Hallelujah: Jeb Bush’s Son Sees the Light


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush may not be able to get over the crushing blow to his ego that was the 2016 Republican primaries, but his son recognizes that it’s time to let bygones be bygones for the good of the country. On Saturday, George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner and victory chair of the Texas GOP, told members of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee that it was time to support Donald Trump.

“From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton,” the younger Bush said.

This was a reversal for Bush, who said in June that he would not be able to support the candidate. “I, along with others, are not in a position to endorse at this time because of concerns about his rhetoric and his inability to create a campaign that brings people together,” he said back then.

While his comments Saturday did not explicitly come across as an endorsement, they do indicate a willingness to put aside the family’s personal grudge to do what’s best for the conservative movement. That’s impressive, and it demonstrates a maturity in the Texas Republican that’s absent from the rest of the Bush dynasty. You’d think having two presidents and four generations of elected office – to say nothing of untold wealth – would be enough salve for those Trump wounds, but apparently not.

If Jeb ever plans to run for president again, though, he should take a lesson from his son. The Republican Party of his brother does not exist today, just as the Republican Party of his father did not exist when W. was in office. The party, and the country as a whole, is constantly in flux, and this election is showing us which of its members are willing to surrender to these changes and which aren’t. As long as they view these changes as some manifestation of Trump, they can’t and won’t be on board. Only when they see that the reverse is true – that Trump is a manifestation of the changes – will they once again find themselves comfortable in the GOP.

But see, that’s tough to do when you’re hanging on to a kind of misplaced ownership of the party. The Bushes appear to suffer from the same malady that infects the Clintons, which is blind entitlement. They aren’t sulking because “low energy” was such a devastating accusation that it besmirched the family crest. They’re sulking because they see the Republican Party as their baby.

They’re missing the core reality, which is that it was never theirs and it was always ours.

We’re just taking back our property.

  1. Tiger says

    Jeb certainly was not the sharpest tool in the Bush box. I suppose the smart gene finally reappeared in the Jeb family. I personally am sick and tired of Bush bashing when O has been the sorriest president in the history of this country and he sure is not for America nor is he smart or highly intelligent.

    This is a good thing.

    1. AlanWH says

      The smart gene finally “Reappeared?” When did it manifest the First Time? None of them have ever been the “sharpest tool in the box.”

      1. Tiger says

        That is a legend that the Left filled hate made up. Bush’s grades were identical to Kerry’s in college they were put on the net when they were both running for president. Sorry you believe it. Matter of fact recent article showing smartest presidents shows O last on the list.

        1. AlanWH says

          I’m not trumpeting the left’s mantra, but Comparing Bush to Kerry is no confirmation the “smart gene” was ever evident in either. Combined they still wouldn’t be the “sharpest tool” in the box. Hussein is a Certified Idiot.

          1. Miss Mellie says

            For the most part, I admired George W. But I agree, coming ANYBODY to Kerry is laughable. That man just LOOKS DUMB. He married up; that’s his achievement.

          2. SouthernPatriot says

            Soooo true.

          3. pineapple says

            He also said that air conditioners and refrigerators are more dangerous to humanity than radical Islamic terrorists.

            Presumably he was talking about CFCs that can cause the ozone hole to become wider and cause cancer from the suns rays. Actually, the ozone layer has increased.

            Remember the giant hole in the Earth’s ozone layer? Scientists say
            it’s shrinking a little, thanks in part to the elimination of
            chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, beginning in the 1980s.

            For the
            first time in 35 years, scientists have confirmed a statistically
            significant increase in the amount of ozone, which shields us from skin
            cancer and protects crops from sun damage.

            NASA scientist Paul
            A. Newman, who co-chairs an ozone assessment by 300 scientists that
            takes place once every four years, says that from 2000 to 2013, ozone
            levels climbed by 4 percent in mid-northern latitudes at about 30 miles
            up, at the upper edge of the stratosphere.

            a victory for diplomacy and for science and for the fact that we were
            able to work together,” says chemist Mario Molina, who won a Nobel Prize
            for his research into the ozone layer.

          4. mallen11 says

            Good info and…
            Man cannot destroy the earth. The Ozone layer is designed to take all of the pollution of the universe even volcanoes
            Volcanoes fill the earth with billions particles and have to go up and be sorted out. These particles are made up of S02 and C02 and have to be converted into 02 before they return to the earth. The ozone layer thickens or thins according to the conversion of these particles. They do not pollute the earth and they go up thousands of miles into space and change into oxygen.
            Then if anything gets through that system there is the van Allen radiation belt which handles the rest of it and man benefits from it.
            Man can’t squirt the earth and destroy it.
            Man trashes the earth but can’t destroy it or our solar system.
            That is reserved for Jesus Christ: 2 Peter 3:7 But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the Day of Judgment and destruction of ungodly men.

          5. Tiger says

            The reason I quoted it because Kerry considered until of late, to be intelligent. We know better now. I always knew his being called out by the Swifties was proof positive he was and is worthless and should never have been allowed to hold office higher than poop scooper.

            But then he joined the ST so he fits right in. Yes one would think that the name Barack Hussein Obama would have been a red flag.

          6. mallen11 says

            Yes, it is amazing that people even accepted O’s name. People just don’t think, they emote and vote that same way. Just note the people who will vote for HRC because she is a woman and not even know what she stands for — evil.

          7. Tiger says

            Amen to all you say.

          8. siridh says

            Anyone who hates, holds in contempt and tries to destroy the country that made him president is either pure evil or doesn’t have the ability to reason.

        2. James Maxwell says

          The scoring if IQ is not always indicative of the actual intelligence of a person.
          We supposedly elect intelligent people to office and they turn out to be
          dumber than a box of rocks.

          1. Tiger says

            The average IQ of Asians is 120, whites 100 and blacks well if I put it up I will be slammed and called racist and bigoted. Bush was far from dumber than a box of rocks now O I will agree is indeed evil and not dumb because his puppet masters have programed him to systematically destroy this country and he has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

            That is why people, millions upon millions, from all walks of life, all races and all parties voted Trump into the position he is in now. We the People know what is at stake.

          2. mallen11 says

            Good for you, Tiger, keep telling it like it is. I would be great if your communique could reach the left.

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you but we both know nothing I say makes a dent in any Liberal.

          4. Shelly Shannon says

            Yeah, that’s because they don’t really know what they want or why they want it. I have noticed that no matter who they are, they never have an intelligent reply with facts and absolutely no reasoning behind supporting Clinton. The only word they know is idiot.

          5. Tiger says

            There was a cute article written called “The Liberal Playbook” I will find it and post it to you. It is funny but sadly it covers their strategy when arguing.

          6. Tiger says

            Here it is one day a bunch of we conservatives decided to take this and apply it to every post back to liberals. It was such fun.

          7. Sherry says

            Not true: YOU are, hopefully, planting seeds of doubt and will cause them to dig deeper into the real truth NO ONE WANTS to believe a lie! Good work, Tiger!

          8. Tiger says

            Ahhh Sherry thank you so much. One of my counterparts just got a phone call from Dennis Michael Lynch, a real patriot and a big thank you for his work. We will continue to fight.

          9. THANKFUL says

            You are correct Tiger. I also read that Asians are 1st, whites second, Hispanics next, and yes, black I.Q.’s were/are way at the bottom on average. If one looks around, anyone can see the black race are the only race, accept for a few, that does not take advantage of a free education system. Good reason for them being at the bottom. If they really cared about their race, they’d encourage their race to take advantage of the education system, instead of 70% or more popping out babies they can’t afford, living off the system, very few marrying and staying together, etc. Remember, when Johnson was in office and putting in more entitlements, he said, but not in exact words “we’re going to make these niggers slaves for life”, and he did.

          10. Tiger says

            Great and truthful post that you will get slammed for. We know that blacks who try to good are made fun of and berated for trying to be white. Kind of akin to sharpening the ax that will cut your head off.

            Yes Jonson said give them N’s stuff and they will vote Democrat forever. Sad he was right. Now being an RN for close to 30 years I worked with the best of the blacks and so I didn’t’ see this in their families. There is a great segment of the black population that are proud, good working people and they don’t want any part of this.

          11. pappy450 says

            If your last line is true, PLEASE enlighten me WHY those hard-working blacks that don’t want any part of the corruption and LIES told by the “liberals” about THEM, are not getting THEIR faces on the news to explain to us why they are not letting THEIR voices to be heard. Otherwise the rhetoric will just keep on coming from the scumocrats that want them to stay on the “plantation” and under “their control”

          12. Tiger says

            You know why. The main media controlled by liberals and O that want the hate to continue. Without it there is no divide.

          13. pappy450 says

            unfortunately I DO know why. I have seen it all over TV and internet if any Blacks DARE to go against the “progressive machine” they are immediately “labeled” with every SLANDER that is in their evil vocabulary. LORD forbid they have the NERVE to go off the “plantation” and actually be able to think for themselves without being TOLD what to do, say and think by their LIBERAL “masters”.

          14. Tiger says

            Right on and there are some of the best, smartest and intelligent on FOX and FOX business channel.

          15. Mary Brumley says

            By the same token, WHY aren’t we hard-working, tax paying whities raising sand about the present corruption of both the majority parties leaders?

          16. pappy450 says

            Doesn’t seem to do much good. I have written to my “representatives” and get “form letters”. This government is so damn corrupt and all on the “take” . ALL BOTH “parties” want, is to get rich off the backs of WE the TAXPAYERS.
            In my State of N.Y. the only time we see any “senators” and “congress-people” up here in NORTHERN N.Y (above Syracuse) is when they are up for re-election and looking for votes and bring “bribes” (a little bit of funding). After that…crickets that is, until the next time for voting. Then they are back like a bad penny.

          17. Mary Brumley says

            I think We the People would have to appear en masse around and in government buildings and on the streets. Then “peacefully” and legally raise sand by shouting and carrying signs.
            But, sadly, I can’t see great groups of respectable Americans doing that. We would be more likely to create a revolution I think. I do know there are many of us that are up to our eyeballs with the corruption of our own government.
            Trump running for election has really caused the evil in our government to rear its ugly head for all to see (of course the Libs don’t recognize that).

          18. pappy450 says


            The “elites” in BOTH side of the isle are TERRIFIED that TRUMP will win the election and the cushy “government jobs”, “swanky offices” and of course the, “POWER” and “MONEY” that they have accumulated off the backs of the TAXPAYERS, will be cut back, and returned where it was intended, (With the control back to “We the PEOPLE”). as it SHOULD BE. Expect every DIRTY TRICK in this election you could possible imagine, mainly because the LAME STREAM MEDIA is “IN THE TANK” FOR HITLERY and will pump propaganda down the throats of the American people as long as they are gullible enough to watch and believe their LIES.(and you KNOW the “takers” will believe EVERY WORD as long as it benefits “them”)

          19. jetmagnet says

            Trump’s mouth won him the primaries. He
            appealed to the lowest denominator within the Republican Party. He fed
            their hatred and anger that has been cultivated by the Republican Party
            for years. It paid off big for him. He beat them at their own game. The
            problem now is he’s maxed his base. There’s nowhere for him to go but
            down. The people that flocked to him are there. His problem is that this
            is the general election and the very rhetoric that won him the
            primaries will cost him the general. There are still way too many
            reasonable minds in the country that just aren’t buying the hate spewing
            out of his mouth.

          20. pappy450 says

            The ONLY thing I have heard coming out of Trump’s MOUTH is the TRUTH of what has been going on in this country for YEARS and of course, the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE /COMMUNISTS FOOLS don’t like the TRUTH being put out there.. They would rather have the “PC” version repeated (LIES)over and over and HOPE people like YOU will eventually rollover and buy the crap that is being shoved down their throats and remain “complacent”, good little communist sheeples. “reasonable minds” as you stated. are:… You know …people that can actually THINK for themselves without being told to, are WAKING UP. THAT is why TRUMP rallies had people coming out in DROVES to hear THE TRUTH for once without the “sugar coating” and SPIN like at the DNC. You are damn right Trump’s MOUTH won the primaries…. TELLING THE TRUTH WILL TEND TO DO THAT WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE INTELLIGENCE TO LISTEN and have the brains to form their own opinion with out some SCUMOCRAT/COMMUNIST telling them how and when they SHOULD be able to do so.

          21. jetmagnet says

            fascinated at the bare and obvious truth that Mr. trump, for whatever
            reason, remains unable to grasp for long the predicament into which he
            has placed himself – a situation which requires that he learn and adapt.
            Both of which he clearly is unable to do.

            That a grown man of
            70 remains clueless to requirements and standards, such as any
            presidential run consists of, is truly alarming. He is completely out
            of his depth. And that depth is so woeful as to challenge even the
            skills of an experienced psychological assessor. I am dumbfounded! I
            am astounded by his inability to cognitively grasp – even on an
            intuitive level – how poorly equipped he is to manage himself or the
            myriad tasks of a presidential campaign.

            It sounds like they are
            trying to get something off the ground – over and over – something like
            an invention that is never going to work. Never! Like they wind him
            up, day after day. But the wind-up is insufficient. Because the
            original invention is faulty. And there’s no way to scrap it and start
            over. So, crazily, they just wind-up the useless, clueless contraption.
            Cuz that’s all they have!


          22. Sherry says

            BOTH candidates have duplicitous mouth problems! BOTH lack the necessary integrity to set this country back on the right path! Their EGOS are too large and their records too dubious! IF I have to vote Trump to keep that wicked witch and her evil husband out of our White House, then I will do so! IF I find out we can’t write in our favorite candidate, then the lesser of two evils will have to suffice! God HELP US!! PLEASE help us!

          23. jetmagnet says

            Sorry, i really haven’t heard even close, ok? I don’t hear her calling him crazy trump. Liberals aren’t calling trump names like you peeps. lol
            I haven’t heard hillary ask her supporters to punch someone out. lol

          24. Sherry says

            SO TRUE!!! This country is in a mess that I fear we are weakened to the point that an invasion by Russia or China will be so easy because they purposely allowed the Muslims in to weaken us and to destroy us from within. It would be a “cake walk” for them to invade now!

          25. Shelly Shannon says

            I know you didnt ask my opinion so I hope its okay to reply. I believe that back through generations it became the normal for blacks to believe their only place in society was not to lead but to follow. Now days you have BLM and Black Panthers movements, and it’s possible that blacks are afraid to step forward because they feel they will be persecuted for doing so. They look to Obama to speak for them even if they dont agree with him. Look at these movements. You can detect that they cary that slavery mentality. They want things changed, but they have nothing to offer as any type of solution. Now don’t misunderstand me. There are a lot of very hard working honest and great African Americans out there working for America, but I believe the reason more of them don’t step forward to defend isn’t a matter of can they, it comes full circle back to the mindset that they feel they should follow instead of lead or they will be ridiculed and their lives ruined. Unfortunately their leaders are speaking out about what their owed instead if what they can do to improve and enrich other blacks in their communities. This just seeds their fears even further. As long as they believe they are always persecuted in some way that thought process will never go away. I think this is why you see very few African Americans step forward to defend. The rest are just waiting to be saved.

          26. pappy450 says

            I can see your point and agree with it mostly, BUT after all these years I think it is about time to “retire” of all the “race-baiters” (including oscumbag) and the Blacks need to get a mind of their own and stop listening to the scumbags that want to keep them “where they belong” firmly on their “plantation” (the scumocrat so-called party). “president” Johnson was correct in stating “give those Ni***** free stuff” and they will vote DEMOCRAT forever. It is time for the Blacks to wake up and see the SCUMOCRATS for who they REALLY are, and which “party” fought to “free” them all those years ago.

          27. Shelly Shannon says

            You are exactly right. It does amaze me how they don’t research out history. It may give them more options.

          28. jetmagnet says

            Southern strategy, Jim crowe, civil rights, voting rights all strategies to marginalize blacks.

          29. Sherry says

            ALL by the KKK Demoncraps!!!

          30. jetmagnet says

            No they were Dixiecrats!

          31. Sherry says

            NOTHING ever changes in your party…….The Dixiecrates WERE the Demoncraps and still are!!! With the added bonus of , now they are also Communist/Socialists, to boot! We got a winner, here, folks!

          32. Sherry says

            Senator Byrd of W.V., who just recently died, was a grand wizard. I’d say that’s pretty current, wouldn’t you?? Thurgood Marshall, first black SCOTUS, claimed that the KKK was alive and well in the Demoncrap Party! I guess you heard that the Communist Party USA just endorsed Hillary AND the DNC platform! How far left and racist do you want to lean?? Al Gores own father was a member of the KKK and was required to leave them to run for office! Strange, that no one brought that up during the Gore run against G.W.Bush. I guess politics were a gentleman’s game back then…….NOT! As was the legendary LBJ! SO, who’s the racists NOW?? I personally do not KNOW any conservative racists! ALL of the racist I have met or know were uneducated hillbillys of Demoncratic South, repeating all of the inane Demoncratic rhetoric without sane reasoning powers their forefathers displayed. To this day, they’re of the same racist ilk and when you mention that they should be very careful that they run the Demoncratic black voters out of their coveted party! After all, they have finally achieved the coveted full one man vote and shant want to waste it, now would they? Hmmmmm….go figure…….

          33. usathoughts says

            I employed Negro women but never the men. When General Powell went over to the Democrats that just blew my mind as the saying goes. All my favorite Negro actors turned out to be “Black” actors and still Tribal.

            The Democrat Party is the Negros worst enemy but they cannot see it.

            Short story. Long ago when a University student helped, along with others, a bright Negro student to enter the Universities Engineering Program. The biggest obsticule was his communities influence. His having four “White” friends put truth to lie.

          34. Tiger says

            I fully understand and as one who hired and fired I understand also the problems with firing those who don’t do their jobs if they are black. My X was a Union Steward for the Post Office, he hated his job, the blacks got points just for being black to get the job, they continued even with 14 an hour starting pay and all benefits to use the system for food etc and taught the newbies how to do it. He had to save the jobs of some of the sorriest, fat and most useless people in the world.

            But I can tell you this, I worked for close to 30 years as an RN with the most wonderful black women in this world. CNAs and they are the backbone of the medical field and never receive the money or recognition they deserve. I will also say the new generations were not like the old and they were not as kind, loving and color blind as the old.

          35. usathoughts says

            No disagreement from me. A Negro woman takes care of my mother. Could not find a better person for the job. Her hopes and dreams are no different than anyone else. We take her out to dinner once a week and just talk.

            One Thing. Don’t like the word ‘Black’ just as I don’t like being called a ‘Frog’ as a Frenchman. The word black carries negative connotations the world over. It is something that would make Stalin proud.

          36. Tiger says

            They call themselves African Americans and Blacks so nothing dishonorable about it only in too PC countries. They take pride in being Black. Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers etc. Black history month.

          37. usathoughts says

            I was referring to perception. Has nothing to do with political correctness. Need I refer you to nursery rhymes and numerous negative connotations? I have nothing against ‘monikers’ but those that are ‘Dark’ can be of no benefit to those bearing the mark.

            Who would appreciate being called a Stalinist, or a Nazi. Well, other than Saul Alenski, one of Hillary Clintons mentors…. example of a ‘Dark’ connotation.

