Gun Seizure Laws Considered in California and New Jersey


Though they did absolutely nothing to prevent the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, the gun-seizure law Connecticut put in place 15 years ago is now being given consideration by Democrats in California and New Jersey.

The law, as it’s carried out in Connecticut, allows judges to order police to confiscate firearms from personal possession when there is evidence that the individual poses a threat to themselves or others. A sensible law on the surface, many pro-Constitution advocates say that it creates a slippery-slope that cannot be easily recovered from. In a tense era where it seems we’re giving up our freedoms daily in the hopes of a safer country, this is just the type of band-aid law that gives liberals the warm-fuzzies without actually doing anything to address the root problem.

Connecticut lawmakers drafted the gun seizure legislation in 1999 after a horrific shooting at the state’s lottery headquarters that left four people dead. The murders were committed by a disgruntled employee who had a history of psychiatric issues on record. Since then, only Indiana has drafted a similar law, one which passed in 2005 after a police officer in Indianapolis was shot and killed by a mentally ill criminal.

Now California and New Jersey are mulling the possibility of putting a similar statute on their respective books, both of which are coming out in the wake of the mass shooting in Santa Barbara earlier this year.

In published reports advocating for the laws, Connecticut Undersecretary for Criminal Justice planning and policy Michael Lawlor had some especially ridiculous statements to make. He believes that the law could have prevented the senseless killing at Sandy Hook had police been aware of gunman Adam Lanza’s mental health problems. So…they had the law, and yet it didn’t work as intended. And that’s the reason more states should adopt it. Okay, that must make sense to gun-control advocates.

Three Better Approaches to Mass Shootings
Instead of stomping all over the 2nd Amendment with a steel-toed boot, why can’t lawmakers approach the problem from an innovative and imaginative angle?

#1 – Follow the Existing Laws
There already exist tough, prudent gun-control measures on both the state and federal levels in almost every area of the country. The problem with many of these mass shootings is not that there weren’t any laws to protect the innocent but that no one bothered to follow through. Due process is a concept vital to our criminal justice system, though, and gun-seizure laws are antithetical to that concept.

#2 – New Template for the Media
There should be a dialogue in this country not about the availability of guns, but about the irresponsible manner in which NBC, CBS, ABC, and all the rest glorify these spree killers for weeks and months after an incident. If you don’t think this high-level celebrity appeals to would-be murderers, you’re crazy. You only need to look at Elliot Rodger’s Youtube videos to see the attention-craving behind the madness.

#3 – A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health
Almost every mass killing is done by someone with prior evidence of mental health decay. Is it possible that a better approach to getting these people the help they need could have prevented their violent outbursts and saved lives? Is it possible that these killers, in the absence of their own legal firearms, might turn to bombs, poisons, illegal guns, and other weaponry to carry out their plans? Contrary to what the left believes, guns are not the only way to do serious violence.

It wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see both California and New Jersey follow through on their gun seizure laws, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they blame when these laws do nothing to stop the next madman with murder on his mind.

  1. David in MA says

    Massachusetts police have been doing this for a long time, if, for example, someone gets a restraining order or there is a domestic dispute they have removed firearms from those homes, usually on a court order….check it out……..How many more states do and it is not “advertised”?

    1. Keith Brockmiller says

      That doesn’t make it right. Do you have statisics showing that this law has reduced crime?.

      1. anti govment says

        No! It is just smoke and mirrors to destroy our constitution and the United Stated of America by all of the crime syndicates to take away your freedom. Obamas benefactor is the mafia king from Sicily George Soros so that should show some light on the taking away your guns!

        1. Poodleguy says

          Soros is a Hungarian Jew, not Italian ….

      2. David in MA says

        No stats…….but I doubt it.
        Although, overall I understand murder and other violent crime has been falling for several years, any stats are reported to the FBI Crime (something or other) Dept.
        I believe the reports of crimes on the news is mostly the bad guy’s we would like to protect ourselves from. Obama and his Islamic Marxists want people’s firearms so they cannot protect themselves from tyranny…Obama thinks he will be the dictator of America……that bas stard is in for one big surprise, I do believe.

        1. Laurie Czerwinski says

          OKAY NOW, that did it! I see that this entire thread against government officials is about: the invention of the free internet..What do you think will happen if you keep putting hate for officials when they are watched like a hawk, more than you are. I am saying here No One is taking guns from law-abiding citizens.. the president of the US is NOT an Islamic Marxist..(did you and some of these above have too much coffee today?). All government officials are saying is:by subjecting people to the rules for guns..including former legal charges for battery or violence..will bar them from having a gun. It works just like the law does..those guys had better depend on their conceal and carry neighbor, or the police..Furthermore! It is actually, really protecting people from USING their firearms. What are you planing to do with the body?? Not even police can use their firearms in certain situations and you know it!
          Everybody had better look up the 4th amendment, and read it, after spouting on cannot shoot anybody….

          1. David in MA says

            I really have no use for liberals, they never make sense and only want government to take care of them at any cost, even at the cost of freedom.

          2. Laurie Czerwinski says

            Late last month Sierra’s family
            took her off life support, but stood by the hope she would pull
            through. Then, at 1:35 Sunday morning, Guyton passed away with
            her family by her side.

            “Sierra rallied everybody
            together,” Dent said. “But now we need to move
            forward together.”

            Dent believes Guyton’s story gave
            people a strong drive to stop gun violence in the city. But with the
            mayor estimating more than 30 children already shot in 2014, Dent
            hopes Guyton’s memory doesn’t fade.

            This is about the little girl who was caught in the crossfire of guys playing guns

          3. Frederick Fargher says

            Taking guns away from law-abiding American citizens will NEVER stop the evil & mentally deranged from illegally obtaining them, so therefore it is an absolute waste of time & money which leaves innocent people with no way to protect themselves. Therefore, the absurdity of the whole idea is completely contrary to any &.all logical thought. It’s like taking everyone’s rocks away to hand them cupcakes to throw for self defense. Good luck with that.

          4. Laurie Czerwinski says

            I see, you are right about the evil and deranged won’t even be on the radar; But, I am thinking about the citizen who goes ahead and shoots someone, be it threatening, “on their private property”, or defending someone who is being held at gun point..It will really,( in reality now) take about one year out of their lives..because you must know the courts are jammed (as in: plea bargaining standard now)…to WAIT until your trial comes up, miss work,etc. I say, let the police do it. What on Earth will sustain their family financially while they are in jail? Also, wouldn’t it be a nice thing to have “organized” neighborhood groups with guns(?)That isn’t true as of yet!..if it is the police response time that you are doubting, you mean, like in a rural setting. No prior battery/DV charges for gun holders! Also, out in a rural setting..DON’T allow the guys with battery and violent past crimes to hold them; I thought that was what this is about.

          5. Frederick Fargher says

            I can understand that, but there’s a REAL downside to that scenario. In most cases, the incident happens in a matter of seconds or a few minutes, so by the time the police get there, you or someone in your family is raped, tortured or murdered before the dispatcher even gives the officers your address. Do you know how long it takes a criminal armed or unarmed with a deadly weapon to get to you from 21 feet? 1.2 seconds. I have heard 911 calls where the victims are killed before the call is even completed, & in most of those cases, the dispatcher is asking stupid generic questions like, “what is your full name”? or “what is the nature of your disturbance”? while the victim is screaming, “PLEASE SEND THE POLICE TO 1234 ANYPLACE LANE! TWO MEN ARE TRYING TO BREAK DOWN MY FRONT DOOR!! I AM HOME ALONE WITH MY BABY”!!! “Ma’am, what’s your name”? A good dependable, reliable & powerful gun is absolutely essential to have because in most cases you only have a few seconds, or at best, a very few minutes between life & death. When it comes down to my life or the life of my family or friends, the last thing on my mind is litigation or prosecution because I would rather be judged by 12 than have me or someone I love be carried by six.

          6. Laurie Czerwinski says

            I don’t see how this would escalate and happen (I mean, it might, but statistics show that it is usually someone the person knows or was a love partner with, I’m a recent graduate of criminology), I know people who were “befriending” illegal guys with guns, like drugs, or, if the gunner has a record of domestic violence or battery, Both might have a gun in the first place.That is far too dangerous people!
            The guy forfeits his right to have the gun, if he has a domestic violence charge or battery, isn’t that what we’re fighting for ? see the guy who “slapped” the judge in today’s news..his testosterone level is too high, or he’s not aware of his temper..he has forfeited his right, right there. 2nd amendment is still intact, however, if you want to own one, Do Not Forfeit that right to protect by becoming violent in any way! Why do they say, “taking guns from law-abiding citizens”? they r not.

          7. Laurie Czerwinski says

            P.S. “watch” for those symptoms and signs of threat

          8. Frederick Fargher says

            #1, it IS against the law for someone who is guilty of domestic violence & #2, the Obama administration & the Democrat controlled Senate FULLY intend on disarming ALL American citizens & have been trying to do so vehemently for the last 3 or 4 yrs. Obama & Kerry have already signed the UN small arms treaty with full intent of taking our 2nd Amendment rights away. Obama & Holder have even gone so far as to initiate Operation Choke Point, which directly threatens to shut down financial institutions if they continue financing legal gun dealerships, which has been taking place for several months now. If you don’t believe that they intend to disarm the American people, you are horribly naive, or you have not been following everything they have been up to concerning this subject. Obama & Holder were responsible for using the BATF to run guns into Mexico which ended up in the hands of Mexican cartels, & they used them to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens & one American Border Patrol agent, him being killed on U.S. soil for God’s sake! Their reasoning for Operation Fast & Furious? To place the blame for the guns ending up in Mexico on American gun dealers in an attempt to get gun sales outlawed in the U.S. Don’t believe it? It is ALL documented fact. By running this operation, Operation Choke Point & signing the UN small arms treaty with the intent of doing away with the 2nd Amendment, Obama, Holder & Kerry, to name a few, but also in three of the most powerful positions in our nation, are guilty of HIGH TREASON by first, violating Constitutional law by trying everything they can to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, using a foreign power to do it, & by using a foreign country to run illegal guns which violates federal law, & Obama has been using American taxpayer dollars to finance several Islamic terrorist organizations & provide them with weapons for the last two years. ISIS, who has retaken Iraq, are using weapons provided by Obama with American taxpayer money. And he fully intends on disarming the American people so that he can completely overthrow the country with as little resistance as possible. He is a tyrant & a dictator who is the biggest threat to our national security in U.S. history. His plans have ALWAYS been to do away with our Constitution, our freedoms & our sovereignty & turn America into a Fascist state after he is done destroying our Free Republic. That is his “idea” of “hope & change”. If you cannot see it, then you have chosen to bury your head in the sand. If you cannot believe it, then you are hopelessly ignorant & gullible. He is incapable of telling the truth & his #1 priority is to completely destroy the very foundation of everything the United States has ALWAYS stood for, which is VERY sad, considering the millions of soldiers, sailors & airmen who have died & been wounded in battle to keep her a free nation.

          9. Laurie Czerwinski says

            It was on there this is so OLD that the Islamic terrorists , who weren’t terrorists THEN, when they armed to fight Soviet take over..I don’t know about any terrorist backing now..unless there is, idk…The president is NOT at all the biggest threat!…& this from medical school(no, I didn’t flunk) even a person born as a Native Amer or, other needs a ‘shaman’ BECAUSE “you cannot take the culture out of a person”..we now know you cannot take the cultural value ‘out of’ the other countries…Obama is, for the first time, Not using an ‘Imperialistic’ position with other countries! as evidenced by sending our troops over as ‘advisors’ to their troops..there is the: ‘ideas for change’. Yes, I don’t know everything..But, I do know that I heard rumors that there is new group of criminals here in US with the most horrendous White Collar/False Death/Insurance Fraud going’s to make fun of EVERYBODY and people sounding off AT politicians when it is happening right under our noses. I’m a little inside on that one..but haven’t got the money for proof yet..and, you better believe it! Don’t forget we really really need the vets ‘out here’, getting paid like we do, with security and investigations. No, I didn’t know about banning guns for all people, just lessening the numbers on the street..I saw a kid in the gun shop buying.. he couldn’t have been more than twenty years old..and, I thought hey, I saw him buying last time he was here..what’s he got a roach clip in his hair for?? LOL

          10. Poodleguy says


          11. joe says

            Whooa there are you supposed to be out of your room sweety. Go ask the nice nurse to help you back into bed before you hurt yourself and honey you really need to swallow those pills they are giving you they will make you feel better honestly they will.

          12. joe says

            You failed school didn’t you

          13. REK says

            If you wait for the police you will be dead brutal criminals are growing in numbers everyday just like government dependency

          14. joe says

            so what!!! do you have a point here besides the one on the top of your head? you do understand the definition of criminal right ” one who breaks laws”
            So we should pass more laws so the criminals will what?? change their minds and become non criminals? People are shot every damn day in this country but ten times as many are saved by law abiding citizens with guns you are just not smart enough to know this. By your twisted sick logic we should just let that number of people saved be shot instead because we will have all the gun out of the hands of the criminals right then everyone will be happy and safe, WOW!!! YOU ARE SPECIAL

          15. REK says

            You are very naive if don’t see what’s going on in the world and this country to think these libturd are trying to help us Wake up

          16. Frederick Fargher says

            Clueless in Czerwinski.

          17. Rattlerjake says

            You had to know by this (Czerwinski) crackpot’s first comment that she/he/it is a troll. No one but the clueless and brainwashed could come up with the BS rambling that this idiot libturd does.

          18. bobwhite1935 says

            barack hussein obama & his regime doesn’t go by the Constitution & you know it.


          19. Jesse says


          20. joe says

            Don’t you have something to vacuum sweetheart? You are really clueless about the gun laws so please stick to something you know about I don’t know maybe laundry or knitting. Yea honey I think you would be more comfortable in the waffle chat room

          21. Laurie Czerwinski says

            Yeah, hey Joe this is Laurie..I don’t like housework…No chance of PD ‘bursting into your privileged American or any time in the near future. Just because no one wants to disturb anyone with “abducted children” news ..well, do you think you could use a gun for something as horribly serious & psychological as that? No WAY! Sometimes I don’t even know what you guys are talking don’t do anything about real terrible crimes.Call the Police and, also PRAY ..gun for ‘defense’ and, I know a former disorderly conduct is the way to get denied. Relax Joe, it’s probably right.

            And, some of those killings and shootings ‘might be’ a false claim or, a White Collar Crime ..told to the public for ‘reason’ i don’t know

          22. joe says

            WOW I do not even have any clue what the hell you are talking about nothing you said made a bit of sense to me. All I got out of that was meaningless babble and incoherent sentences. What ever you have been drinking I think you need to cut back a little it is doing serious damage to the though processing centers in your brain. I can not even really reply to this since I have no damn idea what you just said.

    2. Randy in Pa. says

      Pa. does this on a restraining order.

    3. jerry sypek says

      How did Jared Remy allegedly kill Jenifer Martel? Nope, no firearm there. Was a knife I believe. Next up for MA. . .knife and crock pot licenses! Good luck to you David. I just left my home state of the peoples republic of Massachusetts a few months ago for. One a little less insane.

    4. OWEN says

      any kind of dispute is an excuse to remove your 2nd amendment right to bear arms, an the police do not recognize the constitution anymore because they are under the jurisdiction of homeland security , who also do not recognize the constitution .who also comes under the jurisdiction of the tyrant.

  2. bowhunter says

    I am a huge advocate of states rights but only as far as the Constitution allows. Vice verso on the federal, only as far as the Constitution allows. That worked for a couple hundred years, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

    1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

      You ought to tell obuma about “Constitutional Law”, he needs a little brushing up!

      1. anti govment says

        Supposedly he was a constitutional lawyer. Him and his wife were both disbarred for fraud. That’s what he learned as a constitutional lawyer!

        1. Roger12266 says

          I actually believe that Harvard prostituted itself by giving Obama a degree in repayment for the millions of dollars the King of Saudi Arabia “donated” to them.
          Obama is no more a Constitutional Scholar than I am, and my field of expertise is Chemistry.

      2. bowhunter says

        The SOB POS POTUS may be a Constitutional Law Scholar but he is at heart a fascist/communist at heart. Even the blacks are turning against him now with this stupid disregard for the southern border. I guess it had to hit them in the head with a large 2×4 for them to come to the realization that they have been had too. Maybe they will think twice before they think they have to vote for the “D” in every election.

        1. OWEN says


  3. carl says

    not right…………………………………………………

  4. gian2012 says

    California legislature reaches out for any anti gun law they can get their hands on. They’ve already a book full of laws of which none has worked so far so the panacea is to pile on more laws harassing citizens who’ve never committed a crime with firearms ownership. The California legislature and Governors going back to Dukemajian, Davis, Schwartzeneggar and now Brown are all dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to Constitutional law. Look at what anti-gun der Governator is back at doing, shoot ’em up movies ! Talk about hypocrisy !

    1. anti govment says

      Remember Washington DC had the most stringent gun laws in the country but all of the criminals had guns and DC had the highest crime rate in the country!

      1. Poodleguy says

        There is also a very large black population there….could there be a connection?

  5. Robert Freedom says

    This is another communist ploy to make the people defenseless. All tyrants do this: Hitler, Stalin, and Now obama and his bunch of thugs and tradirors in the House & the Senate. see People get ready and when they come for your guns, make all you shots head shots

    1. Poodleguy says

      Yup, there is no body armor there!! Practice, practice, practice!!

    2. James Andrews says

      Exactly; it needs to be fought, and fought hard.

  6. Poodleguy says

    Thank the Good Lord I live in Az! If I were to live in any state that would send their private Gestapo to take my firearms, they would have to take the bullets first…remember “Shall not be infringed”??

    1. glspeed says

      They are doing this all wrong. They should punish the criminals not the law-abiding guy. It reminds me of the army. One nut does things wrong the drill sargeant punish the platoon. I got my bullets ready. Not a good shot but will try.

      1. Poodleguy says

        Get in some practice @ your local gun range…that is, if you can find any ammo to purchase! Anyone can be a good marksman w/practice.

        1. denoferth says

          The alcoholic Senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, tried the entire time he gorged at the public trough to quadruple taxes on ammo and to ultimately ban its sale. He bragged that after three years the guns would then be worthless. Mercifully for the country he finally succumbed to his cirrhosis without success but it appears the wanna-be communists occupying the WH at present just might suckceed. Especially with the team of constructional scholar and guest lecturer Obama and that stalwart of legal ethics Eric Holder at the helm.

          1. Ronald Hagler says

            If you want to know where this present administration is heading, simply investigate the rise of the Nazi party in Pre-WWII Germany, paying special attention to the role Hitler played. The similarities to the Obama administration are frighteningly similar to the moves Hitler, and his cronies, used in the 1930’s. Street violence was so rampant in Germany, during the 20’s, that the German parliament, not the Nazi Party, passed “Gun Registration” laws in an effort to deter crime. Supporters of this legislation preached that it was necessary because the registration of firearms would allow law enforcement officers to trace the serial number to the owner and arrest him/her for the crime. This proved to totally useless, as the ones committing the crimes never registered their firearms, never left them at the scene of the crime because they were, after all, criminals who lived and operated “outside-the-law”. Soon after being enacted, this law, being hard to enforce and totally useless in deterring crime, was shelved and eventually not even practiced.

            What Hitler did was to use the “moth-balled” registration log to disarm his most challenging opponents. This was so useful to Hitler, in his plans to rule Germany, that he used it , once in charge, to disarm the Jewish community. We all know where that lead. The difference between the Obama administration and Hitler’s is that Hitler was the most popular leader the Germans had seen (During his reign), while Obama is considered to be one of our worst leaders.

            When American armed forces were “cleaning-up” after Hitler’s regime had fallen, they were amazed at the number of German citizens who had firearms. These people were loyal to Hitler and, therefore, had not been subjected to his disarming policies. Hitler was a member of the National Socialists (i.e. Nazi) and had no intentions of disarming Germans; so long as they supported him and his party.

          2. justdooit says

            “Obama is considered to be one of our worst leaders.” You should consider qualifying this statement. There are FEW liberals who would agree…and SURELY not many on the gubmint take, not including soc. sec. of course, would agree with you…Remember THEY don’t READ on-line blogs,etc. They ONLY get news from MSM types…BUT I’m reading some so-called journalists may have a conscience…so I guess we may have hope…

          3. LastGasp says

            Who cares what the liberals agree to? We know they are tools of the globalists. That pc crap is tearing our nation apart.

