How Trump Cleaned Up With Late Deciders


As pollsters and reporters continue to investigate how they were so wrong about the results of the 2016 election in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the vote, there are some indications that the polls weren’t as far off as they first appeared. According to Aaron Blake at the Washington Post, for instance, Donald Trump’s seemingly-improbably victory could – at least partially – be explained by his enormous advantage among last-minute deciders.

“Some of the polls were wrong to a degree, yes,” Blake writes, “but there was also something at work in the final days of the election: People who decided late broke strongly for Donald Trump in the states that mattered, according to exit polls. And without this apparent late surge, Hillary Clinton would be our president-elect — not Trump.”

Blake says this pattern is clear in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, four states without which Trump could not have won the election. In each of those states, exit polls indicate that voters who decided in the last week of the campaign broke heavily for the Republican nominee.

“In Florida and Pennsylvania, late-deciders favored Trump by 17 points,” he writes. “In Michigan, they went for Trump by 11 points. In Wisconsin, they broke for Trump by a whopping 29 points, 59-30.”

The question now becomes: Why did last-minute deciders choose to cast their vote for Trump? Was it because they liked what they saw from him in the final weeks of the campaign, where he brought renewed focus and discipline to the trail? Was it because of the infamous letter from FBI Director James Comey, which suggested that Hillary Clinton could still be in danger of a federal indictment? Or was it simply late-deciders following a common historical pattern in which they turn sharply against the incumbent party?

One possible deciding factor? Obamacare. For all the talk about the FBI investigation, voters in the battleground states may have been swayed less by that and more by the sticker shock they were getting from the health insurance industry. Many voters learned shortly before election day that their premiums under the Affordable Care Act were set to skyrocket. With Trump promising to repeal and replace the law, those premiums may well have been the deciding factor.

If the polls were closer to reality than they seemed on November 8, then it shows you the true lesson of the 2016 race: The only count that matters is the one on election day.


  1. Justin Seine says

    People who were disillusioned by the sideshow masquerading as an election decided to grab their barf bags at the last moment and head for the polls before closing. Obviously, much to the surprise of many, they voted against the status quo.

  2. craig says

    No justy!! They, unfortunately not you, had the SENSE to NOT vote for an Anti American Anti Military, Incompetent, Egotistical, Corrupt , Greedy, OLD LIB DEM HAG who took MANY MANY MILLIONS from OUR ENEMIES!!! DUH!!!

    1. Justin Seine says

      It went right over you head….

  3. Garys_opinion says

    Late deciders? You shouldn’t be making a choice until all of the facts are in and the campaigning is done.
    Late Deciders should be normal deciders. Early voting just screws up the process.
    I’d be willing to bet that if everybody waited until election day, Trump would have won by a bigger margin.

    1. pappy450 says

      TRUMP DID WIN BY A BIGGER MARGIN. (that is AFTER it was “discovered” that 3 MILLION ILLEGALS were allowed to vote (which they are NOT supposed to do, by OSCUMBAG said they COULD.) AND we can’t forget also in N.Y. city “Mr. COMMUNIST Mayor” allowed illegals to vote THERE also. (more than likely scumocrat too.) So IF these “votes” were Illegal, TRUMP probably won by a landslide. (AND the popular vote too)

      1. Vassiliki says

        Have they counted the overseas military ballots yet?

        1. Patriot says

          I dought it. I never voted when i was in Europe it was never broght up. By the command

          1. Tokopah says


        2. Ted Duke says

          The procedure is to not count ballots from overseas unless there are sufficient numbers to possibly affect the outcome when they are received for counting. If a candidate were leading by a million counted votes, a batch of 5,000 ballots would have no effect.

          That’s one explanation I’ve heard, but have yet to verify.

        3. pappy450 says

          I haven’t heard, but I doubt it. Those votes would more than likely be for TRUMP, so the “powers that be” wouldn’t want to actually see that HITLERY got hammered more than she did. I DO NOT believe she won the “popular vote” either, if the only the LEGAL votes were counted and all the ILLEGAL ones were thrown out.

      2. says

        And don’t forget the felons allowed to vote in VA at last moment. The system is crooked and fixed, always has been, but rarely are elections close enough to expose the voter fraud.

        1. pappy450 says

          Yes I did forget that one, THANK YOU, The SCUMOCRATS tried every dirty trick in the book and STILL got hammered. “WE THE PEOPLE” OVERCAME THE FRAUD and came out to vote in DROVES! AND YES, I just LOVE the sound of snot-nosed liberals crying in the morning!

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


    2. PatrickHenry says

      I agree. Unless someone has a VERY good reason, there shouldn’t be early voting. Many things can happen before an election, as we have seen about Hillary’s proven lies from Wikileaks. The voting age needs to be raised to at least 21 as well. How can anyone younger really make an informed decision until they have been out on their own experiencing real life. Many still live at home. One exception, if serving in our Military. Also, anyone wanting to Immigrate to the U.S., needs to serve in our Military for 2 years. This will prove their commitment to becoming a Patriotic American & assimilate them into our culture.

      1. Vassiliki says

        If I recall voting age was 25 and later changed to 18. If one cannot drink beer till 21 due to immaturity how can they have an even bigger responsibility by voting for a leader? I agree it should be at least 21 but don’t forget a lot of those young adults are still in college till 22. 25 is a good age. Maturity has set in a little, you are out in the real world and maybe have already statted a family.

        1. PatrickHenry says

          Yes, I also believe 25 would be best. Good points.

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            They should also have to pass a simple test on civics and U.S. history as well as provide a picture I.D. This discriminates against no one! The leeches are perfectly capable of finding I.D. to receive their free stuff and EBT cards.

          2. Ron C says

            Good points, and might I add that Civic & US history should be taught in K-12 again.

          3. Emma says

            It was , once upon a time , taught.

          4. Sherry says

            Consider WHY they insist on DUMBING down our youth…….These are our future leaders and the ones who will take over the reins when most of us are too old to do anything about the direction of this country.

          5. Emma says

            Precisely why we must take back control of our America & our children.

          6. Chiefbuck says

            The first thing that Obama did after taking office was to beat down the charter schools. Why would anyone do that? Could it be that the teachers unions provided a much better program and policies for teaching our children? Or was it that the teachers union provided better campaign funding for liberal progressive politicians? If you are unsure about what the answer is you may be a certified liberal parasite.

          7. Combatvet52 says

            Well Obama put a boy in the girls restroom that’s one of his great accomplishments…………..moron is out on 1/20/17

          8. Christina says

            And Trump will build a wall……. Oh, will he be bringing his textile buisness back to the USA? His clothing line is manufactured in third world countries. Hypocritical maybe? Oh how about him running the US from his twitter count? Name calling ok? Bullying ok?

          9. Combatvet52 says

            Right that’s why he was elected a person with brass B-lls not a politician, if you don’t like this site why do you post……..the liberal democrats we don’t like it so you can’t have it……..BTW we are the deplorable’s and God loving Americans

          10. Christina says

            I continue to post on this site because the idiots like yourselves need to know there are people in this country who are not racist,sexist, bigots who bully anyone because they do not like what is being posted. You continue to refuse to admit that there are people on this site who have called me vulgar names and using words that I will never say. But again this only shows the inegrity (lacking of) that the Trumpenstien infants portray in their posts. If you do not like my posts than stop leaving me immature comments that I need to reply to.

          11. gotcha1 says

            The name calling, race baiting and hate was totally coming out of the demo-camp for the last 8 years. Where have you been?

          12. Chiefbuck says

            Trump instead of doing what he did behind closed doors did it in front of everyone. We all knew of the usual deceit and corruption in the dimocrat party and the only mystery is why so many dimocrats voted for such a corrupt candidate. How does one justify the Benghazi disgrace and the lifetime of corruption? Probably because of political favors and freebies. Stew in that for the next four years and hopefully more. Now if we are able to keep an eye on the RINO element and “moderate” GOP types we should be able to convince the non conservative citizens that our policies will work just fine. Think back to how many Republicans were permitted to get behind the locked doors for the final Obamacare votes. In case you forgot or simply didn’t know the answer is NONE.

          13. Christina says

            It is funny that Obamacare was instituted by a Majority GOP house and Senate. They had to vote to pass it to the President for signature.

          14. Christina says

            Benghazi was a result of the GOP refusing to increase personnel and funding when they were asked by Sec. Clinton. They are the blame along with the private security company who told his men to stand down. He initiated this command without any commands form the WH. Ambassador Stevens Wife has told the press numerous times that Hilary Clinton was not responsible for the death of her husband. But again it is a lost cause to try to tell you deplorables to look at the real facts. Bush and Cheney destroyed millions of emails while they were in office. Trump is using unsecured sites to post on twitter. He also is using unsecured computers to do the same. But again he cando no wrong in the eyes of his followers. Your behavior meshes well with the false prophet President elect Trump.

          15. Law.Abider says

            Hey, Christina, as I have stated many times before on these forums, Trump is a builder. He does NOT own “textile” businesses. He may have a line of clothing but he can’t very well make it here if there are NO textile factories here in the US anymore. This is why he wants to bring businesses back to the USA. He knows that they’ve all left the USA and we are hurting because of it.

            And don’t you even BEGIN to start accusing him of name calling or bullying! Your lovely rioters and looters, you know, the ones who want Hillary in even though none of them voted AT ALL, are the pinnacle of bullying and name calling. They’re demanding recounts, and stating not MY president, and saying “F Trump” simply because their candidate lost. Just a bunch of crybaby losers. They’ve been coddled all their lives – no doubt by the likes of the Democrats – and they don’t know how to harness their emotions and accept defeat gracefully.

            You sound so simple. What? Do you sit at home collecting welfare? What’s the matter? Afraid you’ll have to get a job now? Buck it up, baby! There’s a new sheriff in town. WE had to put up with YOUR choice for the last eight years and now you have to put up with ours. I predict, though, that you’ll actually like our new POTUS. He’ll bring jobs back to the USA; he’ll treat everyone with respect and in the process, he’ll even teach you some self-respect instead of self-loathing. Hypocrite!

          16. Christina says

            First of all I am retired! I worked for everything I own. So before you assume everyone who hates Trump are on Welfare take a bette r look. Many Dr.’s, Military, Nurses, And upper class citizens Voted for Hilary. The majority of Trump supporters are from poor, uneducated males who probably beat their wives’s daily. By the way I served my country did you? When people accuse others repeatedly with assuming they are on welfare and do not work it usually means they are the ones milking the system. You are projecting what you really are. Uneducated, welfare mongul.

          17. gotcha1 says

            Yep…what a legacy! Great point.

          18. Combatvet52 says


          19. Sherry says

            And don’t forget CURSIVE writing…….ALL American children should be able to read and STUDY our beloved Constitution!

          20. Terramom says

            So right!

          21. Chiefbuck says

            Sherry, I’d be pleased if most HS graduates even knew what cursive writing is. I saw first hand HS grads who could not sign their names, read forms or even make change for a dollar. I saw the report of a college grad who had a Masters degree who scored a 19 on the ASVAB test. A score of 50 is average. And we wonder why only a small percentage of HS grads are able to join our military because they are able to read at or above the 6th grade level.

          22. pineapple says

            This would disenfranchise all the illegals that voted after being encouraged by Obama to vote.

