which violates the separation of powers and is therefore illegal. It is issues such as this that thinking Americans on both sides of the aisle find profoundly troubling.

            There is an ever increasing stench rising from Washington DC as the disconnect between the average American and the government grows. The privileged, who control both parties, continue to amass wealth and power at the peoples’ expense. I hope that you will stop seeing the country as D’s and R’s before it is too late.

          27. gotabgood says

            a week after the tarmac tryst between Bill and Loretta. If Bush
            found himself in the same situation, would you have found it
            I do not need lil’ bush in the picture to raise suspicion.
            Why I am a D!
            Look back in history in every major downfall of our economy was at the hands of the Republican. But yet the R’s, easily forget history. Yes, there has been times when the D’s have been at the helm.. but I am talking major and Hoover being the last of 3 R’s in a row to cause the great depression, and so on.
            But Austerity doesn’t work, Europe can and should be our example, you can keep cutting and think things will get better. Kansas and Wisconsin good examples here in the states.
            The D’s think everyone should be entitled to healthcare, the R’s think you should have to work to get it.
            ER is being overly used and for the wrong reasons, if each person had healthcare it would free up the ER and there would be a demand for more doctors. The R’s don’t understand that the uninsured going to ER is the most expensive system there is and the price is not free it is tied into everything connected to the healthcare system. Prices for everything goes up to cover many things, like the doctors yacht payment and the ER.. smile.
            The R’s do not like unions and support RTW. totally against their own interest.
            It use to be when you see someone making more money than you, you tried to better yourself… now, it is they make too much money, bring them down to my level.
            The R’s cut budgets for science, for schools, for EPA, all of these are necessary.
            The R’s seem quite happy with our infrastructure, from roads to bridges, to airports and the high speed trains… They actually hope the one in CA FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you get your mind around that one????
            Ever been on a high speed train? I have been several times in China, super fast and super smooth.
            The R’s are waving a false USA pride flag… we are not number one in anything but military. Our schools, infrastructure and we build nothing, we serve hamburgers.
            The R’s think the middle class is a bottomless money pot where they can keep cutting taxes for the rich and all will be ok… Kansas and Wisconsin should be waving the red flag.. it doesn’t work!
            The D’s want
            green energy
            Save our National Parks
            decent jobs
            raise the minimum wage to kick start our economy, money in pocket makes a consumer.
            voting rights, this week the courts had to overrule in 3 states for voting restrictions.
            Equal pay
            Healthcare for all
            get rid of citizens united
            get all money out of politics
            And exercise our constitutional rights…. we are all created equal
            I think it would be safe to say the R’s are against most if not all of the things we are for.

          28. Tired... says

            You completely ignored the ethical issue of Bill and Loretta’s tryst, which suggests that had it been a Republican who found themselves in the same situation you would have responded differently.

            I find it interesting that people assume easy solutions to complex problems. Recessions and depressions occur for a variety of reasons and, while some of those reasons happen swiftly, many take years before their impact is felt. Take the .com and housing bubble as examples. They began in the 90’s, and didn’t collapse until nearly a decade later. Simplistically ascribing good or bad to whomever occupied the Oval office at the time events occur is not always an accurate indicator of the quality of that individual’s skill or policies.

            We disagree on most of the issues that you list above, particularly regarding the Democrats helping the middle class. This is where I have lived my entire life and they have done nothing to help me; rather they dip into my pocket to cover their excess at every turn. I am not going to take the time to refute each of your assumptions above, but let’s just say that I support the following:

            Respect for the Constitution and our founders
            Freedom for all at the expense of none
            Respect for all at the expense of none
            Individual liberty over governmental intrusion into individual lives
            Freedom to think and believe according to one’s conscience
            Individual charity
            Creating and adhering to a federal budget
            Hard work
            Defending our country and our interests against our enemies
            Defending our borders while addressing immigration concerns
            Education that places the parents in charge (vouchers)
            Disallowing unions to use forced dues to fund political activities
            Only allowing U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections

            Congress cannot exempt itself from laws that apply to U.S. citizens
            Science as science, not as a religion

            Although I am not a Republican, I do not think that they are opposed to as much as you assume; they just want to go about it in a different way. Regardless, I think that we should engage in the ultimate social experiment…let’s divide the country according to those who think like you and those who think like me. We can split everything according to the percentage of citizens who gravitate to each side and see what happens. This should make both sides happy and we could then see which system works…it’s a win-win.

          29. gotabgood says

            Now who either isn’t reading or assuming the worse about me??
            “You completely ignored the ethical issue of Bill and Loretta’s tryst, which suggests that had it been a Republican who found themselves in the same situation you would have responded differently.”
            I said. a week after the tarmac tryst between Bill and Loretta. If Bush
            found himself in the same situation, would you have found it
            I do not need lil’ bush in the picture to raise suspicion.”

            In other words, yes I find it suspicious without having to picture it was lil’ bush doing the meeting.
            Suspicion is not a signature of guilt.

          30. Tired... says

            Here is what I read: “a week after the tarmac tryst between Bill and Loretta. If Bush
            found himself in the same situation, would you have found it
            suspicious? I do not need lil’ bush in the picture to raise suspicion.
            Why I am a D!”

            The exclamation point and lack of spacing indicated to me that sentence was part of the preceding comment, not an introduction to the next paragraph. Your response was confounded by the demeaning reference to former President Bush. Given the vague nature of your response and your statement of pride in being a Democrat, I interpreted it to mean that you did not care about the meeting and instead saw it as an issue to celebrate. If I misunderstood your intent, then I apologize.

            We agree that suspicion is not synonymous with guilt (or innocence for that matter); however, there is a difference between legally charging someone for suspicious behavior and the average citizen’s understanding what that behavior means. We are only talking about the latter. In that context honest, reasonable people generally believe that this particular conversation involved Hillary’s case and that Bill understand how this would be perceived. However, he also knew the his behavior doesn’t matter to a number of voters while a decision to prosecute Hillary would. He did a cost/benefit analysis and decided that the benefits outweighed the costs because he believed that the American people are lack insight and integrity…evidently he is correct.

          31. gotabgood says

            “The exclamation point and lack of spacing indicated to me that sentence was part of the preceding comment, not an introduction to the next paragraph.”
            Grammar was never my best subject, in fact I was more interested in sports.. I surely wasn’t looking to upgrade my grammar skills, but I will try to pay a little closer attention to it. My mind is a lot faster than my typing skills.

            I wasn’t picking on lil’ bush until after the third major economy crash. I was picking on the “R’s” period.

            Pride in being a Democrat…..? Only because the R’s have moved so far to the right, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan would all be D’s, well Reagan maybe an Independent. But NONE of them would make it through the primaries and maybe not even TO the primaries.

            I listed the reasons I believe in the D’s. Are they perfect? No. Do they take money from corporations? Yes.
            Are they for the working class? Yes. Are the R’s for the working class? No.
            Do the R’s have ANY kind of plan for healthcare? No. Are they interested in improving ACA? No.

            Maybe I told this to you before, I know I have posted it here, but the ACA originated at the Heritage Foundation. Then Romney incorporated in Massachusetts, But when Obama got a hold of it…… it was a deal from hell!

            The reason we all know, or think we know, so much about the Clinton’s life, is because they have been under the microscope all their political life. With just cause? I don’t know. They have never been found guilty of anything. But that doesn’t fly well with the R’s. Like I said the Heritage healthcare system was/is ACA, and they appealed it 50 times!!! Even went to the supreme court twice. It was at that time a 5/4 court. No if’s, no but’s and no and’s… it stood the test for 50 appeals and passed the supreme court twice. Did the R’s move on? Nope Trumps words ” I will repeal ObamaCare”. Well that’s just great!!

            The R’s are stuck in the past and they even want to take the country back in time. The big question should be how far back? Do women still get to vote? Will we have slaves?

            Even things they have made, like EPA, they want to cut or defund it entirely. There is never talk of improving anything… if so, please tell me what it is?

            I find it very frustrating to talk of the plans, or lack of ANY plans to move this country forward in ANY category. It is all about fear, hate, revolution, banning, deporting.
            If they have a positive plan, please share it with me, for I don’t know what it is.

          32. Tired... says

            Interesting…I think that the Left has moved so far left that the Right seems extreme even though they haven’t really moved.

