Healthcare Failure Has Everyone Pointing Fingers


On the day before House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced the American Health Care Act, no one could have dreamed that this political saga would have ended the way it did. Yes, there were deep concerns about the Republican Party’s ability to pass repeal-and-replace legislation through the Senate, where they only have a slim majority, but we were told that the bill would be constructed in such a way that Mitch McConnell could pass it without Democrat support. As far as the House went? No problem.

Instead, disaster. Like his predecessor, John Boehner, Ryan has been unable to bridge the gap between the conservatives in the Freedom Caucus, the Republican “establishment,” and the moderate, blue-state Republicans who cannot govern as conservatives and keep their seats.

“We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future,” Ryan said Friday as he announced that he was pulling the AHCA from consideration.

President Trump, who used the repeal and replace of Obamacare as one of his chief campaign platforms, told GOP leaders that there would not be another bill. Health care is done. The Affordable Care Act will remain in place. Trump is moving on to the next phase of his agenda. After six years of Republican rhetoric against Obamacare, it seems the opportunity to get rid of it has been squandered.

Hard-right conservative commentators are blaming Ryan for the failure, saying he tried to dupe Trump into supporting a bill that was about Paul Ryan, not Donald Trump’s agenda. Others have blamed Trump for not spending as much time on the details of the bill as he could have. And some have simply blamed the entire party leadership, from the president to Congress to the Cabinet, for trying to rush this process forward instead of taking it slow and getting it right.

Wherever the blame lies, the worst mistake would be to pretend that everything is fine and Republicans will just “get ’em next time.” Healthcare was supposed to be the easy one. It was the one issue on which every elected Republican agreed: Obamacare needed to go. And yet, they couldn’t come together and make it happen. Why will tax reform be any easier? How will the GOP pass a budget? Will this party be any more effective in control than they were on defense?

At the same time, let’s not go crazy. This is a bad situation, but let’s not make it worse than it is. We are out from under the Obama years, and that’s something to be thankful for. Every day further we get from that era, the skies get a little brighter. Trump is president. Republicans have the Congress. There’s about to be another conservative on the Supreme Court. Basic American freedoms are no longer hanging in the balance.

We have a right to be angry about this failure. We have a right to criticize the people we elected. But let’s not get so wrapped up in the intra-party fighting that we do the bidding of the Democrats. Let’s not forget that as imperfect as things appear to be now…they could be so much worse.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Repeal and REPLACE is a false narrative. There is no need to REPLACE cancer….
    Just repeal it. Quit falling for the fake news narratives created by the ELITES…

    1. Goodforall says

      Agreed 100%!

    2. siridh says

      This is the problem. It appears Ryan just tried to tweak Obamacare without letting anyone know what he was doing, They need to go back to and expand free market and work on the safety nets. The 3,000 page bill needs to go.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        We saw what happens when you pass it before you read it.

      2. MAHB001 says


        This is proof that Ryan is an Elite, and not working for the People…

    3. Mike says

      yes leave millions without insurance. the rich need another tax cut!!!

      1. ernldo says

        The rich don’t pay (federal) taxes, we pay on EARNINGS, and high income EARNERS pay way more than their “fair share”, dildo brain…..

        1. Mike says

          not even close. how has the theory of trickle down economics worked ever? how is Kansas doing- lagging behind the other states in the area. how did it go when Bush was president? oh yeah no trickle down then either.

          1. ernldo says

            Trickle down is the ONLY successful economic model ever. You’re confusing it with the perennial failure “trickle up”….Don’t get me started on Bush either, he’s almost as pathetic as Bathhouse Barry…..

          2. Mike says

            please share these amazing success stories.

          3. ernldo says

            You really don’t understand free enterprise, market based systems, do you? The successes are all around you. Now, please simplify and name ONE gooberment program success, relating to economics…..

          4. overandone says


          5. Mathew Molk says

            I take it you are not yet 65. — Wait ’till you are actually ON medicare and start shelling out as much for part B as you did for everything before.

          6. Mike says

            I asked you to do so first. as usual as a trump sheeple you cannot.

          7. ernldo says

            Silly demotards, you president is an example. He’s created more employment than ANY dumba$$ demotard gooberment program, and made money doing it. All those cars on the roads, trains, planes, great ships, Hollyweird movies, TV, radio, newspapers, etc …Not enough bandwidth….You must be blind?

          8. rdells says

            I’d rather have a Librul represent me than a friggin’ NAZI asshole.

          9. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You rather have a liberal racist anti America hater of America represent your ignorant lazy liberal ass the a true American Patriot President like Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          10. rdells says

            In the good ol’ days they hung “Russian patriots” like tRumpenstein.

          11. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            In the good ole days we b* slapped liberal thugs like the Democrackhead morons that they are…….

          12. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Mike your hatred for Trump is astonishing and your lies is atrocious…you have nothing to offer on these boards but hate, lies, disdain, Falsehoods and liberal ideology…kiss yo bratha

          13. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          14. rdells says

            Can I slip in the photos of a couple of sane people? With some needed editing this is me and TOTALLY spot-on!

          15. cvxxx says

            SNAP is profitable for states and communities. Trickle down does not function. Never has.

          16. ernldo says

            SNAP is food stamps. The states and communities profit how? They extort tax money from those that make effort, and EARN money, to feed those that wouldn’t eat so well without the program. Other than politician skimmers, gouging local markets and the folk that eat free, who benefits?

          17. Mathew Molk says

            Hey, Wanna buy some SNAP Food Stamp cards . They sell them all over the place in Collinwood. – Really successful at converting taxpayers dollars into crack and heroin for sure. SNAP successful uyrass!

          18. cvxxx says

            Because they return more than they cost. the people in the food logistic chain all benefit. Of course many are veterans and Seniors whose “retirement” is not what it should be. Thanks to the corruption and greed. Congress has no courage to really reform. Stock market retirement indeed what a laugh. The next crash will see all that stock as less than toilet paper.

          19. ernldo says

            Return more than they cost? Jeebus, you are doorknob dumb, and its good to have you stupid stoned morons in the back seat again. Sit back and let adults fix this once great nation, rump swab dolt….Blocked!

          20. Ron Poole says

            How can you say trickle down does not work. Isn’t that what Obama did with the trillion dollar infrastructure handout? Supposedly it did not work but he intended it to work. The Liberals at the New York Times said it failed because it was not enough.

          21. Mark Tercsak says

            What is Funny about Obama’s Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill is how little money actually went to Infrastructure. you can see the breakdown of the money and where it really went.

          22. Mike says

            Please share that breakdown. I have never been able to find it.

          23. ernldo says

            Yes, gooberment slobs have no idea how to spend it, other than vote buying, and don’t care as its NOT their money. Third payer setups always fail for that reason alone. I’m glad we have a businessman at the helm again, in lieu of a crack smoking fa990t community agitating idiot….

          24. Mike says

            as always thank you for sharing nothing of value. Always appreciated to see your uncreative items that made me smile the first time I saw them but now on the 100th time it is just sad that you don’t actually have any arguments or facts just silly cartoons.

          25. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            This is something of Value hes a Liar and we expose him as a liar, sorry if the Truth hurts it usually get a response from a Liberal moron…There is no argument Obama is a disgrace, a fraud a liberal hater of Traditional America Fact!!! I know it hurts you…
            Truth usually does!!!!!!!!!!!

          26. Mike says

            I understand you as a Trump sheeple has to believe that, but Obama took an economy in free fall and had lowered employment to under 5 percent. He passed landmark legislation in the ledbetter act, saved the auto industry, and helped this country move forward with clean energy technology which is the future. He helped millions get healthcare. Yeah just so un-American. we should want our Presidents to just let the poor and middle class die so the rich can get a huge tax cut.

          27. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Obama is a moron like you, he is a hater of america, police, military, Christianity goes after Catholics old nuns,,,what are you smokin you Liberal moron Democrack again? Obama is un america heres his legacy below Fool !!!l

            TRUMP will create jobs unlike Obama who has destroyed America ..

          28. Mathew Molk says

            Hey, The royal exaltes boma created lot’s of jobs….Look at all the people that got laid off from high buck manufacturing and tech gigs that ended up in all those 29 hour a week jobs flipping burgers and emptying garbage cans. The boma almost doubled the number of no benefit minimum wage jobs everywhere by getting hours cut back to less them 30. .

          29. rdells says

            The occupant of the WH has nothing to do with it. Look to GOP Congress to find those responsible.

          30. mac12sam12 says

            Unemployment under 5% in your dreams. Count those that have given up looking by the U6 method like the WSJ does, unemployment is 12%. He didn’t “save the auto industry.” Another bumper sticker comment. He used borrowed taxpayer money to do it when he should have let them go bankrupt and regroup. Think taxpayers will ever see that money? It was a union payoff that screwed the stockholders. He took a healthcare system that 80% of the people liked and made in unaffordable.

            Speaking go the poor and middle class, his policies created record poverty and destroyed the middle class. Have anymore obama fairy tails?

          31. Mike says

            First off the u6 was at 9.7% when Obama left office. It was about 17% when he started so you can use that measure, but he still decreased it by almost half. As for the auto industry we absolutely have received a return on our investment. We did receive some of that money back. In addition when Trump and Pence gave Carrier millions to save 800 jobs many Republicans said the 7 million was worth it not to have those 800 on the public dime. Well multiple that by tends of thousands of jobs and the taxes they have paid and we more than recouped our investment in the auto industry.

          32. mac12sam12 says

            The U6 still has the rate high. Trump gave Carrier a tax break and do you know that corporations like Carrier don’t pay taxes because the consumer does. The $7 million dollar tax break will be returned 100 times over. The consumer also pays for regulations which Trump is getting rid of 75% of those, then you’ll see the domino affect and prices will go down and competition will go up, Capitalism.

            The auto industry should have done what Chrysler did years ago, gone bankrupt and regrouped and it wouldn’t have cost the taxpayer anything.

          33. Mike says

            U6 rate is higher but when Obama left office it was at 9.7% which was almost a 50% decrease from when he started. the principle is the same with the auto industry as with Carrier. the government invested money to keep jobs here. Trump did it on a very small level saving 800 jobs, Obama did it and saved tens of thousands, but the investment gets returned to the government significantly in the taxes collected and not having to pay government benefits for individuals that lose their jobs.

          34. rdells says

            Dear HalfWit, to quote your “created poverty et al”, that was Bush and Co.

          35. Michael Dennewitz says

            And yet the commie lil queer is still in our country! WHY ? ? ?

          36. Mathew Molk says

            Is Hawaii part of the country?

          37. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            deport this jive talkin low energy racist hater of America~~~~~~~~~~~

          38. rdells says

            The MORON that posted this is treasonous.

          39. jaybird says

            I think he has moved into his house in MD.

          40. rdells says

            The POST is the LIE

          41. cvxxx says

            When? it is and always be a failure. Pure capitalism another fail.

          42. ernldo says

            So what has been successful, what economic model has allowed national expansion and movement of the masses from poverty to middle class and higher? What model has bettered America’s rise to worldwide leadership in the arts and sciences?…Hmmmm?
            Please educate us….

          43. cvxxx says

            lIt is not working now. Now is the operant word. What seemed good 100 years ago is failing. Of course congress is more interested in big donor and campaign contributions. Workers are more productive but wages are stagnant.(also the buying power of the dollar is not there as it once was.

          44. ernldo says

            United States of America, you blithering f*cking idiot….

          45. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Sorry Mike your a minority loser!

          46. Mike says

            he did not win the popular vote and at this point his approval rating is under 40%. I am not sure what you consider a majority but at no time has he had a majority of people who are supporting him.

          47. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            We won whatcha ya talkin about the spin and lies you spew wake up!!!!!!!!! We won Donald J Trump is our President fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Majority elected him boy you are one ignorant hateful liberal pos! wow I can’t believe your low energy Ass exist!!!


          48. Mike says

            No the majority did not elect him. I am not disputing that he is our President. He won the electoral college, but Hillary won the popular vote. This means President Trump was not elected by the majority. I understand that you have to believe everything good about Trump as a Trump sheeple that is your role, but once again the facts go against you. Trump did not win the majority of votes and most people, given his approval rating is below 40percent currently do not believe he is doing a good job at this time.

          49. GODBlessRealAmerica! says



          50. Mike says

            Wow you really are not very bright. Yes as I stated Trump won the Presidency. he won enough of the vote in enough states to win the electoral college. The win was a narrow electoral victory as it ranked 45th out of 58 presidential races in our nation’s history, but he did win. This does not mean that a majority of people voted for him. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a republic. He did NOT win the popular vote so a majority of Americans voted against President Trump and for the loser in the race, Hillary Clinton. The thing I find more unbelieveable is that no matter what is said this really seems to elude you.
            Hillary Clinton received 65,853,516 votes; Donald Trump received 62,984,825. I will make it easy for you Hillary’s number is larger. She received the majority of the votes. She did not win because the Founding Fathers rightfully wanted to limited any one states power and instituted the electoral college, but Trump still did not get a majority.

          51. mac12sam12 says

            If you elected presidents by the popular vote, LA, Chicago and NYT would determine every election. The electoral vote insures that all the states are represented.

          52. Mike says

            I completely agree and even stated in my comment that the Founding Fathers were correct in instituting the electoral college. Did I disagree with the electoral college on election night? Yes as an initial gut reaction, but in reality it is a good institution and should not be thrown out. Again I was only pointing out to the moron who kept saying Trump got a majority of the votes that he was wrong.

          53. ernldo says

            Mike’s a halfwit at best, you’re debating a brick…best to block the stupid troll…

          54. ernldo says

            Block the Soros paid troll nitwit….

          55. jaybird says

            The polls are never right.

          56. Mike says

            Except they were with the National election. The National polls all predicted Hillary would win the popular vote by 2 to 4 percent and she did. Some state polls such as Pennsylvania were wrong and other like Wisconsin were actually within the margin of error, but the national polls even on election night were correct.

          57. ernldo says

            Bathhouse Barry would have said, “I won”…..
            TRUMP, 2020!

          58. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
          59. Harold says

            He certainly is out President Fool.

          60. jaybird says

            Does not matter, he is legally our President!

          61. Mike says

            I am not arguing that point. I am only arguing the nonsensical argument from GODBlessRealAmerica that the majority elected Donald Trump.

          62. mac12sam12 says

            Was that the same poll that had hillary in a landslide? Big believer in polls are we? Take away the illegal vote and Trump won the popular vote as well. Trump won 3,000 counties and Hillary won 500. Trust me, Slick. It was a landslide all around.

          63. Mike says

            Illegals did not vote. Was there one or two individuals that voted illegally- yes that is possible. One was in Texas and ironically she voted for Trump, but no illegals did not vote in large numbers and did not give Hillary the popular vote. Please stop with that ridiculous myth. The number of counties won is also fairly nonsensical as areas such as major cities where liberals are concentrated are going to have less total number of counties so republicans should always win if going by that standard.
            Again none of that matters as Trump absolutely won the Presidency.

          64. mac12sam12 says

            Illegals in sanctuary cities do vote and so do many of the dead. I saw a retired ICE agent interviewed and he said out of the 1000 arrests he made 75% of those arrested said that they voted. I’m positive that Trump won the popular vote. The electoral college is the only fair way to go.

          65. Mike says

            What a bunch of BS. There was never an ICE agent that said that retired or otherwise. I am positive Trump has connections to Russia and probably organized the Russian involvement in our election.
            See how easy it is to just make things up. That is what occurs when you believe alternative facts or as the rest of the world calls them lies that are spread from the liar in chief Trump.

          66. rdells says

            dum de dum dum

          67. rdells says

            How did you get so far out of touch with reality?

          68. mac12sam12 says

            Capitalism is the best system in the world and it you can’t exploit it for yourself, you have a capital L on your forehead.

          69. ernldo says

            He’s nothing IN his head….

        2. cvxxx says

          Wrong that is a false narrative. Change is coming and our tax system is obsolete. Retirement? Gambling on the stock market with rules that do not insure that brokers and others will work to your best interest. Wall street an big banking have the money now they can squeeze everyone. You legislator who is supposed to work for you obtains their campaign money from those same big donors, PACs, and corporations.
          When millions are needed to get elected the candidate looks to who has the money. The financial ideology of the GOP does not function as advertised. The Dems are just as bad. Neither party works for the citizen.

          1. ernldo says

            The wrong change is coming because you have bought into the “wrong narrative”. The system is fine, the politics are ALL wrong. Of course, we’ll goof like usual and change the system….

        3. Craig Vandertie says

          Capital Gains 15%, wages 30-35%, some people do not even know how to perform even simple math.

        1. ernldo says

          He misses the free food….

      2. MAHB001 says

        That really is a stupid statement.

        1. Mike says

          That is exactly what the Trumpcare did. It may not have passed but that is the basic tenet of Trumpcare.

          1. MAHB001 says

            There is no such thing as Trumpcare…

            and there are millions of people that do not have insurance…. Now who are you going to blame that on?

            Hey Mikey…. healthcare insurance is not a right… nothing is free, and it is NOT the Governments responsibility to provide health care insurance…

            Unless you want to live in a Communists state.

            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          2. Mike says

            trumpcare was that terrible bill that did not pass. I am not upset it didn’t pass but it didn’t because the self-proclaimed best deal maker could not get the bill the necessary votes.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I see you are having trouble connecting the dots from where you are and what you fight for and Communism.

          4. ernldo says

            Block the pea brain, Mike. He’s too stupid for debate, he’s just reading the demotard talking points. He/she is incapable of critical thought. Trained like a dog, sit booboo, sit!

          5. MAHB001 says

            It is sad isn’t it?

    4. Germansmith says

      Hyperbole much?
      Obamacare was the best plan they could have designed while making sure the AMA, AHA, AARP and Big Pharma did not had s cow. It provided health insurance to millions that really needed and money to Medicare. Originally , it also had a “risk corridor” (stop loss insurance) paid by the insurers but guaranteed by government to avoid premiums to go sky high while covering those with pre-existing conditions BUT the Republican put the party and their political interest ahead of the country and your health insurance premiums and REMOVED IT.
      Disclosure…as a broker I lost thousands because insurers had to reduce commissions, but I was able to get access for healthcare for many that could not afford it before.

      Since they could not use AHCA to give billions to their wealthy masters (bill so lousy that even some Republicans would not vote for it) now is time to move to tax reform….their moneyed masters are getting impatient

      YOU ARE THE ONE BUYING THE NARRATIVE CREATED BY THE ELITES….who do you think sponsor web sites like this? What is Trump? Born billionaire, never served, never does anything but for himself, pathological liar, plays golf EVERY week….Is Trump your “Man of the People” The Champion of the Forgotten Man”?? PLEASEEEEE….

      You should be Mad as Hell because you are a CHUMP

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      2. ernldo says

        Socialist idiot….

        1. Germansmith says

          wow…two words together !!!
          You must have been top of your class

          1. ernldo says

            You were under yours?

          2. Mathew Molk says

            How many years of free collage have you had so far?

          3. Germansmith says

            I did not take collage in school ….I was a BA major ……Oh, wait, you mean College?
            Yes, I was an immigrant and a beneficiary of the GI bill……Do I need to explain?

      3. Gerry Costa says

        Better look in the mirror before calling anyone else a “CHUMP” !!!!!! I only have 1 question for you — If the ACA was so great, why was the first act of Congress after this POS was passed in the middle of the night by all demoSCUM was to “EXEMPT” themselves from the plan ???????? You need to step back and take another look at what is happening.

        1. overandone says

          That’s a lie Congress has Obamacare

          1. Gerry Costa says

            BS !!!!

          2. overandone says

            The ObamaCare Exemption for Congress is a myth. It turns out that reports that members of Congress will be exempt from ObamaCare are without merit. Members of Congress have to buy their health insurance on the exchanges along with millions of other Americans.
            “Never argue with stupid people, they drag you down to their level than beat you with experience.”
            Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish”

          3. jaybird says

            I think they are provided the Gold Standard of Obama Care.

          4. OldRockerguy says
          5. MAHB001 says

            Excellent article, I suggest everybody spread this on.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Who told you that?

          7. MAHB001 says

            Congress had a choice.

        2. Germansmith says

          Congress always had their own health plan and they have their own pension and so on…I guess one of the perks of working for government
          Where did I say it was GREAT?

          You guys need to learn reading comprehension….and read other things beside these conservative web sites….expand your mind….is not scary

      4. carol says

        No the chump is you.Obama did nothing but party,take vacations,and spend your money.He is as useless as he can be but a great party goer on your dime

      5. Eric Pearson says

        BRAVO!, Germansmith. You nailed it with facts and the response was the same dumbass bullshit they’ve been spewing for years.

        Thank goodness they weren’t able to pass their so-called health care bill. The real reason it didn’t pass is because it was a lousy bill. Thousands of people across the country made it clear that “Obamacare” was a good thing. People would have died without the ACA. If Ryan had offered or attempted to make the existing bill better he most likely would have enjoyed Democratic support. But instead, their bill truly was nothing more than a gift to the rich and powerful. If they really have any interest at all in health care, they’ll work with Democrats to improve on what President Obama accomplished.

        1. ernldo says

          It was a lousy bill, but 0bamacare will fail on its own. Here’s the problem, too many in need that don’t believe they have ANY financial responsibility, and too few earners paying into the system. Simple math. You were suckered by demotard leaders that KNEW it would fail, their next idea (see Berned out Sanders) will be single payer…(taxpayer paid, of course).
          Gruber had you dolts pegged from the beginning….

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Are you ever full of shit. Name me one actuarial case where obozocare kept someone from dying? — You are either a total retard or a psycho nutcase.

          That half honky son of a bitch did not do one single positive thing, save waking the country up to just how close we came to total destruction.

        3. mac12sam12 says

          Unaffordable and a job killer that created poverty and destroyed the muiddle class. You like myths, Scooter?

      6. Mathew Molk says

        You GOT to be on drugs.

        Before bozocare the deadbeats had better coverage then congress. Full paid everything plus. – Now they tool SS and Medicare that working people paid into for years and years and gave it to medicaid.

