House Democrats Running for Cover


With nearly every major newspaper in the country predicting a monumental shift in the U.S. Senate come election day, Democrats up for reelection in the House of Representatives are trying desperately not to let the tide turn against them as well. Retreat is the order of the day, and the party is now focused on a new strategy: minimize losses. A strong showing from the GOP in the House and Senate could lock Democrats out of congressional leadership for a very long time.

And it all comes back to Obama.

The nation has laughed and pointed at the shameful way Alison Grimes tried to detach herself from the president, refusing on multiple occasions to tell questioners whether or not she voted for Obama. Now the Senate candidate is facing rejection from liberals after running an ad against “illegal aliens” and accusing Mitch McConnell of being soft on immigration(!). It’s just one example of Democrat candidates being forced into desperate situations by a populace sick of this administration’s shenanigans.

The mood may even be worse when it comes to House incumbents. Spending from the top has been shelved in several districts where Democrats had once hoped to unseat House Republicans. The new strategy is to divert those funds to incumbents they thought were safe from challenge. Conservative PACs have stepped up their game in recent weeks, evening out the financial advantage Democrats have relied on to keep their poll numbers high.

Political experts estimate that Republicans will expand their majority in the House by six or eight seats, but the GOP has their sights set higher. The goals is to take at least eleven new seats. If accomplished, it would give Republicans their biggest majority since the days of Harry Truman. It would also make it much more difficult for Obama in the last two years of his presidency. Facing approval numbers that are sinking rapidly, he won’t have the political clout to face down a Republican-dominated Congress. For the first time since he took office, Obama may be forced to work across the aisle effectively.

People Want Change

Right now, the GOP’s loftiest House goals look unreachable. Experts are quick to point out that this election isn’t going to be a landslide for the party like 2010 was. Still, even with smaller victories, Republicans will have a lot of power in their hands when the new year rolls around. Not only will they (hopefully) have control of Congress, they will be facing a Democrat Party scrambling to shift gears going into 2016. A party that will no longer be able to support a fading president.

All that said, we’re a long way from a Republican mandate. A new poll from ABC and the Washington Post confirms that most Americans are fed up with both parties. Only 33 percent give the GOP a favorable rating and only 39 percent give it to the Dems. When Obama said this election is about his policies, he wasn’t wrong. Americans are tired of the current government, tired of the current state of the political system, and tired of the president. If Republicans manage to get their big victory, they’ll have a lot to prove in the next two years.

Here’s hoping they have a plan.

  1. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    We shall see what we shall see. It’s about time, but I for one, am not going to hold my breath! With all the talk of “Martial law” and the head muslim cancelling the 2016 elections, I don’t know, I would not put anything past this criminal! HE NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT OF OFFICE, by some means, but again, I will not hold my breath!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      The notion has been floated around for some time and it is not a bizarre one but I think if he tried it everyone including police and military would take him down. I just don’t see it happening and trust me, I ain’t no daisy pickin’ optimist.

    2. Angry American says

      I wouldn’t count on the military, when you talk like that remember two words Kent State, besides obama has made the top military officer resign, leaving his supporters in their place by means of a simple test that they were forced to take

      1. RobertNorwood says

        The boots on the ground, they’re you and me and they are going to have problems following orders. There will mutinies. A lot of black soldiers will support the president with a handful of whites but a large number of folks will have to say no because it will be their parents, their brothers and sisters, their friends they would have to gun down.

    3. grunion says

      That act would pull the trigger…

  2. ForrestByers says

    Republicans should run on the serious intention that with electoral victory in the House and Senate, they will impeach the President of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors, along with utter failure to carry out his duties as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States! That act carried out, would the show the American people, that the Republican Party has a spine and can be taken seriously!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Agree 1,000% well said.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      I like the sentiment but it is best to keep some plans under the radar. God knows the liberals might find some last minute love and all band together to save his sorry @ass.
      Taking a line from my favorite President, walk softly, and all that.

      1. ForrestByers says

        I have already voted! I voted for the Republican, nervously, because he is an establishment Republican and therefore, a possible lapdog to Marxist Democratic lunacy. The ballot was such as to have no place for “write in” and was just a choice between the two primary parties. I have never missed an election, but I do feel frustrated by the system’s inability let me express my clear intent . I would like to have some intent from those I vote for, that is philosophically in agreement, for that which I pray for, which is the salvation of the United States of America!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          It might be safer to vote for the Easter Bunny. But you know, what you will get for sure is a liberal dumbocrat in a bunny suit. We won’t change anything with write ins but we can build our people if we can push the liberals dems aside. These things take time and we must take our wins where we find them. Protest votes are useless.

          1. grunion says

            It cannot happen all at once but a one portion at a time. Incrementalism is I believe the term demos use. We’re learning. bet that has the democrat party crapping in their collective britches as much as anything. And the pendulum swings right…Why must we keep repeating this pattern?

          2. hankthetank says

            Because, the people keep voting their label, it’s like a ball game,they want their team to win! believe me, i wish they new it’s more than a ball game!!

          3. hankthetank says

            P S, after all that has happened, some people have no clue what is going on! they record everything,( No news or commercials!! )

        2. David Hips says

          I am with you on your comments. I am sick of these morons telling us one thing and doing another and then the only time you hear from them is when they want to get reelected. Go confront them at their town hall meeting and get in their face. Let them know you exist. Let your voice be heard, often. I am a pain in their ass, and I am not going away.

          1. Angry American says

            I love to make them squirm too & all you have to do is demand that they answer a direct question with a direct answer which is hard for any candidate to do anyhow

          2. grunion says

            One thing is assured, if you do not pull the Republican lever, the liberal agenda will proceed unabated.

          3. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            I dunno what’s worse, the Ebola plague, or ranting liberal/democrats/socialists/progressives. Either way it will kill us.

          4. hankthetank says

            I think they are using the Ebola to keep your mind off of ISIS !! I am guessing they brought, Thomas Duncan ,here on purpose ,they got it started in Dallas, then they let the nurse fly to Cleveland, then that same plane flew to 10 other states, now they flew her to Maryland, are they trying to start it all over the United States !!! I only went to the 8th grade, but i know you don’t ship Ebola all over the world to cure it. You kill it where you find it !!!

