Hispanics Protest Trump’s SNL Hosting Gig


All the networks and all the cable news channels are making a fortune off the Donald Trump phenomenon, but when Saturday Night Live announced that Trump would host the show on November 7, Hispanic organizations were outraged. Apparently it’s okay to have Trump on your show for an interview, it’s okay to broadcast his rallies live as they happen, and it’s okay to spend the majority of every news show discussing his campaign. But it’s not okay for him to host a comedy program. Sure, okay. Why not.

“We are appalled that you would enable Trump’s hateful speech for nothing more than a ratings ploy,” said the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda in a letter to SNL producers.

As if Trump is going to get up there and go on a tirade against Hispanics. These idiots still think his initial campaign announcement was about Mexicans. They simply can’t make the logical inference that he was talking about illegal immigrants and nobody else.

Well, that’s not true. They know exactly what he meant. They are purposefully constructing a false narrative, using Trump’s candidacy as a means to raise their own profile. In a way, they are benefitting as much from his popularity as the networks. And as long as they can keep their supporters believing that Trump is a racist, the donations will keep pouring in.

“There’s no question that this issue has struck a nerve in the Latino community and beyond, and there is growing energy and intensity,” said Janet Murguía, president of Hispanic activist group La Raza.

Naturally. Groups like La Raza have successfully turned illegal immigration into an issue of race, and they have had the Republican Party running scared for some time. The media is in the bag, always ready with some suspicious statistics that tell us how beneficial immigration has been for the United States. Hey, hey, most Mexicans aren’t rapists, they say, pointing to a chart. Anyone who says that must be a racist!

True enough. The fact that no one actually said that…well, that tends to go overlooked.

Whether SNL decides to dump Trump or not, the bigger issue here is how we let these activist groups and the media conspire to disguise the truth. In fact, they go one better; they create their own truth and sell it to people who need a boogeyman to blame for their own crappy lives. And since the majority of liberals still think Michael Brown was unjustly murdered last August, the effect of this propaganda is clear.

A big part of Trump’s popularity comes from the fact that he sees this for what it is. And judging by the rest of the field, he’s one of the few Republicans who do. Trump’s supporters aren’t excited by offensiveness; they reject the idea that he’s offensive at all. But so many Americans have bought into the left’s nonsense that anyone who goes against our current set of speech codes is automatically deemed a bad person. A racist. A sexist. A bigot. A monster.

As long as we grant these liberals the pleasure of defining the stage, the set, and the dressing, we’re never going to get anywhere. Whatever Trump may lack in relation to being an ideal president, he at least understands that much.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Let me guess, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda is a liberal organization…..

    I would say this organization is far more liberal than Hispanic, and do not represent the Hispanic people as a whole… Probably funded by Soros…

    1. Cotton says

      Isn’t is obvious? Conservatives are mostly anti-immigration, so why would any hispanic support them? Conservatives have nothing to offer them besides the boot out of the country.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Wrong again my liberal socialist friend…

        Conservatives are anti ILLEGAL immigration… I know it is hard for your liberal mind to keep track of all those words but you intentionally forgot the KEY word, ILLEGAL.

        What Liberals really can’t and don’t understand is that Immigrants really come to America for is a BETTER LIFE…. AND that those same immigrants are running from corrupt governments towards, America the Promised land

        The rude awakening that they are in for is Democrats are attempting to turn out society into socialism, and corrupt big oppressive Government control, the very thing they are running from….

        1. Cotton says

          Excuse me, I should have said anti illegal immigration definitely. It still does not push that hispanics still do not support conservatives. I see you also try to go for personal attacks at myself by calling me a “liberal socialist” and what not. All I can say is how childish of you to be name calling and finger-pointing all the time! “What Liberals really can’t and don’t understand is that Immigrants really come to America for is a BETTER LIFE…. AND that those same immigrants are running from corrupt governments towards, America the Promised land.” This entire statement is entirely wrong and just screams ignorance, why the hell would liberals not know that? You lack basic understanding besides “F*** THE LIBERALS”, you need to learn some perspective, and grow up a bit, learn the facts. Socialism is only possible this point in our country only because of how bad the previous generation has skewed our country, remember that.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I have learned much from my liberal socialist friends.. They always start out with a personal attack… How am I doing? How does it feel to get a little of the same thrown back in your face?

            It is just liberal propaganda to say that Hispanics are not conservative, what the liberals are doing these days is using spin off of the old adage..

            A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

            I have talked to Hispanic people that say just the opposite. In fact, I talked to one illegal that returned to Mexico because it was not profitable enough for him here in the United States… He said, “Americans are good at TAXING..”

            Capitalism was what made this country great, again you repeat lies in an attempt to make them the truth, but the bottom line Socialism will NEVER create or SUSTAIN the Country America once was under Capitalism….

          2. Cotton says

            Nope majority of Hispanics/Latinos have been democratic for years now.

            It is not propaganda, you are only making excuses. The only liar would be yourself.

          3. MAHB001 says

            As if those people actually vote….
            As if the Democrat party actually counts their votes…. You have been disenfranchised for years now and don’t even know it.

            As if you can trust any poll to have accurate data…

            So my liberal friend, you have no credibility and your lies have no impact.

          4. Cotton says

            Blame the system and call everything lies, pathetic! You have no actual arguments. Oh man! What else can you scrape from the bottom of the barrel? Please amuse me more.

          5. MAHB001 says

            You do know the Left stream media is not credible…

            They use bias by omission and their reporting is worthless because of it.

            Only fools trust their propaganda… My story was from personal experience, it was true and factual. It is a sign of how undesirable the United States is becoming due to our move towards socialism.

          6. pineapple says

            case you thought there might be In some bias in news reporting….

            How’s this for having
            the “inside track”?

            YOU HAD A HUNCH THE
            THE PUZZLE.

            ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to
            Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

            CBS President
            David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security
            Adviser for Strategic Communications.

            ABC News
            correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary
            Jay Carney

            ABC News and
            Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy
            Press Secretary

            ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s
            Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

            CNN President
            Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom

            And now you
            know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.

            Ya think there
            might be a little bias in the news ???

            It also
            explains the cover up of Benghazi………

          7. Gerry Costa says

            Pineapple — this all has to be a coincidence — obozo wouldn’t ever take advantage of the media, the American people or our govt !!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and now you know the rest of the story.
            Great post and great info..

          8. MAHB001 says

            We must fight this corruption with our pocket book…

            Please join the fight at http://www.madashellboycott.com

            Thanks for the wonderful post.

          9. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “An email distributed by Ben Rhodes, senior policy makers, among them
            Susan Rice, are told to 1) blame the internet video for the violence, 2)
            deflect attention from greater policy failures (one presumes he’s
            talking about everything the Obama regime had touched), and 3) emphasize
            Obama’s cool and collected leadership.”

          10. Jorge Molina says

            Wow thanks. Great info

          11. Kent2012 says

            we watched as cottonelle’s media demonstrated their communist leanings….play footsies with the whore from the state department and the socialist from Vermont, but ask high school joke questions of the GOP…the adults from the GOP got it right the other night…there are very important issues that the rag loving communist squatting in the oral office, along with the traitors in the democrapo party, have let get so far out of control that it is no longer just “how do we get the economy back in gear”, no the scum communists are having a picnic and we are the roasties….

          12. MAHB001 says

            Help me fight the left stream media corruption..

            Spread the word… http://www.madashellboycott.com

          13. Mark Clemens says

            What happened to all the jobs, the GOP Promised?
            I reckon we’ll have to wait for Trump…….

          14. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Same thing that Obama promised.

          15. Mark Clemens says

            Yea, if both parties tell the same lie. I’d say they have teamed up to rule us.
            We need new political parties. The Elephant and Jackass both have out lived their purposes. I say let’s take them both behind the barn, shoot them, and put the US out of their misery………..

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says


          17. Cotton says

            If by media you mean the big news sources then you are completely right. They are all biased and filled with propaganda, CNN, Fox, and whatever other ones I would never bother to watch. I don’t trust them. Only people that enjoy brainwashing watch them. You seem to be confusing the differences between socialism and democratic-socialism as well. Showing such fear of socialism only implies that you have fallen to propaganda yourself.

          18. MAHB001 says

            Actually, Democratic socialism is just another word for Communism…

            Your lack of understanding of the subject shows your indoctrination level.

            You fail to fear socialism/communism because your handlers have told you that communism will never happen again… So you effectively ignore history….

            That my socialist friend is being a useful idiot, which also is a repeat of history…

          19. Cotton says

            “Democratic socialism is just another word for Communism”

          20. MAHB001 says

            History has shown us that Socialism is NOT attainable on this planet because humans are evil and take advantage of the system for their own gain.

            Communism is what socialism looks like with evil humans at the top taking advantage of socialism.

            A direct line can be drawn that socialism is doomed to become communism on earth…

            Communists have been changing their names for almost one hundred years to hide the fact that they are communist…

            Socialist, Democratic Communist, Democratic workers, Democrats, Liberals, Liberal Progressives, RINO’s, Republican elite politicians, and did I say Democrats are all places where communists have hidden..

            Democratic socialism is just another word for communism….

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            “The goal of Democratic socialsim is Communism…”
            This is a warning my liberal socialist friend.

          21. Cotton says

            As long as Democracy is in the name it should be good! The goal of Democratic socialism is to lower the currently raising wealth gap and to better regulate the economy, have you heard all the stories of the corrupt businesses buying certain drugs then jacking up the price 5000%? Why would anyone let that happen?

          22. MAHB001 says

            This Country USED to be a Republic…

            Why has the wage gap increased since 0bama has taken office?

            Moving away from Capitalism to your Democratic Socialism/communism, is making the gap worse…

            Since 0bama took control, and has been moving the country away from Capitalism towards your Democratic socialism, things have gotten worse for the middle class, more people are unemployed, and TONS more are underemployed, the middle class has taken a -$2,500/ per year hit in their yearly salary … Health Care Costs have gone UP, Electricity has gone up, Gas will never go down….

            Democratic Socialism will fall to Communism… And that is slavery…

          23. Cotton says

            People are already in slavery to debt and loans! The only people hurting this country are those that do not think that this country is already heading into the dumpster unless some regulation is put in place!

          24. MAHB001 says

            More Regulations = Big Government = Socialism = wrong direction

            And the Country continues to move closer and closer to socialism…..

            Clearly that is in the wrong direction…

          25. RandyLeanear says

            Why don’t you MOVE to a socialist country and see for yourself. There is NO “brand” of socialism that works. It destroys the individuals, society, government, EVERYTHING! It is OUR government that was given to us by our founding fathers that DOES WORK! It has made us the greatest nation on this earth. The problem I see with our country now is the liberal and socialist BS that has been added to it. All of it has gone bankrupt. Try your thingy in a different country and leave us alone.

          26. Cotton says

            Oh really? The problems I see are inflation, rising costs of college, lobbying, a failed healthcare system, unnecessary intervention in the middle-east causing more terrorism there than ever, and many more problems that have not been fixed by our last two presidents! Liberalism is not the problem, but those that are anti-change, as currently change is needed to set things straight in this country. Socialism is most likely not the answer, but regulation should be considered in order to get things out of the downward spiral our country is heading right now. We need to think about the future, not just ourselves in the present.

          27. Jim says

            Sorry To Tell You Oh Bright One. But In The Old Dictionaries. When You Looked Up Socialism. It Stated. The Road To Communism. Try Again. But For Your Info. What’s Heading Your Way. Even The Ism’s Won’t Care For. So Try Again.

          28. MAHB001 says

            Currently we are targeting the cabal of ABC, NBC, CBS, for their consistent use of bias by omission.

            ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and just about everybody except Fox has created a cabal that is using liberal bias by omission to reduce their “News” to liberal propaganda….

            Unfortunately, that cabal control public opinion, and steers the Nations narrative towards the left.

            This practice has got to stop IF AMERICANS WANT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

            Please join the fight…. http://www.madashellboycott.com

          29. jaybird says

            The Liberal News channels only report half of a story not the full story. I have a friend that watches and she is always telling me that someone did something in the news (half of the story about Conservative) and I have to explain the whole story to her. It is beginning to drive me nuts! Example: Rand said he was going to filibuster until it was time to vote on the debt and some news channel said he quit after 29 min. and no explanation of why he quit. She thought he was not doing what he said he would do, I explained that Mitch McJoke invoked Cloture and he could not continue. She claims that her computer stops on her and she can’t look it up.

          30. Conservative says

            Why bother responding to Cotton? He has cotton in his ears and has no idea what is going on unless he hears it from the likes of Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Rachel Madcow or any of those idiots who moderated the CNBC debate. Obviously it was impossible for them to think of a significant thing to ask. So sad the media is so brainwashed that their minds have become dull as dead wood. Then again, maybe it is the lousy education they get from their ‘progressive’ professors.

          31. MAHB001 says

            I will not let a troll get the last lie on the table.. I do not write my posts to Cotton, I write my posts to those that read cotton’s garbage…

            Trolls like Cotton make a living at spreading lies for Soros. They are down here to disrupt the conversation, and I have noticed in the past that trolls think they win a conversation if they get the last word in.

            Actually, they have no clue how stupid they look….

          32. Lance Lucius says

            I’m sure he meant corruption and lies, that work better for you?

          33. Cotton says

            Corruption and lies on both sides would be better, but, no, it is only the liberals that are corrupt and liars. It is very hypocritical.

          34. MAHB001 says

            The most insidious corruption and lies coming out of the Main Stream Media is bias by omission…. Practicing bias by omission leaves nothing more than propaganda.

            Bias by omission is practiced by the liberal media every single day. They ignore the Benghazi lies, they ignore and lie about the illegal, immoral stuff that planned parenthood is doing. They cover up all good things that happen to conservatives, and hypocritically sensationalize all things good about liberal causes.

            Please show me cases where Fox News has covered up a lie for a Republican Candidate.

            Please show me cases where Fox News covered up s story to directly help a conservative clause…

            If you can’t Fox is not hypocritical. It is only the Liberal Left Stream News that is being hypocritical.

          35. Cotton says

            I got a couple lies from fox news, not really aimed to cover candidates but to further the conservative agenda.
            1.SANDRA SMITH
            “Almost 95 percent of all (Planned Parenthood) pregnancy services were abortions.”
            2.ERIC BOLLING
            “In countries where there are higher, more strict gun laws, there is more gun violence.”
            3.JON VOIGHT
            “The word progressive … was created as a substitute for ‘communist’.”
            4.SEAN HANNITY
            “The president said he’s going to bring in 250,000 (Syrian and Iraqi) refugees into this country.”
            5.GAVIN MCINNES
            “50 percent of murders in Texas have been linked to illegal aliens.”

            All statements above are false, and said openly on Fox News without any attempt at correction, deliberately misinforming viewers.

            Left Stream News is the same way, but you only asked for cases with Fox News.

          36. MAHB001 says

            First off, you are confusing political opinion with the news…

            Second, you are trying to compare guests on Fox with the Anchors on ABC, NBC, and CBS…

            Third, You are going to have to prove that these are actual lies…

            I am looking for examples like the entire Left Stream Media ignoring the fact that Hillary and 0bama lied about Benghazi, when they had ample evidence that the two were lying. The Left Stream Media completely blacked out the entire story and refused to cover even the suggestion that 0bama and Hillary might be lying until well after 0bama second term coronation. Don’t you think that the American people might have been interested in finding out if 0bama lied about Benghazi while he was “running” for office???

            The left stream media didn’t want you to know so they blacked the story out. Just like last week when Hillary’s lies were exposed… The story wasn’t Presidential Candidate caught lying….. It was Hillary had her best week ever….

            Now THAT is bias by omission…. What you have up there are statements that might possibly be wrong, but then again, I would say that Jon Voight was right…

            Progressives are Communists changing their names to stay in the shadows…

          37. jaybird says

            The Demorats on the Benghazi committee are trying to protect Killary and this administration and want to stop Gowdy from doing his job. I watched the questioning of Killary and 1 Demorat interrupted and the guy doing the questioning said that you have only attended 1 meeting for about an hour on this investigation and have no cause to object.. The Demorats are not doing any work to get to the truth on this investigative committee.

          38. MAHB001 says

            Liberals have corrupted most in the Government.

            Thank God, Gowdy seems to be immune. Pray for him…

          39. Cotton says

            No, people say lies all the time on television, it should not matter what news show it comes from. If you watch big news you volunteer to brainwashing and misinformation, coming from both hosts and guests. You should not try to defend them, since you seem so intent on exposes lies of all the media except Fox. That is completely hypocritical. They lie just as much as all the other s*** media sources. Do not defend big media no matter what side they are on. You are only fooling yourself by following any of the trash that they call the “news” these days.

          40. MAHB001 says

            All you have to do is simply prove that Fox is practicing bias by omission and I will believe you…

            You seem to be confusing news that you do not like with lies… Just because you do not like the news does not mean that it is a lie…
            Just because the news is good for Conservatives does not mean that it is a lie.
            Just because the news is good for liberals does not mean you can trust it.

            I trust no one single news source. I look at them all. As you should too. But if you do not look at Fox, you will not see the conservative side of the news.

          41. Cotton says

            As said before I gladly do not watch either. You can simply look up the cases I have presented if you need more information concerning their false nature.
            Just because the news is good for Liberals does not mean that it is a lie.
            Just because the news is good for conservatives does not mean you can trust it.

            Oh look at that I can turn your biased statement all the way around from right-biased to left-biased by switching two words! This is the excuse that we call “political debate”. Both sides are blinded by their own self-righteousness. Calling one side a liar is common practice, as shown by yourself. You remind me of the far-left with their claims of the patriarchy and misogyny. Both are very stubborn and blinded by their own agenda.

          42. MAHB001 says

            I see you still don’t get it my liberal troll….

            News is NOT biased… News is simply news…

            It is HOW the corrupt news agencies “displays” the news. Note that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, and the left no longer “REPORT” the news as they no longer tell the complete story.

            There are good news and bad news for each side… Bias by Omission is how liberals censor the bad news about liberal causes from their viewers…

            Fox reports both the good and bad news for each side.. Fox does not practice bias by omission. When asked, you failed to produce examples of Fox using bias by omission to censor news from its viewers….

            If anything you have proven my point, your lack of understanding of bias by omission has been purposefully ingrained in you by your liberal handlers. You will not be able to understand anything that goes against your ideological ideology because you have been programed by Ideological Subversion.


          43. Cotton says

            I have been programmed to not be a zombie to the TV, nothing on it is worth watching anymore. Same goes for any news show, they will always be garbage where viewers, like yourself defend them even though they may be untrustworthy. Fox News is not special. Fox News is trash just like the rest of them!

          44. MAHB001 says

            So, I was hoping you could produce something more than a liberal talking point to sway my opinion, but you haven’t….

            Regardless of who does your programming they still control your thoughts. Even though you do not watch TV, you know that Fox and the others do not tell the truth, yet you can not give an example of Fox practicing bias by omission…

            I would say the person that you copied your list of “Fox lies” would be your controller, as you have already admitted that you do not watch Fox, you copied it from someone….

            My suggestion is don’t trust that source, they do not have your best interests in mind and they are using you as a useful idiot….

            Just saying… No offense intended.

