IRS Will Levy Penalties of up to $12,240 for Uninsured Americans


Ostensibly, Obamacare was created to help Americans without health insurance. The purpose – as stated – was to get everyone in America insured. To lighten the burden on taxpayers (ha!). To cut through the endless bureaucracy of the healthcare system by putting the infallible government in charge. Because, of course, nothing can be done right when greedy health insurance companies are running the show. We must depend on our benevolent leaders to make sure everything is fair for all Americans.

Well, reports released Thursday by the IRS show just how fair the system is going to be to those people who fail to get insured by 2015. According to the IRS, individuals who aren’t insured by the time taxes roll around next year will be fined a maximum of $2,448. Take a moment and let that number sink in before we hit you with the whopper. Sitting down? Okay. A family of five can be fined up to $12,240 if they do not get health insurance this year. Wow, that should really get the economy moving!

Never mind the fact that the IRS is being increasingly exposed as an immoral, unethical wing of the Obama administration, playing out his agenda as they look for right-wing organizations to audit. And never mind that these penalties are meant only for the rich – incomes above $244,800 for individuals and $1.2 million for those families of five. That’s a smokescreen. The point here isn’t the dollar amount but the percentage. A fine of $3,000 may not be that tough to swallow for someone making mid-six figures, but a 1% fine of annual income hits those making less money exceptionally hard.

Many middle class individuals and families look forward to tax time because they count on the refunds they receive to make it through the year. Those refunds can be used to catch up on bills, save up for a vacation, or put money aside for a nice Christmas. When, instead, the money flows in the other direction and these people have to pay the government a fine for being uninsured, you’re going to see a lot of unhappy Americans.

Remember the Bush incentives? The $300 middle-class Americans got in the mid-2000s? That $300 might not have seemed like much to those with high-paying careers, but they meant the world to families just scraping by. The dems claim to be the party of the poor – and the voters certainly seem to buy it – but these insurance penalties show otherwise.

Of course, a D.C. circuit court this week ruled that the tax incentives inherent in Obamacare may not be applicable in the 34 states still using the federal exchange. So, unless this ruling is overturned or more states create their own exchanges, it’s possible that these fines will never actually materialize. Still, the mere fact that the federal government is planning to penalize those who can’t afford health insurance paints a clear picture of an administration out of control. Let’s hope voters see the truth as they consider the 2016 election.

  1. zoehoney says

    Criminal simply criminal. The IRS needs to be abolished they are total CROOKS. Watch the trial on the Lois Lerner and you will come to find out what total crooks and sheer liars they are. GOD SAVE US ALL.

    1. EHeassler_USNRet says

      Agreed, the IRS is out of control and as part of the obama administration, is now a criminal enterprise. They didn’t do it on their own; they have the encouragement and blessing of obama and his consigliere, Valerie Jarrett. They should be charged and prosecuted for their crimes as well as those doing their bidding within the IRS.

      1. dmttbt says

        This is what organized crime looks like.

        1. Richard Tebaldi says

          NOT true! Organized Crime works! Especially in this administrations time! White collar crime abounds. “Sigtarp allows a banker to steal 50 million dollars, and we put him in jail for 5 years. That means he is “Paid” 10 million dollars a year ASSUMING he serves the 5 years. GOOD MOVE “JUSTICE” SYSTEM! WTF?

          1. Ddenney1 says

            You can steal more money with a suit case than a gun and get away more often!! Ask any lawyer! AND the majority in the congress are WHAT???

          2. jimwilson81 says

            The majority of Congress are very wealthy no matter what party.

          3. Mike Straw says

            Hell, the ones that make the laws don’t live like us. They and the rich (who influence all laws) don’t live as they preach, that’s for sure. Look at the Kennedy’s, yes, I brought up that lying, cheating and corrupt family again, they preach liberalism, yet they DO NOT in any way, shape or form live a liberal live style. How many interracial marriages exist in their families? How many non-whites have been adopted? How small is their carbon footprint they leave?
            That’s only the Kennedy’s I pointed out. They’re one of the easiest, but look at the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Kerry’s, etc., etc., etc…..I could go on and on and on.
            My point is that the politicians, except of course that LIBTARD Mayor of NYC, and the wealthy live way above the standards they enforce us too! Hell they only take pics with minorities as photo ops!
            I’m no liberal by no means, hell, far from it. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all! DISGUSTING!

          4. rosieb47 says

            True! They go to Washington dead broke and within a few 3 or 4 years, they are millionaires. The IRS needs to go. They are crooks They lose documents, haven’t paid their own income tax and yet they are out to get us. How could they charge, and get away with it, so much to uninsured people???

          5. michaelcain says

            But that is how they will have enough money to pay all of us that have remained fully insured for all this turmoil. a fat check of $ 24,240.00 will come in handy for my vacation on my retirement time.

          6. Dealerdeb1 says

            most of the Democrats ARE lawyers

          7. 1commonjoe says

            OR in Obamas case X-Lawyer.

          8. Dealerdeb1 says

            We don’t know anything about that any more than we know anything about him except he’s a Muslim Communist lite

          9. Steve Thomas says

            The vast majority of democrats are lawyers. Not true of Republicans.

          10. Desiree Seifert says

            Big deal, and you’re point?

          11. Judy says

            All lawyers are crooks. Which makes the demons crooks.

          12. jillocity says

            not true…ACLJ and JW are attorneys, working for Americans, both here and in other countries, who are being abused by their governments

          13. dinkerduo says

            I think you have the ACLU all wrong lady—they are some of the worst people on
            the planet! They do very little in the way of good for the little people!

          14. jillocity says

            i did not comment A C L U, i commented A C L J and J W…please reread

          15. dinkerduo says

            oooooops—–my mistake 🙂 —you’re right about those groups—thank goodness!

          16. jillocity says

            easy mistake to make when the letters are close together 🙂

          17. Dealerdeb1 says

            They are radical lefties

          18. Dealerdeb1 says

            Not all lawyers are crooks some are very sincere on upholding the Laws of the land AND the Constitution like TREY GOWDY

          19. Durango 35 says

            Dealerdeb1 Yes I agree, but he is the exception to the rule. For most lawyers it is to win their case at all costs. It is not the application of the law, i.e. the fair application of the law.

          20. Dealerdeb1 says

            Actually I have a great lawyer. Has a lot of integrity

          21. Dealerdeb1 says

            The point is these are not people who want to UPHOLD the law they are trained to MANIPULATE It. “What’s the deinition of “IS” Remember SLick Willie on that one?

          22. icallBS says


          23. Durango 35 says

            To be a lawyer and to be honest is a contradiction in terms. Laws are made to keep lawyers in bread and butter.

          24. Dealerdeb1 says

            That is a fact

          25. mac12sam12 says

            Lawyers are buzzards flying lazy circles over a dying animal. Sound like the democrats?

          26. jimwilson81 says

            Can you name any Republican who doesn’t know something about the law? Many do have degrees in law, which would make them lawyers. Trent Lott as soon as he had his degree went into politics instead of working as a lawyer.

          27. omegaman says

            Good one Ddenney1

          28. John says

            Most are attorneys, further reason why not to trust them.

          29. Lyle Miller says

            Any lawyer’s first obligation is to the court…period. Even if it’s the dream team lawyer packaged defense attorney..their first obligation is to the court.The lost 13th amendment was to make it so no lawyer could ever hold office. It was not ratified as the civil war kicked off…Lincoln was a lawyer and the lost 13th amendment was never brought back to the floor…

          30. ipsd48 says

            It was presented just before the war of 1812, Lyle…………and 5 yrs later the secstate claimed it had never been ratified (some doubt about that)

          31. OWEN says

            The justice dept is run by incompetent Marxist idiots.

          32. jillocity says

            and racists

          33. Jonathan Mannering says

            Yes; Racist to the max, you communist pig-sucking Libral Obama FREAK. Go eat cow chips!

          34. dmttbt says

            Didn’t that person have a son that married Chelsea Clinton?

          35. William Burke says

            Didn’t WHAT person?

          36. dmttbt says

            The one who stole 50 million and was sentenced to 5 years. See Richard Telbaldi above. 3 days ago.

          37. Peggy Joseph says

            yep, that was the daddy, great guy……..for the commie’s that is, and hitlery wants to be president, great crowd the twit runs with!!

          38. Mike Straw says

            Hillary won’t win……too much scandal has come out that she was involved in. Benghazzi is the biggest one. She’s a Democrat, Liberal Socialist and the people of this country are beginning to realize it.
            I think a lot of people are realizing their mistakes in listening to the Democratic, Liberal, Socialistic rhetoric. Especially after the way Obama has been showing his true colors this term. He had a lot of us fooled, didn’t he? Well, not me. He was and is a freaking novelty and our faces should be RED with embarrassment for having him represent our Great Country. We will recover. It will take time to get the respect of the world again, but we WILL DO IT!!!!
            Molon Labe!

          39. OCDiver says

            My face is usually purple with anger at this administration’s lying cheating stealing ways. Their about as transparent as mud!! Piss on each and every one of them!!
            (I can’t for the life of me figure out why people keep saying “fuck ’em”!! fucking is pleasurable, I love fucking so there is no way in HELL I would want to do that to those people!!). Piss is a bodily fluid waste that has to be gotten rid of, why not excrete it on them??? makes more sense to me any way!!!

          40. LastGasp says

            There’s also a dominance/submission quality of pissing on them. When a dog wins a fight they piss on the loser.

          41. USA Lover says

            Be careful OC! Degenerate liberal democraps are most likely piss freaks that would rather enjoy you pissing on them. You should re-think it a probably let them have a hot carl instead. Then you’re just piling poo on top of poo

          42. OCDiver says

            ROTFLMBO!!!! Never thought of that! Thanks for the learning experience!!! 😀

          43. Adam Brier says

            What about just beaten half to death or shoved down some stairs?

          44. OCDiver says

            Tempting as it may be …… too severe, beat someone bad enough and the trauma can be blocked by the brain and there’s the possibility that they won’t remember anything that happened to them, or why it happened to them, roll them down stairs and the same thing could happen to them. Do something vile like pissing or shitting on them with an explanation as to why that is happening to them, and they won’t soon forget it. But your point is valid and recognized. 😉

          45. David in MA says

            Just because the Constitution gives us freedom of speech does not mean we should always use it.

          46. OCDiver says

            Trust me ……. I’m one of ’em that doesn’t use it enough!!

          47. David in MA says

            LOL, OK.

          48. Dealerdeb1 says

            Now tell us how you really feel! LOL

          49. OCDiver says

            I’d be banned from disqus for life if I did that!! LOL 😉

          50. David in MA says

            the hag is a diversion, the socialist Elizabeth Warren is getting ready and will announce it if Sarah Palin even gives a hint she may run. But then, the illegal immigrant faux pres is about to pull off a martial law coup, so be ready for the worst.

          51. Mike Straw says

            I always expect the worst, but hope for the best, and will do all I can to help that the BEST WINS! Shit on those Liberal, Socialistic Bastardos!!!!!

          52. Adam Brier says

            She is also an asshole and too unhealthy, fat and unfit to be POTUS,
            Killary that is.

          53. David in MA says

            Remember what Joe Stalin said: It does not matter who votes, it is who counts the votes that matters. (or words to that effect)

          54. Mike Straw says

            she married a Jewish fellow. Today, that’s like marrying of royalty. Keeping the bloodlines high and mighty, no matter how diluted they get!!!!!

          55. hankrbradley says

            Holder’s DOJ!

          56. David in MA says

            is saying “white color crime” a racial slur?

          57. ttoolman says

            Give them time and it will be

          58. Mike Straw says

            no because you’re saying white, even saying “in the black” as a monetary reference isn’t racial, but don’t say “Black Balled” as in balloting. That can and has been referred to as a racial slur because you’re using the word black in a derogatory meaning!
            Funny how the use of words can work……..that’s why there are some great “Spin Doctors” who write for Politicians!

          59. David in MA says

            Sooo, to say black color crime is ok also, not a racist comment?

          60. Mike Straw says

            nope…… can’t in today’s overly “Politically Correct” world can you say anything referring to any minority (including women or members of LGBT) that could be thought of as degrading, demeaning or derogatory. Whites in general, you can call Honky, Cracker, etc. and nobody blinks a freaking eye, except for people like me, and there’s a hell of a lot of us that blink!

          61. David in MA says

            So, if I say a black Spanish speaking lesbian female prostitute committed a black collar crime, it would not be a racist comment?

          62. Mike Straw says

            Of course it would! Aren’t you reading what I said? You can’t say BLACK when referring to a degrading, derogatory or demeaning statement. Prostitute in today’s society is a crime, hence it’s degrading, derogatory and demeaning!……Also, there are no black Spanish people……..they are African-Spanish, African-Puerto Rican, African-Columbian, etc…….

          63. David in MA says

            There is no hyphenated ethinic persons…..
            they are either Americans or whatever.
            usually, whatever.
            and, if I said this in Nevada where prostitution is legal, it would be ok?
            My point is, the I be black defense, is a joke.

          64. Mike Straw says

            I agree all the way David. I don’t believe in the hyphenated nationalities or ethnicities. I’m an American, true blue all the way. I’m not a European-American. I used European, since negroes like using African to prefix their nationality. To me it’s a joke, albeit a sad one. That’s the problem in our country today and other countries, also. There is no alignment to their countries nationalism. Some people like using their heritage to prefix the country they reside in. I know in my family, my German ancestors enforced the use of English and wanted to embrace the American way of life and culture. Sure they kept some of their culture alive with October Fests (in September as they should be) and also some Christmas Traditions, but they embraced the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and so on. Even joined our Armed Forces and were very proud when they became citizens and could vote. They took, as my family and I do today, great Pride in being an American and citizen of the USA.

          65. Adam Brier says

            Im with you champ 1000%

          66. Durango 35 says

            The purpose of hyphenating is to divide – as in divide and rule. It is up to us to reject it. If you are a US citizen white, black, green or blue you are American Period – anything else is hogwash.

          67. joe haire says

            Barak Hussein Obama is ARAB-AMERICAN, not AFRICAN-AMERICAN!

          68. David in MA says

            barrak insane Obama (barry soereto) is ARAB, make no mistake about this.

          69. The Blue Collar Man says

            IF obumbler Senior is Poison obumbler’s father, that would make him nearly 50% dark skinned Arab muslim, to go along with his 50% White, and very little African Black blood. And that Black lineage is not the same as our American Blacks, but is the Blacks that captured and sold other Blacks into slavery.

          70. Dealerdeb1 says

            And THAT is the truth we have never had a “Black “: President yet. Maybe Dr Carson will be our FIRST>What we have is the worst “white” president we have ever had LOL

          71. MARYSWEET says

            bho is not ARAB-AMERICAN – HE’S ARAB KENYAN WHERE HE WAS BORN!!!!!

          72. Adam Brier says

            What about Pavement apes play the knockout game? Can I say that?

          73. Dealerdeb1 says

            lol here’s the answer last time I looked this was STILL america and freedom of speech does nOT only apply to Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics

          74. Dealerdeb1 says

            Not janitors but sanitary engineers LOL

          75. joe haire says

            No! it would be the truth!!

          76. Dealerdeb1 says

            It would be the truth but you are in lefty land where ANY utterance by a white person can be deemed at their discrestion as racist

          77. Peter J Davis says

            @ Mike Straw: Well then I guess it’s high time to say the hell with the Liberals and their “Political Correctness” and from now on to call a spade a spade and a racist a racist, and a hate crime a hate crime no matter what color the skin. The truth is their is nothing correct about “Political Correctness” it’s just another one of the great lies that the Liberal/Communist Party would very much like every one to believe so as to be able to force their perverted and extremely corrupt agenda down every one’s throat whether they want to believe in it or not.