          4. Ronald Hagler says

            During the Obama years, our 1st and 2nd amendment rights have been attacked on a weekly basis. In California, a school student was asked to remove his shirt because it had an American flag on it and the school official said it was offensive to the Hispanic students who attended the school. The School Board upheld the school’s position. When one cannot display an American flag in an American school, what does that say about our present political climate?

            The Federal Trademarks governing body stripped the Washington Redskins franchise rights to promote and sell Redskin items, because someone claimed the word “Redskin” was offensive and racist. The Redskin organization is now embattled with our government over their 1st amendment right to use this logo.

            In a recent “Native American” appreciation night at the Giants baseball game, a Caucasian male was asked, by another person attending the game, to remove the Indian headgear he was wearing, as he was not an Indian and the “fan” found it to be offensive. Now the Giants owners arm embattled in a suit to determine what can be worn in the stadium and who can wear it. Once again, a minority complaint has denied the majority their rights to freedom of speech and expression.

          5. Dave says

            They won’t be happy until we are all wearing identical gray uniforms and carrying a copy of Chairman Obama’s Little Anti-American Book.

          6. DJ says

            Mao suits and little red books……

          7. Mark Clemens says

            It is just about impossible to be POLITICALLY CORRECT with out looking and sounding completely stupid. Maybe all the people who work for this Federal Trademark division should give their homes & land back to the American Indians. In all honesty the Europeans did take the land by force, or is that not offensive enough?

          8. justdooit says

            UHoh…there goes Panda hats and Giraffe hats…Imagine if the gubmint succeeds…Then they’ll confiscate all bobblehead redskin dolls…OMG…what NEXT?

          9. dinkerduo says

            The Redskins owner needs to make one sign that has the same shape but with REDSKIN POTATOES in the center–then send it to Eric the Red and tell him to roll it up tight and—————–! We used to call Brazilian nuts “nigger toes” but today you’d go to jail for using that term!! Political correctness came from the communists–ya know!!

          10. Ronald Hagler says

            Come to think of it, I cannot remember the last time I saw a “Red Skin” peanut in the grocery store.

          11. dinkerduo says

            They, ironically, are call Spanish peanuts. I see them all of the time–next to the regular peanuts.

            But to think Eric the Red would EVEN have the time to go after this football teams NAME is insane! There are plenty of other MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things he could be working on like the IRS’s illegalities–get some people arrested–same with the VA and many more! And to have had the trademark agency make the Redskins take away their trademark is GOVERNMENT OVER REACH ISN’T IT!! I hope the owner takes this all the way tot he SCOTUS but then they go after the Court if they still don’t get their way! FIVE Indians complained–95% of Indians say they like the name as it honors an Indian back in the day! I suppose they are going to go after the Cleveland Indians next!
            These people can’t take NO for an answer–like in the Hobby Lobby case–THE SCOTUS RULED–BUT NO–THEY CAN’T STAND TO BE TOLD “NO”
            OBOZO AND ERIC THE RED NEED TO GET GONE–ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!! They are shameful traitors!

          12. Merle Dickey says

            I have some Indian friends and they are not bothered by the Washington “Redskins” as he said “we called you paleface.”And he still does, I am blonde . We got a good laugh at something so silly.

          13. dinkerduo says

            The reason behind this is what is disturbing–why the Redskins and not the Kansas Chief–or the Cleveland Indians–or any number of OTHER teams?
            The owner is probably a conservative and didn’t want to go along with some LIBERAL rule or request–oh that’s right–they don’t ever *request* do they!
            Forcing our Sterling because of what he said IN THE PRIVACY of his own home–that is taking it tooo far–Gov. over reach!! Plus he was–for some reason–set up!!! How about suing the *girlfriend* for recording him without his permission!

          14. Merle Dickey says

            I was wondering why they didn’t go after the girlfriend. Another illegal way of changing the law I guess. I really don’t care for Sterling but I do think he got the shaft on this.

          15. linda15419 says

            Is anyone offended by Cheese Heads?

          16. Frank Andrews says

            I need a name & address to send to my attorney! I’m filing a lawsuit because
            someone was wearing my cheese at a football game and she looked like Linda!

          17. Cranky Steven says

            In that same Northern Calif school district they didn’t celebrate the 4th of July due to “lack of funds” but somehow managed to scrape up enough to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo isn’t even a holiday in Mexico. Ah, diversity! Gotta love it! Right? You’d better….. if you know what’s good for you.

          18. dinkerduo says

            Obozo also has skipped The National Prayer Day at the WH but DID DO THE ROMADAN (sp?) THING! Makes me sick what they are doing and they all need to be stopped!

          19. Cranky Steven says

            Home school by pooling resources to hire a conservative, retired teacher. Get involved in local school board elections and VOTE OUT the commies and lefties!

          20. dinkerduo says

            They are so afraid that we will do that that they probably have had Cass Sunstein–the regulations Czar–write up rules against that! But we can do it anyway–home school where possible–they tried to shut that down–without success tho!! 🙂

          21. Cranky Steven says

            dinker, you got that right.

          22. dinkerduo says

            🙂 🙂

          23. Merle Dickey says

            Home schooling is becoming more and more popular . They are teaching untruths in school now.I heard one school was teaching that there was no holocaust!! The common core is nothing but brain control Even colleges are bad. Look at Bill Ayers, he hated this country and has bombed American buildings and he is a professor in a Illinois university . he should be in prison!!

          24. Cranky Steven says

            Ayers is proud of what he and his scum did. He wishes they had done more damage. Home schooling is our only hope as the teachers’ unions are just commie hives. It can be done but it does take effort and sacrifice.
            If someone is not willing to do one or both for their own family, then one should just STFU and “baaa” when told to.
            Did you see what they are trying to do to Perry in Texas? This is not a matter of political differences anymore. This is for survival. This is war. Prepare to fight back for the rest of our lives and prepare your children too. They are certainly indoctrinating their kids and doing so very well. Don’t let them sink their meathooks into yours!

          25. Merle Dickey says

            My kids know what is going on so I am working on my grandsons!! Thank heaven I have one going into college who absolutely hates Obama. He wrote his senior paper on Obama and it wasn’t nice! His instructor told him he couldn’t use Obama and he took it to the principle and got his way. I told him not to believe everything his history teacher may say. ( in college)

          26. Cranky Steven says

            Clearly you are doing a great job. Kudos. Say, “hi” to your g.son for me.

          27. Merle Dickey says

            I’ll do that:)

          28. Cranky Steven says


          29. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

            Boxer and Feinstein are both scumbags like the others you picture. I lied to a Judge in 2008 telling her I did not have weapons when she said I had to turn them in. I will not turn my weapons in, I will keep them buried in the cache on federal land and they will be there for when I need them or I will eventually return to California and retrieve them to Oregon where I can legally have them. I have one suggestion to all Americans, get guns and keep guns and do not show them to these liberals that want to abolish them, keep them cause you never know if you may need them.

          30. Merle Dickey says

            In todays world we all need to be able to protect ourselves. i have German shepherds that would take out a mans throat if he threatened me ( but will lay down and let little girls put flowers in their hair ) but I realize one bullet would take them out . So… I will do what I have to do.

          31. I AM THE BEAST Sssotlohiefmjn says

            Merle Dickey, I so understand. I knew some people with a German shepherd that was the same way, it would attack grown intruders at the throat but would not harm a little baby. True, dogs can be shot and slain, your best protection is a great relationship with God and a handgun for backup would be nice. I hope the day of the Lord springs forth when no human must fear assault from another human, that day does not seem near.

          32. Merle Dickey says

            It certainly doesn’t.

          33. Kent2012 says

            unfortunately the alchy has plenty of “alive for the moment” co-conspirators…..

          34. jimmy johnson says

            It’s common sense. Parts of New Jersey are crime zones and you take the guns from innocent people you are just making them easier prey for the thugs. The government more times than not does things the stupid/wrong way!! Leave Freedom and the 2nd Amendment alone!! For God’s sake, leave innocent people alone!!

          35. jackw97224 says

            Yup, the Amerikan troika from Hell!

        2. Bucky says

          The range by where I live closed down and don’t know when they will re-open again. My eyesite is poor because of old age and an eye operation. That is why I bought a drum mag for my AR for rapid fire

          1. Poodleguy says

            Understood. I am long in the tooth as well (78), but I do well with corrective lenses & good glass topping off my rifles. No prob w/handguns @ close range. I have no idea what part of the country you live in & since the range is closed, are there any indoor ranges &/or if it’s legal to go out to the desert or a rural area & set up targets. Good luck to you!!

        3. justdooit says

          IF you have live ammo..don’t waste it…Learn to throw DARTS…hmmm

          Heck learn to use a cross bow…loaded with rubber arrows for practice…hmmm…then the gubmint would buy up all rubber arrows…Isn’t that the way it works?

          1. Francie says

            THAT is a very good point.

          2. Ronald Hagler says

            My dad used to hunt rabbits with a shotgun. When he came upon a rabbit that did not “flush”, he would hand me the shotgun, pull his slingshot out and pop the sitting rabbit with a steel ball bearing. Saved many shells.

          3. dinkerduo says

            Remember what David did with a sling shot 🙂

          4. Merle Dickey says

            Reload if you have the equipment. Obama closed down the only lead making plant we had here but there are other materials you can substitute. get a person who is an expert reloader and they can give you ideas.

        4. Bruce Dakin says

          Most people i know that have seen all this coming, already have all the ammo they need..The problem we have today is far to many people watch television and believe everything they hear..This country is being lied to primed and set up for gun control..Look at the bigger picture..Most of the problems we have today Government has created. Do you want them to create one more?? By the rule of Government we have almost no sustainability built into our future.There is no big plan for a better world for all of’s only the few with the most money and they only care about themselves..Think hard and wakeup america..And you better hurry!

        5. RCM589 says

          Where are you at? I get my ammo at Academy or Gander Mountain. There is ample supply at the local gun range. The Wal Mart doesn’t seem to have a good supply. By the way when I buy a gun I have to go through a background check then. I am in the Houston area.

          1. Poodleguy says

            I’m in Arizona, about 40 miles N of Phx & about 17 miles from the #1 range in the nation, the Ben Avery range where they hold international shooting events of all sorts. As to ammo, I was referring basically to .22 rimfire. All the rest (.45, .380 & 25.06) I reload. I recently acquired a Ruger NM Single Six in .30 carbine w/a 7 1/2″ bbl. Ammo for it is easy to get for it but I’ll probably end up buying dies for it. Btw: too bad NM is between Az & Tx…both states have a lot in common! I have a grandson @ Kingsville NAS as a flight instructor. I hope Gov Rick Perry runs for pres in ’06. His debate skills have greatly improved & he is a very good man!! Happy shootin’ to ya!!

      2. Ed Watson says

        Bucky, it’s Drill Sergeant, not drill sargent.

        1. "nhbuckvt" says

          so what?….he made a mistake….now shut the hell up.

          1. bayman61 says

            Do you have an attitude problem, “nhbuckvt”? Maybe you need an evaluation to see if you should even have a firearm. That’s what the government is going to think reading your comment.

          2. OWEN says


          3. bayman61 says

            I was being sarcastic, you moron. You need an attitude adjustment, pal.

        2. OWEN says


          1. Cynic says

            Considering that we more or less believe in the same thing and are seeing our country go down the toilet, I think it’s time for all of you to stop calling your allies names over minutia.

            What did the Good Lord say about a house divided…?

          2. Ed Watson says

            Yes I noticed all capital letters. The only thing that bothers me about it is it means you are too lazy to properly punctuate so you used the caps lock button.

          3. OWEN says


          4. Ed Watson says


          5. Merle Dickey says

            Or maybe he can’t see.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          You knew what he meant. Anal people are annoying.

        4. Roger12266 says

          In my experience in basic training it was both Drill sergeant and drill sergeant because when he finished with you, you felt like he had drilled about a thousand holes in you during the day.

          1. Ed Watson says

            That is the way it is suppose to feel like, Unfortunately, for some privates it didn’t take, which is why they either got kicked out of the military or did one tour and got out. I retired after 20 this February, so I probably do get pretty anal when it comes to things like that. But if I wasn’t anal about a lot of stuff, my Soldiers would have gotten dehydrated, frostbitten, or had some other weather related injury, or they wouldn’t have had enough to eat.

          2. Dave says

            In my day it was Drill Instructor. While your sentiments are understandable, the purpose of these forums is to freely exchange ideas and views, not see whether we can all pass a spelling and punctuation test.
            Thank you for your service from one who also served for 21+.

          3. Ed Watson says

            Dave, were you in the Marines? The Army has called them Drill Sergeants for as far back as I could trace, which I will admit only went back to the 1950’s.

          4. Gretchen H. Uno says

            Dave: It is refreshing to read your post. I was starting to believe I was still back in grade school when I was reading the exchange between the previous post to yours.

          5. Merle Dickey says

            You too Dave!

          6. Merle Dickey says

            Thank you Ed!

          7. Jesse says

            I see that my post has been identified as spam and deleted. I guess it’s just not permitted to say that “DI (Drill Instructor) is the proper term” when I say it, but OK for the poster below.

          8. Roger12266 says

            I don’t know who would have labeled your post as spam. It was probably one of our “patriotic” liberals.

          9. Jesse says

            Since it was deleted and not by me it almost had to be the ‘moderators’ that killed it… Maybe I used an expression with some secret meaning unknown to me.

        5. Christian_Patriot7 says

          He spelled it phonetically.

      3. WILD GOOSE says

        I use to be a good shot, but not so good anymore thats why I buy alot of ammo….

        1. Dave says

          Isn’t that the excuse the government uses for arming the Department of Education with M-16s and hollow point ammunition? That they need ammo for training?
          Remember, it was Obama who said we need a civilian force armed equally as well as the military. He never said who would be in it. Black Panthers? Unions? Muslims?

          1. Francie says

            It is likely that they are ALL training together, which is the most probable reason for their unholy alliance.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            That is his private army. I heard he calls them the brownshirts which is what Hitler called his army!You can bet there will be plenty of muslims and , and some of those illegally crossing the border they think are MS-13. They are as cold as ISSI

        2. justdooit says

          I used to be a good shot too…now I’m just SHOT GOOD…I’ll have to go back to sling shots…and BBs or Pellets…in the pouch…the ORIGINAL claymore…hmmm

          1. Merle Dickey says

            Bbs are better than nothing . Aim for the eyes.

      4. chelseachablis says

        In the eyes of a rogue government…..we are ALL the bad guys. This moron that’s in our White House has been planning the destruction of our nation since his collage years. That’s why he studied the Constitution. So he can destroy it and those who abide by it. This is not a coincidence. This is why they’re labeling those who defend it as “domestic terrorists”. Again…not a coincidence. It’s all in the design of those who want complete control. Obama was just the one to drive it home. I’m sure you’ve heard George H.W.’s speech on the New World Order. That’s what this is all about my friend. America as we know it……has come to her end.

        1. justdooit says

          Yes, many of the former/present elite in govt. seem to fight each other yet the final goal is the same…TOTAL TAKEOVER by THEM…

          They’ll all get a piece of the pie…

          George Jefferson did…lol

          1. 1commonjoe says

            That’s exactlywhat I am beginning to think. Most all of them are in Kahoots. In which case, I am glad I got to live most of my life free. Too bad for the future generations, but eventually everyone will see it fail. And

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Keep up the fight , don’t give up!

          3. Merle Dickey says

            We have too many representations in Washing ton. We could cut 30% and still have plenty.

          4. marla1 says

            OH boy are you right!! Eliminate half of the political sewer rats and leeches and eliminate the IRS!!!

          5. Merle Dickey says

            The board of education too. That needs to be handled by the state. And the EPA have made so many new rules that it is costing us jobs. Would’nt hurt to cut them way back.

          6. Dave R says

            I would like to see a public hanging of all top officials in the IRS. That would make my day, my month and my life.

          7. marla1 says

            That would make millions of Americans day ,month and year ,but they are too politically correct to stand up and be counted ,the cowards!!

        2. dinkerduo says

          Unless we start ridding ourselves of these parasites!

          1. James Maxwell says

            If the citizens are to dumb to get off their asses and pay attention to what is
            happening in our nation and vote out those who do not follow our Constitution
            then we are doomed to have civil war break out. The first step is get involved,
            pay attention to what your elected representative is doing, if he/she is not
            doing what you elected them to do then replace them. Two terms is more
            than enough to know what they will do in most cases.

          2. dinkerduo says

            Yes and we MUST have TERM LIMITS SO THESE AZZS CAN’T BE IN THERE FOR 30-40-50 YEARS!! Who would have ever thunk that we can’t get rid of them because they have amassed so much money and power! This IS NOT wat our Founding Fathers meant–you were supposed to serve for a couple of years then go HOME! There are other ways to get rid of them–why we haven’t started massive recalls on most of these sleeze balls irritates me!

          3. marla1 says

            Term limits have to be a written law !!Two terms and you get a job with the same benefits a working citizens gets. A state had the chance to vote an old man if 78years old who is on his 4th. term and voted the senile old thing in again!!! He will be 92 by the end of this term! Americans are so dumbed down> That is why TERM LIMITS is do desperately needed , 2 terms and you are out of Politics!!No other job in the white house!!

          4. wdcraftr says

            Don’t forget, No benefits either…

          5. ipsd48 says

            Term limits will NOT solve this problem. The political parties will just find more ways to get money to put NEW idiots in office.
            In the end the best ‘term limits’ come from an informed and engaged voting public.Lacking that, there is no limit to how far this nation can fall.

          6. marla1 says

            If it a written law of the land and added to the constitution , it has to be followed!! The misinformed or un informed is because of diversity, they don’t know our history and the only thing they care about is the assistance they get from the sucker taxpayer , who are becoming fewer and fewer>>

          7. hankthetank says

            WE need both!!

          8. larry says

            Hello ipsd48: I don’t think term limits is the answer either. Our government is far more complex than it was in America’s early history. By the time a senator, for example, learns the ropes, he or she would be sent home and another novice would be installed. The voters are too distracted with other things, some necessary and some not, to follow the votes and attitudes of those representing them. Voters need to stay informed!

          9. chelseachablis says

            I sure wish voting them out was that easy. I honestly believe the ballots are rigged and have been since, at least, Bush Jr. won his second term over the huge outcry for Al Gore. Even though he would have probably been just a bad. The elitists control everything….even the polls. That’s probably where the electoral collage comes in. They have the final say in who gets elected..or actually SELECTED. It used be, back in George Washington’s day, that to vote…you took a paper n pencil into a room and wrote down a name of someone in your town that could do the job. You didn’t pick a name from a pre-selected list that we do now. I don’t think we’ll ever see anymore “good-ol’-days” until God comes back and cleans up the mess we made!

          10. itsfun says

            If elections are honest the electoral collage is a good thing. It gives the small states a say in national elections. Without it, New York, California, and any states with large populations would have a huge effect on the outcomes.

          11. festmatt5440 says

            Honest elections ,are over ” .

          12. ipsd48 says

            Just a note, chelsea……………….Bush ran against Kerry for his second term

          13. chelseachablis says

            my bad…..but I hope most knew what I meant!

          14. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            That’s because the youngsters are being inundated with the lies of Government and all of social media and the crap from Hollywood!

          15. James Maxwell says

            When I was in school the taught Texas history, Louisiana history and United
            States History. I recently looked at a school book here in Houston Texas for

            friend of mines child in the 7th grade. It was not a history book it was a

            political indoctrination training manual. It ignored Texas History and the

            vast majority of American history. It was a LaLa land version of history and

            the prime message was how corrupt and bad the White people were, it

            touched on Islam and how great it was. This is not history but corrupt Bull Shit.
            My friend pulled his son out of the public school and placed him in a private

            school. They teach American and Texas history with all parts explained and
            discussed in the class room. Both the good and bad parts of our growth

            to the nation we are today.

          16. Barbara Haugh says

            I totally agree with what kids are learning in school. I had to help my son with history during his senior year and the answers to his homework of what happened and when, wasn’t even correct to what “actually happened”. He kept telling me this but it was then that I actually got to see for myself just how bad it has gotten.

          17. dinkerduo says

            We need to STOP the people who are writing the text books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Most are made in TX but I don’t know where the actual text come from–probably the Nt’l Democratic Party headquarters!

          18. Cranky Steven says

            San Fransciso?