          45. Cotton says

            So… bias by omission, I know! Wayne Simmons, Fox News’ commonly used “Terrorism Expert” and ex-cia operative. Recently arrested and charged for fraud and found to be lying about ever being in the CIA. Fox News used this poor man as their expert on CIA operations and terrorism. But he was just what Fox News wanted because he ignored facts, and trumpeted U.S. propaganda! They used him for 13 years, how much misinformation could a single person, or should I say entire news show, spew out in that amount of time? So do you put your full trust into them still? Or am I the idiot for not putting my full trust into Fox News?

          46. MAHB001 says

            So, is Wayne Simmons on Fox now that he has been exposed???

            Fox stated that although Wayne Simmons had appeared on Fox News, he was never employed by Fox nor paid any money by Fox…

            Correct me if I am wrong, but this is a mistake and not a purposeful use of bias by omission… Everybody make mistakes, including organizations, on both sides…

            While this is a good example of a Fox News mistake, it is not an example of bias by omission….

            Like when 800,000+ people marched in Washington DC at the yearly March for Life rally, the total time spent on the subject by ABC, NBC, and CBS was about 15 seconds…… And conversely, every Black Lives Matter protest gets way more than 15 seconds even if it has 50 people in it….
            The reason, Black lives Matter is a liberal movement and promotes liberal causes…
            Pro life marches like the oldest and longest protest march in the United States with by far the largest crowds every year, do not promote a liberal agenda…

          47. Cotton says

            Liberal agenda? Hell I am not promoting it, the GOP debate had left-wing operatives hosting it. I am not blinded by such BS by the left news media. Bias on both sides, the right-wing showed the pro-lifers, the left-wing showed BLM. That should be no surprise.
            To clarify on Wayne Simmons he showing bias by omission, he made such claims such as whistleblowing journalism, mainly wikileaks, being terrorism to our country, completely omitting the fact that they bring important news and information to the public, telling us what our government is really doing. He said that the Obama administration, which for years had conducted a covert drone war there that left thousands of people dead, including hundreds of civilians, was not being aggressive enough! How many more phonies do you think they have? This was very purposeful for Fox as they knew that he was someone that could push their agenda.
            You seem to think I support the liberal media as well, but hell they were able to push Obama into the big chair twice. Even today they are trying to push Hillary, but honestly Trump is probably the only good candidate out there, it is almost sad!

          48. MAHB001 says

            So here is my point about Fox….

            They covered both the pro-lifers news, and the BLM media…. That is what they call fair and balanced.

            And here is my point about the left stream media…. They ignored and blacked out the pro-life media, and sensationalized the BLM media….

            That is what I mean by bias by omission.

          49. Cotton says

            Fair and balanced? During the ferguson riots Fox News made no mention of the counter-protesters trying to stop the riots going on at the time. Fox News would never show anything about the pro-lifer attacks against abortion facilities, two Planned Parenthood clinics have been attacked in the last three months, one was intentionally set on fire on Sept. 4th, another clinic was vandalized on Oct. the 22nd.
            Whatever they do show on the other side is never shown in equal light, they are not unbiased, they have an agenda just like the rest of them. They are nothing better, nothing worse, just the same, they are a business that wants as many viewers as possible. And as such there is no such thing as unbiased news.

          50. MAHB001 says

            If you did not watch Fox, how do you know this?

            In fact, Fox covered the Ferguson riots, and even uncovered the FACTS, that “Hands up Don’t shoot,” never happened…..

            Fox covered the attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics and MORE…..

            Your handlers feed you half truths and you believe them, which is making you look foolish…

            Everybody is BIASED dude…. Especially you and me…. Try to stay focused… I am talking about the corrupt use of Bias by omission which the left uses on a daily basis and you have still haven’t been able to come up with ONE example of Fox doing it…….

            Bias by Omission leaves nothing but propaganda as a result… Your posts show that your handlers are controlling you by bias by omission.

          51. Cotton says

            I am not biased since I don’t watch brainwashing news show propaganda. Fox does do it, you just deny the facts I have shown because of your own, hmm let me say, extreme bias!
            Confirmation bias: the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses, while paying disproportionately less attention to information that supports alternative possibilities.
            I am not the one that is biased, I can look on both sides, you are the biased one my friend. You try to make your own reality where it is never you, it is always someone else. Saying that I have “handlers”, a defence mechanism where if someone disagrees with you, they must be the crazy ones! I, the unbiased and less stubborn one, am I controlled by handlers! Hahaha!
            I say get your head out of the hole in the ground and think about how the media really controls you! It is better to look through two eyes than it is to force yourself to use a single one!

          52. MAHB001 says

            You get your bias from someone as you quote all these wrong facts about Fox and can not produce anything to back up your claims….. Where are you getting your information? That source is controlling you, that is the source of your handlers….

            So lets examine why whomever is handling you and your thoughts would want you to dismiss Fox without even considering what they say….

            So it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the left stream media is corrupt and spewing propaganda. You can not prove by example that Fox does the same…. So all the left has to do is poison you into dismissing Fox’s news contributions, which are NOT under the control of the left…

          53. Cotton says

            As I have said before the left stream media is trash just the same. You really like defending Fox, you must really keep your eyes glued to the screen, and then you say I am the one being handled! Your hypocrisy is showing. I have already pointed out that Fox is the same as the rest of them, it is biased as hell and definitely shows bias across the boards. Just like the rest!
            You are still showing confirmation bias, you saying the statements I posted are not real arguments and saying they don’t count. I have shown examples of “bias by omission”, your favorite term! But you have shown the No True Scotsman logical fallacy, “Oh Wayne Simmons wasn’t really part of Fox News, those 13 years was just unpaid and totally factual based work! Fox news would never lie!!”.
            Stop defending biased news, it is more than just bias by omission, and your arguments are starting to fall short. Haha! You want my source? Alright, I only trust the conservative, jew hating, racist, and Trump worshipping site that we all like to call “politically incorrect!”
            Lots of good news and opinions on there!

          54. MAHB001 says

            Actually, NO you haven’t shown Fox using bias by omission, which is the most egregious bias of them all.

            Yes, you have shown Fox using a biased “expert” that ended up being an expert liar…. There is no doubt Fox did not vet this person properly, and Fox lost credibility for not doing so…

            Do you understand the difference, between bias by omission and bias by selection of sources? I might add that although this “expert” was by your valuation biased, Fox typically uses biased sources from both sides for their discussions.

            My upbringing dictates that someone is innocent until proven guilty, so at this point, I am not throwing Fox under the bus, as you and many others have NOT been able to show incidents of Fox practicing bias by omission.

            My measure, is bias by omission, and to date, you have not proven Fox to use bias by omission…

          55. Cotton says

            Let us go back to BLM then, do Fox News show anything from them that is not controversial? Do they show anything but violence and threats from them? Do they say, show the a bad side of BLM versus the left media? Specific groups are good for showing this, Fox sensationalized the pro-lifers during the march for life, and has been releasing bad press for BLM. On the opposite end, as you have claimed, they ignored the pro-life media, and sensationalized BLM. Just the same as the other side, it is a shame you have to watch more than one station to get the full perspective on these types of things. It is a waste of time if you asked me. Bias by omission on both sides has been happening for years now, it is just hard to come up with specific examples if you don’t waste your time watching any biased propaganda show. Makes me feel like a sheep when someone on the big screen tells me what my opinion should be.

          56. MAHB001 says

            “Fox sensationalized the pro-lifers during the march for life” What??

            Fox Covered the pro-life March for Life. As they would any rally that had 800,000 people….. ABC, NBC, CBS, blacked out the event….

            Fox covered Ferguson, as did all other media sources.

            What are you trying to get at? I encourage you to keep trying to find examples of Fox News using bias by omission, but I think you are missing the point..

            Fox does not supress news just because of an ideology… The left does.

            You deny that you do not have handlers, yet your descriptions starts out like this “Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by somethi…”

            Are you talking about everybody else? Just who did you write that description for?

          57. Cotton says

            Fox does not show news in equal light for both sides, as said before their “truth” is still biased one sided talk, a single perspective really. As said in my last statement Fox is has showed one side of Black Lives Matter, the violent and threatful side, Bill-O recently has marked them as a radical political group (some truth in that but it is more than just violence and threats). CNN on the other side, the side not shown by Fox, shows more of their influence and their ideals, and how they are trying to make change without putting them down as “radicals” and such. Omission of the other side on both sides, once again. Fox is suppressing the ideals of BLM, not for their actual goals, but for the group itself.
            My description is supposed to mock those that are anti-society, a joke really, hence: “We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes, the DNA of the soul.” I think it is funny!
            As well as that I got some random Liberal propaganda recently telling the origin of the ‘Liberal Media’ Myth, read it if you would like to get more than one perspective in your lifetime.

            I know you will find something for your confirmation bias in here, you always do.

          58. MAHB001 says

            With all due respect, you have already disclosed that you do not watch Fox news, or any other news. So you have collected your thoughts via someone that is biased and probably has not watched Fox either…..

            I hate to say this but, you do not know what you are talking about. You are being controlled by media sources that you should not trust.

            The left has spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to discredit Fox, and anything or anybody that does not toe their political ideological line. Why? Because if it were not for Fox News, the left would Control the entire main stream media and would be able to create a environment similar to what Goebbels had with Hitler….

            The O’Reilly Factor, like Hannity are opinion shows. Bill O has every right to voice his opinion, drag out whatever facts he wants and say what he wants. If you do not agree with him, that is your right. All you have to do is prove him wrong…

            As for your consortiumnews…. This video clip proves the entire site wrong…


          59. Cotton says

            The first comment on that video sums it up:

            “What a spectacle of cowardly duplicity and rank hypocrisy this GOP debate dispute poses! The contrast between these GOP cry babies and Hilary Clinton is stunning. Clinton more than held her own in front of yet another bogus Benghazi hearing for nearly 11 hrs where everything lobbed at her by GOP antagonists was a “gotcha question”. But for the GOP itself in a forum that deigns to allow challenging of their policy ideas, their performance record, and their credentials for the highest political office of the nation it’s an entirely different matter.”

          60. MAHB001 says

            Why do you lie? Your comment was not the first comment in the video…

            So your entire quote is a lie….. Just more liberal lies to deflect the conversation. You have sunk to a new low.

            As for the GOP spending money to find corruption within the Government… That is OUR Government looking into corruption…. NOT just the GOP… AND guess what, they found out that Clinton lied to the American people…. As if the Dems have never gone on witch hunts…. you are a hypocrite.

            What is your alternative? Clinton is above the law???? 0bama has the right to lie about whatever he wants because he is the President???

            This was no ploy, these people are liars and have been proven as such…

            Next time try voting for somebody with some integrity and honesty. You are just a fool waiting to be had by a Democrat.

          61. Cotton says

            I never said anything about the comment being mine. What the hell are you smoking? Take it down a notch. As far as I am concerned Hillary made it very apparent that the hearing and the entire investigation of Benghazi was a waste of time and money. You have an irrational hate, so much of it you dedicate hours of your day to it. I never consider myself too left, but you make me want to be more left. You are what we like to call a “wingnut” and really this nonsense about the “liberal media” is laughable, you even wasted time, and maybe some money, on making a website to go against it, haha! Good luck with actually doing anything, maybe you can get a single “hero” on your website, but more than likely the companies you are boycotting will probably never care. In the end, you are only a wingnut, or someone has that paranoid worldview, teetering on the edge of or falling wholesale into tinfoil hat territory. Who knows, you could be wearing a tinfoil hat right already!

          62. MAHB001 says

            “The first comment on that video sums it up:

            “What a spectacle of cowardly duplicity and rank hypocrisy this GOP debate dispute poses!””

            This comment was not ON THE VIDEO…. So how could it sum it up. This was a lie… The video exposes the media bias for what it is…. MEDIA BIAS.

            There are millions of wingnuts out here…

          63. Cotton says

            The first comment on the video, as in the Youtube comment section…
            Not a lie. You just misinterpreted it.

          64. MAHB001 says

            I would suggest you were very misleading…

            So you take the first comment from some left wing nut job and think that is the end of the argument….. I got to wonder if you even watched the video…

          65. Cotton says

            No, it should of been common sense, you mislead yourself. It is typical for a wingnut to jump to conclusions and scream lies so I can’t be surprised either. Keep living the stereotype.

          66. MAHB001 says

            It is also common for left wingnuts to reject responsibility for their actions.

            I provide proof of media bias, you don’t watch the film, compose a less than clear post that has no basis in reality and then finish with insults…

            Keep living the stereotype.

          67. Cotton says

            I provided proof against it, and you cherry-picked it and denied it. You are a wingnut though, and that is all I can probably tell you because of your own shelled in nature. As I have said long before, you need to open both eyes in order to see the big picture, and that is big news is not really news anymore, it is all a propaganda machine.

          68. MAHB001 says

            Instead of denied, I would use the term, that I proved them to be false. And instead of cherry picking I would say that I clarified the bias that I was talking about.

            And that bias is Bias by Omission… I believe that when News organizations apply bias by omission to their news stories the end result IS propaganda….

            In that sense you are correct, those news organizations that practice bias by omission produce propaganda..

            Every one of your proofs were examples of either individual bias, or Fox making a mistake. All I am asking is proof of your claims that Fox practices bias by omission, which is my standard of creating propaganda.

            Believe me, my eyes are open. I do not look at any one source for my news and if you really want to see the big picture, start considering others opinions even if they do not agree with a liberal ideology.

          69. Cotton says

            Defending biased news is not really opening your eyes. And I do consider other opinions, heck /pol/ is full of all kinds of them. Not like they are a real news source though, they are just an image board.

          70. MAHB001 says

            Your condemnation of Fox as propaganda without proof is simply unjust.

            Just because you do not like Fox’s news’ presentation does not mean that it is biased or propaganda.

            I feel compelled to say something when I see someone unjustly accused and crucified. Just because you can not produce proof of your accusations does not mean that my eyes are closed. That is yet another unjust accusation.

            I have provided proof of the Left Stream Media practices of bias by omission. They do so on almost a daily basis. That practice leaves the lefts broadcasts as nothing more than propaganda…

            That is why I can JUSTLY accuse the Left Stream Media of bias by omission AND nothing more than a propagandist for liberal causes. This practice is despicable, dishonorable, dishonest, and disgusting.

            I am not sure if you do not understand the subtle nuances between my definitions of propaganda and bias by omission, because you have consistently bounced back to simply calling it bias. But, we certainly have come to a parting of ways when it comes to propaganda.

            Fox does not practice bias by omission. Fox presents all stories, regardless of which ideology the story hurts or helps…. This I know, not because I watch a lot of Fox News, because I don’t, but because nobody, including you has been able to produce an example of Fox using bias by omission….

            Fox reports all news, good for Republicans, bad for Republicans, good for Democrats, bad for Democrats…. ALL of it.

            The Left Stream Media ONLY reports the news that is bad for Republicans and the news that is Good for Democrats… That is propaganda.

            Thanks for listening.

          71. Cotton says

            Fox is biased though. Fox News was created to act as a counterweight to the left of center bias which dominated the airways prior to their creation. It is intentionally right biased. You keep trying to make them a special case, saying that they are different (and unbiased?) from the others. If you really watch all the networks objectively their bias is plain to see, and no less than Fox. They are NOT special, and you are only falling for propaganda if you claim they are not biased.

          72. MAHB001 says

            Yes, Fox News is biased, we are all biased. That does not mean that we are all corrupt…

            Being biased in not being corrupt, nor is being wrong corrupt as long as you are not intentionally being wrong..

            You may even be correct in that Fox News was created to serve the majority of the people that were not being served by the liberal stream media. Fox saw a huge amount of people dissatisfied with the lefts interpretations of the news and created something more to their liking… But it was not created as a counterweight to the left…. It was created to serve those that the left do not serve.

            And that was NEWS without “Bias by Omission.”

            You still don’t get it…. Bias by Omission is corrupt, it is EVIL, it leaves the viewers with nothing less than propaganda…. The liberal stream media is NOT disclosing the fact that they chose not to do a story on Hillary’s emails because it would hurt Hillary’s chances for re-election. They did not disclose the fact that they refused to do stories about Benghazi during 0bama’s re-election because it would have seriously damaged his chances of getting re-elected…

            So. what I am saying is that Fox does not practice bias by omission. Fox is not CORRUPT. They report all the news, good and bad, and let their viewers decide.

            And until you can provide actual instances of Fox covering up a story (Like the Benghazi lies) to aid a politician or political cause, Fox is SPECIAL, because they are the only one of that is not giving up their freedom of speech for an ideology.

          73. Cotton says

            Fox News tried to say Obama lied about not adding gun laws by deceptively editing footage to make it seem like he was a liar. They completely omit the fact that he stated he believes in common sense gun laws.
            Completely one sided nonsense.

            As I have said before Sean Hannity has made false statements of Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming into the US. Trying to use way bloated numbers, saying that 250,000 of them will come. More omission and blatant attempts at misinforming the public. They made this very one sided by using such exaggerated numbers, the Obama administration has said it will accept around 70,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2015, and not all of them will be from Syria and Iraq. Politifact made a good article on it.
            Oh don’t forget that we on average take in more than 75,000 refugees a year. (based from 1980 to 2008 data )

            You’re right, Fox News is special, because their viewer base consists of people that blindly defend them for all the wrong reasons. News should be factual, it should not consist of opinions, especially politically biased ones, and they should not misinform the public by using made up statements!

          74. MAHB001 says

            Do you really want to get into gun laws with me? Because I do not buy the line that are ANY common sense gun safety laws…

            I KNOW that the “Assault rifle” is NOT different than a semi automatic rifle. So when I hear 0bama say that he will NOT go after my guns, and then in the same speech he says that he is going after assault rifles, I know he is lying about not going after guns. It is like saying I am not going to ban the red civic hybrid, but I am going to ban the blue one….

            This is semantics and the liberals are really GOOD at semantics. Liberals like Feinstein created an entire new class of guns (assault rifles) to vilify and outlaw the new class only to point out the similarities a couple of years later and then outlaw all semi automatic guns… The semi automatic rifle and the assault weapon are exactly the same thing. The ONLY difference is that one gun looks more scary than the other to liberals… Technically there is no difference between the two guns on paper..

            So 0bama did contradict himself, he did lie to those intelligent enough to see through the semantics.

            I live in San Diego, you know what I saw yesterday when the 0bama administration announced that they were thinking about moving the Gitmo war enemies to San Diego??? I saw a guy in a dishdash driving a Mercedes, honking his horn, with his left arm out the window flying an ISIS flag! This is no shit, and not a lie…. He was celebrating the news….

            These guys are not your friends… You better buy an AR-15.

            Again, I never said that Fox was not biased, I said Fox does not practice bias by Omission. Bias by Omission is dishonest and corrupt, the Liberal press uses it almost daily as I have produced several examples…

          75. Cotton says

            “Dishonest and corrupt”
            So what I just posted, Fox was dishonest with what Obama actually said. They edited it in the right’s favor. Bias by omission, proven. Same thing with Sean dishonesty and extreme exaggeration about the refugees. Fox News does practice bias by omission, friend. Sorry if the facts don’t go in your favor here.