          78. Durango 35 says

            As you know the greatest weapons in the arsenal of the Catholic Church is to make you feel guilty and shame you. Political Correctness has the same purpose in our society – to obtain power and control.

          79. Dealerdeb1 says

            I just say whatever I damn well please and if it offends someone? T bad. I am NOT PC and certainly less so when blacks have made the word” niggah” common useage amongst their own.

          80. OCDiver says

            Nope!! The lib’s and nig’s LOVE seeing “crime” tied in with “white”!!

          81. Dave McFarland says

            Don’t help us conservatives by being racist. Stop with the indecent remarks.

          82. joe haire says

            you sound like a 10 year old spoiled child!

          83. David in MA says

            and your an idiot, I have been posting black color crime when I meant black collar crime and you did not see it, so, thank you for your comment.

          84. Finkster says

            Since we are Patriot Americans who, by the Lefts definition are racist, then we should start calling it Black Collar Crime every tome Jackson or Sharpton open their mouths on CNN.

          85. azsequaya says

            I believe it`s white “COLLAR” crime

          86. Dealerdeb1 says

            I think that denotes “blue” collars being workers i’,e the denim shirts they used to wear and “white” collar being management Not workers

          87. Sam says

            That wasn’t a good move. It was a smart move!! Free food, lodging and medical And you really don’t think there are bars on his windows in that room (NOT CELL)?!!!

          88. Sue Zbell says

            “Organized Crime works” (by comparison to government). Up vote.

        2. marlene says


        3. omegaman says

          Except organized crime is a lot smarter.

        4. Dealerdeb1 says

          Organized crime at least kills off the people in misery

      2. Bennie Bolin says

        damn straight, ever one should stop paying tax. LOIS LERNER and bunch more and Obama should get jail time for what they have done, and doing. they are just like street crooks. if you or I did one half what they have done we would get prison time of twenty years or more. WE THE PEOPLE have got to get off our ass and stand up and make things different in November.

        1. taffytee says

          I have wondered if we could get millions of taxpayers NOT to pay on/by April 15,and the government not have any money for months….I don’t think O could have all of us fined and/or incarcerated….What do you all think?

          1. STEVIETEES says


          2. George says

            There must be at least one tiny loophole that would allow us, the righful rulers of this country, to with hold our tax money from the blood sucking leaches who pretend to serve us? HMMMMM?

          3. apoolle says

            There is! But you need to do it correctly or they will hang you. You will be called into court and will not be allowed to present any documentation–so you must take all documentation to the IRS and have it added to your file prior to the hearing. This is where and why most people that try- fail.

          4. ozwizard says

            Ahh, mob rule. Isn’t it wonderful

          5. Mike Straw says

            Well, for one, THERE IS NO FEDERAL LAW saying we HAVE to PAY TAXES! Look it up…….those aren’t laws, they are rulings and the IRS enforces them with their agents. The courts, instead of enforcing LAWS, interpret TAX LAWS (not legal binding laws) as Federal Laws and sentence people according to what the IRS says their punishment should be……………
            We are in a mess folks and until there is a total change in our Congressional Way of thinking and re-enforcing the Judicial System to only follow the rule of law, we are SCREWED and will continue to be screwed!

          6. neferukayt says

            George, the Sixteenth Amendment, which gave authority to the fed’s to progressively tax our incomes was not legally ratified. It takes 3/4 of the states to ratify an amendment to make it lawful. If the amendment is not worded EXACTLY THE SAME from state to state, even if the states ratify it, the amendment is not legal. The Sixteenth did not receive enough states to ratify it, but Woodrow Wilson declared it was ratified anyway. Check out The Law that Never Was.

            The federal income tax, and the IRS that depends upon the power that this amendment provides it, is an illegal tax.

          7. jbombznabombz says

            yeah and with all the loopholes the rich seem to get away with not paying taxes,companies like GE

          8. OCDiver says

            That’s why we need Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan!!

          9. dmttbt says

            I can tell you where 47 billion went, lately. It went to Hamas. 2.8 billion was released to Iran. Is that what the tax payers are wanting to happen? I doubt it. Even those who are so blinded by party loyalty should be able to see what is going on, we the tax payers are financing our own demise.

          10. francesca9 says

            we are funding terrorists ourselves by allowing this and that is criminal. i wonder if that defense will work!

          11. ttoolman says

            Don’t for get about obamas illegal invaders

          12. Richard Tebaldi says

            They wouldn’t understand! They don’t give a damned!

          13. joe haire says

            Wasn’t there some kind of party in Boston Harbor a long time ago? Maybe we should have another one now! Oh, wait,I think there is one going on now. They are called domestic terrorists !

          14. Mark Clemens says

            Damn throwing Tea in a harbor. We need to throw bullets at the politicians. Call it The Bunker Hill Solution.

          15. David in MA says

            which actually took place on Breed’s Hill.

          16. David in MA says

            some kind of party……… you don’t know what kind of party? do you vote?

          17. joe haire says

            I was being facetious! I know that it was the TEA PARTY like the one we have today. I have voted since 1960. First Barry Goldwater then Ronald Reagan & have never voted for an anarchist or Marxist. I know what made America great and it wasn’t a Muslim / Marxist like we have today. There is an old saying that still works today. “Love it or Leave it”. All America haters should be honest with themselves and move to a Large Government controlled Country like Red China, Russia, or Cuba. That way you could follow the party line and not have to worry about what us freedom loving people thought. However you would be content with a Marxist like Senator Warren in your state. She would take care of you, but it might be more than you’re willing to pay. You see, there are no free lunches. Elizabeth would decide what you should eat too. It’s all for the greater good. Wasn’t that Teddy Kennedys Manefesto??

          18. David in MA says

            No, I am not for Warren.
            I just happen to have been born here.

          19. OCDiver says

            He made his point though didn’t he?

          20. OCDiver says

            0.o ???? Seriously??? Taxation with out representation???? What the hell do ya call the Senate and House of “Representatives”? they are our “Representatives” (supposedly). Therefore our “government” is NOT guilty of “taxation without representation”! Actually what we need to do is start contacting all of the Republican Representatives and Senators (I don’t think we would be able to get any of the Dem’s on board with this), and tell them to put out a claim of “non-confidence” for this entire administration and send the Military in for a coup. After all ….. all military personnel swore an oath at entry to “protect and defend America against all enemies foreign AND domestic”!!!

            – just one man’s opinion

          21. Mike Straw says

            I agree. I’ve also said this about not attending NFL (National Felon League) games for one Thursday, Sunday & Monday, and see how that impacts that sub-culture called rich, illiterate (granted, some are intelligent, but most aren’t) athletes. Listen to some of them speak, no wonder that after football, they fade away. Don’t tell me it’s by choice! They did what they could do………………”Put me in coach, put me in”……….statement made by a punchy ex-football player……

          22. Adam Brier says

            They are straight assholes aren’t they?

          23. Cranky Steven says

            He’d try to deport us to Central America so he could import more cartel members here.

          24. David in MA says

            what we need is a 30 million people march on the white house (or golf course) and drag the bugger out and ———– bring him and his gangsta’s to justice….don’t forget that maggot holder either.

          25. Cranky Steven says

            If you used the maggot for bait you could catch a shit shark.

          26. 1LTLos says

            I think the government prints fiat money to run its evil organization but taxes us to take some money out of circulation. Not sure what would happen with wholesale NO PAYMENT of taxes across the nation. What would be the results?

          27. William Burke says

            Time would tell, but I think he would empty the prisons of rapists, murderers and child molesters just so he could jail tax resisters….

          28. hankrbradley says

            Maybe we would get amnesty like those breaking our laws by sneaking in or now just showing up!

          29. ozwizard says


          30. ozwizard says

            taffytee — Maybe just a few of us, but would you like to go to jail, moron?

          31. taffytee says

            You sound like such an angry person, having to call people disrespectful names. I hope your life improves soon.

          32. David in MA says

            no room, they are releasing con’s now…. maybe the law would do like with the illegals, get your word you will show up.

          33. delores001 says

            1099 they get no money until April 15….

          34. francesca9 says

            and then file for an extension so they have to wait longer.

          35. OCDiver says

            Filing for an extension only costs YOU more money and sets you up for an audit, been there done that don’t wanna do it again and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!! (Unless it’s nobama and his morons)!!

          36. francesca9 says

            i think there is a legal way to pay less taxes, file for an extension, make them wait and raise your deductions and claim all family members plus one if you own a house and deduct taxes and mortgage interest.. forget big returns, take your money up front. why let them use it.

          37. Mark Clemens says

            That’s why he’s letting terrorist go home from GitMo Bay. Gotta water board all these Tax Dodgers……

          38. dan3333333333 says

            Need someone to lead that, someone who knows what they are doing, knows the law and can represent the group. Sorta the way a class-action lawsuit works.

          39. jillocity says

            i’ve been saying this for years…how do you reach millions of taxpayers and motivate them to do this?

          40. David in MA says

            start a notification email it to your list using the BCC option and everyone who gets it does the same……… BUT ALWAYS USE THE BCC OPTION to hide email addresses, or don’t send it.

          41. David in MA says

            I was told everyone should file for an extension…..

          42. OCDiver says

            We can’t NOT pay on the 15th of April unless our employers don’t take enough out of our paychecks throughout the year and we owe more. Not filing only cheats ourselves out of any refund we might have coming. We should all go back to the ‘Barter’ system …… no income to show = no income to tax!! (yeah I know this idea could never work, we’ve been dependent upon the monetary system way too long, and there wouldn’t be enough of the population participating ……. but wouldn’t it chap the politicians asses if we could!!)

        2. Terry Hamblin says

          I know of one person who stated that she “refused to bankroll a criminal regime” and stopped paying taxes. Since she is a prominent blogger, the IRS was on her like stink on s#@t and took everything. All of this after one of the Directors of the IRS, when pinned down at a House hearing, admitted that payroll taxes are VOLUNTARY.

          1. Ddenney1 says

            There are several people in jail that stopped paying taxes on protest because the income TAX started under the Wilson regime was 1% to pay for WW! and said it would NEVER be more than 7%!!! LOL!!!

          2. ozwizard says

            “on her like stink”? What a crude, stupid expression. You’re real classy, pal.

          3. Terry Hamblin says

            ozwizard, very original. You never heard of stink on shit? Oh sorry that was a Navy Veterans expression, something you most certainly know nothing about. Your class may be questionable lo and no.

          4. noprogressive says

            and you are a real idiot

          5. shamu9 says

            Hey Oz, you can come right out and Bray,– All Hail To Hussein Obama, Caliph of Chicago King O’ Kenya and The “Bongo Congo”!! We are aware of The Stench O’ Troll about You!!

          6. shamu9 says

            Yes they ARE VoluntaryYou don’t have to Pay ,BUT -you Have To File a Return!! However IRS is Empowered to COLLECT what you Filed on, ANY WAY They CAN!!

        3. americanpatriot1 says

          Jail time is nothing. They should be charged and tried for treason and punished to the fullest for treason!

          1. theprophet says

            Amen!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone say the firing squad or the gallows?

        4. jbombznabombz says

          the trouble is we are always voting for the LESSER EVIL.our government chooses who we vote for.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            So true

        5. says


        6. Desiree Seifert says

          I said the same thing, After all the IRS and The Federal Reserve are BOTH ILLEGAL!!

        7. Lynnz Lancaster says

          If you stopped paying tax who would pay for all the bombs we drop …ISIS is coming to get you …Off with your head

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Reimpose TARIFFS, customs would collect the tax money. There would be no DOMESTIC TAXMAN. This form of taxation was the Second Act George Washington’s congress passed. It worked, and was used until 2000

          2. Lynnz Lancaster says

            Ya …Good luck with that

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Before it’s all said and done, we are going to get stuck w/something way worse……..
            Probably why they took the 5 week vacation. Study up on how to screw us more.

        8. sandy says

          bennie i so agree with you.

        9. Mark Clemens says

          The Founders would be shooting at the capital by now……….
          Why aren’t we?

      3. sandy says

        i say get rid of the irs, they are evil. the gove has no right to tell americans what they have to do or else, its wrong period.

        1. EHeassler_USNRet says

          Switching to a flat or fair tax system with no deductions/exceptions will allow the near dismantling of the IRS and the elimination of the cottage industry of CPA’s and tax lawyers that make their living deciphering the tax code. It will be good riddance to all.

      4. John says

        The IRS is becoming no better then the Nazi Gestapo.

      5. Dealerdeb1 says

        have you ever noticed how AL his appointees are Dykey looking amnly women, LBGT, and Muslims? Let’s not forget Black panthers.

      6. michaelcain says

        what does Putin ihink of all this mess ?I would say he os probably laughing his ass off.

    2. Terry Rushing says

      I fear that even if Lois “the louse” is tried and convicted that she’ll walk away with a presidential pardon.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        You know, I thought of that too. I think all these IRS People should be tried in 2017 When a new administration takes office. That way Obama can’t help his partners in crime. Maybe then congress won’t be so sympathetic to a IRS official who losses their memos,E-Mails,and records. I mean really think what would happen to one of US who didn’t have our records for a IRS audit……….

        1. lha says

          By 2017,the Statute of limitations will allow the criminal charges to expire.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I believe its seven years, if any at all. Most states dropped that law too. We really would need a lawyer’s advice.

          2. 1LTLos says

            Limitations statutes help no one but the criminals — if the crimes are felonies there is not a limitation on that crime – We need an attorney who understands People vs The Govt matters

        2. jbombznabombz says

          everybody seems to forget anything that went on/through the internet can be retrieved you post a picture on facebook for instance and delete it will be gone from facebook but will still be in the system of servers.once there always there all it takes is the knowledge to get at the info from the servers.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I dont think their computer savvy in DC. The Obama Care web site was/is a disaster. Heard the other day some other federal agency (VA maybe) was having trouble with a web site.
            Well…….. any computer savvy patriots wanna step up to volunteer to download the IRS Servers? I would, but i’m not that computer savvy.

          2. jbombznabombz says

            sorry to say I’m not that computer smart myself,but somebody out there is!

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Were is Sheldon when we need him?
            Come on Computer Geeks of America, who among you can download the Data in the IRS Servers? You could be a HERO (hot chicks) or you might get the Snowden treatment (Russian Chicks).
            Either way you get CHICKS.

          4. Looey says

            Call on the Russians or the Chinese. They are hacking our computers all the time. We just received a notice that our medical account was hacked. Our physican contracted with a company in Tennessee to handle the management of their computer program, and it was hacked. They told us our names, phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers were possibly stolen, but not our medical information. Our doctor got a new computer system about a year ago, and I spoke to a computer expert the other day asking if this was a result of Obamacare. He said the upgrade in the computer systems was a result of HIPPA and Obamacare. We are not on Obamacare, but Medicare. So folks, you aren’t safe anywhere. Now Home Depot has been hacked.

            The computer expert told me when they steal information, they build up a profile on the individual until they can get enough information to steal your credit or debit card or hack your financial accounts. I guess we should just turn everything into cash, hide it somewhere, and pull out what you need.

          5. jbombznabombz says

            Always liked my paper money,don’t care for debits or even electronic money transactions.I had direct deposit once and my pay got fudged up more than once no more direct deposit or automatic payments from my account.

      2. STEVIETEES says


      3. Cranky Steven says

        That is more certain than the Bible itself. And Holder. And all the rest of the vermin. A rigged game we can’t get out of.

      4. Dealerdeb1 says

        A better job and a raise. Obama will hug her too on National TV for her Service

    3. Huckleberry44 says

      Have any of you written your house members and demanded impeachment of Obama and Holder and the New IRS head? Instead of talking….PLEASE start acting.

