Intolerance Comes In Many Forms


It’s only natural that German officials would take a dim view of intolerance. After all, we are not far removed from a time when the country was dominated by anti-Semitism at the highest levels. But in trying to quell the growing tide of anti-Muslim protests, German Chancellor Angela Merkel threatens to expose the country to exactly the kind of dangerous ideology that empowered the Third Reich.

“Do not follow those who have called the rallies,” Merkel said in a New Year’s Eve address, “Because all too often they have prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”

For the last few months, thousands of Germans have gathered in Dresden for demonstrations against rampant Muslim immigration. Led by a group calling itself the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident, the protests have attracted supporters concerned about the recent flood of Muslims into the country. Mostly refugees from war-torn Syria, these Muslims have dramatically changed the religious demographics of Germany in a short time. Approximately 200,000 Muslims arrived in the country this year, a fourfold increase over 2012.

Who are the Racists?

It is not surprising to see these demonstrators attacked as racists; liberals have gone virtually unchallenged in this characterization of those who oppose Islam. People who have said the obvious – Islam is not a race – have been derided as missing the point. But there is no point to miss. Islam is not a race. It’s a religion. It’s a system of beliefs. And it is a system of beliefs that is utterly incompatible with a free and tolerant society.

But what makes the growing swell of Islam in Germany so particularly unfortunate is the anti-Semitism entrenched in the religion. In the Quran, it is said: “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends.” And, despite what the bleeding hearts may tell you about the “tiny minority” of Islamic extremists, you don’t have to find a member of Al Qaeda to hear Muslims express hatred against the Jews. According to worldwide polls, high majorities (60 to 100%) in Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan have unfavorable views of Jews. It’s worth pointing out that Jews – unlike Muslims and Christians – are both a religious and an ethnic minority. Therefore, this isn’t just about a belief system; if you’re looking for real racism, you’ve found it.

Sympathy Without Submission

Merkel’s expression of sincere sympathy for Syrian refugees can be taken at face value; countries that have transitioned and championed a better way of life under free democratic rule have a responsibility to take in victims of oppression and war. But those refugees also have a responsibility. Just as you would not accept comfort from a neighbor only to re-decorate their home in your favorite colors, Islamic immigrants must not attempt to bring their outdated beliefs with them through the door. Islam’s intolerance for free expression, apostasy, and Western culture makes it a threat to civilized society. That’s not racism, that’s honesty.

For the last 20 years, Islam has become so closely associated with civilian attacks and bombings that you barely need to qualify the word “terrorism” with any further detail. But terrorism is only the beginning. The brutal slaughters attributed to ISIS are not as dangerous as the slow, insidious spread of Islam throughout the West. It’s become a growing concern throughout Europe, and it is soon to be one in the United States. If we let politically-correct leaders obscure the truth about this religion, we will let this unique opportunity to stand against a racist, intolerant ideology slip through our fingers.

  1. Ronney says

    No wonder Hitler tried to exterminate them, I really think he had the right idea

    1. Paula says

      Hitler didn’t try to exterminate muslims… muslims were his ally.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I don’t think Hitler allied w/the Muslims. He was Stalin’s friend, until he broke their Non Aggression Pact. After Russia helped the Nazi’s invade and divide Poland.
        Were do y’all get your history from?

        1. Paula says

          You another liberal who has to test everything someone says, how about looking things up.. you know Google it.

          Keep reading, he didn’t like them but he used them.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Read the whole thing. What Hitler was doing was not an alliance, but planting seeds for his future. He looked at the Muslims as he did the Jews, inferior to the Germans. He was using the ones who were pissed at the British. He also used them because they had a common hate for the Jew. He was just spreading the seeds of evil. No real military alliance. This plan could of been useful if the Allies wouldn’t of stopped him.
            Who knows, if Hitler did successfully eradicate the Jews, maybe the Muslims were after the Slovakians…………
            Oh, by the way. If I’m a liberal, that must make you a Right Wing Radical who does not fully understand what you read.

        2. Yadja says

          Yes he did. The Mufti and all his forces fought with Hitler. Look it up.

        3. infadelicious says

          the enemy of my enemy is my friend….. until they are no longer needed… that’s how hitler worked, and that’s how muslims work.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            If I recall correctly that quote came from an Arabian Prince, who’s” New Friends” ended up killing him………
            Ole Adolph was planting his seeds of hate. So if he was successful, he could harvest It’s fruits. By conquering the next bunch of people.

          2. infadelicious says

            who knew teqiyya and nützlicher Idiots were German inventions? EDIT: say nutzlicher out loud- OMG! how appropriate !! bwaaaa haaa haaaa!

      2. Pamela Craghill says

        No, Hitler exterminated the Jews, but the Muslims are far worse.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Who, the Jews or Muslims?

  2. Barto says

    Answer to this problem: Ban the entry of Islamic Muslims and deport those in your country that do not accept your laws and values.

    1. tom cook says

      Islamic muslims? Mus are all islamic. Ban muslims. They do not assimilate–they gather in separate enclaves until their numbers allow them to insist on their muslim filth.

      1. stephanie wilson says

        i think what he meant were muslims who were islamist, aka radical

        1. Btty says

          Stephanie which ones are radical and which ones arent? It’s not like they come with a stamp across their foreheads. They should all be made to leave this country IMNSHO!

          1. stephanie wilson says

            yes, but i have 2 muslim friends. they hate the radicals

          2. sandman says

            Your “friends” are lying to you, sorry to say Stephanie, you can not believe anything any muslim tells you! please learn from my mistake, they will tell you anything they need to gain your trust and friendship……….

          3. iowaheretic says

            Boy, ain’t that funny, that’s just what CHRISTIAN leaders and politicians do to YOU!
            Islam has been in America just as long as Christianity has. The Founding Fathers even wrote about them, but you will never hear the Religious Right or FOX News talking about that. There are even many famous celebrities you watch on TV and in movies that are Muslims that you probably didn’t even know what their religion was.

          4. Btty says

            Please post your facts. I would love to know where you get your wrong information. By the way I’ve been raising horses and cattle for over 40 years and you wearing a cowboy hat is an insult to the real Cowboy.

          5. iowaheretic says

            Gosh, I’m going to go burn my hat right now, thanks for pointing that out to me. As far as where as where I get my wrong information, I got it right from the Founding Fathers! It’s ALL there for anybody to read if they want to. You could fly out to Washington DC and find out where they keep it, or better yet, type in on your Google search engine ‘What did the Founding Fathers say about Muslims’
            and pages and pages of information will come up. The most outspoken on the subject were Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and John Adams. But there were many more. As far as famous celebrities being Muslim, there are WAY too many to list. You can also find that info on Google. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Ice T, Malcolm X, just to name a few. Where do you get YOUR information?
            Maybe since you’ve been a rancher for so long, you can’t tell the difference a Religious Right preacher or politician and a load of horse and bull manure.

          6. Btty says

            Okay drug store cowboy let’s start with your founding fathers. When they mentioned them they hadn’t been attacked. We’ve been attacked and I assure you those men would have rounded all these spawns of Satan up and shot them! PERIOD. The difference today is we have a bunch of weak pansy azzs constantly making excuses for them. During WW11 we put the Japanese in camps and the Muslims are even more of a threat to this country. Your so called celebrities: Ali….objected to the war because he was to much of a coward to go and get his azz shot off so he let everyone else fight for his freedom. Mike Tyson famous wife beater. Ice T. Thug rapper. Malcolm X. Really? I shouldn’t even have to comment on him since his reputation precedes him. These are your great examples of celebrities who have become muslims? Pillars of the community!
            Are you trying to tell me your a preacher? I have no way of knowing but if you are I would hate to be in your shoes. As for bull and horse manure? I’d say your full of a little of both.

          7. iowaheretic says

            No, I’m not a preacher and never said I was. I said when YOU listen to all these LYING Christian preachers AND politicians, YOU don’t know the difference between your horses ass and their bullshit, which is really all the same anyway.
            If you looked ANYTHING I told you about the Founding Fathers you would have seen I was right, but maybe you did and you can’t comprehend the fact that you and the CHRISTIAN leaders and politicians in this country are nothing but LIARS and thieves and murderers. But then anybody that would believe in any god in the first place would believe in the government’s ‘official’ story of 911. And also, YOU don’t believe in ANYTHING the Founding Fathers did in the first place, because you don’t even know what the word ‘liberty’ means. And a majority of the Founding Fathers were Deists, NOT Christians. There’s a big difference. But you know who is just EXACTLY like a ‘radical’ Muslim? YOU ! Except that the Muslims aren’t cowards like radical Christians.

          8. Btty says

            Wow, I gave you to much credit. I thought you understood our Constitution but I see I was wrong. Your a pathetic hater and everyone is wrong but you. Since your so bright you might want to write something that makes sense. I know the difference between bull shit and horse shit and buddy you have a little of both oozing from your brain. This country was founded on judeo/Christian beliefs and if you don’t like it get your ass out of this country. I’m sure your Muslim bros would love to have you. Every fought in a war? My guess is NO. Your the kind of person who sits on his azz and lets everyone else fight wars for him. To bad one person had to die for the likes of you. Hey chit for brains! Your unable to recognize your more like the radical muslims than you think. Your a Coward just like them.

          9. iowaheretic says

            You’re so stupid that you don’t even know that Islam is closer to Christianity than Judaism is. That’s why it’s so hard to tell the difference between you and a radical Muslim. In fact, YOU are even worse than Osama Bid Laden was! I really think it’s jackass’s and not horses and cows that you’ve been raising and breeding with them yourself! I told you where to look up all the information yourself. I can’t help it if you don’t know how to read and understand english. I only know what I read, maybe some historians lie just like YOU do, that’s why I try to read all kinds of different views (unlike YOU do). But, for one thing, why would Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine, James Madison, George Washington, why would all them have written about Muslims if there were none in America at the time? And both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson BOTH said that JACKASS Christians like YOU were the one’s causing ALL the problems in the country and in the world. And there’s NOT EVEN ONE MENTION OF GOD in the Constitution! NOT ONE WORD! Except the first amendment that says that Christians don’t have any more rights than Muslims have. And you sure as hell don’t have any more rights than anybody else in this country, including me, so if you want to kick me out of this country, come and do it, you warmongering coward. That’s right, you’re a coward! You are just like all radical Muslims. You want to kill anybody that won’t believe your made up lies and propaganda. Are you afraid of EVERYBODY on earth? You sure as hell sound like it. I told you where you can find all the information on the history of this country. But it would take someone with an actual brain to understand something when you read it.
            I can’t help it if you’re as dim-witted as Sean Hannity and Nancy Pelosi and Bill O’Reilly and Joe Biden. And by the way, they are ALL Catholics, but look at how they pretend they hate each other and their political views on how they want to run the country are the complete opposite of each other. So what the hell does religion have to do with anything in the government, where it’s NOT supposed to be! Why did you ask me where I got my information from in the first place if you had no intention of reading it once I told you? You should have just stayed out in the barn having sex with your favorite jackass.

          10. Joyce Clemons says

            Actually doctrinal Islam is closer to the worship of the The Semitic moon god Su’en/Sin in a syncretization with YHWH/Tanakh than it is to Christianity. Political Islam is another whole thing. And the connection between Tanakh/Judaism (not the Talmud) and the NT is virtually indisputable. No such connection exists between Islam and Christianity merely because of the acknowledgement of Islam as to the rabbinical and prophetic character of the man Jesus, as an Essene-flavored Jew. Jesus leaned toward hot and cold as okay and lukewarm as an induction to vomit. In other words, Islam is lukewarm re: Christ, and Judaism is “cold” toward him. Islam’s view of the Christian is that he is an apostate due to his belief that Jesus was the begotten son of YHWH (“Allah had no sons”) and the messiah foretold in Tanakh. However, a genuine Christian adheres to the non-revocable promise of YHWH to the Jews as a people. Given that, nominal Christians who despise Jews as a people are not really Christians at all, regardless of what they claim. As a side note, Catholics are not a monolithic political body. Pelosi’s ongoing war with her own Bishops should clue you in to that, if nothing else. Scientism, naturalism and atheism have schisms of their own, and watching their various advocates spar on theoretical nits is just as bizarre as watching religion. Judeo-Christian flavored secular governance was recognized jointly by believers and non-believers in our founding as an imperfect but judicious deterrant to the nasty European bloodbaths between Catholics and Protestants, and everybody and the Jews, so as to keep our carnage to a minimum. Very practical base for capitalism. Helpful in discouraging feudalism and caste systems, and hereditary rule. People like to eat. We’re playing it by ear.

          11. Btty says

            That was well said.

          12. Joyce Clemons says

            Oops, I’m too late to persuade you to be more civil. I honestly think this nation needs a team of clan mothers to kick some macho ass.

          13. Joyce Clemons says

            That slam against belief is both unnecessary and not useful to the discussion. I’ll agree to accept your non-belief if you stuff your naturalism in your pocket for now and not shove it up our nose because someone dissed your hat. It is not true that the majority of the Founding Fathers were Deists, it is true that some of the most often mentioned ones were probably privately Deist in sentiment (disclosed or otherwise), while also engaging in some social engagement in organized Christianity. The “mention” exclusion of the others is a pervasive academic fault, (without whose support THOSE Deists would have failed politically and had been hung), most of the true cohort of founders were devout, doctrinal Christians. Some few were devout Jews. I know of no notable Muslims among the list but that might be an error of historic record. Deism happened to be quite compatible with the advent of Enlightenment reason, and humanism as it was then most understood. However, Enlightenment reason did not intrinsically exclude the doctrinal Christian view, that notion is mostly a construct of modern atheism, and it’s just plain false and revisionist history. Just because our world eminent cosmologists are pronouncing philosophy “dead” doesn’t mean it died when it now seems most convenient to them…at founding. …and it isn’t dead anyway.

          14. Joyce Clemons says

            Please try to be more civil.

