Hillary Scrambles to Cover for Bill’s Unintentional Honesty


They warned her from the beginning: there was a significant downside to putting former President Bill Clinton out on the campaign trail. Clinton, who brings with him a popular legacy among Democrats, also brings an airplane’s worth of baggage. Scandals, sexual or otherwise, have followed this man from his first days in Little Rock.

But there’s another danger inherent in the former president: he doesn’t always stick to the script.

That’s what has Hillary and her campaign spokespeople scrambling this week. In a speech in Spokane, Washington on Monday, Bill let the mask slip a little with some indirect criticism of Barack Obama.

“If you believe we can all rise together,” Clinton said, “If you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that when we were practicing trickle-down economics and no regulation in Washington, which is what caused the crash, then you should vote for her because she’s the only person who basically had good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander in chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and Democrats and independents alike.”

This is way off the target. Hillary has been running on a thinly-disguised “3rd Obama term” candidacy, and she has made a point of attacking Bernie Sanders for throwing even mild criticism at President Obama. Anyone paying the slightest attention to her campaign would know that she is avoiding anything and everything that might put her at odds with the president. Which makes it all the more remarkable that her husband would stray this far from the reservation.

Clinton aides were quick to assure the press that the former president was simply misunderstood.

“When Republicans controlled the White House, their trickle-down approach drove our economy to the brink of a collapse, said spokesman Angel Urena. “After President Obama was elected, Republicans made it their number one goal to block him at every turn. That unprecedented obstruction these last eight years is their legacy, and the American people should reject it by electing Hillary Clinton to build on President Obama’s success so we can all grow and succeed together.”

Hillary’s campaign aide Brian Fallon backed that up, issuing a tweet that reinforced the usual narrative: “Sanders is the only Dem in race who actually attacks @POTUS.”

It’s not clear what’s stranger: Bill’s unexpected moment of honesty or Hillary’s transparent sycophancy. Shouldn’t a candidate running for president have the courage to disagree with the individual she hopes to replace? Once in a while? Voters can’t be this blind.

Okay, maybe they can.

  1. Michael Dennewitz says

    If the “what difference does it make,” Benghazi bitch should miraculously make it in, THIS COUNTRY WILL GET VERY, VERY BLOODY!!

    1. Jim says

      Are you suggesting republicans will start a civil war? Because they just can’t get back in control, thing’s may get worse but we will survive, unless people did a stupid thing like that.

      1. Pam Dunn says

        AND THAT is what the moronic traitors thought at the start of the Revolutionary war BEFORE they were forced to move to Canada or back to England.

      2. Paul Burton says

        No…he’s suggesting that American patriots will revote! Whether it’s the Benghazi bitch or ‘feel the Bern’ Sanders…Hmmm….Wasn’t ‘feel the burn’ a Hitler slogan?! LOL!!!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          No, it is part of your imagination.
          The only Nazi in the running is Trump.
          He is also a member of the KKK — second generation member.
          His daddy was sues by the DOJ for rental discrimination.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Chilidish foul language.
      How is life in Ohio these days?

    3. Egor von Johnson says

      My Ithaca 12 guage, 20 inch barrel, Riot Gun ,is just itching for some action. Hate to disappoint her. Have 500 rounds of buckshot just waiting to imprint some muslims, niggers and commies. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition and we`ll be free of these scum bags.

  2. 63Marine says

    More typical Clinton BS!!! Both of them are so full of crap. We need a TRUE American in the White House.
    TRUMP 2016 and no other….

    1. Jim says

      A true American? You mean an aunest person who will run the country well with out beholden to any party or resricked to one party way, that has never happened not will it.

      1. 63Marine says

        Wanna Bet???

        1. Jim says

          You think so, tell me who.

          1. AKLady says


          2. Jim says

            Why do you think he is? I’d like to see some proof, but I doubt anyone can, I’m not voting for him.

          3. Paul Burton says

            And what makes you think trump would be bad? Because your party mouthpieces said so? Trump employees thousands of workers…if he was soooo bad as you say, where are all of his disgruntled employees?! You KNOW DAMN WELL that both the Democrat and Republican parties would be parading them in front of every camera they could find….but…NOTHING! I do know that he has used his money to help others! When a child had to come to America for the treatment and all the airlines wouldn’t allow her to fly, he heard about it and donated his aircraft for the service.
            You’re trying to make him out as a monster, he isn’t. before spouting bs, try doing some research on him first…just saying.

          4. Jim says

            I’m voting for trump.

          5. Paul Burton says

            Allow me to apologize Jim. So sorry…my mistake. …Go Trump!

          6. violetmoon says

            Yes, by all means (which he has used and will continue to do) let’s vote for the modern Hitler and the Fourth Reich. We can throw in the destruction of the entire world as a chaser since his temper and temper tantrums can start a nuclear war. It only takes ONE time. This is why the entire world Hates him and foreigners are trying to donate to Sanders to beat Trump. I have never seen that in over 50 years of voting. I could not count the number of people from foreign countries asking for ways to donate to him! It is illegal; but can be done in a couple of ways. Americans were giving them address to use to do so and they came up with one other way that would be very simple. That one I will not divulge as I know people used it and I do not want to throw suspicion on funds. Even foreigners want to defeat him and his power play. They are smart enough to see the forest for the trees. The foreign vote (Americans living overseas, came in for Sanders as they also see the forest for the trees.) And, those living out of the country also realize that we are NOT the best country in the world. They have experienced first hand what a good country is. So, by all means (including violence), vote for Der Fuhrer. and YOU can be one of the catalysts bringing about the end of the world!

          7. Paul Burton says

            He has thousands of employees…if he’s a Hitler, where are all of his disgruntled employees? You know the Dems and Repubs both would be parading them out on stage…And as for the world hating him…the world hates him because they know he won’t take their BS. Our military will once again be respected. The current administration has sent jobs overseas, our products get tariffs. America is hurting. Sanders? Really? A socialist? …Feel the burn! Wasn’t that one of Hitler’s slogans?! And you’re wanting to compare Trump to Hitler…get real! LOL!!! You need to talk to someone that got tattooed in WWII…I’d bet you they would highly disagree with you…

          8. violetmoon says

            I HAVE a cousin that survived Hitler although her entire family was wiped out! So, DO NOT try to tell me about what went on in Germany or surrounding countries. Maria is Polish and lived ONLY because she looked a lot younger than she was and a doctor took pity on her and kept her in his attic! She was at a friends house when they came for her family, as they were Catholic. I also have a good friend who lived in Germany during his reign. She is also Catholic but her family went into the country to her Grandparents to survive. She is from Passau which is on the Austrian border. I knew two people with tattoos from the death camps. One surviving because she was Jewish and was also not home when they came for her family. Hitler DID NOT become a dictator UNTIL after he was ELECTED. And, why has Heir Trump NOT brought the jobs back to this country already? HE is the only one running that COULD!! What, is he holding them ransom so he can be elected? And, the one from Passau is ready to go back after 65 years if Trump is elected! So, good try, but no cigar. And, no, Gay does not feel Trump is not setting himself up to become the next dictator! She does not want to live under another one! So, maybe the entire world will be better off when Trump starts the end of days with a temper tantrum and starts the last war with nukes. They say we end in fire and none is bigger than that!

          9. Paul Burton says

            I know the history of Germany well. I disagree that Trump is a threat…I do know that to vote Democrat is a step towards socialism! So I guess we’ll just have to agree…that we disagree!

          10. violetmoon says

            All I can say is we may see but if I am right, we may not have the time to argue the point as none of us may be here any longer.

          11. Martin Miller says

            Burton, you moron! America has been a mixed socialist/capitalist system since The New Deal. That includes Social Security, Medicare, Disability, Welfare (for mostly white people) US Interstate highways, FEMA, Federal Disaster relief…

          12. violetmoon says

            Why has Trump NOT brought jobs back to the USA? He employs a lot of people in other countries. He is the only one running that could do this and he has NOT because his bottom line is MONEY. On top of that, companies with his name on them are not owned by him. His university is being sued by half of the students going there because it is a sham, His wine is owned wholly by someone else. His steaks are terrible and owned by Sharper Image. But, he is such a GOOD businessman including letting everyone else fund the businesses so he can bankrupt out on them and start others with the cash he gets out of them.

          13. Paul Burton says

            I know several wines that are put out under other winery names. It a common practice in the wine business. And yes….business is about making money. Tell me…how many of your friends and family work for poor people? None…you know why? Poor people don’t own businesses…and…he has not filed bankruptcy. He buys companies, and he reorganizes them. A reorganization is NOT a bankruptcy. It happens here in California by government districts every year. Just saying…I do know it’ll be dangerous for America to put another Democrat in office! That I do know…

          14. violetmoon says

            His wine company DENIED he owns ANY of it. His college is being sued by half of the students just like a few others that did business dishonestly. His steaks, by Sharper Image, are terrible if any of the reviews are true. And reorganization means CUTTING jobs, not increasing or bringing them back after HE already sent them away! He was the only one possible to return jobs as no other candidate owns companies like he does (supposedly). So, why has he not already brought them back? And, believe it or not, the poor are also employers. Not everyone with a business is rich. Some help others with their businesses. It is more dangerous to put a nut case with a megalomaniac temper in control of nukes! And, he is on record as having filed BANKRUPTCY at least FOUR times, NOT reorganization! Bankruptcy is NOT reorganization but reorganization does cut jobs!!

          15. Tugboat1st says

            Me too.

          16. AKLady2015 says

            Well, funny thing — you cannot vote for the President.
            There is no such thing as a public “Presidential” election.
            Depending on your state law, your vote might sway the vote of an Electoral Cillege member.

          17. AKLady2015 says

            Got bad new for you — you can vote as many time as you want, you still cannot elect a President. The “People” never have. The U.S. Constitution does not allow you to do so.

          18. jaybird says

            I am also, but we need to be aware that he has released his foreign policy team and 1 has worked for CFR and another has worked for the Hudson Institute (a front for NWO. Those that tweet need to ask him about this. In his last debate he said he gets some of his foreign policy advice from Richard Haas (I looked him up) and he is President of CRF.

          19. Jim says

            I’m not a democrat, I prefer the Independent which of course are powerless, so I can agree with either party on an issue, this time I’m voting for trump partly because I hate the establishment and don’t like some of President Obama s decisions.

          20. AKLady2015 says

            No, you are sumply a brainwashed fool.

          21. Larry J Dunster Sr says

            I was an independent and registered as a Republican this year and voted in my first primary ever and yes I voted for Trump because I’m sick of the liberal democrats and what they have done to our country.It’s a shame we couldn’t just hunt them down and transport them to a remote island somewhere

          22. jaybird says

            I will vote for Trump but everyone needs to beware of the things he is saying and call him on it. His foreign policy advisors he just released-1 worked for CFR another worked for the Hudson Institute (a front for NWO) and has discussed foreign policy with Richard Haas, President of CFR.

          23. violetmoon says

            If Heir Trump get into the White House, I would be happy to be transported to anyplace but here, as far away as possible, so the nuclear war he starts will give some of us a little more time. I also do not want to be downwind of the furnaces when he starts burning the bodies of those he doesn’t like as his idol, Hitler did. He even uses some o the text of Hitler’s speeches! Make sure and check the rise of the Third Reich. Only this time the jackbooted Brownshirts wear t shirts. .

          24. Jim says

            That would leave republicans in charge and there would be some of things I wouldn’t want to happen like increased pollution perminatly, big business in complete control of our country, no more consumer protection & more, the dems. Do provide some important balances.

          25. Paul Burton says

            I’m with you. Started as a Democrat because my parents were. But as my father said shortly before he passed…”the Democrat party isn’t the party they used to be.” As I aged, I grew more conservative. But they have pretty much stuck their heads into the ground when it comes to listening to the people. Now I figured I’d try Independent…who knows. Liberals have destroyed the other parties…

          26. violetmoon says

            Voting for the modern day Third Reich is always so popular! YOU can be one of the catalysts in bringing about the end of days by letting a megalomaniac have a nuclear arsenal! Perfect way to end a planet! Great going!

          27. AKLady2015 says

            You are a bit confused.
            Trump sold his name, he did not build those companies.

            Like his Daddy, he was a slum lord and a member of the KKK.
            His fortune also came from basically stealing the poor blind, i.e. gambling.

            Oh, and keep in mind, no one plays in the America gambling industry without ties to the mob.

          28. Tugboat1st says

            Yep ..Your about 100 feet under liberal koolaid.

          29. Martin Miller says

            Tugboat, you sound fact-free, like a Fox News viewer. Koolaid? Do some research on Trump. It’s out there as facts.

          30. AKLady2015 says

            You are simply too lazy to look up fact.

          31. Tugboat1st says

            You didn’t build that, somebody else did. (Obama)_

          32. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            I thought I was DONE responding to your comments, but now you have PISSED me off! How is it you know so much about the history of this planet and it’s people, and about the politics and the people of this planet? You must know Donald Trump personally! Do you? I so want to meet the NEXT President of the United States!!

          33. AKLady says

            How do I know so much?
            Well, I recieved a very good, expensive education.
            I have an Internet connection, it allows me to do extensive research — quickly, easily and at very little expense.
            Why do you not use your Intwrnet to educate yourself?

          34. Larry J Dunster Sr says

            Boy you are just a bright ray of bullshit there buttercup

          35. violetmoon says

            I doubt that TRUMP has ties to the mob as they are more discriminating than that. He uses money from the US to bankroll his failing businesses and uses the tax right offs and bankruptcies to fund his new ones. Con men very seldom make it on their own and he is such a good one! He could not even make it well in casinos!

          36. Vassiliki says

            A fool is always a fool. I live near AC (45 min away) and people from all walks of life go there for entertainment (shows), gambling, dining, beach, etc. We used to have buses of retired folk go and spend a day in AC- some gambled, some not. You are showing your ignorance like usual. But I forgot…you KNOW everything. Show proof where Trump sold his name and did not build those companies…please no stupid spewing of yours…just the facts.

          37. AKLady says

            You have an Internet connection, use it.
            Frankly, you simply do not want to know,
            Also, too lazu to be bothered looking for facts.

          38. Paul Burton says

            I’m not confused one bit! Where did I say Trump built his companies? He buys failing companies and reorganizes them. Saving many people their jobs…And yes, some of his business are overseas as he has to compete with the cheap junk that China and other third world countries sell here. And Old Cherokee saying goes…
            Hear all sides and you will be enlightened. Hear only one side, and you will live in the dark!

          39. violetmoon says

            Try researching the rise of the Third Reich. Watch the tapes Hitler had made of them. Correlate them with his rallies now and the treatment of the people by his own Jackbooted Brownshirts (in T shirts this time). Check the speeches made by Hitler and correlate Trump’s bombastic words. Trump had a copy of Hitler’s speeches beside his bed for years. Both Trump and Hitler pandered to the facts of anger, hatred, and used force to keep “order”. With Trump it is Gays, Blacks, Latinos, He will slip a little more in each day. and Muslims that will be the fodder for the furnaces. Then, we have the fact that he says he will ‘bring jobs back”. Since he has so many working for him, why has he not done it already? He is in a better position to have done it since he already has them overseas. His bottom line is MONEY and he makes it by using overseas help! He should have put hismoney where hismouth is, right? .

          40. violetmoon says

            IF he wanted to do so, he could have brought jobs back to this country. HE DIDN’T. He is the only one running that could have. But he has you thinking he will? His bottom line is MONEY—-HIS! If he can make an extra dime out of the USA, he will certainly do it. Bring jobs back!!? What a joke!

          41. AKLady2015 says

            Why do I think who is what?

          42. john says

            Don’t insult yourself by speaking to Aklady..Just let her speak to herself..Your to intelligent for her..She can’t comprehend nada…

          43. violetmoon says

            If you are talking about Sanders, check his life in the Senate. I have been intrigued by him for several years as he was on Bill Maher’s show several times. In fact, all the money he made from outside work (like Hillary’s hundred thousand dollar speeches) was a little over $800 last year, all from his appearances on Bill Maher’s show. He has championed the working class and the poor for his entire career. He is trying to get us what Scandinavia has. It is working great there and could work even better here as we have more people who pay more taxes. It is in the way they are used that benefits or kills a country. Guess which side we are on! The other side of the coin is Trump trying to copy Hitler and bring about a modern day Third Reich. There are a lot of tapes made by Hitler on the “rallies” before he was elected. And, we all know how that came out. And, yes, people actually ELECTED Hitler. By the time they realized WHAT they had done, it was WAY too late. Deluded by a con man. (Sound familiar?) But, it is moot as I am sure the Party PROMISED this nomination to Hillary 8 years ago to back Obama. So, no matter what a good many of us want, SHE will be the nominee. Americans have a problem with being conned by a great con artist. We never learn. I just hope this time we do not end up going up in a cloud of radioactive dust . If, Trump does con enough, his temper is very dangerous and all it takes is one push on one button and the entire world will end. NONE of the brain dead supporters think of that or that it could easily happen. They are not even bright enough to realize what he is doing. I hope I am wrong, but history does not bear that out. It has always been said that the world will end in fire and nukes are fire in a mega way!

          44. gonzales27 says

            Far far left Liberal who want’s everything free.

          45. AKLady2015 says

            Education, medical care …
            Both would cost the taxpayer uch less than welfarw and disability.

          46. jackrussell says

            Unbelievably blind to history AND economics

          47. violetmoon says

            There is NO history to compare to except Scandinavia. They are STILL doing great and except for the Syrians escaping from a problem caused by us, have a great lifestyle and economy. If I were them, I would sue this country for the upkeep of the ones displaced by Bush and his meddling in the middle east. We caused it so we should pay for it. The ironic part is that although we caused it, people like YOU do not want to support the displaced in the US. Great Christian values you have, right? ,

          48. Paul Burton says

            Did you know that Democrat created welfare to end poverty! How did that work out for them? LOL!!! And, rich people from countries with socialized medicine, come to America for critical or specialized operations. Just to let you know, socialized medicine does NOT allow for doctor to train in specialized fields. Also…did you know that doctors are not required to except medical? They pick and choose what insurances they wish to except. And recently, many doctors have chosen to no longer except it…
            Also, the American people has given more in charity to third world nations than all other countries combined. If America’s so bad…why do more people come to America than any other country in the world?…just asking…

          49. violetmoon says

            The grass is always greener. I know a lot of people in other countries that LOVE their health care. As far as death squads, what do you think the practice of a company refusing a procedure is? We have had them since insurance for health began. I probably know more about the health field than you do as my Mother-in-law was president of the Sacramento chapter of Medical Assistants, and Treasurer of the state organization. She worked in the health field until she was 92 years old. It has not changed that much in the past 6 years. There are specialists in other countries and they did not get their training HERE. They come here for several reasons, including the fact that WE pay for some of it for them, they may be afraid of the doctors in their own countries doing something purposely to kill them (such as the leaders of nations that are dictators), some practices were started in this country and may be farther along, and I am sure many other things not having to do with us being the best (which we are NOT). We are far down the list of best medical care. Some nations do not have the version of freedom we have and they come for that. (They are not always happy about the way we actually practice it though. ) There are midred reasons they come here and not always stay here. I did not say we were bad, just that the insurance companies are using us to make millions on our care and are poor at it. They are keeping us poor. The only company in the US that is owned and operated by the doctors practicing there is Kaiser. If a procedure is opposed, DOCTORS are opposing it, not some pencil pusher in some ivory tower office. Great company but not in all states. Great health care. Had them for 33 years with amazing care and reasonable fees. Had I thought that I would not be able to continue with them, I would NEVER have purchased my first house at 62. When they pulled out, I would have followed them like a lot of their personnel did. We have been left with a mess in Health Span who, after two years, is divesting itself of all doctors and hospitals and telling us to pound sand in effect. They just want to sell insurance now, not furnish care. .

          50. Paul Burton says

            Not going to argue with you. I took care of both of my parents and my older brother before they passed. That’s what families do. As far as know more about the medical field, I can pretty much guarantee that you don’t. My wife happens to be the director of a medical board. She’ll be retiring soon with over 40 years in the profession. We’re also personal friends with the president of the medical board along with several other members of the board. Believe me…they don’t want the government involved. I also know the running of Kaiser. Have heard many horror stories from my wife regarding Kaiser…my best wishes for those that use it. They’ll need it…I know of three people who are now crippled because of botched surgeries. And…you’d be surprised at the number of foreign students that come to this country to learn medicine. We also oversee our doctors closely. In fact, the board is having a meeting in San Diego at the end of April. one of the things on the agenda is a doctor whose license they revoked for over prescribing. It sounds like you have something against insurance companies, but…at least the doctors know they’ll get paid. With the government, they’re lucky to see a 1/3 of the bill paid. Another reason why doctors are shying away from the government.

