Is There Any Stopping the Trump Train?


The former head of the Republican National Committee thinks that Donald Trump stands an excellent chance of being the party’s nominee. Michael Steele appeared on a radio station in Philadelphia on Friday, and he was asked if Trump could actually carry his phenomenal campaign all the way to victory.

“I’m gonna say this and I know people are going to scratch their heads and go ‘what?’ but I don’t think he can [be stopped],” Steele said on 1210 WPHT. “That window has closed and I think Donald Trump effectively closed it over the last couple of months. You tell me who stops him and when do they do it.”

Steele echoes the sentiments of many inside the Republican Party, who now see a Trump nomination as one of the most likely conclusions to the 2016 primary race. After months of denying that Trump was going to get the nomination, even his establishment foes are starting to wake up to the truth. There’s not going to be any implosion. He’s not just doing this to satisfy his ego. He’s not going to suddenly say the wrong thing.

“I don’t see how that momentum gets stopped right now,” Steele said. “I don’t know who breaks it. Come on, you’ve had eight months. You’ve had eight months to take him down.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan is apparently beginning to see the light as well. In an interview with Matt Lauer last week, he was asked if he would support Donald Trump if he were to win the nomination. “Yes I will,” Ryan said. “I’ll support whoever our nominee is.”

This is a startling contrast to the way establishment Republicans were talking about Trump even as recently as December. Most of them would just shut the question down, insisting that it was pointless to answer since “he’s not going to be the nominee.” But as we head into Iowa, Trump’s poll numbers nationally are as strong as they’ve ever been. Even Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged that it was “possible” that Trump could be the next president.

There may be no stronger argument, though, then the way the betting world is aligning behind Trump. There are no politics behind a site like Betfair, which only aims to present the mathematical odds. They predict a Trump victory, giving him 15 to 8 odds or a 34% chance of taking down the nomination. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are second and third in this account, respectively.

That all said, none of the votes are in and Trump certainly does not have Iowa locked up. According to FiveThirtyEight, Ted Cruz stands the strongest chance of winning the first primary race of the season. Accounting for both polls and endorsements, the analysts say that Cruz has a 51% chance of taking Iowa. How this affects subsequent primaries is anyone’s guess.

One individual, though, is still holding out hope. On Meet the Press this weekend, Jeb Bush said of Trump: “The guy’s entertaining, for sure. But he’s not going to win the nomination. I am.”

Dreams die hard.

  1. Smart Southerner says


    1. Med1 says

      All aboard!

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        1. buddman says

          Your neighbors mate is a goat stupid

          1. Jim Russell says

            go away

          2. buddman says

            Spam is not for comment boards F/Off

          3. Smart Southerner says

            Did you slither out from under that rock just so you could post a ridiculous comment?

          4. buddman says

            Spam is not for comment discussion Boards I don’t give a $hir what they are selling See comment below!!!!!!! I second that motion

        2. Christopher Kirby says

          Everybody should start flagging these spammers

          1. Smart Southerner says

            I did.

        3. Tiger says

          What the hell does this have to do with anything. Go somewhere.

        4. Michael Dennewitz says

          Blow it out your fat ass Heather!!

      2. buddman says

        Watch the Trump train derail crash & Burn faster than one of warren Buffetts Oil trains LOL

        1. Seldena says

          Don’t think so buddman! Supporters are stronger than ever for Trump. We love him for standing up for America and our rights.!!

          1. buddman says

            Never said I didn’t support him But Based on his history if he loses Iowa He will derail his own campaign Because of his temper he has no ability to control it

          2. Smart Southerner says

            Get lost………..

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Buddman is spot on : If Trump loses Iowa . He will self imployed. Why because his pride will over whelming his brain. Blow up big time. Cruz 2016. Self composed intelligent, Constitutional Conservative with a very respectable portfolio to back up his claims of independence, True Conservative values ,which date back to his young adulthood. Either way Cruz or Trump we win. But my vote is on Cruz to pull out the win. When all 3 establishments are betting against him. That would be the Media Rino Repuke establishment , DumbO Rats establishment.

          4. Smart Southerner says

            Another Cruzbot… He is just another GOP establishment guy. If Cruz was so wonderful why wasn’t he pounding his fist on the table in the Senate to stop that POS?????

          5. xeriscapelady says

            He was… But a Supreme court ruling that the GOP who is as corrupt as the Dems does not want to follow says..

            You can;t run for president of the U,S, unless BOTH parents were U S Citizens at your birth
            Trump—Both were. His mother was born in Scotland but she was a citizen in 1942, 3 years before his birth. His Dad’s family all were here.
            Cruz,, His mother is a citizen but his Dad at Cruz’s birth was a Cuban citizen still.
            Rubio- both parents at Rubio’s birth were Cuban citizens…so both are UN qualified like Obama to be president. But they figure if the dems broke the rules they can too. BUT.. what if Obama’s Dad was dug up and DNA samples taken and they do NOT match, and if they dig up Mom’s FRIEND—communist Frank Davis and they Do match, then he is legal and I bet they would. I think the reason they lied on him is Davis was a communist and that would have hurt him.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            Check again Trumps mother became a citizen 2 years after he was born Trump born 1946 Trumps mother naturalized 1948. Trumps father held dual citizenships . Trump unqualified.

          7. Ralph H Moran says

            What about Obama, his daddy was from Kenya and never a citizen

          8. says


          9. Peatro Giorgio says


          10. Peatro Giorgio says

            Think about dimwitted. Cruz ,Mike lee, Jeff Session an Rand Paul were and are The only ones who’s votes were solidly against Obummer on each bill. Pity Your to naive to vote . Listening to trash talk an spewing out the same trash. Look to Cruz’s voting record then compare it to all the above folks. The only ones who took a stand each time.

          11. Ralph H Moran says

            well the people you named either never got more than single digits or never even ran, so guess your picks are kind of oddballs too

          12. xeriscapelady says

            You better pray you are wrong. TRUMP is the ONLY candidate who can make America great again, as he wants everything to be great. That is how he ran his company.

          13. Btty says

            Trump is no failure. He can’t stand to think he could or would fail and that’s why he will succeed. Failure isn’t an option

          14. ken29 says

            Even though he has already failed four times as a businessman?

          15. Btty says

            Really? Come back and talk to me when you’ve made the billions he has. Until then shut your pie hole.

          16. ken29 says

            I’d be a few decimal places short, but what I have wasn’t stolen from people who had invested in businesses I operated (into bankruptcy). What I have is partly because I didn’t make the mistake of investing in his ventures. I’m not about to start now, thank you. What are your qualifications for flapping your pie hole? For that matter, what are your qualifications for telling me what to do?

          17. Btty says

            Oh whoop-di-do, you have a up vote from another idiot. Your right on one thing your a few decimals short of Trump. But I would bet it’s more than a few. When you have his kind of money and success ken no doubt a few people are going to get stepped on along the way. It’s life, get over it. Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way and not necessarily brought on by another person but brought on by bad choices. I don’t believe for a moment you had the money to invest in his ventures. Don’t even look stupid by insinuating you do. My qualifications are very good investments when the market was hot. I have my degree as an RN and I’ve had a lot of good people guiding me along the way. Did people get hurt along my journey yes they did but such is life. I let 3 people go from a company I owned and they didn’t deserve it other than I had to do what was best for the company in order to keep other employees. It’s called being a good boss. You might stop and think before you judge others just because they have money.

          18. Peatro Giorgio says

            You Mean the man with two faces. One face says he supports the affordable health care law; other wise known as Obama care. The same face that supports gun control while at the very same time he holds a concealed carry permit., or the same face that supported the higher taxes on all of us to bail the big banks and the New York liberal thieves out , That same liberal values face that got pissed of when Ted Cruz confronted him with the truth Or the very same face that push N.Jersey state and local authorities to condemn a women’s home of over 50 years in Atlantic city , reducing the fair market value by nearly half ,so the Donald may buy said property through the use of eminent domain. So that, that face can build a parking lot. Or the face that is claiming Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to be president . All the while Donald is ineligible to be president.
            .For both of his parents having been immigrants, His father holding dual citizenship one to his home land of Germany; the other to the US. His mother being born A Scottish citizen and only becoming a naturalized American citizen 18 years after she moved to the US , 2 years after Donald was born. Donald J.Trump born 1946 his mother becoming a naturalized citizen 1948. You mean that two faced Donald. Or are you talking about the Donald J. Trump who now claims to be pro second amendment or Pro Constitutional conservative. Which of the two faces of Donald J. Trump are you talking about. ?????

          19. ken29 says

            Like bankrupting four of his companies after squandering the stakes of his investors. A good business decision for his personal benefit, but not for anyone else. Much like his “plans” for the future of America.

          20. Btty says

            I’ll take either one!

          21. jblack50 says

            Are you talking about the Cruz who is getting his money from big oil and Goldman Sachs?

          22. Peatro Giorgio says

            O so you think Because Ted Cruz’s Wife works at Golden sacks is worse then Donald Trump pushing State an local Authorities to condemn a persons home an land inorder to devalue Her property so that she be forced through eminent domain to sell that property for far less then market value. So that Trump mau build a freaking parking lot . That’s okay with you right. Or You think that bailng out the big banks an Obama no care health care is a good thing also right. And That is your Donald Trump who supported those bills. I’ll Take Ted Cruz any day over Donald Trump . That being said I’d also take Trump over Clinton any day. But then again . My thoughts on this subject are not based on irrational emotion but on an informed educated opinion.

          23. xeriscapelady says

            No ..not going to happen. Experts were talking last night on how well he has it together now. He must act more presidential and he is.

          24. Btty says

            We need a man with a temper! We’ve had 8 years of a placating, politically correct pussy!

          25. Tiger says

            We have had the bad experience of getting an administration filled with people who have no experience in the Real World and who believe themselves to be above the rest. O in turn filled the military, after purging over 197 officers Admirals, Generals on down and replacing them with like minded individuals. Filling all the governmental agencies with the milky ilk and now the world sees what happens when those who used to get their butts kicked on the playground for tattling and for being ninnies and teachers pet do when given power.

            It takes powerful, hard talking, hard thinking, hard working and tough as nails people who know their backsides from a hole in the ground to lead. Just look at the leaders of the entire world down through history up to, excluding this bunch our government. Our presidents up to this piss ant though it started with Clinton and then went from quirky to jerky with the Big Zero.

            We need a man. Point blank.

          26. Btty says

            Added to that the POS in the WH has put muslimes in important positions in our WH. We will never truly know the damage he has done until he is out of office. My only other comment is this started not with Clinton (although he did his share) but with the other POS Jimmy deranged Carter!

          27. Tiger says

            Agreed at least the POS Carter had enough good sense to stop immigration of anyone to America from Iran and threw out over 5 thousand Iranian students.

            Something has got to give and no matter how the American people, our representatives can’t stop O. Today he is letting 3 more out of Gitmo but one doesn’t want to go. His lawyer says he has been in prison so long he can’t make it on the outside. Piffle and Poo that is not the reason, the reason is he will have to fight or die if he is returned.