          15. Uzoozy says

            Jefferson had the right frame of mind ,the constitution is good being written bys2nsible men.
            May the Lord God shower blessi gs on Jefferson.
            He gave special status to muslims allowed was the migration from Muslims countries ans officially declated Islam as a religion.
            So much so for the igoted views.

          16. Joyce Clemons says

            Washington had something to say about the character and civic responsibility of people and by way of that, specific religions within the sphere of American life. In his view, a “religion” that routinely brought about civic strife wasn’t necessarily protected by natural rights theory. You can look it up, it was written in his characteristically round about manner, but his meaning was clear enough. It has been born out in jurisprudence as well, more often than not, and I hope that continues. If so, pockets of odd-ball Sharia and dhimmitude cannot get a toe hold even in the isolated burghs that are growing on our maps. Same goes for any cult, any flavor, anywhere in the US. If your cult is a public nuisance or hurts the sacred rights of your neighbor, don’t claim religious liberty, take a hike. Maybe to jail.

          17. Uzoozy says

            I hope you follow your own teachings.

          18. Joyce Clemons says

            I do. I am a Christian, and would consider those that hide under that banner to make hateful nuisances of themselves of themselves to others, to be enemies of peace and deniers of the Holy Spirit. Bear in mind, however, atheists or naturalists that harass Christians or Jews or any one who believes in a creator or deities, with taunts, names and epithets, or even ridicule and rudely demanding scientific proofs of the transcendent, they are just as rotten as the Westboro freaks bothering homosexuals or crashing funerals…or an Islamic fascist shouting ‘death to infidels’ in a parade. Free speech includes religious speech, so I also reject the pushing of innocuous religious expression out of the public square. Targeting others to specifically harass and annoy them with any fire and brimstone du jour however is disturbing the peace and in some cases, if it involves a creation of intimidation, actually an assault. (Not sure if that would stick in court, the latter) Most evangelism and public prayer isn’t either. Perhaps you remember the days when Moonies would greet people in airports and on the street and try to sell a flower and hand out a pamphlet. Who does that really hurt? No one. What if an elderly black man stands on the corner and sings gospel songs and offers to pray for you, is that going to kill you or make you afraid? No. What if someone’s religion requires of them to dress a certain way? As long as it creates no genuine problem for public safety, how is it a public problem? America has such great diversity in these things, we need to expect people to get along, and if religion is used as an excuse to undermine the rule of law, then the offender should count themselves lucky if they don’t get prosecuted (not persecuted).

          19. Uzoozy says

            That was a great post.
            There are laws and rules and eegulations that need to be followed.
            The problem is the broad brush people are painted with .
            take care.

          20. Joyce Clemons says

            I really need to go back and find the specific quote…it was in one of his addresses to the Congress.

          21. Joyce Clemons says

            I am hoping that the pissing match here ends quick because there is a lot of potential for the rest of us to learn from a civil discourse. Not blaming either of you, but please, let’s not get all macho and cowboy, how does that help?

          22. Btty says

            I hear you

          23. Prosper Egan says

            I didn’t know that Muslims came over on the Mayflower or with our Puritan forefathers in the 1600’s. Our Founding Fathers may well have written about them, but they were not here in 1770.

          24. iowaheretic says

            To ‘Prosper Egan, first off, I’m an atheist, so I don’t care about anybody’s religion over another unless their trying to harm other people. I know there are some radical Muslims in the world. I think the Muslims in America are all peaceful and always have been. It’s the radical Christians that have always been the troublemakers. The only reason I say anything in the first place is because I can’t stand to see these Religious Right leaders and politicians just outright LIE to people and just make things up to keep people fighting over NOTHING while they keep making more useless laws, causing us to lose more freedom and liberty and more in tax money by creating more government agencies. About the Puritans, they were NOT what they call the ‘founders’. The ‘Founding Fathers’ were the ones that fought the revolution and created the government almost 200 years after the Mayflower arrived. And, this will shock you, but there are records of a few Muslims fighting on the American side. But also, the Puritans weren’t the first one’s to come here. There were Muslims that came here in 1567 and ended up in what is now the Carolina’s and intermarried with Indians. You ever here that old saying ‘History is WRITTEN by the winners’? Meaning it’s not always true, it’s what they want you to THINK is true, and then they find out decades or even centuries later that a lot of things were not even close to what they told you. Anybody can look up this stuff I’m saying.
            Just go on Google and type in ‘When did Muslims first come to America’ and pages of info will come up. Look at different sources. Don’t trust anybody that has an agenda, like a Religious Right preacher or politician or Marxist left winger.

          25. AnnaMarie Ball says

            Benjamin Franklin had a problem with Muslim pirates that would take over ships in Europe for trading. He got really aggressive in arming those who would be attacked in an all out effort to stop the looting and crimes on American ships.

          26. Mark Clemens says

            You know making piracy a hanging offence was the FIRST act the FIRST congress passed. The second act passed was to impose tariffs…………

          27. AnnaMarie Ball says

            Love AMERICAN history! You know it has been said that those who do not know their history are doomed to it!

          28. Joyce Clemons says

            Piracy indeed but of course that was not confined to any particular faith, and the “West” was not blameless in it. And of course, neither was the “East” blameless in the inter-tribal warfare that produced slaves for the markets of the West.

          29. maxparrish says

            I think you need to read what atheist Richard Dawkins had to say in the wake of France’s deadly terror attack!

          30. Joyce Clemons says

            A LOT of what you are saying is factual, but there are some few errors here in my opinion only. Bear with me a moment: the “religious right” aka “meddlesome purveyors of religionism allegedly Christian but very arguably merely political”…have no monopoly on meddlesome excessive lawmaking creating swarms of officers eating out the substance of the people. Plenty of leftists and/or irreligious people are cranking out chains for us on paper as well. .HOWEVER…there is info here as well that is new to me, and I appreciate your sharing it. I appreciate that you are of a fertile and humane mind and no mere pseudo-intellectual. I appreciate that truly. I am going to take your advice.

          31. teachersaide says

            LIVING in a CAVE on 9/11/2001? HOW about the attack on the USS Cole? Khobar Towers? HOW about the FIRST attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993? The embassy bombings in Africa? The nightclub bombings in Germany & Bali? Fort Hood ring any bells? MISSED the Munich Olympics 1972 terror attacks? HOW about Lockerbie, Scotland? Or, the bombings in London? Car bomb attack on airport in Scotland? Attacks on Rome airport in 1970’s? HOW about the attacks in Mumbai, India, and the school in Pakistan? Never heard of ISIS, right? The attack that was thwarted in NJ on a nightclub where GI’s hang out? TRY and keep up!

          32. Mark Clemens says

            Well I think the lack of a early Muslims was because most Muslims are poor, and could not afford passage here in the 16,17,18,19th centuries. Look at where the live. Nothing but rocks and sand/soil. If they were not sitting on large pools of oil, our government wouldn’t give a rats ass about the region.
            Our Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers gave the modern Muslim the money for passage here, by buying ARAB OIL, and not thinking of what might happen in the future.

          33. Ron Warren says

            And THAT is why we in USA need to open up our own oilfields and produce our own barrels full so we can stop handing money to those desert kings who don’t give a hoot about the poor in their land. Why should we pay those stand fleas for oil when we have it in our own yard. Hmmmm? But then the Kenyan impostor wants to keep money flowing to the fleas.

          34. bobwhite says

            The First Barbary War. 1801 to 1805. We have been fighting Muslim Trash almost from this countries birth. If anyone tells you different they are either Muslim Trash themselves or silly fools.

          35. noel1234 says

            Muslims came over on the Mayflower??????? Bull Shit

          36. iowaheretic says

            No, Muslims didn’t come on the Mayflower, I don’t think ANYBODY (except Columbus) could have co-existed with those worthless Puritans. That’s why they wanted to leave England in the first place because they couldn’t get along with anybody else. And then they ended up not even getting along with each other and burning their own women. But they have been finding out more and more all the time that there were all kinds of different people coming to this land way before the Puritans did. Muslims just happened to be some of them.

          37. Joyce Clemons says

            Don’t forget that “the anybody else” that they didn’t get along with in England had their own dogmatic warts. The problem of religious schism is actually a subset of a generic problem that manifests in any sort of institution…the fact that institutions are made up of people with “warts” like hard headedness and hard heartedness, superstitions, etc.. It isn’t just in religion. Anyone who has ever worked for someone other than themselves, or has a family, knows that these are human “quirks” for lack of a better word. Puritans weren’t worthless, they were flawed and it grew into a flawed institution, and a contentious community. A number of their contemporaries who were also religious, and identified as “fellow Christians” but of differing sects, intervened, which shortened the “hysterical” (ironic word) pogrom of the men (aided by self-interested and dishonest women) against the “free thinking” and/or non-conformist women in their fold. The parents of Gen. Israel Putnam, among at least 40 other families, spoke up, and eventually the lengthy era of witch-hunting, which spanned almost 45 years and claimed at least 36 lives, ended before the beginning of the 18th century.

          38. teachersaide says

            Please SHOW the documented evidence that Muslims were in the Western Hemisphere before Columbus? I’ve heard about the Vikings, and there is some archeological evidence to support Vikings in N. America, before Columbus. I’ve heard ZILCH about Muslims being here before Columbus.

          39. Ron Warren says

            Iowa heretic you just told us you reject Christianity. Do you follow the (?) teachings of Muhammad? I respect your right to go wherever you choose. I plan to not be in that very hot swimming pool called the Lake of Fire.

          40. bobwhite says

            You are wasting your time replying to people like iowaheretic.

          41. Joyce Clemons says

            It is true that a significant number of African slaves in the colonies were indeed Muslims. And the practice of Islam among them and others, including those freemen blacks who adhered to Islam, (and free immigrants) was recognized as a human right by the Founders. Of course, so would emancipation and living as free be a human right. Several notable early American statesmen and women wrote on the dilemma of the establishment of the federal government vs. dealing with slavery precipitously, and why it didn’t occur. But this is a digression off topic, related though it may be. On the free exercise question (religion), George Washington was one of several Federalists, who along with some of the anti Federalists, wrote briefly on the scope of religious liberty. There was, and still is, an element of civil responsibility that places some degree of moderation, for the benefit of peace, order and the common rights of the citizenry. There’s good reading on it…enjoy the search.

          42. stephanie wilson says

            i know them well enough to know they are not lying. otherwise i would assume they are. i know about taquia. dont worry sandman. thanks very much, i know you care.

          43. bobwhite says

            There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam. PM of Turkey, Erdogan.

            I have nothing against you but I feel you should reassess your relationship to your “2 Muslim friends”. If they are Muslim as they say they are then I genuinely fear for your safety. Stay away from them. They are all dangerous.

          44. stephanie wilson says

            i appreciate the concern expressed in your post.i really do. my friends are the more liberal kind of muslims. i really am fine. if i ever feel in danger, i will cut ties to them. please don’t worry. i’m not ignorant.

          45. bobwhite says

            Best wishes.

          46. stephanie wilson says

            thank you. you too bobwhite. God bless you & everyone’s thoughtfullness, you ‘guys’ are very kind.

          47. Uzoozy says

            Its nice to see you have Muslim friends, all Muslims hate the radicals , but there is no way to stop their rage.
            May God make them good people.

          48. stephanie wilson says


          49. Btty says

            Your an idiot.If there are these so called moderates ( which is BS) why the hell don’t they speak out against them in large numbers? Don’t try to say they are afraid either. That’s a cop out! Muslims are not assimilating in this country. There are large groups right here in our own country preaching hate of infidels to their children! Know who the infidel is? You need an education on our enemy the Muslim. Your drinking the kool-aid.

          50. Joyce Clemons says

            I find myself both agreeing with some things you say, and disliking your manner intensely.

          51. Joyce Clemons says

            Having said that, civic unrest directly caused by any religious enclave actually has no real legal protection, in spite of what the adherent thinks. The US has to discuss this in civil ways, and calling people idiots isn’t in the interest of that. please don’t. Europe must be studied on this matter of anti-rule of law religionism, otherwise we are in big trouble.

          52. Btty says

            I really don’t care if you like the manner in which I say things. I don’t sugar coat and I’m not politically correct. Both of those things is what has helped to get us in the mess we’re in. So you believe that speaking in a civil manner to our enemies or to those who speak out against us is the right thing to do? Well I don’t. It’s way in the hell past time for that. Your the idiot if you think for one minute we should study Europe on anything except what not to do. Wake up Joyce. We aren’t dealing with a civilized enemy and those who side with them are just as bad. If you think Europe is so wonderful move. Go live in Europe and see how long it takes you to want to come back. Look what being civil got Paris. Muslim slime are taking over Europe. Having said that I understand your craving for a civilized world but it’s a pipe dream. To many people (politicians included) hide behind this word. I would much rather someone speak their mind like I do in the same tone. At least I would know where they and I really stand. Rather than be civil and stabbing you behind your back.

          53. Joyce Clemons says

            Funny just a few minutes ago you didn’t think I was an idiot. You said..”Well said…well reasoned.. I took exception not to your ideas but to your lack of self control. Evidently you don’t like anyone to disagree with anything you say. Well, no one does, but how do they handle it, that is what changes minds. The man you are arguing with, it could have been persuasive had it not gotten spiteful. You say some perceptive things, then you go off on assumptions about your “adversaries”…its just a hallmark of generalized anger, not good reasoning. What on earth makes you think I’d want to live in Europe, when it is becoming a cesspool of unfettered radicalized Islamofascism? You do think I am an idiot. I won’t call you names. Ironically, ideologically, I am clearly more aligned with your views than anyone on this thread, And I get it that it will take your full dose of testosterone to apply the possibly severe measures that men will have to take if and when the SHTF in our beloved nation. But please don’t waste so much of it here. My suggestion is to hold your trump cards to play at the most appropriate times. I am fully awake. More than that, I am prepped. I plead…be less frustrated and more deliberate when dealing with left-indoctrinated Gen-xers. As to Europe…France is up to 6.2% Muslims and the US is at .9%. We have time, but not much, to learn and legislate to prevent the destruction of our sovereignty by creeping Sharia. YES, that will take saber rattling, but honey, I hang out with the militia, and God bless them, they are game but not ready yet. This is still a strategic planning phase, and prepping. We are also dealing with the miscellaneous collectivist daily bullshit. We need an inside-out counter Alinsky strategy. We need to stop whacking our friends over the head. Come let us reason together.

