Hillary Clinton’s Desperate Defense Strategy


A research group called Correct the Record is splitting away from parent group American Bridge 21st Century, registering with the Federal Election Commission as a singular super PAC. Correct the Record has been in charge of defense for Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats, but it is restructuring now so that it can devote its full arsenal to protecting her campaign.

Brad Woodhouse, president of American Bridge, will take leave of that organization to act as president of Correct the Record for the foreseeable future. He said that the mission would now be “aggressively responding to false attacks and misstatements of the Secretary’s exemplary record.”

Their first order of business may be to defend the move itself. The Republican National Committee released a statement which said, “Hillary Clinton is taking her hypocrisy on money in politics to interesting new heights, directly linking her campaign to a super PAC whose sole purpose is to play defense.”

The move certainly signifies that Clinton is aware that she is facing a monster she can’t simply ignore. The questions surrounding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation are not going away, despite the fact that she is unwilling to answer them. There is also the matter of her private email server, a subject that has cooled in recent weeks but could easily resurface at any time. Finally, there is Benghazi, the albatross that Clinton has been unable to wrest from her neck.

Clinton and the Democrats see these issues as distractions, and that will be their defense when it comes to aligning their campaign with a super PAC. They will insist that such a move is warranted when they are being hit with right-wing conspiracy theories every time they turn around. How is a candidate supposed to talk about the future of America when she is constantly barraged by this kind of nonsense?

Of course, voters paying any attention at all will be able to see through this excuse. It doesn’t take that long to sit down for an interview. No, a candidate can’t spend all their time answering attacks, but what about a half hour? What about five minutes? Clinton, so far, has been unable to spare even a moment to seriously answer the allegations being thrown at her.

That might be okay if the allegations were of little substance. Clinton could play the “I won’t dignify that with a response” card and get back on track. Unfortunately for her, the Clinton Cash book causing her so much strife makes some fairly damning connections. No, there is no smoking gun, but there is certainly a dead body that needs to be explained. Correct the Record’s job, apparently, will be to keep people from asking for that explanation.

Maybe it’s not money in politics that’s the problem; maybe it’s politicians hiding behind that money instead of being forthright with the American people.

  1. RMCSRET says

    Now you will see the TRUE CLINTON SMEAR campaign start.

    1. Rich Ollar says

      Its not a smear its the way the Clintons act this is their Ammo Look at their past records full of distrust , Lies,

      1. RMCSRET says

        Exactly this is what I mean first they Smear the individual or group making the charge and
        then they provide information to defame that Individual or group whether it be true or not.
        Or when all else fails folks just seem to have accidents or disappear.

        1. guest says

          Yep, DNC just shot down Huckabee “doesn’t believe in evolution ” or in other words “he believes in god”.
          Isn’t that just terrible, a man of faith.
          Next they’ll be saying he’s as bad as an Islam Extremist. No, wait a minute…. nope that won’t work. huckabee bad, Islam good. There, that’s better.

      2. unique201 says

        Did you mean M.O. instead of Ammo ???????

        1. Rich Ollar says

          Its means the same thing that is another way to sys it

          1. unique201 says

            Thanks for letting me know.
            I never heard it used that way before.
            Have a great week.

        2. guest says

          Time to reprogram the auto spell checker. Mine changes stuff all the time if I type to fast

    2. Jerry_Morgan says

      How can you call it a smear campaign… when Americans are walking around… Knee Deep in her corruption? It’s way past a smear campaign… It’s a fact finding Campaign to dig up all her dirt… and stick it back up her… well.. you know.

      1. RMCSRET says

        You had better read the story again Jerry, I think your missing a huge point.

        1. greyfox says

          What point would that be? How forthcoming she is, how transparent her actions are, how she co operates by providing her Emails/ How caring she is about the people that lost their lives under her watch. Hillary the wonderful, wonderful bitch

    3. greyfox says

      Proof positive that the truth is dead in the Democratic party. It is impossible to smear someone with the truth. “Now you will see the TRUE CLINTON SMEAR campaign start.” This should read:

      “Now you will see the TRUTH ABOUT CLINTON campaign start ” Why are democrats so afraid of the truth?

