How Far Will RNC Go to Stop Trump?


With the reality of Islamic terrorism having hit the homeland once again, it’s no surprise to see Republican frontrunner Donald Trump extending his lead. The latest CNN/ORC poll has Trump leading the pack with 36% support nationally, a full 20 points ahead of Senator Ted Cruz, who comes in second place. Trump doesn’t have a long history of foreign policy experience, but he’s been among the strongest candidates when it comes to addressing the threat of the Islamic State. At a time like this – more than ever – voters want to see strength back in the White House.

And yet, the Republican establishment is more determined than ever to see the real estate mogul become yesterday’s news. Increasingly, there are dark whispers that the Republican National Committee could resort to some unseemly tactics to get what they want. In an interview with CNN this week, former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt said this:

In order to get the nomination, you have to get the majority of the votes at the convention. The presidential election is not going to be won in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina; it has to be won by a composite of all 50 states.

Or, depending on how far the RNC wants to go, they could feasibly choose to ignore the votes altogether.

“Everybody is depending on these primary results, except it is all built on a house of cards, a fabricated reality,” Curly Haugland, a North Dakota RNC member, told Alternet in September. “Everybody wants to have a presumptive nominee. There’s hundreds of millions of dollars at stake to buy votes for primary elections. The votes they are buying are worthless. Nobody wants to hear that story.”

At the time, Haugland’s warnings sounded like the usual ramblings of the fringe. But now, with Trump still on top and the once-presumptive nominee – Jeb Bush – sinking to an abysmal 3% in the polls, it’s clear that Republicans can no longer count on Ye Olde Trump Implosion. And unless they decide to bite the bullet and (the horror!) go with the guy the voters actually want, they may be willing to take some drastic steps come convention time.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail. Republican Party leaders may be afraid that Donald Trump will “ruin” their election; if they decide to forcibly take the primaries out of the voters’ hands, though, the GOP is finished. Done. Sayonara.

A better idea would be to stop fighting the will of the people. Stop trying to mold this election so that it fits your preconceived notions of who should get the nomination. Let these primaries play out as they will. And instead of telling conservatives what they SHOULD think, start listening to what they DO think.

Just a thought.

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    1. MAHB001 says

      scum puppets are everywhere.

  2. MAHB001 says

    I no longer support the Republican establishment…

    They are liberal progressives in conservative clothing, who roll over for the 0bama administration.

    Don’t send them money, send your money and support to your candidate of choice.

    1. James Maxwell says

      I quite sending money to the GOP a long time ago when they quite representing the American
      People and Conservatives.. I still send money to those candidates who I personally think
      still represent me and the values I have as an American and a Retired USAF VET.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Thank you for your service…

        I have taken my protests one step further, I go to the local RNC meetings and make my voice heard. I tell them about my concerns that the Republican party is corrupt at the top… I don’t have many friends there.

        1. jaybird says

          They don’t have any meetings that I am aware of in my town and it is probably a good thing. They would probably evict me.

          1. MAHB001 says

            You could wear that eviction as a badge of honor….

      2. Jim says

        I stopped a long time ago because they make about a $150,000.00 more a year and don’t need it. Why should I give them any money when I can barely make it on what I earned. No. Maybe when they start to listen to the people instead of their own interests, I might donate but until then….Keep right on dreamin; keep right on dreamin, keep right on dreamin…till your dreamin comes true !!!

    2. Valor says


    3. maxx says

      Any politician that votes for the agenda of the opposite party for fear of being called a “racist” should not be in office at all. If you are frustrated with the GOP or the Jackass party seek out people and organizations with your standards and join and volunteer. Individual efforts are what it takes to make changes. The efforts of such groups are where new more acceptable candidates come from. The few conservatives in Congress today did not come from the ranks of either major party. They came from the Tea Party or Independent movements. Get involved with your time not just money.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Agreed, the Tea Party has done this country great service. But the Tea Party or any other third party will not stand a chance with the corrupt media.

        That is why I started

        We will rid the MEDIA of its bias. That is how I am getting involved with my time.

  3. Croco Dile says

    “….the reality of Islamic terrorism having hit the homeland once again…..” said the agent of Homeland Insecurity Agency.

    1. Shannon Roper says

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    2. Patricia Swenson says

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      1. Alan Connors says

        If Donald Trump is isn’t elected president in ’16, I don’t think any Republican will be. It’s insane for the GOP establishment to insist upon putting up another loser like McCain or Romney. The GOP is that unpopular among the American people, and deservedly so. The GOP establishment is a joke. They need to get in touch with their conservative voters, as if that will happen.

        1. James Maxwell says

          Do not forget that one of Jeb Bushed biggest owners said if his candidate is not
          chosen he will vote for Hildabeast. That should tell you all you need to know about
          him and his policies. Jeb will be a weaker version of Hildabeast and O’muzzie.

        2. MARYSWEET says

          Cruz is the only other alternative if Trump is forced out but I still think obama will find a way to cancel the election.

          1. Conservative says

            That will be the time to send in the Federal Marshals or U.S. Marines to physically take him out and send him to Syria or Kenya from whence he came.

          2. MARYSWEET says

            I don’t think we can rely on the federal marshalls. Not sure about the marines because obama has gutted the military so that only those who agree with him are still there. I think it will be up to us Americans (who haven’t let obama take our guns from us). It will be war against our government so we can take back out country and clean up the mess obama has made.

          3. Alan Connors says

            That thought has definitely crossed my mind more than once.

        3. maxx says

          With 80 – 85% of the GOP being made up of establishment cronies it is a tough fight but every election more and more are replaced. Unfortunately, quite a few Tea Party candidates that won turned out to be rino republicans. So if you want to vote a GOP candidate out please, please do your own research of the opponent. Can’t afford many more Ayotte, Portman, Flake and Brown conservative impersonators.

          1. Alan Connors says

            I live in Arizona and believe me, neither Flake nor McCain will get my vote ever again in any election.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Blow it out YER FAT ASS Patsy !!

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      Bitch, go frequent another site. Everyone’s “onto” you on this site, TROLL !!!

  4. OldPatriot32 says

    Trump-Cruz in 2016, to pull the US back from the 3rd World abyss of corruption, crime, poverty, disease, and general hopelessness, possibly under a Marxist/Muslim dictatorship!

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      There WON’T be an election my friend. A very serious rebellion will take place first, and then the PMIC will declare martial law and set himself up as a dick taster, I mean dictator.. He already is the other !!

      1. MARYSWEET says

        I have been saying that for a long time. I was even surprised when obama allowed the 2014 election. But he will definitely cause enough chaos to declare martial law, declare himself dictator and cancel the election.

        1. maxx says

          I have several very good friends that have sons/daughters and grand children in the military. The rumors in the dark are that the military IS NOT in love with you know who. He purged many high ranking flag officers but those guys only parade around showing off their medals, they don’t do the actual work of the military. I feel a lot better.

          1. MARYSWEET says

            Yes, obama started on the brass when he took office and those who said they could not fire upon Americans have been kicked out of the military. Only his yes men remain. Granted they don’t do the actual work but they are the ones who give the orders or don’t give orders when they should. The actual fighting military personnel hate obama and will stand up for their country when the time comes.

        2. hangem'high says

          It might be the Illuminati’s last dich effort especially if Hilary goes to jail, or they put her under house arrest for the next four years?

          1. MARYSWEET says

            I don’t think hildebeast will ever go to jail although she should spend the rest of her life there. She knows where too many bodies are buried.

      2. boris yasdnilkov says

        Ah, ha, Mr. Dennewitz, I believe that you have analyzed the situation at least half correctly; i.e., martial law will be declared shortly before the scheduled 2016 election. Most likely the San Bernardino tragedy will be repeated throughout the United States next summer and fall. Chaos will prevail and our Constitutional Republic may very well be destroyed.

    2. Conservative says

      I’d rather see Cruz on top but I settle for Trump-Cruz. Trump will never accept a V.P. position and I think he would be ready to turn the Country over to Cruz the next election.

    3. Westy34215 says

      Cruz needs to be in the Senate to push thru Trumps agenda.

  5. MAHB001 says

    The further the RNC goes towards stopping Trump,

    The Further the American People will go from the RNC…

    The RNC is just Socialist Democrats in Conservative clothing.

    1. papa doug says

      MAHB001, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but liberals/socialists infest every political party. The last election people voted for Republicans in droves and felt they were betrayed but they only betrayed themselves because they never bothered to check the candidates political history and voting record. It’s so easy to do in this information age but they can’t be bothered so we all suffer.

      1. maxx says

        That would be “every major political party” but the republicans and democrats have been in bed with each other for at least 50 years. That’s why nothing positive ever happens for the average American. They both have been chipping away at the Constitution since 1860 and the public has been asleep at the wheel all that time as well. The “patriots that still hold on to their guns and bibles” will once again be the saviors.

        1. esqualido says

          Well put. If there was ever an organization that deserves to go out of business, it is the Republican Party (in a republic, they respect the rule of law). And in American history, political parties do go extinct- e.g., the Whig Party which once elected two Presidents. We do need a new party- I would support a Constitutional Party- but this debate peters out days after every election.

          1. Jarhead says

            The GOP was killed by the RNC long ago…LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY.

          2. MAHB001 says

            You beat me to it!

            Long Live the Tea Party!

          3. Rosech Levy says

            Altho the Tea Party is not an actual party, it could become one, but better yet let’s form the Constitutional Party and push out the RNC and DNC as the traitors to America, its people, and its Constitution and Bills of Rights. They will leave with no perks such as lifetime salaries, insurance, or any other pork they gave themselves without our permission. Those days are over because we know what we want and it isn’t either of those parties.

          4. MAHB001 says

            I agree with you 100%. I believe that if the Tea Party had stuck to its original message…
            Taxed Enough Already.
            Fiscal Responsibility
            and follow the Constitution.

            The Tea Party would be the 80% party…

            The problem is that the MEDIA and corrupt politicians on both sides will do everything within their power to stop that from happening.

          5. Jimmy King says

            That and your entire membership would garner about 8% of the vote. But look on the bright side, you guys are doing really well on blogs like this one

          6. MAHB001 says

            Thanks for the lesson in liberal algebra, it is about as reliable as something that 0bama says.

            Taking back America one blog at a time…

          7. Jimmy King says

            That’s great, if your goal is blog of the year, not so much if you want the white house or real change. Trump will never get 50%, which means a brokered convention, which means Cruz. Trump goes third party, which means Clinton in the White House. But look on the bright side, you’re winning blogs, one at a time

          8. MAHB001 says

            Now who is the fear monger? Liberals always point a finger at someone else and expose exactly what they are.

            You call Conservatives fear mongers, yet you attempt to control with fear.

            You have lost demoralized cupcake. Your fear mongering means nothing to me.

          9. Jimmy King says

            Don’t be such a pussy. I wasn’t trying to scare you, I was merely speaking the truth. Now go put on your big girl undies

          10. Ron says

            And I thought Alan Colmes was an idiot! I missed on that one.

          11. Suze says

            Liberals live in what they want to be the truth and can convince themselves of anything. They are dangerous in office, as we have seen during these last seven years, and their policies are self consuming. We so need a grown up realist in office.

          12. glorybe2 says

            Absolutely! I really enjoyed the broken economy and the millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes due to the stellar performance of the right wing. That nasty Obama, stepping in, saving our nation, restoring our economy, is just too much for me to bear. We need Ronnie back with his trickle down path to doom, his desire for us to live in austerity, on our knees, with a government that sold cocaine to our children on the streets of America. And the fun we had torturing civilian prisoners has also been taken from us. Oh what to do? What to do? We haven’t suffered enough yet. We should elect a right wing monster.

          13. Suze says

            So let me get this right, you thought Reagan was bad for our economy and jobs?
            Oh well, that about sums you up. And you have the nerve to reflect on other people’s education level.
            Nothing left for us to talk about little commie. You aren’t informed.
            Probably didn’t even know what the meaning of your name is? It is a call for God to COME. Every time you post you are calling on God to Come, as in Thy Kingdom Come; Thy Will Be Done.
            Be careful what you pray for.

          14. Ron says

            Your infinite wit and wisdom is only surpassed by your utter stupidity. Go back to a Liberal forum!

          15. Jimmy King says

            WAAAAAAAAAAAH I don’t like it when people come to my Conservative blog and make fun of me WWAAAAAAAAA go back to your liberal blog WHAAAAAAAAA

          16. Suze says

            ‘safe spaces’

          17. Suze says

            Nobody can anticipate the outcome of this election. Trump shouldn’t have happened according to most “specialists” so it’s folly to make absolute predictions at this point..especially in writing that cannot be back pedaled afterward, Jimmy.
            That said, Cruz and Trump have previously collaborated on several projects,(perhaps you remember their joined stand against the Iran deal) and I have suspected that though Cruz has been despised by the establishment/Congress for not compromising his convictions, they might be willing to endorse him now, anything but Trump. It hasn’t escaped notice that Cruz is very careful not to alienate Trump followers. Both Trump and Cruz are so much smarter than most realize.if Cruz is the nominee, he could choose Trump for his ticket and that would change the whole field.
            But what will have the biggest impact is from the outside: further attacks on our shores are going to drive this next election. Just my thoughts. Nobody knows for sure.

          18. Jimmy King says

            The RNC will not let T Rump be the candidate Suze. He will not have 50% and there will be a brokered convention. Cruz has not said anything negative about T Rump in hopes of getting his following once T Rump gets dumped, but yesterday in NYC he made the mistake of bashing T Rump to a room full of wealthy donors Seems the ever slimey Cruz thought an off the record speech was truly off the record. He had a Romney moment and someone recorded it. I can’t wait for the fireworks at the debate when T Rump unloads on him

          19. Suze says

            I don’t think that is going to happen, that Trump or Cruz are going to bash each other although there might be an implied dis or two. I wouldn’t hold my breath for fireworks at the next debate between those two. They aren’t at enmity with one another.
            And for a while I thought as you, that Cruz was positioning himself to take up the Trump followers once he crashed and burned, but I am seeing other things now. But we will see.
            Just my take on Trump: up until just recently I kept waiting for him to fizzle out, but now I see this movement as bigger than the same old kind of election. The outsider is the only one with any energy behind him. And energy that’s fueling the the campaign is against the whole DC politics which includes DC’s third rail media. Their unified revolt against Trump has only validated that belief.
            they probably don’t realize how they have all told on themselves here.

          20. Jimmy King says

            As popular as he gets, he’ll never have 50% which means a convention where it’s left to the delegates and the RNC

          21. Suze says

            Whatever RNC does now they are screwed: if they choose Trump which is what the people want, their old game is done; if they don’t choose who the people want, they are also done. But they did it to themselves.
            Their only chance at all is to get behind him. Same thing with the media.

          22. glorybe2 says

            Yes, the republicans committed suicide by not forcing the radical right out of their party. They sheltered the American Nazi Party, the KKK and the Skin Heads all in an attempt to gain more power or as they put it “being a big tent party.”. Well the problem with that big tent is that too many people took a dump and the odor leaked out, and the public became aware, and the party caved in at the seams.

          23. Suze says

            your stereo typing is straight out of the book.
            The only Nazis are in the communist party,one of the candidates even running as a socialist. Fascism reins.
            Liberals kept saying why don’t you republicans do as we do or you won’t last? And so they did, and they didn’t last. There is a different and non corrupted movement which is constitutional based, religious freedom, family values and rule of law, so if that is Nazi to you ….you tell on yourself.
            But there are other countries you can move to where you will feel at home. I don’t recommend France though because they’re trending back toward conservative again….as it will happen after liberal policies destroy a country.

            But we will see about what happens here…I am glad the polluted GOP has finally had to show its true colors. That the GOP would rather have old hillary in the white house than Trump is not going to hurt Trump…He is really shaking things up here. He cannot be bought.

          24. Jimmy King says

            Suze, its funny how they claim to be “constitutional based, and rule of law, yet they violate both and hide behind a false religious freedom claim as soon as they need to cloak their hatred and bigotry.
            Its easy to throw those words around, its harder to actually have a spine and live up to them

          25. Jimmy King says

            And if they unite behind T RUMP, there is a Clinton in the WH

          26. Robert Early says

            HaHaHaHaHa !!!!

          27. Robert Early says

            Jimmy, I have worked five Conventions; and obviously you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You may be right about trump. He’ll likely never have 50%. It’s more likely that he’ll have about 70% to 75%.

          28. Jimmy King says

            Bob CumsEarly, he is already behind Cruz with all the Bible thumpers in Iowa. The party does NOT want him to get it, and they will make sure he doesn’t

          29. Robert Early says

            If we could actually trust the number crunchers, Cruz would have a one-point lead over Trump. Of course, that is with a 12 point margin of error.

          30. glorybe2 says

            You fail to have enough confidence in the idiocy of the American public. They really are twisted enough and ignorant enough to put trump in the Oval Office. And in one way I hope he gets there. The destruction of the nation will be an absolute hoot to watch as these right wingers get what they asked for. But don’t worry! Trump will save us. I’ll bet he will whimper and beg when he is dragged into the streets and hung by his heels.

          31. glorybe2 says

            If we went back three years the tea party looked like it might gather strength but obviously it pretty much crashed and burned. Now there are some people doing statistics on the number of Tea party folks who do not have college credentials. It appears to be a group of people who tended to be academic failures.

          32. Suze says

            You either just make up things or cherry pick faux facts.
            You certainly hate the tea party and a really big slice of people of this country, despise so many Americans, and in case you didn’t know there are actually more than just one type of person in this country….I mean you’re really upset here. It’s going to effect your health.

          33. Robert Early says

            You, friend, are quite insane. The Tea Party today is stronger than ever. Only idiots like you are still in the dark. I hold three degrees with an IQ of 149; world-traveled and speak three languages; and I consider myself to be just an average member of the Tea Party. One thing I am not is a snob like you. I hope all good and true Americans will read your post to learn just what a jerk you really are. Thank God for the Tea Party.

