How Ferguson Could Have Changed America (But Won’t)


The events that unfolded on August 9th in a small St. Louis town had the power to change America. If the media had been upfront from the beginning about the facts of the case, we might have moved past some of the racial divisions that remain fixed in our culture. It’s a long shot, but those possibilities could still come to fruition. But as long as the media, liberals, and people who make their living off keeping black people angry have their say, nothing will ever change.

The grand jury’s decision and the subsequent release of all the evidence did almost nothing to sway public opinion. Those who thought Michael Brown was the victim of a racist murderer continue to believe so. The shameful display in Ferguson that night only solidified the racist beliefs of a relatively small portion of the white population. The liberal media continues to portray this case as an example of justice gone wrong. It’s too bad, because there was a real opportunity here for significant change.

Undeniable Progress

The truth is that we’ve come a long way. Unfortunately, that progress seems to be invisible to liberals and (some) blacks. Instead of seeing that progress, where a black man can be President of the United States, they see only the remaining problems. Every day in America, white people are wrongly incarcerated. Every day, a white man is passed over for a less qualified minority. Every day, white people face injustice. This isn’t to illustrate how terrible white people have in in America – by any means. It’s only to say that, no matter what laws we have, life isn’t fair.

But when you decide that your station in life is determined by the color of your skin, you close the door to unlimited possibilities. Black people in America have never had it so good. You will never “cure” racism. But when you think that the justice system as a whole is stacked against your race, you’re being willfully ignorant of the facts. This isn’t 1955. Short of making it harder to convict a black man than a white man through some perversion of the courts, there isn’t much else that can be done. Talk of sensitivity training, programs to improve community policing, and body cameras are all well and good, but what happens when those things are implemented and the statistics stay the same?

Until we get an overhaul of black leadership, we will not see any further significant steps forward. We will not eliminate black on black crime. And until the media starts telling the truth about cases like Ferguson, we will never move past this awful “us vs. them” mentality. Conservatism – the belief that every able-bodied human being can triumph in life – must take root in tough black neighborhoods. It is the only antidote to the cycle of poverty that gives birth to these unfortunate perceptions of injustice.




  1. WhiteFalcon says

    If the people of Ferguson had behaved with any class, the whole thing would have
    been different, but unfortunately that class of people don’t have any class
    therefore we had what happened. Of course a Governor that had a spine would have
    helped a lot but Jay Nixon is a spineless liberal democrap and he couldn’t be
    found when all this went down. He wasn’t around but rather in hiding. Ovomit may
    have been telling him to not deploy the NG, but the NG had not been nationalized
    and therefore was not under Ovomit’s control. Nixon should be forced out of
    office ASAP. He is the personification of liberalism, no guts. It is past time
    to get rid of him.

    1. MarieJ27 says

      Excellent post. I don’t understand how the police force can turn their backs on one of their own, and now his wife, too.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I have heard that the entire force is pretty upset about the whole thing. It wouldn’t surprise me a lot if a major part of that force found employment in other places. That would be good. Leave the hoods to themselves for a while and then see what the “good people” of Ferguson think about no police protection. Officer Wilson did his job well and deserves to be commended. I hope he has found a job some place else where he is more appreciated. Screw Ferguson!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          I wouldn’t say “commended”. He did his job as best he could given the situation, the way it developed. All those shots fired does raise questions. Anyone with some experience will tell you it takes a few times to reach that kind of steadiness which allows you to place one or two crippling and debilitating shots. In combat you want a killing shot.

        2. Fedup says

          I had heard he resigned due to death threats against other members of the force. He wanted to protect the other cops he worked with.

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            I haven’t heard that one, but I’m sure that he has had many death threats to him and his family, which makes leaving that police force the only reasonable thing to do. I hope he alresdy has another job lined up in another state.

          2. Fedup says

            From the CBS Morning News program:

            Officer Darren Wilson will leave the Ferguson police department after less than three years of service with no severance package, pension or benefits. Ending nearly a week of negotiations, Wilson resigned citing threats against fellow officersas his motivation reports CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers.

            “They got some intelligence that suggested there were going to be some targets at the Ferguson Police Department and the minute he said that, he also indicated that he thought his resignation might alleviate some of those threats,” one of Wilson’s attorneys Neil Bruntrager said. “They had some intel that suggested there was going to be some action of a violent nature.”

            In his letter to officials, Wilson stated he would have liked to stay on the force “…but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me. It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal.”

            Take it at face value considering its MSM.

        3. informus219 says

          Officer Wilson is a disgrace. I would have more respect for the man if he had demanded a trial to tell his side of the story and put all the evidence out there so the public could see and here what happened.

          1. MarieJ27 says

            Wow – the rest of us got all the information plus more than he needed to tell. There should have never been a grand jury.

          2. NotSoPerfect says


          3. Lyle Goldbaum says

            yep really and if it had gone to trial and was found guilty do you even think for a minute the white man would have rioted like these wild people did

          4. linda15419 says

            Think about that for a minute. He has no job. How much is a trial going to cost him? Not to mention the emotional toll on his family. Would you want to go through a trial if a grand jury just failed to indict you? Come on. There is no guaranteed outcome in a trial. He could in up in jail for the rest of his life — all to prove a point. He is not a disgrace. I think he probably made the best of a very bad situation. But I really don’t know. I wasn’t there. Were you?

      2. RobertNorwood says

        Racial politics.

      3. informus219 says

        This may come as a shock to you MarieJ27. But there are some good police officers out there, who follow the letter of the law, and when one officer does what Wilson did it is not easy to work with or associate with a rough cop as your partner.

      4. fred says

        They are given the impossible task of keeping law and order in a community that has little to no respect for the laws, and a leadership that has no respect for either the police force or the rioters, so they pass the buck to the national guard because they are afraid to enforce the laws against the perpetrators or the rioting and crime for fear of offending the criminals! Its all backwards Marie, and its about time a leader with a spine came along and straightened out the mess in that part of Missouri! You know a solution will never come from the criminal in the WH! He loves this stuff, it may allow him to declare martial law and stay in office longer! We have laws and are a Constitutional Republic for a reason, our founding fathers didn’t want us to degenerate to the point where looting and rioting was ok, they would have executed the leaders and been done with the whole mess ! The MSM has been complicit in making things worse by condoning the violence bc it was done by blacks, that IS the truth! If Micheal brown was white and was shot by a black officer all of this would have been suppressed, you KNOW that is true also!

    2. informus219 says

      If Wilson had behaved has a professional, the whole thing would have been different.

