In Violent Detroit, Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves


Detroit police chief James Craig has always walked his own path. He’s earned the nickname “Hollywood” for both his predilection for news conferences and his experience in the Los Angeles Police Department. For years, though, he has set himself apart from many of his law enforcement contemporaries by actively telling the citizens of Detroit that they should arm themselves against criminals and thugs in Michigan’s most dangerous city.

According to a new profile in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Detroit is a haven for crime. This isn’t anything we didn’t already know, but a look at the actual numbers is a cold slap in the face. Particularly worrisome to law-abiding residents is the city’s violent crime rate which is 48% higher than the national average. With 574 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Detroit is one of the most risky places to live in the United States, particularly when counting only major metropolitan areas. Additionally, the latest statistics say that Detroit residents face a shameful 1 in 20 chance of being the victim of burglary.

Unfortunately, all of this crime is too much for the Detroit police force to handle. There are only 2,300 officers on the payroll in a city that declared bankruptcy in July of 2013. While Craig has done what he can to rally official forces, he and other law enforcement officials say that residents must be realistic about the situation in front of them. The Guardian quotes a Detroit-based firearms expert as saying, “You are your own first line of defense.”

It’s a philosophy that’s not only backed by the chief of police but by Michigan state law as well. In 2006, they followed Florida’s example by enacting a Stand Your Ground law. This self-defense statute removes the obligation to flee from a violent attack and gives the victim the freedom to use deadly force if in fear for their lives. While misguided liberals around the country have labeled such legislation as “shoot first” laws, the fact is that anyone who has ever actually faced a life-threatening situation knows that a Stand Your Ground statute is simply common sense.

Obviously, whether you live in Detroit, Tampa, or Phoenix, it’s always better to beat a path to retreat whenever possible. Sometimes, however, retreating simply isn’t possible. If you’re a woman being stalked by a rapist, running in the other direction is only likely to delay the inevitable. Why should we have duty-to-retreat laws that place the safety of a violent criminal above the safety of the victim? Liberals who oppose castle doctrines and stand your ground laws have almost assuredly never been in a situation where they would need them.

Of course, you don’t need to have been the victim of violent crime to see the importance of these laws. You need only have a bit of common sense. While the state of things in Detroit is an absolute nightmare, it’s good to see that at least the chief of police has his head on straight when it comes to an armed citizenry.

  1. Yadja says

    That is good advice all over the country but good luck getting enough ammo.

    The militarization of our police departments all over this country has been in full swing for years now. The International News has addressed it several times in Specials showing films of protests in California and other small towns where the police came out looking like they were going for the Taliban.

    It is too late. But we all need to be armed.

    Directive #3025.18, Defense Support of Civil Authorities passed 29 Dec 2010 one section states: “Federal action, including the use of federal military forces, is authorized when necessary to protect federal property or functions.”

    Reauthorization of the NDAA in 2012 to include Section 1021, Obama has the right to arrest and detain an American citizen on our soil without a reason, without giving Due Process and can keep them as long as he wants.

    We are in trouble folks.

    1. CE Vaughn says

      You don’t need enough for war oue clip should do it if you shoot for the head

      1. The duck says

        You need enough to practice with. Aiming is a wasted motion. Reflex shooting at a moving target makes contact in the kill zone almost automatic. But it takes practice and ammo to become proficient.

      2. michaelcain says

        One shot ,one kill as we were taughjt

        1. Jonathan Merritt says

          Its not enough to make the kill
          You must enjoy the moment of the kill.

          1. michaelcain says

            the enjoyment comes from doing it right

          2. michaelcain says


        2. Albert Pike says

          i’d rather do it with my bare hands.
          save the ammo for a rabbit

      3. Yadja says

        LOLOLOL just some extra for good measure.

    2. Laurence Almand says

      You just now finding that out? But the people are responsible because the people elected him.

      1. The duck says

        No the people did not elect him. The Electoral College elected him. That was because he carried the states with the most electors. He would have lost his first term by popular vote and he lost his second term by popular vote. Neither McCain nor Romney wanted the presidency bad enough to fight for it.

        1. michaelcain says

          and yet the electorial college did not do by its self that was orcastrated by the use of phony names and numbers use of the dead peoples id and manulipulation of the electronic machines to gain enough for the college to pull it off. a total fraud just like the one who got the first prize. and now he is giving it back to you in a special form called screwed.

