Have Republicans Failed…or Have We?


Conservatives are rightfully angry at the Republican leadership. We feel betrayed by politicians like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who talk a good game but seem unwilling or unable to back up their rhetoric with action. They cringe at bad press, refuse to use creative politicking to get what they want, and seem to believe that their mandate is determined by the polls rather than their base.

But maybe it’s time to give the Republican establishment a break. The problems didn’t start there. The problems started with us, by which I mean the American people. We have strayed so far from the principles that forged the creation of this great nation that politicians who talk about the Founding Fathers are branded racists by the liberal blogosphere.

What is America if not the continuing experiment whose foundation was laid so many generations ago? Has not the Constitution served us well for the last 200 years? Why are we now so eager to dismiss it as a dated scrap of useless paper?

Part of it, of course, is the media. Today’s most popular sources of political information for many include CNN, the Huffington Post, and The Daily Show. When one gets all of their information through a hard-left lens, they go about their day considering themselves fully informed. They never question for a moment if – just maybe – there may be something detrimental about getting all of one’s information from one point of view.

Another part of it is simply a lack of information altogether. This is a relatively new phenomenon, where Americans have less knowledge about politics, current events, and history than at any time since the beginning of the country. This is inexcusable given the wealth of information at every American’s fingertips. We should be more informed than ever before. We should be more politically active. We should know more about what it means to be an American, because the concept isn’t as esoteric and individual as many would like to believe.

Being an American means believing in the Constitution, at the very least. It doesn’t mean being pro-war, anti-immigration, liberal, conservative, or having feelings about any particular issue. But it does mean having respect for the Constitution and the founding of this country. What are you, if you don’t believe in those things? A revolutionary? Fine, but at least admit that’s what you are. Don’t cloak yourself in the flag and then claim that you hate everything about what it represents.

Only ignorance and bias can explain why so many Americans are perfectly fine with a president who acts as his own Congress. Why so many Americans rushed to elect Barack Obama a second time. Why only a small collection of conservatives believe that President Obama’s executive action must be stopped.

Until we put our hands on something physical and say, “This. This is what it means to be an American,” we will be directionless and adrift.

  1. Croco Dile says

    “….We feel betrayed by politicians…..”

    Most people believe that “government” is necessary, though they also acknowledge that “authority” often leads to corruption and abuse. They know that “government” can be inefficient, unfair, unreasonable and oppressive, but they still believe that “authority” can be a force for good. What they fail to realize is that the problem is not just that “government” produces inferior results, or that “authority” is often abused. The problem is that the concept itself is utterly irrational and self-contradictory. It is nothing but asuperstition, devoid of any logical or evidentiary support, which people hold only as a result of constant cult-like indoctrination designed to hide the logical absurdity of the concept.

    It is not a matter of degree, or how it is used; the truth is that “authority” does not and cannot exist at all, and failure to recognize that fact has led billions of people to believe things and do things that are horrendously destructive. There can be no such thing as good “authority”– in fact, there is no such thing as “authority” at all. As strange as that may sound, it can easily be proven.
    In short, government does not exist. It never has and it never will. The politicians are real, the soldiers and police who enforce the politicians’ will are real, the buildings they inhabit are real, the weapons they wield are very real, but their supposed “authority” is not.

    by Larken Rose 2011


    1. Robert Young says

      Very interesting article. It exposes a completely new concept of thought.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Not that new, just not known, and of course not advertised.

  2. scott says

    it will never end until we the people put a stop to it.weve allowed them to do whatever they want without any consequences for so long that now they feel imperial to everyone and we are just servants to them.

    1. Jarhead says

      Jawhol…..Deja Vu…….Nazi Germany of the 30’s ALL OVER AGAIN ! Seig Heil !

  3. tarotcardman says

    Both parties are paid off by special, the same interest, does not care who wins just how they vote on projects.

    1. David says

      Both parties want the same thing. A ruling class to lord over the worker bees. We provide the labor and taxes that support entitlements and government control. The difference in the parties is just the part of the population they are trying to control. I will continue to vote as Conservative as possible because at least the republican lies lean the right way and there are a few (very few) conservatives in the party. If in 2016 an Obamite wins the White House it will be time for serious decisions. We will have 2 choices. Roll over and let the socialists finish the takeover or fight for our country. Please understand that fighting does not mean sitting at the computer and posting. I for one will not rollover.

  4. Dan says

    No, there is not any censorship!!!( extremely sarcastic)

  5. Johnny G. says

    Given the situation, we as a people must chose our leaders a bit more wiser. Those mis-guided gullible fools who put Obama into the WH twice must be more informed and protected from the liberal media that leads them to choose socialistic leaders like Obama. Then we gotta clean house and senate!

    1. Croco Dile says

      Nearly everyone is raised to believe that obedience to “authority” is a virtue (at least in most cases), that respecting and complying with the “laws” of “government” is what makes us civilized, and that disrespect for “authority” leads only to chaos and violence. In fact, people have been so thoroughly trained to associate obedience with “being good” that attacking the concept of “authority” will sound, to most people, like suggesting that there is no such thing as right and wrong, no need to abide by any standards of behavior, no need to have any morals at all.

      The reason it is so important that people understand this fact is that the primary dangerposed by the myth of “authority” is to be found not in the minds of the controllers in “government” but in the minds of those being controlled.

      by Larken Rose 2011

  6. JIMBO says

    This is very well done. I have been preaching that an uninformed voter is a dangerous voter. No one can imagine how many voters have voted for Obama twice, based solely on the color of his skin. Probably just as many voted for him because of there own selfish motives. Obama was a senator before he was elected President. He did absolutely nothing to help this country while he was a senator. In fact he was an unknown even as a senator and he is still an unknown. The people that voted for him never bothered to check what he did as a senator. All they knew was what he lied to them about,and they feel for it. It is time we start being more informed citizens not only at the national level but at the local level as well. I encourage all american citizens to read this posting with an open mind. Ask yourself if you are to blame for the damage this country has and is still suffering under the dictator sitting in our White house. I also encourage you to pass this on.

    1. John says

      JIMBO, I could’nt agree with you more on this subject and will pass it on.

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Yes an think how many voters voted for fakes as tea- party Candidate s who were not actual tea party persons . But we’re merely running under false pretense s . But this next election cycle they will no longer be able to get away with that.

      1. Robert Young says

        Perhaps not those for they will have shown themselves for what they are, but what about the new ones running? How do we truly know where they will stand?

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Here is How we shall know the difference. #1 8 those backing the candidate are from the Establishment. Then we Know they can be bought an are Fake ass rinos.#2 Those who are real Tea- party shall be back By the Tea Party and have a record of true 100% fiscal conservatism. With neither a marginal. Or perceived marginal vote.

      2. Angry American says

        All one has to do is look at the person that gets the nod from he Tea Party they have investigated them to make sure they have conservative values & not just cheap talk

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Actually I had been referring to the Rino s other wise known as neo cons from the Repuke Establishment.

      3. Angry American says

        Democraps are noted for running liberals as republicans to draw votes away from true conservatives, of course they do have some conservative democrats but few & far between. When it comes to dirty tactics the dumbocraps wrote the book!

    3. EMIRCITNA says

      THE MAIN REASON why the enemies of our country gradually bought-out all major media was to be able to keep the people ‘entertained’ instead of informed; indeed a double-edged sword to be able to both INDOCTRINATE…and….DUMB-DOWN!!!

      “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
      ~ Thomas Jefferson

      1. George Cahonna says

        Well Said……….

        “I cannot trust a man to control others, who cannot control himself.”
        -Robert E. Lee-

        1. jackschmdt says

          And he lost the Civil War. Grant obviously controlled himself better.

          1. George Cahonna says

            Robert E. Lee was an American. Whether right or wrong, he fought for what he believed in, & it does not make him a lesser man for doing so. I hope all of us have the guts it takes to straighten this Nation out & to stand by our convictions. . There are many out there, thinking we are wrong about Odumba, Hillary, Holder & they’re gang of thugs. But we have the Constitution/Bill of Rights is on our side
            & with enough backbone we will not lose.

          2. jaybird says

            When your are trying to inform some people that think they know more than you do, they will continue to be dumbass’s and vote their party because they are died in the wool Demorats.

          3. George Cahonna says

            Jaybird…Do not lose your way! The Revolution was won with just a handful of Patriot’s with backbone & fore-sight. They met stiff resistance from those Loyal to the King, & we have the same situation today. Patriots, stay on course, no matter what or who gets in your way!

          4. Ken Hicks says

            Well said George…well said.

          5. jetmagnet says

            Robert e Lee? You are a wacko! This nation is going forward with liberal policies whether you fucking like it or not, get use to it- it ain’t gonna change and if you don’t like it find some little fascist dictatorship you an the rest of the zealots can control, but your not even close to controlling this country.

          6. George Cahonna says

            Your not to bright are you? Many phrases have been made by many generals whether you like them or not. Their were many great Generals some good, some bad, some evil, & we learned from them & continue to do so. Take Rommel for instance (known as the Desert Fox) not that we liked him, but we did respect him. Our own Generals learned his tactics, & mistakes but it still didn’t make him a bad general. You on the other hand, a typical Lib with blinders & would not last on the battlefield 5 secs…Hope to see you there soon.

          7. jetmagnet says

            Lol, 68-72 Vietnam-Tet Offensive- operation commando hunt.
            I’m also related to col. John robinson Massachusetts militia and Continental Army officer from Westford, Massachusetts during the American Revolutionary War. On April 19, 1775. You people are pussies.

          8. George Cahonna says

            Your fore-fathers would be real proud of you buckwheat. Hopefully someday we can show you the light… Battle of Ong Thanh 1st Infantry division. Tell me whos the pussy, pussy.

          9. Carol Chadbourne says

            OMG….YOUR descendants must be ‘rolling over’ to hear trash talk like yours. Too sad that you do NOT know what you are talking about..(.I had family and friends in that so-called War ….and it has nothing to do with our current socialistic take-over of OUR USA. Do you get any truthful news out where you live????

          10. George Cahonna says

            Got your attention didn’t it? To late to be polite.. Maybe l can send Sem Kerry over to sing a few bars of “why can’t we be friends?” Bottom Line….Liberal’s SuckSuck.

          11. Carol Chadbourne says

            PLEASE read my comment above….I feel like a jerk…I’m sorry.

          12. George Cahonna says

            Don’t worry about it Carol…Would have wrote sooner but had to fly down to Dallas…Retired , but not…I understand there’s a lot of anxiety amongst we conservatives. Most of us know what the issues are, but do not like the results were seeing Were involved with writing & calling our Senators, & Congressmen but seeing little results. Thats why we must stick together, & refuse to be beaten down. None of use here(with a few exceptions) are considered Far Left or Far Right. Were just American Patriots that love our Country, & want badly to see it as our Fore-Fathers had wanted. Its all in our Constitution & Bill of Rights.

          13. jetmagnet says

            You’re delusional and follow idiots on the rightwing conspiracy channel. These clowns get paid big bucks to gather and audience of social degenerates.

          14. Carol Chadbourne says

            Hahahahahaha…what a change of pace….you are freakin’ stupid with NO political intel at all. Not one ounce…..I do Not watch news but occasionally. I am very active with DC politics with people who know what the hell is going on and who are doing something about it…..like taking fake prez to court on charges of treason, malfeasance and other high crimes against the USA…..omigod…you are un-freakin’-believable with your ranting and you do NOT know a blessed thing…or have a clue that our country is in the middle of a takeover. Damn , you don’t have a clue.

          15. jetmagnet says

            You talk in circles and prove nothing. To the masses you people are wackos and belong in mental wards. You make accussations without proof, you’re ignorant.
            Show me one fact.

          16. jetmagnet says

            The country is being taken over by who? imaginary sock puppets?

          17. George Cahonna says

            #1 Move out of your parents basement. Get a job & start paying taxes. Quite playing with yourself, & video games. Go to the library & start researching the Constitution/Bill of Rights. Come back when your done with those projects. In the meantime… I recommend everyone here ignore this whatever it is ..

          18. jetmagnet says

            Are you having delusions again? My shoes cost more than your house.
            As far as i’m concerned you have about as much intelligence as a Stump.
            You’re probably and old fart collecting social welfare… your old lady wheels you out to the garden in the morning for fresh air as she whipes the drool and slobber from your mouth..she tips the coffee cup toward your mouth as your feeble hands can’t grip it. Then wheels you back in front of the TV and turns on fruitcakes n freinds…this repeats itself day in-day out until all rational thought beyond Fox programing leaves your brain stem and an empty shell remains.

          19. Jack beasley says

            The country is in the middle of a takeover? Wow, by whom? Martians?

          20. Carol Chadbourne says

            GEORGE…forgive me…the comment below was meant for what’s-his-face, the progressive…I’m sorry.

          21. George Cahonna says

            Don’t worry about it…WE conservative s are all on edge..

          22. Chief_Cabioch says

            and you are a delusional punk ass with a computer

          23. artarlo1 says

            jet magnet you have a way with words that shows me that you are just another liberal fool. What you need is head work a LOT of it because of you illness

          24. Carol Chadbourne says

            To jaybird….oh my…and YOU told ME to seek a psychiatrist….now you see, it’s YOU who should get out the telephone book and let your fingers do the walking..instead of your mouth doing the talking. oh whoops…it’s jetmagnet, not jaybird.

          25. lovinspoonful says

            Robert e. Lee was a brilliant general. Your comment is just ignorant. actually, you don’t even know what you are talking about – you are just ranting.

          26. Chief_Cabioch says

            if you try and destroy MY Lifestyle…..think yours isnt in any danger of jeopardy ?, thats the concept of a fool

          27. Carol Chadbourne says

            Hahahahaha…..either you are extremely naïve or you’re full of bullshit. YOUR last sentence PROVES that you do not know what the hell you are talking about. IT is YOUR fake prez who is the fascist, knucklehead. WE are fighting to get our Republic back before he totally destroys it. Regardless of how you feel about REL, he has nothing to do with TODAY’S evil takeover by YOUR prez. Get educated before you make a laughingstock of yourself….oh oops…you already have.

          28. jetmagnet says

            It’s like you go around and around and say nothing. Where do you get this info, from the crack of you’re ass?

          29. LaRae Bailey says

            you are not a very nice person, you say nothing of any intelligence only to rant and rave with name calling. How about trying to actually carry on a conversation with interesting points of knowledge…name calling is for children not veterans.

          30. Carol Chadbourne says

            Look it up, knucklehead…you are a liberal=socialist=fascist=progressive=communist. And YOU voted for “a fascist dictator”…just HOW dumb are you??? 73% of us KNOW what this tyrant is all about. Have you been asleep for 6 yrs??? Time to wake the hell up.

