Gun Control Loonies Go After Apple Emojis


May you live in interesting times. It’s a saying of disputed origin, sometimes seen as both a curse and a blessing. But what the phrase doesn’t indicate is what kind of interesting times the speaker is wishing on the listener. After all, there’s a big difference in the “interesting” events that forged this nation and the “interesting” machinations of the left in 2015. Boy is there.

Gun grabbing liberals have played so many questionable hands over the last two decades that it’s hard to get surprised anymore. But they proved this week that they can still plumb new depths when they put their collective brain cells to work. The latest object of their scorn? Apple’s gun-shaped emoji, available on the iPhone.

Oh, come on, Fix This Nation. Who cares what a handful of Twitter users are up in arms about? You can’t expect us to get outraged about every miniscule movement on the left!

Come back, skeptical reader. This is no miniscule movement. This is a group called New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and they are launching a serious national campaign to get Apple to remove this emoji. On their website, you can read an open letter they’ve written to the company. An excerpt:

We realized that many Americans unknowingly carry a gun with them every day. The one that was given to them without a background check: the gun emoji.

We ask that you stand with the American people and remove the gun emoji from all your products as a symbolic gesture to limit gun accessibility.

And so begins the Disarm the iPhone movement. Leah Barrett, the executive director of NYAGV, said, “The iPhone is ubiquitous. Guns are on the iPhone as an option. We thought this was a way to bring attention to the issue.”

Barrett, in case you were wondering, is not a 15-year-old girl. That’s important to clarify, because it doesn’t seem possible that an adult would champion such a ridiculous cause. But there you go.

What’s Next?

If these liberals successfully banish the gun emoji, where will they turn their attention next? Is this the ultimate example of leftist silliness or can they stoop lower? Should the iPhone’s autocorrect change the word “gun” to something more benign? Should we change the word gun itself into something more fitting? Handheld Death Machine has a nice ring to it, if a little wordy.

Today’s liberals long for those “interesting times” they missed. They are desperate to recreate the 1960s. Unfortunately, they have no causes of comparable weight. So they make them up. The great emoji battle of 2015 is unlikely to be memorialized in the films of tomorrow, but it’s apparently the best they can come up with. It’s sad, really. Pity these people.

  1. MAHB001 says

    It is a well known fact that if you give a liberal an inch, they will take a mile, and ask for another inch.

    The same as giving a dog a treat… you hear the dog begging, gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme, you throw out a bone – GULP – gimme-gimme-gimme-GIMME.

    I say no more anti-gun bones! Stand your ground and take some back. Without the second amendment we would be subjects to the emperor.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Liberals have been chipping away at the 2nd amendment forever.

    Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    How many infringements are already in place? We must resist any and all advancements by the anti-gun freaks.

    1. icetrout says

      who needs guns when there’s a pool supply house down the street… dumb ass libtards…

      1. EXNFLFAN says

        I think I hear “home made IED” sad!

        1. icetrout says

          what happens in a Totalitarian country when the SHTF… sad,very sad… 🙁

      2. Jack says

        The sad part of this photo,The STARS and STRIPES are in”his” background.Our STARS and STRIPES SHOULD NEVER BE ASSOCIATED WITH the INDIVIDUAL in the PHOTO

        1. icetrout says

          the amazing part of this sad chapter in American History is the military not having stepped in & dealing with these Traitors… Leavenworth can always be enlarged…

          1. Croco Dile says

            You mean the servants of the State will “step in” and bite the hand that feeds them ?

          2. Jack says

            Could it be ,thus far,the military has/is”siding with Obama.”

          3. icetrout says

            think getting killed on base by terrorist would be a motivator for a military cope…must lode those MRE with a ton of salt peter…

          4. Jack says

            Show me how it is done,I’ll help.

          5. icetrout says

            ??? putting salt peter in MRE ??? just a bunch of limp dicks in the military now except tor the queers… 😛

          6. Jack says

            I was never allowed TO SERVE,,,sorry I bothered you.

    2. billie says

      Constitutional carry for all 50!!!

  3. MAHB001 says

    Liberals have been using take a mile technique in almost every thing that they push for.

    Gay Rights,
    2nd Amendment
    Removal of God from Public square. (State Buildings, schools, etc)
    Introduction of socialism into America.
    What else??

    I would recommend fighting for the miles back.

    1. Croco Dile says

      What you are taught about this country is a laughable lie. Nothing more.
      The people are so totally brainwashed that when they think about this country they see this sexy country full of freedom. That is the power of the brainwashing. They see the freedom they have been TOLD is there not what is actually there.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Now you resort to insults…
        No better than the average troll, but you had me fooled for a little while.

        Look at the results of our Constitution and what this country has created…

        We are being attacked from within. The Socialists will fall to some form of Capitalism. The people are being brainwashed, but they are not stupid.,

        1. Croco Dile says

          The seed was planted WITH the CON…stitution !

          This is what you DON’T WANT to understand !

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Are you debating wit CROCO SHIT again??

          1. MAHB001 says

            I wasn’t sure where he was coming from, but now I am pretty sure he is just another socialist.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            We’ve ALL known not to waste our words with the socialist croco shit ! All it does is boost “its” ego!!!

          3. MAHB001 says

            I now know it too. I had him pegged as an “real” independent, but the socialists are masquerading as independents these days to gain some credibility.

            It is sometimes hard for me to tell.

