Hollywood to Obama: “Thank You” For Executive Actions


President Obama’s executive actions on guns may have infuriated conservatives, but they have also earned him the support of dozens of adoring Hollywood stars. Quite possibly the only people in America who know less about firearms than Obama, these stars drafted an open letter to the president dripping with the kind of naive enthusiasm typically associated with (very) young children. But when it comes to the liberal hippies who populate Los Angeles, it’s not clear there’s much difference.

“Thank you,” begins the letter. “Thank you for having the courage and leadership to take Executive Action on preventing more unnecessary gun violence in this country. We are deeply thankful for the actions you took this week. Countless lives will be saved as a result.”

The word “countless” here is perfect. If Obama’s executive actions save no lives at all, does that still qualify as “countless”? Because that’s the only way this hyperbolic prediction stands a chance of coming true.

The letter continues: “Like you, and like most Americans, we have had ENOUGH. We have had enough of seeing unthinkable tragedies happen and nothing being done.” They mention a few of these tragedies, including the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Charleston church shooting, and the massacre at Sandy Hook. “In each case,” they write, “the guns used were far too easily available to people intent on doing harm.”

Well, maybe. But that doesn’t mean that any of Obama’s executive actions would have made the slightest difference. These clowns have spent so much time immersed in fantasy that they can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction.

“Roughly 33,000 people die from gun violence every year in this country. Every day, we lose 89 more. Since Sandy Hook, 160 schools have experienced shootings. The homicide rate in the United States is 20 times higher than 22 countries like us in wealth and population – combined.”

You know, maybe that crack about fact and fiction isn’t fair. Because this list of spurious statistics reminds us that anti-gun hysteria is not limited to actors, directors, and screenwriters. Millions of Americans, many of them much smarter than this letter’s signatories, labor under the same delusions. This is partly because the left uses statistics like these to blanket the country in fear. You could be shot checking your mail! Your kid could be shot on the playground! We have to do something!

Let’s focus briefly on that first number: 33,000. 60% of that figure can be discarded right off the bat because they are suicides. So what are we left with? Approximately 13,000 gun deaths, the vast majority of which are concentrated in homicidal hotspots where gangs are engaged in open warfare. Unless you have the bad fortune of living in one of these neighborhoods, your chances of being shot are extremely low. And there isn’t a background check in the universe that’s going to prevent these kids from arming themselves.

The rest of the letter is filled with hilarious quotes. Here’s a nice selection:

“No one is challenging the right of law abiding citizens to responsibly own a firearm.”

“Thank you for protecting our rights.”

“We love this country. And one key reason we love it is that it was built on the principle that its people could change it.”

The letter is signed by Hollywood luminaries such as Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow, Jessica Alba, Julianne Moore, Bradley Cooper, and more. Some of these people are quite talented. As this letter plainly demonstrates, though, there’s a world of difference between talent and wisdom. But hey, they’re entitled to their opinions. It’s a free country.

No thanks to them.

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  2. Michael Skok says

    It’s been said before, but those crazy Hollywood people encourage TV viewers and movie goers to get a gun and shoot somebody. They became filthy rich by showing this to us. Kiss and Kill. That’s all they show. Kiss the girl, and kill your enemy.

    1. Angry American says

      They produce what will sell

      1. Mark Lahti says

        No they have a monopoly on the entertainment industry and they produce what they want all the rest of us to think is normal. At least in the area of marriage, relationships, and sexual perversion. When it comes to violence the goal is to put so much gross, disgusting, violent, vile, trash out there that we become numb to it. It is a step in the direction of passing the violence of Islamic takeover as not all that bad anymore. It is a sick and perverted and destructive force that pollutes all of our lives and especially our kids lives. There is no why to stop it at this point except to avoid it at all costs to the point that they lose so much cash that they are no longer the “rich and famous”.

  3. abobinmn says

    While Obama works hard to disarm America, at least 22 Islamic terrorist paramilitary training camps operate freely in the United States right now. Obama knows this but will not even warn Americans of this threat let alone shut these camps down. Just think of the bloodbath that would result if Islamic terrorist were assured that America was substantially disarmed.


    1. Ddenney1 says

      We OBVIOUSLY need an executive order that will put a stop to these TRAINING camps in our back yards!!! Maybe one for Chicago and while we are at it wright one for the ENTIRE middle east and maybe one to the people who NO LONGER have work! The 50 yr old plus that were let go to, as Nasty Peelousy said, TO IMPROVE THEMSELVES!! I guess millionaires “FEEL” our pain!! That will FIX everything!!

    2. JACK FROST says

      Present POTUS is the only reason those training camps are here. Part of his HIDDEN agenda on transforming America.. He will ride his efforts on this contamination & transformation the rest of this year as hard as he can.. All we can do is ride this year out as there are near no constitutional back boned FOR THE PEOPLE folks in Washington.. And that’s the way it is, right here in River City…

  4. bandit says

    Hollyweird Thanks Oblunderbutt while the SANE Americans Despise You !

    1. Frank Andrews says

      We should change that name to FOLLYWOOD!

      1. James Maxwell says

        I was thinking more along the lines of HOMOWOOD or BathHouseWood. Due to the
        questionable sexual deviates in the movies.

        1. Angry American says

          Have you noticed that hollywierd is now making so many sitcoms & movies that share the homo agenda, I guess they are trying to legitimize it with these actions

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I have been saying that very thing for years now. It seems that almost every sitcom or whatever you call all those cartoon serial shows is all about homosexual families or groupings. They have tried to portray the “average, typical” American family or group as being made up of people with homosexual, perverted, twisted, sick, lifestyles or morals. Then they wonder why our country is flowing rapidly down the sewer. To watch tv in America today one would think that the average typical American family is made up of anything but a normal, moral, ethical, traditional set of parents and children. They call this trash entertainment. I believe it is one reason that the FOX channel is the highest rated group of shows on tv today. The majority of us “normal” people can’t stand to watch that other tripe and prefer to watch news material instead of the bs that passes for entertainment. Just my opinion but there it is.

