ICE Director on Illegals Being Afraid of Deportation: GOOD!


Damn, it is refreshing to see our government officials talking sense when it comes to illegal immigration. The media, the Democrats, and the Obama administration were – and are – so far outside the realm of sanity on this issue that it’s almost shocking when you hear the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement telling Congress that if illegal immigrants are afraid of being deported…that’s a GOOD thing. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be.

Of course, it will probably be only a matter of time before La Raza and Univision are calling for Thomas Homan to resign in disgrace. After all, the man in charge of deporting illegal immigrants should be ashamed of himself for even holding such a job, not taking pride in it.

“If you’re in this country illegally and you committed a crime by being in this country, you should be uncomfortable, you should look over your shoulder. You need to be worried,” Homan told the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday. “No population is off the table.”

Homan praised the direction of President Trump’s policies, which have removed the ham-fisted restrictions his predecessor placed on ICE agents. Under Obama’s rules, agents were specifically forbidden from arresting and deporting illegal immigrants who had not committed serious crimes. Under Trump, the handcuffs have been taken off the agents and put on the illegals where they belong. And it’s already having a significant impact, said Homan.

The acting director told the House committee that ICE needed more deportation beds to house illegals waiting for a first-class ticket back to their home countries. He said that those countries were now quite a bit more willing to take their citizens back than they were under the Obama regime, which is an interesting tidbit in its own right. Could it be that Obama didn’t really try very hard to get those countries on board? Nah, that couldn’t be the case…

Of course, Democrats are still fighting the deportations tooth and nail. Rep. Nita Lowey, the top Democrat on the committee, assured Homan that her party would block any attempt to secure the border.

“Democrats will not accept a penny of funding for a new deportation force or a border wall,” Lowey said.

And in a question to Homan, Maryland Democrat C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (if that is his real name) said ICE should not be deporting illegal immigrants convicted of drunk driving.

“DWI or traffic is not really considered to be the type of people that are hurting our country,” Ruppersberger said.

Not hurting our country? Interesting that Ruppersberger, who was one of the Democrats who made a scene last year with their “sit-in” over gun control, thinks that. Roughly 10,000 Americans are killed every year in drunk driving accidents. Strangely enough, that’s approximately the same number of Americans who are killed in shootings, when you remove suicides from the stats.

Homan rejected the argument, saying, “They should be removed.”

So say we all.

  1. jgfsmf says

    They’re awaiting a first class ticket back home? Is that a joke?

  2. Justin Seine says

    America is my home. Anyone who breaks into my home is a criminal. I don’t care why they broke into my home. They were not invited. There is a long line of people waiting on the invite line and the ones who jump that line not only disrespect me and my fellow citizens, they disrespect those who are waiting patiently for their legitimate invitation. If that makes me a racist then I plead guilty.

    1. Dana says

      It does NOT make you a racist. That’s the lie the anti-American left wants to promulgate to shut us up. It no longer works. We KNOW WE are not racists, in spite of the anti-American propaganda of MSNBC, CNN, Reuters, NPR and the rest of the traitorous networks.

      There is a big difference between someone ringing your doorbell and ASKING to enter your home and someone kicking in your front door and DEMANDING that YOU surrender your home, your lives, your family’s safety, your money and your freedom to live as Americans to THEM !!!!! The former may be invited in, depending on the circumstances of the moment. The latter should be greeted with 12 guage shotguns and anything else necessary to defend your home.

      1. pineapple says

        Say I break into your house!

        lady wrote the best letter in the editorials in ages!
        It explains things better
        than all the baloney you hear on TV.

        large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the
        fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal
        people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make
        it harder
        to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me
        see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests.

        Let’s say I break into your house.

        say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave.
        But I say, ‘No! I like it here. It’s better than my house. I’ve made all
        beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors.
        I’ve done all the things you don’t like to do. I’m hard-working and
        honest (except for when I broke into your house).

        According to the protesters:

        You are required to let me stay in your house.

        You are required to feed me.

        You are required to add me to your family’s insurance plan.

        You are required to educate my kids.

        You are required to provide other benefits to me & to my family.

        My husband will do all of your yard work because he is also hard-working and honest. (Except for that breaking in part).

        you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who
        will picket your house carrying signs that proclaim my RIGHT to be
        there. It’s
        only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I’m
        just trying to better myself.

        I’m a hard-working and honest person, except for well, you know, I did break into your house.

        what a deal it is for me! I live in your house, contributing only a
        fraction of the cost of my keep, and there is nothing you can do about
        it without
        being accused of cold, uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted.

        Oh yeah, and I DEMAND that you learn MY LANGUAGE! so that you can communicate with me.

        Why can’t people see how ridiculous this is?
        America is populated and governed by idiots.

        1. charles17121 says

          The mistake many US Citizens make is that they think they live in a democracy when they actually live in a Constitutional Republic with laws . The US has boarders just like any other country and if you want to enter the US you must do it legally . IT IS THE LAW ! DEMOCRACY = MOB RULE ! The United States Constitution , Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence is concerned with individual Rights and not the rights of the majority . The liberal/socialist in the US have been pushing the “democracy’ BS for the last 100 years . The United States Constitution is NOT a living document , it means the same to day as it did in 1776 . No court, judge or US President can change the US Constitution , Any change to the US Constitution must be done by Amendment through the US Congress or ‘We The People”and then 2/3 of the states must agree on said Amendment in order to change the US Constitution .

          1. bendecido says

            That is the best definition of a Republic. I quote: “The United States Constitution is concerned with individual rights and not the rights of the majority.” Very well put.

          2. Garrett Auman says

            OK ! OK ! THANK you YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOO right !!!!!!

          3. Lawrence D'Ambrosio says

            Our Pledge of Allegiance refers to our country as a Republic and our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution do not even mention the word “democracy”. Our founders feared a democracy as much as a monarchy. They understood that the only entity that can take away the people’s freedom is their own government either by being too weak to protect them from external threats or by becoming too powerful and taking over every aspect of life. The founders were deliberately doing everything in their power to prevent having a democracy. In a Republic, the sovereignty resides with the people themselves where one may act on his own or through his representatives when he chooses to solve a problem. The people have no obligation to the government; instead, the government is a servant of the people and obligated to its owner, We the People. The Constitutional Republic has some similarities to democracy in that it uses democratic processes to elect representatives and pass new laws, etc. The critical difference lies in the fact that the Constitutional Republic has a Constitution that limits the powers of the government. It also spells out how the government is structured, creating checks on its power and balancing power between the different branches. The goal of a Constitutional Republic was to avoid the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution states: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion….”)

          4. Al Parente says

            Amen but they won’t accept the truth.

          5. Dana says

            Spot on. This attempted degeneration into a “Democracy” from what our nation truly is must be halted by any means necessary.

        2. Brenda Sinclair says


        3. Nancy Anderson says

          Pineapple. Once again you have come up with an awesome argument if you will, or answer for the immigration problems. I agree with you and with your permission I would like to copy this one and paste it onto my FB page. I believe that the way you think is they way a great many people in this country feel, but they either don’t have the writing skills that you do, or for some other reason they don’t want to participate. I guess that’s where the “silent majority” came from. Thank you for the posts you do. Your way of writing helps a lot of us to be able to show that we have a completely different approach to problems than the liberals do.

          1. pineapple says

            Feel free to use it.

          2. Nancy Anderson says

            Thank you. I received a LOT of positive feedback from the last one of yours that you said I could post. I can’t wait to see what they have to say about this one. Blessings.

          3. pineapple says

            Feel free to re-post anything I post.

          4. Thomas Garrett Hewes II says

            I’m going to follow with a description of Islam that I created to explain the muslim threat and is squashed and abbreviated to fit in the space of 120 characters allowed on twitter. Feel free to tweet it out if you agree. MuslimsR Islam isISIS. ALLread&obeysameQuranAllwork4world domination by peace VIOLENCEinterconnectedTotally w/jihadsharialaw

          5. Dana says

            The silent majority needs to become the vocal majority again. And we need to heavily arm ourselves against the violence the left will inflict upon us for speaking the truth. Don’t be a victim. Protect your first amendment right with the use of your second amendment right. Deal immediately with violent leftist criminals who want to kill you. Help our president take our country back.

          6. pineapple says

            Feel free to re-post it.

        4. Garrett Auman says

          Finally someone understands, thank you and you are sooooooooooooooo right.
          Thanks again for you comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        5. Tamara says

          Very well put especially that America and Canada are governed by idiots. Those idiots should have to house the illegals in their homes.

        6. plum82 says

          WHY? WAY TOO STUPID, GREEDY & on & on & on…………

        7. Dana says

          WAS governed by idiots. The same Demonrat idiots who are now trying to block President Trump’s agenda. I have seen your post before and it is so true. You left one thing out though: The IRS won’t let you take them as dependents so you can’t deduct the massive amount of money you are forced to pay for the maintenance and upkeep and welfare of these burglars.

          1. pineapple says


            is no secret that the southern U.S. border is open, allowing thousands
            of people to pour into the country illegally. Ironically, Congressmen
            on both sides of the aisle in Washington are not inclined or don’t have
            the will to do anything about it. Although most support legal
            immigration, there are huge differences on how each side believes
            illegal immigrants and the security of our borders should be handled.

            generally support amnesty for those that enter the U.S. illegally.
            They also believe that ―undocumented immigrants‖ should have all the
            educational and health benefits that citizens receive including
            financial aid, welfare, social security, and Medicaid.

            are against amnesty for those who enter the U.S. illegally. They
            believe that those who break the law by entering the U.S. illegally do
            not have the same rights as those who enter legally and obey the law.
            They also believe that the Federal Government should do a better job
            enforcing current immigration laws.

            you call them ―illegal immigrants‖ or you call them ―undocumented
            immigrants, the undisputed fact remains that when a person crosses the
            border without the proper authority, he/she is breaking U.S. immigration
            law. Just to be clear, there may be some immigrants that had green
            cards (or other legal authority) that either did not renew or replace an
            expired or lost card. This would be analogous to someone who let their
            driver‘s license expire and then proceeded to drive a car. They would
            be doing so illegally. Nevertheless, to put all illegal immigrants into
            the undocumented immigrant category is ludicrous.

            is estimated that there are between 11 and 30 million illegal
            immigrants in the country and that they account for 13.6% of all crime
            in the United States. No matter where you stand on this issue, the
            facts show that the direct and indirect financial costs are enormous.
            The following 2013 statistics were extracted from the website
   Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113
            billion a year at the federal, state and local level. Most of the costs
            (around $84 billion) are absorbed by state and local governments. That
            amounts to an average of $1,117 per household. The variance per
            household is higher or lower depending on the demographics of illegal
            alien populations. Education costs absorbed by state and local
            governments are estimated at $52 billion annually. Although illegal
            immigrants that work are required to pay income tax, most don’t. Those
            that do get much of it refunded because they are in such a low income

            to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, illegal immigrants residing in the
            U.S. send $50 billion back to their home countries each year.2 When you
            include legal immigrants, The World Bank estimates the amount to be
            $120 billion.3 That is money that is not put back into the U.S.

            to National Review, $1.87 billion was spent in 2014 on incarcerating
            illegal criminal immigrants.4 In 2009; the Department of Homeland
            Security estimated the percentage of illegal immigrants that are
            incarcerated to be between 11 and 15 percent of the country’s prison
            population.5 Almost all the financial burden was shouldered by the
            states. The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), which is a
            federally funded program, does pay for some cost.6 However, it does
            not really matter because it all comes out of taxpayer dollars.

            Government Accountability Office (GAO), using official Department of
            Justice data on criminal immigrants in the nation‘s correctional system,
            reported the following: – Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder
            convictions in Florida were by criminal immigrants. In New York it was
            34% and Arizona 17.8%. In addition, during those years, criminal
            immigrants accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five
            states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York.7 That 38%
            represents 7,085 murders out of the total of 18,643.

            gets worse: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) removed
            (deported) 235,413 criminal illegal immigrants nationwide in 2015, 49%
            percent of whom had previously been convicted of a criminal offense.8
            Although the numbers are down since 2012, they are still substantial.
            Do the reduced numbers mean that there are less illegal immigrants
            coming into the country or does it mean that ICE has less resources to
            do their job or does it mean they are told to stand down? In 2013 and
            2014 ICE set free more than 66,000 illegal immigrant criminals who had

            166,000 convictions (30,000 for drunk or
            drug impaired driving, 414 kidnappings, over 11,000 rapes or other
            sexual assaults, and 395 homicides).9 Since their release, many of
            those have already been convicted of new crimes including felonies.

            gets worse: The invasion of illegal immigrants has established and
            empowered many in the form of street gangs. Their growth is fueled by
            money obtained easily through drug smuggling and sales. A 2011 FBI
            report makes many connections between the Mexican drug cartels and
            various U.S.based gangs.10 An out of hand financial and social
            disruption cost to American citizens just continues to grow.

            make matters worse yet: Laws in sanctuary cities help shield illegal
            immigrants from deportation, despite astonishing statistics on violent
            crimes committed by illegal immigrants. These laws, in many cases, are
            in direct opposition to Federal immigration laws. Sadly, the U.S.
            Senate refuses to crack down on America‘s nearly 300 sanctuary cities.

            2014 Reuters article stated that a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 70%
            of Americans are deeply worried that illegal immigration is threatening
            the nation‘s culture and economy.11 Concerns include job losses, the
            social landscape, how much insurance costs rise, and other related

            Since illegal immigrants typically take
            low skill, low paying jobs, it would be logical to surmise that some
            portion of those jobs are being taken away from legal immigrants. When
            that happens, few good choices remain for them. They are usually left
            with the choice to go back to their home country, get some kind of aid,
            or enter a life of crime.

            immigration is totally out of control and our elected leaders know it.
            Securing the borders and fixing the illegal immigration problem should
            be demanded by the American people. Unfortunately, only about six
            percent of the population thinks it is a major problem (a sharp decline
            since 2014). They are either not aware of the enormity of the issue or
            they are more concerned about other issues.

            social landscape is rapidly changing and it puts all legal citizens at
            risk for the security of their families and homes. As a consequence, it
            reduces their choices as to where they live, shop, and travel.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says

        i love all the people God did create in his likeness and image but i do not love the seeds, children from satan cain and a fallen angel they have no souls they are not human and they were not created by God in heaven THE MUSLIMS ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FROM GENERATIONS OF SATAN AND CAIN,theyc reated 40 nations while god rules israel and america, let satans children live in their own countries as satan ALLAH THEIR GOD, no i do not love the dark races satan produced by rape and sex, and never will

        1. nocbsfan says

          Don’t know how he ever hid those ears ? Brenda you’re one heck of a girl

          1. CindyLouTerror says

            Ugly is as ugly does Truly a diabolical creature.

          2. nocbsfan says

            I believe he is trying to be the ugliest in the world, may be he wants to be allah ?

          3. Linda Johnson says

            Or for-runner of the Anti-Christ!

          4. nocbsfan says

            I don’t think he is a for runner I think he is right in the middle of it. Satan is the one that runs that show OB ears is just a pawn,I hate giving him even that much of a title. Although he is a real demon

          5. nocbsfan says

            Hi Linda

          6. k9maiden says

            Yes he is. Did anyone except myself notice how dark and evil his eyes became when anyone dared disagree with him?