      Flood the phone lines of the worthless congress and send them emails. Letters are held for two weeks to check for anthrax and etc so they are virtually worthless.

      Our lazy, corrupt senators in Colorado – UDALL and BENNETT are doing NOTHING To help taxpayers or to stop this action by the IRS. So we are working HARD to get them out!

      Our congress critter in the house is impotent in that any bills sent to the senate are languishing there.

      Pleasestart writing the Vegas Papers and demand a recall of Reid and a change in the senate procedures.

      – YOU are not being represented when YOUR senators cannot vote on bills due to Harry’s actions. How about yelling about that?

      1. EHeassler_USNRet says

        Yes, and I get the expected form letter in return – probably computer generated.

        1. Huckleberry44 says

          You have a point – and I commend you for doing so even if the computer writes you back. BUT….just the act of receiving so many letters lets these stupid congress critters know that you are awake.

      2. Rich Smith says

        Whats the point! I have done all of that! You talk to a message taker and NOTHING
        HAPPENS! Big Government blacks out real news on abc,cbs,nbc,etc.! All we get is PROPAGANDA LIES!! Congress BLacks out are calls the same way! We are spitting in the wind!

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Thats true my senators and Rep have such poor republican voting records, they hide (won’t debate w/challengers) but they have million dollar campaign funds. I say if your Rep or Senator won’t debate at least twice, you shouldn’t vote for them. Don’t let POLITICAL PREJUDICE cloud your perception. What good is a republican who votes like a democrat? Send a harsh message this primary season. Out with all incumbents. If the new ones suck you can vote them out in next election.
          When a politician has no good ideas, they always hide behind a pile of money. We The People should make big campaign funds a bad thing. Lets vote for the candidates w/the smallest campaign funds, they owe the least favors………..

          1. Monk says

            I couldn’t agree more. I think you are exactly on target.

          2. Monk says

            When I wrote my congressman about impeachment of the Pres. His reply was he had not heard anything about anyone in the house wanting impeachment. What a crock. That when He definitely lost my vote.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I asked (E-Mail) Senator Alexander were he stood on the cable merger. His office sent me a reply. It was written in English, but I have no clue what it ment. Kind of like a Pink Floyd song. The words dont make much sense, but somewhere in the babble there was a message……….

        2. lha says

          I send my”Republican” representatives letters.faxes and useless phone calls,and receive a form letter or mass email stating how glad they are that I’m concerned. They then pat themselves on the back about some unrelated topic that they supported. It’s clear that they have no idea what was said in my correspondence.

        3. STEVIETEES says


        4. kris littlefield says

          The point is if you make enough noise they will eventually listen. Too bad we can’t fire them. I don’t think we’re saying it loud enough. Don’t vote for the incumbents in this coming election. They aren’t doing their jobs so we owe them no loyalty. When they no longer work for us then they’ll get the message.

      3. Independant Thinker says

        Unfortunately far too many of those “elected people” in Washington are just as criminal as the ones we are talking about here. They are bought and paid for and won’t act on anything that would cost them a penny and feel their constituents are a large part of the problem rather than their employer. I doubt, especially as long as the Dumbocrats and RINOS are in power, we will see any changes without a true revolution of the people and ousting of all the elements in Washington.

      4. Monk says

        I have written several to my rep. however all I get back is generic form letters. I donated quiet generously to His campaign in 2012 and I cant wait for his slithering little butt to come back and ask for more next time. What a load I intend to get off my chest……Not that it will do any good, just make me feel better.

        1. Huckleberry44 says

          I hope you blast your rep – and express in strong words you disdain for him or her. THEN ask all to vote them out! We can make a huge change if we come together in November and vote for anyone but the current crop.

          1. ozwizard says


      5. 1commonjoe says

        impeachment does not = removal. We need them out, can they be fired?

        1. Huckleberry44 says

          NO they can’t be fired – the president must be impeached. He has to be impeached by the house and tried by the Senate – think those slugs would do so?

          1. 1commonjoe says

            fat chance. Voteing the dems out. Getting the majority in the Senate and Keeping the majority in the House is really our only chance to rein in this lawlessness. It could be our last best chance.

      6. Mark Clemens says

        I E-Mailed Senator Corker about all the Special Intrest money in elections. He told me hes all for money in elections. Contributers money equals speech,and in all good conscience he cant silence his supporters. ……

    4. dmttbt says

      I found it interesting that one of my congressmen is saying she is for changing the tax system. I have heard that song for 66 years and it means nothing.

      1. OWEN says

        they are all NWO LIARS

        1. STEVIETEES says


    5. Independant Thinker says

      Can the RICO act be used against them for their criminal activity? Then we need it to be used against the whole “elected” bunch in Washington and their various alphabet agencies that are operating without due process of law and outside the Constitution. We would have to let all the white collar people out of the prison system, where they shouldn’t be in the first place (they should have to pay penalties, not be able to hold jobs and have assets seized as penalty) so we would have room to put the REAL criminals who have be actively destroying this country with treasonous acts/actions. Sounds like something to consider – treat the criminals like the criminals they are.

    6. daveveselenak says

      Only a REVOLUTION will stop this satanic communist regime, why the sheeple haven’t figured this out by now is a mystery to me!

      1. Huckleberry44 says

        NO Dave – all we need do is come together in November and vote out all incumbents. That slows them down. Then we get a constitutional convention and set term limits for congress and SCOTUS!! that also slows them down. Its time the people SPEAK through their votes.

        1. daveveselenak says

          Wishful thinking, we will see how it plays out.

    7. lfallar says

      This article is criminal! Making stuff up to frighten Americans and lobby for the Pharma. and insurance industry by propaganda SHOULD be illegal.The ACA mandate is the law Romney put in MA and what the Heritage Foundation came up with in the 90’s. Instead of the GOP being grateful Obama chose THEIR plan instead of what his base wanted (Medicare for all) they have lied, lied and lied about what it really is. Shame on anyone who believes this. All you have to do is research the truth and then ask why these people keep lying to you.
      The IRS investigated both right and left leaning 5013c groups. There was an avalanche of them after the SCOTUS gave carte blanche to money in politics. Not 1 of the right leaning groups lost their tax exemption status. Once again, another big lie. If anyone wants to go back to being treated like dogs by the insurance companies and bankrupt because of their policies they do not know how bad it was.

      1. ozwizard says


    8. Dealerdeb1 says

      She’ll never testify she will plead the 5th foreverand collect her taxpayer funded pension

    9. Sam says

      Gee, obamy and his administration really help us low income folks a lot? NOT! This government is headed right to a communistic state. Next they will tell us when we are too old to live (or should I say contribute) to the state of dis-union……

    10. albertbryson says

      She will never be prosecuted as long as Obama is President and Holder is the Attorney General.

    11. John Stratemeyer says

      God helps those who help themselves. We, the People must insist that the IRS be abolished. God won’t do it for us.

    12. OCDiver says

      I still like Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan!! 9% Corporate tax, 9% Individual tax and 9% Federal sales tax. Corporations have no loopholes, but still get some write offs, individuals have more spendable income, and with the sales tax even the lazy ass federal tit suckers have to pay their fair share too!! With that type of change we could abolish the IRS because it wouldn’t be all that difficult for the Dept. of Treasury to take on the roll that is supposed to be theirs anyway!!

    13. Arnold Young says

      I hope HE does because the IRS sure won’t!

    14. nosmokesignals says


  2. Frank W Brown says

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but

    not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or

    to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might

    live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a

    check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not

    to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that

    was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from

    owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty

    F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but

    not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make

    you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is

    run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a

    wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman

    in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head

    searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but

    is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions

    of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his

    teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class

    in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more

    government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with

    Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free

    cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses

    but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to

    provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment

    checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was

    diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation

    that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest

    big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a

    wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government

    forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself

    makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a

    nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, please spread it far and wide!

    1. Homer says

      Has your name/account been jacked or do you just post this same comment 10-20x a day in different forums for the last 6-7months intentionally?

      1. Michael Soule says

        Homer, you must be a Democ-rat, the truth hurts.

        1. Homer says

          There are No democrats in my family!

          He posts the EXACT same post over and over and over, and has for 6-7months.. copy/paste stuck maybe

      2. George McAdoo says

        And it should be posted all the time on every available forum until every citizen and illegal alien in the nation realize the mess we are in and do something real to reverse the course we have been diverted upon!

        1. Homer says

          I don’t disagree but its damn strange when someone seems to have 2-3 things only they say in a forum and one is this long copy/paste piece he posts over and over daily.

          Sometimes 5 or more times in the same blog… The pattern favors a troll more then anything, atleast it isn’t left leaning

          1. OWEN says


          2. Homer says


            I am as far right as anyone ever in these blogs and despise all the admin that you nuts voted in thats killing America and when someone has posted 1 post about 500times witrhout changing any words it looks like they are a Troll!

            The quick verbal attack from you smells of a lefty so just hush.

      3. Ken Trefaller says

        The truth doesn’t it Homer.

        1. Homer says

          “””The truth doesn’t it Homer.”””??????

          If you meant Hurts then Nope! I seen this garbage for what he was.

          I never voted for this moron or his commie cronies, i am just baffled as to how so many can still think this thug in charge is anything more then a treasonous criminal when every single thing he does skrews America and Americans.

          1. Ken Trefaller says

            Allright Homer, I apologise.

      4. OWEN says


        1. Homer says

          Perhaps if you learned to read and Had read the other replies you wouldn’t look like a horses backside atm.

    2. Joyce A. Luna says

      This person is a Genius as far as I am concerned, I cold never have thought of all this even tho it is true.

    3. Michael Soule says

      Right on Frank.

    4. STEVIETEES says


      1. ozwizard says

        What’s with the all caps, bozo?

    5. charles rhoads says

      what you clearly don’t understand is why GOD blesses this nation or anyone. it has nothing to do with our behavour. the Gospel message has been so watered down and in many churches has never been preached.

  3. Judith Robinson says

    Penalize people for not having insurance is absolutely ridiculous. People are short of money now and this government is going to take away more. Instead of taking money from the people who cant afford Obama Care let obumma pay each individuals premium out of his own pocket. He made this mess now let him pay for it the way it will hurt him the worst!

    1. Tasine says

      You’re right, of course, but this Administration isn’t aiming at the same targets that any of us would aim at. Their aim, their goal, I am convinced, is total destruction of America, of our economy, of our government, and of our way of life. Taxation such as this is a tremendous tool for their goals. Everything they do points to this.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I don’t think Obama can afford it. He keeps sending me E-Mails saying he needs $5 so he could afford to pay for his defense against a civil law suit against him in the house. He must think I pillaged the Treasury too.
      Why does he need our money to defend himself? He lives rent free. His families food is free. All of his traveling experience is free. Did he blow his salary all on golf? I reckon once a begger always a begger.
      Something else here……
      In 1979 I lived in Miami when Carter let the Cubans come over here. I always thought they should’ve been sent to Planes Georgia, besides South Florida. So Jimmy Carter could live & see what he done. Were ever Obama moves to after his term, all these illegal immigrants need to be moved by him (be his neighbors), so he can personally see what he done

  4. Maria castro says

    Maybe the FEMA camps were built for the citizens that cant afford obamahell.

    1. delbertballing says

      You are catching on, spread the word!

    2. STEVIETEES says

      All those supposedly detention facilities that are currently holding the illegals are just training for the FEMA camps to come! Remember, the obozo administration(including Pelosi) have stated that the demorats need to take advantage of this CRISIS SITUATIONS to practice for the real thing!

      1. Maria castro says

        A slip of the tongue….but we know they are stupid, therefore bold, therefore very dangerous.

  5. 30 YEAR VETERAN says

    Enjoying the YES WE CAN CHANGE YET? All you voters for the Socialists Obama have a great rest of the year and you better start looking for a Part Time Job if there is any left after the Idiot in the White House gets through sending you more Illegal’s to your State.

  6. Peter Pan says

    Good luck on collecting…f *#k the IRS.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      Be careful! Remember, IRS can seize and “levy” assets. I suppose that if that happens you can always utter “no habla englis and get a free ride at taxpayer expense.

      1. Adam Brier says

        They are gonna have to wish in one hand and then crap in the other. They cant fine families for not purchasing what they cant afford. Boycott the IRS. Just ignore all inquries/requests/audits. Just claim you just converted to Islam and it feels like the agency is being discriminatory. Also claim hardship if you were one of the individuals or families that are being gouged by this law. They are trying to overcharge only responsible taxpayers for health plans. The more you have your shit together financialy, the more these plans cost.
        Most folks that do have financial stability are not rich what so ever, hence all the outrage over this redistro plan.

  7. anti govment says

    Since when has the IRS become an insurance agent for the democrats? This levy is only on tax paying citizens not the illegals democrats have given drivers licenses to!

    ‘Abolish ACA and the IRS’! We need a different tax structure like a FLAT TAX! A flat tax without indexes and deductions for different classes of people for everyone from the poor to the wealthiest incomes! 10-15% would be ideal. Congress
    would need more taxpayers thereby creating more job incentives instead of destroying them as they do today. Along with a flat tax; term limits with a balanced budget would be needed for congress to account for every penny they spend and receive and mostly throw away to
    make their family and friends rich. SS should be solvent and untouchable by congress not as the way democrats have stolen from it since its inception! We have all payed into it for 60 or more years! A Congress, limited to a fixed income unless they create more taxpayers via jobs, would stifle illegal immigration pardons, paying off Indians and unions with bribes because the money isn’t there anymore! A flat tax, term limits and a balanced budget would cure all of our problems and put congress on the straight and narrow! Turn charities back to the real charitable people in the churches; not the corrupt congress’s in the USA, state and local governments!

    1. ozwizard says

      anti — You’re too windy. I give you a thumbs down. You’re just like a liberal; using more words than you need in order to confuse.

  8. Peter Pan says

    Many Americans today feel a sense of dismay and horror as we see our country in a downward spiral; economically, morally, and politically. President Obama’s indifferent attitude and the continuous list of scandals and bad policy are leading the country to ruin. As an American I am reminded of the old saying “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” History believes that Nero himself may have set the great fire that burned a part of Rome during his leadership. Afterwards, he blamed it on the Christians who suffered great persecution under his rule. I see great similarities to what we are experiencing today. Obama fiddled, while the people witnessed the demise of America.

    1. lha says

      Adolph Hitler reportedly set the Reichstag [congress] building on fire,blaming the commies and Jews,in order to seize power,and had”work camps” ready for those who spoke out,Jews,Gypsies,etc.

      1. ozwizard says

        Iha– what the hell is your point?

  9. PoorWhiteMan says

    One thing I noticed that was left out of this article was the exemption for Muslims.They Don’t have to get any insurance as they believe it’s just a scam.This exemption was put into the A.C.A. by the traitor-in-chief himself.

    1. Terry Rushing says

      Google the word “dhimmitude” to see how else muzzies are favored.

  10. DustyFae says

    Americans being forced to buy what they do not want and then being fined for not buying it

  11. Terry Rushing says

    We have a similar law that pertains to auto insurance. Get caught operating a vehicle without liability insurance and face a fine of $500. Every person I stopped who had no insurance was also of limited financial resources. A $500 fine and they still had to scrape up additional money for insurance? The logic escaped me (I gave verbal warnings the first time) and had the distinct ring of a “money maker” for those reaping the benefits of the “fine” money. My guess is that many who have no health insurance don’t have it because they cannot afford the “affordable care”. Stealing money for “fines” and forcing people to spend more of what they do not have for “affordable care” is both nutty and double dipping. At least take the “fine” money and apply it to some “affordable care” for the person/family. I wonder if all the illegals will be fined if they fail to buy…. bet not.

