It’s Time to Dismantle Higher Education


The campus culture wars have reached a fever pitch over the last year, and most of the news has not been good for those who prize conservative values. Fraternities have been named and shamed for being hotbeds of racism and rape. Men have been punished for aggressions as mild as merely “resembling” a woman’s rapist. Muslim groups have successfully banned American Sniper from at least three separate campuses. One student group even went as far as to claim the American flag was offensive to many of the school’s students.

Of course, the problem with America’s system of higher education runs a lot deeper than a few isolated incidents of bizarre liberalism. Our nation’s universities have become biased, left-wing centers of indoctrination, utterly abandoning any semblance of objectivity. Administrators are only too eager to let students form a pro-ISIS club, but they don’t have any tolerance for conservative viewpoints. It infects everything from the culture to the classroom. Young men and women, many of whom are being exposed to political thought for the first time in their lives, graduate with the views of their professors. And the cycle continues.

This problem isn’t going to solve itself. In fact, there is every indication that it is going to get worse. Democrats are trying desperately to create a system that starts in pre-K and goes right on through to college graduation. A set of standards that has been molded in such a way that liberals can start their indoctrination early. They were successful in their efforts to get God out of our public schools. Now they want to finish the job and make sure that any “conservative” views are just as unwelcome.

There are only two possible solutions. One, we fight for our educational system with everything we have. We put our foot down and demand equal time. We keep our public schools out of the clutches of the federal government and we call out the propaganda that is currently infesting our colleges.

The other choice is to set up our own system. Our own schools, our own standards, and our own colleges. We go private. We embrace homeschooling. We find ways to make a conservative education possible for families who can’t afford significant tuitions. We prove, step by step and piece by piece, that we don’t have to abide by a liberal system to give our children a chance to succeed. We make this a real movement, and we fight with passion and heart.

The only other alternative – and it’s the one we seem content with – is to complain, gripe, and mutter our way into an obsolete minority. To stand by and watch as America turns into something it was never meant to be. To let liberals take the wheel while we sit in the backseat bitching about their choices. That’s one way to do it. Easier, certainly. But if the future of the country is at stake, then it’s simply not an option.

  1. Croco Dile says

    John Taylor Gatto in his book – History of American Education :

    One task it performed with brilliance was to sharply curtail the American entrepreneurial spirit, a mission undertaken on perfectly sensible grounds, at least from a management perspective. As long as capital investments were at the mercy of millions of self-reliant, resourceful young entrepreneurs running about with a gleam in their eye, who would commit the huge flows of capital needed to continually tool and retool the commercial/industrial/financial machine? As long as the entire population could become producers, young people were loose cannons crashing around a storm-tossed deck, threatening to destroy the corporate ship; confined, however, to employee status, they became suitable ballast upon which a dependable domestic market could be erected.


    From the beginning, there was purpose behind forced schooling, purpose which had nothing to do with what parents, kids, or communities wanted. Instead, it was forged out of what a highly centralized corporate economy and system of finance bent on internationalizing itself was thought to need; that, and what a strong, centralized political State needed, too. School was looked upon from the first decade of the twentieth century as a branch of industry and a tool of governance.

  2. Deborah Henderson says

    As with everything they touch………..they ruin it.

  3. juliou mckay says

    it is time to throw the bums out of government and put THE TEN COMMANDMENTS back in the classroom and put the HOLY WORD OF GOD ON THE DECK OF EVERY TEACHER AND HAVE MORNING PRAY BEFORE CLASS STARTS, this nation has gone down , down since this was changed

    1. John Q. Public says

      The ten commandments were never in the classroom, it was at home and church and that is where it needs to stay. But today to many people would rather buy their kid a Xbox or ps4 so their kids will leave them alone . if you want to change thing make parents put down their beer and get off the couch and send time with their kids after work . oh and by the way those 10 list you talk about is a Jewish thing when Jesus came on the scene he pumped it up a few notches I.E. old T it’s ok to kill your enemlies but Jesus said love your enemies old T do not commit adultery. Jesus said even if you think about it or lust after someone you have already committed adultery.Jesus also said if you harm a child the punishment will be endless , so to cut school budget is a sin.

      1. Old goat says

        You just confirmed my previous post!

      2. Mark Clemens says

        The school I went to. We said a morning prayer, pledged allegiance to the flag, our teacher even had a big bible on her desk. In case you had some free time to read it. She even would teach from the book. Look how my generation turned out, I’m 74. kids act now, that we took the bible out of the classroom. Most of them, not all, need a good whipping to install manners. You have two choices
        1. Teach them respect at a young age.
        2. Let the state prison teach them manners.
        Don’t you think it IRONIC that the Government took the bible out of the school house, but puts bibles in every Jail house and prison in the USA?

  4. peter says

    Colleges teaching communism and socialism and and politically correct bullshit.

    1. John Q. Public says

      Jesus was a socialist and a communist !!! Give to the poor and you Are your brothers keeper !!! Are you against Jesus ???

      1. Southern Xposure says

        Are you sure? Appears to me Jesus would call communist/socialists … wicked and slothful

        The Parable of the Talents

        14 “For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants[a] and entrusted to them his property. 15 To one he gave five talents,[b] to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. 16 He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more. 17 So also he who had the two talents made two talents more. 18 But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money. 19 Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. 20 And he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more.’ 21 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.[c] You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ 22 And he also who had the two talents came forward, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more.’ 23 His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’ 24 He also who had received the one talent came forward, saying, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, 25 so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’ 26 But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? 27 Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him and give it to him who has the ten talents. 29 For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. 30 And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

        1. Ms_V says

          Agreed. Don’t forget Paul’s idea that if one doesn’t work, one doesn’t eat. Not socialism by any measure.

        2. Rick Rogers says

          Mark 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

          1. Morton212 says

            They would both depend on some very powerful magic if you ask me. So I would be reluctant to decide which was more difficult – since no-one has ever lived to tell the tale.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I tried to put a camel through a needle eye. Damn camel spit on me, so I smoked him………

          3. Southern Xposure says

            Good one! This verse argues that humans are very distracted by our physical relationship with a “material” world, to the point that we lose sight of God. A business owner can become lost in the conundrum that our family, employees, and their families depend on us for wealth generation. I see superficial self-pride as this is the/a definition of workaholism, i.e placing work before God (making me the profound hypocrite). Indeed, the rich man who heard these words from Jesus unhappily returned to his way of life rather than give up all physical possession to follow Him. Other parables suggest work is a part of human nature. We are designed for work (stewardship?) and good works are honored. Then again, Martha is chastised for being too busy to pay attention to what is important as she becomes upset when her sister Mary quits dinner preparation to listen to Jesus. The lesson seems to be that the first commandment … Thou shalt have NO OTHER Gods is of ultimate importance. Thank you for helping me gain this understanding!

      2. Ms_V says

        Guess you missed the scripture that basically states that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Jesus was not a socialist, he would be better called a benevolent capitalist.

      3. Old goat says

        You sir are an idiot. You do not have a clue of what Jesus is or was. Are you not aware communists are atheists?

      4. Mark Clemens says

        How dose Peace and Love equal Socialist or Communist?
        Neither Socialism or Communism has amounted to much love. Actually neither concept was around in the days of Christ.
        Are you a victim of a Liberal Collage education?

  5. WiSe GuY says

    Liberal idiots are destroying the entire country

    1. Richard Graziano says

      Yes they are because very very few people know anything about Marxism and they cannot see that our government has become infested with Marxists. The Marxists attempted to do that in the Weimar Republic but they are much more successful in our government. Please tell all people you can that our government is infested with Marxists from the president on down.

      1. WiSe GuY says

        The Nigger promised “Hope and Change.”
        But the black con-artist never said what hope and change was, never defined, and never explained what the coon meant. Every nigger voted for the nigger. White guilt, and stupid people that never dealt with a nigger con-artist, fell for his bullshit, and still support that mongrel street nigger.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          The only hope and change here is:
          We HOPE you will CHANGE the word nigger, for something w/more class.
          At times you have good points, but nigger, cuss words, and insults discredit your views…….
          Wise up, Guy!!!!

          1. WiSe GuY says

            You have a better word for the traitor, 0bama?

  6. farrightwing says

    Dittos Wise Guy, Croco Dile, Extending Childhood, Peter, Juliou Mckay, Deborah Henderson,

  7. Jerry Cox says

    Our country will not be better off with even more liberals than we have today. Liberalism is destructive and it is very bias and the ideas ruin everything that was good. At some point everything is rotten to the core and anger develops because the devil deceives on what is good and devours it. The Devil is only in a race to see how many it can devour before Christ returns and remove him to the pits of hell with all of his followers. The liberals policies only create slaves unlike the real slavery in our country but one dependent solely on the government which has never proven any of these ideas have worked. I, being a Christian and believe people should be free and use the God given wisdom you are born with to be what you want and all you can be. Liberal policies do not allow for this because this is conservatism at its finest.

    1. Old goat says

      Hear! Hear!

    2. cvxxx says

      Don’t want a theocratic dictatorship either.

    3. Richard Graziano says

      The Political Left has hijacked the term liberal for propaganda. The left is no more liberal than Stalin. The term refers to liberating the people from a tyrannical absolutist government. It was John Locke that argued against Divine Right of Kings and liberating the people from absolute government. It is fundamental to our constitution. It has become typical to call the left liberal when in fact they are absolutists.

  8. Mark Clemens says

    I see two paths here
    1. Why don’t conservatives start a university?

    2. Don’t send your kids to collage.
    (All the real educational stuff is online)
    That would hit the college in the treasury.
    I think an uniformed education is worse than no education.

    1. Patriot47 says

      There are a few – google it.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ……….Would 20 more hurt? If we don’t keep up, we will fade away to the left.
        The way this story is written, you would think ALL collages are liberal.

    2. hangem'high says

      This solution would defiantly make ghost towns out of most progressive indoctrination camps!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        My Governor is sending adults to state collages for free. I might sign up next year, to see whats going on in there…….

        1. hangem'high says

          Why would you want to go, your already indoctrinated enough? Oh yeah food stamps, and living allowances, I guess I could use some of that indoctrination! How about we car pool we’ll show up the first week like our Muslim brotherhood, play hooky and smoke and drink hooch while still collecting intuition!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            …….To see if y’all know what your talking about. I wasn’t lucky enough to go to collage when I was in my 20’s I had to work. That government free life y’all talk about. Ain’t the gravy train you think it is.
            Your lucky I didn’t pile up on welfare. I have a wife and 11 children. 36 grandkids and counting.
            I have a granddaughter who has a white husband. He’s lazy as they come. They been married 4 years now, he’s had like 20 or 30 jobs, gets fired so much, I quit counting. Right now I’ll bet he’s asleep, it’s 4:20 here, ooooops my bad he’s always awake by 4:20.
            I think he’s is confused about “Who” he is. One week he acts black, next week he acts like a hillbilly. Hippie, now he’s into some kind of Hindu thing.
            What upsets me the most, my granddaughter pays all the bills!!!