          7. nocbsfan says

            Wow you have a good eye

        2. Tamara says

          Nailed it big time

        3. Franie says


    2. Betty says

      I am with you . come in legally—WELCOME–come in illegaly –GOODBY

      1. Peterjr says

        Illegals and “refugees” are the “demonrats” mercenary army.The hordes from hell;i.e.dems,bleeding hearts,churches who have no problem selling out this nation for the almighty dollar to “re- settlle” “refugees”,the media, plain old stupid people that can’t or won’t see beyond their noses,the indoctrinated and of course,the thugs who are paid to carry out intimidation and the destruction of property of those who oppose the sick agenda of the globalists.

        1. Brenda Sinclair says


          1. Patricia Munsch says

            Then it’s going to be shocking when they get to a state that’s not under control of the Dems or libs.

      2. HBboy says

        I totally agree. 100%

      3. James Andrews says

        Exactly; I could not have said it any better.

    3. marcus J says

      Very well typed and politically correct , But I must agree with You 110%

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Not PC,,,Snowflakes call the use of the words “stupid” and “thugs” microaggressions. I sure would love to instruct them in actual aggression with my #11 Redwing right in their PC asses, though.

        God bless ya Pete and again…Give um hell Hoeman!

    4. Mathew Molk says

      I’m a racist too, and a third Generation American Patriot of Slovenian ancestry.

      Give ‘um hell, Holman! (Worked for Truman)

    5. Mark Tercsak says

      Last night , I had this Idea, what if we were to do a Trade, like sports teams do with ball players,
      Those that burglarize our nation and are not drug dealers, car jackers, murderers, rapists, etc.
      get to stay in the U.S.A.

      But Mexico in return must take all our Fascist~BolsheVik~Demo~Rats.

      1. Patricia Munsch says

        I don’t agree. After seeing so many die due to their drinking habits and driving they should not just be deported but given life in prison as the citizens who done the same get. Oklahoma lost a wonderful long time sportscaster to an illegal who was not only drunk but also under the influence of illegal drugs. This certain illegal had been deported 3x already but kept returning. Under Obama’s rule he was safe to do so and now look at what happened. All the political reps that doesn’t agree to deportation should be held on charges each illegal commits.

        1. gearbox says

          They should be charged with crimes against america ! And removed from office without their pensions , Then do hard labor for a period of time (bring back the chain gangs) ! That ought to take care of these weasels ! “MAGA”

      2. Dana says

        Mexico knows better. They won’t even do the right thing to keep their own criminals in their country. Why would they do anything to welcome more criminals from other countries into Mexico?

    6. Rose Weleski says

      You are soooo right Justin!

    7. franchesca says

      It’s precisely the way you say.! Ones country is ones home, no one has the right to barge in uninvited. Those that do barge in arrive with weapons and bad intend, take over well organized household trash it to bring to the level of camel-land while you pay the rent and their up-keep,sole response insolence endanger, wreck your home and family, rape your daughters, assault and injure neighbors, violate every civilized rule, block your surrounds, pose restriction and make heavy costly demands and threaten police force. Rude bestial trashy smelly, diseased, our neighborly hospitals and schools mercifully take pity, try hard to ease the creatures’ plight hoping one day they see the light, improve evil conduct and soften their poisoned hearts to acceptable level. …13 centuries later, we’re still waiting.

    8. William(Bill) Hooper says

      REALLY ? Justin Seine really DOESN’T SOUND like a Native American Name !! What’s your Tribe,Justin Seine ??

      1. CindyLouTerror says

        An F Troop Hackawee of course.

      2. Askjrsk says

        Naba hoo?

    9. defiant1 says

      Great post Justin Seine!

    10. Combatvet52 says

      Uninvited when you cross over my door saddle look out for the FLASH and it’s not my Cannon Camera.

    11. plum82 says

      HA ! tell that to the dumbocrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Skippy says

    We need to enforce the laws we already have on the books. The illegal immigrants won’t be able to get a job or housing. They’ll self deport at that point.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      And jail anybody that harbors or employs them and seize their property. – That law is already on the books too.

      1. Skippy says

        Yep. The only thing is housing managers and employers that follow the law and use everything that’s available to verify legal status. Shouldn’t be punished if someone had a good false identity. Now if the knowingly do it throw the book at them.

  4. gotabgood says

    I know this is a repeat from another site, but it needs to be said….. too much hate and not enough communication and compromise could have prevented this from happening.
    I want to be the first to say, That I and I hope all Democrats do not condone the shooting by Hodgkinson.
    It seems we have a few radical leftwingers that think it is ok to lock and load against fellow Americans, too.
    We have a way to deal with people we don’t like in office, it is called “Vote Them Out”.
    I hope 2018 is a wakeup call to people that care about where this country is going and that we can do better without the influence of foreign countries.
    Let’s all stop the rhetoric of the call for “civil war” or “lock and load”..
    For ALL those that think you have to kill someone to prove a point….
    Here is the weapon of choice for you, I suggest a trip to your friendly firing range to get it zeroed in….. you don’t want to miss…..

    1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

      You are a liberal ignorant Moron! I The liberals want WAR !!!! The liberal Democrackhead racist thug party have declared war on america and trump & his supporters we are Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. lha says

      One thing about your posts is that they are consistently stupid and ignorant. You must live in a liberal bastion of Government dependence and crime,but lack the balls to protect yourself or don’t have anything left after fellow liberals have stolen everything your welfare check can buy.The rest of the Country has more common sense than to believe that “illegal”means “disenfranchised”. You are the person who leaves his hen house door open knowing that a large den of Foxes is nearby. On top of that,you believe you’re smarter than the fellow who closes the door and shoots the foxes.

      1. gotabgood says

        You would be surprised where I live…. maybe I should tell you that maybe you would realize what I say is true as for what America is becoming and the direction they are headed.
        I lived in China 2010 to 2015. They have a mix of communism and capitalism. The workers cannot tell a nickles worth of difference between the two. Romney loved the factory plans… long hours and cheap wages, Foxconn made the news often.
        I am now living in Philippines since October of 2015. (Will be moving back to USA or Mexico come September). Yes they vote and the hot topic here is how the president won the election, even knows it was rigged and admitted killing people himself without a trial.
        This is where America is headed. low wages long hours.. not difficult to check out, before Reagan a 40 hour work week was pretty standard… it is almost a joke now. and you would not make it on 40 hours, your wages are too low.
        As for Philippines, the law and order is the president… much like the president we have now.
        Maybe the old saying is true, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”…

        1. James says

          The biggest load of BS I have seen on this comment section yet!
          You are still living in your mommies basement, drinking the liberal/socialist kool aid, Probably never even been out of your hometown, let alone the country!

          1. gotabgood says

            So easy to check out the things I said…
            on the other hand it would be difficult checking out your opinions
            I will give you one example of Romney liking the Chinese factories.
            Romney’s Stake in Chinese Stocks
            The GOP candidate invested in 10 Chinese companies recently—including ones that embezzled, partnered with Iran, and stole US trade secrets.

            Now shut up with your stupidass cry of BS until you can prove what you say!!


          2. Combatvet52 says

            This is total BS that’s not Mitt talking……… cousin up in Ma. knows him well and he says this is a Demorat made video………you people will do anything to undermine the conservatives…….whats next sell your family’s.

          3. gotabgood says

            It was my cousin that took the video and he is not into politics at all. Just wanted to get the truth out..
            And by the way Romney didn’t call it fake, why should you?

          4. James says

            Hell; any real conservative knew Romney was just another political elite plant, nothing new there $hithead. You want to prove something, show the proof of your “claims” concerning China and people not being able to tell the difference between capitalism and communism! And tell that to all the political “slaves” working for nationally owned companies. Or tell that to my friend; Deo who came from the Philippines with horror stories of how the poor underclass are forced to live there.
            As I said; take you BS and post it on your liberal/commie sites, you’ll get more takers there cause they only hear what they want to hear, much like you!

          5. gotabgood says

            But yet… Romney was your man.. you most likely voted for him…. and now that he lost…. he was nothing but a plant… same with McCain… but you voted for him… and it will be the same with Trump, when his scales fall off and the real Trump is exposed… you will call him all sorts of names… maybe even a Democrat plant..

          6. Combatvet52 says

            You failed to realize something……Romney and McCain were never POTUS.
            Trump is and will be for 8 years……if the laws get changed he may even do 4 more years.

          7. gotabgood says

            You are failing to recognize the fact that you voted for them to be president…. they were YOUR man… when they lost… you threw both of them under the bus, called them RINO’s, you have no respect for someone who loses… like how do you feel about Boehner? How about McConnell? These people held office a long time, someone voted for them… and now look at the names you call Boehner..

          8. Combatvet52 says

            Hold on Skippy……what do you do with someone who stabs you in the back and goes over to the left ?????? I doubt very much if you would support them.

          9. gotabgood says

            Who went to the left? McCain? He is still a Republican. Romney? He was sucking up to Trump to get any kind of job.
            Boehner… here is a clip of his, he was pretty proud of himself. By the way center/moderate is NOT LEFT….. I mean it is a helluvalot left of where the Trump supporters are… but not left.

          10. James says

            Again; you assume falsely! I never cared for Romney, and would not have voted for him if he had been the candidate, You work off the assumption that I am a repub, which; concerning me, is your first major mistake.
            I started out as a dem. in my teens, but after carefully watching what the dems. were doing to America during the VN war, and how their political mishandling of the war effort cost the lives of many of my friends and comrads, I switched to repub. By the end of the 80’s I could see that the repubs had become nothing more then “yes” men for the dems, who by this time had assimilated the radicals of the 60’s who preached communism, with a socialist program being their drawing card. That is when I became an independent, voting for whoever appeared to be the least harmful to the American way of life.
            Too bad more of your kind can’t see the light and do the same.
            As for D. Trump; The only choice in the last election was
            1: a witch; who by the way reminded my too much of my ex., Who held no qualms against killing innocent babies just because their birth was an inconvenience to the mother. Who is a pedophile and man hater, and who can’t accept blame for anything, but accuses everyone else for her own faults, Lies every time she opens her blow hole; and has been involved in more murder than Al Capone himself!

            2: A business man who has built many successful businesses (yeah, he has had a couple of failures, but at he is able to learn from his failures).
            He has promised to make America great again, and if the damn dems and RINO’s would get out of his way, would accomplish that feat much quicker. None the less, what he has done so far, has surpassed all that either Clinton or obutthead done in all of the years of their tenure.
            And above all; he is not a One World elite; bought and paid for by G. Soros!

          11. gotabgood says

            How can a man who claim to be so studious get things all assbackwards?
            Number one is totally false, except for your ex and I do not know anything about her. Most of what you claim Hillary done was debunked and that last murder crap was done by none other than Mr. Putin.
            Number two, I do not know whether to laugh or cry. A successful business man does not have 6 or 7 bankruptcies, Scam students, Run out on his bills for contractors and even his lawyers. Fined a couple of times over rent discrimination
            Lies about everything from crowds to weather, from products to jobs created, this last job through Saudi Arabia, is nothing more than wait and see.
            Been in office 5 months and everyone in his administration, including HIM is under investigation… and if Obama had his voice recorded on tape, him claiming since he was president he could grab women by their pussy… you would have him tared and feathered. In fact Obama couldn’t have gotten away with half the stuff Trump has had smooth sailing on..

    3. James says

      This from someone who bears the image of an anarchist.

  5. Tiger says

    Seeing is believing and we are seeing illegal felons, including others like Muslims being handcuffed and taken out of our country. Trump is also holding true to his promises, MS 13 being picked up in huge numbers. I remember watching on sites after the 55,000 children ran across the border, by the invitation of Obama we found out later, placed where, we still don’t know, then came the train loads of men from everywhere and MS 13 members coming in with them and let lose on our country.

    It is good to hear we have a POTUS and not a citizen of the One World Order.

    1. Dana says

      It’s good to hear we have an AMERICAN in the White House again !!!!

      1. Tiger says


      2. f m says

        Amen to that! ??????????????

      3. PatriotGal says

        Wholeheartedly agree, Dana, an AMERICAn who loves America as do we!

        1. k9maiden says

          There is a reason he is in the WH, and he isn’t going anywhere. The Communist/Socialist/and anarchist can try all they want, but President Trump doesn’t care what they think that is the beauty of finally electing someone other than a career politician. He will, and is, getting the job done, despite the Marxist trying to obstruct or spin every thing he says or does to repair the damage the Regime did in the past 8 years.

      4. pineapple says

        “It’s good to hear we have an AMERICAN in the White House again !!!!”

        The last one was an illegal immigrant.

        1. k9maiden says

          I was a birther from day one. I am proud to be a birther, because after I saw the birth certificate of my friend, a Polynesian born in that same hospital, I could see just what a farce BO’s crappy piece of green paper was. The least the forger could have done was make sure the information was correct along with terms used in the early 60’s, not today. Calling BO’s father an African American was one big mistake, anyone with a brain and common sense knows that before the Civil Rights Movement, people of color were either referred to as Colored or Negro.

          1. gearbox says

            He wasn’t an american either ! And I think he wasn’t opukehead father either !
            His (obutthead) father was Frank M. Davis !

          2. k9maiden says

            Is that Frank Marshall, the head of the Communist Party in America, and good pals with BO’s grandparents and mother? What a sad state of affairs, when we elect a man who was a questionable citizen of this country, a Muslim, and a Communist.

      5. Virginia Hornibrook says

        Oh my gosh amen to that, Obama was and is not a citizen of the United States deport that sob

        1. k9maiden says

          He was raised in Indonesia and went to school there. His application states he was a citizen of Indonesia and a Muslim. When BO lived in Indonesia, Indonesia did not permit duel citizenship. So, did he denounce his American citizenship to be able to attend school as Sotoro’s son? Indonesia did not allow noncitizen to go to school in that country.

    2. nocbsfan says

      What do ya say we keep him ?

      1. Tiger says

        Oh yeah

        1. nocbsfan says

          Well that settles that we will keep him

  6. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says

    It’s about time!

    1. Dana says

      Yes it is.

    2. Obie Miller says


    3. Retired says

      Decades overdue .

      1. PatriotGal says


        1. plum82 says

          Positively absolutely,,,,,,,,,,,decades overdue EXACTLY

    4. SouthernPatriot says

      ICE Director Homan had the same response I had: “Good!” Anything to cut back and cut out illegal felon invasion!

      1. k9maiden says

        I agree! If these illegals came into the country legally, like our ancestors, they would appreciate what America stands for, and they would be just as adamant about protecting the borders as we are.

        1. Gen11American says

          Those illegals from Mexico are mostly Reconquistas trying to invade and occupy the territory which the US appropriated AND PAID FOR following the Mexican War. Depredations by hostile Indian tribes like the Comanches and the Apaches had kept the Mexicans from occupying most of the territory we took over after the Treaty of Hidalgo was signed, and it took the US Army 40 years to conquer those tribes, and make those territories safe for settlement. The cost in lives to achieve that goal was over 30,000, and if the illegal Mexicans think we’re going to continue to allow them to occupy our territory after that sacrifice, they’re NUTS! And so are the Leftists who fully support illegal aliens for their VOTES!