          38. Tiger says

            Well we agree to disagree PC has gone so out in Left Field it is in orbit.

            People have Dark thoughts, there are Dark movies, there is a Dark underworld etc.

          39. usathoughts says

            I do have trouble in expressing what is considered Social Issues. My mind-set is 2+2=4 with the surety this will never change.

            I don’t believe we disagree so much but that we somewhat talk past one another. It is subtle. I see “PC” as being rather one sided. I am sure I am guilty of doing so at times but I am not conscious of it.

            Ever have a question concerning Finance or Economics I will not disappoint you. I pay good money every year for hard data. If you require it to be confidential just reply, asking for my email address. And , NO, I am not selling anything!

          40. Tiger says

            Good to find civil people on the net.

            Thank you for the offer but due to so many threats to my life I never get in touch with anyone on the net.

          41. usathoughts says

            Have read many of your comments. See nothing that would engender such anger. I go at Islam with vengeance but never threatened.

            Note; If using Facebook, Twitter, and the like you open yourself to the world. DISQUS is the only site, to my knowledge, that keep your personal information confidential.
            If you are an investor and/or know friends that are, be a hero, presenting them with the following sources. They are fee based subscriptions but reasonable at entry level. Also, you are allowed to share information. No government ties!

            Economics; Agora International – Bill Bonner & Associates.
            Finance; Stansberry & Associates.
            Physical; McKinsey Global Institute. e.g. Commodities, shipping, and the like.

            They are worldwide with thousands of investigators within their field of expertise. They are rarely wrong, going back decades. McKinsey provides the raw data to use as you will.

            This is my way of complimenting you for your comments.

          42. Tiger says

            Thank you coming from such an intelligent source I am very happy to accept this. I will put it out to my many contacts on the net.

            I am not on any Social Media but I do comment on youtube. When coming home from this last war I joined the ranks of Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Bridgette Gabriel, Joe Kaufman, Andrew Whitehead, Robert Spencer and many others who have been getting the info out on CAIR and Islam for years and just now being heard. Almost too late.

            I had an incident with CAIR during this last war. They tried to destroy my Military career, Rummy was going along with it but thanks to many mentioned above along with Generals downrange who fell on their swords for me and my Freedom of Speech right when off duty, they failed. So I went after them with a passion when coming home. I went on speaking engagements with some of the people I named and international Pal Talk where I spoke alongside a Coptic. We were threatened with decapitation you name it. Having just coming home from this war I knew what they are capable of. They killed the Coptic and his family. After that I went dark for a long time. Only last few years been at it again. I will send you the article on the Coptic.

          43. usathoughts says

            The intelligent source(s) I pay for. For myself barely made it as an Engineer. However, have a few credits to my name. One of them is the 101 key keyboard you may be using. Credit must be given to; Keytronics provided the design layout for a mechanical keyboard. National Semiconductor designed and produced the electronic decoding system. CompuCorp provided the engineering for a Capacitance based layout. At least the idea was all mine. Went from a $3.50 per keycap to 35 cents per keycap – wholesale price.

            Before the above returned to University, securing a degree in Finance. In that I excelled. Proved to be an excellent marriage with regard to the Electronic Industry. After a few years found myself in an International Market, 1980 – 1992. Before this was a sub-contractor within the Defense Industry for six years, 1973-1979. Got to know Islam rather well. Also the FBI & CIA. Exciting times for a man not yet 30 who grew up on a farm.

            I spent four plus months in Vietnam as a pathfinder. The CIA picked up 24 of us from the Armored Cavalry in Germany. This was 12/1964 to 4/1965. Did not even know the job until after landing along the Laotian border. Might like this; for three of those months was a civilian. In Germany was listed as AWOL. As a young ignorant soldier never questioned anything. By the way, young officers are a real danger to the troops. Was bloodied a couple times before I wised up, but nothing serious. Reminds me of; there is the Army, then there is the right way. Anyway the family has a very long history of military service.

            Your situation with Islam could not be more correct. I worked with Muslims from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Libya. What I found strange was how truthful they were in explaining Islam’s Agenda. To them it is inevitable they will rule the world. The Infidel is held in contempt even when needed to do what they cannot. I learned that a Muslim cannot sin against an Infidel. Reading every word, twice, of the Qur’an was a real wake up call.

            You were in-country then when considered a threat? Still, how did the Muslims get to the Secretary of Defense? Perhaps the administation still had idiotic dreams of converting the Islamic Theocracy to a Democracy. After 1,400 years the West should have learned this was not possible. Even now, in every Mosque on the planet Islam still preaches the same message.

            Given your history see why you are concerned for your safety. Might consider a Blog and Internet Chain Letters. Talk it over with DISCUS, expressing your concerns. Note: You are right about Social Media – will sell you out in a heartbeat. Have experienced this in Germany with Facebook.

            You might think I relish trouble. Well, do not shy from it. At 73 don’t really give a damn. Will say and do as I please. Perhaps I have been in Texas too long!

            I am real tired of Obama and V. Jarrett, Hillary and Huma Abedin, Kaine and his Hamas friends. Understand Obama has bought a house in Qatar. Good, maybe they will all move there, leaving America in peace.
            Why the Middle East turmoil? Way back when know that Saudi Arabia and Qatar wanted to run a Natural Gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey and into Europe. Syria said NO way! Looking back a bad move. Now I hear that Israel has vast reserves of Oil & Gas off-shore. Most likely a boon to Lebanon and Syria as well. I have not confirmed this. If true sure the Saudi’s know of it.

            I have always said that when the last rock is overturned that is where the money is. Nothing else makes sense. With Israel destroyed Saudi Arabia inherits all of it. Iran will do an about face, making common cause with the Saudis. It is a dangerous game they play. However, with Hillary on their side just might be able to pull it off.

          44. Tiger says

            I have met in my many travels throughout the world, fascinating people but you are incredible. Actually CAIR got to Rummy. CAIR was downrange observing the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. As you already know many were able to travel in and out during the conflicts. I was amazed the men I took care of knew CAIR. Seems they were rearing their ugly heads that far back only difference then and now was Bush did allow them to be investigated and the FBI did finally say they had ties to terrorism but O stopped those investigations. In fact if you recall Barbara Boxer didn’t give CAIR the award they were looking forward to because the FBI did send letters to all in Congress before O took office to heads-up for CAIR.

            You are correct about the oil Israel has discovered. I read the international news daily and keep up with Israel. Sad that one can find out more about America via the international news than from our own news.

            During this war I was six months RR and ICU, six months setting up DWMMC and the last three months I did the Daily Pentagon Report for General Granger Euro Command. I met many Generals and they were honest with all of us, they came in with their wounded all the time then flew back downrange. I can’t tell their names to people but many went into battle with their men and were injured. You know how that goes if I tell all I know they will have to shoot me. People think that is funny but it is true for sure. I worked the 7P to 7A shift and that is when the VIP patients brought in where you sign your life away before taking care of them, the sergeant that worked with me hated it. We got all the VIP from both sides of the war and people again I can’t tell anyone about. So I learned much.

            I am hoping the scenario you describe doesn’t come to fruition, I would like to think that America will find it’s senses, rid itself of Islam and that Europe will do the same. Israel will survive and the ME will once again be the home of Islam. But I fear WWIII before that.

          45. usathoughts says

            Thank you but not sure which side of incredible I fall on! My life was more like a raft on a rushing river. Had no choice in where it took me. In other words not thought out conscious decisions. “FUBAR” is a term I can relate to.

            In the real world CAIR should have been shut down long past. Along the Southern Border we have La Raza, a semi government holding this territory fast. The Democrat Party provides them Legal & Political cover. All in exchange for votes. Know this on a personal level.

            Have never liked the idea of having to be circumspect in what I say. In todays world your enemies don’t have to shoot you, just destroy your life. The very fact comments along these lines are censored proves the point. Think about how easy it is for the IRS to wreck ones life.

            Thanks for the confirmation regards the Oil & Gas discovery. Does provide perspective on the past 38 years. In my not so humble opinion believe the only thing holding the Saudis back is Russia. So many competing agendas; difficult to know how this will all play out. Perhaps you still have Military contacts that can give you the lay of the land.

            If war is at hand it will come from Hillary, not Trump. Hillary has made it quite obvious she sides with Islam over Russia. Trump as a Nationalist will probably leave the Middle East to the tender mercies of the Russians. And, why not? We can easily be energy independent.

          46. Tiger says

            As to my life, hindsight is 100% and I can now see where every step of the way, every adventure, every person I met, everything I did, everything was a path that led me to the finale’ of becoming an Army Combat Support Reserve nurse to serve in two wars, to become involved in politics 10 years or so ago to spread the truth about Islam and to make me a fighter in my country daily for the return to America.

            H and O want our weapons, our water, our land, our money and they want Stalin’s Russia and if Trump not elected they will have it.

          47. usathoughts says

            Was trying to think of something funny about the shooters and the medics. But being one of shooters could only think of; “Thank you”.

            As to hindsight can only recall the people and companies but specific reasons are an enigma to me. I can with greater ease relate to you how the first computer on a chip came about or the miracle of a transistor but not my own thought processes related to any of my activities.

            I have experienced a couple of very expensive financial decisions. However, upon reflection would even today do the same given the knowledge we had. We simply did not take into consideration the political consequences. A long story!

            I will vote for Mr. Trump. However, doubt he can make any inroads into the Globalist Agenda. He says the Federal Reserve and Wall Street will be re-tasked to serve the needs of Main Street America. They will simply ignore him as they are the financiers of political campaigns – they own the vast majority of politicians who will do their biding. I do believe he will bring the Globalist agenda to the attention of the American citizens.

            In October of this year China’s money will receive Reserve Currency Status. This will result is dire consequences for the U.S. Dollar. However, not in time for the Election. The Central Banks of all G-20 Nations will keep a lid on it until then. It is central to them that Hillary Clinton be elected. Of course there is the possibility a few Central Banks will lose their nerve and panic. Turmoil will ensue and Trump will be elected.

          48. Edward B. Levy says

            Tiger, KKK=Racist, BLM=racist, Black Caucus=racist, Black Panters=Racist, White Supremist Groups =Racist, President Obama=Racist, former Sen. Byrd=Racist, Former Sen Thurmond=Racist, Al Sharpton=Racist, Rev Jesse Jackson=Racist, Farahkann=Racist, Former Chicago Mayor Daley=Racist, Adolph Hitler=Racist, Stalin=Racist, Idi Amin=Racist, tHE UN = RACIST, THE LIST IS ENDLESS

          49. Tiger says

            You are so right. Many knew when O came into office nobody would be able to criticize him because of his color. Linbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Bortz who left the country, all said it and they were right, open our mouths about Muslims or O and we are bigoted and racist.

          50. Shelly Shannon says

            My mother’s caretaker is also An African American woman. I’ll be honest. My mother grew up in the 30’s and beyond. Her mother was a harsh racists so she grew up with that, but she and my father never taught us anything racist what’s so ever. My mom loves her caregiver, and she is the sweetest person on earth. We consider her part of our family and you can tell she has never experienced that before. I once asked the caregiver, do you think black people can be racist? She said “absolutely. the only difference between a black racist and a white racist is a black racist just don’t talk to much about it. In my neighborhood, if you are white and drive through it you are as good as dead”.

          51. Cookie Vranish says

            Powell always was a Democrat. He just played the Republican card for career!

          52. usathoughts says

            Have known officers with little respect for General Powell.

            When I read or hear about ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’ can’t help but think of the years 1880 – 1885. To this day the slaves still cleave to their Masters. I use the word “Tribal” to explain it but goes far deeper than this. It is like some kind of mental and/or social abberation.

            But then, what do I know! My world is finance & economics.

          53. jetmagnet says

            So was Trump. A life long democrat and maybe his goal is the total destruction of the republican party. After all he consulted with good friend Bill Clinton just before putting his hat in the ring.

          54. Sherry says

            I can’t believe that I am actually agreeing with you! I have said all along that the Donald IS A RED HERRING put in place to destroy the GOP and Ted Cruz; the ONLY true conservative Constitutional Christian! Their whole bent was to DESTROY him with their like minded Progressive propaganda machine! Neither of them care about our wonderful Constitution; it is just a ploy to make us think that they are really honest caring candidates that love America! What they love is wealth and power;p PERIOD!! I will be writing in Ted Cruz on mu ballot as are many of my friends and family!

          55. Sherry says

            AND HIS RACE/color! He admitted to such.

          56. THANKFUL says

            Thanks Tiger. Of course, I don’t judge the a whole race because of the bad apples, but percentage wise, they are the only race in the world, that is unable to care for itself without the help of other races. I respect productivity, I have no respect for non-productivity or slothfulness, and that applies to any race. I also don’t believe in preference hiring, no matter sex or race. I feel ALL applications for ANYTHING should have the sex and race section eliminated, and a person should be accepted, hired, ect., according to their qualifications only. Let a computer do the hiring, that way there should, or may, be no preferential acceptance or hiring. Then hopefully no one could complain. Of course, there will always be the envious troublemakers, who will never be content.

          57. Tiger says

            Great idea let computers do the hiring but you and I know they would not play Affirmative Action so that won’t happen.

            Well we both know that unqualified people get jobs and keep them daily while good workers and highly qualified people not so much due to all the above you named.

            Yes blacks have been free for 150 years and since MLK are regressing. They have fallen into a deep Democratic Plantation abyss, being fed the poison of the past slavery and white hate to keep their fires burning.

          58. THANKFUL says

            Yes, it is a great idea. It would be too honest a way to higher people. The only reason I can see in many government job positions is preference highering, because many, if not most, of the government employees today are really incompetent compared to yesteryear, and that includes teachers, from my experience. Anyone from any and all races would have a fair chance at jobs if a computer type machine was to do the highering according to qualifications. There would be no room for discrimination. As for small business owners, they should be able to higher who they want, because financially, most don’t make enough to afford a lot of business necessities. Many are just getting by.

          59. Tiger says

            Yes in every field, including medicine is now infiltrated with inadequate people who are not up to par to do the job but given it anyway. Once getting into nursing school was tough. Then they began lowering the bar for minorities. It happened during my time. I had to make certain grades in math and science and if I didn’t make them I was out, they could make whatever and they were in.

            Once you had to take serious nursing exams. Three days worth, watched as you did it. Now they do their final testing to become RN on computers. Once you got a grade now you get a passing or a fail. Once you were punished for medical errors, major event was the call if someone died, now the nurse can’t be mentioned, she is protected from prosecution.

            Happy I know herbs and am healthy. Cause boy howdy sure don’t want to go to a hospital for any long stay.

          60. THANKFUL says

            Yep, and that’s why I avoid most doctors and hospitals, unless there is a dire emergency. Too many incompetent, ignorant, preference highered employees. The death rate annually from hospitals is higher than cig smokers and auto accidents together. I too study alternative medicine. Today, there is no money to be made keeping people healthy. Because greed has taken over, Big Pharma, the FDA, and most doctors don’t really work at making people better, because there’s no profit in healthy people, and they make billions off unnecessary drugs, man made poisons, etc. Can’t remember the last time any of my kids, who are adults now, oldest is 45, have gone to any doctor since they were in school getting required shots. Don’t run to the doctor for every little runny nose, fever, or any little nothing. We take care of it ourselves, like people used to do at one time.

          61. Tiger says

            My mother beat cancer 30 years by becoming a herbalist. Our home filled with medical books and alternative medicine. She has been a POW for the duration of WWII, starved, raped abused for close to 4 years so she was a real shocker to her docs.

            I have been to the doc in my life only for emergencies and nothing more. My children either.

            Most illnesses should not exist including cancer, it is a business and for 100 years not much has changed in the field. It is big money maker.

          62. THANKFUL says

            Well God bless your poor mother. She is a true survivor, and sounds like a very smart woman. Yes, cancer is big business money maker, mostly created by the food industry, from all the chemicals they put in and on in the foods we eat. I have a younger sister who became a RN. She said she learned there’s are cures for most everything, but doctors and nurses aren’t allowed to tell the people about them or they could lose their licenses, which Big Pharma and the FDA control. All about greed, control, and money. Society is just a bunch of sheeple waiting to be used, and then slaughtered when they serve no more purpose.

          63. Tiger says

            Exactly and when or if H gets into the WH elderly, those who are infirm in body and mind are gone.

            Wait and see. People with the knowledge of herbs and even if they cut those off, who know how to harvest them in their area will make it and help others to.

          64. THANKFUL says

            In the Obozo care pages, no government official would read till they were signed into law, on one of the pages someone found and posted, which I re-posted and shared a great while back, has since been deleted, and now I am unable to find it again to re-post it. Of course I remember what it said. It said, “anyone, and everyone, except for government officials, were expendable after the age of 45.” In other words, used up and serve no more purpose. Also said for those over 45, told doctors and the medical industry to cut back on meds and care they could live without. My younger brother, who has MD, his meds were cut way back and some eliminated when Obozo care was enacted, and of course, he’s pissed about that, as are many other people I know. They are also having sick and/or terminally ill elderly terminated, but telling the families they died naturally. It is one of big Gov’s way for DE-population, Because there is way over 7 billion people on the earth, and all the governments of the world want to eliminate around 6 billion people. That is why so many new disease strains are popping up, and why so many not normal things are happening. There is over population, too much waste, too much pollution, the list is long. Big governments, and those with money power, plan is to eventually terminate all of the useless, and keep some of the useful for their own benefit.

          65. Tiger says

            Actually the wilderness in America and all over the world far outweighs the hypothesis that too mush waste, too mush over population and too much pollution destroying this planet. They use the areas of our earth that are suffering from all this to justify their goals. But throughout history they have failed and they will fail again. There will always be people surviving in those huge wildernesses across the world. They will remain unknown, unseen and undetected because those in the One World Order will only be occupied with taking care of the populated areas and their slaves.

            There was a time Hospice only medicated for pain relief and left the patient alert enough to take care of their final wills etc. now you put someone on Hospice they are on Morphine drops around the clock which we know slows breathing etc

            Yes it is in place now.

          66. Tiger says
          67. DaveA says

            LBJ said for the next 200 years!

          68. Shelly Shannon says

            You are right about that. This is exactly what Hillary Clinton banks on. She knows blacks believe the bullshit that Dems have led them to believe their whole lives. They have been brainwashed to believe republicans are the enemy. They won’t believe that Dems are the ones who started slavery and Dems are the ones that tried to stop the civil rights movement. And Clinton, being the cow she is, prays on their vulnerabilities.

          69. Sherry says

            I remember that! Also when you consider that MOST of the abortions, especially the late ones, are mostly by the black “mothers” who care nothing for their offspring> The one who give birth mostly let their offspring grow up on the streets and only have them for their monthly stipend from the welfare. In the Johnson days, his “nigger” remark was way off base! Most of the blacks were very intelligent, hard working had good ethics and were not at all racist! Neither were most of us Californians back then! I never saw racism until we came to Virginia back in the late 80’s. The racist ones are the progressive Liberal Demoncraps!

            I never knew a racist Republican, conservative or a Christian! Always, it was a Demoncrap who spewed the racist hate.