          54. Btty says

            Well, I must say I feel like my hand was smacked down. I’m not where your at Joyce. I’m past, way past being civilized to our enemies and those who side with them. I’m not here to convince anyone I’m right or wrong. I’m speaking my mind with a great deal of anger. Anger towards those so called elitist who run our country and refuse to listen to the people they work for. I’m sorry but I remember Obama, Killary, Kerry, Feinstein, Boxer and the list goes on saying we need to negotiate with our enemy. Has it worked? I’ll answer that for you. NO!! It won’t work. Why be Civil to people who try to tear down our country? I don’t care to convince them of anything because they will never change. I’ve lived long enough that I know people. Ever heard the saying: A Leopard never changes his spots? Well, that pretty damn true. Sometimes Joyce waiting until your militia is ready can also get you in trouble. As your preparing to be ready the enemy is getting stronger and stronger. Sometimes you need to be ready to fight sooner than you want to. I want to see people get so pissed they react. Not a damn thing wrong with anger if it’s directed correctly. I’m sick of seeing our young men and women coming home with missing limbs, brain injuries, PTSD and the list goes on with nothing gained. Our government doesn’t want to win wars anymore. Either get in and destroy them or don’t get in. I’m outraged that we actually have people in this country who believe there are moderate Muslims. If they are they sure in the hell aren’t assimilating and that is a huge problem.
            I’m off to work or I would have more to say. Just one more thing. I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me if their right. I can more than stand corrected. But don’t disagree with me or anyone else just to spew BS. That I have a problem with and that’s what Iowaheretic was doing. He was attacking anyone who disagreed with him. Where’s your outrage on that? Never mind I know your answer.

          55. Joyce Clemons says

            I dished it to him also. He’s a deluded Collectivist and is using very refutable references. He’s a non quantity, don’t worry about it. A chew toy. I respect what you are saying about the militia but I don’t want to see small squads simply disappearing mysteriously. This is the winter of our deep discontent, and I am glad to say the boys are NOT sitting on their asses …they are out there. Prepping…Providence will show the sign. I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I am glad I pissed you off, now I feel you’ve really expressed yourself and I know where one more center of strength is. I am easy to find. Hope we cross paths again, promise I won’t piss in your post toasties any more, brother.

          56. Btty says

            LOL its okay I don’t mind anything you’ve said. I liked reading your posts. You have no idea my strength. I love going to the shooting range and talking to people who feel the same way we do. I think more like a man than a woman having been raised with 8 brothers. So I’m not one to mince words. You may not like the way I say it Joyce but you know where you stand with people like me. I’ve learned from your posts but I doubt I will change how I say things. I thank you for trying. I guess your just a better person than I. Thank God I don’t eat post toasties! LOL

          57. Joyce Clemons says

            In no way better, no way. Like I said before, we all have a vital role to play, I learned from you also. It is just that I have a “thing” about emulating a favorite example in as much of my discourse as possible. The example was Washington. He would not say anything profane or swear or call someone a name or apply “adjectives” to people. But he sure knew how to kick azz. Well, there is one time they say he went off and cussed a man out…General Lee, who screwed up majorly at Monmouth. Yeah Washington cussed him out. I wish I’d been there to see that.

          58. iowaheretic says

            I was just rereading all this stuff just for the hell of it and I wasn’t going to reply to ANY of it , until I saw that you think I’m a ‘ collectivist.’ Also you think I’m a ‘ non-quality ‘ just because I’m not a christian and you and Btty are. That’s the problem that people have with christians in the first place, most of you think that you are better than EVERYONE that lives and has ever lived on this planet. Thomas Jefferson said the same thing. But you know, if YOU have a right to talk and express your beliefs, I have that EXACT SAME right. I can’t for the life of me figure out where you got the idea that I’m a collectivist. I’m the farthest thing from it! Don’t you know that all christians are collectivists? Look up the definition. And as far as atheists, the one and only thing we have in common is the DISBELIEF in god, that’s is, it’s that simple. I don’t agree with the majority of atheists on a lot of things, just the fact that there’s no god. If you want to know what I really believe you could start by reading Thomas Paine’s ‘Age of Reason,’ and EVERYTHING that Robert Green Ingersoll wrote. When I read his works it’s like reading my own mind. It’s so uncanny it’s like reincarnation might be real. But I doubt it. And I just don’t get all this propaganda against muslims in this country, except that if you study history you’ll find that’s what certain christians have ALWAYS done. The muslims didn’t start any of this in this country. 911 has been proven beyond a shadow of any doubt to be the biggest HOAX in the history of America. I don’t have any more love for islam than I do for christianity or for ANY religion. I’m just sick of certain christians thinking they have the right to make EVERYONE conform to THEIR standards and demands and every whim they dream up! And as far as assimilating in this country, how close have the amish come to that? They live in a completely different world right here in America. Under ‘Amish’ law! Then someone will say, “The Amish don’t go around blowing people up.” Well, the muslims don’t either, the christians just keep SAYING they do. And if you want to compare how muslims treat women in their religion, why don’t you look at how amish treat their women and kids in their religion and communities. If ANYBODY else in America tried to treat their women and kids that way there would be all kinds of civil rights groups raising hell and going through the roof.
            And if you say that the amish are peaceful people, just try and take their beliefs and rights away from them and make them assimilate and conform to somebody else’s beliefs. Do you think they would just roll over and take it? I don’t know either, nobody’s ever tried it. Amish give their kids a chance to try the ‘english’ way of life, in other words, our way of life, and then make up their own minds on which way they want to live. You know that muslims can do the same thing if they really wanted to. This is America. Sharia law can’t be above American law, and neither can Amish law. Things like murder and so on. The only people that are above the law are christian preachers and politicians.

          59. Joyce Clemons says

            There’s a logical contradiction here. If there’s NO WAY to stop their rage, how is God going to make them a good people.

          60. Uzoozy says

            God can perform miracles

          61. Joyce Clemons says

            My God can and does perform miracles, our very lives are a miracle. His best Miracle was the raising of Christ after his body was broken as a payment for the sins of mankind. The way for an enraged Gentile to become “good” in God’s eyes is to accept the gift of God, that is his grace and mercy, paid for by Jesus.

          62. Uzoozy says

            Jesus was raised to heaven, did the find the Body .
            God gives grace to those people that Pray to Almighty God. Jesus was a prophet and raised, how can one god be cruel to his alledged son. If God died on the cross how did the world run without a god.
            zgrsce and mercy can come directly from God.

          63. Btty says

            Maybe you just don’t want to see what is right in front of you? I would never let my guard down.

          64. stephanie wilson says

            i haven’t don’t worry.

          65. Mark Clemens says

            I look at the radical Muslims as I look at the KKK. The Klan claims to be religious too…….
            Both just pervert their respective religion, to advance their agenda of hate. (as you see by some posts, the Klan hates the Radical Muslim competition)
            Sometimes I think in a truly civilized world, there is no real place for politics or religion.

          66. iowaheretic says

            According to all the letters that John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson, although he was a Deist, he read the Christian bible quite frequently and told Jefferson “This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were NO religion in it.Have you considered the calamities that engine of grief has produced?”

          67. Joyce Clemons says

            If he considered the definition of “true religion” within the NT, he might have been able to coin a better dictionary definition of the term that we could be using now, and all be better for it. James 1:27

          68. stephanie wilson says

            yes, but my friends are not radical

          69. Joyce Clemons says

            There’s room for both if people remain civil. Big if.

          70. Btty says

            Your wrong. PERIOD

          71. Joyce Clemons says

            Said the gonads. But what is the brain saying?

          72. Mark Clemens says

            I see no room for any hate groups. They just cause sorrow, pain, oppression. That is not the world I want my children to live in……..

          73. Joyce Clemons says

            YOU SAID Sometimes I think in a truly civilized world, there is no real place for politics or religion.

            When I said both I meant politics and religion, you said you wondered if there was room for them. Of course there is no room for hate groups.

          74. Mark Clemens says

            Gottcha! I did address two subjects.

          75. Joyce Clemons says

            So there’s no room for politics or religion in truly civilized world. Sounds like Utopia, but I think all tries at that in a material world have been Dystopian.

          76. Mark Clemens says

            Who ever came up w/the King and government concept really messed up the world. John Lennon was right.

          77. Uzoozy says

            Its God’s world they should be allowed to pray where they want.

          78. Btty says

            Yeah, it is God’s world so don’t you forget it! Nothing these Spawns of Satan do are Godly idiot.

          79. iowaheretic says

            When people speak Hebrew and say ‘god’ it sounds like their saying ‘Yahweh’. In German it sounds like ‘Gott’. In Arabic it sounds like ‘Allah’. It’s all the SAME god, the god of Abraham. If people wanted to worship Satan, that would be called a ‘Satanist’. You could look all this up if you took time out from your jackass breeding. Before you accuse me of being a Muslim lover, I’m not. I don’t believe in any ‘higher power’. It’s just that the radical Muslims in the Middle East say the SAME thing about Christians being the Devil worshipers. So, all these centuries all you dim-wits have been fighting and killing each other over NOTHING! What have radical Muslims accomplished? What have radical Christians accomplished? Nothing! And both sides never will accomplish anything except to keep the world in constant turmoil because of the SAME infantile ideas that both sides want to force on each other and everybody else.

          80. Btty says

            No, it’s not the same God. The Christian God does not condone beheadings or for that matter stoning of women etc. These are the teachings of none other than Satan. I don’t expect you to believe that because you live in a world made up of your own narrow minded thoughts. You are devoid of the ability to believe their is someone higher than the mighty iowaheretic.(you). Your pathetic. My God doesn’t condone bombing innocent people in towers. Don’t try to come back with well, we are bombing them because they attacked us! Our government has turned their backs while letting these cowards into our country to attack us and pick us off one at a time or during marathons. They even allow these Spawns of Satan to teach their children to hate the infidel on our own grounds. Well, guess what? As far as Jackass breeding you might want to look in the mirror.. So don’t bother preaching your hate to me. I don’t give a rats azz in hell what you think. What a shame we can’t drop your sorry azz off in the Middle East to experience life with the Muslims!

          81. Joyce Clemons says

            Iowa heretic is a victim of collectivist indoctrination. You are not. But for the grace of God, both you and I would be like him. We know he has “no excuse” because the truth of creation is engraved on those created. And if you are giving him the Dutch Uncle treatment in order to help him, then I guess that is your way, but I think it is just possible you are making a mistake. After all, if you are a late boomer or early Gen Xer, we are partly to blame for allowing our schools to churn out little Marxist zombies who have poor critical thinking skills. They were taught that nations don’t need sovereignty and patriotism because the world is their nation. It’s a warped version of the Millennial Kingdom counterfeited by the deceiver. And they bought it, because they were naïve. But go ahead, keep whupping his butt, Paw, and I will pray for him, that he is released from his strong delusion and provided with grace that he may become a child of God.

          82. mallen11 says

            Very good, you have some fine Bible Doctrine teaching.

          83. mallen11 says

            As Christians, we do want him to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ even though he is misguided. See my post to him above.

          84. Btty says

            I know your right mallen but I just don’t care. God’s not going to punish me for his sins and vice versa. Sometimes I think we Christians make a huge mistake by not minding our own business and letting God work on non believers. I hope that makes sense.

          85. mallen11 says

            I understand but we are His representatives here on earth and our hatred towards unbelievers does not help the Holy Spirit to get the verbal message to them. If they are on positive volition they will be kept alive until they believe, if on negative volition at gospel hearing then they won’t believe but only God knows. I believe in minding our own business until the door opens for giving the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

          86. Joyce Clemons says

            The Body of Christ isn’t where we are all a foot or a hand, we all play a different body part, and sometimes we get switched around. I think I like each of you just the way you are. I think it’s okay.

          87. Joyce Clemons says

            So today, Mallen was the heart, I was the brain, and you were….you. I had another body part in mind…but I can’t say it… I think that kid went off confused…oh well, not our problem.

          88. Btty says

            Don’t beat around the bush Joyce. You think I’m an azz say it. See? This is the difference in you and I. Call a spade a spade! I loved Patton for this very reason!

          89. Joyce Clemons says

            Azz will suffice. lol. Yeah I loved him too.

          90. Btty says

            OMG Joyce, I hope the earth doesn’t open up and swallow you! LOL This is where I will take your advice and be civil and not tell you what I thought of you. 😉

          91. Joyce Clemons says

            You’re pretty awesome…I hope we meet again.

          92. Joyce Clemons says

            I didn’t know you were a Sheila…do the math. (body part)

          93. Btty says

            I hope so to. I think we could have a lot of fun. I’m a pretty fun person to be around. I think you would be to.

          94. iowaheretic says

            You are really not even worth responding to and it’s YOU that is filled with hatred for anyone that isn’t the same type of christian as YOU are. But you obviously don’t know ANY christian history, even the history of christians right here in America. If you ever decide to study any of it, stuff written from an objective view, not stuff written from a purely christian propaganda view, you would find that muslims could kill hoards of people every day from now to eternity and they could NEVER catch up to what christians have done to the human race, even right here in America. In just ONE state alone, California, during the gold rush christians beheaded up to 300,000 indians. That’s right, BEHEADED them. There’s so much more atrosities that have been commited by christians right here in America that you could never stop learning about them, so no matter how much christians like you want to pretend that you are somehow BETTER than everyone else, maybe it’s YOU starting all the trouble and wars in the first place,just like Thomas Jefferson said and wrote about, you old battleaxe! And as far as dropping me off in the middle east, why don’t you just hop on your broom and fly out there and show them how everything’s done?