          1. Craig Vandertie says

            I basically turned up the same facts you did, but what I discovered was that 50% of the time the tribes of the southwest traded with the Mexicans and 50% of the time looted, that was because the Mexicans had little to know military support and the natives thought them of little threat, now the Americanos come along and start building and manning forts with Calvary patrols venturing out to put down native uprising, so the natives regularly attack homesteads, wagon trains, et cetera.

            Mexican squatters of so little respect toward their own government did not think worth the trouble of providing them with military support, is it any wonder that the current Mexican politicians cannot get rid of them fast enough.

          2. EnjoyzCoffee says

            Thanks for the history lesson. Good information, but these socialists hate all people everywhere, including the illegal Mexicans. They’re only using them, as you said, for their votes. These conscienceless creatures want to rule the world and will murder millions, if not billions, to accomplish that goal.
            We’re in the last days and that means it is going to get worse, but before that happens God’s going to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and we’ll have the biggest global revival this world has ever seen. As many as a billion will repent and ask Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior, everyone else will go through the Tribulation. Literally, hell on earth will transpire and all earth’s inhabitants will be personally affected.
            Anyone reading this who isn’t saved better get saved if you want eternal salvation. The offer is for all people everywhere. The free gift of God. Don’t miss out on eternal rewards by delaying your decision for Christ. He loves you and died for you so you don’t have to. Go to Joseph Prince online to learn more.

          3. Franie says

            Or John Hagee, Cornerstone Church on the DAYSTAR CHANNEL, Sunday mornings at 9am Eastern time.

          4. Linda Johnson says

            & obey Acts 2:38 Repent , be baptized in the name of the lord Jesus Christ & you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Later in Acts, Mary, the mother of Jesus, the disciples & others, making 120 all waited for the Holy Ghost & prayed in one mind & one accord & it appeared on them as other tongues & they all received the H. G., speaking in other tongues

          5. Linda Johnson says

            & obey Acts 2:38, Repent & be baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ & you shall receive the Holy Ghost. Later, in Acts Mary, the mother of Jesus, the disciples & others making 120 all TARRIED & PRAYED IN ONE MIND & ONE ACCORD FOR THE HOLY GHOST. It fell on them as cloven tongues & they all received the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues. The Holy Ghost is the comforter, Jesus was talking about, to help us live in this world & to have power over satan> the Baptized in His name, being buried w/ Him our sins as we go down under the water & the H. G. gives us power to pray & ask for anything good to help others.

          6. Faithful says

            Amen, AMEN and Amen

          7. Mary Brumley says

            I like Joseph Prince also. As to the “end times revival,” I have never seen listed the Biblical verses to support that. Do you have those verses?

          8. laulau says

            Yes, years ago La Raza said that the Mexicans should invade, have babies, and eventually out number the US citizens, and take back “their” country.

          9. k9maiden says

            Well, under BO, that’s exactly what they were doing, and the MUSLIMS as well.

          10. Franie says

            Yeah, BO…Barack Obama…this country’s TROJAN HORSE!!!! The POS.

          11. Janis McElhaney says

            To add to that remark, that is what the Muslims are planning today.

          12. Mary Brumley says

            We should loudly debunk the lie that ‘some’ Muslims are ‘peaceful.’ But, there are many Muslims that want to take us over ‘peacefully.’
            And, it is already happening. Check out Hamtramck, MI.

          13. DaveM says


          14. teachersaide says

            Look up ATZLAN Plan. And, btw, a little known fact: During WW I, before Germany surrendered, Mexico was negotiating with Germany, to come into the war on the side of Germany. THEIR Reward was going to be the American SW, including CA! Then, the war was over. Mexico is NOT an ALLY!

          15. k9maiden says

            Sadly Gen, these people don’t have a clue about any of the above you shared. I wish they did, but they don’t care, they just want to take over what they think is due them. My son went to Medical School, and completed his residency at Loma Linda Hospital in CA. He was so happy to get out of that state! He does speak Spanish enough to communicate with the illegals, he also said that the older people, those that had lived in CA for some time, did appreciate the free medical help they received, and were very congenial with the medical staff should they have to wait a while unless their illness or injuries were life threatening. He went on to tell me how rebellious and down right hostile some of the young Latinos were. He and another doctor were giving a patient who was dying, CPR and trying to stabilize him. This lasted for a long time, but they did finally stabilize the man and he was sent to critical care for further treatment. A young man, Latino, illegal, had to wait for much longer than he felt was necessary. When my son came in the room to treat him, he spit on him and screamed at Andrew. Of course, being a professional, he could do very little about it, except treat the young man’s sore throat, but he did let him know that a man was dying, and his sore throat was NOT serious, they take serious cases first, especially if it is life threatening. These are the types of people we do NOT need in our country, maybe if they came in legally, they would learn some history and appreciate living in this country instead of being here for free healthcare, housing and food.

        2. Franie says

          Ya got that right!!!

      2. Gen11American says

        The Trump Administration and the Border Patrol are lauding the reduction in border crossings, but 14,000+ per month are still making their way into US, and they will continue to do so until the GD wall is constructed! Since the Democrats depend on a steady stream of illegal voters to assure the re-election of the worst reps in Congress, they’re threatening any companies which are interested in bidding as contractors! Any city, state, or municipal officials who issues such threats should be promptly arrested!

        1. k9maiden says

          My granddaughter has a very good friend whose family is moving back to Mexico in a couple of weeks because they hate Trump. She is very sad that he is going. I sympathized with her, but I did let her know that every country has borders. We could no more go to Mexico, as citizens of the U.S. and live there indefinitely, and that is the way it is in the U.S. I let her know that under the Obama Administration, who allowed illegals to flood our country, our new President Trump is following the law of the land, the Constitution, and he will not bend the rules because it is just not fair to all those immigrants that are waiting in line, following the rules to become a United States Citizen. She understood, but wasn’t too happy! Of course, she is only 12.

      3. Bruce A. Frank says

        THe LEGAL aliens ARE upset about the invasion of the illegals!

        1. Thomas Garrett Hewes II says

          Sure are. They worked hard and appropriately to be here and understand that the illegals hurt and undermine them too, unless it happens to be family.

        2. Franie says

          Rightly so. They’re paying thousands to become proud USA citizens!!

    5. jackcandobutwont says

      It Long overdue and about DAMn time!!

      WE have unchecked immigration for 25 years…..1/2 of Meixco and South America are in the US….DEPORT THEM ALL!!! Regain our soverignty!!!

      1. Gen11American says

        Actually, 70% of illegals are Mexicans. 1/3 of Mexico’s citizens occupy the US, and the remittances sent back to Mexico from the US comprise 1/3 of Mexico’s GDP! And our asinine government continues to allow that insanity to continue!

        1. jackcandobutwont says

          AND we can blame both Dems and Reps for allowing that to happen…..bill the serial rapist had 8 years to fix the problem, baby bush also had 8 years and then bobo had 8 years… someone must not want the problem fixed….hence the resent POTUS TRUMP…who has picked up the pace deporting illegals, is working on building the wall….a wall that was voted on and approved by Congress, then strangley defunded after a small % was built!

        2. Franie says

          We also have a phenominal influx of unvetted and illegal alien Muslims sneaking into our country and setting up no-go zones in 22 communities throughout 9 states. Of course, that I’m sure has been expanded over the last year. Muslims do not wish us well, and they’re here to procreate quickly for an internal takeover of our country and our government.

          It would behoove President Trump to disband these no-go zones quickly, but also kick CAIR, Council on Islamic-American Relations out of our government and out of our country. CAIR is nothing but the Muslim Brotherhood in our country, a terrorist organization, and they do not have our best interests at heart. Quite the contrary!!

          1. Linda Johnson says

            No, they want their stinkin’ Sharia Law in the U.S! If that is what they truly want, then, they need to go back where they came from> the supposedly idea was to get away from that life!

    6. Obie Miller says


  7. Dana says

    FINALLY. An Executive Branch that does it’s job. Now start voting out even more Democrats and their complicit RINO’s from the Legislative Branch, and stacking the Judicial Branch with Americans again, and the job of making America great again will get off on an even better footing. GO TRUMP.

    1. PatriotGal says

      Dana, if you know anyone in GA 6th District – get them to the polls to vote against Ossoff who is a Pelosi pick and who does NOT even Iive in the district. Vote for and financially support Karen Handel!!! Critical race.

      1. k9maiden says

        I receive updates daily from that campaign. Pelosi’s buddy who doesn’t even reside in GA is running against Handel, and he has something all Democrats can be assured of when they are running against a decent Conservative, Soros money! I hope she wins, I have a feeling she will, keep the faith!

  8. James Maxwell says

    First and foremost they are not “Undocumented workers nor Illegal Aliens” they are criminal
    INVADERS. The terminology use to identify individuals determine how they are handled
    in the Judicial system at the expense of the American People. This was done by the Media
    first and then by both political parties to keep the Invaders here and working for their donors.
    (Who are almost 100% lawyers) know this and play the semantics game to confuse the normal
    citizens who do not realize the games being played on them. As long as they can used improper
    terminology to describe individuals they do not have to take real action against them and hope
    to eventually get them registered to vote and sway elections in their favor. Not to mention the
    dollar cost to ever working American and those that are physically and mentality disabled and
    unable to work.

    1. Helen Finch says

      Madam Pelosi came up with that title of Undocumented aliens.

      1. PatriotGal says

        The left is amazingly clever at wordsmithing…

        1. k9maiden says

          PC crap gone amuck on the left!

      2. gearbox says

        peelousey is a TOTAL NUTJOB ! Do you see the weird look in her eyes , and her grotesk hand movements , see seems to be in a drunken stupor all the time ?

  9. pappy450 says

    This is LONG past due. ILLEGAL means just THAT. It doesn’t give anyone the right to invade our Country and suck up tax payer dollars, break our LAWS and get to “stay” and continue. There are many LEGAL immigrants that have stood in line, did their paperwork, went through all they needed to do to be in this country LEGALLY, and they THEMSELVES need to be appalled that the “fence jumpers”, can come in and get all the ‘benefits” of an AMERICAN CITIZEN and not have to WAIT and PAY like THEY did. Time to boot the “invaders” OUT! (and KEEP them OUT)

    1. Virginia Hornibrook says

      I can tell you they get more benefits then someone who was born in the United States, I’m a citizen of the United States and need some help with food, living on less the $750.00 with no social security raise from Obama for 8 years. So I went to welfare to get some help with food stamps and I was the only white person in the office, and wow I got $16.00 a month for one year, I’ve been cancelled because my money had to go to some illegal who gets $300.00 for food, $1500.00 for housing and free medical. So I’m so proud of President Trump getting rid of these free loaders. If you want to live in the United States become a citizen and speak our language, get a job and support yourself I’ve worked I worked 66 years of my life and I can’t get help because we have to many illegals here. Please President Trump go be us a cost of living raise and stop paying these illegals, we Seniors need a raise. Thank you President Trump

      1. pappy450 says

        I hear you loud and clear! I am a “senior” myself and disabled. These “illegals” get a HELL of a lot more than I DO on SSD. I was hurt on the job (hit on the back of the head with a pipe suspended from a scaffold holding a 680# boiler section) and fought for 10 years, with gran-Mal seizures, hip replacements, back fusion, neck fusion, to get what little I GET, and had to fight IN COURT to “prove” I was unable to do my job. (even though I had SEVERAL doctors testify I was disabled)

      2. dogtrainer1 says

        I (unfortunately) live in California. I also am a senior citizen, also permanently disabled, only one leg, I was a nurse and have a friend, who is American born Latino, with 2 children living at home, that works as a Home Health Nurse. She has told me many times, about illegals getting, Section 8 housing, welfare, food stamps, free cell phones, Medi-Cal, visiting nurse, ( in this one case, 2 of their anchor babies are disabled, and even though neither parent work, they also receive Housecleaning done)! I am 66 years old, live alone and have 1 leg, and I was told to open my home to renters and then I could pay for help with cleaning and upkeep. Of course, in California, if you have someone living in your house (they do not even have had to pay for rent, and you ask them to leave, they can refuse. Then you have to get a legal eviction notice to remove them (although I believe that a Shotgun would be more effective). How about that for BS!

      1. nocbsfan says

        There are a few things I could tell you what to do with allah is as fake as you are.

        1. nocbsfan says

          Brenda that wasn’t meant for you but for Ali Gomaa

  10. John Williams says

    Mission accomplished.

  11. honest glenn says

    Should drop ALL illegals into the Pacific Ocean in shark infested waters to prevent them from returning! This would even deter future scumbags from entering the U.S. ILLEGALLY! If it doesn’t then just let ICE Agents shoot them! That’s how you stop this crap! Just look at the tax dollars this would save!!!

  12. Walter Flatt says















  13. marcus J says

    I have patiently waited for over 20 years for our Government to finally take our laws seriously , Every single time a Foreign Criminal Invader get`s drunk and jumps behind the wheel of their unregistered and uninsured car and runs over one of our kids ,They should be hung by a rope from the nearest tree , Not go to jail or be deported , Why should we the People spend 26,500 Dollars per year to keep this sort of animal in a comfortable jail to receive tax payer funded benefits that we don`t get ?? Juan Hernandez from Guatemala should not pass go or get cable TV in one of our jails , Summary execution on the side of the road would be good !!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Nobody hates wetbacks more then I do but the Drunk Driver bullshit is getting REAL old. How ’bout a reality check? Soccer Moms and pencil necks in a hurry cause almost twice as many fatal accidents as drunks do and all illegals are not drunk drivers anyway. Let’s get rid of the I phones on the road and convince people that driving is a full time job and no individual owns the road.

      Sorry for the reality check there, but it is what it is. Fake facts piss me off no matter where they come from and not all of them come from the MSM.

    2. gearbox says

      All due respect Marcus it’s gotta be more than 26,500 $ !? Even at that amount the execution would save much needed funds ,

  14. Larry Cowden says

    The democrats are no longer relevant to society. Walk on them, kick them to the gutter, ignore them, what ever it takes to make them understand they are not on charge and if they get in the way, they can be replaced.

  15. CUZIN ERN says

    Weasels are best @ holes in the ground!

  16. jim jones says

    Results are what is needed, it’s all propaganda, when in hell are the deportations going to start. All of those who are in this country illegally need to be deported, not just after they rape or kill someone; and even then they are not deported, they appeal and never get the boot.

  17. John Franco says

    While your at Mr. Homan…please feel free to deport EVERY Democrat/socialist/liberal progressive you come across…send them to a place that will make them feel like they truly are home. Places like China, N. Korea, Venezuela or Russia seem to be places they dream of going to.

    1. James says

      Now that is a plan I can totally agree with, even though many in my family have been so indoctrinated! Deport them for a one year period, then give them the option: recant progressive liberalism or no re-entry into The States!

      1. PatriotGal says

        Great idea…I have some I could nominate for that “journey”.

        1. k9maiden says

          Yeah, like the vast majority of Hollyweird celebrities!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        All we have to do to solve our liberal problem is bring back the draft and make it mandatory. NO DEFERMENTS! — EVERYBODY goes.

