Is Candidate Trump a Liberal Media Conspiracy?


If you missed it, Sen. Ted Cruz was on fire Sunday morning in a somewhat-tense interview with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. Cruz, who seems to understand that the fate of his candidacy – insofar as he still has a shot at the nomination – may rest on the outcome in Indiana on Tuesday. So he’s turning up the volume on all of his attacks, including the one aimed squarely at the mainstream media.

As Todd tried vainly to get Cruz to say whether or not he would support Donald Trump as the nominee, the Texas senator said that “many in the media would love” for him to give up and concede the race to the New York billionaire.

“It’s about the numbers,” Todd said, not unreasonably. “He may win. Republican voters are the ones rejecting you! This is not a media conspiracy, Senator!”

That’s true, and you would have to be blinded by Cruz fanaticism to avoid rolling your eyes at his repeated attempts to dodge the question. Cruz has attracted millions of supporters by showing them something they don’t see in other politicians, but there are times when he is very much the epitome of what’s wrong with the whole system. Americans are sick to death of politicians who listen to one question and then answer another. And it’s certainly not outside the bounds of responsible journalism to ask a candidate (who has been mathematically eliminated, mind you) if they would support the man who is overwhelmingly likely to be the Republican nominee.

Okay, so that’s that. But Cruz actually responded with an interesting point.

“With all due respect the media has given $2 billion of free advertising to Donald,” Cruz said. “Let me ask you a question, for example, how much money did the networks make on every one of the Republican debates?”

Todd had no answer for that, but it didn’t matter because it’s common knowledge that the cable networks made a fortune – many of them breaking all-time viewership records.

“Even though the media stands to make millions of dollars off a debate, you hear radio silence from the media about no debates,” Cruz said, pointing to Trump’s refusal to debate him one on one. “They are giving up millions of dollars and the reason is, your network’s executives are partisan Democrats.”

Todd objected to that obvious fact, but Cruz persisted: “Listen, the simple reality is, the media almost entirely are liberal partisan Democrats. That is the reality of it. The media created this Trump phenomenon and then they don’t hold him accountable. Now, I’m sure the media plans to do so if he’s the nominee in general election. Suddenly you’ll hear every day about Donald Trump’s tax returns. When was the last time you talked about his tax returns? You know, we ought to have a debate. There are real differences. Donald won’t debate and the media won’t hold him accountable. I think the people of Indiana deserve a debate. I think we deserve a debate here in Indiana.”

Cruz never did come around to answering the question of whether or not he would support Trump as the nominee, but his answer is certainly worth chewing on. Possibly even true. In fact, anyone who doesn’t think that the media is going to try and blow Trump out of the water this fall is fooling themselves.

But…that doesn’t mean they will succeed. Some of the best plans in history have backfired. Even if there is some truth to Cruz’s conspiracy theory – even if the media has done everything possible to make Trump the Republican nominee – it doesn’t mean they control the outcome. This is one brush fire they may wish they’d never fanned.

  1. Austinniceguy says

    He’s having a hard time facing the reality of this campaign cycle, just like $hitlery.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. Frank W Brown says

        Why do you continually stink up these blogs with your CRAP???

        1. AKLady says

          Facts are facts.
          Truth is truth.
          Do you think foul language makes you look lije a mature adult?
          Do you think foul language makes you look intellegent?

          1. Ray says

            Exactly what “foul language” are you referring to?
            “Crap”? You must be a liberal nit-wit!

      2. REK says

        Trump supporters have no class or dignity low information and mostly trashy people

      3. Tricia Harris says

        If you support Trumpo that is what he does ALL THE TIME!

      4. Austinniceguy says

        You illiterate moron. If you don’t like it, go to one of your liberal rags where you MIGHT actually come across as at least half-witted. Here you’re nothing more than a delusional, dim-witted idiot.

  2. Jose Reyes says

    Grandpa Munster, GIve it up already! You are looking so desperate. You will never be able to live this down. You were born in Canada anyway. You should not have even been considered.

    1. AKLady says

      All it takes is one parent that is an American citizen.
      Where you are born is not an issue.
      Interestingly, Cuba has basically the same citizenship law.
      Cruz’s father was a Cuban citizen when Teddy was born.
      At birth he had American, Canadian and Cuban citizenship.
      He has surrendered his Canadian citizenship.
      He has not yet addressed, or surrendered his Cuban citizenship.

      1. Bruce Deitrick Price says

        He is not eligible, two times. Not born here, and doesn’t have two American parents. It was totally irresponsible of Cruz to run when he knew that he was not eligible.

        1. AKLady says

          Only one American parent is required.
          Place of birth is of no significance.

          1. Bruce Deitrick Price says

            We’re not talking about citizenship. We’re talking about eligibility to be the president. There are special requirements. You think Cruz is entitled to be an architect or a doctor or even a tattoo artist? There are thresholds and qualifications…. If this sort of mental confusion is what Cruz has given to us, that is another reason to reject him. I assure you that Cruz himself knows absolutely that he is not eligible.

          2. AKLady says

            The Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution.
            In American law, “natural born” is equated to beung born a citizen rather than aquiring citizenship through naturalization.
            Cruz meets all the legal requirements
            Do I think he is fit for the office — NO.
            Will the Electoral College elect him — PLEASE GOD, DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

          3. Jose Reyes says

            Well either way, I agree, please don’t let him steal the nomination.

          4. AKLady says


            However, We the People do not elect the President. We never have. We cannot — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            How does your state choose its Electoral College members?
            Does your state require them to follow the popular vote?

            These Presidents did not have the pooular vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

          5. Defend America says

            You forgot Obama. He may have had the popular vote in the first election but he did not have it in the second election.

          6. AKLady says

            You need to double check those figures.
            Obama recieveds the highest percentage of the populat vote, of any President, since Johnson — 53.8% in 2008 and 51.9% in 2012.
            He also recieved the most Eclectoral College votes of any President since Johnson — 365 in 2008 and 332 in 2012.

          7. Tricia Harris says

            Only because of fraud Lady! Not because he won it by honesty! Illegals voted, Democrats voted multiple times, voting machines changed votes, military votes weren’t counted, and dead people voted. The ONLY reason that there hasn’t been a huge lawsuit is that coincidentally in all the areas where there was FRAUD was because of the Democrats who were the election judges who are dishonest and never saw any fraud because they wanted the POS TRAITOR so badly. THE POS TRAITOR would have never won had it not been for all the FRAUD!

          8. louann says

            That’s true!!!!!

          9. greenlantern1 says

            The party, of Nixon, is talking about honesty?

          10. Tricia Harris says

            And the party of a murdering POS TRAITOR like Obama and Hilary are talking about protecting our country and integrity. WHAT A LAUGH! There are many in the GOP who are despicable, and that is exactly why we need a man of HONOR and INTEGRITY in the White House and that IS TED CRUZ!

          11. greenlantern1 says

            WAS IT “PATRIOTIC” for Reagan to order Oliver North, to sell arms to Ayatollah Khomeini?

          12. Hilly says

            Reagan is dead. Where have you been?
            Was it patriotic for obuttwipe to run guns to mexico?

          13. greenlantern1 says

            The US is part of INTERPOL!
            The Mexican government is part of INTERPOL!
            Both countries are fighting terrorism!
            Thanks to Eric Holder, and the FBI, fiends like Viktor Bout are behind bars!
            He was a Russian arms dealer!
            He tried to sell arms to Colombian outlaws!
            They wanted to murder Americans!
            Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, fiends like Ahmed Abu Khattallah are in custody!
            The charge?
            The murder of Ambassador Stevens!
            What role did the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS, play in the murders?
            Strangely, Rep. Trey Gowdy did not seem to be interested in that.
            What did he know and when did he know it?

          14. Hilly says

            Nixon is dead. Where have you been?

          15. greenlantern1 says

            HIS party is quite alive!!
            Trump is leading it!!

          16. Hilly says

            He was elected by low information voters, dead people, felons, and people who voted and voted often.

          17. mallen11 says

            Also because the polls were rigged.

          18. Karen Gaddy says

            Also, there was intimidation by Louis Farrakhan’s nation of islam members.

          19. Tricia Harris says

            Neither did Obama. He won twice because of fraud, corruption, illegals voting, voting machines being rigged, Democrats voting multiple times, and NOT counting the votes of thousands of military overseas!!!! We have one fraud in the White House, we don’t need another Trumpo or HIlary. If Trumpo wins we are sunk because he WILL NOT BEAT HILARY! The ONLY one who can beat Hillary is Ted Cruz! And by the way George W. Bush did have the popular vote!

          20. laulau says

            Ted cannot even beat Trump, so he sure couldn’t beat Hillary.

          21. Tricia Harris says

            You are quite delusional. Trump is the one who can NOT beat his buddy Hilary – that is why Trumpo is running and getting all the LIBERAL media to back him. HE will NOT BEAT HILARY! That is the reason they are so against Ted Cruz because TED IS THE REAL DEAL and will beat the pantsuit off Hilary and everyone knows this.

          22. Brenda says

            How? Many Trump supporters will not vote for Cruz. Just as many Cruz supporters will not vote for Trump. Without the republican voters coming together and voting for whoever the nominee is, no one can beat Hillary.

          23. mallen11 says

            If the Republican Party can’t get their act together and support the front runner – Trump – we will lose to hellory. People may not like Trump but he is better than hellory and socialism/communism and four more years of -0.

          24. Tricia Harris says

            Your answer is NONE of the spoiled Narcissistic Misogynistic Trumpo supports were vote For Ted Cruz, they will vote for Hilary because they are SORE LOSERS!. The Cruz people will hold their noses against the STINK of voting for Trumpo – just like we had to for McCain and Romney. All three of these are stinking bad choices!

          25. Karen says

            So you are willing to cut your nose off to spite your face? How stupid can you people be? If Trump wins the nomination, we ALL need to support Trump!. If Cruz gets the nomination, we ALL need to support Cruz! WE CAN”T BE DIVIDED AND BEAT HILLARY!! SO, put on you big person panties and do the right thing or else WE ALL WILL BE SUFFERING more of the same (or worse) crap that we have been putting up with for the last ???years!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

          26. al.k says

            Nice we got all these blow hard profits running around!!

          27. laulau says

            Trump is rising in the polls and Ted is sinking, and yesterdays polls say Trump can beat Hillary. Ted can’t even be president without enough votes, and he is losing badly in Indiana and California.

          28. Hilly says

            Trump can’t beat a rug, much less Hillary Clinton.

          29. laulau says

            Haha. You aren’t looking at the new, I guess. Trump has been on top, number one since he declared he was running, and is beating everyone He will win Indiana, and is 16 points ahead in California, so don’t tell me he isn’t winning.

          30. Hilly says

            He might win the nomination, but he won’t win the election. Hillary Clinton can out talk him and out gun him. God, I hate both of them almost as much as I hate the GOP.

          31. laulau says

            Hillary will be a snap. She has too much baggage, and trump doesn’t hold back. He finds out everything out there.

          32. Mel says

            Trump endorsed Hillary in her last run for POTUS… Has donated to her SEVEN times.. Gave Clinton foundation hundreds of thousands of dollars… WSJ 2004. Trump get 150 MILLION from George Soros… Trump got sued by ILLEGAL immigrants who built trump tower.. He paid the below min wage and said “Americans are not good enough to work for him” Trump has donated over 60% of the time to very liberal groups and people… Obama TWICE… Clinton… Palosi… Reid.. Charlie rangle… Watch and see… There will be NO wall and he’ll blame someone else… There will be NO halt of Muslim or any other migrants and he’ll blame someone else,,.. He’s for single payer healthcare )socialist) and assault weapon ban… Watch and see….

          33. al.k says

            you talking about the great WHORE on the throne???

          34. al.k says

            at least Donald Trump had good looking women, look at the old hags hilarious has been hooked up with.

          35. glorybe2 says

            Well his wife is good looking. However Trump looks like that evil female doll called Annabelle. He was decent looking in his youth but now he is mega ugly and disgustingly effeminant.

          36. mallen11 says

            Mr. Cruz has been groomed to keep the status quo in WDC. He is part of the establishment elite and can’t be trusted. I believe in giving Mr. Trump a chance to change things for the better in WDC and stop the power and wealth of politicians that have taken advantage of We the People way too long. BTW, there is no one who can make America great again. It depends on enough people turning back to God, learning His written Word and applying it. If not, our country is doomed no matter who gets elected.

          37. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, yes, you are so right!

          38. Tricia Harris says

            That is the biggest pile of crap coming straight out of the Trumpo LIAR mouth! Trumpo is NOT the one who Turns to God – Ted Cruz IS. Trump doesn’t even know the Bible or The Constitution – Ted Cruz DOES! Trumpo IS part of the Establishment Liberal Democrats – Ted CRUZ IS NOT! You are absolutely scammed if you believe what you are saying – it is NOT Trumpo who will make anything better! IT”S CRUZ WE NEED!

          39. Mel says

            Both sides hate Cruz… Trump golfs with Obama and boener… Text buddies with Boener…. Trumps very good friends with far more liberals and RINOS than Cruz would ever be… Both Clinton’s were at Trump’s wedding….look up connection with Soros and Trump.. They have even been in a lawsuit together… It was in the big newspapers at the time.. 2004…Trump spent Christmas 2009 with Soros… Ohh but none of that matters to trumpliditites…. Trump could do anything and his loyal bootlickers would think it just fabulous…

          40. mallen11 says

            Sorry about your misinformation. Reagan changed; so has Trump. I believe in giving Mr. Trump a chance to change things for the better in WDC and stop the power and wealth of politicians that have taken advantage of We the People way too long. He is NOT the same as hellory. People need to realize the campaign trail is totally different in what people say than being in the office. Trump has said some off the wall things; give him a break, he is NOT a politician and we need that change. BTW, there is no one who can make America great again. It depends on enough people turning back to God, learning His written Word and applying it. If not, our country is doomed no matter who gets elected.

            If the Republican Party can’t get their act together and support Trump, we will lose to hellory. People may not like Trump but he is better than hellory and socialism/communism and four more years of -0.

          41. glorybe2 says

            Actually Trump as a candidate assures a democratic sweep in the election. The left should pay him for screwing up the right wing completely.

          42. mallen11 says

            I am sure you liberals hope so but don’t count on it.

          43. Hilly says

            Trump can’t even answer a simple question in any detail. All you get from him is general statements that he’s gonna make America great again. He doesn’t have a clue on what he’s doing, or how to do what he says he wants to do if elected. He’s not serious about the presidency, all this is to him is a game he’s trying to win. When things don’t go the way he wants, he whines and yells, and cries foul. Sort of like a spoiled brat. The only thing bigger than his mouth is his ego.

          44. laulau says

            In case ;you didn’t know it, we are in the voting process. The debates are over. Trump sure doesn’t need the publicity, but Cruz does, and that is why he wants it. Cruz cries all the time about trump getting more tv time, but maybe if Cruz was more interesting instead of trashing trump every time ;he got a mike, he might be invited a lot more. As far as Trumps logo, yes, he does use it after he speaks, but ovbiously that is all you can remember.

          45. Hilly says

            Trump is a big crybaby. Waaaaa, they aren’t playing fairly! Waaaaaa, they’re stealing the election! Waaaaaa, Colorado doesn’t play fair! Waaaaaaa! Makes me want to shove a binky in his mouth at the very least. When asked about specific things he’d do, all you get is vague mumblings and he changes the subject. We don’t need Hillary Clinton with a penis. I’m not saying Cruz is my favorite either, but at least he has a conservative track record, UNLIKE donny.

          46. laulau says

            Before you childishly mock someone, have you looked into the Colorado fraud that went on? They are taking Cruz delegates away because of the fraud. Did you look into Arizona fraud? Sheriff Arpaio is, the former governor is. Do you want some-body that you can run over and squash, or a man that will fight for his rights? Stop insulting Trump He is right to call out the Cruz cheaters.

          47. Hilly says

            Trump is not what our country needs. He’s childish and petty, and a hot-head. You really want someone like that with the keys for the nuke button?

          48. Mel says

            Trump REFUSES to debate because he doesn’t know the constitution and the trumpliditites will be forced to realize that ” yuuuggee… Wwalll…. Grreeaatt” are not plans…. The nuclear triad…. Rights and the fact that Trump didn’t even know Palestine is NOT a state are perfect reason Trump is bad for us…. Look up Trump connection with George Soros….many newspapers dating back decades…. Also look up the Yyyuuuughggee amount of money he donated to liberal causes as well as getting sued by ILLEGALS he hired at reduced wages to build his beloved tower… He said”American workers arnt good enough to work for him” and he didn’t even pay his illegals…. It all in print in various newspapers… Look it up

          49. nevergiveup says

            Don’t be too sure!

          50. karenblairschar says

            Trump will NEVER beat Hillery. She has all the trash on that immoral piece of garbage.

          51. laulau says

            He has all the trash on her too, and he doesn’t care if she is woman . She is in a mans world..

          52. Mel says

            Then why did Trump REFUSE to debate… Trump said” I never read the constitution because I never saw the value in it” Trump has no clue what the nuclear triad is… Didn’t know that Palestine is NOT a nation…He consults with” himself” on issues and gets information from “,the shows” Trump said in an interview that Obama”speaks for me on gun control”. “,people should use whatever bathroom they feel like” if you don’t know the constitution.. You sure can’t defend it

          53. Hilly says

            Don’t forget to mention how many dead people and fictional characters voted for obuttnugget.

          54. Ted Crawford says

            RELAX!! YOU’VE WON!! Celebrate, rejoice, throw a lot of parties, sing, dance, drink a lot! What may or may not happen in Indiana today is irrelevant! Trump is the Republican nominee!
            You’ll need the remembrance of these joyous times, on the morning of November 9th., When you FINALLY realize that you were part of engineering one of the largest, and most destructive, Pyrrhic Victory’s in American History!

          55. senior65gal . says

            The Electoral College members are bought, easily. You are right that they choose the President.

          56. AKLady says

            I prefer to think that some people we elect to government are honest.
            Take Senator Herb Kohl for example.
            He did not accept any canpaign money from any one.
            He owned the Kohl Grocery and Department Stores.

          57. Skippy says

            Then you probably think that Abraham Lincoln stole the election in his primary. Lincoln was behind the front runner and wo at the convention by doing what Cruz is doing. These rules have been in place for over 150 years. This country isn’t a democratic nation It’s a constitutional republic. the framers was afraid of a true democracy because large population of people can vote away your constitutional rights. If Trump can’t figure that out then he doesn’t deserve to be president.

