Hollywood Not Liberal Enough for Liberals


If you want to know just how far to the left today’s elite liberals are trying to pull us, take a look at Amy Zimmerman’s article in The Daily Beast. Called “Hollywood’s Liberalism in Crisis,” the article proceeds to whine about a handful of superstar liberals who are apparently not following the left’s marching orders at every possible junction. Specifically calling out Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck, and others, Zimmerman seems personally offended by any stars who might actually have a mind of their own.

Damon, one of the most outspoken liberals in Tinseltown, is in trouble twice-over with the extremists. His sins? He didn’t specifically choose a pair of black contestants to win HBO’s Project Greenlight competition. Oh, and he told The Guardian that actors should keep their sexuality to themselves. “I think you’re a better actor the less people know about you, period,” he said.

Ben Affleck is a terrible person for trying to downplay his slave-owning ancestry.

Meryl Streep and Marion Cotillard are to be shamed because they don’t identify as feminists.

Zimmerman concludes that “Hollywood is a horrible place” for minorities, undeserving of its progressive label. Apparently, if you’re anywhere to the right of Noam Chomsky, you deserve to be shunned.

We’ve seen this before, not even that long ago. Liberals tore into Patricia Arquette earlier this year when she wasn’t feminist enough in her Oscar acceptance speech. If you’re not hitting every college-campus talking point these days, it doesn’t matter if you are a card-carrying Democrat. It’s not good enough anymore.

This has depressing implications, and the effects on Hollywood are the least of them. The left is patrolling its borders carefully, and these loony toons are ready to put up a wall. On one side of the wall – themselves. On the other – everyone who disagrees with them on even the smallest of points. Would-be allies like Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, and the aforementioned Hollywood liberals have been deported. Caitlyn Jenner even risks being shipped over to the intolerant side of the wall for her insistence on remaining a Republican and her doubts about gay marriage. You either buy into the whole thing, or they don’t want you at all.

This might turn out to be a good thing, actually. Once you decide that anyone who fails to meet your ideological purity test is actually just as bad as your sworn enemy, you make for yourself a tidy little echo chamber. And as the echoes get louder and crazier, more liberals are going to find themselves wondering what’s on the other side of the wall. Soon, the extreme left territory will be so small that we won’t have to listen to them anymore.

But that’s an optimistic view. In reality, the opposite seems to be happening. The wall keeps moving, and liberals keep jumping to stay in progressive good graces. White people are gladly willing to concede that their “privilege” means that their opinion doesn’t matter in comparison to a minority’s. Straight people seem ashamed of their sexuality. Christians tie themselves in knots to distance themselves from the Bible parts no longer acceptable to the left.

What’s really interesting is that, with all of this going on, the media continues this story about extremist right-wingers taking over the GOP. Maybe one day, a mainstream reporter will finally look around and come to the conclusion that there might be just a hint of projection in that assertion.

But that’s awfully optimistic, too.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Hollywood is keeping pace with liberals…

    Nothing intelligent to say and they aren’t worth listening to.

    1. graybuffalo says

      Actors are living in fantasy land…I guess it comes from pretending they are someone else (acting), rather than living in their own skin. It doesn’t help that most of them are also dumb as a box of rocks.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Let’s not forget about the massive amounts of money they get paid, The more money you have, the bigger and more stable your fantasy world can get. Think about Michael Jackson’s life. He never really grew up.
        Look at congress, they have soooo much money to shield them from reality. They think the TPP is a good idea. Even if it dose export 4,000,000,000 more jobs, and lower our food and medicine standards. They probably figure their money can buy them safety for their own rules. Here’s an example :

        Hillary Clinton had a private phone/data server installed. Here’s the question everyone should be asking………Why?
        Because when the Patriot Act was passed, she was a Senator. She knew in order for the government to get your data information, all they have to is go to your data carrier, and get the records. ATT, Sprint, Verizon, etc would hand them over. No questions asked.
        If one has their own data server, you can edit what the government sees.
        She placed herself ABOVE THE LAW, going through a loop hole. I’m 90% sure Hillary isn’t the only DC Elite who is doing this………..
        Think about it……………….

        1. glorybe2 says

          Conservative republicans have deliberately caused American businesses to go off shore. By making less jobs available in the states they keep the price of labor down. That pattern is repeated in their union busting activities. Ronald Reagan wanted a very subservient working class and these policies were not by accident but quite deliberate. After all when you are filthy rich you don’t want to pay much for getting your lawn taken care of. Yet some sheep still vote right wing.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Chicago, Carl Sandburg’s “City of the big shoulders,” is about to find out just
            how heavy a tax burden homeowners are able to bear. Mayor Rahm Emanuel
            has revealed his plan for a massive property tax increase to pay for unfunded pension obligations. And for taxpayers, it isn’t pretty. The mayor wants a $543 million increase in property taxes to cover police and fire pensions, as well as additional taxes and fees to close a projected $745 million budget shortfall.”

            Reagan stopped the air traffic controllers from striking which would have paralyzed the country. It’s you liberal frauds that want open borders and cheap Latin American workers that work under the table, sending billions home and not paying in to the system that you stooges have set up for the lazy and slovenly that refuse to do their work.