            I never thought the day would come when we would have a president who fit the description of a tyrant our Founding Fathers gave us using the King as the example. But we do and he has another year.

          28. Btty says

            All correct. I shudder to think what the current POS in our WH has planned for the remainder of his reign. God help us Tiger because we are in deep doo doo. This son of a Biotch should be tried and shot for crimes against this country.

          29. Tiger says

            Yes we are and here is something we need, a good knock down dragout. A little laughter for ya my friend.

          30. Btty says

            ROFLMAO! OMG!! I swear if that idiot with the switch ever hit me I would take his azz down! Hit me with your fist but hit me with a switch and I will take you out. LOL 😉 Thanks for the giggle!

          31. Tiger says

            Welcome I love this video and my favorite is the guy that slaps the sitting guy on the back of the head. They got into big time and that video is out there.

            LOLOL for sure a hoot.

          32. Faye Hayes says

            Is this the best you could come up with ? If this is your attempt at being funny, YOU have failed miserably. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. LOL!!!

        2. American says

          No that will be that fascist nut in the white house that crashes and burns.

          1. xeriscapelady says

            If we are so lucky., But he might want to take the entire country with him with an EMP destruction.

          2. Faye Hayes says

            I think you’re confusing Obama with Trump. Rand Paul 2016!!!

        3. Mark Lahti says

          My prediction is for a 48 state run. I think Trump will take forty-eight of the fifty states easily.

          1. buddman says

            You mean 57 LOL!!!

          2. Mark Lahti says

            No that would be 55 if you use Obama’s tally. Good one though. LOL

          3. xeriscapelady says

            That is muslim state he was quoting…don’t you remember where Obama said he has not been to all 57 states yet. DUH…that was only 7 years ago,.

          4. xeriscapelady says

            Yes Obama said that. He knew there were 57 states for the muslim vote but he seemed never learn how many states we had. He has no love or allegiance to America at all. And Hillary is so hungry to be president she has betrayed America big time.

          5. jblack50 says

            Those SAP secrets found in Hillary’s emails says her political career is done for. No way to get around this one. It is bad and I mean really bad.

          6. Faye Hayes says

            Hey Mark , keep dreaming. November is a long ways off & a lot could change by then. You shouldn’t be counting your chickens before their hatched. Trump taking 48 states ? Not even close.

          7. xeriscapelady says

            Why do you say that? Are you a liberal and scared of an honest man who is not afraid to get in? Or are you a establishment Republican thinking we will never get to the one world govt. with him in the way? Which is it?

          8. Mark Lahti says

            Ok. Then 45, 46, or 47; either way it will be a landslide. If you think that Hillary will be he nominee that is a fantasy. She will probably be on her way to jail by November. Sanders? No way this country elects an avowed socialist. We may be screwed up but we are not that stupid. Cruz? He is not eligible to hold the office. He was a Canadian citizen until a few years ago. So, who is it going to be? No one left with a chance but Trump. Therefore, landslide big time.

          9. Faye Hayes says

            More like a mudslide, in my opinion.

          10. Mark Lahti says

            Mudslide, landslide, whatever kind of slide doesn’t matter. By the way, I never said anything about Palin or any other VP selection. You are really starting to sound like a liberal troll here now. Trump will win the nomination by a landslide. He will then demolish any democrat that the left puts in front of him. The silent majority is finally fed up enough and sick and tired enough to get off their collective butts and show up at the polls in numbers like not seen since Reagan. Did you know that the last two presidential elections four million registered republican voters stayed at home and didn’t vote? No this time honey. We are coming after all you socialist/progressive/liberal nut jobs. Your time is over, period.

          11. xeriscapelady says

            I pray he would, but why did you say 48 state run. It happens at the same time for 50 states plus Puerto Rica votes also…don;t know why but they do.

          12. Tiger says

            He needs to align himself with good people. He would do good to visit Landstuhl, Germany where wounded from all downrange go, or did if they still have the same mission. He needs to speak with the soldiers and listen to them along with good generals, not O’s pawns.

            He needs to talk with our Congressmen, like the 28 who bucked Boehner from the start and wanted him out. He needs to listen to them. Talk with some who were in Reagan’s administration they are still around and visit Israel along with our allies in the ME. He needs to understand the history of the ME better and like Ben Carson go to those camps where the refugees are being held. Sisi would be a great person to talk with along with the King of Jordan. I am sure he has met many before in the ruling classes with his businesses etc.

            Veterans he needs to personally visit the VFW and organizations along with the VA’s throughout the country. He has much to do to get honed into a total package.

        4. Tiger says

          Well tell ya this much if he gonna crash and burn it will be after burning the arses of every career politician in this country.

          1. xeriscapelady says

            Yes, he is honest, .Why should an honest man crash and burn?

          2. Tiger says

            He has some areas of his past I am wary of and hoping he has put all that aside and actually morphed into the man we see. I don’t like this talking now about getting along with Congress and not going in like a bull in a china closet or something along those lines. No we don’t need to get along with Reid and the Progressive/Communist Left we need to send a clear message to them that O is no longer president and the Mission is to right the many wrongs as fast as possible.

            Our presidents of the past, save Carter went into office and took control, took the bull by the horns and threw the BSl out and did the right things. Getting along with Democrats is not a main theme, bringing those Democrats onboard who see what has happened that is the work of the other Congressmen. Setting the Mission is the presidents work. Guiding and leading. Picking the best of the best. Delegating authority to the right people. Listening to those people and being briefed on National Security daily. That is what Bush said he would miss the most.

            So Trump needs to continue to stay the tough course and not falter. Palin is not the best bedfellow. I studied her closely when she was elected VP and I did not like anything I found about her. Don’t know why McCain chose her if not to lose. She sure helped him do that. So Palin is not capable, nor does she have the know how to hold a big and powerful position in the administration. She is a great cheerleader. That is it. Again I want to see him aligning himself with strong individuals who know their stuff.

            Others are beginning to question him also.

          3. Robin says

            Well said, Tiger.

          4. Tiger says

            Thank you this is indeed the most important election we ever had in this country. Trump is fighting our revolution via the vote and hopefully we won’t have to do it any other way.

        5. usathoughts says

          First of all Trump does not own a train. But the most important is that America wants to see a Heads Up match with Hillary. The Media wants it, the Advertisers want it, the Pundits want it. Just about everyone but Hillary.

          The Democrats say her victory has been bagged and tagged so why expose herself? Would not look good for her to be on stage crying, or going into a rage. On the other hand exposes herself to ridicule. Decisions… decisions!

          1. Smart Southerner says

            OK THEN….

          2. Smart Southerner says

            OK then…..

          3. xeriscapelady says

            LOVE it I can’t wait to see the wall with his name also. In honor of the greatest president since the founders.

          4. Faye Hayes says

            KEEP DREAMING!! You’ve been spending way too much time in fantasy land.

          5. xeriscapelady says

            Like it but Bernie will be the one TRUMP goes against and wins. He is a coo-coo socialist, but not a on fire crazy lair like Hillary who will be in jail soon or our Constitution has crashed a burned.
            I say the only reason Obama is still in, is his real father a communist American is Frabnk Davis which makes Obama legal. When is someone digging up the bodies to do a DNA check?

          6. usathoughts says

            That is a real possibility! To counter Sanders would require the voters to have some grasp of finance. The communication skills of Trump are very good but not that good. The Sanders people only know they have “wants” and “needs”. How that can come about is way above their pay grade or should say, mental acuity.

            For Trump to insure a victory will need to pull in near every Tax Filer in the Nation. Trumps message will be; If Sanders is President won’t even have a reason to file a tax statement.

            Prophesy: Within a week of Sanders being elected a major Stock Market crash. Within a month, a no bid for Treasuries. Then Treasury raises rates, no bid until reaching 5 to 6 percent. With the rise in rates the Bond Market crashes. This also finishes off the Stock Market. Over 50 percent of the banks fail. What comes next is a liquidity crises – The bank ATM machines have no cash. The Federal Reserve steps in announcing QE4. Then they together with the Treasury Department print actual currency to get into the hands of the people. Result, massive inflation.

            Shall I go on… it only gets worse. Not only the US but the entire industrialized world will be brought down.

            You say, Sanders will not allow this to happen. How? It is his policies that are its cause. Even if I am 90% wrong it will still be catastrophic.

            Have listened to many of Sanders speeches. This man has no concept of money nor finance in any of its forms. Would bet he does not know the concept of Debt based Money originated with Karl Marx written in Das Kapital, circa 1865. In the same Chapter Herr Marx explains Socialism must rest on the shoulders of Capitalism. It follows; destroy capitalism, destroy socialism.

            How does one explain this to people with the mind of a child. His policies will bring absolute ruin to those on Welfare and Entitlement Programs.

            The worst scenario is that this may result in a Dictatorship. Of course it is never so called that in the beginning.

            Have I given you enough to chew on?

          7. xeriscapelady says

            WOW… I know an idiot that is for Sanders. I need to send her this. Of course she will never speak to me again, but what the heck. Truth is truth. Of course any dem will complete the destruction of this nation. We need TRUMP and we need him now.

          8. Tiger says

            Indeed we do right now.

          9. xeriscapelady says

            I forgot I was not clear above…TRUMP will win. I just think Sanders will be the one he fights, as Hillary is getting indicted with any luck. But TRUMP will win or we don;t have a country left.

          10. usathoughts says

            Thanks for the reply. Kinda figured that out.

            I did enjoy writing the response. Way over the top but do so like to use a hammer at times.

            Don’t think the democrats can engineer enough voter fraud this time around.

          11. xeriscapelady says

            Like it but Bernie will be the one TRUMP goes against and wins. He is a
            coo-coo socialist, but not a on fire crazy lair like Hillary who will be
            in jail soon or our Constitution has crashed a burned.
            I say the
            only reason Obama is still in, is his real father a communist American
            is Frank Davis which makes Obama legal. When is someone digging up the
            bodies to do a DNA check?

        6. Michael Dennewitz says

          ANOTHER DAMNED FREEBIE LOVIN TROLL!! Hasn’t anyone “flushed” the shit yet??

          1. xeriscapelady says

            Wish we could get the economy moving and have jobs for this trolls.

        7. Smart Southerner says

          Hey buddman –
          This one’s for you:

        8. Faye Hayes says

          I couldn’t agree with you more!!!

        9. xeriscapelady says

          Lying liberal or a lying establishment….the 2 are almost the same now.

      3. Tiger says

        Next stop on the Freedom Express the WH.

    2. Croco Dile says

      You look so happy, Southerner.
      Will Trup abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS when (s)elected ?
      Is this move in his program ?

      No ?

      Then what is to cheer about ?

    3. xeriscapelady says

      I pray to the Lord daily to keep TRUMP safe and to put him in office as he will go back to what our founders wanted, and that is Godly values again in America. That solves ALL the problems, doesn’t it?

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        You sister may wish to pray for yourself ! If you consider Donald Trump a Godley man. With 5 marriage to five different women an not a single wife had past away or committed adultery. As required in Matthew 5. Even in the New Covenant it is a moral sin
        And Trump has not repented for those sins against his wives or God. S9 much for your opinion of Trump being a Godley Man.