      1. RMCSRET says

        Greyfox that is an easy question to answer. Just look at the crafty little Greek George
        Snuffolocus. He hides the fact that he has donated $75K dollars to the Clintons and then
        he hammers anyone who dares to talk about them on his ABC Platform for lies. Then
        when he is caught, all of a sudden there or a multitude of Questions. The Little Greek
        now has to be careful of what and how he slanders Folks who dare attack the

        1. greyfox says

          The problem is that everyone does not see this little weasel for the farce that he is, I wonder if even he knows the truth about anything.These people delude themselves into believing they are the smart ones and the rest of us don’t know a thing. Unfortunately they have the pulpit and far too many people are easily fooled into believing their every word. The truth is literally dead with democrats and liberals.

          1. RMCSRET says

            Completely agree. If people would do due Diligence they would see the truth
            on how Georgie and company have been sliming away just under the surface for
            the Clintons and Obama for that matter.

          2. greyfox says

            Due diligence? they don’t know what that means

  2. WiSe GuY says

    Hitler-y is a re-run of the moron Brokeback 0bama

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is clear that an alliance of China, Soros and the caliphate want to impose this blood-stained bribe-stuffed hag on a tired and exasperated country, and they plan to buy it and if necessary to steal it. Now that she has even outdone the Manchurian President in her public commitment to forcible imposition of Marxism and atheism, and to the complete latinization of the United States through government-orchestrated invasion, her election would be intolerable to a large segment of the population and would probably be followed by economic collapse and coast-to-coast Baltimores, possibly in a darkened nation hit by an Iranian-North Korean nuclear EMP. The only chance we have is to send this harridan back to her coven and her cauldron, and the way to do that is not to let a day go by without reminding the country of Bill’s bimbos, bribes and Benghazi.

    1. Brenda says

      You are right in not letting a day go by without reminding the country of all things hillary has done and the lies she has told. It is hard to separate bill and hillary, since they both are connected via past misdeeds as well as current misdeeds.

    2. guest says

      The collapse is predicted at the end of the Jade Helm martial law.

    3. Warrior7Princess says

      Now is the time someone could get rich selling barf bags. I, like a lot of others, get a nauseated feeling when ever I read or hear about the clintons.

    4. Joann Holmes says

      how do you think obama won his second term he had his NSA spying on Romney and he knew every thing they had talked about in their e-mails, phone calls.

    5. greyfox says

      You are wrong in identifying atheism as the culprit in any way. Atheists may not believe in a “god” but we all have a very good handle on right and wrong. No self respecting atheist would do to a country what Obama has done and what Hillary will do. Marxism is a political system, atheism does not believe in the existence of a “god”.

  4. tommie says

    Surely, most people on this blog must realize by now that Democrats don’t care about truth! They only care about remaining in power no matter the cost to the people of this country or the country itself.

    1. Randy Lewis says

      I know that Democrats don’t care about the truth but, neither do politicians in general. The problem goes much deeper than party affiliation . The problem is basically greed coupled with lust for power. We need to limit the offices of all politicians to deter this problem as well as institutes controls on the power of the federal government. The only way to do that is support The Convention of States project.

      1. Wapitiman says

        We certainly can’t expect the beneficiaries of the system to change the system!

      2. Croco Dile says

        As Ferdinand Lundberg wrote in his book The Rich and The Super-Rich, chapter XIII “The Cleverness of the Rich” :

        As there is no other effective way for candidates to get on the ballot, the primary is the political key that unlocks all doors.
        “It ought to be plain, then,” says Kent, “that so long as the machine controls the primaries, it is in a position to limit the choice of the voters in the general election to its choice in the primaries. That is the real secret of its power, and, so long as it holds that power, it cannot be put out of business. Defeating its candidates in the general election not only does not break its grip, it often does not make even a dent in it. The only place the machine can be beaten is in the primaries.”
        As Kent points out, by not participating in the primaries the general voter loses at least 50% of the effectiveness of his franchise. He thereby assumes his actual political status – a second-class citizen. Nobody has chased the common man away from the primaries. He just does not feel up to participating. His democratic franchise here he finds just too much to handle. He does not, in fact, have anything to contribute; he is politically empty. As a result, the party apparatus and candidates on both tickets belong to professionals, often men never heard of in the community, usually men of limited outlook.

