Income Inequality a Growing Problem For Housing Market


The left’s favorite hammering point – income inequality – is getting ready to be a major issue again in American politics. According to a new report from Financial Times, the income gap between the country’s wealthiest and most poverty-stricken cities has reached the widest point in history. Because of this gap, the housing recovery now resembles an uneven scale, and analysts feel that it could be a sticking point when it comes to another economic boom.

Liberals often claim that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but the truth is that the income gap has widened and narrowed throughout the country’s history. Unfortunately, there has been a steady trend since the 2008 financial disaster that more closely resembles their usual rhetoric.

From Financial Times:

US Commerce and Labor Department data for the 100 largest metropolitan areas by population, analysed for the Financial Times by property website Trulia, found the income disparity between the 10th most expensive region and the 90th by home prices in 2013 hit its widest since records began in 1969.

It’s the terrible policies and philosophy of liberal politicians that has kept poor people from making significant gains in their lives. President Obama has made raising the minimum wage one of his primary goals, failing to realize that what people earn is a reflection of their value. Not their value as a human or their value as a loving husband. Not their value as a parent. But it is absolutely a reflection of their value to the marketplace.

Even the most hard-headed liberal can see the truth as it is. If you gave everyone in the country $100,000 a year, we would have the same problem as we do now. Prices would skyrocket, those who want to work for their bread would still do so, and we would again see a disparate gap in income. If you believe in capitalism at its heart, you believe that a person should be paid according to their worth. That worth is determined by education, work, and skills, all of which are obtainable by most Americans.

The left wants to solve the income inequality problem with more government programs. They want to solve it with taxes. They want to solve it with welfare and food stamps. But that, as we’ve seen, only exacerbates the problem.

The wiser move is for government to get the hell out of the way. As citizens, we should band together and find ways to fund educational opportunities for children who can’t afford college. We should look to corporations to reach out to lower-income neighborhoods and show kids who don’t see a bright future that they can have it if they work for it. And we should stop taxing businesses small and large to the point where they can’t pursue economic opportunity in the land of the free. We will never be able to erase the gaps – nor should we want to – but we can get to the point where everyone has a fair shot. Whether people take that shot is entirely up to them.


  1. jetmagnet says

    We can’t have everyone making $100,000 a year? Why is that? I guess the american dream doesn’t apply to rightwing fruitcakes! Since when does $10 and hour equal a $100,000 a year? Another stupid article by the party that supports the wealthy and trashes everyone else trying to make a buck.
    They say nothing about record bonuses this year for executives and more millionaires 3500 created in 2013 alone and 20 billionaires in the last year. meanwhile 168 million americans are biting the weenie.
    And 400 people control 98.9% in the wealth. I guess rightwing wackos think that’s balance? I guess paychecks have gone knowhere since reagan and his supply-side economics for the middleclass but the 1% have seen a 365% increase in their wealth during the same period. Just think if those people just took a little less profit and paid higher sallaries how much that would help the economy and quality of life for americans of both parties, because conservative voters are getting screwed by bagger politics also.

    1. silvernotes says

      You did not understand the article. There is nothing wrong with everyone having the opportunity to earn as much money as they can. The key word is “opportuntiy.” No one deserves to make “$100K” unless they have some value to the market…anotherwords, they can do something worth the pay. Stop whinning about the people who make money and trying to steal their wealth, and start looking at the government policies (i.e. Obamacare, deficit spending, printing money, etc.) that are stiffling the middle class..that is where the power and wealth is, not the so-called 1%. Finally, the market (the need for certain skills), not politicians, drives what people are paid…this is capitalism. If you don’t like that, get re-educated and get skills…else Cuba is near by.

      1. Cynic says

        Unfortunately, this country doesn’t exactly have a capitalistic society. We have government and Big Business working hand-in-hand to maintain the status-quo and enrich the already rich and powerful. We have crony capitalism and corporate welfare, where some corporations can be mismanaged but remain unpunished by the marketplace because its executives know that Big Daddy Government will bail them out with the tax money of the working and middle-classes. You know, the old “too big to fail” BS rationalization that should anger every American who truly believes in capitalism, as well as those who don’t.

        1. silvernotes says

          Your displeasure needs directed at government policies and special interest groups and…yes, “We the People” who elect politicians, and allow them, to work against the best interests of us and the country. Low information voters are the Democrats best resource (that is why they do nothing to fix the illegal immigrant situation and why lies work on their base). Take a look at any state that is blue (particularly CA) or any big city that has had a long term democratic government (i.e. Detroit). Is it any wonder democrats are bailing out are moviing to TX, where they start their misplaced ideology all over again. Big government will be the death of our society if Islam doesn’t get us first.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Exactly! This country is run by wealth, banks and corporations, especially since citizens united was passed by the conservative supremes. This makes corporations people like Mitt said. I runs contrary to bagger beliefs of personal freedom and other horsesheet. There is no personal freedom as long as wealth runs this country. Every damn politician is subject to corruption. So this idea to remove government and put it into the hands of thieves and crooks, is hilarious!
          There’s already way too much corruption in privatization experiments. Go on privatization watch! To put more wealth into corrupt private sector that can’t control itself as it is , is just plain dumb!

          1. psufan69 says

            Actually, no it doesn’t.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Why is Cuban Communists worse than Chinese Communist?

        1. silvernotes says

          Gee I don’t see where I said that. It is simply closer (cheaper air fare…and you can get there on a raft if you don’t have the air fare).

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Oh… you. Let’s thank God for that 90 mile stretch of water, or they’d be lining up on Florida’s border…………..

          2. silvernotes says

            They do try…ask the Coast Guard.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Thats why I support SHARK WEEK
            Big fish have to eat too……
            If a shark eats a Chinese person, will it be hungry in a hour? Are Cubans spicy?
            Every shark attack I’ve ever seen on TV, the victim is almost always white. Are sharks prejudice?

          4. Kent2012 says

            why heck Mark everyone knows that honkies are the only people that have the time to swim….

          5. Mark Clemens says

            …….Word up player. Dumb me I should’ve known by the picture above, the blacks are to busy protesting for more money.

      3. jetmagnet says

        Yeah, tell me how they get value fella? Are you on drugs? You peeps have all this hypothetical horsesheet but no facts to back any of it up. Your talking to someone who’s educated in economics, markets and business. This article is rightwing horsesheet. Your idea of capitalism is more like a Oligarchy. Then your argument of somehow people want to steal wealth? No, they want a fckn decent wage and opportunity you moron you!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          ……..But the Tea Party might have to pay a extra fifty cents for their 6 pack of underwear. That will cause economic havoc, the markets might crash!

          1. jetmagnet says


          2. omegaman says

            Mark — You’re an empty-headed fruitcake.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Why you say I’m a fruitcake? Im not a homosexual. I just said the truth. The Tea Party is cheap. Hell y’all won’t fund and start your own party, y’all choose to sponge off the GOP. Were’s PERSONAL FINANCIAL. RESPONSIBILITY at here? Hu? Y’all’s plan seams to be, win in a GOP Primary, then use the GOPs money on your candidate to win the general elections. To me that’s POLITICAL WELFARE. I like 80% of y’all’s manifesto. The part that turns me back to the GOP is your Free Markets philosophy. This global free trade is what’s economically killing us. I’m good w/the rest.

      4. Kent2012 says

        lead head loves communism….most of his co-thinkers are so poorly educated that they do not understand the best economic system is the one we live in and it has created a standard of living only dreamt about by those in other countries. It comes from education and hard work, whether you work for someone else or do your own thing….next the idiots will want taco benders to be paid $50.00 hour and full benefits to include free healthcare and $100,000 a year pension…

    2. Cynic says

      “We can’t have everyone making $100,000 a year” That was a theoretical amount, and you know it. It’s just an example of what happens when some government wise-ass wants to level the playing field for those who aren’t willing to work for it.

      As for the rest of your comment regarding obscene executive bonuses, Ronald Reagan, etc., this conservative right-wing wacko “pretty much” (though not totally) agrees with you.