      1. Lyle Goldbaum says

        if the kid did what he was told to do there things would have neen difference – imagine defending a criminal because of all things but for the sake we was shoot by a white cops i wonder how the outcome would have been had it been a black cop who shot this punk

  2. fred says

    Another national embarrassment bc of a black thug getting what he was asking for, thinking he was “entitled” to anything he wanted! Get over yourselves and stop all the lies! This kid had no chance bc of the way he was raised, sorry that’s the truth, ,and if you’re being truly honest with yourselves, you know the rioting and looting is all a BIG lie also!!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      He’s very entitled to what he did get.

    2. informus219 says

      There are white THUGS, out there who think they are entitled to anything they want:/ But the police don’t gun THEM down. White cops who feel they are obligated to shoot an unarmed black teen and is rewarded for his actions, is just as guilty as the Thug your reference in your comment FRED.

      1. fred says

        It doesn’t hold water when you continue to lie about the incident, where a thug took down a store and a storeowner, who then called the police and the THUG rushed him and told him he would KILL the police officer, black or white it was the wrong way to act towards anyone when you know you have done wrong and violated LAWS! I have seen your posts you are a pathetic liar and should be ashamed to perpetuate the lies you have been told by your leaders and we all know who they are, don’t we, “UN-informed”? Grow a brain, then maybe in a few thousand years you might be able to understand, however, i seriously doubt it! Now run along and cry to your masters, they won’t like that you failed…again!

        1. informus219 says

          I understand Fred the truth hurt. You want to see Wilson as a hero in a white hat. John Wayne stuff. Open your eyes and accept reality. Yes brown was a criminal he stole cigars he should have been arrested. Not shot down like a dog in the streets. If Wilson did his job as an officer and followed the law to the letter he would not be in this situation. His fellow officers are put in harms way because of his actions. If he was innocent, He should have demanded a Trial to tell his story.

          1. fred says

            I saw the camera footage from the store, nobody was going to stop this out of control thug and the officer was doing his job, protecting himself when confronted with an ENEMY is part of what he was supposed to do, I realize all would be OK with you if the thug had killed the officer in anger, and he was the n given a pass by the legal system because “he had a tough childhood”, however i am tired of trying to reason with cavemen who feel “entitled” bc of the color of their skin, it doesn’t make you intelligent or worthy of my respect. I wlll not respond to any more of your insane, thoughtless ramblings. Why don’t you tell me about the black officer who shot the white girl in Salt lake City? right! because you didn’t see it…Your argument is flawed bc i suspect like all the rioters and looters you too are a racist!

          2. informus219 says

            Fred, How many Black officers have gunned down unarmed white people? I am not racist. I am the product of racism.

          3. fred says

            Countless, all can be looked up in several forums the number of black officers firing on white citizens is shocking! In fact members of my family were almost shot by a trigger happy black officer about 18 months ago, i managed to talk him down, seems he was dyslexic and got the numbers of the address for his call wrong, I’m not joking, he had “trigger lust” in his eyes and i had him fired from the force after my complaint generated many more from other citizens he had drawn on for no reason! He drew his gun on us IN my house, and i will never forgive him for scaring my children! The good thing is now my children do not have any respect for anyone who doesn’t know how to properly use a firearm, and they have all been educated in their use, even my 5 year old! I asked you not to question my facts again, and you have provided none yourself so you know what you can do now…

          4. Lyle Goldbaum says

            what is a product of racism -oh yah thats right thats when a black thug thinks he is above the law

          5. Vernon Cunningham says

            Peope who have not commited a crime a not put on trial. Its a waste of time, and just to satisfy a group of hateful people is no reason to proceed with this farce.

          6. Lyle Goldbaum says

            so in other words what you are saying is that the officer should have let this kid kill him , and not have defended himself just for the sake the kid was black , and it wasn’t john wayne stuff idiot it was clint eastwood , break the law come at me and try to hurt me damned right im gonna shoot your ass

          7. informus219 says

            You hit the nail on the head, Shoot Blacks first ask questions later.

      2. Vernon Cunningham says

        My white grandson was stopped, spead eagled on ground and arrested. He was tranporting a gun legally. If he resisted, there were 6 guns pointed at him. He could have been shot. He did what he was told to do I bailed him out. He got his gun back Obey the law.

      3. chuck says

        You might want to google ” black officer shoots white teen” Your answer is FLAWED.

      4. ONLYJB1 says

        Sorry, but White boys, no matter how bad the think they are, will throw up their hands and obey a police officers orders when caught! That is the difference between a White criminal and a Black criminal!

        1. informus219 says

          In Pennsylvania, a white man shot two State Police Officers and killed one of the officers. There was a manhunt for this man for 6 weeks. The police finally caught him. The man was armed when he was caught. The police did not shoot this man. They beat him up/but they did not shoot him in the back. You can’t say the same for blacks and the cops. A cop shot a Black 12 year old kid in New York. The child had a toy gun in his hand. The cop said he thought the gun was real and shot the boy. The cop did not try to talk him in putting the gun down he just shot him.
          This is reality Sir. In a white community a man who was shouting how much he hated America and began shooting up his neighborhood. The police arrived did not fire one shot at this man who had shot up his neighbors houses. Again the man was armed. There is a double standard in this country. Whites do not get shot when confronted by police blacks do.

          1. lil-echoes says

            Who commits the most crimes according to the populations of both white and blacks? Who car jacks the most cars? Who steals the most from people on the streets? Who plays the ‘knock out’ games the most? Who rapes the most women? Who robs the most little stores? Who is caught stealing the most in stores? Who commits the most murders according to populations?
            When blacks were able to go to the White’s Schools, what did they do? Were they the good student there to learn, or did they raise problems for everyone around? Did they stay in school or did they drop out to sell dope cause it would provide more money than any job they might have gotten?
            The blacks gripe cause they don’t have the opportunities. Do they try and better themselves by speaking good English or do they still wanna have that ‘street black talk?’ You become the company you keep – if you run with thugs… you’ll become a thug… if you run with murderers, you’ll become one, if you speak only BLACK talk – it’ll degrade your future… ‘You’ are the only one who can set your own destiny…. if you chose a wrong path, who’s fault is that…… is it mine or is it your’s…?
            Now don’t tell me the blacks don’t have the same privileges – do they have a Daddy at their home to help guide them… or do they have a Mom who sleeps with this one or that one and has a kid by umpteen men leaving the kids to fetch for themselves. Who’s fault is that… is it the White man’s fault…? A person sets their own destiny…. it depends on their motivation…. Stop blaming everything bad that happens to you on the white race. How many whites do you see who wear their pants hung like that step father of that Brown dude who was shot by the white policeman…. Did’cha see him and his rant… his belted pants were way below even the bottom of his butt. This is the type of behavior that sets in motion of what’s to become of a black child’s life… Don’t blame Whitie for that, my friend.