          23. ChiefBoring says

            I was set to disagree with you, until you allowed for the military. I enlisted in the Navy at 18, and voted that year, for Eisenhower, by absentee ballot. The Navy allowed us to drink beer on base, for the same reason. I would argue for 21 for everyone else, except that college is indoctrinating rather than educating the young folk; so maybe 25 would be better.

          24. Chiefbuck says

            Chief, Where was your home of record back then? In most states the voting age then was 21. I also enlisted the day after my 18th birthday but was unable to vote in PA until after I was discharged and returned from Korea at age 21.

          25. ChiefBoring says

            Georgia. We were taken from school to the courthouse, and registered for the draft, also that is usually done at the post office, and to vote at the same time. I enlisted 12 days after I graduated, in June 1956.

        2. says

          Good point, and as we have all seen, these kids are brain dead idiots for the most part and can’t even identify pictures of who is running on campuses around the country. Voting age should be 27 when these wimps get thrown off parents healthcare or thrown out of basements they are living in.

          1. Vassiliki says

            I know! They couldn’t even identify our VP, Biden! So sad!! But they could identify big ass Kardashian.

          2. Junior1950 says

            Don’t you mean big @ss KarTRASHian????

          3. pineapple says

            I say thirty is a good age, because hopefully by then they will be more informed.

          4. anibanib says

            Regardless, Americans just cant Think for themselves……….from the time they understand spoken Words, they are systematically brainwashed, first by their parents, then at school, and if they enter the military,they the brainwashing continues………..that the USA is THE greatest country in the World……………note that this is a list over the GOOD countries in the World…………and the USA is far far far from being good


          5. Law.Abider says

            Oh, no! Don’t look at the current figures and think that we are ALL ignoramuses. What you see is the result of an average of ALL the people who currently live in the US. These numbers are seriously skewed by the literally MILLIONS of illegal aliens, who along with their illegal alien, American-born children, have adversely affected our standings. I mean, most of the Central Americans coming here have a third grade education. How can literally millions NOT affect our scores?

            You must be one of the brain-dead millennials or one of the illegal-alien spawn who inhabit our country otherwise it would be soooo obvious to you why our numbers are not higher. We old-timers know what our rankings used to be and we long for those good-ol’ days. THIS is why we voted for Trump and why we want the illegals gone and why we want our children educated in the ways of OUR time. This new multiculturalism be banished! It’s BS!

          6. anibanib says

            What can I say

          7. Law.Abider says

            My forefathers WERE from Europe and you are right, they couldn’t speak a word of English. But HERE is where you are wrong. My ancestors came through Ellis Island. What the majority of you know-it-alls DON’T know is that you couldn’t just show up. You had to be invited here That’s right. INVITED! Ads were put in the various countries, one at a time, for the emigrants from those countries to come to the USA WHEN the USA needed extra people. No one just flooded here like the illegals are doing now. And once they got here, there were no freebies like there are now. You either worked or you starved, unlike the welfare frauds who sneak in now. So, considering that my ancestors WERE invited here by the powers that be, I would hardly say that they were “illegal.” Additionally, they were proud to become Americans so they encouraged their children to learn English. Since they were “legal,” their children who were born here, were born as American citizens even though their parents had not yet been here five years. I believe that you are ignorant of American ways in the past.

            We DO demand that they go to school, but when 16 years of age, they are legally allowed to drop out. If they drop out and don’t graduate high school, what do you want US to do? Their parents have a third grade education. They don’t exactly see the need for a higher education.

            Lastly, you are comparing refugees to illegals. We take in refugees each year too and they are better cared-for than many American citizens who have worked their whole lives and are retired. You don’t mention which country you’re from but I bet you don’t have an “illegal” problem. Don’t compare the two. THIS article was about illegals, you know, those people who were never invited here by the US government but who came to leech off of American citizens. I and everybody else in this country are absolutely SICK of their being here. We have laws against this. It’s just that Bammy and Hillary and the likes of those people, REFUSE to enforce our laws.

            We finally have a “law.abider” who will take the oath of office in January and we are hoping, and from all indications so far, he WILL finally, after many decades, enforce ALL the laws of this country, not just a select few.

          8. bpgagirl22VAnow says


          9. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            amen you just said “” I dont live Flucking USA, you still keep harping on about it………..go die a nasty death”

            What Liberal Ghett O drug u on ???

          10. Law.Abider says

            Free-Stream….You hit a nerve there as you got a whole lotta up-votes as well as a hearty chuckle from me!

          11. says

            Thanks, if we can’t laugh about these kids, we would be crying, lol

        3. Christina says

          18 yr olds can be sent to war. They have every right to vote. Ridiculous. You all have got your anti christ to lead the country. Stoop gloating for more. Greedy people. As of today my candidate had over 1.2 million more votes than he did.

          1. Alan says

            Go curl up in your safe space and cry your eyes out, you lost, get over it !

          2. PatriotGal says

            Christina, now let’s look at REALITY! Three MILLION illegals voted for KILLary – at POTUS OWEbama’s behest while campaigning for her telling the ILLEGALS to vote because no one knows if they’re ILLEGAL; plus 60,000 pardoned FELONS in VA that the gov. advised vote for KILLary when he pardoned them; plus the polling places in PA where they barred Repubs from entering to vote; plus the ILLEGALS in CA who voted for KILLary because Gov. Moonbeam granted them driver licenses which is all they needed to vote; plus all the computers that changed R votes to D across the country. Then there are the 7 MILLION absentee ballots not counted because the difference in each affected state is more than the number of absentee ballots from that state thus “they” say it would not affect the outcome – however, this AB include our MILITARY ballots and you know they would go heavily for Trump. Finally, historically AB ballots are 33% Dems and 66% Repubs. So, that would mean of the 7 million, KILLary would garner 2.31 million votes, but she would also lose the 3 MILLION ILLEGAL votes giving her a net loss of .69 MILLION. Whereas, PRESIDENT-elect Trump would gain 4.62 MILLLION votes, thus putting him where he rightfully belongs ahead of KILLary by well over 4.62 MILLION give or take a few hundred thousand. Or if you insist that she keep the ILLEGAL vote and using your erroneous numbers (they are wrong! – look up the most recent count where she has 232 EC and he has 302, as well as the bottom line in the votes), she would then still be behind President-elect Trump by 1.11 MILLION votes. So, no matter which way you go, Christina, President-elect Trump WON both the popular vote and the Electoral College votes.

          3. Christina says

            I am not sure where you aee getting this info but I think if all these violations occured the media would have surely got their nose in it. You can go on believing the garbage you hear. I did not vote for Trumpenstien. He is already putting his Custopo
            regieme in place. He lied and behaved like and idiot throughout his campaign. He will continue to do so. Bottom line……You voted in the anti-christ. He is already beginning his nazi routine. I feel sorry for you and the other 5 people who voted for him. He is a mistake!

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You sure are one hateful little snowflake. The Anti-Christ is leaving the oval office in 60 days. 20 January 2017 marks the end of an error!

            Trump/Pence 2020!

          5. Paul Dean says

            Oohrah and Semper Fi! Couldn’t agree more. Cpl, USMC 1964-70 wit two tours in ‘Nam.

          6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Thanks for your service. USN LST 1126 also two tours from 1965-1969. Welcome home brother!

          7. ABO says

            Hateful and makes up her own “facts” as she goes along, Curmudgeon. Typical liberal lemming.

          8. Francie26 says

            No, you are wrong. A mistake. “The other 5 people who voted” — if only five ppl voted, no one would have won this election. Trump won because most tax-payers are sick and tired of Obama trying to run the most intrusive government since America began. We want someone who does the job, does it right, and otherwise, stays out of our lives, and above all, someone who gives up his pen and phone. That’s too much authority for a man like Obama who has no clue when to stop trying to be God.

          9. Fedup says

            Christina apparently needs MORE government intrusion in her life. Sounds like she can’t run her own life and needs the government to tell her what to do, how to do it, when to do it, who she can do it with and the why will always be “because you’re too stupid to do it right”!

          10. alegalcitizen says

            We’ve already HAD the Anti Christ, he is known as owebama, because we OWE so much more money with all the stupid things he as done.

          11. ABO says

            The mainstream media was entirely in the tank for HRC from the word ‘go’ and you know it. Take your lies and obfuscations somewhere else where those listening to your fabrications are gullible enough to buy it. Liberals like yourself come to mind.

          12. Vassiliki says

            hahaha! you said a funny! You want the mainstream media to report all the illegal activity? The same media that praised Hillary for having an unsecure server, deleting classified emails and then lying that she didn’t, deleting them after getting a subpoena, lying under oath, pay-to play, and the list goes on and on and on and on…

          13. jimdaddy says

            The dem ab ballots are heavily from dead people, some of which have been voting absentee for 20 or more years since their demise.

          14. ABO says

            Christina obviously has no connection with reality whatsoever, Patriotgal. She makes up her own “facts as she goes along, throws vile accusations at others then calls THEM hateful and refuses to accept the fact that her candidate lost the election even though the numbers prove it! She is a typical liberal lemming and lowlife troll. Not worth the time to respond to her ridiculous blather, although she does need to be shown up for just what she is. Thank you for setting the record straight.

          15. Mathew Molk says

            Why are we even talking about this bullshit. They are His-tor-eee.

            What we should be talking about is getting the RINOs out of government and setting term limits to kill off the career politicians so we can prevent this from happening ever again. – Want to see Nancy Blowsee around any more. or do you have to pass it before you read it again?

            Time for us to stand behind President Trump and drain the swamp and then fumigate it.

          16. ABO says

            You’ve got a point there, Mathew, however keep in mind that term limits get rid of the good as well as the bad. They are equally limited. I agree with your last statement entirely.

          17. pastriesqueen says

            And they are voters that voted more than once & illegals.

          18. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            The only reason Hitlery won the popular vote is because of voter fraud. There were over 3 million illegal aliens who were allowed to vote in Commiefornia. If only LEGAL US citizens were allowed to vote, Trump would have won the popular vote too. So go grab your coloring book and some crayons, and go sit in the corner. The adults are talking now.

          19. marleenandlouie says

            I have to unfortunately disagree with you cpl Winans. I’ve lived in California all my life, been a Republican most of my life (after leaving home and learning about the world and making my own decisions) and I can tell you that the overly paid rich hollywood stars with their stupid big mouths influence the lazy young who don’t read and only tweet and watch tv for their opinions. Yes, the illegals voted and that is the fault of all the corruption in the government, not just in Calif, but in all states. Look at the big machine and how even the FBI was bribed and the Bengazi coverup. That being said, I graciously thank you for your service and I know that Obama won’t

          20. ABO says

            I think both you and cpl Winans made legitimate points and expressed them well. Thank you both for your thoughtful comments and thank you, Corporal for your service to our country. It is much appreciated.

          21. jimdaddy says

            I would add that a lot of dead voters voted in every state, and all for cankles!

          22. ABO says

            And she still lost!

          23. Sherry says

            NOT HERE and not in a lot of the “red” flyover country. That would be pointless and they already KNOW it! NOT a lot of illegals in red zones! The illegal Muzzies don’t vote because they are keeping their heads down low to keep a very low profile as they plan their next big terrorist targets on either coast or in Chicago.

          24. Mathew Molk says


            WTF, Over, sounds like you only reinforced every single thing the corporal said and I couldn’t agree with the both of you any more.

            But who cares now? We gots us a brand new Prez. The Commicrat party is ruins and on the run, and there will never again be a “progressive” government for the rest of this century.