          4. Croco Dile says

            Now I know you can’t separate your fantasy from reality, M.

          5. MAHB001 says

            I gave you a chance dude…

            So prove me wrong, or prove me right with more insults.

    2. 1American1st says

      Don’t forget:
      Communist Core
      Pitting Blacks against Whites to start a Civil War
      Pitting Blacks against Cops
      Gay Marriage
      Planned Parenthood & selling baby parts
      Illegal Immigration
      Spreading Communism across America via the Main Stream Media

      1. MAHB001 says

        Excellent, we must resist all these fronts.
        Big Business
        MEDIA – Please join

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Ocumstain DID promise us “fundamental change”, he didn’t say he was taking us from a proud, strong America to a sissified, cesspool of leeching complainers.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Funny how he didn’t say that and just let us all define what change we wanted.

            0bama’s change was what you described all along. The rest of us are just dissatisfied with the change he brought.

      2. Timothy Bunn says

        When Obama took the sidee of gang bangers and criminals in riots, and did nothing to restore law and order, and spoke out against law enforcement resulting in two police officers getting killed, and the wanton destruction of peoples business, city and state property, killing and beating of whites, and afterwards of gang killings, and decent people afraid to go out of their homes, one can get a clear picture of ‘the man’ who calls himself ‘The President,’ who didn’t care about speaking out to restore calm and order.

        1. Croco Dile says

          The “law and order” crowd is a misled tool of the state.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            If not for “Law and Order”, someone would have stolen your stuff, raped your wife and cut your throat!

          2. Croco Dile says

            Read the article I gave you the link to.
            Shouting nonsense is not a sign of understanding.

          3. Patrick Murphy says

            They are more than welcome to try and get just what they deserve.I have trained mine to defend them selves and survive.Do you love yours enough to make sure they have the tools to defend them selves?Live off the land if it is needed?This is what we all must do to save our family’s these days.Sad but true in the age of obama.All these so called leaders need lined up against a wall and shot for all the treason we have seen.

          4. hangem'high says

            If it wasn’t for law and order you’d be extinct a long time ago!
            So maybe there is something to Obama’s kayos and disorder, like looking at your hide hanging next to mine?

          5. Croco Dile says

            As Harlan F. Stone, the 12th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court said in 1941, “The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided.” When the justice system refuses to allow jurors to be aware of their rights, let alone exercise them, the country’s entire system of “law and order” is called into question.


          6. hangem'high says

            When you cease to breathe you have no rights, but until then, you have the right to pay the carbon tax, but not excluding the death tax! The only other animal with such a high burden of Tax is the sheep!

        2. billie says

          We have no president!!! a president is a leader, we have no president, just a wanabe king.

          1. QUASAR says

            Tyrant is a better word

        3. melmack 1 says

          The so called president is a dyed in the wool muslim that wants desperately to destroy this country…simple as that

      3. TPM says

        and opening our doors to Islamic Extremists and Sharia Law

      4. edward martis says

        if you look up the TEN TENNANTS OF COMMUNISM—–IT all fits; perfectly ….——-Lenin’s Playbook———

    3. EXNFLFAN says

      And the “LIST” goes on and on and on!

    4. jsccats says

      Add in removing every vestige of US history they don’t like such as any reference or symbol of the South in the Civil War and also replacing historical figures in history books with made up “heroes and heroines” that are PC like anyone LGBT, “Hispanic”, black, feminist, etc even if the reference is very remote to the subject matter or even made up totally.

  4. Bobtrhn says

    If ever our guns are taken away I hope the every damn liberal that’s against guns will get shot by some low life that has a gun. You know ever damn crook and THUG will have guns so get ready libs. You asked for it.

    1. Terri says

      Oh my God!! You took the words right out of my mind.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        I didn’t mean to do that. lol. But I see I am not the only one that believes it can happen to them. I’m keeping my guns and I bet you are too.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Just don’t tell your doctor.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            I don’t think they will make that mistake of asking me.

          2. sharon says

            I had some Doctor ask me if I had guns in my home, and I told him it was none of his stinking business even if I did. Do the same.

          3. Bobtrhn says

            My doctor knows me to well to even ask. He has the same thoughts that I have about our liar in chief/

          4. hangem'high says

            The lion and chief only one way for this serial to play out!

          5. Bobtrhn says

            We can do as your name says and that will solve the problem.

          6. hangem'high says

            Some times it’s good to reach to the past for some radical change, when the future looks so dismal, old remedies sometimes works the best!

          7. Bobtrhn says

            I know many would pay to see that happen.

          8. hangem'high says

            HE might actually have the numbers to reclaim his popularity?

          9. Bobtrhn says

            Yes for that brief moment I am sure he will. lmao

          10. Warpaint says

            Hang-em til there feet quit kickin’.

          11. hangem'high says

            But first we must bust the Washington bubble, by electing Trump, now he’d get all those elite government teat suckers shaking in their boot “chett they’re already squirming in their chairs because they know their gravy train will come to a screeching halt!

          12. nghtcase says

            My doctor is worried about my health, not if I have guns! Thank God some still have a straight head in this country!

          13. Bobtrhn says

            That’s what they should worry about. I’ve never been asked that question yet.

          14. Icemancold says

            Better yet ask the Dr. if he has received his GUN SMITH LICENSE if yes then say OK I will find a MD to discuss my medical problems. if no then say OK lets discuss my medical problems. If needed I will find a LICENSED GUNSMITH for the other problems if I incur any.!!

