Heads Explode After Caitlyn Jenner Compliments Ted Cruz


Last month, Olympic athlete-turned-transgender reality star Caitlyn “Don’t Call Me Bruce” Jenner told an audience at the University of Pennsylvania: “I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans.”

That became overwhelmingly obvious this week when LGBT supporters turned against Jenner viciously following a recent interview with The Advocate. In the interview, Jenner was asked to appraise the best candidate for the Republican nomination. “I like Ted Cruz,” Jenner said. “I think he’s very conservative and a great constitutionalist and a very articulate man. I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.”

But Jenner said that despite the reputation Democrats have for being on top of social justice issues, there was more than enough reason to support a Republican for president:

Number 1, if we don’t have a country, we don’t have trans issues. We need jobs. We need a vibrant economy. I want every trans person to have a job. With $19 trillion in debt and it keeps going up, we’re spending money we don’t have. Eventually, it’s going to end. And I don’t want to see that. Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did. Free enterprise. The people built it. And they need to be given the opportunity to build it back up.

Naturally, these comments did not sit well with the ideologically-intolerant legions of LGBT liberals. The New York Daily News highlighted several tweets opposing Jenner’s semi-endorsement:

I’ve unfollowed @IAmCait and @Caitlyn_Jenner As a woman who loves and respects women, I feel duped and disrespected. #tedcruz
— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) March 4, 2016

Time for the #LGBTQ community to stop embracing #Caitlyn Jenner. Her embracing @TedCruz is despicable. @IAmCait is a bad person.
— Face Ripper Monkey (@FaceRiperMonkey) March 4, 2016

Zack Ford, a writer for ThinkProgress, said that Jenner’s “insistence on supporting Republicans that are openly hostile to trans rights continues to taint her credibility.”

It’s simply unimaginable to these people that a person might vote for reasons unrelated to their own social cause.

At the same time, these hyenas aren’t entirely wrong. Cruz isn’t going to go within ten miles of this endorsement, and everything Jenner has done to himself is abhorrent to anyone with a shred of common decency. The guy’s free to live his life as he wants, but the LGBT push for “trans rights” is about as twisted as this country has seen.

The idea that Jenner’s support of Republicans – and not the fact that he dresses up as a woman – is what ruins his “credibility” is pretty damn amusing, though.

  1. bunky doodle says

    geez intolerable trans….unless you agree with them. might as well be in saudi arabia or worse, iran. then they’d throw the lot of em off a building or just takem down to chop chop square. be happy you have a choice. you get that in america.

    1. Greg Snyder says

      bd: trans’s would probably embrace “chop chop square”–half of ’em at least.

      I fought in 2 hot and 1 cold wars, ending up 100% disabled (and now dying from Agent Orange), so that intolerant jack wagons like TG’s can feel free to gang up on whoever they choose.

      Ain’t life grand..

      1. Shira Levin says

        Greg thank you for serving our country. I am sorry you are dying from Agent Orange.

        1. Mid Mo Conservative says

          Thank you for your service. You and your fellow brothers and sisters in arms are the backbone of this country. I work in healthcare and the treatment of the vets from the VA is shameful. When Illegal aliens get better health care than our military heroes, we are at the end of times for this once great country. God bless you and all service members. You have my respect and admiration.

      2. bunky doodle says

        bless you and promote you to good health. u no what time it is… (196LIB). my bud got tumors from agent orange and i gave him ”food grade proxide, 3%” available at swansonsvitamins.com for 7 bucks, he mixed it with distilled water, one capful per day and his tumors went down. then he thought he was cured and quit. they came back and killed him. take what i wrote for what it is worth. it kills tumors as they need oxygen lacking areas to grow and it has extra oxygen molecule in it. now why did he get it and i didnt? a mystery yet to be solved. dna differences i suppose. thank you for your service

      3. Sara says

        Oh my goodness, are you certain AO is the only factor? I’m pretty up to date on multi pathogens that vets have been exposed to, although I must say I don’t know much about AO. There are a ton of other silent killers that vets in particular were exposed to that were thought to be common viruses, and it’s come out that they were weaponized and even sold to our opposition. If youre uncertain, reply and I’ll provide you with the links about them. (Mycoplasmas are just one of them.) Take care, I hope you’re not suffering terribly. I will be reading up on it.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          You ROCK Sara!!

          1. Sara says

            Thank you, you too. Does the response mean you’d like the links?

        2. Sherry says

          THANK YOU, Sara!! God bless you, dear!

        3. Greg Snyder says

          Thanks, Sara. I’ve dealt with this for around 8yrs now. COPD was diagnosed with breathing around 74 with supplemental o2. VA Exam confirmed and awarded me the difficult to get 100% disability rating.

          Immersed in therapies,I was struck by pseudomonas contracted at the hospital! Nearly killed me (it usually does). I lucked out and “recovered”.
          But since then have been unable to walk without oxygen. Lung doc sent me to heart doc and he discovers a disease called PAH Pulminary Arterial Hypertension.

          It usually strikes women and there’s no cure. Your muscle gives out and you die. Heart guy says AO definitely could have caused this chain of events. Especially with the pseudomonas thrown in. Sorry it took this long to get back to you.

      4. 5live5 says

        Greg, Welcome home my brother and may God bless you in your newest battle!! 70-71

      5. George says

        Thank you ‘ ; Sir’.

      6. Sherry says

        Life still can be grand, Greg. IF you’re dying, at least be sure you are saved for that future life. Jesus died so that you could live forever……THAT is the happiness you crave!

      7. Sara says

        Check this out. It’ll open the door as to what to search.


  2. Shira Levin says

    Jenner looks like a man wearing makeup and having long hair. Probably because in reality he is a man.

    1. Dawn Doran says

      He’s only a woman, by wearing women’s clothes, not physically…

      1. Combatvet52 says

        I wonder what he did with his manhood ( sold at auction )????????

        1. Larry J Dunster Sr says

          Actually he’s probably a sick pervert with penis,balls and tits,either way he makes one ugly woman with the type of face that nightmares are made of

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Couldn’t have said it any better !

        2. William Cashman says

          YES…..Some guy in San Fagcisco bought it on EBAY !! HAHA

          1. Combatvet52 says

            It wouldn’t surprise me……some sicko

        3. Lynn McCrann says

          Not for sale since he still has them hidden under his costumes.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Like the 1st chimp

        4. carpkiller says

          I thought polosi bought it to take out and play with.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Pelosi the street walker……….

        5. Tiger says

          I heard somewhere he wanted to keep it so he could make love to women. Best of both worlds I suppose.

          1. Sara says

            Lmao-how does that work? Is it tucked away or like that song “detachable penis”? Haha, we’ve gone off the rails.

          2. Tiger says

            Well not us going off the rails I mean he is both and offers both.

          3. Sara says


          4. Tiger says

            Interesting. His door swings both ways.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            He’s a sick bastard.

          6. Tiger says

            Well that kinda says it all. LMAO.

        6. Sherry says

          Could it be that he decided to remove that little “thing” in favor of a “hole” that couldn’t be made fun of??? Didn’t he realize that size REALLY DOES NOT MATTER? Besides, anything over a mouthful is a waste anyway…….

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Good point!!

        7. Sara says

          It got filleted like a fish (sp?), turned inside out and put up inside pelvis to simulate a vagina. The sack is used to make labia. (In an undeveloped fetus, balls look like labia first and the c******* is an undeveloped pecker. So, no they weren’t sold lol-they’re actually used in the process. Sorry for the graphics, but that’s the gist of it. Try not to think about it too much-it’s enough to cause a straight man to have serious nightmares. Oddly enough, some surgeons are so skilled at this that the fake ones are difficult to tell from the real thing, even by men and ob/gyn docs unless a pelvic exam is done, so know if you meet a super hot “lady” and you have any concerns, reach up and make sure you feel a cervix (it’s like a soft doughnut) and not a dead end. Was ob nurse before er, again sorry, you just get where body talk isn’t any big deal.

          1. Sherry says

            THANK YOU, again, Sara! That was most helpful information! Just wondering….Do you know if the sexual feelings and the sensitivity are near normal??

          2. Sara says

            I’ve had to ask that (even as a nurse that kinda hits my gut), but apparently they can have sensation/function but obviously dry firing lol-no reproduction.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for the info Sara

          4. Sara says

            I was out cleaning up the yard and thinking about these conversations and I realized that no man who decides to part with his member is going off half cocked, I mean it’s couldn’t be a decision one took lightly without much forethought. Ok, I tried to make a funny;)

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Your very COOL

          6. Sara says

            Aww- thanks:) you too.

          7. Sara says

            I’ve been criticized that trying to change the world is pointless, that I’m wasting my time, and that I should only focus on what’s around me, etc…- I say the world is filled with problems, not just the little town I live in, and if everyone had that attitude not to bother then nothing will ever change. If everyone actually tried for the better of everyone can you imagine what would happen just overnight? If I don’t make a difference or leave some positive impact then what was the point in my life? So if I help just one person, it can create a chain reaction. So I thank you for appreating my anomalous traits that most don’t get and I often get a lot of heat for- it’s nice to be appreciated- and I have a spot in my heart for vets because you all got the sh** end of the stick for all your blood, sweat, tears, limbs, and lives, sent to fight wars initiated by those that would never fight themselves, and it makes me sick.

