Is Jeb Bush Presidential Material?


In an interview this week, George W. Bush eluded to the possibility of a 2016 run for his brother, former Florida governor Jeb Bush. “He and I had a conversation,” said the former president. “I, of course, was pushing for him to run for president. He, of course, was saying, ‘I haven’t made up my mind.'”

This isn’t the first time GOP insiders have hinted at having Jeb Bush lead them into battle against Hillary Clinton. Several of the party’s top officials have said that Bush may represent their best chance of re-taking the White House in 2016. Recently, House Majority Leader John Boehner made similar comments.

There are plenty of things to recommend Bush for a go at the presidency. He’s proven himself in office, he has the smarts to lead the country, and he has inroads to the Hispanic community. Fluent in Spanish and married to a Mexican-American, he may be one of the only paths to a Republican win amongst Latin voters.

But there are downsides. Even as unpopular as Obama has become, the country hasn’t forgiven Bush for the sins of Iraq. Low-information voters also point to Bush as the architect of the 2008 economic crash, giving liberals plenty of ammunition to use against his brother. While Republicans will be hammering the comparisons between Clinton and Obama, running another Bush under the GOP flag will give the opposition plenty of room for retort.

There are other problems, too. The younger Bush is far from a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. This, of course, is exactly what makes him so attractive to those at the top of the GOP. They don’t believe they can win with someone unwilling to compromise his values. It’s why we see a new story every week about Mitt Romney. Romney and Bush are two of the Republican Party’s most moderate potential candidates. Pat Buchanan, mulling over the possibility of a Bush run, actually said he believes the two have a deal. “If one goes, the other doesn’t because they would split up the moderate vote.”

Bush has a questionable record when it comes to issues that many conservative voters hold dear. He’s got a record that shows him in support of both Common Core and immigration reform, neither of which is going to prove popular with conservatives. They might play well in a general election, but Bush will have to first defeat candidates with more conservative records.

The question comes down to this: should Republicans be looking for a candidate that can win or a candidate that can best represent conservative values? It’s a question the party has struggled with as long as any of us have been alive, and 2016 will be no exception. With a winning candidate, we have a better chance of avoiding a disastrous third presidential term for the Democrats. With a conservative candidate, we can offer a true alternative to the liberal policies that have hurt the nation.

Whichever philosophy wins out, you can bet that 2016 is going to be one hell of a race.

  1. jaquebauer says

    Jeb is not fit to teach a native how to boogie let alone serve as US president. I am sick of the wealthy political dynasties controlling the government. While the Bush 1 fulfilled his duties in an acceptable manner, Bush 2 did not. Jeb has championed common core, a Communist derived teaching method designed to turn our children’s minds into jelly. Jeb is also a champion of Amnesty and open borders, publically stating that it is an “act of love” to allow an invasion of diseased and illiterate illegal migrants to enter our country and live of the taxpayer for the rest of their lives. That statement by Jeb instantly qualified him to be president of La Raza, and to be listed as moron. No more Clintons either. Whoever becomes the next president, it better be a man who is a 4 star general or higher who knows where the Obama planted spys and enemy agents are, who will clean house, cut the size of government, kick ass, and restore this country back to its conservative roots, religious foundations, and military superiority. The current resident of the White House has destroyed this country, destroyed the military, destroyed the healthcare system, and had brought deadly and unknown diseases to our cities and schools. Obama has committed treason, and other crimes, yet the people and the congress either don’t give a dam, or are too stupid to understand how to impeach the bum.

    1. David in MA says


    2. Yadja says

      Then you ought to be sick and tired of all the Democrats in Congress because they are among the richest people in America.

      Bush II never had open borders, never brought Ebola into this country and left a stable Iraq. He loved and respected the military and I know I served under both Bush’s.

      But I don’t want Jeb or anyone who is a big advocate of amnesty anywhere near the WH.

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        Wake up! There is NO honor among thieves and we only know what they lead us to believe. What has been going on behind closed doors is despicable, (under the bogus auspice of national security). The corruption is and has been rampant for decades. They are all in it together. Time to wake up and take our country back, NOW!

        1. Yadja says

          Been awake, born into POW family no sleeping there. Scoundrels and bonsofsitches been among us since our country began. Scheming and planning their evil. Perhaps they thought this was the time to strike and all the ducks were in a row, guess they were wrong.

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            Thank you! Don’t know what it’s going to take to wake up the sleeping, duped sheeple! National liberty alliance .org to join the common law grand jury pool!

          2. Yadja says

            Welcome, going to take a look at that site. Thanks.

          3. Savvy1Sez says

            YQW and please send your friends, neighbors, acquaintances and all who care about our freedoms and liberties that are being decimated.

          4. Yadja says

            The site is excellent I really like it. My family and friends are of my persuasion. My neighbors are flaming libs and they would not listen to anything except what O and his propaganda machine feed them.

            When they get a good taste of O care they will begin to see the light.

          5. Savvy1Sez says

            Tell them to look up Agenda 21. George Sr signed it in ’93 and O is implementing it. It is the dismantling of our Constitution and our country.

          6. senior74 says

            I don’t think many people are aware of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 that is being pushed by our government, the excuse for it is the global warming/climate change scam. This is the agenda to make our country part of a communist one world gov. Ever since George sr signed on, every president since has. A good site is & I like is a good one because even the liberals are against this when they learn about it! There is a video I saw recently of a politician in Australia speaking in their “congress”, a Mrs Bressington speaking against this agenda, so it’s happening in other countries.

          7. Yadja says

            The US is a signatory country of Agenda 21, but because Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding statement of intent and not a treaty, the US Senate was not required to hold a formal debate or vote on it. It therefore is not considered to be law under Article Six of the US Constitution. Bush Sr. was one of 178 heads of government who signed it.

            Bush Jr. refused to sign on the the creation of the World Court and when we went into Iraq he got agreements with all Europe that we as soldiers could not be picked-up or tried in the World Court. Bush Jr. also refused to go along with the UN Sea Treaty and give-up our Sovereignty of the Seas. This is something O wants to sign. Bush also refused to go along with Global Warming, O wants it and will take-up his pen to get us into it. Bush Jr. refused to go along with the UN Gun treaty or proposition that would give them control over all ammunition and guns.

            The Democrats wanted to make Agenda 21 a sure thing the Republicans are opposed to it and made it part of their agenda to never allow it to become a treaty.

            The rest of the story.

          8. Savvy1Sez says

            O signed Agenda 21 and 11 Governors has thus far signed off on our 2nd amendment rights to the UN under Prop 21. Not certain what transpired at O’s meeting with the committee of 50 Governors last year at the WH, do to all is withheld under the guise of classified for national security purposes malarky. There is an unbelievable land grab going on with fraudulent foreclosures. Way too much being done behind closed doors and behind our backs. There is also a depopulation agenda as written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones (The illuminati’s 10 commandments). Maintain a population of under 500,000,000. It’s available to see online. I think that leaves over 9 billion of us in the bullseye. Could it be we would not approve? Scratching my head!

          9. Yadja says

            There is a land grab beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are those writing books about it and people who are coming out of the woodwork about it.

            There is a water grab also and this is very dangerous, he who owns the Seas owns the World he who owns the Water owns the People.

            There is much going on and it behooves all to stay alert and to keep abreast of as much as possible.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            What 11 states?

          11. Savvy1Sez says

            Hey Yadia check this out.


          12. Yadja says

            I am going to read this. Not tonight but I am putting it my files. Thank you.

      2. ihatelibs says


      3. canurelate says

        Not sure about the “never had open borders” comment. Until we build a fence our borders are open.

        1. Savvy1Sez says

          Find out about the Bush crime cabal! They are so evil! Not my opinion -fact!

          1. 1American1st says


          2. Savvy1Sez says

            How about declassified documents – court documents – try some due diligence and you too may become enlightened. We have been run by greed and corruption for pretty much 100 yrs. (since the institution of the private, for profit unlawful federal reserve crooks). People didn’t believe there was a holocaust in the ’40’s and Hitler’s (Illuminati’s) agenda to rule the world. Well it is still going on with the same evil-doers. Wake up and do some due diligence. I understand your anger. I spent a few years trying to debunk what I believed to be propaganda. I was enraged as I continued to uncover truth. There actually are very honorable people (not corporations) in every agency globally that have been exposing the truth with indisputable validation. I could direct you, but I suspect that you won’t (as I didn’t) believe until you pursue these truths and find the evidence yourself. And I will tell you that I worked 3 Congressional Campaign Staffs and 15 yrs working for/with politics (conservs). As corruption was brought to my attention by honorable people being asked to look the other way I pursued investigation. I got out because of the fraud and corruption which I foolishly thought was contained to local. Then, I learned it was not only state, but national too! The Western powers (illuminati/cabal) have taken it globally and amped up their greed in the past 15-20 yrs. Hmmm…….my present party affiliation is not of any relevance since both parties have been controlled by the cabal and the true party lines no longer exist with much integrity. The independent party was totally suppressed which should be a concern. Please get a grip and wake up – I have nothing to gain by encouraging all to wake up and search for truth except my unalienable rights! I trust you’re not ready to relinquish yours.

        2. Yadja says

          Then please check our Federal Laws that under every president except O has been enforced. O has stopped the Federal Laws and tied the hands of our border guards.

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            Our true Constitution was high-jacked in 1789. The US was incorporated as a foreign, private for profit corporation in the UK in 1871. We are not living under our organic constitution and much of what was re-written in their faux constitution is unlawful.They removed the true 13th amendment – the Nobilty Article as authenticated by the NH State Legislature hearings of March 31, 2013. Add Rep Stella Tremblay to the above and you should find the recording. Their 16th amendment, the income tax was never ratified and our Bill of rights states you may not tax a persons income or labor. Hmmmm….. Is that maybe why IRS Director Steven Miller admitted under oath that taxes are voluntary during the Ways and Means Congressional Hearings? (roughly end of May) google it – I watched it live. Our court system is not constitutional. It is admiralty law – commercial code. That is corporate law, UCC law, but most people don’t know that we were all (that’s right) incorporated at birth through our birth certificates without consent. We have all been defrauded throughout our lives. So, in other words, when one goes to court in their admiralty courts, we are not people, we are corporations and it’s all been about money. They are all in on the fraud. It’s time to take back our personage and our country. I am a person, not a corporation. If I didn’t have the hard core documentation of what I share, I would say nothing and continue to be a sheeple. I am now past my rage and am of the belief that I have a responsibility to help awaken my fellow countrymen and woman. You are right Yadja!

          2. Yadja says

            Interesting post.

          3. cdansreau says

            the candidate i would like for president will:
            1. enforce immigration laws.
            2. get rid of ALL illegals currently in the united states.
            3. stop sending foreign aid to mexico and central america.
            4. repeal NAFTA with mexico. re-org NAFTA with canada, companies that manufacture in canada should pay some import tax.
            5.remove ourselves from the UN, quit paying support money to it, relocate the UN to another country, revoke any treaties witht he UN.
            6. enforce the 14th amendment as written. no more anchor babies from illegal aliens who have not declared themselves under the jurisdiction of the US.
            7. go after corruption in goverment. prosecute former president Obama, Holder, reid, pelosi, hillary clinton, etc.
            8. reduce the power of federal departments and making their own rules. citizens did not vote on many of these rules. IRS, EPA, BLM, etc. should require congress to approve any significant rule they make.
            9. de militarize all federal departments. this is basically a case for a ruby ridge type event to happen all over again. Only have one department (such as the FBI) with a military swat team. having several departments with different politics based rules of engagement is bad..
            10 repeal all snooping capability that does not require a warrant. stop recording information for future use. stop all gestapo activity.
            11. treat mexico like the hostile nation it is. no more aid and classify it as a bad country for american business to deal with.

            of course i am dreaming.

          4. Yadja says

            We must be sleeping in the same bed because I dream the same.

    3. ike036 says

      Of all the outstanding, honest and capable people in the U.S., do we REALLY need/want another Bush? His stance on amnesty and open borders alone disqualifies him.

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        As you will find out, there are very, very few honest, capable left among us. They are all one and cover each others crimes for pay-offs. It’s now blatantly obvious – just wake up!

      2. william e wilson says

        But none of the outstanding, honest and capable people are in politics…..

        1. Savvy1Sez says

          That will only change if we as a united people make it happen!

        2. senior74 says

          I think Allen West would be great!! He has the guts needed to take this country back. He is the only person in politics to say that we have communist in congress & also that Obama is an Islamist. He has military experience, he is a patriot & also he has a degree in history and really knows the history of the Islamist problem, I heard his answer to a man from CAIR at a town hall & Allen had the crowd cheering with his response.

        3. 1American1st says

          William –

          Jim Bridenstine, Oklahoma, is all of those things + he served in Afghanistan and Iraq. This time around we need someone with military experience. Obama is living proof. He doesn’t a damn thing about the military & is absolutely worthless as a Commander-In-Chief!

    4. Deborah G says

      i AGREE WITH YOU ON ALL POINTS but AND THIS IS A huge but IF HE DOES get the nomination we HAVE to vote for him or allow a Communist in

      1. proudtexan62 says

        Deborah: You are absolutely correct. We cannot continue this in-fighting between Republicans, Tea Party and other conservatives. We have to stand united on November 4tth this year and again in November 2016. If we fight each other, we are giving the liberals another four years and by the end of that term, there will be no more America, if we are able to hold on until November 2016!!! We have to get the best candidate there is out there and get behind him all the way. Dick might not like him and Jane might but if he is a man who shares our goal for this country, we HAVE TO STAND WITH HIM! We have two years to vet him, test him and interrogate him if that is what it takes but we have to get behind him. We can’t afford to have two good men in contention. That splits the vote and gives the edge to the left. Hillary Clinton has no qualification to be POTUS and, in fact, should be sitting a jail somewhere right now for all she has done to this country but if she gets enough support from the left, they will put her in the office. That we cannot allow to happen because, if possible, she is worse than Obama. If the Republicans can’t get off that high horse they’ve been sitting on for so many years and understand Americans are standing up for conservative small government that has been so successful in this country for way too many years, they need to go home. It’s not about their POWER anymore. It’s about THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE. The Democratic Party is no longer what it was in the days it claimed to be the “Party of the Working People”. There was a time when it was close but that was a long time ago. What you see today is as bad as it’s ever been but there has been large pockets of huge problems there for a long time. Having said that, not every Democrat in this country can be lumped in with the bad apples in that party. There are many Democrats who have pulled away from the Obama Administration because they are good, honest, hardworking citizens of this country and want to see America back to her former strength and position in the world as we do, we want God back in our lives and in our country. We want futures for our children and grandchildren and don’t want them saddled with the debt and degradation that we are saddled with now. I’m a senior citizen and I swear that I will fight to my last breath to see that my children and grandchildren do not have to suffer for what we didn’t do and that is keep a better watch on the top…..we were complacent and it was there before we realized it existed.

        1. Deborah G says

          We could do a whole lot worse than a TEXAN lol My favorite kind of men. The reality is ANYONE but a Democrat is ok by me.

      2. Savvy1Sez says

        LOOK up (UN Proposition) AGENDA 21. George Sr signed it in ’93 and O is implementing it! WAKE UP America! The rest of the world already has!

        1. senior74 says

          URGENT! Find out about this, the plan to make America part of a Communist one world government, that both republican & democratic presidents have pushed. This agenda’s excuse is because of the global warming/climate change crap they push. This is about controlling everything, including humans. See & you won’t hear about this on the news or from a politician.

          1. richardwfaith says

            Those who doubt what we say about Agenda 21 will DEFINITELY become BELIEVERS when and if it takes over, but in that event it will be too late. A communist government is EXTREMELY difficult to overthrow.

        2. Deborah G says

          I think most people here are well aware of it and what O is doing. Thanks for the tip

    5. abc__jps says

      I think they know how to impeach him, but are afraid of the 42% that still support him…Plus it would not go any where with this Senate. Lets gain at least 6 seats in Nov. and see what they do

      1. proudtexan62 says

        I’m with you abc_jps!

    6. Valor says

      Stupid is the apt description.

    7. proudtexan62 says

      You are right on everything you said but your criticism of George W. Bush. You didn’t elaborate and that is possibly because you don’t really know what he did. I was in Iraq during 2003-2008 which was the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. We were there because we needed to be and had to be. When he left office the US Military had terrorism eradicated and unable to fight any longer because they had no money, no equipment and nothing left to fight with. We didn’t have all these liberal voter base people flooding our borders. Yes, illegals come and illegals go but I live in Texas and I know what was happening under GWB and what is happening now. GWB and our governor, Rick Perry have worked together to keep the borders under control until Obama needed illegal voters. Then came not only the illegals but the drug lords AND the terrorists. They got a pile of them here when they brought the diseased unaccompanied children over the southern borders and primarily our border to divert those who were securing the border so that those animals could get in unchallenged. The Ebola and the virus the children are getting all over the country is Obama’s latest scandal. He has brought this disease here because he is going to do everything he possibly can to bring this country down, to lower than Third World status. He has further dumbed down these low information and uneducated people with freebies and government checks they don’t have to do a thing for but wait for the mailman.
      I’m not saying Jeb Bush is the right man for the country right now because all I know for sure so all I can say is he did a great job as Governor of Florida. Those people loved him and for good reason and the best reason…….He was a good Leader who cared for his State and showed it by his actions. I can’t agree with him on Common Core and Amnesty and for that reason, I would have to eliminate him from my list.
      We need a strong conservative leader who will start on his first day in office the long, arduous task of righting all the wrongs Obama has done to this country (with our help), bring our military back to it’s former strength, repeal all the mess Obama has made Obamacare), restore the healthcare system so that it will be a system for all America and not a tax Obama can use to support terrorism, deport all who are not willing to do what it requires to become an American citizen, bring our jobs back from overseas, and many, many other revamps, remodels and repeals that need to happen to get rid of the stink of the last eight years of Obama. I am sick and tired of all the Democrats and even the RHINO republicans in Congress because they care nothing for this country. They care only about preserving their jobs, their power, their fat pockets and their STATUS in Washington!!! Guess what, I don’t give a darn about them and I say no more voting themselves a raise every year until this country is stable again and then those annual raises will come from THE BOSS just like the rest of America and guess who their boss is? Right on the money, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Do a good job, get a raise, don’t serve the country and her people, no raise, no job, get out!!!! And no more pensions for one term in office. You have to be in Congress for at least four terms and have done the job you were sent there to do to in order to qualify and four terms should be the term limit. It seems the longer they stay, the more susceptible they are to forgetting why they are there and who they work for.

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        Thank you for your service proudtexan62! I know you served with honor and integrity. Unfortunately, those who plotted that war (as all wars) for personal gain have been exposed, tried and found guilty in the International Criminal Courts. Compelling evidence was presented by the designing engineers and architects of the twin towers among other experts. It was beyond even a shadow of a doubt an inside job orchestrated by our illuminati leaders among others. They have been found guilty. Check into alternative news sites. Veterans Today (Gordon Duff) is a great start. It was absolutely a planned conspiracy as much of what has gone on around the world and still is. They have an agenda and we are their slaves and expendable, but they believe they need to depopulate. Enter wars, plagues, catastrophes etc. Look up ‘Agenda 21’ and the ‘Georgia Guidestones’. Then join the common law grand jury pool at national liberty alliance .org. Call tonight 9 est! We must preserve what you and my family and ancestors fought for. No politicians nor their kids go to war. They just pad their pockets as does the military industrial complex. Despicable greedy creatures! Sorry this is how your being awakened, but we all must wake up to the disgusting truths now! Thank you again!

    8. Savvy1Sez says

      My understanding is that D.C., among other offices, are occupied by a ‘private for profit, foreign registered (in the UK), corporation which explains why, even if the money was wasted the time and moneoy going through the motions of impeachment, you can’t remove the president of a private corporation. WAKE UP! Why do you think Clinton remained in office after his impeachment? Fire the criminals! They are all part of the corruption, together. We are forced to live under different rules (unlawfuls). We must unite and take back our corrupt court system and our country. So many have tried to warn us. We have been robbed, pillaged, raped, defrauded among so much else. Believe whistle-blowers, they speak truth! Tap into your inner self (voice), the inner you. We all have one – your soul – you can feel it, you know it – things are very wrong. Try the truth at alternative news outlets and stopped being distracted by their diversionary tactics. Wake up and be counted! Common Law Grand Jury accountability is the only non-violent Constitutional way, now!

  2. David in MA says


  3. buddman says

    No More crappy Bush family members for President Especially Jeb Bush

    1. jscarano7 says


      1. PatriotGal says

        SHOUTED like a true Dem paid blogger. What about the Kennedys, Clintons, Kerry, Gore, Reid, Pelosi, Bloomberg, Soros, etc? They certainly are not for the American citizen.

        That being said, I say no thank you to Jeb. He’s a globalist, as are most Dem/RINO politicians.

    2. proudtexan62 says

      The Bush family is not crappy but just suffice to say Jeb Bush is not the best choice to be President of the United States because of a couple of his positions. They are anything but crappy.

      1. buddman says

        Read my lips No new Taxes!!!!!!!! HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Power Hungry Luminati How about The NWO New world Order??????