            Stick a fork in the useful idiots and their Commiecrat party. They are D-O-N-E. Now let’s rid ourselves of the RINOs, and set term limits to get rid of all the career politicians, good or bad.

          25. Tokopah says

            One has to be a registered voter to vote. To be able to register, a person has to prove their citizenship and age. This is true even in California.

          26. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            Not true. Thanks to Governor Moonbeam and his “Motor Voter” law, people can be automatically registered to vote when they obtain a California drivers license. And since he also put into effect a law which allows illegal aliens to obtain California drivers licenses, those illegals can be registered to vote. No proof of citizenship is required.

          27. Terramom says

            In North Carolina, there were places where one only needed to show a utility bill.

          28. jimdaddy says

            This is wrongon so many levels. We need picture id’s in all states to vote, and only by citizens!

          29. bkool says

            Not true! Provisional votes don’t exist in California, can register same day as voting with only a government issued ID! Many illegals in California have California drivers license

          30. Priscilla Atwell says

            bkool–Provisional voting is for those voters (?) who are not on the roster. The information given is checked against absentee ballots and rosters to make sure the person isn’t voting twice. If the person is not registered their vote doesn’t count, if the voter has just registered for the first time and they don’t have their ID with them (only time we can ask for ID), if the person is registered in another county their ballot is sent to that county, if they already voted absentee or at another polling place their vote doesn’t count. Provisional voting (at least in Los Angeles County, California) is for those who want to vote and we do not have physical evidence (the roster) that they are to vote at our polling place.

            Also, as much as I’m against it–CA drivers license’s for illegals not only look different but they are only for driving and ID–not voting! Anyone registering someone with one of these ‘license’s’ is allowing fraud. You do know that people that register voters get paid per voter they sign up, right? Follow the money…

          31. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Then why are illegal aliens allowed to vote out there in “The People’s Republik of Kalifornia”, the land of fruits and nuts? Your tinfoil hat seems wound a bit tight.

          32. alegalcitizen says

            The Governor passed a law allowing the illegal aliens the right to driver;s licenses, does their license say they are illegally present??? Otherwise when you get your license you are registered to vote.

          33. Priscilla Atwell says

            On the front, it says, “federal limits apply.” On the back, it says, “not acceptable for official federal purposes.”

          34. alegalcitizen says

            OK it would seem with that on the license that they wouldn’t be able to vote, but could they get mail in votes???

          35. Sherry says

            You haven’t been watching the news lately, have you? Project Veriatous just released multiple videos of all kinds of fraudulent voting; especially in the “squeeker” states. NO one doubts or denies it…….no one!

          36. Paul Dean says

            Oohrah and Semper fi, brother.

          37. PatrickHenry says

            IF they serve in our Military then they could vote, otherwise, no.

          38. Mathew Molk says

            Only after applying and being granted citizenship per the current law.

          39. marleenandlouie says

            Christina, You’d do better if you read a history book or two. Get some historic knowledge, read about the candidates and stop listening to the rich and famous hollywood types and the biased media and make informed decisions

          40. Vassiliki says

            First of all I am a not gloating nor am I greedy. I am elated, happy, and relieved. So what if they can go to the military at age 18. They sure can’t drink can they? Why? Because drinking is a responsibility that most 18 YO can’t handle in this country. The same with voting. It is a big responsibility and obviously they can’t handle it with needing their binkies and coloring books. Serving in the military will make them into men and women and not cry babies that are still sucking off their mama’s titty. The reason I voted for Trump was not for my huge disdain and disgust for Hitlery but for Trump’s policies. You see I did go to his website and read them and not listen to the false crap that the mainstream media spews forth and is still spewing. You sure didn’t see me needing a binkie when Obama got elected -twice! Nope, I was disappointed and pissed but I kept on going wi th my life and hoped that he didn’t screw us further.

          41. Christina says

            I served my country for many years in the Air Force and I would say that the young men and woman who serve deserve more credit then you give them. They are not snotty nosed babies. Many have already gave up their lives. You should be ashamed of yourself. Tell the Mothers AND Fathers what you really think of their son or daughters. I am sure they would be hurt and insulted of your description of young military men and woman. You are a mean and hateful person.

          42. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            If you served as you say then how did you become such an America hater? Lesbian?

          43. Mathew Molk says

            With ya 100% – If she was in the Air force, I was never a Combat Engineer.

            And hey, I said it to you before, but,,,,Welcome home, Brother. Everybody says how much they thank us now, but when we got hoome they call us baby killers and spit at us. WTF, we even had to throw our own welcome home party in Cleveland like 10 years after we were all home.

            Yep, still VERY bitter about how we were treated, and the guys from Korea didn’t fare much better.

          44. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I hear you brother. Had to fly home from Pearl after my first tour as the wife was due any day and had my uniform on when landing at LAX where the little draft dodging snowflakes of the day could spit your way and call you baby killer. Kind of made me wish their iiserable mothers had opted for abortion.

          45. Christina says

            You have no right to assume what my sexual preferance is. You could not come up with a valid excuse so as a true Trump supporter you aim to attack me with insults and bullying. What a man. Did it make you feel better to do this? I served my country proudly. My father fought against Naziism. Trump wants to bring it to our country.

          46. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            You sure can shovel the liberal Bull and parrot the DNC talking points, but you sure don’t seem able to think outside the group. I hit the nail on the head didn’t I?

          47. alegalcitizen says

            I didn’t see where he called them snotty nosed babies, he said they need a binkie because they are crying because the LIAR lost.
            My Granddaughter is in the Marines, and 18, and she didn’t want the stupid lying HiLIARy either. She has SEEN with her own eyes what allowing MILLIONS and millions of illegal alien children that don’t speak our language did to her fellow LEGAL American citizens.

          48. Vassiliki says

            You are the typical leftist of turning my words around and saying things I did not state or your reading comprehension is extremely low. Did I bash the young men and women serving in the military? No, I did not. Please reread my post then comment appropriately without spinning what I stated. First you call me a gloater, then greedy, now hateful and mean. Deflection is a powerful tool but it doesn’t work with me. Nice try.

          49. Terramom says


          50. Francie26 says

            But which he did, unfortunately.

          51. Terramom says

            We’ll just see how much progress he makes. Obama has sent this country backwards and downwards, so now Trump will be working to set it right again. We are not gloating–we are filled with relief that he can stop the madness that has happened during the 8 years of Obama, to date the worst president in history.

          52. Francie26 says

            And frankly, I can’t even begin to imagine a worse president than the one we have been suffering under (he makes sure we are “under” him and know it). I already have a bottle of special wine I will open to celebrate while I watch him and his wife move out of OUR White House.

          53. Terramom says

            I’m having a party!

          54. Francie26 says

            You’re a whiner, and you’ll always be a whiner. Unfortunately, they walk amongst us. (And they vote–also unfortunately).

          55. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Your candidate was a dried out old communist vagina. A lousy candidate in every respect. She is not known as “The Butcher of Benghazi” for nothing and if all the votes by illegal aliens and dead people are identified and removed and military and other absentee votes are counted your old bag loses by a wide margin. Sorry snowflake, Donald Trump is YOUR President so buckle up buttercup.

          56. Vassiliki says

            loved your description of Killary- couldn’t stop chuckling!

          57. jeannemartin says

            Well 1.2 million votes for the wrong person in my opinion!! Our Founding Fathers were brilliant when they set up the electoral college!
            They saved us from a fate worse than death!
            i also think that 18 year olds should not vote due to their lack of maturity but I don’t want them sent to war at that young age either! They need more time to understand our political world and should not have to be put in a position of having to face death when they don’t yet fully comprehend life!

          58. TrueAmerican says

            Christina if you take away the 3 million Illegal’s that voted then you are 2.8 Million votes less than TRUMP got. sorry for your loss, maybe after you have had a job for a while and had to live in the real world just a bit longer you will understand that putting a CROOK & LIAR in the White House is not whats best for the USA

          59. Christina says

            Just to let you no I am a retired nurse and served my country for 12 years in the Air Force. I have worked hard for myself and my country so please do not call me snowflake or insinuate I am young and inexperienced. Trump will be impeached. He has already began to violate many laws and he is not even in office. This is nothing but a joke to him. He has no respect for the government nor the laws. He has cried his way to the top. A person who files bankruptcy and farms his buisness to third world countries is a hypocrite.

          60. TrueAmerican says

            I don’t know where you get your info form but you need to look elsewhere for it. I’m sorry that your first female didn’t get elected because she is a crooked POS but you need to get your facts straight, turn your MSNBC/CNN off, get off the drugs, put the bottle down, and WAKE THE FUCK UP.

          61. Christina says

            Assuming I am an alchoholic and drug user is just hilaruous. As a healthcare worker I am against drug use and alchohol.I have seen far to many lives lost. But on the other hand you must be dilusional because u voted for a racist sexist bigot with no respect for humans. As a nurse I have no division of race religion immigrant american latino chinese middle eastern and any other race that is blessed to live in our country and treat all with respect because I care. We are not a country of hate. At least until now.

          62. TrueAmerican says

            I am sorry Christina but you are one STUPID DUMB FUCKING CUNT, Shut the fuck up

          63. Christina says

            You sir has shown your true self. The language u have just called me is indecent. I will make sure this is sent to disqus for review and post your comments on every social media site to show the true character of a Trump supporter. You have no ecxcuse for insulting and calling me horrible names. You make comments about our young adults being immature and lacking experience to vote. But u are the one who is immature, u are the one exploiting hate and u are the one who is a pitiful excuse for a human being.

          64. TrueAmerican says

            STFU I am so sick of you denial of the truth you are one sick twisted person, and I really don’t care who you tell, this is still AMERICA and we still have the 1st Amendment FREEDOM of speech. and you still have the choice to be a STUPID liberal with a closed mind. for someone that supposedly was in the Air force for 12 years and a Nurse you sure are Ignorant to the facts of the world and the USA . everything you described about TRUMP is right out of the LIBERAL badmouth playbook to try and get the CROOK Hitlery elected. GROW UP and quit your sniveling.

          65. alegalcitizen says

            Your candidate was a PROVEN LIAR, why would you want someone who LIED to the parents of the Benghazi men who were killed??? She told THEM it was a vicious video, but told her Daughter it was rioting muslims. She covered up her Husband’s sexual escapades and derided the women he molested, but that was OK with you??? Trump talked like most locker room men, but Billy Bob DID his dirty deeds.
            Christina that’s why we have the electoral college so that BIG CITIES don’t get to elect the President for the rest of the country. Our wise forefathers saw to that.

          66. Christina says

            Your candidate raped a 13 yr old. I will laugh when he is impeached! It will not take long at the rate he is going. All he does is play on twitter. What a great way to run thia country. He is a laughing stock idiot to the world.

          67. alegalcitizen says

            You have proven yourself to be a freakin idiot! First the case was brought in California, it was dropped, you do know the liberals would have NOT let this pass if it was true do you? Next it was dropped in NY when she file, it was ALSO dropped there, another liberal bastion that would have NOT let it drop if ture. So go ahead make a complete FOOL of yourself by reciting garbage.
            YOUR president obama is the laughing stock of the world, WHAT president in history has taken photos of himself doing stupid crap like he did??? Obama did such a fantaboulous job of ruining our country, doesn’t say a WORD about the dumb asses rioting in the streets, burning, and pillaging, stopping the flow of traffic. I NEVER saw ONE instance of this happening when YOUR president was elected.