          76. MAHB001 says

            I thought this might happen….I probably was not clear…

            What I was trying to say to you was that even though you see Fox was dishonest about what 0bama actually said…. I do not see it that way… You think they are editing 0bama’s words but I think that “editing” actually helped 0bama…

            I am not trying to be a hard ass, but this is what I think 0bama said in that speech…
            What Fox had….
            “I am not ban your riffles”…… cut

            My translation of what Fox cut…..
            “Except for some “common sense” gun safety laws that will ban your riffles.”

            The fact is, 0bama supported the laws that Feinstein proposed that DID attempt to take guns away from us….

            I do not expect you to understand… Just know that when 0bama said except for gun safety laws, was code for I want to ban “assault rifles” And there is no difference between assault rifles and semi automatic rifles…. So what 0bama said except for gun safety laws that ban assault rifles……

            I encourage you to keep trying but this by no way shows Fox actually suppressing an entire story just because it hurts Republicans… This in my mind was a report which pointed out what was obvious to us second amendment supporters in the first place…

            Extreme exaggeration is like not reporting complete news stories, because they hurt 0bamas chances at re-election (Benghazi)…. I do not think so.

          77. Cotton says

            This is not about the guns, I could care less about those kinds of things, just let people have their guns! This is about manipulation and lying. Big media itself has drifted into an agenda filled lying contest, and the side that points the most fingers is the winner. It is a waste of time to bother with. Heck on Benghazi Fox News was accused of covering the story more than it needed to be because they had a field day with it. Just more pointing fingers if you ask me, thanks big media, glad you are keeping me informed!

          78. MAHB001 says

            So what I am saying is the report by Fox is correct. You have been manipulated to think that it is not correct…

            But when 0bama says “I will not go after your guns” and then goes after my guns, and Fox points it out, Fox is not wrong… They could have run the entire speech and 0bama would still have been lying.

            I agree with you that Big Media is corrupt, but so are most all of these web sites. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN have formed a cabal, and they alone practice bias by omission to corruptly influence their viewers… This Cabal has to try to discredit Fox in order to save some of their credibility.. They are doing no different as when a person posts insults in an attempt to make their point without facts…

            Even if you were able to provide an example of Fox using bias by omission, would that justify the others actions? In my mind no, it would not.

            I must say that you of all the people that I have challenged has brought up the closest examples of Fox using bias… Still short of bias by omission.. but well done anyway. Keep trying, nobody has been able to prove bias by omission on Fox yet.

          79. Cotton says

            I would say it was bias by omission, it was clearly manipulation, probably not the first or the last case either. That is the problem though, people do not think critically for themselves so they follow their emotions in my opinion. Individuals then fall back to making their judgment based on emotions and look to who is more passionate or who puts an argument in simple terms they, the citizen, can understand.
            For now Fox News presents a passionate and simple argument. The is exactly what a voter who can not critically think for themselves is looking for.

            You know the pro-life movement, preventing abortion in this country is impossible, because even if every single clinic that performed abortions was removed it would not stop people from attempting it, even if they made it illegal. They can not think critically.
            You know those crazy authoritarian “safe space” people, usually found in universities, they want to suppress free speech that they “do not like”. Never going to happen, you cannot ban free speech. Those people cannot think critically either.
            Fox news, claims to be “fair and balanced” while at the same time being biased and opinion based. It is hypocritical, those that believe such a slogan can not think critically, as when you have a 24 hour news station facts are not enough to keep it moving day and night. As I have said before, waste of time. Why should I find bias by omission (which according to you I still have not found) when they are so clearly biased in the other aspects as well? Besides, your confirmation bias is overwhelming, you have cherry picked everything I said because you cannot think critically.

          80. MAHB001 says

            Dude, the “common sense gun safety laws” that 0bama eluded to in that speech, turned out being a BAN ON MY GUNS….

            All Fox had to do was add that sentence to their clip and that would have proven 0bama’s hypocrisy.

            The people that created that clip are stupid, they do not understand guns, nor the second amendment… They uncovered NOTHING….. THEY ARE WRONG…

            Is that all you have? Go out and do your happy dance… EVEN if that was proof of Fox practicing bias by omission, it does NOT justify the left stream media of doing it on a daily basis….

            And yes, I missed your follow up post, Ssssorrryyyyy….

          81. Cotton says

            I don’t justify the left stream media doing it. The problem is there is no such thing as factual news anymore. It is just a game of how much you can manipulate your audience to follow a specific agenda.

          82. MAHB001 says

            And that is why I am boycotting ABC, NBC and CBS…

            There is no justification for practicing bias by omission..

            In a free society with free speech we should not have a MEDIA that throws free speech down the toilet to push an ideology.

          83. Cotton says

            Ignore my last reply, pathetic! In case you missed it and if you do not admit defeat feel free to scrape the barrel more here.

          84. mac12sam12 says

            Ever hear the term sanctuary cities? In California they get all the benefits and that’s why they go there. They cost the taxpayers a lot of money. The ones that work pay no taxes and yet their kids use the schools and other services.

          85. RandyLeanear says

            Cotton, MAHB001 is correct!

          86. Cotton says

            I’m sorry you have paranoia in the polls then. Better not vote since it won’t count anyways!

          87. Conservative says

            My hope is that the RNC is already in the process of establishing ways to check every voting precinct, every Clerk’s Office, every sanctuary to ensure we are not inundated with illegal votes. Too many people in local and national government are corrupt and working for Democrats. I’m sure Obama and his crowd as well as George Soros, every member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as the Black Panthers are making extensive plans to disrupt the elections.

          88. MAHB001 says

            I believe the RNC and the liberals in control of the DNC are one in the same….

            I fear like your post describes, that us Republicans are thinking that the RNC is keeping the DNC honest…

            But what happens when both are on the same side?

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            the people get their election, but liberals count the votes….

          89. Al says

            No. You and Hillary.

          90. Cotton says

            What does that have to do with anything?

          91. Barrustio says

            You are correct…but you fail to mention the great Hispanic exodus from the Democrat party over disenchantment of the party to espouse infanticide and deviant marriage.

          92. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Conservatives…party of freedom. LibTURDS….party of free stuff.

          93. muskat antonopolis says

            how much more of this garbage can you all throw???? look, we are talking about laws that govern our Nation that well meaning people (and sometimes just the
            opposite) have enacted for the benefit of us All.. the laws get broken and then what
            happens? Anarchy……all of this argument and name calling re socialisim, comm-
            unisim, rinos. Hillary….trump…..bullsheet bullsheet! cannot anybody just plain
            talk without all of the garbage getting included? this whole election thing is a JOKE
            and who will even vote after all the energy spent on the net arguing about who
            will make the best pres..? crap! I am gonna do something rewarding…go to sleep!
            nothing on the web anyway……..

          94. Cotton says

            I try sometimes but the this site is just plain toxic in it’s nature. An echo chamber really, I just like going against it to see what people can come up with. I get a lot of fun responses. Heck I don’t even support any of the current democratic candidates but that does not stop people from calling me a libtard, socialist, communist, whatever people can think of!

          95. muskat antonopolis says

            hey ya know what really troubles me with some of these guys/gals is that they
            call for revolution, murder, sniper attacks on potus and more…..I know most of
            these posters are just blowing smoke…but some weaker mind, on the verge
            of some violent act anyway, will pick up the challenge and actually kill some
            one…I mean there was a (supposed) retired military type who said that he wanted
            several democrats killed……insanity……some others cannot speak without
            using such vulgarity and vileness that the person probably needs an anti-
            biotic in their mouth…..this whole site and others like it are mostly all the same..
            need to clean things up a LOT or close the site down,,,,freedom of speech?
            when it does not incite to violence…..slander or malign……yeah… there is
            such a thing as too much freedom….besides, where your rights begin mine end
            and where my rights begin yours end (speaking third party here)….freedom
            is a two way street…and not just a one-way avenue…..I hope that some of
            those who call for violence will rethink what it, violence, will do to our Nation..

          96. Cotton says

            True that! There may be freedom of speech but it doesn’t mean it will be pretty! Especially on the internet! In speaking of this site they actually want those type of people, this site has so many scam ads and they want the crazy ones on here as they are most likely to fall for them. Good thing I use an ad blocking plugin!

          97. Barrustio says

            You are correct…Hispanics for the most part have very conservative social values and believe in hard work rather than dependency. They have been led to believe that the Democrat party is the one the is “truly supporting their best interests”…and of course this lie has been passed down by families who vote the party line. But Hispanics have always had an Independent streak when it comes to voting…they don’t vote color or race, they vote the candidate, otherwise Richardson might have been our present president. Unfortunately often times we err in our choice of candidate. That is presently changing with the social media providing much information to Hispanics on how to vet candidates regardless of party and many are flocking to the party which is more closely aligned with their conservative social values like life and traditional marriage…the Republican Party…I mean just look at the Democrat candidates…anybody see any real diversity there?

          98. MAHB001 says

            The REAL problem is that these illegals for the most part will not vote at all….

            But the corrupt politicians will magically collect their voting cards, fill them in with the information that elects their chosen Democrat and vote for the Hispanic illegals for them….

            Liberals are counting the votes…..

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

          99. Karen says

            You and all your “liberal cronnies” keep forgetting the most important word “ILLEGAL”!! If these people want to come here to “flee corrupt government( That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black) towards America the promised land”, let them do it LEGALLY!! You talk about being politically correct? Allowing them to come and live here illegally(most on welfare, food stamps and medicaid) is a DIRECT SLAP IN THE FACE to those who have struggled to come here the legal way and obtain their citizenship, sometimes taking years, to obtain some of the rights afforded these illegals on arrival!! We have AMERICAN VETERANS who are not given the benefits that theses “ILLEGALS” get!! Then they want to demand that we AMERICANS change our way of life to accommodate theirs and we DO!! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!! When ILLEGALS can decide who can do what in this country, well its seems like it is PAST TIME for true AMERICANS to turn around and regroup!!

          100. Kent2012 says

            cottonelle has never really spoken with a legal Mehicano or Asian and heard from them just how they feel about the “illegals” and the democrapos talking about amnesty….now we have them labeled as “refugees”….funny how those refugees look just like isis murderers….when the first city goes up in smoke and explosions possible the few remaining adults in DC will tell cottonelle’s messiah that his decrees are being overruled by Real Americans….

          101. Phoebe Isley says

            Well done Karen…my mom and step dad both did it the right way and I am so very proud of them. It’s a slap in their faces to see what is going on now and it’s definitely a slap in the face to we the AMERICAN people aka citizens of the United States of America. Unbelievable! Their whining about Trump…well they should be afraid. Be very afraid because when he does become president they will see a new side of this country that was once and will be again.

          102. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Well said! Interesting that poor, ignorant illegal aliens from the Middle East and Latin America get Obama’s Red Carpet while European professionals have to jump through decades of hoops and spend thousands to come here. So typical of the scum vermin on the left!

          103. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            YOU GO PHOEBE! TRUMP 2016!

          104. Cotton says

            Veterans get way more benefits than illegals. And they do not demand we change our way of life. Heck we rely on their cheap labor in order to keep prices, such as in agriculture, low. But, no, when they are all gone and prices shoot up everyone will still complain.

          105. OSAMA OBAMA says

            $15.00 an hour?

          106. Cotton says

            $15.00 an hour for what?

          107. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your stupid living wage will “shoot up prices” Way more.

          108. Cotton says

            You are making the wrong assumption, when did I ever say anything like that? Are you trying to cherry pick me?

          109. Karen says

            Prove that veterans get more than illegals! Stupid, what was the article about? Hispanics protesting Trump hosting a TV show! That sounds like the beginning of demands! I don’t have a problem with them working, just that they should do it LEGALLY and support the system, not the system supporting THEM!!

          110. Cotton says

            The work for the system.
            They do not support the system.
            Choose one.

            And news flash! Veterans can get minimum wage! Do illegals get that? You obviously lack knowledge on this subject! I could say more but you have already made me lose hope in your own intelligence.

          111. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            Once the USA become a third world country, none of the BS will matter! Who in hell is going to feed all of these people who are flooding our country? Who will give them water? They cannot afford to even approach the financial level of our middle class, so housing and property will become dilapidated and ruined…anyway, THERE GOES THE NIEBORHOOD!!!!

          112. Karen says

            You got that right!!

          113. TPM says

            That’s what they said in Argentina and Venezuela …and look at them now.
            They are two more broke nations and two more failed socialist experiments.

          114. Cotton says

            Full blown socialism is usually bad. No doubt about that.

          115. Jim says

            And WTF Do You Think They Are Trying To Shove Down Your Throat? Get Some Brains.

          116. kbfallon says

            Sniff –sniff…hey Boehner..can I get some of your Kleenex….

          117. Gerry Costa says

            Great speech but you didn’t say a f—–g thing worth reading. You sound just like the typical libtard/demoRAT.

          118. Cotton says

            You obviously did not even attempt reading it!

          119. Barrustio says

            Socialism is now possible because of Obama…period.

          120. Mark Clemens says

            If we get to many immigrants (legal or not), don’t you think the milk and honey is starting to run out? We need to fend for our own first.
            The first thing we need to do, is bring back our manufacturing sector. By making overseas manufacturing unprofitable through high (25%+) tariffs.
            The Mexicans must be unaware we are sending our jobs to them, they don’t have to come here…….

        2. Kent2012 says

          cottenelle is so full of it that a commercial hi pressure rooter is needed..the juveniles all think socialism is the answer…well it is for the lazy good for nothing whining cry babies…real success comes from hard work, not standing in the street like their messiah yelling at buildings and demanding that they get something for nothing…oh by the way socialism is nothing more than communism in drag…open the door and the scum will come…

          1. rocky says

            My fear is … that you are right !!

        3. Guillermo3 says

          Time for your Thorazine,my Verbose friend!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Are you going to be my liberal pet troll?

          2. Guillermo3 says

            Well,if you really want me to be,Mahb001,since Murdering you would be illegal!

          3. MAHB001 says

            So troll it will be… BTW, that is not a very comforting post.

            You always consider murder when you don’t agree with someone?

          4. Guillermo3 says

            No TROLLING,just Sane

          5. MAHB001 says

            So this is the top definition of a troll from urban dictionary… I would say it describes you pretty well.

            Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.

            So shut the fuck up, troll.

          6. Guillermo3 says

            Oh,not really MAHB001_Just a dedicated Anti-Fascist.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Who you? anti fascist? hahahaha

            You do the devils work, and you are not fooling anybody anymore.

          8. Guillermo3 says

            NOPE:Not a TROLL,just Not a Paranoid Schizophrenic.We can’t ALL achieve your status!

          9. MAHB001 says

            So troll, if I were posting on Huffington post I might be considered a troll….

            But then again, all you really want to do is post cynical and sarcastic remarks don’t you?

          10. Guillermo3 says

            Don’t know,MAHB001…What are the hours,and how much do you pay?

          11. MAHB001 says

            lots and zero.

        4. Conservative says

          Liberal/Socialist Democrats are becoming desperate. They managed to keep the blacks in poverty by breaking their families and paying women more for every baby they produced. They keep them in poverty on the plantations in government subsided, fallen apart projects in cities where gangs run the projects, kill each other, deal drugs, they kill innocent women and children, they loot, they are stuck in public schools in their neighborhoods where they attack teachers and each other and they are all failing. Please Note: Obama and the liberal/Democrats do will not allow these children to attend Charter, private, parochial schools. No, they need to keep them indoctrinated into poverty. These children do not learn to read, write, do math, or speak and YET, the Liberal Socialists want to give these children a free college education at which point they will be unable to learn. Their life values are set.

          Fortunately, millions of blacks have been brave and smart enough to see what has been done to them and they have escaped the crime-filled ghettos. They made the effort to get an education and a job. They moved up and moved out and are now highly respected by themselves and others.

          Thus, the liberal Democrats must replenish their supply of voters so they are entrapping illegal immigrants and now, alas, going to release all the Drug Dealers from prison to go back to the crime filled cities and pick up where they left off. They will be a lot more aggressive now since The liberal Democrats started the war on police and the crime rates are steadily increasing.

      2. Lance Lucius says

        Yes, boot them out is a much better choice, libtard.

        1. Cotton says

          Don’t complain when things prices expensive then! Especially food products!

      3. TadhgMcLir says

        What part of ILLEGAL immigration do you not understand? What happens if you try to sneak into Mexico and live without being (or trying to become) a citizen? Or most any other country in the world. Try it, you may again see the light of day, but it will be years later.

      4. TPM says

        What the heck is wrong with following our LEGAL immigration laws?
        The US accepts a million legal immigrants, every year. That’s more than the number of legal immigrants admitted to every other developed country, combined.
        I’m all for legal immigration. I’m opposed to ILLEGAL immigration.

        1. Gerry Costa says

          TPM — keep in mind that the libtard/demoRATS have no clue what the difference between legal and illegal really is or they refuse to acknowledge there is a difference.

        2. Cotton says

          Nothing wrong with that, just removing the current illegals would be a huge issue.

          1. jaybird says

            We would save a lot of money in welfare, etc by removing them. As far a the food being expensive, we have guest workers for that.. Pack them up and send them back. Put the brakes on immigration until we get it under control. They need to go through the process to learn how America works and assimilate into our culture. Stop the PC crap about not celebrating holidays and American customs just to appease some group. Stop changing the dynamics of our country. We don’t want it turned into the place that you came from because if you liked it there you would not have come here.

      5. InnocentOnlooker says

        “Conservatives are mostly anti-illegal immigration”. ANYONE with an ounce of common sense would realize that the word ILLEGAL says it all. If you choose to overlook that, you are part of the problem.

        1. Gerry Costa says

          libtard/demoRATS overlook everything they don’t want to see and then lie to themselves to make it alright. The only way this will change is to vote EVERY demoRAT out of office ASAP, rid ALL the agencies of the bobble heads that obozo put into place and clean out Congress.

        2. Cotton says

          So all the hispanics that are democrats are the problem. I see why they won’t vote for you in that statement!

      6. kbfallon says

        Well that’s wrong–we can also slap em upside the head–then boot them in the ass……we can make it a sport at the border…kinda like midget bowling……?

        1. Cotton says

          Typical underestimation of how many illegals we have in our country currently, to stop more from coming in is one thing. To boot all the current ones out is another. You have no idea how that will affect our country if they were all deported.

          1. jaybird says


      7. mac12sam12 says

        What about the hispanics that went through the process to become citizens, do you think that they want people who step ahead of the line to get the same treatment?

        1. Cotton says

          Illegals do not get the same treatment as legals.

      8. itriedthemall says

        I don’t understand why any legal immigrant would support illegal immigration. Makes NO SENSE to me!

        1. Cotton says

          Depends if you support stopping illegals coming in, or removing all current illegals in the country. I see nothing wrong with stopping them coming in but to remove all the current ones? That will drastically change a lot of things for better and worse in our country.

          1. jaybird says

            What is the worst? I can think of a lot of ways that it would be better.

      9. OldHighlandGuyOne says


        This old conservative Tea Party Republican is anti-illegal alien (immigration). You notice I don’t like the word immigration in your comment as it should be alien.

        Yep, build a wall and then deport ALL of the illegals, or deport and then build the wall, I don’t care which way we do it.

        Also, take all the illegals in our prisons and dump them back in their own country of origin too.