          2. informus219 says

            lil, If this is the best you can do? YES blacks commit crimes mostly in their neighborhood. But they are not the only people in this country who commit crimes. Black crime is all you hear about on radio and tv. Take for example Bill cosby, it has been reported that bill raped women when he was able to get it up. But there was a white actor who was caught raping children recently. There was maybe 2 articles written about this guy and that’s it. The catholic church, priests raping boys. How long did this go on with the police and the clergy knowing about it and nothing was done until these boys reported the rapes. Whites kill, rape, beat up and kill cops. Look at the internet, If a black man does something wrong or go to jail you will read about this story for months. It has always been this way. If the actual number of white crimes was reported. You would actually see who commit the most crimes in this country outside of their community..

          3. Lyle Goldbaum says

            thats because bill cosby was a very admired person who supposedly betrayed the public’s trust. do your homework son bill is not the only celebrity under scrutinizing circumstances right now . man you are so racist the paint isnt even dry before you head out into public to preach your hatred of the truth because you are so colorblind .

          4. informus219 says

            I don’t understand why it is so hard for whites to admit there is racism in this country. I am sorry that blacks aren’t quiet about racism, or just sit back and take the brutality from the law. I am sorry you feel we are calling you bigots. But facts are facts no matter how you try to twist and turn the truth facts are facts.

          5. Lyle Goldbaum says

            what white actor i haven’t heard a thing and i stand behind cosby i don’t believe it and i’m white

          6. Lyle Goldbaum says

            your an complete uneducated idiot – before spouting off why dont you do your homework ,there have been black officers who have shot white boys- yet no one looted pillaged.wreaked havoc just because they were tired of watching reruns on tv, it amazes me that people are so stupid that when faced with the facts of the situation they will not or cannot grasp the fact the kid was guilty . no matter what his upbring was is no excuse , there have been many black people who have had a bad upbringing and have become stabile members of society ,the only difference was they didnt stand around bitching and whining , they asserted themselves to become something without expected it to be served as the main course for dinner .

          7. informus219 says

            I am always amazed at whites reaction to blacks protesting about racism and unfair treatment in this country. If whites are being mistreated by cops and they choose to sit back and take it that is your privilege. Are you in complete denial, or are you looking at this treatment of blacks thru the eyes of the teaparty or right wing media

          8. Lyle Goldbaum says

            neither , i am looking at it through the eyes of truth maybe you missed my other posts about the cops who shot the 12 year old black boy i was for hanging the cops – i don’t see colour i see people but i also am sooo sick of every time i turn around one race or another including mine screaming racism or bitching about something – or another – you want to talk equality you complain about how you are treated as a minority what about women white or black these are the people who are truly undefined , there are good people of all races and bad , what i see in ferguson was just a reason to protest against cops in general , the law looked at the incident and ruled if i thought for one moment the cop was unjust i would be the one standing in front of you calling for justice but i cannot because this kid brought the situation upon himself whether the cop was in the right or wrong had he just listened then we would not be arguing about this , but assuredly if it was not this situation there would have been another the natives are restless and its not just them who are affected by the collapsing economy so why dont you get off the racism boat and be the person who looks objectively instead of jumping on a sinking boat ?? and if you need to protest why the destruction of property that has nothing to do with anything except to show nothing more than your limited capacity at truth

          9. informus219 says

            That is because you either don’t care or you think they deserved it. I don’t understand your complacency . Somebody need to be aware of what is going on with the police. Your right whites are brutalized by the police, but very seldom are they murdered my cops. We can’t just sit back and do nothing. Enough is Enough. I understand not all police are bad. But make no mistake there are some bad cops out there. Someone is killed daily by the police. Something is wrong with this picture.

      5. Lyle Goldbaum says

        maybe try rereading freds post your replying in a negative way towards someone who was saying what you did — lol typical ferguson mentality

    3. system53 says

      Like your fellow KKK, you do feel that you are entitled to do anything what you want, such as killing, as if you were in Nazi era. Really wonder, what it will happen when the Latino become the majority in the next 20 years time and end up kicking your ass. Just wait and see,

      1. Lyle Goldbaum says

        i see the trolls have woken up

      2. Steve Crawford says

        But not only the Latinos and Hispanics, also many of the refugee and the Muslims. White racist bigots are selective of certain parts of the US Constitution. Whoever wrote this article is another example of written BS. Ferguson is 73% Black, of the 53 cops only 4 are black and one black person on the city council. The writer didn’t mention how Ferguson depended on fines as a means to support the city. Blacks were being written BS traffic and non traffic tickets. However, I blame every Black 18 yo for not voting and running for all elective positions. The city offices should be 75% black, the fire and police depts should be 75% black. Black unemployment is THREE times of Whites. Blacks make up about 43% those in prisons and jails. But yet Blacks can put on the US uniform to fight for foreigners freedoms, only to be denied to them when they return to the USA. But this does not include Blacks “with liberty and justice for all” E

    4. chuck says

      The rioting and looting are VERY well documented.

  3. ihatelibs says

    Oh , Fear not people . It Will change , AFTER the Next REVOLUTION .

  4. Lyle Goldbaum says

    change what should the officer plead guilty to something he didn’t do just because some of the black populace didn’t like the results , better yet ask yourself why they don’t protest obama as this president is surely ruining the country oh right forgot its doesnt matter because he is black ,ops politically incorrect my mistake -african americans. but wait if there americans why are they acting like terrorists

  5. ShawnNJ says

    When you have people like Al Sharpton pushing hate how can America win with the black communities.

    Now you have Obama and Eric Holder looking to drum up a false charges of civil rights violation.

    I believe Obama has turned race relations back at least 20 years. Pitting one group of people against another and that includes rich against poor, liberals against conservatives. Then you have Sharpton who incites hatred for his own benifit.

    Jessie Jackson and Al sharpton should be fighting against Obam allowing illegal aliens a free pass to take jobs away from the black communities.

    Theres nothing in it for them if they do. So you won’t see them even try. PHONIES!!

    1. john robel says

      Heres’s why,“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

      “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ


      1. informus219 says

        A cop does not shoot an unarmed teen and get away with it.

        1. linda15419 says

          You seem to know all about what happened inside the police car. Wanna tell us about it?

    2. William Walizer says

      plus Louis Farrakhan and William Barber (NC NAACP leader)

    3. draftinging says

      I disagree, Obama and his mob have put race relations back 150 to 200 years( long before the civil war). We may have another civil war this time white vs black. Thanks to Obama, holder, Sharpton, Jackson, farakhan.