          2. faturism says

            C’mon, I defy you to find a dimlib who has ever owned or managed a business…..for more than a week. They, like their Dear Leader Bathhouse Barry, are not only ignorant of how business works, heck, they don’t even know how money works. Hence the 19 trillion debt and counting. Their only solution is to throw money at it……anything and everything. Problem is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.
            Margaret Thatcher

          3. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Too bad Margaret Thatcher wasn’t our first woman president instead of obama.

          4. faturism says

            yep, pretty obvious why the dimlibs vilified her……….they hate logic and have no concept of common sense.

          5. faturism says

            Made my day, thanks for the chuckle. So guess that makes Moochie the First Beard.

          6. Gerry Costa says

            I think you have that backwards – glory !!!!!

          7. mac12sam12 says

            We currently have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, complements of President Hussein. Think that helps? Speaking of illegals, the LA Times said that less than 2% of farm workers are illegals. What is destroying the middle class are the illegals. Obama in a YouTube video from 2006 said that the reason for stagnant middle class wages was because of illegals. Obama built that.

          8. Laurence Almand says

            Two percent of farm workers? Take a look at the slaves in the California fields. Make that probably twenty percent.

          9. mac12sam12 says

            The LA Times says less than 2% of illegals work in agriculture. They also say that 95% of wanted felons are illegals, and they’re also 35% of the prison population in CA.

          10. yearnd says

            Actually the percentage is 2% . We still have a very effective Migrant farm worker Visa program that actually works.
            I think that 2 problems can be rolled into one action, start raiding job sites that use illegal labor, that with swift deportation and border enforcement will open up lots of jobs. However employers will have to reacquaint themselves with the meaning of a living wage, and as a result prices will have to go up on new home construction, Hotel Rooms, Chicken, Lawn Service, and all of the rest that we all know so well.
            Employers should be billed for any Welfare, or Medicaid, Deportation, and Court costs for any illegal that they have employed for over 6 months. This will put a lot of them out of business so that will create more opportunities for people who want to start or expand a business that does things lawfully. We have become a society that is hooked on shortcuts and cheating. Some of our students and their teachers want the easy way and it shows in our ratings compared with other countries. The thread runs through society, and even to politics where so many are convinced that a savior will change things overnight. With a complete analysis and truth be told Even the Obama faithful are probably disappointed with their savior, as his agenda was not exactly what they had in mind.

          11. maxx says

            Hate to break your liberal bubble but it was a democrat namely Bill Clinton that signed the largest trade agreements in history with the help of Rino Republicans. NAFTA opened Pandora’s Box not only forcing but encouraging American businesses to move out of the country. Then he also signed huge trade agreements with China while turning over the port of Long Beach to them. He then turned over the Panama Canal Zone to Panama clearing the way for China now running the Panama Canal. Conservative republicans huh? Get your facts straight comrade.

          12. Francisco Machado says

            In theory, NAFTA opened world markets to competition where American ingenuity, innovation and productivity could compete against other countries to provide world consumers with the most desired products at the lowest cost. In practice, the American government, while opening this door, had no intention of permitting America to compete and used high corporate taxes, a virtual encyclopedia of frequently increasing regulations and demands for inspections, record keeping and documentation and a President promising a large increase in energy cost, again through taxes and regulation. Just to top this off, in a climate of departing companies and record number of working age citizens unemployed, Hillary is campaigning to increase corporate taxes. A company cannot produce a product it cannot sell it at a competitive price and continue to survive. This concept can be applied to nations in the global market.

          13. Laurence Almand says

            Exactly. So the ChiComs undermined the American economy by flooding our country with slave-made products. Go to any Wal-Mart and check how many of their products are made in China.

          14. maxx says

            That would be 97%. Most good old American products carrying familiar American names are made in China. Someone sent me an email containing pictures of the Chinese cargo ship fleet that carries products destined exclusively for Wal-Mart. The ships were gigantic. Just like the fleet of twin hulled giant Chinese aircraft carriers that they are building an island in the ocean to harbor them. They look to be twice as big as our largest carrier.

          15. yearnd says

            Wal-Mart Spec. products are made by many U.S. Brands like Black and Decker. They are different, cheaper lighter on the inside than the same model same brand that you would find at a Ace hardware or Home Center. That goes for the bits as well as the drill. When you are as big as wal-mart, you can dictate quit a range of compromises and concessions.

          16. maxx says

            Very true. Even Craftsman tools which were always the best produce cheaper versions. One needs to examine them very carefully. I attend a lot of car shows and swap meets and run into the Craftsman “junk” tools often. They do not say “made in” on the tools which is a dead give away that they could be from anywhere but the USA. The US is doing a lot of business with South Korea and the S.K.’s seem to have picked up much of their manufacturing expertise from the west. Heck, the Hyundai and Kia cars are competing with Toyota and Honda head to head today. I have looked at both and they are excellent machines.

          17. yearnd says

            When the jobs were shipped to china, the machinery inside the buildings was shipped too, then the machine tools necessary to forge, lathe, and temper the basic parts that make up industrial manufacturing. Toyotas were a curiosity and a little bit of a joke when they first were coming off the boats. It didn’t take long before the joke was on Detroit, and us. Same with Kia, they have become sharp well made cars, and they are not afraid to stand behind their product too.