          15. sharon says

            I agree with that

          16. David Miller says

            My doctor asks me to take of my shirt so he can listen to my heart and lungs and says, “Cool little Sig single stack.”

          17. tax man says

            If my doctor asked me that I would get another doctor.

          18. hangem'high says

            Yeah, he might just shoot some helpless, toothless lion?

          19. JIM says


          20. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Till your “doctor” decides you are unfit to own, then your sheriff friends will come a knockin’.

          21. Warpaint says

            I tell my doctor that I don’t own any, why the f&8k would they need to know? I also do not identify my race. I’ll keep my weapons thank you.

          22. Timothy Bunn says

            Watch out if you are a vet? Dr issking me do I own a gun! We had a hostile confrontation! I told him I knew what he was!

    2. OSAMA OBAMA says

      WRONG! Their ‘GUN FREE ZONE” signs will stop the obama voters.

      1. hangem'high says

        use your apple Emojis that’al teach ’em!

    3. Oldchopper says

      I believe we misunderstood what’s going on here. The Left’s taking our Emojis away and giving them to the bad guys. That way we’ll all be safe. Sounds like a wonderfully liberal way of correcting the gun problem. Now I wonder how they plan on fixing the abortion problem.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        They won’t fix the abortion problem as long as some libturd is making money off of that.

        1. Oldchopper says

          So true. But if Republicans/Conservatives/Christians were to fight as though lives(the unborn and Christians) depended on it don’t you think we could win this treacherous barbaric travesty. To anyone concerned I say put your money into this fight and support American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). It’s the only Christian lawyer organization combating the evils not just here in America but around the world. Many fights are for those in Muslim counties imprisoned and convicted and sentenced to death for their Christian belief. If we are to call ourselves Christians then we are to support those that have the resources to carry the fight to the enemy. Yes, believe it or not there are solid Christian lawyers. Problem is there’s not enough of them IN government office. Help spread the Gospel and support those that will stand in our stead.

          1. GreatNana9MM says


        2. hangem'high says

          or as long as they get billions from the tax payers why fix the problem!
          Same with Mexico fighting the drug trafficking they own Mexico and the US senate!
          Hairys Reid, and Nancy’s plussie need their daily fix!

          1. Bobtrhn says

            I believe the need for a fix goes much higher also.

          2. hangem'high says

            It depends on how deep one inhales.

      2. hangem'high says

        Sterilization before birth for anyone that hasn’t had college indoctrination!

    4. edward martis says

      if oshit ever tries to do that—there will be a second American revolution……..the US pop. will have been pushed beyond the breaking point and the political assasinations will start………he has 17 months left to try……….it will be interesting to see how this all works out for oshit—–when he plunges the USA into some sort of civil war

      1. Bobtrhn says

        That’s what he wants so he can call martial law. That black SOB is nothing but trash and should be dealt with like trash.

        1. edward martis says

          Agreed—-The thing is; who will enforce his martial law and TRY to take the guns away-? Now you know that would be a thing to see. Open rebellion will follow very quikly……..and again —17 mos to go—-If hilly wins; the USA has HAD it !!! Lastly, the American Communist Party (Berkeley) holds ocrap, hilly, Pelosi etc. in extremely ‘hi regard’ and ‘great esteem’…..Need I say more ?

          1. JIM says


          2. edward martis says

            And just for the sake of asking::—-The US military will just let this all happen to THEIR OWN country ? And do nothing ?! If the UN was empowered to do this…YOU know a full blown war within the borders of the US will start….I spent 21 yrs in the CA NG and I can assure you the shit would hit the blower; in ways you can not believe—-The US military absolutely HATES oshit; more than you believe………Given an opportunity to impose martial law, gun confiscation etc from oshits “executive Orders”/ decrees –He will have released the “Dogs Of War” on HIMSELF………

    5. sharon says

      They will not get mine ever over my dead body that is a promise. The scum Obama will murder Americans to get their guns. If our troops or our police would do this, then there is no hope that America will ever be free again.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        I feel the same as you do but I don’t think it will be American troops attempting this. We hope our troops will be there for us.

        1. GreatNana9MM says

          Check out this is the organization of those that take their oath seriously to defend the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. These Patriotic Americans have been standing for us. Check it out! There are alot of Vets as well as LEO’s who take their Oath seriously.

          1. Bobtrhn says

            Thank you Nana. I will check it out I promise.

    6. hadenough57 says

      If our guns are taken away, then thugs will be shooting all of us, not just liberals.

      1. Croco Dile says

        There is a harsh contrast between what we are taught is the purpose of “authority” (to create a peaceful, civilized society) and the real-world results of “authority” in action. Flip through any history book and you will see that most of the injustice and destruction that has occurred throughout the world was not the result of people “breaking the law,” but rather the result of people obeying and enforcing the “laws” of various “governments.” The evils that have been committed in spite of “authority” are trivial compared to the evils that have been committed in the name of “authority”.
        Nevertheless, children are still taught that peace and justice come from authoritarian control and that, despite the flagrant evils committed by authoritarian regimes around the world throughout history, they are still morally obligated to respect and obey the current “government” of their own country. They are taught that “doing as you’re told” is synonymous with being a good person, and that “playing by the rules” is synonymous with doing the right thing.