        Wouldn’t you love to see a tearful snowflake begging a DI to go to a safe zone and pet the dog? – In 12 weeks all the damage done by the Marxist teachers in 12 years would be completely undone. (Plan “B” could be carried out at Leavenworth)

        1. James says

          When I processed out of the army; in ’71, I said then that I thought that every able bodied young person should be drafted as soon as their schooling was over. And by able bodied, I’m talking no real physical problem which prevents them from doing anything, because even many who have physical problems can still do something. Proven by how many physically challenged people are entered into the work force. Even mentally challenged to some degree are able to do certain things.
          Everyone of them would come out with a better picture of what service of country is all about. and all need to spend some time in a foreign country; especially a third world nation, so that they see just how bad others in the third world live.

      3. gearbox says

        Why even bother letting them back in James ? Once they are out keep them out ,they won’t change ! “MAGA”

        1. James says

          Basically, that is the point. All those fence sitters would see just how corrupted the liberal mind is.

    2. HopeandChange2016 says

      Deport un-American Americans. They are destroying the nation from within. All part of the communist agenda. No nation can defeat us on our land, but the dems (socialist/communist/progressive/perverts) are destroying us from within.

      1. gearbox says

        H&C , These DEMocRATS (socialists?commies/progressive/statist) scum is in my mind America’s most formattable enemy ! We should revive the house un American activities committee ! How can these low-life celebrities get away with threatening our president and the White House , Attack his family ? Such POS like kathy griffin, madonna ,snoop dogshit and other scumbags !

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Paris and Berlin too. Looks like there may be a glimmer of hope for London, though.

    4. Joseph Prycodzien says

      For some reason or another, I do not believe/think that Russia is a place where they dream of going to. Furthermore, I do not believe/think that Russia would not accept/want any of that ilk in their country.

  18. VirgoVince says

    WHY are they still HERE?? REMOVE ALL non-Americans!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      That includes an awful lot of NWO Marxists (AKA Democrats)

      1. VirgoVince says

        I DID say ALL NON-Americans, but you include ANTI-Americans AND you are 100% correct!! NON is easier to prove, but ANTI will NEED education, NOT indoctrination!!

  19. Conserve says

    Keep pushing this. Way overdue.

  20. John says

    Hey Maryland Democrat C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger , lets see how you like it when one of yours is killed by a drunk driving illegal, you are nothing more then a piece of shit, just like the rest of the Demorats you conspire with. But know this, America will have her say under our current President, and if you stand in the way, you will be removed from office as well, come election time.

  21. underthewire says

    wow……..criminals are scared of being caught. That sucks!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Hadn’t been for years. There’s a new Sheriff in town now so they better get out of dodge.

  22. My country says

    Lowery should have no peace in her life .Her kind are the enemies of this country who hold an office .When our people get killed by and attack being perpetrated by her and her kind who refuse to work for the people paying her salary.It will happen and when it does her sorry behind needs to be brought out into the street and tried in front of Americans in front of the White House and then turned over to the victims famlies to do what they will to her and her kind . Treason is what she is doing .

  23. f m says

    Nice to see our laws finally being enforced. Obama was a disgrace! ❤️??❤️??❤️??

    1. PatriotGal says

      One correction, OWEbama IS a disgrace.

    2. Virginia Hornibrook says

      Was a disgrace he still is get the Muslim illegal out of our country. Tell him to keep his ugly mouth shut, he’s not our president anymore and never our president anyway he’s here illegally from Kenya

      1. gearbox says

        Keep him here ! But in prison ! Better yet execute the anti-American cowardly feckless puke ! “MAGA”

    3. gearbox says

      He committed TREASON !

      1. k9maiden says

        How dare the leftist loons and media try to get Trump for TREASON when Hillary and BO supplied weapons to our enemies, apologized to the savages that butchered the Ambassador and massacred three other American Patriots in Benghazi, then covered it all with a blatant lie! Excuse me, but why is Nixon still being demonized when BO and Hillary have done far, far far worse than Nixon ever did? Oh, would it be that he was a Conservative, yeah, that’s it!

        1. gearbox says

          Exactly right k9 ! I would like to see the the whole gaggle of of garbage that was the obullshit regime , investigated , charged with crimes against America than found guilty of treason than Jailed and/or executed as required by law .
          This current Dep. Attorney General is not on our Pres Trump’s side , he should be fired, than investigated for collusion with the former regime !
          Any and all obumhole appointees in our govt. should be fired ! immediately they are the leakers and back stabbers, Former FBI director should be charged with leaking govt. information and removed from society ! “MAGA”

    4. k9maiden says

      I honestly was afraid we would never see our country the same again, after the BO Regime tried to destroy it and we were on the brink of Communism. Thank GOD for President Trump and the millions of Americans who KNEW the Marxist Media and Media in general were campaigning for Killary. The left winged media and politicians have cried “Wolf” when it comes to Trump one too many times. Now, whenever they come up with a new twist of words to demonize the man, we just don’t take it seriously. They need to just give up, bottom line, there is nothing on Trump, they will not find anything on Trump, and if they continue, they may just be the ones that send Killary and BO where they belong, behind bars or swinging from a rope for Treason against America.

  24. James says

    While I am all for the removal of illegal migrants, I think great caution should be used here in assuring those who have definitely converted and assimilated are not too hastily rounded up and deported.

    I am aware of two from the Detroit area who have been here since their youth and are devoted Christians. They will not survive if returned and in the case of one, legal citizenship was attempted but paperwork was lost. I fear too hastily removing these people may send a wrong message to others who have converted, and actually work to radicalize their families who are left here.
    What I wonder is: are there any obummer holdovers among those ICE officials who may want just such a scenario?

  25. george briar says

    build the wall and don’t let the Obama’s back in. and toss Pelosi and whoopee Goldberg over it.

    1. gearbox says

      And fat rosie , sharpton , madonna . griffin , maxine ,schumer, and a whoooooole lot more !

    2. k9maiden says

      Don’t forget Waters!

  26. george briar says

    lets make deporting illegals a national holiday.

  27. john says

    Get rid of the third world babbling idiots. All them….who in their right mind would want them in their country ? They ruined theirs now their here and ruining ours…God damn them !

  28. Fred says

    Finally! Someone in government with some BALLS! How refreshing! Now, it’s time to de-fund sanctuary cities, colleges, and any other sanctuary status declared by any leftist group seeking to swell democrat votes by pandering to illegal immigrants and those who support them. If someone is here illegally, they are already breaking the law and need to face the music. Piss on them!

    1. PatriotGal says


  29. Donald Lindsey says

    The media, the Democrats, and the Obama administration were – and are – so far outside the realm of sanity on this issue. They hate our rights, freedom, religion and our Flag that covers the coffins of our brave HERO’s.

    The media and Radical Liberal Socialistic Democrats and Obama are the same, all are Anti-American rights, all wants more rabid muslim and illegals on our streets to kill Americans, all refuse to testify about the over 36 Muslim Terrorist Training Camps that they did set up, still are financing with tax money, still protecting these Murderers, still are arming them with military weapons and explosives against We the People.

    Radical Liberal Socialistic Democrats are shooting Republicans in broad daylight. Yet these TRAITORS state they are against guns and violence and they are the ones who put violent criminals back out on the streets, are against the arresting, punishing and deportation of murdering illegals and radical muslims.
    The Radical Liberal Socialistic Democrats are now the #1 TERRORIST GROUP in America against We the People of this GREAT NATION.

  30. Cherie Lynn Davis says

    I bet that those in opposition would have a different point of view if one of their children had been murdered by an illegal gang member or killed by a drunk driver. The liberal/progressives, have more than one screw loose in this regard. I think they know they would never be elected to any office without illegal votes! I wish we could send them all (liberals) to an island somewhere far away. They could run that island however they want and the rest of us could live in peace and harmony while we watch them self-destruct!!

    1. Terry says

      I’m on that island already it’s called California , can you help relocate us patriots ? living on social security and stuck in hell .

      1. Cherie Lynn Davis says

        Oh my, Terry. It is unfortunate that you are stuck in that quagmire. It is not you who needs to be relocated, but the crazies running California and those who think the same way they do, who need to be relocated to that island I was talking about!!!

        1. Terry says

          Thank you I agree 100% . At least I live in San Diego and will be able to go see and admire the wall . When family come visiting , instead of the same old thing Sea World . Lego Land , Desney and such we can picnic at the Wall LOL .

          1. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            It would be nice, if when they are building the wall, that they would dedicate about a half mile of land running the whole length of the wall on our side to be park land so people could spend time there enjoying what should have been done decades ago!! It could be considered a National landmark and be called, “The Great Wall of America.” But I imagine just getting the wall built will be an accomplishment. Getting the money together to buy the land, develop it into park land and maintain it afterwards would be far too costly.

          2. Terry says

            Can’t afford the water for a parks here , our stupid Gov . Moonbeam is building a train we don’t need instead of dams we do need to hold the water that is needed . Just be happy for the wall were not Democraps .

  31. Terry says

    Anyone holding any office that does not follow our laws should be removed and charged with aiding in a crime . We don’t elect people to any office to make and follow there own laws period .

    1. Donald Lindsey says

      well said

    2. k9maiden says

      Great comment Terry, right on the money! Short and sweet, but to the point!

  32. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says

    Can we throw in some democrats with that bunch? Deport them to some 3rd world country where they will welcome them with things other then open arms.

    1. Donald Lindsey says

      Well can we just HANG all these idiotic radical socialistic democrats TRAITORS here

  33. Lee Berry says

    Vehicular homicide is a definite offense – whether committed by a U.S. citizen or illegal. Using the PC phrase ‘drunk driver kills x-amount of people’ makes it look so innocent, doesn’t it? Deport their alcoholic butts – do not house them – giving them welfare housing and benefits while they lavish away at our expense.

  34. Jmanjo says

    Screw La Raza and Univision! Let them go back to Mexico and sing their crap! Mexico doesn’t care for anything we say in their country. Americans have no appreciable rights there. You can’t own property there. You can’t get assistance there. If you don’t bring it with you you don’t get it! Dumb liberal America gives the illegals every thing they could desire. Free money, food stamps healthcare, housing assistance, IRS benefits and on and on. Not even our own citizens get some of the stuff they do. Throw them out if they don’t have approved permission to be here!

  35. Gerry Costa says

    Isn’t it amazing how freaked out the libtard/demoTRASH get when presented with facts and truth. They have no clur how to handle either one. They have been lying to the American people. to each other and themselves for so long that truth and reality never enters their minds. They have no clue what the word “illegal” means when it comes to their agenda.

  36. Roger Domnie says

    out with them, it takes a week and they begin calling it their home. no one invited them in that i know of??? or did i miss the invitation???? they get here and begin complaining about everything anyway, show them the door to leave us in peace………..

  37. Tiger says

    I have posted and I have read our immigration laws, they cover every possible aspect of immigrants. Our laws are strict, as they should be. We have a huge and gorgeous country, filled with everything anyone could ask for. It is coveted by many and anyone who comes here must respect it, our laws and our Constitution. Under Obama and others that didn’t happen. I am proud to hear this man say what we all think. Like a vermin infestation in a beautiful home, our beautiful country is infested with people who don’t respect us, our laws or our Constitution, have nothing to offer us, take and take and cost us billions a year, they are not worth it.

    The definition of illegal is clear, you can call it undocumented whatever you want, like the lipstick on a pig it doesn’t make it anything other than what it is. My mother and grandfather came here after being POW for the duration of WWII. They were registered, monitored monthly, yes monitored, the men in black suits came monthly to make sure my mother was where she said she was, they spoke the language, they were educated and took nothing from this country, went right to work. Took them almost 9 years to get that citizenship and you never saw prouder Americans.

    Immigrants of today have an attitude, these illegals rioted with Muslims and blacks during the last election season, they still are arrogant and pushy just like the refugees. Oh yes they are pushy, demanding their halal food etc. So it is time to stop immigration to this country for awhile, my opinion, we have done it before and then make sure nobody, NOBODY, NOT ONE PERSON COMES HERE THAT WE DON’T WANT OR NEED.

    1. superpicker says

      AMEN to that Tiger!! , don’t stop now , let’er rip!!

      1. Tiger says

        I might say what I really think if I am not careful…..”)

        1. jesusknight says

          Go for it…

          1. Tiger says


          2. jesusknight says

            I’m ex-Navy, I totally relate! AWESOME song btw..

          3. Tiger says

            Thank you I run to it along with Meat loaf and other songs that make my blood boil.

          4. superpicker says


          5. teachersaide says

            LOVE this! Thank You!

          6. Tiger says


    2. k9maiden says

      Great comment, so true!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

        1. k9maiden says

          You always make a lot of sense, a true American Patriot!

          1. Tiger says

            Well thank you.

  38. Moe says

    Obama on purpose with smart ass Johnson created an over whelming problem by opening up the borders on purpose to have the nation over run, catch and release with the promise of being rewarded for coming here illegally with welfare and a list of benefits. Their not scared they truly believe their entitled and you can go F yourself. There are too many of them to fix the problem, one particular bag of shit created this issue illegally, the same guy that secretly works to get Trump impeached, yet the only crimes committed were his, while he and his goons are above all laws and rules. Border guards were pulled off the borders, the word got out of you requested amnesty they let you in with welfare. Pregnant women were welcomed, since they had their anchor ready to be dropped. Obama screwed you not these illegals. We watch as Liberal democrats, the black congressional caucus, and media destroy Trump with witch hunts and accusations, yet they will turn upon you if you try to expose the criminal activities of obama. We all know the deal, but we are helpless, only fact is eventually we and future generations will be forced to worship a pathological liar and man who tried to destroy this nation economically, and in social unrest. He should be the one arrested first. Coney said the FBI is honest, yet they allowed to criminal cover up of Clinton crimes as directed by Obama and Lynch? You have to accept the liberal media, democrats, and liberals think your stupid and they can easily control your thoughts and blind reality with lies. They want to be your only source of information and news, it is like a Stalin like state since Obama.

    1. Moe says

      Honestly, it is delusional to think Obama did not know he was creating something that could not be fixed, he could not give two shits for our loved ones safety, or how much it cost the tax payers. He knew to deport the millions he brought here illegally by invitation would make this good hearted nation look like the Nazis. The Knock on the door the liberal cry about, means the enforcement of law and the loss of another illegal voter in federal elections. Open borders means the death of a nation, yet the democrats do not care, they will dream up some bull crap and You better believe what they tell you or else. Even the countless deaths over seas none are attributed to Obama’s failed policies. Remember anyone who questions the deep state or the media, newspapers, is an Uncle Tom, bigot, or a racist. You will accept another Obama leader, they tell you what is news and what is the truth. They decide who is president not the people. Maybe Obama can find it in his heart to let us elect our own leaders? Enjoy Obamaland.

  39. Gary Smith says

    If you are here ileagly you should be deported

  40. Combatvet52 says

    Thank the Lord……

  41. Rick Richardson says

    I am happy that this is happening so please keep it going

    1. Combatvet52 says


  42. irene says

    remove every one of them , they have already comitted a crime by coming here illegally.