          31. jetmagnet says

            You live in America and you have a tyrant? your nuts! Go back to the crack in the wall where you came from, you ungrateful bitch!

          32. nevergiveup says

            The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is on our side but why then aren’t we using it? I’ve been saying for a long time now, in the Bill of Rights it is laid out for us what to do with the despot in office. WHY THEN are we not using it? WHAT are we waiting for? It’s unbelievable to me that too many think Obama gets to go on and on with his ABSOLUTELY destructive actions and we don’t do the putting his rule to an end as the Bill of Rights says it is our DUTY to do. There is something wrong with us for letting him stay in office this long!!!!

          33. Johnny G. says

            I wish I knew the answer to your questions. I never voted for Mr. Obama, and cannot believe that there were enough people to vote that scumbag in for another term! I argue that he is a fraud and a sham, and should be impeached!!

          34. paula wernke says

            I BET YOU CALL YOURSELF AMERICAN. WHAT A BIGOT. YOU HAVE A UGLY HEART..OBVIOUSLY NO SOUL.CANNOT FIX STUPID. i can take name calling from people like yourself as i have GOD on my side as does PRESIDENT OBAMA.

          35. Johnny G. says

            Everybody is allowed their opinion. Your comments are true. I am a bigot. Have been all my life. I was raised to believe like that. However, I do not blame other people (white or non-white) for me being a bigot. It is institutional and is derived from my era of life in the ’50’s and ’60’s. I am firmly seated with God as far as my sins. Are you??

          36. Johnny G. says

            Lady, you need counseling, from a professional.

          37. George Cahonna says

            Why aren’t we using the Constitution? Patriots next & only option for change may be Lock & Load….

          38. Ken Hicks says

            You are so so right! Another revolution is probably what it is going to take to bring our country back to what the founding fathers saw for America. They were willing to DIE for freedom. What we NEED is a leader to put out a “CALL TO ARMS”, and have millions of freedom loving American’s respond. We have an ARMY of armed citizens in this country that are just waiting for that leader to respond. As a veteran, i took and oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC. That oath still applies today. We have 20 million veterans living in America and I am sure at least half would respond to a call to arms.

          39. George Cahonna says

            Thank God this forum & others,gives us the ability to show

          40. jetmagnet says

            You are using the constitution- to screw women!

          41. Carol Chadbourne says

            It’s called ” I’ll get you for this”…..he has his Islamic bro-hood waiting in the darkness, waiting for the signal to do his dirty work…they ARE here. He also uses threats, blackmail and extortion with anyone, in the House and the Senate if they dare oppose him. However, with all the correspondence I receive….and that’s an average of 200 pcs a week….I have learned a body of American Patriots have been on this exact solution for a very long time….and I believe, with the Help from Above, it will come soon. There is always a choice of a re-enactment of the Revolutionary War , isn’t there. After all, he’s going to go around Congress (a habit of his) to lay MORE taxes on us, from every fed agency he has in his power. One way or another, it will come down to fighting back…physically…rather than wasting any more words. IT was the reason for 1775 .

          42. Ralph Long says

            Amen! Carol Chadbourne as I keep remembering when Golfer in Chief Muslim Inman AWOL President Barack Hussein Obama said publically, “I stand with the Muslims”…as well!

          43. Carol Chadbourne says

            Thank you for watching my back with support. ; )……some twerp up higher on this page told me to seek psychiatry…’they’ just don’t ‘get it’, do they. And ‘they know so much’ about what is going on even as we speak….they know nothing. Yes, I remember well what he said, about his muslim brothers. Scary stuff….

          44. Ralph Long says

            Hi Carol your welcome and it is always a pleasure to do so for a lovely lady like you Carol No they simply are too dang dumb to get it! ..However these Obama sheep are not known for their intelligence you know!

          45. Robert Young says

            Good morning troll. You obviously know little of Grant’s life.

          46. Michael Dennewitz says

            If enough citizens imposed on the BIKERS OF AMERICA, we’d have something our own military couldn’t go up against!!

          47. Angry American says

            I don’t know about that, the fire power is in the hands of the military. Civilians do not have access to much of it & the sight of a tank rolling towards most would scare the living daylights out of most of them especially if they fired as the advanced, most would run at the first volley fired in their direction, notice I did not mention the explosions that take place. Not to mention the air force & they wouldn’t need to bring out bombers just a few helicopter would do it. If the military does not stand with the people any revolt would be put down fast, unfortunately. Is that why odumbo has hand selected the leaders with his phony loyalty test? He has replaced so many of them & put people in charge that will support him instead the the constitution that they all swore to enforce

          48. Chief_Cabioch says

            AA, you are Ignorant Of American Law, it is perfectly LEGAL for me to OWN a Tank, but a Tank without Ammo is a Bulldozer minus the Blade, you can Own a Machine gun, Howitser, or anything you can afford, including a GE M134A Mini gun….

          49. Angry American says

            Since I was born & raised here I know the law as well as most civilians I also served in the army from 1962 to 1964 things were slightly different but it hasn’t changed that much. except it was a better period for America & Americans I was a teenager during the 50’s & early 60’s this was when people today consider the good old days & there is lots of nostalgia for those days. Yes I know you can own a gatling gun & like you said a tank with out a gun is a bulldozer, what I said was it is the military that has all the firepower. The guns on them are working not disabled & they have a lot more gatling than in the hands of civilians & their helecopters also have rockets along with gatling guns how about the AC130 which is awesome & deadly when I talk firepower. In a war it is usually the one with the most weapons or most sophisticated weapons that win. Remember admiral Yamamoto said that he feared all they did was awaken a sleeping giant & that was because of Americans manufacturing sector we out produced the Axis powers in every thing. The Sherman was inferior to the tiger tanks but there was so many of them we won

          50. Chief_Cabioch says

            AA, ya still dont get it, , all of this happening in the US, is because of our involvement in the UN, and the fact the UN is out to destroy America, and all we stand for, and establish World Socialism through a New World Order based on Lies about the Climate to create a World Crisis only Governments insist they can and will solve, which includes eliminating 90% of the worlds Populations, and morons like jetmagnet dont know they wont be left standing when it’s ALL over

          51. Angry American says

            Oh I get that part, that is why I am for getting the US out of the UN. When it comes to “global warming” that is an out right lie & they know it that is one of the reasons they changed it to climate change. It’s all a money grab for them the powers that are want to keep the worlds population down to around 1/2 million. America has never embraced socialism, yet. But with this maxist socialist clown as president with his followers that still believe what he says no matter what he says or does they will follow anywhere unfortunately he is incapable of leading. Like Margaret Thatcher said socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money

          52. Chief_Cabioch says

            AA, if you want to know what these morons have planned, and the Useful Idiots like jetmagnet dont get, try reading these,…


          53. jetmagnet says

            You go to rightwing blogger H.L. Mencken who’s paid to say bullshit, now that’s fucking impressive, try NASA.

          54. jetmagnet says

            Everyone of those are rightwing opeds, supervised any written by oil backed conservatives. Just google the names on each one. I’ve already done this research.

          55. Chief_Cabioch says

            let me know genius when you’ve had enough references to climate fraud buy
            the same people who want your GUNS so you can be their slaves

          56. jetmagnet says

            There’s no fraud in the destruction of the planet- only in queer minds that think we live in a bubble and everything is just peachy! LMFAO!

          57. jetmagnet says

            Climate change for Dummies—————> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYmKU4jViDs

          58. Jack beasley says

            Jet is right!

          59. Chief_Cabioch says

            you’re another indoctrinated moron who believed everything hammered into your little walnut since kindergarten…..

          60. jetmagnet says

            I can’t be indoctrinated, because i’m independent and don’t spend all day as Meat Puppet watching fox news! and propaganda, what I do is research lol
            I’m also not a lemming that follows a party like a sheep agreeing with everything they say-that would make me a meat head-shepel.

          61. Jack beasley says

            Hey Jet, nice to know you. As you can see this forum is full of brain dead individuals.

          62. Chief_Cabioch says

            no you spend all day watching Rachel Madcow, Ed Schultz, and the rest of the left loonies blathering about all the wonderful crap your illegal president is doing to destroy the Nation you all hate

          63. Jack beasley says
          64. jetmagnet says

            Well fella there’s no money in climate change and saving the planet. But there’s a shitload denying it. Big oil spends billions to deny it and it works on dumb people. I guess 126 nations and 92% of the world scientist must be wrong jackass!

          65. Chief_Cabioch says

            each and every day more lies and fraud come out regarding climate change, google isnt hard to use genius, but you are to busing masterbating over a pair of shoes

          66. jetmagnet says

            Really? So what is the harm in telling people there’s s problem with man-made pollution and the environmental impact? The problem with you fruitcakes is you talk shit and never back it up. And you are the fucking dumbest assholes in existance. You shouldn’t be allowed to multiply and birth control should be mandatory.
            Give me your sources- I’ve had this discussion many times with you ignorant people. All the deniers are paid by oil companies, this is Fact whether your dumbass likes it or not. I’ve researched every damn scientist who denies climate change. Try NASA. lmao

          67. jetmagnet says

            The UN now destroys america? Now i’ve heard everything, maybe i’ll go buy a Tank. LMFAO! The stupidity is hilarious! No where else can you find funny dumb people!

          68. Chief_Cabioch says

            jetmagnet, you are a typical liberal progressive who’s mantra is “deny, dismiss. demonize, denigrate all those you disagree with, you are also apparently unaware of the NEW World Order, propagated by the UN, and as such you havent a CLUE what it means to the Sovereignty of all nations….and what they will give up if and when they join it, nor are you aware of UN Agenda 21, which will confiscate private property, and all Water rights among other things, let ME suggest you take an Enema, and dislodge you head from your ASS and find out the truth .,…Moron

          69. Chief_Cabioch says

            these are a few of the GOALS set by the New World Order…….why do you think they want your GUNS so bad, moron…?

            * Establishment of Sovreign Government where officials are immune from prosecution for crimes

            * The Establishment of appointed administrators who are not accountable for their actions

            * The Elimination of Private Property Rights

            * The Elimination of Sovranty Of The People

            * 100% Taxation of All Income

            * The Elimination of Trial By Jury

            Guilty Until Prove Innocent (scrap innocent until proven guilty)

            * Arrest and detention without evidence for up to nine months
            without consequence for government (the appointed police can arrest you
            without evidence and hold you in jail without seeing a magistrate for
            nine months (Currently you must be brought to a magistrate within 72

            * Trial By Appointed Judges with no accountability

            Elimination of Double Jeopardy (keep on re-trying a person for same allegations)

            Repeated Prosecutor Appeal Of Guilty Verdicts (if a person is
            found not guilty for an allegation the appointed prosecutor can
            repeatedly appeal the verdict until the case is returned to court)

            No Exclusion of Evidence

            * Establishment of Code based legal system called Corpus Juris which has boxes to find anyone guilty

            * Single Fiat-Currency under private control (like Federal
            Reserve Bank and Euro – allows band of criminals to make money out of
            nothing and to dominate the world)

            * Establishment of food control called Codex Elementarius which promotes cancer and reduction of lifespan

            * Government owned housing complex (all housing controlled and approved by government)

          70. Chief_Cabioch says

            AA, our ability to manufacture has been killed off by laws to help Mexico and south Americans

          71. jetmagnet says

            No by the GOP and it’s laws that destroy wages.

          72. jetmagnet says

            my comment has nothing to do with your fascination with generals, it’s about politics. Grant saved Lincoln’s ass and beat the hell out of the south.

          73. Angry American says

            I read where the union lost more than 5 or 6 times the soldiers the south did, how did that equate to a win, was it more people in the north with all the manufacturing where the south was more into farming

          74. Chief_Cabioch says

            the trouble with morons like you is, you are to stupid to see you are being used as a tool for those who once in Power, will eliminate YOU in the first culling of World Population….via no energy cause they banned coal, no food cause an Owl must be protected, no Gas cause Oil and Petroleum is “dirty”, ad nauseam only when you are next inline to be beheaded, will it DAWN on you…..you were only a “Useful Idiot”

          75. Chief_Cabioch says

            your comment has nothing to do with Anything

          76. jetmagnet says

            I think the title of the article is- republicans failed! lol

          77. Carol Chadbourne says

            Don’t bet your ass on THAT one, jr. Purpose of the new world order is to annihilate ALL American Christians and Jews…BLACK,BROWN, YELLOW, RED, WHITE and BLUE…and this means YOU, A-hole…you think because you are infatuated with the evil one that you are not on the ‘kill list’….dream on…the fema burial grounds are waiting for over 300,000,000 of us. WAKE THE HELL UP.

          78. jetmagnet says

            Fema? A new world order? These are fabrications of rightwing fruitcake Alex West. Only clueless subhumans believe this nonsense.
            The christian right aren’t christians at all, they follow the anti-christ and believe in GODS made of Gold while kicking poor people to the curb. They hate healthcare and deprive 11 million people of it. This is satanic. The true evil is Teabags and their symbol, “A SNAKE”

          79. Chief_Cabioch says

            FEMA, New World Order , all are just fabrications right, it’s a shame we cant post photos here,

          80. Carol Chadbourne says

            and never COUNT US, AMERICANS, OUT….your prez is making that same mistake.

          81. jetmagnet says

            You’re not american. you’re teahadist/fascist and and about 15% of the population that is paranoid… and lives and breathes fairytales.

          82. Chief_Cabioch says

            the 15% of the population thats freaked are you leftwing nut cases chasing a Trace Gas Blaming it for all the worlds problems, when it is YOUR POLICIES that are destroying Earth,

          83. Jack beasley says

            Climate change is a world problem. China and the US are major contributors of pollution. Why is pollution and the massive effects on humanity a problem for you? Are you pissed off at humanity?

          84. Chief_Cabioch says


          85. Chief_Cabioch says

            Man is only responsible for 3.5-5% of total CO2 Production , you think changing 1-2% of that is going to make a difference, spending Trillions of Dollars to “Fix” something the isnt Broken ?, China and INDIA produce 100’s of times more pollution than the US, think it’s fair to hand US the Bill while they are reaping the Profits and benefits ?, you are misinformed on the US contribution to Climate Change, and the Worlds Climates have NEVER remained constant…

          86. Chief_Cabioch says

            Jack for all the “intelligence” and smarts you left wingers say you posses , why is it you cant seem to find the IPCC, NOAA, NASA and the UN are making this stuff up t gain control of America, to lose our Sovereignty to people we dont elect of have any say over, and a crisis that was “Invented
            so people like you would all fall in line?