          34. glorybe2 says

            You poor thing. At what age did you suffer a blow to the head? The Tea party has shriveled up and blown away like dust in the wind.

          35. Robert Early says

            Troll alert !!!

          36. Jimmy King says


          37. Robert Early says

            It’s a long way to the convention, Jimmy. Of course, anything can happen. For certain, others are going to drop out along the way; and Trump could pull together his 50% plus by then. I think the establishment is merely testing the waters with consideration of a brokered convention. They’ll learn that such a move will destroy the GOP, and lay the groundwork for a new party of the people. They may create a new revolution and street war that the Left will not survive. I predict that very soon the combined totals of Trump, Carson, Cruz, and Rubio will be 90%. What these four negotiate privately at the last minute will make all the difference. One of these four will be the nominee.

          38. Jimmy King says

            Dream on. Nobody is consolidating power with anyone else. All 4 plus fatso from jersey have a stake in it and until Super Tuesday nobody is walking. It’s going to go to the convention

          39. glorybe2 says

            It is a shame that the fat guy in Jersey screwed up as he had made some good moves before he decided to become a total idiot and cause a massive traffic pile up as a political prank. That fault in his character is way too serious to allow him in a position of power.

          40. Jimmy King says

            He’s a big fat bully and a financial retard. Jersey is having all sorts of budget problems because of his ineptitude He talks tough, but when it comes time to back it up, he’s off eating a couple of pizzas.

          41. glorybe2 says

            Fear and hatred is all that the right wing relies upon. Obama would be hated by the right no matter what he did or did not do and everybody knows it. We live in a racist nation and the majority simply fears loss of power in relation to race. That is why immigration is such a huge issue fro the right. Look at the long list of people or groups that we are to fear according to people who post on this thread. There are people on here that think that the NWO is a group of people out to do harm. There are people that fear the Illuminati, the Builder Burgers, the communists, the socialists, universities and colleges, Skull and Bones, the Free Masons, The Shrine and God knows what else. Oh! I forgot black people. Millions seem to quake in fear of anyone non-white. And then there are the terrorists and of course the wicked US government. Between the hate and the fear do you guys even have time to eat breakfast?

          42. Suze says

            you have enough hate spewing out of you to take care of a whole state of Nazis.

          43. MAHB001 says

            I disagree, fear and hatred is all that 0bama relies upon.

            You can see excellent examples of the Left hating others just because they are right…. If it were not for the left, racism would be dead.

          44. Ron says

            Then why are you on here reading this stuff, asshat?

          45. Aristophanes says

            Ron, The best way to treat a liberal troll is to ignore him. Just saying.

          46. Suze says

            hate is what brings him here. he hates us.

          47. Jimmy King says

            You’re confusing pity with hate

          48. Suze says

            That is not what his words reveal. Pity is akin to love, and there is no love there.

          49. MAHB001 says

            He is a paid troll. They post to disrupt the conversation.

            Jimmy has an ugly, evil tormented soul and he doesn’t even know it. He is too stupid and bigoted to care.

          50. Suze says

            So, there is nothing to worry about…is there?
            Funny that the RNC doesn’t agree with you.

          51. Suze says

            I was being sarcastic…doesn’t translate very well on paper.

          52. Suze says

            At this junction where the media has lost credibility and the nay sayers are having zero impact on Trump’s following, they are flummoxed that the more they obviously try to get rid of him the more he is validated as threatening to the establishment.

          53. idaho_woodworker says

            The Tea Party can still become a dominant group in politics if we just stay vigilant. I would not like to see the party’s message be stifled by the liberal media. Keep up with the meetings and keep sending the message to Americans what we are truly about. The liberal media has penned us as a radical bunch of nuts. Defeat the liberal media………They are the true enemy.

          54. MAHB001 says

            YES Defeat the liberal MEDIA…. That is exactly what we are doing at:


            Please join and get everyone you know to join.

          55. movingwaters says

            There is the existing Constitution Party unless it has gone defunct in the last few years. They have a strong platform but very few members, around 1% of voters. Cost is $30.00 per year.

          56. Robert Early says

            In rough figures, about 30% of all voters are Republican. Another 30% are Dems. 40% are Independents. However, this is the problem: Independents often disagree among themselves; and lack organization to form an actual party. Otherwise, they could be the strongest party of all.

          57. MAHB001 says

            That is why I say the message needs to be simple and something all can agree upon.

            Taxed Enough Already. Who isn’t?

          58. Mark Clemens says

            I would support the Tea Party, but the FAIR TAX is a deal killer.
            I think Tariffs would bring in more money than an Income Tax, or National Sales Tax of 23%. Who wants to pay 23% on top of their State Sales Tax?
            Tariffs would be collected by CUSTOMS, not a domestic tax agency (IRS). So the government can’t target any political groups………

          59. MAHB001 says

            You are correct… Fair is a relative term… I believe a flat tax would suffice.
            No loopholes.
            2 deductions for those that actually feel naked without them. Home and donations. But I think I could live without them as well.

          60. Ron says


          61. glorybe2 says

            That flat tax would destroy the poor and many middle class workers as well. A fair tax must be graduated according to both income and holdings. It is absurd for a billionaire to pay zero taxes because he has no income. The very reason that the Great Depression was so difficult to cure was that the rich simply sat on their money waiting for better years to invest. Meanwhile prices fell to such a low point that the rich could live well for very little money.
            The huge issue we have is that businesses and the rich are not taxed on their holdings. Corporations holding billions upon billions of dollars often pay no taxes at all. Look at Phizer Pharmaceuticals. They moved out of the US to avoid US taxes. Bank of Atlanta is now offshore. They can operate their US banks but any profits are not subject to US taxes. Your pharmacy will continue to carry Phizer products.

          62. MAHB001 says

            How do you know it would destroy the poor and many middle class?

            I believe you were told it must be a “fair” tax by your handlers. Because you trust them, you do not question them.

            I believe the tax code has been made complicated to make it easy for the rich to hide their true tax rate… BTW, these are the very same people you listen to…

            NOTHING has changed since the great depression to change the outcome. Anybody with anything will sit on it until times are better. The rich will be effected less than the middle and low class people.

            I believe a flat tax would expose the riches tax rates, would NOT hurt anybody at the bottom of the pile, and make a level playing field for all to become rich on.

            The MOST important thing a flat tax will do is let EVERYONE know what their taxes are going to be and how to calculate and anticipate them. A HUGE side benefit would be the elimination of the IRS and a bunch of Tax lawyers.

            The money that the corporations have IS NOT YOURS, IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS, it is the corporations money. They moved out of the US because our GOVERNMENT made the business environment in the US caustic to their business.

            A flat tax would expose and could very well make the business environment in the US livable again.

          63. glorybe2 says

            I do agree that we should have a very short and very simple tax code. Even if the total sum taxation came from sales taxes we could have identity cards that
            set the rate of tax to be paid by each user. The poor could pat zero sales tax and the rich could pay high sales taxes. We also should apply that sales tax to bank deposits and withdrawals and continue to tax any business that moves offshore or is bought out by a foreign nation or company. Why would we not charge sales taxes when stocks or bonds are sold? The net effect might be that the wealthy end up paying a lot more taxes than they do now. Also I do not think the number of children nor the state of being married or single should be a consideration in taxation. Let the breeders pay for their life styles.

          64. MAHB001 says

            The NET result of a flat tax would be that the RICH pay a lot more taxes than they do now. And YES, my assumption is that a FLAT tax would have zero loopholes.

            Most of the Flat taxes being proposed have a minimum, where those below that line are not taxed at all. I don’t know if all of them do, but the ones that have been explained to me have had that minimum floor.

            You know that Carly Fiorina described her simple tax as no more than 3 pages long, and easy enough for EVERYBODY to understand.

            She was smeared by the Liberal Media for making such outlandish statements…

          65. glorybe2 says

            You might find that the very rich often do not have to spend their own money. How many people, for various reasons, would love to buy Bill Gates, breakfast, lunch and dinner? How many would invite Bill to spend time at a top end, luxury resort, in order to hope to establish some business relationship with him in the future. It is like some of the stunning young models that we see in films. These girls never have to pay a penny for anything unless they want to. One elderly guy that i know dumps 100K or more every year into a girls hand just to be seen with her once in a while. I’ll bet she never pays a penny of taxes on that either. He gave her a new home, two new Harley Davidson motorcycles and a new car just to get started in their relationship.
            Situations such as this are exactly why we should be taxing what one owns as well as what one earns.

          66. MAHB001 says

            That is socialism for you. I totally disagree. It seems that you feel that his money should be your money.

          67. glorybe2 says

            You fail to grasp the predicament of the poor. We saw the same thing during the civil rights era. A remark was made about poor blacks in the south not smelling good. The remark was that a bar of soap only costs a nickel. A black fellow replied “Mr., who has got a nickel?”. The reality was that so many black folks were without a penny in the south. Many also had no access to a decent water supply much less a bath tub or indoor plumbing. So when these poor people do get enough money to buy a bag of rice or whatever to ask them to pay sales tax is excessively cruel. It is far less cruel to tax people who are better off.

          68. MAHB001 says

            Those would not pay taxes on any of the tax plans.

            There will always be poor, pathetically struggling. Some if not MOST of the homeless in my area are homeless by choice. They simply just want to be left alone.

            I believe a flat tax would help these people as well.

            Politicians have been using the poor as an excuse to raise taxes on us all our entire lifetimes. Have they solved the problem yet????

            I am not saying to give up on the poor, I am saying that the poor is no excuse for our inexcusably complex tax code.

          69. glorybe2 says

            When you see the homeless you see drug addictions, alcohol issues, and mental illness. But the catch is that these homeless people , that want to be left alone, have been part of our system, and the system treated them in such a way that now they want no part of normal society. Many of these people have been exploited by businesses in numerous ways. The people on the receiving end of this nonsense often simply cave in. And the general public ends up paying for the wrongs these people have suffered.
            It is shocking to see how many people are begging for a room or place to live or begging for work. And worst of all local governments seek to hide the human wreckage.
            By the way Rush Limbaugh has a mansion near me. He has leased his large back yard to store sand as a federally funded project needs space for that sand while they try to get some of the beach back that the ocean has taken. So your great conservative mouth piece not only is aware of rising seas he is making money off of rising seas. But on the air waves he will rant about how rising seas and global warming is simply not true.

          70. MAHB001 says

            In your mind they have no responsibility for where they ended up? All exploited by big business…

            Is the the Government doing the exploiting or Big Business? Because in my mind Government is the biggest business of them all.

            BTW, Florida has been dealing with the loss of beaches for a very long time now. Even in the 60s Florida was reclaiming beaches…. Are you saying that even in the 60s man was making the oceans rise?

            They rant and rave about rising seas and global warming as simply not true, because it is a Politician made up crisis of which the politicians will tax us on.

          71. glorybe2 says

            The claim that republican groups were targeted by the IRS was a false claim. What occurred was that the IRS investigated people who applied for a certain type of exemption. It turned out that republicans were the ones claiming that type of exemption. Very few groups other than republicans tried to apply for the exemption in question.

          72. Suze says

            those who are living off the paid taxes of others and who don’t pay these same level taxes.

          73. glorybe2 says

            The idea of simple slogans is a treason against the human mind. We have complex issues that often require quite complex solutions. If you blow that dog whistle and get peoples’ primitive emotions aroused they will lack the capacity to vote in their own self interests. Then there is a more basic problem with morals. Should you vote for what is in your own best interests or should you vote for what is good for others? Or should you vote for what is good for your nation? Voting for what is good for your nation is sort of a death trap. For example the nation’s best interest might be for the government to have unlimited powers to spy upon all of the citizens. That would not be so good for the population but it would secure the nation.

          74. MAHB001 says

            Simple Slogans are a treason against the human mind?

            That is all we get out of our Politicians… Simple slogans.

          75. glorybe2 says

            If people are fed simple information at a certain point they can no longer deal with complex issues or information. That is why it is so important that every young person takes pre college level courses in things like calculus, chemistry and physics. Their ability to think deeply and layer by layer into the forces that cause issues will stay with them even though the actual need for such subjects may soon fade away.

          76. MAHB001 says

            The school system has been infiltrated by socialists who no longer teach children how to think..

            They teach children how to conform. To get along. And to NOT ask questions.

            Common Core is an excellent example of that.

          77. glorybe2 says

            Are you aware that rural schools often fail to offer subjects taught in suburban school systems? Without Common Core subjects like algebra may never be made available to many kids. And if they live out their lives in those rural areas it may not matter much at all. But let them try to work and live in a city or suburban environment and they will suffer from lack of education all of their lives. Common Core protects both children and parents.

          78. MAHB001 says

            Common Core is a Federally generated program that indoctrinates children to socialism. Created by Socialists to serve socialists. Designed by Socialist in Washington DC that are nothing more than a lobby group for the Governors.

            “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

            You get your information from Soros and untrustworthy sources.

          79. Ron says

            Then the Independents need to start the Party 40%, joined by Fed up Ex-Republicans (at least15%). There is your majority! And, like MAHB001 says, “a simple message”. Like “Save our Country”, or “Make America great again”, or “Fed up with our government”, or “Taxed enough already”. I think everyone could agree on that!

          80. Suze says

            This seems to be happening naturally.

          81. Jimmy King says

            Of course it is. For years the Republican Party has claimed to be about small government, low taxes, family values, etc etc. and they’ve had these dog whistles to bring out all of the bible thumpers, racists and homophobes. But the real agenda was solely cutting taxes for the rich. The morning news in trailer parks took the bait on all of the social issues which the top never had any intention on following through with. So billy bob keep voting republican, because he is pro white, anti gay, anti welfare pro national defense and yet the people he elects only HURT his pocket book. The people he elects only serve the rich and have made them more and more wealthy. When billy bob wants to know why he can’t find work the republicans tell him it’s because all of the Mexicans have been taking his jobs and only the republicans will fight to keep out the Mexicans. So billy bob supports the republican. Once again the only thing the republican. Pols care about is the rich. No wonder Billy bob is fed up with the GOP. The GOP has been lying to Billy bob for years and now he’s fed up. But Billy bob is too fussing stupid to realize it’s not the Mexicans, it’s not gays getting married, it’s not Muslims and it’s not libs coming for their guns. It’s the republicans who have been lying to them and stealing from them, but they’re too stupid to know it

          82. Suze says

            Jimmy, it’s a dance they do together, the democrats and the republicans, blaming the other for what they fail to keep in promises, directing the voter to look somewhere else, keep us against each other instead of holding them responsible. They tell you how to see me and what to feel about me. In neat little stereotypes. But nobody actually fits any of those simple molds.
            Some officials get elected meaning to do better but except for a few here and there, they compromise their call. They are all in on it, and have been for a long time, claiming there are two parties, like there really is a choice, when there is only one which is their party to serve themselves and their rich elite. Obama has been one of the worst for this that we have ever had.

          83. MAHB001 says

            The PEOPLE of the Republican party are all about small government, low taxes, family values, etc, etc… But those people have been betrayed.

            The Republican party has been taken over by Socialist Democrats in conservative clothing. Those spies are actually Democrat socialists that have been pushing an socialist agenda and calling it crony Capitalism.

            Crony Capitalism is nothing more than SOCIALISM creeping into our society. Elite Politicians and elite businessmen using the Governments power to give themselves benefits and favors.

            So in a sense you are correct, the real agenda of our socialist politicians is to cut taxes for the rich…

            Unfortunately trolls like yourself are easily confused and are being played by their rich fat cat politicians (Hillary).

            The real question is when will Jimmy King Bob wise up and figure out that the democrats and socialism isn’t gonna be that paradise that his politicians promised him….

          84. MAHB001 says

            See my reply to Jimmy troll below.

          85. Suze says

            That was good, and so true. Concise. But Jimmy and those of his ilk are not interested in anything that would get in the way of their socialist agenda.

          86. MAHB001 says

            Paid trolls like Jimmy King are here to disrupt conservative conversations and waste our time. Don’t let them post lies.

          87. Suze says

            I have found that they serve as foils to uncover how shallow their sound bites are compared to reality…especially right now with all that is happening. Thank you though.

          88. MAHB001 says

            Just keep on doing what you are doing… I thank you.

          89. glorybe2 says

            And yet if you go back in time to the late 1950 era people paid a higher rate of taxes and prosperity was good. It is not over taxation that is harming us and it is not the federal reserve either.
            The basic facts are this. We have a set sum of resources and a variable population size. With too high a population less resources are available for each of us. Crime, mental illness, addictions, pollution, as well for a need for more and more laws and regulations to make a crowded society work smoothly are what people hate. Both your wealth and your prosperity are being stolen slowly by an ever increasing population. If one is a conservative and truly wants to preserve the past then one would also want to preserve the population levels of the past.
            America with 30 million people was a much better place than America with 350 million people. Yet no politician dares to mention this issue. You might want to create a graph of the inflation of the dollar bill up against the inflation of the population and you might see that the more people we have the less your dollar has been worth. That dollar is a measure of the total worth of the USA. Also make note of what your income tax would have been in 1960 if you inflation adjust your tax bill. With an $8. per hour minimum wage now we could divide that $8 by ten to get 80 cents per hour. In 1960 many people worked for 80 cents per hour. Go back to 1925 and the Workers at Gate City Lumber, in Ft.Lauderdale , worked for 8 cents per hour. A few made 10 cents per hour and that is heavy labor in a saw mill.
            These folks tended to work more than 8 hours a day so you can compute their pay at about $4. per week. For fifty cents a couple could buy far more groceries than they could carry home. I knew an old man that would but one board at a time as he walked home from work. He built his home one board at a time. Very few people had a car and almost nobody had electricity in their home either. Water was by well. So no electric bill, no water bill, no mortgages, and a house lot might be had for around $25.. In many cases these folks paid no income tax at all and they also had ways of avoiding sales taxes as well.

          90. Suze says

            They might be voting together this year. National security threats have a way of unifying people across party lines. And Hillary has as much as said she agrees with Obama’s strategies which have gotten us here.