    4. informus219 says

      Al Sharpton had nothing to do with what happenened to Brown, A rough cop killed an unarmed teen. Reading your comments. The only ones pushing Hate is the white community. You can’t stand the truth. You feel black people’s lives are not worth anything. I don’t know if you realize that whites are becoming a minority in this country. And race is going to always raise its ugly head with you way of thinking about other races in this country. you think you are better than the rest.

      1. ShawnNJ says

        Ignorance must be bliss for you.

        You have never read any of my posts. I have been fighting for the balck communities and will continue to do so..

        Your beloved President is going to allow illeagl aliens to take the jobs away from Blacks.

        Hmm. Wonder why he would do that?

        My comments are the truth. You are the one who can’t face it.

        Al Sharpton and his gang are only there for themselves. What have they produced? What Progress have they made for the Black Communities?

        I never said Al Sharpton had anything to do with the thug that was shot by the police. He just incites riots and hatred.

        Also what makes you think Im white. How dare you judge people. You are the Racist to assume.

      2. NotSoPerfect says

        You certainly have Sharpton’s, Jackson’s and other black race baiters’ slants on this case down pat, but I’m sure you realize that none of them, including yours, are based on actual facts and evidence. The only person here spouting all this racist crap is you, Shawn.

  6. WiSe GuY says

    Explanation: Niggers just wanted an excuse to loot, ad steal.

    1. Lyle Goldbaum says

      nigger a term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not black. , However, “cracker”, a term racist against whites, is a completely acceptable term ..hmm…

      1. informus219 says

        No I would prefer, bigot.

  7. Yadja says

    Oh it has “Drastically Changed” America in the manner that Holder and O want it “Changed”. Brought about more hate, more disinformation, more intense situations that put police in danger and is doing a really good job of “Dividing” this country into Black vs White and sooner or later this boil will burst and ooze onto the streets of this country in a nasty way.

    There is a chance this Union will be a Nation divided. Lincoln will turn over in his grave.

    1. informus219 says

      Yadja, The only hatred here is White Hatred. Blacks, Jews, Asians. have experienced your hatred all their lives. I don’t know if you read or not but look at history in this country between blacks, and whites. Hatred and bigotry is in your DNA. A black kid did not shoot Wilson. Wilson a WHITE cop shot an unarmed teen and does not feel any remorse for murdering this kid. NONE.

      1. Yadja says

        You don’t know anything about me so let me give you some information. There is no hatred for other nationalities or races in my DNA. My mother was Latvian and our people fought and ran undergrounds for people to escape Communism and Oppression. My people paid a heavy price for it including the Gulag and banishment. My mother, grand and father spent the duration of WWII in POW camps.

        My father was an American, Apache/Irish he owned no slaves he and my mother and grand had no prejudice and there was no talk in my home of anything you accuse me of.

        What about all the Blacks killing Blacks, is that White’s fault?
        What about all the Blacks selling Blacks drugs is that White’s fault?
        What about all the Pimps that are Black and prostitute Black women?
        What about the Gangster Rap that encourages rape of women and killing police and Whites?
        What about all the Blacks who kill Whites? What about the White teens killed by Black officers and Whites?
        What about the language the clothes the ignorance the ghettos that is all the fault of Whites?
        What about all that calling each other hoes and dressing like prostitutes and your videos showing Black women moving their backsides like dogs in heat?

        BS you have been given everything and your still ignorant, filled with hate and have not a clue what you are talking about. You got yourself a Black in color only president who incites you and encourages your hatred. His father was Kenyan Muslim, not one of his Black ancestors were born in this country or were slaves.

        Sick of all of you and if I am now against you, your violence, your attitudes, your music, your thug sportsmen, your filthy language and videos and movies et al I am sick of each and everyone of you and I am not to blame for your problems.

  8. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service says

    Contact all of your Congressmen and tell them to Impeach Obama !! Or they Will NOT Be re-elected
    (that is all they care about and if they receive enough feedback they will Impeach that BUMB !!) Do It !!

    1. beegeegirl says

      IF the piggy turd IS impeached, then it will be as if it was a legitimate president !!! It must be arrested and charged with treason, gun running, supplying aid and weapons to the enemy and a LOT more crimes against this once great country !!! That way, it will be declared null and void, every appointment, every law, every executive action that it made while in office !!! IF it is impeached, then all the horror it has done to we the people stands as is, because of being a legitimate president that passed those laws !!!!!

      1. FlyHighGuy says

        beegeegirl is correct. Impeach Obummer and all his crap remains. Arrest him and try him for all his crimes and then his crap is null and void.

      2. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service says

        Of course I meant that Obama SHOULD BE CHARGHED WITH treason AND war crimes AS SOON AS HE IS impeached !! I WOULD SAY MORE BUT IT WOULD PROBABLY BE ILLEGAL ?

  9. marcello geno says

    This article writer may have the best of intentions, but his conclusions are off-target. The tragic events in Ferguson, MO. are changing America — for the better. While some U.S. communities have good relations existing between law enforcement officers and the public, some like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Hollywood, FL. and Ferguson do not. I would strongly urge community leaders around the nation to re-examine their own police departments. Give their police officers psychological tests to determine which of them are racist or use undue force in dealing with the public. Get rid of the bigots and racists, whether they are black, white, or hispanic. Stop over-policing a neighborhood. Train officers to act in a more friendly responsible way toward the public they serve. Ferguson has taught all of us a lesson.

  10. Patrick says

    People the Media is too blame for this continued anger, the young man that informed the FBI with honesty was killed by protesters the night that the Grand Jury decided not to indict Officer Wilson. Not one word from the media concerning this young man’s death.

  11. deb says

    I am a white woman who years ago was stopped by a black state trooper for speeding. When the officer was writing me at ticket I was mad. I told him that he ruined my perfect driving record. He stopped writing and looked me in the eyes and said “No you ruined your perfect driving record.” I thought for a minute and said, you know what you are right, I did it to myself. After he was finished writing the ticket, I thanked him for the ticket. He said ” I have never had anyone thank me for writing them a ticket “. I told him I understand that it was my fault and I broke the law and I deserve the ticket because after all I was speeding. He told me to slow down and have a nice day. I realize that it was a good thing I was given a ticket because it slowed me down and probably prevented an accident I might have gotten into in the future. When the officer told Mr. Brown and his friend to get out of the street, he should have just said” sorry ” and got out of the street. Obviously the officer was concerned for their safety or he wouldn’t have told them to get out of the street. Their isn’t enough money in this world to pay me to be a police officer, I was taught respect and their is no respect from most of the people in the world today. Put the 10 Commandments back in schools and teach the Bible, maybe then kids will be taught respect for God and other people.

    1. bluisle says

      Yes, cause religion will change the Browns of this world. We need to stop applying our paradigms to others. Were different. End of story.

