Holy War? Cable News Hosts Bicker Over Label


This week, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly said, “This is now a so-called holy war between radical jihadists and everyone else, including peaceful Muslims.” In the vast volumes that have been written about our biggest national security threat, it was far from the strongest language. In making this obvious observation, however, O’Reilly drew criticism from his competition over at MSNBC.

Responding to O’Reilly’s statement, Chris Hayes said that this was the culmination of Fox’s relentless criticism of the administration for failing to identify the enemy. He said that using the term “holy war” was playing into the hands of the Islamic State:

And that sort of rhetoric is, of course, exactly what ISIS wants. For if this is a holy war, they aren’t some murderous cult or some fringe Sunni militia. No, if it’s a holy war, then they are the representatives of Islam, which is why the president was careful not to cast the fight on those terms.

First of all, O’Reilly didn’t call it a holy war. He labeled it a so-called holy war. The phrase “so-called” is used, typically, when the speaker wants to distance himself from the nomenclature. Hayes is eaten up with liberalism, but he isn’t so stupid that he doesn’t realize this. This is just another excuse for the hapless wonks at MSNBC to throw stones at Numero Uno.

Beyond the unimportant cable news back-and-forth, though, it remains essential that we see these psychos for what they are. The administration is determined to separate them from their chosen religion. Determined to cast this as a parade of poverty-stricken, disaffected youths. Determined to cast the episodes of violence we’ve seen as “random.” This type of language is not used to build a Muslim coalition against the enemy; it is used to downplay the magnitude of what we’re up against. Obama can’t get away with calling ISIS the “JV squad” anymore, but his words betray a desire to minimize the threat.

If Chris Hayes, the rest of the liberal media, and Obama himself think that excusing Islam from the conversation is going to discourage young Muslims from joining ISIS, they are sadly mistaken. If anything, their insistence that ISIS does not represent the “true Islam” only emboldens these warriors. And attempting to ascribe to them motivations other than religious ones is to make a fatal error.

America doesn’t have to wrap itself in the cross to go fight the bad guys, but we do need to be honest about what we’re up against. Greed is not driving these terrorists. They are not using Islam as a front for more mundane criminal motivations. Islam – in whatever fashion they interpret it – is their motivation. They believe they are doing Allah’s holy work. True belief is the only thing that can explain their actions, many of which are so barbaric they defy comprehension. It is the only thing that can explain their relentless antagonism, as each act of violence draws them nearer to their own destruction.

In a way, Hayes is right. Calling it a holy war does fall in line with what ISIS wants. So does raining down on them the hellfire of a hundred nations. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it anyway.

  1. Yadja says

    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy it is a Holy War, the Muslims perpetrating it are calling it a Holy War and it is the same war they waged and started the Crusades which took so many millions of lives we can not get a positive number. It took all of Europe coming together to fight it and subdue them for centuries.

    The only reason they have come this far is they have a leader and a fan in the President of the United States of America and it is blatantly seen by almost everyone now around the world and in both parties and in America.

    He has not hid it, he is now boldly showing it more and more. If the statement he made in the UN the world will not belong to those who insult the prophet was not clear…what about that did people not understand? Why would a Christian say such a thing? A Christian or any other Faith would not but a Muslim surely would.

    All that is missing is his turban and I expect to see him wearing it shortly and carrying his prayer rug.

    1. Amerikztan says

      ?” ..If the statement he made in the UN the world will not belong to…” ?
      I would love to see what you intended without the lag fragmentation.

      1. togetherwestand says

        Typical. Find a grammatical error or a mis-spelled word instead of trying to understand the point. Yadja is correct. Most of us believe that Obo is a Muslime and supports immorality. He is not hiding it. HE is not a Christian or an American. He is a liar. Many people will not understand until it’s too late. That is also typical… GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        1. headonstraight says

          It was no simple grammatical error; it was a dense, clumsily worded sentence that demanded more-then-necessary unraveling.

          1. togetherwestand says

            Ok whatever you say. Obviously you are unable to “read between the lines”. It’s ok though, most of us understood the point without excessive interpretation or strain to ourselves. Last time I checked we are not writing a novel or a college grammar assignment here when we post. As usual you missed the point…. I refuse to reply to you anymore as it’s obviously a waste of time.

          2. headonstraight says

            suits the heck out of me

          3. Amerikztan says

            what was the point then? I understood most of her comment, but that one fragmented sentence made no sense. You had nothing to criticize me for. I was not criticizing Yadja IF you bothered to notice CONTEXT.

          4. MAHB001 says

            I understand your point. Perhaps togetherwestand didn’t.
            The left often uses my grammar errors to discredit me.
            God Bless, hope she can clarify for you.

          5. Yadja says

            Already did, clarified.

            If you insult the prophet your not going to have a world because you will be dead.

          6. headonstraight says

            First you say, “It was not poor writing….” Now you say that you “understood most of her comment, but that one fragmented sentence made no sense. ”
            When writing makes no sense, Amerikztan, it is POOR writing.

          7. Amerikztan says

            Not the way disqus lags sometimes. It obviously occurred as the writer was editing that area.
            Jeez people, CHILL !

          8. headonstraight says

            Then you agree that the sentence needed editing. It badly needed editing when I criticized it. Thus you must agree with me.

          9. Amerikztan says

            No, no I don’t. Not at all.

          10. Yadja says

            I know what you meant. I changed it. Sometimes I use those……to give pause, to emphasize the need to pause and think about what someone said.

            Just my way. Been doing it for a long time. I don’t care mush about punctuation, grammar or such in posts I care about content.

            After this fiasco I will make sure I Nixon my statements: “Let me make this perfectly clear.”

          11. Amerikztan says

            I don’t see a quote indicated. That is what started this distraction : A simple request for clarification because a quote isn’t indicated. That was my only point, but my grammatical point has been exaggerated way out of context Yadja. I intended to delete the comment, or re-edit that simple request out…

            THAT was my point !

          12. Yadja says

            Not to worry my dear we are none of us without faults and most of all me I make quick judgements, I like a Tiger defend my friends, I sometimes overlook the importance of clear statements because I am royally ticked.

            I am hard headed and don’t listen to the voice of reason and it comes from everywhere.

            Please don’t delete anything. “)

          13. Amerikztan says

            If deletion is warranted I will though. If it distracts from the thread, or doesn’t edify, why leave ’em up? I don’t delete salient points. If, for example, you added quotation marks in a re-edit, I was going to self delete { I actually type “[self deleted]”, in an edit, and THEN delete it so I am re-labled ‘guest’. I just don’t want those up votes to steal away from what you should get…

          14. Yadja says

            Please I have no use for votes.. My life has never been placed on votes or popularity I prize myself on rebellion and raging against the norm.

            I am a Dissident and proud of it as was my grandfather, my great grand and all my people on my mother’s side.

          15. Amerikztan says

            Well, so we may be eggs of a feather then Yadja. I don’t need no stinking votes, unless it reduces comments by showing agreement that saves us the typing. now please add those quotation marks so i can delete the first reply to your first comment, and start getting back to the thread of the article.

          16. Yadja says

            Already made all the corrections I intend to the original post.

            No more will be added or deleted

            That is the way if goes. Live with it.

          17. Amerikztan says

            Okay…nothin’ to delete there then. We’re cool. Okay, we’re done ridin’ that horse then. So what time should I pick you up for dinner?

          18. Yadja says


            I like to eat early around 6PM good for me.

            That was a bucking bronco a hard ride.

          19. Nellie says

            So who cares about a dumb sentence. I am this site for an intelligent discussion not a grammar lesson or fighting. Get over yourselves and lets discuss the topic at hand. This is boring.

          20. Yadja says

            LOLOLOLOL good job.

          21. Yadja says

            Either that or a poor excuse for a brain if one cannot think outside the box.

            Like you.

          22. togetherwestand says

            Hey there killa sorry your so upset. You replied like 5 times in a row. Simply put, I didn’t notice your upvotes however if you agree with someone it’s strange that you chose to correct her “Fragmented sentence” rather than make a different comment in support of what she was saying. It would lower the chances of people seeing your post and assuming your a “Typical Lib”. It does not surprise me however that you chose to do this after reading your many responses to me. I’m a proud Veteran, American Patriot and it takes a lot to get my “Panties in a Twist”.
            Good bye!

          23. Amerikztan says

            Upset? No, I ain’t upset; just TIRED of people who take what I intend out of context. I corrected nothing, I merely posted the sentence that needed editing is all-I asked for her to clarify that one fragmented sentence. Thank you for your service, but please look at context. Thanks.
            [ I never said anything about your panties, but since you brought it up, what’s with the lime color? ]

          24. headonstraight says

            You may now take time out to un-wad your panties.

          25. Yadja says

            And you can take your skivvies off your head.

          26. Connie Alsip says

            And who gives a fuck except you?? Geeze louise, I don’t expect the grammar police on an opinion board. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

          27. Jean says

            AND SOME OF THEM STINK……….Total agreement…People better get their head out of their a$$ and physically remove this BASTARD…Before he NUKES us with our own Nuclear weapons…

          28. wellilltellya says

            and they usually STINK !!

          29. Amerikztan says

            It is not poor writing, it is a fragmentation overlooked. Stop jumping on ‘togetherwestand’ for focusing on the wrong thing, and taking my request for a clarification out of context.

          30. MAHB001 says

            headonstraight is a liberal that usually posts insults. He actually thinks that an insult wins arguments.

          31. Amerikztan says

            Yes, I see that now.

          32. Stan Hoffman says

            MAHB001, I fully agree with that. I had a run in with him the other day. He was verbally insulting a guy who took a stand for God. So I mentioned to him that his post sounded hypocritical to me. We spoke back and forth for about 2 days and be became very verbally insulting to me. As the bible says, we are suppose to test every spirit. I tested his, and I would give him a failing grade. He definitely comes on as a liberal masquerading as a Christian.

          33. togetherwestand says

            My apologies. Got tired of dealing with that crap during some other discussions and couldn’t help myself when I saw it happen again. Hate to see a good post turned around on someone….
            God Bless America

          34. Amerikztan says

            It didn’t get turned on anyone. I only made the comment because I respect Yadja and want to see her thoughts- that’s all. It happens to me too as I edit comments. A lot of times my errors and typos appear AFTER I click ‘Post’.

          35. ForTheMusic says

            who cares haha i will type a run on sentence if i want to maybe u should too it’s so much fun

          36. Yadja says

            I am not writing a thesis or an article for a newspaper and I believe it is pretty easy to get my drift but since your more interested in grammar than facts then you can drift off my posts.

          37. Sandy129 says

            Agree. This is not English Comp but some just can’t resist to criticize. It was loud and clear to me.

          38. Yadja says

            It is a ploy they use constantly.

            Thank you “)

          39. infadelicious says

            awwww, does it make your wittle head hurt when Yadja writes words too big for you to understand? Go on to another, easier site that won’t tax the few working brain cells that you have. Try Miley Cyrus’s or Justin Beiber’s fanclub sites, surely you’ll be able to read the comments there or at least just look at the pictures… now scram.. adults trying to talk here.

          40. headonstraight says

            Were you born a cretin or did that condition develop later in your life?

            I never said or implied anything about any “big words.” Your state of comprehension is bordering on dysfunctional.

          41. Yadja says

            Infadelicious runs circles around the people like you who have no understanding of the situations in the world today. So you people do several things because you can not respond intelligently due to your lack of any knowledge of the world at large and the state of our country now.

            You criticize, you use capital letters thinking we can hear you across the lines, you insult, you demean, you then start with the correction of grammar.