            As far as Obamacare is concerned, a bad idea is a bad idea regardless of where it originates. I am not here to defend Republicans…they are as bad as Democrats. However, as far as I know, the Heritage Foundation didn’t mount a single legal challenge to Obamacare, much less mount 50. I already addressed the Supreme Court issue, so I am not going to do so again.

            Regarding who is for the middle class, we have different views which, as far as I know is still permitted in this country (although it may not be for much longer if those who favor big government have their way).

            Although the Republicans as a group are feckless pretenders, the idea that they want to take the country back in time is absurd, but if they did they would still vote to abolish slavery and support women’s suffrage just as they did originally. The voting record in both Houses of Congress demonstrate that it was the Democrats that opposed these measures.

            As a country, the amount of money that we owe is astronomical and that lies at the feet of both parties, despite the asinine tripe that both sides spew…I am simply not gong to engage in that drivel. The fact remains that a large debt exists, so we need to be responsible in how we spend federal money. Should we cut funding to governmental agencies such at the EPA…absolutely! Should we pay reasonable prices for items purchased through military contracts and hold those contractors to their contracts unless substantive changes are made by the government…absolutely! Should we prosecute fraud wherever we find it…absolutely! We need to demand that the government live within its means just as we live within ours. If we as individuals can’t afford it, then we don’t do it; unfortunately that level of maturity escapes the leaders of both parties.

            It appears that we have varied a great deal from our original topic.

          33. gotabgood says

            (although it may not be for much longer if those who favor big government have their way). Then you are going against the age old saying, Republicans for big business and Democrats for the working class?
            Republicans give tax cuts to the rich… Democrats make labor laws and believe in proper working conditions, a 40 hour work week and HEALTHCARE. The R’s healthcare, “let them die”
            And if the truth be known, those that create big government have always been the right. They create new restrictions that have to be governed as in the ultra sound, DHS, PA, TSA. Voter ID.. someone has to monitor and they get paid!

            but if they did they would still vote to abolish slavery and support women’s suffrage just as they did originally.
            On Election Day in 1920, millions of American women exercised their right to vote for the first time ‘D’ Woodrow Wilson, March 4, 1913 – March 4, 1921
            As for slavery, yes the D’s were on the wrong side of history. it is one thing to be ignorant and remain ignorant and another to learn by your ignorance, such as LBJ signing the civil rights act. while the R’s have been chipping away at those rights from SCOTUS to congress to individual states…. all red states by the way!!

            And for ObamaCare… that was not and was not ever intended to be the last straw in healthcare, that was a stepping stone, and you admitted at least in one area it was an improvement… preexisting conditions. What about the cap removed, that was not good? What about insurance companies have to prove 80% goes for healthcare of their premiums? Those 3 are leaps and bounds ahead of what we had. The 10 years previous to ACA insurance companies had went up 131%…

            Right up to this point I always thought you had common sense…. now????? mmmmm

            “Should we cut funding to governmental agencies such at the EPA…absolutely!”
            Before I defend Nixon’s only improvement to our society, EPA. I want you to know that the R’s have been cutting the budget to MANY programs, in which we NEED!!! When budgets get cut manpower and facilities get lost and things get left undone.
            Cases in point the fertilizer plant in Texas, it had been years since they had an inspection. Flint water system. Drinking water in Virginia. All kinds of leakage into lakes and streams and even inadequate holding for water in oil and fracking facilities. At its frayed condition, there is no way they can keep up. It was hard to keep up when they were running a 100%…. from fracking to oil drilling, to mining and just regular agriculture run off.. we have an epidemic and then cut their budget!!??? Like cutting a board 3 times and it is still too short.
            As far as the original topic…. I have no idea what it was..

          34. Tired... says

            “Then you are going against the age old saying, Republicans for big business and Democrats for the working class?”

            Yes, I’m going against the propaganda. I have said many times that I do not believe in either/or thinking and that asinine statement is a perfect example of it.

            Although there currently appears to be some confusion about this, Presidents don’t make law; they only sign into law what congress passes. Look at which party in both houses of Congress supported women’s suffrage and which did not. As far as civil rights are concerned LBJ only signed what a majority of Republicans (and minority of Democrats) in Congress passed.

            My response to the remainder of your comments is to refer you to the fact that I do not believe in either/or thinking, so of course I see some value in some areas; however it is the implementation and increasing grab for power that I object to.

          35. gotabgood says

            I blew off the dust on my 1920 history key and you are right the D’s was doing the fighting against and for 4 decades… But as in the case of KKK, we learned our lesson. in fact somewhere along the line the R’s and D’s switched.
            As for the “remainder” of my comments.. you know it is true. every time there is a discovery, whether it be for good of bad, someone makes a dollar. And in the case of global warming, if you are going to warn people, it takes money. Have a little cartoon you might appreciate… well a couple, or three

          36. Tired... says

            “As for the “remainder” of my comments.. you know it is true.”

            No, I don’t, but since I already addressed those comments in previous posts I didn’t see the need to rehash what I already wrote.

            The key concept is balance. My parents taught me that it is wise to look both ways before your cross the road. In the context of our current discussion this means that we should not assume that anything is all good or all bad; this necessitates that we keep both our eyes and our minds open.

          37. gotabgood says

            To sum up your last post, “we should not assume that anything is all good or all bad;”
            Maybe at one time oil was even a necessity.. but that time is now long gone. We should have paid attention to Jimmy Carter, when he tried to get us off Middle East oil and installed solar panels on the WH. That stunt Reagan pulled put us 35 years behind where we should be.
            Oil is a polluter, a killer and a destroyer and is expensive to fine, to drill, to refine and ship and to use,,, there is no state of the oil that is good, except to stay in the ground.
            And for all the others reading this and might bring up the by-products such as plastics, well they can now make plastic from plants. There is no need for oil!!

          38. Tired... says

            We simply disagree.

          39. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked Hillary

          40. gotabgood says

            I am glad your post is short… for I disagree with most of it.
            I believe justice is served better when there is money behind it, of course that results in injustice.
            I do agree the R’s seem to throw their wounded under the bus, but not in all cases, if it has to do with an adult woman, they can and do forgive them pretty quickly, probably because they have some skeletons too.
            I check a lot of things out and I do not see the D’s creating history.
            For an example. Many people have said to me that the housing market crash was Clintons fault because of the Glass–Steagall Legislation.
            But in 2002 lil’ bush came out and said come one, come all and buy a home.. it seems it was ok then and that is when the banks started drooling all over themselves..

          41. Tired... says

            If you understand anything that I have written two things should be clear: First, I don’t agree with either/or thinking (e.g., Republicans are all good and Democrats are all bad or vice versa) and second one has to listen to the best arguments by opposing points of view in order to ferret out the truth. We see very little of this in journalism or public thought today.

            I spoke in generalities regarding how the D’s and R’s treat their own, but I stand by my assertion. All you have to do is listen to Hillary’s comments regarding the contents of her email server or her interactions with the parents of the four individuals slain in Benghazi to see rewriting history in action. If a lie is told often enough, long enough, and with enough conviction, then it will be believed by many. Take a moment to view FBI Director Comey’s comments before Congress following his decision to not move forward with the case against HIllary and ask yourself this question: If an average American did the same things, would they have been charged?

          42. gotabgood says

            I know what you are saying.. I guess it is all the shenanigans they pull with labor, voting, healthcare and claiming themselves to be the religious, family value party, I expect more out of them!
            I had a copy of one of Hillary’s email that was marked “top secret” it was a recipe. I have misplaced it… Grrrrrrr. Anyway they went on to say about some were “later” reclassified, some were mis-marked.
            If we can let Zimmerman and OJ off without sufficient evidence, then I think the same can be said here….?

            Comey tanks key GOP talking point, admits classified materials were not ‘properly marked’

          43. Tired... says

            Come on…both parties suck…let’s not pretend that the Republicans are worse than the Democrats.