      1. jetmagnet says

        So where’s the jobs reagan and bush were supposed to produce with this “Trickle down hiresesheet””??? The bagger ideology says give more money to rich bastards and corporations and you’ll get some of it, right? It’s a con game and you lost. Plus it’s cost us trillions in debt. LMAO

        1. Kent2012 says

          it sounds as though you have given up hope and since you do not have the funds to move to chinkee ville, your dream home, you should consider blowing both of your brain cells out, simultaneously…

        2. psufan69 says

          If you spent as much time working as you do B****ing about what other’s make you’d probably get your thoughts straight. Of course personal financial decisions come into play. During most of my career, my work week was 60 hours and there was no overtime pay. However I understood early that it didn’t matter how much you made but how much you kept and what you did with it. I know understanding and adopting these concepts requires work and it’s so much easier just complaining about those that are willing to put in the effort.

    3. USCBIKER says

      Yet you read them, moron! There are more rich Dems (Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, etc.) than rich GOP, they just hide it and those they support look the other way.

      1. jetmagnet says

        It’s not who’s rich fella. it’s your freekin bagger GOP that likes to pamper rich people and give everyone else, including you a tubesteak sandwich. Make up your mind fella you’re either suckup to the wealthy or as loser in todays income equality, my bet is you’re a loser with no money.

        1. Kent2012 says

          well “baggers” are way up that ladder from commie $lut$ there tubesteak lover….

      2. jetmagnet says

        I’m not a democrat, i’m an independent. I don’t care who’s rich. It’s about policy, and it affects everyone. The GOP want’s to give corporations welfare and screw everyone else. The basturds took their sweet time giving 165 million americans a tax break, but had no problem giving it to billionaires. This has nothing to do with wealthy people, and everything to do with GOP policies that take americans working class and giving it to people who don’t need it.

        1. Kent2012 says

          yowza dimwit and those big corporations build things and provide jobs, unlike your welfare friends who create nothing…..

          1. Mark Clemens says

            ………All for the Chinese. The only jobs created here are Retail, Fast Food, Medical Stuff. Hell most of the equipment Doctors use is MADE IN CHINA. Our government and Big Biz do more for the people of China, than the people in USA.

    4. joe haire says

      I would say that probably 500 of those new millionaires were NBA basketballers,Rappers, MLB, & NFL athelites. Of the 20 billionaires more than 5 are black people. Dr . DRE just made 3 billion from headphones. I think he is close to Oprah in income. Jetmagnet, you need to meet Koolnightes. He is another brain dead marxist idiot like you!!

      1. jetmagnet says

        So what is your point fruitcake? That you’re a racist? LMAO

        1. Kent2012 says

          he said what he meant there lead head…

        2. joe haire says

          I resent the term fruitcake. You cannot make any comment without using a prejorative. You are one of the always angry communist types that must ridicule. I was not racist until Barak Hussein Obama entered the scene. My point is there are many black people enjoying the financial freedom of the USA, however, instead of supporting the good qualities of the USA they would rather criticize the WHITE MAN. Slavery was ended by a WHITE MAN. Democrats a 150 years ago promulgated slavery to their own devices. they made a lot of money off of slave labor. It is interesting that Republicans did more to p0romote freedom than any Democrat. Hypocrisy is the Democrats legacy. Do yourself a fovor and read the book by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged. It will open your eyes to what makes this nation great and provided opportunities for everyone willing to work to achieve rather than sit on their asses and let Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama provide (and enslave) for them.Use your brain for a change (oops, I’m staring to sound like you and Koolnightes)

          1. psufan69 says

            Among those people is one Barrack Hussein Obama who, somehow without actually ever having a real job, has amassed a $12m fortune selling his CHANGE to the low lying fruit. He’s just biding his time so he can move on and make the real money involved in being a Progressive. Just ask Hillarius Clinton.

    5. Kent2012 says

      you are a brainless twit…

  2. Randi Blunt says

    There are none so blind as they who will not see.
    This can be worded to ‘they who cannot see…’
    The Right Wing is way out of the social universe around them. They are truly ‘mentally ill’ in every sense of the word. There are people everywhere who are disabled due to mental health issues…even people from wealthy families with ‘so-called good backgrounds’ suffer from mental illness. Look at Robin Williams…did all of his fame and money save him from horrific depression or relief from mental illness?
    How sad that one of our ruling parties is so out-of-touch, downright greedy, sociopathic and lame.

    1. Cynic says

      Are you suggesting that the government should have given Robin Williams money because he was mentally ill? If mental illness is so prevalent, why do you want to give mentally ill politicians the power over you and me to determine where your tax money and mine should go, or what you and I can and cannot do with our lives?

      There are a lot of mentally ill people who are working. They don’t ask for a damn thing from anybody. Why should they give one more cent to mentally ill people who choose not to work and who always have their hands out for freebies?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Hay! I’ve got a retarded cousin, he has to have a check or he will starve to death. He has 4th grade skills, but he can’t go into the work force, unless one of us goes w/him. He will annoy someone to the point of fighting. Then theirs his “Thing” for women. Hes 55 and has never been layed, but he tries. Lord knows hes tried. The problem here is he’s blunt about what he wants. Been like that his whole life. Would you like to work beside him ? Instead of instutionalizing him, we keep him around family who understand him.

      2. jetmagnet says

        The problem fruitcakes have about so called freebies, is we call them assistance…and if you can go through your whole life with no assistance, including relatives, friends or anyone you’re full of crap. Once you realize that there will never be enough jobs for people that want them. EVER!!! and that old people , disabled people, veterans cannot work or sometimes work part time you’ll understand that we need government and we need these programs, unless of course we can just do like hitler and incinerate and gas them.
        Where do we house and feed the families and children on foodstamps without government? Churches are over burdened. Maybe we can donate to some fund like unicef. “Please help the starving children of the US” The richest country in the world can’t afford to help it’s poor and downtrodden, because baggers want to steal their lunch and give it to wealthy people.

      3. Randi Blunt says

        The Repubs, Tea Partiers, Right….paranoid schizophrenics

    2. Kent2012 says

      yes the democommies are downright greedy, check their net worth…it is published…and they are way out of touch, all they want to do is create welfare programs like LBJ’s great society….let us see now: welfare cash, rental paid, utility subsidies, food stamps(snap), child care, transportation subsidies, oh and free phones….yes that ruling party is simply buying votes instead of dealing with common sense economic programs that improve everyone’s life through opportunity instead of welfare handouts…..left wing equals communism…a few in power, the rest are workers with no way out except 6 feet under….

      1. Randi Blunt says

        Could you elucidate? Sorry…big word for you

        1. Kent2012 says

          not a problem, of course you would probably obfuscate issue…..

    3. psufan69 says

      Yeah those Progressive controlled Nirvanas in Chicago and Detroit as well as most major cities have really brought prosperity to the common man. lol You keep blaming the right for the failures of the left’s policies to improve the status quo. They do talk the talk, they just have issues with the walk.

      1. Randi Blunt says

        You got it backward

        1. psufan69 says

          So Democratic controlled cities like Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia are now rolling in affluence. Heck, without a $2/pack new sales tax on cigarettes in Philly, they can’t even run their schools. They all have one thing in common, the Regressive mentality.

  3. Mark Clemens says

    The people who wright this stuff is trying to divide us, not unite us w/hog wash. First of all, paying a worker for their worth. No, that’s not what’s happening here. The job always goes to the lowest bidder (the employee).
    Example: We make $7.50 hour. A Chinese worker makes $1-$2 a hour. They have all the manufacturing jobs. Are they smarter than us? Do they work harder? Have superior work skills? Is their time not worth as much as ours (they are people) ? Then why did OUR jobs get shipped over there?
    Since those jobs got shipped overseas, those displaced workers ended up at McDonald’s and Walmart. The economy is geared for workers to make $10+ a hour. Plus these companies don’t work people full time (40hrs), to avoid overtime & ObamaCare
    This everybody earn $100,000 a year will make prices sky rocket…..No du? A rising tide lifts all ships. Not to mention the Government only wants to move minimum wage to $10hr. This is called BLOWING THINGS OUT OF PROPORTION.
    Example: Right now you should earn (at minimum) $25,000 a year. That’s how much a new car cost.
    We split the value up in payments over 5Yrs.
    ……Well if you make $100,000yr you should be able to afford $100,000 for a car. A tomato is a dollar per. If i made $100,000 a $10 tomato won’t hurt as bad.
    I bet most people reading this are white middle class. Look at the picture above……
    See any white people? Don’t any white people want more money, or am i just greedy? This is race baiting. At least the black dude has a tie, so he can represent black middle class.
    Anybody who’s taking this stuff seriously you are being played for a fool.
    Think about it…………..