        1. Cotton says

          Building a wall would be fine but deportation of all the current illegals would bring a lot of complications. For example, if they were all deported our economy would lose the largest cheap labor force available in our own country. There is more to it that just giving the illegals the boot, it is a lot more complex.

          1. Jim says

            You Just Bitched They Were Not Receiving A Living Wage. LOL. Take One Side Or The Other.

          2. Deby says

            complications? like having an American get that job that was most likely rightfully his to begin with?

          3. jaybird says

            Like large corporations firing American full time workers to hire H-1B Visa people like Disney in FL & CA. Facebook and other tech companies want the cheap labor and are abusing the rules. 2 workers at Disney spoke out and said that they would not encourage American to get a STEM degree because of what is happening and there will be no jobs avail. The H-1B Visa people will have them. These heads of these companies are greedy and should be punished.

          4. Karen says

            Get over your “cheap labor force” crap dude!! You are wearing it out. If that is all you got, log off, we got enough! We will ALWAYS have legal migrant works available if the borders are controlled as they should be!

          5. Cotton says

            Too bad the economy only wants cheap labor! You don’t seem to understand because of your own very limited knowledge! I swear you must be a child that has only just learned what money is.

          6. Karen says

            Either you have never worked for more than minimum wage yourself (which sounds more likely) or you only hire people at minimum wage to do your work! There are an enormous amount of jobs that require skills above minimum wage, but then again they REQUIRE SOME SKILL!! Who do you think is carrying this country, feeding, housing, providing medical care, etc., to all the “entitled” and “illegals”? You apparently think it is the minimum wage worker!! Guess what? It is the middle class who works for a living and does without so the “entitled” and “illegals” who DON”T work can have what the middle class has to scrape, do without and borrow to get by!! Bring them on, and when the ship sinks, we will all go down!! Except the elite who will be betting and watching to see how long it will take for the ship(AMERICA) to sink!!

          7. Cotton says

            The illegals are some of the most hardworking people in our country. You are underestimating how many undocumented immigrants are working in many industries. Millions of them! They support their families even though they make minimum wage or less. Often they work several jobs and many do 16 hour days, 5 or even 6 days a week knowing full well there is no promotion in sight for them. They don’t pout and complain about the work, they just do it! And you say we are the ones carrying them! I say nonsense! They are skilled workers that support our country, paying taxes while at the same time not getting benefits! Only those that have clearly not took the time to do research on it believe that they are draining our country, it is the exact opposite I tell you!

          8. Karen says

            Have you also found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow yet? If not, keep looking cause its there!! Ya, right!! LOSER!!

          9. Cotton says

            Haha! As said before you clearly have done no research on the subject! Once again you are proving your lack of knowledge. You must really live in a shell or something, because it seems like you know NOTHING.

          10. Karen says

            Whatever!! Sometimes you just can’t change stupid!!

          11. Cotton says

            I love when the uninformed claim stupidity. It never ends with you, does it? It is almost getting pathetic.

      10. jaybird says

        Any foreigner that breaks the law deserves the boot out of the country. Why would legal immigrants support illigals, it gives them a bad name.

        1. Cotton says

          A lot of reasons, most legals, let’s say from Mexico, are very fortunate to be able to come here. Mexico is a very bad country to live in currently, and they probably know that living illegally in the US is better off than living legally in Mexico.

          1. jaybird says

            Sorry, I am a follow the rules person and expect everyone else to do so and if I see someone not following the rules I call them out on it. A Sect. 8 family moved in the townhouse 3 doors down from me and I got after the children 1 day. The mother said something to me and I told her the assoc. had rules for living here and that if I had to pay the fees and follow they rules that she had to also. She said the Projects were less restrictive, so I told her to move back then.

      11. Barrustio says

        Not all Hispanics are illegal…many were here before your ancestors got of the boat and many have fought for this country from the Alamo to the Middle East…so get a grip …I am Hispanic and VERY conservative.

      12. Jjb54 says

        Hey Cotton, do you realize what you just said? Stop, read and engage what common sense you have left and see if you understand what you read ….

        First explain: How is ” … anti-ILLEGAL immigration … ” wrong? * BLINKS * Seriously you are saying (??) it is bad to be against people breaking the law?

        Then you are suggesting that ” … why would any hispanic support them? ….” Again, apparently ” any Hispanic ” support people who BREAK THE LAW!

        ** WOW ** just wow …..

        1. Cotton says

          All I said is that Hispanics are more likely to support illegal immigration, I really see nothing wrong with stopping the illegals coming. **WOW** way to make assumptions just wow…..

          1. Jjb54 says

            Why would you make that ASSUMPTION: that Hispanics are more likely to support ILLEGAL immigration?

            I happen to know a lot of Hispanics that do NOT support it at all … A LOT. They all came here legally though …

      13. Conservative says

        Yes, Conservatives are against illegal immigration. What do you think Mexico or any other country would do if illegal immigrants sneaked into their Country and then expect them to support them and their families while living ‘under the radar’?
        Conservatives have great respect and admiration for those from Mexico or any other Country if they play by the rules and enter legally. They are welcomed, free to work openly, do not need to lie, cheat or steal. They appreciate America and are happy to assimilate into the body of the Country. These Legal Immigrants do not approve of or condone those who enter illegally, expect to be supported with welfare, expect their health care to be taken care of, educate their children.
        We have a $19 trillion dollar National Debt, $10 trillion accumulated by Barack Obama and the liberals in 6.5 short years.
        Our Vets are not being taken care, hundreds of thousands are unemployed and no longer even on the unemployment rolls, we are are war with ISIS and we are importing hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees, the majority being young strong men. We are also going to use the U.N. to patrol the cities they are located. Who do you think they will be there to protect? Muslims are beheading, drowning and burning to death in cages, kidnapping and raping women and children and Christian children are being crucified.
        Wake up Cotton, you act like illegal immigrants are some silly little problem we have and it could be solved by pretending they are citizens with all the benefits of being citizens. There is more in this world today for you to be so petty and display such a lack of knowledge.

        1. jaybird says

          The UN troops are there to quell the Conservative Terrorist protest, not to protect us.

      14. OSAMA OBAMA says

        “Conservatives are mostly anti-illegal immigration” How would you know, you welfare cheating, entitlement demanding, slovenly, lazy democrat!

        1. Cotton says

          Haha! Good one!

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yup! Too easy!

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      1. Al says

        Piss off Stephanie.

      2. Judie K Kopfman says

        Hey Stephanie, create your own website for your marketing and stay out of politics.

      3. Dolores Wieland says

        You on this site too? Get off and stay off

      4. Vernon Cunningham says

        tell me stephanie, are you a mexican or an illegal ? How much is the company you ” work ” for make off you ? And do you have to pay for a site or a kit ? Are you part of a pyramid scheme ? And are you a real person ? What is your eal name, Amad ?

        1. Guillermo3 says

          No,Stephanie’s real name is pineapple.

      5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


      6. kbfallon says


      7. Guillermo3 says

        Stephanie Jones Shill & Commercial Cunt.

      8. Mark Clemens says

        Stephanie Jones has STDs, Has been arrested for male prostitution, and he/she really is:
        Juan Two Tree

        1. jaybird says

          I think someone hacked her account. It happened to a friend of mine and I got this type of e-mail.

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      1. Dolores Wieland says

        Stay off. Pay for your trash advertising

      2. Vernon Cunningham says

        Stay in tyour own country.

    4. Combatvet52 says

      Absolutely Liberal

    5. kbfallon says

      Who cares where– what and who–get em out of here.

    6. Guillermo3 says

      Past Time for your Thorazine,MAHB0001!

      1. MAHB001 says

        One that opens with insults has lost the argument…
        Trolls lose arguments all the time around here.

        1. Guillermo3 says

          That’s a Shame,MAHB001!!!….So every time you lose,do you have to sleep on the cold side of the Bunker?

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Mommy’s calling you for your evening titt sucking session!!

        1. Guillermo3 says

          Sorry,Michael Dennewitz,but I wouldn’t suck your Mommy’s tits for anything!

  2. James Maxwell says

    In all reality who really gives a crap about what La Raza and it criminal members think. The vast majority
    of them are here Illegally and if we had a government who did its job they would not be here in the first
    place. Lawful and Legal Immigrants are welcomed and Mr Trump has made that clear, it is the criminals
    who come here to steal, commit crimes, smuggle drug and destroy our Nation that are not welcomed
    at any time. So take your loosey Goosey left wing Communist group and shove it up your burrito.

    1. pineapple says

      Obamaroid is freeing Hispanic drug dealers from federal prisons to reduce prison overcrowding.

      He also wants them to be allowed to vote, in spite of the fact that they are felons.

      1. James Maxwell says

        Also you forgot that the vast number of Criminal Illegal Invaders who will be freed to
        continue their life of crime also. Another violation of our rights as American Citizens
        by the occupier of the Oval Office.

        1. Robert Early says

          Eventually, the evil monster in the White House will hang. Have faith.

          1. jon says

            nope, he will leave America when his term is over. he will be untouchable. recall his hatred of America and that he has no interest in our nation other then to kill it.

            Obama in simplistic terms is the Enemy, not our friend.

          2. Robert Early says

            Friend, I agree with your assessment of our Tyrant; but I possess information from the hghest levels. No matter where he goes, his goose is cooked. Unfortunately, I can’t share much with you right now. I’m not suicidal. Please accept this: There are over 2 million standing military that hate him; over 21 million Veterans who hate him. 95% of all police and sheriff department officers hate him. CIA and State Department agents hate him and Hillary. Even most Secret Service agents hate both him and Hillary. I’m not making this stuff up. Obama knows that all this is true. I’m not sure that he would leave the country; but I do think that he will go into isolation surrounded by his security team for the remainder of his life.

          3. jon says

            I hope you are right, but i hear this all the time about Clinton and the 100’s of dead bodies linked to them and still nothing happens to them. Nothing ever. I think as long as they follow the script they will be protected. Obama and Hillery are our Enemy not our friend.

          4. Loving America says

            It probably is all true but no one wants to stir the baskets and take responsibility of
            stopping them, but a lone gunman does their jobs they will want gun control and it
            be then to save their own butts!

          5. John H. Kohlenberg says

            You reap what you plant. Expect a big harvest when the truth comes out.

          6. Suze says

            It will be the biggest scam pulled in history. A refresher course in American liberty and what the enemy looks like. But i fear that first there is going to be some real loss here.

          7. Michael says

            If that hacker group, anonymous, wanted to do something for the public good, they could dig up and release all the secrets on Obama and Hillary. Come on hackers, do something great for the US.

          8. Linda Shelton says

            Look at his school records that are sealed, that would be a good start.

          9. Juanita Elrod Reed says


          10. patricia crevier says

            She is dead. I am guessing she was dead way before the plane went down. Obama has his own body count. Larry Sinclair was his lover and talked. Larry is no longer with us either. Then there is Joan Rivers who came out in public and said Michele (Michael) is a transsexual and Obama is gay. One week later she dies at a medical clinic.

          11. Guillermo3 says

            PAST TIME,patricia crevier,for your Thorazine!!

          12. Suze says

            not going to work anymore Guillermo3. When people get scared for their lives and stupid government ups the demand for their weapons, it’s a bad combination. I would seek another line of work than trolling for Obama; he will forsake you like he has all his gay lovers.

          13. Guillermo3 says

            Silly Nazi Cunt,aren’t you,Suze? VERY Silly!

          14. Suze says

            Where were you all this time little Guillermo3?

            How ya doing? Still foaming at the mouth?

          15. OSAMA OBAMA says

            That’s not foam! LMAO!!

          16. Suze says

            Not that I have anything against gays, but good you come out of the closet like this. Good for you.

          17. Guillermo3 says

            Never foamed at the mouth,that Iknow of Suze,but I’m doing Fine.
            WHAT about You,Schizophrenic Fascist Cunt,Suze? The Thorazine helping any?

          18. Suze says

            your response itself is dripping with the foam you deny, little William.
            You give yourself away.
            Nothing you can do to control what is happening now and what any half sane person willing to deal with reality can see. Ranting and raging and screaming sexist names will only wind you in a padded cell.

          19. OSAMA OBAMA says

            AW! Sissy, Obamaboy spews the libTURD mantra put out by Valery Jarret. Such a gay little twerp!

          20. Guillermo3 says

            Really OSAMA Loves Fellating Dead Dogs OBAMA??? WHO/WHAT is Valery Jarret?

          21. Cdreeder says

            you the only CUNT here azzwhipe

          22. Guillermo3 says

            No Dear,Cdreeder,so No Need to be Jealous! YOU,Cdreeder are Obviously the Biggest Paranoid Fascist CUNT on this or Any Other Wing Nut Comments thread.
            CONGRATULATIONS,Cunty Cdreeder!!!!!!

          23. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Time for your dose of DNA Obama boy!

          24. Suze says

            Those who still support Obama in light of what his insanity has brought on us and the world, in light of these Paris attacks, their same old rhetoric is going to need a little tweaking. eh?

          25. Guillermo3 says

            Sorry,Suze,but No Matter how Dire the situation,No One is going to willingly tweak Your Paranoid Fascist Cunt.
            Chin Up.

          26. Guillermo3 says

            REALLY,OSAMA OBAMA!!1 That is an Entirely Inappropriate and a TOTALLY Ineffective Method for Displacing the Scandalous Fact that YOU,OSAMA OBAMA,were caught Sucking-Off Joseph Farrah in the Log Gabin Republicans Sauna!!!!

          27. Suze says

            It’s a far longer list than that, Patricia.

          28. patricia crevier says

            I agree with you on that Suze.

          29. Suze says

            the majority of legal Americans agree with us.

          30. Terry Tate says

            You are correct, they would not be sealed if there wasn’t anything to hide.

          31. Shauna says

            Awww the art of doxing…..They will soon…

          32. Roger Short says

            Sounds great, and it can’t happen to soon! How about tonight?!

          33. Loving America says

            Recall Native American Ways and do not fight at night!

          34. Annetta Sheppard says

            wow where are they. All the politicans only talk about impeachment of the worst president in the history of this country, there is no action. So where are these warriors?

          35. Robert Early says

            Thank you, Annetta ! If you are one of these warriors, then you know where the others are. If you are not one of us, then you have not a clue where we are. And that’s how it should be. I really do not want our Tyrant impeached. I want him tried as the treasonous dog he is, and hanged. However, I’m not picky about how justice comes to him. I’m prepared to celebrate whatever the means.

          36. T. VOGT says

            Please don’t make the idiot a martyr, build him a jail cell in the coldest place America holds and let him VaCay his little heart away, and give him only one red golf ball symbolizing the blood on his hands for blowing the middle east to shreds..let Moochie have to share the cell her griping will be purgatory, and Killary can have the cell next door..and like the good Islamic daughters he has raised hope they get the Muslim hubbies they deserve..

          37. John H. Kohlenberg says

            You don’t make anybody a martyr. That is another Muslim false belief. When he is dead his ass is dead period.

          38. Robert Early says

            Obama could never be a martyr. The left eat their dead for added nourishment.

          39. l.bell says

            Yes thank you impeachment is not an option. Trial in a military court he should get a fair trial and then a fair hanging . Along with all of those who covered aided conspired with and profited from his illegal ocupation of the office of president of the United states. Period.

          40. T. VOGT says

            We may hold a simple majority, but to impeach or really do what needs doing we needed a super Majority we don’t have because the Liberals Like their Goodies… I want them all to go to California invite all the illegals to a celebration to shout we have taken Over, Jump up and down some….. then Bomb the Faults and let the Liberals float out to sea an island of their own making.. I’ll stand in the Rockys waving a white hanky Bye bye idiots…

          41. Zelda says

            What they really should do is re-hab Alcatraz and make it the new Gitmo. Refurbish those old jail cells and put all the terrible terrorist right there on the Rock in the middle of San Francisco bay so Nancy P can see it from here house. Now that’s an idea!

          42. T. VOGT says

            Zelda I like how you think..No rehab needed, they can deal with peeling paint…I have no problem with putting the ROCK back in Play.. and we could still run tours just make sure they are not getting near the bars…but I want to keep GITMO too.. I think we’ll need the room… heck maybe a space station prison.. or moon base.. I could give up my savings for that…

          43. Zelda says

            Thanks! Isn’t it a great idea? House all of those Gitmo prisoners right there on Alcatraz. We could call it Gitmotraz! Gitmo ll? Or SanFrantraz…?

          44. Mark Lahti says

            I really like that idea. Alcatraz!!! Wow!!! Now that would really be something wouldn’t it? They could get all the gitmo peeps in there along with our poser in the WH and all his cronies. We could have boat tours that go around the island and laugh. Sorta like the whale watching tours. Except we would be laughing so loud that they could all hear it. All day long, every day of the week. The money raised by the tours could be used to fund that place. That way it wouldn’t cost us anything to do it. I really do like that idea.

          45. Zelda says

            Obama said he wanted the Gitmo Gang in America! Let’s see how the liberals in California like this idea! Governor Moonbeam should jump on this idea, along with the Mayor of San Fran. We can get all the worst illegals to act as guards. Kill two birds with one stone.

          46. patricia crevier says

            You do paint a lovely picture.

          47. mike says

            We don’t have any warriors,What we have are spineless and ballless idiots who care nothing about us or the US

          48. Guillermo3 says

            Very simply:W couldn’t run again ,so impeachment wasn’t necessary.

          49. Suze says

            They are, as we speak, being pushed out of office. First on the local level, (evident by the last gubernatorial elections on Tuesday) and now in this anti establishment, anti MSM movement that will play out in next years election. What Obama and his minions cannot control is the economic fallout and Islamic attacks here which are only fueling this movement. So much can change in a blink.

          50. T. VOGT says

            Why I pray every Night, that the next real brain in the White House will undo that Secret Service for Life he signed for himself when he knew going in he would only get it for 10 yrs.. He knew he’d be doing this crap before he ever stepped foot in the Oval Office… George Soros who has Financed his megalomaniac Ideas needs to be broken, bankrupted and imprisoned…along with Killery, Holder, Rice, and Never forget the ass of all Al Sharpie who brings the racism to the top and calls or killings calling himself an Honorific he never deserved..let his Panthers Feast on the bag of bones..

          51. Juanita Elrod Reed says


          52. Guillermo3 says

            Has your new,more secure straight-jacket been fitted yet,Juanita? More to the point:Are you wearing it 24/7?

          53. OSAMA OBAMA says

            More sissified, leftist ranting!!!! Thumb yourself up again twerp?

          54. Suze says

            The sissified bunch are pretty dangerous to the rest of us.
            Guillermo me thinks is an actual Obama boy recruit.
            He hates Americans.

          55. Suze says

            still here supporting the Muslim Obama? Don’t you keep up with the news at all? The people he has protected and enabled are attacking Paris. The JV squad.

          56. Guillermo3 says

            THORAZINE Time for YOU,Suze!

          57. Suze says

            The world is mocking Obama’s insanity, and you are prescribing Thorazine for those who criticize him?

          58. Suze says

            what is wrong with you.
            no really. you must have toxin for blood.
            anyone would hate to be you. It must be just horrible to be you.

          59. Guillermo3 says

            Oh,Suze,it generally WONDERFUL being me,except when I see comments by Suze,of course.