          58. Tricia Harris says

            Exactly right!!! and Thank YOU for saying that. I’ve been screaming that at these ignorant Trumpsters for months now. Trumpo can’t even figure out the rules for one state much less the rules for the country and what it means to work with leaders of every country. We do NOT need another narcissistic ARSE in the White House – we already have one spoiled rich kid bully who knows nothing and we don’t need Hilary – if Trumpo wins the GOP, we are sunk because he will NOT BEAT HILARY! our ONLY chance to save our country is with Ted Cruz!!!!!

          59. Bob Marcum says


          60. Tricia Harris says

            NO YOU are full of BS if you believe any of the FILTHY LIES COMING FROM TRUMPO!

          61. laulau says

            What are the filthy lies you say Trump has said? i know all of Cruz lies, but I can’t recall any Trump lies.

          62. Tricia Harris says

            Then YOU are a low information voter like all the rest of the Trumpsters. TED CRUZ HASN”T LIED ABOUT ANYTHING! Trump’s lies and scams – look them up. Trump University– FRAUD bilked over $40 million from people and goes to trial this year. Trump Towers – ILLEGALS working and underpaid and unsafe working condition – been in litigation for over a decade. Trump supports perverts using womens restrooms and this is about as slimy as you can get. Trump is fine with partial birth abortions, lies about it one day and changes the next when he’s in front of a Conservative audience. Trump got George Soros to bail him out of Trump Towers when it failed. Filed bankruptcy four times. Cheated on all three wives and is certainly cheating on the current one – just asks the TWO EXES! Trumpo goes to the pedophile island with Bill Clinton – that’s slime up to your eyeballs. The list goes on and on and one about what a slimeball Trump is. So Tell me, What the heck has Ted Cruz LIED about? The ONLY LIES ARE THE FILTHY ONES COMING OUT OF Trumpo’s filthy lying liberal mouth! YOU are the low information voter – do yourself a favor and look all of this up! TOO LAZY is my bet because you are so caught up in the Trumpo LIES!

          63. laulau says

            I can see that you have been faithfully listenind to Cruz lies. Trump will not fund abortion. Perid. Ted tells people that Trump wants partial birth abortion so they won’tlike Trump . Ted is aliar about everything that comes outof his mouth about Trump. Trump has not had 4 wives. He has had 3.. His x wives divorced him because he was a workaholic, and they still are friends with him. He is not cheating on his current wife. Boy Ted sure knows how to lie if you believe that. Trump is NRA member and Cruz tells his audience like you that Trump will take your guns away. Evryhting Cruz says all day long about Trump are lies. I don’t think having a lawsuit is saying TRump lies. Divorcing is not a lie Trump told. He has been honest and admitted things in his book. That is not lying.Hiring illegals he isn’t lying. He got H1B visas Trump said that states should decide and vote on the bathroom issue. That is not a lie. Where are the lies?…out of Teds mouth.M

          64. Hilly says

            Trump said with his own mouth ON VIDEO that he supports partial birth abortion. You really need to educate yourself about your darling, Donnie. His ex wives divorced him because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Of course they’re still friends; he’s paying their alimony!
            I do believe that donnie is pro-second amendment. Many millions belong to the NRA, including Me.
            Donnie said on TV that he doesn’t have a problem with perverts using the bathroom of their choice.
            Just because someone writes a book, does not mean they wrote the truth in that book.
            You really need to pay attention, and RESEARCH your candidates if you want to make an intelligent and informed decision.

          65. LYN says

            Another Troll…. None of that is True… I have researched all the candidates, and I will tell you what you are saying is so far from the truth it makes you appear as a Troll….. Because If Hilly, Skippy or Tricia did any research they would have found this is nothing but propaganda, and they are enemies of America…. because they know the lies they are spreading are NOT true….

          66. Hilly says

            Not a lie. I saw it with my own eyes, and that’s the reason I simply can not vote for Trump. He does not have a conservative bone in his body, and as far as I am concerned, is nothing more than Hillary Clinton with a penis.

            Here’s proof, so all you Trumpists can watch how Trump is pro-choice. He flips and flops more than a freshly caught fish. He just says what he thinks you want to hear at the time… And he says he’s not a politician… He lies just like the rest of them.

          67. laulau says

            I know about Trump more than you do. You have to keep up. He does not support abortion except for rape. Being divorced isn’t a deterrent for being a good president. I doubt he pays alimony since he gave his wives hotels …doesn’t matter.He is a family man now, and raised intelligent children that are running his companies now. He is NRA and will never take your guns like Cruz says. He did not say perverts can use women bathroom, He knows cross dressers, and they are not rapists, so first he thought it would be ok, then changed his mind when he thought of so many things could happen.He said stated can decide.
            You should keep up if you want the truth about him. It’s all out there.

          68. al.k says

            Yeah, look at the book of mormon, just because they put a few scriptures in it, never made it true, as far as the bathroom issue, it’s all part of the collusion to overthrow this nation.

          69. LYN says

            I think Tricia is a Troll…. she is not sensible at all, in fact she sounds like she is foaming at the mouth as she repeats herself over and over about her love for Trump…

          70. headonstraight says

            Nice try, but it focuses all too much on the characteristics of the sweet thing alleging her fealty to the vulgarian billionaire buffoon and not enough on the raving, red-faced, deranged candidate himself.

          71. Skippy says

            Trump uses the H2b visa program and has abused it in Florida. He wants to use cheep labor of the immigrants instead of using American workers. There are Americans that want those jobs despite what Trump says. Where is the proof that Cruz lied? Trump was just caught in a lie talking about the Mike Tyson endorsement.

          72. laulau says

            Yes, Trump said in Florida, his big hotel is seasonal and for 4 months they need extra help, and the locals don’t want a 4 month job, they want a permanent job, so that’s why he got the visas.

          73. Skippy says

            It’s not just that there are full time position that get the H2B workers that Americans wanted. He is just using that as an excuse.

          74. laulau says

            I don’t know all his business dealings. It’s not important. What is important is electing him to start working for the people. He doesn’t owe any billionaires any favors, and wants to get to work for the people.

          75. Skippy says

            Trump isn’t a conservative and only believes in the constitution only when it benefits him. He want’s to increase ethanol subsidies that’s the government picking and choosing the winners and losers of businesses. That’s the same problem that we have right now. I thought we were trying to get rid of the establishment Republicans. Trump wants the same thing. We can’t keep on propping up these companies with subsidies. He wants to put in place the same policies as did Herbert Hoover and Hoover’s policies led the country into the great depression.

          76. LYN says

            I am smelling a Troll… Tricia are you a paid troll or just an emotional basket case that has no common sense what so ever? ha ha ha

          77. Tricia Harris says

            Then you ARE a typical idiot Trumpster who is incapable of telling the truth from Trumpster LIES AND FICTION. And you have no intelligence of common sense that have been used for probably a couple of decades. I feel really sorry for you in your ignorance! YOU are so caught up in the Trumpo LIES that you can’t see out of his behind!

          78. Skippy says

            The problem with you is you can’t handle the truth. So you resort to personal attacks when you can’t win the debate.

          79. LYN says

            I am not debating anyone, I happen to be a very curious person, why do you have to be so defensive?

            I lose interest in the subject when drama is so fluent…

          80. Skippy says

            What drama? You haven’t offered up any proof that Cruz has lied or cheated. Trump just got caught in one over the Mike Tyson endorsement on national TV. Trump said Ted was lying that he was happy about the endorsement of a convicted rapist.

          81. LYN says

            I seek the truth… i am a digger.

          82. al.k says

            I really hate to burst your bubble , but the establishment has already decided who is going to be the next great throne keeper, the sodomite in chief has turned us into a sodomite nation so God would turn his back on us, we can’t win whoever gets the seat. guess all you worthy profits know Cruz dropped out.

          83. LYN says

            ha ha ha … how old are you twelve?

          84. Tricia Harris says

            Obviously I am older, wiser, well traveled, and a TON more intelligent than you are and I have a Doctorate degree. So put that in your little five year olds sandbox with all the Trumpters and get your pails and shovels. At least I am intelligent enough to know a scammer when I see one and that is Trumpo. Beside you never answered my question. How do you defend Trump with the scams he’s run and the fraud he’s committed, Trump University, Trump Towers, Trump water, and the list goes on. He hires mostly illegals and prefers it that way. You are about the most ignorant one I’ve seen yet!

          85. Jose Reyes says

            Wiser? Rethink that hairdo with the horrible bangs that your sporting.

          86. Hilly says

            How do you know that Trump isn’t planning to lose? Maybe he’s a shill for Hill.

          87. Josie Trevino says

            That’s what I’m hearing of late. Will NOT surprise me.

          88. Tricia Harris says

            Fully believe that you are absolutely right, and numerous people who have left the lying Trumpo camp have stated just that. This was all a ploy to get Hilary elected. Trumpo will never beat Hilary and they are terrified of Ted Cruz

          89. Skippy says

            Thank you because it feels like I was the lone wolf.

          90. Tricia Harris says

            You are welcome. There are a lot of us who are FED UP with Trumpo’s BLATHERING LIES and the ignorant Trumpsters who believe ever filthy LIE that spews out of this blowhard mouth. I know I’m as sick of Trumpo as I am Obama and Hilary!

          91. LYN says

            You believe in Lying Ted Cruz?
            You need to calm down Tricia, you are going to break an aneurysm.

            Ted says one thing and then he does the opposite, or he just accuses others for doing the same thing he is doing in secret.

            Those who support Ted are being buffaloed, in the worst degree…. and he doesn’t care that he is leading you down a path of BULLSHIT!

            I was correct about Obama and I am correct about Cruz.
            Ted is NOT against Amnesty, and he supports BIG government… That is NOT conservative…..

            Bill S.2363 is a perfect example how Ted went against the request of more than one state governor who wanted to have control of the refusal of refugees in their own state…. Ted took it upon himself one month later to move a Bill that supersedes their request and added stipulations and time limits on a decision a Governor can legally refuse permanent residence concerning a refugee in his state.

            I personally believe we, as in the US, need to withdraw from the UN and the NWO, they are toxic to our very own existence.

            You need to stop listening to Glen Beck, he is making you all seem really senseless…. he is feeding you half truths stories and without any research you believe him, and he is laughing all the way to the bank.

          92. Mary Brumley says

            I agree!

          93. LYN says

            Trump knows what is going on…. Lincoln got the final nomination after the third primary election, he was never that far behind in the votes… Cruz is not going to follow the path of Lincoln, Lincoln had much more support than Cruz does. Lincoln didn’t lie Like Cruz and his well paid pundants. Trust me 8 million dollars I’d tell you anything you wanna hear too…. They are playing you guys like fools… lol

          94. Skippy says

            You need to go back to school. He wasn’t as far back as Cruz but it was more than you are suggesting. Cruz is doing the same thing as Lincoln and you hypocrites isn’t brave enough to say that Lincoln cheated. The fact is that if the rules were what you want we wouldn’t have Lincoln as the president.

          95. LYN says

            What I want huh? ha ha ha … and … Who the hell are you calling a hypocrite? Why do you think I need to go back to school? You have no idea who I am, or what I do for a living…. so go patronise someone else who cares about your opinion Skippy! Your head games do not work here…

          96. Skippy says

            Because you don’t know your history. The things that I have stated about history is FACT not an opinion. Here is a suggestion start with the constitution, the federalist papers, and the anti federalist papers then you will be off to a good start.

          97. LYN says

            so all the research I did and you consider my research someones opinion, or are you calling me a liar? I am not your average bear fabricating things as I go, I am quite confident at what I post… You are just not used to discussing things with people like me, I understand, I see what kinds of discussions that are shared…. I can tell who is Bias and who is honest, and recognize the difference between logical comments from an emotional opinion. I am sure you can identify as well… I don’t do drama, it’s not necessary to communicate.

          98. Skippy says

            You haven’t produced any facts to refute my statements. All you have brought forth is bumper sticker slogans. I’ve done my research in the history books. and books that were written back thin. I don’t know were you got your information but it was probably from the media. The statement that I’ve made about Lincoln is the truth and the fact. you need to put your nose into some history books. You might want to start with the constitution, the federalist papers, and the anti federalist papers.

          99. LYN says

            What makes you think i was challenging your factual statements?

          100. Tricia Harris says


          101. Josie Trevino says

            Imagine that temperamental spoiled brat Trump having a fit while his finger is on THAT BUTTON!
            He thinks he can COW other world leaders? He’s sadly MISTAKEN!
            GO, CRUZ!

          102. Tricia Harris says

            Brilliant visual there and I wholeheartedly agree. YEA CRUZ!

          103. LYN says

            Cruz is not a leader, he is a puppet just like Obama is…. lmao!!!! you are not only uninformed, you may be a bit delusional…

          104. Tricia Harris says

            See, there YOU go again, spouting the Trump BULLSH*T!!!! Trumpo is the one owned by all of these and it’s typical lying Saul Alinsky BS distract and LIE – straight from the book. These are all Trumpo and he’s lying about all of it, and you are too ignorant to look at the factS!

          105. Bob McCormick says

            True; NBC is not defined in the Constitution. One has to determine what the Founding Fathers meant by NBC AS IT APPLIES TO ARTICLE II, not what it has EVOLVED to mean.

          106. Gnowark says

            You left out the “natural born citizen” definition in use at the time (yes, I’m a ‘birther,’ regardless of party).

          107. Tricia Harris says

            Yes Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen -10 courts have ruled it – GET OVER THE TRUMPO BS ON THIS ONE!

          108. LYN says

            Not a “Natural Born Citizen” Don’t get it confused…

            Cruz’s eligibility has been questioned by some of his primary opponents, including Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Rand Paul.

            Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to a “U.S. citizen mother and a Cuban immigrant father”, giving him dual Canadian-American citizenship. Cruz applied to formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada on May 14, 2014 (two years ago) That is not considered a “Natural Born Citizen”

            However, as listed in Article I, Section 3 of the Constitutions requires only that Senators have been U.S. citizens for at least 9 years when they are elected, regardless of their citizenship at birth.

            Since November 2015, there has been 32 law suits against Sen. Cruz eligibility from eleven states including: New Hampshire, Vermont, Florida, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, New York and New Jersey.
            So it’s not Just Trump and Trumpsters who recognize this Constitutional Law, that people like you are looking over…. If it wasn’t important they would have never put there in the first place… these men made this constitution for America’s protection, if you recall the mentality they were in when they wrote and signed it, they weren’t very trusting to the establishment then either…

          109. Tricia Harris says

            Why don’t you go back and play in your sandbox little girl and stop spouting the bullsh*T that continues being spewed from the filthy mouth of Trump and you Trumpsters. 10 Judges have ruled he is a natural born citizen, so get over your CRAP! YOU are not very smart, certainly don’t know the laws, you are not a judge and clearly NOT a Constitutional Scholar. And by the way the 32 law suits have been dismissed or the judges have rule that Cruz is eligible – quit bring up stupid LIES from Trump and go back to your playground. You are not smart enough to spout anything further here!

          110. LYN says

            Hmmm… lol… Really? Little girl? Ha ha ha I probably have meat in my freezer older than you… eh who cares…. I try to teach you something so you don’t appear so foolish and you eat the books… your mentality is not my problem kid…. I didn’t raise you… none of my kids are that stupid… Hope your day gets better…

          111. LYN says

            What Obama did to our country is the reason we have those “Natural born citizen” laws… to protect us.

          112. Tricia Harris says


          113. Ray says

            Quit yelling! Giving me a headache Learn how to post on these blog sites!

          114. Tricia Harris says


          115. Ray says

            You need to chill Tricia your boy Cruz is history
            Time to get behind Trump don’t be a sore loser need to unite against “Crooked Hilary”

          116. LYN says

            why do you believe such nonsense? Stop listening to Glen Beck he is a lunatic!

          117. Jo Ann Cooper says

            Our gov’t never did make O’Bama prove his citizenship. He never did produce a birth certificate.

          118. LYN says

            Obama’s mother was a whore, a young porn star, who was seduced by a pediphile commie, his father is Frank Marshal, which in fact is a citizen of the US.

          119. al.k says

            You are only half right, the sodomite in chief is no doubt the bastard son of george soros and some street corner prostitute, frank marshal was just one of the players in the game, soros spent 2 million dollars creating this illegal islamic cksucker, an id for the new world order. Henry Kissinger stated that the sodomite was put in to get the NWO going and he has already stated our Republic is done and he has declared the nwo. soros wasn’t a US citizen when the sodomite was born and Durham is not his mother, that too is part of the ploy !!

          120. Jo Ann Cooper says

            thank you Lyn! I went to the website you sent. Very informative!

          121. glorybe2 says

            No he does not. He is not a natural born citizen that is why he went through the naturalization process. He is a citizen but can never become naturally born.

          122. REK says

            He’s more qualified than the liberal trump turd and killary Clinton you people are acting just like Obama voters as matter of fact most of trumps voter are democrat converts, you people will fuck this country up before you learn, a bunch of damn sheep.

          123. Tricia Harris says

            Darn right Ted Cruz is far more qualified! Trumpo is a liar, a cheat, a fraud, and damned stinking LIBERAL DEMOCRAT – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!

          124. louann says

            Clean your mouth!!

          125. Sharon Bauerle says

            Oh, please! Katich is qualified only for aa padded cell.

          126. REK says

            Agreed we are not talking about katich

          127. Sharon Bauerle says

            Sorry. Kasich really burns my buns. He has done NOTHING for Ohio!

          128. Tricia Harris says


          129. louann says

            I beg to differ!!!!!

          130. Tricia Harris says

            You can beg to differ till the cows come home, but the truth is the truth. Trumpo is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. He LIES about everything! He is a cheat and if you don’t believe that look at all the lawsuits AGAINST him – starting with the scam he ran called Trump University where he stole over $40 million from people – THAT goes to trial this year – look it up since you are low information type. He’s cheated thousands out of fair wages because he pays ILLEGALS less than minimum wage in the hotels because he knows he’s cheating them and they won’t complain – why do you think he wants amnesty for the illegals so bad – low wages! He cheated a large group out of fair wages in building Trump Towers – being sued for that too – look it up. George Soros bailed him out of the Failing Trump Towers – look it up he OWED Soros! He’s a fraud because he’s a stinking liberal Democrat and has always said when it comes down to which side he is on regarding policy he’ll side with the Democrats every time! YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED TOO LADY!

          131. LYN says

            Who told you Trump wants amnesty for Illegals? False!
            Who told you he was bailed out by Soros? False!

            Did you personally hear him say that he will side with the democrats every time?

            Or did you get your information from Glen Beck and his Rock band?