          2. Angry American says

            I concur like you I just don’t watch it, it truly is plain I simple trash. Same with all these “gay pride parades” I don’t go & if it is ever televised I would go to another channel or turn the boob tube off. They are queer so what have they got to have pride with themselves because they just are not normal by any stretch

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Thanks for the good words. It is way past time for all good men/women to come to the aide of their country. It is way past time to put these morons and fools and mentally ill back in their place. We don’t need this kind of trash representing America. God Bless and keep up the good fight.

          4. Angry American says

            I try but unfortunately I live in the most blue state Ca. & am but one voice talking to most people here I would get more responce & support from the nearest wall. Of course most of the people I talk with are also conservatives few & far between though

          5. Mark Lahti says

            Don’t be so negative. I have a lot of relatives living in CA. Mostly cousins. They too feel very outnumbered and voices lost in the leftist din. But that doesn’t stop them from expressing their views. It may not change anything but to remain silent means that you gave up and we should all never give up. If we do they win. Not a scenario that I am comfortable with.

          6. Angry American says

            You are taking me wrong I never give up in anything & fighting to the death is ok with me too

          7. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            Love ur name

          8. T. VOGT says

            that and the Islam is peace.. and Blacks are innocent of everything.. yea the message has been noted..

      2. supergun says

        Hollowed wood.

      3. T. VOGT says

        I thought we had…

  5. Laddyboy says

    I have heard the BEST explaination of most of the “hollywood population”.
    Their JOB is to ENTERTAIN us.
    When we want to be ENTERTAINED, we take the disk with the movie or song – – put it into the machine – – turn it on and enjoy the movie or music.
    When we are done being ENTERTAINED, we take the disk out of the machine – – turn off the machine – – then put the disk back into storage till the NEXT time we want to be ENTERTAINED.

  6. MILES E DRAKE says

    This, along with rappers and drug cartel kingpins, is the nomenklatura of the coming Spanish-speaking, one-party authoritarian presidential “republic” that Hussein Soetoro has installed and the Wicked Witch of Westchester will consolidate. These Hollywood Marxists will make and keep billions, and the rest of us will not. These Hollywood dope-smokers and coke-snorters will have armed bodyguards, and the rest of us will be fish in a barrel to terrorists. These Hollywood poseurs and pseudointellectuals will bloviate on the joys of abortion and the rest of us will have to listen. These Hollywood sputniks and useful idiots will fawn on and cavort with communist and mohammedan dictators, and the rest of us will pay for it. There is only one way to stop this – put the tinseltown Trotskys on the curb along with Barry Shabazz and the Red Queen.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      I for one, Miles — have not been to a theater in over 20 years and will not go for the remainder of my life nor will I buy dvds to watch the trash they call movie making. I will NOT help these people get rich or famous. They are nothing more than over paid hypocrites and most are terrible at their jobs.

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        I did go to see “2016” and “Atlas Shrugged”. Neither won an academy award.

        1. sue says

          Winning or not winning an academy award, I believe, wasn’t the point of the movies. It was to open peoples eyes and send a message to reality. Everyone has the RIGHT to his or her opinion. We can choose to believe, disagree or be ignorant.

  7. jjmcl431 says

    since i don’t watch many of the so called “modern” movies i don’t even recognize most of the names on the list. i don’t think i am missing anything. from most of the advertisements for these movies i would gather that they glorify drugs,gangs, murder, etc.

  8. carol ann says

    This from a group of folks who constantly work to expose our public including our children to the worst kind of violence and porn.

    1. Jimmy Quick says

      Not mention stupidity, disguised as humor. Will Ferrel has got to be one off the lowest life forms on the planet and yet the people just flock out to put money in his pockets.

      I decided long ago not to support any entertainers with an immoral agenda. Just like buying oil from the middle east, why do we feed our enemies?

      I can’t figure that one, can you?

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Feed the enemy because our LAWMAKERS are making plenty money on all their deals.

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        2. Charlotte Scott says

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        3. stinkykat says

          They are selling them the rope they’ll use to hang us. Ignorant, greedy POS’s.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            I hope we all get them first because they are all scumbags.

          2. stinkykat says

            Scumbag is too nice a word to use to describe them. I’d say more like a worthless waste of human flesh. The same sentiment goes for Islam. ALL traces of it, including all Korans need to wiped off the face of the earth for the good of all humanity.

          3. Combatvet52 says


      2. dcfla says


      3. supergun says

        I would not watch any of the idiot’s movies. He is about as stupid as they come. The people who would watch his trash vote like him.

        1. Jimmy Quick says


    2. k9 says

      What is the matter with all these stupid movie stars? They’re all for gun control, but the bas turds can’t make a movie with out guns and killing. They are even worse than the criminals.
      Take the guns and violence out of Hollywood and the assholes can’t make a decent movie.
      Whatever happen to the good family movies and TV shows like the Carol Burnet show, The Red Skelton show and all the good shows. You can’t turn the TV on and watch a decent show anymore that there’s not guns and shooting.

  9. Ddenney1 says

    We must remember the Hollyweird set is a protected class too!! They have the protection to say and do STUPID CRAP with no accountability!! Remember they make a living PRETENDING to be OTHER people and things!!! IF you live in fairy tale land it is easy to forget the REAL world!!!

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Great point !!!!

  10. denniscerasoli says

    Lets just wait and see,i don’t think there will be a difference because 99% of gun violence are committed by people who could care less about gun laws.Look what happened when they told people they couldn’t drink booze anymore,Prohibition and the mob.

  11. patd says

    Hollywood is full of idiot oxygen thieving libturds!!! Evidently they have no clue who makes laws in this country and where the authority comes from….but more laws help don’t they as we can see how crime has stopped in CA with all of the libturd laws right?