          60. Suze says

            I believe I disturb you but I don’t think anyone believes it’s wonderful to be you.

          61. shamu9 says

            No tienes Razon means “You’re WRONG” and Stupid, estupido Cabron

          62. Loving America says

            His security team better run as fast as they can when it is time or die with him probably!

          63. Juanita Elrod Reed says


          64. watchman48 says

            Please consider the muslim population, the blacks that will follow him, the vast majority of illegals, the godless and the UN forces all of whom Obama will arm and tell them whatever you confiscate (Property, valuables, wives and children for their perverted sexual desires) is yours as long as you do what I say…. We will be in a civil war within 15 months unless we be in a war with China and Russia first…

          65. Suze says

            in light of what is happening right now with the Paris attacks, I am fully expecting similar coordinated simultaneous attacks and anticipate we will join together in fighting against Isis, borders closed, and the strongest president for our national defense we can elect. It will not be a liberal.

          66. watchman48 says

            Suze, the Holy Spirit spoke 3 days in a row to led me to the prophecies given to Pastor Dumitru Duduman in Apr.’94 and when I prayed for two confirmations if this were true, I received them soon after… I told for 7 years that the terrorist were coming back to hit the WTC #2 Tower again and they would take it to the ground. I now tell how the 9/11 attack was the 1st of 3 major attacks. The 2nd will be approx. 1000x greater and most likely somewhere in Southern California and in or near Philly and Boston areas.. The 3rd will truly be the end of USA dominates in the world… If interested you may Google: watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101

          67. Michael says

            He needs to be impeached and tried for treason, and then not have secret service protection.

          68. dinkerduo says

            He would need–ummm–not protection really–but people around him to make sure he doesn’t give away ALL of our secrets to Iran–Russia–Cuba–No. Korea–etc.—have all his phones tapped and monitor where he goes–his supposed protection would be to protect US from him–not the other way around!!

          69. Ddenney1 says

            I doubt his ego will allow him to keep quite!! He will spend his time trying to blame the NEXT president for trying to FIX his F-UPS and his INTENTIONAL attacks on our constitution!!!

          70. Zelda says

            When The Tyrant leaves office won’t he (after a certain period of time has passed) start community organizing the Muslims here to gain control of the legislatures, education, courts, etc. and ultimately, be a big problem for our free society, more so than they are now? After all, you can only golf so much. And what about his vows to protect his socialist/commie agenda?

          71. Suze says

            By the time Obama leaves office we will have endured enough attacks from Muslims, those living here will be thrown out. You heard it here.

          72. Harold Sammons says

            He can go back to his birth land and be king!

          73. Guillermo3 says

            I Really Don’t Think that Trump will be accepted as King of Queens!

          74. Suze says

            Well what you think is so warped from your position on your knees before your Obama lover, you can’t understand how much our country is going to want a pro national defense president. little guillermo.

          75. Suze says

            I have heard this also and have expected a military coup, but it’s awfully quiet out there.

          76. John H. Kohlenberg says

            Bin Laden was not on our soil and we got him and Sadam Huesain. Hope and pray for the best that he meets a force of power that puts an end to his corruption and damage he has done to America..

          77. Juanita Elrod Reed says


          78. Robert Early says

            I have zero trust for Obama; but I do trust our Seals Team #6. If they say Bn

          79. Robert Early says

            I have zero trust for Obama; but I do trust Seals Team #6. If they say Bin L is dead, then he’s dead.

          80. joe says

            If they were told he was bin laden then they think he was dead, the seals had no way to verify that, they did not have portable instant DNA kits

          81. Michael says

            I’ll be very surprised if he leaves. He’ll stick around trying to get all the money he can.

          82. Robert Early says

            If Obama keeps pushing his gun control agenda, he will likely start a war that he will not survive. Fifty million gun owners will be at his door; and the military, police, and even the secret service will turn their backs. We probably won’t even need our guns. Just bring plenty of rope for the perverts and subverts.

          83. dinkerduo says

            There are 400 MILLION guns in this country alone—and most of them ARE NOT registered—he WILL face resistance!

          84. Robert Early says

            It’s pretty clear that most military and police hate him; but for the moment assume that all would protect his no good hyde. All military and all police number no more than 3.5 million, or about the same membership as the NRA. Then, add in 21 million armed and active Vets; and it’s easy to see the Tyrant’s terminal problem.

          85. dinkerduo says


          86. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yup! Don’t want to waste precious ammo!

          87. Juanita Elrod Reed says


          88. Guillermo3 says

            CAPS LOCK MAKES YOUR ARGUMENT SO convincing.

          89. Suze says

            yours too gay boy of Obama

          90. Guillermo3 says

            Really,Suze,Honey Cunt….you’ve got to come up with a new line!! While you’re thinking of one,Suze,please see if your gynecologist has received that Sulfuric Acid Douche for you!!

          91. Suze says

            must have hit a nerve Little Guillermo.

          92. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yup! His depends are in a bunch!

          93. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LibTURDS are pure class.

          94. Guillermo3 says

            AMAZING,OSAMA OBAMA!! You’re Right for a change!! YES,we Liberals are Very Classy!!!! THANKS,OSAMA OBAMA!!

          95. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your spewage is laughable.

          96. Guillermo3 says

            POSSIBLY,but Not Nearly as funny as the Sewage YOU Spew,OSAMA OBAMA!

          97. Suze says

            and easy to read too. love it.

          98. Cdreeder says

            cocklock on libtard is making you an idiot

          99. Guillermo3 says

            Obviously your last injection of Thorazine has lost its potency.

          100. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your last hot beef injection by an illegal alien there GEE-er-mole?

          101. Guillermo3 says

            NOT good At This,are YOU.OSAMA OBAMA?? No,Not at ALL.

          102. Suze says

            Little Guillermo, now calm yourself. Osama Obama actually writes in full sentences and uses a variety of words too, doesn’t over use rhetoric like “Thorazine injections”.

            But you seem terribly agitated. Is it because the illegal immigrant protests against Trump on SNL backfired and actually made the idea of building a wall look warranted? Or was it because SNL actually mocked the protesters?

          103. Guillermo3 says

            No,Dear,Fascist Cunt Suze }It was reading the Dog Shit YOU post….Annoying,but amusing if one like Fascists’ humor.

          104. Suze says

            What you say means nothing in light of what is happening right now in Paris as a result of the liberal ideology you embrace. The dog poop is from you for all to see. We who care about surviving outnumber you who are so in love with oppression that you have made it possible for this horrible carnage. and it will happen here because of Obama’s adulation of Islam.

          105. Guillermo3 says

            That’s what ALL you Thorazine-deprived Teletubbies say,Suze!

          106. Suze says

            It’s happening, little Guillermo. Escalating now. Are you really this afraid to look? Obama is going down as the world is waking up to Islam’s treachery, the world you call Teletubbies… Just a matter of time now.

          107. Cdreeder says

            my god you are the real deal when it comes to Pulitzer prized obnoxious lib-tarded idiots…the short bus stopped picking you up years ago…

          108. Cdreeder says

            go cry a river idiot scumbag duchess

          109. Suze says

            thorazine line again. you gay lover of Obama.

          110. Guillermo3 says

            Obviously your previous 40 Thorazine injections have worn off,so time for More,extra,EXTRA Strength,Suze,Diseased Nazi Cunt!

          111. Suze says

            Guillermo, you are just vomiting, you poor upset thing. Some quiet time might help.

          112. Cdreeder says

            well your stupid injections are working just splendid!

          113. Camp Taji says

            Agreed! Like Papa Doc. Carmichael and Edi Amien (spelling ?) this tyrant will go to 3rd world country and live out his years as a King.. maybe brother George will help him castle shop in Narobi

          114. Suze says

            Interestingly, Obama’s policies have decimated the democratic infrastructure which for twelve years has lost liberals nearly every important off year election. In other words, people at home care about their jobs and the economy and feeling safe so they are getting rid of their liberal governors, sheriffs, county seats, senators. Obama doesn’t seem to care how quickly all of his major efforts, including Keystone Pipeline could be reversed the moment a conservative president is elected. And I have my doubts that Obama will have much of an audience in the world to spout his hatred for America when his legacy will be to have ushered the globe into WW3.

          115. GuardianFlame says

            Or a chasm will open up and earth will swallow him whole. Ugh. Such a nasty meal for Mother Earth…

          116. Shauna says

            How poetic! I like it! 😉

          117. Debra says

            In my sweet dreams.

          118. Rita Prince says

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          119. Terry Tate says

            Not soon enough…

        2. Terry Tate says

          That’s why our forefathers wrote the second amendment. When me or my family are harmed in anyway at our home or while we’re out.(COC) we will defend ourselves.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Trash is Trash with the O administration

        1. Wildeagleone says

          And hopefully in 2017 the trach will be taken out

          1. rocky says

            I have hope that the trash will be VOTED OUT !!!

          2. jaybird says

            I just hope that the “Insiders” that are running this country have not taken over before the next election. Everyone really needs to check out who is running this country plus what the UN plans are.

          3. john says

            Good point jaybird..

          4. Suze says

            It really is that bad. what a nightmare.

          5. jaybird says

            Call your representatives and oppose the TPP, google it and read chapter 27. It is a global governance authority that is an open ended agreement whre new rules and procedures can be implemented. I gives corporations and other countries the authority to by pass Congress. They can even decide how many illegal immigrants can work in our country. Trying to find another article that I just read from one of the Conservative letters that I receive about the UN forming a Global Mayors committee and the witch Mayor of Baltimore is the President. I guess I am going to have to google it. They will also decide things for our country. Th UN and shadow government is moving faster now.

          6. Suze says

            thank you. they’re moving faster now before the full veil is pulled back.

          7. jaybird says

            It will be done by the time they pull the veil back.

          8. Suze says

            So, you are scaring me and I was already on high alert.
            What do you think will happen, if you don’t mind giving me your thoughts.
            then I will tell you what I have been preparing for, along with my sources whom I have reason to believe at this point.

          9. jaybird says

            I don’t think that any of us know exactly what and when anything will happen and I certainly do not want to discuss very much on these sites. I don’t mean to scare you, just be ready for anything.and everything. I am just telling you what I have been reading and it looks like they are putting things in place to take over and we won’t know about a lot of it until they/UN want the guns. They will have control of everything else 1st. and I feel the guns will be last. Just my thoughts on this. I am a great grandmother and this just makes me sick, a bunch of greedy SOB’s doing this to our country.

          10. Suze says

            I and mine and my community have been preparing for a while, and now getting serious. Let me encourage you just a bit. God is still in charge. I am not saying we aren’t in for a rough time, but God has a way of using these kinds of events to wake people up and make the truth very plain.
            Having said that, make the kind of preparations you would should the power go off for a while, like over a month, maybe more. Think about what you would wish you had if you suddenly didn’t have electricity, no online connections, and no cell phone. Have a plan in place for your immediate family should that happen. Know what I mean?

          11. jaybird says

            I know God is in charge. God, country and family. Trying to do what I can. Thanks!

          12. jaybird says

            Want to see something cute? google – national zoo giant panda cam and click on it. It will bring up a live shot of the baby panda. At the top of the video it will say panda 1 and panda 2, you can switch back and forth, sometime mama panda is in another room eating. I just looked and he is in the sleeping area by himself. I have to look at something good and cute every once in a while. Sometimes she will be nursing him. I watched her other baby being born, she is approx 2 yrs. old. and in a room to her self and goes out doors.

          13. Suze says

            oh yer a good one aren’t you?
            my husband is always showing me these incredible animal videos. We are animal people too.
            Jaybird, I am getting a sense of you here, and feel compelled to remind you that there are more good people around than we think.

          14. jaybird says

            You can watch this one grow up it is on all the time except when they clean the cage. It is a live broadcast from the” real zoo” in Washington DC. Mama is just starting to take him out to the area where she eats, had him on a rock the other day and he fell off, I thought that it had killed him. He went splat on his belly after a few min. he finally moved..

            Bao Bao is the one she had before this one and when I was watching she picked him up by the neck and took him over to a sliding window where the staff put food through and held him up so they could see him, it was so cute.

            I am a softee, I get chills when the National Anthem is played and all the other Patriotic songs. There are a lot of good people, it is just that the bad are so bad that we sometimes forget.

          15. Suze says

            The great thing about goodness is it multiplies itself and, it isn’t self destructive like evil is. For evil by its nature destroys even its own, but not goodness. It is one of the miracles of humanity being able to defy extinction. We have been through so many dark times in history, but the good were always there in much larger numbers than would appear. Goodness is rooted deep while evil is afraid and cannot understand how the Lord works toward His ultimate goal for us. I believe that is built within God’s plan for Creation. And from time to time as people become complacent “weary in well doing” evil gets bolder and louder and it can seem as though it is winning, but meanwhile the good people have been waking up the whole time and getting angrier and sharper, and through this whole process it becomes very clear who is against God and who are God’s people. I really do believe that there are seasons when God allows evil to kill itself off, purges through the population, and meanwhile refines those who fight against this onslaught like gold is refined in a fire.
            So be encouraged Jaybird.

          16. jaybird says

            There is always going to be bad but you believe in God and never give up.

          17. Suze says

            God did not give us a spirit of defeat and appeasement.

            The enemy is at the door, stronger than ever. This is not the time to grow weary in well doing.

          18. muskat antonopolis says

            rocky …you have the right idea…the VOTE is more powerful than the gun….
            suppose that enough people were to contact their congressman/woman and
            demand that the Pres. NOT receive his ex-presidential salary and bennies
            and state the reason for decision re no salary, as his lack of leadership and
            anti-American positions…do you suppose that we could bring it about? We
            cannot be know as a Nation who kills our Presidents..we have had enough
            of that already……but a trial? yes…imprisonment? yes, if judged guilty by a
            jury of his peers (and I do not mean politicians but everyday Citizens)….
            It IS time that to attain the Office of President means a FULL and Complete
            Commitment to the welfare of this Nation and it*s Citizens….and not a job as
            KIng or Queen or CEO of their own agenda……and Impeachment should not
            be so difficult to accomplish….years ago the White House was considered the
            house of the Citizens who were able to visit it and walk through it w/o all the
            supped up security…we cannot do that today…too many crazies..but the idea
            and what I am attempting to say is the Pres. does not own himself..once he
            takes the Oath he is like a military person and becomes the property of USA &
            it*s people as Pres. and Commander-in-Chief…..he is answerable to the
            C.I.T.I.Z.E.N.S. and NOT to his political party or outside interests….advisors
            he must have for in much counsel there is wisdom….but no controlling
            interests at all!

          19. Suze says

            If we experience what is happening with Paris right now, which I fully expect, the most hawkish republican presidential candidate won’t be strong enough for people. During times of war the country insists on a military president.
            And all extra entitlements go away, because the money is needed for the military. And illegals will be given a choice, leave immediately or go through proper citizenry channels and those of the right age enlist in the military.
            It is really mind boggling how quickly the whole scene changes when we’re at war. All this liberal rhetoric will be like, ” Who me? I never said that.”

          20. John H. Kohlenberg says

            If there is a 2017.before Jesus comes.

        2. Suze says

          Obama gets more and more repugnant as we see the result of his presidency, doesn’t he?

          1. Combatvet52 says

            You are so right…….

          2. Suze says

            As he is declaring that Isis is contained, Paris is being attacked the worst since ww2. I can hardly stand to hear the sound of his traitorous voice anymore for any reason. He exudes lies.
            Maybe this will wake some of us up.
            It sure has my attention.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            The Fraud would much rather embrace the enemy than put them down, the only thing that’e contained is his bank account and living high on the hog on our dime.

          4. Suze says

            As hard as it is for Americans to admit, we can no longer give this
            ideology of death the benefit of the doubt, hoping that if we try to
            appease them, provide them protected sanctuaries to incubate and coordinate to
            invade and kill us, they will learn to love us and see the error of their ways.

            We can no longer say, “but not all Muslims are like this, ” and
            therefore allow those who ARE to slaughter us; we can no longer justify
            their right to terrorize and kill us in the name of what Western
            Civilization has understood as religious freedom.

            This insidious
            ideology has already invaded our free speech politically and
            aggressively oppressed Judeo-Christian values world wide, has encroached
            on our
            most precious secular liberties, has even been so emboldened as to shame
            us against enforcing the laws we live by, including the right to
            bear arms to defend our own lives and those of our children.

            Their goal is to shame
            us against protecting ourselves, to indoctrinate our natural instincts for survival to the point that an honorable
            response is, “I would rather die than kill them.”

            want us to adopt a spirit of weakness and defeat and appeasement, to be more afraid of
            offending Islam than we care about living.

            God did not
            give us a spirit of fear and weakness. In fact the Lord declares that anyone who neglects his own
            is worse than a coward. It is never murder to protect yourself, your
            family and your country. God has bestowed us with healthy instincts to
            fight against any force that threatens our existence and warns us against casting our pearls before swine.

            It is time to gather our pearls of civil liberties, our right to worship
            God and defend America against this totalitarianism. It is now time to
            resolve together with every
            life loving citizen both here in America and around the world to fight
            this evil tyranny with as much determination as they have demonstrated
            against us. No matter what it takes.

            For that is the price now
            demanded of us.

            If we do not, if we continue to accommodate this
            insidious enemy, if we refuse to believe it could happen, if we insist on
            enabling the cancer of radical Islam to overcome us, they have proven they

            May God strengthen us in not growing weary in well doing, for the enemy is at the door,

            stronger than ever.

            Suze (I published this this morning through online sites joined in the purpose of saving America)

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Very good post……..

          6. Suze says

            thank you. May God bless America in fighting this fearsome foe.

      3. hangem'high says

        Well they do work for Obummer’s boss !

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ummm, geo soros is the “so-called) boss. Furgeson was proof of that! That wasn’t locals rioting. soros paid bus loads to riot there.. soros gives all the orders and the little halfbreed HTNIC does as he is ordered!!

          1. Jsph Hiagan says

            Did you notice that the only thing NOT stolen was work boots???????

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            That’s how you starve a libTURD! Hide his foodstamps under his workboots.

          3. joe says

            This is where whitey needs to wake up. If the KKK brought in whites from out of the South to start trouble. Guess what that is a conspiracy and he could be brought up on charges, but he’s not KKK> So there is your problem.

          4. hangem'high says

            Let’s hope Europe wakes up real quick and puts Soros away for undermining their immigration laws. More than likely, it’s too late for those poor Sheeple?

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        The Obama administration released 36,000 illegal alien criminals into our communities. Those 36,000 illegal alien criminals were responsible for nearly 88,000 convictions including193 homicide convictions, 426 convictions for sexual assault, 303 kidnapping convictions, and 16,070 convictions for drunk or drugged driving. Out of those 36,000 released, one thousand have gone on to commit other crimes, “including child sex
        abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley.”

      5. Guillermo3 says

        And in which impeccable new source did you find that “information”,pineapple? Barbwire,Breitbart,WND,Mein Kampf?

        1. pineapple says

          I did a simple Google Search. You may want to try it sometime.

          1. Guillermo3 says

            What Google search term should I use? pineapple,Fascist Republican War Criminal? Problem with that is it keeps redirecting me to R.N.C.!!