        1. Warrior7Princess says

          They are the elite who are power hungry to control the masses. The Council on Foreign Relations was formed around 1917 when J P Morgan had an analysis done to see how many papers were needed to help gain control of the news media which at the time was the sole source of reaching and influencing people. 25 news papers were bought out and that was the beginning of the news media controlling the cognitive map aka thinking of the people in the US. In a quest for power, the elite will manipulate the news and the minds of the people. We are fortunate to have a few true news sources.

          1. pineapple says

            “We are fortunate to have a few true news sources.” Unfortunately, that may not last long with Obamas attack on Fox News.

          2. Joann Holmes says

            Conservatives are under attack by Dems and obama.

          3. pineapple says

            And especially by the main stream media, who are in bed with the Democrats.

          4. Warrior7Princess says

            i am glad there are some fearless news sources. The shoebat site is really good at telling the brutal fearless truth we don’t get with main stream media. I wish they had a national televised news service.

          5. Jimmy King says

            It’s called the Disney Channel Fairy tales 24 hrs a day

          6. Jimmy King says


          7. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            The DNC new name The Democrackhead Party!!!!

          8. greyfox says

            Our political system is often laughingly referred to as; By the people, of the people and for the people. The truth is really quite different, Our political system

            is actually; By the money, of the money and for the money. along with ; By the power, of the power and for the power.
            And that my dear friends is the truth.

      3. Warrior7Princess says

        They need to obey the Constitution. The feds are supposed to be limited in what they can do according to the enumerated powers listed in section 8 of Article one. The Convention of States is scary because i saw a list of organizations who want to get the COS for them. And the ones wanting to do this includes commies and others who want to destroy the Constitution in their favor. Also, i read there is some one who is involved with COS who is misleading people, and when the COS procedure is opened for one group, then others can come in and try to alter + manipulate the Constitution for their subversive purposes if they so choose.

        I support state laws with clear provisions for removing elected officials for misleading the people with lies + having allegiance to corporations and the wealthy elite of the planet. There needs to be some sort of checks and balances on the feds. Also, it would be great if someone would start a successful thinking society which also bases on knowledge of the Constitution and our history. Schools seem to be failing in those areas. LGBT seems to be the main focus right now. The Constitution does not rate.

      4. Joann Holmes says

        The convention of states is not a good idea .iof they success in doing this then there will be no stopping them and it is not limited to one change. go to http://www.johnbirchsociety.com and read about the convention of states..not a good thing.

        1. Warrior7Princess says

          I will check out the John Birch site. Most people supporting COS, are NOT informed. You probably know about Publius Hulduh who uses the same pen name which some of the Founding Fathers used. There are several articles about her on Freedom Outpost. She has complete information on why COS is a really bad idea. Here is one article about her:


    2. Croco Dile says

      Politicians are professional liars.
      If you vote, you are part of the problem !

    3. Warrior7Princess says

      I will be honest. I spent months being really dense while wondering why democrats were not concerned about the WH lies. I finally snapped into reality after I learned they don’t care about the truth + they even think in the same terms + defend the lies. There is no point in spinning wheels and wondering why. I sadly agree with you. They don’t care about the truth.

    4. sturgis says

      I’m not defending the Democrats I agree with you. But, you can put a few Republicans in that category too. Most are just looking out for themselves.

      1. greyfox says

        The founding fathers never visioned system that could morph itself into what it has become.

        1. sturgis says

          If they were around today, they would call for a Revolution! If you have any firearms, better stock up on ammunition! You can never have enough bullets!