          91. Robert Early says

            I sincerely hope you are right, Suze. However, with so many mentally challenged people in the voter pool, I’m not sure that reason and logic can rule the day.

          92. Suze says

            Oh I agree that we should never count on reason or logic, but national threats are fear producing, so it would be emotionally driven. It has happened before. You know, how libs demean guns until they wish they had one or hide behind someone who does when their life depends on it.

            So much of liberalism lives just in theory; Marxism depends ultimately on continuing production from the most gifted/able but without the incentives for these to continue production, so they drain the coffers until there really isn’t any recourse but to reward entrepreneurship and business again. When the SHTF there aren’t any liberals anymore; either they have converted out of necessity or they’re the collateral damage.

          93. Robert Early says

            Brilliant !!! Thank you!

          94. glorybe2 says

            You will have a hard time explaining me as I am as far left as a man can get and I am a gun owner and advocate for carry and the right to use lethal force.

          95. glorybe2 says

            The terror attacks in the US have been tragic but they really do not compromise national security at all. We could survive such attacks permanently even if there were several every year. The attacks are like a flea bite on a very large dog.

          96. Suze says

            that is what Obama wants us to think, anything not to coalesce against this enemy. But looks like even the bulk of his liberals aren’t going for that anymore. The instinct to survive is the most powerful force in us all.
            So, your thinking is as long as it doesn’t happen to you personally it’s OK, just a flea bite.

          97. glorybe2 says

            Here is a tiny dose of reality. Obama is a Christian and has no special love of Muslims. Secondly he knows the real choices. Putting small armies on the ground will do nothing good at all. For a region of the size of the Arab world we would need to do what we did in WW2. That is pull 3 million troops into the military and put them at war in the Arab regions. That might bankrupt America and you can bet your last dime that our troops would be there for years and many would be ruined or killed. Then the minute we pull out the terror nuts will start all over again. The next real choice is to almost exterminate the region with high technology weapons such as nuclear bombs. That might get a lot of other nations involved. But if you suppose that sending 300,000 troops in will accomplish much at all you are wrong. Both England and France have tried to hold portions of the Arab world and it was expensive and not worth the effort. At the time that Great Britain held portion of the Arab world they were the most powerful army on Earth and they used brutal tactics. So what Obama has to deal with is that there are no fast or easy solutions available. Fortunately terror attacks have not endangered our nation but have caused us grief. Hopefully we can keep those attacks down to one every now and then. But if history teaches us anything it is that small terror attacks can not be totally prevented. So I, just like you, will take my chances when i go out for a Pizza or shop in a mall.

          98. Suze says

            this is almost verbatim what the WH is putting out there without even one nod to the actual manifestations we are living with which have demonstrated otherwise.

            I think you are the first I have encountered who is spouting the administrative talking points in their entirety.
            This is a real question: are you working from a provided script?

          99. glorybe2 says

            No! No one has ever provided me with any script. And it would certainly not come from the democratic party as i am way more liberal than the party. Having said that we are fortunate that Obama was elected. the man saved this nation from economic doom. And make no mistake, our ability to defend the nation relies on our financial health. Given a realistic view of technology we need to plan for what must be done to keep our nation secure and healthy. In order to do that the old guard must be removed so that fresher, more educated, leaders can direct industry and social policy.

          100. DLynn says

            I am a lifelong Rep but taught to respect a two party system for checks and balances but I believe both parties need an overhaul. Both are so far off the track there is no hope for either.

          101. Suze says

            Yes, the two parties have inbred now, ceased to serve the people that have elected them, only serving their own agendas which wants to control all of us. The difference between conservative voters and liberal voters is conservatives know their party has betrayed them; while liberal voters have become dependent on the programs and biased abuses of the constitution, and by their indoctrination are not allowed to criticize their leaders…or to even have a choice. This is most evident during this time in the campaigns where there really isn’t any other democrat candidate but Hillary, the others are just cardboard cutouts to put on the debate stage. Liberalism is really a one party communist system.

          102. glorybe2 says

            Yes we should have two parties. One party should be liberal democrats and the other the socialist. In the past we have had parties that dried up and blew away. The Whigs, the Bull Moose Party and more have vanished. Now is the time for the republicans to go quietly into the grave.

          103. Suze says

            And with term limits and abolishing the Fed/IRS.

          104. freedomoutpost ken says

            The Tea Party is just a foggy mirror of the Republican Party, not much better. I gave up on the Tea Party long ago.

          105. jaybird says

            The local one in my town does not impress me, their website is not even up to date.

          106. freedomoutpost ken says

            The grass roots approach was/is honorable, but some of the poor candidates they supported ruined their momentum.

          107. jaybird says

            I agree. The one here does not even have a phone number to contact them. There up coming events has nothing listed.

          108. Suze says

            A great read on this “Who Hijacked the Grand Old Party?”…..if you want to google that.

          109. Jarhead says

            10-Q Susy – Semper Fi

          110. Suze says

            I am anticipating we will discover we are made of finer stuff than we realized. Every hundred years or so we need to be reminded of what is valuable to us. I think this is that time again.

          111. Jarhead says

            Very astute young lady….75 years ago our 18 to 22 year youths stormed Nazi Europe and Japanese held beaches – – they faced certain death without a whimper & won the day.
            Today many of our College youths of the same age constantly whine and demand special privileges, and “Time Outs”, and want to control the thoughts, deeds & words of others, and look on the TEN COMMANDMENTS as merely suggestions.

          112. Suze says

            I have faith in humanity ultimately.

            I know that we see broadcast constantly the worst of what evil has created: the spoiled and dependent young people, uninformed and unprepared for what is going to happen here. And in fact, the whole liberal voting block has a serious psychological problem with denying reality, so they won’t know what hit them. I feel the sorriest for those who live hand to mouth in the cities, government dependents.
            The rest of us who have been increasingly alarmed at the wrongness of this all, have been getting ready. The ones the liberals have been mocking. I believe God has been getting us ready and is unifying us as one force, all ages and races and genders. It’s the classic Noah’s Ark scenario, over and over.

            I also think there are some democrats who are alarmed and starting to see the signs. I have an old friend in NY who a couple years ago was still into Obama, but even though she has never agreed with my whole take on him, she does see that something is coming here and preparing.
            My husband and I actually moved to a better area last year, that’s how inevitable we think this is.

          113. ted j says

            the Constitution party offers that platform, however, they don’t have the deep pocket funders to support them…. but they stand for what the American people want to see in the WH…so, unfortunately without the funds to promote their candidates it is a futile exercise……so in saying all that… our only hope at this time is the Tea Party…they do offer a slate of candidates that are at least true Americans…and some are even true Christians… God help the USA..

          114. freedomoutpost ken says

            and many are fools that should have never been supported by the Tea Party.

          115. jaybird says

            There are candidates that ran as Conservatives and then turned after being elected. Joni Ernst for one.

          116. Ron says

            Yes, what a terrible example she was! With a horses mouth laugh, and a horse’s a$$ to go with it!

          117. glorybe2 says

            What you are really saying is that almost no one agrees with the right wing. If the public agreed the funds would be in hand.

          118. ted j says

            what the problem is… that there is a difference between the tea party and the RINOs in the republican party, and with the MSM giving false info to the voters, they are easily duped… because they are too lazy to do their homework and look for the differences..but that is only part of the problem…the Constitution party offers what the conservatives are looking for, but they do not get the exposure from the MSM necessary to run a high level campaign..most people do not even know who they are voting for.. they just vote party line..without checking as to how their candidate votes on important issues…we have become a nation of lazy and uninformed voters…. but my hope that Trump or Carson leave the GOP for the constitution party.. as they are well known and would be a formidable candidate to change the demographics of this election..

          119. Jimmy Quick says

            When you depend on the MSM (media) to do the heavy lifting for you, you’ve already got three strikes against you. Number 1. They work for power and that is certainly not you or me. Number 2. Anything that even smells of Truth gets canned before it has a chance to grow. Number 3. They see that the biggest liars get the biggest paychecks and anyone who actually attempts to report the news is tarred, feathered, and then kicked off the bus.

            Unless you are bringing your message by yourself to your neighbor and that neighbor brings it to their neighbor, no matter how great the cause or how urgent the need, your movement is DOA before it even begins.

            Offer something people want and maybe a few will join, offer something they need and most will join, offer something required and all will join.

            So, the rules are very simple. “Get motivated and motivate.”

            This can be done.

          120. Ron says

            And VOTE! Everybody needs to VOTE! If you don’t vote. and a lot of people don’t, then you have no right to B*tch about anything!

          121. Jimmy Quick says


          122. glorybe2 says

            That is another version of the same old whine. Why is it that the right wing can not own and operate a major TV network? There is nothing stopping them at all except for one thing. They can not get enough public support or financial backing to get a network up and running. Can you deny that that is proof of very small numbers of supporters as well as businesses and the wealthy not being willing to offer much support? Why should the right wing have any voice in government when so few people share their beliefs? Prove me wrong and build a major, coast to coast, TV network. Liberals have done it easily.

          123. Jimmy Quick says

            Ever heard of FOX, moron?

          124. glorybe2 says

            I know all about Fox including the fact that Fox News, in open court, defended itself by claiming that they are not a news provider but an entertainment provider.

          125. Jimmy Quick says

            So what. You punks own the courts. That’s the reason there is no longer any justice in this country.

          126. glorybe2 says

            Just how does someone own the courts? There are large numbers of backwards, conservatives who are judges in the US. But there are quite a few liberal judges as well. One way or another it is the public that puts judges in place and if the public prefers judges that are a bit more modern or liberal then so be it. Obviously if anyone went about trying to bribe judges they would be caught soon enough. There is no way to own the courts.

          127. Jimmy Quick says

            Homo-sexual drugheads. Need I say more?

          128. jaybird says

            This election is crucial because we do not have time to change things every 4 yrs for presidents or 2-4 yrs for Congressman or Senators. Everyone needs to help get the people out to vote and not stay at home this year. Let’s hope we have an election, I don’t trust this administration.

          129. Ron says

            A good idea. A LOT of Americans would support some kind of Constitutional Party. I know I would. I believe its time has come! And Trump, Cruz, or Carson could lead it. Trump has an excellent chance of achieving this, when the RNC dumps on him in a few months, which WILL HAPPEN, without a doubt! When the RNC does this, which they will, they are finished! Are they too blinded with Stupid, to see this? We all know that you just can’t fix stupid! Look at Harry Reid! Proof positive!

          130. glorybe2 says

            Ron it does not matter a fig if a lot of Americans support something. If the left has 51% of the votes then the left will have the only input that has any meaning. Our form of government has no obligation to please the minority parties.

          131. glorybe2 says

            By all means get that constitution Party in the mix. That way we will have the Constitution Party, The Tea Party as well as the Republican Party shredding each other to death thus insuring more democrats will win the elections. Divide and conquer must be like a car transmission in that it can be thrown in reverse. And it would actually pay the democrats to dump heavy cash into the Tea Party to enhance the self destruction of the right wing.

          132. Ron says

            Well, don’t sugarcoat it! All parties except the Democrats would have to join it. Ideas have to have a starting point, and so far, NONE of the parties have succeeded in overturning the Liberal B*stard Democrats!

          133. Suze says

            It seems there might be one forming.

        2. Robert Early says

          Be very careful about believing polls. Today, polls are used to influence public opinion, not simply reflect it. Vote your own conviction; not what you think others are doing. Reagan won by a landslide when all the pollsters were predicting him to lose. It’s all a mind game. Don’t get caught up in it.

          1. freedomoutpost ken says

            Very astute comment.

          2. hunter34 says

            if every american voter resereachs all the canidates throughly no amout of money
            or the RNC can influence their vote

          3. mica says

            Well said! Once they hear their favored candidate has dropped in the polls, they drop him (or her). That is one way the elections are controlled.
            I have been told that the media kept reporting Truman didn’t have a chance; kept reporting how popular the establishment candidate was……..Truman won.

          4. glorybe2 says

            In Truman’s day people were not connected by things like the internet and often got all of their information from a local paper which might be of very poor quality. Today politicians have trouble getting away with anything in their past as one way or another if an accusation is true some proof will be offered. At this time you can even watch foreign news sources discussing items in American politics so many honest viewpoints can be garnered.

          5. jaybird says

            Encourage people to get out and vote, need a lot of votes in the upcoming election.

        3. RobertNorwood says

          Proud to be a “bitter clinger”, right to the end.

        4. Rosech Levy says

          Actually the Repubs were not around in 1860 and they wanted to free and make Americans of the blacks once they were formed. But, yes, for the last 5-6 decades the Republican Party has left the people and now we the people are leaving them and they are scared to death! Well, they had better listen to us or face their death along with the DNC. We are the government, not they.

          1. Robert Early says

            Rosech Levy,
            What you say is certainly true; but don’t forget those millions of uses and takers whose vote can be bought with the gift of an out-of-date, cheap, flip phone. Can you even imagine how many idiot votes Obama won with that simple trick? These people are not interested in abstractions like honesty and integrity. They want something they can hold in their hands. Do you see the problem?

          2. Suze says

            The momentum this next election is highly motivated by the conservatives/middle class/independents which crosses gender/age/race. We have everything to lose and know it if we don’t get an advocate into office. Same thing is happening in France with their upcoming election. Add to that the fear factor that we have not been made safe by democrats and that a few more attacks are very likely before this next election and you have a formula for democrats to not being as motivated to get out their vote. They are also plagued by a deadly arrogance that they are already a shoe-in and aren’t worried the way conservatives are. Even though the party in office for two terms is rarely ever voted in again immediately.
            So we will see, but the energy and anger here is from the right, not the left the way it was when Obama was elected. Hillary is NOT a favorite among the blacks either. And amazingly she isn’t getting any conservative women’s votes either like she thought. There isn’t any excitement about her.

          3. Jimmy King says

            Suze, the left is plenty worried. If it’s T Rump who ends up running against Clinton the left will be even MORE worried. Not because they left will fear defeat, but the left will fear what the hell has become of this country when so many of its citizens could back a fear mongering racist bigot like T Rump, with absolutely no experience.

            It didn’t seem to bother the Right, when GW Bush made us a laughing stock on the world stage. Now we have the citizens of our biggest ally voting to ban T Rump from their country. Trust me the left will be angry

          4. Suze says

            It’s just human nature I guess that when breaches of the constitution are in our favor we don’t see them as breaches, until the precedent has been set for the next officials to follow in kind.

            Perhaps you are right that the left will be as upset if Trump is the nominee against Hillary…but they will need to be upset enough to get out and vote, and the infrastructure of the democrat (gubernatorial elections) have been devastated over these last ten years. In other words Obama’s destructive policies as experienced among voters have empowered republicans to take seats in places which had been liberal (a great example is what is happening in Chicago with Rahm Emmanuel) and yet there still remains a complacency among liberals, especially the young voters that don’t take conservatives seriously.

            But I am trying to be objective here and what I see is a kind of arrogance that Hillary already has this sewn up. At least that is how the liberals are talking. But meanwhile I happen to know that the black churches and BLM are not in her pocket. She is not Obama for them. The black churches did a great deal to elect Obama, and they have felt taken for granted by this administration, and now here comes this old white woman who they know is just a political hack.
            And I don’t know if you follow foreign affairs patterns in elections paralleling America, but France right now is a strong indicator of where this will go. The swing is toward conservative.
            And I know I keep stressing this factor but the chances of us getting some real attacks before Obama’s out of office are highly likely, and people during times of national threats care most about being safe than anything..And this is Trump’s main platform, secure borders, strong military, and the given of a healthy economy.
            Again, I am not a prophet, so won’t presume to know how this upside down time will pan out.

          5. Robert Early says

            Pray tell. Other than being a successful apologist for sex criminal and estranged hubby Bill, and breaking the record of the sheer number of lies by any one politician, what other positive experience does Hillary have?

          6. Jimmy King says

            You mean other than being a graduate of Yale law school a senator and a Secretary of State ?

          7. Robert Early says

            I really don’t know how she managed to graduate from Yale. I do know that she was a failed senator and a failed Secretary of State. I also know that she and Bill have low moral character, and probably are guilty of murder. I hold three degrees with an IQ of 149. I had a very successful life and career. I’ve received over 40 awards for outstanding performance. I’ve traveled extensively world-wide; and speak three languages. Would you like to worship me also? Lol.

          8. glorybe2 says

            Didn’t you know that Yale is just like Harvard. According to the right wing honors graduates from these universities are all communist, blithering idiots.

          9. Jimmy King says

            Yes Gloryhole, all graduates from Ivy league school are communists

            Oh, wait….didn’t T Rump go to Wharton?

            That’s the nonsense thrown around by the right. Everyone who is jealous of Ivy League grads calls them something or another, but most people just call us Boss

          10. glorybe2 says

            Well, we have Trump to save us. With zero military service under his belt, he knows exactly how to defeat ISIS. Obviously going to the Wharton School of Finance caused him to become an expert on warfare and tactics.

          11. Jimmy King says

            Hey T Rump isn’t MY candidate, just the candidate favored by this board and over 40 % of voting republicans

            What’s your point? Its more important to have a Pres with military experience than brains? Good luck with that

          12. glorybe2 says

            I would think that most normal people would be put off by a blow hard that spouts all kinds of solutions for military issues and yet has zero training or experience to have opinions about such things. And that is why i would say that Trump is a fool. he is spouting all kinds of things that are either illegal and a violation of our constitution, or expensive beyond hope of accomplishment. That huge fence across the southern border is one super expensive notion. Another huge expense would be his idea of rounding up 12,000,000 undocumented people and sending them across the border. Just for a start Mexico will not accept any non Mexicans and we would be forced to transport many of these folks to their nation of origin. We might also suffer severe inflation as many businesses would have to pay a lot more to attract American employees.

          13. Jimmy King says

            He is NOT a serious candidate, he is NOT a serious person, the people who are supporting him are fucking morons. Such is the state of the republican party

          14. glorybe2 says

            Let’s pray that the majority of the American people are not reeled into this idiots clown like beliefs. Although I will say that so many Americans are slothful and full of deliberate ignorance that they deserve Trump as president as it will surely mean the end of the nation. The man is dangerous.