          18. Eleanor Cummings says

            One of the reasons we shop elsewhere

          19. maxx says

            At first I thought you were trying to “straighten me out”. That was until I realized your post followed many others responding to glorybe2. So we see eye-to-eye on NAFTA. It’s theory and actual results had 180 degrees of separation. Just one of those familiar unintended consequences liberals always seem to create because they are so damn mentally retarded.

          20. Laurence Almand says

            Clinton the Commie did more damage to the US economy than all other presidents. Opening the floodgates to cheap Chinese products caused mass bankruptcy and unemployment, because our companies could not compete with cheap Chinese products made by wage-slaves working for almost nothing.
            In addition, allowing ChiComs to buy American real estate (they own property in Manhattan) is an outrage. No Communist country should be allowed to buy ANY American property!

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says


          22. David Nichols says

            Glorybe2… Wow, where to start?
            To have revealed your defective mental processes for all the world to read, and it didn’t take you but one paragraph! Well done sir, or madam, or if you’re not sure, bloop!

          23. faturism says

            Too funny, thanks

          24. faturism says

            glorybe……..Your comment is SO incorrect I don’t know whether to laugh at the joke or cry for the ignorance. I can tell you’re a dem/lib by your lack of knowledge and understanding of business and how it works. BTW Only a moron would want to “pay much” for getting his lawn taken care of, …whatever that means, Einstein

          25. Justice says

            “I don’t believe a thing the press says except the date at the top of the paper.”
            —Pastor Jack Hyles (a quote from the awesome biography of Dr. Hyles titled, “The Fundamental Man,” page 340, by Cindy Hyles Schaap)

        2. Laurence Almand says

          They are probably all doing it. Keep in mind that Congress deliberately exempted itself from Obamacare. Just what was the reason for that? Because the politicos knew the truth about the chaotic system?
          Don’t blame Hillary, even though she is two-faced and perfidious. If I could afford it I would have my own private phone/data server also.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Normally I say
            Don’t hate the players, hate the game
            In congress’ case, they made the rules. So lets hate them all.

        3. Frances George says

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      2. fred says

        Most of these people who make millions in Hollywood can’t balance a checkbook or do their own grocery shopping fgs, they are not even classified as human, they are just complete drains on our society and contribute absolutely nothing to it! I wish all would move to a communist country and leave the freedoms to those of us who work for it everyday of our lives!

      3. MAHB001 says

        Careful, rocks do not like to be insulted….

      4. WK WhiteWolf says

        I Hear That One Sa`luxt My Friend

    2. Jimmy Quick says

      This is interesting. I always believed that when anyone, especially libs, start believing their own PR, it’s all downhill from there. If we had the time to invest in following any of these people 24/7 for just a week, you could learn that they are just as hypocritical as any of the rest of society. So, who does this Zimmerman babe think she is, trying to tell anyone what to think or how to live?

      1. MAHB001 says

        I believe the answer to your question is arrogance. Zimmerman is obviously far more intelligent than the Hollywood elites, who are far more intelligent than Zimmerman….

        The only time this circle jerk gets interesting is when one of them shows weakness.

        That is when I pull out the popcorn because liberals eat their own when they are weak.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Dead on.

    3. Garden_Goddess says

      I agree with you. I haven’t gone to the movies in years. Why pay big bucks to see and hear unintelligent dribble. I would rather hold on to my hard earned money than give it to the movie industry. Besides, the libs have other ways of getting my money such as higher taxes and Obamacare insurance premiums.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Well said!!

      2. MAHB001 says

        Movies are more than unintelligent dribble these days.

        They are propaganda… Come on, don’t you want to pay for your own brainwashing???

        1. Laurence Almand says

          Most films are just re-hashes of past hits, with no plot, no character, no substance. They are written by film-school grads who merely parrot past hits. When is the last time you saw a film as good as GONE WITH THE WIND?

      3. Laurence Almand says

        Stars are grossly overpaid and films are grossly overpriced. Save your $$ and buy a DVD for your home library. (I can remember paying $2.50 to see BEN-HUR, ha!)

    4. Laurence Almand says

      Some of them, like Clint Eastwood, do have minds of their own, and have things to say. It took a lot of courage to buck the Hollywood Leftists and produce AMERICAN SNIPER.

      1. faturism says

        John Wayne did that decades ago…….the libturds didn’t like him and his patriotic movies (or his politics) so they blackballed him….can you imagine the gall to blackball one of the best actors ever? He just basically gave them the finger and started his own prod. co. and made some of the best movies of all time. I mean, it’s like Bathhouse Barry telling Albert Einstein he’s not smart enough to teach his kids

      2. MAHB001 says

        And what about the Dinesh D’Sousa movies… Dinesh went to prison because he pissed a liberal off.

  2. Justice says

    While people sit home across America in front of their TV, deliberately being shown reality videos of their fellow citizens committing crimes to nurture distrust in society; television producers won’t dare expose the hideous crimes being committed by high-ranking leaders—trillions of stolen taxpayer dollars, convicted government thieves (like Phillip Winn) being pardoned, the Communist administrative 4th branch of government, the treasonous crimes of allowing U.S. borders to remain open and refusing to prosecute illegals, the illegal war in Iraq, and on and on. There is much garbage being shown on TV today that is causing Americans not to trust anyone anymore. This is deliberate as part of the ongoing attack against the American family. We are living in a sicko society today, who love to watch sicko TV shows, praise sicko celebrities, and vote for sicko politicians like Obama who supports infanticide.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      “Those who control the media, will control the masses”
      -Jim Morrison

      1. Laurence Almand says

        Also those who control the schools. Read the good books LANGUAGE POLICE and BRAINWASHED for an analysis of how they are programming students to the Leftist agenda.