            How SHALLOW is that? How showing of your ignorance and your inability to comprehend is that? Also how obvious is it to those who read your ugly posts that you don’t have a clue?

            Sigh……you need to do some introspection because if ever there was a Cretin, which by the way do you know what a Cretin is only defines you as one.

          42. Amerikztan says

            TROLL ALERT HERE

          43. Yadja says

            OK now you’ve done it. Infadelicious is no Troll, she is a hard hitting, sarcasm using, right on Patriot who defends America, our Military, our Rights etc. She is one of the sharpest minds ever on these Posts and her followers are of the same cut of cloth.

            You are wrong about her and on the defensive. She is a winner that is exceptional in every way.

            Read some of her posts you will agree.

          44. Amerikztan says

            Yes, I made a correction with explanation regarding infadelicious’s reply to ‘headsonstraight. I an admit when I am mistaken, and I edit accordingly- thanks Yadja.

          45. Yadja says

            That is better than me, I sometimes hold on when I know I am wrong. LOLOL

            We are something are we not? Your a good egg kid.

          46. Amerikztan says

            Yes, I’ve noticed. I was hoping to edit out that comment that same day.
            It is better to admit when we are wrong sometimes, otherwise an unqualified community organizer who shall remain nameless might be re-elected…

          47. Yadja says


          48. Amerikztan says

            See correction in re-edit? It’s like THAT with me. Not to change my position or mislead- you can count on that from me. I also self delete
            ( not just with disqus’s flawed ‘delete’ button either.)

            One thing though regarding your opinion of O’Reilly driving you away from Fox News in another comment : yeah, it just drove me away from O’Reilly ( also disconnecting my cable TV), but I vet him like everyone else. He seems to waiver too much on Obama.
            Fox News is still miles above all other TV news pap, but they need vetting too.

          49. Yadja says

            Good post. “)

          50. Nellie says

            He doesn’t waiver. He refuses to say anything without proof. Just because he looks guilty O’Reilly refuses to say he is. He has reported every Obama weaknesses more anyone else on T.V. but he is no coward but he only reports or expresses an opinion on facts and Obama dirty tricks are always done by his lower level people. I wonder what kind of power Obama has that he has been able to have all the little guys standing in front of all the scandal congress committees and they won’t talk. Wow, that is either fear or the worst kind of loyalty. Reminds of some dictator during WWII.

          51. Amerikztan says

            I still had cable TV when I heard O’Reilly call Obama a patriot.O’reilly tried to explain it as Obama’s true belief in his anti-American ideologies as beneficial for America. Since then, I have to take O’Reilly with a grain of salt, though I agree with him most of the time.
            Given the level of destruction Obama’s policies and beliefs are.
            To say O’Reilly has reported more than ANYone isn’t realistic compared to Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, or Kelly.

          52. Nellie says

            Kelly is new so she hasn’t. Hannity implies and brings in people that reports as facts but can’t prove it or else Obama would be long gone. Hannity’s hate for Obama comes out loud and clear that is why I like O’Reilly who always brings in bring from several sides. He asks tough questions but he won’t let them get away with a lie or their just their opinions. He wants the truth with facts to back it up. That’s why he is number 1 and has never gotten recognition from a left control award media. He is the only one on TV with guts and is generous to a fault to our Vets.

          53. Yadja says

            They are infuriating me now insulting you. There is a great divide between them and all of us. A bridge of credibility cannot be made to ever bring any of us together.

            Another example of how terribly divided we are in this country. I don’t think Amerikztan meant what he said in the way it was taken by me and others, he/she has agreed with all of us before. But then when he/she does something like this it just attracts the really hardcore anti-Americans to come out of the dead wood.

            We have problems big time in this country. Needless to say I get more than my dander up when they attack you or any of your followers. It infuriates me. Guess it is good we know who we are and are thick skinned, level headed and right.

          54. infadelicious says

            That one didn’t bother me. When all they are left with is insults and not even very creative ones at that, I toss them into the DISMISS bucket and move on. I can’t even be bothered to reply to their childish insults. You pegged that one right. He is clueless and as such is only good for mocking occasionally when one is very bored. I am blessed because i don’t have last-word-itis and the “i told you so” sickness like most liberals do. They can’t admit when they were wrong and they must get that last word in no matter how mindnumblingly stupid it shows them to be. I give them the last word sometimes because i know their own words will kill them more than anything i could say about them.. We need to fight the intelligent evil ones not the stupid useful idiots that there is no hope for. HAPPY MONDAY πŸ˜‰

          55. Yadja says

            Great post as always, cool, calm and collected as always.

            Remember my situation my Congressman and I were fighting for? We won. Every year in Districts all over the state they review complaints from the people that Congressmen are fighting for. Mine was picked and it is being taken care of. Can’t give you specifics but know that many took it and ran with it and that the department of the government that has been raping Vets of all ages since 2008 has come to an end, they will be tethered. That was my goal.

            Goes to show what one person with the help of good representatives can achieve. I will tell you all soon as I get the OK. I am jumping with joy.

            Also know now when I will receive my medals and have to do the tighten up over here and get the thing going on including a speech.

            It is a good day my friend.

          56. infadelicious says

            I am so happy for you and for those you have helped. Getting your medals is an awesome, long overdue victory for you and for those on the just side of the war on veterans. God bless and protect all those that have served and those that continue to serve our country πŸ˜‰

          57. Yadja says

            I still have a battle but I can handle I am just so proud that it is over for the rest and never again will a soldier of any age go through the intimidation and degradation. That was our goal. Again I can’t say enough about Congressman Richard Nugent or his rep Al Harrison.

            Amen. Got to get the hair recolored, got to get into the FOX news dresses and strut my stuff as a representative of soldiers everywhere, got to make them proud.

          58. infadelicious says

            no doubt you will make them proud, and don’t forget to bat your eyelashes innocently. LOL

          59. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL will do.

            I am excited. “)

            Thinking about my speech and practicing it. Gonna be surrounded by vets and intend to bit_h slap O in some form.

          60. Yadja says

            Sorta like the open-ended awkward and clumsy statement in front of the world O made? Open-ended leaving it to the listeners to decide it’s true meaning when he could have clarified it but it is the words he left out that tell the true meaning.

            If he meant that the people who insult the prophet don’t own the world then he would have said: ” Those who insult the prophet need to remember they are not the only people in the world and do not own it.” Or something to that effect.

            Instead he said: “The world does not, (does not) belong (belong) to those who insult the prophet.”

            It is you who can not read between the lines due to your inability to think outside the box, this is how O won twice. Yours is an example of poor voting.

        2. headonstraight says

          Who is the “most of us” to whom you refer?

        3. Amerikztan says

          Really? I voted her comment up. It’s not a typographical error, it is a fragmented sentence overlooked while she edited her comment. Did you NOT notice I merely asked for clarification? Did i disagree in ANY way with Yadja’s comment?
          togetherwestand, you need to understand CONTEXT. I agreed with and upvoted her comment( as i usually do !)
          -Don’t whine at me…
          ..and God bless America.

          1. ForTheMusic says

            i understood what she said

        4. Norma Davis says

          He is a jihad he and the rest of them tell you what you want to hear until the day they decide to take over !!

        5. Amerikztan says

          You exaggerate one small critique, and all of the replies have blown it way out of proportion, so tell ME about ‘typical’…

      2. Yadja says

        You need to read the post again….I believe I was clear.

        1. Amerikztan says
      3. Yadja says

        I meant what I said what about that comment at the UN did the world and Americans not understand. He clearly stated anyone who insulted the prophet the world would not belong to them. That is what he was saying.

        Clearly laying out that the world would belong to the prophet and those who insulted him would be nowhere or in plainer language they would die as they did in the Crusades.


        1. Amerikztan says

          I see what the problem is; no quotation marks.
          Yadja, I don’t know WHAT these people are jumping on this about. My point is valid and I agreed with your comment. Punctuation means something to some people is all.

          1. Yadja says

            Your a good egg most of the time but I use……..for pause……I do it a lot. Just my way. But the real problem is O’s not making clear his comment.

            He left out important words making it difficult to nail down his real thoughts.

            You brought the wolves out with your comment but you are dead wrong about Infadelicious. She is one of the Top Posters on Breitbart and she is cleaver, well spoken, good at tearing our enemies to pieces with sarcasm and facts.

            Her followers are cut from the same cloth and highly respected I enjoy her comments immensely and I learn much from her and her followers.

            Sharp mind, Sharp tongue and if a gunslinger she would clean out the bad guys single handed.

          2. Amerikztan says

            Sometimes too much /sarcasm is a bad thing. It makes it harder to weed out the genuine trolls. I simply down-vote some of Infadelicious’s comments- and even some of yours ( very few) because of one point that is wrong ( like many, many trolls that change one little detail to appear as racist conservatives, or to mislead. If a point isn’t clear ( like your comment that seemed to kick a bees nest of spam against me), I may ask for clarification. That doesn’t make me a rotten egg necessarily.

          3. Yadja says

            Here is the thing. I think this open media serves several purposes.
            1.) For people to get the feel of the average American.
            2.) To see where conservatives are headed.
            3.) To allow O to see who his enemies are.
            4.) For those of us with a brain and who think outside the box to know our enemy and understand them.
            5.) And for our enemies to know us and see who we are.

            No my friend you are an egg with rights the same as the rest of us and my guess is you are stumbling through this mess the same as the rest of us.

            Our understanding of events and posts is based our thoughts of Right and Left or Right and Wrong and when we look at WWII and WWI stories of so called enemies who were eye to eye and saw in each other a common ground there would be no wars.

          4. Amerikztan says

            There will be no end to wars as long as men are on this planet, and until the end of times. War is necessary sometimes, as you mentioned WW1, and WW2..What would the result have been ? we can only delay the inevitable, but in the end only God wins- not governments or political parties. we can make choices that affect our future. We are closer than ever to God’s promise than ever in our history.

          5. Yadja says


          6. Nellie says

            Enough Already!!!!!!!!

          7. Amerikztan says

            YOU’RE late to the discussion. I’VE been saying that this entire thread ! LOOK at context; you are whining to the wrong person.

    2. MAHB001 says

      I fear that you are correct. 0bama very skillfully uses vague language and relies on Americans good nature to give him the benefit of doubt to continue to promote his Fundamental transformation of the United States.
      If 0bama loves America, why does he want to fundamentally change America? The liberals can not answer this question.

      1. Yadja says

        Happy to see posts like this and I do as a matter of fact I emailed my representatives and Boehner asking him when they were going to stop O. I also reminded him Congress has more than enough to get him on Treason and that is what we want.

        I hear the generals now saying their game plans are piddly and there is no substance to them and they think O is aiding and giving comfort to the enemy. They are right. Giuliani was right.

        Now we see if Congress does the Right thing.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Tulsi Gabbard the Congresswoman from Hawaii has publically complained about 0bama’s vague language and she is a Democrat.
          If you are a Republican, Christian, or Tea Party member when you hear 0bama declare war on “RADICAL EXTREMISTS” how are you to know he is not declaring war on you?

          1. saber4mike . says

            Congress isn’t going to do jack! I have no idea why they’re petrified of this a**hole but something warrants doing. What is going to happen when we begin fighting the Muslims on our own soil? We’ve received warnings from European politicians to take heed…and all we do is turn a blind eye. Persecution of Christians, etc, etc, etc, and yet the inflicted horrors continue unchecked. I wonder if ISIS beheaded someone in the “wonderboys” family if he would just chalk it up as another workplace incident. This get’s more interesting by the hours! God save us!