      2. Yadja says

        No I have known about so much for too long as have millions of us out here. We just could not open our mouths because nobody listened and they still are not listening.

        We just have to continue on our fight to get information out.

    3. MLM says

      Been stocking up on since the pos was elected. My only surprise is it took this long…..Oh and any laws bozo passed on his own are void.

      1. Yadja says

        Unfortunately El Bozo’s executive orders stand until we get a new president and he rescinds them the way Obatty came in and rescinded 200 Bush executive orders in one swift swoop.

        People do not know many things Obamatus Nerosus is doing under the wire. I just received a letter from a Collection Agency who is contracted by the DOD and they are claiming I owe them over one thousand dollars for an overpayment over ten and half years ago. I am writing my Congressman and Senator today, sending them a copy of the letter and reminding them of Statute 2415 and 16 of U.S. Code 28 that deals with compensation for overpayment of military or anyone working for the government. The time limit is 6 years, when I called and mentioned this to them, they actually said they did not care about any law they had the right to collect on an overpayment no matter how old.

        I just wonder how many other thousands are getting these letters, it is an election year, veterans already getting a bad deal this will just be fuel for the fire in up-coming elections.

    4. The duck says

      Before buying a gun know the ammo is the most readily available. I have noticed that may very from place to place. Buy a box here and a box there and over time you will have plenty.

      1. Yadja says

        Ahhhhhhhh makes sense.

      2. michaelcain says

        I am personaly looking in to other weapons like the sling shot, bow and arrows, spears spray cans with gasoline there are enormous arsenals ,of natural looking items that can not be taken and is not defined as a real weapon

        1. Jonathan Merritt says

          don’t forget they make some bad ass 50 caliber pellet rifles that will not a perp on his ass for good. go to youtube and search for dragonslayer 50 cal

        2. 2TiredOfTheGovernment says


          1. Roger_T73 says

            …and they don’t need to be registered with the govt. I bet barak houssain Hitler will try to take All Guns from law abiding CITIZENS!!!

    5. OCDiver says

      Personally I don’t have a problem with the Police looking like the Military. They have every right to protect themselves against the thugs that are out to kill anyone in their gun sights wearing a badge (and aren’t one bit squeamish to shoot a few who aren’t). They can’t do their jobs protecting the rest of us if they’re injured or worse … dead. Just remember in 1997 when LAPD went up against those two idiots that robbed a bank using fully automatic assault rifles and wearing all of that bullet resistant body armor, how many hundreds if not thousands of rounds were fired that day? LAPD was totally out gunned by just two morons who I consider to have been domestic terrorists. I’m glad they both ended up dead, it saved the taxpayers of California a ton of money to prosecute them. And if LAPD had already been prepared for that kind of scenario the Officers who were injured most likely wouldn’t have been injured. Make no mistake, every time an officer responds to a call there is the potential that he or she may not be going home to their families if they aren’t 100% prepared and equipped to handle the situation whatever that situation may be. And yes … Obama needs to be stopped!! I would love to see the military full fill the oath they swear to upon entering the military … “to defend America against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic” that includes a lawless “Commander-in-Chief” and his cabinet!!

      1. Yadja says

        I agree that in cities where crime is rampant and deaths daily and gangs are overtaking neighborhoods armed to the teeth. But this is not the scenarios that they are sending out these militarized units to attend to. They are sending them out in tiny towns for someone who has a warrant out for their arrest and they have sent them out for quiet protests. In Ocala, Florida, Marion County police are notorious for using excessive force and actually breaking down doors, shooting the home occupants dogs inside and outside for a drug bust and then finding out they have the wrong guy. Happens often and just last week 5 officers were suspended for excessive force in a warrant arrest.

        Obama needed to be stopped after his first year. He should never have been president. He has achieved all his goals in America and in the Middle East. Close examination of every crisis has Obama’s fingerprints on it.

        You are 100% correct that our military should do their duty and the officers need to follow their oath that pledges allegiance to the Constitution and not the president. Amen. Obama is a Traitor pure and simple. Anyone who reads the Constitution knows that. He has and is aiding and comforting the enemy.