          70. THANKFUL says

            You are absolutely correct Sherry. The millennial black are so ignorant, and have fed into the Democratic lies and deceitfulness. A shame they don’t do the homework, study, and think for themselves. The majority are brainwashed and mind set today.

          71. movingwaters says

            Programmed is right. And also applies to the people who voted for him.

          72. Tiger says

            Bet those Obama phones filled with subliminal messages.

          73. movingwaters says

            I don’t think so.
            I know one person that has one, and it is a really lousy phone. I get the impression that the audio drops out a lot.

            I wonder why Congress ever allowed that bozo to give away free stuff just to get votes.

          74. Tiger says

            Appears the states foot the bills and they are dropping it in many areas.

            In fact when people on food stamps they are offered one along with other free stuff.

          75. Ed Shick says

            If Obama does not have his teleprompter , he is lost ,, It is a good thing it can Read , but that is more than some of the Somalians that Voted for Him in 2012 could do , But I saw Doctors wives come in to vote that had to have some one with Them to help them Vote !! We had best learn English !

          76. Tiger says

            The world is watching and the international community is shocked that America’s elections so rigged.

            Thank God for Assange and others releasing these emails, Assange says after this recent batch, proving our elections rigged he is releasing some that will take H down and out.

            Yes you are right on.

          77. Sherry says

            IQ isn’t necessarily a racial thing. It’s the quality of the parenting and the education received and carefully watched by caring parents! When we were constantly competing against the Russians and China back during the “cold war” , American students were on a par with them because parents used to care. Race and income played very little part in these kids efforts to be the best they could be! I certainly remember the efforts MY parents made with all of us children; and there was 14 of us!

          78. Tiger says

            Agree to an extent but actually those figures still stand. They were put out over 20 years ago.

            14 wow and they did a great job I can see it in you. I am thankful they reproduced to add to the intelligent in this country.

          79. Jimmy Quick says

            How smart is a puppet anyway?

          80. Richard Daugherty says

            They are dumb like a fox. They are cleaning our clock. Becoming very rich and destroying our country at the same time. They all need to be fired.

          81. Sherry says

            Johnson, Ford, and Carter come to mind along with “O” and his VP!

        3. Ed Shick says

          Obama was to much of a Drug addict to get Grades although he came to America on a Student Visa , Why is he still here ?

          1. Tiger says

            Why indeed partly because we obviously have a Congress that agrees with what he is doing just as Merkel and the British PM was agreeing with what he is doing and the EU and the UN.

            Now with all the emails, thanks to Assange and others, especially those today there is no doubt this election is rigged from stem to stern. Assange says the next batch will put her down.

            We have been duped from day one and O was groomed from day one of his birth to do this.

          2. Ed Shick says

            Thanks for agreeing with my Thoughts this was a Very hard day for me a friend passed away that I had known since i was in the Third grade they asked for people to make Comments and I just had to many tears to do It , I did find out that not one of his Children had known that He was on the Battleship Missouri when the japs surrendered at the end of WW 2,I was a little younger and I hit Korea in the winter of 1950 , His kids were all there which was nice as there was a time on sat nights we were at his house or we were at our House making Home made Ice Cream . He very seldom mentioned the second World war and it is only lately That i talk about Korea and being a medic , We patched up GI’s and kept them going on they went back to a Hosp. for more treatment , last week I went to a Doctor and he really did very little , the Bill was over 200 Dollars and at Bloody Ridge I was thinking how many did I see in that 10 day period , but we were around the clock and I think our pay was 138 Dollars a Month ,, Obama care is higher and I wanted to see the VA in Feb and they said I would be Going to Va Hosp in Dayton in August still waiting , I’ll call Monday !

          3. Tiger says

            Ed thank you for this wonderful post. Our country losing too many wonderful vets and those who know the truth and who served in real wars that we did win. So sorry you lost your friend but I feel sure his children were thrilled with you being there. I lost many I grew-up with during Nam. I was in high school and college for the war and only became an Army Combat Support nurse in 1988.

            Hard not to agree with someone like you Ed. Being a Medic, in my humble opinion is being the best of the best. People don’t understand what you did or what they do. First to respond on the front lines along with the PA and making the life and death decisions. Understanding which will live and which will die knowing well by looking at the entry and exit sites of wounds the weapon used, people don’t understand that either. The types of weapons the bullets that hit and go straight through as opposed to those that hit then shatter all over the inside of the body and those that enter small and explode to open a huge hole upon exiting etc.

            When in Shield/Storm the docs called me Sherlock of nurses, I asked them so many questions, was so interested in my courses on triaging in war they honored me with the 1988 Emergency War Surgery, Second United States Revision Emergency War Surgery NATO HANDBOOK. A treasure I will hand down to my youngest son, the guy who should a been a doc.

            I understand your frustration with your docs visit. They now have time limits they spend on every patient, even cancer patients and soon you won’t be seeing a doc but a PA or nurse practitioner. Let us look at all this in this light Ed. We were lucky to live in a U.S. that never will be again, to serve in Real Military under Real Presidents. Let us pray for our children and their children. By the way thank you Ed for everything you have done for this country. You and all Medics my heroes and boy could you guys party.

          4. Ed Shick says

            Well thanks for the very kind letter I kind of needed it , as Bob Troyer who served in the 1st Armered Calvery in WW 2 had been a hard worker and always a friend you could Trust , it was nice seeing His family as they all remembered little things from the past , None of his children were aware that he was on the Battleship USS Missouri at the time when Japan Surrended , We had talked about how many would have died had they invaded Japan , But he farmed most of his life but did work with him in Rockwell Mfg, I went on to Ford , my first wife became a LPN , but she got Lupus and Died on her 39 th birthday , We had 2 daughters both became Nurses , One in Columbus who taught a lot o Diabetics as she was a Type 1 , The other went to Alaska and does a lot of Dialysis and travels a lot , then I remarried and had 2 Boys , the one became a pharmist and is at ASHP in Bethesda,senior director of clinical health, My youngest boy was a policeman . but now works at Husky , You were right on when you had to make desicans quickly in Combat , I always thought how bad the medics had it a Chozin reservoir wit Temps down to 50 Below , I talked with one that said you would walk up and push their boot into their stomach to see if they had froozen Solid and then take it from there ! When I went into Service the last place I thought I would be was in the Medics , But there was a sign when we came in that said” We test you to see what you are Qualified to do, But the needs of the service come First “, so Camp Picket was next stop then the ship to Korea , and probably the most interesting time of my life , Then after a fairly short our of Duty , I was returned to the states and went to CBR school , I was in a retreat Parade and an Officer from the Army Nurse Core awarded us the Combat Medics Badge and told us that when ever any one asks the Branch of Service you were in , Reply , Army Combat Medic , I still do and get some funny looks ! Well Tiger enjoy your self and i am sure you were a better Nurse than I would have been , it is hard to make them Quick desicians , I have made so many mistakes , But thank you fo being a very Kind person !

          5. Tiger says

            You are an incredible person with an incredible life story and wonderful, productive children. I thank God for people like you. As an RN for close to 30 years I have never met a person who did not have something worth saying and worth listening to. I always loved animals more than people then God made me turn to nursing where I learned how marvelous the Human Spirit can be, sadly for too many it takes facing death to become the people they should have been in life.

            My pleasure to let you know how proud I am to know you and others like you are out there. The net truly is a marvelous place when we can hear such stories, share our fears, our hopes and our dreams with those who share those same hopes, fears and dreams.

            We truly are not alone as long as we have one another. God Bless this country and it’s people for they have not forsaken Him.


          6. Ed Shick says

            Hi Tiger , You make me feel good but I have not been that Great , I am Proud of my Kids and I now have a granddaughter in her Third year going to Toledo University to , I guess make artifical Limbs , etc , There is a name for what she is taking up , Only Granddaughter I have ! , This is the anniversary of the Surrender of Japan in 1945 , If bob would have lived he would not have Known it as he had a stroke about three Years ago ! nave a good day , we are having a rainy one Thanks , I enjoy your Comments !

          7. Tiger says

            Yes you are but that is OK and to be expected from people like you. I love reading posts from so many who have such wonderful stories and have done so much and share with all of us history, real history.

            You have a great one.

      2. 012017 endofanerror says

        Ye they are a bunch of hillbilly idiots. Not! Get real they are far from intellectually challenged. Jeb was a poor loser but he is not dumb. He’s a whiny bitch but he isn’t stupid,

        1. AlanWH says

          Nobody said they were Stupid. But neither are they “the sharpest tools” in the box. Read the comments.

          1. 012017 endofanerror says

            Anyone home? I did read the replies or I wouldn’t have posted what I did.
            Not the sharpest tools implies they are less intelligent than what they truly are. They are pretty dang smart.

    2. TheSkalawag929 says

      “O has been the sorriest president in the history of this country”
      By what calculation?

      “nor is he smart or highly intelligent.”
      He beat you right-wingers. TWICE. And going for a three-peat getting Hilary elected.

      1. Tiger says

        You have to ask how O is the sorriest president? You haven’t kept up with all he has done? You don’t know that our allies around the world don’t trust him. That leaders around the world have questioned his sanity? You don’t read the International news? You don’t know that he is indeed a catastrophe for America and the world? How sad you people are.

        This last election he won by a hair. A plane carrying absentee ballots for the military crashed. In Florida alone our governor found 35,000 ballots from dead people. When cleaning up our polls he also found that where ID not required all votes were for O and that is mathematically impossible. He found votes not counted.

        Sad that you admit that H is O and she will do his bidding. You are admitting it will be O running the country again.

        1. movingwaters says

          Most of the black people I know say they did not vote for him the 2nd time around. A lot of black Christians have tended to be swayed by liberation theology mixed in with the true Gospel. They are Democrats first, and Christians second. When Obama did not improve their lot economically, save for the black female Democrat sheepherders, they began to factor in his obvious anti-Christian words and deeds.

          1. Tiger says

            I do realize this because as an RN I worked with some of the finest women and men who were black and they didn’t like him from the start. Many of the CNA are from Jamaica and they just don’t understand all this black hate for whites.

            I believe we are all one people and please pray for our country and Hillary is not the answer. She has no respect for anyone.

          2. movingwaters says

            You’re right. And I don’t think there has ever been a time when America, and indeed the whole world, needed prayer more than right now.

          3. Tiger says

            God Bless you and yours I needed this today. I am so tired of the divide being made. I loved all the women I worked with, I loved the way they laughed, the way they cooked their wonderful ideas and the love they showed me. I am so tired of this.

            Yes please let us pray together, all Christians everywhere because He is still watching and He knows what is happening. Gave us Free Will but Jesus said we will never be alone and we are not we have Him and each other.

          4. movingwaters says

            God richly bless and keep you are yours, too. There are great spiritual battles raging even in the heavenlies. Many, if not most of us are a little worn down lately. But we have to have patience. God is doing amazing things all around the world. The Kingdom is prospering even as persecution increases. We may not be seeing much in the West, but a lot of people are being saved worldwide right now. God is not going to shut the door on this massive harvest. Great darkness will come, and he will take us home. We will keep our eyes on Jesus, and rejoice in what he is doing. Then we are gone. YEAA!

          5. Tiger says

            Amen You see I am filled with joy and love when I read posts by people like you. It lifts me up and it makes me a better person.

          6. Mary Brumley says

            I love living this life on earth God gave me, but I too, say “YEAA”!

          7. movingwaters says

            Thank you. While watching this I was reminded that the only thing Satan has in his quiver is his bunch of hell bound captives who have nothing to do but try to wear down the saints. And they are only good at it because we have just enough love to want to help them perceive what is good. But they don’t want that and are not capable of it at this time in their lives. I am busy. I have more fruitful things to do than argue with people who seem to have nothing else to do. Trolls seem to primarily crave attention and desire to waste our time. Perhaps we should not every answer them at all – just say a little prayer for them without their even knowing it, and move on. Prayer is our greatest weapon, nut sparring with these trolls. Most of them will probably end up in hell. I wonder if God might provide them as a test – and I keep failing, and having to repeat. So I may try to discipline myself to ignore them in case it is just Satan’s ploy to divert my attention from something much more fruitful. As far as it goes with people who actually like Obama; they are either incredibly ignorant about what he has done, they hate America just as he does, they are just evil, or all three. You can be pretty dumb and understand that Obama is a CIA and globalist plant, and only wants to destroy America. People who like him reveal their lack of character. So take heart, and let’s just try to not let these people wear us down and steal our time. I am ready to say “Enough!” Let evil people choose evil and go their way.

          8. Tiger says

            Wow oh Wow oh Wow Powerful post. Powerful. Yes perhaps we should not answer. Right on.

          9. Mary Brumley says

            It is much better for me to just “block” those trolls and not even be upset by the untruths they post. I enjoy sane discussion with folk of differing opinions, but some are here to interrupt only.

          10. TheBlues says

            Hillary has respect for one person only. Herself. Hillary is a typical narcissist, and most probably a psychopath. Psychopaths have no empathy. That’s Hillary for sure.

          11. Tiger says

            Amen and here is what would happen if we all got into one facility.


          12. TheBlues says

            Great, Tiger, just Great ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I sent this along to commies and conservatives I know ! ! !

          13. Tiger says

            Good isn’t it a hoot just love it.

          14. Tiger says

            I will read it now could use good news.

          15. TheBlues says

            It’s The Best !

          16. Tiger says

            It surely was. Thanks again. By the way seems even her main media says if the October Surprise more emails implicating H she is done. She is done according to Assange he is furious about his snitch being shot in the back in a so-called robbery.

          17. Tiger says

            Wow perhaps we will make it through this. Wow. I hear more emails coming Assange says they will make her get out of the candidacy. In chains I hope.

          18. TheBlues says

            I will have so much “jumping joy”, I will have my ceiling re-drywalled ! ! ! Trump 2016 ! ! ! M A G A ! ! !

          19. Tiger says

            LMAO ceiling re-drywalled. I bet it becomes a National Holiday.

        2. TheSkalawag929 says

          “You have to ask how O is the sorriest president? ”
          Since I don’t reside in the Bizzaro Bubblesphere of right-wingism that you inhabit, the answer to your query is Yes. What is the calculation you use to come to your conclusion?

          I wouldn’t call winning by more than 3 million popular votes as winning by a hair. But then again I don’t live in a right-wing bubble like you do.

          “Sad that you admit that H is O …”
          I have admitted no such thing. And it doesn’t surprise me that you are able to delude yourself into believing such poppycock.

          1. Hillaryoncrack says

            You are delusional and a degenerate. We will not stand for voter fraud this time. War is coming. I suggest you prepare.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            You’re backing the Donald and you call me delusional???

            It has been proven time and time again that voter fraud is a fairy tale dreamed up by frightened right-wingers, such as yourself.

            “War is coming.”
            Why is the right-wing solution to everything violence?

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            Because violence is all you understand.

          4. ReadeMyLips says

            Speak for yourself, penis lover.

          5. Hillaryoncrack says

            Engorge yourself on mine. You POS.

          6. ReadeMyLips says

            No thanks. Ugh, disgusting.

          7. TheSkalawag929 says

            That cannot be the case since at no time have I advocated for violence.
            On the other hand violence seems to be the ONLY tool in your toolbox that you seem familiar and comfortable with.
            You really should broaden your options.
            I have found that education is good for that. Try it.

          8. Hillaryoncrack says

            Craving your fathers penis is not going to help you now. The 2nd amendment people are in control.

          9. TheSkalawag929 says

            I suggest you find one of these facilities nearest to you. And hurry. Please.


          10. Hillaryoncrack says

            Unlike a liberal puke Demonrat, I am self suffincist

          11. TheSkalawag929 says

            This is all subjective.
            Do you have any objective proof of your position?

          12. Hillaryoncrack says

            I’m sitting down. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

          13. TheSkalawag929 says

            Yes. Just as I thought.
            Continued longevity and prosperity to you. Bye.

          14. ReadeMyLips says

            What is wrong with you? You must have some weird sexual fetishes to keep throwing sex into the mix. “Craving your father’s penis”? That’s more likely you who is craving your father’s penis.

          15. Hillaryoncrack says

            Sick bastard, craving your father’s penis.

          16. Tiger says

            I live in the real world where I take the time to look to the International news daily being as the main media is in Obozoland. Where you live.

            You call winning by 3 million a landslide? Oh Brother.

            Your posts show who you are doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

          17. TheSkalawag929 says

            “I live in the real world”
            No. You don’t.
            Case on point, I never said or intimated that winning by 3 million votes was a landslide. But you are fabricating out of nothing that I am. I do not call that living in the REAL world.
            I see you right-wingers love to live in the past. Your citation is 2 years old.
            Let’s look at some current polling data. Shall we?



          18. Tiger says

            LMAO yeh lets not look at anything that is only two years old lets look at the pregnant polls by the main media who has had how many people caught lying?

            No you don’t live in the Real World you live in the world the Main Media and O has made for you.

          19. TheSkalawag929 says

            “Real World ?”
            You are the one wanting to use out of date information and dismiss what is current .

          20. Tiger says

            When debating anything you go through the past to show the connection and the relationship something has to a pattern.

          21. TheSkalawag929 says

            And when you do that you try to end with the most current information on hand that supports your position.
            It’s similar to Shepardizing: the process of consulting Shepard’s to see if a case has been overturned, reaffirmed, questioned, or cited by later cases.
            Okay Bye Bye now.

          22. TheSkalawag929 says

            A current citation would be more convincing. But since there are none that back your claim you have to go back in time to find one that does.
            I don’t call that real world rationale.

          23. Tiger says

            And of course you wouldn’t because the main media didn’t give it to you. Lordy.

          24. TheSkalawag929 says

            No. It’s because you couldn’t find anything current in the media that you use that’s credible and backs your claim.

          25. Tiger says
          26. THANKFUL says

            LOLOLO, really good research Tiger. Thanks, sharing some of these. Now if there was a way to get this into the heads of all the brainwashed, mind set millennials.

          27. TheSkalawag929 says
          28. Tiger says

            Oh and I see where you found something on your liberal sites.


          29. TheSkalawag929 says

            I wouldn’t classify them as Liberal.
            But for you, it seems, anything that contradicts your position or point of view MUST be Liberal.

          30. Tiger says

            Just as anything that contradicts your position or point of view MUST be biased and Conservative or by nutbags.

          31. Tiger says

            Oh by the way you don’t know about all the emails that were found with scientists admitting they lied for grant money? You don’t know much and here is an article on 400 who disagree.


          32. TheSkalawag929 says

            “Oh by the way …”
            Who is talking about emails from scientists?
            And what does an article debunking climate change experts as not being experts on climate change have to do with anything?

          33. Tiger says

            Sigh…………………….there have been many scientists, many emails showing this is bunk with the mail goal being Redistribution of wealth. You surely don’t keep up with things do you?

            Omar Edenhofer was the co-chair of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He helped organize the 2010 Climate Change Conference held in Cancun, Mexico. In an interview prior to the start of the conference he explained that climate change has nothing at all to do with climate. “One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy……One has to free onesel from the illusion that international climate change policcy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.”

            What about that do you not understand? Pretty clear to me and I bet you don’t know that all money collected in taxes from all countries will go to the UN’s appointed committee for redistribution. That they have tried this before, that Bush Sr. and Junior told them to pound sand but the Traitor O is all for it.