            “Comey tanks key GOP talking point, admits classified materials were not ‘properly marked'”

            Sorry the above statement isn’t true nor are the moral equivalences that you provided before it. I heard Comey respond to the questions posed by Trey Gowdy which disprove the above quote and what Comey actually indicated was that while many of them were not marked at the time she received them, several of them were indeed so marked at the time. Here is video from CNBC to support my recollection as well as the “without sufficient evidence” comment:


          44. Bruce O'ryan says

            The FBI’s Comey happens to be a Clinton lawyer and money launderer thru HSBC. The Clinton’s seem to be very fortunate that those who would testify against her have a funny way of ending up dead. They simply buy what they need taken care of. Afraid of giving “Crooked Cash” a fair shot? Noob

          45. gotabgood says

            He Is a Registered Republican With an Estimated Net Worth More Than $11 Million

          46. gotabgood says

            NO! You’re wrong. Comey is a Republican…. which doesn’t make him a teaparty renegade, Trump follower I guess.
            Half the GOP in the senate don’t recognize Trump as a candidate..
            “Crooked Cash” has a catchy sound to it…. kinda like “O’ryan is Lying”

          47. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Hillary is a liar!

          48. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          49. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          50. anoesis says

            You are a FOOL. Nobody is going to die in the streets of this country to ANYTHING accept Blacks killing Police Officers and anyone else who oppose them and muslimes yelling alliahu akbar cutting, shooting or bombing innocent people. Repealing Oidiotcare would save enough of our tax dollars to insure EVERY one of us, if the government didn’t get to say when you die if they’re the ones paying the bill. I’m NOT going for that until I absolutely HAVE to. You refuse to listen to Donald Trump. He has a healthcare plan that would be affordable AND beneficial to ALL AMERICANS but you are a stinkin liberal. If it means you would have to WORK and contribute ANYTHING toward your own upkeep you DON’T WANT that. Hitlery Robem Clintax has chosen the MOST corrupt Senator the dummuckRATS had to offer. Things Republican Senators have gone to JAIL for have slidden off this man’s back. The WHOLE democRAT party is nothing but a bunch of crooks being led, right now by a couple of people who have had their Lawyer’s Licenses revoked for questionable dealings. But that’s what liberals want.

          51. gotabgood says
          52. ipsd48 says

            Maybe you should go online to Trump’s site and read his plans and policies instead of looking for answers on a blog

          53. gotabgood says

            I have listen to his speeches… all networks carried them… kinda like watching a cobra snake crossing the road.. you don’t want to get near it, but you’re still watching it… you definitely won’t follow it, never know when it will turn on you and bite you.
            I am here to let you people know who Trump is in bed with..

          54. Miyako says

            LOL LOL LOL your Comments (You’RE) For The College Crowd…! TRUMP………………Your Next Right Wing President… For The Jews Reading This….The Paranoid……………………Fascist…LOL LOL

          55. gotabgood says

            I think you should copy and paste all those fun moments you are having now. You might want to reflect back on this good time you are having… come November, you will need it.

          56. Miyako says

            sic……puppy…………………spoon fed………………

          57. SNuss says

            People ARE dying in the streets now- OUR VETERANS!
            The VA needs a complete overhaul.

          58. gotabgood says

            Yes and our Vets are among the homeless… you know why? Congress cutting the budgets, voting no on 8 Vet bills to help with jobs and training.
            Kick the majority party out of office.. and let’s get back to governing our country.

          59. SNuss says

            YEAH! Kick the Democrats out of the White House, so our veterans will get the care that they need.

          60. gotabgood says

            This your idea on how to take care of our Vets??

            Republicans Voted Against 8 Bills to Help Veterans since Obama took office
            Here’s a concise extraction for easy viewing for those who are INTERESTED IN VETERANS ISSUES and need to know which party supports veterans and which party does not.

            The rejected Bills are named:

            H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.

            H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act

            H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization

            H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans

            H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009

            H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act

            H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act
            So, please tell me once again how much you support the troops?
            And before you criticize the messenger, those bill numbers can easily be found..

          61. anoesis says

            He MIGHT start a war??!! and she is GUARANTEED to GIVE this country to the enemy. She’s already WELL down that road thanks to her unsecured emails. I would say “Remember the Alamo!!” but most of you with your heads stuck up your rears have never HEARD of that place. How about “DAMN the torpedoes. FULL STEAM AHEAD!!” Oh, you’ve never heard that either. “I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!” That’s a new one on you too I imagine. You people who are too scared to fight for this country and the freedoms you have DON’T DESERVE THEM.

          62. Tired... says

            If you would set aside your animosity for a moment and read, you might find that I never said anything about Trump starting a war. There was a comment about Trump admiring Putin and Kim Jong-un and it was this comment that I was addressing. SNUSS stated “Compared to Obama’s feckless leadership style, he is correct. Both Putin and Kim Jong-un lead from power, not from weakness. And both have been successful, opposing Obama” and that is where my reply was directed. The “either of them” that I referenced were Putin and Kim Jong-un.

          63. SNuss says

            We don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Hillary would be more of the same, if not worse. Trump understands business, and should help our economy grow. He also promised to appoint judges that actually follow the Constitution, rather than commit social engineering from the bench.

          64. Tired... says

            There are always choices, but I understand the context of what you are saying. However, I was referring to Putin and Kim Jong-un.

          65. SNuss says

            I wouldn’t want them either. But I would prefer a President who doesn’t “lead from behind”.

          66. Tired... says

            Only slave masters and cowards “lead from behind” and those they “lead” are called “cannon fodder.” We have heard some of the most idiotic comments over the last eight years, not the least of which are “we have to pass the bill to see what is in it” and “what difference does it make now!?”

          67. gotabgood says

            I think you and Mr. Trump ought to pack your suit cases and skedaddle your sweet little hind ends over to which ever country you prefer..
            Your definition of successful is scary indeed…

          68. SNuss says

            I want a President who attacks our enemies with greater vigor than he attacks citizens of the United States.

          69. Rosech Levy says

            And that will be Trump since the empty suit and Hillary haven’t and won’t. They prefer to stir up messes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. and getting many murdered but take the money from there. Trump gets things done, while no one else out there is doing a darn thing. I agree. You should leave America to real Americans but we will keep your passport and no re-entry allowed. May I suggest a globalist country in the EU or better yet, Venezuela!

          70. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Hillary is a coward!

          71. anoesis says

            Hitlery is very smart. She knows she wants wants MONEY and POWER and she will do anything to anybody to get it. Those who work for her think she’s going to take care of them if she gets elected but, just like Miss Hyphenated Schultz (that sounds reeaall German to me), when they outlive their usefulness they will thrown out with the trash. If I were that woman I’d be buying one or two of those hated by dumdamcRATS guns and watching my back every minute. She would NOT be the 1st one to cross Hillary and Billary and wind up dead through mysterious means. And IF Donald Trump spends time reading Hitler’s speeches WHY would one deduce from that that he is intending to follow suit. There are MANY MANY people who read those speeches trying to figure out HOW that obviously mentally ill man could have so much influence over so many people. Hitlery reads and was personal friends with, this has been said so many times, Saul Alinsky who was a socialcommucRAT who wanted NOTHING more than to destroy the United States of America because he could NOT be a powerful person in a powerful position. But he could be a teacher and a book writer and people just send their children to school they DON’T TRY to find out what someone is putting into their heads until it’s too late. Our Generals, most of whom have been forced into early retirement, have said that if our troops had stayed in Iraq and if Quaddafi had not been murdered by the U.S. government (along with 2 or 3 more of the Middle East leaders, that may not have been sweethearts, but did have CONTROL) then ISIS would NEVER have been able to come to be the Destruction Machine that it is. That was done under Secretary of State Hitlery’s watch. Our enemies know just as much about our secret business as we do. That makes us sitting ducks for any attack they may want to engage. That was done through Hitlery’s unsecure e-mail server and that was NOT carelessness. It was THE PLAN. General David Petraeus was forced out of his teaching job AFTER he was forced out of the military for the same reason just NOT as country endangering as Hitlery. Hitler’s means of gaining TOTAL control over the German people was GUN CONTROL. When he had all their means of fighting back, then he put them all in ghettos, then he rationed their food to starvation proportions, then all he had to do was send in the heavily armed, well fed, highly brainwashed, military to round them up. This is all a matter of history. If you don’t know these things you will have the bright idea that ‘we’ll negotiate with these peaceful people” or as Loretta Lynch said ‘”We just have to show them more LOOVVE”. What part of “We hate your infidel guts and we’re going to kill you all” don’t these stupid people understand?!! Donald Trump understand’s it. He understands that IF these muslimes were PEACEFUL they WOULDN’T be killing more innocent people in a different city EVERY DAY. They don’t even cherish their OWN freedom. IF they DID they wouldn’t come to this country, where they can OWN businesses FREE. They don’t even have to BUY them, our taxpayer dollars/government GIVE’s them to them TAX FREE and then they start complaining about OUR laws and OUR freedom of/from Religion, OUR dress codes, OUR work rules and on and on and on. In case any of you haven’t read this, Donald Trump’s father’s family came to this country from Russia, changed their last name to one more American AND WENT TO WORK without government gimmee money. His mother’s family came here from Scotland. Russia is NOT known for any huge amount of freedom, but you who don’t know history don’t know anything about Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. You ought to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with them. Hitlery is a huge few of them also, as is Bernie. Donald Trump’s family fled these people. He KNOWS where this witch is trying to take us and he wants to STOP that horror from taking place in our lifetime.