        1. Roger_T73 says

          Allegiance to the Constitution, NOT the president.
          America needs more of this kind of thinking.
          Thank you!!!

      2. jag57 says

        Yes, what I don’t want to see, is the federalization of the police, and I have a real problem with all the alphabet agencies, like the ATF, which as far as I’m concerned, fall outside the constitution.

        1. OCDiver says

          If they would just stay within their realm of Constitutionality I wouldn’t have a problem with them either, but as you indicated …. they just continually over-step their boundaries!

      3. Roger_T73 says

        Great comment!!!

    6. michaelcain says

      Maybe the papers can just go missing . It does happen a lot latelyb in gov.

      1. Yadja says

        LOLOL if only the president would go missing somewhere in the woods chasing a golf ball.

        1. michaelcain says

          Just such a thing has happened before. but you have to pay for that to happen

          1. Yadja says

            Would be a Kodak moment……priceless

          2. michaelcain says

            That is one photo that would sell fast

    7. RONALD HATT says

      You should have seen the riots of the 60’s…..Flint, Mich, Detroit, Benton Harbor…….”perps” shooting firemen off their ladders, sniping at police, & National Guard…….”Many blacks” killed….needlessly! The ones that got shot, were “told of a curfew”…..The ones that got “shot”, were “NOT” at home…..They were in the “City”! The “worst” place to be in a race riot/looting spree/insurrection……..Is “in the city”! Stay home……”no curiosity”……..[just might get you “killed”!]

      1. Yadja says

        Yes I was not there but I knew about them, read about them and don’t like any of it.

        Sometimes the only answer is to fight. I raised my boys to attempt to back down from any confrontation if they could reason with the boy but when the first fist flew I wanted theirs to be the last.

        I taught them don’t start it but finish it. Because a bully will continue until put down. That is a fact and it remains a fact. These people will eventually get put down with violence, it is all they understand.

        1. RONALD HATT says

          AHA!…….another American, that witnessed one of the most shameful events in U.S. History! What a very sad day for America, & the Black race! Too bad…..I knew many Blacks, that totally agreed with me, & were ashamed that some of the members of their race were so violent, & un-American!
          Ronald Hatt

          1. Yadja says

            LOLOL AHA! Yeh so it is so.

          2. michaelcain says

            I too have many black friends that are very great people and as you say they put down the stupidity as is seen in mo.

      2. michaelcain says

        This did also happen in L A when it was burn baby burn. Watts was a large demonstration that they did rob and pilfer every thing. But when the big guns came in they RAN it was a hardship for them to clean up their own mess.

  2. Jerry Hughes says

    It is 13 miles from my home to the nearest small town.
    If I dial 911 it’s about 10 minutes for them to get there.if there happens to be a deputy close.
    If not it can take 15 minutes.
    I;m not knock ing the Deputies they do a good job.
    Having said all that, you attack me or try to enter my hone illegally, I shoot you in the lips.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Some lips be hard to miss. Don’t stand up in a convertible if you got them things.

      1. CE Vaughn says


    2. Cranky Steven says

      lol, double tap them, Jerry, one for each lip!

      1. Jerry Hughes says

        I use a 5 shot revolver chambered to accept a 45 round or a 410 shotgun round
        Usually only need one round, for both lips.

        1. Cranky Steven says

          410? What’s up with that? Glock 9mm here. 10 in the clip with one in the cradle.

          1. Rod Keiser says

            The 410 is a triple 000 buck.

          2. Rod Keiser says

            It can rip your face off.

          3. Cranky Steven says

            Huh, live and learn. Never even heard of it before. Thanks for the info.

          4. Rod Keiser says

            I am refering to the 45/410 hand gun.

          5. al sowins says

            Click on SW Governor

          6. Jacob Hall says

            lol rod most people don’t realize a good pump 410 can and will wreak havoc with a slug,00,000 buck plus you can shoot 45 a single shot 410, 38 cal,in a 357 cal.

          7. michaelcain says

            And they make some prety impressive slugs for a 12 ga.

        2. al sowins says

          Those Taurus Judge models are okay guns. I have an SW Governor, i more round capacity than the judge and it also shoots .45acp in clips. The 410 rifled slugs are ferocious.