        1. hadenough57 says

          What you say is true to a point. However, we as citizens of the United States were also taught to be ever vigilant, watching our elected officials, making sure that they stay within the perimeters set by our Constitution. If those authorities stray beyond what powers were given to them by our constitution, we as citizens, have the right to stand up against those authorities.

          1. Croco Dile says

            It seems you still believe the Republic is real !

            It seems you still believe the power of the Feds is limited !

          2. hangem'high says

            As long as we own a gun we have a republic, even if it’s our own little republic. When they take it out of our hands (the Gun) then the republic is over!

          3. Croco Dile says

            You are a romantic guy, which is not bad in human relationships…..

            It is easier to believe, than to reason, and people prefer the marvels of romances to the simplicity of history. – Charles Francois Dupuis, 1742-1809, a french professor

          4. hangem'high says

            Death does have its draw backs, but getting there is what makes it worthwhile! Kicking until I stop! A sprinkle of romance in-between “well, I like a little seasoning.
            Hangem ‘High 2015

        2. hangem'high says

          The child’s poem of the “Pied Piper, he only had to lead astray only one generation before the generation before them even started to question the pied piper intent! And then, it should have been way too late?

      2. Bobtrhn says

        That’s right and that’s why we have to fight to keep them.

    7. don lavrich says

      well, this way it will turn us lawabiding citizens into thugs because, I will have guns, no matter what it takes to get one, and I will be considered a criminal but I will have protection!

      1. Bobtrhn says

        I think most of us all feel the same Don.

    8. tax man says

      Of course the liberals will all have their private armed body guards to protect them.

      1. Bobtrhn says

        Yes but they can be taken out too.

  5. Jim says

    I am one of the AMERICAN people and I emphatically say that I am NOT, I repeat, I AM NOT standing with those lunatics on the left. C’mon you Bloombots, there are more IMPORTANT issues to deal with then to ban a gun emoji for Christ’s sake. Do you gun grabbers take pride in sitting on your brains and leaving them on a piece of white tissue paper only to be flushed down the toilet? Are you afraid that you might get wounded when your iPhone goes off? My guess is that none of you have figure out how to reload the emoji once the”clip” (art) has been emptied. If it offends you I have a simple solution. DON’T BUY AN iPhone. See how easy that was?

    1. EXNFLFAN says

      OMG! Jim! You said for Christ’s sake! You might get hate mail now and banned from “FREE SOCIAL MEDIA” guaranteed by the 1st Amendment! THANKS BE TO GOD! Oh crap I guess I will be banned also!

      1. Jim says

        I just consider the source which is somewhere beneath the handle on the side of the toilet. Nowadays we get hate mail for everything under the sun. If brains were dynamite these libturds would not have enough to blow off the top of their heads. Most of their IQ’s are one point below that of a fencepost and that is being generous.

        1. TadhgMcLir says

          You really shouldn’t slam the fence posts like that. At least fence posts know enough to “do their job” and not stick their noses where they have no knowledge.
          Maybe an apology to all fence posts? 🙂

          1. Jim says

            No apology because a fencepost stands for something….ba-dum-bump!!!

        2. Jack says

          I hope you are meaning that cake is made out of stuff,that is part of SHTF.I agree with you 100%,Have a good one.

    2. MAHB001 says

      Jim, As I see it, it is just another little step in the brainwashing process. All of which need to be resisted.

      Liberals will take that inch and turn it into, “see, apple banned the emoji of a gun, so now congress must ban all guns.

      OMG- I am beginning to see how the liberal mind thinks… Where is that emoji, I must shoot myself before they take it away from me!…. 🙂

      1. Jim says

        Make sure you get a bullet emoji before they are banned also !!!

        1. MAHB001 says

          Now I am going to have to make a list! 🙂

          1. Jim says

            Make sure you check it twice!!! Isn’t this a wonderful (sarcasm) world in which we live in today?

          2. MAHB001 says

            the moral majority has been silent too long.

            But living is still slightly better than the option. 🙂

  6. mlmaston says

    Would you feel better if they were pushed out of windows, little girl? – Archie Bunker

  7. MILES E DRAKE says

    In the surprisingly clever and wickedly funny film “Demolition Man” of a decade or two ago, Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes are transported into a future California in which weapons, anything that looks like a weapon and any thought or suggestion of self-defense have been so powerfully repressed by tyrannical political correctness that the citizenry is unable to conceive of resistance to crime and violence when they encounter it. This is what the Marxist-metrosexual elite of Weimar America are attempting to achieve. Many of them probably get a thrill from watching big strong illegal aliens and terrorists in action, and there are tizzies and orgasms in the progressive media over bad-boy bombers and shooters, just as long as they aren’t white.

    1. TadhgMcLir says

      Just watched “Demolition Man” again last week. The writers had it nailed!

  8. peter says

    We shouldn’t be hunting animals. Animals are innocent, liberals aren’t.

    1. joe says

      Animals feed you they are here for man to eat period,if god did not want us to eat cows he would not have invented the steak knife.

  9. Bob Stewart says

    We need to partition the US. Liberals need another country to screw up, so we need to give them one. It would surely be in our best interest.

    1. pineapple says

      I recommend Kalifornia and Washington State.

      1. Rosech Levy says

        Since I live in CA and it is in a bad shape, send them to overly liberal stupid Washington state who is considering SHARIA LAW! Now for me that means they earn the prize of having all liberals deported there.