        1. jblack50 says

          Judge not less you be judged.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Well if only you had a true spirit of God working with in you .Then maybe; You O little one might have put forth the effort to have read scripture. Christ compels each of us to judge each others action .It is not we who condemns . But we are to judge the actions of each other. Pity you haven’t even began to receive wisdom. Still partaking of the milk are you.



    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Welcome home brother.

  3. Deby says

    Good news for America-sorry Jeb, we don’t think another Bush is the answer to the debacle in Washington, or think you have a chance against Killary either. Trump will annihilate her and that is what America wants and needs to happen.

    1. Croco Dile says

      What needs to happen is the abolishment of the Federal Reserve !
      Will Trump do that ?


      Then it does not matter which PUPPET will be (s)elected.

      1. maxx says

        How do you know he will not? There has never been a question asked of him. All Trump has to do is “audit the fed” and the people will demand the fed to be abolished.

        1. Croco Dile says

          I asked him, that’s why.

          You should ask him too.
          The audit would be a sham. Nothing will come out of it.
          Those crooks did not violate any law. For sure !

          1. TAM44 says

            Yes and killery clinton has never lie, $hit getting deep. You may have talked to a figment of your imagination.

          2. Smart Southerner says

            Good one TAM44.

          3. Smart Southerner says

            Show us his reply. Prove it.

          4. xeriscapelady says

            You are a liar. He already said the fed needs to be audited, so shut your flap.

          5. The Redhawk says

            WOW now this is really a BIG BRAIN FART…got any more to do???

      2. Smart Southerner says

        Why don’t you ask Donald Trump? I’ve never heard it brought up in any interview or at a rally.

        Don’t speak for Donald Trump when you don’t know his answer.

        1. Croco Dile says

          To ask him would be your job now !

          I did already.

          You better ask him befor election, though……

          1. Smart Southerner says

            No, it’s your job to defend your lie, smartass.

          2. xeriscapelady says

            This guy is a liberal liar.,

          3. The Redhawk says

            and STUCK on STUPID!

      3. xeriscapelady says

        Don’t put anything above him. He will do any challenge that will make America great again.
        You better pray TRUMP gets in and we have not had a EMP .

      4. andrew says

        The Fed Reserve is patently Unconstitutional… JFK was in the process of trying to get us back on the Gold Standard, when the NWO disposed of him…
        If Trump can do the same more power to him…
        I would also like him to make sure Fort Knox hasn’t been cleaned out…

      5. The Redhawk says

        is that the future of a TRUMP AMERICA??

        1. Croco Dile says

          AMUUURICA is aready TRUMP !

          Do you like it ?

          1. The Redhawk says

            °AREADY°____ ___ ??? REALLY??? Is that what makes a TRUMP uneducated Troll??

            Do you want a BIGGER Government?? More Reguations?? a NEW Wanna be KING??? another LAW making Tyrant ?? another Vacilating spech maker that can change stands from Spech to speech and lie 24/7?? If so YEAH….Trump is your Future!!! and go ahead and be another ANTI CHRISTIAN Anarchist…

          2. Croco Dile says

            I see, you are infected by :
            Statism : The Most Dangerous Religion

          3. The Redhawk says

            BUT Statism Can be Cured ( if I am Dizzy enough to take you seriously).. You are STUCK on STUPID and That CANNOT EVER BE FIXED…EVER.. EVER EVER.. however you could Procreate ( Unfortunatly) and create additional STUCK ON STUPID INBREDS…

      6. Christine Howard says

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  4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Jeb you’er not George W. Bush so just go we don’t want you but we want TRUMP.

    1. Tiger says

      Isn’t that the truth no he is not. I served under Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. and both ran circles around Jeb. Bush Jr. funny and quick on his feet and loved this country so much. Stopped playing golf when deaths rose downrange. I know for a fact he visited our most horrible wounded. He spent Holidays at the WH so his Security could be with their families. He still supports our wounded. He had working vacations at his ranch. My word what has the stupid done to America.

      1. mallen11 says

        Well written and appreciated.

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you I remember a story I dearly love about Bush Jr. He was in Russian and at the door as he walked through with his Security the Russian guards started ruffing up his men and Bush ran back, ready to get into the fray and ready for fisticuffs, they let his men go. Nobody messed with him. He was downrange much and he is a true, blue, dyed in the wool American. I respect him so much.

          I am so sorry he never stood up against the Media. I remember how awful they were to him. The horrible things they said about his girls and him. He was and is such a gentleman.

          1. Deby says

            ya know, that is the first post I have ever read that was complimentary and appreciative of GW!! I admired him and respected him when he held our country’s highest office -did he make some mistakes??? sure he did, but that is what being human is all about. I too respected his deep, heartfelt patriotism as well-he did his job to the best of his ability and we all know you can’t please everybody! He handled the 9/11 tragedy with action and courage, never downplaying the significant loss of life, and immediately doing what was necessary to ensure nothing like this ever happened again. I feel Obama has totally undone all the good GW did-and trashed the office he holds. I can’t wait for the ‘hope and change’ -America-hater is gone for good. what position did you hold in the Bush admin? just interested.

          2. Seldena says

            I still get pics form George and Laura with their foundation. GW did not do everything right but who does? He loved this country. Trump does too and he is the one we need!

          3. Tiger says

            He is worth the compliments. Serving under him was an honor. I tell you we in the Medical know what he did, we know how he visited the most horrendously wounded and never blinked an eye. We saw Congressmen come and never go near our ICU to those with serious injuries.

            O is nothing but a disaster who has insulted our military over and over 15% approval of him by Active Military.

            Love this video speaks volumes.

          4. Deby says

            excellent video-stark contrast is indeed apparent. GW was a true American Stateman, obozo the clown, is well, just a clown in presidential clothing. Thank you for your service Tiger!

          5. Tiger says

            Welcome a family tradition and felt I was needed. Like my daughter said when I left for this last war and she was PG with her first, those men need mothers like you more than me right now. But here is what happens my children said: ” My mother went to war the first time and someone else came home.” ” My mother went to war the second time and someone else came home.” That is the truth it changes us.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m 71, and a Vietnam vet.. No truer words were spoken. We ALL are changed somewhat, unfortunately. GOD FORGIVE US FOR WHAT WE HAVE ALLOWED THIS COUNTRY TO BECOME, AND HELP US IN OUR HOUR OF NEED, WE PRAY..

          7. Tiger says

            I am 69 joined the Army when 44. God Bless us all. Amen.

          8. Faye Hayes says

            STFU, You child molester.

          9. mallen11 says

            Thank you for your service. My granddaughter is going into the Army this year and is focused on medical training. She did well on her testing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          10. Tiger says

            Welcome felt they needed me. Good for her. As an only child and outdoors girl the Army was nothing but fun even Boot Camp. Repelling off a 75′ tower and marching with 75 pounds on my back child’s play loved it. Army gave me more than I gave it and if your grand takes advantage of every school offered her she will advance quickly.

          11. mallen11 says

            I am sure she will appreciate your comments. I like your attitude. Thanks.

          12. Tiger says

            I loved the Army. My father a Marine and I would go into his trunk where he kept his gear and put on his pith helmet, utility belt, raincoat and play war out in the rain and the mud. I would stand under the eaves where the water ran off the roof to get soaked and make my battle plans in the mud with a stick.

            I was on the stage from age 5 and did lots of sports also but when 44 I joined the Army Nurse Reserve. Dream come true. Wanted them to break me. Wanted to see if I had the stuff my parents and grandfather made of. Hard to stand up to people like POW and one in the Death March, hard to prove you are worthy of being born in this country.

            They never broke me, the harder they pushed the tougher I got. I loved it, went up the ladder fast. Strong men I met, tougher than nails these Generals. Wanted to see what war was. Found out. Just like the General said no Glory in War Cpt just Gory.

            Here is a song for her. She will love it.

          13. Smart Southerner says

            I would take President Bush over Obama any day!

          14. Tiger says

            Amen what a true man.

          15. Tiger says

            My friend the world would. O has done nothing but elevate Bush to his proper place in history.

          16. Tiger says


            See how they comforted the soldiers and their families O does nothing he needs to face a firing squad for his Treason.

          17. Michael Dennewitz says

            A damned good SNIPER could help!

          18. Tiger says

            Millions have said the same thing.

            Working in DWMMC I met more than my share. Have no idea where they went, many are body guards in the Civey world.

          19. xeriscapelady says

            Thank you for sharing this. It is true. He still does that.

          20. Tiger says

            Yes they do and in the face of such adversity he and Laura keep their elegance and act truly Christian through their actions and words.


          21. jscarano7 says

            to deby when GW signd the patriot act into law does that concern you, an also GW had a number of warning on 911 that’s only the tip of the ice berg you should really research GW, an obama took advantage on this patriot act big time an a lot of conservative’s went though hell, i feel obama an GW are two peas in a pod big time, don’t get me wrong im a die hard supporter for donald trump, i just got a flash that trump is backing up scumbag mitch MConnell that voted for obama care an etc he was also up obama’s ass like john boehner was, i think trump should make his views pretty clear on this subject

          22. Deby says

            well, if your read my entire post about GW, I do say he -like all before and after him-had made mistakes-I can find a few things about every single person running right now that I either don’t like or disagree with-I will end up voting for the one that fits MOST of my criteria for the POTUS job, nobody will have the exact ideals I envision, but the one that comes the closest will get my vote. The kudos for GW were for possessing the qualities I consider most presidential in an unprecedented time of horror for America-he united the country and tried to set our fears of more terrorism aside with assurances that the US will not tolerate it period-and he delivered as promised-unlike this poser in the wh now who divides Americans daily with his lies. Also, I have not said who I support yet-I like most of what Trump says, and I see that the majority of conservative-minded people do as well-but there are still 13 people running for the nomination, and I will vote for the one I feel has my back on the majority of the issues facing Americans today. I will take issue with any comparison of GW to obozo the clown however-you are dead wrong with your peas in a pod comment.

          23. Smart Southerner says

            jscarano7 –

            I’ve read a lot of that Liberal BS posted around the Internet. Most of it was BS.
            The Patriot Act was to protect America after 9/11. The only thing remotely close to 9/11 was Pearl Harbor, but Hawaii wasn’t a state at that time.

          24. xeriscapelady says

            You are right . There are many of us out there that knew him and know how he felt. I have talked with Laura too and she is genuine like he is. He even told her about me. I am excited to hear I was his conformation in the LOrd that he would be president. Little did I know that I would be carrying the message to him from the Lord. That was so humbling and awesome. If I never get to see him here I will see him in heaven,. Even though TRUMP has made some mistakes as We all have. He will be there too someday. I just can;t wait until he is president…what a great era that will be for America. GOD bless America.

          25. Angry American says

            That is one big difference between him & obama class = Bush, low life = obama no comparison between the 2. Just goes to show that the left will always support the morons that are anti American, as long as they are promising more free stuff

          26. Tiger says

            The fear we express is very real when you look at the stark differences in such a short time.