          68. ABO says

            The highest estimate on the popular vote showed HRC winning by just under 400,000 ( less than 1/2 million) and that was before several states had posted an official final count. Since then the last of those (Arizona and Michigan) have posted their final official count and HRC’s margin was slightly more than 125,000. If you are going to post here at least check your facts before just making the numbers up to suit your agenda. Also I notice that liberals choose to ignore the electoral college result when their candidate loses but play it up when their candidate wins. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

          69. Vassiliki says

            can you show me a website where it states what you just posted above with the Michigan and Arizona? I have been trying to find a link for these new numbers and I can’t.

          70. ABO says

            I heard it on ‘The Five’ on fox news, Vassiliki. Might want to try Fox News web site. They were reviewing the final numbers and said that they hadn’t been able to give official totals previously as Arizona and Michigan were very late giving out their final numbers. I saw the same figures same day on a website but can’t remember which one. Possibly Conservative Byte. Hope this helps.

          71. Mathew Molk says

            1- BULLSHIT! It never stopped anyone from getting drafted after it was changed to 21 (Also and on that basis women should NEVER be able to vote as they cannot be sent to war)

            2- If you don’t like it here then get the hell out.

            And BTW the cackling witch had several times 3 million unlawful votes. Trump actually won Nevada too.

            Tell you what, Go to a protest, start looting, throw a rock at a National Guardsmen and get shot. – That will solve everything for both of us.

          72. Juan TwoTree says

            But just remember, your candidate fuking LOST and got her ass kicked like no other candidate in the history of this country! Chew on that, you fuking cry-baby spoiled fuking brat!

        4. PatriotGal says

          I believe that was enacted when the draft was in place and 18-yr-olds were called to serve. The thinking then was that if old enough to serve, one is old enough to vote. Now, without the draft and the shown idiocy of the youth on college campuses needing safe rooms, pacifiers, hot cocoa, coloring books, play doh, maybe we should revert to 25 or older or maybe not vote unless you have served in the military. Boy, would that cause an uproar!!!

          1. Terramom says

            I really think voting age should be raised to 25. By that time, people have had a chance to get a job, be on their own, and pay a few taxes. The sticker shock alone for some of them might be a reality check.

            I guess those serving in the military would be a different matter.

          2. usathoughts says

            What is most important in securing our Nation? – The Military
            What is most important in securing our Government? – The Net Tax Payer

            Who is most concerned with the well being of the Nation? – See above
            Who should we trust with the vote? – See above
            ……….. Simple solution… Don’t contribute – Don’t vote!

            One other thing. If living off tax payer’s money can’t vote. That alone takes 22.3 million current government voters of the rolls.

            This is the uproar I want to see!

            Great post “PatriotGal”. Thank you.

          3. Ron C says

            That’s a good idea, make the young people serve something greater than them selves before they can vote….

          4. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            I was raised in the church, my Grandmother, Mom’s mother was a Sunday School teacher, Mom kept the nursery, Granddaddy, her Step-daddy was a Deacon in their church, Grant Park Baptist in Atlanta, GA for many years til his passing. I was a Blue Bird, Camp Fire Girl, horsebacking, church, church choir, school. Daddy was USMC, we are descended from King Alpin Gregor. We have over 1,000 Military Vets just since the Amer. Rev. War. For these kids to act the way they are blindly without really even knowing why is shameful. But of course they’re being lied to and deceived by the Obama admin. and Hilbiotch’s crew who are actually paying these Thug’s leaders to stir this S up. It’s expected of TRASH WHEN YOU’RE NOT TAUGHT RIGHT FROM BIRTH!

          5. Ron C says

            So true…and God Bless You.

          6. Sam Palermo says

            AND NO foreigners or illegals.

          7. bpgagirl22VAnow says


          8. Chiefbuck says

            PatriotGal, I would favor passing a basic civics test, try this, ask several adults over the age of 30 if they know the name of the VP, their US reps and senators and local elected officials. Try not to vomit after hearing their answers.

        5. marleenandlouie says

          And please don’t forget that most of these protests in California, Oregon and Washington are from people 25 and under. Unfortunately, I live in California and have to put up with their immature nonsense

          1. Terramom says

            I’m so sorry for you! I wish you could change the mindset of California voters.

          2. Rick says

            I wouldn’t worry about it! Mexico going to rule very soon and you’ll be an insignificant resident for now and later An illegal Aliens !

          3. pineapple says

            California is over fifty percent Hispanic, and the governor wants to provide illegals with a driver’s license. I wonder why.

          4. anibanib says

            Stop lying turd………..

            RacePopulation% of TotalTotal Population 37,253,956
            White 21,453,934 57%
            Hispanic or Latino 14,013,719 37%%

          5. pineapple says

            Perhaps you forgot to include illegals, which doesn’t surprise me, you lying turd.

          6. Sherry says

            You’re a lying progressive commie tool! NOW, Try figuring out who are the real tax payers and who the “gimme” crowds are eating up our country out of house and home, so that they can continue to vote socialist commie progressive to keep their meal tickets held hostage to their greedy greasy outstretched hands…………….. YOU MORON!

          7. anibanib says

            You really are a brainwashed stupid Yankie jerk……..somuch hate and vile spewing from your dirty gob………anybody who disagrees with you, they are automatically a socialist commie progressive……youwould know a socialist or a communist if your saw one, just the sameold brainwashed 2 cellbrain you were born with

          8. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            How does it feel to lose hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahaha


          9. anibanib says

            Why ask me, I am not a gullible Yank……..and therefore can not vote

          10. Juan TwoTree says

            What do you mean ‘Wants To Provode???” Governor MoonBeam DOES provide these illegal alien Mexican fuks with them today! Where the fuk have you been?

          11. pineapple says

            “Where the fuk have you been?”

            Not in California, nor do I intend to go there.

          12. Juan TwoTree says

            Eh!!?? Check the State laws out! The fuking ILLEGALS bastards right next door to me voted in the General Elections, all they had was a fuking California State Issued ID, a utility bill and a funny looking driver’s license and they all (5) could vote. And, he said his brother’s, sisters, uncle’s, aunts and cousins also voted!

            So THAT’S where I’ve been!

          13. pineapple says

            You have my sympathy.

          14. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Votes? Just a wild guess. LOL!

          15. Terramom says

            I don’t live in California. And if that happens, California can join Mexico and then we’ll have fewer Democrat voters.

          16. Sherry says

            I would far rather deport ALL illegals, shut down FINANCIALLY all federal monies to ALL sanctuary strongholds, FORCE all those who CLAIMED they would move to another country IF the Donald won the election, to some mid-East Islamic country and take their passports so that they don’t come back! THEN, California would return to her senses, and once again, become American citizens. That would be a real wake up call to the East Coast Progressive Commie socialists! Californians already KNOW that secession could never work; it’s just a scare tactic to the rest of the union. They NEED us far more than we REALLY NEED THEM!

          17. Terramom says

            I so wish all that would happen, Sherry. I was just being a smart-mouth replying to whoever the dumb-dumb was who made the stupid comment regarding illegals taking over.

            It’s hard to believe that a beautiful state like California can be run by such ignorance. I wonder how all this happened. Surely Hollywood doesn’t run the whole state. And how California continues to elect people like Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer is beyond me. I just wonder sometimes if a lot of Democrat voters are too lazy to really listen to what is and has been going on.

            I live close to Chicago, so my state is unfortunately controlled by the liberal Democrats. It’s been that way forever. We continue to elect Democrats who are running our state into the ground.

            Maybe, if Trump is able to do everything he says he’s going to do, Californians will wake up when they see prosperity return once again to our beautiful country. I’m so energized by the election outcome, when I’ve felt so despondent over the last 8 years. And it’s funny how everyone is trying to blame Hillary’s defeat on everything but Hillary herself. She’s a she-devil.

            Have a nice day!

          18. Christina says

            I am from Chicago and thank God Illinois was a state that voted against racism, bigotry, hatred, sexism, as and bullying. The majority of Illinoians care about human rights. And they validated it by voting against Trump. Join the group ” Americans for the investigation of Trump”and his fraudulent campaign. He will be impeached!

          19. Terramom says

            I wasn’t talking to you.

            However, Chicago is also one of the most dangerous and corrupt cities in America. Some of my best friends grew up in Chicago, and tell me stories of voter intimidation, with democrat ‘leaders’ actually showing up at people’s homes and trying to influence their vote. So many African American people have been shot, not by police officers, but by their own. When does this stop? Why doesn’t Obama help out there?

            Trump is not a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, or a homophobe. As usual, the left assigns intent where there is none. Instead of listening to the concerns of Americans, the left just starts slinging arrows. We need to stop the flow of illegal immigration. We need to do something about ISIS. We need to bring real jobs back to the country, and Hillary certainly wouldn’t have been able to do it, just as Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t done it. In fact, Obama has made a mess of the country and of the world.

          20. Christina says

            Really? He has ties with Russia bordering very closely with treason. He tweets menial comments on issues instead of denouncing racism and bigotry. The right is all good at whining and complaining about the left but when we attack back we are being cry babies. The double standard at it’s best.

          21. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            If not for double standards the left would have NO standards whatsoever.

          22. Arizona Don says

            Or morals either!

          23. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Nor ethics!

          24. Terramom says

            Oh, for God’s sake, Christina. You are a bunch of cry babies. We don’t whine and complain about you. We’re rising up against the likes of you ignorant fools. We’ve tolerated crap from you and your leftie commie president for 8 years. Now we have a president-elect who is trying to undo the enormous damage that has been done to our way of life and to so many families. Illegal murderous aliens who have killed innocent people. Obamacare, which has royally screwed up our health care system and sent the cost of insurance way above what people can actually afford. Not to mention that it is totally illegal, because it was declared a tax by turncoat John Roberts of the Supreme Court, when all taxes are supposed to initiate in Congress. Illegal over-regulation which has seriously decimated our job market and kept our GDP growth under 3%. All the little bureaucratic dweebs who put their stamp on this administration and their regulations which were also illegal.

            You’re an idiot because you obviously believe every single stupid lie you hear from the lips of the slavering mainstream media. Get off my thread. I’m sick of liberals like you.

          25. ELBK says

            “Leftie commie president…” Hah! I laughed so hard I couldn’t finish the rest of your post.

          26. Arizona Don says

            So tell me if you would please, how do you know he has ties with Russia? Can you provide any proof of that statement? Donald has not one single racist or bigoted bone in his body.

            You have those feelings because that is an opinion provided you by other progressive democrats. As far as the whiners and crybabies go we on the right did not care for obama either when he was elected but we did not riot and loot and call it demonstrating against obama. We have not declared a war on law enforcement officers. The left has become a looney tunes

            I know of no one more racist and bigoted then obama.

          27. Christina says

            Just the same, how do you know the rioters are democrat? Or what evidence do you have against Hilary. Fact. Benghazi was the result of government contractors supervisor refusing to let his men go to help the ambassador. Fact house and senate refused funding when they were warned that benghazi was in need of more security help. Trump tweeting all hours of the day and night is also a threat to our security. Before u accuse get your facts staight. Fact check .com and All unbiased fact checking. Your devient campaign asses told so many lies that I could walk across their noses from Florida to California! He has admitted he likes Putin because Putin said nice things about him. He has already talked to Putin. He wants to do buisness with Russia. He is in love with Putin and will bow down to him for anything in return. He is a facist commie!