          8. Combatvet52 says

            Very well said makes sense.

          9. Mark Lahti says

            Vets returning to our home and country from WWII were welcomed with open arms. Those returning from Korea were pretty much ignored as it wasn’t a “War” as much as a “police action”. Or so they say. It was just as much of a War as any other. People died, got horribly wounded, and many were scarred in other ways. The Vietnam vets were just outright hated and vilified. It didn’t matter if they were returning from Vietnam or from other overseas duty or even if they never left the country. I served proudly from 1970 to 1978. I enlisted in the Army because it made me sick how many of my “peers” were burning draft cards, going underground, rebelling openly, or fleeing our country. I am not making excuses for the war nor the political ideology’s that surrounded the whole time/era. The fact that now, almost six decades later, that all veterans are being honored and appreciated. It brings me to tears quite often. My heart, my entire insides well up inside me when at a fourth of July parade a float depicting any veterans goes by. My eyes tear up and my heart pounds with pride and honor. I don’t believe anybody who has not served can understand that intense sense of pride, honor, service, commitment, and sacrifice. I wear a black baseball cap that says just about everything I was about as a Vietnam era veteran. When someone acknowledges that and says something so simple as “thank you for your service”, I thank them politely. But the feelings inside are right back up there like when I watch that float in that parade. I don’t ever dwell upon or even think about the ones who walked or even ran in the other direction. Those that fought the country and the people who did serve. They don’t even bother me in the least anymore. They can’t, won’t, and especially will never know the level of patriotism that a veteran has in their hearts and minds. I pity them if anything. But will not give them the time of day about anything to do with my feelings about my country, my home, my family, my life. God bless America. God bless our people. God bless you all and keep up the good fight.

          10. Sara says

            That was beautifully written. Its better for your soul that you don’t carry resentment. I’m not a vet, but it upsets me to see vets not getting proper medical care, a lack of psychologically care or reintegration into civilian life. No get should be homeless when they don’t have family to support them. Some say quit they should quit feeling sorry for themselves, pull up their bootstraps and get on with it. That’s what they did for so long, it doesn’t occur to some they need someone ELSE to pick them up for once and they may be just plain worn out. I want them to get financial and medical care they deserve in a timely manner. Yellow ribbons, prayers, and parades for honor are nice gestures, but it doesn’t help those who didn’t come home in good shape. Civilians need to do their duty in advocating back for them and get out and do something to help. A small deed can go a long way.

          11. AnotherVet says

            USN 4.5 years, 66-70. Most people under the age of 45 do not understand that when you take the oath that you are putting your life in the hands of admirals and generals. That you are in effect willing to die for your country. That has been lost on both sides of the aisle.

          12. Sherry says

            Considering that those oaths are forever, we do understand and appreciate your complete willingness to serve and save this people and this land! Again, we thank you, Sir! My own husband served in Vietnam from 66 thru 68, and still refuses to salute the likes of John Kerry and his ilk! John was and is still a bona fide lying treasonous traitor!

          13. Sherry says

            May our God CONTINUE to bless you, Mark! And, yes…….Thank YOU for your patriotic service in very undesirable circumstances!! God love ya!

          14. Mark Lahti says

            Bruce never went through any of this. He is more than likely getting hormone injections and what not else. But he still has all that God gave him to make him a man. The problem is in the gray matter. When the human brain disagrees with the biology they were born with, then the problem is in the brain not the biology. It is a shame that in this day and age mental health issues are treated this way. It is disgusting, immoral, illogical, and disfunctional. God bless you all and keep up the good fight.

          15. Sara says

            Thanks. It did occur to me that there may have not been a procedure . Maybe just for publicity? I don’t read a whole lot about him. Do you know that he has not had surgery or just suspect that it’s a possibility?

      2. George says

        Just as ‘ Michael ‘ , the biggest racist in America ‘.

        1. Sherry says

          ??????? Explain??

    2. new york says

      Of course he is! Bruce/Caitlin has no female organs, nor ever did have. Extensive surgery and hormone injections don’t make a man a woman any more than botox injections make a 60 year old 25 again.

    3. Lynn McCrann says

      He is simply a transvestite and like most of them uses an absurd term like trans-gender to hide that fact.

    4. George says

      There is no ‘ probably ‘ , about it .

    5. Sherry says

      HIS DNA never changed! God made him a male; and no matter how much cutting and rearranging you do, you’re STILL as God CREATED YOU! I have met men with no limbs and not much else, BUT, THEY ARE STILL MEN! NOT HALF; but WHOLE! Bruce has a very rude awakening coming his way!! God is not to be mocked!

      1. Shira Levin says

        Those who say they are transgender are deceived. Something early in their lives resulted in rejecting themselves as the gender they were born with.

      2. bunky doodle says

        well good for you sherry, you arent as crazy as i first thought…..a shrink should fix you up in no time hating those who are not fully supporting cruz.

        1. Sherry says

          YOU DO ERR, friend. I don’t HATE ANYONE!! What I feel is concern for those who are being swept off of their political feet, as it were! I DO fear what is and has happened to once great nation that was set up by our God for the purpose of protecting the freedoms He gave to ALL of mankind! Liberal commies are destroying those freedoms at such a fast rate and no one seems to notice our losses! It is an outrage that no one is more outraged about the coming failure of our country because everyone is so P.C. and totally BLIND to what is going on around them! I believe it is far past time for national fasting and PRAYER!!

    6. Sara says

      A friend dressed up like him and his wife dressed as 70’s Jenner at this years Halloween party. I wish I could post the photo-he looked just like her-it was priceless.

      1. Shira Levin says

        Darn. I would like to see the picture.

        1. Sara says

          I’ll try to paint one. Wig/makeup perfect, but obviously built like a dude and uncomfortable in a dress, balls in the way, kinda walking open legged in size 13 heels. The guy is attractive in real life, so it was oddly hard to stop looking at him even though he didn’t make a pretty chick. When he put his man leg up on the kitchen counter, I nearly choked on my drink.

  3. Lois Wenk says

    I feel this is an expantion possibility that Trump missed and proof that we republicans are not bigots but can embrace people who want basic morals to return to politics. K Jenner has seen the potential to widen the group. Jenner is not asking us to show up to her wedding. Jenner is saying Cruz is a great candidate for president. She has not asked us to treat her like a spoiled rotten brat. She has not gone into churches or other places of worship and demanded for her to be allowed to marry her over the religious groups objections.

    1. George says

      AND HE ” ; is no SHE “.

  4. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “despite the reputation Democrats have for being on top of social justice issues” LMAO!!! Like protecting the unborn, the right to refuse service, protecting free speech, ………….

  5. Henry J. Gilbertson says

    to bad his/her/it’s head don’t explode from a bullet a long range

  6. Niko says

    I was a big fan of Jenner during the Olympics
    I would have never thougt he had mental issues. Yes , it is a MENTAL issue. LGBT fools, GO BACK IN THE CLOSET LIKE THE OLD DAYS!!!!!!. I have had enough of you filth wanting SPECIAL rights and status beyond what THE “NORM” SHOULD BE!!!!!!,within the confines of a MORAL SOCIETY!!!!!!.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Well said Niko

      1. Niko says

        Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Ex airborne, and retired Union sheet metal worker

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Thanks for your service……..Army Korea 53/54 mortar company.

          1. Niko says

            I thank you for your service, I do love mortars!!!! South America 80/86

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Yes they are a very serious weapons 4.2 mortar had a 3 thousand yard range.
            We were only firing 500 yards very close combat.

          3. Niko says

            That is to close for comfort ,Korea was a bloody war. I was in a special unit deposing tyrannical governments ,leaders and drug kingpins. I’m glad we had a chance to converse .

          4. Sherry says

            Interesting to most of us! Thanks for sharing what our REAL Patriots have gone through for the likes of us weeny Americans! Again, a big THANK YOU from all of us with grateful hearts!

          5. Niko says

            Thank you very much Sherry. Never count yourself as a weenie, your words to me prove otherwise!!!!!. Yoy are right ,there are many weenies as you put it out there. Beware of (Ak lady) she is a so called weenie on these sites, she is a lidretard troll. Always speak up ,be heard,know the trurh. Thanks again , God bless.

          6. AnotherVet says

            Just a question, Who do you consider a REAL Patriot?

          7. Sherry says

            ANYONE who, like our founding fathers , are willing to sacrifice their lives, fortunes, limbs, property, and who hold that faith up for the entire world to see, by ALL accounts, are hero patriots! There are far too few of them anymore! God bless them and God help all of us in these last days of our dwindling freedoms!!! WHAT??? YOU didn’t KNOW THIS??

          8. Sherry says

            WHEW!!! God was surely looking over you, eh?

          9. Combatvet52 says

            He sure was and I’m here to talk about it.

        2. william couch says

          “X” NAVY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, aircraft worker.