          2. Mitchell Loebel says

            Actually, Boehner did do something good and powerful to confront Obama by inviting Bibi to speak to Congress. The Left thinks that they can undermine Bibi by boycotting his speech … that’s their arrogance showing. In fact, what they will be doing is exposing their petulance. Nice work Boehner.

          3. Stan Hoffman says

            Mitchell, PM Netanyahu is a deterrent to the Islamic plan of taking over the world. That is why obama has sent his henchmen to Israel to try and get PM Netanyahu ousted and a liberal in charge of their nation, so they will bow down to the peace agreement that obama wants to implement. Of course that peace treaty won’t last long and WWIII will break out. So watch and see if Israel does elect a liberal which I fully expect them to do. If they do, I would expect obama to do his final take over of our nation soon after.

          4. Mitchell Loebel says

            I can’t believe that the “children” on the Left don’t understand what Obama is doing. I guess they’re too young to have seen the Hiroshima and Nagasaki pictures. Sad.

          5. Nellie says

            They are not to blame. It is their parents that have raised a bunched of spoiled, protected from everything generation. Only the strong will survive. I hope it is not too late. Those “children’s world is going to come crashing down” if they don’t stop being self-absorbed spoiled brats, they will suffer and blame others. Obama has shown how it’s done. Nothing has been his fault since he took office as he teaches our them how bad America is and how selfish we are after we saved the world after WWII and help rebuilt Europe and never got paid back a cent and they forget the millions we give countries even the ones who hate us and are our enemies. I doubt they don’t even know anything about it because they udse the media for entertainment not what is really going on in the U.S. or the World.

          6. Mitchell Loebel says

            Yes. All too true.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Nellie people say this to service members all the time but to be honest it should be said to teachers as well.. “thank you for your Service” what a lot of people on these comment sections don’t realize is that they would not be able to be there to express their views (whither you agree with them or not ) if it was not for that teacher that taught them the ABC’s and how to read and Write. There is no salary they could pay you that would be high enough for the service you provide. To you and anyone that uses the Title Teacher I say THANK YOU.

          8. nellie says

            Thanks so much Rick. I must say we don’t thanked too often but sometimes I run across students that are grateful. I have to admit teaching is a calling. Even during difficult days I loved my job. It is the only job where we don’t know whether they will succeed or if you made a difference. I have to say I looked forward to going to work everyday and when you are a teacher you learn as well. You sound like someone I would have enjoyed having in my class. The secret to my success was having a wicked sense of humor. Wit is a gift and my students not only learned but had a good time doing so. Thanks again. You made my day.

          9. Rick Rogers says

            Your welcome.. My Senior English teacher address my yearbook to the class king of Sarcasms. He changed me to come up with a Term paper on a subject that he had never heard of before. This was right during the Start up of Star Trek conventions so I wrote him one about how the Original Star Trek used other Races to talk about problems on present day Earth.. He made a copy of it and told about 6 months ago he still had it and that was 35 years ago.

          10. Yadja says

            Yes and what makes me sick is I actually heard FOX spewing O’s talking point as to why he won’t meet with Bibi because it is too close to elections. They told of a poll in Israel where 46% of the people don’t want Bibi to come because it is too close to the election. What the He!! poll was that? I read the Israeli news Bibi more popular than ever and they do indeed want him to come and speak to Congress. It is their behinds on the line first nuke out of Iran then ours.

          11. Stan Hoffman says

            Yadja, I don’t watch TV so I don’t listen to Fox News. But I do read The Times Of Israel Daily, and they did run an article which said that the majority in a poll did not want PM Netanyahu to come to the US Legislature to speak. However, some of the articles in that news letter have a liberal tone to them. I read another article that said that PM Netanyahu was not very well liked as a person, but they loved him as a leader. They’re liberal agenda is peace at all costs, so their liberals will be most willing to divide the land of Israel and create a Palestinian state. That would be a big mistake. Israel pulled out of Gaza and it became a hell hole of death and destruction. The same will happen to the West Bank if the libs get their way and give it up to the Palestinians. It was Chamberlin who had just come home from peace talks with Hitler and told the English people “peace, peace, we have peace in our time, Hitler has assured me there will be peace.” Shortly there after WWII started. In 2000 at the democratic convention to elect their next presidential candidate, it was hillary clinton who introduced her husband as “the man who gave us peace in our time.” A year and a half later 9/11 happened. It was the Apostle Paul who said when they declare peace, peace, beware.

          12. Yadja says

            I read the International news and FOX has been on the outs with me since O’Reilly called O a Patriot. I also keep up with Israel news and see they have their Liberals. I have read both sides but never that Bibi was not liked as a person. He has been a great and powerful leader but suppose it is like the American news you have your loons and you just have to weed through it.

            People do not understand that the Settlements are not on land that does not belong to Israel. This is a myth that has been out there since the 6-Day war. The lands belong to Israel and it is the world that has decided this land is off limits because it is where the Gazans want to put their State. Their Settlements are not illegal. Nobody has the right to take land from one country and give it to another.

            Not to mention Gaza is nothing more than a Refugee camp and in 2006 named the 3rd largest. It is a city and has been mentioned in Biblical Times the Occupiers are the Arabs who ran into it after the Jordanians ran them off their land. They stayed there.

            O is afraid of Bibi. He fears his speech will show the deceit of O and the danger he poses. I wish Israel would take care of O. How patient they are to have his minions in their country attempting to interfere in their elections. Shameful and disgusting like O.

            Israel too patient. They should kill their enemies.

          13. Stan Hoffman says

            Yadja, its shocking to hear that O’Reilly would call obama a patriot. He has sunk very low to say something that disgusting. I think that the PM Netanyahu has been a strong and devoted leader of Israel. What I mentioned reading was probably more due to the author of the article trying to influence his own political opinion, and not necessarily reporting the heart of the people. I have also read the recent attacks on the PM and his wife for corruption. I personally take all that with a grain of salt as this is the very tactics that libs use and its all coming at a time shortly after obama’s henchmen arrived in Israel. If you have a web address to a conservative Israeli new publication other than the semi lib pub I mentioned, I would greatly appreciate if you would share it with me. I like to keep up with current events in Israel, as the focus of the worlds future is in Israel. And as the old testament tells us to love and support Israel, I have held that as a deep conviction all my life. Have a good day.

          14. Yadja says

            Looked up that poll there were 403 participants and no indication of what Party they supported. Here are some good sites you might like.


            Friends of Israel

            Honest Reporting Canada


            Thank you for the nice post. “)

          15. Stan Hoffman says

            Yadja, thanks for the sites. As for the poll, 403 doesn’t really represent much in my opinion. Polls are usually slanted to the agenda of the group administering the poll anyway. Have a good day.

          16. Yadja says

            Your welcome. Hope you enjoy them. There is lots in there not seen or mentioned in our news.

            Nite for now til next time.


          17. infadelicious says

            Stan, have you seen Yadja lately? lots of friends asking about her…..her disqus profile’s comments are all locked so we cannot reply to her….

          18. Stan Hoffman says

            infadelicious, no I have not heard from her since Feb. I hope nothing bad has happened to her.

          19. infadelicious says

            I am sure the Yadja we know and love is ok. As you know “Tiger” is a fighter. She may just be laying low and regrouping.. I will keep my eyes peeled for her and please do the same. We miss her.

          20. Stan Hoffman says

            infadelicious, I just looked at the posts above and noticed that all the comments I made to Yadja have been changed to show they were made to Guest. That’s rather strange.

          21. infadelicious says

            that may mean that account was closed or she just went private.. she did that once before when her private info was hacked.. She straightened a few people out and came back and has disappeared again.. Hopefully she is just regrouping…. Will be looking around for her… we have other friends that do the same thing, maybe she needs to stay private right now but can send us a sign she is ok…. πŸ˜‰

          22. Bucksergeant says


          23. Proud Conservative Mom says

            Me too.
            You really have a heart bigger than the world itself. Please don’t ever change!
            You make the world a far more beautiful place….

          24. infadelicious says


          25. Proud Conservative Mom says

            If G-d forbid, I have to be off-line for a bit, I will definitely, with
            G-d’s help, let you know even if I cannot go into long explanations during said time period.

            The last time I suddenly had to be incognito, was when I had to fight to get my medications reinstated thanks to Obamacare. I was so drained just trying to survive every day. The on-going fighting simply took the heck out of me. I pray that when I have to start to fight again in September (my prior authorization expires in mid-October), that it should not take an entire month. It happened twice and I was really scared and very numb. The prospect of G-d forbid being stuck in bed for the rest of my life in the throes of labor pain, is very scary.
            I try not to think about it, but every now and again, it gets to me, a little bit.

            That’s why I see “red” every time the Trolls sing Obamacare’s praises! For what, I can never even begin to imagine?!

            What helps keep me going is the fact that the scenario that happened both times I got reinstated, were truly miraculous. What was so insane, was that both scenarios were completely polar opposites of each other. It made no rational sense.

            I am literally in G-d’s hands. It is up to Him entirely. If it is His Will that I receive the meds that I need to survive, then there is NOTHING that any mortal can ever do to prevent it from happening.

            I have to believe that I have so much more to give — so much more to do — that
            G-d won’t allow such a fate to happen to me. : ) !!!!!!!!!!!

          26. guest4455 says

            conservatives should be aborted ASAP

            you worthless subhuman k u n t

          27. Nellie says

            I heard someone on Fox say that they dislike Obama so much that anyone he supports is a sure loser so I don’t think I agree with the poll. They know how Obama dislikes Jews. Count it as another lie toward his highway to hell.

          28. Yadja says

            He can’t arrive at his destination soon enough and with the hate Egypt now has for him, I am posting to an Egyptian, he won’t be visiting the pyramids anytime soon.

          29. David says

            We won’t have a chance to fight them. We will all be placed in FEMA death camps to await the THOUSANDS of Guillotines that are stock piled.
            That’s why he fired over 800 Generals and Catains who said they would NOT fire on American citizens.
            That is why Illegals are allowed to join the military and become Police Officers ( They’ll GLADLY KILL US )
            That’s why he’s trying to ban ammo for the AK74, and the .223 AR15.
            That’s why Concealed Carry permits are so easy to get suddenly despite increased efforts to take away guns. The carry permits let them know w/o a doubt WHO has a gun, and WHERE to find it at 4 a.m.
            I’m afraid it’s going to get scary fast, and I fear that we’ve seen our last Presidential “Election”. He wasn’t even “Elected” either time. It was all set up.
            And now we have people in extremely sensitive security positions that have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. And our politicians say they have NO PROBLEMS sitting down and discussing issues w/ these “People”.
            We’re screwed, blued, and tattooed. And if you’re a pretty young boy, you’ll get screwed multiple times daily.

          30. Stan Hoffman says

            David, this is not the first time that Islam has tried to take over the world. But it is the first time that they have muslims spread throughout the nations of the world and they own the government of the worlds strongest power the USA. So its only a matter of time and WWIII will kick off. I’ve wrote about it above, so I won’t write about it again on this site.

          31. David says

            Hi Stan, I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your previous yet, But I agree with you 100% thus far. When I was a child, my Grandmother warned about the very same thing. She also said that it would happen when we had our first black president, and she wasn’t being racist when she said it either. And fear her prophesy was correct, as she told me much more to look for that’s been accurate.
            God Bless you and yours.

          32. Stan Hoffman says

            David, it sounds like your Grandmother was a woman after the heart of God. And that she had some wisdom of God. None of us knows all the details, but a lot of people have been waking up to what is taking place. However, there are a lot who will wake up when its to late if ever. Obama is a great deceiver. Probably the best tool that Satan has ever controlled. I wish you and yours the best in the coming years, and may God bless you.