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Gu-inbred-mo! What a liberal twerp! LMAO

          3. Cdreeder says

            google your idiot stupid face!

        2. Well Done says

          guiller, your ignorance is not surprising, considering which media source you chose to mention in your fat-headed stupidity.

          1. Guillermo3 says

            Really,Half-Baked?_and which media source did I choose to mention?

          2. Guillermo3 says

            A Bit slow,Well Done ?The “news” sources I mentioned are all the kind of Far “right” Fascist Propaganda,I suspect pineapple relies on.

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Twerp Capitalizes random Words, his libTURD Education worked out Well.

          4. Guillermo3 says

            Actually,Well Done,it’s Guillermo3….and the “news” sources I mentioned were the sort of Paranoid Fascist Propaganda that I imagine pincone accepts as Truth.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Hey Gullible 3! What happened to Gullible 1 and 2?? Get flushed down the toilet? Your news cesspools are reliable huh? Yup, free Kool-Aid for the libTURDS!

          6. Guillermo3 says

            PLEASE,OSAMA OBAMA!!! Something Original!! The slurs tattooed on your wife’s inner thighs are So Cliche’d!

          7. Cdreeder says

            butt banged much? life in prison is getting you down? On your knees perhaps?

          8. Guillermo3 says

            Really EMBARRASSINGLY Inept reply,OSAMA OBAMA!!

        3. GuardianFlame says

          Before berating anyone, do the research first! He is pretty much right on. The muslims are one step up from animals because of inbreeding decreed by their very own prophet. Those of you who do not believe this info need to rethink your position and start reading about families and individual women who have escaped that highly chauvinistic culture. The atrocities that go on in that culture would make your skin crawl. Most Americans would throw up if they had to do what the women are forced to do because they are nothing more than possessions…like a goat. This isn’t a culture like in your neighborhood, it’s a barbaric culture that has slipped farther and farther down the humanity scale into animalistic behaviors.

          Most Americans have no idea of what happens in the muslim world. YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED. Women have no life but that of a servant, be it domestic or sexual and both of these start as early as 9 years old. And should they even dare to speak one word to another male outside of their family males, they can be stoned to death, burned or disfigured and no one will help them. The husband, father, or brother, will not be prosecuted for doing this to the female…it is their duty to hurt and discipline females even if the female actually didn’t do what they say, but the family male “thought” that she did. Some muslim females have just disappeared and were never heard of again. Whether the males killed her or if she escaped and ran away to another country, she was gone.

          Then there is the Pedophilia issues of many remote villages where young boys as young as 8 years old are kidnapped and forced to wear girl’s clothing, make up, jewelry, and to dance and serve old horny male muslim perverts. This young child is used as a sexual toy for the old muslim to use and abuse as he likes.
          Since the child was kidnapped, no one knows where to look for the boy so he is played with like a toy until he is old enough to finally escape if he is still alive at that point and hasn’t succumbed to some sexual disease.

          Our Air Force and Army military have seen this go on and they were told to ignore what is happening. HOW can you ignore the cries of a 8 year old child, scared out of his mind and missing his family? There is so much more about that culture that is wrong, evil, disgusting, and definitely has no place being in the United States.

          If you do not believe these things to be true, then you need to start researching and reading Books written by Muslim Authors. If every American knew the atrocities that happen to women and children in the every day muslim life, there wouldn’t be one muslim left inside the U.S., including the muslim in the Wack Hut. Get educated before opening your mouths and acting like children. Knowledge is the most powerful tool…use it to further your knowledge about real muslim traditions and lives. Keep a bucket close, because some of it is so sickening and degrading it will make you ralph.

          1. Guillermo3 says

            SHOCKING(if true) They sound as bad as Dominionists!

          2. Guillermo3 says

            Oy Veh,Maria!!

        4. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Hey shithead! Did you really thumb your self up? LMAO! No one else will, not even other shitheaded libTURDS!

      6. Walter Flatt says


        1. bayman61 says

          Trump will put a stop to that.

          1. Annetta Sheppard says

            Trump is full of just talk.. No action he had O by the family jewels and noncitizen birth certificate and he did nothing. He and O had a private talk and Trump dropped the ball

          2. bayman61 says

            No such thing as a noncitizen birth certificate. Trump would not have had a private talk with Obama and then do what Obama tells him. Obama does not have that kind of power. Obama cannot tell anyone what to do.

          3. watchman48 says

            Mr. Trump made the comment that he was a great Christian…. No true Christian would have ever said that of himself. I have absolutely no doubts that Mr. Trump to be extremely obnoxious, arrogant, prideful, self-centered and worse than all of that extremely self-righteous, definitely a combination that we do not need in the White House nor in a man who converses with other world leaders…. We have even heard how he has contributed to both party and their politicians in hope to gain favor to get what he wanted from them…
            It is easy for me to see that Mr. Trump is no born again Christian, therefore I could never vote for him as president. I will not vote for the lessor of two evils.
            Whereas, I find humility and humbleness in Dr. Carson, a man that knows he needs divine guidance for godly wisdom, a man that doesn’t seek power to rule over others but a man who seeks the power to help guide a nation and it’s people back to the knowledge of the Almighty God, Creator of all that is good.

        2. Annetta Sheppard says

          hung high and dry

          1. bayman61 says

            Illegals had better pack their bags. The American people are sick and tired of them and want them OUT of our country. And it IS going to happen. We will not stop until it is done.

        3. OSAMA OBAMA says

          “On Monday, Brown and Peña attended a meeting with business officials in Los Angeles. During his speech, Peña said he wanted to make life better for Mexicans on both sides of the border. “This is the other Mexico,” he said of the United States, which has about 11 million Mexican immigrants.
          Brown told the crowd at the event that they were welcome in the state regardless of their citizenship. “You’re all welcome in California today,” he said.
          There you have it folks! The head TURD of Kalifornia is readying to run for President.

          1. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Moonbeam doesn’t have a chance in hell to be POTUS. Hitlery is hogging the stage in 2016, and Moonbeam will be in his mid-70s in 2020. God willing, he’ll have done all the damage he can do by the time his current term is over. He’s a rich, spoiled Demonkrap brat!

          2. Loving America says

            But idots like Pena need to shut up this is not that filthy rotten hole mexico….they need to send those 11 million home since they will not get jobs and pay taxes like
            they were brought here for to help America get out of hte money problems obama put us in!

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Yup!! All ILLEGAL ALIENS are rotten, filthy dirty fuks!

          4. Loving America says

            But…We can all see that you need to hurry down to the Office of this Country to get your citizenship so We can get you enrolled into school so you can learn to talk and spell correctly! God Bless Your Attitued……No every immigrant is not rotten, but those acting like you need to be sent out of this Country Tough Guy!

          5. Juan TwoTree says

            Hey, Nimb-Wad Loving America! I DID spell EVERY FUKING thing exactly the way I had intended it! So stuff it up your LibTurd ass! Do you even know the difference between an ILLEGAL ALIEN and an LEGALIMMIGRANT??? I guess not!

            And, oh BTW Einstein, I served in the USMC for 31 years, last 9 years as fighter pilot, protecting little smart mouthed, sissy-assed fuks like YOU! What did you do, belong to the Cub Scouts and got kicked out because of your sexual desires??!!

            Also, you might want to repeat 3rd grade sentence structuring AND comprehension. Last sentence of your post proves you never passed the proper English courses!

            Semper Fi

          6. muskat antonopolis says

            I too am a vet….but….I do not use that service that I Volunteered for as a crutch
            or to seek special priviledge and Especially Not to belittle anyone……”fighter pilot”?

          7. Juan TwoTree says

            Thanks right, Buck-O! You do it your way and I’ll continue to do it MY way!

          8. Juan TwoTree says

            “F” BROWN!! And “F” all of the ILLEGAL WET-BACK MEXICANS! America need to get rid of every Dem-O-Crap in public positions nationwide for at least 8 years. It will take at least that long to undo the fuking mess Obongoloid, Killery, Kerry and the likes of anti-American like Jerry ‘ Moonbeam’ transgendered Brown-Noser!

        4. 3ronald1 says

          Non-citizens have no right to vote in any of our elections.. Why can’t we stop fraudulent voting? Issue voter I.D. cards to citizens that they must show at the voting booth? Let’s make it so.

        5. John H. Kohlenberg says

          He is that is why all Americans think he is a big prick

        6. Juanita Elrod Reed says


      7. Terry Watts says

        And Illegals !!!

      8. GuardianFlame says

        Obama is a retard. Oops, that isn’t Politically Correct. Obama is a fraud criminal pretending to be a president when he can’t even decide what color he is. Black to get the minority vote; white to get invited to Hollyweird’s play parties. Yep, now that’s more politically correct!
        LaRaza needs to go to Maid School and get a degree in housecleaning. Perhaps then the American citizenry might listen to what they have to say. Now all everyone hears is loud whinney noises and demands. When they actually do something that commands respect, they will be recognised. Til then, throw them a taco and a burro – one to keep their mouth busy and the other to transport them back to Mexico.

        1. pineapple says

          A MUST Read…. The Mean IQ of Muslim
          Countries is 81!

          This came from a Lockheed employee
          who has had 3 assignments to Saudi
          Arabia . Worth the read!

          During the pilot transition program
          with the KV-107 and C-130 with Lockheed, we found that most Saudi pilot
          trainees had very limited night vision, even on the brightest of moonlit
          nights. Their training retention rate was minimal including maintenance

          Some had dim memories and had to be
          constantly reminded of things that were told to them the day before. An
          American, British or any other western instructor is burned out pretty quick.
          It actually took Muslim C-130 pilots years before they could fly in the dark
          safely and then would be reluctant to leave the lights of a city. Ask any Marine,
          Air Force or Army guy whoâs been trying to train Iraqis, and especially

          Islam is not only a religion; it’s a
          way of life all the way around. Yet another set of revealing facts about Muslim
          beliefs and traditions and ways of life.

          1400 years of inbreeding. I found
          this to be interesting. Didn’t know whether to believe it or not. To research I
          went to Wikipedia, “Cousin Marriage”, and far 1400 YEARS OF INBREEDING

          down in the article “Genetics”
          it seems there is a lot of truth here.

          A huge Muslim problem: Inbreeding

          Nikolai Sennels is a Danish
          psychologist who has done extensive research into a little-known problem in the
          Muslim world: the disastrous results of Muslim inbreeding brought about by the
          marriage of first cousins.

          This practice, which has been
          prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, was
          sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400
          years) in the Muslim world. This practice of inbreeding will never go away in
          the Muslim world, since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all
          matters, including marriage.

          The massive inbreeding in Muslim
          culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene
          pool, including extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health.
          According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred. In Pakistan
          , the numbers approach 70%. Even in England
          , more than half of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins,
          and in Denmark
          the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%. The numbers are
          equally devastating in other important Muslim countries: 67% in Saudi Arabia , 64% in Jordan
          , and Kuwait , 63% in Sudan , 60% in Iraq
          , and 54% in the United Arab Emirates
          and Qatar

          According to the BBC, this
          Pakistani, Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain the probability
          that a British Pakistani family is more than 13 times as likely to have
          children with recessive genetic disorders. While Pakistanis are responsible for
          three percent of the births in the UK , they account for 33% of
          children with genetic birth defects.

          The risks of what are called
          autosomal recessive disorders such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy
          is 18 times higher, and the risk of death due to malformations is 10 times
          higher. Other negative consequences of inbreeding include a 100 percent
          increase in the risk of stillbirths and a 50% increase in the possibility that
          a child will die during labor.

          Lowered intellectual capacity is
          another devastating consequence of Muslim marriage patterns. According to
          Sennels, research shows that children of consanguineous marriages lose 10-16
          points off their IQ and that social abilities develop much slower in inbred
          babies. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70, the official demarcation for
          being classified as “retarded,” increases by an astonishing 400
          percent among children of cousin marriages. (Similar effects were seen in the
          Pharaonic dynasties in ancient Egypt
          and in the British royal family, where inbreeding was the norm for a
          significant period of time.)

          In Denmark , non-Western immigrants
          are more than 300 percent more likely to fail the intelligence test required
          for entrance into the Danish army. Sennels says, “The ability to enjoy and
          produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic
          world.” He points out that the Arab world translates just 330 books every
          year, about 20% of what Greece
          alone does.

          In the last 1,200 years of Islam,
          just 100,000 books have been translated into Arabic, about what Spain does in a
          single year. Seven out of 10 Turks have never even read a book. Sennels points
          out the difficulties this creates for Muslims seeking to succeed in the West.
          “A lower IQ, together with a religion that denounces critical thinking,
          surely makes it harder for many Muslims to have success in our high-tech
          knowledge societies.”

          Only nine Muslims have ever won the
          Nobel Prize, and five of those were for the “Peace Prize.” According
          to Nature magazine, Muslim countries produce just 10 percent of the world
          average when it comes to scientific research measured by articles per million

          In Denmark , Sennels’ native country,
          Muslim children are grossly over represented among children with special needs.
          One-third of the budget for Danish schools is consumed by special education,
          and anywhere from 51% to 70% of retarded children with physical handicaps in Copenhagen have an
          immigrant background. Learning ability is severely affected as well. Studies
          indicated that 64% of schoolchildren with Arabic parents are still illiterate
          after 10 years in the Danish school system. The immigrant dropout rate in
          Danish high schools is twice that of the native-born.

          Mental illness is also a product.
          The closer the blood relative, the higher the risk of schizophrenic illness.
          The increased risk of insanity may explain why more than 40% of patients in
          Denmarkâs biggest ward for clinically insane criminals have an immigrant
          background. The U.S.
          is not immune. According to Sennels, “One study based on 300,000 Americans
          shows that the majority of Muslims in the USA have a lower income, are less
          educated, and have worse jobs than the population as a whole.”

          Sennels concludes: There is no doubt
          that the wide spread tradition of first cousin marriages among Muslims has
          harmed the gene pool among Muslims. Because Muslims’ religious beliefs prohibit
          marrying non-Muslims and thus prevents them from adding fresh genetic material
          to their population, the genetic damage done to their gene pool since their
          prophet allowed first cousin marriages 1,400 years ago are most likely massive.
          This has produced overwhelming direct and indirect human and societal

          Bottom line: Islam is not simply a
          benign and morally equivalent alternative to the Judeo-Christian tradition. As
          Sennels points out, the first and biggest victims of Islam are Muslims. Simple
          Judeo-Christian compassion for Muslims and a common-sense desire to protect
          Western civilization from the ravages of Islam dictate a vigorous opposition to
          the spread of this dark and dangerous religion. These stark realities must be
          taken into account when we establish public polices dealing with immigration
          from Muslim countries and the building of mosques in the U.S.

          Let us hope the civilized West and
          the North Americans wake up before a blind naiveté about the reality of Islam
          destroys what remains of our Judeo-Christian culture and our domestic

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Thank you for sharing this highly interesting info on muslims and their general IQs. They, indeed, are closer to animals than humans. Now we know why it is so easy for ISIS to recruit the young people, the youth aren’t smart enough to know what they are doing…so being a walking bomb is no big deal for them.

            This is the devil’s playground and I do feel sorry for that entire culture only because they have no idea of what they are doing and their prophet is having one great laugh at their expense. Perhaps they all need to take the big long sleep instead of walking aimlessly or believing anyone with an IQ 10 points higher than theirs. Unfortunately for the muslims, the joke is on them, created by their very own Prophet!

            Thanks again for your info! Suggestion to anyone reading this — send it out to all your email addresses. Every American needs to know exactly who we are dealing with and how to handle them.

          2. pineapple says

            Unbelievable Sign Near Dearborn , Michigan

            The sign says:

            “Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America

            Allah be Praised
            America we will kill you all and nothing you can do to stop it.

            Allah be Praised”

            Are there “no-go” zones in the U.S.? Is this one of them?

            Dearborn, Michigan is the first city to become almost completely Muslim.

            Yours may be next because they are here and more come every day.

            Amazing that any city would allow something like this to be displayed .


            And people are concerned about the Confederate Flag?


            (You may be able Google this to see a picture of the sign)

          3. Loving America says

            Tear Down Their “god” heathen rules …..they are not allowed to hang up anywhere outside their heathen worship places!

          4. muskat antonopolis says

            indeed….all that you have outlined is evident in the behavior of muslim people
            that has been witnessed by the world and recently…..all that is required for
            jihad to spring up is a rumor and the jihad is ON! Incredibly slow and dangerous.
            If you place any merit in Christian scripture…then please read Genesis Chptr 16,
            that is in the front of the Old Testament and concerns Abraham, Sarah, Hagar
            and Ishmael…….I did not see a reference to this very old and spot on description
            of the Islamic mind set……regards and thank you for bring this information to the

      9. T. VOGT says

        Well Voter Fraud got him where he is today, Why change his ways NOW.. The A##wipe will probably declare martial Law and suspend elections if he thinks a liberal won’t be elected.. I mean come on raised Islamic and Communist and idiots bought his aw shucks I’m just as American as you are.. The only thing American are his Captain America Training pants cause he sure didn’t know which end crap was supposed to come out of when he took office and still has that problem.. He will tell the enemies HEY WE ARE COMING.. NOT many BUT THEY WILL TEACH YOU AS SOON AS THEY GET THERE and then some idiot Like Kerry or better yet their Media Experts will hold a press conference to say when and where.. just like he killed a full helio of Seals in A valley in Afghanistan.. He has never been an American and Never Vetted for the office he has stolen, and held the CHICAGO WAY, by hook or by crook and hide the bodies..

      10. watchman48 says

        Loyalty to Obama who caters to the illegals will be shown in many ways… especially when Obama gives them (Muslims, atheists, UN forces) weapons and tells them they can have whatever they confiscate (Valuables, property, our wives and children for their perverted sexual pleasures) ass long as they fight for him…. Most likely we will be in a civil war within the 15 months….

        1. pineapple says

          Blue helmets make great targets.

      11. Loving America says

        No they will be who you all will be fighting in this Country…remember the first on to take out in an uprising to save a Country is the leader! Syria should have done that and they would not be sprawled all over the World with their hate and discontentment being put on
        everyone else…….if more come in America it should be stopped as they get off the plandes, ships, or crossing Our Borders! We should not listen or do what obama wants since he is legally mentally ill the way he does..anyone can listen to him from one talk to the next and realize he is not functioning mentally to run this Country….he wants to take Us over and “Oh hell No”!

      12. Ddenney1 says

        And they were NEVER eligible to vote!!!!

      13. Maria castro says

        No he wants them high and stupid like they are now, that is why they have no idea of what is hitting them.

      14. Juanita Elrod Reed says


      15. Gail Ferraiolo says

        Not right it’s shameful. James! How do we stop him and barbarians ISIS?

      16. Suze says

        Harry Reid needs another beating, looks like. Blocking Kate’s Law from being voted on in congress that would have compelled all illegal felons to be imprisoned if they commit a crime here, Reid said would cost too much money.
        And ridiculous as it sounds, liberals are trying to get passed a law that would keep all past crimes private of elected officials….isn’t that amazing?

    2. icetrout says

      “THE RACE” can get the fok out of “MY COUNTRY “!