          1. Jerry Hughes says

            Yep, you have a 38 or 40 and you shoot at a big man, that is cranked up or high, you had better get him on a big bone or a vital organ.
            You hit him with a 45 or rifled 410, he is going down, period.
            Many years ago, sitting outside a hangar in Da Nang, we had VC come through the fence
            Guy next to me shot a guy in the chest three times, with a 38, he was still coming when I hit hm with the 45

          2. Cranky Steven says

            A .38? Where did he get that from? I only saw .45’s and rifles. MGs too, natch.

          3. Jerry Hughes says

            One of the marines at the embassy.

          4. Cranky Steven says

            The embassy there in DaNang? I think it was there but I never actually toured that S. hole. There were good reasons to dump the .38 for the .45 and even better reasons to carry the 16, although I preferred the 14. Oddly enough, the MC didn’t seem to care what I preferred.

          5. al sowins says

            Or care about your ass, either. We became familiar with Da Nang in 1954 when it was called Tourane and defended by French Foreign Legionnaires fighting the Vietminh, the predecessor of the Viet Cong. We taught them our methods, but were forbidden to fight.

          6. Cranky Steven says

            We should have learned from the French what it means when your country isn’t behind the war. The only ones who care are your buddys within arms reach and in harm’s way with you. There were some good officers but I really didn’t have occasion to get friendly with any of them and didn’t want to.

          7. al sowins says

            Yes. When you see clearly that they do not want to win the war you wonder what the hell you’re doing there.Good men die to take a position, then somebody up there gives the position back to the Bad Guys for free. In ‘Nam 173 Airborne took the same position FIVE times and each time, heavy losses notwithstanding, it was given back to the bad Guys. To me thats murder and treason.

          8. Cranky Steven says

            Despite six years in the service learning many colorful phrases, not one of them fit what I think of things like that.

          9. Jerry Hughes says

            POS, we actually had it pretty good in Nam compared to the guys that came later.
            I was there in 62 and 63, wasn’t any bs there then, we did what we thought we needed to do.
            6 weeks in Nam, back to Camp Baker for 2 weeks and back to Nam.
            They issued us, M 14;s, they always got lost, we brought the M1s with us .
            We could sit outside their effective range with the M1;s and do a number on them.

          10. Cranky Steven says

            Glad you came home standing. Me too.

          11. Maurice Stapler says

            Air crew carried .38

          12. Cranky Steven says

            Odd. I wonder why?

          13. al sowins says

            Similar experiences in Korea, French Indo China and the Philippines. You may knowthat the 1911 model .45acp was invented to drop juiced up Moro,(moslem) terrorists who could take 3 or 4 .38s and keep acomin’.

    3. Laurence Almand says

      Read the good book DIAL 911 AND DIE for an analysis of modern laws. The police have no duty to protect individual citizens as such.

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Laurence, that’s why we carry our own protection.

      2. James says

        True. That is actually a Supreme Court decision! Do you believe it? The police have no responsibility or obligation to protect or defend you. Period. So much for ‘Protect and Serve’. eh?

    4. Combatvet52 says

      Very good Jerry right in the head is better.

    5. michaelcain says

      Yes I second that motion with my 12 gage

  3. CCblogging says

    Not only should the citizens of Detroit arm themselves. All Americans should be buying a gun with lots of ammo and practice shooting often. A lib’s picture with a bulls eye should help their aim.

    1. OCDiver says

      Like NObama and his “cabinet”?

  4. USPatriotOne says

    The everyday Commie/Liberal has NO common sense, but at the higher levels of the Commie/Muslim/NWO/Liberals the disarming of the American People are a carefully planned tactic right out of the Communist Manifesto they follow…!!!

    1. Mike Straw says

      they can try to disarm me. come and take them!

    2. Jerry Hughes says

      The liberal dem bloodsuckers, also knoiw as the American Jihadists, Know that they can’t take the country socislisic, as long as the citizenry are armed, they will never quit trying. The Jihadists will countenace./accept any lie, cheat or theft, as long as it advances their ideology
      We have heard the stories that they use throught out history.
      For instance, universal registration, for the safety of the citizenry.
      We haerd that from Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Sung, Benito Mussolini, Ceasar Chavez, Hirohito, Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalinj and Adolph Hitler, all agreed universal registration was necessary and all had confiscated alol weapons with in three years of getting it.
      The Founders saw these ersatz life forms, coming, over 200 years ago,
      They gave us the Bill of Rights and nailed them to the wall of every government office, with the 2nd Amendment,
      They trifle with either at their own considerable peril.