          2. hangem'high says

            All I can say so far apart, but so similar. At fourteen a friend and I used to push a push mower around the neighborhood cutting grass for money, we also moved pipe and hay for local farmers. Was fired from my first factory job at sixteen and still I managed to graduate high school I joined the service in the 70s thought It would give me a better chance at surviving the war, apparently it did. I work on F-4 phantoms caught the tail end of it with Nixon, Ford, survived Carter, was happy when Reagan replace him. I took several collage classes while in the service even received a certificate from Virginia St. and Maryland I’ve been spit on by fellow Americans four years after the war ended in the San Francisco international airport.
            I have only two kid’s six grandkids and one great…. I’m trying not to write a book on my life so I’m leaving out a lot of details. The similarities, my granddaughter moved in with her gangster wantabe, high school dropout husband he works his job until payday then they both disappear until the money runs out. With my constant harping he’s hitting about 10 jobs. He’s only twenty apparently on one of his outings he broke probation and is now scheduled to spend some time in jail.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            ……..Sounds like they might be seeing the same dude. Does yours have a shaved head?

  9. Old goat says

    Why do they call it Higher Education instead of Higher Indoctrination? When I went to college I was repeatedly asking myself, ” Am I really paying for this”?

    1. Richard Graziano says

      Old goat has good vision.

  10. Morton212 says

    If there were a logical academic basis to US conservatism – then you would find it in US colleges. In fact it is anti academic, and filled with faith based opinions at the expense of science. Get rid of all the crap – keep it in your church – and then you will find a healthy place in academia for conservatism.

  11. James Maxwell says

    The so called “education system” in America should rightly be call the “Communist Indoctrination
    System” or “The Corruption of Education”. No longer does our education system teach our
    children the History of our Nation as it happened but they do glam over the parts that seem to
    fit into the scheme of the Utopian view or the Leftist Liberal view. Rather than teach the basics
    such as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic they let them use computers as soon as the enter
    the school system. If the computers dies they are lost and wander around in a daze, that is
    not what our children should be taught. Teach them the Basics first and make sure they
    are well grounded in those skills before you introduce Aids such as computers or other
    electronic devices into the class room. We need to bring back the Shop classes where
    students will have a chance to learn to be a machinist, welder, pipe fitter, carpenter or other
    trade craft that will let them earn a living when they leave high school. Teach both boys
    and girls basic bookkeeping skills so they can balance their check book and can avoid
    the perils of debt and bankruptcy. In the vein also give those who want the opportunity
    to take higher courses for college preparation if they want them. Today if a child graduates
    form High School the vast majority of the are not prepared for college level courses as we
    have “dumbed down” the curriculum being taught in school. The vast majority are unprepared
    to enter the work force or higher education in college and have little in the way of life skills
    to prepare them to leave home and enter the work force.

    1. Morton212 says

      In fact, most of the education of a child should be practiced out of the school. The school is a place to get guidelines and a structure for the things the child does not know.
      Schools cannot magically make a child able to earn a living as an adult – but they can give enormous help in structuring the mind including teaching the nuts and bolts that are needed to understand any topic thoroughly.

      1. Esq says

        College and Universities were nothing but Libraries in the beginnings of or Nation! Native Americans also attended!

      2. Richard Graziano says

        School is not for earning a living. That is what people were told to keep their kids in school. School is for getting an eduction. That education imparts the ability to students for abstracting new knowledge from presently available information; it teaches them how to think. Unfortunately ours schools have not done that since the mid 1950s. When a person finishes school that person need to know how to structure his/her own on the job learning. No one come out of school and hits the ground running. Every person needs to learn the details of a given job no matter hat that job is. Education gives that person mathematics skills. reading and writing skills (which today are incredibly weak) skills in logic and reasoning and scientific basics. They do not need to be taught sexual preferences, new speak, political propaganda or political correctness. They need to be taught moral and ethics and respect for others. The schools today are corrupting our youth. Some students have been taught that they are less important than ecological myths. The purpose of school is to prepare children for life. Then they will have all they need to find and perform work.

        1. Morton212 says

          I would agree with the substance of what you say – but not with the cynicsm regarding the schools corrupting youth. A part of the education of youth is to experiment with ideas that they were not necessarily brought up with. Call it rebellion if you will. Speaking from my own experience, I studied in two other countries besides the USA and my classmates and professorial staff ranged in the extremes of both ends of political ideology. The arrogance of youth is such that I really never saw any evidence of student corruption; I did see a lot of experimentation and rebellion during their youth – but moderation sets in pretty fast once you get into the real; world of earning your living. Youth SHOULD be taught to question everything that they have ever believed in, or were taught. It achieves several very important things. It gives you confidence, and it reaffirms your moral beliefs if (and only if) they have integrity. My family is a lot more conservative than me – in part because they were unwilling to question some beliefs that deep in their hearts they knew were wrong.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      They (Gov.) want everyone uniformed.
      Its EZer to lower a standard, than raise it.
      If you really care about your child’s education. Send them to a privet church run school. They have everything, the public schools lack, even good teachers.

      1. chaka says

        Yeah well my brother and sister in law spent what 10-20 grand a year sending their daughter’s to a church run school while my daughter attended public schools all her life. My daughter was recruited and offered a full ride by all Harvard, Yale, and Princeton to name a few while theirs had to settle for the University of West Florida! By the way we wound up paying for her to go to Bethune Cookman University because as she put it; she was tired of white people who were surprised at her intellect! She wanted to go where her professors would expect an demand that she perform to the exceptional level I’d her abilities. Long story short; she is a member of two honor societies, a delegate to the mock UN, President of her sorority, President of the Panhellenic Council, member of the Student Government Association and is on course to graduate Magna Cum Laude in three years on May 13 2015! So much for that private school bullsh**! It turns out that the determining factor is for black students (according to a 2013 study) irrespective of socioeconomic status, black students whose parents knew enough of our true history to teach them at home; u know the 10,000 years before the invention of racism did much better academically then their counterparts who raised them as if racism didn’t exist!!!

        1. Esq says

          I doubt it!

          1. chaka says

            What do you doubt?

        2. hangem'high says

          Most indoctrination starts at home, “You damn white crackers leave our black children alone!”

          1. Mark Clemens says

            If your gonna use racial slurs, please learn to spell the slur word……
            It’s KRACKER, not cracker.
            Didn’t your public skool teach Ebonics?
            Silly white people………
            Us dumb black people might think your want some saltines. After all wes wus brought here to serve y’all.

          2. chaka says

            Typical racist assuming you know more about us then we do! As a matter of fact the slur cracker comes from during slavery. The white masters used to crack their bullwhips in order to make the slaves work hence the term “cracker”!!! Furthermore “ebonics” also comes from slavery since it was illegal to speak (or read and write) proper english and your survival depended on 1) understanding the master 2) cooperation between Africans who spoke many different languages hence the invention of ebonics. So the correct spelling is with a “c” or a “k” depending on the level of education of the writer.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I prefer the K, because of the whip thing. I’m in disagreement w/ebonics. Nobody should hide their education any more. Today Ebonics is for slow uneducated people.
            Learn the proper language of your country, doors will open. The phrase I hate most is….
            No Hubla English.
            When I’m told that, I wonder “Why are you even here, then”
            As far as reading, talking and writing, we ALL need to be on the same page.

          4. Esq says

            Ebonics doesn’t come from slavery! It comes from California taught in the 80s and 90s!

          5. Esq says

            Kracker has only been around since 2001!

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Actually I picked Kracker up from a group of white people, out of Jacksonville Florida. Spelling cracker w/a C,upset them.They reference themselves as Florida Krackers. Now that I’m thinking about it, it was around that year.

          7. Esq says

            I’m in Fla! The Birth of the Cowboy was actually the Florida Cracker! Cracker is from the Whips cracking! The Cowboy is actually Florida not Texas! ie Spanish!

          8. Mark Clemens says

            Yea the Cowboy is a Spanish thing.i like K instead of C.
            You from around Jax?

          9. Esq says


          10. hangem'high says

            No wonder your childen’s drop out of skool to push dope; they can’t even spell Crackers White!

          11. Mark Clemens says

            If your kids would quit buying dope off of mine, mine would probably get a job……..
            My kids thank you, for your support.

          12. hangem'high says

            Anything we can do to feed the children. Seriously my kids don’t do dope, as far as I know?
            I have been known to get surprises though?

          13. real talk 1 says

            With all the problems America is having is this all we can discuss on this site ??

          14. hangem'high says

            Let’s call it something positive like human relations, let’s build some bridges instead of tearing them down! If I can’t talk with you on this level I doubt we’ll be able to progress if I sugar coat it?

          15. Btty says

            Yous was sold by your bros in the WH. Yet you all voted for him because of color! How smart was that? Never mind don’t answer because we all know the answer. As for Slavery no black alive today was ever a slave other than a slave to the very government you idiots vote for. Or I should say most of you.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            I never voted for Obama.
            You stereotype to much.
            Do you think Thomas Sowell, Alan West, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson are Obama voters? They are black. They must be, because we are all one big mindless mob.
            By your logic, I should presume you voted for McCain and Romney because they are white. No self respecting ex-democrat would vote for a black person……
            You should take your hate and stupid back to the democratic party where it belongs.This is the Party of Lincoln. He didn’t like bigots like you. People like you, is why educated people think the Tea Party is crazy……….

          17. Btty says

            I’m glad to hear you didn’t vote for the King. I did not stereotype you. Of course the men you mentioned are not liberals and would never have voted for the POS in the WH. You can’t argue that it was the majority of blacks that helped to land Obozo in office. Not once but twice. Do I think all blacks are liberal of course not.
            No I didn’t vote for McCain and Romney because of their color. I voted for McCain because there wasn’t a choice. We got sold down the river on that one. I voted for Romney because the other choice was even more abhorrent to me. I don’t think I said anywhere that I hated anyone. So don’t pin your words on me. I doubt I fit into the stupid category having gone to college and nursing school. I have devoted my life serving others just what have you done? So your word bigot doesn’t fit either. How in the world did the Tea Party get into this? Please try to stay focused.