        1. EXNFLFAN says

          They can’ t get enough flights into the Spokane Airport, have to bus them in! Oh wait, Liberals like busing! Happy we could accommodate them! LIBERALS TO THE REAR!

      2. EXNFLFAN says

        Yeah! Califorincation is pretty much a foreign country! Not many speak Anglo-American there!

  10. joe says

    These people are brain dead dimwits they are so stupid and paranoid that it is funny what kind of spineless jellyfish is afraid of what is basically a cartoon ha ha ha ha ha these people can not be real they have to be playing stupid just to get attention

  11. 1American1st says

    Of course they want it removed. The members of the Communist Democrat party are “offended” by everything, all the time, and spend a great deal of time searching for words, pictures or anything else they consider “offensive” so they can protest, march, whine & bitch… until there is nothing left.

    Need proof? Cow farts

  12. EXNFLFAN says

    Oh great! Now a little icon on a phone is going to kill someone? Dumbass! Next you’ll be telling us “we can’t shot a picture with our camera or take a picture with our camera cause that’s stealing! LIBERALS! GO GET A REAL JOB! Your lame ideas are causing strife in a FREE America!

  13. dude says

    they’ll never take all our gun they might take the ones that are to scared to keep one but most of us will never let that happen …no one’s taking my guns or the people around here …so pass all the laws you want won’t help you here …but be advised don’t send in people to try to take them either

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Locked, Loaded AND READY !!

    2. Robert A. Clemons says

      They CAN have EVERY SINGLE ONE of MY guns…AFTER they take them from me, BUSINESS END 1st…ONLY FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS !!!

  14. Michael Dennewitz says

    If all these dumbasses would focus their energies on “real” issues, maybe we’d get somewhere. But while they’re starting another crock of shit, meanwhile, up in Memphis, another police officer was shot and killed – all over less than an ounce of pot. They’ve identified the killer – big time loser, bank robber, long rap sheet, and carrying several illegal guns. And these assholes are worried about Apple?? Ask me again why this country has gone to hell!

    1. Jim says

      Has this country gone to hell? LOL What ever gave you that idea?

  15. CCblogging says

    America is in the midst of a hostile Communist takeover. The left wants total control and they can’t finalize their coup without your guns and/or Ammo. A disarmed populace is a helpless populace. Cling to your guns and religion and buy tons of ammo. That’s my advice, take it or leave it!

  16. markypolo says

    There are no limitations to the madness of Liberals. The only ‘cure’ is to STOP supporting them. Stop wanting things, Stop working, collect your free Government Health Care, Phone and Living expenses. LIVE SIMPLY. A Turtle lives a hell of a LOT longer than a Rabbit. Wonder why?

  17. adrianvance says

    How can anyone not see that Obama is the problem.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  18. Michael Dennewitz says

    Next they’ll start a campaign to abolish all panties that have hash marks in them!!

    1. lieberalschism says

      Hash marks or tire tracks?

  19. Pegasus says

    Liberals are Marxist Nazis who wish to take more than guns away… they want to take your kids, your neighborhoods, your freedoms and your Liberty… they want to brainwash everyone… especially your kids! We will stand against these whacko problematic jerks of the left who have nothing but bad things to say against America and their foolish asinine PC culture. They are America haters just like the racist Marxist Muslim black man living in the White House and his gorilla of a wife Moochelle. Time to start packing while the left with their shifting sand foundation of politics, takes a nose dive into hell.

  20. jer1041 says

    I think it’s too late

    1. iamcurious says

      I hate joining you in believing such but I think too much of the population of the country is lost in moral decay and foolishness. There is simply no way to turn back the hands of time.

  21. Min0taur says

    Don’t you gun control loons have anything better to do? How about contributing something constructive to society,

  22. EXNFLFAN says

    Got your “drift” on words! You couldn’t have said it better!

  23. Timothy Bunn says

    I speak for myself, not someone’s article!

  24. EXNFLFAN says

    Anyone know where I can get that neat little picture for my Droid? It would be much appreciated! After all those iPhone folks are mass murderers!

    1. lieberalschism says

      Yeah you’ll need a picture of a gun on your Android to defend yourself from the iPhone gun pictures.
      I’m going to put a picture of a grenade on my blackberry and throw it into a crowd of liberals and watch them all s–t their pants.
      Bwaaah ha ha ha ha ha cough hack sputter

  25. EXNFLFAN says

    Libertards suffer from diarria of the mouth and have shit their pea-brains out! That is the only logical explanation I can come up with!

  26. John Q. Public says

    Wow nothing better to do !!! Conmen sence laws are coming to get the weapons out of the hands of the mentality ill and the violent !!! Thank God !!!

    1. lieberalschism says

      Yeah, God forbid someone threatens to shoot you with their iphone.
      Better enjoy the phone while you have it, by the time the liberal socialists finish redistributing wealth it’s going to be called a wePhone.
      It would be better to keep the gun on it and the millions of co-owners could take turns passing it around and pointing it at each other.
      My turn, my turn, my turn, my turn, now it’s my turn, no its not, it’s my turn……….
      He got to use the phone longer than me.
      He got a bigger piece of cake than me.
      He gave me a dirty look.
      He called me stupid.
      waaaaah, waaaaah, WAAAAAAAH.
      Childish idiots running our government.

      As a side note, next they’ll be outlawing the little laser noise toys people keep in their cars.