    1. Luther Robinson says

      Illegals are exempt from Big O”s insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Glenn H says

      Terry, I’m in favor of forced liability insurance;I have been the victim of uninsured motorist twice and I’m far from wealthy! One time I was forced to accept the loses which were luckily just our only mode of transportation. The other time I had uninsured motorist coverage and with 4 separate ambulance bills, considerable medical bills and 6 months out of work, this would have been devastating without my extra coverage! By the way this guy that hit us didn’t have a DL either but was plenty drunk and cracked up on rock!
      It’s one thing to put one’s self at risk as with medical insurance but quiet another to put innocent citizens at risk because of lax auto insurance!
      If someone is too poor to buy liability insurance I suggest they walk not drive to the grocery store

      1. Terry Rushing says

        I understand your position. The only thing that annoys me is that the state is showing a profit while the underlying situation remains. (Sorry about your loss; I’d have been madder than a wet hen too.)

    3. Independant Thinker says

      At least with auto insurance there are beneficiaries and people are protected to some expt3ent from damage and injuries caused by others. That can’t be said for Obamacare where the only one who wins is the government . There might be some who gain health benefits, but most of us who have a problem with our health don’t want to go to the doctor unless it is absolutely essential anyway, so all that is happening is we are getting less benefits and they are harder to get if not impossible with the new restriction. Medicare has gotten much worse and the only light at the end of the tunnel is the train.

  12. Michael Soule says

    Just what will happen if these law breaks that do not obtain health
    insurance get a fine of $12,400 and don’t pay? Will they put them in
    jail, confiscate their property or garnish their wages? What if these
    criminals don’t want insurance because their religion prohibits them
    from using doctors, or if they have enough money to pay their way for
    their health care. I know this may all sound a bit ridiculous but
    stranger things have happened.

    1. DogWithoutSlippers says

      muslims are exempt, so Obama has spared his bros!~

      1. ward says

        No one else gets a Constitutional break,just his fellow muslim tyrants ..!

      2. Michael Soule says

        Thank you for educating me, I did not know that muslims were exempt.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          So are big union members, and present and future members of congress, federal government employees. Only regular people pay. Health Insurance started as a plus for companies to attract workers. Its not a given right like Speech, Voting, Gun Ownership. When Bush allowed the jobs to move over seas (Yes all this started in 2002) that means less people payed in to insurance pools of money. Since we sent over 16,000,000 jobs overseas the government had to do something so the new unemployed wouldn’t rise up. Insurance is a PONZI SCAM. A lot pay in so a few can use benefits. I think we should go back to a SINGLE party pay system. You pay the doctor. Then the Doctors can lower their rates. A heart surgeon would only charge around. $5,000 or $10,000 for 4 hours work instead of the present fee of around $500,000. Your office visit might drop to $35-$40,Instead of the presant $130 for a 30 minute visit. To me no insurance, the doctors lower their fees. Sounds a whole lot better and simpler than forcing a whole nation in to paying a tax………

    2. Independant Thinker says

      From what I understand, you are forbidden to pay for your care outside Obamacare and it would be a criminal act by both you and the doctor, so the doctor wouldn’t want to do it. As for the rest, I guess you could claim hardship but that still leaves FEMA camps and they are very much alive and well policed by foreign nationals. Then you would get it anyway. If you are on Medicare, you have the death panels and are just refused care – I have had it happen to me so I know it exists.

  13. Lazy J says

    The Supreme Court found that was not a Fine but a Tax and thus the law was constitutional. Justice Roberts himself convoluted the finding out of thin air. Since it is not a fine, but a tax, how can it be arbitrarily raised and lowered based on how much you give to the president’s clan?

    1. ward says

      Another bo plan of deceit to the U.S. Citizens is in the works by his crony dictatorial administration !

    2. Independant Thinker says

      According to the Constitution all taxes must originate in the Congress NOT the senate so Obamacare CANNOT be a tax since it started in the Senate. We have a lot of ignorant people in positions of power who are manipulating things to do what POTUS wants regardless of its legality. What can we expect from someone who is legally an Indonesian and not a USA citizen in any way. The birth certificate has nothing to do with it. He admits going to school in Indonesia and to go to school there you can ONLY have an Indonesian citizenship. End of discussion. That tells us BHO cannot be president by his own admission.

  14. DogWithoutSlippers says

    Pure and simple this is designed as a money grab by Obama and his Chicago crew!~

  15. pupster40 says

    Not only should the IRS be abolished, this whole illegal REGIME should be abolished, along with many of the corrupt agencies that are now politicized. It will take decades to straighten out the mess that these progressive usupers in both party’s have created. Destroy this Country for what, votes, money, and power. If it isn’t Constitutional, get rid of it, him, or her!!!!!

  16. setemfree says

    THIS GOVERNMENT IS NOW RUN BY A BUNCH OF ILLEGALS. Obama AND HIS 6 TOP AIDS ARE MUSLIMS AND MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. When election time comes we will find out, also we will see how far the law suit goes, in the House, or is it just another smoke screen to cover up more illegal stuff our government is doing.

  17. alpambuena says

    not to worry..this will wind up in the courts and will be delayed..hopefully enough for people to get to their voting places…and change the leadership of this country….there was a day when we could count on the American people to really want freedom and liberty…those days are over because we have a growing dependent class backed up by a corrupt government…those two together has turned this country into something that 20 years ago would be unheard of…and it is happening at a rapid rate.

    1. ward says

      Believe it is many apprehensive U.S. Citizens that figured why the hell vote for criminals …! Now the U.S. Citizen is seeing the results of a wannabe dictators corruption and are really going to end these far left administration of tyrant criminals NOV,2014 ! These tyrants will fail in their attempt to destroy the U.S.A., in God We Trust !

  18. Cranky Steven says

    obama care at its finest. commies must be swooning with delight.

    1. ward says

      Commies plus all the muslim & welfare freeloaders …!

      1. Independant Thinker says

        Not everybody on Welfare is a freeloader, but some have circumstances beyond their control. You are right there are freeloaders and I know some of them, and some refuse to use contraception or abstinance to prevent pregnacy. Seems to me after the first pregnacy (especially on assistance) you should either not get any help whatsoever or sterilization should be used BEFORE a second pregnacy happened. Then castration of the males would stop the problem and a lot of violence as well. Hey that would be less invasive and less expensive as well. Sounds good to me. Then maybe we wouldn’t see all of the bare asses or drawers hanging out either or at least those who did it would be advertising for what the image was originally started to mean.

      2. Cranky Steven says

        And anyone who thinks Madonna is hot! lol 😉

  19. George McAdoo says

    Thank Chief Justice of SCOTUS John Roberts for determining for Obama’s liars that it is a tax, not a fine. If dumbocraps are not voted out of the Senate and Conservatives don’t seize control of the House, we will be stuck with this hell for a very long time. Or, we will have a civil war. Republicans need at least a 2/3 majority in the senate in order for a House impeachment of Obastard to reach a successful conclusion.

  20. Dennis B Anderson says

    The IRS is going to what??? These people cant even police themselves, and they are going to levy some more costs on strapped citizens?? This sounds like somemore of Obamas romper room tactics thats all. Bonified factory jobs used to give you health coverage its a cost thats shutting down businesses they cant pay the restrictions or operational costs anymore. Those jobs are out of country and Obama wants to levy fines on the ones that want to bring the jobs back to the USA and wont it cost to much. So keep working the day job out of the back of the cheby van homes and get ripped off by your greasy employer who pays you in cash. It takes tax dollars to make our country work.
    Hey you demorats you see what you help bring on? Next time how about you getting your head out of your backside and vote with your brains and not your fricken race. If you can see it AINTTTTTT WORKIN, AND NEITHER ARE YOU COUSIN!! You know what Obama has been going to the refrigerator thats been half full! This is 6 years later Obama can no longer lay this at the Bush, or Clinton door! This is his baby.!!Theres nothing left in there but some old stale cheese, and he is charging 10 times for whats left nobody will eat when they can get it for free.Is this simple enough economics for you?? The manufactures cant afford the restrictions & regulations they go out of business for this reason. What the hell is the IRS doing the health care business. What the hell is the government doing in the health care business
    This is 1/6 of the moneys that moves in the United States and Obama is giving away free medical to undocumented mexicans how dumb is that. Something for the tax paying mexicans= NO MATTER HOW OBANDIT SUGAR COATS HEALTH CARE YOURE GOING TO PAY FOR THE ONES THAT WONT.Something for all of us Palosi said youre going to have to read it to see whats in it???? They havent even read it Obama youre a flaming idiot. Hey a good idea if everyone pays but they dont, wont, cant. Im glad Im in a state that never got Obama Care off the ground. Obama wanted this Health Care money funneled through our government thats alot of money.Do you know why we were in Afganistan, Irac??? Vietnam??Its about the supply and demand of Herion, Opium & marijuana. wake up.Do you know anyone on Oxycotin?? Its heroinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Obama cant keep raising costs
    on things people cant pay even if they wanted to. $12,240.00 will buy alot of bullets.

  21. dmttbt says

    That is my point exactly, the people in your state are running for reelection and they are running on their record. We have more people on welfare, food stamps, and disability while our military is being reduced to less than ever. I saw a woman with a t shirt on yesterday that said HOPE & CHANGE. I wanted to ask her how that is working out for her but I am sure she is looking at things a lot differently than what I see.
    What I meant to say was the supposed representatives who are running for reelection are happy to run on the record that they were in power when a such as Obama care was passed and they did not stop it but made sure they were exempted from it. Then they want you to send them back to do what?

  22. ward says

    The only ones getting any good out of bo care are his created socialist welfare freeloaders & his muslim cronies and probably all the illegals on a free ride by another illegally created executive order…!

  23. Linda Lee says

    They are out of their minds! Everyone from the IRS on up to the top are the Mafia.

  24. johnanaguski says

    Screw the criminals at the IRS.

  25. bpr1122 says

    I never really had a problem with the IRS. I believe the government needs an agency to collect taxes to help run the government. I am against the fair tax because I believe it would be impossible to implement. I am against a strict flat tax because it disproportionally hurts the poor. I would prefer a 4-level flat tax: one level for the poor, one level for the middle class, one level for the upper middle class, one level for the rich.

    I agree with Biden’s and Obama’s statement that everyone needs skin in the game; i.e., the poor should pay some tax; I do not care if it is only $1.00 per year. We need to stop encouraging poor people to be poor.

    Currently, the IRS is a criminal enterprise with an objective is to grow government as large as possible so that the people in charge of the IRS have more money and more power. The IRS hearing have proved that the IRS is so corrupt that the only way to get rid of the corruption is to abolish the IRS.

    My proposal is to get rid of the IRS and implement an agency that implements a 4-level flat tax. If you are an current IRS employee at the GS level 13 or higher, you cannot be hired be this new agency, since the corruption in the current IRS is too deep.

    1. Independant Thinker says

      What rock did you come out from – “a strict flat tax disproportionally hurts the poor”? A flat tax would hit everybody according to their spending including illegals and money-launderers. How do you figure it would be disproportionate against the poor? The poor already pay tax on everything they get so it would be no more than it is now but the rich wouldn’t be able to shelter their purchases and the illegals would have to pay tax on their ill-gotten gains just like everyone else.

      “A 4-level flat tax” could not be administered at the sales counter and submitted monthly. It would still require the IRS which is a quasi-illegal entity in the first place that acts without impunity against everyone, especially the poor. You are suppose to be an independent review if you have an assessment. That same review is handled by the IRS collection department so what is independent about that? Besides who decides what income bracket or level of financial security you are – the IRS??? What makes you think “implementing an agency that implements a 4-level flat tax” would be any less corrrupt and how do their decide what level you are in? Are you going to be the one who decides and what about an inflation factor to stop a tax creeping higher?

      Many of the IRS agents don’t even pay their taxes and get bonuses for forcing others to pay penalties as performance bonuses. Where is the fairness in that one?

      1. Mark Clemens says

        This Flat Tax you speak of is it based on income or will it work like a sales tax. I would be against a FEDERAL SALES TAX. My state already has a 10% sales tax. Plus I buy top end expensive stuff, dont need more tax on top of the State Sales Tax. That would be a UNFAIR tax!!!!! Oh what the hell, lets also EXEMPT all business from paying this sales tax!!! If we’re going to have a bad idea, lets go whole hog!!

      2. bpr1122 says

        I was hoping that I would get an intelligent response. I should have known better.

        From Investopedia

        Definition of ‘Flat Tax’

        “A system that applies the same tax rate to every taxpayer
        regardless of income bracket. A flat tax applies the same tax rate to
        all taxpayers, with no deductions or exemptions allowed. Supporters of a
        flat tax system propose that it would give taxpayers incentive to earn
        more because they would not be penalized with a higher tax bracket. In
        addition, supporters argue that a flat tax system is fairer because it
        imposed the tax on all taxpayers regardless of income. ”

        It should have been clear that I was talking about Income Tax not a Sales tax. The IRS collects money based on an income tax not a sales tax.

        If it is not clear why a 20% income tax on a low income person has more affect than on a 20% tax on a billionaire, ask a 8th grader to explain it to you.

        You wrote, “what about an inflation factor to stop a tax creeping higher?” If you make $100/year and pay 20% income tax, then you will have left $80. If inflation causes everything to double, then you make $200/year and you pay 20% then you have $160. Which is the same as $80 you had left over before inflation hit. If by inflation you means jumping to a higher tax bracket due to inflation and not due to buying power, an obvious solution would be to have the brackets tied to inflation. This is an 8th grade solution.

        You made several comments about being unwise for the current IRS to implement a tax strategy. It should have been obvious that I agree with that statement since I wrote, “My proposal is to get rid of the IRS.”

        The new agency would be less corrupt because the corruption is at the GS 13 level and higher. People in the GS 5 to 11 range are just worker bees. My proposal is for anybody that was a GS 13 level or higher in the IRS cannot be hired in the new agency. That also would send a strong message. If you cannot see why the new agency would initially be less corrupt than the current agency, ask an 8th grader to explain it to you.

        You wrote, “Many of the IRS agents don’t even pay their taxes and get bonuses for
        forcing others to pay penalties as performance bonuses. Where is the
        fairness in that one?”

        What is the purpose of that straw man statement? Did you really think I would think that was fair? Is your interpretation of my statements that the IRS is a criminal enterprise and needs to be abolished that I like the IRS and I think they are fair?

        You should change your moniker from “Independent Thinker” to “Independent Commentator.”

        To anyone else reading this comment, please excuse any typos, it is not worth my time to correct all the typos.

    2. Jim says

      The only fair tax is one that hits everyone equally. A 10% national sales tax is fair, because everyone would be paying 10%. I disagree with your “4-level” tax plan because it’s simply a plan to punish those who have more. The only fair way to go is a set percentage for everyone. The income tax should be abolished immediately because that is one of the most unfair taxes ever imposed.

      1. bpr1122 says

        The trouble I see with a national sales tax is that you will eventually if not initially have both a federal income tax and a national sales tax.

        It is true that a 4-level tax would punish those who have more, but it would be less punitive than the current system where the top 1% pay around 38% of all the taxes and the bottom 47% pay no federal income tax. A system where the poor and the rich both pay 20% income tax will not get through Congress.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      Look into TARIFFS its collected by customs,no domestic tax agency required! Its a small price to get rid of IRS. Throughout history” The Tax Man” has been a tyrant’s #1 weapon upon his/her people.