  4. Yadja says

    NO he is a huge advocate of amnesty and NO to Rubio same reason. Whoever runs needs to understand the majority of the people in this country do not want amnesty and the candidate needs to have proof positive that he feels the same and has all along.

  5. Joanne says

    We’ve probably had enough of Bush and Clinton in our White House.

    1. jscarano7 says


      1. phyllisjmurphy says

        No more Empire building, i.e. Kennedys, Bush gang, maybe honest but not the smartest kids on the block. Bush Sr. was a decent president but kids don’t cut it! All of them extreme wealth and totally out of touch and always set about to reform so they won’t feel so guilty about their excessive living in extreme wealth! Hillary Clinton from wealth in Chicago but that old baboon can hardly walk and is a bit touched in her head these days with Geriatric Gumbo!

        1. Savvy1Sez says

          So sorry phyllis. Sr was more corrupt than his grandfather and all those who have played along with him. He is one of the puppetmasters. He was just sneakier than those who are so arrogant and blatant in their corruption and it is unbelievably extensive. George Sr signed ‘AGENDA 21″ and O is implementing it. Everything that has been done in between has been in preparation for their agenda, including 911.

    2. proudtexan62 says

      The Clintons for sure. The Bush Family are all good citizens!

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        They are as crooked and corrupt a gang like America has never seen! They have robbed us all blind and you hail their evilness? WAKE UP!

        1. wildeagleone says

          Stand up and be counted. Call Bush one or two and challenge them to a debate on honesty and see if they are what you say or keep up your crap to make yourself feel good. You are a coward to call someone a thief and crook if you can’t prove with evidence so crawl back into your hole-ash

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            The exposed evidence is indisputable. I would absolutely challenge them as they have both been found guilty beyond any doubt in the International Criminal Courts. They are hiding from all that are honorable. You know Not of what you speak. When you actually do some due diligence about what the rest of the world knows, I fear you will be one who wants to retaliate with brawn and 4 letter words. Here’s a news flash for you. Taxes are voluntary as per the sworn testimony of IRS Director Steven Miller late May during the Congressional Ways and Means committee hearings. Google IRS + voluntary + Miller. He was answering questions from a CA Congressman at the time. You can see for yourself a 2:32 clip from the hearings. Wild dear – 40% of your federal tax goes to the UK and 60% to the Vatican Bank. Just one of the reasons for JFK’s assassination, another inside job and George Sr was there. I’ve seen the indisputable pictures. You’ve got a lot of waking up tp do!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            What was Bush Sr roll in Kennedy assassination? I think it was either Castro (Kennedy did try to assassinate him) or LBJ.

          3. Anne Bradley says

            Have you ever read GHW Bush’s book, “All The Best”? They are a compilation of letters and they are wonderful letters. He supported studious people, striving for the best education, he supported learning. He supported all the things that makes this nation strong, to the best of his ability. He was not a typical politician who worked the system, who used media as an outlet to attract voters. He believed in working for what you get. He also believed that our nation needed to be kinder, gentler. Remember that? Regarding the JFK assassination, I too, beleive Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill him. He was set up, and he was killed to cover it up. They promptly said, “We all know who did it, there will be no investigation”. Guess who said that in 2012? CT’s Gov Malloy when the 20 children and 6 adults were all killed! SAME, EXACT WORDS. Adam Lanza was no doubt kidnapped. And he may have been dead when the shooters attacked the school, leaving his body there to make it look like he committed suicide AFTER the killings. Adam Lanza’s face and skin were painted green and he was in a green costume. With two or more shooters looking the same as he, they convinced the public it was him. Anyone reporting to media were probably restricted to inform the public that crucial circumstance! 250 rounds were found at the scene! one person could never do that, no matter what. Machine guns are irreversably locked, so no massacre can ever happen using them. Thanks to the NRA supporting this. Millions of dollars was stolen by Southern CT United Way, using tactics. It is finally in litigation. It wouldn’t surprise me that they will get off because of corruption in the courts, serving wants of crooked dems….Former Gov John Rowland exposed Malloy…in revenge, the dems got John Rowland arrested based upon fictitious trickery, claiming he committed election fraud. I looked at the case. It was all bogus. He had a right to be paid to help as a consultant when a party member was doing an exploritory. They knew that. They just lined up corrupted officials to make their trumped up prosecution stick! John Rowland was a republican Governor, well liked but boxed in by crooked democrats. That is what led to his downfall as governor. His Lt Gov took over and Jodi Rell did an upstanding job. Meantime, there is no real resolution on the Sandy Hook Massacre. Because, “We all know who did it. there will be no investigation” Malloy dished out $1 million to a law firm that he was buddies with, to cover up the scandal, when he got a lot of public heat. If Tom Foley wins the election for Governor, no doubt, this state will start being fixed.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t know about your New Town theory.
            On the Kennedy assassination, I don’t think Oswald did it either. I think LHO got shot in Dallas was because he might of had a air tight alibi were he was during the parade and murder. Probably put a Hitch in the Master Plan (whatever it was).

          5. Anne Bradley says

            I see, Mark. That makes sense. How would they allow ANY man to have a gun in a closed place, when top security should have been in place, as LHO was being transported? This shooter had a suit on, he was affilited with the White House. Maybe he was drugged or even under a hypnosis. I wonder what he got for time in prison. If he got a million dollars for the kill, he may have been willing to put 5 yrs in jail. I just wonder. I am going to search that now.

          6. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Why, Anne. Because Ruby was on a first name basis with about 80% of the Dallas Police. He would go to the deli and buy them sandwiches and also allowed them to drink free in his clubs. So he ccould come and go as he pleased. I spoke with a man who was a clerk in that deli. He claimed Ruby was a wantabe gangster. Years ago I spoke with Ruby’s lawyer after he was accosted in D.C. and the gun Ruby used to kill Oswald was stolen from him. Ruby attended a couple of press conferences at the police station. Oswald rightly said “I am a patsy!” The photos of LHO in the back yard holding the rifle and commie rags were fake. Look the photos up and you’ll see the face had a square chin – LHO’s was pointed. Years later they found composite photos of that backyard picture sans the face in the possessions of a dead Dallas cop.

          7. Mark Owen says

            Stay home in the kitchen! Kennedy was killed because he was planning to get rid of the Federal Reserve,

          8. Anne Bradley says

            Looks like the nightclub owner had a plan, which was botched. I wonder if he was contracted or just had a political agenda. Maybe Ruby was the killer of JFK.

            Jack Leon Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein; March 25, 1911[1] – January 3, 1967) was a nightclub operator in Dallas, Texas. On November 24, 1963, Ruby fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in police custody after being charged with the assassination of John F. Kennedy two days earlier. A Dallas jury found Ruby guilty of murdering Oswald, and Ruby was sentenced to death. Later, Ruby appealed his conviction and death sentence and was granted a new trial. As the date for his new trial was being set,[2] Ruby became ill and died of a pulmonary embolism due to lung cancer.

            Many contend Ruby was involved with major figures in organized crime, and conspiracy theorists widely assert that Ruby killed Oswald as part of an overall plot surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. Others have argued against this, saying that Ruby’s connection with gangsters was minimal at most, or circumstantial, and also that Ruby was not the sort to be entrusted with such an act within a high-level conspiracy.[3]

          9. Anne Bradley says

            PS. The concept was “New Nationalism”. Yet what you commented makes me wonder if Newtown was why the planners selected that area for the Sandy Hook massacre. Just because the name was marketing tool for Obama agenda. One more thing. Obama is just a puppet that they will discard if their plans start falling apart, which they are. The belief that Obama is the AntiChrist stems from even his name. My point is, that communists marked him from the day he was conceived by the 18-yr old woman who was obviously seduced. The fact she was not obedient to her father, a CIA agent whose job was to suppress communism, is significant. One more thing, somewhat associated, as I think of it. the Ferguson incident involving Michael Brown. Ferguson is near Kansas City, which was known to be the communist capital of the US. That is where they ALL gathered. they may still. Obama needed to stir up trouble as a deviation. I bet Michael Brown was drugged with pcb or something like that, to make him violent no matter how unreasonable it was,since the police had their guns pointed at him. I bet that was the reason he dived at them with a knife. I bet Michael Brown was considered a necessary sacrifice to further Obama’s causes. Just like Hamas kills even the Palestinian children, to blame on Israelis – even when it is so obvious they-themsleves killed their child. I have seen videos, tweaked. I look them up on google and find the WHOLE video, which shows the Israeli soldier completely walking away and not even in the same direction of the gunfire that kills the child in the back. Most likely even done by the parent if they support Hamas. Many Palestinian families do not support Hamas, but they fear them.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Keep in mind, I don’t want to argue w/you I wanna see were you are coming from

            Why is/was the Name Sandy Hook a marketing tool for Obama?

            I think M. Brown attacked the cop and got shot was because he just strong armed a store, and probably thought the Cop was going to arrest him.

            I used to Twitter, followed anybody. Had a lot of Gaza followers. The Palestinians would complain how poorly the Jews treated them. Some were claiming the Jews wouldn’t let them build a school.

            Personally I think sending the holocaust Jews back to Israel was a mistake. They lost that centuries ago. I think they should of been relocated somewhere in Germany. After all the German People allowed the Nazis to do what they did………..

          11. Anne Bradley says

            It is apparent you are fooling me, making me believe you are an American Citizen, with an American name, and saying things to begin with that lead me to believe you were American-born. Yet now your language is changing. I sent links for a reason. The facts are all there. I do not need to discuss this with you anymore. I STAND WITH ISRAEL. Case closed.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            …….Sorry I dont do links any more. Got hacked on Twitter.
            Were you think I’m from?
            Oh, the Jews were complaining about being bombed. I’m not suggesting hurting the Jews or anything like that. I just think it a bad decision placing them were everyone around wants to do them in.

          13. Anne Bradley says

            Most likely you are hacking Mark Clemens account. All of the sudden your language is changing. My guess is you are an ISIS member. I am reporting you.

          14. marla1 says

            I wish the Jews would bomb the Middle East of the face of the earth. And don’t feel sorry for the children, they will only grow up to fight them another day!The only muslim you can trust is a dead muslim , and he cannot be too dead!!!

          15. Mark Clemens says

            I think that whole other side of the world is crazy,.past hope. All of the wars are over in the Eastern Hemisphere. This side of the World is acting alright w/the exception of some drug cartels. I’m not even sure who the immigrant children are running from.
            If we are not careful, this country may turn in to the lands our forefathers desperately ran from……….

          16. marla1 says

            Americans are the crazy’s! We are suppose to be better educates than our for fathers, but we are more STUPID! If we let this muslim terrorist and his terrorist administration to do what they are doing to our country, we are a nation of morons!!!

          17. Mark Clemens says

            That’s were Common Core comes into play.
            Our politicians are holding us back, from a more advanced civilization.

          18. Jim says

            Common Core = the deliberate dumbing down of America. Conditioning our children to be drones for the use of the ruling elite. Conform, don’t think. Two plus two is whatever we tell you it is.

          19. marla1 says

            Tahat is why America is a nations of morons!! These old politicat leeches and sewer rats could be eliminated to save America! That 91 year old buzzard in the white house is sick and stupid Americans are wanting, him to recovery!!! I wish him death!! And many more old leeches attached to our hard earned collar, but no one has the brains to get rid of them. That old man should be euthanizes if he didn’t want to retire! There are a lot who should be having strokes ,like old d. frankinstien ,old Mc onnell , piglossi ,and every one over 65 should have to leave politics and none of their relatives allowed to replace them Time for TERM LIMITS because Americans are the morons who keep these same political leeches in office!!!

          20. Mark Owen says

            Turn it all into a radioactive sandpile, see if allah can stop the radioactivity!

          21. RobertNorwood says

            If you write out “Obama” in Hebrew and assign it’s numerical value.

            א ו ב מ ה

            5+400+2+6+1=414 I dunno, a demon maybe, anti-Christ not so much, I’ll have to try his other names.

          22. richardwfaith says

            He probably has so many aliases that it becomes a matter of “monkeys and typewriters”; statistically, sooner or later you’re BOUND to hit pay dirt!

          23. RobertNorwood says

            I’m on it!

          24. Jim says

            I remember that the media initially reported that there was a man wearing military fatigues in the woods right next to Sandy Hook shortly after the shooting. Then they quickly backpedalled and denied that they had reported that. Who was the man in the military fatigues?

          25. hankthetank says

            I seen a video about Sandy Hook, First they wouldn’t let the family s come to the school ,had to wait at the fire department, Police, said 26 dead, no corner pronounced them dead! no ambulance was let in, also no merci air ambulance was called to the school! witch they always do!! Their were no death certificate for any of the 26 dead children,and the funerals were very odd! Look up the statistics of the FBI ,they keep every state & city of all deaths! Sandy Hook, isn’t even listed,26 deaths & not one is Listed!!! don’t you think something is wrong with that??? IT WAS ALL STAGED ,like a movie, an they found the people that shot the film; it was a add company!! also the Bin Ladin death film was staged!! remember they built a place in Virgina,to practice, that is were they filmed it!! ALL FAKE !!!

          26. Anne Bradley says

            I’d like to know the source of that video, hank, if you can give me that link – I would appreciate it. I believe Obama planners spread that propoganda, since he used that whole terrible event to feed his gun agenda – as a cover up of his FAST & FURIOUS agenda, selling guns to terrorists! Eric Holder was held in CRIMINAL contempt of court for refusing to hand over to Congress information on it. It was not a hoax, I assure you. State Police were actually sobbing at the crime scene. I was on a blog with several who were listening to the police scanner. these were good people – good families. Never in a million years would they have agreed to such criminal activity. The Southern CT United Way stole MILLIONS of donated dollars from these families! Each family should have received at least $1 million. There was that much money coming in from all over the world. No doubt, Obama is probably funnelling some of it to help his ISIS. The leader of ISIS was let out of prison by – guess who? Obama! I would like the link for that video please. Thank you.

          27. hankthetank says

            look up( ,new world order novus ) ( ) ( corbettreport )

            Anne Bradley, i hope they are still there! good Luck!

          28. Mark Owen says

            Also the coroner said a long gun was used , no long gun was found until they looked in the kids car trunk. Another false flag operation to try to get WE THE PEOPLE disarmed. The NWO has a long reach, they can do anything they want and get away with it. Funny how the people who allegedly lost kids in the shooting got new houses in different towns huh!

          29. Catherine McCoy says

            It was Bush. He is the leader of the American chapter of the illuminati

          30. Mark Clemens says

            There’s to many Bushs here. Sr, Jr, Jeb?
            Who’s running the illuminati? I didn’t think they were Catholic? Has anybody told the Pope?
            The only one I politically liked was Barbara. To me she had a Martha Washington look to her.
            I actually met Mrs Laura Bush at George Jones’ funeral. I just said hi to her, she politely smiled and said hi back.

          31. hankthetank says

            You can’t go by looks! compare her to obama, I read an article ,that she, Barbara, was a cold hard leader of the Bush mafia, as for the Illuminati family, they do control the Catholic church! Have you herd Pope Franice speeches , he say’s the exact same thing that Obama says,about the poor & redistribution!! as for Illuminati family, they did some down sizing, they cut loose the LEE family,of China ! & the Bush family o f the U S A !!!

          32. David in MA says

            the third shooter?

          33. Mark Clemens says

            I just got done talking to the President. He said he would look into it before Tee off. Called me back. Said he read the Warren Commission Report. It said George W. Bush was the man behind the grassy Knowles.
            There you have it.
            If I say Obama told it, you know it’s gotta be true!!!
            All joking aside. Since The JFK Assassination is technically an unsolved murder. Were were you when JFK got shot?

          34. Jim says

            I was merely a twinkle in my Daddy’s eye at that time, so I must be innocent.

          35. David in MA says

            “Were were you when JFK got shot?”
            At sea serving in the U.S. Navy, and you?

          36. DogWithoutSlippers says

            Bush Sr, I believe was in the CIA. Nixon was also in Dallas on that faithful day. Ruby inferred that LBJ was behind the plot – that’s why Ruby was kept in a Dallas jail and was prevented from going to D.C. where he said he could and would talk freely. A Wichita judge was going to grant Ruby a new trial but Ruby succumbed to cancer while in jail three weeks before – he claimed he was injected with cancer.

          37. Jim says

            It was LBJ. He was one of the dirtiest crooks we’ve ever had in office. LBJ had grand aspirations and only one man stood I his way: Kennedy. It’s not just a coincidence that JFK was assassinated in Dallas.

          38. hankthetank says

            I believe he was part of it!

          39. Mark Clemens says

            I could hear old LBJ telling JFK when he got off the plane and into the limousine.
            “John, you should ride w/the top down. Enjoy some clean Texas air and Sunshine.
            You know we love ya, in Dallas”

          40. Jim says

            Remember, Nellie Connally, the First Lady of Texas at the time, was quoted as telling President Kennedy, “You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.” Then the shots rang out.

          41. richardwfaith says

            Ah, yes. The KISS of Judas Iscariot!

          42. hankthetank says

            Kennedy, was killed by the Federal Bank, He was going to get rid of the federal Bank, & start our own currency. the central banks could not allow that!!!

          43. richardwfaith says

            By “Federal Bank”, I think you’re referring to the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve”, which isn’t even “federal” at all. Although I find it MUCH easier to BELIEVE what you’re saying than to disbelieve it, I wonder how it can be verified.

          44. 1American1st says

            Bush, Sr. had nothing to do with it. That’s Liberal propaganda being spread around the Internet. They just make sh*t up, pointless accusations to keep our minds off of Obama’s daily failures.

          45. old salt says

            Your eyes must be brown as you are so full of sh1 t.

          46. proudtexan62 says

            You be sure and challenge them. I want tickets to that debate. Of course you wouldn’t even show up!!!! While you are at it Einstein, taxes are voluntary, huh? I guess you think that because you pay none. If you owed any and you failed to pay, you would find out how VOLUNTARY taxes are. Boy you are on some very powerful stuff. You are hallucinating!!! Bush Sr. was nowhere to be found during the Kennedy Administration. The jury is still out on who masterminded that and LBJ is suspect but I really don’t believe he was smart enough to pull it off, crooked enough, yes but smart enough, I’m not sure.

          47. Maggiemae says

            Voluntary taxes????? Please…give me the address I can send my request that I no longer wish to pay any taxes. The address would be to some federal prison for income tax evasion. I hope no one from the IRS is tracking these emails cause they’ll be happy to provide a new home for you. Who in the world do you think pays for welfare, food stamps. Housing, schooling, medical for all the illegals. All the military. Who do you think pays for Mr. Obama’s golf rounds and trips all over the world or Mrs. Obama’s vacations. IT’S THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! That’s who!

          48. Savvy1Sez says

            Hmmm…..the IRS sent me my notice of my tax exempt bond cusip status, although based on your posting you don’t understand or even know about your’s. No, the tax payers only think they are paying. The printing presses keep pumping out the fiat money, it gets tacked on to the national debt and the rich pocket the collected taxes from the duped in the name of the national debt . Google IRS + voluntary + Steven Miller. Watch the 2:32 clip from the IRS scandal hearings that were live on CNN. I watched them live. However I was already awakened to the fraudulent birth incorporation bond cusip. It’s time to reclaim our unalienable birth rights which I have done. And NO, the address is not a federal prison. That’s where they send those who identify themselves as being the fictitious entity they created using your identity at birth. Your social security number was converted into a cusip number and you a stock/bond and then your corporate identity is trade on the market. So, who gets all those millions throughout your lifetime? Well, I can’t have all the fun by doing all of the work…..the info is out there…..that’s when you will all believe. Don’t just take my word for it – due diligence will give you all your own proof and then please pass it on to awake the sleeping chattel.

          49. Maggiemae says

            I will check out the info you provided. I’m always willing to learn. We’ll see where that lesson goes.

          50. 1American1st says


            Savvy1Sez is a Liberal TROLL….

          51. richardwfaith says

            Not very much that he “sez” is very “savvy”.

          52. proudtexan62 says

            You are really in a drug induced cyberspace hallucinogenic stupor!!!! Did you just land from Mars or was it even further away than that? You have no idea what in the heck you are talking about but just in the unlikely case it did happen, I copied and pasted your posting to a word document and emailed it to the IRS main office in Texas and the Home office in Washington, DC. They are as corrupt right now as it gets but I just want them to know about your notice of “tax exempt bond cusip status” and requested mine at the same time. I expect to hear from them very soon with the date and time of the appointment they have made for me with the nearest shrink to my home. I’m sure will however be able to use the other information I gave them to track the computer from which they can track you (the FBI and the Department of the Treasury will handle that) I’m sure you can expect a visit form them soon or the men in white coats from the funny farm.

          53. proudtexan62 says

            Got that right, Maggiemae!!!!

          54. hankthetank says

            Just because we pay income tax, dose not make it legal! Ask the IRS for a copy of the bill that congress wrote & passed, the federal gov. dose not have one, they state may have one for them, but not federal!! the constitution, says the gov. can not tax your labor!!!

          55. Maggiemae says

            I’m not disputing the legality of taxes….I’m just saying that the Federal government makes sure they take taxes out of any money you recieve. Try getting your Social Security check without taxes being taken out…..ain’t happening! We, the people, are the sheepels under the thumb of big government. People keep voting the same rot in DC back in office. Until people wise up to where we’re headed, nothing will ever change…..ever! Those in Congress have found the goose that lays the golden egg and they’re not giving that up…at our expense!