  43. Dennis Anderson says

    A first class ticket why? It would be a step up for them if they were to ride the rails in cattle cars, or the cucaracha bus lines. We didnt ask them to come here Obama did. Enough said leave them with a McDonalds cheese burger sack lunch and call it good. Dont call us well call you, but first off learn how to read.

  44. Brenda Sinclair says

    obama wanted all the rapists, terrorists in america, he hates america and wanted to destroy america so deport muslim obama back to kenya to swing in jungle with ape face trannie wife

  45. Babsan says

    As legally admitted now citizen I consider the Democrat party Anti American and outright EVIL ,an embarrassment for sane Americans.When I arrived everything was very orderly and professional.Illegals ?,the one or two I knew of were deported asap..This destruction of laws and our country began in earnest with Carter and the Crime Syndicate Democrat party.

  46. Larry Brule says


  47. junkmailbin says

    lowey and ruppersberger both need to be recalled for being a clear and present danger to the United States and its citizens

  48. Mark Tercsak says

    The Demo~Rat’s , and their allies our out to destroy our Constitutional Republic !
    My Friends they are receiving help from Repuke~Republicans, Make no mistake about it.
    The Founding Fathers of this Nation gave us the perfect weapon to combat these Traitors, The Ballet Box, There are elections coming up this fall , get involved and vote these Ass-Holes Out for the Greater Good.

  49. superpicker says

    patriotic,conservative americans , we have the demotard,libiterd,socialist-communist,bottom suckers confused,scared, and on the run because we fought back , no more status quo no more layin down!! we must be ever vigilant , do not pass up an opportunity to vote , no matter the size of the election big or small , they all count. our vote is stronger than their money,we just proved that. we don’t put people in office to become career billionaire assholes , we put them their to represent US. all politicians everywhere take notice, you WILL represent us or you WILL be out of office!!!

  50. jerrol925 says

    No longer are the days when the ‘inmates’ were running the asylum.

  51. susmart3 says

    News Flash. They have always had a fear of being deported. Which is exactly why big agriculture companies hire them- they can’t complain, they can fire them anytime, and no taxes to pay. Fine the *employers,* and this would have ended it.

  52. Benjamin Michel says

    The D want to give them all the things that we work for for free!! It is now time for we the people take back are country and run out the ones that has jump the line!! We also need to clean out the judges that has been put in office the last 12 years and stand up to the DP the RP is NOT standing up for there self so they need to go also we have 4 years to get it right if so we will have 4 more to get more done for we the people and hope for more to come. May GOD bless the USA

  53. Vacation Time says


  54. John E Strom Jr. says

    I’m waiting for the deportation order on Barack Hussein. Put him to the front of the line and ship his sorry ass BACK to Kenya. make sure to include Moochella too!

  55. vinny says


  56. Trumpprez2016 says

    Imagine that a president who enforces the law! Such a beautiful thing!

  57. Charlie says

    The democ-rats are finding out the hard way what it means to live in a Republic with law and order as a first priority and that is a win/win situation for America. Make America Illegal Immigrant Free Again! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  58. SD of AZ says

    This is what countries with laws do with illegal aliens. If we went to their countries illegally then we could expect the same treatment but likely MUCH worse than what ICE is doing to them. The dem wits and the minions who join them are disgusting! Follow the law, and let ICE and the border patrol do their jobs. Come here LEGALLY or DO NOT COME AT ALL!!!!! Go Trump.

  59. Cadfael says

    La Raza promotes Azatlan, the annexation of the U.S. Southwest by Mexico and is therefore an Anti-American hate group that promotes treason; it is time they be banned and prosecuted.

  60. silver fox says

    about time

  61. Mark Tercsak says


    Back in 1774 , The British Provinces Here in North America , where having issues with the Crown,
    The Provincial Legislative Bodies decided to form a “Unicameral Congress”, Unicameral, means single Legislative Body, the goal of this Congress was to address the grievances of each province with the crown and to make a deal with the crown.

    They designed this Unicameral Congress to be a singular legislative body, it had no taxing power, because, it was not there to be a National Government, it was their to try and resolve the Grievances , our Fore Father’s had with the British Crown.

    The Unicameral Congress , would be known as the Continental Congress.

    In a way it is similar to the Modern House Of Representatives, the size was based on population.
    Pennsylvania had the largest Delegation, it was the most populous Province, at the time.

    Members were known as Delegates.

    Delegates were not elected by “We The People”.

    The Delegates were elected by members of our Respective Provincial Legislative Bodies, Pennsylvania, I believe it was known then as it is referred to know as the General Assembly.

    (Why do I write about the Unicameral Congress?, because; there are those on the left who want to recreate the Unicameral Congress, We must guard against that!)

    Our Unicameral Congress be it the Continental Congress, Or the Congress of These United States under the Articles Of Confederation, outlived it’s usefulness , it had many shortcomings, the biggest of
    all was “We The People”, had no representation in Congress.

    Remember I wrote earlier that the Continental Congress and also add the Congress of These United States Under the Articles Of Confederation, had no taxing power, they could Coin Money and Print paper money which they did, but the paper money was as good as worthless.

    The Continental Congress would become our National Government,which is what we are taught, in reality Our Continental National Government was more a Military Alliance , they had to rely upon the Provinces/ Colonies, who became states, each of the 13 respective Provinces/States Legislative bodies had agreed to raise and collect taxes to fund this quasi national government and the Army in the Field.

    Our Respective States Legislative Bodies failed, From the outbreak of the War For Independence, until it’s conclusion, they raised in 1770-1780 Dollars, $800,000.00 U.S. Dollars, into days Dollars that is equal to $113,000,000.00 Million Dollars.

    Enter the Saviour and Benefactor Of our American Revolution , The man from Liverpool , “Robert Morris”, he emigrated to Philadelphia, became a shipping and economic genius!
    If there had been no (Robert Morris), the American Revolution would have been a disaster.

    In 1770’s Dollars Robert Morris personnel War Contribution was $740,000,000.00 Million Dollars, into today’s Dollars it equals $84.2 Billion Dollars, he never asked for one cent back.

    In truth Alexander Hamilton is a bit of Fraud a economic fraud perpetrated on the American People.

    Robert Morris and his friend and relation Gouverneur Morris designed the American Economic System, and published a document titled “On Public Credit”, this was done under the Articles Of Confederation, where the Government could not Tax, Ten years latter Alexander Hamilton took this Document, put his name down as the Author and Kept the Morris’s Title On Public Credit.

    Alexander Hamilton is Fraudulently Credited by the powers to be with creating our Nation’s first National Bank.

    Other Founding father’s are wrongfully credited with securing a Monetary Loan from France.

    It was Robert Morris who secured a significant Loan from France in 1781, He proposed Our Nation’s First National Bank, which was approved and was founded in 1782 The Bank Of North America.
    Almost a decade before Hamilton’s Bank.

    When George the III was given an official Copy of the Declaration Of Independence, looked over the Signatures and came upon Robert Morris’s Signature, The King stated that’s the Damndest Name Of All.

    Robert Morris personally funded 90% of all the bullets fired by Americans during Our War of Independence.

    Robert Morris ran an international Spy ring and knew every British troop Movement, Supply movement before it took place.

    He had a fleet of over 2,250 Merchant Ships that operated in France, Spain and Cuba.

    Robert, donated one of his prized merchant Ships the Black Prince, To The Continental United States Navy, it was converted into a Man-Of-War, the U.S.S. Alfred.

    Robert Morris devised a smuggling system in 1775 , that would smuggle war supply’s into America for Continental Forces.
    Robert Morris during the course of the War , personally paid George Washington’s Troops, in 1770 English Pounds L 10,000,000.00 , that is right Ten Million Pounds, equals $12,777,000.00 Dollars.

    From 1781 to 1784 Robert Morris was Superintendent Of Finance and managed the Economy of our Young Nation, he was the second most powerful man in America , behind George Washington.

    As Morris said our U.S. Currency’s had no value and to keep Our Armies in the Field, I used Mine.

    In the 1790’s Robert made a huge mistake, he was buying land, at one point, he owned more land in America, than anyone else, it’s called Land Speculation, his friends warned him that he was overextending himself, the Land Market Collapsed, he was land rich, but cash poor, He would wind up in debtors prison for several years, until Congress passed a law to get him released, he lived out his remaining days all but forgotten in a modest home in Philadelphia.

  62. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

    Dutch IS his REAL name as I live here and know it for a fact. He is also a POS. I do NOT back the DEM’S for I am not one of them. Now they are creating Maryland as a Sanctuary area. I want ICE to come here and remove them!! I do not think they as those of us who are LEGAL Marylanders what we thought about this Sanctuary area. And YES his name IS Dutch Ruppersberger and I know that for a fact as I am a Marylander. Not on the DEM’S side and many are no thappy with me. I want our country back and it looks like the only way to get it is by being on TRUMPS side and VERY happy that I am. He is a MAN of his word and NOTHING like OBAMA or crooked Hillary and has done MORE for our coutry in his 100 days than Obama did in his 8 years!! And now Obama is like child who did not get his way and having a hissy fit TFB fir him and YEA for TRUMP and Thomas Homan and anyone else TRUMP appoints!! WE legal Americans have had ENOUGH of all of the BS from the DEM side.

    1. jesusknight says

      Yeah, Texas has Austin stating they are a sanctuary city now, too. It’s awful, we all know these illegals will spill into the rest of Texas…

      1. teachersaide says

        They’re already in the rest of TX! Austin is no picnic, but try San Antonio! The illegal alien “beggars” come in pairs!

  63. RsGoat says

    While we need to return to a nation with a boarder and control over who comes in to stay we must not lose our compassion. We have had some people living in our country for the a majority of their adult lives who have not done serious wrongs, mistakes at the boarder smoked a joint but when they are sent to which ever country if they converted to Christianity will have their heads removed and we know this! It is not a secret! ISIS is so proud of this work they put it up for all of us to see. Even when we had bigger problems with racism there were people in government with enough compassion to grant sanctuary to those who needed it. Have we become so heartless in this country we can’t recognize when mercy is needed? If we can not see the need for mercy in these cases we have no right to ask for it latter when it is our turn. That many of these people began on the wrong foot to become part of our country is not doubt but to send them back now to a death sentence is much worse.
    Each case deserves a hearing and chance to bring a family member home before it is too late! I know people will be upset by this but to bad. Look in the mirror and ask if you are better then ISIS, supporting or one of them. sending Christian’s to their death makes you one of them.
    This situation is horrible is not easy, will require hard choice as maybe among some of those picked up are people who do need to leave our country, sad. I doubt all of them do and we need to be careful about that. or we are no better then the people who tear down ancient monuments because they don’t like them like ISIS has done. Or run through museums destroying artifacts, statues of by gone days that offend them! ISIS again? Wait we have people in our country removing statues because they offend them too! Maybe it is too late for us to change our path we are becoming just like ISIS in our ignorance as our judges mimic what they do. Are we America or did we change?

    1. jesusknight says

      Many of them have been here for YEARS as ILLEGALS, in spite of the fact that the door to LEGAL immigration is right there for them to use, as per the law.
      According to the bible, Jesus said “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”

      Anyone who calls themselves ‘Christian’ should see that illegal immigration is NOT Christian, and IS breaking the law. Mercy is good, but it needs to be tempered with good judgement and the rule of law. If they haven’t bothered to even try to be LEGAL, it is no fault of the USA or the American Citizens (who actually ARE citizens) if they are deported. All they need is encouragement to do the right thing.

      I say that because I had a friend years ago who came here married to an American Citizen, but she was not. She studied her azz off to become a true citizen, and was finally sworn in as such in 1996. I was so proud of her! They said if all their applicants would study and work as hard as she did and believed in the American dream, they wouldn’t have any problems allowing more in.

      These people have choices, just like the rest of us. They chose poorly if they didn’t bother to at least try.

      1. RsGoat says

        Now they have encouragement to work harder for it. If you take enough left turns eventually you might achieve the right turn needed when you started out but only Machiavelli, Saul Alinsky or those who follow their philosophies believed it was possible to do a number of wrongs can see their way through the ends justify the means or enough wrongs can make it right. How many times did Jesus say he would forgive? once time, twice or maybe a hundred? Think about it before you so willingly commit to being part of those who would board Christians on planes to be sent as fodder for ISIS news reals. Jesus came to bring the words of his father to life. The ones the Pharisee played with as if they were lawyers removing the humanity from them. Each time they tried to trap him with their converted law books of God’s word he turned those words on them. I don’t know if you get that but your bible is not a book of law and hopefully you are not following the path of the Pharisee’s and examining it for those lines that prove reasons for you to turn your heart to stone while leaving intent behind. Are we to love each other or abandon one another? The ISIS terrorist figures if they kill the wrong person God will fix it. Is that how you look at these Christian’s? If we send them back and ISIS kills them God will make it right in the after life? Who will cure the damage done to your soul? I wonder how long it will be after all this is done until you will meet members of the families who sent people back? That day will come. I pity you.

      2. RsGoat says

        How many time shall I forgive my lord, seven times?

        1. Ezra says

          In what respect? For breaking the law? That is not arbitrary or for the individual to decide. You can ONLY forgive transgressions against oneself, not against others. Too much failure going on to ‘rightly divide the word’.

        2. jesusknight says

          This isn’t about forgiveness, it’s about doing the right thing, which Jesus ALWAYS encouraged.

          1. RsGoat says

            Yes he did and is sending a person with a Christian marking back to a country where they have their head removed the right thing?
            Sorry I was so long in responding but I had to remove ransomware. It was finally Microsoft who came to the rescue after I was gone for a few days. I was not allowed on line. One side wanted $312 and my virus company only wanted an additional $199 to help? That is what I call ransomware! I took time off.

          2. jesusknight says

            If they had done (and would do) the right thing, they would not be sent back. Simple as that. Is sending people who don’t know Christ to hell just because they didn’t say ‘yes’ to Him the ‘right thing’? Yes, it is.

            I am not immune to their plight. I am not throwing stones. But they came in as thieves and robbers, and never made good to fix it the whole time they were here. That’s not right.

          3. RsGoat says

            Lord God I will never find the words to open your knight’s eye’s so this one is in your hands and the pebble is no longer in my shoe, forgive me please. It is time for me to walk away.

          4. RsGoat says

            You can avoid being a Christian but none of us will avoid our personal introduction with Christ when our time comes or meeting his father for judgement of our behavior while walking the paths we traveled on this earth. Just like the man whose debt was forgiven but soon forgot his gratitude when another owing him required the same mercy. Our actions on this earth will be shown to us should we request mercy. Throw your stone.

