Is Obama Considering Sanctions Against Israel?


If it’s not one thing it’s another with this lousy administration. President Obama has made it clear during his tenure that he is no friend of Israel. While he says all the right things at the right times, his insistence on marginalizing the Israeli right to peace and protection in favor of championing the Palestinian cause has damaged our relationship with our best Middle Eastern ally. Now comes news that Obama is ready to consider imposing economic sanctions on Israel for their continued construction in Jerusalem.

Obama, of course, refuses to comment. Reporters tried to pin down State Department spokesperson Marie Harf on Thursday, but she is obviously well-practiced in the art of the dodge. She declined to confirm or deny reports that secret administration meetings have been taking place to mull action against Israel. According to the reports, revealed by Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper, the meetings took place a couple of months ago and included top officials from the White House as well as the State Department.

A Dangerous Philosophy In a Dangerous Time

It’s unthinkable that Obama would consider levying sanctions against Israel while simultaneously lifting them on Iran. What kind of backwards, destructive philosophy guides this president when he makes his decisions? Well, we already know. Obama is riddled with a hatred for what America has always been, and he wants to change it in ways that even his most fervent supporters never saw coming. In his last two years, unshackled by the restraints of appealing to the people, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

The argument against Jewish settlement expansion, in part, is that it limits the possibility of a two-state solution down the line. That’s simply not an argument at all. It’s time to move past this childish, absurd idea that Israel and a sovereign Palestine can live side by side at this point in history. How many times do we have to get smacked in the face by reality before we swallow it?

We live in dangerous times, and you would have to have your head deep inside your colon not to understand who the enemy is. If you need a refresher, take a trip over to Iraq and make an inquiry into the religious affiliations of the terrorist army currently cutting, slicing, and shooting their way to domination. See how those affiliations match up to those dominant in Palestinian territories. See how they match up to every major terrorist attack of the last twenty years, save one or two.

Islam may not be a religion hostile to the West by default, but enough of its practitioners are. We can no longer afford to ignore this reality for the sake of political correctness. It boggles the mind that we would even consider such a thing 13 years after the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history. But when you elect a president with a Muslim heritage and a distaste for American exceptionalism, you get what you paid for.

  1. Kent2012 says

    probably….kenyan boy’s gift for side-stepping responsibility is only complimented by his trashing of our allies and supporting our enemies….My guess is that he is a “sleeper agent” that has been “awakened”….

    1. Uzoozy says

      America is just a stepping stool for the “friends” , they have done enough harm to US.

    2. Juan TwoTree says

      You’re so right Kent….this Muslim in the White House is a ‘sleeper agent’ for sure….we cannot let Israel fail. They have supported us, supports democracy and is always by our side. If this guy in the White House doesn’t step up to cleaning up his OWN created mess/scandlas that he has created here, he should think twice about our military high level ranking personnel that may just take over the White House and imprison Obama and get this country back on track and get the Democrats OUT, all of them, House, Senate, grocery stores, muslims…the whole shabang!

      1. coleche says

        “He should think twice about our military high level ranking personnel
        that may just take over the White House and imprison Obama and get this
        country back on track.” I like your comment and truly wish our military could or would do so.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          I hope and pray that they will, at this time in my life i wish i had authority of a 5 Star General.

          1. Yadja says

            The generals need to speak up and out and go against O all the way full throttle.

            The military needs to defy him and to defy any orders, like going to Ebola stricken Africa, not in our Military Mission. Defy and Stand Up to this puny, repugnant, traitorous, rat called POTUS.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            The RAT belongs in a sewer he’s stinking up that WH enough where going to need a good exterminator to get rid of the stench.

          3. Yadja says

            I tell you this if you don’t look at the Israeli news on the net Israel is fuming. It will have early elections and O’s name and Kerry’s is lower than worm poo.

            He is beyond the most abominable person ever to be in the WH and his speech today related to what we already solved and stopped, the so-called torture that the entire Congress voted for made me want to go out and chop wood until I fell over. They are the cheapest, dirtiest underhanded and really frikken smart about when to put something out to say look over here O care is nothing compared to this we have ever had.

            Cheeky b@sturds.

          4. Frick says

            Yeah they JUST HAD to bring up something to get everyone’s mind off of the gruber idiot!!!

          5. Yadja says

            They are going to get crucified for this because past CIA and those involved with the program are coming out in force and the facts have been distorted and omitted and the entire report was put together by Democrats only. They are going to have a huge scandal on this and the hypocrisy of O with his drone strikes and the villages and villagers it has destroyed and maimed at least is now being talked about.

            It has been in the International news and finally getting some attention here. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and O is going to be bombarded by his CIA and others.

            This is just another scandal.

          6. Frick says

            In a long list of scandals. Kind of reminds you of Hitler, except for the direct killing of a bunch of innocent people. That could change too!!!

          7. Yadja says

            What he reminds me of is the creation of the Fourth Reich. All the elements are there along with Jew hatred.

          8. Frick says

            I think he hates most EVERYBODY! He wears it all over his sleeve and everywhere else!!! He seems VERY angry which is very scary, especially since he is a Law—yer!

          9. Yadja says

            You might be right on there. Read his books, which were filled with lies according to the mythfinder that exposed him, his entire life is a lie, he is seeped in lies and evil to the core.

          10. Frick says

            Yeah, and he AIN’T no American! Never was. Thank you for your service to our country!!!

          11. Yadja says

            You have a point but unfortunately his mother’s passports were burned in a fire and we just don’t have his travel records, his college transcripts and many other documents his 5 lawyers keep them tied up.

            But something is rotten because anyone who spends so much money to keep everything under wraps has something to hide. We won’t know we don’t even know who vetted him except Pelosi. We don’t know why when Hillary was pulling in front she dropped back and let O have the nomination.

          12. Frick says

            You seem well informed Yadja. Thanks for the information.

          13. Yadja says

            Some things I am well informed on and others not so much but this is a great place for information there are some fabulous people on here and I have had the good fortune to be able to gain from their knowledge.

            When it comes to O and Islam I am pretty much up on things.

          14. wandrako says

            A skip tracer has come up with an entire encyclopedia of his crimes. They know how to find people and information. His name on 50+ properties in the US, 9 ss numbers and on and on. Try on youtube.

          15. Yadja says

            Thanks for the site will look into it.

          16. barbieblv says

            I know why. It isn’t pleasant either.

          17. Yadja says

            Most likely it did not fit into the plans Soros and others had for him.

          18. dinkerduo says

            Burned in a fire—how f-ing convenient–no it wasn’t–where is HIS passport–or Barack Obama Sr. passport—records of his mother’s passport should be somewhere–in the countries where she went and when–look at that end instead of her end–seems she traveled quite a bit so there are records somewhere!
            His whole life story is a PHONY!

          19. Yadja says

            “Many passport Applications and other non-vital records from 1965 were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from General Services Administration.”

            A part of the response given by:
            Jonathan M. Rolbin
            Director Office of Legal Affairs and Law Enforcement Liaison.
            Bureau of Consular Affairs
            Passport Services

            Received in July 29,2010 per request of one Mr. Stunk
            CA/PPT/L/LE-Case Control Number: 200807238

            Mr. Stunk requested the passport records and renewals of one Stanley Ann Dunhem.


            Google it and see the document for yourself.

          20. dinkerduo says

            Ok– saw what they said but where did the notion of Soetoro adopting Berry IN HAWAII?!? Soetoro adopted Berry in Indionesia—where is the proof that Soetoro was EVER being in Hawaii? What was his name at birth??? He said that he changed his name to Barack HUSSSEIN Obama to sound more mid-Eastern–not changed it back to BHO–even Mooooch called him Berry once that I know of-on tape–but EVERYTHING ABOUT HIS AZZ IS UN-PROVABLE BECAUSE HIS RECORDS ARE SEALED! IT’S TIME FOR ALL OF HIS RECORDS TO BECOME PUBLIC–WELL PAST TIME!!! HE EITHER NEEDS TO UNSEAL THEM OR STEP DOWN AS POTUS!!!

          21. Yadja says

            Settle down kid I am on your side. Yes agreed.

          22. dinkerduo says

            Oh I know–sorry to come of like a angry–pissed off–tired–grumpy Grandma:)
            I get SOOOO pissed when discussing this azz that I about can’t see straight!
            Happy New Year!

          23. Yadja says

            I truly love you dear and may Yaweh give you many more years of feisty.

          24. Wapitiman says

            And yet was RE-ELECTED…by people who are comfortable with his lies and evil !

          25. Sam W says

            That last election was RIGGED. Not counting the military vote, precincts reporting 110+% participation; right!!!! That election was a FRAUD; just like obamy! We have the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler right here in Washington DC!

          26. Yadja says

            Have you seen all the voter fraud that has been exposed? In Florida alone when Scott went to clean-up our voting sites he found 35,000 fake votes, dogs, cats and dead people. They actually found votes thrown aside not counted and biased poll keepers. He cleaned Florida’s clock.

            This last election N.C. was exposed for voter fraud. I doubt seriously that O won the last election. But he is a Lame Duck now hopefully.

          27. Yadja says

            “Stupid.” people we have more than our share.

          28. dinkerduo says

            No–he WASN’T reelected–Romney was way ahead–then the cheating machine was turned on–IRS targeting Conservative groups so they couldn’t get their tax exempt status–people voting multiple times–vote for Romney ballots were THROWN OUT (that was witnessed) and so many other crooked things–too many to list here! Reelected–NO WAY!

          29. dantalbot says

            as well as seething with incompetence

          30. Yadja says

            O and his bunch of twiddling twads and twits have had their chance to show just what they would do if in charge. Like the little creeps they were on the playground when we were growing-up they got a get into the WH Free Card.

            Now the world has seen what they did and O, Kerry and others will be remembered as the most incompetent “Ship of Fools” to ever sail into office.

          31. barbieblv says

            If you look up his tenure at Chicago Law, you will see he missed all meetings and didn’t have any teaching of the Law. He taught one class a week and made Chicago Law make him a Professor, instead of assistant, in name only. He was never a Professor, but a fill in for regular classes. Shameful that the” title” was given when running for President.

          32. dinkerduo says

            He didn’t TEACH anything–at best–he lectured once in awhile–PERIOD!
            That’s coming straight from Columbia records—and they said he was NEVER a Professor PERIOD! So if he says he is—that’s just another lie!

          33. barbieblv says

            He has lied about everything and people believe and don’t investigate. There is so much on line that would make some of the Dems hair curl..LOL!

          34. dinkerduo says

            You know whaat? Several months ago I wondered if he REALLY was a lawyer—I have my doubts–I think he could have studied it for awhile—but did he pass the BAR–where is his law license–why did *they*–Moooch too–relinguish their law licenses?!? He didn’t go to school long enough to have become a lawyer for one–he said he taught Const. Law for 10 years–then it came out that he just *studied* Const. Law as Columbia said that HE DID *NOT* TEACH THERE!
            Too many facts that we are unable to obtain BECAUSE HE HAS HAD THEM *SEALED*–WHY?!? What is he hiding? Oh–maybe it’s that he is a foreign–illegitimate–mulatto–socialist–communists–fascist–Marxist–MUSLIM–who wants to destroy this country!

          35. dantalbot says

            he didn’t know Reverend Wright’s ideologies in spite of being a church member for 20 years….either a baldfaced lie or he is stupid. I am so mad at my countrymen who thought highly enough of him to hand him the keys to my government.

          36. dinkerduo says

            He knew Rev. Wright’s ideologies! He’s a bald faced liar–every time he opens his mouth! After Wright was made public Obozo tried to distance himself from him before the 08 election just like he distanced himself from his buddy Bill Ayres–said he just lived in the same neighborhood but didn’t really know him personally–ANOTHER BALD FACE LIE–OBOZO POLITICAL CAREER WAS HATCHED IN AYRES LIVING ROOM!!! WRIGHT IS REPORTED TO BE A Muslim AND HIS church BARELY acts like they are Christian–they are Muslim–hiding behind Christianity! Ayres’s wife told everyone to NOT answer any questions about Obozo and to just walk away if asked about him! Why would they do that if he barely knew each other?!?
            His uncle won’t talk about him–period–he works in a liquor store (a Muslim working in a liquor store??) and news people have tried to talk about him–hell if I had a nephew that was potus–I’d be proud and talk to the news unless it got to be too much—so these people are hiding everything about this azzhole’s life–and they don’t want us to know about it of course–the more his relitives talk the more chance something will slip out!!! Obozo is as PHONY as a $3 dollar bill!!!