          15. Dennis Dumas says

            You are 100% right! Yesterday I got an e mail from the RNC and Paul Ryan! They were requesting information concerning Congressional Agenda for next year! Questions were preselected, your only choice was support or do not support! And a space for other comments, which I answered without hesitation: “defund refugee immigration and defund “Planed Parenthood”. Guess what you coins not submit your response without making a donation!!!! So I made a contribution of $0.01, yea that’s right one cent! I was then able to submit…
            The RNC is finished after this election cycle, particularly if Trump goes independent! It’s time now that we kill the entire Republican Party, let’s start a grass roots “Conservative Party”, Republican have long since abandoned us, it’s high time we abandon them!

          16. Jimmy King says

            Dennis Dumbass, So of ALL the problems this Great Nation is facing one of your top 2 was take money away from woman’s health care? That’s seriously fucked up

          17. Dennis Dumas says

            What the hell are you talking about, how would defunding a, private enterprise, Planned Parenthood cause woman to loose health care? Do you actually believe planned parenthood is the only organization providing woman’s health care. There are a significant number of organizations offering the same or better care than planned parenthood. Further, after PP gets defended the money destined to them could easily be diverted to other health care organizations while a through investigation of improprieties is conducted. If found to have committed violations of human rights and criminal offenses those culpable should be punished to the fullest extent of the law…. PERIOD!
            My opinion only, after viewing the expose’ tapes, be they exaggerated or not, it has raised a question regarding the medical practices at Planned Parenthood, that alone is justification for investigation. If they are innocent of any criminal wrong doing or culpability, they should have nothing to fear should there be an investigation. However, if there is proof of wrong doing, than those responsible should be held to the standard of law and the associated penalties.
            Although Planned Parenthood does provide other family services besides abortion, a simple court order could curtail any further abortion procedures until the investigation is complete, as part of that order planned parenthood could also be ordered to direct their abortion patients to other facilities for that procedure, with the same funding received by PP.
            Your remarks display short sighted thinking, although PP may provide other services which are helpful with woman’s healthcare, their abortion and fetus policy is what is I question here. Who in their right mind would turn a blind eye to the alleged human rights atrocities and criminal violations of the law, based on the premis that other services they provide offsets their criminal actions. That would be like saying that Hitleler’s extermination of the Jews mid offset by having lifted his country out of recession. That analogy is as preposterous as your statement!

          18. Jimmy King says

            I love when you morons start with the hitler comparisons. First of all there was NO CRIMINAL WRONGDOING, Do you understand that? Take a second read it again. There were no HUMAN RIGHTS violations…. Take a second, breath and read it again.

            Now, you want to defund an organization that provides over 11 million procedures per year and you think those 11 million procedures will be done by “other facilities”

            Your outrage, accusations and misplaced calls for criminal charges are based of heavily edited vidoes which were edited with scenes shot outside of Planned Parenthood, conversations that were spliced together to create entirely new conversations which never occurred. This had been admitted to by the creator of those videos and his self professed motivation in making the videos was to close planned parenthood down.
            And you think Planned Parenthood is one of the 2 most important issues facing this country?? And your thoughts rest on fake videos.

          19. Dennis Dumas says

            I never implied guilt, guilt can only be determined in a court of law! What I said, and I shall repeat “ALLEGED” human rights violations and criminal activity! But regardless, some question has been raised as to the practices of PP, as there are equally question as to the authenticity of the controversial videos! All I’m saying is that given the questionable nature of both sides accusations against other, I would much prefer an investigation into the REAL TRUTH, as opposed to dismissing one or the others claims.

          20. Robert Early says

            Thank you Dennis. You are obviously a mature thinker and honorable man. To be called a moron by the blind and deaf on the left is actually a compliment. I value your opinions.

          21. Dennis Dumas says

            Thank you Sir, for your honesty and support!

          22. Jimmy King says

            Let’s assume Everything you saw on the video is true or real. What criminal charges or human rights violations could possibly be brought and what would the basis for those allegations be?

          23. Dennis Dumas says

            Really!!! Your can’t be serious, where the hell have you been! I’m not even going to dignify that with a response!
            What I will says is this, I know someone who needs a kidney, you appear to be a donor match! I’m sure you won’t mind if I come to you and remove one of yours and sell it to the needy person for $100. No I am not asking your permission, I’m just going to harvest it and sell it to the highest bidder!
            I rest my case folks….

          24. Mark Clemens says

            The Republicans might end up being a foot note in American History, like the Federalist and Wiggs. It would be ironic if the Wiggs would rise r

          25. glorybe2 says

            So sorry but the Republican party was founded in 1854. They were around in 1860.

        5. says

          Independent party is only way to break the power hold these career politicians have created for themselves based solely on greed, power and corruption. The two party system has been broken for decades, no more rino wimp republican candidates and no more liberal liar candidates. Vote for the candidate, not based on partly, or worse, race and gender. WAKE UP AMERICA PERIOD

        6. Ron says

          So true, Maxx. It is up to us gun and Bible toters to save this country from our traitorous elected “officials”. They don’t give a sh*t about their constituents!

        7. JB Wright says

          Yes, but the “patriots” better get moving or it will be too late

        8. Suze says

          We are watching/participating in history making here.

      2. Conservative says

        Politicians can’t find the time to check the candidates political history because 90% of their time is spent with lobbyists and multi-million dollar donors. From there it is working on Bills to repay these donors at tax-payer expense. For every regulation, for every vote, some millionaire donor stands to gain. These donors are definitely not giving millions because they are looking out for what is best for the Country, they are looking out for their own financial interests.
        Take one look at everything they vote for and you will find some special interest that gains billions by winning whatever matter comes before them.
        Being a member of Congress should be a part time job. 90% of what they do is done for their own personal gain. They cannot balance a budget, they are divided on every issue, they add riders to every Bill to repay their donors so every honest Bill is washed down and meaningless.
        Do you really think they care about Planned Parenthood? No, P.P. is a big donor.
        Do you really think they care about LGBTs? More big donors.
        Do you really think they care about the IRS cheating. No, culprits got bonuses.
        Do you really think they care about Veterans health care. Again,culprits got bonuses.
        Do you really think they care about immigrants? No, Democrats need illegal votes.
        Do you really think they care about the minimum wage? No, they are hand in hand with the Unions and the Unions collect dues from their members and members are coerced.
        Do you really think they care about those living on the Government’s crime ridden, poverty ridden cities? No but the people on the plantations are dependent on welfare and that secures more votes.
        The list goes on……………
        Where do you think Hellary gets so much money? She has been wheeling & dealing and making promises with foreign Countries for years on the assumption that she will ‘naturally’ be the next president. Don’t you know ‘it’s her turn’.
        Unfortunately, there are only a handful of politicians who really care about what is best for the U.S. and it’s people and it is definitely not any of the professional politicians who have sat up there on Capital Hill for decades. They and their party are under the assumption that they are guaranteed lifetime jobs and only have to curry to the ‘little people’ at election time.

        1. Brenda says

          Being member IS a part time position. At $179,000.00 dollars a year, not to mention the added perks, they manage to work almost six months. They claim that they use their “recesses” to listen to their constituents. When was the last time you had a face to face? Congress should be limited to the same vacation and sick day schedule of Civil Service Employees. And they should have at the least a 40 hour week. Because, despite the titles Representative or Senator they are after all only Civil Service Employees.

        2. jaybird says

          I thought Politicians and Candidates were basically the same. Why would the politician check into a candidates background, what is the purpose of doing that?

        3. Jimmy King says

          And then there are the Teabaggers, created, funded and supported by the Koch brothers as puppets to carry their water. They even convinced you morons that is was a grass roots movement. HAHAHAHAHA Sheep

          1. Lobo VNVMC says

            I suppose you have something better Jimmy King.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            Jimmy has exactly what we’d expect him to have.

          3. Mark Clemens says


          4. RobertNorwood says

            VD of the brain – advanced case.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            He’s definitely beyond antibiotics………..

          6. Jimmy King says

            No taking all your marching orders from a huge company chemical refining, petroleum distribution company is a great idea. Adn it probably wouldn’t cause you to put your heads up your asses when it comes to issues like climate change. No, I bet on an issue like that Koch doesn’t care how much science your politicians ignore…

          7. RobertNorwood says

            Comes between Kochs and Soros I’ll take the Koch bros any time.

          8. Jimmy King says

            I’m sure you take the Koch bros all the time

          9. RobertNorwood says

            Figures you’d go homo but then, look what you elected president.

          10. Jimmy King says

            I didn’t “go homo” you did. And I’m not surprised to see you have gay porn on your hard drive. I’m sure there’s a whole folder marked “young boys” as well

          11. Suze says

            Now Jimmy, your statement about “taking the Koch brothers” is there for all to see. No feigning innocence after you have been insulting conservatives ad nauseam just for being conservative. And it is common knowledge concerning Obamas sexual proclivities going way back.

          12. RobertNorwood says

            Nice try…

          13. Suze says

            You bet…Soros is evil incarnate. Hates America so much.

          14. RobertNorwood says

            Lobo VNVMC wonders if you have something better.
            Yeah – Barack Obama, HAHAHAHAHA. Too funny eh? Morons like you Jimmy love to point out Obama won – twice. Oh yeah, being twice as stupid is what, something to brag about? Jimmy you’ve got a front row seat in the crowd of low expectations.

            Since Obama took office ISIS and Islamic terror has steadily been on the rise, Islamic terrorism is here on US soil and they’ll kill liberals, along with everyone else, with no thought at all. And impossible it sounds the Middle East is even more unstable and folding rapidly. You and your offspring – if you’re of that persuasion, will be paying back the national debt for eons. Forget about the free stuff Jimmy, there won’t be any money. There is more racial strife, more crime, more government abuse and corruption since Obama took office. I could go on but what’s the point – we all know the score and laugh as you may the ugly truth is this – Obama is a massive failure. He blows.

          15. esqualido says

            Describing Obama as a stooge to Islam is one of the great examples of misdirection in our time- he is a stooge to the MSM-Military-Industrial Complex: defense spending has only gone up during his administration, and keeping the pot boiling in the mideast suits them to a T. In case you had not noticed, the only people he has been bombing, besides killing with drones, the last 8 years were Moslems.

          16. RobertNorwood says

            Well who would he kill, Norwegians? Despite all this killing radical islam is surging. Sometimes you accomplish a thing by having it look like something different than what it is. Military spending up? Perhaps, but if Obama is working for the military industrial complex it’s hard to see how he is benefiting them so greatly; I’d need some examples. Armed forces, global reach, are being scaled down and with that comes a scaling down of peripheral “stock”. I just don’t see it anywhere in my reading, checking, etc.

          17. esqualido says

            The armsmakers have been cleaning up: Grumman and Raytheon each up about 100% the past year, for example, and, from the Seattle Times: “Boeing has renewed its previously suspended partnership with Lockheed Martin to prepare a bid to build the next-generation long-range bomber. The $55 billion bomber program aims to develop a long-range strike aircraft to replace the B-2 Stealth bomber.
            Air Force spokesman Ed Gulick said the Pentagon wants the initial aircraft in the mid-2020s. The Pentagon will order 80 to 100 airplanes, he said, implying a price tag of up to $688 million per bomber.”

            And if B-2 and F-35 overruns are any indication, try $1-2 billion. Meanwhile, the middle class is being exterminated faster than ISIS. Adjust your radar.

          18. glorybe2 says

            For those that want more war the cost of the toys has gone way up. Really the Air force doesn’t have much of a clue as to what to build. The tank is a great example. The first tanks could withstand quite a bit on the battle field. Now we have far better tanks but they are all too easy to eliminate from battle. Iraq found out what modern mortar squads could do to a large field of tanks.

          19. crazyfreddie says


          20. Jimmy King says

            I thought this blog was about republican politics. Certainly I’m not the only comedian here

          21. Suze says

            If you didn’t have hate to inspire you, what would get you up in the morning? anything?

          22. Sha Sha Plum says

            You are the only true teabagger I see here.

          23. Jimmy King says

            No mirrors in your house huh?

          24. Suze says

            you are mistaken if you think that tea party supporters are ashamed of that.

          25. Ron says

            OK, Jimmy, you did not have to bring up Dirty Harry’s favorite, Koch brothers. Now, I have to throw George Soros at YOU! A hundred times worse and not even an AMERICAN!

          26. Suze says

            Jimmy, you are depending on uninformed people being here. And you don’t sell your point by mocking. That has never worked, but perhaps it isn’t your intention to influence. I can’t think what you think you are accomplishing personally, but you do serve as a foil for others to clarify where you are wrong, and anyone reading gets the chance to learn a little something. So thanks for that. Koch brothers have a right to support a movement, the same way Soros supports BLM which is actually the false movement created by Soros.
            Grass root conservatives are naturally reacting right now, as you can see on this blog. Nobody that I know has created this breaking point revolution except for Obama, in the same way he drives gun sales up by his tyrannical over reaches, he has created the demand for Trump.

        4. freedomoutpost ken says

          Exactly. Go Cruz.

        5. Ron says

          That’s how we got Obama. Nobody bothered to vet him!

          1. Conservative says

            To make matters worse Obama’s records have all been sealed. This is like marrying someone who makes no secret of his/her entire life being private. Perhaps a fool would marry someone because they want a person of a different race. That is the childish mentality of the American people.
            The foolishness and stupidity of the Beltway crowd have no idea how fed up the Country is with their feelings of ‘superiority. They think they always know best and they keep pushing their agenda in spite of the obvious feelings of the American people.
            As an example: the ‘establishment’ has decided it is going to be a race between Hellary and Bush and they all jump on the bandwagon and think if they demonize him the people should just follow suit. Well the people are fed up. They are just digging themselves into a deeper hole everytime they spout off their negatives about him and the public are digging in their heels because we no longer trust them and their games.
            They talk more about Trump than they do about Evil Hellary and her complete life of corruption and possibly every crime one could commit.
            I’m may not have their brains or all their degrees but I think I and the general public have more commons sense than all the critiques combined.

          2. Suze says

            Yes, the enemy for the republican candidates (except for Cruz) is Trump, not Hillary. Should tell us all we need to know about them. Why aren’t Fox and all the other republican candidates excited that one of “theirs” is doing so well? That’s because Trump is NOT one of theirs, and he has already declared that he won’t be playing their game, can’t be bought and will be doing what the people need done.

      3. hangem'high says

        I would say; the people need to educate themselves on the illuminati, but I feel the advice comes way too late, only time will tell?

        1. Jsph Hiagan says

          THE TIME IS RIPE FOR DONALD TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. HadEnough says

            AMEN and AMEN !!!!!

      4. jaybird says

        The name of the game is to infiltrate the party that is opposite in what you believe and change them and that is what has happened. That is why we have some Republican Congressman and Senators that are very Liberal. I saw a list the other day, I think it was about 10 of them.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          So many more~~~~~ we are lucky if 10, are just OK, right now!

        2. VA patriot says

          It would be quite possible to require strict political adherence to conservative views in candidate selection. Unfortunately, many of those selected in this way would be unable to get enough votes to be elected. The Tea Party must learn to meld with more liberal Republicans from those liberal states. Demanding sufficiently conservative candidates in every state would do nothing but allow Democrat control of most elections.

          1. glorybe2 says

            The right wing is in no position to make any demands at all. They are a tiny minority.

          2. VA patriot says

            What utter nonsense! The ultra-right wing is a thorn in the mainstream Republican party, however, there are many ideas that are held in common. It would be an enormous mistake to think that all right wing ideas are to be rejected.

          3. glorybe2 says

            Look at the greatest failures and moments of shame that have befallen our nation and tell me which ones came from the right wing. For example every soldier that we have, as well as all our future soldiers are subject to torture if captured simply because the US chose to chose torture on terrorist suspects. How dare we accuse anyone of war crimes when we have actually tortured prisoners to death ourselves? How about invading the wrong nation? How about slavery and segregation? These were right wing ideas to the end. How about the trickle down economy fiasco or the criminality of Agnew and Nixon? The right wing is a cesspool of ignorance and evil.

          4. glorybe2 says

            Take a hard look at the republican party. It is as if they have a bullet in their head and are spinning about looking for a place to drop. Any party that would give Trump a moments consideration is beyond hope.

          5. glorybe2 says

            Actually it is not that every single idea the right wing ever had is wrong. The problem is that the right wing is so corrupt and full of lies that any politician who has been associated with the republican party is contaminated to a point at which we must never trust them at all. there may be a good guy in that snake pit but I won’t take a chance on any of them. If you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas. For example Politico has done a truth check on Donald Trump’s speeches. Thirty nine per cent of his statements are completely false. Another percentage is half true and some are what they call pants on fire, blatant lies. Yet look at how many republicans are seeking to promote the man.

          6. Robert Early says

            Lol. We are not as tiny as you think. We are about 1/3 of the Party; and reflect about 70% of public opinion on most important issues. Of course, the Left still controls most of the ignorant, the users, and the takers.

          7. glorybe2 says

            Yes and that 1/3 can cause more moderate republicans to lose all hope of being elected. Yet that 1/3 can not put forward an electable candidate. The problem is that those who share a nest with the radical right can not be trusted as it tends to rub off on more innocent types and they are under constant pressure to do wrong things. For example the republican party has sheltered American Nazis, skin heads and racist groups. We have never seen the republican party cleaning out this filth from their ranks. They want power so badly that they are willing to sleep with the devil to get it.

          8. Robert Early says

            Wow! I can’t imagine where you have collected all these lies. Romney and McCain have proven that Moderates are not electable. Moderates are not half Conservative. They are half Liberal. The day of the RINO is over. Only true Conservatives can bring healing to our very sick nation.

          9. glorybe2 says

            Romney and McCain are conservatives. The bottom one third of the party consists of radical conservatives. Even Bill Clinton and Obama are on the conservative side of the coin.
            Take a peek at American history. The more conservative our nation was the more major wars, economic horrors, and absolutely evil conditions we endured. Slavery, child labor, racial discrimination and a legal system absolutely evil in its intentions existed.
            The edge of liberalism starts with Bernie Sanders and goes far further left than Bernie will ever be.