          51. violetmoon says

            I had Kaiser for 34 years and had NO trouble with them and always got fantastic care.I guess it may be WHERE it is. Sacramento was great, Ohio was fantastic. Blue Cross and Blue Shied on the other hand was a nightmare. No doctor members in Ohio of Blue Shield, so high bills on top of high insurance costs. They even held us hostage to keep from getting cancelled by a major part of the subscribers from the Fed Govt in 1982 The Blues cost was 1200% more than Kaiser when I joined in 1983. Years later I had a friend that HAD to change as the cost for just her was more than her husband’s annuity! I was already with Kaiser but she had to go to a local HMO, as at that time, Kaiser was not available in our country but I was still with No. Cal so they had to service me. She also had to go back to work to get enough to pay the bills from then on. I never had one Kaiser doctor tell me that universal health care was bad, nor that they did not want it. And, since they own Kaiser they already work for a company owned by themselves. My specialist and I had several talks about it when they moved out of Ohio. He is still my specialist, but now is with Metro Health as it has been split into four different agencies now and pawned off to four different health care areas. Doctors that cared for me I can still go to because I am on Medicare, but may daughter can’t. They have one left at the office we have used and the other office is closed for a month when they reopen with 4 doctors (all new to us and 7 that practice sometimes I guess. Very confusing, We have SUMA, Metro Health, Mercy Health, and University Health. I can go to them all, but from what I see, my daughter CAN’T. Our mail order is also changed and I had to pay for my scripts locally as I could not get into the one we have for four more days. Maybe next time.

          52. you asked says

            Wait a minute – Just a few comments up, you claimed to live in some Scandinavian country. So do you pay for US insurance & come back to the US for your care & treatment or were you lying above?

          53. you asked says

            Claiming your mother was a medical assistant, another name for a nurses aide is nothing to brag about. As a nurse (now retired) I can tell you that there is no better health care than here in the US. I have witnessed first hand the patients that come to the US after their doctor almost killed them by performing medical procedures they didn’t have the skills for.

          54. violetmoon says

            Yes, sir, you are!

          55. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            No, because the welfare freeloader class would still be there sucking the government tit funded by the tax[payers.

          56. AKLady2015 says

            Tell that to these countries:
            India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand

          57. gonzales27 says

            Waste of my time and would bore them

          58. AKLady2015 says

            They would probably laugh at you.

          59. gonzales27 says

            No doubt

          60. violetmoon says

            NO, actually they are happy and I am sure would give him a few choice words to warp his brain even farther.

          61. mac12sam12 says

            They all have something in common, none are as successful or rich as the US.

          62. AKLady says

            Are you really that far off the grid?
            Not as successful?
            Not as rich?
            The U.S. is over $19 Trillion in debt.

          63. mac12sam12 says

            And who doubled the debt? Those socialist countries are either bankrupt or getting there.

          64. Paul Burton says

            Yup…$19 trillion…say thank you Ohbummer! The good thing about America…if you don’t like it here, you are always welcome to leave. Go to where they have all of that social crap…I’ll bet a 1000 to 1 that you don’t go! And even if you did…you’d come running back…

          65. AKLady says

            I suppose you think the debt begins a zero each time a President is elected.

            I also suspect you think the debt caused by those that came before no longer accumulate?

            I have bad news for you — there is debt from WW II still being added to that total. There is debt from the Korean War being added. Same for Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II, Afghanistan … and everything inbeteen.

            If you want validity and truth, go add up the bedget deficits on only that spending which took place under this Administration. Pkease, also remember that the federal fiscal year runs October 01 through September 30.

            To date, Congress has increased the debt by 55.4% inder Obama.

            Ronald Reagan: Added $1.86 trillion, 186% increase in the $998 billion debt level at the end of Carter’s last budget, FY 1981.

            President Bush added the second greatest amount to the debt, at $5.849 trillion. That more than doubled the debt, which was $5.8 trillion on September 30, 2001 — the end of FY 2001, which was President Clinton’s last budget.

            Franklin D. Roosevelt – President Roosevelt increased the debt the most percentage-wise. Although he only added $236 billion, this was more than a 1,000% increase over the $23 billion debt level left by President Hoover’s last budget.

            Woodrow Wilson – President Wilson was the second largest contributor to the debt percentage-wise. Although he only added $21 billion, this was a 727% increase over the $3 billion debt level of his predecessor

          66. violetmoon says

            Most are so far better than us that it is laughable. They actually take care of their population, something really lacking here. That is why Americans there can comment on it and vote for one they think will do the same. I am not rich nor will ever be but I still vote for things like increases in taxes for buses, libraries, educations and other things helpful to the population. I use a lot of them and may have to use others in the future so I want to make sure they are there if needed. IN the meantime, others can and do benefit from them. If you hate Socialism so badly, give up those things that are socialist like Roads, Parks, Libraries, public schools, police, unemployment, hospitals and any others benefits that taxes which are also socialist, pay for. ,

          67. mac12sam12 says

            Anything run by the government is inefficient. The Post Office loses billions every year. The VA is also a good example of government inefficiency. Am-Trak has never made money, it fact it has lost billions. We spend more on public schools that any other nation, and yet we’re near the bottom in education. Libraries are going the way of the dinosaur, another waste. Socialism doesn’t elevate anyone, it only drags everyone down to the same level, or as churchill called it, shared misery. No one runs the private sector better than the private sector.

          68. violetmoon says

            Nor create as many poor as the private sector. NOR make as many millions as the private sector. I worked for the Feds. The wrong people are running the various parts and it needs to be streamlined and efficiently run. Fed jobs are an easy way to not work. I have seen it in person. That does not mean it cannot be run better and with better help. Blue Cross is a terrible company. It took weeks and months and once, years, to get claims paid. But, their bottom line is making millions, and they will cut corners to make sure that happens. Private sector is in it to make millions. Not to help, just to rake it in. Our education sucks. It used to be good until rules were put in that dumbed down the system. Common core, which is Kasich’s baby, is a complete failure. Even reading scores are down consistently every year. Teachers can no longer teach or give reprimands. Parents need a reality check. We are raising a generation of dumb, hostile, ingrates who think it is all about them. Dr. Spock should have been aborted before being born. Kids are running the houses and their parents. (Or have no parental direction at all.) Most kids are good only if the babysitter or day care is good. I have seen parents leave kids in day care even if they get a day off and wonder why the kids are sick all the time. Then, we have the anti vaxxers who are trying to infect the entire would through stupidity. So, maybe we would all be better off if the nut case gets in and nukes the world. We are becoming a waste of space.

          69. mac12sam12 says

            End of discussion, you aren’t going to sell socialism to a successful guy.

          70. violetmoon says

            Lucky YOU. And, again, showing your ignorance with the WRONG governmental system. I do not care if you are selfish or giving. It is your life and not mine. You can rail all you want. I have lived and learned for 70 years and think it is time for a complete change in the system we are trying to live under. Since you are so successful, I doubt that you care now. After all, it sounds like your got yours, right? I have no horse in this race as although I have three adult children, no Grandchildren so no worries about future generations. I just have to manage to survive until I don’t. I have to survive to take care of the responsibilities I have until they are no longer mine to care for. Then, I can go with a clear conscious. But, I would like to able to LIVE until such time without being fearful of being bombed due to a nut case controlling the country. No religious nut case and no megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur. Lesser of two or three evils. .

          71. mac12sam12 says

            I didn’t hit powerball, I worked for what I have and it wasn’t given to me by the government. The only way to pull people out of poverty is with jobs not handouts. People aren’t going to vote for someone who promises to raise your taxes anyway.

          72. violetmoon says

            So, they lie to get the election win and then do whatever they want including raising taxes. In the 50’s taxes were up to 91%. We are now in trouble because Ronnie Baby and his Queen in his Alzheimer’s brain, cut them to the point that this country is dying now. You can’t pay bills on no income. And, people will not face reality in that fact. We cannot finance endless wars brought on by idiots with a grudge. We can pull troupes out of foreign lands and save a mint. We can keep a small presence in these places, but STOP the fighting. We have done much more damage than helped and we end up back where we started only without men and money. But, if Trump is elected, we may not have to worry about any of it as he will likely nuke someone and start the end of everything. Or, we could also go back to the Puritan days with the other nut case. Neither is someone I want to rely on The middle east will be fighting til the end of the world. They do not want to stop and will not do so. Democracy is not something they want so why keep pushing it? Let them fight each other until one side wins. Why put ourselves in the middle with no hope to ever end it? If we do not educate our children, we will not prosper. And, right now we are not prospering.

          73. mac12sam12 says

            I wouldn’t vote for someone who wants 90 cents out of every dollar I make, are you swimming in Lake Smirnof? Reagan brought back the economy by cutting taxes and regulations. He added to the debt and pickle puffer Barry doubled it only to make things worse.

            Liberals say that every republican candidate will nuke someone, or compare them to Hitler, nonsense. Trump would listen to his military experts. Trump would also close the borders because illegals cost the American taxpayers $113 billion a year. Bernie wants to give those leeches “free” healthcare. His plan would cost $18 trillion and we could add that to the $20 trillion dollar debt. Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. How to bankrupt a country 101.

          74. violetmoon says

            Well,then you should be glad you did not live here in 1952 because it was 91% under the Republican Eisenhower. Reagan fronting for Queen Nancy, (and her psychic) ruined Ca and then proceeded to do the same to the country. They have never completely rebounded from them and their idea that Gramm put into effect, Prop 13. SS is going broke because THEY put the money into the general fund, borrowed from it, and NEVER paid it back. It is no longer its own fund but part of the general. They closed the mental hospitals in Ca and now the nuts run the streets and murder anyone they don’t like. And, as I said, talk to Scandinavia as they love Democratic Socialism. I choose to believe them over rabid, racist, Republicans, thank you. You can see the films Hitler made of the “rallies” before he was elected. Other than clothing, suspiciously similar to the mess going on in the Trump camp. He has already said he would bomb those that carried out the plot in Brussels. Very dangerous man. His temper is way too short and way to rabid to give him a nuclear arsenal. It is not just us that will lose from that scenario. People in other countries have been trying to donate to Sanders to beat Trump. It can’t be legally done, but a few have found ways. That is something I have never seen in over 50 years of voting. He is hated by the rest of the world. And, history bears out the fact that isolationism will not work. We tried that decades ago to no avail. Walls are ridiculous! But, it will give people jobs building them so maybe that is his answer to jobs coming back as he certainly has NOT brought any of the ones he sent out! Every other mechanized country in the entire world has universal health care, but they DON’T have the Republican Party in any of them, so that answers why we do not have it!

          75. mac12sam12 says

            When you call republicans racist it’s hard to take you seriously, that’s called liberal projection and it’s also an attempt to take the moral high ground. To own the moral high ground you really have to have the moral high ground. It’s also a shame that every time someone disagrees with a liberal they’re called racist. So you compare Trump to Hitler, and ignore the fact that loser Sanders has rallies as well. What are Bernie’s accomplishments? A failed carpenter and didn’t have a paying job until he was 40. He also use to write pornography. He talks a good game and you sycophants buy his BS. Trump would be a far better leader than Sanders whose plans are, ready for this? Unaffordable. Socialism is a proven failure that insures the poor will stay poor, a small middle class and high unemployment. If you’re too stupid to exploit capitalism for yourself, move to Europe. #Trump2016

          76. violetmoon says

            I only call them as I see them by what they say and do. NO Sanders rally has EVER been violent. NOR has he had ANYONE ejected because of their race, or political leaning. Sanders has been working for the poor and middle class for about 30 years, Helped to enact many laws,and has not ever said he would BOMB someone. Trump has a hair trigger temper that could very well end the world. He would be in charge of nukes and be dumb enough to think he could survive a nuclear war. Scandinavia HAS and continue to have Democratic Socialist governments. They are working and the population is happy , getting ahead, and other than being overrun by immigrants from a war that is caused by Bush’s attacking an innocent country and starting ISIS, doing well as countries , We only WISH we were doing as well. Sanders “game” has been my game for decades. We are the ONLY mechanized country in the entire world that does not have universal health care. Because of my situation for many decades I did not even NEED it, but I wanted it and wanted it for the masses of people who DO and DID need it. I believe in helping others, something Republican seem to reject in hand. I believe I am my brothers keeper, unlike Republicans that most of the time do not even want to help there own. If Trump. by some miracle, wins, there will be MANY of us leaving for other countries. My daughter has friends in Canada, I have ties to Canada, and we are only half a lake away. They have already welcomed us. The only problem with that is that they are not far enough away to even last a day if Trump nukes someone.

          77. mac12sam12 says

            No Sanders rally has ever been violent because Trump’s supporters don’t try to shut them down. Trump pays for his venue and rallies aren’t for protest or debate, they’re for listening to your candidate, schmuck.

            Socialism is for losers who are too stupid to exploit Capitalism for themselves, and many socialist countries are going broke. Look at Greece?


          78. mac12sam12 says

            GOOD, we’ll have a better country when we get rid of free loaders like yourself. Have a safe trip, loser!!

          79. AKLady says

            Reagan tripeld the debt — without a war.
            Bush II doubled the debt, and killed over 4,000 Americans and murdered over 1 million innocent old men, women and children with two unecessary wars.

          80. Paul Burton says

            Reagan what?! Bull!!!…You’re Ohbummer has increased the debt more that all the other presidents put together….gezzz…Funny… you say you care about crimes supposedly committed by Reagan and Bush, yet, you’ll allow Hillary to get away with murdering Americans in Benghazi, lying about emails, trying to destroy women her husband was caught having affairs with…and so many more. But, as long as they’re in YOUR party, the rule of law doesn’t matter. What hypocrites!…

          81. AKLady says

            Suggest you go back to school and take a basic math course.

          82. you asked says

            You are so full of bull when you claim Ambassador Stevens refuses additional security. The US Govt. knew for 1 month that the situation in Benghazi was unstable & shouldn’t need the Ambassador to make a military decision. That is for military advisers & the SOS to handle.

            In fact, Ambassador Stevens did call for additional security, before the attacks began & neither Hillary or Obama sent help. Maybe HIllary was too lazy to get out of bed & respond on her home brew server. When neither Obama or Hillary responded, that is when the Seals went in to help because they were tired of waiting for a response from HC or BO.


            Did you happen to research the media sources from other countries, like the Lebanese news site Tayyar (dot) org & who wrote about the attack? They also said that Ambassador Stevens had been raped and killed by gunmen and his body has been dragged through the streets. I also remember seeing the dead, battered body of Ambassador Stevens being paraded around by his killers.

            Of course, Obama & Hillary had a different story, just like they blamed the attack on the video, Innocence of Muslims for the attack. Both Hillary & Obama claimed that Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation & was alive when taken to the hospital & had no external injuries. Did they really believe they could convince the people that actually saw Ambassador Stevens body being displayed by his attackers, rose from the dead, but later died of smoke inhalation at a hospital? Total BS, but I guess gullible & naive liberals will believe anything as long as it comes out of the mouth of another liberal.

            Have you taken the time to listen to the numerous speeches by many of Obama’s former military advisers who stated they resigned because Obama refused to listen to their advice & would only listen to Valerie Jarrett. Have you taken the time to read Richard Miniter’s book “Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors who Decide for Him”?

            Hillary’s comment during the Benghazi hearing of “What does it matter now” was very telling. It may not matter to her or anyone in Obama’s administrations, but it matters to the families who lost loved ones in Benghazi & it matters to US citizens who have been continuously lied to. Why has Obama & Hillary refused to tell the families of those who died at Benghazi anything? I have watched Sean Smith’s mother several times during media interviews & even as early as a few months ago, she has never been told what really happened. Here is an excellent article of how they felt after watching the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/01/14/benghazi-families-push-back-against-clinton-for-calling-them-liars/

          83. Tugboat1st says

            Yea, I think they call that COMMUNISM.

          84. Jim says


          85. mrp15 says

            Yes – it is communism. Where is Senator Joe McCarthy now? And where are Woodward and Bernstein to go after Clinton the way they went after Nixon?

          86. Mark Lahti says

            They made their name and their money already. They are sitting back with a fifty dollar cigar and dipping it in glass of expensive bourbon. The liberals only real concern is their individual gain whether that be money or power or both.

          87. violetmoon says

            Where is the CIA sharpshooters now? Hopefully setting up a rifle to take the Fascist out of the equation. As Bill Maher said,” War of the Worlds, the aliens just DIED.” If there is a God, surely he will not let the Holocaust happen again with Latinos, Gays, Blacks, and Muslims. Maybe, like the Aliens, he will just die. Maybe this is likely why he calls into stations instead of visiting. His temper tantrums have to raise his blood pressure! Maybe even he realizes he is an evil, racist, angry joke pulled on his followers. He DID tell them that he liked them dumb although they failed to realize he was insulting them! And, Nixon would have killed his own Mother to become President. He was the only Vice that had rotten fruit thrown at him every time he went outside the borders. Even HE was not as evil as Trump, and THAT is saying a lot!

          88. gonzales27 says

            No doubt,but you can’t convince a Liberal of that

          89. violetmoon says

            What part of nothing is free do you not understand? NO ONE wants anything FREE. I just want what we have realotted for better benefits and better care for all of our population. , And, I see, that you still do not know the meaning of the words you are throwing around, but I guess education did not work very well on you. You need a dictionary next to your computer. I paid taxes in Ca from the time I was 18 and worked for the college while I attended it, but there was and still is NO TUITION. That is what is being advocated for the entire country, not just a few states! My two children got no college as in Ohio it is over the top expensive. The only way they could have gone was to move back to their birth state. And, without several living in one house that is not now, nor was then, economically feasible. Yes, I am an extreme left liberal and will continue to be until the day I die, like my Father and two stepfathers before me. Like my in laws and husband before his death at 26. Like both of my daughters. Like my Mom at 95. Like the majority of my cousins on my Mom’s side. There are a LOT of us wanting to help others and voting for things that may increase the taxes but the benefits outweigh that. I always vote for libraries, buses, parks, and all other Socialistic benefits. Income may be small, but I help others as much as I can. Christian values that you must not have.

          90. gonzales27 says

            Keep up the good work and pay your part of the 19 trillion debt ($58,000)per person and keep living the good life

          91. gonzales27 says

            Then I assume you will leave your part of the 19 trillion debt for the next generation to pay off.I lived in Cal also and graduated from Cal State,tuition was reasonable but not free.Let us know when your brain starts functioning again,if it ever has..

          92. violetmoon says

            Check out American River College, or for that matter, any in the Los Rios college district. Yes, state FOUR year colleges have tuition, but NOTHING like even JC’s in other states as long as you are a Ca resident. But, that is exactly what is being proposed for the Federal law, ALL STATE JC’s. Ca has been doing it for over 60 years! Even with the mess of Prop 13 and Ronnie Baby! It IS possible and can be easily done. And, since you graduated from a state college, even you got a break that most other states do not give. And, I worked for the college while attending. If Trump gets in we may not have to worry about the debt of anything else. The entire world is expecting his temper to nuke someone and the end of all as he is certainly insane enough to feel HE can survive. .

          93. Paul Burton says

            Fine….you wish to help others. That’s wonderful…but guess what? I’ve been doing it thru charity work for years. What’s stopping you? The government was NOT created to take care of the population. That’s what charities and churches have done for hundreds of years. And what right have you got to tell me I HAVE to do more? I give to certain charities to help both people and animals. And I don’t need the government taking MY money and giving it to others. Period! Everything the government gets involved with, they screw up…everything from war to medicine, to education. Just look at the great medical care our veterans have. Why aren’t you raising hell about the way they’ve been treated…if you really want to help others, then give to charities to help. Or give more in taxes…there may be a minimum for taxes, but there is no maximum.

          94. violetmoon says

            There is on an income of under $15,000 a year! I am the sole caretaker of my 95 year old Mom with Alzheimer’s (advanced), stenosis of upper and lower spine, deaf in one ear and hard of hearing the other, with several other health problems. I also care for my daughter’s one dog with epilepsy and when having seizures, takes between one and four hours of being held during them. These occur about every month or two,sometimes more often. And, since living in Ohio, cannot use cannabis oil to help control. She is on two to four phenobarbital a day that I have to administer This PLUS delivering meals to a friend two to three times a day along with grocery and other shopping a few times a week. I really think I am doing enough charity work now, thank you. Churches are becoming a thing of the past with fewer and fewer attending every year. Charities are running out of money as more and more need it. At the same time, I also vote yes on all tax increases to help parks, libraries (YES I still read and will not stop and happen to like to hold a book made of paper.), buses, and all other things a good society uses. I may not need them all right now, but they are there if I ever do need them. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

          95. Pam Dunn says

            AND then we get the stupid street walker who always spews lefty idiocy between her two bit customers. Go get some shots for your social disease, it’s melted your mind.

          96. AKLady2015 says

            Infantile name calling from the apex sewer mouth.