          37. chamuiel says

            Huh? The Jews voted enmass for obama both times. Most jews in the U.S. are Socialists.

          38. Yadja says

            The American Jews are not Israeli Jews. There are different sects of Jews and they have different ideas than Israel. They are too far removed from Israel and the bombs. They are slowly waking-up.

          39. nancy gray says

            If this ever becomes a muzzie nation it will not matter what sect.
            they will just be killed for being Jewish

          40. Yadja says

            How quickly they forget.

          41. 58proudtobe says

            Let me say, it’s not slowly, it’s a stampede. We don’t hear the truth since pro-government moosSlime Pravda is in control of the media.

          42. Yadja says

            I have heard this from my Israeli friends along with some of my American Jewish friends.

          43. dinkerduo says

            But his Muslim Cohorts–ISIS–are though–killing little kids–young enough to not really understand what was wanted of them–to become Muslim instead of Christian–they wouldn’t SO THEY WERE SHOT IN THE HEAD!! This azzhole in the WH should be outraged and bomb–bomb–bomb until ISIS is no more! That’s what any decent potus would do who isn’t a traitor and a Muslim!!! ISIS has killed thousands–by lining them up and shooting them FOR NO REASON–mainly the men–they take the women and do things to them that normal people wouldn’t even think up——-
            now *that’s* TORTURE!!! THIS AZZ *MUST* GO!!!

          44. Uzoozy says

            Its all in your mind.
            BHO is a moderate President and always does things the right way.
            God bless BHO the great Kenyan origin boy

          45. stephanie wilson says

            lmao! obama makes clinton look conservative!

          46. Mark Owen says

            Onother captain Kool-Aid heard from

          47. Softly Bob says

            What a vile, misinformed idiot you are.

          48. dinkerduo says

            That’s the only reason Diane Finshite released the record accusing our military of torture THAT HAD BEEN SITTING ON HER DEST FOR YEARS was to get the heat off Gruber–plain and simple! They only waterboarded 3 people–three–period!
            And if they thing anything else we did like rap music etc. is soooo terrible I have only one thing to say–THEY WEREN’T **BEHEADED** WERE THEY?!? NOPE!!

          49. Mole Johnson says

            Barak is not a “rat” …. he is a “weasel”.

          50. Yadja says

            Weasels are fast and quick with their kills and like their kills fresh.

            Rats eat anything so I stick with rats and it describes his followers also, sewer all the way.

          51. larry says

            Hello Yadja, In my opinion, the names you have called Obama should be regarded as compliments, considering what he really is! That terrible son-of-a Kenyan should be sent back to his own country to stay! Has any other president ever been so consistently guilty of TREASON???

          52. Yadja says

            Hello Larry, yes I was too kind. LOLOL

            NO never in the history of this country have we had such a stark raving clear cut Traitor in the WH. Mckinley was suspected of being a Communist and evaded the subject of his birth but we know what happened to him.

          53. Mark Owen says

            Yeah he’s in there now and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Our own chickenshit congress and house are afraid of their own shadows! Too afraid he’ll pull the race card and get a pass once again for being an asshole. He hates the rest of the world and he’s going to make sure we all suffer for it! Then you have that turd Holder ready to back his every move, and by the way who the hell is this Valerie Jarrett and how come she has so much influence over Obozo. Does she belong to Soros and his minions or what.

          54. Yadja says

            There is always something that can be done. Evil succeeds when good men do nothing or something like that.

            Valerie Jarrett befriended the Obama’s and gave Michele her first job. She is a high society hoity toity with a high level father in Chicago. She introduced the O’s to those who could use them in the most influential and best way to get the agenda that so many are backing in our own Congress, signing of the UN Global Warming Treaty, The Gun Treaty and the Sovereignty of the Seas Treaty putting into place the One World Order.

            O was the dark skinned stooge they needed and had been raised with all the American hate and Christian/Jew animosity one could stuff into anyone.

            Google her along with his Czars and you will find this tangled web of people who have been around for a very long time plotting and planning this very moment in time.

            That having been said, I think they miscalculated. Their new Racial anti Police Crisis might backfire. After all it is X military and police that guard this bunch of vermin.

          55. Grover Syck says

            Racist fool

          56. Combatvet52 says

            You have a problem ?????????

          57. stephanie wilson says

            race baiting fool

          58. squeak says

            Wish you were also… HAPPY NEW YEAR !

          59. Combatvet52 says

            And to you as well Squeak hope it’s a much better year.

          60. stephanie wilson says


          61. Combatvet52 says

            Thank you steph

          62. stephanie wilson says

            you’re very welcome. did you serve? if so, God bless you.

          63. Combatvet52 says

            Sure did Korea 52/53 mortar company.

          64. stephanie wilson says

            that is awesome. thank you for the freedom s. korea has today. they are a wonderful ally!

        2. Juan TwoTree says

          Me too Colehe!! I hope some of our deposed top Generals also think enough is enough and get the gonads to take over the entire White House and the corrupt Administration!

          1. Betty G. Withers says

            You all are so pitiful. I have had enough laughs at your expense. Wipe the drool off your chins. Jealous envy does not look good on anybody and when you are infantile in expressing it then it looks even worse.

          2. Gary Stuckey says

            Well Betty then get off of your behind then go out find the solutions to fixing this nation instead of bitching about the comments of others!

          3. Juan TwoTree says

            Can’t tale the loses, eh???!! HA HA HA!!! Slop up our drool !!

          4. Yadja says

            Here people we have the fine example of the “Stupid” who gave us O care and O.

            He who laughs last laughs best and appears we are really going to be rolling on the floor when the Congress changes hands.

          5. CCblogging says


          6. Mole Johnson says

            Suck It Betty!

          7. Combatvet52 says

            Just go away please.

          8. Yadja says

            I served in Shield/Storm and this war I would join with them. I would like to see the WH brought down, O put on trial and convicted and jailed for the rest of his life. Including Holder.

          9. horvat3875 says

            who is going to do that 324 million in usa, the are all wimps.

          10. Yadja says

            If the 324 millions were wimps…..O would not be so big on disarming us all.

            Are you a wimp?

          11. stephanie wilson says

            awesome! i loved seeing you guys kick that s.o.b. out of kuwait! i was about 12 & i watched the coverage on t.v.! soo cool!

          12. Yadja says

            People forget Hussein bombed Israel our alli and went into Kuwait our alli. Hussein hid in a ziggurat and so his life was spared because of the historical value of the site.

            He sent a message to all the military that America would not stay outside the zone of having attacks on it’s soil and he was right.

            Thank you.

            There was a time America had a Commander in Chief who loved the military, listened to his generals and had good council. That time is long gone.

        3. Ervin Schrader says

          We can hope can’t we?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yes we can hope….. And we can hope there’s still a few expert snipers running around too.

          2. AttMore says

            100% Agree!!!

          3. hankthetank says

            Like, Egypt!!!

        4. Bob says

          I hope they do!

        5. Ziva (Candace) McCabe says

          DITTO!! (Y)

        6. Betty G. Withers says

          Only if they are a as goofy and childish as you two.

        7. Gary Stuckey says

          He’s purging our military of it’s high ranking officials so that they cannot remove him from office!

          1. Ervin Schrader says
          2. Yadja says

            Yes and he has done it to all Branches of the Military including the Navy. My X is a retired Lt Commander he says the Admirals are being fazed.

        8. chief1937 says

          I would not count too highly on our military he has removed lots of their leadership and replaced them with his flunkies. It is a good thought alright.

        9. Yadja says

          Me also. Sick and tired of all the PC and the tolerance shown for a traitor, Jew/Christian and American hater.

        10. badger says

          Let us pray that he will be imprisoned soon.

        11. Terry Rushing says

          I am not at all sure that is such an idea is very good. It has the overtones and odor of some “banana boat” republic. I think that many military leaders take their oath of office seriously when they pledge to obey the orders of the President and like honorable men they strive valiantly to live up to their commitment. That would place them head and shoulders above their constitutional commander, has no concept of honor or integrity.

          1. Sam W says

            Does obamy meet the criteria to be President? I think NOT! Only mommy dearest was a US citizen (and not much of one to boot) and daddy was a Brit. obamy SHOULD NOT be sitting in the oval office. He doesn’t even qualify to clean the toilets in the White House……..

          2. Mole Johnson says

            After its all said and done, Baraks only legacy is … he was the first niggah president.

        12. barbieblv says

          The only problem is that Obama got rid of the great Generals that did speak up to him I hope the one left are strong enough to do it! We will need a revolution. Everyone get prepared! It is insane that he sides with Iran and snbs and disrespects Israel and the great Prime Minister, BB Netanyahu. Obama and Kerry gave millions to Hamas. He trained ISIS in Jordan. He is doing pin pricks to get rid of them. ISIS will come to shores soo, if they’re not already here. I think they are part of his plan. He wants the Whites to be the Minority and he has worked hard to achieve it. Four times the amount of Muslims have arrived here illegaly through our open borders. He has a claim in a video on UTube that we have more Muslims then most Muslim countries. Where are they? In that video, he claims he is a mUslim and starts speaking Muslim. Look up on U Tube Obama and Muslims.

      2. dinkerduo says


        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Absolutely right!! All of the mf’er’s…and kill all of the terrorists that Obongoloid has let into our country, no going back to their Muslim world. we need to kick some booty, now and hard!

      3. Poppo says

        He is systematically getting rid of all the military personnel that are loyal to the Constitution.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Poppo: Yes, but we can’t let him continue…..they may be silent now but they are still here!!

        2. wdcraftr says

          Turkey started their Govt/military takeover in 2003, and have put their own people in top military positions, Govt, positions, Judges, in police forces, and lastly in the Media, with the son of the Ruler now heading the media.. They went from a Democratic checks and balances Govt, to a total Dictatorship.. Then they Wrote a Whole New Constitution.. Is Obama working towards the same goal? Probably.. Since our Congress, Supreme Court, and military have yet to try to stop Obama, we may just end up as Turkey has.. How will the citizens stop him if he has the worlds premier Military, and his Own private Gestapo behind him?

          1. hankthetank says

            But the citizen didn’t have guns!!

          2. wdcraftr says

            The guns won’t do us normal citizens much good against armored vehicles, body armor, drones, and maybe even weapons of military power that can incinerate your car, or house with one shot. And who says that Obama would not bring in foreign Islamists troops to kill us. They would be most happy to kill the infidel, or die as a martyr..

          3. chief1937 says

            That may very well be true but there is some that will go down fighting and that can make a world of difference.

          4. wdcraftr says

            I assume millions will go down fighting.. Those with combat training, urban warfare training, etc. will be able to cause a Lot of havoc. At my older age, I can stand my ground, and not surrender, but to adhere to my Oath to protect America from tyranny, corruption, and evil, and to present myself as a God fearing man of honor and integrity..

      4. dinkerduo says

        But that’s why he fired 260 top Generals and other high ranking officers SO THEY WOULDN’T DO THAT–he has it set up now where he only has flunkies as the top dogs and THEY won’t do anything like what you are suggesting–EVEN THO THAT EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN–ALONG WITH HOLDER–VAL JAR–KERRY–BIDEN–THE WHOLE STINKING BUNCH–ARRESTED FOR TREASON AND OTHER CRIMES AGAINST THIS COUNTRY AND HER PEOPLE!!!

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          Yup!! Absolutely right…..well, the 260 Generals Obongoloid sh*it canned could probably get together, get enough active military, National Guard, Pentegon, Dept. of Defense and even the CIA nd Secret Service on their team and wipe the treasonous mf’er’s right out….put them all in prison at GITMO!! Enough is enough with these lawless democRATS…they are ruining our great lands!

      5. Michael Dennewitz says

        That halfbreed “piece of shit” will do anything to further his agenda. He aspires to be the king of the mooselum world and would ram it up his own mother’s ass to accomplish it.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          The racist “knicker” f*uck!!