            The “Give Me”, ” I Deserve” generations will be high and dry when they run out of other peoples money.

          27. Angry American says

            From what I have been reading & hoping it is just the doomsayers doing there thing, if what they say abut the creditors snapping their wallets shut to more money for the government we are all going to be high & dry not just the gimme crowd

          28. Tiger says

            Would be good if you watched some of Rand Paul video on the Federal Reserve. I read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island and it is an eye opener. Same bunch different day as the One World bunch etc.

            I once considered his thoughts in outer space but see it coming to fruition.

            We in deep poo.

          29. jblack50 says

            Don’t you just love how the FR prints money for nothing, loans it to us, and we pay it back with interest. Oh but they give most of that interest back. They don’t any more. They keep it all. I also read the Creature from JI.

          30. Tiger says

            Ahhh then you know. Should be required reading but then that is in a world where real education takes place.

            We are printing money with nothing to back it, no gold, no silver, no gems nada. When the world decides not to accept our funny money anymore you and I know what will happen.

          31. mallen11 says

            I agree and he should be appreciated more than we hear.

          32. Tiger says

            Time will put him in his proper place in history and already has to a certain extent.

            O is nothing but a pansy.

          33. Mark Lahti says

            He was always what they refer to as “Presidential”. He carried himself that way. He conducted himself that way. He was the epitome of presidential pride, stature, honesty, integrity, guts, a heart, and gracious all the time. He was slandered and abused by the left and their mouthpiece, the left stream media. I was proud to be an American when he was in office. I am totally embarrassed today and for the last seven years. We need to be proud again in our beloved USA. I think Trump can do that. Maybe not with the dignity that Bush did but with everything else he has in his arsenal.

          34. Tiger says

            He continues to be all you describe.

            It is shameful and demeaning to watch O on all those talk shows and making such a fool of himself. No dignity, nothing just a Reality TV show in the WH.

          35. Smart Southerner says
          36. Smart Southerner says

            I remember how the lying media blamed GWB for the Housing Market crash even though it was 100% orchestrated by the DemonRats.

            It first started with Jimmy Carter’s CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) for low mortgage income loans.

            Then BillyBob Clinton raised the stakes by setting quotas for the banks for low income loans. If the banks failed to meet their quota then they could be fined and/or charged criminally and/or shut down. Reminded me of Affirmative Action where companies were forced to hire blacks whether they were qualified or not.

            The Dems continued to lower qualifications until an unemployed crack addict could buy a house. Then the Dems wondered why we began to have so many foreclosures. Even Barney Frank, who was a HUGE part of the problem, finally admitted some culpability.

            President Bush & the Republicans tried for 7 years (2001 – 2008) to appoint a committee to investigate the stability of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Barney “Fife” Frank kept lying & saying everything was fine. It was not. The Dems REFUSED to allow the creation of a committee to investigate.

            But the entire bought & paid for Main Stream Media lied to the American public, blaming President Bush.

          37. Tiger says

            You are indeed smart and like me you don’t forget.

            Bush and McCain went to Congress and warned about Fannie/Freddie and that they needed to be regulated or there would be a bubble. The same people O put back in charge are the same people who pooed Bush and McCain.

            There is going to be a heartache across this country when Trump wins and I like Cruz and Trump better watch the Cruz bashing he should be the VP.

          38. xeriscapelady says

            You are so right. He was always so kind to me and would talk like I was the only one in the room. He is a great person and I am so sorry he was so used by his family. for what they wanted.

          39. Tiger says

            I have had the honor of meeting many great men and the greater they are the kinder and they have that ability to look straight at you when talking to you and they listen to what you are saying. Someone once told me when you get that high on the scale there is no reason to be anything but kind.

            Then I look at some of these movie stars and singers and all I see is crude and rude people so suppose it really depends on the person.

        2. The Redhawk says

          BULLS EYE!!

      2. Deby says

        the Stupid One has fundamentally changed America! I believe you know who I mean!:)

        1. Tiger says

          LOLOL the haji in office

      3. George says

        A good man ‘; and we need another ‘ good man ‘ to fill the president’s chair ; and get the scum ‘ , out of it .

        1. Tiger says

          Good to the essence of his being and still he is persecuted and says nothing.

          Reminds me of my Stepfather a Marine. Standing tall, silent and all seeing without complaint or fighting falsehoods. Standing on his honor.

          Yes we need a Hero.

        2. Tiger says

          Take a look Bush vs O reception downrange.

          1. Angry American says

            W loved the military & the military loved him, not as stupid as Obama thinks they are

          2. Tiger says

            By far no and he knows it.

          3. Faye Hayes says

            I’m sure Iraq loved Bush when he invaded their country , killed millions of innocent civilians & stole their oil, all based on lies. Iraq had no WMD & had nothing to do with 9-11. Right, Bush is a real stand up guy. NOT!! More like a POS. With friends like him, who needs enemies? That also goes for that other LSOS, Dick Cheney .

          4. Smart Southerner says

            So, you bought into the Liberal propaganda to get Obie, our first Gay prez, elected… good to know.

            Weapons inspectors declared that there WMDs in Iraq & we already knew that Saddam Hessein had been killing Kurds with chemical weapons.

            Dems like BOTH Clintons, Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, John Kerry, etc. believed it, too.


            Oh, and BTW, in case your Liberal Main Stream Media & Liberal blogs didn’t report it, WMDs WERE FOUND IN IRAQ!
            Iraq’s chemical weapons are back in the news. The New York Times reported that American troops found roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells and aviation bombs since the Iraq War began. Then last week The Washington Post reported the Islamic State terrorist group had used chlorine gas against Iraqi police officers.


      4. Seldena says

        Yes, I di read about George and Laura staying with the staff on Christmas and that was so great. I do know he still loves our military and our Vets. Trump will be the same way with them.Have not seen this in 7 yrs. We are ready for a great CIC in Trump!!

        1. Tiger says

          When has Michelle ever welcomed the American people into the “Peoples House” the way Laura, The Beautiful Jackie and others did? Never. He even has his mother-in-law living there and traveling with them all over the world. Nieces and nephews and all. Disgusting people they need to fumigate the place after they leave.

          Trump has said he only wants to stay one term just long enough to get the ball rolling. Yes he and his gorgeous wife will be wonderful.

          1. Deby says

            Agree totally! It gives me hope when I read posts from people like you and Angry American (I too am Angry btw) that the majority of the country is filled with decent, good people that just want to live our lives the best we can in the short time we have here on earth, by always doing the “right thing” and all that it entails. This PC experiment with the POS currently residing in the wh is a total and complete failure -and we true Americans need to distance ourselves from it as soon as possible. No more apologies to 3rd world countries that hate our guts and want to destroy us-but restoration to the great nation we once were and can be again!

          2. Tiger says

            I let fly when the Libs try to tell me how to post and what I can and cannot say. I won’t allow that ever. PC stands for Piece of Crap. You are 100% right about America and I love when Trump said I am an angry American. He spoke for millions of us.

            This one is for you Deby.

          3. Deby says

            Awesome video tribute-and by one of my favorite Americans!! Thanks so much for sharing! America WILL be great again-I believe it.

          4. Tiger says

            Welcome yes it will by force and we can do it if need be.

          5. Tiger says

            Americans born free
            And Free we intend to stay

          6. Faye Hayes says

            John Wayne ? What a joke & a lousy actor as well!! The Academy gave him an Oscar for True Grit, only because they felt sorry for him. He loved America so much, but he smoked himself to death. Had he not, he might have lived a longer life.

          7. Tiger says

            You are one of the few who think this way. He is loved by millions. His smoking has nothing to do with who he was a great guy who loved America.

          8. Faye Hayes says

            I’m pretty sure there are many other people who would agree with me. His smoking did have a lot to do with how much he cared about life. It’s pretty obvious to me that he didn’t put much value on his own life. If he loved America so much , you think he would have considered stopping or not starting in the 1st place. He might have lived another 20 yrs. IMHO, not much of a role model to the millions who claimed to love him.

          9. Peatro Giorgio says

            The only joke is the idiot proclaiming an actor of world a claim to be a joke. Where pray tell is your world recognition. I tell you. In your own
            little pea size brain. Out side of that. Your nothing more Then a Troglodyte’s cavern dwelling Monad. I’m certain you’ll have to Google search Both, Troglodyte s an Monad’s Monad a singlularcell organism thought to be the oldest living cell form. Troglodyte’s ;cave dwellers ,reptilians ,isolated, back wards, Much like yourself.

      5. American says

        I agree, I know Mr.: Bush has done good things, but the fascists Democrats are tearing down our country at a fast rate. I don’t trust Jeb, I think Trump will take us to victory and restore our country back to greatness. All any of us can do is hope the candidate we pick will deliver what he says, hope is all we got.

        1. Tiger says

          I don’t like Jeb he is nothing like his brother and father a really dull knife.

          I agree Trump the only answer just hope he is for real.

      6. xeriscapelady says

        You are right. And he sees now he was used by his own family and friends and hates this. W loves America as we do.

        1. Tiger says


    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Jeb an Trump can go home we want Ted Cruz. Who infact is like G.W.Bus in many ways. Yet Ted is not as liberal as G.W.B. was or is . But Trump is far more liberal then even Jebby Bush

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          O sure The big Apple circus draws large crowds also. But those crowds don’t stay for long. Trump is a circus an his time has runnith, out. Ted Cruz Cruzing to victory.

  5. says


    1. grama18 says

      WHAT has that got to do with Trump Running for President ! MY parents were born in America . BUT their parents were born in Other countries . AND migrated to America .

      1. says


        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


          1. says


          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Welcome home anyway!

          3. George says

            Read your history ‘ ,then .

          4. says

            if you havent read the constitution it may be a good history lesson for you

        2. fletch says

          Trumps mom was an naturalized American citizen when he was born……his father a natural born American……… he was born to American citizen parents……Born in America or out of it he is eligible…………Cruz and neo rubicon are not eligible……2+2=4

          1. says


        3. Deby says

          you don’t have the first clue of what the Constitution says you moron. just zip it.

          1. says


        4. Angry American says

          No it isn’t, so can you site the paragraph that tells that fairy tale?

      2. Angry American says

        As so many millions of Americans, that is the story of just about all of us

    2. PatriotGal says

      So what! Trump was born in NY. Remember, Cruz was born in Canada.

      1. says


        1. Angry American says

          Yes it does you need to read the constitution & maybe the bill of rights before making such stupid comments

      2. George says

        And ‘ ; o ‘bummer ” , was born in Kenja ‘ .

      3. mac12sam12 says

        George Romney, Mitt’s father was born in Mexico and only one of his parents was an American citizen and he ran for president.

    3. pmbalele says

      GOP has to drop Ted Cruz. He is not American born. McCain status is different and acceptable. John McCain was born in Panama on US military base. The land in Panama was in control of USA. Cruz was born in Canada at hospital not controlled by USA. See the difference. I have friends born in Tanzania to White American woman and African father. They were not eligible to work here. They were lucky they found husbands-African-Americans. That is the only time they could work and live here. Got it now!