  5. downs1 says

    Amazing! Not surprising though. There are a lot of people who think they can cash in by joining Hillary’s bandwagon. There is such a thing as spiritual blindness just as there is a thing known as moral blindness, just as there is a thing known as intellectual blindness. But then, there is greed and power hunger which encourage and aggravate the conditions mentioned. Unfortunately there is also a heavy price to pay for such choices when the judgment comes . . . as it surely will. But, the choice is theirs! One only hopes that these people will stand up and accept the responsibility for their decisions! But, they won’t! They’re liberals!

    1. sandman says

      Then there is those who are just plain old sTuPiD!!!

      1. greyfox says

        You are right. there is those who are plain stupid.

        1. Joann Holmes says

          I think they are referred to as the low information voters. Your right just plain old STUPID.

    2. guest says

      There are none so blind as those that will not see.

  6. william g munson says

    Well we all remember Lois Learner said she done nothing WRONG AND PLEAD THE FIFTH AND we know that is not the true! and Obama told Bill that there were not a MIDCHEN of CURRUPTION WITH THE IRS AND WE NOW KNOW THAT WAS A LIE AND TO BE SILENT IS ADMITTING THAT THEY ARE GUILTY, GUILTY, AND EVEN MORE GUILTY, PERIOD

    1. Warrior7Princess says

      He half way told the truth about that. There was not a “smidgeon” of corruption. Actually it was more like a mountain of corruption.

      1. william g munson says

        Yes and by the Lord Jesus and it is still growing and we are finding out more everyday thanks to these Fox News and the Web

  7. Larry Wilson says

    Hillary should be in jail instead of any office! She’ll get millions of dollars this election from the taxpayers.
    She will screw us all even if she is not elected.

    1. Juan TwoTree says

      Yeah, this bit*ch isn’t going to fool me!!! I will resend article, jokes, catoon, repotrs on this bitch to everyone I know. She will finish off American than Prez Obongoloid has ruined by abput 50%.

      1. Ronald Fischer says

        Your so right JUAN this women is nothing but a crook and is so corrupt and a Pathetic lying con-women since she was 27 years old,all she ever did for this country was to screw the American people she is a phony fraud and is only looking out for herself how she can can steal what she can from the people, she is just another Traitor to take over for Obama if she gets in I just hope the people that vote for her lose everything that they worked for.Because that is what she is going to do to our country and all these lying speeches that she well be telling you well be the same words that the other Traitor lied in is speeches in 2008 tell this day nothing as been done for our country the only people he has been helping are all criminals from other country’s and lets not forget about the Terrorist he welcome into our country along with the murderers and rapist and thief’s that Obama brought in to live among us,now they are all receiving welfare Food stamps and a place for them to stay and here we have in this country are Veterans and other homeless people that this UN-AMERICAN person that is not a American Citizen that was born in KENYA around 1965.And as for that other crook that takes Foreign country’s money which is against our law to take from them and I can bet that the country’s she took from are our ENEMIES and they were on her emails that she Destroyed on her server,and they say that she is a smart women the only thing she is smart at is how to get over on people,and she is also against our constitution like that other guy and he took a OATH to protect and defend our country and if she gets in he would be like a son to her he is half white like he says,they are like two Peas in a pod together out to take over our country as Dictators.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Ronald: You nailed it!!

          Semper Fi

  8. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Hillary lies and people die and the Dem’s still lie like they use to, Do Da Do Da. Leftest Hag spill your lies, Do Da Do Da. Socialist Doctrine all day long Do Da Do da Day!

    1. Jerry_Morgan says

      I’d like to hear that with music put to it… making it a Solid Hit! I like the Do Da part.

      1. Conservative says

        Change the Do Da to blah, blah, blah!

  9. Deby says

    I just hope that the weary Americans who have struggled to live through these last 6 years of promised “hope & change” only to realize that the only change happening is NOT hopeful, but a downward spiral toward third world mentality and sharia law, can rise up to actually make the changes so desperately needed in the government in 2016. We the People HAVE to speak now, and loudly. Hillary Clinton is representative of ALL that is corrupt and wrong in this latest democratic regime, and for the good people of this country to allow her another shot at bringing down the house of cards will be the our greatest mistake.