  27. gerald Hughes says

    The liberal garbage intend to make you do what ever they see as the right thing to do, It need bear no resemblance to reasonable or right.
    They know that they can not do that as long as you are armed.
    Why do we continue to allow the scum, continue to attempt to disarm you with their shoddy tactics

  28. Sapperboy says

    It’s amazing that these left wing, half wits can’t see just how stupid they are.

  29. OSAMA OBAMA says


    1. lieberalschism says

      Stop pointing your finger at me, it makes me nervous. It’s not loaded is it?
      Mommy he pointed his finger at me and threatened to shoot me with it.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        I’m more afraid of our electorate than a (gasp!) GUN.

        1. lieberalschism says

          It’s amazing how the stupidity just keeps growing every day isn’t it.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Actually, NO! Look at the CRAP that passes for news, comedy or entertainment. Look at the stupes that pass as our leaders. As long as Americans have a big screen and a Bud Light, they could care less where their taxes go, what rights are taken away or who runs the country.

          2. lieberalschism says

            Ironically, when you look at it, think about all the cartoons that our young and impressionable kids watch that show the characters shooting each other or shooting themselves. Elmer fudd, bugs bunny, yosemite Sam have taught kids about guns.
            Parents have set their kids in front of an electronic baby sitter instead of taking them out and teaching them about real guns and safety.
            Now theyre going out without realistic knowledge about gun use and shooting up schools and theaters or commiting suicide.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I watched the three stooges as a kid…no, not obama, pussloosy or cankled harpy, but Moe , Larry and Curly. Never poked eyes out or slapped another kid. I played cops and robbers but never wanted to rob or shoot someone. The mentality of the left is indicative of where we are now as a country. Alaska looks better all of the time, except for a loser there called AKCgirl.

          4. lieberalschism says

            And aklady, aklady2015.
            That one is a real loser.
            Hard to believe her and Palin live I’m the same state.

          5. Deby says

            LOL Don’t EVER get into a chat with that tool! AK Lady is a paid troll who loves to call people names and pretend he/she is educated. She is certifiable allright!! Sits in her trailer all day and night posting the same inane crap day and night.

          6. lieberalschism says

            I don’t know about a paid troll.
            If she’s getting a nickel she’s not worth the 5 cents, her employers getting ripped off.
            I do know she’s a witless sh!tbird.

          7. Deby says

            Haha! Perfect description!

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What a dichotomy!

          9. lieberalschism says

            Man! Big 10-4 on that one good buddy.
            They are definitely one contrary pair of women. One conservative and smart as a whip the other liberal and dumb as a box of rocks – without the rocks.

  30. Gregg the voice of reason says

    When guns are outlawed.
    Then I will be and Outlaw !!!!

  31. Chad Ashley says

    Starting to believe all liberals have pea sized brains.

    1. lieberalschism says

      Starting to wonder if they are all vapor locked. There’s got to be something in the air. Maybe we should tax it.

  32. lieberalschism says

    Liberal brainwashing at its finest.
    If there isn’t a problem to solve

  33. spaceweasel says

    Isn’t there some kind of compound, or something, we can put these people in, so they don’t hurt themselves?

    1. lieberalschism says

      Right where the rubber hits the walls.

  34. TAM44 says

    This BOY wants your guns.

    BOY in the white house is Americas number one enemy

    Amnesty for law breaking illegals raises taxes for us tax paying citizens

    Runs around the world making a fool of himself and America

    Arrogant and just out right obnoxious to hear or see

    Compulsive liar as he’s a master of doing it

    Keeps all his life history locked up, he should be locked up too

    Has shown his disrespect for our laws of this country and our military

    Unfit to be in our white house and was placed there by fraudulent means

    Sissified boy that acts like a spoiled brat

    Spent more money than all the other’s combined who held that same job

    Error that has cost America citizens dearly and is destroying it

    Irresponsible, irrational, incapable of doing his job


    One of this countries worst disasters we have ever had

    Blames everything on everyone else for his blunders

    Anti God, America, our Constitution and our military and Israel

    Muslim who appeases the terrorist and shames American citizens

    A true racist that has learned from al sharpton and jessie jackson

  35. lieberalschism says

    That’s 5 liberal demerits for you and 1 additional demerit for every loaded cylinder.

  36. Jeffrey Cahoon says


  37. lieberalschism says

    Bang bang! Pow pow! I got you! Lay down and play dead!
    No you didn’t get me!
    Hey you’re not playing fair!
    I’m gonna tell my daddy and he’s going to beat up your daddy!

  38. Jon's On says

    The idiots on the left never cease to be entertaining. Not only do their gun laws make no sense but to target a phone? It’s sad that these people think this might make some sort of difference. They are quick to make idiot anti gun laws and are equally as quick to let a criminal out of jail. They are a menace to society. They seriously need psychiatric help as they are mentally ill.

  39. John Meiners07241944 says

    Oh MY!!! I have a hand plow with Pistol grip handles ( you know the old kind your gran father used ) .Should I turn it in to A.T.F. ? Will this be the next thing to go? What about phrases like ” Loaded for bear”,”Keep your powder dry” ect. be outlawed? Will the thought police come and take me away? Oh ME, OH MY what shall I do?

    1. Deby says

      Stock up on ammo!!!