  5. aschark says

    USPatriot, you’re 200% right. The lemmings that favor the direction that Obama is taking this Country, are the ones who get their check in the mail. Why work for it when the government will support you? The problem is that the money will eventually run out (Margaret Thatcher, PM of GB, 1979-1991). We have registered DSA’s, Democratic Socialists of America, in Congress (80 at last count, but that was years ago. I’m sure there’s more now, with some of them unregistered). The DSA’s are listed as a “D” on the ballot (some people will vote straight “D,” regardless), when they should be listed as an “S” on the ballot. Just another slick trick by the “D’s.”

  6. Carl Carlson says

    Look what big Democratic city government, influenced by greedy labor unions can do to a city. Detroit has gone under. Now its violence. Sorry to say if you live in Detroit, you should have left a long time ago, but if you didn’t you should have bought some weapons to defend your self and your stuff. Sounds like the have-nots are coming for your stuff. A good AR-15 with a 30 rounder and a 9mm with a high capacity mag would be a good pair to have on hand when they come. Good luck Detroit, your going to need it.

    1. grunion says

      Out the window, it looks like we all are gonna need it.

  7. conservmrs says

    Democrats do SUCH a good job running their cities that a lot of the AMERICAN people thought that it would just be super to have them run the country! Now see what a fix you have gotten us into, you fools!!!

  8. keithbreedlove says

    Yesterday, in light of the shooting in Ferguson, The Economist came out with a ridiculous piece about how we have too many guns in America. Like they know. I pointed out that they’re giving their country and culture up to Islamists, and no one there has the legal ability to stand up to criminals.

    1. Laurence Almand says

      Too many guns in the US? Britain has an almost total ban on guns and it has the highest crime rate in Europe. And look at “gun-free” Washington DC.

      1. James Vanhoosier says


  9. infadelicious says

    Just goes to show ya’ , if you want to totally wipe out a city and its people, don’t drop a bomb on them, just drop the democratic party on them.. Look what the democrats did to Dtown, once the richest city in the country.

    1. Daniel W says

      Geez what are you telling me that instead of dropping the atomic bomb. We should’ve dropped a Democrat on Hiroshima, It probably would’ve been cheaper.

      1. Cranky Steven says

        That would have constituted a war crime.

    2. PatHenry says

      Yep Democratic run city since the late 50s and look what the great society does when not reigned in by a Conservative mayor. At least most of the corrupt former Detroit mayors are dead or in prison !

    3. eddyjames says

      Democrats are great at destroying things

      1. infadelicious says

        Obama won’t be happy until he has completed the Detroitification of all 57 states, including Hawaii , which as you know, is in Asia………….

        1. jbftskj says

          That’s why, after November, he must be impeached, removed, arrested, and tried for treason, then sent to Gitmo with his Marxist advisers.

          1. infadelicious says

            correct…….don’t forget his bum buddies

          2. OCDiver says

            She’s a murderer as far as I’m concerned, after leaving a man she claims was a friend to die at the hands of alkaeda (misspelling intentional) terrorists!

          3. infadelicious says

            yes, she would sell her soul for power

          4. al sowins says

            Or in Huntsville, with Aryan Nation cellmates.

          5. Wrabble says

            After 1/3/2015.

        2. OCDiver says

          Almost forgot he thought there were 57 states. Really sad he got elected the first time, down right disgraceful he was re-elected.

        3. Wrabble says

          Per dear leader there are 60 states.

          The one said he visited 57, skipped 2 (Alaska and Hawaii) and still had one more state to visit.

          1. infadelicious says

            and let’s not forget the states of denial and delusion where his voters live

    4. Laurence Almand says

      What destroyed Detroit was the massive invasion of low-IQ Black people, and the flight of productive Whites to the suburbs. This is happening in virtually every major city – look at Washington DC and Philadelphia.

      1. hankthetank says

        IT was the democrat’s = Black slaves + union’s that did in America, those 3 together will destroy any thing any where!!!!!

    5. OCDiver says

      Cryin’ shame the way our politicians have flushed us down the toilet ain’t it!!