          19. James Maxwell says

            I am not sure what the deal is but I was told by a book sales person that

            since Texas is the largest purchaser of school books that they have a large hand in the text books that are brought across the land. If this is in fact true then

            as they saying goes “Houston, we have a problem”. I am not sure where

            the books are written but I do know from reviewing some of them we are

            in a sad state of affairs. The information in them is in correct and does not
            teach the correct history. It is a left wing liberal revisionist version that has
            incorrect dates and the information included is corrupt.

          20. dinkerduo says

            Do you remember when in 2008 Mooch Obama SAID and angrily–in a speech that, ” We’re gonna have to change our HISTORY–we’re gonna have to change our LANGUAGE–we’re gonna have to change this and that! Now just HOW in the hell do you change HISTORY OR LANGUAGE?!? We do have older history
            books and we do have dictionaries–oh–so they mean they’s gonna have to lie to us summore! Lie about our history–America is and has been BAD–and illegal alien is now gonna be undocumented immigrants so ti don’t sound so bad—ah–now I get it! I DON’T THINK SO LADY–HISTORY IS HISTORY AND NOTHIN YOU DO OR SAY WILL CHANGE IT!
            I don’t suppose you all can tell I’m pis$ed about all of this–especially the last 5 1/2 years of it anyway!!!

          21. larry says

            Or from the former Soviet Union!

          22. dinkerduo says

            Wouldn’t surprise me one bit–but not under the communists name as the new word for that is *progressive*!!

          23. icetrout says

            have a better reason to home school I’d like to hear about it…

          24. hankthetank says

            NO, we need to take our schools back!! that is the answer !!!

          25. icetrout says

            good luck with that 1…where U going to find conservative teachers @ ,not in this country …

          26. hankthetank says

            And it is our government putt ing these books in our schools , (common core )Get rid of common core!! it is teaching communist:

          27. believe says

            I read where Hollywood is turning against Obama, they are aware he has broken all his promises.

          28. sirgareth says

            They will not turn against the Left and the Obunbles is nothing if not a child of the Left

          29. IHateLibs says

            Do your Really think Voting works anymore ??? I wonder . Doesn’t seem so . And it also takes too long to rectify a voters mistake once its been brought to light

          30. Merle Dickey says

            We need Voter ID brought back . Saying it is racist is just plan stupid. It is to keep the elections honest which the last one was so far over the top it is unimaginable!!

          31. marla1 says

            We need ID for every thing else, but oslima knows what he is doing!! Taking down America and making us a third world communist country and we the morons are allowing it!!

          32. Merle Dickey says

            With a lump in my stomach I have to agree with you:)

          33. omegaman says

            Go see an internist, Merle.

          34. Merle Dickey says

            I’ll be fine. Don’t you get a sick feeling in your body some where when you know things are not going right?

          35. dinkerduo says

            I’m old enough to REMEMBER when we HAD to show a state issued photo ID and NOBODY THOUGHT A DAMN THING ABOUT IT! Saying we shouldn’t and having no PRE-REGISTRATION in some states is is a fraud waiting to happen!
            You can’t tell be Romney didn’t win–the many ways of voter fraud that was committed–IRS stopping cons. groups from their tax exempt status–foreigners and dead people voting–more votes counted that they were voters–Obozo was just put back in so he could continue to destroy this country!

          36. Merle Dickey says

            I agree with you,=. And they did another investigation into the election a year after and taking out the dead people and the over 100% in counties, the illegals that were voting that they could catch and the results were Mitt Romney actually won the popular vote. Why Obama wasn’t removed is beyond me. I am tired of writing and faxing my congress and senate. But I am still going to keep rattling their cages , maybe just maybe one will come to his senses and side with the majority that want him tried for treason and convicted!!!!

          37. Cynthia Osbun says

            I live in California, the “GOLDEN SHOWER STATE”….the letters and calls and faxes I’ve made to ANY of the Democrat criminals here that they call “representatives”, are ABSOLUTE and TOTAL JOKES, as they continue to bow to obama the puppet’s, agenda….I go to Tea Party Rallies, wave my flag and hold signs on a corner here in town, and go to meetings….I’m also considering getting into the Voter’s Integrity Group…. I hope it helps things…I’m doing my part, but I’m a frustrated and very scared patriot…we need more with likeminded determination….to fight this, or America is DONE.

          38. cowboy705 says

            Your the problem and the Koch Brothers started the tea and other people are sheep you would follow these billionaires into hell if you thought it would do any good. You write about Democrat being criminals when in fact they are not. Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rove are war criminals. You call your self a patriot really that is the last thing you and people like you are. The real Patriots are the people who fight and die for their country not some tea baggers.

          39. hankthetank says

            COWBOY, you are A asshole not a patriot! The tea party is the best thing that has happened to this country!! Koch Brothers, are also the best thing also for this country!! The Tea Party / the Koch Brothers & the Military,are the true patriots of this country!! yes, i was in the military & the Democrat’s are criminals!! they are trying to give our country to the New World Order ! where have you been for the last 15 years?? And where does the democrat’s get their money? ( from all the Union’s ) that & big business! ( wake up stupid )

          40. festmatt5440 says

            You ‘ ;are an ‘ ignorant ‘ , f o o l ” .

          41. LastGasp says

            Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t even know what the Tea Party is all about. So, you one of Bath House Barry’s rump rangers?

          42. chelseachablis says

            Your favorite Democrat, Harry Reid, was one of the Koch brothers biggest fans!! Especially while his hand was out to take their financial contributions!!…Get your head out of obama’s ass already and try to breath before this administration taxes the air!!!

          43. chelseachablis says

            You GO Cynthia!!!…..America needs a lot more like you girl!!

          44. dinkerduo says

            I get so tired of it too–seems like we are battling something we can’t see–but it’s them–I posted in response–a long one I know so it might show up here too but once you realize that he is a Muslim–it all makes sense–you go–oh–ok–now I understand what and why he’s doing or not doing but now it understandable—horrible for OUR country–but you can’t fight the enemy if you don’t know who they are–but him being a Muslim puts the puzzle pieces all fit together!
            And THAT we CAN fight–so we just have to continue and hope that his records are forced to be unsealed–then it would be almost over!

          45. hankthetank says

            NO, it would not! you sill have the same people in office to back him! 90% knows what he is doing & they don’t do any thing to stop him. congress, has the power of the purse,they could cut the money going to the dept. that are in bed with him, that would fix 80% of the problems!

          46. cowboy705 says

            You right wingers must be living under rocks.
            Fact in Florida Rick Scott tried to scrub thousands of minority voters from the register. Fact Republicans in Florida passed a law stopping people from going to register first time voters and people who have moved to Florida. Republicans would throw those who did in jail this is fact. Then in Ohio the Republicans tried to change in counties known to vote Democrat to end early voting and weekend voting and not have as many voting machines. Then for those counties who vote Republican it stay the same no changes at all. The Supreume Court of Ohio shot this down just like the did with the voter ID. Next seening how Republicans did not get their way they decided to move the voting place form a place where everyone could get to. Well Republicans moved it where the people had a two hour bus ride one way. Then when they finally get there you see just a road no sidewalk. Then they have to walk a half mile to get to the place to be able to vote.
            People in this district do not own a car they take the bus and that is what these Republicans knew and they were minority voters who vote Democrat. Now if the weather is bad how many will just stay home and how many times will the bus be on time and will there be enough busses to handle all these people.
            Republicans are scared because they know they will lose and will try anything and everthing to win. Then in Michagan this Republican sent in his Mangers to cities and gave them the power to get rid of the elected people. This is what you Republicans talk about Government over reach and yet I do not see one of you strong right wingers say anything about this. Google Republican in Ohio move voting place .

          47. Merle Dickey says

            Well, cow pile,that is a good story but it doesn’t cover up the fact that Ohio had two (possibly) three counties that had over +++ 100% of their registered voters vote~!! And one county all the votes were for Obama even tho there were folks that said they had voted for Romney. Since you know so much about Ohio then you shouldn’t have any problem looking it up or go to the voter registration I’m sure they have something, they should but after hearing about all the atrocities the Dems did, maybe not.

          48. itsfun says

            He is right about Michigan. The people voted down a proposal that would have given the Governor the right to send emergency managers into a city to take over city management. Governor Snyder than got the Republican House and Senate to pass a law that gave the governor the same power the people had voted down. It was done in the thirteenth hour with no input from the public at all. Even though I lean conservative, this is one less vote for the Republican governor in Michigan. He pulled the same kind of stunt that Obama pulls.

          49. chelseachablis says

            it would seem that most of the laws implemented in this country are done in the 13th hour!!!….And in the dark over holiday weekends!!…I think it was the Federal Reserve Act that was created behind the backs of the public over Christmas vacation!!….The scumbags don’t even have the balls to do it to our faces!!

          50. itsfun says

            That is exactly what the governor in Michigan does.

          51. festmatt5440 says

            Bend over ; now reach around behind you ‘ ; and grab hold of that thing that used to set on your shoulders ; and pull really hard ‘ , with both hands , to see if you can get that ‘thing ‘ , out of there ‘ .

          52. cowboy705 says

            Welll another righ wing nut job has noting but stupid shit no facts because you have none.

          53. LastGasp says

            Aren’t you smart enough to provide a source of your misinformation?

          54. chelseachablis says

            ok…..I read the article about Ohio but what I didn’t see was the reason why Republicans would do this. It state why they THINK they did it…but it doesn’t give the Reps reason why. I’d really love to know why they tried to do this…but I don’t want to know why YOU think they did it…or some other Dem…..I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I want to see the black n white reason they put in front of the Supreme Court in order to try to get it passed. People print a ton of b.s. in order to make the other side look horrible. And I, personally, believe both parties are corrupt to the core. They’re both controlled and bought by the same elite groups. So all of us really need to do our research into WHO is REALLY doing WHAT..and WHY.

          55. festmatt5440 says

            I have been saying this ‘ , for some time ; I am happy to see that someone else , is paying attention , as well .

          56. dinkerduo says

            Me too—not that’s it doing too much good right now but–NEVER GIVE UP!

          57. cowboy705 says

            OH well you mean all the name calling like you all do and no facts.

          58. LastGasp says

            Yeah, my grandmother is tired of voting for Democrats. She never did while she was alive.

          59. LastGasp says

            I don’t know about where you all live, but here in Idaho no picture ID, NO VOTE!

          60. Merle Dickey says

            I live in Reno. Nevada is the home of the notorious ole fart harry Reid. Which I figure has a lot to do with our petition to reinstate Voter ID being denied.

          61. itsfun says

            First, I vote in every election both local and national. That said, I also wonder about voting still working. In Michigan for example, the citizens voted against a proposal that would allow the governor to put an emergency manager into a city that was having problems. The governor didn’t like that, so Governor Snyder got together with a Republican controlled House and Senate and passed a law that allowed him to appoint a emergency manager to a city. That is just ignoring the will of the people and doing what the king, not governor of Michigan did. Elected officials ignoring the people is not just a king Obama thing. We must get rid of all politicians that only care about their power and not the people that elect them. This not a post about liberals or conservatives, but a post about power hungry elected officials of both parties and politicians that ignore the will of the people.

          62. catman says

            Then of course, you have the courts that go against the will of the people by overturning a law that the people voted for. They say the law is “unconstitutional”.
            Horsecrap !!! If it is the “will of the people” then that law should stand. Those who are opposed to it can get it changed through legal means by having the people overturn it, NOT the damned courts.

          63. itsfun says

            Right you are. There is no more “we the people”. Now we have “we the politicians and we the court.

          64. James Maxwell says

            It still works, the problem is that the bottom feeders on the left can bus in voters
            while the right sits at home and bemoans the candidate their party picked. These
            are voters who could make a difference if they got off their asses in the primaries and on election day and voted. If you sit at home and don’t vote in every election

            then don’t complain when the criminal invade your home and confiscate your

            property and weapons.

          65. J_in_TX says

            The problem, as I have found it, is most don’t have any clue what is in the Constitution. They haven’t taught it in school for years. I asked my daughter, in her mid-20s, about the Constitution. She knew nothing. Didn’t study it in High School or her 2 years of college. I gave her a pocket Constitution. I’m sure she hasn’t read it and still knows nothing about her rights. Those who don’t follow the Constitution will not get voted out because the voters have no clue whether they are following the Constitution or not.

          66. festmatt5440 says

            Replace them ‘ ;yes ; we thought we were going to do that ‘in Nov. 2012 . At that time , some of us found out , that voting , doesn ‘t count ; but counting the votes ‘ ;does .
            Our votes were counted in Spain ; by a firm owned by George Soros . As long as this ” Communist ” administration in is power ‘ ; it isn ‘t going to change . Free ‘elections , are a thing of the past , under this current ‘ dictatorship ‘.

        3. cowboy705 says

          You and people like you seem to do well nothing just like all these do nothing Republicans. I bet your just like that Republican so called news Fox where they make things up. People are brain washed by Fox’s and when the Koch brothers started the tea party Fox’s joined in. Then all the sheep that watch this make believe news followed. Today this Republican do nothing congress has used that little two letter word no no no no and as Mitch McConnell said our number one job is to make sure President is a one term President. Well Obama got elected again and what did these do nothing Republicans do they broke the record for using the fillibuster 413 times. Then I hear well the Senate did not pass a bill from the house and they are right . Every bill the House sent to the Senate had every thing from repeal Obamacare to approve more money for fighting wars and then turn around and vote for cutting food stamps and for more unemployment well here comes their little word no. People who think that people on unemployment just sit home and wait for a check are wrong. I was on unemployment only once and it is not fun. You better be looking for a job before your next check . You have to have proof that you were out looking and if you have not been you get a warning and the next time you loose the unemployment. I guess you didn’t like it when the stock market broke a record when it 17,000 and 288.000 more jobs. Then Boehner and Reid got together and made deal so the government would not be shut down.
          Boehner went back to the house and he got shoot down by the tea party so
          what did Boehner do he stood on the house floor and said that he was shutting down the government. Boehner took two questions turned and walked away. Boehner was on TV in a interview and the first question was didn’t you and Harry have a deal so the government would not be shut down and he said yes.
          Then why did you close the government Boehner because of Obamacare.
          Republicans vote 51 times to repeal Obamacare even after it became law.
          Republicans have gone after Medicare and Medicaid. Social Security
          Republicans want to either privatize it or get rid of it period. Obama sent a
          jobs bill to congress that would have put people to work fixing roads and our
          bridges. The schools would have been fixed and new ones built the sewer
          systems that are 100 yrs. old. Our earthen dams are leaking and need to
          be replaced. Boehner would not even bring it to the floor for a vote so here
          they go again using that little two letter word no. Now instead of name calling
          seems that what people like to do learn the facts they really do not hurt you.

          1. bxarmybrat says

            Your diatribe sounds as if it were translated into 4 different languages and then translated back into English.

          2. pappadave says

            Wake up and smell the coffee! The Koch brothers didn’t “start the Tea Party” and the GOP House has passed hundreds of bills–all of which would be GOOD for the country only to have Harry Reid in the Senate put them in his pocket and refuse to even send them to committee for consideration! If nothing is getting done in Congress, it’s HIS fault…not the GOP’s.

          3. Merle Dickey says

            Thanks, I couldn’t even comment back to the dingleberry This administration has told so many lies and people don’t do any home work to see what is fact and what is a lie!!

          4. omegaman says

            Merle — Rather awkwardly said, but yeah.

          5. kid721952 says

            You are exactly right pappadave,there were 357 bills passed by the house,most bipartisanly,which could have turned our economy around and got people back to work but harry reid has them still sitting on his desk and the democrats and their DO NOTHING SENATE wont vote on them because their vote of “NO” would lose their seat in the senate and the democrats,harry reid and obama would lose control of the senate and power over the people and our great country,VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF THE SENATE AND HOUSE IN NOVEMBER and lets get our country back before these politicians CONTROL every aspect of our lives

          6. catman says

            Unfortunately, what happens here in these comment sections is that we are preaching to the choir. Liberals don’t read any of this. IF there are a few, all they do is to mock whatever is said here believing their thoughts and actions are the “true way” to America. B. S. All they are doing is assisting in the total dismantling of this country.
            I believe Stalin had it right when he referred to people like this as “Useful Idiots”.

          7. ed28 says

            Yes, and Obama is truly trying to have a meaningful debate with e Republicans of the House. He is the champion of denigrating name calling. He should try out as a replacement for Jimmy Fallon since most of what he spouts out his pi hole is a joke. If not a joke a lie. Example “If you like you Dr. You can keep your Dr. PERIOD!”

          8. joe says

            Simple simon says sit down and shut up you are too witless to speak

          9. cowboy705 says

            A 40 year old police officer in mendota hieghts Minnesota was shot and killed by a nut with a gun. This was a traffic stop and when the officer got out of his squad car the guy in the other car open his door and shot point blank. Then another boy in his own home was sleeping in his bed and was shot and killed.
            I have said this before that I’m and agansit you or anybody who does the right things when people take the responsiblity of having a gun. Now I

          10. joe says

            Pointless meaningless rant, more people are saved every year by people with guns than are hurt many many more. Laws change NOTHING they do not affect criminals they only affect law abiding citizens by definition. Simple minded people just do not understand reality so a 40 year old officer was shot that is horrible but 20 to 30 people were saved for that one shot. So anti gun people just want to have more people shot so it makes them look good, slack jawed morons.

          11. Merle Dickey says

            Me thinks he is a muslim with guns which of course would like to see us unarmed. We would be easy pickin’s then .

          12. joe says

            Merle he more than likely lives in his moms basement is collecting welfare and spends his days watching Oprah and Jerry springer on TV get gets his news from supermarket coupon flyers and never graduated the second grade. He is unable to form a correct sentence, you almost need subtitles to understand him. And he is “agansit me or anyone who does the right things when people take the responsibility of having a gun” I really don’t even know what the hell that is supposed to mean ha ha ha I bet he does not even know what the hell that is supposed to mean. I am not even sure what language that is that he is trying to speak but he is not very good at it.

          13. Merle Dickey says

            LOL Yes, he wrote me one and I just read half of it. He set Ohio as an example of Republican bullying and Ohio was in the top of states that had voter fraud going the democrats way!! I know there are slick criminals in both parties.All we can do is when we know they are slick is vote them out. So, I had no idea so many were so brainwashed. U have a good one!

          14. joe says

            Obammys figures are all lies the REAL unemployment rate is over 18% there are 40 million on welfare and food stamps the labor participation rate is lower than it has been since 1978 and get this sparky the jobs he claims to have created have almost 100% gone to illegal’s. He is a miserable lying failure 85% of the so called children which in fact is another lie only 15% of these are children the rest are between 13 and who knows how old anyway 85% are being hidden in these cities with ZERO medical checkups they have found TB scabies and many other problems in the ones they have checked. This monkey is a damn liar and a traitor on top of being a miserable failure

          15. cowboy705 says

            Now you are so full of crap and your repeating the same old tired bullshit over and over. The story about the kids I guess you went and checked this out on your own right. Then get this willy you saying 100% of jobs went to illegal’s is something you got off of that so called Republican Foxs news becauase they make shit up one story after another. You cracker are one dumb ass so GO GET CHECKED OUT TO SEE IF YOUR BRAIN IS IN YOUR ASS. I’m done with you do nothing but lie and bitch Every person on this is parnoid and you feed off of each others hate. Now if you do not lIke it here get the hell and take your little guns with you and don’t let the door hit you sorry ass on the way out.

          16. joe says

            typical response from a left wing coward traitor. You fear the truth so go on the attack, once again I win you loose you have proven you lack of confidence in your child like reply, by the way I like the cracker comment and you left wing nutjobs say we are racist. That makes everything you say iirrelevant and meaningless thanks for showing your true colors I knew it would not be long .This is a sign of your desperation you know that you are in a small minority you know the country hates you and you know you now are an insignificant childish little man.
            You lose you may now apologize to me and admit I am superior in all ways ha ha ha you libs are so easy to manipulate like a puppet on a string that is why the dumbocrats train you it is easy to brainwash a person that does not have the ability to think for themselves. I am so glad I am not that weak and cowardly I could not live my life as a spineless jellyfish. The uninfomed voter which is what you are fit right into the dumbocrats plan they can tell you anything and you will buy it without question it is so sad that there are such weak people in this country. At least you are a dying minority and within a few months you will be nothing. Now get off the computer before your mommy catches you and takes away your pop tarts.