  12. Arizona Don says

    For some reason breaking the laws has become common place. I guess if the president of the United States of America is a crook how can we expect those who support him not to be? As long as the media and law enforcement (in mostly black cities) allow the blacks to have their own way regardless of the transgression the lawlessness will not only continue but get worse. Anarchy will rein supreme and that it seems is what they seek. However, law enforcement is not all they need fear if the current problems continue.

    Everyone knows law enforcement is not perfect but far and away most officers strive to be fair and NOT racist. Whether black or white.

    Justice should be sough regarding those who lied to the grand jury and also against those who rioted and looted the businesses in Ferguson and elsewhere where they caused problems.

  13. USCBIKER says

    All very true but that overhaul of black “leadership” will not happen until the 1960s POS race baiters retire, die or get voted out of office. Given that the same morons who elect them are getting dumber, not smarter, let’s don’t hold our breaths.

  14. The duck says

    Just one other thing that must be addressed and that is the children who only have one person in the home to raise and try to teach good morality. A child without a mother and father figure that is both one female and one male parent and only has one female parentis at a disadvantage to their peers. Yes some single parent homes are due to death and service tour country in the military but the choice to bear children out of self gratification and deny that child of either a mother or a father figure is a crime against that child and society. Add that to the equation and a two parent home will help to eliminate some of the crime we are experiencing.

  15. imbog says

    It’s almost like there should be separate laws for blacks and whites after all they are black right? when i lost my job after getting out of the army ,I couldn’t blame it on i was white. My son couldn’t go to the U of Washington because of the minorities first and we lived 10 miles from the campus. He went to Washington State across state and graduated with honors and again couldn’t get into U o W for his masters and went to U of Oregon where he graduated tops in his class. AND we are going down hill in our schools so that they are not smarter but we are dumber. Nice going America WOW. We got our testicles cut off

  16. brabbie2002 says

    I am all for peaceful protests such as those by Martin Luther King, but this rioting to collect and steal things you did not earn or are entitled too at the expense of others has got to be stopped! If it takes shooting a few thugs, so be it! The governor should have sent in the National Guard the minute the verdict was read. These rioters did NOT care what the verdict was to begin with. They just wanted to racial divide further the community and collect themselves some “goodies”. Check their backers – ISIS, communists and holder. What does that tell you about the whole lot of them?

  17. Arizona Don says

    The attorney for Brown says Wilson should have been charged so that the evidence could be presented to a jury and determination then made, after all evidence is out to the public. A flimsily argument at best. I absolutely disagree. In this country a man who acts in self defense is not guilty of any crime as long as it is reasonable he could have feared for his life. If a black man were arrested in a like situation would the same statement be made.

    It should be clear to everyone the only way a violent reaction could be avoided here was to find Darren Wilson guilty of murder. So in other words the only justice acceptable to the rioters and looters in Ferguson was an injustice.

    What happened to Brown he brought upon himself and that was going to be the outcome to his life sooner or later. Bullies always meet that kind of end if they continue to bully.

  18. marcello geno says

    The citizens of Ferguson behaved with class. Some out-of-staters who saw an opportunity to go against the establishment didn’t. That is why the looting and burning occurred. Police must make an effort in places like Ferguson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood, FL, Cleveland, Ohio and other cities to de-militarize their officers and make them more friendly and responsible to the public they serve and the taxpayers who pay their salaries.

  19. RobertNorwood says

    When are they going to stop publishing Michael Brown’s baby pictures? They tried that with Trayvon Martin and it was insulting to the intelligence of normal folks who knew it was a propaganda ploy to feed the notion a child was “executed”. When you see pics of what they really looked like you see these so called children weren’t children at all. Michael Brown was a big mean nasty brute who smoked marijuana cigars laced with angel dust which is common down there. He wasn’t planning for college – dismiss that myth right now. What kind of liars are the Brown’s, how do you sympathise with parents who take advantage of their child’s death through all this bull schit?

    1. Fedup says

      What makes me the angriest is when his mother said “He (Officer Wilson) was going to kill SOMEBODY”. Like he woke up that day and decided he wanted to kill the first person he thought he could get away with killing. Right. Anytime an officer discharges his weapon he is put on administrative leave pending an investigation. Had the investigation found that he used unreasonable force he would have been fired from his job. He wouldn’t be able to collect unemployment and his career in law enforcement would be over. It’s no wonder Brown was a low-life criminal. With a mother as stupid as that, he had no chance.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Most of those kids, no matter what negative feelings they stir up in you are products of their upbringing. You’re right, they don’t stand a chance the moment they are born. Every once in a while a Michael Oher comes along, a kid who lost everything, never had anything, and does right. It breaks your heart, and does the black “community” hold him up as a hero? No, because he’s proof that they are wrong.

        Brown’s mother’s is a full fledged whack job.

        1. bluisle says

          And his step dad is gangbanger. Check out the outfit he wore to church.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Got a rap sheet long as his arm.

  20. Mike Stempo says

    This incident could exponentially grow into a Cloward-Piven moment.
    Also, look up any number of outspoken blacks who are shouting down Obama, Sharpton, and the vicxtim mentality of blacks. These are the true leaders out of the wilderness of the black status quo, NOT SHARPTON, NOT JACKSON, NOT HOLDER, NOT OBAMA!

  21. pmbalele says

    Once this article used the word “liberal” it in fact encouraged more racial division. Instead of analyzing the issue and put it in proper perspective, the article actually ratified White Wilson’s act to kill Black Brown. This is exactly what racists and bigots do behind doors? They will show you their teeth and laugh with you but in their in heart they are angry why you as a Black man is before them. This article
    should have sort out what should have been done. For example, after Wilson killed Brown, Brown body should have never been left for hours as if he were a dog. If Brown were a white male the fire and
    ambulance would have been called right away. But Wilson instead called back-up when he had already killed Brown. This nation has had enough with racially charged issues. You should be aware of Senator Lott who said Whites should have shipped all Blacks back to Africa. This shows Lott had been bothered by Blacks being among him. Remember OJ case. Some Whites are still hurting why a Black man killed two White people. This is despite OJ was found innocent. This nation also heard about Bundy who denigrated Blacks as lazy when he had none working for him. You also remember the issue with Sterling who advised his Black mistress not to mix with Black people. All these racial issues
    are raised and perpetuated by old TPs and Repubs (conservatives) who think this country should go back to the 50s and 60s when Blacks were 2nd class people with no equal rights as White persons. TPs and Repubs are ISIS living in this country. We have to be careful with TPs and Repubs. They love to divide this country. But I am telling TPs and Repubs that we are not going back to the 50s. We shall use all laws on books to ensure we have the same rights as Whites. Thank God the next US AG
    will be a Black person too. It is sad this article ratified the death of Michael Brown thus ratifying racial division.