  10. JIMBO says

    I totally agree with the Chief regarding the right to defend yourself before you are the victim of any crime. It dose not matter the the crime is. The liberals need to get there head out and get real about what is happening around them.

    1. Cranky Steven says

      The real crime is what’s being indoctrinated into our children by public school unions.

  11. William Judd says

    Just good old common sense!!! It is a right that the government cannot take away from you, self defense is a right not a privilege which the government can take away!

  12. Disgust says

    This has become more essential since that pos potus traitor has lied his way into office.

  13. Daniel W says

    Thanks chief that’s good advice, but I’m pretty sure the citizens of Detroit will probably be all over that one. Before you mentioned it. I guess by now they know that the Supreme Court ruled the police had no duty to protect them and with only 2000 some odd cops to protect the city. I think you’re fighting a losing battle. Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, even if you are a cop. The only right thing to do in this case is to advise the citizens to arm themselves. Teach them that a gun is a tool, and that they must be proficient in its use for it to be of any value to them. Survive. Don’t forget to join the NRA. The NRA is about two things, you’re right to keep and bear arms, and firearms safety.

    1. PatHenry says

      The facts are that overall crime in Detroit is down aprox 30% over last year but Chicago’s crime is up. The good folks in Detroit have had enough and are fighting back. More legal gun owners make streets safer and the stats back that up !!

      1. al sowins says

        Don’t you believe it. Like the false government unemployment reports, crime reports are also cooked. Want to reduce the burglary rate? Order officers to refuse to take a report on any theft under $2,000. Eighty percent drop in burglaries. Want safer streets? No reports to be taken on non-injury traffic collisions. Hurray! Next day we’re driving 400% better!Attempted murders, sex crimes, aggravated assaults? Take the report, shine any investigation file and lose the reports and the violent crime rate has almost disappeared. Such is a widespread phenomenon. Real unemployment is over 20%Tens of millions are out of work or have only part time jobs and need fulltime employment.What do we suppose the rioting people of Ferguson do in the daytime after rioting all night? Go to work in the businesses they burned down the night before?

        1. PatHenry says

          Can’t speak for your city but we know crime is down and Chief Craig has been doing major sweeping raids and drug busts. Never saw that with his predecessors and Iv’e been living in the metro area for 47 of the last 50 yrs. Also worked as a gunsmith so I kinda get the inside info from the cops we worked with.

          1. al sowins says

            And thats why your chief warned citizens to arm themselves? Crime is way up, all over, but is no longer reported.

          2. PatHenry says

            Unless you are here you don’t know what is true Sorry to burst your bubble but sooner or later Detroit had to hit bottom, now they are starting to climb back up and take the city back. Lot’s of new business is coming in and major companies are investing so the new white mayor is giving the cops the go ahead to clean up the streets.

          3. al sowins says

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are contradicting your chief of police. But perhaps you’re more qualified to assay the situation than he?

          4. PatHenry says

            In what way? Don’t just say I’m wrong back it up!

          5. al sowins says

            I will type this very slowly, for your benefit. Your chief of police says he cannot protect the citizens of Detroit- they need to protect themselves. Got it? I’m going to guess; probably not..

          6. PatHenry says

            I guess you are a moron because I said nothing to contradict the Chief as I completely back up the idea of the fact you have to defend yourself and not rely on the police. The chief did not tell the people to arm them selves because crime was up but because of his reduced police force he knows they can’t provide safety to everyone. I will shoot first and then call 911. My statement stands as FACT that the Chief is doing a great job with limited funds. The crime rate is DOWN and the community is behind him. Good citizens are arming themselves as he approves of and taking their safety into their own hands. You can type as slow as you want but if you have nothing constructive to say why waste our time.

          7. al sowins says

            As a matter of policy I do not discourse with psychologically unstable persons. Please take your meds.

          8. PatHenry says

            No meds here and never smoked pot or done illegal drugs, so I think you may have a crack problem!

  14. marilyn says


  15. Miss Mellie says

    Hope the white people in Ferguson, MI have armed themselves to the teeth so when the panthers and other marching animals come into their neighborhood shouting obscenities, they can “lock and load” and fire, whether hands are up or not.