          95. Btty says

            Then don’t you pathetic piece of cow dung. No one says Christians are perfect but we have grown and we know we answer to God. To try and compare us makes you out of touch. I must have really rattled your cage! LOL. Nice to know I got the old goats goat! Have a blessed day

          96. iowaheretic says

            You didn’t rattle MY cage. You could maybe fly overhead real fast on your broom and cause a sonic boom, but you couldn’t rattle me. You know, you could look back to your first response to one of my comments and see that it was YOU that started the name calling and insults. Whatever comment I made in the first place I was only trying to be helpful. If someone doesn’t believe me I don’t really care. I know now that christian people’s opinions are the only one’s that count because they are better than anyone else that lives on this planet. Sorry!

          97. Joyce Clemons says

            Actually, it surprises me that an Atheist would not recognize that some religionists wish to counterfeit the One God of one religion and say that theirs is the same One God. Especially when their own scriptures, doctrines, emblems, and recorded history testify otherwise. Molech was a One God and he was a fire god and ‘ate babies.’ So when he got hungry, they fed him babies. When the captive Israelites spawned a faction/generation that got into the whole “Molech Golden Calf” thing, it was the result of a generation gap and subjugation and bad influences. Moses had to kick some Molech ass on the desert. Islam’s ONE GOD is not Yahweh. Allah means god. Allah’s identity is a moon God named Sin or Nanna. He didn’t eat babies, I believe, but his “Prophet” stuck it to them.

          98. mallen11 says

            Good historical review.

          99. Joyce Clemons says

            Thanks. I read stuff. The key clue to the connection to Sin/Nanna is the Crescent/Moon/Star . The religion is syncretic, sort of like mixing voodoo with Catholicism as is done in some Western locales.

          100. Joyce Clemons says

            The mixture in this case, Islam, the syncretism is rather calculated…1st of course is Sumerian iconography, and the convenience of an alleged descent from Abraham, which is arguably a form of conquest..and then, of course, from there, a “clean up” of Christianity. Bingo bango…one might wonder why they didn’t sweep in the Hindus and Buddhists into the mix…

          101. mallen11 says

            If Christians would live by the written Word of God instead of religious manmade traditions from their churches then stupid decisions would not be made. Too many churches do not teach the Bible from the original languages and miss a lot of God’s will for their lives.

          102. edward martis says

            but please; not in the USA—–Europe is fine–Muzlims are slowly destroying western Europe——ask any brit

          103. Uzoozy says

            This country belongs to all people of all religions.
            Your racist attitude does not help.
            One gets what they want in defiance of reality.

          104. mallen11 says

            All religions except those that say theirs is the only one and will kill you if you don’t believe theirs. Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ and of course the one true faith. The problem is how much the Bible has been distorted by manmade traditions especially the RCC but others also who do no follow the Bible.

          105. Uzoozy says

            No one goes around killing without cause, the Golden rule has been NO killing allowed.
            Most people believe that Jesus was a good man, who preached God’s message.
            There are over 50 versions of Bible with contrary messages, which one to follow is the biggest dilemma, most Christians go to a church which they are comfortable , teachings of a certain Gospel is preached. hence they cannot change the churches.
            Jesus being God has and will be debated forever ,there have been many a sons of God in the bible, Jesus was amongst the multitude of good people, Jesus is not God or son of God.
            As long as we agree to disagree and people be good to each other this world will be a happier place.
            The rule in my mind is that there is one God pray and submit to him.

          106. Joyce Clemons says

            What you said, about agree to disagree, is why our US Bill of Rights is structured the way it is. And Muslims will tap into those natural rights in a hot New York Minute, so that they can say with conviction, in our midst, what Angem Choudary says, that democracy, freedom and secular government are lies, (this is an American’s definition of apostasy) and that these lies must be destroyed, and Islam rule the world in theocratic, arbitrary despotism. That Freedom of speech is handy for his despotic spewing, but an excuse for murder of anyone that says what he believes is apostacy. So how then, is this Islam to be anything but a fatal cancer to the Constitution. How can any American refuse to fight this cancer. If they do not, they can lose all it means to be American. Muslims come here for the liberty, then spit on it by whining for Sharia?. They don’t understand that some measure of license is a price we grit our teeth and pay for liberty. If it rises to critical mass, State police power is the equalizer…the re-leveler…but we have to defend democracy to keep the federal form. So, even an atheist American may defend the Bill of Rights and Jews will, but Muslims cannot, because Freedom is a lie…Choudary said so…. Christians cannot feel warmed in their hearts when Islam throws us a consolation bone about Jesus being a great guy. If all Jesus was, was a great guy, then he was also a lunatic. That is by historic account. Why do you think, Man’s reason (not the Father’s) he was crucified? Blasphemy was the charge, thing was, what he said was true. If he was just a nice guy, Your Prophet never would have had to compete for a cut of the attention he got. Please use your head for something besides a hat rack. Especially if you are in the US and hope to stay.

          107. Uzoozy says

            So if you are called a fool do you become a fool.
            Anjem Choudry and the ilk do not represent me, do not speak for Islam , they speak for themselves. The same USA rule a broad brush approach, if one person says a controversial matter they all are the same.
            We believe Jesus was a messenger from God, His mother was holy and pious and she gave Jesus birth.
            What’s wrong with that, look at things your self , Mormons do not believe like Catholics do and so on. Your Gospels cannot even figure out the 7 words of the dying Holy Jesus. When Jesus died, day before Sabbath a day after still need to be answered and all the above
            For people like you who are so unsure of their religion and status in life, everything else is the unknown and you are scared
            Christians cannot feel warm in their heart unless they believe in ONE God and Jesus as the messenger.
            I love America from (10,000) miles away.
            Good luck with your cult.

          108. Uzoozy says

            So if Anjum call you a whore do you become a whore unless you are.
            anjum does not speak for anybody but himself, I thought you were smart, buy you proved me wrong

          109. Joyce Clemons says

            Good for you that you disagree with Choudary, he is indeed a freak. Good for me that I reject the false teachers, that claim to be Christians, and walk away from their falsehoods. I learned today that Ravi Zacharias spoke for three hours with a prominent Muslim Cleric, When they were done, the cleric said, “Maybe it is time for Muslims to stop worrying about when or whether Jesus died on the Cross, and start to contemplate why.” That’s smart, but a lot of Muslims who beat him to that conclusion are now Trinitarian Reformed Christians, and teaching us one step at a time how to deal with Islam’s deep delusions.

        2. cvxxx says

          While there are Secular Moslims they are usually rich educated upper class. Islam appeals to the uneducated ,poor skillless man and woman and is part of a now 1000 year old tradition,

      2. Uzoozy says

        Islam is the religion of the future, Christianity has failed in the 2000 years of false doctrine.

        1. Barto says

          You call it a religion, we the majority recognize it for what it is; a vile, evil, hating CULT. You really should invest some time in researching Islam, the Quran and Muhammad their so-called prophet who was a woman/child abuser and murderer OR perhaps you are “one of them”.

          1. Uzoozy says

            Farto, ita the one and only religion that prays to One God, Heathens like you praying to a doll l on the stick and think they pray to God.
            What a cult.
            Every priest is a child molestor way to go cultists
            Go sacrifice goats at the xhurch amd spread the blood all ober and lick it with shit.

          2. Joe T says

   promised to stop this tirade of yours……remember,,
            Love conquers all and everything……..veritas

          3. Uzoozy says

            The other side has no morales, courtesy or manners.
            Christianity is an inferior religion gets a near F from my side.
            Treat people good till they behave themselves, Christians will never learn to respect other religions.
            Till then the tirade continues.

          4. Joe T says

            Misrepresentation of Christian doctrine.

            Sadly, this is a very common error of the Muslims. The single greatest instance of this is in the doctrine of the Trinity. Muslims so often attack a false understanding of the Trinity by stating that it is three gods. That is not the correct Christian definition of the Trinity doctrine. Christianity does not teach there are three gods. It never has, and it never will. The doctrine of the Trinity is that there is only one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Trinitarianism is monotheistic. If a Muslim continues to proclaim that the Trinity is three gods, then I simply stop discussing the issue with him because he is not willing to accept what the definition is; and it isn’t possible to have a meaningful dialogue.

            Another Christian doctrine they fail to understand is the Hypostatic Union. This is the teaching that Jesus is one person with two natures. He is both God and man as is declared in Col. 2:9, “For in Him [Jesus] dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” Because Jesus was also a man, we have verses such as John 14:28 where Jesus says “the Father is greater than I.” Muslims will say that if Jesus is God, how could He be greater than Himself? Of course, they fail to understand the Trinity (three persons); and they fail to understand that Jesus, as a man (Phil. 2:5-8), cooperated with the limitations of being a man and was in a lower position than the Father (Heb. 2:9) for a while (See: “The Ontological and Economic Trinity.” for more explanation).

            Sometimes Muslims refuse to accept Christian explanations for things because it doesn’t fit their agenda nor their preconceived ideas of what they think Christianity is. Oddly enough, Christians often contribute to this problem by offering inadequate and sometimes erring explanations of Christian doctrine. Thus, many Muslims are led into error regarding what Christianity really teaches. Christians need to know their doctrine, and Muslims need to understand the proper explanations for those doctrines.

          5. Uzoozy says

            Joe T. Thanks for your explanation I do not agree with it.
            The Gospels are written by man which has its own problems.
            Gospels have different versions for the different gatherers.
            IE the seven words of Jesus hat were they He could not have said everything they profess.
            Gospels are written in third person, indicating that they were NOT written by the mentioned author.
            There are so many things depend on faith , no hard facts. Hence the confusion.
            God is ONE.
            He does not need a helper , He is complete unto Himself.
            Religion mentioned in THE Holy book is the only logical explanation for me.
            God bless you, to you your belief to me mine.

          6. Joe T says

            OK………….i guess

          7. Joyce Clemons says

            If the Prophet is a man, and he is, because Allah is ONE, and has not a son, then: The Quran and texts are written by man which has its own problems.(oh…that’s what you said, right?) And I have to say, a man who tried to please a lot of women, including a kid.(was she pleased?) Logic seems to be defeated here, Uzoozy, what can be said?

          8. Uzoozy says

            Each person has their own faith, I have mine and you have yours.
            TO ME MY god to you yours, even though there is only One God

          9. Motoman says

            And it is not AhhLaa … or the Quran which came from a dark cave.
            This is a sign of a false deity … ‘it’ requires humans to help meet the goal.
            False deities ask human followers to help their religion because there is no power without it. Brainwashed religious duty bound humans help a deity.
            How did you help you false deity today? Did you bow toward the stone in Mecca?
            So UZOOZY … when are you leaving?
            You love IsLame so much … you must be proud for the brainwashed people who follow the Satanic verses?

          10. Uzoozy says

            FYou you are a bigoted insecure fart of a man ,take your bigotary and hate and shove it.
            you have nothing to do with me or my relgion

          11. Motoman says

            Here you go again Uzoozy … name calling … I have nothing to do with your religion? The religion of piece … a piece of leg, a piece of arm, a head here a head there … that is the history of your religion! Violence since AhhLaa was founded 1400 years ago.

            So UZO … help us Infidels out … will you? There are 35+ racist Islamic countries who based on their Quran belief, make us Infidels 2nd class citizens, forced to pay a tax and many times we are killed for being Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, having a Bible, talking about Jesus, saying there is no God, being Gay or whatever is perceived as hurting the all powerful AhhLaa.

            Unfortunately, peace is never achieved in IsLame, as in these 100% AhhLaa countries the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons and that is AFTER us Infidels are killed for AhhLaa.

            So help us Infidels out Uzo … when you leave?
            Why do you live in the CHRISTIAN WEST so you can convert us to your ‘true’ Islam? While the ‘fake’ Muslims kill infidels and you and your Muslim friends enjoy your FREEDOM in the WEST. Your a hypocrite!

          12. Joyce Clemons says

            Yes, you’d think if they had a shred of honesty, the PURE ONES would clean up their own “apostates” first, Choudary says 73%, so it is likely that Uzoozy is one of those) then come after the other religions. But no, they need their sheer numbers to maintain the illusion that they aren’t just another death cult.

          13. Joyce Clemons says

            Or, alternatively, Uzoozy can quit taking specks out of our eyes until he takes the log out of his own.

          14. Joyce Clemons says

            Choudary says that 73% of Muslims deserve to die because they don’t think like him. Now how many Gods did you say there are?

          15. Joyce Clemons says

            Maybe you are on Choudary’s hit list…how can you tell?

          16. Joyce Clemons says

            Maybe we should just ask Choudary…clean up your own religion, that is, “cleanse” that 73%…and then and only then, bring the men among what is left (37%, or less if you narrow it down to fighters)…yeah 148 million…and we’ll be waiting for your pure remnant.

          17. mallen11 says

            There is only One God but one must also remember that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to died as our substitute on the cross for the sins of all mankind — includes you — and we need to believe in that work that He did for us and then rose again so we can have the confidence of eternal life with Him forever.
            John 3:36 He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.
            John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through ME.
            John 1:12 But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name,
            Acts 16:31 They said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…”

          18. Joyce Clemons says

            This is like water. A Muslim that cannot understand that all water is water, whether it is snow, steam or liquid, isn’t going to understand the Trinity either. Same Water, three natures…Same God, three persons. ONE GOD. It isn’t as if Muslims have no mystic or esoteric leanings, but those cannot be applied to understanding the Trinity, because they lack grace. Vessels of wrath, who are we to say that God didn’t just make them for this narrow purpose.

          19. Joe T says

            We are blessed Joyce…thank you for an astute thought…some he blinds…
            best regards, Joe T

          20. mallen11 says

            Amazing how much we think alike and it is so refreshing to see it on this site. Good responses and appreciated.

          21. mallen11 says

            Very good representation of what Christianity should be. Good Bible Doctrines. Have you ever studied under Thieme?

          22. Joe T says

            No…but I will review same…………the Bible has been my reference in that from the Dead Sea scrolls that attests to what has been written in the Bible by diverse persons 2000 +/- years ago.
            Best regards, Joe T

          23. mallen11 says

            Why should Christians respect religions that are totally against the one and only true God of the Universe. Totally ridiculous.

