Is Mike Pence Preparing to Take Over as President?


Neither Joe Biden nor Dick Cheney had working political fundraising mechanisms while serving as vice president, but Mike Pence is reportedly getting one off the ground. The unusual move is being seen by some as a way for Pence to take advantage of his strong relationships within Congress as well as his indisputable reputation within conservative evangelical circles, but others see it as a sign that the vice president is preparing to take over for Donald Trump in case the boss resigns or is impeached.

Pence is forming a PAC called “The Great American Committee” to raise money for Republicans running in the upcoming midterm elections, but the donation group could also be used to fund future campaigns on behalf of the vice president himself. It would make Pence the first sitting vice president since George H.W. Bush to have a PAC of his own…and Bush only formed the committee in 1988, when it was already announced that he would be running for president.

At Politico, presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said that you could easily draw parallels between Pence and Gerald Ford, who took over for President Nixon after the Watergate scandal forced him to resign.

“It’s almost an eerie comparison that a more mild-mannered, religious conservative Republican like Gerald Ford came in,” Brinkley told the site. “He’s much like Pence in temperament and personality. He doesn’t have that acerbic side that Nixon and Trump had.”

Few insiders expect that Trump will voluntarily step aside for Pence to take the wheel, but with the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and increasingly emboldened Democrats hinting at impeachment proceedings, one can never know what the future may hold. At this point, the unending flow of (largely imaginary) scandal coming from the White House has frozen Trump’s agenda. It may not be long before even Trump-sympathetic Republicans begin to wonder what kind of legislation they could pass if they could get a less controversial figure in the Oval Office.

Those hopes may be misplaced. If you take a look at the media these days, you can see that Democrats are trying to smear Pence with the same brush they’ve been using to tar Trump. They’ve grown so arrogant about their successful trashing of the president that they’re already beginning to chip away at his would-be successor. Any conservative who thinks that the media will “go back to normal” if Trump is thrown out is deluding themselves. With Pence at the helm, maybe the NeverTrump crowd will finally realize that this was never ABOUT Donald Trump to begin with. The Democrat/Media alliance is DONE with conservative America…and too many conservatives are helping them put the final nail in the coffin.


  1. Justin Seine says

    I’m beginning to think that Donald Trump’s Swan Song will Be entitled: “I Fought The Swamp And The Swamp Won…” – Sad, but it would appear that he is being overcome by Deep State and LIB-NET sponsored swamp gas. I think Mike Pence knows this all too well and is shopping for gas masks. To boot, Hillary has emerged from her cave shouting “Resist!” I sincerely hope I am wrong!

    1. Retired says

      Haven’t you learned that politics has turned into fund raising in both parties , it is no longer about the people who voted for them unless you contribute big money .

      1. Justin Seine says

        I learned that a long time ago. My unheard and unheeded battle cry for 50+ years has been “If you want to get the filth out of politics, get the filthy money out of politics and it will be a done deal”. However, that is not how the system works….

        1. Retired says

          Sad but true .

      2. Ed Shick says

        And Trump is working with out Pay , He is donating it to worth while causes , A great man , Shame we have Socialists and liberal News Media , When do we arrest Obama , Hillary and George Soros , Treason is not right !

        1. 8true8 says

          Never under estimate trump – remember he knew about swamp before everyone else

          1. Carol Smith says

            Trump relies on conspiracy theories and also feeds on right wing news sites and the right wing rumor mill. That is how he kept his supporters “riled up” during the campaign.

          2. lovezion says

            TROLL!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Carol Smith says

            trolls like facts.

          4. k9maiden says

            No they don’t, they are here to agitate with their own opinions and lies, and that’s the bottom line and if you are too stupid to realize this, then no wonder you are a Marxist that loves the Whore of Islam and the Kenyan/Impostor. This is the problem, uneducated and uninformed people like you who vote, and put the rest of us in jeopardy of falling into a Communist society and an Islamic takeover of the country. Go lie on a liberal site, unless, of course, you are getting paid by Soros for agitating anyway you can. You are a troll, you haven’t a clue who or what the last Regime was about, all you know is you hate Donald Trump and you really don’t know why do you? Just that you were told to hate him by the Marxist Media. I pride myself in being able to decipher truth from fiction. I do believe most Conservatives do because otherwise, we would all be marching the goose step behind the last regime. Soros is wasting his money on you if you are being paid, you don’t know anything about politics or the people you are Hell bent on insulting on here.

          5. Frances Chute Quinn says

            then if that is true, why is he right so much of the time, like mostly always. he doesn’t rile up his supporters, he brings out the truth and it is not pretty. that is what riles us up, when we find how much of our money has been stolen, how haiti’s money was stolen by the clintons, obama’s unconstitutional actions. we need to know what has been going on since reagan.

          6. FloridaBoyee says

            Our “beloved” Liberal MEDIA will NEVER investigate any of these actions, THAT is what has happened to our media today MONEY TALKS and most of that $$ comes from the liberals!

          7. Carol Smith says

            trump knows nothing about the constiution or our country’s history. trump has screwed up too many times to be counted and the white house is in a constant state of chaos. he tells his supporers he is right, regardless of facts, and they lap it up. if trump is right all the time, why does he white house and his aides have to be on he defensive and cover for him.

          8. Carol Smith says

            trump has spent millions in taxpayer dollars to accommodate melania living in new york and millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on his golfing trips to mar a lago.

          9. k9maiden says

            He paid over 39 MILLION in taxes, and much of Trump’s money is his own. Yet how conveniently you overlook the one and a half BILLION BO and the MOOSE SPENT ON LAVISH VACATIONS, ALL TAX PAYER MONEY! You never utter a word at the 10 million dollar apartment Chelsea and her hubby has in New York, trust me, all the money the Clintons made was not through legitimate business they had built up because of their business sense, like Trump, NO, they murdered their way to the top, and they lied and spent money that was to go to charities, on their own personal properties! I can’t believe how stupid you people are! The Clintons only gave HAITI 2% of all the money that was taken in throughout the world for that horrific earthquake. The President of Haiti at the time was incensed at the Clintons, I saw an interview with that same man and President Trump, they despise Killary! So you better start getting your facts straight. President Trump isn’t even taking a salary and refuses to go on a vacation UNTIL he gets this country straighten out, unlike BO who you couldn’t drag off the golf course even when one of his buddies from ISIS chopped off a journalist head, or “It was just a bump in the road” while he was on the Letterman show the day after the attack in Benghazi that killed 4 American Patriots including our Ambassador. I understand that the Marxist Media barely reported on this horrific attack but that’s because they were protecting the Regime, and that is why you need to stop listening to the lies and start paying attention to what is happening under your nose!

          10. lovezion says

            HEY BRENDA I ADORE THIS!!! LOL!!!

          11. Carol Smith says

            trolls are informed, and the posers here do not like facts.

          12. John says

            Trolls are informed on how to disseminate propaganda. Needs no real studying and mainly one just has to mindlessly chant a simple narrative which simple slogans is all most of them can really know how to do and can be even read or copied and pasted on everyone’s comments post.