          56. 1American1st says

            You don’t even know what you are talking about. The ICC is a ridiculous attempt at a One World Government court. Prez Clinton & Obama were & are “all for it”. Republicans have better sense.

            One of the “so called” prosecutors in 2009, who attempted to prosecute President Bush for war crimes in the “International court”, was some Left Wing Obama supporter, a professor from the University of Illinois at Chicago. That says it all. What a joke, just like you for spreading your Liberal Bullsh*t on the Internet.

            BTW, these are the witnesses they called: Abbas Abid, Moazzam Begg, Jameelah Hameedi, Ali Shalal and Rahul Ahmed. We know they wouldn’t lie, right?

          57. cdansreau says

            Barry Goldwater had a saying. “All politicians are crooks and that includes me”
            I honestly do not know how bad the corruption level was on their watch, but Bush 1 had problems with the economy, Bush 2 got us overthrowing Iraq which had nothing to do with 911. Bush 2 also transferred control of the national guard from the states to the federal government, removing one of the checks and balances against an overwhelming and oppressive federal government.
            in 1789 we declared that we did not want a monarchy as a form of government.
            i fo not want a Bush 3.

          58. wildeagleone says

            I agree the garden is full of bushes. Now we need cactus to weed out the vermin in the Demoncrat party and the RINO’S in the Republican party

          59. Virginia Woodard says


          60. richardwfaith says

            CFR (Bushes) and Bilderberg Group (obamA) are BOTH anti-US-sovereignty. This same STAIN is upon nearly all the Presidents we’ve had for the last twenty years. It’s PAST DUE for the political partieS (PLURAL!!!!) to cease and desist from accepting illegal campaign contributions from FOREIGN ENEMIES (saudI arabiA and chinA come to mind!) and from organizations favoring a transition to one-world government, whether or not said funding is LAUNDERED. Any and all political parties unwilling to abide by this need to CEASE EXISTING.

          61. wayne74467 says

            As Helen said, “that is totally uncalled for”. Another Lib accusing without any proof or sensible ideas.

          62. richardwfaith says

            Please clarify.

          63. proudtexan62 says

            I think it’s you who needs to clarify. Give us some facts and please be specific. What you are talking about here is idle conversation compared to what is going on in this country today with the fraud you supported and got here to destroy this country. I knew the man was a fraud when I first laid eyes on him and he didn’t disappoint. I had no idea how much more than a fraud we had there but I’m much more than aware now.

          64. Virginia Woodard says


          65. richardwfaith says

            You are very quick to accuse without foundation, and very slow to understand facts and reason. You are more to be pitied than censured.

          66. richardwfaith says

            Okay, you’re ON.
            First off, you LIE in accusing me of supporting obamA. I do NOTHING OF THE SORT. Yes, he IS a fraud; with that statement I
            have absolutely no quarrel; however, and MUCH more importantly, he is a PUPPET
            of globalists. soro$$$$$$ was a
            principal sponsor to him, and that kind of money NEVER comes without an agenda
            attached. The Bush’s are VASTLY better
            people than obamA; nevertheless, they have not been free to fully exercise all
            of the patriotism that (here I give them the benefit of the doubt) resides in
            their hearts. GW HAS BEEN (and perhaps
            still IS) a CFR member, and you can independently verify that. I won’t play the game of giving you a link so
            you can just turn around without doing any real research and call my link “bogus”. You need to immerse yourself in your own
            search for truth, because if you DON’T do that, you won’t even discern truth
            when it hits you square in the head.
            What is important about the CFR connection is that the CFR has a
            globalist agenda which often operates in opposition to our all-important
            SOVEREIGNTY. This also you can learn
            only by your own independent search for truth.
            These facts are not always easy to find, so I can actually understand
            your frustration. If it’s any comfort to
            you, most of the last twenty years of American Presidents have BEEN members of
            CFR or other organizations having similar agendas, and that is what it is
            BECAUSE these organizations have our electoral system SEWN UP. SPONSORSHIP has a PRICE. Many (myself included) believe that JFK PAID
            that “price” with his life. I will not
            claim that as a FACT because I really don’t KNOW it to be a fact. You don’t either, but it MUST have crossed
            your mind. obamA is quite cozy with the
            Bilderberg Group (another globalist organization, and probably even WORSE than
            the CFR). I would like you to understand
            that I do not harbor hatred toward the Bush family; I just want a President
            whose loyalty is 100% to our country and her precious sovereignty, and ZERO
            PERCENT to ANY globalist organization. I
            also believe that we will NEVER have such a President unless we hold the RNC
            under SEIGE 24-7 UNTIL IT HAPPENS. If
            you think I’m preferentially “picking on” the Republican Party, or that I’m a
            stinking liberal, guess what, pal: you’re WRONG AGAIN. What I believe is that FIXING the Republican
            Party is our ONLY HOPE, because the Democratic Party is COMMUNISTIC BEYOND
            SALVATION. Now that I have your ATTENTION,
            and you’re probably HOPPING MAD at me, I will CONFESS something: when living in
            Arizona, a state where “cross-filing” is legal, I actually DID vote for obamA
            in the DEMOCRAT Primary, before I voted for BUSH in the General Election. I hope your comprehension skills are adequate
            to understand why I did this:

            There WAS NO POINT in the Republican primary
            (Presidentially at least); McCain ran UNOPPOSED;

            (PERHAPS wrongly) I thought that obamA would be
            harder to elect than Hillary, making it easier for McCain to WIN.

            If you STILL think that I’m an obamA supporter or a liberal,
            you must be beyond mental repair.

          67. proudtexan62 says

            They never stop.

          68. Virginia Woodard says

            NOT TRUE!

          69. richardwfaith says

            WHAT is not true? Please be specific. While at it, please try to understand that I’m not in any way bagging on conservatives. The simple truth is that GW is NOT a conservative. He’s not anywhere near as bad as obamA,

          70. Virginia Woodard says


          71. richardwfaith says

            You are quick to accuse and very slow to comprehend; you are more to be pitied than censured.

          72. richardwfaith says

            Good point. I’m through “frolicking” with YOU. YIKES!!! WHAT was I THINKING?

          73. Catherine McCoy says

            The bushes are illuminati dirt

          74. Helen says

            That is totally uncalled for!!!

          75. babby660 says

            Yeah, just like right-wing extremist dissing of Obama is!

          76. Virginia Woodard says


          77. babby660 says

            well, Obama’s not muslim either. His mom was not a rabid America-hater. Where on earth do you people get such notions? What kind of Kool-aid are you drinking anyway?

          78. proudtexan62 says

            Babby660, it doesn’t matter what Obama’s Mom was…America-Hater was the least of it. Loose woman was the thing she did best. It is really a crap shoot to know who Obama’s Father really is. Could be one of two or more that we don’t know she was involved with. Obama IS Muslim and the most radical kind and if you can’t see that, you are blind or just enjoying the freebies and the monthly check which, by the way won’t be coming much longer if we don’t take the Senate in November. I have no idea what you are on but it’s much stronger than Kool-Aid. If Obama is successful in November, you will find out first hand because if any of you who worship him so much think he cares about you, you are very mistaken and you will see if he manages to stop the conservative movement in November. You will be in the same boat with the rest of America. All he wants is your vote and then you are expendable.

          79. babby660 says

            you can say the mother of any individual you don’t know was a “loose woman” who makes it “a crap shoot” to determine Mr. Obama’s father. The same charge could apply to your family.

          80. babby660 says

            ah, so you Have tasted the Kool-Aid!!! I prefer plain old water myself,

          81. ihatelibs says

            You really Are an IDIOT ya know . Better for you to go back a few decades , and look again .

          82. chamberjac says

            You don’t even know for sure who his mother really is ! He is Muslim. You have your eyes closed you fool.

          83. babby660 says

            this is a totally ridiculous comment. I don’t know who YOUR mother is either. maybe, as MY mother said to me occasionally, “a buzzard dropped you on the ground & the sun hatched you out!”

          84. Savvy1Sez says

            Are you sure about that. Prove it!

          85. Uzoozy says

            Bushes are on the payroll of the Saudi government, need I say more.

          86. Savvy1Sez says

            Oh yes, they are all in on it!

          87. ricktenny says

            Well, I don’t speak for extremists, but as for me, he brought it on himself.

          88. Anne Bradley says

            Helen, it isn’t exactuly uncalled for, but many are letting others do the thinking for them. Mainstream media lie alot and many still follow those morons, who are so undeserving of their 6 and 7 figure incomes. They don’t deserve a 2 figure income, in my opinion. Because they breach public trust. I am sharing a lot of links under Catherine’s comment. Please feel free to copy and paste into a document for yourself, for reference. It is all public information. I hope she comes around.

          89. Virginia Woodard says

            NOT SO!

          90. Anne Bradley says

            Catherine, you can let that Obama propoganda take you over, but it is all trash. Just like the ones working at the White House now. All trash! There is no illuminati, there is no New World Order. But there is a President who works underground, who was a member of the weather underground, run by multimillionair Bill Ayers – because his father is filfthy rich. Emphasis on the filfthy. I will share you my links – this is very scarey because we have the most dangerous leader in the world right now. You can click on the links from where I share them. I also suggest you copy and paste them in a document so you can do your own search/find on issues that are in these. There are six parts. I have to post them separately because of space limitations on comments.

          91. Savvy1Sez says

            Anne, instead of making uninformed statements, FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! They blatantly admit to being illuminati and those of us who have bothered are fighting like the dickens to stop the NWO agenda. We are all expendable to them. We’re considered stupid bottom-feeders. Netanyahu publicly announced last year he was illuminati. Yep, and Beyonce openly admits it among many others. What planet do you exist on? You have certainly NOT had your freedoms and liberties bestowed by our Organic Constitution which you, among millions, obviously don’t really know what they are! WAKE UP! SEARCH FOR TRUTH!

          92. Anne Bradley says

            I tried to post a response to Savvy several times and it will not post. If you are blocking my posts, please tell me. I will stop participating if I am blocked.

            Thank you.

            Now, my message to savvy was taken out of my pasting.

            My response emphasized I provided sound proof and savvy’s mentioning “they” referring to Illuminati, was NO proof. This person may as well believe in Santa Clause or the Wizard of Oz.


          93. Savvy1Sez says

            The admin of this sight is forwarding responses to my postings, directly to my email. I think I stirred up a hornets nest as your’s is the 36th response. Mine appears to have stimulated interesting conversation and varying opinions. I did not expect my initial posting to ever evolve into controversy, but dialogue and pragmatism is good. People need to know the truth. We have been so deceived as my years of research to debunk what I thought was conspiracy theory, has been proven to be truth in multiples. There are those with much to lose that want us kept ‘dumbed down’. Shame on them. If you have done nothing wrong then don’t assume your attempted response is blocked, ok. By the way, my info is from declassified documents, court documents and directly from the horses mouth, so to speak to name a few of my sources. That is why I strongly encourage all to do due diligence and don’t just believe a blog or an article without seeking validation. Discernment should be exercised by all. Fear has been a control mechanism for a long, long time. I.E. If you don’t pay…….we’ll put you in jail. Unconstitutional, but they’ve done it over and over. It’s time we stop their control.Just know any reply to me comes directly to my email ok?
            I’m sure it’s my postings which can be construed by some as controversial who don’t want a mass awakening and not anything you’ve done.
            There is much info out there on the illuminati as well as verification of everything I’ve posted. It just takes time and research to find the truth. I’ve taken the liberty of providing such explanation, though they “illuminati” have also be referred to as the cabal, skull and bones, shadow government among others. Please continue to question, challenge and search for the truths that we all might never have these deceptions imposed on us or our ancestors again as this has been ongoing for generations. Truthful history is being re-written as it rightfully should be. As far as Santa goes…..I believe and I still receive. The Wizard of Oz – you might want to look into that one…….just be careful pulling back the curtain. God bless and stay safe!

            The Illuminati was an 18th-century secret society made up of numerous influential intellectuals and freethinkers of the time.
            people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something.
            “some mysterious standard known only to the illuminati of the organization”
            a sect of 16th-century Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment.
            plural proper noun: Illuminati
            a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons.
            noun: Illuminati

          94. Savvy1Sez says

            Hey Anne, this was emailed to me check this out. Washington Mall now.


            and this one was that is a different angle, more inclusive arial view:


          95. Virginia Woodard says


          96. Anne Bradley says

            Catherine, I posted all my links in the direct comments to this article. There are there for anyone. copy and paste as you see fit. FYI:

          97. Savvy1Sez says

            The conditioning by which we’ve been indoctrinated has been amped up with each decade! Shame on all of those we trusted. Time for accountability! ‘National Liberty Alliance .org’ to be part of the solution!

          98. Jay.bird says

            The Bush’s are for NWO. Please start checking on past presidents and future ones.

          99. Tim Bruhnke says

            And Barack Osama isn’t?

          100. Anne Bradley says

            Good point! Jimmy Carter did not bring shame. He deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama should be sued and they should get back the money for being such a fake!

          101. proudtexan62 says

            Sorry Anne, but I must disagree. Jimmy Carter brought disgrace to our nation when he was President and he has just recently brought disgrace and shame again by supporting Hama and terrorism. Obama got the Nobel Peace prize before he ever took office. Wonder who bought that? Jimmy Carter never deserved it and will never get it.

          102. richardwfaith says

            He is, ALSO. THAT’s what they have in COMMON! By the way, if you try to find EVEN ONE Presidential candidate who is NOT connected to at least one NWO-friendly organization, you will need to be like Diogenes: searching in broad daylight, WITH A LANTERN, for ONE HONEST MAN. The Democrats, I give up as a LOST CAUSE; they are suffering from STAGE FOUR MALIGNANT COMMUNISM! There still might (I PRAY) be some hope for the Republican Party, but that hope cannot possibly MATERIALIZE unless we HOLD THEM TO THE FIRE!

          103. Jay.bird says

            We were discussing the Bush’s not the fraud in the White House. The Constitutional candidates are probably not NWO.

          104. Virginia Woodard says


          105. richardwfaith says

            Don’t you think obamA is a lot worse than Carter?

          106. Jay.bird says

            If you listen to them long enough they evently mention NWO which old man Bush did in one of his speeches.

          107. Mark Clemens says

            The Bushs are nothing more than political pawns, like the rest of DC

          108. WhiteFalcon says

            I think that Bush 1 got duped into going back on his no new taxes pledge by the democrat party, who then went back on their pledge to cut spending. He shouldn’t have been duped like that but he was. I belive that Bush 2 was trying to do what he thought was right in overthrowing a terrible dictator, but that was not our business. There was some evidence, however, that there was some training of terrorists going on there and that would have been a direct threat to the US, but I don’t know if that was true or not. The fact is, IMO, that those people over there are not advanced enough to live in a free society and require tyrannical governments in order to survive as a people. Otherwise they spend their time killing each other and other people as well. They pay far to much attention to those damnd clerics that should be disposed of because they are the root of most of the killing that goes on in those countries.

          109. babby660 says

            If Bush I was susceptible to being duped, I guess he was not as smart as he was cracked up to be. However, he seemed to have a creditable war record; I recall hearing a DVD on a subject several years ago.

          110. WhiteFalcon says

            He did sign up for the Navy when he was under age, he flew torpedo planes off aricraft carriers and he was shot down twice. Torpedo planes were the easiest combat plane to shoot down that we had. I don’t know what if anything he torpedoed but he was there and he was in combat. Compare that to Clinton or the Zero that is in office now.

          111. babby660 says

            also compare it to Bush 2, who got into the National Guard instead of the fightin’ army

          112. Virginia Woodard says


          113. babby660 says

            Read my lips (so to speak). I never said service in the National Guard is not something to be proud of. I just said that it was the safest place for W. when the world was at war.

          114. proudtexan62 says

            That wasn’t what you said but I’m sure in your deranged mind that’s what it sounded like.

          115. babby660 says

            guess you’re either not great at reading lips or you don’t want to read anything that disagrees with your pre-conceived notions

          116. Virginia Woodard says


          117. gini62 says

            You know it was awful that he called up the National Guard. The National Guard is made up of retired service people just trying to keep their hand in, in case there is every an emergency. These men were older and bread winners of big families. These are not the men to be sent to the front lines. I really don’t think women should go to combat either. A mother should never risk her life. Her life is no longer her own. When a mother dies it destroys children. I could never leave my children behind to go risk my life no matter how great the cause. That is my husband’s job. My husband was in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He did his part and I am pleased with his service and dedication to his country. The National Guard should never be used as an army to fight a war with. He took our national defense away. Not cool. My husband signed up before he was married. He served 7 months after we were married and did sign resign up. It was time for him to be a dad and husband and the provider. We had five kids. We now have 13 grandkids.

          118. WhiteFalcon says

            The National Guard was probaly the major part of the combat soldiers we had in Viet Nam, just like in the Gulf Wars and Afganastan. GW was in the Air Guard and if his unit had been called up, he would have been in the thick of it.

          119. proudtexan62 says

            We had National Guard in Viet Nam but it wasn’t the major part of the combat soldiers. I worked for Eastern Airlines during that war and I flew charters that took the soldiers back and forth to Nam. A lot were regular military. The Gulf Wars and Afghanistan were the same. The 2nd Gulf War we had many more regular Army and Marines than National Guard even though they did come over from time to time to supplement the rotation on the deployments of regular military. I was there five years and saw all the units come and go. And you are right about President GW Bush and all just like him. He was ready to service unlike Clinton who deserted to Canada and the UK and smoked dope the whole war in Viet Nam.

          120. Uzoozy says

            GW was sitting in his moms lap, did not fight .
            Its sad to see so many young vibrant Americans die by the whim and fancies of two men. Dick and GW one lying to the other.

          121. Virginia Woodard says


          122. Anne Marie Bradley says

            There is a BIG difference between Muslims and Muslim extremists. Educate yourself. Review Search on “Middle East History and Security” for starters. There are many videos. They last about 5 min ea, so you can start and stop. Resume when you have time. Ever hear of the Christian Army of God? KKK were proclaimed Christians. Don’t label Muslims! It will defeat the purpose of fighting terrorism. Muslim terrorists kill muslims. They are trying to form a caliphate, claiming THEIR jihad is to purify their religion. Operation Hitler!

          123. gini62 says

            I hate to say this but you are so wrong. I was sent a DVD and on it were Muslims. The were not radical Muslims but all popular, saying they were moderates, loved America and wished for nothing but peace. I assume they did not know they were being filmed. There was no narration other than they said they would let the Muslims speak for themselves. They chanted death to Americans. Long live Ala. There was even once where Clinton was at this organization and praised them for all the good they were doing. They kissed on stage and Clinton left. As soon as he left they were chanting how much they hated America and death to America. You see this is how they go unnoticed. They even said that the American’s are so dumb that if they waited long enough the American’s always told them everything they were doing. Assistant to Hilary is a Muslim Brotherhood, very high up too. Don’t tell me she doesn’t know all of our secrets. The form Non profit organizations where they take oil money and do charitable work with it. Now, they are praised for how good they are to Americans and everyone wants to be their friends. This is all planned. They are not our friends. You don’t think someone can smile while they stab you in the back? Look at obama. Perfect example.

          124. Anne Marie Bradley says

            You were sent propoganda. Consider the source! Learn from experts, such as on Search on: Middle East History and Security

          125. gini62 says

            I don’t think it was propaganda. I think what we hear all the time about how loving they are and how proud they are to be Americans is propaganda. So what you are saying is that Bill Clinton was in on it? That he hates Muslims? With his wife having a Muslim Brotherhood as her assistant? No I think what I got was a secret look at what really is going on behind those Masc doors. I bet Bill Clinton thinks the way you do. I bet he has no idea how badly he is being played.

          126. Anne Marie Bradley says

            You are asking me to defend info you watched on a DVD that was mailed to you by an undisclosed resource. How would I know? You don’t even disclose the source, you want to believe what you want to believe. You either process the facts, or choose to believe in Santa Clause. I am on this blog to state my opinion and have shared MANY links – which are facts based on research. It’s up to you to do your own research. I remind you of one only, because you seem to not want to process. It could be a time factor for you, which is understandable. After all, we are SUPPOSED to have a media that does not lie to us but Clinton and his affiliates changed the platform on that. Because of this, he only got better at it as time went on. Tsunami in Indonesia cost the lives of hundreds of thousands when Clinton was President. The massacre in Rwanda cost nearly a million when Clinton was Presidient. Yet he seemed to consider it just a way to reduce the population. Obama’s secret life.FBI recs. 9.5 min Facts are evolving in US bc Obama Lies

          127. WhiteFalcon says

            I was in the US Army during Viet Nam although I wasn’t there, thankfully. I knew many people that were there. As for the Gulf Wars, our unit of the Army National Guard was there and in the fighting of both of those wars. My step daughter was with an MP unit in the second Gulf War and her unit would up being awarded a couple of Silver Stars and Bronze Stars and a unit citation for their action while escorting convoys. Many of our state’s National Guard units were in both of those wars.

          128. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Thank you and your step daughter for serving and protecting and defending our freedom. <3 God bless.