          24. Joyce Clemons says

            While it is true that some men hide their personal evil under the guise of any religion, Islam is doctrinally inherently evil and violent. If you are not practicing evil deeds, it is because you aren’t really following Islam, and may in fact be being summoned to Grace. But based on what you just said, the evil is already starting to ooze out.

          25. mallen11 says

            Awesome response and biblical.

          26. Joyce Clemons says

            I don’t think he needs to, all he needs to do is wake up and watch what they do.

        2. Btty says

          Put your head back on your shoulders. The fumes are making you delusional

        3. edward martis says

          try ramming that down the throat of the US populace; and watch what happens……….

        4. Joyce Clemons says

          Uzoozy, were it not for the sheer numbers, which statistically bestow the classification of “major world religion” upon Islam, it would be patently obvious to even the most mentally challenged Walmart shopper, that this Islam is a cult in every other measurable dimension. Your statement is mere wishful thinking brought on by a strong delusion. Be careful what you wish for, because if there is a God, and there is, he will destroy Islam to make way for His Kingdom. God looks down on earth from afar, and Muslim look like dust particles, and the elite among these specks, known as little dirtballs are the ones that think they know who to govern everything from how and when to pee and in what geographical direction, to who should live or die for what is inside their mind, and how young is too young to be raped and get blamed for it. (I think they are settling on age 8?) PLEASE.

        5. mallen11 says

          Christianity has failed in many ways but Jesus Christ will never let His Word become void.
          Heb 4:12For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
          1 Corinthians 2:14….But the natural man (unbeliever) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
          You will never understand the Bible until you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior so it is useless to try to downgrade the only absolute truth we have in our world.
          Heb 12:2fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

          1. Uzoozy says

            Hardly any truth in CHRITIANITY

          2. mallen11 says

            You must be illiterate.

          3. Uzoozy says

            You must be a jerk

          4. Socialism+Failed says

            Judaism and Christianity date back further than Islam. In fact without Judaism and Christianity the Prophet Muhammad wouldn’t have anything to base the Quran on. He relied on the Bible for part of his own theology.

            And if you’re a Sunni, well there are many Shias who dislike you more than they dislike Christians and Jews. Heck, most Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims.

            And the Shia militias and Syrian government will wipe out ISIS.

          5. Uzoozy says

            Koran was given to mankind by the ONE and only God, confirming the past , the present and the future.
            The Quran relates true stories.
            Bible came from babel not much value to it.
            God is there to take care of his Religion, God never fails

          6. Socialism+Failed says

            What you posted above was just based on emotion, bias and theology and not scientific recorded history. The fact that many Muslim scholars would disagree with your opinions proves you’re ignorant of Islam.

            Without Judaism and Christianity there would be no Islam. The Prophet Muhammad relied on the theology of the Bible to come up with ideas in the Quran. The Bible was written before the Quran.

            And Muslims consider all these people below prophets. Some are Hebrews…


            Idris (Enoch)

            Nuh (Noah)



            Ibrahim (Abraham)

            Isma’il (Ishmael)

            Ishaq (Isaac)

            Lut (Lot)

            Ya’qub (Jacob)

            Yousef (Joseph)


            Ayyub (Job)

            Musa (Moses)

            Harun (Aaron)

            Dhu’l-kifl (Ezekiel)

            Dawud (David)

            Sulaiman (Solomon)

            Ilias (Elias)

            Al-Yasa (Elisha)

            Yunus (Jonah)

            Zakariyya (Zechariah)

            Yahya (John)

            ‘Isa (Jesus)

            But many Muslims are so full of hate towards Jews and Israel they almost forgot or erased out of their minds the Hebrew prophets.

          7. Uzoozy says

            Islam believes in all prophets of God, same message given by all there is one God no images on sticks allowed.

          8. Socialism+Failed says

            The Koran Does Not Forbid Images of the Prophet…

          9. TexasStomp says

            Was not aware they had cameras that old. hummmm

          10. Uzoozy says

            Bible tells you to have sex with your kids.

          11. Socialism+Failed says

            No it doesn’t.

            But it says more about you that you got your mind on child sex. Shame on you.

          12. Uzoozy says

            Its given in the bible ,two girls took the father got him drunk and had kids thru the incest.
            itsgiven the go ahead in the bible.

          13. Joyce Clemons says

            The Tanakh doesn’t hide the sins of the people. It was a sin. The girls lacked faith in God and took matters into their own hands. That is a sin. Any more bullshit?

          14. Socialism+Failed says

            Horror of child abuse finally out in the open in Muslim Pakistan…

          15. Uzoozy says

            It cannot be worse , Catholic child abuse, done by priests must be holy

          16. Joyce Clemons says

            When that was revealed we knew it was a sin. All men sin. Next bullshit…keep it coming, oh brainwashed one.

          17. Uzoozy says

            Koran is the word of God, it has blessed text and teachings.
            Paris was done out of repression and supression of those poor people.
            Islam does not promote violence

          18. Joyce Clemons says

            Now you’ve really done it. You just excused mass murder. Go away.

          19. Joyce Clemons says
          20. Joyce Clemons says

            I can teach a parrot to say that.

          21. Joyce Clemons says

            Actually Muhammed based his theology on the Sumerian Moon god Sin, and then said…this room needs some curtains…so he dressed it up with some Judaism and Christianity, mostly to counterfeit some claims to their inheritances. Since then, spoon a heavy dose of hedonism and just about any excuse to blame women for male lust and anger. Very syncretic overgrown cult.

    2. Bryant Hill says

      Next they will ban Christians then Catholics, JW’s, Buddhist, and right on down the line.

      And just in case you might be an atheist, they will ban them next.

      America doesn’t work that way pal, because if it did, you would be expelled for what you believe, too.

      When Islamic beliefs impose on someone else’s rights…that is the time to give them a choice.

      Start now!

      That’s why the Constitution is so important to protect. It sets the guidelines for American living in concrete.

      Assimilate or leave country.

      1. Yadja says

        Yeh but the problem is we have a president who doesn’t give a rats patoot about the Constitution and is a Mussie lover.

        Not to mention the above you mentioned did not kill over 3000 Americans on our soil and we don’t have to spend billions on Homeland Security to protect us from them.

        1. Uzoozy says

          9/11 done by the 51st state [ I] an pure inside job.
          deslite all this Islam is will spread worldwide with no pope.
          Great religion,great peoplend he best and only religion that Praysto lne God.

          1. edward martis says

            and islam will butcher ANYBODY that disagrees with them

          2. Uzoozy says

            Islam has no beef with other religions, so why others have beef with Islam.
            I could enumerate dozens of beef, but has nothing to do with me.
            Islam is here to stay. it cannot be eliminated, it’s God religion, the Most powerful and beneficent. Same God for all of mankind,

          3. edward martis says

            of course not—-sunnis butchering shias—-shias butchering sunnis ===ISIS butchering women, children, toddlers Christians and any body else that ISIS deems butchering-worthy ….. and of course; remember my favorite:::islam is a religion of peace and luv………I lived near mecca (20 mi away) where drugs -guns- and slaves were for sale; to anybody with cash–and it was the norm——-

          4. Uzoozy says

            It must have felt like back home in New York.
            Minus the praying people of Saudi.

          5. edward martis says

            ‘praying people of Saudi”====my ass ——-come prayer time the matawas heard people into the mosques like sheep … soon as they leave; the people go back into the large market areas and hide——I have Saudi (Saudi air force _ ) friends that have taken ‘vacations’ to Cypress, Lebanon, Turkey and never came back (“deserted if you will) ……..most of these guys were single–(and were sick to death of having islam rammed down their throats non-stop-)–Living in KSA is like living in an ‘insane asylum’ ……where women are basicly “livestock” and used as ‘breeding stock”……..I know; I lived in At Taif for 2 1/2 years and worked at the King Fahad RSAF base , just out side of the city ………the Holy Muslim would cheat-lie-screw sheep to no end—have sex with their buddies and do every gross thing you could think of sexually….and slave markets in Mecca—-to boot———Mostly blacks (Christians) captured/ kidnapped in the Horn of Africa area in their endless Christian VS. Muslim wars…..Anything your hearts desire can be found in Mecca (The Holiest City of Islam)—–guns,drugs, of all types and the kicker slaves——the going price for a 17 yr old Sudanese Christian girl was $ 600 or 2232 Saudi Riyals—–No Credit Cards allowed——-

          6. Joyce Clemons says

            I had a friend who was a Muslim Libyan student in an American Christian-tradition small University. He really was afraid to go back to Libya because he was a low profile dissident to Muammar Gaddafi. He both liked American culture, and hated it. Mostly because he couldn’t stay among clean living Christians, because he couldn’t help but tell them they were heathens, it was compulsive. He tried to convert every kind hearted person who would listen politely, by telling them how evil their religion was. So that wore out, and he got lonely, so then he started sneaking away from his fellow Muslim friends, and seeking the unsaved unbelievers in the town…he drank, got stoned, and had sex with a lot of young girls. One night, my phone rang (I was one last Christian in town who did not shut him out of kindness). He was in jail for statutory rape. He had gotten a 16 year old pregnant and gave her a venereal disease and crab lice. I got him a lawyer. But he didn’t seem to get it that he wasn’t the victim, the girl was. He was religious, and a believer in Islam, but just like humanity, sinful and lost. That year, Muammar Gaddafi had had many Libyan students murdered on American campuses, because they were not his brand of Muslim and were a political threat. My troubled friend, was unable to turn to his Muslim student union, because he was now a disgrace. Somehow he got out of legal trouble, but He eventually flunked out, and then came to me begging me to marry him so he wouldn’t be deported. I tried to be kind in saying no, but he was desperate and refused to understand. I sent him away with a prayer for his healing, and he did say thank you for being kind. I never saw him again. Muslims come to America because of the imperfect hope we have to offer the forlorn. But they do not understand our rule of law. They do not understand that we cannot control all sin with the threat of death. This man may be dead now. Murdered by a “great Muslim” perhaps. He left behind a child, one he didn’t care about at all. You see, his lust was her fault. That’s how he was taught. I did have sorrow and sympathy for the man. The deceiver had enslaved him. No way an American can understand this ideology. It is a cult. We have to protect America from it, not that we are good, but we are in grace.

          7. Uzoozy says

            Do not make fun of Islam or its prophets be it Jesus , Moses, Noah, Mary or Abraham . Its God’s religion.

          8. Joyce Clemons says

            The Moon god of the Sumerians, SIN…good name.

      2. cvxxx says

        There are secular Muslims. But the vast majority are poor,and intolerant. The culture that they come from is a very controlled one and also very tribal. Americans see a country and assume that it is like ours but quaint. It is anything but. The pure religious part is very difficult to separate from the cultures. That religion is not tolerant of other religions, either. Strong dictators are what keeps the lid on the powder keg but just like Yugoslavia much is simmering right under the surface. Saddam was brutal but that is how control is done. Timir -the -lame ,The Mongols,Tito,and other were strong dictators an anatehma to the ignorant “everybody must be a democratic republic like us” vision of Obama and some Western leadership.
        Western Governments are confused in how to deal with these problems as the Islamic radical know much of the freedoms we have can be used against us. Since many are racially different they can claim racism, when it it they who are instigating attacks against Western culture and freedoms.
        Those facts make it very difficult as there are many sects of Muslim as there are many sects of Christians. Christians have had centuries of warfare and bloodshed to arrive at reason.

        1. mallen11 says

          The RCC was responsible for the warfare and bloodshed because of their RELIGIOUS ideology that was not based on the Bible but man-made rules. Too many people do not know the difference between religion — the Devil’s Ace Trump — and Christianity is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the knowledge of His Word. Remember when the bloody wars were fought the RCC did not allow any lower class people to learn to read and have access to the Bible. It wasn’t until the Reformation that people were able to break away from the slavery of the RCC and find freedom of their faith in Christ and not the man-made religion. Warfare and bloodshed never arrives at reason; it is the understanding of God’s Word and establishment principles from God that secures a nation and gives freedom; never religion.
          Heb 4:12For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
          1 Corinthians 2:14….But the natural man (unbeliever) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

          1. cvxxx says

            Religion is the bane as each believes their belief is paramount. No others are to have freedom of individuality or way of life.

          2. mallen11 says

            You just don’t have the capacity to understand Christianity or you would not have said that.

          3. cvxxx says

            I find that all religon has negitive effects on humans. Humans will believe many foolish things because the are afraid to stand on thei own feet.

          4. mallen11 says

            You still don’t understand the difference between religion and Christianity. I have been taught for many years that I need to stand on my own two feet as a Christian as long as I follow God’s will and not mine. His plan for my life is far better than anything I could ever come up with — been the wrong way without God too many times and when I got back into His will, my life is so much better and meaningful. You have gotten too much religious information instead of true Christianity taught from the Word of God. Religion makes people dependent on their church, i.e., RCC, Mormons, etc. whereas Christianity gives us choices to do things God’s way or our way. Sorry you don’t understand and never will until you become a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

          5. cvxxx says

            There is no difference. Semantic sophistry no more.

          6. sandman says

            now you have lost me, you are too full of hatred, just like the muslims out there

          7. Joyce Clemons says

            Well, then go in peace. He told you the good news, and because there is nothing to gain in it for him other than doing what is required of him, it is well with his soul. Sophistry means intent to deceive. Why deceive the stranger that can do nothing for you? He’d be cutting his own throat, by his own ethic. No, it was good news and you rejected it. Go in peace.

          8. Joyce Clemons says

            But God bless you in any case. Amen.

          9. cvxxx says

            The good news is being human and casting off the lies we have been told.

          10. Joyce Clemons says

            Well said.