          33. MAHB001 says

            I hear ya, God save us.

          34. Nellie says

            The are afraid of the press: the cowards. Don’t they know we the people know the truth when we hear it. It is only the dems. that keep repeating the lies until the people are too lazy to check anything out. It makes me furious that they let the Big Lie go by: If you like your insurance you can keep it, etc.. I guess when they got the subsidies on our tax dollars they shut up but they don’t realize how it will all come falling down. How dumb or selfish can Americans be.

          35. Yadja says

            Personally I believe that is exactly what he did in that UN speech declared war on Western civilization and he has been in secret negotiations with Iran and already giving Iran a place in this war. He continues to fly weak and ineffective sorties maybe 10 a day and Assad knows when and where they are coming.

            His audacity to speak at the Christian Prayer Breakfast against Christians and accuse them of the same atrocities as ISIS and refusing to call this what it is only led Giuliani and it will lead others to see what he is doing.

            O has declared war on America and Europe. I know many will label me nuts for saying this but I do believe it.

          36. Jed says

            I so dearly wish I could say I thought you were nuts, but I suspect you are quite right.

          37. Yadja says

            1.) He has never been asked what he meant when he made that statement at the UN. It could go two ways which I believe he would, if ever asked say I meant that those who insult the prophet are not the rulers of the world and have to have consideration for others. However his actions since making that statement support my first supposition that the world belongs to those who love Allah and we know what happens to the rest.

            2.) The picture with him making the Islamic State sign with his one finger was never published except in the one magazine. Again what was he doing? Nobody else was making signs. Was he aiming for his nose to pick something, was he testing for the wind. Someone needs to make him explain what and why he was doing that.

            3.) Why did he want Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt? Why did he punish Egypt and still punishing them for overthrowing Morsi? That needs to be explained.

            4.) Why has he drug his feet on Iran Sanctions and been having secret meetings with them? Why did he secretly communicate with terrorists for the deserter? Why did he let the five go and continues to let horrible, dangerous terrorists go?

            5.) Why dd he change the Rules of Engagement downrange and why does he have us reading Miranda Rights to them?

            On and on it goes and nobody anywhere is asking him these tough questions the only ones getting them are his stupid spokes person. These are questions worthy of being asked at a Congressional Investigation to see if he is a Traitor because that is what it looks like to those who know what is going on.

          38. dinkerduo says

            And for God’s sake–WHY did Killary want Qaddafi DEAD–he offered to resign–but NO Killary wanted him dead so they could then send Qaddafi’s weapons to the Syrian rebels from Benghazi–put on ships to turkey–then down into Syria for the rebels–as The U.S. Congress had told them NO as Congress didn’t know who they were–they turned out to be ISIS!!! WHY did obozo INSIST that NO U.S. TROOPS BE LEFT IN IRAQ??? That was so ISIS could flourish because they wouldn’t have been able to if U.S. troops had stayed! This took 2/3 years to get set up so in reality–they both (along with others) committed TREASON BY AIDING AND ABETTING THE ENEMY AND THEY NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!
            I’ve heard that the Rev. Wright is really a Muslim masquerading as a Christian–just like obozo is and they are practicing TAQIYYA (Google it) for the good of Islam!
            And yes–the UN speech WAS a threat on all of us as he’s always been at war with
            Republicans–Christians–and especially the Tea Party–AND HE SHOULD BE AFREID OF US—WE ARE COMING TO GET HIM AND HIS ILK–PUT THEM OUT OF OFFICE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

          39. Yadja says

            Some say he was thinking of changing to the gold standard for those who wanted his oil and since every commodity is bought in American dollars right now that would do a real job on America.

            Federal Reserve prints money with nothing to back it no oil, gold or silver standard.

            I don’t know unless they just wanted to make sure Terrorists get that Caliphate.

          40. MAHB001 says

            0bama could answer all those questions and I wouldn’t believe a word he said.
            I am no fool.

          41. Yadja says

            LOLOL but would be nice to see him try.

          42. MAHB001 says

            Yes it would.

          43. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL stammering and stuttering wish I were Queen all would die or be fried who did this sort of thing to our people.

            Fierce I would be, strong and fearless and armed and strong of body and mind and would fight alongside of my Knights or men as Cleopatra did. She was a great strategist not saying I am but I think I could set out a plan to defeat.

          44. Sherry says

            WATER BOARD THE WHIMP!!! He has NO BALLS! He should be treated as the ENEMY WITH IN, as a WAR ENEMY! A SPY that should be EXECUTED!!!

          45. Btty says

            I don’t think your nuts at all. A lot of us out here are believing the same thing! God help us all!

          46. Yadja says

            So good to know now if we can just get more people like Giuliani to speak out and shake O out of office for Treason. Please look at my answer to Jed.

          47. Nellie says

            We need a real leader who is not afraid of the press because they will try to bring him/her down with all their might. Wish I had the influence to organize because all those people not stoned on pot are afraid and want to do something. We voted the demo. out and he still wins. He has done more things to be impeached than I can count and no one does a thing. Why???????

          48. Yadja says

            Have not a clue because Trump did not complete his investigations he promised us. Giuliani is now backing down. The Clinton’s started the exposing and they backed down.

            Unless they fear being killed. I know when Corsi went to Kenya he stopped his book also.

          49. Stan Hoffman says

            I’ve been warning of WWIII since 2008 and constantly updating my warning as more pieces to the puzzle fall into place. I’ve written about it above, so I won’t write it again. But you are right about obama’s weak bombing of Iraq is a deception. The muslim countries crying in outrage against ISIS is also a deception. ISIS is the tool that the Islamic leaders are using to get the US to supply them with arms, ammunition, training, and money. So the Islamic nations have to join the slight attacks against ISIS and make their loud threats against ISIS in order to get their free military gifts from the US, because many people here want ISIS destroyed. Its probably the best deception that anyone has ever come up with. As far as Iran is going, obama is stalling to allow them time to build their nuclear warhead. I’m sure he has also provided them with missile and nuclear warhead technology to help speed up the process. They recently unveiled they’re new long range missiles capable of carrying a nuke. So they are getting closer by the day. I’d say WWIII will probably take place within the next decade.

          50. John Doe says

            With regards to Iran, he and Valerie Jarrett are all about allowing Iran to build the 20,000 or whatever number it is of centrifuges the supreme Ayatollah wants. They’re only wanting to bring on the 12th Imam. For that’s when they believe their Allah will give them their 72 virgins. And they claim this is a “peaceful” religion ? They’re no different than the immortals in 1071-1081 where they went against the Spartans. They also resemble them too from the movie “300” called the Battle of Thermopylae. Obama would be well advised to actually read true history, and understand this was where a battle between Xerxes was trying his second attempt to conquer Greece. But the patriots of Greece with such a small force of a few thousand turned back a force of over 100,000. Learn your history, not what our so called academic institutions teach now, as they only teach liberalism.

          51. Stan Hoffman says

            I understand that obama and his henchmen are working to set up the New World Order, which I believe they want their 12 imam to be the ruler. obama’s plan to bring down the US under his control is necessary to bring that down. In other post I’ve talked about how the financial news is pointing to a collapse of the dollar followed by the implementation of a new monetary system. It is believed that after this collapse, which will tank the stock market and economy, obama will nationalize our retirement accounts. That will give him $23 trillion to add to his spending habits. In return, obama will give us his MYRA as our new retirement funds. The MYRA is nothing more than giving us national debt as treasury bonds. They may change the treasury bond to something else, but it will still be government debt instruments and the people will receive a tiny interest payment in return. It is thought he will then nationalize the banking industry. Senator Warren just announced that to save the postal service we must allow it to get involved in banking. So that will happen. The ground work has already been laid for years now to finalize these take overs. The easiest way to collapse the system is for Janet Yellen, the Fed Reserve Chairman and a liberal, to raise interest rates. Financial news letters say the economy is so weak that even a .25% increase could tank the economy. This crisis would undoubtedly cause chaos and rioting in the streets which financial news letters has been say it will happen. obama set himself up to declare martial law on his order only, and this crisis would give him the ability to do so. We’ve heard some liberals claiming they want obama to stay in office and some wanting him to become dictator. I think Biden let the cat out the bag that they plan to do exactly that when he said he wished obama could run a third term. Declaring martial law would allow obama to remain as president as long as he declares that there is a national crisis. So he will most likely try to do that to become our first dictator. obama is arming Al Qaeda and ISIS and they have gain significant power in 8 countries now. ISIS in Iraq is just a deception to get the American people to support arming the muslims who claim they want to destroy ISIS. And of course obama is stalling the nuke talks with Iran as he is helping them to build a nuke as you pointed out. Putin declared that obama has started a new cold war. So the arms race is going to escalate seriously, especially in the ME. Russia and China have been escalating their weapons sales to the Muslims in the ME. If obama does collapse the system, it will take our super power status down and give rise the New World Order of a one world leader. Remember, the liberals called obama they’re messiah. ISIS is trying to bring about the battle of Dibiq which is the Korans version of Armageddon. Dibiq is suppose to usher in they’re Islamic messiah. ISIS has also declared they want to bomb the Vatican from the air to avenge them for the crusades. The book of Revelations speaks of the whore of Babylon, drunk with the blood of the saints, she shall be judged in one hour. The description of the whore fits Rome to the tee. During the time of the writing of the book of Rev, Babylon was the code name the Judeo/Christians used for Rome The Vatican has been responsible for the murder of many Jews and true Christians during its dark history. So the Vatican is drunk with the blood of the saints. A one world church is to rise up in the last days. The catholic church has been the one European church of all the ancient European religions rolled into one church, and now they are asking the Islamist to join them, and its called Chrislam. The anti-Christ shall rise to power during a crisis and solve it. I just talked about the crisis and whoever solves it will probably be heralded as the new world leader and savior(anti-Christ). Since they call obama they’re messiah, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is him. The anti-Christ will divide the land of Israel and bring peace to the ME. obama and other world leaders are trying to divide up Israel, establish a Palestinian State, and peace in the ME. PM Netanyahu is a strong and devoted leader of Israel and will not sell them out. That’s why obama has sent his henchmen to Israel to try and defeat the PM and have him replaced with a liberal PM. If that happens, obama will accomplish the above mentioned and be heralded as the savior once again for bringing peace to the ME. The cold war arms build up will continue at a rapid pace. Israel will build the third temple in Jerusalem to worship God. The world will be rejoicing at all the wonderful things the anti-Christ has done. But as the seasons change, so shall the peace turn into WWIII. Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Central China, and Magog shall converge in the ME against Israel. Russia is the territory of the ancient Magog. The eastern part of the Ukraine is also part of the old Magog. So Putin is putting Magog back together. Now bare in mind I do not claim this to be the perfect truth, as I am not God nor a great prophet. This is just my thinking of how things are going to play out according to all I have been studying. If things do play out like this, I believe we could easily see the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish his righteous rule upon the earth for 1000 years, which would be the 6th dispensation. The tribulation period is 7 years, so if Christ does return, its not going to be tomorrow. But if things do play out like this, He could easily return within the next decade or two. But that is not a prediction as no man knows the time, only the Father in heaven knows that. Its just a guess based on the signs I’m seeing. Feel free to add to it, or differ against everything I’ve written, as I can always learn more from other believers. May God bless you and your family.

          52. Yadja says


          53. MAHB001 says

            You are not nuts, but you are surrounded by them… πŸ™‚
            God Bless you, keep posting.

          54. John Doe says

            Everyone that has a D behind their name!

          55. Yadja says

            “) Please see my answer to Jed.