          129. Verity says

            My older brother signed up with the air force in 1961 right after he graduated from high school. We did not want him to do this, but he was 18 so it was his choice. The air force tests new recruits. They realized he was smart and assigned him to the ‘fairly new’ area of electronics. That meant that he was able to stay in the states instead of going off to real war. When his 4 years were up, he enrolled in college on the GI Bill. He also took a part-time job. He, of course, graduated from a 4 year college. He was snapped up by HP, met his 3rd wife there (who was visiting from the HP facilities in Shanghai), and retired from there. None of this would have happened if he had not volunteered to join the air force right out of high school. The air force allowed him to grow up and have opportunities that a regular high school graduate would not have.

          130. gini62 says

            Good for him, but it doesn’t work out they way for most people in the service. My grandson is in the Marines. He is learning how to shoot the big guns. Now how can he lose that in life? My husband was an electricians mate in the Navy. When he got out they told him all of his experience in the Navy was for naught and not transferable in the real world. He is an electrician not because of the Navy but because it’s what his dad was. He had done electrical work his whole life, but he had to start at square one when he got out. Thanks Navy for nothing.

          131. Anne Marie Bradley says

            That isn’t the Navy’s fault. It is failure of the company – or electrical union – whatever accreditation he obtained in the Navy indeed was transferrable, Gini. The failure of companies to not acknowledge his achievements is shame on them, not the Navy. That’s my impression. Thanks to your grandson for serving.

          132. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Right-on, Proud. has a lot of teaching on it and people need to educate themselves. Propoganda resulted in people believing that the wars were “all about oil”. BS. Saddam Hussein’s soldiers took over Kuwait. Raping, pummaging and pillaging. Terrorists, just like what we see with Obama’s ISIS. Obama released the leader of ISIS from prison in 2009, so he could form ISIS as a backup if incase he had to LET marines kill bin Laden. TWICE he told them NO when they found him, that they could not kill him. By the third time, he was so pressued to say yes, he had no choice. We have the most dangerous leader in the world. He has raped us all socially, violating our trust. We are a nation of trust. Pelosi and Reid should go to jail. They had a responsibility of ensuring us that he was legit. He is not even legitamately qualified to be President. Fake social security number. Fake name. Fake ID. Fake “first lady” who is really a transvestite. Daughters adopted. Fake sexual orientation. Sickening! I may as well post the links to this article. Feel free to share them – copy and paste them into your own document and share. All public info. I should do that tonight. There will be six posted comments, made directly to the article above.

          133. gini62 says

            Good job I love facts. However the way I heard it was that Hilary went after bin Laden the third time and just as they were about to descend on the compound they went and told Obama. He had no choice but to watch, since it was also a Photo op.

          134. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I hope those links posted. I posted all six sections. I don’t see them here today.

          135. Virginia Woodard says


          136. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I hear you, Virginia. They are ordered to shoot dirt, basically. Obama tells them not to shoot his ISIS buddies. Then tells ISIS WHERE they will shoot, so they can move their supplies, no doubt! I hope the links I added are visible to all. I don’t see them here, as I revisit this article. I posted 6 separate lists of links to share.

          137. Virginia Woodard says

            Sad state of affairs for our once proud nation!

          138. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I hope you see the links now, Virginia. The last one on Part VI, is probably the scariest:


          139. ricktenny says

            Which part of the “fightin army” did you serve in?

          140. proudtexan62 says

            What branch of the service did you serve in, big mouth? Where did you fight for your country??? Answer that one before you start degrading what other people do. George Bush 2 served his country and that’s more than can be said for many!!!

          141. Sam says

            Remind US where obamy served and HOW much combat?

          142. Beachley CE says

            he hid under a sand pile or what ever they have in kenya, the pos doper, pervert, he looks like the sissy he is!th only combat he has seen is with the 2 bulls in the wh….mooooooochelle & the moosumlimjarrett…………………he is a wimp!

          143. babby660 says

            yep AND he didn’t have to worry about getting shot — how wonderful! My point is, he lied us into a war for which the world is still feeling the consequences.

          144. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Yet Obama’s Fast & Furious gun selling got his terrorists which he is an agent for – to kill Americans. I pity your ignorance, babby.

          145. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Right-on, Proud. The Bushes are a great American family and this country is blessed to have them and encourage our country to be united as much as possible. The media have given them such a bad rap. 911 was probably a collaboration with Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground, et al and bin Laden’s al Qaeda. That is my opinion. And as far as the ignorant beliefe of “there were no WOMD”…yes there was! Saddam Hussein sold them to Syria and they finally found them, examined them and experts determined they were made in iraq during Saddam Hussein’s tyranical rule. They are now contained, on a ship, which was sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Thank you for serving!

          146. ihatelibs says

            USN RETIRED here . 100% Disabled VET . NAM ERA . Where and WHEN did your sorry ass serve !!! ???

          147. Savvy1Sez says

            Thank you most sincerely for your service! Being of your era I have learned much and the nefarious, with their depopulation agenda need to be held accountable. The greedy self-proclaimed elite are pure cowards that truly believe they have entitlement to our country, our labor, our land, our resources and our lives. They are in for a rude awakening! We have all lost way too much and too many to wars that, as it has been proven, were all planned for the benefit of the military industrial complex and cabal. The evilness going on globally today was actually plotted years ago as all has been. It has all been unraveling according to their plans and the involved are global, not just Western powers. We have been so conditioned to believe and do and we have all been sadly duped.(VietnamVet/Editor/Activist) Gordon Duff’s Veterans Today and radio show are exceptional sources for truths. You may want to listen to the recorded phone call to another honorable patriot Amb. Leo Wanta as exposed on Duff’s radio show by Leo, Gordon and Stew Webb a federal whistle-blower/activist! Former CIA asset, Susan Lindaur, is another honorable patriot, whistle-blower who has also provided credible, compelling evidence that is more than distressing, but very necessary info to anyone who calls themselves a true American. Please share the info and sources and know that honorable people are making a difference. The National Liberty Alliance .org is where those who care about America’s future
            can be a part of making a difference. Thank you again for your service and sacrifices you gave for me and your fellow Americans! God bless and stay safe!

          148. Uzoozy says

            The whole world cannot serve in the army, someone got paid to do the job.

          149. Virginia Woodard says

            Thank you for your service! sorry for what has happened to our once proud nation! Hard to feel good about this country now when a muslim voted into our highest office by the majority!

          150. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t think W made it 6 months…….

          151. Virginia Woodard says


          152. WhiteFalcon says

            It is hard to come up with a simple expression that is bad enough to describe it.

          153. Uzoozy says

            Barry is a good man with a cool head and beautiful speeches.
            What you are talking about may be GW and his prick VP

          154. RobertNorwood says

            Sub Zero?
            Degrees Kelvin?

          155. Virginia Woodard says


          156. babby660 says

            show us some records, please. Also, you don’t have to shout!

          157. proudtexan62 says

            Give us an address to mail all the information because there are volumes of it. He was schooled in Muslim schools in Indonesia when his mother married his step father, Soetoro. He came to the USA as a Foreign Student and attended schools in CA under the name of Barry Soetoro. He was adopted by his step-father and it is likely that his legal name is still Barry Soetoro. He had all his personal records and college records sealed at the cost of several million dollars that was paid by George Soros or Bill Ayres. If his background is clean, he shouldn’t have to seal records. Any president of the United States has to be vetted to be eligible for the office. Pelosi and Reid said they did that but they did not. They never had his records as has no one else. His college roommates have spoken out and confirmed he attended college in CA as a foreign exchange student on a grant from the US government. He is a Muslim and not eligible to hold the office he is holding now. The burden of proof is on you buddy because the fraudulent birth certificate is one thing that the whole world knows. If you were born in the USA and want to be president, why is it so hard to pull out your birth certificate just like we have to in order to get a passport and show it to the world. Why wouldn’t he? Because he is NOT A US CITIZEN and he has no birth certificate to prove it. His grandmother stated he was born in Kenya.

          158. Virginia Woodard says


          159. Savvy1Sez says

            All 50 states are now in a re-constitutional status. It is time for Americans to wake up and participate in the efforts to take our country back and implement our true, organic constitution of 1776-1789, eliminating the bogus, self-serving (under the crown) constitution of 1871. Our rights and liberties have been chewed up and spit out throughout the last 150 years. We must take our court systems back to our common law rights endowed by our founding fathers and not the admiralty courts fraudulently forced on us through deception. The identity theft of Americans via birth certificates and social security numbers has furthered the agenda of the greedy illuminati/cabal and it’s time to eliminate the corporate bond cusip scam unlawfully imposed on Americans. Now is the time to join the honorable American Constitutional Common Law Grand Jury and hold the corrupt evil-doers accountable. All that is needed is your desire to preserve our rights and join us at the National Liberty Alliance .org website. The future of our ancestors depends on us now!

          160. Virginia Woodard says


          161. Savvy1Sez says

            You don’t know how right you are! They have all been despicable greedy thugs. I’m not a lib, but I have a suspicion that O has been subverted. I’m not so sure he’s been behind the evilness that he’s had pinned on him. Too much is pointing to those who are in fear of us finding out about all that has truly gone on and whistle-blowers have been leaking incredible verified intel. I’ve probably put a huge target on my back for what I’ve let out , but I can’t sit and let people keep being duped or vote an evil-doer back into office. I’ll put it this way, every evil criminal act you can imagine has been perpetrated. Those who didn’t participate kept it quiet to keep their jobs, for a huge payoff or have been blackmailed for their involvement in their own criminal actions. And the honorable through the years have been assassinated or suicided (how convenient) with an unwitting patsy (i.e. Lee Harvey Oswald) taking the fall. George H was in Dallas that day – he’s in declassified pictures. Hunt was a part of it and the CIA behind it with GHWB and LBJ. Jack Ruby, George H’s buddy – the Don of the Texas mafia must have gotten a huge payoff to handle that job himself. H. Hunt gave a deathbed accounting of JFK’s assassination for historical purposes. As I’ve said, our lives have been an illusion. There is just an incredible amount that has actually transpired and I fear the reactions of the global masses when people find out the truth of the past 150+ yrs. Well, thank you for the encouraging support!

          162. Savvy1Sez says

            My response is only pertaining to you and the truth about your own birth certificate. You obviously don’t know of the theft of your identity by our “illustrious” government. You are all in for a rude awakening. Look at your birth certificate – you were incorporated at birth by your state. It’s all upper case, corporate structure. Your soc.sec number was converted into a cusip bond and you’ve been traded on the market your entire life. Now who do you think has gotten the money? You are not a person unless you’ve reclaimed your personage. It really is time to do your own due diligence. The Admiralty court system only recognizes your corporate status. Yup, it’s all about money and they’re all in on it!
            Our lives have been a complete illusion perpetrated by the lies of those we thought were serving our interests. When I said crooks, I did my due diligence. For a solution, see my post below.

          163. Uzoozy says

            Prove that Barry is not a US citizen and get him out of here.
            Meanwhile he is doing such a great job, Barry should be allowed to stay another term.

          164. jobird says

            “Truth”-The new hate speech,during times of universal deceit,telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
            George Orwell
            Thank you for your well written post.Let them that have eyes see.Our country is in great peril.

          165. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I could provide you a lot of links to share on these issues you discuss now, and so much more. All public info. Let me know if you are interested. Takes a few minutes to do, but worth it if you will share it. You can copy and paste and make your own document how you see fit.

          166. gini62 says

            You are correct except for one small fact. He came home to Hawaii when he was 10. His step dad was anti Communist. She did not what her son raised that way so she sent him home to live with her parents. She wanted him raised as she was in an atheist Marxist house hold. They gave him over to a black Marixist writer for the American Communist paper. They really didn’t know what to do with a black child. He went to school at a private school as a foreign exchange student. He told all the friends in the neighborhood that he was born in Indonesia. It was because his mother was then in Indonesia. When he went to college he first went to California. There is no proof he was adopted by Soetoro. He was listed on the rolls of his school as Barry Soetoro. In those days you took on the name of your step father even if you weren’t formally adopted.

          167. Virginia Woodard says


          168. Anne Marie Bradley says

            All you have to do is search online, babby. Search on “Michelle Obama is a man” for starters because HE is a transvestite. Daughters’ adoptions were probably a snatch and grab when the tsunami hit Indonesia, I bet. there are so many! And Pope Francis is a child molester and there is strong evidence he murdered children to use as ritual sacrifice. There is a childabuse website. If you are seriously interested, let me know. I will paste many links to this article. It takes a while, but if it is taken seriously and considered, you can copy and make your own document as you see fit and share it with others. Obama is gay. A total fake. He told us he was against gay marriage to mislead us. So much of his transparency! He HAS a gay marriage!

          169. Uzoozy says

            Barry Soetoro even if he is a Muslim is the best of the best.
            Muslims are good people.
            1.8 Billion strong at the last count.

          170. Virginia Woodard says


          171. Uzoozy says


          172. chamberjac says

            Get out of here Troll !

          173. Uzoozy says

            Chamberjac, go to your chambers and stay thee till you are allowed o talk.
            The biggest killers were Christians , Hitler. Stalin, Mussolini , Milosevic ,Lenin,
            Over 90 million people were killed by them.
            I do not see any Muslims here on the list.
            You better stay in your chambers.

          174. Uzoozy says

            Jane spoke her mind and the American people did not forgive her. So unlike alleged Xtians who are supposed to give the other cheek.

          175. pretzeldude says

            Jane Fonda’s actions resulted in a POW being killed and others severely beaten. Jane Fonda is a POS and that’s on one of her better days.
            I don’t call that speaking her mind.

          176. Uzoozy says

            Jane Fonda is the one that had freedom of speech and see where she landed up.
            Jane is a brave lady.

          177. gini62 says

            Now you have gone too far! Jane went to North Vietnam. She said she was on their side. That is a traitor when you are at war with a country. But that was not all. She met prisoners of war. They trotted them all out to see her. The soldiers thought she was there to save them. If they could just get word to her as to who they were they knew she would get the message out to their loved ones. They all slipped notes in her hand as she shook each hand. At the end she handed all those notes over to the North Vietnam. Because she did this they tortured those men and killed some. She is not just a traitor she is a murderer. I will not watch anything she is in. I can’t stand the sight of her and neither should you. Want to know something else? She is not sorry. She makes excuses for her behavior and has never said sorry. I think she is devoid of all feelings and you know she is a Democrat, no surprise.

          178. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Thank you for sharing this, Gini. I did not realize that JF did that. In 1996, her husband began the United Nations Foundation. Fairly recently, Ted Turner (her X-husband) says he is all out of money and someone else has to put money in the pot. Mark Malik Brown was a good Secretary for UN. I think we have a good Secretary now, who is Asian – I think Chinese. But the US needs to clean house in this country. Stand up to the liars and not give them business, for one thing. I posted 6 lists of links on this article but I don’t see them today. I may just post them again as comments to the article. Please copy and pasted them and make your own document as you see fit, to share with others.

          179. Savvy1Sez says

            I actually met and escorted Mother Teresa – what an incredible human being. She truly impacted my life! The world needs a whole lot more of her! What a world it would be! 🙂

          180. Uzoozy says

            Sav, sorry to bust your bubble.
            MT was in India to spread Christianity , how she did it, only I will say it was cruel , picking up girls in villages and keeping them prisoners in their convent in Calcutta India.
            She was no angel by any stretch of imagination.

          181. Beachley CE says

            I read Regan was not fond of Bush & that is enough for me! Regan is the last real pres we have had!

          182. proudtexan62 says

            It was our business when terrorists killed 4000 people at the WTC in New York in 2001. Saddam Hussein was one of the leaders of terrorism and they were there when we arrived in 2003. You really are not very well informed and you should do a lot more reading before you tell people how it is or was in the world.

          183. Uzoozy says

            It was NOT Saddam that was involved in 9/11.
            Get over it.
            I feel extremely sorry that so many innocent people died.
            9/11 was an inside job.

          184. Virginia Woodard says


          185. Uzoozy says

            He is a great president.
            May God bless him , his patience in dealing with scum is admirable.

          186. proudtexan62 says

            Saddam was a butcher, just like ISIS today and his two sons were even worse. I saw some of their handiwork while I was in Iraq. The Iraqis who worked with us to help rebuild their country cried and threw things at the Chandeliers he had in his 96 palaces and the marble walls and floors and the 24 carat gold bathroom fixtures that were in them all. They were living way below the poverty level. Those who had electricity got it 4 hours a day maximum and in the summer it is 134 in the shade over there. He was not involved? You bet your life he was involved. He was a terrorist and a butcher of his people just like Assad today and ISIS now. Saddam used chemical gas on 300,000 Kurds in Northern Iraq, Kurdistan very shortly before we got there. He was a piece of crap and you get over it and get out of this country. You hate it so why are you here? Inside job, my butt!!! It was inside alright, inside terrorism.

          187. Uzoozy says

            There is no dispute that Saddam was the butcher , supported by the West all the way till he did not want to listen to anyone, then he become enemy number one.
            Everything Saddam did was incorrect he should have treated his people well.
            People like Saddam should have been eliminated about two dozen years ago.

          188. proudtexan62 says

            Now he’s a butcher. He was a saint yesterday. You are so confused you have no idea what you believe from one five minutes to another. Surely the West supported him…….you are so deluded!!!! The west had nothing to do with him or any of those butcher dictators in the Middle East but we have gone after each one of them and will continue that until we have terror wiped out. Those people will never quit fighting, they’ve done so for 5000 years but we can beat them down so far that they will just destroy themselves and not come after the big 6000# Gorilla that we once were and will be again as soon as we get rid of Obama and all the trash and garbage who fund him, support him and surround him!!!

          189. Uzoozy says

            Proudtexan ,go to Crawford and get humped by a bull. lam has been around 1400 years and where does the 5000 years come from Islam has been the best religion for people. Do not provoke it bites hard.

          190. proudtexan62 says

            You are nothing but trash. I’ve had enough of your filthy mouth. Iam ( learn to spell or type) has been around 1400 years but the in-fighting has been going on for 5000 years!!! Islam is not a religion, it is terrorism. Do not provoke me, US Marshalls show up at your door followed by the Texas Rangers and if you think any of us are scared of you, you’d better think a long, long time!!!!

          191. Savvy1Sez says

            The enemy is within and out. Both Bushes, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Prince Bandar have all been found guilty beyond any inkling of a doubt, via overwhelming, indisputable evidence presented by the designing architects and engineers of the twin towers and others. The International Criminal Courts found them all (among others) guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity for the willful, malicious destruction of life and property. It was all about money and resources (oil etc). Their agenda is world dominance, money and control of the global resources and the banking cabal are also very much a part of it. They have been following through with the agenda of the illuminati going back before Hitler (“Trading With the Enemy” by Charles Highams via declassified documents) and it still continues. The Court Tribunal sat in Malaysia. Oh…..didn’t they have a plane disappear just a little bit later. Hmmm……IT’S ALL OUT THERE. Do some due diligence. WAKE UP!
            I’ve only scratched the surface of the deceptions and fraud. But please don’t believe me – look for yourselves. Welcome to your real world!

          192. proudtexan62 says

            Why don’t your and your buddy Uzoozy who hate America, GET OUT?? If we are so bad, you have no reason to be here. What about Obama? He is the king of the Terrorists, criminals and traitors to America. Oh, wait, he can’t be a traitor because he is not a citizen of the United States. He is a criminal terrorist who is at war with America. Well, the war has begun and it won’t take long. What is the International Criminal Court? What Obama agency do they belong to? Who did they find guilty? Bushes, Cheney and Rumsfeld? Prince Bandar? Who the heck cares about him? When did this trial happen? It’s your buddy Obama you are talking about and you and Uzoozy both need to get over it and get out!!!

          193. Savvy1Sez says

            Such animosity over a stimulating difference of opinion. Take a deep breath, it will help calm you down. I have no idea who Uzoozy is so you are wrong on that one. Additionally, I love MY country, America, as I am an American citizen of the Republic, not a citizen of the corporate United States. I have not spoken my support for O nor anyone else. So, please stop assuming, though I’ll give you a hint, RP was done dirty. I am strongly encouraging all to do your due diligence as I am not interested in any more destruction of my country, the Republic of the united States of America. I obviously don’t need to direct your attention to the the current actions of those who are not acting in the best interest of patriotic honorable Americans. But with the distractions and misinformation that have been force-fed to us, it is essential that the real truth get out there. As I stated previously, they (the 1%ers) are all working together on the same agenda (as one united against us) and if we don’t unite and take our country back to our organic Constitutional rights as was intended by our founding fathers, then we all can kiss it good-bye. The dismantling of America has been an agenda for decades and O (the puppet) is following through (as those before him) with what GHWB signed (Agenda 21) in ’93, among other destructive intent. This is and has been a nefarious global power war on the 99% of humanity. Much of the rest of the world has awakened, but we in the states have been kept in a media misinformation/black_out campaign. Seriously, really look. You know in your knower that things aren’t right. The so-called 19 bumbling arabs didn’t hi-jack highly sophisticated planes using box cutters and then fly them with incredible precision into specifically targeted areas of tower 1 and 2, causing (confirmed) bombs to implode, beginning sub-ground level and magically evaporate the gold that was in the sub-basement. Those explosions preceded the implosions causing the towers to collapse. The 1st plane struck at a specific location where a scheduled meeting (of whistle-blowers were directed to be) had everyone present except the boss. No fire could melt that steel. Not my opinion, but the facts presented by the designing Architects, Engineers and demolition experts. Tower 6 was an incomplete collapse which is never mentioned. And lets not forget tower 7’s implosion and collapse 8 hrs later. In sympathy I guess. Although a very strange thing happened. A BBC newscaster reported on live TV 1/2 hr before 7 actually collapsed. Hmmm…….we were distracted by alleged, non-existent CWMD claims in Iraq to get into war in the Middle East. Natural resource control, oil is the goal of the cabal and the military industrial complex. (Please don’t interpret this to suggest I had any support for Hussein). I am a pragmatic humanitarian, that’s all. People need to start thinking about who benefits from an agenda and then follow the money trail. Americans are getting angry with each other instead of us uniting to stop the greed of those controlling the world. I don’t know how else to reach people to help wake them up. So, thank you for engaging in dialogue with me and please, please help pass the truth and by all means – don’t take my word for it. The info really is out there, although they struggle with keeping the info up for all to view at the alternative news sites, backed with rather compelling evidence. There really is so much more – please follow the money trail as the consortium of honorable, international investigative journalists have done for 20 yrs.and you will see the truth of what they’ve uncovered. International intelligence agencies (leakers) have been a God-send to humanity! Whistle-blowers have been speaking up for 15 yrs and many have been suicided or locked up under the illuminati-serving Patriot Act. Time to stop them. Be awakened! God bless and stay safe.