            You do realize that there has been some large amounts of cash flow passed around to misinform foolish, naive, American voters like you for Raphael Cruz to win the GOP nomination…

            Also, take a look at what Bill Ted initiated in the senate, to override State governors decisions to choose not to allow Syria refugees to settle in certain states…. AFTER the senate had already had more than one Bill to approve The individual state Governors to decide of any Syria Refugees to settle as residents n their own state with financial responsibility…..

            H.R.4030 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)

            To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide that refugees may not be resettled in any State where the governor of that State has taken any action formally disapproving of the resettlement…

            H.Con.Res.94 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)

            Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding the treatment of State Governors who have made a determination with respect to Syrian refugees.

            S.2363 — 114th Congress (2015-2016)

            State Refugee Security Act of 2015

            Sponsor: Sen. Cruz, Ted [R-TX] (Introduced 12/08/2015)

            State Refugee Security Act of 2015

            This bill directs the Office of Refugee Resettlement to notify the state agency responsible for coordinating the placement or resettlement of an alien refugee not later than 21 days before the alien’s arrival in the state.

            No alien refugee shall be placed or resettled in a state if the governor certifies to the Office of Refugee Resettlement that it has failed, in the sole determination of the governor, to provide adequate assurance that such person does not present a security risk to the state.

            Question: A State Governor should have the right and authority to make a decision to be financially responsible for refugees… The federal government should not interfere with the local Government’s discretion….

            You may need to back up and check out your own information before you tell someone else they have been scammed….. When you are being scammed!

            Cruz is not being honest to you, man!

            he is not only supporting the Syria Refugees to come into our states and communities, he is making it difficult for local state governments to get rid of them.

            Pay Attention!!!!

          132. louann says

            I will beg to differ tell the cows come home. Low info???? When this is all over . You will be the one with low info. Your going to feel like a fool. Watch!!!

          133. FloridaBoyee says

            WHY did TEXAS, who KNOWS what it takes to be an AMERICAN citizen,allow Cruz t ever become a Senator??

          134. REK says

            These are liberal democrat trump trolls trying to sway a real conservative from becoming president.

          135. FloridaBoyee says

            If you want to vote for Cruz, go ahead, BUT, you are wasting your vote for someone who was so stuck on himself yesterday, I NEVER saw him help his VP candidate up from a fall on an entrance, what I did see her hand waving,Please Help me here! No, but, the GOP Party does not plan to allow Cruz to win, why do you think Kasich is still in? He gets a salary from being a Governor, but someone is paying for his expenses as a 3rd GOP candidate.It is a sorry state of affairs, but IF the GOP wants to survive, they had better come together and stop this in house fighting! After this election, I will stop being a registered Republican and I was one of the first in Florida years ago because if you did not vote Democrat, you did not have anyone on the ballot to vote for !!

          136. Mel says

            So… Making fun of handicapped reporter is being nice? Trump blamed Mike Tyson’s 17 yr old rape victim for her own rape… He loves Mike ‘tuff guy” rapist…. He’s also cool with grown ass men peeing with little girls… WSJ 2004. Trump borrowed 150 million from George Soros for Trump tower… Also real news… Trump sued WITH Soros for illegal sale of GM building in Manhattan… Trump” my daughters body’s so HOT… I’d be” dating her if I wasn’t her dad” TRUMPLEDITES!!!!! You ever look at your own kid and think ” damn… She’s hot… I’d like to tap that ass”?

          137. Mary Brumley says

            Nice? Trump nice? Of course not! We don’t want DT to be NICE. He needs to go in with his fists swinging to make a beginning in stopping corruption and waste in government. Then, fine businesses that hire “illegal aliens” and stop all government help programs the aliens can access. The list goes on… There is no way to do it “nicely.”

          138. senior65gal . says

            Watch the DVD, “you’ve been Trumped,” then tell me what a godly heart Trump doesn’t have.

          139. karenblairschar says

            So you don’t mind if that out of control a** gets us in WW111? Goodbye, world!!

          140. karenblairschar says

            That’s because Trump is facing a civil suit for raping one of Jeffery Epstein’s underage girls. The same Jeffery who just got out of prison for supplying rich men like Clinton, Prince Andrew, etc. with underaged girls and one is suing Trump for not only the BJ’s she gave, but for also tying her up and raping her. BTW, Trump defended Jeffery and called him “a good friend.”

          141. Gerry Costa says

            I think you have your facts all wrong. I really think slick willy is the good friend of Epstein and defended both their actions. BJs are slick willy’s expertise not Trumps.

          142. Gerry Costa says

            And the “witch” is the epitome of innocence and cleanliness and everything a leader of this country should be–HAHAHAHAHAHA. She is a career criminal and makes Trump look like a choir boy.

          143. Mary Brumley says

            I believe you hit the nail on the head! Kasich is one the GOP wants.

          144. siridh says

            Policy-wise, what is the difference between Hillary and Kasich?

          145. Hilly says

            Or between Hillary and Trump for all that matters.

          146. glorybe2 says

            We’ll have no clue about trump’s policies as he never gives a straight answer to any question. For example : How are you going to build that wall?. It will be great. it will be wonderful because I make good deals. Now just what in blazes does that tell anyone? He never, ever, gives an honest answer. “I know Mexican people. They love me.” Yes they love not to vote for you Trump.

          147. Hilly says

            You said that perfectly!

          148. Gerry Costa says

            You are describing what every politician does — avoid answering a question at all costs or answer a question with a question.

          149. Mary Brumley says

            I wouldn’t know the difference in their policies. I do know the Republican GOP could control Kasich, but not the Hill.
            The “difference” I can see in the Democratic and Republican leadership is that the Dems SAY OPENLY they are going to make bad decisions, while the Repubs SAY they are going to make good decisions, but seldom do that. So I call the Republican party the DO-NOTHING party. I call the Democratic party the HATE AMERICA party.
            The only really good I have seen in this mess is that the people NOW have a chance to make Trump, a businessman, the nominee. And, it appears, so far, they are doing that.
            In Nov., we will know whether the GOP will fall in line with the majority of Repub voters and stop trying to destroy Trump, or if they will conspire to deny DT the right to be the nominee.

          150. Hilly says

            Kasich is just another RINO that can be bought.

          151. Mary Brumley says

            Without claiming to have proof, I agree with you, Hilly! Completely.

          152. glorybe2 says

            One is not required to be natural born to be in the senate or house.

          153. American ex-Pat says

            Give it a rest Brucie, you are incorrect; it is simple as that. Read before you post!

          154. Ted Crawford says

            WAKE THE HE_ _ UP!!!!!!!
            1831, 2008, 2012! YOU are full of nonsense!!!!!

          155. jackrussell says

            Bruce, you’re not familiar with the law. Though, there are special requirements, Mr. Cruz meets those requirements. The special requirement is that you must be a ‘Natural Born Citizen’. Basically, that means you don’t need to be ‘Naturalized’. Mr. Cruz was never ‘naturalized’ nor did he need any ‘naturalization process’ because his U.S. Natural Born Citizenship was in tact upon his birth to his U.S. citizen mother.

          156. Hilly says

            A federal judge declared him eligible.

          157. Gerry Costa says

            Then explain how scum like obozo got put into office ????

          158. Bruce Deitrick Price says

            People who care about the rules thought Obama was illegitimate. The New York Times and the Democrat Party wanted him. I think this story will continue to be told for years. Here is one place to see what’s going on.


          159. LYN says

            If we are going by that site you posted in your reply, then he is not eligible, because he is NOT a “Natural Born Citizen”. He was not born in the US.
            The only time it applies as birth abroad the US territory is if one or both parents are in the US military (plus other requirements)…

            In Cruz’s case, his mother had a dual citizenship, Which means his birth was abroad the US, in addition to the fact he only became a legal US citizen in 2014, which does not make him a Natural Born Citizen, which concludes he is not eligible to run for POTUS.

            “1. Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR
            2. had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born abroad) and meet other requirement”…

            A. Serving honorably in the U.S. armed forces;

            b. Employed with the U.S. government; or

            c. Employed with certain international organizations.

          160. richardwfaith says

            Since the so-called “law” can’t seem to get its head out of its hindquarters, the VOTERS can, and SHOULD, exercise THEIR power to decide who’s not eligible.

          161. hangem'high says

            Wrong not so fast there AKLshady

            Ted nor Obummer were born in the USA


          162. glorybe2 says

            You confuse natural born citizen with citizenship. No American parent is required at all to be a natural born US citizen.

          163. AKLady says

            Only if your parents are not foreign embassy personnel, then birth in the U.S. does not confir citizenship.
            There exists no definition of “natueal born citizen” within the U.S. law.
            You confuse birth within the U.S. with citizenship.
            All you need to be a “natural born citizen” is one parent who’s citizenship had not been revoked.
            Do you really believe that every child born overseas to a military parent is disqualified from becoming President?
            I provided the U.S. Government link, maybe you shoud have uses it to educate yourself.

          164. glorybe2 says

            Yes, by definition any child born on foreign soil is disallowed as a presidential candidate whether their parents are American soldiers or not. Your definition can not account for the naturalization process that must take place when an infant with American parents is returned to American soil for the first time in their life. A natural born citizen never needs to become naturalized. The founders had great reasons for this being in the constitution. Imagine an American soldier with a child assigned to Israel. Suppose that baby stays in Israel until he or she is ten years old, returns to the US and at the age of 35 runs for president. That person will have a certain amount of loyalty for the nation in which they were born. In a critical situation their loyalties might well be divided between what is good for the US and what is good for Israel. That is precisely why one must be born on US soil to be elected president. Senators and congress folk can not individually start wars. Our president can and thus the restriction of being a natural born citizen is part of our constitution.

          165. AKLady says

            BS — pure BS.

            There exists no “naturalization process” for children of American parents born overseas.

            I provided you with the official government link. Why have you failed to educate yourself?

          166. glorybe2 says

            A child born on foreign soil must be presented and the naturalization form completed upon entry into the US as they have no passport and can not get through customs without filling out the naturalization forms. Customs will not allow children to enter without that process otherwise every child or even adult could enter the US without documentation.

        2. denniscerasoli says

          Bruce,if Cruz wasn’t qualified he wouldn’t have over 500 delegates and still trying to bump Trump off,the question of citizenship is obviously just for conversation because Cruz would be out of the race by now.Then again from a conspiracy angle the RNC may be using Cruz and hoping that he gets the nod and then using the citizenship question so they can slip in one that they want who hasn’t taken part in the primaries,

          1. REK says

            The courts have provin Cruz legal for presidency, as far as being used its trump that is a Trojan horse for the democrats, prove one thing that trump has done that doesn’t look like a democrat did it, his oun family are registered democrats in New York they couldn’t even vote for their oun dad, wake the fuck up you fucking trump sheep

          2. Ray says

            So you think multi-billionaire Donald Trump is going through all this so he can get elected and then change all his conservative talking points to liberal policies, be a one term President that will go down in history as a liar and con man?
            Seriously? no one can be that stupid! Well maybe if you admit you are really a liberal that would make more sense

          3. REK says

            What conservative talking points, allowing men in women’s bathrooms it’s bad for business so it’s ok, walking back on border control, raising taxes, hanging with democrats and liberals including the clintons no you ignorant sheep he is a lieing piece of liberal shit and you are a gullible sheep, he has talking points only his history is liberal facts are facts

          4. Tricia Harris says

            You are describing Trumpo 100%. God but he is disgusting slime!

          5. Tricia Harris says

            Exactly right. Trumpo is a fraud and a liar! He’s in this to get Hilary elected. Flat out FACT!

          6. louann says

            Clean your mouth!!!! You sound like Hillary and Bernie followers!!! F- this f-that. Get over it. Trump has the votes and the delegates.

          7. denniscerasoli says

            Get with the program because the conservative republican that was known years ago is no more.I think that conservatives today are closer to down the middle,i am totally against decisions that were made from the Supreme Court and you know what they are but the far right conservative like Cruz can’t win in the general election in my view.When it comes down to the younger generation that call themselves republican most are not to the extreme right and try not to let your emotions run away with you and if you want to hold an intelligent conversation fine,but i don’t need the nonsense so get it off your chest,lol

          8. REK says

            Im sorry just because millennials don’t have any sense or morals or for that matter work ethics didn’t mean I will sacrifice mine and vote for a lying big mouth democrat, maybe we need Hillary screw things up more befor America really wakes up. Hillary trump same diff

          9. Roger H Baum says

            Well we at least know how to spell the word OWN and know not to use profanity in public!

          10. Tricia Harris says


          11. denniscerasoli says

            Trump is no dummy he knows the rules but he is tapping into the voters because many were ignorant about how the delegates work.If i vote for a delegate and i want Cruz and then my delegate gives my vote to Trump i am actually being disenfranchised and this is what Trump is tapping into and it is smart because it has worked.The rules are the rules they say but the voters are seeing it different and this favors Trump obviously by the huge lead he holds.

          12. Tricia Harris says

            Trump IS a dummy and he doesn’t KNOW THE RULES. That is why he WHINES and BOO-HOOS every time Ted Cruz plays by the rules and BEATS HIM. It does not favor the one who is too stupid and lazy to figure out what the rules are!

          13. denniscerasoli says

            I haven’t time for the back and forth nonsense and i would suggest that you watch the results in Indiana,who knows maybe Cruz pulls it out.

        3. Tricia Harris says


        4. Tiger says

          O’s father was born in Kenya and never became a citizen. He should have never run if citizenship of both parents required, which it is. Been through this many times with O’s nomination. Heck he wasn’t even vetted, look it up all you get is Pelosi’s name. And remember Hillary was beating him when all of a sudden she backed down. Remember the threats from Al Sharpton and others saying if O wasn’t the nominee the blacks would riot and tear the convention up ? So we got stuck with the pile of camel dung.

        5. Josie Trevino says

          Check the facts, dumbo!
          Cruz is as much a U.S. citizen as you are.
          Are you an “ego-maniac” lover?

          1. hangem'high says

            Whoa, there Jessie


        6. glorybe2 says

          Actually a natural born citizen needs no American parents at all. Being a natural born citizen only means one thing. The infant was born on US soil and is thus a natural born US citizen.

      2. denniscerasoli says

        This shouldn’t even be a question,when people have to argue over Cruz’s citizenship where in the Constitution does the confusion come from,this shouldn’t have to be debated and if the democrats try to use it against Cruz if he should get the nomination it will be bogus.If Cruz didn’t qualify for the job he would be long gone by now so the debate over it is mute.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Especially since 10 courts have ruled he is eligible. Isn’t it amazing the number of stupid Liberals and Trumpsters who THINK THEY know more than Judges and Constitutional Scholars. Boggles the mind at their levels of stupidity – I didn’t know stupid could achieve these great levels!

          1. denniscerasoli says

            Actually Tricia i like Trump but to keep harping on Cruz being a citizen is a go no where matter and to tell you the truth i always thought that if one of your parents was a citizen you were but there are others making different claims and does it really matter? I never thought it was a big deal because you can run for everything else Senate Governor,no big deal.

          2. denniscerasoli says

            If you think that Cruz is the better man then that is your business but he won’t win the general election.Trump was way down running against Clinton but the latest polls show them even and they haven’t even started yet.Leave your emotions out of it and think,there are far more democrats in America then there are republicans and there will probably be a large turnout for this election and it will take crossover voters to win,Cruz being so far to the right will never get those voters to switch parties while Trump already has and he has brought voters out in droves and the RNC is beginning to see that now.If you don’t want Hillary then stay away from Cruz because it is going to be difficult enough as it is to beat Clinton,they’re only chance is Trump like him or not.

      3. James Maxwell says

        That is not the way the qualifications read in the Constitution. Yes one parent must be an
        American Citizen, You must be born on American soil. This part was addressed with
        John McCain. He was born of American parents in Panama, but he parents were there
        on military orders and he was born on a military installation which is American soil.
        The fact that Ted Cruz’s parents were living and working in Canada at the time of his birth
        puts him on Foreign soil and not American soil. If the details are correct his father was
        from Cuba, had escaped to the USA but was in Canada working. Based upon what I
        remember form Civics in school that disqualifies him from the office of President.
        I do not think that the Constitution addresses the issue of dual citizenship but I may
        have missed that detail. The main point is he was born on foreign soil where his
        parents were living and working at the time and not on military or government orders
        places his ineligible to be President. The problem is that if the Courts acknowledge this
        to be true then it will make Obama ineligible also and open a can of worms that they have
        avoided from day one./

      4. Brenda says

        Natural Born Citizen-both parents are American Citizens
        Naturalized Citizen-person who is naturalized.
        Citizen by Birth-one or both parents were not citizens at the time of birth.
        Canada did not recognize dual citizenship at the time of Cruz’s birth

      5. doug says

        BULL, that’s a lie, BOTH parents have to be citizens and you HAVE to be on American declared property (as in a hospital with an American flag on the wall), only then does it not matter which country you were in !!!

      6. hangem'high says

        If Obummer was a citizen then he is felon on fraud and is still ineligible to be president!

      7. Karen says

        And your point is? An American citizen doesn’t equate to being a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN”! You who knows EVERYTHING, really? How can someone be a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States of America and ALSO be a citizen of two other countries? Do the other two countries consider him a “natural born citizen” or just a natural citizen because of parents citizenship? Only you libs can turn a law around to try to make it mean what you want it to mean! You people can’t even accept man’s law as written, how could we expect you to accept God’s commands?

      8. glorybe2 says

        You are dead wrong on this. A natural born citizen must be born on US soil.

      9. 73Anne37 says

        2 Parents & Child Born here=Natural Born Citizen~! A Lot of uniformed people on this Site~!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          “To become a citizen at birth, you must:

          Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR

          had a parent or parents who were citizens at the time of your birth (if you were born abroad) and meet other requirements.”

          1. 73Anne37 says

            You are WRONG~! Your LINK is WRONG~! I for example am a NBC & have 2 Citizen Parents & I was born here~! That is Natural Born, {Period}

            The Exception is “Only” IF the Child is Born of 2 Citizen Parents & the Parent(s) are In the SERVICE of the US Government on Assignment abroad. Most often those children ARE born on Us Soil at a Military Base.

            As I suggested before get some Knowledge before Posting Nonsense~! It is a Waste of everyone ‘s time responding to people that DO NOT know what they are writing about.

          2. AKLady2015 says


          3. 73Anne37 says


        2. AKLady2015 says

          A Lot of uniformed people on this Site. I agree, and you are one of them. The U.S. Government does not agree with you;

          1. 73Anne37 says

            You are the Dummy & I will no longer to Respond to your Drivel~!