          17. cowboy705 says

            I see you call Obama monkey boy and you bitch when I call you cracker.
            You have nothing but a bunch of hot air and you are nothing but a dam
            nut job. Fact 74% of gun owners want better back ground checks so I guess your in the Minority but hey facts is some thing for your little pea brain to to sock up. Then your same old crap and by the way a gun dose not make you strong little pete and in fact you are so dam dangerous and more then likley you will be shot by your own gun. You are the minority and you will be less and less as more people will die like the guy who walked in and shot the CEO because they let him go for not doing his job yup a real brave strong gun slinger just like you little pete. Your a joke so go away and suck on the the milk bottle your mom has waiting for you little pete. I’m more informed about voting then you will ever be so go take a long walk and take you little gun with you.

          18. joe says

            You are a funny little man, I like how you left wing lemmings just make up numbers to suit your cause you are so predictable. Give me a week and I will control you it is disturbing how easy you are to manipulate it really is. Do you not have any self respect at all how can you call yourself a man. By the way sparky I own a company have for almost 30 years so I know so much more about how things work than you do in fact I know more about you than you do. You are just another mindless sheep that does what he is told when he is told you question nothing because you think the government is smarter than you and in your case as sad as that is that may be true. Real Americans however are much smarter than you and that is why you are so insignificant. You are kind of like a disease that needs to be eradicated.You only know what you see on MSNBC or the cartoon network as I like to call it. Only weak minded people with no spine think like the left they are traitors cowards and simply worthless to society. You are likely a welfare sponge or somehow getting money for doing nothing just like the majority of the left wing chicken shi7s. You know NOTHING about guns or gun laws or even the REAL facts about gun violence which has been on the decline but you have your head so far up MONKEYBOYS ass that you can not see this. That lying traitor should not be near the Whitehouse unless he is there to serve drinks or wash cars and you worship this criminal scumbag, you really do disgust me. I am just all around better than you in every aspect you are a brain washed little boy waiting for obammy to tell you how to live. Such a sorry excuse for an American in fact I hear by revoke your right to be an American LEAVE MY COUNTRY NOW COMMIE BOY THAT IS AN ORDER.

          19. david b cordick says

            very nicely put, cowboy, you have just been quite nicely told that you aint shit

          20. cowboy705 says

            What a rant you went and you right winger just love those worthless Republicans who have a approval rating of 10% and have done nothing but try to bring Obama down. You are one of those worthless Republicans that know not one dam thing .
            OH they sent bills to the Senate and every one of them were as worthless as the
            Repuks that sent them. Now you better go to anger manngement because you are a danger to yoursel and anybody who do not agree with you. OH by the way you can take your order and stick it where the sun don’t shine. you did name calling so I will to you little do nothing but bitch and as for knowing more then me is so dam laughable you little willy get facts . Monkeyboy tells me you ae nothing but a racists and little willy if you do not like it here get the hell out of this country and stay out.

          21. joe says

            You just keep telling yourself this garbage is all true maybe it will make you feel better but let me tell you cowboy you are insignificant, you are part of a tiny minority of disturbed people. Your type are mindless lemmings willing to follow a criminal right off the edge of the cliff except there is a problem sparky that crook will take a last second turn and let you all go over the cliff while he watches and laughs. Even on the way down however you are so brainwashed you will thank him right before you skull is crushed on the rocks. Your information is all lies your facts are all wrong and that should not be a surprise since you get your news from the cartoon network shows like MSNBC. You are what we call uninformed voters just what that apelike fellow wants, people that will believe ANYTHING they are told and mindlessly obey. It is sad you have so little self respect but I suppose that comes from your lazy attitude that the government should take care of you. You cave in and just accept the fact that they are smarter than you and know what is best. Well there chuckles the kind of people that YOU think are smarter than you are the same kind of people that think Haiti is going to flip over and sink if we put more people there, the same kind that think the country was founded over 400 years ago, the same morons telling you to blast a shotgun through your front door so what does that say about you. Oh by the way Sherlock the dumbocrats are rated just as low and yet you continue to worship at their feet you are so sad. Now once again I ORDER YOU TO LEAVE MY COUNTRY AT ONCE we have no need for your lackluster weak minded lazy type here you serve no purpose and are nothing more than a drain on society. I am superior to you in every way I deserve to remain here , you on the other hand are useless refuse polluting the country and sucking up resources that could be much better used on people that actually matter.
            Now go get on your prayer rug kneel down and worship your master the monkey looking flop eared traitor. You know if you worship a lying traitor that also makes you a lying traitor , what an embarrassment to all TRUE AMERICANS, can you please tell people you are from Mexico or something I do not want to be associated with your type in any way.
            One last thing just cause your mom put a quarter in that plastic horse in front of the grocery store and you rode it till you peed your pants does not mean you are a cowboy ha ha ha ha you meaningless little sheep baaaah baaaaah, roll over junior , speak, fetch ha ha ha.

          22. cowboy705 says

            Now I know your nuts everything I said is fact your just to dam scared to google it.
            Your just like all these do nothing worthless Republicans who shut down the
            government over Obamacare. These clowns spent your taxs dollars voting 51 times to repeal Obamacare even after it became law when that failed Boehner shut down the governemt. Boehner stood on the house floor and said he was shutting down the government. Then he took two questions turned and walked off. Now this was on TV and millions see it. Boehner and the rest of these do nothing worthless Republicans cost this country 23 BILLION so now you got the facts you go change your dirty shitty shorts because the facts do scare the hell out of you little bitty could for nothing Republican. I love how you Republicans keep repeating this TRAITOR WHEN IN FACT YOU ARE ONE.

            You are nothing but a dam RACISTS and you being SUPERIOR TO ANY ANYTHING WOULD BE A SNAKE. Leave this country go live some where it is real hot snakes like you love heat.

          23. joe says

            You are not smart enough to speak to me in fact you are not smart enough to be on the same internet as me. They need a special internet for slow people so you can go play there. and I WIN AGAIN you used the race card exactly like I just said you would in my previous post ha ha ha. I can read you like a cheap book. You are just not intelligent enough to understand what the difference between reality and fantasy is. You are on a level so far below me that you mean nothing and really are not worth my time you sad little man. I only speak to you because you entertain me and I can manipulate you so easily.Your numbers are WRONG, you just heard someone say that somewhere so BAWK BAWK poly want a cracker the republicans wasted 23 billion BAWK ha ha ha.
            You do not even understand simple economics that shut down cost nothing genius, you don’t even know what it meant. Let me set you straight here my simple minded friend I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN I AM AN AMERICAN I am smarter than you I am a better person that you and that is a fact. I do not require a party of lying morons to tell me how to live I EARN my living probably a concept you know nothing about. Oh maybe I should Google it because they can not put something on the internet that is not true. I guess that means all the unicorn and mermaid sites are real too, even you can put up a webpage so that just proves that you can not trust everything you Google ha ha ha. Wow I can not even believe you said that out loud you really are not too smart are you? Listen up and I mean PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW!!! I WANT YOU OUT OF MY COUNTRY IN 24 HOURS. I want you to return your welfare check to the government and go find a job, I don’t care what it is I know you are not qualified for much but I PAY FOR YOUR WORTHLESS EXISTENCE SO YOU WILL!!! WORK FOR ME. Now you owe me an apology and some sort of gift, surprise me on the gift but it damn well better be worth at least a months worth of your welfare check since it is my money anyway. You are damn lucky I support you or you would be eating out of dumpsters NOW BOW BEFORE ME INFIDEL!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA

          24. pappadave says

            No they don’t. 74% of gun owners have no problem with background checks. That’s because most of them are law-abiding citizens. There was nothing said in the survey you’re quoting about “better” background checks (which, in liberalspeak, means denying gun ownership to more and more people until no one but the left’s “citizen army” are allowed to own one.)

          25. Merle Dickey says

            I think we should just ignore him. He is one that is a waste.

          26. Merle Dickey says

            Get on a liberal site . We like some intelligent comments on here .

          27. pappadave says

            You really DON’T have the least clue, do you? 74% of gun owners said their are in favor of background checks. They said nothing about “better” background checks–which in the Democrat’s world, means “gun registration” so the government will know who has what guns and where so it’ll be easier to confiscate them when they get the guts to try. Molan labe, sonny.

          28. ipsd48 says

            I wonder wheb you’d get around to quoting Obama’s 15 yr old ‘poll’ of 500 people

          29. omegaman says

            Cowboy705 — To me your just sound like a moron.

          30. Paul Dragotto says

            hey cowboy! i live 1 hour from the border in california. there every where. illegals have taken over the economy. if your not hispanic you cannot get a job. all the managers are hispanic and only hire hispanic’s. you need to get your head out of your ass. you have no clue what is going on here at the border. has turned into mexico. good way to save taxs’s is to put a bounty on there heads. man i wish i could reach through my monitor and break your face. freaking nigger!!

          31. cowboy705 says

            First most of the jobs they do you would not even dirty your lilly white hands.
            I do know that when people want to send kids back to get killed tells me you would just shoot them here. Get off of your lilly white ass and go to the countries that kill anybody for no reason. Then maybe you would learn what these kids lives are like back home. As for reaching through your monitor and break my face and calling me the a freaking nigger shows you sir are a number one asshole.

          32. joe says

            You really are a sad excuse for a man you know that, you just listen to what you are told and parrot that back. How can you be so weak and spineless it is embarrassing it really is. Only a total IDIOT would believe that fairy tale about these kids which by the way only 15% of them are less than age 15 are in any more danger in their own country than they are in a shi7hole like Chicago where the strict gun laws create more shootings that nearly anyplace in the country.
            You want these criminals here YOU take care of them, wait the government is already taking care of you so I guess you are worthless at this task as well. You HAVE NO DAMN IDEA what it is like there you have never been there so keep your piehole closed it is polluting my air. By the way I see from your grammar, sentence structure and just plain lack of knowing what words to use that you are a product of the super education system we call street gangs. No damn wonder you are what you are, you sir have no worth, live with that.

          33. Merle Dickey says

            Why don’t you leave with the little muslim lover when he goes. And don’t call your self a cowboy because the cowboys I know are real ones and they don’t even think like you . You need to read more buddy . What do you watch ? Fairly land MSNBC . How would you even know what FOX tells if you don’t watch them? There are other news stations out there . Why don’t you watch OAN? Have you read about the NWO that Obama has talked about so much , along with Biden, and Hagel?Sure Blame it on Bush ,that is the old worn out excuse.When I hear from Texans that live on the border and they say there are more adults coming in with these “kids” than real kids . Then I believe them.Read about the United Nations Agenda 21, and look up the law he passed in March of this year to give himself more power and the one he made in 2012 right after he took office again that he delegated himself to be able to enforce martial law. You are not a true American!!!! I bet you are Muslim and your moniker is a joke. Why don’t you leave and take a few those scurvy ridden “kids” with you . Your disgusting!!!!!

          34. ouwemug says

            Cowboy 705, you obviously have lost it. The scary thought that one of these days you will have to go and earn a living because you lost all the freebies you are getting, makes you behave like a cornered rat. To watch out for, but otherwise useless. One thing for sure, there is no Pulitzer price waiting for you.

          35. david b cordick says

            cracker? my, my, cowboy, just what kind of cowboy goes around calling people crackers? isnt that considered hate speech, and offensive? your down on fox news, republicans and anyone that disagrees with your obivious liberal statements. how come liberals love everyone, except the ones that dont share their ideas?

          36. Dianne Kovacs says

            You hate Fox news, I get that. Why do you hate your fellow citizens when all they do is trying to engage in a conversation for the same very reason is to defend the right of the US citizens?

          37. Jesse says

            I see my post has been identified as spam and CENSORED (deleted), so I guess it’s not permitted to identify an obvious ‘troller’ when they’re posting their real spam.

          38. ipsd48 says

            No. We’ll stay here WITH our guns to resist fools like you who are zombies for marxism

          39. Dave R says

            Boy Cow, 99% of the jobs are minimum wage and/or part time. Nothing to brag about. Those are facts if you look into it you will see that you are not as bright as the liberals make you think. No way can you or anyone justify this administration. All are racist but claim we are. I am not a racist, I dislike all liberals no matter what color they are.

          40. cowboy705 says

            I have news for you Repucks People have been working for low wages.
            Wal-Mart and the fast food joints are jsut a few. Then one thing you repucks like to bitch about is all those lazy people on welfare so here are some facts.
            72% on welfare are familes and work for Wal-Mart and McDonalds and need help puttting food on the table. Wal-Mart pays low wages people get welfare and then get govenment corporate welfare. I dislike Republicans because they do nothing but shut down the government over Obamacare because these Repucks voted 51 times to repeal Obamacare and the shut down cost 23 billion. Today you repucks think you can get along with out the government. I would love to see all of you drive on bad roads and your bridges falling down like he I35 bridge in Minneapolis .Where you people got the idea that the government is bad is something most people will never ever understand. You brag about R

          41. Dave R says

            First of all educated people don’t call republicans repucks or call Obama Obummer or what ever BS name they use.Second I am not republican but a registered democrat. Living in a state run by democrats has turned me into a more of a middle of the road guy. Live and let live, high taxes are a sign of a weak economy, one party rule is bad, 3 felon senators that are democrats is a sign of bad leadership. These are what I see and live here in California where Brown has forced out middle class jobs by the thousands. So open your eyes and quit being a fool owned by democrats. Obama care is a nightmare, no one i know has save a dime with this program. Wake up will you? It takes a minimum of two parties for freedom to survive, a vote for a democrat is a vote for welfare, minimum wage and high taxes. If you disagree with me good, right now you still have that right. If Obama gets his way you won’t have the right to disagree with the government. Is that what you want? Now be a good cow and be nice next time.

          42. Dave R says

            Oh yeah, the democrats are the ones that forced the government shut down. Quit watching liberal media, or better yet watch both sides so you can make your own decision instead of only the left sides warped views. Both sides have issues it is best to stay in the middle so you can lean left or lean right and see all the way down the road. Try it then get back to me. If you stay left or stay right don’t bother

          43. cowboy705 says

            You turkey your so full of it so go away and get a life.

          44. joe says

            Turkey?? ha ha ha ha ow that one hurt I am not sure how I will ever get through the rest of my day. You are a good boy though you followed your democrat masters and when you were cornered with facts that you knew you could not argue against you went to name calling. I will probably be a racist by the time you post again ha ha ha. I bet you can catch a Frisbee in your mouth with the best of them, maybe balance a beach ball on your nose for a fish ha ha ha ha you amuse the hell out of me. Again I win you lose, are you not growing weary of me proving you wrong at every turn. I mean I know you have nothing productive to do but to be beat down by me in here on a daily basis, I guess it is good you have no self respect or you would not be able to take it ha ha ha.

          45. cowboy705 says

            facts scare the hell of you and you seem to think your smart when in fact Oh I used that word that scares the hell out of you when in fact you are butt buddies with these worthless Republicans so go away you butt fucking asshole go away and learn the real facts not something your butt buiddies keep telling you.

          46. joe says

            See how I manipulate you, I make you get angry and I make you start to call me names, and a racist as you did in your other post I told you I would have you dancing on the ends of my strings in a week. I know how you think, well I know how you are trained so I know how to control you.
            Let me ask you a quick question though what the hell does this last post of yours even mean it makes no sense ,it is bad even by your standards. Now go fetch me a sammich little man make it ham and cheese with tomato and some mustard. The damn bread better be fresh too and while you are at it cut the crusts off I may feed them to you if I am feeling generous.
            Oh a cold root beer too not too much ice and in a frosted mug, got all of that? maybe you should write it down although I am not sure it would help much since you cannot seem to form a logical thought and put it down in words that anyone can understand. I WIN YET AGAIN!!!!! wow you must be feeling pretty whipped by now. It is kind of nice to have an internet pet and the good thing is you can not crap on my floor and I don’t have to feed you, damn I forgot I do feed you I pay for your welfare check. Well at least you don’t shed all over my carpeting or chew on the table legs. Sit boy sit, OK now go fetch the sammich hurry up now

          47. Wapitiman says

            You are either grossly incompetent or a total liar! For your information, this ‘Republican do-nothing congress’ is a Democrat do-nothing congress! You are full of crap suggesting the Republicans are out to destroy everything including social security.
            You are suffering constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the keyboard.

          48. cowboy705 says

            Man oh man where have you been Republican Paul Ryan has been on TV and if you would watch real news instead of Foxs you would know this.
            Paul Ryan more then once wanted to get rid of Medicare as we know it and he wants to give a one time $15.000 dollar voucher and when that is gone you have to get your own health insurance. Now how long do you think this $15.000 dollar voucher will last it would not even cover a couple of days.
            Republicans like to call Medicare and Social Security entitlements when people paid into it all their working lives this is fact and if you would stop being so angry and use your head everything I wrote is fact. This Republican Congress did one thing broke the record for having the lowest approval rating in the history of the country at 10% and in the Senate Republicans broke another record of using the filibuster 413 times the most again the history of the Senate these are all facts and again stop the hate and learn facts I hope you will check it out and see for yourself.

          49. leadfoot320 says

            who changed S.S. in to an entitlement? THE DEMOCRAPS !
            who borrowed S.S. funds and put it in to the general fund? THE DEMOCRAPS !
            who made S.S. taxable? THE DEMOCRAPS !
            who gave S.S. to immigrants that had never work in the U.S. ? THE DEMOCRAPS!
            I’m not against back ground checks (that were free) or paying the $10. WHAT I AM AGAINST IS REGISTRATION ! Then thy know where to come to take my legal gun when thy declare MARSHAL LAW ! SO ONLY THE GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE GUNS ! LIKE HAS HAPPENED IN SO MANY COUNTRIES ! LOOK IT UP ! START WITH GERMANY! AND SEE ALL THE MILLIONS OF CITIZENS THAT WERE KILLED BY THEIR ? GOVERNMENT !


          50. Merle Dickey says

            Your not alone. 🙂

          51. joe says

            The real news being Oprah huh ha ha ha you are so far off track from reality I have to wonder if you are smoking crack over where ever you are stealing your internet access from. Tapped into a free sever at the homeless shelter with a stolen laptop maybe, did you kill anyone to get that laptop?

          52. bearmountain says

            Tell me…how did you damage so many brain cells?

          53. Merle Dickey says

            Well if you turn 90% of everything around you might be right but as it is You aren’t worth the time to argue with Sad , it is people like you that have put us in this situation. Thanks a lot!

          54. david b cordick says

            damn, cowboy, how many times have you been kicked in the head by your horse? i admire your spirit, but quite a few of your facts are incorrect. recheck them with open eyes by yourself, dont have another lib interperting the facts for you

          55. mac12sam12 says

            Half the people on Fox news are democrats so both sides of an issue is covered. You talk about brainwashing? Guaranteed. your news source is all liberal all the time, you’re not getting the news, you’re being indoctrinated and it’s obviously worked on you. The Koch brothers didn’t start the Tea Party. You lefties bash the Kochs, why? You don’t like freedom of speech? They give millions to hospitals and schools and they employ over 60,000 people. Want to talk about the democrat donors? George Soros, collaborated with Nazis and stole his fellow Jew’s property. Tom Styer, involved in a 60 million dollar Ponsi scheme in the 90’s.
            Republican do nothing congress? Congress has sent over 340 bills to the democrat senate and Harry sticks them in his draw. It’s a do nothing president who’s in over his head. The border’s a mess and the world is in chaos and he’s at the Cape doing photo-ops and sucking shaved ice. He has the thinnest resume of any president in history. Community organizer, senator for 160 days and most times voted present. He’s an amateur and ideologue who surrounds himself with other amateurs and ideologues.
            If you privatized SS you would make more money. The democrats, starting with LBJ have been ”borrowing” that fund and never pay it back. It was supposed to be a locked box.
            The 1st stimulus was supposed to be for infrastructure but was used as payoffs for donors and unions. 100 billion also went to failed green energy companies many of them not even in this country. No shovel ready jobs here! You support the worst president in history. You are either a free stuff person or just an indoctrinated democrat hack who defends corruption and total failure. Have a good day, Slick! HA!

          56. ipsd48 says

            I’m not sure if that’s a record, but 13 lies in one post should at least get honorable mention

          57. omegaman says

            Cowboy705 — Write a book: no one has time to read you diatribe.