          56. Sandy129 says

            You have lots of company! lol

          57. Yadja says

            “) that is so good to hear and please look at my answer to Jed.

          58. John Doe says

            I couldn’t agree more. When, if ever, he, Holder this administration ever goes down on treasonous charges, they need to take the heads of the MSM down as well for aiding and abetting and for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, congress doesn’t have the (nut) sack to do it. Help the liberal group PETA by feeding the sharks and fish of the ocean by making them shark bait. The only thing I’ve got against PETA is that they’re perfectly fine with putting an animals life before a human life. I guess they too, just like all liberals have never read the bible to know just why GOD put animals on earth.

          59. Yadja says

            And nobody has asked him the following:
            What did you mean with your statement at the UN?
            Why did you compare Christians to ISIS if your a Christian?
            Why did you want Egypt to keep Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood? Why did you punish Egypt for it and still refusing them help?
            Why are you having secret meetings with Iran? And why did you bypass Congress on this?
            Why did you have secret negotiations on the deserter and let 5 of the worst terrorist go?
            Why did you say al Shabaab was on the run and why did you have boots on the ground and why did you give weapons to the country they are in?
            Why did Kerry go to Iran, Turkey and Qatar, who were funding Hamas in the last war against Israel to get them to write a peace agreement?
            Why did you continue to fund Gaza with American tax dollars when they were attacking our alli?

            On and on the list is endless of questions that if answered truthfully would mark him unmistakable as a Traitor and put him in jail for life or end-up the way the Germans did who came to our shores in WWII.

            We have a Muslim and a Traitor in the WH. Get in touch with your reps and ask them to ask O these questions under a Congressional Investigation.

          60. John Doe says

            Great idea, other than the fact that our congress continues to sit on their asses and don’t appear to be overly concerned about it.

          61. Nellie says

            And why is Obama so pissed that Congress invited Israel’s Prime Minister to speak to Congress and now Obama is doing everything that he loses the election in his own country. On our dime people that helped him get elected are helping his opponents? He hates Jews that is clear and gives Iran a lot breaks over and over again until they get a nuclear weapon. I hope Congress can help. I am glad the President didn’t like a taste of his own medicine.

          62. Yadja says

            Because Netanyahu is a leader and he will speak the truth and expose how rotten to the core O’s deals with Iran are for the world.

            People forget Iran has vowed death to America and Israel and guess O is all in with that and doesn’t want his plans foiled.

            O did his usual dirty lie bit about the Mossad abandoning Bibi and going along with him on Iran. That went down like a lead balloon in the Israeli papers.

            They know O has a George Soros funded organization in Israel to interfere with their elections. Unbelievable and Congress has not opened it’s cowardly trap.

          63. Sherry says

            It happens to be what all of us believe! The truth has been open to the light for a very long time and EVERYONE is PARALYZED with the fear that it just happens to be so! IT IS TIME FOR A REAL REVOLUTION! It is time for ALL of us REAL AMERICANS to,STAND UP and PUSH our “representatives” to do what they all took an OATH to do! We will back them all the way to the White House! Get as much Military and Law Officials (police and sheriffs and co.commissioners) to back us in this FIGHT! Once they get complete control of the internet, we will be DONE!!! Once the GUNS are taken, it will be nothing for them to round us all up like Hitler did and DESTROY this country once and for all! How can we plan such a GRAND SCALE movement? ANYONE have ANY IDEA’S?? I may be “old”, but I’m willing to die or do for my country!

          64. Yadja says

            Sherry I speak to people on the net who already have gathered doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen and X military into organizations and they are prepared. All over this country people, myself included, are preparing for the worst.

            There are generals on the net that have sites where they are encouraging a huge march on Washington to let O know that we are tired of all this. What I believe needs to be done, just my thoughts. Millions I believe would attend such a rally and march but it is so difficult for many to travel there or pay for travel. Someone like Trump and Romney could get buses or trains to stop in areas around the country and offer the needed transportation for the people.

            They are always talking about what is happening and they have the money. Soros bused in people to Ferguson and to the Wall Street bunch so could a few good people like Romney, Trump and the Koch Brothers. In the meantime we just have to keep at our representatives. I am in touch with my District Congressman.

            Things are getting tight and chaotic.

        2. Sandy129 says

          Giuliani only said what most of the rest of us think already. I was proud to see him take his stand and not try to cover it up with pc blather. He’s already said if push comes to shove he will stand with the muslims. Why is it so hard for people to see, he was telling the truth for once.

          1. Yadja says

            In my humble opinion that would put the situation that has arisen in this country and around the world squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats and then someone might ask them who vetted him and why did they put such a candidate up in the first place.

            It is a web of deceit.

          2. Sandy129 says

            It certainly is! We are living in a time where most people cannot tolerate truth in any form. I say most because if common sense prevailed we wouldn’t have this bunch running and destroying America.

          3. Yadja says

            We are in terrible trouble.

      2. Norma Davis says

        obutho and ugly jarret must fall ,or run out of our country soon .They must return to iran

        1. MAHB001 says

          I am all for impeachment. And prosecution.

          1. Norma Davis says

            You are RIGHT that is what they deserve !!

          2. Amerikztan says

            Impeachment will not solve the problem alone [see ‘Bill Clinton]
            the GOP ( led by the Tea party republicans most likely) NEED to push for prosecution.
            If the incumbent GOP doesn’t climb out of it’s hole and use every means it has the power too, it WILL be too late to stop this runaway train!

          3. Guest says

            dang. I need to enlarge…

          4. Amerikztan says

            See how impeachment hurt Clinton’s reputation after the White House?

          5. Nellie says

            I thought about impeachment but who succeeds. Joe Biden would be a disaster and who succeeds him ? All of the are a just as bad. We have wait for the next election and if we people are still stupid because the press keeps them that way and they may well vote for Hilary another Obama and responsible for the deaths in Benghazi and who know how far that conspiracy goes. They will steal the election as I highly suspect Obama did. I live in the Chicago area where no election in that city I suspect hasn’t been legal in decades.

          6. MAHB001 says

            Joey would be impotent when compared to 0bama.
            Come to think about it, JB probably is impotent with or without 0bama.

      3. Mitchell Loebel says

        You are right on the money Mah! Which is why Bibi’s speech is profoundly important NOW!

        1. MAHB001 says

          I wish we had a leader like Bibi!

      4. nevergiveup says

        Yes, everyone, spread the word. When I see posts like this it feels like it’s catching on, hopefully catching on like wild fire. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Makes one feel hopeful.

        1. MAHB001 says

          He can not implement this evil plan if we are vocal now. Even the brainwashed Democrats will not stand for it.

      5. Stan Hoffman says

        MAHB001, the Koran teaches the Islamist that he is to plunder the non believers and make them slaves. Of course if they refuse, they will kill them. Hasn’t obama been plundering the non believers in this country and giving to the Islamic slave converts? WWIII is coming, and it will make WWII look like a cake walk. And the Islamists are scattered all over the world ready to start it when the time comes. But first the New World Order must come about, and it will take a crisis to cause it to happen. Keep and eye on the Fed Reserve Chairman’s decision of when she will raise the interest rates, because decent financial annalists believe that raising the interest rate even .25% could easily tank the economy. So its very likely that they will raise it when the time for their take over is at hand. Tanking the economy will collapse the stock market and destroy the dollar. Many financial news letters are warning that there will be a complete collapse of the dollar and we will go on a new currency. Obama has the authority to establish Marshal Law when the people start rioting. Marshal Law will allow him the ability to remain as Pres. indefinitely as long as he likes. To solve the crisis I’ve read that he is expected to Nationalize our retirement accounts, which will give him another $23 trillion to play with. In return he will give us his MYRA which is nothing but Government debt in the form of treasury bonds. Some financial analyst believe he will then Nationalize the banking industry. Senator Warren just announced her plan to have the US postal service get involved in the banking industry by offering bill paying, loans, ect.. So that will be the nationalizing of the banks. Giving obama full control over all our money. No one will be able to buy or sell if he is not an Islamic slave. Bare in mind I’m not claiming to be the final authority on this, but this is what I’m reading in the financial and world news, and the pieces of the puzzle are coming together in this direction. Based on this, I would say yes that obama is at war with us.

        1. MAHB001 says

          Very useful and scary information. Thanks,
          I also learned that a Muslim can fight Jihad in more than one way. If they are not able to take up the sword, they can do it with the pen, or even politically

      6. John Doe says

        He’s also against the Student’s for Liberty, just look at their conference 3 days ago. They’re too named a terrorist group. He’s against Liberty and all for Sharia law.

    3. Norma Davis says

      He is worse than that he is a Jihad and we as a Nation is in big trouble ,them fers are all over America .We all need to pray that someone stops him soon

      1. Yadja says

        Nobody will stop him until more say what Giuliani did and I heard several generals on the news FOX yesterday say that O is aiding and giving comfort to the enemy.

        He needs to be tried for Treason we surely have the goods on him.

    4. Btty says

      So right Yadja. I have said for quite awhile I expect to see his wife and daughters coming out of the WH with their Burkas on. We had better start fighting back and that means fighting this usurper in the WH

      1. Yadja says

        Giuliani first start. Others will find the courage to speak out until the voices are resounding throughout the land and like Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho with the blowing of the trumpets so will our voices.

        1. Btty says

          From your lips to God’s ears! πŸ˜‰

          1. Yadja says

            I am so saddened Giuliani is backing off.

          2. Nellie says

            I see like a court room when a judge says discard that testimony. He said it and we know he means it and we agree and he forced for some reason maybe for the Republic Party’s sake to take it back but we heard and will not discard it. I still like him and Obama didn’t live through 911 like Giuliani and most Americans did. It is out there and people agree with him certainly like in a court room there a lot of evidence to proof him right.

    5. Sandy129 says

      Agree! The problem is that so many people still do not know what islam actually is. What is going on now is the prophesy of mohammed, its in their book. They are attempting to fulfill the prophesy of the koran, even tho it is a false prophet and a false prophesy. Christians don’t have to help God fulfill His Prophesies as He is well able to do all without our help. If more people would understand what their “holy” book says they would see it for what it really is, a holy war against all people who do not believe as they do and they have made a direct threat against the Cross of Christ so any denomination that references the Cross in any way is the enemy making America the ultimate goal. They are even claiming now that all smokers too could be beheaded…insanity at best.

      1. Yadja says

        There are too many in this country at the top who are keeping the people from knowing the truth. Nobody was allowed to see the pictures of the body parts scattered everywhere and the sea of blood after 9/11. Your country thinks you too weak. I believe that ISIS and the daily diet of horror they are creating is the best thing for the deliverance of our people from the bonds of PC.

        ISIS is their own worst enemy.

        1. Sandy129 says

          Yes they are but they have a lot of help from people and places they should not. Pastor John was telling on his Insight program that one sect believes in the violence bringing about their “messiah” and the destruction of Jews and Christians followed by all infidels and the other does not. If I am right, it is the Sunni’s that believe they can bring the prophesy to pass with killing. I am not certain but it seems the shiites are the targets so perhaps they don’t. They kill and maim and live under sharia law which is demonic in itself. Pastor John just began teaching on the differences of the sects so I hope he will continue tomorrow. He is our Brother of Jewish progeny and he gets it and is telling the listeners. If you haven’t checked out SBN, watch week days at 9:30 am and it re-airs at 7:30 pm. I wish he would go on longer than 20-25 minutes! The following program with Sister Frances is dealing with this too and does take questions via email and phone calls. Lots of great stuff there! Well, we having a heat wave! It was up to 20 today but forecast to drop again into sub zero nights again. I am glad its almost March! lol

          1. Yadja says

            This is wonderful. Wonder when he will hear from CAIR because when first coming home I went to the Pastors to encourage them to teach their flock about Islam.