          5. autrypma says

            My thoughts exactly. It was planned…With no thought of American public contacting Ebola. Wonder how Obama thinks he and his family would escape.
            It is more serious than any of these nuts are saying. Travel ban SHOULD be put
            on flights, especially from Africa. No one needs to go there, except health workers and doctors, also Obama has sent 4,000 of our precious military there…to help…
            any of them could contact this disease…where is his brain…in his feet…We need our military here, and the disease is getting more spread in Africa…it is NOT being stopped…it is spreading all over Africa…If it was a plan and the guy was brought here intentionally with the disease, I believe some heads should roll. This is endangerment in HIGH FORM. And it was to detract from ISIS, which we have been lied to about both Ebola and ISIS and ObamaCare and WHAT ELSE. Does anybody ever tell the truth…No wonder people are panicking….

          6. Dawn Harsley says

            That’s true. Every candidate may not be to everyone’s liking but the alternative is too frightening to even contemplate. Romney wasn’t my favorite candidate but after have seen what Obama did in 4 years, knowing he had nothing to lose in a second term, there was no doubt in my mind. Unfortunately 3 million registered Republican voters allowed their dislike for Romney to keep them away from the polls. If these same 3 million stay away in 2016, kiss America as we know it goodbye.

          7. ENOUGHSAID says

            I have already kissed her goodbye because I think the past six years Liberty bumped her head and she forgot who she really is. She will never remember her roots ever again in my life time. I am most sure of that!

          8. Dawn Harsley says

            That’s too bad. Unfortunately, when we give up, we lose. True Americans don’t give up; we never have and we never will.

          9. BH says

            Everyone should have their Congressman/woman and both Senators, regardless of party affiliation, on speed dial. Both of my Senators are of the Democrat Party and I often call to try to put a seed of doubt in their office people. I try to make them think about issues differently from what their boss does. If more people did that, there might be a shift in the info they supply to their boss.

          10. James Seidel says

            Two Houses in Congress, The House of the Senate, The House of the Representatives. Members from both houses are called Congressmen.

          11. BH says

            While that may be technically accurate, most people, except those few elitist with a broomstick up their butt, refer to a Congressman as the person from their Congressional district who has been elected to represent said district in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States. A Senator being one of the two people elected to serve in the Senate of said Congress.

        3. 7papa7 says

          I hate the fact that time after time you are stuck with the lesser of two evils. I would love to have the option to vote for someone I like. Until we start getting men and women who have solid conservative credentials our country will not recover from the depths that liberalism has brought it.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Play the game for now but build a viable movement. For now, pushing out as many liberal dumbocrats is the only possible path and a third party becomes a lot more viable with those clowns disposed of. Playing the game is not playing along – it’s just setting both parties up for a move. Got to know when the stars, the timing favors you.

          2. 7papa7 says

            Good point, I just get impatient when I see the destruction that is happening more and more day by day.

          3. squeak says

            Exactly right… Vote where the ” R ” is, then once election is over & we take the Senate, we can clean house & shred some of the bills that Reid would not send through… Right ?

          4. hankthetank says

            I voted today in CA. by absentee ballet, i voted all R’s, i only voted for 1 incumbent,

            who i know is good,I will mail it 4 days early !!!

          5. squeak says

            Good JOB. true Patriot… does my heart good to see people like you that is willng to help save your country you love ! Thank you for your wise Choice,… I will be voting early, Monday in Florida, it will be ALL ” Rs” … God Bless !

          6. Jane Spaulding says

            I agree with : how come we are stuck with the Lesser or Two Evils. There will be no recovery with a Debt Climbing on a daily basis. Just wonder why the younger Generation still think that the Democrats have any answers. Certainly don’t in my book. We had the Colorado Governor show up in the Roaring Fork Valley, I never went down to see him. I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, but this Governor continues to flip flop about all the issues, no matter what. Typical Politician, just tell the voters what they want to hear and then when you get back to the State Capital, try and ram rod everything through there without any remorse. Gun Control, Higher Taxes, push for Illegals and Amnesty, keep doing what you want rather than what we ask of you. Sure the roads are getting fixed, but only because you levied more taxes and more taxes against us. Saying “You have to pay for your own Roads, so pay up” It didn’t make any difference if you never used a farm vehicle, you are taxed on it and you have to pay up before you can use it even out in the hay field. Don’t answer questions directly, act like your one of the good old boys until you get back to Denver and then laugh about how stupid we all are. Republicans are not a lot better, but you only have so many choices, so we voted for the lesser of two evils. Hopefully this election junk will soon be over with and I can stop using the mute button on all of them. As far as Abortions are concerned: I think this is the worst subject that any of them should ever be asked about. This is strictly a no brainer and Udall just keeps harping on it. Why? Unless Obama Care is repealed, then we all have to pay for somebody’s Abortion, it says so in the Law that Obama and Congress put out. The only ones who don’t have to pay for it, is the Illegal Hispanics and the Government workers . Other than that, we all have to pay for somebody’s habit of getting pregnant multiple times even if your Religion is against it. Even if your Pro Life. Don’t make much sense. Well now we have the Ebola to be concerned about and you can bet that its a concern on everyone. 31 countries have banned the Ebola Victims, but not the United States. Some members of Congress would like them banned, but not President Obama, not the Governor of Colorado and many members of the Senate. The CDC is advocating that we close the Boarders, but of course Obama has over ridden that idea.

          7. 7papa7 says

            You are right all of the problems we are seeing now go right back to the big ears in chief. He is a danger to America and I consider him a domestic terrorist who should be in prison not the white house. What we need are conservatives in congress and the white house then you will see America come back. If you keep doing the same old thing you will get the same old results.

          8. Angry American says

            I like the pledge that R Paul made about his repealing every executive order that obama has made, I have put Rand Paul on my short list if only for that reason, now if he only has more to offer as I have not made up my mind yet not enough candidates have decided if they are going to run except for Romney who has said he will not run this time. hillary is not on my list & would not make it if she paid me to vote for her, to many lies spew from her lips too just like the current pos occupying the white house. And I do have a hard time voting for any democrap but to be truthful I have voted for a democrat but they are the exception not the rule

          9. hankthetank says

            I was a democrat for 45 years, NEVER again, i dropped both party’s in 1997 ,I went to the I !!!

          10. WVF says

            As an I, if you don’t vote for the GOP candidate, we will end up with another lost election!

          11. 7papa7 says

            Paul is good in many areas but I can not deal with his stance on immigration. It is way to soft for me. His attitude is we need to figure out what to do with the illegals that are here. Yeah send them home, their is nothing to think about. They have broken our laws. Get them out of the country. I personally like Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, Gohmert and a few others.