          72. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            Maybe you should take your own advice since you obviously don’t prefer America!

          73. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            I think you and Mrs Crooked Lying Hillary sshould be cell mates you Liberal moron!!!!!!!!!! When Trump wins pack your suit cases and skedaddle your sweet little liberal racist thug hind ends over to which ever country you prefer..especially Saudi Arabia and Iran
            Your definition of Real America is scary indeed.. one less ignorant liberal how sweet!~.

          74. cal3301 says

            My father was is WWII. Both in Europe and the Pacific. I have relatives that are German and I grew up knowing people that survived WWII by being freed from German concentration camps. My neighbor was also a POW in a German Camp. Boy are you passing out the wrong kind of bull here.
            Obama, Hillary, and Bernie are progressive socialist Democrats that believe in government control of everything, as did Hitler. They follow Saul Alinsky’s, “How to Create a Social State” and his 13 Rules for Radicals to a tee. All of which are similar to the steps that Hitler took when he took over Germany.
            Obama has made our country appear weak and has made the USA a laughingstock under his leadership.
            Assad- even for his atrocities, he is still a stable influence in the Middle East.
            Putin- He is not only a strong leader, but a smart leader and would not do anything to jeopardize his country. FYI, some journalists deserve what they get. Not a fan of the Liberal media that only spreads self serving propaganda.
            Kim Jong-un is a strong leader and a leader that is capable of many things. I would rather try to be his ally, than have him as an enemy. The same goes for Putin.
            The book you refer to was given to Trump by Marty Davis from Paramount who gave him a copy of Mein Kampf. Many of us have read that book in school.
            People like you, need to go back to school. If one cannot learn from the past, one is destined to repeat it.
            GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!

          75. gotabgood says

            What you say only gives you personal opinions.. you gave me nothing else. My father was also in WWII, I had the privilege of living in Germany for two years thank you Uncle Sam. I seen the concentration camps.
            Now what did either of us prove to each other.. not a damn thing.. YOU grow the hell up!!
            You gave me three names and by coincidence they happen to be present president and the next president!!!
            And if you read that darling book that Trump gets the outline of his speeches from, no wonder your brain doesn’t function well. And what pray tell, school did you attend that taught Hitler’s speeches????????

            Hitler’s Political Views
            Hitler lived in Vienna for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing extremists. In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which he would remain committed for the balance of his life. Central to Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks. Hitler also advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial solidarity.
            The following extracts illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):

          76. Rosech Levy says

            You may have lived there 2 yrs. but learned nothing. My spouse was born and grew up in Germany and knows history far better than most Americans and especially you. I also lived in Germany and you only knew so little and have blown it into a 500 page nothing! Yes, he wanted only Aryans and odd since he was not one but his hate and jealousy as a little mean person was larger than he and eventually it got him dead! Marxism is not real communism and never worked, but real communism does work, unfortunately. Hillary a commie since her late 20’s loves communism and Alinsky. If you had lived under Hitler, then you know the real thing. Someone writing a book does not necessarily mean they know much about the real situation. Hitler had a lot of ideas and most were weird and nasty as he was. My husband finally after these years of Hitler and Stalin finally was able to escape, and then later his family by lies and deceit also managed to escape from Eastern Germany to West Germany. Thanks to our Marshall plan, they still say Thank You to me and other Americans because they had no food, etc. but we helped them while no one else did. Democrats takes and don’t give. Real Americans do.

          77. gotabgood says

            Math is a funny thing… 2+2 =4 all the time, it never changes,
            Hitler dies in 1945, this is 2016. from the day of his death to this day your husband would be 71. appoint Hitler chancellor of Germany in a government seemingly dominated by conservatives on January 30, 1933.. ” My spouse was born and grew up in Germany and knows history far better than most Americans and especially you.”… I am wondering if your spouse remembers ‘escaping’ from anywhere. Where did he escape to? What country? So he left Germany at what age?
            All wars are terrible and best forgotten. I was not there and I can only imagine what it was like. But we had history too. My father was in WWII, My uncle and a close neighbor/friend. So there was talk.
            Have you and your husband ever been talking and you both said the same thing at the same time? I know you have. You laughed and called that a coincident. Or jinks you owe me a coke.
            When someone says the same thing as someone else has said, over and over again. He either admires this person or has studied this person. Trump has done both.

            Our new friends? Our new roll models?
            Donald Trump praises ‘maniac’ North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un for strong leadership
            ‘At least he’s a leader!’ Trump’s extraordinary verdict on Vladimir Putin – after he is asked if he should take support from ‘a person who kills journalists’
            As for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Trump said that “maybe he’s better than the kind of people we’re supposed to be backing.”
            Donald Trump’s ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed
            Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana related in a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair that “from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.” Trump confirmed that the former Mrs. Trump’s 1990 assertion is true.
            The Hitler volume, “My New Order” not only contains 23 years’ worth of Hitler’s speeches, “it is profusely indexed and filled with details about the speeches’ impact on the media and the political establishment.” According to a literary periodical, Kirkus Review, Trump’s collection of Hitler speeches contains “actual quotations from Hitler’s own utterances, including corresponding data showing the effect on the world press. Section after section follows pattern-background, speech, press;” and Donald Trump faithfully follows Hitler’s model.

            THIS IS YOUR MAN???? THINK…. PLEASE..

          78. Rosech Levy says

            Socialism is just a 1/2 step down from communism. I lived and worked under socialism and it was nothing like Hitler’s or Stalin’s regimes. What was pushed was communism and complete control of everything. Under socialism you generally have something of your income, food, etc. Under communism you have and cannot own a damn thing.

          79. cal3301 says

            That’s the problem with the Democrats, they can’t separate them from each other. They want full control of families and distribution of wealth from us to them.

          80. William Thompson says

            Fro all. The people of The United States of America has been somewhat socialistic ever since social security was enacted. How about social health care such as medicare. And o-yes, medicade for which any illegal can get. I’ll stop there and let you research the rest of them.

          81. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Ru smokin Democrack you liberal low energy coward!

          82. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says


          83. Paul Robinson says

            Hitler was a great man that opposed Communist degenerate scum like you. The International Communists defeated him and conquered Western Civilization.

          84. gotabgood says

            You must be related to Trump..
            “The International Communists” Would you care to name them?

          85. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Hillary is Hitlery reincarnated! You must be related to Hitlery!!

          86. anoesis says

            I guess Hitler was the leader of the International Communists since he was the leader of Germany through the war and he okayed every type of execution these monsters could think of to murder innocent Jews, Gypsies and Christians by the millions. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the millions of German soldiers who were killed fighting Hitler’s lost cause. But communists haven’t conquered Western Civilization, yet. And if they do they’re going to have to beat out the muslimes.

          87. Bruce O'ryan says

            Personally I think the Nazi’s never lost WWII, they just assimilated. Look no further than Kissinger. Hitlery loves that scumbag.

          88. Jimmee41 says

            Hitler’s idol is “OBAMA”!!!!

          89. Blue Note says

            Germany doesn’t need Hitler…they have Angela Markel, just as bad as Hitler, but more subtle. Daily Mass killings. Shooting, stabbing, rapes of German citizens every day. With her pathetic opening up Germany to the hordes of Muslim terrorists, she has put all in danger….England, France, Germany…overrun with terrorists….all thanks to Markel. She should be tried and hung.