  12. Jay says

    They do realize that his executive order has zero power right? I mean the ability to override the Constitution does not belong to any one branch. Why are liberals so stupid to think they can do that? Our founding fathers were beyond ready for them. What massive forsite or they had a’holes in their time too.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Jay — until someone (congress) has the guts to put a halt to this fraud then we have to suffer through his lunacy.

      1. EdStone says

        No we don’t. We have the right to ignore unconstitutional dumbass things this poor excuse for a president or even a human comes up with and I will not give up my weapons to oblunderbutt (obigears) or anybody else.

        1. Alvis Jenkins says

          Right on Ed Stone!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Congress??? What is that??

      3. EMIRCITNA says

        EXACTLY…..unless you want to be crucified by the Gestapo IRS!
        There are too many horror stories of people refusing to ‘volunteer’ in paying income tax, which is a DIRECT TAX prohibited by our founders prior to the fraudulent 16th Amendment, that have ended-up financially ruined and or in federal prison!
        IT’S WRONG, we KNOW its wrong, BUT it is dangerous to be RIGHT when the government is…..W R O N G !!!!!!

        1. Alvis Jenkins says

          Emircitna: Ok, it’s your choice to pay. As for me, I haven’t paid since 1998 when I was introduced to the law. I’m still free of the federal income tax. Of course the IRS threatened me but that’s all they did. If you know the law you can stop the tax.
          Enjoyed communicating with you at least you know the truth because millions don’t know. They’re just sheeple going to the slaughter.

          1. EMIRCITNA says

            SADLY, it’s like the insurance racket; you’re paying for PEACE OF MIND!
            I certainly hope that the day will come when the 16th Amendment is ABOLISHED, my friend! ~ Enjoyed conversing with you, and good luck in the future.

          2. Alvis Jenkins says

            Emircitna : This time around please pay close attention. If you had read from the 1986 (current) Internal Revenue Code in subtitle C, chapter 24 sections 3401(c), section 3402(p), section 3402(n), 3403 and 3404, you can easily see that the income tax is ONLY voluntary for federal employees.
            Then look up the U.S. Supreme Court final decision on the “income” tax of 1913 which the court said that it was the same tax of 1909, a excise tax on corporate activity. The 16th amendment has never applied to the American people but the corrupt Federal Mafia has acted under “color of law” and deceived millions of American’s to pay the tax as “your fair share”, and the people have complied to pay the tax by “voluntary compliance” a oxymoron.

    2. EMIRCITNA says

      THEY ARE BANKING on having made enough people totally unaware of the warnings of our founding fathers, along with the U.S. Constitution, to be able to hoodwink the majority of the population into believing their LIES without any doubts!
      People that do not know what is RIGHT are easily fooled into believing WRONG is right and right is wrong!!!!

      1. Mark Lahti says

        So exactly right on the money. Almost everybody under 50 has been educated in what I call the “Indoctrination system” carefully embodied within the so called education system. They have been so dumb’d down that it is impossible for them to even comprehend that something the “president” says or does is legal and just. I don’t know if it is even possible to turn this thing around anymore. I pray that I am wrong and that with a majority in both houses and a new president this November we can overcome the problems we face, take back our country, and move forward in a new, better, improved American experience. God bless and keep up the good fight.

      2. Alvis Jenkins says

        Emircitna Jay:Just take a look at the “lie” that YOU owe federal income tax. Are YOU a taxpayer to the IRS? If YOU have been and are currently paying this tax, then YOU too are listening to the lie that YOU owe a income tax on YOUR wages which IS NOT “income” for federal tax purposes. So, yes, YOU too are obeying the lie coming from the United States Government that you are one of their favorite taxpayers because you faithfully file your bogus 1040 every year and you pay (give) your fair share.

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          YES, YES, we KNOW the federal income tax is ‘supposed’ to be a “VOLUNTARY” tax and that our original U.S. Constitution PROHIBITED DIRECT TAXATION …until criminal politicians allowed the faux ‘Federal’ Reserve to take over the monetary duties of Congress to issue ‘interest-free’ currency as needed and impose a federal ‘income tax’ to pay the INTEREST now required by the faux ‘Federal’ Reserve….to the detriment of the American people!
          Red Beckman & Bill Benson traveled to every state searching their archives for proof that the 16th Amendment was properly ratified and found that it WAS NOT!
          They published a large two volume set of books (The Law That Never Was) with photo-copy proof thus Mr. Beckman refused to pay the unlawful tax! To make a long story short the IRS eventually ended-up bulldozing Mr. Beckman’s home to ground level!
          UNTIL we free ourselves of the criminal ‘Federal’ Reserve and their IRS we will continue to be ‘voluntarily’ robbed of a percentage of our wages, or have to live in fear of tyranny!!!

          1. Alvis Jenkins says

            Emircitna : Hey, the tax is voluntary but not for you or me to pay. I’ll give you the proof, you verify it in the written law.
            26 U.S.C. subtitle A is the subtitle on income taxes, is composed of 1,563 code sections and imposes a tax on every individual……However just imposing a tax does not create a “liability for the tax. You have to be “made liable” for the tax and not one section in this subtitle makes YOU, ME, “made liable” for the tax. To prove that subtitle A has no provision for making you or me or anyone else “made liable” for a tax on “income”, look in the “Index” to 26 U.S.C. under the caption, “liability for tax” and see if “income” is listed as a “liability for tax” This will be for YOU to verify and it’s not hard to do. Now, subtitle C of the Code refers to the “employment tax (social security) and income tax collection from the source. Wait, I just told you that there is no liability for the income tax, so why is subtitle even mentioning that the income tax is collected? This is where the tax is collected but ONLY from federal employees. Section 3401(c) of subtitle C defines a “employee” for these two taxes and the employee is defined only as federal workers, the non-federal private sector employee is excluded. In section 3402(p) you will read and verify that a federal employee can elect to make a “voluntary agreement” with his employer to have tax withheld, or he can “elect to not have tax withheld based upon subtitle A that he has no liability for tax. This my friend is where the “voluntary payment of tax” can only be paid “lawfully”. Then read section 3403 and verify “who” is made liable for tax collection, then read and verify that section 3403 and 3404 refers to the Government being required to “make a tax return” (not the employee) and “make payment of tax” to the U.S. Treasury.
            Here is a statement made to me from my congressman in Washington D.C. about income taxes and any federal tax for that matter: He has said and I have the letter in archive, that, “the current code does not specifically state individual American’s liability for payment of federal taxes”….This means that YOU and I are “not liable for any tax in the Internal Revenue Code. As for the sixteenth amendment, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the tax is a excise tax where the income is used as the measurement for the tax, on federal corporate activity where a gain or profit is realized. Common labor outside of the federal government is not a excise taxable activity unless it is labor of a corporate activity of the Union state respectively.
            You don’t need a college education to read the Code and its regulations to see the tyranny coming from government telling you that you must pay income tax on your wages. 4 U.S.C 72 limits Federal public offices outside of the District of Columbia.