          12. Angry American says

            With your post you also described California, same scheme they (democrat) gave away Billions to the unions with their high pensions & pay checks then had to turn around & raise taxes to fix the damned roads as they neglected them with their giveaways to public service employees using the tax money from the taxes on gasoline & the other road funds for support from the public sector unions for their support during elections. Then after they were elected-reelected they sat down with them to “negotiate their contracts & every one saw how that went fortehm & against the tax payer & yes I know they also pay taxes. Would you not pay an additional $250.00 in taxes for a $10,000.00 per year raise? I know i would, I don’t know what it is like in Col. but is is run by democrats & with all democrats they can not give tax money away fast enough, after that they want additional tax money to fix what they have neglected for years. That is why Ca. has over 100 Billion in unfunded liabilities, just like all states that are run by democraps

          13. hankthetank says

            Angry American; and they did not fix our roads !!!And now he, Jerry Brown, wants to build a bullet train we do not need & do not want!!! I would like to see them build medium size desalination plants up the coast of CA, the money would be well spent!! I lived in the central valley for 15 years, they don’t need or want a train !!!!!

          14. squeak says

            May I ask , If you are not a Democrat or a Republican, then what are you ? Third party NEVER works, for God’s sake we need to take the Senate & save this Country, did you know that… If we lose this Senate we as Americans are doomed, Did you know that , also ? God Help Us !

          15. hankthetank says

            I am an Independent, they have to earn my vote,I can vote for who ever i want!!!

          16. squeak says

            OF COURSE vote for who ever you please , that is you right, but also it is your right to rid this administration from Office who are Enemies with-in < you took me wrong, NOT telling you who to vote for, but, you must agree this Country is in dire straights & must take the Senate back… I had to hold my nose different times in voting because I LOVE this Country & will do my best to save it, If only everyone would feel that way, it would be assuring of saving our GREAT COUNTRY ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

          17. hankthetank says

            I was saying, i didn’t have to belong to any party to vote for them! god bless you & our great Country!! I hope we win in Both November 14 & 16; Good luck to us!!! !!!

          18. hankthetank says

            I only want,NO flights from Africa, close the border, get rid of Ebola, then get RID of obama!! then we can get our country back::

          19. Angry American says

            Then simply vote for any candidate that is supported by the TEA party, as the party only endorses candidates with solid conservative values. There is no radical TEA party members out there & is open to all who support conservative values, do not believe a thing that any democrat says about them either it is all lies

          20. 7papa7 says

            I basically do that, the problem arises when you only have a choice between a liberal democrat and a RINO and that happens far to often.

          21. BH says

            The primaries are where we need to focus on getting the establishment GOP out. If we can’t accomplish it there, then we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. It’s difficult for me to understand how any thinking person could vote for a Democrat Party candidate, because if they are for the Senate, it’s a vote for Harry Reid, and if a rep. it’s for Pelosi. So the bottom line, any vote that gets a Dem out of office is a good vote!

          22. 7papa7 says

            When we don’t get a good candidate, which is most of the time, I hold my nose and vote for the least offensive, usually a RINO.

          23. Dawn Harsley says

            If the GOP had not made such a mess of the 2012 primary, perhaps we would have had a candidate other than Romney. It was a debacle from start to finish. Too many candidates, some of whom had no hope of winning but wanted their 15 minutes of fame. Michelle Bachmann comes to mind for one; Ron Paul for another. Although I believe Newt Gingrich was the smartest, he carries too much personal baggage. The candidate Obama and his crowd were most afraid of was Herman Cain. They brought out and paid every bimbo they could find to discredit him. He’s a businessman with some good ideas. He was my favorite among the candidates. Sarah Palin didn’t help any, playing coy for months simply to sell her latest book. We need a few good candidates, a primary that doesn’t go on forever. Frankly, it was a mess.

          24. 7papa7 says

            I couldn’t agree more. the establishment republicans have way to much power. When they throw their weight behind a candidate it is difficult to be victorious. They only need to look at recent history to see that the RINO’s don’t win. Romney very likely won the last election but with all of the cheating, lying, deception etc he lost.

          25. Dawn Harsley says

            I’m sick and tired of the same tired excuses. Yes, there was voter fraud but let’s put some of the responsibility where it belongs…..on the 3 million registered Republican non-voters who didn’t think Romney was “conservative enough” for them and they stayed home. They are every bit as much at fault as those who committed voter fraud.

          26. 7papa7 says

            That is an absolute. Anyone who doesn’t vote deserves what they get and they have NO right to complain about it. A no vote is the same as voting for the opposite party. I did not like Romney at all but I voted for him because he was a little better than obama. My vote for Romney was more of vote against obama rather than a vote for Romney. the same reason I voted for McAmnesty in 2008.

          27. Sue4477 says

            A BIG YES, 7papa7!!! We need someone we can all be excited to vote for. Will a decent candidate please stand up??? How about a really awesome candidate we ALL like?? Well…most of us. What a great change that would be!

          28. 7papa7 says

            We need another Reagan type. The sad part is that there are some, I only hope that they will run. Some are Cruz (not sure of his eligibility), Mike Lee, Louie Gohmert, Trey Gowdy and a handful of others.

          29. ENOUGHSAID says

            How about Ben Carson………..check his values out!

          30. 7papa7 says

            His values are excellent their are just many issues that he has not addressed as of yet so he is an unknown. I do like what I have heard so far.

          31. Dawn Harsley says

            I would love to see another Ronald Reagan but so far none of those you named come anywhere close. Ronald Reagan made us believe America is great and will continue to be the beacon of the world. He could inspire like nobody else. His speech on the eve of his reelection brought people to tears. It was heartfelt and completely Ronald Reagan….no speech writers, no teleprompters. He accomplished the impossible and made it look easy. If there is a Ronald Reagan out there, he has yet to come forward.

          32. 7papa7 says

            You are right about their will never be another Ronald Reagan but the ones I mentioned are in agreement with him politically. They are the best around right now and I believe they can be trusted more than most politicians. They love America and want what is right for her.

          33. Sue4477 says

            Another Reagan type would be great. We need the person to be a strong leader and capable of handling decisions over a wide range of problems. That’s a tall order.

          34. 7papa7 says

            It is a very tough job that is why the vast majority of the country are not qualified. When you get an unqualified person, like obama, destruction sets in because they don’t have a clue what to do.

          35. Sue4477 says

            Agreed. BO also has the additional negative of not being interested in what’s best for the US.

          36. 7papa7 says

            Not only is he not interested, he actively does what is bad for America. He hates this great country and is out to destroy it. IMHO he is a domestic terrorist and should be treated as such.

          37. Sue4477 says

            Definitely. Everything BO has done is to destroy our country and further Muslim rule. If we had honest people in power, including the US Att’y Gen., BO would already be indicted on multiple charges that he is GUILTY of.