          18. Mark Clemens says

            “Yous was sold by your bros in the white house. Yet you voted for him, because of color. How smart was that”
            Your racist words, not mine. Clearly you assumed ALL Black people voted for Obama, due to skin color.
            If you think like that, you must vote like that.
            I brought to your attention. We are not the mindless mob, as you stereotyped us as. I even gave examples, of black non Obama supporters. Then you say we are slaves to the Government.
            I’m my own man, do as I want. I make music, that makes people feel emotion. I work when I want to. The pay, is unbelievable.
            You, on the other hand. Went to collage to be a slave to the clock, hospital, and weekly paycheck.
            The President went to collage too. He’s not that impressive, either.

          19. Btty says

            I was making fun of you Mark for talking like a nigg. Not a black man but a nigg. If you want to call me racist frankly I don’t give a rats azz. Clearly I did not say all black people voted for obozo I know a majority of them did. Don’t try to pin your words on me. Obozo denounces his white side just in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m not so sure I believe you about your music and unfortunately your nose is a bit to high in the air for someone with no college education. You obviously need more education. You call everyone else racist but dipshit look in the mirror.

          20. Mark Clemens says

            Nigg??? Really? Are you trying to look cool? Your words speak volume about you. If my opinion don’t matter to you, why do you keep explaining yourself to me? Not that it makes any sense. The words I “pinned” on you, are yours. Look……
            ” Yours was sold by your bros in the WH. Yet you voted for him because of color. How smart was that?”
            If that ain’t a bigoted racist remark, grits ain’t groceries!!!!!
            You know why racist smell?
            So blind people can hate y’all too…..

          21. Btty says

            Yes Mark Nigg! You all call each other that and worse. By the way I was never racist until the Nigg in the WH. Now , I will not deny nor be ashamed of it. You damn right I’m racist! I do own it something you could never do. You most definitely are but want to try to say your not. Own it you little -itch! I do. I said when this POS in our WH won that everyone would see what it’s like to have a black who hates whites run the country. This -astard has ruined it for the good black people, like Ben Carson, Allen West, Herman Cain, Condie Rice and the list goes on. Here Mark I’ll spell it out for you. I hate f-ing Niggs. I don’t have anything against intelligent, educated blacks and think they should be treated equally with everyone else. I also hate uneducated, illiterate whites. There, does that spell it out for you? Now, f- off!!

          22. Mark Clemens says

            See, I knew you are a racist.
            The truth always comes out.
            Now please go back to the democratic party, were you belong.

          23. Btty says

            Hate to burst your bubble idiot but your closer to Demwit than I’am. I’ve never voted with your liberal party.

          24. Mark Clemens says

            I’m with the Republicans. They turned us Bkacks free. Now if you’re upset w/the Democrats, because they sent one black dude to the White House.
            You should be outraged at the Republican Party. They set all black people free, not just one, the whole group. They passed the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments. Those three little amendments. Gave us FREEDOM, CIVIL LIBERTIES, The right to VOTE.
            (Just like you, equality is what it’s called)
            How can any self respecting racist affiliate w/a party who done all of this? If it weren’t for republicans, Obama would of never had the opportunity to be president.
            Then, the Democrats put him there.
            Hu…….you might need to start a racist party. Neither of America’s political parties meet your needs. You are politically lost……….

          25. Btty says

            Are you retarded? I’m NOT DEMOCRAT DICK WAD! You need to go back to school and learn proper grammar. You just don’t get it. There are a lot of us republicans that hate you Obama worshipers. Thanks to your bro he has set race relations back years. Your not republican, who are you kidding? Who owns you? Never mind we know it’s obama. Stop lying. You got caught. Own it coward. You’re right about one thing. Republicans did set you free and don’t you forget it.

          26. Mark Clemens says

            “I will not deny nor be ashamed of it. Damn right I’m a racist!”
            Once again your words of bigotry.
            Did you sleep through your collage history classes?
            Everyone knows the Democrats are the party who wanted to keep slaving lawful.
            After emancipation, the Democrats came up w/Jim Crow laws to keep black people “down” Forrest (a democrat) started the KKK.
            Thats your racist crowd. Are you going to let one little half breed black dude ruin over 200 years of democratic bigotry? Do the math 200>1. Which is more? Why are you not still a democrat? These are your racist brothers and sisters. Oh, y’all cant tell who’s in the club, because y’all can’t see who’s under the pillow case hoods. Y’all look alike…..
            The Republicans Set the blacks free, passed laws to give equal rights to all blacks. If you are a self proclaimed racist, as stated above, why are you hanging out w/the Republicans? Because they only have white candidates?

          27. Btty says

            Are you stupid? You take bits and pieces of my post and use it out of context. I said and will say it again. Read very slowly please and have someone with you that knows how to comprehend. I WAS NEVER RACIST UNTIL YOUR BLACK MESSIAH IN OUR WH. GOT IT! Read it again! Before obozo, Eric holder, Susan rice and many others I didn’t have a racist bone in my body. But Since them and with all these thugs rioting I think I am so stop taking my comments out of context. Why are you a democrat, you know they are racist? People who call others racist are racist themselves! I don’t need a history lesson from you of all people. Your a liar and a racist. You’re on here trying to convince everyone your a republican. BS and you know it. You’re Democrat through and through. Talk about the KKK you sure know a lot about them, I’m wondering if your really a white KKK. It wouldn’t surprise me. You label people with your lies because it’s really what you are. You all look alike? And that comment isn’t racist? I have never heard or seen anyone as racist as you! I’m republican because I believe strongly in our Constitution and our God given rights. My belief system aligns more with Republicans than anyone else. Now jerkoff tell me why your a demoncrap And why your lying about it? Get it straight idiot, I’m only racist since your messiah and his thugs got elected. I’m sure the Republican party will get us back on the right track if we are able to dump the Rino’s. I’m done with this conversation because of your lies and half truths. But I give you permission to have the last word you POS!

          28. Mark Clemens says

            Why would I be a democrat? They invented the lynch mob, Jim Crow Laws. I apologize my knowledge of history is accurate. Does that throw you off? If I were w/the KKK, I would be agreeing w/you saying your genius, instead of calling you out for being racist.
            Ok, let me get this straight…….
            You say before Obama (07) you were not a racist. Loved all decent human beings? Then Obama, Holder,Rice and a few others have up set you. By destroying our country.. Am I correct?
            So in essence, a hand full of high profile bad apples turned you against an entire race?
            Hu? That is kind of interesting…….
            Real shallow, but interesting.
            Oh, yea calling Obama anybody’s messiah is a sin………

          29. Mark Clemens says

            You know thinking of your reason for being a racist, has me wondering about something.
            All the people in my community treat me right. At the Store, Bank, Post Office, Community get togethers. Nobody talks like you, and a few others out here. Y’all say what you say, because we don’t know who each other are. In person you know most of the people you talk to, and it’s in person.
            How many black folks have you called “Nigg”,or nigger that you don’t know in person? I’m thinking not many. So because of this, I’ve come to two conclusions
            1. All white people are two faced
            2. You are in a very small minority.
            For humanity’s sake I pray it’s #2…..

          30. Laddyboy says

            From your comment, you hate white people. I truly feel sorry for you and your children. I hope they do not end up as bigotted as you portend to be. Let the CHARACTER of the individual shine through. Too much attention has been centered on the differences of people INSTEAD of how we CAN help each other.

          31. hangem'high says

            Basically I hate all people the same! I love ‘em till death!

          32. real talk 1 says

            That’s your problem if you can’t get it together the world will not change for you or any one else good luck !!

          33. hangem'high says

            You have evil and you have bad! Man is selfish and leans toward bad, if this was not true we’d have no reason for governance!

          34. Susiev says

            Do U like the fact that they are kept dumbed down. Don’t u believe, regardless of color, all children deserve a good education, where they can become leaders, opposed to followers?

          35. hangem'high says

            Yes I wish them the best in life, as long as they don’t turn into thugs and believe the white man owes them the shirt off our backs. Get your treasured leaders to create them real jobs and pay their real master in sweat tears and blood like I did, and my father, and my grandfather did. Quit bagging on the streets for a hand outs. The whippings ended over a hundred years ago! You’re free men now, act like it!

          36. real talk 1 says

            Not all white men got it together a few but by no means all they commit crimes on a huge scale , and as far as minority hand outs I for one don’t like it any more than the average taxpayer . but check this out the IRS like many other government agency’s take billions of our tax dollars and waste it on lavish parties bonus’s and out right theft and we as taxpayer’s don’t say a damn word about it ?!!

          37. hangem'high says

            No they are not saints, nor any better than their fellow black Americans, as not all blacks believe; that they need the white man’s servitude.

          38. John Doe says

            Great post Hangem’high ! Keep up the great work !!!!! I just wish that more of them would become the Alan West’s, the Ben Carson’s, the Herman Cain’s, the Condoleezza Rice’s, the George Washington Carver’s of their times.

          39. hangem'high says

            They are out there; I’ve actually served with Quite a few great black Americans! I also had the pleaser of meeting some real Jerks, putting it mildly.

          40. hangem'high says

            The same holds true for the whites I served with.

          41. John Doe says

            LOL, did you really mean pleaser or pleasure ?

          42. hangem'high says

            Thanks John, usually I misspell on purpose but this wasn’t one of ‘em!

          43. John Doe says

            Are you taking your screen name from the Clint Eastwood character, Marshall Jed Cooper in the movie “Hang ‘Em High”?

          44. hangem'high says

            Yeah…. Sure… Why not?

          45. real talk 1 says

            It starts at home with indoctrination self discipline

          46. real talk 1 says

            If blacks had any indoctrination they would be way ahead of the game because they are serious people when they go after something they do it to win !!

          47. hangem'high says

            This is true, they sure now how to burn down cities. Let see if the same ones, can build it back up without the non-colors help. Let’s see Al Sharpton donate a dollar or two for this Good. Better yet, let’s see Al Sharpton actually put a day in swing a hammer with the bloods, Sur’s, Black Gorillas, building these business backup! Let’s see their lip service turn into action!

        3. Mark Clemens says

          Good for you daughter, I wish her success. That church tuition is kind of high. I sent 4 of my kids to a Catholic High School in the 60’s I paid $850 a year. Some of my kids went to a pubic school. I couldn’t afford tuition for 11. All but two of my kids went to TSU. Good black collage, at the time. I think a lot depends on the child’s enthusiasm toward education, and how good the teachers are. You really get out what you put in to your learning.

          1. Becky says

            You bet Mark! Anyone can learn. IF they want to. All else is a cop-out unless a person is functionally retarded.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            I hate the way dumb kids, try to make dumb look cool. The only cool thing dumb will do for you, is make you homeless in the winter…….