          1. Niko says

            F@#%$#G A ,William!!!. “Death from Above”

          2. Sherry says


          3. william couch says


        3. AnotherVet says

          What local? I retired from Local 54.

          1. Niko says

            Local union 28 out of NYC , What does local 54 do ,and what jurasdiction are you in ?

          2. AnotherVet says

            Houston/Galveston area. Back in the 70s we had a lot of tinners from NYC.

          3. Niko says

            To me, normal is how society has been for thousands of years under Natural law. I pose you this. You have three groups , first group you’ll have ten homo couples, second group you have 10 lesbian couples, third group you have 10 heterosexual couples. Question, what do you have in each group after 100 years. The answer, the homo group you have nothing but dust and bones, the lesbian group you have nothing but dust and bones, the heterosexual group you have a thriving Society living under the basis of Common Sense and Natural law and they keep reproducing and get bigger and bigger and hopefully stay within the moral confines of the Lord above and Natural laws. Thank you for asking for my point of view I do appreciate that and thank you for your service to America

          4. AnotherVet says

            Glad you are being honest about it. If you leave out gays and lesbian then one’s normal might be another’s abnormal. Just saying. I’m not sure there is any thing normal anymore.

          5. Niko says

            I hate to say it but the last sentence in your reply , SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!. I have heard stories from brother tinknockers about that,lol. It is always a pleasure to be able to talk to other tinknockers from various areas. I myself have traveled to Idaho,upatate NY, South Jersey, Philadelphia and the Big Easy ,New Orleans.

          6. Sherry says

            That depends entirely how you see “sin”. God’s PLAN AND PURPOSE has worked beautifully for over 6,000 years! GUESS who the spoiler is…….?

          7. Sherry says


          8. Niko says

            With one word you said a mouthful,thanks

      2. william couch says


  7. Sara says

    While I think Ted is just another talking head who’d bring more of the same, Jenner makes valid points if Cruz were the real deal. I know plenty of gay people who opt republican and understand that the true Conservative party that hardly exists anymore are really more freedom oriented than the new social police sh** stirring Democratic Party which is every bit as war mongering and corrupt as the neocons. The thing Jenner needs to wrap his (sorry, her, still have image of 70’s runner in my brain) head around is that Cruz doesn’t represent this even if he talks the talk. He doesn’t walk it.

    1. Sara says

      I don’t think it ruins his credibility, I think his followers who abandoned him over this should get their

      1. thebackwoods says

        Cruz is saying it should be in the hands of the individual states where it has to do with gay rights. My daughter is gay, she wants to get married, if that is what she wants so be it. I figure she is the best to judge what she wants.

        1. Sara says

          It’s funny how everything gets twisted as if straight couples don’t have the same issues when seperating. Unless they’re abusive, if someone was good enough to help parent your child for a decade, don’t take that away from them or the kid because you’re disgruntled. That’s one thing I can give my twice divorced gay mom credit for. She never kept me from my dad, or moms lol. The revolving door wasn’t cool, but everyone that came along was really good to me and didn’t abandon, so she at least chose people who were good to her child.

          1. thebackwoods says

            It all comes down too how much you care about your children (in my case anyway), you have to be supportive in their decisions lest you make them feel awkward when around you. As a parent you have to let your children live their own life and not be judgmental about the whole thing. You are lucky that the people that came through the revolving door as you put it were good to you. Being a parent of a gay young woman has its challenges and showing her partner the same respect as I do my daughter has made things go good in this case. They will be married soon, and I guess looking at it as if I am gaining another daughter instead of a son in law while an adjustment is great. It says a lot about your mom`s character that she has not gone through the game playing a lot of parents put each other through. Good luck in th future with all that you are going through.

          2. 5live5 says

            Count your blessings, at least you weren’t one of them where “step” daddy was a molester. Happens all too often. I had two moms after my birth mother died when I was five. I was truly Blessed!

        2. Larry J Dunster Sr says

          It’s okay if your daughter does that.I object to all the press about it.An example is the cake baking lawsuit and then there is Brucie who brings this stuff into the media.I know a few gays and they go about their lives together without making a mockery of it which is what has the straight people up in arms.

          1. George says

            I know a lot of queers who really push’ there agenda ‘ ; too .

          2. Sara says

            Yep, who’d want a wedding cake from someone who didn’t want to make it for you anyway? I’d think you’d want the cake makers blessing.

          3. Sherry says

            Besides, you never KNOW what was added to the cake batter…….

          4. bunky doodle says

            paranoid schitzo

          5. Sherry says

            You are so asleep you know not what is really going on! You have become quite the lemming! Better to find a Rock to climb on to really see that cliff of no return…….

          6. bunky doodle says

            i like u too sherry. flattery will get you everywhere. the rock i found and am on top of has plenty of room underneath it for you.

      2. AKLady says

        It would benefit this country for everyone to think that way.
        However, religion is the scourge of mankind and will continue to be used to justify evil.

        1. Sara says

          Wow-my adversary and I had a meeting of the mind. Well said, and I agree religion is used as a tool to justify evil, but religion itself is not. I love Jesus, but some people use the Book to suit whatever their own agenda is, and that is very sad and gives it a bad name, because I cannot think of another being whether one believes him to be fact or fiction, any better to emulate than Jesus. Christians, start acting as He would, with kindness toward all, and helping them to right their wrongs not through condemnation, but by helping people understand as one would a loyal friend without judgement to understand what led one down the wrong path, self insight, the ability to admit you’re wrong and see how you may have been misled along the way. Every intention that began as a good thing seems to have been hijacked at some point.

          1. AKLady says

            Adversary? Where did that come from?
            More people have been murdered in the name of rwligion than for any other reason.
            God has many names. He really does not care which one you use.

          2. Sara says

            You and I typically disagree and I was the one who said you dwelled under a bridge;)

          3. AKLady says

            Did you?
            Sorry, I don’t keep a list of who insults me.

          4. disqus_2HJyL9vcD3 says

            Do you keep a list of those you’ve insulted? FYI, it’s the same list.

          5. Larry J Dunster Sr says

            All we can do is point out her mistakes,because she really isn’t that important

          6. Sara says

            She might be coming around, let’s give her a chance and see how it goes. I didn’t like anything she posted and would challenge her, but maybe she’s read enough on here that she’s learning from some insightful posts-everyone gets a chance to learn,think, articulate and adjust thinking. We all were asleep at one time. Did we win someone? If so, then all of our posts meant something and weren’t just pointless rants.

          7. joe says

            you don’t have to because it is every one and you deserve it you harlot

          8. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            There is not enough paper for that list.

          9. Sherry says

            nor TIME…….WHO even cares about people who spends their times just to insult and undermine our God given freedoms and beliefs?? If that’s the only foundation
            for their happiness, then we ALL should be praying for our “enemies”.

          10. Sherry says

            Nor do we…….

          11. Sara says

            Yea, I did;)

          12. Larry J Dunster Sr says

            You have spent too much time in the Catholic church.My load and savior is a loving God not the murder you think.Man in his greed is the murder and then there is the muslims who still live in the ancient past where killing and torture are in their koran.I’m sorry that you have such a warped view

          13. George says

            You have not spent ‘ enough time ; in the Catholic Church ; your comment has proven it ‘ .

          14. Sherry says

            George, I have…I was raised a Catholic! Larry is right! Search the scriptures DAILY, as we are admonished to do, and you will discover what so many of us “Protestants” have discovered! I graciously beg you to study the Scriptures, to “show thyself approved”, as we are told to do! God bless you in your endeavors!

          15. My2PenneysWorth says

            Actually the death tally favors atheist communism for the most killings re USSR, China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Germany, Poland etc.etc

          16. AKLady says

            Really? Just a short list of Christian terrorism– there are many additional facts,

            Twelve Crusades over a period of 400 years.

            The colonization of Africa.

            The colonization of China, Christian murder took place before the Revolution..

            The Colinization of America.

            Germany WW II was Christians, the Nazi were supported by the Vatican, even provided Vatican passports to escape to S. America after the war.

            Poland — there were Christian Nazi,. sorry to shatter your beliefs.

            The Russian Zars were Catholic.

            on, and on, and on ..

            The Catholics in the Central African Republic are killing all those who refuse to convert.

            The violence perpetrated by Christian terrorists in America. For starters, since 1977 there have been “eight murders, 17 attempted murders, 42 bombings, 181 arsons, and thousands of incidences of other criminal activities” targeting reproductive health care facilities here at home.

          17. My2PenneysWorth says

            110 million killed by Stalin
            170 million by Mao
            millions by POL POT
            Millions more by Hitler
            Millions by Lenin
            abortion clinics are NOT reproductive health care facilities. but be that as it may the ones who perpetrated those attacks may claim to be Christian but their actions prove they are not. and it is Muslims who are killing those who refuse to convert not Catholics. Nazis were not Christian they were socialist/communist/atheist promoting their newly created form of paganism

          18. AKLady says

            Reproductive health care facilities can, and do, provide abortions.

            In the Centeal African Republic, it is Catholics who are doing the killing — fact is fact, not opinion. Next time do some research instead of emarassing yourself.