        If you ever had an actual job and paid taxes and had them take you wages and give the cash you sweated for to lazy welfare you would sing a far different tune.

      7. mac12sam12 says

        Sounds like someone should have jumped into the stock market!

      8. MAHB001 says

        Hyperbole??? What you talkin’ about Willis?

        Don’t use words that are beyond your comprehension…. It just confirms your stupidity.

        Note, Gary Colman only asked chumps what they were talkin’ about…

    5. OldRockerguy says

      Right now members of Congress have their own healthcare plan which is apparently a very good one. Congress has demonstrated over and over again that they don’t give a damn about this country and REAL American citizens. Trump needs to issue an executive order which will give Congress the same healthcare benefits as the rest of us have. When members of Congress have their special privilege healthcare taken away and they are put in the same position as the average American citizen they will come up with a good plan. As long as government officials have special privileges we won’t get a decent healthcare solution.

      1. Craig Vandertie says

        Makes me wonder how some of these Federal politicians with their connections to the wealthiest of this planet and the bribes that have made them far wealthier than the vast majority of their constituents why do they need the people to pay for their Healthcare, once out of office they should be stripped of all fringe benefits, in essence they did jack shot for their constituents to begin with.

        1. OldRockerguy says

          Bernie Madoff was put in prison for duping his investors out of 50 billion dollars.
          The criminals in Congress have put us 20 trillion in debt – most of it in the last 12 years – for that they should be given benefits??? That equates out to about $62,000 for every man, woman, and child or a quarter of a million for the average family of four. The only benefits we should be giving these crooks is room and board for life in a federal penitentiary.

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Waste of money, simply execute them for treason.

          2. AKLady says

            Two wars at $1 million/per day/each.
            You got what you wanted.
            Next time thank before demanding.
            War is a gift that keeps on giving,
            the disabled veterans are not going away any time soon.

          3. Retired says

            You should have preached that to your Muslim Obama that you are in love with . He did very little for the retires of the Military as well as the Vets and people on SS .

          4. OldRockerguy says

            I stand corrected. You are right. They are not worth supporting.

          5. AKLady says

            War is expensive.
            Revenge is also expensive.
            America killed over 2 million innocents, 4 thousand American soldiers, disabled over 150 thousand soldiers and spent $ trillions getting even for 9/11.

          6. Mark Tercsak says

            So your solution to 9/11 was fuck those American’s who died that day.?

            So your Solution to 12/07/41 would also be the same for the 3,000 Americans who lost their lives that day, Fuck’em?

            So the 100,000 Chinese in Nanking who were Tortured, Brutalized, Some Beheaded by Sword, shot and all Murdered, Fuck’em ?

            The 6,000,000 Jews and 6,000,000 Non Jews that were murdered in Nazi Concentration Camps Fuck’em

            The 20,000,000 Million Soviet Citizens who died stopping the Nazis, ah Fuck’em

            The 450,000 Americans who gave their lives stopping the Japs and Nazis and
            Italy ah Fuck’em

            Madam have you seriously thought out you position ?

            Had FDR in 1941 said ah Fuck Europe, Fuck Asia, and ah Fuck Pearl Harbor, do you honestly think you would be here today? saying your stupid shit on line?

            Yes wars are expensive.
            yes people die.

            people lose limbs and suffer the consequences of things they had to do to stay alive and suffer leaving friends behind.

            The only innocent people I know are below the age of six.
            We have child murderers in society

            There was a video of a young boy posted by ISIS who was holding a .380 caliber handgun and he was aiming it a man in his late 40’s who was tied to a fence.

            The young boy unloaded the pistol into the man.

            So fuck all the ISIS Victims to who were raped, Tortured, Beaten, sold into Slavery
            put in a cage set on fire and roasted to death, Fuck’em

            Freedom Madam IS NOT FREE !

            SOME ONE HAS TO PAY FOR IT !

            OR YOU WILL LOSE IT !

            We did not ask for this war!, we did not seek, they sought it.

            They the Imperialist Muslims sought this war, because; blathering, babelling, liberal Bolsheviks like You!

            Have you ever considered that you and like minded gutless people like you are responsible for December 7th, 1941 and September 11th, 2001, well you are!

            People like the Imperial Japanese and Adolph Hitler not all Nazis , and Imperial Muslims, view comments, from people like you and see how you think and act, they think of the United States as rotten to the Core, well that maybe true of Hollywood!

            They incorrectly view America as weak and ripe for the pickings.

            Because; of people like you……..

          7. AKLady says

            Exaggerate much?

          8. Dan says

            last 8 Obama years !

        2. MAHB001 says

          Wonder no more… It is ALL about Controlling the people….

          ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

          “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          Big Government is just another form of Communism…

          1. AKLady says

            Veteran’s health care is how we honor those who put their lies on the line.
            Healing the sick is what Christ commanded. You claim se are a Christian nation.
            Feeding the hungry was also commanded. You claim we are a Christian nation.
            Christianity apparently, by your definition, is just another Communist action.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Talk to the hand liar!

          3. David Harrington says

            “I did try and f@@k her. She was married.

            I moved on her like a female dog,

            But I couldn’t get there.

            And she was married.

            You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.

            I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.

            I don’t even wait.

            You can do anything…

            Grab them by the pu$$y.

            You can do anything.”

            The President of the United States of America Donald J Trump

          4. Retired says

            Another Trash Troll comes out of his cave .

          5. David Harrington says

            a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
            synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up
            “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant”

          6. MAHB001 says

            A little off topic… Do try to keep up with even the liberals fool.

          7. David Harrington says

            a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
            synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up
            “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant”

      2. MAHB001 says

        That would be a good start. Actually, Congress needs term limits with dishonorable discharges for lying to the American People.. No amnesty either…

        1. AKLady says

          You elect Congress.
          Maybe you should make better choices.

          1. Retired says

            That is why your state voted for Trump, you must be the only odd ball there .

          2. Retired says

            Maybe you should have thought about that before you voted for Bill Clinton and Obama .

          3. MAHB001 says

            This one is evil folks… LIes like a rug…

          4. AKLady says

            Go back to school.
            Take a Civics class.
            Go back to school.
            Take an American Government class.
            If you bothered to vote, your “choice” might even win an election.

          5. MAHB001 says

            I live in CA. I am (NOT) represented by Boxer/Fienstein.

            In a single party state (Communism) the people can no longer the people counting the votes.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          6. AKLady says

            If yu do not like the government in your state, you have two options:
            1) change it, or 2) Move.
            Whining and complaining is not contusive to change.

          7. MAHB001 says

            It will be changed… Communism has been put on notice. We are taking back America

          8. AKLady says

            I recommend you find a good mental health professional.

      3. rdells says

        I tend to wholly agree with the comments I did read.

      4. MAHB001 says

        I believe you are correct, but the members had a choice, many Republicans, like Duncan Hunter rejected the cushy Cadillac plan offered to the elites and chose to go on 0bamacare like their constituents.

        1. Mike says

          You mean the Duncan Hunterwho is under investigation by the department of Justice for campaign finance violations? There is also no evidence I could find that he did not chose to go on Obamacare. Please provide that if you have it as I would like to be wrong about at least that part.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Yea, that one… He is also cooperating with the progressive witch hunt. If the progressives don’t find something wrong, I am sure they will manufacture something.

            Just ask Duncan Hunter… He will give you his honest answer. I didn’t write it down, but I believe his premiums have gone up 4x since he went on 0bamacare and he is paying over $1,000 a month…

          2. Mike says

            alright. thank you for being a good trump sheeple providing no evidence and doubling down with more information without proof. trump would be proud.

          3. MAHB001 says

            I went to a Duncan Hunter Town Hall meeting. That is what came out of the horses mouth… (to the best of my recollection)

            What is truly amazing is that you dolts will not accept information from anyone or anything that you don’t read from websites. You never fact check the information that you agree with, and never accept the information that you don’t agree with…

            How convenient for you, and how convenient for those that wish to control you. They lie, you gobble it up… and you are unable to accept any information that goes against your ideology.

          4. AKLady says

            “What is truly amazing is that you dolts will not
            accept information from” the law.
            “You never fact check the information that you” spew.
            Congress no longer has access to The Federal Employee Benefit Plans.
            How convenient for you, and how convenient for those that control you.
            “They lie, you gobble it up… and you are unable to accept any information that goes against your ideology.”

          5. MAHB001 says

            Now you plagiarizer from me?? What a loser.

          6. AKLady says

            You are correct.
            Congress lost access to the federal employee benefit plan.
            They wrote that law, it is the one you hate so much

          7. Retired says

            Congress did not write that law , it was Rahms brother who was the main character . The Democrats passed the law as no republican voted for it .

        2. AKLady says

          Congress lost access to the federal benefit plans when they passed the ACA.
          They get their health insurance the same place you do.

          1. AKLady says

            The ObamaCare Exemption for Congress is a myth.

            Congress is no more exempt than any other employer who drops coverage and then helps employees purchase insurance on the exchanges.

            Congress members and staffers are required to buy insurance through the exchanges.

      5. AKLady says

        Members if Congress get their health insurance the same place you do.
        The ACA ended their access to the Federal Employees benefit plans.
        But hey, repeating lies is so much fun …

        1. Retired says

          You are the expert in that department .

        2. MAHB001 says

          Are you stupid, or easily fooled? Or perhaps both. There is no question about your lying.

      6. Dan says

        great post !

      7. AKLady says

        The ACA ended Congress’ access to thw Federal Employee Benefit Plans.
        Congress gets its healthcare insurance the same place you do — the open market.

        1. OldRockerguy says

          When Congress was debating Obamacare, one of the persistent demands from the American people was that if Congress is redesigning the health care systems for millions of others, they should subject themselves and their staff to their own handiwork. The demands worked, and before Obamacare passed the Senate in 2009, a provision was added, Section 1312(d)(3)(D), that requires members of Congress and their staff to buy health insurance through Obamacare exchanges and provides no taxpayer assistance beyond the income-related subsidies available to all eligible Americans.

          That provision was set to take effect in 2014, so naturally members of Congress and their staff panicked in 2013 – desperate to do anything to keep their taxpayer-funded, gold-plated health care rather than go into Obamacare and pay their own way, as the law required.

          Who saved Congress from Obamacare? Barack Obama.

          After a little-noticed meeting with Senate Democrats in March 2013, Obama personally committed to illegally exempt Congress from Obamacare. And he delivered.

          Obama directed the Office of Personnel Management to issue a rule (78 Fed. Reg. 60653-01) purporting that Congress, which has thousands of employees, is a small business and therefore: “the DC Health Link Small Business Market administered by the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, is the appropriate SHOP from which Members of Congress and designated congressional staff will purchase health insurance in order to receive a Government contribution.”

          This fraud of instructing Congress to masquerade as a small business was the key to the scheme, because if members of Congress and their staff had signed up for Obamacare under the individual exchange – as any other American losing employer coverage would have – they would have had to pay their own premiums.

          To implement this scheme, the House and Senate each filed a false declaration with the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority claiming to have less than 50 employees – a fact that was never publicly disclosed.

          These fraudulent documents were uncovered by FOIA litigation conducted by Judicial Watch, and make it impossible for anyone to dispute that Congress’s exemption from Obamacare is improper and unlawful. Quite simply, lawful schemes do not require the filing of fraudulent documents.

          Fortunately, what President Obama did in directing the Office of Personnel Management to authorize Congress’s illegal exemption can be reversed by President Trump directing them to enforce the law as written. By doing so, Trump can send a clear message to Congress that their failure to move a repeal bill forward will impose very personal, very costly consequences on themselves and their staff – consequences from which they have been illegally shielded for years.

          1. Mark Tercsak says


    6. Mark Lahti says

      Hey there my friend. As usual you and I continue to run on the same rails. All that needs to be done is repeal that damn Obama nightmare and power grab of one sixth of our economy. Then get rid of all obstructions to the free market business of American enterprise. The insurance companies will compete to provide all the necessary healthcare coverage’s at the right price. Our country has always prospered when we get the government out of the way of our free market system. The government has no business in the business of providing products that the people want and need at the right price.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Right as rain. there is a ton cash out there up for grabs and if you turn the insurance companies loose they will be clawing allover each other to provide the very best coverage for the very lowest prices.

        Keep the government out of it. PERIOD!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Capitalism will provide the best for all. That is, if the Government would get out of the way.

    7. Mark Tercsak says

      I agree with you on Repeal and Replace, in addition though Paul Ryan the Repuke also offered his three step plan like the shady used car salesman that he is.
      We all know we would have never seen his three step plan, because he is a lying sack of shit.

    8. Mathew Molk says

      Hear hear!

      Get the government the hell out of the healthcare business. All you have to do is look at the VA and Medicare to see how quickly they can make a hash out of everything they touch.

    1. Mike says

      his approval ratings would suggest otherwise.

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        mike please Trump is 1000% better then this jive talkin low energy fraud…

  2. Croco Dile says

    “….After six years of Republican rhetoric against Obamacare, it seems the opportunity to get rid of it has been squandered….”

    People STILL imagine politicians will do the job “for the voter” !!!

    People want something for nothing.

    People want to be in shape but don’t want to work out. They want a great relationship but don’t take the time to make themselves better. They want to be great lovers but hope a pill can do that for them. They want to be well read but end up watching a movie instead of reading a good book. And on and on.
    Look around, most people aren’t willing to do ANYTHING, much less something that would work. Once you accept this you then clearly see why we have the totally screwed up POLITICAL SYSTEM that we have. People who want power take advantage of this. It is no more complicated than that.

    1. Germansmith says

      Mostly correct…I would be more specific
      Republicans: Evil Idiots that know if they get money back to the wealthy, they get more money in return to spend in propaganda and dupe the people into voting against their own benefits.

      Democrats: Naive idiots that think that people would NOT take advantage of the benefits they design while also believing people will remember their good deeds and ignore the fear inducing xenophobic propaganda ejaculated by the Republicans.

      American voters… would think that people that have been exposed to all sort of marketing selling you stuff to make you smarter and better looking would be savvy enough to see thru BS
      Well…not quite….now we have PRESIDENT TURD…picture below

      1. ernldo says

        I understand now, you are sporting an extra chromosome…..

      2. Croco Dile says


    2. Joe Blow says

      Very astute Croco Dile. Here’s afew more up votes >>>>>

  3. Bill Gagliardi says

    The Health Care Bill illustrates politics in Washington. With a failing system about to implode that both sides agree is about to happen liberals and conservatives retreat to their own ideological corners of the ring. Trump I’d not repealing Obamacare, but fixing it. Even keeping many provisions Dems want and say work there were no Socratic votes, what a shame. The Freedom Caucus, in its all or nothing mentality, has maintained a failed Obamacare as law. Truly the law of Unintended Consequences on their part.

    1. Germansmith says

      it is easier to fix Obamacare than to replace it……after all Republican had a big hand in breaking it (by removing the risk corridor guarantees)

      But that would be politically unacceptable for people that have based their political careers in bad mouthing Obamacare ……..soooo, our premiums will increase, some people will opt not to buy insurance, our policies will continue to pay for other people emergency bills and lots of people will die for lack of care…….BUT the Republicans will keep face and money will continue to pour into Conservative web sites/radio commentators to manage public opinions.

      Ahhh (to quote the Wizard of Oz) “If they only had a brain…or a heart or some courage”

  4. bill14729 . says

    Let Obamacare fail as it belongs to the Democrats anyways

  5. Tiger says

    1.) Ryan is a RINO.
    2.) Ryan and the RINO didn’t want Trump and put up the first smut about him.
    3.) Ryan and the RINO had to be threatened by the leader of the RNC to stand with Trump or not ever think they will be president.
    4.) Ryan had 7 years and all of them did to already have a Bill ready. They just never thought Trump would win.
    5.) Ryan and the RINO still don’t like Trump, they are in a strong relationship with lobbyists and with big donors, they haven’t filed for divorce.
    6.) Ryan and all won’t change their stripes.

    Let O care fall, Trump not responsible, nobody will go without health care just insurance, which millions wouldn’t buy if it was a dollar a month. They use the ER and state and county facilities and hospitals.

    Only one answer, midterms they are out.

    1. SDofAZ says

      The rinos not the conservatives and the dem wits. Term limits and a new Speaker.

      1. Tiger says

        Sooner than spit spot Skippy.

    2. Gerry Costa says

      Exactly 100% accurate – Tiger.

    3. Mark Tercsak says

      Calling this scum Rinos is an insult to a magnificent African Animal The Rhino !
      Call these Scumbags like Paul Ryan what they are, REPUKES!
      I usually call them Amphibian Whale Shit, the lowest form of life on the planet, Though!

      1. Tiger says

        Republicans in name only so the wonderful beast the Rhino’s dignity saved.

        Personally I just call them POS and SOB’s. Not particularly in that order.

  6. Goodforall says

    This is all on Speaker Ryan-period! His so called plan was doomed to fail. On the other hand had President Trump given Rand Paul 30 minutes to review his own plan I believe we would have had a much different out come.

    1. Germansmith says

      those 30 minutes would have taken time from golf…..unacceptable !!!
      There is NOTHING related to healthcare reform that does not take a fully involved and knowledgeable individuals and far more than 30 minutes.

      Rand Paul bill DOES NOT repeal ACA and it has far more tax credits and potential spending (kind of strange for Libertarian??) than AHCA and it does nothing to cut the healthcare cost factors (I guess Rand is still a doctor at heart)

      AGAIN Let me remind all
      Trump got elected by promising a better and more efficient healthcare plan for all…..and YES you can keep your doctor. That is NEVER going to happens in our current political system UNLESS both parties work together and mostly ignore the ANA, AMA, AHP, AARP and Big Pharma, and the people (and mostly the Republicans) understand there will be a need for very large spending at the beginning (but lots of savings in the long run).

      1. ernldo says

        Trump ran on repeal. You are correct, NEVER a viable plan under this political system. Your last point, yes, usually the Republicans are the ones paying for the demotards.
        Again, REPEAL, and YOU decide if you want to buy insurance, pay your doctor or get that new, hot tattoo!

        1. Mike says

          no he did not. he said multiple times that everyone would be covered and would have better, cheaper insurance. he even said that if that made him lise votes he was ok with it because he was “going to take care of everyone”.

      2. rev_dave says

        Trump got elected by not being Hillary. He did promise to repeal ACA, but it wasn’t responsible for his win. And you know what? It’s immaterial, cuz ACA was a failure from the first paragraph. It’s falling apart on its own merits, and before long the Dems will be begging to replace it before it becomes obvious how putrid an idea it was. If that happens they will carry ALL the blame.

      3. Gerry Costa says

        Let me remind you — PRESIDENT TRUMP(nice ring to it don’t you think) has only been in office for 2(two, duo) months. He has already accomplished more FOR AMERICA than obozo did in 8 years. I agree having lyin ryan involved with their healthcare plan was a very large mistake and the plan, although I don’t think we knew the complete plan, was disappointing at best. You can believe before President Trump’s tour or tours are over we will have a plan in place that will work for everyone. I also believe it will be a plan with very little government involvement.

        1. overandone says

          That’s a Lie. Trump has shit the bed at every thing he has tried to do.

    2. Helga miller says

      We wish that Mr. Trump had not listened to Ryan since this bill was DOA. Obamacare needs to be repealed completely and let the chips fall where they may. How can this Presidents succeed with RINOs whispering in his ears and Dems fighting him at every turn?

  7. just me says

    Of course there pointing fingers at each other. They don’t know how to tell the rich they can’t take over the nation yet.

    1. ernldo says

      so, you’re simple stupid?

      1. just me says

        You should try thinking for yourself instead of thinking what they tell you to think.

        1. ernldo says

          That’s amusing. So you didn’t notice the “rich” (elites) took over the country a couple centuries back? The finger pointers ARE the leadership, silly….

          1. Mike says

            So how did it make sense to elect Trump a person who is a member of that group?

  8. SDofAZ says

    There really are three parties in Congress, the dem wits, the conservatives and the rinos. Sadly the rinos and conservatives are on the same side but miles apart. And the Speaker blew it, no one else. If that bill had made it the illegal aliens would have won again because the rinos are nothing but pretend republicans. Time to vote them out!

    1. Mike says

      how would illegals have won? they included a provision in the bill that blocked illegal immigrants from being able to receive benefits.

      1. SDofAZ says

        They pulled part of it in the end to open the whole thing back up. That was one of the reasons among others that the conservatives balked.

        1. overandone says

          “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”

        1. Mike says

          I love this one because it shows how little he has done and I love the continued lie that he is self-funded. that one always gets me because he was able to self-promote that to the point his sheeple really, truly believe it. It’s a lie, but dang if not everyone of his sheeple don’t believe it.

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  9. Mike says

    this is trump’s failure. he said he said fully behind trumpcare and then he could not get it passed. of course he had previously said he had his own plan he would unveil when Secretary price was confirmed- still waiting…

    1. ernldo says

      Only weak minded demotards think passing BAD legislation is good for America…..

      1. SDofAZ says

        Or rinos like Rat Ryan. The house bill was altered in committee with access to healthcare altered to allow illegal aliens access to the new healthcare. Ryan tried to pull a fast one at the last. That among other things drove the conservatives to refuse support for the bill. Rat Ryan needs to go. He never should have sat in that seat in the first place.

        1. ernldo says

          Yup, I consider Eddie Munster (Ryan) a demotard, RINO works as well….

          1. SDofAZ says

            And we know it is bad when the congress has another healthcare than what they vote for us. That is the real elephant in the room when it comes to healthcare.

          2. overandone says

            Congress by order of congress has Obamacare, if you have health insurance in America you have Obamacare, everybody has Obamacare! get it.

          3. SDofAZ says

            Congress has their own insurance, get it overandone! Do your research, they got special waivers and do not have our obamacare.

          4. overandone says

            That’s a lie or your misinformed

          5. SDofAZ says

            Research overandone, it was big news when it happened. They started whining immediately when it passed that they could not fulfill the business requirements and it morphed into keeping their old insurance package. Ask your reps if they are the honest kind! If they are dems or rinos I have no doubt you will not hear it from them. They do not have what we have.