          194. proudtexan62 says

            If you loved your country as you claim, you would do a little more research. Right now, you should be checking on one very true fact. Hate rich people like you do and you must want to because it’s obvious you do, those 1% pay the majority of the taxes in this country today. The middle class is disintegrating because Obama is squeezing the life out of us in fees and taxes and rising prices of everything everyday!!! I know all about every President since Dwight David Eisenhower so don’t be telling me what Presidents have done and not done. I’m well aware and unlike you, I am also aware of why they did and why they didn’t and why they should have and why they didn’t. I am very political and I keep up with the truth, not rumor and not fiction. Obama is the worst president in the history of the world in ANY COUNTRY. He is a Muslim radical, socialist bastard that was sent here by Soros and Ayers to destroy our country and turn us into a Fourth World Nation. Obama was more than happy because he never had anything as a child and he hates the wealthy. All anyone has to do to amass wealth is be smart, work smart and hard. If you are unwilling to do that or are not smart enough, you have to expect your position in life to be whatever you have made it. Nobody is holding anyone down who really wants success in their lives. Obama is holding the black Americans down right now and making their worse than they’ve ever been. Many of them realize it. Others who are too lazy to get in out of the rain cry discrimination and race profiling all the time. As long as the check is in the mailbox every month, they will do whatever Obama says. Don’t tell me ever again to take a deep breath and calm down. If this is your country, start acting like it and educate yourself on what is going on or find someone to help you. You don’t have a clue!!! This is my last communication with you.

          195. Savvy1Sez says

            You are quite right – this is the last communication for I have no time for hate mongering mental midgets who know not of what they spew. Get ready for your blind-siding! Take a breath before you stroke out!

          196. Uzoozy says

            I agree with you 100 percent, did you know that the people that killed the most people in the world (in the recent past) were Christians.
            Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Franco, Tito, Stalin were sadists between them they killed ove 20 million , no one else comes close to those numbers.
            If you add the Inquisition and crusades add another 9 million.
            Saddam was peanuts compared to the big 6 killers.
            When in power people become unjust and ruthless.
            God save this world and keep us all safe.
            We do not need another Texan in the Oval Office to wage another war.

          197. gini62 says

            The problem with Arab nations is they are still tribal. It is still one tribe against another. They hate each other as much as they hate as, almost. They are now focused on us and so now that they have a common enemy they will put their differences aside, for now. The Leader of Iraq kept them afraid of him so he could keep them in line and keep them from going to war with each other. Unfortunately, he was still raging tribal war on his own people. Sometime when you think someone is really bad and nothing could be worse you get worse. I’m reading “Killing Jesus” and it happened in the beginning of the book. Read it and you will see what I mean. But be prepared to not be able to put it down.

          198. Pamela Craghill says

            Bush was patriotic to himself, going to an illegal war for oil. He has blood on his hands and Blair too.

          199. Virginia Woodard says


          200. Pamela Craghill says

            I have a long way to go before I am as stupid as you. You can be in denial all you want, but my words are true. Ask the families of dead soldiers if they think he was a good president. You talk out of reading what people have written to make you believe. I go by facts. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          201. Anne Bradley says

            You are just being a follower, Pamela. You have not researched anything, obviously. Spend time on Look up Middle East History and Security. For starters.

          202. Pamela Craghill says

            Anne, I follow nobody. I see and hear what your country and mine have done through Bush’s and Blair’s administration. The results are right there to see. Bush did it for oil, because he is greedy and Blair did it because he was a poodle to Bush and cared little for his country and it’s people. I don’t think either have anything to be proud of, in fact they should be at the Hague for the crimes they have committed, having an illegal war.

          203. proudtexan62 says

            You have no clue about Iraq or Afghanistan. You people just like to talk and are too lazy to do any research or talk to people who REALLY know and were ACTUALLY THERE..

          204. Anne Bradley says

            I agree with you whole-heartedly, Viginia! I love the Bushes!

          205. Virginia Woodard says


          206. Anne Bradley says

            Me too, Virginia. Me too. Am listening to Trey Gowdy videos for a pick-me-up now. tgowdysc on U-tube. fyi. I want to see if Jeb Bush has a channel.

          207. Savvy1Sez says

            You know not what you speak, but you will! Do some due diligence instead of spewing ill-informed nonsense. They only pretend to be patriots! They are bonafied crooks. (Hint) FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL! Your life has been an illusion, so sorry. WAKE UP AMERICA!

          208. Beachley CE says

            I agree the b hussein & billary are a different breed altogether, can’t stand them, but when Barb Bush was asked about Sarah Palin & said she should stay in Alaska

            , I LOST ALL RESPECT AS SHE SAID AT THE SAME INTERVIEW THAT THE INTRUDER b hussein was doing a good job….I lost my dinner & was so mad, they all make me sick. Now Jeb the dumbest of the bunch wants to be pres well guess what I want things too & you don’t always get what you want , be thankful you have what you do…….if that idiot runs I will not vote the just go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          209. gini62 says

            He is a traitor to every student in every school if he supports Common Core. Like I said read Glen Becks’ book about Common Core. It will make you sick. No, No, don’t want him for President.

          210. Beachley CE says

            best I have read! Totally agree……………new blood no more holding on to office forever until you are 90 & drop dead! o, pen your eyes people THEY LOOK YOU IN THE FACE ALL OF THEM & LIE!They only want money & power………..greed, DC is corrupt on both sides!

          211. RobertNorwood says

            RINOs, RINOs, RINOs – do you guys know how old that is getting? It is what it is, I’d rather have a RINO in Congress than a liberal democrat. You folks splitting the conservative vote have have done nothing but give us liberal dumbocrats in office.

          212. David in MA says

            “Bush 2 also transferred control of the national guard from the states to the federal government”
            Was there a Constitution change?
            f not, they were not transferred to the fed govt. they were sent by the state governor who has the only jurisdiction over the guard and they are separate from the fed’s and for state security alone. What may have been transferred was who was going to pay the guard…

          213. cdansreau says

            Nope! read up on the NDAA 0f 2007, especially section 1760. What you are implying that who controls the purse strings control the guard is true and expecially since 1903. However if obama (without governor’s approval) can directly use the guard to quell a revolt against the fed’s then i submit that control has changed. the charter may be worded similar to the constitution but since the 1900’s there have been a lot of changes. It seems that like a lot of things while we do have the constitution there have been a lot of changes via congress made laws since 1900.

          214. Virginia Woodard says


          215. richardwfaith says

            While all of that is probably true, what is much more frightening is that he is a puppet of GLOBALISTS who COVET OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

          216. mtman2 says

            And queer/commie/mentor(maybe dad)Frank Marshal Davis along with maternal grandparents raising little Barry in the “LITTLE RED CHURCH”(commies), as well
            as ‘Rev’ Wrong and Bill Ayers and commie parents who paid his tuition and told him they’d groom him to be potus and the Jarrets also commies ~!

          217. Jim says

            Actually, the National Guard is an arm of the standing Army and Air Force. The only authority that the state governor has is to deploy them in certain circumstances, like state emergencies. The National Guard can be and has been deployed in circumstances concerning national interests, such as in wartime. The governor can not refuse to allow the federal government to deploy the Guard because they are federal troops even though they may be tasked mainly with the security of an individual state.

            Also, those who claim that the “well regulated militia” means “National Guard” are in error, due to the fact that the National Guard is part of the standing Army and Air Force.

          218. David in MA says

            SORRY, I DISAGREE……But thanks for this post.

          219. jag57 says

            When they refer to the militia, every male, from 18 to 65, was considered as the militia, and as far as I know, this has never been repealed. This was before the National Guard was created. If people were as intelligent today, as they were in the seventeen hundreds, there wouldn’t be any argument about the meaning of “well regulated militia.”

          220. Jim says

            Exactly my point. The “Militia” was and is separate from the standing Army. It has always been that way. The reason that people have the assumption that the National Guard and Reserves are the Militia is that they have been indoctrinated that way. Unfortunately, people don’t think any more, they just memorize and regurgitate on command. That’s what our education system has become, teaching to the test and placing the utmost importance on passing standardized tests.

          221. cdansreau says

            Well said. it should be realized that there always has been the organized militia and the unorganized militia (citizen joe). a couple of notes is that in colonial days the colonists used the militia also as law enforcement. While there were no city police as such there were sherrifs which worked WITH the militia. further the militia act of 1792 required citizens as part of the militia to buy their own muskets, bayonets, ammunition. larger equipment such as artillery and horses were mentioned as part of the act but must have community purchases. Currently Feinstein is trying to ban military looking equipment such as bayonet lugs on rifles, large capacity magazines and otherwise military look and feel.

            the state militia under state control was always meant as protection against an oppressive federal government. Over time the organized militia known as the national guard has slowly been federalized including being part of the DOD. the NDAA act of 2007 allows the president to declare emergency and directly control the national guard against revolts without state approval. SO i call this a significant change. oddly enough the validation for this was louisana control of the national guard during hurricane Katrina. i do not think the gulf oil spill showed ANY improvement in management. the NDAA act of 2007 that bush signed and authorized is well documented on the web. if there are questions about that, look it up.

          222. mtman2 says

            “Well” as RWR used to start out with, people are listening now more than ever since then, as the “Sleeping-Giant” awakens ~!

          223. mtman2 says

            TRUE- 100% ~!

          224. mtman2 says

            RIGHT ~!

          225. Virginia Woodard says


          226. David in MA says

            WHO SAID BUSH WAS?

          227. Valor says

            Bush 2 didn’t have anything to do with transferring control of the National Guard to the Federal Government. That happened back in the 60s when Gov. Wallace of Alabama used the NG to prevent integration. That was a sad mistake for the states to allow that. That being said, I don’t want another Bush or Clinton. But if there really is a 2016 presidential election and the GOP is stupid enough to nominate Jeb Bush Hillary will be the next President. Chances are good there won’t be an election, and even if there is there will never be another Republican President. The stupidity of the American Electorate guarantees it.

          228. Virginia Woodard says


          229. cdansreau says

            Virginia: The Bush family is not evil. i do think like many presidents they have allowed corruption and made mistakes. i do not think i would mind them being my neighbors at all. I will state that i think all democratic presidents support evil or are evil. This Now includes Carter and my mind is not made up concerning JFK.
            in terms of presidents in my lifetime i think the best are Regan, Eisenhower, Ford.
            Bushes, Nixon in order were good. I will forgive a person for honest mistakes but loathe those who are hurting the US intentionally such as Obama and the clintons.
            I also am not in favor of a monarchy and will never vote for Jeb.

          230. mtman2 says

            JFK pushed thru public unions for votes, pushed Vietnam, tapped MLK-Jr’s phone,
            screwed up Bay of pigs, almost caused nuclear war(he didn’t save it from happening), had multiple affairs disrespecting marriage-his wife+Ca-tholics and all American families. LBJ had him killed to take the WH and build bigtime on FDR’s socialist binge on steroids ~!

          231. cdansreau says

            Some presidents had about 20 executive orders. most presidents seem to average about 100 executive orders (XO’s) a year.
            (i believe they were originally considered administrative in nature, ie. requiring all foreign correspondence to have 2 copies made of it, most XO’s were complying with law but just fine tuned the implementation) the thing about Obama is that his executive orders border on law making and against government principles which should be taken up by congress. Frankly a lot of these should be cancelled by the next president hopefully.

            One interesting thing about FDR is that he holds the record by far on sheer quantity of XO’s generaated. His reign was about 13-14 years and he had about 8,000 XO’s generated. the next highest had less than 1000.

          232. Virginia Woodard says


          233. babby660 says

            Now I know you’re misinformed (to say the least). Where did you learn that Obama “sent our troops to fight ebola”? Only medics & scientists can conduct a war against a virus, & GOP made sure that this would also be difficult when they shot down his nominee for surgeon general a while back.

          234. Anne Bradley says

            Wow, cdansreau. I did not realize that about FDR. I would think Obama would have had more XO’s/mandates. (are they the same thing?) Obama has issued many that are unconstitutional, including the infamous czar list he has. Teddy Roosevelt created a new party (Progressives) so he could run for President. I think he ran against Woodrow Wilson.

          235. babby660 says

            don’t know if your figures are correct, but since FDR was elected 4 times, you could be right. my grandma said people cried when he died, just like they did when JFK was assasinated

          236. mtman2 says

            Yeah, FDR/Truman+LBJ were un-Constitutional+UN-American in their “regimes”.
            MAO’bama is in their same vain but is openly stretching his reign into decrees of a king, violating all that OUR Founding Docs stand for ~!

          237. Anne Bradley says

            Right on, mtman2. Iunderstand JFK was going to do away with the Fed, too. Obama is trying to. Obama is trying to do anything that will collapse our country.

          238. mtman2 says

            The Fed is controlling OUR monetary system since 1913 and it is Global bankers that run us. Getting rid of the Fed is a good thing.
            JFK did understand like Reagan that a strong economy lifts all people and revenues, JFK was a Dem + a Lib mostly, so was an odd duck to Dems today ~!

          239. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Dishonesty is what harms the economy. Not regulating it, such as what the Fed Reserve is designed to do. For the past 3 decades, our country has been so dishonest with stocks – embezzling – cheating on taxes – that it caught up with us. That is why President Bush started inittiatives to hold companies accountable. Unfortunately, he had a great deal on his plate, due to 911. Bill Ayers has been wanting America to be attacked since the 80’s. I suspect Weather Underground had much to do with helping the terrorists from the Middle East, who worked for bin Laden – al Qaeda. The Ayers own ACORN, which has caused so much voter fraud it is pathetic. They live for money and power. Dishonesty is their best policy. Obama has been tight with the Ayers family since he went to Columbia Univ – but, oh, a classroom was hardly ever seen by him. He slid through school having help from his professor, Dr. Said, who liked Obama’s terrorist point of view.

          240. mtman2 says

            Don’t forget Fox+Piven ~!

          241. richardwfaith says

            Most Dems have never even HEARD of Fox+Piven; they don’t even know their own MASTERS!

          242. richardwfaith says

            If you read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, you will come away with a new understanding of what the SO-CALLED “Fed” (which is NOT EVEN FEDERAL AT ALL) was “designed” to do.

          243. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I don’t believe that. JFK was a control freak, not a leader.

          244. mtman2 says

            That’s what I said means, public unions are curse on OUR economy and pilfered to pay for it by Woody Wilsons IRS+his sellout to the World-Bankers=The FED ~!

          245. richardwfaith says

            So then, who the Hell put us on the MOON for the FIRST, LAST and ONLY time it was EVER DONE? Jimmy Carter?

          246. Virginia Woodard says

            I WOULD OMIT NIXON!

          247. babby660 says

            he was the only president to resign in disgrace. I would not buy a used car from him.

          248. richardwfaith says

            Nixon at least RESIGNED in his disgrace; ObamA

          249. babby660 says

            Obama’s “disgrace” is all in YOUR mind.

          250. richardwfaith says

            Watergate was the least of his infractions, and it certainly was trivial in comparison to several of obamA’s capers. IMO, the worst thing Nixon did was to open up trade with China; in retrospect, you can see where THAT went. Our manufacturing jobs are almost entirely gone, and worse yet, the Chinese are trying to salvage what’s left of the value of dollars we’ve paid to them over the past few years by buying up large tracts of real estate in OUR COUNTRY. OTHER countries, far more wisely than US, have the sense to mandate that THEIR LAND can be owned ONLY by THEIR CITIZENS. WE need to do the same.

          251. mtman2 says

            It’s the presidency NOT speech class awards, as WE can see-
            as- “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” awardi MAO”bama ~!

          252. Anne Bradley says

            Media were enjoying their new toys back then and certainly using President Bush as target practice!

          253. jag57 says

            If the Balkanization continues, we will be Yugoslavia, and Balkanization never ends pretty. With the former Yugoslavia, it was about different cultures hating each other, not about the taxpayer being screwed, like what is going on in the U.S.

          254. cdansreau says

            read up on the NDAA act of 2007 that Bush signed. it allows the president to declare an emergency and use the NG to put down a revolt without the governor’s OK. Rssentially this is an override of state power. I would say that is a change of control. FYI, the organized militia AKA the NG has been changing into a federal part of the DOD for a long time (1903), not_ just 1960.

          255. Virginia Woodard says


          256. Anne Bradley says

            cd, I don’t see how it would be an override of power, since they are the NATIONAL guard. Essentially, I would percieve President’s Bush’s NDAA Act of 2007 to be okay, as you describe it. I haven’t read it. Pennsylvania has a militia. Look them up on facebook. The problem is, Obama is taking advantage of any power he has. His planners are doing everything they can to ruin this country – and take it over. Communism is even dead in Russia the Communist party does still exist there, but has little, if any, value. Most of these Obama Planners are living in the past. Please look around for the links I post. I am posting them now . there are six parts. Copy and paste them and make your own document the way you see fit. Meantime, the links can be clicked on from this site. All public info.

          257. hankthetank says

            He did that for agenda 21, NWO!!

          258. richardwfaith says


          259. babby660 says

            what happened to the first 20?

          260. Mike Laborde says

            Iraq had WMD’s is the reason we went there. And don’t say “not true”. WMD’s were found. The media only soft covered the story. As for another Bush, No to that.

          261. babby660 says

            details, please

          262. 1American1st says

            cdansreau –
            Where did you get your info? LINK PLEASE

            President Bush did not transfer control of the NG to the Feds.

            Second Amendment of the Constitution:
            – Article II, Section 2 places all forces, including the militia when in federal service, under the control of the executive branch by making the president Commander-in-Chief.
            The modern image of today’s National Guard began to emerge in 1903, when the landmark Militia Act (also called the Dick Act) established procedures for a
            more direct and active role by the federal government in organizing, training
            and equipping the National Guard in line with Army standards. The legislation
            divided all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 into the organized
            militia (National Guard) and the reserve militia. In addition, it mandated that,
            within five years, the organization, pay, discipline, and equipment of the
            National Guard equal that of the Army.


          263. babby660 says

            Bush 2 & his master, Cheney, also lied about WMDs.

          264. Pamela Craghill says

            Bush also conived with the evil Blair to go to an illegal war. Shame on the pair of them.

          265. mtman2 says

            Nah, the U.N.’s 17 Resolutions against Saddam were all on Clintons watch(same w/Bin Laden), except the last one. The last 4 called for force to remove Saddam Clinton did not Bush went to congress+the U.N. and got 40 nations to get it done, sorry you’re wrong. There were terrorist training there and he had millions of tons of nerve gas(used on Kurds) and 550-metric tons of yellow cake uranium was found there. Other WMD went to Syria+ ISIS has some now ~!

          266. Pamela Craghill says

            mtman2, whatever you say, Bush was the one that took America and England to war. The Poodle Blair, was so besotted with Bush he went along and to us to war alongside of America.

          267. mtman2 says

            Of the 16 resolutions on Clintons watch the last three the United Nations called for “Use of Force” against Saddam Hussein= tiddly winks. Same with 1st World Trade Center bombing, 2 African Embassy bombing, the USS Cole bombing and Black Hawks down in Mogadishu. Same Osama Bin Laden who was offered by two nations and a 1/2 dozen opportunities to kill him, Nada.
            So this was all in Clintons lap and was dropped into W’s. Whereupon the U.N. gave the final call for attack on Saddam W went congress+ the UN all said yes ~!!!

          268. Pamela Craghill says

            #whatever you say, it was Bush who calluded with Blair to go to an illegal war. The blame lies at their doorstep. I could tell you , you have to jump in the lake, but if you do it, it is your own fault, not mine for saying it had to be done. Bush and Blair are to blame.

          269. Virginia Woodard says


          270. Pamela Craghill says

            Virginia, he fooled so many Americans with his big smile. You lapped up all his lies. He is hated in my country, as he has done so much damage to our tiny island. He let every paedophile, murderer, criminal and pimp into England with his open borders. Now our tine island, that is smaller than Florida is overrun with illegal immigrants. The man should have been tried at the Hague for being a war criminal. HE IS EVIL.