          90. gotabgood says

            Talk is cheap… now proof what you say.
            Would I call you a liar???
            if the shoe fits as the saying goes..

          91. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Down boy, go to the cornr ..getting kind of mean spirit there Trump @ 76%
            thats the Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          92. Jim Norris says


          93. gotabgood says

            I will give you the benefit of doubt here… the print is small, but it is there.. bottom left corner.. SOURCE, POLITIFACT… the New York Times printed it… MSNBC televised it.
            BUT YES!! DO verify it… and if I have it wrong, send me the web address so I can see it too.
            National Enquirer doesn’t count… especially if it is on the same page as Hillary given birth to a real alien… like outer space stuff..

          94. Jim Norris says



          95. gotabgood says

            That another alternative fact story?

          96. Jim Norris says


          97. Bruce O'ryan says

            Read “Crooked Cash” or watch the Youtube video. Then run your mouth. Hillary paved the way for Putin to take control of 20% of America’s uranium production. Part of her and Slick Willies play to pay Clinton Foundation. Trump’s an asshole. Clinton is a Traitor. THINK ….PLEASE..

          98. gotabgood says

            I do not need to watch “YOUR” videos… I have seen what you can do with the ACORN video, who was arrested… I have seen what you did to Planned Parenthood and they are arrested too… I also seen what Koch did to ACA when hiring actors to tell a lie about ObamaCare.
            Hillary has been through sooooooooooooooooooooooo many investigation from Starr, to Gowdy to Comey… for over 25 years… you guys couldn’t prove anything… but you hang on to it like a starving dog over a bare bone… just won’t let go.
            I don’t need any more of your fabricated videos… you lie…. you cheat…. you connive, anything that involves dishonesty… the rightwing is behind the curtain pulling the strings.

          99. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Crooked evil lying Hillary!

        2. Paul Robinson says

          You are wrong Hitler was all about love of country. He was a staunch anti Communist. He failed in his resistance and Communist lies have prevailed ever since.

          1. ipsd48 says

            So national SOCIALISTS weren’t communists. The difference is about the same as between a great white and a tiger shark; If you’re on their menu, it’s still a life altering situation

          2. Paul Robinson says

            After the Great War instigated for the purpose of enabling a worldwide communist revolution, communist had gained substantial influence in European countries. They briefly took control of Germany in 1918 but the bitch Rosa Luxembourg got beaten to death as she deserved by anti communist vets. Throughout the 20’s the communists remained active and violent in Germany. The idea of Socialism appealed to many because of their impoverishment. In order to bring those people into the fold and save Germany from oblivion, the name National Socialist was used. Communism is very International and very Jewish. The depravity, division, mass immigration, decadence, sexual perversion now running rampant in Western Societies is a direct result of the International Communists winning WW2 and destroying all opposition to their agenda.

          3. Rosech Levy says

            Wow! Now we real Jews (not the NY kind) caused communism. Wow! you are a racist for sure and insulting those who were murdered, and with the help of muslims and Soros. You are mentally disturbed but a great story teller of untruths.

          4. Paul Robinson says

            Judaism is a Satanic cult. It was founded by the Israelites that rejected Christ. After the destruction of the Temple and the loss of the Priesthood, the current religion of Rabbinic Judaism was founded in opposition to the True Israel of God, the Holy church and Christ the King. If you are truly a good person you need to convert like other former good Jews like Brother Nathaniel. Or you may just be a liar like your father the Devil, the true God of Judaism.

          5. Daniel F. Melton says

            The Russian communists identified the German socialists as “hitlerites”, knowing their political philosophies were remarkably similar.

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Hillary is a low energy person. She is a liar and fraud.

          7. Rosech Levy says

            Staunch? Hitler, like Obama, was an out and out narcissist who cared nothing for anyone but himself. His ego like Obama’s and brought destruction to a Germany that was tired of being depressed, inflated money, few goods/foods to buy, etc. Hitler, thank you, took care that nothing good for the “little people” but for himself and his closest military and mistress. His ego was his end and when his ego was gone, he killed himself. He did not hate communism but tried to imitate it, so he laid the way for Stalin to come in and the “little people” again had nothing but misery. Trump is a very intelligent, successful man, who sees a problem, finds the solution and gets things done. All very different from Hitler, Stalin, Obama and Hillary. Your knowledge of those days and times are ridiculous.

          8. Paul Robinson says

            Yes, Hitler was a staunch anti Communist. He brought Germany back from depression, unemployment and ended the decadence and depravity of the Weimar Republic. He did not bring ruin on Germany the International Jew did. He was goaded into a war against Poland. Poland was encouraged to agitate against Germany. Ethnic Germans were murdered and abused and displaced. Hitler’s only mistake was taking the bait.

          9. William Thompson says

            Hay Paul, Hitler was also a mass murderer.

          10. Paul Robinson says

            So claims the Communist victors of WW2.

        3. Jimmee41 says

          And Trump is anything but a “failed businessman”.

          1. Emma says

            You betcha!?

          2. AntiGOP says

            Your right…he’s a criminal…Fraudversity and the $25,000,000 million get out of jail card.
            Reality is a bitch for some.!!

        4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Crooked evil lying Hillary

        5. William Thompson says

          Good show Emma. Keep on trucking…

      4. JMICHAEL270 says

        Ya mean Killery and their Foundation………body bags, power, money, foreign donations for favors. Please perform a cranial douche before posting. Geeeeezzzzzzzz

        1. gotabgood says

          I haven’t a clue what you are talking about… show me the conviction sentence…. and I will show you the NO WRONG DOING found…
          you should really move on… you are stuck in history… come on up to the 21st century… Bill and Hillary have been through many, many, many investigations and have always been found innocent..
          And you know what else??? they have cell phones now.

          1. TrueAmerican says

            gotabgood You FINALLY got it right “YOU HAVEN’T a CLUE” so Shut the FUCK UP.

          2. gotabgood says

            Yep… I thought you was an asshole… your photo proves it… now you can pull your pants up… this is a mixed crowd…

          3. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Exactly you haven’t a clue you brainwashed Liberal moron!

          4. Deborah G says

            I want one

          5. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says


          6. ABO says

            WoW! The thing without a brain finally admits it doesn’t have a clue. I do honestly believe, gotabamoron, that if you did actually have a brain you would take it out and play with it.

          7. Deborah G says

            Nah he reserves that for his minute little weiner.

          8. ABO says

            LOL. Does seem like a bit of a wanker doesn’t he.

          9. Deborah G says

            Most lib idiots are girleymen. Ever see Obama in his Bicycle helmet with the little green froggies on it? PATHETIC. I’ve been married for 35 years to a real man a real hero[911 first responder] a doctor and a cowboy all rolled into one.He’s still my hero.

          10. ABO says

            Obama’s nothing but a pathetic embarrassment to this great nation. Sounds like your husband would make a far better leader than the “Resident” that currently occupies our White House.

          11. gotabgood says

            So we are resorting to childhood mimics….
            If you had another brain.. it would be lonely..

          12. ABO says

            Oh, you’re just so clever. Somebody help you with that, Dimwit???

          13. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          14. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            If you had a brain I would help you see OZ and get you a new improved brain!

        2. brucethompson22 says

          Your pal gotabegood sounds like he/she/what ever is auditioning for a job on MSLSD AKA MSNBC with Lying Brian Williams and that crew of propagandist, now there ‘s a bunch the German people could relate to.I think Killary will be getting a job there too the way she lies.Youknow the old socialist & Communist saying “Lie long enough and loud enough and it becomes the truth” good old gotabe should know that, he does it enough.

          1. JMICHAEL270 says

            I think he’s been going to the farm picking mushrooms out of the cow patties. He give a new meaning to clueless like the typical liberal shill.

          2. Deborah G says

            Paid trolls have a script they follow

        3. Deborah G says

          Love it

      5. TrueAmerican says

        one little glitch in your story, Trump is NOT a Failed businessman. and Hitler was a Poet & Painter.

        1. gotabgood says

          Looks like you have the same mentality of your heroes.
          3 bankruptcies and refuses to pay his wages.. you think is great business! Figures
          And his side kick, Hitler.. he was also a mass murderer… but we all remember him as a fine poet… and Trump is following his foot steps…..