      2. Justice says

        Disney and all their whores wouldn’t be making all that money if the American people weren’t so in love with every form of wickedness. All this filth is being produced in AMERICA!!! The U.S. is the cesspool of this world’s iniquity and God is going to severely punish us for it as a nation! Already our nation is in economic, moral, educational, political, medical, social and legal shambles! Evil corruption is everywhere! Theft is commonplace! Most people only think of God in religious terms; but I assure you that He is pondering our every thought, word and action (Proverb 24:12). Those fools who dismiss God as “organized religion” will be sorry the second they enter into eternity and plunge into the fires of Hell forever. The second you die you will find out the horrible truth!!! You will be in Hell, crying out in torment and pain, day and night the Bible warns (Revelation 20:10), forever and ever and ever and ever and ever!!!

    2. Laurence Almand says

      Just last night I saw a TV episode on CSI MIAMI called “Kill Zone” that depicted a veteran as a psycho sniper – a blatant insult to all the dedicated men of the armed forces. (He was a White male, of course.) Such malicious propaganda is created by the Leftists who dominate the media.

      1. Justice says

        I simply cannot tell you in words how evil Walt Disney and their movies are! The place called TERABITHIA is an imaginative land conjured up in the minds of Jess and Leslie. Of course, it’s just the other side of the creek in the movie, but they use their imaginations and bring it to life. The entire movie glorifies the place of TERABITHIA—a fictional, unrealistic world created by self-imagination; YET, the Word of God and It’s teaching of eternal damnation for the wicked is scorned, rejected, and denied. This is so rotten! BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA is straight from Hell. Think about the hypocrisy of the movie script, because that’s what we’re talking about here. The writers have Leslie implying that Jess is brainwashed, because he believes in the Biblical teaching of eternal damnation in Hell.

        Yet, hypocritically, Leslie is portrayed as being open-minded and; therefore, could never believe in such nonsense. Leslie is not put-on-the-spot to explain her beliefs, or “why” she believes them, but Jess is. A clear prejudice against the Bible is evidenced here. When asked “why” they believe in Hell by Leslie, Jess and his little sister Maybel put their heads down, clearly conveying that they’ve been BRAINWASHED and don’t know why! The main message conveyed by the overall movie is this—open-minded people don’t believe in the fairytale of Hell. This is the demonic lie being taught to young people today. Let me assure you my friend, Hell is real, and has fire. Revelation 21:8 states that UNBELIEVERS will be cast into the lake of Fire!

        Furthermore, the movie is teaching young teenage boys that it’s ok to be alone with a female teacher in her car. No wonder child-molestation is increasing when Walt Disney is glamorizing such situations.

        This movie is bad news, as are most of Walt Disney’s movies. Walt Disney has been advertising their upcoming movie, Under Dog, with the slogan… “One Nation Under Dog!” Blasphemy!!!

  3. TAK1 says

    I haven’t been to a movie in 5 years, and rented a handful over the same period. Dropped cable. I don’t miss it.

    1. Tom McCain says

      Junked my TV years ago. Nothing but crap. Do miss a good documentary.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I don’t have cable or good reception out here.
        People trip when I tell them the TV is here just for DVDs.

      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        What, the ones that re-write history?

        1. glorybe2 says

          The problem with history is that we never really got the facts when we were young. Propaganda was put in place rather than real history. Now we have both good and lousy people trying to rewrite our history. Some are honest and well trained scholars but others have some weird beliefs or agendas. Imagine a teacher really describing to children just how evil we were in dealing with the first Americans or describing how some slaves were slowly lowered into boiling water and scalded to death for the amusement of plantation owners. If children were taught the truth we would probably be dealing with entire generations of radicals.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LMAO!! And the crap we are now being fed is correct or CURRENT???? The “scholars” are truthful? How many of your “SCHOLARS” are honest or well trained. If children were taught the truth, we would probably be dealing with an entire generation of workers, doers, creators, lovers, providers……..instead of America haters, slovenly, grifters, slobs, gloryb2s.

        2. Laurence Almand says

          Such as DJANGO UNCHAINED? More anti-White propaganda.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’m not ever going to a movie theater again. Don’t wanna be a victim in a mass shooting, Red Box works well for me. Plus I can drink, smoke, and eat popcorn that costs under $100 a bucket!!!!!

  4. jhforsythe says

    Is this bimbo really this stupid?

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      In a word, yes. Unfortunately she has the ear of the young and the stupid. And like a tired old soap opera, they will keep beating this horse into the ground until finally no one will be able to measure down to the low standards they set for themselves.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ………It is EZer to lower ones moral standards, than it is to raise them…….

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Then why have standards at all? Everyone gets a trophy and we all just call it a day.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            To keep lawful order. Why else?
            I like a lawful society.