            Christian Arabs carried out appalling massacres in the 1970s-80s Lebanon War, including the Sabra and Shatila massacre of 1982.

            Late 20th century Protestant death squads in Ireland.

            The Magdalene asylums

            The 1994 Rwandan genocide was committed by Christians (Rwanda is 90 percent Christian).

            In Zimbabwe, the marxist-authoritarian Mugabe is also Catholic, and his murderous regime has long been protected by the Zimbabwe Catholic church.

            Central African Republic conflict (2012 on)
            Christian militias
            Christians killing Muslims

            Churches involved in torture, murder of thousands of African children denounced as witches, October 17, 2009. Estimates that around 1,000 children have been killed, many with torture, in Nigeria in 1999-2009, by Christian killers who believe in “witches”
            On,. and on, and on…

          19. Sherry says

            You seem to do a lot of “research” on the murderous “christians” and none on the murderous non-Christians! Try READING THE WORDS IN RED! The very words of Jesus Christ! It is there, in the New Testament, that you will finally know and understand the real truth! YOU are responsible for the knowledge you accept and deny! There is coming a great day that YOU will stand before your Creator to give a full accounting of your words, beliefs, and actions! We Christians WILL continue to pray for you! You are NOT STUPID NOR BEYOND UNDERSTANDING! God, Himself, gave you that questioning mind. Use it wisely!

          20. Sherry says

            Well stated!

          21. Sherry says

            YOU are so filled with UNMITIGATED HATE for something you know nothing about nor understand! The Catholic Church, of which I was raised in in Los Banos, California, was the one responsible for misleading and missing the mark with her converts! The Catholic Church is what the scriptures declare as the harlot church! God has called her people to come out of her, and many of us have! We were discouraged from reading the Bible as we may “misinterpret” the true meaning! HOGWASH! We are told to STUDY THE SCRIPTURES DAILY! God told us to come out of the church of BABYLON! And so we have; it saved our lives to come out and find the TRUE GOD of the scriptures! Catholics, by and large, are wonderful people. They are just deceived into doing the will of the “church”! God is just waiting for them to see and understand HIS will and plan for their lives! SIMPLICITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOD’S HALLMARK for His people! Jesus IS HIS PERFECT EXAMPLE!!

          22. AKLady says

            Let’s see, I attended Catholic Parochial School from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I then attended graduate school at a Catholic University.
            You see the Church as it is now, not as it was 50 or 60 years ago. I also assure you that American Catholic is very different from that found in Europe and South America.

          23. AKLady says

            Terror murders in the U.S. (1680-2005)

            Latino 42%
            Extrene Left Wing Groups 24%
            Others 16%
            Jewish Extremists 7%
            Islamic Extremists 6%
            Communists 5%

            Source: FBI Database

          24. My2PenneysWorth says

            We were not talking about just the US. you stated “religion is the scourge of mankind and will continue to be used to justify evil” I pointed out that atheist groups have caused more deaths than all religions combined

          25. AKLady says

            You can point until you are 6 feet under, it won’t change facts.


            Robert Lewis Dear — 3 dead, 9 injured – Colorado
            Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer – 9 dead, 9 injured – Oregon
            Dylann Storm Roof — 9 dead – S. Carolina
            Elliot Rodger – 6 dead – California
            Aaron Alexis — 12 dead — DC
            John Zawahri – 5 dead – California
            Adam Lanza – 27 dead – Connecticut
            Radcliffe Haughton – 3 dead — Wisconsin
            Andrew Engeldinger – 6 dead — Minnesota
            Wade Michael Page – 6 dead – Wisconsin
            James Holmes – 12 dead – Colorado
            One L. Goh – 7 dead – California
            Scott Dekraai – 8 dead — California
            Jared Lee Loughner – 6 dead – Arizona
            Omar S. Thornton – 8 dead – Connecticut
            Amy Bishop – 3 dead — Alabama
            Jiverly Voong – 13 dead — New York
            Steven Kazmierczak – 5 dead – Illinois
            Robert Hawkins – 8 dead — Nebraska
            Seung-hui Cho – 32 dead – Virginia
            Charles Carl Roberts IV – 5 dead — Pennsylvania
            Jennifer San Marco – 6 dead – California
            Jeffrey Weise – 9 dead — Minnesota
            Doug Williams – 5 dead — Mississippi
            Robert S. Flores – 3 dead — Arizona
            Charles Andrew Williams – 2 dead — California
            Michael McDermott – 7 dead – Massachusetts
            Bryan Uyesugi – 7 dead – Hawaii

          26. Sherry says

            You went to a lot of trouble to ascribe lies to non Christians! Like Jenner trying to convince all of us he is a woman! Just because he CLAIMS it so, doesn’t bear up under scrutiny! NONE of the above have not even a modicum of understanding what true Christians KNOW about our LIVING God! NONE OF THEM ARE CHRISTIAN!

          27. AKLady says

            Here are 14 examples of non-Islamic terrorism that have occurred in the United States in the last 30 years. All of them are related to the religious extremists, none of which is Muslim. The list is simply a sample, it is not all-inclusive.

            1. Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, Aug. 5, 2012.
            2. The murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009.
            3. Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008.
            4. The murder of Barnett Slepian by James Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998.
            5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996.
            6. The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994.
            7. Planned Parenthood bombing, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1994.
            8. Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010.
            9. The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984.
            10. Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995.
            11. The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting
            12. The Campaign of Terror Against Abortion Doctors
            13. Everything The Ku Klux Klan Has Ever Done
            14. The Massacre At Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.

            The rampant xenophobia that has taken hold of the Republican Party is an affront to everything this nation stands for. Terrorism spawns from the desperation of humankind, and for that, we are all guilty.

          28. Sherry says

            AGAIN, NONE OF THEM WERE CHRISTIAN! That is how Satan operates!

          29. AKLady says

            U.S. Christian Terror Organizations

            Alpha 66 and Omega
            Army of God
            Aryan Nations
            The Covenant
            The Sword
            The Arm of the Lord
            Ku Klux Klan
            The Order
            The Silent Brotherhood
            Phineas Priesthood

          30. Sherry says

            AND NONE OF THEM ARE CHRISTIAN! Religion IS an anathema to our God! God HATES religion; it just builds a wall of works up between Him and sinners. All of us are sinners and in desperate NEED of His love and forgiveness! People who are “religious” and openly want all to see their “piety” are just trying to justify their “secret” sins! It is just false and phony WORKS that cannot save you! A real RELATIONSHIP with our Father in Heaven is all that Jesus ever wanted from us! He, Himself, was anti religious! That is why the Pharisees and the Sadducees wanted to kill Him. He was undermining THEIR power over the people! You are quite right! RELIGION destroys FAITH AND LOVE!

          31. AKLady says

            French Wars of Religion – The French Protestants and Catholics spend 36 years massacring each other silly. 3mil deaths for Christianity.

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Were you this nutz before your lobotomy?

          1. Sherry says

            Not really….just deceived! We are told to pray for our enemies…and so I will! Will you join us?

        3. joe says

          oh god not you again

          1. Sherry says

            YEP…….Sorry, but God has a plan for her, too…….

        4. George says

          I see that you’re still the same , naive , ignorant , stupid f o o l ‘ ; as you always have been . .

      3. 5live5 says

        As I said above Jenner is a good way to try to discredit him. People should be smarter. The Dems are afraid of both him and Trump!

      4. Larry J Dunster Sr says

        Doesn’t it disgust you that a man with breasts got woman of the year and was named a hero for claiming to be a tranie

        1. Sara says

          Yea kinda, it’s inverted reality. Still xy chromosome.

      5. George says

        Are you really that naive , ignorant , and stupid ?

        1. Sara says

          I suppose, but which parts do you disagree with? Just asking so I can clarify any misunderstanding, because sometimes it’s hard to articulate in text. My point was more or less that all these social justice movements need to stop, because we have major issues at hand and everyone is always crying foul about something. For example, if you’ve dated a string of a*******, you need to keep your head on straight and don’t turn into a man hater because of something a couple people did and realize you might have made a series of poor choices and create some giant movement with new unnecessary legislation. (Neofem). If you’re a tranny, why do you need separate facilities? If you’re looking and acting the part and minding your business privately in a restroom, no one would be the wiser. (LGBT movement). As for military, it’s a bit different. Anything that distracts from the majority of straight men’s ability to focus in combat whether it’s females or gay men (maybe okay if they keep it to themselves and aren’t tiptoeing around with their grenades painted pink and hitting on soldiers) need not be alongside those men interfering with their ability to focus in life/death situation. Hmm-black lives matter. More silliness. Glad most black people realize this is conquer and divide. They are more often subjects of abuse by police in a primarily white force, but a movement is unnecessary. We already have laws against murder or excessive force, so simply focus on the issue, try and prosecute the bad apples, no new legislation needed. Am I still naive, ignorant and stupid?

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      I wonder why the RINO’s, democRATs and liberal media fear him so much? He is the highly intelligent minority and debater that the media sold the Nation that the “Black Messiah” was supposed to be. Cruz is the real deal not the golfer-in-chief.