    2. teachersaide says

      WE do NOT behead people, WE do NOT set people on fire in cages. WE do NOT bury them alive, or stone “adulterous” woman! ILLEGAL aliens are exactly that, in this country ILLEGALLY! 81% of ALL illegal aliens are Latino, per PEW (55% are from Mexico). VAST majority of those deported, will NOT be sent to ISIS controlled countries- THEY will be sent to Christian/Catholic countries in Central & South America! I’d take a more liberal view, as you do, IF 51% of ALL illegal aliens were NOT getting some form of WELFARE (usually SNAP) &/or FREE healthcare, including organ transplants on OUR “dime”! It used to be “they” came to better themselves. NOW, a good many COME for the FREEBIES they can get from the GOV’T, funded by USA tax payers! That includes SNAP, WIC, TANF, FREE healthcare, FREE education, section 8 housing, FREE or reduced cost meals at schools (Br, Lu, & in some places Dinner!), or any of the over 60 other WELFARE programs that illegal aliens access. Before U spout the “liberal” garbage that illegal aliens cannot access these programs, READ the CBO report, about 2005-2007- It talks about STATES spending a BUNCH of money on illegal alien WELFARE programs! BHO’s illegal alien aunt in Boston was getting both SNAP & section 8 housing- & You & I both KNOW, that she was not the only one!

      1. RsGoat says

        My comment was made on an article about people who would be sent back to Muslim countries or I would not have brought that up. Granted all those other freebies you mention are valid arguments but not all immigrants are on those. My sister was married to a young man whose whole family had escaped Haiti. I use that word since the patriarch of the family fell out of favor with the island’s leader Papa Doc and he decided to eliminate the family. Those that made it to America were grateful to be alive and here. They were a hard working lot and did well. Ed lived for months in a friends house waiting to see if he and his older brother would be found and shot like others in his family! When they finally found a way off the island and made it to New York City he was a different person and the punks there didn’t find a scared kid who backed down to their bullying. When last I knew him he was still a contractor working hard at the jobs he had with a good family support system. A lot of guys I know do his kind of work and it is hard on a guy. Divorce means I don’t know what is up with him any more but if his older brothers and family are any indication he is still at it like they were then. My Great grand father lost a it all during the Depression and came back just enough to make it to his end. You can read all the hype you want but that does not mean every one of these people are on the bread line. some of them are actually supporting families like the man who owned a restaurant in Ohio whose main crime was not coming back for a hearing after coming back from Canada. His wife was going thru a rough pregnancy but that carried no weight. mistakes don’t matter in this world to day. I suppose you don’t make any?

        1. teachersaide says

          ANY illegal aliens who are ON WELFARE should be deported. In a Perfect World, ALL illegal aliens would be deported. However, it’s NOT a perfect world, & I’ll settle for deporting ALL the convicted felons, ALL those who illegally voted in OUR elections, & ALL those on WELFARE!

          1. RsGoat says

            Only the insane would keep violent people in their country and they have something seriously wrong with them if they demand to keep those who commit felonies involving them taking the property from others or selling hard drugs that poison the young. I can’t imagine an immigrant community wanting these people living with them while they hideout to be a bad influence on their own young! That makes no sense to me. And why waste what welfare we have on people who are not suppose to be here when it could be doing something better in our community even paying of our national debt at the very least! You can’t help those who really need help if you give so much away there is nothing left to help anyone! In all things there must be balance!

      2. DAlnB41 says

        They get all that and only have to complain enough to get anything else they want. The Democrats several years ago passed a Comprehensive Immigration Bill that would give most of the illegals a free pass to come here and allow those already here a pardon for ignoring our laws and allow them to remain and work (some would even get back pay checks for “earned Income” payments from the IRS for work they illegally performed while working and living here illegally! Senate Democrats (with a few Republican’s help) passed it and sent it on to the Republican lower house who tried making some adjustments to the bill. The Democrats would not allow any changes and the bill, as full of BAD as it contained GOOD, died. The whole effort was not intended to give credibility to the invasion of illegals into this country BUT more intended to make the Democratic Party look good to the Hispanics and Mexicans while making the Republicans look bad for not passing the bill; There was no real expectations the Democratic bill would pass and that is what the Democratic party leaders wee banking on; make their party look better without chancing the possibility of giving into the demands and appeasement of the illegals; they pulled the wool over the eyes of the special interest Hispanic and Mexican special interest groups and people. !
        Over the past seven – eight years we have seen our nations standards lowered as millions of Americans lost their jobs, their homes and their pride. While these families suffered and eventually became part of the long, long lines of welfare recipients, the immigrants, legal and illegal, were getting jobs in the U.S. Obama’s labor department stated that 3 out of every 4 jobs were going to immigrants; and Obama kept upping the numbers of immigrants allowed to come here and remain here to work, Even allowed Disney World and Toys Are Us to ignore federal laws by forcing their long time American employees AFTER they were forced to train immigrants brought into the United States to work; Obama just laughed it off as more Americans became unemployed and immigrants were being picked for jobs so wages and benefits could be reduced.
        The results – Millions of American workers were forced out of and kept out of the work place. These men, women and their families end up on welfare roles. They became dependent on federal and state assistance including OBAMA CARE, Far too many eventually accepted the fact they could live just about as well on welfare and “free” handouts as they could by working for a living.
        Obama Care was the turning point that changed good decent workers into welfare associates with a massive “free everything mentality; Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was pushing this mentality to the maximum as they campaigned for election to the White House.
        It worked for the illegals (because Obama made it work for them) and too many American workers followed a similar path!

        1. teachersaide says

          I remember the CIR bill, another POS bill courtesy of Mostly the Dem’s, with some GOP support. #1, WE would get to PAY for college for “Dreamers”, with “loans”, which currently have the highest default rate since inception. #2, NO deportation for criminal illegal aliens, for ID Theft, unless they had 3 Convictions! #3, WE would get to bring over HERE another 20-40 MILLION aliens, whose sole claim to fame, was being related to current group in USA! #4, Pages & Pages of legislation, letting illegal aliens get LEGAL, Without having to PAY ANY back taxes, Fines, or FEES! Thank you very much, but NO THANKS! Thank God it died in House!

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Well said teacher……..And how about the ones that were deported 5 or 6 times and more who come back and commit more crimes……….keep them all out, I for one sick of paying for their bills.

          2. teachersaide says

            I, too, am sick of paying taxes to support illegal aliens, in the lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed! Either WE are a nation of laws, or we aren’t. And, IF WE aren’t, the LEFT needs to Shut Up about “gun control”!

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Gun control……is a steady hand.

          4. DAlnB41 says

            Sight picture, sight alignment, breath control and trigger squeeze!
            You are dead on Combatvet52!

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Thank you DAinB841

          6. DAlnB41 says

            Surely you know and understand that it is all “in the money”; who gets to come here and how they manage to do it.
            In spite of immigration laws and an immigration program developed and used over a long period of time by several different presidents, Obama elected to just ignore the law and the program; kept the flood gates open so millions and millions of illegals were poring in to the country while ICE and the Border Patrol was being restricted from doing their job and Obama was allowing millions and millions of illegals to work here.
            Obama, and his party followers turned their backs on the American Working people forcing them into welfare programs and Free Obama care (that working Americans’ were then forced to pay) while both legal and illegal by the millions in America were getting jobs..
            ——-# # # # # # —————# # # # # # # —————-# # # # # # # ———–
            And WHO was standing right next to Obama, pushing his agenda for the MASSIVE INTAKE of both Legal and Illegal immigrants into this country to work here and to get a “special Pathway to Citizenship” fore illegals?
            THE AFL-CIO!
            The AFL-CIO continually pushed the Obama agenda supporting efforts that would allow illegals to work here – in spite of the need for jobs for Americans.
            The AFL-CIO was looking for more ways to enrich their membership and “kitty” and they stood firmly behind Obamas efforts while he ignored the American workers need for jobs and benefits while pushing to get more and more immigrants into our workforce!

        2. teachersaide says

          I remember the that POS CIR Bill. Some Highlights: #1, WE would get to PAY for illegal alien “Dreamers” to go to college, with loans intended for citizens of USA! #2, ILLEGAL Aliens GUILTY of ID Theft, could NOT be deported, unless they had 3 or more convictions for same! #3, WE would get to bring over HERE, another 20-40 MILLION aliens, whose sole “claim to fame” was being related to current group illegally in USA. #4, PAGES & PAGES of HOW illegal aliens could get LEGAL, Without Having to PAY ANY Back Taxes, Fines, or FEES! Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve been screwed over enough by the Feds, as have MOST hard working Americans.

    3. DAlnB41 says

      Our immigration laws and our immigration program has provision for sanctuary for those fleeing from their country and asking for asylum here; the ones this country has been burdened with are the people who knowing their actions were illegal but chose to come here anyway in complete violation of our laws and to remain here.
      As Obama said, most come here for work; even though the bulk of them do not work in full time jobs many do. Again, as Obama himself said, there are (at that time) four million illegal immigrants working in the U.S. in violation of our laws. He knew it, he knew he had a constitutional and legal obligation to take action based on our laws and immigration program BUT he did nothing to curb the mess.
      We expect Americans to obey our laws and we take appropriate action against those who choose to ignore or deliberately violate those laws. Why should we do any different toward prosecuting and punishing illegal immigrants; they know they are doing wrong but they continue doing it everyday they; from the moment they illegally enter this country or stay beyond their authorized visit, they commit a violation of our law and they compound that crime every day they remain here.
      Anyone can make excuses but excuses are cheap and are more a crutch for ignoring an individual duty, responsibility and obligation; which of the illegals can say they respect that?
      We should NEVER have ended up in the immigration mess we are faced with.
      Our Immigration laws and Immigration program served several previous presidents well before Obama; it has been his passive attention to the problems, an almost welcoming approach to the illegal entries from the White House, that caused the massive numbers of illegals here, the problems created by the out of control mess, and the harboring of the illegals.
      These illegals know they were wrong, knew they were continuing to do wrong; but then they want to snivel, whimper and complain that we are treating them badly when we try to enforce our laws or protect our own rights!
      Those people who feel we should change our laws (laws that worked for us and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS for years and years), need to really rethink their stand. We expect everyone here to obey our laws, if they want to come here do it as has been done for more years than most of us have been alive. Follow the same “pathway to LEGAL ENTRY into this nation and our Long Time Recognized and used by millions and millions of Legal Immigrants; apply for legal entry and be welcome here! They have no business and no right to come here and demand we change our society for them, no reason for us to ignore our laws or change our laws to satisfy them; Not Even Obama Had The -Right- To Do That – even as much as he did anyway when he chose to ignore our laws and manipulated federal resources to create the mess he left our country in.

      1. RsGoat says

        Please Lord help this one find peace. You are right.

      2. Combatvet52 says

        The only thing he knew how to do was screw the American people.

  64. big KAhuna says

    Democrats are more of a threat
    To the survival of US than ISIS. I
    have no respect for that party or
    the people Within. It’s clearly two
    different worlds . Republicans are
    the only Ones with common sense
    and solutions to make our country
    Better. Our AG must take down the
    Puppetmaster Socialist George
    Sorros ( the mentor and moneyman)
    Who is guilty of Sedition/Treason.

  65. Robert Weiman says

    Yes! It is refreshing!
    But the article falls short. Dems have been working a very long time to take over this country with a form of socialism. That means they want to rule over the rest of us. They want to do away with OUR constitutional rights. That is precisely why they are so hell bent on taking away our second amendment, first amendment rights. That is our freedom! Without it we are returning to slavery. Dems have been working constantly to bring illegals to this country, give them freebies from social programs, teach them how to cheat the system, all for votes. The children that came up here from Central American countries didn’t organize themselves. They were invited. And brought here. All part of the plan. Obama and Dems were working with the Muslim brotherhood to bring thousands of young men here to the US.
    EVER WONDER WHY? Muslim brotherhood’s sole purpose is to take over the world for Islam.
    Islam does NOT pray to GOD in heaven. They pray to the god of this world. Look at what they do. Not just to others but to each other. We are watching this country return to SLAVERY. BY DOING NOTHING TO STOP IT. We are civilized, they are not!

  66. Knowledge Transfer says

    Bravo! Only the lame brained would in any way protect foreign invaders.

  67. Knowledge Transfer says

    We must be careful so that we don’t hurt the feeeeeeeeeeelings of those who are ruining America and those whose feckless and gutless pampering enable it. Illegal is illegal! Illegal is Illegal! Illegal is illegal! Illegal isn’t legal! Illegal isn’t legal! Illegal isn’t legal! Illegal isn’t legal!

  68. Deplorable Lanie says

    Thank goodness someone with a BRAIN! I;m talking the ICE guy not the idiot who thinks that drunk driving isn’t a crime worthy of deportation. He would sing a different tune if someone he loved was killed by a drunk driver.

    1. teachersaide says

      Back in the 1960’s, during the Height of the Vietnam War, in 4 years of high school, I lost 5 near age friends/family. 1 was killed in Vietnam, 1 went into sudden onset diabetic coma as a teenager, and 3 were KILLED by DRUNK DRIVERS! Don’t let anyone fool you/us into thinking illegal aliens guilty of DUI’S are NOT a threat to the community!

      1. Deplorable Lanie says

        I know, I just couldn’t believe that ANYONE in this day and age would even suggest that a DUI is not a threat to the community! Have you watched any of the “Live PD” on A&E? I am shocked at how many people they pull over who have been drinking or doing drugs! It is pathetic, that people still think it is OK to drink and drive! And the people that do it are TRUE CRIMINALS! Even if Maryland Democrat C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger doesn’t think they are.

  69. ajareins says

    Wish some Illegal DUI would run over ruppersburger. The stupid jack ass

  70. k9maiden says

    My granddaughter is going to a party tonight because her good friend, Oscar, is returning with his parents to Mexico as they hate Trump. My granddaughter is 12, and is very sad. However, I told her while it was hard to see good friends leave, and I felt sorry for both Oscar and her, this has been the law of all countries, you don’t live in a country indefinitely unless, and until, you become legal and become a citizen of that country. I explained that Mexico does not, and will not allow anyone to live there unless they are citizens, and that is the law of all countries, they have to have borders to protect their citizens.

  71. Cheh Low says

    They should be because they broke the law.

  72. Tommy p says

    We have millions more to deport!
    Go Trump!

  73. MichaelZZ says

    August 24, 2013

    PROBLEM: Unauthorized visitors

    DEFINITION: Unauthorized visitors are those persons who enter a country without legal authorization and those who overstay their authorized period.

    CAUSES, REASONS, AND PROVENANCE: The main reason for unauthorized visitors is that people want and hope to improve their lives and the lives of their families and will gravitate to those situations where the economics provide the incentives to make the change.

    DISCUSSION: I think all would stipulate that anyone has the right to attempt to better his or her conditions insofar as those efforts do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    Each nation has the right and obligation to establish immigration laws for the orderly and rational assimilation of authorized immigrants.

    Do the following comments provide justification for unauthorized immigration?

    1. Unauthorized immigrants are looking to better their situations.
    2. Unauthorized immigrants provide inexpensive labor and are hard workers.
    3. This Nation was built upon immigrants.
    4. It is virtually impossible to find and deport 12,000,000 unauthorized immigrants.

    The answers to the above four should be an unequivocal “NO”.

    If anyone disagrees with that, I will appreciate his or her reasoning for a “yes” response.


    A foolproof system must be devised, implemented, with substantial penalties for non-compliance that will verify a person’s legal authorization to work in the United States.