      1. bpr1122 says

        It is true that we did not have an income tax until, I believe, Teddy Roosevelt. I would like to get rid of the income tax completely, but I do not think that is possible during our lifetime.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Woodrow Wilson was income tax president. Teddy Roosevelt over threw the Panama government dug the Panama Canal and charged the world a Tariff to avoid income tax. Bill Clinton gave all that revenue to the Panamanians. If you look at American Economics every time politicians screw around reducing tariffs, economic havoc breaks out in about 10 years latter or so.
          Wilson dropped them before he left office then in 1929 the Great Depression sets in.
          In 2000 we signed the WTO were we dont charge certain trade partners a tariff. This was Bill Clinton’s idea, the job exodus just started during the Bush administration around 2003, and continues today, this is GLOBAL REDISTRIBUTION of our WEALTH.
          Were the JOBS go so do the other two.

          1. bpr1122 says

            I was at a meeting where Glover Norquist was the speaker and he said Teddy Roosevelt gave us the income tax. (I had previously thought it was Wilson.)

            According to numerous sources, for example,, :

            The first federal income tax was created in 1862 to help fund the Civil War, but was abolished soon after.

            Congress tried to impose a flat federal income tax rate in the 1890s, but it was rejected by the Supreme Court.

            In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt tried to reintroduce the income
            tax, proposing a progressive rate system that would tax each income
            class according to its means

            In 1913, 36 states ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution,
            giving the federal government power to directly levy income taxes.

            Since Woodrow Wilson was the President in 1913, I would credit Woodrow Wilson for implementing the income tax. Thanks for correcting me–I was too lazy to look it up and I put the caveat, “I believe” in my statement.

            I guess Norquist was crediting Teddy Roosevelt with introducing the idea of a progressive income tax.

            Please excuse any typos

  26. Independant Thinker says

    Their arbitrary “tax penalty” is more than DOUBLE WHAT I LIVE ON. Does that mean they are going to increase my income so I can live and pay their luxury tax as well. Hey, I can leave the USA and be far ahead of the curve by just going to Mexico, renouncing my USA citizenship, coming back as an illegal and getting all the free stuff including health care, food stamps, housing, an education, and your job then and can vote telling you what to do all because I committed an act of terrorism by invading the USA border illegally. That sounds like a better way of living than I have currently working my ass off and not being able to CYA. How many others are willing to get on my bus and we can be welcomed in at the border, taken to a nice place and housed while we get all our legal stuff done for us by INS thanks to BHO, another illegal who has been welcomed in with open arms.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I’m a PROUD AMERICAN, I’ll pay my own way thank you. Anyways who really wants to live in the Projects? You must like the taste of Goverment Cheese, or at the end of your financial rope…….

  27. Wolfman says

    Keep the IRS out of my health care

  28. Robert L. Rice says

    A simple solution,has been talked about for years,do away with the IRS,go to a FLAT TAX of 10%.ON EVERYTHING YOU BUY…groceries excluded…

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I do think if 10% works for GOD it should work for the government too. Look whats on our money
      “In God we trust”

  29. icetrout says

    proof of insurance is on my hard drive…

    1. ozwizard says


      1. icetrout says


  30. ward says

    Congress is the sole U.S. law & tax creator but now bo & his crony bureaus of deceit are creating themselves as the dictators support for more of his criminally abused power & violations of the U.S.. Constitution and any U.S. Laws that do not contribute to his wannabe dictatorship ..! Treason … ?

  31. zoehoney says

    1 lonely black man from the streets of Chicaog has taken the UNITED STATES of AMERICA down to her knees while playing golf in 6 short years. What the hell is the matter with CONGRESS to allow this? Ohhhh we do not want to come off looking RACISTS now do we? Ohhhh we might lose our seats in Congress . It makes me sick they all must go and we must vote in those that will run the country by the constitution. It was written to be perfectly balanced.

  32. Lynn says

    Take these midterm elections, SERIOUSLY. Do not listen to the Rhetoric of the Liberal Democrats. READ for YOURSELF about the Legacy of Obama. Are you really better off? Why would he place you second and Illegals FIRST? Why would he fine hard working families across America w/ thousands of dollars. MAKE Obama do his job. Vote in the Midterm Elections and take out these Democrats. Let America grow again.

  33. Richard Tebaldi says

    It just goes to show you the mentality of the Obama plan. Rushed, destructive, costly to a fault, put together by lineal thinkers, not well thought through. Put 85% of us who have insurance through all kinds of crap, screw up Medicare, Fewer MD’s to choose from. and on and on. I cannot believe this agenda is America’s idea of solving 15% of a problem by screwing the 85% who are paying the freight. I cannot think of ONE act Proposed by Obama worth a tinkers damned. He and his party are irresponsible, irreverent, self serving and out of control. They know not what they do, and I WON’T forgive them. I “hope you Obama-ites change” and vote all politicians out of office now or continue to get yourselves screwed. Is “THINK” out of your realm?

  34. Mark Clemens says

    Y’all clear your minds from all the Media Propaganda. What if I told you I know how to get rid of IRS,and income tax. The media & Big Biz want to keep this from us. Ready? Here we go……
    Y’all know Income Tax came around in 1914, the IRS is a byproduct of the 16Th Amendment. Ask your self how did the Treasury collect revenue before 1914? Well from 1790-2000 they charged TARIFFS. From 1790-1914 that’s how the Treasury was funded 100%. Why don’t we repeal the 16Th Amendment and go back to Tariffing products imported that cost over $200 per unit? GE has moved most of its manufacturing over seas. They make big ticket products over there at our expense for slave wages ($1 or less hour)
    Last year they packed up their whole X-Ray division from WISCONSIN to CHINA. Next year GE will move their locomotive manufacturing from BUFFALO NY to CHINA. The American Cost:
    17,000 non skilled labor jobs
    8,500 skilled labor jobs
    1,200 design engineer jobs
    2,000 administration jobs
    Thats $$$$$ out of AMERICAN FAMILIES. and giving it to COMMUNIST FAMILIES.
    If we keep the tariffs over $200 per unit we should stay out of regular families pockets.
    Customs will collect the Tax, thus ridding US of the IRS. Tariffs are a import consumption tax. If you buy stuff MADE IN USA you avoid the tax. If you buy junk MADE IN CHINA valued over $200 you pay a tax. If nobody buys the junk the importer will be stuck w/the tax. Think of all the stuff made over seas. Not doing this is a waist of revenue. Like oil gushing out of your back yard, and nobody is smart enough to barrel and sell it. If Jed Clampett was smart enough to barrel his oil why ain’t congress this smart?

    1. Jim says

      The best and the brightest are not to be found in government. Only the most corrupt and criminal need apply. When we elect the local politician, he or she quickly forgets about us when they get to the Temple of Greed and Corruption in Washington. Instead, they focus on doing whatever they perceive is best for their continued position and lining their pockets with OUR wealth. They extort unreasonable amounts of money from the producers, call it “taxes”, and live lavish lifestyles on our dime. If we balk at paying, they lecture us about “paying your fair share” and they steal our savings, homes, and possessions. This government has been getting too big for its britches for some time now and is long overdue for a trip to the woodshed.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        A Men!

      2. ozwizard says

        There are a few good ones — especially from Arizona.

  35. Jim says

    We need to take a page from the draft dodgers’ playbook. How about NOBODY files a tax return next year? If we all quit participating in the system, it will grind to a halt. They can’t go after all of us, and with everyone bucking the system, they wouldn’t even know where to start. Come on, America, let’s give the IRS the middle finger!

  36. jetmagnet says

    Most people are insured , so this doesn’t affect them. The people who are uninsured have 4 options- Obamacare, The emergency room or Die. The people who are insured privately, or socialist medicine, Medicare, medicaid and the veteran healthcare or Tricare another socialist government provided healthcare.
    The only one that doesn’t cost the taxpayer money is Obamacare which actually reduces taxes and healthcare cost and has an open privately run market place. The bottom line is in order to lower cost you have to have everyone buy in. Most healthcare companies and Hospitals are publicaly owned and have to be profitable to their stockholders. They can’t offer lower rates if people don’t buy insurance. Hospitals can’t reduce cost with “Freebies” that occupy ER’s as their only choice. So taxpayers are paying for LOAFERS!! People who possibly can afford insurance , but use the emergency room. Also, conservative governor’s policies by not taking government money for medicaid cost their state jobs and increase healthcare cost by having more uninsured. All this adds to the private policy cost. The IRS mandate helps is prevents Loafers from using the system while everyone else pays.

    1. Bob Wexler says

      There is a fourth option. For over 40 years I did not have health insurance. Ichose to pay as I go. For most of those 40 years I never exceeded $1,000 a year in medical bills, so I saved the total amount of the premiums, and would have had to pay the same bills anyway. The year that I did exceede the deductable, for cancer surgery, totaled about half what my premiums would have been for those 40 years. I am way ahead. I hate it when every one equates health care with health insurance. They are 2 independant issues. Good health care is hard to find with or without insurance. Sometimes insurance just stands in the way of choosing GOOD health care.

  37. Ddenney1 says


    1. Smoky Dogbert says

      They have a choice:
      1. $12k down the toilet for the obamafine or
      2. $12k down the toilet for private health insurance premiums for a policy with such a high deductible that it is worthless.

      It comes out about the same.

  38. OWEN says

    Obama the Marxist dictator.

  39. MLM says

    Screw the IRS they will be gone by then……END THE IRS

  40. 1uncle says

    Eliminate IRS and Pinocchiobamascare AND career politicians.

  41. Robert says

    All you liberal bastards deserve what’s coming for you ….NOW, why don’t you all join together run out and hire you another Democrat Muslim Faggot for some more of that hope and change….!!!

  42. daveveselenak says

    r============? let the REVOLUTION begin, this is extortion and can not be complied by ALL of “US”!

  43. Robert Morrow says

    Good let these corrupt Obama worshipper try and get money from my Stone. I have no job, no bank account or property, not even a car in my name. One more thing I will never file taxes again. So they can go straight to hell where they belong.

    1. 32eagle says

      you are sounding like a guy that is fed up with being messed with-and I am proud of you for standing up and not taking any more obamanism communism

  44. James Andrews says

    Good luck collecting that. If they can’t afford their insurance. they certainly can’t afford huge fines either.

  45. 32eagle says

    insanity is a threat to all of us REAL USA CITIZENS (unlike RumpRider the immoral illegal alien traitor trespasser)As it stands now -the IRS should be abolished and never heard of ever again-wouldn’t that be a bonus?

  46. William Neal says

    Well if this does not get the natives restless nothing will. It actually seems unlikely that this can happen. If they attempt to implement this policy and attempt to collect this as a debt, I believe it will certainly put a stake through the heart of obamacare forever.

  47. kris littlefield says

    People will only be aware of these fines if they’re told. You don’t hear this on the news. I don’t know how these representatives look themselves in the mirror. They have to know that their policies are ridiculous and harmful.

  48. shearwater says

    Obama’s grand plan is to suck up everyone’s disposable income and render them dependent on the government. See how kind socialism is and how redistribution works! That is “redistributive justice!”

  49. moral antagonist says

    No one seems to realize that after the fine you still don’t have any health insurance.Nobody ever brings this subject up.This is the part that is criminal.
    Where was our SUPREME COURT on this.Where are our elected officials on this subject.

  50. Vicky Wood-Teeters says

    I work for the Oregon Dept. of Revenue (state tax folks) and we have been advised that tax season will be delayed next year due to “affordable care act” bullcrap that will be on the federal tax forms. & some other legislation or other. Since we ask that folks attach a copy of their federal return or take an amount from their federal return, we have to wait around. Another train wreck waiting to happen.

  51. ttoolman says

    Oh my god I am going to lose everything because of this,I am Disabled and my wife can only work part time so she can stay at home and help me,We only make a little over $22.000 a year with a family of three,And sometimes we have our other grandchildren here for months at a time,We do not get any help from the Government like Food Stamps or help with Rent Because they say we make to much to receive Food Stamps.And now I read that we could get fined up to $12,240…This is so wrong but yet Obama will give away billions to illegal invaders and he will see that they get food stamps a place to live and the list goes on and on.I HATE HIM AND ANYONE THAT THINKS THIS IS OK TO DO TO TAX PAYING AMERICANS.If this is true about the fine I should just give up and quit.

  52. DustyFae says

    See, obamacare is all about taxes and lining the government pockets

  53. Kent2012 says

    the same irony of the hammering of those least able to afford it is being demonstrated by the african pretender’s war on coal and the EPA sticking its prod in everyone else’s business under the guise of protecting the environment. Fuel, food, and now medical care will cost more in an environment of fewer jobs and many only part time…..oh darn it I forgot the free phones, not that makes up for it all….

  54. underthewire says

    How about illegals?

  55. fsa0033 says

    Will they do that to the illegal immigrants? No, because their not Americans. When they do become citizens they will have rules to exempt them. 3rd world status, here we come.

  56. pysco says

    Remember Obama saying this is not a Tax, and SCOTUS said it was…………

  57. geneww1938 says

    Can somebody research and reply if this also applies to Muslims. I thought they were clearly exempt from this law! If so why … I see them in our hospitals … who is paying their bills? Tell me that we are not paying for them too.

  58. livefree1200cc says

    The IRS can kiss my A$$

  59. Subplanet Pluto says

    Just like every governmental institution – once established their main drive is to consolidate power and survive no matter what the original intention was. It seems that the US has transitioned into what the British were during colonial days. And you know what the colonists did.

  60. Cranky Steven says

    Good! I wish it was twice as much. The electorate deserves to get it good and hard for electing the trash we now have. Maybe this will wake up a few lemmings but I’m not holding my breath.

  61. jmortensen says

    The time has come the walrus said ” to delete the IRS and reform the tax system of this Nation ”
    Lets quit talking about a new tax system and get one !

  62. 1uncle says

    Pinocchiobama has made healthcare unaffordable for many. Now he wants to fine them money that many don’t have for something they don’t want or can afford. ‘bama was/is a terrible mistake, unAmerican and anti-American.

  63. Froel says

    I don’t give a shit what they try to do. I wouldn’t get Obummer care if it WAS free, (and it isn’t). The Dem agenda leads right down the road to totalitarianism. Fine me, put me in jail, I AM IN PROTEST.

  64. Froel says

    Just wait until Barry Soetoro (Odummy) unfuls his “CARBON TAX” on us. F*ck him and the horse that rode in IN him. HE AND HIS WHOLE ILK ARE STALINIST COMMUNIST MEGALOMANIACS.

  65. phil62 says

    If the people could not afford any insurance in the first place how the hell does this stupid DAMNED idiots in Washington think they are going to be able to pay a fine? This country is being led by some of the dumbest fools in history, and it starts with Obama, Pelosi, Reid then Clinton (and just in that order). How stupid can people be to keep voting these idiots into office. They ( the poor democrats) are the ones that are going to be hurt the most by this. STUPID!!!!

    1. Phile says

      After hearing that Pelosi applauds Hamas, both she and Reid show that they both have their heads shoved way up their Asses! !!!!

  66. americanpatriot1 says

    Greed is the engine that runs this administration. Power and control is the ultimate objective. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Our citizens are being played for absolute fools. We are being herded as ignorant cattle into communism and our citizens are happy and content as they go about the importance of keeping up with bought and paid for shamestream media opinions, with politician’s lies, movie stars, movies, ball games, music concerts, but has absolutely no interest in finding out the truth. Basically, this world is doomed.

  67. pat ange says

    The IRS nees to disbanded, comepletly done away with. Keep our military troops & give the Pink-slips to the corrupt criminals. Everybody needs to just not pay them one penny, EVERYBODY. What can they do. The democratic party has gone to hell in a handbasket carried by Obama. These Anti-Americans support the son of satan in all he does. Daddy Devil is making accomidations for them.