          1. Wapitiman says

            We can gnash our teeth and call him all the names we want. But…he was still re-elected! This tragedy I live with daily, and hold more than 50% of my so-called fellow Americans responsible!

      6. Brian Killian says

        Actually everyone has that right to remove him and this administration. Actually the Constitution gives us the right to completely treat this entire crooked government down and start over, but sadly we know that will not happen.

      7. Betty G. Withers says

        Ditto my comment to Ken. You are cut from the same cloth and I do pity you. Must be an awful place in your shoes.

      8. sally says

        Maybe this has to happen, I can’t believe he would go after Israel

    3. Yadja says

      He is fearless because nobody in this country or any other country has done one thing to shut his filthy face.

    4. kenndeb says

      Khrushchev said that they would take our country.

      “We will take America without firing a shot … we will bury you!

      “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.

      “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
      Seeing the Emperor is cloaked in secrecy and lies, why not believe he is the “Manchurian candidate”?

    5. Betty G. Withers says

      I just don’t like bigotry and bigots and your childish “Kenyan boy” is racism at its worse. I pity you and your inferiority but you also disgust me. Get over it. The President is a winner; he is President of the United States. He is a man that you can never be.

      1. Kent2012 says

        to bad we do not have a president…it is dangerous too….of course you are not up on world events, they are not covered well on the cooking channel….your messian, kenyan boyo, is a rag loving communist..It does take a teeny, tiny effort to look up all of the US wrecking accomplishments of the golfer…the parasites, seiu members, and the coffee shop philosophers think is just great….he was when he was in school in Indonesia…and enrolled at columbia school of communist thinking…I am confident that you admire some of the same scum from history as he and some of his appointees love….stalin, mao, fidel, eddi amin….oh and his wonderful brother that has almost completed the destruction of Rhodesia…oh sorry the black puke robbi “penishead” mugabooboo changed the name to zimbabwe…those communist scum always change name….does not make a difference..a cesspool of a different name is still a cesspool….your boy is doing his best to emulate robbi….oh by the way Rhodesia was once the “breadbasket” of Africa and a net food exporter…now they get off on searching out the last White farmer, hanging him and turning his once productive farm into more wasteland….

        1. Gary Stuckey says

          We know who Betty voted for and to make matters worse she’s a school teacher. Our childrens with her are at risk. I hope I run into her when the “SHTF” LMAO!

        2. Gary Stuckey says

          Betty is too hung up on Obama to the point her mind is fixed on the liberal agenda that a turd can be picked up by the clean end!

      2. Gary Stuckey says

        The internet is just like your radio or your tv, if you don’t like what you see or hear you just turn that little switch that says power to the off position! You don’t have to be a teacher to understand that, even a child can do

      3. chamuiel says

        Man? Who?

    6. Uzoozy says

      They are the snake in the grass, a deadliest snake in the world, USN Liberty was a starter,
      WTC etc

    7. Grover Syck says

      The bigoted leaches are playing troll on this thread.
      We need some pest control.

    8. Stan Hoffman says

      Kent2012, after Obama was first elected, he traveled around parts of Africa and the ME bowing to the rulers, saying they were his equal, and apologizing for the terrible US. One of the countries he visited was Egypt. Later the Egyptian President announced in a news conference that Obama told him that he was a muslim like them, and they were to be patient a little longer. Egypt is mostly sunni muslim and Obama is sunni muslim. So the Egyptian Pres. basically spilled the beans that Obama is up to something to help the sunnis. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are also sunni. The Qataris want to build a pipeline thru Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and on up to Europe to supply Europe with natural gas. Saudi Arabia is in on the deal. King Assad of Syria blocked the pipeline from going through his nation. Russia is backing him to block the pipeline because they hold a monopoly on the gas supplied to Europe. Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded the sunni muslim rebels to fight a civil war against Assad so they could establish a puppet ruler and get their pipeline built. Obama tried several times to get US ground troops involved in the war against Assad. Congress blocked him each time. So with the help of Saudi Arabia and Obama, ISIS was allowed to get out of control and create a crisis to get the US involved. Obama is only lightly bombing ISIS because its just a front to cover for the money, training, and arms we sent for the sunni muslim rebels to fight Assad. If there was no pressure from the American citizens, he would do nothing to ISIS as they are his allies.
      Muammar Gaddafi was a sunni muslim but converted to Quranism. That’s why Obama went to war against him to get him out. The sunnis are planning something much larger than that I’m sure, but Obama is helping them to gain power in the ME.
      Afghanistan is predominately sunni. A few years ago 800000 US assault rifles were sent to arm the Afghan Police and Army. 4000000 of those weapons quickly disappeared into the hands of the Taliban rebels. Pakistan is also predominately sunni, that would be why the rebels in Afghanistan find refuge across the Pakistani border.
      Boko Haram in Africa is also sunni muslim. I read a financial news letter awhile back speaking of the muslims desire to establish control of North Africa, ME, and parts of Europe. Supposedly they have already drawn up the map of their new sunni Muslim empire they are trying to build. Obama is part of the plan.

    9. guest says

      Given his treatment of Israel, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Once again, he’s picking on the good people, a friend of America, instead of an enemy. Maybe he’s jealous of Bibi, since there are many, in my opinion, who wish BiBi was our president. I know I’d feel much more safe.

      1. Kent2012 says

        heck I would feel “safer” with Daffy Duck in the oral office….unfortunately after the african pretender and his clan leave the parasites will want to put that ho clintoney in there…oh and the extra support from lezzy forum and the retards at women’s lib movements, can not forget them….we just may need sharia law…the vote is still out on that one

  2. Tiredofsocializm says

    If this is true and he does it then I hope every Jew who voted for this inept fraud is happy! For the life of me I have many Jewish friends who not only voted for him twice, but still no matter what evidence is presented regarding his incompitance still defend him! Give me a break

    1. unique201 says

      I am Jewish and voted twice for Obama. I had hoped he would make relations
      with the black community better and explain to young blacks why they need to
      be educated and not in gangs. Be a role model, which he is not.
      I look at him now and despise him. I want to vomit every time I see his snide
      smiles thinking he is better then the people that voted him into office and get
      away with anything he wants. I want to see the SCOTUS take him down, the
      sooner the better. Because of Obama I will never vote for another black man
      again in my lifetime.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Why the hell didn’t you vet him? You’ll never vote for another black man? color has nothing to do with his failure, hope you learned your lesson, VET!

        1. Tiredofsocializm says

          Mac12sam12, your right about vetting him, I did and that’s one of the reasons I couldn’t vote for him. The other reason is I saw how he got elected to the senate! He was running for his senate seat against a very popular Republican named Jack Ryan. Ryan was rich (self made) good looking, smart and successful and BO was losing to him! All of a sudden his sealed divorce records were released to the press. It was rumored that good old Dave Axelrod pulled strings to get them released. Damaging and embarrassing for Ryan so he with drew. I always found it interesting that Ryan’s sealed records could get released, but none of these sled Obama records could???

          1. Kent2012 says

            kenyan boyo has been screwing around since he illegally entered this country and enrolled in the columbia school of communist thinking…then who knows what villain got him into the Illinois senate….and he keeps voting “present”…oh wait just a cotton picking minute…now he votes “president” ..sorry, that must be that “change thing”….

          2. Poppo says

            It is called POWER. It is fed by corruption and greed.
            A quick look at his record as an Illinois and US Senator totally disqualified him for anyone who bothered to look.

          3. Cher says

            democrats politics 101 (cheat)

        2. unique201 says

          Don’t blame me, I am only one person.

          1. Poppo says

            You and several hundred million others were also led down the rosy path by the Main Stream Media who continue to be fascinated by this jerk.

          2. chamuiel says

            But all of you combined elected obama twice.

            so, who are we to blame?

      2. Tiredofsocializm says

        Unique201, this arrogant jerk has pulled race relations back 40 years! I can tell you with certancy that applications for concealed carry handgun permits have skyrocketed! I am ashamed of what this narcissistic Butkus has done!

        1. unique201 says

          You are right. I also am embarrassed that I was so foolish.

          1. chamuiel says

            Too bad you and unique did not think of this in 2008. Where was your brain? In neutral?

      3. Doris Will says

        Were you in a coma during the first four years? Your like a woman who marries a man thinking he will change his ways. One difference: That woman suffers alone on the other hand you have 70% of the country suffering.

        1. ArmyCombatVet says

          Well said Doris!

          1. Doris Will says

            Thank you for your reply, and for your service to our country. God Bless you and America, the country you served.

      4. Poppo says

        I am a Christian, and I admire the Jewish People. The only time I have ever visited another country was when my wife and I visited Israel, a beautiful country! I have to ask, though, did you do your homework before voting for him? His views were no surprise to those who vetted him! It is not the black, it is the communist/socialist dogma that is detestable!

        1. unique201 says

          No, I did not. But I am only one person.

          1. Poppo says

            In your defense, hundreds of millions of people were misled by the Main Stream Media whose continued love affair with Obama defies all logic.

          2. unique201 says

            You also are correct……Thanks for defending me.

          3. chamuiel says

            Then the millions who voted for him can say the same, right?

      5. ArmyCombatVet says

        You voted for him once really, though you had to know he was a virulent anti-Semite, stupid, yes………..anti-American for sure, insane without a doubt. But to vote for that virulent POS twice, removes all doubt and supports my previous comment on this blog! So many of my brothers gave their lives in combat, in selfless service to America, so drones like you could help place your very enemy, a virulent, illegal anti-Semite in the White House! The only group who voted for the Muslim in a higher percentage were, you guessed it……….the blacks! There really is no need for you to post on this blog to confirm how totally ignorant you are and you removed all doubt when you stuck a knife in the back of America a second time! Unique, no…….brain dead, yes!

        1. unique201 says

          Sorry, it will not happen again.

          1. ArmyCombatVet says

            Apologies are irrelevant when emotion drives decisions based upon a lack of curiosity in a process called vetting. Emotion removes reason from consideration and blinds one to facts resulting in knee jerk reactions to blatant lies superimposed upon reality. Anyone with a modicum of curiosity would have, through cursory research, found out this subhuman lying sack of fecal matter was a total fraud, a putrid blight upon our nation promoted by anti-American deniers of the Constitution, with an agenda to erode the principle of liberty, freedom and for the people as a whole justice for all. Serfs elect dictators because they lack any manner of intellectual curiosity that begs the question, who exactly is this, what are their real intentions, what qualifies them for leadership and the outcome if I’m wrong. Cause and effect, a simple principle in ascertaining the end game. The word was out, being shouted from the rooftops that this was an impostor, no records of qualifications proffered, fraudulent proofs presented that a ten year old could see through given actual examples of real ones and the in your face massive coverup by avowed communists known as the democratic party placing illegally, a Muslim-Communist American hating drone onto the ballot. Thus stealing the election through massive election fraud both times, and not a peep by the most radical Communist MSM probably in modern history. This collectively is the greatest act of treason in post Constitutional history. A crime so deep, so despicable, to make the word contempt seem woefully lacking.

            SO YOU APOLOGIZE and this solves the problem how?

      6. Cher says

        You need to change that to never vote for another progressive socialist (aka Democrat) If you have not noticed they have supported Obama in just about everything he has done. I see your point about hoping for better from the 1st black president but it only goes to show the color of the skin should not be used as a qualification. We need to look at qualifications instead of color when we vote. I am sickened by how he and Holder promote racial tension and do NOTHING to improve the lives of the black community. Black unemployment is double digits but he willing gives out 5 million work permits to illegals which will only raise the number of unemployed in black communities.If this is his plan we can expect for poverty, crime welfare and hatred to grow in these communities. Too bad

        we do not have a real leader in the White House. Your community needs to wise up and prepare for the screwing he is getting ready to put on you as well. I am alarmed by the antisemitism I am seeing and I am not Jewish

        1. unique201 says

          I absolutely agree with you. I am hoping he gets sick and dies.
          Everyone associated with Obama is Anti-USA and Anti-Israel.
          He makes me sick. I want to vomit when I see him snicker to
          the American public. I really hoped for more when I voted for
          this fool. I am embarrassed.
          I also can’t believe he gave these illegals work permits.
          If the black people knew what he was going to do to them they
          would have stayed home and we would have had
          Romney and Ryan. I remember where I worked all the black people
          that came out and voted for Obama. They also expected so much
          from him. Very sad. You are correct, I should have looked further.
          Now I say to myself what could you expect from a man that never
          had a real job and was a community organizer???