    1. Warrior7Princess says

      There is a video where she claims she thinks and operates according to what the CFR want her to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba9wxl1Dmas

  10. unique201 says

    Hillary has too much baggage.

    1. John Doe says

      And I doubt that you’re referring to the grocery sacks under her eyes…..

  11. SpiceGirl says

    Amen Miles Drake!

  12. Gregory Stafford says

    The Clintons, I mean both of them, have no business in public office. Just who is it they serve? These people are scary, really scary.

  13. Lawrence Kelley III says

    Actually, the fact that HR Clinton is dodging questions about money given her in these hard times for working class Americans is really quite good. I’m glad she is stalling. She’s too arrogant and stupid to realize that this wears thin with most Americans — either speak the truth or get off the stage. That is, ALL thinking Americans, which seems to be a shrinking minority.

    1. greyfox says

      Celebrity is stronger than truth, there can be no other explanation. We are so blinded by their celebrity that we cannot imagine they could lie, but they can and do.

  14. farrightwing says

    Dittos Lawrence Kelley III, Miles E Drake, Larry Wilson, Tommie, Deby, This woman needs to be in front of grand jury along with her philandering husband! Marsha Blackburn has started the ball rolling, you go girl!

  15. mike slaney says

    Hilliary’s desperate defense strategy: LIE…and avoid the shoe throwing.

  16. Brenda says

    No matter how hard Woodhouse tries, you can not white wash hilliary’s record. Lies and deceit are the hallmarks of the clintons. Her “exemplary” record is rife with misdirections, refusals to answer questions, and evasions. From the start she showed her willingness to lie, which led to her being fired during Watergate. From Watergate to the Clinton Foundation she has left a trail of dead bodies, sacrificial lambs, and a strong history of lying or evasive tactics.
    As much as people would like to find the famous “smoking gun”, this will not happen. The Clintons have become the masters of evasion. Any proof will have long been destroyed making sure that we are only left with circumstantial evidence or rumors of wrong doing.

    1. greyfox says

      Democrats lie and democrats consider lying a value. The big lie, like your insurance keep your insurance, like your doctor keep your doctor. You have to be an absolute fool to rationalize that kind of lying. The only way I can understand it is to realize that truth is not part of the liberal inventory of values.

  17. greyfox says

    Hillary Clinton is what is wrong with politics.

  18. fred says

    Even if she has the MSM criminals behind her, the voting public can’t stand her, and KNOWS she’s a lifelong criminal, just like Billy-boy! Does anyone know any other person who likes this horrible excuse for a sub-human? Even women I have met who are very liberal hate her, bc she is staying in a marriage clearly to make money and stay in power! In other words a total fraud, just like the clown she’s trying to replace!

  19. MAHB001 says

    Let them spend their billions to try to put hillarydumpty back together again….
    Waste of time if you ask me.

    1. Deby says

      I hope you are right!!! The problem is with the millennials-they are (mostly) all liberal half-wits who will vote for her because A. she is female and B. democrat-because beyond those two things they may be semi-sure of, they have no clue what the consequences of another Clinton in the WH will really be.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Young people rarely vote. But then again, actually voting is not a requirement anymore. Just the appearance of the young’s vote will get their votes. The Dems will manufacture the votes out of thin air.

        The curtain is being pulled back and the puppet masters are being exposed with the truth.

        I think when they are exposed, the people both Dems and Republicans will resent them so much that they will reject their control.
        At least I hope I am right.

        1. greyfox says

          So do I.

      2. greyfox says

        Deby, stupid is hard to fix. You are right on with A and B. May I submit C, because she’s a Clinton. It really goes to the mentality of the American voter.

  20. curtmavi38 says

    Hillary Clinton is too tired and too ragged out to run for the presidency. The reason she is not meeting the press like the republican candidates is because she is not up to it. Folks this is what the democratic party is offering up to be president, and they have no democrats in the wing to even challenge her. They think that they can push her into the presidency without her ever answering a question they do that to hide the fact that she is old news. meh

    1. greyfox says

      It just hit me, maybe we should hope that she does win the Presidency. I firmly believe they would take her away in a paddy wagon. I really believe she is mentally deranged.