          87. Chief_Cabioch says

            Jack, I have lived in China, have you ?, I have lived in Taiwan, have you ? China and INDIA both together have TEN Time Americas Population and China has already surpassed the US in GDP and number of Cars…..yet you insist Americans pay to clean up the world…..get a life

          88. Chief_Cabioch says

            aside from the fact these arent all “left wing “approved” sites that refute the lies of the left regarding Earths temps, they are factual, and you can cling to your lies all you want, but Americans are smarter than that, they are truning away from the lies and they KNOW this is a scam of epic proportions for people like algore to make windfalls of money solving a problem that doesnt exist


          89. Chief_Cabioch says

            the artical is a Question genius, not a statement of FACT, thats the problem with you brain dead progressive zombies, you see stuff that isnt there, like Polar Ice Caps melting

          90. rayhause says

            You wouldn’t like a redo?

          91. Mark Forrer says

            Good thing for them is,they can say anything they want on the internet without repercussions…..

          92. Carol Chadbourne says

            Wrong….b.o. has taken over the internet…at least he THINKS he has…that is being fought, as well.

          93. jetmagnet says

            Obama made sure the internet is free not for manipulation of corporations that fill teabag pockets. Your party kisses the asses of wealthy donors. Just like you kiss their ass and obey them like a little bo peep. hahahahahaHAHAHAHA!

          94. Carol Chadbourne says

            I really can NOT believe how really unaware you are…just plain old STUPID. YOU have everything absolutely bass-ackwards. I’ve had enough of you and your lack of knowledge of the entire evil administration and the destruction of our country. Ta-ta

          95. jetmagnet says

            You haven’t said anything that resembles a fact. Show me where you get your info. lol. You can’t because it’s bullshit. You peeps like to hate blacks and have nazi flags over your bed. Show me anything that’s a fact? I’ve been whacking you nutjobs forever and you can’t produce anything. You whine and cry about america and hate the president. So nobodies stopping your fascist-teabag ass from moving. You can’t change us, we will win. Old farts like you will die and go straight to hell and we will take over. The youth is progressive, not regressive.

          96. Chief_Cabioch says

            losing a war means what exactly, America is said to have LOST the Vietnam War,……and your point is ?

          97. Angry American says

            The point is the policians can not write policy & it should be left up to the military. It sure wasn’t the military that wrote the rules of engagement it was the politicians & lord know they don’t know anything about fighting wars

          98. Chief_Cabioch says

            this is why obma got elected, Legislators (congress writes LAWS) obama is the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, HE decides what is an isnt Policy regarding Rules of Engagement….congress appropriates the Money…and the rules of engagement are what they are, if you want Obama OUT of OFFICE, like many, Demand congress serve him with a “Quo Warranto” and PROVE who he is….and that he meets all US Constitutional requirements for his job….which he cannot

          99. jetmagnet says

            You make no fucking sense, and of course you peeps wipe your ass with the constitution every chance you get.
            Your congress doesn’t write laws is obstructs them. they are disfunctional idiots and should be sued for not doing their job and working with Obama.

          100. Chief_Cabioch says

            you first genius….

          101. Chief_Cabioch says

            you dont know that you dont know, thats the problem moron

      2. Seldena says

        Very well stated!

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          THANK YOU, very much! ~ In a free country TRUTH is always easy to express, thus let us be certain to support and protect our U.S. Constitution from ALL enemies both foreign and …domestic!!!

          1. Croco Dile says

            People want “authority” to exist because they themselves are immature cowards.They want an all-powerful entity to impose their will on others. This takes different forms in different varieties of political advocacy, but the basic motivation is always the same. The “liberal”, for example, resents reality. He does not want a world in which suffering and injustice are possible. But instead of doing what he can as a human being, he wants a “government” to do it for him. He wants some magical entity to make sure that everyone, himself included, is fed, housed, and taken care of, no matter how lazy or irresponsible they are. Instead of trusting human beings to take care of each other, he wants a superhuman “authority” to guarantee housing, food, health care, and all sorts of other things, for everyone. He wants it so badly that he refuses to accept the obvious truth that no such guarantee is ever possible, and that if mere mortals do not take care of themselves and each other, nothing else will take care of them.

            by Larken Rose 2011

          2. Brenda says

            So true, but it is not just liberals that want these same things. There are many republicans, democrats, and non-voters that want the same.

          3. MAHB001 says

            You might promote your cause a little faster if you did not start out by calling everybody a coward……
            Power corrupts, the video you provided drives that point.
            Ever since biblical times people have either given their power to a protecting government or been conquered by evil people stronger than they were.
            I do NOT believe they seek an all-powerful entity to impose their will on others, but for PROTECTION.
            It is the King that succumbs to the EVIL of power that strays from the course.
            Humans have not evolved to the point that they do not need protection from EVIL.
            NOT until EVIL is removed from earth will humans NOT need protection from an All-Powerful entity…
            Which is GOD.
            BTW, Christianity is NOT a mind controlling device that was produced by the oligarchy….. But it is being USED by the oligarchy.
            We fight the same evil.

          4. Croco Dile says

            It is aquote from the book of Larken Rose 🙂
            You should read it because I learned a lot from doing it.

          5. jetmagnet says

            You sound like Hitler and fascism and apparently haven’t read the bible or the 800 other religious context. Evil is because of men like yourself. There is no utopia.

          6. MAHB001 says

            You sound like a liberal. Misguided and confused.
            I know there is no utopia, and never will be unless EVIL is removed from Earth.
            Only God can do that. Not man. Power Corrupts mere mortals.
            The Communist in control of BOTH parties must not succeed.
            Spread the word.

          7. Jim Warner says

            Nah, obama and liberals are the fascists.

          8. jetmagnet says

            When fruitcakes like yourself die off, the world will be a much safer and better place. Only in rightwing fruitcake blogs can your find insanity like this. It’s hilarious!

          9. Croco Dile says

            HAHAHAHAAAA…… what an ignorant idiot !

          10. jetmagnet says

            I think the author was the tea party not plato. Plato was a liberal.

          11. Jim Warner says

            You first!

      3. Robert Young says

        Yes, and with their international money supply the NWO will maintain control of the major media and now, through Obama and the FCC will be able to shut down or control the last plumb of free speech and information, the Internet.

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          TRY explaining THAT to the loony lib who has imposed himself on this forum with nothing but nonsense. 😉

      4. MAHB001 says

        Alinsky Radicals have taken over key positions within the Media, Schools, Unions, Both Political parties, and now even the Judicial system.
        We must resist on all fronts.
        Please consider joining my boycott. It is a form of resistance in the media.

      5. Red2015 says

        Agree. It’s all “Bread and circuses” for the LIV’s … take your pick: Kimmel and Ellen (the obamas, recently); The Voice and American Idol; Twitter and Facebook, etc.

        Public schools? Che k out any large US major city …lack of achievement, poor graduation rates, large $$$/student expenditures, etc.

        We are doomed.

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          DO NOT, for our sakes, give up hope now. We can do it…we will do it….what is ‘left’ of the Military will have to do what the Constitution tells it to do.

      6. jaybird says

        Found out that the above quote is not true, there are some dumbass’s out there.

      7. jetmagnet says

        I agree, Fox news was deemed “entertainment” in a court case, In a 2003 lawsuit Fox News admitted that they lie and distort the news, yet now they complain that the White House refuses to treat them like a legitimate news outlet.MSNBC is real news and has to correct any mistakes according to FCC guidelines. fox does not and can lie all it wants because it’s not news , entertainment-same with rush’s court case.

        1. BlueridgePatriot says

          Hey shitmagnet, you are so FULL OF SHIT your breath stinks!

        2. Jim Warner says

          Wow, are you on reality-altering drugs? MSNBC is as much a news service as Pravda.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Msnbc is as close to accurate as it gets with NPR being #1

          2. Jim Warner says

            MSNBC an NPR…ah yes, entities well known for their pronouncements as the official voice of the Communist Party of the USA (or, AKA obama’s press office).

          3. jetmagnet says

            Your fucking nuts-

          4. Jim Warner says

            No, that distinction belongs to you, a left-wing, brain-numb, useful idiot!

          5. Carol Chadbourne says

            MAN, does it ever belong to him…so very on the nose with that one, Jim.

          6. Jim Warner says

            When logic fails, liberals default to ad hominem, foul-mouthed comments. Nice, just totally classy.

          7. Carol Chadbourne says

            uh uh….not true…but one can not debate with one who listens to and believes the lies of the msm…..

          8. jetmagnet says

            They can’t lie, because they’d be fined by the FCC. Besides they have republicans on, whereas fox doesnot.
            Fox lies. It’s a proven fact. There are no facts that MSNBC ever lies.

          9. Carol Chadbourne says

            yA, RIGHT Good grief…you are as much a liar as your fake prez/.

      8. Carol Chadbourne says

        Exactly. And it’s the reason why b,o, has gone to the FCC again and again to have Fox taken off the air….(for being ‘biased’.) and every other conservative radio and tv who relate the truth as opposed to the msm who ‘edit and splice’ per orders to not ever put b.o. in a ‘badlight’….just this week, I received a petition to help a pac indict abccbsnbc for NOT airing the ‘gruber’ video…in which he said 8 times that the only reason ACA was passed was because of ‘stupid voters’ of America…adding how it was filled with lies and misinformation….it took 3 wks for any of them to give it air for 1 1/2 min total time. and Fox IS BIASED..!!! ??? Give me a break. I hope he can get them indicted. Maybe it will open that can of worms that has been shelved for far too long.

      9. jetmagnet says

        Well said, that why all rightwing media was judged as entertainment and not the truth.
        Msnbc is not under that category.

    4. pmbalele says

      Thanks God Obama was elected and re-elected. My life is together again.
      But now we elected brain-washed Repubs in Congress and Senate. You know what we
      are getting-Third-World behavior. These morons invited a foreigner, Netanyahu,
      to come here and teach them how to behave here and abroad. Then these morons
      tried to overthrow President Obama by interfering with foreign affairs-Nuke
      development in Iran. They want Iran to have nukes so that they can coax
      Netanyahu to bomb Iran. These morons want to send US ground military forces to
      Iraq when air strikes are working. ISIS is on the run. As military commander
      said yesterday –right wing news people are exaggerating ISIS capability now.
      ISIS is now almost dead. Syria, Iran and surrounding countries are now attacking
      ISIS. You and other morons have
      forgotten what good Obama has accomplished. Just to remind you are here are his
      accomplishments. President Obama accomplished what he promised us ON DAY-ONE.
      Right wing media accused Obama of being Muslim; but he went and got Bin Laden,
      the Yemen and Benghazi guys. Obama is now winning the war against ISIS morons.
      Jordan has joined forces with US. Nobody has died in this country as result of
      foreign Jihads, ISIS. The children crossing the border into Texas are harmless.
      We are now told some Latina girls are getting married to White males once
      stopped them at the border-a win-win deal.
      Obama economic policies are working. On the day he took office in 2009
      unemployment was 8.9%. As of writing this posting unemployment is down to 5.4%
      which is almost full employment. People
      who want to work can now get good paying jobs. In fact in my home town
      employers are bidding for workers. Therefore wages are going up. Obama made it
      easier for small business to borrow to refurbish their businesses. Of course
      TPs and Repubs are lazy. TPs and Repubs want government contracts and handouts.
      Gas prices are now $1.78 per gallon compared to $3.40 in 2008. Obamacare is working for me and many people
      in my neighborhood. We can now go to hospitals and clinics of our choices. We
      have more doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals graduating from
      colleges than during the Bushes and Reagan combined. These GOPers wanted only
      kids of the rich to have college degrees. That is why we had shortages of
      processionals. This country had recruited processionals from England, Germany,
      Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Holland, Poland, Mexico, China and even Russia. TP and
      Repubs did not know it is dangerous to have a country run by foreign
      professionals. It is these right wing-media that were pumping trash in people
      mind to hate Blacks and Democrats. Well their tricks are not working with me
      and in my Black neighborhood. We love people of all races. And above all we love our President and

      1. larry says

        You are a perfect example of a liberal degenerate.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          People talk that way Larry when they have their heads in someone else’s asses……

        2. pmbalele says

          Me? I am independent.

          1. jaybird says

            Independents did not vote for him.

          2. pmbalele says

            I did and I am independent.

        3. jetmagnet says

          You peeps are the ignorant imbeciles. Listen to The fruitcake news channel. That sends out lies every 10 seconds.

          1. madmemere says

            And you’re the “fruit loop”!

      2. jaybird says

        Last I heard the real unemployment is 11.2% counting the people that are not looking anymore.

        1. pmbalele says

          Those not working are lazy people raised with silver spoons. Just to the beaches in Florida and California. You will old men with young women. Most of these are TP and Repubs leaders. And those called homeless are actually lazy TPs and Repubs who want government hand-outs and entitlements

          1. jaybird says

            You must be talking out of your rear end because it does not make sense. There are a lot of different ages and colors that are out of work including young people.

        2. jetmagnet says

          That’s made up by republican strategist and sent to fake News to be broadcast into trained minds that would believe elephants could fly if Faux said so.

          1. jaybird says

            I saw the CEO of the Gallop correct the numbers on TV. He did not say what party he was with.

          2. gets2say says

            I challenge you to read what follows… If you work with the public in any capacity where you are aware of family financial situations, you know more truth than any news media report. Massive numbers of people are unable to find any kind of work, feel lucky to find part-time, minimum wage jobs. (apart from the often-discussed 2nd & 3rd generation dependent Americans who don’t understand the concept of supporting themselves)

            Yes, there are some spotlighted companies hiring people and jobs openings are being advertised… Many funded by a grant… Or a company who has received a large business deal as a result of another company with a grant. Stimulus?

            The problem is, what we’ve seen in the last four to 6 years is that the grant money was not wisely awarded and the recipients went under as soon as the grant ended. So, often, no permanent growth resulted. Merely a band-aid on an open wound.

            There are some – not plentiful – companies who are expanding through good business practices and healthy growth. A smaller number of Americans are being employed due to these real expansions.

            But the ugly truth remains in the shadows:

            I receive calls every day, including weekends, from families whose livelihood and security has dwindled away. It became undeniable in 2009, and has been gaining momentum ever since. Like a giant snowball rolling down a slope in Aspen, more and more are pulled into it.