    2. Tricia Harris says

      You are a moron if you support Donald Trump!!!!! Ted Cruz is brilliant and Trump can barely spell or do math. Ted Cruz knows and understands the Constitution and Trump doesn’t support it – is anti-2nd amendment and also wants to stop freedom of speech. Pay attention to what Trumpo is – he’s a liar, a cheat, and a slimeball! If you support this sorry character, then you are one too. And BACK THE HELL OFF THE GRANDPA MUNSTER BULLSH*T!!!!! WE ARE ALL FED UP WITH THAT CRAP TOO!

      1. FloridaBoyee says

        Tricia, you had better backoff, yourself, because, I truly believe that the GOP Party leadership will do ANYTHING to keep this nomination from TRUMP! SOMEONE is paying Kasich’s expenses to stay in the race! We, as the GOP Party need to get behind ONE candidate and get that person elected or Hillary the Witch, will FLY into the WH and laughing all the way!! Watch what happens at the convention, IF Trump does not get the full votes to be elected in the first vote! Believe me the GOP leadership will NOT go for Cruz either! Who is the Only person who has served as one of the RINOS and then became Governor of Ohio and has ONLY 158 votes at this time and HAS NO WAY of us, as the people of the USA, to keep the leadership of the GOP putting him into office! Hillary is laughing at our in house fighting and after the convention, will use it for her advantage!

        1. Tricia Harris says

          I DO NOT NEED TO BACK OFF A DARN THING!!!! But I will agree with you, in that the GOP needs to get behind the ONE candidate who can beat the murderer of Benghazi, and that is TED CRUZ! Ted Cruz scares the hell out of the Democrats and the Establishment because he does the job WE elected him to do. Ted Cruz is the REAL DEAL! Trumpo is a lying, cheating, narcissistic, misogynistic, spoiled arse bully who is every bit as bad for this country as Obama AND Hilary! The whole point of this is to get Hilary elected by putting Trumpo in!

          1. FloridaBoyee says

            The Establishment does NOT want CRUZ or TRUMP, Tricia. There is NO way Cruz can get the votes to be elected on first ballot, BUT there is a VERY good chance that Trump can! Cruz pissed them off while being in the Senate and I guarantee you that is the ONLY reason Kasich is still in there! He is a typical RINO and we need someone to fight the way things have been going for so long. We have elected a numerous number of Republicans to make these changes, but what happened when they got to DC? They did what they were told to do and we are back like we were before! The RINOS are afraid of Cruz and Trump, but Trump does have the chance to go into the convention with enough votes that the 1st nomination has to go to Trump, If it goes to a 2nd nomination, the RINOS have the say so and it will come like they want it!! You sound like you stay on top of these things, so you should see the same thing.

      2. Jose Reyes says

        Wow, such a foul mouth on you. America should be so proud to have a foul sailor like Tricia Harris. So mean and hateful, and a sore loser……Bye Bye Grandpa Munster.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          I’ll bet you don’t even know what Bandersnatch means! Look it up, and NO you trumpsters are the SORE LOSER and the foul mouths. Calling some for what they are – a cheat and a liar and a slimeball isn’t foul, and not even close to the filth that spews out of Trump and you Trumpsters!

          1. Jose Reyes says

            I looked Bandersnatch up and it was a picture of you, saying the BS word. Liar and slimeball is ok, but really, watch your language. You are one tacky lady.

      3. 73Anne37 says

        NO DEAR~! You are the One without KNOWLEDGE~!~ TRUMP IS a Patriot & Cruz is a Globalist~~! Straight out FACTS~~ Cruz is part of the BUSH NWO GLOBALIST Cabal~!

        Cruz has ALWAYS been Establishment & Part of the Global Elite Scheme to Destroy this Nation~~!

    3. Tiger says

      The public knowledge of who his wife is will kill his career and make him unbelievable on his issues from this day forward. A house divided is one thing a bedroom divided is another.

    4. doug says

      Jose Reyes, neither should obama have been considered, but he was “forced” down our throats anyway, as hitlery is now.
      We should remember that then house speaker nancy Pelosi legally signed off on Obama’s “qualifications” as a American citizenship, it turned out that she LIED on the form she SIGNED !!!

      1. hangem'high says

        Pelosi should be impeaching just on that alone!

        1. Mildredkneuhaus2 says

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          1. Dan says

            FLAGGED you sponge!

        2. John E Strom Jr. says

          Or shot! I prefer the latter. She and Hillary can share a stake, save money.

          1. Ramocat says

            I prefer shot!

          2. John E Strom Jr. says

            We agree. Cheaper and quicker.

          3. Jerry_Morgan says

            I think we should bring back Public Hanging. Give that punishment to the whole bunch of America destroyers. Do you agree that has a nice ring to it?

        3. Ramocat says

          Where is the Mafia when you need them!

          1. John E Strom Jr. says

            Murdering Justice Antonin Scalia for HildaBeast so that Obama can appoint a third homosexual and fourth Jew to the court.

          2. Kathleen Lutman says

            I think that horrible ATROCITY went …”smooth as silk” for the PERPETRATOR’S…Where were the BIG GUN’S ON THIS?????

      2. Mel says

        Anyone born to American citizens IS an American

        1. 73Anne37 says

          But Only in America~! & Cruz has a Father Who is WAS Not a Citizen when Ted was Born & Dual Citizens were not a factor in 1970~~they did not Exist. Ted just got rid of his Canadian Citizenship in 2014 & Can NOT be Natural Born. we do not even know if he is Naturalized~!

          1. glorybe2 says

            Some nations have always allowed dual citizen status. But Cruz is not a natural born US citizen and there is no way that can be overcome. Even if he entered the US five seconds after his birth he can never be called a natural born US citizen.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            NOW~~!That “Statement” is Fact~{Truth}! Obama is also NOT Natural Born & Congress was Complicit on BOTH Sides of the House ~~in having the presidency CO-OPTED ~~~just like the Founder’s Warned~!

          3. glorybe2 says

            And yet the right wing offers zero proof that Obama was not a natural born US citizen. In eight years not a single shard of evidence has backed up that false accusation. Frankly the hatred of Obama is just a knee jerk reaction to the white race confronting the fact that when minorities combine and vote as one they constitute the majority. This is why you see a last gasp with the uneducated whites wanting to vote for Trump. Trump is obviously a completely unacceptable person to hold office. He is crooked, a liar, crude and an ego maniac as well as a thief. So here we are with the very worst Americans trying to rally behind such a terrible example of a human being.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            There are 2 Judges that have ALL the evidence they need~~But the Congress is Complicit & now all the Supreme Court Judges are Also in the Pocket of the Internationalist’s~! TRUMP Knows & he had Lawyers
            lined up even the 1st year Obama ran~~! So you will SEE that Obama was illegal VERY VERY SOON. ~~~When Our Country is AGAIN America 1st`

          5. Ollie Octopus says

            You’re right. We need more blacks. It is common knowledge that when you move blacks into an all-white neighborhood it is immediately improved. The white kids stop using ‘mother’ as a half word, they quit car-jackings, smash & grabs, quit gangs, stop rioting, treat women with respect, marry the mother of their kids, stop showing their underwear, and no longer wear their hats on sideways. They also stop stealing the black kids lunch money, show cops respect, and graduate from high school.

          6. JJ says

            Are you talking about Obama?

          7. Gary Heaton says

            “He is crooked, a liar, crude and an ego maniac as well as a thief. ”
            And this makes him WORSE than EVERY other president we have had since at least Reagan? In WHAT WAY?
            Details on how the OTHERS were better please?

          8. Kathleen Lutman says

            I DO NOT think Jeff Session’s is an uneducated….white guy.. Common Sense…trump’s education…..there are a whole lot of VERY educated people running “OUR” White House…who are natural born IDIOT’S…..I’m looking at 2 thing’s here….hil who is beyond a goofy treacherous traitor..Watch “13 Hr’s”….& “London Has Fallen” or quite frankly…FREEDOM/virsus…socialism…..

          9. glorybe2 says

            Trump is clearly not an educated man. He did go to business school but with his money you can bet that he was going to squeak through no matter how screwed up he is. Trump is also a terrible liar and from time to time comes up with worse than socialist policies such as confiscating part of the wealth of the wealthy and giving it to the middle class. The man is an idiot. He is also a liar. He claimed he could not release his tax returns due to an ongoing audit which was a lie. Then when the audit ended he refused to release his tax returns claiming the public would not understand his returns so he can not release them. Now his campaign funds have dried up and he apparently has no money at all to fund his campaign. The RNC is also devoid of money. We do know for a fact that Trump has at least one million dollars in unpaid debts and also thousands of law suits for which he will also end up paying. It appears that he turned his father’s fortune into dust and it is public record that he has filed bankruptcy three times. So the conservative RNC is out of money. Trump is out of money. Yet there are still a few that drank the Kool Aide and swallow his idiotic speeches, hook, line and sinker.

          10. Jorge Molina says

            It’s the uneducated blacks that supported the charlatan that now holds the highest office, he is a disgrace, a lier, and an abomination and not to mention a pariah using the people’s money for his lavish vacations and golfing; That is all he is good for, not for standing up to his brothers the jihadist and enemies of the USA and the rest of the world.
            And now Killary the biggest crook wants to seal the deal and continue the Obama destruction. No Thanks!.

          11. Dan Weinert says

            you poor ignorant fool. He was born in Hawai’i to an American mother–he is, was, and always has been American. go back on your meds

          12. 73Anne37 says

            Hardly a FOOL~! You obviously have not looked into the TRUTH/FACTS like a lot of Ignorant American’s~! I have studied this Information, about our Government, for the last 18+ years, since I retired from TEACHING ~~! Obama is Illegal~~& you will see the Truth once TRUMP is President~!

          13. JJ says

            You are so correct!!!!

          14. Kathleen Lutman says

            If you actually believe that…your the 1 on med’s…Dan

          15. Dan Weinert says

            how many times must this be debunked before you ignoramuses understand? it’s been retracted by those who MADE the initial claim–the long form was published–if you’re this dense about how stupid this claim is please avoid complex activities, like walking and talking simultaneously.

          16. Ollie Octopus says

            But – but – I thought Kenya was a state.

          17. Dennis Dumas says

            You know all this eligibility stuff will continue for ever if something is not done about it! That something is Congress has to define “Natual Born” in current terms! According to your response, being that Cruz is not Natual born. Consider this, take Mr. & Mrs. Cruz out of Canada and put them on a theoretical cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Ted Cruz is born aboard the cruise ship! According to your logic Ted Cruze would not be a “Natural Born” citizen of the United States. Would that then make him a citizen of the cruise line? See the error of your thinking! The citizenship clause of the constitution which outlines eligibility for president is ambiguous at best. It’s congress’ duty to once and for all eliminate that ambiguity!
            I want you to know I am not nor never have been a Cruz supporter, the man gives me the creeps, and there is just something about his manner I don’t trust. However at this juncture it’s a moot point as Ted Cruz has withdrawn from the presidential race. Yet the point of “Natural Born” will again arise at some future point, it is imperative that our elected leaders address this issue here and now, so that the issue never again arises in the future.

          18. glorybe2 says

            I don’t think the definition of natural born is fuzzy at all. Its meaning is dead simple and means born on American soil.

          19. Dennis Dumas says

            Give me a reference point where I can see the meaning of the term “Natural Born”, because I cannot find an explanation as to what that term means! It has it origins in the English language in an era where it is lost in today’s English!

          20. glorybe2 says

            Like some other terms in the constitution the meaning is defined in our system. The fact that there is a naturalization process for children brought into the US by Us parents defines children born abroad as not natural born. Otherwise just why would we have a naturalization process. A US citizen strolling across a border check point needs more than a yup, it’s my kid, to admit that child to the US. Proofs are asked for and then a certificate of naturalization is issued from which that child can then get its own passport etc..

          21. Dennis Dumas says

            I believe you may be mistaken on the naturalization process! My significant other is a legal immigrant, now a naturalized American citizen! In order to become a naturalized citizen of America you must first attend citizenship classes, learn American history well enough to pass, test is in English, and at least have some level of mastery of the English language, as well as the laws of this land! Once you successfully passed all above you can then appear to be sworn as an American citizen! Children of immigrants are not required to complete the citizenship classes, however they must appear for swearing in process with their parents as sponsors!
            So if you can prove that Ted Cruz for example went through the naturalization process as outlined above, then he must certainly be a ” Natural Born” citizen!

          22. glorybe2 says

            No it is just the opposite. Obviously a two week old baby takes no classes. It is just a matter of paper work and inspection to try and make certain the paper work is true. Once that process takes place the infant is naturalized but that is not natural born. Natural born babies are not naturalized. They do not have to be naturalized because they are natural born. The birth certificate with the footprint proves the nation of birth.

          23. Dennis Dumas says

            Your last sentence contradicts your argument! Let’s use this again as an example, instead of Canada, let’s say Mr and Mrs Cruz were on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic, in international waters. Would that make the child be a citizen of the cruise line or would he be a “Natural Born ” citizen of the United States, because his mother was an American?

          24. glorybe2 says

            The child would be a foreign born US citizen who requires naturalization. Being natural born does not require any parent to be a US citizen at all. It simply means born on American soil.

          25. Patricia A Galle says

            The Congressional Research Service gathered all of the information relevant to the Cruz case a few years ago, and pronounced him a natural born citizen at birth by blood through his mother. The Constitution leaves Immigration and Naturalization to Congress if you read it all. There have been several Acts since the constitution was ratified. Any American citizen, who has lived here for 10 consecutive years,, can give birth anywhere in the world; and their baby is natural born by blood at birth. The term natural born was never defined, but in the first Act on the subject defined the meaning. One of the things that made their decision was the fact that if you had to be born on American soil, it would say native born. The Supreme Court will not take these cases at all, because the Naturalization Act of 1952 explained this in detail. Ten Courts have looked at the Cruz case since Trump started his lies, and everyone either found in Cruz’s favor, or threw the case out for being frivolous. There are people who will always be too hard headed or stupid to understand this, but it is ruled on, closed, sealed by Congress and over. Obama was different in several ways, if he was born in Kenya to an American mother, he is not a citizen, because the mother has to be at least 19 years old, and Obama’s was 18 when he was born. Also she and his father had to be married, his father already had a wife and 2 children in Kenya, if that was his real father at all. That is why his birth is still in question.

          26. glorybe2 says

            I gave you the Supreme Court cases on the subject. Obviously you did not read them. What some research group declares means absolutely nothing. The Supreme court also judges whether any law passed by congress is legal and whether it meets the US constitution. Do you understand that? Do you understand that a naturalized citizen is not a natural born citizen? Obviously the right wing wanted to elect candidates that were not natural born and their supporters wanted to push it through. Congress nor the executive branch can never over rule the Supreme Court. It has been quite some time since the SCOTUS was willing to hear another case about what natural born means. They will choose when they want to hear cases over the issue.

          27. Patricia A Galle says

            You can believe whatever you want to believe. I researched this for days, and I am sure of the answers I received. Cases are handled entirely through the Naturalization and Immigration Acts passed by Congress. The Supreme Court will not be hearing these cases at all. Ted Cruz was a clerk for Justice Lindquist right out of Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude with honors, and was head of the Harvard Law Review. He was also a good friend of Justice Scalia. Cruz is considered to be a constitutional genius, and he memorized it in high school for debates and speeches. His Harvard law professor said Cruz was off the charts smart, and the most brilliant student he had ever taught. I live in Texas, and watched this be thoroughly investigated, when Cruz ran for the Senate. The Congressional Research Committee has the last say on these issues, whether you believe it or not. Ted Cruz would not have been on the ballot, if he was not eligible; and even the hateful Trump lawyers told Trump to give up, this was a settled ruling. You do not have to believe it, but it is a fact. If there was any way to disqualify Cruz, the establishment would have done so long ago. They do not like him, because he will never go along to get along. He always supports the people over the party. He stood on the Senate floor last week fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights, and trying to get them to fight terror instead of the NRA and the people. While he was doing this, Trump was at the NRA trying to get them to accept a ban on assault weapons. I certainly know which man is a conservative honest Republican, and who is a 70 year old Democrat fraud.

          28. glorybe2 says

            Since the Supreme Court has decided this issue in several different cases there is absolute proof that they are the ones of ultimate authority. That is why we have a supreme court. From time to time they find laws to be in violation of the constitution and strike out those laws. Congress can pass no law that violates the decision of the supreme court. At times the court seems liberal in its interpretation of the term natural born. You have the cases on point in my former posts. You can read the entire trials if you like. One thing is certain. The supreme court should hear a current case and determine exactly what natural born means in modern times. By the way the original term natural born was changed by congress in 1790. Go back and study from the source documents rather than these mickey mouse sources that you listen to.

          29. Patricia A Galle says

            Believe what you want. Ted Cruz has been declared a natural born citizen by blood through his mother, and it is closed and sealed. You will not see it again, and you won’t see any in the Supreme Court. I live in Texas, and we saw every second of this case until it was settled. Even Trump’s lawyers told him to shut up, it was final and over.

          30. glorybe2 says

            A phrase denoting one of the requirements for becoming President or Vice-President of the United States.

            Anyone born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 must be a “natural born Citizen” of the United States to constitutionally fill the office of President or Vice-President. See U.S. Const. art. II, § 1; id. at amend. XII. The constitution does not expressly define “natural born” nor has the Supreme Court ever ruled precisely upon its meaning. One can be a citizen while not being a “natural born” citizen if, for example, they gained their citizenship through the process of naturalization.

            Consensus exists that anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. See United States v. Wong Kim Ark; 14th Amendment. The Supreme Court noted in Perkins v. Elg that this is true even of citizens who were born in the United States yet grew up in foreign countries.

            There is some debate over whether or not one may also be a natural born citizen if, despite a birth on foreign soil, U.S. citizenship immediately passes from the person’s parents.

            In 1790, the First Congress passed a naturalization act stating that “the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens…” While no longer in effect, this act may indicate that the framers of the constitution (many of whom served in the First Congress) contemplated that such foreign-born citizens would be considered natural born. Some constitutional scholars, including former heads of the Office of the Solicitor General Neal Katyal and Paul Clement in a recent article, argue that this thinking is also in line with the definition of natural born at English law at the time (and thus that such citizens are “natural born” as used in the constitution).

            Such citizenship is controlled by congressional statute under the authority granted in article I section 8 of the Constitution, and consequently the requirements or existence of such citizenship have changed over time. As a result, citizenship has not always been granted to foreign-born children of U.S. citizens in a consistent manner. See, generally, United States v. Wong Kim Ark.