    1. PatHenry says

      I see you typed MI instead of MO hope you know the last riots in Michigan were in 1967

    2. Miss Mellie says

      Sorry about that misspelling. It is strange though that a state spelled Missouri has MO for its abbreviation? And I can’t keep up with spellings for Yankee states though MO was split; some for us, some for them.

  16. Cranky Steven says

    We baggers don’t need to be told to arm ourselves. Sorry the rest of you do.

    1. jbftskj says

      The sheeple will have a rude awakening when the SHTF, and maybe sooner than later.

      1. Cranky Steven says

        Sooner, I think. It is starting and desperation is mounting. Look at the phoney BS they are slinging at Perry. Or the pro agitators and looters in Ferguson.

  17. Laurence Almand says

    Excellent idea. If more people had concealed carry permits – and there were more Trayvon Martin’s eliminated from the streets – we would all be a lot safer. And those Black punks who engage in the “knockout” games would get shot more often.

  18. Combatvet52 says

    I believe it’s GODS will that we will come out on top as soon as the present administration is gone, it may take a little while but we are fighters and we are survivors don’t forget it.

  19. jbftskj says

    If police chiefs throughout the nation would follow his example, gun laws would be moot, citizens would be safer, and more criminals would be in their graves.

  20. joanc says

    Will Holder go there on his next trip to enforce the law. HA- Ha – he only enforces the ones he wants and only if they fit his criteria, of “His People”. those are his words that aired on National TV. I thought his job was to protect all citizens. Oh well, as Hillary. another paragon of DC said “what difference does it make now” ?

  21. The duck says

    Getting armed is just a peace of the equation. Get trained on your fire arm and practice, practice, practice. Then get the mind set to either protect yourself at the expenses of the supposed attacker or become a victim. Having to live with wasting (killing) someone can be traumatic. But being a victim is worse. Your loved ones and your neighbors will thank you and that makes the wasting more palatable.
    Think about our servicemen and women in combat zones being shot at and they shoot back. They shoot back because they are in a kill or be killed situation. The enemy does not care about their targets (other people). Get the mind set, the arms, and training, and shoot to protect yourself and your loved ones and your neighbors.

  22. ss terry says

    I believe that every person has the right to protect themselves, their family and their property from vicious cold blooded criminals that has no morals and will do anything regardless of others safety and I say if they intrude in your homes or try to attack you on a public street Shoot first and call 911 later!

  23. bpgagirl22VAnow says

    BOUT DAMNED TIME LAW ENFORCEMENT CAME TO THEIR SENSES! This country is headed for a SHOW-DOWN of right and good vs wrong and evil! Criminals, LOOK OUT!

  24. michaelcain says

    The right to self protect is ominus . for as me , I am a handicapped senior citizen . I can not run away wjth a crushed foot and broken knee .and three slipped disks in my lower back and asbestosis.This makes for a self defense situation out front. I will do what ever it takes to defend myself. a shovel, a hammer a shotgun, or if I can afford a carry pistol.Crimnals pick on the weakest victems. so just leave me alone.

  25. CCblogging says

    Obama and his Democrats hate America. Remember in November. 11-4-14.

  26. joespenthouse says

    NO .22 rounds to be found in Colorado.

  27. Paul Brown says

    I read about this Police Chief in the NRA magazine, he has been recommending the people to arm themselves all over the city because the Police can’t be everywhere at once. I wish all Police Chiefs would do the same, but we can’t get enough ammo because Osama the dic-head ahs been taking it away in bulk. I asked one of my customers who has a store if he had ammo for my gun and he said no, the feds have been cutting him by more than 50% of whatever he orders. Most of the rounds he orders never get to his store.

  28. John Schanta says

    Detroit is a pathetic example of what happens when people elect union funded Democrats over and over again for more than 60 years. In the end, their answer to the protection of their citizens and crime prevention overall is “Buy a Gun” even though their police department is one of the highest paid in the nation. What a joke.

  29. abc__jps says

    I am afraid all Americans must have a gun. What a shame we have come to this, like the old wild west. Obama is going to get lots of Americans killed before we can get rid of him. I don’t mean in a war overseas I mean killed here in the U.S. the more illegals he allows in the greater our danger. 6 -80 yrs olf these people are trained to kill so don’t give me any children crap. Children are trained to kill. Given just a little more time and they will have enough here to blow up our cities and kill Americans. All who voted for this party of criminals will suffer but the bad thing is those of us who voted against him will also suffer. I think most are now seeing he was not elected with honest votes he paid big bucks for them..