            My family has federal insurance and it is obamacare but congress has their own deal not what you, myself and the rest of the country has. And why would you doubt the lawmakers who make the laws and can even do insider trading that would put me in jail have made their own sweet heart deal with the insurance companies? And I don’t mind asking OPM either. Being a retired CPA and BSA, I do my research but I doubt OPM is going to openly expose their lawmakers and basically their bosses. They do not have what we have.

          6. overandone says

            Congress members have Obamacare. They’d continue to get health insurance through exchanges under current ACA repeal
            Google it.

          7. ernldo says

            They did the same with their retirement as well. Gave us Social Security, which demotards laud as a successful socialist program (snicker) and designed a great retirement package for themselves….If Americans weren’t so stupid, NONE of these pigs would ever be reelected….

      2. Mike says

        no i agree trumpcare would have been terrible for Americans and I am glad it did not pass. I am just still waiting on trump’s amazing plan he said he had completed and would unveil when Secretary price was confirmed. ok we all know that was a lie which is just normal for this president.

    2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  10. overandone says

    Democrats passed Obamacare despite the politics and political cost they would have to pay, because they considered the benefits program a good step in the right direction to improving access to quality health care. They indeed did pay a big price and health insurance on the whole did more of what people want health insurance to do, of course more health benefits, and covering millions more people cost more. The republicans tried to ram a bill through that was all about politics and had very little in the way of improvement or added benefits to citizens. They have been dishonest about the ACA from the get go and until the realize that healthcare at the whim of insurance companies’ profits, no matter how inexpensive they suggest competition will make coverage is not going to be in the publics, at large interest. People want the benefits of Obamacare and want the cost controlled, only a plan that does those two things can ever gain the publics and care providers support.

  11. Mark Tercsak says

    President Trump’s first mistake was “TRUSTING”, Paul RYAN, The SPEAKER Of The HOUSE !
    Mr. President “WE THE PEOPLE”, once trusted him to!
    He lied to us!
    He covered Obama’s ASS on Fast & Furious
    He gave Obama cover for Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Crimea.
    This lying sack of shit never fought for us when times were tough, and you expected him to do the right thing and fight for us now ?
    Mr. President you made a mistake trusting this piece of shit Paul Ryan.
    Mr. Ryan’s plan was doomed before it ever started, Paul Ryan Knew it, he planned it that way.
    Mr. President there were other healthcare plans out there.
    We The People demand a “Do-Over”, Now- Let’s look at all the plans, make them public, lets look at them and debate them than present either the best proposal or a combination thereof or maybe after debating the various bills maybe something no one ever thought of make come to the fore-front.
    Than present the best Bill to the House Of Representatives.
    In the meantime Mr. President put the tax issue on hold and go with Infrastructure and the Wall.

    1. overandone says

      Having unpatriotic Guberment haters Try to regain white privilege with the election of a Charlatan has reduced our country to a laughing stock around the world. Trump’s incompetent, and did not try to disguise it while campaigning. His life has been a linty of scams, lawsuits, questionable personal behavior and unsavory associations. Also on full display during the campaign. His incompetence is all we have to hope for as a brake on the damage he can do to our nation. Like training a puppy with a treat, a compliment and a tweetable win for Trump can insure favor by businesses and foreign governments alike, he is an easy mark for manipulation. His penchant for lying disguised as hyperbole has already soiled his stature and that of the United States. He relishes his commander in chief moniker only to lift his leg on the military when responsibility is demanded. If we can, as a republic, survive Trump, loaded with an arsenal of GOP party before country yes men, it as they say will make us stronger. The irony looks to be, we as a Nation need to survive the billionaire bully in order to Make America Great Again.

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        Overandone ! why don’t you act like a real man and use your real name ? Like me !
        what do you have to hide? are you not just as Guilty as Trump is ? by not using your real name?

        1. overandone says

          First of all because I’m a woman.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Not a very bright one either.

          2. Gerry Costa says

            One of obozo’s transgenders maybe ????? Just asking.

        2. overandone says

          Prove that’s your real name Ivan

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            Facebook or Tweet it you twit, next thing you will be saying that I am not who I say I am.

            You are a coward, deep down ashamed of what you are so you project your faults onto others.

          2. Mike says

            He is not the one that brought it up. Mark did. As always the Trump sheeple likes to insult and that is ok. If I voted for Trump I would be angry too.

      2. Mark Tercsak says

        Trump’s Personnel behaviour !
        No one overandone is perfect not even you, we have all done and do stupid shit.

        1. overandone says

          Like bankrupt 372 small businesses by refusing to pay his bill for work at his Atlantic City Casinos, might be stupid shit to you my business was close to being one of them.

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            I worked part time for a small Business, and that Small business and it’s practices and lack of training of their supervisor, thereof, cost me five toes and the front quarter of my left foot, because; of this issue, it has left my pelvis to drift outta of alignment up to 40mm, that means more doctors to help me get it as close as they can to being in alignment, which the pelvis at best will still be 4 mm out of alignment. hundreds of in office surgical procedures, two reamputations, of the left foot, oct.28th,2010 and I think it was March of 2014and the replaced the fragile skingraft and created a skin flap. that cured the left foot. for months back in 2009 after the original amputation , I had to walk around with a wound vac machine attached to my foot.
            and now a unwanted nick name: Flipper!
            But I have come to accept Flipper, I earned it the hard way !
            For me these employer’s do not deserve to be in business.
            They and their Insurance Company did not keep their word, and they left me with no choice, but to take them back to court, when they were not paying the medical Bills, in that Trial different judge and that Bitch let them slide!

          2. Helga miller says

            Over, please stop your insane comments! You must be on drugs to spout this nonsense as you are not engaging your brain. Business goes in cycles and it’s up and down which you don’t seem to understand! Las Vegas was almost bankrupt about 15 years ago with housing and the gambling industry on its last leg. Ten years later it has recovered but Atlantic City has not because too many Gambling Meccas have sprung up. Is it any wonder that AC has gone belly up? Mr. Trump lost more money on downturns than he will be making the rest of his life. If you were ever in business, which I don’t believe, you deserve to go bankrupt because you don’t have any understanding how to run a successful one!

          3. Libs R Loons says

            It’s a Soros-paid troll running multiple accounts, and it’s PAID to post that kind of garbage.

          4. Helga miller says

            Libs R Loons, you could be right! I just get so annoyed by this brainless garbage. You can tell that no intelligent thought is involved!

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            These deeply entranced fools had better hope that these tyrannical Globalist never received the justice they deserve and that includes seizing their assets no more money for complete losers, guess they will be relying on mommy more.

          6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Pole dancers? Always a demand for them and hos.

          7. Craig Vandertie says

            Most are not worth the money spent on them, sure as far as the latter is concerned you could go with a Street Walker, but you had better bathe the little soldier in disinfectant 1st and use 4 condoms.

          8. Gerry Costa says

            If they had done the job they were supposed to do — they would have gotten paid. Besides that your statement is mostly false to begin with.

      3. Mark Tercsak says

        Overandone,You say? Trump’s incompetent, and a charlatan !
        Yet Mr. Trump is a Billionaire, who resided at Trump Tower, a Building named after him? who oversaw and ran a number of Companies.
        That is what is known as a oxymoron. Clyde !
        If Donald J. Trump was incompetent and a charlatan my friend, Trump would be living in a row house in WHO-VILLE, USA, and be on food stamps.

        1. overandone says

          Thanks for your response Mark you are the Poster child for the statement below.

          “Think about how stupid the average person is,
          and then realize that half of’ em are stupider than that”.

          1. ernldo says

            She was probably referring to you….

            “Look, the average democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part…..”

            Hillary Clinton, as told to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History”, 2005

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            And you part of the reason I never trust stupid people in large groups. You gave us the “Black Messiah” and tried to foist an old cow off on the country as well. Why do you liberals, lesbians, blacks and homosexuals hate America?

          3. ernldo says

            I’ll answer…because they are simple minded dullards….

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Beats the hell out of getting up at 5 AM six days a week and scratching for a living. – Wish I could just sit around and wait for the government to give me a check, pay my rent and food and utilities. – Problem is that stinking work ethic that I got before the public schools and collages started to teach kids to stay clear of hard work at all costs.

          5. Craig Vandertie says

            Because they personally want to rule over as many as possible while their personal lives are crap.

        2. Helga miller says

          Mark, exactly right! We have enough people on welfare and food stamps who don’t pay any taxes and get big EIC refunds from the Government if they are working at all. We are sick of these Liberals spouting their venom about Mr. Trump while they gave a pass to Obama who is solely responsible for this garbage healthcare bill pushed through without a single Republican vote. How can a Country survive with piling on all the debt and giving free healthcare to all the non-producers?

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            I do not know how credible the info. was being how well I know the couple and how the seriously bend the truth, but they told that their 1 time neighbors a couple with 2 young children as in 2 years and the other 6 most, the couple had not worked in mos., but received $5,000 from the U.S. Treasury in EIC.

            Same couple were not only receiving WIC benefits, but $800/mo. in Food Share and had a membership through Schwann’s Food Service.

          2. Helga miller says

            Craig, it is entirely possible that a family with young children who is low income can receive thousands from the Government. All they have to do is work a little and they can receive all the benefits available. Even refugees get these benefits as soon as they land in the Country courtesy of the tax payers. My granddaughter has four little ones and they gave her WIC benefits. These were so generous that she shared them with friends on the Army base where they are stationed. Her husband is a Doctor now and They have since stopped them but it was a real eye opener of the abuse of these programs. The system is in desperate need of an overhaul in our opinion!

          3. cvxxx says

            That would mean ending the welfare system as we know it . Starting with the hypocrisy..

          4. Helga miller says

            Our our welfare and healthcare systems need a complete overhaul along with tax reform. We would have to seek a good balance with States and local charities. Speaking for myself, I donate more money and volunteer time as a percentage of my income than most of the polititions in Washington. The Founding Fathers did not call for Welfare for the less fortunate but left it up to every citizen to help their fellow man, woman and child. That may be a pipe dream in today’s society but when one member of my family needed help I was there to guide them through the rough period and they are now doing fabulous!
            I know, sounds too idealistic……..

        3. Craig Vandertie says

          You mean like overrandone.

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Correct, I believe she maybe running for town Dog Catcher of Who-Ville this November !

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Too strenuous….If she she wasn’t spending some of that stolen money for home health aids and visiting nurses she would be in a nursing home.

        4. Harold says

          He was given how many million on his 21st birthday? And inherited how many million when his Father died? If he invested that money he would probably be worth more today that he already is. Living in a row house and being on food stamps??? Be serious.

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Harold, The History of our country is full of persons who were at the very top of the Food Chain and wound up living under a Bridge.

            Yes Donald’s Father gave him a stake, and yes he most likely got money from Mom and Dad when they passed, but so did his Sister and Brother and Grand Children etc.
            the fact is by and large the man was successful, yes he had ups and yes he had crashes, guess what we all do, where human, Harold !

          2. Harold says

            But we own our accomplishments and our failures. He claims credit for money given him and pass off failures and financial losses onto others.

          3. Mark Tercsak says

            Dear Harold, Trump was being interviewed on live Television not long after taking the oath of office! he was asked have you had any failures ? he said yes! he also said in effect some would be surprised at what I see as a failure, many may view as a success , the interviewer asked for an example, he said I’m not going to tell you….. He has often said if the criticism of me is fair, i’ll accept it, but I’m not going to tell you, Trump is old School ! not like the sissy-boys claiming to be men.

          4. DAlnB41 says

            So what is the big deal about some making millions of dollars? I believe vast majority of Americans are content in earning and living off what it takes to make them and their family content and guarantee a decent retirement.. We probably all say we wish we had a couple million dollars to do more with but only a few ever work to make that happen; most have no real interest in doing what it takes.
            What we should be interested in is seeing our families, friends and neighbors have secure lifestyle’s that gets them through the American Dream; life styles that sees their kids through school and into lives of their own.
            We need to be worrying more about the invasion of this nation by illegals who have brought wages down, left millions of American workers out of work and millions others working at less wages and little if any benefits; as we have seen in the past eight years.
            How much money a person makes should have no concern in the voting place UNLESS it is positively proven that persons wealth came from illegal or grossly unethical means.
            Tell me if you think you deserve the kind of money Trump or any of the wealthy people of this nation have! What have you done to earn far more than you do – what could you have done to do better? Maybe you do deserve more, maybe you could have earned more – maybe do to situations like we saw at the end of Bush’s years and throughout Obama’s years you did get screwed around – many did!

        5. Libertarian Soldier says

          Ran a number of companies into the ground! Hurt a lot of people, employees, suppliers, vendors, investors, small businesses. He had corporate welfare and 6 overlapping bankruptcies over a quarter of a century.

          If you’re going to defend someone, defend someone worthy and know the whole story. How do you defend the indefensible? How do you defend the guy, that, as a 59 year old father of grown and small children, including girls and a two time loser of a husband, a serial philanderer (2 of his 3 wives were foreign nationals), bragged about sexually assaulting women, under color of fame, fortune and power, in his own words. Then, after two sentences of apology, justified his despicable, depraved, amoral, degenerate behavior as l”ocker room talk”, as if that’s acceptable talk for people in a locker room and you didn’t have the moral fiber to disqualify him for cause. You surrenders the moral high ground that Constitutionalists, practitioners of Republicanism and the founding principles study and believe and live. I don’t think you appreciate the damage done to the former party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan, to the presidency and to the White House. While i respect the office, how can I respect the man and how do I respect you who defend him?

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Where was I defending his personal character ?

            The fact is every city in this country men rich and poor, women rich and poor can go to a strip club .

            There is a cigar shop I go to on Saturdays, they have stripper saturdays, the only piece of clothing they have on covers their bottoms and it is perfectly legal in our city for them to leave the cigar shop walkout side and bounce up and down, and they have down in front of police.

            I have known many women, whose mouths are full of locker room talk, they in fact
            can be worse than men.

            I have seen many women who have never been strippers, who go into a bar have a few drinks and they get out of control.

            Back in the late 90’s was working security at a major Hotel in our city, never forget this lady, usually came there once a month on business, drove a Beamer,
            always very professional and always acted very professional.

            It was a Saturday night we were busy that night, she had parked her car in front of the hotel, across from the hotel is a small park that sits atop an under ground garage, at night you have to be careful going through their, junkies, hookers, robbers and car thieves.

            My partner Denny saw a cat trying to force the door on her car, meantime a female manager calls me on the radio, to come to the main lobby female rest room, a Young female is in the outer sitting area of this rest room giving ten guys a Hand !

            My partner Denny, had a few years on me, I told the manager I’m meeting up with Denis first, do not want the guy getting killed or his ass beaten, if you know what I mean, so she met us at the main entrance, I told Denny to go with her.

            And I will take care of the potential Car thief, he gave me a very good description,
            and this piece of shit was hiding in a place were he could have robbed someone, or sexually assaulted a female.

            I sacred the shit out of him and chased him.

            Denny my partner took care of the Locker Room party and we met back at the main entrance along with the on duty manager.

            We knew who owned the car, I said e need to find her and get her to put it in the garage, we do not have time to baby sit this car it’s a target.

            We have 25 floors to patrol. and their are two of us on duty.

            The manager finds the owner of said car in the bar, Trust me when I say she was good looking, she was about 30 and she had a guy with her who was about 25.

            She agreed to come out move the car and park it, boy fiend was with her, we waited till they made their way back on to Hotel Property an we went back to do our jobs.

            Around 12am I was in the office doing some reports including the car, when my partner, comes in from doing an exterior building patrol, saying “Where’s the Morals”, “Where’s the Morals”, I said Denny what’s going on? Go outside Mark make a right hand turn.

            So I did.

            The Beamer Lady and her friend from the Bar where outside, He was sitting on steps from starbucks which was closed for the night, believe it or not its located inside the hotel, but it is not part of our security duty to patrol the area.

            Anyways the 25 year old man has his pants and his shorts around his ankles and he had a stiffy, and she had the stiffy in her mouth, there is a (+) intersection at the corner and Bell-Telephone had offices there, there people were out on a lunch break about a 125 people, men and women all yelling suck-that cock.

            I had to do it and interrupt them and ask them to go get a room.

            The worst times were promes, those young people where trying to do it everywhere.

            They would sneak bottles in and we had to chase the down to confiscate the bottle, those who were supposed to be in charge of these ass-holes no where to be found, can not begin to tell you how many times caught them having sex, in stairwells, rooms they were not supposed to be in, disturbing guests.

            We found a professional Base Ball Player for the Florida Marlins, passed out buttnaked and in the middle of the floor, he appeared to not be breathing, we tried waking him no response, he did the foot thing, you gently kick them in the foot, feet have miles of nerve endings, no response, call on duty manager, to get up here, and call 911, we checked for breathing again and he was , we tried shaking him no response.

            Manager is there were yelling everything elevate his feet , I tried one more time kicked him in the foot, he jumps the fuck-up, to be blunt scared the shit-out of us.
            starts running up and down the hallway for Five minutes full speed, he had his key card in his hand runs to his door swipes it runs inside.

            Finally paramedics arrive he refuses to be checked out.

            Than two weeks latter I found one of the most beautiful women you would ever want to meet past out stoned ass drunk, on the same floor, but the third hallway over, It took a few minutes to wake her and I escorted her back to her room.

            Than there were the two Psycho-Bitches who actually met at a Psychiatric-Hospital Ward, not kidding they fell in love with each other, both came from wealthy families and both were middle aged, at the time of the incident we had no Idea about the two ladies, records indicate they were in the room about thee weeks.

            I’m working with Denny again, he calls me get your ass up her major cat fight!
            It’s 1am the screaming and foul utterances coming from their mouths make Donald Trump look like a saint, my friend,

            One was in the hall way naked as a jaybird, the other nut job is in the room throwing empty liquor bottles, at the lady in the hallway and my partner, a female manager was right on my heels,. she stopped as she saw bottles flying,NOTE “I’am going to fuck your cunt with a bottle, than I’am going to bash your head in Bitch, Is what we heard as we ran to the fight”……….

            I being the idiot that I’am charged into the room and a bottle missed my head, the reason it missed my head, was because, I fell to the floor, Why did i fall to the Floor, you ask? You could not walk on the floor, it was covered in empty Liquor and wine bottles and also a certain Mouth Wash Plastic Bottles, there were dozens of those bottles. It Turns out this mouth wash was achol

          2. Libertarian Soldier says

            “Where was I defending his personal character ?” Spoken and parsed like a democrat conflating irrelevance to fact. Let’s circle back to that, later but let’s see whether I understand you correctly.

            You don’t get that going to a strip club is legal? YOu don’t get that bragging about criminal, sexual assault is the illegal, act of a depraved, criminal degenerate and pervert, in his own words? You don’t get that? You don’t get that bragging of rights to do so, of privilege, based on fame, fortune and power, of criminal, amoral, predatory activity is disqualifying? There’s something really wrong with you that you can equate that to going to a strip club? You don’t get that grabbing someone by her private parts, without so much as a by your leave, when you’re not in a strip club and where a woman has not chosen to be objectified?

            There’s something wrong with how you fail to reason morally and legally. You are truly the enemy! You’re as bad as the guy who did it because you conflate it to legal activity and consent. You are what’s wrong the country! Do you brag about sexually assaulting women in locker rooms, too? Are you whom the president refers to when he excuses it as “locker room talk”? Is this common to you?

            So, these women with whom you keep company, do they brag about sexually assaulting anybody? Is that what you’re saying? Is that the conflation you’re selling? Is that the subterfuge you’re laying down? Do these women brag about sexual assault? Is that how you justify it?

            First, Jesus never ran for President and I’d say this was an intellectually dishonest misrepresentation but there’s no intellect involved, so I’m going to call you out for your bullcrap story that hasn’t a thing to do with anything. You didn’t include a married, 59 year old father of young and grown girls bragging about criminally, sexually assaulting women and you didn’t include the excusing it by insulting every athlete, coach, student, gym teacher, health-club member and worker, police officer common, uniformed worker and serviceman by claiming it to be acceptable content and common to discussions in locker rooms.

            You know, I have, many times, said that someone should make the argument that bragging aobut criminally, sexually assaulting women, not a woman but women, plural, as unacceptable conversation, in a locker room or a media bus, with or without a hot mic. You just did and you just defended sexual assault by obfuscating the issue with your experience as a security guard at a hotel, that has nothing to do with anything and by bringing Jesus into it.

            So, regarding your occupation, “security guard” and your story. It’s a hard read because you need to learn how to write in English. What it reads to me is, blah, blah, blah, irrelevant, blah, blah, blah, more irrelevant conflation at the grade school level. That’s what I got.

            So, let’s revisit your first sentence, “Where was I defending his personal character ?” You just did! You disgust me.

          3. Mark Tercsak says

            What Facts Are You Talking About?
            Was or has Donald Trump to your knowledge ever face a Criminal Investigation ?
            As far as I know the then Mr. Trump did not!
            Did Donald Trump ever appear before a grand jury looking into the accusations you talk about ?
            As far as I know he has not!
            Was Donald Trump ever arrested for a single accusation in which you talk about?
            As far as I know he has not!
            Was Donald Trump ever indicted for any of the accusations with which you refer?
            As far as I know he was not!
            Did Donald Trump ever appear in Criminal Court to face any of the Accusations in which you refer, let alone being found innocent or Guilty ?
            Once again , he was not.
            Facts are the Facts the accusations you talk about are accusations, not trying to be mean here but they are nothing more than BullShit……..

            Trump did say nasty things; I heard him say grab her by the pussy,

            Watch Game Of Thrones , If you had it your way the entire cast would be doing time, for language alone!

            Civil Court is not about guilt or innocence, but how much money it’s going to cost you.