          2. EMIRCITNA says

            FROM the very beginning the tax codes were ‘purposely’ designed to be so confusing that the people that are supposed to enforce it wouldn’t clearly understand it themselves; all for the purpose of FRUSTRATING the public into allowing these thieves to steal $$$$$ from their paychecks!
            Bottom line is that people are being purposely DECEIVED by their own government and THAT is ONE of the corrections that needs to be looked into during a much needed Article 5 Convention of States, my friend!

          3. EMIRCITNA says

            IT’S DANGEROUS to be RIGHT when the government is WRONG!!!

    3. Angry American says

      A’holes have been around since rime began

  13. Joanne says

    Okay then ask them why they all have body guards, is it just to have a friend around, no it’s for protection and that’s why their kids go to private schools because they also have security protection. Obama does everything for politics, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself!

  14. Austinniceguy says

    To the morons on the left…Have you heard that the city councils in Dearborn AND Hamtramck are now under the majority control of Muslims? They have basically obliterated the downtown area of Hamtramck to suit themselves. The war from within has begun and you want to be disarmed for what is certainly going to be a major struggle? Stay in California and out of the open carry states. you’ll make better and easier targets that way.

    1. Angry American says

      Not all of us here in Ca. are lefties unfortunately the state is controlled by the left, I have been here so long it is hard to imagine living somewhere else. I was born & raised in Pa. but the thoughts of moving back there sends chills up my spine to damned cold for one & to hot & humid in the summers & I grew up without air conditioning & I remember it well too a little to well

  15. wonduh says

    Isn’t it funny, Obama will beam over a letter from the hollywood “actors” BUT dances around the millions of us who refuse to let him run rampant over the Constitution. Guess that’s a definition of “delusion” ! It takes a weak village to make an idiot.

    1. GREYGHOSTCSA says

      Shouldn’t that be a “stupid” village?

      1. wonduh says

        It’s Sunday morning and I was only trying to be “nice”. 🙂 Hate to disturb some Libs and Dems who had a bad night. But, you are correct. Thanks. Like the flag.

        1. Roy Fredrichsen says

          I like the “BATTLE FLAG”, too. I understand it DID NOT promote slavery any more than “OLD GLORY”.

  16. Combatvet52 says

    (adoring Hollywood stars) First off you are all blood suckers you preach the same BS as your so called leader you make a lot of money making films with plenty of violence many guns in your movies……you are all hipacrits of the first order there are a few of you that are conservatives those are the ones i applaud.
    We have a leader who thinks that CLIMATE CHANGE and MORE GUN CONTROL is more important than Isis who are infiltrating our country this man is USELESS.

    1. Jarhead says

      TYPO? useless?? or MU-slime??

      1. Combatvet52 says

        RIGHT ON JARHEAD USELESS POS…..Who thinks the bad guys will not kill anymore with his stupid executive action on more gun control…..climate change and gun control are more important to him than protecting our country from the Mussie Isis.

    2. Angry American says

      And a total P.O.S. to boot

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Thanks i left that out….

        1. Angry American says

          That is what I thought, glad to help

    3. hangem'high says

      Well Obummer did create ISIS or (ISIL) as he likes to call ‘EM, makes one wonder?
      Thanks Shawn Penn for catching Obummers partner in crime, Or is that eliminating the competition? Either way it’s good RIGHT!
      The Obummer’s Administration must have stock in Chinese arms?

    4. k9 says

      The government is the biggest offender of “climate control” with all these sattelites that they’re putting up there, they are the ones that put the hole in the ozone layer. The government is the cause of all the problems but we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are the ones that get the blame for it.
      It should be illegal for any lawyer to hold any political office, they are just money hungry assholes that make up the laws to make themselves richer and gouge the American public.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Rodger that….

  17. Stevon f. Nutt says

    So those living in a Fairy Tale Land thank a Fairy tale Leader for His Fairy Tale assault on the Constitution. So much for Reality when pampered people who earn a living playing a Fake existence in a fake scenario praise a man living in a fake existence try to achieve a fake scenario!

  18. Frankie Boy says

    I’m disappointed in Will Farrell ! Thought he had some brains ! Isn’t it easy for some puke spewing liberal that actually produces nothing for a living to tell someone that has to work, how to live their lives !!!

  19. David Byrd says

    What would you expect from a bunch of Obama groupies? These people are the most useless that society has to offer and composed mostly of hypocrites. They do no meaningful work live like kings and queens depend on the public for all that they have so as you can see they have a lot in common with the idiot in charge. When you can give up your armed body guards and stop making films that depict violence with guns as a glorious thing then talk to me about gun control, examples abound of their hypocrisy look at the film’s like the hateful eight, from dawn to dusk, taken, and numerous others they help shine a light on Hollywood. So when they clean up their act I will clean up mine.