    1. Patrick Reynolds says

      You mention 10 dollars an hour in your comment … let’s look at life based on that figure once. That’s 400 a week income BEFORE taxes as opposed to 290 a week at the current minimum wage. Did you know that 400 a week gross will move you up TWO tax brackets? Not 1 … TWO! That increase will correlate to about 30-50 dollars per week extra off your check … that doesn’t sound bad right? Now let’s look at April … that 2.75 dollar raise will negate about 1/2 the tax credits and such that minimum wage workers depend on at tax time to get a fat check so they CAN buy a nice car or take their kids to Disneyland. That 2.75 dollar raise will end up COSTING you approximately 3000 dollars a year after adjusting for the small increase on your weekly check. It will also create a net profit for the government of several hundred billions of dollars in weekly taxes and year end loopholes done away with. THE LIBS A RENT PRO MOTION THIS WAGE INCREASE FOR YOU … IT’S FOR THE [GOVERNMENT] They give 2 shits about you or your family. All they care about is enhancing and benefiting the collective [government]. The numbers are there … take pen and paper and do the math for yourself. Then open the tax code book and find out just how much you will be losing. And how much they will be gaining!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        If it puts $10 extra dollars in the workers pockets, it’s worth it and helps the economy.
        By your tax bracket logic, if we lower wages back to $3.35 a hour. We would be helping more by lowering wages. Thank goodness the working class have people like you looking out for them!
        Can you say ROBBER BARRON?

        1. Craig Watts says

          Get rid of the personal income tax. We don’t need to fund wars, corporate welfare, or any of the other wasteful programs any more.

    2. loran says

      Mr. Clemens, You are ignorant of history Sir. Your arguments have no basis except by liberal/socialist standards. Your examples have no basis in reality. Unions were need at one time, but then they got greedy and filled their members heads with all this communist baloney so as to make their leadership rich. Capitalism is still the process which gives everyone that chance to prosper, not your liberal policies and free give-a-ways. I will recommend an excellent book for you to read. The title is “Losing Ground” and the author is Charles Murray. He uses the governments own information on how these entitlements have really hurt the less fortunate and the minority class of citizens.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        What history? I just stated publication like this are playing people for fools.

        1. loran says

          Did I mis-read your statement or did I not understand what you were trying to say. If that is the case, I apologize.

          1. .madashell says

            You misread nothing and you owe no one an apology.
            M.C. is demonstrating the liberal mindset in the way he approaches a discussion of the facts.
            They first completely ignore the facts then they accuse the object of their tirade of being insensitive to the plight of the “under privileged” then they procede to “call names”.
            Just a normal liberal.

          2. loran says

            Yes I know. Do you like to read? If you do, I have some suggestions for you from very respected authors.

          3. .madashell says

            I would like that.

          4. loran says

            1) Losing Ground by Charles Murray
            2) The Vision of the Anointed by Thomas Sowell
            3) Intellectuals and Race by Thomas Sowell
            4) The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin
            5) Men in Black by Mark Levin
            All these authors have written many books. Every book which they have written are worth reading. Then there are all the biographies of our Founding Fathers and early Presidents. I’m reading Alexander Hamilton,s at the present. It’s very long, but oh my, what I’m reading is fantastic.

    3. Craig Watts says

      If you want a pay raise, higher standards of living and the right to live your life free of the chains that have been thrown around you, get rid of the Federal Reserve, un-ass the IRS, repeal the 16th amendment (which was never actually ratified by the states), and eliminate personal income tax. The longer you consider yourself property of the state, the longer you will have to live by the unfair burdens placed upon you that corporations have been exempted from.
      The country did fine before all of this… and it can again.

  4. USCBIKER says

    What a shock that a race conditioned over 50 years to live off of the taxpayers is poor! Liberals created Great Society and War on Poverty, which destroyed the black family. This is a competitive economy and the problem is pop culture has now made it cool to be a lowlfie slacker parasite. Blacks ostracize each other (though most would never know the def. of the word) for studying or going to school as “acting white”. Lazy whites do nothing productive all day long or major in Western Civilizations, and expect jobs and $ to just fall from trees at their feet. When Home Depot was founded, their empoyees were all offered stock options and many bought them. The dumb ones did not. Many years later, HD went public and suddenly Bob who worked in the paint dept. was very rich. Well, Jim from plumbing who didn’t wanna do what Bob did got very pissed off and whined “no fair!”. Life is a series of choices and too many stupid, lazy Americans make very poor ones. The day we allow them to outnumber & outvote us is the day we can say adios to this once great nation.

  5. sturgis says

    The opportunity is there for everyone to make something of themselves. The key is education. Instead some would rather live by the welfare environment, criminal activity, gang banging, pimping, dealing drugs. etc. etc. Everybody has the opportunity, if you honestly work for it. The parasites don’t want to work for it, they think they’re intitled

    1. dmttbt says

      I like what you say and I wish it was actually true, but the fact that there are not enough jobs will knock out that everybody can make something out of themselves.
      You should be able to see that the government has sold out the public year after year and in the last 20 or so years they are in overdrive.
      NAFTA was suppose to be so great and give each country the chance to sell their products in other markets. It turned out to be the manufacturers packed up their factories and moved out of this country. They did so because they can make a lot more money selling things to us. The bad part is that when there are no jobs we have no money and we can only live on credit for so long. I would say that time has passed. If the government wanted to get involved other than the racketeering they do now, they would place a tariff on the items shipped back here by the manufacturers that pulled out. I really shouldn’t mention something the government should do be cause they screw up everything they touch.
      When unions were started they were needed and then they turned gangster. When times get hard people will stab each other in the back to survive, not get ahead because that will be out of the question.

      1. sturgis says

        It is actually true. I was just echoing what Dr. Ben Carson who is black and is contemplating running for the Presidency said. barry soetoro was to supposedly stimulate the job market but has suppressed it. He has done nothing for the blacks. This is part of his agenda for a socialist government. Also it was Democrat bill clinton who implemented NAFTA. By letting these foreign countries import their cheep labor products into this country. Larry Kudlow who is a distinguished American economist and host of the Kudlow report on CNBC stated, “The Economy Would Be Much Better Off If the Democrats Especially barry soetoro Were More Friendly To Big Business. If the blacks were educated, would they still choose the ghetto way of life, with all the crime and killings? I don’t think so. Thanks for the reply

      2. aschark says

        dmt, you forgot to mention that the companies that moved out pay no US taxes. GE paid no taxes on $14 BILLION in profit in 2010, and more non tax years followed.

        1. Explorer says

          Ooooppps – and the President of GE is a key Obama economic adviser. Terrible.
          President said he would stimulate the job market if elected. He didn’t tell us who’s job market.

    2. Yadja says

      And the Demoncats encourage it. Look at Ferguson, you have a crippled police department, afraid to do the right thing for fear of being called Racist, so these people are tearing the place apart and I don’t care if they come from all over the country and are not comprised of that many locals, they need to be stopped and if it takes a bullet to the head then so be it.

      You don’t bring a peace sign to a riot.