          4. Libertarian Soldier says

            Don’t keep trying to turn it around. I’ll be asking the questions.
            –Did you know that it’s a criminal offense to grab a woman by her genitalia without permission?
            –You’re not educated but are you stupid or are you just pretending?
            –As for criminal investigations, did you know donald trump has faced criminal investigations by the Justice Department and because he’s a donor to the democrats, only paid fines, as much as $1,000,000.00 for hiring illegal aliens, then refusing to pay them? That doesn’t include defrauding labor union companies by violating their contracts for illegal aliens. Settlements approaching $1,000,000.00 have been made, supervised by the AG’s office.
            –Did you know that one of the reasons authorities can’t arrest illegal aliens reporting a crime is because of that precedent?
            –What do you know?
            –By the way, why do so many ignorant, fake patriots fly the American flag as your icon?
            –donald trump has appeared in court to face both criminal fraud and civil fraud cases?
            –Again, what do you know?
            –When you pay a fine to the Justice Dept. as a settlement, you’ve done something illegal: true or false?
            –Pick a single accusation and prove it wrong. Can you do that? I can prove everything I’ve said.
            –Can you pick something? Pick!
            –Whether trump has been indicted for his criminal, lecherous behavior has no basis in the reality that he’s been accused and he’s bragged about it in his own words.
            –If you want to excuse trump’s bragging of sexual assault, in his own words, what is your basis for defense? Was he lying then or are you lying for him, now.
            –Is your defense based on the fact that the man is a congenital, compulsive liar? Is it OK to lie just because it’s a campaign, which seems to be the sentiment of the trump cult zombies, you?
            –While there’s been no indictment I know of, donald trump has partnered with members of the Russian Mafia, Ukrainian Mob and multiple American and New York crime families. Felix Sater, son of Mikhail Sater, both partners to trump, has been in prison since 2009 for, you guessed it, “Mass Criminal Fraud”. Guess, also, who always gets paid, wholly when trump files bankruptcy.

            Here’s what’s wrong with you: you defend the indefensible! You have no moral authority because you jockstrap for and defend the amorality of a crook. You argue off the point and you argue about nothing, offering nothing more than drivel. Again, you defend the indefensible and you show how stupid it was not to disqualify the disqualified candidate. You’re what’s wrong with he republican in name, only party and the country. You’re so much like democrats, you’re pulling in the same direction. Don’t forget what this was about, to begin with: It’s about donald trump attacking actual devotees to republicanism while reaching out to his people, the democrats to not repeal the (un)Affordable Care(less) Act (Fraud) but to keep it intact and amend it. You’re the enemy of republicanism. You have nothing of value to add. At least you haven’t added a thing.

            By the way, trump just settled a fraud suite for $125 Million! His only saving grace is that he doesn’t have to admit he’s a fraud. That’s just as good. If he says he’s denying anything and your ilk is defending him, chances are he’s guilty as hell! He is!

          5. Mark Tercsak says

            Ok Numb-Nuts you want to insult people, I can do the same thing Jack-off.
            Do i know it’s a crime to grab a woman’s genitalia, without permission?
            (No), I did not know that, Dick Head !
            Question is it a crime for a stripper to grab and yank a guys ball sack without permission ? Just asking you appear to be the expert on such matters

          6. Mark Tercsak says

            As per Criminal Investigations; you say Donald Trump was investigated by the Justice Department, which branch of the Justices Department ?

            Ok, what was the Charge or charges?

            Where they Criminal Felony Charges, with possible Jail Time and Fines involved.?
            Or where they Civil Charges, the Justice Department can go either way.

            In most cases Numb~Nuts the Government will offer plea deals, sometimes they have a strong case, sometimes not, to rich and poor alike, and they will offer these deals for billions of reasons, it’s done seven days a week.

            Your attorney is going to advise you on what to do, go all the way, or take a deal.
            its your decision numb-nuts on what to do, You feel your in the right, you decide Ok I’m going all the way, that means a trial, Now you have to make a decision a jury trial, or let a judge hear the case.

            If you decide on a jury trial, that means selecting a jury to hear your case.
            that can be time consuming, laying out the ground rules, the laws this case covers, previous cases where appeals and legal proceedings and legal rulings may cover this case, rules for introducing evidence etc.

            If you decide to go to trial, your talking years before you see the inside of a court Room, during this time numb nuts there are deposition hearings taking place with witnesses and expert witnesses.

            There will be hearings in Judges chambers, challenges by both sides can occur, to deposition testimony, grand jury testimony, evidence and how it was collected and was said evidence collected legally?

            This shit cost money !

            And if you force the Government to go all he way and your convicted by a jury, you can expect to get hammered…..

            Keep in mind every day somewhere in our country men and women are convicted for crimes they did not commit!

            A GOOD ATTORNEY, your not going to like what I’am going to have to say, is going to look for the best deal, he can get you!

            They see that as their job.

            They are your advisor.

            The Government Attorney’s are the same way!

            Looking for the best deal they can get their client, the Government!

            Sometimes a Judge who will be hearing a case will order both sides to the table to workout a deal and save the taxpayers you and I the cost of a Trial.

            Usually the government says Mr. Trump you pay this, and Mr. Trump’s side says where not admitting to it.

            Both sides agree a deal is struck, you go see the judge who approves the deal, or the judge can amend or tell both sides you must revise this or that for the deal to jive with the laws, or the judge can shoot the deal down.

            It’s been awhile but if I remember correctly average trial by jury can go three days.

            More Complex the Case, the more it will cost, trust me most people cannot afford a trial, so if they are offered a deal, they take it.

            this is not traffic court.

          7. Mark Tercsak says

            Six Republican’s, some of who Ran For President, accepted George Soros Bribes, of campaign money.

            1. Marco Rubio
            2. John McCain
            3. Jeb Bush
            4. Paul Ryan
            5. Lindsey Graham
            6. John Kasich

          8. Mark Tercsak says

            Lets talk about Lincoln.

            When he was elected President, South Carolina, decided to leave the Union.
            They felt the Federal Government was going to enforce its will ;upon a Sovereign State, shots were fired at Ft. Sumpter after the Federal Government refused to vacate the Fort, Around this time other states followed South Carolina.

            Lincoln tried to avoid war, he told the south you can keep your slaves…….

            The South replied their argument has nothing to do with slavery………….

            Lincoln personally did not like slavery, from my understanding his wife’s family owned some slaves and she may have inherited them……….

            Remember reading that there may have been a family slave in the whitehouse, but as far as I know that was never confirmed.

            We do know Lincoln’s early thinking on blacks, has did in fact see them as human, but not on the same level as we whites.

            Lincoln proposed colonies overseas at one time where blacks could be resettled.
            Libera was one such colony, in fact post civil war some freed blacks took up the offer.

            Let’s also remember my friend, “not all slave states left the Union “a number of Slave States infact stayed Loyal to the Union, and they were promised they could keep their slaves, thus they were totally unaffected by Lincoln’s

            Those slaves in Union Slave States would not be freed until the passage of the IXth Amendment………..

            What made Lincoln great my friend was his position on blacks evolved, by the end of the war he saw them as equal in status to white people, just lacked education…………

            He was able to lay the foundation for a desegregated Civilian Branch of the Federal Government, that lasted until Woodrow Wilson the Klansmen.

            What he did not do was desegregate the Army, that would not happen till post World War II………….

            The Confederate States Of America raised over 85,000 black troops, who served in desegregated units !


          9. Mark Tercsak says

            Reagan the perfect!
            Ronald W. Reagan, my friend never claimed to be perfect……….
            Do not know where you got that false notion?
            He was married Twice Himself, he admitted in one interview, he made a mistake, quite frankly it’s none of our business!
            He was said he had too been a Liberal once, than he grew-up!
            Look two of his children our Liberals !
            If he were perfect they would be conservatives!
            What made Ronald Reagan great, was he understood his weak points, he adapted and overcame them, He learned from his mistakes and learned not to repeat them.
            Without question Reagan was a Great President and more IMPORTANTLY a GREAT HUMAN BEING!

      4. ernldo says

        Try sobriety, snowflake…..

        1. overandone says

          I caught Obama trying to break into my gun safe to steal my AR 15’s, Eric Holder was driving the getaway car. It’s true! I had just gotten home from my death panel meeting and caught them pealing out of my driveway in a Prius, they were shouting, alllah ‘akbar as they sped away. Really! So SAD!

          1. ernldo says

            How could you tell if they all look alike?

          2. overandone says

            Your well thought out and stinging retort has wounded me to the quick.

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            The mustache, but I think they both are closeted homosexuals who met in the Chicago bathhouses.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            I hope you don’t have an AR. Liberals and firearms make poor bedfellows.

      5. Mark Tercsak says

        What Overandone and the other Bolshevik’s do not tell the American Public is the Truth about Law-Suits.
        The Court Systems across this nation are divided into two divisions:
        Criminal Court Division:
        Where the Burden of Proof rests upon the Government.
        Civil Court Division:
        How much is this going to cost me?
        This Old Adage , applies to Civil Court, It’s Cheaper to Keeper Her!
        I know this right now, Overandone; you have not gone through one single Trump case in which either he or his Companies were named in a suit.
        You are going on bull-shit that other people who know jack-shit about a case or cases have told you.
        Just as an example in my workmen’s Compensation Case, Just my Medical Files were over Four Feet High.
        My Testimony which I, was the primary witness, most likely amounted to at best 100 pages.
        Deposition maybe another 100 pages.
        Their was two other witnesses who gave very brief testimony on the stand, maybe a paragraph at best, I know they were deposed, how many pages, I do not know.
        These two men one being a Boss and owner of a former Company, that i had worked for, were brought into this case on what is called a joinder petition, in my state. They had nothing to with said injury, Both Witnesses supported my Testimony, the Judge on the case-in the end vacated the joinder ruling based on my testimony and held the current employer accountable, in the end we settled.
        Oh most forgot the Employer approached the bench and notified the Judge that he was recommending his clients settle.
        At this point you go to a conference room with another judge, their was a series of hearings and Testimony given and arguments between the two employers and the legal council.
        The Aftermath I was missing the Front Quarter of my left foot, and after all was said and done two years salary from a part time job.
        I was the Victor !
        My case the first hearing was in August of 2010 and ended in May of 2011.
        On October 28th, 2010 I had to go back into surgery for Reamputation of amputated bones in my left foot, they were growing, in a period of one month they grew an inch, and were starting to push through the old skingraft, It was out patient surgery.

        1. overandone says

          Trump has been sued 60 times since taking office, spin in your fantasy world Trumpkin

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Trump has been sued only 60 times, since taking office ?
            Big Deal!
            You my friend are the one who lives in a fantasy world, Bubble!
            My sister went to college to become a Industrial engineer, she studied her ass off and works her ass-off to this day, 35 years latter.
            A few weeks ago she was in town and she was talking to our nephew who is in school for engineering.
            She told him when you graduate and on average about your first ten years, you will do, what you trained for, then you will move on to other things.
            And as you climb the ladder, you will get further and further away from building things.
            In my sister’s case she ended up on the legal end of this muliti-billion dollar corporation and testified as a expert witness, helped with legal defense, and also helped when they sued somebody.

            These big companies all they do is guess what ? Sue each other!
            When they enter into contracts with each other there are timelines and dead lines that are set. many times for whatever reason a timeline or deadline is not met can result in a law suit, because, projected losses can occur. And one Party wants to recover those projected losses.

            Other times a Company that enters into a contract with a party may do shoddy work, or make a mistake like in my city, work was being done on a major bridge, last year, their was an accident with a welding torch that caused a major failure with a 32 foot steel I beam, the under deck caught on fire destroying this beam, engineers stated the bridge was ten minutes away from structural Failure.

            The Bridge was closed for weeks.

            The Company was find everyday major money, it was a government contract, most contracts due not have those kinds of stipulations built in.

            The government also lied to the residents of my city stating the repairs were made and complete and the bridge is safe.

            A few weeks ago the Dumacrats announced that on saturday and sunday the bridge would be closed for the week end so they could finish the repairs!

            Note; The Bridge after the accident was also out of alignment, and it was significant ammount.

            what is Bull-Shit is w can not sue the government, or should I say you have a very slim chance.

          2. Mathew Molk says

            So what? You can sue ANYBODY for ANYTHING. === We could even sue you for being a sophomoric jerk. – And that case should not be thrown out for lack of merits.

            You need to get out in the real world a little more often and you won’t sound like a mentaly retarded ignaramus all the time.

      6. Michael Dennewitz says

        I love blocking dumbasses?

        1. Texascat says

          I am blocking numnuts myself.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            You’re not alone on that one friends. This blocking feature comes in handy sometimes.

      7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Still hurt in the butt huh? What a shame, I revel in your pain!

        1. ernldo says

          Idiots like that haven’t actually felt the pain yet, but they will This gooberment can NOT continue adding a trillion a year to our grandchildrens’ credit card like bathhouse Barry did. The ignorant demotards may even believe the cash grows on trees, they are that stupid…

      8. Gerry Costa says

        Yo done —- you have just described the person we just survived 8 years of perfectly. Everything you posted fits obozo to a “T”. As far as your asinine “white priviledge” goes — you can take that and stick it where it will do you the most harm. People like you are pitiful and pathetic, not because you don’t like PRESIDENT TRUMP(nice ring to it don’t you think) but because all you do is spout demoSCUM garbage that you heard some low life like schumer, pelosi,obozo or clinton spew out of their corrupt donkey dung garbage mouths.

        1. ernldo says

          The moron will enjoy the almost certain and nearing inner citirs’ collapse. The feral apes will be eating other at some point. They won’t have a good time searching for food and shiny things in my neighborhood, I can guarantee….

      9. Mathew Molk says

        You trying to tell me that the world is not STILL laughing at that half honky bust out community organizer?

      10. Libertarian Soldier says

        Trump knows very little about very little. He doesn’t know how much he doesn’t know and he’s not that smart. He still thinks like a democrat and while he was still trying to play on the emotions of the gullible dullards of the republican in name, only party, he defrauded the dull witted republicans that have been victimized by the people they’ve elected for 3 decades. Bush 43 could have been a great one had he and the Surrender 1st, Cowards of the republican in name, only party not abandoned and turned on him. democrat trump still uses democrat propaganda, used it to defeat John E. Bush, who really didn’t have a chance, and shouldn’t have had a chance, anyway.

        Right now, trump is backstroking in the swamp. The swamp, “drain the swamp, specifically, by the way is a 1970 Reagan quote to which trump has never given credit, like Reagan’s’ 1980, “Make America Great Again”, mantra and campaign slogan. He also hasn’t given Bush 41 credit for, “Common Sense Conservative.” I personally heard him say he ‘just made that up.’

        Been telling the trump cult zombies this for a year and a half! He’s not a good businessman, not a good man, not a good father, not a good husband, not a good American. He has no business in our White House. Now, people think he’s the head of the Republicans and Republicanism when he’s just about the worst example I can think of, so he’s attacking actual, lifelong republicans? Shameful! The republican party, the party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan is done.

    2. JC says

      I have a feeling the tax reform issue is heading the same way as the Obamacare horror did

      1. Gerry Costa says

        Not likely. I would imagine President Trump learned a valuable lesson about who to trust and better yet who NOT to trust. He got undermined by the rinos and it will probably be the last time he lets that happen.

          1. ernldo says

            Yes, it is….

          2. Brendagwiens says

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          3. SUZANNE M. says

            HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. rdells says

            Very much like St. Ronnie.

        1. Nina says

          My words exactly! He knows what to do just has to get it pass thes e major buttholes! Like I have said in previous posts he is a fast learner and he’s good and mad now and to tell you the truth I don’t think he really got that involve in that health care bill other than pushing it bc those were not the words the President ran on. That will change, if not then it will be on him. This one is not. Ryan’s not your friend Mr. President!! Drain that swamp!

          1. Mike says

            So you acknowledge that President Trump’s healthcare bill was not what he campaigned on. So why are you confident he will keep any of his other campaign promises?

          2. SUZANNE M. says


          3. Mark Tercsak says

            I will acknowledge what you say.
            I believe Trump was trying to make peace and become friends with Paul Ryan.
            Paul Ryan conned Trump and was out to Fuck’em.
            Ryan is a Loyal member of the bush Clan

          4. Libertarian Soldier says

            Swampmaster trump? No! They’re both republicrats. Fake republicans! They’re at the top of the republican in name, only party and they’re complaining about actual republicans, actual believers in republicanism. Don’t ask, again, about “which republicansim”. There’s only one, doofus.

          5. Nina says

            He will get it done. He has a new job. A very BIG new job!! He made a mistake by giving a job to someone else to handle……..mostly. What comes out next will be what HE campaigned on. I’m sure of that. Look around you everything else he said he would do he’s doing whether you agree with it or not.

          6. rdells says

            Problem is der tRumpenstein belives his job is to destroy America. I don’t.

          7. Nina says

            You must be talking about Ovomit the destroyer in chief!

          8. Craig Vandertie says

            The only thing Mr. Trump can do is try to convince the House to replace Cerebral Palsy Paul, I would imagine that someone like Ryan would be a charity promoting RINO, the southeastern corner 1st Congressional District of WI is 1 of the most densely minority populated areas of the state.

          9. Mike says

            How would that help? PResident Trump came and pushed for Trumpcare to pass, but he did not know how to make deals with the members of his own party. Ryan is a conservative legislator who unfortunately believed the hype that Trump could close deals, but alas no he could not.

          10. Mark Tercsak says

            Paul Ryan is no Conservative!

            He never has been a Conservative !

            Paul Ryan comes from the Bush Clan.

            The Bush Family also are not Conservatives.

            They are members of the Liberal Wing Of the Republican Party……….
            Else Hillman of Pittsburgh was the leader and founder of the modern Liberal Wing Of the Republican Party, she recruited George H.W. Bush and she forced him upon Ronald W. Reagan after Ronald Reagan defeated him in the primary’s.
            She threatened to cut-off party funding, for the November election if Mr. Reagan had not chosen George H. W, Bush as a running mate.

            Paul Ryan does not have a conservative~constitutional bone in his body.
            He in fact acts more like Mr. Money-Bags, than most Democrats, and like Democrats the Money is free Flowing, just one litle problem, the Money is no his or theres its Yours….

          11. Libertarian Soldier says

            All you ever do is stupidly rail against Reagan and the Bushes. You talk about them not being “conservative” but you gush all over the democrat you nominated to the former party of Lincoln Coolidge and Reagan.

            While George W Bush made some mistakes, he’s head and shoulders more “Conservative” than you or than donald trump ever will be. You rail about having trusted Ri(YA)NO, including saying you trusted him, too, but not in English, “Mr. President “WE THE PEOPLE”, once trusted him to!” To what?

            If you ever trusted PAUL RI(YA)NO, you’re an idiot. Also, if you say that it was he that did all things you listed, so you did, you’re even more stupid because he wasn’t Speaker until Boehner was out and you are. Where do you get your disinformation?

          12. Mark Tercsak says

            The reality is this TED CRUZ, is not the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES !
            Do you understand who’s fault that is ?
            Well it’s not the People’s fault !
            It’s Ted Cruz’s Fault.
            He got off message
            He tried to be someone he was not, when he started to fall behind.
            He needed to stay on message, stay on course and most of all be himself………

          13. Mark Tercsak says

            As far as the first Executive Order regarding the seven Islamic Countries and the 120 day moratorium on immigration from those seven Islamic Countries was and is Constitutional, do you seriously think that Trump did not get advice from Jeff Sessions on writing this executive order, or legal advice from legal counsel ?
            if you think that then you are a Fool !

            The 1st Problem for that Executive Order, was the top Lawyers from the Justice Department, they were O’Nut Sack appointed, they did not do their duty in representing the United States Government, well there is one exception, that executive order was up-held in Federal District Court in Mass. I believe.

            But was shot down in flames by a Bush era appointed Federal Judge out west.
            that man is a Traitor and a CUNT!

            As per the 9th circuit court of Bolsheviks what did you expect……..

            Trump did make a mistake, that was on timing, and I will agree he should have waited, but not on the Attorney General appointment, but on the appointment of the associate justice to the supreme court.

            In the meantime he should have used the power of his office, as Commander & Chief, he is responsible for National Security.

            As such he needs no executive order per say.

            This is what he should have done, as Commander & Chief, primetime speech, laid out his case about the dangers immigrants or people from those seven islamic countries pose to you and I.

            Then go on to declare all seven Islamic Countries on the List as Active War Zones and bar all immigration and visits from all their citizens for the duration of Hostilities !

          14. Mark Tercsak says

            You should try taking on the real enemy of the United States, Jock !
            The Bolshevik~Democratic Party, The Bolshevik Media, The Bolshevik University and College Professors,The Brain washed students who can not think for themselves, who wish to end the 1st Amendment and where political correctness runs amok.

          15. Mark Tercsak says

            It is America’s Bolsheviks Jock, who are the real enemies of the United States, they want Islamic-Nazis to immigrate to the United States, they want terrorism and blood shed, on ou streets, they want the Islamic~Nazification of America, fore our fellow Citizens to live in fear, so as to destroy Our Constitutional Republic.

            Lets be Blunt the New World Order Republican’s was created by George H.W. Bush, a misguided , but good man and George H. Bush.

            These new world order repukes, as I call them, led by former speaker of the House John the crier bonehead Bohner, now Paul Ryan, and rats like Mich McConnel and John McCain in the senate, did nothing to defend justice or liberty, when Obama was President.

            These scumbag, sacks of shit, killed every investigation into Obama and his Administration, because; they feared being labeled racists!

            What those Cocksucker’s are Jock is Traitors, they betrayed their oaths to protect and defend, they should be arrested and charged with Treason !

          16. rdells says

            Idiots! Do you even know what a disaster “Trump-dont-care” was? If you’re a wealthy evil psychopath I understand your sentiments. If you’re not I pity you all the more.

          17. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Do u understand you are powerless and weak! TRUMP is our President and
            he is cleaning up all the liberal mess the jive talkin fool Obama did…Liberalism is EVIL & RACIST …IF you dont believe that I pity your ignorant ass…loser…sit down fool

          18. Mark Tercsak says

            It was not TRUMP CARE or TRUMP-DONT-CARE ……………..