          “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City
          “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis
          “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis
          “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan
          “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas
          “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa
          “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama
          “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference
          “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

          1. Bruce O'ryan says

            3 out of over 200 businesses is not failure, it’s a decent track record.

          2. gotabgood says

            Don’t know where you got the figure of 200 from.. but judging from who you are defending, it makes no difference to you.
            I wonder if the contractors and hired workers that got cheated out of their money feel the same as you do?

      6. aschark says

        gota, I can see that you’ve formed an iron clad position comparing Trump to Hitler. You must be very, very intelligent, picking all of that info up in 1 week. I must be a little slower than you, but I’ll give you my background: born in Germany (German parents), came to the US in 1950. Made my American citizenship, and went back to Germany about 20 times. You see, my brother still lives there, and besides traveling to Germany (et al), I call him every now and then. You said that the lecture you attended was hosted by the State Department, but which one, the US or Germany’s? Kerry’s Department and Merkel’s crew, maybe? Maybe my brother and his friends are old school, but their opinion of BO waned in the past 3-4 years. The choice between Hillary and Trump is a non- brainer (like me). Trump is what this Country needs: a businessman, not a woman that leaves a trail of body bags, and will be nothing but a continuance of BO’s agenda, which is not good for this Country. You want this Country to go the route of Greece and Venezuela, than vote for your girl (so what if she doesn’t get indicted before the election, but I think that her, Obama, Holder, and Lynch will be put on the red carpet when Trump wins). Somehow, I think that the reason Obama want’s to close Gitmo was because he doesn’t want to spend time there. What I’ve just posted is my opinion. I’ve read yours… I gotta go!

        1. gotabgood says

          I am totally disappointed in you… but I guess every country has their Conservatives and Liberals.. you bringing Greece and Venezuela.
          (Why European Austerity Fails
          Voters in Greece and France on Sunday voted decisively against the austerity policies of their governments – and for good reason. European austerity has failed, producing higher unemployment while doing little to repair the fiscal imbalances it was supposed to fix.

          As for my intelligence that I am sure is sarcastic,,, (I see you learned that quick enough, most foreign countries don’t understand sarcasm.) Not smart, but I look things up, I do not use one news source. On my homepage I have 10 news blocks and not all from America.
          Just because you are from a country, doesn’t make you an authority on their civics, especially since I now know you are bent to the right. I have lived in Germany too, for 2 years, but that don’t make me an authority on Germany… By the way you live any where near Heidelberg? That is beautiful country!! Loved the castle up on the hill looking over the city and the river..Oh well.
          If this is the article you are referring to… this is all I know.. but unlike most rightwingers on here, there is a reference… be my guest.

          Germans know fascism when they see it.
          While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell.
          I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
          “How is he so successful?” asked a student reporting for her school paper.
          “Doesn’t America know how dangerous he is?” asked an irritated Gen X woman in Hamburg.
          Germans, like Europeans in general, can draw direct lines from violent, aggressive rhetoric to bombs destroying their homes, millions being displaced and whole nations collapsing. The scars of World War I, World War II, even the war in the Balkans in the ’90s, all still affect Germans and other Europeans. Pieces of the “Berlin Wall” are still for sale in souvenir shops.

      7. Tired... says

        I wonder where they get their information, as that is the driving force behind their opinions.

        1. Deborah G says

          They get it from the Ministry of “Mis” information known as the DNC

      8. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says


        1. JMICHAEL270 says


      9. John Burks says

        hillary and her gang are more Hitler like.

      10. JMICHAEL270 says

        Gottabedumd you wouldn’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. How can any one person be so misinformed and misleading.

      11. SNuss says

        As opposed to Hillary, who puts herself above protecting America’s secret information, and lining the Clinton Foundation’s coffers as Sec. of State.

        1. gotabgood says

          Valerie Plame comes to mind

          1. SNuss says
      12. Laddyboy says

        There are a few things of Mr. Trump that bother me. However, looking at the criminal acting “WOMAN” who LOVES communism, there is no choice for Americans. Mr. Trump IS the better choice. ms. clinton wrote her thesis paper praising the tenents of communism. SHE IS NOT WANTED IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

        1. Deborah G says

          IF we all had the perfect candidate we’d all be running for President LOL

        2. gotabgood says

          As I thought.. BS!
          There are 100’s of you people on here, maybe 1000’s and you each have BS to spread. I can’t look it all up and read all that is said. I usually read a couple of paragraphs and scroll down a few paragraphs.
          But this is broken down into sections.
          Here is a section where you might have flown off the handle… but why do I think you have NEVER read ANYTHING about her thesis!?! Just repeat the BS from rightwing media…
          A 2007 New York Times review of Rodham’s thesis summarized her views as follows: “Ms. Rodham endorsed Mr. Alinsky’s central critique of government antipoverty programs — that they tended to be too top-down and removed from the wishes of individuals. But the student leader split with Mr. Alinsky over a central point. He vowed to “rub raw the sores of discontent” and compel action through agitation. This, she believed, ran counter to the notion of change within the system.”[4]

      13. glenn398 says

        The Germans sure didn’t know who to put in charge of their country and if she is any example of their intelligence I will pass.

        1. gotabgood says

          You being a support of Trump… I would think you could understand perfectly, because you are about the vote Hitler’s side-kick in office..
          I hope you have blonde hair and blue eyes and over 6 feet..

          1. glenn398 says

            After reading or trying to read the structure of your sentence now understand why you are a democratic, they like the low I.Q. and uninformed.

          2. gotabgood says

            Since you have trouble comprehending what you read…
            photos might work fine for you..

          3. glenn398 says

            So what he wasn’t reading just paying attention to her and because he didn’t even look at the book the press had a field day with it. So all the map shows is states with heavy minorities rate low, nothing new there.

          4. gotabgood says

            I don’t know when you are the cutest… when lying with a straight face or trying to pretend to be naive… when you grow up, both of those traits will not be acceptable.

          5. glenn398 says

            Lying about what and guess you will have to decide for yourself about the traits..

          6. glenn398 says

            With your type don’t know if even photos would work in your case

      14. glock 19 fan says

        Then why do they have so many govt officials and media mavens singing the praises of the **jihad** activists and giving them the “keys to — not just the city but the whole country — –” ; I have seen the videos aof children welcoming those creeps and saying. “Our country belongs to you!” What idiots!!!

        1. gotabgood says

          Happy Birthday Donald
          From the Muslim brotherhood.

      15. Bachelor With Sense says

        Oh, Right..Jason Johnson, political editor at The Root, is a professor of political science at Hiram College in Ohio and an analyst for CNN, MSNBC, Al-Jazeera and Fox Business News.

        THAT should tell you everything you need to know about Jason Johnson… he is a Liberal and could not tell the truth IF his life depended upon it… which it does! “Thou shalt NOT bear False Witness”!

        BTW you do know that “Nazi” were “National Socialists” which is LEFT WING, NOT from the “right” or conservative side of the isle. So Jason wants you to vote for Hil-liar-y, the Socialist DemonRat that wants to confiscate your guns, just like Hitler did! Jason wants you to vote for the woman that can’t tell the truth about anything, the Unidicted CRIMINAL!

        Makes a ton of sense Jason, KEEP your Race on the DemonRat Plantation where they have been for the past 8 years (yeah I do know it has been a lot longer). How has that “Hope and Change” worked out for you? Still want four more years?

        1. gotabgood says

          Jason Johnson… is a messenger… the message is true.
          Trouble is you have people like Roger Ailes not only plays with little girls, he also freely admits he lies!!
          The rightwing will NEVER know the truth as long as you listen to the rightwing media!!! NEVER!!

      16. richardjf says

        I broke up my drive way and been selling it as pieces of the Berlin wall for postage only. Going fast but the packing is starting to cost me depending on the size of the piece.
        Will start charging soon to much time spent.