          1. Cher says

            Let’s hope this has woke some people up and Americans do better next time.

      7. hankthetank says

        you were dumb to do it the first time!!! He said HE was going to do to us, what we did to the slaves !!! NO one listened !

      8. chamuiel says

        I said the Jews voted for Obama both times. Heck, many of them are planning on voting for him the third time.

    2. ArmyCombatVet says

      Sadly most Jews in America have forgotten the Holocaust and are ideologically Communists! In their support for a radical Muslim Jew hater in the White House, they are no longer God’s chosen as those in Israel are. They are despicable traitors to our Constitution and our way of life. Granted not all American Jews are of this ilk but the great majority are and I find their behavior repulsive, their patriotism treasonous and their complicity in the abject tyranny that is now America, revolting!

      1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

        By the by. I can never forget the Holocaust. I not only lost family there and had family in concentration camps. I was a project director on such a study of children who went through and somehow survived it and reading their horrendously gruesome stories always comes to mind. I also have family (a cousin there) with whom I feel very close) in Israel so I have a personal stake in the situation improving.

  3. CoolApple says

    We can not be surprised by anything this narcisstic punk tries to do. Having Sharpton as his latest top advisor should give anyone a clue. There are enough senators in place now to do the job they were elected to do. No excuses!

    1. Cher says

      There will still not be enough votes in the Senate to impeach. We need every Republican and more than 20 Democrats. Even if you could get the Republicans to stand up you will NEVER get enough Democrats. They will never admit to the mistake that is Obama. They have shown this when they voted almost lock step with every abomination this administration has wrought on us. A few are complaining now only because they lost in a big way in mid terms. They still only care about themselves

      1. CoolApple says

        I know it’s a long march but we are making progress and, this liar is going to get tripped up some where a long the line. Without Harry Reid and the senate majority, the GOP itself is the one we have to worry about screwing things up. They better do what the people that put them there want.

        1. Cher says

          i am hoping and praying! I also contact my reps and voice my opinion

          1. CoolApple says

            Keep up the good work.

    2. hankthetank says

      If they don’t do there job we will get them next, one way or another!!!

      1. CoolApple says

        There are more GOP in the legislative branch of the federal government, because of the Nov. election, since Harry Truman. No excuses for not getting the country straightened out.

      2. chamuiel says

        Where and what is “there” job?

  4. Midnite Rider says


  5. 7papa7 says

    Hopefully this will tick off congress enough to finally impeach him. Israel is our best friend and we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with them NOT try to bring them down. I wonder how obama would feel if the entire world refused to loan us money. What does he think would happen to America. This man is a danger to the entire world. He must be taken down.

    1. The duck says

      It won’t awaken enough of the Socialists in congress to impeach him. I doubt that Boehner would even attempt to in this congress we have at present. The Republican Senate does not hold enough seats to getter done yet. One more election like we have just had might do the job but Obama would be safely out of office and soon forgotten. Obama and his whole administration should be sent to Gitmo and never see the light of day the rest of their lives. Just won’t happen however.

      1. TexRancher says

        This subversive president may escape Impeachment and prosecution for his many violations of law, but the thought of him living happily ever after within this country makes me puke. He should be run out to some muslim loving paradise like that he’s trying make out of this country! Then never let back in because his SSN is rejected by E-Verify!

        1. Poppo says

          Yea, like the government would deport anyone. If he left the country it would be to head up the One World Government with Valerie by his side.

      2. 7papa7 says

        If enough people contact their congressman and push them to the limit they may start worrying about their job. The trick is to get enough people to do so. If only a dozen or so people do it then it will be ignored but if thousands contact them they will sit up and take notice. It needs to be done at a given time so that they are inundated with demands for impeachment. It can be done but we the people need to get very very vocal about it. The numbers need to be there.

    2. Poppo says

      They will never impeach him. The government is now run by a two-headed snake. One head on the left, one on the right. The number of loyal Americans serving in Washington has been declining for 40 years. Career politicians will never put their jobs on the line to do the right thing!

      1. 7papa7 says

        You are probably correct. I was referring to what should be done, not what is being done. I think that if their was a planned and concentrated writing, calling and emailing campaign done at the same time it may get traction. I have heard that every letter, email and phone call is representative of about 500 people. Even though you are probably right that should not stop us from pushing for congress to do the right thing.

    3. Larry Wilson says

      As soon as You Betcha Boss Harry is gone!

      1. 7papa7 says

        In order to found guilty in the senate requires a 2/3 majority voting guilty. That being said if all republicans vote guilty they will need 13 democrats to vote with them for his conviction. Their may be enough who will after the drubbing they just took. We need to remember that 33 or 34, that is total not just democrats but more than half are, will be up for reelection in 2016 and they may not want to be seen as siding with obama. Regardless the congress took an oath to uphold the Constitution and because of ALL of the Constitutional violations obama has it is their sworn duty to move forward with impeachment.

  6. Isabella1709 says

    Congress is now investigating this outrage!

    1. The duck says

      They’ll investigate into oblivion like they have Benghazi and the IRS and Fast n Furious and other cover ups. Sure do need to clean up our entire Government and get it back to its constitutional limits. Then we’ll have justice and freedom for all.

      1. JIMBO says

        Amen. I am sick and tired of all this investigating. About time we got some answers to al all these committee’s of which we get no results. I am still waiting on the Benghazi situation. I want to see Kilary Clinton hang for this one.

      2. Cher says

        As long as Holder and other political hacks are in the justice system we will never get any truth. Justice is now just another division of the Democrat party. Anyone who does not see politics are playing a major part in almost ALL of our Federal agencies is blind. I know Liberals think this i fine, but what about when the shoe is on the other foot and THEY are targeted for not agreeing with the administrations political views? Surely then all the main stream media will be screaming about the injustices instead of being complicit. We no longer have actual news just slanted propaganda version of news or just plain not spoken off at all. I believe people need to hear facts and opinions from both sides so we can make up or own minds.

    2. Kent2012 says

      and then after much thought they will leave to go home for Christmas….

    3. Barbie says

      yesterday is not too soon !!!!!

    4. Poppo says

      Sure they are. Don’t hold your breath waiting for results.

  7. matthewsailhardy says

    well, no surprises here. When Israel tried to cooperate with the Obama peace effort and stopped construction in controversial areas for nine months, Palestinians did not want peace talks until nine months had passed, and they did not promise not to stall talks further. Palestinians are simply not peace partners. Obama is still trying to implement his “smart power engagement” ploy. It doesn’t work. Israel should nominate the Obama for The World Court as defendant.

  8. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    I am an independent and Jewish with a question. Suppose Obama is considering such sanctions. whether or not he is, this reminds me of a problem I have with a neighbor who took down all the trees beyond the fence separating our properties. Indeed, it may well be that he made property decisions about property that does not belong to him. Either way, he should have called and asked–not made a decision altogether on his own without any consultation or concern for his’ neighbor. Just a matter of mutual recognition of the other. If there is every to be peace in the Middle East, there has to be mutual respect.

    1. Poppo says

      Obama and the Muslims respect no one.

      1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

        Dear Poppo, Have you looked at the Koran. From the start, the book calls for “compassion” for others. I would not call myself a specialist, but i have read a secondary source and to my great surprise found out that political science owes a great debt to none other that the historical figure of Mohammad. It is a very complex argument and no time to make it here. And by the way, my background is Orthodox and frankly I still am in a number of respects. I just was fortunate to have had a grandfather and grandmothers who taught me a number of lessons on the subject of respect for self and for others and I am truly blessed in that regard.

        1. Poppo says

          I have read several translations of the Koran. I have studied the life of Mohammad. I have read the Hadith. You are sadly disillusioned. The Muslims call the Jews ‘Pigs” and “Dogs” and vow to behead them all. They teach their children that the Jews sacrifice children for their Passover Seder. They have absolutely no respect for women. I will pray for you.

  9. daveveselenak says

    It is a tragedy that nearly half of AMERIKA will not come to terms that he is a MUSLIM-MARXIST JIHADIST but regretably they will!

  10. Rockenroller says

    I hope someone takes this jackal out before he can destabilize the world more than he has done so already. Enough is enough, someone bury this bastard.

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      Bury him FIRST in red tape and a jail cell or you’ll make him a martyr and things’ll get worse quickly and we might not be able to save the Republic.

  11. Joseph Toth says

    I wish they would not put that scums picture anywhere near that beautiful flag.

  12. clifford mckercher says

    obama the great leader? what a joke, Is guess he is bigger than God now, Israel will wipe the floor with the fool like a rag, just like russia, obama is the punk of the world. The stupid Dem, always get America into wars, Kick the Rat out of office.

  13. CCblogging says

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Sunni Muslim Islamofascist and a Saudi plant. He appeals to the gullible, the bought and the haters of America.

  14. Joseph Toth says

    I wish they wouldn’t put that’s scums picture anywhere near that beautiful flag!

  15. The duck says

    We do live in an interesting time. The Christian Bible has predicted such a time we live in. “War and rumors of war globally. Every nation should come against Israel. Then shall the end come.” I had often wondered how that would be possible and now I see how it can be. The enemy of Israel has been, ever since Abraham, Muslims. Oh Islamics did not exist as such until 500+ years since Christ died. But the seed of Islam has been there since Abraham.
    Islamics are attempting to take over the entire world by infiltration and then when they are then majority to take control of every government and then attack Israel. It is very possible since we here in the good old US of A have an avowed Muslim as president with no love for Israel.
    The Bible also states that those who bless Israel, (God says), I will bless. So if this is the sign as I have stated and understood, then Israel will stand not by itself but by the will of God.
    So Bless Israel and be blessed and God will save Israel and those of us who bless Israel.
    God help the innocent who will suffer in the mean time.

    1. Poppo says

      We will ALL face judgement! Those who have given their lives to Jesus will live eternal bliss, those who refuse to will face eternal shame.

  16. william C says

    If he is trying to sanction Israel, it is time for him to be removed from office immediately. If Congress won’t do it, then our military or Federal law enforcement should.

    1. Poppo says

      I’m sure that Eric Holder will decide to remove his buddy from office very soon. As far as the military, they have let those loyal to the Constitution go.

  17. DrRuth Koch Endtime Handmaid says

    HE’D BETTER NOT. THOSE THAT5 GO AGAINST OR CURSE ISRAEL WILL BE CURSED. THOSE THAT BLESS ISRAEL WILL BE BLESSED. GOD means it People. He’s been showing Us. We must wake up before it is too late. I as World Evang. feel time is so short. We as Christians need to pray as never before. 11 Chronicles (7)-14; If MY People, Who are called by MY NAME will humble Themselves & Pray & turn from Their wicked ways, then will I look down from Heaven. forgive Their sins & heal Their Land. I feel like John the Baptist Crying in the Wilderness Repent(AMERICA) for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand. We can’t stand much more of Tyrany in Our Country. The Hand writing is on the wall. Obama has already been warned of GOD. As has America. What next for Our Blessed Nation that Evil Ones are destroying. Cry out to GOD & HE will hear Us. Pray for Israel & Our Nation & True Americans. Not those that want to destroy everything Our Nation has ever been. GOD HELP THEM & US. AMEN.

    1. Poppo says

      You are spot on! God Bless You.

  18. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    ps. I wish y’all would respect the office of the President, whether you like him or not. HE was voted in and in our democracy it is real important to show respect. Other wise, what does the pledge of allegiance represent? At least that is what I was taught. Look at what is going on in this country- so many kids being killed. In other countries it is the women who are being slain, raped etc as if they don’t matter.. My ancestors came here just for that reason- in the hopes of fair and equal treatment under the law as all citizens deserve.