          13. ernldo says

            Ignorant c*nt, demotards and their moronic traitor leaders are what fired up Americans. Go back under your bed (safe place) and leave human discussions to humans, chimp idiot….
            oh, btw BLOCKED!

          14. k9maiden says

            Another one liner from someone who doesn’t know the facts at all, but believes all the lies and spin the Marxist Media feeds her. It is obvious, if you had a brain or believed in the Constitution you would never have voted for an ineligible man, BO for our President, he was never a natural born citizen, even if he were born in Kenyan, or in HI. You could not over look the FACT that KILLARY rants on about women’s rights when she accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from the same heinous savages that killed 3,000 innocent people on 9/11. You would not accept a woman who accepted money from the countries that treat women and little girls the most brutal on Earth. See how insane the lefty loons are? They preach women rights, yet support Islam who demeans, whips, brutalizes, and even kills any woman who gets out of line. The same ideology that supports pedophilia. Yeah, you liberals are a piece of work. You don’t see yourselves as others see you. It is NOT a pretty picture, and this is the reason Donald Trump was elected against all odds.

          15. John says

            This is ROTFL!! Great poster.

          16. Brenda Sinclair says

            you told the truth, if you remember the dinner trump and hillary had with top Catholic priest in washington, trump made it clear to hillary and world she had been part of kidnapping of children in Haitia,where laura peterson was murdered by clintons she was an investigator into child traffcing, many murders death done by obama and clinton crime families

          17. lovezion says


        2. Askjrsk says

          It certainly is past time to arrest the criminals. Perhaps with surveillance videos tapes notes files and memos consficated out of Comeys office and in the hands of Jeff Sessions we will be able to move ahead on prosecuting these traitors. Comey have covered for HILLARY for years. These people may well already be on Hillarys death list, and they may die of suicide. Comey DOSENT look like he’s going to live much longer.

          1. Jackalyn Morrison says

            Believe you are right on

          2. Carol Smith says

            Ha ha ha ha

          3. Askjrsk says

            Don’t Anderson-Cooper — here go on your dining room table.

        3. Retired says

          You are right , the arrest could not happen soon enough .

        4. Harold says

          His tax plan will save him how much personally? $33,000,000 or so…That’s a lot more than a President’s salary.

          1. Frances Chute Quinn says

            could you prove that?

          2. Harold says

            What little we know of his taxes he paid $33,000,000 in alternative minimum tax which he proposes to eliminate.

        5. Carol Smith says

          Man, are u misinformed. He has cost the taxpayers millions in his trips to Mar a Lago as well as receiving complaints from Florida about how much his golf outings are costing.
          Much investigation has been done as to trump’s contributions to charity. Many calls to orgs he says he donates to do not exist. Look it up. He has a bad reputation for lying about that, too.

          1. FloridaBoyee says

            This is typical Liberal comments! He and his family do not take a salary and donate their time to REVIVE America! Look at what Melanka Trump did to the White House!! The Obamas had so many people living in there, the media never reported any of it until they were MOVING OUT!! The Obamas DID NOT AMERICANS to come into OUR OWN WHITE HOUSE!!

          2. Carol Smith says

            the only extra person living in the wh with the obamas was michelle’s mother, who looked after their kids. everbody knows that. the obamas hosted many, many events in the white house, and michelle had lots of events for children. they were very active in hosting miliary families. lots of people and families visited the oval office. why don’ u look it up.
            melania has done next to nothing as first lady. she is only there for dinners, trips to mar a lago. she has been living in new york which has cost the taxpayers millions for extra security and personnel. trumps golfing trips to florida have cost our taxpayers millions, and officials in florida have complained about he cost to the state.
            Before obama took office, our country was on the brink of a great depression. he worked hard to bring about recovery, and now trump has inherited that good economy, as well as many other things.

          3. k9maiden says

            HE ISN”T TAKING A SALARY IDIOT! WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? He also has billions and paid millions in taxes. So he goes to his home, so did President Bush, but it isn’t once a month like BO, and neither President Bush nor President Trump is golfing 24/7 and having to be dragged off the golf course in order to comment on current events, some very important for the American people to be informed about. What is your problem, is the right side of your brain non functional?

    2. 8true8 says

      It will backfire on Dems – their Russian ties are all provable

      1. Blindside says

        No media in this country will report on it.

        1. llkenney says

          Which is why you have to tune into conservative talk radio. Also, I became a premium member of Bill O’Reilly’s website and now get to listen to his take on his daily podcast. He’s unencumbered by advertisers and PC and tells it like it is.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            I stopped listening to ANY of them.. ANY OF THEM!! First thing on their minds is $$$$$$$..?

          2. Cherie Lynn Davis says

            You are so correct. If there is money involved, they’ll sell out their own mothers!! I had stopped,listening to O’Reilly when he was still on FOX because it was obvious he was playing both sides of the road. When he could have come down hard on Obama he chose not to, hoping for an invitation to the White house or getting an interview. Drove me up a wall so I found something else to do when he came on.

          3. lovezion says

            Do you expect them to work for nothing? And how are they going to live? It’s true that lately it seems EVERYBODY not only politicians are asking for money frequently even when they don’t do anything for the cause, except just writing articles! But it’s different with President Trump. Just because he’s a billionaire doesn’t mean he has to give his time, energy and strength to the country for nothing! He is not drawing a salary, but nobody with a sane mind will expect him to do this much longer. I think those who criticize the President about money are habitual whiners and complainers.

        2. Carol Smith says

          Yes they will.

      2. Askjrsk says

        Especially now that DOJ has all the documents.

    3. Scott Ezell says

      No the swamp wont win. Not in the long run. Itll seem like they will/do. But WE THE PEOPLE, and TRUE Republicans wii come out on top in the end.

      1. Askjrsk says

        You know like the past 250 years.

      2. chief1937 says

        I hope you are correct but given the atmosphere of today one can never be real sure about our government all we can be sure of is most of them are crooks in one way or the other. So far republicans have been too afraid to do much of anything. They wanted control of the house we gave it to them then they needed the senate we gave them that then it was the white house we gave them that and now with a total majority control they have thus far failed to change the direction of our country. They are too buisy condemning each other they can’t get anything accomplished.

        1. Jackalyn Morrison says

          Just need to vote them out

          1. BoTexan says

            we need to get on our phones, computers, letter writing and demand our clowns know they better get the job done. go to the town hall meetings and kick the dems/commies out and let them know we are behind them but they need to get the trump agenda passed!!!!!!!

          2. lovezion says

            Yes, we need organizations to invite citizens to do that. WHERE ARE THEY??? What a shame!

        2. llkenney says

          Well the people have to have the guts to stand up and do something. Some people have become apathetic and complacent.

        3. lovezion says

          But the very worst those traitor 2-faced repubs have been doing is condemning President Trump in his front and in his back and interfering with his work instead of helping. THIS, is unforgivable and I do hope that as soon as the President gets a little more settled, he’ll start purging the whole congress staff, which is to say: START DRAINING THE SWAMP as fast and as thorough as possible.