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            Lawful order no longer exist in this nation. Don’t believe me. Just go out on the freeway during rush hour and drive the speed limit in a middle or right lane.

            Write back and tell me how many times you are passed by others exceeding the speed limit or how many explanative hand gestures you receive, provided you don’t loose count.

            Or go sit in a court and listen closely as you watch Judges just make up the law as they go, while completely ignoring the actual basis for factual content and therefore negating existing law.

            No, our society became lawless when a conscious choice was made to remove God from the schools and replace Him with Satanic teachings. This was all done very slowly and deliberately, (frog in a pot style), so that no one would ever realize what is happening until it is too late.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            You have a good point on the erosion of our courts.
            I’m talking about real lawlessness, like in Iraq, Yemen, and East Syria.
            Over there who ever has the biggest gun in the area, makes the rules as they go. I’m sure out right theft, murder, rape run rampet over there.
            Ferguson, Baltimore would be a wet dream for a peaceful refugee from over there. That is what happens when the justice systems and governments fall apart. Sad, but true. Can’t help but see it.

            Those countries are not a gun free zone………. they are a 911 free zone.

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            Interesting twist on this thing, but I think it all starts when we, as a society, see government injustice being perpetrated on a fellow citizen and it draws a collective yawn from the onlookers. The next time it’s you and still nobody cares. That is evidence of a society without moral or righteous indignation that is wholly lacking in direction.

            We may not be as openly violent as those nations you referenced in your post, but we are quickly headed down that same path.

          5. Cold War Gunner says

            Hope your post is sarcasm–

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            It’s a response to another post. I don’t believe the answer is to continue lowering our standards, but trust me when I say, there are plenty of people who do.

          7. Laurence Almand says

            Having proper standards of quality is “discriminatory” against low-IQ untalented people. Go on the internet and check out the Affirmative Action Standards for Compliance to find how far standards have fallen in order to create “equality.”

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            I hear you. It’s just astonishing.

    2. Arcturus6 says

      It would seem so. But then consider her obvious background and intellect based on the garbage she has written.

      1. Laurence Almand says

        Check out the good book BRAINWASHED to learn about the Socialist garbage being taught to our modern students, then wonder why they write such garbage.

    3. Arnie says

      this bimbo is correct, this is why the economy is in the ditch

      1. Mark Clemens says

        If you want the economy out of the Dump
        Vote for Trump!!!!!!

        1. muskat antonopolis says

          just what kind of pill are you Trumpettes going to take to ease your disappointment
          when the Donald walks away from the campaign…..his points are slipping almost
          as fast as his loose cannon mouth…and he said he would make like a leaf if he
          cannot in his opin win…….

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Can’t speak for the rest of them, but I saved a quaalude from ’79
            (In case of an Emergency)

  5. randi says

    Making movies does not make these (stars ) smart they are so stupid look how they are for. People like Hillary they love communism .

    1. beegeegirl says

      IF people would stop and THINK for a minute, they would realize that all of the ”celebrities” they adore so much and want to know so much about are just shells !!! they live a life being written as a script …. they are not real ! all they are are people who exist on the big screen or the little screen … in reality, they are NOTHING with NOTHING credible to say to anyone, but they keep sticking their snooty filthy noses into the lives of everyday Americans, to keep them blindly paying to see their ”movies” and watch them portraying people who don’t even EXIST !!!!!

      1. Laurence Almand says

        Keep in mind that actors images are created by expensive publicists and press agents. Many actors are the total opposite in real life of what they appear to be on screen and in their publicity. Look at Bing Crosby – a wife-beating, child-abusing drunk, who played lovable priests on screen!

    2. Mark Clemens says

      If actors are so smart, they wouldn’t need directors, Hu?

      1. Laurence Almand says

        Or writers to tell them what to say and make them appear intelligent.

    3. Laurence Almand says

      Keep in mind that stars often appear intelligent in films because their scripts are written by intelligent writers – not because they are actually bright.

  6. RuFus92 says

    They need to stick with what the do portray other people and entertain. Mot interested in their views or private lives at all. More important things to do.

  7. Joyce Clemons says

    Hollywood still has a few redeeming humans in the midst of those who have applied too much greasepaint, and no longer have any idea who they once were…Americans. But there’s nothing amusing about cannibalistic jackals in Ben Nye cake foundation.

  8. GeoLW says

    It seems that many Hollywood celebrities are highly dysfunctional human beings (one wonders how many are seeing shrinks on a regular basis). These celebs can’t seem to keep their marriages together (witness how many have had multiple marriages and/or can only stay married for a very brief period of time). They live their lives in an insulated, protective bubble which shields them from the realities of everyday life that most of us ordinary mortals have to face, and their adoring fans who shower them with undeserved attention feed their narcissism. Their job is to be professional pretenders. Why anyone would look up to them as role models for behavior or take their political pontifications seriously is beyond me.

    1. gubllod says

      Interestingly enough during the “Rodney King” riots they egged on, they put a few of their larger cars down on a critical road juncture below where many of them lived to block any rioters coming up to their area to set fire to their homes. Many Oriental business owners were crack shots and sat on buildings across from their businesses. Many looters were dropped in their tracks. Hollywood was appalled, while the LA police silently cheered!