            People who used to live in homes and have decent jobs are now existing in “an old pickup bed camper” or a “really old mobile home” with the floor about to fall through… A limb fell on the roof during the last wind storm and there is no money to repair the roof, so they find an old tarp by the road and tape it onto the roof.. People who are not reported in any of the administration’s good news releases because they no longer exist in them. Many do not even have utilities in their names – it’s all provided by who ever owns the property where they stay so they have become invisible. Educated people who once held jobs which required above-average skills… but now the companies have been dealt the final blow by the new healthcare requirements, or they laid off large groups to stay in business. People who are now so broken by failure that you fear for their lives. There are no smart answers or clever quips along the party line that makes this “all better”…

          3. jetmagnet says

            First of all I am in business and the healthcare works well for me and my employees, I also network with thousands of business owners ceo’s and executives who either have their own company plans or use ACA and like it.
            A healthy employee, is a productive employee!
            Also, the GOP is responsible for income inequality and low wages for the past years with their supply-side economic agenda. If we just keep giving Corporations more tax breaks, everyone will be better off lol. Right to work states and union busting are also driving wages down. Outsourcing, which the GOP loves and has blocked any attempt to stop it also works well for the 1% ers. The Gop also blocks funding for eduction which helps people get better jobs. They also blocked refinancing the student loan program to decrease the burden to millions of students. They’d rather have government make a profit.

            EMBARRASSED YET?

            Since 1980 America has dropped, since we swung back
            to trickle down Robber Baron from a NEW DEAL Demand economy to less Progressive
            taxes, the rise of religious fundamentalism such a success in the Islam
            world(LOL) and 90% DROP in Unions and a Min wage ½ of 1965 in real dollars and
            the Repubs love of outsourcing :

            #1 in Wages to 16th (in min wages half
            of 1965 with more than half of Americans making less than that!)

            #1 In %
            getting college degrees to 13th.

            #1 to sixth in semiconductor production,
            a technology we invented. We do lead in semiconductor Plant closings however
            that cost a billion bucks to build.

            #1 Creditor nation to largest DEBTOR
            Nation (just under Reagan).

            #1 in education to 25th, 31st in internet
            speed, 21st in railroads, 14th electric grid

            #1 in infrastructure to 25th
            (we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure
            now ….2.5%, …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us).

            #1 in
            healthcare, now 37th… at twice the cost, only developed country w/o everyone

            #1 in MFG..now we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30
            million job outsourced.182K factories closed, 60,000 just under Bush. From trade
            surpluses to trade deficits larger than all others combined.

            #1 In High
            tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we

            Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and
            yet we pay twice as much per capita to cover only 60% well (much better now
            under Obamacare, which Repubs ant to kill).

            Most of what we export is raw
            materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we
            import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or
            food, but high value MFG goods…

            We have not produced a commercial ship
            in more than 30 years. The cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more
            than double ours and unionization is 7 times greater (we are 61st in
            Unionization, only dictatorships and communist countries have lower rates of
            Unionization, countries with higher wages, GDP per capita and middleclass wealth
            all in top 20).

            We are first in Murders, %population in prison. 91st in
            income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy. 6th in Auto
            production, in per capita ½ of even IRAN. 27th in middleclass wealth!

            you embarrassed yet?

            Or do you remember like I do when most middleclass
            families had only one parent working, when most things in a store said “Made in
            USA” and when no one would have voted for President for some one who outsourced
            jobs to Communist China!

            Can’t we go back to what Works, higher
            unionization, New Deal Demand Capitalism, more progressive taxes, higher Min
            wage, and back to being a MFG supper power that does not import far more than it
            exports. It works in the other developed nations. Maybe we could #1 again in
            some important areas and be exceptional again.

          4. gets2say says

            You have many valid observations in your reply. However, if you are networking with “thousands of business owners ceo’s and executives”.. you are either in a very profitable industry such as oil distribution, or a low labor per $ such as insurance or investments… You are not one of the U.S. small businesses that have been bleeding money with each new layer of obligation on them. Your comments about “going back” to a minimum wage, combined with blame for right to work states and union busting are in direct conflict.. Can’t have it both ways… You lament the loss of one working parent families on one hand and t

            that would seem to go along with an increased minimum wage. You have many of the arguments used by the Democratic party line over several years, so I assume you are a staunch Democrat and wouldn’t have it any other way.

            It has always puzzled me that those who support unions, higher minimum wages and want to force distribution of the wealth have such a lack of ability to grasp the simple economic fact that when a business produces at a profit, they stay in business and expand, hiring more people… But if their costs to produce keep rising, one of two things will be the result: 1) their product’s price will increase to enable them to maintain the necessary profit margin, or if they try to hold the price level (to meet competition) and end up out of business.. Either way, the worker loses. If prices go up, that current wage won’t pay them; if the company folds, they don’t have the wage… There are wishes and there are realities. This idea of everyone having a wonderful life with every material wish met is in the Wish category. Reality is that not everyone will have every wish met. Working smarter as opposed to harder, will help you attain more of your goals.. Apparently you are working smarter, if you have happy employees.

            As to happy employees, we were in business for years. Our construction company, in Florida’s glory days, operated on both union and open shop jobs, Florida being one of those bad Right to Work States… Guess what? Our non-union workers took home larger checks than the union workers! How? Our union jobs cost the company far more than the paycheck. We couldn’t afford to run those jobs overtime in order to complete the contract early. But our non-unon workers worked Saturdays, sometimes a couple extra hours on weekday afternoons…. and the jobs were finished early, collecting early completion bonuses. Everyone who had contributed to the early finish got a bonus too. So, they were paid overtime along with their regular, good wage,

            plus a bonus when the job was complete… Union workers had a portion of their money deducted to go to the union, where, incidentally, the guy managing the money went to prison for “borrowing” it for his trips down to the islands and to Vegas..

            Now, the big blame finger to point at the GOP… I have some blame for them too, but it’s a little different than yours. You lament the fact that they didn’t rubber-stamp every “spend more” bill that passed their way. But they actually just oppposed adding new charges on the national credit card, that is already way over limit and delinquent. (I hope you don’t run your business that way; if you do you will soon not have healthy employees, or any employees!)

            Whoever dreamed up the idea that you could just spend your way to a stable economy must have been taking too many puffs of that CA/CO legal weed! I would continue, but you will ignore any common sense that comes your way.

            But just remember, no party philosophy was exclusively responsible for our current condition. Criminally power-hungry and money-hungry individuals have used the dreamers among us to get what they wanted and razzled and dazzled those dreamers. Honest individuals also have been caught by surprise, not wanting to believe that the leaders of our nation could be guilty of such duplicity.

            Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM embarrassed by the number of supposedly intelligent Americans who have ignored the current fiasco in DC and even extended the stay of this criminal gang. I AM embarrassed every time I read a remark such as yours about contributions Obama has made. He is an extreme Racist, a Race-Baiter, and his biggest contribution is to have us more divided than I can every remember in my lifetime. That is his major success: we are so busy fighting each other that we ignore what he is doing to our country.

            Wake up!

          5. jetmagnet says

            I think you should wake up, as you seem Intelligent , but apparently haven’t used your mind for research. You also don’t seem to have a grip on economics and how it functions. I do not subscribe to news by way of Cynical propaganda sources such as Fox news. I read the wall street journal each morning and business weekly. I don’t clutter my mind with nonsense perpetuated by conservative prostitutes such as Kudlow and other supply-siders.

            To say that Obama is a racist and a race baiter dropped your IQ to below average. There have been more racist comments in history against the black president from congressional members, media, and misinformed voters. Many of these voters have no clue who or what they are voting for as long as it’s not Obama. People such as myself and others have done quite well under Obama.

            The largest GOP donors have done extremely well under Obama. Let’s take the Koch bros. Net worth in 2008 $ 8 billon , today $90 billion, but it’s not enough these bros want to dismantle the EPA so they can pollute the planet and they want to destroy unions eben though they are the largest privately owned company. Conservative wealth influenced the scotus into passing citizens united which allows them to spend millions in dark money to win power and elections. Using the same basic math—the Koch-affiliated organizations have about 200 supporters, including the Koch brothers, that
            works out to about $850,000 of influence per Koch brother and $1.65 per
            union member. At that level of donation, it would take about 515,000
            union members to have the same influence as just one Koch brother or
            affiliate. This is destroying are democracy. Conservatives have decided the voting laws need to be change and 5 million americans ( legal citizens) were not qualified to vote in republican held states. The GOP just gave wall st a gift in the spending bill. Lawmakers snuck the measure into a massive 11th-hour government funding bill that congressional leaders negotiated in the hopes of averting a government shutdown. The Citi-drafted legislation will benefit five of the largest banks in
            the country-Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America,
            and Wells Fargo. These financial institutions control more than 90
            percent of the $700 trillion derivatives market. these banks will be able to use FDIC-insured money to bet on
            nearly anything they want. And if there’s another economic downturn,
            they can count on a taxpayer bailout of their derivatives trading
            business. Don’t say the the GOP is owned by wall st lobbyist, because they are. (Honest individuals also have been caught by surprise, not wanting to
            believe that the leaders of our nation could be guilty of such duplicity)
            If you want hundreds of examples of GOP corruption and cronyism I’ll give you the sources.lol
            Obama is not the problem, maybe in the minds of people who only have tunnel vision and look the other way when conservatives steal your lunch.

            As a GOP staffer I know exactly what GOP strategist are doing, and it works on dumb and intelligent people alike.

      3. madmemere says

        We get it; your “on the dole” and, breathlessly await your government check (MY tax money) every month! If employment is so great, why don’t you get off your lazy butt and get one of those wonderful jobs? Did you know America lost over two-MILLION jobs last month? Of course you didn’t know that, because you believe all the propaganda the lamestream media feeds you. If you bothered to do the research, you would know the “real” unemployment rate is above twenty-five percent, sadly this “regimes” labor department likes to “cook the books” and throw out “fabricated” figures. Since you “love your (p)resident”, then get on Air Force One and fly to Kenya with him, but don’t bother to come back here. You claim “right-wing media” is making people hate blacks and democrats- -of course, it couldn’t be that your “beloved (p)resident”, with his race baiting buddies, sharpton and jackson aren’t the ones “creating hate”?? Ponder this- -“You get what you give”.

    5. jaybird says

      I informed people and wrote a letter to the editor of our newspaper. One lady that I knew casually, I kept hammering and she still voted for him. Have not spoken to her in a long time, she also loves Killery and I am sure if I said anything it would not matter. There are other people like that in my community – you cannot say that all were not informed.

      1. gets2say says

        I know two sisters like that; they sing his praises and refuse to listen to any discussion or news program that is critical of him in any way! They are actually the only two people I know who ever admitted they voted for Obama! Funny, that! He got all those votes but in any group in any state we happened to be visiting (used to travel with work), no one admitted to liking or voting for him!

        1. jaybird says

          I guess they are died in the wool party supporters that never change?? Never could understand that way of thinking.

      2. Angry American says

        It is the liberal mind set that determines many things. Look at the SCOTUS where educated people interpret facts so differently I wonder how they come to a conclusion on anything, just thankful the conservatives out number the libs

    6. jetmagnet says

      Republicans suck and they don’t believe in government. Teabags are worst
      horseshit that ever occupied the planet. If obama had cooperation from
      the do nothing POS teabags America would be a better nation.
      never hear what they are for (teahadist) only what they are against.
      They’re stupid uneducted and follow their masters script as if it were
      the Koran. They are fascist bigots bent on destroying the country.

      1. OldPatriot32 says

        You’re either a Marxist troll, a moron, or a combination thereof. Which is it?

        1. Jarhead says

          Paid troll is evident, but, brain-washed, brain-dead, brain-injured, born retarded, or drug addiction are also very possible…..select any two.

      2. madmemere says

        Your boy -obama/soetoro/sobarka (or whichever name he chooses to go by) has done SOOOO MUCH for the USA in the six years he’s been in office, (NOT) – -ALL of it worse than “bad”. The country hasn’t been in this much trouble since the 1930’s and FDR. If republicans “suck” (Rinos do) then you “reek” of liberal brain damaged ignorance. If you’ve got all the answers and solutions, then why aren’t YOU in the oval office? Try consulting something (anything) other than “lamestream media propaganda” for “real” information; you might be surprised at what you would actually “learn”, that is if your concrete skull can accept anything.

        1. jetmagnet says

          List the accomplishments for the GOP since FDR. LMAO!
          The country is in trouble? Because of the GOP. Obama has to clean up the mess after GW destroyed the country and allowed the Biggest terrorist attack in history on american soil. Then Attacked IraQ for weapons of bullshit. Killing 600,000 iraquis, pissing them off taking their shit and removing the only dictator that held that country in check. Cheny, rumsfeld and the rest of the neocons thought they could throw all the sunni military generals out and install a shiite government?
          So, the pissed off sunni’s generals and military thought otherwise and formed ISIS> That’s your GOP. The GOP starts wars they can’t win and run up debt. They think they can install governments and grab their oil.
          Every last one should face a firing squad! Obama brought us back from the shit republicans left. They are still shit…shutdowns, whining and crying everytime Obama wants to move the country forward-while they serve rich and the wealthy and want more wars and more body bags of our sons to pile up for their ingenious purposes. Try reading or learning about the Iraq war. There are many documentaries, about how republicans got us and the world in a mess.

          1. jaybird says

            So you are happy with the Muslims that he has put in the different depts in our government that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

          2. jetmagnet says

            First of all the constitution doesn’t discriminate against religion- so you’re against the constitution? Hypocrite! You’re also a bigot and a racist.
            It’s all bullshit , too much brietbart and Alex west! LMAO!

          3. jaybird says

            No, I am against the Muslim Brotherhood which supports terrorist, dummy. There are many reports that support that, google their names with Muslim Brotherhood in it You are the one that is judgmental and can’t carry on a discussion without getting hyper.

          4. jetmagnet says

            You have a problem with muslim’s, correct? I’ve been a member of the intelligence community for 35 years and your telling me, someone like your self , who never worked inside the government- that there is muslim terrorist working inside the government and they somehow “escaped” NSA , CIA and the secret service?
            Are you mentally challenged? Please share with us in which capacity these brotherhood sympathizers support the muslim brotherhood.

          5. jaybird says

            No I don;t support people that have anything to do with white supremacistrist only terroist and the leader in the WH’s brother’s party, that Lerner fast tracked and gave him an exemption. Huma Abedin’s parents and there are more for you to look up. Try and understand what you read. No wonder we have a problem with intelligence if you don’t know what is going on.

          6. jetmagnet says

            So how many terrorist acts have they committed? You make no sense.
            other than being a muslim hater you cannot support your accusations, They are based on theory and puffed up by rightwing media, michelle “crazy” bachmann, Louie “the nutjob Ghomert, to sell to uneducated people.
            If you keep buying into this nonsense without working in or for the government your just another pawn for republican conspiracy theorist. Give me the source of your stupidity. You heard this garbage from where?

            Ms. Abedin is receiving support from many quarters, including even
            Ms. Bachmann’s former campaign chief, Ed Rollins, who wrote of Ms.
            Bachmann in a Fox News opinion piece:
            “I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but
            this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe
            McCarthy level.”
            “I can assure Mrs. Bachmann that Ms. Abedin has been thru every top
            clearance available and would never have been given her position with
            any questions of her loyalty to this country. As a member of Congress,
            with a seat on the House Intelligence Committee, Mrs. Bachmann you know
            better. Your source is fruitcakes in the GOP! They do this to as a polical ploy, common in politics.