    4. Askjrsk says

      You are very wrong.

    5. Katerina Tarinski says

      I think you wrong.Trump is a fighter.Know by NY

    6. Carol Smith says

      Trump is his own worst enemy. He has always had a problem with accountability and constantly blames others for his shortcomings. That is not a leader.

    7. Carol Smith says

      Trump has not drained the swamp. There are lots of things he promised that he has not done, particularly his main promises. He made too many uninformed decisions and used very bad judgment…an understatement.

      1. lovezion says

        Because of ignoramus savages as you sabotaging his work. I’m crazy to give you my time answering.

    8. Frances Chute Quinn says

      trump needs his supportors help. make phone calls to your reps, stop voting for mccain, graham, mcconnell, ryan. put more trump supporting senators in office. trump falls, the country falls so lock and load is coming. he is doing great things to make our country great again.

    9. Brenda Sinclair says

      TRUMP WENT INTO OFFICE knowing who the swamp rats pedophiles names are, he knows who is child traffcing out of washington dc…he became president for one reason to rid americas government of these pedophiles preying on lives of children, he knew obama and hillary were child traffcing out of whitehouse and that COMEY COVERED UP FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN so comey got fired , more to come!!

  2. gotabgood says

    It is refreshing to see that you can recognize the good possibility that Trump is gone.
    Now the blame game starts.. it was the media….. it was the radical left…. it was and will be ANYONE except the fault of Trump himself with the help of Russia.
    Trouble is, he has infected the WH with Russian agents… they got to go also…
    Well… these people

      1. Retired says

        You did not talk that way with the WH being full of Muslims , why ??? Are you a Muslim, that black outfit gives you away .

      2. Alleged Comment says

        Thanks, but the Nerogro was NEVER a legal sitting US constitutional president.

        He had no legitimate right to be up there. He was a NEROgro.

    1. Jean Langford M. says

      LOL…You “are” a complete moron…LOL…and super funny…It’s like reading a alternate “Universe Reality” filled with Looneytoones….LOL…LOL…Carry on!!!!

    2. Anita Kulvinskas says

      What the hell are you talking about? Russian agents? What about the White House filled with Muslim Brotherhood? What about Van Jones? Hillary’s right hand lady being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Obama even appointed a Brotherhood member to Defense Secretary. The difference is these were proven and we had 8 years of it. There is NO PROOF that Trump is associated with Russia, even Comey cleared him of that. Yet you keep spouting false stories.

      1. Jackalyn Morrison says

        Thats all they know because hellion and obummer got by with soo much!!! Seems to forget who gave our uranium to russia and who wasn’t a legal president and I can tell you who is not owned by russia!!!

      2. gotabgood says

        Nope no proof at all… just a 100 different coincidences… like this one..

        “So when I got in the cart with Eric,” Dodson says, “as we were setting off, I said, ‘Eric, who’s funding? I know no banks—because of the recession, the Great Recession—have touched a golf course. You know, no one’s funding any kind of golf construction. It’s dead in the water the last four or five years.’ And this is what he said. He said, ‘Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.’ I said, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah. We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.’ Now that was three years ago, so it was pretty interesting.”

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Trump/Putin 2020!

  3. gotabgood says


      1. Ed Shick says

        When he Dies , he has much to answer for , Millions of Jews went to gas Chamber for George Soros !!

        1. FloridaBoyee says

          This BUTTHOLE should have been taken out MANY years ago, but just keeps gaining wealth & Power!

          1. Anita Kulvinskas says

            What is really disgusting is how he hates this country but lives in NYC. Evil lives very long due to their dealing with the devil.

          2. Ed Shick says

            Some day this old Man dies , No one lives for ever! Then he finds There is a God !

          3. FloridaBoyee says

            I know, Ed, but I hate ALL of the hate & destruction he has left here ALREADY! Maybe he is God’s devil for us take care of!

  4. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

      You left out ABC,CBS,NBC,NPR and MSLSD,,But you’re probably right CNN wins it hands down !

      1. John says

        MSNBC as runner up

        1. gotabgood says
          1. k9maiden says

            Probably at the bottom for fake news. Do the liberals spin and lie on the show, yes, but they are always called out by those that will not let them get by with it the Conservatives, unlike the other Marxist News sources that conspire, lie, spin and embellish with their Marxist Propaganda, and they get by with it. Look at you! You are a result of the lying, Marxist Media, what a pity some people are so easily brainwashed.

          2. gotabgood says

            Conservative who things your always right,
            explain these;
            Alternative facts.?
            Microwave cameras?
            Bowling Green Massacre?
            Comey resigns?

        2. ernldo says

          Became the demotard propaganda arm over fifty years ago….

        1. k9maiden says

          Liked this meme, because it is the truth, HOWEVER, I did not support Ron Paul for POTUS.

    2. richjack4 says

      Keep pounding a wish or lie and sooner or later people will begin to believe it! Seems to authors of this article have fallen into that category.

      1. Carol Smith says

        That is what trump did during the campaign. He relentlessly bashed the press an started conspiracy theories about people who did not support him. He has extremely thin skin and obsessive about that. That is not a leader.

        1. richjack4 says

          Conspiracy “theories” are not theories if they are true. More than 80% of the coverage of President Trump has been negative, and that statistic comes from your own liberal media. I will take that as a leader as opposed to what you consider a “leader”.

        2. John says

          Trump leads a real estate organization with thousands of employees and had a successful show. That requires great leadership. BTW, the press started the bashing. They may have unwittingly propelled Trump to the presidency with lots of free press which to many is genius. Some leaders do have tempers but win anyway and some don’t.

          1. lovezion says

            GOOD THINKING!!! :o)

          2. k9maiden says

            Trust me, BO and Killary were the most dangerous people to ever step across the threshold in the WH. Killary is known to be the most hateful, heinous, and Satanic bitch who would sell her grandchildren for money, power and control. She hates authority and she consistently insulted and screamed at the Secret Service assigned to protect her fat ass. They despised her! She is no friend of Blacks either, but then, don’t tell the liberal Blacks that, they wouldn’t believe it anyway. She supported the woman who literally founded abortion, and the reason she founded it was to weed out Black babies! LOL Yep, kill the Black babies, weed them out of our society, and Killary thought this woman was the best! Stupid liberals, they haven’t a clue that Killary would kill them and add them to her body bags. BO, an ineligible, Muslim/Communist/American hating Kenyan, what is there to say about him except that just cross him, look at the dept of hatred in his eyes, they literally change, he reminded me of the Devil in the Bible that was in the desert and he looked exactly like all dictators, but he couldn’t very well do anything about it because we have the right to bare arms in this country, and he was “pretending” to be a good American when he was anything but that! Evil, dangerous, smooth talker, all just like Hitler. BO the new Hitler, and Muslims, the new Nazis. We escaped the brink of Communism when Trump was elected.