          38. 7papa7 says

            I could not agree more. This man is guilty of so many charges he should be executed or at minimum life in solitary at his expense.

          39. Sue4477 says

            Amazing! I’ve never heard anyone but me say life in solitary. He’s too dangerous & guilty to be allowed communication with other convicts.

          40. 7papa7 says

            Great minds think alike. To me it is obvious. He has access to so much classified information that could be destructive to America it is not funny. He needs to be arrested and immediately put in solitary so it lessens the release of classified information. He is right up there with the Rosenberg’s who were shot for treason.

          41. Dawn Harsley says

            You are asking for the impossible. There is never going to be one candidate that everyone agrees upon. The trick is to come up with a candidate whose values most match the greatest number of voters. There are always going to be differences. If you’re looking for the “perfect candidate”, you are doomed to disappointment. We’re not brainless Democrats, we actually do have brains and we know how to use them. As a lifelong fiscal conservative and social moderate, there are some things certain segments of our party stand for with which I don’t always agree but, considering the alternative, our similarities far outweigh our differences.

          42. Sue4477 says

            Of course I’m asking for the impossible. And I did say “most of us”…re: liking a candidate. It prompted 7papa7 to suggest some possible good men, which is what I’d hoped for. Also people reminisced about Reagan being good, which helps me to know the kind of person many may support. Now I know some men that I can follow re:their politics to see if I like them for 2016.

            You took me a little too seriously, which is okay. I got some answers I was searching for, which is great for me. It may also help someone else.

          43. Dawn Harsley says

            Frankly none of the names he mentioned impress me much. Maybe as time goes on that will change. I still like Allen West. I like the fact that he is a conservative and also former Military.

          44. Sue4477 says

            Okay, you gave me good input, just what I appreciate. I’ll watch him, too. Thanks.

          45. papayaman says

            Ways to return America to greatness?
            (1) Tweak electoral logistics to ensure no Democrat or liberal ever holds national elective office again. Possible declaration of martial law to get all liberals out of responsible government positions, now!
            (2) Limit voting to people who own real estate.
            (3) Eliminate all free public services used by nonproductive people, i.e., all SSA, welfare, public education, public libraries, NPR, public parks, public defenders and legal aid societies programs, etc.,
            (4) Eliminate the minimum wage.
            (5) Eliminate child labor laws so kids from poor families who cannot afford private schooling can be productive.
            (6) Outlaw homelessness. Strip homeless of all civil rights. Any crime committed against a homeless person not be subject to prosecution.
            (7) Eliminate the income tax. 23% national sales tax per Joni Ernst. No sales tax on real estate, transportation, energy, corporations, or expenses relating to investments.
            (8) Total and permanent deregulation of corporations, financial institutions, and investment purveyors.
            (9) Eliminate the EPA. Make anything that can be construed as inhibition of economic activity a felony, and forfeiture of all assets by those guilty to those entities so harmed.
            (10) Economics always trumps science in public policy.
            (11) Unlimited firearm ownership and concealed carry. Unlimited stand-your-ground laws. Landowners can shoot trespassers on sight with impunity.
            (12) Privatize national parks, wildernesses, forests, shrines, etc., to be used for the economic gain of the new owners, however they see fit.
            (13) All medical insurance provided by the private sector on their terms.
            (14) No limitation on who can smoke tobacco where and when. Eliminate tax on tobacco.
            (15) Make corporations immune from all litigation, except from other for-profit corporations.
            (16) Make adults who do not own motor vehicles be responsible for some fee for being the indirect beneficiaries of energy usage.
            (17) If anyone is harmed by externalities from corporations, the person so harmed is responsible for all amelioration if they don’t like it.
            (18) Ban recycling and renewable energy. These decrease profits to virgin resource extraction business entities, i.e., inhibition of economic activity.
            (19) Eliminate student loans, and make those outstanding due immediately.
            (20) Establish a 4th branch of gov’t, called “The National Chamber of Commerce” with veto power over the other branches of gov’t.
            (21) Use 50% of SSA funds to pay down the national debt, 25% refunded to those most likely to invest it based on their share of income from interest, dividends, and capital gains for the last 5 years out of total national income from these sources for the last 5 years. 25% given to energy companies for developing new energy sources, or however they see fit.
            (22) Eliminate truth in advertising laws.
            (23) Increase use of death penalty for habitual miscreants.
            (24) Speaking badly of job creators become a criminal offense.
            (25) Corporations can establish their own private security agencies to enforce their economic interests.
            (26) Enjoin employees from suing employers, even for gross negligence or willful malice on the part of the employer.
            (27) Eliminate the SEC and the FASB. No regulations against usury or hostile takeovers leading to monopolies.
            (28) Making money always trumps environmental concerns, including preservation of nonadaptive species on the verge of extinction.
            (29) Public execution of homosexuals and other sex perverts. Homosexuals identified by sting operations.
            (30) People identified as liberals given the choice of emigrating or being charged with sedition and/or inhibition of economic activity.
            (31) Banning books advocating for liberal interests or positions, and possession of these made a criminal offense.
            (32) Leave it up to each state to decide if they want to ban any mention of evolution, or not.
            (33) Elimination of all worker protection laws. Disband OSHA. Employers can demand uncompensated extra time on the job at will as a condition of employment.
            Hopefully, then, in a generation’s time, a reinvigorated USA will forget that liberalism ever existed or what it was about.

        4. Angry American says

          That is ojne of the demoraps dirtiest trick to get a third party to run as an independent or as a republican to syphon off votes from republicans having the effect of voting for a democrap. Please do not vote for any third party candidate as that is what the democraps want people to do

          1. ForrestByers says

            I did not vote for a third-party, I wasn’t given the chance to. I cannot condone voting for an ultimately Marxist (Democrat) agenda or for Republican establishment appeasement to that same agenda. The Democrats clearly need to be booted out and the Republican establishment undermined by the electorate by just not giving them any financial support whatsoever. Money does need to flow to those candidates and parties,who look beyond their own personal interests, towards the interest of maintaining and defending our God-given constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms as declared in the Declaration of Independence and enumerated in the Constitution of the United States particularly the Bill of Rights! Any candidate or party is not capable of doing this must not only be held accountable by the electorate on November 4, but to also take up arms, if necessary to defend those same hard-fought principles set by our forefathers. Now is not the time for mincing, vacillating, capitulating to the newborn fashions of tyranny, no matter what the racial makeup, gender confusion or the so called charitable costumes of redistribution or the crassness and inhumanity of class struggle.

          2. hankthetank says

            VOTE for the best person in the Tea Party that runs as a Republican, they believe in the constitution!!!