    1. Kent2012 says

      sorry, Robyn, we do respect the office of president…however it is currently unoccupied and the golfer that keeps hanging around wait for a foursome is not worth respecting…

      1. Betty G. Withers says

        After having reviewed all of the lies above Kent I would say you are unfit to wash his fit. Are your drooling? You obviously can’t face the truth that the President is so much smarter and so much better a man that you ever dream of being. You are not fit to wipe his feet. I pity you. But I respect and admire the President. He is an extremely intelligent high achiever and your envy is understandable. He is so intelligent. He has achieved so much.

        1. cyn1hia says

          You are way too invested emotionally to make logical statements.

          1. Betty G. Withers says

            You are in no position to measure my emotions of my mental capabilities. You do that in your comments frequently and that means that it is only an accident if you get lucky and get something right. You need to consider that comments on something you have no information on are quite likely to be off target.

          2. Betty G. Withers says

            I am laughing hard at the lunacy in the comments Laughing does reflect an emotion. Perhaps I laugh to keep from crying. It is very sad to me that we have people in our population that so incapable or rational thought and discussion as the commenters I responded to. I expected better – and received it of my middle school children. I know my teachers expected more when we were that age that those commenters apparently can muster. It does come across and racism and ignorance combined.

          3. FortMcHenry says

            I would submit you’re laughing LIKE a lunatic, and not a very original one, at that — you post that same sentiment over and over, and it’s getting stale.

        2. Kent2012 says

          and his rag loving communist agenda will destroy all the ill gotten goods of kenyan boyo’s massive effort at deceiving the American Public…

    2. Hal Flagel says

      I can’t believe this from a man of Jewish faith. Can’t you read between the lines: He is not the president and if so, why did he hide his records and he was vetted by Nancy Pelosi. That ought to tell you something.. When and if he proves to me and the world that he deserves to be in the White House, I will respect him but until then….Good luck and don’t believe Fairy Tales.

      1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

        First of all, I am not a man. Second, he won the right to hold the position in the same legal way as most presidents before him. You do not have to like him, to respect the office or the laws of this land. I have not said whether I like him or not because that is not my point. Obama was elected. That is enough. So far as I know, he has committed no crime. And the laws are not perfect so we keep on trying to improve the situation so as to improve upon our democratic union. I see nothing wrong with that. In Italy, I recall being told by a famous architect’s son that the only way to get a building built was to pay off someone. that was around 35 years ago. And the situation only came to light recently. I once took a cruise and the boat was re-routed by a dictator’s general. I will take democracy (and the protection of the individuals rights of which it offers) with all its faults any time.

        1. Hal Flagel says

          The most corrupt election ever.. some reported 115 to 118% Nowq that’s impossible. But how else could he have won?

    3. Poppo says

      Obama doesn’t like the Pledge of Allegiance. In fact, he doesn’t like America OR our Constitution. I respect the office but dislike Obama who has no respect for our Republic!

      1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

        The only way one can respect an official position is to respect the person who legitimately acquired the position. That is just how democratic institutions work. so when you say that you respect the office, but not the person holding it, you are contradicting yourself since the respect we give to the person holding the office is the way we show respect for the office. I once wrote my teen age daughter a letter to that effect. And she changed her tune/attitude towards her mom quickly. I pretty much said the same thing- you claim to love me- show me the respect I deserve as your mom! And she has (though needs to be reminded) every once and a while i.e., no one is perfect. As to Obama’s liking the Pledge of Allegiance, I have no knowledge of the matter. I witnessed countless times, kids talking and playing around during the pledge of allegiance. That was not that long ago when I taught in a public school. When I went to public school, silence was required during the pledge. Perhaps we have lost sight of its value.

  19. arab says


    1. Kent2012 says

      need to get with your drug dealer and explain that you are not spending any more good riyals for his crap drugs…tell him that if he does not get you some really good drugs you are going to the afrcans….

      1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

        Dear Kent: I don’t think, but rather know that you missed my point. With all due respect, the respect we all owe is to be person in the office of the president. Name calling is not respectful. I taught at a public school for a very brief period of time and made the mistake when a student behaved improperly, of tearing up their exam paper. I should have known better and do now of violating the first rule of law and order in a democratic state that values liberty and justice for all of its individual members- do unto other individuals as you would have others do unto you. My mother did not teach me that, she gave away my most prized possessions- my Oz and Nancy Drew books and never asked me whether or not she should. If you think that the president has violated the law, go see a lawyer or read a law book and take him to task (by way of a letter or in whatever ways we have for allowing your views to be heard and to matter) without calling him names or worse. If I behaved that way in my house, I would have been kicked out as a kid and was beaten for alot less. I had a disagreement with a landlord about his overcharging. I had a right to file a complaint and did send out letter after letter explaining the problem and identifying my right to a rent reduction. I fought hard and won without expresssing hatred or passion- just based on my rights. That is how democracy really works and works well. You may not agree with Obama or like him. He does not deserve the poor treatment that he has received probably all because of his race and because of the ignorance people have about African people and about Islam as a religion. If it were not for a student of mine from one of my math classes in that public school, I would still be ignorant. I suggest you read W.E.B. du Bois’ The Souls of Black Folk. Why? Thanks to Einstein, we know it as his reference point.

        1. ArmyCombatVet says

          Where do I start when dealing with your mindless meandering and you taught……how! First of all America is a Constitutional Republic…….not a Democracy. Try reading our founding documents. The African people you refer to are living in Africa. Blacks live in America. Islam is not a religion, it is based upon the koran, a military manual and led by Mohammed a war lord and a pedophile. The supposed religion you talk about is couched in the goal of world conquest and treats women like animals! The worthless piece of tripe you voted for deserves zero respect. He gets treated the way he does, not because he is black but because he is an American hating impostor intent upon dividing our nation and destroying our way of life in doing so. Over 700 violations of the Constitution by your hero in only six years, 18 trillion dollars in debt, which under his golfing, vacationing, treason and sedition committing existence is responsible for 11 trillion. How about willfully missing the required majority of his intel briefings, hmm! How about his disregard and disrespect for Israel. How about the fact that when surveyed by the top NAVY SEALS over 90% of our military despise him. The speech he gave a West Point, first President in American history to receive ZERO applause. Your hero is a fraud, not one document validating his qualification to be on the ballot for the office of President was ever proffered. He was never proven Constitutionally eligible to run for the presidency by the Democratic party. No documents were proffered supporting his eligibility and the confirmation of such submitted to the states attorney generals was absent the statement that the candidate was Constitutionally eligible to be on the ballot!

        2. Shauna says

          I think your awesome for coming on this site and telling people you voted for him and now regret it….But do you? I keep seeing a lot of your post sympathizing with him….so I’ll say this once. Your either for the US or against it! period. Obama does not deserve respect, he doesn’t respect the US, the constitution, it’s founding, the people, it’s traditions..So, no offense, but please spare us all the touchy, feely, liberal crap… We have had enough!

          1. Robyn A. Goldstein says

            You totally missed my point and have misunderstood my intention- which is as a social scientist to limit myself to the facts and reasoning keeping my personal feelings out- except as to make a point from that experience and the feelings I have as a result (which I am entitled to have). If you respected the Constitution which begins “WE the people” and goes on to talk about “a more perfect union” in the sense of understanding that no group is perfect, the authors meant we (in the sense in which all people deserve respect- you would not be speaking as you are. How can you live in America, speak as you are and show such disrespect for the office of the president. It boggles my mind. You must have had a very, very hard life to feel that way. One cure for that is, find someone whose life was even more difficult and give them a helping hand. I recall volunterring as a kid and also visiting my grandmother at a nursing home and seeing the way older people were being treated even then and I vowed that no one would treat my mom that way.

          2. Shauna says

            You just proved my point…..

          3. Shauna says

            You just proved my point…your posts are ad nauseam….typical liberal bs. My suggestion to YOU? Is start paying attention to who your voting for! Again, spare me the touchy feeling crap your spewing, you and your liberal ilk are responsible for this mess and I hold you accountable! Oh and the next time you “think” you know me by “assuming” things? that’s not keeping it with the facts now is it? Good God….

          4. Robyn A. Goldstein says

            Dear Shauna- I do admit to being a bit more personally liberal than conservative except on the matter of healthcare. That said, as a social scientist I am neither liberal nor conservative, but only concerned with facts and reasoning. so I have not proved your point at all- you just do not understand mine. The aim in all of science is to be objective and I don’t mean in the sense of being without feelings or concerned with experience and becoming knowledgeable about experience. My reaction to the discussion about our president was not a personal one, but having to do with government, the concept of legitimacy as the ground upon which it can work and has worked and the different bases of authority found in different governing situations. In Italy, for instance, tradition still reins strong–even for the Pope. There are limits even to his’ legitimate authority as the leader of the Catholic Church. He may, for instance, have personal beliefs about the role of women in the Church, but his authority is grounded upon the belief in his legitimacy and there are limits as we have recently seen by way of the difficulty he has had making changes.

          5. Shauna says

            Good lord….You respond with this????? WTF? Now you tell me I don’t understand you? Oh I think I understand perfectly. ( you seem to be telling everyone they don’t “understand ” you.) First, no one here is a social experiment, got it? They are hard working individuals who happen to be pissed off at what is happening in this country, and if they get on a site and rant and vent they are entitled to do so, just like you writing your babble, but you have some NERVE telling these tax paying individuals that they need to respect this president and that they need to read the quran, implying they don’t understand a religion that enables men to screw goats or butt diddle lil boys on a Thursday, because on Friday all is forgiven! Have you forgotten that this same religion allows women to be abused, mutilated?? What the hell is wrong with you? Maybe you should go back and read your stuff. On top of it all, you have some nerve to assume things about me because you can’t keep your facts straight….This is all the typical liberal tactics… PLEASE! Why don’t you take your little experiment somewhere else…With all due respect…

        3. Kent2012 says

          your response deserves high marks…unlike the visitor in the WH…I have not a whit of a problem with his genetics, but I have a great deal of issues with his agenda…his attitude towards America…his lack of diplomacy…and his admitted embrace of communist concepts…his continuous arrogance towards the house and senate….his constant meddling in local affairs that cause those issues to take on a life of their own…

        4. Mike Lawson says

          The fact that Barry O is president does not mean we owe him any respect- he has to earn it just like any other human being, and I ‘m giving him the benefit of a doubt on his humanity. The “poor treatment” you complain about has nothing at all to do with his race, or ignorance of African people, or ignorance of Islam, it’s because of his failed policies that are destroying this once-great nation. Will people ever stop making excuses for this fool?

    2. Mike Lawson says

      This is too easy. First off the Liberty was attacked because the radio operator was divulging Israeli troop movements and positions, was told to stop, and did not. Secondly Adolf Hitler was not a Christian, he was an occultist who killed all the soothsayers that helped him rise to power. And third it’s “strafed”, not “straffed”; “their best”, not “there best”; “believe”, not “belive”; “descend”, not “decend”; and “czars”, not “kazars”. You’re just as brainwashed as you are illiterate!

      1. ArmyCombatVet says

        Oh, and the Russians “where” headed, misspelled “villainy”………Love the CAPS and posting as ‘arab’. This troll needs to put down the meth pipe!

        1. Mike Lawson says

          Amen brother!

        2. Mike Lawson says

          How did I miss those two spelling errors? Thanks for having my back!

    3. Faye Hayes says

      I agree with you 100%!! This is the truth & anyone who tries to dispute this is living in fantasy land. SCREW ISRAEL!!!

  20. billy edens says

    Obama is a commie muslem half breed piece of scum !!!

  21. billy edens says

    that goes for notso Sharpton e,holder and ja off jackson

  22. babsan says

    As evil as this Muslim Plant Fraud is I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.

  23. abhchelms says

    Since his first day in office his goal was to break our spirit and resolve!! He was also sent to destroy Israel and the Jews like Hitler during WWII! He is a puppet being manipulated by an Iranian born witch in Valarie Jarrett and the big money of people like Soros and the Bleiderburg groups!!

  24. Robert Hummel says

    If he keeps up messing with the “Apple of God’s eye” he is going to end up like every other historical fool like… King Nebuchandnezzar, Rome, Hitler and Sadam Hussein to name a few.