        3. lovezion says

          If you think President Trump is not a leader, think again. He’s superior to any of the past presidents and to most government people (and others too!!!) THIS, is one of the many reasons why his enemies are so savage and bitter against him – – –


          They all wish they could be like him! None of the candidates wouldn’t have done 1/4 in 8 years, even in 4 years, of what President Trump accomplished in 3 months AND…..under constant harassment of the worst kind!!! Whereas that Kenyan muzzie jerk has sunk and ruined America which he hates so much!!!

          To those anti-Trumps: why don’t you take HALF of USA led by your “leader” husein obama or some other “leader” so you can enjoy the life you love. And we, the bad ones, will be led by Donald J. Trump. BUT, when we are enjoying all those great accomplishments by our President…do not try to come to OUR HALF because we won’t give you access!!! HAHAHAHA!


          1. Brenda Sinclair says

            and what the news media does not see there is a God in heaven who heard the cries of millions of aborted babies murdered every year, God in heaven heard the painful cries of parents of whom their children were kidnapped by child traffcing rings, God heard the cries of these children being raped tortured, murdered, their blood drank their bodies eaten by satanic rituals.GOD CHOSE PRESIDENT TRUMP TO RID USA GOVERNMENT OF THEIR MANY PEDOPHILES PREYING ON CHILDREN, TO DRAIN THE SWAMP OF THESE CHILD TRAFFCING PEDOPHILES AND IT IS ALREADY WORKING UPDATE 3,500 ARRESTED PLUS THREE GOVERNORS ARRESTED, COMEY FIRED SWAMP IS DRAINING CLAPPER AND BRENNAN

          2. John says

            According to polls that even the liberal media follows, 83% more or less journalist (and I use that term loosely) does not have any faith position or belief in God. Much of their narrative outside of Fox News, Infowars, Next News Network, Mark Dice, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, etc. clearly shows where their biases are and some have even doubled down on Hillary’s “Deplorables and Irredeemables” speech. The MSM seems to have no fear in lying to the public on both partisan sides but the rest of us kind of do and have the checks and balances that the left doesn’t have such as being accountable to God. Since their only god is another being that allows lying to achieve their ends, what does that say about the radical extreme left where violence and restriction of free speech is practiced along with instigating shouting matches and giving everyone the finger that isn’t them.

        4. Charles Burnes says

          As opposed to lying cheating stealing killing and otherwise destroying lives of others. …can you say KILLARY AND THE CLINTON MAFIA?

        5. Frank says

          Get lost Twinkie! Go to your safe space with the other PC assholes!

        6. gvette says

          Thin skinned? Holly shit. Your gay, Muslim ne-gro was as thin skinned as they come.

        7. k9maiden says

          OH PLLLLLEAAAAAAASEEEEE! You are so out of touch with reality it shows in everyone of your comments. Do you honestly believe anyone but a brainwashed Marxist on this site buys your spin on Trump and the media? The Media literally campaigned for Killary, they lied, they bashed, they embellished EVERYTHING DONALD TRUMP SAID! The reason that the Whore of Islam lost was because of the MEDIA, millions of Americans saw through them and knew exactly what the Clintons and the BO REGIME were, Communist, Islamic sympathizers who wanted to change every aspect of the free world, our Republic, and despite of a rigged election for the Whore of Islam, and despite of millions of illegals and dead voting for Killary, in spite of Democrappy pollsters caught ripping up early voting for Trump, Killary lost! LOL Get over it cry baby, do you know how many Americans despised BO and the Regime, knew he was ineligible to be POTUS, knew the election was rigged, and KNEW he was HElL bent on making our country a Islamic Caliphate, but did you see us out there destroying property, screaming and yelling, banging on drums so the other side didn’t get a chance to voice their opinion which was probable the truth? Do you have a clue how many Americans counted the days until we could get our country back from the brink of Communism? Conservatives believe in our Constitution as the law of the land, something you liberals only use when it is convenient for you to suit your agenda, then you spin it! We on the Right believe in a “Peaceful transition of government” so we let you loony Commies have your inauguration with brainless rap stars who could barely make it through 8th grade, with the Whore of Islam, with the Kenyan/Communist/Muslim, we were heart sick at what was happening to our country, but we didn’t break windows, set cars on fire, block interstate exist and entrances so ambulances couldn’t get through with critical patients, beating up anyone, including mentally challenged who wore Trump T shirts, you people are anarchist, plain and simple! You are the reason Donald Trump won, you and the Marxist Media, and trust me, no one is going to buy the spin on Russia, on all the lies the left trumped up to get rid of Trump. I suppose you liberals don’t even realize that if Trump did step down, there “ain’t” no way the Whore of Islam or any liberal Commie would be POTUS, it would be Pence, then the Speaker of the House if Pence didn’t work out. You cannot and will not get rid of the Conservatives who were elected so stop trying.

      2. donS2 says

        That is what Joseph Gobbels did.

    3. John says

      Nice one!!! More to make such as the biggest lie by a male and/or female newscaster, Best fake story, Best character assassination, Best emotional outburst, Rudest questions at a press conference, Best Lie, Best Hypocrisy, etc.

  5. mrpoohead says
    1. john says

      Mr. Pocket Pool !

  6. katz5253 says

    NO!! Mike will and needs to be in jail he is a Pedophile!!!!!!

    1. L. A. Stanly says

      IDIOT. Really $h!t-for-brains!

    2. djgreiner59 says

      U need to locked up in a loony bin u r nuts

  7. Garys_opinion says

    Fake news!

  8. Jean Langford M. says

    LOL…LOL…You wish….LOL…LOL…

  9. Gerald Mitchell says

    Get a life and write an article on important issues in Europe such as the destruction these immigrants are doing there instead of hiding the truth and FAKE NEWS.

  10. FloridaBoyee says

    It would be in VP Pence’s BEST interest that he be PREPARED! I do NOT trust the US Congress and that is from DUMBOCRATS to buttholes like John McCain and other non-Republicans trying to call themselves Republicans, trying to THROW President Trump out of office And NOT do a DAMN thing about the illegality of Obama being President and bring our country to a THIRD WORLD status in 8 years! But we WILL have our DAY in office to get rid of these useless SOB’s!!

    1. 8true8 says

      No charges or crime by trump AND need 2/3 of congress that is GOP – will not impeach – too many good changes

      1. Askjrsk says

        Absolutely. Trump has all the cards. Deep state being exposed. Support and respect for President Trump growing by leaps and bounds. Traveling talking to many folks it is obvious. Mickey Mouse owned media are globalists so they report fake statistics.

        1. pmbalele says

          We do not want Trump to resign; but I do not know why he is a whiner. I believe he was raised on sliver spoon. He has to be tough with Repubs, TPs and media. He wanted the job badly and we gave it to him. As I have told you Trump to stop whining like Sid in Get Smart. Sid visited Smart for girls, but both ended up in jail for the girls they meet at bar were actually Russians. Trump should not leave the WH because we don’t want to end up with Pence who has IQ of 89. Pence is abortion hawk, hates women’s rights. Pence would be perfect to live in Kuwait, Arabia or Iraq. As I have told you I have never seen Pence with Black people around. As I have counseled Trump; he should avoid partying with Republicans. These are sneaky people; will laugh with you, but stab you in the back when absent. Does Trump really trust Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell? He should not. Trump should now expand Obamacare. I have already suggested ways to decrease or eliminate premiums and deductibles. Trump should trust us Democrats-We are for the people while Repubs are for themselves.