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        You should buy some smart pills. Possibly they could help you.

        1. pmbalele says

          Four Republican lawyers have filed lawsuit in Texas to disqualify Cruz from Senate and WH jobs.

      2. says


        1. pmbalele says

          You must be illiterate. I said people born on USA military base are born on American soil. That is why John McCain was considered born in USA.

        2. Mark Lahti says

          That African queen you keep trying to talk sense to is a liberal troll. You will never get anywhere with that bozo. I was born in Alaska at a civilian hospital in Fairbanks as there was no hospital on the base where my father was stationed. Alaska wasn’t a state until 59 and I was born in 51. It doesn’t matter what “soil” you are born on. What matters is what your parents are. Both my parents were natural born USA American citizens. Under pmbalale’s “rules”, a couple of French people here on vacation have a child born in our country that makes the kid an American citizen. We all know how wrong that logic is. But you will never convince a liberal of that fact.

      3. says


        1. pmbalele says

          You make me sick. You have to be born on American soil. Trump was born on American soil. McCain was born in Panama on American controlled military base. Cruz was born in Canada which is not a military base or state of USA.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I was born at a civilian hospital in Fairbanks Alaska when it was not yet a state. The Army base there did not have a hospital. That was in 51 and Alaska was not made state until 59. The deal is that both my parents were natural born in USA American citizens. If you read the constitution that is the first requirement. Born of US citizens. It doesn’t matter what “soil” you were born on. All that matters is what your parents are.

          2. pmbalele says

            You will never be my lawyer because you cannot read or understand what is written in the Constitution. It says: No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United State, at the time of Adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the Office of the President…” You paraphrased as “Born of US citizens” is wrong. People who took your mother to hospital were US military people who controlled that part of Alaska. That is why you’re eligible. Cruz was born in Canada not on US military controlled base. Cruz is out.

      4. says


      5. buddman says

        Just like Oshitstain I see pick and choose the laws you Prefer LOL Libtardd

        1. Angry American says

          You are wasting time with that guy. Oh well it’s your time

      6. Bob Marcum says

        People; People;;; People born of US military, citizens, on US military bases are born on US soil. You need to understand; The soil, on which a US military base sits, is US soil,
        regardless of which country it’s in. The US military takes possession of the real estate,
        in which it sets up a military base. That’s been true, ever since the first US military base was established, in another country. Therefore; anyone born, of a US military, citizen, is automatically, a US citizen ( natural born ).

        1. pmbalele says

          I agree. John McCain was eligible for the WH job. Not Ted Cruz. Canada is not USA military base. Read what I just posted above.

      7. Deby says

        obozo’s father was born in Kenya and his mother was a white American woman-a Communist, but still. white. your point?

        1. pmbalele says

          Obama was born in Hawaii in 1963. Hawaii was US state at that time. Cruz was born in Canada which is not a USA state.

      8. George says

        Start paying ; ” at – ten – shun “.

    4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      So? Hillary’s mother was born in Hell.

      1. says


    5. Tiger says

      So what? My mother born in Siberia my father an American citizen I was born here. She was naturalized I could run for anything I want.

      Please do some research.

      1. says

        yes you can but she cant Cruz was born to a American born citizen yes he can run

    6. Deby says

      obozo’s father was born in Kenya-so your point is what?

      1. George says

        o’ bozo ‘” ; was born in Kenja ‘.

        1. Deby says

          I believe he was as well George, but didn’t want to start WWIII-know what I mean?

    7. Seldena says

      Yes, but Trump was born on AMERICAN SOIL…

    8. Angry American says

      So what she was a citizen before he was born here on American soil, which makes him a natural born citizen, he is more than qualified & eligible

    9. Arizona Don says


      1. says

        whats good for the goose is good for the gander

        1. Arizona Don says

          He was born here and it only takes one parent being a citizen. So sorry but that doesn’t work!

          1. says


          2. Arizona Don says

            You, I or anyone else arguing about this will change nothing and will have no influence on the outcome. Until the proper authorizes make a decision the question will remain. As long as there is a question a proper election cannot happen.

          3. says


          4. says


          5. Arizona Don says

            I personally think Cruz is qualified to be president. Rubio is not. However, the question is what will cost him votes. Not everyone thinks he is. That has absolutely no bearing on Donald Trump. The fact you do not like Donald and therefore, think if a rule applies to Cruz (and it may) it must apply to Trump is at best not plausible.

            Rubio is an excellent example of the Natural Born Question vs Native Born. He is a citizen but neither parent was at the time of his birth. Consequently, under some definitions Rubio is not qualified to be president. Either congress or the judicial system can decide (must make the determination). As long as it is not decided by the proper authorities the debate will continue and a legal answer is not possible. However, the real criteria should be the intent of the founders. That intent was to forbid foreign powers from usurping power and destroying or taking over America. The founders considered it to be obvious therefore, it was not spelled out very well. A definite mistake on their part. However, how could they even imagine so many Americans would regress to the intelligence level of today.

          6. says


    10. Peatro Giorgio says

      Not only was Trumps mother Born in Scotland but Trumps father was born in Germany. Trumps father held dual citizenships. One of Germany, the other of the USA. Trumps mother retained her Scottish citizenship for 18 years while living in the USA. An only becoming a naturalized citizen 2 years after Donald was born Donald born 1946 his mother naturalized 1948.

      1. says


    11. Peatro Giorgio says

      Trumps father was an Immigrant from Germany, who held dual citizenships. One of Germany the other Of US. Trumps mother Was indeed born in Scotland and did not become a Naturalized citizen for 18 years; While living here in the US. Giving birth to donald in 1946 . Naturalized in 1948. According to the national Archives of immigration an naturalization. For those who search stay away from Wikipedia, an be careful as to what search engines you use. I have found many unreliable sources giving many differing dates. I found The source Im quoting on a C&N page. Giving their source as the national archives of Immigration an naturalization data. Politically speaking They seem to be the least partisan.

      1. says


        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Sort of : Your comment was rather short on information . Which clearly indicates. You were merely repeating some of the ready available comments. But left out all the underlying information to complete . The story.

    12. Peatro Giorgio says

      Trumps father born in Germany an held dual citizenships.

  6. Loving America says

    Mr. Trump is the only Candidate that tells the Truth and Stands by American Values. He will
    never allow the rest of Us to be mistreated….He will be a good leader….”Get on the Trump Train NOW!

  7. Robin says

    The American people are in rebellion mode, and Donald Trump fits our rebel leader more than any of the others that are running. Sorry, Jeb. You are yesterday’s news. Bye, Bye.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Well, like Donald says….low energy.

      1. Faye Hayes says

        Well, like Donald says ” it’s not my fault I have such a low IQ ” & act like a moron every time I open my mouth ” LOL!!!

  8. says


    1. George says

      Still proving ‘ , that you ‘re just another ignorant ‘ f o o l ” .

      1. says


  9. Standandfight says

    That is not an a problem for Cruz look what has been in office 8 years no proof of anything but a muslime agenda. You guys keep voting on party lines look how good of a track record you got so far.

  10. franco leon says

    This will be positive change, America great again, country first, down PC.

  11. Dave says

    HaaHaa Jeb, go Home to mamma, get on the Trump Train, or get the Hell out of the way.

  12. Patriot47 says

    Only by the Donald himself.

  13. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    The so called mainstream media is doing everything it possibly can to derail the Donald. Poll after poll shows the old bag will beat Trump. I think they are whistling past the grave yard.

    1. George says

      Yep ‘ ; and is Santa Claus coming down the chimney ‘ , too ‘ ; next Christmas ?

  14. Reta Mae Cherry says

    At the eleventh hour, the libtard will pull a few women from the past and they will say ……….
    well you know what they can say if paid.

  15. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    I thought Jeb Bush was smart until now, but if he still don’t know that the people do not want another
    establishment politician he’s a slow learner.

    1. Angry American says

      And it sure shows with his poll numbers

  16. Tiger says


  17. buddman says

    Once the trump train hits a bump like Iowa the Engineer will file for bankruptcy LOL!!

    1. George says

      You ; just keep proving ‘ ; your ignorance ‘ , and stupidity ‘.

      1. buddman says

        Let me know how that works out after trump loses Iowa!!!

    2. Faye Hayes says

      Now, that’s funny!! LOL!!!

  18. mallen11 says

    Yes, we need a strong leader who loves America and change what -0 has done to downgrade her. However, the only thing that will make America great again is for enough people to turn back to God, learn His precepts from His written Word and apply them daily. As goes the believer, so goes the nation under God.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  19. Garry Maxwell says

    JEB is 4 points ahead of Pee Wee Hermann! Go Jeb GO – home

  20. Elizabeth Valentino says

    Deby, right on!!!

  21. Barry Bevers says

    After researching the Bush family history going back to Prescott Bush and George H W Bush and then 9/11 and JFK, we don’t want a Bush anywhere near Washington D.C. Jeb Milquetoast just doesn’t have it in him, anyway. The rest of the world would walk all over him. He is still in single digits and someone needs to wake the boy up out of his dream. Now, the people need to be awakened to Hillary’s dirty history.

  22. Effenexes says

    Something to consider:
    If Trump is elected he said he will rescind all of obummers edicts including obummercare.
    If Clinton is elected she said she will continue obummers policies and expand obamacare.
    With Trump we will not have a Muslim acting like a president.
    With Clinton we will then have a president acting like a Muslim.

    We Real law abiding Americans must continue to be phobic about the American Constitution…the American Bill of Rights..the flying of the American flag and most of all…the following of established American law as it stands. Does the Supreme Court ring a bell?

    1. Seldena says

      Great and True comments!!

  23. marlio says

    Sorry Jeb, you have no chance and I doubt will be on the stage again.

  24. Seldena says

    Sorry Jeb–you need to go home!! Trump is not a bought Politician and tells just what he thinks and I love this about him. At least he was born in America! He will protect Christians and all of our rights in the Constitution. He craes about the Vets and our military and we have been missing this for 7 yrs. He will Make America Great more than ever before..

  25. GuardianFlame says

    Trump is the strongest candidate in both parties! He will take the Republican nomination as their Presidential runner – and then he will destroy Sanders in the General Election and become President. As for hillary, she has screwed herself with her avalanche of lies and the Lawsuits out there will take her/bill down before she can run anywhere, much less the Presidency.

    What the liberals don’t get (because they are truly clueless and full of themselves) is even the minority masses have seen what libs have done to our country and the “promises” libs made TO THEM and DIDN’T KEEP. The minorities are switching parties at the last minute and will be supporting someone who truly cares about what happens to America and her people — and that would be The Donald! Mark my words…Trump will be our new Patriotic President and if Cruz is his V.P. America will be unstoppable and finally “Respected” again in the World Arena! It’s been a long time coming!

  26. Ronny Merritt says

    Jeb Bush you are living in a fantasy world. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE !!! We DON”T want you.

  27. American says

    I want to see trump as President, and that fascist clown Obama walk out of the white house, I wished the scum would today. I sure has hell don’t want to see that liar Hillary, or that communist nut Sanders in the white house.