          10. Jimmy King says

            Healing and 35 % of the vote come election day Best of luck with that

      5. MAHB001 says

        People are lazy, I know I am/was… But the moral majority can no longer sit on the sidelines and think things are being taken care of. That is how the liberals have taken control. Working in the shadows and without challenge is their MO.

        All must start challenging even their slightest moves to the left.

        1. glorybe2 says

          The Moral Majority was a sick joke. They fell apart and there was nothing moral about them at all.

          1. MAHB001 says

            They were silent, but no more… You clever liberals think you have discredited and marginalized the moral majority, you are wrong and not clever at all.

            Your own credibility is far less than that of the moral majority.

          2. Suze says

            Evil by its nature always self destructs. their own self consuming policies eat their own, i.e., Mizzou, (all liberal universities/public schools) Chicago, California, Europe. God allows this to purge the world of the evil, over and over again, and what is left are those who haven’t bought into that. Liberalism in this country finally is forsaken when incentive to produce stops, and is simply unsustainable any more; that’s when people unanimously want conservative leadership which is consumer based common sense survival policies with emphasis on the rule of law and constitution. National defense is the top reason for conservative leadership ,which is where we are right now.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Well said, I love to watch liberals eat their own…

            The problem is that 0bama wants the system to collapse and for liberals to eat their own. The next stage will be for a violent take over of America with some sort of socialism/communism.

            It will not be pretty, many many many people will die. And in the long run, if 0bama and our liberals do take over, they will lose it to a much more powerful dictator from the outside.

          4. Suze says

            I DO see we are in for a rough time, especially for those who depend on fast food and entitlements. I agree the loss will be great.
            BUT…conservatives are the ones who do not rely on government; revert to community and church in times of crisis, family, self reliance, make up many of our military, and they are the ones who are armed and have been anticipating this fallout so are more prepared. Liberals don’t like to fight this kind of physical fight and have contempt for blue collar skills which will be crucial. Conservatives are more inclined.
            I don’t know about the outside dictator part, but I am also seeing this pattern playing out in France going conservative again.

          5. Suze says

            Not true, as evidenced by how the moral majority’s lax in insisting on morality guidelines has left the vacuum that has eroded our culture. They are still there, the ones Obama hates, and are desperate now.
            Never underestimate what can happen when people who have been abused and fleeced a long time are capable of. and now it’s just plain unsafe, so national security has historically been the game changer in this nation….also noticing it in France right now….which is also the historical pattern.

          6. glorybe2 says

            I recall Jerry Falwell who obviously was guilty of being a glutton, and who never repented from that sin, pointing a finger at others who he considered immoral. Yet there is no pecking order of sins. All sins are an equal abomination. And that is why the moral majority was nothing more than a hate group. Instead of pointing a finger at others why did Falwell not correct his own sins?

          7. Suze says

            We are all imperfect (sinners). To know you are a sinner does not mean you cannot know someone else is also.
            And all sins are not equal, at least Jesus didn’t treat them as such. He was very hard on the authorities who fleeced the people and pretended to be so righteous, while He identified the adulterous woman but just told her to sin no more and that he wasn’t going to stand in judgement of her. The sins that abuse people, those who live off keeping others in poverty, exploiters, are in a different category than the pathetic sins that mainly harm ourselves like addictions.
            But the moral majority has become a good deal less moral and so the axis has shifted and thrown off the balance.

          8. glorybe2 says

            You can bet that Jerry Falwell and others that led the moral majority feasted off of the poor. I wonder how big his mansion was and what kind of cars he owned. We will never know his total take for leading his so-called ministry.

          9. Suze says

            so since your views are based on assumptions, like about Falwell, you don’t need to verify, so just go with it. That’s good enough for you.

      6. 73Anne37 says

        Many of us did not Vote for Obama or Romney ~~because they were both Globalist’s~! I wrote in Ron Paul! I also wrote in Ron Paul when Bush# 2 & McCain were running because they were Globalist’s {NWO}. So are the Clinton’s!

        I will vote for Donald Trump ~~~He is for American Sovereignty!

        1. ted j says

          73Anne37 …people like you who did jot vote for the republican candidate in the last election.. got what they didn’t vote for….Romney would have been a much better POTUS that what we got… people who vote for the libertarian candidate just threw away their vote because the Libertarians don,t have a chance of winning any election….until we can make sufficient changes in our election process…we will only have a two party system..

          1. 73Anne37 says

            I guess you have no Knowledge about the NWO {Globalist’s} or all their Controlled Candidates, on both sides of the aisle! If you did Know and cared about the Constitution the way I do~~~you would Not have voted for these Creatures either. You would have got the same with Romney, but possibly without the Muslim connections! Congress would still have voted for the Same NWO Agenda we have now.

            The NWO is Using these Muslims as TOOLS to get their Agenda to take hold across the World. Their Agenda is: To “Abolish National Sovereignty” & Establish World Government & Global Banking”. ~~~ So far it has been doing just that. ~~but TRUMP has been putting a “Monkey Wrench ” in their Plans here~~~ as PUTIN has told the Truth about OBAMA & his Arming & Financing~~ the Enemy ISIS~~~ in Syria & beyond! ~~So for now ,~~there is a bit of a Checkmate occurring! I HOPE it continues to go far, & WE THE PEOPLE~~~~~~WIN~~~for a change~!

          2. glorybe2 says

            The Bank of Atlanta has moved offshore. It is not the government that seeks international banking. It is the banks.

          3. 73Anne37 says

            What are YOU talking about? Surely Nothing that I was talking about!

        2. esqualido says

          Rand Paul is no globalist- the knock on his is that he is an “isolationist,” which is baloney- he takes Washington’s warning about foreign entanglements seriously- and he is no war hawk. He is the truest conservative of the lot, but the MSM, which studiously ignores him, has already anointed a fake conservative, the TPP-loving-Cruz, or Rubio as the anointed ones given Bush’s implosion. Trump, who is the loose cannon to beat all loose cannon, loves to talk about bombing the hell out of (fill in the blank) as if we were not being bankrupted by billion-dollar B-1’s and $250 million fighter planes already.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            No Not entirely! Rand right now has only sold part of his ideology out to the NWO! I believe he is really for Sovereignty, but got caught up in the Politics at hand, and messed up in part of the NWO Agenda. He also supported McConnell & that got him in deeper dodo. He still talks a great Libertarian Part, & it is possible, at heart, he still believes in some of his Dad’s Positions. I am relieved when he shows he is not a War Hawk & says he is not for the horrible Sovereignty Busting TPP! Some his other positions are like his dad’s on the UN & the Federal Reserve.

            I usually mention that Rand is not all Globalist, but since he has become more & more Establishment GOPe I would never vote for him. ~~~~For Your knowledge: i Wrote in “Ron Pauls'”`~~ name in the last 3 elections for President ,because i would not vote for Globalist’s McCain – Bush#2 – or Romney! Always admired “Ron Paul ” for holding fast, in a Globalist Agenda Driven Congress!

      7. richardcancemi says

        What is your alternative? To not vote is to cast a vote for the bad guys. And we have only 2 parties . Any third Party would drain votes from the Republicans and the Democrats win. They have us in a bind. If we had a coalition government we might have a chance with a Third party but we don’t. And maybe that is good in the long run if we can succeed in cleaning out the cesspool that is Washington. Ou government is the best as long as we do not have have anti American people in Office and we have some semblance of Intelligence in the voting bloc. When there was a Poll tax it allowed only those who had skin in the game to vote. The Progressives / Socialists have done their dirty work well. They have been undercutting our system for a hundred years gradually getting stronger and stronger. Getting rid of the Poll tax was one of their doings as was the Fed Reserve, the Income tax, the removal of the Gold Standard. the joint of the UN the starting od Depts. of Education, Health and Welfare, etc until they are in every aspect of our lives. They are working overtime to deny us our Rights to Free Speech and the Ownership of Guns. They fear the freedom os expression almost as much as they fear bullets. Constitutional Conservatism is the only answer and we try our best to influence as many as we can to vote Conservative.

        1. glorybe2 says

          So here we have a right winger who wants more taxes. Wow! I am surprised you don’t ask for the land owner requirement for voting.
          Some counties in Mississippi had a certain fear. They had a majority of black residents who tended to be very poor and a few, rich, white property owners. The fear was that the poor could vote to put all kinds of property taxes on valuable properties and the white element used that as an excuse to use terror tactics and deny people the right to vote. Yet when the poor did gain the right to vote, and it was enforced, the poor did not drown the rich in taxation.

      8. Gen11American says

        The means of checking on your elected officials in Congress is fairly easy. Look up your official’s voting record on immigration issues on the NumbersUSA website. Only vote for those candidates who have earned an A or a B grade. Any less than that and your “representatives” are working for the Business Roundtable, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and lower-paid foreign workers instead of American workers.

      9. Janet D. Fisher says

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      10. runnindeer says

        Not really. I did check the candidates history before voting. I have been disappointed time and again with how the old established GOP has consistently failed to act like Republicans that are elected instead of follow their Democrat leader. Now that Paul Ryan is speaker it isn’t one bit better. In fact, it is most likely worse because he has proven to be joined at the hip with this President lately. Jeb Bush is just another Obama with a whiter face.

      11. Ron says

        Very true papa doug! More people need to be aware of how their Representatives or Senators vote! It is bad enough that we have to always worry about the Liberal Democrats’ voter fraud in every election, but we also have to worry about a traitorous Republican Party! Nobody cares what we think or what the needs of the American people are. They THINK they know what is best for us. But, most of the time, they DO NOT THINK AT ALL. And that is the problem………Democrats and Rinos……Both Disgusting!

      12. AmericanBelle1 says

        If you’re talking about the last presidential election, Republicans did NOT go out in droves. And it had absolutely nothing to do with the candidate’s voting record. Obama won because the Evangelicals sat on their collective asses because they didn’t want to vote for a Mormon.

      13. denniscerasoli says

        Every one of us have conservative and liberal views to some extent depending on our situation so why should politicians be any different.You have Democratic voters who feel the same way about immigration and the Muslim question,and they are both outstanding issues in this next election.No one knows what a person does when they get into the booth,i suspect that there will be cross overs from the democratic party more then republican,just an opinion.

      14. Peatro Giorgio says

        Okay I agree with part of your posted comment..But here’s the rub. Take a Good look at Iowa Jon Ernest. She had no political record from which those Iowan s could draw from . She stated during her primary an general election she would make WDC squeal like pigs. And Pray tell what did she do in her first year in DC she joined in the pig trough slop feast ,vote 63% of the time with her liberal progressive counter parts. Obamas main squeeze in DC. Ernest wasn’t the only first timer to do so. Do diligence only goes so far. The words Honor ,honesty ,morals eithics virtue . Seem to have no meaning any more.
        We all aspire to rid ourselves of the political corruption . Yet in retro spect. We have no honor ourselves. For we continue to reelect those very same treasonous dogs. We have yet to take up arms against this tyrannical government of corporate cronyism .
        We instead take to the ballet box . Proven once again we are the idiots the indentured servants. Left or right we are all just patten fools in the eyes of those who govern

    2. yennikcm says

      well said.

    3. johnny51 says

      Their clothing is starting to not fit very well

    4. Chris Robinette says

      The people who are tired of politicians will vote for Trump!!!

      1. del says

        That would be millions of us!

      2. MAHB001 says

        I would hope that people tired of politicians on both sides of the isle will vote for Trump.

        1. Chris Robinette says

          I share your thoughts.

        2. glorybe2 says

          Get a better hope! The hope that you have will die in despair.

          1. MAHB001 says

            oh demoralized one, we do not have much hope for you. sorry.

          2. glorybe2 says

            All things considered, I am doing rather well in life.Males in my generation were usually expected to die between sixty and sixty five. Women were expected to die between 65 and 70. So I am already six years beyond what my peers could hope for.
            Here is a type of tragedy that the right wing can cause: There is a new drug that can wipe out hep C . It is an expensive pill and the course of treatment costs $83,000. Insurance companies have decided to only pay for the pill if the person is severely ill. Here is the huge catch : People with Hep C often develop ccyrosis and liver cancer and neither are usually curable. So the delay in treatment will surely cost millions of lives in America.
            Now here is why it is the conservatives that cause this type of idiotic behavior. A liberal considers the life of a person more important than the financials state of any person or all people. If it would require billions from tax payers we would do it. We do not worship money. And you can bet that the people that run those insurance companies are capitalists and could care less how many deaths they cause. Liberals would also legislate the rate that those pills could cost the patient. By the way the treatment is not really long lasting. There are not that many pills involved to charge $83,000 dollars for.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Both you and I were lied to by 0bama and the liberals that forced ACA on the American people.,…

            My coverage costs more and delivers less. I have personally dealt with the death panels that the liberals swore were not there. And I have seen the erosion of preventative care because it costs too much..

            This is NOT a capitalists problem, this is NOT caused by Republicans, the ACA had zero Republican support..

            On the other hand, this is a GOOD example of what Socialism is going to be like, and how crony capitalism is socialism creeping into Capitalism..

            0bama lied to you, they never planned on doing that shit for people or they would have done it in the first place…

            Nothing is free, and if it is, it isn’t worth it.

          4. glorybe2 says

            If the right wing would have cooperated instead of trying everything in the book your ACA would be much better and cost a lot less. When you try to eliminate change you also leave in power the AMA which is an unbelievably strong union with far reaching powers. And naturally the right wing chants the same old mindless crap. You know : America is the richest, the best, with the finest medical care but the truth is far from that. Just how can numerous nations, including Canada, offer health care for next to nothing at all. Am I to believe that America can not afford what Canada can afford? Are we poor compared to Canada? Seriously how can you live with the blatant contradictions the right puts forward?
            The news tonight might as well have run an obituary fro Trump. He really disgraced the republican party two days ago.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Horse poo… Democrats drove the ACA down the Countries throat. They own it they designed it, they lied to make it law, they designed it to FAIL, and then turn into a single payer system, that will be far worse than the ACA is right now…

            Democrats own the ACA, they own the failure…

            Your guys lied to you, they had the control, your beef is with them. You should know by now that you can not trust someone that must pass it before they can read it.

            It is beneath you to point fingers now… Give it up, I think you are better than that. .

          6. glorybe2 says

            The ACA is insuring people who could never get insurance before whether due to preexisting conditions or lack of money. I am sure that for any Christian or Jew the survival of individuals is far more important than they money left over after taxes. This really is the heart of the issue with the right wing. We see Trump giving speeches about shooting immigrants trying to cross the border for a bounty. So my question is when that twenty year old mother who carries a baby is gunned down are we allowed to use a bayonet on the baby or must we use a bullet? The idea of money or prosperity elevated higher than human life runs throughout right wing thinking. Ignore the sick! Burn that coal, even though we know many people die from lung and heart issues due to the burning of coal. There comes a point at which people are worshiping money. Trump is a great example of such a person.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Yes it is helping a small minority of people that could not get insurance because of preexisting conditions… That small group has benefited, not the 30+ million that was advertised, but some are benefiting…

            The REST are suffering. And due to the efficiency of our Government, we could have made each one of those that benefited from the ACA multi millionaires and let them pay for their own procedures.. AND been TRILLIONS of dollars better off.

            Shooting immigrants? come on…You exaggerate . Trump is going to build a wall, and make this country sovereign.

            And the twenty year old mother being shot down has already happened, by and illegal alien that should not have been in this country. AND the city of San Francisco did nothing. People must be able to protect themselves, from others and the Government.

          8. glorybe2 says

            Within the last five weeks Trump announced a plan to build resorts along the Mexican border. He announced that he would charge only $20. per night and issue rifles to every guest and pay $50 for every immigrant gunned down while trying to cross into the US. It is not an exaggeration at all. He really said exactly that. And naturally the hoople heads do not want to admit the speech in which he promised to confiscate 14% of the wealth of the wealthy.
            And then 48 hours ago he did it again. The man advocated violating the US constitution and denying people entry based upon their religious beliefs. The term that best fits Trump’s style is called dog whistle politics. If you have uneducated followers then you make a sound that arouses their instincts and gets them salivating and over excited. Adolf understood about that knee jerk reaction among the uneducated and new how to exploit it.

          9. MAHB001 says

            Your over exaggerations are beyond the pale.

            Trump said lets stop allowing visa’s until our politicians figure it out…

            The lefts method of arguing by taking ones words to the extreme is getting a little tiring. Why don’t you try the same with one of Hillary’s speeches?

            Let me try… In the last Five weeks, Hillary has advocated the confiscation of all firearms and the declaration of anyone that resists a traitor. She has also declared war on all citizens that will not succumb to her version of socialism and bow down at her coronation.

            How am I doing… That was my first try.

          10. glorybe2 says

            There is one difference. I am telling the truth. Apparently most people on this thread do not actually watch Trump’s speeches.
            By the way, right now we have a very conservative congress pushing to disallow encryption that the government finds difficult to break in to. Just how can one be a conservative and vote to limit freedom of speech and do harm to the Bill of Rights? The right wing constantly refers to the constitution but is always the first to want to abuse or nullify it piece by piece.

          11. MAHB001 says

            Do you trust the Government? Stupid question of course you do as long as it pushes your socialist ideology.

            I do not. The IRS has proven to be corrupt, as well as the DOJ, courts, EPA, NSA, and more. All pushing a liberal agenda,

            It wasn’t that long ago that Liberals were fighting against the No fly and Terror watch lists, What has changed? Why are these lists once vilified by the left, now the friends of the left?

            How convenient for you to assume that our Constitution applies to everyone EXCEPT Capitalists, Christians, and Republicans.

            I am really tired of the lefts hypocrisy.

            I doubt you have seen Trumps speeches, I believe you are being pumped with garbage from some left leaning web site. Simply put, you are not telling the truth, liberals rarely do, and I no longer believe a word a liberal says without them providing absolute proof, which you have not… Other than believe me, I am telling the truth… Ain’t working, sorry.