        1. gotabgood says

          Only a con-artist would think of such a thing…. but I am sure your conscious is clear…. wait.. conscious? You have no conscious you sold that along with your soul.
          You are a typical rightwinger.. a lie is such a common thing for you. I bet you would pass the lie-detector test…

      17. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      18. Rosech Levy says

        My spouse lived under Hitler and then under Stalin. You know nothing and spout nonsense. Trump is nothing like Hitler, but a very successful, intelligent, not jealous loser like Hitler. Stop insulting your brain, what little you have left. Vote for Shillary and if she wins, you won’t like the outcome of America being given over to communism in One World Government/New World Order and so many that thinks the witch is a good thing will teach you the exact opposite because you are part of the “little people” she hates but wants to be a real elite with the globalists and the empty suit dreams of being the prez of the UN. Sorry, but the Germans stopped thinking about WWII a long time ago, but obviously England has not. Even WWI was a joke because these wars were fought among Victoria’s children. She was not a nice person and raised her children to be not so nice either, so they all fought each other without a real reason except their egos. Your view of history is not true but distorted. I have lived and worked under socialism and what I see coming if Trump is not in the WH is pure communism and we will be living (if not killed first as communism is wont to do) the lifestyle of the Middle Ages as for example communist Venezuela. Nothing will be yours and anything you have will be taken away! Bombs were dropped by Germans without a second thought onto England; bombs were necessary to stop Germans and Japanese. I lived during those times and obviously more and better informed than you. Sometimes hard lessons must be given to right things.

        1. gotabgood says

          Over the years you didn’t learn anything.
          If Hitler would be alive today, you would be taken in by his direct approach.
          If Hitler were alive today you would be attending or watching his every speech.
          If Hitler were alive today you would be raising your right hand to swear an oath.
          If Hitler were alive today you would agree with his prejudice ways.
          OMG… Hitler is alive and well inside Donald Trump

      19. AntiGOP says

        Picture is worth a thousands words…read this one.!!!

      20. Jim Norris says




        1. gotabgood says

          I also lived in Germany for 2 years, Mannheim. But I loved Heidelberg, which was close by. I learned to say one glass of beer please…smile
          But with our exchanging notes on Germany.. do you agree with what I said or are you defending Trump. Trump is not a leader…. he is a bully, a low sell-esteem bully, with very thin skin, which makes him very dangerous.

          1. Jim Norris says






          2. gotabgood says

            Oh yeah! As our national anthem says… Bombs bursting in air…
            And we are the nation of many wars lasting decades and we are the youngest country.
            And you thought the previous 8 years was ok??

          3. Jim Norris says



          4. gotabgood says

            Let’s reverse that a little…. what nation that lived by the sword did not die?
            One nation that has had a rough row to hoe and still around this day is Israel.
            God once told them…
            2 Chronicles 20:15 And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and
            thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor
            dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

    6. rev_dave says

      So was the Gun Control Act of ’68. Out own Senator Dodd imposed that one on us. Oddly, his father is alleged to have been the Allies’ prosecutor at Nuremburg. You’d daddy would have dope-slapped him for pushing NAZI legislation in Congress.

      1. Daniel F. Melton says

        dodd’s daddy brought back the german law for implementation here.

        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          wow she looks Great on dat broom ….liberals are proud!

    7. AntiGOP says

      You should educate yourself..!

    8. AntiGOP says

      Obama never won the look alike contest…but the Trumpster did…look..!!!!!

    9. AntiGOP says

      You should educate yourself..!

  7. Wildeagleone says

    The operative word in Gun Control is


    Put those three words together and they spell. DEMOCRAT PARTY

  8. EnemyoftheState says

    Then all you have to say to these people is: HEY, JACKASS!! CHICAGO

  9. bbb says

    This is the very “political correctness” that is soooooo yesterday.
    Trying to re-name everything under the sun has worn thin,
    Call it Gun Control. That is what it is.
    Call it 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution, and the founding fathers begged us to hang on to our guaranteed freedoms to the death.
    Call it American.

  10. David Stewart says

    She didn’t make much more sense before her head trama.

    1. Rob Waddell says

      Head trama, and a cocaine induced aneurism, may have the same results, but are two different avenues!

  11. Ezra Pound says

    Yeah, we won’t call them “concentration camps” either; they will have a nice, innocuous sounding name so when we march the shitlibs to the ovens they will think they’re getting a nice hot shower or something. This will work, even though its never actually been tried before except in (((Hollywood))) films.

  12. bobo says

    What piece of metal has made up it’s “mind ” to go on a killing spree ? Centuries ago they tried to ban stones ( remember Cain and Able ) but were unable to and now look where we are today. Jim Jones had it right , control all his followers through MIND CONTROL and they all gave up their own lives to a mad man.
    You have to change PEOPLES HEART to stop the killings. Let’s work on RESPECT for each other, start with the FAMILY VALUES. KIDS ARE TAUGHT TO HATE AND THAT STARTS AT ABOUT 2YRS OF AGE. Mom and Dad are the BEST SOURCE of all learning, teaching never ends for showing what is right or wrong .

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says


  13. Rob Waddell says

    Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but who on earth is? The citizens of America are so, trampled-on, and sick & tired of all the lies, and scandals, and evil, lawlessness, end around executive orders, and out of control wasting of taxpayer money on exotic vacations including the entourage, of a black family who just came out of the hood, into wealth, like George, and Weezy, Jefferson! Tired of the sleazy, under cover of darkness meetings with unsavory individuals from the Islamic-Mecca,lining up to bed Barrack Hussein Obama in the White House! The cocaine and prostitutes, and the disgusting unnatural sexual acts going on in the people’s house! The humiliation, and amusement of other countries who have seen first-hand, how unprepared and totally lost the Obama administration is in comparison to knowledgeable governments! It has been an eternity for us sane, Americans having to tolerate this “First-Black-POTUS-Experiment! A test we all knew was doomed to fail, and the people envolved who won’t be able to show their faces ever again in public, with the exception of “Chicken-George” Obama, who still believes this fiasco was sincere, please somebody tackle that fool and explain to him that it was all a very damaging hoax!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Guess you guys wouldn’t like me either because there is not one single thing Donald Trump said since he announced that I can’t live with. Hell, Over 90% of the things he said I have said myself.

      When you ask an anti-Trump troll EXACTLY why won’t you vote for him they say “I don’t like him” Then I ask reason they “don’t like him” the response is always “I don’t know, I just don’t like him”.

      Ask one of “us” why would never vote for the Treasonous Felon Cackling Witch and you will get dozens of ACTUAL and logical reasons and almost everybody thinks she belongs in jail.

      So there is is. – Anti-Trump people are totally devoid of verifiable facts and pro Trump people can cite Chapter and Verse and put documentation on the table.

      1. vagabonddenyg says

        the killary supporters are low life criminals, brain dead and uneducated scums of our society!

    2. Cyril Price says

      Rob, apparently you haven’t noticed that unemployment has been cut in half since Mr. Obama replaced the failed George W. Bush, and that the American auto industry is doing very well, thanks to Mr. Obama, and that 19 million more people now have healthcare than ever before Mr. Obama got it for them, and that the stock market has more than doubled since Mr. Obama replaced G. W. Bush. BTW, the huge public debt is partially due to the two wars Mr. Bush started, but were not in the budget. If you can’t respect a president like Mr. Obama, you will never respect any of them. See if your opinions can refute these facts, and without profanity.

      1. Rob Waddell says

        You are a damn imbecile! You believe that anything that nigger has done is anything but shit, then you need a lobotomy!

      2. Rob Waddell says

        You have to be a nigger, to admire a nigger!

      3. Rob Waddell says

        You wouldn’t know a fact, if you tripped over one!

      4. tnetcenter says

        WOW!!! What a doofus!! Unemployment, the ACTUAL sorta CORRECT number is approaching 30 (THIRTY) PERCENT! Don’t believe me do the MATH yourself if you’re capable of it.

        94 MILLION Working age ADULTS WITHOUT A JOB! 340 MILLION citizens (number includes everyone legally here) = 27.65 PERCENT. That figure is actually not correct either since it is based on the entire population. If you do the calculation with JUST the working age citizens (146 MILLION), you’ll be demanding Obama’s head on a pike!! That equals

        64.4 PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT – this is the REAL number!!!

        THAT is an astounding number that should PISS OFF EVERY AMERICAN!!

        OVER 1 out of EVERY 2 American working age adults is UNEMPLOYED!!

        You tell me if that is a problem or not!