    1. beegeegirl says

      according to Officer Wilson’s testimony, he radioed for backup more than once, before he killed brownie and after, but his radio had been knocked into and the channel changed, and NO ONE heard his calls for backup. He used the shoulder transmitter, but no one realized the escalation of the crime/followup !!! so he DID try, just didn’t get through to them !

    2. Vernon Cunningham says

      You already have the same rights as whites. But you also have the same responsibilities. If Blacks would stop trying to be “black” and acted as citizens, most of the problems would go away. Even white people have a problem getting some jobs. Blacks never see the struggle we make to be successful. We do get rejected. But we get educated, and strive for a better life. We don’t riot. we are kind good to the black population. where do you think all the free stuff comes from? It isn’t “Obama Money” that you get. It is tax payer money. And we are getting tired of supporting generations of blacks who don’t make an effort to do better.

      1. pmbalele says

        Did you say doubt that I already have the same rights as whites and responsibilities? Sure I have and know it. It’s the corruption, nepotism and blatant discriminations that Blacks suffer that deprives them rights. Tell me why Ferguson police department had only 1 Black cop among 25 whereas the city was 50% Black. Do you really think there were no qualified Blacks to train and be cops? Are you blind or brain-washed like all TPs and Repubs? Wake up.

        1. Vernon Cunningham says

          First, you can’t blame all whites. We don’t practice discrimination arbitrarily. I will cross the street if I see a group of young blacks near a business, or walking down the street. I don’t want a confrontation, and I don’t want to shoot anyone. If I know one black among that crowd, then I will go there and BS with them. we all react like that. If black ,man sees a rowdy bunch of whites, I bet he will cross the street also. it is not the color so much as a warning signal that there could be a problem. As for the disparity of numbers in the number of blacks compared to the ratio of citizens of a color, how many blacks tried to become cops? Color should not matter. Public service does. And a black cop is not going to be nicer than a white one. Probably the opposite The law is the law.There was a black cop. Doesn’t that show that one did apply and qualified? You have to meet certain standards for the job. I am a liberal in most respects, and I don’t believe everything I see or read .I iive in mixed neighborhood. we all get along

          1. pmbalele says

            You’re right I can’t blame all whites. In fact that I live in Wisconsin, most of my friends are Whites and they seem to treat me as an individual not as a Black person. It is only a few people that can spoil the whole community. Here is a situation which people think is a joke. I lived in predominantly poor neighborhood dominated by people of color-Blacks, Latinos, Cambodians, etc. My wife and I took the bus to work every day and came back straight home to take care of our 4 kids. What we were wondering is people in the bus would talk about our neighborhood being a drug area. In fact one time the mayor of the city called a meeting to address that issue and invited all residents. My wife and I attended the meeting. We were surprised people were talking about drugs in our neighborhood. Eventually, I rose and asked: Are you talking about my neighborhood as drug area Mr. Mayor? Everybody was amazed that my wife and I did not know there were drug problems in the area. I believe this was because we never participated in drugs or alcohol parties. That tell you not all Blacks, Whites are racists. Only a small number of bad people can paint a neighborhood as bad.

          2. Vernon Cunningham says

            you would be a better leader for understanding than the main characters who say they speak for the black community. I am an old person, 73 years old. I remember the mistreatment of black people in my community. When I Joined the Marine Corps, my recruited friends and went out for dinner one evening while waiting for transportation, and while getting our buffet style meal, a manager came up and said he coldn’t serve a member of our group because he was black This was in 1960. I think we performed the first walk out demonstraton because we left our trays on the line and left. anyone who would serve his country is as good and has the same rights as all citizens, and maybe more because he was to become a Marine. But that standard should apply to everyone.

          3. pmbalele says

            Please read what I said about Bill Orielly. Foxnews and its White anchors are bigots and racists. I could not believe how they treat Dr. Carson as possible WH GOP nominee.

          4. Vernon Cunningham says

            perhaps we see a different version of how Dr. Carson is treated. It is more important to listen to what he has to say rather than focus on his race. His words strike true to my beliefs, and I don’t care where he comes from as long as he is a true blooded american which is what he shows. I usually watch the Fox headline news, and turn off all the sit downs. Those are only opinion pieces. But I will watch such men as mr. Carson.

          5. pmbalele says

            I know Dr. Carson resonates well with TPs and Repubs. But I was surprised Bill Orielly and Sean Hannity belittled him as ignorant and devoid of management experience. At least he does not sound dumb like Sarah Palin. Watch Orielly show of December 1.

          6. Vernon Cunningham says

            I agree. I will try to catch that broadcast.

        2. Vernon Cunningham says

          again, how many applied to become policemen? How many had the requirements? This is not the old Quota system, which didn’t work anyway. If we are all equal, then we should be hired according to our qualifications and abilities. The percentage of the population should not be a factor. Statistics change. People move around. And it should make no difference if the black population were only 10%. If you commit a crime, you do the time. Black youth make themselves more noticable by their attitudes and how they show themselves to the world. I see this ij my town. We also have litle black gangs that cause most of the trouble. White families are more often involved in their kids lives, and expect the kids to act right.Brown lived with grandparents. The Mother and stepdad had their own thing going. He never had a chance for a good or normal life.

          1. pmbalele says

            You mention the old Quota system. That is what is used to discriminate against Blacks especially in state and local government. Supervisors claim they don’t have to hire qualified Blacks establishments don’t have to follow the quota system. Bush1 is the one who de-enact the quarter system.

          2. Vernon Cunningham says

            I have to agree. It allowed unqualified blacks to get a job, not have to work since they couldn’t be fired, and left no ability to advance because of talent. I saw this in our factory. Blacks were hired because they had to be added in certain percentages. Then they were given menial jobs. There were exceptuions. men who actually worked and tried to progress and did. But they were the minority. One of my best friends succeeded in the factory because he worked hard, and bid up to better positions.

    3. retreaded says

      Are you really that stupid? You are so full of racial hatred that you are incapable of rational thought. I was the token white on a black crew on a production platform out in the Gulf of Mexico. Two of the black workers harassed me constantly. I don’t hate blacks but I do dislike being around evil racists like you. If you are not capable of being honest, truthful or rational, you need to leave your computer turned off until you get your head on straight. I’m sure there are a few nuts out there that are offended by obummers racial heritage but be assured that most white people have no problem with the president being part or all black. Our problem is his total disregard for the Constitution and laws of our country. One of the freedoms you have is the freedom to leave the USA and move to a country more to your liking. Please do so soon.

      1. bluisle says

        And what did you do when you were harassed?