          97. Tugboat1st says


          98. AKLady says

            Exactly, thank you for admitting it.
            Nice to see people taking responsibility for their actions.

          99. Cheryl Detar says

            “Brain washed fool,” “sewer mouth.” Seems you are the one name calling. Of course, that’s the libs way. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

          100. AKLady says

            Not one vulgar word out of my keyboard.
            Brainwashed is a condition, not a name.
            Swer mouth is a discrioption, not a name.

          101. AKLady says

            With a fave like yours, it is no wonder the most you can make is $10.00 a trick.

          102. TexRancher says

            Are you saying that you would support an avowed communist for president? That’s Sanders pure and simple! Hillary is a socialist, Obama a Marxist! Thanks to the dishonest and low info groups!

          103. AKLady2015 says

            Full Definition of Marxism. : the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially : a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless …
            Marxism | Definition of Marxism by Merriam-Webster

          104. Tugboat1st says

            You need to study history. That state never works.

          105. Tugboat1st says

            New World Order….I don’t even want to think of it. We would be another third world country. Under control of who. the UN. No thank you,

          106. AKLady2015 says

            One well-brainwashed American fool.

          107. Tugboat1st says

            If you had one you would take It out and play with it.

          108. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            A communist and an asshole? A rare quality in a an “American”!

          109. Kent2012 says

            questioning the American part…

          110. Bill M says

            Indeed you are.

          111. Kent2012 says

            along with violet moonbeam..

          112. mac12sam12 says

            So sat=y the liberal with a hive mentality, HACK.

          113. Tugboat1st says

            Better then no brain at all.

          114. violetmoon says

            Well, if Trump is elected, we will not have to worry about much as his first temper tantrum should end up in him nuking someone and the world ending. He already sees himself as a modern day Hitler, eevn using his speeches and drawing on his Jackbooted Brownshirts only in his case they wear T shirts.

          115. Tugboat1st says

            You really have to stop watching CNN.

          116. violetmoon says

            I am an equal opportunity news watcher. Keep you friends close and your enemies closer . You have to watch both sides to prepare for the future.

          117. Tugboat1st says

            That’s so ignorant it doesn’t even warrant an answer.

          118. you asked says

            You do realize that the POTUS, even if Trump is elected, does not have total control over every aspect of the Government. That is why your comparison to Hitler is ridiculous. Trump scares the Democrats & Socialists like Bernie, because he doesn’t have to rely on lobbyists lining his pockets in order to vote on whatever lobbyists request. Sometimes we need someone who will stand up & do what is right for the American citizens before people like Hillary & Bernie don’t destroy what is left of the US. It’s just too bad you rely on your paranoid mind to think of horrific endings of the world as we know it. Maybe you should expand you research, instead of relying solely on liberal websites & media sources.

          119. AKLady2015 says

            Try selling that hogwash to: India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand

          120. violetmoon says

            Please tell that to Scandinavia. They would have a few choice words to say to you since they have been using it for many years and we should only be as well off as they are.

          121. Tugboat1st says

            When you are born and live your whole life without the liberties we enjoy you don’t know any better. Go live there for a while and see if you feel the same way.

          122. violetmoon says

            This is actually from American living there now. The population there is happy, but so are the Americans. The Americans are the only ones able to vote in foreign lands for our candidates. THEY are the one championing Sanders and Democratic Socialist countries. This is what they are saying! I was lucky to make it to Canada and Mexico (just over the southern Ca border.) Never been to Europe, but I read a lot and recently the voting x pats are posting many things about how great the countries are that they are living in or visiting while living there. Try again.

          123. jaybird says

            I don’t know where you are getting your research from but it is flawed.

          124. violetmoon says

            From friends on ;Facebook that are on sites to try to donate to Sanders. The vote is already in for the overseas votes and Sanders won. Any news channel on the web or local can tell you the same thing. There must be reasons for this, right? Well, according to those in other countries, they are saying because they have learned that the USA is NOT the best country in the world, That they have visited or live in one of the best. And, they want the rest of us to also live good lives in this country. A lot of them are NOT coming back.

          125. Tugboat1st says

            Then what’s holding you back? Hit it.

          126. AKLady says

            Every modern, industrialize country has a mixed economy — even America.
            Only America lets people die because they cannot afford to buy medical care.

          127. Tugboat1st says

            Now that’s a bunch of crap.

          128. Joyce White says

            AKLady2015, I see you have a dictionary. Good for you. Knowing the meaning of the words does not mean you know the experience of them. There has never been a successful socialist or communist nation. People do not want to live under those systems, They sound ideal but only for those in power. BTW, they stay in power by controlling what you think. If you question too much, you find yourself in trouble with the KBG or their civilian counterpart.

          129. violetmoon says

            Tell that to Scandinavia! They LOVE it and are doing very well! (With the exception of having to take care of refugees displaced by Bush’s inane war that started ISIS!) If I were them, I would sue the US in world court to support the displaced due to Bush’s starting THAT war! Evidently you CAN’T read as you do not know the meaning of Democratic Socialist. You are using words exactly opposite to describe them. Russia is NOT a Democratic Socialist country, but good try! Many American are living under that form of government and loving it. That must be why they voted for Sanders overseas. They actually KNOW we are certainly NOT the best. They are living in the best or have visited the best while living there. And, if you think that Heir Trump is great, check out the tapes from the rise of the Third Reich. Startlingly similar, even down to the jackbooted Brownshirts, except his are in t shirts! He certainly did not keep that book of Hitler’s speeches beside his bed for nothing. He is already using some and is sure to use others. The sig heil is also already in use. This time (if we survive his temper tantrum of nuking someone because of it) he can put Gays, Blacks, Muslims, and Latinos in the furnaces, right!? Remember Hitler was ELECTED by people feeling just as you do about Trump. It was way too late when they realized their mistake! And, contrary to Der Fehrer’s isolationism with walls, history again will show it does NOT work. We tried THAT decades ago! Those not learning from history repeat it!

          130. Joyce White says

            violetmoon.. I actually do know what a democratic socialist is. Scandinavian countries have not operated a century under that form of government. By then, they will begin to see the flaws as it progresses more to state owned everything. As for Trump, I wouldn’t put too much stock in what a wife trying to divorce a man will say, especially a rich man. He has made racist remarks, and so have we all. The only one I wanted to see be president was Ben Carson. But if Trump wins the nomination, I will vote for him simply because Bernie will not survive the presidency and Hillary can rot in hell for all I care. She is a worthless human being

          131. violetmoon says

            I do not like Hillary as I want and need universal health care. At my age Medicare even with added plan and expense is NOT enough. I have several things that need attention that will not get it as I can not afford it and everything else and they are not exactly life threatening, just annoying. I do not trust Hillary, but I also need what SS I have. No governmental system has operated for hundreds of years without problems, but this one is becoming more of a middle ages Lord and Serf. I may be a descendant of Kings in Ireland, but after losing a husband at 26 and raising three kids I certainly am not part of the royalty any longer. I understand that the Bank failure and the depression did any royalty in at that time. It is not so much the remarks Trump is making, but his actions at his rallies that equate him to what Hitler did in his rise to the top. His messages spewing hate are not good for the country, the Party or HIM. At first I thought he was a red herring to throw the nomination to someone else by showing how insane he is, but now, unless it is Hillary that no longer seems possible. So, the next conclusion is he really is that full of hate, violence, and vile. And unfortunately the vast majority of his followers are the same way. He has given them permission to spew it both in voice and in actions. That makes him and them very dangerous. And, to even think about him controlling nukes is beyond comprehension. So, we do what we have to, including holding my nose and voting for 4 to 8 more years of stagnation. This was the first time in over 50 years of voting that we actually have a chance to change the country and make it better. Loos like the powers that be will not let that happen.

          132. Joyce White says

            violetmoon, I also am a senior. I voted Democrat for 61 years. And that’s just what I did. If they were Democrats they had to be ok. A stupid way to vote. I voted for Obama the first time. I like what he said. He seemed very sincere. By the end of two yrs of his term, I was beginning to question his ideas. The second time around, I voted against him. He has done more to destroy this country than any other president we have ever had.(and that includes that idiot Bush) I believe that Trump is hitting a nerve in America. He is a catalyst bringing people out of the apathy they have been mired in for the last 14 yrs. They are hearing someone saying the things they have been feeling. He is not a racist or a bigot or a Nazi. He is an American who is up to hear with the “business as usual” politicians. He is financing his own campaign, so he owes no favors to big business. He has already chosen some of the people who will be part of his team, and they are tops in their fields. He knows how to get things done. His persona on the T.V show was like all the other reality shows.( scripted.) I don’t know whether he will be a good president. In the long run, voting for president is just a “crap shoot”. you pay your money and you take your chances. Are you a praying woman?. Read llChronicles;7:14. This is what all of America needs to do now. If we all did this, we would get the president we need, not the one we deserve

          133. violetmoon says

            Sorry, no I have never been an always Democrat except for President. I have on occasion, voted locally for a Republican. Have never found a Republican that I believe, like, or want their platform in a Presidential race. . This one scared me to DEATH. He is too ugly in actions and speech. I do not like nor believe in violence but he does and uses it. It will only get worse. He has already hinted at Blackmail against the Republican party. He is trying to hold them hostage for what HE wants. Neither one gets my vote and it is certainly Not warm and fuzzy. The things he has done and the things he has said and the things he has hinted at are dangerous and scary. I firmly believe that when you go up against the government the way he has, he is playing with fire. Never believed in conspiracy theories but this time it is really hard not to. I do not believe he cares one iota about this country or the people in it. He can always get money by playing dirty pool and I think he is a champion at that game. I think this is just a big game to him. I really think he did not intend for it to go this far but he now has so much power to sway the miscreants in society that he is on the ego trip to end all ego trips. And, I think that if he gets into the White House, we are all in danger of being dangerously harmed. He is NOT what this country need right now. He is a really big danger! It remind me of the movie Wild In The Streets but he in NOT 20 years old.

          134. you asked says

            You blame Trump for the violence, but who is behind the violent protests at his rallies? It is none other than billionaire George Soros, who has lined the pockets of every Democrat ever elected as POTUS.

            Ask yourself what you would do when you are under attack by not only Democrats, but George Soros &ever liberal super PAC. Liberals are afraid of Trump because he, like a lot of Americans are tired of politicians promising one thing & never delivering. The only thing liberal politicians are good for is performing the deeds of the lobbyists who pay them big money to vote on whatever they want.

            As for Trump, there are many things I don’t like about him, but there are things I do like about him. I wouldn’t even consider voting for a criminal like Hillary who refused to send protection to Ambassador Stevens, before the attacks every occurred. Her laziness cost the lives of 4 American citizens. So, how doe she plan on protecting the US, when she can’t even protect 4 Americans in Benghazi? Hillary also she stole hundreds of thousands of $$ of furniture, art, china, etc. from the White House, which she finally returned a portion of it when confronted. But, I absolutely despise her when I heard the audiotape of her laughing when she represented a pedophile in court for raping a child. She literally blamed this child for being raped. This child was not only victimized by the pedophile but victimized by Hillary & the courts.

            I would never vote for any person who is a Socialist, like Bernie Sanders, because like some of those who believe his idealistic views, I have personally seen what a Socialist society can destroy a country.

            The one person who could have improved the country, by balancing the budget, bringing jobs & turning the disaster that Obama created around is John Kasich. However, since he has only won his own state, I doubt he would be nominated, if we go to a brokered convention. If Kasich is given the nomination, even though Trump is the lead candidate, you can bet that there will be problems with those who voted for Trump.

            The US does need a wall both at it’s southern border, but also it’s northern border. When I was younger & naive, I never thought we would need a wall at the northern border. But, after seeing that Canada is also buying the “poor Syrian refugee” story, the US needs to increase the security from all points of entry. If you think that is not Christian like, I’m sorry. But, the only thing Islamic terrorists care about Christians, is that they can behead them, put them in cages & set them on fire & whatever other torture they can come up with.

            I remember, last year, when I heard on the news that ISIS had taken over the ancient city of Palmyra & had beheaded Khaled al-Assad, who was a well known archaeologist & who was Palmyra’s antiquities chief for over 50 years. I remember ISIS filming him, after they had beheaded him & hung him upside down, on a pole. If that was not enough of a horrific scene, they removed his body & literally mutilated it. I watched Mr. Assad many times on TV, when there would be different archaeological finds in Syria. The world has truly lost a much beloved man who shared with the world his knowledge of ancient cities.

            With ISIS secretly entering other countries & given refuge in other countries, by using false names & pretending to be Syrian refugees, the entire world will see even more violence in every country in the world. Germany is also seeing the thanks for their good intentions of taking in “Syrian refugees”. Rapes & violent assaults are up drastically & soon Germany as well as the other countries taking in what they thought were refugees, will be the target for more violence, including bombings.

          135. you asked says

            Scandinavia is not a country, but several countries that make up the Scandinavian region. The countries are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland & Greenland.

            You obviously have never been to any Scandinavian country, but rely on your Socialist websites to convince you how wonderful everything is. If you had kept up to date on what is going on in Sweden, you would know that they are no longer a Socialist society. They “threw out the Social Democrats” 25 years ago. Having traveled the world extensively, I know exactly how miserable it can be living in a Socialist society. So, I thought I’d share a couple of articles with you, that explain why Sweden is no longer a Socialist country & how what you call “Democratic Socialist” is not an ideal situation for anyone, except for the government. Whether you believe them or not, is up to you. But Socialism is not what YOU think it is. It’s just another way for the Government to control every aspect of a person’s life & tax them at exorbitant rates.

            After reading these 2 articles, tell me again how Sweden or any other Scandinavian country “loves” Socialism & if you would really like to live in such a society? As for Canada, I have been there numerous times, when I lived in Michigan. I have also seen the effect of Obamacare, which tried to emulate Canada’s disastrous universal health care system. Obamacare is now having the same problems as Canada, where seriously ill patients have to wait months to see a specialist, even if they are referred by their GP.

          136. AKLady2015 says

            noun: socialism
            a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
            synonyms:leftism, welfarism;

          137. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Yup, you nailed her.

          138. Kent2012 says

            ak69erho forgot a system that begets communism…oh that is right ak69erho thinks communism is good, she has posted the Jesus and his followers entertained communism…of course the only goose steppers around then were the Roman legions…and they were angels compared to ak69erho’s heroes stalin and mao and fidel cockstro in cooba…

          139. bb says

            Jesus is not into Politics. He said, as he held a Roman Coin, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, Give unto God What is God’s.”
            Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!

          140. ringostarr1 says

            Then Jesus and the 12 Apostles did verily empty the offering plate into their own pockets and then they all went out of one accord to hoist a few beakers of barley pop.

          141. AKLady2015 says

            All modern societies have mixed economies We do not want people living, begging and dying in our streets. Not only are they offensive and distracting, they provide fertile ground for serious illness. When mental illness is part of the picture, it can be dangerous for the individual ans others.

          142. whoselineisitanyway says

            SELF DIAGNOSIS?

          143. gonzales27 says

            No if you have a serious illness you become a Democrat

          144. ringostarr1 says

            And if the serious illness that you catch proves fatal, well then you run for President as a Democrat.

          145. Egor von Johnson says

            Ak Lady Since no one should have private property, does that mean I get a piece of your pussy if I want it. All about sharing, right.? By the way , how old is that ring- dang- do. Covered with fur like a pussy cat.

          146. gonzales27 says

            I saw a beggar in the streets,gave him $10 and told him to go to McDonald’s for a meal.A couple of weeks later I saw the same beggar on the same corner and gave him another $10,he looked at me and “man you can’t buy anything for 10 bucks”
            it then dawned on me,crack cocaine prices had sky rocked,so goes life.

          147. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

            A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

            The Democrat was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person, he decided to help. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. He then reached into the Republican’s pocket and gave the homeless person fifty dollars.

            Now you understand the difference between Republicans and Democrats

          148. gonzales27 says

            Spot on

          149. gonzales27 says

            Vote for Bernie Sanders,that will fix everything.

          150. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          151. AKLady2015 says

            Yes, Trump wants to bring in the Fourth Reich.

          152. jeannemartin says

            Time for you to move!

          153. Gnarly Charlie says

            AK LADY…There are no people “dying in the streets” from lack of available health care or food. If they are dying its from living in Democrat run cities, that are corrupt, unlawful, and following this administration’s policies.

          154. AKLady says

            Self-imposed ignorance is so sad.
            Either you have never been to a large city, or you are blind.
            Poverty in cities has been with us since the begining.

          155. ABO says

            “Self imposed ignorance is so sad”.
            You are absolutely correct on that point AKLady.
            Thank you for presenting yourself as a prime example of such.

          156. Ted Crawford says

            And, said “poverty” is rampant in EVERY Communist, Socialist and Marxist Society!

          157. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to go fishing. He called the royal weather forecaster and inquired as to the weather forecast for the next few hours.

            The weatherman assured him that there was no chance of rain in the coming days.

            So the king went fishing with his wife, the queen.

            On the way he met a farmer on his donkey. Upon seeing the king the farmer said, “Your Majesty, you should return to the palace at once because in just a short time I expect a huge amount of rain to fall in this area.

            The king was polite and considerate, he replied: “I hold the palace meteorologist in high regard. He is an extensively educated and experienced professional. Besides, I pay him very high wages. He gave me a very different forecast. I trust him and I will continue on my way.

            So he continued on his way. However, a short time later a torrential rain fell from the sky. The King and Queen were totally soaked and their entourage chuckled upon seeing them in such a shameful condition.

            Furious, the king returned to the palace and gave the order to fire the weatherman at once! Then he summoned the farmer and offered him the prestigious and high paying role of royal forecaster.

            The farmer said, “Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting. I obtain my information from my donkey. If I see my donkey’s ears drooping, it means with certainty that it will rain.

            So the king hired the donkey.

            And so began the practice of hiring asses to work in the government, and occupy its highest and most influential positions and which later became the symbol for the Democrat party.

            Thus ends your knowledge lesson for today.

          158. Linda Abernathy says


          159. AKLady2015 says

            Stalking, yet again.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          160. AKLady2015 says

            .You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          161. AKLady2015 says

            Stalking, yet again.
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part

          162. Linda Abernathy says

            Instead of posting or supporting a lazyazz like Sanders, why don’t you don’t you donate time money and food to the impoverished?

          163. AKLady says

            Instead of posting, why don’t you don’t you donate time money and food to the impoverished?

          164. Vernon Devine says

            Another idiot!

          165. you asked says

            So are you saying you read Heidi Cruz’ police report? Maybe you should take some time to read what happened to other countries who also believed the lies about a Socialist society.

          166. AKLady2015 says

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          167. AKLady2015 says

            America has more prisons than all the other modern, industrialized nations combined — including China and Russia.
            One in every ten Ameeicans are in prison.
            There are over 10 milion illegals in the Unuted States.
            Clinton was both factual and truthful.

          168. AKLady2015 says

            Stalking is so chidish.
            You are now blocked.

          169. AKLady2015 says

            She was correct.The United Statws has more prisons than all the other moder, industrialized countries combined — including Russia and China.

            She was correct.The United Statws has more prisoners than all the other moder, industrialized countries combined — including Russia and China.

          170. AKLady2015 says

            You are very childish.

          171. Ted Crawford says

            VN Veteran??? Did you forget the ideology of those we fought there???

          172. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Same ideology as Mrs Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Call them democrat, liberal or progressive and under the skin and regardless of label they are all communists to one degree or another.

          173. Ted Crawford says

            Thank you I must have missed your satire with AK (PUTIN) Lady!

          174. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            No apology necessary. AKLady means well, but unfortunately she is just another demoRAT voting programmed drone and typical of the vast majority of sheep who vote for whoever has the magic ‘D’ following their name. Never fully informed, but a thoroughly brainwashed and indoctrinated little Comrade who had overindulged in the Kool-Aid.

          175. you asked says

            Instead of using your dictionary, let’s use world experience of what a Socialist idea is. Socialism is just another way of making everyone dependent on the government. To me, that is no different than slavery in colonial times. Slaves were forced to be dependent on their masters & that is exactly what Socialism would do, if Bernie is elected.

          176. AKLady2015 says

            I have very bad news for you: Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy. It is a necessity. It is a national security issue.

            Brainwashing can be diffcult to cure, buy t can be done. Education is usually the best treatment. Suggest you work at it.

          177. you asked says

            I have had an excellent education, thank you & had a lengthy career as a nurse in both civilian life & in the military, as a WAC. I have seen things that you can’t even imagine. My husband also owns 3 successful businesses & our son is a geologist. They also have the love of travel that I had & we have seen, first hand, how a Socialist government can damage & destroy, not only it’s country, but also it’s citizens.