          7. jaybird says

            You are jumping to conclusions AGAIN about me. I don’t care for Mrs. Bachmann or what she has to say and if you want to remain ignorant that is on your plate.

          8. jetmagnet says

            So where’s your proof? Give me your source and I’ll investigate it.

          9. jaybird says

            “IF” you were in the intelligence community (which I don’t believe) you know how to investigate things. You cannot understand what people post because you are still harping on Mrs. Bachmann. There are books by others on the ties to the MB.

          10. jetmagnet says

            You still haven’t given me any proof. List your sources. I know for a fact that your full of shit , and have no clue. So cut the bullshit and give me your sources.
            Forget bachmann- she’s toast. I want the links and names of who ever said this shit. I find that 99% of these rightwing points are false and based soley for political purposes. The GOP is a loser, so it’s trying to blame the other party,
            If they had an agenda, they would have no need to attack democrats.

          11. madmemere says

            Not going to do the work for you, do your own research. As far as traitors go, you’re a perfect example and YOU should be facing a firing squad, or permanent exile, with your beloved obama/soetoro/sobarka commie fascist fraud. There is no cure for blockheads like you; extinction is the only cure.

          12. jetmagnet says

            What i think sir is racist bigots like yourself sir have no business being in America.
            You’re anti-american , probably a hick or hillbilly that drinks moonshine and watches hate propaganda everyday like a brainwashed drunk.
            Give me a list of WTF you’re hating our president for, for me and the rest of the intelligent americans he’s been outstanding.

      3. gets2say says

        And you’re skilled at repeating what you’ve been fed, along with the Kool-Aid to wash it down… No political group can be summed up [correctly] in the manner you have used. They all consist of people who clearly know what they believe is best, or have been misled and lied to and thus convinced of the rightness of a group or position. Your remarks prove this.

        I know members of each party who are passionate Americans, love their country and want what is best for the country and their fellow citizens. If someone is truly observant, they do not have to be a participant in any party to see that we are currently being led by someone who either wants the downfall of the U.S. or is overwhelmingly ignorant of how to get the job done. A leader, we do not have.

        Leaders inspire people to follow and assist in reaching the mutual goal.

      4. Ken Hicks says

        Hey jetmagnet, why do you hid behind a mask? Is it because you are afraid to show the world what an absolute idiotic liberal looks like? Please notice… MY photo is of ME. Your trash talk reveals and uneducated, selfish arrogant liberal who doesn’t realize that a government of ONE party is an autocracy, That is what Nazi Germany was! Wake up and take off the mask. Or are you a Nazi believer?

        1. jetmagnet says

          This is me fella…the way I represent myself. I’m still a member of the intelligence community and it wouldn’t be in my best interest to post picture of myself. lol
          I really don’t care what you think. You don’t work for the government so you don’t know jackshit. Does your supervisor know your posting in uniform? In most cases it’s a violation of protocol.

          1. Ken Hicks says

            I am 77 years old, a retired Police officer with a BA in Police Science, MBA in Business Adminstration, ThD and an Officer in the American Legion. With an IQ of 131. So as far as not knowing “Jackshit”, i would like to know how a coward hiding behind a mask has any credibility to make comments? You have shown your liberal side by making false assumptions, not knowing the facts, and spouting off with insulting remarks. Grow up, take off the mask and be a MAN.

    7. jetmagnet says

      If baggers and republicans were informed voters they would have voted for a party that accomplished something, instead they voted for obstruction, clowns and shutdowns–with no accomplishments. One party makes policy the other party has no policy, so it blames the other party for trying to move the country forward. Republicans are in reverse, new senate and house majority and still playing politics, instead of working for the people.

    8. Arizona Don says

      I certainly agree with your comment about the uninformed voter. Identifying the problem and setting a goal is the first step in repairing what is wrong. However, determining the correct path to take to eliminate uninformed voters is rather difficult.

      It is also a problem that precedes the US by centuries. It is quite obvious we cannot educate them because in political circles that is called brainwashing. It would not be if only one opinion existed but that is not real life. So how do we educate them conservative or progressive? Make no mistake the party who is perceived to be benefitting the most will be happy with the system while the other will be out to get rid of it. We also cannot require a literacy test that is considered racist because some groups claim it is aimed directly at them even if it is not. There is a point to be made for land owners because it is said they actually have some skin in the game. England did that in the 1700’s and before. However, that also does not and cannot work because it is not correct in a Constitutional Republic. How can it be said on one hand all men are created equal and then say but some have no voice in the government?

      Therefore, even though you have nailed the problem no one has been able to come up with a solution. It is certain any nation where the voters discover they can vote themselves a living rather than work for it, that nation is soon to be destroyed from within. There is undoubtedly an acceptable solution but one that is acceptable by everyone escapes me at this time.

    9. Jack beasley says

      The most uninformed voters are republicans. They also are the most diabolical in making it hard for democrats to vote, with more voting rights laws that prevent people from voting. Every american citizen should be allowed to vote especially our youth. The GOP is try to keep college kids from voting by requiring all sorts of things in order to vote.
      This wouldn’t be necessary if they had good policies, they don’t! The GOP knows they undermine the american people in favor of oil companies and wall st.

      1. jetmagnet says

        Rightwing wackjobs and fruitcakes follow like sheep and they never research anything. Many studies prove they are misinformed and stupid!
        Even europe joins the opposition, saying fox news is for stupid people.

  7. artarlo1 says

    The Republicans just wander. If is was not for a few good ones we would never know they won, ttey sure spend a lot of time trying to knock the Tea Party so the good old boys and girls stay in power

    1. Robert Young says

      Yes, the Controlling Party Elite of both Parties answers to the NWO who tell them who their Nominees will be, which Bills will be brought to the Floor and which won’t, and which Bills will pass. There is NO VOICE or REPRESENTATION for Conservatives or Constitutionalists in either major Party. For the Tea Party to become viable, they would have to split from the Republican Party.

  8. sarcoq says

    We have to start at local level —- school boards, city and county officials, etc., and move all the way up. Unfortunately, this will take some time. Don’t know how much time we have left since the erosion in government is moving at such a fast pace.

    1. sandman says

      it would take less time, if we started from the top. Start with someone like Dr, Ben Carson, or Gov. Walker! OR BOTH!

      1. Croco Dile says
      2. sarcoq says

        Works for me — or Ted Cruz, who we know doesn’t back down when defending the constitution whether his colleagues help him win or not. Standing on principle is standing on solid ground.

    2. Robert Young says

      No longer than it takes for Iran to fire its first Nuke.

  9. JIMBO says

    Crodo dile: You seem to have missed the point entirely. If you have no authority, you have no organization. If you have no organization you have total confusion.

    1. Croco Dile says

      The belief in “authority”, which includes all belief in “government”, is irrational and selfcontradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity.

      Read this book to understand :

      by Larken Rose 2011

      It’s free in PDF.

    2. Robert Young says

      Sorry, but I disagree with that statement.

  10. David says

    Interesting Croco Dile. Another way of saying it is: The only authority anyone has over you is the authority you grant them. Simplified, government can tell me how large my Coke can be because I submit to their order to purchase a smaller size. Laws based on personal agenda or the whim should not exist. Laws created to protect you from yourself are wrong. Our politician should be in the business of doing what they are told by the citizens not telling us how they want us to live often in complete contradiction of our Inalienable rights.

    We have people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who betray their own party as well as other republicans that are little more than the right wing of the democrat party. All being lead by a socialist president with a personal agenda contrary to the constitution and the desires of most of the country. This is what we have become and we have allowed it to happen by our complacency and unwillingness to do our jobs. We are the government and we need to take back control.

    1. Croco Dile says

      Read the book authored by Larken Rose.


      As Stephen Biko put it : “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

      1. David says

        Very good video Croco Dile

  11. Patrick Murphy says

    The rino GOP have let us down as they did not get the message from November.The rubber spined leaders have not lived up their promises and give obama free reign to do as he pleases.Boehner and McConnell have cost the GOP any chance in 2016.every time we trust them they cry and give in at any little bump in the road.You never fight and hold your ground to prove to the American people you are worthy of your hire.Shame,shame on you lying GOP you will reap what you sow come 2016.The tea party needs to split off the GOP or go down with the sinking ship.The old guard GOP needs put out to pasture where they cannot harm anyone with their surrendering every thing they have.Losers!The GOP have become morally bankrupt in words and deeds.

  12. john Kloch says

    A United States citizen also a tax payer. The ones that are at fault is the Washington party The democrats and Hitler Obama and all the shit he has done to the United States. Obama and his party let us We The People Down. So we the people have to take control of Washington and Hitler Obama and his Party. They let us We The People down. Hitler killer Obama let the People down trying to control this United States like Hitler that is why his not in Germany any more the same a Hitler Obama will soon be with his father. Do not forget the democratic Party was helping Hitler Obama. The party did not wake up yet till they all go with Hitler Obama. The Democratic party let the voters WE The People down with Hitler Obama. Democrats do not like living in the United States that is why the are trying to bring America Down with Hitler Obama the illegal Hitler Obama an African that did not like his Fathers name and took Hitler’s name to lead his Democratic Party. God Bless America and all the religions that put together this Great Nation of ours together. Lets get this great Nation off it feet again and Impeach the all that do not stand with the People Of this great nation and its Constitution Of this great country of ours. It is time to kick Washington’s Ass with Hitler Obama. Let us say no more shit fro Hitler and his Party. Good Bless America as a Nation.

  13. sha44ss says

    Being an American ‘at the very least’ IS believing in our Constitution and that our Individual Rights to Freedom come from GOD!! That is why we are so far gone because we have strayed from those FACTS and have lost all sight of GOD ! We have been dumbed down on purpose! The communists, marxists, islamofascists and ATHIESTS >> ALL leftists are out in force and until we can stop the propaganda & consequential apathy our children and grandchildren are being bombarded with we are losing the War .YES… It is the MEDIA we have to fight against & to shine the light on ‘ George Soros’ who IS the man behind the curtain who OUR leaders…our Politicians…have betrayed US for!!

    1. sha44ss says

      We will never have a INFORMED populace if we don’t Stop them NOW!!


    2. Robert Young says

      Yes, the mainstream Media is an enemy which must be recognized. It is supported by and controlled by the NWO but Soros is only one of them.

  14. Laddyboy says

    People have reelected PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS FOR way too long. It is past time for some “new blood” in government. America does NOT need a bunch of “lawyers” controlling OUR government. When you vote, you MUST look at the actions and the votes of the person you are thinking of voting for. Look at their past votes. Listen to their speaches. When you listen, do not just listen to what they are saying but what they are IMPLYING. Ask yourself; What has this person done to advance America? Do they support the Constitution? Do they support ALL of the ten (10) amendments? Do they want individual freedoms?

    1. sandman says

      Not only the Amendments, but The Commandments! Not to mention the Golden Rule!

      1. Laddyboy says

        Agreed! This man reminds me of an individual I knew. This individual would always say: “I will screw them before they can screw me”. b. obama fits this saying to a “T”.

    2. Robert Young says

      Agreed, if all We Voters would ask these 4 questions about each candidate then we could make an informed choice as to whom we wanted to support and vote for.

  15. bpr1122 says

    The problem is the media. Republican politicians and conservatives need to fight the media every change they get,

    1. Robert Young says

      Fighting the big money media who controls the information outlets will be a lot like Don Quixote.

      1. bpr1122 says

        You probably have 40% of people who do not believe the Main Stream Media (MSM). You now have a cable news network that is more trusted than ABC, or NBC, or CBS. More and more independents are starting not to believe the MSM. If the percentage goes to 60% the MSM is effectively neutralized. We can do our part by explaining to open-minded, uninformed people the truth with plenty of facts to back up our statements. Do not waste your time on the brainwashed liberals. The liberals have been at this for over a hundred years; we are not going to correct this in just a couple of decades. However, we do need to start.

        1. madmemere says

          Unfortunately, most of the “uninformed” prefer to be that way and if they have a “mind”, at all, it generally is not open to facts.

          1. bpr1122 says

            I have converted some people

    2. Croco Dile says

      The belief in “authority”, which includes all belief in “government”, is irrational and selfcontradictory; it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity.

      by Larken Rose 2011

      1. pattonknew says

        thanks for posting the video brother – “evrybody” should watch this video

  16. Peatro Giorgio says

    The Republican Establishment as failed. When faced with minimal opposition. They buckled like the true traitors they are. Is it not a wonder any longer . As to how an why a strong 3rd party is inevitable. Neither present Establishment has honored the trust of the majority of this nations electorate. Sure they will promise or say anything to win. However after having been elected. They so what comes naturally to them. They go about giving aid an comfort to our enemies. An special deals to their big money Bundlers an special Lobbyists buddies. An screw the rest of us. That’s why 8 years ago I dumped the Re-puke party an became a truly independent , Fiscal Conservative Libertarian leaning Tea-party True Tea party that is an now the faux interloper treasonous neocon pretend to be tea party voter.

  17. papa doug says

    I have been preaching for 30 years about the laziness of voters but I’m glad to see that finally someone has either heard me or figured it out for themselves. The reason we feel betrayed is because we installed the socialists in office, that betrayal is our fault. It’s so easy in this century to look up a politicians political history and voting record but so few do it that it’s unnoticeable, it doesn’t even take that long.

    Last November the majority of voters elected socialists to office which is why we have the problem in America we have now. They did it in 2008 when they elected Obama and did it again in 2012 and now wonder why our president is destroying us. They will do it again in 2016 when they elect Hillary for light and transient reasons. (Just to have a woman president). Liberals/socialists have long known that a good lie is better than the truth with voters. “They don’t drink the sand because they’re thirsty, they drink the sand because they don’t know the difference”!

    The revelation we finally read here I fear is too little too late because it will be near impossible in so short a time to educate all the conservatives (including the new immigrants) before the next elections and when that criminal Hillary Clinton is elected we will be in for four more years of the same.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      BOTTOM LINE: In a free society Marxists/Communists cannot come to power in any other form of government but a DEMOCRACY….where the votes of two idiots trumps that of one genius!!!!!

  18. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Until we return to GOD and his ways we will never change what is happening now in our world.