            LOLOLOL a heat wave for sure take out the bikini.

          2. Sandy129 says

            I’d wear more than that in the shower if I could! lol Stepping into that cast iron tub when its this cold is like stepping out into the snow until the water warms it up. I have begun to turn the water on first cause that is just more than I can take.Yes we are getting all that good teaching that sadly most of the other churches are not and I pray the Lord protects them as it goes out over most all over the World now via SBN which just came on for 3 hours a day in Seattle and will soon go to 24/7. I used to watch live church services on my pc but its on DISH so I don’t have to do that now but I do also have the SBN app on my cell so I can listen or watch anytime I am driving and I have a signal. When I go to PA to get milk there is no signal there. Too many hills and mountains I guess. It is one gorgeous drive in the fall.

          3. Yadja says

            I lived in Maine and I think that was one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived, save for Europe it is beyond beautiful. We had the four Seasons and I loved it. When winter came the snow was almost to the top of my downstairs windows. The city would have to come and dig us out. Then the snow plows would come and there goes the snow back on our walkways.

            Cast iron tub that sounds lovely. I remember as a child living in Texas with my Uncle John on his farm, I was four but I remember it. They had a tin bathtub that my Aunt would fill with water she pumped at the kitchen sink. It was cold. LOLOL I remember my Uncle John would leave his boots at the back door and they had an outhouse way in the back. I would put my Uncle’s boots on and sometimes I just couldn’t get there fast enough and poor Uncle John would have to clean his boots out. LOLOL These were my Stepfathers people as a matter of fact today is my stepfathers Birthday.

            I don’t believe as long as the Demoncat/Progressives we are lost and nobody will know anything about Islam or anything else. O is now going into people’s 401Ks. He will do much more than that before he is through.

          4. Nellie says

            I don’t understand why before his 1st election and he refused to disclosed his private information and we knew all the negatives people voted for a man whose father and mother were communist and his mentors were socialist. All they could see was a good looking, well spoken liar and they voted for him not once but twice. I saw the secrecy. Why would anybody vote for a blank page and what they knew except that he went to Harvard vote for him. He had done nothing and had told so many lies that you count them anymore. The last election people started to wake up but he had a pen and a phone. In other words he was king. That is called Treason. Maybe that professor who worked on Obamacare who called voters Stupid was right. We not stupid about Obamacare because we didn’t know anything but people knew his non record and lies and that made all those who voted for him especially the second time extremely stupid.

          5. Yadja says

            It is a tangled web that was woven by many people from the time he was born. I have read so many books but the best one, that will clarify much and has proof of everything it says is Red Army by AAron Klein and Brenda J Elliott. I was shocked what I read.

          6. Sandy129 says

            I think we broke a record yesterday. When I let the dogs out for the last time it seems much colder and the instant frost patterns on the storm door when I opened it and I checked the TV station and they said it was -17. I remember having a lot of fun at my aunt and uncles farm. My Mom had a doxie that used to head for the chickens on a dead run as soon as he got out of the car and feathers would be flying everywhere as she ran to catch him and my aunt would always say”They won’t lay an egg for a week now.” He never hurt them, just got a thrill out of scaring the feathers off of them. Thats where I got my first taste of rattlesnake meat. I was told it was chicken and it really didn’t taste that bad but I didn’t want anymore of it after finding out what it was. He also made homemade root beer in his root cellar and that I did like!
            As long as we have anyone with a spine that knows right from wrong and do it, we are in big trouble. The sad thing is, to get one who really understands the mess we are in and how to go about fixing it things will only get worse and worse. I am glad in a lot of ways I am not a young mom starting a family. This is not a world I would want for them and I have grand-babies that will have to deal with this should Jesus tarry. The Lord is our only hope for a permanent fix. It’s possible to turn things back now to make life more enjoyable tor all of us but I don’t have a lot of hope but not discouraged enough to not vote. I so vote even tho the dems outnumber us 10:1. NYC has a huge population as well being a sanctuary city and conservatives don’t have the numbers to make a difference. Other than some of the dems with a bit of common sense join with us, it will all go the same direction here. He can’t get my 401k because I no longer have it. I had to cash it in years ago…

          7. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL I love those stories and they do put up such a fuss it is amazing them chickens. My dad loved rattle snake but I never tasted it. Did eat escargot and pate’ in France and tried octopus and other stuff in the Orient but I was careful it was not dog or cat, a favorite in Okinawa.

            My children are level headed, well educated and very conservative. So they will do well with my grands.

            I came into money about the time O came into office. I took out all my 401ks, irritated heck outa the guy in charge he said to me can you imagine what would happen if everybody did this? I told him I wasn’t everybody and I could care less about the rest who could not see the forest for the trees. I also stopped working full time and downsized my life to a comfortable, simple life.

            Don’t know what is going to happen to this country. Heard today O did it again just wrote a law saying that certain people who come here, their wives could work also. Just like that, just did it. Nobody touches him.

            We will see what happens.

          8. Sandy129 says

            You must remember the panic on It’s a Wonderful Life?” They do hate to see us make big withdrawals for certain. Our money system is stressed for certain and we all feel it, at least those of us who aren’t able to print more when we need it! lol The only time in my life I ever had a significant financial blessing was when my husband worked the Pipeline in Anchorage Alaska. It was so nice to be able to buy what we needed when the cost was irrelevant we didn’t save any and when the work ended it was life as normal! At this point I have to be really careful because my kids are on their own and my retirement income doesn’t allow for too much splurging. One miracle at a time…

          9. Yadja says

            For years I would cash my paycheck and I would only keep in my checking account the amount needed to pay my bills. The rest I kept elsewhere in cash.

            We all have to be careful until O gets out of here.

          10. Nellie says

            So Obama having been a Muslin and having read the Qur”an helps understand why when an American was beheaded had no problem playing golf 15 minutes after he was informed. He is not with us.

          11. Sandy129 says

            Not just that, it is his whole attitude. He believes what the koran says. He did say right off that if push came to shove he would stand with the muslims. It’s sure not rocket science, it amazes me that anyone is fooled at this point in time. I have not read the koran but have portions of it and I have learned much about the prophesies and they are doing exactly as it says in order to achieve dominant rule. When they carry signs saying death to America one would do well to heed that warning as that is their intent.

    6. dinkerduo says

      I have said the same thing over and over–also WHY would a CHRISTIAN (snark πŸ™‚ potus ever utter the words, “If the wind changes and things turn ugly, I’ll stand with the Muslims??????
      Unless HE is a Muslim NO U.S. POTUS WOULD SAY SUCH A THING-and-LIKE WHAT HE SAID AT THE UN!!! Does he really have to come out and say, “I am a Muslim”????????????????????
      for it to make it so?? I DON’T THINK SO—it’s the whole duck thing and he walks and talks like a Muslim–so he must be a Muslim!!! And IF HE’S GOING TO STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS THEN HE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO BE POTUS—PEIROD!!!

      1. Yadja says

        No he can’t but Giuliani the first high ranking individual to bring out what is truth and ugly about O is now back peddling and it breaks my heart.

        What hold this corrupt, filthy Muslim has on every person who attacks him in this country, including the Clinton’s who basically said the same thing Giuliani said I will never understand.

        I will be able to speak of a success that will affect millions of vets in a positive way that I initiated and one little person……me…..reaching out to a good and clean representative was able to turn the tide.

        Can not clarify yet but will as soon as it passes.

        1. dinkerduo says

          Good for you–keep us posted and we’ll join you!!!

          1. Yadja says

            Promise I will tell you just got the news today so many Congressmen jumped on board and put this together and we will win and it was my goal all along and them to stop the abuse.

            What happens is every year in every state there is a gathering of the complaints and the problems that individuals have asked their reps to represent them on and they pick those that are the most pressing and the most appalling, mine was one.

            I am so excited I can’t see straight.

            I will keep you in my inbox so I can tell you.

          2. dinkerduo says


          3. Yadja says

            Already got you in my box and will. I am so happy. Not for me, I still have a fight on my hands, but for all those who won’t ever face this.

          4. Nellie says

            I am the Chicago area so you can imagine there is no conversing with my Congressman.

          5. Yadja says

            My people lived in Chicago. I spent Summers there with my Grandfather. I loved it. Lots of fun back then, good mix of immigrants from all over the world but mostly Europe.

            Went back many years ago and the sections that were once Polish, Italian etc were all dumps with so many people hanging out the windows you had not a clue how many lived there. Drunks laying in the gutter and some young Hispanic or whatever came up to me and threatened me, in broad daylight with a knife, I told him to shove the knife up his kazoo.

            Worked back then but would never do that today anywhere, not without a gun to emphasize my intent.

            You my dear are skewered.

          6. Nellie says

            I was a teacher a nearby suburb and quit after 30+ years when my life was threatened and the administration didn’t even punish the student in any way. That was it for me. I spending more time keeping order than I was teaching to those who didn’t want to learn but thought and so did their parent that they deserved an A doing nothing in class. The administration didn’t care to keep order so education is not society’s problem it is their own problem because they are taught they are special but don’t have to work to BE special.

          7. Yadja says

            Thank you for sharing your insight from a real stand point.

        2. Nellie says

          I just mentioned that at an upper post. It is as close to a Hitler complex as it gets.

          1. Yadja says

            Fourth Reich.

      2. Yadja says

        In a sane world, in a wold of my father and his father before him it would be obvious and dealt with but this is not that world. This is a Congress and a country and as Giuliani said a president like no other.

        He is the “Other” our Founding Fathers warned us about and that is why we have the 2nd Amendment.

    7. infadelicious says

      looking for my friend Y, have you seen her? Let us know you’re out there.. πŸ˜‰

  2. MikeS says

    Hayes is a screw up. Don’t mess with your conservative audience. You will find yourself looking for viewers.

  3. johnanaguski says

    One must understand Bill O’Reilly and all the other newscasters at Fox News have no competition from the cesspool network msnbc.

  4. Homer says

    Competition over yonder at msnbc???

    Thx, i needed a laugh

  5. buddman says

    Hayes would not know a FACT if it Punched him in the Face

  6. crazyfreddie says


    1. Nellie says

      Today the ratings came out Fox was number and has been for years but has never won any awards. MSNBC was the lowest. I believe was the highest of all combined.

  7. Kent2012 says

    chrisy haysinsky is another brain dead twit in the cheer leading clown circus that supports rag loving communists like kenyan boyo…..these mental midgets are the core responsibility for false narratives and a complete failure of the media to do an in depth investigation of the african pretended in 2006 and 2007…those things never happen because these $luts are too busy blaming George Bush for all the ills that have befallen mankind since 3600 BC and calling Sarah Palin an idiot…..now that the enemy in the oral office is close to moving from DC to the UN these same dunce caps will be promoting the ho clintoney for the top job in the oral office….the young female interns really should be concerned.,,,oh and democracy loving people all over the world….more than 8 years of leg-humping with the communists and the rags will cause untold trouble….I wonder when the international currency will be the Yuan Renminbi..??

  8. ohmama says

    Oh good grief! How do you fight something that you deny exists? A jihad IS a Holy War! Sticking your head in the sand, denying that it exists or fighting over word terms is not going to either “convert” or make the Islamic Terrorists go away. Barack Obama and the liberals are in deep, deep denial and are trying to protect the Muslims from their own religion.

    This IS Orthodox Islam, people. They ARE following the teachings of the Quran….to the letter.