            The US is a Democratic society, despite your delusional beliefs. There will always be people like Bernie who thinks he has the answer with Socialism. But if you really had an expensive, private school education, then I think you should be able to respond appropriately, instead of using the copy/paste tab on your computer using the same comment that the liberal society has told you to say. People may have had the best education money can buy, but I would trust my own common sense over a spoiled rich kid with a private boarding school education, any day of the week. That’s because those who believe they have the answer with Socialism have an idealized version of the world & not what is really going on.

          178. AKLady2015 says

            All modern, industrialized nations have mixed economies.
            It is an issue of national security.
            Apparently, nursing school is not the place to obtain training in epidemiology.

            As a nurse, you should have sufficient knowledge as to the effects an epidemic could have on this nation. Every winter we have flu epidemics. Even that virus can kill.

            I suggest you dig out the books and refresh your disease control and epidemological knowledge.

            Then, I suggest you look at the standard of living in the countries listed below, all have national healt6h care, many7 have free education through university:

            India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand

          179. AKLady2015 says

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          180. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          181. Linda Abernathy says

            Yes that’s working well in a lot of countries now~
            Socialism is the Big Lie of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.
            In the same way that a Ponzi scheme or chain letter initially succeeds but eventually collapses, socialism may show early signs of success. But any accomplishments quickly fade as the fundamental deficiencies of central planning emerge. It is the initial illusion of success that gives government intervention its pernicious, seductive appeal. In the long run, socialism has always proven to be a formula for tyranny and misery.
            A pyramid scheme is ultimately unsustainable because it is based on faulty principles. Likewise, collectivism is unsustainable in the long run because it is a flawed theory. Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior. The failure of socialism in countries around the world can be traced to one critical defect: it is a system that ignores incentives.By failing to emphasize incentives, socialism is a theory inconsistent with human nature and is therefore doomed to fail. Socialism is based on the theory that incentives don’t matter!

          182. AKLady2015 says

            noun: communism; noun: Communism; plural noun: Communisms
            a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

          183. cutterguy says

            the founders of this country, pilgrims, called it commonwealth. Share and share alike. They discovered it did not pan out. There will always be those who are willing to do everything and those who do nothing but want an equal share in the proceeds. Democracy fails when people discover they can vote themselves a pay raise and make the “rich” pay for it. Once the pool dries up there is no one to fill it.

          184. AKLady2015 says

            The Pilgrims not only did not “found” this country, they were not even the first to settel here. The Cahokia Mounds dateot 600 AD. The Acoma Pueblo and Taos Pueblo were buikt in about 1000 AD. The Zuni Pueblo dates to 1450.

            America’s “icons” came much later. They stole this land and practiced genocide against its First People.

          185. cutterguy says

            I did not say they founded this continent. I said this COUNTRY. This land has been “stolen” many times by many groups. That is the way of the real world, not your fantasy world where everything is perfect and you are perfection. Grow up. The world moves on. Americans are not evil. Without the USA this world would be much worse. All you have to do is accept that fact and stop making all others accept your foolishness.

          186. ABO says

            Be careful, cutterguy. You’ve obviously pissed her off big time and as I’m sure you are well aware she’s a lunatic.

          187. cutterguy says

            she’s also an ideological buffoon.

          188. ABO says

            Now there’s a gross understatement.

          189. Jeffrey Cahoon says


          190. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You can really pick a nit.

          191. ABO says

            That’s what nitwits do, curmudgeon.

          192. you asked says

            It seems, with all your education, you forgot to mention the Solutrean & Windover Bog people.

          193. Tugboat1st says

            Careful, your getting over her head.

          194. cutterguy says

            she’s going to give what? lol

          195. Defend America says

            What do you mean the rich people? The middle class pays just as much as the rich if you go by income.
            They are also the majority paying taxes. When the middle class has had enough then these give me free loads will be in trouble. No more money no more freebies!

          196. cutterguy says

            notice “rich” is in quotes. That’s where the free loaders want us to believe the money comes from to support them. But it is the rich who supply the jobs to the middle class so we can pay taxes to government so they can give it to the dead beats. Contrary to what the dems believe, tax money and government money are one in the same.

          197. violetmoon says

            AND all Socialist!

          198. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            Perhaps we should eliminate all socialist programs in the U.S.; like Tomorrow!
            Let’s start with Medicare…then Medicaid…then the VA…then the Armed Forces.
            Then let’s scrap Social Security (aka the greatest anti-poverty program ever established in this country…don’t believe me?…In the 60’s our elderly were eating DOG FOOD!…Google it) Socialist is not a bad word…it’s just an easy word to throw around to stop meaningful conversation.

          199. gonzales27 says

            Good word to throw at the 19 trillion debt, bring in more aliens give them benefits,not to worry just raise taxes

          200. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            You’re gonna hate this but … Bush era TAX CUTS were/are/will continue to be the largest single contributor to our debt for at least another 5 years …To be clear …we HUGELY increased our debt burden to give tax relief to the wealthiest Americans??!! Aliens didn’t cause our debt problem.
            See paragraph from CBPP report below… — Yes we DO need to raise taxes…it’s obvious…but which R candidate has the Balls to tell you the truth about that? ( Tax cuts = 8 Trillion of our Debt by 2019)
            Sorry for the cut and past —just being efficient —- FYI webpage is http://www.cbpp.org/research/economic-downturn-and-legacy-of-bush-policies-continue-to-drive-large-deficits?fa=view&id=3849
            “Just two policies dating from the Bush Administration — tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — accounted for over $500 billion of the deficit in 2009 and will account for nearly $6 trillion in deficits in 2009 through 2019 (including associated debt-service costs of $1.4 trillion). By 2019, we estimate that these two policies will account for almost half — over $8 trillion — of the $17 trillion in debt that will be owed under current policies.[7] (See Figure 2.) These impacts easily dwarf the stimulus and financial rescues, which will account for less than $2 trillion (just over 10 percent) of the debt at that time. Furthermore, unlike those temporary costs, these inherited policies do not fade away as the economy recovers.[8] _

          201. Ted Crawford says

            The cost, exaggerated in the first place, many of the costs, disingenuously attributed to Afghanistan and Iraq, would been incurred even absent them, are even more egregious due to the incompetent actions of the Obama administrations gross mishandling of the situation!

          202. cutterguy says

            those are not all socialist; some were earned. contrary to what some, obviously, think. and probably those who think that way have not earned any of them.

          203. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            There are SOME things that we can accomplish as a people that we cannot accomplish as individuals. The U.S. Government is the collective will of the American people (ALL the people) so it should serve the greater good of ALL the American people . Sometimes that means we just have to do s**t as a team. Perhaps some find that a bit too …….socialistic.

          204. Ted Crawford says

            WRONG! The responsibilities, intended for the Federal Government are CLEARLY mandated AND, to the displeasure of the far left control freaks, LIMITED, by the Constitution! Article I addresses the responsibilities of the Legislative Branch, Article II for the Executive Branch! Any other needs of the People are assigned to the provisions of the Tenth Amendment!
            “There are two enemies of the people, criminals and government! So, let us tie down the second with the chains of the Constitution, so the second do not become the legal version of the first!” Thomas Jefferson

          205. gonzales27 says

            Social Security is not a welfare program but more a ponzi scheme by the Gov. workers pay into it their entire lives and Gov. uses it in many cases for pet projects.If you die before collecting it,your estate gets $155 death benefit.Some welfare program,but for the Gov.

          206. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            I agree ; SS is not a welfare program it’s a funded insurance program. You pay in during your working years and at age 65 …if you retire it will make payments to you until you die…if you live 2 more years …it pays…if you live 40 more years…it pays. When you die it pays your spouse until she dies. THEN your “estate” gets the burial expense coverage. It’s designed to replace your income IF you are alive…it’s not a cash accumulation financial instrument…that would be a job for YOUR IRA &/or your Life Insurance Program. It’s not a Ponzi scheme because Ponzi schemes inevitably and quickly collapse in on themselves.SS has met every financial obligation since its inception ..1935 I think. SS will not collapse as long as there are workers to contribute. From time to time it has to be “tweaked”…R Reagan & Congress tweaked it by raising the employee and employer contributions in 1983 and started to tax SS benefits as well for the first time. (that sucked but it did put SS back on a solid fiscal track) It needs tweaking now to handle the Baby Boomers …but not much. Problem…our scared s***ss Representatives would rather lie to us than talk to us like adults and propose a viable plan going forward to keep it healthy. Finally …yes…the Government “spends” the money….so what we have are US Securities in the Acct..not cash. I hasten to point out that US Securities are backed by the full faith and credit of the US…I know US naysayers think its a joke BUT the rest of the world buys our securities as quickly as we issue them…they are considered the safest investment on the planet! That’s a fact.
            ..and yes….Medicare is an insurance program too….I wonder how much of your 12k premium is paid to Private Insurers under “Supplemental” plans and how much goes to for Bush’s big Pharma giveaway called Plan D? Regardless…our “leaders” still haven’t addressed Health care costs…in or out of Medicare …intelligently. Hope they do soon and I hope you get the benefit of some financial relief . Sincerely.

          207. you asked says

            The problem with your comment is that illegal aliens are also tapping into medicare & receiving SS benefits. Just ask Obama how his illegal Aunt Zeituni Onyango, received medicare, free health & prescription, snap cards & reduced housing the entire time she lived in the US until her death in 2014.

            Obama’s Uncle Onyango Omar didn’t live on medicare, but he still cost the taxpayers enormous amounts of money in paying for his processing fees for DUI’s, for the attorneys for his DUI’s. Both illegal relatives of Obama were ordered deported numerous times. It was not until “someone” hired expensive attorneys to grant them amnesty.

            Obama’s Aunt is not the only illegal pilfering funds from the US taxpayers, take the time to read about Marita Nelson, who has 7 kids & has been living on both social security & medicaid for over 20 years, even though she receives $700/month in child support payments. Not only is she getting all of the benefits that go along with both, but she is helping other illegals to get medicare & medicaid.

          208. ARETHEYNUTS says

            I pay $12,000 for Part A & B and then I pay another 13,000 for a private secondary insurance program

          209. violetmoon says

            SS was raided by Reagan. If not, it would be in great shape for many years to come.

          210. Ted Crawford says

            WRONG! Social Security was first tapped by Eisenhower, to help finance our Inner-State Highway System, although i believe that was, shockingly enough, repaid!!
            The problems with Social Security became exaggerated when LBJ, removed them from their “Trust Fund” status and inserted them directly into the Federal Budget, to pay for his failed “Great Society”!

          211. ARETHEYNUTS says

            And we should also include the LIFETIME welfare paid to generations of family members. Welfare is meant to be a hand up , it is not suppose to be an lifetime entitlement

          212. Ted Crawford says

            Indeed, exactly as the 104th. Congress under the leadership of Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich stated with the PRWOR Act of 1996, which surprisingly enough Bill Clinton actually signed!

          213. ARETHEYNUTS says

            Me too, it is a medial insurance program for the elderly and disabled

          214. Ted Crawford says

            Eliminate EVERYTHING, from Federal Control, not found in Article I, Section VIII of the Constitution! Every other need of the People falls within the provisions of the Tenth Amendment!

          215. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            tax money is … government money … is…your (our) money …’cause “we the people” ARE THE GOVERNMENT…that was the WHOLE idea of the U.S. SELF Governance thing right? The great experiment …can a people rule themselves? When did we forget that? (When 70% of us stopped voting?) Further …if trickle down was gonna work …it would have worked by now …cause this nations wealth sure as F..K has flowed upward for decades now. The rich ARE richer…much richer …so where are the jobs? GWBush got every one of his (ill-advised) TAX breaks thru congress….where did the money go?

          216. Ted Crawford says

            The 109th. and particularly the 110th. Congress frittered it away!

          217. Kent2012 says

            yes, but airheads like ak69erho think they have more intelligence than the murders that have proceeded them in roosha and chinkee land and they feel that they can make a failed concept work….

          218. cutterguy says

            that’s true. each “new” commie brain thinks they have it figured out. they have studied it and their way will work. problem is, there is no change from “old” way and “new” way to do socialism.

          219. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            Some truth in your statement ….but we were bequeathed a Democratic Constitutional Republic…NOT a pure Democracy. Big (HUGE) difference. (btw Pilgrims were early settlers…c.1620 they did not found this nation…they founded a Colony) This Nation was founded 07.04.1776 .

          220. AKLady2015 says

            Oh, and the majority of America’s Founding Fathers were Diests and Agnostics, not Chrisitians. Historians dispute the extent to which the Pilgrims can be counted as among America’s Founding Fathers.

          221. cutterguy says

            you need to read a real history rather than the crap you “learned” in pubic school. not a typo

          222. AKLady2015 says

            I tested out of AS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut.
            I tested out of BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.
            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine
            CEU – University of Alaska — Fairbanks

          223. ABO says

            Funny, some who are well educated retain a great deal of what they were taught while others….

          224. AKLady2015 says

            Your remark was deleted. I had the best education money could buy — Private Catholic Parochial School from kindergarten through graduate school.

          225. cutterguy says

            actually, that explains a lot. thanks

          226. Ted Crawford says

            By all means, file a Law Suit to recover your, obvious losses!!! You were ripped off, big time!!!

          227. AKLady says

            Maybe you should sue your parents. The brains they gacve you don’t seem to work.

          228. Ted Crawford says

            ” Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the Voters discover they can vote Themselves Largess from the Public Treasury! From that moment on, the majority will always vote for the candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury, with the result that democracy always collapse over loose physical policy, and are always followed by a Dictatorship!” Alexander Tytler

          229. cutterguy says

            I had posted pretty much the same some time ago. Many times a dictatorship is followed by revolution. New socialists all think they have the way to make socialism work. That always ends up the same. Failure. Democracy can work; The problem is that all people have to work at it without those who will live off of the system. In USA a big part of the problem is people coming from outside our borders for the benefits without having put anything into that system.

          230. Ted Crawford says

            Respectfully, democracy has never worked, long term, never in recorded history!
            Our Founders and many admirers of the government established by the Constitution world wide, desperately warned against allowing our Republic to degenerate into a democracy. Probably viewing other Great Republics of the past, that had been seduced down the Garden Path of democracy, to their ultimate destruction, Greece and Rome not the least among them.
            For the first 123 years, the American Voters heeded that warning;
            “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide!” John Adams
            Then on November 5, 1912, disaster struck. Astonishingly enough America elected it’s first of sadly many, true Socialist President, and we became a Constitutional Democracy. April 8, 1913 was the actual date that became official!
            “The American Republic will endure, until the politicians realize they can bribe the people, with their own money!” Alexis de Tocqueville
            We are currently in the last stages of that decay, from a Republic through the various stages of decline into, if Obama and the Progressives succeed, a Social Democracy!

          231. cutterguy says

            okay, I should have said republic rather than democracy. we need to stop the giveaways. our country needs to return to for the people, by the people. need to be rid of career politicians who use give mes to be reelected.

          232. Ted Crawford says

            Agree, wholeheartedly with the need to eliminate career politicians. That being said, I’m NOT for forced term limits, IE: Throwing the good out with the bad. We need to cut their pay by, at least 50%, we need to force the total repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment. But above ALL we need to recognize the fact that Politicians, up to and including the President, are, very simply, our employees!
            Respect is an earned commodity! I’m sick to death of fools who claim “we need to respect the Office”, WRONG!! The individual makes the Office, not the other way around!

          233. cutterguy says

            Lawyers should be allowed to run in the judiciary only. when they are allowed in the legislative and/or executive branch, it is conflict and not a separation of powers.

          234. Ted Crawford says

            I understand your logic, however it doesn’t mesh with Article II specifications and requirements for the Office!
            You are, and I believe the Founders would also agree, perfectly right on the proper conduct of our leaders! IE: No ONE should be above the Law!

          235. Dave says

            Well, at least you got the definition correct… which shows you know how to copy and paste.

          236. AKLady2015 says

            Save your insults for someone you can impress.

          237. Cheryl Detar says

            Only someone, with a brain, in the first place, can be impressed. That leaves you out.

          238. Kent2012 says

            ak69erho is not impressed….one of her remaining two brain cells must have taken offense at what you said…of course the other brain cell said ” what do we need with a fence?”….

          239. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            …even better she new how to look up the definition …bothered to look up the definition and didn’t misuse it…which establishes a fine example for many on this site.

          240. Paiute says

            “knew” not “new” typo

          241. AlbuquerqueLiberal says

            Ahhhhhhh!!!!. How’s this…..I was purposefully engaging in a play on words? (…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it.) 😉

          242. Mark Lahti says

            Sure beats telling the truth.

          243. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            We know that! You are a communist!

          244. FEDup says

            You forgot to mention how the leaders live like kings with absolute power to suppress dissidents

          245. violetmoon says

            You talking about TRUMP?

          246. FEDup says

            No, I am referring to O’bummer and his minions in the IRS, EPA, and others.

          247. jaybird says

            Don’t forget the Rrothchilds/Globalists. I am already feeling like an ant in a glass bowl that they are trying to finish taking over.

          248. Kent2012 says

            violetmoonie maybe ak69erho’s alter ego…

          249. gonzales27 says

            Careful on comments about Obummer he is in Communist country teaching fans the wave at a baseball game with the head Mooch,two junior Mooches in training and gram Mooch

          250. ABO says

            Just not capable of following the dialogue are you?

          251. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            YUP, you nailed him!

          252. James keeling says

            Here with go with the HATE Lady, always pulling her head out of O’s rear to show her stupidity. OK…back in!

          253. whoselineisitanyway says

            Glad you have a dictionary and thesaurus. Oh and you can copy and paste

          254. ringostarr1 says

            You are mistaken. In a Communist society you are paid according to what the Communist government thinks that you need to keep your body and your soul both under the same roof. But woe be it unto-you if you fail to produce up to the Government’s expectations.

          255. AKLady says

            Officially recognized, accepted definition.

            Not my opinion.
            Not my words.

            Take the time to use a valif dictionary or encyclopedia — educate yourself.

          256. ABO says

            “Officially recognized, accepted definition.
            Not my opinion
            Not my words”.
            As usual you take no responsibility for what you post.
            I’m afraid I have never heard of a “valif dictionary or encyclopedia”.

          257. Ted Crawford says

            Wonderful, IN THEORY! Unsustainable in Reality!

          258. mrp15 says

            Hillary is a communist like her mentor Saul Alinsky.

          259. violetmoon says

            Please stop showing your ignorance by checking the meaning of the words before you use them. A Democratic Socialist is NOT a Communist. Never was, never will be. And, if you do not like Socialism, please stop using Socialistic things like roads, parks, schools, police, military, hospitals, unemployment and any other thing supplied by taxes which are also socialist! Now, you want a real word with a scary meaning, try Fascist. Then, check the beginnings of the Third Reich. Trump is even using some of the speeches he kept beside his bed. Remember, Hitler was elected! I am sure the Scandinavian countries would have a LOT to say about your comment since they are all doing very well on Democratic Socialism. This country should only WISH it was doing as well.

          260. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Sad isn’t it? America was doing better until drug to the bottom and turned into a third world Utopia by Barry Obama and his little democRAT elves in the Congress. Thank GOD the Republicans took over Congress and put a stop to much of his foolishness.

          261. violetmoon says

            Sadder that Trump is trying to repeat history and bring back the modern day Third Reich and that his supporters are too blind to correlate to when the tapes show it all in the past. He even has his jackbooted Brownshirts in t shirts to use force on those he does not like. Can the furnaces be far behind!? Overseas Americans see it and voted for Sanders because of it. They know we are NOT the best country in the world and that is why a good portion of them LIVE overseas. Our last great President was JFK, and probably ONLY because he did not live long enough to not be. But, remember Eisenhower had taxes at 91% which gave us a fairly nice country until Ronnie baby in his Alzheimer’s mind with Queen Nancy running the country conned us into “trickle down”. Really helped, didn’t it!? Then we had Bush getting his hand into starting ISIS in the middle east with a unfair war against a country that had nothing to do with 911. So, now the world has to cope with Bush’s mistake. If I were countries being inundated by refugees from a war started by Bush’s ISIS, I would sue this country for their support! Without his meddling, ISIS would not BE! But, they dissed Daddy! And, you being a former serviceman, are not one to talk as the services you use were furnished by Socialistic principles! Anything furnished by TAXES (SOCIALISTIC themselves) is a socialistic benefit. Along with the military, police, SS, Medicare and ROADS! Maybe you went to war before you could learn that in school? Or were you just not listening or paying attention?

          262. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Seek professional help and I pray to GOD that you do not own an automatic weapon.

          263. violetmoon says

            Same here. But if Trump is by some far chance elected, you will need it to fight his Brownshirts once he starts up the cleansing of America.

          264. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Seeing how many followers of the admitted Communist Saul Alinsky we have in our Congress I am far more worried about the Storm Troopers that Obama and his potential eplacement Mrs. Clinton will likely release on their opposition.