            Today, 8 U.S.C. § 1101 defines naturalization as “conferring of nationality of a state upon a person after birth, by any means whatsoever.” In contrast, § 1401 lists eight categories of peoples who are “nationals and citizens of the United States at birth,” including those born in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction as well as children of one or more U.S. citizens abroad as long as the parent(s) meet certain requirements (often having been present in the U.S. for some number of years).

            This means that foreign-born citizens falling under a provision in 1401 are, by statutory definition, not naturalized. The term “natural born” is not used, however.
            The above information is from the Wex law encyclopedia. The term natural born may not include babies born on foreign soil. During the naturalization of the child the parents are also required to meet certain historic requirements in order for the baby to be naturalized. The baby may become naturalized or not but if naturalized that means a far different thing than being natural born. The issue remains open until the Supreme Court takes the case and decides the meaning of natural born.

          31. Patricia A Galle says

            That is not true at all. Congress had Ted Cruz’s papers all ruled on, and he was declared natural born through blood by his mother. An American can give girth any where in the world, and that baby is natural born through blood. If you had to be born on our soil, it would say native born. Ten courts have ruled on this and at least 3 of them wouldn’t even consider it for lack of merit. We have had many candidates not born on our John McCain and others. If Cruz was not eligible, he wouldn’t be on the ballot. As hateful as Trump is, he has tried everything to get rid of him, but even his lawyers have told him that he is wasting his time. Cruz’s status is proven and has been ruled on and Congress sealed it. Some people will always be too stupid to actually research this issue, but the facts are still the facts. All I can tell you is, if I had a baby anywhere in the world, it would be a natural born citizen at birth through blood. It would not have to be naturalized or go through any procedure at all.

          32. glorybe2 says

            Then pray tell, why does a naturalization process even exist? If by some miracle our courts are defining natural born differently than was done in the past it would be huge news to most people. By the way congress would have no power to decide such an issue. The Supreme Court would need to decide as only they have the authority.

          33. Tallulah Cusati says

            glorybe2, Born on American soil, of American citizens.

          34. glorybe2 says

            No ! That has been decided in law. If you are born on US soil you are a US citizen without regard for who your parents are at all.

          35. Dan says

            Here and now may end up being more unconstitutional liberal mumbo jumbo. Remember that The Republicans are complicit in all unconstitutional law that is currently getting passed.

          36. Ollie Octopus says

            Ted Cruz mother’s birth certificate is readily available from the Delaware State Board of Health. The particulars found on her birth certificate are:
            State of Delaware
            Standard Certificate of Birth
            State Certificate 3638
            Registered Number 2110
            Issued and Stamped By the State Board of Health January 11, 1935
            Name of Child: Eleanor Darragh
            Date of Birth November 23, 1934
            Place of Birth: Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware
            St. Francis Hospital
            Father: Edward J. Darragh
            Mother: Elizabeth Cekine
            Father’s Occupation: Clerk, Reading Railroad
            Mother’s Occupation: Housewife
            This information is readily available to those interested in the truth. Those who are just seeking a talking point will ignore it and continue to write crap like this.

          37. glorybe2 says

            That still does not cut the mustard. Do not try to equate a naturalized citizen with a natural born citizen. They are entirely different things. The Supreme court has had various trials on the issue and it is still not decided by the court and they are the one and only authority on the issue. The thread that i posted from the law service explains that in depth and also gives you the titles of the Supreme Court cases. The apparent confusion stems from people taking naturalized to mean natural born. Read the cases carefully to avoid confusion.

          38. Patricia A Galle says

            The Naturalization and Immigration Act of 1952 is the authority on all cases, until another is passed by Congress. Since the founders did not define natural born any where, it is defined by Congress, which the constitution lists as one of their duties, if you read it all. The last act clearly described natural born as anyone whose mother or father was an American citizen at the time of birth, had lived in America for at least 10 consecutive years, and was 19 years old or older. You are a citizen by blood at birth. They also added that if natural born had meant only born on American soil, it would have said native born. Many of our founding fathers were not born on American soil either. You will not see this come up before the Supreme Court as they will refuse the case. A naturalized citizen is someone like Ted Cruz’s father, who when he married his mother became a native citizen, but had to file for naturalization when he moved to America. Also, people who immigrate to America the right way, and go through the required procedures and classes to become a citizen, are naturalized when they have qualified.

          39. glorybe2 says

            The sole authority on the legality and interpretation of a law rests with the Supreme Court. They can choose to step in whenever a case interests them.

          40. Patricia A Galle says

            Look up the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952. It explains it all very clearly. If you don’t believe the word natural born does not mean native born, that is your problem, not mine.

          41. karenblairschar says

            Give it up!!! All brains in the USA have checked all facts and found him eligible. It really shows a lack of character to hit on that when Trump is accused of raping a 14 year old, accused of defrauding Americans of millions with his phony get rich quick –for him, not them– schemes and the vile way he campaigns.

          42. 73Anne37 says

            Karen~~You are Obviously IGNORANT OF THE FACTS~! No One has Stated Ted Is a NATURAL BORN~~ except Ted~~! The Supreme Court has had No Part of it~! The FOUNDERS stated that they wanted No Foreign Born Person to Occupy the Presidency because they Would Co-opt our American Sovereignty>! Just like our Illegal President Obama has done’

            It takes 2 Citizens Parents & Child Born here in the USA to be President or V.P.~!

          43. karenblairschar says

            You are the ignorant one who was obviously never taught to read with comprehension. I never said Cruz was “natural born.” I said he was eligible to run, so your comment is mote, or for the ignorant, ridiculous and not consequential.

          44. 73Anne37 says

            Natural Born= Eligible to Run~~~~! One & the SAME! Learn what you are talking about BEFORE Posting~!

          45. glorybe2 says

            Simply run a search on US constitution natural born and see with your own eyes the truth.

          46. Patricia A Galle says

            You do have to be natural born to run for President of Vice President. That means that one of your parents is a citizen at the time of your birth, and you are natural born by blood from that parent. If you had to be born on our soil, it would say native born. For God’s sake, buy a dictionary.

          47. glorybe2 says

            No, natural born means born on US soil and does not require any parent to be a US citizen.

          48. 73Anne37 says

            Absolutely WRONG~! 2 US Citizen Parents & Child Born here~! I am 78 Years Old & it has Always been this way Prior to OBAMA ~~& he is an Illegal President & the Congress is Complicit in this WRONG~!

          49. glorybe2 says

            Simply read the constitution. You are wrong.

          50. 73Anne37 says

            No~~Glorybe~~You are! I KNOW what I am talking about~! I am SURE you DO not~!

          51. Tallulah Cusati says

            73Annie37, You are correct. All these young obbumer people and millions of ILLEGALS think they know everything. When in fact, they never took the time to study American History, they KNOW nothing.

          52. 73Anne37 says


          53. Patricia A Galle says

            That is completely wrong. If I have a child anywhere in the world, it is a natural born citizen by blood through me at the moment of birth. If it had to be born here it would say native born, and it does not. I am in my seventies myself, and it has not always been that way here in America. It was in England, but we dumped their laws and made our own.

          54. Dennis Dumas says

            So according to your argument then John McCain is not a natural born citizen, despite the courts saying he is! Further your argument disputes George Romney’s citizenship as well!
            As I have said here and elsewhere, the constitution is vague on the true meaning of ” Natural Born”, it’s Congress’ job to clarify the meaning in today’s terms! Understand travel is significantly different today than at the time the bill of rights and Constitution were written. I can leave New York City and about 5 hours I can be in Parris, a voyage that would have taken months back in the day!

          55. 73Anne37 says

            John McCain is the Son of “Military Parents” who were in the “SERVICE of the US Government”~~& just like “Foreign Diplomats who are in the “SERVICE of the US Government”~~there is a special exception IF those”2 Parents”~~ ARE “US Citizens”~~prior to the Child Being Born~! Often these People are Residing on a US Military Base. But since that is Not always possible, the exception. has been made.

            Note: These Military Personal have been PUT there by the US Government & are NOT Foreigner’s~in any sense of the Word.

            The Purpose for the Natural Born Clause was PUT in the Requirements for President, in order to ENSURE that the US Office of the Presidency & V.P. would NOT be CO_OPTED by someone who had FOREIGN INTEREST’S at Heart~! {Example: Obama__{An Illegal President}—that has Destroyed many of our MAJOR US Interests & continues to do so.}.

          56. glorybe2 says

            There is no special exception. It does not exist. It can not exist as it would violate the constitution. If it does exist then produce it!

          57. 73Anne37 says

            That is why McCain would have been Natural Born~~! His Dad was an Executive Officer in the Military & he was born in Panama ~~Both Parents were there & His Dad ASSIGNED there. Both Parents were American Citizens.

          58. glorybe2 says

            There are no extensions that add anything to the meaning of natural born. A child born on US soil is a citizen even if we never know who the parents were. there is no extension for children born to people overseas in the military. However a real debate could be made for a child born inside a US embassy overseas as embassy soil is called US soil. But even that could be argued. After all what do our sovereign treaties do about Indian lands which are under the jurisdiction of Indian tribes. We violate those treaties routinely. So just exactly when does any US document have any validity?

          59. glorybe2 says

            The speed of travel has nothing to do with the issue at all. Imagine a person born in Pakistan of American parents who does not enter the US until he is 40 years old and immediately runs for president. There is no reason to suspect that a child born on foreign soil would return to the US as a child. That is why anyone not born on US soil is barred fro running for office. Now imagine if Cruz had not dropped out of the race just what would have happened as he would have been barred from taking office.

          60. glorybe2 says

            No Dennis it is not the job of Congress at all. The Supreme Court of the US is the one and ultimate authority on the interpretation of laws. Congress has no power to usurp such a decision.

          61. Patricia A Galle says

            McCain was born on an army base to an American mother, which makes him natural born by blood and by land. as a base is considered our soil. George Romney was born in Mexico to American parents, so he was natural born by blood.

          62. Dennis Dumas says

            Did u not read the post ahead of mine?
            I agree with you….

          63. Patricia A Galle says

            An American woman can give birth anywhere in the world, and her baby is natural born by blood at the moment of birth. Only one parent has to be a citizen. Congress clarified this in the Naturalization and Immigration Act of 1952. Since Cruz was born in 1970, this is the one that applied to him. It does not take two citizen parents. Congress explained it very well in this act. A lot of children don’t have 2 parents anymore, and only one is required. Also any baby who is born on American soil is natural born, even if neither of his parents are citizens. That is the present law. Is anyone so dumb as to think that Cruz would be on presidential primary ballots if there was the slightest chance he wasn’t eligible. Trump tried everything with his lies, and 10 different courts either ruled in Cruz’s favor or tossed the case out for being frivolous. That is the law, and it won’t be changed.

          64. 73Anne37 says

            YOU are Completely WRONG~! You obviously Do not Know about our Constitution & Our REAL USA History~!

          65. 1EdMeadows83 says

            It don’t matter none nohow. Cruz has seen the light and quit the race. Hillary is the presumptive President!

          66. MAHB001 says

            Trump may not let the elite count the votes….

            I hope Trump turns on your arss now. People get drunk with power… It wasn’t the left that gave him the power….

          67. glorybe2 says

            Today Trump got caught with a blatant lie. He pretended to be someone else on a phone call and talked about women he knew. He confessed that it was him. Now he seems to have forgotten his confession was on film and tape and denies he was involved at all. The man is so stupid he can’t evebn recall his own lies and confessions.

          68. MAHB001 says

            That wasn’t today, that was 25 years ago….

            Hillary is far worse, Hillary’s lies hurt American Hero families. Suggest you figure out how to stop Hildabeast from lying first.

            You need to pull the LOG out of your own eye before attempting to help us pull the sliver out of ours…

          69. glorybe2 says

            The initial affair was 25 years ago but he lied about it today. He is a dishonest person and should never be allowed any position other than menial inside or outside of government. Look at it like you look at others or as society looks at others. An 18 year old girl slaps a boyfriend and a cop sees it happen. She gets a minor arrest for domestic violence. But she will never, ever be hired by a nursing home or as a nurse even 50 years later. In recent years most companies will not even interview a person who has ever suffered any arrest no matter how trivial or even if the charges were dropped or the person was found not guilty. If common people are held to such standards then how much more rigid should our standards be for the presidency? Equal justice is a two edged sword. It should chop at the upper crust as easily as it chops away at the lowest among us.

          70. MAHB001 says

            Hillary is living a lie, and you are living in denial to turn a blind eye.

            Trump is a breath of fresh Honesty when compared to Hillary.

            I see you do not like the Draconian laws imposed by Big Government, Please advocate for a smaller less intrusive Government. I will stand next to you in that endeavor.

          71. glorybe2 says

            Trump is a gas bag filled with evil. I would far prefer Bernie but I’ll take almost any democrat compared to Trump. I would not let trump take out by garbage. He is not honest or at all trustworthy.

          72. MAHB001 says

            Look you started it, 0bama is a gas bag filled with evil. Hillary is the fart gas.

            You liberals need to fix your own problems before any of your trash talk about the other side is taken seriously.

            Silly liberal, at least Trump will pay you to take out the garbage, 0bama is just going to write an executive order…

          73. MAHB001 says

            Do you actually think Hillary can remember the lies she was telling 25 years ago?

          74. socialsavvy says

            Trump believes every thing he says when he says it. He believes himself when he pretends to be someone else and discusses how wonderful he is. He also believes every thing he says about himself. When he later denies that he has done whatever it is, he believes that lie. When he has to change what he says, he believes what he is saying. I heard that he could take a lie detector test when he lies, and pass it because he believes his lies. Can you assess such minds as that. It is serious, and his being Pres. could lead the U.S. down a very slippery road. Just watch and listen to how many times he changes his position to suit the situation. He changes by saying that wasn’t what he meant, or some other suitable statement to fit the circumstances. He really isn’t suitable to be president. That has nothing to do with being conservative or right-wing or anything of the political nature.

          75. Gerry Costa says

            “presumptive” — great word but I wouldn’t start celebrating yet —- the only place the “witch” will be president is CELL BLOCK D in a women’s prison.

          76. 1EdMeadows83 says

            If you have ANY functioning brain cells, you know that’s total, repetitive bullshit! She was going to jail over Travelgate, Benghazi, Whitewater, Looting the White House, The “E-Mail Scandal”, etc, etc, etc. Face it, numbskull, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be our next president. I know it, you know it 80% of the American public knows it!

          77. 1EdMeadows83 says

            If you have ANY functioning brain cells, you know that’s total, repetitive bullshit! She was going to jail over Travelgate, Benghazi, Whitewater, Looting the White House, The “E-Mail Scandal”, etc, etc, etc. Face it, numbskull, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be our next president. I know it, you know it and 80% of the American public knows it!

          78. USAnowMSAsadly says

            Hey Edwin, haven’t talked to you in awhile. Sounds like you are getting in your daily rants about your girlfriend Hitlary. How many sniffs of her used dress shields she sends you are you doing these days? Of course, she is about to be receiving bitch slapping by Donald, Now get back to sniffing your drug of choice. Mmm, the skank must send you into la-la land. So, will you bake her a cake with a file in it? She will look so good in her orange and white striped pantsuit Now give me some of your good rantings! I need a good laugh.

          79. 1EdMeadows83 says

            You probably expect me to respond to this filthy inanity, but I won’t.

          80. USAnowMSAsadly says

            I expect you to get a job, move out of your mom’s basement, and to stop wetting your panties when you see your felonious Imelda Marcos Klynton on TV spouting her lies. Looks like the walls are about to cave in on your goddess. I hope when she starts lying after taking an oath not to, that they will taze her repeatedly. The YouTube videos alone will break all records. Tissue?

          81. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh! You have such a way with words! They don’t mean anything but you certainly have a way with them! In November you’ll all be calling Secretary Clinton Madame President!

          82. USAnowMSAsadly says

            It’s ok Edwina! I understand HLA meetings are developing for brain dead morons like yourself. (Hillary Losers Annonimous meetings). People sit together and rack their pea size brains trying to come up with anything that Imelda Marcos Klynton has done that is considered worthy. Like most criminals, Hildaskank has backed herself into a corner. Her lies and deception are about to force her to don a orange and white striped pantsuit. Yes, Hildaskank has been backed into a wall, the same wall that she will have her back against when a Marine firing squad executes her for her crimes. Certainly that would break all YouTube video records. I’m not sure what Libtards like you would do to alleviate your depression. Perhaps intense sniffing of the used dress shields Hiladaskank sends you will will offset your depression and keep you ignorant as camel dung.

          83. Gerry Costa says

            You are a typical libtard/retarded demoRAT who when they have no facts and can’t face the truth start calling those who have a different opinion than you moronic demoRATS names and just spouting donkey dung out of your mouths. You fools refuse to look at what has happened to this country the last 7+ years and would rather live in obozo’s fantasy world which is collapsing rapidly. As far as the”witch” GOES — I am confident that she WILL NOT be our next president and this libtard demoRAT govt with all their corruption, illegals and radical muslims will go away and this country will start to get some respectability back. And on that note — why don’t you take the witch and stick her where she will do the most harm to you and if you need instructions on where — I can help you with that.

          84. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I realize you Regressives have a built-in aversion to facts, but try to concentrate and see if this one can penetrate the Dura matter of your prehensile brain

          85. Dan says

            With unemployment percentage being driven down on a massive level with liberal math and a 19 trillion dollar debt. Make sure you demand a thank you from your grandchildren!

          86. Bob says

            “when they have no facts and can’t face the truth start calling those who have a different opinion than you moronic demoRATS names and just spouting donkey dung out of your mouths” LOL! This coming from the biggest hate filled uneducated moron on the net who ONLY spews degrading remarks. Why? because you have no facts to back your views and disprove others. Your hypocrisy is only outshined by your complete lack of education. Your parents must be so proud you still live in their basement.

          87. glorybe2 says

            I would not argue that the nation is not in decline. All nations decline. President Obama has done a wonderful job of keeping the ship floating but I do not believe that politics or changes in policies or laws will do much good at all in saving our nation. The problems facing us are so massive and severe that we are going to suffer. Because politicians must be elected they simply can never address real problems in public. Global warming and rising seas are the most severe threats humanity has ever seen and we see next to nothing being done. Over population is a bomb threatening to destroy us all and nothing is being done. The super volcano located underneath Yellowstone national park may well eliminate the continental US completely and just might put enough ash in the air to end human life on this planet. We are about to see the end of human employment and nobody is developing systems of law and government to keep that from turning into a total collapse type of situation. Five of the Solomon Islands just sank beneath the seas. There are 500,000 people on the Solomon island chain. Anyone see any emergency aid for these people? Yet no politician addresses these issues at all. American farmers have notified the government that they probably can no longer fees our nation. Anyone taking action? So what are we doing worrying about the radical right and whether Trump is a bigger clown than Cruz?