          11. sandman says

            I have been supportive of your posts here, but do not loose it over your reluctance to see Religion for most of us as a good thing! Sure history is full of awful things perpetuated by those driven by their misguided religious beliefs. But try not to use a big brush when thinking about those out there with goodness in their hearts they really do out number those with evil intent! you are just not told about them cause that is not “news”,

          12. cvxxx says

            In a “pure” sense one could say that beliefs can be good or bad depending on how those beliefs are manifested. I am sure that the Cathars would agree except they were wiped out.
            I this current discussion the topic of Islamic as both a religion and an ideology is germane. From my point of view all religeons do not stand alone to the society in which they operate, but are used as reason or justification for non spiritual actions.
            Good can be seen in this dual light. Good can be evil when the outcome is looked at from differing points of view. Those points of view are influenced by what one is taught what it should be.

          13. Joyce Clemons says

            Moral relativism? Okay. That’s a common theme in collectivist ideologies. But sadly now often seen among the nominal faux Christians in the US. At this point I am more interested in how you value the rule of law in a democratic republic, and leave it at that.

          14. cvxxx says

            I am finding out that the law has many holes. That unfair rulings that reinforce cultural norms of 200 years ago still are enforced with fanatic zeal.

          15. Joyce Clemons says

            Please give an example that affects your life directly, so I understand.

          16. cvxxx says

            The is a case where a 15 year old was a “victim” in statutory rape his attacker was convicted but the state is forcing him to pay child support.. This kid does not have the money to pursue it through the years of state and federal courts. But rewarding crime is common in some areas of law.
            There are over 27000 laws on the federal books. Many are not enforced strictly so people do not know they exist.

          17. Joyce Clemons says

            Okay, now that is a very very far reach to the outer edge of the bell curve. Not saying such a bizarre case cannot happen, however, RARELY does a state pursue child support unless the child is getting welfare or the mother is a government employee. You do understand that the hole in the law that permits women to get away with sexual harassment has to do with the relative rarity of the crime and the unwillingness of most men to reveal it…as to statutory rape, of a male, who then fathered by that…first off, again..very rare…and the state will watch it’s pocketbook before any other consideration. This story is hardly a good example of cultural norms of 200 years ago. When paternalism was the norm. You can do better. PS…federalism and state reserved powers are imperfect of course. Show me a better system.

          18. cvxxx says

            I am not sure of your point. You are correct in that the state pursues child support much more aggressively when welfare is involved. The state is not interested in right ,wrong or justice just getting money..As far as harassment by women are usually not reported. In the US, a male reporting thus would suffer public disgrace. 200 years ago in the US women could work in mills where as you say paternalism was a norm. (Still a problem is some workplaces.) Social class and wealth would also play a part.
            It does not matte if it is rare only that it exists.

            Look up Hermesmann v. Seyer.

          19. Joyce Clemons says

            I know about the public disgrace because an ugly blonde skank who was the secretary for a homeless shelter, who was to pay the roofers and carpenters repairing it on a govt contract, tried to withhold my handsome blond sexy late husband’s pay check to get him to do her. Poor guy was shaking like a leaf..comes home with no check and no story. Almost cried. Finally told me..then I cried for him. I said, go in there tomorrow and tell her your wife is in the car and she’s going to rip her hair out and she won’t have a job. He said…I’ll just tell her I will report her. That took courage.
            On government and law…it will never be perfect…we all have to back up our peers to seek justice. No more hurray for me and to hell with you. Seek friends with moxie.

          20. cvxxx says

            Most women have the idea that men have no feelings. They are of the opinion that the man should lie there and be thankful some woman took an interest in him.

            But turn that around and listen to howl’s of outrage.

        2. Btty says

          It is not a religion but an ideology! They hide behind religion so they can perpetuate their evil in other countries upon other people. Period!

          1. cvxxx says

            What is the functional difference?

          2. Btty says

            Here it is but I don’t think any answer will be good enough for you.
            Religion vs Ideology

            Religion and Ideology are two terms that are likely to be confused due to the closeness in their meanings and concepts. Religion consists in the belief in a superhuman controlling power especially in a personal God or gods entitled to worship ( Defined by The Concise Oxford Dictionary). In other words religion is the branch of knowledge that deals with the methodology of worship and the praise of God.

            On the other hand ideology deals with the system of ideas at the basis of an economic or political theory. For example the Marxist ideology deals with the system of ideas at the basis of political theory. In other words it may be said that ideology has the basis in either economics or politics. This is the main difference between religion and ideology.

            Religion deals with customs and manners of a particular community in terms of belief in superhuman powers. On the other hand ideology does not deal with customs and manners of a social group in terms of superhuman powers or divinity. It is more political in nature and principles.

            Religion has nothing to do with politics whereas Ideology has a lot to do with politics. This is also an important difference between religion and ideology. Religion has basic texts to follow whereas ideology has basic concepts and principles to follow.

            Religion often develops from founders and religious heads. On the other hand ideology proceeds from political leaders and economic thinkers. Religion is based on beliefs and faiths. On the other hand ideology is based on truths and proofs. Religion does not need proofs to establish the religious truths. It dwells more on logical conclusions. There is no room for logical conclusions in ideology. These are the important differences between religion and ideology.

          3. cvxxx says

            IT is goo as far as it goes. However when we discuss Islam we cannot divorce one from the other. In essence it is a ideology with religious undertones. That makes it very difficult for Western politicians. If it was as easy as labeling it ay as “communism” then people would comprehend.

          4. Joyce Clemons says

            It’s not bad but flawed, for example, Theocracy has EVERYTHING to do with politics. And being religious does not demand theocracy, but a religion-justified ideology may. Islam seems to be inherently theocratic.

          5. Joyce Clemons says

            Ideology most certainly is not always based on truths and proofs. Marxism is an ideology. Racism is a social ideology.

          6. Joyce Clemons says

            Christianity grappled with theocracy but Jesus himself actually addressed it definitively. “MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD”. It’s just that some (maybe most)of his followers were hard headed. But then again, look at the early US…all that fighting to throw off monarchy, and some wanted George Washington to be a King. Let’s face it, people can be wacky.

          7. sandman says

            The only functional difference is btty’s reading skills.

          8. Dane says

            I believe the basic difference, when it applies to most, is that people who believe in God and atheists can find a common ‘meeting of the minds’ with regards to their ‘ideology’.

          9. Joyce Clemons says

            That is particularly true in libertarians and capitalists, I think.

          10. sandman says

            Did you read the part where he said ” the pure religious part is very difficult to separate from the cultures”. That means just about what you said. They are one in the same, except for the fringe, it is a system of beliefs that some say is a religion, and others say an ideology, with a very fine line and one that is hard to separate. You both say the same thing, you use many less words is all.

      3. Barto says

        Sure, I totally believe in our Country being governed using the Constitution as the guide but apparently we have someone in the White House who is a confessed Muslim that doesn’t (Quote: “I believe in my Muslim faith”) therefore it would seem we have some house-cleaning to do and that would be a great place to start, or is he a pal of yours?

      4. Ron Warren says

        Bryant your comment about “concrete” reminds me of one I saw in print several months ago. I don’t think you meant this—–
        ” XXXXX have minds like concrete……thoroughly mixed and hard set.”

      5. sandman says

        Yea next thing you know they will tell you what is bad is good, and what for thousands of years of tradition and values are wrong! Just wake up! when was the last time Christians bombed anything? other than some crazy IRA fools? but that happened all over the world today! and we are told it is ok for same sex marriage? The world is a crazy place right now with up being down, and good being wrong and bad being good, all due to the constant spin of liberal progressives on one hand, and radical muslims on the other! if we could get rid of both the world would be a better place!

        1. Joyce Clemons says

          There’s a good scripture on this..I am sure you can find it…Isaiah 5:20

      6. pmbalele says

        You’re right. A few days ago I wrote on an important mental exercise I have failed to confront. I believe brain-washing an individual is real. I failed to understand why there are racist lawyers, judges, doctors and scientists. These are intellectuals. I expect them to be well informed about their social and political environments. For instance are judges. Judges, should have taken psychology 101, know the law and have been sworn in to decide cases based on the law. Still we find racist White judges who emit harsher sentences to Blacks than to Whites. I know for sure of a judge in Wisconsin. Her name is Judge Barbara Crabb a white female. Despite her law degree, practiced as lawyer and now a judge appointed by Jimmy Carter, she still believes and acts that Blacks are intellectually inferior to her as a white woman. She decides cases based on color of a person before her. She forgot or fakes to forget that White women were regarded as intellectually inferior by White males just 60 years ago. Now she is working with judges appointed by President Obama who is a racial minority. I have no idea how she reacts with them. Are you one of those well-educated but brain-washed to adore racism?

      7. Uzoozy says

        You can assimilate your ass, that is more than you can
        M F, Islam does not infringe anyones lives, X,tains are so shit scared in their religion where 0.01 percent of the population scares them to death
        You go back to Phudisville ans sie.
        Phobic people arenot needed.

      8. Uzoozy says

        Islam loves all do not feel it bcause of your pure christian hate of e everything not Chistian, except the black 0christians whom you hate.
        luckily only 11 million arri ed out of 110 million.
        Cruel people.

        1. Joyce Clemons says

          If God uses vessels of wrath to chasten those He loves, for their long-term well-being, by humbling them into repentance, then he uses, in like manner, painful truths from the mouths of neighbors, whether friend or foe, to rebuke those He wishes not to kill, but redeem. And it goes both ways…Islam does NOT love all religions. That is a lie and a logical impossibility, because Islam is not a vessel of love, neither is it a spirit or a human. Love comes from God, not from any religion. All men are sinners and fall short from the Glory of God. God’s justice must be satisfied, but His Mercy is like none other. He gave his son, His Only Begotten Son, to pay our debt in our place. Under heaven, there is only one Name by whom men might be saved from the wages of sin. That is Christ Jesus, the Son of Man and the son of the Living God. That is my good news, repent, and believe in Jesus, leave your past behind and follow Him, and you shall be saved. If so, the Holy Spirit will enter and provide grace, and cleanse the delusion that enslaves you. This is love. The best love known to any. It is offered here. Your choice. Go in Peace. Amen.

          1. Uzoozy says

            God uses vessels of wrath to guides those He loves, for their long-term well-being, by humbling them into submission, those He wishes not to kill, but redeem. And it goes both ways…Islam loves all religions and always has . That is not a lie and a logical impossibility, because Islam is a vessel of love, . Love comes from God, not from any religion. All men are pious and fall short from the Glory of God. God’s justice must be satisfied, but His Mercy is like none other. He gave Jesus the son of Mary , His Only favorite son, do miracles on behalf of God Himself . Because Jesus could not do anything on his own Under heaven, there is only one God by whom men/women might be saved from the ravages of hell. and the prophet of God. That is my good news, repent, and believe in God, leave your past behind and follow Him, and you shall be saved. If so, the blessings will enter and provide grace, and cleanse the delusion that enslaves you. This is love. The best is God’s love known to any. It is offered here. Your choice. Go in Peace. Amen.

          2. Joyce Clemons says

            But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Who?

          3. Uzoozy says

            The Peking Duck

    3. Yadja says

      In America O won’t allow it.

    4. Shauna says

      Well said!

    5. Btty says

      Now, if only our own country would heed your advice! 😉

    6. Uzoozy says

      Paranoia is the word, at 0.01 percent of Muslims population , just anti Islam phobia.’
      Hate does not lead anyone.
      Take care

      1. Joyce Clemons says

        Let’s talk about the Muslims running people out of France and setting up 751 mini-states.In France, threatening the very sovereignty of the nation by design. That, sir, is sedition. Muslims are 6.2% of the French counted population. Russia, 14%. Sounds like critical mass as a Stage IV cancer for them. Tell you what…when it comes to cancer, we who are not of the Stone Age like early detection…Take your Taqiyya and peddle it somewhere else, we’ll all stocked up here.

        1. Uzoozy says

          You are delusioned and seems to be halucinating.
          Nothing Melatonin will not solve. Xtsins are scum of the world, inciting the world by killing milions

    7. Joe T says


    8. edward martis says

      agreed—–I lived in At Taif (near Mecca) for 2 1/2 yrs…..It was like living In an ‘insane asylum”…..goat/sheep screwing was the norm—-imagine looking down from my chev. Blazer; while driving and seeing oral sex between 2 Saudi men at 80 mph (bare minimum speeds)–I used to see this constantly—women are treated like “livestock”/ ‘breeding stock”—any thing you want; guns, drugs (of all kinds) and SLAVES (most are captured or kidnapped from the Horn of Africa—Christian black men/women are sold publically—most, as result of the endless Christian VS. Muslim wars there; Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti—–these scum will spit on your laws and values and then deficate on them …………..these folks will do their best to fuck up any country the may be “invited’ into————they are like bed-bugs invading Europe——-see what they have done to the UK, Germany and France (especially Paris / Marsille (sp)–so far——Spain boots out as many as they can; last I heard(they slime into Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar) Holland has a hell of a crime problem with them; especially Amsterdam——-I had Saudi/ Bahraini Warrant Officer students (Royal Saudi Air Force/ Bahraini Emiri Defence Force) who were great guys—-the Bahraini guys couldn’t WAIT to go back to Bahrain—–and get the fuck out of At Taif (Hawiyah)—–Any bad thing you could ever think of; apply it to muslim-nosepickers en masse———believe me; I know these people only TOO WELL !!!! lastly; the going price for an 18 yr black Sudanese girl was 2200 to 3000 Saudi Riyals ($600 to $800)——enjoy

  3. Ronney says


  4. Chris Robinette says

    Churchhill also warned everyone about them as well.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      John Adams didn’t think highly of the Muslims either. I think both men knew you can’t have a backwards group, in a modern world, because they FEAR MODERN Changes. That holds society back as a whole…………

      1. Bryant Hill says

        Same with Socialism, Communism, Fascism.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          If you notice by your words ISM’s are bad, and I agree. Sometimes I wonder about capitalISM. But I like my money……..