        5. Deborah G says

          You did the right thing. It doesn’t matter if they are not our first choice we just HAVE to get the Majority

        6. squeak says

          If you were to write in, it would be a wasted vote, it would go to the Democrat… who was the Republican running ? Just curious, !

          1. ForrestByers says

            In New Mexico, Democrat Tom Udall versus Republican Alan Weh. Udall is big government Democrat (to my mind, Marxist) and Alan Weh comes across as traditional establishment Republican. His campaign would not answer my questions about the legitimacy of the Federal Reserve, fiat currency or runaway spending justified by the first two!

          2. squeak says

            Thanks, Heard of them but know nothing about them… Best to stick to the Republican, we can always get rid of them sooner or later, the main issue is take control of the Senate, then clean house ! GOD BLESS !

          3. ForrestByers says

            Sadly, but willingly to my duty, I did, to them hopefully, we will ! Ditto on the God bless!

        7. Dawn Harsley says

          Our Congressional Representative, Brand Wenstrup, has served one term in the House. I voted for him in 2012 and have proudly done so in 2014. Brad voted against raising the debt ceiling, is former active Military and has served in the Reserves for 16 years. He is a true advocate for our Veterans. He’s one of the good guys.

      2. 7papa7 says

        I love TR also but sometimes you need that big stick along with some heavy stomping.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          That’s where the
          “walk softly part comes in”, you sneak up on them and then wap – use that hardwood. What do they use for Louisville Sluggers?

          1. 7papa7 says

            Sometimes a little shock and awe is nice also. Let em know you are coming and that they can’t stop you. Give em a little fear.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            That too – it’s nice to have choices.

          3. grunion says

            Dunno, but it sure is hard.

      3. Angry American says

        True we don’t need to fire them up, we have seen what happens & also why dop the obama administration want to be impeached? They sure dared the gop to make that mistake just like they did with slick willie which had bad consequences for the gop

        1. RobertNorwood says

          True – it’s a long messy process. There are other ways to neutralise a bad president. Drag his schit everywhere, question every choice. Just like this Ebola czar thingy – keep Ron Klain in front of a congressional committee so often and so long he can’t do any harm. The gist being – why are you doing this job when you do not have a nano gram of experience?

      4. squeak says

        Never give out your plans, as Obama does with the Enemies ! Shhh, SURPRISE, SURPRISE !

      5. WILDCATF4F says

        “And carry a BIG stick”, I prefer a heavy piece of PIPE!, and know that it will not Crack or Break, bend, maybe but last long enough that I can pick up enough of the Enemies weapons that I can tie a rope around the pipe and carry it like a rifle on a sling!.
        As for a 3rd party, when we get rid of enough of those that do not belong in office to begun with, then the 3rd party will become enough of an issue that the 1st/2nd parties will consider the number of votes that didn’t go one way or the other,!.
        I need to point out that it will not be a true issue until WWIII has been fought and won, putting the Republic FOR the United States of America, once again instituting the Constitution of the United States as originally written,!.
        Remember that in 1787, there were as many as 10 different parties and the winner was the recipient of the majority of the votes, Unlike today were we are forced to ‘ACCEPT’ from the Worst that are available as they are the only ones that agree to go along with those that have the deepest Bank Accts.
        So we have a fight ahead, that any reasonable person wishes was not there, and only those that are willing to lose everything, will be among the few that will see the ultimate Victory,!.
        LOCK & LOAD!!!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          True. Some folks think I am against a third party, not so. I have advocated this since before it became popular however, we are at such a critical point due to the excesses of the Obama-ites, Homo-fascists, and the simple-mindedness of liberals that we cannot afford to fight over this now. It’s join forces, force the fore mentioned out and once we have the ground begin dealing with setting up a viable third party. It’s a lot easier to make slices from a pie when you have the pie.

          1. WILDCATF4F says

            When We have the whole pie, it will only be after WWIII is over, and the Constitution has been reinstated FOR the United States of America,!.
            So I hope that you get the point that you will see the war up and down your street.
            and if you are still here when it is over, you will still be looking for that PIE!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

    3. jscarano7 says


    4. 7papa7 says

      Even if the republicans win the senate they would not have enough votes to convict ole donkey ears. Remember after impeachment in the house then he must be tried by the senate and conviction requires a 2/3 majority (67 votes). If they do it, I think they should, they need to do it quickly while the democrats are still running scared and fear for their jobs in 2016.

      1. grunion says

        Like John pointed out, if the Republicans were by some miracle, revive the economy and get a little sustained growth, Hillary will be reduced to the $100,000 per show, lecture circuit. She certainly cannot write a book.

      2. ForrestByers says

        7pappa7, I only plead for accountability, I hope that God and the persuasions of His Holy Spirit will render the judgment of justice or mercy! My last contribution is that the process has a purpose and that process has never had greater validity in its being called for!

        1. 7papa7 says

          He has had 6 years to be accountable and he continues to be less so and less so day by day so accountability is not something that you are going to ever see from this man. Their are many times through Scripture where God says to pick up your swords and go into battle. Christ Himself told His disciples that it was time to do some bartering for swords. This man is doing all he can to make sure that he destroys the freedom of religion unless you are a mussie. It is time for a call to arms.

          1. ForrestByers says

            Just to be clear, my concern for accountability lies not with Obama with whom I agree with you is a matter that I will never see with him, but I do expect if Republicans (with increasing amounts of conservatives) control both the House and the Senate, that they responsibly attempt to address the sins of the past or should I say the crimes, omissions and out right violations of the oath of office for which he swore to uphold! The justice and the mercy entailed in the process of impeachment, I leave not only to the process, but to the ultimate arbitrator all things, God, the Eternal Father, By and through the Atoning Grace of His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and confirmed to even the hearts of the unbelieving, by and through the power of the Holy Ghost!

          2. 7papa7 says

            We are definitely on the same page. Sorry I missed understood you. God Bless

    5. John Stratemeyer says

      Unless the GOP wins 2/3 of the Senate, an unlikely prospect, impeachment will not matter. Without the possibility of removal from office, it means nothing No liberal/socialist/Democrat (LSD) Senator will ever vote to remove the President. Ever.
      Furthermore, the LSDs will turn any impeachment trial into a forum on GOP “racism.” The LSDs will point to the President’s skin tone, and say that the GOP wants him removed for the sole reason that President Obozo is black. With the help of the LSD Mainstream Media (LSDMSM), they’ll make it stick! BOOM! We wake up one black morning to President-elect Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton!
      So, forget about impeachment/removal. It’s a fight that we can’t win. Better to focus on fixing the economy through promoting American Energy Independence and the repeal of ObozoCare. Focus on closing the porous border. Point to The President’s laughable foreign policy. HIs fundraising even as the compound at Benghazi still burned. How he dithered while ISIS took over Iraq. How he made a “deal” to ignore Iran’s nuclear program, probably starting an arms race in the Middle East. Those are the issues that can beat Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton.