          265. you asked says

            I’m not sure where Nazi’s fit the description of anything Trump has stated he will do. Despite your delusional beliefs, if Trump is elected, at least Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell & a host of other loud mouths, who feel only they are right, have promised to leave the US. Now that would be a cause for celebration.

          266. Cheryl Detar says

            You are such a conspiracy theorist.

          267. violetmoon says

            Just calling them as I see them. Trust no one except me. Believe very little I hear but do research it and this is what the research equals. Only time will tell, but I have been through a lot of very suspect things in my life. I lived Ronnie and Queen Nancy in Sacramento. Ironic as my neighbor and I were going to go down to the Capital steps with Go, Ronnie, Go!! signs when he decided to run for President and leave us alone in California! We forgot what havoc he could rought as a President. (No, really, what the Queen and her psychic could do as she ran the country and the state as he was a little too addled.) Alzheimer’s come about 20 years before it is noticeable to others. I have friends surviving WWII in Germany and they are also shaking in their shoes with the thought that it could be happening again! Call them like I see them from the proof around us right now.

          268. Tugboat1st says

            You should really move away. We don’t need any people that think like that here. You would be hard pressed to find a president that did as much good as “Ronnie” for this country. What didn’t you like about 20 yrs of unequalled economic growth and prosperity. Taking down the Berlin wall, Ending the cold war. And numerous other accomplishments I can’t recall at the moment. I’ll bet you voted for Obama. What a success. He single handedly destroyed our country’s stature in the world. Made enemies out of our allies. And removed all respect for this country world wide. Now isn’t that great? Not to mention the astronomical national debt. And ISIS was his doing due to the void left when he pulled all our troops out of Iraq.

          269. violetmoon says

            I lived about 15 miles from good old Ronnie Baby so DO NOT tell me what he was like or what Queen Nancy was like. She was the reason that it took California years to get rid of the monstrosity they caused to built on the American River because the governor’s mansion was not “good enough” for her. The state had to PAY TWO families to live in it until they could unload it! He closed the mental hospitals and the state become a very dangerous place to live in. His policies broke the state and it is just now getting back to being in the black. It took Gov Brown to be re elected to get out of the RED. Grey Davis was recalled due to his policies. Reagan was the beginning of the idea of Prop 13. It decimated the state and took everything that was good about it and turned it to shit. I lived there for 25 years, through high school, college, marriage, and my husband’s death before it got so bad and expensive and dangerous that I took my kids and got OUT! I lived and worked in a good area of Sacramento, but left after we had several of our customer’s houses cleaned out and two of our customer’s family members murdered. (Actually three as The Black Panthers murdered the wife of one also when they held up the bank in Carmichael.). We had our house hit three times in 18 months, until we got a BIG dog! My Mom was in the middle of three armed robberies, one in a bank. Our boss and his wife were also in a bank holdup but she turned around and ran and called the police. On top of that, Ronnie was cloistered in the tender clutches of the Rand corporation for 2 weeks 24/7 so they could TEACH him what he needed to know to even run for office. Alzheimer’s starts MANY years before it is generally seen by anyone but the immediate family and I am sure he had it while in Ca as Nancy and her psychic ran the state and HIM. They just transferred him, his disease, Queen Nancy, and her psychic to the White House and she continued to run the country. “Mommy” was SO good at it. She was a Bitch on wheels. He was a great actor as he acted Presidential, the greatest con job in the world. I voted for Obama because I could not stand the platform of the other guy so he was the best of two evils. Republican platforms are great if you are rich and can afford to finance your life and family, but when your husband dies at 26, that cannot be done with a degree of wealth. He did not come from money and I did not either. This country was fairly well off during the reign of Eisenhower at 91% taxes. Ronnie certainly changed that with a trickle down theory that DOES NOT WORK. THAT is why we are in the boat that we are in as it kept building with the two BUSH idiots. Today, Hillary is no one I like but she is also the much better Evil as at least my min SS will stay as is and I can afford to live, although not well as I need medical care and cannot afford it, even with Medicare and Gap. I can take ANY plan offered by the Feds as my husband died working for them. All too expensive and the only good one left the state two years ago. It was an HMO similar to universal health care but a little more expensive–Kaiser. So any politician telling me he is going to cut my income of about $900 a month is NO one that will get my vote. And the idiot that runs this state with his they can learn to live on less, is another poison pill. This country stopped being number one when we elected an ACTOR and did not get any better through Bush and his inane war causing the start of ISIS. ISIS is led by leaders in Iran and Iraq that got the power when he meddled in the area We have been called the Ugly Americans for eons and no Republican ever changed that. The entire world is scared of that egotistical buffoon that you are supporting. As he has the power to kill the entire world! NOT because he will make our military great, but because his maniacal temper can start a war to end all wars and he is dumb enough to do it and feel he can survive!

          270. Tugboat1st says

            I already read that dribble in one of your other posts. Doesn’t change my mind.

          271. violetmoon says

            YOU didn’t live close to the mess Ronnie and the Queen made in California. I was born in Ohio, lived in Arizona, California and now am back where crime is lower and the cost of living is lower. Hoped to live out the remainder of my life here, but that may not be possible. At least I am only half a lake away from another country that has already welcomed us. Complete with universal health care, a NEW liberal, leader, with two languages I can speak and understand. (Being the country my deceased Stepfather was born in, served in WWII for, and has family in). And, if this campaign is what this country has become, better Hillary END it. This country, as I know it, is NOT the country I grew up in. Reagan did the same as Prop 13 did. Cut taxes. California could not get along of taxes from the 70’s and things have only gotten worse. So, keep cutting taxes and see where we end up!! If we did not pay so much for such rotten health care to furnish insurance companies with millions in profits, we could afford to pay a lot more taxes. Allotment of money is the BIG problem, and Hillary and certainly not anyone running on the Republican ticket WILL NOT change it. WE were born in revolution and it looks like it is time for another one. But, Republican have always been the big business party and they have also not changed since they began. This time they tried to further their agenda and it backfired in a BIG way. Now they have to try to back track and take down the one they built up. The insane are now running the asylum.

          272. Tugboat1st says

            You are so upside down. Reagan BALANCED THE BUDGET dummy. That Brown jerk has the state at the point of bankruptcy again. Now that’s progress. What a nitwit. Prop 13 saved a lot of people from loosing their homes. The high taxes in Cal has chassed most industry out of the state. That is the problem. Keep raising the taxes and there won’t be any income in California. Reagan cut taxes and doubled federal revenue. Just the opposite of what dumb Brown is doing. And lets waste a couple of billion on high speed rail that nobody will use. Get real….please. Competition is the only thing that will improve health care not welfare. Look at the premium rates on this dumb “Obama care”. How is that going to work. Bankrupt the country so you can get free healthcare. Get a life.

          273. violetmoon says

            NO, my in-laws would have argued with you on the saving homes part. Bills escalated and everything about the state that was good vanished. My Mother-in-law worked until she was NINETY ONE and still died in debt! Now, they have a state full of crime, extremely HIGH prices, and nothing to redeem the education. They tried to do it again a couple of years later, but by then, people realized WHAT they had done and it didn’t happen. I know one customer was bitching about his golf course being closed part of the time and when told that 13 did it and when asked if he voted for it, he told them yes, but he didn’t WANT THAT cut! Another one told us that “they just didn’t cut the RIGHT things!” Yes, I am sure the budget was balanced on the closing of the mental hospitals so we had a state full of crazies running the streets. They have also never returned from that little benefit. We had mass murderers running the streets in Sacramento. Richard Chase was housed a few blocks from us. NO room at the inn so he was left out and put into an apartment about a mile away on Watt Avenue. People kept vanishing and they finally realized he was killing them and eating them. Found parts of them in his fridge. My old man was one of his keepers. Even the nurses were afraid of him as he killed bird in the exercise area and ate them, Then we have the Gallegos, Several dead in two different states with them, Reagan did nothing unless you are talking about Queen Nancy and her psychic. SHE ran the state and reigned supreme until they decided to try to damage the country the same way they did California, leaving behind a monstrosity that coast the state thousands to keep two families in until they could unload it. My husband put in five years of college for a teaching credential only to have to interview in Kentucky as the jobs dried up with no money for education in California. He died waiting on a call from the Sacramento School district as he had subbed for two years while working at McClellan full time. (Not to mention the neighbor who developed colitis worrying about her teaching position.) We did not think about the danger to the US but we just wanted him OUT of California. He(probably Nancy) was the original thought behind 13 but Gann and Jarvis ran with it later. When crime climbed into the stratosphere, and prices followed, I picked up my kids and got the Hell out. Return for HS reunions every so often, but other than 2 friends left, I have NO reason to ever return. Sacramento now is where LA was about 40 years ago and Mexican is the major language because they do not want to learn English. This entire downfall started with the Rand Corporation and brainwashing Ronnie who developed Alzheimer’s years before they announced it..

          274. Tugboat1st says

            You are so full of crap and wrong information. I won’t have a battle of intelligence with someone that is unarmed. I’m done. You can’t fix stupid.

          275. jeannemartin says

            We the People of today, are living in crisis!
            We are being “led” by a feckless, naive, and extremely weak president who doesn’t have enough wits about him to know what to do for our country or how to keep the people in it safe!
            He occupies the Oval Office but is clueless as what to do there so he jaunts around the world pretending to be “presidential!”
            To him ISIS is still a JV team and it matters so little to him about all their attacks on our country and other countries that it doesn’t even merit disrupting his “important” schedule …
            baseball games in Cuba and tangos in Argentina!
            Obama has accomplished so little in the last 7+ years, it is actually better for him to visit other countries and stay out of our way!
            He refuses to see ISIS as a threat and his time left is fleeting. He is running out the clock so he can sneak out the back door and let the newly elected president figure out the mess he has left …
            Obamacare, 19 trillion in debt, terroism raging all over the world, the Far East on fire, Immigration gone amuck, the economy, jobs, the devisiveness and racism he has created, and his touting that socialism is the same as capitalism and just choose one which works for you?!?
            I can’t take anymore of this man who so wants to destroy our country and both democrats and republicans are letting him!
            I have read tonight about Ronnie hurting California and how bad Bush was etc.
            Does no one comprehend the total disaster we are in? The “president” has virtually retired and is making his getaway before we are blown off the face of the earth!
            So please go not elect an old woman who has not a single original thought in her head but only knows how to continue all the horrific policies of Obama and will lead us into further crisis and complete mayhem!

          276. violetmoon says

            As Bill Maher said ” About the Republican side, after comparing it all, Better Ted than Dead”. On the Demo side, I will be a supporter of Sanders all the way even assuming the Dem Party promised this nomination to Hillary so she would support Obama 8 years ago. Don’t like her but will vote for her if my only real choice is between her and any idiot running on the Rep side. Death from Trump and Bible thumping nut case in Cruz. Out of 17?? Great going Reps. Other than that, I must say we are in a much better place today with 8 years of rebuilding from the major failures of Bush family. Great going on attacking the wrong country or any country and causing ISIS. The world thanks you, I am sure. Why we haven’t been sued in World Court for the support all all fleeing from ISIS I do not comprehend. Oh, Democracy is not the same as Capitalism and and Democratic Socialism is NOT the same as Socialism, but then, you are either too obtuse to know that or know and prefer to deliberately ignore the fact. Left with the absolute mess from the failure of Bush to grasp Who the real enemies are, I think we are way far ahead now. Stop blaming Obama for not cleaning us Bush’s ISIS mess. If not for Bush, ISIS would not exist. And, right now, our biggest threat is electing an insane narcissistic megalomaniac with a button to push on a nuclear arsenal. Now, ;THAT is indeed a threat.

          277. you asked says

            I lived in California during that time & I’m not sure what happened to you, but I had an excellent job. The COL wasn’t due because of the Reagan’s but by people who would buy broken down homes, fix them up with little labor & then double the price of the home. But, I didn’t move to another state, because of the COL. I left for a totally different reason that had nothing to do with your rambling comment above.

          278. you asked says

            Social security is based on the earnings of the person when they were gainfully employed. You really have problems facing the reality of situations & would rather put your own delusional belief system into play.

          279. ABO says

            I would have put it differently, Cheryl. I’d say she conspires to promote seriously flawed theory.

          280. Cheryl Detar says

            I stand corrected. Thanks, ABO. Poor thing has serious mental issues.

          281. Cheryl Detar says

            I really feel sorry for you, choosing to live like that. I’ve had many issues, also. However, I choose, not to live in fear.

          282. Tugboat1st says

            You need to get off that Third Reich crap. You’ve been listening to the wrong people or drinking the wrong KoolAid. Americans are tired of politicians and that is why Trump is so popular. Politicians are a big disappointment to the country’s well being. If you want to talk about Hitler just look in the White House. Obama is repeating his game plan with a middle eastern twist.

          283. you asked says

            No, ISIS would not be if Obama had listened to his military advisers & not pulled out as soon as bin Laden was dead. In fact, 911 would not occur, had Clinton taken out bin Laden when he had the chance, instead of playing hide the cigar with Monica.

          284. Kent2012 says

            naw, we know what a democrat socialist is, the are bottom feeding, scum sucking, brain dead clowns…

          285. violetmoon says

            Better than a dupe being conned by someone wanting to start the Fourth Reich with himself as dictator so he can burn thousands of Blacks, Muslims, Gays, and Latinos. He even has the sig heil down perfectly, along with the jackbooted Brownshirts wearing t shirts. That book of Hitler’s speeches bedside his bed has been memorized by now and he is putting them to use. There is none so dumb as those that cannot see. And those who do not learn from history will reapeat it.

          286. Cheryl Detar says

            violetmoon…You have been watching way to much of MSNBC.

          287. violetmoon says

            I guess only time will tell, but I may not get a chance to say “Told you so” if we are up in a cloud of radioactive dust, right? And, hopefully we will NEVER have to find out about the Fourth Reich. There is always a chance of an assassin. The closer he gets the more that chance gets bigger! Government does not mess around. I am still wondering about Martha Mitchell

          288. ABO says

            Your friends may have survived WWII Germany but I tend to doubt that they will survive your blithering idiocy. While I am no fan of Donald Trump, your affection for socialism and communism shows you complete lack of understanding of world history and as we should be well aware, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

          289. violetmoon says

            Democratic Socialism is Neither, but a combination of Democracy (which we do not have, incidentally,) and Socialism that we already have. It just puts us a little better off in money and welfare of the people. At present there are several countries versed in this. They are all doing well with the exception of being overrun by ISIS refugees caused by Bush”s attacking a country that was not guilty of what he claimed but that they dissed Daddy. We should be forced by the world court to care for and support those refugees. We are too cowardly to even let them into our country, much like we did to the Jews in WWII and the internment of the Japanese in Ca during that time. So, yes, I have learned from history and it is not pretty when it comes to the ugly American. Hitler made lots of films of his rising. He loved film. Trump’s rallies and those before Hitler’s election have so much in common that scary is not the word for it. Terrifying is a better word. They ran on the same platforms and have the same type of supporters, evil, racist, angry supporters. Now, just what history are you using?

          290. ABO says

            Do you ever have a thought of your own or do you always just pass along the usual socialist talking points that you’re given before you come here? As I clearly stated I am not a fan of Donald Trump. Nor am I a fan of Kim Jung Un, Fidel Castro, Nikita Kruschev, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Mihn, Pol Pot, et al. However, comparing Trump to Hitler is a stretch to say the least. I don’t trust him but if that is the basis of your theory I’d say HRC is far less trustworthy than than Trump, although Hillary seems to view herself more as royalty and feels as though the people owe her the presidency. At any rate, and to get back to the subject at hand, socialist and communist leaders have invariably kept their people at an across the board low economic status while making themselves tremendously wealthy at the expense of the proletariat. As you point out, those leaders provide the people with the basics although those basics always come at tremendous cost to the working class and are of poor quality. The best common denominator here may well be Nicolae Ceausescu, communist leader of Romania who forced laborers to build elaborate monuments and palaces in his honor as well as an elaborate system of roads that cost literally thousands of workers their lives all for the “benefit of the people” of course. Typical end result of communist control. How you can praise this sort of oligarchy is beyond all reason.

          291. violetmoon says

            You again, are equating Democratic Socialism with Communism. YOU know better but choose to be obtuse about it. I do NOT trust Hillary either but do not want my very life blood cut. I live on SS due to a disability caused by my last workplace. So, it is the lesser of two evils. At least stagnation for the next 4 years is better than either a nuclear war or concentration camps. I may not LIKE the illegal Mexicans, but I certainly realize they are here and cannot be sent back! And, being a bully is still a bully whether by Trump of a local school kid. Violence is NOT the answer, but Trump does not believe that either. So, I WILL hold my nose and vote for the liar as at least she lies about non lethal things. I know of few people that vote against their own interest but this time the con man has them even doing THAT. As my t shirt says “It takes a village to keep a Republican OUT of the White House,” with the second one saying “Your DAMN Right I’m Left.” I’ve had the shirts for about 6 years. Never thought I’d have to really wear them!

          292. ABO says

            Couldn’t be bothered reading the whole response could you, violetmoonshot? Only interested in what fits your agenda??? By the way, do you have a hat to go with the shirt that says ” Liberal lemmings rule” ? Just keep memorizing those talking points. Interesting to hear that Hillary only lies about “non lethal” things, like Beghazi for instance. Maybe we should get Vince Foster’s opinion. Lefty twit.

          293. violetmoon says

            I DO NOT LIKE Hillary, but she is still the lesser of two evils. She will not have a temper tantrum and nuke some country. She is not insane, just tricky like Nixon. It will be a four year stagnation, but a much safer one. Four years of having NO change is better than a few days of the beginning of the cleansing of America of all Blacks, Muslims, Gays, and Latinos. WE tried isolationism, or don’t you remember reading about that? It certainly DID NOT work. It embroiled us in a world war. Building walls is about as insane as it gets joining the Star Wars approach the Republican tried to push years ago. WE have to share this world so taking your toys and going home is NOT an option! Nor is nuking them out of existence. The world already has enough to take care of to support the results of Bush attacking an innocent country and causing the rise of ISIS. And, yes, I certainly read EVERY word you spewed out. But, maybe the cleansing is how Trump intends to bring back the jobs he helped send away! He is the only one of the candidates that could do that by himself since he has many overseas, but has chosen to not do so while screaming he will. And, he is right, he could kill someone in Times Square and his followers would praise him for doing so.

          294. ABO says

            I’d suggest you give Chancellor Angela Merkel a call and see how she’s feeling about her descision to allow as many “refugees” as possible into Germany. She seems to be waffling just a bit lately.
            Oh and by the way, speaking of Germany, might I remind you that Hitler’s NAZI party was officially the National Socialist Party of Germany, just sayin’.

          295. violetmoon says

            Another one showing ignorance of the meaning of Democratic Socialism. It was not the National DEMOCRATIC Socialistic Party. You FORGOT the one very important word! Try Googling if the meaning escapes you. Europe is being over run by refugees CAUSED by BUSH starting a war against a country that had nothing to do with 911. This war was the start of ISIS as senior leaders of ISIS were the senior leaders of the armies of Iran and Iraq. WE CAUSED the rise of ISIS! US, not Europe. So, now Europe is being punished by refugees that we caused. If I were the countries being over run by them, I would sue the USA in World Court, Hague for the money to support them. WE do not even want to let them into this country but expect others to clean up after Georgie. Same way we refused Jews entry when Hitler started his “cleansing” and interred the Japanese in Ca in camps. The last I knew, Germany is NOT a Democratic Sociallist country. That ONE word means a lot and changes the whole system.

          296. ABO says

            The problem with your argument is that you ignore the essence of exactly what each part (democratic-socialist) brings to the equation. The simple fact is that the socialist portion invariably overwhelms the democratic portion and unbalances the end result. Also, the simple fact that those like yourself who insist after all these years that G.W. Bush lied about Saddam Hussein possessing WMDs even though it has been proven over and over that he did indeed posses and use them shows the mentality behind your love of socialism.Tell the thousands of Kurds in the northern provinces of Iraq who were the victims of Saddam’s chemical WMDs that he didn’t posses or use them Then argue your point with the US Army infantry unit that unearthed a massive cache of WMDs on the Iraqi/Syrian border which included ICBMs and nuclear warheads that they didn’t really find them, they only imagined that they did. People like you have an amazing affinity for ignoring the truth even when it is put right in front of your noses. Grow up and face reality for a change, violetmoonshot, before you discover the truth the hard way.

          297. violetmoon says

            Are you also wearing a tin foil hat? THERE WERE NO WMD!! If there were, they would have been spread all over every news source in the world. NO WMDs were used on ANYONE by them then or now. Bush would have filmed the cache to prove his claim. And, unless you were there and took pictures, stop saying they did. As they say, a picture is worth 100 words. The TRUTH is that you are backing a wacko nut job to control Nukes. And, the truth is that he hates Gays, Latinos, Muslims, and Blacks. Can’t say any are my favorite, but I have no intention of removing or destroying them. He has advocated violence against them all. His own words have been recorded complete with film. He is the worst of extremists with his speech and actions. HE is not what this country was founded for. He was not what the founding Fathers ever imagined. So, maybe the destruction of this country and this world should occur. If his brand of ruling is what we have come to, we do not deserve to exist.