      1. sturgis says

        I agree 100%

  6. zrevtom says

    I have read these comments below and maybe because I am old and have lived and worked many years through all kinds of ups and downs in this country I can tell you that these past 6 years have been the worst. Nobody complained when after 9-11 the economy dropped for a year but it recovered and we had 72 months of fantastic growth, you never heard all the complaints we do now. Under Bill Clinton he wanted to have many people own homes so he told the banks to make loans easier to get and they did, Charlie Rangel stopped Bush from reigning in those too easy loans and people making $20k were buying 200k homes at those very low rates which in 1,3, or 5 years would start to balloon higher, it was the Democrats who prevented controlling the housing industry through those low cost loans and when the housing bust came, it was the Democrats who blamed the banks, the same banks THEY FORCED TO MAKE THOSE LOANS, old Charlie said it wasn’t his fault but he was the one who was in charge. Now you have Obama come in and his policies were given to him by Communists, Socialists, George Soros and Jarrett who pulled his strings like the puppet he is. Too many regulations, EPA, IRS, SEC SBA etc. forced oops I forgot heavy taxation on businesses forced these companies to seek lower costs due to the DEMOCRATS interfering in their business. Companies have to make money to make their bosses and stockholders happy with profits, the days of taking care of their employees as well are gone, Government is taking too much of their money to pay for taxes, lawyers, etc so the employees lose out and they took their business overseas. If you want to look for what is causing all these problems look no further than the politicians and especially the Democratic politicians for failing to side with the American people and instead follow Obama like a puppy dog looking for a bone for a handout. Maybe if we get rid of the Democrat Senators and Congressmen in November we can turn this around, if not it can’t get any worse than it is now or maybe it can.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Maybe you don’t understand that the dow is at it’s highest ever since Obama took office or wealthy people have gained 365% since Obama was elected. How about bagger funding machine-koch brothers? $8 billion net wealth to $92 billion since obama took office? You whine about regulations you know nothing about. Try reading the Wall st Journal or business reports like I do. Educate yourself instead of living in a vaccum and blaming Clinton for what bush did while “HE” was in office. Glass/ steagal didn’t cause the collapse. George bush and the affordable housing act did. Remember, bush had both house and senate and still loved deregulation policies and pushed them, just like the GOP is trying to do today. Unwind dodd/frank so Banks can gamble with tax payer money again. baggers could have regulated the banking industry in GW’s first term, but history tells us the GOP doesn’t like regulations, and you said that yourself? Don’t be a hypocrite!

      1. Kent2012 says

        you said you were in independent, sounds as though you really support the party of the KKK and welfare wonderland…..probably hoping that your hero, kenyan boy, will declare martial law and turn the USA into another chinkee ville….do you wear a little jacket like your other hero, mao..???

      2. mac12sam12 says

        We’ve talked about this subject before. The Fed is printing 85 billion a month and pumping it into Wall Street. Japan tried that tactic to pump up their economy and it put them into a ten year recession. That tactic has never worked and the democrats never learn from history.
        Bush didn’t have anything to do with the affordable housing act. That started in the Clinton administration. Again, Forbes Magazine had an article on it called, ”Affirmative Action Banking Practices” and predicted the crash long before it happened. When Bush tried to stop the practice he was blocked by a democrat congress and Barney Frank. When the democrats took both houses in 2006 they stopped working with republicans and haven’t worked with republicans since, hence, our current economy. About regulations, business are over regulated. The founder of Home Depot said that with todays regulations he couldn’t have started his business. This is what happens when bleeding heart democrats stick their noses into the best system in the world, Capitalism. You sound like a manic cheerleader at an OWS gathering.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Bush never tried to stop anything like most republicans he supported deregulation, and you’re clueless to boot. Better learn the facts before you debate me.

          We can change that fine print! GW BUSH
          There’s a video that GW states that even new immigrants should be able to buy a $400,000 home. Everyone knows bushed crashed the economy to defend it makes you look stupid.

          Listen for yourself!! lol
          I think the Republican Party and their cronies on Wall Street could
          certainly use some “faith-based programs” right now… but the truth is
          that the 30-year experiment with Reaganesque pro-business,
          anti-government, pro-deregulation economics is coming thankfully to a
          very abrupt end.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            Read the article in Forbes Magazine. The crash was predicted years before it happened. Again, Bush made multiple attempts to stop what the democrats were doing but was blocked by his democrat congress. You are the one that’s low information. I guess it’s because it doesn’t fit your ”Bush’s Fault’ narrative.

          2. jetmagnet says

            It was bushe’s fault every man woman and child knows it except for fruitcakes who will defend anything to make a point. Bush had eight years to correct it. He instead made it even worse causing the crash and destroying america.
            You can argue all day but 80% of the people know bush did it, therefore never trust a republican. Reagan did it too! and that was b4 clinton so don’t give me that crap! The GOP loves deregulation, and you peeps argue constantly about regulations like your schizophrenic. You for it whe bush was presiden, but not for it when Obama’s president. LMAO!

          3. aschark says

            jetmagnet, you’re set in your line of thought, and so are many more, on both sides. We have 2 big elections coming up, 2014 and 2016. The results of those elections, voted on by US citizens (I’m not counting the millions of illegals that Obama will give amnesty to), will let our Legislators know how they want this Country to run: Capitalism or Socialism – small government vs big government – GOP (baggers, too) vs Democrats (aka, Socialists).
            I’m printing this post out, with today’s date. Election results on November 5th, 2014, is the first part, with the hammer falling in 2016. I don’t think the direction taken in 2014 will change in 2016. We’ll see. Oh, good luck, jet.

          4. jetmagnet says

            Illegals don’t get to vote. Plus you need citizenship to vote. There’s enough pissed off people for both parties to win seats. There may be an advantage in 2014 for the GOP, but they’ll get their azzes handed to them in 2016 when millions of new voters who hate the GOP get to vote. The small minority of white old farts who vote republican are dying out. Independents will side with democrats and so will every other category lol In 2016 both the senate and presidency will be in democratic hands. Baggers will keep the house because of gerrymanding and voter suppresion, but people are tired of hell of the party that does nothing for anyone but corporations.The gop is headed toward the toilet as the geographics dictate and minorities multiply by the millions.

          5. aschark says

            “Illegals don’t get to vote. Plus you need citizenship to vote.” Jet, I guess that you haven’t heard of Obama’s amnesty (amnesty will make the illegals legal, and then they can apply for citizenship, so they can vote. Capishe?). I think he’ll have to do it before GOP takes the Senate in November, and will take over in January. Obama might have a problem with his amnesty then, but he has Executive Power, so he doesn’t need Congress, and then you’ll get what you want, jet, a dictator who will run a nanny Country.
            Just to get things right, the battle between GOP and the Socialists (jet, Democrats are Socialists, which employs big government to keep the governments dependents – welfare, housing, EBT, cells, etc – as their base, aka, slavery. You may not see it that way, but if the government pays your way, everything’s “free,” and you don’t have to work (cash jobs are OK), you’d vote “Democratic,” wouldn’t you? The Middle Class is shrinking, and the Poverty Class is growing (check that out). Someday, the money will run out, and then what? Print some more? ” 5 million disenfranchised american voters?” Oh, sorry, I forgot about the New Black Panthers who stood in front of a polling station with clubs, and just looked threatening. Oops, sorry again, jet. they were not working for the GOP. I don’t remember how the GOP suppressed, or will suppress, 5 million American voters, jet. Please let me know how they did that. I’m curious, and that should be fixed. Obama won by about 5 million popular votes in 2012, so what you’re saying is that he should have won by 10 million votes? Enlighten me.

          6. jetmagnet says

            So what’s wrong with citizenship? They’re here and they’re not going back. They work and contribute. They work harder than most Americans, when you live in a state that has alot of them it’s easily understood. At the end of the 2012 election your party said they must change if they want to survive. They don’t want to survive and accept blacks,hispanics,chinese, poor, the elderly, gays, women etc people who are now voting democratic because of GOP policies that target them.
            People aren’t going to change, the GOP has to change if it wants to survive.
            As far as welfare, nobody wants to live on welfare, and again GOP policies produce more welfare, with right to work states, not raising minimum wage ( which would take millions off Snap). Busting unions, all designed to create lower wages and more poverty. The ideology is to have a Plutocratic Oligarchy with the Kochs and others running the government and people’s lives, polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink all for $$$$
            The freebies as you call them were programs started by republicans. Reagan implemented the “free phone”. and why not? Phone companies get paid and hire more employees because of this, so it helps business. It helps the economy. What doesn’t and never will help the economy is supply-side fairy dust the GOP has been pushing for 30 yrs as their montra for succes. Give all the money to the wealthy (What a Scam!!) and they’ll OUTSOURCE, I mean increase wages and pass it on to WORKERS LMAO! Instead they give monstrous bonuses to executives who do nothing but push paper, while the worker gets nothing. This is Baggernomics, feed the rich,starve the poor.
            So you create this welfare state. LMAO! So now that you’ve created it, then what? Since there will NEVER be enough jobs available, since people always get old and need help, since there will always be disabled, (especially vets). Since their will always be impoverished families, what do you do with 50 million people? Starve them? execute them? Baggers make no sense whatsoever.
            The encourage outsourcing ( 5 bills blocked by baggers to bring back jobs) proposed by democarts. Your and others like you are freakin geniuses, tell me what you do with 50 million people fella? There’s maybe 3 million jobs, many require tech skills, baggers are against education. Just tell me where’s the jobs? I’m in the markets, there’s no jobs. Companies are expanding globally and public traded companies have to make a profit each quarter to satisfy their stockholders. Who are major stockholders? Hedge funds run by more billionaires who game the system so they make millions and the average guy gets fckd. The system is rigged toward wealth not socialism, you have it backwards. Socialist countries are run by the people, this country is run by the banks and corporations. Corporations are Now people according to the supreme court.