          28. Arizona Don says

            Saying something is “not” proof. However, much of what you claim here was within the emails Wikileaks released. We know for instance soros paid many of the rioters and looters who called what they were doing demonstrating. BLM provided most if not all of the rioters and they were paid by soros. That was proven by Wikileaks as well. BLM members are not republicans and you know that! You may be correct about unbiased when you mention fact check however, is a left wing soros funded organization. It is far from being unbiased. Funding for more security forces was not turned down by congress. What happened was not because of a lack of money. They money was there it did not have to go before congress. Hillary herself said there was money. If you think it did perhaps you can provide a link proving it. They attempted to hide Benghazi because it was a gun running organization gone bad (not the first time obama got caught running guns illegally). Some of the guns got into the wrong hands and the ambassador was trying to recover them.

            Furthermore, you have provided no proof whatsoever of anything. Just talk.

            Also if Donald Trump can work with Putin to get things accomplished that would be good. You mention bowing down to Putin I suspect you mean like obama did in Saudi Arabia when he met the king on his apology tour in 09? Donald Trump will never do such a thing.

          29. Chiefbuck says

            Christina. You apparently have too many mental issues to identify. Try anyway, start with a low IQ and continue for a few hours. Do you remember Obama bowing down to a middle east leader? Only two people are at fault for what happened in Benghazi, if you are unable to accept that those two are Hillary and Obama check yourself into the nearest mental hospital.

          30. Chiefbuck says

            Christina, If I’m not mistaken I believe that it was Mrs Clinton pressing the reset button. There is a video recording of Obama asking a Russian leader to explain to Putin why Obama did something that might offend him.

          31. Terramom says

            Oh, and, BTW Christina, a president has to commit a crime before he or she (not Hillary LOL) can be impreached.

          32. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Your brain washing sure took hold. I came from downstate and we realized what a corrupt place Chicago is under democRAT control. The Madigan family is classic and the poster child for corruption.

          33. Chiefbuck says

            Christina, try holding your breath until trump is impeached, please! Assuming that you voted for Mrs Clinton could you please tell us why?

          34. Chiefbuck says

            If you want to continue to live near Chicago consider purchasing armor and learn how to operate assorted firearms.

          35. Brucew56 says

            It’s because California is now only 40% white.

          36. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            Well he DID win and we’re d’d proud of him and know he’ll get all this crap straightened out.

          37. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Trump 2020!

          38. Christina says

            Unlikely dream on. He will not accomplish anything but turning our country into a facist regime!

          39. Clockp says

            I’m a registered a Republican hiding out in my underground cell, surviving in the people’s republic of California, down the bay from Pelosiville, surrounded by VC’s developing politically correct algorithms to implant in cars, houses and people towards their perfectly micromanaged world, please send reinforcements!

          40. Juan TwoTree says

            Can the greasy rotten filthy mf’ing Mexicans dodge bullets, Buck-O!!??

          41. Chiefbuck says

            First the majority would have to have a functioning brain.

          42. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            PLUS they’re following PAID thugs from the Clinton campaign fallout who are trying to stir all this crap up. It’s all a set up by Hilbiotch. I truly hope she’s proud of herself and she deserves to rot in a dungeon the rest of her life. D’d insane B.

          43. Chiefbuck says

            You might consider relocating before you become a Mexican citizen.

        6. jimdaddy says

          it was 21. I had to wait till 21 to vote.

          1. Vassiliki says

            Thank you for the correction.

          2. Tokopah says

            You are showing your age, jimdaddy. I am 63 and I got to vote at 18 because our government was drafting eighteen year olds to fight and die in Viet Nam. If a person is old enough to die for their country, they are old enough to vote.

        7. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says


          1. anibanib says

            18, 21, 25………whatever, regardless of the age, only about 50% of those eligible to vote take time to vote………120 million people just didnt care……………sounds more like a dead beat 3rd World country

        8. Mathew Molk says

          It was 21, not 25 and the gig was that if you were old enough to get drafted and go to Vietnam and get killed you were old enough to vote. I voted my first time AFTER got home and was out of the army, (Spent my 21st birthday on perimeter guard)

          Looks like a couple of you were victims of the revisionist history of the teacher’s unions.

          1. Vassiliki says

            The debate of the voting age started during WWII and the in 1971 it passed as the 26th ammendment to lower the voting age to 18. You are right about it previously being 21. You could have been more polite aboUT my mistake. I still think it should be changed to 25 due to today’s immature young adults. Of course not all young adults are immature.

          2. Sherry says

            Bingo…….GREAT POINTS, ALL!

          3. Tokopah says

            And not all forty, fifty, or sixty-year-olds are any more mature than the eighteen year olds.

        9. Doris Will says

          The voting age was 21 when I was young. Later it was changed to 18, as guys were being drafted into the service at 18. It was decided that if they could be sent overseas to fight for our country they should be able to vote. If they were mature enough to die in war, they were mature enough to vote.

          1. Vassiliki says

            Thank you for the clarification. A couple of people replied to me stating the same 🙂

        10. Terramom says

          Yes, 18-year-olds are really not mature enough to vote. I was really concerned when I heard that this block of voters might influence the election, depending on the candidates’ stance on college tuition. There are so many other issues besides the promise of freebies.

        11. jimbo124816 says

          There is nothing mature about drinking beer. It is a filthy habit, and causes more deaths than practically anything else.

      2. Patriot says

        I disagree with the 2 years. They should have to do at least 5 years. To be able to become a citizen

      3. Norman says

        About immigrants serving in the U.S. military:

        Conscripting them would NOT prove their patriotism, loyalty, or commitment to the U.S. – perhaps volunteering would but conscription would NOT. Many conscripts would be disgruntled service members who would give their chain-of-command problems.

        Also, would you want that many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines with questionable loyalty having access to U.S. military tactics, training, secrets, weapons, supplies, and equipment? If they would not turn the weapons and equipment against U.S. citizens, they could steal or sabotage the weapons, supplies, and equipment. The U.S. military must be manned only by personnel who are committed to upholding the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic and who are loyal to the citizens of the U.S. and NOT to their home countries.

        Finally, would you really want ISIS and other terrorist operatives to infiltrate the the U.S. military and receive U.S. military training so after they are discharged or desert they can turn their training and experience against not only the U.S. military but also against U.S. citizens within the U.S. as well as citizens of our allies?


        1. shamm86 says

          And if they join OUR military they have to conform as US military, not like what Obammy wanted. In other words NO turbans for muslin descent or other ethnic traits.

        2. PatrickHenry says

          Anyone even allowed to Immigrate to the U.S. would have to meet many conditions & obligations. Serving in our Military would stop many less than enthusiastic immigrants from coming in the first place.

          The way immigration is now, ISIS or other terrorist groups are ALREADY here, & could infiltrate our Armed Services, & have already done so.

        3. Deplorable Lanie says

          When my husband immigrated here in 1986 he was told if the draft was reinstated he would be drafted. But how would you feel about giving citizenship to those that serve? I would think that would be a good idea because it would give them pride of protecting their new homeland. But only those who have immigrated the legal way, gotten a green card and followed the rules.

      4. marleenandlouie says

        Excellent points, I admire your candor.

      5. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says


      6. DollyT says

        USA should have Univeral Military Training with no exceptions!

    3. says

      Exactly, and think of how many early voters were induced to vote before the $hit hit the fan when Comey came out with letter to congress reopening investigation. Old HiLIARy got what she had coming, a big loss.

      1. Jim says

        Free Stream, I could not get enough of this old Hagg crying in her free drinks all night. The next blow up with her is when she goes back too the witness stand before some real people who will not listen to her B/S,the gig is up for her and a lot of others.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        I just can’t wait to see if Mr Trump will actually see that the Benghazi Bitch goes to prison like he said he would. And of course, we KNOW the halfbreed faggot will be sneaking out of the country like his ass is on fire!! ROFL

    4. Sinnie Kemp says

      The democrats like to vote early so they have plenty to bus people around to vote i different places. As we have heard that some people had voted up to 11 or 12 times.

      Some none democrats whom had voted early want to change their vote back to Trump but it is too late because it is not easy to change it.

      I still believe that Trump will also win popular vote if we removed all the votes fraud out.

    5. junkmailbin says

      true. mail in and poll place voting on election day only WITH ID

    6. Emma says

      I voted early, by absentee ballot & hubby & I both voted for TRUMP. 🙂

    7. bpgagirl22VAnow says

      I’m thinking that too. I’d be willing to bet that over 1/2 of those early voters regretted that they didn’t vote for Trump! That’s why I ALWAYS wait until election day. There’s always that one itty bitty fact that surfaces and convinces you of the way to go. But alas, I KNEW who I was going to vote for, NOT a question in my mind. I DID NOT WANT A LIAR, CORRUPT THIEF, INSANE, MEDICALLY AND PHYSICALLY UNFIT, ETC. ETC. ETC. WOMAN FOR PRESIDENT WHICH ALSO I MIGHT ADD ALONG WITH HER AND HER RAPIST FORMER PRESIDENT HUSBAND – WHEN THEY WERE BACK IN ARKANSAS THAT THEY WERE THE ONES SIGNED ALL THOSE DEALS TO BRING IN ALL OF THAT OVER 1 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF COCAINE!

    8. pineapple says

      “Early voting just screws up the process.”

      It also makes it easier for some to vote multiple times and at multiple polling places.

      1. ABO says

        There’s the democrat mantra, pineapple. Vote Early and Vote Often.

    9. mossbergman says

      yeah early voters voted before all the debates were over , straight ticket idiots

    10. Rob McMeekin says

      I voted the same day I received my balot like I always do and I don’t need to wait for the rest of the country to pull their heads out because I keep up on all the issues and where the DC garage stands on those issues, so my vote for Trump had already been counted. The real problem is that all of our neighbors get their information from the corrupt media and I believe that is the reason Trump didn’t win by a bigger margin.

    11. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


    12. HadEnough says

      Garys – Right, and I believe the Left Stream Media LIED About Trump’s Poll Numbers All Along. I think he was always Way Ahead in the Polls, which the LSM LIED About.!! He had Always had Massive Crowds and Rallies, and Hillary hardly had Any. She Would Not Have Won.

    13. AntiGOP says

      Above is whats called a clueless idiot response…

      Early voting just screws up the process.

  4. JohnGalt49 says

    IBD, Rasmussen, and the LA Times polls were all pretty close. Polls like the ABC and NBC polls intentionally oversample democrats to say that Trump has no chance to influence the election. ABC had Clinton up 12 points 10 days before the election.

  5. dlmstl says

    Whatever ailes Hillary cost her the election. How many days in the last 60 was she AWOL from the campaign trail. Nothing but lame excuses and then the 911 stumble off the curb into the van. I think a significant number from the 40% who usually don’t bother to show up, showed up this time and they weren’t polled. In Missouri it was a total wipe-out for the Dems. All of the major state offices were won by conservative Republican candidates. The three female dems each lost by 15% or more. Republican also hold 70% of the seats in the legislature. Nothing left except their machine run enclaves in St Louis and KC.

  6. George says

    People liked Trump because he did not commit treason like Hillary Clinton.

    1. pastriesqueen says

      And he’s candid…tell it like it is with no bs!