  9. jdbixii says

    If all behavior is considered from the standpoint of purpose, it is the relevance of purpose which should be a determining and constraining factor with respect to it. The acceptability of behaviors representing alternative perspectives is dependent on to what degree they are causal of relational consequence, even cost. Without an impartial set of criteria which pertain to all, there is no such thing as “equal justice.” There is simply “relative justice.” Political leaders and societal majorities are capable of making judgments, respecting public instruction, restricting the transmission of values and beliefs on the basis of the objections of minorities to those values or beliefs. Yet, when a tragedy occurs which represents a grotesque violation of moral or ethical values, the utterly inane excuse is the means which was used to carry out the violation, not the value system of the perpetrator? Since it is the mind, the values or belief system held by individuals, which distinguishes one from another, it is the value system which motivates a person to act, according to his/her value system. Whether a person is mentally incompetent or not, plays no role in the commission of a violent act where another person must make a decision to use force to prevent the perpetrator from committing an act prohibited by law. The determining factor is the threat posed, it is not belief system which is, for all practical purposes, unknown before the fact of the crime.
    Why conservative, fundamentalist Christians, as a founding majority and a continuing majority in the nation, allowed the liberal elements within society to dictate the prohibition of the instruction of the moral and ethical values of the Judeo-Christian heritage, with its historical explanation regarding choice, freedom, and human nature, is probably due to their valuation of “separation of church and state.” It is the disorder which has resulted in society due to the elimination of absolutes which is decried by most, if not all, yet there is no will to do anything about the fundamental problem. Simply attempting to prevent access to a means, such as a gun, will NOT change the mind with the value system which, for whatever reason, hates the value system of others.

    1. glorybe2 says

      Perhaps we need to start judging actions and beliefs by the effects created rather than the intentions behind the act. In a nation with so much secrecy we can not even find out what actions are taken much less the effects of said actions. We need to strongly affirm that the law will be applied equally to all people regardless of who they are or why they commit illegal acts such as “arms for contras” or selling cocaine on America’s streets to raise money for supposed CIA activities or torturing prisoners of which our nation is guilty.

  10. peter says

    Liberals and those who support them lack substance

  11. Wesley342 says

    We can’t co exist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    Time to effect partition and physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, if we don’t, civil war is inevitable.

  12. MILES E DRAKE says

    This is nothing new – Hollywood was a cesspool of communism as early as the 1930s, and much of the cinema as well as virtually all of the theatre of this period is out-and-out propaganda. We were lucky that Cecil B. DeMille resisted infiltration by the Stalinists, and that a courageous few like Ronald Reagan and Elia Kazan stood up to insidious communists like Hammett and Hellman. Any product of mass culture today must be regarded as propaganda until proven otherwise, and it is usually not proven otherwise.

    1. gubllod says

      Don’t forget that John Wayne was just like Reagan only he did not become President. To paraphrase Wayne, life can be plenty rough, but it’s worse, if your stupid.

  13. SouthernPatriot says

    “…downplay his slave-owning ancestry” ! Probably, like me, Damon has no slave owning ancestry. Brain numbed leftists will eventually cannibalize their own. Here is another case in point.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      They were talking about Affleck’s ancestry like he had any control over what his ancestors did. They still want us to apologize for their own people selling them into slavery — when they should actually be apologizing to each other but it is easier to blame the whites.

      1. Laurence Almand says

        Keep in mind that Africa has always had slavery, going back 2,000 years. It has always been common for warring African tribes to enslave each other. The people who sold the Black Africans into slavery were the Black African slave traders.

    2. Laurence Almand says

      What “slave owning” ancestors? Can anyone prove this? Keep in mind that even in the old South, only about 10% of Whites owned slaves, and there were free Blacks who owned slaves themselves!
      And so what if he did have slave-owning ancestors? You can’t blame people today for something that happened before they were born.

  14. kotoc says

    I’m just glad I don’t live in Hollywood. Nobody would like ME there!!

  15. graybuffalo says

    Hollyweird is full of communists. McCarthy should have finished the job of ferreting out the traitors.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      He was on a roll, until he accused Ike……

    2. Laurence Almand says

      McCarthy was a drunk who wanted publicity. He did more harm than good.

  16. graybuffalo says

    Movies not utilizing guns as props are far and few apart. Hypocrites.

    1. Laurence Almand says

      You got that right! Hypocrite Sylvester Stallone – who has shot up thousands of movie screens – is an anti-gun crusader!
      The NRA magazine First Freedom ran an excellent article on Hollywood Hypocrites – it is on their website.

  17. James in Texas says

    Just ignore them, they are very busy digging their own graves. Always remember that no one can get out of this life alive, and at that moment the “price will be paid”! Few good movies have been made in the last many years, and the one’s that are acclaimed just flat “suck”! Thanks Clint, you still know what entertainment is all about, Cowboy adventures.

  18. old broad says

    Soooooooo what you are saying, Hollywood is not corrupt and communist enough for the communists ? YA, right , whose arse you are blowing smoke up ?

    1. glorybe2 says

      It’s hard to find a communist even if you try. Communism sort of perished a few decades ago. There are some right wing nations with dictators in S. America that call anyone a communist as an excuse to make them vanish suddenly. Much to my horror many of those right wing, murdering dictatorships have been supported by the US under the theory that butchering dictators hold back communism. The Shah of Iran was one such beast. He actually used air plane hangers to store chopped up political enemies and when their families came to retrieve them they had to sort through the body, parts piles trying to match up arms, legs etc.. And the good old US supported that jerk as our government thought that the Shah held back communism.