          58. cowboy705 says

            You would not llke it because facts like all right winger scare the hell out of you. You say the same thing over and over and I’m sick of your dribble so go away,

          59. festmatt5440 says

            Your ; ‘ S T U – P I D ” , is showing ……..

          60. cowboy705 says

            Again you right winger have not one thing so you do what all you right wingers just keep running your mouth and say nothing.

        4. Renee Risk says

          Scream it sister..

        5. Marilyn Stern says

          The number of muslims being trained on our military bases, via the United Nations, is increasing on a regular basis. Think about what might happen should they all, at the same time, decide to take control of the military base they have been assigned to.

          1. polmutant says

            ??? barry the god of America is muslim and they already have control. it is now if there is any will power for americans to take back what thy have lost.

          2. omegaman says

            You know the best candidate for president in modern American history was named Barry and you left leaning morons voted against him. We all suffered for that one.

          3. polmutant says

            no lefty here, you must be confused.

          4. CRACKURNUTS says


        6. pappadave says

          I seriously doubt that Obama has EVER “studied the Constitution”–at Harvard or elsewhere. He certainly behaves as if he hasn’t the least clue what it actually says.

          1. Sharon Jeanguenat says

            Oh, believe me, he knows EXACTLY what it says. He just has no intention of following it. He is determined to destroy America, & has almost accomplished it.

          2. festmatt5440 says

            You , are so right ‘ ,about that .

          3. chelseachablis says

            Not only did he study it….he taught it. He know’s it inside and out. Which is why he has been able to dismantle it with such grace and speed. And why he was selected to set in the white house. The global elitists knew exactly what they were doing when they put Obama in there. They paved his way and so did the Saudi’s. They paid his college tuition so that when he got elected….he’d keep them filthy rich in oil money. This was all by design.

          4. pappadave says

            I realize that he’s been dismantling it speedily though not “gracefully.” He can be stopped and would be if the GOP had any leadership in the Congress at all. Unfortunately they don’t and I don’t have much hope for that changing, even after the November elections.

          5. chelseachablis says

            True…..’graceful’ was the wrong word!…Just meant that he was doing it with ease. And I don’t have any faith left in the GOP either. I think both sides are rigged…but that’s just how I, personally, see things. Too much crap goin on in D.C. to believe anything they say anymore. And its a shame we can’t have faith in those we “think” we’re electing.

          6. cowboy705 says

            All you people do is talk about the the CONSTITUTION and not one of you repucks say how. Fact Bush did more damage to this country and you Repucks
            LIKE how Bush lied about Iraq and 4500 troop died. Bush left out the truth about Iraq and got the Congress to go along with him. You talk about electing when in Florida the biggest fraud case in the history of our country took place. Bush lost but Supremum Court stopped the recount and handed Bush the White House.

          7. festmatt5440 says

            Quit proving yourself to be a complete ‘, i d i o t “.

          8. cowboy705 says

            I would except and dumb ass answer like you gave. Google and learn the facts about the election in Florida or are you like all you people who are afriad of facts instead show just how dumb you really are.

          9. LastGasp says

            Bush hasn’t been around for awhile, slick. Time to wake up,,,,blaming Bush for Obola’s inadequacies is willful ignorance.

          10. hankthetank says

            You are close to the truth,but Obama does not run the w. h., he don’t spend enough time their to run anything! would you agree that George Soros & Valerie Jarrett runs the White House!

          11. Merle Dickey says

            Everything the Congress passes has to go through the Senate . Harry Reid hasn’t let anything go through in years unless it is exactly the way he wants it written .His own people have said he has a pile of laws bills, etc on his desk that the hasn’t even passed on to have it voted on!!! He needs to go, he obviously has dementia and doesn’t even know what is going on except just say ,NO.

          12. marla1 says

            Old dirty harry and piglossi and holder need to have a cup of arsenic tea to save a country and obummer an arsenic beer! and I am a Christian! Get rid of a few to save billions!! There were sacrifices in the bible!!!

          13. omegaman says

            Maybe, but in the bible it was usually the good people who were sacrificed.

          14. marla1 says

            We the people are being sacrificed every day in some way or another at the sacrificial alter of Oslima the muslim traitor in the white house!!!!

          15. chelseachablis says

            I couldn’t agree with you more! However…you would actually have to be born in America to become a traitor when your back turns on America…and HE , I believe, was NEVER born here. I honestly think that’s why we’ll never see him impeached. You can’t impeach a NON-entity. This guy is most definitely a muslim plant in the white house! That’s why ISIS is hell-bent on the flag of allah flying in the W.H.

          16. hankthetank says

            Ill drank to that;;

          17. sirgareth says

            Isn’t the Senate part off the Congress?

            If so your sentence parses thus: Everything the Senate passes must go through the Senate.

            True, but hardly revealing.

          18. catman says

            No. The word “congress” means the House of Representatives. That is why members are called “congressmen/women”. Both houses comprise the Legislative Branch. Most people do use the word congress to include both houses however.

          19. sirgareth says

            Are you absolutely sure of this?

            The term “congressman” has often colloquially meant to refer to members of the US house since our senators prefer the more haughty title of “Senator.”

            We are currently in the 113th “congress”, which is made up of a distinct list of members of the US senate and the US house. Every two years we have a new “congress” made up of a new list of Senators and a new list of representatives to form a new bicameral “congress” Approximately 1/3 of the senators face opponents in each new bi-annual “congress” and all of the representatives face opponents in each new bi-annual “congress.

            If I was a college professor, I could charge you perhaps 1000 dollars to actually bestow upon you a few of these fundamentals facts regarding the legislature of your own country.

            Lucky you, I’m only a high school graduate from an age when it actually meant something so I’m not entitled to charge you for what you should have been taught at such great public cost.

            What has happened to our education system that it has deteriorated so badly?

          20. catman says

            Yes Siggie, I am sure of this. I went to high school way back in 1946-1950 when they actually taught civics and the three “distinct” branches of government and what the responsibility of each was. They also taught the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution along with the Bill of Rights and just to keep us students on our toes, they also threw in many of the Federalist papers and writings of our more prominent founding fathers. I always thought it was great to know what our government is “SUPPOSED” to do and of course doesn’t.

          21. Merle Dickey says

            No, they are two different entities. They are suppose to negotiate but this senate does not negotiate. That is the real reason for the government shut down. They would not approve the cuts the congress made in the budget , so it should have been negotiation time, but instead, the congress passed 8 different budgets to them and they rejected each one. So, the Congress gave in to get the government running again. The senate did not drop a dime from their demand. But yet the libs say it was the republican congress that shut the government down . Wrong!

          22. Cynthia Osbun says

            WHY hasn’t Harry Greed been RECALLED? We’d love to have Feinstein and Pelosi RECALLED….the paperwork never seems to get anywhere……

          23. Merle Dickey says

            Hey, I am from Nevada and I want to get rid of Harry Reid. I think he has dementia, he just opens his mouth and a lie comes out.

          24. sirgareth says

            I’m afraid your have caught me out. Now I must reveal that I’m an old man born of an age in which history and civics were actually taught in grade school and not of an age when even people holding advanced degrees are not expected to know anything of facts regarding their own country.

            I’m so embarrassed


            “The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States consisting of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.”

          25. Merle Dickey says

            That is OK. I have learned many things since I started commenting with folks. I hope your not really embarrassed.Please don’t be. I ask questions all the time.

          26. sirgareth says

            I think you had better read my previous comment this time…..V.E.R.Y S.L.O.W.L.Y.

          27. Merle Dickey says

            So you were being sarcastic. I gave you credit for being a nice person, but I was mistaken .Your just funny . Ha.Ha.

          28. catman says

            357 at last count.

          29. Merle Dickey says

            I heard it was over 300. Wow, an nothing is being done by his fellow senators. i guess he really does have his hand in Obamas pocket.

          30. hankthetank says

            NO !! he does not have; dementia , he is just one crocked Senator, that should be in prison !!!

          31. Merle Dickey says

            We can always hope. and I would like if they put a few more in with him!

          32. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            Boy, you said it! Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

          33. ipsd48 says

            What he TAUGHT wasn’t the constitution……………….it was how to DEFEAT the constitution

          34. dinkerduo says

            He TAUGHT Constitutional Law like I flew to the Moon and Mars–if he did? then he should be able to PROVE IT–right! He says he did but–NO– he didn’t–that’s just another lie—Columbia University–when asked–said that their records DO NOT list any “teacher” or professor (oh jezzze that made me cough I was laughing so hard)or anything–aid–of anything by the name BHO–nor by is AKA–BERRY SOETORO! He barely went to Columbia to begin as their records say his records are very sketchy and that at most he went there for no more than 2 years!!!
            If he only attended Occidental College for 2? years–didn’t have very good grades at either–then HOW IN THE HELL DID HE GET INTO HARVARD LAW SCHOOL?!? ANSWER–I DON’T THINK HE DID! I think it’s high time that we DEMAND that all of his records be UNSEALED AND SHOWN TO THE PUBLIC NOW–RIGHT NOW!!! I want to see–his birth cert. (the one they FINALLY released was a phony one that had so many mistakes on it it couldn’t possibly be real)–his grade and high school records–his adoption records ( his mother married Lolo Soetoro and Soetoro adopted (his name then was Berry) so he was Berry Soetoro for awhile )UNTIL he changed it himself to Barack Hussein Obama–for–his words–to sound more mid-Eastern-but that was AFTER he was an adult)–his change of name documents–his passport–his mother’s passport–his father’s passport–all of his college records–his senior Harvard thesis–his Bar exam records–his law license records or cert.! That ought to clear up a whole lot of questions we have about this azzhole! I think he is nothing but a -foreign–illegitimate–mulatto (and not OUR first mulstto potus either) socialist–communist (bother parents were and his whote grd.-parents were all communists–fascist–Marxist and the worse part a Muslim! Who hates America and wants to destroy the U.S. as we know it! Ever wonder WHY he always sides witht he Muslim or jihadists groups–that’s because his is one of them! He promised them America (Muslim Caliphate) in exchange for being King of the World–after the Islamic Caliphate is complete!

          35. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            Oh, just like the writer above stated, Obama clearly KNOWS the Constitution and that’s HOW he’s tearing it down. Just like my husband’s always said, every word in the English language can always be taken down to nothing. This is what Obama’s doing, taking everything we cherish down to nothing and getting away with it.

          36. dinkerduo says

            This f-ing PHONY did NOT teach Constitutional Law–ever–let alone for 10 years like he says! That’s laughable! If he did–HE NEEDS TO PROVE IT!!!
            I think it’s PAST time that all of his records need to be UNSEALED–NOW!!
            I want to see his birth cert.–his passport–his mother’s passport–his fathers passport–all of his name changes–all of his schooling–all of his college records–especially the one where it showed a pic. of him with FOREIGN STUDENT at the bottom–his Occidental college–his Columbia College–his Harvard records–his Bar exam–his law license–his marriage license!!! NOBODY remembers his at Columbia–NOBODY and his records–according to Columbia are sketchy!
            This man is an imposter–he is nothing but a–foreign–illegitimate–mulatto–socialist–communists (both parents AND his white grd. parents were) fascist–Marxists Muslim and it’s being a Muslim is the most dangerous to the U.S.!
            Every wonder why all of his decisions seem so off balance and always seem to favor the Muslims?? Well that’s why–the Muslims are HIS people and he cares not one wit about the U.S.–only to bankrupt it! When he says, “We need to pay our fair share–he REALLY MEANS that America (because she has done so well) needs to pay her fair share TO THE WORLD! Knowing that makes everything he does understandable from HIS point of view–but horrible FOR OUR COUNTRY!

        7. Sharon Jeanguenat says

          I agree with your assessment. Unless people in America turn back to God, & allow Him back in, America, as we have known her, is definitely done for.

        8. bpgagirl22VAnow says

          Uh, it’s college not collage. Collage is a mixed media picture.

        9. IHateLibs says

          Doesn’t a Rogue Tyrant Government Ruled Public , Have the RIGHT and DUTY to Eliminate ??? Said Government ??? via The/OUR Constitution as per OUR 2nd Amendment ?? Wonder Now why we are in a ( GESTAPO ) Militarized Police Force/State ??? I don’t . Knew this was in our future

          1. catman says

            Declaration of Independence, second paragraph says it all.

        10. marla1 says

          All talk a and no action ! America the land od morons, they die for other countries but not America!!

        11. believe says

          YOUR RIGHT,Chelseachablis, I am in the twillight tears of my life and i can remember going to a speaker, and what is happening right now he told then. right down to how low the morals in our country would drop.
          That we would have Marxist in our Government and people would not be aware of it until it was too late, I guess he knew how stupid people can be.

        12. beowulf32 says

          So they think we will fight them in any way we can legally. And make them break the law so they will force are hand and take care of business.

        13. 1LTLos says

          If you notice the Constitution stands – it is the People who flaked. Everybody across the nation caved into being called bad names except Governor Perry.
          Our Constitution is designed far smarter than this a$$hat that it has thwarted him
          The enemy is our cowardice – not enough people standing up and saying “YOu Liar!” and certainly not enough standing and saying “Go to He))!!” There is no Anti Government activity in America – we have anti Obama talk that is all there is no public chaos and there is no reason for this moron in chief to call out his minions in camos. But when he does – we cannot flake anymore – Screw GHWB and his NWO!!

        14. ipsd48 says

          I’ve yet to see ANY evidence that he’s either studied the constitution or knows what’s in it.

        15. Barbara Tyler says

          That would fit in perfectly with what looks like plans in place to declare martial law anyplace bummer chooses. Why else is he interring in state law enforcement outside of ST Louis and why does that town have heavy military equipment they have no need of. Also seems like they wanted the media out of there enough to attack and arrest them – what were they hiding? Seems that the thugs at Homeland have been shipping this stuff all over the country. Kind of hard to hide the shipment of armored trucks and tanks and they should have no legal right even to possess them. or all the heavy duty ammo they have been buying. But then since when did the law matter to bummer unless it’s his law.

        16. LastGasp says

          Not as long as I’m still alive!

      5. junkmailbin says

        liberals are pussies. they will always beat up the easy target that will not fight back
        law abiding citizens are such as they obey the law. Criminals do not obey the law as they are criminals and o not care about the law
        liberal only obey the law when absolutely necessary, there fore they are of the criminal mentality

        1. Dave says

          The left believes you should have a choice. At the same time they firmly believe that when people have choices, they will always make the wrong choice. Hence the need for the leaders to make the correct choices for the people.

          1. Kent2012 says

            Dave I think the left believes that you should have a choice, but only as long as that choice (singular) is the choice that they embrace….

          2. justdooit says

            Most criminals are midgets…mentally. Liberals are disordered mentally…

            Therefore liberals are small minded midgets…with a disorder…

        2. dinkerduo says

          Libtards will be the first to go as they have no common sense–us older people still know how to can and dry food–grow a garden and aren’t too lazy to pick a few apples off of the trees! But be armed just in case we can’t get this traitor gone sooner then 2 1/2 years!

        3. cowboy705 says

          you are a stupid ass Right Wing nut job and I’m a Liberal and I have said more then once I have no problem with people having a gun but when I see what you wrote you should not own a gun period

          1. joe says

            You don’t know what you believe they have not told you yet. You will sit there quietly until I call on you from now on DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!

      6. Dave says

        Unfortunately, you are in error. The good were “punished” along with the bad as a means to an end. To break down the mentality of individualism and create the concept of all being part of the whole. If, in battle, one peg fails to do it’s part, the entire team is subject to being lost.
        Sadly, this is what our president and his minions have orchestrated for our nation, where every group is pitted against every other group, and resentment is fueled by minorities being held above the majority.

        1. justdooit says

          What happened to the UGLY?

          Yes, discipline is the key in the military. Some who aren’t so…learn by dying…

          1. Ronald Hagler says

            Ugly married barrack obama

      7. justdooit says

        It’s easier to go after the innocent…

        It’s financially rewarding to support criminals by criminal loy-yuhs themselves…and that includes loy-yuhs in congress…all criminals…grrr

      8. LastGasp says

        Just get extra bullets.

        1. catman says

          Reload……Not only is it fun, but you also save money. Components are a bit hard to find but they are available. The only caliber that cannot be reloaded is the rimfire caliber, (22’s). Even the so called non-reloadable (aluminum) cases can be reloaded so long as they are boxer primed and you are careful and inspect them thoroughly.
          I reload the aluminum cases for target work only. That means they are loaded light in the powder charge. Still within SAAMI specs but not full power.

      9. dmttbt says

        When a man was asked why he carried a gun, he said because a policeman is too heavy.

      10. jackw97224 says

        The reality is that all are punished when one person does wrong. Insurance is an example. The use of politicial force against by a few selfserving, selfish, commie/socialists results in punishing all with loss of freedom of choice. Remember that filthy bee- ach Sandra Fluke with her fallacious argument that We The People Should pay for her sexaul escapades?

      11. James Andrews says

        The politicians in theses two states are the criminals now, and should be treated as such. Have them arrested, and jailed, and be sure to rescind these and all other Constitution infringing laws immediately.

      12. IHateLibs says

        YOU know that . I/WE know that . But THEY don’t Care WHAT We think . They are Smarter that us , Dontcha know . Power Hungry LIB/DEM COMMIE A$$WIPES . Every one of them . MOLON LABE

      13. bpgagirl22VAnow says

        My father was an expert Rifileman in the USMC. If there’s one thing you never do is to say “I’m not a good shot.” Just be silent and let them wonder.

      14. wdcraftr says

        It’s Not about crime. It’s about Control of the People. Disarm them, and you can Control them easier.. They do Not want We the People in charge. They want the Elites in Charge, and 90% of the people removed from the Earth, which they think we are destroying. Agenda 21.. A one world Govt. and religion, headed by the antichrist. It’ll All work out in the End, says Jesus..
        I do wonder how many Law enforcement officers are willing to die, to uphold an Ungodly, and Illegal act as this.. Paul, in the Bible, was such a man, until he found God, and repented..

      15. icetrout says

        why would a democratcommunistprogressivesocialist want to punish themselves ?

      16. 1LTLos says

        Put in some regular trigger time buddy. There will be Muslims, Mexis and Fruits and nuts all over the place — Sharpen your skills and take your stand

      17. Cranky Steven says

        Good luck, Bucky, to all of us. We will be the ones to rebuild.

      18. dodah says

        They are not doing this all wrong , it is their plan. Crooks with firearms will not stand up a corrupt government ,they will encourage it . Only people whom believes in right and wrong and the Constitution is a threat to corruption. This is their plan .

      19. kpjlaw says


    2. dhwilson58 says

      Although the Feds won’t use the words “marshal Law” Arizona will most likely be one of the first states to go into a (get this) “Police State” after or with California as we are standing our ground against the government Thugs. I’ve lived here in AZ over 55 years, never had a problem carrying since I was 16 years old. Dang! This Muslim Terrorist in the White House sure is destroying our country ! God Bless.

      1. Poodleguy says

        They’ll have one hell of a time trying that here in a state full of hunters, former & current military, NRA members & gun collectors! AND…we can carry concealed w/out a permit!!!

        1. dhwilson58 says

          My thoughts exactly ! I live in Scottsdale, AZ and have been since McDonald Rd was nothing more than dirt. Pima was a two lane- er and stopped at the canal. Never had a gun issue here and I’ve open carried since I was 16 years old and I’m not about to have one now, just because a Muslim Terrorist wants to destroy our country? NO, I’m with you Brother !

          1. justdooit says

            I remember it took an hour or more from Scottsdale to I 17…1,432 stoplights…grrrr Ex owner-operator in trucking…

          2. dhwilson58 says

            LOL YEA, things change and most of the time, for the worst. But now from SCC (Chaperal and Pima) to I-17 about 12 minutes. The 101 freeway has made a huge difference without affecting my shooting ranges. God Bless. :)))

        2. Merle Dickey says


          1. Poodleguy says

            Arizona, that’s where….

          2. Merle Dickey says

            You have had good governors to fight the feds . I hope you can keep it that way:)

          3. Poodleguy says

            Not really. We had Janet Napolitano & what a pos she was & is! Jan Brewer has been pretty good tho. We have had our share of problem governors – Ev Meacham – Fife Symington was a victim of democrat dirty tricks & was actually a real good gov.

    3. Victor P. Bundy says

      It will be in Az. next, remember this is the new demacratic way to get your guns. You notice that’s always the Dems. that want you to obey them and the blind American Citizens that do no really know what’s going on support a black president and his administration of Dems they all bring this Nation to it’s knees. Once they have law obiding citizens guns the drug cartal and musilums and the other terrests that are entering our country through our open border will be the only ones to have guns.