  68. dmttbt says

    To huckleberry44 and all. When you asked have any of you written your house member and asked them to file impeachment proceedings. I will and I shall. However when I write my congressmen, They seem to make it a point to do the opposite of what I suggest. I have grown to believe that they take the message and throw it away. I am independent above all, but republican after that and I will never again vote democrat. My senator is one who wants to put an extra 13 cents a gallon on gas to pay for road repair. I contacted his office and they thought I was crazy for saying what country does he live in. The country he lives in is one where everyone is a millionaire, but we know if that were true a million would be worth very little. What I am trying to say is that to him 13 cents a gallon may seem like almost nothing, but to the real people who try to work for a living but are having a hard time doing that because many have lost their jobs and many others have been cut to 28 hours a week instead of 40. Yes 13 cents is a lot to us.
    By the way I would be so bold as to say that highway funds have been allocated to repair the roads. What happened to that and if it does not cover the job then when it runs out send all the people home and especially the upper class people because why would we continue to pay people who have neither the materials to work with or the sense to see it coming. Like the psychic who goes bankrupt, didn’t they see that coming???

    Do you really think that your representative is going to represent you?? Think again and if they do how did we get to the point we are now??

  69. jbombznabombz says

    they can try and fine me that’s what a paper shredder is for

  70. jbombznabombz says

    unfortunately to say the government is a figure head.a revolving door for the 1%.a total revamping of the system from the ground up is needed for any REAL changes to be made.number one priority nobody with money(millions or more) is allowed near the lobbyist no longer exist.that would be just a start but a good start.

  71. Combatvet52 says

    IRS has been a crime since it started abolish it ASAP

  72. zoehoney says

    Liberal lefty head in the sand on TRUTH once again. November cannot come soon enough!!

  73. dmttbt says

    I was watching the news last night and Obama was giving a speech on what a success his Obama care is, and he said that more and more people are signing up everyday. Gee I wonder if the fact they made it mandatory and that you will be fined if you don’t sign up has anything to do with that. I say to the politicians and especially the democrats, show me where you opposed Obama care and you didn’t exempt yourself while making it mandatory for everyone else and I will say you might not need to be in jail rather than in office. Otherwise, forget it.

    1. Jim says

      Less people are signing up than you think. The vast majority of Americans want obamacare repealed. These “numbers” are inflated by the media in an effort to sell this program. If you notice, they haven’t stopped selling it. If it were REALLY that good, they wouldn’t have to sell it so hard.

  74. Archangel says

    We should all by now be well aware of Nancy Pelosi’s famous and rather ludicrous or oxymoronic statement that “We have to PASS THIS BILL so we can find out what’s in it; and that is exactly what the Democrats did! Having a majority in both house of congress they passed this legislation without the American People ever having a chance to understand or comment on it! Not a single Republican voted in favor of it, in fact not a single republican was even allowed to participate in drafting the legislation!

    The Democrats based this legislation on the Constitutionally Enumerated Authority of the Commerce Clause; specifically they insisted, that not only did they have the Authority to Regulate Activity in Commerce but that they also had the Authority to Regulate Inactivity in Commerce (as oxymoronic as that is) thereby allowing them to FORCE the American People to participate in their Health Care Scheme

    The Supreme Court Stated that The Federal Government did not have the Constitutional Authority under the Commerce Clause to order the American People to buy health insurance; the idea that the Commerce Clause provided the authority to regulate INACTICITY IN COMMERECE was ludicrous and Unconstitutional and therefore the American People could not be penalized for refusal to participate in an Unconstitutional law!

    Thanks to Justice Roberts however, the court, completely ignoring the fact that the law in itself under the auspices of the Commerce Clause was declared Unconstitutional decided that if the individual mandate was revised and not considered a “penalty,” as the health-care law identified it, but was instead considered a tax, it would then fall within Congress’s Constitutionally Enumerated Authority of Taxation.

    So, we now have a system of government run health care that is Unconstitutional because the government has no authority to regulate Inactivity in Commerce, neither does it have Constitutional Authority to impose a penalty for non-participation in an Unconstitutional law and yet it is somehow Constitutional to levy a tax upon individuals for non-participation in an Unconstitutional Law!

    Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika, the Land of Tyranny and Home of the Slaves, where government “OF, FOR and BY the PEOPLE” has on behalf of the Delusional Democrats, Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists now become a government in Spite of the People!

    Where Laws, that were once bound by the Chains of the Constitution are now created with complete disregard and indifference toward the Constitution and instead cater to the sociopolitical ideologies of the demented!

    Remember, We have to pass this BILL to find out what’s in it!

    1. Jim says

      I also remember that, during the great healthcare “debate”, Obama told the republicans, “I won, you lost. Get over it.” I also saw that gesture Obama made toward the republicans during a televised conference. He did what I call the “covert flip-off” He rubbed the side of his face with his middle finger while looking at one of the republican leaders. This sorry excuse for a president has never displayed any leadership skills. He simply says that it’s his way or the highway, and that he has a phone and a pen and he’ll bypass congress if they don’t give him what he wants. He has shown such arrogance and has even had tantrums right on TV for all the world to see. To say he is an embarrassment would be an understatement.

  75. Bexcee says

    Not to mention that when my family filed taxes for 2013, we were not allowed to take the CHILD exemption for my 17 year old son, a Sr in High School! When in the heck did that change? It used to be 18!!!

  76. George Gordon Capps says

    Americans are fined and Illegals are given free Insurance. ?…. What a great Nation. ?, well I guess someone has to pay for Obama’s new Voters !”
    ” Wake Up America, … Impeach

  77. says


  78. says


  79. Eric English says

    Full of shit, is really the only words I can think to describe this article, or this website, for that matter. it would take a long time to point out all the outright lies and misrepresentations in this article, so I’ll just hit the high spots. First: the costs of healthcare to the taxpayers has already come down. Second: Those $300 freebe checks we got in the 2000s we one of the reasons that are national debt went up by 3,500%, during George W Bush’s 8 years in office. Third, The number quoted I fines only applies to millionaires. I don’t know anyone with a 6 figure income, let alone a 7 figure income, stupid enough not to have health insurance. No if you are worth a billion, it might be worth it. You probably will save a few buck but why would you if you are worth that kind of money. So, this is a non thing. But even if it was. Let’s take car insurance. I think every state requires you have it. In Texas where I live if you get driving without it. They will suspend your licenses, and tow your car. There’s a reason for that. If your in an accident, and most people are at some point. If you are broke ass enough not to pay for insurance you sure as hell can’t pay my repair bill. Some one is going to have to pay to have those cars repaired and it would be me if you don’t have insurance. The same is true with health care. It get sick or have an accident you are going to have to be treated. Someone is going to have to pay for the bill, and if you don’t it’s going to be me. If it were Dems bitching about forced personal responsibility, I could kind of get that. Republicans bitching that they shouldn’t be forced to take responcability for their own self, and wanting the taxpayers to cover it. baffles me.

    1. phil112 says

      Eric, what are you smoking? For every one person that had their insurance premiums lowered by obamacare, there are 1000 that pay more. I bet your TV only gets CNN, and I’d also bet you’ve never worked a day in your life at a real job, just like the maggot in the white house you adore.

  80. WiSe GuY says

    It’s the 0bama extortion game.

  81. Desiree Seifert says

    Obama and the IRS can both SHOVE IT, I will NOT comply!!!!!

  82. Okwaho1 says


    1. Jim says

      The answer is a Flat 10% National Sales Tax and reinstate tariffs. PERIOD!

      1. Okwaho1 says

        That would kill folks living on social security. Most are barely getting by as it is and the burden of collecting that tax would rest on businesses who would have to raise prices on products to compensate for the expense of administering to it. A better plan is a flat rate income tax, on ones total income with no deductions on ones total income no matter how large or small it is and the only exemption being social security benefits. 10% is a viable rate.

  83. Robert Freedom says

    Do not pay them a dime. You have rights. Learn the truth google FREEDOM LAW SCHOOL Ask Is the IRS part of the U.S. Goverenment?

  84. badger says

    The IRS is becoming a terrorist organization and license to steal. It is time to get ride of the IRS.

    1. Jim says

      This is nothing new. The IRS has ALWAYS been a terrorist organization. At the very least, they employ Mafia-style tactics to extort money and property from ordinary citizens. At worst, they act as a Gestapo type arm to silence dissension. The scary part is that the IRS can do ANYTHING THEY WANT. They can do things that not even the local police can do. They aren’t even bound by the rule of due process. This organization needs to be done away with. Everything they do is illegal under the RICO statutes.

  85. badger says

    Obama listens to his Communist and Muslim advisers. Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law Vernon Jarrett worked with Frank Marshall Davis in 1940 in the Communist Party .

  86. dmttbt says

    You need to check the numbers on which president has caused the national debt to rise the most and the fastest. Obama wins that one hands down. I don’t know where you get your information, but you need to check for a better source.

  87. Richard Tebaldi says

    Goes to show you what a stupid bill ObamaCare is! If a person CAN afford health insurance, he knows enough to get it. If a person CAN’T afford ObamaCare, taxpayers are going to pay for it. Nice move meatheads! How are you going to “FINE” non participants “up to $12,000+ when they DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR HEALTH CARE ALREADY? Who is going to POLICE and ENFORCE the fine? How much will that added cost be? Are the taxpayers going to pay THAT freight as well? YUP! So we taxpayers get a double whammy spend by the FED’s and WE are told it will “Save us MONEY”? Do the math and see what you come up with besides screwed! HOW DUMB CAN SOME VOTERS BE? VE-ERY! In ANY other Country, where would this administration be now?

  88. markypolo says

    This is what DEMOCRATS voted for. Right?

    1. says

      This has got to be the land of the dumb.

  89. Dealerdeb1 says

    WHen will the stupid people who voted for Coimmunism in the USA wake up?

    1. says

      Hell it’s to late now!!!!!

  90. William Fisher says

    Thugs and crooks R us… should be the motto of the IRS, EPA, and the rest of Obama’s regime. They are as evil as the Mafia … Pelosi should be proud.

  91. Joe V. says

    The only reason he has not been impeached is because he is Kenyan/black if he were a white president, he would be up on criminal charges. He has corrupted the IRS, Justice Department, Homeland security and lord knows what else. This government is England Prior to 1776, it is out of control.

  92. David in MA says

    Lets see: no job,
    no income,
    no home ownership,
    no car,
    no spouse or kids,
    no dog,
    no shoes,
    no assets at all…..

  93. Daphne deGuerre says

    My sole income is $531 (from Social Security) per month and to buy coverage through the Affordable Care Act would cost me $346 per month, which obviously is unaffordable for me. So now I’m going to be fined for not having coverage?!

    1. says

      I hope you didn’t vote for the Kenyan!

  94. Lobo says

    Our,( so called Reps.) could stop this.Congress holds the purse strings to ALL that govt. wants screw the public, programs,and many other wasteful money schemes(SCAMS).
    Reduce or better yet ,TAKE away from the welfare parasites,(those WHO will NOT WORK,and from the illegal who qualifies for everything.Do away with multiple (same programs) from the many parts of this strangling govt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now,after saying that,come on you bleeding hearts,tell me I’m am wrong.Of course,I do not believe YOU!!!!!

  95. 40Helen60 says

    FYI. This phony healthcare bill was written by none other than Hillary Clinton, when Bill was in his last term. She tried to push it through Congress but they shot it down. Oh, she’s sneaky and conniving and will stop at nothing to get her way. Obama only tacked his name to that bill.

    1. says

      You are right Hillary Clinton is a snake in the grass!

      1. 40Helen60 says

        She more than a snake in the grass, She’s a she devil just like Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama. Three she devil’s in one room. Maybe they’ll kill ea other?

      2. EDWARD MIKAN says


  96. Martin Mayberry says

    Well let them levy away and see if I pay!!

  97. Mark Forrer says

    This is just what happens when u have lobbyists in Washington making corporate welfare….

  98. noprogressive says

    I refuse to buy a product I dont want. If they think they are going to fine me they will first have to find me. I will refuse to file at all. If the muslim communist wants a rebellion he will get one. I will go into the underground economy and not only refuse to buy Obozocare but stop paying any taxes at all and I dont think I am alone in this

  99. hangman57 says

    All Democrats need to be thrown out of office ,no family can afford $3000 per person for not signing up for Obamacare . Democrats really f—–ed Americans .With this dumbass law called Obamacare .

  100. Mark Clemens says

    If you can’t afford the insurance premium, how can you afford that fine……….?
    Y’all know the IRS will have REAL TIME BANKING ACCESS by 2015. In case you don’t get a refund. I suggest everyone buy a $1,500+ gun safe, to keep your money in.
    What’s the point in using a bank if you earn less than $2,000 a week? The bank only pays .0017% interest. They always stick you with a hidden charges (ATM fees, Not having a certain balance, etc). You are doing waaaay more for the bank, than the bank helps you! Unless your a millionaire or can’t count, add, subtract your waisting your money banking………..

    1. don says

      one instance where a person may, possibly, be in a bind, is the fact that ALL Social Security checks are deposited electronically now…no more checks mailed directly to the address of your choice.

      direct deposit, gives the IRS unfettered access to most banking accounts no days.

      they don’t need a court order or a warrant.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Thats a simple one:
        Let the bank catch the SSI money. Withdrawal all but $10 or $20 (to keep account active)
        Like we say here in Nashville
        “You might not like Johnny, but
        You gotta love Cash”
        I’m putting my faith in cybercrooks I think before NO CASH is really on the table. They will hit a big bank. Maybe millions of people will never see their money again. Then Cash will be King again. I hear that ISIS bunch wants to wreak havoc on our financial institutions. They are a crafty bunch, recruiting US Citizens and all………

        1. don says

          that’s why they PREFER electronic deposit…they simply take it exactly when it’s deposited…you cannot be there in time to beat their levy…once a lien, or levy, is place on an asset/assets, you cannot have it removed unless you pay what they say you owe (or settle it thru litigation, or court)…again…without a court order or warrant.

          i speak from experience in dealing with the IRS…again…they are brutal, merciless, ruthless and, normally, refuse to deal with a ‘regular’ taxpayer. you WILL need legal representation if you decide to “fight” or “deal” with them.

          they have the power to simply “make up the rules as they go”, seemingly…

          this is why i say: “Do away with the IRS…go to a, graduating, no more than 10% flat tax” for EVERYONE”

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Let’s say your money is deposited on the 15th (usually happens around midnight) go withdrawal all but 10 or 20 on the 16th, put it in your gun safe. If your in for a real SSI Fucking, the deposit won’t even be made.
            To really do away with this taxation abuse we must rid ourselves of the DOMESTIC TAX MAN. We should go back to taxing imported goods. Tariffs are a consumption tax. Buy foreign made junk, pay the tax. Buy a MADE IN USA product, avoid the tax. Make the tariff high enough maybe some companies might start manufacturing here again. At least it would level the playing field were Americans can start up new manufacturing companies. ………
            No DOMESTIC TAXMAN (IRS gone)
            Protects American jobs
            Sounds better than any tax plan I’ve heard of…….

  101. Van Hamlin says

    This healthcare mess clearly illustrates that our nation does not have a set of laws conducive a socialist form of government. In addition, this law has highlighted the fact that public officials listen only to the lobbyists padding their pocket. The Supreme Court has even sold us out. This was never meant to be a tax. It has always been a law forcing US citizens to purchase a healthcare plan with their own funds. If the purchaser fails to do so then the government keeps whatever money they have of yours, just to balance the books.

    Obamacare forces everyone to purchase health insurance from someone. What will happen to those young minority adults who are not enrolled on Medicaid, for whatever reason, fail to pay their fine, which will amount to much more than 1% – maybe 5%, and don’t bother filling an income tax return. There are lots of Americans that have already lost their civil rights through criminal convictions, don’t have any tangible assets, and have no fear of prison. Are we going to make these people out to be recidivist criminals because they didn’t get health care? This could mean that people on Probation or parole, who are successfully rehabilitating, could be sent back to prison because they don’t have health care.