            What it was and is the Paul Ryan Healthcare Plan………

            Believe me I know all about disasters and that is what O’ nut sack care is a walking talking disaster………

          19. Mark Tercsak says

            You do a disservice to people who have Cerebral Palsy …….
            They donot deserve a Ryan Stigma

          20. Libertarian Soldier says

            You do a disservice to DNA that should have ended in the wet spot.

          21. Mathew Molk says

            I’m actually glad it didn’t pass. When obozocare collapses it will be 100% in the Marxists’ lap. The best legacy his royal exalted boma will ever have. A totally failed healthcare system that will always bear his name.

          22. Phyllis Schultz says

            That may be, but if the liberals manage to keep from repealing they could very well do what Obama did to keep it going, which was to take millions out of our Medicare, causing cuts in services to Seniors. If they keep taking from Medicare and SS, there will be a lot less people able to pay for all the people who don’t pay at all. Just look at the rising premiums and the high deductibles, cancelled treatments that have been occuring since it’s passing. It is destroying working citizens and Srs. Who will they squeeze money out of to pay for all the people who don’t have jobs or income?

          23. Laddyboy says

            All of the TEETSUCKERS should be removed. Those who did not pay into the FORCED SAVINGS PLAN “SS”, as it was initially set up, should have NO access to any of its money or benefits. DEPORT anyone who is not an American Citizen and is FREELOADING off of Americans.

          24. Laddyboy says

            This is true. The TRAITOR ‘b.h.0bama’ should be sitting in a cell awaiting his Constitutional controlled TRIAL. He should not be allowed to float around the world on OUR dime. All benefits should be withdrawn from this TRAITOR to America and the American People.

          25. ernldo says


          26. jaybird says

            The Demorats always figure out how to turn things around and blame them on the Republicans. I have watched the Senate and House hearings for the last 7 yrs.

          27. ernldo says

            Yup, move on Trump, and let 0bamacare kill itself!….The GOP can defund it, which is the correct course.

          28. Nina says

            But if you do defund it without the replacement that Tump promised, not Elf Boys replacement, you leave people without insurance.

          29. ernldo says

            Trump promised during the campaign to repeal. Replacing a pig with a pig is foolhardy. Most Americans had and have insurance for health care regardless of bammycare. There are those that would rather a six pack of beer, or new tattoo instead of paying a doctor for services. THEIR choice.

          30. Nina says

            But what about the truly hard working people that are trying to make those damn ass payments that are not collecting govt. subsidies. They just want damn insurance like they had before only a lot cheaper!!

          31. ernldo says

            …and you believe the gooberment can do batter than the private sector? A pack of self serving thieves can improve on professionals in the fields of health care and insurance? The gubmint is the problem, NOT a solution….

          32. Nina says

            No!! I really don’t!! They should never be in it to begin with. We know Ovomit and the Libtards are going for single payer! By sticking to Trumps original plan of going over state lines I was hoping to get back to the American way. The plan that Elf Boy brought to the prez is just another Obamacare. I think the prez was trying to move to fast and too sloppy. Hopefully he remembered why and who elected him. We don’t want Lyin Ryan we want you Mr. President!

          33. DAlnB41 says

            Paul Ryan cost Romany his election by dong almost the same ting then as he did this time as he dumped “his budget plan” onto the Romney campaign then and now his version of Repeal/rewrite of Obama care plan onto the GOP and tried forcing his agenda again.
            Think back on the Ryan/Obama relationship even before he became the Speaker of the house; he and Obama seemed to have abnormal relationship as Ryan was all to fast and to often ready to back Obama’s play.
            Recall too the way Ryan worked his way into the speakers position; he was asked to fill the position but declined UNLESS he was given powers and authority previous speakers did not have. Know too that the speakers of the parties have ungodly power as to what will or will not be heard on the floor, what bills will or will not move forward, and what elected representatives will or will not be appointed to what committees and when it comes to reelection, whether the incumbent candidates will or will not be supported . Our elected representatives are overly managed and restrained by party leadership!
            He is a great speaker but then so is Obama, and look where Obama took us. Paul Ryan will do the same thing; the last president had his own agenda that was more him than us; Paul Ryan is the same – a great speaker who will see he is taken care of first!

          34. rdells says

            LOL – what twisted logic.

          35. DAlnB41 says

            Explain “twisted logic” and see if you can better define the lack of governing, lack of attending to the nations problems, the lack of leadership in Washington for the past eight (12 ) years! Bush left problems behind as he left office, Obama ignored the Bush problems and added multiple problems on our society; Trump has inherited the Bush problems and the Obama problems.

          36. DAlnB41 says

            The “gooberment” just followed the insurance companies pattern of milig the Ameriacn people; and I AGREE – – the “gubmint” is the problem and they have certainly EARNED the reputation as “not the solution!”
            Give some thought as to when our real problems in tis nation started. Many of them go back years and years and more years. But our major problems, economy, jobs, national defense, national security, a decent press and media, crime, and respect for each other, respect for justice and for our government really hit it’s low in the past 12 years. It started in the last few years of Bush; Obama inherited a lot of Bush problems and instead of fixing them he (Obama) ignored them and did nothing. When he (Obama) left office he left this country with the greatest debt we have ever seen (increased the debt 3 or 4 times more than any other president in our history) our society was quickly falling apart with loss of respect for government, justice, our daily needs and the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants in our entire history! .
            These problems were before Trump filed to be president; they were there when he took office; he did not bring them with him, he did not create them. Now, those who were in office and should have been doing something to fix the problems, are fighting hard with absurdities and laziness saturated with rants and finger pointing in refusing to do anything to help fix the mess left by two previous presidents.
            I feel Trumps fortitude to take on the problems he knew were there is commendable. I think his promises were well meant and I think he will continue trying to live up to those promises; we have seen more effort in the past two months to fix the mess than we saw In the last two White House administrations!.
            BUT, with a congress that has lived too long under the concept of, “do nothing and the problems’ will go away” mentality, those career politicians want to fight anything that may show their failures of the past exposing their failures and forcing them to truly earn their wages by really serving the people who voted and sent them to Washington!

          37. DAlnB41 says

            We want to be able to make our own decisions. We probably were not happy with the increasing costs of healthcare before Obama care but we were not happy with the cost of increases in the grocery store, the cost of motor oil, the cost to do about anything; but how we managed those increases were decisions we made and we lived with it. We did not have to pay anyone, including the government, to tell us what we MUST have and HOW MUCH we would pay for it!
            I always thought being able to manage life’s needs, to plan and budget for necessities, and to raise our families was our business; I have been voting since 1962 and I can not recall ever being asked on ANY ballot being by any level of government for permission to let the government take over my duties and responsibilities as an adult, a father or grandfather. I was doing fine before Obama care; we were doing far better before Obama care.
            I believe Obama care is one reason why we have so many people no longer working – many working men and women were pretty much living and raising families from day to day. When Obama care was forced on us they decided it was cheaper for them to stop working and let the government give them their health care and place them on welfare than to go to work everyday.

          38. rdells says

            I vote for the beer, but not the rot gut.

          39. DAlnB41 says

            Before Obamacare our (wife and I) insurance was just under $700.00 a month. We seldom ever went to a doctor, seldom had reason to do so. We probably got a cold every third or forth years and that was attended to at home. We did try getting annual physicals but that was at our option.
            We often complained about having the insurance as it had increased from almost $325 (+/-) a month over a period of six years.
            Obama care hit us hard; it jumped to $1200. a month. It did not make us any healthier, it did not do anything for us. We bought our house 17 years ago and usually buy cars that are 3 or 4 years old; Obama care was costing us almost as much as our car and house payments; the car never got batter and the house still need to get paint; with Obama care though the house does not get painted as often as it should and oil changes and new tired are put off a lot longer! We still had some options that allowed us to buy what we needed, when we needed (wanted) it and at what price we felt we could or should pay! I have been doing that since I became and adult; all my kids and grandkids grew up just fine without Uncle White House telling us how to live, what to buy, how much to spend and how to vote
            Many of the people we see as indigent have elected to be so because the cost of Obama care was more than they could handle along with the costs of everyday living. Their option was to quit working and let Obama care take care of them. Between Obama care and welfare, they ended up being almost as well off and in some cases – probably better off. Will they get sick and truly need health care – most likely Yes, but the Tax Payers will take care of them just as it did before Obama care made it so fashionable!

          40. rdells says

            Psycho speaks again

        2. jaybird says

          He got screwed by Ryan!

          1. ernldo says

            Attempted, but Ryan just crapped his own panties….

        3. ONLYJB1 says

          Gerry, you got it! What happened with this first attempt at repeal was planned. Trump needed to draw out the closet Rinos and guess what, it worked. He also needed to see how the democommies would defend. Accomplishment #2! POTUS has been talking with REAL Americans and getting their truthful input! The next time around should be a cakewalk! I hope.

          1. rdells says

            Flippn’ nonsense

          2. ONLYJB1 says

            My God dude, What are you talking about? What’s nonsense?

      2. ernldo says

        Maybe not, midterms 2018 are just 18 months away….

        1. Craig Vandertie says

          Knowing what kind of losers have kept Ryan in office as long as he has been they will reelect him in 2018.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well….. CAN’T FIX STUPID!

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            Alas, how true, trying to rationalize with the walking dead simply is not possible.

          3. ernldo says

            Sometimes GOP pols get kicked out, with a few McCain, Ryan, McConnell type exceptions, but demotards will keep stupidly electing dolts for ever….Too many examples to name here….

      3. Mark Tercsak says

        I 100% agree.
        Newt Gingrich said as much yesterday.
        What he should do is move to infrastructure and the wall also the ban.
        President Trump should declare all seven countries active War Zones.

        1. Libertarian Soldier says

          You people are backwards. You don’t spend your way to prosperity, ever! That’s what barack hussein-obama tried, what bernie sanders was trying to do and what the clintons attempted.

          The trump spending stimulus,which, by no coincidence, was once called the infrastructure stimulus, is more than the spending aspirations of the hussein-obamas and the Clintons’ combined, $1.2 Trillion! Let me say that again: The trump stimulus is more than hussen-obamas’ and the clintons’ combined. He loves bernie, too with the forgiveness of student loans, already at $1.3 “Trillion and Growing, exponentially. Trump spending 2 weeks after inauguration “projected to be a $37 Trillion deficit by 2024.” That’s conservative! So is an “Amendment” to the (un)Affordable Care(less) Act, instead of a repeal.

          So, of course your socialist attacks the real republicans that do what they’re sent to Washington to do and you sycophants refuse to hold your socialist accountable. You say you trusted the guy you should have known wasn’t a real republican. News flash, dumb 4$$, We knew that when he went into leadership less than a year and a half ago.

          You’re the reason why the republican party is the official party of stupid! You had the perfect storm of Constitutionalism, Federalism, Republicanism and you jumped on board the trump train and derailed it. Thanks a lot, losers!

    3. DAlnB41 says

      I agree, with most of your comments Mark; I believe the tax issue is important and as far as the wall – it will help but the Border Patrol has always been able to do a great job until Janet Napolitano, then the Secretary of Homeland Security, then her followers, made a mockery out of our federal immigration laws, our immigration program, and routinely messed with ICE and the Border Patrol turning them into an ineffective unit, confused, beaten down, and with almost no authority to carry out our federal laws.
      The wall may help a little but returning the power to carry out our federal laws to the Border Patrol and Ice is the most important step we can take.

    4. AKLady says

      Walls keep people in, as well as out.
      Please remember Trump was not elected by We the People.
      He has already violated the Constitution several times.

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        Your Statement says all, I need to know, about you!

        You madam are totally and most likely intentionally Obviously to the Constitution.

        Nowhere in the Constitution, does it state or advocate elections by popular vote.
        The Founder’s decided when writing our Constitution and debating the Constitution, that elections by Popular vote could be dangerous to our Republic.

        They saw Majority Rule, as Mob Rule.

        The very City in which I, live and the County in which I, reside has been dominated by Mob Rule for close to 90 Years by one party rule.

        The Founder’s looked for a system and they created the Electoral College.

        You Democrats shore liked it in 2008 and again in 2012.

        Now all of a sudden you do not like it.

        My answer to you and the rest of the Bolsheviks “TOUGH~SHIT”!

        1. AKLady says

          Save your childish insults for someone you can impress, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

          You choose to ignore significant facts.

          All but two states give all their electors to the individual with the most votes. Only Maine and Nebraska allocate electors based on the actual vote.

          While most states require electors to follow the people’s vote, none have a significant punishment for failure to comply with their oaths,

          In Texas, electors voted for Ron Paul and John Kasich. In Hawaii, one voted for Bernie Sanders. In Washington, electors voted for Colin Powel and Faith Spotted Eagle. In addition, three Democratic electors, in Colorado, Maine and Minnesota, initially declined to vote for Mrs. Clinton. Two were replaced by an alternate, and one ended up changing his vote.

          You sir, are totally and intentionally OBLIVIOUS TO FACT and LAW. Electors are not required by the Constitution to vote for a particular candidate

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Madam, where did I say that Electors are required by the Constitution to vote for a Particular Candidate?

            Madam I said no such thing.

            Madam also I never called you a democrat, I called you a Bolshevik!

            Once again Madam you have proven OBLIVIOUS to the FACTS !…….

      2. Mark Tercsak says

        Where has Trump Violated the Constitution.
        Are you talking about the Cunt Judges who stayed the Travel Bans.
        Those Travel Bans my dear are not unconstitutional.
        what those Cunt Judges are saying is those foreigners who wish to come here are United States Citizens.
        And that my dear is Bull-shit.
        They are not citizens of the United States, they are not protected or given Constitutional Protections.

        Have you ever heard of Adolph Hitler ?

        Well my dear ole Adolph was born in the Osterich~Ungarish Empire, commonly known as Austro~Hungary, this former Country was the size of the United States Of America.

        To this Country’s North and North West lay The Empire of Deutchland aka Germany and Switzerland.

        Before the Great War broke out, Ole Adolph Hitler, immigrated to Imperial Germany, he would become a citizen, he protested against his new Homelands entry into the Great War, but he did join the German Armee and he was a veteran.

        After the war he was out of work, he was recruited by the new Amy to spy on a new political party, DAP, the German Workers Party.

        DAP would later be renamed the NSDAP, National Socialist Deutchland Workers Party, aka Nazis.

        Hitler would climb his way up the party ranks, until he took total control.

        Under the German Constitution Heir Hitler was allowed to Run for high office and he won.

        Under our Constitution he would have been prevented!

        1. AKLady says

          President Trump is violating the Constitution by allowing his hotels and other business operations to accept payments from foreign governments. The Constitution Emoluments Clause bans payments from foreign powers like the ones to Mr. Trump’s companies.

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            The Constitution of the United States Of America does not demand a President or for that matter any elected official self off his or her business.

            Those who have sold off their business’s really did not sell them off as you think, they kept an interest, a stake and they have a right to.
            I will agree those who had a business did come and say hey we sold our business, they were playing the political game for the fools and uneducated.

            What Mr. Trump did Aklady was actually go a hell of lot further than any past elected official, he made a complete legal separation between himself and his business’s and he has every legal right to turn his companies over to his family.

            In fact he went the extra mile and even democrats said he need not go……
            no new foreign contracts, they would full-fill ones already in play.

          2. AKLady says

            Talk about fools and uneducated played by the political game …
            Trump has been, and continues to violate the Emoluments Clause.
            His financial threats also violate the Constitution.
            Congress decides what money will be spent, and how it is to be spent.
            Trump is a dictator wannabe.
            He is unfit to hold the highest office.
            His ignorance of the law poses a serious danger to our country.
            You need to get out the history books. Your knowledge is seriously lacking.
            The issue is the money he is getting from foreign governments.

          3. Mark Tercsak says

            You do understand Aklady that the Constitution Of The United States, apply’s to the Citizens of the United States,and those who have legally entered the United States.

            The Vth and XIVth Amendments do not apply to foreign citizens, living in Foreign Countries, they also do not apply to those who broke into our Country…………

            Out of decency, madam there is a long understanding, that we treat, these illegal aliens, as if they had Constitutional Rights.I’am not opposed to this., but they do not have actual Constitutional Rights, they are not Citizens nor are they here legally here, as a legal resident.

            This is to protect them from bad people and potential mistreatment.
            it also protects our people from false claims of abusing illegal aliens.

            It is completely legal for the government to round up and detain these illegal aliens, they can be detained for long periods of time , until they have a detention hearing and deportation process begins.

            They are not entitled to a Bail or a Bond Hearings…..

            The Government has a obligation to make sure those in detention are well treated, well fed and provided for, until they are deported.

            As a legal Resident, you are given limited Constitutional Rights, Your legal status can be reviewed, your legal status can also be revoked and you can be deported.

            I know of such a case, his name was Michael, he came from Syria back in the early 1980’s, and he was a Terrorist.

            There was a F.B.I. Investigation and Police Investigation conducted into Michael,
            I know Michael, because; I was once related to this “Shit-Head”,………..

            Michael was then on his own living in an Apartment Building, he rewired the telephone lines and was making phone calls to known enemy countries in the east bloc who supported terror operations.

            He also acted as a mule traveling to a local foreign country, and would bring back gold, to support his cause.

            Michael’s legal status was reviewed, and it was pulled, he faced a Deportation hearing, he was deported…..

            What no body did not know was this piece of shit married another dumb-ass American Chick.

            The Carter Administration then let him back in the country.

            On 09/12/01, My family member who had been married to Michael, had not heard from him since before he was deported. on this date the day after the worst attack in American History, This Slime Bag Piece of Shit crawled out from under his rock, he called her , he was frantic, scared shitless, told her the government was looking for him and he needed help….

            My family member was scared shitless, because; he contacted her and she had unlisted phone number etc…

            I Told her I would take care of it.

            I contacted Dad’s friends at the F.B.I. and that led them to Michael, whom we have not heard from since.

            Michael was a terrorist, he was a murderer, he was an expert with weapons …

            And Jack-Ass’s like you let Shitheads like him into the Country.

            He was also a very good con-man and women beater.

            But that’s ok, with you and your kind, because; he is a Muslim!

          4. AKLady says

            The U.S. Constitution applies to every civilian within the United States and its territories. Citizenship is not an issue. That is why it is so important that illegal immigrants be caught at the border and prevented from entry.

            Only ambassadors, their children and families are excluded. Moreover, their children born in the U.S. do not acquire U.S. citizenship by birth.

            Additionally, America’s indigenous people were not “citizens” until 1924. See the Indian Citizenship Act, aka the Snyder Act.

            You might also extend your so-called legal knowledge to the fact that there are other sovereign nations within the United States’ physical boundaries. Two of those sovereign nations cross the northern and southern binderies of the Continental United States.

            The U.S. Military on the other hand forfeit some of those Constitutional rights.

          5. Mark Tercsak says

            My Grandfather Immigrated to the United States , in 1922.
            He went to a U.S. Embassy in Wein, that is Vienna to you and I.
            He expressed that he wanted to come to America and become a citizen.
            He had paperwork to fill out and he had to wait for approval.
            He was notified that he was approved and he received his Green Card/ Visa
            meanwhile he worked saving money to book his passage.
            He traveled into Germany and went to Bremen and shipped out for Ellis Island.
            Many people who applied and were granted entry to the United States overseas, were Turned away at ports of entry like Ellis Island, some for Illness, some because they found out they lied on their application, some because they were Criminals,
            After entry into the United States my grandfather made his way to the city he would spend the rest of his lie in. I recall him telling me that he would have to (check- in) from time to time, he paid for himself to take classes to learn to speak American~English, “by the way he could speak five different Languages” and he was a farm boy. He was a Mercedes-Benz trained Mechanic, from what elder family members told me when I was a kid, all I knew was he was a Mechanic and everyone in his neighborhood came to steve, you bought the parts he would fix your car or truck no charge, He worked when I was a kid in the County Maintenance Garage, he also drove County Trucks, and he worked most of his life for private companies.
            My grandfather attended Citizenship Classes and became a United States Citizen around 1927 or 1928.
            By that time he married our Grandmother and they were expecting their first child,
            My Grandfather worked his ass-off not only to provide for his new family, but to raise transportation money to bring his mother over and his nephew and two nieces over here.

            As I stated my Grandfather before he came to America he had no Constitutional Rights Nor should he.

            When he was approved and cleared Ellis Island and moved here, he had to report or check-in from time to time.

            He wanted to become a Citizen, which he was not, he had to take classes.

            He was not allowed to Vote.

            He was not allowed to run for any political office at that time in his life, not even dog catcher.

            However; he had all the other Rights afforded under the Constitution, because; he came here legally, he followed the law.

            “Yes I’am well aware of the Snyder Act and yes I know all about the sovereign nations within the United States, However; we are not talking about the Indian nations or Indians.”

            This discussion which you started, is about giving United States Constitutional Rights to foreigners who reside “Live”, in a Foreign Country.

            Than you moved this discussion onto foreigners living in the United States and
            Constitutional protections.

            I stated and correctly so they have limited Constitutional Rights

            If you entered the United States legally, and you get a job and lets say you start out reporting like your supposed to, than all of a sudden you drop off the map.

            My grandfather told me he had friends who did stupid crap like that the Government found them , no they were not deported, but they told them the consequences of their actions were to continue they could be deported.

            That talking to fixed and resolved his friends stupid issues.

            Technically speaking you are accused and Indicted and Convicted of Committing a crime, you can be stripped of your Visa/Green Card and face a Deportation Hearing, and if your hearing does not go well for you, You can be deported.

            I can not spell this fellows last name, It begins with the letter (D) his first name Americanized was John, John D immigrated to the United States post World War 2 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, worked in the Auto Industry, was married and raised a family.

            John D, became an American Citizen.

            Well into the latter stages of John’s life he was accused of being a Nazi~Camp Guard and responsible for tens of thousands of murders.

            John D. was taken into custody there was a hearing and he was stripped of his United States Citizenship and Deported.

            For those of us born in the United States we can not be stripped of our United States Citizenship.

            But if Convicted of Felonies you can lose rights, such as the right to Vote, right to hold political office. some can even lose their pensions. also the right to own or possess firearms or certain types of firearms.