      1. Poodleguy says

        From my cold dead hands!!! That is the only way I will ever be disarmed & some of those who try will assume room temperature before I go down!

        1. danny kimbrel says

          Fortunately for us it will be from their cold dead hands that we acquire more and better arms when they come after ours, I simply refuse to sit by and let them take over this great Nation and destroy what i have lived my entire life knowing !

          1. Poodleguy says

            Have you heard of “Slide Fire” stocks, now made for AR’s, AK’s & several others, even the Ruger 10-22’s? They enable the weapons to have a rate of fire around 600 rpm & they are totally legal. They are a bit pricey but maybe a worthwhile investment.

        2. kenndeb says

          Many of my friends have made similar statements. And, I will say here to all with the same sentiments just what I told them. STUPID…. What will one person do against several armed thugs in uniform? Just end up dead and labeled yet another crazy with a gun. Give them anything they want, but have the forethought to have stashed a few weapons, ammo, food, water, and anything you think you might need. After a day or so after your midnight visit by agents, go talk to your trusted neighbors and friends. Hopefully, they too, had the foresight to hide some stuff. Together you can come up with a plan. Alone you are just a statistic. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If we all take individual stands, we will only end up dead. We need our patriots alive. A group of armed Americans can accomplish more.

    4. william couch says

      Right on, Gold Canyon!

    5. Combatvet52 says

      I’m with you I live in Florida. ( they would have to take the bullets first )

    6. Liberty1776 says

      Yea you got the guns that you will have to use against Aztlan soon… stock up on ammo!

      1. Poodleguy says

        I have that covered. I have a stock of factory ammo plus the fact I reload & have my stock of components.

        1. Liberty1776 says

          And always have a back way route to take to get the hell out if needed! Peace and good luck , who knows we may meet up behind the line same line one day…..

          1. Poodleguy says

            I live N of Phx in the foothills with many many desert trails & “2 tracks”, a 4wd quad & a 4wd SUV, camping/survival gear & a healthy knowledge of the area. Add to that, 9 yrs prior US Army service. Getting a little long in the tooth but strong of will. Stay aware, stay safe Liberty1776 !!

    7. truthseeker53 says

      Sadly, the blue areas are the population centers and are chock full of
      Godless obamasite idiots who elect Constitution hating, God hating
      criminals to govern and we all suffer from their stupidity.

    8. John says

      Agreed, they want it ,come take it and see what else they get.

    9. cowboy705 says

      You and people like you are so scared you guns will be taken away and if that was going to happen itr would have a long time ago. Guns in the home kill either you or your family. How many bad guys have kicked in your door and if they did you would not even have time to get your gun you would be dead and if for some reason swat kicked in your door and you shot at them you for dam sure would be dead. Guns make you feel like superman only you can not stop anything like superman. Yup you tell Gabby Gifford about living in AZ why don’t you do something about this because it makes people who follow the law look bad. I would be mad as hell when a crazy person gets a gun with out any back ground checks.

    10. fsa0033 says

      Our state is being inundated with blue-staters. They come here to change our laws to suit them. Personally I won’t give up my rights to anyone. I fought for them and I’ll die for them. Everyone should be able to own/carry/use their firearm for defense. Any law should address criminal activity only and not make a criminal out of someone for exercising their rights. It’s total nonsense that states like CA, MD, NJ all have laws that do nothing to stem the wholesale violence within their states. Their people are helpless in protecting themselves. They should be ashamed of themselves. Letting their neighbors die in the name of safety.

  7. anti govment says

    When democrats have their way and your protection is removed from you. You will be stabbed and bludgeoned to death by the criminals democrats are bringing across the border daily! They will have carte blanch over you! removing your guns is just taking total control over you likwe in Nazi Germany. Anyone that doesn’t equate the democrat party to the Nazis is a fool!

  8. jondarmes says

    Does anyone actually expect the loons in government to come up with common sense solutions to anything? For the most part people run for office and become bureaucrats because they are too incompetant, lazy, or useless to make it in their chosen field. I could use the local prosecutors, judges, and county commissioners as sterling examples of stupidity and unrestrained greed. Of course, the farther up the food chain you go the worse it gets. Then the government decides to make things better, so they make thousands of new rules for the peons to show that they are accomplishing something. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, or whether it makes sense or runs people out of business costing millions of jobs, the only thing they stand for is RE-ELECTION. The new rules won’t apply to them anyway.

  9. peter says

    If they try to take guns away from law abiding citzens in any state then these people should have the right to defend their right by force if necessary to protect their second ammendment rights and the police should realize this when they knock on someone’s door. The state government overstepping its boundries and breaking the law of the land.

    1. OWEN says


  10. klamb says

    Where is the blame on the kids that is doing the killing? Where is the talk about a solution to kids killing kids? There is none. No one wants to put the blame where it should be.

  11. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

    1. bowhunter says

      Thanks for reposting this. It never gets old

  12. Allen Benge says

    Making the law-abiding citizen helpless does not make the criminal harmless. If the politicians were able to come up with reasonable and effective laws, we would not be in the fix we are in now. Recently, Obama and Holder both received heated criticism for failure to enforce the plethora of gun laws already on the books at the federal, not to mention the state level.

  13. AuthorLee says

    Revolution 2016 is a satirical story of libs attempting to seize guns nationwide, zero tolerance, and unintended consequences. Yes it can happen.

  14. Beverly Buckman says

    They are putting their foot in the door…don’t let them come in….once in, they will take all the guns.

  15. imjmz says

    So let us just throw the constitution out. It does not mean any thing to our governments anyway. They lied and swore to uphold and defend the constitution when they got in. So really the correct course of action is to try them for treason, everyone of them that try and trample our rights. They are the ones breaking the law. They want socialism so bad and they are tasting it, and are not going to stop until we stop them or they get their way. STOP THE INFRINGEMENTS ALREADY!

  16. robb says

    I don’t believe by having these laws, have helped save lives, it has always been said and proven that guns do not kill, people kill with guns. The laws keep citizens from being able to protect themselves from the people whom get crazy. Do you think that if we could carry that people whom want to do harm on us would not be taken out. These situations would not accrue, guns would not be purchased on the black market and our streets would be safer, As the laws are now, and will be in the future all it does is go to the other facts of life where only criminals and government officials will have guns.
    Take it as you will, but I know for a fact that guns of all sorts are able to be obtained if you are turned down at your local dealer, the streets and the people on them have better prices and a better choice of what you can buy. If the government thinks they will ever stop this, they are mistaken. I see where it is always blamed on the gun when people go nuts. We coddle killers, pay for their food and housing though not great we keep them alive to find out if we will pay for them to live the rest of their life of if we will pay for them to live for over 10 yrs. before finally executing them. We have become a country that wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt after they kill someone, but we cannot be free as citizens. Damn something wrong here.

  17. MZAZ86442i says

    All gun violence is committed by criminals or someone who has been diagnosed with mental problems. I can see it now… Criminals going into police stations saying “Gee, guns are illegal so I am turning mine in”. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that. If anyone believes that BS I have a bridge in San Francisco I’ll sell you cheap. Old saying “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

  18. sarcoq says

    Just like line from movie: If they take my gun they’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hand.

    1. Poodleguy says

      That was Charlton Heston @ the podium during the annual NRA convention as keynote speaker. When presented w/a beautiful hand crafted flintlock muzzle loader, he held it over his head & said that! I believe that was the last NRA convention held in California. They will never hold one there again because of all the bs draconian anti 2nd Amendment laws there. Mr Heston went on to be elected president of the NRA & is the only one ever to be elected to three terms!! We – the NRA, miss that great man very much…..

  19. chelseachablis says

    No one is going to be “exempt” from this once it gains momentum. Ovomit is planning to use this so-called ‘border crises’ as a means to implement Martial Law. It’s coming people. Get your hearts right with God because HE’S coming too.

    1. Poodleguy says

      Lock, load & stand @ the ready!! Do you have enough ammo?

      1. Roger12266 says

        I am set. I am a licensed remanufacturer for ALL calibers.

        1. Poodleguy says

          My kinda guy, Rog!! I reload as well & although the .22 lr isn’t a combat rd, it has a certain nuisance factor, especially w/a slide-fire setup & you can rarely find it on the shelves. Thankfully I have a lot of Aguilla .22lr & it has an MV of 1750 fps! My favorite long range shooter is a custom Mauser chambered for 25.06 w/a Shepherd range finder scope. It’s my Antelope gitter!

    2. Poodleguy says

      Martial law will be followed immediately by a bloody revolution!!!

  20. pysco says

    There is only no real reason to take guns away from law abiding citizens, its the governments fear of armed insurrection against a tyrannical government. If a government does was it right for the citizens they should have no fear. Thier actions for confiscation only shows they know they are doing wrong, and its purposeful.

  21. dhwilson58 says

    Obullshit wants to make this country a safer place to live as he is bringing thousands of infected kids and bomb making terrorist buddies in here illegally ? Just how stupid can he get? Want to make this country a safer place? Protect our borders and impeach, try then hang Obullshit and Holder for treason, crimes against humanity and terrorist attacks on our country !!! THATS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO !!! Not take guns away from innocent, law abiding citizens !!!

  22. Holy Joe says

    We must disarm the People for an effective One Party State Take Over like Communism has always done, and let us not forget the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler in 1933. Sieg Heil Obama & Pelosi. Feinstein thinks only Politicians like herself should have guns.

  23. chylene6599 says

    These Nimrods are not the legal government and haven’t been since 1913. They have been ruling fraudulently since then, because the Fed is a foreign corporation, owned by private holders, registered to the City of London. There are a hundred generational stock holders, no one else is allowed to buy in, nor is it permitted to be audited–ever. How many people know, also, that the CFR is a branch of the RIIA, England’s prime foreign affairs ministry, and some say the true rulers of England. They rule not only our government, but the president. This has not been government by the people for a very long time, and they have lied and deceived us, stolen from us and murdered our sons, fathers, brothers and sisters through scam and trickery for their own personal profit and advancement. They are now working on the est of the world. Enough is enough. They have to be cut off at the knees by demanding the government in DC be declared null and void and every single d*mn one of them be investigated and audited within an inch of their lives, and if found guilty, be stripped of everything they own, just like they’ve tried to do to us, and sent to live in one of those miserable shacks they’ve condemned third-world families to spend their lives in. Or one of Valerie Jarrett’s former housing projects.

  24. Holy Joe says

    I have just remembered look how well the control the importation of drugs in California & Pot ? The California Politicians will be opening up whole new projects for the Dope Runners and Gang Bangers – Support Your Local Gun Runners ? The way to the California Legal Future of Inanity

  25. OWEN says

    the seizing of guns from law abiding citizens,with 2nd amendment rights is the work of Nazis or Marxist communists, who do not believe in personal freedom, but in the greater good, which is a Marxist communist slogan,if you don’t believe me ask Obama,s whitehouse past press secretary J. CARNEY he knows.

    1. Roger12266 says

      But according to Carney, he never told a lie for Obama.

      1. OWEN says


        1. Roger12266 says

          That was a statement made by Carney. If anyone believed him, I can sell a big bridge in Brooklyn for a really good price.

  26. Ron Coon says

    I wasn’t aware that Police officers had passed the Medical Bar Association and were awarded License in Psychiatry. Stupid me.

    1. Laurie Czerwinski says

      Hey, this is why people are real MAD at Police..How in the h– is the Judiciary Officer, a.k.a. the Policeman supposed to corroborate one or two people claiming that a person seems to have symptoms that would lead to them misusing their weapons? I mean, how is the police officer supposed to know if this is a REAL testimony to police, or if it is a False testimony? It also might have to be, AFTER court then, or its way to hard. The officer has to hear it from someone on the inside, or else the claimant has to show how the misuse of the firearms can be predicted , and, the officer has to see it for him/her self. This is very difficult; you have to thank the PD for their service. Really.

  27. Sandman says


  28. jerry sypek says

    Hence the r
    Refusal by so many in CT to register their now banned firearms and magazines. Registration leads directly to confiscation without passing go and collecting $200.

  29. Frank says

    Live Free Or Die thats how i will go out of this world if push comes to shove.

  30. icemancold says

    WELL: Enforce the current laws. Coordinate the Mental health records with law enforcement so the Police know who poses a threat.Make sure the Mentally unstable are watched,treated,and not allowed to run amuck as they do now, stop sending money to foreign countries to buy,build,use weapons to kill us and use it to help the mentally unstable in our own country.!!

  31. mac12sam12 says

    It’s the liberal solution on how to increase gun crime.

  32. jerry sypek says

    That’s right, confiscate ’em and some anti gun senator will sell ’em back to you on the black market. Nice racket!

  33. Peter Bilt says

    Everyone go to and look for Elliot Rodgers (Xanax) and read what they researched on these mass shootings. Everyone was on this drug. Besides guns there was also killings with axes, baseball bats and cars. Looks to me that the drug manufacturers should be held accountable for the side effects of their wonderful drugs. I am sick of the media blaming guns. Mine have laid around for 50 plus years and haven’t shot anyone.

  34. Benton H Marder says

    There is another aspect that bears examination: the political affiliation of the shooters. Many, if not most of them, are registered Democrats or have association with other Left groups and ideas. So, should firearms be confiscated from known registered Democrats? This is a criterion just as important as mental illness and may well be the same.

  35. Laurie Czerwinski says

    America just remember If there is No Evidence, there IS, then, Testimony (false testimony will be found out, and punished though…)

  36. REK says

    All this will do is make lawfull people unlawful I will always have an ar now matter what

  37. Katie Jones says

    Haven’t these states been listening to Chicago and Baltimore. 82 people shot in Chicago on the 4th of july weekend and of these 14 were killed. Just last weekend in I think Chicago 32 shootings. Chicago has the strickest gun laws which prevents law abiding people to protect themselves from Criminals. Now why do you think this is happening in a gun restricked state instead of a citizen armed state. The UN has been trying to do this for ages and look what is happening. I highly suggest you write your state representatives or you will consider moving to a citizen armed state to protect your family from all the criminals that this federal government is letting cross the southern border like MS-13! There is a big group of MS-13 in both of these states if you consider how close NEW JERSEY is to New York which has the Most MS-13 “teens”. These are very violent gangs and do not think a thing about killing people on the street. Please write your representatives and see if they are standing up for YOUR rights. You will know how to vote next time either IN or OUT. You choose.

  38. doug says

    IT’s all about controlling the masses, Americans wake up our rights are being taken away by these socialist,
    mad men, we must vote all of these liberals out of office, run them out of time and fire all the liberal administration, Let’s take back our freedoms,

  39. Billy Edens says

    these are the USA s greatest and most deadly viruses ever to hit US they must be done away with in one form or fashion ASAP

  40. Roger12266 says

    I’m glad that at least we have a FEW sane politicians in Florida. Some of the Demolunies need to be confined to a room with matresses on the walls, but they are the minority.

  41. Arizona Don says

    Shall not be Infringed means no restrictions whatsoever. When we as Patriotic Americans accepted some regulations (because they were thought to be “reasonable”) we should have realized more were to come. Government(s) will never be satisfied until either all guns are registered and can be immediately confiscated or they outright confiscation them. No government is trustworthy and must always be watched there is only one reason the second amendment was put in place within our constitution that is to curtail a tyrannical government. But why is that? Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens restricts governments and keeps them from expanding power to become tyrannical, that is why.

    Every centralized government is potentially tyrannical. Just another reason our founders gave the power to the States (which seems to be usurped daily by the current president) and not the centralized government. Most governments without oversight become tyrannical. Our founders had just gone through a horrific experience fighting a tyrannical government under King George. Why would anyone not expect them to provide a way to avoid such a thing reoccurring in the future? Furthermore, the whole constitution was written to avoid just such a thing as what is happening “right now” today and has been happening, with few exceptions, since Wilson, if not before. Governments are inherently corrupt the government of the United States of America is no exception. Never trust a government that suggests you give up rights to them for protections by them, it will never happen. They cannot protect you individually better than you can protect yourself. Never, absolutely never allow them to take or cause you to register you guns. NEVER. If we as a nation relinquish our constitutional right to our guns or submit to total registration we will soon be no better then China or 1930’s Germany. Total gun registration was exactly why it was so easy for hitler’s Germany to confiscate “all” the guns and dominate the country. That should be clear to everyone regardless of political party. No man can or will ever be really free without means of self protection “especially” from government. Governments have a tendency to concentrate on the collective when left on their own because the collective has the most influence over them (ie: one vote vs thousands or millions).

    It is true people do get killed with guns here in the US. No one can deny that. It is also true guns save lives everyday here in the US as well. However, we are a nation of over 310 million people. If we gave all three hundred ten million or so crayons somehow some would wind up killing others. Guns are not the problem. Governments (people) are the problem and also the reason we need those guns. In the 20th century alone it is proven somewhere between 170 million and 250 million people (no one knows the total amount for sure) were murdered by their government(s). Because the people had no way to defend themselves against tyranny and the liberals want us to give up our guns? Our only way of protecting ourselves! Only a fool would do that and only a fool or a tyrant would want it!

    It is said there are currently (all told) somewhere between 10 and 25 thousand restrictive gun laws on the books. None of them have been successful in curbing violence perpetrated by the criminal element within our society and more will not either. However, the question(s) remain if the laws already imposed on law abiding citizens do not perform as expected why is there not a movement, in congress, to have them repealed? Seems to me they should be. This nation has tried the restrictive method for nearly a hundred years now (since 1927) and they have not worked. Should another method not be tired now like for instance loosen the controls on them and making the punishment for any crime committed with a firearm much more severe (considerable caution must be used however because tyrannical governments twist and change such laws with out fanfare) and if a gun is fired during that commission of a crime perhaps the death penalty with only one appeal. The only way to reduce the commission of gun crimes is to increase punishment on those persons responsible not in attempting to punish the weapon or the law abiding citizen who had no part in the actual crime. All it does is cause many more problems. Increasing punishment concentrates on the criminal not the law abiding citizen.

    Everyone with any brains at all knows every act of violence is not perpetrated by guns. But nearly every action of self defense involves a gun of some kind. That should be clearly seen as an enhancement to liberty and self-determination, no freedom is possible without the ability to protect yourself form all forms of harm. A gun makes that possible.

    Just ask a liberal progressive gun control advocate why the current, ten thousand or more gun laws already on the books have not stopped gun violence. Their answer (if it is sensibly cohesive) may very well be the basis for convincing them the absolute fact restrictive gun laws do not work because criminals and potential criminals do not obey laws. Take away the guns and you form a nation of bullies even to the extent of government being the bully. It did just that time and time again in the twentieth century. And over 170 million citizens paid with their lives.

    There is only one reason and one reason alone for government to desire citizens to be disarmed/unarmed and that is total control nothing else. We in this nation, like in no other, have evolved into an armed very peaceful society. There are “nuts” on both sides of this argument however, the ones against guns fail to understand and respect the actual facts about guns and their place in a free society.

    Fact; an eighty year old 75 lb women has no chance whatsoever of surviving an attack of a 220 lb 25 year old mugger if he thinks he needs to kill her. Give her a gun and teach her how to use it and they are equals. There are hundreds of scenarios that can be used here to demonstrate or justify guns as a defensive weapon.

    However, just like in any particular example there are crazies, (lunatics) in everything. As the population grows more and more emerge. Taking guns out of the hands of honest law abiding citizens does not take them out of the hands of the lunatics. Nor does it solve the problem. That too has been demonstrated over and over in history. As a matter of fact, many if not, most of the answers to the current everyday problems can be found in history. With thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years in our past why should we think we are the only ones to ever think of anything whether good or bad? So why do we have to keep making the same mistakes over and over? Smart people learn from the mistakes of others it keeps them from having to make them all themselves. It is also possible to live longer that way! It is not necessary to be Einstein to understand that!

    So what does congress do when it is found laws that have been passed either do not do what they were intended to do or do it improperly? Ignore them? Just leave them in place? For what? Is there any danger in doing nothing like this? And if so what is it? Well for one thing a tyrannical government someday down the road may decide to change it ever so slightly so that it has a completely different meaning and result, like we have seen the current president (obama) do for various reasons all of which include increasing power (authority) of office.