  21. Ronney says

    The few video’s I have seen of people being asked if they would vote for her, they do not have a clue how evil this bitch is. Her and her Husband should both be in jail. The Clinton foundation my ass, it is just a way for those greedy assholes to fill their pockets. Look at the turn around on illegal’s in a month. At first she was all for it, after a few polls she done an about face, just like the two face bitch she is. People get off your asses and go tell your neighbors just how evil she is.

  22. brabbie2002 says

    Why do we not get nude pictures of her and drop them, as leaflets, over ISIS held territory? that way the muslims would know we are already tortured enough! Or, because they are nude pictures the muslim males will have to kill themselves for viewing someone other than their wife. Or we could tell them that is what the virgins they were promised look like! That should scare the s–t out of them!

    1. greyfox says

      Very clever brabbie2002, couldn’t agree more.

  23. Dan says

    There is more than one body that needs to be explained, IN REALITY!

  24. Carl Stevenson says

    There are a lot of dead bodies related to the Clintons that need to be explained.

    1. Joann Holmes says

      Well over one hundred

  25. Albert L Biele says

    Instead of “Correct the Record,” they should call themselves “Mission Impossible.” They figure, Obama won on deception, why not give it a try; why attempt to win by force when you can win by deception? After all, today, deception and misdirection is an art form. You simply take an oppressor and exploiter; wrap her up in a cloak of patriotism, or as a woman crusader in a deception that will overwhelm the people. But, without God’s eyes, we are subjected to deception, the past ceases to exist, and God no longer lingers there. And they know that Satan will show you whatever you want to see and believe, so you will be trapped in an emotion that cannot communicate truth, beyond what you want to remember; of who she really is.

  26. Lizard says

    America is going to go down drain more if Hillary becomes president ….. Hillary will have Obama phone and pen and pick up right where Obama leaves off

    1. guest says

      By the time she’s elected it won’t even matter anymore.

  27. cdansreau says

    “finally there is Benghazi”
    I would expect that “finally there is her being fired from her first job for lying”. This was during the nixon watergate investigation. In between there is travelgate, watergate, pardongate, and many other things in between. And for myself i would be interested if she were later going to pronounce “CO-oresidency” with her husband bill, How is she going to keep Bill in the bedroom, since he loves to molest interns and female visitors as he has in the past. if as she says she was not aware of bill’s fixation on other women even though it was common gossip how can she possibly detect lying from foreign delegates. she has so many embarrassing questions to answer for. i would find a presidental debate between her and another entertaining. she cannot dictate “hands off” requirements for certain questions during the debate.

    1. greyfox says

      You don’t fire a democrat for lying, you promote them. After all lying is a virtue with democrats, it is politically incorrect to tell the truth.

  28. Jacky says

    Any one still attempting to defend Hilllary Clinton or supports her is simply without morals honor or integrity

    1. Joann Holmes says

      Democrats don’t have any morals , or values of any kind.

    2. greyfox says

      Or intelligence.

      1. Jacky says

        True enough, if we don’t take a stand and publish a position, we will be considered in that group.

  29. adrianvance says

    Hillary is in trouble with all but the people who admire her for what she can get away with. That is a growing segment of the population, unfortunately.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  30. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    Makes me wish there had been a sniper and she had NOT dodged!

  31. guest says

    The re-election of Nero the sax player.

  32. SouthernPatriot says

    I don’t care if Jezebel is the Democrat nominee for president. I don’t care who the Democrat nominee is. After 8 years of the fascist dictator wanna-be who will go down as the most unconstitutional POTUS in U.S. history, I will vote for an amoeba before I will another Democrat.

  33. Evan says

    We DO NOT need another Clinton or Bush!

    1. Joann Holmes says

      Right there Lets try Cruz

  34. Harold Sammons says

    All the legal protection that money can buy; find the loop hole that gets her off scottfree; screw the American public they don’t mean any thing to her only power and money!