      1. Sherry says

        BECAUSE, Cruz IS the real CONSERVATIVE who believes in the Constitution that God gave our people through our forefathers! ALL those contrary to God, Constitution and conservative principles will HATE Cruz! He is the ONLY ONE WHO IS ABLE TO WEAR THE POTUS mantle! God does answer prayers if from true and faithful hearts that belong to Him!

        1. bunky doodle says

          cruz is good, i will admit and would be thrilled to have him up against hillary or bernie. he would cook them in any debate. trump you say cant beat hillary due to polls? reagan in 1980 at this time, was 25 points behind carter. give me trump or cruz and we shall roll over the opposition. doesnt matter which. it’s the establishment and glenn and dana that are afraid of trump. establishment that are afraid of cruz and trump. they lose control again, as they did in 1980. too bad, so sad.

          1. Sherry says

            Trump is NO Reagan! Trump is in it for TRUMP and nothing more! He really doesn’t have a grip on reality nor our RIGHTS as a free people! He is a fighter,for sure, but so was Stalin, Hitler, and Mao! Have you REALLY listened to Glenn?


          2. bunky doodle says

            i was for reagan in 76 and in 80. trump is a clone of reagan 2016 style. times change. the gop hated reagan in both 76 and 80. get over it. they did. fortunately. this time around the elite want defeat and hillary more than they want anything they cant have. they will defeat cruz , trump as they dont meet their democrat lite obama lapdog ways. independent thought is banned in the gop. if they short change cruz or trump……the gop is as gone as the whigs . haters of anyone are not appreciated by the voters.

      2. Sara says

        Just to be sure I’m understanding you, do you mean Trump sold us Obama? If so, that’s quite possible-he contributed to both parties, all of whom lied to us and I think he’s simply woken up like the rest of us that we’ve been sold down the river. Trump could be on a 200 ft yacht living it up island hopping, but he knows money can’t buy anything now including the security of his children and grandchildren, and I think he’s worried like the rest of us that nobody is going to fix it for us, and got the cohones to try to do something about it. We’re on a precipice, have all been hoping for change that never comes. Like everyone else, he had to start finding out why and what is making is continue to spiral downwards, because we can no longer justify our old belief systems or the actions we take. He’s getting a crash course right now in the cogs that run the machine. He’s listening, learning. He has admitted the things he said that were wrong. We need to help him, because he is listening to the people, listening to the insiders, military, whistleblowers, who know what’s up. They’re even trying to infiltrate and fool him with help (Gingrich) that are actually establishment, then turn it around to make it look like he’s establishment. There was someone on the CFR (can’t remember who), but trump knows him, (Aaron the guy who did Trading Places and From Freedom to Fassicm, great film by the way, knew and got the scoop from an elitist “friend”, but he sure didn’t want to be any part of it), and they’ll take it like he’s really with them simply because he knows him-he knows everyone. He needs to watch his back and be wary of who to trust. If he’s got something wrong, write to him. All he wants is the truth.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Very well said…….

        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Can’t disagree with your take. I am more supportive of Cruz, but I would not hesitate to vote for Donald Trump. I think he will tell the career politicians in both parties where the bear sh_ts in the buckwheat.

          1. Sherry says

            Actually, the Donald is no conservative nor a “Republican”! He is a manipulator of the people with his “the art of the deal”! Carefully check out his total background…He is a master lying manipulator of FACTS! That is why he never answers any questions without going into belligerent hate mode! You want THIS for your POTUS??? NOT ME!!!

    3. fred says

      I think we should start a “Liberty” Party in this country and send all the PC socialists to the bottom of the heap, or hopefully another country where they can be with their comrades!

      1. George says

        Let all the Movie stars who say they will leave ; each take one under their arm .

      2. Sara says

        As much as they annoy me and that would be fun, they’re simply brainwashed and our job is to bring them out of their comas to see how they’ve been duped into buying into such nonsense and how destructive it is. Keep plugging away. I’ve called my own family out hardcore for being social justice police. They think I’m nuts. I think they’re brain dead. I will get their neurons firing again even if they hate me.

  8. Sloan says


  9. Miz M says

    Apparently, sex changes are more common in Hollywood than Republicans.

    1. 5live5 says

      The only thing more common is FACE LIFTS!! NASTY NAN????

    2. George says

      Republicans are legal , in GOD’s eyes .

    3. LIEberalschism says

      Bruce fits into both categories. He’s a 2 fer.

  10. gladysmp says

    Texans know Cruz best and over a million Texans voted for Cruz on Super Tuesday. I am sure those included all sorts of voters.

    1. George says

      GO TRUMP “

      1. Sherry says

        Yes, please go Trump……. Cruz for POTUS!

  11. Geebub says

    Listen folks I’m conservative and I think it’s great that Caitlyn is Republican. So what. There are so many people out there that have chosen a new life , but are not all LEFT! That’s why I could relate to Bruce when he was on the other program. Give him a break and other trans.

    1. George says

      You ‘re certainly no republican ‘; wake up , and try to figure out just what you are .

  12. Natalie Vernon says

    After he came out he said hes going to change the world…I am sure the family of the woman he killed in the automobile accident would agree with him….their world anyway

  13. 5live5 says

    What better way to discredit Cruz that an endorsement by someone completely at odds with the conservative ideals? It’s bullchit!

    1. LIEberalschism says

      At odds with “rational ideals”.
      Anyone who would whack their wickie is definitely not rational.

  14. Larry J Dunster Sr says

    Boy that ought to really help(sic sic) Brucie Jenner likes Cruz.If I were Cruz I would prefer that Brucie not even know my name

  15. dridata says

    So the LGBT community is really just about who supports their immoral lifestyle and not about who may be the best candidate. Not to say Cruz is that person but because he is not an LGBT friendly guy, jenner is shunned? Personally I find it very amusing that some comments by a sexually confused individual has some type of influence anyway. Jenner can’t figure out what sex he is but of course he is an authority on presidential candidates?

  16. clem says

    Maybe Cruz can get Michael Lavaughn Robinson to endorse Rubio.

    1. LIEberalschism says

      Wet in the front and dirty in the back, and I’ve been concerned with “dirty wet backs” all this time. Oops.

  17. Jim Norris says




    1. George says

      ‘ Absolutely ‘

    2. Sara says

      Well said!!!

  18. joe says

    I say screw you to the whole lgbt what ever group of freaks we owe you NOTHING you chose that twisted lifestyle now deal with the consequences you sick deviants

  19. kbfallon says

    Look closely–They may be the same person……….

    1. George says

      Thats queer ‘ .

  20. Loving America says

    The media is overreaching to state what Jenner says…Who Cares?!!! The media cannot be believed in
    fact they are telling lies right and left! No more unmoral story telling to the American Peopkle…Peoples
    sexual activities are to be kept in their bedrooms! We Do Not Care What They Do Or With Who!

    1. George says

      You should ‘ .

  21. fred says

    my head explodes every time I see hillary clinton NOT in Prison for treason and murder! Why can’t Jenner have her/his own opinions? Has free speech been outlawed by the criminal Media now also? Who wrote this article, “anonymous”?

    1. George says

      WHO CARES “?

  22. C.M. Dawson says

    Caitlyn, begone.

    1. George says

      Yes ‘ ; back in the closet ‘.

  23. headonstraight says

    Why shouldn’t the freaky Caitlyn embrace freaky politics? Freakatory all around!

    1. Sherry says

      YOU REALLY CANNOT SEE THIS SETUP?? Trump tactics, as per usual……

  24. Larry Gagnon says

    I am not a fan of Mr. Cruz, but Bruce made some very good points.

    1. LIEberalschism says

      Not that I have much consideration of “Bruce” Jenner as bearing the ability of much rational thought, anyone that would cut themselves off is very “off”, I feel a little strange in recognizing that he has made some decent points.

  25. ebrown21 says

    Why doesn’t Ted Cruz embrace Jenner’s support! Cruz is NOT a traditional conservative but a libertarian. Cruz does not support a federal constitution marriage amendment. Cruz supports decriminilization of drugs. Cruz never mentions the centrality of the family or the importance and necessity of virtue; especially the moral virtue of temperance and chastity. Yet, it was Mr. Conservative himself Edmund Burke that said “It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.” Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France. So much for the libertarian notion of “freedom”, it is not freedom but slavery to sin becuase these sinful passions forge the fetters of their slavery. Cruz will never get my vote because he is a serial liar and NOT a traditional conservative. This is the reason why sex mutilated Jenner can support or even say positive things about Ted Cruz; because CRUZ is not a conservative but a libertarian masquerading as a conservative. When you strip away his phony social conservatism; Cruz is seen to be nothing but a self-serving multi-millionare politician who will say whatever he needs to say to advance his political career.