          271. Savvy1Sez says

            WOW! Someone who is awake. Yes! And none of it has been Constitutional! Follow the money trail for your answers. You won’t believe who all has been involved.

          272. 1uncle says

            NObama is more like a dictator than any prez we ever had.
            Congress is supposed to pass laws not prez, an illegal one too.

          273. richardwfaith says

            Barry Goldwater was a staunch anti-globalist. As such, he dared to openly recommend getting US out of the UN and getting the UN out of the US. Most people (sadly including myself) thought that was wacky, so now here we are: our government is swarming with NWO cockroaches, including but by no means limited to the UN.

          274. RobertNorwood says

            Apart from those things it’s time to stop handing the crown to a Bush, which is just what the RNC did when John McCain was running against George. jeb may be a good guy, I don’t know, I just know I don’t want another Bush in the White House – nothing against them. I’d vote for Senior again and George – if I had to do it again. I mean look at what the Democratic alternatives were.

          275. babby660 says

            a bit extreme, aren’t you?

        2. 1American1st says

          Savvy1Sez –

          Shouldn’t you be on some Liberal blog like Huffington Post where you can share your Liberal drivel?

          1. proudtexan62 says

            Great question! You would fit in like a glove there!!!

        3. Anne Bradley says

          Part I of VI

 – Chicago speaks out against Obama

 – This is about
          Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate and more. Hawaiin music. FACTS

 – Woman who was supported; Obama now says she no longer
          supports him

          Let Illegal Alian Children Live At The White House

          There’s no
          Place Like Utopia 2014, 2 min promotion

          interview with Joel Gilbert, film maker. “The REAL Father of Obama is Frank
          Marshall Davis”.

          (This film can be
          found on Amazon or, “Dreams From my REAL father”. In my opinion, Info Wars is not consistently
          correct. Tea Party info is political
          poison. Take that into serious


          uses phrase “New World Order” to fit their whims:


 – Andrew
          Breitbart’s public speaking, emphasizing Tea Party was triggered by dems (yet
          news video with Martin Basher claims he was a Tea Party loyalist); Occupy
          Movement was triggered by dems…Andrew Breitbart was murdered shortly after
          this. Martin Basher interviews w/ Andrew



 – why Breitbart
          was assassinated ACCORDING to Dr. Manning. Dr. Manning opines the Navy Seals covered
          up a hoax. (Yet Obama probably had the
          seals murdered.) (Note: Obama planners use anyone
          as a social tool. In this situation, I believe it is to get people to believe
          the murder of Bin Laden was a hoax… it was the third time they had Bin Laden
          and Obama was pressured to do his job and order an okay…killing the seals was
          Obama’s message to his terrorists that he was with them, not US, in my opinion)
          Dr. Manning sincerely cares. I agree with him 90% of the time.

 – this website
          tells you what is going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian border as well as the
          growth of terrorism in the world

 – Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama: His Birth Certificate
          in Hawaii is found to be fake!

 – “Who is this man?”
          2009 video which never got attention when it was needed. Obama attended a Catholic School and yet was
          instructed in Islam. Most people in Indonesia were Islam. Indonesia does not
          allow for duel citizenship. Illegal
          Birth Certificate. None ever issued by U.S.

 – What
          American Progressivism Really Is

 – Obama is bisexual, people died
          suspiciously, drug user (cocaine habit) Jeff
          Rense interviews Mia Pope, who knew “Barry Soetoro” at school in Hawaii. Suspicious
          death of Obama’s grandmother, reflecting convenience for his presidential race.
          Deaths of three of his boy-toys suspicious – murders. Members of the Down Low
          Club, secret gays. Donald Young Murdered by multiple gunshot wounds done by
          ammature gun user. Nate spencer murdered.
          Larry Bland murdered. Larry
          Sinclair exposed Obama.
 (Secret Service
          “saved” Larry Sinclair when he attempted suicide and called Glenn Beck – great
          Obama image!)

 – Exposed! $6.5 Billion for Border Crisis Was Funded by
          Senate In 2013!….including special status for those associated with Monsanto

          Congressional Budget Office

          DR. DINESH

          1. – Obama’s America 2016 film and
          readable version



          2. – Dr. Dinesh D’Souza speaks to University on Obama’s
          America: Unmaking The American Dream

          3. Why Obama wants to Destroy America, w/
          Dinesh D’Souza:

          – – Obama’s secret life. Facts in FBI records. 9.5 minutes
          Comments attached to this film make no sense.

          7/28/2014 Current altering of Military Records
          accounting for weapons seized:

          DREAMS FROM
          MY REAL FATHER


          – Sean Hannity interview w/ Mark Levin

        4. Anne Bradley says

          Third Part

 – pfc
          reported as committing suicide when she was murdered…Obama used them as a
          tool…parents claim “they have a torrid reputation of abuse in the military and
          it needs to stop”….their daughter was probably murdered by terrorists they were
          fighting, yet parents do not pursue that, according to this video, which has
          music in the background, reported by a TV station. Two Suspicions: (1) Obama wanted the parents to sue the Army
          to harm it more financially (2) By
          reporting a suicide, they don’t have to pay family any wartime loss, military
          benefits for life insurance…..also, there are several other u-tube videos which
          are created from Afri-Synergy, about black people who claim their family member
          was murdered…

 – “Butcher of
          Benghazi” Hillary Clinton Headed to Prison?


          1. – Susan Rice
          Caught Lying About Benghazi – Rep. Trey Gowdy Whistleblower Questioning.

          Mr. Hicks answer to Congressman Trey Gowdy was
          practiced. He claimed that the REASON
          Susan Rice went on several talk shows was to put pressure on the FBI to go out
          there as they requested. His emphasis
          was blaming FBI for her need to go on talk shows.

          He literally ducked the fact that Trey Gowdy claimed she
          reported lies deliberately.

          2. Trey Gowdy: If President Doesn’t
          Execute The Law, “What Are Our Remedies?” | Video |…

          3. FUNNY


          1. – Lerner Pleads 5th AGAIN–All Hell Breaks
          Loose!! Darrel Issa questions her. She pleas the 5th. Question:
          Who wanted to fix the problem caused by Citizens United?

          Email found: She
          emails Tea Party Lois
          Lerner’s email provided by whistleblower: TEA PARTY MATTER VERY DANGEROUS. This
          could be the vehicle to go to court on the issue of whether Citizen’s United
          overturning the ban on corporate spending applies to tax exempt rules. Counsel
          and Judy Kindell need to be in on this one please…Cincy should probably not
          have these cases….Holly please see exactly what they have please

          Lois Lerner’s hearing was adjourned because of
          uncooperative testimony. She just kept
          pleading the 5th. Mr. Elijah Cummings, MD. Attacks Mr. Issa, failing to have
          relevance. Yells out Mr. Issa had a
          one-sided investigation. A snotty rep
          said, “He’s taking the 5th” and they-democrats laugh. This rep, by the last name of Cummings claims
          that Rep Issa had no right to plea the 5th.
          He didn’t plead any 5th. Rep
          Cummings committed contempt since the hearing was adjourned.

          Consider THIS source also – yet THE SLATE is not credible

          Warning! This is torture!

          Warning! This is torture!…/syrian-rebels…/2525038454001/

          Warning on
          impending Bioterrorism in U.S., etc. :

          German (foreign born, yet seems to be devoted) Officer
          serves as Brigadier General in USArmy:



          PALLYWOOD’ films an alleged Israeli “atrocity” that got picked
          up by many in the Mainstream Media

 – inside look at a tunnel
          that Hamas builds

          terrorists beheading Christian Children:

 – inside look at a tunnel
          that Hamas builds

          Rev 7/28/2014

 – inside look at a tunnel
          that Hamas builds

        5. Anne Bradley says

          Part IV

          Obama planners obviously formed a type
          of coup de tat to get rid of the pope fast, since Adam Lanza was molested by a
          priest when he was six, and people were sharing it. NOT mainstream media, of course, which has
          been doing a lot of lying and failing to abide by their journalism oath.

          POPE FRANCIS




          False propaganda by Obama; frames him as
          agent for ISIS:

          BILL WHITTLE

          1. Bill
          Whittle interviews former analyst with DOD and former special agent for FBI. He is disguised to protect his identity. Sharing atrocities of Obama

          Muslim Groups are brought in to US to teach US tactics!

          Holy Land Foundation

          Groups include: Muslim Public Affairs
          Council, ISNA, CARE

          of Muslim Brotherhood are even teaching and training FBI employees

          DR. SAM VAKNIN


          1. – 1 hr interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin “Obama is a narcissist and
          does not consider consequences”



          4. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 24 min..Obama is a narcissist,

          5. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 7-min interview


          DR. MICHAEL
          SAVAGE RADIO

          1. Interview with Waled Shoebat

          2. Lasts 1 ½ hr. Michael Savage. “Rush was right” (Rush Limbaugh)

          – this website tells you what is going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian
          border as well as the growth of terrorism in the world


          1. picture:

          Ted Nugent “Hillary Clinton Should Be In Jail! Along With Eric
          Gun-Running Holder!”




          BLOG on Barry Soetoro, etc.







          President Obama
          could face impeachment, says a top White House aide:


          – look at this source!


          on Obama’s Short Form Birth Certificate:

        6. Anne Bradley says


          Note: Info Wars and Alex Jones Channels are loaded
          with ads. Maybe you will want to ck them
          out. I don’t. I agree with 80% of his stuff but he
          obviously slants with Tea Party Agenda and the Tea Party formed to HELP Obama,
          in my opinion. A trick. I just discovered the Koch Brothers actually formed the
          Tea Party and am appreciative to the woman who pointed that out to me. My opinion is evolving, but as it stands now,
          everything points to my assumption that this is a trick for Obama planners –
          split and conquer. Just like they are
          trying to do to China right now.


          1. Former prosecutor warns these are very
          dangerous times:





          Israel has
          already showed incredible restraint and mercy in dealing with the constant
          threats and violence they suffer at the hands of radical Muslim
          groups. SOURCE IS INFO WARS:






          He’s from
          Chicago…anyone surprised? Medical
          Director who Obama hired at VA:


          Reason, Muslim Brotherhood:;_ylt=AwrBJR9QKMRTL0cA6sTQtDMD

          SSN is false:

 – great resource

          At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E. Ukraine, school
          and more news

          June 2014 article:

          BLOG Founded by Paul E. Valley


          1. Ray Stevens… song, Come To the USA, there’s
          no penalty to pay, should you get caught illegally immigration….lots of

          2. – Gatlin Brothers

          Jeff Rense interviews Mia Pope:

          Obama is bisexual, cocaine habit:

          POINTS of


          6.5 billion
          dollar border crisis was anticipated and funded by Senate in 2013!


          Admission of
          hacking many Malaysian computers, more. 13.5 minutes:

          16-min film tells
          America to Wake Up because Obama is a terrorist. We have to support Congress.
          Source: “Officially Anonymous”. Note,
          these are rogue cyber hackers. They
          hacked many Malaysian computers! (Link is after this one):

 -“Germany did not need to destroy Russia for
          more land”…war fails to accomplish anything…Value of Life….second video is
          interview of producer of “Blue”….”Global Warming is a farce” – taking back the
          environment..false predictions and bloodshed…Blue Beats Green U-Tube Channel

 – Russian
          fighters facebook. I stand with Vladimir Putin!

          (This is also under
          “RT”) At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E.
          Ukraine, school hit, and more news


        7. proudtexan62 says

          You are the one who needs to Wake Up. The Bush family stole nothing from you or anyone else. The Clintons didn’t steal, they tried but they had to bring the White House china and art items back that they took. They said “they thought those things were theirs”. Of course they did. The two frauds that are in the White House now are the ones that have stolen EVERYTHING FROM AMERICA AND THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES TOO. The list of the stolen items they have taken is very long!!!!

          1. Maggiemae says

            You go Texas!!!!! Love your state, your fight for what’s right. Sure hope you guys can get that fence put up….electrified of course…to keep illegals out at your end!

          2. proudtexan62 says

            We are giving it our best Maggiemae!!!!

        8. Jerry Hughes says

          I did not like Bush at all, considered him a worthless RINO.
          Compared to the inept lying outlaw in the white house,. he is a paragon of virtue.

          1. proudtexan62 says

            Jerry, obviously I don’t agree with you and I’ve known the Bush family for over 50 years. If you knew them you would know what I mean. I’m not a family friend but they treat everyone with the respect that is due any decent person. I worked on the elder Bush’s senatorial campaign in my late teens. I do however respect and appreciate your logic. You are definite right on with that!!!!

          2. Jerry Hughes says

            One of the nice things about living in the USA, at least for a little while longer, is that you get to have an opinion and speak it.
            I’m 72 now, If I live to be 172, I still, will not have forgiven Bush for Medicaid and the Patriot Act.
            It’s my belief, that, combined with the Obama’s insurance rape, at some point in the near future, will lead us to partition or civil war.
            I’m still trying to decide how to hand out % of fault.
            Here is what, I do know..
            Our government is unique. It is a one of a kind, the only government in the world, where the founding documents enshrine the rights of the citizenry, I see the USA as the last, best hope of the people of planet Earth, to live free.
            So, when the USA is gone, it’s no mas, time..
            The part, that really , angers me about the liberal dem bloodsuckers, they will give that up, for a few bucks a week, in handouts.
            At this point in time, I really wish for only one thing, I want to die, 3 minutes behind Obama, I want to be next in line, when he starts talking to St Pete, I want to listen to him explain to St Pete, that he really needs his teleprompter, to explain all of this to him.
            I want to edge up, really close, and listen to him scream after St Pete hits the button that activates the trap door.
            Will God forgive me for that?
            Probably not, but, I will give a couple of eternities to get to listen to that inept lying outlaw, scream
            Then I want to listen to him scream, as he falls, for hours.

          3. proudtexan62 says

            Jerry: I’m with you. I’m 71 and I just want to see him go. I am a Christian and want to believe the best about everyone but I’ve had a hard time for the last few years!!! I really hate to say this because I know God will likely give me a black mark for it but I really don’t believe Obama will be 3 minutes ahead of you and me because I don’t think there is a chance of you seeing St. Peter at the Pearly Gates when you have done to a country what Obama has done to ours and hurt the thousands and millions of people and families that he has hurt and have no remorse whatsoever for it. Even if he did, I feel comfortable that he has not even thought to ask God for forgiveness because God is not his savior. He worships another…..Mohammed! He could care less about the pain and suffering he has brought to this country and her citizens!!! God will forgive us, Jerry but we will have to ask as I do much too much because, hate to admit it but I’m not perfect!!!! I want what you want. I want to hear that scream too!!! That is eternity for him and I do have much higher aspirations and hope that I’ve lived my life such that God will forgive my imperfect self and accept me into his kingdom when the time comes!!! One more statement and I won’t challenge you any longer. You have the right to your opinion and I respect that. Medicaid was established to help people. I know several people who are on Medicaid and really need it, both single mothers with deadbeat fathers who have children and are working a couple of jobs just to live paycheck to paycheck. I have helped them both myself by giving them clothes for the children and groceries from time to time, when I was in the workforce. Being retired now and on a fixed income, I don’t have the means to do what I used to. If fraud had not stepped into Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and all the rest of the public assistance programs, these things would have been there for those REALLY IN NEED. I can’t in good faith blame George W. Bush for that. It was bad before but all the lazy thugs and scam artists have come out of the woodwork since Obama took over. They are no longer challenged. Whatever they want they get….for a vote. The Patriot Act maybe but again, no one is perfect. You’re a good guy with good intentions and the right idea. We’re going to get through this. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but it’s doable. Have to stay united and not allow the liberals to pit us against one another.

          4. richardwfaith says

            The Doppler effect is an awesome phenomenon!

        9. Virginia Woodard says

          not the bushes! yes on clintons!

          1. jbftskj says

            LOL. How far wrong can one get? Killary will get us into WW3, sure as snow melts.

        10. squeak says

          Prove it .. show where we can see the facts ! I agree the Clintons’ are what you say, but doubt the Bush family are !

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            Sorry, I have work to take care of and can’t to pull it up for you right now. If you research International Criminal Courts + 911 trial or perhaps Malaysian Tribunal + Bush verdict it should come up. Otherwise you will just have to search as I have work to do and cannot stay any longer. Hope that helps! Keep looking. David Wilcock is a great source and Pulitzer prize winning author (Financial Tyranny) and documentary film maker. Veterans Today, Gordon Duff or Ben Fulford, (?former) editor for Forbes. I sure wish it wasn’t true but…….

          2. squeak says

            Did you ever think some of those sites are liberal & nothing but BS they put out there to ruin any chances of being elected… I do not believe a word of any Socialist Democrat, they are good in their lies ! Don’t believe everything you read from so many of these look up sites, majority of them are there to make sure a Bush or any Republican will not be elected for their own self gain, that is to put their people in office instead ! Beware !

        11. RobertNorwood says

          They rob me or did I miss something? I’d be more concerned right now about Obama and his crowd… not satisfied with stealing our freedoms, jeopardising our future they want to take our pride and self esteem, our national identity away as well.

        12. Virginia Woodard says

          NOT TRUE!

        13. Virginia Woodard says


        14. RobertNorwood says

          Oh shut up you ayhole.

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            I’m sure you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth! And if you do, well then, may she should be heavily invested in toilet paper as you have surely removed the CL from any class she taught you! (wink & 🙂 Although, with all the theft of the manipulated markets, a positive roi isn’t looking so good! Now, who do you think might be behind this revelation? FACT NOT OPINION!
            You kids really are clueless, tremendously gullible or both. I’ve got a country to save – no more time for idiocy!

          2. RobertNorwood says

            I think I may have hit “Reply” on you by accident. I read your post and saw no reason why I would respond to it that way. It’s not a mistake I make, I’m pretty conscientious when it comes to that process and the folks I dump over really, really, deserve it. You did not.
            My apologies.

          3. Savvy1Sez says

            Appreciate your apology. Not to worry. Keep the positive energy out going as we are on a edge of a paradigm shift and my focus and intent is to bring awareness to the deceptions perpetrated against humanity for personal gain and greed by so many we have trusted. In telling the truth I have been bashed rather than people doing their own due diligence. Please do your’s. Good luck and thanks again for the clarity. Be kind, be healthy and stay safe!

          4. Savvy1Sez says

            Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon – Look out Connecticut – Who’s next?

          5. Savvy1Sez says

            I’m sure you don’t kiss your mother with that mouth. And if you do then maybe she should be heavily invested in toilet paper. For you have surely taken the CL out of any class she taught you. (wink & 🙂 ) Although, with all the theft and market manipulation the roi isn’t looking so good right about now. FACT NOT OPINION. Hmmm…..who could be involved in that massive fraud?
            You kids are either clueless or tremendously gullible.
            I’ve got a country to save – No more time for idiocy. Be healthy, stay safe!

        15. gini62 says

          Now wait a minute. Don’t put Romney in that group. Romney is one of the most righteous men I know. He has plenty of money and doesn’t need or want more. He gave his mass inheritance away. He earned every dime he got. He only cares about America and how to fix this country. He will put God back in politics and back in government where the Founding Father’s wanted it. He will not push his religious agenda, because how he feels about God is personal and not open to interpretation or debate. There probably will be no drinking in the White House, or then again, he may let whomever wants to drink, drink, he just will not be drinking. There will be no more scandals and the White House will get a good house cleaning. That is if he gets a chance to even be elected. If we don’t stop Obama soon there will be no Republican Party. He is working now to get rid of all electoral votes. He already has six states signed on. I don’t know how he can do this without congress, but he hasn’t needed congress in the past, so why now.

        16. 1American1st says

          Savvy1Sez is a well established LIBERAL TROLL & POS.

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            If you served then, thank you and I’m so sorry you too were duped into fighting a military industrial complex, bankers war. But I’m glad you survived and didn’t fall to their sick, depopulation agenda. If you do some due diligence you will see the truth (follow the money trail). However, it has been established that us “dumbed-down” Americans don’t believe anything if it isn’t on the controlled, manipulated mainstream media. Look at what is going on around the world, especially, here and then, try alternative honorable news sites. How about Veterans Today (by, for and with honorable truth-seeking vets).

            I am an educated woman, wife, mother, grandmother but, a patriotic, freedom-loving American 1st and foremost, who has awakened and validated that of which I speak. To those who served honorably and lived to continue to be abused by those we’ve trusted, seek the truth. I will not get into how many I have lost to bogus, self-serving wars. It achieves no purpose, but too many is sufficient. Calling me names does not make it true and only renders to expose how “still-in-the-dark” impaired you show yourself to be. Move into His light for survival and seek the truth.

            As a child we were taught to question and challenge. Yes, even authority. Not anymore. Why? Here’s just one of the many reasons. 6000 patents have been suppressed from us, though some are utilized by those we’ve trusted. We have been taught only what they wanted us to know. They control the food industry, the educational system, put limitations on those they feel are worthless. Forced drugs on the population after harmful additives and processing of our foods causing disease and yes, even dismantled our economy. Stolen is more like it. Where does your federal income tax go? I believe you will be stunned and if not you’re a willing participant. Is tax even Constitutional? Not according to former irs deputy commissioner Steven Miller (May 23, 2013) – under oath – voluntary. I watched the ways & means hearings live. Truth – not my opinion. Look it up and stop buying into deceptive information. (Only one of the reasons JFK was assassinated).