  19. Larry Viator says

    this is part of the problem but america is plagued by anarchist that we have allowed to form. look at whats being taught in schools and colleges and who is doing the teaching its a pitiful shame. the biggest and more alarming problem are the citizens of america. this president and this lowly congress could not be acting the way they do unless the citizens turned a blind eye to whats happening. the citizens are informed enough but dont care but for a small percentage. there are to many nationalities in america that was allowed to influence this government who’s purpose is not to adhere to the laws of the land but to change them to mirror the country from which they came. its happening in every corner of this country and no end in sight. as we bitch and moan about the insane things going on in washington remember this they for the most part have a grasp on what the citizens have become and are acting on it. this country was built by immigrants no doubt but there comes a time when your cup is full and cant hold any more well america is long past that and is imploding trying to keep up or even maintain its sense and sensibility. america is forever changing and i think not for the better we have lost the god fearing principles this country was founded on. is america destined to start over as a third world country it seems so. two words describe what america is becoming, pandoras box.

  20. Seldena says

    This article has it right. The UNINFORMED voter is why BO got two terms! I pray Americans will not make the same mistake in 2016 just because a woman is running! Where does Integrity, trustworthiness, ethical morals come in? Or do they? They should if a voter really wants to get this country back to what the Founder’s intended it to be. Freedoms defended, Free Market for success. LESS GOVERNMENT. Is this not what we all want? Please be informed about the Candidates and especially Hillary Clinton. She is a progressive Socialists, Marxists and absolutely cannot be trusted! Research voters!

    1. Robert Young says

      Yes, before you vote ask yourself these 5 questions about each Candidate: What has this person done to advance America, Do they support our Constitution, Do they support our Bill of Rights, Do they believe that our Constitution is the Law of the Land, Do they want and support individual freedoms for our American Citizens? Choose your Candidate wisely and Vote.

      1. Croco Dile says

        Never vote for crooks 🙂


    2. Florio Vino says

      There are those that feel and rightly so that the Obama Elections were fixed as so many democratic voters in areas like Chicago, Detroit, New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and others in the highly populated areas actually registered and voted, numerous times in different precincts as no one ever challenged them as they were concerned that they would be considered Racists,
      . This worked twice so beware, it may be tried again in the future. Wake up America. Our Polling system needs overhauling and that`s for certain.

  21. Dalgast says

    Oh clearly, the fault is all ours. we became apathetic and basically allowed them, meaning the government , to run rip shod over us. We have only ourselves to blame for the dire straits we are in.

  22. John says

    In general the Republican party has failed the American people, they made promises that they have not kept. So when the next election comes, they will feel the rath of the American people.

    1. Robert Young says

      Possibly so, but not by staying home. Get out and vote, hopefully NOT for the NWO Nominees that the two major Parties are endorsing, but for Third Party or Independent Candidates or by writing in your Candidate of Choice. Let Government know that they work for us, We, the People.

  23. Bob says

    The President and his party have hurt our country, changed it to closely resemble a Socialistic Empire with a Dictator at the head……Democrats should just look at our history of growth, sure we made some mistakes, but at the time it may have been the right decision. Any businessman wil tell theri success may have had some mistakes in the beginning. A few is good, too many is bad. our President hasn’t make one good major decision since being in office. That would never stand up in the Private sector, but in government is can last too long, Democrats keep looking the other way, ignor or just don’t pay attention, are happy we are going down as a country and losing respect of the world and the American people ala the Carter administration, but at least they didn’t pass too many socialistic policies. The only way our country can earn the respect of our people and the world is if the Democrats stop Socialism and Communism from growing any further.

    1. Croco Dile says

      Won’t happen !

      Most people wouldn’t want to know how it happens, because they themselves are religiously attached to the very belief that makes this possible.

      Nearly everyone is raised to believe that obedience to “authority” is a virtue (at least in most cases), that respecting and complying with the “laws” of “government” is what makes us civilized, and that disrespect for “authority” leads only to chaos and violence. In fact, people have been so thoroughly trained to associate obedience with “being good” that attacking the concept of “authority” will sound, to most people, like suggesting that there is no such thing as right and wrong, no need to abide by any standards of behavior, no need to have any morals at all.

      by Larken Rose 2011

    2. Robert Young says

      America must have a Government that American Citizens respect. One that guarantees Americans the right of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We must have a Government that encourages small businesses as well as large ones but that realizes that no business, bank, or other entity is too big to fail. Our Constitution mus be strictly enforced.

  24. bobangelo says

    Yes, a great article. These quiet closet libs that apparently have always hated our country, now come out of the closet. (Not just come out , but come out dancing and singing). They came out because now they have their champion in Oasshole. These morons not only drink the kool-aid, they bath in it. God can only help us now, because the Republicans can’t or don’t want to. The old established Republicans are part of it. Support the Tea Party.

    1. Robert Young says

      Not as long as the Tea Party is part of the Republican Party. The Controlling Elite of both the Republican and Democratic Parties answer to the NWO so Conservatives and Constitutionalists have NO VOICE OR REPRESENTATION in either Party.

  25. daveveselenak says

    The reality: AMERIKA is now in place and it isn’t about to be changed peacefully. The communist party USA, aka the democRATS have successfully taken over the country. They have accomplished this over decades of patience and infiltrating every facet of our society; so now with having imported enough illegal aliens and terrorists, having perfected voter fraud, having dumbed-down and drugged-up most of the sheeple and no longer having a free press there isn’t an iota of a chance of the ‘Re-PUNK-licans’ getting back in power and even if they did their leader(less)ship has gone over to the other side and as a result we now are being RULED, not governed by a two-headed, one party oligarchy which couldn’t care less about ‘US’ but rather only has utter contempt and disdain towards us as they engorge themselves at the public trough while we PERMIT them to do so! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand, always was and always will be, like it or not! mInr, NSA!

  26. Brenda says

    We are frustrated by the GOP’s lack of a backbone. Yet, was it not we the people that continued to send the same representatives and senators to Washington D.C. The citizens re-elected Graham knowing that he would not maintain his stance. The citizens re-elected McConnell knowing the only thing he was interested in was power and personal gain. The citizens re-elected McCain knowing he was wishy-washy at best. The citizens re-elected Reid despite all his unethical and quazi-illegal involvements., The citizens re-elect Rangal dispite his failure to pay taxes, his slum loard activities, and his general misuse of funds. The citizens reelected Pelosi dispite knowing her husband benefited financially form his goernment contracts.

  27. b glad says

    Our educational system has failed us and we have done nothing about it. We have allowed ourselves to get dumbed down. We must educate ourselves.

  28. docwilly says

    the stupidity od the American electorate and its sheepmentality has resulted in electing an incompetent, America hating Socialist Muslim as president. TWICE

  29. Chief_Cabioch says

    Term Limits would keep those like Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham from getting to much Power, we MUST make TERM limits a reality

    1. MAHB001 says

      I agree. But the corruption runs very deep in the political world.
      Check out and support the Convention of States movement.
      Term limits is one of their main points.

      1. Chief_Cabioch says

        Stopping the Life time elected official keeps the corruption at a minimum, because they arent there long enough to make lasting deals…..and Stupid Voters are nullified, take the Case of Thad Cochran…..he couldnt screw anyone for his seat, he couldnt run for…..he’d be history,

        1. MAHB001 says

          I agree with you 100% but that would require those corrupted life time elected officials to vote in Term limits.
          Thad Cochran will NEVER vote in Term Limits.
          But the Convention of States can IMPOSE Term Limits.
          That means that the corrupt Thad’s of the world will not have a VOTE! 🙂

  30. MAHB001 says

    Yet another article that recognizes the corruption and impact of the Media.
    Please sign up for my boycott at:
    I agree with the premise of the article about an uninformed voter, but I believe the Republican Establishment IS part of the problem.
    Alinsky Radicals have taken over key control positions within the Media, Schools, Unions, and most importantly BOTH Political Parties.
    These people are EVIL, corrupt and bent on usurping Capitalism and instilling their form of Communism.
    The people have to get informed and start fighting back. Or we will wake up some day under communism rule.

  31. fred says

    The biggest fraud ever in our history is the treasonous poser front-man and his minions in the WH! We are in serious trouble and need someone in the Congress we just elected to take charge and send this illegal immigrant to Prison! Who will it be I wonder? Not McConnell or Bonehead that’s for sure! that would cut into their raping and pillaging the taxpayers and citizens of this once great country, now they have all sold us down the river for a criminal!

  32. joanne says

    All great nations, as they became fat and sassy, the citizens forgot to tend to business and would rather be entertained. And as long as this attitude exist the entertainment will become more degrading. It could be stopped BUT do we have the interest and stamina to accomplish this, AND after so many years on the downward slope giving the WRONG people control is it possible to regain it?

  33. rayhause says

    Maybe I’m just imagining things but it seems that the leadership is very influenced by the liberal press. Polls that are taken come straight out the DNC playbook, then blared across the MSM pundits and our own leadership is too dumb to recognize it. This statement will ruffle the feathers of many but I really think the politicians are liberal at heart, that is exactly what so many of their constituents are like. I’m listing these states in particular for if you look at how they have voted my point will be verified. Minn., Wisc., Ohio, Ill., Mich., Pa., New Hampshire, Vermont, Mass. and when voting for President usually go Democrat. That leaves the electorate as Democratic thinking or Independents who are subject to vote as the wind blows. Our leadership has absolutely no principles that guide them and no real loyalty to the people or the constitution, most are just prostitutes masquerading as political leaders.

  34. teedoffatobama says

    it’s NOT the Republicans that have failed USA it’s the people that were given a vote and they did not check out the track record of the candidates first.Most of them blindly voted or watched SNL got their info from it or just voted solely on color or party.The worst thing is on the 2nd election those who still didn’t check out things voted obama in a 2nd term and those are FOOLS!

  35. Curtis Jones Jr says

    obama is a tyrant. McConnell and Boehner are on the Demon crat payroll. They sold America out.

  36. tarotcardman says

    the people in general are suffering no mater what party they vote with, this would be a good time to clear them the waste, is the system of passing a bill this where they cheat us the stuff they attach rudders . let them have no combined bills . One at a time . on their own NO RIDERS ONE PROJECT AT A TIME

  37. abobinmn says

    Republicans have indeed failed. Perhaps a name change is in order…….how about the Bungler Party. I say Bugler Party because Republicans can’t seem to finish anything they start. The bungle just about everything. Futhermore, the Republican Party has absolutely nobody that really stands out as someone who could lead America and repeal a lot of the damage that intentional destroyer of America Obama has done and continues to do.

  38. DocWatson says

    They are all actually communist plants and I think that we are in deep trouble. When I read comments on other articles where the commenters love Putin and applaud him killing his opposition I want to puke.

  39. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

    We, the public, have failed by voting for NWO neo-cons instead of Constitutional Conservatives.

    1. headonstraight says

      And 99 percent of the conservative sector has no idea who the neocons are or what they stand for.

  40. Alleged Comment says

    We didn’t get involved enough, we trusted them too much, they got too tempted by a docile trusting population and then they got DRUNK WITH POWER!

    They have overtaken the schools and now we have lieberal educated populace instead of a liberated one (that is one Constitutionally educated) to keep the shackles of government off.

    They do not understand how this Republic is suppose to work, but if they keep this up EVERYONE is going to learn a HARD LESSON and end up with an unqualified illegal negro sodomite dicktator FOR LIFE!

  41. Chief_Cabioch says

    A convention of States ….would fix that

  42. Jacky says

    The Rinos campaigned on repealing the insurance rape, closing the border and getting the criminal aliens out of our country.
    We handed them the largest victory in 70 years..Less that three months later, they have already broken it off in us, 3 times and funded Obama’s criminal alien amnesty and the insurance rape.
    This has to be an educational election and we want to be nasty about it.
    First, vote a straight liberal dem bloodsuckler, aka American Jihadists ticket.
    Do not vote for another fing RINO.
    We told them, we wouldn’t vote for another RINO, they gave us the finger and then started spending money to hurt the conservative legislators
    I apologize to the republicans that tried to get Boehner out of there, we will not vote for a Republican candidate in 2016

  43. Michael Dennewitz says

    Some were preaching YEARS ago: Get Wall St out of politics and crucify the media, and you’ve fixed most of the problems! However, no one could foretell that we’d end up with a queer, halfbreed terrorist in the white house. (Actually, two queers, if you count mooseshell!)

    1. headonstraight says

      Your asinine bigotry is shining through!

  44. adrianvance says

    RINO Republicans are in terminal envy of Democrats for what they get away with. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  45. Skip Farrow says

    I am just down at heart. What’s the use in voting for a republican if they are going to be as bad as a democrat? What a bunch of failures. Does any body have an encouraging word for me? It seems we are hellbent for complete destruction.Is there a real man in politics? I can see Rand Paul has balls but sometimes I fear no one of the multitudes of dumb asses seem to understand what it would take to turn this around. It seems that no one with a backbone wants the job.

  46. Mark Forrer says

    A very good read,very thought provoking

    1. jim marcum says

      I couldn’t get through it myself.

  47. pattonknew says

    liberals are like a mfr that plans a 3some, has a couple of no shows and still has a good time…..
    listen, conservatives know that everything this administration does is about control at every angle – the 180 degree opposite of control is freedom in explaining why collectively society must learn to accept a greater responsibility as a result of a greater personal freedom that can be fine tuned at a later date.

    every country that has based their defense of freedom on moral conviction as opposed to the intellect and critical thought necessary to defend it except the u.s., ended up in the same exact place….stuck and the u.s. was successful because of the intellect necessary to preserve the constitution that kept congress in check and thus preserved religious freedoms as a result; until society bought into the idea of giving the president the authority and tools necessary not to keep the country safe (your interests again ) but rather to effectively invert its intent in overriding the constitution based on trust…..( a trap ) in every land-
    trap spelled backwards is part and its about understanding yours in it ahead of time or we wouldnt be here now.
    we can not keep burying our heads in the sand over this issue because even communists have a right to state sponsored religion as long as it doesnt oppose torture, apathy or communism.
    we have to collectively separate states rights (ours) from federalism ( governments) and expand the states right s by choosing to accept that greater personal freedom through more choices and use it to sustain our independence from federalism economically
    when we look at the primaries, rand paul is simply the most obvious choice because he understands the reality intellectually rather than just morally in being able to avoid the socialist division or our interests being used against you and after the primaries when mitt romney showed up to the debate it was more like slim forgot shady; super pacs are leveraged which means after the primaries if we want that president we have to pay for it ( the states )
    the combining of the two bases is necessary to combine resources and numbers in a straight line while the candidates organize under a different banner for the same cause by working together and the states must pull their heads out and start progressing their own interests – more choices wether you support them or not –
    morality becomes an issue but less so with organization and foundations with everybody on the same page ahead of time so that everyone understands acting in your own interests by inversion of the process rather than being blindsided by trusting federalists (rino’s ) while still claiming to.
    the ideas of programming work in reverse to create an equal or greater object in motion.
    every one needs to get intimately familiar with their state representitives and get ready to start dropping bombs.
    we have to start understanding – battle causes stress and laughter is the best medicine always; so dont get too caught up in the emotion and stress of battle… remember to laugh at their asses or take a break and watch comedy central.
    more to come

  48. 1josephg1 says

    If a person is willing to murder the unborn, willing to support a life style that the Lord our God say is an abomination to his creation, is willing to lie, is willing to disregard the constitution, is willing to not be transparent, is willing to put American lives in harms way, is willing to give an illegal person more or the same benefits as a citizen or any one of these I will never vote for that scumbag. Just for kicks I would really like to know how barry, ooooops sorry “the foreign exchange student” got a social security number from some one who died many years ago ago and was from Connecticut when he says he was born in Hawaii. Just wondering.