  40. scott says

    every name and address should be made public of every anti gun liberal

    1. scott says


      1. scott says


        1. scott says

          nuff said

          1. scott says


  41. FreedomTrainUSA says

    If the BRAIN DEAD Liberals want all guns taken away from Citizens…Then all those LIBERALS in and out of Congress MUST get at the front of line…To turn in all their guns and ammo…and all of the guns and ammo of all their Body guards….That means that ones like Senator Feinstein needs to be first in line…Let how many of them survive when a Criminal Thug attacks them with a gun…Since Criminals are called that because they do not follow the laws…

  42. sharon says

    America we got a nut in the white house, a Marxist loon who hates Americans and the white race. Obama is up to no good, and I think if Americans are smart, we will guard our lives. That Jade Helm stuff is beginning to worry me. I think that snake is up to something very nasty. I don’t believe it’s any drills, because there are foreign troops in America. Yet the lowlife’s in congress do nothing. Is there something both parties are keeping from Americans. maybe a disaster looming they don’t want us to know about. I put nothing past either party these days.

  43. sharon says

    Soldiers are digging trenches all over America, they were told it was for Military trucks they plan to bury, now tell me why are they burying trucks, when those trenches they are digging are 9 feet wide, and eight feet deep? Lies all lies. Obama and his nasty Regime are up to no good, they are getting ready for something, and it won’t benefit any American, bet on that.

  44. James Maxwell says

    I find it a lot more fun and simpler to just remove anything faintly resembling an anti gun azzhole or
    Socialist Democrap. My phone is faster and makes more sense now since I started doing that plus
    I got rid of the annoying Whinnnnnnnee they produced.

  45. Bud44 says

    When they come for your guns don’t resist, give them to them one bullet at a time. Except unless you have a full auto.

  46. Oldchopper says

    If Republicans/Conservatives/Christians were to fight as though lives(the unborn and Christians) depended on it don’t you think we could win this treacherous barbaric travesty. To anyone concerned I say put your money into this fight and support American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). It’s the only Christian lawyer organization combating the evils not just here in America but around the world. Many fights are for those in Muslim counties imprisoned and convicted and sentenced to death for their Christian belief. If we are to call ourselves Christians then we are to support those that have the resources to carry the fight to the enemy. Yes, believe it or not there are solid Christian lawyers. Problem is there’s not enough of them IN government office. Help spread the Gospel and support those that will stand in our stead.

  47. Prosper Egan says

    It didn’t work in Australia. Crime went up and home invasions, an unheard of crime, has gone to almost 30%. So taking guns away is not the solution our Prez and the Dems. think it is.

    1. Deby says

      didn’t work in Chicago either, or movie theatres, or schools, or any “gun free” zone really. Where has common sense gone?

      1. Prosper Egan says

        flew out the window when we weren’t looking

  48. Deby says

    Just got my husband (who is a gun collector) a new t-shirt that says “When guns are outlawed, I will become an outlaw” He loves it.

  49. msueh says

    So? Take away the vile emoji – clever users can make their own or copy/paste one from elsewhere on the web. We’re not as dumb as the liberals…

  50. Icemancold says

    WELL: Only in New York and Possibly QUEER COMMIE MEXIFORNIA. When are these IGNORANT DEMOCRAT LIBERALS going to wise up and realize that a PICTURE OF A GUN IS NOT GOING TO GO OFF AND CAUSE HARM. WHAT THE USER of the I- FONE going to do throw the phone and kill some one if it has a picture of a gun on it. THIS IS SO STUPID IT IS LAUGHABLE.!!

  51. don lavrich says

    these a##h###s just need to get the hell out of this country. they don’t deserve the air they breath here.

  52. GreatNana9MM says

    Oh good grief! How absolutely ridiculous. I try really hard not to call names, but in this instance I believe that “libtard” truly does fit the situation. Seriously! These people must certainly spend much time in the pursuit of naval gazing to accomplish such …….. Lord have mercy!

  53. anAmericanByChoice says

    Next? Watch out for your fingers! They will want to chop them off, so you can’t shape them like a gun. And of course, no fingers no trigger finger, no use for guns. Better start waking around with you hands in your pockets. Keep that pocket holster in your pocket too, and the .38 loaded, and ready.

  54. jer1041 says

    if my Dr. asks me about guns, I’ll ask him if he sells aborted baby parts…..

    1. Jeanna Green says

      ROFLMAO, now thats a good one and think that is one I could use at my next doctors appointment.

  55. Jeanna Green says

    Just another liberal loon group that feels bulling and intimidation is the way to make people do what the hell they feel is acceptable. I say to hell with them and will not buy or go to any company who turns their values and backs on something just to go along with loons who do not believe in our Constitution. Companies who give into pressure from such fools should not get any Americans business except from those who agree with bulling to get their way. In my opinion, they all deserve each other. Just like the restaurant that changed their menu to exclude Pork (Bacon) because if offends Muslims.

  56. Phyllis Schultz says

    Just when you think the left can’t come up with anymore totally stupid campaigns to harm the US, they do. They must stay up nights just looking. Guns are the only thing between us and the criminals. Take away America’s guns, and watch the murder rates rise dramatically. The administration only wants them so they have total control over Americans.

    1. Randy Smith says

      Yes, I agree, and that means they are an “Enemy Within”. They are not stupid, just outright evil.