          1. Katerina Tarinski says

            MAYBE YOU RIGHT.

          2. Bobby Hopkins says

            bull shit u speak.

          3. Charles Burnes says

            Trust a demorat !! REALLY? ?? WASN’T NOBAMA A DEMORAT ? ISN’T KILLARY A DEMORAT ?

          4. John says

            There are those with silver spoons and they squandered the family fortune. Trump earned his father’s respect by hanging out at his father’s construction site of new homes and buildings as a child. That time, his father, Fred Trump Sr. only got involved in properties in Queens & Brooklyn NYC. Donald got his father to try Manhattan and he got no more that a million or 2 to start with and one of his first projects was the old Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station around Mid-Town Manhattan. He did very well with that project and to cut to the chase, even with mistakes made but great men/women do learn from their mistakes and in Trump’s case made him a net worth in the billions. His older brother Fred Jr. tragically died of alcohol at age 42 and didn’t want to be in the family business. This is not to put down Fred Jr but shows what different siblings do with family entitlement. Before you generalize Trump with “Silver spoon” (you spelled silver wrong but I assume you meant silver). read his biography first. BTW JP Morgan inherited a million also and that was before inflation. What he did with the million goes down in Wall Street history where he made a million seem like a dollar in his pocket.

        2. Carol Smith says

          Trumps ratings are the lowest of any president so far.

          1. Askjrsk says

            Ha ha ha your fake news is why you are so blindsided Next to the illegitimate fraudulent imposter in the White House for the right years and opiated no wonder you are so dumbed down No more gay black Muslim those days are over Ha ha ha

          2. lovezion says


          3. John says

            is carol smith a paid troll? BTW Carol I heard Geoge Soros stiffed Antifa on their $15 per hour. Maybe the Koch Brothers will pay, maybe not. Otherwise, the Dems, Celebs, Academia, and the MSM got you for free.

          4. Frances Chute Quinn says

            just like the polls saying hillary was the next president for sure. do not believe media lies.

          5. FloridaBoyee says

            And the PEOPLE SPOKE!! They did NOT trust this CORRUPT whatever she is and we still do not want her! Go and retire on your stolen money!!

          6. k9maiden says

            She only believes lies if they are about Trump.

          7. donS2 says

            Yours would be to if we poled in certain places. Remember killary was going to win in a landslide with 92% probability. I had people on line telling me the morning of the election that Hispanics were voting like crazy and that Mr. Trump had already lost Florida. Tell me Carol, what happened?

          8. Brenda Sinclair says


          9. John says

            To the Trolls like Carol Smith…….can you spell Voter and Election Fraud? While the blue state is in favor of Hillary being president, she more than likely didn’t get 2/3 of the vote if you count voter and election fraud. I come from NYC and live and work in California both blue states and I am non-Caucasian. Each state had Trump with 1/3 of the votes more or less. The MSM won’t report that there are more minorities voting for Trump than they let on and 59% of Californians are against sanctuary cities and that is a bi-partisan percentage. Unless Carol that you are a paid troll and/or that your agenda is already predetermined. check out facts on both sides before drawing conclusions Good call don52

          10. donS2 says

            I work in a union facility and most whites voted for Mr. Trump along with some Hispanic and Black. No one really said much about it for fear of being ostracized. My brother in law is Hispanic who came to this Country legally and he voted for Mr. Trump. Mr. Obama appears to be a good Father to his children and seems to care about people (Mr. Trump does as well) but his ideology is so anti-American and left wing I could not stomach it. Plus I am a veteran so I lean to the Right.

          11. Brenda Sinclair says


          12. k9maiden says

            ^^^^^Look at that evil face on BO. If he doesn’t look like a pathological narcissistic dictator, I don’t know who does.

          13. ernldo says

            Dumbest president? He would also over quality as the dumbest dog catcher EVER, as well….

          14. k9maiden says

            He looks like the Black version of Howdy Doody.

          15. ernldo says

            The negs call him, ” hoo dat, wat dat”

          16. k9maiden says

            Sorry, WRONG! Who in the HELL WOULD BELIEVE A LIBERAL LOON LIKE YOU ANYWAY. There was a poll taken and 98% of those that voted for him would vote for him again. His poll numbers have gone up since he took over the usurper’s regime because he has done nothing but positive things to improve this country from the brink of collapse under the Regime. INCLUDING banning those countries that want to kill us! Those countries who put Shariah Law above the Constitution, something that is NOT accepted in this country. You liberals think you can just post a lie and everyone will believe it because your lies come directly from the Marxist Media. And you loons wonder why Trump tweets, he knows, as well as all of his followers, that the Media will never tell the truth about him, and he wants the truth to come out, the only way he can do this is through tweeting! Not even a good try, it was a very weak statement!

      2. FloridaBoyee says

        I am a TRUE TRUMP fan, too. I know we have control of the Senate, BUT, I do worry about turncoats like John McCain, who was a turncoat in the Hanoi POW camp, and came out like a hero!
        Tat was because his father was a retired Admiral. The Congress does NOT Want ANYONE coming into their domain and ruffling the waters, that took decades to make it to their enjoyment and take trips around the world on OUR TAXPAYER $$ to do investigations into nothing that cannot be done in their own offices! IF they apply the pressure on President Trump, they “think” he will just retire. He is a REAL FIGHTER!!

      3. John says

        Unfortunately, if Trump made it rain gold from the heavens, the Democrat Liberals will still double-down on their narrative at the chagrin of everyone else.

    2. Carol Smith says

      Please explain to us in detail how we have become a third world country!!! Lol

      1. Richard Broye says

        This lowlife bastard (literally) because his mother was a slut! Obama only wanted to bring the US down to a low level from the start. He downsized our military to a low grade country. He divided this country and made the whites & blacks fight each other!
        And Oprah was of no help, either! He still goes on his taxpayer’s money! Anyone who defends the Obamas is just as bad they are!

        1. Brenda Sinclair says


          1. ernldo says

            Blame the stupid demotards that elected this a$$wipe idiot….

      2. Frances Chute Quinn says

        we have brought in criminals and disease ridden people, start with that. we have no borders, refugee cities, sanctuary cities, all illegals. our country is bankrupt. how long do you think it can go on till we are all impoverished?

      3. k9maiden says

        Through the Islamist Communist, BO, that’s how! Wake up!

    3. lovezion says

      EXCELLENTLY SAID!!! I think President Trump is very smart and intelligent and I hope he’ll see to it that they don’t get their way! It would be a tragedy if they win to impeach him, even if he resigns. But I wouldn’t blame him, after all who can endure so MUCH AND SO NONSTOP venomous interfering with his work, his life….

      I still hope deeply that somehow he’ll win over those rapacious savages!!! Maybe more influential people will come to his side….