    I just don’t get this!

    1. don says

      you’re not supposed to “get it”…you’re supposed to simply, comply and thank mr obama and the dem senate…**sarcasm**

  102. junkmailbin says

    since my income is below tax level and i get my medical from the va, the irs can go kiss my arse

  103. John Williams says

    All of this was passed by a DEMOCRAT controlled Senate who passed the ACA without even reading the bill, remember Pelosi one the great DEMOCRAT leaders “we have to pass it to see what is in it”. Now if the American people are still dumb enough to continue to elect DEMOCRATS to office then this country is clearly screwed. There is absolutely no doubt that either these DEMOCRATS were in on the scam and the lies or they were too stupid to know what was going on, I don’t know about you, but neither one of those choices is a desirable attribute to have in my elected representative. Remember to vote and remember DEMOCRATS AND ONLY DEMOCRATS BROUGHT YOU OBAMACARE.

    1. Combatvet52 says


  104. Combatvet52 says

    When will the IRS be abolished they are criminals with a license to steal.

  105. Tom Costello says

    Our Justice System and the IRS in America need over hauling but they’ll just get worse under present leadership. We’ve been lied to for 6 years

  106. icetrout says

    I’ll sign up when the IRS hands over the missing E-Mails………..

  107. albertbryson says

    Well, the government is official the enemy of the American people. They are going to force us to buy their health care plan and failure to do so is a massive fine. Let refused to pay the fine and go to jail. That the solution for all Americans. Let them jail us all and that will stop the silliness. I agreed that the IRS is out of control and we the American people have to start standing up to the big bully: our own federal government.

    1. don says

      from what i’ve been led to believe, the only way the IRS can ‘collect’ is by deducting any ‘fine’ from your income tax refund.


      i do know, for a fact, from having dealt with the IRS, they are cruel, vicious, ruthless, uncaring and WILL collect, no matter what they have to do to do so. that includes: liens on property, levies on paychecks, savings, banking accounts, IRA’s, CD’s, real property, automobiles, aircraft, boats, anything of value they can auction off. and what’s really disturbing is they do NOT need a warrant or a court order.

  108. R. Walter says

    Communist bastards. Pardon the language.

    1. don says

      communists? or bastards? *grin*

      1. R. Walter says

        Take your pick. lol

  109. ttoolman says

    Obama sure likes killing off the poor,Now just how is this going to help the people that can not afford this high dollar healthcare crap.This is why this country needs a 3rd party because the two party system sure as hell is not working for us..So good luck America you are going to need it with all of those greedy A-holes in Washington running our lives.

  110. marlene says

    sounds like a racket to me. can’t we indict the IRS on the RICO law?

  111. Robert Morrow says

    This Corrupt bunch of Politicians and Petty Bureaucrats can go to hell. To collect they must go to court before trying to get money. Then too what about those that have no job, have no bank account and own nothing but the clothing on their back. Just how are these corrupt Slime balls going to collect anything? What needs to be done is get, if we can find any, Politicians that represent the People and not the Washington D.C. Power Establishment like ours from the State of New Mexico. Our Senators would sell their own into slavery or worse just for the Payola that greases their palms. These Corrupt Politicians make these blood sucking of over 400 Federal Agencies that now rule the country. Why, Again Payola, just like the FDA approves High Profit Pharmaceutical poison drugs that murder over 100,000 citizen each year. Do you think for a moment that Federal Agencies like the FDA & Politicians care about walking over the dead bodies, they do not. Want to cut the Debt of the country? Get People to stop or remove most of these Corrupt Federal Agencies, starting with IRS, FDA, EPA, Labor Relations Board, Federal Board of (Propaganda) non education Board, Home land Security, and the list is never ending. Question, just why does the TSA need 9000 administrators in Washington DC alone??????????? One more thought, I hear Guns, Guns, yet I never hear any cry or hew of the thousands made sick from the FDA approval of toxic poison chemicals to be used in the foods that you eat and make you sick, or the poison drugs that kill and not cure anything, WHY? Payola that grease their palms and get reelected. I have ask these question by written letter and in person to these Corrupt Politicians and all I get back in a Zombie look and letters that insult me, propaganda and request for money. I am talking about both the Corrupt Politician Parties for they care nothing about your or your family. Enough Said as this will like the rest go unheeded for it hurts to think and most have been trained by Common Core and cannot read over “see Spot run.” or accomplish simple math. I know this last to be true as I ran a small business, hired a Two year College Grad who could not even make simple changes or accomplish the work that she was suppose to be trained to do. Have a great day and make sure you eat your daily bread filled with toxic poisons.

  112. Frank W Brown says

    Who knew that the alphabet could be SO dangerous??? Abolishment is in order for these agencies, IRS, DHS, TSA, EPA, BLM, NDAA, DOE(both), DOJ etc. Kill them before they kill US!

  113. slypuffers says

    Lets just see………49% not paying Income Tax will get subsaidies

  114. John Stratemeyer says

    Might as well get my cell ready.

  115. CCblogging says

    The IRS is the tool that the drunken spending fools ruining our nation are using to redistribute America’s wealth. Obama’s IRS takes from productive and resourceful Americans and gives that wealth to the lazy, the illegals, the Muslims, the leftist voters, etc. I will vote against the regime supporters on 11-4-14 and I hope that my fellow Americans have come to their senses by then but I have grave doubts.

  116. Kent2012 says

    brilliant display of communism, of course the vast majority of kenyan boy’s supporters do not recognize it as such and could care less if they do know it for what it is…..they pay nothing for other’s support. On the other hand the idiot coffee shop philosophers will be heavily slammed and they will rise up and in unison proclaim George W. Bush responsible for all bad things happening in America…The unions will not be too vocal, they were “opted” out by the african pretender and considering how much the government unions membership is overpaid they will be glad to continue to contribute to the democommies in order the keep the circus operational….at least the DC circus…

  117. John Gault says

    Unhappy apathetic stupid Amerkins. This is absolutely off the charts. The IRS is nothing more then a criminal rogue collection agency for the criminal rogue federal reserve and how the sheeple allow this criminal agency to control and plunder them is like living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids.
    “The government, (corporate fascist regime) first rules by force and violence and secondly by the consent of those being ruled.”

    1. usathoughts says

      Great moniker and Photo. Little over the top but do sympathize with your message.

  118. jillocity says

    never mind that those “tax refunds” are your money to begin with, that the .gov has taken and used…when you could have used it yourself, or put it in a CD and drawn interest on it

  119. Mike Straw says

    How in the hell did the IRS get such power and authority. They even have agents with badges that can knock down your doors! When and how did they become such a power in our nation. They are as powerful as the FBI and the Treasury Dept………This is a prime example how links are added to the chain over time and before you know it, it’s heavy and freaking long! It’s time to do something about this people! It’s still not too late.

    1. usathoughts says

      Perhaps things have changed but in past the FBI was the enforcement arm for most all Federal Agencies. At a lower level, the police were the enforcement arm for the FBI.

      That said it appears the IRS has overstepped its authority without due process of law. Quite serious given its recent abridgment of law within the Agency. The fact they have not been brought to account lies with the Federal Justice Department. Even Congress, depending upon them has been stonewalled. Worse yet, with the consent of this Administration.

      This reply but restates your post but at other than a ‘gut’ level. Most will like your manner, in that I can assure you.

  120. USARetired says

    And what do they think they will do the the many thousands who do not file their taxes??? Their ‘Gestapo’ tactics will then be in the wind!

    1. usathoughts says

      Perhaps the reason for hiring 20,000 new agents. The IRS is a law on to themselves.

  121. don says

    i still do not how they plan to insure, or to penalize, the homeless, unemployed and those under the poverty level…

    even more astonishing, is the fact that Americans have not done anything about this travesty called the ACA…obama and the senate, should all be thrown out of office for their blatant communist/marxist/leninist/socialist/fascist attempt to take over the country by ignoring the House of Representatives.

    obama openly does all these end-runs around congress and the senate just sits idly by and does NOTHING to show some semblance of common sense and totally ignore the House of Representatives!

    “AFFORDABLE”? yeah…right…to whom?

  122. wildeagleone says

    They want these fines to pay Lerners way out of prison along with the others that are complicit of all the crimes being committed (to this day) by the crooks

  123. usathoughts says

    The family as just experienced its third Obamacare approach to health care. The most recent was serious. Won’t bother with the details except to say it borders on idiocy. Considering the thrust of this article coming to believe the entire ACA Law, not just half of it, is concerned with Taxes, fines & fees.

    There are two aspects of medical care affecting a majority of people throughout their life. One is Dental care, the other is Vision. Neither of these two are addressed in any meaningful manner within the ACA Law. The Law speaks to preventive care but ignores the most beneficial; Dental care. Note: It goes to how the body identifies invading diseases and prepares antibodies to fight them off. This is just an observation, having nothing to do with our family medical experience.

    Look at the ACA Law in the following manner. Consider that it affects 1/6th of the entire economy. Consider the Law is 2,700 pages long, with half dedicated to Taxes. Contrast this with something rather simple. That of a strike off match. It represent far less than .0000001 percent of the economy. However, its “laws” to produce this simple match take millions of pages, thousands of books. And only covers ‘ONE’ type of match.

    Do you really thing they had any idea of what they were doing? Impossible is a word writ large in the mind. Those who support this law may not be stupid but they are woefully ignorant. Of course this does not apply to those gaming the system.

  124. rchguns says

    The real sickening part of this whole thing is not that the Democrats did this Or That Dirty Diaper Head Obama has put his stamp on history.

    Real dark side is that the American people did this to themselves! Americans voted this ass in the office either from stupidity or a false sense of entitlement. Black lady in Detroit made it perfectly clear why diaper head was elected. We done elected has black ass now he gona pay us back. We gona get them Obama bucks.

  125. jak says

    Here you have it folks, Obama’s “Transformation of America.” Isn’t this just great?

  126. bpgagirl22VAnow says

    FINALLY! Some real motivation to vote those SOB’s OUT of DC! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways! Now all we have to do is just make sure all voters read this article! Share on warriors!!!!!!!

  127. shafawn says

    We need to shut down the IRS until it can be restructured and reorganized. It’s broken beyond repair and places itself above the law. It is no longer a contribution to free society.

    1. don says

      the IRS has LONG been out of control. it has NEVER contributed to a free sucks the life blood from a free society.

      the ONLY answer is thru a graduating, flat tax, to not exceed 10% for ANYONE:
      if you make $30,000.00 per year or less=1%
      if you make between $30,000.00 and $70,000.00 per year=2%

      these numbers are examples…you get the idea.

      IMO, even if a person makes $3,000,000.00 or more, HONESTLY and legally, 40%-50% income tax is NOT “Fair”.

      1. shafawn says

        Yes exactly!

    2. don says

      restructured and reorganized with NO POWER to collect! (or, at least, extremely limited power)

  128. mike slaney says

    If the country will not unify against the IRS by everyone not submitting to the unconstitutional tax, we shall all hang separately. Wolves hunt in packs, deal with the wolves.

  129. Denny says

    We just lost our cobra at the end of Aug. after 18 months and we have no money coming in. We sold our home and moved into a modular and paid cash for it with the money we made selling our home. We have a little money left to pay our 450.00 lot rent. Our 40 years of saving our 410k for our retirement is ALL GONE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. My husband can’t get a job because either his age or over qualified and his tells then he won’t leave if a better job comes along. We just want to make enough until we retire in a few years. We have to be under 9000.00 in our bank acct. Soon we will but we have bills and we still want our excellant credit rating. So we can’t get food stamps, medicaid, any help because we have a little too much. We do not have the money to pay for insurence. I have a ICD MAKERin my chest. I need to tell them to disconnect the home monitor because I can’t afford the bill. I have many medical conditions and will have to stop taking my meds. Before cibra ran out last month my genetic cholesterol was 378 ldl 269 hlc279. Needless to say not good. I watch what I eat but it doesn’ matter because of genetics. Obama care and Affordable are give us nothing and we can’t afford it till we are under 9000. In 40 some years we never asked for help and contributed money to help. We ask for a lending hand ad we are denied. IRS gets away with everything and they steal from us for parties etc… We were middle class we are now lower class. Fine. We just can’t afford ins. So if I die because of Obama and his medical change I hope he dies a horrible death by his own hand and the enemies he has made.We started with nothing we will get there again but with less because we are older. So we should be fined 0 because we make 0 income. Havn’t had unemployment since end of Dec. 2013. He still is online everyday looking for work, any work. Again no he is overqualified and his age is against him. I quess if you are not an illegal alien, minority, or someone who wants to sit and do nothing all day and are quite capable of working then you don’t qualify.

    1. don says

      my wife and i are in a similar situation…the only way we can get rid of this insidious law is thru removing the democrats from office

      quoting obama during his campaign: “Use your vote as revenge”…

      1. Denny says

        Revenge it will be in Nov. and in 2016. Sorry folks IT IS THE DEMOCRATS THAT TOOK DOWN THE MIDDLE CLASS NOW WITH NO INS. . hE LIES AND THERE ARE MORE UNINSURED THAN EVER. I NEVER believe a demo because it is constant lies. If another demo gets in we are done forever. We NEED TO TAKE REVENGE AT THE POLLS LIKE DON SAYS. We are no longer safe either because of the dems. We must unite against the destruction of Anerica before it is finished for good. Get the democrats OUT.

  130. Kevin Tebedo says

    The IRS is not illegal nor is it unconstitutional. They operate like thugs and thieves because assessing ones won private property (ie your labor produced income) is 100% voluntary and if every American fully understood this there would be a revolt like the world has never seen. So, we are kept under a constant stream of threats, coercion and duress so that we are too afraid to act. It’s our fault.

  131. chetohimler says

    Well, before it was that folks could not afford healthcare insurance (optional), and Now…folks can’t afford the IRS fine for not complying with the ACA (Obamacare)…..Mandatory! There is one loophole if you decide not to pay for Obamacare and not pay the fine…Go to Jail and receive free “healthcare.”

  132. Ladydonnalands says

    IRS should stand for Internal Robbery Source.

  133. BH says

    People need to pay a lot more attention to the amount of taxes taken out of the pay check, they can only take the money if there is money to be refunded.

  134. dinkerduo says

    Jesus we are in trouble—these people are so corrupt and we need to abolish the IRS once and for all!!!
    We need to tell our elected officials that if they don’t work to get the IRS abolished or they will be RECALLED if they don’t and we won’t wait for another election to get rid of them!

  135. Andy Sr says

    If they can’t afford the insurance payment how can they pay a fine . We have some.real stupid people in DC. Get a flat tax set up and do away with the IRS !! Hold on till November and something will be done about the IRS !!

  136. says

    Anyone who’s ever paid TAXES, has already “given back to the community!” Not that the community ever “gave” us anything. We had to work for it!

  137. Sue Zbell says

    SCOTUS Catholic Republican Males had the PERFECT opportunity with Hobby Lobby to DECLARE ACA OBAMA CARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL but FAILED because they were more interested in serving the interest of the CATHOLIC CHURCH and CORPORATIONS than the CONSTITUTION or actual human people.

    Interpretation of Obama Care law REQUIRES that courts choose which “person’s” freedom of religion rights to honor: employer or employee. That makes the law UNWORKABLE in a society that supposedly believes in individual liberty and equal right under law for ALL — and, therefore, ACA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  138. UTARebel says

    Democrats will suffer year after year for this ‘legislation’

  139. Cornelius Von says

    It’s just one of many scams to keep from giving us our due refunds. I will be surprised if anyone gets a refund at all as they gradually figure out a way to keep all our money one dollar at a time.