          298. ABO says

            As I said, you just can’t stand the truth. It’s been out there for years and proved beyond any reasonable doubt but you continue to deny it, because it doesn’t fit your agenda. How dare anyone bring up the truth!!! it might make the all seeing, all knowing violetmoon look bad. Oh poor little whiney socialist lemming. Just by the way I have expressed the fact that I am no fan of Trump at least three times now but true to course you simply ignore what you don’t want to hear. Again, Grow Up, violetmoonshot.

          299. Paul Burton says

            In 1933, the Nazi Party was the largest elected party in the German Reichstag, which led to his appointment as Chancellor on 30 January 1933. Following elections won by his coalition, the Reichstag passed the Enabling Act, which began the process of transforming the Weimar Republic into Nazi Germany, a one-party dictatorship based on the ideology of National Socialism. He was a member of the German Workers Party, but in hopes of increasing it’s appeal, they changed it’s name to ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei’ which is…
            National Socialist German Workers Party…

          300. Cheryl Detar says

            If that happens, you will truly be, “violetmoon.” However, it’s not going to happen to me. Those of us, who are Christians, will be removed by God, to live in peace, with him. I will remember your name, when it comes to saying, “I told you so,” when Trump is your President.

          301. violetmoon says

            He will never be MY President. I live close to Canada (across half a lake) and I will leave the country for my Stepfather’s land before that happens. I can still pick up my French with a little practice. My youngest daughter was researching Australia last year as she is over the health care thing. Even Obama Care does not go far enough. She is tired of paying half her wages for inadequate care. And, now we have been told our company is divesting itself of all doctors and hospitals. This from an HMO plan that three years ago, was the best money could buy. (And, NO, it was not Obama Care.) I am Catholic, but do not believe in fairy tales. I’ve always been told that God helps those who help themselves and electing Trump flies in the face of that! As my German friend says” You got to pay for being stupid!”

          302. Mark Lahti says

            Or getting educated in our great institutions of higher learning that put this kind of stupidity into the minds of nearly brain dead liberals. This POS has got to be the most wacked out nut bag since AK that I’ve read here in a long, long time now. She is spewing the most pathetic kind of liberal BS that can only be squeezed from a tube of hemeroid cream.

          303. Tugboat1st says

            Could not have put it better myself.

          304. Cheryl Detar says


          305. violetmoon says

            NO, just film from the 30’s and 40’s as Hitler LOVED filming Everything he did. I do not watch MSNBC and certainly not FOX. Local and whatever comes up on news feeds here. (Both sides incidentally). You have to watch both to know your enemy. Having friends living through WWII in Germany helps also.

          306. Cheryl Detar says

            My father, who was German, was in Germany, during the war. I know exactly what was going on there.

          307. Martin Miller says

            So Cheryl, daddy was a Nazi! That makes sense, based on your comments here. Is there some German attraction to fascism? After all, you said you were ‘cured of liberalism’. So I assume you’ll refuse social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, etc.

            I share the views of the Dallas Mayor [http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/11/24/dallas-mayor-admits-fear-of-white-people/]. This site needs to be monitored by the FBI. Some of you right wingers posting fact-less nonsense here just like to trash talk. Others might act, as the Oklahoma City bomber did..

            Note I worked with a US Attorney neighbor and the FBI in the 90’s against AOLon Operation Innocent Eyes, which sought to eliminate AOL’s unmonitored chat rooms that were full of pedophiles.

            I still have those contacts. American white trash Taliban need to be watched.

            Now you can go back to your Special Needs class — as a student, not a teacher.

          308. Cheryl Detar says

            No daddy was a Medic, on the front lines for the US Army. He came back, in mental pieces. Make fun of that. My first husband was in Korea, my second was in Vietnam. I attempted to enlist. However, at that time, there was a height requirement and I am only 5’2″. My niece, just retired, after 20 years. She served in Turkey and Afghanistan. She now is a CSI, in Pittsburgh. I’m guessing, you never served, yet have the audacity to run your mouth and buddy up to government officials, so you can sound like a “big shot.” Yes, I receive Social Security Benefits, after paying into it for 50 years. I have never received anything else. I continue to work part-time, so I still feel like I contribute to society. I’m guessing, you will not collect your Social Security Benefits. I’m a dangerous liberal….Your ESP has failed you. I am a die hard conservative.

          309. Martin Miller says

            All respect to your dad, and I apologize. I can sling insults with the best. I don’t need to ‘buddy up to government officials’. I know them, and a few know me. You’re commenting blindly, not knowing my background. ‘Diehard conservative’ is meaningless. Conservatism died a while ago, even before the Teapugs took over. I like Paul Ryan, who’s trying to fix the mess of Trump and Cruz.

          310. Cheryl Detar says

            But it’s OK for you to call me names and assume things about me that you know nothing about?…Excuse me….It’s, “Do as I say, not as I do,” with people like yourself. Honey, I invented insults and sarcasm. However, I choose not to lower myself to that level. No. conservatism had not meaningless to those who have NOT changed it’s original meaning.

          311. you asked says

            I enlisted to go to ‘Nam & very few of us WACS were able to be stationed there. I am a nurse (now retired) so I am aware of what it is like on the front line. Women who served in ‘Nam were not really trained beyond their nursing skills. But, thankfully many of the soldiers did train them in case they needed to protect themselves & their patients. They couldn’t take care of the wounded, if they couldn’t protect themselves.

            Later, I transferred to Montieth Barracks outside Fuerth, when West & East Germany were still separated. I traveled all over, not only in West Germany, but also Spain & France. My landlord advised me that if I wanted to know anything about WWII, that I should go to Dachau & then come back & talk to her, which I did. I can still see the horrific images of the photos at Dachau, in my mind, where the Nazi’s performed medial experiments on living POW, the ovens, the “barracks” POW were cramped into & so much more. My landlord’s husband was also a medic during WWII & I was given a true historical history of what really happened during WWII & not just what the history books or people like some who comment here like to believe it was. I was also amazed, that even though WWII was over for several decades, the image of the swastika could still be seen in the old buildings, even after the swastikas were removed. As one veteran to the daughter of another veteran, I know exactly what it was like for your father, after returning home. It is one thing to fight to help liberate those imprisoned & tortured, it is quite another to see the actual prisoners & the condition they were in – IF they were still alive when Allied forces arrived & not dumped into piles, one atop the others.

            I also know what it’s like to have the DOD to turn it’s back on former soldiers who were exposed to toxic agents while serving. I was exposed to Agent Orange, Agent Blue, Agent White, depleted uranium, ionizing radiation, PCB’s & a host of other toxic agents before I ever completed basic training. That is because Monsanto, who was making the toxins, dumped them at Ft. McClellan, where I took basic training. It was only a few years ago that I finally found out why I was having repeated cancers, lung disease, immune system disorders & more. Monsanto dumped toxic chemicals for 66 years at McClellan & 33 years at Camp Lejeune. While the marine vets from Lejeune are qualified to receive treatment from the VA, those who served at McClellan have been denied. I only found out about the toxins when 60 Minutes did a show called Toxic Secrets: Poisoned Vets. We have formed several groups who have tried to get HR 2052 passed without success & tried again with HR 411, again without success. Harry Reid made sure it was buried at the bottom of the stack & wasn’t even addressed. I have seen 2 environmental specialists, after learning about the exposures. But, I had to travel to MD for 1, whose office is near Camp David. How ironic, huh? The problem with her is the moisture levels in that area also affected me due to the high levels of mold. The other specialist I visited had his practice in Texas. Both were helpful, but without my insurance covering it or the VA, everything was out of pocket expenses, which is very expensive & not possible for someone to keep receiving treatment, when you have the expense of traveling to different states, finding a safe hotel, plus the cost of visits & compounded medicines, which also requires a special pharmacy. So, for those of us who suffer the side effects of toxic exposure are left with 2 options – spending hundreds of thousands of $$ for not only the above mentioned expenses, but also compounded medications or dying a slow painful death. It’s either that or do without because there are not any doctors even remotely close to me who really knows how to treat patients exposed, long term to toxic chemicals.

            I began working at the age of 14 & continued working, even though I was ill, until I was old enough to be able to draw social security. Even though I now live on SS, they still refuse to recognize illness from chemical exposure in the military & the VA refuses to treat us. I am lucky because I have a loving & supportive family, which many vets don’t have.

          312. Cheryl Detar says

            Thank you, for your service and dedication.

          313. Cheryl Detar says

            Martin miller, I see you have no answer. Guess you ran out of name calling and insults….Nah…I’m sure you are taking you time, dreaming up a few more.

          314. violetmoon says

            Then he should remember as my cousin and friends remember what occurred prior to Hitler winning the election.

          315. you asked says

            How old are your cousins? It has been 83 years since Hitler was appointed Chancellor. So for them to remember anything of what things were like before Hitler came to power, they’d have to be in their 90’s to over 100.

          316. ABO says

            Idiots tend to be exceptionally easy to con, Cheryl. violetmoon is a perfect example.

          317. Cheryl Detar says

            Thing is. Most of them get their info from MSNBC and never bother to research the facts.

          318. ABO says

            Right on the money, Cheryl.

          319. Kent2012 says

            yes millions were duped by kenyan boyo and the commie $luts in the media and the brain dead twits voted twice for the racist leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien and his idiot vp joe bitmine…now the same parasites and coffee shop socialist twits and twats are lining up to vote for bernie sandersinsky or the criminal $lut, ho clintoney…

          320. violetmoon says

            Show me the actual PROOF of all your rant! There is NONE. NONE on any of it. Obama was the better of the two as his evil did not come close to that of the other side. I choose to believe in Christian values of helping others. I also know evil when I see it and hear it. Bullying is bad whether from students or from those trying to con us into leading us. I do not like Hillary but she is again, the lesser of the two evils. We will stagnate for at least 4 more years, but at least we will be here to try again and the population of the country won’t be in concentration camps nor will the furnaces be used to murder humans by the Trump camp. Con men are very believable and he is one of the best. In my life I knew a LOT of them. Had them in the house when I was a kid many times. But, most com men do not champion violence, only sly conning. This one is much more evil and he is much more dangerous.

          321. Kent2012 says

            kenyan boyo is the supremo con man…pretending to be an American, pretending to love America, pretending to have skills that extend beyond standing in the street and stirring up mental midgets with hate filled lies….yes your boy is a real con man along with that ho you support for president…the USA is in trouble now due to not having a president for 7 years and the hores and idiots that voted for the african pretender now want another loser like the ho clintoney or the $lut berni to be voted into the oral office…get your panties out of you crack…

          322. violetmoon says

            Refer to last post! Proof?

          323. Paul Burton says

            We’re doing better than they are! and would be doing even better if not for comrade obama….However, there is one thing I do have to admit…after reading yours and AKLady2015 replies to others that don’t agree with you. The left is really tolerant…sarc!

          324. violetmoon says

            But, at least not violent like the right! We are not trying to hunt down the immigrants to kick them out, punch people in the face that disagree with us, nor beat up people in the audience at rallies. We usually use words to debate rather than fear and violence. We will leave that to you and Trump. Or the bible thumping idiots pushing Cruz. Even his daughter does not want him to touch her!

          325. you asked says

            What do you not understand about ILLEGAL immigration. Aliens who come here, without following the immigration laws in place, are committing a crime, despite your liberal opinion. I hope you have an appointment with your therapist this week. Or perhaps you might try a conservative therapist so you can get an actual objective opinion about your conspiracy theories.

          326. AKLady2015 says

            The Cold War ended a long time ago.
            Christ and the Deciples were Communists.

          327. jeannemartin says

            As I recall, Christ and the Deciples lived in a different age!!
            What may have worked back then will not necessarily work today!
            It’s a different world and a lot has happened since Christ lived in it!
            Good grief!!! Where do “people” like you came from?
            The “isms” are not for our country nor are you!
            You are welcome to leave and live where the “isms” exist and free yourself from the country you hate and are eager to destroy!
            Take Obama with you and make us all happy!!!

          328. AKLady2015 says

            noun: communism; noun: Communism; plural noun: Communisms
            a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

          329. AKLady2015 says

            noun: socialism
            a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

          330. ABO says

            Starting early with the repetitive aren’t you AKLady??? Do you really believe that repeating the same thing over and over and over, word for word makes it right?
            You seem to be lacking a frontal lobe upstairs and are incapable of thinking for yourself. Do you just copy and paste your responses or do you just type them out from your copy of the DNC talking points that you and your simple minded liberal troll buddies get paid 17 cents per post to bring here?

          331. Tugboat1st says

            If you believe that that is how that really works then you are too naïve to vote.

          332. 63Marine says

            Socialism leads to communism. Russia use to be called the “USSR”, “Union of soviet Socialist Republic”.

          333. ringostarr1 says

            Liberalism, Progressiveism, Socialism, (both International and nationalist) Marxism, and Communism, all 5 are isms defined only by the degree of repression that they will engage in to enact their policies, However all 5 of these “isms” policies in the end are identical. Just thought that you would like to know.

          334. Vernon Devine says

            You are an idiot. Do you have a brain????? Sanders is a socialist. Hillary and Obama are Democrats. I love the absolute insanity of conservatives. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time???

          335. TexRancher says

            You must be one of those Obama Bots with their heads in the sand. There hasn’t been a democrat party for decades. You just didn’t see their corruption into socialists!

            Keep your head in the sand since you don’t know what a target you present or at least a place for the mourner to park his bicycle!

          336. Freedom fighter says


          337. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            I knew it you HAD to a communist!

          338. jaybird says

            Socialist Sweden has hit the bottom. The Youth Party (Liberals) want to legalize incest and necrophilia. Is this where we will be heading with Sanders????????

          339. Vassiliki says

            Jaybird, you know the likes of AKimposter…she probably already participates in those 2 activities. Don’t keep baiting her…ignore her/it for our sakes

          340. jaybird says

            Sometimes I post things in reply to people that I feel others should know about that is pertaining to what they have posted. She likes Socialism.

          341. violetmoon says

            NO, only you use the name socialism. And, if you use roads, libraries, military, police, and anything else paid for by Socialistic Taxes, you must LIKE it also, right?

          342. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            LOL! It will be a first for lazy Bernie. A couple doses of penicillin will cure the Bern.

          343. bb says

            The Jewish Talmud says: ” If a Gentile gives you 120 Goats and you only paid him for 100, do not tell him and keep the difference.” The same, If a Gentile looses his coat and you find it, keep it. They are allowed to cheat us, steal from us and lie to us and treat us any way. However, this is forbidden to a fellow Jew.
            Israel badly damaged one of our E.L.I.N.T. ships in international waters, killing 37 sailors, in 1967, on purpose. You want somebody from that bunch running the White House after 8 years of nonsense from a person who goes to Cuba and makes a fool of himself?
            Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

          344. AKLady says

            Your statements are not entirely true.
            The sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty was a matter of mistaken idemtity.
            The liberty was at the location in violation of its orders. The incident has been investigated multiple times by six different agencies.

          345. Jimmy Quick says

            Now…send in the clowns. Thanks for the light entertainment, I really needed that.

          346. rocky says

            Please… be serious !!

          347. whoselineisitanyway says

            You’re rep reprehensible.

          348. AKLady says

            You do not even know what the word means.

          349. 63Marine says


          350. Ted Crawford says

            Firstly, Thank You for your service to our Country!
            Not a chance in HE_ _ Marine

          351. 63Marine says

            We’ll see!!!!

          352. Ted Crawford says

            If the Country we fought and bleed for is to survive past the next decade, I’d better be right! America, after 8 years of Obama, cannot possibly survive, long term, even four years of Clinton, Sanders or Trump!!!

          353. 63Marine says

            Well then, what clown would you want in office???

          354. Ted Crawford says

            Clearly, given the current roster of choices, that only leaves ONE, Cruz. While unlike Romney in 2012, Cruz was on my short-list going into the Primaries, admittedly he wasn’t my first choice, I would have greatly preferred Governor Walker myself.

          355. you asked says

            Are you talking about the same Ted Cruz who lied to the FEC & RNC, when he attempted to hide his $1 million in campaign loans from 2 different banks, one of them being Goldman Sachs, that Heidi Cruz worked for? The same Cruz who lied about his failure to disclose his financial relationship with a Caribbean-based holding company?

            The same Ted Cruz whose college video showed that he wanted to “dominate the world” as well as star in a “teen tit film”? I didn’t know such a “Christian” would talk about such things, not to mention the “sweat on his balls”.

            I would also not vote for Cruz, based on his wife’s activities, such as her trade involvements in selling Americans out to China. Heidi Cruz was responsible for helping the Council on Foreign Relations task force to write the North American Union. Isn’t that ironic because Ted called them a “pit of vipers.” The CFR is a membership only group & you might want to check their membership & see how many far left liberals are members. Ted has also said he plans to put a member of CFR in his cabinet. Heidi Cruz also had part in drafting NAFTA, which cost thousands of Americans to lose their jobs.

            So, the worst the anti-Trump superPAC can come up with is a 16 year old photo of Melania Trump nude, but covered up where no part of her anatomy, except skin was exposed. Heck, I see more showing on any beach throughout the world. Are those against Melania Trump also going to condemn the nude pics of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Princess Diana, Duchess of Cambridge or Carla Bruni who was married to the former President of France.

            Why not call Barbara Walters & ask her opinion of Melania Trump. Oh that’s right, she’s already given it. She said that she was surprised how intelligent Melania Trump was. Are you or anyone else bashing Donald Trump, aware that Melania speaks 5 languages? Can you imagine how helpful that would be for Donald Trump if he were elected POTUS? Trump could rely on his wife to interpret for him, instead of relying on interpreters provided by the foreign governments. Have you ever taken the time to see all of the charity events Melania Trump is involved with, instead of the public just judging her on photos that were taken 16 years ago?

            I can honestly say that I would vote for Donald Trump. I could care less that his wife posed nude, when she was a model 16 years ago. If we are judging potential FLOTUS, I would still rather have Melania over Heidi, who had a mental breakdown in 2005, which is documented by police reports on the internet. Who knows, if the stress becomes too much for her again, would you prefer a mentally ill FLOTUS who could potentially cause a lot of damage not only to Ted, but also the image that other countries would have of a mentally unstable FLOTUS.

            If you even consider the 2 Democrat candidates, then obviously you have not done the research to see why both would not be a good POTUS. Bernie’s #1 strike is because of his Socialist views & put us in the same realm of other Socialist countries who thought it would work, only to find out later it doesn’t. Socialism is just another way of making everyone dependent on the government. To me, that is no different than slavery in colonial times. Slaves were forced to be dependent on their masters & that is exactly what Socialism would do, if Bernie is elected.

            As for Hillary, I wouldn’t vote for her, not only because she is under investigation by the FBI over her home brew server & corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, but also because she ignored the call for help in Benghazi, before the attack ever started & allowed 4 American men to die. How can she protect the US, when she can’t even send help to save 4 Americans in Benghazi? I also wouldn’t vote for Hillary after she & Bill stole almost $200k worth of furniture, china & artwork from White House. She had some of the items shipped back, but there was still almost $56K of items they didn’t return. To top it off, when a more thorough investigation was performed, it proved that the Clinton’s lied about the true value of the items they had stolen.

            I also wouldn’t vote for Hillary after listening to the audiotape where she is laughing about defending a known pedophile, even though she knew he was guilty. Hillary castigated the young girl, in court & blamed her for being raped by a pedophile. It was bad enough for the child to be raped by an adult, but when Hillary blamed her, it was the final straw. It literally destroyed this young girl & her faith in believing anyone could protect her, was thrown out the proverbial window. This young girl grew up & never married or had children. Hillary claims she stands up for women, but how can that be when she laughed at how she was able to blame the child & get the pedophile’s sentence reduced? If you care to listen to the tape, just Google “The Hillary Clinton Tapes” on the Free Beacon website.

            What Hillary Clinton says in public is so phony & shows how a career politician can get the fools to follow her. Why she is even allowed to run, based on her criminal activity, that has now resulted in an FBI investigation is astonishing.

            Leave it to those who have no other options to now call him a racist & is not prepared to be POTUS. For those who follow with the racism rhetoric, I have something I would like for you to take into consideration. If Trump is a racist, then why would a racist provide his personal jet to transport a seriously ill 4 year old Jewish boy from California to NY, when nobody else would? If Trump is a racist & hateful, why would he put Jennifer Hudson & her family up in his International Hotel & Tower, for 3 months, free of charge, as well as provide security, after her mother, brother & nephew were murdered?