    2. Christina says

      No he just sleeps with the enemy! All these comments are pathetic. Just a bunch of haters with nothing better to do but to sit on their asses thinking up more lies. What a bunch of losers!

      1. George says

        And Hillary sleeps with everyone else

      2. George says

        We are not at war with the Russians, but we are with ISIS and Obama is in bed with them. You need a history lesson.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          The little snowflake needs an open mind. Liberals have such open minds that all their brains fell out.

        2. Francie26 says

          Francie26 Christina • a few seconds ago
          Again– No, you are wrong. A mistake. “The other 5 people who voted” — if only five ppl voted, no one would have won this election. Trump won because most tax-payers are sick and tired of Obama trying to run the most intrusive government since America began. We want someone who does the job, does it right, and otherwise, stays out of our lives, and above all, someone who gives up his pen and phone. That’s too much authority for a man like Obama who has no clue when to stop trying to be God.

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You are a sorry little whiner aren’t you? Buck up. Trump is your President. I had to put up with your “Black Messiah” during his eight tears of promoting White hatred now you have to put up with eight years of trying to pull America out of the hole that Obama and the career politicians dug for us.

      4. ABO says

        I notice that you like to hurl false accusations at those who disagree with you and call them haters and losers and such. It seems to me that YOU are the hater and the loser.

      5. Fedup says

        Try reading your own comments to see who the hater is. While it’s true that we have NO respect for HRC, you are the one calling us haters and losers in one short comment. YOU, my friend, are a hypocrite.

        1. Nefarious Uncle Samantha says

          Democrats hate their own children so much they kill their babies for their Democrat greed, ambitions, lusts, pride, and conveniences. Democrats hate their own children so much they teach their kids to mutilate their genitals in Frankenstein sex surgeries. Democrats hate their kids so much they teach their kids that sodomy orgies with strangers is as rewarding as being married, having children, and loving their families. Liberals are so evil, their children they don’t kill they teach to have sodomy with more than one person at a time. They teach their kids that LGBT and straight sodomy are the best forms of sex, because they don’t cause pregnancy, and pregnancy is criminal against the enviroment, and human births cause causes extinction of other species and global warming. Liberals that have kids, teach their kids to murder their children. Liberals honestly teach their kids to mutilate their genitals in Frankenstein sex surgeries. Liberals really teach their kids to destroy their lives. Muslims do not do this bad. No people anywhere on earth do as wickedly as vile liberals. Here is the wretched truth: rabid dogs are not worse than any liberal.
          I am not a Muslim. Jesus Christ IS God, and He says so. The truth is liberals are the most degenerate and depraved people on earth. It is wrong to judge Muslims who kill liberals in America and Europe.

  7. kbmiller says

    It wasn’t just 1 or 2 things that swayed “last minute” voters. It was the whole bucket of $hit the Dumb A$$ oc RATS have been throwing at TAX PAYING WORKERS for decades.

    1. Kol says

      ‘Trump is saying Hitler-level things in public’: Singer John Legend warns US not to be ‘complacent’

      1. kbmiller says

        Kol is an A$$KHOL

        1. Kol says

          kbmiler is a right wing extremist NITWIT

          1. kbmiller says

            Kol is an egotistical girly/boy MORON, brainwashed by the left wing nuts………the Dumb A$$ oc RATS. Get a life SHEMAN.

          2. Kol says

            And you’re acting like a total jackass yet again.
            Hee hee hee hee hee hee haw haw haw haw!!

          3. kbmiller says

            Your momma was a mule and your daddy a donkey.

          4. Kol says

            Your momma was a retard and your daddy was retarded.

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS – YouTube

            ▶ 0:41


            Sep 2, 2014 – Uploaded by omich kun

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS. omich kun … Tbi oxotnik ili pidaras? … Anomaly CSGO – “”Idi Idi Idi …

        2. Kol says

          President Trump Will Destroy America’s Foundation | The Resurgent

          May 10, 2016 – And there’s a reason that if Donald Trump is elected president, he will destroy America’s foundation. The Ig Nobel Prize is given to those who …

          A Trump Presidency Would Likely Be Even Worse Than You Think: 11 …


          Sep 18, 2016 – As Trump rises in swing state polls, one wonders: What are voters … Worse Than You Think: 11 Ways He Would Destroy the America We Know.

          1. kbmiller says

            Get used to it you Nit Wit. Go to your Safe Space to cry. No one here cares. HA HA HA HA Learn how to spell. Don’t most people learn that in 5th grade?

          2. Kol says

            Speaking of spelling, you don’t even know that
            “nitwit” is one (1) word??!?

            Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas …


            Jul 1, 2014 – In today’s Texas, which is falling into the hands of gun nuts, border-sealers and talk-radio charlatans, George W. Bush would practically be …

            Homeland Security Warns Right Wing Extremists Are An Equal Or …


            Feb 20, 2015 – The Department of Homeland Security is warning that right-wing … ISIS gets all of the attention, but the lone wolf right-wing extremist is a threat …

            How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas | The Huffington Post


            Jul 1, 2014 – In today’s Texas, which is falling into the hands of gun nuts, border-sealers and talk-radio charlatans, George W. Bush would practically be …

            Officers Down: Right-Wing Extremists Attacking Police At Growing …


            Jun 9, 2014 – Officers Down: Right-Wing Extremists Attacking Police At Growing Rate ? … Anti-government extremist such as militia groups and sovereign …

          3. kbmiller says

            Go suck your thump or any teeny appendage and hide in your safe place you LIBERAL CRYBABY.

          4. Kol says

            You DO bray rather LOUDLY as jackasses go!
            Hee hee hee hee hee haw haw haw haw haw!!!

          5. kbmiller says

            You are blocked you MORON . I don’t have to see you soil yourself or see your LIES and left wing crap any more.

          6. Kol says

            Do svidaniya, mudak!

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            Sep 2, 2014 – Uploaded by omich kun
            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS. omich kun … Tbi oxotnik ili pidaras? … Anomaly CSGO – “”Idi Idi Idi …

          7. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            AHOLE Eat some crooked hillary shi* enjoy most liberals do hahahahahhahahahahha


        3. marleenandlouie says

          Stop it miller, as I said to Kol. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. kbmiller says

            I blocked 3 of em, Kol, AKlady and GottaBgood.

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            LIBERAL POS Kol, AKlady and GottaBgood

          3. kbmiller says

            yep, you too, huh?

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            You a POS like Kol, AKlady and GottaBgood?

          5. kbmiller says

            I meant that you believe it also.

        4. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

          she is an assHOLE

      2. marleenandlouie says

        Stop if you two. Both of you grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Kol says

          LOL! I did that several decades ago, and at a very early age.

          1. marleenandlouie says

            Then you have regressed!

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          3. Kol says

            If you use lots of mouthwash and wash your face first, you can kiss my ass.


          4. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Open your Liberal mouth and swallow Crooked losing laughable lying Hillary crap!


          5. Kol says

            Grab your ears with both hands and pull your pointed head out of your ass.


          6. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            eat it and swallow it you Crooked evil Liberal Hillary supporter! lol

          7. Kol says

            squakle, squakkle, skwakkle, sqwakkle, skwackle, sqackle, squckle, suackle, elkcauqs, squacks, squacker, squackel, squarkel, suqackle,

          8. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Stunod, stunod, stunod, stunod, stunos stunod, stunod
            Stunod, stunod, stunod, stunod, stunod, stunod, stunod and Stunod!

          9. Kol says

            You’re stoned again??

          10. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            No I don’t smoke pot or do drugs but I believe you are on something like Democrack or Demoquadluds or Liberalass…you kinda looklike her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>

          11. Kol says

            Your mommy just yelled out the window! She said to tell you to come in the house so she can change your diaper. It’s starting to stink!

          12. Kol says


      3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        GREAT N POWERFUL PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. anibanib says

          Taking back America………..somebody steal it………..nope, it was just given away by greedy piggy republican Corporation owners………..they never ever thought about the USA…… it was all about making as much money as possible and pay as Little taxes…………like APPLE who left the USA so as topay lower Company taxes, set upin Ireland, and still fiddle as much as they can, despite making $400 billion profit last year,selling toys to the gullible American brainwashed loonies

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            The Brainwashed loonies are the Liberal Racist Democrackheads who lost!! LOL
            How does it feel that we elected a Real American Patriot that will make America first you dont like it Ill send the deportation force and deport yo Liberal ASS to Iran! Now go wav dat fist on high Moron!

          2. anibanib says

            You are such a pathetic Little dumb stupid Yankie jerk, no matter how many times I say I dont live Flucking USA, you still keep harping on about it………..go die a nasty death

          3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            You are an evil Liberal POS and Liberally ignorant and thuggish! I bet i would walk up yto you and lol in yo Liberal Democrackhead anti American Ass! POS!
            Keep your European Liberal Mouth shut you psycho!!!!

            now go play in the graveyard Moron!!!

    2. ForFutureUSA says

      yes yes yes

      1. kbmiller says

        I vote Republican because the Dumb A$$ oc RATS have bankrupted my state, raised taxes to the highest in the Midwest,created a patronage system of slackers and with their Sanctuary City policies has made Chicago, my home for over 60 yrs., the murder capital. These crooks have lined their own and their political campaign donors pockets with working taxpayers money for decades. Then they raise the taxes even more, with their bleeding heart liberal whine so they can use welfare checks to pay minorities for their votes. Look it up. 2 mayor Daleys and Madigan are only 2 examples. There are hundreds more.

        1. gotabgood says

          Yep.. you have had a string of bad politicians.. have to hand that to you… what boggles my mind is…. you know what to look for… and yet you vote one of the biggest scam artist in the business to be president….

      2. kbmiller says

        Blocked you dim witted MORON

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        I voted Democrackhead Liberal crooked evil lying sick Hillary and I got a mouth full… voted Democrackhead Liberal crooked evil lying sick Hillary and I got a mouth full….

      4. anibanib says

        Do most republicans look like that fat pig on the left

        1. Norman says

          Don’t call hiLIARy that fat pig on the LEFT. HilLIARy has always been on the LEFT but she was not always fat. And comparing hilLIARy to pigs is an insult to all pigs.

  8. Pam Dunn says

    WaPo and the other liberal propaganda sites after getting CAUGHT lying in the polls spew their load of bullshyte and idiocy trying to cover up.

  9. Randy Scobee says

    We were never ever going to vote for Hilary …….NEVER

  10. Irene Pfannenstiel says

    He did have a lot of rallies in those states in the last week of the campaign and literally thousands came out to his rallies. In one particular case, he had a rally at 1:30 a.m. and 30,000 people showed up. So all those last minute rallies probably helped a lot.

    1. ForFutureUSA says

      yes. And the stamina to do it, 5 states in one day, following weeks of such, couldn’t be handled by Hillary

  11. Bob Chaney says

    Late deciders? I think you’re giving main stream Americans to little credit. Most of us learned right from wrong from our parents and attending church. Most of us are not to fond of corruption nor as a vet, we don’t like Ms. Clinton’s carelessness killing our citizens. We have values, unfortunately, she doesn’t know what mainstream American values are.

    As for the voters, birds of a feather, flock together.

    1. gotabgood says

      ” Most of us learned right from wrong from our parents and attending church”
      Evidently you learned nothing about respecting the law. After 3 decades of NO WRONG DOING FOUND…. you still condemn her. And from what God says about bearing false witness means nothing to you.. you condemn Hillary while the justice system sets her free. Maybe God talks to you?