    1. cal3301 says

      Cruz is not a Libertarian. He is a true conservative Republican and a Constitutionalist. That is also why Cruz and Rand Paul(a Libertarian), clashed a lot. Cruz was a Constitutional lawyer and taught Constitutional Law in Texas. It sounds like you have been drinking too much of the anti-Cruz and Lying Liberal Kool-aide without doing any of your own research. That really makes you pathetic.
      You know nothing about Cruz and he has lied about nothing in campaigning. He has a political record that speaks for itself. It was he who slipped in the poison pill on the “Gang of 8’s” amnesty bill. If not for Cruz, it would have passed. The only candidate that has been flip-flopping on things and saying what people want to hear is Trump. Cruz has stayed true to who he is throughout his career and his candidacy.

      1. ebrown21 says

        I am against all of these politicians, including Trump. They are self-serving and self-empowering, and in the case of the non-billionaires they are self-enriching liars. I do not trust Politico but in this case they are correct because it confirms what Ted Cruz said on CNBC See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSrBAoSy2RM. The reporter’s question was that if a state chooses to allow people of the same-sex to marry shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? HIs answer was “YES! NO, no, no, I agree.” These remarks prove that Ted Cruz is a fraud on marriage. Because this is the same guy that said at Liberty University to the evangelicals that “Imagine a federal government which protects the sacrament of marriage” just several months prior to this interview during his announcement of his campaign for president! Ted Cruz is a serial liar. He will say whatever he needs to say in order to advance his political career. He is not a principled statesman that follows the “laws of nature and nature’s God” as even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence that Ted Cruz claims to support!

        1. cal3301 says

          His response was that it should be up to each state if they want to allow same sex marriages, not to have it shoved down on everyone by the federal government. His own belief is that marriage is between a man and a woman. He has made that statement several times and feels that it should be honored as such. He has also stated that the Constitution does not contain anything about same sex and what the Supreme Court did was create a law, which is something only Congress is allowed to.
          You are not doing research, but cherry picking things out of context. If you had bothered, you would find that Cruz has been true to his word on everything. The only true serial liars are Clinton, Sanders, and Trump. How stupid can you be?

          1. ebrown21 says

            “His response was that it should be up to each state if they want to allow same sex marriages, not to have it shoved down on everyone by the federal government.” If that is the case, why not polgamy or adult incest. There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits the sates from affirming these crimes? What about adult-child “marrages”? There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits these crimes against marriage. On your principles of “federalism” and the tenth amendment, even these crimes against marriage would be permitted to each state. The consequence is the end to the nuclear family and marriage altogether and this is what Ted Cruz supports. He is bought and paid for by his socially liberal Wall Street donors. Yes, these donors are fiscally conservative and national security conservatives but they ARE NOT pro-family traditional conservatives. This is who he represents and not middle America. He is not a traditional conservative but is instead a libertarian conservative. The fact is that even Robert Bork (strong traditional conservative appotinted by Reagan to the SCOTUS) admitted that George Washington violated the tenth amendment and that the tenth amendment has been defunct and irrelevant since day 1 of its invention. Why now use the tenth amendment and federalism to allow states to destroy the fundamental unit of every political society and that is the nuclear family and matriomony! You support using the tenth amendment and federalism to further the goals of cultural marxism not traditional conservatism!

          2. cal3301 says


          3. ebrown21 says

            Because you have no rational response to make you attack the messenger ad hominem because you reject the facts and argument in the message. This is a classic obfuscation of reason. You are as ideologically blind to reality as the Trump supporters. You are not of good will. You are close-minded to reason and reality. “Let them alone: they are blind, and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit.” Jesus Christ Matthew 15:14 Shame on Ted Cruz for his lying at Liberty university and his own words to CNBC Social Liberal reporter seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSrBAoSy2RM

            Donald Trump was right about Ted Cruz. He is lying Ted.

          4. cal3301 says

            Oh, I have a remark, but they’re not going to post it. stupid people like you, never want to hear the truth.

  26. ebrown21 says

    Proof that Cruz is owned completely by his socially liberal donors. Politico wrote the following report http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/ted-cruz-gay-marriage-secret-audio-217090.

    What Ted Cruz said behind closed doors
    A secret tape from a New York fundraiser could mean trouble for a candidate selling authenticity.
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/ted-cruz-gay-marriage-secret-audio-217090#ixzz42KEfFPiU
    In June, Ted Cruz promised on NPR that opposition to gay marriage would be “front and center” in his 2016 campaign.In July, he said the Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex marriage was the “very definition of tyranny” and urged states to ignore the ruling. But in December, behind closed doors at a big-dollar Manhattan fundraiser, the quickly ascending presidential candidate assured a Republican gay-rights supporter that a Cruz administration would not make fighting same-sex marriage a top priority. In a recording provided to POLITICO, Cruz answers a flat “No” when asked whether fighting gay marriage is a “top-three priority,” an answer that pleased his socially moderate hosts but could surprise some of his evangelical backers.

    There should be no surprise by this because Cruz said that his classical liberalism is more important than anything else in his life including his religion! This is because his religion is classical liberalism!

    1. George says

      GO TRUMP “.

    2. Sherry says

      YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING POLITICO PUTS OUT?? Even Mother Jones doesn’t trust them!

      What does “TOP PRIORITY” mean?? Not the top of his pressing agenda such as ISIS here? Or ALL our constitutional freedoms are being eroded DAILY BY AN ILLEGAL POTUS? How about the selling of infant parts after a horrific slaughter of a child in utero? How about the high crimes and treason by those elected officials and no trials slated?? Cruz KNOWS that his beliefs are his own and he must abide by the laws passed until the Congress/Senate dispose of poorly written and ambiguous unconstitutional “laws”! You are a Trump “brown shirt”; trying to undermine a very good man with your lies and false premises! Did you see Trump tell his followers SWEAR, WITH UP LIFTED NAZI SALUTE, THAT THEY MUST VOTE FOR HIM AND NO ONE ELSE UPON PAIN?? I just read that he keeps Hitlers writings by his bed and reads them nightly, just as we readf our Bibles! A Trump follower, who happens to be Jewish, exclaimed, “My God; just the same as Hitler did!” Needless to say, he left promptly!

      1. ebrown21 says

        I am against all of these politicians, including Trump. They are self-serving and self-empowering, and in the case of the non-billionaires they are self-enriching liars. I do not trust Politico but in this case they are correct because it confirms what Ted Cruz said on CNBC See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSrBAoSy2RM. The reporter’s question was that if a state chooses to allow people of the same-sex to marry shouldn’t they be allowed to do so? HIs answer was “YES! NO, no, no, I agree.” These remarks prove that Ted Cruz is a fraud on marriage. Because this is the same guy that said at Liberty University to the evangelicals that “Imagine a federal government which protects the sacrament of marriage” just several months prior to this interview during his announcement of his campaign for president! Ted Cruz is a serial liar. He will say whatever he needs to say in order to advance his political career. He is not a principled statesman that follows the “laws of nature and nature’s God” as even mentioned in the Declaration of Independence that Ted Cruz claims to support!

      2. bunky doodle says

        bs, bs, bs, hitler isnt even close. raise your hand if you support trump. give me a break.

  27. Larry Gagnon says

    Has Bruce undergone surgery to remove his genitalia?

  28. Lou Ellen Brown says

    According to what I have learned about this “transgender” business, Bruce Jenner is now, was, and will be Bruce Jenner, male human being for his entire life….just like any other person who can choose to play a role in a movie or a play or a television character, he or she is still who he or she was when he or she took on the costume. I firmly believe that God labeled us when we became His creation, and claimed us as His.

    1. Sherry says

      AMEN AND AMEN! You are spot on!

  29. stan lee says

    I wish Jenner would have “done his thing” quietly and without media notoriety. But, how could a former Olympic gold medalist have concealed his gender problems? I guess I answered my own question! :):). It seems that the darned news media is always looking for stories like Jenner’s, but we always get Whitehouse news well after the fact.

  30. George says

    First of all , his name is ‘ BRUCE ” ; and that being said ; I place no credit , in anything this guy says .

  31. Tiger says

    Jenner has as much right to an opinion as anyone don’t know why every time she/he opens the mouth it makes news.

  32. cal3301 says

    I don’t like what Bruce Jenner did to himself anymore than the rest of you, but that I blame on the Kardashians. They emasculated him. The thing is, although we don’t like it, he is still spreading the conservative point of view to a bunch of Liberal Left Progressives. He is taking more heat from them, than what he is from what they want to call us out as racists, bigots, and “wackos”. By them doing so, it shows where the true bigotry lies. We may not like things, but we don’t set out to harm or hate people the way the LGBT DO!!!

    1. LIEberalschism says

      That’s an excuse. Nobody immaculates anyone. That’s self destruction of self-image by someone with a weak mind.
      No one with a strong will and mind can be torn down by anyone else’s opinion of them.