          6. AKLady says

            “For those of us born in the United States we can not be stripped of our United
            States Citizenship.”

            Yes, you can. You really should check law before running your fingers,

    5. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Mark Tercsak says

        I agree, there are other health care bills out there lets look at all of them first, then decide which one is best, maybe none of them are any good, maybe a combination thereof.

    6. jaybird says

      Demorats will be blocking funding for everything Trump tries to do. This is going to be a real rough ride.

    7. Libertarian Soldier says

      The real mistake was the republican in name, only making history by nominating the first lifelong democrat to the former party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan.

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        Ronald Reagan also had been a life long Democrat. He talked about that part of his life and he did not like the direction of the Democratic Party, so he left.

        There is a difference, Reagan spent a couple of decades as a Republican, a Barry Goldwater Republican, before running for office.

        Trump was an overnighter.

        Yes there were 16 other candidates, 2 of whom show promise but clearly were not ready,
        do we really want another Bush ? Jeb was totally out to lunch, he should have been at the kids table on day 1, quite frankly he should not have ran, The Chick was not Tough enough and had to many holes in her life story, Rand Paul shows some promise, but needs experience in command he needs to run for Governor. That Brings me to Mike Huckeabe,
        sorry Mike about the spelling of your last name, He was the man of the Hour, but was screwed by the powers to be.

        1. Libertarian Soldier says

          Ronald Reagan was a Republican, a Constitutionalist a Federalist for 2 decades before becoming President. Rand Paul can never be President. Hucksterbee is on the unacceptable side, too. Honor, my eye!

      2. Mark Tercsak says

        The other Question is which Republicanism !
        A; Elsie Hillman School, Bush Family, Repuke~Republican Global ?
        B, Barry Goldwater School, Ronald Reagan, America and the Constitution?

        1. Libertarian Soldier says

          If you have to ask that question, did you really want me to explain? Real Republicanism can be best described by its successes. I’m not completely happy with everything Bush 43 did but he really thought he was doing right and he did a lot right. John E. Bush did some good things in Florida but couldn’t be seriously considered for President.

          When I say “Republicanism,” I mean like the handful of good decisions the Republican party made in their history. I mean the party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan. I mean their principles, their convictions and their results. I don’t mean Dole, McCain, Romney and I certainly don’t mean choosing a lifelong democrat crook when you had 16 actual lifelong republicans, half of which wouldn’t be where we are, now.

          1. Mark Tercsak says

            Dole, McCain the traitor, Romney, Ryan and crier John and the Bush’s are from the Hillman camp, let me say the decision was clear on who to vote for when our George III ran for president, I agree he did a lot of good things but also a number of not so good things. I voted for him twice

            As per Ronald W. Reagan, That was the first time I, voted my friend, and I upset a lot of family members who were lifelong Democrats.

            Without question he was the Greatest President of My Lifetime……..

            But he was not perfect, he even said that.

          2. Libertarian Soldier says

            Blah, blah, blah, blah! Distract! Deflect! Obfuscate! That’s all you do. Change the subject! Ad nothing of value! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

          3. Mark Tercsak says

            Obfuscate?, Deflect, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah ?,

            Your the one with the the problem.
            You think just like Bolsheviks do!

            They think of Wilson, Clinton, and Obama, and Kennedy’s and people like them as living god’s who can do no wrong, make no mistakes , America’s Kings !

            You think of Reagan, Coolidge, and Lincoln in the same manner as America’s King’s, as god’s, as perfect!

            This is why our country is in the situation where in, everyone who runs for office is trying to be someone they are not! The next Reagan, The next Bush, The next Obama…….

            Try being yourself!

          4. Mark Tercsak says

            You know what I believe in ?

            1. The Constitution of the United States
            2. The Bill of Rights
            3. The Declaration Of Independence
            4. Articles of Confederation

            The Founder’s created our constitutional government, after learning lessons, they made mistakes, my friend, they were not perfect, they were men.

            The entire constitution is a series of checks and balances, that is designed to prevent anyone man or group from attaining all the power!

            During the Obama Years pal, your pals of the Elsie Hillman Wing of the Republican Party, the Bush’s were nowhere to be found standing in loyal opposition to this Tyrant………

            John the Crier Bohner, Paul Ryan, Uncle Mitch McConnel and the rest, surrendered to the Tyrant and rolled over and played dead……..

            I consider these people worse than Obama !

            They are oath Breakers !

            They betrayed their Constitutional Duties and Obligations, fearing being called racist!

            As per John McCain he is the greatest disappointment of them all, Like you I once believed there could be a second or a third Reagan, John when he was a Congressman, I thought of him at the time as a future Reagan like candidate,
            after filegate he changed, I think the Clinton’s own his Ass!

            The man who should have been President and America’s great mistake, was Jack Kemp !

          5. Libertarian Soldier says

            Does someone that believes in the “Constitution of the United States” jockstrap for someone that thinks it’s the government’s, therefore the taxpayer’s responsibility to provide healthcare for every person in the United States? Does it mean that you do or don’t believe in natural law, “equal protection, under the law…No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…due process of law”? What Constitution is it that you believe? You don’t if you back a socialistic agenda like full government provision of healthcare, that you back absolving a block of the population of their responsibility to care for their health and to saddle me with it.

            The Articles of Confederation is the draft of the Constitution, if you din’t know that, since you don’t because you listed it in addition to the Constitution.

            If you believe in what you say you do and there’s no reason to believe you based on whom you support and defend, should you be backing a lifelong socialist who, even now, intends to advance a spending agenda, that not only includes healthcare, daycare and parental leave, absolving the responsibility of Citizens, foreign nationals, aliens, legal and otherwise, provided by the taxpayers but to follow a socialistic agenda of spending to prosperity, one that not only follows the agendas of the hussein-obamas and the clintons but embarrasses their spending aspirations, combined?

            donald trump represents a populist representation of national socialism with isolationism, a historically socialistic, democrat tenet, protectionist, while first introduced by a republican, used so distructively that it led to trade wars resulting in shortages and the “Great Depression.” What’s so alarming is that about 7-10 days ago, I personally heard donald trump, in an interview, when questioned about protectionism, he laid out his argument for isolationism. He doesn’t know the difference! In addition to that, his isolationist stance has a mercenary flavor to it. He’s saying, “we’ll protect you but we’re sending you a bill, whether the action is in our interest or not and whether or not it can be paid.

            This is what’s wrong with you, your party and the country. You are completely disinterested in facts. You’d rather defend the indefensible, argue than research and you still make bad decisions based on emotions. You’re gullible. There’s not good reason for donald trump to be president when we had qualified republicans to choose from and there’s no good reason for you people to allow him to be as nasty, dirty, dishonest and destructive as he’s been and continues to be, to his new party, with no redeemable qualities and nothing constructive to say about whom he’s supposed to represent and whom he’s supposed to emulate, as a late comer to republicanism.

            The problem with you is you think you know what it is to be American; you think you know what it is to believe in the Constitution and you don’t, even if you know more about it than donald trump does. Why, then would you follow and defend such a scumbag and someone that’s trying to learn to speak republican as a second language?

          6. Mark Tercsak says

            Seem’s to me you have a fetish for “Jock~Straps”……….
            Having said that Jock where did I ever say or support Government Healthcare?
            Paul Ryan has though his version of Obama Care?

            At the time of my injury Jock, people in my position had to make choices, eat, have a car, which requires, gas, oil, air, tranny fluid, windshield wiper fluid, maintain the car, and car insurance, rent and taxes, not enough cash to go around pal, work was not paying for it, I worked two jobs for years, also some jobs i worked at had multiple contracts, so I would work my full time job 40 hours + 24 Over time and then work different sites straight pay anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a week, most of 17 years, so you can shove it!

            My right foot the Big Toe and it’s associated joint no longer work, Doc thought about amputating the joint, because; I have a wound at the bottom of the joint caused by the bones of the joint, They are going into repair the joint in three weeks.

            At the time of my work related injury, had been laid off in September, worked Six Years as a civilian contractor for U.S. Army, they offered a Health & Welfare Benefit, that expired upon separation, The Army closed the post.

            July of that year I picked up a part time job 20 hours a week in addition to the full-time position of 40 hours…..

            Sept. 11, 2001 until the following June 2002, I worked around 100 hours a week.

            So you can shove it Jock!

            I paid my Fuckin dues and got Screwed!

            Did I have insurance at the time of my amputation Hell-No!
            I went to a hospital that set me up with a health insurance plan, part Public, part Private.

            When the time came, I hired an attorney.

            He filed a worker’s Compensation Claim, that took a year to settle.

            But my case was over after 45 minutes of testimony from Me!

            Really it was one question !

            From my employer’s and their insurance companies attorney.

            He asked for a timeout and approached the bench, told the judge he believed, my testimony and was going to his clients that they settle.

            What took so long,was after that haring , he filed what is known as a joinder petition, they were saying, that my former employer and United States Government, were also at fault for my injury……

            In the end I received just $95,000.00, However; I repaid the United States Government $28,000.00 and I also paid my Attorney, I was left with about two years salary from that part time job.

            I was a lucky bastard if my sister the nurse had not come to the emergency room that day, they were going to do a below the knee amputation, instead the cut the front quarter of my left foot off.

            I do have issues, like yesterday, lost my balance and went down.

            I have had a Total thus far of ten major operations to both feet and legs.

            plus I have a pelvis issue due to amputation it is need of adjustment on a regular basis, neck and spine issues,

          7. Libertarian Soldier says

            Fetish for jockstraps? No! Are you flirting with me? You’re not my type. Can’t stand them.

            You too, huh? I’m not certain whether you’re playing stupid and confused or you think I am. OK! I’ll use smaller words or give definitions so you can stop being confused or stop playing stupid, whatever the case may be. You keep changing the subject. Did you think I don’t notice when you deflect? You ask irrelevant (that means not having to do with anything) questions. I’ll try not to use confusing (bewildering or perplexing) concepts, as well.

            –What I said was you back, (support, jockstrap ( attachment about the waist and groin), what you think is a fetish) for the guy that ran and still believes is the responsibility (having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone) of the taxpayer, for the healthcare (the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services) but you contradict that with the statement that you believe in the Charter (Declaration of Independence), the Compact (between the states, the Constitution), the Bill of Rights (Embedded as Amendments to the Constitution) and the Articles of Confederation, the draft and precursor to the Compact, embedded within it.

            “Paul Ryan has though his version of Obama Care?” You’re going to have to get mom or the teacher to translate that into English for me. I know why no right thinking American can figure out what you’re saying. You don’t have a clue, either.

            Are you kidding me? More irrelevant stories? I got one line into this one. You’re a trump jockstrap, alright.

          8. Mark Tercsak says

            There you go again with the Jock Strap References, you have to be a sniffer!
            Jock Cousteau

          9. Mark Tercsak says

            You are the Mindless one Jock.

            You just like the Bolsheviks, Your guys in your tiny little mind are perfect, they can do no wrong!

            You view Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan as Greek gods, with jock straps , I presume, and as Kings.

            Well here America , Jock Cousteau de~sniffer, there is but one God, there are no kings.

            We are men and women, we are human and we make mistakes.
            Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan, they grew and learned from their mistakes, developed a set of principles, yet sometimes they still made mistakes taking advice from those they should have ignored.

            One prime example was when President Reagan, acting as commander and chief decided to send Marines to Lebanon to rescue the cut-throat palestinians,
            who tried to launch an all out war with Israel.

            How did those cock-sucking palestinians repay the United States , when we saved their Jock Straps for them….

            By Murdering over 250 U.S. Marines, U.S. Naval Personnel, etc and wounding hundreds more……

            Many urged the president to stay out of Lebanon, let the natural process run its course……

            President Reagan, listened to some ass hole and our men died for nothing…….

            President Reagan, violated one of his core principles in this matter, he would not do it again…….

            That is what makes Ronald W. Reagan a great man, he leaned from his mistake, he adapted and over came

          10. Libertarian Soldier says

            What grade are you in? “No, you,” wasn’t a affirmative response in 3rd grade.

            It’s amazing that you mention Lebanon. You’re an idiot. You don’t have a clue about what you just wrote. In 1983, as a young grunt, out of the 2/5, at Pendleton, I went to Lebanon, attached to the 1/8, within 30 hours, after truck bombs were driven into the MNF barracks at the Lebanon’s airport, outside Beirut. You’re an idiot. You don’t know what you’re talking about. MNF, dumb-f’!

            You’re plain stupid!

          11. Mark Tercsak says

            Have I ever been to Lebanon?
            The answer is no.
            However Jock, I grew up with lebanese.
            Most of whom came to our country around the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, escaping the civil war and they were christian escaping the Islamic takeover of their Christian lands.
            Facts our Facts Reagan Administration made a poor fucking decision in sending you Marines in without knowing all the goddamn details of what the fuck was going on, on the ground in Lebanon.
            They had no Idea of who the good guys were and who were the bad guys were!
            This is one fight, we should have either stayed out of, or we should have helped Israel.

          12. Libertarian Soldier says

            Hey, retard! When the UN gets together and the head of NATO puts together a Multi-National-Force, where there is trouble, you sniveling little know nothings don’t criticize our contribution. I’d possibly never had seen Lebanon had the jihadists not bombed our barracks. I was sent to back up the 1/8 because we were more than decimated, literally, by definition. Until I retired, I never, not once criticized my Commander-In-Chief and when I could stand it no longer, could not keep it to myself, I retired under the offer of the promotion to highest leadership circle at the Pentagon and I retired out of Kelley.

            You have no idea of what you speak. It’s better to say nothing and for people to wonder whether you’re stupid than to comment and prove you are.

          13. Mark Tercsak says

            If our founder’s Jock, had not written and debated and the past the Declaration Of Independence, There would be no Constitution .

            If there was no Articles of Confederation, Jock Cousteau de~Sniffer, there would be no Constitution.

            If it were up to you, you would act like the Islamic~Imperialists and burn the other two founding documents ……

            elements and ideas of both those documents , Jock helped formulate are Constitution………………

          14. Libertarian Soldier says

            En Ingles, por favor?

            It still never fails to amaze me that those with the least to add, with the least opinions of value insist on being noticed, even if it’s to show how ignorant, uninformed and uneducated they are.

            While you have the right to assert the most ignorant, uninformed, uneducated opinions, obfuscations, subterfuge and conflations and you have, it doesn’t mean you should.

            You are the absolute worst there is at this. You should give up trying to do anything having to do with the written word. I’d ask whether you’re any better at math but based on your inability to find a single relevant, cohesive defense of the indefensible and you so often end in a different subject that that at hand, I don’t think 2+2 would equal 4 with you. I certainly hope you’re good at something. Hey, you know, you might want to try going into acting. You have a flare for the dramatic and storytelling. I’m not saying you’re any better at that than you are coming up with a cogent argument or how to represent it but you couldn’t be any worse at that than you are reasoning and writing.

          15. Mark Tercsak says

            Dear Jock, early America was a colony, Parts belonged to Spain, Russia, France, and of course England.

            The colonies that belonged to England decided to form a Continental Congress.
            The Congress they formed Jock is known as a Unicameral Congress, a singular Legislative body.

            The Colonial Legislative Bodies elected Delegates from among themselves to represent their colony in the new Continental Congress.

            We the people did not vote for these Delegates.

            In 1774 the Continental Congress elected one of the Delegates as President Of The Territories of the United States, they were known as the Presidents in Congress.

            They served one year Terms.

          16. Libertarian Soldier says

            What in the world are you yammering about, now, goof ball? Have yho considered seeing a doctor about your Attention Deficit?

          17. Libertarian Soldier says

            Delegates! They were delegates and the colonies weren’t America, not early late or any kind of America. America wasn’t a country yet.

            Thanks for wasting my time while you try to educate yourself in wikipedia.

          18. Mark Tercsak says

            Actually Jock I’am on Wikipedia everyday,

            Also Jock , I also go to other websites that deal with the Constitution, some of those sites also generate a history around the Constitution and the other founding documents and the formation of our country.

            As per America, Jock, I never said it was a country at that time.
            The British and their map makers and in official correspondence, would mention the colonies as the American Colonies, or the British Colonies, or the English Colonies.

            The founding father’s Jock not me decided to refer to themselves as the Territories Of the United States.

            Where they a country ? clearly the answer is no Jock, they were not, Furthermore, I never said they were!

            Officially Jock in 1774 the Colonies and all the subject claimed to be loyal to the crown, unofficially that is a different matter.

            There were those who wanted separation.

            The term Territories of these United States , was used in the title of the President of the Continental Congress.

            Peyton Randolph was one of these Presidents.

            The Actual Title was: His Excellency The President Of The Territories Of These United States, Peyton Randolph.

            Those who wished separation from the crown, would create titles like this to infuriate the Crown, and hoped for a negative response from the crown.

            The colonial leaders, and or delegates would use the crowns negative response against them, it’s called propaganda,

            Those who wished Separation from the crown where throwing gasoline on the smoldering timbers, hoping to ignite a war.

          19. Mark Tercsak says

            To become a country, Jock under international Law. You have to recognized by one or more countries as the legal government of the territory over which you claim control over.

            There is a modern day case of legal of recognition where one country recognized the birth of another, and there was a scene in a movie about it.

            When the United States Of America recognized the State of Israel .

          20. Mark Tercsak says

            Like the State Of Israel, If I remember correctly Our Founding Father’s had to wait for the same international recognition, from a foreign power under international law to be considered a country, with standing.

            I believe it was the Kingdom of France that was first to recognize the United States, as a Country.

          21. Libertarian Soldier says

            Again, you changed the subject with a recitation from wikipedia! It isn’t even completely accurate and it’s off topic, as usual.

          22. Mark Tercsak says

            As we all know, in 1776 The Continental Congress was writing and debating not only the Constitution, but also their status as Englishmen.

            Thomas Jefferson being the said author.

            John Hancock was the President in Congress.

            There was no Supreme or High Courts, and no Federal Courts and no executive branch.

            The Declaration Of Independence was passed on July 4th, 1776.

            Not Long after it’s Passage Members of Congress, led by John Hancock realized we needed a National Government, That foreign Governments would consider as legal, they were in the middle of a war, the congress being on the run sometimes one step ahead of the English.

            They decided to form the new government and pattern it after the Holy Roman Empire,which was a confederation of German, Italian, and Hungary etc. states

            Pretty much everything stayed the same.

            Congress could not raise taxes, the states agreed to a property type tax, that they would raise and collect to fund our new national government and armed forces.

            There still was no executive branch, the delegates served as cabinet ministers, they were allowed to coin money and raise a national Army, Navy and Marines, and Coast Guard, I believe it was called the Revenue Service ?

            Note; In the Colonies the English created a chief Executive who oversaw the American and Canadian Colonies, there was a national Militia, that each colony had to contribute forces to in addition to the British Army, plus each colony had a militia, and towns, villages etc, had a local militia, that acted as law-enforcement etc.

            Thus the new armed forces of “These United States”, were patterned after the colonial model.

            Some of the new states such as Pennsylvania even had it’s own so called Navy, more coast guard, than navy, from what I read very small boats, more like row boats, and their colonial Marines, became states Marines.

            The new Congress could create Admiralty Courts period.

            The new Confederated Congress would act as the Supreme Court, when disputes arose among member states.

            In other words there was no national Judicial Court system.

            If a legal dispute arose among a residents from New York, or The State of New York and a Resident or a non Resident who was in New York State, the highest you could go to settle that legal dispute was New York’s or for that matter any state’s High Court.

            If a legal dispute arose between a individual or individuals in one state vs. a individual or individuals in another state, you had problems.

            Delegates still elected the president, for a one year term, the office was weak.

            This new government though got us through the war.

            The Articles of Confederation was completed in 1777 and sent to the states for ratification, Maryland would not ratify until 1781; However; they implemented the Articles in 1777.

            This proves my point, they were men, like you and I, they made mistakes, they were not perfect, they learned from their mistakes and were inspired GOD…….

            and would go on to Write The Greatest Constitution ever Written!

          23. Libertarian Soldier says

            So, you do know how to use Google!

          24. Mark Tercsak says

            You are 100% Correct.

            I fucked up the first sentence and should have proofread the sentence.
            You were found the Fuck-up on my part and you were right.
            Its should say , As we all know, in 1776 The Continental Congress was writing and debating not only the Declaration Of Independence, but also their status as English
            Thank You!

          25. Libertarian Soldier says

            Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Is there no wikipedia search you cannot conquer, any irrelevant, insignificant, factoid you can’t look up? I admit it. You can look up anything and it’s slightly different, mixed in with a few other searches, I’d wager but what in the world is your point, dullard? Why is my approval so important to you?

            Didn’t daddy hug you, enough? I’m not going to ask you about your mom. Last time sniveled and went drama queen so hard I almost felt sorry for you. I didn’t because you were just being a drama queen. Saying that you should “…go get mom or the teacher to read my post and explain it to you,” was certainly not enough to evoke the sniveling, righteous indignation you exhibited. Please don’t cry, little one!

          26. Mark Tercsak says

            Jock,Jock, what’s the matter Jock?

            He was a Marine, Korean War Combat Veteran 1952 – 1953

            Was a Police Officer, he worked Traffic Division, he became a Detective. Dad, Commanded the Following Investigative sections , Robbery, Homicide, Narcotics, Vice, Burglary-Pawn.

            Upon retirement, he opened his own Private Investigative Agency, and in the late 1980’s was interviewed in a segment of Unsolved Mysteries.

            He Kept his Cool Jock, did not get all angry.

            You should.try an anger management class!

          27. Libertarian Soldier says

            You should try an objective reality class. You think I’m angry? I’m at most amused and often embarrassed for you. You’re just plain stupid but thanks for the distraction with the irrelevance! At least I know nobody’s trying to take your place. Your account hasn’t been hacked.

          28. Mark Tercsak says

            I’m a hell of a Lot Smarter than You Jock!

            Articles Of Confederation just a Draft of the Constitution ! Laughed My Ass Off !

            The United States Government operated Officially under the Articles Of Confederation from 1781 till Ratification Of The Constitution Of The United States in 1787.

            Unofficially the United States Government operated under the Articles Of Confederation from 1777 till 1787.