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        AGAIN, the hypocrisy of our P.C., liberal frauds! La Raza= “the race” but where is the foaming at the mouth by libTURDS?…Ebony magazine, BET ( Black Entertainment Network) ETC., where is the hand wringing from the scholars in our univershitties?

        Quote From Founder of La Raza: ..“We have got to eliminate the gringo [an American not of Hispanic descent], and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”“Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes.”Those are the words of the founder of La Raza, an organization which Judge Sonia Sotomyaor is a member.

        According to National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers King Samir Shabazz:
        “I love white-on white-crime, because that is the best crime.”I hate the g*ddamn white man, woman, and child, grandma, aunt, uncle, Pappa Billy Bob, and whoever else.” “You should be thankful we’re not running around here hanging crackers by nooses and all that kind of stuff — yet, yet, yet” He has a “wet dream about killing the g*ddamn cracker.” “We don’t allow faggots and lesbians” in the New Black Panther Army Envisions a world where every black person is “ready to bang on this cracker” Wants to take over neighborhoods “block by block” so “crackers…or even the developer” would be scared to
        come into them
        “We’re taught to send this cracker to the cemetery… so kiss ‘em goodbye”

        1. jaybird says

          With the invasion of the refugees in the EU countries, the people are now wanting to arm themselves for protection especially the women. The people in America are stupid if there is not at least 1 piece in everyone’s house because of La Raza and the Black Panthers.

          1. Guillermo3 says

            MUCH MORE URGENT,jaybird:Protection from Cracker Fascists like James Maxwell,OSAMA OBAMA,jaybird and other followers of Mein Sheistkopf!!!!!

          2. jaybird says

            You are stupid and don’t know what I follow.

          3. Deby says

            he is so stupid he upvotes himself because he knows nobody else will-he is calling people communists when it is he who is one. he is irrelevant, a waste of time.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Look folks, this reconquista maggot gave himself a thumbs up! What a stupid liberal turd!

          5. Guillermo3 says

            Yes,OSAMA OBAMA:SUPERB COMMENTS like mine should ALWAYS get “Thumbs Up”!!
            Rather obvious,isn’t it?

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            So why didn’t your dumbass thumb up your rancid post?

          7. Guillermo3 says

            Obviously,I was politely waiting for OSAMA OBAMA to thumb up my post! Get with it,Lazy Turd!!

          8. GuardianFlame says

            Why do you talk like a Black man but have a Latino name? Doesn’t make sense especially with the comments you make about Mein Sheistkopf…the Sh-thead? So you are also German, besides being Black and Mexican? What an interesting ancestry you have.

            So you are aware of what happened to the German people and Hitler, comprende? Because the German people went along in their own lives like nothing different was happening, Hitler easily pulled the wool over their eyes and hauled many of them to the concentration bath houses for a shower of fire. If you talk to any older German about that time, they will tell you they had no idea of what was happening until it was too late and Hitler controlled the masses and decided who would live and who would die. He tore families apart, children screaming from their mother’s arms, fathers beaten and taken away to another camp. Most of the prisoners were dying of starvation, disease was rampant everywhere. You were fortunate if you died of a disease instead of the fire showers. But children didn’t understand what was happening or why. Everyone was tattooed with a number on their forearms for identification. It was easier to call people a number than get personal with a name. Many survivors still wear that number today as a reminder of those days of Hell on earth.

            So if some people get a little too close for comfort for you and you start screaming colorful names at them, perhaps you need to rethink why you are doing that. Isn’t it better to be informed, to learn about a culture that soon may be moving into your neighborhood, perhaps right next door, perhaps dating your young daughter or son? Wouldn’t you rather know about what makes that culture tick before your own loved one gets swept off their feet in love with that person and they become part of your family and their traditions now become your traditions?? If the info doesn’t sit right with you, then research it yourself, but don’t sound like a teenager having a fit. That’s NOT BLOGGING, it’s just name calling and power plays which do not belong on a blog site.

            Blogs are to discuss and inform. If you don’t like the info, then find out if it is true, research, but do not name call, or demean others because they bring you info that you can’t wrap your head around, Check it out first. We need to be informative, not derogatory.

          9. muskat antonopolis says

            not “many wear the number today” so many….and I have heard …that if you
            practice a particular behavior for 30 consecutive days, it will become a habit.
            But, if you practice a particular behavior for 90 consecutive days, it will become
            a part of your character…..that is why I believe that many of these posters resort
            to vulgar and vile name calling and words…because their character has been
            effected by the continual use of same…..it will now be like abstaining from
            cigarettes for them to stop with the sicknesses they have been shaped by,,,,
            have a good day

          10. GuardianFlame says

            I understand completely what you mean…and I agree. What I try to tell people who become so over the top in name calling is that they need to back away from the blog world for a week or so to let some normalcy come back to their lives. I have blogged since 2007 and have had many heated discussions to the point that I became worried about the person I was blogging with. It seemed that they were so overwhelmed with emotion that they could have a heart attack. It is very apparent in some people’s blogs that their tempers and anger are leading the discussion instead of sitting back and letting people express their own opinions about something. Everyone may not be as up to date on subjects, so you speak to them with respect and try to educate them a little. Either they will listen or they will become belligerent, so I bow out and let them live in their own tiny worlds.

            You seem to be well versed in human behavior. It’s too bad more people can’t just discuss without being so rude and condescending. I’m impressed and grateful when I learn new information or am corrected about info I thought I had right. I do the research and find out exactly what is true or not true. It is something I love to do…research…gain knowledge!

            Yes, you are right about the “number”. I had a gentleman who I used to work with in the 60’s who always wore long sleeves to work. One day our A.C. went out and he rolled his sleeves up and was leaning over my desk discussing a project. That’s when I saw the “number”. I asked him about it and he told me he was the only family member who survived the Holocaust and he was only 8 years old when he did. He was due to go to the showers the day the U.S. Military came and freed them all. But he lost his Mother, Father, Brother and Sister, plus an Uncle and Aunt. How terribly frightening for him. We became very good friends and he would talk about that experience frequently. It was like a faucet that he couldn’t turn off and I understood his need to share those horribly frightening days with someone. I am sure he has passed on by now and is finally reunited with all of his family members…God willing. 🙂

            Have a good evening…

          11. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you for your reply…how refreshing…..totally agree about a “break”…most are gone now or are very old….maybe they will find some peace……horrible
            thing the holocaust and even with all of the proof…proof that would be accepted
            in a court today, many still say it is fiction……incredible….have a great day…

          12. GuardianFlame says

            Only you and I and others who got to talk and share in a survivor’s stories of the camps know the real truths and the realities of the holocaust. Anyone seeing the faces and especially the eyes (windows to the Soul) of these survivors knows the terrors they experienced…things you can’t make up.
            I prayed for my friend that he finally finds Peace. I’m sure he has by now.

            Do not be afraid to inform people about that unforgiven time in Germany. Everyone, young and old, needs to know what happened so that we Americans can stop this govt from pulling the wool over our eyes like hitler did to the German people.

            Thank you for a good blog…informative and compassionate!

          13. Guillermo3 says

            Right.Right down the Toilet

          14. Guillermo3 says

            Criminally Gullible,aren’t you?

          15. Guillermo3 says

            Si,Ich bin der Super Schwartze ,Guillermo3!

          16. Guillermo3 says

            Si,Guillermo3 esta der Uber-Swartze!

          17. Guillermo3 says

            SI,Guardian Flame! Guillermo bin der Uber-Schwartze!!

        2. Guillermo3 says

          Well,OSAMA OBAMA,
          Not everyone wants to play by your rule book:Mein Sheistkopf.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            See folks, only Whites are racists!

          2. muskat antonopolis says

            guiyermo is calling you a “sheethead” Osama……in case you didn’t get it…..but he is saying that you are his “mein” sheethead…..does that mean you guys are buddies
            or sumpin?……..hee heee…….oh here it goes again…..

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Hee Hee”? No, I don’t do Greek Sex.

          4. muskat antonopolis says

            WHAT is the fascination that you have with sex….it is included in almost every
            post…..Look, I am gonna share something with you…A boy and his father were
            out walking. Dad says to jr…”son. I have some good news and some bad news.
            Which do you want first?”…Jr. says..”well. let me have the good news first.”
            So dad says, “son, you have a brain and a penis.”…Jr. says, ” l know dad.
            So whats the bad news?”…to which dad answers..”you only have enough blood
            to use one at a time.”….So think it over Osama, when you blab about sex,
            you mind goes blank….like you display here frequently…..have a great day.

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LMAO..Mission accomplished.

          6. muskat antonopolis says

            I really appreciate you Osama and your intelligence……

          7. GuardianFlame says

            I believe you mean “Sh-thead”, not sheethead. That’s the translation…I know many, many German people, including family members and that is a favorite slang for anyone that’s a dunce. Cute interpretation though! Funny actually!!!

            Unfortunately, right now, most Germans are NOT happy with the Muslim refugees that are literally taking over their towns. One town had a large population of German renters that have been given notice to evacuate their dwellings so the new refugees can have a place to live. How would you like to get a notice from your govt telling you to get out so some ragheads could take over your home? Where are the present tenants supposed to go live? the streets? Germans are furious and their Leader is finding out that perhaps she didn’t make such a smart move by letting all of those millions of refugees inside her borders.

            My best friend was born in Germany and when she googles her home town, all she sees is a bunch of dark skinned, dark haired, men walking up and down her once beautiful town’s streets, There are so many muslims that the hospitals in Germany can’t handle the load of muslims who come in screaming to fix their half dead kids that they have drug through the lands. One hospital had a doctor stabbed and two nurses hurt as well because an 8 month old baby who was dying at this point couldn’t be saved by a renown team of pediatric experts. Another doctor who volunteered to come there to help finally left because of the turmoil and unknown actions of these animals — her words. They would run through the hospital spilling carts, knocking down people, screaming obsenities at the staff, and demanding to be treated. Many had communicable diseases that were contagious. Some with syphilis literally peed in a nurse’s face to infect her.

            It has become mayhem for those who are trying to help these savages and sometimes it becomes so crazy that the helpers are the ones who get hurt. So if you don’t like to hear that muslim refugees have limited processing abilities because of their inbreeding, perhaps you need to get more highly informed. They truly are one step up from an animal…not all of them, but a great percentage of them.

          8. muskat antonopolis says

            well…I know what it meant……sheet head ….not an actual sheet that goes on a
            bed but mierda,,,,schiesse….poop…oh good grief Charlie brown,,,ich sprechen
            even if I do not spell Deutsch correctly…..lauda deutsch …gasthause deutsch..
            nicht schule Deutsche…..danke….yes I do know what is taking place in Deutschelande…we have two friends who are from Germany and inform us the
            situation there….terrible thing when an act of succor becomes a nightmare for those who intended to help….I remember the beautiful little bergs of deutscheland
            …especially at wintertime….quiet and still…snow on all of the baums and streets..
            not a track in the snow ….with a light coming from the gausthause windows..
            cold oh yes….but a shot of jaegermiester and you forget the cold…warm welcome
            and good food…happy people…..what a shame…Europe will NEVER be the
            same……WE MUST BE VIGILANT or our Government will do the same to

          9. pineapple says

            If Obama has his way, the U.S will be next.

          10. muskat antonopolis says

            that is true in my opinion also…what I do not understand is WHY our govt.
            does not hear what the people of America are saying….no more immigrants
            and none, none from Islamist nations…..I think that they, the govt., simply
            ignore us because they think that we are bourgeious..of little importance…
            and will not Vote, and many who voice their opinion here will Not….so who is
            to be held at fault and what can be done to prevent the influx of 100,000*s
            from arriving on our shores and, expecting the usa to “take care of them”.
            Can we afford financially and socially to be the MOMMA to and for these
            people? How many more are we expected to absorb in the next few years?
            Germany*s Merkle said that they would take 1.5 million! Will the usa before
            Obama steps down also agree to intake a million or two or more? This
            continued disregard for the Citizens of our Nation by the govt. that we (some)
            elected and put into office to “manage” our nations business, have FAILED
            in many regards and can no longer be held “in trust” by the Citizens….
            They must be removed from office by the VOTE…and NOT through some
            crazy notion of revolution….and, if their is to be an internal conflict, then
            let it be loud and clear to those who misuse the trust of WE THE PEOPLE
            when we say “get out of our offices…you are no longer worthy of the
            confidence of the People…you have failed in your management of our
            Nation and we have chosen another better than you…GET OUT”….in other
            words VOTE the bums OUT…use the VOTE and make it Count!

          11. pineapple says

            I agree that we should be able to vote the bums out. Unfortunately, many of the voters have been brainwashed to vote FOR the bums.
            Also, voter fraud helps to keep the bums in office.

            RICHMOND, Va. – A crosscheck
            of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned
            up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity
            group reported Wednesday.

            And that’s just the beginning.

            “The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to
            identify voters who are registered and vote in Virginia but live in the states that
            surround us,” Alliance President Reagan George told the State Board of

            George acknowledged that the number of voters
            who actually cast multiple ballots is relatively small. In the case of Maryland and Virginia,
            he revealed that 164 people voted in both states during the 2012 election.

            But George said his group will expand their
            search for duplicate voters in the District of Columbia,
            Pennsylvania, New York,
            New Jersey, Delaware,
            North Carolina, Tennessee,
            West Virginia and Georgia.

            “We are also determining the best way to
            identify non-citizens who have registered to vote and may have voted in past
            elections,” George said.

            Working with the Privileges and Elections
            committees of the state House and Senate, VVA identified 31,000 dead voters via
            the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File. Subsequent processing
            by SBE found 40,000 to 60,000 dead voter registrations.

            “Dead voter registrations are prime targets for voter fraud which generate few
            complaints,” George noted.

            Appearing with Clara Belle Wheeler of the
            Albemarle County,Va., Election Board and Jay DeLancy of the North Carolina
            Voter Integrity Project, George challenged the SBE to:

            voter ID law that allows absentee voters to use mailed ballots without
            affirming their identity.

            the 50,000-plus patient beds in Virginia
            nursing homes and rehab centers
            amid reports of voting irregularities there.

            proof of citizenship to register to vote. Kansas
            and Arizona
            require this.

            audit felons who are not allowed to vote.

            nonviolent felons, especially those who commit voter fraud, should never
            be given back their right to vote,” George said.

            More broadly, George said, “Virginia must control the registration
            process, as well as the form used to register voters. The current system is the
            perfect vehicle for identity theft and ‘lost’ registrations.”

            “There needs to be a clearinghouse for all
            voter fraud referrals statewide,” he said. “The SBE would be the perfect place
            to assume that role and provide transparency for the public.”

            DeLancy and Wheeler urged the board to open
            its voter-crosscheck data to the public and to publicize cases of voter fraud.

            DeLancy said groups that downplay or dismiss
            the incidence of ongoing voting irregularities use “pretzel logic.”

            “If prosecutors don’t prosecute, there’s no
            ‘crime,’” he noted.

            The three-member state board —
            controlled by Republicans until the end of the year — took VVA’s
            recommendations under advisement.

            If you haven’t already, be sure to check out
            “Deputy loses it on retired Marine who was
            taping her entire meltdown.”

            Published with permission from Watchdog.org

          12. muskat antonopolis says

            thank you..but I have read this earlier…important that we know this is happening and we should make every effort to STOP this selling of our Constitutional Rights
            to those who have NO RIGHT to them…..again, misuse of Presidential, Congressional and State political power…and, why do we as Citizens continue
            to allow our elected officials the latitude to make decisions that greatly influence
            the lives of the everyday citizens without as much as a “what do you think”…
            this is beyond reason and fairness to those who have for generations supported
            this Nation and have done all that we could to see Her grow in beauty and grace!
            Then these userpers come in by stealth and disception (?) and gain a toehold
            on the truth of our Nation….the next thing that we know is that we are at war,
            and we are at risk of our liberties as a result of a liberal agenda fostered by some
            LOBBYIST…..well, what can be done? All of you who post on the web AGAINST
            this Presidential regime must make their voice (their opposition) heard///VOTE//
            VOTE……VOTE…If you do NOT vote, then SHUT UP re who is running things
            and the way this Nation is leaning….you deserve the next 4 years…….what do
            you have to say?????

          13. pineapple says

            Our choices are ballots, bullets, or bondage.

          14. muskat antonopolis says

            i do not know which hurts the worst….and I do not know which does the most damage?

          15. muskat antonopolis says

            thought I would also share this with you…people disclaim the Christian gospel
            and say all manner of things to discredit it….most never read it and therefore
            have an empty onesided argument that carries no weight…however, let me draw yours and other who read this post attention to one chapter in Genesis that i
            referenced several times on the net….Chptr 16 re Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and
            Ishmael….bottom line is Ab raham did not adhere to Gods word and had
            sexual relations with his wifes maidservant Hagar at his wifes suggestion and
            probably because of Abrahams grumbling re “when is God going to keep his
            word and make me a great nation?”….Hagar becomes pregnant…Sarah gets
            jealous and sends hagar out of the camp into the desert….Hagar has the
            child and is afraid that the two of them will die of exposure and is crying and
            lamenting her situation when God speaks to her and says that He will make a
            great nation (in numbers of people – same as Gods promise to Abraham), and
            tells Hagar to call the child Ishmael (translates to God hears – Hagars cries
            and lamenting), and God also describes Ishmael and his descendants personality
            characteristics…..vs. “he will be a wild man, his hand will be against EVERY
            man (emphasis mine), and every mans hand against him; and he shall dwell
            in the presence of all his brethren…..So many of the worlds problems could
            be solved IF we would listen to God and read His word….If those in Europe
            had believed Gods word and adhered to it…would they have been so anxious
            to accept the refugees flooding into their countries knowing the those who they
            welcomed would destroy the host Nations? that they are violent and unstable?
            that they would soon demand equal status with the natural borne citizens and
            destroy their host if not so granted….they are like the parasite wasp…who
            stings into immobility an insect and then buries the insect in a hole in the
            ground and then lays her egg on the insect…when the egg hatches it eats
            the immobilized insect…..Europe is lost to Islam….such a terrible shame…

          16. Guillermo3 says

            What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Stupid libTURD, It means, “ONLY WHITE FOLKS ARE RACIST!”…… Stupid libTURD has to post the F word…..Stupid libTURD won’t admit that blacks and latinos are racist. STUPID RACIST LIBTURD!

          18. Guillermo3 says

            YOU REALLY DON’T troll Well,OSAMA OBAMA.

          19. Guillermo3 says

            Sorry,OSAMA OBAMA,but your Nazi Rage-Venting abilities are painfully underdeveloped.Maybe tutoring at a Young Republican Training Camp would help?

          20. Guillermo3 says

            Really Very hackneyed,Amateurish TROLL,OSAMA OBAMA!

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            I’ll study your “Very hackneyed,Amateurish” posts and improve my trolling, ….but I won’t capitalize incorrectly and punctuate properly! Gutlessrmo0!

          22. Guillermo3 says

            No,while I am Caucasian,Hating Dog Shit tagged OSAMA OBAMA DOES NOT make me a racist.

          23. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Sure you are feces boy! Yer white. Troll away stupid and thumb yourself up some more.