            The media manipulations and deceptions (among others) have been part of their NWO agenda that has been in action for over 70 years. Greed and arrogance has been embraced by those we’ve trusted. To quote Henry Kissinger, “They (the 99%) are worthless eaters”. Depopulate the earth to 500M is what has been going on via wars, tainted vaccines, “disease”, catastrophic weather, i.e. Fukashima, droughts, blizzards, flooding rains (HAARP), 9/11, the missle’ ed Pentagon, Sandy Hook (hoax), Aurora CO, CIA funded drug trade and the expose’ list goes on. There isn’t even discretion dumping chemtrails on the world. That’s right, at least 150 chemicals as exposed by the geo-engineering scientists at a public 4 day symposium. Look it up for yourselves and the watch it. (Here’s 5 for you – aluminum, strontium, cesium, barium, blood particles, the list goes on….now go out and breathe deep

            Put your honorable action where your mouth is. Our founding fathers challenged us to keep the Republic they provided and bestowed to Americans through our organic Constitution, written in our Bill of Rights, not the bogus high-jacked one we’re living under (under the crown). Since none of this is my opinion I challenge you to debunk what I couldn’t. All Americans have a responsibility to utilize this very saving tool. Common Law Grand Jury – the 4th arm of our government. This is our duty.

            We used to have choices of candidates and political options, but now most are controlled by the same evil, greedy entities and they fear Americans are going to expose the depth of their evilness and corruption and hold them accountable. They are mere puppets in evilness. The rest of the world already knows and are not ok with what has been done to humanity and our earth. Who do you think really killed JFK and why? All have been inside jobs. Please don’t believe me – disprove it, look it up!

            Once upon a time I looked through those same rose-colored glasses and bought into the lies. I have found declassified documents, court documents and first-person whistle-blowers to validate some pretty ugly truths. What I share is an honest attempt to awaken the sleepers and it’s time to look for yourselves before there is no longer an America (agenda 21). Listen to that inner you, that inner voice we all have. It’s screaming to you, you know things aren’t right. We all know so much more than we have been let on to believe. know…

            Then, you might consider enjoining real Patriots as members of the real, common law grand jury, not the grand juries hand-picked by those using the unconstitutional admiralty law system. Try national liberty alliance .org for truth and most probably the saving of America before it’s too late. Show some true courage and stand up for what is right, our rights and think and seek for yourself if you can handle the despicable truths you’ll find. No, I am not promoting a website – but, I am striving to save our country and rights for my kids, grands and yes, even yours. For you see, I already have 1 foot in the grave so, this isn’t about me anymore. They deserve and have a right to America, the land of the free as God intended under His law!

            Excellent sources of truth:

            Creature from Jekyll Island by: G. Edward Griffin

            Trading With The Enemy by: Charles Higham

            Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by: John Perkins

            Financial Tyranny by: David Wilcock – Pulitzer Prize winner and #1 best seller

            for a year 2009 NY Times.

            David Wilcock & Ben Fulford Documentary – Aug 6,2014


            Here’s a good start – this should awaken the dead! God bless and stay safe!

            PS: If I disappear, then I guess I struck a few nerves and you’ll know why!

          2. Savvy1Sez says

            I posted my reply. Did you sensor by not posting it 3 hrs ago? The truth is the truth! If you sensored my reply then you must be one with them. For shame on you!

          3. 1American1st says

            I am not going to feed a liberal troll like you.

          4. Savvy1Sez says

            1A1, You are very, very wrong! I actually have a long poli history and the rest is none of your business for you have lost my respect and right to know! I have no more time for mental midgets. All are welcome to express their point of view, but to be so vilely opinionated with no facts or evidence to back you, shame on you! I sure hope you don’t kiss your loved ones with that mouth and attitude. I find it difficult to believe that you were ever in the military and would dare to lower yourself and speak with such disrespect to anyone. You know not of what you speak. Now you truly need to do some due diligence and wake up before there is no longer an America and understand, that it’s been in the works and that’s a fact jack! God bless you and keep you safe!

          5. Savvy1Sez says

            ROFL! I feel sorry for you. May He bless you and keep you safe! What is that quote from Forest Gump? Oh yea, if the shoe fits………

      2. Anne Bradley says

        proudtexan62, I posted six parts of links to Savvy1Sez. I guess I was attracted to the anger. I get very angry – and very afraid. Obama is the most dangerous leader in the world right now. I hope you can access these links. Copy and paste into a document, to share with others. The links are accessible as they are, too,so you can decide for yourself. Both are usefull tools. I suggest you make the document before you click on them, so you have all the information. All six easily fit in one document. I split them up because they do not exceed comments for pasting on facebook or other blogs such as this one. I agree with you!

        1. proudtexan62 says

          Thank you, Ann. I will take a look. Thank you for your sanity in this country of madness today. I swear I believe Obama is providing these people with hallucinating products. The things we see and hear here can’t be made up. They are way too far out there (in cyberspace) to be a simple conscious thought from anyone of them!!!!

      3. Catherine McCoy says

        The whole bush family are illuminati/Corporate scum

        1. proudtexan62 says

          You don’t know the Bush family and you are dead wrong about this but then again, I guess you think Obama is the greatest president this country has ever had. What led you to your astounding declaration here? Some liberal tell you or just where did your information come from….which liberal rag? Some things just can’t be fixed and liberal mentality is one of those. We have certainly learned that these last six and a half years!!!!

      4. martin Gries says

        “W” was crooked and stupid. He let the devil himself (Cheney) run the country his first

      5. pkznach says

        proudtexan62 Wad medication are you on?The Bush-Clan give the term Crock a haul new meaning.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          None but I could suggest some for you.

      6. Dexter L. Wilson says

        They are all globalists wanting the New World Order. I appreciate Ronald Reagan who referred to America as a shining city on a Hill. He knew the importance of His Christian Faith. A Frenchman well known in our History, De Tocqueville clearly explained after noting the number of churches here in America, “If ever America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

      7. Ken Trefaller says

        If you thought George and his old man were bad Jeb would be a disaster

      8. hankthetank says

        NO THEY ARE NOT !!! they all work for ( agenda21 ) ( NWO ) they all had to sign off on something on January 26, 2010, at the WH, so did JED Bush ,it had to do with $368,000, for Jed Bush, it was for war crimes for the other Bush’s !!!

      9. ferebetv says

        If you don’t take into consideration their drug trafficking and nazism!

        1. proudtexan62 says

          That would be your buddy, Obama. No one else.

          1. ferebetv says

            Obama is a fraud as is Bush 1. The Bushes, Obamas and Clintons belong in the same manure pile – all CIA controlled Nazis. Wake up and smell the roses.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            No matter what you say, President George HW Bush and President George W. Bush do not belong in the same sentence with Obama and the Clintons. You didn’t know when you had class in the White House and leadership in government. No one is perfect and that includes you. I know that’s a shock to you but it’s very true. The Bushes are good decent, law-abiding, God-fearing American Citizens. Obama is the worst of the bunch and I hate to say that really because the Clinton are true trash but both of them are not only Nazis as you call them (I think is it worse than that) but they are all three criminals!!! They all want this nation destroyed. President GWB tried to save this country and that slimeball that is squatting in OUR HOUSE right now has not only undone all the good we did in Iraq (I was there so don’t start preaching that to me) but he’s has brought terrorism to a new all time high, much worse than it’s ever been before. He’s not even an American so what could we have suspected? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lied about vetting him and WE THE PEOPLE have allowed him to sit in that Oval Office for over six years and destroy us from within. Reid is just plain nasty and slimy but Pelosi did it to pad her pockets and her husbands. She should hang right beside Obama on the Washington Mall for the crimes she has committed. Reid did his job like an obedient lapdog and blocked everything that came to the Senate since 2008 and he should hang right beside them. President GHW Bush was director of the CIA for a time. That was the time when the CIA did their REAL job and that was gather intelligence for the security of this nation and her citizens. Obama has criminalized all the government agencies in this country since he took office and he has chosen the best crop of criminals I’ve ever seen to head those agencies. Of course, he really didn’t do it, he’s a puppet. Valerie Jarrett and George Soros made the master plan and Jarrett has been running it since Day #1. Obama is simply the one who pretends he has enough intelligence and experience to run a lemonade stand. He has miserably failed America but he’s been an obedient servant to Jarrett and Soros. We need to arrest them both and get them out of the picture, take away his teleprompter and see how Jr. would survive then. It would be a circus I’ll assure you.

      10. Uzoozy says

        Bush was great only because he wen to war, and did not win.

        1. proudtexan62 says

          We went to war against terrorism and won. I know because I was there. You haven’t a clue where you are today mucht less what happened in Iraq. He won and American won because of our awesome US Military!!! We are fighting a war now with what calls himself our president and the terrorist butcher and barbarians he has financed and equipped for terrorism’s rise again!!! It’s worse now than it ever was and don’t bother disputing because you have no clue. You wouldn’t go into the military to serve your country for any reason but your time will come and you better hope they don’t show up at your door. Obama wouldn’t lift a hand to help you and you are an infidel just like every American. They don’t think twice about separating you from your head. You have no idea unless you’ve seen the results of their butchering and I saw plenty of it. You will too if the scum in the White House has anything to do with it and it might be you or your family. Then your eyes will open wide.

          1. Uzoozy says

            Proudtexan 62, The Iraq and Afghanistan fighting was an invasion, wars are two sided.
            Thanks for your service to the nation, I do assume you got heavily paid from taz payer dollars. You would not go there for love of country alone.
            When uninvited people to come and stay without invitation there will be resistance, so the results you have seen.
            Butchering can be seen in US without going that far. One women raped every 7 seconds and murder rate twice that of lives lost in Iraq/Afganistan.( one person murdered every 1.2 minutes.)
            If its going to happen it will happen all the guns and planes cannot stop it.
            God bless America
            Many soldiers get killed when they are back home?
            When they come back home many Marines are not treated for their wounds.
            Its all this in one country.
            What a country.

          2. proudtexan62 says

            The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are and were not an invasion. They were the answer to the slimebag terrorists who killed almost 4000 people in the WTC in New York and attacked America in the process. Japan attacked America in 1941 and they regretted it before the war even started because as the Japanese Admiral stated with conviction, “we have awakened a sleeping giant” and they did. Same with the WTC. You are the biggest slimebag I know. I went to Iraq to support the US Military and you have no idea how much love I have for this country. I know you have no love for this country and it is people like you who need to get out because you hate it just like the man you worship, Obama. We didn’t care if we were invited to Iraq in 2003, we went because America was attacked and Saddam Hussein was one of the terrorists who had WMD and was complicit in our nation being attacked. We found them so don’t say again they weren’t there. He used chemical gas and killed 300,000 Kurds before we got there, sent most of the WMD to Syria when he was told the US troops were on the way and Assad used them recently on his people. There were some left in the bunkers in the north of Iraq in Mosul and near Kurdistan. You have no idea about anything that went on over there so you need to keep your inaccurate opinions to yourself. I was paid a salary to go there if it’s any of your business just like you would be if you worked and if you are so brave and intelligent, you should have gone also. The Iraqis welcomed us and still do today. We liberated them. They had lived in tyranny for 40 years before we came. Women in Iraq were granted the right to vote while we are there. You are uneducated on any of this so it’s best you keep your inaccurate opinions to yourself. Yes, women and men are raped in this country and it’s now mostly by the illegals that are pouring over our borders, bringing disease and more of the criminal element to rape, murder, steal and bring in more drugs. The air campaign that is going on in Syria and Iraq right now will do nothing because without troops on the ground, the air war is basically useless, not to mention I’m certain the terrorists are being advised when the planes are coming and where so ISIS will suffer minimum casualties because they are Obama’s people. Many people get killed here and its because of the criminal element we are trying to eradicate from this country. You have no idea who is being treated and who is not but I will tell you Obama hates the US Military and not just the Marines. He hates the US Military Veterans and none of our military is being treated the way they should be with the respect that is deserved for their protection of us. That is on Obama and he has many things to answer for…..he claims to be Christian but there is no way. He is a Muslim terrorist that is ineligible to be in the position he is in and was sent here to destroy this country. It is not this country, it is Obama and all his criminal liberal worshipers. If you don’t like this country, there is nothing keeping you here. And, if you are going to stay here, learn the language and be a citizen or go back where you came from. We don’t say Shalom here.

          3. Uzoozy says

            Name one war that America won, Nam, Korea, Philippines?

          4. proudtexan62 says

            First of all Viet Nam was not a declared war. We won Korea and liberated the South Koreans from the North Koreans. When was there a Philippines War? What year did that happen and who fought it and for what. You really are quite pitiful. The Philippines War? I’m sure our Military will be glad to hear they missed that one.

          5. Uzoozy says


          6. proudtexan62 says

            I’m sure our men who fought all over the South Pacific, Okinawa, The Marshall Islands, The Soloman Islands, Midway and all over the European Theater will be will be happy to know they were in the Philippines all the time. You really are quite pathetic. You need to get off this blog and get on a liberal blog somewhere else where there are people like you for you to talk with. My father and four of my uncles fought in WWII, not to mention almost all the men in the small town I grew up in, right along with many hundreds of thousands of American soldiers from all over this country something you obvious know nothing about. The reason American fought that war was 1)Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor and the communists were trying to do what Obama is trying to do to this country and take over the world, starting with Hitler in Germany. If you are going to spew information all the time, go to the library and get the facts and make them right!!!!

          7. Uzoozy says

            War is jungle game.

      11. RobertNorwood says

        They will survive the lies of the liberals.

      12. Virginia Woodard says


      13. govtrumbull says

        Have you read their U.N. speeches, and their Executive Orders? Go down to the library and search the Internet. Then return and report what you have found. Being better than Obama isn’t difficult. My Border Collie is a more loyal American than the last four Presidents.

      14. gini62 says

        Not if they back common core. Read Glen Becks’ book about Common Core. Halfway through the book I threw it down in disgust. I couldn’t read any more. It was too horrible. It is all about profit, not education. Who’s profit? Bill Gates. He has high jacked our educational system for his gain. He has to be stopped. If Jebb Bush is for that, then I will never be for Jebb Bush.

      15. 1American1st says

        I liked the other 2 Bush Families, but if Jeb ws prez we would have about 20 million illegal aliens turned into American citizens. So, NO to Jeb!

    3. 1American1st says

      President George Bush was unjustly accused of the ’08 Housing Market crash which crashed our economy. This outright lie was concocted by Liberals & spread through their propaganda network. They repeated it & reposted it on the Internet Billions of times. They even convinced some Conservatives. It was as if they had followed Adolf Hitler’s theory of propaganda, referring to repitious propaganda because the masses could only remember & believe what was repeated over & over.

      Barney Frank & the Dimwits caused our entire economic mess. Barney & friends lowered the home loan qualifications to the point an unemployed drug addict could buy a house. Giving people 100% & 110% loans for homes they couldn’t afford was ludicrous. Putting undue pressure on banks to make those loans was also ludicrous. Bundling those loans & selling them to investors was also a bad idea & when the foreclosures began it was like a runaway train, all thanks to the Democrats!

      President Bush, Alan Greenspan & the Republicans warned Barney & his BFFs 34 times between 2001 – 2008 to no avail. They wanted to appoint a special committee to investigate Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac practices & the possibility that since they had ballooned they could cause economic mayhem if they collapsed. Barney & his Dem BFFs refused!

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        You have all be so conditioned to believe the garbage fed to all by the owned and controlled mainstream media and all of the lying crooks. Wake up! I bet you believe “We’re your government and we’re here to help”. They never finish the statement with ourselves. You will be blind-sided as so many others. Look up ‘AGENDA 21’ signed by George Sr in’93 and it’s being implemented now by O. All that has transpired beteen then and now has been deliberate and calculated and you don’t know one iota of what and who have been a part of their sick agenda. Time to wake up and look into alternative news sources. The rest of the world knows and we are in a distraction media blackout. Wake up!

        1. proudtexan62 says

          We are definitely not controlled by the mainstream media because they are strictly liberal rags that don’t report one piece of the truth and they certainly have no control over us. They ignore the truth and spread the text that is dictated to them by the lying crooks, the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. OH, excuse me, Obama isn’t running this country, it’s Valerie Jarrett and George Soros who are dictating what is reported by the MSM. You’re so high you don’t even know what side you are on. Do I believe “we are your government and we’re here to help”? Are you crazy? The Obama administration is here to help us? You are really wacked!!!! Obama runs the government today and he has never told the truth one day of his life in the last six and a half years except when he said he was going to side with Islam if the ill winds blew. He really meant ISIS and Muslim radical terrorists but at least he told one half truth!!! Make up your mind. Get on one side or the other and get off the drugs and the fence. We’re not asleep. It’s you that is out there somewhere and when you get back, you won’t remember any of this!!!!

      2. cdansreau says

        One interesting thing i noticed was that the more certain it looked like Obama was going to be president in 08, the worse the stock ,market became. And the stock ,market is a sign of confidence in a near future healthy economy.

        1. richardwfaith says

          Of course you’re correct; investors aren’t stupid!

      3. proudtexan62 says

        You are right on 1American1st!!!

    4. Mark Clemens says

      AMen to that!!!!
      The Bush & Clinton families have done enough damage to our country (so has Bill and Hillary’ s step son Obama)
      Is there no retired General or Navy Captain who would like to fix the mess PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS have caused? We need someone who has proven their valor, and dedication to Preserve, Protect, Defend our Constitution and Amended Rights. I’m sick of professional politicians. At this point Joe the Plumbers looks good……….
      With all this debt we could use PROFESSIONAL MAGICIANS. Maybe they can make it disappear

      1. David in MA says

        ” Bill and Hillary’ s step son Obama)”

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Well if Bill Clinton would of had a son, he would look like Obama (halfbreed)

    5. Ken Trefaller says

      If you thought George and his old man were bad Jeb would be a disaster

    6. Virginia Woodard says

      JUST NO hillary!!!!!!!

    7. hankthetank says

      Too MUCH !!!

    8. ihatelibs says

      Dayum sure enough of OBOGUS too

  6. Barbie says

    NO! maybe a few years ago but after Obama NO and also they do not want another Bush in office.. He may be some of these things you are saying. but that is NOT going to get the majorriety of the vote this day and time.. we need a man like Dr, Carson , or Col, West. but truly think Carson would not only get votes but he ALSO has ALL of the ingredients to make up what a President should have..

    1. abc__jps says

      I would love a Carson and West ticket. But do you really think that 42% that support Obama would put that ticket in office. That ticket would support our military, reduce the debt, put folks back to work. BUT they would also reduce the free stuff to a lot of people. Do you watch any TV that shows you a large group of people who dont work dont want to work and live free off the gov…

      1. proudtexan62 says

        abc_jps, I would love to see Allen West on the ticket. He is tried and true and he is a great American. The ticket you mention would certainly do those things with Allen West there but I am not sure of Ben Carson yet. While I believe he is a good man, he has not yet been crystal clear on where he stands and what is platform would be. I know he is just now saying he will run but I need to hear more. I’m not against him but I’m just not with him until he telling me where he plans to take us.

      2. Fedupwiththefeds says

        I hate to say it but the ones who voted for Obama because he’s black would vote for Carson for the same reason. You can count on those low information voters because skin color is all that matters. To me, I haven’t seen a reason to vote for him. I wish Gowdy would run. Put Gowdy and West on the ticket and those two would take our country back to where it needs to be.

    2. jscarano7 says



      1. Savvy1Sez says

        Most of them know. They are all being blackmailed for their corrupt participation and are afraid we’ll find out. Listen to the whistle-blowers – they speak truth!

    3. Roy Austin Smith says

      Wrong: Carson and west would only help the commie demos. Both are excellent men and would make excellent Senators or reps, but have no chance getting the presidents job.

      1. senior74 says

        Are you kidding? I’ve heard West say that we have about 70 communist in congress & he is the only one to say Obama is an Islamist, who else has had enough to say that? He has a great site I think Allen West is a great choice for president, he is a total patriot!

  7. Wapitiman says

    It doesn’t matter whether he is ‘presidential material’ or not! With over 300 million Americans, we don’t need any more dynasties!

    1. richardwfaith says

      Thank GOD that SOMEONE recognizes this!

  8. rowleya says

    Cruz for Prez

  9. Charles Hargrave says

    All of you haters and doubters just take a good look at Jebs record as Gov. of Florida,he was great and we loved him here,nobody thought about storm prep.Jeb started a program of pre placing warehouses full of supplies all over the State so if another Andrew came along the people would have what they need to survive until things were back to normal,a Democrat would have ran away when the storm hit to save his own hide,so YES!! Jeb would be a great President because he’s a thinker and cares about the people.

    1. Fred Campbell says

      The Bush’s are honorable, intelligent people who truly love America.
      But, each of them seem to be fundamentally weak when it comes to advancing the values necessary to rescue us from the malaise (and outright subversion) that is our current situation.
      That said, there are many potential candidates who have the values and political skills to restore the US to Reagan’s vision of a “shining city on a hill”.
      Let us collectively find, vet and support such an individual.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Fred, AMEN and I shout that with all appreciation for your post.