          3. Clem Kadiddlehopper says

            No, I haven’t. It’s just the way it is. Most of them are one trick ponies. Makin babies.

          4. TexasStomp says

            I refuse to lay down and accept that. Hook or crook we either get smart or go the way of the Dodo. I vote for option A.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            Well…….Clem up there proved my point. He is mindlessly following a one trick pony group. Who stereotype all that don’t fit or agree with his specific group (click is what sociologist call them, I think)

          6. TexasStomp says

            Eating our own today? Clem isn’t the problem any more than, you, or I are.

            The problem is their ability to survive on gov’t largess long enough to procreate without the slightest intention of parenting endless kids of dubious paternity they keep pushin out cause the gov’t doesn’t pay for abortions.

            Make abortion FREE and you’ll see their birthrate DROP like a rock, relieving taxpayers of the burden of funding generations of them from cradle to grave.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            I’m all for accessibility to abortion.
            I think instead of trying to close the clinics. They should open more by pubic housing.
            I’m a man, so I have limited opinion on motherhood, but I do not believe it is a 18 year handicap. I don’t see why unwed mothers get public hand outs. Maybe some prenatal care. In my opinion unless your handicapped (crippled or retarded) or over 70 and broke, this shouldn’t be available. It is a bipartisan problem. No president or legislative body has done any good. Throwing more money at it, usually draws more people to it.

          8. TexasStomp says

            Duh, endless, free money.

            Everyone loves to hate the EU because of their welfare system but nobody talks about the LIMITS. After 2 kids…the amount for EVERYTHING stays the same. After 5 years it drops every year after unless you’re over 60, or under 6.

            Our problem isn’t that we help the poor but that we NEVER STOP helping. In fact the opposite, we pay BY THE HEAD. After they turn 18 they move right into the system on their own without EVER having to ATTEND K-12 OR APPLY for a job.

            Our gov’t leaders are burying this country and laughing about it all the way to the bank while WE talk about ELECTIONS and accountable gov’t. What a joke!

            Who cares WHO is at the wheel when our ship of state hits the iceberg?

          9. Mark Clemens says

            You have a one trick mind. You forgot about slinging dope, theft, home invasion, murder, rape. I guess all your mind does is mental masturbation……….

          10. Clem Kadiddlehopper says

            Why, you MUST be right. You be a genius and all. Oh I forgot. Fuck you asshole.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t think it’s political, as much as actual survival. We all know dumb people can’t academically keep pace w/smart kids. So the dumb kids make being smart, a bad thing. To keep things more equal. This starts before school and continues till death. Most people w/good smarts will see through this around middle school. The not so smart ones will start to emulate the dumb ones…..

          12. Becky says

            I see it on TV every time I turn it on and it drives me nuts! People acting really, really STUPID, in order to sell a product. That would be the very LAST product I’d spend my money on. When did stupid become so idolized in our culture? Stupid is nothing to brag about!

          13. Mark Clemens says

            Let’s not forget the TV Sitcom family. The parents are dumb as hell and the kids run the house……..

          14. Becky says

            I’ll have to take your word on that one Mark. I have avoided those for years. Back about the time Roseanne Barr became popular. They’ve gone downhill ever since. How I miss the days of Red Skelton and others that knew real humor and comedy.

        4. Sgt. York says

          One in a million, look at those who went nowhere

        5. Richard Graziano says

          Your point is moot. It is an existential anomaly. Did your daughter learn factual American history? Did your daughter learn that the Crusades were a response to a vicious slaughter by Muslims? Or did she learn the version of revisionist history taught today which is nothing but propaganda. Do you think all public schools or most public schools divorce themselves from political actions and inculcating political ideas? If you do, you have no idea about public schools or anything about public education. I my two older children to a boarding school. One graduated Magna Cum Laude at 15 and one graduated Suma Cum Laude at 16. Does that prove Boarding schools are better? Absolutely not. Such an assessment is no more valid than yours. All children are not the same. They learn differently and they study differently and they have various out of school constraints. . The real problem with public schools is that in general our academic performance has gone from leading in the nineteen fifties to lagging in the last 20 years. Compared to the world we don’t read as well. Our science is poorer and in general education we no longer compete. How does the performance of my children or your daughter negate that well established fact?. One student’s performance is not sufficient to represent the quality of an educational system of institutions nation wide.

          1. chaka says

            Existential anomaly my ass!!! The facts are Historically Black Colleges and Universities get 12%,of Black students but with less money and teachers with less experience produce 40% of all black professionals, 50% of black lawyers, 60% of all black engineering degrees, 75% of all black phd’s, 80% of all black federal judges, 50% of Black professors at traditionally white universities, 75% of black officers in the military, 40% of all black science, technology, engineering and math graduates , 40% of black congressmen, and 12.5% of black ceo’s furthermore Morehouse school of medicine gaduates have the highest scores as a group on the US Medical licensing exam in the nation!!! And the first time bar passage rate for NCCU law school is 81.5% the exact same as across town at Duke with far more resources and whose students on average had higher grades, higher Sat, whiter faces and LSAT scores!

          2. Btty says

            Please post where you get these stats! I would love to know where they come from. Thanks

          3. chaka says

            Most of them came from a Briefing Report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.” The Educational Effectiveness of Historically Black Colleges and Universities” from 2006 Maybe Obama needs to read this before he starts shooting off his mouth about HBCUs!!!

          4. chaka says

            Oh and you can believe my daughter learned her history and not that propaganda that passes for history in most of this country!!! She learned for instance that St. Augustine described himself as an African writing about Africa when he wrote : “,the one true religion has never been absent from among us and only became called Christanity after the death of our lord and savior!” As for the Crusades again you haven’t the faintest idea of what you are talking about. The Crusades were an attempt by the Pope to stop the barbaric nobles of Europe from slaughtering each other over the limited resources in Europe, but that didn’t stop them from taking the time to slaughter the Rhineland Jews on the way to the holy land or the Pope from selling them indulgences to pay in advance for the sins they were going to commit!!! Moreover when they took Jerusalem they slaughtered Jew, Muslim and Christians alike, people who had lived side by side in peace for millennia!!!! And this comes from the writings of knights who participated in the crusades!!! Where you getting your info from???

        6. ABBAsFernando says

          How indoctrinated into the ideology of Communism is She? Does she think for herself or a SLAVE to political correctness[communist propaganda[?

          My Daughter went to Ohio State University and became a communist useful idiot! Frankly contemptible.

          1. John Doe says

            Two thumbs up on that one ABBAsFernando ! Progressive Socialism !

          2. ABBAsFernando says

            The TRUTH is often HARSH!

          3. John Doe says

            How true, how true. The liberals of modern society run from the truth, just as much as they hate facts. Is that a picture of you with an AK, AR or a Gibson or Les Paul guitar, I can’t quite make it out,

          4. Mark Clemens says

            I think he’s holding a rifle. The body end looks to small for a Gibson, unless he’s got a custom model of some sort.
            Remember Ted Nugent’s Weekend. Warrior LP cover?

          5. John Doe says

            Absolutey! I recall seeing him just after he came out with what I think was him first mainstream hit, “Cat Scratch Fever”, if you’re old enough to remember that one.

          6. Mark Clemens says

            I’ve always liked Teddy.
            Plays with guns and guitars,
            Whats not to like??????

          7. Mark Clemens says

            I remember Donovan, I remember the first time The King did the Ed Sullivan Show.,…..

          8. John Doe says

            My kinda guy ! Unfortunately, I recently sold my AN/PAS 13-C thermal scope (obtained from a 3 tour sniper friend of mine). I really had no need to watch a rabbit pass gas at half a mile away at 3:00AM. Cool toy though !

          9. John Doe says

            Well, since you want to bring on bragging rights, I actually got to shake hands with Sir Paul McCartney a few years back! Yes, I recall Donovan’s song “They call me Mellow Yellow. How about the “Turtles”, “So Happy Together”. Or Sonny and Cher’s song “I Got You Babe”. I recall Ed Sullivan’s introduction of the Beatles in their first US television viewing, and let’s please not forget the Monkey’s, The Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, Buddy Holly. and who could forget the one, the only great Jim Morrison of the Door’s, “Riders in the Storm”. Hey, let’s laugh and enjoy times of yesteryear..

          10. Becky says

            OMG, talk about dating all of us John! lol….I remember every single one of those too.

          11. John Doe says

            C’mon Rebecca, just who’s dating who ? I’m 60, yet I still continue to preach my motto. That is “Tomorrow is never guaranteed, why not live life to it’s fullest”?. I’ve got absolutely no problem of jumping out of perfectly good flying airplanes (which I’ve done on several ocassions), nor going scuba diving after midnight (of which I’ve got 100 of those out of the 500 (+/-) I’ve been down. I’ve backpacked through Alaska, Wyoming, Brittish Columbia, a great deal of northern California etc.

          12. Becky says

            Good for you John! I agree completely with that viewpoint. Unfortunately, I don’t believe my body did, and it collapsed on me in my 40s! But till then? Don’t think I ever stopped more than sleeping 2 – 5 hours a night. Just too much to do all the time. Great while it lasted. I also say, keep on trucking – as long as you can. I can still do some things. Just much slower … 😉

          13. John Doe says

            Becky, if there’s anyway for you to be able to contact me privately, I’ve been working with some doctors out of South America for almost 20 years, that have some very interesting alternatives that for some reason, the major pharma, FDA and Govt. doesn’t really want out. I can’t publicly tell you about how many lives have been changed, improved and in one case saved or whatever over my duration of working with them, but it’s a bunch. I’m not selling a thing, I just know the right sources to get products from those that practice various forms of medicine other than just Western.

          14. Becky says

            Have to think on that John and get to know you a little better. Thanks for the thought. I often see things that might help but my funds are too tight to waste on things that won’t work…

          15. John Doe says

            C’mon Becky, who’s dating who? I mean at the age of 60, I still jump out of perfectly good flying airplanes from 20,000 ft,, would still continue to go scuba diving after midnight as I’ve done over 100 times, but only if I lived where I used to in Newport Beach, Ca

          16. ABBAsFernando says

            M-60 gun during my military days! I do have a Gibson Les Paul guitar as well. And one other.

          17. John Doe says

            WOW, a true terminator ? Arnie in the infamous movie !

          18. ABBAsFernando says

            Not exactly. I cid go into combat with SEALS and Marines.