  28. denniscerasoli says

    Yes i think he is stoppable and it will be Trumps own doing.He should have never got on the birthing issue about Cruz,let the other side go there.People are well aware as to why Donald did that,it was because Cruz caught up to him in Iowa.Now Trump is calling him a thief and Cruz avoided attacking Trump until Trump hit him first and there are a lot of conservatives that like Cruz who isn’t all that different.If Trump followers get annoyed they may easily go to Cruz so if i were Trump i would find a way to mend his rhetoric in regards to a party member.There are ways to call a person on something without calling them outright a thief and it shouldn’t be done to a person that most people thought would have been picked for VP.

  29. j0e cave says

    the establishment wants jeb and will try anything to bring down Trump

  30. Mark Lahti says

    Well, my first response is that Bush is delusional. Nobody can look at his numbers and say that he is going to win anything. I’m glad my favorite pick saw the writing on the wall and got out before it got to bloody ridiculous. Having said that, I have to say that Trump is the most likely one to win the nomination. As far as all the establishment denials and contention goes. Trump has just as much right to do what he is doing as anyone else. This is still a free country in spite of Obama’s efforts and everyone has an equal chance to be all that they can be. Will he be a good president? No body thought Reagan was going to be good for anything. Give the guy a chance. He surely couldn’t do any worse than Obama. God bless and keep up the good fight.

  31. Al Hope says

    Oh our beloved RINO candidates could have derailed Trump but it would require them to go into rehab to cure their addiction to Mexico’s Semi-Slave Trade. Mexico’s white rulers love foreign remittence income so they, the 17th richest nation, pays a depraved minimum slave-wage of $6 PER DAY at home to cull their brown population and satisify their clients desire for cheap labor and socialist indoctrinated future voters.

  32. Jean Langford M. says

    Only a bullet or a bomb can stop him….Otherwise…He will be the Next president…God protect him.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      You’re delusional.

      1. Jean Langford M. says

        Your an idiot.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          It’s you’re the idiot, not your the idiot, YOU IDIOT!!! MORON!!!!

          1. Jean Langford M. says

            More brainless explosions from a Dumbocrap pin head…….lol….

      2. Jean Langford M. says


        1. Faye Hayes says

          You’ve been drinking something , but it’s not Cool Aid . More like Jack Daniels & you know what that can do to the brain. You’ve already drank more than you should & you need check your underwear. LOL!!!

          1. Jean Langford M. says


    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Just go ahead an admit it . Ted Cruz as Mr President. 01 /22/2017.

      1. Jean Langford M. says


    3. Peatro Giorgio says

      Not likely as we all now clearly see. Trump is not invincible. Cruz Crushed him in Iowa. Trump will likely now lose in New Hampshire, Then in South Carolina. From there it is all an up hill battle for The Donald Cowardly Duck.

      1. Jean Langford M. says

        BY 4 points…That is NOT crushing friend…LOL…LOL…There are 2 more primaries to go…New Hampshire and Carolina….This is not the whole ball game….LOL….LOL…There is a long way to go….But you can think and disclaim what ever….We will see…..

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Hey moron when you have 11 other candidates in the race . 4 points is crushing. TED 28 TRUMP 24, RUBIO 23 BENCARSON 9 ALL OTHER 3 OR LESS

          1. Jean Langford M. says


          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            So all the Caps . Clearly defines a screaming incompetent, lunatic who is unable to calculate percentages. Refresh my, our memories here . Wasn’t it you who proclaimed Trump could not be stopped with out a bullet or Bomb.
            You are correct when stating there to be a long way to go. But as for now it’s a long hard climb for the Donald lying duck.

          3. Jean Langford M. says


          4. Jean Langford M. says


          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Hey eat this shit New NBC National poll posted at 600 pm this evening Cruz is now leading Trumpertantrum is in 2nd place followed closely by Rubio. Eat that shit moron.

          6. Jean Langford M. says


          7. Jean Langford M. says


      2. Jean Langford M. says

        LOL…LOL…Whatever….There are 2 primaries to go…Then a long time to November….4 points is NOT CRUSHING …LOL…LOL…. UP HILL BATTLE….WELL…A BATTLE yes…I hope Rubio’s bean counters don’t count the votes in the next primary like they did in this one…But we will see….This is NOT the END…This is NOT the BEGINNING of the END…BUT, it is the END of the BEGINNING……LOL….LOL….

  33. richard schlinder says

    It was Trump’s first televised speech.His quote was,”I am not a politician” That’s what started people listening to him.Those words are still echoing through our minds. He’s going to build a wall,he will deal with China,buddies with Putin,our jobs going to Mexico and so on.No one else has the balls to take on the issues that the American people really care about. “I will bomb the hell out of ISIS.Remember/

  34. says


    1. Faye Hayes says

      Be careful what you wish for. If Trump The Lump wins The Presidency, You Donald the duck die hard idiots supporters will be wishing Obama were back in office. LOL!!!

      1. says

        i hope you get everything you want from TRUMP especially when he raises your taxes to pay for the national healthcare and other stupid things that hell need congress to approve

      2. says

        like i said in the message i sent you however must not printed. i hope you get all you ask for especially when he raises your taxes to pay for the national healthcare for everyone He must work with congress to get what he wants done so dont expect the BS his telling you will all happen and what really worries me he could be the OBAMA THAT WE BOTH HATE

      3. says

        NO PROBLEM The problem is Trump lets his ego does the thinking for him He will fail if he doesnt change his ways

  35. clem says

    Paul Ryan will suck whoevers’ d!ck the RNC tells him to. Resign Paul, you gutless traitor.

  36. Michael Dennewitz says

    Good God, I hope he CAN’T be stopped. The queer, nazi, Christian hater needs to be taken out! I just can’t understand where all the expert SNIPERS are!!

  37. HadEnough says

    Paul Ryan said he would support TRUMP If he is the Nominee. That’s the only good thing that Paul Ryan has done.

  38. peter says

    Hillary and the democrats think they are above the law and Hillary needs to be jailed.

  39. Richard says

    Glad Sarah Palin is backing President TRUMP Sarah Palin will make a GREAT Vice President but as you see the Low Life Scum bag Politician’s and the News Media all they can do is find something about Sarah’s Family they are not Running for Office. Ted Cruz is a LIAR and Not Natural born but a product of Canada just like Obama was a Product of Kenya. Sarah has Nothing to Hide they won’t let her and that’s good We don’t need a lying/cheating Jeb Bush, remember how his brother got re elected because of the Scam here in Florida. Hillary a Murder/Liar/Home land Security Breach and many more President Trump and Palin is what AMERICA NEEDS

    1. Faye Hayes says

      Sarah Palin & Donald Trump = Dumb & Dumber!! LMAO!!

  40. Rickis Clark says

    Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump! The endorsement of Sarah Palin was a Check Mate move on taking Iowa’s Caucus’s come February! Another favorable accounting for The Donald is Iowa’s Governor Terry Branstad making it very clear that Ted Cruz is against Iowa States desperately needed renewable fuel programs.

    Gov. Branstad and his allies have increasingly targeted Cruz over his opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard, which sets the minimum amount of ethanol that must be blended into the U.S. gasoline supply. Cruz has insisted he wants to get rid of all energy mandates and subsidies, not just those that benefit the economy in corn-growing Iowa.

    Cruz shrugged off Gov. Branstad’s voice Tuesday afternoon while campaigning in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire. He accused Gov. Branstad sharing in part of a “Washington Cartel” that thrives off corporate welfare, the term he has long used to criticize measures like the Renewable Fuel Standard. Pretty steep accusations, labeling the Governor of Iowa to be in cahoots with DC’s Congress and Senate that thrives off corporate welfare!

    Trump had seized on the comments earlier Tuesday bashing Cruz from Iowa’s “highly respected” governor. “Big shocker [sick]! People do not like Ted,” Trump wrote on Twitter before commending Gov. Branstad for his anti-Cruz declaration while speaking at a renewable fuels summit in Altoona.

    Cruz’s true colors are finally coming out for all to see and everyone to evaluate. Putting down and disrespecting Iowa’s Governor and trashing the States renewable fuels programs before the States caucus’s have even started leaves Ted Boy most likely in last!

    Pounding sand against Iowa’s renewable fuel programs means loss of jobs and this means Cruz losing the Iowa caucus’s as the end game! Jobs for Iowa or Cruz voting against renewable fuel in Iowa is a no brainer for Iowan’s?

    So Be It

  41. jdbixii says

    “Is There Any Stopping the Trump Train?” Given the issues that are railroading the “Trump train,” why would anyone want to stop it? Continuing illegal immigration is not a financial option for the country. Citizens need to swallow their pride and accept the reality that some of life’s basic needs are satisfied by lower-paying, hard work.

    Eliminating slavery did not eliminate the work that slaves performed. Perpetuating an Hispanic sub-culture of people whose illegal liability entitles them to membership is fundamentally UN-American, establishes inequality and unacceptable differences based on that fact. We need a non-Hispanic to deal with these realities from an un-biased perspective which posits obedience to the law as essential to correcting the consequential problems which illegality presents. Not a law should be made which does not comply with the goals enumerated in the Preamble to the Constitution.

  42. Peatro Giorgio says

    If Trump loses in Iowa an New Hampshire or either of the two states then yes he might be stopped If however he wins both those states . Personal I believe he shall be unstoppable. If Ted Cruz wins one or both states he then might or may become unstoppable. If either of these two men win it’s a win for America.

  43. rowleya says

    Cruz is only candidate I’ll vote for Prez.
    Will never again vote the lesser of two evils.
    Time to vote secession if Cruz is not on the ballot.
    USA as my generation and my parents knew it is gone.
    No political party represents our Constitutional Republic or legal USA Citizens ‘We the People’ .
    No more voting against the worst of two unacceptable candidates.
    No more big Gov “I’m gonna be ‘the big Boss’, bully,” regardless of the D or R after their name.

  44. Wayne Thorson says

    Only at the ballot box. I’m the majority of the voters will not vote for this clown. The clown being Trump of course.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!! Trumps place is in the circus, not in The White House.

  45. Ralph H Moran says

    I saw a video where Trump was blessed by many Ministers and Rabbi’s both. He may say things that don’t fit the normal but that’s OK. G-D picked a 14 year old boy to go out and fight a giant when all the trained soldiers were afraid too. Young David picked up two pieces of leather triangles and put them together with a leather strip and 5 smooth stones and slew the giant. That shield that David made that day is still used today, The Magen David, the Shield of David, ( Star of David ). Millions of people have been slain because of it but we still wear it and show it and hold it with reverence because G-D picked him.
    Trump may not fit everything we want in a President, but he is what we need at this time. We look at all the republican failures today with the congress and the speaker of the house betraying what they told the people to be elected. Now is the time to rid ourselves of these RINO’s and professional politicians. Let’s get back on track about what the USA is really all about.

    1. Faye Hayes says

      What a bunch of B. S.

      1. Ralph H Moran says

        Shalom, May peace be with you and your heart be open to G-D’s word. The LORD loves you and will lead you to a great peace.