  9. Diane Brenner says

    I truly wish the posters here would stick to expressing their opinions on an article rather than the childish name calling and criticisms of the posters. Meanwhile, there is nothing Holy about this war. History books do not refer to the Muslims as extremists back in the Middle Ages when their only goal was to eradicate the Catholic Church. Yet, history does state that Muslims in general were the antagonists. It didn’t become a Holy war until the Pope at that time declared retaliation against the Muslims for their persistent persecution of Christians. There is nothing Holy about Islam. If anything, IS is attempting to fulfill the prophecy of the “end times” by attempting to create a one world religion. The Bible warns against this along with a one world government as a sign that the end days are near.

    1. ohmama says

      The Muslims have been fighting against the world for 1400 years. The Crusades actually was in response to Muslim violence, and the Islamic religion has been been able to spread in formerly Christian nations only through the threat of death and violence.

      The teachings of the Quaran have nothing in common with the scripture of the Bible.

      1. Diane Brenner says

        We share the same knowledge about Muslim history. It was about 1291 that the last supreme effort was made by the Christians and Jews to defend the Holy Land against the Muslims. The Christians were outnumbered something like 10 to 1. They didn’t stand a chance. Islam rose from the jealousy and anger of Abraham’s illegitimate son Ishmael because God favored Isaac to fulfill the covenant He made with Abraham as Isaac was Abraham’s legal son. Because of not being accepted as the legal heir to the Holy Land, Ishmael vowed to take the Holy Land from Isaac. And, his descendants did just that though it took quite awhile for the Muslim nation to become large and powerful enough to do so.

      2. Nellie says

        At the Prayer Breakfast Obama he didn’t explain the cause of the Crusades. He insulted all Christians when he mentioned the “Before we get on our high horse” because in both cases the Crusades in the Holy Land and in Spain which was not Spain yet was a fight against Muslins. Then as we all know many people don’t know their History not U.S. or World History. It would help because the whole idea of studying History is so that it won’t be repeated. Doesn’t help when people like our President spins it to protect Islam and leave the Christians high and dry. I have to say he must hate Christians to bring it up at such a moment. O’Reilly says he won’t call him a Muslin until there is proof but I have all the proof I need that it isn’t only Christians but Jews as well. Maybe Obama is hoping for more than his share of virgins when he dies.

    2. MAHB001 says

      Liberals will insult when they have no argument to support their beliefs.
      When I see an insult, I know I am winning the argument., and it usually shuts the liberal up when I call them on it.

      On the other hand, what goes around comes around, I will not start it, but I will not allow them to silence the truth with insults either.

      I applaud your comment and civility.

      1. Diane Brenner says

        Thank you for your comment. What I cannot understand is how a discussion regarding the origination of and subsequent actions of the Muslims can be deemed either a liberal or conservative action. IS’s goal is simply to annihilate non muslim people. I don’t think they care what the politics of the victims are. What IS important is the fact that Obama does not want to acknowledge that his obviously chosen religion is being used by the Muslims in their war efforts.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I think it goes beyond that.

          I think 0bama is intentionally using vague words to describe the Muslim Terrorists as a play on words with evil intent.

          The Obama Administration refuses to be clear as to who the Islamic Terrorist are.

          BUT he was crystal clear when he called The Tea Party RADICALS, Christian Conservatives EXTREMISTS, and the Republicans in Congress TERRORISTS.

          Given this administrations propensity towards obfuscating the truth, when Obama says we are at war with RADICAL EXTREMISTS, I believe he wants to eventually expand that war to include Republicans, Christians, and The Tea Party?

          Again, he has refused to call them Muslim Extremists, or Muslim Terrorists. Yet he as called Americans that disagree with him, Extremists, Radicals, and Terrorists in no uncertain terms.

          My theory is only bolstered by the report just released by Homeland Security that concluded that Right Wing extremist are more dangerous to America than the Muslim Terrorists.

          Words matter. Clarity matters, telling the truth matters.

          1. Diane Brenner says

            Ya know. Just on the very off chance that Obama really does want to help America, why doesn’t he ever defend all the bad accusations thrown at him? Yet, let a white cop kill a black criminal and he’s in full defense of the criminal. Racism, real or imaginary, is the only thing I’ve seen him stand up and get angry about. But, that’s only because he thinks the public is all racists and are deliberately attempting to make him look bad. Trust me, he doesn’t need any help in that direction.
            But, back to IS…it strikes me as too coincidental that the Muslims start their shenanigans just as a fellow Muslim is about to become President. Coincidental? Or Planned. If George Soros is responsible for Obama getting elected, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if George Soros wasn’t also funding the IS. Obama was put in the oval office to serve a purpose and I’ll guarantee Soros is pulling the strings on that purpose.

          2. Amerikztan says

            It’s all about the distractions of race, gender, religion, and truth. THAT is his defense. I agree with you about George Soros’s involvement.

          3. MAHB001 says


          4. MAHB001 says

            0bama must divide the country in half. United we stand, divided we fall.
            It is also easier to fix elections when the media calls for a close election, which sets everybody’s expectations, when the winner wins by 52%, nobody questions or argues the results. That is how they fixed the last election. We will have to see about the next one.
            George Soros is definitely pulling strings at the top of both parties. I believe the controllers of the good ol boy network of the Republican Party are corrupt too. But, We the People have put them on notice.
            I think the moral majority must wake up and take control, they can no longer stay silent because the Liberal Progressives have taken control of Both parties.

          5. Amerikztan says

            OhBombUs is twisting words and meanings to obfuscate. Too many liberals employ that same Alinsky tactic to cause people on the same side to start arguing among themselves. OhBombUs reignited the race wars, and is dividing this nation by telling his lies about conservatives, Christians, the Koch brothers, fox News, and even silencing Andrew Breitbart permanently-yes, I think an investigation is STILL warranted.
            This is still just beginning, but this world will perish. There is no political ‘Shangr-La’, there will be no peace. Things will get much worse before God steps in.

          6. MAHB001 says

            0bama and the Left use VERY clear language when they called the Tea Party “RADICALS” and Christian Conservatives that cling to their guns as “EXTREMISTS,” and Republicans in Congress “TERRORISTS.”
            When 0bama says he wants to go to war with Radical Extremists, the ONLY group that he has clearly used that term on is Americans.
            You are correct, the Liberal Progressives Utopia is unattainable as long as EVIL persists on earth. If they succeed, we will all end up being ruled under communism, not capitalism with a nasty dictator.

    3. Amerikztan says

      same here.

  10. Connie Alsip says

    Just kill all the muslims in America, take down their terror camps, and ban islam from America forever. This would get rid of Obozo, his muslim brotherhood cronies, Valerie Jarrett, and the like. If you want to be merciful, allow them to leave our shores, and then build a 20 foot electrified wall, and let our Border Patrol and the INS do their jobs. Sick and tired of this illegal alien we have masquerading both as an American, and a legally elected POTUS. The Dems and the Saudis elected his muslim ass and the entire USA is suffering.

  11. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    We are in a Holy War and you netter believe that cause it’ll come here to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THEN YOU’LL KNOW JUST WHAT THESE PEOPLE WILL DO TO THE CHRISTIANS.

    1. ForTheMusic says

      and the pagans πŸ˜›

  12. jimdarnall says

    This is the same war on all other religions that has been going on for over 1500 yrs by Islam. Total control and domination has always been their goal. If we continue to ignore this atrocity many will lose their heads. Literally!

  13. ForTheMusic says

    every war is a holy war..holy sh|t! we are at war! πŸ˜› couldn’t resist.

  14. Dan says

    If they are a bunch of impoverished, confused youth, then why do they have BILLIONS of dollars at their disposal from heroin trafficking and ransoms from kidnappings. OBAMA is the worst thing to ever squat in the WH.

  15. wellilltellya says

    it is about time someone recognized it for what it is a holy war and the FALSE PROPHET in office or as it refers to as ANTI CHRIST pretty good description of ol barry he’s quite a guy

  16. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    SOAP sent you a message.

    Listen to my new episode COMMUNISM IS ALIVE AND STRONGER IN THE USA. WHY WE WATCHING NAZIS? athttp://tobtr.com/s/7372449. #BlogTalkRadio

  17. TPS12 says

    If it walks like a duck?

  18. JIMBO says

    Great response to Hayes. In our current situation with Islam, and I do mean Islam. we must call a spade a spade and stop beating around the bush for the sake of Obama. I dont expect Obviate to admit that he is in favor of ISIS and Islam in general. If there is a good and a bad Islam, why aren’t those good ones fighting these murderer. One again, I mention Turkey. This country would not even support its brothers, the curds, because they are a Muslim country. Everybody knows this but wont admit it. Unless we get rid of your Muslim president, who admitted publicly ” If the tables were turned he would have to favor Muslims” his words not mine. So were do we go from here?

    1. Morton212 says

      Turkey, as a member of NATO cannot join the Assad side and fight ISIS, or it would be booted out of NATO.

  19. cjg says

    HELL, wait till it starts here,,, they are already in masses in wisconsin, missouri, washington…
    their satanic bull shit quoran tells them to just be good and do what they are told here, then when there are enough to take over and invoke their laws…. and the stupid american public bought it.
    the illegal muslim obama and his administration are right in there with them. WAIT UNTIL
    the so called allah is satan, READ THEIR ASS HOLE BOOK…. LOOK IT UP

  20. Norma Davis says

    it is iran all the way ,iran is the ones who want death to America and death to Israel –iran has the funds that they get from us so we need to separate ourselves from the United Nations now before all hell breaks loose -watch isis stop when sanctions are lifted off iran

    1. Morton212 says

      ISIS is the sworn enemy of Iranian shiism. They are already cooperating with the US in killing them with airstrikes.

  21. SonnyBono says

    I agree with you Yadja. Obama I feel has his loyalty totally with the Muslims.He said that very thing in a speech in 2009 I think.Also if he is a christian,he has a strange way of showing it.I have to say I agree with Rudy about his actions.If you love your country,then show it by your actions.God Bless our still great country.Christians everywhere should rise up and be heard.Do not be the silent majority any longer.

    1. Morton212 says

      Rudi Giuliani seems to have lapsed into early onset dementia. What is the purpose of attacking Obama on totally delusionary ideological grounds ? If there were a scrap of truth in his outrageous claim the Pentagon would know all about it and he would be facing impeachment.

      1. MyronJPoltroonian says

        How’s that Kool Aid taste? “He” has sacked almost every flag officer in and out of the Pentagon with a spark of American Patriotism in our military and only kept the one’s who have said they’d give the command to fire upon American citizens if “He” gave the order.

        1. Morton212 says

          Everyone of whom betrayed their military oaths.

          1. MyronJPoltroonian says

            By not wanting to give the order to those under their command to fire on American citizens? I can tell where your loyalties lie and it’s not with America.

          2. Morton212 says

            No. The reasons ranged from committing adultery and leaking classified information, to forging gambling chips at a casino (both generals). Another was dismissed for ignoring instructions from the Pentagon. Another Naval commander was dismissed for adultery – the husband of his mistress – an army officer, committed suicide. And then there was a slew of mid ranking officers who were retired as their retirement age had been reached.

          3. MAHB001 says

            This means we can sack the president for lying to the American People.
            A far worse crime than making up some poker chips don’t you think?

      2. don eising says

        Giuliane gave a long list of truths that led him to his conclusion. Have you read the list?

        1. Morton212 says

          He made a series of totally unsupported allegations that many Republicans have distanced themselves from because it is simply grossly speculative and without merit.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Why can’t you be honest and just say “no, I didn’t read the list?”
            AND your crap about Republicans distancing themselves is just that… Crap.