            For me, I would rather have a career businessman in office than a career politician who is so corrupt or willing to destroy the US based on their Socialist views. Think hard about what I have said, because I truly believe that Cruz, Hillary & Sanders could cause a lot more damage to the US than Donald Trump, who would at least know how to reduce the budget & has an excellent team of foreign policy advisers.

          356. The Redhawk says

            AWW yOU LOSE!

          357. The Redhawk says

            BULLS EYE

        2. ringostarr1 says

          Now much can you stand to lose?

      2. AKLady says

        If you are going to tell us how to run our cuntry, please learn our langiage.

        What is an “aunest” person?
        What is “resricked”
        What is “not will it”.

      3. AKLady says

        If you want to criticize the American government, please learn how to write and speak our language correctly.

        1. Jarhead says

          Finally, at long last, something fairly intelligent from the AKFreaky troll.

          1. AKLady says

            Finally comining to your senses, took you long enough,

    2. Martin Miller says

      63Marine, are you really an ex-Marine? Or just a right wing fact-less douche bag claiming to be one? I’m from a military family (US Army + USN at officer level), and I can’t stand GOPer chickenhawks. Trump as a ‘TRUE American’? You are delusional… On meds? Take them.

      Compared to ultimate bullshitter Trump and Christo-fascist Cruz, the Clintons are as clean* as Pope Francis (*Except for Bill and Monica. The rest of the so-called Clinton scandals were phony ones made up and marketed by GOPers).

      1. Pam Dunn says

        AND then we get a left winger used douche bag spewing its leftist stupidity and moronic claimsPS: your calim of a military family background is a load of total asinine BULLSHYTE . NO ONE in your family was EVER US Army or USN “officer level”; speaking of taking meds, MAYBE its time YOU came off them. Back to your clinton pig sty moron.

        1. Martin Miller says

          Pam, actually, I’m not left and don’t especially like the Clintons, but i do recognize you as an ignorant ugly old right wing ‘hoe.

          The Union never finished the Civil War properly. That’s one reason I’m very pro gun! Not liking Trump or Cruz does not mean someone is on the left, you retard. GOPers don’t like either one, and Ryan may run…

          1. Paul Burton says

            I agree with Pam…my father spent 8 years Marine, 22 years air Force, I spent my time in the Navy, and now have a son who is a LTJG in the Navy. I also find it hard to believe you’re military. You communications show a lack of intelligence. You call names and spout BS with no facts or proof…just saying. An officer, a gentleman would not have lowered their class to the level of saying…”but i do recognize you as an ignorant ugly old right wing ‘hoe.” That really showed low class…

          2. Martin Miller says

            Paul, what do you know about intelligence or lack thereof? You can’t even put sentences together with proper grammar. My harsh language to right wing ‘hoes is all about communicating at a level that would be understood by the recipient. Just like a Chief Petty Officer yelling at a recruit who is messing up. I get paid to educate and train more sophisticated people. I am not a veteran, but I’ve had a secret security clearance for when I worked on the Raytheon and Hughes accounts. I said military family, not me. My cousin Gene’s (USN Captain/Retired) obit can be found in the El Paso News in 2014.

          3. Paul Burton says

            Just as you said … I was just speaking at a level you can understand. Anyway…calling a woman a ‘hoe’ because she doesn’t agree with you is pretty low. I would never disgrace my mother by speaking to women that way. You should try to honor your mother by showing some decency towards others,…even should they disagree with you. State facts, even give your opinions, that’s fine, but knock off the name calling. Very childish…

          4. Martin Miller says

            Paul, as you may know by now, I always return fire. You’re in no position to lecture me about language or my mother. Check who started it, and feel free to Google for facts you need. I get paid to educate people. End of education, troll.

          5. Janeen Thompson Rice says

            Our misfortune, or I guess I should say the next generations’…

          6. Rodney Tolbert says

            Yes the return fire did not work. I think he needs to “adjust fire” or change rounds. The ones used were duds.

          7. Tugboat1st says

            There’s money down the drain.

          8. Martin Miller says

            Tugboat, you little troll. Go change your diaper.

          9. Rodney Tolbert says

            Then you should understand that what Hillary did as SOS was against the law and is punishable by being tried and going to prison.

          10. Martin Miller says

            Rodney, you dummy. She has not been charged, and prior SOS’s also used their own personal computers for email.

          11. Rodney Tolbert says

            If that is the case why did the Democratic controlled Senate not pursue the issue? Rice and Powell had personal email accounts, but used government email accounts and devices to conduct SOS business which was saved and archived in the government system. Clinton and her DOS staff used a personal blackberry, personal server and a personal email account for conducting SOS business. The server was not in a secure location, she stored classified files in her lawyers office, which was not a government approved storage facility and her lawyer did not have a security clearance. As with any security clearance, information is only provided to other security clearance holders on a “need to know” basis. In light of her signing the Standard Form 312-Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement in 2009, she was fully aware of her responsibilities. Clinton proceeded and continued to use her own process of creating, handling and storing the classified material. This leads to two points. The total incompetence of he ability to protect the classified material or ignore the rules and laws of protecting classified material. Either way, she not who the United States military or country needs as Commander in Chief or POTUS.

          12. Rodney Tolbert says

            Not charged as of now. But she is under investigation by the FBI for handling of classified material during her SOS tenure.

          13. Rodney Tolbert says

            This explains a lot. As the Cheyenne would say “Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins”.

          14. Cheryl Detar says

            Your mother must be so proud of that mouth.

          15. Martin Miller says

            Cheryl, another ugly right wing troll ‘hoe. My mother died years ago, and I got to to teach sociology at the university level, which you clearly never reached.

          16. Paul Burton says

            She must have died of embarrassment because of you! And the fact that you call everyone who apposes you a ‘right wing troll’ gives you away as a liberal. A conservative wouldn’t refer to others as right wing as a bad thing. That’s only common sense…something you libs lack…and the fact that you taught at a university is also a red flag!

          17. Cheryl Detar says

            Good one, Paul.

          18. h m rowland says

            Yaaaay Raaah sis boom bah !! #*!^

          19. Martin Miller says

            Please shut up, Cheryl. This is not a Special Needs conversation…

          20. Martin Miller says

            Paul, so you think universities are all havens for ‘reds’? So dopey. The world calls me a moderate/independent. But right wingers like you cannot conceive of anyone other than ‘liberals’ being disgusted by your belief systems and stupidity.
            I led a supply chain purchasing app build for BOEING and the US Navy (North Island). Should I make a call to my former USN clients and let them to know to keep an eye on Lt. JG. Burton?

          21. Paul Burton says

            First off…There are many Burtons in the Navy you idiot! And secondly, don’t try threaten my son or his career!!!! I will personally kick your ass myself if you f___ with him, you jerk! Tell you what asshole, why don’t you tell the Admiral of the Western Fleet..call him first. After all, he personally knows my son. In fact he’s the one who commissioned him as an officer from rank and file!

          22. Martin Miller says

            Why don’t we arrange to meet? We’ll see whose ass gets kicked… Talk trash to me in person and i’ll knock you out within 20 seconds. No doubt the Admiral of the Western Fleet personally knows your son. Such bullshit. Besides, I’d go higher up — the USN does not like extremists. Hopefully, Lt JG Burton, unlike you, knows enough to keep his mouth shut about the beliefs you taught him. You sound you need to be on meds…

          23. Paul Burton says

            You’re pretty low life. First off…To even think to threaten my sons military career because I don’t agree with your bullshit shows the type of person you are! And yes, the Admiral does know my son. I’m thru wasting my time with you…like they say, “you can’t undo stupid!”…and you’re proof. I’m out of here…

          24. Martin Miller says

            Knew you were all talk. Coward. Go look in the mirror and see a stupid GOPer.

          25. Paul Burton says

            If anyone’s coward, it’s you…suggesting you’d cause my son trouble because of my opinion! Typical low life liberal! You’re sick…seek help!

          26. Martin Miller says

            Burton, if your son has your belief systems, he DOES NOT belong in the USN, which is highly integrated. I will call or visit the FBI office in Westwood, CA and report/capture these conversations with you, where you mention (stupidly) your son. They know me from an older investigation we worked on against AOL with a US attorney. White terrorism in America is on FBI radar.

          27. Martin Miller says

            Burton, we can test your courage. Come meet up in CA, and try talking your trash to my face! You’ll be flattened in seconds. And I’m not threatening your son’s career. I’m ‘promising’ I will contact the FBI’s Westwood, CA office to report a right wing extremist — your son — is in the USN. That is, unless you state he’s not like you, and does not believe your right wing bullshit. Then again, you could be one of those online trolls using a false name. The FBI is no fan of white right wing extremist ‘crazies’. BTW, our senior military leaders think Trump and Cruz are morons.

            So keep mouthing off and calling me a ‘liberal’. You have no idea of my background. At a minimum, I do risk management… Go ahead, say something.

          28. Tugboat1st says

            True colors are beginning to show. Temper temper.

          29. Larry J Dunster Sr says

            Pretty soon he will tell us that he walked on the moon

          30. Cheryl Detar says

            I am a retired special needs teacher. (You sound like you desperately need one.) I hold 5 state licenses in business and am also a retired Allstate Insurance Office owner. I am a certified carpenter, electrician, audio and video tech and forklift driver.

          31. Paul Burton says

            You may have to explain ‘special needs’ to him…I’m not sure he understands anything we’re saying…

          32. Cheryl Detar says

            You certainly have that right.

          33. Martin Miller says

            Cheryl, I do not get how you can be a right winger AND a Special Needs teacher. GOPers are always trying to defund or underfund education. Did you fall off your forklift and hit your head? Got CTE?

          34. Tugboat1st says

            Money obviously doesn’t make good education. The US spends more per student then any other country. And our graduates are 35th in quality of education. So I would say education in the US is seriously over funded.

          35. Cheryl Detar says

            You know what they say about assuming? Who said I was a right winger, except you? If you as smart as you think you are??? You would know CTE is a boxer’s issue. Caused by repeated blows to the head. Mine is more, like the current, “Miracle” movie. About the girl who fell out of the tree, and was cured. I was cured of liberalism.

          36. Martin Miller says

            No Cheryl, CTE is largely an American football issue. Do you read? Perhaps you feel off your forklift multiple times, hitting your head. Below are the achievements of ‘liberalism’, for which you say you’ve been ‘cured’. Think again…

            1. The 40-hour work week.

            2. Weekends

            3. Vacations

            4. Women’s Voting Rights

            5. The Civil Rights Act of 1964

            6. The right of people of all colors to use schools and facilities.

            7. Public schools.

            8. Child-labor laws.

            9. The right to unionize

            10. Health care benefits

            11. National Parks

            12. National Forests

            13. Interstate Highway System

            14. GI Bill

            15. Labor Laws/Worker’s Rights

            16. Marshall Plan

            17. FDA

            18. Direct election of Senators by the people.

            19. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Workplace safety laws

            20. Social Security

            21. NASA

            22. The Office of Congressional Ethics. Created in 2008.

            23. The Internet

            24. National Weather Service

            25. Product Labeling/Truth in Advertising Laws

            26. Rural Electrification/Tennessee Valley Authority

            27. Morrill Land Grant Act

            28. Public Universities

            29. Bank Deposit Insurance

            30. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

            31. Consumer Product Safety Commission

            32. Public Broadcasting/Educational Television

            33. Americans With Disabilities Act

            34. Family and Medical Leave Act

            35. Environmental Protection Agency

            36. Clean Air Act

            37. Clean Water Act

            38. USDA

            39. Public Libraries

            40. Transcontinental Railroad and the rail system in general

            41. Civilian Conservation Corps

            42. Panama Canal

            43. Hoover Dam

            44. The Federal Reserve

            45. Medicare

            46. The United States Military

            47. FBI

            48. CIA

            49. Local and state police departments

            50. Fire Departments

            51. Veterans Medical Care

            52. Food Stamps

            53. Federal Housing Administration

            54. Extending Voting Rights to 18 year olds

            55. Freedom of Speech

            56. Freedom of Religion/Separation of Church and State

            57. Right to Due Process

            58. Freedom of The Press

            59. Right to Organize and Protest

            60. Pell Grants and other financial aid to students

            61. Federal Aviation Administration/Airline safety regulations

            62. The 13th Amendment

            63. The 14th Amendment

            64. The 15th Amendment

            65. Unemployment benefits

            66. Women’s Health Services

            67. Smithsonian Institute

            68. Head Start

            69. Americorps

            70. Mine Safety And Health Administration (This has been weakened by conservatives, resulting in recent mining disasters.)

            71. Food Labeling

            72. WIC

            73. Peace Corps

            74. United Nations

            75. World Health Organization

            76. Nuclear Treaties

            77. Lincoln Tunnel

            78. Sulfur emissions cap and trade to eliminate acid rain

            79. Earned Income Tax Credit

            80. The banning of lead in consumer products

            81. National Institute of Health

            82. Garbage pickup/clean streets

            83. Banning of CFCs.

            84. Erie Canal

            85. Medicaid

            86. TARP

            87. Bail Out of the American Auto Industry

            88. Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

            89. Wildlife Protection

            90. End of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

            91. Established the basis for Universal Human Rights by writing the Declaration of Independence

            92. Miranda Rights

            93. Banning of torture

            94. The right to a proper defense in court

            95. An independent judiciary

            96. The right to vote

            97. Fair, open, and honest elections

            98. The right to bear arms (Do you really think extreme right wingers would allow anybody besides themselves to have firearms if in power?)

            99. Health care for children and pregnant women

            100. A stable and strong government established by a Constitution

            101. The founding of The United States of America

            102. The defeat of the Nazis and victory in World War II

            103. Paramedics

            104. The Brady Handgun Act

            105. The Glass-Steagall Act (It has since been repealed and we’ve been paying the price for it.)

            106. Oil industry regulations (The Gulf paid the price after conservatives tore many of these regulations down.)

            107. The Affordable Care Act which makes insurance companies more honest and fair.

            108. Woman’s Right to Choose

            109. Title IX

            110. Affirmative Action

            111. A National Currency

            112. National Science Foundation

            113. Weights and measures standards

            114. Vehicle Safety Standards

            115. NATO

            116. The income tax and power to tax in general, which have been used to pay for much of this list.

            117. 911 Emergency system

            118. Tsunami, hurricane, tornado, and earthquake warning systems

            119. Public Transportation

            120. The Freedom of Information Act

            121. Emancipation Proclamation, which ended slavery

            122. Antitrust legislation which prevents corporate monopolies (These laws have been savaged by conservatives, which is why corporations are getting huger and competition is disappearing leading to less jobs and high prices.)

            123. Water Treatment Centers and sewage systems

            124. The Meat Inspection Act

            125. The Pure Food And Drug Act

            126. The Bretton Woods system

            127. International Monetary Fund

            128. SEC, which regulates Wall Street. (Conservatives have weakened this regulatory body, resulting in the current recession.)

            129. National Endowment for the Arts

            130. Campaign finance laws (Conservatives have gutted these laws, leading to corporate takeovers of elections.)

            131. Federal Crop Insurance

            132. United States Housing Authority

            133. Soil Conservation

            134. School Lunch Act

            135. Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act

            136. Vaccination Assistance Act

            137. Over the course of nearly 50 years, liberals contributed greatly to the eventual end of the Cold War.

            138. The creation of counterinsurgency forces such as the Navy Seals and Green Berets.

            139. Voting Rights Act, which ended poll taxes, literacy tests, and other voter qualification tests.

            140. Civil Rights Act of 1968

            141. Job Corps

            142. Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965

            143. Teacher Corps

            144. National Endowment for the Humanities

            145. Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966

            146. National Trails System Act of 1968

            147. U.S. Postal Service

            148. Title X

            149. Kept the Union together through Civil War and rebuilt the South afterwards.

            150. Modern Civilization

          37. h m rowland says

            …..but you post like a bass who swallowed the hook, normally educated humanitarians are not so duped by the riche wing disregard for human needs. Thank you for your compassion for, and time given to, those with special needs. A noble act indeed. Many blessings.

          38. beltedmagnum says

            Yes you are one of those teaching the young skulls of mush so much drivel they can’t get a job. I bet you believe the unproven primordial soup theory and are a bigoted anti Christian. Proves the old adage “Those that can do, those that can’t teach”

          39. Martin Miller says

            ‘Unproven primordial soup theory’? Obviously, you don’t accept science. Which makes you a delusional Christo-neanderthal…

          40. beltedmagnum says

            As a retired Engineer I accept proven science not theory and I had you pegged correctly as an over educated bigoted snob. It’s strange how so many students leave University with useless and false knowledge with little information of History or Civics.

          41. Cheryl Detar says

            Yes. You killed her with disappointment.

          42. Martin Miller says

            Cheryl, talking about someone’s deceased mother is so out of line, you GOPer right wing ‘hoe. You clearly could use a bitch-slapping experience.

          43. Martin Miller says

            Cheryl, you’re just a ugly fat troll. Go crack a mirror.

          44. Tugboat1st says

            He was hatched out of a test tube.

        2. Martin Miller says

          Pam, you ugly right wing troll, I’m not about to argue whether my father was MP in the Army or my cousin was Admiral Zumwalt’s aide and USN Captain Ret. ( and deceased). Clearly, you are white trash, which America will not take out…

        3. Larry J Dunster Sr says

          Pam don’t waste your time on martin he’s a nut case to the highest degree

        4. h m rowland says

          Did you say that you teach sunday school or psychology ?

      2. beltedmagnum says

        You must be kidding there is a whole line of dead bodies following the Clintons all the way back to Mena

        1. Martin Miller says

          Like Vince Foster? That was disproven. You haters will believe anything Fox News says about the Clintons…

          1. beltedmagnum says
          2. Egor von Johnson says

            Martin, you are really a dumb ass fuck. I have a Phd in Psychology and teach at a Big Ten Univ. My students would probably be thrilled if they were aware of this tribute to you. But,, having imbide two Martini`s my Id tells me that you are really fucked up and need counseling. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, think about getting some help. I sense you will have trouble holding your job with such a mental derangement. I am a Christian and will pray for you. God Bless You and America without you, Shithead.

          3. Martin Miller says

            Funny, Egor (or is it ‘Igor’), you don’t sound educated. Which Big Ten school? _____ . Quick quiz: What is Jung known for? Name Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy_____. What is Carl Rogers known for? What is operant conditioning? No Googling for answers, please. What is the average educational level of a Trump supporter? Google that. Note — not liking ignorant, undereducated right wingers is a mental problem to you? You’re a phony Christian! Look what you just wrote to me! Is that Jesus?

            Or like a so many phony Christians in America, you’ve made up your own right wing hater version of Jesus. ‘Mental derangement’ is not a clinical psychology diagnosis. or phrase. But ‘dissociative disorder’ is one. I wrote a dissertation on that subject. What was the topic of your dissertation? My guess is that you are lying…

          4. Egor von Johnson says

            ,Carl, dog.high school+, trade school, 2 yrs college. Martin, You are an oozing scab on your left nut. I reviewed your previous mails and determined you need some counseling. I refer you to the Clinton Chronicles for the documented criminal deviousness of both Clintons. Do you wear sneakers by any chance? Colored? That would tell me more about you. What is your father`s employment. I am sure you were on the staff of your college newspaper with a sick mouth and Marxist mentality like yours. Of course, you voted, for de “nigger” supreme.

            As a truely admitted racist and bigot, like every human being, to some extent, I am a sinful Christian, who attends Church every Sunday with my wonderful wife. We pray for God`s Forgiveness. I doubt if you are married with that idiology. Unless she is fat, homely, wears glasses, attends political rally`s and tries to get up front. Yes, I bet you have anoyher pair of colored sneakers. A real Dip Shit. I know I got intoyour head last night when your head hit the pillow. That really pleased me.

          5. h m rowland says

            You give no weight to the tens of thousands of right wing murders, why not?

          6. Martin Miller says

            God won’t forgive you or your ‘hoe, you lying phony Christian racist… Never answered my questions, did you? You don’t teach anywhere…Nor do you get my ‘ideology’ (you misspelled that word), which embraces facts, truth, and science, Marx was an idiot. My Nike’s are black, just the man your wife wish she had. I slept well, bitch.

          7. Cheryl Detar says

            If you are an example of a Christian, I now understand atheists.

          8. Martin Miller says

            Too many Trump supporters are Special Needs people who never received proper treatment or education. You? [I make no claims about being a ‘Christian’ — a group that drove the Dark Ages with a nasty version of Jesus that was conjured up, but not real.] If you are an example of a Christian, I understand phony Christians and how they misinterpret and/or distort the Bible.

      3. Tugboat1st says

        You just can’t fix stupid.

        1. Martin Miller says

          Tugboat, totally true! That’s why you cannot be fixed. But maybe someone already fixed you.