        1. Faye Hayes says

          More B. S.

  46. maxx says

    Jeb Bush was the “anointed one” of the GOP. The extremely angry citizens of America are the ones that opened their eyes looked around and said “no more politics as usual”. We have had sever years of the worst most blatant liberal Marxist government corruption in my life time. If this isn’t fixed in 2016, America will end as a free country. We are 75% there already. It will take a tremendous amount of patriotism and conservative activism to fix the disaster caused by the democomusnist party.

  47. says


    1. Arizona Don says

      Donald Trump and barack obama are opposites. Not even remotely the same. There is no comparison whatsoever!

      No one becomes a billionaire by lying or any of the other things obama is famous for. Donald has all the attributes obama does not have. Obama lies, Donald is truthful to a fault. obama is corrupt Donald is both honest and trustworthy. obama has hidden his past. Donald is extremely transparent. obama claimed to be a foreign student to get an education, Donald paid for his. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about obama is authentic, “nothing” about Donald Trump is phony.

      I ask you, aren’t we as a nation getting tired of someone we cannot believe, trust, appreciate and respect? I would like to be proud of my country AGAIN! And that is not possible with a lying, cheating, thief whose main ambition is our total and complete destruction as a free nation. When Donald Trump is elected president our allies will once again trust us. Our enemies will once again both respect and fear us. Yes the world will, once again, know America is BACK!

    2. Reality Check says

      lets examine reality for the low info voter

      Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
      After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

      Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
      After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

      Before Obama, DOW 6500
      After Obama, DOW 16,000

      OH and FOX NEWS things you are a moron of the right as well.

      “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

      The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only bright spot for global growth.

      MAYBE the fool of the right can link me to something to prove he isn’t a LYING POS.

  48. NovelDog says

    Trump knows ;how to win. He is innovative and far ahead of the curve. The rest of the pack is far behind him and they just can’t seem to catch up. Now with his latest endorsements Trump will probably run the rack!

    1. Reality Check says

      “He is innovative”

      He’s a carnival barker and you low functioning cons are answering the call.

  49. Pearl Nardini says

    Trump does not qualify as a “conservative”. Long before he threw his hat in the ring to run for president, we was quite open about his political beliefs…not conservative values…but I guess he has changed his opinions but his new and current rhetoric has not convinced me that he has really changed.

    1. Arizona Don says

      Quite frankly I don’t care right now. I think it is the nation that is important not the GOP party. If Donald can do what he says he intends to do that is all I ask. Seems to me there are a hell of a lot who call themselves republican who are not conservative right now. It is getting to be no recognizable difference between the two parties. Just bad and worst. I will support Donald no matter what. Take that to be bank!

      1. Reality Check says

        “If Donald can do what he says he intends to do that is all I ask.”

        The man has not said ONE SPECIFIC THING.
        how you fools think he is going to accomplish the impossible because he says,”IT will BE HUGE”, is testament to your shallow thinking skills.

      2. Reality Check says

        “It is getting to be no recognizable difference between the two parties.”

        you need some help, silly one.

        they do have a common issue with being bought off, except that the GOP is 100% bought.

        (just look at who voted for the TPP, 99% GOP passed that TPP)

        the Dems still have a few honest members.

        Obama I piss on for the TPP issue, lets be clear on that.

        only ONE party trying to END Social Security and Medicare.


        only ONE party trying to make Gay marriage illegal

        only ONE party trying to make women be their bitches.

        big differences Don.
        you listen to too much slickly propaganda.

  50. Rick Rogers says

    Yes there is plenty stopping him. Majority of Americans and Oh yea I for got he just got the GOP kiss of Death from Bozo the Palin.

  51. Barbara Ervin says

    I sure hope this guy is right. I sure as hell don’t want to see Hitlery in the WH!!!

  52. 2egypt says


    1. Arizona Don says

      I think a lot of us do!

  53. xeriscapelady says

    I pray to GOD daily that TRUMP wins and Obama does not get his muslim friends to do an EMP on America as he leaves for Dubai. TRUMP will get the best and brightest to help him turn America around where our founders could be proud; at a cost of 0 to the taxpayers. Obama just came back from a 15 million$ vacation. Trump and his friends want to give back to the America that they flourished in. They feel its time to repay this great country. TRUMP 2016 for a great America !!!

    1. Reality Check says

      “and Obama does not get his muslim friends to do an EMP on America as he leaves for Dubai”

      How exactly do American get this IGNORANT?

      what Muslim country HAS and EMP to begin with, fool of right wing propaganda?

    2. Reality Check says

      “at a cost of 0 to the taxpayers”

      well now we know you have the intellect of a radish.

    3. Reality Check says

      “They feel its time to repay this great country.”
      you fools will believe ANYTHING apparently.

      I do hope Trump gets the nomination.
      it will guarantee a Dem victory.

      you can’t piss off the Hispanics, blacks and women and win the election.
      just can’t happen.

      to believe you can , does not bode well to you having any grey matter that functions.

  54. Yourko says

    From what I’ve seen on the Demoncratic side of the fence…., I’ll consider Trump….., maybe.

    1. Arizona Don says

      I only know a few democrats (about a dozen) Arizona is a rather conservative state (except for the Tucson area) and I like it like that. However, all but one has said they WILL support and vote for Donald Trump. There is no choice on the democratic side. A communist (hillary) and a socialist (Bernie) are the current leaders. Someone totally unacceptable (Bernie, although they both are) and a communist (hillary). Progressive, which is what the American communists call themselves now, and what hillary declares she is.

      1. Reality Check says

        again with the commie shit Don.

        you need to get your head out of the 1950’s and join the real world.

        you cons need to get over this cold war era “commie” shit.

        Considering communism has been a dismal failure with shortages of EVERYTHING, and
        the majority of commie countries have gone Capitalist (Russia, China)

        AND no democratic country has ever gone communist, it think you old timers
        need to rework your silly talking points?

        What we DON’T WANT is to become slaves to the Oligarchy that YOU are supporting Don.

        the same Oligarchy taking away YOUR Medicare and SS.

  55. jblack50 says

    As a brief reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know

    Here is what happened, quietly, on January 1, 2016:

    Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35%

    Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%

    Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%

    Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28%

    Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6%

    Estate tax went from 0% to 55%

    A 3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added.

    Remember these facts:
    These taxes were all passed solely with Democrat votes.
    These taxes were all passed in the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

    1. Arizona Don says

      Now don’t get me wrong here and I know snoops is a left wing organization to a point. However, do a fact check and this comes up false. What is false about it I do not know and don’t really care. When trump gets in as president most, if not all, of the damage done by our resident A–H will disappear. No one can fix everything on the first few days so be patient. There is so much it will not happen all at once but will happen.

      1. Reality Check says

        you are right Don, his post is complete JUNK.

        the tax increase was in 2013 and passed by a GOP House.

        i linked to it above.

        you on Social Security Don?

        (I am going to go with yes)

        and Medicare?

        then why do vote for the guys trying to END both?

        “The House Republican Budget Plan Destroys Medicare and Makes Health Care Unaffordable for Beneficiaries”

        you cons are being PLAYED.

      2. Reality Check says

        now lets talk about the “damage” Obama has NOT done to this country.

        much like the fool above posted LIES, this is also not so truthful.

        lets examine reality for Don in Az

        Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
        After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

        Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
        After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

        Before Obama, DOW 6500
        After Obama, DOW 16,000

        so tell me Don, just how is THAT destroying America?

        look more like saving IT from the GW disaster.

        what makes Don think Obama is destroying it.

        and lets keep it to FACTS shall we?

    2. Reality Check says

      “These taxes were all passed solely with Democrat votes”

      MORON, the Dems haven’t had a majority in the House since 2010.
      they CAN”T even bring a bill to the floor let along pass IT.


      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        O but those Tax increases were set in motion to take effect in 2016. However the legislation was passed in 2010 when the demo-rats controled ;The house senate and of course the White house. But you would however be correct to say that the cowardice rino ,Repuke, reject , could have force a bill to repeal those tax increases down Obamas throat. Had they not agreed with the tax increases themselves. Or feared putting Obama to the test on a government shut down. Which history proves would have benefited the nation and in the final story. Had the rinos had both brains an balls. The Republicans would in the end benfited from the show down. As was always the case in past history. For every single time when republicans took the brunt of the blame they increased their seats in both houses.

        1. Reality Check says

          nice link.

          your flapping gums have been SO WRONG, in previous encounters.

        2. Reality Check says

          We started getting dozens of queries about this one about three weeks before tax filing day. It’s nonsense. Some of these figures aren’t accurate, and none of these increases took effect on Jan. 1, 2014, or had anything to do with the Affordable Care Act. And the claim that “not one Republican voted to do these” is false.

          Here’s what really happened, and when:

          The top income tax rate went back up to 39.6 percent over a year ago — for singles making more than $400,000 a year or couples making more than $450,000. The increase was part of the “fiscal cliff” package that Congress passed on New Year’s Day of 2013.

          Capital gains rates also increased in 2013 under the same “fiscal cliff” deal — but not nearly as much as this email claims. For long-term gains (on assets held more than one year) the top rate went from 15 percent to 20 percent (not 28 percent), and also applied to individuals making more than $400,000 and couples earning more than $450,000.

          The top rate for dividends also went up to 20 percent (not 39.6 percent) in 2013 as part of the same fiscal cliff package, and also only for those with more than $400,000 individual or $450,000 joint taxable income.

          It’s true that the estate tax was once effectively zero percent — but only for people who died in 2010, not last year. The top rate went back up to 35 percent for those who died the following year, and (under the fiscal cliff deal) to 40 percent for those who died in 2012 and thereafter. Furthermore, the rate is still zero percent for any individual who dies this year and whose estate is valued at less than $5,340,000. The threshold for filing an estate-tax return was set at $5 million in 2011, and is indexed for inflation each year.

          The claim that the fiscal-cliff tax increases were “passed with only Democratic votes” is false. The deal passed by a vote of 89-8 in the Senate (including 40 Republican votes in favor) and by a vote of 257-167 in the House (with 85 Republican votes in favor). The package made permanent the 2001 Bush tax cuts for all but very high-income earners, avoiding tax increases that otherwise would have taken effect Jan. 1, 2013, when the “temporary” Bush tax cuts were scheduled to expire.

          I await YOUR LINKS of rebuttal.
          keep your flapping gums.

    3. Reality Check says

      Oh gee moron of the right,

      here is THAT SAME info from 2014, you just changed the date like a good TOOL of the right.

      “Viral email:

      Happy New Year America
      Here is what happened on January 1st 2014:

      Top Income Tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6%
      Top Income Payroll Tax went from 37.4% to 52.2%
      Capital Gains Tax went from 15% to 28%
      Dividend Tax went from 15% to 39.6%
      Estate Tax went from 0% to 55%

      Remember this ‘fact;’ if you have any money, the Democrats want it! All these taxes were passed with only Democrat votes.”

      nothing like recycling a 2 year old LIE?

      IN REALITY fool of right wing propaganda, the tax increase happened in 2013 in a budget passed by the GOP controlled House.