  22. Morton212 says

    The reason for NOT calling it Islamic terrorism, is primarily because it is NOT Islamic terrorism, it is terrorists who have coopted Islam for what can only be described as apocalyptic totalitarianism.
    Additionally, if we are to annihilate it, we need to seek the cooperation of 1/4 of the human population, not drive it into the ISIL corner.

  23. bobby1122 says

    This guy Hayes must? be smart, he wears those educated glasses. MSNBC needs more comedians like him.

    1. MyronJPoltroonian says

      LOL! Maybe he’s heard that there’s an opening over at “The Daily Show”.

  24. MyronJPoltroonian says

    I’ve made this observation now for the past several years. I wasn’t being prescient, just being real. I call it “Nation Renaming”:

    How about this. Instead of “Nation Building”, after throwing out their terrorist supporting regimes in the Middle East and/or the so called “Tribal Areas”, let us try (preemptive) “Nation Renaming”. Yes! Lets let them be known as “NukeStan” [pronounced: Nuke’-Es-Stan.] (Only until or unless they change their evil ways, of course.) Two or three examples should be enough. If not, then reduce to molten glass those places they hold most dear. (Mecca, Medina, etc. .. .)

    I do have a serious question though: Have you ever stopped to examine why so many of you had the reaction to this thought you just did? The only reason I can come up with is the fear (based on reality) of real world, barbaric, pre-planned violence, committed against civilians where you and other innocents live. You are asking for civil, restrained “reactive defense” towards those who despise you for living and breathing on the very same planet as they. We, in the West, view reporters and artist’s, women and children, Doctors and Nurses, their patients and the elderly, for example, as “hold harmless” bystanders and completely off limits in any combat. The radical terrorists, practicing the “Religion of Peace”, as it is referred to by the politically correct in charge of leading us in this war declared on the West, do not so consider it to be. To Jihadist’s, it is a holy call to arms. A call to subjugate or destroy all nonbelievers. It is a war which has been declared against all of humanity (not just the West) that either does not believe as they do or submit to their will. They only gain strength and power in their world, by our appearance of weakness, and revel in the throat-slitting, baby-killing, Mosque; Church; Synagogue; Temple; Alter desecration and marketplace bombings, as well as the suicide killings of any and everyone in or around such places committed by these vermin who hide behind women’s skirts (or burkah’s (sic)) and set up rocket launchers in or next to Mosques, schools and hospitals, et cetera.

    The only difference between Christianity and Islam (other than the fact that Jesus and Mohammed were about as polar opposite as “Prophets” as one could get) is the fact that Christianity has undergone it’s Reformation during the Age of Enlightenment and Islam has not. And It never will until it’s so-called moderate coreligionists get over their extremely real fear of retribution and scourge the fanatics from their midst. Thus far, unfortunately, they seem “under motivated” to do so. It appears that without a very real consequence for their immoderate inaction, they will remain ineffectively on the sidelines, awaiting to see who will win so they may claim loudly and enthusiastically, they were with them all along. I, for one, intend it to be us and not the barbarians who are on the winning side. As I’ve noted before: “If you want to know what life would be like under a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”.


    In a recent posting of this commentary I was gently taken to task for conflating Islam with Christianity by someone’s reply, as if I viewed both as being strictly religions only (which Christianity has primarily become since the Reformation), whereas Islam is, strictly speaking, not just a religion, but a Socio-Religious-Political System. I wrote what I did in a manner to try and breach the western mindset’s fog of presumption that, “Everyone basically wants the same things we do, so all we have to do is try to reach out a little harder with kindness to win them over to our “Enlightened” mindset of tolerance.

    This was my response:

    Er, I know all this. I also know that the western mind (developed over the past three to four millennia) is reticent to accept the reality of the middle eastern religio-political thought process and mindset. A process and mindset that has, I might add, been subtly refined on the surface (the “Two Faced” part) but reenforced and ingrained to achieve one goal – total domination – over the past millennia and a half.

    My grandparents on my father’s side came to this country to escape the tender mercies of the Ottoman Empire back around the turn of the last century. They acculturated, had and raised three children here and insisted on speaking only English and practicing American customs (except, of course, for some of the food) in their home. They never taught their children, and my cousins and I never were raised, to hate the sons and grandsons of those who murdered 1Β½ million Armenians. After all, it wasn’t their fault what their parents or grandparents did. All that changed for me on September 11, 2001.

    There is only one way for this to be over and, as I noted before, I intend for us – Western Civilization – to be on the wining side. What-Ever-It-Takes. Harsh? Yes. Vital? Absolutely!

    1. Nellie says

      What? Can you put that in 2or 3 sentences. My head is spinning.

      1. MyronJPoltroonian says

        Ahh, “The Twenty First Century”, the era of simple sound bites and you’re welcome to it. If you find anything more than two or three sentences too taxing for your attention span, then just bend over and kiss your “Alpha” goodbye, because that’s what will happen when the [bleep] hits the proverbial fan and you’re left flat footed because you have no idea as to what is going on and/or why.

        1. Nellie says

          I know a lot more than you any day of week. As an ex teacher I just don’t like excessive writing that can be condensed. Of course I understood it. My IQ is 163. What is yours? 3 maybe? Just because you are an expert at swearing and putting people down doesn’t make intelligent but a rude know nothing.

  25. Stan Hoffman says

    God is the only one who is Holy. No man is Holy. Yet God ordained that he was going to create a nation of people dedicated to Him through the seed of Isaac. The seed of Isaac became the Israelites. But his father Abraham had a son through his concubine wife Hagar, and he was named Ishmael. Because Abrahams relationship with Hagar was a sin, God said that Ishmael would be a wild man who’s had would be against all men, and all men shall be against him. God said he would go ahead and make Ishmael the father of a nation also. Ishmael became the father of the Arabic people from which mohamad came from. True to the sin nature of man, Ishmael was furious that his step brother would be the father of God’s children. So naturally, Ishmaels seed has that same trait to this day. mohamad simply took the Judeo/Christian bible and rewrote the scriptures to meet his own perverted needs of the muslims being God’s chosen children from whom the messiah would come. Lets see, to reject God’s plan of salvation and create your own is being rebellious to God. So is it any wonder that Islam is in rebellion to God? Is it any wonder that Islam would hate God’s children? No. That is the devils problem since he fell into rebellion to God. Satan wants to be God, and therefore he deceives mankind with false religions that entice people to worship anyone but God. And Islam is the best religion the devil has created to try and take over the world and establish him as the god of the world. Won’t happen, but through Islam, Satan will try it at least this one last time. Since Israel is a nation again, Islam has taken over the most part of the world including our government, and modern weaponry is so devastating and can reach around the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final 7 years of tribulation is coming soon. And ISIS has declared they are trying to cause the final battle to bring their messiah back and establish a caliphate. And the liberals declared obama their messiah, and he is an Islamic muslim. Of course, if the battle of Armageddon is about to happen, it will not bring an Islamic messiah to rule the world, it will be Jesus Christ who returns to establish His righteous kingdom on earth which is God’s sixth dispensation for the world. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the anti-Christ who takes over the New World Order will be an Islamic muslim. May God have mercy upon His children who will go through the coming tribulation.

  26. Merlinever says

    Fox’s Bill O’Reilly said, “This is now a so-called Holy War between radical jihadists and everyone else”.
    O’Reilly seems to be waking up to the truth but he has some things completely wrong:
    1.) There is nothing “so-called” about Islams Holy War against all non-Muslims; its reality is verified by the on-going atrocities that the Muslims are committing non-stop and world wide.
    2.) The Muslims’ Holy War against all non-Musims didn’t begin just “now”; it’s been going on since Islam began in the early 7th century; the Muslims have only ceased hostilities during periods of time during which they were too weak militarily/financially to fight.
    3.) There is no such thing as a “radical jihadist”, or a Muslim extremist; Islam requires all of its followers to engage in violent jihad: “Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against the disbelievers till they embrace (convert to) Islam……So when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks (cut off their heads) till when you have killed and wounded many of them” (Qur’an 47:4).

    Bill O’Reilly said, β€œThis is now a so-called holy war between radical
    jihadists and everyone else – See more at:

    Fox’s Bill O’Reilly said, β€œThis is now a so-called holy war between
    radical jihadists and everyone else, – See more at:

    1. Nellie says

      He called a so called Holy War because you forget even though the Dems. don’t call it that and he reports the facts. It is not official until it comes for those in power. We all it is and he knows it is but if he called it a Holy War all the liberals would come tumbling over his head. He is not a stupid man. He would rather keep on reporting than fighting those who don’t believe anything is even happening until Obama says it’s OK to do so.

  27. Reverend James G. Borden says

    Of course it’s a Holy War. It became a Holy War when that murderous S.O.B. Mohammad started Islam over 1,400 years ago, nothing has changed in the respect.
    Only people with their heads up their butts don’t recognize this as a Holy War.

  28. Merlinever says

    Fox’s Bill O’Reilly said, “This is now a so-called holy war between radical jihadists and everyone else”.
    O’Reilly seems to be waking up to the truth but he has some things completely wrong:
    1.) There is nothing “so-called” about the holy war that the Muslims are carrying out against all non-Muslims; it is ordained in the Koran:
    “Warfare is ordained for you…” (Qur’an 2:216).
    2.) The holy war between the Islamic jihadists and everyone else didn’t start just “now”; it’s been going on since Islam was created in the early 7th century; the Muslims have only cease hostilities in periods of time during which they were too militarily/financially weak to fight.
    3.) There are no “radical jihadists” or Muslim extremists; Islam is a religion of extremes and promotes fascism and extreme violence:
    “Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out Jihad against the disbelievers till they embrace (convert to) Islam……So, when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks (cut off their heads) till when you have killed and wounded many of them” (Qur’an 47:4).

  29. adrianvance says

    O’Reilly is a bit conflicted as he wants to continue to have access to Obama.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  30. jon says

    Peaceful Muslims? where do you think radicals come from? the ranks of the so called peaceful.

  31. Taking care of business! says

    For those in denial–the progressives–call it what you may (International workplace violence?), but the muslims are in a “Holy War” against the West, and most particularly, Christians and Jews. And FYI heathen-progressives, they ain’t real keen on you either; “Better red than dead.” don’t cut-it here, you’re “dead” and (blood) “red” all at once.

  32. papa doug says

    Hey idiots! This isn’t a “holy war”, It can’t be a “Holy war” because Islam IS NOT a religion. By calling them a religion you legitimize them and they do not deserve that. Islam is an evil ideology that needs to be eradicated. There are no “peaceful” muslims, only muslims who haven’t acted yet, sleepers. The Quran teaches and commands all muslims to kill and or support the killing of all infidels and infidels are all those who do not believe in the child molesting pedophile Mohammad. It also supports child molesting and pedophilia as well as enslaving women and female genital mutilation.

    Yadja must be muslim herself since she continues to call it a holy war even though she knows it is not.

    1. infadelicious says

      Why do you mention Yadja ? She isn’t commenting here

      1. guest4455 says

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      3. Doctor Hook says

        I think she took her profile down. I was a follower, and she disappeared from my list some time back.

  33. Pamela Craghill says

    I personally do not think there are any peaceful Muslims. I think there are ones that hold back and let someone else do the dirty work. You always have to watch your back, as there are some of them in very good jobs, who seem peaceful, but end up joining ISIS.

  34. 2399molly says

    Guliani said it right.

  35. joe says

    That rat traitor wont call it what it is because it offend his Muslim buddies and he cant have that since he is one. He is the worst joke of a president in history and belongs in prison for treason.

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