          29. Libertarian Soldier says

            You’re not as smart as my sock, jockstrap.

          30. Mark Tercsak says

            There you go again talkin about your Jockstrap fixation, I’m not a Doctor, maybe you should seek out some help ?

          31. Mark Tercsak says

            Oh Mom’s a little busy, ass-hole, she’s DEAD!
            you want to attack me fine.
            leave my parents out of it.
            I don’t blame your parents for you Jock de~Sniffer, you did that all on your own!

          32. Libertarian Soldier says

            That’s unfortunate for you, poor orphan! Is there another “poor me story” attached to that? Tough luck. You poor thing! All better then?

            Your mom raised a little, busy 4$$#0L3! That’s for certain.

            Seriously? You’re pathetic. You’re as bad as any democrat. Worse! You’re pretending you’re not one. Quit sniveling about your poor dead mom. You’re not alone and you’re nothing but a drama queen if you’re going off the deep end over my comment. Who’s been acting as your mom? There’s no way you’re taking care of yourself. You need to man up, cowboy. Say wahtever you want about my parents, F4G. I’m not going to get all kweer about it.

            You don’t get it, do you. I wouldn’t let my dog sniff you.

          33. Mark Tercsak says

            Lets not forget who is bringing up all this gay terminology !
            You did !
            Kweer? what the fuck is a Kweer ?
            invest in a dictionary, or maybe that’s the way you spell it, in your community?
            Your argument is with me, not with my father or my mother.
            You want to hurl insults at me little man, because; it makes you feel like a big boy? go right ahead!

          34. Mark Tercsak says

            As per taking care of myself Jock.
            I do not need to say a goddamn thing about that little man.
            I will never say a thing about your parents, only little fellows with small minds do that!

          35. Libertarian Soldier says

            “little man”? I’d be willing to bet I’m a lot bigger than you. You 5′-nothings have little man complexes and like the idea of commenting on your own deficiencies from your keyboard commando bunkers. I’m usually the tallest or as tall as anybody in any room and the most fit man in the room, even in an NFL locker room and I’ve been in two of them on more than a few occasions, so go on with your stupidity and ignorance. I was surprised how tall most of those guys aren’t and how much disparity there is between them.

            You must be a dward because that’s what’s important to you. That’s why someone of so little knowledge is spouting off about things way over your head and why you have to go to Wikipedia to try to impress me, then you call me “little man”, in your next post. You’re just completely inept; aren’t you? This is as good as it gets for you; isn’t it? How tall are you, 4′-5″? What grade are you in, 3rd, 4th?

            You’re so transparent! I’m embarrassed that I’ve kept it up with your dumb 4$$ this long!

          36. Mark Tercsak says

            Calm Down Jock !

            Angry are we ?

            Sure Jock, I’am a short little Fellow !

            Just remember Jock, History is full of short little fellows who kicked the shit out of Big Fellows!

            The World Jock, is full of tough hardened Little Fellows who can and have kicked the shit out of Big Fellows.

            Do not believe me ? Just ask Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the Palestinians, and others who ganged up on wee little ISRAEL, and tried to invade them a number of times, how well did those wars turn out for those big fellows?

            It’s not about being BIG Jock, having the most Troops, The Biggest Navy, The Biggest Guns, The Most Planes and The Most Helicopters.

            Jock it’s about knowing how to Fight and How to Defend Yourself, and when to fight and when not to fight.

            Sometimes it’s about letting the other guy do the fighting fo you.

            However, JOck, I’am not one of those short little fellows……..

          37. Libertarian Soldier says

            Who’s not calm, jockstrap?

            There’s no example of little retards like you or any other tadpoles that kick the anything out of anybody unless you’re talking about Biblical parables.

            Israel isn’t little guy with a short man’s complex calling someone almost 6 and a half feet tall and still very fit “little man”, because being a midget bothers him. Everything else you say is more bloviation stacked on ignorance. As a wrestler, I only lost once, on the record but anybody who say it knew I was robbed. I’ve never lost a fight. It’s funny. I see the world in 3 ways, little guys that know better, little guys that are to stupid to know the difference and the rest of us.

          38. Mark Tercsak says

            I do not HIDE behind fancy self proclaimed Titles such as LIBERTARIAN SOLDIER!
            I use my real name!

          39. Libertarian Soldier says

            The fact is you’re aptly named; you’re a mark (an object of attack, ridicule, or abuse; specifically : a victim or prospective victim of a swindle). You’re the poster child for the dullard trump used to move his ever more democrat, ever more establishment republicrat wing of the democrat party in on the stupidity and disinformation you suck up like a Hoover, who repeat each other, up-vote each other and haven’t a clue, why, without singular, original thought of your own.

            Your cult leader, like the other multi-generational democrats, like the clintons and the Kennedys are trying to carpetbag their families into the White House for their own narcissistic posterity.

            What’s your problem with my moniker, mark. What bugs you about an accurate label for a moniker, mark? What of it? What’s your problem with it. So, doff, I’m a libertarian, like the founders were, exactly like the founders, not like the party that sullies the term and I have the education, on 3 continents, to know what that means.

            The reason I busted you on the question about “…which republicanism…” it was that I mean is that there is only one republicanism that no longer has a thing to do with the republican in name, only party, like actual libertarianism hasn’t a thing to do with the anti-Christian, anti-Borders, anti-American, isolationist, anti-life, anti-responsibility, pro-dope and debauchery, with no regard to direct or indirect consequences or societal impact.

            Since you’re unfamiliar with monikers, and don’t know enough to protect your identity from the other wingnuts, I’ll fill you in. I’ve had a couple of people guess correctly who I am by things I’ve said, having to do with my service. One I know, personally and served with and hadn’t heard from in decades. I use the term, “Soldier” because, although I served as a Marine, I was recruited into and served with an Army SO outfit for a large part of my service, before promoting into leadership. Marines are Marines; Army are Soldiers. I’m a Marine first but I own the right to claim either. I’m also educated enough not to fully capitalize a moniker. I still like to fight and I take pleasure in exposing you fake patriots even if I have to lay it all out for you.

            You’re welcome.

          40. Mark Tercsak says

            ok so now I believe in Trump’s fake Republican Model?
            Well there you go again telling me how I think.
            What is your Idea of a Real Republican Model?
            Because; whatever it is? you need to tell the Ass-Holes in Congress.

          41. Libertarian Soldier says

            The people you call the 4$$#0L3S in Congress are the guys your socialist threatened, often, with regularity, already and who actually want to repeal the (un)Affordable Care(less) Act. They don’t need me to tell them. Why don’t you tell your socialist that he needs to get on board with real republicans and real Constitutionalism and really not lying but doing.

          42. Libertarian Soldier says

            Wrong again, still, I mean. I’m not telling you how you think. I tell you how you fail to think. You do. I see the wheels turning, a bit. I think as much as you hate being called out, you’re learning. I don’t know how much you’ve used wikipedia in the past but I can see by your language evolution you’re learning and by the wikipedia articles you’re trying o make your own, you’re doing some research. I can’t say that all my work here is done because you still say stupid $#!+ but I think you’re getting better. I think you want to be better.

          43. Mark Tercsak says

            The realities are this, there was Trump and no one else was even close to being in the same room, with him, let alone on the same stage with him…………

            He outwitted them all, He was tougher and he was faster on the DRAW!

            Mr. Trump was Elected President Of The United States Of America!

            The other Republican’s were NOT!

            Donald J. Trump is the President Of The United States.

            As President he gets to set the Agenda and The Direction not only for the party but for the country, as well.

            I opposed Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Plan, thus I opposed Donald J. Trump, who supported Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Plan

          44. Libertarian Soldier says

            Wrong, as always. trump isn’t capeable of outwitting anybody but himself. He dimwitted you all.

          45. Mark Tercsak says

            Dear Jock The Articles Of Confederation , is not a draft of the Constitution, It was the First post colonial government of the United States.

            after passage of the Declaration Of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

            John Hancock and others formed the Committee that would Draft (in there day means Write) a Constitution, so as to form a united national government, in the hopes that a foreign government would recognize America as a new nation.

            They maintained a President in Congress Position.

            under the Articles of Confederation they created a separate Position, that lasted only a very short time only one man held this separate office George Washington, The office of Commander & Chief. WHen Washington resigned this Office, the Congress Abolised this Office and created a Lesser Office for the Commander of the Armed Forces.

            Under the Articles of Confederation they maintained a Unicameral Congess.

            There was no Supreme Court or Federal Courts.
            Just as I said before. The Articles Of Confederation Were Ratified by the States starting in 1777, Maryland held out till 1781, It was the Law of the land PERIOD!

          46. Libertarian Soldier says

            Right=, sort of but wrong. The Articles of Confederation are embedded in the Constitution as the principles by which our government was founded. You, again, are trying to be smart. You’re not.

          47. Mark Tercsak says

            Jock, The Articles of Confederation were Drafted (Written) a decade before the Constitution, They were ratified, by the states the last being Maryland, Like The Constitution itself the Articles created a National Government, based on a Unicameral Congress (a singular Legislative body) they positions were known as Delegates, as i stated they the delegates continued to elect a president of congress.The Congress acted as a court only in matters involving member states.
            This presented problems with commerce and international law, when it involved the multiple member states of the United States and a foreign country.

            Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, under the Articles of Confederation were more Independent Countries, than the states we have today. Some maintained State Navies and States Marines.
            in addition to State Armies and Militias.

            After The War of Independence the National Forces Army, Navy Marine were Disbanded.

            The Independent states under the Articles of Confederation had agreed that was in their best interest that Congress raise a Navy, Marines and Army.

            The United States Government under the Articles of Confederation was more a economic-military alliance, than a country.

            The Congress had no taxing power or for that matter collecting power.

            It was up to the states to raise and collect a tax to fund our then national Alliance Government.

            The Congress would again raise a Navy, Marines and a Army.

            Numerous issues started to arise, National Defense, settling international legal disputes, and Legal disputes among parties who are residents of different member states. are among the few of many issues.

            Money and the creation of Money Many were opposed to paper currency even though it had been printed during the war of Independence, Men like Thomas Jefferson opposed paper currency, stated it was a waste of good paper.

            Jefferson was said to have said let the other guy mint coin, we will use his coins.
            Quite frankly that is what the early United States did, almost all foreign coinage was legal tender in the United States.
            The Spanish Milled Dollar plus fractional coinage was king in America and was legal tender in the United States till about 1835.

            WAS A PRIVATE COINAGE VENTURE; Robert Morris, Gouverneur Morris, William Constable and John Rucker formed a partnership to provide America with copper coinage that had no denomination. they signed a contract with a company in Birmingham, England , who minted the copper coinage in fairly large numbers, the coins were dated between 1783 to 1785.


            All dated 1783 reverse side has a reef inside reef U.S mark below this mark is the coins unit denomination, the lowest coin was (A) copper denomination was r
            …5 units, (B) was dime size silver 100Bit units, (C) was 500 known as a Quint units little larger than a quarter Dollar, (D) was 1000 Mark about the size of a half Dollar, the obverse of all the coins had a eye dead center with a burst of rays, surrounding the eye in between the rays was six-pointed 13 stars with motto NOVA CONSTELLATIO NEAR THE RIM.

            Citizen representation in Congress did not exist prior to the Constitution.

            The States all agreed that The Articles fell far short of desired intentions, They agreed to a convention to Amend the Articles Of Confederation, not replace them.

          48. Libertarian Soldier says

            Again, wikipedia to cover up all the stupid statements you’ve made is just stupid on top of stupid.

          49. Mark Tercsak says

            Well Jock you should check you facts, before you open your Pie Hole!
            wikipedia is not the end all source, it obtains its information from places like the Library Of Congress, you should check their site out some time, they have information on the Articles of Confederation.

            1. I said the Congress adopted the unratified Articles of Confederation in 1777.

            Library of Congress, The Continental Congress adopted the Articles Of Confederation & Perpetual Union on November 15th, 1777.

            I was RIGHT !

            2. I stated the Articles of Confederation was not ratified till 1781, because ; Maryland held out.

            Library of Congress, I was right on Maryland and 1781, The Articles of Confederation were adopted on March 1st. 1781.

            I was right again!

          50. Mark Tercsak says

            So you say I believe in Donald Trump’s fake republican model?
            and you are the opposite, you do not believe in Donald Trump’s fake republican model ?
            I guess that means among the current republican leadership, since we have not had a republican president in eight years and you stated earlier your contempt for Rand Paul the Libertarian~Republican, than you must support people like Paul Ryan and John McCain ?

          51. Mark Tercsak says

            You do know there were eleven Presidents, before George Washington !
            George Washington was the first Constitutional President.

          52. Libertarian Soldier says

            Did you know that quoting more irrelevant factoids to cover up all the ignorant, irrelevant statements is just piling more irrelevance and stupidity on top of irrelevance and stupidity?

          53. Mark Tercsak says

            As usual you are blind to the facts.

            Jock it is you who is acting ignorant.

            Check out the Library of Congress, than shut-up!

            The Continental Congress adopted the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION & PERPETUAL UNION, on November 15th, 1777.

            it was then sent to the states for ratification, and the last state to ratify the document was Maryland, on March 1st, 1781.

            The Library Of Congress Jock itch, not me stated the Articles Of Confederation was America’s first constitution.

            I was right ! get over it@

          54. Mark Tercsak says

            Those first eleven Presidents of the United States , will always be more relevant than you Jock.

    8. Libertarian Soldier says

      Too bad the president’s stupid, too and didn’t know enough not to believe him. If your socialist was actually a Constituitonalist, he’d drop his socialistic proclivities and get off of the unconstitutional “replacement” idea. Were he knowledgable about anything, he’d know that the House passed a “Repeal Bill”, 60 times and complained that if they had the majority in the house, the Senate and had the presidency, they could Repeal (not replace) the (un)ACA.

      Instead your socialist is threatening actual republicans for not amending the (un)Affordable Care(less) Act (Fraud) without Repealing it, with the RI(YA)NOcare bill.

      While your socialist has one of the most aggressive socialistic spending agendas, ever, in history, by either party, that makes bernie sanders and the rest of the other lifelong socialists jealous, you morons still believe that just because your dimwit socialist likes to quote Reagan and Bush 41 without giving credit, that he will “drain the swamp (Reagan, 1970),” “Make America Great Again (Reagan, 1980)'” and “Common Sense Conservative (Bush 41, 1980, 1988, 1992),” the swamp did not drain him, since he restocked it, he’s right about anything and that you should trust him.

      donald trump doesn’t possess the intelligence or the leadership to represent the people. He doesn’t have a clue what republicanism is. YOu don’t either, as you’ve proven when you asked which flavor of republicanism was, after I warned not to conflate it with the repulcian in name, only party, which you did, directly, in your ignorant, uninformed qustion, meaning you don’t even know what you don’t know, right after it’s been explained to you. You argue and defend the indefensible, pointlessly, incessantly oblivious to your stupidity. Too bad you have the audacity to fly an American Flag. Why can’t you just fly the democrat battle flag like the rest of the gullible dullards do?

  12. Righteous Truth says

    Two Things

    1.) Who is to blame for the failure of AHCA? Probably all of the Governing Majority. The simple (and Rigtheous) Truth is that Republicans had 7.5 years to craft legislation, and they simply did not do it.

    2.) You want to get a feel for what is going to happen with Trump’s Tax Cuts? Set your sites to April 28 and the Debt Ceiling Fight. (The US will be out of money by that time. We will not be able to pay our bills by that time. We will have to default on our obligations – ala Donald Trump – by that time.)

    Make sure you have plenty of popcorn and adult beverages handy when you watch this one! In the past, ALL Republicans – especially the 37 members of the Freedom Caucus – have VIGOROUSLY opposed raising the Debt Limit. I’m guessing that several Conservative Commenteers on “Fix This Nation” have opposed “increasing the National Debt” over the Obama Years. What will happen this time? (Prediction: Blame Obama) BUT, pay very close attention to what happens to President Trump’s emergency request for an additional $30 Billion in Defense Spending to be added to the 2017 budget.

  13. HankBar says

    Still too many establishment elites in power positions in the Republican party. Paul Ryan the chief elitist. He had no intention of repealing ob care, so he put forth a system he knew would fail. He Mc Cain, Graham, and others will make sure the Republicans blow it again. Every time they get in to position to make real changes they blow it. They have to go.

  14. Tiger says

    Pointing Fingers is Child’s Play compared to the Lynching Mobs at Town Halls that will be coming for Demonrats come 2018 and the RINO. By then O care will have totally imploded and the remnants of the victims will be spread far and wide. If the RINO decide to do something before then well………….who knows, but for sure the Demonrats are going to take a seriously deserved pounding.

    So Ryan and all you boys whose toys are bought and paid for, along with your moral compass by the Lobbyists and all, put on your attends and get ready for the fray.

    1. Helga miller says

      Tiger, we can only hope to clean out all the debris in 2018!

      1. Tiger says

        Helga with the participation we saw during this election, by people of all ages and all types of backgrounds lapping up what they so long wanted to hear, they won’t allow these people to take away their cake, they are eating cake under Trump via new and real jobs and hope for a new and good future.

        1. Helga miller says

          Yesssss! All in!

  15. overandone says

    Could be fake news but there are reports that say Trump usta be a Man.

  16. overandone says

    While the Trump clown show goes on and our nation is day by day slipping in esteem and influence, and our enemies are emboldened, the republican’s shrink from the stage. Cowering from the press and their constituents, fearful of endorsing Trumps manic behavior, even more fearful of attracting the wrath of the tiny hands tyrant. Their duty to country a distant memory. Thinking in Pence they have pro tempore Trump wrangler, and when the time is right a Trump replacement. Their plan to about face on Trump if he bucks their anything but populist agenda, as they shred the middle class and the social safety net, they consider their turnabout, the path to permeant republican majorities. Counting on the watered down voting public they connive to shrink with each election cycle, to forget their cowardice and acquiescence to the boasting bully billionaire, when they choose one of several venues Trump himself has initiated for his impeachment. After 11 years of lock step party over country devotion, turning on their own president they believe will offer them the finery of statesmen doing what’s best for our country by stabbing one of their own in the back. Pence will appoint the same or worse judges, Pence will gladly bilk the middleclass of the savings and accrued real estate wealth, He will happily drive down wages to make the USA the world’s low cost labor supplier, killing Medicare and Social Security is high on his agenda, and he will have zero issue accelerating the demise of the worlds environment. The added bonus Pence does not have the unquenchable need to be loved by everyone so necessary to Trump. Trump would balk at extreme policies that would turn so much of the country against him, Pence not so, he’ll be content to believe he’ll be sucked up to heaven and you wont.
    Should Trump be removed from office? Yes, without question. Would the pain end there? No! The horror show for America is just beginning and we have only ourselves to blame.

    1. Helga miller says

      Stop the crap! This one thing we know, Mr. Trump loves America while Obama and Hillary hate us! That is exactly why Trump won the election because we did not want another eight years of the destruction of America! Given time, this will be a better Country to live in. I came here in 1966 and have worked and contributed and founded a great family that has never taken a dime we didn’t earn! Now my home Country is in trouble because of this expanding Socialism, is that what you Liberals want for this Country?

  17. Michael Dennewitz says

    The dumbasscraps will ALWAYS be the ones to scream and piss the most. THE LONGER they bitch and moan, the longer they hold onto their freebies!?

  18. kassa1 says

    If one does have smart there’s only one finger to point to one person and that would be Paul Ryan. I would believe that Ryan and McConnell were in collusion! McConnell showed his colors by not doing the nuclear option to put the good judge in.

  19. Duke St John says

    lets face it any program run by the federal gov’t is doomed to cost billions of dollars in over runs.. the only ones that don’t get rich are the people, which most can’t even afford the deductible or the premium. obamacare is a mess and what the republicans had to offer was a mess also. let the health insurance companies run the business not the federal gov’t.

  20. G.E.O. says

    Why argue and point fingers it is the fault of the whole bunch who cannot resolve a problem for the good of the taxpaying citizens, they got to have their whining way and their sticky finger in everything. Throw the whole thing out and start over with something that works, PERIOD. All of this other B.S written here is just that BS. Stick to the point instead of bringing up things that you know nothing about to try a cover up with some sort of explanation.

  21. susmart3 says

    Republicans had 7years to craft a plan on this. They didn’t. The have another guaranteed 3 1/2 to do something. But why was Paul Ryan not held accountable for this failure?

  22. jimof ct says

    It is very sad to see that Republicans can not “govern”!

    Trump should have realized that he had not received sufficient support from “establishment” or “conservative” wings of the this crippled and ineffective political party that was not “solidly” or even “really” behind his campaign promises to the voting citizens who elected him.

    Going forward it is perhaps “A BETTER STRATEGY” for President Trump to take a Page from European political reality and seek to establish a BLEND OR COMBINATION OF DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN “POPULISTS” IN CONGRESS WHO WILL AGREE TO ADVANCE HIS AGENDA.

    i’D SUGGEST HE CALL UPON PEOPLE LIKE Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Kasich and others in both parties who are not ideologically branded.
    It is even possible other democrats in those states he carried who are up for election in 2018 would be inclined to be cooperative if he were to seek their support in return for not strongly supporting their opponents.






  23. Libs R Loons says

    Let’s not forget that the democrats own this fiasco, period.
    They know it too, hence the multiple Soros trolls talking chit below.
    Paid snark to ensue in 5…4…3…2………..

    1. Morton99 says

      They don’t own it any more. Trump has already signed executive orders that are intended to bankrupt it, by making mandates optional

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Yep- I KNEW one of you would rear its ugly head. How’s being a muslim in the northeast working for ya?
        Not so well, considering that you troll online for 10 cents per comment.

    2. James says

      You are very correct on your comment; regardless of what the troll; morton says.
      obutthead care was designed to fail in order to place all healthcare in the governments hands; part of the elites’ plan to depopulate the planet, starting with the one country which still stands in it’s way!