          24. Cdreeder says

            you are a dog poop eating lib-tard who has nothing to do but porn little girls and masturbate to 0 bungholes daughters

          25. Michael Dennewitz says

            That’s what yo momma said to your dadda when she hung her fat ass over the edge of the bathtub and shit you. Oh, that’s right, you ain’t even sure who yo daddy is! Ha!

          26. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LibTURDS and minorities only have one parent…..the mother…..”the pimp daddy done gone away…si, se puede!”

          27. muskat antonopolis says

            Michael…Michael…..don’t fall into guiyermos trap….all that he/she/it (?) is doing is
            yanking yo chain brudda…….

          28. Guillermo3 says

            Really NOT very Good,are YOU,Michael Dennewitz?

        3. Donnie Buchanan says

          Does this mean that Barack and Michael .. er, Michelle .. can’t be in the Black Panthers club house ??

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Of course they can! Being black and part of a Black racist org. is the same as a mexican being part of a racist mexican org……IT AIN’T RACIST! Only Whites are racist!

          2. joe says

            Get load of whites on a bus to cause mayhem and you be in trouble.

          3. Loving America says

            The blacks however good they are usually you will hear in their groups them calling each other “little nigger” on a continuous basis in fun and sometimes not in fun and they have call me the same name messing around and funning, but it is
            and should be stopped before they call the rest of us racist….until they clean up their minds and get help to do so if they need to and quit living slavery that they had no part in at all and they know nothing about it except what they have been told….the blacks and mexicans and the rest of the cry-babies of America will never
            be able to rule their own homes or communities without cleaning themselves up
            first and become strong enough to slap their own kids off the streets of America and off the street corners, then they can knock the treacherous dope dealers out
            of their communities and pimps along with them…..get rid of the muslim talking baptist preachers out of their Churches, they the men can let up on their women they say they are married too and love and give them their Rights without them having to bowing to the men of the World…oh yes it goes on to this day and black and mexican women need to slap the hell out of the men and stop being slaves to their causes! When they decide to do all of the above and clean up their messy yards then they can start yelling racist to the rest of Us….but until then back off!

          4. Loving America says

            No the black panthers….No I mean the blacks who wear black panties who thinks
            they can strut their muscles and threaten the rest of Us…..play obama games too!!

    3. jaybird says

      I love your last sentence! We need to let SNL know that we support them having the Donald host their show. I don’t usually watch them unless they have any interesting person on. We can’t let these foreigners/liberals/leftist, etc. dictate what goes on here in the American people’s country.

      1. Guillermo3 says

        JAHWOHL,jaybird!!! Sheistkopf Uber Alles!

        1. jaybird says

          Don’t know what you just posted and don’t give a sh-t.

          1. Guillermo3 says

            CORRECTION,jaybird:You could Never Understand whatI posted,so it would be Impossible for you to care.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          What a dildo!!

          1. Guillermo3 says

            Please Don’t Brag,Michael Dennewitz!!!! You’re Not That Good a Dildo!!

          2. Guillermo3 says

            Yes,unfortunately,Michael Dennewitz is a rather Badly Used,Very Diseased Dildo,but Lynne Cheney still uses him.

        3. muskat antonopolis says

          oh shove that crap back up your arse where it came from …….we have no time for
          nazis especially children who are trying to act like Nazis…now go play with your
          hitler doll….and let the grown ups alone…..go to bed now…its way past your
          bedtime munchkin…..

    4. Guillermo3 says

      Spoken like a True Asshole,James Maxwell !

      1. James Maxwell says

        I take you are one of the Illegal Invaders, so pack up and go home to what ever hell
        hole you crawled out of and take your family along with you.

        1. Guillermo3 says

          No,actually,the English Immigrant side of my family arrived in N.America some 400 years ago,but it’s true they did intermarry with some of the Natives(Cherokees) about 150 years back.

      2. Deby says

        no, that would be you Guillermo-so zip it.

        1. Guillermo3 says

          NO,that would be YOU,Deby zipperhead.

          1. Deby says

            wow snappy come-back-not original tho, since you are apparently brain dead.my original comment stands –you are an asshole

          2. Guillermo3 says

            NO dear Deby….That would be Deby’s Asshole,Incurably Diseased by receiving Too Many Republican Penises.

          3. Guillermo3 says

            NOT quite,Deby….But speaking of Anuses:Mine’s a bit sore after my disgusting labor Excreting Deby.Thanks for your concern!

          4. Cdreeder says

            you are too stupid to be alive…you doing time for what? idiot troll bag

          5. Guillermo3 says

            REALLY,Deby???!Really?! You Stand on your asshole??! REMARKABLE.

        2. Guillermo3 says

          Oh,Deby! PLEASE administer your Liquid DRANO Douche soon!! The smell is Overwhelming!!!!!!!!!

    5. HadEnough says

      You are 100% Correct, James and pineapple !!!

    6. jak says

      Well said.

    7. Annetta Sheppard says

      I agree about the protestors (99% of them NOT CITIZENS and have absolutely no rights to vote or protest anything. The manager where I live is a human trafficker. Bringing illegals into
      this senior only cottage community. When moved here, I was and still am shocked about the continual breaking of the law. in the steady flow of illegals. I have had my home broken into for the last 5 years. Citizens are forced out of their apartments in favor of replacing them with illegals. There are 3 apt housings that are now full of illegals. I don’t know where the citizens went, just that they have been forced out. Police don’t show up when they are called. These illegals and jailbirds have been using my kitchen, pantry and bathroom as a shopping place to steal my food and supplies instead of the REAL STORE. I have had personal items stolen and rare silk.. artificial flowers that cannot be replaced because they are not being made anymore. The manager told them to EAT AT MY HOME This was new information for me. Ate me out of house and home. My car has been vandalize continually with sledgehammers. I finally got fed up. A camera has been put in and I am arming myself to protect myself IS IT ANY WONDER THAT I AM NOT FOR LEGLIZATION OF THESE ILLEGALS! there is so much more. I am a senior disabled citizen and want to know when citizens are going to be defended…when and where are my rights. Oh yes as for Trump no for my vote. We need someone with guts to stop this anti-citizen plague

    8. Juan TwoTree says

      “F” the Mexican wet-backed mf’er’s! The wouldn’t be protesting if they were here LEGALLY!

    9. Michael says

      Very well said!

    10. Brenda says

      In all reality, we should care about what La Raza and other pro-illegal groups think, and more importantly what the do. Our Constitution clearly states that ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS are permitted to vote; yet La Raza pushed the issue until some states allowed NON-CITIZENS to vote in local elections. They pushed ILLEGALS were able to receive drivers licenses, without identifying their ILLEGAL STATUS. Now they have some states automatically registering voters at renewal of drivers license.

      1. muskat antonopolis says

        ;oqjw c

    11. Juanita Elrod Reed says


    12. patricia crevier says

      Well said James Maxwell.

    13. Lynne Jackson says

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  3. blackhawk132 says

    God , not wanting to interfere with free choice , must be shaking His head in disapointment over how satan could have destroyed the U.S. in just 6 years . The final blow will be the next election to elect Hillary who will finish satans destruction of our once great Christian nation.Will Americans listen to God or will they ignore our maker ??? Our destruction is quickly approaching .Who will you stand with ???

    1. Robert says

      Agreed. But in all reality, it has been being “destroyed” for the last 50 or more years. It has just been a lot more of “in your face” since Obumba has taken the helm. At least that’s the way I see it. Everyone has their own opinion and nobody is wrong( as long as it is an opinion) all we can do is continue to stand and fight tyranny. Is everyone STOCKED UP? Lock and load. It sure is gonna be a doozie.

  4. Rock J. Dueck says

    Why would we even consider the opinions or objections of criminals and their supporters? If America is such a terrible place, why are they so anxious to come?

  5. Judie K Kopfman says

    I wish this country could get through one day without racial discord and maybe we will enjoy it so much that we can try for another day and see if it becomes a habit. Everyone has been labeled a Racist for any number of reasons. Absolutely sick of the whole damn thing.

    1. Al Hope says

      Sadly, it will not stop. The good hearted Democrat party has been taken over by disciples of Saul Alinsky and the aggressively radical tactics of displacement politics. These guerilla tactics are now being urgently adopted by the Republican activists who have been standing in formation in the middle of the field getting picked off from folks hiding behind the trees.

  6. Kent2012 says

    hey Hispanics (the real true Hispanics ?? the ones that have been dead for 600 years ?) go pound sand…if you need some sand the rags have plenty…

  7. CCblogging says

    Deport them all.

  8. Bud44 says

    These assholes would complain if we gave them each a million dollars a year, free health insurance, a free house, etc. . That is what these people do, complain about everything. Yet they want to continue to speak spanish , They don’t want to assimilate like every group before them did. If you want to speak spanish , go live in a country where spanish is the official language. i have no problem with spanish radio, and TV shows. My grand parents use to listen to radio shows in their native tongue, but my grandfather made sure that his family spoke English outside the home. He was proud to be an American, unlike the hispanics who seem to be ashamed of it. That is why we say go back to where you come from, and if you were born here just leave.

    1. Deby says

      sounds like a perfect description of a dumbocrat to me! well done.

  9. Lance Lucius says

    Piss off illegals, we neither need nor want your sorry asses in this country. Go F up your own, or fix the problems in your own.

  10. Vernon Cunningham says

    What race are they ? I don’t recall one being mexican. We have red white black and yellow. Nothing about taco.

  11. hangem'high says

    Just because they’re in prison doesn’t mean they broke the law! The liberals will compline how you take a chett while they chett the same way!

  12. Dennis B Anderson says

    Hey heres something for immigrants you have no say if youre not a citizen. Now go back and talk your $hit
    to the country you came from before we american rise up and start throwing you out physically. Ill give you one last meal before you are thrown out!! Ive got a used buritto floating in the toilet. Youll have to bring your own hot sauce.

  13. Debbie says

    PC PC PC Get a grip.

  14. lou says

    Im Hispanic and I support Trump 100%’

  15. joed says

    To all Hispanic no one cares what you think but you all , time for all you fuck heads to leave and go back were you came from and Iam not a racest ,,,,,I am an American wanting my country back ..Because you people take ,,,,take ,,,,take and take …..and complain about everything that you think you should have ……you all are the problem here and the American are tired of it ….. I speak the truth… the only reason you are here is because someone is making money off of you people and those are the people that want you here so time to fuck off be gone … let AMERICANS LIVE AGAIN ….

  16. Patriot47 says

    LaRaza is just BLM wearing a sombrero. Now come and get me PC police.

    1. Deby says

      haven’t heard from any trolls yet-you are safe for now!! LOL:)

  17. jjmcl431 says

    and i protest all these illegal Hispanics sneaking across our border with Mexico.

  18. kbfallon says

    The illegal criminals who snuck into our country do not like it? Then they for sure will not like it when their asses are looking at a fence that they cannot get thru to sneak in here after Trump DEPORTS them! All those who were protesting should be filmed and checked for legal status. Legal immigrants are welcome…as long as they are 100% legal– we are fine with those. from a taxpayer.

  19. Gerry Costa says

    Sounds to me like the hispanics are as naive and gullible or as ignorant as the blacks who fall for sharpton’s and farrankan’s or the blm’s BS, they are falling for the BS from organizations like laraza and national hispanic leadership. All the above mentioned are just bilking their own people and getting rich while the reall people are getting sh!t on. They keep the chaoe going for their own agenda just like this administration in fact — I believe they are all in this together. Call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever but look at all the facts.

    1. jaybird says

      It depends on how uneducated they are. A lot of these 3rd world countries are really poor from the actions of the dicktators.

  20. Julian Lopez says

    I am hispanic and I am really ashamed how the majority has embraces the left. It is pitiful.

    1. Al Hope says

      Thank you speaking out! I single voice from our fair minded Hispanic community can diffuse a million lies of Alinsky-trained Mexican racialists.

  21. Apolloone says

    These Spanish groups are of the Communist ideology, and it seems the vast majority of immigrants support Democrats, a name that’s become synonymous with Communism. These Spanish groups have much in common with Muslims, they both make demands that threatens free speech and each group is being taken care of by we the taxpayers, M

  22. junkmailbin says

    chinga los hotos de La raza

  23. Lorraine E says

    There are many wonderful patriotic Mexican citizens working in our country and the CFR corporate media never addresses them because it doesn’t suit their agenda of creating public opinion, causing dissention, and working to destroy our republic. It is a known fact that George Soros is funding groups such as Black lives matter through his wealthy servant, Al Sharpton, and paying the useful idiots to riot, demonstrate, burn their neighborhoods to the ground, and just have a great time wilding. If the truth was revealed, funding for the Mexican protestors could probably also be traced right back to George Soros, the man who destroys countries. And of course, the evil liars in the corporate media jump on every opportunity to use the George Soros paid for demonstrations and riots to create false public opinion.

  24. D. Mark says

    This are not our law-abiding citizens that are protesting, these are the illegal immigrants behind this, why would anyone protest, all Trump wants to do is enforce our immigration laws!

  25. grama18 says

    I will have to watch that show. I like Trump !! AND i will vote for him. I have not watched this show in years.

  26. Karole Conaway says

    The government that supports the continued flow of illegal immigrants and refugees, without screening to keep the criminals and terrorists out is the major problem in this country…not the Mexicans or the muslims. Obamass is the criminal leading the pack and most of congress is right there with him!Our elections have been a sham for years! The corporate powers, the 1% control the elections and make sure their paid puppets get into office. Money and control are their goals.

  27. Albert L Biele says

    America welcomes all foreigners
    who enter this country legally, and adamantly reject any foreigner who enters
    this country illegally. Our immigration laws require background checks and a
    full medical check-up as a means to prevent the spread of disease. When you
    come into this country illegally, you’re showing Americans that you do not
    respect our laws, nor do you care about the health of our people. To see
    illegal immigrants complain about Trumps effort to protect our border is
    ludicrous. Any politician who creates a sanctuary-City should be severely
    punished for abusing our federal laws. If
    there are any illegals who disagree with Trumps policy of protecting our
    borders; just follow the yellow-brick-road back where you came from; you
    already have shown your disrespect by being here, why compound your disrespect
    by demanding a status in this country, when in fact, you don’t even belong

  28. Dr Lopez says

    Many Hispanics have been fooled my La Raza for years. The national organization has learned from people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton that creating a false racicist narrative will continue to fill their bank account. Racism is the golden goose for these fascist. Truth is their enemy. Creating division is their friend. All Hispanics better wise up,put their egos aside and deside why they live in this country.

    1. Deby says

      So true-thanks for articulating! My thoughts exactly-if anyone who comes to America has the gall to find fault with ANY of our laws, customs, culture etc. then get to steppin’ back to where you came from-don’t whine about wanting America to change into Mini Mexico ’cause it ain’t happening.

  29. imbog says

    La Raza is ONLY interested in Mexico and the illegals and NOT about America.and should spend more time criticizing their own government and country for not being more like the USA. They are liars and cheats to rape America of American benefits that are for Americans. More than 25% of ALL children in America in 1st grade are Latino and will be voting when 18 years old==Then we will be called “Northern Mexico”

  30. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    La Raza, La Raza who? These are obumas buddy’s. Hey, trouble makers, you are a breaking wave, Where in hell did you come from? You mean NOTHING to We the People! GET LOST!

  31. David says

    Go back to mexico ……….

    1. Al Hope says

      …to help fix Mexico for the people of Mexico.

  32. Ddenney1 says

    Not a Trump guy but the ILLEGALS are being USED just like the poor and ALL minorities for their agenda!! See the so called OCCUPIERS!!! Ever ask yourself whatever happened to them?? I guess ANOTHER SOROS CHECK DID NOT CLEAR!!!! Remember when Nasty called the Tea Party Astro Turf??? BUT the occupiers were REAL but then we found out the Dims and good old NAZI collaborator George was sending people to colleges to PAY for their “anger”? Why have we not heard anything on the left ask whatever happened to the trash they left behind their paid protests??? What about the RAPES at THEIR events? Or the BIG one the MURDERS that happened?? I know it is inconvenient for the LEFT especially for the Media to ADMIT their involvement NOW!!! Like showing the picture of the so called racist carrying weapons at the Tea Party rally 5 years ago that when the scene was expanded it turned out that it was a BLACK man defending his rights it really messed up their narrative!! ?That’s what happens when to shine a light on their lies it just goes away and nobody pays!!

  33. Barrustio says

    National Hispanic Leadership Agenda and La Raza would do better by AMERICAN Hispanics if they concentrated of AMERICANS rather than make it easier for illegals to monopolize labor as well as many other aspects of Hispanic American culture. They DO NOT speak for all Americans of Hispanic descent. In Houston good old fashioned Tejano (native born Texans of Hispanic descent) Music which is played by Americans of Hispanic descent, is dying due to the monopoly of Mexicans dominating all radio stations…Tejanos have been relegated to internet radio. Go Tejano Day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a joke because there are no Tejanos there…all illegals, including the performing acts. So these Hispanic/Latino organizations DO NOT speak for a great majority of Hispanics/Latinos in America who are equally frustrated with rampant immigration which contribute to the demise of a culture developed by Americans of Hispanic descent.

  34. Wildeagleone says

    I have to wonder if the Illegals, from any country, are so fed up with the laws of America, why the hell they are all sacrificing their lives to leave their own countries to get here. Here in America if the channel you are watching is of no interest to us, we change channels, if the food is not what we like to eat, we don’t eat it, and if the law of the land says there is a process we have, to admit them into this country, and they don’t follow that law and sign up the legal way to get here, then we send you back home and give you the chance to fight your own government. Illegals have come to this country in pursuit of freedom and a better life than that of their own country so, why not assimilate or get the hell out of America and make your country a better place to live

  35. rayhause says

    It is strange but this Marxist organization no more thatn two months ago supported Jeb Bush, I wonder where they are now. What really happened, I guess, was one of the good ole boys put a few dollars in their coffers. The mother of the Castro Bros. from San Antonio was one of it’s most avid spokesman and she past all of her political leanings to her sons. Those Hispanics that recognize that illegal immigration does not help the average Hispanic and that is why the vast majority of citizens and legal immigrants support Trump. If they don’t want Trump at the SNL, let them protest, they do not represent the majority.

  36. Barbara Ervin says

    If you’re here illegally we don’t give a $^*t (at least I don’t) WHAT you think. You don’t belong here and we will NOT condescend to your agenda. And if you don’t like that then LEAVE!!! And if you have faux citizen anchor babies/children you CAN take them with you when you go and I, personally, would prefer you did. After all, I wouldn’t want to see your family ‘torn apart’!

  37. Barbara Ervin says

    Oh, BTW…TRUMP 2016

  38. Al Hope says

    Hispanic American citizens are not falling for the racialist agenda of a few angry Mexican citizens who constantly cram a lawless intolerance down the throat of a diverse, lawful and fair Hispanic citizenry that they do NOT represent.

    Together, ALL citizens will Make America Great, Again!

  39. jim_wright says

    Why do I care what the Hispanics and their organizations think? They support Illegals who break our laws and steal from this country.

    1. hcool says

      Americans have to take charge of our country or we will lose it to everybody else who can break into the country!

  40. sharon says

    Who cares, go back to Mexico if you don’t like it, nobody wants you in America anyway

  41. sharon says

    The Muslim trash in the white house stands behind all murderous scum, because he is just like them.