  140. Adam Brier says

    IRS, you may personally kiss my ass on this one. You aint getting shit out of me except the middle finger.
    You all can eat shit and die. thnx, taxpayer

  141. pat ange says

    It is time to defund & disband this criminal dept. of corruptness.

  142. Yadja says

    That is the mindset and proof of the insanity of these Dem/Progressives that they would offer what they call Free Insurance then hit them with a tax. If they can’t afford insurance how the heck will they afford the fine?

    What will be interesting is when or if these taxes are levied and the people go to the courts about it and it ends up in front of the Supreme Court again, what will be the outcome? I remember Justice Roberts saying about the tax, he could not call something Unconstitutional that had not happened yet. So what will they do when it does happen?

  143. Sancheen Hudson says

    Simple fix, just don’t file taxes. Unless you are a business or contractor who is required to file quarterly taxes, you don’t have to file an annual tax return. People do it because of the refunds they get but it is not mandatory. And if you don’t believe me, google it or go to and find the law that says an individual must file a tax return.

  144. Don't whine says

    When everyone gets the bill for Obamacare, the revolution will begin.

  145. Carrie Barton says

    Lack of common sense! America is craving for a leader. One who is not afraid of taking charge. A person that will protect it’s citizens and make America strong. Help us keep America’s Republic strong. sign the petition for Dr. Carson to run in 2016.

  146. 40Helen60 says

    Well, they don’t have enough prisons to put the millions of seniors on medicare, medicaid, and Social Security. Many of us just barely make enough on SS to pay our bills and buy groceries. I was told I was only eligible for $12 a month in food stamps, I told them what they could do with that $12. Illegals get everything free. They will have everything handed to them on a gold platter, while the rest of us, who paid into the system for years, will see everything we have given to those criminal illegals. Why should I be penalized for being born and raised in the US, served my country in the Army, never been outside of the US, while illegals are coming here to take everything I’ve worked for all my life.

  147. Joe V. says

    Nice to know that the Government wants to make me and my family homeless again after still recovering from homelessness three years ago.

  148. Robert Morrow says

    Not only the IRS that needs to be abolished, but most of the 400 other Federal Agencies that your corrupt Senators and Representatives have in installed with ruling powers and no controls. All operated by Corrupt Petty Bureaucrats who would and have sold their own into slavery just to get their palms greased with payola. The IRS will take your money, while like the FDA for palm greasing will approve thousands of high profit pharmaceutical poison drugs that kill and not cure. Then these Federal Agencies will approve and allow your foods to be laced with highly toxic chemicals that poison you and your children, making them sick in mind and body. But, do not worry just move on nothing to see while we rob you and kill you all for the Payola and power to rule. Thank you Corrupt Politician and Petty Bureaucrats for aiding and abetting the destruction of the great Republic.

  149. Robert Freedom says

    Thank you for posting this info. I hope a lot of people get really pissed off Then maybe These people might be inclined to fight back and here is how; google NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, FREEDOM LAW SCHOOL, THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS, IS THE IRS PART OF THE U.S. GOVERENMENT? U.S. CODE TITLE 42 SECTION 1983, And thank all the democrats & RINOs at

  150. anestat says

    If people have NO job and no money to buy insurance, how can they pay a $3000. penalty???

  151. MrD says

    This simply reveals that our congress is useless and the majority of the senate is corrupt.The primary concern is taking the guns away from honest citizens so they cannot stand up against the IRS and DHS and all the other corrupt government agencies.This is the next step in the total move toward a dictatorship,and even the Americans that have guns are up against the hollow point ammo,armored vehicles,full body armor or the government.Mid term elections may not even be held as the country is now being run by the Chicago mob and millions are about to be killed so the elites can live on.

  152. WiSe GuY says

    Nigger president, nigger laws.

    1. dondehoff says

      “WiSe Guy”, Sir, you are a prime example of the racist problem. And, the site monitor is equally at fault for posting your comment. I suspect you would be offended if someone called you “white-trash”. There are many people on this planet that are physically “different” from others—-get over it.

      1. WiSe GuY says

        I am racist for stating the truth, If you say so nigger lover.

        1. dondehoff says

          Site monitors, we continually ask, “Where is congress on these issues”? Now I ask, “where are the site monitors on this profanity, obnoxious nicknames and racist gutter talk”? This is “Mental masturbation” at its worst. This person is either grossly ignorant or an administration “plant” assigned to “stir the pot” to take or focus off of the real issues. There is no scientific evidence that reveals one race is superior to any other—-unfortunately, I cannot say that about some individuals. If “he” is functioning out of pure ignorance, he unwittingly becomes an administration “follower”.

          1. WiSe GuY says

            Anything you say nigger lover. Do you also like the taste of faggot 0bama’s cock?

          2. dondehoff says

            Sir, I truly feel sorry for you as you obviously are one very sick person. Please, go get some help! If you would bother to look up my 2 or 3 thousand posts on Disqus, you would find I am a staunch Republican and a strict constitutionalist. Also, I sincerely believe that the Muslim/Islamic issue is the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War. This will be the last of my discussions with you. I wish you well.

  153. tinkerunique says

    The “Affordable” Healthcare Act, seems to have been a control issue all along. Some families were not able to afford ‘0’bummer-care’ in the first place and then the price went up. As was told at the first, the penalties WOULD be there for those that did NOT buy the government-mandated program. ANY government-mandated program IS unconstitutional. That is why the (appointed) Supreme Court called it a “tax” That is just like “Common Core”, a government ‘learning program’ where much of American history has been re-written, adult-themes are in lower grades and sex-ed is in High school. That supports the birth control and abortion issues of 0-care. GET REAL, and elect people that WILL get America back to what makes this GREAT, the way it used to be.

  154. William Fisher says

    Insanity Regulatory System has struck again… it is an arm of the Communist Party and it is treasonous! It is time to get rid of the IRS and the UN! Back to basics. My ancestors who put their lives and livelihoods on the line during the American Revolution didn’t do so so a Communist and his thugs could take our freedoms away!

  155. DogWithoutSlippers says

    A slimey Democrat money grab!~

    1. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

      Stop calling democrats, democrats. They are not democrats in the traditional sense. Today’s democrats are nothing but global communists.

  156. Cornville says

    You all voted for Obama and the rest of the Democrats, so please stop complaining and whining. Most of you already have health insurance, so this issue is a moot point for you .Just pay the bill if it is due on go on with your lives.

    1. Liberty1776 says

      Shut up corn hole. Go back underneath your bridge.

      1. Cornville says

        Another whiner who is totally lost about American politics. Time to grow up and face the real world. Obamacare is here to stay only because you all supported it.

        1. Liberty1776 says


    2. Mad Scientist says

      I never voted for Obama or any of them GD Demonrats so my conscience is clear…

    3. dondehoff says

      “Cornville”, just where did you get the idea that “most people have health insurance”? There are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) that do not have coverage—and unless that problem is addressed, the situation is going to get much worse within the next year.

  157. jeff says

    It’s all about total power and control of the government over the people. We are on our way to socialism. Move over Lenin, Mao, et. al. here we come.

    1. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

      No we are on our way to revolution. Not my choice. But that is what will probably happen.

      1. Liberty1776 says


  158. RIMILITIA says

    There Exists this document called the Constitution. Article 1 section 10 The Government SHALL Not impair the obligation of Contracts. This means the Government cannot create ANY Law/s to force one into a Contract against one’s will. EVERYTHING is suppose to be Voluntary in a “FREE” country.

    1. Mad Scientist says

      Hmm, trouble these lawless treasonous traitors don’t give a damn about that Constitution of the sheeple

    2. dondehoff says

      “Rimiltia”, you are ever so wrong. The more “populated (crowded)” we become, the more laws and controls are necessary to keep us from “bumping into each other”. Those “density rules” apply in all situations, as too many people would be abusing the system. Such common sense rules even apply to households, and workplaces. And, just where did you come up with the “free country” idea.

      1. RIMILITIA says

        what kind of glue are you on dondehoff ?

        1. dondehoff says

          “RIMILITIA”, you not only did not delve into specifics to enable a reply, your post is obnoxious—which leads me to believe you know not of what you speak. Let me “reduce it to the ridiculous” and just maybe you will understand. Take a 2-bedroom house and move in two couples—they probably could survive. Move in ten unassociated people and without rules, as to “when, where and how”, there would be chaos. Take that concept and use general population figures and you (hopefully) can see where “rules of order” (laws) are required—or do you prefer anarchy? Let us hear from the other readers and see how the debate progresses. Now, can we get back to the real issues at hand?

          1. RIMILITIA says

            No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility Article 1 section 10 of the U.S. Constitution

          2. RIMILITIA says

            I Just Looked up your Profile dondehoff You are the ONE in need of Mental Health. Please Turn yourself In ASAP…………Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Garrett MM MM YEAH YEAH says

        What a bunch of nonsense.

    3. dondehoff says

      “RIMILITIA”, that Article and Section apply only to the states. not the Federal Government. Ask Google and they will set you straight. And, your personal definition is equally off base.

  159. daveveselenak says

    This is exactly why I sing: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    1. dondehoff says

      “Dave……”, I don’t think you have thought through your “revolution” statement. With modern day WMD and several NWO groups just waiting for us to start a revolution, it would be foolhardy—unless you are one of the NWO groups, hoping to take over this great country. WMD could easily make this planet uninhabitable, for eons to come and possibly be its premature end. We have not yet exhausted the fact that the “power of the pen (voting) is stronger than the sword”—-vote the clowns out of office!

      1. daveveselenak says

        The REVOLUTION does not have to be violent at first – all working Americans could stop paying their taxes, there should be a Freedom From Tyranny Day one day work stoppage, unless all the country unites then it’s over and I’ prefer not to live as these Godless communist bastards have in store for the mere peons! Voting is useeless, look at where it has gotten “US” – with illegal aliens voting, pets voting, dead people voting, muliple votes by one person and this communist regime counting the votes and as late as it is in the game you are only kidding yourself if you think we can vote ourselves out of this tyranny that we are already have! Let the games begin, let’s see how much heart these punk-a$$ communist college geeks have when push comes to shove – there are a hell of a lot mre of “US” than them and that is why the communists must continually divide the nation as they do! REVOLUTION is the SOLUTION, like it or not!

  160. Mad Scientist says

    This ongoing war on the middle class is a large part of Obastard’s hellish agenda 21 protocols.

    The reason why this insane with power Gov targeted our health care system in the first place, has a hell of a lot to do with that GEO global engineering crap a.k.a fight imaginary global warming prerogative # C ~ 21? They are spraying the sky above us all 24/7 with all kinds of deadly cancer-causing chemicals.

    Thus, that’s not good enough! Killing the honeybees and millions of us with various forms of cancer will take to damn long.
    Obastard’s # 1 wicked goal is the depopulation process to reduce (global genocide) this world population down to about 500 million by 2025. They are purposely killing us off one family member at a time with things you can’t even imagine, and sadly all we talk about is voting the Democrats out and this upcoming presidential election nonsense?

    Next time your out and about, look up into that hazy mid day sky, if it’s laced with funny looking trails there’s a damn good chance you will become ill once that crap above reaches your blood for it will attack all your blood filtering organs first, and like me coming from an cancer free relative history traced back three generations. You or your child will develop cancer that’s a 100% guarantee…

    1. dondehoff says

      If you advocate a course of action, make sure your facts are correct. As to “warming” of the planet, I am a retired USAF pilot and have flown over many parts of the world. Our own “Glacier National Park” in the Northwest now has but a few small glaciers left, Here in Colorado, we used to have a St. Mary’s Glacier—it is now known as an “ice-field”. Several countries in the area of the Himalayan Mountains are “up in arms” as their rivers and glaciers are all on the decline, which could cause major “downstream” adjustments in water availability and food production. Also, it takes but a very small (less than one percent) adjustment in the ocean temperatures to change the world weather patterns. And, it is obvious that the combination of several factors influence the ice-fields at both of the poles. At best, the most accurate statement we can make about the weather, is “it is changing—always has, always will”. Now that we have world-wide weather recording, time will give as a more accurate picture. We also recently have been advised that major “solar flares” drom the Sun are “on their way” toward this country and the last time such major flares came, there was major adjustments, especially in Canada, as to many facets of living.

  161. talltreetrader says

    Guess I will have to go to jail or what ever the O’ Dictators mandate. I WILL NOT BUY INS. !

    1. Mad Scientist says

      I’m now slowly dieing of cancer via (chemical trails and all that deadly crap they are purposely putting in all our food) so they couldn’t put me in jail for long when i tell them to fuc*** off…

  162. Bob says

    Join the FairTax movement which abolishes ALL FEDERAL taxes based on income AND abolishes the IRS. It will be GREAAT for the economy and job creation. Go to or .org

  163. mickeymike2 says

    None of this applies if you are a registered Democrat!!

  164. Dealerdeb1 says

    The Obama moron. they couldn’t afford health insurance to start with so you grab control and punish them for what they already couldn’t pay? WTF? Shove off the IRS and all the rest of the morons in this adminstration at the polling booth

    1. Mad Scientist says

      You do realize that those same DEMONRATS are hopelessly entrenched and control how those votes are counted right?

      1. Dealerdeb1 says

        yes certainly but IF we don’t scream Holy Hell this time and not just accept it then we are the morons

  165. nosmokesignals says

    Then OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO REPEAL 16th AMENDMENT and let it begin with me! The sooner the better. While at it likewise REPEAL 17th AMENDMENT popular election of henchmen SENATORS disjointed from STATE GOVERNOR’S OVERSIGHT.

    “So let it be written, so let it be done”!

    1. Mad Scientist says

      Since we no longer have a voice in DC and writing our congressmen or senator has been proven to be a fools parade, how do you suggest we repeal anything if these same illegals flooding over that border will cancel out our already useless votes?

      1. nosmokesignals says


        a few seconds ago

        Get involved at the pricincts level of your chosen party: Democrat or
        Republican because those two parties right now have it sewed up.
        However, read about Abraham Lincoln and the formation of the REPUBLICAN
        party from the whigs and understand this is a long standing cancer.
        However, grassroots have prevailed before beginning with the 1776
        REVOLUTION and “We can overcome”!

        I am a Democrat, and will do
        what I can from there which is worse than the other spread, but not
        impossible. Read up on street gangs and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power
        and understand it wasn’t then an easy task, but persistence paid
        dividends. The fact they squandered them is another story. Glad they
        did, but then even at that the “unseen hand” the “secret combinations”
        were and are in playl.

  166. SuperDave2 says

    A little known fact: All you need for the fine to be waived is a shut-off notice from your utility. You know, the 15 day notice when you forget to mail the check.
    The fine will be forgiven with the presentation of that.

  167. papa doug says

    What are you complaining about? This is socialism. This is what you all wanted when you voted for Obama the usurper. You didn’t see it coming? That’s because you didn’t want to, you didn’t care to research the man’s politics and see who was backing him, i.e. George Soros a socialist billionaire. All you cared about was making history, well you made it and your bed now shut up and lay in it.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Who you talking to bub? Maybe you should find yourself a nice steaming warm cow pie and go lay in that. Ain’t no one from around here voted for that muslim invader.

      1. marla1 says

        Some sucking Americans did and are ashamed to admit it , you dumb down sewer rats!!

        1. RobertNorwood says

          I’m still trying to figure who you are lashing out at. Are you blind? Tell me who and I will point you in their direction.

        2. marla1 says

          The people who voted for Oslima , but suddenly no one in America will admit they voted for him!! Some low down demorats did!!!

        3. msueh says

          mebbe, but they’re not on this site!