  49. Namdoc68 says

    What a crock of crap!! BHO in the WH is a direct result of the RNC and the GOP (Gaggle of Pansies) doing their level best to avoid doing the necessary due diligence required to vet him in 2008 AND 2012. Why? Who knows but they sure didn’t do it. To blame the voters for being uninformed is ludicrous. If you want me to be informed, then provide the information for me to digest. To blame the media is accurate but we knew this was going to be a problem very early on in the election process. Yet, the RNC et al did nothing to override this problem. And while there was (and still is) a lack of information the RNC et al is doing nothing to create pressure to provide this information. Nothing was done to force the issue of eligibility due to this lack of information. While the issues you cite are real they are by no means the crux of the problem. These are all BS excuses and you know it. The RNC and the pack of RINOs at the helm are 100% responsible. These same GOP “leaders” are the ones who even now are unable to demonstrate a sufficient level of testosterone to challenge BHO. I am offended by your finger-wagging directed at the people. If you wish to mount a campaign to fix the Republican voters, start with the party leadership.

    1. Jarhead says

      Spot ON…the RNC killed the Republican Party…..we now only wait for the Wake, and for Herr Fuehrer to start his Third Term. Seig Heil.

    2. headonstraight says

      And Donald Trump failed you too!

  50. MyronJPoltroonian says

    I think these about cover what we think of the “Inside the Beltway” elites of both parties and what we’d like to do to them (figuratively, of course).:

  51. OldPatriot32 says

    I can only wish the above was printed on the editorial page of every US daily. Even if only on said page of left-leaning papers such as Orange County Register (CA) and San Diego News-Tribune.

  52. 4b4mac says

    WE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Donna Mabry says

    A lo of the problem are us the citizens. We just let Obama keep going,and going. instead of EVERYONE standing up to him for whatever we didn’t believe was right. It would have sure made it harder.When you were told to take your flag down,wave all the more. When the border was opened,us the citizens should have been shoulder to shoulder,and when they tried to come over,shoot them. Give them the message they don’t belong here them. We should be marching by the white house praising God and singing Hymns.If we had fought Obama tooth and nail,he would not have advanced this far.Our fore fathers stood up for their beliefs and some lost their life.If you don’t stand up for your beliefs, and you let Obama get way with what he’s doing and when he”s done,how many Americans will die. A whole lot.How many people signed petitions to have Obama impeached or tried and sent to prison and there again NOTHING DONE.YOU ROBERT E LEE ARE BRAINLESS . YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE.I. yOU SAY YOUy’RE GOING TO GO FORWARD. aRE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB?’M 75 AND A DIE HARD DEMOCRAT AS ALL MY FAMILY,BUT IT SURE AS HELL DIDN’T TAKE ME LONG TO FIGURE WHAT OBAMA WAS ALL ABOUT.HE’S NOT A DEMOCRAT,A LIBERAL. HELL HE’S NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN.A LOT OF HIS GOVERNMENT ARE THE THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.THE SADDEST THING ABOUT IT ALL IS ALL YOU SO CALLED LIBERAL SUPPORTERS WITH YOUR HEADS IN YOUR ASS WILL BE JUST LIKE THE REST OF US OBEYING A DICTATOR, LOOKING FOR FOOD AND WATER,UNARMED SO WE CAN’T HURT POOR OBAMASS.DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK YOU’RE GOING TO STILL BE WITH OBAMA WHEN HE GETS WHAT HE WANTS. HELL NO. HE’LL BE TAKING CARE OF HIS MUSLIMS AND ISLAMICS. YOU LIBERALS ARE NOTHING BUT HISROBOTS AND WHEN HE;S DONE SO WILL YOU.

    1. headonstraight says

      Get help. Look under “Psychiatrists” in the Yellow Pages.

  54. Robert Bolino says

    Ohio Election Fraud got obama his second term!! Wake Up and read The ACRU”s post!

  55. Felix Guerrera says

    I want a name of the person that says we the people are to blame’ We the people are guilty of not getting together and marching on Washington and tearing that hell hole apart. We watched it go deeper and deeper into the depths of Hell and became Sheeps for the slaughter! Yes I waited for a spark of anger as I have endured with most good Americans.! True Americans ! Yes! we that did not rush in, to stop this insane takeover of National and International Criminals! However if whoever wrote, that we the people, are the blame for anything else, you call me out to address you ! We’ll take it outside anywhere you want. I am so sick of Lies and the Treason that is being pulled behind our backs and it is exactly what I have been trying to get out to the people for over a year. This disguise of being a part of the American Government has gone FAR ENOUGH ! If nobody else can see it or admit it then step aside as we all have been doing but I am going to force you Deciples of Satan to show your hand and this is why I write this letter to prove who you are and make an end to the SINS and Damage you have done to my good Brothers and sisters of this hard fought country we call THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA We who have continued to try and make this Nation a success have continually been criminally assaulted by GESTAPO TYPE TACTICS ! THREATENING, SCAREING, BULLYING, AND OTHER MEANS OF PHONY PHONE CALLS REPRESENTING YOURSELVES AS AUTHORITY IN GOVERNMENT! Nothing but LIES and this is going to be your Demise! If there is any true Americans left in this country, YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL ME ! AND WHEN YOU DO, YOU WILL EXPOSE THE WHOLE BUNCH OF YOU ! NOT ONLY THAT! YOU WILL BE KILLING A CHILD OF GOD AND HE DEFINITELY WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT ! I DON”T BELIEVE THE REAL TRUE AMERICANS WILL EITHER! PRESIDENT OBAMA,! YOU DESTROY ME YOU DESTROY AMERICA! Many of the people had not seen my messages I tried to get to them about this not being Politics. They did not understand it is actually, A FIGHT BETWEEN ALMIGHTY GOD AND THE DEVIL ! YES THE POWER OF DARKNESS THAT THE WORLD HAS BEEN FIGHTING EVEN BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST! tHIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT AND NOW THE PEOPLE KNOW ! IT DON’T STOP THERE THAT IS NOT ALL MY PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY SO THEY WILL ALWAYS BE ON THEIR GUARD BUT THE POWER OF DARKNESS IS GOING TO END! THERE WILL BE FINAL PEACE AND IF NOBODY HAS THE WISDOM OR KNOWLEDGE OR FORETHOUGHT OF HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THIS STEP A SIDE ! I WILL TELL YOU ! FIRST AND I THINK SOME ALREADY KNOW WHO IS RUNNING THIS GOVERNMENT ! IT IS A CONGLOMERATE ! CONSISTING OF THE FREE MASONS THAT REACH BACK TO THE KNIGHTS TEMPLARS! ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS WAS DEMOLLAY, I AM PROBABLY MISPELLING SOME WORDS HERE, I APOLOGIZE! THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 3..2 MILLION FREE MASONS IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE BUT THEY ARE WORLDWIDE AS FAR AS I KNOW? THERE ARE SOME FAMILIES THAT HAVE NO IDEA THAT IT IS A CULT! SOME WIVES BECOME EASTERN STAR MEMBERS. THE MEN WHO GET TO EARN 32ND DEGREE MASON ARE CALLED UP FOR FINAL PROFILEING AN ARE ASKED ABOUT THEIR BELIEFS IN GOD! I HAVE TO TELL YOU AMERICA I DO NOT KNOW THE RITUAL OF IT BUT THEY WORSHIP THE DEVIL. NOW ALL THESE FREE MASON ARE SCHOOLED WELL IN SPEAKING. 3.2 MILLION WORKING IN IMPORTANTJOBS ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES IN IMPORTANT PLACES.! DEVIL WORSHIPERS THEN WE HAVE THE ALUMINATI, THEN WE HAVE THE GLOBALIST ! THEN WE HAVE THE COMMUNIST WHO SAID THRU KRUSCHEV. THEY WILL TAKE US WITHOUT A SHOT! i HAVE REPEATED THIS MANY TIMES EVERYONE BETTER UNDERSTAND IT! WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARE TYHE GOVERNMENT OF THIS LAND.! IT HAS BEEN CONSECRATED TO, BY, AND FOR ALMIGHTY GOD. BRAVE OR HUMBLE, PROUD OR SCARED MEN FOUGHT THEIR HEARTS OUT, CRIED WITH FRIGHT, WITHSTOOD SUFFERING THEY NEVER THOUGHT EXISTED, BY INHUMAN PEOPLE THAT WERE AND ARE DECIPLES OF THE DEVIL. THEY LIVE AMONGST US THEY ARE ANTI CHRIST BUT THE TRAP IS SET AND WHEN THEY DO AWAY WITH ME! THEY DO AWAY WITH THEMSELVES. THEY ARE NOT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ! THEY ARE MONEY WORSHIPERS AND BECAUSE THEY CAN BUY ANYTHING THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES INFALLIBLE! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVEN TRY TO GET RID OF GOD ! TAKING PRAYER OUT OF SCHOOL, WANTING TO REMOVE THE 1O COMMANDMENTS ! THEY HAVE DONE EVERY CONCEIVABLE DIRTY AND EVIL THING TO PREPARE AMERICA FOR TOTAL ANNIHILATION ! THEY ARE TRYING TO PUT THEMSELVES IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY WHILE THEY ARE NOTHING BUT THE WORST OF THE WORST DECIPLES OF SATAN. DID YOU KNOW THAT OUT OF ALL THE PRESIDENTS KENNEDY AND LINCOLN WERE NOT FREE MASONS AND I BELIEVE THE ONLY TWO THAT WAS ASSASSINATED! I WENT BALISTIC WHEN I HEARD WE HAD A PRESIDENT THAT BELONGED TO THE SKULL AND BONES SOCIETY. WHO IN GODS NAME, WOULD VOTE FOR ANYBODY THAT BELONGS TO ANY SECRET SOCIETY LET ALONE SKULL AND BONES. REMEMBER ! YOU TRUE AMERICANS STAND AS ONE . DON’T BE FOOLED ! ANYONE BELOW YOUR STATURE IS NOT A TRUE AMERICAN ! THEY ARE THE ENEMY.! EVEN OUR OWN VETERANS AMINISTRATION WAS HARD AT WORK DENYING DISABILITY AS i WAS! WHEN I WENT TO DISABLED VETERANS (DAV) AND SPOKE OF MISSING KOREA BY ONE HOUR BECAUSE THEY WERE FREEZING DISCHARGES AND ALL MY CLOSE BUDDIES BEING WIPED OUT EXCEPT ONE! HE LAUGHED,! i COULDN’T HOLD BACK THE TEARS. i WANTED TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HIM. WHEN I ASKED TO SEE HIM THEY TRANSFERRED HIM TO NEW JERSEY OR SOMEWHERE? iT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO MAKE AMERICA A PARADISE. Here is how ! When we were born we were all Brain Washed! Almighty GOD has given every human being on and in death in this planet, the right to choose what he or she considers right from wrong.He has certainly wrtten in the scriptures what we must do to become part of his family, such as the 10 commandments and other behavor tips we should be aware of to save ourselves. As i go into this revelation, I know there are those who have comments to criticize me for ever word that I am hoping will give you understanding,because what we have done in our lifetime, be it good or bad, can give you understanding why you did it.Some enjoyed doing and seeing bad things happen . Then there are some that forever wish or are repentant they did wrong! I want to try and explain how this all came about. If we go back over 2000 years ago there was always dark Forces. The inhabitants of this world had to guard themselves from all these powers of Darkness. For a better understanding of this and extremely interesting reading. I refer you to Lucifer, in the Monstropedia. The largest Encyclopedia about Monsters. However my purpose is to expose to the readers how everyone of us became Brainwashed by the Deciples of the Devil ! I tried many times to explain to the people by way of computer,that what we are now experiencing is not just Politics but we are living Gods plan that is told to us in Bible propecy of the end times. In case anyone is interested, Bible prophecy has been 100%correct up to now ! Her is what people do not understand and I include myself about being Brainwashed. When we were little children most of us were learning about life and being educated and havig fun growing up. . When we finally grew up we also heard and witnessed bad things and even reading bad things, Like Robberies,Rapes,Killings Bootlegging, Blackmarketing, Kidnapping, Conning people,and money which I include because money seems to be the reason and cause for most crimes! All these things we absorbed into our brain.it actually became a part of some of us. Some even thought getting away with a crime was actually thrilling. Example: Charles Manson! Okay, thats enough but what I am saying is, this is what we lived with and heard continually day in day out! This is how we have been Brainwashed and even today we accept it and now more and more the innocent accused and the guilty practically go free! I hope I conveyed to you what we lived with and heard day in and day out that programed us to constantly think evil ! Many of us never realized the change that came over us, while being succombed by the Devil and if you say to yourself No,No not me! Unless you have schooled yourself and trained yourself in the deceptive ways of the Devil, you probably have at one time or another been under his control.DON”T FEEL BAD, FEEL SORRY AND REPENTFUL TO GOD FOR BEING MESMERIZED BY THE MOST,DECEITFUL, ,SATANIC, EVIL FORCE OF DARKNESS. HOWEVER THERE ARE MANY THAT HAVE LEARNED AND MANY THAT DON’T EVEN KNOW THERE IS A DEVIL. Why/ because they never cared or was interested, until they became seriously Ill or fell down with a paralyzing stroke that brought faityhful friends or perhaps Christian Clergy to comfort or even tried to heal you by prayer or laying on of hands !. Now I have taken some of this from a book I started and the pages stolen out from under my eyes while on my computer. I Haven’t lost heart but it has really upset me and made it very difficult to for me to write. I have this to say to all good Americans. I may disappear Satan is going to fight like the only way he knows how Dirty, Filthy, Deceitful, He is master of his trade because he gets into your mind! Now you got the jump on him. You do not have to entertain anything that comes into your mind that is bad or Evil. If you don’t feel good tell the devil to get lost ! Renounce him and you may never get those headachs again! won’t that make you mad to find out he has caused you pain most of your life. I have to get thicovered some how. I am afraid I will never get to finish it but listen. Turn to the Father, Son And Holy Spirit. I tell you the devil is going to lose this fight. My father working thru me will bring evil to an end! You have to believe it ! Make your mind clear ! We were Brainwashed to be evil. Think how great it is going to be when people become repentant and suddenly turn to help min every way they can. Without a doubt God will be so joyful he will shower all of us and the earth with LOVE and fulfill all your needs. No Evil Repeat it, No Evil ! We are going to have Health, Happiness, Prosperity. Love and more ! no campaigns. We will not need a president ! We will have the GOD the Most High. Would you like that? You bet your life you would. I know where I am going so don’t worry about me! IT IS ALMOST DONE! THE DEVIL RAN IN TO THE WRONG GUY! It won;t happen in a flash but from this day forward LOOK UP Call ,Speak, Yell up to GOD ! GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT ARE ONE AND THE SAME Tell him what want and Praise him! Get everything off your chest He is Listening ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ……………….FELIX GUERRERA

  56. jimvancise says

    I’d say that republicans have been very successful in demonstrating why they are well on their way to becoming a “Regional Political Movement”.