  25. Florio Vino says

    IF he tries, it will fail! We`re in this to restore a Country, filled with people of strength and determination and they will be supported by the USA < IT has been a GREAT INVESTMENT AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE ONE!

  26. David says

    Nothing will be done to him. He made certain that he’d be safe by having Biden, Pelosi, etc. as backups. He’s now “Teflon”.

  27. 2399molly says

    He better not sanction Israel. This might be the time for God as our Dems and Rinos are not doing anything. Do you remember when the Palestinians kept sending rockets into Israel. When a reporter asked: ” Why aren’t your rockets hitting your targets? ” The answer was: “Their God keeps stopping us from hitting our target.” This was not on any main stream media.

  28. Yadja says

    Why not he has done everything else since first coming into office to destroy Israel.

    Let him, let him show again what side he is on and let Netanyahu speak to the UN and to allies who are allies and I will pray the Mossad pays close attention.

    O the Defiler and the Prosecutor of Jews and Christians throughout the world needs to learn a very last lesson.

    1. Poppo says

      God has a special plan for him. I am convinced we are in the last days. We all need to pray.

      1. Yadja says

        I truly hope that plan comes to fruition quickly so I can enjoy his worldly demise and see him out of power.

  29. marilyn says


    1. pleazzer says

  30. Janice Foster says

    Wake up Americans Obama is muslim and he is against anyone who believes in the real God! So quit whinning and join the rest of us who want him impeached! Israel knows he is muslim and they have to know that it is not us Americans Citizens who are against them but Obama alone!

  31. Janice Foster says

    Also the one way to fix this Nation is to quit showing all this terrible nudity over and over again…are yo all sickos? Nudity belongs either by ones self or with their lover in privacy! There are some ugly gals on this
    page who have the idea they are lovely!

  32. CaptainOfTheGuard says

    I hope the new congress will be thinking of a way to mitigate of circumvent the Presidents action against Israel. We need to make sure that Israel knows the citizens of the US are on their side.

  33. tommymatt1 says


    1. Shauna says

      Hi Tommy, please don’t be ashamed of our country, be ashamed of the lack of leadership. This country was founded in greatness and it’s still the best. We just have to remove the corruption in our Govt.

  34. Shauna says

    I just went 0-60! Ok, my first reaction to this is to string a rant of cuss words, but now that I have settled down, I will “try” to calmly make a statement. At what point, is it going to be CLEAR as to what this out of control dictator is doing? WHY hasn’t anyone tried to stop him? He is isolating the US further and further, is allowing Iran nuke capabilities….GRRRRR… never mind I’m not calm enough to post….

  35. Mike Lawson says

    If Barry imposes sanctions against Israel that should be enough for some republican senator to bring articles of impeachment against him. After all if republican congressman Dana Rohrbacher was willing to bring them against George W. Bush, should anything bad have happened to the two railroaded border patrol agents Compean and Ramos while in custody, then at least one should be willing to stand up for our staunchest ally.

  36. Wilbert Jennings says

    Obama has such a Messiah complex that he will take on GOD. He has already with the hate law he passed to prevent pastors from speaking against homosexuality.Why hasn’t something been done about his tyranny and abuse of our Constitution? Where are our leaders that said they appose the amnesty and the likes of ISIS in America? We have American citizens being be headed and we do nothing. Mexico is holding an American Marine prisoner while allowing their criminals to cross the border to America. America is about to become a socialist government with obama and his muslim buddies as our dictator.

  37. Mike Lawson says

    If Barry imposes sanctions against Israel then at least one congressman should bring articles of impeachment against him. After all if republican Dana Rohrbacher was willing to bring them against George W. Bush, should anything bad have happened to railroaded border patrol agents Compean and Ramos, then at lest one congressman should stand up for our staunchest ally.

  38. Hal Flagel says

    This jerk has got to go. Every day he breaks laws and goes around the constitution. Who in Hell voted for this buffoon? Not me.

  39. Rightleaning says

    I believe President Obama is a muslim in heart and a liar outside of it. Why else would he support all the muslim causes. He wants to get rid of infidels the same as his fellow muslim brotherhood members. He is not a President for the people of the US, he is a President for the muslims . That is why he wants sanctions against Israel.

  40. alreadytold says

    If he does this to Israel, the USA will be in a hole it won’t be able to get out of. You can’t stick your finger in God’s eye and walk away unscathed.

  41. badger says

    Only a Terrorist sympathizer will want to hold sanctions against Israel. I hope and pray that Israel will not hold the mistrust and treason against the rest of America. We will only gain more trust in the world after the Democrats leave office.

  42. Helen says

    How many more way do you want to show us you are for Islam, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, which I believe you are a member…Against Israel and America???? We would just love and would pay for you to return to your roots. Just go away and leave us alone, you are a terrorists just like your brothers.

  43. Mahmoud Ayoubi says

    Shit the ignorance below me from these cousin fuckers is amazing

    1. Shauna says

      sais the goat fucker….go away troll!

  44. WiSe GuY says

    That fucking nigger needs to go!

  45. Mike Straw says

    Who wrote this article. Why no name associated with this? Anyways, I don’t care about Israel or the rest of the Middle East. We don’t belong there. I personally believe that if we pulled completely out of the Arab world, they would leave us alone. Hell, I would terrorize a foreign service if they were here in the USA. The hell with the who Middle East. Let them fight each other as they have for the past 2000 years. Piss on them!

  46. supergun says

    If obama does push sanctions against Israel, then every Christian Church should voice their opposition to the community organizer. That would be very interesting. In fact, I believe he should be impeached for such a traitorous act.

  47. Neal Miller says


    1. Combatvet52 says

      I’ll add that he is the biggest scumbag on the face of the planet.

  48. millerstwo says

    This simply can’t be the same Barack Hussein Obama who spent over 1.4 million dollars blocking access to documents that every American should have access to such as his medical records, school records, passport records and even his birth records, the same man who campaigned for “full disclosure”? And nobody can seem to find his K-12 records and he refuses to release any of his college records even his Columbia College thesis? Poor guy, seems that all of his legislative records from the State of Illinois Senate are missing along with all his scheduling records for all his years in the Senate are lost as well? Oh, and speaking of education… ever wonder where Obama got the tuition money to attend prestigious schools like Columbia, Occidental and Harvard Law?, does a guy named Khalid Al-Mansour, an advisor to Saudi prince Al-Walid bin Talah ring any bells? Obamas Selective Service Card is a fraud but the most perplexing issue is Obamas multiple Social Security numbers ….naw, this just can’t be the same Barry Soetoro that was voted into office twice by a bunch of cool-aid drinking useful idiots could it?
    This guy was born and raised in a Muslim household and then per his autobiography his mentor became a guy named Frank Marshall Davis who was a high ranking member of the Communist Party.
    The Fraud-in-Chief has had close associations with Muslims and Communists his entire life and now after six years of treasonous, anti-Constitution, anti-American behavior someone is surprised that he’s, in essence, anti-Israel????, c’mon!
    P.S. I still can’t understand why the large majority of American Jews voted for him….TWICE ?????

    1. Arizona Don says

      You are correct he did campaign for exactly those things. However, we should have learned by now what he promised and what he has done are opposites at best. Example the ACA. Nothing about the healthcare bill passed by him in a completely progressive congress with out even one conservative vote is what it appears. The affordable healthcare act is not “affordable.” TO ANYONE including the Nation. He lies about everything. Anyone who will lie to you will steal from you. Don’t forget that!

      I will not get into the Jewish thing except to say they are not stupid and if not awake now will soon be. Obama would have them in death camps just as did hitler but he does not have that much power as of YET! Watch the other hand closely he may be getting there.

  49. Beverly Miller says

    I hope someone steps in and puts a stop to this double crossing lover of muslin. He is out to destroy us and if the truth is known he is not who he pretends to be. Come on Independents and GOP get this no nothing out of office.

  50. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    They may call me such a name. But Mohammad himself acknowledged that those faithful to him will make mistakes and learn from their mistakes and are free to correct them Like Jews, a person’s relationship is to g-d.. That i also learned from that secondary source. so I have no problem with Islam as a religion of faith… even of masters in the sense in which I think we all are capable of becoming knowledgeable masters of our fates.. Reminds me alot of my own religion. For reasons I have yet to explain, there was less of an emphasis on equality between the sexes and perhaps Mohammad was thinking in terms of people learning its value for themselves. As I said, I am no expert on the subject.

  51. Mole Johnson says

    It’s pretty hard to be an ally of the Israeli’s when Barak is an outright muzzie sympathizer.

  52. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    Dear Amy, have you ever heard of the expression, the mind never forgets. That was Freud’s idea and I have reason to think and know from personal experience that it is true. We pass on knowledge and what we learned from experience in so many ways without even knowing that we are. I have a cat that was caged from birth and she is afraid of everything. I have another cat who was not caged and is afraid of nothing. As to your other comments, frankly, I hear so much anger- listen to what you said… you refer to Mohammad as a pedophile- if you mean he had multiple wives and they were all young- those were the times. You refer to the president as “a worthless …tripe” – wow- that is anger. I have never met the man and have no strong feelings about him one way or the other- though I do have strong opinions about his’ policies and particularly about that pipe line. But nothing personal. I did have that kind of anger towards my dad however because of the way in which he treated me. I hope he hears me now- I wish i had gotten over it while he was alive. Would have been so much better off. Please- if you want to have a respectful conversation- keep out the anger. It just gets in the way. And about my meanderings- I am just responding to your comments- with facts and reasoning. You are entitled to an opinion. My husband claims not to be religious at all, but everything he does (the respectful way in which he treats me) suggests otherwise- because in the Jewish religion- the woman is to be fully respected for her role/part.

  53. Chaplain Steve says


  54. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Well, isn’t this the “Hope and Change” that 52 percent of the American electorate voted for… TWICE??

    The POTUS is only as dangerous as those who elected him to office. This is just one more symptom of the mental illness that is Liberalism . Unfortunately for the rest of us, those Liberals do *not* want us to get the chance to vote again… EVER.

    If some kind of “national emergency” comes along between now and the next National Elections, and those elections are “postponed” because of that “emergency”, then you will know why I and others have been saying all along, Buy More Ammo.

    Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia or your local Oath Keepers chapter. This won’t end pretty, America.

    1. Sue4477 says

      Oath Keepers! I’d never heard of them before. So fantastic and hope inspiring to know this group exists!! Thanks for posting about them. AND the same about local militias. A lot of people never speak of these 2…I have to wonder if they are as ignorant as I was. Many people post how they think we have no hope left in the US. These groups could change their minds.

      I hope this is or becomes very widespread, especially with our active military, police, etc. Many people fear blind obedience to obama with his militarized, illegal anti-citizen police actions and the potential for Martial law. Great info! I’ll be talking to my career military son to see what he knows about this because of your post. I hope he is or becomes part of Oath Keepers and spreads the word. I will, too. Thank you!

      1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

        Oath Keepers sent tactical teams to the Bundy Ranch, and they have teams on rooftops right now in Ferguson, Missouri. I agree, there is still hope left for a return to a Constitutional America, but not without plenty of fire and steel between now and then.

        Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia or your local Oath Keepers chapter. This won’t end pretty, America.

        1. Sue4477 says

          The positive things you just named are more than I thought was happening. So good to know. I hope a lot of people read & learn about this and support local militias & Oath Keepers. Our family will continue to be ready to at least defend ourselves and probably others as any situation arises. I’m not expecting pretty, I expect ugly & tough, but victory is worth it.

          1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

            Be sure to visit the Oath Keepers website at . Look for contacts in your state, or volunteer to become one in your area.

            My wife and I are also both licensed Amateur Radio Operators (“HAM” radio). We volunteer with our local Emergency Communications group, and we participate in weekly radio nets. Being able to communicate without relying upon cell phones, landline phones, or the Internet will likely become vital in our future.

            I am now retired from the Arizona Militia, but I still have plenty of contacts who can tell me where there might be a Militia unit in your area. Please contact me by email, and I will find out for you: .

            Regardless of where you reside, Buy More Ammo. I have a feeling that we are gonna need it before we ever see another national election.

            You can search online for the current best prices on ammo at . It is not comprehensive, but it will get you started when you are ready to start buying in bulk.