          34. TheSkalawag929 says


            Sorry but I don’t put any stock in sites like infowars, thegatewaypundit, or thehornnews.

          35. Tiger says

            And I don’t put any stock in Huff and Puff and all your sites on the net. There ya have it. Never will we meet in the middle. You are too far left for me.

          36. Deby says

            and apparently brain dead as well! you go girl, great way to shut the libtard troll down!!

          37. Tiger says

            Thanks it is tiring but some of us have to do it. ;p


          38. TheSkalawag929 says

            Works for me.

          39. Tiger says


          40. Tiger says

            He is not popular he is not loved he is a menace.


          41. Tiger says

            I don’t care if you look at American polls don’t count.

          42. TheSkalawag929 says

            Is it because they prove you wrong.

          43. Tiger says

            No it is because like Dennis Lynch who walked off the set on a site that is biased told the people all about it. Because I am right. Because a whistleblower for the DNC said the polls are there to demoralize Trump.

          44. TheSkalawag929 says

            Okay. If that’s what floats your boat smooth sailing to you.

          45. Tiger says

            And if it blows your dress or pants up then enjoy the breeze.

          46. TheSkalawag929 says


          47. Tiger says

            There are a number of other articles. Everyone knows polls depend on how questions are asked, who they poll and what part of the country they are in along with how many people in them.

          48. TheSkalawag929 says

            And the slant of an article is dependent upon the motives of the author.
            Bye Bye.

          49. Tiger says

            And you surely understand that.

          50. Tiger says

            Interfering in Brexit and then with Israel elections and all backfired. Too bad Americans like you and other are not as smart as Europeans.


          51. TheSkalawag929 says

            How did he interfere in Brexit?
            As to Israel’s elections, the first sentence in the article you cite says: “The Obama administration’s role during the Israeli election was ALLEGEDLY larger than reported in the US.”
            No proof that the Administration had a role in the election other than circumstantial.

            To me, just because some unnamed Democratic and Republican strategists said that it happened is not proof enough, for me, that it in fact happened and it happened the way they said it did.

            It is pretty much understood that Obama and Netanyahu are not the best of friends. So the cold shoulder reception should have been expected, especially under the circumstances at the time.

            Further along The strategist Mark Mellman says “It’s quite possible, even reasonable, that the White House had no strategy for the Israeli elections,”

            If this is the case then how could anything the administration did be considered interference?

            And the tenuous connection of Obama to a campaign called V15 against Prime Minister Netanyahu through some unnamed political operative that once worked for him is less than compelling.

            As to “Americans like you and other are not as smart as Europeans.”
            If that’s how you feel that’s how YOU feel. It doesn’t matter to me.

          52. Tiger says

            You are worthless. Goodbye you haven’t a clue even with truth in your face through video etc.

          53. Tiger says

            I can do this all day but I believe this makes my point that people like you need to get outside the Obubble and the Media Machine to see just what people think of O.


          54. TheSkalawag929 says

            These people you speak of apparently are the equivalent of the right-wingers we have here.


          55. Tiger says

            Oh yeh one last thing. Your O has brought in over 100,000 refugees from the worst countries yearly since coming into office. He is now bringing in 10,000 more Syrians even though told by CIA etc ISIS among them. When we get hit again I will remember you.

          56. TheSkalawag929 says

            “O has brought in over 100,000 refugees from the worst countries yearly since coming into office.”

            The first sentence of this article puts the lie to your statement.
            Hummm. THAT would seem to make YOU a liar?


          57. Tiger says

            OK not a lie. Was told to Congress in a hearing again you are clueless.

          58. Tiger says

            Now let me tell you something I don’t lie, my father raised me better and to call me a liar corks it with me.

            Here are some facts you best to look at.


          59. Tiger says

            Humm seems the wind blowing between your ears drowns out truth and I don’t lie but seems to be your forte’.

          60. Tiger says

            Do not post to me anymore. Nobody calls me a liar. Nobody. Go back up your backside where yo keep your head and do us a favor and don’t vote.

          61. 012017 endofanerror says

            You glossed right over the part about voter fraud. which has been proven BTW. Knumbskull you are.

          62. 012017 endofanerror says

            I don’t need to read no stinking articles to know fraud was rampant. Ohio is one major state of it. 104% near Cleveland and the dumb female ? from the ‘nati who was imprisoned for it and she helped others do the same. You can take those articles and shove them up your ass. Just because people dispute it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Just like chicken little saying global warming/ climate change is real, any scientist that stands for the truth and calls bull shit on it gets ridiculed, disparaged and shut down. It’s going to happen again too. It doesn’t matter who voter for whom it’s who counts the vote who wins and are fng votes arent even tabulated in this country which is ridiculous. Soros rules the world and gets what and who he wants period!

          63. TheSkalawag929 says

            I see you’re having the typical right-wingers allergic reaction to facts.

            Make sure you have your EpiPen handy when you check out my posts. Unlike your unhelpful tirades my posts contain facts.

          64. 012017 endofanerror says

            You’re joking right? Your candidate couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.
            I will tell you again. You can take your false facts and shove them up your ass. I don’t believe them. I know their was major fraud. Everyone but lieberals and media say there wasn’t fraud. There was so F off. Lieberal POS. You probably believe Sandy Hook (didn’t happen), Boston marathon bombing, Orlando shooting and Charleston shootings weren’t false flags. You not only are lying lieberal but naive as fudge too.

            You might believe in socialism or even communism and have to follow the narrative of your puppets but red blooded christian believing americans don’t want that. We want freedom and we will have it. We are tired of being bullied into accepting everything immoral you fcks shoves down our throats.

          65. TheSkalawag929 says

            “You’re joking right?”
            My candidate isn’t shooting himself in the extremities every other day. My candidate isn’t having a melt down. My candidate doesn’t have staff abandoning him. And my candidate doesn’t have fellow party members turning on him.

            I’m going to take my leave of you now. You seem to be on the verge blowing a gasket and I don’t want to be responsible for that.

            Bye Bye

          66. 012017 endofanerror says

            Oh you’re a libertarian. Haha waste your vote that’s cool. Your candidate is a pussy and pothead, not saying pot is terrible for normal folk. Just not as a President. You see how that’s worked out for oblowme.
            Trump can’t help the media is taking everything he says out of context. Melt down? Explain please. All I see is an alpha male that doesn’t take shit from inferior pos. You don’t want secure borders, radicals vetted properly nor care about ILLEGAL dirt bags invading our country?
            Hopefully being the limp wristed fool you are when muslims try to terrorise us more you will be one of the first to pop goes the weasel. Not voting for cunton or Trump helps Trump dumb are. Have fun with that. Time to make America Great again pansy. Trump/Pence 2016!!! Time for America to be sane again.

          67. TheSkalawag929 says

            “Oh you’re a libertarian.”
            Your grip on reality isn’t event tangential.
            You make up stuff to believe in and then you get all bent out of shape when no one outside your bubblesphere sees what you see.

          68. 012017 endofanerror says

            You make no sense. You write but not say anything, dispute anything or make any points. You refered to your candidate as “him” if you mean that lying hag murdering bitch you should reply to her as “her” but then again she probably is the guy in her lesbian relationships so….. Or maybe you think she’s not a lesbian? You’re a fng idiot.

          69. TheSkalawag929 says

            “You make no sense.”
            That’s because your right-wing bubblesphere “logic” doesn’t work out here in the real world.
            I was speaking editorially. Anyway It doesn’t change the fact that your candidate is self-destructing before your very eyes and making a fool out of you because you have to defend your poor choice of the Donald as your nominee for President.
            No matter how right-wingers describe Hilary she is still head and shoulders above Trump and you know it.

          70. 012017 endofanerror says

            That right there was some funny ass stuff bozo. Trump is not sweating the lame stream media attempt to twist his words to somethings he has never said. Many many times. They are now officially the assholes that cry wolf. Yes you are right she is heads above trump with lies, people being murdered by her hit men and her ineptness such as emails and Benghazi , her health issues, her money laundering scheme the list can be endless. You are morally bankrupt if you vote for her. I bet you’re atheist and suck dong too. Filthy stinking immoral lieberal. Your days are numbered.

          71. TheSkalawag929 says

            Good luck with your choice of candidates. Hope you enjoy the Trump implosion. It’s going to be BIGGLY HUUUUGE.

          72. 012017 endofanerror says

            You are a liar too just like the cuntess of carpetbag land. You told me 4 posts ago you were done with me. You lieberals can’t control yourselves. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting such a scumbag. You must not have a conscience. Now go fck yourself.

          73. TheSkalawag929 says

            Do you think four cases of voter fraud, that were probably perpetrated by republicans, out of the millions of votes cast is enough to warrant the kind of voter suppression that is going on across the country?
            I don’t.

          74. 012017 endofanerror says

            What voter suppression? Making sure people have ids to vote?
            I remember when election day meant just that, election day. That’s the way it should be. If you can’t get to the polls on election day too bad. The only other thing there should be is absentee voting and even that probably is filled with fraud.
            Obammy may have won the first election fair and square but the 2nd no freaking way and Romney was in on it.

          75. TheSkalawag929 says

            Where is YOUR proof?
            You say it is so show me the evidence that backs your claim.

          76. Mary Brumley says


        3. Mary Brumley says

          I read that the Justice Dept. opposed him for cleaning up our polls. Is that true?

          1. Tiger says

            Don’t know but can ask my congressman who I work with.

          2. Tiger says

            You are right this article takes time to come up but there are several others. Yes and Homeland Security and he went at it.

      2. Jimmy Quick says

        Obama will go down in history as the big liar that stood in front of the world and said “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” Or how about this one? “Your health Care will go down about $2500.00 in cost per year.?

        Lie after lie after lie and you are the same as him.

        Obama has stifled the nations economy and done everything possible to destroy the balance of power around the world.

        His presidency has been one long vacation and has more than doubled the national debt in less than eight years.

        Hillary might get elected if people continue to be stupid, but it certainly will not be of any benefit to you or anyone you know.

        She has already said that everyones taxes are going up if she is elected.

        I’ll live through it because I am smarter than most people, but a lot of others won’t and it’s pretty clear that people like you are gonna be the cause of it.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          Ha Ha Ha!
          You right-wingers amaze me with the claptrap you make up to believe in.

          1. mallen11 says

            And you left-wingers amaze me that you accept all the claptrap of lies from the O News Stations because all of you live in a world of darkness of no truth just like the demons you follow. Even the Bible knows the way you think.
            Ecclesiastes 10:2 A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            So far I have seen no credible proof that what you are saying is true.
            Until then I will categorize your post, to borrow your term, as “claptrap” and opinion.

            “Ecclesiastes 10:2”
            You obviously see it as having political significance. I don’t,
            I see this as meaning: A wise person chooses the right road; a fool takes the wrong one.
            Considering who republicans chose as their nominee and how that nominee is tanking it appears that you right-wingers are on the latter road.

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            I am very sorry you have the clap. Does your wife know?

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            It must be too much of a strain to put some mental effort into your replies.

          5. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s on film, in print and in history books. The first 1/2 black president can’t do math or tell the truth.

            So what is your excuse?

          6. TheSkalawag929 says

            The same one you use to palm off this right-wing Bizzaro Bubblesphere propaganda as truth.

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            I believe you just supplied tangible proof of your insanity. Hopefully no one is dependent upon you for support or decision making of any kind.

          8. TheSkalawag929 says

            Your candidate is imploding.
            Your party is coming apart at the seams.
            What are you going to do about that?

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            The movement doesn’t end. The peasants are fed up and pretty soon, if something isn’t done, we are going to reach a boiling point.

            Once the gloves come off, look out.

          10. TheSkalawag929 says

            “The movement doesn’t end.”
            Kaopectate might help you with that.

            You right-winger do greatly resemble a mindless mob. That’s how you wound up with the Donald as your Presidential nominee.

            Ha! The gloves were never on with you right-wingers.

          11. Jimmy Quick says

            I hope you get exactly everything you deserve.

          12. TheSkalawag929 says

            Thank you. I do too.

      3. movingwaters says

        The fact that people ever voted for Obama is a reflection of 100 years of the great and highly successful “dumbing down of America” project. I think Obama was put in office largely by a generation of people who grew up with internet access, but still don’t know the basics of researching a candidate. There was never anything good or credible about Obama. He is a homosexual, cocaine using, Muslim Marxist pathological liar. That is his provable history. As an Illinois Senator he just voted “present” frequently. His only notable stands in that office were voting twice to keep Illinois voters from being allowed to have firearms in their homes for their own protection, and voting twice that babies who survive abortion should receive no care. His short, skimpy record as a US Senator was worse. How was he allowed to fund raise over one million dollars for a Muslim candidate for President of Kenya. That was illegal. His support of Odinga helped fuel the burning of 800 churches and the burning alive in church of Christians seeking sanctuary from the violence.

        Those are just starters.It would take several books to detail all the bad he has done and is doing in his role of puppet for the rapacious globalists. No one who voted for Obama has anything but deep shame to their credit.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          As I replied to Jimmy Quick, You right-wingers amaze me with the claptrap you make up to believe in.

          1. movingwaters says

            Actually, you dust need to accept the fact that there is such as thing as objective truth. This is a huge stumbling block for the Left. Then you need to get past comic books and Huffpo and research what is true. It helps to have been around for awhile and at this for years. It also helps to read and study the agenda of the Communist, atheist Left. They have not been shy about publishing it. People like you help me understand why they are so good at literally re-writing history. The right wing has done this too. But I am neither right wing of left. I just want to operating in seeing through the bull as much as possible. Seeing through Obama is not even a challenge.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            I have no problem with objective truth. But so far there has been none of IT displayed on this site so far.
            One thing that I have found though is that you right-winger mistakenly think that your subjective truth is interchangeable with objective truth. It isn’t. Combine that with your ability to fabricate your reality out of nothing and your arrogance it becomes apparent that expecting a rational conversation from you right-wingers is an exercise in futility. An exercise that I am choosing not to participate in.

          3. movingwaters says

            You love truth more than just exercising your argumentative spirit. Prove it. Go to Josh McDowell’s great work, “Evidence That Demands A Verdict.” It is a large book. I think there are also YouTube videos from his ministry. The OT prophecies concerning the birth and life of Jesus were fulfilled in his first coming. The dating of these books are known;. The life, teaching, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus are the best documented facts of history. He is a person; not a religion. You have to decide what you are going to do about Jesus if you want to have any claim to being willing to perceive truth. Jesus allowed himself to be sacrificed so that you could be saved. He is wonderful; yet you stubbornly want to be the enemy of the very one who keeps you breathing.

            After I answered you the last time I started realizing how similar you are spiritually to the ways the Pharisees treated Jesus. You don’t share their beliefs at all, but the same spirit. Always wanting to argue and debate; ignoring their own prophets whom the religious people brutally killed. They loved to brag on how much they knew of the law, much of it consisting of a lot of man made additions to the commandments of God. Like you, they loved to argue out of their intellect, Here is the problem that they faced and you face. God, in his greatness and great sense of humor, doesn’t allow you to come into a place of knowing him by virtue of your intellect. He provides the evidence, especially in the evidence of all the beauty of creation pointing to a Creator. He will send people to give you nuggets of truth. But he calls you. He seeks you, and not the other way around. Read what I suggest just to give you the proof and the reasons to believe. But you will never believe God until you come to him with an humble and teachable spirit. Most atheists are eat up with arrogance. That is why they can’t learn anything except the lies fed to them by Satan’s stooges.

            I don’t have a religion, and believe that quite often religious spirited people have done more harm to the true Gospel than atheists ever could. My faith and my relationship is with the living Christ. Talking to you at least reminds me to be immensely grateful to the Savior for allowing me to be saved and indwelt by the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth.

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            No Thank You.
            I’m not here for religion.

          5. Hillaryoncrack says

            I find your ignorance astounding. Almost mind boggling!!! How on earth do you figure out the letters on the keyboard? You are magnificently stupid to say the least.

          6. TheSkalawag929 says

            I am not surprised that that is your assessment considering the right-wing lunacy it was born in.

          7. TheSkalawag929 says

            Why thank you.
            The use of that much hyperbole could only mean you hold me in high regard.
            Again Thank You.

        2. ReadeMyLips says

          “Provable history”? So prove it.

          1. movingwaters says

            Why do I need to prove anything to you? There is plenty of proof out there. Feel free to look. If you really want to go to hell, feel free. God gave you that choice. He doesn’t send anyone to hell. You choose that against his will.

      4. Hillaryoncrack says

        By the calculation that America is in the worst financial straits ever. Obama is not smart. He is however, calculating and evil. The reason he won was voter fraud. Plain and simple. Dead people voting, illegal immigrants voting, Negroes voting 5 or 6 times. We won’t stand for that shit this time.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          You posted a lot of opinion, but no facts.

          1. Hillaryoncrack says

            FACT- 45 million more Americans on food stamps than in 2008
            FACT- Young Neggro unemployment up 50%
            FACT- Inner city blight at an all time high.
            FACT- Cities such as Detroit, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Raleigh, Savannah, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle- all are underwater, all are in desperate times, all are governed by Democrats.

          2. ReadeMyLips says

            Thank goodness crime is down.

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            Crime is up. Negroes are running rampant, they need killing today.

          4. ReadeMyLips says

            No, violent crime had been going down for years. Good thing you are allowed to remain anonymous when you spout off such horrid things as blacks need killing. Wow, you are one sick puppy. Racist too.

          5. TheSkalawag929 says

            The majority of the cities you named have republican governors running their state.
            How about looking at the Great Republican experiment, Kansas and the state of Louisiana. They are republican run and not doing to well I might add.

          6. Hillaryoncrack says

            Wrongo Mary Lou, they are all Democrat run. Lying Democrat Piece Of Shit.

          7. TheSkalawag929 says

            The majority of the Cities you named have REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS running their STATE. Since cities get a lot of their funding from their state government who is running the state is important.

            Now look at the cities that you have listed. Match those cities with the state they are located in. Then match the state to their governors and you will find that my statement is correct.
            Reading comprehension is essential. You need a whole lot of practice.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Detroit was once the richest city in the US, but after 50 years of democrat rule 3/4’s of GM is in Europe and Mexico thanks to over taxation, regulations and ridiculous union demands. Every ghetto in the US is run by democrats.

          9. TheSkalawag929 says

            There were a lot of reasons for what happened to Detroit. Not all of them caused by Democrats as you would have me believe.


          10. Hillaryoncrack says

            Louisiana has a Democrat Governor.

          11. TheSkalawag929 says

            Now they do.
            As usual they bring in the Democrat to fix the mess that the republican left behind.

          12. Hillaryoncrack says

            I want to skewer you, you homosexual c**t

          13. ReadeMyLips says

            Oh, my, how you do run on.

          14. TheSkalawag929 says


          15. Hillaryoncrack says

            Here is a fact for you. The KKK rules.

          16. ReadeMyLips says

            Rules what?

          17. TheSkalawag929 says

            Are you very high up in the organization or one of the many soft minded foot soldiers blindly following orders?

