It’s Official: Hillary Jumps In


With perhaps the least surprising announcement in American political history, Hillary Clinton has officially become the first Democrat to throw her name in the ring for 2016. And despite worries on the left that she’ll remain plagued by the problems of her 2008 run, she benefits from one particular advantage: no one seems ready to run against her. Unless there is a major shakeup in the next six months, the former First Lady appears to have a clean, clear path to the nomination.

“I’m running for president,” she announced Sunday through her Twitter account. “Every-day Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

The short message was accompanied by a video that seemed to intentionally draw attention away from its star. Clinton herself does not appear until nearly a minute in. The rest of the video is a montage of people that seem handpicked for their “diversity.” Women, Spanish-speaking minorities, and gays dominate the collage, making it clear that Clinton is eager to “stick up for the little guy.” Absent from the video is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Whether or not that is significant remains to be seen.

Though Clinton will undoubtedly benefit from a friendly media – compared, at least, to what Republicans will face – several major news outlets shared a single theme: Why does she want to be president? If that question is posed to Hillary, she’ll need something more substantial than her dream of being a champion for everyday Americans. Voters across the spectrum have their suspicions. And though you don’t run for president without a truckload of personal ambition, Clinton will have to overcome the idea that she is power-hungry, seeking nothing more than to go down in history.

In Brooklyn, where Clinton’s campaign headquarters are located, the streets were decorated with posters mocking the Democratic candidate. Black portraits were found throughout the nearby neighborhoods, pictures of Clinton labeled with admonitions: Don’t Call Her Ambitious. Don’t Call Her Entitled. Don’t Call Her Secretive. The poster plays off a recent list of words Hillary supporters sent the media, warning that they were rife with sexism.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he wasn’t worried about Clinton. Monday morning, he said she was “about the best person we could possibly hope for.” Priebus went on to say that Clinton was going to have to overcome issues of trust if she was going to make a serious bid for the White House. “So, yeah, I think she’s got a terrible record, and one that’s pretty hard to actually find some accomplishments on.”

Clinton will also have to find a way through an intense battleground of questions, scandal, and failure. Benghazi, the matter of her private email account, and her lack of likability may conspire to make her an unelectable candidate. And then there is that pesky perception that she is out for one thing and one thing only, a perception she only strengthened a month ago when speaking to female Democratic voters.

“Don’t you someday want to see a woman president of the United States?” she asked with a teasing grin.

Sure, Hillary. Just not you.

  1. Ralph Cook says

    So jump out

  2. James Maxwell says

    Guess Bill was absent because he was in the cloak room with an intern and a cigar.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      …….Please, Bill uses BLUNTS, recreational weed is now lawful in DC. And we wonder why nothing but stupid stuff gets passed.

  3. jreg9304 says

    geez, give America a break, vote no on this twitt. we don’t need an Obama # 2 as next president.

  4. jreg9304 says

    Is America turning into Oz, we do not need a wicked witch.

  5. ussacitizen says

    The last thing we need is this bimbo in any position of trust or control. She paraphrases Hitler in her speeches yet the media can’t see anything bad about her.

  6. BigC says

    Can you imagine the Big Dog back in the White House with a fresh batch of interns! He wouldn’t have to fly to pervert island with his rich buddy………..then he’d probably make speech on how much good he’s doing for the environment by staying grounded!
    God, this vile she-dog makes me puke every time I see or hear her……….how these people can actually think she deserves to be in the WH is just inconceivable!!!

    1. Conservative says

      I doubt Bill will spend much time in the White House. Bill and Hill cannot stand each other. He must have been so grateful for the million miles she traveled that the taxpayers had to finance. All those miles, all those millions, all those countries and she and the Clinton Foundation are the only ones that profited from ‘the Clinton vacation away from each other’.

      1. hangem'high says

        What would the first man’s job be anyways, babysitting?

  7. Shauna says

    Soooo, she managed to get over her “concussion” to remember to run for President???? Oh wait, that was just for Benghazi…….she was able to delete all the emails related to that, so she doesn’t need to fake anymore illnesses…..or does she??????

  8. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Wicked Witch of Westchester is now the Crown Princess, the chosen successor of this corrupt, despotic and incompetent regime, charged with making permanent the one-party socialist state that the Manchurian President has constructed. From now on, not a sparrow falls in this country that is not clearly the responsibility of the Hag with the Bag.

  9. George Cahonna says

    Just another Loser Socialist Democrat.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      …….Let’s hope she’s a TWO time loser!!!