      2. James Maxwell says

        I know some states are looking at vouchers for those who wish to pull their
        children out of public schools and move the to private schools. They would
        get some funds from the school system to assist them in the transfer.
        By having a voucher system and letting children move to schools that
        are better prepared to educate we might actually have a working education
        system rather than an indoctrination system.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I’m kind of all for that, except there is one draw back I see.
          The inner city schools may be vacant. That would make education harder to get for inner city poor kids.
          The Federal Government has made a mess of the education system.
          If the Federal Government insists in giving money to local school systems. Just give the money w/no curriculum strings attached. The money should have strings NOT allowing Administration to give themselves a big ‘ole raise…….

      3. Albert L Biele says

        My wife and I have both recommended the movie “God is Dead’ to our friends. I agree with your comment. (or home educate for those who can’t afford private schools)

        1. Mark Clemens says

          People use to teach their kids at home. I think the Walton’s invented public school…….LOL

      4. Jimmy King says

        Its it very funny to see someone rant about how bad schools are and they can’t spell “uninformed” or “private” in their rant. Yes you should stay in your church run schools where they teach molestation and not spellling

        1. Mark Clemens says

          So I don’t spell well. Do you get my point, or do a few letters in the wrong places mess up your mind? If you don’t like my spellings, skip over my posts. See how simple solutions are.
          Here in Tennessee public school teachers get arrested (about 4 a year) for molesting students. The problem is not limited to church run schools……….
          For claiming to be a well educated person, you shouldn’t stereotype. Makes you look dumb.

        2. Sgt. York says

          You must of understood what was written so what’s the bitch? Just CC English.

        3. real talk 1 says

          What’s wrong with you man from harvard – howard and a few other money grabbing universities the man on the street asking simple questions like who the vice president or what party does the president in office belong to and here’s a really good one they the students could not say what president was the sixteenth GEORGE or ABRAHAM so much for higher education !!!??

      5. Peatro Giorgio says

        Forget the church run schools . 50 % of what is taught is about religion. As a Christian and a minister, I recommend finding a good charter school with proven results or a good private school with proven results. If you are able to afford a private school

    3. junkmailbin says


    4. Richard Graziano says

      James, there is a significant move toward “skills training” but at the expense of academic fundamentals. Our education system is broken and under the control of Marxist agendas. Why do you think that local schools were destroyed and replaced by enormously expensive large central schools and bussing that costs multimillions to burden taxpayers? It was a Marxist agenda to indoctrinate students en masse where it was not as easy with local schools. There has been much written about the corruption of students and families by the education system. The education system that was the best in the world has been corrupted to indoctrinate student and dumb them down. It is a Marxist agenda as part of the effort to fundamentally transform America. Academia needs to be reformed or we will all be slaves in a superstate that controls every aspect of our lives. Mussolini gave a name to that; totalitarianism.

    5. downs1 says

      Right on! What is so galling is that some of those in power think that we are stupid! These silly fools in the current “education” system are actually destroying their own future! They haven’t learned the two basic lessons of history: 1) History repeats itself, and 2) We don’t learn from history! They always think they can do something better than past generations . . . for their own political reasons. Hitler thought that also! Lenin, too! They also threw God out of society . . . or so they thought! They will reap what they sow!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Look what happened in Atlanta. A bunch of teachers got arrested for fudging students answers and test scores, to get raises or keep their jobs.
        What kind of system would inspire a bunch of teachers to lie in order to get ahead? The very people (students) they are paid to help, get hurt the most.

        1. David Kledzik says

          Thats because “common core” doesnt work,
          SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Thank you for your service!

          2. TexasStomp says

            Thank you for you service, David.

            Semper Fi

    6. pmbalele says

      That is exactly what Scott Walker of Wisconsin is trying to do -get rid of education beyond 2 -year colleges. Walker thinks if he is now supervising people with BS, MS and PhD, he does not see the use of people going to 4-years colleges and beyond. In fact Walker has defunded university Ssystem. Now they have to hike tuition or rely on students from rich countries such as Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina and other oil producing countries. Local kids who want to be doctors, nurses, engineers will be left in the cold. TPs, Repubs do not care if this country is managed by professionals from abroad.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        They outscored everything else.
        Hell the Tea Party is running a foreigner (Cruz) for president. What did you expect?

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          I’ll bet that he will show you twats his birth certificate! Pay for your own damned indoctrination!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t need to see Senator Cruz’s birth certificate, I already know he’s a foreigner. Or is Canada one of those 57 states Obama talks about?
            Are you not one of the birthers who was crying out the loudest?
            Now you stand w/a candidate whos daddy fought side by side w/Castro?
            Did you know Ted ain’t even Senator Cruz’s real name……..

          2. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “This is the most transparent administration in history,” Obama said during a Google Plus “Fireside” Hangout.

            April 27, 2011 10:02 p.m. EDT Washington (CNN) — The White House released copies of President Barack Obama’s original long-form birth certificate Wednesday, seeking to put an end to persistent rumors that he was not born in the United States.”

            I guess 3 years to show your B.C. is transparent.

        2. Esq says

          You a funny man!

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            No, he’s serious!

          2. Esq says

            Mark would make a great Stand Up!

      2. cvxxx says

        Such is the way civilizations fall.

    7. Susiev says

      Can you imagine with our present educational system, just what are our future leaders will be like?

      1. James Maxwell says

        I was born in 1942 and saw the Hippies of the 60’s crawl out of the slim of the

        leftist liberal communist groups in college. Look around today and you see them
        everywhere still spewing forth the trash they did back then and they have bred

        to bring forth even more ignorant children who are not having children. They

        cycle of ignorance and Utopianism continue to rear its ugly head and bring
        forth the same ideas that have fail since they were first preached. It is

        a loop of ignorance that is self repeating and does not ever change and

        will never work. But is sound so good to the masses who are fast losing

        the “Hype and Scam” message of the occupier of the White House.

        1. Esq says

          I also was a hippie! I just grew out of it!

          1. James Maxwell says

            I never was into that, grew up in the Texas and Louisiana Oil Fields and then
            the Military. I know a few from the Hippie generation who are still messed up
            and after many years of drugs those that are still alive never made much of themselves. That being said I also know some who were drafted into the
            military and it changed their lives rather quickly, Some continued their life
            style and became lawyers and politicians. The results can be seen in
            Washington DC and many State and City governments across our nation

          2. Esq says

            Yup! I’m retired now and am building acoustic guitars, mandolins, repairs and refurbish etc!

      2. hangem'high says

        Yes, therere’s a whole swarm of them sitting in the white house as we tweet!

        1. real talk 1 says

          Amen !

      3. real talk 1 says

        Yes mostly idiots !!

    8. cvxxx says

      The American advantage is that one can go to an university after trade school too. In many nations one is stuck.

      1. James Maxwell says

        I had a few friends who back in the 60’s didn’t have money to got to college, they
        joined the military or went to work in the Oil Patch. They saved money and planned
        for the future. After a time in the work force or military they were able to return
        to and complete their college degrees. I ran into one who joined the military and
        we were talking about how he got his degree. He earned the majority of it while
        on duty and attending classes where he was stationed when he got off duty.
        When he got out of the military he only had to take some of the core courses
        for his degree. He was able to finish his degree in two years rather than the
        5 it normally called for. He was luck in that respect and he was back in the
        military as a commissioned officer when he graduated.

        1. cvxxx says

          I had a cousin who was a bit rowdy and the judge gave him a choice juvie or military. He went to the Air force and has 2 Phd’s. There that forger who they made the movie about who the FBI saved. But that would not happen today. We destroy people not build them up.

    9. Robert Barnes says

      Remove all the communist in the gov. responsable for this mind control scam. see

    10. George Cahonna says

      Well James, you about summed it up. Unfortunately, I see no immediate change coming to this unstoppable educational train wreck. The engineer is a Liberal Socialist, his brakman is muslim, & the GOP caboose is filled with chicken s***. It’s going to be up to parents, & all of us getting involved to change the broken system.

      1. real talk 1 says

        You said it right thanks !!

    11. Len Tippett says

      Where were you when my Son was in school? If you are not a teacher, you should have been one. You are so correct in every way. I am afraid our government has become so corrupt buying votes to become wealthy and acquire power, we will never be able to save America. God help us when we are attacked by a foreign country, as we have become so blinded being politically correct, we have a police department in Baltimore who can not even control a group of high school kids.

    12. John Doe says

      I’d swear we grew up as childhood friends in the 50’s/60’s, when we watched Gunsmoke with Festus and Marshall Matt Dillion, Lost In Space, Leave it to Beaver and watched Opie (Ron Howard) grow up while watching Mayberry RFD. I loved the outdoors too much to waste idle time watching TV, I was either out exploring the woods or the local caves I grew up around. Fishing was #1 on our agenda, just above camping out when it was a little more safe than now to do while being a 12 year old, and my dad encouraged me, while my mother AKA (June Cleaver) was saying he’s only 12, he can’t go out for 4 days on his own, who was she trying to kid, I shot more dove, quail and snakes,backpacking, fishing, camping, mowing lawns etc. One other things that parents dont teach their children to do is to use their creative energy and become entreprenuers. I was out of the house at 18, earning $120K by the age of 24 and went on to skydiving, scuba diving in 14 exotic places as well as backpacking through Alaska, Brittish Columbia, Wyoming and many parts of Kalifornikation etc. Right where so much of this liberalization of Amerika came from. The Haight-Ashbery District in the 60’s peace movement and Vietnam protesters.

      1. James Maxwell says

        John, think I a tad bit older than you, my adventure started in 42. But I grew

        up in South Texas along the Gulf Coast and over in the Southern part of

        Louisiana. Hunting, camping just having fun in the Swamps fishing and
        learning how to survive there with little more than a .22 rifle or a shotgun and
        some basic supplies. My friends and I would push off on Friday night and

        get home on Sunday night. But cutting lawns, going with my Dad to the

        Rigs and learning life lessons from WW I, WW II and Korean vet’s.

        You right a bout the Scuba Diving, it is an adventure and very exciting in

        different countries I was in. I was stationed in Turkey, Viet Nam, England,
        Texas, Alaska and Missouri. That doesn’t include all the side trips I was able
        to take along the way. I had friends who wer Hippies and grew out of it as
        time went by.

        1. John Doe says

          Well, first of all thank you for being one of the members of the Greatest Generation, and for your service and call to duty when it was most needed ! I do tip my hat to you SIR ! I just missed the draft in 1973. I tried to enlist in the National Guard, but when I was 44, and was told I was too old, despite so many years in upper management. One of my closest friends was flying F-86 Sabres in the Korean War and just celebrated his 85th birthday. My own father was in the US Navy at the same time you were and almost ended up on Iwo Jima before that long skirmish ended. Unlike you, many of my travels were paid for by my employer of the day, but my trips to Alaska, Wyoming, Kawaii and Charlotte Amalie were all on my dime.