          18. movingwaters says

            your name, Skalawag, kind of reflects your character, doesn’t it? Instead of ever learning anything, you and your bot friends run around arguing. You might even be a software AI program, and not human at all.

          19. TheSkalawag929 says

            “Skalawag, kind of reflects your character”
            As it relates to right-wingers, yes it does.

            On the contrary I’m learning a lot.

            “You might even be a software AI program, and not human at all.”
            See. You right-winger are open to believe all manner of silliness.

          20. movingwaters says

            Do you folks on the Left ever read anything important? There are constant huge developments in the use of AI interacting with human beings. It is no secret. My mind isn’t good enough to make up the stuff that is being developed. Technology is decades ahead of what most of us know. Most Americans, either on the right or left, use as their new sources sites that are designed to keep them dumb and distracted.

            If a person calls themselves Skalawag, it is an admission that they are just bad. I don’t have time to fulfill your desperate need for argument and banter.

          21. TheSkalawag929 says

            I have no doubt that great strides are being made in the realm of AI. That was not what my comment was about.
            I was pointing out the ease with which you might be led to believe that I could be an artificial intelligence.

            “If a person calls themselves Skalawag, it is an admission that they are just bad.”

            Or it could be acceptance of a nickname given by a family member or friend as a term of endearment.
            Examples being Festus from Gunsmoke calling Doc Adams an Old Scutter or Aunt Ester from Sanford and Son calling Fred a Fisheyed Fool.

            “I don’t have time to fulfill your desperate need for argument and banter.”
            My answer to this is simple.
            Well Bye.

        2. ReadeMyLips says

          Oh, please. Where’s your evidence of fraud? “Negroes voting 5 or 6 times”? Didn’t happen.

          1. Hillaryoncrack says

            A colored woman went to jail in Ohio after admitting to such

          2. ReadeMyLips says

            One “colored woman went to jail.” “One” is not exactly a trend and by itself means nothing.

          3. Hillaryoncrack says

            A colored woman was convicted in Ohio of voting multiple times. She stated she dhe was “just voting for her friends, who could not make it to the polls”. CNN. Niggers vote multiple times.

          4. ReadeMyLips says

            One person. You cite the case of one person. One, not multitudes.

      5. Retired says

        He only won the second time thanks to judges stopping Voter ID law sin Key states just like is happening again.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          Yeah right.

          1. Retired says

            Were you sleeping while it was going on.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            But you were the one dreaming.

          3. Retired says

            So the truth comes out you are Clinton and Obama supporter.

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            Oh I’m sorry. Was there some doubt.
            I am a big Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton supporter.
            There fixed it for you.

      6. mac12sam12 says

        He refuses to release his GPA. Bush’s was 2.7, JFK’s was 2.5 and vice president Al Gore’s was 2.2. I’m sure that affirmative action pushed Obama’s from 1.5 to 2. Hillary couldn’t pass her bar exam and had to travel to Arkansas to finally pass it.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          Why should he?
          What YOU’RE sure of doesn’t matter. It’s what you can prove is that matters.

          “Hillary couldn’t pass her bar exam and had to travel to Arkansas to finally pass it.”

          Not true as journalist Carl Bernstein chronicled in his Hillary Clinton biography A Woman in Charge, much to Hillary’s disappointment she received the news later that year that although she had passed the Arkansas bar exam, she had failed the one in Washington.

          Apparently she took them both around the same time.
          I wonder. Could YOU pass even one?

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Snopes hasuch a strong anti-right bias they’re not to be believed and have been proven wrong many times. Do you know that Snopes is a husband wife team that does their research on computers, just like the rest of us. I do my on research. I’m a college grad so if I chose to be a lawyer, yes I could. Where’s the medical records? She has a stroke under her belt, forgets what she’s going to say have way through a sentence, has seizures while speaking and has to be helped up steps. I think that old silver crotch’s days are numbered. She also sold political favors through her foundation.

          2. TheSkalawag929 says

            Maybe it’s because truth and facts have a strong anti-right bias.
            How does anyone do their research nowadays?
            I see why you’re a Trump supporter.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            I do my own research and am smart enough not to depend on anyone else’s opinion. How does anyone do their own research? The same way Snopes does it, search engines. You think Snopes has a team of researchers on the street? Nope. I’m a Trump supported because his economic plan will work, but by all means, vote for Mrs. Goldman Sachs.

          4. TheSkalawag929 says

            “I do my own research …”
            Good I’m glad for you.
            “How does anyone do their own research?”
            Meaning that nowadays computers are the main tool of choice.
            I don’t know how Snopes does their research. It has never been a question for me.
            There are a number of experts out there that do not agree with your opinion of Trumps economic plan. And a significant number of them are republican.
            Have a great weekend.

          5. mac12sam12 says

            I already told you that Snopes does their research on a computer.As far as Trump’s economic plan it’s a no brainer. The same plan worked for JFK and Reagan. The establishment republicans hate Trump and I hate establishment republicans.

          6. TheSkalawag929 says

            “I already told you that Snopes does their research on a computer.”
            Okay so what?

            The establishment republicans hate Trump and you hate establishment republicans. I get that but just because you hate them doesn’t make them wrong.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            I would say that the final result depends on who’s doing the research. Wouldn’t you say?

          8. TheSkalawag929 says

            What is the point that you are trying to make?

      7. Mary Brumley says

        And “THE SKALAWAG” will be dancing on the streets at the mess with joy? Right? Right.

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          If you mean will I be celebrating a Hilary win. The answer is YES.

      8. Sherry says

        By now, you surely KNOW that the “elections” were all a fraud, right??? “O” NEVER beat anyone; the fix was in before the first ballot was cast! The voting machines were owned by the Soros machine and that was attested before Congress less than a year after the “election” by the very man who orchestrated the whole mess! WHY nothing was done about it; a new election or just handed to Mitt Romney as it should have been! The same thing happened again with McCain/ Palin ticket and when Sarah found out that she had been used for their preplanned scheme, the media all called her a loose cannon with and ax to grind! McCain KNEW that the fix was in and was too weak to protest! He wanted to live……people don’t live too long in the world of politics if you “protesteth” too much against the powers that be! They wind up like Breitbart or Scalia: DEAD of “natural causes”!

        1. TheSkalawag929 says

          All BS.

    3. Randi Blunt says

      Obama is one of our greatest presidents ever. He took a real mess created by George Bush and turned things right around. He is also very brilliant and an eloquent speaker.
      Get A Life…better yet, a brain of your own.

      1. Tiger says

        You best to take your head out of the kookaid and O’s backside and look past the main media and look to international news.

        He is the worst president in the history of America. It is really sad to read posts like yours and know you vote.

        1. Randi Blunt says

          Like I said…a brain of your own.

          1. Tiger says

            You need to take your own advice.

          2. Randi Blunt says

            Good riddance, brainless…

          3. Tiger says

            You haven’t a clue and I bet even with all I am sending you that you won’t look or read and know the truth about O. Sad.


          4. mallen11 says

            The left does NOT want to know the truth and no matter how much we try to help them out of their blindness; it doesn’t work but we need to keep trying. Very, very few come to know the truth and it usually takes a crisis before they wake up and it is too late.

          5. Tiger says

            It is amazing and when we look to our history Rockefeller, Ford and other tried to buy the airwaves in the 30’s we were too smart for them. Now they own them all. Even FOX is not truthful.

            A crisis is coming.

          6. Tiger says
          7. ReadeMyLips says

            Perhaps you could ask the Wizard for a brain. Oh, wait, no, Wizard Trump is also brainless.. And clueless.

          8. Tiger says

            OK now I get it you are a basement dweller. Got it.

          9. Tiger says

            Does your mommy and daddy know what you are doing on the net?

          10. Tiger says
          11. THANKFUL says

            Waste of your time Tiger. Randi is brainwashed and mind set, like the majority of socialist leftists. Always wanting to live off others like leaches and parasites, rather than produce for their own selves, or their own kind. To lazy and/or sorry to do the homework required to find out and see the truth. Now that’s what I call brainless.

          12. THANKFUL says

            LOLOLOLO, CUTE.

          13. Tiger says

            Kinda thought he was we need a laugh now and again.

          14. Tiger says

            Here is one of my favorites. Love it. This is this election if we ever all got into one room.


          15. Tiger says

            He interfered in Israeli elections and he is not popular with Israel but since you are a lib you hate Israel anyway.

          16. Tiger says

            You might want to look at this being as I know you won’t read anything I sent. Your O the Big 0 has been bringing in over 100,000 refugees a year and even when told by CIA ISIS among them he is bringing in 10,000 Syrians.

          17. Tiger says

            The reason you are clueless is that you don’t hear the truth about him on main media.


          18. Tiger says
          19. ReadeMyLips says

            Consider the source. Brexit supporters are perhaps as ill-informed and clueless as Trump supporters.

          20. Tiger says

            LMAO you haven’t a clue as to what has been happening across Europe and you actually have the audacity to show your ignorance and post. LMAO

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          One person’s opinion, not the whole EU’s. Europeans can be as wrong about Obama’s dramatic successes as anyone else.

          1. Tiger says

            LMAO Dramatic Successes LMAO

          2. Tiger says

            LMAO again.

            Love this jackass laughing video.


      2. Robin says

        You’re kidding, right? Just shaking my head.

      3. Sickofit says

        You are a blind idiot Randi

    4. Retired says

      Hillary will take his place making Obama No.2

      1. Tiger says

        Got a video for you. Enjoy.

        1. Shelly Shannon says

          Awesome! Great video.

          1. Tiger says

            Glad you enjoyed now here is one of my favorite articles and it is a hoot sadly it is so true.

            The Liberal Playbook.

          2. jetmagnet says

            What’s American playbook? It’s Dump Trump!!!
            What rightwing zealots fail to realize are independent and issue voters. Liberals and republicans don’t decide the elections.
            Right now these groups of voters who vote non party are voting against Trump.
            Can trump turn it around? NO, because he doesn’t really care if he wins, other than ego. If you were a billionaire, who loves the art of the business deal, why would you take a job making $200k and spend 4 years of his elderly years losing money and getting attacked by the media and democrats, he would be 74 and frankly miserable? Where every deal has to be approved more or less by someone else. Congress. I doubt very seriously if mr Trump ( based on his history) would be willing to loose millions to take a job that he really doesn’t want. This is about his ego and his brand, nothing more. Some say if he did win, he’d resign, because he just wants to win,

          3. alegalcitizen says

            ha, ha, ha, ha, The party of racists???
            Don’t know where you get he’s losing Republicans in droves, he has FAR MORE at his rallies than ms. pant suit.

          4. David in MA says

            racist? racist? most people have no idea what a racist is.

          5. Ed Shick says

            there is often standing room only at Trump Rallies , but our news media will not turn the cameras to show how many want a Change ,, Hillary could be sicker in her Mind than Obama !

          6. BOBNIXON1 says


          7. N.McDaniel says

            Are you NUTS!!! Clinton will set USA back 70 years and maybe never will recover!!! Wake up!

          8. Steve Fye says

            Go to a Trump rally with 30,000 people (if you can get in) then go to a Hillary rally at local high school gymnasium with 200 people and do the math. The polls are rigged. Whenever Hillary starts to fall below Trump they just add 15% more democrats to the respondents. It’s been proven they do this. If she will even debate Trump she’ll have one of her coughing fits and not be able to talk. She won’t have Pocahontas and the rest of her communist attack dogs there to help her and Trump will curb stomp the bitch. You better get ready for the Trump landslide and the Hillary mudslide (in her pantsuit).

          9. David Hansen says

            Steve, That was good. here’s a symbolic high five

          10. jetmagnet says

            That’s doesn’t mean anything fella. Trump has a set amount of supporters, they’re are the ones showing at rallies. Nobody is voting for that clown. He has nothing to offer anyone but destroying the country.

          11. Ed Shick says

            There is standing room only at Trump Rallies , Wait for the Debates ! , You get fed pure BS withour Liberal News Media

          12. jetmagnet says

            Look, Hillary sells out everyone of her rallies, she doesn’t hold big rally’s.
            Yeah right wait till the debates. Trump can’t debate and doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about! Hillary’s one of the best,took on your entire congress for 12 hours and kicked their asses. Trump will probably not show up, he’s already whining about it. He wants people who won’t ask him anything, LMFAO!

          13. Ed Shick says

            Hillary slept through Benghazi , lied about it , and now they find she has Parkinsons , it affects your Mind and causes you to sleep 15 Hours a day and fall a lot and shake , I have been going with it for at least 6 years , It is called care giving , You get married and older things go wrong and that we do not want in a president

          14. jetmagnet says

            Benghazi, along with same old attacks, become political tools rightwingnuts and their fantasies. 9 investigations!!! Still not a damn connection, how bout that sheet?
            I guess the GOP is still in medieval times when alchemist tried to turn lead into gold.
            Not one has been proven! amazing!!! Hillary slept through benghazi? And she was supposed to do what? Put on body armor and assault weapons, fly over there and parachute over the attackers and whipe them out!!! You people are idiots!

          15. Ed Shick says

            I do have a nephew that is stationed in Spain at that time , They closed the base for maintance on Sept 10 and they would not reopen it , He at that time flew an F-16 and as he said , they could have been there in less than 45 Minutes and if they flew low,at full speed they could have broke every piece of Glass in Benghazi , it would have slowed things down, but no one Asked for help !!

          16. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Well, dim-bot, you certainly worship the Queen of Sleeze. And how do you like her muzzie connections? She’s even more in the tank for the Muslims and ISIS than Ovomit! With a close confidant like Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood-connected Huma Abedin, she’s not about to disobey her muzzie handlers & minders.

          17. Ed Shick says

            I think he is one of the better men I have known , He is out for America , I went to a funeral of a Fiend today , he was on the battleship Missouri when Japan surrendered ,I found out he had never told them , He was a very hard worker , America needs more with his work Ethic ,If some thing went wrong he would try again and as much as i hated to see him gone itis a blessing as his health was gone , We do not want another democrat , that went and studied Communism and saul Alinsky was a hero Of Hillary ,Obama also !

          18. jetmagnet says

            Trump’s buddy is Putin, Putin hacked the democratic computers.

          19. Ed Shick says

            I think They were hacked and it might have been Snowden , But Hilary was in Russia a lot as was Obama when he went to Patrice Lumumba University but that was in 1990 , I would trust Putin before I would trust any Democrat in High Places I think Putin would tell you the truth ! Never trust a liar!

          20. Sherry says

            NEVER FORGET: Putin was and still is KGB! He is still smarting from the downfall of the USSR and wants to bring it back. He was at the top of his field and he knows how the propaganda machine works. So while he appears to be smooging the egos of these candidates, he’s busy muddying up the campaign waters with his brand of communist propaganda! He is, by no means, a slouch. BUT, he IS an evil man with a giant ego, himself, and he relishes messing with us and to eventually take over our country with all of our resources and land! I’ll NEVER TRUST HIM, EVER!

          21. Ed Shick says

            and where are you if you trust Hillary, Obama , Valerie , harry Reid , Bill Clinton or most of our do very little Congressmen . Or the whole country of China , but we buy there junk , and doctors and insurance Companies and Walmart makes out , So does Hillary because Walmart Contributed Money to her !

          22. jetmagnet says

            Why was it just the DNC? Trump asked putin to do it.

          23. jetmagnet says

            Putin hates hillary, i mean Trump wasn’t hacked and neither was the RNC, so you have it backwards! It wasn’t hillary that asked putin to look into trumps taxes or his emails

          24. Joy Daniels Brower says

            If Putin hacked the DNC, more power to him!! He no longer is part of an evil- just big – empire. After decades of asskissing the Russkies, now Dems are suddenly anti-Russia? Anti-Putin? If Hillary found him useful, so would you, dimwit!

          25. alegalcitizen says

            yeah, yeah, yeah, guess he didn’t like the “reset” button, but that’s NOT what it said, it didn’t say “reset”, PLUS obama did say “when he was re-elected” there was a lot more he could do.

          26. David Hansen says

            I think dump jet magnet would be better. What do you have against America that would make you want someone as grossly incompetent as Hillary. I challenge you to read parts of her college paper on Alinsky. It will tell you how she thinks but you probably could not find it. Tell us what you know about Billy Dale while you are at it. you can’t possible be this ignorant.

          27. jetmagnet says

            College paper? LMAO! How about a new york senator, first lady to the only president with a balanced budget, secretary of state.
            If you like conspiracy, then try GW Blewup the twin towers so he could start a war with IRAQ.

          28. David Hansen says

            Jet pack, Are you afraid to read her own words? it would tell her real thoughts and motives. you should try because you really don’t know anything about her. Here’s
            some new information. It seems from several reports that Hillary has Parkinson’s disease.Before you get your wig in a knot, check it out

          29. alegalcitizen says

            Umm, that “balanced budget” was because of the Republicans in the house, but I guess you can’t “read” and comprehend that.

          30. TheBlues says

            Wow, you are the nattering nabob of negativity, personified. Did you watch Mr. Trump’s Erie speech? He did not look depressed. Just the opposite, nabob boy.

          31. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, i heard the speech in which he talked about losing. I’ll take a long vacation.
            Then like a 9th grader he comes out and says if hillary wins pennsylvania she cheated? He’s a moron. He’s losing everywhere because he’s and idiot and he sucks. A con man…release the Cracken! Your tax returns!

        2. EH says


          1. Tiger says

            Glad you enjoyed.

      2. Richard Daugherty says

        If she does we will no longer have a country. I believe it will be Trump in a complete and total landslide. The media and the polls are lying.Hillcapone can’t get anyone to attend here town halls. She has to pay them. PLEASE CLAP??

        1. Shelly Shannon says

          CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, and CLAP.

        2. Ed Shick says

          The Liberal news Media does not show the Size of the Trump Supporters , compared to the few that are for Hillary ,, But if there is a protester that gets shown , You would think the Liberal news Media would also want a Change or are they all related to one another ,, I am glad we have FOX news !

          1. earl wilson says

            Then you believe in lies instead of the truth. Fox NEWS IS AMERICA”S LIAR C

          2. TheBlues says

            No, you are the Liar here.

        3. jetmagnet says

          Well that’s bull. She has a thousand times more support than trump!
          Trump and his supporters are losers. They are supporting garbage!

          1. alegalcitizen says

            Show us the size of her rallies then mr. smartypants. I don’t know of ONE single person supporting the bimbette.

          2. Sherry says

            I have met some of her supporters: ALL of them are on the take; WELFARE!

          3. David in MA says

            A proven fact is that you just can’t trust a fart!

            This was probably taken right after the State Department announced they were reopening the investigation into her email protocols.

            Hillary Clinton hates this photo of herself and has ‘DEMANDED’ that it be removed from the internet

            So please, whatever you do, forward this to anyone you have ever known since the beginning of time to help her get it off social media.

            She could make a freight train take a dirt road.

          4. jetmagnet says

            yeah, yeah…email. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhht! The emails are bullshit, like all the rest of the stuff they feed you. If all trump had a problem with was his emails, he’d be ahead with you losers and you know it, so cut the crap. Nobody cares about her emails.