  20. Gerry Costa says

    If this is the case then — there should be NO MORE movies with gun violence coming out of this worthless sh!thole. These people are as big of hypocrites as our politicians

  21. JMICHAEL270 says

    The list starts with a Clown that makes a Fool of Himself and it keeps getting worse. Who are these useless idiots that want to influence the public with their narrow minded liberal ideology

  22. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Well i’m going to ask you this how will you protect your selves when shit hits the FAN? Its going to happen in your near future.

  23. Ron says

    Of course, some of these very celebrities have made a living out of portraying two fisted, gunslinging, damn-the-consequences action figures. Without these roles some of them would be lucky to be C-listers, if such a thing exists. Hollywood’s combination of naivete and hypocrisy continues to be breath taking.

  24. MARYSWEET says

    One thing obama does NOT have is leadership. He has valerie jarrett to tell him what to do and she makes sure it is done. He goes golfing. These airheads in LA LA LAND wouldn’t know what is a good thing and a bad thing. They live in their little bubbles. But if something bad should happen to one of them they will start screaming why they weren’t being protected. Maybe some of them do have personal security and I’ll bet you their security personnel are armed. Maybe we should disarm their security and see what their opinion is then. Their comments are not worth the paper they wrote them on.

    1. EMIRCITNA says

      …..same as Obozo’s ‘Executive Orders’!!!

    2. Roy Fredrichsen says

      Yes, but now O’Bummer wants to be Secretary General of the United Nations, then we will be in trouble with him running the world.

      1. MARYSWEET says

        That will be a disaster. I pray he doesn’t get the election. He is the last person who should be Secretary General because he is just another dictator. I’m sure valerie jarrett will go with him as she is the real power behind him. He’ll be out golfing.

      2. Angry American says

        Never going to happen the rest of the world know what he is & how he is too. That is why America is a joke to them these days

      3. hangem'high says

        Bill Clinton won’t be happy competing with Obummer with the same aspirations, of course I would welcome Obummer destroying the UN!

    3. Angry American says

      In Hollywood they lead such a pampered life they think every one lives like that, to stupid to realize that the ones that pamper them do not live like they do with their every whim taken care of

      1. MARYSWEET says

        You are so right. They live in some kind of unrealistic bubble and have no clue as to what goes on in the real world.

  25. EMIRCITNA says

    HYPOCRITS;…the very people that have made millions of dollars from their movie productions that USED GUNS and VIOLENCE as their main movie attraction which put BAD IDEAS into criminal minds along with being a BAD INFLUENCE for our youth…..are ‘against’ GUNS!!!
    ~ (but you can bet your bootie that many own them and have armed security services!)

  26. Lou says

    BRADLEY COOPER? The same Bradley Cooper who played American hero Chris Kyle in the movie American Sniper? The same Chris Kyle that was a good friend to 2nd Ammendment supporters? Typical Hollywood BS. Chris is turnin over in his grave. Rest in peace my friend and thank you for your service. Very sad.

  27. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    The cumulative IQ for Hollywood has to be in double digits!

  28. TimB says

    I wonder if Mr. Obama had chosen to violate the constitution with executive orders on movie control, would these same people be so grateful? He could have ordered less violence and porn to save “even one life”. After all, movies glamorize sex and gang/thug life.

  29. 2Shadow2 says

    The great uproar from the Gran Pooba’s “gun control” speech was yet another media hyped political joke. Hussein only spoke about laws that are already in place. NOTHING new, revealing or threatening. So Hollywood actually thanked him for his acting. The tears, the posturing, and the composed double talk of regulations already on the books. Irwin Corey where are you? The GOP politburo, as usual, hyped the empty speech as well for their own interests instead of ridiculing it for what it was. It’s all Kabuki Theater.

  30. Richard Knack says

    We need more Tom Sellecks and John Waynes in Hollywood, not the hippy-dippy morons who seem to be in the majority. And they are anti-gun for the dumbest reasons. One of the worst is M*A*S*H star Alan Alda. He turned into an anti-gun pussy at an early age because instead of taking the time to learn to become a good marksman before going out to hunt, he gut-shot a rabbit and then had to listen to it squealing in agony as it died. His own damn fault but he decided to hate guns instead. This is typical liberal mentality, not limited to Hollywierd – blame the object, not the irresponsible or criminal or lunatic user of the object.

  31. downs1 says

    This sub-culture frequently lives in a fantasy world! They are usually good-looking and rich, but they are not necessarily right nor informed on issues. They may play the script, but often they are empty, unfaithful and unproductive in society. This certainly does not apply to all, but to those who are dyed-in-the-wool leftist in their politics who can’t think beyond their noses!

  32. Peter Jameson says

    They are actors! They have about the same political acumen as my donkey. Who gives a Goddamn WHAT these people say. They are led by their noses as they float along like the bloated gas bags that they are.
    If holeywood is advocating something, anything, it is bad for the larger world that is the United Dates. These people believe they actually matter more than you.

  33. Charlie says

    The prostrating of the kings over paid hypocritical buffoons .

  34. Bob Stewart says

    This group of actors and their political ideas are exactly why no one in my family supports movies and the entertainment industry. I refuse to provide them with money to voice socialist propaganda or to pay their shrink to try and convince them that they are really not the last character they played in the movies.

  35. wildeagleone says

    All I can say to you bastardos in Hollywood is I will not stop rooting for the 2nd amendment and if you insist he takes the guns away from law abiding citizens, your industry will suffer as it has never suffered before as confiscation means aLL guns, and there goes 4/5ths of your movies, and you will have deserved it.

  36. EdStone says

    Well these Hollywood IDIOTS really are stupid. They said in their letter “most Americans.” Mist Americans don’t want their gun rights taken away by some illegal, lying dumbassmMuslim that has executive privilege. He shouldn’t have that in the first place and in the second place all of Hollywood is not “most” Americans. They are very few and really stupid.

  37. joe says

    …said the Hollyweird moguls after decades of pointless, graphic violence in their best-selling movies and TV shows.
    Hypocrisy, anyone?