      1. old broad says

        Sooooooooo you are saying North Korean, China and Cuba are hard to find ? What kind of map did you use ?

      2. old broad says

        So you are saying you can’t find little old China, or North Korea or Cuba on your map ? How about pre communist countries (socialist) ? The very ones that run the countries that people are pouring in our southern border by the thousands to get away from, Wait for it SOCIALISM ! The self same SOCIALISM our corrupt government is trying ( with the help of people like you) to shove off on the decent American people !

  19. Daniel W Kauffman Jr says

    After the start of the French Revolution, people started being sent to the guillotine for not be Revolutionary enough LOL

  20. glorybe2 says

    Notice that actors are highly skilled and at times some of the best paid people in the nation. So why are you shocked that very few of them are even slightly conservative? Seriously look at the Tea party people. They sure as heck are not highly paid etc.. They look like Salvation Army rejects.

    1. Harry says

      I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am subscriber to the Walnut Street Theater, Wilma Theater, Suzanne Roberts Theater, and People’s Light and Theater in Malvern, PA.

      I can tell you this; the vast majority of professional actors are average working people who struggle from paycheck to paycheck. just like the rest of us as the majority of average working people. Those actors and actresses who become movie stars and TV stars are only a small minority who were either fortunate enough to get a rare lucky break to get a foot in the door of Hollywood, or were fortunate enough to inherit such Hollywood connections, such as Michael Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas, or Charlie Sheen, son of Martin Sheen.

  21. Harry says

    We need more real Americans in Hollywood like the late Charlton Heston!

  22. Allan Stark says

    There are several animal species, usually herd or pack animals, that turn on members that are different from the herd or pack. I’m not surprised that Democrat Liberals follow Nature’s animal imperatives.

  23. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Turn on the boob tube or slink in to any movie and be treated to the strong, intelligent black who invariably is a police commissioner, judge or doctor. Hispanics control the newscasts, and women are portrayed as the martial arts, weapons expert, domineering, savers of the day. In the mean time white males are fat, dumpy doofus house husbands who can’t open a can of beans without the help of the wife. Zimmerman loses sight of the fact that white males are the minority, but correct when she states, “Hollywood is a horrible place” for minorities”

  24. Elmer Fredrick says

    The DAILY BEAST is another SHIT PAPER good only for CAT LITTER if the cat doesn’t MIND

  25. Gordon Miller says

    Good acting doesn’t translate to good thinking.

    1. Shauna says

      But, but, they can act like they’re thinking….;)

  26. Gerry Costa says

    They are just ordinary people who spend most of their time playing a role. When they get into trouble is when they think their status makes them important enough for others to care about their opinions. The real problem are lunatics like this zimmerman,obozo, pelosi and the likes who think the whole world should agree with them. When actually they are just losers.

  27. richardcancemi says

    Bt definition, Progressivism is on the other side of the fence from Hollywood. Progressivism epitomizes Marxism while Hollywood is the epitome of Capitalism. Hollywood thinks “Liberalism” (the cloak Progressives hide under) equates to sexual licentiousness and debauchery. There is no political sense at all in Hollywood!

  28. downs1 says

    Fantasy Land! Many of the folks there in the acting business do not know what is real and what is not!

  29. dittybop says

    just shows how detached these people are from reality!

  30. fred says

    So they’re calling communists, socialists and liberals “progressives’ now??! Isn’t that somewhat reminiscent of how Lenin told the Russian people the Czar and his family weren’t for the progress of the people, then proceeded to starve and kill off all who opposed him after he killed the Czar’s family? I’m not sure the Czar was a perfect ruler, but he was certainly better for the People of Russia than Lenin, Stalin, and the other dictators have been, and that includes Putin btw, they are NOT free there…!

  31. pscheck2 says

    Well, so much for ‘quotas’ ; it has been effectively replaced with ‘inclusiveness’ so that most movies are ‘balanced’ with super intellectual minorities in co-staring roles and the big one::super bad ass. dominant females as stars in blockbuster movies,.The male characters seem to look bewildered might be saying saying: ‘duh?’ ‘do you want me to get coffee’ as he stands around while while the female lead shows she is in command of the situation! This was so evident in the movie: The Martian , I almost barfed half way through it! The male (white) characters were all low keyed standing around almost doing nothing (rescue) while the female characters are doing all of the thinking and devising how he (Damon) is to be rescued!
    There are so many examples of this ‘inclusiveness’ in film, TV and videos I could fill a page of other examples on this subject. I will close by citing one more extreme example of this liberal mandate: a dating site where the guys were requesting white only females, and the black females responded by calling them RACIST ! Now, those of us who are white, we have no choice in who we want in a gf or wife?

  32. suzeeqbl says

    Liberals run in packs. Their leader has to be followed impeccably. How did we ever get to the point that we do not think for ourselves.?

  33. Jerry Henrie says

    Both parties are traitors and tyrants now. They are part of the new world order, the plan to make the entire world a communist police state and the cuckservatives and liberal loons have bought into it. It is time to send the liberals left loons to North Korea for some serious wakeup time and let them take the cucksevartive traitors called the GOp with them.