          7. aschark says

            jet, one paragraph at a time

            dzhokhar tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon Bombers was a US citizen. He did it legally. What about the illegals crossing our Southern border? Could they be ISIS’s, al Qaeda’s, or Muslim Brotherhoods? ISIS said that their flag will be flying on our Capital building.

            “nobody wants to live on welfare.” Why is our Poverty Class growing, while the Middle Class is shrinking? Check it out.
            “not raising minimum wage.” Hey, give me $20/hr for flipping burgers. I’m all for it, but the customer might frown on paying $45 for a hamburger.

            “jobs in China” another good point, jet. GE moved to China. In 2011, GE made $12 Billion in profit. Taxes paid to the US? $0. Obama was so impressed with GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, that he made Immelt the Jobs Czar of the US.

            “Free phones was started by Reagan.” He was the President from 1981-1989, and nobody I know got a free cell. Wikipedia: “On 6 March 1983, the DynaTAC mobile phone launched on the first US 1G network by Ameritech. It cost $100m to develop, and took over a decade to reach the market.”

            “so you create a welfare state?” I did that? Jet, I’m not in charge! Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holden, Soros, Jarrett, and Axlerod are in charge. Re-read my second paragraph.

            Your demographics are OK. Obama won by 4 million popular votes, but now the old saying, “buyers remorse” comes in. In the Gallup Poll, 50% disapprove and 43% approve of Obama as POTUS. Me, I really can’t think of anything that Obama did that was good for this Country, but I’m sure you can, jet.

          8. jetmagnet says

            You are nuts or stupid. Isis coming over the border? Are you serious? Disguised as Mexicans? They wouldn’t be able to even get to mexico without NSA or the Intell community knowing about it, As soon as they hit mexico they’d be surrounded by mexican police who love to jail new visitors and extract money from them. LMFAO! One topic at a time, your all over the place.. in about 40 seconds I’ll alleviate you sickness with an Smart Drug!
            Ge didn’t move china, that’s an old one lol! Their administrative offices did, that’s it. See you peeps live in your own reality. If you ever researched anything you’d see the stupidity in your rightwing hashed-out bogus virals ..some of which were dispelled years ago! lol alot of your bullshit comes from Drudge report and brietbart LOL!
            “Obama Phones” are actually a creation of their beloved Ronald Reagan, who began the program in 1984.

            Actually called the “Lifeline program,” the legislation permits some households to receive a free landline under Congress’s rationale that “telephone service provides a vital link to emergency services, government services and surrounding communities.”

            That idea dates back to 1934, under the Communications Act, but
            Reagan was the first to actually implement the legislation. The program
            grew under President Clinton, who recognized the advent of the
            newfangled new technology of cordless phones and expanded it to include
            cell phones.

            To qualify for the program you must live in a household with an
            income near the poverty line or be already qualified for other
            assistance programs like public housing or food stamps.

            Sounds like a very rational program. But in the lead up to the 2012
            presidential election it has suddenly become the embodiment of the
            disgraceful government dependence of the poor–and in particular,
            I don’t care about Obama, but he’s still the most popular president and would beat any bagger by double digits, so that buyer’s remorse is nonsense. Second term presidents historically drop. Yeah, he has done alot without a congress and many people say that’s freakin amazing!
            Here’s 253 accomplishments…baggers have ZEROOOOOOOOOO!
            If you say a bagger has any accomplishment you’re welcome to list it!
            Welfare state in the largest capitalistic country with stock market over 17,000 a record makes a hellava lot of sense. You fruitcakes can’t figure out how to come up with 50 million jobs to relieve these people. Tell me where the jobs are for these peeps? There’s 3 million jobs available according to the dept of labor…so there’s what 24 million unemployed, do the math. The majority of the 50 million are seniors, minimum wage families,veterans, children and babies.
            Tell me your plan to get em off welfare, and when you do, then what? Incinerate them? How about build gas chambers. You people are the dumbest, wickedest , most misinformed people on earth.. to have any idiot elected by you is terrorism.

          9. aschark says

            The Mexican Police???!!! They lock up Americans going into Mexico, and the drug cartels are in the business of making money, like smuggling people and drugs into this Country. Have you ever heard of the Mexican Police or Mexican Border Guards stopping illegals from entering this Country?

            Here’s a site that you’ll love, put out by Forbes (a supermarket rag?)


          10. jetmagnet says

            You weren’t talking about illegals sir, better get your facts straight…you said ISIS would be coming over the border and terrorist which is fabricated idiocy.
            Forbes has oped writers who are mainly conservative and the writer of that piece, John Marriott poses as an expert in the “Strategies & Solutions” section of the Forbes
            online, one better bring more than just punditry and criticism that has
            been used repeatedly by the talking head critics of the far-right and
            Fox News propaganda machine. Imagine that? He’s a pundit for the Fake News Channel.hahaha Here’s one that’s accurate based on research-

          11. aschark says

            (this is sad)

            The last sentence in my previous post was, “Have you ever heard of the Mexican Police or Mexican Border Guards stopping illegals from entering this Country?”

            Your reply was, “You weren’t talking about illegals sir, better get your facts straight…you said ISIS would be coming over the border and terrorist which is fabricated idiocy.” (your service dog is messing up again, or you have to retake Reading 101 again. Whatever it is, jet, fix it, as soon as you can.

            jet, let me ask you, is there ANY possibility that ISIS, zebras, giraffes, Siamese hippos, or the London Bridge could be smuggled into the US, via the Southern Border? Please answer soon.

          12. jetmagnet says

            Let’d refresh your memory, this is what you said..What about the illegals crossing our Southern border? Could they be
            ISIS’s, al Qaeda’s, or Muslim Brotherhoods? ISIS said that their flag
            will be flying on our Capital building.
            It’s ignorant and insane. The answer is NO!!! And yes mexican police stop illegals, take their money, sometimes beat and rape them. To your stupid question. Why would mexican police stop mexicans and central americans from crossing, because simply…why would they keep them? again a simple question that takes 1 second to answer.
            Your one of those wingnuts that believe anything( from fruitcake news) and stand for nothing!

          13. aschark says

            jet, take your meds! Do you think there’s a sign on our Southern borders that says, “No ISIS, al Qaeda’s, or Muslim Brotherhoods Allowed. Please go back.” If you were one of the aforementioned groups, and you want to eliminate the Infidels (that’s us), and the gateway into the US is on our Southern Border, would you come that way, or the way dzhokhar tsarnaev did (identified)?
            Mexican police, aka, drug cartels, will do their jobs – make money. Obviously you have a mental block on different opinions: your way, or no way, even if I’m wrong! Sad.

          14. jetmagnet says


          15. aschark says

            OK jet. Your name is the opposite of your thought. Paragraph by paragraph:

            I replied to paragraph 1 in another posting area, but it was about the superb job that The Mexican Border Guards and the baby-sitting American Border Guards are doing. The Mexican drug cartel will smuggle the Eiffel Tower into America.

            Quick post that solidifies your post that GE sent only 120 employees to China, et al. The factories that he, et al, closed put the ex-employees in the unemployment line. China work is cheap. Same product, less cost, no taxes, stock rises. That explains your 17,000 market.

            Phones? From Reagan, hardline for “vital link to emergency services, government services and surrounding communities.” From Obama, cell phone for, well, whatever.

            I see that my explanation of raising the minimum wage in a previous post must have been as transparent as the current Administration (Obama’s approval is (Gallup Poll) 50% bad job, 43% good job). I’ll try again, but I think you’re misunderstanding your Service Dog, who is reading the posts to you that differ from yours. Ready?

            You own a business. People are paid $8/hr, and raised to $10/hr, a 20% increase in labor. You’re operating on a 5-7% profit margin. How do you cover the labor increase, laying off people, or taking a shot in your wallet? I’ll give you a week to answer that, and please, no assistance from your dog!