    2. PatriotGal says

      Charles, agree that Jeb was good as our governor. That being said, he is NOT presidential material – way too globalist, lib leaning, pro amnesty. He will sing kumbaya and we will all suffer as we are doing under OWEbama with amnesty, open borders and huge “welcome illegals” signs flashing at our expense.

    3. proudtexan62 says

      Great post, Charles.

    4. Roy Austin Smith says

      Maybe a good gov. but no to president. He likes commie common core and amnesty. No.

    5. senior74 says

      First take a look at UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, the agenda his father first signed on to. This is a plan to make America part of a Communist one world government, & also North American Union, which means no borders between Mexico, America & Canada, plans of the UN.
      See and

  10. Peter B. Duran says

    NO HE IS NOT. Jeb Bush said that IIlegals immigration is an Act of Love. i would never vote for him.

  11. Amy Thomas says

    Bush is a loser and was kicked out of office in Florida when the voters found out. He is for open borders simply because his wife is Mexican.

    1. proudtexan62 says

      He wasn’t kicked out of office and his position on open borders is not simply because his wife is Mexican. He is not as shallow as a lot of people. He was a good Governor in Florida and they loved him for all the good things he did for that state. The man before him almost destroyed Florida. It is simply true that he is not a good possibility for candidate for President of the United States in 2016 because his position on Common Core and immigration is not consistent with the position of the majority of the Conservative Americans.

      1. Savvy1Sez says

        Common core and the immigration and amnesty issues are part of Agenda 21 agenda.

      2. Amy Thomas says

        FUNNY the people I talked to from Florida were clear in their attitude towards Jeb Bush, they said he had lied to them and they would join together to make sure he did not stay in office, this was before common core. I can only go by what i was told from Florida voters. As to the fact his wife is Mexican he was clear in his remarks that like his wife those from Mexico were good for this country and were part of it. No one denies Mexicans the opportunity to come to the U.S. but it should be done legally like the rest of the worlds immigrants do. Either we are a nation of laws or we are hopeless and have no laws at all. I think if Oboombo and the rest of the politicians refuse to enforce the immigration laws they passed Americans should bring them to court to try them for refusing to do their duty as representatives of the people. Old Jeb would be the 1st one.

  12. abc__jps says

    Jeb was a good governor in Fla. and I would vote for him for President, BUT his stand on Common Core for the schools is not a good one. His stand on immigration is poor . I also think the Bush name would work against him Americans should be tired of Kennedy, Clinton and Bush names. We must have some other Americans who have fresh ideas to bring us back from the toxic nation we have become under Obama THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and how is that working for you? THE FIRST WOMEN PRESIDENT will only work worse. Bill can be back in the Oval office screwing around again.

    1. proudtexan62 says

      Unfortunately, you are right and for that reason, Jeb will not be the candidate this year or any other if those views don’t change.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I’ve got 9 cousins in Florida who J. Bush gave pardons to, so they could vote in 2000. Also him and his wife (Bush) went out of the USA for something. They came back to Florida with furs and expensive jewelry. Paying the import duty slipped their minds, until a Jacksonville news station did a story on it. Do we need any one like this in the White House again?
      I’m guessing the Bush Brothers giving out close to 300,000 pardons (between the both of them) is probably were Obama got the idea to open the borders to expand the voter base………

  13. Virginia Cavalier says

    This looks like the first Presidential Election where I shall be forced to vote for myself. I would not trust today’s crop of so-called conservatives to reload for me…

    1. bobwhite says

      Hello Virginia: Please don’t do that. I do agree with your sentiments but it would essentially be a vote for whatever Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Communist the so called Democrat Party places on the ballot. We must hang together to rid our nation of that destructive (Democrat) party.

      1. Virginia Cavalier says

        Bob White! Was it Benjamin Franklin who said, “We must surely hang together or we most assuredly shall hang separately.”? In recent years I think so-called Democrats and so-called Republicans have both been casting an opposition vote, my term for the lesser of the two evils. Blacks For Obama might the exception to the rule…

        1. bobwhite says

          I think it was that great American, Ben Franklin.

          Take care Virginia Cavalier.

      2. Savvy1Sez says

        Both parties are working together in their sick greedy agenda! They are just really sneaky and corrupt. Time to wake up! Look up ‘Agenda 21’. George Sr signed it in ’93 and O is implementing it. Wake up!

        1. bobwhite says

          I am very awake and very alert.

          1. Savvy1Sez says

            Awesome! Please pass it on. Those who have called me crazy have been finding out it’s all been true. I can handle the name calling, but I can’t accept no “our America” for my kids, grands and everyone elses’! The evilness bulldozing the world must be stopped now and those responsible need to be held accountable!

    2. proudtexan62 says

      No, Virginia. You have to get behind someone else. I feel them same way but neither one of us would do anything by doing that except waste a vote and we have none to waste. I know you are saying this in jest but It’s true. We have to survey the best of the lot, pick one and get behind him 100%. This conservative candidate that is chosen this year will be the best vetted candidate ever in the history of conservatism. He best be up to the task before he accepts the nomination because his feet will be held to the fire for sure!!!

  14. peter says

    If Jeb Bush is nominated for the republican party, I will stay home on the evening of the election. He is for amnesty and a host of other democratic ideas to ruin this country.

    1. lha says

      Doing that would guarantee at least 4 more years of disaster!!

  15. RobertNorwood says

    No. There are perhaps a few reasons but I’ll settle on the main issue…a third Bush just ain’t gonna fly with the left or right or the middle. Time to retire the jersey.

  16. Veteranasm says

    We don’t another progressive and jeb is a progressive !!! We’ve had all the pc azzholes we need !!

  17. jcmoore2010 says

    they should be looking for a candidate that can win, not one that represents a traditional conservative value…as with obama he’s a pot smoking moron from chicago that was elected twice, we need a republican candidate that can be relevant in today’s multicultural society. Immigration reform might help with the hispanics who are eligible to vote…it has to be more then just looking for the hispanic vote, he needs to represent america not just hispanics…america is a country of many cultures not just blacks, hispanics, nor any other particular group. The party should be sensitive to this issue but never forget that 60% of america is still white…

    1. Roy Austin Smith says

      The dumb voters and fraud put the traitor in office. The ignorant voters are a fault.

  18. ronald simon says

    we have had enough bush’s in the white house and I don’t believe bush is our salvation to hillery. Again I think both parties are sending smoke up our asses and they feel if they continue to lie that we would believe it. Tell a lie enough times they think we will see it as the truth.
    the truth is all we need is for us conservatives to focus on one canidate rather a half dozen. then if a canidate wins we must all back him or her. I personally like allen West and/ or nikki Haley

  19. Valor says

    If there is a 2016 election, and if the GOP is stupid enough to run Jeb Bush for President Hillary will be the next Communist to occupy the White House.

  20. James Maxwell says

    Nothing against him personally except we do not need another North East left leaning Republican. What
    we do need is a strong Conservative who is willing to stand up for America and our citizens. Not the
    invading hoards that are currently overrunning our nation. When you have to have to push 1 for
    English and 2 for Spanish or 3 for some muzzie dialect you have a problem. Our immigration laws are
    a joke and completely ignored by many invaders as well as the government who was elected to enforce
    our laws and keep us safe. So far they are not doing their jobs at all. We have see barbaric acts of
    terrorism committed upon our shored and no one is willing to acknowledge that has happened. They
    try to pass it off as “work place violence” or some other Left Wing Liberal excuse. Well it is time to
    stop and smell the coffee folks it is Terrorism plain, pure and simple. We have see a rise in racial
    violence where one race is punished for a susposed act while another is allowed to go free with
    not even a slap on the wrist. We need leader from all communities who are strong and willing
    to enter the fray against those who would destroy our nation from within.

  21. bobwhite1935 says

    Jeb Bush is a RINO.

  22. bobwhite says

    If the GOP runs Jeb Bush for the Presidency I would, with a troubled mind, vote for him and hope he would do the right thing for all Americans and our country. No matter who the GOP nominates we can’t, for the sake of our country, allow another Democrat into the Presidency.

    Take care Patriots.

  23. lha says

    According to GAO statistics,the downturn in the US economy coincided with the nomination of Ohomo. He promised to make”the Rich” pay,and small businesses took him at his word!! All of his policies have made things worse. Now,we have almost 1/4 unemployment among 18-54 year old adults!! Liberals blaming Bush for the economic downturn is as ridiculous as blaming gun deaths on inanimate objects[guns]. Liberal policies such as loaning money to low-income people,who could not possibly pay for the mortgage caused the bubble to explode. The failure of Fanny Mae caused the economic collapse,not anything Bush did. People need to use their brains and research their beliefs before having knee-jerk reactions and believing the media.

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      I’m so glad you said that. As soon as he got the nomination is when everything turned to sh!t. Unfortunately, Bush will be blamed for everything because Obama has proven time and again that he cannot accept responsibility for anything. I admire the man for holding his tongue. He could have come out and blasted Obama any number of times but he has too much class. Obama is a pile of horse manure and wouldn’t be fit to scrape the sh!t off the bottom of my boots.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        That was the genus of Bill Clinton, he imposed this WTO on us knowing the shit would hit the fan after 2004. Thinking Gore would be president from 2000-2004. Make it look like the 2004 president dropped the ball. It worked in 2008.
        You know how the democrats blame the whole thing (economic collapse) on Bush Jr. I think Clinton had successful presidency was because he was riding Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics coat tails……….

        1. Fedupwiththefeds says

          Bush will always be the fall guy no matter what Obama does. It’s funny that the things he wanted to end are the things he’s using now. He should be thanking Bush for the authorization he’s using now to do air strikes in Syria and Iraq. Obama will NEVER give credit to Bush. He probably says it was his idea to begin with. He takes the credit when it is good or he blames Bush when it’s not.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            W could of stopped it if he wanted to. Same w/Obama
            If you liked Bush Jr, you gotta love Obama.

          2. Fedupwiththefeds says

            I can’t stand Obama. I’ll take Bush over Obama any day. I like him as a man but not as a president. He’s got a lot more class and he treats our veterans with the respect they deserve. Bush never pointed fingers at anyone when he was in office. Obama does nothing but point.

  24. Lefthandedcigs1 says

    Is Jeb Bush Presidential material? Yes if you want another in a long line of despots in the white house. His entire family , dating back generations are Nazis, thieves and murders. The past 4 presidents have been despicable human beings, for a change let’s find a decent human that is an American at heart and not another damn U.N. gun grabbing globalist!

    1. lha says

      Before you condemn Bush,try to find out anything about our current traitor-in-chief. Expect an IRS audit!!

      1. Lefthandedcigs1 says

        Agreed, the current occupant is pure scum.

    2. pbob67 says

      you got that right….

  25. Emily Cooper says

    I would vote for Dr Ben Carson. You people need to read about him. He has four books and they are all excellent. Then you will know who he is.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says

      Ben is only one of thousands that are better suited for the job than jebbie.

      I would like to see Allen West on the ticket.

    2. Roy Austin Smith says

      Dr Ben is a excellent person, but he is not presidential material. He will only help the commie democrats. He will be a shoo in for a Senator and would make an excellent on.

      1. Emily Cooper says

        Give me reasons you think he would not be presidential? I think he would because of his leadership in the medical field among others. Have you read any of his books?

  26. rosettabailey says

    Two words….HELL NO!!

  27. CrustyOldGeezer says

    In the English Language there are a minimum of 47 Thousand different ways to say NO.

    Some subtle, some direct, some blunt, and numerous ways that can be labeled Virulent.

    They ALL APPLY to this question.

    Everybody thought his dad was presidential material, and we discovered the ONLY REASON he made VP was as a SOP to the party to get their full support behind Reagan.

    The ‘party’ was NOT going to allow a CONSERVATIVE President and not have a ‘moderate’ on the ticket to balance it out and give the ‘party’ some level of control.

    His brother outspent the democrats and refused to say “NO” to any spending bill that hit his desk. It was his spending that convinced bammie that there were no limits on where and how to waste TAXPAYER money.

    Jeb came from the same womb, raised in the same room and groomed by the same people.

    And he would be a guarantee that hitlery will be the next presidunt.

  28. Roy Austin Smith says

    Jebb is not presidential material. Jebb will not enforce the illegal immigrant ,law.

    1. senior74 says

      Another UN item Obama is really pushing is the North American Union. A lot of people believe that’s why Obama is doing this crap with the open border. This means open borders with Mexico, the US & Canada and I think it has recently been including other countries!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Well let’s send the illegals to Canada.

        1. senior74 says

          Funny, I was just reading at agenda 21 news that the International Migration Organization was behind this illegal immigration mess. That means the UN!
 and everyone needs to find out about this agenda!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Nothing the UN has done in my life time was a success. When they need to stop a “Conflict” they have to borrow half of our military to enforce it.
            Get the UN out of the US
            Get the US out of the UN

          2. GoldenRudy says

            Where are the UN blue helmeted troops in rescuing those being slaughtered in Iraq by ISIS? Have the “blues” been deployed to West Africa yet? UN — puts the “u n” in unnecessary.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Are the first two letters in:

            (Somebody in NYC should get a billboard by the UN saying that)

  29. treebird says

    UGH!! NO! Haven’t we had enough insiders in DC??? Isn’t it time to vote for a patriot who loves this country. A regular guy? I’m sick of the same people being in DC!!!!!

    In politics Experience = Corruption!!!!!

    Check out this guy:

  30. Jr1776 says


  31. fred says

    Anyone is better than Hillary, yet i think he would be the best Bush yet! He really did a great job in Florida, maybe he would do well if he sent obummer to jail, that’s who I’m looking for, someone who will prosecute the kenyan and expose all his criminality to the world! I don’t think he wants to be the world’s piggy bank anymore either…we will see what happens when the whole mess gets started next year…

    1. senior74 says

      If Jeb got in, he would be the third Bush to push UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, his father was the first president to sign on to it. Then Clinton created a group to push it into the cities & towns, I think it was called the sustainable development commission. Both parties have pushed this agenda! This is about total control over everything, even rainwater, a man in Oregon a few years ago went to jail for that very reason.

  32. Terminator says

    No more Bush’s no more Clinton’s no more Kennedy’s and GOD forbid there are any more Obama’s out there.

    1. GoldenRudy says

      Add Cuomo’s and Gore’s to that list. Enough already!

  33. Maggiemae says

    I think we need ‘new blood’ to represent the American people. No more Bush – no more Clintons. I think if the Republican party would nominate Jeb Bush, it would be political suicide for the party. I am totally opposed to any form of amnesty and that alone would be a huge negative for me. We need someone with common sense, the love for America and the willingness to fight for all of our rights and freedoms as outlined in the Constitution. The Demorats sure seem to find fighters against all our freedoms. Surely we can come up with a figter for our liberties.

  34. James Grey says

    Sorry, but I would have complications voting for Jeb Bush and HOPE the American Republicans do not
    elect him to be on the Ballot for President.

    I guess if I had NO Choice between Bush r Hillary, I would have to Vote AGAINST Hillary, so I would have to
    vote for Jeb. HOPE THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN.

  35. Doreen Laird says

    Jeb Bush is not fit to be president. I will not vote for someone who supports Common Core. I have a cousin in Tennessee who is actively against it and I stand with my cousin Jenee’.

    1. senior74 says

      Common Core is right out of the UN Agenda21, the plan to dumb down future generation so they don’t complain about the Communist take over via UN Agenda 21, see or even the liberals hate this IF they learn about it!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Very seldom smart people go along w/governments. That’s why it’s important to dumb down the world…….
        From about 1760’s through 1920s the whole western world was looking promising for greater minds. Then the damn communist and socialists came along.
        Here’s what gets me……..
        Karl Marx proposes communism to replace Monarchs and Dictators, not a free republic. Also the UNs #1 task is to keep world peace. They suck at it. Why would our country want to be a part of any UN Governments? Or follow their WTO Free Trade? All that is, is a GLOBAL REDISTRIBUTION of AMERICAN WEALTH.
        The UNs #2 task is to eradicate poverty. I ask you how does one eradicate poverty? Take the money from the rich, give it to the poor. That’s why our good paying jobs are gone!!

    2. Mark Clemens says

      I live in Tennessee I’m against common core. Let Jenee know Senator Alexander is a prime architect for common core. He’s also up for reelection……….

  36. Len Tippett says

    Yep, the Republican establishment are at it again. You would think they would have learned a lesson when they forced John McCain and Mitt Romney on the Conservatives. I suppose they still believe they can insult the base and win with Independents, blacks, and illegals. The Republicans have become to stupid to run a campaign. All you need to know to see this, is look at the last two Republican Party chairmen. They were both losers. So sad.

  37. Phyllis Petty says

    If your measure of presidential material relys on the last 4 decades then yes he will fit right in with the other pschpaths we have had for president

  38. javelina says

    The very last thing this country needs now, or in the future is a moderate or liberal. Jeb Bush is an elitist and too liberal for my taste. More importantly, what this country needs is someone willing to make some serious and unpopular course changes to counter the socialistic trends and policies that are in place and are going to destroy this country. Our Supreme Court has become too liberal, we have built a dependency class and political correctness is run amok. Change is needed throughout the country and not that phony BS change the moron in the White House talks about.

  39. 2399molly says

    I don’t think Jeb is a good choice as the Bush name has been considered too long on the political scene. We need a true American patriot who was actually born in the USA and one that does not want to turn our country into what Obama has done. Especially one that has read the Constitution and follows the law.

  40. Buster Handcock says

    J. Bush is NOT eligible to become POTUS!!!

  41. pbob67 says

    Jeb Bush for President ? Bawwww-awwa-awwna uhawww- wayy …. oh crap you are funny, Jeb bush is a Progressive to his eye balls, Progressive and liberals , the only difference is progressives are Rinos, and liberals are Democrats, moderates are neither, and the Conservatives are fast becoming neither. The Tea Party has moderates and conservatives who just want less debt, less government intrusion and less government control over our lives. somewhere in the middle of all that we have the ones who would rather be left alone. Jeb is a bigger progressive than George and George senior. and they all support the UN and the globalist agenda…

  42. Stevon f. Nutt says

    We need someone to fix this Nation not maintain the status of existing blunders!

  43. DouglasDauntless says

    No Jeb Bush is not Presidential material. We have enough of the Bush (New World Order) family. Common Core and wants to put bracelets on our children to monitor them. That is really Communists Big Government monitoring our children minds. Want Biden for President run Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate. I’ll for Biden and I a Tea Party person. Why is the conservitive news media pushing Jeb Bush?

  44. Ben Woltz says

    Vote Libertarian!

  45. Billy says

    Not NO, but HELL NO. No more Clinton’s, Bush’s or Kennedy’s. These people have done nothing to lift this country. Do some research and be amazed. The elder Bush’s father was called “The Nazi’s Banker” for good reason. JFK’s father made his fortune dealing with the mob. The Clinton’s, well read “The Clinton Body Bag” and find out why (Drugs, Murder, etc)
    “BOTH” Clinton’s should be in Federal Prison for the rest of their lives. No thanks. We have had enough of these people.

  46. says

    The last thing this country needs is another bush.

  47. kestrel27 says

    Please, No more Clintons, no more of the Bush family, no more Obama, no more scum DEMOCRATS and no more RINO’s. America doesn’t need royalty or dynasty, it need someone with vision and leadership. We definitely are NOT ever going to get that out of a DEMOCRAT and we sure as hell aren’t going to get it out of the Karl Rove wing of the GOP. I’m left asking myself, “Is this the best America can come up with?”

    1. senior74 says

      Do a little research on Allen West, he has the guts to tell it like it is, such as “we have 70 communist in congress” and also Obama is an Islamist. Allen West is a patriot & loves America, exactly what we need. His web site is

      1. GoldenRudy says

        Would love to see Allen West as a candidate, and as POTUS, and watch how the liberal media would go 100% apoplectic.

        1. senior74 says

          The media would, but I was looking at some utube videos of him yesterday and interviews with a couple of the mainstream media and he really handled them expertly, they had to back down. It was perfect!

  48. ihatelibs says

    NO NO NOOOO . Stupid Question . Just because his name is Bush

  49. Savior says

    NO, NO, NO…..that’s what led us to what we got now in The White House…..we’re supposed to learn by our mistakes and not keep repeating them over & over…in this case a 3rd Bush would not be a charm.

  50. Rich says

    There goes any chance of stopping illegal invaders. May as well disband the border patrol.

  51. SaneZidane says

    Your question sir…compared to the usurper we have in there today, anyone is better. Therefore by process of elimination, yes Jeb is qualified presidential material. He would not be not make a good president however because he is like a pair of hookers underwear…wishy-washy,

  52. Ralph H Moran says

    No, two Bush’s were plenty. Why can’t we find new blood? I don’t like Dynasty’s and we don’t need them.

  53. Russ Moore says

    I would rather have a Democrat elected than a RINO. We can’t fight these Republican Liberals once they are elected. We need a Conservative rebound to replace the rights we have lost and massively shrink the size and scope of government. The Progressives are doing all they can to subvert our children and Socialize the Federal Government. We don’t need a closet Socialist. We n