        1. retreaded says

          I ignored the two trouble makers because I got along well with the rest of the crew. Instead of watching TV at night like they did, I studied very hard and completed the three year training program in less than four months. I worked hard and found a way to save the company a lot of money. After six months with the company, I was promoted from grade 1 to grade 5 and transferred into the office to work in engineering. The two bad guys, well one got fired and the other one got himself killed. When you turn your problems over to God, He takes care of things His way.

          1. bluisle says

            Fair enough. At times I wish I also has the gift of faith but, sadly I do not and handle my challenges a bit more like a pagan would.

      2. pmbalele says

        This makes me puke. Look what you wrote: “Our problem is his total disregard for the Constitution and laws of our country.” So you discounted President Obama and me as citizens of this country, just because we happen to be Blacks? Are you not ashamed to write us off so? You must be sick mentally. So you go around and see Blacks as invaders of this country. This is incredible and stupid. By other way I watched Bill O’rielly show today. I believe Bill has the same thinking as you do about Blacks. Blacks are not eligible for anything in this country. Look, Bill O was comparing polls who would win the President
        elections if held today. So he started mentioning GOP likely candidates-one after another. Here is the list: Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Romney, and Chris Christie – that is all. Do you know who he missed in his survey-Dr. Carson? This is despite Carson has been ranking 3rd among GOP in the polls. That tells you there are still stupid racist in this country who think Blacks should not be elected as President. I hope you’re not one of them. I will pray for you before jumping on my bed. You and TPs make me sick.

        1. retreaded says

          Did you actually read my post or are you incapable of rational thought? I certainly would not discount your hero as he has done massive harm to this country. I never wrote anyone off because of their skin color. I have never seen Blacks as invaders and anyone who knows me knows I am not a racist. I have met Dr. Carson and I would be happy to get the opportunity to vote for him. I definitely don’t want someone like Christie in the White House.

          You very stupidly claim that Blacks are not eligible for anything in this country. What about all of the Black Mayors, Police Chiefs, Senators, Representatives, Governors, President, high ranking military officers, business owners and most civil service managers? How can you discount them? Blacks that are not criminals have more opportunities than white people. Pity parties are never productive. If we fail in life it is only our fault. No one else is to blame.

          I used to go in and take over an eighth grade class (all Black) in New Orleans and teach the children about life, jobs, education, investments, etc. I did it for free because I cared about their futures. What volunteer work do you perform? What do you do to improve your community? I went into poor neighborhoods and painted houses free for Blacks that could not afford to pay to have it done. I seriously doubt that you have done as much as I have to help the Black community. I also volunteer and teach anger management to a mixed race class of men on parole or probation. Men trying to get free of drugs , alcohol or other addictions.

          What is your hate problem with the TEA party? I’m not a member but many smart Blacks are. They are the only group in the country that actually cares about the Constitution and the future of our Republic and they are certainly not as racist as you are.

          I don’t watch Bill O’Reilly as he is all mouth and little brain. There are many excellent Blacks who study and work hard and obey the laws. I’m with them 100% as they are not communists. They put the hate out of their lives and move forward because they know that everyone is responsible for their own lives. I worked for a Black manager in the oil business that I greatly admired and respected because he earned and deserved respect.

          Most Whites do not harbor any hatred or animosity toward Blacks. We wish them well. We do not appreciate Black looters rioting and murdering innocent people! Thugs are thugs regardless of their skin color. Yes, there are still some evil, white racists in this country but there is evil racism rampant in the Black community that can only be addressed by your community. I can’t fix your racist hatred. Only you can work out your emotional problems by taking a long look in the mirror.

          Please stop hating and start learning. Respect is not a right. It must be earned by being respectable. Obey the laws and you will have very little contact with the police. A life of welfare is a life of slavery to the evil Democrats that are also the terrible KKK.

          I wish you the very best in life. You will do better if you will put the hate, racism and anger aside and work to improve your attitude, life and community

          1. pmbalele says

            You make me sick. How can you expect Dr. Carson be on the ballot if TP and Repub leaders don’t what him because he is Black? Read what I have just posted how the right-wing media are ignoring and actually attacking Dr. Carson after polling 2nd in GOP straw poll. Right media already hate Carson, despite, his policies resonate with theirs. They hate him because he Black.

          2. retreaded says

            Why does the truth make you sick? You have a lot of lies and misinformation in your mind that you don’t want to turn loose of. I read a lot of posts from a lot of Whites that want Dr. Carson on the ballot. Of those currently being mentioned, he is by far the best man in the running. The TEA party would love to have him run. They certainly don’t hate him at all. The main opposition to Dr. Carson is from the racist Democrats who really hate him because he is a successful black man and a Republican. He doesn’t fit in their narrative (not their slave or on welfare). Unfortunately, the main stream Republican party is controlled by the same super rich “one world government” rats that control the Democrat party.

            I don’t expect Dr. Carson to run for president because he knows that if he had a serious chance to win, either BHO or Hillary would have him violently eliminated. Those two are seriously evil. Your problem is that 99% of the racism is from the left wing and you are too indoctrinated to be able to see the truth. Stop drinking the cool-aide!

            Right wing media in this country is almost non-existent. The media is totally dominated by radical progressives (communists) that hate this country almost as much as you do. FOX news used to be a little on the right until a Saudi prince bought a major block of their stock and moved them to the left. The only viable right wing media is the internet, especially

            The only right wing opposition to Dr. Carson is not hatred or racial in any way at all. Many people are rightly concerned because of his beliefs on the Second Amendment. Most conservative Americans love the man but they are afraid of his stance on guns. The Second Amendment is the only one that protects all of the others. Remember that the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. Your people are being victimized terribly by Black on Black crime. The “Jim Crow” laws and gun control laws were put in by Democrats in order to control the Blacks just as abortion was instituted by left wing racists (Democrats) to keep the Black population down. The Democrats fought for years trying to keep the Civil Rights Act from passing.

            Unlike you, I really love this country and I don’t hate anyone. I served honorably and well in three branches of the military for a total of almost 31 years. I’m retired and still doing volunteer work. Tomorrow morning I am driving a black female veteran over 200 miles to the VA clinic.

            You really need to learn that hate rarely has a place in most white people’s lives or hearts. Get over your obsessive hate problem. This is a beautiful and wonderful country with many fantastic people of all ethnic groups! I have traveled all fifty states and over twenty different countries. If you were to travel the world extensively and ask everyone you meet “what one wish would you most like to have granted” most of them would ask for a one way ticket to the USA. I know that from first hand experience.

            If you really believe that America is full of white racists (which is not true) then pack your bag and move to Africa. You would have a very rude awakening.