          1. Ron Warren says

            Free enterprise is the finest economic system ever devised by mankind. An individual’s progress and returns are based on the amount of energy and ingenuity she/he puts into an endeavor. Yes there are risks. So what! That’s life. A system that removes rewards for excellence is one that eventually rewards laziness. We have some today who support the idea that everybody should win a lottery; even those who never bought a ticket in order to level the playing field and make it “fair.” They are the ultra Leftists.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            So far it is. We have seen communism fail. Yea all that “Fair” stuff, like the Fair Tax is nothing more than wealth redistribution.

          3. sandman says

            wowowo! how can you say fair tax is wealth distribution? it is just the opposite! The was the tax codes are now is wealth distribution in more ways than one! One to those with the means to :level” the field, and one for those with nothing to loose! If there were a fair tax, then everyone would be paying the very same % of their income in taxes! But everything up to here has been right one the money so to speak Mark!

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Mr. Sandman,
            Where did you learn to wright English? Please clean up your post, but I get what you say. You have FAIR TAX confused with FLAT TAX. Here’s the basic differences:
            FLAT TAX- Is a set percentage of income to be taxed. Most people like 10% or less.
            (I’m all for this, if the 10% or less tax could not be raised for 50 years)
            FAIR TAX- Will eliminate the IRS and replace them w/50 state tax collection agencies (bad idea, one collection agency is more than enough)
            Replace income tax with a 23% FEDERAL SALES TAX, on top of our State Sales Tax. Every purchase, every time. Here in Tennessee that would be 33% on the dollar. Even for stuff like Dr. visits. Big Biz (companies w/over 1,000 employees would be exempt. ). I think this is the worst taxation idea ever. It’s like a tariff, that skips the importer, and becomes the consumers burden. UNFAIR TAX is more like it. The Tea Party likes this taxation scheme.
            Like Affordable Health Care does not make health care affordable, Fair Tax does not make taxation any more fair for the average tax payer. All Government programs or ideas usually do the opposite of the programs name.
            I hope I cleared this up for you. Supporting Fair Tax would of been a big mistake for you.

          5. sandman says

            What I would support would be a set % for everyone! With the one exception of being able to keep the mortgage interest deduction! for a primary res. for a value of say under 500K. thanks for the distinction.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Then you’re a supporter of a FLAT TAX, not the FAIR TAX. I think all house interest should be a tax deduction. The bigger the house, the more people to build it. I’m glad I cleared this tax stuff for you, you almost gave support for the wrong program………

          7. cvxxx says

            That is PCism. But when a kid gets a prize for just showing up what value are we instilling?

    2. Paula says

      We’ve been warned for ages but we didn’t listen.

      (c. 1790) By Alexis de Tocqueville. “I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. As far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world, and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion infinitely more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.”

      1. Ron Warren says

        Mega posthumous kudos to Tocqueville. Radical Islam is the perfect representation of decadence in ideology.

        1. Joyce Clemons says

          Read anything of DeToqueville you can get your hands on, it will help in many ways. That includes the constructive criticism of America.

    3. Yadja says

      Amen indeed he did an was prophetic enough to say that someday they may conquer Europe and the West.

    4. Ron Warren says

      Is that why O. sent the bust of Churchill back to England? That bust belongs to We the People, not to Barry Story, aka Barack Hussein Obama. So why did this scumbag, lowlife Impostor-in Chief, born in Kenya, return the gift of the English people. IT WAS NOT GIVEN TO HIM! He is not an American. BHO should be arrested, jailed then made to stand trial for impersonating an American and anything else that has been discovered that is illegal for an undocumented person.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Whats the Big BO gonna do w/Adams’ portrait?

        1. sandman says

          Have a “Beer Summit” under it? after leaving the links?

      2. Chris Robinette says

        Now you understand who and what he is.

  5. elmcqueen3 says

    Merkel is a smart woman…She grew up in East Germany under Communist control…Therefore I can understand her phiposophy…Sadly like so many of our politicians she has allowed the “political correctness” attitude’s of the left to sway her good sense and responsibility towards the German citizenry…She should well listen to what the Australians have to say on this subject as they are not so kind towards those who believe “Islamation” is a just cause nor should Sharia Law be allowed to flourish within their nation…Which is exactly what is going to happen to Germany and or Europe if their political leaders are reluctant to stand up against “Islamation” as demanded by those displaced Muslims who have since been allowed to entered their country while insisting Sharia Law be condoned and accepted by those nations who have given them the comforts of a new home and a life to live freely…Apparently Thank You’s are to be scourned by Muslims who do not relish the German culture nor their graciousness as a host country!

    1. Pamela Craghill says

      Kevin Rudd, a former Prime Minister of Australia wrote a speech to them which was absolutely what should be happening to these people who come to countries and then want to change the rules of that country. One thing he said was, “If you don’t like our ways and are not happy, you can leave. No one is keeping you here and you know where the airport is” There is so much more to it, but it is time all other leaders adopted his attitude to them. Let them know it is our way or no way. It is our countries they are invading and I didn’t ask them to come.

    2. emag says

      About 2 years ago, Merkel made the statement that multi culturism does not work. Something happened to her in the meantime. My guess is NWO got a hold of her. Too bad, because this is a woman of intelligence and common sense. That’s why Germany is / was doing so well. That will soon end. Germany is a small quaint and clean country, once they are taken over by this influx of Islam, its over.
      The Germans want to import workers from the Eastern Block, people who have the same basic culture and religion as the Germans, not more Muslems.

      1. cvxxx says

        That too is under fire. Eastern European workers never had it so good and to advanced government services have drained the German treasury. The other problem is 19th century economics. !st world nations are on the cusp of new technologies that will change the need for unskilled labor. But the European refugee problem still will doom them, They need to be forth wright that it is their culture or the highway.

  6. Einar_Petersen says

    There is no other so-called “Religion” which dictates, promotes, and/or otherwise supports the Torture, Murder, Beheading, and other atrocities against those who refuse to accept and encompass their teachings, other than Islam.

    That, being the case, ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION! IT IS A CULT, and it makes no difference how many members and/or followers it claims, it should be stripped of, and denied ALL, the Protection and/or Benefits as described under the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution.

    1. Yadja says

      Got a site you will lkie.

      Shows the differences between Muhammad’s teachings and Jesus, difference in Bible and Qur’an etc. Excellent source for arguing with Muslims.

      Not to mention they always say Allah is the same God as that of Christians and Jews but just can’t seem to explain if that is so why a new prophet and a new book and why do Muslims kill those who don’t convert.

      They have no answer.

      1. Einar_Petersen says

        Ignorance is rampant among the uneducated.

        1. Yadja says

          As evidenced that O is still in office.

          1. Einar_Petersen says

            An Astute Observation…!

  7. Ronney says

    Ok I am the dumb ass here please enlighten me what is the difference between a Jew and Muslim.

    1. Paula says

      Are you serious?

      1. Ronney says

        Yes I am serious or I wouldn’t have ask,

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Here’s the muslim side of things. I think there’s a big difference.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      The Head Gear……. LoL
      Jews wear hats
      Muslims wear towels

    3. Yadja says

      Shows differences between Christianity and Islam, Jesus and Muhammad and since Christianity based on Judaism you can see for yourself.

      If Jews were identical to Muslims, Muslims would not want their demise.

    4. Joyce Clemons says

      There’s no shame in not knowing, it just means you’ve been minding your own business, but it is something Americans must learn now in order to protect our liberty. I will pray that you find very good, succinct, manageable reading resources that suffice your need. Father God, please supply his need. Amen.

      1. Ronney says

        Thank you I been reading a lot the last couple days on this subject. Totally unbelievable to me. But when it is all put together with the Illuminati in todays society I am not at all surprised. This shit is deep, and I never realized it was so hard to be a True Christian. Especially being a former Vietnam Marine my mind wants to kill them all, burn their Koran’s, And on the other side of the coin my god tells me to pray for them. I am torn, I love my country and family, but I also love my god, the father son, and Holy Ghost.

  8. fred says

    When I had an argument over religion with a Muslim in college years ago, I knew these people were just here for themselves and would be nothing but problems for us! Deport them all, they have nothing to offer us but more misery and death, because they honestly hate all Christians and other religions, just like their criminal founder taught them! Out with all of them, we can do much better with an environment where we get along with people of any other faith but Mohammed ism, that goes for anyone wanting to return to Africa also, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$!

    1. joe wilsom says

      Those muslims (or at least most of them) that have scattered to other countries around the world that are not blowing up things or are sleeper cells that have not “acted” as of yet, but follow the Koran, are “breeders”. People who are sympathetic to muslims try to say that they are here for a better life and live the American dream. REALLY? Then why are they bringing their culture here and doing their best to change the American culture into the culture they “ran away from” (wanting sharia law)? It seems to me that those not doing acts of terrorism are trying to populate whatever countries they have fled to until they are the majority and they can either vote in politicians sympathetic to the muslim cause or “strong arm” the politicians by majority numbers. My money is not placed on the belief that they are here to live the life long dream of driving a cab or working the counter of a kwiki-mart!

  9. Pamela Craghill says

    Germany did not like the Jews, because they lived together in their own communes. Would not use German banks and kept their money secret. The Muslims are no different. They do not want to mix with the people of the country they have come to. They want their ways practiced in Christian countries. They are not the sort of people make friends with, as they are completely different in their thinking. Who wants to be with people who treat women like slaves, make them cover up all over and are not even allowed to smile at another man. They are so backward in their ways and are practically Neanderthal. We will never mix with them, so we need them out of our countries.

  10. ONTHE WALL says

    Immolate all muslims. They tell everyone else who will listen they want everyone else in the entire world to be a muslim and strictly follow islam rules OR THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT COMPLY. Can you all out there understand this!

  11. b glad says

    Intolerance for anything that would change the established constitution of a nation is in order. That is exactly what Muslims have attempted to do no matter where they have gone. The reason they are migrating to free countries is because their religion does not allow freedom and they are trying to escape themselves. Any free nation would be wise in closing their borders to them, or anyone for that matter, who are not willing to fully assimilate. Unfortunately, in America, we have leadership that hates freedom and the values for which this nation was founded and has been known for.

  12. Bryant Hill says

    Islam is neither a cult nor a religion rather an Ideology.

    See definition : Ideology

    1. Yadja says

      Please check out

      Shows the differences between Islam and Christianity, Muhammad and Jesus etc.

  13. papa doug says

    PLEASE STOP CALLING ISLAM A RELIGION, IT IS NOT! to do so gives it a validity it should never have. Islam is a cult, a belief system, an ideology of fear, hate, torture and murder under a guise of religion and peace. Their underlying law is that everyone who is not muslim must die. Of all religions on earth none preach that. Islam is pure racism not unlike the Nazis and to give it any credence or validity at all is just crazy!

    1. Yadja says

      Please see

      Excellent site that shows explicitly the difference between Islam and Christianity and the Qur’an and the Bible along with Muhammad and Jesus.

      1. mallen11 says

        I checked the site out and it is VERY helpful. I do disagree that the disciples lived like hippies because their former religion of Judaism was one of cleanliness as taught in the Law and they would have continued that tradition. They may have been without the best comforts but many were also very wealthy who helped them like Priscilla and other Greek peoples who became believers. Thanks again for the site.

        1. Yadja says

          Agreed. Welcome.

      2. Joyce Clemons says

        I read that and it was real real good, thanks.

        1. Yadja says

          Your welcome “) please feel free to pass it on the more people understand what Islam is the better off this world would be. PC has choked the common sense out of the world.

          Since coming home from this war I have tried using every method I knew how, to fight CAIR and to get the truth about this enemy out. I have had my life threatened by Muslims and I took it seriously after they killed the Coptic I spoke with on an International show called Pal Talk. His name was Hassam Armanious and you can Google Coptic who spoke on Pal Talk killed in New Jersey. He and his entire family were killed by convicts who had converted to Islam in prison.

          Islam must be faced head on and with what is happening in France, due to their appeasing and pleasing, giving Muslims entire cities to occupy and allowing them to practice Sharia Law, they are paying the price. Let the world have a heads up on this because this is Islam and they are Dividing and Conquering in France.

          Americans are armed, that makes a huge difference to them. But the 2nd Amendment is going nowhere with Americans seeing this and anyone who even mentions gun control will be Black Balled.

    2. David C Kelder says

      papa doug
      I disagree.

      Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion
      articulated by the Qur’an, a book considered by its adherents to be the
      verbatim word of God, and by the teachings and normative example of
      Muhammad, considered by them to be the last prophet of God.

      Cult a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
      Islam fails the cult definition because it is not a small group.

      1. Ron Warren says

        Keller you really missed the point. Are you an American citizen? Common sense prevails here, not academic mental masturbation.

        1. David C Kelder says

          To bad my adherence to the truth is in conflict with your myopic view of the world. Remember that Christians, Jews, and Muslims all trace their history back to Abraham. We, as Christians feel that the Muslims have gone down a wrong path. Many Jews feel the same way about Christians 26# of the worlds population is Muslim ( about 1.6 billion). To call them a cult is disingenuous and dangerous. We must unite to oppose the radical Muslims and their self proclaimed prophet. There were and still are many atrocities committed by people calling themselves Christians. To play games with semantics and call Islam a cult is counter productive. The tactics to oppose a cult are different from those necessary to defeat a religion with 1.6 billion adherents.

          1. Joyce Clemons says

            I’m all for tactics, but what’s needed is strategy first, and in order to have sound strategy, we must rely on God’s grace. Tactics are human efforts, and our ways aren’t His ways. If it weren’t for sheer size, Islam has all the hallmarks of a death cult. And since it is warring within, my prayer is that God allows it to prioritize self-digestion or internal cleansing, while thinking it is purifying itself for battle with the “infidels”…according to Choudary, about 73% of his co-religionists are apostates who deserve to die…I say, good, let that dwindle the numbers, may they kill off the excess. and we can then deal with the remnant. That is my prayer…God…make inward purification Islam’s first temporal priority, and restrain us from messing up their inclinations.

          2. Joyce Clemons says

            But they will be done, Father, not mine…Amen.