            Lastly, Spread the Word. The more Patriots who train up, stock up, and gear up, the better our chances are that the Obamunists will just simply decide to fade away rather than gamble on their “Marxist Makeover” for America. If they can do math, then let them calculate just how many armed Americans would take an active part in the organized Resistance to their tyranny. I figure about 3 percent of 300 million Americans would be a force of about 9 million strong.

            I have a feeling, however, that it will be a whole lot more than just 3 percent before their Regime is ended . Help us make that happen.

          2. Sue4477 says

            Thanks so much for the info & connections! I’ve been to the Oath Keepers site and the militia site, which is the only way I could say how great I thought they were. I will go back to the OK site because I want to join & support them. I need to read more about the militia to know what I’ll personally do with them.

            I will definitely mention these 2 groups every time I read vets & others saying they are ready to defend the same things as the OK and militias defend. This occurs fairly often. Being organized seems the best route. Many are looking for a leader. Be assured I will spread the word!

            A vet said somewhere on 1 of these sites that there are 6 million vets ready to defend and protect this nation. He may have been part of one or 2 of these groups. At 1st, I didn’t know whether to believe that number. Your info adds credence to what he said.

            Many people have said ammo is getting harder to find in stock. Thanks for the website info.

  55. arab says


  56. Michael Skaggs says

    I believe President Obama gets up in the morning and says, “I think today I’ll poke the sleeping grizzle bear.”

  57. shafawn says

    What a slime ball Obama is. Maybe now the Jews will finally see what the democrats truly think of them…. which is a big fat zero

  58. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    Shauna- “little experiment.” Sorry, my experiment ended a while back. I was reacting to all the hate and anger that is out there (including yours). This will be the last time you will be hearing from me. I have alot of difficulty with extreme anger having been a victim of it- often daily and weekly as my dad was a frustrated man and took it out on us. Go find some happiness and don’t take your anger out on others cause it is a terrible thing to do to another human being. That is my personal opinion.



  60. Girlie58 says

    He better not and I hope America reacts and stops him if he does. Maybe it’s time to protest against him.

  61. Freedomsprice says

    If this doesn’t prove to you stupid moron Christian Democrats that this man is a Muslim then nothing will and you all deserve what is coming for you at the hands of the muslims already building their mosques on your soil….!!!

  62. draftinging says

    He slum, arrogant, egomaniacal s

  63. draftinging says

    He is Slum, Arrogant Egomaniacal Socialpath, He lack and we need a President with testicular fortitude, he is subhuman mongecul, snake oil salesman in chief and an American Parasite, Per LT COL Ralph Peters: ” obama is ” a coward and he won’t make a tough decision to defend America” just a few other terms, a corrupt SOB, traitor, conman, buffoon, a moron, a clown, a fraud, deaf and dumb, has a transvestite wife, incompetent, racists, a muslin Islamic brotherhood member, imbecile, Liar in Chief, anti American, pathological liar. what can you expect from trained ape with a transvestite chimpanzee wife and they have monkey girls

  64. OCDiver says

    If he were just half as Christian as he claims to be, he’d know that in the Old Testament, God told Israel that he would “Bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.”

    I’d sure hate to be in the shoes of those who curse Israel!!

  65. Larry Wilson says

    You know what, he’s just stupid enough to try that. I’ve heard he was going to tell China, we’re not going to pay you anymore!

  66. Angelo Koljenovic says

    it is about time to stand to Blackmail of Israel..

  67. satin85718 says

    He’s a good shiite muslim! That is his REAL job, to destroy the USA!

  68. Gary Stuckey says

    Seal Team Six needs to remove this pos from office before the damages become un-reversable!!

  69. guest says

    What a freaking mistake this would be! He has demonstrated his hatred for Israel over and over. Israel doesn’t start this crap, but protects it’s homeland and people. Something I wish our jerk would do! Bibi for president. I’d feel much more safe.

  70. chief1937 says

    Not at all sure that Obama was elected legally. You can talk with people and can not find many that will admit voting for him. His actions or possible actions is no surprise he has always supported our enemies and shunned our allies for some reason or the other. Sadly to say he has done more damage to this nation than all his predecessors,Has set back race relations by at least 50 years, appointed radicals to cabinet positions and appointed liberal judges to the supreme court as well as other federal appointees.Not sure his agenda but it is definitely not for the good of this country.

    1. Sue4477 says

      I never voted for obama because he didn’t seem genuine besides standing for dem values…or lack of values I should say. I, along with others, call him a communist Muslim. His actions are consistent with these ideologies. His admission to being Muslim and his support of his type of Islam, and his support of communist covert subversion, his communist years of membership and the ~80 communists in Congress support the communist evaluation of him. He has weakened our nation to an incredible degree and I believe we are headed for some severe repercussions. He’s an enemy to our nation…a domestic enemy who must be fought.

  71. wmagg says

    Such action would be nothing less than a deceleration of WAR upon the people of the United States

    by the government of the United States, as such action would be a direct violation of the authority of the government of this nation The fact that the FREE and SOVEREIGN nation of ISRAEL has the right to live and exist without the interference of a tyrannical FASCIST regime currently and criminally in power within the U.S. is not in question. This would be nothing less than TURD BOY making another attempt to start a war so he can declare martial law and suspend the rights of the American people to force a confrontation with in this nation thus finishing his attempt to destroy this nation from within .

  72. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    Dear Kent; Why must you call our president names? I understand that you have issues. So do I, for instances, with healthcare. I think that we ought to have overhalled the whole system- creating hospitals associated with schools where students get education, pay back in service and they have available the best technology and where people can get free healthcare. And get rid of for profit insurance companies other than those individual policies that people wish to take out that gives them free reign to chose doctors of choice. the hospitals would run like sloan kettering where you have a doctor and group to see. The existing health insurance companies could go into the healthcare services. (NOT FOR PROFIT) I have other issues. My point is, what does it accomplish other than show disrepect for the office and the person holding it. Obama won the last election. Next one, you will have an opportunity to vote again. And byb, I am not only a woman, but hate the word feminist in the ideological sense- I am female and an individual who thinks for herself. Gotta go back to work.

  73. Yadja says

    I would not doubt it he won’t touch Iran, they are his brothers and he darn sure won’t touch Putin, Putin has his yellow hide in a grip but going for the throat of Israel that is right up his filthy goals. He is giving American Tax money go Gaza, with a government under a terrorist thumb of Hamas,even while they were in the process of attacking Israel. When the Congress is all Republican maybe this will end.

    In the meantime if O does this, forgetting that the DNC wanted to down Israel, back Gaza and leave God out and got their clocks cleaned for it and realized the time wasn’t right yet, he will put another nail in the Democrat/Progressive coffin. If he continues on this path of destroying the party we won’t have to worry about an election because it will be a no brainer even for the “Stupid”.

  74. infadelicious says

    We need to put sanctions against obama

  75. Ervin Schrader says

    December the 7th: On this date in the year 1941, we were sneak attacked by the Japs without a declaration of war that killed 3000 soldiers, sailors, Marines and civilians in what FDR called the “Day of Infamy”. In the month of September 2011, now always to known as 911, another “Day of Infamy” happened, we were sneak attacked by a group of terrorists in 3 hijacked commercial air liners that also killed some 3000 innocent people. They hijacked 3 fully fueled airliners containing thousands of high octane fuel then flew them at high speed into the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon. Eight out of the 9 terrorists were Egyptians, Egypt, who later gave Obama a gold necklace with a big hung as a reward for his generous gifts of billions of dollar in “foreign aid”. The white house was also on the list to be attacked by ramming by the high jacketed air liners as was done by the other two airplanes, but was foiled by the brave actions of some of the passengers. Less we forget, these attacks were done by the lowest of the low and we are now being attacked from within also by the lowest of the low! We are being attacked by Obama and his unholy gang of cut throats!

    It is too bad that the people of the United States as a whole do not seem to realize what is happening to our country. No matter how many of us patriots try to make you all understand that we face the most critical times of our entire history as a free nation, doesn’t seem to make contact with many. However, it is true. The Obama regime and his unholy group of willing cohorts are actively doing what they can to destroy our country and you know what, they are succeeding! Those few of us that are trying to make you ALL realize this are having a hard time convincing all of you people! I ask you all to fully go through and read this website to understand. I ask you to put the pressure on our failed congress to get their act together and do what is necessary before it is too late! If you want to verify this independently, check some of the more conservative media instead of reling on the Obama controlled liberal media!.

  76. KatRob says

    If he imposes sanctions against israHELL, I take back everything I ever said about him. The terrorist piece of crap country that stole Palestine is long overdue for some serious karma. They’ve been murdering innocent Palestinians since they stole Palestine. I have to laugh every time some naive American calls israel our ally. Really? I challenge any of you sheeple to name one thing israel has ever done for the United States. Where are they while our men and women are in the Middle East dying for their evil cause? Has an israeli dropped one drop of blood for the US? Of course not. The whole charade in the Middle East, including the phony war on terrorism is code for “Onward Christian Soldier, go kill our enemies.” We had no problem with the Arab World until this stupid country aligned itself with them. Supplying them with the tanks and weaponry, giving them billions of dollars a year in allowance which they never have to pay back. If the US cut off their allowance, that worthless country would collapse like a cheap card table. Greenland’s available, I suggest sending all jews there, a cold place for a cold race of people.

    How the jews laugh at SINagogue every week how they’ve been able to dupe the American people. I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans for their stupidity. No shortage of useful idiots for israel.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      WOW!! Everything you just stated is 100% true. I admire people who are not afraid to speak the truth, even when they know that they will be slandered, criticized, called horrible names & so on…. Israel has America by the balls & everyone knows that, but are too afraid to speak out against this terrorist state, fearing that they might be considered jew haters. Most people on this forum are cowards when it comes to speaking out against Israel, even when they know for a fact that what Israel is doing to Palestine is terrorism. I totally support sanctions against Israel. It’s about fucking time !! SCREW ISRAEL!!!

      1. KatRob says

        Thanks, Faye. I appreciate your comments. You are so right about the cowards on this forum and in the country in general. So let ’em call you a jew-hater, an antisemitic? Big fucking deal. The truth is more important than any label. Besides those labels are badges of honor, means we’re smart enough to see through them. They haven’t been thrown out of every country they infest for nothing. Waiting to watch them scatter yet again like the cockroaches they are. It’s a matter of time because history does repeat itself.

  77. al says

    I just prayed that God would remove our President from office for not standing up and helping Israel His chosen people.

  78. badger says

    O. will support Muslims over the support if Israel. What does that tell you.

  79. Florio Vino says


  80. Ervin Schrader says

    Yes, because not only is he a queer, traitor and enemy of the USA, he is a Muslim!

  81. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Doing all he can for the Muslim world, but it could backfire on the Muslims. Israel will not go down peacefully just to please Obama’s Muslim agenda. I believe Israel has the nukes and the ability to turn the Middle East into a huge Muslim roast!


    Israel will do what it needs to do it will not do what the muzzy nig in the WH demands Israel to do.

  83. Wapitiman says

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how the American Jews massively vote Democrat and seem to support Obola, our liar-in-chief. How does this make any sense?

  84. arab says


  85. Terry Rushing says

    With the RINO congress it is a small wonder that the :coming out of the closet” muzzie is growing more aggressive. That quisling, John Boehner turned a cold shoulder on an opportunity to bring this traitorous garbage pail under control and “Hog Jowls” McConnell sang “amen” when they reneged on everything that they claimed to support only scant weeks before. It’s a small wonder that Obama feels invincible and is willing to openly align with declared enemies while spitting in the face of our allies.

  86. WiSe GuY says

    Don’t vote for a nigger!

  87. John R Pyles says

    I think Obama has solidified his place in hell, now we can only hope he expedites his journey there.

  88. tarotcardman says

    This should be realized for what is, IF THIS HAPPENES, TREASON , HAS BEEN COMITED BY


    I am going to do something/this is what I am saying.
    I will vote for
    where is the button

    609-586- RAGS
    7247 $4.oo plus $2 shipping any size
    I am tired of the way the government is spending our money /transparency how much does it cost us to watch our self constantly.