            I have seen evil racism up close and personal both as a victim and when my best friend (a black draftsman) spent two years in the Orleans Parish jail for a crime that never even happened! While he was locked up, his younger son was murdered in his front yard by a black thug like the ones looting in Ferguson.

            I don’t know how old you are but personally, I have walked the walk and I have a lot of miles and experiences under my belt. Please do us both a favor and read more and hate less.

          3. pmbalele says

            Thanks. At least you agree with me that TP, Repub leaders and their mouth-pience FoxNews hate Carson for his color. They would prefer having no candidate than having Carson as GOP WH nominee. Is that a shame of Repubs and TPs?

          4. retreaded says

            You obviously didn’t even read my post above. Why do you have to lie so much about everything? I didn’t agree with your lies. I give up as you are way to stupid to have an intelligent conversation about anything.

  22. Paula says

    Booker T. Washington, 1911:
    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

  23. Sir Dirty Harry says

    Blacks want big money for the slavery of the past. I’m all for giving money to the original slaves, are any still alive? As for their children, forget it, you are getting a EBT card, healthcare and education. Most have gold in their teeth and drive brand new BMW’s while us poor white people drive a 15 year old car and go to work everyday. You get no sympathy from me especially if you are a white, black or latino thug, pimp or drug dealer. You are all no good criminals.

  24. Wolfman says

    Bully Brown was a over sized thug that broke the law and paid for it

  25. Combatvet52 says

    Listen to the Black Pastor who said all you blacks are sorry a$$es stop blaming the police and White people for all your short comings get out of your own hole that you and Sharpton created.
    The Pastors name i can’t remember if i find it i will post it.

  26. pattonknew says

    just researching the teenagers profile and statements added not just to the immediate but the collective environment while obama pushed through more legislation during and being sure to keep police off or out of the riots tells you every thing you allready know about baraq obamas friends that he expects results out of but for the benifit of americans you can start articulating these gentlemen as the peices of trash that they are…..just be sure to include a better alternative ending in your statements to bypass their party talking points!!

  27. rayhause says

    In my life time there are no amends that can be made by the blacks. All of our adult lives we have been chastised for the events of 150 years ago and since the black man is still living with that mentality. When all rights were given in the Equal Rights Amendment, over 50 years ago, it was never enough. Our government has contributed over 20 Trillion dollars to rectify what many of us question the wrongs by our forefathers. Every time there is an incident that on the outside looks as a wrong doing we are finding that the blacks are lying and giving them cover to rob, steal, loot and burn down the businesses that serves them and as in the case of Ferguson were owned by many blacks. I’m tired of this giving in to demands that has no merit, just taking a stand.

  28. marilyn says


  29. rchguns says

    No that’s where you’re wrong. This situation is going to escalate and change America forever. It’s going to escalate because the current administration is going to make sure that it does. Ever since this imbecile been elected is done everything in his power to escalate racial tensions in America and at the same time escalating the development and arming of his personal army “homeland security”!

    Dirty Diaper Head Obama may be the most despicable person to ever be in that office, the lowlife scum bucket with delusions of grandeur, 100% totally anti-American, and the most bigoted and racially vile individual to ever disgrace that office.

    Everything is escalating out of control because that’s the way he wants it he and his gang of black political maggots who live on the misery of every member of the black community realize that if they don’t do something they all could end up in jail.

    When Obama is no longer protected by the office of the presidency there’s no reason to believe that he will not be arrested and charged with capital crimes and along with him most of his cronies and supporters not just black but all of the supporters of his bigoted regime you can bet your bottom dollar that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are going to be among the noted felons. King Obama does not want to go to jail.

    He can’t be elected again so that means he will lose the protection of the office so what are his options?

    1. He can hope that some other scumbag wins the Presidency and will grant clemency to Obama and his band of Merry men.

    2. The day before he leaves the presidency he can publicly apologize to the American people and on the Capitol steps commit ritual suicide by ripping open his belly and letting stinking guts as a way of showing how ashamed he is.

    3. The day before he leaves office he rounds up his family and catches the first flight back to Kenya.

    4. For the most probable! He will instigate a problem to declare martial law and by doing so will nullify the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in the end declaring himself either President for life, Emperor of America, or the holy Imam of America.

    Those are basically is choices and what’s happening in Ferguson right now is basically cocking the gun and handed it to Old Dirty Diaper Head Obama and hoping he doesn’t pull the trigger.

  30. Ann Banks says

    Officer Darren Wilson is welcome here in North Dakota. There are openings for Sheriff Deputy. We have a safe life and no trouble with the black population. If he is interested he can email me at I know he did the right thing as the young blackk man was totally out of control. The black man’s parents should have taught him better manners.

  31. Combatvet52 says

    This is the Pastor i spoke of early today…….. …….. he makes more sense than Obama and Sharpton.

  32. dkuchera says

    Yes and we have Old Al Sharpton owing millions in back taxes causing more trouble. Why he is not in jail? OH that is correct the IRS is only going after conservatives not liberals and the IRS can tell lies to the people trying to find out what they did.

  33. Frank Delano says

    If it was a Black cop killing a white person . nothing more heard . No riots nothing .

  34. Ricky Trimnal says

    Giving in to racist values is wrong under any circumstance and we have to understand that as a nation! We have some smart people in this country!! Lets not ruin that based on color, but on substance and character!! Now, some JA wants me to provide an Image! Provide your own JA!

  35. zookeeper216 says

    Brown was so high on pot he became a threat. The threat was neutralized. If stupid people want to make a hero of this thug, that’s on them. Maybe they should learn to be better parents.

  36. Shauna says

    All I can say is that Martin Luther king must be rolling in his grave right now….He did not advocate violence, looting, burning down buildings….( especially burning down minority owned businesses)….Ferguson peeled back the layers of rot within this culture and it’s time we begin the conversations on race…..Part of the problem that has fueled this “lay about” culture is our social programs, time and time again, it has shown that they don’t work! The programs were supposed to be a helping hand not a career paycheck. That would be a start….I have spent my life never even thinking about race as a issue, but you know what? All these recent issues from Ferguson to knock out games, has awaken me to a racism. I’m beginning to conclude that blacks are the most racist towards others. At what point do you stop blaming others for your crap, take responsibility for your crap and be accountable for your crap??? Hard questions, I know, but time is now to start thinking about it….stats don’t lie……

  37. Francisco Machado says

    There was one notable bright point in the Ferguson riots: That, while the rioters were tearing up the town and torching buildings, an armed group of local people, black and white, assembled a militia by contacting one another and getting together to keep the rioters from getting to the neighborhood gas station. Presenting a unified armed force, they did not (to the best of my knowledge) have to shoot anyone. I prefer not to think of what the riot mob would have done had they seized the gas station.

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