          88. glorybe2 says

            Yes and the left wing would far prefer Bernie. We consider Hillary to be way too conservative.

          89. laulau says

            Cruz, Kasich, and Rubio never quit the race, They are on leave. When you “suspend” you are still in, but won’t be campaigning, but people can vote for you. They want a brokered convention so they can come back then without campaigning. I guess the public got a little dull for them, having to shake hands and talk to nobodys.

          90. glorybe2 says

            So far three different congressional investigations have declared Hillary to be innocent of any wrong doing. The FBI has stated that Hillary is not being investigated as a suspect. There is no criminal investigation of Hillary by any agency. So much for right wing propaganda.

          91. Gerry Costa says

            And the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are real and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You need to find some reality!!!!!

          92. socialsavvy says

            I just do not understand all the hate for HRC. Always a bunch of nit picking uninformed haters who just assume that Hillary is guilty of crimes, no matter what these crimes happen to be. Unless a person is charged with a crime, one just cannot decide that they are guilty and should be jailed, hanged, or shot. What has happened to America? Better yet what has happened to Christian Americans who claim violence to be the answer to everything. Actually, I have not decided to vote for Hillary, but I won’t vote for Trump. If Sanders is still in the running, and he may not be, I would like him. Otherwise, I will vote Hillary. I do not have to hate Trump to not vote for him. I admit I think he is has serious character flaws, but until he actually commits a crime, I would not think he should go to jail, etc.

          93. Mary says

            Presumptive prisoner, killary

          94. 1EdMeadows83 says

            HA, HA, HA, HA! You’ll be calling her Madame President in less than a year!

          95. John E Strom Jr. says

            No, Ed, she isn’t. Hillary Clinton SHOULD be in prison. For life. Anyway she first needs to win in November. She’s going to get her (humongous) ass kicked.

          96. Gerry Costa says

            ” VILE ” — the only thing vile are the paid protesters who turn his rallies violent and the scum who hire them.

          97. John E Strom Jr. says

            Karen, put a wedgie in it. You’re spouting left wing crap which means YOU are a left wing moron. Got any actual proof of either? No? Then shut it.

          98. karenblairschar says

            Spoken like a true Demorat but learn how to communicate as this makes no sense.

          99. glorybe2 says

            Yes Trump is a vile, blowhard who is appealing to the low elements. And his wife will be not only the first lady but the first stripper of the United States. Trump is farming the ignorant just as Hitler did in 1932. Yet Hitler at least was a war hero. Trump has no quality at all.

          100. socialsavvy says

            Yes,. Yes. Yes. You cannot make a better comparison. You do not even have to hate Trump to make such an assessment. Actually, the U.S. is doing better since Obama has been Pres. How in this USof A can people be so blind. Yes, they ignore the truth, and use the opportunity to hate those who are different in language, skin color or ethnic groups. Trump is “using” his followers, just as Hitler used the German population’s anger directed to the Jews. They were lead to believe that all the Jews were to blame for the break-down of their economy. Of course, not all Jews were bankers. Few were bankers. But the German’s had to be better than and be angry with someone. Hitler “used” them, and invented the “super race”. Do you recall when Jacques Chirico did not immediately pledge his armies to go to Iraq to get Hussein? Bush asked him this at a public meeting in New York, twin towers. Chirico had been speaking in English but when Bush tried to manipulate him, JC immediately began to speak French so that his listening French population at home would understand he had no such agreement with Bush. France, at that time, had investigators in Afghanistan, concerning the attack on America. But GWB wanted to go to Iraq. Then Bush declared that France was our enemy. He upped taxes on the imports. Called French fries….freedom fries, and discouraged Americans from buying any French products. He tried to make France our enemy too. He was carrying out the same game, like Hitler,by making someone else our enemy. Trump doesn’t like people who challenge him intellectually. Especially, women. He insults people, believing that he will make himself popular. He plays to an audience of people of like nature. We do not need this man to be Pres. If, elected, I hope that the Republicans can keep him in line.

          101. glorybe2 says

            There have been commentators who felt that Trump had studied tapes of Mussolini and was deliberately using the postures and movements typical of Mussolini to sway audiences. Trump is clearly able to manipulate the emotions of the uneducated or simpler Americans. But there is an even more frightening part. What exactly does Trump want? he could care less about our nation. He already has more money than he can spend. If somehow he gains power that will do nothing to increase his image and in fact will expose him to more and more ridicule. History will not remember him well at all. So just what does he really want? Is he so far gone that he craves having photographers after him? He has some kind of motive or agenda and all that I see is him surrounding himself with race haters. It is rather like the race hatred that the right displays constantly towards President Obama and the Mexican people. I see no way in the world that my life would be one bit better with anyone applying hate to minorities and frankly my life would surely be a whole lot worse if black and brown people, the Jews, the French or anyone else suffers from racist actions.

          102. socialsavvy says

            Interesting about Mussolini. In fact the more I read and learn about Trump the more frightening a person he becomes.
            Of course, you would NOT feel any better by hurting or hating anyone to make yourself look or feel superior to another. That is because you do not have one of those “fragile egos” that has to be reassured through putting others down. Trump has a set of problems that I hate to think about. I think the worst is that he obviously uses people. Next, opposition makes him crazy, (that is about control). You know the rest. I heard a discussion regarding him last night and the individuals discussing him, had had occasions to meet him. They said that in an ordinary conversation, he seems like anyone else. But it is those conversations that are not the ordinary that concerns me. Nice to read your contributions.

          103. hangem'high says

            Besides you have to be a citizen for nine years before you can be a senator!

          104. 73Anne37 says

            Sounds about Right!

          105. Jay Pierre says

            Look, either Trump or Cruz is infinitely better than the hildabeast. Keep your powder dry for November. Cruz did the honorable thing and suspended when Indiana went big for Trump. Now we must focus on the Hildabeast. She must never enter the White House again. Instead she should be put into prison.

          106. 73Anne37 says

            TRUMP is already focusing on “Crooked Hillary” ~~~& hopefully she will go Down Quickly~!

            TRUMP was Hard on Hillary~~Bill & Elizabeth Warren this weekend at his Massive Rally’s in Oregon & Washington~!

          107. Dan Weinert says

            Nooooooooooooooooo… need not BE in America when born. Read the goddam Constitution and if THAT’s too complex, read Scotus decision re Wong Kim Ark–from the 1880’s

          108. 73Anne37 says

            The ONLY exception is IF there are 2 American Citizen Parents & the Baby is Born On a US Military Base, If the Parents are In the SERVICE of the US Government on Assignment in another Country. SERVICE=Foreign Diplomat &/or Military On Assignment~!

            I have Known & Read the Consitution before you were even born. TH 2 Parents must Still be American Citizens~!

          109. Ken says says

            Correct – Ted was born in Canada – His mother had given up American Citizenship to become a Canadian Citizen (Canada did not offer dual Citizenship until 3 years after Ted was born) – Ted entered the USA at 9 years old with Canadian Documents traveling with his grade school class taking a field trip – the records of his immigration to the USA “can’t be found” – there is NO record he is Naturalized.

            Ted not only has the same college and work history resume as Obama in 2008. The boys have seem to have similar Citizenship issues. Ted should have told the Bush Family about his problem and they would have “tidied” up the records befor making Ted a Bush Baby.

          110. 73Anne37 says


          111. Greg137 says

            His mother IS a US citizen … All the court challenges made by trump have failed at every level of the judiciary… Your arguments are a waste of effort you liberal putz, go back to licking the feet of your precious Obama you liberal turd…

          112. 73Anne37 says

            You are Incorrect~! It take 2 Citizen Parents & Child born IN the USA to be a Natural Born Citizen~! I Guess what the Founders stated is NOT important to you~~!

        2. glorybe2 says

          Yes, that is true. A child born to an American parent is a citizen. But that does not make them a natural born citizen which is exactly what the constitution demands. One can not become a natural born citizen.

          1. Mel says

            Trumps mom was Scottish and never got American citizenship….

          2. 73Anne37 says

            TRUMPS Mom was a Naturalized Citizen 2 Years before TRUMP was Born~! FACT!

        3. Mary says

          Both parents NOT just one

        4. John E Strom Jr. says

          True BUT they have to apply. There is a process. If you’re speaking of Ted Cruz’s run for the presidency however, there is a specific requirement in the constitution that a person be “Naturally Born”. Most take that to mean that they were physically born in the United States of America. Ted Crus was born in Canada so he’s automatically a Canadian citizen. It’s moot now since Cruz is no longer in the race. But the issue does need to be codified so that everyone knows what natural born is.

        5. John E Strom Jr. says

          But NOT a “natural born” citizen. There IS a difference.

        6. Kathleen Lutman says

          the Orlando creep…was an American citizen, and his father obviously not a good guy either….Of course they fell through the crack’s….how CONVENIENT…Geez Louise…..

        7. 8true8 says

          Not according to qualifications for president plus Cruz parents were not US citizens – dual citizenship was not allowed in Canada

        8. Greg137 says

          And Ted Cruz is an American…

      3. glorybe2 says

        Obama was born on US soil and that is a proven fact. Not only the usual short form birth certificate is available but also the long form birth certificate as well. But proof means nothing to the right wing.

        1. JMICHAEL270 says

          Ya better read silvermaster/cpusa/subud.

          1. glorybe2 says

            And who or what is that?

        2. survivor33 says

          Faked certificates are not proof. The short & the long certificates were proven to both be fraud and the women that was going to prove it and who did it was suddenly killed in an airplane crash in the water that killed only her. What a fortunate accident??????

          1. Hilly says

            Kind of like the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart AND the coroner that did his autopsy?

          2. 1EdMeadows83 says

            My God!! Do you not realize how stupid you sound? I guess not. You Regressives never tire of exhibiting your remarkable lack of intelligence. I guess I’ll just sit back and chuckle silently at your ignorance. I am amazed! Really!

          3. 1EdMeadows83 says

            What about the death of Vince Foster! Everybody knows Hillary Clinton snuck out of the White House with an AK-47 and riddled poor Foster with bullets dipped in pig’s blood!

          4. glorybe2 says

            Name the court that declared those certificates were false. Only a court has any authority to declare such a thing to be true or untrue. The rest is beer drunks ranting into their beer.

          5. survivor33 says

            glorybe2, and you got your lawyer degree where?

          6. glorybe2 says

            Anyone can spout anything but it may carry zero weight. People irresponsibly accuses Obama with presenting false birth certificates but offered zero evidence. There is a treason against the truth. Truth must be respected. When false opinions are spouted by the low life in our society we do need some way to punish them if they do not come forward with real evidence. Deliberate lies are not mistakes. When we allow such nonsense we end up with carnival barkers like Trump actually having followers.

          7. survivor33 says

            glorbybe2, actually I believe everything you said, except that you think Trump followers are carnival barkers….gotta tell you there are a lot of US followers out here just like there are a lot of Hillary carnival barkers out there too.

          8. glorybe2 says

            There is one huge difference. Hillary actually answers question whereas Trump simply avoids any real answers. Answers like Chinese people love me or I make deals are simply ways of avoiding people catching on that he is clueless. He also obviously fears his income taxes being seen. Can his followers be so uneducated that they completely fail to notice that he never has any position on anything and just when you think he knows where he stands on an issue he retracts his statements saying that he is re-examining his thoughts or whatever. I dread to think of what might happen with this man if he gains power. He is thin skinned, whines endlessly, thinks there are conspiracies against him for no reason other than he offends the living hell out of the majority of Americans. Maybe we could ask Europe to blacklist the US until they are assured that Trump will never be in office. The harboring of violent groups is reason enough for Europe to suspend travel to the US.

          9. survivor33 says

            glorybe2, you say Trump avoids answering questions, I must hear different than you because I do hear answers, when I listen to Hitler-y, I hear her lying about everything. Lies are not real answers. As far as followers of Trump being uneducated, I’ll be there are more educated people following Trump than there are following Hitler-y. Do you REALLY think SHE would be a good president?

        3. Mel says

          Obama’s mom was American… So Obama is too regardless of place of birth so its irrelevant,. Just like Cruz

        4. Mike Stempo says

          Laughable. Do you want to go comparison to comparison on this one? Wow! Get out from under that biased rock where you sure seem to exist.

          To the left, proof means screaming something like vast right wing conspiracy…no high ground for you.

        5. 73Anne37 says

          Not FACT~! Fake Birth Certificate~!

          1. glorybe2 says

            Then produce the proof that Obama’s birth certificates are fake. Get a court to agree with you after submitting the proof. otherwise it is simply a hollow, empty, false accusation.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            When TRUMP is President he will see Obama is found out & it will become known he is Illegal~~! All of Obama’s Illegal edicts will be Nullified~! Obama is not an authentic President & the Congress is Complicit in that. Most Scholars KNOW & have the FACTS about OBAMA~~But the Judges are Owned by the NWO Globalist’s now~~& won’t Prosecute. But they will Soon be replaced by American 1st People~!

          3. glorybe2 says

            Judges never prosecute. Prosecutors only prosecute when they think proof exists after a complaint is signed. There has never been the slightest bit of evidence that Obama is not a natural born US citizen whereas Ted Cruz is clearly not a natural born US citizen and admits it. People that repeat thee false allegations are simply off their nut because a black man was elected president. Just as the right wing fears everything else they also fear the dreaded black people. Cowards and liars compose the conservative camp.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            There has been LOADS of Evidence~~But you obviously do not research beyond you own nose~!

      4. Kathleen Lutman says

        This is CORRUPTION at the HIGHEST LEVEL’S…HOPEFULLY THE hen hse…will be scubbed out, and DISINFECTED ASAP….

    5. American ex-Pat says

      Jose, you and Brucie, who has posted below, are incorrect. Do some reading before you post!

    6. Josie Trevino says

      Hey, beaner Jose Reyes! Wipe that trump “stuff” off your nose.

      1. Jose Reyes says

        Josie, you just showed what a complete idiot you are. Just because you get called that, not nice to repeat it. I feel sorry for your hatred.

        1. Josie Trevino says

          Hit a nerve, did I?
          I don’t hate! I just CAN’T stand “slobbering Trump idolizers” that spew insults about Ted Cruz who owes you NOTHING!
          Those that do that are the “complete idiots”!
          Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!

          1. Jose Reyes says

            No, Definately not. Your name is just as “beaner” as mine. Why don’t you tell how you have helped serve this country? Probably because you received amnesty?

          2. Josie Trevino says

            I’m NOT ‘Mexican’. My late husband’s name was, rest his soul.
            I’m a native Texan. Born and raised in Beeville, Texas, until married at 19 and became a proud OHION for the last 62 years. I’ve seen many elections in my time, but this one is one for the books! Never have I witnessed such childish behavior from a Presidential candidate acting like a schoolyard bully! It’s shameful to watch and to realize how other country leaders are laughing at this U.S. “COMEDY”! Thanks to TRUMP!

      2. Jose Reyes says

        BTW, Josie Trevino, not only did I become a Proud U.S. Citizen the legal way, this so called “beaner” served in the U.S. Air Force. What have you done other than rest on your laurels, and insult people with racist slurs?

        1. Josie Trevino says

          OH! You’re ONE of those? And YOU are questioning Ted Cruz’s eligibility?
          I’m a NATIVE AMERICAN, 81 years of age and have done well. I ONLY insult people that insult my Presidential candidate,Ted Cruz, a mighty fine CONSERVATIVE, and PATRIOT. If “dickless Donald is your man, good luck idolizing that “unbalanced” ego maniac. He LOVES ONLY HIMSELF! He’s proven that!
          BTW, thank you for your service to our country. I apologize for the “racist slur”.
          RACIST? ONLY when individuals hurt my country. PEOPLE LIKE THAT FRAUD in OUR White House.

          1. Jose Reyes says

            Thank you, please don’t insult people that way. It really is not nice. We all love our great country. And just because you are a “Native American” does not mean that you are better than any other citizen. I will always be proud that I served my country. My two eldest sons are follwowing in their fathers footsteps, and nothing could make me happier. God bless the U.S.A..

          2. Josie Trevino says

            My Indian blood is my proudest heritage.
            And I feel I have the right to criticize when I see wrongdoing.
            This election may very well be the last I ever see, due my health, and am quite adamant in who I think is right for our country.
            In my opinion, Marco Rubio will make a fine President in time.
            My salute to your two sons in their endeaver serving our great country.
            I’ll NOT spar with you anymore. I was just upset over your lack of info about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as President.
            I apologize for my thoughtless remarks to you.

          3. Jose Reyes says

            Sure. I am sorry about your health. I wish you only the best. May God bless you, and continue to bless our nation, and may he forgive some decisions that have been made by our representatives that go against what He would want.

          4. Jose Reyes says

            And I will say, I should not have called Cruz, Grandpa Munster. I am just as adamant as who I believe is right for this country. I have looked over what is required to be president, and maybe I am mis informed.

          5. ringostarr1 says

            Don’t pay any attention to Josie Trevino. He is having a bad day. His EBI cad just ran out of money, his Obama phone has a dead battery, and that nice lady down at the unemployment office is bugging him again about finding a job.

    7. Mel says

      American LAW…. Children born to American citizens anywhere in the world are AMERICAN citizens…otherwise every missionary kid and military kid not born on base would be illegal…. People should learn basic law before posting nonsense…. And yes the law applies to Obama as well… Mom was American

      1. 73Anne37 says

        NOT TRUE~! Guess you are another Product of “Common Core” Education~!

        2 Citizen Parents & Child Born Here~+ NATURAL BORN! Fact!

    8. 32eagle says

      what is it?the nose?the makeup or paleness?yes-both !!! grandpa-munster !!!!he should have gotten little eddie to endorse him

      1. Jose Reyes says

        Little Eddie knew when to throw in the towel! Haha.

      2. ringostarr1 says

        The thing that I find the most repulsive about Donald Trump is the green cucumber juice that has soaked into the pancake makeup clumped around his eyes.

        1. Hilly says


        2. karenblairschar says

          …and his lizard eyes that match his reptilian little hands like a T. Rex. Look at Trump from the side and he has lizard eyes.

          1. Gerry Costa says

            You libtard/retards are pathetic. Don’t think about what obozo has done to this country and clinton will follow in his destruction of America. Don’t think about how Trump can start to turn this country around and at least start it back to respectability. Sounds to me that people like you and ol’ ringo need a refresher course on AMERICANISM.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Lord Jesus! Some fool thinks Trump makes America look respectable. England will not allow Trump on their soil. Scotland will not allow Trump on their soil. The civilized world thinks America is filled with ignorant psychopaths that would vote for trash like Trump. Nobody has to make false charges against Trump. He is a proven thief and con man.