  34. muskat antonopolis says

    how about this…..would Trump serve as the President if elected without his govt. salary or expenses..
    he is always talking about how wealthy he is…im a billionaire…..so a few hundred thousand cannot
    mean that much to him…..and tie his salary to his performance….when he keeps all of his promises..
    send all of the illegals back to Mexico…send all of the muslims out of the usa….fix the tax system and revamp irs…get mexico to build and pay for a wall on our borders….bring back American businesses,,,
    etc…etc….if he keeps his word then he gets his salary and even backpay plus expenses…..he fails
    to keep his promises….sorry Charlie…no ticket…no laundry…..well, do ya think he would….lets us
    see just how much of a Patriot Mr. T is…..love for him to say……YES……but will not hold my breath..

  35. Timothy Toroian says

    Liberals and leftists are THE MOST PREJUDICED PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY!!!! Why dissenting opinion bothers them so is beyond me. And they have the GALL to portray Republicans in bad light. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Tony Afara says

    Part of the left has officially turned extremists, and unfortunately they make up the majority of the left and are well funded by enemies of the states.

  37. johnnywoods says

    Ho hum.

  38. wonduh says

    Not all those who act live in a fantasy world, but the majority do. Grandma’ refuses to go to a movie downtown because she says “them folks live in a la te da world and when push comes to shove, they will die in the trampling”. Now I’m trying to find out what she meant by “trampliing”? Is she talking about running her pig crop thru Sorrywood or some mosque out that way? Later, if I find out.

  39. David Nichols says

    “we won’t have to listen to them anymore”. Hell, I don’t listen to them now…and haven’t for years!

  40. Laurence Almand says

    More Leftist/Socialist propaganda. Hollywood people have the same right of free speech and free thought as anyone else. Just because they don’t toe the Socialist line does not mean they are any the less competent. I applaud people who think for themselves and speak their minds, instead of allowing the Socialists to dictate to them.

  41. Rosech Levy says

    Like who cares. I don’t go to movies any more because the liberals/communists in those pictures. Best to read a great book and be really entertained without being insulted or ashamed of the promiscuity and profanity and near naked actors/actresses. My mind is better and I am saving a huge amount of money because tickets are way overpriced for something lacking so much value or even real entertainment!

  42. ricktenny says

    I don’t listen to them. Every once in a while one of them gives a good performance and then they all get together in a big theater and pat each other on the back and tell each other how great they are. I love my wife but those nights I head for what used to be my office and is now my reloading bench and general hobby room. She doesn’t call until the shows are over. I have a few wealthy friends. They are as down to earth as anyone else I know. Just can’t figure out what being in a movie does to make you the know all end all of earths greatest problems.

  43. sharon says

    Hollywood is a cess pool of morons who hate America and want the NWO rule.

  44. sox83cubs84 says

    Liberals claim to be the “tolerant” ones, but anyone of sound mind can see that they are the exact opposite. They don’t call ’em “Lockstep Liberals” for nothing…not to mention their goosestepping, as well.

  45. robertleo says

    There is really only one way to set Hollywood straight with their ratings. Let all Republicans and Christians stop supporting the motion picture/entertainment industry. When money stops flowing in their direction, they
    will soon realize that were tired of being criticized by these individuals were talking about. But were so caught up with idolizing celebrities it would be an outstanding event if this were to happen. Let us use our hard earned money in the communities we live that would make us feel good about ourselves.

  46. Tony says

    I want to say something, but it just is not worth the time and trouble to even mention this post….a waste of time. my cat needs petting right now, that is more important.

  47. CarolAnnD says

    Because of their relentless, mindless march to the Left, I think they are courting disaster that won’t affect them only, but slimes down into the far saner middle and adversely affects the entire country.. And the disaster is the annihilation of our freedoms and rights, as they are taking over with clear and subtle fascist tendencies. They tragically and wrongly believe that fascists must wear military uniforms.

  48. Adrian Vance says

    Movie making is the biggest free market business in the economy. Liberal actors are only acting to be liked. They are very conservative at heart. Been there worked in the business 26 years.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  49. mitchell says

    The liberals in Hollywood, are not as smart , as they think they are. reason,I am sure none ever watch the news.Begin poplar, is all they care for.

  50. Gary Von Neida says

    Joe Stalin said something profound when admitting He “could care less” about TRUTH; but, wanted to CONTROL Hollywood and the Mass Media.

  51. Gary Von Neida says

    Corporate America made Hollywood do a few things such as —–lite up tobacco in almost every scene–and it worked–coca-cola——–everybody takes a drink—–WAKE UP–Stalin did.

  52. Gary Von Neida says

    On a set one day I took note that a “background” sign that TOUTED Grey Goose suddenly “went missing”===Duh, didn’t provide the juice to remain IN THE FRAME.

  53. DBW86 says

    Gone are the real stars of Hollywood that joined the military to protect their country during WWII. Hollywood was far more moderate then. Today it’s hard to find a star who has served in the military. Instead they insist on living the radical liberal side of life and insist others must also do so. Sadly few of mainstream Americans know the beliefs and lives of these people, if they did they would soon be box office flops!

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