      1. Frances Chute Quinn says

        trump never quits…and no one can or will do what he is doing, practically saving the country one handed against the democrats and the traitorous republicans. without trump the swamp will never be drained. back to crime and corruption on both sides.

        1. FloridaBoyee says

          President Trump deserves our daily prayers everyday!!I feel he was sent here to PULL the USA out of the depths of Hell! If Hillary was 9in office we would be 4 more years of Barrack Obama and this country would have NO military, as we did prior to WW2, and many other services that mean nothing but trouble to all of Americans, but there are so many stupid people out there cannot see that!

  11. 8true8 says

    Trump will be exonerated – no Russian collusion – DNC voter fraud

    1. Askjrsk says

      So true

    2. llkenney says

      Why he’s moving so fast to put some of these committees in place, such as the Commission to investigate voter fraud.

    3. llkenney says

      But I’m with you. They need 2/3s of both Houses, unless they know they can get a bunch of Republican defectors.

  12. Joe Gleaton says

    fake news

  13. Michael Dennewitz says

    The bottom line: WE THE PEOPLE had been far to busy with “other things” and WE allowed our once blessed country turn to shit! And the question still remains: WHY? WHY ARE TERRORIST CELLS ALLOWED TO REMAIN AND TRAIN IN THIS COUNTRY??

  14. Ray Looker says

    The Democrat judicial system is based upon accusations, not facts. You are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt if they can find 100 people (Democrats) who say that you are guilty of a crime that never existed, or a couple of Democrat Congressmen/women who profess that such and such is true. Actual truth is not relevant if the lies succeed to destroy their target, i.e., Nixon for example. I am amazed that so many Christians and Jews actually identify with the Democrat Party knowing that every anti-God, anti-Constitution, pro-abortion, i.e., the killing of millions of babies, and the liberal educational system that teaches all of the above under the cover of progressive education. It is no wonder the last two generations are so screwed up.

  15. Niko says

    I am going to say what no body is saying. Yes,i voted for Trump and i worked at Trump Tower as a Union Sheetmetal worker in NYC. I had the pleasure of talking to him on multiple occasions. Both are decent men compared to many that live in America. As a Right Wing God Fearing “not a CRINO – Christian in name only” Conservative i would be hard pressed to think either one is good for the Office of the Presidency. Trump going to Saudi “shit” Arabia to form an arab nato is beyond disgusting. Pence going to indonesia and his family all donning headscarves is beyond words. Trump not bowing like dumbo obumbo and his wife not wearing a headscarf was nothing more than photo ops to look good in the limelight for a few minutes. There is no cohesion in Trumps administration as of yet. The nato that is already in place from the UN has never worked, will never work ,can never work. American taxpayers money going to waste. nato is nothing but a pedophile promoting and slavery promoting entity. islam is the same thing pedophile and slavery promoting scum and stupidity. Now an arms deal well worth over 100 billion dollars ,common man REALLY, looks like America has forgotten that most of the muslime scum that flew the planes into the World Trade Center,Pennsylvania and the Pentagon came from Saudi Arabia. “Hello, McFly you in there” … These muslime scum mostly worked as street cart food vendors in NYC , those food carts are everywhere here now and anyone that buys from those food carts are nothing but unpatriotic fools caving in to the third pillar of islam. America has become the land of ignorant arrogant dirtbags, for the most part ,so so very sad…

    1. Askjrsk says

      One-comment 170 up votes. I think you are a troll with an agenda. The only accurate statement you made is about scumbags that would be you and anyone else that works to divide America, you know like OBAMA.

    2. PipingPlover40 says

      This is about eradicating radical Islamic terrorism and keeping it out of this country. Further, this is about the Middle East coughing up the bucks and military to save themselves from Isis, and other bad world players. If you don’t get this, I think perhaps you have not fought it through. If you are a troll, I regret wasting my time on you.

      1. Niko says

        Thanks for your text ,but unfortunately there is no such thing as radical/moderate or peaceful islam. Dar el saleem means peace in shitslam when the muslimes have conquered everything and everyone. Even then there cannot be peace in shitslam because the M in muslimes means MORONS. The meddling east is not cuoghing up a single solitary penny. Hence the 100 billion and over that Trump wants to give them over ten years, TAXPAYERS MONEY. The filthy book for muslimes the korcant says that right hand can and shall take what it wants for their own. Jahinayilla or janihayilla, close to that spelling means that before moHAMhead – the shit that he was ,means the age of ignorance before shitslam. That means that Jesus was not crucified ,everything before moHAMhead was a lie,hence the destruction of all Christian artifacts in the meddling east. Common man wake up to what is going on ,you have way to much to learn!!!!. DO I SOUND LIKE A TROLL, HUH HUH DO I, not a chance in hell.. I’m 54 years old and i was taught about these filth by my grandfather when i was 10 years old, I’m not a johnny come lately to these scumbag muslimes like most people are. I am 4th generation American of Greek heritage. Greece wad under shitslamic rule for 824 years under the first caliphate. My family fought them in Greece from the mid 1500’s unril 1821 when Greece rid herself of them. I plan slaughter them in America if given the chance. It is time for you to sit down and hit the bricks oh i mean books to learn before you speak!!!!!. Once again thanks for the text and the oppurtunity to redeem myself.

        1. Bebe says

          I lived and worked in Egypt, a Muslim country that did not understand the stealth nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. After the MB fraudulently entered office, their true nature was revealed and the so called “coup” was a revolt against extremism by the Muslim and Christian people. The Western press demonizes observant Muslim, El Sisi for throwing the MB and other islamists into prison.
          I know many Muslims here in the US who welcome me, a Catholic, into their circle of friends. They came here because they don’t want to live under Sharia, but that does not mean they don’t pray.
          You are very ignorant. Personally, I blame the Saudis for exporting their extreme version of Islam, but they are having severe problems at home and now need to step us to get rid of the people they allowed to incubate.
          By the way, I have read the various Arab press reports and for most part, they love Trump and family and offer many praises for all. They are so happy Obama’s gone and Trump has come.

          1. Niko says

            First off ,i am not ignorant!!!!!. Second off ,islam is not a religion, when muslimes get on their knees and bow down that makes them a slave and they repeat the verse to kill Orthodox Christians and jews 15 times. Sharia ,the path ,islam to submit , there tbe path to submission aka -slavery. Thirdly there are over a quarter billion muslimes that are forced to be that way . Taqiyya ,to lie to fools like you, wake up,murunah to marry infidels to get information for the expansion of tbe caliphate like that abaweenie filth. Like i have said mamy times the M in muslime stands for MORONS. You have had the wool pulled over your eyes ,plain and simple . If you have muslime friends you are a total imbecile… it is fools like you that bring forth the destruction of America and around the world. There is so much more for me to say and i can give facts and real time examples but it will all fall on deaf ears such as yourself. Good bye ,good ridance. One more thing you are not a true Christian. It is a true Christians job to protect Christianity from the destruction of our faith from the filth know as muslimes and yes that means killing them . Shitslam is plagiarised from Orthodox Christianity and Judaisim that makes it fake and one big lie !!!!!. You waste of a so called CRINO – Christian in name only…

          2. Bebe says

            As someone who lived in Egypt I speak the language and whoever you clearly don’t or you wouldn’t say such stupid statements. Your whole presentation only proves once again your ignorance. You have allowed people who want to create more hatred between Christians and Muslims feed you false information.