    2. Jeanna Green says

      It would leave us completely defenseless against a Corrupt Government from both sides. That is why they don’t teach American History hardly any more in schools. You can not stand up and fight for your freedom and rights if you don’t know them to start with. Just like our so called Main Stream Media. If they choose (which they have) to hide the truth whether it be about Obama, his failed policies or ISIS in our home towns, it puts us all in danger because we keep thinking it could never happen here in America. We or should I keep it as I, have always said those very words just to have it jump up and bite me in the ass. Bad things are coming like we have never experienced before and we have no one to thank but Obama, his Administration, our Communist Congress, and our Socialist Supreme Court Judges. None do the job they were hired to do because they are to busy sticking their noses to much into ever ones lives, They could not manage getting themselves out of wet paper bags, but we keep all the traitor in office to keep destroying America from the inside out. We need to worry about Godless ISIS sure, but in my opinion we need to worry about our Government, their failed policies, and even more their destructive agenda that Obama has planned for all of us. Does not matter if your a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or any other political stance one wants to stand on. Obama cares not for anyone who does not follow his every whim.

      1. Phyllis Schultz says

        You’re absolutely right.

  57. Randy Smith says

    About mass shootings and gun-control laws.

    I firmly believe “Liberal Progressive Leadership” of the democratic party “Purposely Facilitate Gun Violence” in our schools, and on our streets, with gun control laws, and their refusal to enforce existing laws that would remove violent criminals from our communities, and is for the sole purpose of “Terrorizing” voters into supporting Liberal Progressive efforts to render our 2nd amendment impotent.

    I also believe their failure to rescind these gun-control laws they’ve enacted, and to not enforce existing laws that would remove violent offenders from society, during the time spanning from many years in the past to the present day, is proof supporting my belief.

  58. G.Frazier says

    Right after Obama began promising to remove our 2nd Amendment rights, I contacted a, now-retired, high school Civics teacher, who told me it would be next to impossible for him to do what he promised.
    The thing is, he would need 52% of both houses of Congress and then 75% of the nation’s voters to back him up and, if that’s not enough, people STILL don’t realize that, if he could, why is it still being debated — not in Congress, mind you, but amongst the nation’s voters (and, even teenagers)?

    It was a bold-faced lie, to begin with, and now that Obama’s failures have gone heavenward, it’s simply something to keep people from seeing all the other stupid things he (along with that bag of lard, he’s married to) has done.

    While I’m at it, when Bush II was president, Laura’s goal was to assist in ending illiteracy…Every former First Lady has taken up; a good goal and, the present First Squatter has done nothing…Absolutely NOTHING for the good of this nation.

  59. tax man says

    Actually the NRA needs to create thousands of “gun emojis” and make them available to their members to add to their phones.

  60. Observant_One says

    Additional proof that the liberal mind consists primarily of total disorder.

  61. Scopedope says

    Yes by all means, be sure to ban the gun emoji. They kill dozens of people every day!

    If the really want to make a difference, try banning all the video war games, that teach kids to kill & harden them to death & violence. They result in a hell of a lot more gun violence than an Apple iphone emoji.

  62. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    Interesting times have always meant hard time, challenging times, dangerous times and to one extent or another every generation has faced just such times. The winner, is the one who stands up to the challenge. The looser is the one who just goes with the flow. America is facing its most horrible challenge to date. Not from a foreign enemy, though we have more than enough of these, but from enemies from within our own ranks. Sown by Communist atheism during the cold war, these socially destructive lies have infected the weak minded, go along with the prevailing crowd liberals of America into thinking that liberals are so good, so forward looking, that they cannot even see that all of the lies of liberals are just failed retreads from histories garbage heaps of time. Trying the same failed theories again and again they stress that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while thinking you will have better results. They do this because they actually think that evolution and Sodomy are somehow NEW? But the truth is that they are not at all new and have only had disastrous results anywhere and everywhere they are embraced. If truth dares to stand up to these lies, then they will eventually fade away like morning mist in the sunlight. But if we falter before their intimidation and threats then America itself will become nothing but another lost nation, another failed empire, thrown upon the trash heaps of perversion that we so eagerly embrace.
    Dominic Roy Accampo

  63. Patriot954 says

    I have dreamed that a bunch of the left-wing gun grabbers get mugged and physically beaten so bad that they suffer for the rest of their lives, ever since one of them told me, with a cutesy smile on her face, “They will heal, won’t they?” Obviously, we have never spoken to each other
    since then.

  64. Gary Daniel says

    It’s funny how people look to recreate or relive glory days. In this article it’s the liberals wanting a cause equal or greater than their social revolution. I would suggest undoing all the damage that the Baby Boomers have done. I’m a Baby Boomer. My fight is against state sponsored Paedophelia. Something I’ve witnessed. We all need a cause. I think I chose well. Sexual Revolution be damned.
    Civil War veterans and WWII veterans went through the same thing. Spreading Democracy was a lofty goal. How we did it wasn’t so great maybe.
    After the American Civil War those veterans on both sides had overcome gigantic hurdles. They both won in the fact that they pushed the boundaries of what could be done. Its too bad it takes wars to accomplish the stretching of the boundaries.(not always) After going through monumental exertions and challenges life can seem boring. Taming the west, exploring the world, pioneering space travel, are all examples of focused targets to achieve victory over. Now days seems like there is no National rallying point. Too many special interest groups. Man is lover self.
    I don’t know what I’m saying other than we better identify what is really important and go after it with gusto.

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