          5. David Hansen says

            speaking of garbage jet your way into the can with the rest of the trash

          6. jetmagnet says

            If i wanted to hear from an A**hole i’d Fart! lol

          7. TheBlues says

            You are the Garbage here!

        4. David Hansen says

          Good point. At the dumbocrat convention there were people who got $50 to park their tails in a chair

      3. David Hansen says

        We had all better hope she doesn’t take anything but an orange jumpsuit and a cell. She has taken so much money from Muslim countries they will feel entitled to their beliefs. She must be defeated in November

        1. Retired says

          To many do not see what is all at stake with this election.

    5. sdecantr says

      It is true. Obama has been the greatest embarrassment to our country since Bill Clinton. He has damaged American security and reputation more than any president in history. Unfortunately, Tiger, he is very intelligent and that makes him dangerous. He is just not very smart in his choices since his training was socialistic and muslim.

      1. Tiger says

        He is dangerous look at the news today, O changed the ISIS reports. Now out there thank heavens.

        1. Ed Shick says

          Isis is getting stronger as Obama cuts the American Military ! We should get Obama out of the White House now , That way they could have it cleaned up for Donald Trump !

          1. Tiger says

            The latest video by Comey that has not been shown on any TV news says just that and much more meanwhile O once again says ISIS under control.

            Like the husband who has perfume and lipstick on his clothes on a regular basis, the loving wife refuses to face the truth so it is with the “Stupid” in America.

          2. Sherry says

            Our children have been carefully groomed by common core and lack of parental guidance has brought this nation to this point. The left Progressives, both Demoncraps and the RINO’s have carefully manipulated all of us until there is no more room to fight! SHAME on us slack Americans who have been asleep and no amount of warning could wake them up! Reminds me of Noah, warning the world of doom about to come. He warned them all for 120 years and they thought he was crazy UNTIL it started to rain! TOO LATE, they saw the truth and it all was really REAL! Their entire lives and families were lost because they would not listen to the warnings. Well, it’s time, again, to get ready for the flood of evil about to come on all of us!

          3. Tiger says

            Great post once again. Now I must disagree to a point, my children are grown and they have children. I was busy working to raise them but I managed to educate them to truth of these wars, I am an Army nurse who served in Shield/Storm and this war, to warn them of the coming attacks by Muslims in our country and to educate them to history. They do the same with their children.

            So according to my daughter, even her liberal friends are understanding and turning conservative. All college grads and holding down good paying jobs. They realize what will happen if H gets in.

            That is why I understand that indeed these elections rigged. Did you see this.

            Since July these people have died.
            Seth Conrad Rich 27
            Shot 7/10/16 multiple times, in the back on his way to meet with FBI to discuss election fraud.
            Where is Comey?

            UN Official John Ashe
            suspiciously, a weight fell on his throat 6/22/16 a day before he was
            to testify against the DNC and Clinton. Where is Comey?

            Victor Thorn
            of books against the Clintons found dead with a bullet to the head on
            top of a mountain near his home, 8/1/16. Where is Comey?

            Shawn Lucas Leadatt
            Attorney in the Anti-Clinton DNC fraud case, dead in his home 8/4/16. Where is Comey?

          4. jetmagnet says

            So trump is the answer? He calls women pigs , dogs and filthy animals. Tells people that speak out in his rally’s to get beat up, wants people tortured and their families whiped out. Your a fine parent for your children, more like AN UGLY DISGRACE for a parent.

          5. Sherry says

            MOST of us would rather have a REAL Christian Conservative who KNOW the Constitution! You can search and search, and you will not fine any of my posts lauding or praising the Donald! Hillary is EVIL to the core and the entire world KNOWS what she really is; thanks to Wikileaks and the internet! I am so ashamed to have these losers represent me and my country to the entire world! Both of these “candidates” are really working together and NOW I see it as I peruse the internet, international news as well as national, and read some really gifted and honest people who have taken the trouble to vet all of the terrifying news world wide. The “FIX” is already in and our votes mean NOTHING; HOWEVER, a very loud message can be sent if enough of us patriotic Americans vote our God given conscience! THAT is why I and MANY others will be writing in Ted Cruz for POTUS! The extra slimming and the false innuendo to destroy him is enough proof that we need to realize that Cruz is the ONLY one qualified to be POTUS! The pathetic and stupid moronic lies about Ted’s “cheating” on Heidi, his “involvement” in the Carson fiasco (completely debunked) and his willingness to openly talk to Trump, Carson, and the media, prove to ALL of us that he IS and WAS an honorable man! The reason the elites and the RINO’S hate him is because he can’t be bought or induced to commit to their lies and scheming! Without him being caustic, libelous, slanderous and LOUD, he didn’t make the necessary waves to make great news and the front lines! Some even said he was boring. I found him to refreshingly open, honest, and truly caring as well as charming when he needed to be! SO, NO, I don’t believe a word the Donald or Hillary says! Both have changed their conflicting and dubious remarks to fit their narrative at each event when they needed to. They REALLY think no one is really paying attention! How many times a DAY do they BOTH have to back up to say something like, “It was taken out of context”, or “I didn’t really hear the question”, or, “That was just sarcasm…(but I really mean it or believe it)”……. We will never have another Ronald Reagan, who brought America together and made even the Democrats and world leaders admire or love him! HE WAS Presidential, was he not???

            Without the guidance and loving care of God; we are so SCREWED!!

          6. Lorine M. Shannon says

            i wish that were true but unfortunately Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He wants the world to be Muslim. He is setting them up here in the US and before he leaves office, they are going to start Jihad here. He hates America and what we stand for. I mean, you don’t believe it is all coincidence, do you?

          7. Tiger says

            Yes I and millions are well aware of that. It is going to be a melee.

          8. jetmagnet says

            The military is just fine. You may want to look at republicans getting handouts and campaign contributions from military contractors. There’s thousands of planes , tanks, debunked aircraft that was approved by your congress that’s rotting away.
            You dupes want more waste and who’s going to pay for it? You dumb asses!

          9. TheBlues says

            Outtahere, you Useless Troll !

          10. jetmagnet says

            Trump and his followers are losers, and basically anti-american.

          11. Sherry says

            Ya mean like the Clinton’s and the Bern lemmings??? Probably not a dime’s worth of difference. EVERY ONE has forgotten what it is to be AMERICAN! People have become so jaded and selfish; “so what’s in it for ME?” That is terrible since most of them are so uneducated, on the take; and think we owe them a living at OUR expense! Where are the true Conservatives?? Where are the true God fearing Christians that live according to their consciences?? Where is the real love and caring for our fellow AMERICAN; NO MATTER WHAT “PARTY” YOU ARE AFFILIATED WITH??? The lack of American integrity is astounding and frightening!

          12. Sherry says

            From the appearance of the current tide, I don’t think Trump will get in the White House! The corruption is so vast and everything is already in the fix. Probably Hillary will meet her “maker” somehow, and “o’ will use that to call out for martial law. I believe this nation is so done! It’s not like we weren’t warned…….Time to get our houses in order and plan for takeover and the destruction of our beloved Constitution…….They have not run this nation under the Constitution, anyway, so what’s the big loss now. Our military has been destroyed by “O” and he has installed his own personal “military” guard from unAmerican sources; mostly of Muslim origins. These “men” will not hesitate to shoot us at their own will, with the blessings of the Communist Progressive Left ow in charge of this nation! FEMA CAMPS anyone???

          13. buffalo lips says

            Yes we should – and you have Congress (Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) to thank for that not happening. You also have to wonder which came first (regardless of political party affiliation), Liberalism or Stupidity? And yet people like McCain and Ryan look as though they’re going to be re-elected. Go figure.

        2. jetmagnet says

          I swear you people are the dumbest, most gullible morons on the planet!

          MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) – Scientists have discovered a powerful
          new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to
          sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

          The research, conducted by
          the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are
          virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a
          loss as to how to combat them.

          1. alegalcitizen says

            Um, lets see Tiger has 16,581 comments and 27,122 votes, YOU on the other hand have made 4,807 ridiculous statements and ONLY have 112 like minded morons.

          2. jetmagnet says

            The like minded morons on these sites don’t agree with ME.
            I have several ID’s. lol

          3. Tiger says

            Keep posting to tell everyone that you don’t know about this report is proof positive libturds are insane.

          4. David Hansen says

            Immune to any form of knowledge. it seems you were describing yourself you empty helmet.

          5. TheBlues says

            Nitwit abounding here !

          6. Sherry says

            YEAH; and they identified them as Communist Democraps!

        3. jetmagnet says

          You people are stupid! If your source told you sheet was full of vitamins and to eat a load everyday, you dupes would gobble it down!!!!

          1. Tiger says

            Why don’t you do as one person said concerning O try to do some incredible gymnastic feat that involves putting your feet up your backside while wearing spikes. I can’t believe you are stupid enough to post this.

          2. Sherry says

            WITHOUT STUPID AND BASELESS QUIPS?? Your avatar speaks volumes…….What, pray tell, is it supposed to represent?? YOU???

      2. jetmagnet says

        He’s probably one of the best in history and loved by millions. From your demented racist-bigoted perspective, he’s probably the worst, but elections show you people are uneducated morons!

        1. BOBNIXON1 says


        2. David Hansen says

          You uninformed putz. Obama’s brother Malik asked Obama to help with funeral costs for his Aunt. Barack said no. Brother Malik, is a registered voter in Maryland and he is voting for Trump. You sound like someone 18 to 20 years old who is partially literate and uninformed.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Well I guess if a buck is worth more than your soul, you can go that route.

        3. TheBlues says

          Who unlocked your cage, Moron???? !

        4. Sherry says

          Have you ever known what it feels like to tell the TRUTH?? Have you ever wondered why this nation has taken a nosedive into the abyss of their planned NWO?? Have you not noticed the horrific planning that “O” has pushed on this country to destroy our Constitution and our State rights?? You are such a fool, what they call a “useful idiot”. They will continue to use you until they don’t need you anymore; and then it’ll be lights out for you!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Trump doesn’t tell the truth, he’s a bullshitter and has no business running the country. He’s lied and defrauded people, won’t show his taxes because he’s afraid!’
            Hillary has shown all her returns which shows everything , where trumps?
            Hillary paid 34% and Bill 42% a real american. Trump paid nothing, he skipped out of the military, He’s had a gold spoon in his mouth all his life, dosen’t know what sacrifice is.

          2. Sherry says

            AND YOU BELIEVE HER “paper work”? LOOK at all of the manipulation, cutting destroying and so on with her over 30thousand emails; and you still believe anything she says?? You are aware of her constant lying about her emails and her responsibility of Benghazi? Her constant lies about everything?

            The both of them are criminal; she is just the worst of the 2!

          3. jetmagnet says

            It’s from the IRS. If you don’t believe in goverment , then move! Simple.
            You people would find something wrong if she was jesus christ!

          4. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Four dead Americans and the Queen of the Big Lie lying about that stupid video being the cause of the terrorist attack on the consular outpost in Benghazi are not just “bullshit,” asshat! When YOU lose an immediate relative to the conniving and piss-poor actions of a stupid and crooked Sec. of State and her traitor boss, you won’t call it bullshit either! Dimbocrats know piss-all – and they think WERE stupid for not falling for their lying crap!

          5. jetmagnet says

            What about 312 dead marines in beruit, when reagan failed to get them out after several warnings? 4 dead americans is nothing, and they could have left and gone to the embassy. lol
            9 investigations and a hearing and you dumbasses are still dumb on benghazi! Unbelieveable!

          6. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Not excusing Reagan’s non-timely inaction (but I’d like to hear from his official biographer, George Shirley, explain this in details), but Beirut was 30-plus years ago. As for the Ambassador in Benghazi, of course, he was in charge of the gun-running (to the ISIS rebels in Syria via the consular office in Benghazi) on the ground for the Ogime, as well as his chief officer; but the two former Navy seals – yes, they certainly could have stayed behind and let EVERYONE die, but they chose to run TOWARD the danger and did, in fact, save several lives before they lost theirs. The reason the GOP-controlled Congress never did make any serious recommendations is that they, too, are in league with the Ogime and have given BHO everything he’s asked for (except the SC nomination). Anyway, BHO and company are above the law (witness the FBI’s refusal – at DOJ’s command, coming from the Oval Office, no less, to “try” HRC for her crimes against the security of this country!)) and will never be held to account by the current set of corrupt Congress critters.

          7. jetmagnet says

            The fact is your GOP has failed to bring the war on ISIS to a vote. (Cowards)
            Your GOP has not authorized a war with ISIS. If it weren’t for Obama, there would be not war on ISIS.
            You can blame sheet on anyone ok, it’s called second guessing. The fact is the GOP sucks at foreign policy as seen in IRAQ and many other places. and it’s easy to judge a game from the cheap seats in the stands.

          8. jetmagnet says

            So what? They were personal emails, and everyone does it.
            Why doesn’t Trump release all his business emails and tax returns if he’s not a crook or dishonest? He won’t. He said he’s not releasing his taxes after hillary, and pence did. He’s a Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          9. Sherry says

            Do you still claim that her emails were “personal” emails??? ALL well over 35 thousand of them; some highly classified?? You are a total liar and loser; you KNOW damned well she is as corrupt as everyone KNOWS now. Even her own backers are quietly backing away from her. SHE IS THE CONSUMMATE and TOTAL FRAUD, and you know it!

          10. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Did you ever know how many military deferments that Bubba had to get out of being drafted for the Vietnam War? Of course, he skipped the country and took a year abroad at Oxford during that time, too. BTW, Trump pays income taxes – and PLENTY! It’s just that he’s also a private citizen and some things do not need to be for public consumption. Believe me, if he were cheating on his taxes, the corrupt IRS would have had his ass in a sling years ago!! As for the “golden spoon” in his mouth, he inherited his father’s successful real estate business, you’re right, but he determined to grow it exponentially by entering the Manhattan real estate & development market – THAT’S where he made – and he worked for every dime! – his “big bucks.”

          11. jetmagnet says

            Bubba isn’t running for president ( the last time i checked he was the only president creating 23 million jobs and had a surplus). He didn’t trash pow’s, by saying he doesn’t like people who get captured, and disgrace the millitary by insulting a gold star family. He didn’t accept a purple heart and say he always wanted one.
            He also didn’t insult Iraq vets saying they stole money. He aslo didn’t claim to raise money for vets, then reneg on it.
            He Blowszzzzzzzzzzzz! Only a moron with no morals and hates america would vote for this clown, an no vets with honor, As a Vet, i’d never vote for the bastard, an neither are millions of vets. He’s a disgrace to this country.

          12. David Hansen says

            Your a vet? I am surprised. The current system abuses vets and Hillary is a part of it. She would continue the VA and vets who deserve better would continue to die waiting for treatment.

          13. jetmagnet says

            The GOP abuses vets, better get the facts or be stupid the rest of your life!
            It’s your GOP that controls the budget fella, they control house and senate!

            Here’s a concise extraction
            for easy viewing for those who are INTERESTED IN VETERANS ISSUES and
            need to know which party supports veterans and which party does not.

            The rejected Bills are named:

            H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.

            H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act

            H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization

            H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans

            H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009

            H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act

            H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act


            H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act – This
            bill would actually provide job security for veterans who are receiving
            medical treatment for injuries suffered while fighting in defense of
            their country. It would prohibit employers from terminating

            employees who miss work while receiving treatment for a service-related disability.

            H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act – This bill
            would provide for assistance to help veterans who are currently
            unemployed with their expenses while retraining for the current job

            H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
            – This bill would reauthorize programs in support of homeless
            veterans, to assist them with job training, counseling, and placement
            services through the Department of Veterans Affairs through 2014.

            H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations
            Providing Scholarships for Veterans which does nothing more than direct
            the Department of Veterans Affairs to include information about
            scholarships for veterans.

            H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
            – Here’sanother bill in support of those who have fought for their
            country, passed by House Democrats and blocked from becoming law by

            This would increase the amount paid by the VA to disabled veterans
            for necessary home structural improvements from $4,100 to $6,800 for
            those who are more than 50% disabled, and from $1,200 to $2,000 who are
            less than 50%, disabled. This means, if a veteran lost the use of his
            legs in service of his country, the country will pay for the wheelchair
            ramp so that he can live at home.

            By the way, the last time this ceiling was lifted was in 1992. There
            isn’t even a fiscal reason for being against this bill, as the total
            cost of this bill, according to CBO estimates, would be a “whopping” $20
            million. That’s about a quarter (25 cents) per family of four.

            H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act – This
            bill would set up a Veterans Business Center program within the Small
            Business Administration, which would specialize in such programs as
            grants for service-disabled veterans, help them develop business plans
            and secure business opportunities. In other words, folks, it would
            create jobs and offer opportunities those who have fought in defense of
            our country.

            H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act
            – This bill essentially combines a number of other bills that
            Republicans had blocked in the Senate previously, and adds a few
            elements. The bill would again establish a Veterans Business Center
            Program; …. it would establish a Military Entrepreneurs Program; …

            VOTERS NEED TO SEE THIS LIST to offset the distortions offered by the GOP and the silent media.

            This GOP record does not says We Do Not Support the Troops.

          14. David Hansen says

            The GOP does not abuse vets. it should not be the business of government to create because the government does not create, it confiscates. Taxes and restrictions on business should be lowered or lifted so companies can put more people to work because when they do more people will help vets. People would probably like to help vets if they were employed.
            The VA has a ton of administrators who don’t do a thing for vets who need treatment. I looked up their job duties and there was not one word about getting people cured. Hillary would continue this sorry mess whereas her opponent would dispose of some administrators so vets can receive what they need. If you would like to see vets get help, you seem to be on the wrong side of the fence.

          15. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Trump certainly DID raise that money for the Vets and gave a large portion of it himself. As for “insulting a Gold Star Family,” when Khan went to that POLITICAL podium and trashed Trump, he stepped far beyond the bounds of a “grieving” Gold Star Family. He and his wife certainly are entitled to their feelings – and, of course, their support of Hitlery – but going to that level of political theater did put them back in target range for legitimate attacks on them as well. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Trump fights back ALWAYS! And, as it turns out, Mr. Khan’s law firm has been involved with some pretty shady US citizenship deals – and for wealthy Saudi clients, too. Also Khan is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and has other “interesting” connections. Of course, when this bit of info (about the “for sale” US citizenship “deals”), that aspect of his law firm’s business was immediately erased from the firm’s website. Gee, I wonder why? Finally, Mr. Khan is a huge proponent of the Shariah law in the USA – which, of course, is in direct contradiction of some of the tenets of the US Constitution.

          16. jetmagnet says

            He raised half of the $6 million and didn’t give it to disabled vets, he gave it new york buddies who have veteran orgANIzations, Get the facts. He only forked over the $1 million after being called out two months afterward. He said he gave it that day!

          17. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Jesus was the Son of God and, as such, he didn’t have or need any earthly political handles. The REAL hero in the Khan family, of course, was the son who died in combat. His father is another story – and a real piece of work. You don’t know dick about that man or his many nefarious connections. BTW, he was the 5th Gold Star parent who was contacted by the DNC who accepted the honor – AND the 6-figure payoff by the DNC.