    The concept of “anchor babies” should be eliminated, either by a pragmatic interpretation of the 14th Amendment (displaced the disputed Civil Rights legislation of 1866, which was passed by Congress over Andrew Johnson’s veto, and which was proposed by Congress six months after the 13th Amendment had been ratified), by Congressional legislation in accordance with Section 5 of the 14th Amendment, or by a Constitutional Amendment, that could and should be passed by the House and Senate and ratified by the requisite 38 states within a year.

    There should be a $4.00 (arbitrary) per gallon increase in the federal excise tax on gasoline and diesel, at the pump.

    A tax credit would be allowed any U.S. taxpayer (who possesses a valid driver’s license and submits proof of vehicle registration and proof of insurance) in the amount of $2,000.00 per year (10,000 miles @ 20 MPG = 500 gallons, thus, 500 X $4.00 = $2,000.00).
    Ancillary benefits would include that this federal excise tax would be collected from all visitors, authorized and unauthorized, and this would stimulate purchasers of new vehicles to demand more mileage efficiency, i.e., there would be no need for the government to force manufacturers to increase mileage efficiencies. The marketplace would be effective.

    Federal legislation should be passed that would eliminate all minimum wage laws. The “minimum wage” concept should be replaced with a massive expansion of the EITC regulations, which would cover all U.S. taxpayers who are older than 25 years of age.
    Another benefit would be that labor costs would be shifted from “above-the-line” to “below-the-line”, making our industries more competitive.

    CONCLUSION: If the above changes were legislated, a substantial number of unauthorized visitors would conclude that it would be better to end their visits, since the economics of remaining in the United States, without authorization, would be substantially diminished.

    After a year, the situation should be reviewed and adjustment should be made to further the resolution of this serious matter.

    It is logical that a newborn should assume the nationality of the mother, regardless of the venue of the birth, therefore, the strategy of a mother, who has no authorization to be in the U.S., giving birth in the United States should be of no consequence.

    This is a nascent effort at offering a pragmatic and rational solution to this serious matter.

    NOTES: This will be a process, i.e., not an overnight solution. I will appreciate all comments, critical as well as supportive, with the former being most appreciated if rational reasons are included.

    Representative Sherman is aware of this article, has promised a response and has failed to do so. We, the People are begging for leaders, not pure politicians who have embedded within their DNA the need to withhold the truth.


    Last modified – August 24, 2013

    (modified on August 24, i.e., not included in original response,)

    June 13, 2013


    Thank you for your comments and perspective.

    My comments should be and are meant to be the beginning of a serious
    “problem-solving” discussion of this extremely serious matter.

    Most respond negatively to the excise tax with the perception that they couldn’t
    afford $8.00 per gallon. Apparently, those do not understand the tax credit,
    until they stop yelling at the idea long enough to have it explained to them.
    Additional benefits would be that all visitors would pay the $8.00 per gallon,
    which would benefit our tax receipts, AND purchasers of automobiles will demand more efficient vehicles (the tax credit would expire within 5-10 years).

    The EITC would substitute for minimum wage laws ONLY for American citizens and those with legal authority to work, here. The rationale for the 26yo requirement is to provide a disincentive for high school students to leave school early.

    The lack of a minimum wage and increased expenses (gasoline) would make it
    difficult for those visitors who decided to stay rather than go back to country
    of origin. All “visitors” should be welcomed to come and enjoy activities…., then go home and live happy lives.

    Again…., these thoughts should be discussed and “fine-tuned”.

    At a Townhall Meeting a couple months ago, I gave a copy to my Congressman, Brad Sherman. Before I handed it to him, as I walked up to him, he yelled that I want to change how our government functions and that I have 17 different causes. We have had a number of discussions and he has NEVER disagreed with me. At a “coffee”, last year, he came up to me and whispered that he was closer to my ideas than any one else in Congress.

    The unfortunate factor is that he is a politician. Mr. Sherman is possibly one of our most intelligent and knowledgeable people in Congress and I like him, but he does not appear to be that which We the People are begging for, a leader, and, as with almost all politicians, he has the DNA embedded within that enables him to withhold the truth, at best.


    1. rivahmitch says

      “Unauthorized immigrants” are invaders and should be treated as such.

  74. dkuch says

    What part of ILLERAL do people not understand?

  75. jesusknight says

    All the Christians who say we should allow these illegals in with no consequences, and treat them as if they did nothing wrong should read their bible again:

    “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”–John 1:10.

    WAKE UP!! YOU ARE AIDING AND ABETTING THIEVES AND ROBBERS. If they want to come here so bad because they ‘love’ our country, they should love it enough to follow the law – by coming LEGALLY – and come through the front door. Period. Pretending to be a Patriot and Citizen does not make you one, you have to do it right.

    1. teachersaide says

      It is also written, “Render to Caesar, the things that are Caesar’s. Render to God, the things that are God’s.” YES, that MEANS illegal aliens are supposed to OBEY OUR LAWS!

  76. Vg Hope says

    Breaing the law is breaking the law. When standing n line at a grocery store I am offended for someone to cut in front. So must all those who came into our country legally. If they wish to come in then do it the legal way. And don’t collect welfare on my tax dollars!!!

  77. tax man says

    Yes, ALL illegal aliens need to be permanently removed and forbidden from returning! They are all criminals. They all chose to disobey all of American Laws! They lied, cheated, stole, created false IDs, worked illegally, failed to register and pay taxes, snuck around in the shadows committing multiple crimes in order to take what was not theirs! No mercy, just move them out and make sure you have their fingerprints, DNA and pictures. If they ever try to come back in lock them up in a foreign black hole like Gitmo.

  78. Tamara says

    Illegals should be deported it is that simple. Unless you enter a country legally you no right to be on that soil.

  79. William(Bill) Hooper says

    As ALWAYS from Steven Williams and Fix This Nation: Utter SHIT.

    1. Askjrsk says

      U B R shitzky, comrade ?

  80. NRApatriot says

    Praise Almighty God! We now have leadership in D.C. that demonstrates some semblance of sanity!!! “God is still on his throne and prayer changes things!” Noah Hutchings.

  81. shamu9 says

    Boot ’em All ,OUT! NOW! They’re Laughing their Asses off at American Citizens! Give ’em “The Golden Toe”!

  82. Frederick King says

    I agree, and this is long over due. Many of my citizen and legal friends have been hurt by lower wages caused by illegals and the people that hire them. The construction, and laborer areas hav e really been hit badly. Many sheet rock hangers, laborers, tile installers, and hardwood floor installers have really been hit. We need e-verify and more work place raids. The ER ‘s are swamped wit illegals. The maternity departments at hospitals take a beating with “free babies.”
    Thank you for doing your job sir. You have my support.

  83. capa760 says

    The WORST candidate possible and patriotic American Citizens were not going to vote for her, and her

    anti-American schemes, her Russian ties which made sure that 20% of the US Uranium Assets were
    handed over to Russia (which could be used on America). And of course, Obama’s sham of an OVAL
    OFFICE PRESIDENCY OF TREASON, when He Broke His Oath of Office and Opened the U.S. Border
    to illegal alien trespassers, recruited millions of unvetted illegals into our Constitutional Republic, and
    illegally set up Sharia Law Judges and court rooms in Our United States of America. Were All Supreme Court Justices in on the ‘ILLEGAL Acts of Treason Plans or just Ginsburg and Sotomayor? Twenty three states have illegally accepted Sharia Courts into America. Sharia Laws are antithetical (illegal in U.S. Judicial Courts, they are crimes against America’s Constitution, and Anti-America’s Laws.) But Hillary has left a legacy plan… fact her plans should be only used on Hillary, as an aging Senior Citizen, given useless medications that insure hundreds of thousands of Senior Citizens’ early deaths,

    OUT OF THE USA. They have overstayed their lease and those plans to takeover the USA. out now!

  84. jreg9304 says

    great news for American’s, bad news for the Illegal Immigranto’s. send them all back where they belong!! Some to hell if possible!!!!

  85. Gen11American says

    What good does it do to sound tough against illegal aliens and to rescind Obama’s amnesty for the parents of DACAs and then for DHS Kelly to grant 1 million DACA’s amnesty and work permits which will likely prevent another 1 million generational Americans and legal immigrants from getting jobs?! If that’s mean to be a “Win some – lose some” political strategy, I think it’s mostly going to be a loser!

  86. Millard Huff says

    La Raza and Univision both are useful IDIOTS for the communist democrat cry baby party

  87. C.Henry says

    It is about time , we have immigration system it has been used for years and thousands have come
    here to assimilate with the US , understanding we are a nation of laws .

    The Illegals, well that says it all , deportation or jail are the only two options !!

  88. Highwayman says

    None of this will last if a democommunist gets back in office again. They will get even with every deplorable American because we did not vote for this God like dumb asses. We cannot and must not ever allow a democommunist to be president again. Death to America is what it will be. Is the shame that shooter in Virginia didn’t do some Democrats instead of Republicans shows that how really unintelligent he really would and how much he really didn’t love America. I didn’t used to think this but I do now . Democrat senators and congressmen, all of them are about as the lowest sub life species in this world

    1. Combatvet52 says

      (Democrat senators and congressmen, all of them are about as the lowest sub life species in this world ) you nailed it perfectly.

  89. Robert Nielsen says

    All this “PC” matter has from the start back in the 60’s done nothing but hide the truth from reality. We shouldn’t call them “illegal” immigrants because they might find it offensive? TOO BAD! If you entered this country by other than legal, accepted means, you are here illegal. If a American citizen is found behind the wheel intoxicated, they suffer the legal consequences, illegals should be turned over to ICE for immediate removal. Libs say that intoxication is a minor offense and that might be, but the removal of just one offense by an illegal is one less committed here. One less property damage, one less individual innocent harmed. I don’t care if an illegal came here for righteous reasons, they broke our laws doing so. My wife immigrated from Canada, she went through the green-card process. She took her time “in line” to be processed and eventually legally became an American citizen. Dems open the gateway for illegals to undo our legally right to vote subverting and polluting the voting process with illegal votes, libs love this feeling they can then get more votes making illegals feeling indebted to them. I would suggest libs should feel shame for thwarting what our Constitution has provided for us but they possess no moral, ethical, rational sense. This type of attitude displayed by the left I would only attribute to lower scum of life such as swine!

  90. Daniel Graves says

    I have sympathy with the people in other countries wanting to come here but we must have control of our borders. Immigrants used to come here to work and make a better life for themselves. Now many of them come for the benefits. The majority of the illegals are hard working people and are trying to improves themselves. But we have limited financial resourse for too many.

  91. cv says

    Thank God! Just enforce the damn laws! Period!

  92. A. Jay says

    Send everyone of their illegal butts back across the border! If they qualify to come in legally do it that way! Start building the wall!

  93. Walter Flatt says















    1. Combatvet52 says

      Well said Walther…..I too am Korean Vet 52/53 heavy mortar front line.
      Thanks for your service brother Vet I’m 83 seems like only yesterday we were there.

      1. Mark Tercsak says

        I want to thank you as well for your service, Dad visited that far off distant Land , the same period you were there sir.

    2. Mark Tercsak says

      I want to thank you for your service Sir, Our Late Father also visited that far off Distant Hell Hole, back in 1952-1953.

  94. concerned says

    If they come to America legally good for them. If they don’t bad for them because they will be hunted and sent back.

  95. PBHayes says

    There is no such thing as an intelligent ethical Democrat.

  96. Richard Hennessy says

    Of course, illegal aliens should be concerned about being identified. All lawbreakers should fear discovery.

  97. George Bernard Vieto says

    Finally. As far as the liberal media being offended, then tough.

  98. CindyLouTerror says

    Every illegal being deported should be microchipped and told, in English and their native language, that if they return they can be executed and enact this into federal law especially for all illegals who commit felonies. All three time losers should be executed. No taxpayer assistance of any kind including food, shelter, clothing, medical care, school for any illegal or refugee. I am not cold, heartless or bigoted – we have enough American citizens in need of assistance to enable all to share in the American dream. No vote – if caught illegally voting execute for sedition. Also execute those who suborn this treason, aid and abet this. No drivers’ license if here illegally or a refugee. Mandatory voter ID with fingerprint. No “dreamers” or anchor babies. America first for American citizens and legal immigrants.

  99. Camille Gilliam says

    Thank you, Thomas Homan! We need someone like you to defend us and this country. We want them to come the right way, not having the countries sending their criminals so they don’t have to feed them.Keep up the good work, I read about how many were caught in Detroit.

  100. CharlyO says

    Here is a new idea. I realize that illegal immigration is falling off if you believe that fake news. They come in and are deported over and over even though they commit more crime each time and that could be you next. My idea would be to arrange with our apparent friends, the Russians, for space in Siberia and let deportees go home the first time. Let them know IN ENGLISH after that, we deport them to Siberia where they find their own way home. That might just make them think that they should do something about the shithole they come from!

  101. harold says


  102. Duke says


  103. The Capatin says

    They are finally understanding. Mexico is calling. GO HOME!

  104. says

    Lock up the ,politicians that are against deporting the illegals

    1. Mark Tercsak says


      1. Combatvet52 says

        Conclusion a rope and a tree.

  105. Bruce A. Frank says

    Yes, so say we all!

  106. teachersaide says

    At LAST! WE are a sovereign nation. WE are NOT obligated to take in Every impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled person in the WORLD/ Western Hemisphere, who’d like to live HERE, in the “Lifestyle in which they’d like to become accustomed”, courtesy of the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS!

  107. Mark Tercsak says

    After passage of the Declaration Of Independence, at the time John Hancock , was President in Congress, of The Territories Of The United States, Upon Passage each of the colonial provinces,
    where declared sovereign states. Hancock and others knew that the Declaration Of Independence, was
    not enough, that a unified governmental alliance , much like the Holy Roman Empire, was needed, a unified front to face the British Empire. Hancock was able to convince congress to form the Committee of Thirteen, this Committee, drafted our first Constitution, The Articles Of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation went to the floor for a vote,in 1777, It was put into practice, but was not ratified until 1781, The State of Maryland had held out.

    Under the Articles, The Congress was the Executive Branch, There was no Supreme Court or Federal Courts, the Congress would act as a court to settle disputes amongst member states only. Congress had no taxing power and had to rely on the unreliable States to full fill their promises to collect taxes to
    fund the federal Government. There was an office of President it was established in 1774, however; the Office had very little power, from my understanding the President in the Continental days was only in office when the Congress was in session. The President’s in the Continental System and in the Confederation were elected by fellow Delegates. Under The Articles Of Confederation, from my understanding the President was elected for one Year.

    The Congress soon recognized, that alterations to the Articles Of Confederation were needed.
    The First Office; was Commander & Chief, The Only Person to hold this office was George Washington, he was in command of all Land and Naval Forces of These United States.

    The Other Office the Congress created was Superintendent Of Finance.

  108. geneww1938 says

    MAGA … Let’s build that wall.

  109. defiant1 says

    Love the headline, just my thought!

  110. Craig Vandertie says

    1st let me start by asking why does that slime need 1st class tickets back to their respective shot hole of origin, 2nd time to start impeaching Federal politicians for disregarding Federal law, start with and and all from CaliMexifornia and branch out from there.

    Federal judges mandating their own laws, misinterpretation or total disregard of existing need to be charged and arrested, start with the 9th District Federal Court.