      1. Angry American says

        Add in his immigration amnesty he is giving to them AFTER the election (like we aren’t smart enough to figure that one out), then his importation of Ebola. Beside if impeached he can’t be tried for his crimes can he? Along with all the other bad things he has done like taxpayer money to his cronnies & the list foes on & on

        1. John Stratemeyer says

          The list is endless! The President can be impeached and he would then face trial in the Senate. Removal from office requires 2/3 of the Senate to vote in favor. Not being a lawyer, I’m not sure if the President can be prosecuted for crimes committed while in office. But it would seem that crimes such as murder or treason certainly would be.

      2. ForrestByers says

        John, your last paragraph I have no argument with. As for your first paragraph and second paragraph, my call is for the American people rise up such numbers, that what liberal socialist Democrats will or won’t do becomes irrelevant. Is it realistic? Maybe not, but then again, just how angry is the American electorate? We will find out on 4 November, then we can determine whether or not my righteous expectation has any meat to its bones and with the help of God Almighty, His justice might welcome the dawn of a new day!

        1. John Stratemeyer says

          As happy as I would be to see President Obozo removed from office, you have to look at the bigger picture. I’d be just as unhappy to see the smiling face of President-elect Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton. That’s exactly what an impeachment trial would give us.
          Better to concentrate on the issues, especially the sorry state of the economy, ObozoCare, Benghazi, the President’s clueless foreign policy. Tie Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton to all of it and more. She’s a moving target! And all bulls-eye to boot!

    6. Deborah G says

      AMen! I agree with you 100%

    7. hora says

      You right, I was predict Dems and Nobuma go down, but this time be will to different. Dems no have any cover or escape, Dem Party must cease of exist and ban by Law Liberalism. Is will start a new era of Republic And freedom.Illegals must deported all, 101% include family, border must need close and seal plus send a Army, Mexico Gov better start pray, because Mexico was involve in a big complot with liberals against USA. Homosexual must a paid a price too all attacks and loose all rights.Blacks racist direct to jail and all blacks in general be will come calm and respect whites. But a worse of worse not come yet for Dems, be will deep investigate and prosecute all Dems in power for corruption and jail too. Like Reid and Pelosi, all rich Dems be will must prove from where was get all money had. A nigger president must impeach and Prosecute too and force him and wife paid back all money steal, yes deported him, but first let him in jail.Liberals,blacks, and illegals be will no safe place for live, run like rat move out USA. A revenge are in a way.

      1. ForrestByers says

        I’m not a bigot. I neither, desire the help of any bigot, no matter what his skin color or religion (a real religion, not a theocratic, Islamic nightmare from the dark ages) I am a constitutionalist and a conservative one at that, thank God! Homosexual perversion is not my personal choice, nor do I recommend it to anyone, but people with that confused orientation are still citizens of the United States and therefore within the existing parameters of constitutional order, have the same rights as everyone else, not greater than or lesser than the rights of common citizenry and with the same accountability of due process before the law. The Constitution does not speak to the prerogatives of the homosexual community, that being, 1 the acknowledgment and acceptance by law and by coercion and intimidation, everyone else who does not concur with that community’s desire to have the title of “marriage” which for eons of time has had a common cultural understanding and acceptance around the world. Going to the courts to have a particular judicial bias make new law by rhetorical reinterpretation of constitutional validity is not going to settle the issue, whatsoever. Even a concurrence of a supposedly “popular will” by way of the ballot box, will not remove the cultural expectations of history, nor in the least, the dictates of conscience or the sincerely held obedience to the Word of God!

        To those, who disagree with my editorial, don’t argue with me, I’m only the messenger, take to the great “I am”.

    8. WVF says

      ForrestByers, I agree with you, because this fraud is wreaking havoc on America, and I’m not sure we can endure another two years of his anti-American actions; however, I believe, based on the lack of action by most Republicans, I’m convinced most of them have Silly Putty spines.

      1. hankthetank says

        Impeachment will take to long! arrest both of them, ( Obama & Holder ) then trial ,only way to go!!!

        1. WVF says

          hankthetank, I only wish that was so simple, because they both, among others, should be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors. They are two of the most unqualified office “Holders” in U.S. history, but the “system” will protect them to the end.

    9. Dawn Harsley says

      The House certainly can impeach presuming they keep the majority. In the Senate; however, it takes a 2/3 majority to convict and remove a president from office. Either the GOP would have to take a whole lot of seats or round up some Democrats to vote along with them. It is a long shot at best. Now is not the time for the GOP to shoot themselves in the foot; which they have been known to do all too often. There should be no talk of impeachment before the November election. Why stir up the Democratic base when we are so close to taking the majority in the Senate.

      1. hankthetank says

        The best way is ;( arrest & trial )

        1. Dawn Harsley says

          The best thing is to say nothing, do nothing until after the November elections. This is not the time to rile up the Democratic base. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot when so much is at stake. There are plenty of other issues the GOP has in their war chest, including illegal immigration, the shameful treatment of our Veterans, out of control national debt and national security. Once the dust settles and we see the lay of the land is time enough to consider moving on impeachment. Until then, mums the word.

    10. Michael Clark says

      Agreed 100%

    11. autrypma says

      Absolute truth…and it should happen…

  3. johnanaguski says

    Obamacare could bring about the death of the democratic party as we now know it.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      It certainly ain’t helping and in this case – they ain’t keeping their doctor.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Wait until the SHTF when the employer mandate is implemented.

    2. david white says

      I would absolutely love this because this Administration is going to go down in history as the biggest failure of the past 100 years. He really should resign. Completely and utterly this job is over his head.

      1. Angry American says

        If the current clown would resign we would be stuck with joe biden for the next two years, then he may finish the job owe blow hole started, which one is worse obma or biden? I don’t know, as both are bad news

    3. jscarano7 says


    4. grunion says

      Could very well happen!!!

  4. squeak says

    SEE, we knew these Socialist Democrats were CHICKEN SH- – , now didn’t we ?: Yep when it comes to saving their hide , they will run, all for themselves, always have been… they proven it all too often ,especially when it came time to be re-elected, they lie, cheat, vote for their self gain, what will line their pocket, etc… Most of all they Sided, Lied , Cheated with Obama, Marxist, but, continued to pass his bills, knew he was a Phoney, but went along with it & this is where we are now, THANKS YOU TRAITORS for bringing this Country to its knees….the list is huge… they ALL should be brought up for TREASON along with their MASTER !