          18. David Hansen says

            Joy, good job. it seems that jet toilet is so full of bitterness and hate that intelligent thought seems to be beyond him

          19. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Thanks for the shout-out, David. Yes, you’re right, jet toilet (a great moniker!) is a bitter SOB whose knowledge of current affairs is definitely gained through the prism of the Demonkrap propaganda machine. And, yes, bitterness and hate are quite in evidence – and, indeed, abundance – in his furious and juvenile posts.

          20. David Hansen says

            Joy, I appreciate the amen. Sunday got my Trump pin from a friend at church. Someone asked me why Trump? My answer was that the other choice is anti-Christian. obviously she’s anti-Semitic as well.

          21. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Indeed, an undercurrent that’s almost a 3rd rail in politics: The Hildebeast is known by her associations; and although her close bud, Sid Blumenthal, is Jewish, he’s anti-Zionist – and his son, Max, is even more radical. The J-Street Jews who are anathema to pro-Zionist Christians and Jews alike! And she’s definitely been in league with our pathetic muzzie-loving POTUS in his contempt for Israel and his insane enthusiasm for all the worst kind of terrorists in the Mid-East and beyond! Trump, by comparison, is the exact opposite – a true friend of Israel and someone who doesn’t have time for the Sharia-loving muzzies who wish to do us harm!

          22. Sherry says

            As a vet, you shouldn’t vote for Hillary either! MOST WON’T! If she cannot defend our brave military and our foreign offices from the Muslim ilk and then continue to LIE about it, then you are delusional!

            ALL of the promises she made as she ran for Senator of NYC fell flat and did NOTHING for her state or her constituents! The poor and the blacks were always USED to get the vote but never received anything for their support! They are still poor, uneducated, on welfare, and live in ghettos where crime is rampant! She has never been a success at passing any legislation or bills while Senator nor while she “helped” Bill with the preposterous health bill that, thankfully, failed miserably. Don’t forget her scandalous time in the White House, from the time she entered until the day she left. Shall we all reiterate all of her scandalous behaviors while she occupied the seat of First “lady”?? Her illegal deals, obfuscations when questioned, and her nasty and foul LOUD mouth and scathing rebukes to staff while occupying said seat? Somebody should write a book about Hillary or even make a movie about this wretch! OH, WAIT, THEY HAVE!!! YOU need to look into these and let us know what YOUR take is on these! Bet you won’t…….Truth,, like salt, hurts when applied to an open and festering wound, eh?

          23. David Hansen says

            The Clinton crime family sure has you fooled. Your research should be more than just parroting the liberal line like they tell you. how old are you or are you ducking the question. If you made even the smallest effort to learn you wouldn’t be so easily faked out.

          24. jetmagnet says

            Clinton served the country, what did trump serve? His pocketbook!

          25. Sherry says

            Clinton has NEVER “served the country”……..She has only served herself and everything has a price! She CLAIMS that when they left the W.H. that they were “dead broke”. Yet in jest a few short years they have amassed MILLIONS in laundered money for “speeches” they gave yet no one can find any of these money making Earth shattering speeches! MOST of their “wealth” came from shady Muslim countries whom we had designated as terrorist countries! How come barely a million was made here in this country since Bill left our W.H.?? Hillary has some “splainin’ to do”! But, she won’t; she will dodge and wave any questions put to her and she continues to dodge any interviews or debates! The so called interviews and questions from “reporters” have to be reviewed by Hillary FIRST before the reporter can openly question her. Her stupid “explanations” and “answers” are NOT truthful answers!YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THIS, yet, you continue to defend the defenseless! I don’t understand how YOU can HONESTLY troll these sites if you are not better informed about your queen Hillary or you are just as despicable and corrupt as she is! I refuse to use profanity and empty rhetoric as you lefties are prone to do, but I WILL speak the truth as I see it!

          26. Sherry says

            Trump and Killary are 2 peas in the same pod. BOTH of them are corrupt! Trump is a planted “red herring” put in to completely destroy the GOP and the Tea Party, once and for all. BOTH are FRAUDS and their “returns” are as well; so that PROVES NOTHING!! Hillary is NOT a giver; she has always been a TAKER, a LIAR, a thief, and a murderer! I have never trusted either of them; their WORD is always a lie to be “misunderstood” or “taken out of context”. NEITHER of them are fit to be my POTUS! BOTH of them should stand trial for all of their corruption, treason, and the degrading of the vaunted office of POTUS! Ted Cruz is the ONLY one who knows what sacrifice really is; he has willingly walked the unfortunate gauntlet of the political climate in this failing country and has managed to hang on to his integrity and sanity! He is not the slime ball that “O”, Hillary, and Trump is! He never whines or complains about the lying nasty attacks by those lefties on the left nor from the evil progressive diehard GOP! He has remained true to his principles and tries very hard to remain at peace as his faith in God has allowed him to do. HE IS the really TRUE American in that whole bunch of carpetbaggers running for office! SO, go ahead and believe the drivel the left puts out for your consumption; you deserve what you get…….BUT I DON’T!

          27. jetmagnet says

            Listen you little peanut. I’ve been at this longer than you’ve existed. You subhumans are like programmed rats with fused human brains, that run aroundspreading the plague of misinformation to any uneducated jackass who isn’t willing to research every comment you make. The sources you derive your information from. Yapping idiots like hannity, rush, Brietbart, drudge, newsmax, alex west. and thousands of others, who prey on small minds that are easily duped, because they want to be told this sheet , beecause it fills a need in their insecure and prejudice minds. I do research for a living and have made millions doing it.
            Every single one of you is “Hooked” on your media, part of it is mind control the rest is targeted programming. We used it in the CIA. Many private companies use it along with subliminal programming. To prove my point, I bet you can’t stop watching or listening to the programming for a month, even if your soul depended on it.

          28. Sherry says

            I KNEW IT!!! YOU FINALLY ADMITTED IT! You are Satan! (Sarcasm) I have “existed” in God’s Mind from the beginning of time; therefore, you have NOTHING on me! Like I said before; your avatar SCREAMS what you are and it ain’t pretty! It’s remarkable that you cannot see yourself as all of us see you. Thinking yourself wise, you have become a fool…….

      3. pmbalele says

        You must be White and TP or Repubs. And therefore you were raised a bad boy. All Repubs and TPs are racists, bigots and primitive. Just imagine Dr.Carson wanted the WH job through Affirmative Action program. Carson did not know Repubs and TPs hate Blacks and AA programs. Any way now it does not matter. Trump is trailing in the polls. In my state he 34 while Hillary is 60 and rest undecided. Do you know Obama was voted the most loved male by Americans and the world. Hillary was voted the most loved female in American and the world. Now you know who is going to be in the WH in January. Please vote for Hillary on November 8.

        1. Poppo says

          Not if they are holding a straight razor to my throat!

      4. Sherry says

        Actually, “O” was raised by communists. His grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis, “O”s slut “mother” all were card carrying communists. I don’t believe that “O” was ever loved by anyone; he was a tool groomed for this “job” to destroy America. He is the product of what “they” (NWO elites) have planned for the vast majority of us uneducated, unthinking, and amoral “Americans”. Like lemmings, most of those useless people will be eliminated and the brain dead but strong will become their slaves to produce goods and agriculture without hope of gain or rights! The American dream has been eliminated! They could not have achieved all this had they not destroyed our Christian heritage,history, and foundation FIRST! Noe that evil abounds, most look at it like the natural way of life. Evil is acceptable and GOOD IS EVIL! We were warned by our founding fathers, President Eisenhower, and Jesus Christ that this was coming to us at the end…….NOW we know it is the end times!

        1. jetmagnet says

          The evil is right here, all you peeps are headed to Hell! You have no morals and no dignity, and you’d sacrifice your soul for politics..I kinda like that.
          i’ve got several scriptures that will show you immoral dupes are headed straight to Hell.

          1. Sherry says

            YOU have described YOUR own condition perfectly, so I imagine YOU will be holding some of those losers hands on you way to hell…NO? SO, SHOW US THESE SCRIPTURES and then apply the same to yourself so that ALL of us as well as you , can REPENT!!! I, for one, have an Advocate to stand in for me before the Father at the Throne of Grace! DO YOU??? Your own mouth has betrayed you…….

        2. Poppo says

          As a Christian, I am to love Obama. This may be the most difficult task I have ever faced, except of course, loving Hillary.

          1. jetmagnet says

            That’s because you’re a fake christian, not a real one. You support hate, racism and bigotry. Your support someone that calls women pigs, dogs and filthy animals.
            Someone believes in torture, just as all the republicans will go down in defeat this november, all you haters will have to be judged by GOD.

          2. Sherry says

            Sounds like you are swallowing your own tongue! You need to reread
            your hateful and disgusting posts! You are only hurting yourself for all of us to see your pathetic drivel. I pray you will soon see the light before it is too late!

          3. Sherry says

            With heavy hearts, I, too, find it VERY hard until I remember Jesus pleading to His Father to forgive those who were killing Him and beat Him to within an inch of His Life! Grace and mercy were His gift to us because we are so weak and NEED His indwelling every day! He understood our human condition and made a way for us to become one of His Own! In the final analysis, He understood our human condition because He was the first human and made us in His own image. When He became the ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God, He left His Divinity behind in Heaven to become what we now are! Otherwise, how in the world could He be tempted in EVERY way as we are?? How could He die? He became mortal so that He could DIE in our place for our sins. He was definitely the “First Fruits” of the saved!

            What an AWESOME God and Father…….What a Perfect Plan He constructed. He saw it all and He said it was very GOOD and He never had to make a plan B! NO surprises for Him! Now, THAT IS A PLAN OF LOVE!

      5. jetmagnet says

        Actually, he was an embarrassment only to rightwing fruitcakes who get all their information from radical teahadist websites!

    6. A natural born American says

      My gripe w/GW is that had he been fortuitous enough to have closed all those doors and windows he created with his own E/O pen, then obama might have had a more difficult time burdening the American public with all of his E/Os.

      1. Tiger says

        Sadly Bush had a Democrat Congress and forced him to use EO. O has far surpassed him and you are right O has run through doors like the Patriot Act and according to the author of it , O has gone far beyond what it was ever meant to be.

        I don’t think anyone can say that we have been safer under O than we were under Bush.

        1. A natural born American says

          You’re right about not being safe under obama. With all the cretans obama is bringing over under the guise of “refugees,” I constantly worry about all the young adult women, the teen aged girls and the baby girls I know. American women were not raised to be anyone’s slave. Nor do they take kindly to being relegated to being anyone’s chief cook and bottle washing baby factories. Nor do I think any of them will willingly lie down for their own circumcision ceremony. And when that happens who are they most likely to blame? The men in their lives who either didn’t, or may not have fought hard enough to protect them from themselves.

          1. Tiger says

            I don’t believe it will reach that point in our country. Even though the American people have not been allowed to see what has happened in Europe with all that is coming at Hillary from more emails and more to come she will stroke out and there is a good chance Trump will win and take care of business.

            Even if he doesn’t win and another evil come into the WH when and if the Muslims begin to pull anything like what you speak of the American people will not lay down and die. In Europe they are forming vigilante groups and burning them out, beating them to a pulp and taking them to the cleaners.

            Just heard five hours ago another attack by Muslim refugee in Switzerland on a train, 6 dead and much more. Swiss welcomed them and now suffering a rape epidemic along with Denmark and other countries.

          2. Sherry says

            ALL part of a much bigger plan! The world will be under military law to “control” the chaos and the heated but truthful rhetoric from the brave older and knowledgeable folk who saw what was coming long ago and were laughed at as crazy! History repeating itself because people are not knowing their histories.

          3. Tiger says

            Great post, I understand every word and children like me who were raised by POW from WWII are well aware of what has been coming down the pike. I feel sure, because I have had the younger generation tell me in posts, they will be glad when I and my generations are dead and from what I hear from them, they would have no problem rounding us up and doing it ASAP.

          4. Sherry says

            I see that YOUR eyes are open! Good for you! WAKE UP, Patriots, before we are all rounded up and destroyed by “natural causes”!

      2. Sherry says

        BOTH Bushes and “O” ilk are all one worlders; They talked about it often: The New World Order! ALL of this going on is part and parcel of a larger agenda and NO one is even searching this out except for a few “retired” military men and older retired presidential advisors. We are in a deeper cesspool than we had first believed. Those that do speak out often “disappear” or die of “natural causes”; think about SCOTUS Scalia! He was already blowing the horn on much of this when he met his demise. People are AFRAID because they want to live! Start counting the bodies: over 130 so far and counting…….

        1. A natural born American says

          I just read a little about it and it was scary.

    7. David in MA says

      Probably the Mexican gene from his mother….. BTW: did she ever become an American citizen?

      1. Tiger says

        Yes she is and she did. There are many admirable Mexican people don’t judge them all by the sleaze crawling across our borders.

    8. pmbalele says

      Wait a minute now Tiger. George P. Bush will be shipped back to Mexico if Trump gets in the WH. This young Bush does not know he was anchor-baby. Trump wants all kids of illegals to be shipped back to their mothers’ lands. P. Bush has a Mexican mother- an illegal woman. Therefore he should be careful to support an individual who wants to ship him to Mexico.

      1. Sherry says

        WRONG on every account you posted! He is NOT an anchor baby; his dad IS an American and was married to his Mexican mother before he was even conceived! I am NOT a Trump supporter by any means, but he never stated he would ship “anchor babies” back because, as it is now, IF they are born here, they are now American! I agree that this law should be changed as it is in every other country on Earth! I believe in CLOSED borders; not by a wall, but by extra border patrol via sky, truck and border stations. It really isn’t that hard to achieve; “O” sent word out that our borders were and are open; COME ON IN! The states affected have no right to stop them according to “O”. THEY DO, however, have their state sovereignty rights and could put a stop to this. Turning them over to a fed gov agency ICE is the wrong way to handle this! Put these traffickers in jail in the desert like Joe Arpieo does. the illegals would dry up tomorrow if they would ignore the Feds and use their own manpower and money. Most of the people WANT the states to control the flow and properly vet these people. Sure wish you were an honest person without spewing so much untrue innuendo and garbage! Your very loose propaganda for the Progressive left is so full of lie holes that your bucket of lies can’t hold water!

        1. pmbalele says

          Sherry, you must be French by origin. What did you say- “IF they are born here, they are now American?” You sure have not been following what Trump says. He wants all illegals’ kids born here to be shipped back to where their parents came from. Even those kids in the US army should be deported with their parents. When they turn 18 years old they can apply as citizen. Trump wants them first deported. Now you understand. Please vote for Hillary. I am sober when wring thing posting.

          1. Sherry says

            Then, that means Trump, himself, must return to Scotland as his own mother was not an American citizen until he was 4 years old! So, YOU want ME to vote for a lying, corrupt, dishonest, murdering, cheating and evil person to be MY POTUS??? You are NOT sober; you been drinking too much progressive commie demoncrap kool-aid! NEVER Killary…….NEVER Trump! BTW: I am an American of Scottish, Welsh, and English descent. Our people have been here since the founding of this land. My ancestors were Scottish men escaping the tyranny of the English rule of law. Yet, strangely enough, most of them wound up marrying English or Welsh maidens here from England escaping the Religious tyranny of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. They were Protestant reformers and their blood was spilled to achieve freedom from the Roman rule!

          2. pmbalele says

            So you’re an immigrant and therefore illegal. Go back to Scotland where your people came from. Trump then will process your application to be in this country. How do you like that?

      2. Tiger says

        No LOLOLOL his mother is legal. Good grief. Too funny.

        1. Sherry says

          He knows it…….He is just spreading more Soros/Hillary propaganda. Just the same way they tried to destroy Cruz with lying innuendo about his American citizenship…….Satan never rests because he knows he has a very short time left before his demise…….he wants to go out with a bang!

          1. Tiger says

            Sherry and bang it will be across this country.

    9. BH says

      The biggest problem I had with W. was when he would lean liberal. I’ve come to believe that happened when he listened to his wife too much. I think she is a liberal at heart. But at least he did care about the country, unlike the current occupier of the WH.

      1. Tiger says

        I had my complaints about him also but on the whole serving under his father in Shield/Storm and him in this war as an Army nurse I can tell people, as can our soldiers both Bush’s loved our country and those who were fighting for it.

        Obama is nothing but a Traitor and an abomination.

        1. BH says

          I agree with you. I can only imagine what it would have been like if Obama was Pres on 9/11. He probably would have convened a committee of liberal idiots to figure out how we (the US) provoke them into doing this. He would probably have sent the Taliban roses with a card of apology. Then he would have ordered all soldiers into Muslim sensitivity training.

          1. Tiger says

            LMAO this really isn’t funny because that is what he would have done.

    10. jetmagnet says

      I listened just awhile ago to Trumps Terrorist speech in which he hand read it word for word. LMAO
      Now let’s see if he can remember it in the debates. It was full of lies and propaganda typical of a bloviated pompous azz that is unfit for a diaper service.

      1. Tiger says

        Yeh like Hell you did. I just listened also along with half the world so go your way and let the wind continue to whistle from one ear to the other through that gaping hole in your head.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Trump supporters suffer from “cultural cognition.” It’s
          easier for them to believe lies because if they acknowledged facts, then they
          would be forced to come to conclusions that differ from what their groups

          Their fear of the risk of being ostracized by their groups overrides their
          interest in facts. It’s actually a sad, deficient way to live. We should have a
          certain amount of empathy for such people.

          1. Tiger says

            Trump has millions of supporters and you are insinuating that people from all walks of life are stupid and suffer from cultural cognition. You better understand that those who put him where he is were more than in the history of any Republican and more than those that were for the filthy O.

            Also get this through your head, even though the Main Media lies and lies and lies Trump’s crowds are in the 35,000 bracket and more and his last speech in a stadium that had the highest amount of people and that was for Elton John, was filled with more people than for Elton and thousands were wrapped around the blocks. So buddy those people will be voting for Trump.

            I have no sympathy for all you Libturds none.

    11. pmbalele says

      Are you still supporting Trump? The guy wants to hang up and go to his three wives.The Mexico president labeled Trump, a liar, con, corrupt and crooked. And you still think Trump will win. The guy just lost the WH two days ago after meeting with Mexico President. Now one of his wives – Melania is suing the US government for allowing some US newspaper to defame her. Melania does not know once you are in public, your privacy and right are at mercy of the media. But that is also a sign that Trump cannot control his wives. Now if Trump cannot control his 3 wives how can he control US enemies. We better rally behind Hillary on November 8.

      1. Tiger says

        The Mexican president did not label Trump a liar I heard their speeches together. You are so sick.

        Trump yes and only Trump and my Hellery die sooner than later.

    12. grams says

      You hit it on the nail with your post. The White House is the people of the USA house. Trump is our choice and they should be supporting him, for the party sack.

      1. Tiger says


      2. Tiger says

        Jindel supports Trump now says he was wrong about him, others are joining I think the RINO don’t want to make a change they like it the way it is. They aren’t sure if Trump will win and don’t want to PO Hellery.

  2. AlanWH says

    The Lord did say “Few will Find the Way.”

    1. headonstraight says

      When you place that in quotes, you are saying that Jesus said those very words. Book, chapter and verse, please. It ain’t in my Bible.