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Thanks James, and you’re spot-on as well. ^^^^
        Same as the climate change fiasco- a ploy for the UN to add enough taxes to our utility bills to more than quadruple them.
        Nifty way to get rid of the poor and elderly who can’t afford to pay their heat bills during the winter.

        1. James says

          I just hope and pray it is not too late to turn things around. Sadly; far too many think people like us are only conspiracy theorists, But the truth is; anyone who understands The Scriptures and understands prophecy should know that what is going on in the world is exactly what was foretold over 2500 years ago.
          I personally believe that President Trumps’ election is America’s last chance to repent and turn away from all the innocent bloodshed and other abominations it has allowed to propagate. In ancient Israel; He used the Assyrians and the Chaldean’s to punish His people, need I say more?

  24. James says

    It is too bad that most of our so called “representatives” did not watch Lt. Col. Allen West speak at the YAF (Young American Foundation) event in Memphis Tenn. last night. He explained very well why the Rayancare bill was wrong and why it needed to be shut down. He also outlined a very effective “fix” to the healthcare issue. One thing I would add to his plan is a limit on escalating prices of prescription drugs.

    The Poser’s healthcare plan is far too massive to be dealt with in one fell swoop, without hurting people; which would in the long run, turn a large group of people against Pres. Trump, who are now waiting patiently for his Admin. to correct all that the past progressive admins. have destroyed or ruined!

  25. Morton99 says

    The basic problem is that the Republican party (or most of it, but not all) like to pretend that healthcare is a consumer item – like buying a new fancy television set -, or not. They carry this silly analogy even further by pretending that consumers like to have options about what coverage they want to pay for.

    I have yet to find anyone who is willing to be told that his illness is not covered properly, or at all.
    Most people are clueless about what sort of coverage any illness would need – nor can they forsee the future.

    So why do they do this nonsense. Well healthcare and drug manufacture is very profitable – and they have a very powerful lobby that wants to block any reforms that would make it less profitable. For example if there were public healthcare, the government would be able to tell them what they would pay for it – as they do with medicare. This lobby provides enormous amounts of money that politicians use for their election campaigns.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!!! Soros-Paid troll Alert !!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  26. RsGoat says

    The problem is if we just repeal people lose health care and just like when Obama dropped his bill on us and people lost their company sponsored health care that is not acceptable. The only difference is we know it and they didn’t care. Now the problem is how. Two bills seems like the best answer One to clean repeal and one to replace the valid parts of Obama care both parties can agree to with repairs that will allow cross boarder competition and people to create packages of their own design without government interference. Not all of us want hair plugs plus all the extra gold medal stuff we were forced to pay for. Open up group packages for those who want to create them.
    Loser pays malpractice so the legal system is no longer a part of our health care bill! And some deregulation to lower the cost at the source. All of this is important if we want to bring down the cost plus the companies need to keep one thought in mind. If they want to be in the business of earning a living they need to nurture that business and not suck it dry. If that is their plan the public can return back to the idea of pushing on a single payer health care system and destroy their companies again like just happened. The only way to coexist is to work together.

  27. WhiteFalcon says

    President Trump depended on Paul Ryan to get the job done and he had Ryan’s back on the deal. Ryan simply came up with a sorry bill. He is nothing more than a ho-hum establishment Republican. His bill was just a slightly watered down version of Ovomitcare. There was a large block of conservatives in the house that would not back that bill for several reasons and Paul Ryan was to stupid to sit down with them and try to address their concerns, so the bill failed. It was PAUL RYAN’S FAILURE, NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S FAILURE.

  28. John E Strom Jr. says

    Only ONE person is responsible – Speaker Ryan – who THINKS he’s presidential material. Not in this lifetime, Speaker Ryan. Let a real leader lead, you follow.

  29. Laddyboy says

    I agree that RYANCARE was and is no good for America. Ryancare was nothing but 0bamadon’tcare/aca with a few name changes and tweaks. Otherwise, they are the SAME.
    Press the RESET BUTTON so insurance companies can sell policies at the going rate BEFORE the fiasco 00bamadon’tcare/aca was ILLEGALLY made and then, as ‘gruber’ said, only “STUPID Americans will vote for this”. This puts the DemocRATs in the Senate as the OWNERS OF 00bamadon’tcare/aca since ONLY the DemocRATs voted for 0000bamadon’tcare/aca. 0bamadon’tcare/aca was never intended to succeed. It was meant to FAIL then the 100% socialist regime would have control of the “single payer health insurance” which was meant replace it.
    DemocRATs: 0bama(don’t)care WAS and IS YOUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Greg says

    Repeal. Get Aggressive on the biggest problem Cost. We need to gut our system and costs starting at yhe hospitals and drug companies

  31. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Failure? What failure. The bill was just Obamacare II. Good riddance and the RATs still own it lock, stock and barrel.

  32. Richard Hennessy says

    Ryan and the Republican establishment had better realize quickly that the strength in the Party is in its conservative base. Ryan’s failure to give sufficient voice to conservatives in consideration of the “Obamacare Repeal” bill was responsible for its failure. Democrat-light just won’t cut it with the voters that gave Republicans control, and they will take it away just as quickly if they get nothing more than Democrat-light. How? They just won’t be motivated and won’t show up at the polls in 2018.

  33. Ron Poole says

    How could any thinking person believe that replacing Obamacare would easy. A bill that was what 2200 pages long had numerous pitfalls for anyone attempting to repeal and replace. I hear about FREEMARKET FREEMARKET. I am a Conservative Republican but I am also a realist. This solution would leave probably millions without affordable health insurance until the insurance industry could work out the bugs. When 2018 rolled around (probably before) the Democrats would have a steady stream of political ads showing Granny and little Bobby pleading for health care before those rotten Republicans let them die. Anything else we could have accomplished would be out the window. You can take this to the bank. Trump would not get to nominate another Justice. None of the Liberals on the court are going to retire before 2018. Hannity and others were threatening Ryan that if they did not get Obamacare repealed and replaced they would have to come to DC and put everyone in a room and make them come up with a solution. That is not HEARSAY. I HEARD IT FROM HANNITY’S LIPS SEVERAL TIMES. You know what there is no solution to replacing Obamacare at this time. Now we have the failure of not replacing this bill on our backs. The Democrats and the media are saying Republicans can not govern. They are just the party of NO. I think it will take a miracle from Trump to save his time in office. Well he has come up with several miracles. I hope he has another one in his pocket

  34. GODBlessRealAmerica! says
  35. Michael Dennewitz says

    When the finger pointing starts, none of the dumbasscraps should be forgotten, and most of the damned repooplicans!! Mr Trump needs to seriously CLEAN HOUSE! Far too many oslobba holdovers!! ??

  36. Mark Tercsak says

    Demand Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House Resign!

  37. Kendall Stephenson says

    As with the rollout of Obama care to start with, Ryan care was planed to fail and destroy the U.S. economy, causing fighting between any and everybody. Comrade Ryan, unbeknownst to me. I thought he was a good guy. Ryan ends up being one of the bad guys.
    Conflict is a tool of the evil one. Those that promote destructive conflict are evil. The smart American people voted agents the status quo in D.C. The dumbassacRATs and the RINO/republican not’s are going nuts because they are loosing ground of “progressing” U.S. to the the gates of socialisim and hell. Socialism has never and will never last for long, after being propped up by a free market system..

    The Oath Breakers need to be charged, tried, in an honest Constitutional court of law. When found guilty, they need to be executed. If they are left alive they will continue their criminal lifestyle thinking it is OK.
    I am not hateful or blood thirsty, just practical. I would and pray for them to do the next right thing, ALWAYS. But they don’t. It’s like if you find a Black Widow spider crawling on your baby. What are you going to do? The vermin inside the beltway all the way to city hall are much more dangerous than a little spider. We need to get our baby and ourselves out of harms way.

  38. MichaelZZ says


    Does everyone have an altruistic “right” to health care, and, if so, why?
    Does a society have a pragmatic economic rationale to provide health care for all its citizens?

    PROBLEM: Escalating health care costs, and the insecurities of the populace regarding health care.

    PROVENANCE: Greed, inefficiencies, ignorance, etceteras
    1) Greed includes fraud on the part of providers and patients: controls and severe penalties should be legislated to mitigate.
    2) Inefficiencies include, but are not limited to, inefficient utilization of personnel, equipment and facilities, administrative overhead, and profit motive on steroids.
    3) Ignorance on the part of providers and patients can be mitigated by a massive computerization of information, i.e., the “mind” of the computer is vastly superior to providers and should be made available to patients and providers.
    4) Etceteras to include, but not be limited to, better nutrition, responsibilities and behavior of recipients of health care, and preventative care.

    RESOLUTION: To be determined, subsequent to analyzing the problem


    I believe that the Obama Administration is correct in recognizing that the accelerating cumulative costs of health care in our nation must be addressed.

    Since we know where we are regarding this problem, most energies should be devoted to determining where we should be.

    We must analyze the logistics and economics for the purpose of determining the most efficient and effective method of delivering health care, cost effectively.

    First, a decision must be made as to who will bear the burden of the costs of health care.

    The possibilities include businesses, the recipients of health care services, or the government.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by businesses, the good would be that employees would receive health care at no cost, whereas the bad would be that the costs of providing health care would be included in the costs of goods and services produced, which would necessitate higher selling prices for those goods and services than if there were no health care costs.

    For those businesses that compete against similar businesses in other nations, their ability to compete would be adversely affected versus if they did not have the burden of those health care costs.

    Within a competitive world economy, the United States of America should be considered as U.S.A., Inc. and would be competing against Japan, Inc., China, Inc., et cetera, thus it would make pragmatic economic sense to mitigate costs of goods produced.

    If it were determined that all costs should be borne by the recipients of health care services, economic pressures would be placed upon businesses to increase employees’ remuneration to enable them to pay for their health care, thus whether the costs are paid by businesses or employees, the cost to produce goods will include the cost of health care.

    If it were determined that all health care costs should be borne by the government, the good would be that all employees would have health care, and businesses would have their costs to produce goods and services devoid of any health care costs, while the bad would be that the government would inherit the obligation to fund these massive health care costs. Incredibly important benefits would be the sense of security of the populace, which would affect all other aspects of their lives and the enhanced competitiveness of businesses competing internationally.

    The transitioning from where we are to where we should be would cause serious upheavals and dislocations, e.g., employment reconfigurations, but subsequently we will have sophisticated and fine-tuned our current disparate montage of health care to an efficient and cost-effective system for the delivery of health care.

    Our leaders are involved in the process of searching for the correct paradigm regarding the delivery of health care for our nation. Unfortunately, they appear to be in a triage quagmire effort rather than resolving to discover the appropriate paradigm. They are attempting to reconfigure a condemned edifice, rather than tearing down the walls and allowing the light of day to expose truth.

    Economics, rather than politics, religion, et cetera must be the leading factor directing our leaders to the correct paradigm, i.e., where we should be.

    Last modified: 01/28/17

    1. AntiGOP says

      Does everyone have an altruistic “right” to health care, and, if so, why?

      YES because it benefits ALL.!!

      Does a society have a pragmatic economic rationale to provide health care for all its citizens?

      YES because it benefits ALL.!!

      Single Payer will provide the best Care and Solutions.
      #1 France in the World

      There has never been a Market Based System that works and our current system is a proof of that.

    2. anibanib says

      Now, this is a load of crap………………..””If it were determined that all costs should be borne by businesses, the good would be that employees would receive health care at no cost, whereas the bad would be that the costs of providing health care would be included in the costs of goods and services produced, which would necessitate higher selling prices for those goods and services than if there were no health care COSTs””………we have national healthcarecompletely financed by the government, thru a small Tax………and our goods and services are much cheaper than what they are in the USA

      1. MichaelZZ says

        Thanks, you have proved my point.

        You may not understand what you are reading………


    3. anibanib says

      Try to keep your comments shorter……..its easy to loose interest or fall asleep half way thru

      1. MichaelZZ says

        Stick with Twitter.

        If we want to mitigate or resolve problems, the odds are 140 characters will not afford us the opportunity.

        Truth and information are cures for ignorance.


        1. anibanib says

          What is TWITTER………..something to do with birds ??

  39. metheoldsarge says

    If Obamacare is not repealed, we will have a major promise broken. A lot of voters are not going to be happy. Remember what Bush 41 said in 1988? He said “Read my lips” and we all know the result of that broken promise. Trump and many Republicans can kiss reelection good-by. The Democrats will regain full power over Congress and the White House by January 2021.

  40. Ron says

    Everything will eventually get done for Trump and the REP. and DEM. ELITES will crawl back under their rocks and wait until they lose their final election.

  41. rdells says

    It was NOT a failure, IDIOT! Common sense often prevails as in this instance, but not NEAR as often as it should to please you Psychopaths.

  42. R. T. says

    NO REPLACEMENT The Constitution’s Preamble says the federal government was established (and the Constitution was adopted) to “form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”
    1 Establish ( Justice ) courts and Constitutional laws .
    2 Insure domestic ( Tranquillity ) calm , peaceful .
    3 Provide common ( Defence ) . Our Military .
    4 Promote ( GENERAL WELFARE ) doesn’t mean give them anything , provide them with Schools , Library’s , Hospital ‘s , Roads , Bridge’s . In other words PLACES for your well-being NOT MONEY !
    5 Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity . Liberty for us and our children .

  43. Paul Anderson says

    After 7 years of Obama Care, there is no excuse, for failing to pass a Republican lead, health care plan. Why is it, the federal government waits until the last moment, to solve crisis problems?

    Thankfully we have a president, that will build a fire, under this bunch. He knows how to get the job done.

  44. David Harrington says

    a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
    synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up
    “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant” 12345

  45. DAlnB41 says

    I was glad to see Trump drop the rewrite of Obama care; I give him and the GOP credit for doing what the Democrats in their lust to make Obama happy failed to do.
    Trump dropped the current efforts as the GOP took time to discuss the issues and work to ensure an acceptable national health care plan that was based on honest work and not pushed through to keep the White House happy! GOP representatives held fast to those elements of the new bill they felt essential; quite different than the Democrat’s who by the numbers voted to pass Obama care; and we have for seven years suffered the consequences.
    In spite of the repeated complaints related to Obama care the Democrat stood shoulder to shoulder and would not budge; would not do a thing to fix the obvious problems. Loyalty to Obama and to hell with the American people kept Obama care the same troubled program it was from the start.
    Trump did the right thing; with so many other problems that need attention, Trump put the efforts to repeal or drastically change Obama care aside until it can be better studied and a thorough review and acceptance agreed upon.

  46. David Harrington says

    In the summer of 2004,Charles Kushner Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of Donald J Trump was fined $508,900 by the Federal Election Commission for contributing to political campaigns in the names of his partnerships when he lacked authorization to do so.[7] In 2005, following an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey,[8] U.S. Attorney Chris Christie negotiated a plea agreement with Kushner, under which Kushner pleaded guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering.[9] The witness-tampering charge arose from Kushner’s act of retaliation against William Schulder, husband of his sister Esther, who was cooperating with federal investigators; Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, arranged for an encounter between the two to be secretly recorded, and had the tape sent to his sister.[10][11][12][13] Kushner was sentenced to two years in prison[10] and served 14 months at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery in Alabama[14][15] before being sent to a halfway house in Newark, New Jersey to complete his sentence.[14][15][16] He was released from prison on August 25, 2006.[17]
    As a result of his convictions, Kushner was disbarred from the practice of law in New Jersey,[] New York,[19] and Pennsylvania.[20] Charles Kushner is the Father of Jared Kushner son in law and adviser of Donald J Trump The apple does not fall far from the tree I think.

  47. Brendagwiens says

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  48. Mark Tercsak says

    I have said this many times over the past couple of years.

    The First thing we must fix is Congress.

    The United States Senators and United States Representatives are no longer answerable to anyone that is but the highest Bidder, in other words they are High Class Call Girls!
    Who is to blame Woodrow Wilson; Former President Of The United States, a Democrat and a Member of the KKK and a Racist..
    He Conned The People of this nation into believing that U.S. Senators Represent them in the halls of Congress.

    These Senators, Ladies and Gentlemen never represented “We The People”, They are supposed to represent our respective states Legislatures in the halls of Congress, under Article I, Section III, of the United States Constitution the respective states legislatures are supposed to elect the United States Senators.

    We The People, are supposed to be represented in the Halls Of Congress , By members of the House Of Representatives, who represent , our respective states and our respective home districts.

    Thus I call Upon President Trump to call for a Convention of the States, and repeal the 27th Amendment and restore Article I, Section III, Of the United States Constitution!

  49. Mark Tercsak says

    A New Travel Ban!
    I urge The President Of the United States Of America, Donald J. Trump.
    To declare the seven nations on his previous list to be Active War Zones.
    Pull all Green Cards, stop all Civilian flights to and from those Countries, as well as ships
    to bar entry of any citizen of said seven countries from entering the United States Of America

    1. anibanib says

      So……….whats new…….most of what you babbled is already being done, even normal citizens from most EU countries who have been in anyof the 7+ countries DO NOT GET a visa on line, they must travel to the US embassy in their country and show their passports, all family members must be there……….and only with a bit of luck can one get a visa to the USA…….anyway, who the frucking heil wants to visit the USA

  50. anibanib says

    The USA is perhaps the only western nation that does not have a universal healthcare system…….whereby all Citizens with an income pay a very small % towards their Healthcare.It is what we Europeans call solidarity………you know, all are treated equal kindoff…….the minute you are bornyou are covered, and mommies do have to pay a cent……… fact in my country they can get 460 maternity leave with full pay from their Place of employment…….even dads can take 3 months off work with full pay if he wants too, doctors are free, hospitals are free, medication is free……… no extra Insurance is needed…………..even severe complicated operations that could cost $200000 are completely free, even if one must travel to Another country

    1. mudguy1 says

      If you like YOUR country do for healthcare why don’t move back to YOUR country. What you have described is socialism. Nothing any government gives you is COMPLETELY FREE. They have taken from someone else to make it look like it was free.
      Socialism always fails. All one has to do is to look at whats happened to Venezuela.
      Obviously you have no idea how American capitalism works. It is what makes America great.
      Personal responsibility is far better than letting the Government take care of you.

      1. anibanib says

        Just goes to show how thick you are………..its not socialism, in fact my country WHERE I DO LIVE…… about the same as the USA………where 98% of industries etc etc are in private hands….SOCIALISM is where the state owns Everything and decides Everything…….you should have learnt that at school… I do know how capitalism works as well as socialism……even you guys pay taxes, you pay federal taxes,state taxes, county taxes, city taxes, property taxes, lastyear I paid 16.2% taxes to the government and got my free Healthcare,medication, education etc etc etc………… be very careful when you Think that the USA is GREAT…………I saw one survey where my country was Nr ONE and the USA was down at 20th position………

        1. mudguy1 says

          Shows just how much you don’t about socialism. Any time the Government takes money from some and gives it to somebody else that is socialism.

          Socialism is

          An economic system in which goods and services are provided through a central system of cooperative and/or government ownership rather than through competition and a free market system.

          Obamacare is Socialism. Socialism is a slow growing decease that will take over if not checked. Just look at what happened to Venezuela when and how Socialism took over.
          You can keep your country and it’s Socialism.

          1. anibanib says

            O M G you really have been brainwashed……….dare you go out on a morning…………….so YOU dont pay any taxes at all………….like I have said Before you pay federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, highway taxes, ……………..YOU are “”robbed left right and centre””…………..and then you get roads built, Airports built, bridges built, infrastructure right across the country………most of it paid for by your taxes……………..and now you have a righty twattin the White House,who cant get anything passed………and WILL rob you of more taxes………………..and you still dont know which country I live in, where we do have a more freer market economy than what you do in the USA, even if as you say you are not socialistic, the whole of the USA is run by a few gigantic companies, who decide what you eat, drink and what you drive and what you do in your spare time…………THEY decide your Life for you………..the US government does what it is told to do………….and TRUMP will also follow the same pattern………..

          2. mudguy1 says

            Thanks for the insult. So how dose your country get it’s money to support you. You know very little about my country. If you are so happy with your country why not tell what country you live in.
            If I am brainwashed i am not like you I have a brain.

          3. anibanib says

            My country is in Scandinavia with a blue and yellow flag, only 10 million people live here, 62% are in work, wehave a budget surplus, a very nice trade surplus, and average income about $57000 a year, no minimum wage system like you have……..and we havent been at war with anybody since 1812, not a member of NATO

          4. mudguy1 says

            The Personal Income Tax Rate in Sweden stands at 57.10 percent. Personal Income Tax Rate in Sweden averaged 56.31 percent from 1995 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 61.40 percent in 1996 and a record low of 51.50 percent in 2000.
            Of the top ten highest tax rates in the world Sweden is #2
            2. Sweden

            This is the country situated in north Europe’s and is a Free State which is giving the all basic life facilities to the people. The tax rate in this country is 56.6% on the income of 485,841. Free education, sponsored health care and free and subsidized transportation facilities are provided to the people. People having this income level are paying 30% tax on income and property. It is the highest tax paying country from all Europe.

            Your free stuff is NOT free. All your free stuff that your Government gives you, you have paid for out of your high taxes.

            You need to learn what Socialism really is. The world conciders Sweden as Socialist Sweden. Any time a government does things for the people what they can do for themselves that is Socialism

            The beautiful nation of Sweden has the highest standard of living in the world. Its blossoming industry ranks far higher than the United States in most measurements. Life in Socialist Sweden is free of homeless, reckless, crazy people. In spite of the 55% income tax, Sweden has a history of strong family values, the most progressive education system in the world and extremely low unemployment.

            How about the war on terrorism you are having or do you deny that no terrorism is happening in Sweden.

          5. anibanib says

            No idea where you found those figures and percentages, here are the true figures after personal allowancwsand various tax reductions………part in Sweden part in English, and last year 2016 I paid only 16.2% tax on my incomes…………
            Löneinkomst and Skatt Procent
            Löneinkomst..100 000 kr .Skatt12 912 kr Procent13%
            Löneinkomst.500 000 kr .Skatt142 128 kr P cent 28%

            Löneinkomst1 000 000 kr
            Skatt422 268 kr