    1. RobertNorwood says

      These folks always change their tune don’t they? I’d have more respect for them were they to claim they were abducted by aliens and replaced by a drone.

    2. jscarano7 says


    3. Angry American says

      They should start at the top & work their way down it is a long list. Listening to their campaign speeches sound like they all did NOT support him & his policies but we know better who do they think they are trying to fool & only fools would vote for anyone with a D after their name so come election day we will see just exactly how many fools are still out here, that is if you didn’t see how many after the last election that got this clown reelected, to many to count

    4. grunion says

      You’ve hit on it. How do we instill great feat in the democrat party and not get railroaded by some arcane law or executive order.

  5. Combatvet52 says

    They can run but they can’t hide we will hunt you down and throw you all out of office.

  6. RMCSRET says

    All it took for me was to sit and listen to the EBOLA hearing on Captial Hill yesterday to see exactly
    how serious the DEMOCRATs are about what is going on in the country today and I can tell you all
    they want is to get reelected. They don’t really care what it costs or who pays the price.

  7. RobertNorwood says

    A Democrat “running an ad against illegal aliens and accusing Mitch McConnell of being soft on immigration”, will wonders never cease? Well a liberal lying is no wonder, happens every day. In the closing days of the midterm suddenly these idiots are up on their perches chirping how they weren’t in lock step with Obama. Problem is, it’s difficult for a pigeon to suddenly become a chameleon and change its look – that’s hard even for a liberal dumbocrat!
    They’ve been supporting every one of Obama’s bad decisions lock, stock, and barrel since day one – it’s a little too late to pretend you’re middle of the road and independent.

    1. Angry American says

      How right you are but they try it anyhow, fooling the exact same people that they fooled in 2012 with the reelection of the current occupant of the white house

      1. RobertNorwood says

        No, not everyone. I hear you though, every now and again one of them leaves a comment on this site and you scratch your head.

  8. Greg137 says
    The gay folk are PROVING beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the REAL BIGOTS!!! Excommunicate any gays from your church have them commited! They are nothing more than spoiled Bigots who need to be cast down! Vote Republican throw out every queer every and democrat from office!!!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      As soon a women find them in rest rooms checking their make-up then whipping out a johnson to pee some liberal gals are gonna wake up. People are getting a bit sick of gays.

  9. Joe T says

    Running like the RATS (they are) off a sinking ship … Obama’s ship of state ….what an imbecile, moron, buffoon, charlatan, braggart, prevaricator, jester etc, etc etc to the max…..Obama as a talking head…and don’t forget JUAN WILLIAMS AND BOB BECKEL …OBAMA’S ON AIR NEWS SUPPORTERS OF HIM!

  10. WhiteFalcon says

    I think that the Republican’s biggest problem is that they stand for nothing and ultimately will fall for anything, as the song goes. They are just running against Obola, which is going to get them increased power, but then what are they going to do. I wonder if they are just going to go along the same old failed liberal lines that they have followed for decades or are they going to take the conservative road that has been proven to be good for the country time and time again. I suspect the former.

    1. Angry American says

      But hope for what is best for America & Americans

      1. WhiteFalcon says


  11. fred says

    Get out and VOTE, early and often make this VIRUS from Kenya go away in a federal prison in shame for the rest of his life! His wife and staff and all other enablers that allowed him to steal our country need to go to jail as well as “accessories”!

  12. jscarano7 says


    1. Angry American says

      This election is for the life we have so every one should vote as if their life depended on it as this time it does, never have I seen our country run down like it has been for the last 6+ years & the American way of oife will not survive if the democrats get back into power

  13. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is not a question of a mandate; it is a question of a government that is dangerous to the political and cultural survival of our republic and to our own physical survival. This rogue government has turned on its citizens and proposes to import disease to exterminate them and replace them with mohammedans and obedient banana republic mobs from the central American jungles. It was bad enough when the party of Scoop Jackson and Harry Truman became the party of Michael Jackson and Truman Capote; the party of socialism, sodomy and surrender has done a number on our economy and our standing in the world; the regime has now morphed into the party of ISIS, Ebola and Amnesty, and those voters who are not non-American, un-American and anti-American now needs to vote as if their lives depended on it.

    1. Angry American says

      With this election life as we know it will be gone if they get back in. I am an independent but his time I am voting straight republican, to see if they can get America back on track

  14. Terry Rushing says

    The Republican Party is the less of two evils at this time. I am no fan of conservative hating Mitch McConnell but he is still a better choice than Allison (no comment) Grimes. The House leadership also seems to be in desperate need of a backbone transplant. Other than party affiliation there is little difference between big government, tax and spend Republicans (RINO’s) and Democrats. If Republicans claim the majority and want to make a powerful impression, the first order of business would be to close the southern border immediately and begin deporting every illegal in the country. Discharge and deport every illegal that is in the US military, and begin immediate and aggressive curtailing of “Homeland Security”, TSA, IRS, and EPA.

    1. Angry American says

      Do you remember that the border patrol had an illegal working for them?

    2. grunion says

      DHS, NATO, BATF, DEA, FCC, industrial and agricultural subsidies. FEMA, political organization subsidies, Energy Dept., Affirmative action, regulation in general…I’m weary listing for now.

  15. ronald j says

    Are you kidding me. The NWO has it’s choice and it isn’t Jesse Ventura or Rand Paul or anyone we want. They know the puppet and have his strings hung on him already. The only way we can get a truthful outcome is by voting with the old system and counting the ballots in 2 or 3 different States and having some trustful official there watching the results. If you remember the fiasco in Florida with Bush and the other idiot you will understand. So much for the United States.

  16. gmhunt4 says

    Her ad, “against “illegal aliens” and accusing Mitch McConnell of being soft on immigration” is at least HALF True, McConnell loves the illegals and wants to give the amnesty……he should have been fired in his primary election

  17. John Stratemeyer says

    “Tired of the President?’ We’ll see. “Tired of both parties?” hardly matters. GOP or LSD, those are the choices.

    1. Angry American says

      I go for the gop & I am a registered independent that will not vote for any dumbocrap

      1. John Stratemeyer says

        The last true Democrat was Zell Miller. Since he retired, all that are left are the liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) who have hijacked the party. I’m with you. There isn’t an LSD on the planet that I’d vote for.

  18. David says

    arrest him first before you declare impeachment or it will all be a waste of time because he will declare Martial law while being impeached unless he is in prison and he can not do anything from there.