  38. EdStone says

    I like that bandit. Oblunderbutt

  39. Carol Ann Rohr says

    They live a glamour life no reality except he money they make

  40. Lougjr1 says

    I as a citizen of the USA, demand that all guns be removed from Hollywood including the bodyguards, no if’s and’s or but’s about it ! other wise, Hollywood can go to H*** !!!

  41. pop diesel says

    Hollywood actors live in a fantasy world ,they play make believe every day. Perhaps they see the rest of the world in the same make believe light. I don’t know if they should be the ones deciding what is truth and what is fakery. They make movies depicting some of the more horrific crimes in history. Make movies glorifying brutality,murders and unimaginable crimes against peoples. They appear to be against the very things they act out and make million doing on the big screen. NO,they’re not the ones that should be pointing fingers at anyone… with their armed body guards. Just like politicians with their armed body guards… and yet they seem to deny and are against every Americans the right to bear arms and to protect themselves. They seem to live in the world of the oxymorons

  42. Raymond Charron says

    Hollywood is a dream land. They need to stop making movies glorifying gun shootouts and bombings, etc.

  43. CCblogging says

    What do anyone expect from these people living in the land of fruits and nuts? Just like Obama they have armed protection. Most all of these movie people live in armed gated communities. They sure do like to feed violence and filth to America. Ignore those fools!

  44. Robert Barnes says

    Stop the madness at the top. see http://www.annavonreitz.com Judge in Alaska issued arrest warrant of obama and congress for treason and informed the US Marshalls and the DOJ. also see http://www.youtube video; EVERY THING YOU KNOW IS A LIE. and read all of info at http://www.commieblaster.com

  45. patriot2015 says

    when will the people of this country stop supporting these fools in Hollywood, they make movies with all types of gun violence and than come out with a letter kissing Obama`s backside.
    They want it both ways and we the free people back them, The time has come to say enough is enough.

  46. Paul Bogart says

    The crowd in follywood.has been steeped.in the crap they produce so long they believe it’s real. Seems the excitement they depend on anymore is either violence, or nudity. Oh my goodness I forgot a liberal dose of drugs.

  47. Don in USA says

    obamass is going to be thrown out for trying to defeat the 2nd amendment which cannot be done because he has no authority to even try to remove guns because no president is able to remove any laws without help from the government and that will not happen in 2016

  48. pysco says

    If these *ssholes want to live under a dictatorship, I suggest a stearner country, like maybe North Korea…. that leader writes all kinds of executive orders….

  49. Delastword says

    The Greeks got it right the first time. hypocrites: actors

  50. James Maxwell says

    There are few in Hollywood who have enough intelligence to come in out of the weather unless their
    agent tell them to do so. The mental capacity of the vast majority of them is under great suspect
    and always has been. If their were required to take a sobriety test and pass a drug test before
    being allowed on set there would be far less pretenders in Hollywood but a lot more in rehab.
    They may be able to portray a character on stage or screen but in real life they are nothing more
    the pre-programmed automatons. This become obvious when they try to speak in public with
    out a written statement in front of them much like O’muzze in the Oval office.

  51. Harley157 says

    I won’t watch any movie that has a Hollyweird actor that is anti-second amendment. Here’s an idea. Don’t make any movies with guns in them. They hate them, so why glorify them in movies and make millions of dollars and then turn around and campaign against them. Can you say Hipocricy?

  52. Patriot1955 says

    Why doesn’t the liar in chief write an executive order banning all violent movies, see what the Hollywood hypocrites think about that.

  53. earlwatters says

    hollywood has no morels or values thats what the big bucks do its like the mob with out the guns and we let our kids go watch this crap and the langue is F this F that F you F the cops take your kids to church turn the TV off

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      What you said is true, they don’t go anywhere near where shootings could occur. If they drove through a crime-ridden area, it would be because they were drunk, or on dope. Plus they probably have security 24 seven. So sure they can shoot their mouth off and condemn other people who want to be as safe as they are. So when I hear that something happened to one of them, such as dying in a car or plane crash,or an overdose, I never give it a second thought. It’s just one less lowlife to contend with.

  54. Barry Bevers says

    I really could not care less about what these Hollywood people have to say. They are out of touch with mainstream America. This letter is only being waved as a propaganda tool. More brainwashing of the younger generation that guns are bad. This is the agenda of the elitists that control the US government. They want to mold public opinion that people should not own guns or guns should be hard to get. I bet they all own guns,themselves. These Hollywood people get paid 10’s of millions of dollars per year and live in fenced homes with security and bodyguards. They are out of touch with the millions of average Americans who are fearful of criminals coming into their house and not being able to defend themselves against rape, robbery or murder if they don’t have a weapon to defend their home and their family. It is the goal of the government to keep pecking away at our gun rights so that there will be less resistance when they steal all of our constitutional rights. Our forefathers knew that the government will someday go in this direction which they have been doing for several decades, now. It is the government that is fearful of our guns and we should fear the government that fears our guns. Once the public is disarmed, the government can do whatever it wants. I think many of the shootings that occur and get put on the news are created situations in order to mold public opinions. The mainstream media is controlled and they do not put it on the news when some criminals invade someones home and get shot because the homeowner was armed and shot the criminals but when the criminals shoot someone, it is all over the news. This type of reporting is used to mold public opinion that guns are bad because criminals kill people with them. The fact is that many criminal acts are thwarted every day in this country by law abiding citizens that own guns. When a law abiding gun owner protects their life with a gun, it is swept under the carpet and not reported. I live in a city where this happens all the time and you may see it on the local news, once, but never on the national news and it is never played again. WAKE UP, America. Think about it….If criminals could disarm you, that makes you fruit that is ripe for the picking and the criminals that are trying to disarm Americans are in Washngton D.C. If you do not have guns you should get some because you will need them in the days that are coming.

  55. rayhause says

    I hope that there are patriots in the Los Angeles area that would take it as a responsibility that just eradicate the world of these liberal asses.

  56. Barbara Ervin says

    I, for one, couldn’t care less what the Hollywood airheads say.