          12. glorybe2 says

            I watched the Trump speeches that I have mentioned. Obviously i have not seen every speech the clown makes. Notice that the republican party wants him gone and are saying so to the press now. There is no excuse for following a man that messed up.

          13. Jimmy King says

            You lost me at “The NSA is pushing a liberal agenda” And the constitution does apply to christians, but it doesn’t allow christians to discriminate against others and hide behind the phoney claim of religious beliefs

          14. MAHB001 says

            It is understandable that you would get lost on such a simple and obvious statement. You will never see your own hypocrisy.

            And if you want to call religious beliefs phony, I get to say you hide behind your phony belief that you were born gay.

          15. Jimmy King says

            You can say whatever you’d like Nothing you’ve said to date, has made any sense at all no reason to stop now

          16. MAHB001 says

            That is ok, take some deep breaths, and go back to your safe place.

          17. glorybe2 says

            Actually, I do not trust the government. And local government is worse than our national government. A great example is in our police departments acting as tax collectors. In essence, the cops play gotcha and then collect huge fines for trivial traffic violations. The same is true for numerous minor crimes. Get arrested fro being drunk in public and your sentence may well include a year or more of weekly therapy at the local mental health clinic with fees collected for that therapy. And while you are getting that endless therapy you will also be forced to pay probation fees as well. An argument with a spouse can land both of you in assigned, anger management that lasts for a couple of years. That enables the county to collect fees from both the man and wife and that same old probation fee of $75 a month can be collected from each of you.
            And the most obnoxious part of it all is that cops do not refuse to put up with such obvious extortion.

          18. MAHB001 says

            More good reasons for a smaller Government… and NOT a socialist Government.

          19. glorybe2 says

            So people should just die so that you can have extra money. If that is to be acceptable morality then the people that bust in doors and kill and steal all within would be as moral as you are. Wealth can not be measured against life or real misery.

          20. MAHB001 says

            Now you are just being silly… Lets turn this around on you.

            So, EVERYBODY ELSE should pay a ton more for their insurance so that less than 1% of the people that could not get insurance can have it? It is acceptable that the entire nation be a slave to its Government in the hopes that that Government will give a shit about helping the less that 1% of the people that they have NEVER given a shit about in the past….

            Nice plan socialists.

    5. heights2012 says

      How about a descriptive word we all understand======”RINO”

    6. Jimmy King says

      The RNC won’t need to do a thing. Sooner or later the campaign has to come forward with certain proposals and ideas on “How to make America Great Again” Something more than “I will be a wall and it will be huge”. Something more than “It will be great and people will love it” Those are nice catch phrases, but the man has no policies and now plans on how to govern. He is a carnival huckster and not fit to lead this nation. Sooner or later, even you morons will figure it out

      1. VA patriot says

        You might get by with such drivel if you gave at least a few concrete examples of where proposals do not benefit this country!

        1. Jimmy King says

          VA Idiot, did you even read my post? The point is he has NO proposals. And you would like me to give 5 examples of where proposals do not benefit this country? If he has no proposals, how is one to give ANY examples, never mind 5. His proposal on dealing with Russia is “Putin will love me” Is that a policy? Is that a proposal? I guess if Putin likes him enough he may propose, but thats about as close to a proposal as anything he’s said.

          1. MAHB001 says

            And there you go with the insults…. You loose credibility when you resort to insults to make your point…

            Puttin will love me. Is a campaign promise. I bet you a billion bucks that Putin will respect Trump more than he respects 0bama…

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Got that right! & Trump has a Lot of Solid Plans and Programs, but the Person above that has, Lost Credibility by using Insults, ~~does Not want to hear SOLID KNOWLEDGE that IS in the Books Trumps Wrote, & on his Web Page , & in each Speech he gives!

          3. MAHB001 says

            You are correct, that troll’s goal is to disrupt any and all things conservative.

            He is not worth listening to.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            Just wanted to make sure~~I had you back on this one! You are so Right!

          5. MAHB001 says

            Thank you!

          6. 73Anne37 says

            Your welcome!

          7. Jimmy King says

            HAHAHAH a lot of solid plans…. It will be HUGE, I will make it great, theyll love me

            Is NOT a plan. Well it is, in a way. Its a plan to get a lot of attention and advertising for T Rump’s branding business, before he drops out and laughs all the way to the bank, leaving the Presidency to Clinton

          8. 73Anne37 says

            Then Jimmy ___I guess have not Bothered or are able to— LISTEN __with Ears that Hear~~~or SEE—with Eyes that See ~~~~~NOR ~~~READ the BOOKS that are ___Written for you~ ~~~ to INFORM you~~~On what people think~!

            So SAD~~that you are also NOT ABLE to use the INTERNET~~to actually FIND the INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE you Obviously Missing~~~in a “HUGE

            TRUMP is the only Person that actually HAS a REAL PLAN~! TRUMP is the only Person that is for “AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY”, out of all the Candidates on Both Sides of the AISLE. You must by a Victim of the “DUMBING down in the America
            School system. Thanks to the BUSH/OBAMA “COMMON CORE” Method!

            INSULTS show Lack of Knowledge & Character!

          9. Jimmy King says

            Well I went to his website and I read about China, Taxes, Immigration and guns, and I listen to his speeches over and over but he doesn’t have a lot of policy positions in his speeches. Other than the one he gave yesterday when he said he was against Freedom of Religion and against freedom of speech. I will keep listening though because I’m interested in learning what other parts of the constitution he is against.

            And thanks for your interest anne, but I got my masters and my doctorate long before common core

          10. 73Anne37 says

            Trump is the Only Candidate , on both sides of the aisle, that is for “American Sovereignty”! He is the only one that is not allied with the NWO{Global Elite} Perhaps it was your Communist Professors that showed you the Communist Manifesto instead of the United States Constitution.

          11. Jimmy King says

            But Trump doesn’t stand a chance at getting the nomination. He’ll never get over 50% and that will lead to a brokered convention There is no way the RNC will give it to him. I have a masters in constitutional law. You may get the two confused, but trust me, I do not

          12. 73Anne37 says

            Look, I have researched this for 20 years since i retired from Teaching. I Will Not Vote for a NWO GLOBALIST. I Wrote in Ron Paul the last few Presidential Elections & IF I had known earlier about Bush #-1, I would not have voted for him either. {Yes, a Life long Republican ~~but~`very Patriotic and Believe in our American Sovereignty.} Will not be confused~!~~~~I have no Problem writing in TRUMPS Name {if need be}~~ as he is the ONLY Non Globalist in the Bunch. {That, ~because Rand Paul HAS been Compromised by Money & Power & goes with the Globalists , on some of the Issues..}

          13. Jimmy King says

            Jesus, I hope I find better things to do with my retirement

          14. 73Anne37 says

            I moved to Florida & Have Found a Lot of ways! But~~~I am a Night Owl & do not have to Work the next Day!

          15. Jimmy King says

            A night owl in florida means you eat dinner later than 4:30 pm

          16. 73Anne37 says

            True! A Lot Later~.

          17. Jimmy King says


          18. 73Anne37 says

            7:30-8:00 PM

          19. Jimmy King says

            Teeth out 9:05, bed 9:10

          20. 73Anne37 says

            “Teeth Out” Bed at 3 AM!

          21. Jimmy King says

            Teeth out, knee pads on at 10 pm, bed at 3 am. Anne has to pay her rent too huh?

          22. Jimmy King says

            Mahb001. When are you going to finally realize I don’t give a shit in I have “credibility” in your eyes. I think you’re a fucking moron. If you thought I had credibility, I’d be brain dead

          23. MAHB001 says

            When are you going to realize that your time is up troll.

            Time to beg soros for better lines.

          24. Jimmy King says

            I bet you are right because after this election, and after T Rump bails out and is sitting back in T Rump Tower, he will be counting all the $$ he generated from all of this free advertising. His branding business will be booming, you morons will be left holding the bag, and Hillary will be in office. Putin will look at T Rump and think, Wow, I respect another politician who can use the process to make himself richer. I respect that. So in that respect you are correct

          25. MAHB001 says

            Wish you had the freedom to apply the cynicism to the Democrats… As they deserve it.

            Putin has already sized up 0bama and has no respect for the Muslim.

          26. hangem'high says

            How I see it is if Putin hates Obummer then being of the PC likeness, Putin loving Donald would be good for America!

          27. MAHB001 says

            Good point, I think Putin would actually love 0bama as Putin easily controls 0bama.

            Putin will respect any and all the Republican Candidates…

          28. Jimmy King says

            Putin will kick Donald’s ass

          29. 73Anne37 says


        2. glorybe2 says

          Just how can Trump give a speech in which he is filmed and says that he will confiscate 14% of the wealth of the rich in order to aid the lower classes and not be seen as a blatant socialist by the right wing? I realize the right wing is not filled with intellectuals but seriously, just how stupid can you guys get?
          Further Bernie is the only liberal in the democratic party and I would like a more liberal person to be president but Bernie will do just fine.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Tax is a part of life, glorybe2… Get over it. 14% across the board is far less than we are paying now.

            Bernie doesn’t stand a chance, Hillary has the election rigged. She will not leave her coronation to chance. Your vote will not be counted.

      2. MAHB001 says

        That part of Trump sound just like 0bama doesn’t it?

        The only difference is Trump is BELIEVABLE, 0bama isn’t.

        1. Jimmy King says

          Trust me, if you lived in NYC for the past 20 years you would not believe a word he says

          1. MAHB001 says

            I do not trust you… Simply put, you have no credibility left… Even less than Trump.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Hahah trump. He is on his way out

          3. MAHB001 says

            Hahaha, you are wasting our time with your stupidity…

        2. glorybe2 says

          Exactly what type of dim wit would believe what Trump says? In this world all actions cost money and some actions cost a hell of a lot of money. When Trump spouts off about a wall he really is talking about spending a fortune in tax dollars. When he talks about shipping immigrants back to mexico by the millions he is talking about spending a king’s ransom. You have no idea how bad taxes will be under trump.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I said exactly the same thing about 0bama…

            Just what type of dim wit would believe what 0bama says?

            Interesting eh..

      3. grinnie says

        Your right Jimmy….my first ‘gut’ reaction to Trump was a white obama. Too narcissistic and self important. Besides the fact that there were phone conversations between Trump and both Clinton AND Bush 2 weeks before Trump announced….???? He hasn’t said anything besides build a wall (h)uge and with a door (h)uge. It’ll be beautiful. Is he the “Bubba” effect? I’ll take Cruz 100%. His Dad said he “kick his ass if he ever went against the Constitution”. Cruz isn’t liked by the Repubs cause he can’t be bought.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I actually believe it when he says huge wall….

          It is refreshing to believe in a candidate these days..

          The problem is that Trump often sounds like he is throwing out campaign promises just because he senses that it is what the audience wants to hear.

          If Trump ends up being a liberal in conservative clothing, he will be impeached.

        2. Jimmy King says

          Cruz isn’t liked by anyone because he’s a douchebag

        3. 73Anne37 says

          Cruz is a Globalist Shill just like Rubio– Bush & Christie etc. Trump is forAmerican sovereignty & is Not a Globalist {NWO}. Cruz has a wife who actually works for them first in a Bank, but now is a Board member of the
          CFR” & just wrote a Globalist Report about how Canada the US should get together on the the Topic of the “North american Union”! Cruz Set up the TPA in the Senate like Ryan set it up in the House so that when the TPP comes through~~no one can Change it! Now Cruz says he is sorry~~but the DAMAGE is done. Cruz has Flip Flopped on 6 Postitions since the Campaign began & the TPA/TPP is just one of them. Immigration; Marijuana, & Visas are other ones. in addition Cruz and Rubio are Not Constitutionally Eligible to be President or V,P, These 2 say they are for the Constitution, but go against it by Running!~ They are not Natural Born Citizens. that takes 2 Citizens _Parents and the baby has to be born here~~unless the Parents are in the Service of the US Government –& are in a Foreign Land. Obama is the only Illegal president we have had that was Solidified by our Bought & Paid for Congress {2 times} by not speaking up about the Illegality. The Congress critters are part of the NWO Agenda or are Owned by them! Obviously this Illegal president has not Worked out at all!

          John Jay & the Founders stated that to”Ensure that our President & V.P. are not Co-opted by someone with Foreign Interests at Heart~~~all Presidents must be Natural Born.”

        4. Jimmy King says

          I stopped reading at “your right jimmy”. Not because I know I’m right, but because you don’t know the difference between. “Your” and “you’re”. After that, would could you possibly say worth reading

      4. FLATSIDE says

        Jimmy, my little child, you are describing Obama. Whose been blowing the getto smoke up yours?

      5. Robert Early says

        Well, Jimmy King, I guess I’m one of those morons. My IQ is 149. I hold three degrees. I’m world traveled. I speak three languages. I’ve worked in four political campaigns. I believe I know more about campaigns and elections than you can even imagine. People don’t vote for policies. They vote for who they like. Right now, they would like any carnival huckster more than any politician. The politicians have not done a very good job of solving our problems, have they? I’m ready to go outside the box. Trump. Carson. Cruz.

    7. Harold Scott says

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      1. Jsph Hiagan says

        and this “work at home” bullshit is gettin old too

      2. Michael Dennewitz says


    8. HadEnough says

      You are Absolutely Correct. A Perfect Description.

    9. 7papa7 says

      Seeing the stupidity that the RNC has demonstrated I figure they will go far enough to destroy the republican party completely. Maybe that will make them happy. What are they going to do if Trump wins enough primaries to get the nomination, not support him and go hide in a corner to suck there thumb..

      1. MAHB001 says

        They will do everything they can to keep and maintain power….

        Just like the Democrats.

        1. 7papa7 says

          It has unfortunately gotten to the point that the only way you can tell them apart is by the color of there ties. Dems usually wear blue ones and Repubs usually wear red.

          1. MAHB001 says

            If they wear a tie, I suspect them to be socialist traitors.

    10. Jean Langford M. says

      HERE!!! HERE!!!!….DOTTO!!!!

    11. nrahat says

      Right on MAHR. It is time to clean house and senate of the old establishment!!!

    12. TAM44 says

      That’s the truth, and yet they are just to stupid to see they are only killing themselves.

    13. Dara Taylor says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        Scum puppets busy today, third spam in minutes.

        you been flagged.

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      1. MAHB001 says

        fifth scum puppet today. Flagged.

    15. Bessie Clegg says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        eighth scum puppet for 12/8/15.

        Scum puppets breed like rabbits.

    16. Robert Early says

      Attention people. The Monmouth Poll showing Cruz with the lead in Iowa is a huge deception. Check out all the polls for comparison. Trump still leads by at least 10 points. It’s just a move on the part of liberal pollsters to manipulate you. Don’t fall for it. I like Cruz also; but truth is truth. All polls today can’t really be trusted. Ignore them, and vote your own conviction.

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are correct…. Polls are NOT FACTS…. Take them with a grain of salt…

        Polls are used by talking heads on TV to make a point that they have no facts for. If you hear a poll on TV you can bet that the numbers are doctored to make that persons point.

    17. Beverly Young says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        Scum Puppet #2 for 12/9/15
        Flag the scum puppet.

    18. Sonia Byrd says

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      1. MAHB001 says

        Scum Puppet #3 for 12/9/15

        Flag the scum puppet.

    19. nevergiveup says

      If they would get their heads screwed on straight. If they would all back Trump they could get strong again. They are all too greedy for the spotlight.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Too greedy for the POWER. They will never let go of the power they think they have.

    20. Ron says

      I could not agree MORE! That is what is going to happen, too, because the RNC is too stupid to see it! They only care about their own Party. Nothing else matters, and to Hell with what the voters want. The END of the RNC is close at hand!

    21. HadEnough says

      Expertly Said !!

    22. withinsigthbutblind says

      Yeah, called Rino’s!
      Don’t kid yourself, they have been at this game of pulling the wool over our eyes for a long time now. I have stated before and will here again, it’s like a boxing match where the boxers are given their marching orders ie: one is chosen by these elite to be the winner and the other, the fall guy.
      2008: McCain and he faithfully fell on the sword.
      2012: Romney did so spectacularly after a huge victory after round one against the mussie. Then he came back for round 2 and 3 and just laid there as if telling everyone that he had no choice. Who knows the threats they can use behind the scenes to intimidate these men, but so far it has worked. But me and many, many others are aware of their game and even though they can’t see it, it is the immediate reason Trump is doing so well in the polls. It’s because we are doing everything we can to keep the Donald on top and force their (the players elite) hand. Which is what they are starting to do now with all the effort they are putting into getting rid of Trump. Even with the Potus a bogus call for Trump to bow out of the race.
      THEY ARE SCARED!!! Keep up the pressure and don’t let them win again! They are done!

      1. MAHB001 says

        TERM LIMITS, no life long benefits,

        Go Tea Party!

    23. Robert Early says

      Trump is the only one who rightly understands the Muslim threat. If he can’t w

      1. MAHB001 says

        I would say the ALL understand the Muslim threat.

        It is the Democrats that embrace the Muslims, not the Republicans.

  6. Effenexes says

    “A better idea would be to stop fighting the will of the people.”
    Well, to the greedy power hungry establishment, it is a novel idea. They believe they are so powerful that they can overcome the will of We the People, where it belongs in the first place. Yes, GOPers, it will be Sayonara for you if you succeed by circumventing the nomination solely for your benefit.

    1. pineapple says

      This will assure that Hillary “The Hag” will be the next president.

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        GOD forbid that “hag”, lying, murderous thug (her & Bubba) with Vince Foster’s blood & many other’s on their hands. 4-8 more years of the sam-o-sam-o in Power…Do we really want that???

        1. pineapple says


          Thanks to Hillary, Russia now controls 20% of the uranium produced in the U.S. Russia is also providing Iran with uranium.
          Obama has lifted sanctions on Iran and has freed up billions of dollars to Iran so they can develop nuclear weapons and long range missiles.