            I also know that you don’t own an auto. Oil is bad, so you are a role model.

            Now, I also know how you interpret “stats.” GE only took 120 employees overseas, but closed 29 factories in the US. 120 employees ran 29 factories? I guess the factory employees don’t count. [ And I think I mentioned in a previous post that GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, was named the top US Jobs Czar, by Mr Popularity, Obama (Obama didn’t mention which Country, though).

            Look, jet, if I told you that a wheel was round, you would differ, and, like I said before, you’re set in your view, and that’s that. This November will bring to the forefront just how the voters feel about the way this Country is being run. You and I, et al, can post all day long, but the November elections will pick a side: is Obama right or wrong? We’ll see.

          16. mac12sam12 says

            When the democrats took both houses they played politics and made President Bush a lame duck instead of what was good for the citizens. Bush’s fault? HA! When obama was running for president he said he could improve the economy, get people jobs and make the world love us, he’s failed on every count and has had six years of abysmal failure. He even said he could lower the oceans and cleanse the earth LOL. Hillary got a chuckle out of that one. Did it give you goosebumps? Again, obummer is the worst president in history and the numbers back that up. The only ones left defending him are liberal hacks and people that live off of my taxes. Let me guess old timer, preexisting condition?

          17. Kent2012 says

            not only that kenyan boy will lie through his teeth about what he said in 2007 and what he has done since. prime example…2007 candidate from africa said that by God when he is prez his first order of business will be to get the troops out of Iraq. Now the SHHTF and he tells reporters that it was not “his idea” to remove the troops….p.s. if America had a president he would have instructed the Chiefs of Staff that the Air Force will be exploding isis rags and he would have done that the moment that is intel informed him of their having left Syria and set foot on Iraq soil…not send in 12 soldiers 5 weeks later….

          18. jetmagnet says

            Obama failed? Hardly, only rightwingies think that because they are total failures, 6 years of do nothing , no jobs, shutdowns and credit defaults. Obama has 250 accomplishments last time i checked and baggers have none…they are getting in Obama’s way and the people who voted for him agree totally! Last the GOP was in the white house it collapsed…people still remember that. Never vote republican.

          19. mac12sam12 says

            OK. I’ll go through it again with those pesky numbers, first though the declines began when democrats took both houses. 2006-2014 democrats haven’t worked with republicans HENCE our current economy. Republicans have sent 350 bills to the decorate senate only to be put into Harry’s draw and not even bringing them to the floor. There as many people working today as there was in 1978 and we have a much larger population, FAILURE! If you count the people who have given up looking for work the real unemployment figure would be 15% FAILURE. 13 million bankrupted businesses under obama FAILURE. 50 million on food stamps FAILURE. 300,000 weekly apply for unemployment FAILURE. Obama got the gun salesman of the year (by accident) SUCCESS. The basement refinishing industry is booming because mom and dad need room for their college grads to live because they can’t get jobs (there aren’t any) SUCCESS. Darn, I was wrong. Obama did have two successes!

          20. jetmagnet says

            You are getting dumber by the minute. Most of those bills are in commitee and the rest are garbage or downright silly. If you know anything about government you know they go through commitee b4 they are brought to the floor. Many of the bills need to be examined and rewritten to see if they past the smell test. If you are ignorant enough to believe Harry Reid (who’s done this for years ) is negligent because he won’t through himself in the garbage can and let bafoons run all over him , then your a fool!!
            This is Lynn Jenkins (R)assertion and she hosed the numbers.
            A few categories of bills — ones that, for
            procedural reasons, were never intended to go to the Senate (such as
            election of the Speaker, assignment of lawmakers to committees, and
            procedural motions) or ones that were subsequently taken up by the
            Senate (either being passed or rejected).
            It’s an oversimplification to say that these bills are “sitting on
            Harry Reid’s desk.” Many have been assigned to committees, where they
            would need to be approved before being taken up on the floor. While Reid
            has influence over what committee chairs do, a chair can — using their
            own powers — decide to either fast-track or stall a bill coming over
            from the House.

            Another complication: In at least some cases, the Senate is working
            on a bill on the same topic, but without using the House bill as a
            starting point. “The disposition of a House bill is not particularly
            relevant to measuring Senate legislative activity,
            also note that in the Senate, one member — either from the
            majority or the minority — can stop a bill in its tracks by
            threatening to filibuster — a delay that requires 60 votes to break.
            Reasonable people can disagree about whether Reid or Senate Republicans
            are the biggest offenders. bills, including some of substance, are being blocked by Reid from
            action because he wants to avoid Republican amendments of the ‘gotcha’
            variety, many have “pork” that wouldn’t sit well with the American people. 570 bills and joint resolutions that have passed the House in the
            current Congress, 377, or 74 percent, originated as suspension bills , a
            streamlined process used for non-controversial measures that requires
            two-thirds approval. And of the 142 measures signed into law by Obama,
            118, or 83 percent, were approved by that same two-thirds requirement.

            Meanwhile, many of the other bills that pass the House in today’s
            environment are bills that are intended to make a statement, not a law. LOL

            50 bills to repeal Obamacare that don’t have a chance in hell of passing the senate is a fine example of some of this nonsense!

            These designed for show or as a political statement, where there is neither
            intention nor expectation that the other house will act on them.”

            Where substantive, contentious legislation is concerned, the odds of
            passage are poor. One example is the Senate-passed (and bipartisan)
            immigration bill, which remains stuck in the House. Another sign is the
            fact that the Senate has not yet passed any of the 12 annual
            appropriations bills — even though the House has passed seven and the
            Senate Appropriations Committee has approved eight.

            By contrast, the second category of “show” bills includes dozens of
            full or partial repeals of the Affordable Care Act passed by the
            Republican House.

            In conclusion:

            Jenkins said that in the “do-nothing Senate,” there are 352 House
            bills “sitting on Harry Reid’s desk awaiting action,” including 55
            introduced by Democrats.

            In some cases, committee chairs ,not Reid ,(as I stated earlier)are blocking or
            moving slowly on these bills. In other cases, senators are working on
            their own alternative bills on the same topic. Meanwhile, the claim
            oversells the degree of bipartisanship in the House; a majority of the
            Democratic-sponsored bills she cites are relatively minor pieces of

            Ultimately, Jenkins places all the blame on the Democrats while her party placates bills mostly for political ideology statements and pork for their donor base. If you want to argue what those bullshit bills are and how stupid most of them are I’ll be happy to do it, but you’ll be on the short end of the stick and embarrased! lol
            dysfunction. Meanwhile, Mitch mcConnell has filibustered 422 bills and has said No to Obama and No to democrats on almost every bill making him and the party the least productive in history. This also doesnot take into account bills that even pass the senate and are rejected by the house.

          21. mac12sam12 says

            The bills, open Keystone, offshore drilling and drilling on private land would benefit everyone, even old welfare recipients like you. Your whole comment is such nonsense. You define low information, turn off Rev. Al, he’s dramatically lowered your IQ. Have a good day, Jetmaggot!

          22. jetmagnet says

            Your delusional! It would only benefit Oil companies. The people would get oil spills, pollution and cancer. You peeps trust the wealthy don’t you? hahahahaha!

          23. mac12sam12 says

            You are the typical loon libby. Angry, and an immature name caller. Libs take responsibility for nothing, it’s always someone else’s fault, typical. If you are a liberal and a man, you’re something less than a man. Take a laxative old timer.

          24. jetmagnet says

            Yeah fruitcake, tell me how responsible shutting down the government is.
            I’m independent , you keep mumbling liberal like an old fart with dementia.
            I don’t like liberals. I just think the Tea Party is a stupid commie outfit run by the K0ch BROS. and has morons following every word on the script

          25. mac12sam12 says

            Only a president can shut down the government. Do you know how many times the government has shut down? Look it up. You’re not an independent, you’re a lock step liberal, they have a certain stench about them. The Tea Party isn’t Commie, Commie is left wing, Tea party is right wing. The Koch brothers aren’t republican, they’re Libertarians who employ over 60,000 workers and give millions to hospitals, schools and various charities and have also donated to the democrats. You lefties dwell on the Koch brothers, stop listening to Harry Reid, he has dementia. George Soros, stole property from his fellow Jews and turned them into the Nazis and is a big democrat donor. Tom Styer, big democrat donor was involved in a 60 million dollar Ponsi scheme in the 70’s. Also, the Koch brothers did not start the Tea Party, liberals and their rumors. Two of the Tea Party founders are David Webb, author and talk show host and a Fox news pundit. Niger (long I) Innis, spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), msnbc and Fox news pundit and both are black men, but liberal myths continue.