  57. john Kloch says

    An answer no the republicans have just started to get this country on its feet from Hitler Obama and His father Hitler Idea’s. Plus Hitler son Obama is going down. All you Democrats start to fly right because he is taking you all out of his plan’s. So it is way past the time to Impeach him before there is no a dam thing left of your Party. God Bless America by WE THE PEEOPLE AND ITS CONSTITUTION YES A American not a Hitler Obama IMPORTS Let take America back.

  58. perspect1ve says

    This is very much the failing of an uninformed, apathetic and selfish citizenry. We believe somehow everyone has a right to vote, like buying a six pack of beer. Too few understand what they are voting for and why they vote.
    If the candidate is not entertaining enough we vote for someone else. If the candidate is not an exact image of us, we stay home. As long as the candidate is going get for me what I am “entitled” to, that person has my vote.
    The concept of governance is lost on the American populace.
    Governance does not mean give me my neighbors’s income, give me a phone, give me a house, give me a …
    A republic burdened with this manner of selfishness is not long for this world.

  59. MARYSWEET says

    The GOP leadership is sabotaging the conservatives and working WITH obama. They are completely ignoring the message the last election sent them and want to keep everything SOP and not representing the people who sent them there. They are supposed to be doing just that and instead they are filling their pockets and working against the best interest of our country and letting obama turn it into a socialist third world country.

  60. marla1 says

    We have a worthless muslim terrorist set up in our white house that was put there by the bought out old communist career politicians like Boehner the drunk toy boy of Nancy Piglossi and old mitch McConnell. America have or use what little brains you have as imbeciles and get TERM LIMITS in the SUCKING country because America is not intelligent enough to handle it themselves !! 3 terms for old senators, congress and OLD FRIGGIN JUDGES!! Some of the OLD CREEPS have been in over 40 and 50 years!! Old Killary , look how old she will be!!!!

  61. adrianvance says

    The RINOs are in terminal envy of the Democrats for what they get away with. It is that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  62. David Gearhart says

    It is not that the republicans have failed. It is that the liberal socialist progressive democrats propaganda which stated with President Wilson has been successful in spreading their lies and deceptions. The socialist believe that lies and deceit are just tools to be used. The democrats have been in control of our congress all these years and passed all of these socialist laws that are destroying our country while the blame the republicans for what they have done. Expose the lies, truth, facts and rational thought are the enemy of the socialist propaganda. They make their one liner emotional campaign slogans to be chanted as a mindless mantra. The truth needs to be shortened into the one liner chants as well to appeal to the emotions of the liberal clones.

  63. Erin Dougherty says

    This is a pretty good essay. I found the following passage interesting though:

    “Only ignorance and bias can explain why so many Americans are perfectly fine with a president who acts as his own Congress. Why so many Americans rushed to elect Barack Obama a second time. Why only a small collection of conservatives believe that President Obama’s executive action must be stopped.”

    It seems that the author’s self-reflective frame of mind ended there. If conservatives think that ONLY voter ignorance explains why BO is a two term president, that my friends is even more ignorant itself.

  64. Frank W Brown says

    The problem is that the republicans failed to let us know that they are really democraps!

  65. CQQL33 says

    I have written many letters and E-mails to my reps and all I every receive back is a form letter and a request for a contribution of money !!! All it takes to win you battle is MONEY…… I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer but, com on now, why should I give more money that the government currently takes from me. Show me a win, now and then, and maybe the money thing would happen. But how can you ask for contributions when you can’t even follow the constitution and they people that you are to be representing. I guess you had you fingers crossed when you took your oath of office (?)

  66. Chief_Cabioch says

    A Constitutional Convention could pass term limits without the participation of congress or the senate…

  67. Terry Deister says

    Why wouldn’t you listen to someone who voted against Obama, the Bush’s and Jimmy Carter, and others, Someone who spends hours every day studying the serious issues facing this nation This is a question I recently I asked of one of my neighbors. This person admits he voted for all of the about, and in the same breath stated he really screwed up by doing so. He went on to say he didn’t know much about government politics, only what he heard on the television, but as far as he was concerned he had already made his decision for 2016. He was voting for Hilary Clinton. I asked him, why would you vote for someone as crooked as Obama? I told him Hilary Clinton was a lair and most likely a criminal. He responded saying, “I know that, but who else is there?” I mentioned, how about Dr. Ben Carson, he is honest, doesn’t lie, he isn’t a politician, he’s cares about this country and values common scene. After explaining other favorable points why we should consider Dr. Carson. His comment was, I saw him on television the other day, and that is one stupid —– black man, and I will never vote for another —– black man. At this point, I was getting hot, but I agreed that Obama has been the worst president this country has ever seen, but what about some of the 42 past white Presidents that screwed this country up before the first black man was elected to the white house. I then asked him what about Rand Paul? he replied, that SOB wants to change everything. At this point I was really hot. I told him that he was the stupid one, that people just like him was the reason why this country is in this condition. Using a quote from a very smart older country man, (this is stupidity gone to seed) How can we ever fight against this?

  68. SmokingNun1 says

    Great article and to the point. How can we expect our electives to do for our country if We The People don’t do our part? America and her values and strength are upheld first and foremost by The Citizens. If We don’t uphold the values that made our Country strong, live those values and vote with those values, what kind of people will we end up sending to Washington? People like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Feinstein etc ect. We have let evil Communists and Marxists lurk in the shadows silently taking over our media, schools, churches and government for decades all the while accepting their lead as “progressive” instead of what it was and is~destructive. Destructive to freedom, liberty and Our Constitution. Andrew McCarthy rightfully sounded the alarm and the Left in order to keep their plan of destroying America silenced him. When the Soviet Union fell and the archives were open and exposed, he was proven to have been right. Do we hear of such history? No, we have to find it ourselves. Stay educated. The media won’t do it for you. It is because of the Patriotic and Conservative voices that are out there, tirelessly exposing the evil and darkness that has gripped our Country that many people are waking up. Do not let the ignorance of some deter you from the Truth. Truth is the enemy of evil. Keep up the conversation and don’t let liberal trolls with their tactics derail your efforts. They are coming out in droves trying to silence our voices. We need to stand our ground to protect our Country. The media won’t do it. The Government won’t do it. The Government is BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE. The PEOPLE are US. We The People need to know Our Constitution and abide by it. We need to keep our moral standards and abide by them. Only then can we elect representatives that will do the same.

  69. cactusbob says

    You put your finger on it: Two Republicans have failed all the others – Boehner and McConnell. Those two egotists have stalled all plans to do away with Obama’s anti-American and Socialist actions. The sooner they get out of their leadership positions the better the country will be.

  70. Obie Miller says

    There are many,many of us who are not “uninformed”, and who really have been able to see what has been going on since before his first election. There are at least two big things, though, that we, the individual citizens, seem to be unable to oppose with any success. One, is that the federal government is very well entrenched in our schools and universities, teaching factually incorrect history and only their “politically correct ” point of view concerning almost everything they teach. Instead of concentrating on reading, writing, and arithmetic, they are concentrating on football, basketball, sex education, and gender identity. Education is not one of the powers enumerated to the federal government. Secondly — the present political establishment completely controls the mainstream media, and we, as individual citizens have almost no way to make our objections heard.

  71. Donna Cavender says

    Obama bought the last election just like he is in trying to buy Bi-Bi’s opponent . If he suceeds we have lost this country to the liberals Tuesday will tell.

  72. Rick Rogers says

    Hmmm I believe the answer to the question is BOTH. How else would you explain a party that bows down before Big OIL and is at their Beck and Call. Or who Like to work on Tax Reform loaded with Loopholes only the Rich can use. So we are stuck with people Like Tehran Tom and the 47 shades of Treason. How about we put some people in those offices that instead of going after the Poor on welfare they go after the Corporate Welfare which is about 3 to 4 times the size of what is spent on the Poor. Some that understand a strong Defense does not mean you have to be exceed the Spending of the next 25 major Countries Combined. 23 of which are suppose to be allies. Instead of declaring a war on Education understand the Countries strength use to be in a educated citizenry and that Budget cuts of people Like Scott Walker are the first step to our Demise. The Republicans have had one above average President since 1950’s and that was Eisenhower. But he would not even win a single Primary in todays Republican Party.

    1. headonstraight says

      And that once Golden Boy, Goldwater, would be labeled a RINO by these wackadoodles if he were alive today!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        He was the one that sounded the alarm about the Christian Right trying to take over government. The way he put it they don’t believe in Compromise because they are under the delusion that they are always right.

  73. adrianvance says

    Both and I blame the schools, being a former teacher.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. headonstraight says

      Who is “Both”?

  74. LaRae Bailey says

    many of us as parents have failed to educate and motivate our kids into politics also. I am very busy trying to educate my almost adult grandkids because I failed to educate my own kids…it is a very sad state of affairs this country is in at this time

    1. headonstraight says

      Be sure to turn them into little ignorant “birthers” and indoctrinate them with the B.S about the President being a Muslim!

      1. LaRae Bailey says

        well if he isnt a damned muslim his interest is definitly in the wrong place to be the american president. He would fit right in as a leader of Iran or some other land of sand country. He has done nothing positive for this country, his only goal seems to be turning it into yet another worthless third world country. His term was the “northern alliance” no longer to be the USA. We all have our own opinions about everything, and mine is that obummer is the worst piece of crap to ever grace the american people with his ” I am the king ” bullshit theme for the USA. It was people like him and the rest of these pansy ass politicians the constitution was written to protect us from. I also firmly believe if a leader makes a call to arms this country will be brought back to an American Proud country instead of an american is disgusted country

        1. headonstraight says

          And who took on the task of brainwashing YOU? Probably someone looking for easy work, since in your case all that was required was a light rinse!

  75. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Republican average voters have failed by continuing to re-elect the same old establishment worthless RINO politicians into long term office.

    1. headonstraight says

      Live with it! At the rate the wingnut re-classificaton of the GOP is proceeding, 99% of the party soon will be RINOs and the rest will be insane goobers like the Tea Party crowd.

      1. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

        Insane goobers? People who want the Federal Government to function as per the Constitution are goobers? You need to pull your head out of your ass and stop worshiping the Socialist Democrats.

  76. Carol Chadbourne says

    Author is spot on….I became ‘involved’ 7 yrs ago, at the first time I ever saw his face,,,dead eyes revealing soulless heart and mind….something evil. In ’13 I became ‘actively’ informed as to what the hell this was all about. I started receiving snail-mail….averaging 200 pcs a WEEK and became more informed, and along with over 10,000 e-mails from ‘those in the know’ , my detest for this administration, even though I NEVER voted for this tyrant believing he would be no good for America, I learned one helluva lot which confirmed and cemented my position to become more informed and reactive by supporting , signing petitions, answering surveys from ALL the factions who were determined to oust this evil person…I have literally put tons of shredded and hand destroyed info, out into the recycling bin for over 2 yrs, going on 3. As a result, I was informed that I as on 2 of his ‘dirty lists’…”Enemy of the State” and “Domestic Terrorist”…to this day, I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered. Imagine, at 5FT and 72 yo widow…what the hell am I going to do besides spread the word and get disgusted with those liberal/socialist/communist people who believe the non-ending lies coming from their ‘king’….??? They are aiding and abetting the downfall of our once beautiful America , and either really believe his lies….or are traitors to patriotism. God Bless Our Republic of America.

    1. headonstraight says

      Get help. Look in the Yellow Pages under “Psychiatrists.”

      1. Carol Chadbourne says

        Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother responding to a VERY low intel person such as yourself. So, I’ll just say….I expect nothing more than empty words which amount to the very same rhetoric and hyperbole of the libs which you all seem to ‘parrot’, because you have nothing of substance to say. Have a great life under your islamic jihad radical terrorist so-called c-n-c….until he’s gone from our lives forever….while you sit and eat crow. TA TA., asshole.

  77. jetmagnet says

    Uninformed voters watch Fake News, hannity and other PAID fruitcakes.

  78. Ralph Long says

    Yes indeed Jimbo far too many American Voters are totally uniformed just look at the way they elected Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama President and then 4 years later repeated the same mistake simply because no body will oppose a Black Man in the White House or Racist BS…However by the same token the whacko Tea Bagger and RINO Wings of the GOP/Goofy Old Party foolishly wanted
    Weird Willard Mittens Romney an already two time loser for president and you know how that worked out!

    1. headonstraight says

      Yes, the phoole blew himself out of the water with his blithering “47 percent” elitist declaration of nonsense!

      1. Ralph Long says

        Thank you headonstraight as I am very afraid that if the GOP/Tea Party Wet Tea Bags keep on running fools like RINO Weird Willard Mittens Romney and the Clown Car Riders like Jeb Baby Bush,Pretty Boy Marco Polo Rubio,Canadian Exile Nutcase Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz, token black man Ben Carson, and all the rest of this Republican/Tea Bagger that these fools will start fighting among themselves or as Former Wyoming Alan Simpson like to put it, “The Republicans are eating their own young again”….

      2. Ralph Long says

        LOL Yep old big mouth Mittens might as well have gone and committed hari-kari since Romney never learned to keep his lying big mouth shut!

  79. paula wernke says


  80. headonstraight says

    Some very high-ranking Republicans have indeed FAILED! The official Twitter page for the Senate Republicans contains this ludicrous tweet. I kid you not–this is indeed what the Senate Republicans posted on the 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln:

    “150 years ago today, the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. America is forever indebted.”

  81. Rick Rogers says

    You want to know why I can’t stand most Republican politicians. This man stood up against ACA and For Romney. Very loudly.. So guess it does not matter that he steals from his employees. http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2015/02/09/papa-johns-ordered-pay-almost-800000-wage-theft-case/

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