          3. Gerry Costa says

            Who cares what England thinks of Trump — didn’t we throw them out of our country 300 years ago.

          4. Bob says

            Actually it is hate filled racists like you who have dragged America into the gutter- nice job pinhead. We can be great again by cutting off welfare to losers like you and your family.

      3. Jose Reyes says

        Have you heard? Cruz finally got the message, he dropped out!!!!! YES! Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. George Durdin says

      Now here is a zombie that has already accepted the liberal progressive media’s brain washing. Cruz hasn’t been mathematically eliminated because Trump has yet to receive the required 1237 delegates and has in fact only garnered 37.9% of the total votes cast in ALL of the primaries and caucuses. I suppose you are the type of football fan that would leave the game after the third quarter if your team was behind. And Obama was born in Kenya….so where has that gotten you fool. Typical Trump move to denigrate his opponents if he can’t stand up under the scrutiny of a debate.

      1. Jose Reyes says

        Never voted for that loser. (Obama) football? That is for mindless dummies like yourself. The people have spoken, just wait for the results tonight.

      2. Jose Reyes says

        So sorry to give you the news, but Cruz realized he has no shot at the presidency, he dropped out! Better back Trump, unless you want Hillary!

    10. Porphyry says

      Don’t call him that–the nickname “Grandpa Munster” belongs to Chuck Schumer.

    11. karenblairschar says

      Cruz might appear desperate but at least he isn’t a rude, crude, LIAR OF ALL LIARS, LIKE TRUMP. To find Trump at all presidential with his constant foul mouth lies and his obese orange form, one must forgo all semblance of being a Christian or moral.

      1. Jose Reyes says

        Who just took Indiana? Trump just took Indiana. God is great!

      2. Jose Reyes says

        Cruz dropped out, as he should! Go Trump!

    12. MAHB001 says

      You are a liberal plant. Good job, ahole.

      It is embarrassing how many upvotes you got.

      1. Jose Reyes says

        Bitter, bitter, I’m sure you are embarrassed.

    13. Gerry Costa says

      obozo is still NOT a citizen but he was put(not elected) into office and forced down our throats by the so-called elitists and NWO scum. Cruz is much more of an American than obozo will ever be and I’m not a Cruz fan because I believe, in truth, he is just another rino in sheep’s wool.

    14. Mary says


  3. Teresa Legan says

    We all Love Donald Trump for president…. lion Ted Cruz get used to it Quit being so SELFISH and think about American people for a change. You had you chance Senator Ted Cruz You haven’t done ANYTHING. My Indiana Family and Friends Will Never VOTE FOR YOU.

    1. AKLady says

      The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Not this loony bitch again!!!

        1. AKLady says

          Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

          Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

        2. AKLady says

          On 8 Jun 15 Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Through investigation, Deputies and Detectives learned that Mr. Dennewitz engaged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old Lower Salem resident once on 5 Jun and once on 6 Jun. Mr. Dennewitz admitted engaging in sexual acts with the victim and stated he believed she was fourteen or fifteen years old. He also said he knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with the child due to her age.

          Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

          1. FloridaBoyee says

            Thank God he is a convicted felon and cannot vote or he would vote for Hillary!

        3. AKLady says

          Michael Dennewitz, 19, of 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested Thursday for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

          Police July 25, 2015 Marietta Times

        4. Frank W Brown says

          We just can’t win! Looney Tunes is the NEW way of life for IDIOTS!

          1. 73Anne37 says

            CRUZ Idiot BOT~ Frank~!!

      2. ringostarr1 says

        Well I guess then that makes you an ankle biter then.

    2. REK says

      Mine will they won’t vote for a sleezbag democrat like trump

      1. Tricia Harris says

        Thank you and hopefully more people will wake up and finally realize what Trumpo is!
        A stinking lying filthy slimeball Liberal Democrat!

    3. Tricia Harris says

      OH HELL KNOW WE DO NOT LOVE THE STINKING LIBERAL DEMOCRAT TRUMP! Get used to it, Ted Cruz IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT! Your vote for Trumpo is going to put Hilary in the White House – that IS the goal of the Democrats they know Trumpo can NOT beat Hilary and they KNOW TED CRUZ WILL! So quit buying in to the TRUMPO BULLSH*T!

      1. 73Anne37 says

        You are a LYING CRUZBOT that has NO Knowledge of the TRUTH or ANyYReal FACTS~!

      2. Teresa Legan says

        Hello I have to disagree with you about Donald Trump I have watched him for 25 years he’s a good and honest and caring man he’s helped a lot of the American people. He loves the United States and he will be a great president. Ted Cruz on the other hand he’s all talk no action he’s not help trying to put a wall up first of all Hillary Clinton’s running for president he’s not stopping her. He’s okay the muslims praying in our schools he’s not stopped that he signed with Obama a lot of stuff I have paid attention to that. He’s the snake there’s no way I’d vote for him Donald Trump has Republicans Democrats Independents voting for him. And I have watched Hillary Clinton for 25 years – they are evil people. Our government is not looking after the American people they haven’t been for a long time we have Isis all over the United States and if people don’t wake up to realize it will be too late when our government lets Obama pay these companies money to hire illegals over the American people and give illegals for benefits and full-time work over the American people actions speak louder than words. Ted Cruz let him do that Ted Cruz is nothing but a two-faced liar you cannot believe the mainstream media they are against the American people. Donald Trump is an answered prayer as far as we are concerned. He’s the only one talking about putting a wall up to keep our enemies out something our government should have done a long time ago.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          Oh so all the lawsuits to this honest man are figments of our imagination. Look up the scam he ran on Trump University – it goes to trial later this year. How about the lawsuit over Trump Towers for not paying the ILLEGAL POLISH immigrants what he owed them – that has been in litigation for several years, and he’s continuing to cheat them out of what he owes them. How about the four bankruptcies that he’s taken to AVOID paying those he owes. And as for your complete and UTTER BULLSH*T about the LIES he told about Ted Cruz they are all complete LIES and that POS KNOWS HE”S LYING! Lady, you have been duped and had by a great scam artist – and that IS TRUMPO. I hope you learn your lesson because you may have “watched him” but you have not paid any attention to the TRUTH!

  4. greenlantern1 says

    Remember when Rush Limbaugh advocated a Texas Two-Step?
    Limbaugh is a partisan Democrat?

    1. REK says

      You are a democrat trump troll aren’t you

      1. greenlantern1 says

        I USED to be a REPUBLICAN.
        After Nixon; never again!

        1. REK says

          Really after Obama and you still want to be a democrat WOW

          1. 73Anne37 says

            The Democrats & the Republicans ARE a “UNIPARTY Now~~But I guess you do not KNOW that REX~~! Strart to Read & Learn About what is going on in this Country~!

  5. BH says

    Tried to find the name of the writer of this article, but no one will admit to it. Conservative candidates should refuse to answer most questions to them from the liberal media,(and a lot who claim they are conservative) because when you get a stupid question it makes you look bad to give a logical answer. Just ignore it and tell people what you want to.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      TRUMP does NOT want the Backing of CRUZ~~CRUZ just Needs to Disappear for his Own WELL BEING~!

      & I might add ~~so We the PEOPLE do not have to hear his STRIDENT LYING VOICE Anymore~!

  6. nodo says

    I do not think Cruz should back Trump if he is the nominee but would not blame him for not saying anything about it at this time since it would only feed the Hillary arsenal. A conspiracy is very logical conclusion when you look at the facts. Hillary would not have had a chance at the WH if Trump had not stepped in. Trump has been a big time supporter of Hillary in the past. Trump has also backed a number of very, very liberal people for various offices. Trump until this election season was a supporter of both abortion and the homosexual agenda….. and still is if you really listen to him. The liberal media is so obviously behind him that it sickens one watching it honestly. The Americans have been fed a real con job and we have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. If we do not wake up soon, Hillary will take us thru the third Obama term.

    1. Frank W Brown says

      Get a Life already, The ONLY non-politician running is Trump, if you like the same-samo crap we ALREADY have, then vote for someone else, but it’s TRUMP for ME!!!

      1. lillyputt says

        You deserve each other, numb nuts!!!

      2. nodo says

        Dream on. He is more inside the corruption in Washington than Cruz or any of the other candidates besides Hillary. If he gets the nomination, the press will finally roll out all the obvious problems with Trump that they never ask now. That will pave the way for the hillary. She will get off scot free from all her criminal acts and walk right into the Obama nightmare years continued. Trump will smile like a Cheshire cat who just at the cream. Mark my words, it is all true.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          CORRUPT IS CRUZ & the Establishment~~~& it is being SHOWN to You & everybody else right now~! If YOU Cannot SEE the TRUTH I feel Sorry for you & your Family!

        2. ringostarr1 says

          They’ve already started running “White Papers” about Trump and his shenanigans in Scotsland were he tried to claim the land of surrounding farmers so he could build a new golf course for cheap.

        3. Frank W Brown says

          Only in your dreams!!!

    2. 73Anne37 says

      You are LYING or Are NOT KNOWLEDGE about the Actual FACTS about TRUMP & who he really is & has been all of these years~! You DO NOT know the HISTORY~~for sure~!

  7. 2ThinkN_Do2 says

    Starting to look like the Democrats will get another 4 years

    1. REK says

      Maybe that’s what needs to happen so the sheep wake up

    2. REK says

      Maybe we need a war/revolution on our soil so we can perg the lazy, moochers, freaks and the sheep that’s what trump and killary will bring

      1. headonstraight says

        Yeah, we sure need some “perging.” Get a dictionary, you illiterate!

    3. Phoebe Isley says

      You know I was thinking that very same thing. Man has this Trump vs Cruz gotten so out of hand. I will tell you what…whomever gets the nominee I will vote for be it Trump, Cruz or Kaisech just anyone but Hillary. I will not be a turn coat yet this election has opened my eyes to things I maybe was to naïve to notice in the past. Dem/Rep lying in the same bed together and the “establishment” are all crooks period! They are pulling a fast one on us all and WE THE PEOPLE better wake up. God Bless and God Bless America!

    4. ringostarr1 says

      That’s been Trump’s plan all along.

  8. Eddie says

    “New York values” leftists (including the morally bankrupt mass media) and stupid rednecks LOVE Der Fuhrer Donald Trumpf and his storm troopers. We are seeing Nazi Germany all over again.

    1. Frank W Brown says

      FULL. OF. SHIT. GO. AWAY.!!!

      1. lillyputt says

        Get lost, brown shirt!

    2. REK says

      Not all rednecks like trump I have a little redneck and I’m for Cruz I just have common sense and not a sheep like the trump trolls

      1. 73Anne37 says

        CRUZ is a Lucifierian NWO Globalist of the First Order~~!

  9. denniscerasoli says

    Trump attracted the media but the media was not kind to Trump so one could say that the media were responsible for Trump’s decline if he were in the same situation as Cruz so it works both ways.Lets face it if it were not for the Donald the ratings for the media would have been low by comparison.Cruz had every opportunity to win as many primaries as Trump and he hasn’t been lambasted like Trump with negatives throughout his campaign.I like Trump and i also like Cruz if it has to be because the decisions of the Supreme Court on several issues are sickening and i know that Cruz feels the same way but if we are talking about the 3 main concerns of Americans,Illegal immigration,Islamic extremism and the economy and jobs i just think that Trump has the edge.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      YUGE Edge~!

  10. ralph says

    If he was interesting instead of sicking then the media would follow him maybe and the people too but for some one that has served he has done nothing and run nothing but his nasty mouth. We don’t need another Obama in the white house. You know Trump is the only one out there that has not been in office and he already has done more for the country then all that have in the past 60 years

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Exactly CRUZ ~~IS a white OBAMA~~! Cruz IS a BUSH NWO GLOBALIST~! Both are part & Parcel of the BUSH/CLINTON Cabal!

  11. david goodman says

    all you KKK members and perverts that endorse trumpty dumpty are not Americans.if you were you would have respect and morality.trumpty is a pervert.he’s been and always will be friends with clintons and epstein.leopard can’t change his spots neither can trumpty

    1. Ray says

      More liberal BS you people need to get a life Crooked Hilary is not an option

  12. Apostol Pappas says

    There are times in history that certain men are just meant to occupy an office. Every attempt to stop the momentum back fires and has the opposite effect. Whether it is collusion, inappropriate critique, hate, envy, lack of insight or just simply personal interest. Trump and destiny are impervious to all these at this time. Trump will be the next president of the USA.

    1. headonstraight says

      And when that happens, a red man with horns, a pitchfork, and cloven hooves will show up and announce, “Well, it really has frozen over.” And the sky will be full of flying pigs.

  13. Randy Tucker says

    NO, Canadian-Cuban Cruz (or is it Cuban-Canadian Cruz?) is NOT eligible to be President!! He fails the Constitutional test. His Cuban father and Canadian birth place give him an “F” grade.

    Here’s the definition of the term “natural-born citizen” in the U.S. Constitution (article II, Section 1) that is fatal for his candidacy: “The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.”

    That’s from 1758 –the closest historical definition to 1788 (when the Constitution was ratified). It makes sense. The author – Emerich de Vattal in his 1758 legal treatise entitled The Law of Nations (Book II, Chapter 19, item 212) – goes on to elaborate by saying that ” in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”

    Why didn’t Ted Cruz do his homework better? His aspiration and ambition to be POTUS may just have gotten in the way!! He should stick to the Senate – where as a “citizen” (not a “natural-born citizen”) he is qualified to serve.

    1. says


  14. Tiger says

    Cruz is a master at debating and known for it in his college and for his intelligence. I called his office for years and sent emails and was very impressed with him, until I have seen what he is doing, cavorting and buying delegates in the three stupid states that have populations of millions and allow a few thousands to nominate the people who will eventually nominate the delegates and then those delegates carouse with the candidates. I have learned much about our delegates and can fully understand why Jackson wanted to get rid of them. Lots of room for hanky panky there.

    I can understand why Trump saying no to any more debates and doing the work of going to the people daily. I feel sure when the time comes Trump will do the debate and he will be well prepared. I also feel sure he isn’t going to let the GOP allow some big Liberal Sheila be the moderator like Romney and be pushed around and mocked. Nope they will be good moderators and my guess Megan Kelly won’t be one of them.

    1. says


      1. Tiger says

        Really? Obviously you didn’t see Cruz fishing through them in Colorado and elsewhere, buying them dinner and promising them what? Favors from the WH?

        1. says


          1. Tiger says

            There is no brainwashing by any of the millions of people who are going to vote fro Trump. The stats show we are from all walks of life and all beliefs. Trump’s life is an open book. Every time someone tries to dig up dirt on him it only goes back on them.

            Trump is the real deal, he didn’t need this abuse or these threats or any of what he is going through due to people like yourself. He could have chucked it all, left America like Neil Bortz and others have done but he stayed to fight to win because he loves America.

            And thank you very much but I will take the word and opinions about Trump from people that have known him for years, worked for him and many of the successful people. Like his butler who they tried to get something out of and all the guy had to say was good. The coach who knows him, the black CEO who knows him and his generosity so take it to someone who doesn’t know anything cause I am with Trump and for all good reasons.

          2. says

            JUST to show you how smart you are Obama brainwash 61 million voters and you see what it got US so you are about to wake up again

          3. Tiger says

            O was nothing like Trump, his background nothing like Trumps, his people not even America on his father’s side and his mother hated America. O had nothing in his bank account like he does now. He was nothing. He had accomplished nothing. He was given his college education and his jobs. He was a part time teacher and the man who was Dean at the time said he was told to give O an office but he never did anything spectacular. He was a Community Organizer and a Senator put into office by Soros and as a Senator he did nothing outstanding.

            There is no comparison.

          4. says


          5. Tiger says

            All Hell already broke loose where you been?

          6. ringostarr1 says

            Thump doesn’t even put out for his wife. His youngest children’s daddy is a Mexican Trump hired on a street corner.

      2. Tiger says

        Give it a break if he did then Cruz would have been crap out of luck, but Trump didn’t buy any of them or buy them dinner and woe them.

        1. says


          1. Tiger says

            Why are you USING CAPITALS? I CAN’T HEAR YOU ANYWAY.

            Because he doesn’t need to. He is taking the country by storm.

        2. ringostarr1 says

          Cruz’s friendship with the rank and file members of the Republican Party (not the loud mouth boors on fixthisnation) is why Trump was caterwauling about the nomination process not being fair. For better or worst Cruz and the other candidates have actually talked to, shook hands with, or know the names of some of the GOP Delegates. Trump on the other hand could care less about the delegates. Trump just wants to create dissent because dissent in the GOP is a God send for Hillary and helps her to engineer Obama’s third and forth term in office or until January of 2025. After which time Michelle Obama will run for President.

          1. Tiger says

            Trump will pound Hillary into mincemeat if and when they debate. Her sins and scandals leave nothing to the imagination and Michelle will not be the candidate if and when H dies or is taken out for her scandalous past it will be Biden.

  15. James Maxwell says

    Todd is a typical Left Wing Media type they are given their script and to their credit they are unable to
    use their brain to think. Senator Cruz is in the race to wing and knows he is in an uphill battle. How
    it will play out is still up in the wind. But he will continue the battle and not surrender. To ask him if
    he would support Trump at this point is foolish and shows the ignorance of the left mentality. There
    are still a lot of votes out there and the battle is not over until the convention is convened and the
    first ballot is cast. Trumps has a lot of unanswered questions but he is a master at pushing buttons
    and drawing a crowd and has the public ear at this point. Senator Cruz has been ignored by the press
    and they do not put out anything on him except to try and discredit him. The only thing I know at this
    point is there is not way on earth that I would or could ever vote for a traitor such as Hildabeast nor
    her Democrap Socialshit party or an of the current members. There was a time when a Democrat
    meant something and the party had men and women of Character as did the Republican Party.
    Nowdays neither party represents the people and the VOTERS are responsible for the mess we have
    by continuing to reelect these criminals who have violated their oath of office so many times and
    committed many crimes that would have normal citizens in jail.

  16. dacruzable says


  17. doug says

    The networks can see the handwriting on the wall and want to jump on the “winning” bandwagon,
    they can see the open anti-American divisiveness of the obama/hillary era going down the drain and want to save themselves !!!