    13. ABBAsFernando says

      Absolutely spot on correct Vile Liberal SCUM [communists an/or communist useful idiots] are the ENEMY WITHIN posing the GREATEST THREAT to America in it’s HISTORY! Senator McCarthy was RIGHT about the threat posed by Communism. He was not ruthless enough to identify and remove the enemy agents. Today the job is up to We the People loyal to the United States Constitution. It is our DUTY as citizens to correct this mistake.

      The very first communist Spy Cell was formed in Hollywood, CA. by Stalin’s order. Taking money from the sale of movie tickets using it to build up other communist cells in colleges, corporations, and infest governments.

      Using the “science” of DISINFORMATION developed in the former SOVIET UNION upon gullible young people of the 1960’s they snatched victory in Viet Nam on the Battlefield to a political defeat in America when the American Congress betrayed South Viet Nam by not shipping promised arms and munitions. Fact of History. VILE LIBERAL SCUM in America have the blood of millions of innocent men, women, and children on their hands and also the blood of the Killing Fields of Cambodia that resulted of the betrayal of Viet Nam by American Communists.

      I am a Viet Nam combat Veteran who knew about the treason of college students from American Colleges. Money and Medical supplies were found in enemy hideouts from those students. Add to this intelligence uncovered during military operations sent to headquarters seemed to find its way to American so-called media. Evidence of serious leaks to the Communist Party USA.

      Main Stream Media and Hollywood were/are controlled by communist Party USA. Today this includes the Democratic Party and I suspect the leadership of the Republican leadership. Apparently other high level government officials are communist agents as well. The divisions of government established by our founding fathers is being corrupted.

      The Supreme Court has no authority to make new Law! Yet in Roe v. Wade a new “right” was inflicted upon We the People illegally known as Abortion. An American holocaust.

      In Viet Nam we had a saying. If a individual acts like a duck, walks like a duck. looks like a duck, It is a DUCK!

      This is the primary reason VILE LIBERAL SCUM Hate GOD:

      Isaiah 32:5-8King James Version (KJV)

      5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

      6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

      7 The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.

      8 But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.

      King James Version (KJV)
      by Public Domain

      A churl is a miser who fits the profile of today’s banker!

    14. Kaido Ojamaa says

      100% True, I feel the same and I have as well labeled this” Communist Indoctrination “, which is exactly what it is. I have lived in what once Communist countries and the Higher Education systems in America and Canada Brain Wash and Indoctrinate young minds. We need to do all what can possibly do to stop this!

  12. peter says

    I’m only against morons like you JQP

  13. Albert L Biele says

    They should rename all universities “The brainwashing University of liberal agenda and anti-God sentiment, with the slogan carved in stone at the front of each entrance stating: “Within the walls of this great University, “God is Dead.” (The road is narrow and few will find it)

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I saw a movie “God is Dead”
      Kind of goes along w/this thread.
      Y’all should watch it. It’s one of ours!!!!

  14. John Gillis says

    I went to a liberal university myself, in Boston, MA. My anthropology teacher was from Iran, with preconceived notions about America and particularly, the Deep South. Being a Yankee transplant who lived in the South, I was sickened by his constant, unfair criticisms of both, especially when what he had to teach us had nothing to do with the class. In fact, he always threatened to fail me because I was habitually absent from his class. What did I do? It was my last semester, so I decided to ‘spit in the wind’ and write my final term paper based on his criticisms, and it was essentially a scathing criticism of his uninformed opinions, highlighted my own experiences and condemning his arrogance. I went to his door a week later when the grades were posted. My final grade? A!

    1. Morton212 says

      Some of the best teachers are those that get your attention. To be honest, if you do have strong opinions about a particular topic, the greatest strength you will ever get of their authenticity is to study thoroughly the opinions of those who differ with you.

      1. John Gillis says

        Precisely my point. I still remember him to this day! Education is what you make of it. Well said!

  15. Mark Clemens says

    As Mark Twain once said
    “I try to never let my schoolen’ interfere w/my education”

  16. Jean Witte says

    We have ‘advanced’ so much in education that we are ‘uneducating’ our children. I realize it is not an option in education now, but remember how smart the kids were coming out of the one room school? Most of us jumped on the bandwagon of consolidation! But it hasn’t worked. First of all, when the Department of Education was put in place in our government, the states and local people lost control, the principals and teachers have lost respect, because the class and school sizes are too large for them to control, and the government has removed the position of the teacher as leader by not allowing them to, as many are saying: “warp the minds of the children”, by being able to discipline them. The teachers and principals have their hands tied and don’t get respect from these children because the children, under government ideas, cannot, or at least are nor required, to give that respect. We need to modify the school systems into units of no more than 300 students per unit and give control of education back to the states. Building the units will take time, but it will also create more jobs and in the end will give the leaders of education more control of their ‘flock’. Too many students in a school has removed the ability of leaders to provide the education these students need and will never get until we get the government out of education and make our schools into smaller units.

  17. Southern Xposure says

    We now know how to get a return on an education like this. One becomes a “community organizer”, and with the help of experts who specialize in toppling systems for personal gain (e.g. Soros; who was instrumental in toppling the “British Pound Stirling”) one undertakes to destroy the capitalist society via its own benevolence in the “name” of equality.

    1. Morton212 says

      Soros was not formally educated. He learned finance starting by sweeping the floor at the London Stock Exchange, at 16 years old, as a young refugee from Hungary. Later Soros earned a BSc in philosophy in 1951 and a PhD in philosophy in 1954, both from the London School of Economics. He did NOT topple sterling, but he pointed out serious flaws in the UK banking system, and while he profited, in fact in the long term, so did Britain.

      1. hangem'high says

        He earned most his money the way Hilary and Obama is earning theirs now. Soro’s sold out his people and country and Hilary and Obama theirs. At least the country and people they were entrusted to protect!

        1. Morton212 says

          From the level of your knowledge – I suspect that you have had very little, if any academic education.

          1. David Kledzik says

            A person doesnt need to go to college to be successful, that’s a misnomer. There are many, many high paying jobs out there that don’t require a degree, as all our so called learned scholars are finding out now that they can’t find jobs in their studied field. There’s something to be said about sweat and hard work. This country is so overrun with tech degrees that it’s lagging in trade education. Electrical and mechanical engineers make bookoo money. Everyone wants to start at the top, like its their God given right, instead of earning it. I would ask them, who’s going to grow the food then transport it, who is going to build the skyscrapers and who is going to put out the fires. Peoples opinions aside, college is a place for learning a specific degree, not listening in on someones political opinion about how they think the country should be run. Politics makes strange bedfellows,
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          2. Morton212 says

            Yes. A skilled tradesman – as you said – can make a very good income. But nowadays that means technical college – unless you are lucky enough to find a master tradesman who will take you on as an apprentice for up to 7 years – and teach you the skills.

            However, there is room for a limited number of these skilled professionals – and it is a very constrained field.
            Conversely with an academic degree, it is far easier to switch jobs if the economy falters – and there are currently more than 3 million skilled white collar jobs – unfilled. I am including all of the jobs created by a technological market place which would include electric and hybrid automobile maintenance, computer software in an enormously diverse field, green energy, linguistics, market research, technological medical fields, pharmaceutical drug development, biotechnology, nutrit.on

          3. David Kledzik says

            Your right about the diversity of the technological fields, but that being said everyone can’t be a computer programmer, thankfully everyone has differrent interests. I myself chose the Corps because it was in my lineage, 21 years and they paid for my college. I now have an electrical engineering degree and work for a hydroelectric company.But take my word for it there are several programs out there that take on apprentice programs on their way to get their journeymans license. 90% of my crew went that route and I think they learned more with hands on training than you would in college, and their all smart as a whip, and you have to be when you working around a thousand jiggawatts of power. College is what you make of it, and usually one can block out the negative stuff and concentrate on his her studies. I had a couple of proffessors that tried to instill their beliefs on me, and granted I was much older than the usual college student, but I just shut them out, kind of like most youngsters do nowadays anyway. I already had my mind made up about the world, because I’d seen most of it already, but thats what college is for, the open expression of ideas right, at least thats how it should be.
            SEMPER FIDELIS 1983-2004

          4. Morton212 says

            When you finish – and get your degree in the academic world – you still are not equipped to be particularly useful to the marketplace. What you should be equipped with is an academic toolbox, which you will need when you learn your employer’s business. You lose salary years, and have education debt at this point. But you should be very malleable and able to learn many different professions. That is your advantage.
            But you are correct. The skilled non academic worker is already a few years ahead of you in income. Beside which, not everyone has the mentality to work in the corporate world.
            If money is your primary objective, then you may have natural killer instincts for making money without any of this. Salesmen are the highest paid professionals in every organization – without them the organization would be bankrupt in days. But realistically, that kind of talent is quite rare – and you would be very foolish to rely on it.

          5. hangem'high says

            I’ve had enough that if I continued I’d be a brain dead zombie working the progressive magic!

          6. Morton212 says

            Well it seems to me that you have already achieved that marker.

          7. hangem'high says

            Damn! No one told me it was permanent?

          8. Morton212 says

            You can be saved. It is never too late.

          9. hangem'high says

            “Praise the Lord…. Hallelujah…Amen brother!”

      2. Southern Xposure says

        Thank you! Very interesting … I also found this opinion “… “That he played a significant and historic role is without doubt,” Vidos says. … I can’t prove it (yet), however logic suggests that no one bets such large sums of money without knowing the outcome. This suggests manipulation on Soro’s part. This smacks of being more than “luck” or a win on an honest hunch. The other curious thing you have enlightened me with is that Soros received a PhD in philosophy from a school of Economics? Now THAT is interesting.

  18. pupster40 says

    Our advanced education is at kindest a spinoff on brainwashing. Yuri Andropov was brilliant in his assesment of the liberal mind(less).

    1. Morton212 says

      You may not like progressivism, or liberalism – which is entirely your right. But you cannot possibly understand it unless you study it in depth.

      1. headonstraight says

        Don’t count on that happening. Those to whom you are addressing that advice would be the last to “study it in depth.” They simply adopt the party line produced by the Apostles of the Ultra-Right.

        1. Morton212 says

          Yes, I suspect you are right. They have opted out of thinking for themselves altogether.

          1. hangem'high says

            And then there’s little “me.”

        2. hangem'high says

          Let me see… first there’s “Me!”

      2. hangem'high says

        one word;

        1. Morton212 says

          Marxism is now an historical concept. Currently there is no political system in the world that is marxist, and there are most certainly no politicians or leaders who advocate it.

          1. hangem'high says

            Oh I forgot? The political correct usage is Progressive!