          Judicial Watch Sues Treasury for Records on Hillary Clinton-Russian Uranium Scandal

          DECEMBER 01, 2015
          Text Size

          Update: The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) responded today that it allegedly had no records.

          (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking communications between the U.S. Department of the Treasury and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of the Treasury (No. 1:15-cv-01776)).

          The goal of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit is to gain access to documents involving a uranium deal approved by then-Secretary of State Clinton that is tied to major Clinton Foundation donor Frank Giustra and Russian-state issues.

          The lawsuit was filed after the Treasury Department ignored a FOIA request sent on May 29, 2015. Judicial Watch’s request seeks emails between key Treasury agencies and Hillary Clinton non-governmental email accounts:

          All records of email communications between the Office of Foreign Assets Control and any “” address, including but not limited to and;
          All records of email communications between the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. and any “” address, including but not limited to and; and
          All records of email communications between the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury and any “” address, including but not limited to and

          Judicial Watch is investigating a controversial 2010 deal involving Uranium One, the Canadian company currently at the center of the Clinton Foundation donor scandals and ARMZ, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, which recently took a 51 percent controlling interest in Uranium One. The lawsuit seeks information about the approval of this deal and whether the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) ignored the mandatory 75-day review approval process, approving the deal in just 52 days. Mrs. Clinton, as Secretary of State, was a member of CFIUS.

          Peter Scheweizer’s book Clinton Cash first raised questions about the Uranium One deal, which benefited many donors to the Clinton Foundation, including Giustra, who, among other dealings, helped set up a Clinton Foundation entity in Canada that had the effect of hiding donations from foreign governments and others from public disclosure, despite promises of disclosure by Hillary Clinton and the Foundation.

          As the New York Times reported on April 23, the Clinton Foundation hid many of the beneficiaries of the deal approved by Mrs. Clinton and CFIUS:

          As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

          And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

          At the time, both Rosatom and the United States government made promises intended to ease concerns about ceding control of the company’s assets to the Russians. Those promises have been repeatedly broken, records show.

          The documents from Treasury should shed light on the apparent conflict of interest between then-Secretary of State Clinton and the Clinton Foundation regarding the expedited approval process. Under United States law, uranium is considered a strategic asset; therefore, any such deal must be approved by a committee of U.S. government officials. The CFIUS board, which is tasked with reviewing all foreign acquisitions of American national security assets, consists of seven cabinet members, including the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Treasury. In 2010, Jose W. Fernandez represented the State Department on the CFIUS board, and the documents sought by Judicial Watch lawsuit should clarify whether Clinton failed to disclose to Fernandez that several executives at Uranium One made millions of dollars in contributions to the Clinton Foundation immediately before and after CFIUS reviewed and approved the ARMZ-Uranium One deal.

          Separate Judicial Watch FOIA litigation forced the disclosure last year of documents that provided a road map for over 200 conflicts-of-interest rulings that led to $48 million for the Clinton Foundation and other Clinton-connected entities during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Previously disclosed documents in this lawsuit, for example, raise questions about funds Clinton accepted from entities linked to Saudi Arabia, China and Iran, among others. The August 13, 2014, investigative report that first disclosed the Clinton financial dealings, “State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton speeches, controversial consulting deal, worth $48m; Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff copied on all decisions,” is available here.

          The approval of this deal made millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production in the U.S., and made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers.

          “Hillary Clinton’s cash and secrecy on this Russian uranium deal looks corrupt and criminal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And now that his Treasury Department violated FOIA to cover up yet another Clinton scandal, there is no daylight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on this scandal that placed our nation’s security at risk.”

          1. usathoughts says

            Have you got this out as an internet eMail chain letter? That, which asks the recipient to forward on to his contact list.

        2. Conservative says

          Don’t ever forget the blood of four honorable men spilled in Benghazi while the S.O.S., slept. Then the lies began with the assistance of Sydney Blumenthal, her secret deal maker to get speaking engagements for Pervert Bill for thousands of dollars to be given to the Clinton Foundation.
          Blumenthal was her eyes and ears to keep her secret dealings private.
          She has spent a lifetime lying so it comes very naturally to her. It’s all she knows.

        3. figmo says

          She can’t even control her licentious old fart husband’s johnson. What makes her think she can run our country?

      2. Effenexes says

        Will you then tell us how you derive at that conclusion? I am not a Trump supporter per se, but addressing the issues front and center seem to be what the people want and need, not the same ole establishment talking points promoted by the morally bankrupt main stream media.

        1. pineapple says

          If the RNC dumps Trump, conservatives will stay home and not vote just like they did when Romney was the nominee. They didn’t want a Mormon, so we got a Muslim instead.

          1. Effenexes says

            True Romney would have been more honest than Hajibama, but that was then, this is now. Trump is not going to fold like a cheap card table like Romney did, so We the People cannot allow the power hungry establishment to dictate to us this time around. The American people of all persuasions that are hurting, are not going to trade a known American sympathizer for another Muslim sympathizer like Hiliary the Hun.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Trump is in the business of branding, and improving the Trump brand is all he cares about. He will back out as soon as it becomes expedient. And then, it will be whatever clown the RNC supports getting spanked by Hillary

          3. glorybe2 says

            Trump is another Ross Perot. He will fold and be seen as a fool by all before election day and many on the left are more than willing to help him screw up.

          4. maxx says

            With the help of an enormous amount of vote fraud both times.

          5. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            I feel that the idea of conservatives not voting is propagated by the establishment to convince the electorate that they have to vote for the establishment candidate out of fear. The establishment will not put up a conservative who will actually observe their oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the (non-observed) party plank. The disingenuousness of most of the politicians serves their own greed and desire for the NWO. Democrat/Republican ideology is a lie as neither party has the interests of our Republic in mind. They are both controlled by the global “elites” in their desire to be part of said “elites”. They will be greatly disillusioned when a NWO is instituted and they are not accepted members of such “elite”. The ordinary people of our country must not let our “servants” assume such dictatorial power. What will it take to awaken “we the people” that the Constitution provides remedies to the Democrat/Republican infidelities to this hallowed document? Are we going to continue to acquiesce to the blatant disregard to our lives and liberty? I certainly hope that our public will respond by ousting these frauds from office and only vote in competent, honorable people who understand what has happened under false pretenses of previous administrations. People who will remediate the destructive wrongs perpetrated on “We The People” by the seditious behavior of most politicians in their misguided efforts.

          6. glorybe2 says

            If Donald Trump as president doesn’t make you wet your pants you are the bravest man I have ever known. Such a person given power terrifies me and many others as well.

          7. 73Anne37 says

            It will be worse!!!! I did not stay home ~~I wrote in Ron Paul! This time I will Vote for TRUMP regardless of whether he is the Nominee or not!~! The Rest of the candidates are Globalist’s, including the deceiver Cruz!

      3. hangem'high says

        I hope not, but the illuminati always seem to find away! There’s always something deeper driving the socialist, communist, progressives political correctness anti-American agenda, something deeper?

      4. 73Anne37 says

        THe RNC will support her & have said so–if Trump is the Nominee!

    2. crazyfreddie says


      1. Croco Dile says

        Government is the enemy.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          And the great TROLL is back.. croco shit!! HAHAHAHA

          1. Croco Dile says

            It seems nobody is engaging in a conversation with Mr. Witzidiot, and he comes back to my posts….. HAHAHAHAHAHA……. again and again.

  7. Alan Connors says

    My comment below was NOT meant to be directed to Patricia Swenson. It was supposed to be a stand-alone comment. I’ve tried several times to delete it and repost, and it hasn’t worked. This website is having problems today.

  8. Kurt Hanssen says

    Trump must be very carefull, the Bushes, and the Clintons got a licence to kill, and Trump got to be stoped at any cost, if he get in the oval office, big trouble for the WH cartel, all the S–t will come out in the open, and it is a lot, and there will be a lot of arrests.

    1. hangem'high says

      The illuminati drone operators will not be happy if they have to put everything on Hilary Rob the Country Clinton, and First Perv!

    2. Jimmy King says

      HAHAHAHA How long have you been hearing the voices

  9. GaDancer says

    I am excited and proud to cast my vote for Trump for President. To the RNC – deal with it. You cannot stop him with the media bias or your money bags and lobbyists because he doesn’t need your money and the media has become irrelevant with internet news.

    1. maxx says

      I’m with you. Trump isn’t my first choice but if he gets the necessary votes in the primaries he deserves the nomination. Look what the GOP did to Reagan? Yet he was the best president since Truman when democrats were not radical communists like today.

      1. glorybe2 says

        Maxx have you noticed at all that trickle down economics was such a mess that it wiped out the US economy. Ronnie boy was a disaster. Millions still suffer due to his completely uneducated, ideas.

    2. Fred Doe says

      And that is why they want to control the internet.

    3. heights2012 says

      The media has dialed up their own demise with their efforts to sway public opinion by pushing anti-Constitutional rhetoric with Establishment pundits for temporary ratings. I do not know a single person that gives a Rats-*ss what a socialists opinion is. But everyone I know care’s deeply what happens to America.
      My point being –Hang in their weed-hopper–all things find a balance, for every (up) there is a down and for every (down) there is an up. The media will change course when they find they are unable to feed their own families on ratings that have gone down the Toilet
      For a dishonest media to resurrect it’s ratings, will require them to become honest. I only hope and pray that it happens sooner than later

    4. Jimmy King says

      GA Stripper, do you really think he stands a chance in places like Iowa?

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Trump has 33% in the Iown Poll today on CNN! 15 above the Next person in line~!

        1. Jimmy King says

          And the Monmouth poll has Cruz ahead and those bible thumpers in Iowa will take Cruz over T Rump all day

          1. 73Anne37 says

            Cruz was 20% today in this CNN/ORC Poll & Trump 33%! Cruz is going NOWHERE!

          2. Robert Early says

            Don’t get me wrong. I like Cruz also. However, be careful.about trusting the polls. Polls today are tools of influence and manipulation of public opinion; not the reflection of public opinion that they once were. In most instances, the people who run the polls are the same people who run the media. That should tell you something.

          3. Jimmy King says

            Bob CumsEarly, if that is so, why do we have so many polls that show EVERYONE hates the media

          4. Robert Early says

            Not everyone hates the media. In fact, the majority of idiots like you believe everything the media says. I don’t hate the media; but I do believe the media must be held accountable just like you and I. Why are you letting the polls manipulate you?

          5. Jimmy King says

            Manipulate? I cited 1 poll to show that T Rump isn’t leading in every poll. From that you get that the polls manipulate me? You’re not too bright are you?

  10. susanrodriguez says

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    1. Michael Dennewitz says


  11. Scrubjay says

    I’d much rather have Cruz as President, but if the RNC takes Trump out, I’ll vote for him as an independent.

    1. hangem'high says

      I believe, they believe, that would be the only why they could get their illuminati candidate Hillary elected.

  12. James Maxwell says

    Based upon comments by some in the GOP leadership the will stop at nothing to stop Trump. He may
    not be the best “Bought and Paid for” candidate but when he speaks the American People (VOTERS)
    seem to listen. What rings true with the American is that he does not represent the mouthpieces who
    have lied to us constantly and played the fools game of Political Correctness at our expense. We are
    sick and tired of liars and lawyers in political office who are only out for their own personal gain and
    power over the American Citizens regardless of what it cost our nation. At this point in time TRUMP
    is speaking what the American public, all Parties, are feeling. We want someone who is plain spoken
    and not afraid to step on toes to get the job done or to bring the truth to the forefront. Our Nation
    is under attack from many sides and we are being invaded across our borders by our enemies who
    want to overrun and destroy our nation to make it into a third world hell hold. That is not going to
    happen. We might wind up with a civil are against our enemies and the Radical Islamic terrorist
    that the occupier of the Oval office seems to love so much but we will not go down without a fight
    to protect our Nation. Our Constitutional Republic, our freedoms and our citizens from harm.
    If the fight must be joined so be it but TRUMP has my vote to help lead us back to our nations
    path in the world today.

  13. Daniel W says

    When Donald Trump speaks the Republican national committee shakes in their boots. Americans are sick and tired of being lied to by both the ultraliberal Democrats and the Republicans. Americans no longer trust there political parties because of all the lies they’ve been told Donald Trump can and will deliver. Now it is up to he Republican party, to get behind Trump.

    1. Conservative says

      The RNC cannot stand it that Trump will not conform to ‘politically correct’ speech. Thank God for that.

      1. jaybird says

        The Donald needs to start talking about our northern border because of Canada taking in 25,000-50,000 refugees.

      2. glorybe2 says

        What you have is a republican party divided and fragmented. You have the right wing and the radical right wing and they hate each other. That is because they know each other! A corrupt party is a house divided and can not stand. An evil philosophy will fail as well although it takes a bit longer.

    2. jaybird says

      The Demorats still like their party or else you would not see them standing with them when they give speeches. They must not follow the things they have done.

  14. Elizabeth Valentino says

    I absolutely agree; there seems to be a lot of jealousy & envy out there for Donald Trump! Unfortunately those that are belittling him and critizeing him have nothing better to do, it seems! Let the man do his thing! He’s working very hard and he has a goal in mind, let him do it, he will be great!

    1. hangem'high says

      for America.

  15. MARYSWEET says

    There is NOTHING the RNC won’t do to get Trump out of the race for President. But I believe the harder they try the more popular Trump becomes because he is being truthful about our country’s problems and how to fix them. I truly believe he and Cruz as VP would be such an amazing duo that could undo so much of the mess that obama has made of our country. They will rebuild our military, our economy, bring jobs back home, send the illegals back home (including obama), refuse any muslim refugees and so much more. They will gain back the trust of our allies that obama trashed.

  16. Patriot47 says

    answer – all the way to the loony left.

    1. hangem'high says

      All the way to Satan’s dinner table!

  17. Milton W. Lowe says

    Yes start listing to We the People, don’t do like you (RNC) have done before to get your way which definitely lost US the election in 2012 & your lack of vetting Obama gave him both 2008 & 2012…just saying…I think the majority of We the People have our eyes open now RNC WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

    1. JARROD says

      YES, however, maybe it is time to make the Independent Party Stronger so there is more competition between these parties, thereby, hopefully giving “We The People” Better Control!

      It will also help in the Campaigns & Election Process. It is like in Business when companies are bought-out it gives these conjoined companies, unlike babies, More Competition & less Control Over THE Buyer/”WE THE PEOPLE!”

      So I say, Diversify & Rid Ourselves of Lying Rhinos!!!

      Let us Begin NOW, before it is Too Late!!!
      For Trump, Cruz & Carson!!!

      Those who linger, can Fend For Themselves!!!

      We MUST Get Rid Of the Gangster-Woman, Nazi Hillary!!!

      Jerry Rodrigues, California, “Conservative,” in The Home of Fruits & Nuts…

  18. Austinniceguy says

    If the RNC hadn’t morphed into a pack of RINO’s this wouldn’t be at all painful for them. IF they were the least bit smart they would cozy up to Trump and try to keep themselves relevant. If they want to see a country fall apart they will keep going against Trump. These idiots are as bad as the delusional Demoncraps.

    1. hangem'high says

      It’s against the illuminati’s nature, they’re so use to herding sheep!

  19. papa doug says

    We don’t need to worry about Trump or who ever the Republicans want because Hillary is going to win and she will win by virtue of the electoral college. (read that as the census) Yes the census, the electoral college uses as it’s base the population of each state to fix the number of votes for each candidate in the electoral college. In other words Trump could beat Hillary by a couple million votes by popular vote and it won’t matter, Hillary will get the win anyway and she knows it. Socialists will win the white house and the socialist takeover will be in full swing and soon the America we once knew will be no more.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      That may have been so in the past but, this is not the election cycle for anyone to go against the popular vote. If that were the case the demoncraps would always win and the GOP would cease to exist. There is a revolution of sorts taking place and this is just the beginning. It doesn’t hurt Trump that Hitlery is going around saying that she wants more “refugees”, either. She’s turning people off with that rhetoric. Another fact is that NONE of her programs she’s promising are sustainable and those numbers are coming out, as well. This IS an interesting election cycle but, just like Trump isn’t going away, it woun’t be a typical election where the winner is a foregone conclusion.

    2. hangem'high says

      That’s why the placement of the illegal voter is so important.

      1. Westy34215 says

        Yes, and Obama is shipping them at taxpayer expense all over the Country, making sure to dilute the Red States. People too blind to see.

    3. esqualido says

      Anyone who claims to know the numerical composition of a group of people who have entered the country illegally is an unreliable data source.

  20. Lorraine E says

    If the RINO party (also known as liberal democrats) had their way, Jeb Bush would be the nominee. After the people finally got rid of RINO Boehner the liberal democrats who run the GOP put another RINO in the leadership role and now we have RINO ryan. Of course, the RINO party doesn’t want Donald Trump to the nominee because they can’t control him and are afraid of him. They want another democrat who they can control and use as a rubber stamp of approval for everything our appointed president wants. The GOP has devolved into a clone of the democratic party and shouldn’t receive any financial support from conservatives.

  21. Philip Allen says

    The Republicans elected in 2014 lied to the American People. They said they would hold President Obama accountable if they won the Senate. Well they won the Senate nut hasn’t done not one damn thing to hold Obama accountable. How about the Senators running for President in 2016 such as Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Ron Paul and Ted Cruz. Out of all of those Senator Ted Cruz is the only one that I say that has tried hold Obama accountable. Ted Cruz has even been accused of shutting down the Federal Government to stop the more money being spent by the Federal Government. The others haven’t done a damn thing to hold Obama accountable and now they say they want to be your President and I say Hell No!! That’s why Donald Trump keeps leading in the polls. The majority of the rest of the Presidential runners might as well go home and quit running as the people are fed up with the do nothing Republicans. The insiders haven’t done a damn thing to stop Obama’s lawless government. The outsiders damn couldn’t do any worse. I say Donald Trump for President in 2016. Second in line would be Ted Cruz. All the insiders need not apply! Including Jeb Bush. Need I Say More?