      1. cal3301 says

        Do you even know what the word emasculate means? I would say you don’t, because you don’t even know what the word immaculate means. They are two different words, with two very different meanings. Your word means…..
        im·mac·u·late im·mac·u·late [i mákyələt] adj
        1. clean: absolutely clean, neat, and free from blemishes in immaculate condition
        2. faultless: showing faultless perfection
        immaculate timing
        [15th century. < Latin immaculatus "without stain" < macula "blemish"]

        My word means………..
        e·mas·cu·late e·mas·cu·late [i máskyə làyt]
        (past and past participle e·mas·cu·lat·ed, present participle e·mas·cu·lat·ing, 3rd person present singular e·mas·cu·lates) vt
        1. castrate somebody: to remove the testicles of a male human being or animal (literary)
        2. weaken somebody or something: to deprive somebody or something of effectiveness, spirit, or force (formal) (sometimes considered offensive)
        3. remove stamens from flower: to remove the male reproductive organs stamens from a flower, e.g. to prevent self-pollination
        [Early 17th century. < Latin emasculat- , past participle of emasculare "remove the male glands of, castrate" < masculus "male"]

        If you had ever seen what the Kardashians had done to him on TV and in their home life, especially the one he was married to, you would not question it. He was brow beaten by them as soon as they went on TV.
        Oh and FYI, get yourself a dictionary, so you don't look so stupid.

        1. LIEberalschism says

          So are you one of those that faults people for their spell checker for not doing a good job?
          Or or are you just still upset that I turned you down on your offer to bl0w me?
          I told you I was married and not to take it personally.

          1. cal3301 says

            I ONLY FAULT PEOPLE FOR STUPIDITY, NOT THEIR SPELLING. You see, the word was spelled correctly in my post.

          2. LIEberalschism says

            Oh wowie, good going, you’re showing some back bone, now go, show your wife who’s the boss. Good boy.

          3. cal3301 says

            Again, not a boy. Never have been. You choking, yet?

          4. LIEberalschism says

            Yes! As a matter if fact, I’m choking with laughter in poking the returded girl with a stick.
            Thanks for asking.

          5. cal3301 says

            Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Again, your stupidity has the best of you.

          6. LIEberalschism says

            What are you, 12? Still battling prepubescence?

          7. cal3301 says

            So, that makes you a perv, that likes picking on little kids. Sorry, I can’t oblige you with that, but will pass this on to the authorities.

          8. LIEberalschism says

            I didn’t know you were 12 years old mentally until you started using adolescent sayings.

          9. cal3301 says

            Actually, not only does your stupidity and childish name calling show your true mentality, it also shows your ignorance of other people, no matter their age or sex. Have a good life, because you’re just a waste of space to me.

        2. LIEberalschism says

          Oh, and get yourself a life so you don’t look so stoopid.

          1. cal3301 says

            It appears you don’t have a life, if you have to respond three times to one response.

          2. LIEberalschism says

            It appears you don’t have a life, that you’re bothering to pay attention to how many times I respond or how I happen to spell a word.
            And I’m guessing that you know all to well the meaning of emasculate. She really gets you mad doesn’t she?
            Btw, I really enjoy brain fing brain dead people.

          3. cal3301 says

            The only brain dead person is you, as I never really showed any hatred against him. You appear to be unable to comprehend the meaning of any words and YOU, are the one that responded in anger to my post.

          4. LIEberalschism says

            I’m not angry, this is fun for me.
            Anyone that thinks they’re big and important enough to give me chip is just a player in a game with me.

          5. cal3301 says

            Have fun playing with yourself, as I find your stupidity boring.

          6. LIEberalschism says

            Funny, I find your b1tchiness entertaining

          7. LIEberalschism says

            Who’s him? You b1tching at some other guy too? Or is your grammar still causing you trouble?

          8. cal3301 says

            It’s how the saying reads, idiot!!!

          9. LIEberalschism says

            You referred to me in the first person and in the second person in the same sentence, your grammar is faulty, showing your own stoopidity again.
            Stick with me and we’ll work together in getting you straightened out.

          10. LIEberalschism says

            It seems like you’re having trouble keeping Confucius and your confusion straight. Doh!

        3. LIEberalschism says

          And yes, I’ve been unfortunate enough to see the show when my wife has it on, it’s a ridiculous piece of worthless garbage, somewhat akin to your attempt to rebuke and reprimand me.

          1. cal3301 says

            Basically, I’ve never watched it. I’ve only heard about what was done to him. It sounds like your wife wears the pants.

          2. LIEberalschism says

            Oh yeah, you betcha, my wife’s the boss, sure, you just go with that.

          3. cal3301 says

            He who protests, are the ones cleaning the nests.

          4. LIEberalschism says

            That would be “is the one cleaning the nest”. We’re going to have to work on your grammar when we’re done with my spelling.
            Or are you just trying to make me comfortable in my stoopidity by displaying your own.

          5. cal3301 says

            I corrected it!!

          6. LIEberalschism says

            Didn’t make your stoopidity any less relevant.

        4. LIEberalschism says

          Oh, the next time your wife emasculates you stand up to her, be strong, be a man, exercise some will, maybe that will help alleviate some of your obvious anger issues when you’re dealing with other people.

          1. cal3301 says

            First off, not married. Secondly, not a man either. You just keep on showing your stupidity. How much further can you shove your foot into your mouth?

          2. LIEberalschism says

            Oh! That explains it, you’re not expressing normal anger, you’re just b1tchy.

          3. cal3301 says

            Sorry, the only bitchy person posting is you. Your bitching about everything, you big fat girly man. I bet you swallowed that whole foot by now and are on the second one.

  33. EMIRCITNA says

    BRUCE,……just go away!!!
    Like O.J. Simpson, you have ruined a great image that you once earned and HAD!

    1. LIEberalschism says

      It’s because of OJ that Bruce is anything at all past his Olympic fame. If it’s hadn’t been for the friendship between OJ and Bobby K Bruce would have faded into oblivion a long time ago. Even if Bruce had retained his status as an American hero he’s now instead traded that for being a National Joke.

  34. Edna Ethel says

    …and suddenly I am on Caitlyn Jenner’s side. I was not before, but her idea that free enterprise built this country should resound strongly with anyone who has a functioning brain. Social issues are NOT the private property of the extreme left wing. Nor are they to the lying scum promises-they-can’t-keep politicians who make up the Democratic Party…like Clinton. I recall union friends fighting desperately to get Obama elected. What has he done for unions? Ha. It is a joke that isn’t funny, but I’m sure the union bosses will direct their masses to vote Democratic again. LBGT people would be wise to listen to Jenner and “think” for a change.

    1. LIEberalschism says

      That’s the main problem for LGBTers, they think to much. “I think I am, I think I am, I think…”.

  35. Walter Flatt says









    1. Sara says

      Exactly, they’re terrified of him, so he’s on the right track. AND he can laugh at himself-I loved this-https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HiRgDYLkPhA

  36. LIEberalschism says

    I’m a conservative, how conservative should I be in the amount of appendage I cut off,
    or should I be liberal and just cut it all off.

    1. Sherry says

      NO!!! Just keep what God gave you and stay a true conservative! CRUZ for POTUS!

      1. LIEberalschism says

        Lol, thanks

  37. Njp Thompson says

    I have really enjoyed being a perfectly normal person with a conventional lifestyle. Time that people like Cait be respected for having a conservative viewpoint coupled with their freedom to be unconventional TOO. I am not some inflexible conservative who thinks all people should be like me and Cait is not one either. Takes ALL KINDS. Let people be who they want to be even if YOU find it offensive as long as they don’t impinge on others’ rights! That said, not the smartest idea Cait to try to elect someone who is against your ideals. You might be disappointed to find that Ted Cruz won’t shake your hand or even be seen in the same photo with you and might even reject your endorsement. Vote for Hillary!

    1. Sara says

      Ok-you had me until you said vote for Hillary at the end. Was that meant as satire?

      1. Njp Thompson says

        Nope. She is the best candidate for gay rights you are going to have. So for that issue, people should vote for her. I mean maybe Cait is clueless because she hasn’t been female for that long. But Hillary will be the first female President so voting against her is not too bright if you are Cait. Like a black person voting against Obama. It is what it is.

        1. Sara says

          You said a lot of insightful things until Hillary. Perhaps you just don’t know how evil she really is. I’ll admit to voting for her in the primary’s 8 years ago, but I woke up. It would take forever to explain, but since you seem otherwise bright and worth the time, I’ll give you one big example that will make you want to search more. Google “the truth about Libya” and watch that video. Watch some more if that isn’t enough. Then watch Gaddafi’s speeches where he talks openly about his fears regarding his final fate brought on by our leaders. Then watch Hillary say “we came, we saw, he died” as she laughs. There’s nothing funny about the death of anyone in war, let alone this 40+ year serving four star general. Can you IMAGINE JFK, Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, or Nancy Reagan behaving so callously and lying through their teeth? She is actually destructive to women and family, despite what she says and the blood of millions are on her hands. Look at what we’ve become and learned to accept as normal. Let me know if this changes your mind.

          1. Sherry says

            Well said! That isn’t even the tip of the “ice burg”! There is so much that can be found that she cannot hide anymore! She continually obfuscates, lies, blames the vast right wing, and never takes responsibility for her “failures”! That “woman” IS the most evil person to run for POTUS!