          2. Morton212 says

            When you are trying hard to smear and insult – you look foolish if you make idiotic mistakes.

          3. hangem'high says

            I was never any good with lipstick!

      3. pupster40 says

        There is no understanding idiocy. Destroying this Nation is not explainable.

        1. Morton212 says

          Sound like you leaned to hate anything that was not conservative without any idea why. You cannot seriously suggest that you hate something that you do not even understand.

          1. pupster40 says


  19. fred says

    I saw one of my relatives college books recently and it was at a HS level compared with my HS books over a decade ago! Disgusting how “dumbed down” our young people are! And the kids with good brains get theirs scrambled by Socialist/Communist teachings of many professors now, and are told they shouldn’t “show off” in class so much, makes the dumb kids feel bad!. Totally disgusting, change the Curriculum to that of a FREE market society if there is such a thing anymore.

  20. albertbryson says

    We need to shut down the current system of public education. Get rid of it all. Close everything down. Put all colleges and universities out of business. We need to put all teachers and college faculty, staff on the unemployment and make it clear to them that they will never be allowed to teach again. Let them clean the streets and pick up the garbage and trash. All they can do is clean people homes for them. Meanwhile those who hired them for this would be allowed to abuse them for their evil deeds as educators.

    1. headonstraight says

      My, my–ain’t YOU a mess?!

  21. Esq says

    Higher Education as it is today is nothing more than Child Care and the NFL’s Minor League!

    1. Rick Rogers says

      Please keep that statement of yours in mind the next time you have to go to a doctor or Dentist.

  22. disqus_PeRYgPx0Bk says

    Creating our own system is a great idea. As the market place of ideas will quickly fill the classrooms and drain the coffers of the current system. I suggest as we go about staffing these new institutions we only hire professors who are already retired from real jobs in real life. Same thing in K – 12. Teaching should be a calling (again) and that requires being called from something else. A person who has actually done something in society (managed projects, run businesses, watched the world political scene for 30 or more years) has a lot more to offer to students than a wet behind the years, fresh from grad school with a Ph.D with wet ink will likely ever have. It seems obvious the new system can benefit from moving into the structures of the old — school boards stop accepting applications from 22 year old graduates of schools of teaching and seek out returning/retiring veterans (for e.g.). The key will be remembering and reminding others that 70 to 80 per cent of the population does not think like ivory tower “intellectuals;” that it is OK and even required to laugh at the idiotic ideas professional intellectuals spew forth. The emperor truly has no clothes.

  23. Richard Graziano says

    There is certainly more than sufficient evidence to support this thesis. The education system in America has been under the influence of Marxism for many decades. Common Core is just another example of how Marxism invades our families and changes our culture and civil order. It is past time to take action. We need to return to academic standards and keep indoctrination out of academia.

  24. James E Groves says

    I see no solution offered that is realistic.

  25. headonstraight says

    If you can’t stand the heat, get your arch-conservative butts out of the classroom. If you don’t appreciate the most outstanding institutions of higher learning in this country, then send your kids to some private ultraconservative university like the ones operated by the smarmy hypocrite Pat Robertson and the Jerry Falwell tribe. But don’t mount your high horses and demand the dismantling of higher education because you are having difficulty infusing your ultra-conservatism into the curricula of the great universities and colleges of America.

  26. chaka says

    Bullsh** the problem with our educational system is that the curriculum on which it is based is a racist paradigm that has not been changed since it was first designed in the early 1800’s to teach little Prussian ( German)school boys that they had the right to rule first Europe and then the world because they had a superior culture and race; 130 years later, we know how that worked out for Hitler!!! Do you think its gonna work out any better here without serious systemic changes??? You’re playing with yourself cause my father was born in Princeville NC established in 1712 one of the oldest if not the oldest free black town in America so we’ve been here since long before most of you and we’re not going any where!!! America will change and not the way u conservative jacka**** want it to or it won’t survive! Remember there was a time when the sun never set on Great

    1. Mark Clemens says

      The sun always setted over Great Britain.
      At one time the saying went:
      “The sun never sets on the BRITISH EMPIRE”
      You seem to be a victim of a poor education.

  27. Morton212 says

    Home schooling – in general – is an appalling way for a child to become educated. Not only are they removed from a very important part of their growth – which is learning to socialize with other children – many whom can contribute all sorts of knowledge and competition in a way that children understand – but it tends to make the child insular – and shrink his world to the size of a postage stamp.
    But even more galling is the fact that many parents are pretty ignorant and terrified of the real world.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      It would depend on how well the parent teaches. I do agree not participating in sports and other after school activities. Is a draw back.
      Then again there are 2 schools near me, who may have to give up their football teams, or another team sporting activity.
      They say equipment cost to much……

  28. Victor Archuleta says

    I call on Christian lawyers to stand against this madness. The terms “heritage” and “homeland” bring to mind a series of thoughts. First, what is the legal definition of heritage? Second, does the “home” in “Homeland” mean more ten “home”, As in “my home”? Does “home” imply standard of behavior? And does a home dweller have the right to demand standards of behavior from anyone crossing his threshold? A government such as ours demands morals and ethics. Lacking them, we witness virtually every day the pollution of the American culture. Healing our nation, cleansing our nation, demands standards of ethics and morals be reinstated.

    I call on Christian organizations, social, religious, and political to come together and organize one, cohesive, clear demand for establishing the plan for America as set forth by the Founders. America was founded for a Judeo-Christian believing people. Non others need apply for residency.

    I say “ENOUGH!” Progressive socialists rush to demand certain beliefs.? it’s time Believers in God demand behaviors and beliefs from them. And if they don’t wish to conform, encourage the naysayers to move elsewhere in the world. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m drawing a line in the good earth of America, and I’ll say loud and clear: “NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT IN MY HOMELAND!”

    1. Mark Clemens says

      ……….Exactly who are we “Cleansing”
      You do know Hitler had the same talking points. Are you going after the Jews, again?
      This ain’t even your country, it belongs to ALL of us. The White Man took it from the American Indians (fair & square) and gave it to everyone. Maybe since all of this diversity is confusing to you. You should move to Russia. They say everything there is the same…….
      Maybe we should dump this white culture.
      Y’all haven’t done nothing spectacular since the moon shot. Most of congress is white, look how stupid they act. They even let Hillary sucker Obama, in suckering them to pass ObamaCare.

      1. Psjlt says

        Mark Clemens,
        Obviously you escaped the benefits of a proper education. You talking points are completely illiterate as well as spouting erroneous history. Although I agree with your stance in some ways, it was difficult to decipher your true point.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Well it was a three room black school, in North West Mississippi at that! Lets over look everything but the first line.
          Who exactly are you want to “Cleansing”
          You must not of paid much attention in grammar school, either. I see a lot of spelling errors in your original post……….

      2. Victor Archuleta says

        I’ve just read my statement again. I’m well satisfied with what I wrote.

    2. Morton212 says

      Religion mixed with politics is a disastrous combination. That has been the excuse for most human conflicts in recorded history.
      You can excercise your morality through a representative that you send to Congress. Period.

      1. Victor Archuleta says

        Strange that religion is so feared, but you make a good point, Morton. Thomas Paine, after the Revolution, wrote a document in which he declared “We have the power to begin the world over again!” We can’t realize the depth of his feeling today, because we have not been in a bloody struggle in this land for our freedom.

        Nevertheless, to achieve his vision, religion, Divine guidance, is required. Thomas Jefferson laid out a plan for education that would have carried Americans a long way toward bringing that vision into reality. His wrote of a training ground where students would the 3Rs, but would also develop reasoning abilities, be instilled with moral values, virtue and order, and responsibilities to the citizenry. Any one of the group would be prepared to represent his group, his community, in the halls of government.

        I appreciate your response, but I must take issue with two statements you mase. 1. You tell me in no uncertain terms that religion and politics don’t mix; and we live in a nation that proceeded from a blend of politics and religion. and, 2, in no uncertain term, tell me how to exercise my morality.

        If you reread my statement, I wrote, ” I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m drawing a line in the good earth of America, and I’ll say loud and clear: “NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT IN MY HOMELAND!” The reason for my firm resolve is this one of many like it : “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
        – John Adams

        1. Morton212 says

          I understand your concern, but there is no way to guarantee a moral government and still retain the form of democracy that is uniquely given to the citizens of the USA. The problem of course is that moral standards are totally subjective.

        2. Victor Archuleta says

          Morton212, you wrote, “I understand your concern, but there is no way to guarantee a moral government and still retain the form of democracy that is uniquely given to the citizens of the USA. The problem of course is that moral standards are totally subjective.”

          I cannot access the above comment, so I copied it –

          First – America is not a democracy, but those who have instituted the democratic process are fulfilling the threat of that form of government which socialism followed by tyranny. Furthermore, moral standards are not subjective. Like “thou shalt not murder, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness”, all morals are absolutes. To claim these are subjective is to say oppression of people who oppose your opinion is permitted.

          America was founded on religious principles. Generations were reared with that mindset, but allowed their comfort to cause them to rest easy, never believing their way of life would be threatened by infiltrators of an unseen enemy. For fifty years or more that way of life has been chipped away, and now the damage can be seen. The people, frankly, respond with mind-numbing shock – but some some have been shocked awake. And those who are awake, are rousing themselves to action.

          Let’s be practical – the authentic American history contains all the details about operating a self-governing Republic, as well as the details about how to protect it. If progressive socialists want a government reflecting their approach, then let them settle someplace and form their own nation. I repeat, loud and clear:: “NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT IN MY HOMELAND!”:

          And I add this to emphasize my passionate stance:

          “Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness . . . it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.” Continental Congress, 1778

  29. Oldawg70 says

    Fact is…We The People have created this twisted educational system! We have shirked our duties as parents by not teaching core values to our children…morals, accountability, ethics, self-respect, patriotism, importance of being involved with both local and national politics. We can turn this around but it will come at a cost…and it seems that most are not willing to pay the price and do the right thing! My children asked me to stop having confrontations with our local school board because it resulted in retaliation against them(my children). Well…I didn’t stop but I did become more selective with my battles. Sad part was how many parents verbally agreed with my stance on the issues but would not get involved for fear of retaliation against their children…=(. We are setting the wrong example by allowing our children to become “indoctrinated” by our predominately liberal/socialistic educational system…

  30. MAHB001 says

    Time to get involved. Home school your children.

  31. jim marcum says

    Way back in 1971 I had an Instructor that taught a Civics course one night a week for 2 1/2 hours. I had to set there and listen to this ignorant asshole blame everything from the Garden of Eden to WWII on the Republican Party. He taught nothing but his opinion. Well my opinion differed from his and quiet often he and I butted heads. I passed his course with the equivalency of a D. I was more proud of that D than I was any of the 100% I earned.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Still butting heads I see.
      Keep up the good work.