          3. Niko says

            If they don’t want to live under Sharia then they should not call themselves muslimes ,they should call themselves Egyptians !!!!! how stupid are you ,very stupid. Take your talking points to the little kids table

          4. Bebe says

            They are practicing Muslims who are not Wahhabi or Salifist. You claim you are not stupid, yet you can’t seem to comprehend the fact that there are many sects. El Sisi is a religious Sufi, a sect of Islam that respects and gets along with people of other faiths.
            Can you absorb that. Perhaps, since you consider yourself an intelligent person, learn Arabic and listen to the non-Wahhabi prayers and see what people are saying, not the lies you repeated.

  16. PipingPlover40 says

    Ridiculous. First, the liberal witch hunt media and intel agencies have tried and convicted Mike Flynn by violating worse laws to do so. Mike Flynn never even had his rights read to him. If lying, or misspeaking (as Democrats call it) to a person in one’s own party or anyone was a crime, there would not be a politician left in DC. Now they are moving forward with their plans of sedition and should they succeed, the Republic is dead and we have a dictatorship, socialism and worse. We are having the biggest war with evil right here in this country!

    1. Askjrsk says

      They will not succeed.

      1. PipingPlover40 says

        We can only home that the liberals do not succeed with their agenda.

  17. Joe Pewter says

    no doubt the push to impeach Trump will fade..US government becoming honest and draining the swamp prosecuting clinton for anything …will never happen if there was any intention of doing so it would be happening right now..whats gonna get sold to “us We’ the Trump supporters will be Trump beat impeachment..ra.ra ra..and we still are working hard to clean up government gonna take time…(like forever)..if i’m wrong after Trump’s world tour ..he will come home..start touring America to reveal the decades of imbedded corruption..forcing or CREATING that change to make America Great Again….GOT IT?

  18. higgy01 says

    Pence with take over the presidency IN EIGHT YEARS!

  19. My country says

    I didn’t vote for Pence .Like Reagan ,Trump had to take Pence just like Reagan had to take the globalist Daddy Bush . I think he might be questionable to say the least . On the surface he looks ok but underneath he is still part of the swamp . One must remember during the campaign he met with the Rinos trying to get him to take over the campaign from Trump . Just like the others running who went down to the island to make a deal to overthrow him then . All of them that went came back thinking they had it in the bag .Especially Kasich .and Rubio

  20. ZACAL says

    Democrats are wishing again. They’re nuts.

    1. Retired says

      Just look at who is leading them .

  21. Michael Dennewitz says

    Well, WTF pence.. Are you bighting your nails, hoping for your OWN fame??? Why, if you feel so energetic, don’t you get some troops together and SHUT DOWN these damned terrorist cells all across OUR country, huh bubbah?? ??

    1. Retired says

      The biggest terrorist cell is the hores running congress with the lobbyist .

  22. ONLYJB1 says

    I’m calling Bulls**t! Of course every vice president needs to always be prepared in case something happens to the POTUS! But the reference of this article is all about the removal of Trump from office. Won’t happen! obama set the bar on treason and corruption!

    1. Retired says

      He continues to work destruction behind his wall .

      1. ONLYJB1 says

        I live with the belief that we will finally see JUSTICE. It takes time to put a solid case together and it takes the right people to see that investigation through. comey’s gone! lynch is gone! clinton is gone! obama is still attempting to hang on. There are new individuals working on this case right now. I pray nothing leaks until they have their case filed with the DOJ.

        1. Retired says

          It would be nice and many can’t wait for the day .

  23. Dr Silicon says

    Why are the Democrat’s planning another assignation?

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Well, with the benghazi bitch, her pickle faced husband and soros still on the loose, MR TRUMP surely needs a ton of protection. Even his good friends can be bribed if the “amount” is right. God help this screwed up globe!! ???

      1. Morton99 says

        Jesus – I thought you were about to die. What happened – you laid off the booze and oxycoton ?

        1. bttrap says

          maybe you also should lay off the booze and oxycoton

  24. MJB says


  25. Sean O'Neal says

    Pence is most certainly a NEW kind of VP. Never before have any of our VP’s even George H. W. Bush been in the news or limelight as Pence. His nose is up the backside of Trump everywhere – doesn’t he have a job or an obligation to be doing something rather than dogging the President.

    He was a very bad choice from the beginning and was only suggested to bring in the likes of Cruz and Rubio to lend their support and bring in other unhappy Republicans – but they have all made their own beds and are lying in them and have been for a very long time. The only difference between the “R” and “D” is the letters of the alphabet.

    Why is Justice allowing our VP the privilege of starting a group such as this. One of the worst things Congress every did against the American people but for the good of themselves was in setting up the 501 C 4 so they could gathered all the behind the scenes donations the very type of antics which the Clinton’s have survived on and all those taking money from Soros’s various groups.

    Pence is not all that he portrays himself to be and Americans need to do their research. You might want to ask him why he got so angry at Flynn when Flynn didn’t tell him his best friend’s name (Senator Flake) was on the Pizzagate list. All is not coming out in a frontal mode. This PAC should be PROHIBITED!

  26. Sgt. York says

    As our best in series of outright bs CNN is the Winner with MSNBC as a close second.

  27. NashvilleTiger says

    I am so sick of this. America and Trump supporters will win this one. These morons who will NOT give up will NOT win. Trump will prevail, he is a winner and most importantly, he loves America and will do what’s best for America. This is just beyond ridiculous but we all know these people are too sick and demented to give up, they will continue to harass our President until he eventually leaves office in 8 years.

    1. bttrap says

      you get that morton the moron

      1. NashvilleTiger says

        @bttrap, WHAT?

      2. NashvilleTiger says

        @bttrap, sorry……you’re not making any sense. I have no idea what you’re saying.

  28. Richard Bagenstose says

    we don’t want pence as president we want trump and he is doing a pretty good job up till now, we don’t need another carrier politician running the country with the same old shit that got us here ,americans didn’t screw this country up politicians did, and you want to listen to them ,morons, there is only one way to give this country back to we the people and that is to eliminate all politicians , untill americans band together and wipe out d.c. our country is doomed, a bunch of self severing idiots enforcing their will on the people to stay in control, america became grate from free thinking people not from d.c. wake up you fools, do you want to be free or do you want to be a controled idiot in like russia ,china or the rest of the world where people live in poverty like the 1800’s herding sheep

  29. Morton99 says

    Yes – Pence is meeting with Republicans in Congress almost every day. I suspect that all along they plotted to make him President as soon as Trump crosses the line – and that may be very near.

    1. bttrap says

      yea another 8 years maybe

  30. Bebe says

    The best thing we can do as Americans trying to help this country get back on track is to do all we can to defeat Democrats and RINOs (if there is something better running) in upcoming elections. Make sure you kids r registered to vote, and if we must, do what the dems do, bus our people to the polls if they are old, sick or down on their luck.
    God will only Bless America if America still serves God.