  89. DouglasDauntless says

    Yes Obama is considering sanctions against Israel. He is an ardent admirer of S.Power and her book how the USA should destroy the Jews.

  90. Sgt. York says

    What muzzie puke has a good word or feelings for Israel? His actions are telling America he is a true muzzie lover and will cause the downfall of America as we know it today.

  91. Uzoozy says

    BHO is doing the best America has done to promote peace in the Middle East.
    The spoilt brat country is always ruthless and deadly.

  92. Grover Syck says

    I hope so. He should declare Israel a terrorist nation.

  93. Mole Johnson says

    I wish someone in Congress would consider sanctions against this weasel in the White House.

  94. Larry says

    Israel is The almighty God chosen people . The scriptures say The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. I would be shaking in my boots at his expected wrath .
    Yet our Muslim leader thinks he is smarter . This country will feel Gods wrath because of him. I think the riots are only a small beginning.

  95. Peggie Potter says

    Heaven help us if he does !

  96. squeak says

    If Obama does sanctions on Israel, the Republicans better STOP HIM… he has made enemies out of all our allies… He is an embarrassment to this Country for the whole world to see ! SUPPORT ISRAEL !

  97. papa doug says

    This can’t come as a surprise to anyone can it? Obama will not support Israel he will support his Islamist terrorist buddies. The only thing that can help us at all now is a military takeover of our government by our military until a new president can be voted in.

  98. Patrick Thomas says

    Obama is jealous of Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is not half the leader Netanyahu is. Netanyahu will do everything in his power to protect Israel. Obama, he keeps throwing America in the toilet. He has no respect for our laws and constitution. Israel has been our ally for 65 years. They are our only ally in the Middle East and Obama treats them like shit. I hope Netanyahu sticks it up Obama’s ass.

  99. nahum says

    Sanctions against one of our allies both secular, and Spiritually ! It’s an act of war, and I will not fight against Israel.

  100. dolly says

    Please pray that GOD comes back to AMERICA! The JOKE in the White House is trying to destroy our values, and what we believe in! AMEN!

    1. WiSe GuY says
      1. dolly says

        Thanks for the song, and you made me smile!

  101. PPTA says

    Obama is a Muslim, in the Muslim Brother Hood. That is why he was KICKED OUT OF, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. (A two day visit in Saudi Arabia turned in to a two hour stay, ordered by the King). So of course he wants sanctions against Israel. He hates Israel. He also hates not only the United States, and its people, he hates all Western Nations. (If you read foreign news like I do, you will find out how the US funded and started ISIS. Don’t thinks so? Read the Arabian news like I do.) They are not Muslim. Sad to say, Action speaks louder than words. The Democrats party leadership, and the Republican Party Leadership, plus the Rino’s, all three groups hate America. Don’t think so? Look at how they vote on Major issues, Obama Care, Trillion Dollar budget, The Immigration memo, (Executive order?), Medicare/Obama care, how many Seniors, can now no longer get examinations for colon cancer, (Preventive), can no longer afford their medications that use to be covered by insure policies, that are now no ;longer available? I know quite a few. And it is buy food, or buy medications. Which would you pick? They are on a limited income. But illegals and Muslims do not have that problem. Think I am wrong? look it up. In fact those two groups of people get more and higher, benefits, than any American, White or Black. This man has done so much to destroy the United States some of which we have not even seen yet. Do not think he is Done.

  102. lil-echoes says

    Obama was extremely rude to bb net when he came down here for an official. Obama got up n left their meeting saying he had to go have dinner with his wife. Leaving Nb sitting there. Then Biden did bn the same way when he went to Israel. All blacks hate the Jews.

  103. rchguns says

    There is a special corner of hell that is reserved for this maggot. He’s going to go down in history for many things and most of them are not going to be very pleasant. For a man who had the opportunity to forever but racism out of the picture and improve every stereotype ever directed towards the black race into the ground. But instead is chosen to prove most of them right.

    He’s obviously anti-Israel considering the fact that is a Muslim and a radical at that. You’ll go down in history as the worst president the country’s ever had. The first black president (even though is not black). The first President to ever cause the United States credit score to go down. The first President to be elected even though he was not properly vetted and was not eligible to run in the first place.

    He Will Also Go down in History As the Greatest Con Man The World’s Ever Known.

  104. paglee says

    Of course Obama is no friend of Israel — as a black muslim, he is a friend of the islamists who want to destroy Israel. I cannot understand why any real friends of Israel would vote for any Democrats who are his brainwashed supporters.

  105. Alleged Comment says

    Someone put the negro demon in. And someone is going to pay! I’ll just leave it at that….. But don’t blame hell please.

  106. Jordan Hal Mosman says

    No He Is Not. What Nonsense You Guys’ Come Up With.

  107. Joe T says

    Well…….Doesn’t the devil want to sanction GOD!

  108. cjg says

    Isreal IS NOT OUR FRIEND. Wake up!!! As much as i hate this illegal muslim so called pres. Which i do not recognize i hate to say it but he is right on this one just maybe the first right in 7 years

  109. Lizard says

    Trouble maker Kenya piece horse dung Obama

  110. Michael Dennewitz says

    North Korea referred to him as “that little monkey over there in the big white bldg.” But in reality, he may simulate a monkey, but he’s really a cobra snake!! He has dreamed of being an emperor since childhood. He’ll do everything imaginable to make this country hurt, to make us to where we can’t even defend ourselves – and that is when he’ll set up his “kingdom!” He is a genius, make no mistake about it. The little half-bred bastard has studied our country fir YEARS! He KNOWS what it will take to bring America to their knees.. He’s a damned snake in tall grass!!

  111. Lizard says

    I wish we could take Obama and all fans place them in desert with one gallon water and let them there to rot for ravens

  112. stephanie wilson says

    over my dead body, he’d better not be even thinking about it!!!

  113. valc says

    Obama needs to be stopped hard!

  114. Margaret Longoria says

    This WH Muslim is going to get Americans killed..even his wife says his home country is Kenya. He is still implementing one new lie after another since he was elected by Liberals in 08. Why isn’t he collecting taxes owed by Sharpton? Our country is in chaos as he’s playing golf, he’s so overworked. At what I and many others are still trying to figure out what good he’s doing, maybe he has to work with Michelle on her school lunch program. It must be taxing for them.

  115. Gary says

    Israel’s people are Gods people, The president should back off Gods people. If you ask me Our God, Israel’s God has had just about enough of The Idiot in the White House.
    I am a retired Marine I believe in my God and the God of Israel who are the same, I wear two chains one with the cross of my Good the other the Judo Christian Star of David in total support of the land ofJesus Christ our savior.
    Also I am in complete agreement with Kent2012 and Juan Two Three, If the non believer in the W/H doesn’t get his act together well lets just say THE BRO’S GOT TO GO.

  116. Rockenroller says

    Why can something not be done to stop this terrorist?? My goodness this bastard has broken every law on the books and yet he is still at it?? What goes America??

  117. 0331Tap says

    He is useless…Obama should be in jail…

  118. Hilly says

    Our traitor in chief hard at work.

  119. Jean Witte says

    This is so disgusting! What business is it of Obama’s if Israel decides to do construction in their own country. Isn’t that like Benjamin Netenyahu (sp)? telling people in Miami they cannot build a new hotel?

  120. downs1 says

    This fool [“The fool has said in his heart, There is no God'” (Psalm 14:1)] has absolutely no idea what he is getting into! During the years Obama supposedly sat under the teaching of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he obviously never heard that way back in Genesis 12:3 God told Abraham that He “would bless those who bless Israel and He would curse those who curse Israel”! History has borne out this divine promise! Obama is a Muslim who hates Israel despite what he says, and by his actions against Israel, he will bring down the United States of America which has been his subversive goal from the beginning! And the current leadership by their actions or lack thereof is too ignorant and foolish to recognize this fact and too inept and weak to stand up and impeach this imposter for his lies, his deceit, his fraud, and his treasonous policies! A nation divided against itself and that denies God before men cannot stand! Nowhere does Bible prophecy speak of a nation in the end times that resembles the United States. Obama is simply fulfilling prophecy! This nation has turned away from God and Obama is a large part of that movement!

  121. Phil McMorrow says

    What can on expect from a President who kisses the Castro boys on both cheeks.

  122. Rob says

    OBAMA needs to leave Israel the hell alone! America needs to support Israel.

  123. Alexander Seredin says

    It would be simpler and more humane to drop one or two nukes on the Zionazi enclave

  124. Robert T. Uda says

    We need to consider doing some sanctions on the Obungler. We should tie his hands behind his back so that he will not create anymore chaos in the world.

  125. Ray Heffley says

    What this ISLAM loving President of the United States should do besides rob and destroy America before he leaves office, could get him his legacy. He should take all the Palestinians and move them to Syria where they can be among their own kind in an ISIS held territory.

    Then he can move their and lead the people he loves so. He has accomplished his muslim mission in America. Let him take his money and his family and go live among the people he so loves. We can then proceed to recover our American Christian Country and confront him for what he has done here. Reminds me of a few African and Haitian or Philippine Dictators.

    A price, not a crown on his head. Now see how he likes that. Spewing his rhetoric about protection of rights of speech when a movie made about killing the North Korean Dictator is held up, But pounding his fist just a short time past when an anti muslim movie is produced. How upset he was about disrespecting his brotherhood, how many faces can a dictator hopeful put on? Multiple personality disorder?

  126. Melveta says

    Libyia’s Kadaffi told this story before they killed him….suppose that is why he was killed by Muslim Bro – hood….Kenya’s boy—good friends….imagine that…. folks the writing was on the wall all along…and Congress will not step up and do anything….they just funded part of the big scheme…. and Kadaffi (sp), said HE WAS born in kENya….. get the picture better now…

  127. David Mangum says

    We have got to get this crazy crack head out of the white house now, grow some balls, republicans better deliver in January.

  128. marilyn says

    liar,man of no records given a job he can’t do,unchecked by the senate who has commited a felony by letting him or abetting this crime against america

  129. librtyship says

    Obama is truly bent on bringing down the wrath of God on our country and it seems more likely with each passing day and you can believe that we will be totally defenseless when it happens!

  130. Patricia A Thompson says

    Is Obama considering sanctions against Israel? Yes, I believe he is?
    Will Obama step down? No, I don’t think he will. He is so full of himself he will never admit he was wrong about anything he has done since becoming President and thinks all the people agree with him. The President is very proud of all he has done. “There is desirable treasure, and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it. (Proverbs 21:20) “The foolishness of a man twists his way, and his heart frets against the Lord.” (Proverbs 19:3) The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7) The devising of foolishness is sin, and the scoffer is an abomination.” (Proverbs 24:19) “The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way, but the folly of fools is deceit. Fools mock at sin, but among the upright is favor.” (Proverbs 14:8 & 9) “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)

  131. KatRob says

    It’s the jews in power that chose the Affirmative Action baboon, just like they backed Martin Lucifer King and Al Sharptongue and Jesse Ebonics Jackson. If he turns against Israel, talk about karma!

  132. worldemoc says

    The President (an acquaintance of mine), I’m sorry to say, by His
    continued vehemence toward Israel has made it clear that He IS A CLOSET
    ANTI-SEMITE ! Deep inside He’d Like to see Israel Blown-Away ! Most
    All Liberal Humanists (Obama’s Belief System) are as Well !
    majority of the Democratic Parties Hierarchy is Chock-Full of Them !!
    Notably, The Ones that Refused to Attend Bibi Netanyahu’s Speech.
    Anti-Semites are Satanically Controlled. Their Kind are as Old as World
    Itself ! Hitler was One Rendition of Them ! So Don’t Act Surprised
    that One is now living in the White House .
    Social Conservatives need to Retake the Democratic Party for Working America!

  133. ronb28135 says

    Obama had best be very careful about messing around with the Israeli Zionists. Mossad invented false flag ops. Kennedy probably found that out the hard way. He just didn’t know it at the time.

    Kennedy’s foreign policy prevented Ben Gurion’s Israel from developing the bomb. BG didn’t like that. Israel found a friendlier president with Lyndon Johnson and his hyper pro-Israel foreign policy.

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