  32. MAHB001 says

    I found it interesting that 0bama seemed to blame the riots in Baltimore on education, when it was kids going home from SCHOOL, that started it.

    Then 0bama went on to plug for more money to implement policies that he introduced, and I realized that he was simply not wasting a crisis.

    Same old 0bama.

  33. Donald Durbala says

    It was dismantled years ago by the left.

  34. American says

    As part of an ACT for America activity, I’m getting involved in reviewing middle school and high school textbooks for errors, and unbalanced content. We’re just starting, but we’ve received feedback from others who have gotten much further into it and have actually achieved some changes in school textbooks. The initial look indicates some very serious rewriting of history where, for example, all credit for the elimination of the Berlin wall was given to Gorbachev, with no mention of Ronald Regan, where the primary description of George Washington was that he owned slaves, where the discussion of American history begins in the late 1800s and completely bypasses our Founding Fathers and what they did to give us all the liberties we enjoy today, etc. The effort to make changes to existing textbooks is described by interactions with the schoolbook publishers as less than a search for truth to eliminate errors, but more a conflict of ideologies with stonewalling, obfuscation, and intimidation to limit or prevent changes in the current texts. The textbook organizations are corrupt with progressivism. The first thought is that we’re better off starting from scratch with a new company, than trying to work with existing publishers – but that is not a short term action. Along those lines, it may very well be time to start our own schools, while homeschooling or existing private/parochial schooling in the interim. The damage is deep and wide.

  35. Dave Williams says

    No need to do anything — as an insider, I can confidently report that it’s dismantling itself. Perhaps in 100 years, it’ll be quite commonly accepted that education ought to be for the few who really, REALLY seek it, and that most jobs do not, in fact, require a college degree. Duh.

  36. DivineEncounters says

    17 December 1993 Clinton announced the largest gift ever made to American public education a 500 million, five-year challenge to the nation designed to energize and support promising efforts at school reform throughout the country. In 1995 the Annenberg Challenge was to commit 15 million to the Education Commission of the States. A second 50 billion endowment went to the National Institute for School Reform at Brown University, established in October 1993, renamed the Annenberg Institution for School Reform. The institute would support the seven hundred school Coalition of Essential Schools.

    That renamed institute was governed by a Board of Overseers and Theodore R. “Ted” Sizer. Sizer was persuaded that education must be rooted in a kind of democratic pluralism. In 1984 he founded the Coalition of Essential Schools. The CES is guided by the Common Principles.

    Principle number 4 says the choice of teaching materials is reserved for a schools’ principal and staff. Principle number 5 is the very socialist sounding student as worker. This is reminiscent of the Red Sunday School of the 1910’s and 20;s when classes operated by the Socialist Party were used to indoctrinate children in class consciousness and how to become good workers.

    The current CES executive board includes two progressive education luminaries. The CES national office administers professional development institutes through its CES University, which operates an annual Fall Forum for teacher and administrators. You might want to look at their website.

    CES curriculum is based on the concept of essentialism, Radical Math, Radical History, Radical Science, Learning about Islam and too much more to go into.

    Time to get serious about what is happening in our Public Schools and our colleges and fast. Education has been hijacked and we see the results daily with the Liberals.

    1. Morton212 says

      ‘CES curriculum is based on the concept of essentialism, Radical Math, Radical History, Radical Science, Learning about Islam and too much more to go into.’

      Why don’t you give it a shot – since your attempt to sound intelligent is absolutely meaningless

  37. adrianvance says

    As one who grew up the son of two college professors I can tell you that Federal funding is what has destroyed college education by turning it into indoctrination teaching much of what is not true, but will keep the elected people in power. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  38. Pegasus says

    We are producing moronic idiots these days from our colleges and universities… due to the idiots that run the institutions and the Marxist Whacko leftist professors who teach our young people. This MUST stop!!!

  39. jimdarnall says

    Most universities today have lost their focus on what made the U.S. the greatest nation in the world. They are leaving the truth of our history for lies and creating institutions of immortality and hate. I am not even sure they should be considered as places of education and learning. The hate and intolerance being taught by Atheist professors is criminal and unacceptable. Higher education as we now know it needs a total overhaul. I could go on but surely by now you get the point.

  40. don white says

    we need to send all the liberals with the bunch taking a one way trip to mars

  41. Linda Lee says

    Two recemt developments I found exceedingly offense and wrong headed are as follows. A college now has a “Cultural Competency” test which all those applying must take . The other is a Feminist sensitivity test. Now how woudl you like to pay for this along with everything else they screw you for already?

  42. Tracy Jones says

    WILL BE A MUCH KINDER PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. TexasStomp says

      There is a “model” for GROUPS of parents banding together to home school their children. EACH couple brings their own expertise in their fields to the classroom. The kids still get sufficient socialization by association with their peers, they benefit from more than one perspective on every topic, one parent doesn’t have to give a job and by splitting costs they can afford to provide MORE materials and activities than public schools can. Also, this is the part I love, they can drop the old model of kids stuck in one room or building.

      They can teach in the park, in museums, visit City Hall, attend any event that provides first hand exposure to a topic. Teaching then becomes a real time experience. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination and creativity of the parents.

  43. Alleged Comment says

    I think you should call it “lower education” to understand the problem better.

  44. OldPatriot32 says

    Not dismantle-REFORM!

  45. pattonknew says

    listen…focus :
    theirs alot of internal leadership, organization and programming that needs to happen in opposition to the socialist state….business, universities, states, cities and communities…..but as a society we have to understand the core fundamental as the collective economics of society being essential and parallel to the despotism incurred…this is political and economic leverage.
    it factually separates the states from the government as opposition to a runaway government – but the establishment considers it “inclusive” or more literally – control of.
    the establishments perceived opposition list reads: capitalists, christian, conservative, libertarian, tea party, constitutionalists, anti -federalists, nra and more groups than i can list .
    however the natural progression of society shows the intellect in learning to work together by combining to defeat a common enemy of liberty……even into a third party if done intellectually.

    our freedom is not free and those in our society who prefer more security to freedom will have neither freedom or security and deserved neither. !! (thomas jefferson )
    these problems are not individual they are collective (socialism ) and must be dealt with in that way or like the government bankrupting the country through enormous debt and refusing to reduce spending …your just kicking the can down the road by refusing to deal with or do anything else but complain…not saying home schooling is not good( short term) its just giving ground to create a new majority because you backed down.
    every person should understand that racism is not inherent to society…it is however inherent to the political parties and dictators that have enslaved the planet for 1000’s of years; socialists, marxists and communists and with socialists in charge of our government you can be damn sure of it….period.

    this is only one part of why opposition has to be on a collective rather than just individual scale in terms of issues…so while not the only answer a core truth very simply comes in literally solving inequality in the classes amongst the economic and social wreckage obama and bush ( through compromise) have created….nobodies interested in repeating the past mistakes of the establishment (slavery and racism) and specifically this joint political party (progressives and liberals) that have repeatedly shoved depression, recession, despotism and slavery down americas throats every opportunity they’ve gotten in american history !!

    its makes alot of sense that the establishments “greatest threats politically” also (very logically) receive the greatest attacks and smears from the media and establishment – just be intelligent enough to realize it before hand !!.
    george w. bush and his crew are not and never will be conservatives.

    Rand Paul 2016

  46. real talk 1 says

    It’s far past time to close down higher so call learning they are just liberal indoctrination and it’s going to bring down the nation. liberals are very sick people they don’t know it and would never admit it but those people are made that way through flaws in their DNA.!!

  47. rayhause says

    Sure wish that when Cruz was announcing his closing the IRS would have included the Dept. of Education.

  48. Becky says

    We could take back all of the early PRO-CHRISTIAN universities and kick the stinking Commie ‘professors’ OUT of them. Those include YALE, HARVARD, and PRINCETON. They were ALL opened and formed to TEACH CHRISTIANITY to the populace and train preachers. If the faggy Commies don’t like it, get them out. Let THEM go found their own colleges. Our existing universities are CONSERVATIVE ones founded on Conservative Principles. Let the faggy Libs go elsewhere. And the stinking muslimes.

  49. Emily says

    I am curious, I went to elementary school in the United States in the 1950’s and I was taught that we had separation of church and state and there was no praying or anything like that in grammar school. I don’t see that it has been taken from the schools as 50 years ago, at least, it was not there.
    The top schools, like Stanford, don’t charge tuition for families that make less than $120,000 per year or even room and board for those that make less than about $65,000. This is true of all the top schools. I think you would find that even though they are private they are very liberal. They are so arrogant that they think that it is when you learn enough about the world and how things work you don’t have conservative ideas any more. They say that is why only 6% of scientists are Republicans and a fraction as many scientists believe in God as everyone else. A problem is that the good, high paying jobs these days are in technology fields. The technologists are making robots that are replacing factory workers and many other kinds of workers as well. That means if we want our kids to have good jobs, we need them to learn science, and if they do they will be exposed to godless science and scientists.

    Other countries, like India, China, all of Europe, Russia and so on are spending a lot of money on higher education. They don’t really care if people believe in God or not and they aren’t conservatives so they don’t care about that either That means they keep getting better and better at technology. We are still the best which is why we are the richest country in the world. If we did not have our universities they would pass us.

    What is going to happen is that some people, those who do not care that much about God and conservative values are going to go to the universities, learn technology and make a lot of money. Those that care more about God and conservative values are going to avoid them and stay poor. It is already happening. Silicon Valley is one of the richest places on Earth and the people there are super liberal. Sheryl Sandberg, the 2nd in command of Facebook, is a top person in Hillary’s campaign. You probably do not understand how rich people are in Silicon Valley but a kid out of college’s starting salary might easily be $80,000+ per year. The cheapest rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $3200. Whites are outnumbered 2 to 1.

  50. Charlie says

    Let me bottom line all, that is corrupt in our beautiful country called the United States of America . ……Ready ????? The bottom line is GREED !!!! Greed for political power, greed for monetary gain , greed for population control , greed for fame , greed for notoriety , greed for tyrannical powers. So the optimum , final word is GREED . Greed is a sin , no ifs buts or anything else just a sin….

    1. TexasStomp says

      Believe you’ve limited your target audience, Charlie.

      Take mankind and every one of your statements remains true and has since the first ape climbed out of a tree, stood up, grabbed a club, and killed a smaller ape to get his food.

  51. notmelbrooks says

    There are already 100’s of conservative colleges. Here are some links. . . I really don’t know what the author is complaining about.

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