          26. jetmagnet says

            IGNORANCE IS BLISS THE BAGGERS SHUTDOWN THE GOVERMNENT THEY EVEN BRAGGED ABOUT OLD MAN! They are on record. Congress can shutdown the government…where get your diploma out of a cereal box?


            You’re clueless old fool!

          27. mac12sam12 says

            Old timer, the final decision for a government shutdown is up to the president. Take a laxative, Pops!

          28. aschark says

            mac, I’m sure jet doesn’t have a car, just to show his support for NO OIL for this Country.

          29. jetmagnet says

            Missed 3, he has 253 accomplishments- baggers ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          30. mac12sam12 says

            I saw your typical OWS rant against the rich. Do you realize the rich aren’t some fat cats lying on a beach in Negril? Most of the rich are small businesses which is the backbone of the economy. Loon libs never learn, lower taxes means higher government revenue, and lower taxes also create jobs. Your ”get the rich” attitude is one of the reasons small business is suffering. We also have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, Canada’s is half that. You also mention corporations dodging taxes. Do you strive to pay as much in taxes as you can? You are probably one of the 47% who don’t even pay taxes and is government funded. Try HUFFPO. They love low-infos.

          31. jetmagnet says

            LMAO!!! Are you freakin stupid! That’s why we have a slow economy , wealthy people hoard money and corporations outsource. Canada is sheet compared to us fella! Executives are making million dollar bonuses and you say they need tax breaks. Exxon mobile makes $8,338. a second.The 47% pays taxes fella, folks who aren’t paying federal taxes are almost all paying state and
            local taxes—state sales taxes, real estate taxes (either on their homes
            or built into their rents) and possibly state income taxes too, since
            those taxes tend to exempt fewer poor families than does the federal
            income tax. If they buy gasoline, liquor or tobacco, or have
            telephones, they’re also feeding the federal purse.
            I find most conservatives don’t pay taxes or try everything possible not to pay them like opening 501(c)’s etc. I made $4 million last year and my tax rate was 18% . So i’m sure you paid more than i did. LMAO

          32. mac12sam12 says

            Gee, you’re another loser at Capitalism, let me guess, if the rich didn’t steel your money you’d be a millionaire too. Did I get that right? LOL! You’re wrong about Canada as well. Their economy is growing. Their corporate tax rate is 17%. Ours is over 35%. Which country would you start a business in, stupid? The cost of the gas at the pump, the government gets half. All the taxes you mention, you’re correct. We pay too much in taxes and it’s the democrat’s job to get as much money out of the hands of private citizens as possible, disgusting. Again, lower taxes creates jobs and the government would increase their take. Obama with his Marxist-Communist background has no concept of how capitalism works. History will not be kind to your Fuhrer. Have a good day, egghead.

          33. jetmagnet says

            Get you facts straight, Obama reduced taxes for small businesses and gave them credits. If you’re paying 35% that’s your problem and don’t know WTF you’re doing. Maybe you need an education in business. The gas tax is a state tax blame your bagger governor. Most of what you stated is state issues, and not federal. See stupid never wins. Why is it only bagger wannabe’s are crying? I mean you whine and the rest of us are busy making money??? Why aren’t liberals screaming about taxes? How’s warren buffet doing?

          34. mac12sam12 says

            Small business is taxed like an individual. 13 million of them have gone bankrupt under the obama infestation.
            An education in business? LOL! I graduated from U Mass Boston in 1982 with a business degree. Did you even finish high school? Why aren’t liberals whining about taxes. It’s in their DNA to get as much of the citizens money as possible. California has very high taxes and if a small business doesn’t go bankrupt, they move to Arizona or Texas. No one benefits from high taxes than DC. Washington has the most high end restaurants, highest consumers of fine wine and also high end clothing stores than any other place in the nation.
            Buffet says he pays higher taxes than his secretary, BS! He pays 15% for capital gains and 35% on earned income. Try to keep up, limp wrist.

          35. Kent2012 says

            jetpoop thinks that a reduction of capital gains taxes for a small business is “like wow man”..unfortunately having to sell assets in order to get a tax break is not conducive to keeping a small business in business….not only that lead head ignores that fact that a business will pass taxes through to the consumer….I am a proponent of the “fair tax”….a consumption tax, just by itself, would spread the tax burden in a much fairer manner…

          36. Kent2012 says

            lead head is a communist apartchik….supports kenyan boy, the african pretender, and continues to spread the manure about what GWB did or did not do…his kind have so little historical education and almost zero current affairs understanding that a conversation with the twits is about the same as having a discussion with a doorknob……except they whine a lot more….

      3. bill says

        let me help you to find a little perspective on the dow. the dow does NOT create jobs and truly does nothing to help the economy. it only enriches the players moving money around buying and selling the dows’ product. these investors jump from investment to investment based on maximum drop in average to one that has a minimum rise in average. and these same investors can manipulate how the stock market reacts by throwing the investments to different stocks. in general it does nothing for people working for living.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Perspective is relative like I stated in another post. Your talking about individual investors, but did you realize it boosted everyone’s 401k’s and IRA’s? This allows people to spend more and improve the economy , it also facilitates pensions programs that would have less money for retirement, therefore less money to put back into the economy. The otherside of this is the enormous profits and value companies have gained in this time period, which makes more money for stock holders who also spend and put money back into the economy. It also allows them to expand and outsource and give the chinese more jobs. Remember the GOP is against any regulations that restrict trades and they’ve clamored for the removal of the CFTC so there’s no oversight and protections for americans.

          1. zrevtom says

            I have worked on Wall Street for 37 years when gold traded at under $100 so don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. the DOW don’t mean a damn thing to the little guy only those people who have the money to trade big time not the little guy. I was there when the market crashed on 16 million shares, now it trades in the billions with giant electronic triggers that takes profit on pennies while trading millions of shares, where does the little guy make his money. Yes I never said the Republicans are without blame, I said the little guy was able to make money and benefited more than all these regulations coming in. Bush worked with the Democrats to get things done, Obama has never worked with the republicans as a matter of fact he said “I WON” and passed obamacare and other bills in the middle of the night with NO REPUBLICAN VOTES, that is the difference

          2. jetmagnet says

            What’s electronic trading have to do with the restoration and increase wealth for 401k’s and IRa’s. we’re talking about people not corporations who have benefited from Obama’s policies implemented by low interest rates, keeping inflation under 2% .Bernake’s benchmark short-term interest rate near zero.The Fed’s low interest rate policies have spurred a stock market rally and encouraged more borrowing and spending. The GOP spent too much energy on implementing tax increases and spending
            cuts when the economy was growing only modestly. Those actions could end
            up reducing economic growth by 1.5 percentage points.
            It’s no that Obama never tried to work with republicans, it’s republicans who refused to work with him especially the Tea Bag caucus who shot down every attempt by boehner and moderates to compromise. baggers don’t compromise, it’s their way or no way. The differance is the GOP is the party for the wealthy and not for americans who work for a living. Every piece of legislature the GOP presented cut entitlements and gave tax breaks to billionaires. The GOP never produced an alternative to Obamacare as they used silly alternatives that benefit their relationships with healthcare companies. Find one bill that baggers tried to pass that would help the average worker. Obama won the election because he works for all americans, not just billionaires who expect a return on their investment.

          3. omegaman says

            jet — Dream on empty head.

          4. aschark says

            jet, Obama works for all POVERTY Class americans. That’s his base.The Middle class is shrinking, going either to the 1% or the Poverty Class where all you have to worry about is the extra money you want (aka, cash jobs or “illegalities”), because the Middle Class is paying your rent, welfare, EBT, cells, etc.