      1. George Cahonna says


    2. hangem'high says

      They better pray for another storm type, Sandy! It seems to have worked in Obamas favor? Get the Christians to stay home and it’s in the bag!

  10. new york says

    She’ll win. She’ll get at least 60 per cent of the women’s vote, plus practically all of the black and Hispanic vote. That’s an unbeatable coalition.

  11. adrianvance says

    Hillary has no chance of winning. May she be the nominee.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

    1. Ramocat says

      I hope you are correct! I cannot stand Obama or Clinton, but the Democrats seem to be rallying around her just like they did Obama in 2012.
      By the way………. if the Demoshits win in 2016…………..DEMAND A RECOUNT!
      Word has it that the last election was rigged and “We The People” got screwed!!

  12. fred says

    She’s been a career criminal, if she was such a great person, she would have had the balls to leave the cheating husband back in the 70’s when started his uncountable liaisons with bimbos, whores and other loose women! I know the country will not be foolish enough to buy into all her lies and murders like they did with the kenyan, that era of deception will end in this cycle in 2016, and this evil witch can go back to being a treasonous tyrant, murdering, cheating, lying grandma to her grandchild..

    1. Conservative says

      I certainly do not condone adultery and I do not condone Bill Clinton’s carousing but can you imagine the hell it is living with Shillary. He should have left Hill and married Monica Lewinsky.

      1. fred says

        Yes it would truly be a living hell! Of course he or she should have left, but what they are is grifters, lying, deceiving and in this case going for the LONG CON on all of America and now the world with their fake “foundation” that we all know only serves them, and nobody else!

  13. muf69 says

    I will keep repeating this until it happens. She has broken
    the law, she has broken the law and Congress needs to do their job. No
    impeachment, she needs to be tried for TREASON! Wake up AMERICA tell your
    Congress members that you are holding them accountable, if they don’t do their
    job they will be charged. Politicians have no right to break laws for any
    reason, right Hillary!

    1. Conservative says

      Hillary and Barack should be in held in a cell together for a very long time. What they have done to the U.S. and the world are criminal.

    2. hangem'high says

      Tell that to Hairy Reid, Pelosi, Learner and Holder all are above the law!

  14. Mark Clemens says

    The way I see it, she wants to be President, because her husband was. What a sorry reason. Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Mrs. Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbra Bush, Laura Bush, or even Mrs. Obama have NEVER ran for the presidency. Why this one?
    She NEVER mentioned any political ambitions, unit Bill got caught W/Monica. I think the “Old Girl”(Hillary) snapped! He campaign theme should be
    “If boys can do it, why can’t girls”?
    The worst of all reasons!!!!!!
    Monkey see Monkey do politics, from the Clinton’s once again.
    Lets NOT FORGET who first started talking about public health care……Hillary
    Obama was her bitch dog. His GREAT COMPROMISE to get Democratic Nomination was to implement Hillary’s Health Care on us. That’s why he thinks he’s a great compromiser. Also her husband stuck US w/WTO Bull shit. Sent most of our real jobs to China. Where will Hillary send the rest? TPP? Or some other slave wage country?
    If you wanna really see the USA BURN, vote for Hillary, what difference does it make? Theres a Bush on the other side. God help us all!!!!!!!!!
    If you don’t believe in a God, nows a good time to start believing, and praying………….

    1. Conservative says

      She will send the jobs where she can get some sort of personal financial payback. Of course she will have her own personal electronics to hide her corruption. Hillary is so greedy and corrupt there is no depth she will not sink to deceive and cover-up. He obsessions and paranoia are dangerous.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        She’s soooooooo out of touch! I mean really, who has their own Computer, Cellphone server? That’s some real jack spent there alone. It’s a shame candidates don’t have to go town to town campaigning in front of a crowd any more, so people can ask HARD questions. Instead of TV moderator asking submitted SOFT questions.
        Look how STUPID she thinks Democrats are. A ONE CANDIDATE primary, does that sound like DEMOCRACY? The democratic party must think their voter base is toooooo dumb to pick and choose from more than one candidate. I reckon they learned their lesson, when a no named rookie senator whipped her in 2008. Didn’t Saddom Hussein have an election with only his name on the ballot? Shockingly he won by 97% of the vote. Nobody knows what happened to the 3%…..ISIS maybe?
        Another thing bothering me. If Hillary is the DNC front runner, the GOP might put up a weak Romney type of candidate.
        Right now, I’m pulling for Rand Paul, he wants TERM LIMITS. Jeb Bush wants to common core our kids, and open up the borders more……….