  19. Phile says

    I may be wrong but I think that a few of the Demo Party reps may change to become Independents.

  20. Phile says

    Transparency seems to be a lie from little o’s past. He has been a cronic liar since childhood. He needs to come out of the closet.

  21. James W Parker III says

    I wonder why people fall for the Democrat line that Republicans in Congress do nothing. The only reason it looks that way is because Harry Ried and company, including Mark Udall and his two cousins have hidden more than 350 bills passed by the House somewhere in Harry ‘s desk so Democrats up for re-election won’t have to vote and be on record before the election! Democrats have not passed a budget bill since 2008 when it was 1.8 Trillion. They added TARP in Oct 2008 $875 billion and stimulus 1 in Feb. 2009 which raised spending to $3.8 Trillion for 2009. By not passing a budget and using the ruse of “continuing resolutions”, they have continued to spend at $3.8 trillion for the past 5 years! Now there is no way to go back on spending, is there? And guess who gets the blame…

  22. pmbalele says

    This is shameful. So that was Repubs and TP trick. We now know why TEA Party was found – to kill us here with Ebola. We are dying because Repubs and TPs in Congress cut funding for Ebola research. I hope you will not vote for any TPs or TP endorsed candidates. These are monsters. Repubs and TPs were raised as bad people. They are corrupt and so much into money making that they want to kill you with Ebola just for them to get ahead with money. Well we found their trick. We are not going to vote for TPs or Repubs on November 4.

    1. Angry American says

      You are out of you’re ever luvin mind, do you realize that? DO NOT answer my post as I really don’t want to hear (read) anything you have to say. I just had to let you know that fact & that is all seek help as you really need it. Yeah you’re right the TEA part was founded to get you with Ebola & that is the only reason they were founded, but i see you are still around unfortunately

      1. pmbalele says

        So you really think TPs and Repubs did not cut funding for Ebola research? You are no different with Repubs who said they would rather leave a poor woman die of breast cancer because she did not have health insurance; than have her treated and the goverment to pay the cost.

  23. Kent2012 says

    what a shame that the democrapos do not keep running all the way to Guatemala…..

  24. Jerry_Morgan says

    Democrats gave us…………………………….
    Barack Obama… The most corrupt… anti-American President in our country’s history.
    Isn’t that reason enough to not ever trust another Democrat? …Never turn our country over to them again. None can be trusted… They lie … then lie… about the lie.
    They all have that Obama Democrat mindset… It will take 50 years to clear the country of the last Obama Democrat Marxist. The time to start… is NOVEMBER 4th.

  25. otoman says

    If the repubs are to gain any traction with the people after the election, BOEHNER AND MCCONNELL MUST GO. They are compromisers and it is clear that the majority of the repub voters DO NOT want anymore compromise with this president.

  26. maxparrish says

    It is nice to see 15 year incumbent Udall in Colorado in a real position to lose. Michelle coming towards the end of the month should pretty much put the death knell on it. I voted. I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote. The libs came out in droves while conservatives were dejected last time in ’12. The independents are fed up with the liberals this time. Thank you, Obama. To the best golfer and fundraiser ever!

  27. Angry American says

    I am hoping for republican victory in both houses with a veto proof majority in both, that way they can pass what they want & we will finally be able to see which party has the best policies for America & Americans. After that I also hope that they do what we want done. Living on hope is all I have right now! That the gop does what is right & impeach the current occupier or the people’s house & then send him to prison for a very long, long time. Oh yeah also get that other obama too, moochelle by name

  28. hangman57 says

    The Democrats should run hiding after screwing American People for 6 years .

  29. WVF says

    I can understand why Democrats are running from the Obama Disease Syndrome (ODS), because they not only suffer from the Democrat Derangement Syndrome (DDS), but they also are victims of the Cockroach and Light Syndrome (CLS), because when the light switch is clicked on, they scurry back into darkness.

  30. William Cornett says

    What we need even more than term limits is a third option at the polls. We need a NO CONFIDENCE vote to toss out any set of candidates and start over until an acceptable candidate is placed on the ballot. Voting for the lesser of two evils is what’s gotten us into this mess. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are owned by big money and special interest groups at the expense of the average citizen. No confidence votes would force change in the campaign and election process. Just imagine. Millions of dollars to get a Democrat and a Republican candidates on a ballot just to have the voters toss both candidates into the garbage where they belong.

  31. WSmith says

    We need articulate leaders in both the House and Senate. Boehner needs to go and I think we can do a lot better than McConnell. Say maybe Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz. The national media is little more than an extension of the Democrat Party so we cannot afford the third team being in charge of our party. If the news gets out we win, it’s as simple as that. We can’t do that with people who buckle in front of the camera.

  32. blackhawk132 says

    The dems get what they deserve.

  33. Paul Brown says

    Yes, a lot can happen if we can take and hold the congress and if we take the Senate we are going to need a lot of seats there, I know they say we need at least 6 seats to take control, but I would be happier if we had more of a lead than that. If you believe what Karl Rove predicted, he thinks we will hold congress and we will take the Senate by about 1 or 2 seats. I do believe the demoncraps are running scared right now and some may be wishing they did things maybe a little differently than follow this jackass muZlim terrorist to try and take over the world from us. I work the polls and will be keeping a close eye on how many vote for the demoncraps this time.

    1. Jack Adams says

      I voted by mail already….. Republican ALL the way!!! Case closed!!!

  34. James Seidel says

    Saul Alinsky died about 43 years ago, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation today…….
    Recall that Hillary did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books.
    Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca
    Education: University of Chicago
    Spouse: Irene Alinsky
    Books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals
    Anyone out there think that this stuff isn’t happening today in the U.S.?
    All eight rules are currently in play
    How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:
    There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.
    1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people
    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.
    7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools
    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.
    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States ?
    Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin’s original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule.
    Stalin described his converts as “Useful Idiots.”
    The Useful Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control.
    It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S.
    If people can read this and still say everything is just fine… they are “useful idiots.
    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

  35. Jack Adams says

    I voted by mail already….. Republican ALL the way!!!

  36. Becky says

    Unfortunately for the wimp GOP, they DON’T have a plan. All they’ve done for numerous election cycles now is put up the weakest and most ball-less people they can find. You bet we’re sick and tired of BOTH parties. Because, in FACT, both parties are one and the same when it comes to working AGAINST American citizens.

  37. Yadja says

    They need to get their Party back. They have truly have been hijacked by the Progressives and O said he is a Progressive so how did they even have him run on their ticket? Hillary is a Progressive also Dems beware.

    This is not the Democrat Party of my father and since O came into office my father is now an Independent.

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