      4. loran says

        OK, then you must know that these large investment companies donated to Obama big time. Yea sure some even donated to the republican cause, but nowhere near the amount that Obama received. And blaming the Koch bros is just simply ludicrous. Look what that ex-Governor from New Jersey did to that Fund Company after he left the governorship. Lost what, a billion dollars and absolutely nothing happened to him. The Justice department just gave him a pass. And now we have 100 million of our working age citizens out of work and no reasonable chance of landing another job. Oh yea, our economy under Obama is doing just fine because as you say, look at the Dow. AS to both Clinton and Bush, don’t you think it’s high time to give credit to where credit is due. It’s been over 6 years since Bush and yet Obama is still blaming him for all of his screw ups. It’s been 15 years since Clinton. That is ancient history now so get over it. Finally, I do object strenuously to your use of that sexual pejorative you continue to use against conservatives. It shows how grown up you really are.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Are you a truth seeker or just want to press propaganda?
          You want to know who gave to who and how much?
 Baggers spend all their waking hours talking sour grapes? Where’s you bagger accomplishments, besides wars, shutting down the government, credit default and causing economic collapse? If you want someone to blame , blame your party who has no leader with balls and is run by the koch bros outreach programs to benefit the wealthy. All the organizations that control your teabag caucus like puppets are funded by billionaire koch bros.
          Your party has nothing to do with personal freedom, it’s controlled totally by money.
          We still blame bush because we are still in debt for two wars he started and the 2 trillion in tax breaks he gave away. That debt accrues interest daily. Obama reduced the debt at least.

          1. loran says

            Your rant is not worth responding too. Go fly a kite.

      5. dmttbt says

        Maybe you don’t understand that a twenty dollar bill is now worth ten dollars because of the value of the dollars decline. Inflation exist in spite of what Washington DC wants to tell. They have recently had to admit that the GDP is in the negative position, not how much it increased. When you work a 40 hour a week job and they cut you to 29 hours because of Obama care, it is hard to make it. When you were making 40 hours and were barley getting by. Now you are suppose to do it on 27.5% less.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Your all over the place fella. The dollar is the standard in the world economy last time I checked. If you want to know what a dollar is worth start trading Forex and you can see for yourself and drag yourself out of self pity.
          If they cut you because of Obamacare, then work for a liberal who won’t cut you. You live in a world of black and white…it’s about time you moved to a place called reality. I can give you A list of thousands of companies that haven’t cut anyone’s pay because of Obamacare. Conservative Kentucky is a prime example of 500,000 kentuckians enjoying Obamacare. Quit watching the fruitcake news channel where lying about the government is a daily topic.

        2. Kent2012 says

          jetpoop has not watched real news, he tunes in whoppie goldenboomboom..has missed completely what the communists in DC have been doing with QE, that is right quantitative easing is what the commies call it – print money all day, everyday well beyond replacement – this little commie trick is supposed to make the economy blossom….well lead head does not have a clue as to what that one thing is doing to the dollar’s long reign in the world economy….what with the chinkees and the rooshans wanting to stick their currency in place of the dollar…..QE, it is easing alright, it is easing something right into the Real Americans, you know them….the taxpayers…

    2. Mark Clemens says

      ………..Oh it could get way worse.

    3. dmttbt says

      Sir you are absolutely correct about Clinton policies caused the housing crash. The banks are and have been regulated heavily for many years. The banks had rules as far as housing loans and the reason those rules existed was because that was what was required in order to pay for a house. Clinton and Charley Rangel and the democrats changed those rules to make it easy to buy a home, not pay for a home. Then years later it all started to fall apart. The person who said just go out and get a second job is not living in the real world. Jobs are scarce and by working two low paying jobs you will achieve very little gain as compared to the havoc it will reek your body and you can kiss the family good by because they will not even know who you are.

    4. psufan69 says

      Heaven forbid you look at the way things have gone down.

    5. aschark says

      When Jeff Immelt moved GE to China (avoided paying US taxes on $14 Billion of profit in 2010. He said it was for his shareholders, not the employees), Obama was so impressed with him that he made Immelt the Job Czar of the US. Just thought I’d expand on what you said. Good post!

  7. pupster40 says

    If they won’t get out of the way, they should be pushed out of they way. Elect “good-ole-boys”, “Capital-hill-cronies”, and “progressives” out of the way.

  8. 4bills4 says

    Not all people can own homes for one reason or another, but they can rent. If they do not like renting save money for a home or if you want it bad enough go out and get a second job for a while and spend you money wisely. No one owes you a dam cent , now get out and get some good fashion work habits.

  9. bill says

    I live in the peoples republic of kalifornia which has just increased the min wage to $9.00 an hour and next year to $10.00. this has already affected several friends of mine and my grandchildren who now make $9 an hour. all 3 of them work at different fast food stores. they worked an average 29 hrs per week after ocare came about down from 34 hours. now thanks to the raise to $9 an hour they now work less than 20 hours per week. all 3 are in college attending classes. they gaine $17 dollars a week per the raise BUT they lost 9 x 8 or 72 dollars a week in lost hours. this is what happens when you raise minimum wages. businesses cut hours or lay off workers. just think what will happen when these a**holes get $15 an hour that they are asking for.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Maybe along with that minimum wage raise, they should making a law, saying you must work an employee over 18, 30hrs unless the employee asks for less.

      1. dmttbt says

        The first reduction in hours came with Obama care. It wasn’t a law, it was a necessity because if you worked them full time you would wind up with full time employees that would put you into Obama care country. We just have to remember one important thing, when the government does something to help us it is going to hurt us a lot more.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          They were only working 34 hours to avoid overtime. If the company keeps dodging things, the government will step in more. What do you consider a fair wage for a weeks work at Fast Food or Retail? Actually since $100,000 a year is blowing things out of proportion, lets go the other way. How about Slaves. That might bring down your Big Mac and fries price.
          Let’s drop it back to $3.35 a hour?
          Hows either work for you ?

  10. junkmailbin says

    with the increased in taxes, many good paying jobs are elsewhere. The people who never prepared for their future have a limited future. Everyone gets a free education through high school. You can get free job training in the military.
    You are paid for what you produce by the market. An employers cannot pay less than worth because their employee would go elsewhere.
    $15.00 to flip a burger, stock a shelf, or sweep the floor? obviously you have never prepared for life and you expect the man to give you more than you are worth

  11. Steve Thomas says

    “Income inequality” is a bastardized term. “Equal pay for EQUAL work” is the ONLY accurate and honest figure. Income equality means that I should make as much as Peyton Manning. As much as I might like that, it is NOT FAIR.

  12. dmttbt says

    I say the government should not be involved in price fixing products or labor either. The reason the unions were developed was because the working people were being abused and not treated fairly. I think free enterprise and not minimum wage or anything else will set the prices. If it is in demand it will find what they needs to produce it.

  13. IHateLibs says

    WHINEY LEECHES , BITCH about Low Pay , when their Job requires NO Skill or BRAINS . You don’t like Low Pay ?? Then Quit voting for All these LIB/DEM COMMIES who KEEP you Stupid so they can Control you with Hand Outs

  14. Julia Miller says

    We live in a male dominated society; basically men set the income standards for women laborers. Male domination in the United State Labor Force is a tradition.

  15. Julia Miller says

    Women Selfridge is an era where American women fought for the right to work in non-traditional fields of employment. But, women are still oppressed in conventional society as a result of male domination.

  16. Yadja says

    When Obama came into office my oldest son tried to get on some of the programs Obama offered to lower his monthly payment. He lived in a nice area and everybody keeps their homes up along with their lawns. But he could get no relief, he was told it was for those who were defaulting on their loans and behind in payments. So the bum and convict down the street, because the City Fathers decided years ago that there had to be Section 8 Housing in our nice neighborhoods, prompted by the NAACP who thought our small town did not have enough housing for their clientele and they wanted to have a fair shake, so our neighborhood, needless to say started a spiral downward that actually has not stopped and we have payed a heavy price, the bum got the money.

    The problem remains the same, too many breaks for people who take advantage of them and they are really well versed in how to milk the system. They make thousands of dollars a month via government programs, for housing assist, food, medical care you name it they know how to get it. The problem is too many takers and too few workers and if the Demoncats have their way, it will be Divergent, the movie in no time. Atlas Shrugged is glaringly coming true as I type.

  17. marilyn says


  18. hangem'high says

    I kind of like the idea of making CEOs, Presidents, Congressmen, government officials, all making minimum wage! What! This was already tried by Stalin?

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