  31. Sean O'Neal says

    Per this article statement “It may not be long before even Trump-sympathetic Republicans begin to wonder what kind of legislation they could pass if they could get a less controversial figure in the Oval Office” – the Republications have been in charge long enough for America to see they are NOT interested in taking care of the Constitution or the American people. A healthcare bill that is trash, a budget which is self satisfying along with no funds for the wall as per usual and since it is anticipated the Senate is going to pull apart both the budget and the lousy healthcare bill – just what has Congress done for you or anyone else in this country except foreigners and the unemployed?

    1. BoTexan says

      we could start voting the dead, non-citizens, and bus in people from other districts—–like the demos do.

      1. Sean O'Neal says

        What would that prove – than we would be no better than they are – how about getting rid of political parties all together and just look at the person and do what you should be doing – if the aren’t doing their jobs VOTE THEM OUT!

  32. myworld5 says

    Nothing surprises me any more — didn’t like that choice to begin with and everyone in Washington has their own selfish goals for self-survival … Trump is the only person in that position that really didn’t “need” it …..He did it for ‘us ! and he has given up a lot ….just to put up with traitors to the country like McCain , etc, and the whole Democratic bunch of creeps …….– there is so much more that could be said about the “Elitists” …but why bother …….He has no one watching his back ….soooo sad …….

  33. ZACAL says

    Trump is running the administration much like a business. Therefore the V.P. Has responsibilities. The V.P. Is not hidden from publicity like other presidents have done. I can’t figure out why the media and the swamp are confused. Well, maybe I am, the swamp is like a huge nut house.

  34. PAPI, PAPI CHULO says


  35. Oscar Pearson says

    Vice President Pence is not a traitor like the rest of the “cloons” in Washington.

  36. silverbackV says

    More fake news, more fake news, more fake news, more fake news!

  37. CrustyOldGeezer says

    I think it is perfectly normal to have a fund raising group to fund the hopes of getting the garbage PRIMARIED OUT of the republican party and getting HONEST PEOPLE into those slots.
    The media is working the meme to make it look bad for PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  38. richjack4 says

    A rare big-time miss with this article. To even bring up the topic of impeachment is absolutely ludicrous. Appears the right is starting to believe the constant whines of the left! Militant playbook 101, state a lie often enough people will actually begin to believe it! Seems the writers of this article are starting to fall into that category.

    1. AntiGOP says

      >>>>A rare big-time miss with this article.

      “Rare” is not the keyword there.

      >>>>To even bring up the topic of impeachment is absolutely ludicrous. Appears the right is starting to believe the constant whines of the left!

      Nope just you…everyone else knows it is impossible for Trump to be impeached.
      Some know it because the listen to people who really know the constitution.

      >>>>Militant playbook 101, state a lie often enough people will actually begin to believe it!

      Memory serves me right that wasn’t the playbook.

      >>>> Seems the writers of this article are starting to fall into that category.

      Nope…he’s just feeding his trolls like you.

  39. Vernon C. Lindblade says

    Trump is president and will remain,,or there will be war

    1. AntiGOP says

      From the people who claim to be non-violent.

  40. Orion says

    Click bait with fake news.

  41. just me says

    I hope not, Pence is lead by a little voice in he head. He lives in LA LA Land. If Trump goes, all of Trumps picks must go also.

  42. Alleged Comment says

    IF he is you better get used to looking at a piece of deadwood. The man is stiffer than anything overdosed on Viagra.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Hell you don’t know what a Party Animal looks like…

      But I do like…”stiffer and more wooden”

  43. lovezion says

    I enjoy reading most commenters, but there are at least a couple of TROLLS OF THE WORST KIND HERE. Please people, do not waste your precious time answering them, they enjoy making you spend time writing to them which makes them feel important while continuing to write all those ignoramus and venomous comments. They aren’t worth our spit!

  44. donS2 says

    I would recommend he does, in 2024.

  45. Dennis Anderson says

    I would like to think Pence is playing the game to take down the scum. It would cure my ache – e – breakie – heart. Of cource the libs are going to try and bribe him with our tax dollars. Its still worth it.

  46. Jonathan Brooks says

    If Pense think he can benefit from Trump being taken down, he is delusional. The plan by Dems is to take Trump down first, then Pence, then redo elections and arrest all Republicans, so they will own the government. Dems are overthrowing the government.

  47. arschloch says

    With the way the Scum-o-craps are acting it’s best to be prepared. Sucky Chumer’s big mouth, Water’s big mouth, Feinstein’s big mouth, etal. This is a job for Duct Tape on steroids. While the Scum-o-craps lack any vestige of a brain they endeavor to cover the lack with BIG MOUTHS. BAH HUMBUG

  48. disqus_Hczv3TBKdY says

    Like it or not (and I really don’t) et ready for President Pence
    Trump wears his deceit on his sleeve….he cannot help but blurt out his delusion. Pence on the other handy is much sneakier………………………………and scarier……………………

    1. AntiGOP says

      If Pence is in the Collusion Club…that leaves Ryan…

      Like watching an avalanche headed for the Club House at 100 mph.

      Will that be Apprentice 3, 4, or 5

      No matter how you cut it…America is Royally FUCKED !!!!

  49. A_Nobody says

    He is not.

  50. gvette says

    The guy that wrote the article doesn’t seem to notice, that even the demonRATS are starting to walk back their accusations. They can’t find proof, because there isn’t any. (Maxine Waters should get nervous.) Seems, she has many holdings in Russia. Pot calling the kettle black. Pun intended.

  51. anthony j. manzo says

    Why don’t you people put your EGO”S to bed and PLEASE do your JOB just report the NEWS. No more antonymous sources, just plain old TRUTHFUL FACTS. If you want to write fiction try a novel,

  52. ernldo says

    In early 2025, I expect Pence will take the inaugural oath….

    1. AntiGOP says

      They deport Dreamers you know…

  53. Kayjkay says

    The Fake news is going to explode in their faces. They assume that the citizens of our country are stupid because real Americans who love our country don’t jump up and down and scream and shout like the liberal Dems. If Trump can get the voter rolls cleaned up and stop the illegals from voting, the radical Dems don’t have a chance.

    1. AntiGOP says

      The Fake news is going to explode in their faces with REAL NEWS.

      Good point…

  54. fishunter says

    This article is rubbish, without a shred of evidence or proof of any kind. All it is is supposition, no better than friends gathered about talking politics. If this is the best that can be done, quit.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Well said by a Fishunter….

      Holly Shit…LMAO

  55. Joseph R. Davis says

    Pence doesn’t have to do anything but step into the Presidency, when Flip-Flop Don forces the impeachment. When the Republicans send an envoy to tell Trump it’s time to go, one hopes he’ll go gracefully.

  56. AntiGOP says

    Not likely…he’s no doubt involved as welll.

    Little Donny can’t be impeached…

    But could be driven out of dodge other ways.

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