      1. mallen11 says

        Here is what Jesus said…
        Matthew 7:14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
        It has always been this way because man wants to do things their way instead of God’s way. I find God’s way so much better and His truth is absolute.

        1. headonstraight says

          Thank you. That supports what I posted. The non-quote from AlanWH is a, abbreviated, incomplete version and, as I indicated above, it is inappropriate to place within quotation marks something that is not an actual quotation.

  3. CUZIN ERN says

    One out of a 109.9 Million is a weak but challenging start to save this nations ideals, to say the least!

  4. melmack 1 says

    Thank you George for coming forward to help SAVE America

  5. SouthernPatriot says

    George P. Bush has more common sense than most other bushes and especially his father. What he spoke is good sense and if we all do it, somehow, with God’s help, maybe we can get Trump elected and reject a third term for Obama/Hillary.

  6. headonstraight says

    So the young Bush has had time since the primaries to hear all the nonsensical, irrational rants of the Trumpster and thus to gravitate to supporting the varmint? Go figure.

  7. Mark Brickey says

    He’s not got the ego involved in his choices – poor JEB, being the youngest, had something to prove to Daddy.

  8. pysco says

    Jeb is an *sshole, he stated that that he won’t vote for anybody, but thats like voting for Hillary…… I’m really tired of these tantrums thrown by Politicians because they got butt hurt, because they got beat… They need to start acting like Americans, and worry about the future of our nation…

  9. elmcqueen3 says

    Who gives a crap about bringing people together…we do not live in a communist camp…nor do we belong to the sing along crowd of John Lennon or other british what not’s …we know how to sing along to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner…nor are we dopers or druggies…we respect the US flag…we care for our veterans…we believe in the American Bill of Rights and our US Constitution…we are not socialist nor progressives…we are conservatives who believe in Christian values…we are family orientated…we want our children to succeed and live the American dream through hard work and responsibility…we are American’s first and foremost and we have the right to disagree with whoever we want and to Boo whoever we want…and if we don’t like blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, or white folk, or people’s of any other color that’s our prerogative…We will vote for whoever we want no matter what the liberal mainstream national news media tells us who we should be voting for and who we should be voting against…Another words…to all you bleeding heart do good, feel good PC Democrats and misguided RINO’s…you and Hillary Clinton along with politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Elijah Cummings…and Republicans like Mitt Romney, John McCain, or John Kasich…ya all can go to hell with your smooth talking BS…I will remain my own American whether you choose to call me a racist or a bigot…I will never mind for ill words can never taunt me to forsake my personal values nor to give up those freedoms which our fore fathers graciously bestowed upon us…God Bless America…let freedom ring…and God Bless our Troops…Semper Fidelus.

    1. Hillaryoncrack says

      Well said, well spoken.

    2. mallen11 says

      Great thoughts and thank you for your service.

    3. ReadeMyLips says

      Okay, then, Archie Bunker. Have it your way, or the highway. Sounds like your god, who you invoke to “bless” America, may be just as racist and bigoted as some people may say you are.

      1. elmcqueen3 says

        Edith…Thank you for reading my lips…now where’s that damn remote.

    4. THANKFUL says

      WOWWWW elmcqueen3, very well put. AMENNNNN.

  10. Tennman39 says

    This was the right thing to do, if this country falls under Clinton nightmare, this country will be for sale to any and all countries, friend or foe, just look at the time she was the Secretary of State. How much corruption does it take to realize she is a liability to our way of life as we’ve known before the Obama-Clinton follies.

  11. MikeS says

    It is good to see the son has a mind of his own (in deed…a mind at all) and a little common sense.

  12. Dan says

    It continues to amaze me how people will accept a cheating , lying, sac of scum Hillary yet reject Trump because he may not be politically correct. It shows what has happened to morality in this country when they continue to support Hillary who supports killing the unborn.

    1. J.B.Jacobs says

      What does she have to do to stop people from voting for her? One way would be to change from Democrat to Republican. If she was Republican, she would be in the Federal Penitentiary now. The Democrats are going to vote for her even if she is in the Pen. She may be the only president that lives in a penitentiary instead of the White House.

      1. Dan says

        Good Post !

  13. Marilynn Reeves says

    Glad to see this young man taking charge of his own life and hope the family respects that. Was sorry to see the rest of the family did not support Trump since he did win the nomination. Guess they will not be voting or will vote for Clinton.

  14. Lickerpoet says

    What kind of moron jumps onto a sinking ship captained by a loathesome lunatic who insults the heritage of his mother and the honor of his uncle?

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      One that loves his country, and is not a jerk like you.

      1. Lickerpoet says

        Loves his country or his friends? What do Texans think about the job George P has done?
        On September 18th, the Houston Chronicle published an article that claimed that Bush “has dramatically remade the General Land Office by ousting a majority of its longtime leaders and replacing many of them with people with ties to his campaign and family.” Another publication made similar claims.

        On September 18th, the Austin American-Statesman looked at the agency’s “reboot” which included the loss of 111 employees, an alleged 17 percent of the agency’s workers. Former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said that the downsizing represented “a purge of the best agency in Texas government and a purge of people who have done wonderful things.” Breitbart Texas talked to Patterson and he confirmed that he made these statements. He also confirmed that he had said, “This whole idea is all about looking good. It’s all about ‘I’m going to show that I can cut the size of government.’ I think it’s some serious ignorance. You’ve been hired to do a job.” A former employee also was reported to have said, “If you look at who the leadership is at the GLO now, they’re mostly under 40. They’re more enamored with Twitter and that stuff than actually doing a good job of running the agency.”

        1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

          You and the Houston Chronicle two LIBERAL story tellers.

  15. Michael Dennewitz says

    Poor guy! He needs to watch his back. MANY have died suspiciously and/or disappeared mysteriously.. ?? Chris Kyle being the best “example!” And no one can convince me that the PMIC didn’t have his fingers in it. Same with Justice Scalia. And no one needs trying to convince me that he died as a result of “fork N spoon” either!! ?

  16. C6Vette says

    It’s about time someone woke-up! If we allow the Corrupt DC Machine, D & P’s together than it is a sure bet the “The Butcher of Benghazi” WILL WIN the election hands down! These RINO’s that are jumping Ship are only reinforcing Killary’s chances of winning! What is the PROBLEM in DC? It was quite understandable that Susan Collins from Maine would not vote for Trump, if you look up RINO in the Dictionary it has her picture aside of it! Collins and Ayotte went in together on a Law to reduce Weapons, magazines and a lot of other things that are truly against our Constitution! They are truly a pair that beats 3 of a kind, RINO’s both!

    The ONLY thing that may save Ayotte in the upcoming State of NH Elections is she is running against our Governor which is a True Blue Libtard that is a Taker and NOT a giver! She LOVES to Tax the crap out of everything that is either nailed down or not! “We the People” can only HOPE that we have the Votes and they are counted, from what I see traveling around New Hampshire there are only 2 Hillary Signs, one (1) is #NEVER HILLARY and the other is for Hillary BUT keeps getting run over everytime the home owner stands it back up again!

    There is NO WAY that she is ahead of Trump in NH, None, Zero, Zip, NADA, no way, no how she is ahead! I’m still all in on Trump, I like his Plans for job growth, bring our factories back to THIS country, fighting ISIS (NOT ISIL, I hope people know what the difference is) AKA Islamic Terrorist and negotiating with foreign countries in OUR Favor! Not give Iran Ransom, the money to Fund Terrorism, build ICBM’s, and naturally NUKES which I believe they already have but no way to deliver them! My Opinion………. TRUMP 2016

    Nam Combat Vet
    “Live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Not Free”

  17. jimdarnall says

    Wow, a Bush with some common sense. Who would of guessed?

  18. JOY IN TUCSON says

    This guy is smart enough to look at HIS political future.

  19. Robert Cruder says

    When his grandchildren ask about this time, he will have to admit that he sold out his country for some later campaign. One would hope that is worth it. That and looking in the mirror each morning.

  20. Tertullian says

    Those “Republicans” who won’t support Donald Trump for President are in effect supporting Hillary and this is abominable and means that these turncoats ( in my estimation ) are not only helping Hillary win the Presidency, but also are helping to make the Supreme Court extremely LIBERAL and they should be ashamed of themselves. I am SO disappointed in these so-called Republicans’ shameful decision.In fact, I believe they are acting like little children who cannot get their way! They SHOULD get on board and let Donald Trump know they will SUPPORT him. And thousands upon thousands of Republicans will be ever thankful for their loyalty to the person who won in the Republican Primary. Come on, lend your support
    to our Republican candidate for President. There is still time and you will gain much respect .

  21. Tertullian says

    Donald Trump ALL THE WAY. Support him. Stand by him and with him. Pray for him. And may God bless him and give him strength, fortitude, and wisdom. PLEASE REMEMBER, too, that the next President will be influential in filling, at the minimum, one (1) seat on our SUPREME COURT and possibly three (3) seats. FRIENDS, THIS COMING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN THE MAINTAINING OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Republicans, do vote and take your Republican neighbors with you.
    I have read and heard that our opposition is all set to RIG THE VOTING MACHINES in their favor; therefore, volunteer to be a Poll Watcher and help lessen the dishonesty of vote-stealing. Check now with your local Republican Party to see how you can help maintain honesty at the places of voting.

  22. Cookie Vranish says

    I’m impressed with the kid! Jeb is still a cheap POS!

  23. Laddyboy says

    Bush: The ex-president that calls for the “new world order” to be installed. I call this behavior TRAITOROUS.

  24. PatriotForever says

    Amen to the RIGHT thinking! Good job and respected

  25. survivor33 says

    I don’t why the Bush’s, father & son, couldn’t see that Jeb is not smart or likeable enough to be president and think they could have 3 presidents in one family. But to bad mouth Trump and say they wouldn’t vote for him really was very irritating to us loyal Republicans. They surely must understand that we cannot let Hillary in the WH again. So if they don’t vote for Trump, who will they vote for?

  26. rridgsr says

    It is Trump or the DUMP for sure if Bonnie and Clyde get in there our goose is cooked period !!!!

    1. Morton212 says

      Your goose speaks Hindi or Cantonese now. You lazy entitle white blue collar families have to face extinction – or – wake up and offer a skill for one of the 5 million employment vacancies in the USA that apparently cannot be filled.

  27. Edward B. Levy says

    Well TIGER, I WAS a strong supporter of BUSH and families, but when they turned their backs on the GOP nominee and are helping HILDABEAST to get elected, they lost my support. It is good to see that we have a least one member of the family, who is doing th RIGHT thing by backing the nominee

  28. John Topper says

    I find it fascinating how all you “Family Values” people can applaud the actions of the younger Mr. Bush. His father was humiliated on nation TV by a bully multiple times and you congratulate him. I would think he’s no longer welcome for Thanksgiving dinner at GrandPa’s house. He wouldn’t be at mine if he were my grandson. As for the Armed Services Medley with your words….as one who has played this hundreds of times for Veterans and audiences, it’s appalling and demeaning to our Service People in ALL branches.

  29. Morton212 says

    It is fascinating how every new generation of Bushes gets successively more incompetent. His father and grandparents have rejected Trump for his absence of values and his disgusting personality. So are we to congratulate George P. Bush for being prepared to overlook all of that simply because of a congenital lust for power ?

  30. Susan Short says

    Jeb’s son is a lot smarter than his dad, and most of the RINOS in D.C.!

  31. Garry A DeManty says

    If Trump wins this election all those who bashed him for so long will pay a price.He will not owe the press or the media anything and trying to get information out of him will be worse then pulling teeth.

  32. Anthony Manzo says

    Thank God one of the Bush’s has the guts to let his love of our country supersede the hurt of his father defeat. I have always admired the Bush’s patriotism and was greatly sadden by their attitude after the primaries. First they must protect their integrity. Jeb you gave your word. It is time to put the good of the USA before any reason you might have. It must NOT BE PRES. CLINTON . That will be the end of WASHINGTON”S America. He and all those great men sacrificed to much for that to happen. Read the Declaration of Independence, remember all the little people who put their lives on the line. Your fathers sacrifice DON”T let it all be in vane. AMERICA FIRST. GOD BLESS AMERICA>

    1. jetmagnet says

      An opinion of low level bush? lol I think ted cruz’s NO ENDORSEMENT is the true opinion of intelligent conservatives.

      1. Anthony Manzo says

        It matters not how intelligent you might claim to be or how much of a conservative Republican you are. It’s the future of the USA that is at stake. Do you want the clintons to run this country. Further more when was the last time a conservative was elected. My main concern is to save the USA. The next president picks approximately three supreme court justices. Liberals will destroy this country. so you see it is not only the presidency at stake but also the supreme court. Life time appointments. Scary.

        1. jetmagnet says

          That’s your opinion. There’s nothing clinton has ever done that would prevent me and millions from voting for her. If you don’t like Hillary or the country, leave!
          The last time I checked.
          Clinton has a surplus and 23 million jobs!!!!!!!! No republican has ever had close to that!

          I Remember when the last Republican president was in office?
          Aug 2008 –
          334,000 jobs were lost.
          Sep 2008 – 458,000 jobs were lost.
          Oct 2008 –
          554,000 jobs were lost.
          Nov 2008 – 728,000 jobs were lost.
          Dec 2008 –
          673,000 jobs were lost.
          Jan 2009 – 779,000 jobs were lost.

          And of
          course, in 8 years under Bush they created MINUS one million private sector jobs
          when normally 23 million would be created… and were losing 800,000 jobs per
          month as Bush headed out the door with 60,000 closed factories under him…
          along with destorying14% of our economy and screwing the entire world economy, a
          17 trillion los in asset just in the USA and 1/2 of what little private sector
          MFG left, in bankruptcy… They turned a 5.6 trillion dollar surplus into 6
          trillion in new debt and handed the next guy 12 trillion in projected

  33. Steven Coy says


    1. jetmagnet says

      This has to be from fruitcake, Alex West Infowars podcast or website. It’s just too stupid to come from a real source. brietbart and drudge are another two that can stretch the truth to new levels beyond rational thinking and makes common sense a nasty word!

  34. David in MA says

    Now, what political gain would come from this?

  35. Edd Eaton says

    Nice to see someone who may be realizing that Trump is no longer the enemy, that honor belongs to Killary. More rinos need to realize that. Maybe they have been caving to the libs for so long they have no idea who or what they are today.

  36. Albert L Biele says

    George P. Bush should be congratulated for having the wisdom to clearly identify a woman who rarely tells the truth from a man who loves his country–Even for all of Trumps imperfections, he message to make America Great again gives us a starting point to rid ourselves of a corrupt political system. When he for president, he can count on my vote. If Hillary gets in, this country will experience a financial and moral down-turn that will bring in the 1929 breadlines. This is the last chance to save America from the most corrupt political system since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Hillary’s biggest accomplishment is her bank account. Choose wisely America, or prepare yourself to survive in a third world country!!!

    1. headonstraight says

      You wingers were predicting the same kinds of disasters during the 2012 presidential election if Obama became President. Did not happen and will not happen with President Hillary Clinton either! False prophets, the lot of you!

  37. N.McDaniel says

    He may get a paddling from Dad but he’s right!

  38. Don Nuzum says

    He still don’t get it? I really believe he gets it but will not say it. This election is not about republican versing democrat. This election is about United States sovereignty verses Global New World order infringement on our sovereignty. There are globalists in the republican GOP that are terrified of Trump because they know he will reverse and set back their designs on crushing American liberties. This is the real threat to them. They fail to realize that the sovereign God almighty just might have a say in their plans.

  39. Linda Lee says

    Those naysayers better get jiggy with it and support our candidate. If Hillary wins, all bets are off and it’s going to affect our lives and the lives of those who refused to stand up, be counted, take care of business and support our candidate. If it comes to pass that Hillary wins; I say a pox on all their houses.

  40. joncbell says

    My GOP heritage goes back to the Whig Party(the original source of the GOP for those of you victims of the public education system-Lincoln was originally a member before founding of GOP). I also have ancestors with the surname “Trump”. One fought in the Continental Army. My Trumps hail from same part of Europe as does the Donald’s. That said, the GOP nominated a candidate for POTUS to face a woman who is a pathological liar and whose negligence surely contributed to the death of a US Ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi. The GOP nominated an “outsider”. I’m all for it. But from the slate of 17 candidates, the GOP managed to nominate an arrogant, self-absorbed, bullying Narcissist, whose only apparent skill is putting his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. Of the 17 candidates, the GOP nominated the only one who could lose to HRC. If HRC wins the POTUS, it is the morons who nominated Trump who will be responsible. They managed to pick the “man least likely to succeed”. That all America has to choose from is HRC and Trump is a sad commentary on the entire political system that put these two “loser” in the position to be POTUS. Makes no difference who wins, the American people are goin to be losers in either case.

    1. jetmagnet says

      A pointless circus to divert the Republican base (dupes) from the fact that
      their pols serve corporate wealth. The base was betrayed on immigration, trade
      (sovereignty sacrificed for free flow of capital and cheap labor), Iran
      (Republicans let Obama treat it like an agreement instead of a treaty), and
      Obama (politicians stoked hate and said he violated the constitution but now
      refuse to impeach although they have the votes in the House). Nobody but FOX
      and friends are interested in her e mails and no charges will follow the
      hearings. Just a silly circus for the dupes. Will the base ever wake up and
      take the party away from billionaires who leave the base to pay the taxes and
      suffer the consequences of corporate friendly but citizen harmful policies. I
      don’t think so.

      as in 250 years behind the times…….I don’t see the likes or the
      substance of early American leaders in the ranks of the GOP today – in fact, not
      a single example anywhere.

      Otherwise, they wouldn’t have more than 17 half-wits jockeying for the
      presidential nomination – the process would have already sorted out the great
      leaders from middle of the road wannabes and we’d see a couple of real
      contenders. Instead they nominate a halfwit that’s probably the worst candidate in history.
      Hillary, who has been assaulted by the right for 30yrs has more balls and way more experience then disaster Trump. She’s so far ahead, all she has to do is let Trump run hos mouth until november. If he shows up in the debates, from what I saw in the primaries, he’ll get his asp handed to him.

  41. generalJed says

    The whole Bush Family, except for George P. Bush, should be “shown the door” out of the Republican Party, and asked never to darken it again! They are traitors to the American people.

  42. Robert Cruder says

    The Republicans who have denounced Mr. Trump say that they are doing so on principle. Every one of them who is a politician has been called “principled” in campaign adds approved and subsidized by their party.

    How is it that the same people are now unprincipled traitors? Not showing blind loyalty to the party apparently cancels their past “principled” service to their country. Is the party lying now or was it lying before?

    I applaud them for being patriotic Americans first and Republicans second. How can those whose public actions are my-party-first or my-religion-first ask others to hold America-First?

  43. ward says

    Too bad more republicans cannot pull their heads out and see that Trump is the “change” & “hope” the U.S.A. desperately needs to get wannabe dictator traitors out of U.S. government & the country … !

  44. country boy says

    Jeb’s son, George has more brains and common sense in his little toe than his father or uncle have in their whole body, He is the bush that will go places. VOTE TRUMP , if you want too keep America, otherwise it’s gone forever. .