      It is the pea brains that have trouble differentiating between facts and fictions and voting with the last moment “feel good” sensation is how trump won them.

      And yes birds of a feather do flock together..

      1. jgfsmf says

        Oops. Accidentally up-voted you. I lost my mind there for a minute. Did you see the parts where she LIED? Did you see the part where they are still investigating her? Did you see the part where they know for sure that she sent CLASSIFIED EMAILS? Did you see where they showed us the actual emails where she had her maid print classified documents? HER MAID?

        1. gotabgood says
          1. jgfsmf says

            OH MY! The terrorists might have hacked his email. Oh wait. How dare he lie about a video being the cause of four (4) people dying in a terrorist attack. Oh wait. Thank God he came out and said he never sent any classified information, even though THAT was a lie. Oh wait. Dang it! Can you believe he has his maid print classified emails? Nope. Not him again. So he confronted his violations and paid the price. Wow.

          2. gotabgood says

            You are one crazy dud!
            I am not a conservative you will have to refrain from talking your La La Land language that only the rightwing recognize and start using English language, speaking in facts, truths and using common sense.

          3. Eddy B says

            Good, Fact; H Clinton had Top Secret & Secret emails on an unprotected Government server that she lied about and FBI director confirmed, Plenty of good Americans have gone to prison for far less, if you deny this fact then you don’t know the law or you are one stupid hoe.

          4. gotabgood says

            I think you are the stupid hoe! You are led around by the ring in your nose by any and all conspirators, when if you just pay attention… you would know and wouldn’t to put yourself in these embarrassing situations like this…… “Comey…. No Wrong Doing Found”!
            It isn’t rocket science… just listen… read what he said… no criminal action.
            End of story!

          5. Eddy B says

            YO, Hoe, you can’t see a corrupt government and you take things out of content, so what you are saying is Clinton never had an unsecured email server with confidential material on it and that everything is don’t look here, nothing to see. You are not pulling the wool over anybodies eyes, it is obvious that you don’t know the law, and are swimming in the progressive koolaid, that is the bottom line and end of story, ignorant HOE

          6. gotabgood says

            No! HOE!
            The bottom line is…… wait for it………. it is coming…….. w a i t for it….
            Get over it… understand the law dipshit… the law spoke..

          7. Eddy B says

            Yo HOE! No wrong was found because it is a corrupt government and the next great president is going to drain the swamp, you get over it, LOSER HOE

          8. jgfsmf says

            You, a liberal, think that I am in La La Land? Bhahahahahaha. That is really funny. Bhahahahahaha. What’s even funnier is that you posted what you did because you have no comeback the all the truths I wrote. Bhahahahahahaha

    2. ForFutureUSA says

      You said it well

  12. ForFutureUSA says

    Obamacare, insurance bills AND Safety inside the USA, the billions handed over to Middle East while retired working america screwed blind on SS, forced insurance purchases, high deductibles and nothing to live on left. Hillary proven lies. Hillary and Obama tone deaf.

    1. siridh says

      “Affordable” insurance that can’t be used because of unaffordable deductions.

  13. Camille Gilliam says

    The media just isn’t counting on how much God helped Trump win. We all prayed alot, because we all new he had to win to save this great country.

    1. siridh says

      Hillary said that Christians needed to rethink they’re religion — God said no they didn’t. Thank you Lord!

      1. Camille Gilliam says

        You are so right!

    2. anibanib says

      God, wow,you are really a believer in the Hypocrytical thingy in the sky

      1. Norman says

        It does NOT matter that you believe in your allah instead of God, Ahab. Your allah certainly did NOT help hilLIARy win. hilLIARy LOST and America WON!

        1. anibanib says

          No selfies please

  14. MAHB001 says

    The pollsters were wrong because they were biased, and they willfully intended to influence the election results with their wishful thinking..

    BS only goes so far, people with common sense can smell it way before they see it.

    1. Norman says

      Most “pollsters” publish fake polls to influence elections in favor of the democRATs. This year their fake polls actually motivated voters to vote against hilLIARy. They did NOT see that coming. Look who’s CRYING now!

      1. Kol says

        .Computer Scientists Urge Clinton To Demand Recount & Vote Audit In …

        6 hours ago – After counting more Trump votes than ballots cast, small Wisconsin county … “But that’s not contingent on evidence of election fraud. … for the recount, and would need all three states to overtake Trump in the Electoral College.

  15. jim jones says

    Never underestimate the American people.

  16. says

    I do not believe that late voters are indeed late deciders. There is no evidence for this and it is wrong to assume that because a person waits to vote that he/she has not yet decided. Your poll is just another reason to stop polls.

  17. Egor von Johnson says

    Carl Rove is the idiot that Trump said he was. He is always wrong and come crawling back on his yellow belly. What an imposter. Crouchhammer even a bigger joke. Should have stayed in the pool and drowned.

  18. kbmiller says

    Kol blocked. Like his brain blocked from anything intelligent coming out.

    1. richard says

      i too blocked that idiot, i can take a lot of b.s, stupidity, an even ignorant comments but that idiot took the meaning of “brain dead”to a new high……

      1. kbmiller says

        I think the JERK is a paid plant for the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party. None of these idiots respond to any facts that we post. They repeat LEFT WING talking points, but can’t back them up with current facts. Then it’s days of personal attacks. Pathetic

        1. kotoc says

          Keep in mind that you’re not talking about smart people, here. We’re dealing with people whose morality-driven behavior is all but extinct. We’re talking about Democrats. We’re not talking about people who behave like mature adults, graciously admitting defeat. No, we’re talking, and wasting our breath and our time arguing with, a bunch of mealy-mouthed complainers, crude, rude, foul-mouth bullies and the like… we’re talking about Democrats. I think what they’re relying on is that old adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” They think if they can push hard enough, they’ll get their way and Trump will be voted out by the Electoral College. I don’t know if it will happen, but if it does, a civil war will likely happen.

          1. tCotUS says

            Bounty on the heads of all Liberals..
            18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government
            Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
            Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
            Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—
            Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

  19. Tokopah says

    We, the people of the United States, had such LOUSY choices. No one I knew wanted either candidate. It was choose the LEAST WORST person, not anywhere near “the best” choice.

  20. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
    1. kotoc says

      I would dearly love to know how you are able to post pics and such in here… I don’t know how, apparently. I’ve tried ‘copy and paste’ but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

  21. gotabgood says

    There may be a few more deciders that come on the “let’s sue Trump U” band wagon

  22. tCotUS says

    Trump cleaned up with our help…And the work is not done yet. We still have Liberal Media that continue to lie, distort the truth. & create unrest. Let them know their on their way out..

    1. ABO says

      Chuck Schumer just announced his intention to make the Trump administration a “living nightmare”.

      1. tCotUS says

        We haven’t let Chucky know our intentions yet have we? Wonder if he plans on defecting or seeking asylum in Iran ?

        1. ABO says

          My money would be on Iran.

          1. tCotUS says

            They deserve each other.

          2. ABO says

            Just what I was thinking, tCotUS!

      2. Norman says

        No more “hate Bush” and “It’s all bush’s fault”. The “hate Trump” and “It’s All Trump’s Fault” campaigns has begun.

        1. ABO says

          Wouldn’t expect anything better from liberals now would you, Norman?

        2. kotoc says

          I think we should list all the things that are OBAMA’S fault… it would a long list, and even a few things he has done to screw up our country, such as the Liberalization of our schools, would make the Liberals squirm…

  23. bkool says

    There was zero late deciders! Most accurate polls certainly was online! There was no mystery the trends pointed strongly to “other than democrat” with voters. All the lawless behavior mixed with a bad economy, created disaster for democrats. Remember, not just Trump won, many congressional seats were either reelected or gained

  24. anibanib says

    Drumpf cleaned up, sounds more like he was out sweeping the gutters for trash and crap…………they are the only ones that voted for him, the gullible brainwashed trash……….

    1. Norman says

      Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet, Ahab! Just wait to see what happens when the new Attorney General takes office in January and Trump appoints a conservative Justice of the Supreme Court and several lower court federal judges by March. That’s when you’ll see the trash we call democRATs swept from the gutters and the crap called voter fraud being flushed.

      Why are you so concerned about Trump winning OUR election, Ahab? You been saying for many weeks that the USA does NOT matter anymore. Are you finally realizing what happens in the USA influences Sweden and the rest of the world?

    2. kotoc says

      You just described all of Hillary’s supporters. Only you’re too stupid to see all the crap you’ve been swallowing, and realizing that’s what it’s been all along… crap.

      1. anibanib says

        I havent been swallowing Hillarys crap?????I live not in the USA………….

  25. denniscerasoli says

    In short.Hillary lost because the working middle class white man and woman were excluded by the liberals period.Hillary mad a habit of fingering whites for every ill in the country and that is why people who have never voted before came out in huge numbers.They Hillary know that they would no longer suffer white guilt as well as being labeled racist just for being white and worse being called privileged.They were hard working people trying to put food on their tables and their numbers prove it,they overwhelmingly went to Trump because he was the one who understood.Even Clinton admitted that she didn’t spend enough time in the states where these people lived and it cost her.

    1. Norman says

      Indeed! In 2016, as in 2008 and 2012, I was tired of being called homophobic, racist, sexist, and anti-semitic just because I am a straight, white, Christian male despite having NEVER done anything bad to LGBTOs, blacks, women, or Jews.

      hilLIARy overflew the “overfly states” too many times.

      1. denniscerasoli says

        It came to a point where the silent majority said enough is enough.

  26. Egor von Johnson says

    I really relish the stupid dems pissin` and moanin` for the next 24 years. Go Trump and finally some real class in Our House!!!!! Let`s fuck em real good after 8 years of nigger shit!!!!!

  27. daveveselenak says

    Divine intervention was involved – thank you Lord; for him to overcome all of the obstacles and State-run propagandist bias was a much needed miracle! Praise the Lord, am I still permitted to say that?

    1. kotoc says

      Say it!! Over and over!! I’ll join in the chorus, too! Praise the LORD!! Nobody will EVER be able to shut me up unless they kill me!

  28. Anthony Manzo says

    I think it went something like this ” You can FOOL all the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t Fool all the people all the time” – Abraham Lincoln”. As for voting early why not Monday and Tuesday holiday and increase the voting places. Use some of the money we give to all those countries that HATE US. to pay for it ,include voter ID a must if you want an HONEST VOTE. And raise the age of voting to 31 as the great Harry Truman said

  29. Steven Coy says


  30. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says


    1. gotabgood says

      Sorry to disappoint you Icky… but the American people plainly voted for Hillary.. 2 million more votes than trump…

  31. marcus johannes says

    Why are disease brained Liberals continuing to push the absurd and ridiculous narrative that Crooked Hitlery Rotten Clinton won the popular vote ?? Just yesterday I read that Liberals are whining and complaining about One Million Votes , It has already been proven that no less then Three Million illegal aliens /Foreign Criminal Invaders voted for Shillary ,No one knows how many Dead People ,Not to mention Felons

    1. ABO says

      Also it was nothing close to 1 million to begin with. The top figure was 400,000 and that was before several states had released their final official figures. Once they did, that figure dropped to just over 125,000, just under 1/2 of 1% of the total. Note also that the only time they want to ignore the electoral college is when their candidate looses. Typical liberal hypocrisy and obfuscation.