      Oh, and don’t like my source?

      funny how they were able to post the EXACT same wording as you did, TWO YEARS AGO.

  56. Gail Ferraiolo says

    Jeb is living in a drug induced coma!! TRUMP#2016 POTUS

  57. The Redhawk says

    Well a few more BLUNDERS and Revelations about “ALL ABOUT TRUMP” and he just MIGHT IMPLODE and SAVE AMERICA from a SHIL-LIER-RY Presidency

    1. Reality Check says

      who is going to save America in that event.
      the last time the GOP were “In Charge” they imploded the global economy.
      most of the planet is still suffering from that.

      1. The Redhawk says

        IF only you’d have BRAINS.. YOU’d Be dangerous!! I presume you forget WHO deregulated the Banking Industry , Appointed the Freddie and Fannie CROOKS who precipitated the BAD loans for Millions in Bonuses based on “COOKING THE BOOKS” and Who Ignored the Bush Admin to the DUMMIECRATS the MAJORITY PARTY in Congress about the Upcoming Disaster and Which Dummiecrats in House and senate were recipients of ” favorable” loans by COUNTRY WIDE the Biggest Factor in the RE Implosion…So STFU MORON! go pander your LIES on a Liberal Blog!!

        1. Reality Check says

          GEE moron of the right I have not forgotten that the GOP controlled congress from 95 til 07, BOTH houses (except 01-03 the Senate was 50/50).

          YES Clinton did sign the deregulation bill, which is why I support Bernie.

          BUT it was a veto proof vote bill PUSHED by the GOP controlled congress, and only a handful of the Dems supported IT and 99% of the GOP did, so…lets keep it REAL, shall we?

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            You also forgot the demo dogs controled both the house an senate from 2007 through 2010. Senate coalition control of the Senate . With 2 independence giving the demo rats majority. In the senate.

          2. The Redhawk says

            hey ,, HELLO again Uninformed DIMBULB.. the Senate was a (D)eranged Majority in 2003-4-5-6-7-8-9 and became a(R) small majority in 2012 with a PU$$Y POTUS Threatening VETOES and the (R) not having enough OVERRIDE..WOW you are LAME!
            The House Switched in 2008 after We READ oDUMBOCARE and VOTED OUT a bunch of the (D) a-Sholes that pushed that Disaster Through … READ the FACTS and stop making a FOOL of yourself ..and the (D) with a (D) Pu$$Y Potus could have RE legislated the Clinton Disaster… now go suck your thumb in a corner for being so STUPID!

        2. Reality Check says

          so the moron can find out WHO controlled congress WHEN.

          you are NOT well informed.

          in fact, embarrassingly ignorant.

          1. The Redhawk says

            HELLO again DUMBASS.. CONGRESS was a DUMMIECRAT INSTITUTION from 2004 Run By PIGLOSI and REID and the Progressive DUMMIES.until 2010 ( gOP won te House) and 2012 ( gop got a Small Majority in the Senate).. Freddie and Fannie Appointees were Clinton Appointees… Raines, Johnson and Gorelick ( a first ‘friend” of the Former “first lady with Piano Legs”)
            Clinton allowed BIG Commercial Banks to merge with Insurance Companies and Investment Wall Street Houses…Wall Street Funded both BHO-ZO and SHIL-LIER_RY in 2008-9 FACTS that are Really HISTORICALLY ACCURATE you IGNORANT POS!

          2. The Redhawk says

            For REAL FAXTS go to
            Read.. watch and weep you uninformed ignrant POS! OR just search for Utube /Secretary of Treasury Snow / testimony to congress 2001

          3. The Redhawk says

            ” democrats were warned of financila disaster crisis……./watch?v=LPSDnGMzldo

          4. The Redhawk says

            can you READ??
            2009- 49 (D) 49(R) 2 (I) voting (D)
            2009-11 57 (D) 41 (R) 1 (I) sanders voting (D)
            2011-13 51 (D) 47 (R) 1(I) voting (D)
            and you DIPSTICK they had REID/Frank and Dudd blocking any way to regualte Banking.tat Clintin had DEREGULATE to let Commercila banks, Insurance co, and Investment Hoses Merge and appointd Raines, Jognson nad Gorelick to run Freddie and Fannie to make BAD of 2001
            Hello again DUMBASS…. These are the Figures you Posted
            The House was in (D) control until 2010-12 congress .. when the Folks to know of ODUMBOCARE a (D) passed 100% Disaster was finally READ and UNDERSTOOD and VOTED a LOT of DUMMIES (D) OUT of office

            oH boy

        3. Reality Check says

          “and Which Dummiecrats in House and senate were recipients of ” favorable” loans by COUNTRY WIDE”

          MAYBE you can link me to some of those reports?

          so far you are proving to be one BIG Walking Talking Point

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Nancy Pelosi’s Husband ,Harry Reid in conjunction with his son. Took those loans in a partnership. Which is one of the reasons Harry Reids son kick Dit scum Harrys ass. It wasnt his exercise cause mechine . Which police reports later confirmed it was a fight with his son. They were both caught in the corruption skem. Harrys going to prisoon.

          2. The Redhawk says

            Well said and that Useless Brain Fart needs an Intelligence Upgrade adjustment to get him above the Amoeba level

          3. The Redhawk says

            CHRIS DUDD.. SEN from Conn… and that Salami from So Dakota ( forgot his name) who Quit Before it hit the fan… he was that Parrot that always Screamed … ” CUT to BORROW” and let ODUMBO Increase BORROWING in the TRILLIONS of Dollars to almost TRIPLE the Historical past Borrowings in Total…If still available look in U-tune under SEC treas SNOW testimony to Bawney Frank and Chris Dudd, Schmuckie Schumer, Reid and the rest of the IDIOTS…in 2006-7 and 8… TRY getting EDUCATED on FACTS or Quit Making a FOOL of Yourself! SO far you are a USELESS BRAIN FART!

  58. Christine Howard says

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  59. Austinniceguy says

    Give me a second here… Ok, I was laughing so hard that I had to wait before posting. Jeb Bush thinks he stands a chance at winning ANY of this? Although Iowa is still somewhat unpredictable, I believe that they will come through for Trump. I watch the morons on TV claiming that most attendees of his town halls show up just to see him stumping but will not come out when the time comes for them to vote. These morons are delusional and would love to have the ability to “wish” their statements to become reality. The reality is that they will come out to vote, just like the rest of us who support Trump. The GOP RINO’s broke the party and now they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    1. Peatro Giorgio says

      Well let’s just review past election cycles. First will start with Linden Laroche he ran as an independent, polls showed going into election day his popularity was at 37% high. Day after election day 1.5% Ron Paul libertarian his polling nubers also very high prior to election day around 27% day after the election 3.5% Ross Perott 4 % prior to election day his numbers day after 22%. . I suspect Donald’s numbers running as a populace on the Republican party line . Won’t exceed Ross Perotts some where around 22-25 percent. That’s not good enough to win the nomination let alone the general election . Considering Perott was actually a really good guy who’s interest was solet about helping others. Further more Perott did not have the eligibility question hanging over his head like Trump does. Considering G both of Donald parents were born in other nations holding Alliegence. To other nations Trumps father Born in Germany holding dual citizenships. 1st to great 2nd to the US . Tumps mother Born in Scotland. Giving birth to Donald in 1946 ,she not becoming naturalized until 2 years after Donald was born holding a citizen lship to Scotland for 18 years. Naturalized 1948. My source was a C &N Web page . C&N source The National Archives of immigration an naturalization. Yes Trump is a citizen but he is not a natural born citizen.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        Laughable. If it WERE a “very big issue” the establishment would have obliterated him with it by now. Those losing morons would go to any lengths to topple him. It’s nice that you thought you were onto something, though. Actually, it’s cute that you thought you were onto something.

        1. Peatro Giorgio says

          Well my friend there isn’t anything cute or laughable about. Both establishments protecting Trump while trying to make it look like they are attacking Trump. As we have seen with the seal records of obama. We are now seeing both establishments and the media protecting Trump even as they try not to make it appears so. I’m not one who falls victim to conspiracy theories. But I find it odd that no one develop deeper into Ted Cruz’s suggestion that Trump had an eligibility issue. Think about that or do you prefer to hide your head in the sand like an ostrich, when the ostrich feels threatened.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            I suppose an ostrich hiding his head in the sand is natural but, you hiding yours up your ass is not. It is unbelievably moronic that you believe both sides are protecting Trump. It shows clearly that you are woefully ill informed. If anyone is being protected that would be Hitlery. I guess you are completely unaware that now the State Department has decided to bury the emails for another month so she can skate through the primaries? Trump is under attack from ALL SIDES so, where you get your incredibly bad information is beyond me.

          2. Reality Check says

            ” guess you are completely unaware that now the State Department has decided to bury the emails for another month”

            love to see the link of THAT silly story.
            too hard?

          3. Austinniceguy says

            There you have it folks, the moron from the left doesn’t even know how to Google information that’s been all over the airwaves for the last 24 hours. See, we were ALL right!!!

          4. Austinniceguy says

            Thanks for your response, I needed to catch you posting something as stupid as that so I could post it to my HITLERY page. You’re a gem.

          5. Reality Check says

            “Trump is under attack from ALL SIDES ”

            You are such and idiot all of the time.

            almost ALL Of Trumps speeches are ON the MSM, so.. hardly attacking.
            he is revenue source and a carnival show.
            great ratings.

            AND the left are HOT for him to run.
            guaranteed Dem win with all the Hispanics, Blacks and women hating him.

            what are his negative now? 62%?
            the only politician with a positive rating is Bernie.

          6. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, there you are my little fluffer. We were hoping you would show up here. Have you seen Hitlery’s latest untrustworthy numbers? That filthy C U Next Tuesday is where she likes to live, the toilet. And, speaking of carnival show, have you seen the delusional morons showing up at Burnout Panders sideshows? We were THRILLED to finally have his spend and tax plan in writing so everyone can see just how insanely delusional that old moron is. As previously stated, ABSOLUTELY UNSUSTAINABLE!!! And now that the worthless dirty douche nozzle Hitlery has gone public espousing OlBluegums failed policies, we are having a blast on my HITLERY CLOWNton page. I looped a new video of her with her runny crap spewing from that hairy gash across her face. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! PS. Burnout doesn’t stand a chance. He’ll take Iowa and New Hampshire then do as his name predicts, burn out.

          7. Austinniceguy says

            BTW, there is one one more great endorsement he has recieved, Phyllis Schlafly. Although not the powerhouse she once was, she’s still HIGHLY regarded amongst Iowa voters.

          8. Reality Check says

            “As we have seen with the seal records of obama.”


            you mean the school records that are private JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE’S records?

            please elaborate , low infovoter & spreader of right wing propaganda.

          9. Peatro Giorgio says

            Low info voter . Yea up to Obama’s presidency, every pervious other President s records education .military or other wise were made available to the media; hence the public. Right Mr Below , low info voter an spreader of lunatic lefts lies an purposeful propaganda .

          10. Reality Check says

            so then link me to some, LYING POS.

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