  42. sharon says

    The Democrats want our guns, nor for safety sake, for their own dirty communist agenda, Beware of the Regime of Obama America.

    1. Laurie Czerwinski says

      Obama don’t have anything to do with the crimes and violent crimes. That must be YOUR humor but, I work for Security.
      I could say, darn that Obama, why don’t he have Law taught at a junior high school level..why can’t we have Psychology 1 taught in High School. The government cannot intervene in curriculum! Can They?? NOOOOO. I don’t think so…..The very saddest thing that I learned from switching my major from Nursing to Crime and Law is: you know, those kids starting out with guns, they don’t know that crimes with guns subject to laws?>Law will take them out of the real world..
      and, using the Law is smarter or that you don’t need money to take it to court.if it’s criminal court that the matter can be heard in..THEY DON”T EVEN KNOW..from Nursing school to all you…, that’ll do it!

      1. Laurie Czerwinski says

        Don’t get me wrong, I like the Obama administration. They are looking at things that really, really are DUE to be changed. Too many GUN deaths on T.V…far too many…

        1. WBHobbs says

          Laurie, Can you name a few things that Obama is doing that particularly impress you? Perhaps you have some examples of successes rather than just things being “looked at”…

          1. Laurie Czerwinski says

            WBHobbs, Yeah, I was a Nursing/Medical student in years before I switched my major to Crim Just…The Nurses and Professors of clinical Nursing were saying things, very important things, about facts that Medicare/Medicaid was “newly” able to pay only like, 2/3 of the patient’s bill and, with current sites on not spending so much in the Hospitals, the patient could NOT have the care that they need (for example, the Occupational Therapy necessary right after an injury, etc.)! Oh, and the film about the female Ca. resident/photographer by trade..who’s insurance Was Not paying for her cancer treatment..they had cut her off! So, she was cutting flowers in her yard to pay for things..very cut her off! You must know that government has always payed for emergency room for indigents..A great accomplishment was for Obama to address that. Admit it. Whiners will have to get over it, though, somehow. Sorry, you know, we are going to have to share.

      2. sharon says

        It quite apparent you don’t know what your talking about, Obama has everything to do with gun laws, Obama uses Gestapo type tactics to infringe on our rights and take our liberty. I worked in law enforcement for years, there is nothing you can tell me about how it works. Believe me it has changed over the last ten years, under Obama they became Gestapo’s not police.

  43. sharon says

    Obama and his followers are dangerous to America, they are not freedom friendly America, they want Regime control over all.

  44. alpambuena says

    the only problem with these laws is that these gun seizures are never against the druggies, gangs or those repeat offenders and criminal illegals….and who determines who is a danger?? somebody with ptsd? or someone who seeks counseling?? in the overall gun control theory….it is easier to blame the guns, than tackle the real problem of mental illness. that’s like Chicago, with some of the nations most strictest gun laws, but with the highest gun deaths in the country……the problem with Chicago is a city full of corruption, a very poor educational system, and a failure of law enforcement to root out and eliminate the gang and drug problems in the inner cities. also most cities are barely able to just enforce basic laws. many cities do not have the money or sources to do anything more. many cities are laying off their law enforcement people, or they are not hiring. the Mexican drug cartels have permiated every major city in the united states, just because the government will not shut the borders down….these drug cartels bring in more guns and violence than ever before, but politicians just want one simple solution at minimal cost.

  45. J_R_K says

    If California really wants gun confiscation, I say it’s a great time to send a flood of illegal aliens to California. The illegals will regain much sought territory so they’ll be happy, and I’m sure that when the populace is disarmed and the illegals have succeeded in overrunning every thing and everybody, all will be piece, love and dope, just like in the 60’s

    1. sirgareth says

      The have sensible gun control in all the nations south of the Rio Grande. Ill bet they have eliminated most of the violence that we have in North Dakota where virtually all of the white people are armed

      1. J_R_K says

        Really wanna see how effectively they have ended violence south of the Rio Grande? Set up a couple of google alerts, one for Reynoso, Mexico and one for Juarez, Mexico. Read the alerts for a month of two, count the dead. Read about what happens to children. That’s where we are headed if 1) we fail to control the border and 2) liberals succeed in imposing their self-righteous moralizations of politics and politizations of morals on us. Note how effectively they use those same children.

  46. dahniuru says

    If, IFFFFFF, the government can list 5 indications that someone is a danger to others, then they should first put that individual somewhere that he can get appropriate psychiatric help. Taking a gun doesn’t remove the danger, it just means the dangerous person will have to find a knife, or hammer, or baseball bat, or automobile, etc. Any numbers comparing deaths by gun to deaths by knife, hammer, etc.?

  47. Cindy McCarty says


    1. WBHobbs says

      Any proof at all?

      1. Cindy McCarty says

        Do your own Google searches. This has been all over Social Media sites.

        1. Bob666 says

          Social media sites?

        2. WBHobbs says

          Cindy, Don’t waste your time with half baked conspiracy theories on Facebook… Seriously, It diverts your attention from real problems.

  48. Ronald Hagler says

    I have a novel idea: why not seize the weapons of known criminals, drug dealers and gang members and leave “law-abiding” citizens alone? The answer is simple and has nothing to do with curbing crime. While “law-abiding” citizens, generally, pose no threat to the populous, they also are easy targets for law enforcement as they pose little to no threat to this group. Criminals, on the other hand, may actually shoot at officers coming to “seize” the illegal weapons they have been using to commit crimes, thus posing a threat to said officers. It is much safer, for the officers, to seize law-abiding citizen’s “guns” , which have never been used in a criminal endeavor, than it is to remove said weapons from the hands of KNOWN CRIMINALS! Where is the justice in that? More importantly, what will this do to deter crime? No justice and no crime deterrent, simply translates to more government control and a step closer to disarming America. If you cannot see this, the question is…..WHY? Are you blindly supporting your PARTY? Are you ignorant of the facts we see every day, or, are you simply stupid? It is documented that major crime rose after England imposed major “Gun Control”. The same can be said for Australia, which imposed similar gun restrictions on Australians, with the same results in major crime statistics. If these measures did not work in England and Australia, what evidence do you have that says they will be effective in America? None, so why support them?

  49. Robert Morrow says

    Where is the outcry of how the Government is murdering over 100,000 citizens and their children with FDA (for Payola) with approved high profit making poison drugs that kill and not cure anything. Gun deaths are a piker compared to the Federal Government Agencies for murdering people. Yet, I hear nothing, WHY? Maybe it because most Citizens are all ready brain dead from devouring the Approved (for payola) toxic laced foods that make your and your children sick in mind and body. Stupid read the label, if you can read and not common core trained to be stupid. And Stupid people eat your Plastic Foam, poison, coal tar residue, become a diabetic with the HFCS and thousands of other poisons that big brother wants you to swallow. Why, One big reason is Payola that grease the palms of the Politicians & Corrupt Petty Bureaucrats, from the profits and Next is sick people are easier to control.. Be sure that you vote for more Gestapo Swat teams to steal your rights of self protection. But, it is no matter as you all be brain dead anyway. Chef Robert.

  50. Dianne Molander says

    This will seal the deal on Christie if he doesn’t veto gun control legislation.
    CA is already gone for ‘we the people’, so they will go down with the ship first.

  51. Sylvester Jones says

    Get serious you nazi lunatics.

  52. peter says

    Owen. We should be acting according to our constitution now and not talk about it like other politicians are doing.

  53. jbftskj says

    “From my cold, dead hands”…!

  54. Gary says

    What the liberal democrats don’t want you people to know is that all the killers including Elliott Rogers are all from a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT FAMILY. MEMBER USCCA, NRA, NAFGR. US Navy 65 71.

  55. Joe Mosley says

    Thank God,I live in Texas.I’m just thankful we have a Governor with the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Obama and his lap dog Eric Holder.

  56. 1462 says

    Violation of the oath of office and that oath taken ending in the words
    “so help me God” says it all. We are swearing allegiance to our nation
    and to God as the final arbiter! I took the oath and it is forever, it
    is a sacred honor! It cannot be set aside or violated! To do so is an
    act of Treason! To partake in acts of Treason they have become Criminal
    Felons and have NEGATED all power and authority of their office…….

    1 Section 7 Clause 2 As long as a FRAUD USURPS the office of President
    Congress and the Senate can make and pass no laws and if they do as they
    have done since 2008 as they are doing now all they have done is
    NULL and VOID nor does he Senate have the power to Ratify…. As long as
    this FRAUD is allowed to USURP the Office they are all Dead in the

    Where is our Military, they are OBLIGATED under their Sworn Oath
    to physically remove Obama and all his Criminal Associates… remember
    your Sworn Oath to Protect and Defend against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and
    DOMESTIC!!! Anyone who is in the Chain of Command providing aide and
    comfort has NEGATED his position and power and authority that goes with
    it and is a FELON and needs to be removed for Treason… if your commanders
    are in bed with the enemy they need to be arrested and those below are
    authorized to do so.

    Intelligence Advisor Michael Shrimpton is a British barrister
    (attorney), an adviser to British intelligence, and a serious person.
    (Hard Documented Files) Obama is Criminal Fraud USURPER and puppet for
    England and the New World Order, born 1960 in Kenya. DNA testing done on
    Obama already by CIA

    Shrimpton is now a Consultant for British Intelligence and is well
    Connected a very serious individual! I have communicaed with Mr.
    Shrimpton this is his correct email! Shrimpton has his own blog, The
    Shrimpton Report. His email address is
    Feel Free to Contact him! I challenge you not to be afraid of learning the TRUTH!

    Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is said to have been born on August 4, 1961,
    he actually was born in 1960. Obama’s alleged mother, Stanley Ann
    Dunham, was not pregnant in July 1961. Although BHO is said to have been
    born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he actually was born in Mombasa, Kenya, which
    was then British territory, which means British intelligence has his
    records. The C.I.A. surreptiously took a DNA sample of Obama at a
    fundraising dinner and ran a test, but could not match Obama’s DNA with
    his [maternal] grandparents, the Dunhams. Former New York governor and
    GOP presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani told Shrimpton at a recent lunch
    that he (Giuliani) knows all about this. Giuliani had hoped he would be
    the GOP presidential candidate and he’d then use the information
    against the Democrats. The Clintons (Bill and Hillary) also know about

    the rest of the 1½ hour video, Shrimpton talked about British politics
    and the European Union. However, at the 1:09:30 mark, a man in the
    audience asked Shrimpton a question about Obama and Kenya. In his
    response, beginning at about the 1:11:55 mark, Shrimpton alluded to the
    2008 U.S. presidential campaign as if it was ongoing as he spoke, which
    suggests that the forum took place in 2008. Shrimpton also made these
    additional claims:

    the above, British intelligence on the year (1960, not 1961) and place
    (Kenya, not USA) of Obama’s birth, Obama would “soon be pressured into
    withdrawing” from the presidential race or resigning of course with the
    benefit of hindsight, we know that didn’t happen.
    John Edwards also knows because Shrimpton had briefed him. Former CIA
    director (under Bill Clinton) also knows. Shrimpton does not name him.
    Clinton had 3 successive CIA directors: James Woolsey, John Deutsch, and
    George Tenet. The Kenyan government, of course, knows. The UK newspaper
    Daily Telegraph also knows. The Honolulu press is aware that Obama’s
    birth records in Honolulu’s Queens Medical Center are fake. The Honolulu
    Advertiser knows this.
    Sen. John McCain knows Hillary Clinton and Bill knows
    British Intelligence knows because MI5 got the Nairobi Special Intelligence files when Kenya became independent.
    Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006, also knows.
    also said something very strange — that Obama’s half-sister is actually
    his full sister, and that the sister is “missing.” (The only “half
    sister” of Obama about whom we are told is Maya Soetoro-Ng, the daughter
    of Stanley Ann Dunham and her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro.)

    CRAZY CONSPIRACY “BIRTHERS”. Because acknowledging this fact would
    destroy all they have done to bring about their perverted Nazi New World
    Play Video
    MUST SEE FULL CUT : Obama born in Kenya in 1960 says British Intelligence Advisor CIA DNA Test !
    1 strike PLZ sub to my back up channel… See More

    a Criminal Fraud USURPER Obama has no power to do anything let alone
    wipe his ass…… Article 1 Secton 7 Clause 2 As loang as a FRAUD
    USURPS the office of President Congress and the Senate Can make and pass
    no laws and if they do as they have done since 2008 and are doing now
    is all NULL and VOID… NOR does the Senate possess the power to
    Play Video
    MUST SEE FULL CUT : Obama born in Kenya in 1960 says British Intelligence Advisor CIA DNA Test !
    1 strike PLZ sub to my back up channel… See More
    MUST SEE FULL CUT : Obama born in Kenya in 1960 says British Intelligence Advisor CIA DNA Test !
    1 strike PLZ sub to my back up channel… See More

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 ……………. Of the Constitution

    No laws of Congress are valid

    “Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.”
    The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives
    and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States
    ” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing as “the President of the United States,” but to
    the true and rightful President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White House, no “Bill” will or can,
    “before it become a Law, be presented to [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a
    And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and “sign[s],” or
    that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will be a
    nullity. Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper,
    Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it
    acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.””

    Furthermore, Obama Could not be Removed Except by Force. As a USURPER posturing
    “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach Obama because, not being
    the actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment
    for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and
    (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other
    public officials would have to arrest him—with physical force, if he
    would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him from continuing his
    imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to
    armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the States and the people.

    Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed
    Forces, “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in
    those Armed forces and Law Enforcment. Indeed, for officers or men to
    follow any of his
    purported “orders” including law enforcement will
    constitute a serious breach of military discipline—and in extreme
    circumstances even charged with “war crimes.” In addition, no one in any
    civilian agency in the Executive Branch of
    the General Government
    will be required to put into effect any of Obama’s purported
    “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives” (Viera, J.).

    cannot step in to take over as President nor can Pelosi, Reed,
    Clintons, Boehner,…NO ONE can step in because they are all Criminally
    in COLLUSSION with the NWO, England, Bilderbergs George Soros,
    Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the EU and the UN, Tri Lats etc…. They all
    allowed this FRAUD to USURP the Office of President…. They know he is
    illegally there and has no power or authority to do anything yet they
    are all allowing this to go on, the are all continuing to BOW to a
    Criminal NWO USURPER as President and are enabling aiding and abbedding
    the collapsse of the United States….. This is the open published
    Agenda of the Nazi NWO,… If you cannot see it by all the evidence
    before you then your nothing but BLIND SHEEPLE and may GOD have mercy on
    your souls…. We must elect an intrim Government which will step in
    for 6 months untill new elections can be had…..

    I am tired of
    these people thinking they have the power to do this shit when they
    clearly do not….just because they say its the law does not make it the

    Especially concerning the TTP and giving Control of
    our Internet to our enimies and attempting to sign away our
    Sovereignty and take away our rights to bear arms…………..

    is clear…even if Obama Wannabe Dictator were legit and he is NOT,
    PROVEN and validated, but, (ignored with Criminal Intent) Neither the
    President nor Congress nor the Senate nor the Supreme Court nor the
    Federal Courts nor the States nor their Governor’s and Mayor’s even
    through Executive Orders and Treaties they STILL DO NOT possess the
    Power or the Authority to USURP the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or
    our Sovereignty….The Constitution weather they chose to ignore it is
    the Law of the land and they are BOUND to it Article 6 Section 3….all
    they do is NULL and VOID not to mention they have been Criminally
    DeFacto since 1871

    1. jaybird says

      Someone has wiped your you tube channel off. It said it does not exist.

  57. sirgareth says

    If the blacks are killing everyone why wouldn’t “sensible gun control legislation” simply disallow blacks from owning any guns or ammo?

  58. rcbobj says

    This is why I will never vote for another Democrat in my life.

  59. 1462 says

    I just watchedd this video its good!!

    British Intelligence Obama Fraud Born 1960 Mombasa Kenya !!!!!

  60. Mark Clemens says

    If the government does come to your house for your guns. Give them the bullets first!!!!!’!!!

  61. Jean Wojcik says

    This is exactly what Obama wants, to get us to fight among ourselves, to take the focus off the real reason why we are mad, rather you are republican, democrats, liberals, conservatives etc. dose not mater the real issue is that we are Americans, born and raised here and as Americans we need to fight together for the American way of life,and our Constitution, Bill of Rights and not be pulled into squabbles, It is coming down to the wire , that our country is in danger of being taken over, it may also be that, we will be a socialist, communist country , with every ideals that our soldiers fought and died for, all theses years to prevent, will happen if we as Americans don’t stick together, you may not read the Bible but it does say that in the last days, there will be changes, as to a big government , and it will fall and wars will break out, any way if your curious read Revelations. A lot of it is coming true, I dare you to read it and compare to what is happening now, it describes China, Russia, Egypt, Israel , Irock, Iran etc. and if you don’t understand it ask some one who does.
    We are in bad times, you should be afraid, afraid for your lives and freedom. Also there is a secret society in this country that is called the Illuminati that is controlled by the rich people and countries, you can look it up, also President Kennedy, described the danger of this , and I think that was one reason why he was shot. Do you home work if you want to know what really is going on. We need to fight back before it is too late, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  62. joe says

    No one should be surprised at this it is how they function chip away a little bit at a time. The main goal here with the government is total confiscation period, every thing they do is working toward this result regardless of what lies they spew on to the American public. The so called gun show loophole is nothing more than a way to force re registration and then confiscation. As of now I can deny any firearms ownership claiming I sold them at the gun show. Close that so called loophole then they can say where are they we want them NOW and if I do not have paperwork I just became a criminal because I refused to give up my right to defend myself. Do not kid yourself they will not be happy till they have made it illegal for ALL Americans to own a gun of any kind.

  63. carl says

    it is not right sue them.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  64. ron44 says

    Please define threat or those with a mental condition for me Democrats:”PROGRESSIVES” please. And it you keep insisting those who own and use guns are mentally ill, then we are done talking> Do you understand this in your little pee brain?

  65. defiant1 says

    Of course they will try; with all the crap and illegals being shoved down our throats, they need to remove what we may use as self protection.

  66. carpkiller says

    There was no Sandy Hook tragedy.

    1. Buzg says

      I agree. The whole scenario from the beginning had a funny smell to it.

  67. BlueEyedAl says

    CA is already confiscating guns and bragging about it. If a member of a house hold sees a shrink, & the shrink reports it, CA comes and confiscates all of the guns, even if they are all locked up in a gun safe and the person that seen the shrink does not have access to them. DO NOT SEE A SHRINK! There is no proven science for what they do! Talk to a family member about what is bothering you, if it is a family issue talk to a good friend. They will do much more for you than a shrink!

  68. Larry Cowden says

    In the eyes of ALL DEMOCRATS, anyone owning a gun is to be considered dangerous and should be immediately disarmed, except for the criminals of course. If we are to seriously implement change to this constant threat to law abiding citizens and gun owners, then every last Democrat must be voted out of every office that may pass legislation against us. This includes local government and federal. Then we can pass measures to overturn these laws that have done more damage than good and enact permanent ones that cannot be misconstrued or twisted by the anti gun liberals in the future to infringe our rights.
    And this include cleaning out the Supreme Court and getting a final solid ruling that the 2nd Amendment as written is the law of the land and applies everywhere. And it will not be superceded by any lower court or government with laws contrary to it. It is time to restore punishing the true criminals and not the law abiding citizens.

  69. Cranky Steven says

    Whew! I sold all my guns and ammo while in AZ recently. Just in the nick of time. Nothing to confiscate here, gestapo!

    1. Buzg says

      You’re joking. Right??

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Nope. I even traded my RPG for a ’73 Caddy! Nothing to see here, NSA.

  70. Bruce Dakin says

    Statisically cities with the strongest gun laws are the cities with the highest crime rates..Do the research..The feds are going about this in the wrong direction..Siezure laws tell me there is a greater agenda by government to control citizens even more..When we have no ability to defend ourselves from foreign or domestic threats to our liberty we are in the greatest danger ever..Wakeup America..Your about to be hoodwinked once again by far to much control..

  71. sharon says

    Jerry Brown is another liar like O bama, they are rear end buddies, peas in a pod those two. Brown will do Obama’s bidding like that idiot Finestine does, another moron of Obama’s Regime.

  72. sharon says

    Obama liar and fascist, wake up America, stop this demon by impeachment.