    Pump that toxic waste as far from U.S. territory as possible with as little cost to the taxpayers as possible.

    For 16 years under 2 different absolutely worthless federal executives there was no immigration laws enforced only a open hand to illegals who thought because our laws were not being enforced we had none, that in itself should have been more than enough to have had Clinton and Osama impeached.

  111. EnjoyzCoffee says

    Hey… stop the deportation of those democrat voters right now!!! How are liberals ever going to win elections if their voting base keeps getting booted out of the country??? Surely this isn’t constitutional or patriotic. There must be laws against these kinds of conservative shenanigans!

    Obviously I need a vacation to de-stress. I can call the airlines and ask for the FIRST-CLASS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION rate. I’ve never flown first-class before.

  112. DAlnB41 says

    ” That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be.–”

    My degree and later life long occupation was in the criminal justice system, as a police officer, as a traffic court judge and as a criminal justice professor. I grew up I a family that had several members in law enforcement and in a community that strongly supported law enforcement. We all then, and myself as I later moved through the military, college and my law enforcement career took the position that laws are made to manage society and set standards of conduct and commerce.

    America is a land of laws; that is how we became the country we are, that is what made this country grate – and that is what it will take to return this country to the great nation it was at one time.

    One of the major reasons why people do not openly violate laws as the may be tempted from time-to-time, -fear of getting caught- ! ” That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be.” That is what we have laws for, that is what we have a legal system for and that is what we insist on. That includes our federal, state and local laws. That includes our immigration laws and our immigration program; laws Obama elected to ignore!.
    In the past eight years Obama elected to ignore the immigration laws and the immigration program WHEN IT SUITED -HIS AGENDA-! By several previous presidents used our current laws and immigration program with satisfactory results, the laws worked for us. We have always had a limited number of illegal immigrants in this country – BUT – under the Obama agenda, this country has faced the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants in our entire history. An invasion that has cost this nation dearly, in jobs, in quality of life, in a massive national debt and in stress against our people.
    Laws tell us what is expected of people, and in most cases, until eight years ago, most people complied with the laws. Obama changed far too much of that; not only the immigration laws but also was far to critical of our justice system. He too often made a public effort to criticize law enforcement leading to loss of respect for our criminal justice system. Under the Obama administration our justice system was defamed, our government lost respect of the people and the world, we reversed what fifty years of improvements in national race relations had brought, and we saw more families living in cardboard boxes that in since the 20s!
    What Obama did will take us another fifty years to fix. We have seen employtment numbers jums as Trump has moved Obama out of the White House, we have seen business open up and we are seeing changes that for too many years has hurt our society; and we have seen the numbers of illegals entering this country dropping – “That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to be!”
    When laws are ignored, when people are allowed to pick and choose the laws they will and will not comply with, when officlas who have a duty to enfre our laws choose not to do so or become selective as to who they will enforce the laws against and who they will turn their backs on violations – we are just a shoit way from becming a lawlessness nation.

  113. anAmericanByChoice says

    Thumbs up! Or maybe Trump’s up! GO POTUS! If they are “illegals” then they are breaking the law. Deport!

  114. Mai Tran says

    It ridicule to spend money & give the benefit to illegal immigrants, like in CA, ICE please come to CA,& clean it up,& please take JERRY BROWN & all DEMOCRATS GOV. out too

  115. Texas Belle says

    Democrats love the law when it is something they support, but defy it when it involves actual actions to enforce it. Illegal means illegal, no matter the race, creed, color or sex. Trump is intent on acting on the law instead of ignoring it like Obama did for 8 years. Bravo!!

    1. DAlnB41 says

      YEP – but you know what; it makes no difference how you see it, how I see it or how anyone else sees it – UNLESS- we can convert enough democrats and bring them into the light.
      All the comments we make and read here do nothing as the vast majority of those reading our comments are Republicans; It is essential, those here take action to let the democrats know they are being sold down the creek by party leaders who are DOING NOTHING, virtually NOTHING, to help fix our nations problems.
      Democratic party leaders want to blame Trump for the mess we ae in – BUT – our problems were here before Trump announced he was running for the White House. Our problems were created under egith years of Obama and the lase several years of the Bush Administration.
      It will take US, ALL OF US, to force the change needed to see the failed agednas of Obama are reversed and Ameriac recovers as soon as we can!

  116. Dana says

    What the leftist trashy media types never tell you is: The people who come up here from Mexico are NOT the “best and brightest”. They are some of the most uneducated people on earth. They bring their Mexican ways with them: loud music, drug abuse, alcoholism, diseases of all kinds, Mexican style squalid living, acceptance of violence, including rape, murder, torture and rampant child abuse, alot of it sexual.

    If that means they are just “doing jobs Americans won’t do” I for one am GLAD Americans won’t do “those jobs”.

    Let’s help our government get rid of illegals. Don’t hire them. Don’t feed them. Report them whenever you see them. Turn them in whenever you see them commmit any additional crime (illegal entry was the first crime they committed) and get them out of OUR country.

  117. Cheryl says

    Nita Lowry can have them all at her house let’s see what happens when she or one of her family members are robbed or assulted by a illegal. Go live in their country lady if you don’t like American citizen laws.

    1. teachersaide says

      Either WE are a nation of laws, or WE aren’t. And, IF WE aren’t, then the LEFT needs to SHUT UP about gun control.

  118. Laurie Forrest says

    Awesome! And they need to take LA RAZA with them! The illegal’s main purpose is the take over of the southwest and possession of CA, NEVADA AND Arizona! The middle class and upper middle class are fleeing California in droves, most heading to Texas! When those citizens are gone, la RAZA and other anti- American organizations will pluck California from us overnight!

  119. Laurie Forrest says

    Trump is missing one very important aspect of the La RAZA infiltration…ANCHOR BABIES! The policy must stop!

  120. ZACAL says

    G O O D is Progress.

  121. WatchDoggy says

    A young lady who was brought here as a child and has no documentation only knows her life here. Now grown up and trying to get documentation is having a terrible time and if deported, would not know anyone or anything about life there.

    1. teachersaide says

      AND, that is the FAULT of those who brought her here, NOT the USA!

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Spot on……..

    2. DAlnB41 says

      They want to blame the American people for it; they expect us to change our laws to accommodate the errors and criminal acts their parents made. They know they are here illegally but rather than take steps to change their status they want to whine, snivel and blame their problems on us. They need to return to their legal residence and comply with the laws of this country to come back here legally; maybe their is a way for them to apply for legal status while they are still here; BUT – we should not be forced to change our laws to accommodate those who have chosen to ignore our laws in coming here or remaining here in violation of the laws this country established over a long period of time in the best interest of the nation, the American people, and LEGAL immigrants here!
      We can sympathize with them but then it is always sad when someone has to face the results of criminal acts. Americans go to jail, end up in prison, loose their life savings, loose their jobs and their savings and the families and communities suffer the consequences every day; we expect our laws to be obeyed and justice carried out. When we start picking and choosing the laws we will enforce, enforcing laws against some while ignoring prosecution against others; we are just a step or two away from lawlessness.
      Lawlessness is what this nation has faced in the past eight years as far as our immigration laws and program is concerned; Obama failed the nation and the American people as he chose to ignore federal laws and his sworn duty; the American people and those illegals he allowed to come here and remain who are now facing the consequences of his failures. Obama is just as much to blame for the problems these kids face as the parents are!
      We should expect our government to do EXACTLY what our federal laws and federal immigration plan dictates.
      Those laws, and the immigration program, worked well for this country for numerous presidents BEFORE OBAMA! Those laws and that plan only failed us when Obama failed to do his job in enforcing the laws; the nation is in the mess we are in today because Obama decided that what thousands of men and women, American law makers and courts, over years and years preceding him, had developed and carried out policies, procedures and laws to manage our immigration needs and interest! Obama’s agenda led to the mess we are in and the best way to get out of it is to return to the laws that worked for us for years and years.

    3. Ezra says

      Fruit of the poisoned tree.

      Go back to where her parents brought her from. Get in line and do the legal and just thing. Don’t blame everyone else except your unjust parents.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Well Said……..

  122. Ezra says

    They should’ve scared – they are law breakers. Hopefully, when they start getting hungry they will head home.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      From your mouth to GODS ears……..

  123. Bo says

    Ruppersberger is a an entrenched Maryland socialist: if it pissed off him, then it must be a good thing!

  124. DAlnB41 says

    They created their own problems then want to blame us for it

  125. Thomas says

    Take away the Democrats weapon. Remove their lying tongue. They only spew BS.

  126. Larry Baker says

    That is refreshing. However how do people like Lowey, Ruppersberger, Pelosi, Shumer, Kaine and Warren get elected! I do not get it red blooded american’s advocating for no border security, open borders, gun Control and refugee asylum. How can these people say they are upholding the Constitution. and call themselves american’s?

  127. Gary says

    Good man! Keep up the good work!

  128. Maureen Oleary says

    How I like the sound of refreshing advice. YOUR 100% right. SPREAD the word.

  129. Alan404 says

    Interesting idea there, Deporting People Illegally In The Country. Amazing.

  130. msueh says

    “ICE needed more deportation beds to house illegals waiting for a first-class ticket back to their home countries…”
    Why do they need first class tickets? I’ve never traveled first class, and probably most of y’all haven’t either! “Economy’ will get them there just as fast. Actually faster, since they won’t be waiting for special treatment. Just get them the heck outa the US, NOW!

  131. Maureen Oleary says


  132. DaveM says

    Illegals need to be returned! There are opportunities to become an American citizen and they should use them. Refusal or being here several years without trying to become a citizen they need to go! Say I am evil but if an American enters Mexico without permission they wind up in jail! Time to get frogy!

    1. Chi Sam says

      Do you perhaps mean ‘froggy’?

    2. Chi Sam says

      You don’t need permission to enter Mexico, stupid. You just run your mouth for sport.

      1. DaveM says

        SMART GUY CHI does not know what he is trying to say….If one enters Mexico and is caught they are an illegal and usually or can go to jail. Need a couple of dollars to visit Mexico CHI? They have pretty cheap men down there and I know you like that! You told everyone so!

        1. Chi Sam says

          No stupid…one does not need a visa or other permission to enter Mexico. One can practically drive across the border with impunity. If one wishes to stay beyond the automatically-permitted duration, he must seek approval.

          If caught over-staying, one will likely be deported. This nonsense about “usually or can go to jail” is just that. You got caught lying about what you clearly do not know, you stupid, thin-skinned jerk…so naturally (for a thin-skinned, lying jerk), you double-down.

          I don’t need your dollars, you silly punk…I have been to Mexico many dozens of times for work and vacation. Stick to preaching to your like-minded factory worker friends that would not know if you’re talking nonsense.

          You are a bad person, and we need fewer like you.

          1. DaveM says

            Care to meet me in person? I live in Georgia. I could have so much fun with you. Whats your blood type so we can have it on hand?

          2. Chi Sam says

            You imbeciles must all work off of the same script.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            (( You imbeciles )) lost the election and are on the continuing path of destruction ………….

          4. Chi Sam says

            Republicans picked-up seats in the House and the Senate, several governorships, and too many to count state offices…and, stupid, we won the Presidential election.

            You must be the most uninformed idiot in the country.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            You won chit who’s in the WW stupid

          6. Chi Sam says

            The man I gladly voted for, you incredibly stupid oaf.

          7. Chi Sam says

            Explain this, you creepy weirdo…18+ I live in Lv,Nv?? in love with sex addicted to money and bad b****** wanna meet up message me ???

          8. Chi Sam says

            You are registered with a lot of weird porn sites. Are you a disabled serial masturbator that never leaves the house?

            What a sicko.

          9. Chi Sam says

            It seems the amateur porn sites you are subscribed to are all black. That would explain why you write like a trained chimp.

          10. Combatvet52 says

            You are a f–king moron were you born that way or does it just come natural with you.

          11. Chi Sam says

            My God…how many porn sites are you signed on to?

          12. Combatvet52 says

            I don’t watch FILTH like you do…..that’s how you get a rise.

          13. Chi Sam says

            combatvet52 – For the love of big women, bbw, ssbbw, and milf – Tumblr

          14. Chi Sam says

            Viewer disgretion is advised. — combatvet52: freakyrastaken357

          15. Chi Sam says

            Let Me S It‼ — combatvet52: girlhesuminelse: …

          16. Chi Sam says

            issa garten — bombshellssonly: @truemahogany

          17. Chi Sam says

            Untitled — mistertilmonjr: combatvet52: “DAM I love ME…

          18. Combatvet52 says

            Good thing you love yourself cause no one else does.

          19. Chi Sam says

            — steelo-w0lf: beautyandthebooty: bestebony: … – Source – Tumblr

          20. Chi Sam says

            combatvet52 – TumView – A Tumblr Photo Viewer

          21. Chi Sam says

            JAMIE BLACK — Instagram: @jamieblak Muse: Kamaria

          22. Combatvet52 says

            Misinformed like you…..SNAKE

          23. DaveM says

            Time to check yourself back into the hospital. Passes are only for eight hours and your INVEGA TRINZA.

          24. Combatvet52 says
      2. Ezra says

        Umm, yes you do. Try crossing the border without a day visa or passport.

        That’s the problem with you alt-left types, you simply cannot tell the truth.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Ezra…..thats their problem they think they know it all and comes down to they are all full of horse dung.

        2. Chi Sam says

          Showing a passport at the border is not seeking permission. The permission is automatic, unless there is a flag that causes one to be denied ‘permission’, and when driving in, there is no requirement whatsoever for a tourist visa.

          It’s less involved than traveling to Canada.

          1. Ezra says

            You are illogical. Seeking permission is indeed what getting a passport or visa is. And when you have permission it may seem automatic but you still have protocol to observe. In all my many border crossings north or south the process is far from automatic.

          2. Chi Sam says

            I’m very sorry. That was just one incredibly awkward typo. What I intended to write, is ‘You are absolutely right Ezra”.

        3. mrpoohead says

          Obviously times have changed – no visa requirement for border to the north or south. Duh! Maybe you only got to New Mexico or New Hampshire?

          1. Ezra says

            Maybe you haven’t been lately? I have crossed into Canada and Mexico 8 times since the first of the year. Passport required.

          2. mrpoohead says

            No visa required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A passport is generally required if going over borders or landing in another country.

          3. Ezra says

            Ummmm, that’s what I said – passport required.

          4. mrpoohead says

            “………….without a day visa or passport”. Wrong!

          5. Ezra says

            Maybe go re-read the original post and not try to life words out of context. I rarely works well.

          6. mrpoohead says

            No need – is a visa required?????????????????

      3. Combatvet52 says

        Yes you do what planet are you on

        1. Chi Sam says

          No…you don’t. You are a liar, and you are likely more than a bit stupid.

  133. Sr. MEyer says

    How about penalties for failure to comply with and support ICE? Sanctuary Cities need repercussions for breaking the LAW!

  134. Roy Fredrichsen says

    All the illegals had better go back volunarily before they are deported. If they have NO papers for identification or can show NO form of identification , have an arrest record, then they should be deported as a criminal. WE DON’T want them here – Go someplace else, like Saudia Arabia.

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