  35. Carol Notermann says

    this woman is a liar and thief… She may be bright, but has failed to use her intelligence on anything benefiting the United States! She in stead, has lied and cheated her way to where she is now… Lets prosecute her for crimes committed and get her the heck out of politics.

  36. John Piazza says

    Her defense is classic Bill Clinton ie: wait it out, see if it goes away, then you can deny ever having Sex,(oops sorry) or gotten money from any Woman (oops again sorry twice ( not really)) foreign entity.

  37. Glenn Hoopman says

    I doubt any politician knows what the TRUTH means! All of them should have to pass a polygraph test to be in office! You talk about having a lot of job openings! Just think if they were all drug tested! Over 500 openings!!!!!!

  38. robertmccabe says

    Such a piece of s—.

  39. Joann Holmes says

    This guy is as brain dead as hillary and the other democrats in Washington.

  40. lcicenine says

    Just what we need, a fat ugly old lesbian traitor and her rapist husband to replace the gay muslim commie traitor and his man-wife. This country is doomed.

  41. peanut butter says

    Hillary’s butt. I’m tired of hearing about Hillary.

    1. George Cahonna says

      Tired…Yes Very Tired….Throw the dog a bone… Maybe she will go away..

  42. 1josephg1 says

    What a farce the democratic party and its supporters have become. Just imagine the likes of killary, the foreign exchange student, dirty harry, dick head durbin, holder, geitner, what a sorry lot of humanity. Humanity, sorry more like feces.

  43. Ronald Fischer says

    First off all this lying two faced crook should be but into our worst prison we have in this country,and she shouldn’t worry about the other women there trying to molest her just look what she looks like this old lady,she would be looking for some young girl to play with like her girlfriend that played tennis I don’t remember her name right now.She would take money from a bum even if it was 5 cent that he had just look at all that money she was getting from her Terrorist friends in Foreign country’s for years already she is a traitor just like the other guy in office.But this is how the corrupt Democrats work by LYING,CHEATING,and take money from our enemies to out beat the Republicans with Illegal money and lets not forget its from our Enemies that want to kill us and the other Enemies are with in our Government now,all this is about the Democrats trying to take over this country we are dealing with a bunch of hungry people trying to Dictate the American peoples way of life they have commented TREASON against WE THE PEOPLE and lets not forget about those Illegals from that Obama he welcome into our country along with thousands of Terrorist that got through on his watch and knew that was happening.Now this other witch that wants to become our next Dictator said that she well get at least a couple of million more Illegals to enter our country this is a very insane mental women we are dealing with and she well bring down the rest of whats left that Obama doesn’t have much time to do the rest of his damage so Obama well teach her the ways of screwing this country if she dose get in,and like it says in our 2nd amendment a well regulate militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed what it means that if our Government trys to take over the people its called Tyranny against our country and that’s also called TREASON against the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN now you can think about what this communist Government is trying to do to this NATION.

    1. greyfox says

      Government of the money, by the money and for the money. Rush is right………..follow the money.

  44. George Cahonna says

    America is weary of this B**** & those like her.

  45. papa doug says

    “Exemplary record” excuse me? I will admit one thing, she has an exemplary record of lying and corruption… otherwise she wouldn’t need a defense organization!

  46. let justice roll says

    The sad reality is there is no candidate out there who will go after Hillary with any purpose. If anyone attacks her the press will be all over them as a bigot. Nobody in the press is going to get an interview with her to ask any real questions about any of her transgressions. Hillary will carry most of the female vote, only because she is a women, and she will carry all of the welfare votes. Sad to say but unless the Republican Party grows some balls she will walk right into the White House in 2016. After that say goodbye to the land of the free and hello to the new Socialist State of America.

  47. Irvan says

    That bitch has but one goal in mind and that is to finish what obummer started. She has no scruples when it comes to politics. She needs to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of the country on a steel rail…….that has been fired to white hot.

  48. thomas says

    Lock up HIllary Clinton for not revealing information on Benghazi

  49. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

    Crooked evil Hillary is a fraud n liar! Do you really trust that face? These liberals are amazing they lie to lie!!! A Truth to a liberal is a lie and a Lie is a Truth!!! Lol

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