  57. TPS12 says

    hollywood making as much money as they can from violent and sex movies and tv shows. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  58. Nina Ferguson says

    Why is it that when people become moderately successful in Hollywood they think that their opinions should matter more than others? Does this mean that they are going to disarm their security forces and personal bodyguards? That one I want to see, because it isn’t going to happen. They want everyone else to be unable to have firearms, but that doesn’t mean that their security forces won’t be unarmed. They need to read up on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Just because they have made money pretending to be someone or something else, doesn’t mean that they know everything. Also, the aren’t all that smart necessarily, they just think they are.

  59. AmericanPatriot67 says

    The dumb letter from people who only pretend to have sense and intelligence in their hypocritical heads. If they are seriously considering Ovomit’s actions something for which to be grateful, then stop making action/violence-laden films and stick to soap-operalike movies and see how far those get them. Stop using blank-firing guns and rubber knives as well as other fake weapons in any of their films; that type of violent behavior on their part simply amplifies their idiotic hypocrisy.

  60. GuardianFlame says

    Since when does any actor actually know what is going on around them? They have immersed their personas in a myriad of personality roles, how can they know which one is actually the real person? Yes many are talented in doing this, but how much of themselves have they lost in the process?

    My question is: which persona wrote that letter and of those signing, was it their true self or one of their characters? I’d take that letter for what it is, a bunch of “fantasy characters” out for a ride. Sorry Hollywood, but after Jane Fonda, most of you can’t be trusted and the rest are just plain flaky!

  61. mike says

    And these same idiots will be in a movie where there are gun’s. They are just a bunch of lib turds

  62. donl says

    There’s some weird dudes in Jollywood.

  63. Jack says


  64. Roger says

    you notice that all the rich tramps and studs of Hollywood get more ignorant and stupid the more money they make.

  65. Timothy Toroian says

    Ignorant shits.

  66. RuFus92 says

    One very easy way to wake these folks up is at the box office, the deafing silence of the cash register for any appearance of these actors should bring about some perked up ears. That is one language they truly understand

  67. onefour says

    Well again they just prostituted themselves to Obama.

  68. Standandfight says

    Like all of the rich can’t touch me’s their mouths write checks their @zzez can’t cover. If Obutsmear wants the gun start with his security guards. Lead by example oh magnificent one are just keep flapping your mouth like you have done the last 7 years.

  69. Trisha55 says

    Someone needs to count how many lives are saved because the intended victim was defended by a gun. This counts if it is that person or someone coming to their defense. My own experience is that my being armed prevented me from an attack. I didn’t have to shoot him, but he saw I could and ran. There are thousands of these stories that need to be told.

    1. Goodforall says

      Guns save more lives than take them.

      1. Arizona Don says

        You are correct many times over. However, the media looks upon such action as a non-story because it goes against their mind set and it encroachers into their gun CONTROL attitude. In other words their ignorance. Besides a life saving action with a gun provides no thrill as does a murder. However, in the last seven years we have even gotten used to shootings in places like Chicago so there is little hope laws will be enforced to curtail such actions anytime soon at least under a democrat. They do not want a criminals gun only the law abiding citizens guns.

        1. Goodforall says

          Very well said and so true. Funny how the media looks the other way in places like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore where the lawless rule supreme.

  70. fishunter says

    I wonder how many of them joined the armed service and went into “harms way”? I know that in the past there were several actors who where in the military, but I would bet there are not many young (under 35) now. Actually, I do not believe it takes much ability to act in movies. If they do not get right, they just re-shoot the scene. I believe most of their talent is the God given looks they have. As to education and the ability to give an honest opinion without being coached, I think that few would pass muster.

  71. R. T. says

    There all nuts , they must like to throw there money away , they can pay for all Obumba’s dumb orders , And his increase in the WELFARE roles !

  72. amigo says

    From now on stop seeing any picture that any of these luminaries (lunitics ) act in or are associated with that contains guns

  73. Mike Stempo says

    The mind of the artiste more often than not embraces that which it connects with emotionally, never mind reality and fact. It’s what makes them so good at their trade which requires escape from reality, even if it is nonfictional content. That includes most musicians. These are “feeling” people first. Thinking? They don’t seem to THINK that they feel a certain way. They FEEL that they feel a certain way. Reality? What?

  74. Marissadritchie2 says

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  75. supergun says

    Idiots from hollowed wood. They have lost touch with reality.

  76. Goodforall says

    What a bunch of complete morons! Yet they continue to put out movies that support gun violence-go figure!

    1. Justin Seine says

      These are the movies that make money and stuff their pockets. Can you spell “HYPOCRITE?”. They are all lying, pocket stuffing pigs. Just like that Ahole in the White House, they are gaming all of us.

  77. allen goldberg says

    Recently, a educational survey said that the average educational level in Hollywood was 10th grade..due to people dropping out of school and becoming actors and actresses, directors and contributors…I think that was an over-estimation!!!

    1. hangem'high says

      Even worse since they made marijuana legal I bet it’s been dumbed down to about the fifth grade level?

  78. EXNFLFAN says

    Their facts about GUN deaths each year don’t match the FBI’s facts about GUN deaths each year. SO! Who is lying? My bet about correct numbers is with the FBI. Hollywood may have good actors but they sure as hell failed 1st Grade Math CLASS.

  79. Virginia Hornibrook says

    Obama and his law about guns he shed his phony tears about sandy hook the mother knew her son was mentally ill but still keep her guns In plain sight so the mother should have been response ability and for san Bernardino the shooter didn’t buy the guns his friend did so good old Obama needs to get his fact straight before he cries his phony tears Obama also needs to sue the safe

  80. TAM44 says

    Hasn’t a clue about what America is all about

    Out getting rich and spreading their angry towards America

    Liberalism a disease worse than cancer

    Leftest stooges

    Young and old over paid spoiled brats

    Wants attention form everyone

    obama’s little butt kissers

    Our country can do without them, they cannot do without us

    Democrat supporting piece of human waste

  81. KayO says

    They won’t think that way when their body guards are protecting them with spit-wads.