    1. Tom Brooks says

      You have fallen into the Hollywood created myth. Do the research. In the “wild west” days, as you call them, there fewer murders and robberies per 1000 citizens than in Detroit, Chicago NYC and DC today. And they had no anti gun laws like these four “non-wild” mid west and eastern cities today.

  30. adrianvance says

    Maybe that is why the Secret Service guys all carry guns! Could it be?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative.” When you speak they will listen..

  31. Bruce Dakin says

    My hats off to him..When good people arm themselves crime diminishes..It’s a proven fact, do the research!..It’s about time reality wins one.

  32. michaelcain says

    the golf ball thing has happened before.

  33. 1MarianneD says

    As long as there are illegal immigrants and Muslims in the United States, every man and woman should own a gun and ammunition, and know how to safely and accurately use it.

  34. Bob Barton says

    From what i’ve seen of liberal women rape is probably welcomed.

  35. wapitihunter says

    I don’t so much have a problem with Police protecting themselves but they don’t need tanks and in some instances armored vehicles, Yes swat units need an armored vehicle but not a regular police unit. SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. If the city is large enough for a Swat Unit then the are entitled to one. They are also entitled to military body armor. We don’t need Militarized Police serving warrants and using no knock tactics. The Police are one thing but every Government agency having their own Swat Unit is ridiculous. The BLM, the Dept. of Ag., the Dept. of Education, the EPA, the USPS, the FDA, NOAA, Social Security Administration, Rail Road Retirement Board, Tennessee Valley Authority,Office of Personnel Mgt.,Consumer Product Safety Commission, US Fish and Wildlife Service, IRS, and the National Park Service have Swat Teams and purchasing thousands of rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition. Hollow Point Ammo is not “legal” in combat. Hollow Point Ammunition is to kill period. Why are there so many Swat teams and why are they buying so much AMMO?
    Not only is this a tremendous waste of taxpayer money but are we paying for our own deaths?
    All these agencies do not need SWAT Teams and do not need all this ammo. If enforcement of Law is needed we already had people in place. We have local Police forces, we have Sheriffs Departments, FBI, CIA, National Guard, US Marshals, and the Coast Guard and the Highway Patrol.
    Is the Government or rather this Administration afraid of wide scale Civil Unrest and rebellion? If so I wonder why? Why are we all of the sudden the bad guy? Is it because we have been lied to over and over, are we tired of Government Cover ups and scandals. Are we tired of being targeted by the IRS and that they are not accountable for their actions? Are we tired of being spied on by the NSA? Maybe we don’t want his Hope and Change. Maybe we don’t want the transformation of America. Maybe we don’t want our Nation give to a bunch of Illegals. Maybe we believe in GOD and in God we trust. Maybe we want to treat our brothers with dignity and respect. We should expect the same of our elected officials. They should remember they were elected to serve the people not for the people to serve them.

  36. wapitihunter says

    Officer James Craig is right. If your waiting for a response from a 911 call, you’ll be pushing up daisies.

  37. michaelcain says

    currently the gov doesn’t use many shot guns . so use and buy shot favorite is my 12 ga with slugs

    1. Tom Brooks says

      I disagree, a 12 ga with 0 buck shot, not 00 or slugs), buckshot spread an has a much better chance of hitting the target, especially in a hurry-up emergency.

  38. Tom Brooks says

    I’ll bet the anti gun nuts, aka liberal democrats, hate Chief Craig. He is saying what the rest of us have been saying for years….THE TRUTH.
    Gun control means using both hands and hitting your target with every shot.
    Get yourself a 12 ga pump with 0 buckshot and stay alive.

  39. 2TiredOfTheGovernment says

    Well I agree with the police chief, everyone should be armed and ready to shoot any intruder that breaks into there home, and tries to do them harm. Because if you call 911 you will be dead a long time before the police even gets started to your house, and then all the police can do is draw a outline of where your body was laying with bullet holes in you head. And that is why I keep a gun under my pillow every night, and I plan on getting the first shot off for the thug that broke into my home and he will be dead as a doornail. And you can bet on that to and win everytime.

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