      5. Janet Starr says

        healthcare that people can’t afford …the huge debt has risen since he was elected…and the debt is b cuz greedy family took unnecessary vacations and don’t forget all the millions he has given our enemies and weapons that are what he wants to take from us….he has an agenda to take our country further in the hole and we the people….he hates Americans and white people…and unemployment is high…why do you think welfare has risen food stamps are just crazy….do you enjoy the criminal refugees or the ugly dirty muzzles…apparently you do or you would be disgusted with Killary and Dumbama…..he has admitted he is a muzzie and has said in the end I will side with the muzzles… that how an American President of the United States is supposed to do? no…..IT IS NOT……HE WAS ELECTED BECAUSE THE VOTES ARE FIXED JUST LIKE THEY WILL BE FOR KILLARY…..he has corrupted our once beautiful country and divided blacks and whites worse than it was in the 60’s….that is part of his agenda…..and he is encouraging BLM to continue murdering police officers and whites…..what are you seeing OR is it because maybe you are benefiting from the freebies that those who work are paying for….he is ruining the schools and their way of learning,,,,,,and one final piece of disgusting bs….people in the BLM WOULD NOT HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS…..IF THEY HAD A J O B.

        1. Conservative3446 says

          A great number the BLM crowd are hired protesters.

      6. Conservative3446 says

        Thanks for a good belly laugh at day’s end. A great way to sign off for the night.

      7. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

        The American auto industry is doing very well? I didn’t know all those cars made in Mexico were made by American workers!

      8. vagabonddenyg says

        you are totally uneducated, ignorant, and criminal minded! Obama is a fraud! He and Hillary have ruined this country … they are criminals and they have lined our government with foreign agents and criminals … GO SEE THE MOVIE “Hillary’s America” it is filled with solid facts on American History and on the Democrat Party and Republican Party and fact after fact! Do yourself a favor and go see the movie. It opened in theatres today!

      9. GodBlessRealAmerica!!! says

        Cyril are you ignorant or just plain Liberal. Seriously look at your comments pathetic, weak, low energy and ignorant like you! Respect Obama a jive talkin low energy ignorant divider and hater in America…what are you on???

        You are atypical loser I bet someone knocked some common sense outta go wav dat fist for yo Obama! He is Gone thank you America he is gone!!!!!!


  14. MajorMajor411 says

    These wing-nut left leaning liberal commies can try to change the language anyway they please, but they won’t fool law abiding gun owners who know what these anti-Americans are trying to do. The fact remains…even a pig with lipstick is still a pig (Gabby). We’ve got the 2nd Amendment for a reason…our Founding Fathers knew exactly what would happen if government got too much control. Time to vote these left leaning liberals out…and get die-hard conservatives IN to replace these idiots (let’s start with Pelosi, and Gabby.

  15. David Stewart says

    Never heard Gabby speak before her incident but seriously doubt that she was any degree more sensible then.

  16. desertspeaks says

    the GUN CONTROL gun grabbing zealots ignore the Constitution when it suits them.. So lets look at the 2nd amendment. It may or may not give the right to the individual to own a gun. Now lets make that point moot. Ready?? The NINTH AMENDMENT would most certainly cover any discrepancy not covered by the 2nd amendment.. Now you morons can stop screaming about the 2nd amendment!

    I will now point out that my NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF PRESERVATION supersedes any document, law, government, OR YOUR OPINIONS, DEMANDS OR MENTAL FAILINGS etc. NONE of those things can negate, restrict or regulate my NATURAL RIGHTS TO SELF PRESERVATION “which existed long before the thought of putting words on a piece of paper occurred”
    I will exercise my natural right to self preservation as I see fit, utilizing whichever weapon “regardless of design” I deem necessary to defend my life.

  17. Rob Waddell says

    Gabby Gifford was shot in attempt to kill her by someone paid by George Soros, because of the enormous amount of money he invested in Duke Energy! Her solar energy crusade was worrying old money bags Soros! Don’t be shocked to hear in the future that Soros and the CIA, were behind Justice Scalias murder, and the sacrifice of some men in blue! Powerful Jewish Atheists, who began their careers by ratting out their fellow citizens to the nazis, then going in and stealing their valuables, have no problem having people killed, that get between them, and their greedy goals!

    1. Janet Starr says

      and Killary has had many killed…it is no coincidence that when someone is supposed to testify against her they die…..seriously, come on Killary and Dumbama are two of the biggest criminals in America…..but, their KARMA IS COMING SOON…..REST ASSURED GOD IS NOT DONE WITH THEM….

      1. Rob Waddell says

        True, and we don’t know Gods exact plan, his knowledge is infinite! I believe in the Bible, I believe in Jesus being the only path to heaven! Only God knows when Jesus will return! What I’m trying to say is, we know that everything is upside down, truth is bad, lying is accepted, by many, not by me! I was taught that a man was sized up by his word! Gods plan will be fulfilled to his will, not ours, we are just along for the ride! That’s my opinion anyway! I do think that we should fight for our God given right to keep and bear arms, and I will die up here on my property, by the gun if need be, but I won’t be breathing while someone takes my guns! Whatever Gods plan is, will happen, we still must stay true to our beliefs!

  18. Dave G Marshall says

    For Gabrielle Giffords, she suffered a most horrible, life threatening gun shot wound which I am very sorry she did. But taking the guns away will not be the answer. If a good person with a gun had been there, the incident may have turned out very differently.
    Even Giffords herself is being taken advantage of as her situation was a crisis to be taken advantage of. I feel sorry for Democrats and their wrong thought processes. They make bad decisions and at some point even they suffer the consequences for those decisions but long before that happens, it is someone else that suffers the consequences for their bad decisions.
    I wish no harm to come to anyone but if you are going to be dumb, you gotta be tough. The dems better toughen up.

    1. SNuss says

      Her shooter had a long history of making death threats. Had law enforcement either arrested him, or had him held for a mental evaluation, he could not have passed a background check, and legally bought his firearm.

  19. Potatoeater says

    What people like this organization fail to realize or ignore is inanimate objects don’t kill people of their own volition, well because they are inanimate. There has been a rash of knifings in NYC this past spring and I have yet to see anyone suggest registering and limiting cutlery.

  20. RJ O'Guillory says

    …here are two words for Gabby….Fuck you….
    RJ O’Guillory

    1. Rob Waddell says

      Come on now! She was a victim of a horrific crime, if anyone deserves her viewpoint, it’s her!

      1. RJ O'Guillory says

        …yes…much like The Japanese should hate atomic energy. Only…last time I checked, the natural right to defend myself was not left up to biased, previously harmed individuals. If she wishes to remain defenseless…that is her right…(though I’ve seen photos of her shooting an AR-15). However…she does not have the right to impose her beliefs on others.
        RJ O’Guillory

        1. Rob Waddell says

          Look, I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, I’m a Ducks Unlimited member, and I don’t like the woman, but it is America, and we can’t excersize our rights, and expect a woman shot in the head, not to have the right to disagree!

          1. RJ O'Guillory says

            ..yes, I agree with you in many ways. However…she took an oath to defend The Constitution. Last time I checked….The Constitution contains the right to bear arms and to defend ourselves. If she wants to rescind her oath to protect and defend The Constitution, then she should do so, and then she has the right to say or do whatever is legal. If she wants to call for a Constitutional Convention, and attempt to change The 2nd Amendment…that is within her rights. But when she uses treasonous attempts to subvert The Constitution and to…”control”….or…”prohibit”…our rights, then she deserves to be charged and convicted for treason. If found guilty, she deserves to hang. I couldn’t care less about her being shot. How many 19, 20 & 21 year old kids has this country chewed up, maimed and killed in illegal wars of aggression and the theft of other’s natural resources… committed by the same government that this twit wishes to use to deny me of my right to defend myself? BTW…if she had been involved in a car accident, would anyone support a call from her to eliminate car ownership? No, her agenda is political..and she uses her attempted assassination to emotionally justify putting I or my family in the same potential circumstances? No way.
            RJ O’Guillory

  21. Charlie says

    Armed Americans have been politically fighting off gun control nut jobs for the past 75 years or so. When Trump nominates the right five of more pro Bill of Rights lawyers to the Supreme Court the gun control nut jobs will be finished for the next 75 years or so, or maybe forever.

    1. Rob Waddell says

      You’ve squarely struck the head of that nail, my friend!

  22. Rob Waddell says

    How Sweet it is, too!

  23. Tom says

    After “undocumented workers” and “pro-choice” the author might have added “climate change” that the libtards had to replace “global warming” with when the Earth began to inc