  82. Arizona Don says

    It will be our turn to say thank you when we get a conservative in office who wipes (and not with a rag hillary) out all those executive orders with a swipe of his pen leaving a phone in reserve. Bush got obama elected. There is no doubt about that. However, there is more hatred for obama now then there was even for Bush. Consequently, obama is going to elect either Trump (probably Trump) or Cruz.

    1. Deby says

      and that would be a good thing!

      1. Arizona Don says


  83. Shaeri says

    I presume they are all planning on getting rid of their armed bodyguards to avoid being colossal hypocrites.

  84. jblack50 says

    I wonder how Obama feels when he knows that his executive order means nothing to me what so ever. If I want to sell one of my guns I will do so. I have at least 20 guns from high powered sniper rifles, to Yugo’s to 44 magnum hand guns. No one and least not Obama is going to take them.

    1. Deby says

      right on-my husband is a gun collector/dealer at gun shows for the past 25 years and last weekend he was wondering what would happen-well, absolutely nothing happened. obozo CANNOT change or make a law by executive action-so this one is an empty promise to all the gun grabbing morons and the limosene libs in Hollywood who thinks this pos has actually DONE something about “gun violence” nothing will change except the rhetoric.

    2. rivahmitch says

      I’d recommend against selling them. The way the country is going, they may be needed. The tree of liberty is in need of refreshment.

  85. El Dee Bee says

    Yes, it will save “countless” criminal lives and add to the innocent citizen deaths. But when you are
    surrounded by bodyguards, then you don’t care.

  86. Karin Murray says

    ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS? Are you all drinking the Democratic Kool Aide? Leave my guns alone. The Democrats are insane, and obviously brain washed. Obama is trying to steal our country for his Brothers from the middle east. Do you all remember Hitler, and all the loonies from WW2? You just need to look at History, and swear you will do your best NOT TO REPEAT IT.

    My treatment for this syndrome is stop drinking the Kool-aid, and start paying attention to the real world.
    BHO wants to destroy us. Remember, the militant muslims want to take over the world. Don’t allow them to steal our freedom.

  87. whoisshe? says

    Blue Lives Matter 1st before celebrities, I say this celebrities if you go along with Obama and Clinton no bullet proof vests for you or your pets. You have to give up.

  88. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Most of these Hollywoody losers made their money in violent, or sexual movies. Really ? Who gives a rats A– what a few these whacked out, used up, drug using, Liberal twits say or do ? Ignore them, & soon they will stave to death.

  89. T. Copps says

    Isn’t this just like the idiots in Hollywood.. no wonder no one respects them. Surprises me that all the rich Jews applaud Obama, especially since he hates Israel and Netanyahu. I guess they are not real Jews anymore!!

  90. joe says

    And why should anyone listen to what is about the dumbest group of people on the planet. These are all people that could not get real jobs try not to forget that. Nothing ANY actor says means a damn thing they are all morons and their opinions mean NOTHING to anyone with a functining brain cell in their head

  91. Charlotte Scott says

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  92. rj says


  93. Cuba says
    1. Mixa. says


  94. rivahmitch says

    A bunch of “useful idiots” to quote their old friend Nikita;-)When the rest of the population has been eaten by the totalitarian government Behemoth, they think the beast will eat them last. Actually, it’s just saving them for dessert;-)

  95. Phyllis says

    Most of the country could care less what these hollywood types think. They evidently believe if they have played the part of a politician, or fbi, or whatever, that it qualifies them to dictate how to run the country.They sometimes play roles that young people are unable to distinguish that these are simply acting roles rather than the real thing.Their opinions are no more reality than the roles they play and I will not be watching any of them anymore. Too bad Ms Moore.

  96. Terry Tate says

    F U Hollywood! Every gun should be removed from your body guards so that you may become vurnable just like the rest of us so you may fear for your life as well you worthless peices of feces.

  97. JimMay says

    A lot of morons in Hollywood i guess.

    I’ll bet Mr. Eastwood did not thank him.

  98. daveveselenak says

    What a fuk’n joke, “Hollow-wood” can’t make a so-called movie i.e. propaganda without having gun violence at the front and center! I’d gladly give them mine up their asses! REVOLUTION will be SOLUTION, Armr===============================================? you will need them – guaranteed! mInr, NSA! wHY IS IT THAT JUST ABOUT EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THIS COMMUNIST REGIME IS BEING ARMED, because they want to make slaves out of all of “US”!

  99. david goodman says

    i’ve been saying for years the demon-crats are using this soddom@gommorah filthy state to brain wash our kids they all need to go to england they enjoy freedom but not the Constitution GOD BLESS AMERICA Constitution is based on christian values muslimobama and demon-crats are in treason and genocide go to england

    1. Justin Seine says

      The last 4 letters in the word American are “I CAN”
      The last 4 letters in the word Republican are “I CAN”
      The last 4 letters in the word Democrats are “RATS”


  100. Justin Seine says

    Hollywood stars? These are some of the most dysfunctional, clueless people on the planet. Why people worship them is beyond me. Why invest in your own future when you can blow a month’s pay on a concert (not counting travel and lodging)???? Can you spell “BOOBOISIE?”

  101. Justin Seine says

    I am beginning to think that the libs are interpreting the cry to “FIX THIS NATION” as a cry to neuter it, just like when you get your dog or cat “FIXED”. Our current administration is doing a fine job at just that. While we have a massive poverty and homeless problem in this country, they are spending more borrowed/printed dollars on bringing in more and more foreigners and stuffing their pockets with taxpayer money to make their transition a little less traumatic. Apparently the $22 trillion spent on fixing poverty since the LBJ era has not been very effective to say the least. So they are going to try spending the same amount (or more because of inflation) on bringing in trainloads of more poor people and try again. THANKS – America First? Not now, it is America Last!

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