    2. ELAINE MARZANO says

      Ok, Mark, I am ready for this one, I am coming from the top down. first she was a terrible first lady!! And the rest of the first ladies knew we weren’t ready for a female president yet. and they were smart to realize that. Now if my husband who held the highest office in the free world would have heard him say to the world “I did not have sex with that women” I would have been in his face so fast. So then he said he lied to the American people and we believed him (not all of us) so what was a lady to do. If she had a brain that functioned properly I would have been at the first hotel I could find. Does anybody wonder why not? I will explain she already was thinking about her run for the first women president and to no ones surprise she knew she wasn’t qualified but her ego wanted it bad enough to realize she needed him in the white house to make decisions for her. you got to give her credit for knowing she was not going to be good without him. And that is why she is holding on to him. Now if he wasn’t interested in being the Ghost writer for the president that he still would like to be he would have been gone. But his tiny mind wanted back in his bedroom so bad he did not care. I think he missed his desk also. If you were him you would think the same way . He had fond memories of that desk. So there you have It. just my opinion. My God people do you still want to vote for her. And the women that want a women president think twice before you go in to vote in 2016. think about what she really has accomplished in the time she has spent in office. I think not good at all. OK mark, sorry but I could not stop myself. I hope I get some positive feedback. If not I will take it like a lady. still love you mark. no matter what you say. you are cool.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        She (Hillary) acts like having been first lady, gives her presidential experience. Bull! Lets look at her post first lady record:
        As a carpetbagger senator, she did not create any kind of legislation that passed.
        Her 4 years of being Secretary of State were disastrous. Embassy workers were dragged through Bengazli streets tortured and murdered. Plus she used an unsecured server to conduct official US business.
        Now she won’t turn over her privet server with official texts, e-mails, etc.
        I think her experience as first lady, has made her a POOR public servant.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Oh yes, that is why I love you . you are very honest about what you say. No lies from you. that makes you special. Thank you for replying to me!!

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          boy I am glad you see it my way. first responder for me on that one and I love it.

  15. onefour says

    Hillary is neither a bimbo or a twitt. What she is is a very dangerous devious untrustworthy woman. She speaks from both sides of her month. She lies and deceives at will.

  16. hangem'high says

    Obama’s third term officially kicks off, GREAT!

  17. The redhawk says

    She jumped into a pile of Crap… and then has someone Drive her to Chipotle in Toledo where NOBODY Recognized her… Not A GREAT START

  18. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    GOD HELP AMERICA! Another one with a hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE”. Free Hillary
    condoms and contraceptives anyone? Will she declare a war on MEN? Will she approve sex between women and dogs? Will SHE be selling Alaska back to the Russians? Only time will tell, eh.

  19. dumbvet says

    Hopefully she has jumped into a s$&@ storm!

  20. Davard says

    Whoopee and I say that with a complete lack of enthusiasm. What is this morbid desire for dynasties. This is the USA not England and who or what is a Jeb Bush..

  21. MILES E DRAKE says

    If all we want is a woman president, why not just do a sex change on Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name really is. Everything else about him is already fraudulent, and we would only have to endure the experiment until 2017. There is of course the strong possibility that he will refuse to relinquish power, but we would probably have to rise up and throw off the rule of the Crown Princess in any case after the collapse of the economy and serious attacks by now-predominant foreign adversaries, and no freedom-loving citizen should not already have begun considering what we should do when the regime tries to impose formally the dictatorship that it has all but installed already.

  22. George Cahonna says

    Every time Hitlery opens her mouth, its like the Spirit of America jut DIED..


    The correct title this article should be ‘Hillary Jumps In Front of a Train’

  24. adrianvance says

    The day that chubby lady in pants can “jump” is the day I can fly by flapping
    my arms.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  25. Lizard says

    Who would not want to be president /// You can play Golf 24-7 Break any law you would like and if ya get Bored just jump on airforce one and go spend millions of taxpayers money

  26. Lizard says

    Hillary just another power hungry Gun grabber

  27. Ramocat says

    Clinton has been known for her lies even before her husband took office and everyone overlooks them!
    Wake up America!!!
    VOTE TRUMP 2016!!!

  28. carlosandrews says

    Hillary and Obama need to take a long vacation say like Mars, Ploto, the moon or the Sun. They have bowed enough smoke up our Butt they are not needed in america.

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