          2. Njp Thompson says

            Gaddafi was a crazy dictator who was the epitome of evil. One of my favorite journalists, the wonderful Orianna Fallaci, interviewed him once. She verified his mental state in person. He was a murderer. I don’t think that you are well informed re his character or accomplishments and your respect is indeed laughable. Maybe he was fearful. Who knows or cares? The video you refer to is likely propaganda. I stand by my support of the future President Hillary Clinton!

          3. Sara says

            Tell me more. The speeches and interviews I’ve seen with and about him didn’t suggest that (maybe a bit worse in his younger years), but Libyans were free and wealthy under Gaddafi (much more so than the rest of the region).

        2. Sara says

          Gay people have had their rights. So have women. They’re making issues on tv where there aren’t any. My moms gay. No complaints about rights and knows we have far bigger problems than minor injustice. Nobody is going to take the rights away. Let’s tackle the real s***.

        3. Sherry says

          There is far more pressing things that are fatally pressing us than your worthless gay agenda! They already have their “rights” guaranteed! NOW to get on with the most important issues! Government over reach, WAR, ISIS here, stealing our amendment rights that are guaranteed, over run by illegal aliens that has wiped out any jobs and wasted tax monet for their welfare checks, trying to undermine our Constitution with sharia law, illegal “O”care, taxation without representation, unbelievable government waste and horrific DEBT! And so much more! And you are concerned about “gay” rights??? How dare YOU force all of us into your tiny mindset! THINK ABOUT OUR COUNTRY AND HER SAFE KEEPING!

          1. Deby says

            Sherry I owe you an apology-I misread your comment to Njp-you are NOT an idiot at all, and I agree with you on everything actually!! Go Cruz.

        4. Deby says

          so you vote for a person because of what they look like or with whom they like to have sex with? Shallow and completely irresponsible-you shouldn’t vote. Try educating yourself instead of listening to the biased vitriolic garbage the msm spews out daily–bought and paid for by the liberal looney leftists. get a clue woman. gays are up to speed with “rights” and women are quickly overtaking men in every job venue-but the poor, and people who work their butts off every day to give half of what they make to the damn government so they can spend our money finding out why lesbians are fat is the real problem. government spending is out of control and will continue if killary and the demonrats have their way.

      2. Njp Thompson says

        No. She truly is for the rights of GLBT people. My Congressman is gay and was instrumental in getting gay marriage support in the federal government and HE supports Hillary Clinton! As do many others in the GLBT community here in NY. So yes, I say that she is in the forefront of support for the civil rights of everyone and I look forward to the progress in the next 4 years for equal pay for women and reinforcement of the civil rights of every person by the Supreme Court appointments that she will make!

    2. Sherry says

      You are SO WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING! Cruz is a Christian and loves ALL people! He will not be shy or hide behind someone else’s false “logic”. He says what he means and means what he says. Hillary, on the other hand, should be IN PRISON; and if you don’t know why, you are the fool! A wasted vote for Killary is a vote for “O”! That person is the most corrupt, lying, thieving, and soul-less “person” that I have ever heard about! Why would ANYONE VOTE FOR THE DEVIL INCARNATE??? God help you….you need a wake-up call!

      1. Njp Thompson says

        What I love most about The Internet is the wrong thinking of many people. It always amazes me and gives me a good laugh to read some of it. Cruz is not even a candidate any more because he couldn’t get votes. He had wealthy backers. That is about it.

    3. LIEberalschism says

      Yeah, vote for hillary and pay her $27000 for a photo with her.

      1. Njp Thompson says

        What do you suggest politicians do to raise money for their elections? If some people want to pay $27,000 for a photo with a politician, then so be it. And who would turn down a money making opportunity like THAT?

        1. wish in one handism says

          Anyone but an unethical and immoral crook.

    4. Deby says

      missed his point too-like the idiot Sherry above. Jenner obviously cares more for the well being of ALL people who live on this planet but can still appreciate and separate lifestyle from world issues. you should try it, if you really cared about the direction of this country, you would never vote for the lying, POS that is Hillary Clinton. Shame on you.

  38. Dfm says

    Just a thought: If we had a war (guns included) between the left and the right, and you were the leader of the right, would you tell the 1000 people who believed in you, believed in our constitution, and our country, and who may lose their lives- to get lost- because they were all gay and trans? You happen to be the only white heterosexual, and if you say -get lost- to them, you stand alone. Your family/kids lives are at stake. The left on the other hand has 1000 people too, so one (you) against many. What would you do? I think that our strength lies within the like-minded during the battle, not with what and who they are- after the battle. I’m an Independent, not Repub, and not a Leftist- I abhor the Leftist fiends! I don’t agree with Bruce’s lifestyle choices either. Human beings weren’t meant to be perfect, otherwise we would never learn a thing. I do however respect him for standing up for what is best for our “overall” country, and not bending/folding/and following behind the sheep (special interest groups) whom are led to “only” think about themselves. He is definitely still strong and confident, like the athlete he once was, with all the hate being thrown at him from both sides. Staying true to yourself and your beliefs, can mean your head will be served up on a platter, but you do it anyway. #Bravery #Trump2016 #AllLivesMatter *And a Special Thank You to All of our devoted Military Service Personal and Police Force #Heroes ….without them there is no U.S.A.

    1. Sherry says

      BELIEVE ME, WITH TRUMP FOR POTUS, THERE WON’T BE A USA! We will get wiped out in a war with him at the head of this nation!

      1. Deby says

        what do you base that ridiculous statement on? you do realize obozo has just given the ok to Iran to go nuclear with his outrageous “deal” and you say something stupid like this?

        1. Sherry says

          RIDICULOUS??? Do your homework on the Trumpster and you will SOON AGREE with a lot of us who KNOW so much about this chameleon! He is NOT what he wants you to believe he is! Satan in satire!

      2. bunky doodle says

        just like we did with reagan

        1. Sherry says

          Apples and oranges…….NOT the SAME issues or arguments!

  39. jrchambers says

    What did Jenner expect? Did he actually expect tolerance from leftists? Leftists believe in freedom only if you agree with their agendas. If you disagree with them, you must keep quiet. And they are not courteous about it. You do not have a right to have an opinion if it differs from theirs, because they know what is best for you.

  40. Roger Dodge says

    LGBT loves that Jenner bucks the norm on gender, but hates that he is not a leftists lunatic ~ how racists of them…

  41. ThenStand says

    This is America. Jenner has a right to choose a candidate. However, because he’s in the public eye, I’d like to know what helped him come to the decision of choosing Cruz. There are a lot over very good reasons to choose Cruz right now!

    Cruz 2016!!!

    1. Star Messenger says

      Cruz might have been a good choice but, because of the refuge problem Europe is having now Trump seems like the best choice. And Yes, I can put up with his “personality quirks” for four years. If we put up with “W” for eight years, four years of Trump should be a “cake walk”.

  42. Star Messenger says

    So, the transgender “Queen”, Jenner, has given Cruz a tacit endorsement. Ain’t that a bitch. Pardon the pun. But, since a nod is as good as a wink, Ted will somehow probably accept Caitlyn’s “approval” because, he IS behind (“behind” has a special meaning for the transgender crowd) in his run for the Presidency. Politics does make for strange bedfellows. (Oops, there I go again.) Standing side-by-side they do look good as a couple. They would look nice atop a wedding cake. Someone should try selling that idea. It sounds like a winner.

  43. Mari H. Presedo says

    Wow! I was so excited to here Bruce’s statement which didn’t so much endorse Cruz as it criticized the establishment and liberals in general for out of control spending. Cruz needs to be grateful for any endorsement he can get. He is a fairly gracious man. I hope he doesn’t ruin my opinion of him with an outburst like yours. 20% of our citizens are LGBT, after all. I have no problem with LGBTs. I have a problem with rude, ignorant bigots. This is why we need Trump. My son who is active Army (23years) likes Trump. He is a common sense conservative. We go to church. We try to be good to people and pets in our community. We work and pay taxes. We believe in legalization of same sex marriage. We believe a private business has the right to refuse service to anyone – means if you walked into my shop spewing this hatred and garbage I probably wouldn’t want you as a client. In fact, my dogs probably wouldn’t like you either. What crap! Just when I think people are finally coming to their senses I read comments like yours. I believe neutering is good for animals and most people.

  44. Sir Dirty Harry says

    One thing Jenner said was right: Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did. Free enterprise. The people built it. And they need to be given the opportunity to build it back up. This is absolutely true. The Liberals want everything FREE, well, they need to take a trip to Cuba and see what that kind of lifestyle leads to. Cubans get everything free to except they live in a ghetto that is falling down around them, $40 a month for food, sometime electricity, no A/C, no fat or obese people, bribery is common and secret police everywhere in case someone calls Castro a turd, then its the firing squad.

  45. Dale_G1 says

    From Wheaties box covers to Fruit Loops. From pole vaulting to vaulting his pole. From male to…male with estrogen and ta ta’s. From the Kardashians to his own fame. From three piece suits to borrowing from the women’s closets. I don’t know who’s more confused. Bruce for embracing Cruz and rejecting his manhood. Or the GOP establishment who IS NOT embracing Cruz…but SHOULD.

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