  73. LastGasp says

    We would have a peaceful society and a solid, working economy if the feral government would be put in their place. If they weren’t trying to take away our guns there would be no “false flag”: events like Sandy Hook and countless others. If globalist banksters didn’t want control of the world’s resources and wealth there would be no “wars” like Viet Nam, Iraq or Afghanistan. The government orchestrates these events for the media to scream about to convince the sheeple there is a dire problem that in reality doesn’t exist.

  74. badger says

    First our guns and leave us defenseless. Next, reduce our military to leave out country defenseless. Can you see were this is heading?.

  75. Ron Kimball says

    They love using every incident there is as an excuse to confiscate guns

  76. Marianne Bernard says

    Will someone tell the government that the criminals don’t care what laws are put in place to seize our guns. They will always be able to get a gun and use it. Gun seizure from good citizens just make them sitting ducks for criminals. Does that make sense for anyone? Better to have everyone get a concealed carry then they will have a record of who has guns and what kind. People who register theire guns aren’t going to use them in a crime. By the way, Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax perpetrated by this President using crisis actors! It was used to bolster his agenda to remove guns from citizens.

  77. Yehoshuafriend says

    When one considers how well California and New Jersey politicians have done, one has to wonder who would consider any of them qualified for Federal Offices, like Boehner?

  78. Victor P. Bundy says

    They gonna do this one state at a time so that there is no uprising against the goverment. Be prepared they will be in your state next.

  79. Jim Richardson says

    It no longer makes a difference where Obama is going. It is time for our citizens to make a stand. The guys at the baseball game should have been rushed to a dental oral surgery office. Where do these people get the idea they can insult others and get away with it. Why are we using up court time to make these decisions? When a judge makes a stupid wrong decision disregard it and continue on. If a school tells a child they cannot wear an American flag. Tie up the administration and put them in a car with the windows rolled up. The people in. San. Diego who captured the car jacker should receive an award. We are now beginning to see how people feel and what they are willing to do to protect the home land. Get on the band wagon and do something right for yourself and your country. Sarge

  80. trugrits says

    Yep the bombing in Boston is proof NSA control doesn’t work. Are they going to outlaw pressure cookers and timers now? All the NSA spying and they didn’t do squat when the FBI informed about the two brothers being a very possible ticking bomb? No the government was providing housing, food, money, free education to them instead.

    HMMMM doesn’t look like NSA is successful at what it was supposedly set up to protect us from. I guess they weren’t tapping their free cell phones or emails or where the money came from for them to fly back and forth to their country. HMMM didn’t have a job but they sure had all they needed somehow. Citizens wish they had it so good. OOPS I forget that some do.
    All the laws on the books about preventing gun crimes and yet nearly never enforced. Only time they are enforced is against law abiding citizens to confiscate their guns. That’s exactly what this law is going to be used for also. They don’t give a rats ass about protecting you. They want to protect themselves by taking law abiding citizens guns away from them. Exactly why the 2nd Amendment was written and is exactly why the 2nd is being trashed by reading into it what isn’t there. Shall not be infringed can’t be more to the point.
    When the SHTF happens you better hope they haven’t outlawed baseball bats.

  81. trugrits says

    Check out and see how we can perhaps defend ourselves against our crooked government. The Constitution is dead only as long as we let it be killed.
    Obama and his crooks are hoping we let it die by believing their new laws are anything but illegal and lies.

  82. roge160 says

    Let Cali do what they want they will anyway and give Cali to china to pay off what we owe them the two reds should get along just fine and just put a 40″ wall around Cali .

  83. Johnny says

    Many Gun owners that I know have already so called so their guns so they have nothing to turn in. These laws will only affect the so called law abiding citizen. FYI: Law Abiding Citizen you can sell your guns and forget who you sold it to. Remember to get cosmoline ; )

  84. blackhawk132 says

    If Gov. Christe signs such a bill into law for N.J. ; It will end support for we who always vote Republican.It will also allow for many more murders . We will become Chicago .This is a fool game of liberals .

  85. 1uncle says

    California and New Jersey. Figures. Too many demos just like Chicago, Ill. Stop breeding dummies and paying them to have babies. Letting single women live off motherhood in the neighborhood just to create more demo voters. Elect scum to lead (screw up).
    Get rid of career politicians.

  86. dmttbt says

    Who the he ll are these people who can just sign a law and do away with our rights under the constitution?

  87. reagangs says

    I can see the Nazi SS troops knocking down every bodies door. Next we will have Nazi concentration camps and mass murder in the name of “the common good” (communism).

  88. dmttbt says

    My nephew said that he would not give up his gun and I told him that when the police knock on your door the first thing you will think is I didn’t do anything and the second thing will be that they must have the wrong house and by then they will be in and have you in cuffs and will find your gun.

  89. hora says

    That are illegal anti Constitutional, but let doing will warrancy Dems loose any where.

  90. Combatvet52 says

    All lawmakers belong in ORANGE suits because their breaking our laws every single day.

  91. kris littlefield says

    It doesn’t surprise me about California. Jerry Brown, our governor, just can’t act fast enough when Obama snaps his fingers. California’s biggest problem besides Brown and the Democrats, is our gangs and yet they do little or nothing about them. When you break the law you lose some of your rights and privileges. No one has the right to terrorize someone else and that’s exactly what gangs do. They are no better than terrorists. Brown is a kiss ass and I can’t stand him.

  92. Tim Wagner says

    I say come try and get them!

  93. Anne Christian says

    They will have a hard time trying to take American’s guns away. Take the criminal’s guns! We all want that, but this Administrations goal is to take away our 2nd Amendment, which was put there for Tyranical Governments- just like the Obama Government. Our 2nd Amendment is for the American Citizen, not the mentally sick, nor for the criminals. These people are the ones the Tyrant needs to go after, but instead he wants to go after law abiding citizens, so there can be no up-rising against Obama’s Government. Which, by the way, is not The People’s Government in America today. He is NOT all America’s King, nor god, nor savior, he may be Hollywood’s lord, but not Americas.

  94. gangbuster says

    I swear there needs to be change in them states there all asshole running them.

  95. blackhawk132 says

    Gov. ; DON’T SIGN onto this nonsence or you will regret it.,period .

  96. junkmailbin says

    calif was once a wonderful free of restriction state. Than interlopers came in. Like Pelosi, Feinstein, and Boxer plus a raft of liberal schmucks leaving the cesspool they created in the east. It did not take them long to outline the state boundaries with barbed wire and start making more and more illegal except perversions

  97. James Maxwell says

    If something like that is passed the first subject would be politicians and police, they both have a

    mental disease called “Emperor Complex”. They think they are above the law and can do what
    they want, when they want with no repercussions regardless of how bad the violate our legal system
    and our laws.

  98. dmttbt says

    If you have two career politicians and neither are worth a da m write in Donald Duck and vote for him. The lesser of two evils is not good enough. We should have seen that by now.

  99. Kenneth Hemphill says

    Before anyone comes to the decision to take what does not belong to them they should study the Constitution of the United States and then do some real research into why people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, etc. wanted these things placed in the Constitution. Most of the time, these politicians were at war with each other but all wanted the freedoms of the people guaranteed and that the people were in control of the government and definitely not the other way around. Political battles over big government and limited government raged for years even to the point of the need of a standing military. All of the Bill of Rights were designed as personal rights not subject to government limiting personal liberties. We as a people have, over the years, have let our government mess with that which they have no business messing with. The 2nd Amendment is an individual right designed to help the people ensure the government remains subject to the “We The People”. People, read and study our founders and what was in their minds in establishing the greatest republic government ever. We can not afford to lose our freedom for a false sense of security which has proven not to work. Our police are designed and manned to investigate crime not to prevent crime. That would simply take too many people, tremendous amount of money, and lead to Nazi type of government. Keep the press free and the firearms in the hands of “We The People.” God Bless America and may He Forgive Us.

  100. wildeagleone says

    I have a novel solution to the gun problem the liberals seem to have. One–follow the laws that are on the books———–Two– Guarantee the honest and sane citizens of this country are treated according to the constitution and the second amendment to bear arms without infringement by those that want this country to become defenseless, while the liberals and communist/ marxist in the government continue to take away our freedoms day by day

  101. gangbuster says

    I swear them assholes are nuts,,i’m a retired police officer and i always carry a fire arm and i tell peple all the time its better to have one and not need it then to need one and not have it.

  102. glenn says

    Screw them all……. NEVER !!! Will I give up my Guns!!!!!!!

  103. dmttbt says

    When people wonder if Obama is aware of the consequences of his actions or inactions, I can’t help but wonder what planet are they from. YES he is aware, and he hasn’t done things accidently he has planned every step he has taken. he might not have thought it would be this easy to take over a country as big as the united states but he knows that is his plan. He and I didn’t realize that the rest of the politicians will go along with anything to keep their job. By the way that is a job that they themselves have set up over the years, the benefits and the retirement and the salary. They also in all that s holy exempt themselves from laws and regulations they pass for the common person, and then they go back at election time and tell us about all the good things they have done. If they are doing so much good, why is public education a failure? Why have the welfare and food stamp roles doubled or tripled? Why does the government reject permits to drill for oil and natural gas on government land? Why is there government owned land? When Obama brags about how many deportations he has ordered, how do they explain the increasing number of illegals? Why hasn’t the border been closed. We are or were a supper power that cannot enforce the border laws. We have these highly educated representatives who can only represent what they want at the expense of the rest of the people.
    Low fence and high voltage, pretty simple. Put up word signs and pictures and if they want to fry let them try.

  104. dmttbt says

    The government doesn’t want to take your guns to keep you from protecting yourself from street crooks, it is to protect the government from you being able to fight against them.

  105. IMPCALGI says

    gun control is not about guns, its about CONTROL.

    Our America is ropeless bungee jumping headlong into the cesspool of bad ideas that once upon a time led to Stalinist Russia. In that time and place, the government never allowed anyone to own a gun except for the goons that did their bidding. They jailed people on the flimsiest of charges and drove them out to their deaths in Siberia and the Arctic circle. The only people they ever showed mercy to were the thieves and rapists and murderers, who were given amnesty on a regular basis. As long as the “important people” were protected, the rest of society was fair game. The effect was that both kinds of criminals — both the street thugs and the government goon squads — could smash down peoples doors with total impunity. Neither of these groups of violent psychopaths ever expected or encountered any resistance, because there was no means to resist. How could the average person resist when they were unarmed?

    Worse, every member of that society was terrified to even say a word. No one spoke out, not civic leaders, certainly not the politicians and not even religious leaders, who one would think would surely protest against this desecration of the rights of GODs children. Ask yourselves this question: what do your local civic and business leaders say about this continued trampling of our rights? We are being systematically stripped of our rights to defend ourselves and our loved ones, even in our own homes. Birds can defend their nests and bees can define their hives, but we are told to give in, to run and hide, to cower and beg for mercy. Do your church leaders EVER speak out against this abomination? Or do they content themselves with the same lukewarm rehashed drivel that means nothing? Are they standing up for your right to defend your family and your loved ones, or are they spewing out nonsense to please those who control their “tax exempt” status? Do they worship at the altar of GOD, or are they already crouched down licking the boots of tyrants?

    The real GOD wants you to be free. The real GOD demands a real faith.

    Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

    1. dmttbt says

      Just for the sake of a simpler argument, let’s leave God and Allah and whatever other religious following there may be out of the discussion. if you think the kind of leadership and representation we have is inspired by anything higher than greed, you are mistaken. When martial law is declared, who will enforce it? That is the real question.

      1. IMPCALGI says

        “If we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants.” — William Penn

        Martial law will be enforced by evil doers without mercy, men and women who have no conscience, those who will gladly beat and arrest and gun down their fellow Americans. They will get their orders from tyrants, those who believe that we should bow down and worship them as if they were gods. They will be aided and abetted by those who claim to be “men of god” but are nothing but “tax exempt” apologists for evil. And they will be obeyed by rootless, amoral sheep who will gladly sell their souls for a drop of water and a crumb to eat, just so long as we all “leave God out of the discussion”.

        If you think that GOD can be left out, you have already lost. What else do you think you can appeal to in the face of an all powerful government? Where else do you think you will turn when those who are supposed to protect you turn into your jailer? Who else will be on your side when your neighbors follow the dictate “if you see something say something” ?

        Faith can do many great and wonderful things, but none more so than giving courage to the fearful and clear thinking to the confused. Do not cut yourself off from the ultimate power in this universe.

        Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        1. dmttbt says

          You have already lost if you think you can pray and everything will be fine. defend to the death your right to be wrong, but you are still wrong. If you are so high on religion, which denomination do you choose? Are you a Buddhist? Are you a catholic? Study the history of the western civilization and you will see that one time the country was ruled by the catholic church. Do you approve of child molestation? Do you think that the Muslim faith is correct, it came out of the caves and was supported by the people because someone started telling those stories long ago. please don’t get me wrong, we have to have rules to live by and I think the Bible gives those. I accept it as just that, and if all did at least that we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in. what makes John Kerry go along with what Obama says?

          1. IMPCALGI says


            I notice that you have all too conveniently not responded to any of the questions which I have put to you, indicating that you either cannot read properly or you lack the moral courage to answer them. But I will answer you, as it seems that i possess those qualities which you lack.

            Which “denomination” do I belong to : none, obviously. I belong to the GOD who made me, not any group which tries to build peace on earth by strapping bombs onto 20 year olds, or by licking the boots of the fascist government in Washington. I am not a Buddhist; nor am I Catholic nor Muslim nor Jew nor Christian nor pagan.

            In the bad old days, people believed that GOD was angry and needed to be appeased with sacrifices. They sacrificed people, especially small children. Times changed, and there was improvement: they sacrificed animals instead of people, especially lambs. Times improved still further, and there was one final sacrifice of the man they called GOD. Now times have improved further still, and I say to you in the name of the GOD who made me, that GOD was never angry, and that the sacrifices were all the work of the devil.

            My faith teaches me to uphold the Ideals GOD gave us by Mastering Power. This means that all who are True Believers will defend ourselves and our faith with both prayer and by physical means. We will defend ourselves and our faith by any means necessary, so disabuse yourself of this silly fantastical notion that in any way we believe that prayer alone will make everything fine. Prayer informs our actions, which we are already taking.

            The rest of your “questions” are mere provocations and are not worthy of being answered.

            So, coward, when will you answer the questions which I have put to you?

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

  106. jimmy johnson says

    Obama should have been Impeached a long time ago. They are not dealing with the root cause to all these issues that are coming up. Get him OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

  107. Dennis B Anderson says

    You dont know me but send me your money this is a good investment. You have to sign up for it to know whats in it????? Sincerly Misther Dhumb Hass

  108. gian2012 says

    California legislature loves doing everything backasswards, keep making up new anti gun ownership laws against those who’ve never committed a crime with a firearm. That’s ditto for other states doing the same. So, if a person goes off his rocker there’s plenty of laws to prosecute what constitutes a crime whereby the perp gets nailed and not the instrument of mayhem used. Dumbass libs can’t get their head wrapped around that, they only see evil in the gun and not the criminal user, it’s why often times the weapon is inadmissible as evidence as should be because the gun didn’t act by itself being an inanimate object in the hands of the user. “A gun is a mighty force, for good or for evil, but only in the hands of those who use it”, Samuel Colt. I think that says it all and our Second Amendment is right on the stick as gun owners without criminal records are not to be infringed by executive orders, harassing records, registration, etc. “Shall not be infringed”, is just what it says, Hell, it wasn’t written in Greek !

  109. Gray_Doug says

    Governors, what is the problem? Are you afraid of enforcing existing law? Collect criminals, not guns. If they are found guilty, nail them to the wall for their crimes.

    Put the fear of God into those that have the gall to attack law-abiding citizens. Make prison a tougher experience than the Shirley Temple (apologies, Shirley. God bless you.) world they have now. Make them work for their food. If they escape, reinstate the full original sentence from day one.

    Americans have God-given rights. One of those is the right to self-defense. Take away the guns and the bad guys will still get them and you will have turned the wolves loose in the sheep pen. Your proposed idea is so full of XXXX that you need to take a “lot” of ex-lax.

    1. Joseph Toth says

      well said.

      1. Buzg says


  110. Tony Scott says

    the fuse has been lite we have had open borders a long time ,our president got on there news station and told them if they come to America you can get amnesty if you lie !!! the influx of kids is his plans to embezzle the billions of dollars to deal with the kids .now here is the problem all these wars around the world is bringing a lot of death to a lot of very powerful people they will be coming after Obamas bosses and they will not let there names be exposed for now they need to get this world to calm down before they loose there infrastructure here and that’s just not going to happen .Obama is scared he needs to hide he needs marshal law so he can hide in his bunker and control without being seen .people get ready as you have noticed the escalating agitation of race baiting in the news . watch out black America he is going to use you to enact marshal law and don’t be surprised how many south Americans who will be fighting with you in the streets . the rest of us we have one more chance to save our country after this begins if Obama doesn’t get the key for Iran to be able to destroy Israel first then nuke us maybe unless china stops Iran.

  111. Richard Tebaldi says

    EVERYTHING is “considered” in CA! Not much is DONE! Many Californians believe they have the “solution to life in America”. Many of them can’t find their butts with both hands. Like Congress.

  112. jimmy johnson says

    I pray any attempts to violate the 2nd Amendment by taking arms in New Jersey and California falls through and has no success. The Constitution has been fine all these years and now Obama has fooled this country with his LIES!!! He is Evil, and should be Impeached!! House and Senate is too scattered to achieve it though!! He is such a traitor and has No Heart whatsoever!!

  113. rickpop says

    Now that I see the way someeone like christy will run the country, hope he dose’nt get a chance!

  114. grunion says

    New Jersey has more residents per square mile than any other state in the (OK, I’ll say it, not believing it.) Union. Disarm them all and it will make Chicago’s violence pale in comparison. I cannot believe Christie would allow it but if it happens, it will be awful.

  115. Joseph Toth says

    Hell give the criminals the upper hand, those people are too stupid to care about. They elected those jerks, so they deserve what they get. No tears here.

  116. jackw97224 says

    United States v. Moylan

    417 F. 2d 1002 – United States v. Moylan

    We recognize, as appellants urge, the undisputed power of the jury to acquit, even if its verdict is contrary to the law as given by the judge and contrary to the evidence. This is a power that must exist as long as we adhere to the general verdict in criminal cases, for the courts cannot search the minds of the jurors to find the basis upon which they judge. If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused is unjust, or that exigent circumstances justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide
    by that decision.

    No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority (
    The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens (

    Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt
    The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt (
    The Law by Frederic Bastiat (
    That Which is Seen and That Which is not Seen (
    Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (

    I don’t see how anyone has the right to take a vote to sanction the politicians to use lethal force against you to control your person and property. I don’t see that as a right, I see it as a crime.

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed
    lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

    The 1928 US Army Training Manual on Citizenship explains that Democracy leads to mobocracy. Now replace Democracy with mobocracy in the following slogans: The US will Make the World
    Safe for Democracy and The US is the Arsenal of Democracy.

    “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.” ~ H.L. Mencken

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” (Barak Obama) Yeah, tell it to the criminal IRS, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Leslie Marshall, Harry Reid and that commie/socialist cadre of criminals and liars. “I got a pen and a
    phone,” hears a thought, “Do something.” And remember, I,I,I I’m just tellin’ the truth now I, I, I don’t have to run for office again. (so he admitted he and his cadre of commie/socialists previously lied…heh, heh, heh…so many lies, so many gaffes so little time left to terminated him)

    Quis custodiet, ipsos custodes (who will guard the guards) – Juvenal – Roman Poet

    Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. — Russian Proverb

    The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.” – Thomas Sowell

    Molon Labe – come and take (should be the motto of politicians and their thugs in the IRS)

  117. Robert L. Rice says

    just another bunch of idiots,pushing for confiscation,too bad they don’t enforce the laws they have…

  118. Ronald Hagler says

    This is but another measure to circumvent the Constitution and is totally illegal. No state shall pass, not enforce, a law that is contradictory to the Constitution. PERIOD! Using mental status as a claim to confiscate guns is paramount to what the Nazi regime, under Hitler, did in Germany during the 1930”s. While Hitler, and his Nazi cronies, never banned civilian ownership of firearms, all who were thought to be enemies of the State were singled out to have any firearm they had registered confiscated, thus disarming the enemies of Hitler.

    U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 10

    Ex Post Facto Law

    U.S. Constitution – Article 6

    States must abide by the Federal law

  119. Sue says