    1. sargentrage says

      amen to that

    2. maxx says

      What I don’t get is how the Republicans (GOP) can be as stupid as they appear. The polls since the 2014 mid-terms have strongly turned against the GOP. The country as a whole has leaned even further to the right. Yet the GOP continues to act like nothing has changed. So Boehner was finally convinced America hated him and left in disgrace. But who takes his place? Paul Ryan is and will be Boehner 2.0. This GOP is truly stupid to a fault. They seem to be hanging by a thread but still persist in acting like total fools showing no respect for the people.

    3. Conservative says

      CRUZ 2016. Cruz always puts the best interests of the Country ahead of himself. He is truly a ‘true’ American!

    4. 73Anne37 says

      Cruz is one of them too! Start checking him out ~~and you will see quickly!~

    5. 73Anne37 says

      Ted Cruz is a Globalist shill and has a Straight Up ~~”Globalist” for a Wife. {Heidi is a Board member of the “CFR” & has recently written a Paper in how Canada & America Should join in the North american Union ~in the future!} ~~~~ Heidi is full in with the NWO Agenda as is the “TPA “that Cruz set up in the Senate~~As Ryan did in the House , ~~so that the “TPP” could go Fast Track when it arrives in Congress! Now Cruz says he didn’t mean it!~~but knew clearly what it was, because he Pushed it on the rest! It No Longer matters because the DEED is DONE! Cruz is the Great Deceiver in this race & “Constitutionally ineligible” as is Rubio!

  22. artarlo1 says

    They will try to push their ways on the people, they will fail, they will self destruct.

  23. pmbalele says

    I have been wondering why GOP elites hate Trump? They wanted a GOP candidate, and they got one. We know the guy is freelance talker like regular Americans. Like a regular American Trump does not hide his feelings and his intent if he gets the GOP nomination. I find other GOP candidates fake; they are telling us what people what to hear and not what they actually think. I know Trump will not win the WH house; but it’s none of GOP elites to brand him a misfit for GOP nomination

  24. Conservative says

    The RNC establishment is going to end up giving the election to Hellary. They are so entrenched in the idea that they, and they alone, should impose their will on the people and I can assure you the people will rebel and it will be a tragedy if we end up with another four or eight years of an Obama clone, Hellary.
    Personally, Ted Cruz is my first choice but if Trump wins the nomination I will vigorously work for him.
    The RNC has designated Jeb Bush as the nominee but because they are twisting arms and trying to hand pick someone they can control, I will simply not vote. The RNC has no right interfering with or trying to manipulate the will of the people. It will definitely backfire on them to the detriment of everything great and good about the U.S.

  25. Dan says

    I am a constitutional conservative, and only affiliate with the RNC, because they are the only real competitor of the socialist/communist Democratic party. I only care for the salvation of this once great nation.

  26. Valor says

    Precisely why I will NOT contribute to the RNC. Had a solicitation call from them a couple of months ago. I reamed the caller up one side and down the other. The RNC will never call me again. And if they succeed in nominating another McCain or Romney I will vote for a third party candidate. I have had it with voting against the Demorat and wasting my vote. If I am going to waste my vote, I’ll waste it on someone who shares my values. For those that say that attitude guarantees Hillary will win, I say so what? Any country that would vote for Hillary after 8 years of Obama doesn’t deserve to survive.

  27. maxx says

    It would not surprise me in the least that the GOP/RNC would go as far as possible, meaning eliminate him. Of course they will not use white Anglos to do that. It will be someone that at least resembles a middle-eastern culture. Kind of like the government using L.H. Oswald and Jack Ruby as scapegoats. Pray that Trump uses whatever money necessary to keep himself safe. In addition to having corrupt political parties, we have evil political parties bent on keeping the status quo.

  28. Robert Morrow says

    What else can anyone expect from the Corrupted Politicians who bow and scrape to the Powers of the Washington DC Establishment. All the Politicians up there would like the old saying, Steal the pennies of a dead man’s eyes. In other words would sell even their own into slavery or worse just for the Payola that greases their Palms. Presently we have over 400 RULING Federal Agencies and I do mean RULING & you have no votes. Who voted these corrupt uncontrolled Federal Agencies into power? Your Corrupt Politicians did that is who. We now have a President whose training and education was from Terrorists who murder, bomb and robbed and now teach at a university. Yet the Stupid Like Bush would rather vote for the Corrupt Clinton instead of Trump. Note just another Corrupted Politicians.

  29. sargentrage says

    that’s the reason I stopped giving to the RNC those RHIONO ‘s just suck

  30. marlene says

    These GOP establishment traitors have already gone too far. They’re toast – in an honest election. They will prevail with massive voter fraud and the rigged delegate process. TRUMP 2016 – or it’s “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie…”.

  31. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


    1. Valor says

      The real fools are that large segment of the American people that supported Obama and still do, and will support Hillary. When you have a population made up with that many fools, the nation is doomed.

  32. JARROD says


    If so, then “THEY” are just as crooked as the Communist Dumbocratic Party!!!

    Whomever IS selected By We The People in an HONEST SELECTION BY WE THE PEOPLE, NOT some Jerk-Assed Self-Appointed group of Self-Righteous Jerks, then I will Right-In Whomever I Decide to Vote FOR!!!

    What is this, “Communist Party #1”, or “Communist Party #2” determining WHO the Final Candidates Will BE???

    For these Assholes to TRY & make the determination WHO the candidates for Either Party MUST BE OUTLAWED!!!



    Jerry Rodrigues, in Santa Clara, California

  33. Elmer Fredrick says

    The R N C should go as far as SYRIA and STAY THERE, EXCEPT for TRUMP the Party IS dead and they all should start WEARING DEMORAT PINS & PINK PANTYS for what they are.

  34. JOE says

    republicans r getting just like demoRATS cept DONALD TRUMP,MY MAN!

  35. kay says

    Any way you look at it neither party has been for the people but for their pockets. Trump does not need bribes thus is a threat to the established parties. He does not value PC, nor the establishments idea that our money is their money to do as they will with not as it was meant to be used for. Thus Trump is a real threat to the parties in power who use our taxes to buy votes, back companies they invest in, give themselves the very best benefits and retirement while taking the taxes we are forced to pay into Social Security and Medicare and stealing them to bolster their freebies while raising the cost for Medicare, cutting the Vets benefits, and cutting the benefits of Social Security. Trump is a business man who has built his businesses up after failures and understands that over extending your credit is a sure fire way to crash your nation. That giving yourselves and over 500 federal employees a pay raise while jacking up the cost for the elderly, Vets, and handicapped whose income isn’t even a tenth of theirs while our nation is 9+ trillion in debt is insane. Yes the RNC is frightened of Trump. He poses a threat to their establish means of robbing the citizens to give to themselves.

  36. psc says

    It is foolhardy to interfere with the primary election process. We know what happened with the establishment candidate in 2012. The republicans stayed at home, which was also foolish, as we now know only too well. Any republican candidate will stop the rot going on, I mean all of them will be better than queen Hillary. So Madam Establishment: Cool it for the sake of the Republican Party and for the nation.

  37. rj says

    I have left the Republican party and will never return independent for life now all parties corrupt!!!!!
    Trump , Cruze and Carson are the future not the establishment!!!!!!!!!!! We need to clean house and start over.

  38. rj says

    papa Doug is right they are all the same and have the same agenda a Socialist America!

  39. gerald Hughes says

    When the republicans try to shanghai, the nomination, they will be come this century;s WHIG PARTY.
    The RINOS are working the high wire without a net.
    We handed them the biggest win in 70 years last year.
    Within 45 days they broke it off in us twice.
    I will vote for Trump or Cruz, if they prop one of the RINOS up there, I will vote a straight liberal dem bloodsucker ticket.

  40. rj says

    By the way do something for your country and give an assault weapon for Christmas.

  41. missourisam says

    In my opinion, Obama got elected the first time because the republican party picked the least electable candidate they could find. Sarah Palin as the head of the ticket would have done much better than wimp McCain. We know he is for sale, because Keating bought him years ago. Every time Obama opened his mouth and put his foot in up to his knee, and Palin wanted to call him on it the McCain campaign hushed her up. The news media covered for him, and the republicans would not put forward all the baggage that was out there that would have deep sixed his eligibility to run for president. Thus we got an illegal alien that hates America for a president, and have been paying for it ever since. If the RNC refuses to let Trump run as a republican, we the people need to elect him on an independent ticket, and let the RNC drown in red ink due to lack of support. Personally I fear an attempt on Trump’s life by a red eyed liberal, or at the instigation of the RNC or the DNC.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Actually, it’s too bad an expert sniper hasn’t taken out the PMIC !!

  42. Lizard says

    Hmmm maybe they are afraid Trump will find out they knew all along about Obama real background ………… Trump 2016

  43. Jsph Hiagan says

    everybody is afraid their coushie jobs will go away

    1. Jarhead says

      And possible criminal charges against the guilty…..for example the VA employees following the VA DEATH BY DELAY POLICY, cooking-the-books, fraud, perjury, unwarranted bonuses, perks and benefits, etc., etc., etc.

  44. bobs33hotrod says

    If the RNC stops TRUMP, I and many of my friends,plus many hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN VOTERS OR MORE, WILL Vote FOR HILLARY. You see it CUTS both ways. “DOUBLE EDGE KNIFE” HEY RNC, WAITING FOR YOU COMMENTS, IF YOU DARE,.
    BOBBY ~!~

  45. Michael says

    If the GOP wants to lose another presidential election then they should continue as they are doing and try to force their establishment candidate down the collective throats of the voters. It should be obvious that the people are NOT interested in Jeb Bush or the other liberal GOP establishment candidates. I saw an interview with Jeb over thee weekend and he was very confident that Trump would NOT be the candidate. He seemed very confident. It was almost like he expects to be the candidate, even though he only has 3% in the polls. I guess we will need to wait until after the first primaries to see what is reality. I know people, including myself, who will not vote for Bush, should he be the nominee. If the GOP wants to lose the election they need to only put forth an establishment candidate. Ron Paul should have been the nominee last time. Most did not want Romney, but voted for the lesser of two evils. I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils again. I am sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. If Republicans expect to win another presidential race, they need to start listening to the people.

  46. Don in USA says

    I’m voting for DONALD TRUMP yOU USELESS NON REPUBLICANS WILL FOLLOW jeb bushshit and give hillary millions . You are all acting like her and obama in preventing the USA FROM OBEYING OUR constitution becoming america again

  47. Sgt. York says

    The RNC is leaving the door wide open for DT to move over to an independent run for President thus beating the RNC as well as the DNC and this will now create the third party which has been needed for a long time. I cast my vote for Trump in which ever party he runs for hopely not the stupid money hungry RNC or the DNC.

  48. crazyfreddie says


  49. ggrdr05 says

    WE don’t want Bush!!!!!!!! He supports common core,amnesty and is bought and paid for.

  50. Gary Smith says

    Trump is not the answer. He runs his mouth and says I will do this and I will do that but not how.

    1. Brenda says

      As well as all the other candidates. Have you not yet learned that part of the campaign rhetoric candidates throw out is never accompanied by plans. In all fairness, Trump has released some of his plans on what he wants to do, as well as a few others.
      Trumps appeal is not so much his “I will do this and I will do that” rhetoric, but his calling a spade a spade. He does not cloak his remarks in political correctness or take a mild stance on the issues we face today like other candidates. And, that is his appeal. Americans are fed up with the false promises and no action. We are fed up with being told illegal alien immigration is “good” for the economy. We are fed up with being told what is appropriate vs inappropriate to say, feel, or talk about.

    2. Jarhead says

      DUH! Build a fence! Duh! that is how………………….

  51. JoAnn Dolberg says

    I lately read that the RNC would go with Hillary if Trump received the majority vote. All I can say about that is, we have known what the RNC is all about for a very long time! That they admitted it, (though in a covert sort of way), is quite a revelation and mind you, they only admitted this because of Donald Trump’s popularity as the frontrunner candidate. If the RNC wants to rebel against We the People, so be it. If someone else is chosen illegitimately, there will be an uprising that will make anything seen so far, seem like a quiet day in the Hamptons. The RNC knows this, and by their own admission, they will welcome the martial law edict in order to keep Trump away from their evil machinations.

  52. Marie Hoffman says

    RNC if they wish ti stay around should stand for Trump and support him for President. He is the only one who cares about America, all the others are dems in republican clothes and people know it!

  53. tommymatt1 says

    we need a leader not an angel not someone who tiptoes around tough subjects i understand we all have feet of clay we need a leader

  54. jackhy says

    I can’t agree with MAHB001. The RNC will select the nominee and the primaries are just the previews–we have to wait for the convention. Not to say the primaries are not important as they do whittle down the candidates and give the states their “say” in who they like for the benefit and direction to their representatives at the convention.

  55. Richard Testaccio says

    As far as i’m concerned the GOP is just as guilty of ” TREASON ” as obama is.

    1. AKLady says

      The only thing Obama is guilty of is not being white.

      1. Richard Testaccio says

        And the thing you’re guilty of is being blind and stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. AKLady says

          Accusation, accusation — never a single fact,
          Hot air is so not impressive.

          1. Richard Testaccio says

            How about trading 5 terrorist for 1 deserter ????????????????

        2. AKLady says

          Either, those individuals were POWs or criminals.

          If they were POWs, the war war had ended and they shsould have been repatriated long before their release.

          If they were ciminals, then they should have been charged and provided a trial.

          You are guilty of being both blind and stupid.

  56. Michael Ackermann says

    Let the people decide. If the RNC plays a funny game, I will never vote again for a Republican candidate because it does not matter and the country is doomed anyway.

    1. Jarhead says

      Ask any young voter and they will tell you “Why vote, both parties are the same – crooked”!
      And anyone can vote: “You will not be turned away if you do not have proper identification”.
      Local notice before the last elections. No comments on which dead can vote?

  57. del says

    Look at who they nominated last few times…Dole, Mccain….and no winners. Romney hurt his own chances so cant blame them for that….

  58. rayhause says

    Just as soon as we win the election we should consider those hated words “3rd Party’. That will give us 4 years to organize and draft Trump to be our President.

    1. jaybird says

      I feel like the 2017 election is the most crucial/important election that we will have. We do not have a lot of time left to turn this country around. Look at all the refugees that are pouring into Germany, France, etc., that is what has started here. Citizens are over there crying and saying that they need help. The refugee’s are raping, robbing, the people are afraid to go to work because they are breaking into their houses. I just hope we have an election in 2017 and what’s his name does not enact Martial Law.

  59. firelooker says

    The RNC needs to stop trying to sabotage the election & get behind America’s choice.

    1. Reality Check says

      when are you silly cons going to learn the GOP are for THEM not YOU?

      they belong to Oligarchy that owns the RNC and Fox news

      1. firelooker says

        I don’t diospute that idea at all. All the politicians are interested in is lining there own pockets.

        1. Reality Check says

          except for Bernie Sanders.
          Been in congress for 30 years and not even a millionaire.

          a REAL man of the people.

  60. 73Anne37 says

    The Bigger Enemy is “VOTER FRAUD” & the Rigged Electronic Voting Machines! Would not hurt to see who manages & sells them either!

    1. AKLady says

      I have bad news for you.

      The Electoral College elects the President.

      These Presidents did not recieve the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamine Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice)

      1. 73Anne37 says

        I am aware of the Electoral College~~~But I am talking about “Voter Fraud” at the Polls!! It is rampant~~~! We still do get to vote~~~and that is Corrupt to the hilt!

        1. AKLady says

          Maybe you should be more specific. Fraud at which level — city, county, state …?
          If you have evidence of fraud, I suggest you take it to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            It has been writen about in books since 1970! Right now it is the Electronic Voting Machines that are rigged! Surprised you have NO Knowledge of this!

        2. Reality Check says

          there have been 100’s MILLIONS of votes and 6 people charged with voter fraud in the last 30 years.

          WHY IS THAT?

          AND if there is voter fraud on the scale you like to pretend, why?
          are conservatives too stupid to stop IT?
          don’t they control 37 states?

          AND if there is all this voter fraud WHY are there 37 GOP controlled states?

          1. 73Anne37 says

            It is there & very Clear! I won’t bother to give you where you can find all this information, because I remember you from before ,~~~& know you have no Real Interest in what the Truth is about these things.

          2. Reality Check says

            I have interest in the truth, which is WHY I am challenging YOU and calling YOU a LIAR.
            which I will continue to do so until you prove something.

          3. 73Anne37 says

            “Start” by going to:


            Go to page & click on the Article About “Trumps Worst Enemy ” & it will take you to a story that has links in it so you can read over more information. This Woman does her Research & has pursued this & other political Topics for over 20 Years!

          4. Reality Check says

            A Wackadoodle links to a Wackdoodle, how nice,
            AND silly.

          5. 73Anne37 says

            I said you did not wish to know! I WAS RIGHT!

          6. Reality Check says

            any site that requires you to give an email to read it’s stuff, is a SPAM site.
            they then sell your address to other wacky websites that think you are a good sucker, since you believe bull poo.

          7. 73Anne37 says

            You do not need to do that! I told you to CLICK on the Name of the article both times! When you read the article there are more Links to other information! you do not need to put the Email in there. I went in an tried that. I get the emails as part of my learning process, besides just going to a lot of Sites & Reading Books etc.

      2. 73Anne37 says

        It is when we ALL go to the Voting Booth~~~to choose a nominee that i am talking about here. Then when we ALL go to Vote in the National Election. There is more than one kind of Fraud going on and it has been known since the 1970’s when Books started to be written about this subject. Now there i a lot more & the Electronic Voting Machines are involved. I was Not talking about the Electoral College~~~& if the Voting was not Corrupt ~~~most of the other problems would be solved! Sure there were President’s that the Electoral College Voted in ~ the last 3 that You Mentioned were Elected through Deceptive Corrupt Strategies.! They were all NWO {Globlaist’s}~ that have been Destroying our Nation & we have been Almost Finished Off by another= OBAMA! {Obama is Illegal because he was Constitutionally Ineligible.}

        Here is one place you can look & it will lead to other Information: