Was James Comey the Media’s Primary “Leaker” All Along?


According to a new Fox News report, President Trump’s lawyers are prepared to prove that when former FBI Director James Comey told his buddy to go to the news media with his memos, it was only the latest of several instances in which the nation’s top law enforcement official leaked administration news to the press.

A source close to Trump’s legal team confirmed to Fox News that lawyers may soon file complaints with the inspector general of the Justice Department and the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Though Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3 he’d never been — or directed another FBI official to be — an anonymous source for news reports about the Trump and Hillary Clinton investigations, the then-FBI chief did not deny orchestrating leaks using, for instance, an old friend who works at Columbia University, or providing the information to a wide enough group to ensure it would leak.

And in reference to a separate case, he acknowledged sending his infamous letter to lawmakers last fall announcing a revival of the Clinton email probe knowing full well what they’d do: “Did I know they were really going to leak it? Of course, I know how Congress works.”

Adding credence to the Fox News report was a tweet from the president himself earlier this week.

“I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible,” Trump wrote. “Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!'”

At his Senate hearing last week, Comey testified that he asked his friend to go to the media with the memos AFTER Trump tweeted about the “tapes” he might have about their conversations. But that leaves open the question about why Trump made that threat in the first place.

Except…it’s really not much of a question. There’s no other way the New York Times could have written their May 11 story (one day before the “tapes” tweet) that chronicled the president’s one-on-one dinner with Comey where he asked for the FBI director’s loyalty. The Times said they got the information from two of Comey’s “associates.” Well, this was almost certainly based on the same memos that Comey testified about at the hearing. Which means Comey lied to the Committee.

Legalities aside, it’s clear that Comey has a vendetta against President Trump that likely preceded his firing. A vendetta that CAUSED his firing. And we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Comey was leaking “memos” to the media long before Trump finally had enough. The Democrats can pretend that Comey is a straight-laced, upstanding Boy Scout all they want, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that he’s just another establishment operative trying to prevent the people’s president from draining the swamp.

    1. Tony Rowell says

      I believe he was, or is, one of the main leakers

      1. Worried Vet says

        There is more there than we may ever know. The corruption runs very deep in the DC swamp. It also runs very high up the chain of command during Obama’s term. The thing that I wonder about is an unknown senator became the democrat nominee. He was groomed for the office of POTUS way back in college at least and I wonder how far up George Soroses butt he really is? Trump needs to order Sessions to follow the money from that slush fund they call a foundation. The Clinton’s have their dirty hands in this to some point, this is why Hillary thought she was owed being POTUS. She thought it was bought and paid for even with CNN and the DNC. They were in the tank for Hillary and that’s been proven. I don’t think they did it because Hillary was the best choice. If I’m right why did they do what they did? It created more questions than answers so follow the money and maybe the truth will come out.

        1. Tony Rowell says

          you are 100% correct

        2. Retired says

          Don’t you find it kind of strange Clinton and Obama had advisors from Iran and both are from Chicago .

          1. Worried Vet says

            There is many things I find strange. We need a mind like Sherlock Holmes to figure out how deep the corruption goes, and everyone involved.

          2. Retired says

            As Trump calls it the Swamp, it has been built for 100 years if not longer .

          3. Worried Vet says

            I think it may go back a little further, about when Wilson was in office. I think it went on steroids when JFK was killed and Johnson became POTUS. The research on him shows just how corrupt he was, and he was close to the Clinton’s now days. When people take someone like Maxine waters seriously and she was named the most corrupt politician we know something is very wrong. The deeper they are the harder it will be to get them out. Trump and Sessions have their work cut out for them. This is why all these things are being said about the AG trying to bring him down. He is a very honest and honorable man from what I can find out. To corrupt officials he is bad news. We all need to pray the good guys win and something don’t happen to the men and women working to bring the corruption to an end and save this country.

          4. James says

            I agree with most of your post, sir; but I truly believe the corruption actually goes back to very early in our country’s history. Andrew Jackson, at the latest, but very likely, during Pres. Washington’s tenure.
            While the patriots who fought and built this country had very good intentions, I fear they were too trusting in who they allowed in their inner circles. There has always been power hungry individuals who seek out opportunities to advance themselves in power positions.
            I could go into more detail; but sadly, many are still deniers of any kind of ‘conspiracy theory’.
            One only needs to read and understand human history; especially through the eyes of The Scriptures, to know what I am talking about!

          5. Worried Vet says

            I agree with you on all accounts, I have no doubt there were men back then who craved power and did anything to achieve it. My point was I think it got much worse around the time of the Kennedy assassination. LBJ was no saint and history points to men like him that were devious and would do anything for power. Hillary is like that she craves power and control. She thought she deserved to be POTUS, instead of earning it. When they call her queen Hillary she really thought she was royalty and would be Obama’s crown princess. When people are willing to do anything for power and money they are bad for this country. I don’t think Trump is like most, and why is he had power and money, he is old enough he should be enjoying what he has accomplished, so I think he really does love America and wants to make it better. Only time will tell if liberals will stop acting like sore losers. It’s sad how petty people have become.

          6. gearbox says

            Great post W.V. ! Thanks for your service ! “MAGA”

          7. Worried Vet says

            Your welcome, and thanks.

          8. berg1928 says

            Do you honestly believe that Trump does not crave power and did everything to achieve it? Also, time will tell how well or how poorly Trump has done. He is not off to a good start.

          9. Worried Vet says

            I understand the lust for power and the abuse of power. I trained many people for management over the years and had them abuse their power as soon as they were put in charge. They let it go to their heads. Now my point is Trump had about as much power as anyone could want, and I know being POTUS is much more than being a CEO. I think he wouldn’t have put his self or his family through all the torture they’ve been through unless he wanted to really help this country. I know at times he is his own worst enemy and his mouth can be worse. He is a business man and knows what a budget is and why it’s important. Political hacks don’t know or don’t care. I don’t like many things he does, but I do like he is putting America first. I don’t know how much good it will do toward the debt, but he seems to be paying attention. I remember when Obama made a campaign promise of going line by line to save money on the budget. Well it sounded good but he and all of Congress are responsible for spending more than all presidents before him combined. That’s unpatriotic period. Trump has told the world uncle Sam the the over generous to uncle Sam the broke and can’t afford to keep giving money to countries that hate us. He also showed he won’t allow a budget for whatever to be over run and cost much more than it was supposed to. There is a man who understand this country can’t keep borrowing money to keep spending on anything not good for this country. The money wasted overseas is just wrong. Gas stations costing millions and things like that. I hope he continues letting people know we’re not uncle Sam the easy anymore. If he does that he will have done a great thing for this country. If the democrats would stop acting like sore losers and actually cared about this country he could do much more. The same for status quo GOP members. They are all acting like if it’s not for their benefit they can’t vote yes. It’s time they stop being selfish and do their freaking jobs, that’s what taxpayers pay them to do. When they stopped being the people’s employee and doing their own thing is when we made a huge mistake. If they refuse to do what their people want then fire them.

          10. SD of AZ says

            Well said, and as an accountant I believe like you that Trump has the knowledge to create a real budget. Problem is the folks around him do not even know how to spell it let alone follow it. He has a room full of cats all fighting for their food and they do not realize there is plenty for all evenly. I have wondered since he stepped up and knew all these politicians pretty well on both sides why he even wanted to try and put himself and his family through it. My conclusion was the same as yours, he loves this country and it is his home too. And he will be here after serving his TWO terms. We have to help him manage the cats in congress. McCain is such a butt! And Flakey is such a follower. After the dug out, guess I can call him hider as well. Not a risk taker for sure.

          11. berg1928 says

            I agree with much that you say but I can’t agree with all you wrote about Trump. However, my father spent 30 years in the U.S. Navy and he most certainly would agree (and so do I) that this nation has spent way too much money on other nations. He said the Brits used to refer to Uncle Sam as Uncle Sugar. I have a sneaky notion that many other countries think of us as cash cows or ATM machines.

          12. Worried Vet says

            I heard something like that and a few others. This country has been a cash cow for decades and I pray Trump stops it.

          13. 75matt says

            Trump is not off to a good start because there are too many obstructionist putting up road blocks. There are just too many problems.

          14. will says

            Considering the gauntlet he has done allot –

          15. SUZANNE M. says


          16. jim says

            It is not the Democrats acting like sore losers . Their puppet master and head Globalist , George Soros ,wants to take down America and replace it with the New World order . We are in a financial and political war . The Nationalists against the Globalists . I hope that it does not evolve into a physical war , but I fear that the Globalists are desperate because our President has become a serious obstacle to their agenda .

          17. Worried Vet says

            Your so right. Trump has stopped us from being the world’s sugar daddy. It looks almost like Obama made us responsible for all the world’s problems. He seemed to be trying to punish the USA by spending trillions, and going around apologising to every country on the planet. Trump pulling us out of Paris and making NATO step up and pay pissed off many of these globalization nuts. If anyone cares to look the world isn’t ending if so why in the accord are we supposed to keep lowering carbon and spending billions and China don’t do a thing until 2030? That’s sounds a little one sidled to me. India don’t have to do anything for years. China and India are growing and polluting much more and this accord allows them to keep doing so, but puts it all on the USA and it’s population. Sorry that’s wrong and like me there are millions of us that can’t afford to pay three times more for energy to help pay these countries to go green. That’s a fact if life and if your worried then start sending a check to a country you want to be green like Cuba. See how much they spend in it.

          18. FedUp says

            Yes! Thomas Jefferson warned about these kinds of people. The tide turned for them when the Communist Party set up headquarters in DC and began infiltrating the Democratic Party some time after WWII. Their work is almost finished; in fact, one could say it is finished, and their ideology is doing its work in the destruction of our country. May God have mercy on us!

          19. Worried Vet says

            Your closer than you think. When liberals say people like Castro and Chavez are heroes we are in real trouble. They are no better than Stalin or Hitler just because they didn’t kill as many to maintain power. They were still communist and socialist in their own way. Your right God help us stop this insanity before its to late.

          20. Retired says

            Castro and Chavez Killed more than people realize .

          21. Worried Vet says

            That’s what I don’t get. How can anyone with common sense call them a Hero? When people confuse a Hero because they believe in socialism is beyond my pay grade.

          22. gearbox says

            Yeh James Andrew Jackson who started the DEMocRAT party , really screwed the indians but good ! And now they are screwing the black people ! Whatever the DEMocRAT’S do that is wrong , They turn it around and blame the Republicans ! And it’s still going on ! “MAGA”

          23. tjke says

            We must drain the FBI swamp, too

          24. Brenda Sinclair says


          25. tjke says

            Agree 100%

          26. gonzales27 says

            I have said that myself.

          27. Helen Finch says

            I like the list you posted. Seems like a perfect way to start the draining.

          28. Arizona Don says

            I like your point however, the president cannot fire elected officials. However, I’m also sure you know that.

          29. Janet says

            Unfortunately, you are right, but there are legal means to get rid of them. Just need to get the complete info on them and file charges. McCain barely won the last time, so hopefully the people of Arizona won’t put him back in office again. California is hopeless, but I vote against Pelosi and Feinstein and Escho and now Karmela Harris (another disaster in the rigged election process in CA that gave us 2 Democrats and no Republicans for the general election as they had the highest votes…Republican didn’t so not on ballot). People need to wake up and clean up the Federal Government and then every State needs some weed killer! We all have to encourage people to vote and to change those we have in office if they have been making a career of politics or are part of the swamp.

          30. SavvyRead says

            tjke & Brenda .. It is as if we have no “National Security”! These vermin have nested and bred, seemingly overtime when all were secured by the deadbeats on payrolls of the Democratic bureaucrats who continue their fraud upon those of us who had presumed NO FRAUD WOULD BE TOLERATED .. because WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

            Furthermore, as the “media nerds” should be run out of town, and sat idly by; the nitwits of history!!

            “The Democratic Party” going back to the Kennedys and Johnsons were, in retrospect, crooks!!!

          31. Brenda Sinclair says

            AMERICANS have sat back allowed all these crimes be done to taxpayers, it is time as our forefathers did stand up be patriots take up arms even if it takes a civil war to take back america one thing for sure WAKE UP AMERICA THE MUSLIMS ARE HERE TO TAKE OVER AMERICA IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK OUR OUR AMERICA WILL BECOME A MUSLIM NATION UNDER SHARIA LAW. THIS IS PREDICTED IN BIBLE TO HAPPEN AND IS HAPPENING TODAY the muslims have one goal to rape our women to produce more muslims to kill off white races it is happening all of europe in germany england, netherlands norway sweden, muslims wants to wipe out white race for they know black races will submit to them or die.we have to help president trump STOP EVEN ONE MUSLIM ENTERING AMERICA TO SET UP TRAINING CAMPS TO KILL US https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ee72335fc0d1c3e4526dc4fb0bf9b079b51f8abfaace1cb2333e5dc62658594.jpg

          32. Charles Lagioia says


          33. Brenda Sinclair says

            I AM A RESEARCHER FOR TRUTH, I DO NOT ACCEPT LIES NOR SHOULD ANY AMERICAN OUT THERE TRUTH IS TO BE FOUND,AND THE TRUTH WILL SET AMERICA FREE ONCE AGAIN https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a039cc51f010fa8ed8f083984e3686a9aef34fceb00e1ff9a2d2e50e7ad95cb.jpg

          34. Jim says

            Don’t forget dickhead durbin of Il.

          35. Drberlat says

            We have one actual party that operates according to the articles laid out in the Constitution, the Republican Party, which is opposed by the American Communist party that would make Marx and Engels envious! Every Democrat has and continues to violate their oath to the Constitution, a capital offense called treason! The total fraud that squatted in our sacred White House for eight years, whose eligibility was never proven, got a pass as he methodically, with the help of these serial traitors, went about destroying the very fabric our nation! Look no further than the traitors pictured above……..but Trump is the problem…….WHAT! He was elected by a majority of the people and is draining the swamp as he promised! Every attack against Trump has proven to be a baseless witch hunt and is just another illegal road block toward Making America Great Again! So I ask President Trump….stop putting up with these heinous criminals, order the Sergeant At Arms to arrest all of these traitors and don’t forget Comey the lying sell out and install in their place real Americans who will honor their oath to the Constitution! We as a nation are dealing with greatest collection of traitors in our nation’s history and they must be stopped …..NOW! As a veteran with a family whose members served over generations in our military this is a call for action and don’t forget to finally provide the Clintons with matching orange jump suits for their massive crimes against America. Oh, and don’t forget Obuma, I believe he wears a woman’s medium!

          36. gearbox says

            Very good Drberlat ! Would love to see your words come to pass ! “MAGA”

          37. berg1928 says

            Trump was NOT elected by a majority of the people. Hilary had 3,000,000 more popular votes than Trump.

          38. SD of AZ says

            berg1928, the fraud has been proven. Drop your argument now or remove all doubt you are truly a DEM wit!

          39. berg1928 says

            Proven by whom?

          40. Drberlat says

            You prove it yourself with your apparent ignorance of election law! First off there were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes, proven! The recounts that you crybabies demanded resulted in more votes for Trump, not less! Please stop embarrassing yourself on a public forum! The electoral college votes the President into office, not the popular vote! That’s the law and ignorance of it just shines the light the of ignorance of the law back on you! At least Trump doesn’t have a string rapes and murders in his past, including five workers who lost their lives during this last election like Seth Rich, shot in the back while heading home because he shared some incriminating emails with Wikileaks! Talk to all the women little Billy raped over his career, the murders in both Arkansas and DC of associates who knew to much! And let’s not forget Monica Lewinsky in the White House and the national security issues, hmm? You take an oath when you enter government office and it’s even more serious when you violate it in that capacity! The Secretary Of State took an oath swearing to protect the transfer of highly classified documents to be transmitted only on an approved server to an approved recipient, not a non-secure server in Hillary’s basement sending protected documents to a non-secured served, to a recipient with zero security clearance, that is a federal felony……….hello Anthony Weiner who received a boatload of protected documents on his home server! Enough said! Gee you misguided liberals who could care less about America, need to get a life or move to Iran and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

          41. Mary Clouse says

            Well said,I applaud you immensely.just make
            your comments a bit shorter next time,you can do it,I figured it out how,but you are right ………period

          42. Drberlat says

            Thank you for your kind words and I agree with your premise that fewer words can sometimes make an important point! When dealing with rational people, short responses are effective……..in this case an education was called for!

          43. Worried Vet says

            You said that well. Liberals seem to see only what that want to, never the truth. The Clinton’s have been one of the most corrupt political families in our country.

          44. Worried Vet says

            To start in Virginia. They found 5000 illegals who cast 7000 votes in various elections. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you should check facts before spewing hate. I bet California is much much worse since they allow illegals to get D.L.

          45. Pam says

            OMG! You have to be kidding. What is it that you don’t understand? It has already been proven that there was VOTER FRAUD for the reasons we gave to you. States have been audited and votes recounted and voter fraud was uncovered.

          46. rick meek says

            Yeah Right —- In CA over 5 million illegals voted for clinton ALONE……

          47. berg1928 says

            Baloney! This only happened in Trump’s dreams.

          48. rick meek says

            NO – in your dreams – Where do you get your INTEL……

          49. Joe Conservative says

            He has a degree in CNN/MSNBC–HE KNOWS ALL! 🙁

          50. Bob Morton says

            If you count voter fraud as popular vote, which is coming to light as we speak. State by state voter fraud is already being uncovered. With the new Voter Fraud System almost in place, the illegal alien votes, the multiple vote, the deceased votes – Hillary will probably be in the negative. This is Bob’s wife.

          51. Sandy129 says

            Take away the illegal votes and she lost by a huge margin. We have electoral votes and our President got over 70 more than she did. She lost big time. You might just as well save yourself some misery and get over it.

          52. erleebird says

            Thank God she lost! Trump’s battle is harder because of some left wing George Soros followers. And, of course, there’s the MOB MENTALITY – Nancy; Liz; Bernie; and all the others who follow like sheep! It seems to me the last generation’s schooling was nothing compared to the former generation. I was in the generation when prayer; pledge of allegiance; and singing the American anthem were spoken and sung with pride!

          53. Sandy129 says

            Me too! We said the pledge of allegiance every morning in school. Public education is a thing of the past and I think its mostly all indoctrination. After having my 4th child went back to complete my education as a first time college student and got my RN. What we got was a quality education, its not happening anymore.

          54. Pam says

            ME too Sandy129 & Erleebird. I certainly wouldn’t change those days to be younger now for anything or any money. I prayed to God that Trump won the Presidency. If he hadn’t, I believe our future would be BLEAK.

          55. Ray says

            Exactly, they are just going to have to suck it up, and except it President Trump is the Commander-in-Chief. And let him get on with his agenda, with all this interference the Democraps keep throwing out there. The American people see now what they are doing. Come 2018 the Democraps will lose more seats. A dying party for the next 50 years at least the way they are going. People across this country want the President to get things done to make this country great again. That’s why they voted for him.

          56. Sandy129 says

            It sure is taking them a long to get a grip! As more American come to see the reality, there will be many more of us than of them. He is doing what we voted him in to do for sure and imagine what could get done without all the obstruction…

          57. Pam says

            You are so right Sandy. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have that constant pressure on a daily basis and try to do the job that I was elected to do to make this country GREAT AGAIN. I give that man lots of credit. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years and it is totally uncalled for. He won the election and is our duly elected POTUS. LET HIM DO HIS JOB. It is ridiculous and OBAMA should have been the one accused with all of these allegations, NOT TRUMP. His drive is to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, not to DESTROY IT. People need to wake up before this country is transformed into a communist, Muslim country right before our eyes.

          58. Gail Bucci says

            That is not how we elect a president, as per our Constitution. Otherwise, we would only need New York, L.A., and Chicago to elect our President. All states have to be represented, not just the major cities.

          59. Fred says

            …in the state of California…so, that makes her the President of the Land of “what ain’t nuts and fruits is flakes”! Hey, stupid, that is precisely why we have the Electoral College. If you do not understand the basic principle behind “why” the Electoral College was setup, then you need to study-up before you show the world what kind of a dumb-ass you truly are!

          60. berg1928 says

            Well, Freddie-boy, you just showed the world how rude, crude and vulgar you are. Proud of yourself?

          61. Fred says

            Grow a thicker skin and you won’t get so offended. That goes for the other sissy liberals that need a tissue and a safe space every time they hear something they perceive as an insult. If you have nothing of substance to add, piss-off. Your attempt at shaming me will not work.

          62. berg1928 says

            Well, Freddie, I knew nothing could shame you. You’re like Trump who said he never apologized for anything because he never did anything wrong. Speaking of adding something of substance, we’re still waiting for you to do that.

          63. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Go Trump go Make America Great Again stop all these stupid people who think killer, crooked , stupid Hillary didn’t win we’d have more people on food stamps, free rent free medical help. So President Trump go and Make America Great Again. Please stop tweeting so these stupid Democrats and liberals don’t have things to go after you for. Just keep making America Great Again

          64. Worried Vet says

            Safe spaces are an excuse because they can’t debate anything with real facts.

          65. Ray says

            Fred, you are exactly right. But this is the kind of people we have out here now. They have no idea what the left is trying to do to this country. All they want is the freebies and the hard working Americans support them. We can’t do this any longer and they just can’t go along with the President in what he is trying to do.

          66. Pam says

            I agree with you Fred. They have absolutely NO IDEA what the left is trying to do to this country.

          67. Gunruner says

            Yep, if you count all the illegal voters, the voters that voted multiple times or in multiple states, the fixed voting machines favoring democrats, the illegal immigrants that voted, the paid voters, etc…There were a number of votes cast that registered more than were available to vote in some districts (103%)….I don’t believe the number or claim…Lastly, if the democrats were combine with Republcan’s to require positive voter ID laws in place, protections from multiple voting or fraudulent voting in multiple states, then there would be little doubt on a national scale, and this issue would be put to rest….in my opinion…

          68. Pam says

            You better come to the realization that TRUMP won the Electorial votes and is our duly elected POTUS. Hillary’s votes were mostly from duplicate voting, deceased people’s votes, illegals votiing and a RIGGED ELECTION. Sorry. Cheaters DO NOT ALWAYS WIN, thank God. Popular votes does not win an election, just Electorial votes. Go back to school and learn something. What in God’s name do you think that Hillary would do good for the people? Be serious and use your head. We need to continuously DRAIN THE SWAMP.

          69. Sandy129 says

            My Dad was in the Navy and a Sea Bee. He would be angry and heartbroken to have to watch all that is going on now. I totally agree with what you said. The northern border is also a huge threat. Dennis Lynch did an investigation with video showing the empty guard booths and the tire tracks across the ice in winter proves its a main thoroughfare and nobody is there to stop them. The Border Guard Supervisor, Mr Judd that reported that problem is now a target and being charged for giving out the info to the people. Anyone willing to speak out is quickly silenced.

          70. Drberlat says

            Your Dad was a hero and his service is to be honored but I agree with your assessment we have been losing our nation to a cadre of oath breaking politicians who have one hand reaching out for a bribe and the other with their hand in your pocket! President Trump is trying under difficult circumstances to drain the swamp loaded with sellouts from both parties! My brother is a retired Judge in Arizona and is well acquainted with the border patrol and the hell they had been enduring over the last eight years! Well that tune has changed with currently a 70% reduction in illegal Southern border crossings under Trump! Not an easy fix but it’s happening under principled patriotic leadership! The border to the north will be next on the agenda, all leaks must be stopped ASAP! By the way both my brother and I are veterans so we understand your pain!

          71. Michael Dennewitz says

            Vietnam vet… 62 to 68.. ?

          72. Drberlat says

            That you for your service ……….Vietnam Vet served ’65-’71. Those we’re times that try men’s souls!

          73. Michael Dennewitz says

            I was in radar, onboard ship. We took everything we could haul down there, then brought body bags back. Most wasted “conflict” we were ever engaged in ??

          74. Drberlat says

            So true, an absolute waste of American lives, heroes the lot of them! You had a tough job that must have affected you to the core. I know the loses affected me, we never intended to seek victory in that “conflict” as the politicians tied the hands of the commanders in the field, including calling off the bombing of the Ho Chi Min trail, which if it were kept up, would have permanently crippled the Cong supply line and forced a surrender. At least that is the info that was rumored as to the cessation of the bombing effort! There was so much confusion at the time but that info made the most sense! Just like Korea, China was rumored to be behind the North Viet Cong attempts to place the nation into Communist hands! The information we got as lowly enlisted personnel was sketchy at best and we had little time to contemplate the end game! Survival was our main concern!

          75. Michael Dennewitz says

            I was FTG4. Fire Control, in “plot” which was located in the lowest, most center of the ship. We are there for 13 weeks. I was okay until I found out what/who they had me training the 5″38s on, even sicker when I saw how many body bags covered the hangar deck. ???

          76. Drberlat says

            Got your six brother, can’t imagine dealing with the body bags knowing these were brothers in the fight! Noting the sheer number of fallen brothers would overwhelm even the most callous of war fighters! Those are the memories that forever dwell in the minds of those who survived the hell of combat! Yours was truly as bad as it gets! Stay strong, your not in it alone as the survivors suffer the most, the mental component being the most damaging and words alone don’t heal the damage nor do years ease the pain!

          77. erleebird says

            All you soldiers et al were and still are the backbone of our nation! Thank you! And God Bless America!

          78. Drberlat says

            Thank you for your kind words. Our oath is not up for interpretation it is all
            encompassing with no wiggle room! We take it without reservation, not force but willingly understanding that we are the defenders of our nation. When we raise our hand offering up our lives and sacred honor in defense of America, we do so swearing an allegiance to both America and GOD as our oath ends with the words “So Help Me God!!

          79. Michael Dennewitz says

            I was only 18 then.. I still wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying like a little kid. Only those that were there would begin to understand..?

          80. Virginia Hornibrook says

            So sorry thank you for your service it’s sad our service personal have to go through this, why our government doesn’t have the best Doctors in the world to see that you people don’t get the best help ever. If our VA hospital can’t serve you for what you need, thank God Trump has signed into law that you can go anywhere to get the help you need. Shame on the VA under Obama that you weren’t treated with respect and service within on day. Good bless all of you that have served our country. God bless President Trump who is going to Make America Great Again

          81. Arizona Don says

            The VA facilities are an excellent example of government healthcare. Especially the Phoenix facility. This is what the democrats want everyone to have. A very close personal friend committed suicide, he was in so much pain, and they told him he would have to wait another month for care. It was just like “they” shot him.

          82. Worried Vet says

            Amen and thanks to all who served in battle. Thanks to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice fighting for this country. They are one of the reasons I will fight to help Trump do what needs to be done.

          83. Sandy129 says

            Thank you for your service!

          84. FedUp says

            To Michael, Drberlat and Sandy, much thanks and agreement here! My husband (Marines) left Vietnam during the TET offensive! Talk about scary times! We were sold down the river by both sides- our government and the anti-government protest-makers! But regardless of all that, our country is still great, and the best one this poor world has to offer, if you ask me! Thank God for President Trump, who is bringing some sanity to the chaos…and blessings on all who served during that most difficult time.

          85. Drberlat says

            Thanks for your kind words and yes the TET was hell, had a Marine brother who survived it, one of the few!

          86. erleebird says

            God bless!

          87. Sandy129 says

            Amen, finally a Commander in Chief that has the Military’s back! Another one like the last 8 years would have finished us off.

          88. erleebird says

            FedUp: As an American who lived through those years, It was as bad as it gets, though not as bad as it has become! It was shocking and unnerving that our troops suffered the wrath of those who constantly criticized and lambasted those who fought to do the “right thing!” God bless those Viet Nam Vets and the fallen!

          89. FedUp says

            I could not agree more! The Left-wing agitators were hard at work then, as they are now, just slightly less visibly, at least I didn’t know about that aspect of things until later… They are very visible now! George Soros is out of the closet- many people know about him and his ilk, but… nothing has been done.

          90. erleebird says

            I am at a loss as to what I can personally do to help get rid of George Soros and his minions. Letters to the Editor don’t help! Letters to my state officials don’t work. My State, Connecticut, is predominantly Democrat, and the one person I felt could be counted on in the past, has gone the way of the LEFT WING! (Richard Blumenthal) I have lost all respect for him and he used to be a fighter for justice here! Shame on him!

          91. FedUp says

            Yes, shame. I think the one thing to do is keep our spirits up, and keep on going. It is so easy to let things get the better of us, and stop doing. I think that consistent and persuasive work with get the job done… contact the White House and leave a message of encouragement to Pres. Trump and staff, e-mail your senator (both mine in WA state are Dems) and let them know that you disagree with them. Let your voice be heard in whatever venue you’re in…and remember, “it’s a good day to die…..” 🙂

          92. Janet says

            I email Pelosi, Feinstein, and Escho, but all I get as an acknowledgement is a stupid letter that says nothing and everyone receives it or Feinstein’s newsletter full of everything I disagree with. As a member of Congress, they are suppose to represent all of their constituents, not just the Democrats that voted for them. You cannot get a meaningful response, but I will continue to email them just so maybe they can see that not everyone agrees with them.

          93. erleebird says

            Janet: I guess you and I and “FedUp” are of the same mind. Perhaps there are others like us who feel the same way, so there may be hope after all! If I hear about the “Russian” conspiracy again, I’m voting for Vlad Putin 🙂

          94. Ann Davis says

            I’m with you–he was much better than Kenyan traitor Obama.

          95. Ann Davis says

            And keep praying for our nation under God’s care.

          96. Brenda Sinclair says

            SORRY BUT RICHARD BLUMENTAL IS ONE OF THE WASHINGTON ELITE PEDOPHILES who president trump wants to drain out of the swamp along with charles schumer john mccain,kaine, graham,waters,rice,lynch,peloski, bill hillary obama his male trannie wife mechelle,comey,clapper brennan cumming,reid,sanders,biden,kerry 30 of them in government senate congress, many pedophiles in news media also murdock,john podesta and his wife and brother david brock soros james alefantis of comet pizza, long list of swamp pedophiles president trump has to drain from swamp it takes times and courage for these pedophiles have killed many people to cover up their crimes against children and they just tried to kill steve scalise for his speech on helping president trump with child trafficking arrests

          97. erleebird says

            I agree, Brenda, but the word “Pedophiles” describing some of the perpetrators, I just don’t understand. Perhaps there is something I am not aware of.

          98. Brenda Sinclair says


          99. Sandy129 says

            Thank you and thank you to you and your brother for your service! We would not have an America without men like you. I do believe it will get better but my prayers for our President who is in the fight of his life for us continue.Never in my life would I have believed we would be facing all of this corruption.

          100. erleebird says

            As an American patriot, accolades to those of you who protect our nation from those who want to destroy it! I believe Trump understands only too well what shape our country is in, and those who have, and still are, attacking us!

          101. Sandy129 says

            We the people can remove them during elections, if we just will. Still too many will go straight party no matter what. We do have that power so maybe the people in those states need to get busy and try to educate the uneducated. Vote them out.

          102. Virginia Hornibrook says

            You forgot Obama, Jarrett and the rest of Obama’s administration

          103. Wondering Woman says

            Correction – the greatest threat to the USA and Planet Earth are the traitors in the federal government, and they are not all democrats, many of them are republicans, known communists, considering their ideology we have to include
            all Islamists and Muslims!

          104. kornkutter says

            It is not just the Democrats but also all those “Republicans” sitting on their thumbs letting President Trump’s enemies run the show. They are a art of the swamp.

          105. lerose55 says

            Trump will need his 8 yrs to drain them out, the best he can

          106. tjke says

            Yes, but all of us must support him. The American people cannot let the vicious antidemocratic democrats and crooks like Mueller win

          107. berg1928 says

            Are you saying that the government should not allow American citizen whose opinion differs from yours should not be allowed to vote?

          108. Michael Dennewitz says

            I have the distinct feeling that it will take farrr more than just 8 years. I also have a fear that the cliton cartel will try like hell to “take Mr Trump out!” God help the man! ?☹?

          109. lerose55 says

            I think you R right, they will do their best to do so. Just hopefully his detail realizes that & take extra precautions. Clinton’s have plants all over Gov’t. They really need to go to jail. Make them & example of bad politics. Make them pay for all the murders & crimes they have committed.
            It will be a beautiful day if that was to happen. So many people will celebrate.

          110. k9maiden says


          111. Worried Vet says

            You are right but also drain the CIA, DOj, NSA, EPA, HHS, homeland Security, DEA, DOE, and any other alphabet soup agencies that had over 90% of their employees donate to hillary. There are thousands of die hard liberals in these agencies that are doing all they can to destroy Trump. It’s sad but true and we have to help stop this before its to late. The more people who stand behind POTUS and Jeff Sessions the better for our country. The voters behind him will help make sure the swamp is drained. The left has spewed this hate to the point people were shot because of their political ideas. That is very wrong and very bad for the country. The facts are I don’t think the people who put Trump into office will stand for some buddy of comey putting on a witch hunt to remove Trump illegally. The Russia crap has fallen apart now it’s obstructing justice, then what when they prove he didn’t or make it up he did. I remember Watergate and Clinton gate with several investigations and seen how biased a prosecutor could be. If this isn’t done without bias I have a bad feeling of what is yet to come.

          112. tjke says

            Agree absolutely. and unfortunately, it is already biased. Mueller and Comey are too closed friends and help each other to stay at power

          113. gearbox says

            Mueller is required by law to step down ! Sean Hannity show Wednesday eve .

          114. SavvyRead says

            Wull … Gee .. Sean Hannity .. many of us feared FOX was going to “shut down;” we have to wonder how FOX managed to lose O’Reilly, who together with you, elevated the whole medium!!

          115. SavvyRead says

            Thoughts travel so far back. My husband, Air Force Regular Officer, rank of Major, was in AIR FORCE STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND, NAVIGATOR/BOMBARDIER, B-47 BOMBERS, 24 x 7, AIR AND GROUND ALERT. AIR FORCE GENERAL CURTIS LE MAY revered for his savvy conceived of the most effective “PEACE THROUGH DETERRENCE,” where it was well known .. “don’t dare!” as bombers could be off the ground and airborne within minutes to unleash retaliation world wide!

            That was when men and women of our ARMED FORCES were respected and well trained and effective; not so during ODUMA .. and the damage he created as to derelection of basic duty .. exacerbated by failure to respect the experience, education, and competence of years of service of our Joint Chiefs of Staff and their personnel. And now ODUMA will be a historical lesson in how careless and stupid the election of ODUMA with absolutely no qualification but color of his skin?

          116. erleebird says

            I still can’t believe what was hoped to be a government gone “full circle,” turned into the worst administration in American history. Obama is the cause of Black Lives Matter and left wing “despicables!” He is the scourge of the earth and he and his wife are the worst moochers in the history of the United States. Go Donald! Get this country back to patriotism and ethical behavior!

          117. SD of AZ says

            I don’t care if they do it with prejudice. Drain these septic lines from the cesspool turds that is DC .

          118. Worried Vet says

            It’s not going to be an easy job. It’s a job that needs to be done, and we must stand behind POTUS and his AG to make sure it’s done. These deep rooted liberals don’t want our country to change for the better and they don’t care how much damage the inflicted while reaching their goals. Some of them have been there for decades, so getting them out won’t be easy. Congress made s start changing the rules for the VA to fire people. They have a long way to go. When they passed the law protecting civil servants I knew then it was going to be s problem. I am sure we will have to make our reps believe what we want. There are many rinos who don’t want things to change or the swamp to be drained. Like I said it will be a long hard fight.

          119. Virginia Hornibrook says

            There should never be a law that we can’t fire people that aren’t doing there jobs. Let’s change this law. We need to give our service people any and all service they need today not put on a waiting list. God each and everyone​ who served to protect our country. Give them help they need today not tomorrow but today. God Bless The United States of America. God bless President and his administration

          120. Bob Morton says

            Fortunately, most of the true believers of a Great America are fed up with the corruptions and the fake news. I think there are more of us than ever before. As far as the Russia crap, there is a possible obstruction of justice into the fake Russian news! Pretty stupid, huh? This is Bob’s wife.

          121. Sandy129 says

            Now Russia is offering Comey “political asylum??” Kinda speaks for itself huh?

          122. Bob Morton says

            I think Putin was joking about the political asylum. He and his audience (whoever they were) were laughing as he was saying that. This is Bob’s wife.

          123. Worried Vet says

            Well bobs wife your right I do believe. There are more people everyday waking up to the corruption and double legal standard going on in DC. I hope the people continue to support POTUS and help him fight the swamp. Now is the time in history to weed out the long term politicians and rid us of all the crooks that have been stealing from taxpayers for decades. Ots time to stop this NWO agenda they seem to be so proud of. The country has shown were sick and tired of it and we want people who will do their freaking jobs.

          124. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

            Yep, do you remember the reported incident where it was alleged that McCabe
            stated to several of his underlings during a meeting, “F_ _ K Flynn and then we’ll
            F _ _ K Trump!!” What did several former AGs say about what Comey has done to the FBI, and that Rod Rosenstein said that it may be difficult to restore integrity to the FBI??

          125. gearbox says

            Only problem is Rod Rosenstein is not on Trump’s side , As he said the other day (tues) that he thinks MUELLER is a great choice ! As did spkr. Ryan ! what shit birds .

          126. SD of AZ says

            The rino members of the rino herd that pretends to be republican. They are the enemy within!

          127. SavvyRead says

            Ryan has always been a “lite weight” hoping to somehow become relevant; he isn’t!! Rosenstein is a rube and worse!! Rosenstein? Who? A curiously comfy bunch at US Justice .. now we have Mueller .. Rosenstein .. Comey .. in the background of so much corruption … Clintons, Lynch, Holder ………….. ?
            No scrubbing?

          128. rick meek says

            Back in the day — they were trustworthy and good – Today – I wouldn’t give them a dimple off my a**….

          129. tjke says

            Yes, under Harry Truman, but then the path down started

          130. Worried Vet says

            God forgive me but I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Both parties and a few independents have almost destroyed this great country. It’s time to vote as many out as possible. Put people in who will vote for term limits and at least that might slow down the corruption.

          131. SavvyRead says

            The FBI, indeedy! They were at the top of the mark of National Security of The United States and yet they were exposed for traveling afar and even frolicking with known hookers. But alas, the decadent and incompetent FBIers got away with it by virtue of the typical jerks, THE MEDIA of the United States!

          132. tjke says

            Yes, and we all have to do our best to force the traitor Mueller to step down immediately.
            He belongs to dirty swamp

          133. k9maiden says

            Good overcomes evil, the good will win, and is winning. Our prayers were answered election eve when good people throughout this nation prayed, went to church, and with their priest and pastors prayed to God to save our nation from the Satanic leadership that took it over. Our prayers were answered, I have every confidence in the world that President Trump, unpolished as he may seem to those who are used to a “Silver Tongued Devil” will come out of all of this unscathed and more determined than ever to MAGA.

          134. Brenda Sinclair says

            satan and his pedophiles have taken over raping killing our children, this has been going on since cain and satan, and cains son the first generations of satans children the muslims, there are two generations upon this earth, God created man in his own IMAGE, God did not create the children of satan, satan produced by sex rape his children like him no souls no humans..from beginning of time satans children and God children have fought, we are in that last final battle where the muslims will finally take over rule the world, it is here todays.obama let millions upon millions of satans children the raping killing muslim animals into america, we will regret voting muslim obama into office https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ee72335fc0d1c3e4526dc4fb0bf9b079b51f8abfaace1cb2333e5dc62658594.jpg

          135. k9maiden says

            I didn’t vote for BO either time Brenda, I saw through him when he said he sat in Rev. Wright’s Church for 20 years, listening to the rants of a mad man who was the farthest thing from a Man of God. I am not preachy, I don’t consider myself pure as the driven snow, but I am a Christian, I believe wholly in the God of Abraham, I pray that he will save our nation, and he did, on Nov. 8th! ISLAM is EVIL, who can justify pedophilia, by Shariah Law it is perfectly OK, who can justify the brutality of this evil brutalizing women and little girls on a daily basis? WHO? Here the hypocritical left say they are for Killary, she is a woman, therefore, she is a feminist because she spews “War against women” yet, the senseless left couldn’t see that she took 100’s of millions of dollars from the same countries that are the most brutal to women and girls, therefore, to the Clintons, anything goes, as long as they reach their goal of money, power and control. They are evil, BO was evil, and the first thing President Trump did was clear out all prayer rugs left over by BO’s buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood, and him. NO, Keith Ellison should not be in Congress either, if you are a Muslim, you will put Shariah Law above the Constitution, how can that man serve, he refused to stand for the woman President Trump honored that lost her Navy Seal husband fighting our enemy. Yet, the people of MN conveniently look the other way. What is wrong with these people? Our priest warned us before the election that (he did not mention names, but it was obvious who he was talking about), He said that if one of the candidates does win the election, it would be the end of God, and probably Christian Churches in our country. With Hillary and BO, Islam would have been successful in taking over this country like they did Europe. This is their goal, make the world Islamic, God was surely on the side of the good Nov. 8th and to believe anything these liberals say against Trump would be believing Satan and his followers. Trump is the man, he is here to stay, he is leading us from the darkest days to the light, and if you liberals don’t like it, move to Cuba.

          136. Worried Vet says


          137. SD of AZ says

            Another lady who knows the truth about the black racists of Chicago.

          138. Bob Morton says

            I totally agree. The problem is the young voters. They don’t have a clue what Sharia Law is. Their skimpy clothes, music, makeup – everything that is important to their naive lives would only be “cosmetic” changes. Their lives would change so dramatically. Who can talk sense into their materialistic minds? They are being brainwashed by their teachers and professors. We need to teach our children at home with love and by example and hopefully they won’t fall into these traps. The 1970 words of Crosby, Stills and Nash song “Teach Your Children Well” was one of my favorites of that era. I pray for my son, who’s 41 and my granddaughter, who’s 6. I am teaching my granddaughter the values that I grew up with and that her father grew up with. I hope that is enough. This is Bob’s wife.

          139. will says

            One of mine is Mike and the Mechanics ” teach the children quietly “

          140. SD of AZ says

            In this case while a spade is a spade, a mooslime is still a mooslime even from centuries ago, they have never ever left their archaic barbaric beliefs behind. The crusades never ended and now we have these archaic barbaric invaders in our midst! Bzo should be tried and lynched for treason and other high crimes. All of them are punishable by death!

          141. will says

            I know I did not vote for him – thats one regret i do not have

          142. Worried Vet says


          143. SD of AZ says

            Forgive me k9, I keep forgetting the abbreviations. I am old. Brenda told me it is Make America Great Again. I hate typing too but keep forgetting all the abbreviations and what they mean.

            That said you are quite right, Trump is good at truth and Bzo was really good at BS.

          144. Bob Morton says

            It’s universal.

          145. Bob Morton says

            AMEN! I hope and pray we’re right! I believe that good overcomes evil eventually – I hope now is the time! This is Bob’s wife.

          146. Phoebe Isley says


          147. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

            Semper Fi, Worried Vet;
            Picture Comey in short pants picking up a strange toy, (a boomerang) and without knowledge, throws it to see if it will fly away, then he turns his head
            to go away and the boomerang hits him on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious for a long period of time. In any war the enemy may make some small advances, but many times they advance into a well positioned well planned AMBUSH.

          148. Worried Vet says

            Your 100% right I’m afraid. I think this has been a plan to destroy a republic and make a socialist country, going back to maybe Wilson’s term. If that’s true some very smart people planned it to go on for generations.

          149. SD of AZ says

            Even the Bushes are in on the NWO agenda. And BO put it all on steroids but that is where it has stalled. BO went too far, too fast and the Bush baby spilled the beans during his campaign against Trump about the Bush position and that of the GOP establishment politicians. So, their applecart got tossed by the pissed off silent majority. We must continue, that was just one battle, the war goes on with the enemy within. My favorite quote from a roman politician says it all around the fall of Rome and what we are facing..

            Marcus Tullius Cicero
            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

            ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

          150. Worried Vet says

            It’s the truth we have many enemies within. That’s the scary part trying to root them all out. Protecting Trump and our democracy is the only way to get these traitors out. It will take two terms of Trump and maybe two terms of Mike Pence. I doubt I will be around that long but I will do it all I can.

          151. will says

            Sometimes I wish the fighting would start now and in 10 years be over. But it seems as though I may have to pass the torch and arsenal to my son.

          152. Worried Vet says

            I feel the same way, it’s time to get on with it, we have to back POTUS up along with the AG so there is a chance of draining the swamp. It will take all Trump voters to keep him doing what he promised and help protect him at the same time. The shooting I pray isn’t the start of worse things to come. This hate being spewed will affect every nut out there and may cause more problems. We live in a scary time everyone.

          153. SD of AZ says

            I strongly suspect Trump has set that ambush for Comey. I know Trump is very smart and this is far from over. Maybe the special prosecutor will do well, maybe not. But with Trump I am sure there is some real proof behind his threats. We shall see.

          154. Arizona Don says

            You are no doubt correct it does go back to Woodrow Wilson (about a hundred years). Many of the things we find so obnoxious today about government started during the time Woodrow Wilson, a democrat, was president. Another democrat who was terrible (and there are many of them) was FDR. If FDR would have had his way he would have stacked the supreme court (added members) to get the court to agree with his imposed debacle. However, FDR was soon followed by another bad one in LBJ. LBJ’s war on poverty created more poverty which is exactly what permanent give away programs do. While his war on drugs did nothing to curb drug use in any way. Someday perhaps we and the world will discover government does not cure ailments it creates them.

          155. Worried Vet says

            That’s what’s so sad about this. Why they think they have to stack the courts instead of doing the job they were hired to do. I have to think ulterior motives are there simply because of the fighting and they don’t want to get anything done. Their jobs are to help make our country better, safe, prosperous, and help those who need it right here, not the whole world. Take care of America first and then of anything is left then help the ones who need it most. Your right about LBJ the facts are there he was one of the worst and one of the most racist presidents in history. He stated many times he wanted to keep the poor down and give them little so they would vote democrat. What’s really strange is that’ part of history, but liberals don’t bring it up. To me they should learn from history, especially theirs for being very dividing and racist for decades instead of trying to hide it. When I started doing research in 08 to find someone worth voting for, I started going over growing up in my mind. When I put facts together like I grew up in the south, seen the civil rights movement, seen race riots and how racist some people were from both black and white. I thought how appalling my child hood was, but then I found that there was one thing in common with the people I seen as racist.. they were democrats. I seen where families taught racism to the next generation and I guess tried to continue the hate. Myself I didn’t understand what purpose there was for dividing us. I seen democrat leaders come and start pushing violent things even back then. What’s the purpose people? Why not and try to change the point of view, instead of trying to beat them into submission? I was blessed because my grandfather wasn’t in anyway a bigot or racist. He taught us to get along with everyone, and don’t let anyone abuse you without fighting back. He was half creek Indian and had faced racism in his life. Sorry about being so long. It may be a while before I can post after today.

          156. Arizona Don says

            I appreciate your posts. I have many of the same concerns as you. Have a nice day.

          157. Virginia Hornibrook says

            If anybody gets close to the Obama’s and the Clinton’s they will be shot dead, or

          158. kornkutter says

            God bless and protect Sessions and Pres. Trump.

          159. SD of AZ says

            Call if what it really is, the cesspool and the rinos and dem wits are the turds floating around in it. Time to flush them down the drain!

          160. Retired says

            No argument from Me . A lot of people do not see it that way .

          161. Trish P says

            It should be called the Sewer.

          162. k9maiden says

            Yep, this hasn’t just happened in the past 8 years, this has been going on for decades.

          163. Worried Vet says

            Your right. I wonder how many generations are taught to continue this plan? Have you ever noticed when liberals speak they all seem to read from the same memo. It’s like their getting some email or something every morning telling them what they can say and have to say. They all use the same words to spin whatever story they are spinning at that time. I know it makes me wonder WTF is going on to be so organized.

          164. Vacation Time says


          165. PoorPitifulPearl says

            If only there were many more men and women in our government (all offices!) like Trey Gowdy! We’d be able to sleep at night knowing that the rightous will win in the end and MAGA won’t be just a slogan. However, Congressman Gowdy has said many times that he doesn’t want to be a career politician and I can’t blame him. He gets a lot of flak from the left…constantly…and although he has (figuratively speaking) “wide shoulders” it must get extremely irritating after a while. One thing we need to do is as voters is to really vet all our congressmen and senators when time comes to either keep them or kick them out. We’ve lost some good ones along the way because of evil-minded people telling lies about a candidate. We need to be able to get past that and get the real information before we vote.

            I believe in President Trump, and it is disheartening to see him being slandered seven ways from Sunday, day in and day out. We must pray for him to have the heart of a giant along with that great brain he has in order to wait the leftist idiots out. We also need to let him know we’re with him…letters, Tweets, faxes, etc. He needs to know we’re behind him all the way. And remember, as good as a person can be, they’re never perfect, and that includes us, so we shouldn’t nitpick on the little things.

          166. rad77red says

            k9maiden He is a great man 4 the job, he would charge HELL with a bucket of water,& probably put the fire out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          167. Worried Vet says

            I like him and think he is an honest man. My doubts are the Benghazi investigation didn’t go anywhere, and I know they stonewalled him for months. It seems he don’t have any real power to get to the truth. I also don’t think he will be appointed special council in the future. Now saying that if he was to have the power to get to the truth he would be great.

          168. SD of AZ says

            With his access these days the stonewalling should be being ripped apart and thrown out with the trash that tried that tactic. I think Trey is pointed in a political direction and is searching for that sweet spot. He should be supported by Trump in getting there. Neither of them says a thing they can not prove. People underestimate both of these men if they assume otherwise. And I believe most readers know the saying about assuming!

          169. Bob Morton says

            I also like Trey. With him by Trump’s side, they would be awesome! All we need is more people with their integrity and the swamp could be drained a lot sooner. I also like Jeff Sessions – he handled himself very well the other day. I think he is also a man of integrity. I know there’s a lot more. This is Bob’s wife.

          170. Michael Dennewitz says

            Everyone says, “If you don’t like it here, you can always go there!” Ha! If this mess isn’t exposed and cleaned up fast, “here” will soon be “there ” if anyone knows what I mean… ?☹?

          171. Worried Vet says

            Yes sir. It’s like the comment above its been going on for decades, Obama and his buddies put it on steroids. They thought Hillary would win and be the final nail in the coffin of this Republic. Thank God people woke up and said no to Hillary’s coronation.

          172. Michael Dennewitz says

            But I personally fear for Mr Trump! Look how many have turned up missing already, and how many were shot in rhe back of the head THREE TIMES! Geeze, did the victim stand there to make certain that the first or second shot did the job before the third shot came? God but this ONCE mighty N wonderful country is screwed up! Damned glad I’m 73YO…?☹?

          173. Worried Vet says

            I agree I’m glad I’m getting old, but I worry about my kids and grandkids.

          174. SD of AZ says

            Ditto WV! We are retired and have four and it is hard to know what they face! Fight, fight, fight this NWO agenda. And recognize your enemies within. The liberals, the dem wits, the NWO elites, and their bought and paid for TOOLS otherwise known as TRAITORS or too dumb to recognize the truth and that is truly a dismal thought to imagine there are people out there in this country who do not understand what is at stake and what is happening.

          175. Worried Vet says

            It amazes me how many can’t seem to wake up and do their own research. If I did it anyone can. I’m not the best with computers but I took time and started looking for answers. In 08 my wife and I voted for Hillary. We had always tried to pick the one we thought would do the job their hired for. Well when she lost and Obama won we started looking. When we seen Obama went to a racist America hating church for 20 years, we thought that was bad. Then he was known to pal around with Bill Ayers that was it. I grew up during those bombings and the race riots in the south. I didn’t understand why violent things were necessary. I seen people come to my school and start fights to prove what. To me it’s like they were getting rich starting trouble. I wondered why common sense didn’t prevail. Anyway it’s sad now Obama has divided the country in a bad way. He has made it very possible things will get much worse before it gets better. What pisses me off is the media don’t show how Obama did with his hate spewing speeches. But they show and twist many things a GOP or conservative says. People are waking up I think because the double standard is so obvious now. The media and left are showing their true colors more and more and looking like sore losers and spoiled children. I think all this will back fire on them come election time.

          176. PoorPitifulPearl says

            Me, too! My husband and I will be 73 this year, but fear for our children and grand-children, etc.

          177. Retired says

            For the most part we are there already , Trump and Pence is our last chance to change things.

          178. SD of AZ says

            Did you mean NO THERE soon? I got it but it was confusing to bring the here there! Kind of like the play on those two places. Sorry to be the knat in the word play.

          179. gonzales27 says

            The swamp runs deep all the way to Chicago,Al Capone would be proud.

        3. Climax says

          Anyone that got close to putting the finger on the Clintons is now looking at the wrong side of the grass.

          1. Mark Plenn says

            Well said!

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            The cliton cartel makes the old mafia look like kindergartners! This “shit” goes much, MUCH deeper than any of us can imagine!! ????

          3. lerose55 says

            Why do you think Chelsea tries to stay in the news? She is lining herself up to take over the empire.

          4. k9maiden says

            Ask the people of Arkansas, ask Gov. Huckabee, the Clintons are pure evil, and are only interested in money, power and control. As Sheriff David Clark said “Hillary would sell her grandchildren for the Presidency” These people care only for themselves, they are the makings of true dictators and that goes for BO as well. Pathological Narcissist, the worst of the worst.

          5. gearbox says

            The best way , maybe the only way to find out would be a good dose of waterboarding or other form of torture , After all nothing is to good for the clintons ! “MAGA”

          6. k9maiden says
          7. Kurt Hanssen says

            The list got to be updated, the resent numbers are 67. body bags. and Killary is still walking the streets. ?

          8. Worried Vet says

            Yes I have been amazed at the odds of knowing over 70 people who had a mysterious accident, commuted suicide, was mugged, hit by a train, and committed suicide with two shots in the back of the head. The numbers must be astronomical to say the least. How they seem to not even be questioned or considered a suspect is beyond logical. Maybe I watched to many police shows. I do know one thing for sure, if I had top secret info and didn’t protect it from being stolen I would still be in jail. When you get a top secret clearance you swear an oath period and are warned of what happens if you make a mistake. Hillary should have been charged with at least one felony for having an SAP on her server and comey saying there was at least five attempts to access that info. She left all kinds of classified information vulnerable to being stolen. This is treason in my book from what I dealt with having a clearance. But her name is Clinton so she has different rules than us little people who can’t run our lives.

          9. Climax says

            I couldn’t agree with you more. RA16897089

        4. Brenda Sinclair says

          swamp corruption is high elites PEDOPHILES, CHILD TRAFFCING LOW LIFES MAKING MONEY OFF PREYING ON RAPES AND MURDERS OF OUR CHILDREN https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26a7ccf0d7f0e085849e6a09df244458671a02c7d02c53cc5fb5e56f87cdcef6.jpg

          1. Worried Vet says

            I pray your wrong but I think your closer to the truth than we will ever know.

        5. k9maiden says

          I agree Worried Vet! Everything you say is absolutely right on the mark. Soros, the most powerful, evil and wealthy liberal in the world is more than happy to find and and every way possible to destroy our President. I heard he paid the anarchist at the Trump inauguration $2,000 up front and $50.00 an hour. He is paying the liberals to protest and make life as miserable as possible for President Trump, HOWEVER, President Trump is not a politician, he made his fortune ignoring people that would destroy he and his family. He is clean, and the left can’t find one thing on him no matter how hard they try, and they won’t. President Trump has dealt with the lowest of the low, and that is the Demoncrappy Party and the Commies/Socialist who took it over. He isn’t going anywhere, and the more the vile media and leftist try to detain him from MAGA, the more determined President Trump is in doing just that, and so far, he is doing a magnificent job!

          1. Phoebe Isley says

            BRAVO k9maiden! Well said and I agree

          2. Worried Vet says

            Amen and as long as people like you back him and get out the facts he will win.

        6. SUZANNE M. says


          1. gearbox says

            Why did you include Trump ? He just responds to the others you mentioned !

          2. SUZANNE M. says


          3. gearbox says

            Yeh I guess you’re right SUZANNE ! “maga”

        7. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

          When Comey is put under oath and asked if he knows about the source of funding for the Democratic party, (Soros), and he says NO, watch what happens

          1. Worried Vet says

            I would love to see Nancy, Lizzy, Hillary, Chuck, Mitch, Paul,Harry, bill, and many others asked questions like that under oath. Have a very honest person ask the questions and they have the answers. I wonder how many would go to jail for perjury?

          2. rad77red says

            i’m with worried vet. the problem is there are more hiding in the woodwork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Worried Vet says

            Thousands more in every agency and every department that does who knows what. Hillary raised 1.2 billion somehow.

          4. Bob Morton says

            I was going to say “under oath, what is that?” to a liberal. But you’re right. If asked by someone who knows the answer and has proof – TA-DA! I hope it’s not wishful thinking. I keep hearing the next breaking news on Hannity and think, finally – they’re all going to jail. But then nothing happens. All it is, is the tiresome Russia, Russia, Russia and now it’s obstruction. Why aren’t these criminals being brought up on charges? It’s no longer supposition – there’s proof. Even the most stupid, ignoramus on the face of the earth should be able to see the neon lights – LOOK HERE, HERE IT IS! This is Bob’s wife.

        8. Sandy129 says

          We can’t overlook the muslims in the gov. There is at least one Senator that touts belonging to the MB. Their method of social jihad fits right in with tearing down our Constitution and destroying and taking over our Country. Our President is in the vipers nest and there are many…

          1. Worried Vet says

            It’s hard to tell, but your right there are many more in government than the public knows. They planned it that way Obama and Jarrod to push their agendas and it was working until Hillary lost. This is why anyone who is against what Obama has done for 8 years is in danger of being brought down. Liberals don’t care if they do things legal or not. This is why this special council seems very biased, he hired how many Clinton supporters? How is that right to stack the deck with people who hate Trump? It’s up to us to make sure they don’t get away with anything crooked.

          2. Sandy129 says

            Yes, they will lie, cheat and steal what that can. I remember Biden saying during one campaign event that “we’ve got to win this thing even if we have to cheat.” This stacking the deck is the plan to bring our President down and its flat ridiculous. It’s difficult to follow the Law to do it right when the other side has no respect for the Law and will twist it to fit their agenda. We have to support President Trump for certain. There are two comment lines to give him messages. i don’t know how much good it does but it can’t hurt.

          3. Worried Vet says

            Your right and I will get the numbers and start posting them on all the sites I comment on. Thank you for reminding me, I thought about that and if people call in showing support by the thousands it will help I’m sure.

          4. Sandy129 says

            The ones I have are 1-202-456-1111 and 1-202-456-1414
            If enough of us call it seems they’d have to take notice.

        9. Helen Finch says

          I remember when Obama made his speech at the Democratic convention several years ago and Chris Mathews said” I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for president some day”, …..Seems like he was being groomed for just that a long time ago. Wish I could remember the day and year so it could be shown on TV what Chris Mathews said. At the time, it seemed impossible. They picked the wrong black man to run but whoever pulled the strings knew exactly what he was doing . BUT “we the people” put a glitch in their plans , the last election.

          1. Worried Vet says

            yes your right. Trump Winning when they thought Hillary was in the bag messed up a lot of long term plans. God willing it messed them up for good.

        10. Nancy Pinson says

          Liberals speak of love for country and belief in justice yet they run amuck with violent talk and actions, throwing strong qualified leaders under the bus with no proof of wrong doing just to prove (they might have lost the election but) they are still in power and have the reins. Comey, Hillary, Bill and especially Obama will never see justice. The harm these people have done can never be undone. I worry because now I hear young folks that at one time backed President Trump but listen to CNN and other left media saying in response to my horror of what is happening in DC say “yes but Trump’s a little crazy himself.” Democrats criticize Trump for his rhetoric but they are the ones committing the violence and giving false information or innuendos. We worry about “Big Brother” watching our every move yet they didn’t catch Hillary giving away secrets to the enemy through her emails set up in a basement bathroom? Or monitor Obama who had Iran advisors working in the White House? Yet they listened in on President Trump before he was President Trump? Bush family disgusts me that they are so stupid they can’t see the big picture and stop with the criticism of someone with balls enough to take on the swamp even though his own party turns against him. Do you honestly believe Jeb has those kind of balls? Truth is – I worry more about Hillary and Bill and Obama and Comey and Loretta and Schumer and self serving Republicans like the Bush family than I do ISIS. If united we can defeat ISIS but I don’t believe we can defeat the corruption that’s taken over our nation, A house divided against itself will not stand.

          1. Worried Vet says

            Amen. Why well said, but I have faith in us coming together and beating this evil we call politicians. It’s up to us to throw these crooks out and try to start fresh with honest people. Term limits would help in so many ways. We have to make sure we elect people who want term limits and not s lifetime get rich job. The members of Congress work on average 122 days a year and get paid for full time work and benefits. Maybe if they have shorter terms they would have to work more for us instead of trying to get elected. They spend so much time kissing butts and raising money now days they don’t do their freaking jobs. Their in office to work for us, not to get rich and stay in office.

        11. Michael Dennewitz says

          Sooooo many appointees of the lil halfbreed faggot. I doubt we’ll ever really know. To capture soros and string his sorry ass up would relieve us of quite a bit of agony.. ??

          1. Worried Vet says

            Soros is one of those rich people that think they won’t die. He has a son though just in case he dies to take over doing the same vile crap he has done since ratting out his family to the Nazi’s. So it might be a long time before the soros family is gone. The best thing would be for him to lose all his money. I have wondered why the government hasn’t froze any accounts here for him funding treason and terrorism? There has to be proof enough for that.

        12. Brenda Sinclair says

          THIS IS THE TRUTH, the russians was used as a coverup of the murder of seth rich and 5 more in same month murdered who exposed hillay bill, obama,podesta comey, schumer,lynch rice peloski child traffcing/child rapes child satanic rituals killing children drinking their blood eating body parts, seth rich was the dnc whistlerblower who sent info to wikileaks of these serious crimes against our children of their corruptions pay for play their russia connections,comey had coverup yrs of crimes corruptions for clinton and obama SETH RICH DIED TO SAVE AMERICA FROM HILLARY TAKING OVER TO DESTROY US, THIS IS WHY THESE PEDOPHILES IN GOVERNMENT ARE FIGHTING PRESIDENT TRUMP TO DESTROY HIM BEFORE HE DESTROYS THEM TOO LATE GOD EXPOSED THEM ALL TO THE WORLD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0a2d545d11614c432759675496ac8d01a7b6e0eff63fac5dcc970a6b8d83c99d.jpg

      2. Mark Plenn says

        Obama has been giving up secrets for years!

        1. Tony Rowell says

          you are right about that

        2. Arizona Don says

          Of course you’re right however, the secrets he gives up are not his. His records are sealed.

        3. tjke says

          Obama is the worst criminal and it is no wonder, he is a muslim who hates the US and will do his best to help all the enemy of USA

      3. Garrett Auman says

        PUT COMEY IN JAIL, NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Tony Rowell says

          that’s what I want to see

      4. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

        He has committed two counts of felony perjury, and will commit more when they get him on the witness stand being examined as an adverse witness, he has started his own long slide down the hill of justice and even if Mueller doesn’t play it straight, Sessions will get him with appointment of another ‘independent prosecutor’ watch and see. When he invokes the “classified matter” doctrine, the Judge will take him into chambers and order him to SPEAK, JAMES, SPEAK…..

        1. Tony Rowell says

          I agree ,,and when things hot he’s gonna start pointing fingers and naming names.

    2. richard black says

      very good !! where can i find them ???

    3. Lizzie2 says

      You are a racist pig.

      1. Ken Thomas says

        Have you been able to wash off the goat smell?

      2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


        1. nocbsfan says

          An OLD liberal pig

      3. Worried Vet says

        That’s a typical liberal response. Call people names that don’t agree with your thoughts. We have been had and continue to be, and your just to blind or stupid to see it. I have never been a racist in my life and have mixed grandkids. I have always thought to each his own and try to get along with anyone who wants to. I grew up in the south and seen race riots up close and it’s disgusting to say the least. It’s very plain Obama has been a cause of a divide between races and that’s what he wanted. Wake up before you become a follower of liberal tricks.

        1. RonW says

          Worried Vet – you meant ‘thoughts’, surely? These liberals don’t appear to have real thoughts, and only deserve sneer quotes for what goes on inside their skulls.

          1. Worried Vet says

            Your right they seem to be stuck on stupid, and get up each day thinking this is the day we bring down Trump.

        2. Brenda Sinclair says

          FIRST OF ALL MUSLIM OBAMA IS NOT A BLACK MAN, HE IS FULL MUSLIM, HE HAD NO RESPECT FOR BLACK PEOPLE AT ALL, JUST FOR THEIR VOTES https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed60c98ef745d60e24bf2481529088aff322fd90a1ffdf9dbdaf6607d631730a.jpg

          1. nocbsfan says

            Its great when its true, Brenda you’er doing a great job.

          2. k9maiden says

            Yes she is, she is right on the mark!

          3. nocbsfan says

            Wow I would not want her looking a me like that, I thinks she means it K9 suggest your a dog trainer. Are you ? Its none of my business, except I am nosy as heck, and I am dying to know ? (%) You wouldn’t want to die would you ? 😀

          4. k9maiden says

            If the left would have bothered to do some research, which they never do, they just listen to propaganda, they would have learned that BO is 1/2 WHITE, which he despises, probably because, like Hitler, he was ashamed of his whore of a mother. He is 3/4 ARAB, and very little Black. Not only did his ancestors sell slaves to the slave ships, they had slaves themselves! NOT ONE OF BO’S ANCESTORS WERE FROM THE SOUTH. THEN, there is Dr. Ben Carson, and Herman Cain, you know the true Black American Men who achieved success on their own and achieved more than BO or Killary could ever have imagined. They are good people, they believe in God, not Allah, not Mohammad, but the GOD OF ABRAHAM, and they were around during the Civil Rights Movement, and instead of living off the fact that they were Black and want more and more and more, they decided the only way to success and out of poverty was to do it on their own, and that, they did! That’s why the left hates them, they are Uncle Tom’s to the left because they refused to stay on the Demoncrappy Planation for votes. They are highly, highly intelligent, and you can put Condi Rice, Allen West, Tony Scott, Mia Love, Alan Keyes and many other highly intelligent Black people who didn’t live off the government into this category. At this point, it is your own damn fault if you don’t have what you want, go out and do what these fine people did. But that’s too hard for liberal Blacks, they would rather join groups like the Black Panthers and BLM and whine about how they need more or we are all racists. Most Conservatives are sick of it, and that goes for Black Conservatives as well.

          5. Worried Vet says

            Very good, and more need to see what LBJ thought, said and done to keep the down the minorities. Liberals really believe keep them down but give them just enough to keep voting democrat. Like Trump said what do they have to lose taking a chance on voting for him.

          6. Worried Vet says

            There is no doubt he let the black people down, being the first as POTUS. The democrats have been buying minorities votes for decades, they promised the moon and only make things worse with liberal policies. All people have to do is research any town, city or state that has been controlled by liberals for a long time and see how many are good or bad. The numbers are staggering for the bad. Most are in debt up to their eyeballs, infrastructure falling apart and just in pitiful shape with no hope of these getting better as long as they keep voting the same idiots that took them to bankruptcy. If someone dug deep into the money trail, I wonder how many would go to prison? I don’t see a change in voting, as long as the schools, media and liberals keep brainwashing the young people.

        3. gearbox says

          The lizzard is back ! NOT GOOD !

          1. Worried Vet says


      4. Pam Dunn says

        You are an ignorant obama fart sniffing liberal troll with no brains.

        1. Lizzie2 says

          AWWW your mother wears combat boots.

          1. Jerry says

            A lot of people’s mom’s did or do wear combat boots and I’m darn proud that women are in the military, it teaches values, respect, leadership, responsibilities, among many other things, something I see from your posts that you very much lack, you demoturds have serious issues, you think like the Democrat that yesterday felt he should kill people that don’t see things his way, the hate that spews from you mouth everytime you talk, just like your black poster boy that managed to create so much hate and discontent within his own party and in the USA, it isn’t working very well for your party, you lost over 1000 seats in the last few elections, people are wishing up, perhaps you should consider it, maybe if ya went out and got a job it would help with your low self esteem

          2. Mathew Molk says

            Liberals have no concept of Duty, Honor, Country, and God and have raised cowardice to an art form.

          3. ABO says

            Exceptionally well thought out and well stated, Jerry. Thank you.

          4. nocbsfan says

            Number two lizzy you must be really old, I heard that one when I was a small youngster. ?

          5. ABO says

            She simply hasn’t progressed beyond elementary school level, nocbsfan.

          6. nocbsfan says

            That could be it I guess, surprised she still has a memory being that old.They say people are living longer these days. They say , Who ever the heck they are.

          7. ABO says

            Must be an antique.

          8. nocbsfan says

            That’s gotta be it !

          9. ABO says

            Gotta be!

          10. nocbsfan says

            Lets just declare Lizzy #2 to very very old and stop arguing . Lizzy number two you are hereby very very old, and almost as old as I am, Girl that is OLD

          11. k9maiden says

            You aren’t very bright are you? This is the reason BO nearly destroyed our country, because of low information, ignorant, people like you. You are the people that the Demoncraps love to preach to because you fall for everything they say, you would rather have a few freebies and live under dictatorship, fearing for you and your families lives than live in a country free from tyranny and oppression, and YOU are the reason we nearly lost our country, but thank God there are enough highly educated and informed voters that saw where we were heading and came out to vote against the Whore of Islam. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4cf7dbb8ec672cd4ebd43dc4a6d61c16993beecf856badfd4689deaaa0d45be.jpg

          12. ABO says

            Where’d you get that one? Find some second grader to help you with that brilliant response?

          13. k9maiden says

            LOL, I know ABO, and these people vote! That’s what makes me so angry, we had to live 8 years under BO’s Regime because of uninformed, low intelligent people like Lizzie.

          14. ABO says

            Exactly k9maiden and now that their candidate lost the election we’re expected to bow to the demands of these idiots because they can’t deal with their loss. Pathetic in no uncertain terms.

          15. Mary Brumley says

            Her “boots” are made for walking, and are going to walk right over YOU. Bye Bye

      5. red110306 says

        You are a Liberal Scum bag!

      6. red110306 says

        Is it Lizzie2 or Lezzie2?

        1. MrThorox77 says

          i think it is Dizzy iizzy…

          1. Jerry says

            Maybe it dumbaze commie bit€h
            Just saying

      7. Climax says

        For you to even say that shows you are more than likely a highly prejudice racist yourself.

        1. k9maiden says

          Here is what my man, Dr. Ben Carson had to say about racism from the left, and what do ya know, he is a Black man! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8652a763835110d33a8cf7c76b0f992dcbfa4fec81c818ba41bb1ae5a21f5b1f.jpg

          1. ABO says

            I supported Dr. Carson from the start and until he dropped out of the primary. I still believe a great deal in his abilities and his tremendous intellect. Thank you for posting one of my personal favorite quotes of his. So accurate.

      8. David in MA says

        This “racist” crap is getting old and no longer works, go back to your safe place and cry…..

        1. k9maiden says

          Brit Hume said this years ago, that using this very vile word every time anyone disagrees with you politically is just going to make the word meaningless. Calling everyone racist when they disagree with your left winged crazy politics has literally made that word meaningless.

      9. Mathew Molk says

        Yea,US racists pigs don’t shot up baseball practices and shoot policeman in the back like you MArxist snowflakes.

      10. k9maiden says

        AND YOU ARE A STUPID COMMIE WHO LOVES EVIL. WHAT IS RACIST ABOUT WHAT AMERICASUPPORTSTRUMP POSTED? NOTHING RACIST ABOUT THE TRUTH. The most racist people in America, liberals, because you want to put everyone in the same box, you refuse to allow anyone but you crazies to speak out against the evil of the REGIME! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5afe2bcb9c192597a5dbb3db14fcef05491d0f5f6cc74957bfdd855c222b93d1.jpg

    4. Gary Smith says

      Good one

    5. daveveselenak says

      A picture says a thousand words, in this case it more like a million! Beautiful, just simply beautiful!

    6. Conserve says

      A perfect cartoon. Awesome!

  1. Vivi says

    All of the leftovers from obama are leakers.dredge,drain whatever it takes to be rid of them.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You are SOOO RIGHT

    2. RealFunny123 says

      Not an easy task. 3 main oppositions of the American people – Academia, Hollywood and Mainstream Media. They are in collusion to brainwash the Ameican people EVERYDAY.

      1. Retired says

        The public is more interested in Hollywood and their latest instead of what goes on in WDC .Time to get rid of the Ca. Queen Pelosi .

        1. greenlantern1 says

          Like Ryan?
          Liked Newt Gingrich?

          1. k9maiden says

            Bill Clinton would have been a one term President had it not been for Gingrich. When Clinton realized, after the midterm election which elected all Republicans, that his way was Not working, and our economy was in a mess, he crossed the isle and worked with then, Speaker Gingrich on the economy and the result was a great improvement and Clinton was touted as the president who brought us back from the brink. Gingrich let him have his day, and Billy Boy would never give Gingrich the credit because that is so unClinton like, only blame others when things go South, otherwise, take all the credit and ignore the person who really saved the economy. As for Ryan, unlike you liberals, many on the right and in the middle don’t approve of him, we don’t all march to the same drummer like you brainwashed loons.

          2. greenlantern1 says

            “Brainwashed loons” believe in ELECTIONS!!
            NOT REPUBLICAN propagandists like Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly!!

          3. PoorPitifulPearl says

            How did you learn anything that’s actually true while watching all that “lamestream” media when you should have been in school?

          4. Retired says

            I see the light is still out in your lantern .

          5. PoorPitifulPearl says

            Unfortunately, Ryan is a RINO at best. He talks the talk when pressed, but doesn’t walk the walk. But Newt is honest in saying what he believes. The ones that really need to be voted out are McCain (a very disturbed man), McConnell (too old to cut the mustard and no backbone), Ryan (the RINO) and I’m sure there are a few more if we keep digging. “greenlantern” is a few bricks short of a load for a brain. I agree with k9maiden…we sure could use Gingrich now, and he’s doing a good job of defending our President.

          6. Retired says

            We need a lot more people than Gingrich to support Trump .

        2. lerose55 says

          & CA Waters

        3. k9maiden says

          And Maxine Waters, throw in Feinstein as well.

          1. Retired says

            If one was to list them all the list would be a mile long .

      2. tjke says

        And Comey and Mueller

      3. Junie says

        Won’t brain washed me. I turned off TV. Nothing there no even FOX.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Lots of good shows on MeTV, Grit, and H&I and they all come in over the air for free. Beats the hell out of the fake news everywhere. Is that Commie Chris Wallace still on TV?

      4. greenlantern1 says

        Wasn’t Reagan a Hollywood actor?
        A college grad?
        Don’t both Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly claim to be part of the media?
        The American people is quite able to speak for itself!

        1. Kurt Hanssen says

          Think he was refering to the fake MSM, and look at Academia today compered to yesteryear, all this is happening because our shadow government start loosing its grip. People start waking up, they see how crooked the left is, they are heading in to desperat times because TRUMP is not a member of the elite (the WH. cartel) and now the swamp is being drained.

          1. k9maiden says

            Of course he was, he was referring to BSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and green lantern knows it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40be0c2d429c587556f24078a5da3bd64259380cc7402815ef97c2975a4c278f.jpg

          2. greenlantern1 says

            Do today’s academics have pointy heads?
            Ask one of YOUR “experts” in phrenology!!

      5. k9maiden says

        Great comment, so true! The three sources that have the loudest voice in this country, all far left and all determined to destroy Trump.

    3. greenlantern1 says

      No leftovers from Nixon?

      1. k9maiden says

        What did they do that destroyed America? Nixon’s Watergate was NOTHING compared to the treasonous acts and blatant lying of the Regime.

    4. Brenda Sinclair says


      1. Karen says

        And they are trained to be slackers! It takes 5(or more) people to do one persons’ job!
        1. Manager 2. co-manager 3. manager of the co-manager 4 worker 5 cover up corruption manager(who actually has a slew of employees under him)

  2. richard black says

    oh hell no !!…there’s plenty more !!!!

    1. Worried Vet says

      Yep millions more and thousands working in liberal agencies that need cleaning out now. Until these leftist are cleaned out of government it will only get worse against Trump and his cabinet. I seen a little today of the hearing and Warner is supposed to be fair and it looked like he wanted to reach out and slap Sessions because he said the truth. This is why these witch hunts won’t stop this, it will only make it worse.

      1. richard black says

        you are correct sir !!!!

        1. Worried Vet says

          I hate to be right. To think we have fallen so far and that this could wind up being a long term plan that started around the term of LBJ. It’s a scary thing for our young people, because they will be the ones in control one day and have to deal with the mess left behind. You think liberals would be scared of people in their party who think Castro and Chavez are heroes and not Trump. To me that’s scary they call POTUS Hitler when they have people in their party who think men who were almost as bad are Hero’s. What a disgrace and they should be ashamed, and their not. How far the democrat party has fallen, their worse now than when they started the KKK and wanted slavery to continue. They are more dangerous because they have turned the truth onto other people. Like I said our kids and grandkids will have to deal with this mess and it’s a scary situation.

          1. James says

            Sadly; those kids have been pummeled with the socialist lies all through public (dis) education. Which is why so many of them are being ‘dumbed down’ by stupid; and often, propaganda filled “children programs” on the likes of PBS; T/W; Disney; etc.

          2. tjke says

            talk to your kids and tell them that all these propaganda films etc are lies.
            I managed to escape from a former communist country thanks to the strength and trust my parents gave. They told me how dangerous it is to believe what the teachers say to you, and explained to me how rotten communism is that it is the same as nazism. And they were right. I managed to escape and survived.
            I remember how disgusting it was to watch Russin films about how good stalin was and the headmaster of the school told us to tell immediately to Secret police if the parents are anti Communists that is pro American, if they listen to then BBC(nowadays it is a trash), Radio free Europe and about people who were murdered by Secret Police, even women.

          3. James says

            Well stated, Let’s us hope that more people wake up to the propaganda being force fed to our children and “wolfed down’ by far too many adults!

          4. Worried Vet says

            Your right and what’s really sad we ignored it for decade’s. I started waking up in 08 after voting for Hillary in the primaries. I had always tried to vote for the one I thought would do the most good. Well after hearing so many things like Obama going to a hate spewing church for 20 years, and hillary and bill hiring a staff to cover up Willy having sex in the oval office I started looking on my own. The more I searched the worse things got. I was shocked at the things going on in DC and with all the corruption. My wife and I voted for McCain because he seemed the lessor of two evils and was a veteran and pow. I was blessed joining close to the end of Vietnam and having. Clearance.

          5. James says

            Thank you for your service, comrad.
            I grad. in ’67, and had friends who went on to college. On some weekends I would go visit them and we would go to the coffee houses, where radicals were spewing their anti-VN war BS. At that point in my life, I was well on my way to becoming another liberal, progressive, but the $hit they were ‘preaching’ was absolutely anti-American, anti-establishment. I disagreed with much they spouted and in a few cases was asked to leave their discussions, but I still maintained a somewhat liberal leaning. Then; in 69 I was drafted, and eventually ended up in S.E. Asia. The best experience of my life, as I was given the opportunity to see just how blessed America was/is. Our people didn’t have to deal with the terrorism, corrupt politics, and poverty these people faced. Yeah; I know, we had poverty here, but much of what we had here was self-inflicted, due to poor work ethics and lack of motivation. And the corrupt politics we had here was more in the realm of greed, rather than absolute disdain for the people (except for the case of the Democraps; which if you have seen any of Dinesh D’souza’s films, you know what i mean). Anyhow; I came home with a much more conservative attitude and a real gratitude for our Nation, and IT’S PEOPLE!
            It sickens me now to see how much public education, and the media has portrayed our nation in such negative light. I have seen the good we have done i other nations, and the appreciation, as well as the re-newed focus of another people in developing a government which helps it’s people prosper, rather than suppress them. Except that in the late 50’s and throughout the 60’s; while the Dems were becoming indoctrinated with communism, the repubs, were picking up the discarded mantle of the democraps.
            There is so much more I could write, but I close due to the length I have already reached.

          6. James says

            One thing I did forget to mention is how so many of those anti-establishment liberals are now a part of that very establishment they hated so much! Just goes to show what communist indoctrination can do to the weak minded!

          7. Worried Vet says

            Well thank you for your service. You were in places much more dangerous than I was. I was blessed in that sense. I seen and heard more than I wanted to since spying on communications was what I did. We even listened to our pilots to make sure they didn’t say anything they weren’t supposed to. I thought about how it’s changed since I was young and in the 50s and 60s schools started changing with little things. When they took prayer and the pledge of allegiance out of schools, I knew things were changing and not for the better. The loss of teaching kids morals has been a huge part of this country going down hill.

          8. James says

            ” I knew things were changing and not for the better. The loss of
            teaching kids morals has been a huge part of this country going down
            I couldn’t agree with you more, and this is one of the messages I try to put forward whenever and wherever possible. And a big reason I try to stay so involved in my grandchildren’s lives.
            I started a youth center in our local VFW years ago because I could see the difference in what my sons’ friends believed as good and morale compared to what I grew up understanding. But even as I got older, I could see that even in our generation, many of my peers were not receiving any morale guidelines. I fear this generational problem may have gone on so long that there will be no return; at least this side of The Kingdom of Heaven.

          9. Worried Vet says

            Amen. It’s a shame morals have went by the wayside, and such a small group of people have almost wiped anything out that’s Christian. I do know we have a Christian law firm helping people like the coach that was fired for praying at a ball game. People are waking up and fighting back and it’s about time.

  3. Pforfreedom for all says

    A BOTTOM DWELLER, Comey is like a cat fish sucks everything up and shits it out

    1. tjke says

      Yes, and the same goes for Mueller

    2. Brenda Sinclair says

      POOR COMEY GOT BLACKMAILED by the clintons and obama, comey likes little boys dressed up in howdie doodie outfits before he molests them https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5cb337ec12520f0608641e1325def99f8cf7ae706061c3f58532b91a3964a364.jpg



    1. Ken Thomas says

      Why don’t you go preach to the muslims?

      1. MrThorox77 says

        he already is …

    2. gvette says

      Comey covered for Clinton, and Omuslim. I’ll take you back to Solyndra. When the FBI (Comey) went through the door, and grabbed all the files. Then, you never heard another thing about it.
      At your church, how much do you skim off the collection plate?

      1. MrThorox77 says

        the Rev is part of the Swamp

        1. gvette says

          I gathered that. That’s why i asked her how much she skims off the plate!

    3. Pam Dunn says

      AND you betrayed your religion by being an out and out lying sack of pig dung who never voted for Trump in the first place. YOU indeed are nothing but a leftist troll whom Jesus would vomit upon; You are one of the crowd that would dance of the Crucifixion of Christ celebrating that the Jews/Romans did it to HIM. You are a moronic pretender who has a place in Hades reserved.

    4. MrThorox77 says

      get your head out of your behind, can you not see that most people on this site, can see just how stupid you are lol

    5. Lee Martinsen says

      Poor brain dead MORON.

  5. Michael Dennewitz says

    As long as soros is alive they will never “get them all!” soros sold out his own jewish people to the nazis. He would sell his own mother down river to be the dream he has, ONE WORLD ORDER!! He’s funding every traitor in politics! ?

    1. tjke says

      When he dies his sons will take over, they are as rotten as he

  6. Craig Vandertie says

    Do not put the horses before the carriage, anyone who believes Comey alone was the seive is acomplete idiot, the investigation needs to be stepped up, the lackeys to the treasonous Osama administration need to be removed from any involvement with the People’s government, as in We the people.

  7. David Harrington says

    Wow! Evil is spoken here. You poor suckers!

  8. pappy450 says

    Comey may have been ONE of the “leakers” BUT you can bet there are MANY more oscumbag “leftovers” doing the same exact thing…ALL need to be “drained” permanently from the swamp, arrested tried and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (many empty FEMA camps stand available)

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Lots of abandoned military bases too.

  9. Larry Brule says


  10. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

    Comey was the marxist dems fire wall for Clinton and all other investigations into bho admin. Smoke & mirrors.

  11. Richard Taoka says

    Comey is the worst FBI Director in it’s history!

  12. Skippy says

    These Democraps, and mindless liberal drones are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. During the election they were calling for him to be fired.
    James Comey needs to be under investigation to find out if he leaked out more sensitive information. These mindless liberal drones don’t even know that Comey just admitted to committing a crime.

    1. tjke says

      and don´t forget Mueller he is as dangerous as Comey

      1. Skippy says

        Yep! I don’t know why they put Mueller in because I think he already has his mind made up that Trump and transition team is guilty. I don’t believe he’s out for the truth.

        1. tjke says

          they did it because they knew he is against Trump and PROBABLy he could be involved in Comey´s lies

          1. Skippy says

            Mueller is also good friends with Comey, that’s why Mueller should have never excepted this job. He needs to recuse himself. These mindless liberal drones won’t say Mueller needs to recuse himself the way they did with the AG. What a bunch of hypocrites.

          2. tjke says

            He should recuse himself, but he doesn´t seem to do it. He seizes the chance to have power again and thinks that he is the real ruler of the US. And the anti liberty traitors will never say that he should recuse.

  13. LANE says

    Trump should bring it up again and again ab out Comey was a leaker and was abusing his power for the Democrats to cause obstructionism with Trump being president.

    1. just me says

      Bull , Comey helped Trump win the election and Trump don’t want to pay so he filed bankruptcy against Comey.

      1. Lee Martinsen says

        Poor, brain dead MORON.

        1. just me says

          That describes Trump to a tee

      2. James says

        What an idiotic statement! Does $hit always spill out of your head like that, or do you have to force it!

  14. Maudlean Spires says

    How many of you think that the FBI did a fair and impartial investigation of Hildeb+tch and her emails?

    1. just me says

      All that was was a bunch of republican brain washing. Say it enough, people will believe. Along with Jobs and cutting taxes promises. Then they stick it to us.

      1. Maudlean Spires says

        You are a troll that will disappear when the investigation is over. I don’t have time to argue with idiots. You are blocked.

        1. Lee Martinsen says

          Well said, I blocked IT too.

          1. Maudlean Spires says

            Good work sir.

          2. clem says

            Me too.

        2. just me says

          If they tell you to jump you would ask how high. Now I see why Trump likes the poorly educated, There amusing

      2. Lee Martinsen says

        You are a ,MORON of the century if you believe ANYTHING the left has said. Hitlary compromised American security with her emails, it compromised lives in Benghazi, and it compromised the integrity of the American election system when she committed election fraud to be the Dumbocraps nominee, when Barney was clearly leaving the Clinton Mafia in his dust. The attempt at brainwashing was from the liberal media.

        1. just me says

          Brain washed. Can’t think for yourself.

  15. ernst says

    Maybe Comey imagined himself as Mark Felt.

  16. just me says

    By 911 Bin Laden wanted us to fight between each other, and to bring us into a war 1000 year old civil war and eventually a war with Russia. Putin knows it and he;s just waiting. And with Trump in there, I hope we are one nation under God.

  17. NovelDog says

    Has Comey leaked so much that he now has to wear DEPENDS?

  18. Tiger says

    I wondered why Trump kept Comey. One of two thoughts came to my mind.

    1.) Comey assured Trump he had to do what he did concerning Hillary due to the administration in charge at the time. Most likely told Trump he would be faithful for just one reason, to leak from the inside.
    2.) That Trump, how seems to outsmart every single cunning plot and scheme, gave Comey enough rope to hang himself. Now Comey has done just that and saved some for Lynch and others.

    Sessions pretty much tore up any dreams that Trump will be found to have colluded with any Russians along with Sessions.

    After the shootings today of GOP practicing for an upcoming game with Democrats, if that shooter is a Leftie following through on all the Resistance and Coup calling for violence and killing then the Progressive/Communists are a done deal. They also through the influence of their leaders, Soros, Obama, Hillary, the DNC leader etc. will be either shutting up or they will be ostracized. The shooter obviously asked someone if the people were Republicans or Democrats, we will see.

    1. James says

      Hey Tiger; I think #2 is the right way to look at the Comey situation. Which I also believe is the reason why the D. wanted to talk to him privately, to tell him to shape up or he would be shipped out! I am convinced that D. knew Comey was ‘one’ of the leakers!
      As for the cowardly liberal act of shooting unarmed people practicing for a ballgame for charity, this is what it comes to when the liberal press pushes the buttons of the weak minded pawns of the liberal agenda.
      When Americans wake up and realize that everything the liberal Dems accuse conservatives of, is exactly what they themselves are guilty of, perhaps then we can reclaim a sane and just America again!

      1. Tiger says

        It is clear what the shooters motive was and I have yet to hear any top Democrat call for a cease and desist of the sites on the net, calling for killing, or to chastise the violent mobs that were tearing everything up even before Trump elected. But then it is their own X POS Obama who is one of the Generals in this, himself starting up a site to take Trump down, along with Hillary.

        When your murderer looks you in the eye, you see his or her face, they have made no bones about their intent and they have the gun to your head, then it becomes clear they were not just Whistling Dixie.

        This won’t stop and I had said, just a few days prior to this that this call for killing would end-up with someone getting killed. Not once did Obama speak against the BLM, the violence they perpetrated, the call to kill cops and the actual cop killing. Not once. These are their army, these are their people and they relish the fact that finally people saw the gun. They relish the blood. There will be more.

  19. Jack the Rooster says

    It would require a HAZMAT team to cleanse the filth left by the Obama administration.

  20. Brenda says

    While he did leak some information while head of the FBI, the primary source is still there. WaPo claimed five unnamed sources informed them of Trump being under “criminal investigation” over the poorly assumption of obstruction of justice, and wanting to view Trump’s finance. So the leaks continue. Since the original instruction was to uncover “any links and/or coordination between Russian Government and individuals associated with the campaign” has been proven that there were no links, Muellar has no reason to continue the investigation..
    And when he now expands the investigation to the next part of his instructions “as well as other matters that may arise directly from the investigation”, he is now engaged in a witch hunt. The man needs to be fired.

    1. tjke says

      But Mueller invented the “obstruction of justice” with his team of crooks. Mueller is the obstruction and a traitor. He should be investigated.

      1. lerose55 says

        Mueller friendship w/ Comey is a Conflict of Interest

        1. tjke says

          exactly.I suppose you ae a lawyer. Mueller prefers his pal Comey not the interest of the US. It is enough to get rid of Mueller and has thugs

  21. george briar says

    boy did we pick the right candidate in Trump. those other 16 clowns were no different than crooked Hillary. even today Fake war Hero Johnny McShame and gay bar cruiser Lindsey Graham still attack Trump. The one I thought would hang around running his mouth was Jeb Bush but turns out he was the only decent one of the bunch. We must never let the democrats back in power their true intentions are being exposed daily thanks to our new champion Donald Trump.

  22. tjke says

    President Trump should fire the crook and friend of Comey Mueller. Mueller cannot find any collusion between Trump or Trump team and Russia. And therefore, Mueller the liar, who took only pro Clinton people to his “team” tries again falsely accuse President Trump of “obstruction of Justice”
    100% lie.
    He should investigate woman Loretta Lynch and another crook Susan Rice. And of course, Clinton.
    It is not strange that with FBI heads like Mueller and Comey , the US would be lost.
    I think Mr Rozenstein should fire Mueller and I hope that President Trump will win and that he has many good lawyers who can help him

    1. metheoldsarge says

      They will find evidence even if they have to fabricate it.

      1. tjke says

        it will be fabricated and the “witnesses” are paid. It is necessary that the President have good lawyers and he will have. This is a witch hunt, orchestrated by the muslimofascist-communist left

        1. Askjrsk says

          Oh yes!!!!!

      2. Askjrsk says

        They can do that .

    2. lerose55 says

      Investigate the Obama Administration, so much corruption.

      1. tjke says

        Yes, absolutely

  23. Junie says

    Comey is garbage Obama “dark secret” worker. I think Obama got some hold on him and Comey got used to kneeling while on the job.

    1. k9maiden says

      I thought President Trump should have fired Comey the day he became POTUS. He was nothing but slime and trouble.

  24. Michael Dennewitz says

    This only touches the surface. We are most likely ALL going to get our minds blown with the amount of traitors STILL WORKING within the system!! ?☹?

  25. Climax says

    If indeed he was the leaker, then he should be indicted, arrested, and tried in the criminal justice system.

  26. david goodman says

    mueller has committed with muslimobama and demon-crats(KKK) communists party took out terror training for fbi to please radical terror muslim brotherhood cair and iran

    1. tjke says

      Agree 100%

    2. eastsidetrader says

      He could’nt have done that. He’s a Catholic.

  27. Nina Ferguson says

    Swamp is getting deeper and deeper. The deeper it gets, the dirtier it gets. I am thrilled that we now have a Chief Executive who will throw out the bath water and keep the baby.

  28. Junie says

    Republican RINOS and back stabbers who are part of Never Trump group are also leakers and want Trump ruined. Shame on them like McCain, Graham, Bush Family, Romney and others. I will never vote straight tickets again. Too many LIARS to tell you what they need to get their “Forever Jobs”. TERM LIMITS are overdue. At 72 my America is governed with crooks and money pockets over full with tax payers money while the working class bust their butts making ends meet. Disgusting.

  29. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    If this is proven, this violation of the law, especially by the director of the world famous FBI, should carry the death penalty!

  30. CCblogging says

    Comey was a multible leaker. Trump was on to Comey’s leaking and I believe that was the core reason that President Trump fired him.

  31. CCblogging says


  32. W. Coyote says

    All the uproar over leaks ignores the main issue in this whole mess. Our country was under attack from an adversary during the 2016 election. President Trump has shown no interest in this attack. His only concern has been to make sure “I am not under investigation”.

    1. Whaledriver says

      Under attack: to which do you refer? Attack by Islamofascists? George Soros? Liberals and progressives radicalized by socialists? Or, by communists? Bloomberg? NYT? RINOs? Islamic Brotherhood? ISIL?

      1. W. Coyote says

        Whaledriver- Thank your for your reply. Well what we know so far is this:

        The Russians hacked the emails of the DNC and leaked some of them. They hired 1000 people to write fake news stories which were spread in swing states They hacked into the election systems in 39 states, including this:

        “The hack into Illinois’s election system is the one we know the most about. Ken Menzel, who serves as general counsel for the Illinois state board of elections, told Bloomberg that a part-time contractor for the state board of elections noticed unauthorized data leaving the network.

        That data contained the personal information of around 15 million people, including names, birthdays, genders, and partial Social Security numbers. It was a huge coup for the Russians, as around half of those 15 million were active voters. Apparently, the cyber intruders aimed to delete or alter voter data they got a hold of.”
        They may be more information to come out as the investigation goes forward. So far President Trump has shown concern over this.

  33. Jmanjo says

    Comey is going to turn out to be the trashiest FBI director in history for his grand standing and coverups. The president needs to be exonerated and the administration allowed to MAGA without the liberal flops hanging everything up. That is the truly horrible thing here, how they have behaved and lied and carried on. The Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris, etc all the rabble need to be reined in. The liberals were so excited about how Harris behaved at the hearings but in total she was the arrogant fool and her actions deplorable. What a witch!

  34. laulau says

    Comey showed he was worthless when he let Hillary commit crimes against America and he looked the other way.

    1. k9maiden says

      Exactly! The left hated him when they thought he interfered with Killary getting elected, now they are praising him. What loons!

  35. greenlantern1 says

    Remember the BAY OF PIGS?
    Castro knew where the invasion would be.
    He knew when it would be.
    He knew the men involved.
    He even knew the amount of air support.
    Without that specific information; he would have been unable to spring his fiendish trap.
    Who LEAKED?
    E. Howard Hunt?
    G. Gordon Liddy?
    No wonder Nixon was pleased with them!
    No wonder he had Mitchell hire them for the PLUMBERS!!

  36. Kurt Hanssen says

    He worked for the Clinton Mafia, and NObummer, just let us see what happens after he loses his security clerance

  37. James D. Jim Williams says

    When Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook I got very suspicious .

  38. Mike W says

    THE WHOLE DAMED FBI IS CORRUPT!! Comey has been in the Clinton’s pockets for years. Freeh got Clinton out of going to prison with his buddy Jeffery Epstein for all theories with trafficked and run-away underaged girls and Mueller is filling his staff with Clinton donors. They all need to be investigated. I wonder where the hell all the FBI people (if any) with any “Integrity” at all are

  39. Eric Hartman says

    Bigger questions than this nonsense is where are the “tapes” and what is in trumps tax returns that he is hiding? Many of the questions could be answered by revolutions by trump himself.

  40. Joseph R. Davis says

    Looks like TRUMP will be the first to go to jail. Alas, poor Donald. Poor right-wingers.

    1. Tony Rowell says


  41. dolittle says

    if President Trump doesn’t get the swamp drained there will no longer be an america there will only be third world countries it is getting worse ever year it’s to bad the shooting of the congressman happened to a true american it should of happened to the most 3 so called americans in th senate and they shouldn’t of made it sh pel and wa should of been the ones

  42. fishunter says

    Comey was, perhaps, an Obama plant to interfere with the Trump administration. Additionally, I believe there are many more plants just waiting to take a strike at Trump. The President needs to surround himself with loyal, competent people and root-out the scum.

  43. k9maiden says

    Sick of the corruption from the most vile and criminal REGIME that this country has ever seen! They were HELL BENT in staying in power, and because the majority of the American people cannot, and will not be brainwashed into the evil that President Trump is trying to clean up, the Marxist Media and the Communist/Socialist that IS the Demoncrappy Party refuse to let President Trump rid the “PEOPLE’S HOUSE” of the vermin that nearly caused the destruction of America. These leftist aren’t fooling anyone, the more they protest Trump, the more fake scandals and spinning words and embellishing everything he says, the more popular President Trump becomes. He is leading this nation from the darkest times we have ever had back to the powerful, respected, and great nation we once were. MAGA! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/703d5bf0a5039ab1e45a3ceacdbba9665e90e90a9cd98260b64871db9c86ec5a.jpg

  44. metheoldsarge says

    Trump should have fired Comey back in January when Schumer and his lap dogs, along with many of the RINOs had demanded it. He would have caught them flat footed. I agree that Comey had to go. That being said, I may be raked over the coals over this. I think it was more the way it was done that has some people upset. To dismiss the head of a major government agency like the FBI, should be done face to face and in private or at least while Comey wasn’t in a public situation giving a speech. It is never a good idea to publicly humiliate anyone. It will come back to bite you every time. To do it over the media when the person is on the other side of the country is very bad form. I think Trump stepped in it on this one.

    1. Joe Pewter says

      comey is/was not worthy of recieving respect…comey’s position was to “step” on your rights ..then laugh about it..with clintons and one world order

  45. Elaine Winkler says

    And get rid of Comey’s special prosecutor. There is no case against our president. One should be appointed to investigate Obama, Lynch, Comey and Hillary Clinton. The swamp must be drained and the sooner the better.

  46. jim_shipley says

    The big question is why s he and Hillary still walking free..Do we have a law and order president of not???????????????????????

    1. Joe Pewter says

      dumb statement

  47. lerose55 says

    I hope yesterdays shooting will teach the Democraps & Media to keep their LYING mouths shut. Next time it could be the Democrats baseball game. Then you libs will be crying.

    I BLAME Democrats & Media for spewing Hate & Violence. Most guilty DEMOCRATS are
    Schumer NY, Pelosi CA, Hilliary & Bill, Obama’s WA, Waters CA, Lerner , Rice, Brennan CIA, Emanuel Jones GA, De Blasio NY, Lewis GA, Warren MA, Wasserman-Schultz FL, Elijah Cummings MD, Feinstein CA, Schiff CA, Ellison MN, Comey FBI, Jose Luis Correa CA, Al Green TX, Brad Sherman CA, Hakeem Jeffries- NY, Harris CA.
    These people need to be Voted their distractions have turned really dangerous. What more are they doing behind the scenes? I shutter to think about it.

  48. Ed Jakubek says

    Thanks to the lying lowlife liberals in the mainstream media demand or moronic

  49. Henry says

    It’s really sad to see just how far this nation’s so-called dedicated servants have fallen. The FBI chief ? This is really earth shaking and devastating to our democratic institutions.Who then can we trust? .I fear that the Obama regime was established by the devil himself. That whole regime was planned and instituted in the very belly of hell and by Satan himself.

  50. Ed Jakubek says

    Party we had a political territory attack yesterday at a Republican party. This is because Socialist are determined to destroy our country and Trump. They hide under the name Democrats. Time to hold them accountable. Demand removal of Muller and investigate Comney. I plan on calling my Senator Chuck who is an idiot non stop until this is done. How about every

  51. Larry Brule says


  52. Jim says

    Comey is a d-RAT operative scumbag. Just like Mueller. Neither has ANY integrity. Both did ALL they could to let islam and muslim brotherhood rewrite surveillance of muslims and mosques (none allowed). And removed 1000 pages from fbi manuals concerning muslims. And both “bend over and smile” bitches of Clintons and obola. ALL of these assholes should be shot.

  53. Cheh Low says

    Was Comey the media’s primary “leaker” all along? Yes, definitely so.

  54. Robert Kahlcke says

    Jimmy Comey, is a stone cold criminal he “TARNISHED THE SHIELD”, he knows this fact and refuses to admit it. Jimmy what comes around, goes around, take this to the bank. PERIOD

  55. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

    All this crap that’s going on is disgusting.

    Repubs are the problem. They control 100% of congress. Yet, dems driving agenda. They were not elected to lay down. They need to gain control & drive the issues. Tell dems to sit down & shut up. All these investigations of POTUS are meant to stall the people’s wishes for America. All these investigations have proven zero results. Produce documented evidence, then have investigations. Everything seems to be upside down & backwards. It’s like being tried for murder, no body, no relationship, no confession, no nothing but, we are investigating you.

    WDC is beyond broken.

    1. Joe Pewter says

      always knew the USN was as tough and smart as the U.S.Army…Stay Strong support USA and Pres Tump

      1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Thanks for ur service sir. Competition within the ranks is healthy. Competition amongst branches of service is also healthy. No branch unto itself can succeed without the other. I may not meet the level of expertise to succeed in the front line foxhole.. But, I will insure u have fighter cover any where in the world to protect ur butt.

        We all served for the same reason & bleed red. Ethnic background never questioned. Love of country & our brethern first & foremost.

  56. Askjrsk says

    Because this radicalized left wing shooter got his information from an April New York Times article, shouldn’t they be held responsible for this would be massacre. This shooting is a direct link to NEW YORK TIMES!! Sue them. Sarah Palin go for their sorry rear ends, too. Rec tum into pieces! Broke, and begging for mercy. MAGA

  57. RCQ157@yahoo.com says

    In the picture below with Soros you forgot about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the liars in the democratic party with their heads up Soros ass, now the picture is full of all the liars including YOU SCHUMER.

  58. Walter Flatt says















  59. Betty says

    have long thought he ,Comey, was an enemy of Trump. Now he has proved it. Muller is C.’S pal, hiring DEMOCRAT and Clinton contributers and legal consultants, Where are Republicans on this committee. and I don’t mean Maclain.

  60. Carolann Enkhaus says

    Comey is a disgrace to the FBI and to our country itself!

  61. FedUp says

    Hi Worried Vet- no need to wonder how much Soros influenced Obama- just look up Soros and you’ll see him standing with a puppet of Obama on his right hand! I’ve seen it myself awhile ago- probably still there…. I was wondering who Obama answered to, and that explained a lot!
    By the way, check out the business opportunity I’m so excited about! prosperityhere.com To our success!

    1. Joe Pewter says

      U.S Army Vet agrees

  62. Judy Petitto says

    Comey is a maget!

  63. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says

    Sadly, we will be discovering that the FBI we thought existed, no longer is there, and we will be sorely disappointed to find out how low this once great organization has slid down the slide of justice with the inventor of the Comey-Hoover vacuum cleaner, (sucks up all of the democratic dirt and doesn’t leave a trace)

    1. rocky says

      Speaking of Hoover… is there some Medium out there that thing they can contour up the late
      J. Edgar to take over the agency again and straighten them out. Damm… used to be a good outfit.

  64. Elena Bowman says


  65. Hildegarde says

    I am glad that Comey is gone he has been a bad FBI person for years

  66. Joe Pewter says

    comey certainly has admitted leaking privledged Presidential communication in sworn testimony..stating he (comey) was confused..an absurdity…Thank ..GOD… USA has Pres Trump

  67. VanceJ says

    From what I have seen & heard I would say yes.

  68. Firewagon says

    Get back to me as soon as ANY of these ‘criminals’ begin their “perp walk!” We have one self-professed 25 yr old “cute, white girl” in jail, hardly earth shaking results. We have at least one sailor, guilty of taking pics of his submarine (classified, dontjaknow), in jail, while the Queen of all criminal classified material mishandling, Clinton, is living the high life on her ill-gotten quid-pro-quo dealings!

  69. Alice Steinbacher says

    According to what I have been watching re Comey, going back to Hilary, I think he is a scumbag. Trying to get back at Trump for firing him, He’s not worth a cent in my view. His ego is bigger than his height. Alice

  70. rick meek says

    Hey —– Haven’t Ya’ll heard the latest —– PUTIN has offered comey sanctuary considering him another snowden….A guy named montgomery has filed suit against comey and implicated mueller in the domestic spying program that revealed over 600 million docs of generated material…..

  71. Larry Cowden says

    I’ve always preferred to plug leaks the old fashioned way. You drive a slug of lead into the hole! Works every time!

  72. AKLady says

    Insult, insult, insult — never any facts.

    1. Joe Pewter says

      keep up hope..someone will like u someday?

      1. AKLady says

        Keep up hope..someone will care what you think someday…

  73. Russell Ponder says


  74. will says

    Line Phony next to McBastard and everyone gets two real bullets
    Then Winner – Powers – and any leaker involved.

  75. FREE-STREAM-TV.com says

    Pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, when lying Lynch stepped on him, insuring he could not indict, he felt he had to slep on her, and this is why he listed all the felonies HiLIARy committed, yet then put on his almighty prosecutor and judges robe and made a decision that no one would take case against HiLIARy. Of course, he didn’t want to add to the Clinton Cartel body count either. He was leaking plenty, along with Brennan and Clapper, the whole corrupt bunch of them should all be indicted.

  76. Alleged Comment says

    Didn’t the little boy negro appoint this little white boy? We are being ruled by women and children, it seems, under this negro.

  77. Gerry Costa says

    comey is as dirty as the clintons and obozo. Pres. Trump and the spineless gutless repubs need to jump all over the farce they are calling an investigation by comey’s good friend and shove it down the demoTRASH throats. The problem with that is– it seems like the only repubs with guts is the President himself and Trey Gowdy.

  78. cathylovesyou says

    If the Democrats don’t stop their un American activities there will be blood in the streets caused by their followers. Democrats are creating a Banana Republic right before our eye’s. They are paying thugs drumming up rhetoric among Blacks and Hispanics and wacko’s are everywhere looking for a reason to kill or create havoc. The Communist Democratic party and it’s leaders should be put on parole to start before they get themselves locked up.. Alinsky is alive and well with Democratic leaders.

  79. downdraft says

    A Quote:

    “My Democratic Party is not always right; however, there are those of us voted to office some very patriotic citizens, those who love their country with a passion…most are God fearing and have a passion for our stars and stripes, and would die defending it and our Constitution.

    But something is happening, something far beyond comprehension, right before their and our eyes, right across the aisles of Congress, within both parties…

    Those “somethings”can be best described as “evil”, “hate”, “greed”, “immorality”, “self-indulgence”, “dishonorable behaviors”, “falsehoods”, and a complete lack of respect for our Constitution.

    I ask you, those of you who trusted me with your vote…What do I do, and how…I have anger, I have an overwhelming desire to FIGHT for my country and your safety…but what happens then if I am shot, if my colleague are assassinated, if I am verbally crushed with lies from our opponents, if I expose the criminals…if they come for my family and loved ones?

    I am weeping now, a bit surprising because I always considered myself to be strong when confronted by pressure and when attacked…but now it is my family that is at risk, so there is a priority here…

    But they are not the cause of my tears…nor my fears…

    My tears are because I have made up my mind , I have made my decision…

    My life, my family, my loved ones…my America, my life is nothing without them…

    So, you BASTARDS, you thieves in the dark who challenge me…I’m coming after your asses, you are Toast!!! This is a country of LAWS, and we shall confront you with these Laws with a vengence

    God Bless my President

    God Bless America”

  80. mrp15 says

    Hardly surprising that Comey was one of the leakers all along, at the direction of his boss, Lynch, at the direction of her boss, Obama at the direction of the puppet master, evil George Soros who should have been tossed out of our country long ago as he was tossed out of other countries. And all for the benefit of crooked Hillary and she lost anyway. And now they’re all up in arms and will do anything and everything to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump and keep him from fulfilling his promises and his agenda and lead themselves to victory in 2018 and 2020. We Americans must NOT let that happen.

  81. Justin Seine says

    Beginning to sound like former director Comey sprung a few leaks. Ones that are too difficult to patch.

  82. Sue says

    He’s certainly an admitted leaker. Arrest him.

  83. Helen Finch says

    I believe a lot of money changed hands during the last election. Look at Bernie’s new car. Wonder how much the FBI director got for his so called investigation of Hillary? I also hear Bernie got some beach front property to endorse her and drop out of the race. The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all EVIL. If you want answers, follow the money. The Pol’s are (all) so corrupt that they have their peons do the evil deed for money and that leaves their hands clean. BS. Pay them enough and they are unknown and they disappear into the background and never will be named.

    1. CCblogging says

      New Car? That’s peanuts! Look at the mansion that the DNC bought him.

  84. george briar says

    yeah Comey was a leaker along with loose lips songbird McCain that sang like a bird the first day he was captured. Yeah Johnny McShame should be hanged with Comey for treason. And Hillary and Barry should be tied to the bumper of a race car and dragged around Daytona race track for every one to see and cheer. With the ticket sale money going to building the wall.

  85. george briar says

    what makes me wonder is that When Trump first decided to run he wasn’t a politician of either party just a citizen but when he decided to run as a republican with 16 clowns all ready out there it confused me. I thought he might run as an independent or a democrat that only had two misfits selected at the time. He knew right from the beginning the facts and story of the democrat party. And we the people made the correct choice to save this country and Trumps the man to get it done.

    1. CCblogging says

      Trump B Da Man!

  86. CCblogging says

    I believe that Comey’s leaking was the real reason Trump fired that lying pos. Comey is a confirmed law breaker, admitted under oath and I hope to see him in prison garb.

  87. CCblogging says

    Democrats and Muslims will kill you if you disagree with them. That’s reality! Are you armed? You should be!

  88. Mathew Molk says

    Can someone explain to me how commie Comey made it out of the building without handcuffs after his full confession on national TV to doing the exact same thing the goofy broad, that is being held incognito without bond, did? I don’t get it.

    1. Chi Sam says

      I know I can’t. I’ve tried explaining the difference between the words then and than…and it seems I have failed at teaching you that simple concept.

      There is no way I could possibly enlighten you on complex issues.

      Don’t be angry. That is a critique of my teaching abilities, and not a stab at your intellect.

  89. John E Strom Jr. says

    James Comey has ALWAYS been dirty. Why else would black, racist, partisan left wing Obsma pick a white, conservative, “straight arrow “Republican” as FBI Director? BECAUSE OBSMA HAD DIRT ON COMEY AND COMEY BECAME A USEFUL IDIOT. Best guess? James Comey just might be gay or bisexual. Just a guess but he and frau are BIG SUPPORTERS of all things LGBT.

  90. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

    He is a clintonista. Commey best take Putin’s offer of asylum. Before conviction. I wonder is there collusion there? Friends taking care of friends.

  91. Texas Belle says

    It is sad to think that Comey might have been the main leaker. Politics should not be a force in the FBI; they are supposed to be “fair and balanced”, let the chips fall where they may. It is a puzzle why so many people HATE Trump; what has he done to deserve such a response?

  92. Brenda Sinclair says

    comey helped clintons Obama and many more to cover up their child trafficking/child rapes/child murders. a heinous crime against children comey knows in march president trump set up a unit to go after child trafficking https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b990f4637320d8515345c89cd82a7a8469cd83de7a501526520818e6d0811c7.jpg /child pedophiles in Washington elites in government offices THIS IS WHY THERE IS SUCH A FIGHT GOING ON THE PEDOPHILES ARE RUNNING LIKE SCARED SWAMP RATS TRYING TO KEEP THEIR DIRTY CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN SECRET GOD BLESS SETH RICH WHO WAS MURDERED BY DNC FOR EXPOSING THEIR CRIMES TO WIKILEAKS, THE TRUTH IS NOW OUT AND PRESIDENT TRUMP INTENDS TO DRAIN THE PEDOPHILE CHILD RAPIST FROM WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT STAFF COMEY WENT DOWN FIRST

  93. Jo Scott says

    Possible, but where’s the leaks still coming from??? My bet it’s the Obama hold-overs still in DC which Trump should fire immediately AND think he should cut back on his Twittering. He needs to watch his words better.

  94. Mark Tercsak says

    As the old saying goes, see a RAT, than you know there is More……..
    In Comey’s case he seemed very comfortable in leaking classified information.
    Would not be surprised if other Intelligence Agency Heads Supplied Information to Comey, who in turn leaked it.

  95. junkmailbin says

    Comey needs to have Trey Gowdy as an independent council investigate him

  96. ZACAL says

    Could be Yes – Could be no. However, what a wimp of weasel to have as Director of the FBI.

  97. Cheryl says

    I totally agree Comey has been a leaker for a long time, as my Mom used to say it all comes out in the wash.

  98. Marshall E Werry says

    Certainly can’t say with any real assurance, but would put my money on his major participation!

  99. MarcJ says

    Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice
    actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following
    the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the
    FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller
    refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “in-American”.
    The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, and San
    Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that refusal. In 2004, Comey,
    then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently
    limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out
    former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in
    his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives.
    The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton
    administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
    Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence
    of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the
    handling of classified information through her unprotected private email
    server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    and the Justice Department since it was just a case of negligence. Imagine a
    similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes,
    Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not
    mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”.

  100. MarcJ says

    Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice
    actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following
    the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the
    FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller
    refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”.
    The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, and San
    Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that refusal. In 2004, Comey,
    then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently
    limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out
    former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in
    his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives.
    The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton
    administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.
    Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence
    of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the
    handling of classified information through her unprotected private email
    server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch
    and the Justice Department since it was just a case of negligence. Imagine a
    similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes,
    Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not
    mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”.

  101. kornkutter says

    It is not just the Democrats it’s all those “Republicans” sitting on their thumbs letting President Trump’s
    enemies run the show!!!!!!

  102. Kent Wiggers says

    He turned the FBI into a political associate of the Democrats. How else can you explain all the things that went on eliminating evidence and E-mails etc. The chance meeting on the runway in private jets of Bill Clinton and the DOJ just talking about grand children. Then totally breaking with what the FBI does and interprets information itself and says no intent found. But President Trump asking for loyalty and honesty is obstruction of justice? You have to be kidding. It is obvious where the loyalty of Comey is, it is with the Democrats not with the justice department true role in our government. Maybe he will get a job with CNN.

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