          3. David C Kelder says

            Joyce Do you believe that Anjem Choudary knows what he says? And do you believe that he always tells the truth? Do you believe that 73% of Muslims want to die? I agree with you pointing out that tactics should only follow strategy. Poor choice of words on my part. The strategy for dealing with a cult is different from the strategy for dealing with a misguided religion. Know you enemy.

          4. Joyce Clemons says

            I agree Anjem Choudary is a ridiculous jack ass and a liar..but he is also the most “prominent” non-cleric Islamic extremist voice in a nation (UK) that we all need to be watching. Of course 73% of Muslims don’t want to die because they aren’t “Muslim enough” to suit this cabbage-head. Nor will they, but I think we can count on this 1.6 billion to self-cannibalize at a higher rate than normal people. (Of course, they also breed at a higher rate, and proselytize with peculiar zeal. ) I have no problem asking God to suppress their birth rate and increase their self-destructive inclinations while protecting innocent Christians, and holding Jews in his better regard…and the peaceful among the Hindus and all other faiths out of their juggernaut path. Please Lord, we need this help. As with Statists everywhere, they have ideas that are so bad, it takes the force of the sword to convince. I’m not too proud to beg Providence. George Washington did, I will also.

          5. David C Kelder says

            Joyce This is a better explanation of of what you believe. I believe we should erradicate the extremeists and pray for the enlightenment of the rest.

    3. Ron Warren says

      Perfect papa doug. Well stated. Rats should never be welcomed or allowed in the storehouses.

  14. 4b4mac says

    There is much more to the acceptance of Muslims/Islam into western countries than “sympathy”. It defies any need or reason as to why “officials” are welcoming these people. To call the German people intolerant as compared to Islamic practices is simply outrageous! Does anyone out there know the actual agenda of western “leaders” as they are treasonous to our culture – indeed to the gutting of our very nations? In the case of Europe, could it be a threat of loss of mid-eastern Petrol – of a form of blackmail? The reaction to the invasion by Muslims in Germany is quite different than Hitler’s assault of Jews. Let no one convince you otherwise. The madness has always been destined to boil over in Europe. All has been a matter of how much abuse the citizens will tolerate. Hopefully Germans will provide the lead for the rest. Uprising will come to us in time – on more fronts than only the Muslim matter.

    1. mallen11 says

      The official in OUR WH is welcoming them with full numbers. The sooner they inbreed into our society and culture the sooner they will be able to take over our country. Their mosques are havens for tyranny training against our country along with their cultural centers. They will never “fit in” and will never accept our way of life; they only want us to accept their ways. Our country is being defeated from within because our Christian values are no longer taught in our churches; only tolerance that will get us killed. Yes, we are to love our neighbor but we are also to protect our homes and give flight to our enemies.
      Luke 11:21 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own homestead, his possessions are undisturbed.
      Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them … he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
      NOTE: Jesus did not tell His disciples to register their swords with the government.
      Matthew 24:43 …if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.
      Jesus commanded His disciples to purchase weapons:
      1Timothy 5:8…if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

  15. Patriot47 says

    The final Crusade is coming.

    1. Ron Warren says

      And the Creator of Heaven and the Earth will be the Leader. We are in the End Times. He will ride a white horse with the Armies of Heaven following. So disbelievers and athiests have fun with that one. It’s in the Book.

  16. Ronney says

    Thank you sir, I just spent an hour enlightening myself, I guess I never really understood some of the old testament until now.

  17. Ronney says

    I think I am going to need more bullets

  18. RMCSRET says

    As I have stated before Merkel needs to explain to the People of Germany exactly what benefit they are
    getting for their country by letting hundreds of thousands of muslims into their country. Then let the
    German people decide.

  19. Yadja says

    I lived in Europe for 3.5 years and the Germans hate the Turks, Muslims. When you land in Frankfurt all you see is Haji. the Muslims own Frankfurt and the Turks have notorious gangs. The Germans have a huge Muslim problem and good for them that they are going to address it.

    In Belgium the Muslims have taken over the churches in Brussels. It was so horrible when I visited there I was not going to go further. But glad I did went to Gent and other medieval cities.

    France every year has about 1500 police injured in going into Muslim only areas. On New Year every year Muslims burn thousands of cars. The Muslims actually own certain towns in France.

    Sweden, Switzerland, both have Muslim problems and rapes are up.

    England is overflowing with Muslim problems and they are addressing it.

    Denmark has long been under attack by Muslims. The problem with Muslims is so great in Europe the EU was considering limiting immigration of Muslims.

    Russia had it’s biggest demonstration ever and it was against Muslims.

    Australia huge Muslim problems they even were responsible for burning down forests in Australia.

    They are a rot that is a fungus among us that will take, once again the world coming together to put them back into their cages.

    1. Fedup says

      The following is happening all over Europe and even in some US cities:

      In Sweden, which has some of the most liberal immigration laws in
      Europe, large swaths of the southern city of Malmö – which is more than 25%
      Muslim – are “no-go” zones for non-Muslims. Fire and emergency
      workers, for example, refuse to enter Malmö’s mostly Muslim Rosengaard district
      without police escorts. The male unemployment rate in Rosengaard is estimated
      to be above 80%. When fire fighters attempted to put out a fire at Malmö’s main mosque, they were attacked by stone throwers.

      In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Muslim youth have been hurling petrol bombs at police cars. In the city’s Angered district, where more
      than 15 police cars have been destroyed, teenagers have also been pointing
      green lasers at the eyes of police officers, some of whom have been temporarily

      In Gothenburg’s Backa district, youth have been throwing stones at
      patrolling officers. Gothenburg police have also been struggling to deal with
      the problem of Muslim teenagers burning cars and attacking emergency services
      in several areas of the city.

      According to the Malmö-based Imam Adly Abu Hajar: “Sweden is the best Islamic state.”

      1. Yadja says

        Sweden has long stayed out of every war and claimed neutrality.

        Just deserts I would say.

        Stand for something or fall.

        1. Fedup says

          Very true but the sad thing is that they are establishing these “no-go zones” in areas throughout our own country. From what I understand, they hope to “connect” these communities. Scary thought.

          1. Yadja says

            One good thing is they are all in one place.

            Fine easy to set the bombs off in and easy to kill them.

          2. Fedup says

            I like the way you think! 🙂

          3. Yadja says

            Know thy enemy as if thyself and conquer and destroy. Don’t take anything for granted and everything that relates to victory for granted.

  20. Ronney says

    Thank you

  21. Ronney says

    Hay Yadja, you better think again that asshole has 75,000 Muslims on their way here right now.

  22. Patrick Thomas says

    They should do a Hitler on Muslims. Open up the gas chambers again.

  23. ONLYJB1 says

    The day is coming that people all over the world will regret the acceptance of these people! Until you have fought these people, one on one, you will never understand exactly who or what they are!
    Yes, there are different kinds of muslims, but there is one thing that holds them all together! Qur’an!
    From the first day of their birth this belief is beaten into their heads! There are no if’s, and’s or but’s! There is only one thing. The muslim faith is the only one. All others WILL BE eliminated! Notice the words WILL Be ELIMINATED! Most people don’t understand the word Caliphate. Look it up and understand, because this is so important! My Promise! The day is rapidly approaching to the call of jihad! Once this happens, millions will be murdered! Why? The teachings of the Qur’an that if the people will not convert to the religion of islam, then they will be eliminated! WAKE UP WORLD! WAKE UP AMERICA! If nothing is done now, we will fight these individuals on our own soils!

    1. mallen11 says

      The only way to fight this onslaught of muslim hatred toward all people is for more people to turn to God, learn His ways and apply them to their lives. When we have a larger number of Bible believing Christians then God will heal our Land and He will deal with the muslims. God keeps His Word.
      Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD,” Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD.
      Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.
      II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. (When we do this, God will deal with our problems)

  24. Marilyn Stern says

    Islam – a religion that touts the destruction of all other religion’s, led by a blind hatred of Jews, makes racism look like child’s play..

    1. Ron Warren says

      Islam is an ideology of the Devil, Satan. Its concepts were stolen from Hebrew Scriptures with name and word changes and ideas bent to make it fit a twisted version with a new name and invented by a businessman to enhance his balance sheet.

  25. Ronney says

    Thank you mac12sam12
    I know I am no expert on Islam, but what I do know it is not a religion it is a very dangerous cult. They try and push their cult by any means necessary for their cause. Murder, rape, even killing their own family means nothing to them. So believe this Islam this is one Marine you are not going to intimidate, come to my neighborhood, and I will show you a wrath you can not even comprehend. Just think about trying to intimidate one of my fellow Christians and you will wish to god you never sat foot on American soil. And if you even think about indoctrinating any youth in my neighborhood, well lets put it this way God would have mercy, I will not.

    1. Ron Warren says

      Thanks Ronney. I love it. I tip my lance to all law abiding, Constitution supporting God loving Marines.

    2. TexasStomp says

      Thank you for your service, Ronney.

      Semper Fi

    3. sgthwjack says


      1. TexasStomp says

        OOO RAH!

  26. stephanie wilson says

    i’d say europe’s major problem is political correctness. it’s gone too far

  27. adrianvance says

    The only “racists” in this country are “black.” I certainly mean them no ill, never have and never will.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  28. Shauna says

    So, I wonder what would happen if Western culture, flooded the middle east and demand they adhere to our way? yeah, I thought so…..They either tolerate our way or hit the highway..I’m done feeling sorry for anyone who doesn’t tolerate others beliefs and such…live and let live or get out.

  29. Ronney says


  30. Taking care of business! says

    Seems we’ve a guest from the planet Ragon.

  31. Ronney says

    Uzoozy you are a fucking idiot, and trust me if I knew where to find you, I would show you some Christian wrath These people couldn’t have came from Abraham because he believed in the one and only true god. Not some man made doctrine that these idiots believe in. No Christianity is not gone but it gets stronger everyday. And their is no bible except a King James original version. Tell you what I just wiped my ass with your Koran, and what I couldn’t flush I burnt.

  32. Mark Clemens says

    Does anybody else see the IRONY here?
    The Nazis tried to genocide the Jews in order to “Cleanse” the Dochland in the 1930’s.
    Today Germany’s has the same problem with the enemy of the Jews. Will we allow genocide this go around?

  33. lha says

    Read Winston Churchill’s first-hand observations of muslim life and “culture”. He was a reporter in the early 1900s and went all over the British kingdom reporting about conditions.

  34. Joe T says


    IF THEY (muslims) believe the Quran/Koran……and you do NOT……you should be killed or dead as for as they are concerned. 4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.3.85: And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers…..from the QURAN!

    KEEP BELIEVING THEY ARE PEACEFUL…..8.12: When your Lord revealed to the angels:

    I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off (behead) their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

  35. Joe T says

    IF THEY (muslins) believe the Quran/Koran……and you do NOT……you should be killed or dead as for as they are concerned. 4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.3.85: And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers…..from the QURAN!

    KEEP BELIEVING THEY ARE PEACEFUL…..8.12: When your Lord revealed to the angels:

    I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off (behead) their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. RIGHT

    2015 Jan 07……’s news

    PARIS—Three masked gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar!” stormed the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper Wednesday, killing 12 people, including its editor, before escaping in a car. It was France’s deadliest postwar terrorist attack.

    Security forces were hunting for the gunmen who spoke flawless, unaccented French in the military-style noon-time attack on the weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, located near Paris’ Bastille monument. The publication’s caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed have frequently drawn condemnation from Muslims.

    President Francois Hollande called the slayings “a terrorist attack without a doubt,” and said several other attacks have been thwarted in France “in recent weeks.”

  36. Lorraine E says

    It isn’t surprising that Merkel will do all she can to advance the spread of muslims. She, like all world leaders, takes her orders from the faceless, nameless people who control the world. Muslims always have and always will create havoc and wars because it is their religion/government doctrine to advance their religion/government throughout the world and everyone must submit to them and become a muslim, be reduced to a second class citizen and pay them excessive taxes, or be put to death. That does not sound like a religion/form of government which seeks inclusion but rather a religion/government which wishes to establish a one world caliphate and eliminate all people who do not belong to the caliphate.
    By forcing their people to accept the advance of the muslims throughout their country the appointed leaders are assuring that wars will follow, the industrial military industry will increase in size, people will be killed and murdered, more money will flow into the coffers of the world leaders and they will gain more power over the masses.
    Muslims are being used, financed, and encouraged by the real rulers of the world, just as they used the Nazis, to create wars, cause death and destruction, and amass greater wealth and thereby control over all of the people on the planet.
    If Merkel did do what she is ordered to do, the real world leaders would JFK her.

  37. John R. says

    Radical muslims want to kill all Jews, Americans , all none muslims. Moderate muslims waiting to take over all the countries . Read what the koran says about non-muslims.

  38. Joe T says



    IF THEY (muslins) believe the Qur’an/Koran……and you do NOT……you should be killed or dead as for as they are concerned. 4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.3.85: And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers…..from the Qur’an.

    KEEP BELIEVING THEY ARE PEACEFUL…..8.12: When your Lord revealed to the angels:

    I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off (behead) their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    The Qur’an was an oral text throughout the lifetime of Muhammad; it was also a fluid text. The complete text resided only in the memories of Muhammad and his followers. As he added verses and reorganized the text, his followers would re-memorize the text in the light of the additions or edits. This means that the Qur’an was a living text during the lifetime of Muhammad. Certain verses revealed to Muhammad were later repudiated by him as “satanic” verses revealed not by Gabriel but by Satan. These verses were expunged from the text that so many had memorized.
    It’s plain to see Barack Hussein Obama has loyalties to this ideology that he can’t hide. It’s self-evident for many reasons; one of which is that he clearly avoids (refuses) to call the terrorists by their identity of followers of Islamic teachings, proven by the Qur’an (Koran) to be VIOLENT. For Manchurian* Candidate substitute the word Muslim.* This is occurring world wide at a rapid rate, due to verbiage changes by current covert leaders.The world is on fire (chaos) reflect on Paris murders….Veritas!

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