      1. gotabgood says

        Two weeks after Election Day, Hillary Clinton leads President-elect Donald Trump by 1.75 million votes. Despite Clinton’s popular vote lead, Trump will move into the White House because he won the Electoral College.

        Clinton’s margin will grow in the coming weeks — mostly because of California, where there are still more than 2 million unprocessed ballots.

    2. Deplorable Lanie says

      It was 3 million illegal voters + 4 million registered voters who were actually dead (don’t know if all 4 million of the dead registered voters actually did vote, but as of the morning of the election, they were registered) So I highly doubt that HilLIARy won the popular vote! We must do something about this voter fraud. We need to have complete faith in our system, and right now, I am not sure that I do.

  32. Tiger says

    It was a clear choice to anyone with a clear understanding of what has been happening in this country under O and then knowing Hillary would do worse. We had a close call. Very close.

  33. David in MA says

    See, couch potatoes do vote.

  34. Ken says says

    Hillary was a big promoter of early voting because she feared the leaked emails and her less than honorable activities would bring her demise – they did help and many wished they had not voted early.

    1. Norman says

      The democRATs are proponents of voting early and voting OFTEN.

  35. Ken says says

    THE POLLS – look at who paid for the polls and you will see a pattern of MSM “news” bias just was enforced by the polls they supported – the Establishment ran a very well planned campaign. Without the internet to help inform voters we would have continued with more of the last 28 years of Establishment control of OUR Government.

  36. Mathew Molk says

    What kind of drugs are these “Pundants” taking? The polls were ALWAYS phony and Trump was ALWAYS ahead. The only thing that I see is the illegal, dead and multiple voters. Take out the election fraud and you will have the cackling witch winning only NY, New England and the West coast. I’m 100% OK with giving them all to Canada. They are as Un-American as Iran. They are so far out in left field the football team up there should change their name to the New England Marxists.

  37. Combatvet52 says

    She was way ahead of Trump with a sure win……… the Republicans and the Independents came home from work and went to the polls……..end of story you lost HILDABEAST.

    1. Norman says

      The votes of the working Republicans overwhelmed the votes of the couch potato democRATs and the illegal voters.

      1. Combatvet52 says


  38. mossbergman says

    There was a segment of voters minorities and not ,that didn’t want all the social stigma tied to admitting your were a trump voter. Once behind the curtain they could vote how they wanted with out all the Drama.

  39. Oldchopper says

    They’re wrong again. I, as one of many, did not play the political game. Many weren’t undecided, they just weren’t saying. I myself am a registered Republican but not once responded to any solicitations from the party. I felt sure there were many of you out there doing the same. How many out there knew without a doubt that to respond to the 20 being received each day you’d be getting 40 – 60 the next. 20 was bad enough!

  40. Deplorable Lanie says

    I just read that there were over 3 million registered voters who are illegals! Because in California when you apply for a drivers license you are automatically registered to vote. Which is crazy because my hubby is a landed immigrant (unable to vote) and he certainly has a State drivers license. And the morning of the election 4 million dead people were registered to vote! So 7 million registered voters that should not be voting, be they illegal or be they dead! When are we going to do something about this? I would have totally lost hope in the system if she had won and then I had heard this. How can we make sure that those who are making the decisions that run our great land are those who are legally allowed to make that vote? In my State, we passed a constitutional amendment that all voters must show that they are citizens and allowed to vote! But this should be a federal law, because these are federal decisions. Please will someone explain to me how asking to show id to prove you are a citizen in order to vote is racists? Please someone explain it to me because I do not understand it!

    1. Norman says

      There is NOTHING racist about showing identification to vote.

      The democRATs actually are NOT opposed to showing identification to vote as they say. However, they are very much opposed to fair elections because they know few of their corrupt candidates would win in a fair election. Therefore,democRATs ARE very much in FAVOR of VOTE FRAUD.

      They use the term “racist” like they do with so many other issues to change the subject and to try cast their opponents as bad people to the useful idiots who are too stupid to figure out that few whom democRATs call racists actually are. (If the democRATs must make every issue about race, doesn’t that make them the racists?)

      Legal voters realize the recent election would be their last chance to have their votes count before hilLIARy appointed more radical activist judges to the lower courts and another radical Justice of the Supreme Court who would have ruled in favor of those who committed vote fraud.

      It was now or never. Legal voters were motivated to vote to overwhelm the fraudulent votes of the radicals before it was too late. AND IT WORKED!

  41. BIG STAN says


  42. AKLady2015 says

    So what?
    The Electoral College elects the President.
    Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000.

  43. carsrus says


  44. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Hey shitkickers!!! We know how Trump won that election. Hillary has 1.6 million MORE popular votes than Trump and Trump rigged the Electoral College. Who the hell do you asshats think you are fooling? It’s that good ole good ole good ole boys games of bribery.

    You better hope that not a single one of those Electors took one dime from the RNC or your asses are grass and we will be your lawn mowers.

    1. Norman says

      It’s been two weeks and you are still feeling bad.

      Here is some Tchaikovsky to cheer you up:

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Hey fukkbag…Here is how I know for a fact you lying bastards rigged this election. First, 52% of the population are women. Your right wingers claim 45% of women didn’t vote for Hillary. Assuming you are not brain dead, that math doesn’t work fukkboy. That would mean only 7% of women voted for Hillary. Who the hell do you think believes that bullshit?

        Then, there is the fact that Hillary won this election by over 1,650,000 more popular votes than your scumbag Trump. Even that number proves you and your shitbags rigged the election.

        YOu assholes knew you couldn’t EVER win this election by popular vote given that women outnumber men by 52%. So, your Republican fukkbags had a scheme: Rig the Electoral College Votes.

        Notice how you stupid assholes actually think we missed that game of distraction by the Republicans jerkoffs with Benghazi and EmailGate? One problem with that…while your boys were busy hoping those major distractions would keep voters from figuring out how Republicans planned to steal yet another election, they were busy using Trump’s Russian hackers to hack into DNC emails.

        Then, your boy Comey, when pressed to disclose those hacked emails publicly stated, “It might influence the election.” Yet, he had NO problem “finding” “new” emails of Hillary’s right?

        CrowdStrike already investigated the Russian hackers and publicly stated that the hackers were NOT after knowing what the DNC was doing. They were hacking into data on who Hillary’s voters and supporters were. When asked what the purpose of that was, the answer from their top official was, “to alter or delete votes.”

        So can you fukking bullshit asshole. Until Comey coughs up ALL undacted emails of the DNC hacked by the Russians, you shitbags don’t get to call him President.

        1. Norman says

          I tried to be nice by sending you some Tchaikovsky to cheer you up after hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION two weeks ago and all you could do was respond with another of your hateful rants.

          Hey, that’s what II expected from a troll who was spewing hateful rants many weeks before hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION.

          I was wondering: Are you more upset because hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION or are you more upset because your radicals only did vote fraud within the crime-ridden cities hilLIARy would have won anyway?

          Please listen to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky. We’ll both feel better if you do.

          1. Kol says

            Computer Scientists Urge Clinton To Demand Recount & Vote Audit In …


            6 hours ago – After counting more Trump votes than ballots cast, small Wisconsin county … “But that’s not contingent on evidence of election fraud. … for the recount, and would need all three states to overtake Trump in the Electoral College.

          2. Kol says

            I’ve seen the Bolshoi Ballet perform Tschaikovsky ballets at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Russia. Now that’s a treat!

  45. David in MA says

    “How Trump Cleaned Up With Late Deciders”
    Is this PC for couch potatoes, who got up off the couch and went and voted?

  46. Christina says

    To the racist bigot who said woman should not vote because they are not sent to war. Bull shit! Many woman have lost their legs and arms during the recent wars. Tammy Duckworth Us Senator Illinois Lost both legs. Woman are sent to fight and have been sent into combat. You sir are a sexist hateful person. You need to shut your damn mouth and research before you put it on this site. That being said I love my country but I do not advocate hate as this site does!

    1. Norman says

      What were you saying in your post above about “the most vulgar, ignorant, racist bigots” you have encountered? Thanks for proving again it is you self-proclaimed “tolerant” “peace and love” radicals who suffer from a psychological disorder called PROJECTION, Christina.

      Projection: the unconscious ascription of a personal thought, feeling, or impulse, especially one considered undesirable, to somebody else.

  47. Christina says

    Nice to see Trump is backing out of the many promises he made to his supporters. I think Trumpenstien is finding out he can not do anything without House and Senate approval. He is whining on Twitter about trivial issues. I think SNL’s skit really hit him home. He has no idea what he is doing.

  48. Christina says

    I have to say this site has the most vulgar, ignorant, racist bigots I have encountered. Shame on you! Is Disqus monitoring these comments? If not they need to.

  49. freedomcreator says

    They walked that back in their typical fashion – Trump won by a huge margin if you don’t count 3,000,000 illegals voting, no tellin how many dead people, pardoned felons and irregularities at the voting booths.

  50. gotcha1 says

    Obamacare, the upcoming selection of supreme court justices, the callous misguided efforts to willingly let illegal immigrants into this country without being vetted and the endless regulation upon regulation is what spurnned me to vote for Trump. Hopefully, he will follow through on his promises to repeal and replace this Obamacare disaster, build a wall and put good common sense justices on the supreme court. The ball is now in his court and we (the U.S. public) are watching.

  51. jimbo124816 says

    A large number of voters got into the voting booth, and were undecided. That final 10 seconds were torture for them, but they finally decided that they didn’t trust Hillary to flip a burger at McDonald’s, so why would you trust her to run a country.

  52. Lorraine E says

    If democrat voters hadn’t voted so frequently for hillary, if so many dead people hadn’t voted for hillary, if the george soros voting machines hadn’t increased hillary votes and decreased the Donald Trump votes, if the voting machines weren’t rigged to favor hillary, if felons and illegal aliens hadn’t voted for hillary, and if votes for Donald Trump hadn’t been changed to a vote for hillary, Donald Trump would have probably received a million more votes than hillary. To say that it was a close election is an outright lie. It was a fraudulent election and if it was honest, Donald Trump would have received at least a million more votes than crooked hillary.

  53. RsGoat says

    It might be those watching how the media was handling this election on top of what they witnessed. As election day drew near Trump was still out there going State to State talking to people, making contacts with some foreign leaders and not letting it go to his head but being respectful with them. Each time he defeated a person he treated that person with respect and told others how much he respected that candidate for the battle they put forth no matter what went on during the time they were against each other, people noticed.
    Someone told him of he wanted the black vote he should come out and ask for it, so he did. People noticed he could listen to advice and take it which is something we have not seen for a long time. The more we had to observe him the more there was to like
    But on the other side a lot was coming out about Hillary that was not good like the person who was paid to send people to the Trump rallies and start fights. She did not have the energy to keep up with the campaign trail and other things. Don’t discount that the trickle of emails being ignored might not have been totally ignored or the fact that like I said in the beginning I media tried to play that off and focus attention in a different direction. Things like that can create an aura of distrust even if a person can’t quite put their finger on it, like something is wrong but not really sure why. That cloud of doubt.
    We knew clearly what Trump’s issues were but Hillary?

  54. soldier for liberty says

    The media is dead nothing but propaganda!

  55. soldier for liberty says

    The fight has only begun don’t rest ever patriots.

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