        2. Rodney Tolbert says

          There is no vaccine for it either.

      4. Larry J Dunster Sr says

        You are delusional.

    3. Dennis Dumas says

      Check this young girls opinion on Hildabeast, as far as I am concerned she’s right on the money!


      1. Magik says

        BRAVO ************************************

      2. The Grump says

        There are not enough up votes to possibly do that justice. Too bad that couldn’t play on the MSM evening news!

      3. Cheryl Detar says

        So much wisdom, in a child.

      4. ABO says

        Thank you, Dennis, I think I’m in love!

        1. Misty Guglielmo says

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          1. Ted Crawford says

            I’m curious, does Corporate provide your knee-Pads and bib, and mouthwash, or did you spring for them?

          2. Paiute says

            Misty, send me the $5,000 you owe me.

      5. The Redhawk says

        20000 up votes to that girl..!!!!

    4. jaybird says

      All of the politicians have been touched by NWO. I hope Trump knows about 2 of the people that he has picked as foreign policy advisors. 1 worked for CFR and another worked for the Hudson Institute (a front for NWO), I googled Hudson Institute V. New World Order and it said that mostly all the Conservative think tanks are fronts for NWO. He needs to not make rash decisions and think the solutions through. In the last debate Trump said that the get some of his foreign policy information from Richad Haas-the President of CFR.

      I will vote for Trump but the Rino’s are going to either appoint someone else or they will vote Demorat and let Killary advance the New World Order. There are a lot of articles that people should be reading – Google Travistock: The Best Kept Secret in America.

      Google – Retired FBI Head tells of Illuminati Satanism, Pedophile Rings. He helped a girl escape MK-Ultra-drugs and mind control. Google= Georgia Senator – Nancy Shaefer State Sponsored Kidnapping. She was writing a book “Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services'”. She and her husband were killed right before the book was published. It is about children being supplied to politicians for sex. Same thing going on in big government. Seems the elite globalist are bored and are doing evil things.

    5. boris yasdnilkov says

      BS is right! I’ll be damned if I’ll vote for the screaming Pants Suit Princess.

      1. 63Marine says

        Right on brother!!! Trump 2016

    6. tchr says

      You are 100% correct.

    7. Martin Miller says

      Burton, you mean ‘not a black guy’, huh?

    8. ringostarr1 says

      May I offer my condolences in advance?

    9. Vernon Devine says

      Trump is an asshole. He is a poor excuse for a human being in so many ways. At least Hillary won the popular vote by a couple of million votes so Americans voted more for her than that asshole who going to be in the White House.

  3. Dick says

    The only time Hillary is not lying is when she is calling another politician a liar.

  4. Robert Kahlcke says

    You can tell when she’s lying, she opens her mouth.

    1. gonzales27 says

      I think she has perfected it to a point where she can lie with her mouth closed

  5. Texas Belle says

    She kowtows to Obama because he is going to pardon her sins and keep her from going to the “BIG HOUSE” instead of the White House.

    1. h m rowland says

      Pardon ? No pardon required .

      1. Rodney Tolbert says

        Search for Standard Form 312-Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. She signed this same form in 2009. Yes she did break the law.

        1. h m rowland says

          Secretary Clinton followed the same procedures as previous State Department Secretaries right or wrong. If we didn’t prosecute the two Bush presidents for their hands in murders why prosecute this? If we allow the gentlemen of the ‘Project for a New American Century ‘ to perpetuate their deception of the worlds peoples then this server issue is miniscule .

          1. Rodney Tolbert says

            If that is the case why did the Democratic controlled Senate not pursue the issue? Rice and Powell had personal email accounts, but used government email accounts and devices to conduct SOS business which was saved and archived in the government system. Clinton and her DOS staff used a personal blackberry, personal server and a personal email account for conducting SOS business. The server was not in a secure location, she stored classified files in her lawyers office, which was not a government approved storage facility and her lawyer did not have a security clearance. As with any security clearance, information is only provided to other security clearance holders on a “need to know” basis. In light of her signing the Standard Form 312-Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement in 2009, she was fully aware of her responsibilities. Clinton proceeded and continued to use her own process of creating, handling and storing the classified material. This leads to two points. The total incompetence of he ability to protect the classified material or ignore the rules and laws of protecting classified material. Either way, she not who the United States military or country needs as Commander in Chief or POTUS.

          2. h m rowland says

            thanks for the enlightenment .

          3. Rodney Tolbert says

            You are welcome. The SF 312 can be found on line.

          4. h m rowland says

            thank you

    2. Jarhead says

      I vote for shipping her to GITMO and holding the neck-tie-party near the Cuban pig farms (who will pay for bodies).

  6. Ellen J Coates says


    1. Jarhead says


  7. Barbara duTreil says

    I love it!! Bill is Bill and Hillary does not like that – he will get hell from hill!!!!

  8. Linda Bullock says

    This article is Republican BS…like Political Insider and FUX New’s.

    1. Cheryl Detar says

      Then…Why are you here?

      1. Paul Burton says

        She’s a typical liberal troll…like Jim…they spout crap, without facts!

  9. ConservationinCA says

    Any time a demonrat actually tells the truth, the people behind the scenes have to scramble and say that that’s not what they meant to say… They forgot to lie. The clintons are a disgrace to the american people and this country.

  10. Cheryl Detar says

    Typical lib, demo. Blame someone or something else….NEVER, no NEVER take any responsibility.

    1. h m rowland says

      Typical Nazi not knowing of what they speak . No ability to discern shit from shine-ola. Not responsible enough to look in the mirror. .

  11. ChalmetiaBoy says

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”
    Osamabama and the Clintons are all pathological liars, therefore their words entangle them like this.
    This proves that Lĭb•ә•rŭlz love lies, otherwise they’d never vote for Hillary, and they are stupid otherwise they’d never vote for Bernie. Even Josef Stalin often referred to himself as a Socialist.

  12. jscarano7 says

    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump 2016
    ””””””””””””””””donald trump 2016
    ”””””””’donald trump 2016
    ””’donald trump 2016

    1. h m rowland says

      mother Drumpf….or one of those ‘new’ voters ?

      1. jscarano7 says

        to each his own buddy

  13. Magik says

    Don’t know about you but I have had my fill of all things Clinton . Bottom feeding liars who belong in jail .

  14. Jim says

    “We the people” like Trump. “We” and The Donald are on the same page The same people “HATE” the “establishment”. We don’t just hate it a little bit, we hate it with a purple passion! The more you bash Trump the stronger he will become. Look what you have done for him so far. Please continue! There is no longer any reason to believe anything the media tries to get “we the people” to swallow. Those days are long gone! The FBI, NSA, after Hillary. She is toast. They will not quit. Nor will “we”. There is a gigantic storm brewing. Headed straight towards the “establishment”. The military you say? They are our sons and daughters. Just whos side do you think they will be on? I pray we will never have to find out. Remember the French. It did not work out very well for them.

    1. h m rowland says

      That page is blank on both sides .

  15. Rodger K. Shull says

    clintons for his an hers cells 2017 at Leavenworth Fed

  16. Edith Johnson says

    Bill’s comments don’t bother me one bit. He will not be president.

    Everyone may say things that does not come out exactly right. As long as it’s clarified what is meant, it’s okay.

  17. Defend America says

    OMG Bill Clinton finally told the truth. Perhaps it was not a miscommunication as they are trying to claim. Maybe he does not want Hillbeast to get amnesty by Obama for her crimes, e-mails ect.

  18. AmericanPatriot says

    Amazing! Someone actually speaks the truth and they try to cover up for it. This miserable murdering whore for Satan does NOTHING but LIE, LIE, LIE. Just like obola.

  19. del says

    These old crooks and liars need to be kept far away from our govvernment!

  20. James Maxwell says

    This was not an “accidental” gaffel by Bill but him shocking everyone with the truth, He must have been
    sick at the time since he is very careful about he says in public and especially to an audience of voters.
    But he might have been caught in the moment and feeding of they hysteria of the crowd and though he
    was back in the oval office walking on water for the masses again.

  21. RichFromShowMe says

    These 9 charts show just how much obama has been lying; i.e, the bogus economic recovery.


    I knew willy had that last “near empty tank” of honesty somewhere in his soul . . . nice move.

  22. RMCSRET says

    Of course she has to put the genie back in the bottle, she wants to run as the THIRD TERM of Obama
    and Bill has already said Obama’s Two terms sucked and sucked bad.

  23. HankBar says

    Hillary already had a double truck load of rotten baggage to carry and bringing Bill in just made it a quadruple truck load.

  24. 32eagle says

    no no the truth is good to hear about the failure of BORAX-it is his LEGACY crook,liar,TRAITOR,lazy worthless illegal alien trespasser-whom has nothing remotely similar to the massive financial moving talent (to the Positive Gains)that TRUMP has:good job bill Clinton-how about some secrets about the coverups?

  25. CUZIN ERN says

    All we ever get is the oats after they have been first run thru the horses mouths, chewed up,then been mastisized, digested, and finally pooped out on the ground is our reward for all that we pay for has been the reason why we are what we are, nothing but a bunch of damed fools who better shape up w/o fail on this last chance to remain a complete republic, not a bastard bunch of has beens!!

  26. MILES E DRAKE says

    Our former perpetrator in chief is obviously beginning his decline. Those who want his grasping, lying and murderous consort in office just so they can watch his escapades again will find that they have a stroked-out dotard and have elected a criminal dictator to get him back.

  27. Twosticky Drummindog says

    Yes, Clinton follwers are that blind. They will ignore all the seriously deviate actions of both, Hillary and Bill Clinton, mezmerized and swooned by their lying promises of utopian goals, never realized. These uninformed voters will look past Benghazi, past Whitewater, past an unsecured server and past bold face lies to Americans, by these underhanded, conniving deviates, only to help usher in their own demise. The same has occurred with Barack Hussein Obama, who we can all now see, has all but destroyed this country, right before our eyes. If Hillary Clinton has intentions of following in Obama’s footsteps, as a third Obama term, this will certainly be the final nail in the United States’ coffin. There can be arguments, tugs of war, disputes, as well as yelling matches; opposing what I say here today. But the Clintons and the Obamas, have used their offices in the most corrupt ways in our history. Voting in favor of Hillary Rhodam Clinton, would, without a doubt, be our end.

    1. h m rowland says

      Correction the “Project for a New American Century” will be our end.

  28. Tiger says

    Trump spilled the beans on why Hillary following O’s agenda concerning Muslims and the war on terror. He said she has to do what he says because her future is in his hands. You all know what that means, if she is nabbed by the FBI he is going to be the one who can intervene and pardon her. O is not dumb, but i still say if she can’t run for president due to this she will spill the beans on O.

    1. Rodney Tolbert says

      Search for Standard Form 312-Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement. She signed this same form in 2009. Yes she did break the law.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you saw it before and you are completely right on but then when did anyone aligned with this administration follow law or the Constitution? This is the most unbelievable 7 years our country has ever suffered through.

        1. Rodney Tolbert says

          I totally agree with you. I just hope someday the truth comes out about the current WH resident.

          1. Tiger says

            Someday it will. But he will be long gone.

    2. Rodney Tolbert says

      I agree with you Ma’am. I do thank you for your service. Retired NCO US Army 1977-2004.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you and welcome for my service I was Blessed to be a part of such honorable and wonderful men/women who serve. Thank you also. I been in since 1988 and came home from this war in 2004. Wonder if we crossed paths. ;p

        1. Rodney Tolbert says

          Very possible. I was in Iraq from 2004-2006 as a contractor. I was also in Afghanistan from 2007-1014 still proudly serving or nations finest.

          1. Tiger says

            Ahhh I was at Landstuhl, Germany from 2003 to late in 2004. If you came through us for anything you most likely past me. I worked RR for 6 mths, DWMMC for 6 mths and was responsible for the Daily Pentagon Report to General Granger Euro Command for the last 3 mths.

            We took everyone from downrange and many contractors who were injured downrange.

  29. kassa1 says

    Hiliarys could not manage travel gate,the health care see tried to ram down Americans throats when her rapist /treasonous husband was in power and she sure couldn’t manage sectarian of state, that the Eliets were grooming for her so called resume of failures !

  30. Wildeagleone says

    Hillary is no good for this country and should be forced to live in Benghazi as an ambassador with no hope of a replacement

  31. Elizabeth Valentino says


  32. 3RD Parallel N. says

    Honesty? No. Ole Slick is still lying in claiming any virtues in such a repulsive (woman?). .

  33. TexRancher says

    Accidental truth is still the truth. Of course if Hillary is indicted and convicted as she should, he will be free. (for a while)

  34. Get Real says

    If Bill throws Hillary under the Obama bus then he, pissed, in turn looses the DoJ’s Lynch on her for all the scandals and she winds up in the pokey….old Bill can dip the old wick without her dogging him… Perfect.

  35. Deb says

    Clinton both of them have to correct everything they say, Bill is just as dishonest as his spouse, they would be worse than obama and that is saying alot!

  36. Robalou01 says

    I love it when the Clinton’s and Obama’s have a tiff.. Bill may want to be careful though. Odumbo might decide to turn his AG loose and have her actually perform her role of indicting Ms Hildabeast.

  37. DoraG38 says

    Cannot stand either of the clintons. don’t need them in our white house ever again!

  38. h m rowland says

    Reading these posts is like swimming through an ocean of stupid with white caps made of parroted Riche wing spin headed for a beach of sandy delusion .

  39. Gerry Costa says

    Don’t ever believe anything slick willy says. If he ” slipped ” — there is a reason. That whole family is as crooked as they come.

  40. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Bill or Hillary can no longer distinguish their lies from the truth. Just another bad page in American History.
    Odumbo is continuing with additional bad pages, with more to come.

  41. aschark says

    Both Clintons are above the law. In Massachusetts, Bill walked into a voting station, stumping for Hillary. It is against the law to stump for a candidate closer than 150 feet from the voting station, but Bill can do it. As far as Hillary goes, count the body bags.

  42. jeannemartin says

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are not allies of Obama!
    She has not yet forgiven him for beating her in ’08!
    She has no stratigies or unique thoughts of her own this time around so she has glommed onto Obama’s shirt tales in hopes she can continue in his footsteps and ascribe to all his failed policies?!
    Enter her husband: he blew it by expressing his distain for the 7 “awful” years of Obama and his failed administration.
    This leaves Hillary and all her staff scrambling around to undo the damage Bill has perpetrated on her campaign. Do not think he is an asset to Hillary anymore? Between his gaffes, his unfavorable remarks about Obsma and his sexual indiscretions, he ought to be banished to his bedroom without dinner.
    This leavesc Hillaryc left on her own and the weak candidate really has nothing to offe

    1. Rodney Tolbert says

      I do agree. I am just concerned that she has gotten such a huge amount of female followers. Yes the Democrats threw her under the bus for Obama. If she winds up embarrassing them, they will do the same so they can get Uncle Joe or to they horror, Bernie as their nominee. I believe Bill would be happy if she did get to the White House. That would give him more time to chase women and a lot more of them.

    2. gotabgood says

      It seems they closed leanright, or at least I cannot get on it any more.
      I will respond to the last message you sent me, but for now I am kinda busy..

  43. mrp15 says

    Does he not realize that Hillary was a major part of that “awful legacy”?

  44. violetmoon says

    What difference does it make? The ONLY candidate running that can actually benefit the country and its people is Sanders, and Hillary had this locked up 8 years ago. I have to assume she was promised this by the Party so she would back Obama. And, no matter what they have to do, she WILL be the nominee. And, we WILL stagnate for another 4 or 8 years! Furthermore, she is the ONLY choice we have to keep from ending up as a modern day copy of the Third Reich! And, if we end up copying Germany in 1940, we may end up in the last election, as a nuclear war can easily break out from a tantrum thrown by .DUR FURHER. And, just think, he won’t even have the chance to enjoy the fame as we will BE no more!

    1. Francisco Machado says

      Which country do you suppose Bernie will benefit? Certainly not this one! We’re already following the pattern of the German socialists in power under Hitler, the National Socialists. The ACA, Common Core, the proposal for early childhood indoctrination and the increasing denial of parental control/responsibility over children, denial of the right to home school, rule by Presidential mandate, secrecy and the denial or years of delay in FOIA requests – or even congressional document requests – gun registration, expressed desire for confiscation, EPA attempt to control rain puddles, politically target IRS attacks, the tremendous increase of Big Brother is Watching, Obama’s expressed desire for a Presidential armed force as powerful as the army (coincidental that his bodyguard is part of the SS – Secret Service), arming of policing forces in various letter agencies – like HHS… and doing it on borrowed money, the amount of which has reached astronomical levels and is still climbing. The only thing lacking is adequate medical care for veterans, which the Germans apparently considered an obligation. Unless they were Jewish. In fact this move toward the pre-war German socialist structure of government is what has motivated such large numbers, in rebellion, to elevate Trump.

      1. violetmoon says

        And,they call ME paranoid! And, no, we are nothing like the country Hitler took over from his election! I have a couple of German friends living under Hitler and they know a little more than you do.. IN fact, one has told me that after 65 years, if Trump is elected, she will RETURN to Germany. Even she can see his objective.

  45. Karole Conaway says

    he wants a chance to get back in to the White House to recover their loot from the theft when he left the oval office. He and killary are both worthless pieces of excrement!

  46. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Slick Willy has the rest of the democRATs spinning like whirling dervishes to try and repair his gaffe. They just can’t get used to their icons accidental telling of the truth with a slip of the tongue.

  47. Daniel says

    Yes, the voters can be this blind, answering the question in the article.

  48. Art Hock says

    When you are a lying bastard it’s tough to remember what you said last. The Clintons are the most disgusting corrupt family to ever stink up the White House and Washington DC.

    1. h m rowland says

      Have you already forgotten the Bush family?

      1. Art Hock says

        Not at all.

      2. Art Hock says

        I don’t remember Bush being involved with murder, rape, and assault.

        1. h m rowland says

          Prescott Bush was a ground floor creator of Hitler and Hoover shut down his Nazi bank, he also created Nixon. GHWBush gun and drug running, Iran Contra. Poppy was a player in the overthrow of our government and murder of JFK, that FBI memo has been available and known since 1988 when it was discovered by Joseph McBride in the national archives . Little Georgie and 3,000 murder cover up of 9/11, his hand in the murders of Sen. Paul Wellstone and JFK Jr. Jeb’s involvement with the evil ‘Project for a New American Century ” and its course to create terrorism for financial gain, thank them for 9/11- Brussels . Much more to find but this will get your research started.

      3. Francisco Machado says

        They were a lot easier to forget than Obama. Undoing his disaster is going to be one hell of a burden for the next President. Hillary is campaigning on “building on his successes?” He has succeeded in creating anarchy in the Middle East, screwing up the health care system, doubling the national debt, flooding the country with potentially criminal foreign nationals, arming the drug lords, creating a “Presidential agreement” favorable to our most dedicated enemy, politicizing the IRS, pouring money into schemes that contribute to the Democrats like Solyndra… Hillary’s going to build on these? And raise taxes, increase mandated controls on corporations when they’re already leaving the U.S. for those reasons? Insanity Reigns!

        1. h m rowland says

          Insanity reigns because riche wing spin like this dissertation you offer is parroted propaganda sung by many birds wearing very red lensed glasses. I guess we all see what we choose to see. I am proud of my President and his accomplishments in the face of stupidity , selfishness and obstruction. 53% of the citizenry agrees.

  49. Cheryl Smith says

    BILL said , what IS TRUE. She can not say that stuff, because little president o is HER TICKET TO STAY OUT OF PRISON.

  50. Eleanore Whitaker says

    More typical Corn Pone and Mutton Chops BS…Hillary isn’t “scrambling” …and she will be president…Now..go run and play with Daisy Mae you dipshit Lil Abners…If the only thing you can do is puke up nasty comments about anyone who isn’t a low down dog of the south or midwest living off Dem state tax dollars…you deserve the poverty you live in. Suck it up…Your Republican boys hand you BS and you eat it as if it’s caviar. bwhahahahahahaha!

  51. Frank Staples says

    This is the most critical election in our history…the next picks for the Supremes can change our country entirely. Do we really want the billary or a socialist doing this? As bad as Trump is, he at least will probably do no harm to our country!!

  52. gingergirl says

    “. . . electing Hillary Clinton to build on President Obama’s success so we can all grow and succeed together.” Obama had a SUCCESS ???? Do tell – I missed that!
    Hillary is a corrupt liar who will SAY or DO ANYTHING to get elected. Those who support her must be brain dead, on her payroll or just as dishonest as she is!
    She may very well be elected – despite what Americans want – she is on Soros’ payroll with his voting machines to back her up! We must DEMAND better than dishonest elections!!

  53. Chuck says

    For once in his perverted life, Bill is right. Put the flags at half mast. It never happened in the past and won’t happen in the future.