  18. Betty Lukich says

    Donald Trump for President in 2016! Go Donald

  19. joe says

    Quite possibly, Mr. Trump is a Democratic party stooge put into the Republican candidacy for president to split the vote, thus electing the Democratic candidate by default — JUST LIKE THE ROSS PEROT CAMPAIGN!

  20. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    20 January 2017, The end of an error! Elect HRC and go to chapter III in the destruction of once great America.

  21. daveveselenak says

    “FUK TODD” is a communist stooge! I had him pegged back in his infancy when he cut his teeth on “C-ommie Sp(i)n” years ago. These lying bastards will stoop at nothing to see that Trump does not get the nomination because they know their ole ugly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory” will get her fat ass kicked by him IF there are elections which I am betting there won’t be! It is a tragedy that most of the sheeple believe this propaganda that the State-run, fifth column media – FOX FAKERS included – spews out of their sewer mouths! We no longer have a free press and that is why we are no longer a free country but because the sheeple can still vote in fraudulent, third world banana Republic elections and take legal drugs and attend pseudo-sporting events and debauched rap concerts they still think that they are free – what assholes! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION or become a serf to the State – we are nearly there now – living in misery and squalor while the Poliburo wine and dine as billionaires, as they currently are doing, on your and my dimes! That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God ( am I allowed to reference him?) Armr================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

    1. headonstraight says

      Don’t hold back; tell us how you really feel!

    2. 73Anne37 says


      1. daveveselenak says

        Trump is the nominee, sore loser, you are the sore and stupid loser!

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Why would I be Sore~~I am For TRUMP & have been from the START~! I realized Cruz was a Globalist back in August~! Never ever supported that Liar~!

          I heard what TRUMP was saying back in the 1980’s & wished he could Run then!

  22. jackrussell says

    What a colossal LIE!!

    >>>And it’s certainly not outside the bounds of responsible journalism to
    ask a candidate (who has been mathematically eliminated, mind you) if
    they would support the man who is overwhelmingly likely to be the
    Republican nominee.<<<

    Ted Cruz has not been mathematically eliminated 'mind you'. That's simply a lie. Even if he loses Indiana he isn't mathematically eliminated. That would be the finest example of Common Core mathematics yet. Donald Trump has less than 40% of the vote thus far in the primaries and caucuses. So, apparently to the Trump stumpers, 60% of the voters don't matter. As much as Trump whines about the system being rigged, he wasn't crying when he got LESS than half of the vote in Florida but received 100% of the delegates. Why didn't Trump rail against Florida's rules when the Florida GOP's rules were 'rigged' to give someone with less than a majority of the vote 100% of the delegates?

    Donald Trump has selective outrage and loves to game the system and deflect attention from his shenanigans by exaggerating those of others.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      Doinald TRUMP has 1002 + 2 of Ben Carson’s Delegates & Ted Cruz IS Mathematically ELIMINATED~~! “TRUTH”~! Ted Cruz has No Path to get the Amount needed~ TRUMP WILL Win on the 1st Ballot! No CROOKED Business like Ted wants on the 2nd or 3rd Ballot~! The PEOPLE have spoken~!

  23. MJB says

    Americans are sick of all politician’s lies and not doing the will of the people like paying down the back breaking debt, getting rid of Obamacare, deporting law breakers, cutting out big government regulations, rebuilding our military, cutting taxes and being industry and jobs friendly. We are tired of paying for the do nothing bureaucrats that justify and perpetuate their jobs by heaping on more regulations.

  24. happypawpaw1326 says

    cruz is dillusional neil cavuto megyn Kelly juan Williams shepherd smith that jarrett guy and there are several more on fox news it is very pbvious they are not trying to help trump they run him down every segmemt they have the smallest opening they can get their foot in the door ti do it your conspiracy theory wont hold water crybaby ted yi=our lies and hiding behind the bible and your personality and just your demeanor and the looks on your face would beat you without ever opening your lying mouth

  25. Hilly says

    Trump is nothing more than Hilary Clinton with a penis.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      You are Spouting another CRUZ LIE~~!

      CRUZ + OBAMA~~That is the Truth~~ Straight at you!

      1. Hilly says

        Your statement doesn’t make any sense.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          I edited it~! Cruz would be an ILLEGAL President just like OBAMA~~! Their History & FACT they are Not Natural Born & have the SAME GLOBAL ELITE AGENDA makes them Equal!

          1. Hilly says

            Cruz was born to an American mother. He’s automatically an American. Obutthole, on the other hand…

          2. 73Anne37 says

            Hilly~You obviously have not Looked at what OUR Founders Wrote~!~

            It takes 2 Parents that are Citizens & a Child Born in the USA to make a NATURAL BORN Citizen~!

  26. headonstraight says

    Trump is his own man, not the creature of a “media conspiracy.” The problem with that is that Trump’s “own man” is a vulgar, raving, immoral, boorish lout who has bamboozled many in the sheeple sector of American society (whose numbers grow daily) into taking him seriously as a presidential candidate. The dumbing down of the electorate has never been more astonishing!

    1. AKLady says

      Excellent post.
      Best I’ve read today.

    2. 73Anne37 says

      Really~! You have not done your research “headonstraight~! I think it is crooked~!

      TRUMP WILL Save this Country from the Globalist’s that are WITHIN~! The Electorate Is AWAKE~~Cruzbots are Delusional & Ignorant of the TRUTH~!

      1. headonstraight says

        If TRUMP is to “save this country,” he will have to do it from some base other than the White House. His defeat will be one of the most profound in the history of American residential elections. op you REALLY want this barbarian, vulgarian, foul-mouthed, red-faced brawling lout in the Oval Office?

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Then You Do NOT Understand the MOVEMENT~! This is the “PEOPLE” that are on this TRAIN~! Not one Man!

  27. Rick Rogers says

    OH Dang.. You finally figured it out.. Next thing your going to figure out is that influx of new NRA members are actually people that want to boot out the NRA board so they can cut the NRA Lobby funding of politicians

  28. ZACAL says

    Trump admits he had to play both sides of the political fence because of his multi billion dollar businesses. To portray Trump as a liberal or a conservative is being selfishly selective to your own political beliefs. I admire the man for being willing to clean this “politics for money” nightmare. Afterall, that’s our mission. Insiders out – Outsiders in. Trump knows his way around the world, and what is making business tic. Trump will surround himself with the best minds there is. Decisions will be will thought out with a plan to a successful end. I have never seen a man with these qualifications run for president in my lifetime. Maybe it’s poetic timing, because we need it more than ever. We could possibly vote this country to it’s death if we continue voting in a continual string of elitist with Washington’s political connections.

    1. AKLady says

      Trump does not know jack about business.
      His daddy left him a pile of money and even more real estate.
      Daddy made his money by overcharging the government for housing construction.

      1. ZACAL says

        I’m amazed at some of the misguided opinions and thinking I read on the web. This is a Fact – Trump makes more money by coffee break each day than the president makes annually. Figure it out yourself, he makes $368 million dollars a year. This man wants to balance fairness in trade tariffs so american companies can compete. He wants to stop paying countries to either be are friend or not attack us. He want’s to welcome immigrants to the United States “legally” not for votes. He want’s us all to celebrate our holidays, such as saying “Merry Christmas” again. I could go on and on. I’m sorry you want to not join us, I know many of you take this personally as you only want your party to win and not your country, that’s assuming the United States in your country as you didn’t say.

        1. AKLady says

          I am amazed at some of the misguided opinions and thinking I read on the web. “Trump” is a brand, no different than “Amazon”. His money comes from branding, not business acumen. Daddy Trump built the business, Trump has simply continued that business, but failing to follow Daddy’s footsteps.

          Donald’s few attempts at going out on his own ended in failure. He has filed bankruptcy four times. You, the consumer, paid that debt in higher prices.

          Trump, on the other hand, believes filing for bankruptcy is a common business decision, and he was smart to make the moves when he did. Each of those concerns became profitable when Trump got out of the management, major stockholder role.

          1. 73Anne37 says

            You KNOW NOTHING LADY~!

      2. 73Anne37 says

        TRUMP has been a Successful Business Mran For Years~! You are so far Off AKLady Your Ignorance is really Showing~!

  29. David g. says

    Another dumbass topic!
    Get over Cruz, the dude is a compulsive
    liar, same trait as Obama.
    TRUMP 2016!!

    1. AKLady says

      All polititians lie.
      They alwasy have.

      1. 73Anne37 says

        TRUMP is NOT a Politician~!

        1. AKLady says

          All salesmen lie.
          Polititians are salesmen.
          Exaggeration is the same as lying.

  30. glorybe2 says

    The left is delighted that Trump will be the candidate. He will be totally disassembled by either Bernie or Hillary. The republican party simply set themselves up with a candidate so repulsive that he will lose by a landslide. Both England and Scotland have made it quite clear that Trump is not welcome on their soil. Get a clue folks. No other candidate in history has ever gotten reactions like that from our allies. The man is an obnoxious, ignorant, loud mouthed, idiot.

    1. 73Anne37 says

      England & the REST of EUROPE are in the HANDS of the Globalist’s like CRUZ ~~HILLARY & OBAMA~!

      1. glorybe2 says

        The remarks about globalism are typical from the right wing without regard for any accuracy. Yes, somewhere, two or three hundred years from now several nations will decide to become one nation. That will happen simply because it offers such great security and benefits the people. But no one on the left that I am aware of has any desire for such a thing to occur in the near future. The right wing always uses fear as its tactic. It is astounding how many different groups and individuals are accused by the right of conspiracy to destroy the US. The reason the right does this is to try and grab power but it also to prevent anyone from curing the real evils that exist in our nation. One example is Ted Cruz. The man is not a natural born citizen of the US. He became naturalized as an infant. It is impossible to be a natural born citizen by becoming naturalized. So here we have the right wing going all blind, deaf and dumb because they know that Trump is a total disaster. So now the creeps want to put a non natural born person in office. Yet they lied and lied and lied about President Obama who in fact is a natural born citizen. It is as if the right wing has become the party of psychosis and deceit.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          “Glorybe”~~~This has NOTHING to do with RIGHT or LEFT anymore! We have 1 UNIPARTY!

          America was FOUNDED as a Sovereign Nation~with a Constitution that the UNIPARTY has hidden! The Globalist’s are Run by the Global Elite~~ like the Bush /Clinton Cabal of which our “Illegal” {Not Natural Born} President Obama is a Puppet~! It is that ELITE that want Hillary Or Not natural Born Cruz as President, n Place of inept JEB who couldn’t even last of 1/2 of the Primary season~!

          TRUMP IS a Patriot & a Nationalist and is FOR America 1st~! TRUMP will HONOR our Sovereign Nation~& our Constitution!

          {Hillary is the one the ELITE want to Finally Destroy America once & For all~! HILLARY is the ULTIMATE SATAN that keeps committing Crimes so the ELITE want her to be the Final Act!} That Will NOT Occur~! Hillary will be Shown to be EVIL~~ to every one that lives in the USA!

          1. AKLady says

            American ignorance and bigotry on display for the world to witness.
            Is it not beautiful to see?

          2. 73Anne37 says

            YOU~~AkLady~~~ have NOT done ANY of Your Homework & are IGNORANT of all Facts on the TOPICS on this Page~! Time to Stop showing you Stupidity~!

            So Some Research then Post!

          3. AKLady says

            You need to follow you own advice.
            I did the research.

      2. AKLady says

        What are globalists?

        Is that a new vulgarity?

        1. 73Anne37 says

          Really? A Person who is a Globalist is: for International Interest’s 1st and American’s Interest’s Last~! These People want to “Destabilize” America just as they{NEOCON’S} have “Destabilized the Middle East~& now are “Destabilizing the EU~!! they want to start & Perpetuate WARS all over the WORLD>~!

          The GOAL of the NWO or “New World Order” is to Abolish National Sovereignty & establish World Government & Global Government{IMF} & then to have a One World Religion {based on something like ted Cru’zs “Dominionism”~!}

          1. AKLady says

            Thank you for making my points.
            You have done so very well.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            What Points? You Do Not have Clue what people are discussing here on this Page~!

          3. AKLady says

            American ignorance and bigotry on display for the world to see.
            Is it not beautiful to behold?

      3. glorybe2 says

        Ok, I’ll add the Globalists to the long list of dreaded entities that are out to swallow up the US.

        1. 73Anne37 says

          The Satanic/Luciferian Globalist’s are: Hillary & Bill Clinton~~The Bushes~!Ted Cruz~~etc with Rubio~Kacish~& Obama as their Puppets~here in the USA along wtih many many Congressmen & Senators~! Some are Outright Globalist’s like George Soros~~David Rochefeller~~Murdock~~etc~that Finabce these Anti-American Tyrants!!

          1. glorybe2 says

            You forgot food servers. There are so many of them and they have access to our food. think of all the evil possibilities. And then there are ministers. We are certain that they are all commie, child molesting perverts. And real estate people conspire to acquire land and buildings. Lets ‘be really afraid of everyone.

          2. 73Anne37 says

            You will be fine if You READ all the labels & only Eat NON-GMO Food/Organic & no modified~! No antibiotics or hormones in you meat & Cage free eggs~! The Rest of Our Food here in the USA is LACED with Cancer Causing Chemical~! ENJOY!

          3. glorybe2 says

            Before processed foods were available we certainly had plenty of people who died of cancer although they had a lot of labels for what we now know is cancer. And it was even worse than one might think as if we go back to 1870 people normally died before the age of forty. So the cancer deaths were killing at a much earlier age compared to modern times. There are thousands of causes for various cancers and frankly there is no way to avoid getting cancer. One can take the usual precautions but we all risk cancer every day of our lives.

          4. 73Anne37 says

            There is MUCH Less Risk that you think~!! I am 78 & had Cancer BEFORE I knew NOT to eat a Lot of Bad Foods~! I even had Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia & Migraines etc. but it ALL Left & the 13 Meds are GONE too, after I started to eat NON -GMO Foods ~No Pasturized Dairy~~& mostly Organic Foods & Caged Free Eggs & No Meat with Hormones or Antibiotics~! I Take NO Meds at all & i am Well~~Go out to Exercise every day & am very active~! HUGE DIFFERENCE & OH!~~I refused CHEMO~~had surgery~! Cancer has been GONE for over 20 years~! My Blood Work is Excellent. My Hubby is also Soaring at 85 & still rides his Motorcycle~! Older but better. Only If we knew earlier~~it could even be better.

          5. glorybe2 says

            I feel that the risk is always high fro all people. Cancer has a lot to do with things that have nothing to do with either diet or exercise. A simple example rests in some women who have a strong genetic tendency to get breast cancer. In some families that problem is so well understood that young women have their breasts removed before cancer can strike. There is even one oddball form of cancer that occurs when people walk on volcanic ash. Thankfully that particular cancer is easy to treat. In Africa there is a cancer that hits the jaw area that relates to a specific vitamin deficiency. People get huge tumors on their jaws and it is cured simply by vitamin injections. In the US people perish from coal dust in the air as well as pollution from automobiles. Ft. Lauderdale had a fire in a fertilizer warehouse. I believe that 100% of the firemen who responded died of cancer. It was a large warehouse and quite a few firefighters responded.

          6. 73Anne37 says

            Of Course there are exceptions, but I found out recently that the Odd Cancers , that are ALSO due to TOXIC Chemicals that are Put out there by RUNAWAY Companies like Monsanto~~are the CAUSE of those exceptions~! So YES it is “Poisons in the Food & Atmosphere”~~~ that are allowed by out CORRUPT $$$$Grubber Government Officials~! Most of these poisons are NOT Allowed elsewhere in the World. But are Sent in droves to places like Africa & South America to Kill the People there,, by Our Corrupt Government Officials!

    2. AKLady says

      They did that during the last two elections.
      They Brits and Scots have comon sense. Now if Americans could only find some.

  31. 32eagle says

    I am not worried about Trump-he is a mixture-he is not a polititian-he knows what he likes-he knows how to listen-he is a real USA citizen -not hiding his personal records has no problem being vetted-he aint some weird looking freak muslim loving mutant mulatto-YEAH-he sure is a trillion times better than the failure proned deadbeat golfer that aint from Hawaii(as far as being born there)

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Just WHY are you here ~~AKLady~! You do NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the SUBJECTS being discussed here.

        1. AKLady says

          To educate people like you?

  32. Eddie says

    Chuck Todd, like Donald Trumpf, Hillary Clinton, John Boehner, and Hussein Obama, is a biased and morally bankrupt piece of GARBAGE

    1. 73Anne37 says

      CRUZ IS the NOW BUSH GLOBALIST along with OBAMA & HILLARY~! FACT! Not a LIE like Cruz tells ALL the TIME.

  33. 73Anne37 says

    TRUMP is Exactly what he has always Been~~& I have been around to see it! TRUmp IS IS a “Patriot” & a “Nationalist”~~ who has always Loved & Honored this Country & it’s people. TRUMP even tried to Help Congress numerous Times over the Years~~ but TRUMP was Talking to DEAF EARS~!

    TRUMP WILL Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ~~~although the GLOBALIST”S have Damaged America so much~~he will have to Fix it first~!

    He will First Remoce the most Dangerous Thihgs Like the ILLEGALS~~OBAMACARE COMMON CORE & Help the VETS get their Medical Care~! But along with that he will STOP TPP & TPIP & NAFTA ~~so the JOBS Can COME Back~!

    1. AKLady says

      Tell us how he plan to turn the Prwsidency into a for-profit enterprise.
      The jobs will not come back until Americans stop buying foreign goods and services.

      1. 73Anne37 says

        Look AKLady~~! I have DONE my research & have READ Everything that Donald TRUMP has put said in his Policies & I have Listened to almost everyone of his Rally’s~ Plus I have read 2 of his Books! I have taken TIME to do that.

        I also took TIME to Vet Ted Cruz last summer & FIND OUT he is a Globalist and a Fraud as a Senator, selling OUT the USA pretending he is a Patriot.

        Now it is TIME for you to actually READ & LISTEN & SEE who TRUMP is without Prejudice~! Once you actually LISTEN you will know what I know~~that TRUMP WILL save the USA 7 Keep our Sovereignty 8 Constitution. He will also do ALL of the things like: the WALL~~Get Rid of Illegal~~Remove Obamacare & replace it with something affordable to all~~Get Rid of Common Core~~Keep & Strengthen our 2nd amendment~~Bring Back the Jobs & stop companies from going overseas~~ Strengthen our Military & Get Rid of ISIS Quickly ~~But NOT Make America FIGHT other Peoples Wars~~ etc & we will all be able to Say “Merry Christmas Again~!

        1. 32eagle says

          can’t wait until obamacare is put out of our misery

          1. 73Anne37 says


          2. AKLady says